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The cold wind outside the window was blowing a little too hard, and it made the back of my neck a little chilly.I shrank my head involuntarily and looked around, only to find that Qin Zheng and I were the only ones left at the table in the huge coffee shop.It came in from the window, and the coffee shop was a bit deserted, and it made people shudder.Then I was raped that night, why didn t you come in and save me She said softly, her tone trembling, she didn t know if she was frightened by the deserted coffee shop, or by what she learned tonight.If you hadn t called the police, we wouldn t have noticed anything unusual that night.When he said this, his expression was extremely serious, and his original dandyism was completely wiped out.For a moment, I didn t know what to say.Just when I thought the scene was going to be silent again, Qin Zheng stood up and opened the mouth while packing the materials he brought.Nose and sakura like lip color.The corners of his lips are quite perfect, and he seems to be smiling at all times.This kind of smile seems to allow the sun to suddenly push away the darkness from the clouds, and shine in at once, gentle and calm.But his smile was in sharp contrast to the cold and unruly gaze in his eyes.With such an appearance and expression, at first glance, people think that he is too sharp, with a kind of sharpness and sharpness that has been in the world for a long time.Even if the man in front of me turns into ashes, I can still recognize him I received a text message before telling purekana cbd gummies benefits me not to throw away my wedding dress, and the figure I saw should be his.And he is the weird bridegroom officer who came to worship with me in the dream But at this moment, except for his face turning pale from the night light, how can he have such a weird appearance in the dream Until he came up to me, pinched my chin, raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and said something to me.Where did you get this jade what do cbd gummies help with pendant If I m not mistaken, the man in front of me should be the one who raped me.Didn t he give me this cbd gummies on plane purekana cbd gummies benefits jade pendant I just wanted to ask, but I was so frightened by the cold aura emanating from him that I shut my mouth.I didn t know how to speak for a while.Just when I was so frightened that I broke out in a cold sweat, he suddenly smiled.There was an evil aura emanating from the surroundings, but the smile on his face coupled with his pair of peach blossom eyes was like returning home with a spring breeze in June.It seems that you don t know.After saying this, he lowered his eyes and squeezed the brocade bag tightly, as if he wanted to open it, but felt that it was not the time, so he snorted lightly and stuffed the jade pendant and the brocade bag It returned to my hand, then stroked my hair very gently, and spoke purekana cbd gummies benefits softly.Unexpectedly, the landlady s old lady suddenly smiled, which was called an amicable smile, purekana cbd gummies benefits is cbd gummies good for sex and asked me to take out the kit, while saying it with a bit of casualness.Steal something that shouldn t be stolen and open it.He deserves to die.It means that the thief is not my scapegoat, and the old landlady didn t want to kill me in the first place It was his greed that opened the kit, and that s why he died As if she saw my pale face and was too frightened to speak, the landlady handed the kit back to my hand, and patted it very gently.If you don t take the initiative to open the kit, nothing will happen.When the time comes, he will open it by himself.There was a bit of concern and coercion in her tone, which made it difficult for me to tell whether she was trying to harm me or whether she wanted to hurt me.Her comparison was really appropriate.With such a word, Qingjingzi knew that she would probably be pissed off.After exchanging a few words with Su Xiu, she left.Before leaving, Qian Dinglingwan told me that best cbd gummies for anxiety and anger if there is anything, I must purekana cbd gummies benefits remember to contact her.I nodded to her and silently said thank you.My heart is full of gratitude to her.The moonlight came in from the window, and I suddenly missed the night when Junli appeared.His figure shrouded in moonlight seemed to have been embedded in the depths of my memory long ago.Walking forward, he wanted to close the curtains, but subconsciously looked at the backyard full of coffins.If I didn t know what these coffins were kept here for before, two words popped out of my mind now.Raising corpses Before I left, these coffins were just ordinary coffins, but now when I look down, I can only see a piece of gray, and in this gray, I can vaguely see coffins that are extremely black.Sure enough, seeing that I didn t respond, he added a sentence in the next second.I m afraid there will be no living people here in a while.Compared to such a domineering and direct Gu Yicheng, I would rather he was playing tricks on me behind my back like before, and plotting against me.After all, the choice he gave me was not a choice at all, but coercion The next second, before I could think it through, Qing Jingzi attacked Gu Yicheng directly, while turning back to let Suxiu take me away I can t see that the old man who is usually cold and doesn t talk to me will come forward at this time.But what Gu Yicheng said just now didn t look like a joke at all.He didn t have any worries at all, he just wanted to, take, me, go.Su Xiu s whole body was extremely stiff, as if she was struggling, she wanted to take me away, but she didn t want to leave his master here alone.I don t know the relationship between Gu Yicheng and the Xiao family, but even a fool can know it.If I was really taken away by Gu Yicheng, I m afraid there will be no scum left in the end.The moment Gu Yicheng wanted to take me away, five sounds of Boom, Boom, Boom sounded.At the same time, five black shadows flyed in from the window.Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that someone had thrown them in from the window and the fiveThe corpses were none other than the five female corpses brought by Gu Yicheng who were still arrogant in the backyard just now.A slightly teasing but sour voice came from outside the window.Yo, I haven t seen you for a few days, so you can hook up with wild men The man landed steadily in front of the window, and opened his mouth with a fake smile.His eyes seemed to have frozen into ice, and he stared fixedly at Gu Yicheng.Just when I thought Junli would ask me who I was calling, he just glanced at me and walked past me to sit on the sofa.Seeing this, I quickly ran over and sat down beside him, looking at Junli with a smile.You didn t go out today Junli nodded, took a newspaper and put it in his hand, just about to spread it out to read, but I slapped it down.Aren t you going to ask me how I was framed Before I went to the scene with Suxiu, I called Junli and told me that I was going.He was very worried about me at that time, but When I heard that I wanted to go by myself, my tone was still a little displeased.So that in the end he saw that I was injured and took the lead for me, but he didn t mention it at all.Junli looked up at me and said.If I don t ask, you will definitely take the initiative to tell me.When I heard it, I felt as if ten thousand muddy horses were galloping past He really ate me to death, his personality was so clear that I thought he was mad at me because I didn t let him interfere before He was so angry that I was speechless, I moved my butt, trying to stay away from him, but he pulled me into his arms and put my chin on my head.One is for me to throw the jade pendant into the lake.One, let me strangle the child.But these three are impossible for me to do I have to say, Gu Yicheng is really ruthless, he can t be tough, but he can be soft.I don t know where he got such a ghost, so I have no way to start.Time passed by, and his face became paler and paler due to excessive blood loss, so pale that even a trace of blood between his lips seemed to be invisible.The child s voice, the voice in my heart kept filling my mind, I just felt that my brain was about to burst, if I hadn t gritted my teeth fiercely, I might have died here in the next second.I was very flustered and scared.The right eyelid is constantly flickering, and my breathing is getting tighter and tighter, as if in the next second, my anger will be stuck in my throat.Aren t you going to open it in front of me As soon as her voice fell, I felt a little embarrassed for a moment.The way I took the package was so stiff that I could feel something was wrong, let alone Suzhou embroidery Taking a deep breath from the bottom of her heart, she smiled at Su Xiu and told a lie that she didn t even believe.Only then did I escape from Su Xiu s questioning gaze and return to the room.Locking the door, my heart was beating fast, and I felt that I was almost unable to breathe due to the tension.The text message was sent to me by the landlady s old lady.And the things in this package were naturally given to me by her, but I was a little afraid to open it Chapter 39 The text message sent to me by the landlady s old lady is very simple, telling me that she has something to give me, It has been placed at the door of Junli s house, and I was told to be careful, the contents of the package cannot be seen by anyone.I wanted to go along with what he said, but I was afraid of being exposed, my face was still tense, only I knew how much I longed for it at this moment.But how could Gu Yicheng be so easily fooled Seeing that I didn t react much, he didn t even speak Just looking at me with a half smile but not a smile, I looked at his face and wished I could should i try cbd gummies slap him directly on the face.make you laugh Sure enough, Gu Yicheng suddenly said something, since you don t want to know, then I d better not say it.I breathed a sigh of relief, and I was bet on my chest, knowing that if I don t ask this time, I will talk about it next time, but I don t know when it will be.I want to know, tell me.As soon as I finished purekana cbd gummies benefits speaking, the smile in Gu Yicheng s eyes grew stronger.But I don t want to talk about it now.I was so angry in my heart Angry at myself for being too small, angry at the fact that the people around me are all scheming, angry at being tricked and applauded, but unable to fight back.Before I could react, I felt a blackness in front of my eyes and a sense of falling.When I opened my eyes again, I felt like I was in a In the cellar, the surroundings are still cbd gummies healthy certified products pitch black, but the smell in the air is no longer the vision of the third floor.In the ear, the sound of dripping water can be heard from time to time.In a flash from the corner of the eye, a candle was lit in Junli s hand, holding me with one hand, and walking forward with the other.Only then did I see the whole picture of my surroundings.Junli and I actually entered the ground Judging by Junli s appearance, it seems that he already knew that my blood can open the formation eyes Before I could react, Junli suddenly asked me.Do you see that silver eyed man just now looks like me I nodded and said, they were exactly the same.From a long distance, I could feel Gu Yicheng s intense eyes constantly watching me.If eyes could kill, I would probably have been killed by him hundreds of times.I was pressed on the dressing table by the black shadow, and I was very scared, but not purekana cbd gummies benefits scared.What I m afraid of is that Junli will not have time to save me.What is not afraid is that I believe that Junli will definitely come to purekana cbd gummies benefits save me.In the purekana cbd gummies benefits blink of an eye, my face was painted pale, like a female ghost, and a phoenix crown was put on my head.I cooperated with everything, just when the black shadow wanted to take off my clothes and put on a wedding dress for me.When I was undressing, I suddenly opened my eyes and smiled at them.I ll make the clothes myself.Chapter 46 Want to die As soon as the words fell, the shadows let go of their hands, put the wedding dress into my hands, and pointed to the curtain beside me to indicate that I could how long before you feel effects of cbd gummies go in Changed clothes, but still stood motionless and stared at me.Side face, while stroking, while opening.What are you thinking I didn t answer, but he continued.Looking at this occasion, it s really not like you to still have such confidence and confidence.The corner of my mouth slightly tugged, and just as a mocking chuckle came out of my mouth, Gu Yicheng said again.Do you think that at this time, Junli will still show up to save you As soon as I heard him talking about Junli, my breath froze, and the expression in my eyes collapsed a little, but Gu Yicheng saw all of it in the eyes.The sarcasm in Gu Yicheng s eyes became more and more intense, and the strength of his hand holding me became a bit heavier.The moment he turned around and pulled me into the auditorium, a sentence was carried into my ears by the wind.I dare to trick Junli and let him fall into the trick and leave you behind.How stupid.But that look full of self blame and concern, even a fool can t be fooled Walking out of this ear room, what came into view was a great hall.The walls of the great hall were lit with ever burning lamps, illuminating the great hall in a majestic atmosphere.But such a spacious hall is too purekana cbd gummies benefits empty, not to mention the funerary objects, even a coffin can t be seen, which made me a little messy for a while.What is this hall used for But Junli seemed to be walking from house to house, and walked through the hall with ease in his arms.The moment he was about to walk out of the hall, he stopped., tap lightly on the relief on the wall.The sound of rumbling sounded in an instant, and the center of the hall collapsed, and a circle of iron coffins purekana cbd gummies benefits is cbd gummies good for sex emerged from the ground, and a huge mahogany coffin was placed in the center of the coffin.Seeing that the door of death was closed, I breathed a sigh of relief, and I hid in the dark with Junli for a long time, making sure that Gu Yicheng would not turn around, so I walked out of the dark, wanting to He led Junli into the gate of death, but Junli led me in the opposite direction and asked me.Do you want to see the scenery in the tomb When I heard this, I was a little surprised, turned around and asked Junli with an ah.Aren t you going to enter the gate of death Junli replied to me.Someone is acting as a guinea pig to help us find the way, what s the hurry I was amused by Junli s serious and calculating tone, and followed Junli around here for a long time.The longer I stayed in this tomb, the more I marveled at the ingenious workmanship of the people who built this tomb.Many mechanism formations were built very cleverly.I looked at the time, it was five o clock in purekana cbd gummies benefits the morning, I got up from the bed suddenly, cleaned myself up, and wanted to catch the earliest bus and leave here first.But when I opened the door, I was handcuffed with a cold iron bracelet.Please come with us.The policeman s voice sounded from next to my ears, and I was completely blinded.What exactly is going on Chapter 68 Imprisonment It wasn t until I was taken to the police station to make a statement that I was frightened into a cold sweat The owner of the gold shop where I was the ring died yesterday, and when he died, he was holding the gold ring that I pawned in his hand The most important thing is that the cause of death of the owner of the gold shop was that there was poison on the gold ring.The toxin penetrated into the skin and poisoned him to death.Although there was no evidence to prove that the gold ring was poisonous, there was no evidence to prove that the gold ring was not poisonous.It was as if the play had been written in advance.The police answered a phone call, saying that I was the only suspect in this case, and that they could not let me go, and that they had to lock me up in a detention center for a few days until the investigation was clear.Atatai purekana cbd gummies benefits died.But the policeman with the Chinese character face is also a kind person, and he added a sentence at the end to let me not worry too much.When I heard this, I immediately wanted to die.As a ring, can it cause a show I could have left this ghostly place today, but after being disturbed like this, I always have a feeling that I can be stuck here.Fortunately, the police did not search me when they detained me.The moment I came to the door, I breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of my heart.Only I purekana cbd gummies benefits knew how weak my feet were in the short steps from purekana cbd gummies benefits the door to the window.I didn t hear footsteps, so I couldn t be sure if Tang Maru had left, but I was sure that he couldn t have left here so easily.If I m not mistaken, his status in Xuanzhen Sect is definitely not low, and this status is probably won by the blood girl.After all, Gu Yicheng wanted to catch me so much.Apart from him, I was the only one clearest.It would be fatal for him if the blood girl wants to break the contract with him, not to mention that the blood girl is hidden in the amber, which can be regarded as temporarily blocking the connection between him and the blood girl, and there is no way to find her It would be really strange if he could leave so easily.As a character, I was sleeping on the bed and was picked up by the blood girl.After asking and asking, he didn t get a positive answer.He took out a contract from his pocket with a gloomy face.I recognized this contract.I signed it with him when I was renting the house.When he took out the contract, he He also returned the 3,000 yuan I gave him earlier, saying that this house is not suitable for me to live in, and asked me to move out in a few days.Confusion flashed across my face, but I was so happy in my heart He almost jumped up from the stool The sub acre group carried it.In an instant, I felt that Tang Maru, a scumbag, was pleasing to the purekana cbd gummies benefits is cbd gummies good for sex eye a lot Seeing the confusion on my face, Tang Maru frowned and asked me.Haunted house, don t you want to move If it wasn t for me last time, you would have died at the hands of that female ghost When I heard this, I couldn t stop laughing at Tang Maru from the bottom of my heart.Go to my address.On the way there, the blood girl still worriedly asked me several times whether it would be unsafe to go to the Xuannv Palace, but I confidently shrugged it off.It wasn t until I got to the address that Master gave me, looking at the half basketball court yard and the towering gate, that I flinched in fear and muttered at the corner of my mouth.Who is the person Master purekana cbd gummies benefits asked me to find, who is so rich The reason why I was afraid was that Liao Cuilian tricked me more than once or twice.It s a little hard for me to get used to.Taking a deep breath secretly, he walked to the door and was about to knock, but the moment he got close to the door, the two meter high door opened automatically Yabian Youhuai.I stood there in a daze for a moment, and just about to lift my foot to take two steps forward, I heard the sound of guzheng playing from the yard.Looking at Xiao Jue s murderous look, I was so scared that my legs went limp.He he must have recognized me, right But in the next second, Xiao Jue shifted his gaze from me to Yun Jing, and asked him what he was thinking Yun Jing directly ignored Xiao Jue s question.He waved to me and let me sit beside him.I bite the bullet, walked towards him, chose a seat that is closer to Yunjing and farthest from Xiao Jue and sat down, but I was suddenly shivered by the murderous aura of Xiao Jue.Seeing Yun Jing, he turned his eyes to Xiao Jue and said.It just cbd gummies 750mg s not like you to reveal your emotions at every turn.When Xiao Jue heard this, his face froze immediately, and the next second he put away his murderous aura.But when I heard these words, I was very surprised.This Yunjing is just the lord of purekana cbd gummies benefits a palace under Gu Yicheng s subordinates.When he said this, my eyes were fixed on Junli, but when Junli heard that Yunjing wanted me to go back, his face remained expressionless, making it impossible to see what he was thinking.I have already entered this village, and I don t know if there will be any changes as I thought in my heart, but I always have a feeling in my heart that after entering this village, it is too late to leave.It s no wonder that the master who has been ignoring me and throwing me out for free will take the initiative to send me text messages, telling me to be careful.I smiled awkwardly, told Yun Jing that it was all right, told him not to worry about me, then pushed away his holding my hand, held the whisk tightly in my hand, and walked forward.After walking a few steps, I always felt that Junli s gaze was fixed on the whisk in my hand, his eyes seemed to be able to penetrate the whisk and see what was inside the whisk, which made me more and more afraid as I walked.With Mr.Junli here, we ll just follow behind him.They were all trembling, and their teeth were clenched together tightly.If they hadn t been enduring it all the time, they would cbd gummies near me uk 750mg cbd gummies effects probably have been ringing non stop Yun Jing s flattery is really good enough, in his family, his subordinates all call him Master Yun Jing, and in front of Jun Li, they directly add the title of Master to Jun Li.But it s okay, he is Gu Yicheng s subordinate, the lord of one of the three palaces I saw that he was neither cold nor indifferent towards Gu Yicheng, only short of cynicism Junli glanced at me with a half smile, his stern look made people unable to figure out what he was thinking in his heart, he just ignored Yunjing s super cbd gummies 300 mg for ed dog legged appearance, and walked up to the hall on the second floor.The first floor is so resplendent, but the second floor is in great contrast with it.You are not worthy to die by my sword.As soon as the words fell, the strings under my hands fluctuated again, but at this moment, I was slapped hard by Yunjing, and I woke up from the illusion.I looked around, wanting to listen to the killing intent, but moving At the time of the strings, the sound cbd gummies on plane purekana cbd gummies benefits could no longer be heard, and the two people inside the tulle were still talking, but Yun Jing asked me what was wrong, the pupils of my eyes started to slacken just now When I heard that my pupils were dilated, I was taken aback and asked Yunjing what happened to me just now He pulled up my right hand, and when he saw the black line on my wrist, his eyes tightened, but he didn t say anything.Instead, he pressed his fingers on my wrist, and then asked me.Did you fall into a hallucination just now I knew I couldn t hide it, so I nodded.Being watched, I took the evil book out of my stomach.The moment I saw the evil book, I breathed a sigh of relief.I don t know what kind of material this evil book is made of.It stayed in the water with me for so long, and nothing happened.I read all the information about corpse flavored konjac in the evil book.The introduction is quite detailed, and there is not much difference from what I remember, but the way to deal with it is only written in four words.Can only outsmart.No matter the rhizome or the petals of corpse flavored konjac, it is tough and indestructible.Whether you chop it with a knife or burn it with fire, you may not be able to leave any traces on its body, even if you take amulets For any effect, unless you can summon the thunder from the sky, use Thunderclap.Seeing this, I was really hehe in my heart, I can t even draw the yellow talisman clearly, and I still call Tianlei Unless Junli is by my side and he calls down a thunderbolt, that s pretty much the case.His eyes were bigger than hers In disbelief, I took out the counterfeit phone that I bought for hundreds of dollars from my pocket, and wanted to turn on the camera to see the changes on my face, but found that this counterfeit phone was not as durable as Nokia, and you get what you pay for.I ve been soaked in water for a long time and can t turn on the machine, but my facial features are shown on the dark screen.When I saw my face, I almost burst into foul language.I really wanted to ask Master, where is Zhang Chunxia s iconic big mole What about the two plateau reds How did the medicine lose its effect so quickly It is said that it can last for a month My heart was galloping, my whole body trembling with fright, my face pale, the moment my thoughts came back, I suddenly wanted to find my backpack, but I found it The backpack I brought was gone I can t find my backpack, and my face has recovered.her hands.Wait.Chapter 101, Xiao Jue, you are so embarrassed.As soon as the voice fell, the bloody girl said ah , and turned to look at me.In front of our eyes, but just swept in front of our eyes.It stopped on the corpses in front of us, and then suddenly rolled up, rolling up all the corpses on the ground.At this moment, the earth s crust suddenly shook violently, and I was surprised to find that a huge corpse fragrant konjac rose from the ground among the flowers.This corpse fragrant konjac was not only scary in size, but even its bright red appearance It is also quite bloodthirsty, for fear that others will not know that it is a carnivore.Its bright red petals are not only dripping with blood, but also have obvious corpse spots on the petals A stench instantly hits the nostrils, making me sick again and again , If I hadn t eaten anything for so long after going to the grave.I was so frightened that I pushed her away, and ran into the darkness for a long time, until I was far away from the bright light, and then I stopped and green roads cbd gummies groupon turned back.The moment I turned around, her figure was still standing in front of the white light, and that face full of maggots kept smiling at me.The surroundings were pitch black, except for the wall, or the wall.I had nowhere to escape.I was trembling with fear, but there was a sudden sound.It was Junli s voice just now, which brought me back to my senses.I said three times in my heart.I asked Junli to save me, but the moment I meditated on his name, I suddenly felt a tingling pain in the hand held by this woman.I just lowered my head, and then purekana cbd gummies benefits Guangguang looked at my arm , but suddenly discovered that one of my arms was covered with maggots My scalp was numb with nausea, and tears spewed out instantly.Xiao Xiao, my memory has begun to recover.When he said this, Jun Li s expression changed instantly, becoming very serious.Chapter purekana cbd gummies benefits 107 I dreamed of a disaster face, my face trembled for a moment, and I said ah , but in the next second, I carefully moved my hand that was put aside to find clothes, Junli looked at me, and there was nothing but the eyes Shining a monster like smile.But I didn t stop it, until I put on all my clothes, then I breathed a sigh of relief, turned my gaze to Junli and asked him what he meant.His breath suddenly changed, he said it was nothing, he just recovered some bad memories, and he was a little afraid of losing me.But no matter when I asked him what kind of memory cbd gummies near me uk 750mg cbd gummies effects he recovered, Junli would not tell me, but the fear in his eyes was real, and I couldn t help but turn my purekana cbd gummies benefits face pale with fright.Don tdon t kill me.My complexion has returned to calm, and I walked cbd gummies on plane purekana cbd gummies benefits towards Tang Maru step by step with no expression on my face, and asked him softly.When you killed Jiaojiao, did you think about such a day In one sentence, he choked up at once, but in the next second, he kept repeating words like his love for Jiaojiao.He killed her cbd gummies on plane purekana cbd gummies benefits because he loved her, and said that the snake girl seduced him.She doesn t love the snake girl at all, and the words she speaks are as bad as they are, and she can push as much responsibility as she can.When I heard such purekana cbd gummies benefits shameless remarks, I immediately stuffed the crystal ball in my hand into his mouth angrily.Don t use love to kidnap Jiaojiao, you are not worthy.Just as the words finished, she said again.Now you should beg the snake girl who loves you to let you live.Speaking of this, she also specially emphasized that the reason why the people she brought hit the people in Xuanzhen Sect so hard was because they did not regret their deaths.Joining the test of Xuanzhen Sect is to kill people, and she Didn t kill, so didn t get the token at the time.She also proudly told me that she killed the people in Xuanzhen Sect.It is still a disguised form to eliminate harm for the people and accumulate yin virtue.After that, when she entered the tomb of Fuyan, she was stalked in secret until she reached the main tomb.And the person who just appeared in the main tomb was Chen Yanjin who she abused just now.How could she beat Chen Yanjin at that time It would be nice not to be killed by Chen Yanjin, so in the main tomb, Zhao how many cbd gummies to help sleep Yiyun fled.But just after Zhao purekana cbd gummies benefits Yiyun fled back to the Taoist temple, he found that his master Yangshou had come to an end, and he had been saving his life in a way against the sky, waiting for Zhao Yiyun to come back, and wanted to see her for the last time.When I heard about Junli and another woman, I couldn t help but gradually turn pale.But at this moment, He purekana cbd gummies benefits cbd indica gummies Yunjing fell into memory, as if he had forgotten that there was me wholesale white label cbd gummies beside him.He also said cbd gummies candy that Junli and Huoyan fell in love, shocked the world, and were ridiculed by everyone in the world.But in the end, Junli still bears the misfortune.I couldn t help trembling when I heard it, and asked.Why Yun Jing shook his head, but did not directly say the reason, but instead sank his thoughts into his memories again.He asked me, Chunxia, do you know the pictures of beauties I nodded and said yes.But the hand holding Fuchen in his hand was a little tighter.Not only do I know, but I also have a scroll in my hand.But Yun Jing told me that there used to be rumors in the market that those who get a picture of a beautiful woman will wait for the world.It was not until we left the dormitory that Qin Zheng said something to me.That woman is scary.I nodded and said yes.If she hadn t looked completely super cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies near me uk different from the madam who died in this old dormitory building, I would really associate her with the ghost of the deceased.Throughout the night, Qin Zheng and I walked through the three murder scenes, all of which were the same as the first scene, with bloody palm prints all over the room, and the smell of dead fish, there was nothing weird about it.But the moment Qin Zheng and I walked out of the third murder scene, there was another sound of step, step, step footsteps.Before Qin Zheng and I could react, the woman in the green cheongsam suddenly appeared in our line of sight.She came in the direction of Qin Zheng and me.The smile on her face is no longer as weird as before, but bloodthirsty, sinister, and resentful.She also said that she put Yirong s medicine on the stone tablet at the entrance of Wuming Village, and put Zhang Chunxia s clothes there too.At the end, he also said something to me, go ahead and do what you want to do.Although I had very little communication with Master, and even the number of times I met her did not exceed five times, she seemed to be able to read my mind and guessed what I wanted to do.Recovering memories, collecting pictures of beauties, and solving all the conspiracies of the previous life, this is rebirth from the cocoon, right After taking the Yirong medicine and changing my clothes, I touched my clothes pocket to confirm that there was money and Zhang Chunxia s mobile phone card.I was relieved.After backing up the numbers in the mobile phone, I just wanted to change the mobile card.Chunxia.Remember to come and play with me when you have time.I smiled at him, but didn t respond.It s just that I didn t expect that the fight hadn t started yet, and it would break up so soon But Bi Se, Old Shen, and Gu Yicheng had all left, but Yun Jing hadn t left yet, continuing to fiddle with the tea set in his hand.Xiao Jue, who was sitting by the side, purekana cbd gummies benefits stood up several times, but sat back again.I could clearly see from Xiao Jue s hesitant eyes that he didn t want to leave, but wanted to talk to Yun Jing.It wasn t until Yunjing poured the last cup of tea in the tea set, turned his eyes to Xiao Jue, and smiled at him with a half hearted smile, that Xiao Jue stepped forward, sat on our table, and said to Yunjing One sentence.I saw the face of disaster.As soon purekana cbd gummies benefits as the words were finished, Yun Jing s eyes trembled suddenly, as if he didn t expect Xiao Jue to say this to him, and there was no more.It wasn t until everyone left that Yun Jing got up and took me cbd gummies near me uk downstairs together.On the way to send me back, Yunjing didn t say a word, I still asked Yunjing, who is that Bise, and why Gu Yicheng s previous reaction seemed to be that he didn t recognize Bise, until Bise s eyes flashed Gu Yicheng recognized her when a green light blew up the table After the words fell, Yun Jing walked out of his thoughts, looked up at me, and smiled reluctantly.Because she can transform into thousands of faces, and her face is different every time she appears.No one has ever seen her real appearance.At first, everyone called her a thousand faces, until everyone discovered that her face can be bewitching.It s a face, but different people see different sides when they see it.And once she cbd gummies cbdfx bursts out with her own power, her eyes will turn green.A dragon and a phoenix among people, but compared with the status of a big shot in the underworld, it is still a world of difference.I didn t say a word after hearing this, but I knew in my heart that the person who appeared today was definitely Junli, and it was impossible for him to make a mistake, and the reason why Junli appeared in disguise, could it be because his identity was too powerful and no one knew about it A bad premonition rose from my heart, and for some reason, I actually asked Yun Jing a question.Didn t you tell me last time that Junli went to Changbai Mountain But it s not that Junli has no memory, how does he know that there is a demon in Changbai Mountain This sentence just finished.Yunjing glanced at me like an idiot and said with a smile.Junli s memory was sealed by himself.Is there purekana cbd gummies benefits is cbd gummies good for sex still life in hand But Feng Shitian looks exactly like my fourteen or fifteen year old face.From the way Bise hates her so much, I always feel that Feng Shitian is the face of misfortune But what I don t understand is, Feng Shitian even jumped off the imperial city to purekana cbd gummies benefits is cbd gummies good for sex die for his country.How did she become the face of misfortune of And if Feng Shitian is Huo Yan, then Feng Jiu is also Bi Se, isn t she her own sister But if Bi Se was her own sister, what would happen to Yun Jing The sound of Junli s footsteps going upstairs interrupted my thinking, and a scent wafted into my nose.It turned out that Junli cooked a plate of dumplings for me.Today is the second day of the new year, and the tomb of Fuyan collapsed on the first day of the new year.And when Junli mentioned the Tomb of Huoyan, not only did it not fluctuate at all, it was as flat as mentioning ordinary people, which made me confused.Yunjing cut off the last hope of the two of them to be honest with each other.After Feng Shitian saw Yun Jing that night, Yun Jing directly told Feng Shitian all the grievances and grievances of the previous generation, and even cruelly said that the perfect father in Feng Shitian s heart was worthless.The feud between Feng Shitian, Feng Jiu, and Yun Jing officially began that night.Are they wrong No one is wrong What was wrong was that they redoubled the grievances and grievances best cbd gummies for joint pain and inflammation of the previous generation on them, which eventually led to tragedy.Yun Jing kept using hexagrams to confuse the king s heart, helping Feng Jiu to gain the favor, making cbd gummies on plane purekana cbd gummies benefits the purekana cbd gummies benefits emperor and queen who were already guilty of Feng Jiu feel even more guilty, and even directly named Feng Jiu the eldest princess of Changle.Brother in law, it s just this kid who super cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies near me uk spoiled my good deed just now and beat me fifty six lashes.Before he finished speaking, the big man s hand pointed hard at Feng Shitian redeem cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies benefits s body.Compared with these officers and soldiers.Feng Shitian s side seemed to be a bit weak, besides himself, there was only one follower left, but there were as many as twenty or thirty officers and soldiers Take it away The man with the appearance of a petty official opened his mouth, super cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies near me uk and the surrounding officers and soldiers rushed forward in an instant, surrounding Feng Shitian, the little boy and the old woman.Children will cry and complain when they are being bullied.Unexpectedly, when Feng Shitian saw this scene, not only was he not afraid, he even sarcastically said something.Don t do it yet Seeing Feng Shitian s arrogance, Xu Shi felt a little anxious for a while, and waved his hand to let the group of officers and soldiers rush up.Sighing, I went back to the room to find a blanket, and walked up to Junli.Just as he was about to cover him, he opened his eyes.In the next second, Junli hugged me fiercely and hugged me very tightly, so tightly that his whole face was sunk directly into my shoulder.Where did you go today Why did you ignore me when I knocked on the door I stared at Junli like this.With staring eyes, I don t know what to say, I want to break away from Junli s embrace, but his hug is tighter, as if something hit my heart hard, broke into my heart again I can t get out either.I didn t go anywhere.I didn t hear you purekana cbd gummies benefits knock on the door when I fell asleep.Can t you climb the window As soon as I finished saying this, I was a little embarrassed.I actually asked Mr.Tangtang to climb the window I thought Junli was going to get angry with me, but as soon as I finished speaking, his face went dark and he cost of cbd gummies uk didn t say anything.There was a hint of ambiguity, asking why do I want the main body My face turned pale immediately after being stared at by him, and I broke free from his arms and ran back to the room.He didn t stop 1150 mg cbd gummies me, but walked into the kitchen to help me make breakfast.When I went upstairs and returned to the room, I just opened the curtains, saw the half open window, and then suddenly remembered the question I asked Junli just now.I felt a little funny.How could Junli not know how to climb the window I climbed the window and saw that I was asleep, so I went back to the living room and fell asleep cbd gummies on plane purekana cbd gummies benefits on the sofa The more Junli treats me like this, the more painful it is in my heart.I always feel that the truth is right in front of my eyes, but I haven t seen it through myself.When we went downstairs, Junli had already prepared the food.It was a text message.I just picked up the phone and found that the sender was actually Xiao Jue Is redeem cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies benefits this God helping me too When I wanted to get a picture of a beauty so much, he delivered it to the door himself Who sent you the text message Junli, who was standing next to me, naturally also heard the voice of the text message.I almost said Xiao Jue s name.I don t know if it was because of Master s words, or Yun Jing, I She actually chose to tell Junli that there is no one.Xiao Xiao, have you noticed that you have been guarding against me these days The moment Jun Li spoke and raised his eyes, those Haojie eyes were like the brightest stars in the night, bright and charming.I was a little guilty by his gaze, and I quickly shook my head Wherehow can there be Junli didn t say anything, and the moment he turned around and went upstairs, I felt a sense of obvious disappointment from him.Wonderful I brought everything together before going out, but I put the two volumes of pictures of beauties under my pillow.After all, the fused pictures of beauties are like dead objects and are useless at all.If I go to Xiao Jue and he gives me What kind of trap did you set up just to get my beauty picture The moment the door was closed, I still couldn t help looking cbd gummies near me uk 750mg cbd gummies effects back, and softly said sorry to Junli.I m sorry I can t tell him everything before he confesses to me completely.But I just came out of Junli s house, looking at the extremely dark street lights around me, my right eyelid always twitched a little fiercely, left for good luck and right for evil, left eyelid twitched for luck, right eyelid twitched for evil, I couldn t help but my heart was suddenly clouded.I had a bad premonition I walked plus cbd calm gummies out of the community and typed, I quickly took out a pen from my pocket, and carefully rehearsed the stems and branches of the time in my hand, set the sun shield, arranged the land, the sky, the nine palaces, Eight Gates, Nine Stars, and Nine Gods, directly set up a game to cut off my life tonight Xu Shi saw me writing and drawing on my hand with a pen at night.On the next day, he brought Feng Shitian to her door.Those who can enter the palace as maids must be from poor families who cannot afford to support their daughters, so this maid s family is not much better.As she said, there are old people on the top and young people on the bottom.But it is more than purekana cbd gummies benefits a hundred times better.Feng Shitian settled Feng Jiu here, and then took out a piece of gold from his pocket and put it in her hand.The moment he took out the gold, the eyes of everyone sitting in the maidservant s house lit up.But Feng Shitian uttered a sentence to everyone in an instant.If you let me know that my sister is not doing well here, then you just wait, Zhu, the Nine Clans When she said this, bloodthirsty cbd benefits gummies flashed in her eyes, and everyone how long cbd gummy work was scared cbd gummies zero thc to kneel on the ground After kowtowing, she briefly explained a few things before leaving the maidservant s house.The Emperor Chu actually promised Junli and Gu Yicheng that he would marry Rongle to one of them when Princess Rongle was married On the surface, Junli and Gu Yicheng had obviously competed, which made the Chu Emperor very happy, but the moment the two of them left the Chu Palace, they were like brothers, secretly planning how to unify the countries.And their first stop was Chu State.Looking at Gu Yicheng and Junli who have such a good relationship, I always feel very uncomfortable.What happened afterwards that made the two brothers who love each other finally part ways, and even meet like enemies The memories after that are very fragmented, except for playing with Feng Jiu, they spend leisure time in the palace, but at this time, Feng Jiu has become perfunctory towards Feng Shitian on the surface, and secretly has a different heart.He is a demon.The demon that was sealed cbd gummies near me uk 750mg cbd gummies effects on super cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies near me uk Changbai Mountain.A demon so powerful that everyone fears it.The eyes I looked at him were very strange, but very familiar Boom Rumble The thunderclouds in the sky kept rolling, and lightning flashed across the sky from time to time, which set off the scarlet eyes just cbd gummy bears 3000mg even more strangely.I held my breath.If I guessed correctly, this demon probably didn t want to kill me, or But in this illusion, he can t kill me at all And he appeared, either to give me a warning, or to trap me in the illusion forever My face trembled, and I snapped off a branch from the tree beside me, and played a game directly in the grass.When I started the game, I clearly felt a bit of sarcasm from those eyes.In this game I started, I wanted to find out where the gate of life was, to find out where I could leave the illusion, but since these eyes didn t stop me, then he probably didn t want to trap me in this illusion Soon, the situation in front of me was settled by me.I listened to what Zhao Yijun said, xtreme cbd gummies 300mg took out a pen from my pocket, and arranged the stems and branches of the time in my hand.In order to quickly calculate the result, I set eight rounds of Yinshield, and then arranged the land, sky, and nine palaces.Eight Gates, Nine Stars, and Nine Gods, but at the moment I got the whole game up.I was also taken aback for a moment Before going down this tunnel, no matter purekana cbd gummies benefits what game I played, it would turn into blood and bleed, but now nothing happened Could it be that we have already left the boundary of Luofeng Village as we walked this way, so the formations in Luofeng Village can t interfere with my start I quickly asked Zhao Yijun if she had noticed this, she nodded and said yes, and asked me to quickly see what was happening in the bureau.But I just turned my attention to the game I played, but the difference is not good In the game, the house that counts whether we can get out safely is empty, and even the house that transfers to the palace is also empty, so there is no ending.The sound of fighting outside became more and more intense, and Gu Yiyun s mocking voice sounded from time to time I couldn t help but feel a cbd gummies on plane purekana cbd gummies benefits little bit of a difference in my heart.Could it be Junli who found out that I was missing and came in to save me The next second, the coffin board covering my head was suddenly blown away by a force, and it turned out to be the figure of grandma appearing on the coffin.I looked at grandma s pale and blue face with some fear, thinking it was Gu Yiyun arranged for my grandma to fake her corpse by my side and wanted to harm me But grandma reached out and took off the extremely bright red amulet on my dantian, and a hoarse and strange voice like purekana cbd gummies benefits a bellows came into my mind ring Xiao Xiao, let s go, let s go Although the voice was very pale, I could still recognize that it was grandma s voice The moment the talisman on the dantian was taken off, I jumped up from the coffin, only to see the scene where my grandma and Zhao Yijun were confronting each other.The scene of escaping, I couldn t help swallowing, and asked the boss How did the proprietress of that homestay die Did the police break out The sister of the proprietress killed her.After all, the proprietress had no relatives in her family.If she killed her, all the property belonged to her, and the water tank of the homestay was locked, and only the two sisters had the key.What happened later I asked.Later, the boss s sister was taken away by the police, but the blame purekana cbd gummies benefits is that she was taken away by the police, but she suddenly disappeared in the police station on the day she was taken away.Didn t this slap the police in the face But I searched the entire police station and couldn t find the boss s wife s sister, do you know what the police found in the monitoring Although the boss is a potbellied man in his fifties, but When it comes to gossip, they are no worse than the women of the Women s Federation, and their gestures and expressions are decent.One palm.It can be seen how much Yunjing attaches importance to Ling Shun You know, I ve known Yunjing for so long, but I haven t seen him start a game and still recite the formula in the discount cbd gummies song of Yanbo fishing for old people The canopy is wounded, cbd gummies near me uk 750mg cbd gummies effects and catastrophe is imminent.The sky is in life, unable to do what it wants.The sky rushes to death, and the sword shines.When the Tianzhu enters the scenery, it will be safe and prosperous for a long time.When the Tianying enters, it will be resplendent and resplendent.Yun Jing looked at the game in his hands, and told Jun Li the hexagrams in the cbd gummies near me uk 750mg cbd gummies effects game, but Jun Li gave Yun Jing a vicious look, and asked him At this time, do you still have the heart to recite formulas Are you Do you want to stay and fight Ling Shun, or do you want purekana cbd gummies benefits to make his plan come to nothing But I can understand Yun Jing, the hexagram is so thorough, it also redeem cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies benefits represents his seriousness, doesn t it Unexpectedly, Yun Jing, who has always been afraid of Junli, would actually talk back to Junli at this moment, quickly scolded Junli, and at the moment when a cold light appeared in Junli s eyes, he opened his mouth and said The door of HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies benefits injury, the door of life, the door of death, the door of surprise, the door of rest, and the door of Du are not allowed to enter, only the door of Jingmen Jiuan Xiaoji, who opens the door resplendent and resplendent, can go through.Look, I purekana cbd gummies benefits told you that you still need to meet Ling Shun.Shengmen Kongxuangong is approaching Xiumen, you can go out easily, but you will be dragged here by trivial matters around you.From Yunjing s words , I can basically conclude that even if I don t answer Junli, Junli has already made a decision, and when he asked me, he just wanted to hear my opinion.As soon as Yun Jing finished speaking, he was about to push the Shimen open, but was stopped by Jun Li.Wait a little longer.Until the voices from outside gradually faded away and were about to disappear, Jun Li opened the door and walked in the opposite direction from where Xiao Jue and the others disappeared.I asked Junli Xiao Jue is also looking for grandma, why don t you go with them Junli turned his head, glanced at me like an idiot, and asked me Do you really want to be with him The dislike of it is super obvious, and at the same time, we actually went back to the corridor of the eight stone gates before.The earth demon casts his brother.Some are either ghosts or illusions.But if this is really an illusion, wouldn t it be too realistic At the bottom of the poppy bushes, there is a small pool.If I guess correctly, this pool should be a hot spring.Several extremely beautiful women bathed in the water, their clothes were in the same size as shoes, as if they felt our eyes, these women raised their heads and smiled coquettishly at us.The one who laughed was ambiguous, hehehe, it gave me goosebumps no matter how I heard it And Yunjing, obviously the same as me, listened to this laughter, and his face turned pale from disgust On the other hand, Junli didn t even cast a glance at Fang Yaochi, but pulled me forward on his own, as if he wasn t confused by the scene in the sea of flowers at all.Suddenly, there was the sound of dripping water, and there was a crash , and it turned out to be a woman who had just bathed in the fairy pond, and stood up from the fairy pond.This is the first time I have seen him who is very deep in the city, and it is the first time that I have exposed my true thoughts to everyone.It s strange to say that just after Gu Yicheng finished his sentence, Yun Jing, who had been contradicting him, seemed to know something, his face changed instantly, and he said with a smile Isn t it just a broken coffin Who cares about it Yun Jing changed the subject, but Jun Li didn t respond, but Gu Yiyun became anxious, and asked Gu Yicheng Brother, what s the matter today, you don t seem to be meddling in other people s business People, this coffin can t be opened, isn t it all the same to you Obviously, Gu Yiyun really wanted to open this coffin, but so many people present did not allow her to act rashly.Xu knew that in Yunjing, Junli couldn t get help here, so she turned her gaze and raised an eyebrow at Xiao Jue Xiao Jue, don t you want to open the coffin too Let s join hands to open this coffin.Obviously., Jun Li s black belly really controls everything.Sit and watch them praying mantises and catching cicadas, while your own oriole is behind.At this moment, the coffin overflowed with baleful and demonic energy again.When Gu Yicheng saw it, he took out several silver charms from his pocket and threw them all on the coffin as if he didn t want money.Xiao Jue angrily scolded Gu Yicheng directly Are you sick Instead of being angry, Gu Yicheng scolded him fiercely Do you fucking know what s in this coffin Chapter 8 Ling Shun VS Jun Li Xiao Jue heard it, his eyes flashed a bit stern, and he asked Gu Yicheng Then tell me, what is in this mahogany coffin Gu Yicheng didn t speak, Obviously not wanting others to know.What is placed in this mahogany coffin.I also don t want others to open the mahogany coffin.For a moment, I couldn t see clearly who the figure was who.But he has such a strong demonic energy, but let me know that heshould be Ling Shun, right But isn t Ling Shun s coffin in the main tomb, just released from the seal by Gu Yiyun How could it be in this mahogany coffin again I can t help but think too much, the man in front of me has gradually turned into a solid body, but his incomparably bewitching face made me freeze in place in shock.He was wearing a brocade suit with a moon white collar and silver fine pattern background, and a large lotus pattern was faintly visible on the white clothes.A white silk thread tied more than half of the silver white hair high behind his head, and the black eyes under the willow eyebrows were like pools of ink that were too thick to melt.And the most demon like aura exuding from him is not the demonic aura emanating from him, but that face that makes people fascinated by looking at it Silver white hair, slanted and straight eyebrows, slender and full of hidden charms.Although Junli didn t say anything, and he doesn t like to say it, I always feel that he has done a lot of things for me behind the scenes.And these things are being exposed slowly and inadvertently.Until I was about to step out of this door, Ling Shun suddenly called me The face of misfortune.The moment I turned my head, I glanced at Ling Shun, only to see that he smiled very cleanly, without evil spirits, calculations, or demons Zhi, yes, is the smile from the heart.Wait for me.These two words were so light that after I turned around and left here, they didn t leave any fluctuations in my heart.On the contrary, I think Ling Shun is very strange.I don t have any impression of him, let alone have a good impression of him.Why does he act like he knows me very well After leaving Ling Shun s tomb, Jun Li directly took the owner s wife and sisters.Xiao Jue is fine, not too fluctuating, Yun Jing looked at me but smiled ambiguously, so ambiguous that I wanted to turn around and shut myself back in the room In the end, he had to bite the bullet and went downstairs.After greeting Yunjing Xiaojue, he sat downstairs and listened to the three of them discussing the next plan.Grandma was killed by Gu Yiyun.I will definitely avenge this revenge, but after grandma died, she was nailed into the coffin with seven soul shocking nails, sealing her soul, and even controlling her soul.Took her dead body and sealed grandma s spirit inside her body.I want to avenge this revenge The three of them were discussing countermeasures, except for Yunjing, Xiao Jue was the most active one.On the other hand, Junli, who was sitting silently at the side, would only add a sentence when Yunjing and Xiao Jue were chatting deeply.So much so that when I went out, I felt that Junli s gaze was always following my head.It s not that I don t believe in Junli, and it s not that I don t believe in Yunjing so I hide it from them, but I suddenly have a sixth sense that there is something about Xiao Jue in that letter.Best not to let them know.Before going out, I brought a stack of yellow talismans for self defense, but the place where Xiao Jue invited me was his house.I have been calling Uncle Xiao Jue for more than ten or twenty years.Although I didn t live in his house or use a penny of his money when I came to Kunming to study, I always lived outside and worked to support myself.After the accident, he still stayed at Xiao Jue s house for a while.at this time.It has been more than half a year since my accident.Looking at this long lost but very familiar uncle s house, an inexplicable feeling came purekana cbd gummies benefits is cbd gummies good for sex to my heart.This seems to be the first time I ve taken the initiative to lie on Junli s bed, right Junli glanced at me indifferently, did not speak, but at the moment when I was completely submerged in bed, he hugged me fiercely, and whispered to me next to my ear Thank you.Listen, looked up at him differently, cbd gummies by mayim and asked him Thank you Like a child.I didn t speak, but looked at Junli quietly, I really wanted to ask him what he and Ling Shun said, but I was afraid that if I asked, if Junli didn t tell me, how embarrassing would that be Xu saw something in my eyes, and Junli asked me What do you want to know This sentence undoubtedly gave me enough courage, so I asked Junli You can tell me, in the last life, the last life is the same as the last one.In the first life, what exactly happened to create the endgame in this world Junli didn t rush to answer, but asked me, do you remember that in his last life, when he was the purekana cbd gummies benefits is cbd gummies good for sex king of the Yan Kingdom, I planned it behind his back many things I nodded and said, Although I don t remember anything, I still know a little bit.Chain Bridge And the positions where the eight chain bridges are facing each other are on the eight stone walls with iron chains on them Then, the sound of iron chains falling bursts rang from our ears.Chapter 248 Yunjing You fell into the mud I saw that the iron chains on the stone walls in front of me fell to the ground involuntarily, and some of them sank deep into the mud.But at this moment, Yun Jing said lightly There were originally eight sets of coffins hanging on the eight iron chain bridges, and these eight sets of coffins were used to form a yin and yang eight coffin array.Once someone touched the eight sets of coffins One of them.The rest of the coffins will be used to defraud the tomb robbers.However, the people who set up the formation are too poorly skilled to seal the cave, allowing rainwater and sand to come in, and it will be destroyed abruptly.The voice suddenly appeared in front of everyone s eyes, but Yun Jing suddenly rushed towards Gu Yiyun s back, while rushing, he also yelled at Junli and me Go I purekana cbd gummies benefits didn t respond immediately Come here, and Jun Li looked at Yun Jing s actions, and there was a layer of doubt in his eyes, but Yun Jing was close to Gu Yiyun s side, and the group of skeletons stopped attacking, and they all turned to Yun Jing, as if to Block Yunjing s way Now, I am even more surprised.Could it be that there is something behind Gu Yiyun In an instant, Junli pulled me and jumped towards Yunjing.At this time, Yunjing, because of this series of events, had already been driven away by anger, and his strength was rising steadily.To the extreme, he has a purekana cbd gummies benefits sinister face.I have never seen him except that he was a national teacher in his previous life.I heard it.Quickly asked Who Yun Jing smiled mysteriously and didn t speak to me.But Junli was not disturbed by our interaction at all, but suddenly stood up from the rickety boat, and stepped on the sea surface with a calm expression.Just when I thought Junli s whole foot was going to sink into the water.However, Junli landed on the surface of the sea steadily, without any water stains under his feet, and walked directly on the surface of the sea.Junli I called him in a low voice, but he turned around and smiled at me.His smile was like the warm wind in June, warming my heart.But he walked towards the black dragon step by step, I saw his behavior.Immediately, he was a little worried, but he was shocked.Junli had never read this text message.Could it be that he already knew about it.What the person who stole Xuepo wanted was the dragon super cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies near me uk s gallbladder or.Let s not talk about whether the blood girl plotted against me, but I really can t do it with a living life Why ask for cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank reviews blood.I closed my eyes, put the blood amber back into the hands of the blood girl, told her to wait, then ran out of the candle circle, walked to the side of Junli and Yunjing, and gave them the text message Look.After parents be arrested for giving minor cbd gummies they saw it, they suddenly smiled, and then Yunjing directly took out a fire talisman and gave it to me, and said to me super cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies near me uk Since you already know how to break the formation, why don t you go quickly When I saw him gloating He was so angry that he almost threw the fire talisman directly on his face.Taking a deep breath, I asked in a low voice Is there no other way Unexpectedly, Yun Jing smiled and replied Yes.Then he said But people teach You did this, and you don t do it, isn t it too disrespectful With a breath, I was forced to hold it in my chest, and Yunjing was almost mad at me Xiao Xiao, can you show me your text message At this moment, the blood girl suddenly spoke, with a bit of anticipation in her eyes, a bit of caution, and a vigilance that I couldn t understand The text message It wasn t sent by Gu Yicheng.No matter how powerful the three of us are, we are no match for two fists and four hands.They have already suppressed us in numbers, in Ling Shun s eyes.We estimate that it has long been the turtle in the urn, the thing in the bag.But Junli s appearance added a purekana cbd gummies benefits lot of mystery to the three of us.I don t know why, I thought Ling Shun was quite capable before, but when I saw that he was shocked by Junli s appearance now, I was a little surprised.At this moment, Jun Li took the initiative to attack and asked Ling Shun You have brought so many people here, what are you afraid of Don t you dare to make a move Jun Li Yue said so.The more difficult it is for people to figure out what his trump card is, the more it restricts Ling Shun s actions.Even when I looked at Junli s appearance, I felt that Junli seemed to have a trump card, and he was fully prepared, even the mantis catching the cicada and the oriole behind him.I couldn t help but frowned, and was about to move forward, but best health cbd gummy bears fell into a warm embrace.Stupid.Junli s voice rang out from my ear, the moment he turned his head, he lightly pecked the corner of my mouth, but intentionally didn t kiss it on the lips, and then pulled me out of the forest.Looking at Junli like this, I couldn t help but feel a little puzzled.After all, Junli might not appear if he said it three times before, but this time, how much are pure kana cbd gummies he didn t say it three times, and didn t give Junli any hints, but he appeared on his own initiative.Moreover, Junli is still protecting the villagers It wasn t until Junli pulled me away from the extremely dark forest that I asked Junli, Why are you here Junli looked at me like a fool, twitched the corners of his mouth, and said with a smile You are in danger, can I not come These words purekana cbd gummies benefits are obviously not the answer to the question, and hearing my ears, I always feel a little slick, I can t help but give Junli purekana cbd gummies benefits a blank look, but Junli smiled faintly, and then He said Qingjingzi and Suxiu told me that you chased after that corpse and disappeared.But in In the ancestral house that has never been lived in, it was discovered that someone had killed it long ago, right The villagers bit the bullet and nodded, looking at Junli s eyes, they HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies benefits couldn t help but be in awe.Seeing this, I couldn t help but asked again But this ancestral house has been unoccupied for so long.Why did you still find this place The villagers outside the door, Qiqi gave us a way for us to move forward.A group of five of us purekana cbd gummies benefits walked towards this ancestral house, and only reached the door.Before stepping on the threshold, I felt an extremely cold breath running around.A little carelessness froze my neck Trembling all over Junli turned his head, purekana cbd gummies benefits glanced at me, did not speak, but there was a bit of concern in his eyes, I smiled and shook my head at him.Said it was okay, then adjusted my breathing, and was about to step out and walk towards the ancestral house, but this breath just adjusted But I smelled a smell that seemed to have been rotting for a long time, and it was like a dead fish.Gu Yiyun followed behind, seeming to want to stop the master s soul.What are you waiting for.I don t want the master to act rashly, but the speed of the master s soul is very fast.I don t know if it s because of her too advanced Taoism in life, or because of the ancient times after her death, Junli stepped forward to challenge the master, it seems that he didn t imagine as easy as that.I stood aside to support Xiao Jue who was looking miserable, and Jun Li stepped forward to confront Master and Gu Yiyun.Perhaps it was because he was afraid that Ling Shun would appear suddenly, so when Junli fought with the two of them, he didn t use all his strength, but hid as much as he could, and kept the rules, which can be regarded as a relatively conservative attack method.After a few tricks, Junli could bear it, but Gu Yiyun couldn t.The moment the corpse was hit, the corpse suddenly There was a black scab mark, billowing blue smoke Seeing that the seal was effective, I almost kept making tricks from my hands, hitting her, making tricks Seriously, if I didn t feel sorry for this girl before This corpse is the corpse of my previous life, I really can t bear it, I really know how to use some extreme methods Ji Jieguang died.And just after I used the seal, I kept keeping a distance from the corpse so that she couldn t get close to me, which almost drove her crazy Her face, which was already tightly wrapped in devilish energy, Veins burst out immediately, a pair of extremely black pupils were almost a copy of my master, and the devilish energy overflowing in her gummies cbd 5 pack body seemed to put a layer of armor on her, and it actually gave her the magic seal I threw out.I looked at the top and bottom of this white paper, and found that there was nothing else written on it except the address of Bada Hutong in Beijing.If it were any other place, I would really think that the place written on this piece of white paper might be Ling Shun s old lair But where is the Eight Great Hutongs in Beijing That s a famous brothel Involuntarily, I glanced suspiciously at Junli, and then showed him the white paper in my hand, after that I tidied up Qingjingzi and some relics of Suxiu, and threw it out.After all, Qingjingzi and Suxiu followed me and Junli before.Now that they are dead, it s not good to leave their things at the aunt s house.The mantra purifies the surrounding air.Brother Weitai.But when I was chanting the incantation, Junli looked at the little white paper I gave him and smiled very irritatingly It wasn t until I finished chanting the incantation that I turned to look at Junli, and asked with a slightly blue face.After entering the door, the door was closed heavily, and the sound of the door being locked rang in my ears.Although an old woman over sixty years old wearing a big red cheongsam slit down to her thighs was very strange, even very frightening, but compared with that black shadow, it was nothing.Calling that dark man a black shadow is a nice way to say it, because I really can t think of any words to describe him Anyway, I have seen a lot of storms and waves.I have seen people in the market, but I have never seen a person.From head to toe, whether it is skin, clothing or shoes, they are all dark, as if they have black skin disease.Except for the whites of the eyes, there is no white at all.The place.If it weren t for the little purekana cbd gummies benefits lights on the side of the road, such a person would really be regarded as a ghost if he appeared at night and was seen by others But it was also because it was completely dark that I could see its body clearly, but I couldn t see it clearly for a long time what it looks like.It s only about eleven o clock now, and the streets of Beijing are still very lively.I don t know if the excitement melted my previous nervousness or what.I looked at the dim lights around me, and I felt a little relaxed in my heart.After returning to the hotel with Yunjing and Junli, before I had time to ask, Yunjing opened the door the moment he closed the door, and asked us with a smile, Guess what I saw when I went in With Yunjing s tone, I can guess it with my toes, even if Junli and I don t ask, he will tell us directly.Fortunately, I followed Junli s example and shut my mouth, looking at him indifferently.When he saw our identical expressions, he was upset, but he couldn t help but said I was in the yard just now and saw a woman dressed in black.I saw it too.Yun Jing said As soon as I finished speaking, I answered the sentence, but as soon as I answered, his eyes suddenly showed a bit of surprise, and he asked me You saw it too When did you see it I saw this black shadow After talking to Yun Jing about the matter, Yun Jing nodded belatedly, saying that this woman might have slipped out when he went in and pretended to make a phone call.I can understand.But why did an old man suddenly appear again And it seems that this old man has already penetrated the overall situation, but he has been manipulating it behind his back Thinking of this, I couldn t help asking the boss Then do you know that this old man is a man and a woman, what are the characteristics Have you seen it after your father died The boss shook his head and said he hadn t, but The old man was a woman, and his father didn t make it clear what the characteristics were.An old man, or a woman I really can t figure out who it is.But in the dark, I feel that the weird lamp in Yin er s hand and the picture of the beauty are all obtained from the old man s hands, and it is very likely that Yin er did something with the old man According to the agreement, I got the lamp and the picture of the beauty.Not to be outdone, how do cbd gummies feel Jun Li went straight to meet him, and the two immediately fought together.The movements of the two were very fast, almost in the light of the fire, they passed countless moves, which dazzled everyone sitting here.Xiao Xiao.At this moment, Yun Jing s voice suddenly sounded from my ears.I glanced at him in surprise, but saw him nodded cautiously to me, which meant that the voice was indeed from his mouth.Involuntarily, I whispered back in my heart What s wrong If Gu Yiyun and Bise charge up later, you should find a way to block it and buy me some time.Yunjing s voice came from my mind again The words sounded in the middle, but the words that came out surprised me I couldn t help but think about it, but before Yunjing s words fell, Bise had already moved, and the target was very obvious, which was me standing in front of her Before I could react, Yunjing directly pushed me forward, allowing me to meet Bise head on, but he took several purekana cbd gummies benefits steps back I scolded the eighteen generations of Ling Shun s ancestors from the bottom of my heart.In the beginning, Yin er did a lot of pranks.On the one hand, she wanted to attract their attention, and on the other hand, she couldn t figure out what she could do by turning into a ghost.In the end, Yin er thought of a way, that is, from the beginning of intimidation, even murder to gain prestige, and finally negotiate with the four women living in her yard, Granny Su, Tong Xin and others, let them Help yourself, and HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies benefits now there are prostitutes in Guangde Building, who were terrified, but all became quiet overnight, and even lived in that courtyard for more than ten or twenty years.But this weird behavior can be deceived by others, but not by the father and son of the antique shop.The father and son of the antique shop felt a little strange, so they began to observe the yard and tip off the mysterious old man.I opened the car door and just stepped on the ground when I heard the driver say to Yun Jing It s so strange.I just saw a woman in a red dress lying on the ground.On the ground, I was afraid of bumping into her, so I slammed on the brakes and turned the steering wheel, why is there no one When the driver was talking, his eyes were fixed on the back of the car, I followed his gaze, but It was discovered that not far behind the car, there was a pool of red blood.If you think about it with your toes, you can guess that this pool of red blood cbd gummies near me uk 750mg cbd gummies effects is human blood, and it is quite normal to see human blood on the road.After all, traffic accidents often occur on this kind of mountain road.But the strange thing is that there is no trace of a traffic accident around here, and this pool of blood just fell on the ground for no reason, and it is still spotless.This doubt disappeared in her eyes only in an instant, and she replied to me lightly Okay After that, she followed me towards that road.Walking on the country road, gusts of wind kept whistling beside me, the piercing almost cut my face, and this gust of wind was not only piercing, but also very penetrating, as if it could penetrate directly into the human body.It seemed dark and eerie in my bones, and I couldn t stop shivering several times along the way.There was a lot of mist around, as if it was too cloudy, or like the unique mountain fog in the mountains, making everything around it very hazy.Yin er and I were like this, walking on this road for a long time, and when we were about to reach the side of the mountain where my grandma was buried, there was a sudden commotion in my ears, the sound of commotion Surrounded by madness.I was about to answer, but suddenly remembered something, and asked back She Yin er, I remember you telling me before that you came out to find Granny Su, Tong Xin, and Junli Yunjing.If that s the case, why open my grandma s coffin Yin er seemed I didn t expect that I would ask such a sentence at this moment, I was suddenly taken aback, opened my mouth, but couldn t even utter a sentence.And her appearance, in my eyes, intensified my suspicion of her Although Yin er was a victim from the moment she appeared, she purekana cbd gummies benefits wanted to cooperate with me and seek relief.But what if the person behind the scenes who wants to plot against me and snatch the beauty picture deliberately created such an identity for her to confuse us, what should I do Xu Shi saw that the doubts in my eyes were getting stronger and stronger, and Yin er panicked for a while, and said quickly Didn t I find out that your grandma s grave has been moved, and I am also a little anxious.And she never expected that Junli Yunjing would take a serious look at her hidden ambitions, and the two of them even dug a hole directly and made her jump towards it.Before Xiao Jue died, he had found Junli and Yunjing, told them about his funeral, and told them that in Luofeng Village, he had hidden a volume of pictures of beauties for the two of them to look at and deal with, but he did not take the pictures of beauties.Where to hide, tell them the details.He just left a sentence saying that his mother had already been cremated by him, and let them tell me when the time came.The last sentence didn t sound like a big problem, but when Junli Yunjing saw my grandma s coffin at my home in Luofeng Village, he naturally discovered the problem Why the village became a dead cbd gummies near me uk 750mg cbd gummies effects village, the two of them didn t know why the people in the village disappeared, and they didn t have the patience to investigate.The last sentence didn t sound like a big problem, but when Junli Yunjing saw my grandma s coffin at my home in Luofeng Village, he naturally discovered the problem Why the village became a dead village, the two of them didn t know why the people in the village disappeared, and redeem cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies benefits they didn t have the patience to investigate.But regarding the matter of my grandma s coffin, they will investigate patiently.So, there was the scene where the two of them were playing charades, saying that my grandma s body in the coffin would not be a fake at all.On the surface, the two of them were communicating when they said this, but in fact, they were testing Yin er For no other reason, the two of them rushed to Luofeng Village in a hurry, and didn t let me open the coffin to see my grandma for the last time.Isn t it just telling Yin er quietly, is there something wrong with this coffin It is very likely that the reason why they rushed to Luofeng Village in such a hurry has something to do with this coffin That s why the two of them were sleeping, and Yin er quietly left to dig up my grandma s coffin, but finally couldn t open the coffin, so she took the path back from the direction of the west building.I looked at it with each other, and with cbd gummies on plane purekana cbd gummies benefits a thud in my heart, I quickly grabbed him and walked to a farther trash can.Throw it directly, and don t forget to cover the lid of the trash can.seriously.The chicken was not dead and I threw it away.I couldn t bear it because it was a life anyway.But when I looked at the chicken s gaze on people, I always felt that if I didn t throw it away, it would be me and Yunjing Junli who were unlucky.After doing all this well, I turned around and suddenly realized, why did I come so far If it wasn t for my better memory and the ability to find my way back, I would probably have become Yunlu Chi No.2.When I returned to the hotel, Yunjing Yunjing arranged everything, and took a piece of yellow talisman paper folded into a triangle into my hand, and asked me to take it with me.The moment her words fell, Yun Jing and I turned our heads together, looked at her in surprise, and asked, What s wrong II don t May I ask you two to do me a favor Bi Se s voice sounded again, her voice was a bit dull, it was obvious that her strength had reached purekana cbd gummies benefits its peak, and a few traces of black gas continued to rise from her wound, it seemed Some are like magic.Obviously, the scars on Bise s body were not as easy as she said.Most of what she told us was made up by her, or she just told half of it.What s the matter Yun Jing raised his eyebrows and purekana cbd gummies benefits asked, his tone was very serious, and he deliberately put on a bit of vigilance, for fear that Bi Se would not know.And when he said this, Yun Jing put his hands in the dark and made a habitual movement, rubbing his hands gently in the dark, not knowing what he wanted to do next.Immediately, I breathed a sigh of relief, and returned the little jade bottle to Junli, but Gu Yicheng asked Junli at this moment Do you think the tomb of the Lord is on the other side of this bridge Junli heard , didn t show Gu Yicheng s face, but shook his head very peacefully, and said I don t know.I don t know why, but I also feel a little strange when I look at the picture of the three of them getting along with each other happily.What s even more strange is that when I look at these three people who I used to hate, they are all peaceful now, and I feel a little warm Could it be that people nowadays don t know each other without hitting each other Only after hitting each other can they have real friends I don t know if it s because I looked at the eyes of the three of them, it was strange and too obvious, but at this moment, the three are cbd gummies good for adhd of them looked at me suspiciously, and when I saw this, I quickly lost my smile and asked He said, Wellshall we purekana cbd gummies benefits is cbd gummies good for sex cross the bridge now Junli nodded, then took my hand and walked towards the bridge ahead.You tell me clearly, I can really save you.Seeing Ling Shun like this, I couldn t help being a little anxious, but Ling Shun closed his eyes and didn t speak.But at this moment, Gu Yiyun, who had been standing below him without speaking, spoke anxiously and said to me purekana cbd gummies benefits Xiao Xiao, he doesn t make a deal with you, I make a deal with you, and I tell you that we Who did you see after you came in, what happened, how about taking me and Ling Shun out But just as she finished speaking, Ling Shun opened cbd gummies near me uk 750mg cbd gummies effects his eyes suddenly and scolded her angrily Are you crazy Chapter 362 Ling Shun s Mishap But after being stopped by him, Gu Yiyun actually closed his mouth and stopped talking, but just looked at me with a bit of longing.This is the first time I have seen such a look in her eyes.I glanced at the two of them indifferently, then looked back at Junli and the three of them, and found that their eyes were all on me, with a calm expression on their faces.Tell me.What s going on, how is it After I entered the tomb door, I didn t move.I stopped at a distance of more than ten meters from him, and looked at him indifferently, but He didn t speak, but looked at me indifferently, and after a long time, he slowly said to me Xiao Xiao, have I ever hurt you When he said this.There was a bit of a sigh in the tone, and there was a bit of meaning I couldn t understand.After I heard it, I nodded and wyld raspberry cbd gummies review shook my head again.The tone was a little funny Yes or no, I forgot.This is true Yes, I really can t remember Because no matter what outrageous and unforgivable things Ling Shun did, he never hurt me, and even protected me when he could He looked at me like this and suddenly smiled.The smile was a little sinister, even pretty, especially the corners of his mouth were raised slightly, and the faint uninhibitedness contained in the corners of his mouth added a lot of color to him.I hugged this jade pendant for a long time, the dullness in my heart, and those messy emotions were instantly swept away.I couldn t help but take a deep breath, gritted my teeth hard, held the jade pendant purekana cbd gummies benefits in my hand, and raised my head.She smiled faintly at Gu Yicheng and Chu Lianqiao Let s go.Chu Lianqiao gave me a surprised look.Although he didn t say anything, the concern in his eyes couldn t deceive anyone.And Gu Yicheng looked at me with eyes other than suspicion, as if he hadn t understood what was wrong with me.I took a panoramic view of the expressions of the two of them, didn t speak, just walked forward quietly, but as I walked, the matter of the white jade pendant was always entangled in my heart, I couldn t help but stopped again , looked at Gu Yicheng very seriously, and asked him Can t you really tell me about this Bai Yupei I thought that what I asked this time was still nonsense, and Gu Yicheng would not answer me at all.After a farewell on the prairie, Junli directly refined the picture of the beauties back into the Hundred Ghosts Record, but instead of going back to be his Lord Yan of the Ten Temples, he kicked Yunjing to the underworld.It would be ridiculous to change ordinary people to the Yin Division with such a high authority, but Yun Jing went there with a sad face.After all, compared to the lifeless place of the Yin Division, only the human world is his favorite.But this time when he went to the appointment, Yun Jing brought a piece of good news.Ling Shun s soul has been gathered in the underworld, and Xiao Jue and Grandma Fuyan s soul has also been revealed.When Fu Yan heard this, she was so excited that she almost jumped up, but because she was now the image of the child s mother, she had to hide this joy in her heart.

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