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You are his unmarried wife.Maybe he will intercede for you.Even the Zhou family gave up on her, let alone Cui Zhen The marriage between her and Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning, was arranged by the Eldest Princess in Baoshan.After the two families agreed on the marriage, she went to Cui s house as a guest.Just refuse.Now that the eldest princess has an accident, the Cui family can t wait to get rid of her relationship immediately.Sun Langzhong said Even if the Cui family refuses to help, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, don t give up.Nothing is more important than life.After sending Sun Langzhong away, Zhou Rujun walked to the other side of the prison.Girl, you biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack re here.A voice sounded from her heart, and Zhou Rujun subconsciously turned her head to look over, but what she saw was an empty prison cell.She vaguely dreamed about the situation in her previous life.She carried the medicine bucket and walked in the dark and damp prison, and finally stopped outside a prison cell.There was a figure curled up on the haystack.In the mouth, the man refused to open his mouth in a coma.Eat, if you don t eat, you will really die.She opened her mouth to persuade, but she didn t know if he heard it.His body was as hot as coals, and she pressed her cold hand on his forehead, as if she was talking to him, and she seemed to be persuading herself There is hope only if purekana premium cbd gummies near me you live.Miss.Baotong s voice came, Gu Mingzhu suddenly woke up.It s strange, she hasn t dreamed about her previous life for a long time, what happened tonight Are you really scared But she is obviously not afraid Chapter 10 News After thinking about it, Gu Mingzhu was completely awake.Chapter 13 Den of Thieves Have you gone out yet Cui Zhen .

how much cbd gummies should i take reddit?

stood in front of the window with his hands behind his back, and turned to look at Cui Wei who had just entered.Cui Wei said I just left the house with my personal entourage, order cbd gummies and I was watched by others.Cui Zhen nodded.Cui Wei said Brother thinks this matter has something to do with him You ll have to see it to know, Cui Zhen turned around, It s too strange for him to come back suddenly.When he got home, he questioned about the Jinta Temple and even tried it out quietly.My attitude.The Cui family has been in Taiyuan for many years, and he has been working for the family.There is a disturbance in Taiyuan, and he cannot be unaware of it.Cui Wei s eyes flickered slightly Maybe it s just a coincidence, the fourth brother has just returned home There are a lot of things to do, and the fourth brother doesn t look like he is going to go far, maybe he is worried about another accident at home, so he took someone out to check.It is a good virtue to see through and not tell the truth, so she restored the ghost stick and put it back.Although there was such a turmoil today, Mrs.Lin would probably blame Zhou Rujun.After all, things escaped from the locked box, except for human beings, it was ghosts.So Mrs.Lin will not give up her previous plan easily.No matter who wants to plot against the Cui family, it should achieve its goal this time.Gu Mingzhu only felt that the mother in charge kneaded her legs just right, and that the people in Mrs.Lin s house were really good.The kindness is hard to give up, so she will rest here for a while, and there are still many things to do when she recovers.The mother in charge noticed that Miss Gu had been leaning on the pillow for a long while without moving, so she couldn t help but raised her head to look.Giving them some silver money can also be explained, but the most convenient ones to use in the market are copper coins and one two weight broken silver.In order not to be noticed, Master Cui Si should purekana premium cbd gummies near me give such silver coins.What s more, the fineness of Chen Er s silver is very good.This kind of fineness is either made by an official or from a big company, and the incision of the silver Chen Er gave her is very new, as if it has just been cut from a silver cake or silver ingot.In addition, Chen Er also mentioned gold, and Master Cui Si would not give gold to the quarryman, so where did his gold come from When Chen Er mentioned these things, Mrs.Chen was very shy, and she was even unwilling to let Chen Er spend the money.Obviously, the money was not visible.The quarrymen may have also done banditry and other businesses, but the recent robberies of merchants are not necessarily all their work.If the doctor s wife dared to touch Zhou Rujun s grave, he would immediately break her hand with this stone.The doctor did not act like this.She walked to the tomb and looked at the stele for a while, her gaze fell on the pastry on the altar, and then she stretched out her hand and pinched a piece of red bean cake.He really is a cheap eater.It s just stealing the tribute, and with purekana premium cbd gummies near me Miss Zhou s temperament, she shouldn t mind, so Wei Yuanchen took the stone back into his hand again.But he didn t expect that the doctor woman was going to take away all the tributes, Wei Yuanchen frowned suddenly, should he stop this woman.Chapter 28 Sentimental Before Wei Yuanchen could make a move, the doctor put down the medicine box again, and a shadow flashed across Wei Yuanchen s eyes.Conscience found out that it must have other considerations to put the pastry back.This is the reason why you dare not investigate the case openly.Lu Shenzhi s head drooped Those people were tricked after all, thinking that they would survive if they escaped from the furnace head, but in fact, those furnace heads deliberately let them out in order to put the blame on them, and watched them desperately go for it.Merchants, after everything has become a fact, it is useless to justify it.As if thinking of something here, Lu Shenzhi said Except for those two times, the other robberies in Taiyuan Mansion were not caused by those people, and they did not kill anyone.Lord Wei, please be aware of this point, someone deliberately framed it.Lu Shenzhi s earnest appearance did not impress Wei Yuanchen, Wei Yuanchen s voice was still majestic Where are the horses Lu Shenzhi said How dare those people steal the horses , They hadn t escaped when the horses were lost.

Gu purekana premium cbd gummies near me Mingzhu knew in her heart that the identity of the doctor s wife had been suspected, and she wouldn t take too long, but as long as she could retire, Master Wei didn t know who to turn to even if she settled the score later.A banquet has been set up in the huge cabin of the big boat, and the people who are seated start to exchange glasses.Gu Mingzhu helped Mr.Wei to sit down, stretched out his hand to fill the glass cup with wine, and then made a respect in front of Mr.Wei.I hope Mrs.Wei can drink well, so that she can have something to do.Sister Ziyuan, the girl next to her leaned over and whispered, Why are you dressed like this tonight It s not as good looking as usual, and you ve grown a lot with your whiteness.Gu Mingzhu pointed at Wei Yuanchen beside her, and then gestured The girl stopped talking nonsense, and the jasper bracelet on her wrist was revealed during her movements.Gu Mingzhu took advantage of Wei Yuanchen s no objection, saluted Wei Yuanchen, and ran into the woods wearing Nie Chen s outer robe.After reading it, the evidence is also obtained, and Nie Chen will tell her about the follow up that she should retire now.Gu Mingzhu breathed a long sigh of relief.Tonight is really thrilling.She arranged for Nie Chen to come to the doctor This is the right move.Mr.Wei pursued her because he wanted to find out if there were other forces in Taiyuan Mansion.Now that she and can cbd gummies upset your stomach purekana premium cbd gummies near me Nie Chen are allies, as long as Nie Chen is kept That s good, naturally I won t be obsessed with her as a doctor Wei Yuanchen led Nie Chen forward, and the person who was tricked into getting off the boat by the doctor had already been taken to a small boat not far away.He went to interrogate him.The man was also picked up and thrown beside Wei Yuanchen.The scene on the boat.At this moment, there was a lot of noise around the painting boat.Some people were shouting and running around, some people were fighting together, and it was the same on the lake.Wei Yuanchen remained silent, and the boat hid in the darkness like a spectator.Wei Yuanchen s relatives Wei Qian came to report My lord, many guards from the Ding family came to the boat again, and stopped our people and did not allow us to leave.How many guards are there in the Ding family Wei Yuanchen asked calmly.There are dozens of people on board, Qin Wei said, There are also other people ambushing around.Wei Yuanchen said It seems that they are bound to win tonight, whoever comes will be left behind.The personal guard continued In addition, the Ding family also packed gold and silver belongings into packages and threw them into the lake, as if they accidentally dropped them during a fight for property.Ding purekana premium cbd gummies near me at the door I also want to know how the people on this boat can turn my guards into bandits Lord Han thinks I look like the Pearl Thief seven years ago. Of course Master Wei is not.Han Yu was bitter, and looked at Cui Zhen for help.Cui Zhen had no words, and Wei Yuanchen obviously didn t want to hear what he had to say.If Wei Yuanchen was willing to take advantage of the Cui family s relationship in Taiyuan, he would have taken a post to find him, instead of setting up such a situation.Let them sink in.Different ways do not conspire with each other, Cui Zhen is well aware of this truth, now he is one step behind Wei Yuanchen, in a sense, he can only be restrained by Wei Yuanchen first.But until now, Cui Zhen still doesn t know where Wei Yuanchen s hostility towards him comes from.If it is said that the case of the second prince back then, he HCMUSSH purekana premium cbd gummies near me avoided it far away and did not harm the Wei family.For medical treatment, I was anxious biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack to come to Taiyuan and refused, but he said that her daughter is also in Taiyuan.Wei Yuanchen purekana premium cbd gummies near me knew that Sun Langzhong would not mention this for no reason I know the person who asked Mr.to see the doctor Yes , Sun Langzhong said, that is the Marquis of Huaiyuan.Gu Mingzhu, the eldest daughter of Marquis Huaiyuan.Wei Yuanchen looked at Sun Langzhong When will sir go to Gu s house Sun Langzhong said I will go tomorrow Tomorrow I will go too.You don t need to say that you know me, Wei Yuanchen said, The case is far away.Hou Qi, purekana premium cbd gummies near me now that the truth is about to come to light, I should also hillstone hemp cbd gummies purekana premium cbd gummies near me pay a visit to Mrs.Huaiyuanhou.Besides, he also wanted to know what was wrong with Miss Gu s dementia.Sun Langzhong nodded.The two talked for a while before Langzhong Sun left the house.That s right.The mother in charge yelled, and the servants of the Gu family who were at a loss also yelled.The steward s mother felt like crying, it was terrible, Miss Gu kicked and kicked Master Wei, and even took a bite.Does this count as touching the tiger s ass Before the tiger showed its power, he quickly tricked the young lady down and took her away.Gu Mingzhu finally let go of her mouth, and looked in the direction of the mother in charge s finger.Miss, there are bugs calling.Bao Tong followed suit.Gu Mingzhu stopped and swallowed more, the crying came and went quickly, there were still tears on her face that did not fall down to her chin, the weather for Miss Gu had cleared up.There was the sound of insects in the grass.It purekana premium cbd gummies near me was autumn at this time, naturally there would not be only one Chizhi in the garden, Miss Gu immediately forgot the unhappiness just now, and turned to lean towards the place where the insect was screaming.

It is very hard to confront him all the time Master Wei, Mrs.Lin came up to him, How good is this, Zhuzhu is too ignorant.Mrs.Lin complained, but pulled Gu Mingzhu behind her, like an old hen guarding her cubs I will definitely go back and reprimand her.Rebuke Coaxing to eat the sweet fruit Wei Yuanchen sneered in his heart, his face remained calm I remembered something that I haven t asked Miss Gu.It can cbd gummies upset your stomach purekana premium cbd gummies near me turned out that this was the reason why he came back.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently Miss Gu, do you still remember that there were monks who stopped you at the Jinta Temple and didn t want you to go up the mountain Mrs.Lin had never heard of this verse, so she turned to look at her daughter.Gu Mingzhu doesn t need to act, because there is no such part at all, the Master Wei in front of him is talking nonsense with his eyes open, bullying her is a stupid girl and can t make any response.Mrs.Lin frowned slightly.She remembered clearly putting it in the box.How could it be gone Chapter 52 Trouble making The steward s mother took the maid and searched Mrs.Lin s house carefully again.All the valuables were there, except for the fish scale book.Ma am, said the mother in charge, or tell the Cui family that you won t go if you feel unwell.Gu Mingzhu yawned at the right time, indicating that she was tired and didn purekana premium cbd gummies near me t want her mother to go out.When she came back from Cui s house yesterday, she thought of the fish scale book in her mother s hand.Mrs.Lin Tai of Zhuangzi kept it all the time and waited for her mother to send the fish scale book.For my affection, this one hundred mu of land is worth it.But she couldn t watch her mother buy a fake.This sisterhood cannot be returned or exchanged, and their family s money is not blown by strong winds, it is precious.Mrs.Tai is right, Mrs.Wednesday wiped the rain from her face, Let s go Several people continued to run forward, and Zhou Ruzhang where can u buy cbd gummies near me held Mrs.Lin s arm again.After taking good care of Mrs.Lin Tai, Marquis Dingning owed her a favor, and he will never be purekana premium cbd gummies near me able to talk to her coldly again.Mrs.Tai, there is a dead end ahead, Cui s manager said, Just now Wu Zhuangtou said that there is a small door to get out of Zhuangzi, but I checked and found no door.We have to change cbd gummies in oregon the way.After passing the stone archway, there are several small ancestral halls inside, and then there are high courtyard walls inside.It is easy to be surrounded by people when you enter here.Let s go.Madam Lin urged, being trapped here later, it would be really ineffective every day.Mrs.Lin just took a few steps when she found that the guards of the Cui family were confronting several people outside the archway, her heart sank suddenly, it was over, they were trapped here.Wei s deep eyes.My lord was shot by an arrow, Han Yu s entourage immediately stepped forward, The arrow is poisoned, and my lord is letting the doctor wash the wound.Looking green roads cbd gummies amazon at the doctor on the ground, Wei Yuanchen said, I m afraid this man will not succeed.It s over, why don t I help Lord Han Without waiting for others to speak, Wei Yuanchen stepped forward, picked up the cloth towel, and pressed it on Han Yu s bloody back.Han Yu couldn t help but let out a scream.Wei Yuanchen s expression didn t change What should I do Shall I continue to shave my flesh I m pretty good at this kind of purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs thing.Chapter 64 Fear of Death Han Yu knew that what Wei Yuanchen said couldn t be more true.Torturing prisoners in prisons requires the use of knives but not death.How to achieve this, no one in Dazhou now knows better than Mr.I hate calculating women the most, and being in prison is the way Zhou chose, and our Cui family treats him with all kindness.Cui Weijian Cui Zhen got angry and stood up I m talking too much, big brother don t think too much, let s rest earlier After Cui Wei left, purekana premium cbd gummies near me the room became quiet, but Cui Zhen felt that his heart was still disturbed and just wanted to leave Get out and get some air.Since his father passed away, he has always felt that the house is a mess from top to bottom.At the beginning, he didn t even dare to close his eyes and go to purekana premium cbd gummies near me sleep.Everything is fake, his warm and harmonious home is actually full of cold calculations.Cui Zhen sat there until the manager next to him came to report The eldest son of my uncle s family was kicked by a horse in Gu s house, so he lived in Gu s house.Wei Yuanchen came out from the corner.Chu Jiu s eyes widened, who is that Could it be Could it be the person who met Miss Gu Chapter 83 Elder Wei Yuanchen turned his head and looked at the exit of the secret passage.The exit of the secret passage was hidden in an inconspicuous low warehouse.Secret door.The person who built hillstone hemp cbd gummies purekana premium cbd gummies near me the secret path was really thoughtful and provided her with a lot of convenience, but seeing her agile skills, she could find a way to get out even without the secret path.Cui s and Gu s guards are still around the house, but they don t know that they are just decorations.Who would have thought that a girl with a mental deficiency would be so powerful This is the ability to have such a skill by learning the origin from childhood.Both the Pearl Thief and the doctor s wife pointed clues to her.

If there is any discrepancy, it means that there are secret passages.Nie Chen understood.Come here, his lightness skills are good, and he can take Junior Sister Jiang to the roof.Wei Yuanchen was about to jump onto the roof to have a look down, when he found that Nie Chen put his arms around Miss Gu s waist and brought her up to the roof.Chapter 86 Happy Cooperation All the lanterns in the yard were lit up, illuminating the surroundings.Gu Mingzhu stood on the ridge of the roof and watched the office servants walking up and down below.From this angle, everything below could be seen clearly.The key was found in the Zhao family s shop, so I naturally wanted to ask the Zhao family.After seeing the key, the manager of the Zhao family showed a surprised expression on his face.Although he immediately denied that it was not the Zhao family s property, it had already revealed the clues.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Cui Zhen, wondering what Cui Zhen would do.No, Zhao Gongren immediately cloud 7 smoke shop cbd gummies said, Both of my children have never been to Taiyuan Mansion, and they are very unfamiliar with it, so naturally they stayed with me in the inn.Wei Yuanchen asked again in a deep voice Zhao Gongren and the two Has this young master ever gone out No.Wei Yuanchen looked at the official Do you remember everything clearly The clerk nodded.Zhao Gongren s heart trembled, and he suddenly remembered that when he was in the Gu family, Master Wei had threatened her, saying that if she lied again she would have to deal with business.Zhao Gongren can wait on the sidelines, Wei Yuanchen said, I will continue to question after the yamen and related people arrive.Zhao Gongren s eyes widened.Is she being interrogated as a suspect Zhao Gong said Master Wei always follows the rules when asking questions.Zhao Er.Mrs.Lin frowned, It s useless to go, what can I do Humanely, You go to inquire about the news, at least you have to know what happened.Madam Lin knew that she couldn t go, so she was about to find a way to refuse.Mrs.Lin Tai said You are different now.Marquis Huaiyuan brought out the war horse case.Wei Yuanchen trusts you a lot and will always give them some face.You don t need to do anything else.Just go and see the situation and send them some food.It s also good to well being labs cbd gummies reviews use.As soon as Mrs.Lin finished speaking, she heard a shout from outside Miss Biao, you can t take those, they are for Zhao Gongren.If you want to eat slaves, let the kitchen cook them.Mrs.Lin frowned, and Zhuzhu again can cbd gummies upset your stomach purekana premium cbd gummies near me What are you doing The sound purekana premium cbd gummies near me of the chasing mother in charge is getting closer.Mrs.Lin followed the voice and saw Zhuzhu running in front with a food box, followed by Cui s mother in charge.Lin, otherwise she would have really brought danger to the Gu family.The doors and purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs windows of the study room are heavy, and the voices inside cannot be heard, but Mrs.Lin can imagine what it will be like, and Lin Runzhi will definitely tell the truth.Madam.Madam Lin raised her head, and the attendants beside Mr.Wei approached at some point.Mrs.Lin frowned, Mr.Wei s entourage must tell her, Mr.Wei remembered what happened that night, right That s useless, time has passed and the real evidence is gone, she won t admit it.Chu Jiu looked at the pale faced Madam Lin, and said in a low voice, Madam, if I say that my third master is actually sweet talking and good at coaxing people, would you believe me Madam Lin shook her head subconsciously.Chu Jiu felt like dry grass meeting a raging fire, without the slightest strength to struggle Then I won t talk about it.Mother Qian wanted to help, but Mrs.Lin refused.She wanted to coax Zhuzhu to peel it by herself.Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on the crystal clear pomegranate.Mrs.Lin Tai felt that she had done the right thing, and put more effort into putting the pomegranate seeds into the small white porcelain bowl one by one.Mrs.Lin continued Why doesn t Zhuzhu go to play with Lin s younger brother Mother Qian s eyes lit up when she heard this, if Miss Gu shouted for Second Master Lin in a fuss, the troubled side would not be safe, Mrs.The madam really has a way.Gu Mingzhu still looked at the pomegranates.Mrs.Lin said Can you invite the younger brother of the Lin family to eat pomegranate together Gu Mingzhu showed a happy smile on his face.Mother Qian said in purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs a low voice The second master of the Lin family is in the study.Cui biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack Zhen Nodded I ll go to the main house to see my aunt.After speaking, he walked forward.The courtyard of the Gu family is small, but it is very uniquely arranged.There are many flowers biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack and plants planted on both sides of the Qingshiban road, and the flowers of various colors are blooming in clusters.Although they are not rare species, they are not so warm.On the crooked flower branch, there is still a string tied, and a simple knot is tied on the string.Because of Zhuzhu s illness, my aunt didn t have so many etiquettes, but everything she saw seemed so vibrant.Before Cui Zhen entered the courtyard of the main house, Mrs.Lin came up with someone to greet her Brother Zhen hasn t eaten yet, right Why don t you eat here Zhuzhu and I just made siu mai in the kitchen.It s about to be steamed.

When he dies, the people behind him will take care of his family members for him.Just as Lu Shenzhi thought of this, before he had time to continue thinking, someone came to report The whereabouts of Master Zhao Er have been discovered.The whereabouts of Mr.Zhao Er is more important than anything else.All their inferences are based on guesswork.Only when they really find Mr.Zhao s case will they make great progress.Where is it Lu Shenzhi asked.Yachai said A woodcutter came to report to the officer, saying that when he was going down the mountain in the dark, he heard someone martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack premium cbd gummies 3000mg shouting for help, and then saw a man grabbing another person and going deep into the mountain.I will give the portrait to the woodcutter.Unfortunately, it was too dark.The woodcutter didn t see the faces of the two people clearly at the time, but he was sure that they were not hunters nearby, and one of them had a similar body shape to Mr.Although Yan Hao will be executed by the court in the end, it is the best result for him.She was sad but grateful to Master Wei and Nie Chen.Without them, Yan Hao would have no biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack chance to tell the truth, and she would have been killed by Han Yu and others long ago.Not to mention that the investigation of this case has not been completed, even if the investigation is completed, she will do her best to do well if Mrs.Wei and Nie Chen are useful to her.Thinking of this, Ziyuan raised her head and looked at Miss Jiang again.Miss Jiang is Nie Chen s junior sister, and she went to the Prince s residence with her to deliver news to Mr.Wei.Girls, get out of the car The carriage stopped, and someone best cbd gummies for brain fog from the Prince s Mansion immediately came to investigate.The women stepped forward and touched Ziyuan and Gu Mingzhu all over, then nodded and let them in.Wei Yuanchen frowned, when there was movement behind the screen, he had already noticed it.The screen made by the prince is hollow at the bottom, so as not to block the melody from coming out.After the .

how are commercial cbd gummies made?

women sat down, they quietly stretched out a foot from behind the screen not far from him, and put a pink embroidered shoe on it.A small stone, and then with a slight movement best cbd gummie of that foot, the stone came running towards him.This foot was familiar, big and flexible, and it was not the first time he had seen it.So he reminded Chu Jiu not to say anything, but Chu Jiu let the stones hit him.Looking at the ordinary little stone in his arms, Wei Yuanchen sneered in his heart, every time he met her, he always had some surprises.Just when I thought of this, the sound of the piano in the hall suddenly changed, as if someone had strummed the wrong strings at this moment.Cui Zhen strode into Zhuangzi.Nie Chen, who was hiding in the dark, followed in a feint of panic, and shouted, Master Hou, why are you here Cui Zhen ignored Nie Chen, and looked at Wang Da with clear eyes What are you and Wang Daochang doing What grievances do you have Tell me now, if what you are telling is the truth, I will be the master for you.Wang Da s eyes widened, and he looked at Cui Zhen and Nie Chen in amazement, and the old man next to him also recognized Cui Zhen by the light His identity Are you the Marquis of Ding Ning How come you don t know Marquis Ding Ning in Taiyuan Mansion Even an old man with limited mobility has seen Marquis Ding Ning leading soldiers into the city on the street, so he can recognize him at a glance.Cui Zhen s identity.The old man knelt down Master Hou, please be the master for us, we were wronged Nie Chen stepped forward to help the old man up.Based on her experience, the dim sum ordered by her mother must be Cui Zhen s favorite.Seeing this, Cui Zhen might gain some comfort, but she never expected that the little rice cake would make Marquis Dingning so moody.It was so big, maybe it brought back some memories of Cui Zhen.Sometimes, what you think you can get easily may be out of reach for others No matter how Zhou Rujun and Cui Zhen were in the past, today Cui Zhen can not be cbd gummies conroe tx concealed by Mrs.Lin and Lin Sizhen.He is still a responsible person who distinguishes between good and evil.Gu Mingzhu turned around and walked out, pulling Mrs.Lin in through the door.Let my aunt worry about it.Cui Zhen saluted Mrs.Lin.Where did you come from Mrs.Lin said, If these things happen, I will feel sad if you don t come to me.Thinking that the Cui family must be in chaos now, Mrs.Quite popular with the elders.Hearing these words, Marquis Huaiyuan knew that Wei Sanye was both civil and military, but if he treated people kindly he wouldn t be called Wei Yanwang in private, so Second Master Wei came to him Words must have deep meaning, why mention these Could it be that Wei Yuanchen found out that he deliberately exposed the war horse case, so he asked the second master Wei to come and test it To describe Wei Yuanchen as an amiable young man is also to want him to be more intimate.But he is a casual person in the court, the Wei family may be disappointed, Wei Yuanchen can t be that simple, only the Wei family can believe this.Oh, Huaiyuanhou suddenly thought of something, I seem to have forgotten to lock the birdcage when I entered the palace in a hurry, Second Master Wei forgive me, I have to go ahead.

Zhao.Even at the family banquet in the palace, some people will use this matter to ridicule the son in law.If the old general Zhao was wronged, then the son in law will not have to live this frightening life again., not to mentionher mother in law Zhao may not have died.Now that there was such a turning point, Princess Huairou looked at Mr.Shen It s timeto get the son in law back, the son in law is in Shanxi, he Princess Huairou didn t say anything later, she couldn t casually reveal the identity of her mother in law Zhao.The news, she only found out that the son in law has always suspected that the biological mother is not dead.Over the years, people have been searching for the birth mother in private.Just half a month ago, the son in law suddenly came to Shanxi in martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack premium cbd gummies 3000mg a hurry.She thinks that he got Zhao s information.From this point of view, it is very necessary to cooperate with her.Wei Yuanchen glanced at Liu Su Is there anything else She should have thought about it in advance.Listen, how they try to fool him.Liu Su bowed and said Nie Chen took the people in the market to check the news, and I can t help.Can I stay with the lord so that I can pass purekana premium cbd gummies near me the news back and forth.The guards around the lord have been sent out, and there must be I can do my best as a servant to take care of the daily life, and I can also help the adults collect clues in the posthouse.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyebrows, she was calling his idea to him, what if he doesn t agree Will they go to Cui Zhen in a blink of an eye Give him the badge.Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu handed the Wei family badge that had been prepared earlier to Liu Su.If we go further, there will be no such a big post house.What kind of meat Pork and chicken.Baotong looked into the kitchen Walking away, the cook immediately stopped Gu Mingzhu Miss is not easy to go in, it s too messy inside, it will seriously hurt you.Gu Mingzhu lowered her head slightly, and slipped in through the gap between the cook s arms.Baotong held the lamp to shine a light on the ground, but the chicken was gone, and her gaze was on the steaming cauldron.When Baotong thought about Master Wei s face that seemed to be covered with a layer of frost, she felt a little scared.Where s the chicken I put here Baotong said with a last ray of hope.The cook gave a huh and said, I didn t see it, where did it go I ll ask the handyman if it s okay She also looked at the cauldron.When it s over, Baotong s heart thumps , now think about how to pay Master Wei Gu Mingzhu picked up the rope on the ground.Thinking of this, the prince slowly curled his lips, he couldn t wait to stand in the court hall and listen to the praise of all the officials, and the mother and concubine could also feel proud.The prince was lying on the wooden couch after taking a bath, and was about to call the accompanying maids to serve him.If he hadn t left in such a hurry this time, he would definitely have found the person who played the qin music at the banquet.It will not feel hard.The guards of the Eastern Palace brought up the iced fruit, and the crown prince put one in his mouth, and he immediately felt much better.These fruits were put into the well by the guards who arrived at the post house half a day in advance, and the journey was already extremely difficult., It s really boring.My lord, Tao Duo walked in quickly, the Marquis of Ding Ning had a dispute with Mr.Liu Su knew everything, but refused to tell him.If this is the case, then don t blame him for secretly retaliating.When Liu Su came out of the room, he suddenly smelled a bad smell, he frowned and sniffed.The smell seemed to come from him, but he was clearly wearing fresh clean clothes Lin Sizhen s soldiers and horses arrived at the Ningwu Institute as soon as they saw it.Has anyone come from Ningwu Institute Lin Sizhen asked, at this time, the people he left at Ningwu Institute should come to meet him.No, said the lieutenant next to him, the scouts who went to scout the way didn t come back either.Has the situation changed Lin Sizhen frowned.Chapter 177 Begging for mercy The military camp of the Ningwu Institute is not far away, and there is no one guarding the camp outside, as if it has been abandoned.To Da Zhou and Ao Er Du Si, they were too insignificant, and it was impossible for him to achieve his reputation as a hero.In the end it was defeated.As the blazing sun shone down, all the lieutenants around Lin Sizhen were destroyed, and Cui Zhen came towards him with a knife.Lin Sizhen suddenly stretched out his hand to press the wound on Mrs.Lin Tai s shoulder, and Lin Sizhen suddenly woke up from a daze.Lin Sizhen lifted Mrs.Lin Tai from the horseback.Elder Sister, Lin Sizhen said softly, Look at how your eldest son killed his uncle, Eldest SisterI lied to you when I purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs said I used you to blackmail him, I didn t want you Die, I just want your eldest son to give our siblings a way to survive, but he refuses.Eldest sister, if you survive, you will avenge your younger brother, live well, live longer than him, and don t make it easy for him.

With such an end, I just hope that Mr.Wei will not be implicated by it.Gu Mingzhu grabbed Mrs.Lin s hand and yawned.Mrs.Lin smiled and told Baotong Blow on purekana premium cbd gummies near me the lamp, Zhuzhu is sleepy.Madam, go back and rest, Baotong reached out to help Mrs.Lin up, Miss, it s good to have servants here.Madam Lin nodded, she was more or less frightened when she met the rebels on the road, but Liu Su prescribed a few medicines for her, and she felt much better, with strength in her body, His spirit has also returned to his previous appearance.He is really not a person by his appearance.A young servant next to Mr.Wei is as good at medicine as those doctors sitting in the middle .

where to buy cbd gummies hoboken?

of the capital.Mrs.Lin walked out of the door, Baotong said in a low voice Nie Chen is back.Baotong said in a low voice Nie Chen stared at Mr.The queen was pinching the needle to sew the shirt in her hand.Before the female officer could speak, she handed the garment over and said, Look, have I stitched crookedly again Why is it so difficult to make a dress for mother The female officer Taking the clothes over and looking carefully, she couldn t help pursing her lips It s a bit crooked.I m afraid that the old lady will feel that her shoulders are being strangled when she puts it on.The queen sighed for a long time Before getting married, My mother said that I am afraid I will not be able to wear the clothes I made in this life, is it true The queen put the needle back into the basket, even if she copied Buddhist scriptures for a whole day, she would not be so tired.Ma am, the imperial concubine is still standing at purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs the door.The female officer reminded in a low voice.She mentioned that Master Wei s mother s maiden name was Yuan when she heard her mother chatting with Princess Huairou before The Cui family.There were bursts of crying in Mrs.Lin Tai s room.Mrs.Zhang waited anxiously outside.After Mrs.Lin returned to the Dingning Hou Mansion, she hid in the house and did not allow anyone to approach.The servants who brought food to the door were all beaten out.Mrs.Lin yelled, she seemed to be insane, she had just been served by someone to clean the room, and she kicked the bucket on the ground, the smell was so bad in the room, Mrs.Zhang hurriedly ordered someone to go in to clean it, and Cui Weiqian After going to persuade, Mrs.Lin s mood improved a little.After this incident, the mother child relationship between Mrs.Lin and Cui Zhen could not be maintained on the surface.The mother in charge hurried to stop Mr.Cheng.Master, the mother in charge said in a low voice, there is a female family member visiting the mansion.If the master has something to say to the princess, you might as well wait a while These words are very clear, and the princess s face will be hurt if the quarrel continues.If you wait any longer, the Cheng family will probably be ruined.Mr.Cheng said in a loud voice, I was at home well, but suddenly I was charged with murdering my wife.If you really suspect that I have harmed the Zhao family back then, then I will kill you.The paper document sued me to the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Since he already knew that Mrs.Zhao was not dead, why did he keep it secret If he had made it clear earlier, this would not have happened.The crown prince was taken away by the rebels, and even the princess almost fell into the hands of the rebels.The maid in Huaiyuanhou s mansion picked it up and found half of the golden hairpin inside.Who would carry half of the golden hairpin with me After reading it, I had doubts in my heart.I don t know if the golden hairpin has anything to do with my motherbut now that I see my mother like this, everything is clear.Cheng Yi s brows were full of anger What s the origin of the golden hairpin What did the Cheng family say to mother What No, everything Before Zhao finished speaking, she saw the tears on Cheng Yi s face, she was dumbfounded, her eyes drooped, and she seemed to have aged a lot all of a sudden.Mother, Cheng Yi said, Twelve years ago, the Cheng family harmed you, and you survived with purekana premium cbd gummies near me great difficulty.Now the Cheng family has no repentance, and is attacking you again.You Can you just suffer like this martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack premium cbd gummies 3000mg Why was I so young back then I can t do anything, now that I ve grown up, is it possible that I m nothing in my mother s heart, I can .

is cbd gummies good for pain?

t help her, and purekana premium cbd gummies near me I can only watch her being driven to a dead end Zhao s lips were pale, and she pursed her lips tightly.It can be seen that the water in the Ministry of Justice is deep.Master Wei took Liu Su to the Ministry of Punishment to recognize someone, because he was afraid that they would have trouble if they met other people.Master Wei was imprisoned in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice five years ago, and the prison how to get a sample of not pot cbd gummies officials ignored his injuries.It can be seen that there must be someone in the Ministry of Criminal Justice who is against the Wei family.Although five years have passed, the situation of the Wei family seems to have improved, but in fact it is still very difficult.If you don t pay attention, you will be framed.They have to be more careful.In addition, Yan Tanhua told her that there was a very powerful poisonous snake in the Ministry of Justice, and told her that if she survived, she should avoid Qiao Song when she saw him.

Gu Mingzhu took the medicine box from Liu Su and also went in.Why don t you take off the veil on your head Yuan s housekeeper mother stepped forward and asked.Liu Su immediately said My master was born with a birthmark on his face, and he was seriously injured while collecting herbs, and his face was destroyed.I m afraid it will scare others, so he wears a veiled hat.Liu Su said, Gu Mingzhu gently teased The gauze on the face was opened, and the mother in charge of the Yuan family happened to look over.I saw the woman s face was blood red, and there seemed to be many pearl sized bumps on it.Although the woman was standing in the dark, the cbd gummy bears near mansfield ma mother in charge could not purekana premium cbd gummies near me see clearly, but such a glance already made people frown, and immediately He waved his hand Put it on.This appearance really wanted to offend Gong Ren.Looking at Zhuzhu s bouncing back, Mrs.Lin couldn t help sighing That s it, I guess the Wei family won t blame you.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin said, Stop playing, we re going to Wei Home.Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong, who followed with a bundle.What is that Mrs.Lin couldn t help asking.Flower cake, Gu Mingzhu smiled, It s for Xiaobai.Mrs.Lin couldn t laugh or cry.With so many things prepared for a chicken, the Wei family didn t know what to think.Chapter 233 Visiting the Gu Family The carriage stopped at the gate of the Wei Mansion, and Gu Mingzhu helped Mrs.Lin get out of the carriage.Mrs.Huaiyuanhou.Mrs.Wei, Mrs.Yuan brought Wei s grandma Zhang to greet her immediately.Mrs.Lin pulled Gu Mingzhu to salute Why don t you come here, Madam Yuan.It s time to say goodbye.Madam Yuan smiled, looking at her dignified and gentle face, she became more cordial at this moment.Mrs.Li fell silent Then what is the extent of Miss Gu s illness Is will cbd gummies make me high she Wei Yuanchen interjected, Those are not important to my grandson.Mrs.Li looked at Wei Yuanchen fixedly , It took a long time before he sighed You silly child, you don t know what other people think, and you force yourself into this appearance If she doesn t marry you, what should you do Smart people will give Leave room for yourself, you can t be so infatuated, if it really becomes a dead knot, you are the one who suffers.Wei Yuanchen said Grandmother always said that as long as the grandson is happy, if it doesn t go well, how can he be happy.Mrs.Li asked Walking forward, he slowly came to Wei Yuanchen s side You never let grandma worry about you, and you never made it difficult for anyone in the family Mrs.Li couldn t help being silent when she said this, but Miss Gu s illness in front of her, and what else She couldn t figure out Brother Chen soul cbd strawberry gummies s firm attitude.The old lady Zhou stood up and told Zhou Ruyue Third girl, if you come to deliver food in private again to help, I will punish you sisters here together, and no one will be allowed to step out of the house this year.This year Zhou Ruzhang s eyes widened.Wouldn t she be grounded for several months Grandmother, Zhou Ruzhang knelt down immediately, Granddaughter is wrong, please let granddaughter go back.I heard that mother is ill, and granddaughter is worried about mother, so she wants to go to mother best cbd gummies for the money forum s house to attend to the illness.Seeing this, Zhou Ruyue also pleaded Grandmother , the second sister knew she was wrong, the weather is getting colder and colder, and she may suffer from a cold after staying in the nunnery for a long time.The old lady cbd gummy frog sold in des moines Zhou gave Zhou Ruzhang a cold look Do you think I am punishing her I am saving her by doing this.After my mother hanged herself, it was Hui Xiang who went to find my father.Investigate the case, we will talk about some things later.Second Master Cheng s eyes turned redder What is father hiding from his son Master Cheng s face suddenly became angry What s wrong with you You have lost your mind No Now the stimulirx cbd gummies house is in chaos, and you are causing trouble here again, go back to your room.Second Master Cheng biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack looked into Yuan s courtyard, where Hui Xiang was locked in a wing room and was being interrogated by the yamen Father won t Say, I ll go ask Huixiang.Master Cheng s face turned ugly when he heard this Stop, did someone say something Don t be provoked, no matter what time you are from the Cheng family, we all It s father and son, we can talk about our affairs behind closed doors, and we can t let outsiders see the joke.Gu Mingzhu licked her lips.Mentioning the case now can distract Mr.Wei s attention, and make Mr.Wei forget what is going on.Gu Mingzhu was about to speak when she heard a voice from outside.Master Gu.Hearing these words, Gu Mingzhu thought about it.Then came an all too familiar voice.Passing by the yamen and seeing the panic, I realized that something happened to the Cheng family.Wei Tongzheng is in the valet Yes.It was the father.Before dawn, the father saw her daughter alone with the man With Zhou Rujun s composure, she would naturally remember that she had dressed up, so her father should not see through her, but there is also Mrs.Wei here.Enmity and resentment, who can guarantee that Mr.Wei will not use any means in front of his father to make his father aware of something strange.The sound of footsteps came, Master Wei sat there motionless, obviously ready to watch a good show.

An iron spear in Wei Yuanchen s hand danced vigorously, and Gu Chongyi s long knife was not to be outdone.The sharp weapons collided together and quickly avoided each other s sharpness.The long spear slid down the back of the knife.sparks.Gu Mingzhu had seen her father practice swords before, so she was naturally not as clumsy as the outside said, but this was the first time she had seen such a fierce fight.The body is stretched, the movements are like clouds and flowing water, and the body can be controlled freely, so that it is not bad in the master s moves.No wonder martial arts practitioners usually have a straight posture, sitting and lying in a decent manner, and there is always an indescribable demeanor on their body.Gu Mingzhu suddenly found that her eyes seemed to be staring at Master Wei all the time., called Zhou Zecheng.When I saw his body, I thought he was a woman, but it doesn t matter if it s a man or a woman, being too beautiful is not a good thing.Chapter 270 Waiting for Qiao Zheng to pick up a cup of tea and hand it to Qiao Song, Qiao Song took a sip from the bowl , the sun fell on Qiao Song, the robe on his body was clean and tidy, and his smile was natural and gentle.Only the half scar on his wrist was incompatible with his whole personality, but Qiao Song didn t care, and still enjoyed the scenery in front of him.A breeze blew through his long cbd gummy bearsas vegas sleeves, making him look at ease.Uncle, Qiao Zheng said, After Wei Yuanchen came down to court, he interrogated Mr.Cheng alone.Mr.Cheng kept complaining, saying that Yuan was not killed by him.What should we do next Go to interrogate Mr.The servant girl disappeared, and it was the same to blast the girl away.Mo Yangming turned his head to look for the girl in the room, but found that the girl was no longer there.Where did you go She only cared about looking at the servant girl, and even for a moment she was negligent and didn t pay attention to the girl s movements.Mo Yangming immediately looked inside the house.The wooden house looks small, but it has several rooms.Behind the room where she meditates are two quiet rooms.She used to treat patients and let them live in the room for her to take care of.After Ah Chan died, she did not More than ten years have passed since I received someone into the quiet room.She had thought about teaching Ah chan s Taoism, and let the child live with her in the Taoist temple.The master and wife of the Bai family also agreed, as long as Ah chan felt happy, she could do whatever she wanted.The girl raised her face, wondering what she was thinking, and said seriously after a while It will open when you touch it.Mo Yangming closed the lotus flower and handed it to the girl again Open it again.The girl picked up the lotus, moved her finger on the wheel at the base of the lotus, and the lotus bloomed in front of Mo Yangming again.Mo Yangming s hands trembled slightly, she looked at the girl s age, she was only about teens, younger than Ah Chan back then.Mo Yangming said How do you know how to open this Gu Mingzhu took out a fancy lock from his purse and handed it to Mo Yangming You will know when you play this.There is also a small wheel on the fancy lock , Mo hillstone hemp cbd gummies purekana premium cbd gummies near me Yangming knew in his heart that maybe it was a coincidence, so he let the girl open the lock.Mo Yangming asked, biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack Who are you The girl replied without thinking, I am Zhuzhu.Qiao Song smiled Wei Yuanchen doesn t have many people in his hands.The Lu family is in Beicheng, and the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion came to arrest him.People are more logical.Qiao Zheng bowed his head It s because my nephew is not good at doing things.Qiao Song pulled his hands out of his sleeves and combed his robes I said that Wei Yuanchen is very powerful, and those ordinary people who helped him investigate the case It s no small matter.Qiao Zheng said Although Shuntian Mansion has come, we are not left behind.We got the servants of the Yuan family, and the interrogation of Yuan Zhixing requires uncle to come forward.No matter how much evidence Shuntian Mansion gets, it will not be the end of it.Leave it to us.Qiao Song said and looked around You forgot one thing, we are all here, where is Wei Yuanchen Qiao Zheng wanted to say that maybe Wei Yuanchen was hiding aside and waiting to be accepted.Gu Chongyi got on the horse and walked out of the alley all the way.He was about to let the horse gallop when he heard the voice of Master Wei from behind him What a coincidence, Lord Gu, where are you going Do you want to follow me Go to Shangqingguan Gu Chongyi s eyebrows were furrowed into two beards, as if he was in front, and the Wei family thing was behind, why purekana premium cbd gummies near me did he follow that purekana premium cbd gummies near me thing Chapter 293 Avoiding Suspicion Gu Chongyi Doesn t Want to Pay Attention to Master Wei Er squinted.Gu Chongyi urged the steed to move forward, and he would soon be able to leave that ignorant dude behind.Master Hou, what are you in a hurry for Don t chase me.Don t chase me, why don purekana premium cbd gummies near me t you listen.The voice followed like a shadow, no matter how fast he was, Wei Congzhi could follow him closely, that thing was really just pretending to be stupid Confused, how could a real dude be so good at riding.

After leaning against him, he said to himself Shangqing Temple Imported goods were discovered in Houshan, and a good Taoist temple turned out to be a den of thieves, those Kun Dao went in and out of the concubine s house, and preached the Taoism scriptures to the female family members in Beijing, it is very easy to do things.Gu Chongyi glanced at Wei Congzhi, rare This thing can speak seriously.Wei Congzhi said I heard that something happened, but I was very anxious.I even asked for a marriage can cbd gummies upset your stomach purekana premium cbd gummies near me sign to hang in the Taoist temple.There is no room for loss.I have to rush over to have a look and help the Taoist temple by the way.Those kun dao are walking around.Talk to me from time to time, and my marriage is hopeful.Maybe the queen HCMUSSH purekana premium cbd gummies near me mother will give me a marriage when she is happy.Look at my face, it should not be difficult to find a good marriage just based on my talent and looks.Gu Chongyi said Have you gone to inquire about the news Cui Wei nodded After we arrived, I asked.Cui Wei went on to say The master of the Taiqing Temple has contacts with those merchants who sell private goods from the sea.The Yamen of Shuntian Mansion captured him and sent him to the prison for interrogation.Gu Chongyi listened carefully Shuntian Mansion Someone from the yamen He didn t expect that Shuntian Mansion purekana premium cbd gummies near me would get ahead of Wucheng Bingmasi this time.That thing from the Wei family came here in a hurry, naturally not because of some marriage sign, but because the Wei family was involved in this matter.Gu Chongyi didn t need to look for Wei Congzhi, he knew that Wei Congzhi would avoid everyone and choose a remote path up the mountain.Let people prepare the carriages and horses.Gu Chongyi ordered his followers, Send the Gu family s daughters home in a while.Maybe only Yuan Bai is so sick and needs to be treated with imported products.Only in this way can you attract Yuan Bai.Knowing to go down the road of smuggling.No, no, Bai Jingkun raised his head, No, no, I didn t lure my brother in law into smuggling.Wei Yuanchen questioned The medicine that Sun Zhenzhen gave Yuan Bai s is yours.Brought it Bai Jingkun was eager to explain I brought the medicine, butnot because of the second sister, but because I heard that there is a kind of fairy medicine that can cure all diseases.That s why I want to ask the fairy medicine for Ah Chan.Wei Yuanchen sneered and said, It s all an excuse, you are doing this just to trick the dry compass in Bai Guanzheng s hand, so that you can smuggle it at sea with it.Goods.Bai Jingkun s train of thought was completely disrupted, he knew that the Yamen would ask him about the smuggling, he had already decided not to talk about it, but he didn t expect to mention those past years first, first leading to Ah Chan, and then mentioning his father and the second Sister, it seems that he has committed a heinous crime and harmed everyone.Although it is against the rules Xue Laotong wanted to find out the details of Lu s family, Su Fu said This case is in Shuntian Mansion, so it is natural for you to go to Dengzhou Mansion to investigate the case.For this case, I will immediately issue a document to let you leave Beijing overnight, and even if there is a change in the court, it will be too late to bring you back.Xue Laotong bowed and saluted Su Fu again.Sir, what happened today Su Fu stretched out his hand to help Xue Laotong up, Sir, just go and purekana premium cbd gummies near me investigate, I trust you sir.Xue Laotong nodded Don t worry, my lord, no matter what time it is, the humble official will enforce the law impartially.You will use Feng Anping more when you are not in a lowly position.Feng Anping made contributions in Shanxi, and Su Fu sent a memorial to recommend Feng Anping to Shuntian Mansion.Empress Wei saw the young girl smiling sweetly at her, and then bowed to her Madam, can my servant go over The young girl pointed to her side.Empress Wei was slightly surprised, but immediately nodded, she also wanted to know what this young girl was going to do.Gu Mingzhu walked over quickly and came to Empress Wei, slowly lowered her head and said softly Your Majesty, purekana premium cbd gummies near me smilz cbd gummies side effects the webbing in your sleeve is exposed.Empress Wei looked, and the webbing she hid in her sleeve really showed a head Well, thanks to this kid s sharp eyes, ordinary people probably wouldn t notice this.Empress Wei was purekana premium cbd gummies near me about to take out the purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs net, but she was pressed by a little hand just as she pulled out half of it Wrong Your Majesty You typed the net wrong.Empress Wei took out the net and put it on her lap Look, no difference was found.The concubine was purekana premium cbd gummies near me seriously ill, and Madam invited the old imperial doctor Chai to purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs come for treatment.The old imperial doctor I just left, and I will come back tomorrow.As soon as Bi Tao finished speaking, the mother in charge came to urge Miss, have you changed your clothes yet The sweet scented osmanthus balls will not taste good when they get cold.Baotong helped Gu Mingzhu tidy up her dress , Gu Mingzhu looked at the net on the couch, this net was made by Empress Wei and her together, do you want to give it to Master Wei Chapter 310 Lost Appointment Gu Mingzhu thought for a while and put this string into her purse.She should keep it at home as a gift from the empress, but if Mrs.Wei insisted on taking martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack premium cbd gummies 3000mg it away, she would have to find a way to prevaricate it.After all was dressed, Gu Mingzhu took Baotong to the main room, trotted all the way through the door, and immediately saw the aunt of the Lin clan and a three or four year old child.

Looking at the mother and the child, Mrs.Lin couldn t help but sighed a long time The world is pressing.How can a child who is only a few years old be so sensible It seems that he has suffered a lot with the clan sister on weekdays.Mrs.Lin ordered Someone sent the food to Mrs.Zou Lin s room, and then took Gu Mingzhu purekana premium cbd gummies near me to sit down to eat.Mrs.Lin said, Eat slowly.She piled up the plates in front of Gu Mingzhu to eat.When Gu Mingzhu was full, Mrs.Lin ordered the kitchen to bring a bowl of crispy cheese in an hour.During these days, Zhuzhu grew very fast, and she was about to catch up with her, so she naturally wanted to eat more good ones.Why didn t father come back Gu Mingzhu looked out the door.Mrs.Lin said Your elder brother returned to Beijing today.Your father came back after seeing your elder brother.You must know that Tan Shangshu made great contributions in northern Xinjiang at that time, which is serious He is a talented young man with a bright future, what kind of wife do you want But he still purekana premium cbd gummies near me married Mrs.Dong, which shows that Tan Shangshu is a loyal person.If it hadn t been for this first, I wouldn t have dared to do it for Miss Wan.Let me tell you about this relative.After finishing speaking, Mrs.Gu went on to say, I m not afraid that the Tan family s conduct is not good, but I m worried that the Tan family s conduct is too good, and sister Wan may have to suffer a bit if she follows her.Mrs.Lin said How to say Mrs.Gu looked surprised You don t purekana premium cbd gummies near me even know about this My nephew and daughter in law, you just stay in the inner house with all your heart, and you really don t hear anything outside the window.Now it is really different, the eyebrows are dyed with ink, and the skin is fair Is it really because the knot in the heart has been untied Maybe people will become soft hearted when they see beautiful scenery and people, and the longer they look at it, it seems that they can t bear to continue to deceive him.As Gu Mingzhu was thinking this way, the sound of rustling rain came from outside the house.Suddenly it began to rain.The thunder rumbled, as if the black sky above his head was about to be suppressed.Gu Mingzhu stood up and walked to the window.Under the illumination of the wind lamp on the porch, the raindrops seemed to draw a thin line of light between the sky and the earth.The rain became heavier and heavier, slowly illuminating the sky and the earth.Wei Yuanchen woke up, opened his eyes and saw the girl standing in front of the window, the girl stretched out her hand to catch the light in the palm of her hand, then she curled up her lips slightly.Tan Dingfang raised his eyes and looked at the low houses in Anji Yuan The houses here have not been reinforced, ask the stewards of the courtyard if they have brought people out.Tan Sanye responded Nephew immediately go and ask Tan Dingfang said There is still rice in the yard, don t let it get wet.Tan Sanye nodded, the rice warehouse in the yard has been reinforced in summer, there will be no problem, but uncle is too careful, I m afraid something will go wrong, so you have to see it in person to be at ease.Tan Sanye went to find the steward of the courtyard.Tan Dingfang ordered the mother in charge There are still some female relatives in the backyard.You can take someone there to take care of them, especially those who are old, disabled, and unable to walk Master, don t worry, we all know.The hair was bright red, and it was stained with something.Tan Zigeng s eyes froze suddenly, and then he turned his head to look at the room where the raccoon cat ran out.A gust of wind blew the dead leaves on the branches, the sun gradually faded from the yard, the sky darkened a lot in an instant, the curtain at the door of the house was blown, the fur on the raccoon cat s body was blown into a ball, it shrank its neck, Then who is the ceo of smilz cbd gummies run away quickly.Tan Zigeng felt a chill inexplicably, and after a while he moved towards the room.Tan Zigeng stood at the door of the house, but no one in the village came out.He stretched out his hand and opened the curtain in front of him, and then a strange smell came over his face.It was a dead breath.The burning ashes in the brazier, wrapped in the deep chill in the room, soaked in the thick blood and stench, scrambled to squeeze into Tan Zigeng s nose.Moreover, Tan Shangshu doesn t purekana premium cbd gummies near me like the business of the third master of the Tan family, if the third master of the Tan family said it himself, I m afraid Tan Shangshu would know that the third master of the Tan family opened a rice grain shop when he asked.That s what happened, the old lady Gu interjected, If you ask me, Tan Shangshu doesn biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack t know how to be considerate of his nephew.The official salary in Beijing is not much, and Tan Shangshu will not subsidize his nephew s money.Who doesn t need money for renting a yard or being courteous Who can live in Beijing without ancestral addiction Speaking of Mr.Tan, Mrs.Gu recalled the previous report from her supervisor, saying that Mr.Tan had killed someone, and Mrs.Gu was even more so.Feeling overwhelmed.The old lady Gu wiped her eyes again with the handkerchief Stop talking about that, let s settle the matter at hand Chongyi, you can t let the people from the government office make trouble at home like this.

Even if the new emperor is not empress Wei s own birth, he will not dare to lay hands on where can i buy cbd gummies for anxiety near me the mother clan of the empress dowager.Or maybe the young emperor will be established in the future, and the Wei family will assist the government It sounds like a foreign relative is powerful, but a foreign relative like the Wei family can accept it, at least the imperial concubine party can t compare it.A snowflake flew into Gu Chongyi s collar, Gu Chongyi felt a chill on his neck, and came to his senses, did he think too far Could it be that he really wants to stay with the Wei family all the time After Cui Zhen came in, Gu Mingzhu didn t want to stay in Mrs.Lin s house anymore.She would accompany her mother to hear what Mrs.Zhang would say in her mother s ear.She had to protect her mother so that she wouldn t know Unknowingly being used by others, now that Cui Zhen is here, Mrs.Unfortunately, the East Palace was abolished too purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs early.The Liang family has just started to improve in Yongping mansion, and the current Prince Huai s mansion is still vulnerable That man knew the court situation very well, knew how to seize the opportunity to act, and was also very clear about the current emperor s thoughts.He took advantage of can i take cbd gummies while pregnant the emperor s suspicion and made a big move.It seemed that he was going to do cbd gummies smell involve all the princes under the emperor.After standing for a while, Wei Yuanchen frowned slightly, why Zhuzhu hasn t arrived yet, usually she will come very soon when I purekana premium cbd gummies near me heard that there are new clues in the case, could it purekana premium cbd gummies near me be that what he said in the small courtyard last time was really true Scared her Third Master, Chu Jiu leaned over and said, Why don t I go and have a look, what if the Eldest Miss doesn t come today The Second Master took Xiao Bai to the Gu family today.The girl s eyebrows and eyes were stretched out, and she looked extraordinarily beautiful, especially the smile on her face, which added a touch of brilliance to her.People can t help but feel happy when they look at it.Although Mrs.Zhang told her before that Miss Gu s illness was cured, she still couldn t believe it when she saw Gu Mingzhu like this.She heard that Miss Gu was seriously ill when she was how long does cbd gummies stay in urine in her boudoir.They refused to go out and walk around, never thought that Miss Gu would look like this.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to salute Mrs.Zhang, and then purekana premium cbd gummies near me looked at Shen Shi This is Zhang s sister in law, right Shen nodded In a blink of an eye, I didn t expect Miss Gu to be so old.Gu Mingzhu smiled , Several people walked into the Gu family s inner house together.Mrs.Lin was waiting in the flower hall.As soon as Zou Lin thought of this, she heard the door being pushed open, and the woman at the door exclaimed, followed by Zou Xiang s voice Put me down, you let me down.Zou Lin thought in surprise Struggling to get up, before he could sit up, he saw Cui Zhen enter the door with wana cbd gummy Zou Xiang through the gap in the curtain.Cui Zhen stopped outside the door, but he didn t put Zou Xiang down, because he knew how to do things more effectively, and it was easier for Zou Linshi to tell the truth.Zou Lin said anxiously Marquis Dingning Marquis Dingning Brother Xiang What s the matter Hearing Zou Lin s call, the stubborn Zou Xiang burst into tears as soon as his nose was sore.Pa ta landed on the back of Cui Zhen s hand, Cui Zhen s fingers shrank from the heat, the tears seemed to penetrate deep into his body along the skin, he almost put Zou Xiang down as soon as his heart softened.Aunt, Gu Mingzhu said, it s not Zou Xiang s fault, it s also your fault.Zou Linshi looked at Gu Mingzhu in surprise.Gu Mingzhu said You told Zou Xiang the facts according to your own ideas, and chose a future path for him, but you never thought about what Zou Xiang thinks in his heart He has no mother, and if he loses you, he will also adopt a mother.What is left is the hatred in his heart, what else can you ask him to do He is just a child, and the only thing important to him is the relatives around him.If the relatives are gone, if he takes revenge again, he can feel at ease.Let s go together with you.Zou Lin didn t expect Zou Xiang to think like this, she looked at Zou Xiang in a daze, her trembling hand fell on the back of Zou Xiang s hand, her chest heaved violently, and she swallowed more after a while Brother Xiang Son, what do you think Why are you so stupid Didn t I tell you After I die, you will stay in Gu s house well.Mrs.Zhang was not very smart, but purekana premium cbd gummies near me fortunately she understood his thoughts very well and could do things just right.He didn t want to Looking for a wife who is good at dancing with long sleeves and has too many thoughts, I am afraid that she will fight with her mother endlessly and make the inner house dirty.He thought he knew Mrs.Zhang very well, and it was also because Mrs.Zhang was gentle and virtuous when she first married in, and he blindly gave in, which made his mother stretch her hand on Mrs.Zhang s dowry.It is difficult to gain a foothold in the Hou s mansion, but she did not expect that Mrs.Zhang is more scheming than her mother.His mother can easily see through his mind, but Mrs.Zhang He still can t see through her mind until now.I don t know if she is hurting others because of jealousy, or if she has other plans.

I remembered that Mr.Guojiu was in charge of the Treasure Shipyard.The uncle Mo Yangming mentioned was the younger brother of the Empress Dowager, who is now the Duke of Fengguo Guo Jiuzhang.The empress dowager s natal family is in Fujian, and her ancestors followed the Taizu to fight the world and was named Feng Guogong.After the first emperor ascended the throne, he ordered the empress dowager s father, Lao Feng Guogong, to go to Fujian to take charge of the navy.The martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack military power was handed over to Marquis Huaiyuan, but he still managed several shipyards.Today, the emperor ascended the throne, and the old Duke Feng hillstone hemp cbd gummies purekana premium cbd gummies near me died the next year.The emperor then ordered a sea ban, and the defense line of the Great Zhou Dynasty moved inward.place.Seeing this, Guo Jiuzhang handed over his duties in the shipyard, and went to Hangzhou Mansion to recuperate due to illness.Such a beautiful net was about to be torn apart What a pity.Mo Zhenren went to the inner hall to give Empress Wei a needle.After a few silver needles pierced the acupoints, Mo Zhenren said softly Before the real person enters the palace, Master Wei Yuanchen asked the real person to send a message to the empress dowager.Empress Wei s expression seemed calm as water , but her heart couldn t help but move, the last time Mo Zhenren came to Kunning Palace to treat her injuries, she had guessed that Mo Zhenren meant to help the Wei family, but she was not sure at that time.Unexpectedly, Brother Chen really invited Mo Zhenren.Empress Wei thought that Miss Gu s smile appeared in her mind, it should not be due to Brother Chen alone.Mo Zhenren said The Empress Dowager promised to ask the purekana premium cbd gummies near me Guo family to help investigate the case.If it wasn t for a critical moment, she would never order them to do something.Thinking of this, the female officer s face became solemn Your Majesty, don t worry, the servants will go to arrange it immediately.With such a commotion outside, there must be an accident in the palace, but I don t know where it will start Gu Mingzhu and Mo Yangming had just left the palace gate when they saw Baotong waiting at the door.Baotong s face was full Anxious, seeing Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said Miss, Madam may be about to give birth.Gu Mingzhu was startled.When she came out of the house, her mother was still fine.Why is she about to give birth suddenly Mo Yangming said, I ll go with you to the Hou s Mansion.Gu Mingzhu wished she could step into the house as soon as she lifted her foot.Her mother would not arrive for more than a month, and she would check her mother s pulse every day, but she didn t see any clues.Gu Chongyi looked at the child in his arms, green leaf cbd cannabidiol gummies the child was full and sleeping soundly, his wife worked so hard to give birth to this stinky boy, if he refuses to make progress in the future and makes his wife angry, he will follow the boy to settle today s score.Gu Chongyi handed this milk scented little thing to the wet nurse.It wasn t that HCMUSSH purekana premium cbd gummies near me he disliked this son, but he felt that this boy was not as good looking as Zhuzhu, wrinkled, like a little old man, especially his eyebrows and eyes were not as delicate as his sister s., revealing a naive air.I hope this stinky boy will not get sick, so as not to make his mother sad again.Gu Chongyi thought about it and glanced in the direction where the wet nurse left.Lord Hou, Mrs.Lin said, In theory, you shouldn t enter the door, it s better to hide.Gu Chongyi didn t care at all What are you afraid of, I didn t avoid Zhuzhu at that time, isn t it good Gu Chongyi took Mrs.Lin s hand and said, You have worked hard.Mrs.Lin smiled shyly under Gu Chongyi s gaze, thinking of all the things she had just experienced, she was safe and sound Master, we want to thank the Wei family, We have to take this kindness to heart.Gu Chongyi said That s natural.But how to pay it back is really a headache.Chapter 423 I like Gu Chongyi before he can think of a way to repay the Wei family, when Mrs.Lin s voice comes from his ear.Second Master Wei will come to the door again in the future, and Master Hou will be more pleasant.Last time Master Hou yelled at people, even the mother who was on duty in the back room heard it.Gu Chongyi came back to his senses Okay, I got it.Next time that annoying guy comes again, he just needs to be more patient, instead of looking at the monk s face and the Buddha s face, with such a good mother, it will be cheaper.The old man looked at Nie Chen and the girl with the fence Many of what they said were vague.Although I couldn t fully understand the meaning of these words, I also felt that the matter was very important.I remembered them clearly.Jinzhou Wei Zhen Fu, this should be regarded as the biggest gain.After I escaped that time, I continued to inquire about those people, and found that the steward came to the capital a year ago.After saying this, the old man hesitated and said, Is this clue useful to you He was expecting but apprehensive.He hoped that he could help, but he was afraid that everything would fail.It s useful, Gu Mingzhu stood up, and she saluted the old man, Your news will save many people.The old man looked a little excited Really Gu Mingzhu nodded.A smile finally appeared purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs on the old man s face, but he immediately said It s not me, it s Yan Shen.

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a food box prepared beside him.Gu Mingzhu said Brother, take cbd gummies for period the food box by the way.There are soups and medicines for the family s aunt.Cui Zhen also thought about bringing something to Zou Xiang, but he knew in his heart that Zou Xiang would not want it.What s more, the current situation of Zou Xiang, the books to read and the things used by Gu s family are all available, and the armor and swords, guns, swords and halberds used by the ancestors in the residence of Marquis Dingning Zou Xiang are too young to be used at all, so he didn t take anything Right now, the food box that Zhuzhu prepared Cui Zhen didn t want to reach out to take it.Marquis Dingning had never done such a thing.He was wrong, but this was purekana premium cbd gummies near me not his way of expressing his apology.He knew that he owed Yao Qing and Zou can cbd gummies upset your stomach purekana premium cbd gummies near me Xiang.All those who raised troops in his name are rebellious officials and thieves, and the court should punish them.Prince Huai also said that if the emperor sent troops to pursue him, he would I will wait for the opportunity and try to escape from those people, if I can t the prince would rather die than fall into the hands of those people and become a proton.King Huai s blood was written in a hurry, which shows that time was urgent at that time, but overall it showed a It means that King Huai s departure from Beijing was cbd gummies test positive for thc on drug test calculated by others.The emperor tightly held the blood book in his hand, the content of King Huai s blood book was in line with Wei Yuanchen s speculation.King Huai left the capital, and the capital was in chaos, they wanted to take advantage of the chaos.The emperor didn t want to believe that this was a conspiracy by King Liang, but now there are more and more evidences in front of him.Before that, the concubine de concubine had eaten a piece of snack.This dim sum was made by Yushanfang for Yongchun Palace.Because King Su was supposed to visit Concubine De in the palace today, the emperor granted permission to hold a banquet in Concubine De s palace, and let all the princes and princesses in the palace join in the fun.On New Year s Eve and Zhongyuan Festival, the emperor went to the imperial concubine s palace and allowed the imperial concubine to hold a small banquet.Now it s finally Yongchun Palace s turn.The Yongchun Palace is full of joy.Defei s empress has been busy a few days ago, but no one expected , everything is ready, and something happened outside the palace, it is impossible to have a banquet at such cbd gummies garden roots a time.The prince and the princess came to thank Empress Defei, and Empress Defei asked people to take out the snacks made in the imperial dining room and share them with everyone.Hehe wants to kill biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack the Ninth Prince, And to harm the empress and concubine de concubine.There was sadness and grievance in the words, but at this moment it sounded so ironic.Unexpectedly, such an accident would happen suddenly, even the emperor who wanted to check on Concubine De was stunned.The emperor sat motionless on the chair.Although he tried his best to control it, his majestic and solemn eyes were instantly engulfed by the abyss like darkness, and then the center of his brows was covered with a layer of blue purple.This case has nothing to do with Yongchun Palace itself, not only that, it also involves the Supervisor of Rituals.The supervisor of ceremonies was managed by his most trusted minister, Huang Chang.The eunuch who was imprisoned in the main hall wore the official uniform of the chief eunuch.Once the imperial court investigates everything, it will be revealed, and his plans in northern Xinjiang for many years will eventually be seen.The reason why he didn t want to escape was that he was going to use the emperor s suspicion to entangle Wei Yuanchen to buy time for the emperor and his father.Now that the secret is known, everything has come to nothing.Whether his case will be tried or not It doesn t make any sense, and he doesn t seem to have any use Because the imperial court will send troops to northern Xinjiang, the troops he has placed in Daning can t just stand by and help the Lord win this battle.Once the war is fought, everything will be clear, and there is no need for so called evidence at all.Wei Yuanchen won.This person knows when to check carefully and when to take a risk.That was his sister in law Zhou Zerui shuddered.The second elder brother said just now that what Wei Yuanchen wanted to check was his elder brother s Death, sister in law is a female family member in the inner house.After passing away for so long, no one will ask about her.Rujun s death has nothing to ingredients in condor cbd gummies do with him, he just asked someone to draw a painting for Rujun, and he gave the painting to the crown prince.Master, what s wrong It s as if you ve lost your soul.Mrs.Zhou Zerui s voice trembled in fright, and then he said angrily, What are you doing, woman Are you going to scare me to death Mrs.Wednesday was anxious I wanted to ask about family matters, but I was scolded for no reason, and I was stunned The concubine saw that the master s face was not good, so I asked with concern Before Mrs.

Chapter 487 Practical Gu Mingzhu looked at Chu Jiu s appearance, and the sadness shrouded in her heart also dissipated a little.Is Chu Jiu really the guard next to Master Wei She was afraid that when Lord Wei came back from the war, she would find that Chu Jiu had become her maid.Wouldn t that be a bad idea After all, cultivating a family will take more than ten years of hard work Chu Jiu, Gu Mingzhu said, Just use some more purekana premium cbd gummies near me rouge.Chu Jiu hastily refused That s not acceptable.Gu Mingzhu said The rouge made of safflower juice is very suitable for you.Jiu shook his head solemnly, as if resisting to the death.Gu Mingzhu said Have you prepared this suit for a long time You always carry it with you on weekdays Otherwise, how purekana premium cbd gummies near me could you take it out so quickly.Chu Jiu would not lie in front of his master, and subconsciously said The last time I helped the young miss to pretend to be a ghost in Cheng s house After saying this, Chu Jiu covered her mouth.Zhou Zejing shook his hand, and the seal fell to the ground.When he regained his composure and looked down, he didn t see the jade seal.Everything was like a dream, a seal suddenly appeared, and that seal disappeared without a trace.Second Master, that man is leaving the city.Shall we catch up Hearing the voice of his confidant, Zhou Zejing suddenly came to his senses.Go up a trail.There are fewer and fewer pedestrians on the road.Zhou Zejing nodded to the people around him.Right now is the best place to ambush Bao Er.Before Zhou Zejing s cronies approached Bao Er, Bao Er who was not far away stopped in his tracks., and then look back.Like a tiger seeing its prey, it grinned and showed its sharp teeth to Zhou Zejing.Chapter 496 To be honest Zhou Zejing was taken aback and couldn t help taking a step back.Feng Anping frowned.For some reason, from the very beginning, he felt that Miss Jiang s voice was very familiar.When he raised his head, he saw that Miss Jiang on the opposite side suddenly reached out and took off the fence on her head.The elders teachings for many years made Feng Anping subconsciously cover his eyes.A person who hides his face and figure must have a secret that he does not want others to know.A person who accidentally knows this secretmay be silenced.Feng Anping saw Miss Jiang clearly through the gap between his fingers.It s not Miss Jiang, she s my cousin.Feng Anping opened his mouth wide and couldn t speak for a while.Cousin, Gu Mingzhu said, Some things are always unexpected, right Feng Anping couldn t refute, the scene in front of him fully explained what unexpectedness is.If it is said that Concubine De belongs to King Liang, there are many things that people can t figure out.Datong, Concubine De and the Cao family can taste hemp cbd gummies be rich and prosperous, and there is no need to be attached to King Liang, so Gu Mingzhu prefers Concubine De to be used by King Liang.Su Fu agrees with Miss Jiang s conjecture, which is more in line with Liang Wang s usual practice, so he still needs to find ways to prove it.As for the case of the eldest princess of Yongkang and the case of the second prince s rebellion Su Fu frowned and was lost in thought.The musicians of the can dogs have human cbd gummies Jiaofang Division also involved Tang, the daughter of the criminal minister.Tang Qing, who was in Dali Temple, was investigated for perverting the law for personal gain.A few years later, when he returned to the capital, he secretly communicated with the people of Sile in Jiaofang, and taught a lady Rong.Inquire about the news at the Zhongfu Mansion.Concubine De s face was livid, Don t frame me, I don t know about Scholar Zhou, there is such a woman Gu Mingzhu fixedly looked at Concubine De who looked flustered, Concubine De Although she denied it outright, her panic revealed the truth.Even Peng Shi s face lost a trace of hesitation.Huang Chang s forehead was covered with cold sweat.Concubine De was so unbearable, and people saw the clue so quickly.I m afraid no matter what he said now, Peng Shi would not stand by their side.Empress Wei said indifferently The imperial court captured the women raised by the Cao family.Su Fu of Shuntian Mansion submitted the secret document and played the matter.What about the secret document Can the emperor read it Concubine De subconsciously went to look at Huang Chang.Hearing this, Concubine De couldn t control her anymore, her whole face twisted and she wanted to tear Shen Lan to pieces.Empress Wei said You trusted Huang Chang from then on, right Huang Chang killed Zhou Xueshi for you, and you thought that Huang Chang would become your confidant.You spoke for Huang Chang in front of the emperor, and finally let Huang Chang be in charge of the Supervisor of Ceremonies., standing beside the emperor.Do you think Huang Chang will help your son ascend the throne Empress Wei cast her eyes on Huang Chang You never wanted to assist King Su, you made such a mess because you wanted to King Su is charged with killing his father, and then King Liang can go to Beijing to quell the rebellion.When you let King Su lead troops into the palace, you also send a letter out of Beijing, just to inform King Liang that you can do something.

Nausea hit, he opened his mouth and vomited violently, as if he wanted to vomit out everything in his purekana premium cbd gummies near me stomach, and his breathing became unobstructed until there was nothing left to vomit.The emperor looked around, his mind was spinning, and his eyes blurred for a while.Just now when he was dizzy, he heard the voices of Shen Lan talking to Concubine De and Huang Chang, he thought he had fallen into a nightmare, wanted to speak but couldn t speak, wanted to open his eyes but didn t have the slightest strength, His anger seemed to burn him to ashes.It wasn t until now that he regained consciousness that he knew that what he had just heard was true.His favored concubine De has always been in collusion with Liang Wang, his favorite son wants to lead troops into the palace to seize the throne, and Huang Chang, whom he trusts, is actually Liang Wang s man.Wei Yuanchen returned to Beijing with his soldiers and horses to return to his command.When the cavalry retreated, it seemed purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs that the whole earth trembled.It was completely dark, and an inconspicuous mound in the mountain moved slightly, and then a person crawled out of it.King Liang spat out the bamboo tube in his mouth and panted heavily.No one would believe that one day he would survive such humiliation.Die bravely can save face, but how to make my own cbd gummies if you die, you will lose everything, and there will be no chance to stand up again.He has tried his best for more than ten years, if he loses like this, he will become a real joke.Liang Wang carefully shook off the dirt on his body, as long as Wei Yuanchen left, he could find a way to get out biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack of here.Liang Wang slowly approached the foot of purekana premium cbd gummies near me the mountain.While the soldiers guarding the mountain were not paying attention, he quickly left the mountain and walked a long distance.The moment he stepped out of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, a gust of wind blew, King Huai realized that his purekana premium cbd gummies near me clothes were soaked in sweat, and he shivered.It s too scary, it s better for him to close the door of the mansion tightly and not ask about foreign affairs.This time, no matter who it is, no matter what the situation is, don t let him have anything to do with the reserve position.He has no ability to sit on the throne, and sitting on it will only lead to catastrophe.It s fine now, the queen mother is helping to take care of the government affairs, and everything is stable.Just go on like this forever.King Huai fled in despair, the emperor only felt the anger rushing through his body, as if his whole body was about to explode.His throne, but his son did not want it.King Huai is so afraid of the Wei family.Seeing such an army makes people feel inexplicably at ease.Not to mention one Liang king, even ten Liang kings are no match for the Great Zhou court.Go, Mrs.Lin said, Follow forward.She walked too fast, and she didn t see clearly yet.All the way back to the city, biolife cbd gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies 3 pack the cheers of the people in Beijing almost suppressed the sound of horseshoes and footsteps.Mrs.Lin felt more and more that Wei Sanye looked a little more powerful than the young Hou Ye.Mother, Gu Mingzhu said, we will go home soon.Mrs.Lin said Yes , what are you going to do if you don t go home Could it be that the daughter wants to see Mr.Wei alone Of course not.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips Mother, I mean, let s go home like this Aren t we here to pick up father Father should be behind Mr.Wei.Mrs.Lin stood there in a daze, yes, they She came to pick up Lord Hou, not to see her son in law, why did she even forget about purekana premium cbd gummies near me this matter.Empress Wei in a formal dress.Standing in front of people gracefully and luxuriously.Liang Wang HCMUSSH purekana premium cbd gummies near me couldn t help being startled, and then couldn t help but want to laugh out loud.Has the Hunjun been replaced by the Wei family after all But then he struggled unwillingly, and his plan ended purekana premium cbd gummies near me up making a wedding dress for others, allowing Wei to take the opportunity to take power, and he was finally defeated by a woman.The ceremony and music stopped, and Empress Wei s majestic voice sounded Behead Liang Wang and other 123 people, and Liang is cbd oil or gummies more effective Wang s head hangs on the city wall.The people of the world should take this as a warning.Even if the rebels are strong, they will be killed.He raised his head and saw Queen Wei s contemptuous gaze.Civil and military officials knelt down and saluted.Empress Wei slowly left Wufeng Tower under the congratulations benefits of cbd gummy of everyone.I asked the elders in the family and tried to decorate it as the eldest brother was alive.Gu Mingzhu saluted Zhou Zesheng Let Uncle Qi worry about it.Gu Mingzhu helped her up.Gu Mingzhu said I ll go and offer incense to my father and mother.Zhou Zesheng resisted the soreness in his heart It should.Chapter 538 Congratulations Gu Mingzhu and Wei Yuanchen followed Zhou Zesheng into the inner room.There were offerings on the sacrificial table, all of which were the favorite food of father and mother.Gu Mingzhu looked gratefully at Uncle Qi, who was very thoughtful.Gu Mingzhu picked up the incense, lit it with a candle, and then respectfully put it into the incense burner.The father and mother passed away for more than ten years, and they were finally cleared of their grievances.Now that their daughter s wedding is coming, the father and mother Izumi Youzhi must be very happy.

Wei Yuanchen sighed softly It turns out that you have untied the purse a long time ago Gu Mingzhu was surprised, and reached out to touch the purse, and it was purekana premium cbd gummies near me indeed open.Master Wei seemed to understand something, he put his arms around her waist, and said in a gentle voice, It s okay, Chu Jiu and Baotong are guarding, no one will see.When did your lord become so considerate After a long time, one figure turned back into two.Gu Mingzhu looked around with a little guilty conscience So what did your lord give my grandfather Wei Yuanchen said I found a good yew tree and made bracelets and crutches for my grandfather.Grandfather A crutch used to teach juniors a lesson Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips.Master Wei was really careful.Grandfather s walking stick broke after he entered the capital.Now that he can get a new one, his grandfather must be happy Guest room of Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Instead of waiting at home to see what will happen to Cui Zhen, it is better to experience it for herself.Although she is a woman and cannot fight Cui Zhen with real hillstone hemp cbd gummies purekana premium cbd gummies near me swords and guns, she can make Cui Zhen suffer even more., let Cui Zhen die too cheap for him, let him lose everything, healthiest cbd gummies free trial everything from relatives, titles, and meritorious deeds.It s a pity, if she is given more time, she will definitely be able to do it.First kill Huaiyuan Hou s family, then frame Cui Zhen for rebellion, and implicate the entire Cui family.The court that served him beheaded him.This kind of revenge is the most perfect, she is in hell, Cui Zhen should not even try to escape, just come and accompany her.Mrs.Zhang thought of Uncle Luo, who was not only her favorite, but also her benefactor.It was thanks to Uncle Luo that he rescued her from bandits when she purekana premium cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for dogs was traveling.Zou Xiang s eyes turned red immediately, and he looked at Cui Zhen stubbornly She said the same thing before my mother passed away, she said she was tired and would be fine after a nap, but she never woke up again.Cui Zhen knew Zou Xiang is talking about Zou Lin.I won t, Cui Zhen looked at Zou Xiang seriously and said, I purekana premium cbd gummies near me will live, and I still want to teach you the Cui family s marksmanship and teach you how to ride and shoot There are still many things to do.You don t Deceived Not deceitful.Hearing this, Zou Xiang finally couldn t help it, tears welled up in an instant, but he immediately covered it with his sleeve.Cui Zhen moved his purekana premium cbd gummies near me body with difficulty, trying to comfort Zou Xiang, but after all he was exhausted, he patted the bed and said, Brother Xiang, lie down, I ll talk to you Zou Xiang hesitated for a moment, or Carefully climbed onto the bed and lay beside Cui Zhen.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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