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Putting the cakes and handwritten Buddhist scriptures on the table with her own hands, Zhou Ruzhang looked at the dark tablet with a very sad expression.She looked at the steward of the Cui what does cbd gummies feel like reddit better nights cbd gummies family and said, I want to recite the auspicious scriptures for my elder sister a few times.The steward of the Cui family Knowing it immediately, he said Miss Tuesday will call us if you have any orders.After speaking, she are all cbd gummies cbd infused led the people out.Zhou Ruzhang knelt on the futon and opened the scriptures in his hands.The room was quiet, and the corners of Miss Tuesday simple cbd gummies reviews s lips curled up slightly, revealing a smile.Marquis Ding Ning married Miss Zhang s family two years ago.Unexpectedly, Miss Zhang s family became seriously ill shortly after entering the house, and it seemed that nothing would happen.After going there, she married Marquis Dingning as his stepmother It is a good thing for sisters to marry the same person, so she came to Cui s house now, as long as the joints are slowly opened up, it will be a matter of course.He was punished by the court and can no longer be reused , the Cui family also began to show signs of defeat.It was not until the thirteen year old Cui Zhen secretly left home to join the army at the frontier that he gradually reversed the situation in the Dingninghou Mansion.Cui Zhen always selects the selected Cui family s children to bring to the battlefield, and deliberately trains the children of the clan.It can be seen that Cui Zhen is a person with a long term vision, so when getting along with this Lord Hou, he must be more careful.When Nie Chen saw the two people in the room, he immediately saluted Cui Zhen who was in the chair Nie Chen pays homage to Lord Dingning.After speaking, he turned to Cui Wei and called out, Master Cui.Cui Wei stretched out his hand and said Mr.Nie, please sit review on gummy cbd oil down The servant brought tea and gently closed the study door.Very different.Hearing this, Cui Wei said, What if it s an accomplice Nie Chen pursed his lips, Then the Pearl Thief doesn t just steal, he also kills.Cui Wei said After seven years, the Pearl Thief is naturally different from before, but what is a bandit going to do to buy so many dead men Is it possible to rob them openly Cui Zhen took two steps forward, suddenly stopped and turned his head Maybe the things they want to take are not easy to get, such as the Lumi silver that Shanxi will escort to the imperial court.I robbed Kuyin seven years ago, and now I want to take Lumi silver, Cui Wei snorted coldly, I just want Look at how this thief stole money from under our noses.My lord, Nie Chen bowed to Cui Zhen, I want to go and see that murderer again.Cui Zhen nodded, Nie Chen turned and walked slowly towards the murderer cell.We are plant md cbd gummies reviews walking among the streets.Although there are many people cbd gummies 500 mg mashable shop coming and going in Taiyuan Mansion, people like my lord can detect their whereabouts even if they cover up.Tonight, my lord appeared in Yong an plant md cbd gummies reviews Lane, and I found some clues, so I followed him.Come up.Your Excellency went to Yong an Lane to investigate the case I don t know if it was the Pearl Robbery case seven years ago, or the Jinta Temple case today Your Excellency came to Taiyuan Mansion alone, and he brought not many people.I am willing to serve my lord.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes How much reward did the Marquis Dingning give you Nie Chen did not hide it Two hundred taels is the biggest deal I have ever received.Wei Yuanchen Indifferently said After taking the reward from the Marquis of Dingning, now he wants to borrow from me.Although Lord Hou explicitly forbade Mrs.Tai to do these things yesterday, who knows whether Mrs.Tai made any arrangements in private It has something cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit to do with Mrs.Tai, let s see what position Mrs.Tai has to say.Don t talk nonsense, Mrs.Cui Si put on a straight face.There is an accident in the family.We can t mess around.Quickly pick some people to go to the ancestral grave Mrs.Cui said what does cbd gummies feel like reddit better nights cbd gummies what she remembered here Get your horses and chariots ready., I ll go and have a look too. I m afraid it s dangerous.Mother Wu worriedly stopped her.A fire on a mountain is not a trivial matter, and it is impossible to say what kind of disaster it will cause if it is blown by the wind.It s this time, and I still have to take care of those, said Mrs.Cui Si, the ancestors of the Cui family are all buried there, and we must try to preserve them.On the ninth day of the ninth day, all the offering plates had been put away, and the front of the grave was restored to its original state.Wei Yuanchen turned around and walked down the mountain.Next, he will take two Taoist priests who lit the gunpowder to meet Lu Shenzhi Gu Mingzhu changed her clothes and came out of the plant md cbd gummies reviews tunnel.Baotong was already waiting impatiently.Miss is back.The two entered the room, and Baotong breathed a sigh of relief Madam has come to ask a few times.If it wasn t for something wrong with the Cui family, she would probably come in and have a look.Fortunately, she is what does cbd gummies feel like reddit better nights cbd gummies the key to this big maid.Don t panic all the time, and say with certainty that the young lady just fell asleep and dare not make any noise.As soon as Baotong finished speaking, his eyes fell on Gu Mingzhu s arms.Apart from the pain, what was even more difficult was the despair in his heart.Wei Yuanchen was an official sent by the imperial court.Inquire into the case, and the results of the investigation can be directly reported to the plant md cbd gummies reviews eagle cbd gummies shark tank emperor.As long as the Shangguan thinks that the investigation is clear, no one will question such a case.Even if he is an official of the imperial court, he will be treated like this, and the results of those common people can be imagined.Lu Shenzhi already smelled a strong smell of blood at the end of his nose, as if he saw those pairs of despairing eyes.Just like the mother who changed children seven years ago, suddenly went berserk and killed people, just because she took a look at someone else s child in the pot and thought it was her plant md cbd gummies reviews own child.She was already crazy when she gave away her own child.

If she wanted to know the real inside story, now was the best chance.Didn t I tell you to take a shower and change into clean clothes Mrs.Chen grabbed Gu Mingzhu, Why cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit does it still smell like medicine Gu Mingzhu pointed to the clothes on her body, indicating that they had already been changed.She changed it, and purposely didn plant md cbd gummies reviews t put asafoetida on her face.How can a place like Huafang allow a smelly medicine lady .

does keoni cbd gummies work?

plant md cbd gummies reviews to go up there, but people who have been with herbs all the year round can t have the slightest smell of medicine.Details must be attended to.Mrs.Chen was sighing, and another person walked out of the room.Gu Mingzhu seemed to be the woman who asked her for abortion medicine last time.The woman wore a pink dress tonight, and she looked extraordinarily delicate.This is Ah Jin, Mrs.Chen said with a smile, you have seen it before, Ah Jin used your medicine very well, and this time it is also the job she found for you.He asked Lu Shenzhi to go out of the city in disguise, firstly to let Lu Shenzhi persuade the people in the mountains, and secondly, to make the illusion that Lu Shenzhi and the people have been fooled, otherwise how can he see clearly the movements of the Taiyuan government yamen.If the Yamen of Taiyuan Prefecture could do their best to catch bandits every time, I m afraid there would have been results.Wei Yuanchen said It s useless for you to want those iron ores, where are you going to send the mined iron Yan Hao shook his head There is a Mr.Jiang in the mountain who arranges everything.Find out, but there must be someone in Taiyuan Mansion to respond.Maybe you have another chance, Wei Yuanchen s voice came, Even if you die, at least you can hold your head up.Yan Hao subconsciously looked at Wei Yuanchen, his eyes Zhongman is full of longing.After meeting his eyes, she thought of something happy, and her mouth turned up together with a smile.Most people look pretty when they smile, and Miss Gu doesn t seem so stupid at this moment.Still insane.At this time, I can still laugh, really stupid.Someone Baotong s voice came from outside the yard.Han Yu immediately cheered up.Apparently the Pearl Thief fled out of the yard, and he grabbed a sharp weapon and chased after the sound.Seeing Han Yu s leaving back, Gu Mingzhu walked towards the elm tree not far away.She quickly took away the rope she used to fix the bamboo tube, took out an ordinary sleeve arrow from her sleeve and put it on the branch of the tree.As if someone accidentally dropped it there.Get rid of the footprints around the tree, leaving only a pair of boot marks that were stamped on it beforehand.He heard from Liu Su that the Pearl Thief was poisoned seven years ago.The arrow was injured, so the Pearl Thief was taking revenge on the prefect of Han Wei Yuanchen carefully checked the note again.One end of the note was not flat, it was torn from a piece of paper.Mica powder is used.This kind of paper is not common, and the price cannot be compared with ordinary paper.Recently, it plant md cbd gummies reviews has become popular among the female relatives of high ranking officials and dignitaries in Beijing.Female relatives like to use this kind of paper to copy scriptures.Mrs.Lin Tai came to Taiyuan Mansion from the middle of Beijing, and now she is at Zhuangzi.Could this kind of paper be brought by Mrs.Lin Tai If the person who attacked Han Yu took paper from Mrs.Lin Zhuangzi and wrote this note, did he tear off the paper at random and use it, or did the cbd and delta 8 gummies other half of the note also hide another mystery After the man attacked Han Yu, why did he leave this note Feng Anping s eyes suddenly lit up, and he finally thought about it No wonder the prefect Han said that the arrow was poisonous, maybe it is true.Miss Baotong.Gu Mingzhu and Baotong were about to leave when the maid beside Lin Runzhi asked, Where is there any incense for calming the nerves Can you give me some, my second master has been frightened, and I m afraid he won t be able to sleep well at night.Baotong Tong said Frightened The servant girl lowered her head and nodded Because the uncle was kicked by a horse, the second master is timid after all, and he can t stand this.Baotong didn t ask again I ll get some.The servant girl With a smile on his face, he immediately thanked Baotong.Frightened.Gu Mingzhu kept looking at Lin Runzhi, and when she heard the word scared , Lin Runzhi did flinch and cbd gummy worms fredricks spa looked around tremblingly.Gu Mingzhu knew in his heart that Lin Runzhi was really frightened, but it wasn t because of Lin Runsheng, something cbd gummy pouch might have happened on the way Zhao Gongren came to Taiyuan Mansion.Wei is 30 pack cbd gummies in Taiyuan Mansion, he can find out the prefect of Han, and other things plant md cbd gummies reviews must not escape his eyes.Thinking of Mr.Wei s cold gaze, Zhao Gongren couldn t help but shudder Trembling, when Cui Zhen walked out, he slumped on the chair.Everyone in the courtyard seemed to have gone out.Zhao Gongren muttered to himself Where did the second brother go Is there anything wrong Amitabha bless the second brother to return to Songjiang Mansion smoothly.Gu Mingzhu was sitting on the corridor.Why was Zhao Gongren so afraid that others would know about the second master plant md cbd gummies reviews eagle cbd gummies shark tank Zhao What about in Taiyuan Prefecture Zhao Gongren is so nervous about the war horse case, the second master Zhao must have something to do with the war horse case.Gu Mingzhu thought carefully about the war horse case.On the surface, the father came to Shanxi after being convicted of a crime, and found that there were a lot of war horses in Xingtaipu Temple in Shanxi, so he invited the court to come to review the horses.

Seeing Cui Zhen s questioning gaze, Zhao Gongren s lips trembled II don t know if the account is fake, why our Zhao family bought so many tea cakes, it s impossible.By now, Cui Zhen has also understood , Why did Wei Yuanchen come to ask him, the imperial court opened a horse market in Datong, and he led people to guard the border in Datong.The imperial court opened a horse market and exchanged tea, ironware, cloth, rice, salt, etc.for horses with Fan people, but the situation in the horse market in recent years has not been very good.The imperial court spent a lot of thought on the horse market, but all they bought were middle and low grade horses, and they could not be exchanged for high quality horses at all, which meant that good horses in Da Zhou were hard to find.Whether it is a frontier barracks or a guard post, if you want an elite cavalry, you need to be equipped with high quality horses, but the horses distributed by the imperial court every year can only HCMUSSH plant md cbd gummies reviews be used by low level soldiers to ride.Seeing that her illness has improved, I am relieved.At this time, I heard my mother s cry, and when I opened my eyes, it was Wei Mansion.Since then, I have never done anything.After that dream, the old disease relapsed and the dream was only the night she was shot in the prison.Langzhong Sun could only sigh.Wei Yuanchen took a sip of tea When I dreamed that she was sick, although I couldn t talk to her, everything I could see was very blurry, and I couldn t remember many details after waking up, but I could feel it.I was very close to her at that time, plant md cbd gummies reviews eagle cbd gummies shark tank and now I also feel this way.Langzhong Sun took his hand away from Wei Yuanchen s wrist, and Wei Sanye s pulse was stable, and there was indeed nothing unusual, maybe he was too nervous.Slowly drank a cup of tea, Wei Yuanchen also recovered from his thoughts, maybe just like what Sun Langzhong said, all this was an illusion, and he couldn t indulge in it anymore., do you think you can escape unscathed When my father tied you up and beat you, I shouldn t have persuaded you to teach you a lesson and let you know what your plant md cbd gummies reviews duty is.The room was instantly quiet.Although Cui Zhen was majestic on weekdays, he would never reprimand Cui Wei in front of so many people.The two brothers had always been amicable, but today they suddenly spoke harshly, leaving everyone in a daze.Cui Wei s eyes turned red in an instant, and his face seemed to be covered with a layer of haze Brother what you said did you think my father did the right thing back then My father beat me before, but my elder brother always protected me.I thought my elder brother was not I agree with my father s approach.What my father did was a little too much, and not all of it was wrong, Cui Zhen said, I am afraid that I will touch your sad things.The purpose of his banquet in the mansion is to deal with Wei Yuanchen.Cui Zhen refuses to take refuge in him now.He only needs to deal with Wei Yuanchen together with him and solve his heart first.The trouble is the same, since Cui Zhen has had a bad relationship with the Wei family, naturally he has no other way to go, he can only come to pay homage to the gate of the East Palace.The crown prince sat on his seat with a heartbroken expression on his face Before Han Yu came to Taiyuan Mansion, he was also a famous official.The court trusted him so much that he did such a thing for greed.Cui Zhen didn t speak, other officials of Taiyuan Mansion They gluten free cbd gummies plant md cbd gummies reviews all lamented along with the prince, as if no one expected today s result.Thanks to Mr.Wei, said the crown prince, otherwise the court would still be kept in the dark by Han Yu.This is my revenge for Han Yu.When everything was settled, Han Yu was asked to confess how Wei Yuanchen induced him to frame the crown prince.Mr.Shen sighed It s so lonely that there is no opponent in such a good chess game.Even if Wei Yuanchen can hide from the trap box, I don t expect that I will have a second hand waiting for him.Wei Yuanchen sat at the banquet and drank For tea, the officials at the banquet toasted one by one.If this continues, it will take about one night here.About five or six guards were watching him closely.They didn t care what he did at the banquet, as long as he left his seat, others would immediately watch him.The prince couldn t wait to start.Wei Yuanchen tapped lightly on the table, and Chu Jiu immediately came up Master.Zhang Tong and the others haven plant md cbd gummies reviews t delivered the letter yet Wei Yuanchen calculated that the time was almost up, and there should be some movement from the hidden guard, although the family general It can t be used easily, but in critical times, even if it is a risk, he must come to deliver the letter.Prince, this matter needs to be investigated thoroughly, Wei Yuanchen said.It s related to war horses and ironware.This kind of crime is unacceptable.Once there is a serious relationship, if you don t make it clear, it plant md cbd gummies reviews will definitely be used by people with intentions in the future.Wei Yuanchen s words were meaningful, and Mr.Shen who was not far away looked calm on the surface, but his palms were slightly sweating.Wei Yuanchen said The imperial envoy s secret box is about to be handed over to Beijing.Let the civil servants write clearly about the killing of the second master Zhao.You all sign your names with me and submit it to the emperor.It is also considered as the crown prince to clarify the matter.What do you think The officials murmured in low voices.I am willing.Feng Anping spoke again, his voice sounded sharp and out of place.

I Cui Zhen continued When I was in Zhao s house, my aunt admitted that she had met Mr.Zhao Er.Why did she keep plant md cbd gummies reviews eagle cbd gummies shark tank it a secret You will find that my second brother will have a way to survive.Auntie doesn t know the person who killed Master Zhao Er plant md cbd gummies reviews Cui Zhen s words made Zhao Gongren raise his head in surprise Master Hou suspectsI Someone killed my second brother That s my second brother If not how could I attack my second brother If not what Cui Zhen pressed again.Zhao Gongren s expression was agitated, and he was almost in a trance Don t force me anymore, I don t know anything You shouldn t ask me, you are also a border guard, so you don t know anything Don t forget about Shanyin , How did you win the battle Didn t you just buy those horses.After Zhao Gongren said this, the room was quiet cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit for a while, Mrs.Scolding, clenched Cui Wei s hand and never let go.Seeing Mrs.Lin like this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help being surprised.The clan sister seemed to be scolding Cui Wei, but she was actually afraid that Cui Wei would also get involved in this matter, right Since when did the clan sister become so eccentric She remembered that when Brother Zhen was a child, the clan elder sister valued the eldest son very much.Mrs.Lin subconsciously looked at Cui Zhen, Cui Zhen s eyes were downcast, unable to see plant md cbd gummies reviews the joy and anger in it, plant md cbd gummies reviews as if he was used to everything in front of him.The relationship between mother and child is different from what she remembered.Since when did the change begin Cui Wei didn t know what what does cbd gummies feel like reddit better nights cbd gummies to say for a while, but just looked at Cui Zhen Brother, you can delay this matter.Cui Wei s face was full of anxiety, and his eyes were earnest.What s wrong with the tea he brewed tonight He tasted that it was not bitter at all, Chu Jiu brought the tea out of plant md cbd gummies reviews the room.Wei Yuanchen s eyes became more and more familiar.To the east of Suzhou Wei is the Alxa Right Banner, and Yulin Wei is facing the Aoer Dusi.In comparison, in recent years, the Alashan Right Banner is not as strong as the Aoer Dusi.The Great Khan was ambitious, and the Battle of Yulin Guards made Da martha stewart cbd wellness gummies review Zhou suffer so much.If he was Lin Sizhen, he would naturally be more willing to take refuge in Aoer Dusi, not to mention the Shanxi Mutiny more than ten years ago, Lin Sizhen and Aoer Dusi There may have been collusion between them, and if there is trouble again, they will hit it off immediately.However, collusion and mutual benefit are simple, but it is not easy to seek refuge.Third Master, Chu Jiu stepped forward and said, Would you like another cup of ebony tea Chapter 142 After choking for three days, the crown prince returned to Beijing with everyone.As soon as it was dawn, the carriages left Taiyuan Mansion and set foot on the official road.Gu Mingzhu was fiddling with the Nine Chains in her hands.Before leaving, Cui Zhen sent a lot of playthings, ranging from wooden ducks to Luban locks, all of which were piled up in a sandalwood box.Cui Zhen now treats her like an elder brother, caring from the bottom of his heart for Gu Mingzhu to shake the Nine Rings to jingle , unexpectedly, after changing their identities, she and Cui Zhen will have such an intersection.Cui Zhen also swept away the sadness and depression on his body and returned to his previous calmness and self control.Shen.Mr.Go back and tell Your Highness that everything is fine with me.Your Highness is busy with business, so don t be distracted.Mr.Shen has a calm expression, his brows are stretched, his eyes are particularly bright, and his temperament is quite extraordinary Princess Huairou is different from other people, you have been by the imperial concubine s side for a long time, and you are like a compatriot with His Highness, so His Highness will naturally miss you.Princess Huairou smiled slightly, eyes drooping, for fear that Mr.Shen would see through her.Mr.Shen was silent for a moment Princess came to Taiyuan mansion this time to be unhappy, is there anything embarrassing Princess, Mr.Shen persuaded, If there is anything you can t tell Your Highness, Your Highness will definitely relieve the Princess.Things might start from Princess Huairou s side.Gu Mingzhu took a natures only cbd gummies phone number sip of her tea.Something was wrong.If she didn t find out the whole thing, she might fall into a passive position.She had to spread the news quickly.But she is now in the inner courtyard, so she can t just call Mr.Wei with her fingers and tell Mr.Wei to find Princess Huairou s son in law quickly.Not to mention that her identity cannot be revealed, Master Wei will not let her order.Zhuzhu, let s go, follow me to the west courtyard, Mrs.Lin said, I m worried about Cui s house, go ask Mrs.Cui Si how it is.Gu Mingzhu shook her head and lay down on the table with a tired face, she didn t want to leave no matter what.Mrs.Lin sighed Then why don t you stay in the house and wait for mother Gu Mingzhu nodded, and she saw if she could go out to deliver news while her mother was going to the west courtyard Wei Yuanchen looked at the top of his head, it was completely dark.

Brother.Cui Zhen frowned Recently, you are always focusing on these court battles, why not think about these cases, I have already said that gluten free cbd gummies plant md cbd gummies reviews we only need to do our own thing well, serve the court wholeheartedly, and will not follow anyone , if you have this thought, you should stretch your foot back early, lest you make a mistake and no one can save you.Hearing this, Cui Wei was surprised Why do I have such thoughts, I have been following By my elder brother s side, the elder brother should know me best.I just remind you, Cui Zhen said, Don t learn from my uncle, for the sake of profit, I will do anything, even if I am rich and prosperous for a while, the debt I owe will have to be paid back sooner or later., Stolen things will never last long, if people can t be frank, how can they stand in front of others in time If you really want to do great things, you have to set your heart right.Chapter 165 Mother, Cui Wei s surprised voice It came, How can you do this Mrs.Lin said coldly Do you want your mother to die Do you want the rebels to catch up with us You can t have the kindness of a woman at this time.Cui Wei s lips twitched, Not knowing what to say, he kept looking back, but there was no trace of the rebels behind him.Mrs.Lin Tai also discovered this.She slowly put down the hairpin, and they have already separated so far.Brother Wei will not force her to go back.When she turns back, she will definitely meet the rebels.If Brother Zhen is here , she was helpless, but Brother Wei was different, Brother Wei loved her the most, and her oily skin was not broken, so Brother Wei could do what she wanted.What are you waiting for Mrs.Lin ordered the Cui family s guards outside, Hurry up and deal with the Zhou family s carriage The two carriages run together, and they will be discovered in a while.Who is that What is he trying to do Protect His Highness the Crown Prince.Donggong s personal guard drew out a sharp weapon and drove forward to surround the Crown Prince.Are you planning to rebel someone yelled.The only response to them was a wave of feathered arrows above their heads.The prince pulled out the long sword at his waist in a panic, and he turned to look at Mr.Shen How could there be an ambush in Yangwuyu Who is that Mr.Shen was also full of panic I I don t know, it was fine before Protect Your Highness and leave first.The guards resisted the arrows and tried to lead the prince forward to escape.The prince didn t care to ask any more, he arched his body and huddled his head under the armpit of the guard and fled in a hurry.He didn t have many people with him, so he was definitely not a match for these people.Prince, do you know who what does cbd gummies feel like reddit better nights cbd gummies I am a loud voice sounded.The prince slowly raised his head from behind the guard and looked at the man.The man slowly took off the hood on his head, revealing his face.He looked at the prince plant md cbd gummies reviews with a contemptuous smile on his face.Looking at the strange face, the prince couldn t think of his identity and official position for a while.The prince doesn t know, right A certain official has a low official position.Even if he has met the prince, the prince will not take it seriously.He is just one of the soldiers who have plant md cbd gummies reviews been guarding the frontier for decades.Blood and life are not worth mentioning in the eyes of His Highness the Crown Prince.We are probably not worth as much as the horsewhip in the hands of His Highness the Crown Prince.As soon as the man finished speaking, a burst of laughter sounded from all around.Lin didn t care.A few years ago, there were dead people everywhere on the famine road.That was the real tribulation.When I was a child in Lintao Mansion with my father, there were often Tatars who harassed me.When we heard the news, we all crowded in the secret road, and when I was running away, I was squeezed out of the carriage.It was that time that my father decided to leave Lintao Mansion and gave the house of Lintao Mansion to Lin Sizhen for use., So many years have passed in a flash, I didn t expect that the Lin Temple would really look like this in the end, and there would be turmoil in the Lin clan.Madam Lin sighed thinking of this, and thought of Madam Lin and the women of the Zhou family who parted ways with them.Don t get caught by the Tatars.No matter how bad they were, she didn t want to see any female relatives being abused.He has been stationed in Datong for many years, and he will definitely be able to defend the old camp.This is his promise.Cui Zhenwhy do you still work for the Great Zhou court Do you know who this crown prince has been wanting for many years It s your dead wife Zhou Rujun.Lin Sizhen s voice came from afar.Cui Zhen If I were you, we would rebel against the court together.Chapter 180 Because the Zhou family is in the forest ahead.Cui Zhen heard the voice ordering the people around him Surround the forest.The deputy general responded and immediately led the troops to go.Cui Zhen also wants to fight quickly, and the northern border is uneasy.If we delay here for a long time, I am afraid that there will be troubles at the border passes.No matter whether Lin Temple can really take the prince to Aoerdusi, Aoerdusi these two The young soldiers are strong and the horses are strong, and there are people in Yulin Guard who are cooperating with each other, so they will definitely attack Dazhou.

The son in law has been forbearing for the sake of his biological mother.The Cheng family steward was furious.Mother said that, Princess Huairou smiled, Mother and we live in the Princess Mansion, and the Cheng family are cbd gummies a scam s affairs will be handled by the son in law.The son in cbd gummies for penis law is no longer a child and can be filial to mother.Mrs.Zhao looked at Princess Huairou s cheek The blush on her cheeks made her feel nostalgic for her loving mother and filial son.In fact, she had been looking forward to a longer journey back to Beijing so that she could spend more time with her son and what does cbd gummies feel like reddit better nights cbd gummies daughter in law.Mrs.Zhao smiled gently Brother Yi is lucky to marry the princess, so mother can rest assured.Princess Huairou was very happy when she heard this, but she felt uneasy when she heard the second half of the sentence Actually, a daughter in law can t do anything, and she still has to learn from her mother.When we met for the first time in Taiyuan Mansion, she gave him a bottle of Awei.This is God s will somewhere.Third Master, Mu Qiu said in a low voice, I m waiting for you to speak.The third plant md cbd gummies reviews master was fascinated by something, the corners of his mouth curled up and he showed some smiles, which might attract criticism under the eyes of everyone.Wei Yuanchen came back to his senses.Baotong also pulled Gu Mingzhu back what does cbd gummies feel like reddit better nights cbd gummies into the carriage.Miss, Baotong said in a low voice, we re back in Beijing, you have to take good care of it.During this period of time, the eldest lady ran around in the village, she was dark and thin, at least one It takes months to restore the former appearance.Gu Mingzhu knew what Baotong meant.She was famous in the past, but what was the use Anyway, she was very beautiful in the eyes of her father and mother, and that was enough.Wei Yuanchen s expression was natural, as if he didn t take the etiquette to heart Master Hou, do you want to ask about the situation in the East Palace .Wei Yuanchen said His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was escorted into the capital city last night, but did not enter the East Palace.He was placed in a house surrounded by people from the Beijing camp, and no news came out.The imperial concubine gave up the prince, and it will not be long before there will be a decree to abolish the East Palace, but even so, she should not be careless.The imperial concubine is different from the prince.She has always been calculating and needs to be careful.Gu Chongyi can t show these thoughts in front of others, so he is relieved Said His Royal Highness finally returned to Beijing safely.Wei Yuanchen looked at the smiling Master Gu, his mind seemed to be very simple, he could be happy just by coaxing him casually, but he knew better than anyone else plant md cbd gummies reviews eagle cbd gummies shark tank in his heart that he was afraid that Master Gu would put on such a smiling face in front of him plant md cbd gummies reviews in the future to shirk, He uly cbd gummies reviews refused to how long does it take for a cbd gummy marry Zhangzhu to him, so before proposing marriage, he had to find a way to make Lord Hou trust him more.Madam Lin and Gu Mingzhu arrived at Princess Huairou s mansion an hour later.There were two carriages parked in front of the princess mansion, obviously someone had arrived before them, Gu Mingzhu helped Madam Lin out of the carriage, and went all the way to the flower hall under the guidance of the mother in charge.The mother in charge looked apologetic When the princess invited Madam to come, there was no one else in the house.I don t want the Cheng family to visit Madam Zhao just now.The house is a bit busy.Please forgive me.Where is it Madam Lin smiled She said, Let the princess do the work first, we ll just wait here.The mother in plant md cbd gummies reviews charge saluted again.Gu gluten free cbd gummies plant md cbd gummies reviews Mingzhu looked towards the yard, and saw two mothers in charge standing there all the time outside.She covered her mouth and said something to her mother in a low voice, and the two mothers in charge immediately looked at the flower hall.Gu Mingzhu blinked, Chu Jiu also stuttered.Did you hear Miss Jiang s words just now Wei Yuanchen turned to look at Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu subconsciously nodded, but immediately shook his head Nono Now that he said that he didn t eavesdrop, would the third master believe it Still Liu Su is smart, has ear disease and crime , these two gluten free cbd gummies plant md cbd gummies reviews old diseases may recur at any time.If he said that he cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit was deaf just now, the third master might kick him out of the house.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were not good, Chu Jiu immediately said I ll make arrangements immediately.Chu Jiu walked out the door neatly, and when he got to the yard, his mind suddenly flashed.People around him will step forward to take care of him, but after a while, he will be fine, without any influence, if he makes a mistake, he will go mad that taste must be very good, much better than lame, deaf, or stuttering.She has never seen a woman who loses her virginity and dares to show her face in front of others, Xiaojia Everyone in the small family wanted to die, not to mention the princess mother in law.After a decree comes out, the Zhao family will return to the west, if she is Zhao family, she will be killed by herself, so as not to lose her last face.Calculated in this way, Yuan Shi felt that she was thinking of the plant md cbd gummies reviews Cheng family without any selfishness.The Yuan family has arrived.Master Cheng stepped forward to help Yuan Shi down, and Cheng Yi clenched his fists tightly as he saw the loving and docile look of the couple.The door of Yuan s house opened, Cheng Yi walked in first, and saw Yuan Zhixing head on.Yuan Zhixing said with a sullen face, What are you making such a fuss about at night How can you be so noisy Mr.

The swag cbd gummies 1000mg unhurried voice of Shuntian Mansion Yin Su Fu resounded in the lobby of the government office.The villain Hou Yong.The villain Qian Yunsheng.Master Cheng clenched his fists nervously.Master Cheng, Su Fu looked at Mr.Cheng who was sitting on the chair, These two are the two merchants from the Liansheng Inn Blame, but Mr.Cheng became even more uneasy.Looking at the face of the naughty son, he could tell that Cheng Yi knew the inside story a long time ago.Master Cheng Su Fu asked again.Mr.Cheng coughed, Idon t know.Cheng Yi looked puzzled, Didn t father just say that he was aware of this from the beginning to the end Why don t you know now Mr.Cheng looked worried.Seeing that the father and son were about to quarrel again, Yin Sufu of Shuntian Mansion first asked Hou Yong and Qian Yunsheng Why did you two come to Beijing, and did you know the Zhao family How much inside information does it have Come quickly.The rush to get rid of Zhao and Peng Liang is nothing more than not wanting anyone to keep an eye on the case of Old General Zhao.Once Zhao dies, even if the case of the Shanxi mutiny can be found out, there are some things such as the fact that General Zhao was defeated.Someone will spend energy to track it down.Gu Mingzhu raised her chin, Master Wei must have thought of this too, thinking of Wei Yuanchen, she couldn t help but think of what Wei Yuanchen and Peng Liang said.Why does she always feel that he means something When my uncle was in the village castle, she let Nie Chen get acquainted with him, and there will always be a chance to ask him in the future.Gu Mingzhu yawned and was going to sleep for a while.Today, her mother will definitely go to Princess Huairou plant md cbd gummies reviews s Mansion, and she will go with her when the time comes.He didn t reveal a word when the eldest lady didn t let him say it.He stared at the horse s back, his baggage was carried by the Wei family guards, and when they left just now, they also took away his things, which were all his belongings.Nie Chen was thinking bitterly when he caught sight of Liu Su.Nie Chen immediately walked over quickly.Miss is ready, Liu Su still cherished his words like gold, bring everyone here, and let the wind catch the wind in the yard.Nie Chen was used to Liu Su s appearance like this, so he immediately leaned over and asked, The yard is all set up.How is Missy Is there any news from the Elder Liu Su seemed not to hear.Nie Chen picked out his ears You have serious ear problems How can your legs be so lame You can t do it without me Does the young miss have many things you want to tell me to do Am I still the big brother Liu cbd gummies 100 Su finally frowned, and leaned to the side in disgust No one is arguing with you.Hearing the name of Yu Yu doctor Chu, Bai Gong Ren said with all his strength No I won t invite him, the old imperial plant md cbd gummies reviews eagle cbd gummies shark tank doctor wants to break my leg, I don t want it, master I HCMUSSH plant md cbd gummies reviews don t want to Yuan Zhixing comforted Bai Gongren If you say no, please do it.No please.After a while Bai Gong got better, Yuan Zhixing said softly There will be chaos at home for a while, or I will send you to Taiqing Temple to recuperate for a while Hearing Taiqing Temple, Bai Gong Thinking of something, the whole person seemed to calm down a lot But things at home.There is me at home, Yuan Zhixing reached out and stroked Bai Gongren s hair, Don t worry, you can be fine, I feel plant md cbd gummies reviews at ease.Bai Gongren became more stable, Yuan Zhixing carefully covered Bai Gongren with a quilt, and Bai Gongren s whole body was twisted in the quilt.She is Gu Mingzhu and is no longer Zhou Rujun.Before she is ready and the case is cleared, she will not have anything to do with Zhou Rujun, and she will not let people around her get involved for no reason.in danger.She will not lose her sense of proportion because of Zhou Rujun.Now everything is hard won.The love of her parents is what she dreamed of in the past.She wants to stay with her parents and live her life happily.Do what she wants to do, protect those she wants to protect.She just needs to do it in her own way, and she believes that Mr.Wei s heart knot lies in the unjust case of the Wei family back then, and everything will be cleared up after the investigation.I hope Master Wei will forget Zhou Rujun s kindness sooner.Don t worry, my lord, Gu Mingzhu said, This heart disease needs to be cured slowly.We have used it from the beginning, and we have not invited any other famous doctors to come After saying this, Mrs.Lin said again And then I invited Zhu You, these are only used when there is no other way.Mrs.Zhang listened and benefited Thank you, auntie.Tomorrow, I will have people invite the doctors home one by one.I hope Mrs.Tai will recover soon.Mrs.Lin sighed secretly.It can be solved.Brother Zhen killed his own uncle.This is a hurdle that the elder sister will never get over.this way Should Brother Zhen let Lin Sizhen go In this way, the Cui family will become rebels, how can they do things like collaborating with the enemy and treason.The servant brought new tea again, and Mrs.Zhang looked at Mrs.Lin Auntie, let s not just sit here and wait, why don t we also go to the garden and watch Uncle Zhu and Zhuzhu put paper kites.

It s a pity for Mrs.Yuan, Mr.Cheng couldn t help but feel a little cold when he thought of Mrs.Yuan s considerate and thoughtful appearance on weekdays.Master Cheng was about to get angry plant md cbd gummies reviews eagle cbd gummies shark tank and ask his servants to change to a warmer cage, when he heard miserable cries from the yard, obviously the Yamen sent a sentence.Madam sent us down to have a rest.Only Huixiang was with Madam.Huixiang is Madam s maidservant, and she was brought from her mother s house.She is most trusted by Madam.When we left, Huixiang was with Madam.Talk in the house.It s absolutely true, the servants are not lying.Master Cheng frowned, and the Wei family started abusing lynching, which is unreasonable, isn t it just a declining relative, so lawless.The voice of the servants was getting weaker and weaker.Master Cheng got up and wanted to go over to hear more clearly, but he felt a pair of eyes looking at him in the dark.The mother in charge said I don t know what s going on, you should be more careful Watch cbd gummies at whole foods carefully on the road, just now a little girl got lost in the garden and said I couldn t get out no matter what, I peed my pants in fear, thanks to being discovered by the rough envoy, otherwise there would be a big accident.The mother in charge said meaningfully You have always been prudent, and my wife treats you well on weekdays, presumably Nothing can go wrong.What can go wrong Got lost in the garden They are all servants of the Cheng family, and they can walk out of the garden with their eyes closed, so how could they get lost The mother in charge specifically said that Madam treats her well on weekdays, do you think it is Madam s reason Isn t that haunting The gluten free cbd gummies plant md cbd gummies reviews mother in charge said Don t be dazed, let s go If you cut off the incense, the crime will be even greater, and the wife will be even more angry.Just now when Wei Yuanchen mentioned Daning Dusi, Su Fu was even more disturbed, thinking that cbd gummies vs delta 8 plant md cbd gummies reviews Mr.Wei was trying to find out the case, but the Wei family had recruited him back then.Xungui still has a reputation for oppressing poor people.Ever since Wei Yuanchen started handling the case, someone has been reminding him not to be used by the Wei family.In the past two days, rumors have been circulating, saying that the reason why Wei Yuanchen is holding on to the case of Old General Zhao is that he is speaking for those aristocratic families just like Wei Congcheng, Minister of the Ministry of War.After all, many of the soldiers who died in Yulinwei After being a famous general, these people were so wronged that they recovered again, and they would hold the military power of the Great Zhou firmly in their hands.Thinking like this, he slowly closed his eyes and fell into a dream Gu Mingzhu changed her clothes and sat by the bed.Miss, Baotong said worriedly, Why is your bun messy She obviously tied her bun tightly, so it won t get messed up no matter what.Gu Mingzhu said When I was hiding behind the tree, I didn t want a big yellow fairy to jump plant md cbd gummies reviews on my shoulder and knock off the little crown on its head in a panic.Gu Mingzhu climbed onto the bed while talking.Baotong stepped forward to cover the brocade quilt I heard that Huang Daxian likes precious things, next time the servants don t need the small crown inlaid with jade.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Then Baotong took the lamp and left.The room darkened, Gu Mingzhu raised her head to look at the window, the bright moonlight was still above her head.Ajun.Her heart was still flustered, she wanted to know the reason but didn t want to ask, suddenly remembered the plate of red bean cakes in front of Zhou Rujun s grave, when she came to Beijing, she met the aunt on West Street in the Wei family s small courtyard.Lord Wei Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up when she was able to find the old master s work from fourteen years ago, as expected Master Wei is reliable, she asked Liu Su to ask Feng Anping, Feng Anping went to inquire, but there is no news yet.While speaking, Mu Qiu whispered My lord, Mr.Kong is here.Immediately after the curtain was lifted, an old man with gray hair walked into the room.Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu stood up to respond, and the old cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit man immediately saluted and said, My lord killed the little old man.I was taken care of by the second master Wei back then.I don t know how to repay this kindness.If there is anything my lord needs me to do, I will do it.I will try my best to do plant md cbd gummies reviews a good job.Kong Lao plant md cbd gummies reviews Zuo said as he took off the burden on his shoulders, obviously thinking that Wei Yuanchen wanted to ask him to help with the autopsy, as a gangster has no strengths and can only do this.Yan Shen laughed It seems that I don t have to have such worries.A person with both arms crippled has no fists to hold.She could imagine that that man with a resolute face and a heart as fine as dust died silently.It s not plant md cbd gummies reviews that he didn t fear or resentment, but he didn t have a second choice, otherwise he wouldn t give up, he would Follow up the case to the end.What happened to Yan Shen Is the case he is investigating the same as they are investigating now If even the Shen family had helped out back then, grownmd broad spectrum cbd gummies 300mg how could it have led to such a result Yan Shen died, but the Shen family was safe and sound.Did they abandon Yan Shen, or were they using Yan Shen from the beginning Gu Mingzhu had many questions in his mind.What did Yan Tanhua say Gu Mingzhu looked at Kong Lao Zuo, and when Lao Wuzuo came in, she put on the fence and stood beside Wei Yuanchen.

Didn t he take advantage of the emperor s intention to check and balance the imperial concubine s power Can see through the situation and dare to let go of the game This kind of courage is very human.But even so Qiao Song didn t feel that Wei Yuanchen was very dangerous, because Wei Yuanchen s experience five years ago still left traces on Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen was like a person standing in the dark, completely dark.With a little hope, even if the Wei family can tide over the difficulties under his management, Wei Yuanchen will not be able to go far.But now it is different, Wei Yuanchen seems to be the same as before on the surface, but he lacks that oppressive indifference, sitting here standing still, everything around him seems to become small against him.It seems that everything is under control and will not leave any chance for others.My lord, what s wrongwhat s wrong with Xiaobai Gu Mingzhu subconsciously cared about Wu Heiji.Wei Yuanchen said calmly I m sick, I don t want to eat, I ve been hungry for several days, and I ve lost my energy.Gu Mingzhu leaned over to look, and the five black chickens had bright eyes and were very energetic.Standing proudly, no matter how you look at it, it doesn t look like you are sick.Moreover, it seemed that he had played a round again than when he just returned to Beijing.Compared with the five black chickens, Mr.Wei is much HCMUSSH plant md cbd gummies reviews haggard, his eyes are full of bloodshot eyes, obviously he has not been able to rest for a long time.Why does Gu Mingzhu feel that it is not Wu Heiji who is sick but Mr.Wei Wei Yuanchen frowned slightly, pinched the corners of his brows with his hands, and his voice seemed to be less vigorous than usual Is there a way to cure it Chapter 325 Tempted Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to take Xiaobai over, but Master Wei didn t let go, he raised his eyes and said, Don t get sick of you.The trial has come out.Wei Yuanchen said.He looked like he didn t have the energy to continue talking.If not, my lord, go rest on the couch for a while I ll ask the kitchen to make some food and bring it over.Very good.Wei Yuanchen nodded and stood up, walking towards the warm pavilion.Gu Mingzhu opened her eyes wide.Master Wei even knew where the Nuan Pavilion in this house was Just now, she was in a trance and felt that this was not the Gu family but the Wei residence.There is a small couch in the warm pavilion It was the mother who was carried out of the library She was tired from reading and just took a nap here.The quilts were all newly changed, and there were silver red soft cigarettes hanging on them.She just said it in passing, but now seeing these things, she always feels a little inappropriate.Seeing Master Hou return to Beijing Unexpectedly, Master Hou was unwilling to mana fx cbd gummies return to the mansion even if there was no errand in the Yamen.The mother plant md cbd gummies reviews in charge comforted Don t think too much, maybe the Marquis of Huaiyuan decided to stay with him for dinner, and even a younger generation of Marquis couldn t refuse.Madam Zhang pursed her lips Do you think it s because I have never given birth to an heir that Lord Hou detested me The mother in charge said again and again No, no.Mrs.Zhang sighed for a long time, turned around and walked back into the room, the candlelight illuminated her desolate figure.A moment later, a person came out from the corner, and he took a deep look at Mrs.Zhang, and his face gradually floated.Angry expression.Chapter 328 Falling out Cui Wei went all the way back to the house, the rain drenched his robe, and the scene he saw just now seemed to ignite a cluster of flames in his heart.Tan Sanye couldn t help but froze when he heard the voice.He turned his head and looked at the door, only to see a few servants barging in.Tan Sanye couldn t help standing cbd gummies vs delta 8 plant md cbd gummies reviews there, taking this opportunity, Bao er opened his mouth and bit Tan Sanye s hand fiercely, Tan Sanye let go of his hand in pain, and Bao er yelled while hiding to the side HelpHelp, hehe wants to killhe Feng Anping walked up to the shivering Bao er, Come here, take this person down.Third Master Tan looked at Feng Anping and then at the frightened expression on his face The greatly changed Bao er looked a bit dazed, plant md cbd gummies reviews eagle cbd gummies shark tank apparently not expecting such a scene.In the blink of an eye, the Yachai surrounded Tan Sanye.Tan Sanye looked at Feng Anping and others, and tried to be calm Are you vegan cbd gummies for sale from the Shuntian government office I am Tan Zigeng, the general guard of the government army.Gu Mingwan opened the curtain cbd gummies vs delta 8 plant md cbd gummies reviews and looked out eagerly.Old lady Our wife and eldest lady went to the Wei family for a banquet, and they are not at home today.The old lady Gu continued, Where is Lord Hou hands up.The old lady Gu said sadly Then we will come back tomorrow.Gu Mingwan put down the curtain, his eyes suddenly turned red Grandmother What should I do Father went out early in the morning, just in time to bump into Tan Sanye walking out of the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion I didn t know yesterday Something happened at night.A woman died in the Anjiyuan Blame it on Mr.Tan How could Mr.Tan be that kind of person The Tan family took care of the Anjiyuan all day long, so why did they cause such a disaster.Gu Mingwan felt wronged for Tan Sanye when she thought about it, and when she heard that her uncle was also in Anjiyuan yesterday, she and her grandmother came to hear the news, but they missed it.

The old lady Gu said I don t understand these things.Our family s business is managed by your father, but our family only does business.Some rice grain business, it must be no big deal, besides, what if the grain shipped to Beijing is not picked up Just be careful when you go to the south to collect rice.Gu Mingwan nodded, she clenched the veil tightly, if she can see It would be nice to see Mr.Tan.She believed that Mr.Tan would not kill people.There must be some misunderstanding.She only hated herself for being anxious but unable to help The Wei family.Mrs.Li has not held a birthday banquet for two or three years, and the Wei family is extremely lively today.Mrs.Lin looked into the flower hall, but there were not many guests outside, most of them were relatives in law of the Wei family.Look at how beautiful this screen is embroidered, Mrs.Mo Yangming nodded That explains it It makes sense, why Tan Dingfang brought Aunt Zhen back to Anjiyuan again and again, Tan Zigeng must have thought that Aunt Zhen s background was unknown, so he followed Aunt Zhen, and then found out that Aunt Zhen did have other plans.Wei Yuanchen said When talking about Aunt Zhen, Tan Zigeng deliberately concealed some truths, Tan Zigeng should know the relationship between Tan Dingfang and Ah Chan, Tan Zigeng didn t want to mention it, because he was afraid that we would use this matter to find Miss Bai.Mo Yangming pondered for a moment and said A chan has been gone for more than ten years.Even if Tan Dingfang has such a past, it stands to reason that there is no need to be afraid of being known.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were deep, and Mo Yangming s heart shrank.Wei Yuanchen didn t seem to go to see Cui Zhen, but just said to Gu Chongyi The man I mentioned to Hou Ye before can be caught within two days.Cui Zhen didn t understand, but he saw Gu Chongyi s face beaming with joy.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, at this moment, his uncle and Wei Yuanchen seemed to be very close.Chapter 357 Cui Zhen probably knew a little about Wei Yuanchen during the fight for favor in the war horse case in Taiyuan Mansion.Although the Wei family has been criticized all these years, there is no evidence of any shady evidence.Although Wei Yuanchen used some means in Taiyuan Mansion To investigate the case, before Lin Sizhen was caught, the prince was used as a bait to lure the rebels into being fooled.But generally speaking, the case had an inseparable relationship with the prince, and the Tatars might break it if Lin Sizhen s northern border was not seized.Cui Zhen couldn t help being surprised when he found out his intentions, what happened to him today To be so angry secretly, he is not a narrow minded person, nor is he an ignorant child, and he still has to compete with Wei Yuanchen to compete for favor Chapter 358 What is admiration like Cui Zhen doesn t want to compete with Wei Yuanchen on this kind of thing.Wei Yuanchen is younger than him, and he is his junior.He really has nothing to do with the Wei family, so there is no need to make any effort dispute.Cui Zhen stood up Uncle and Wei Tongzheng talk first, I ll go see my aunt.That s fine, Gu Chongyi said, I heard Mrs.Zhang is here too, so go over and talk to your aunt.Cui Zhen no longer Staying, turned around and left the study.The moment he stepped out of the room, Cui Zhen stood on the corridor and glanced sideways at the study, his deep eyes seemed to be fixed on Wei Yuanchen, then he put on his cloak and walked towards the inner courtyard.Qiao Song from the Ministry of Criminal Justice would report the inside story of the case to the imperial court.The emperor would naturally decide whether to continue the investigation.Wei Yuanchen stood up and saluted Gu Chongyi I have news, I ll report it to Lord Hou again.Gu Chongyi said Mr.Wei is too polite.He hesitated for a while, but did cbd gummies london not mention that he has an acquaintance in Daning , you can write a letter to ask him to help check the news.Although it is a bit dangerous, you can no longer hide your secrets now.The Wei family has people in Daning, Wei Yuanchen said softly, That is the contact left by my father back then.He has been staying near Daning for the past two years, and he is very familiar with the Wuliangha tribe.Gu Chongyi was quite surprised when he heard that Wei Shangshu died because of Daning s dispatch of troops.After being disturbed and suppressed by Wei Yuanchen mg of cbd gummies several times, he finally won the round in this case Qiao Zheng felt extremely proud at this moment.Chapter 362 The case was reported to Li Shuntian Mansion, the Criminal Ministry, and Wei Tongzheng for a long time, and finally Qiao Zheng led his people to investigate the case.Qiao Zheng watched Wei Yuanchen get off his horse, under the light of the torch, Wei Yuanchen s eyes It was extremely dark.Wei Yuanchen glanced at Fang Guiji, and then searched among the crowd.You don t need to look for it, Qiao Zheng said, Yu Zhenhai has also been captured.After saying this, Qiao Zheng said, Why did Mr.Wei come here The handyman, an hour ago, my subordinates reported to me that he came to this village in the south of Jing.Qiao Zheng raised his eyebrows, and Master Wei gave him another clue to save him a lot of effort.

Qiao Zheng s eyes fell on the boss of the boat Wei Tongzheng, why don t you hand over the boss of the boat to the Ministry of Criminal Justice This way the case can be investigated faster.This is the end of the matter It s useless for Wei Yuanchen to hold the boss of the boat again, he still needs to thank him Wei Yuanchen, if Wei Yuanchen hadn t been in front of him to investigate the case and found Tan Zigeng and Aunt Zhen He wouldn t have handled this case so easily.Wei Yuanchen hesitated for a moment Looking at the boss of the boat You go with Mr.Qiao, and report everything you know to the Ministry of Criminal Justice, so that your case can be clarified earlier.The boss of the boat nodded.Wei Yuanchen looked at the members of the Fang family Master Qiao, can you use the staff of the General Administration Department to help escort the prisoners No need, Qiao Zheng said, The General Administration Department is still familiar with the documents Escorting the prisoners will be left to 10ml gummies of cbd the Ministry of Criminal Justice.The queen mother picked up the scissors on the table and continued to trim the flower branches There is no one with a good heart to frighten, and nothing is surprising.The queen mother cut the flower branches and helped her forehead Aijia feels a headache, I need to take good care of it, and no one will see me In the Hall of Mental celine dion cbd gummies canada Cultivation.Xiao Huangmen added new charcoal to the warm cage.Huang Chang first looked outside the palace, and there was probably a thick layer of snow on King Huai, the emperor s anger should have dissipated a bit.Your Majesty, Huang Chang said in a low voice, Prince Huai is still outside waiting for your summons.Speaking at the right time is a skill, it can t be too early or too late, the emperor feels that the punishment is not enough if it is too early, and it will hurt Huai if it is too late The body of the king will be blamed for lack of cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit eyesight., the flesh eating ghosts, if Da Zhou falls into their hands, it must be the destruction of the country, the destruction of the country and the destruction of the family.Hearing these words, everyone s expressions changed.Concubine Mi even cursed Da Zhou to perish.Your Majesty.Concubine Mi was going to drag the emperor again.The emperor couldn t bear it anymore and pushed Concubine Mi to the ground with a wave of his hand, and said majesticly, Does Concubine Mi know what I m talking about Concubine plant md cbd gummies reviews Mi was not afraid , the expression is still crazy I know, I m telling the truth, look, look Dowager Mi s eyes suddenly fixed, and the end of her gaze was the imperial concubine who just came over.I will get rid of this ghost for Da Zhou, I want to get rid of this ghost.Dowager Mi got up and ran towards the noble concubine holding the dagger.Who can believe it But it doesn t matter, when I enter the prison, I will bite to death.Everything is under cbd gummies increase size your orders.I don t believe that after all this is revealed, you will be able to explain it clearly in front of the emperor.It doesn t matter, Tan Dingfang looked at Chen Weicheng, as long as I can catch you, so what cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit if I take my life Tan Dingfang said with a long sigh of relief Only in this way can gluten free cbd gummies plant md cbd gummies reviews I live up gluten free cbd gummies plant md cbd gummies reviews to Ah Chan.His expression was blurred , as if caught in the memories of the past.The two were talking, and a few figures came out from behind the tree next to them.They were Qiao Zheng and others from the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Chen Weicheng s face changed suddenly.He obviously didn t expect Tan Dingfang to let the people from the Ministry of Criminal Affairs ambush him nearby.Chu Jiu reported Third Master, some people have gone north, but our people have already followed.Wei Yuanchen nodded Clean up Zhuangzi carefully to prevent anyone from hiding in the dark.His eyes searched Zhuangzi again.Miss Mu Qiu is following, Chu Jiu said, You Before he finished speaking, he saw the third master walking towards plant md cbd gummies reviews Zhuangzi s backyard.Chapter 372 Master Wei Be Careful In Zhuangzi s backyard, Chief Sihu, the supervisor of the criminal department, pushed open a small concealed door, and immediately saw rows of low houses.It was stuffed with goods.The yamen servants were overjoyed, and just about to open the goods for inspection, there were a few small noises from the main room in the middle of the yard.The Yacha next to Mr.Hu shouted The Criminal Department is handling the case, and the people in the room come out quickly.Gu Chongyi walked in, and the scene in front of him immediately made his face darken.Wei Yuanchen looked a little surprised, the robe on his body hadn t been put on yet, his eyes were drooping and his cheeks were slightly flushed, he was not as indifferent as usual, and he was fastening his belt.Zhuzhu hid behind Wei plant md cbd gummies reviews Yuanchen, looked at him through Wei Yuanchen s arm with tilted head, and then called out sweetly Daddy.Gu Chongyi frowned, and suddenly felt that he was transformed into a field again The farmer on the field wanted to pick up a stick and drive out the thieves who sneaked onto the ridge.But thinking about it carefully, the scene in front of him doesn t seem to blame the little thief.Zhu Zhu, Gu Chongyi lowered his face, What are you doing Gu Mingzhu met his father s eyes, and his father s expression was more serious than usual I m here to treat Wei Sanye s wounds, I don t need to find Jiang Langzhong, I I have learned from Master I have many medicines.

When Gu Mingzhu walked to the door, she couldn t help but turn her head to look at the situation in the room, only to see that under the light, his whole body was like a clay sculpture, and he was about to fall into darkness when the light flickered.She was a little unclear, when she heard Master Wei s words, whether she felt guilty or touched, or maybe both, and she couldn t tell which one accounted for more.Gu Mingzhu retracted the hand that was about to push the door, turned around and walked back into the room step by step.Master Wei still looked at her like that, didn t even move his fingers, as if he expected that she would definitely turn around.My lord.Gu Mingzhu sat down.The girl lowered her head, enveloping a piece plant md cbd gummies reviews of light, forming a soft silhouette on his heart, the silhouette gradually expanded, and finally covered his entire heart firmly.So he naturally said who his mother was, there was no timing, and it was best to tell her at that moment, lest she bother to guess.There was nothing about him that he couldn t tell her.Third Master, don t look, people are leaving.Chu Jiu s voice sounded.Have you left Let s go, Chu Jiu said, I ve been going all the way, the eldest lady must be in the room now I can see clearly, the eldest lady walked very fast, without looking back Take a look.So what s the use of staring here Chu Jiu said Third Master, let s go back Anyway, standing in the wind, no one knows, it s better to go home and sleep peacefully.Wei Yuanchen turned around and walked out of the alley.Chujiu was about to follow quickly.You stay.Chu Jiu s legs stiffened, and he couldn t help rubbing his eyes.He didn t hear it wrong, did the third master meanlet him continue to stand here and guard Huaiyuanhou s mansion Chu Jiu hurriedly opened his mouth to intercede for himself San Before he finished speaking, he found that the figure of the third master had long since disappeared, and even Zhang Tong and Mu Qiu had left.Before Nie Chen asked people to inquire about the situation of Shen s family, now Master Shen Er gave them another list, narrowing the scope for them, so that people in the market Finding clues is easier.When Yan Shen got this list back then, the Shen family hadn t married into the Zhang family.Since the Zhang family played a very important role in this case, the suspects who had contacts with the Zhang family would be even more suspected.She asked Nie Chen to bring People first look for people who meet such conditions in the directory.When Mrs.Zhang got married, she took several companions from Shen s family to her natal family, and one of them was a person with a foreign surname who had studied ethnology in Shen s family.This person is Qiu Hai, who entered the Shen family school when he was thirteen years old.No matter what you say, you will bring your daughter with you.As for Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning, they will still think of other ways to deal with it.Their daughter has done a lot over the years.Zhang Congju thought of this Wait for the news from outside As soon as Zhang Congju finished speaking, the door of the study was knocked open, and then Qiu Hai walked in.Qiu Hai s face was ashen, and his eyes were a little anxious.Grandpa Zhang couldn t help being surprised when he saw this, and vaguely knew what happened.After Qiu Hai inquired what does cbd gummies feel like reddit better nights cbd gummies about the news in Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion, he sent people to Shandong to inquire about the news, and only then did he know that Wei Yuanchen sent people to Shandong to inquire about the case of the Xiu family with the Shuntian Mansion.After such a long time, the matter of Yan Shen was found out again, and the clues that what does cbd gummies feel like reddit Yan Shen found may be held in Wei Yuanchen s hands again.The female officer also gave Master Mo some vegetarian food, but Master Mo did not move after thanking her.Gu HCMUSSH plant md cbd gummies reviews Mingzhu admitted that she did not have the heart of Dao like Master Mo.Empress Wei said Try it, it tastes right.How can you refuse the queen s kindness Gu Mingzhu had no choice but to pick up a piece and put it in her mouth.There are eight yuan on the plate, she can eat two or three four or five yuan is no problem, just in time for the empress to talk to the master.Empress Wei said So cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit Concubine De is in good health now Zhenren Mo has been to Kunning Palace twice, and he is very comfortable getting along with Empress Wei.They don t know how to say half a sentence and hide half a sentence.Many people deliberately want to appear inscrutable, but they don t necessarily have much thought in their hearts.He just waits for the imperial court to attack the imperial warships from behind when they start a war with the rebels.If the situation is what he thinks, the imperial court will Send more reinforcements.Second Master Wei boarded another Cangshan boat, and Gu Chongyi could not hold back his words Don t die.Second Master Wei raised his eyebrows Chongyi, you owe me such a big favor, and you will have to pay it back in the future.He was obviously fighting for the imperial court, but in the end, he owed a debt.Gu Chongyi didn t bother to take care of that thing.The face of everyone in the Wei family probably grew on that thing s face, and Wei cbd gummies thc free near me Sanye knew the general situation and knew how to advance and retreat., will not do such a thing.Just as Gu Chongyi praised Wei Yuanchen in his heart, a gust of wind suddenly hit him and made him sneeze unexpectedly.

Zhou Zejing was overjoyed, his words obviously convinced the judge of Shuntian Prefecture.While talking, Mrs.Zhou and Zhou Jerui also walked outside the main room.Mrs.Zhou s voice became more choked Who are you talking about My Jun girl can you fly with cbd gummies 2020 Why are you talking about Jun girl Zhou Zerui comforted Mrs.Zhou in a low voice Mother, don t worry, we all know that Ah Jun was wronged, and the truth will come to light one day.Looking at the sad faces of does cbd gummies help with anxiety the Zhou family, Feng Anping nodded for the third time, and then asked a question This The official understands that you love Miss Zhou, and that she was wronged.So, since this is the case, have you ever defended Miss Zhou The room suddenly became quiet, and the old lady Zhou s sobs followed abruptly.end.Chapter 474 The Truth Zhou Zejing did not gluten free cbd gummies plant md cbd gummies reviews expect Feng Tongpan to ask such a question.When the man saw Zhou Zerui smiled, his expression was cheerful, and there was a bit of sarcasm in his eyes Third brother, it s been a long time.Your shopkeeper is not a good one.Why did you even stop your own family He stared at Zhou Zesheng closely, unable to speak for a moment.The last time he met Zhou Zesheng was when Ru Jun had just been buried.Zhou Zesheng ran into the house when he received the news.After shaking his fist, Zhou Zerui can still feel the tearing pain in his eye sockets.Mother asked the officials to report cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit this vicious person to arrest him, and no one knew who spoke up for Zhou Zesheng, and actually let Zhou Zesheng get out of the prison and go to work in the guard.Now this bastard has returned to Beijing, and the armor and plant md cbd gummies reviews official position on his body is not low.What s wrong The third master doesn t know you anymore Zhou Zesheng looked at the backyard, This place looks good, the third master is amazing, he repaired such a place behind the restaurant, and my brothers and I borrowed it from the third master just after we finished our duties.Zhou Zerui narrowed his eyes, Zhou Zesheng came prepared, and he will not let him go easily, he hasn t figured out a way to get out yet.Zhou Zesheng said Third Master, do you want to report to the government this time Zhou Zerui didn t dare to report to the official, otherwise he wouldn t be able to explain what happened here.Zhou Zesheng suppressed his anger and looked at Zhou Zesheng Can we talk for a while Zhou Zesheng s voice plant md cbd gummies reviews was earnest, and Zhou Zesheng remembered Rujun s murder When he went to Zhou s family, Zhou Zerui s domineering look said, Could it be that she made a mistake alone, and the whole Zhou family should die with her Why do you think the Cui family allowed her to be buried in the ancestral grave It s not because of Zhou s family.In the face of the family, if she didn t have her grandmother and two uncles to support her, she would have become a lonely ghost.My lady, Mama Wang pointed at Mama Liang, Ask her, before Jiang Yue was martyred, she had spoken to Jiang Yue, what did Jiang Yue say Mama Liang didn t know what Mama Wang had confessed to before.The inside story, but when she heard Wang Mama mentioning Jiang Yue, she understood at this moment that Master Qi might be investigating the death of the eldest wife.Mama Liang asked Mama Wang excitedly and urgently Do you know something I asked you at that time, but you refused to tell me.I have long suspected that there is something wrong with it.Mother Liang, did Jiang Yue say anything when plant md cbd gummies reviews Mrs.Zhou passed away Gu Mingzhu interrupted what does cbd gummies feel like reddit better nights cbd gummies Mother Liang.Now is the best time to try the case.It must be done in one go and not be swayed by emotions.Mama Liang is a smart person.Hearing this, she knew what she should do Jiang Yue said that she didn t know why she fell into such a deep sleep.Zhou Zerui s body hit the wall, and there was no way for him to retreat.Fortunately, the jailer outside entered the room at this time.Zhou Zerui was delighted, as if he had grasped a life saving straw, he pointed at Zhou Zesheng eagerly.Hehehe Unexpectedly, the jailer didn t raise his eyes to look at him as if he didn t hear it, but closed the door and backed out.The moment the door of the duty room was closed again, Zhou Zerui s heart went completely cold.The officials of the Ministry of Punishment obviously colluded with Zhou Zesheng, no matter how loud he yelled, people outside would ignore him as if they didn t hear him.He is too familiar with this kind of thing, when he controlled the life and cbd gummies vs delta 8 plant md cbd gummies reviews death of others, he had done it proudly.Like sister in law.Zhou Zerui seemed to understand, why Zhou Zesheng did this, he already knew.Tian s mother said Your maidservant has said everything.Feng Anping said Say it again.Tian s mother had no choice but to speak again The third master came to the old lady in the middle of the night, saying that he killed the eldest lady, and asked the old lady to help cover it up.What did the old lady say The old lady only talked about injustice, so she shouldn t marry the eldest wife in.It really is a disaster.If the elder is killed, he will mess up the Zhou family.It s good to die, let the servants restrain the eldest.The wife s body, if you find any traces on the body, try to cover it up, so as not to be discovered.The slaves can t bear this, the eldest wife treats people very well on weekdays, and has never let down any servants, even if there are servants who do not serve well.The wife won t take it to heart either.

, but was dragged by Bao Er to the depths of the wasteland next to the path, and the two cronies he brought fell to the ground, unable to come forward to rescue them.Did you see that day Bao Er s voice came from Zhou Zejing s ear, You knew who I was when you saw me on Caojiazhuangzi, right I suspected it at that time, but I couldn t be sure.You are also amazing.You know that I am the one who killed your sister in law, but you keep your face and continue to communicate with the Cao family.Bao Er smiled and said, You haven t seen everything, have you Now I will tell you how I killed her.Your sister in law.There was a bang.Zhou Zejing felt a heavy blow on the back of the head, and Zhou Zejing was dizzy for a while, and his strength in struggling was much weaker.You are not much stronger than your cbd gummies for anxiety without thc sister in law, Bao Er said, You are a man, you can t even resist A lot of fun.The result is clear.Empress Wei spoke loudly, and continued I heard that the emperor had an eye disease in the past two days, and he needs King Su and Huang Chang to read the memorial to the emperor.Did you see the contents of the memorial, so you first attacked the emperor Concubine De Limp on the side of the couch, she shook her head hastily Noit s not You are still pretending to mess with the government.If I guess correctly, you send a letter to King Su, asking him to lead the army.Enter the palace Seeing the queen s majestic gaze, Concubine De only felt a string in her heart snapped I don t, I don t.Empress Wei said Isn t it, we will see in a while, I plant md cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies without thc for sleep will Let you mother and son meet again.What did you do to my son Concubine De said in fear.Empress Wei said coldly It s not that this palace wants to do something to your plant md cbd gummies reviews son, it s you who put your son into the current situation.But he couldn t, he had to do what he was supposed to do and make no mistakes in every link, so that Wei Yuanchen could win King Liang in one fell swoop.He had to believe that Wei Yuanchen could last until the imperial reinforcements arrived.They only had eighty people, and it was not easy to kill two hundred Qingqi, but as long as they thought about the situation in Gongji City, they fought harder and harder, and finally let them do it.Now is the time to find King Liang to settle cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit the matter.Give back the life of my eldest brother, and the lives of innocent people in my Great Zhou.Kill Chapter 520 It s dark to be alive.The battlefield was shrouded in night, but the smell of blood in the air reminded everyone that there had just been a tragic battle.Zhou Zesheng was plant md cbd gummies reviews panting while leaning on his long knife.After Gu Chongyi finished his calculations, he involuntarily glanced at the sea.What about people Why don t you come back There are no imperial ships nearby Wei Congzhi must have drowned or been swallowed by fish, right The big ship of the Li family in Pyongyang slowly sailed towards Dazhou.Li Zhao, the eldest son of the Li family, was looking at the map in his hands.They had an agreement with King Liang before, and they would come to help when King Liang raised his troops.If King Liang s attack on the capital goes well, they will send many soldiers and horses to Yongping Mansion, and if it doesn t go well, they will also send large ships to meet them.I really didn t expect that King Liang would be defeated so quickly.Li Zhao heaved a long sigh, it really wasn t that easy to change the dynasty, but fortunately, King Liang had other plans, and after returning to Daning, he could make a long term plan.Brother Chen.Mrs.Li was afraid that she would waste too much time, so she hurriedly called Wei Yuanchen, but when Wei Yuanchen was mentioned, it was difficult to continue.Empress Wei nodded and said with a smile, Let s talk in the inner hall , except for one female officer left in the inner hall, all the others withdrew.Empress Wei pulled Mrs.Li to sit down, and then went to look at Wei Yuanchen.Her child has grown up, not only grown up but also majestic, able to capture King Liang alive and quell the war.Back then when she gave birth to the baby, she was carried away from her arms before she had time to look at it carefully.Later, when her elder brother brought him into the palace, she did not dare to put too much energy on him, for fear of arousing others suspicion.Now I can finally look at him without any scruples.In an instant, Zhu Wu made up his mind, and knelt down on the mat again to salute Father, take care of yourself, and I plant md cbd gummies reviews will come to greet you next time.Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhu Wu who kowtowed slightly in surprise.It seemed that the adopted son, She cbd gummies vs delta 8 plant md cbd gummies reviews is going to accept it.Zhu cbd energy gummies what does cbd gummies feel like reddit Wu came out of the yard and saw Liu Su outside.Without waiting for Liu Su to speak, Zhu Wu said The adoptive father is in good health, so we can rest assured, go back and tell other brothers and sisters, let them work hard, and see the adoptive father in the future.Zhu Wuyue said more and more excitedly The righteous father My father also said that as long as you are a good person in the world, you will be filial to him.Liu Su blinked her eyes, Miss really would say that Zhu Wu looked at Liu Su Second brother, I think the adoptive father is so good, but we don t have enough brothers and sisters, at least we need to spread all over Dazhou, three to five hundred is what you want, what do you think, second brother Dare to think, Liu Su thought about eighty or ninety times at most back then, and he would be content to let him watch the play eighty or ninety times.

It s rare that she can t see through until she dies, Lin Qicheng said, What are you going to do about this funeral Cui Zhen looked calmly I will present a memorial, please the court In addition to the mother s decree, she was buried according to ordinary people s etiquette.In the end, mother never mentioned Cui s family, and she never cared about her clansmen in the future.It s unfair to the tribe.It s also a warning to the descendants of the tribe.Lin Qicheng nodded slowly.Cui Zhen continued I mentioned to my mother that she would be buried in the Lin family, but my mother was still unwilling, and finally chose to be buried with Cui Wei.Cui Wei is a sinner of the Great Zhou and cannot enjoy any offerings, so my mother also There is no need to go back to Shaanxi, I will choose a place in the plant md cbd gummies reviews eagle cbd gummies shark tank mountains of northern Xinjiang, and send my mother and Cui Wei there, and the names of my mother and Cui Wei will also be crossed out from the Cui family tree.Cui Zhen ordered, and drove the horse first.People in the market have found out about Mrs.Zhang, so he should personally send the reward.Cui Zhen went all the way to the small courtyard, Wang Jing was about to go up and call for the door, when she heard a squeak , the wooden door just opened.An old man in his fifties or sixties looked at Wang Jing in surprise, and was about to speak when his eyes fell on the face of Cui Zhen who was not far away.The old man frowned suddenly Marquis Dingning Cui Zhen looked at the old man., only saw the old man put his hands into his sleeves, his eyes were cold.Wang Jing wanted to say something but was stopped by Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen stepped forward and said, Sir Here, Sun Langzhong waved his hilo cbd gummies hand Master Cui must not want to hear this Before Sun Langzhong finished speaking, Cui Zhen saluted him Mr.I think so too.King Qing said, Then what are you waiting for Don t chase after him Here we come, here we come.The Wei family s wedding team was almost at the entrance of the alley.Feng Anping quickly ran back to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion and told Gu Ziyan the news.Quickly close the door.Under Gu Ziyan s busy schedule, the wall of Huaiyuan Hou was full with the students of the Imperial College.The female relatives couldn t help laughing at this scene, some whispered, and some secretly looked around with blushing faces.Take any one from them, and it s a good match.No, they are all Imperial College students.Hearing the voice of the female family members, the morale of the Imperial College students on the wall became even better.Gu Ziyan looked at Feng Anping Cousin Feng will stop us for a while.Feng Anping hurriedly waved his hand to stop Master Wei It sounds very unsafe.Gu Mingzhu s heart was beating wildly, not knowing what Master Wei was going to do.It wasn t until the window was pushed open that Gu Mingzhu saw a few peach blossom trees.The peach blossoms are about to fall, and they are scattered around by the wind.Wei Yuanchen hung the lantern by the window, and put his arms around her waist.Wei Yuanchen said Next year we will come to see the flowers earlier.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Thinking of the future, Wei Yuanchen s eyes darkened slightly You like to be lively, but But it won t be long before they enter the palace.The person in his arms turned around, and pressed his lips with slender fingers It doesn t matter where you are, as long as we are with you.As long as we never separate again, it doesn t matter where we go.Wei Yuanchen looked at the smiling face and held her tightly in his arms Together forever.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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