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Buy wife cakes and participate in the thousand yuan TV lottery.This activity is very well done.Not only is Tung Choi Street well known, but also some nearby streets and neighborhoods know that there is a Li Kee Tea Restaurant here.Promotions.Except for earning 5,000 on the first day, the remaining two days increased day by day.When the settlement was made on the cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me equilibria cbd sleep gummies last day, it was found that the total net profit had reached more than 23,000 Hong Kong dollars.Li Huifang and Li Dexiao were so excited.You know, the net profit of more than 20,000 yuan is basically the income of the tea restaurant for more than half a year in the past.How nice it should be.After the lottery was over, Li Guohao told Li Dexiao the secret recipe of rose stuffing and asked him to make a little every day.There is no lottery, and the taste of the wife equilibria cbd sleep gummies cake alone has attracted a group of loyal fans.

If it s too small or too little, our price may be charged according to the normal standard.The shopkeeper nodded, and after speaking, he was afraid that the two young men would feel that they were cheating them, and said, The main reason is that the machine needs to be opened once to make a mold, so no matter equilibria cbd sleep gummies if you cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me equilibria cbd sleep gummies make a big mold, the lowest price is here.Okay, I know, see if you can do this.Li Guohao took out a folded paper from his arms and handed it to the shopkeeper.Okay, it s very simple, how many equilibria cbd sleep gummies do you want to make The shopkeeper glanced at the pattern on the paper, the color and size were written on the side, and the planning was very precise.Li Guohao thought for a while, Ten of each kind.By the way, do you have that kind of tong The shopkeeper asked, Clip What kind of tong It s that kind of cake tong.

Do you feel particularly ashamed.Sure, how embarrassing it is, being driven away on the spot.Yes, for the same reason, you will also make others lose face when you drive away.Then you have money Would you still go to this store to buy gold necklaces I m not stupid After saying this, Zhang Dong came to his senses, So that s how it is.At the end of the gesture, he asked again, Do you need to give them extra money Li Guohao frowned, thought for a while and said, Although the money is not short, hazel hills cbd gummies reddit green ape cbd gummies website I still won t give it, but you can tell HCMUSSH equilibria cbd sleep gummies them, From tomorrow onwards, it will be regarded as officially going to work, and tomorrow will also be included in the calculation of wages.Yeah.At this moment, in the Rongji Bakery across the road.Master Rong, Master Rong A Rongji salesperson ran into the rest room behind.

Coming down.Chapter 22 The first day s turnover In a company in a building on Nathan Road.At this time, it was the lunch break, and a group of young and energetic white collar workers were sitting in the company s break room bragging to relieve boredom.They wore light makeup and had delicate facial features.The little girl suddenly asked, Do you know which pastry shop opened just across from Nathan Road Wing Kee I know, didn t someone come to the company to distribute leaflets the day before yesterday, and he was scolded by the manager before leaving.Someone thought of a young man who went to the building company to hand out leaflets the day before yesterday, and best cbd gummies for pain and sleep now they think it s funny.You re talking about the new dim sum shop that opened this morning, right Yes, that s the one.I passed by somewhere in the morning, and found that there were a lot of people in line, and there were a few promotional advertisements on the side.

Here Li Guohao is hazel hills cbd gummies reddit green ape cbd gummies website still thinking about a solution sadly, but Rong Bingcai, the owner of Rongji Bakery across the road, is proud of where can i find condor cbd gummies the spring equinox.Boss, there are already 120 customers who apply for membership cards, and the amount they recharge for memberships adds up to more than 40,000 yuan There are so many people in less than four hours since the opening.Tonight, it looks like the number of customers who signed up for membership will reach over 300 Today s turnover may exceed 100,000 Rongji s clerk took the registered membership book to announce the good news to Rong Bingcai.Hahaha Rong Bingcai laughed loudly, and glanced triumphantly at Master Wang beside him, Look, Master Wang, I knew that this event would definitely attract people.Look, this is just a In the morning, more than 100 people have applied for membership, and they have recharged more than 40,000 yuan Rong Bingcai was very satisfied with the membership activity planned by himself.

Speaking of which, Xiangjiang was always very chaotic before the reunification.No Mention the rampant evil forces, but the Royal Police administration.This equilibria cbd sleep gummies side of the government is also extremely corrupt.I vaguely remember a movie Chasing the Dragon starring Donnie Yen and Liu Dehua before time travelling, which seems to be about Xiangjiang in the 1960s and 1970s.In the movie, the underworld boss played by Donnie Yen hooked up with the detective played by Andy Lau.Black and white blended together, making it difficult to distinguish the colors.Well, I don t care about him.The soldiers will come and cover up the water.Let s talk about it at that time.It s better to give a little profit to others than to suffer for yourself.With a long sigh, although this era is the best era for me, it is also the worst era, and the equilibria cbd sleep gummies only way to break through the clouds is to go head on.

While modifying some unsuitable plots, I am dubbing and selling to TVB or Li s Yingsheng the predecessor of Li s TV and Asia TV.Li Guohao asked in disbelief Could it be that Xiangjiang has not made a cartoon by itself so far equilibria cbd sleep gummies Have Which one Old Master Q Upon hearing that it was Old Master Q, Li Guohao asked helplessly Is there only one Old Master Q in Hong Kong produced by a local animation company Well, after all, the Old Master Q cartoons have been out for more than ten years, and there are still many audiences in Xiangjiang.Now many adults grew up watching comic books.After TVB opened in 1968, the old master Q cartoons have been on the market.Got it, it got very high ratings as soon as it aired last year.Shangguan Xiaobao is still very concerned about the comics industry.So far, since the two local TV stations launched, apart from Disney s classic Mickey cartoons, the only local cartoon is Old Master Q .

Although it is not pure profit, it is money that can be used in advance.In less than three months, he still owes the bank 500,000 yuan Don t say these things are useless, come here, this is for you.Li Guohao didn t want to talk about this matter anymore, it was indeed because he was too whimsical, he always felt that he was a time traveler and could do everything well, but the reality gave him a break Slap, Kung Fu Panda has only sold more than 20,000 copies in Xiangjiang so far.The cost has been recovered, but it hasn t made any money.The last time he went to buy panda puppets, he was thinking that he could make a lot of money by relying on the popular comics, but until now, no one came to the store to ask if it was the palace dim sum in Kung Fu Panda.What is this Such a big puppet Zhang Dong opened the box and saw a huge panda head at first sight.

When I went to the store to have a look, there was a lot of fuss.Yesterday, Rongji s refund frenzy was caused by myself.Lee Kee now only has three branches.One on Nathan Road, one in Central, and one in Mong Kok that just opened.Of these three stores, only two are not far from Wing Kee, while the Mong Kok store is some distance away.It s no wonder that Nathan Road and Central were the ones who made a fuss about the refund yesterday.However, as the popularity of Kung Fu Panda continues to ferment, it is expected that more and more people will come to Li Ji Palace Pastry to buy dim sum With the official operation of the pastry company.Li Guohao also took a break.Instead of visiting the store every day, or helping to make pastries.The matter at hand is easy, but because of the equilibria cbd sleep gummies Rongji refund this time, a lot of relevant information was reported in the newspapers, which also made many people resist the membership.

Chapter 61 Talented brother Rong Bingcai took Aping to the Mong Kok store directly.Where is the largest store among the five branches of Rongji.There is an independent warehouse at the back, which is usually used to store materials.Boss Rong, you are here After receiving the call from Rong Bingcai, Master Wang, the store manager of the Mong Kok store, waited at the warehouse door.About half an hour later, he saw Rong Bingcai leading A Ping over En.Rong Bingcai took a glance at Master Wang, but didn t say much, where can i buy cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit nodded slightly, and walked in.Where s the batch of flour in question Rong Bingcai asked.Master Wang pointed not far away and said The pile on the left is the flour shipped from Thailand.It just arrived the afternoon before yesterday.A large flake of snow white flour instantly fell out of the packaging bag.

Don t do it, I ll call my brother later, you go out.Oh.After A Ping went out, Rong Binghua called Yau Ma Tei.After talking about this matter, Rong Bing was about to say something when he found that the phone had been hung up.You brat Rong Bingcai snapped the handle of the phone angrily, sat down equilibria cbd sleep gummies on the chair beside him, pondered for a moment, and finally said helplessly, I want to see what tricks you re going to do.Chapter 65 The negotiations broke down in the afternoon.After Li Guohao handled some company affairs, he sat equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummy for sleeping down and read a few books sent by Li Qiang.The first is The Functions of hazel hills cbd gummies reddit Managers.This book is a management book edited by Chester Barnard, the father of modern management theory.Well, after reading the first chapter, Li Guohao couldn t stand it anymore.Yes, like many people, there is a common problem in reading this kind of books when faced with such a complicated situation and having no exposure to relevant knowledge, that is, not to read them.

I see.Well, I m hanging up, I still have something to do.Goodbye.After hanging up the phone, Li Guohao held his chin and thought.In fact, it is the best kenai farms cbd gummies where to buy choice to broadcast cartoons on TVB.Who made TVB live into the 21st century.But facing TVB s unreasonable demands at this moment, Li Guohao will naturally not get used to it.Fangzheng s TVB at this time has not yet reached the point where Xiangjiang is the only one.Throwing away all his troubles, Li Guohao once again turned his attention to the book The Functions of Managers on the table Radio Channel, TVB Television Station.In the Purchasing Manager s Office.Fang Yihua was surprised What People from Panda Publishing House disagreed They also said that they would never cooperate with TVB again Yes, Shangguan Xiaobao, the chief editor of Panda Publishing House, was very unhappy with our request.

Such an idea, nanocraft cbd gummies and I also told myself that at notpot vegan cbd gummies review this time, the second boss intends to expand the store, naturally it is to fulfill Brother Rong s wish.I agree with Boss Rong s expansion of the store.I have enough manpower here.Recently, a few people have come to the store as apprentices.It is completely possible to open a store in the same way as an old master and a newcomer.But getting a loan from a bank, isn t that a bit of a problem Adventure I m going to take a one time loan of two million In addition to occupying equilibria cbd sleep gummies the rest of the Kowloon Peninsula, I m also planning to open branches in Xiangjiang Island and the New Territories.Two million Boss Rong, Master Rong knows about this Master Wang was shocked.I ll tell him later, the main purpose of calling Master Wang this time is to ask equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me you to take charge of the affairs of the Xiangjiang Island branch.

If you really want to expand the pastry industry, it is a waste of time and resources to simply open a shop.If you can set up an assembly line factory, then It can make the company s reputation faster.In addition to hotels and restaurants, some big players in the catering and food industry in later generations basically started from factories, such as Master Kong and Wahaha.Li Qiang nodded and said Actually, if you want to really grow the company, you can definitely learn from the development of McDonald s.Although cbd strawberry champagne vegan gummies 300mg equilibria cbd sleep gummies they do fast food, their business philosophy is the same.Don t look at them in many countries around the world.stores, but in fact they did not spend too martha cbd gummies review much money on opening stores, they relied on the brand value of just vibe cbd infused gummie candy McDonald s to find franchisees all over the world, so as to achieve a chain effect.

It really makes me work as a chef in a restaurant.What else can I do besides being a helper I equilibria cbd sleep gummies haven t learned much about your cooking skills.Li Dexiao has self knowledge.When he was learning cooking from the old man, he spent three days fishing and two days drying the nets.He didn t even learn the basics.Apart from a little family cooking, he basically didn t know anything about the hard dishes in restaurants.Won t.Even if it is fired, it is just a shame.Seeing the father and son quarreling, Li Huifang consoled her, Dad, the tea restaurant s business hazel hills cbd gummies reddit green ape cbd gummies website is still good, there s no need to ask De Xiao to go to Senior Brother Guan, besides, Ah Hao is just an investment, and the real ownership of the restaurant is still Senior Brother Guan s.As soon as the words came out, everyone became silent.With a bang, the door was opened, and Li Guohao pulled out the key and walked in.

Well, come back early in the evening. company.Congratulations, Boss Fa Cai As soon as he entered the door, Li Guohao saw a group of employees standing at the door, looking at him expectantly.Gong Xi Fa Cai, Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone gets rich.After Li Guohao cupped his hands to announce the good news, he also took out a stack of red envelopes that he had prepared earlier from his arms, and put them down one by one according to the person s hair.Thank you boss The boss is so handsome The female clerk jumped up and praised the moment she took the red envelope.What I m usually not handsome Li Guohao glanced at the female clerk and laughed.I The female clerk blushed, and couldn t speak out without hesitation.On the other hand, the other people on the side burst out laughing.After distributing the red envelopes, Li Guohao walked into the offices of several managers and distributed a big red envelope to each of them.

Yes, do you think I want to buy a thousand foot mansion like you Zhang Dong asked.It s up to you.My suggestion is to buy a thousand square foot house.It will be much more comfortable whether it appreciates in value in the future or living alone.This standard room is really too small.It takes two steps to reach the end.How can I live in it Li Guohao lives now.My house is only about 4 50 square meters, and the kitchen and bathroom are still connected together, so daily life is HCMUSSH equilibria cbd sleep gummies very inconvenient.Zhang Dong said indifferently I think it s okay, a big house is similar to a small house.Buy a bigger one.My dad and your parents will come to live in the future, and we can have a place.If you buy a smaller one, They can t stay overnight.Mai Xiaomin interrupted at this moment.Zhang Dong has lived in a standard small apartment for more than 20 years, so it doesn t matter, but Li Guohao s family is in the countryside, and he built a three story building does cbd gummies by himself, so it s not very comfortable to live in.

Well, I believe you can do it.Li Guohao was afraid that Huang He would be under pressure, and said again You can definitely learn from some Western style pastry production techniques, according to their materials and collocations, learn from them and create a combination of Chinese and Western.I know the chairman.This time, when Li hazel hills cbd gummies reddit green ape cbd gummies website Guohao sent ten master chefs to help, he also told the ten franchisees that all pastry chefs they recruited must pass the pastry production assessment of the headquarters company and pass the pastry production assessment.Candidates are issued certificates of corresponding levels according to their abilities.At present, there is no such organization as the pastry association in Xiangjiang, and there is no system for classifying pastry chefs.At this time, there are two modes for registering an association or society in Xiangjiang.

By the way, I haven t asked the lady s name yet Li Guohao was at a loss for words for a moment, and then remembered that he hadn t asked the names of these two girls, but it seems that they are of mixed race.He came with Ms.Shen again, wondering if he was a descendant of some British nobleman.Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce you.Ms.Shen on the side slapped her forehead and said, These two are the daughters of Mr.Ho in Macau.This is Miss He Chaoying, and that is Miss He Chaoqiong.Hello Li Sir.He Chaoying nodded politely.Hello, hello.Before Li Guohao could react, he responded when he saw the other party greeting, and suddenly thought of Mr.Ho in Macau, plus He Chaoqiong and He Chaoying, thinking to himself, could it be the daughter of the Macau gambling king in later generations Seeing that the other party was in a daze, He Chaoying asked politely Mr.

General Manager Li s factory in Yuen Long is almost done.The final payment should be paid.Call RB, so there are more than 600,000 left.Only more than 600,000 left Li Guohao frowned and asked.In addition to the 600,000 yuan, the company still has more than 3 million yuan in the bank, but the money is all saved by members and paid to suppliers.You said before that you can t move it, so I didn t count it.Inside.Wang Zhenzhen explained.Li Guohao pondered This is not possible.Recently, we will expand the stores in Macau and Wanwan, and at least open five branches.The money may not be enough.We also want to open directly operated stores in Wanwan and Macau, and wait for the bakery business to start, so as to drive local people to join.Wang Zhenzhen saw that Li Guohao was worried about money, so she asked Chairman, why can t we use the members money You must know that the money is already ours, and putting it in the bank is just a little interest.

Hearing Li Guohao thought for a while and said, I ll think about it.You go out and call Manager Li in.Okay.Wang Zhenzhen nodded, turned and went out.After a while, Li Qiang knocked on the office door and came in, asking, What can you do with me Li Guohao said bluntly, Now the company doesn t have enough money Not enough money Li Qiang asked in surprise No, haven t we calculated it before There are almost five million Hong Kong dollars.Well, but I have repaid part of the loan to HSBC, and after deducting the balance payment to RB Stuffing Machinery Factory, there is still More than 600,000 yuan, and the remaining 3 million yuan includes the money saved by members and the money from suppliers.After the fresh period at the beginning, the pastry shop has almost stabilized now, and it is no longer growing like before.

After speaking, he smiled and said, When you first applied for the job, I still remember you saying that I opened a pastry shop and a comic book publishing house.It s unnecessary, and I said my move was a wrong move Li Qiang wellbeing cbd gummies review smiled bitterly when he heard this, I never thought that Kung Fu Panda would be so popular in Xiangjiang, and it would also greatly drive the business of the pastry shop.Speaking of it, a At first, Li Qiang was very displeased with Li Guohao s spending money on making cartoons.In his opinion, Li Guohao didn t have a lot of money, and spending money hazel hills cbd gummies reddit green ape cbd gummies website on making cartoons was just asking for death.But he never expected that Kung Fu Panda not only It became popular, and the popularity of the palace cakes in Xiangjiang was instantly improved.Li Qiang said again Although I don t know why Warner wants to cooperate with you on Kung Fu Panda, but I think there should be a certain point in this comic that meets their requirements, but don t think this is your weight.

I thought The owner of Palace Bakery is simply taking the mid to high end route.But yesterday, when the ten franchised stores of Palace Bakery opened, I realized that this is trying to catch us all They have touched our bottom line now.Okay, Boss Liu Tell me directly, what do you want to do, stop scaremongering here.Gu Yonghe asked nonchalantly.Liu Peilin glanced at everyone in the arena, except for Gu Yonghe s indifferent attitude, everyone else was more or less worried, so he smiled and said, I don t want to do anything, I just want to unite with you to equilibria cbd sleep gummies fight against the palace cakes., we alone can t beat them because the other party has a lot of money and money, so we can fight a price war with us.Today there is a promotion equilibria cbd sleep gummies and discount, and tomorrow there is a 520 couple event.If this continues, who can afford it Everyone s money is not water How much money do we have to pay for discounts and promotions every day What does Boss Liu mean Okay Let s unite and fight against the palace cakes Damn, I ve been sick of seeing palace cakes for a long time.

Dozens of flower baskets are equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me placed at the door.At a glance, they are all colorful flower baskets.I saw Miss He standing at the door with a smiling face to greet people.Brother Zheng, why are you here He Chaoying asked in surprise looking at the man in front of him.Zheng Jiachun smiled and said Miss He s new store opened, I have to come cbd isolate gummies uk over and congratulate, otherwise you will blame me for not giving you face when we meet.He Chaoying gave Zheng Jiachun a blank look and said How can I That, by the way, didn t you say that Uncle Zheng was .

how to make cbd gummies for sleep?

going to let you enter the new world equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me as an executive director, why do you have time now Well, it will take a few months.When Zheng Jiachun said the executive director, His face was a little strange.If some shareholders didn t agree, he would have joined the company as an executive director long ago.

The floor tiles were all pure white, and the biggest dust and garbage could be seen at a glance.Li Guohao asked Chen Zhipeng to make some pastries on the spot, and he watched it silently beside him.When Chen Zhipeng put the finished cakes into the oven to bake, he turned his head and asked with a smile How is the boss I make the cakes strictly according to the company s regulations, and the amount of equilibria cbd sleep gummies flour and water is done according to the standards.Li Guohao praised It s a good job.Ordinary people may not see that Li Guohao can make pastries.After all, few bosses understand all the processes of their company, but Li Guohao is different.A pastry chef studied for several days before he could accurately make some pastries to every gram and quantity.Just like fast food such as McDonald s and KFC, no matter which city you go to eat, the taste is exactly the same.

When I went to Australia to study, there were basically fishing boats and how many cbd gummies for pain some small cargo ships on the side of Victoria Harbor, but it s only been a few years.It has developed to this point.Yes, this is the best time Li Guohao naturally knows that at this time, Xiangjiang will always be in the financial center of Asia and a world class university in the next 20 years.city.Before Li Guohao could add more emotion, Li Qiang shivered and said, Okay, don t be emotional, I m going back.It s still quite hazel hills cbd gummies reddit green ape cbd gummies website cold to fly cbd strawberry champagne vegan gummies 300mg equilibria cbd sleep gummies by the sea this day.Thinking that he was just here to pick up Li Guohao, Li Qiang just how long after eating a cbd gummy Wearing a white shirt, I didn t feel cold when I was driving at first, but when I arrived at the pier, I felt a little cool when I was blown by the evening wind near dusk.Let s go. After returning to the company, it was almost four o clock, and it was only over an hour before he got off work.

Zhao Yazhi recalled When I was in primary and middle school, my family s conditions were not good, and I could only watch others buy bowls of chicken wings at the school gate every day.Once a relative came to my house as a guest and gave me one yuan.One thing is to go out and buy a bowl of Wanzai Chi.The first time I ate it, I thought it was delicious.When I was a child, I thought that I could be satisfied with just a bowl of Wanzai Chi.It s quite interesting to think equilibria cbd sleep gummies about it.After being told by Zhao Yazhi, Li Guohao s mouth became a little greedy, and he said to his grandmother, Grandma, give me a bowl too.Okay.Grandma quickly filled a bowl for Li Guohao.Looking at the food in the bowl, there are vermicelli, mushrooms, and some green vegetables and minced meat on it, it smells quite delicious, Li Guohao swallowed, picked up a spoon and dug a spoonful, with vermicelli and soup Together, eat into your mouth.

We will pay once a year, according to the annual land price.Rent.It seems that you are sure that the stock will fall Li Qiang raised his eyebrows when he heard this, which obviously predicted that the stock market would have a major turning point, otherwise it would be impossible to use such an obvious loss.Method.Almost, if you believe me, all the money invested in the stock market will be recovered before the Chinese New Year this year.Li Guohao did not say clearly.En.Seeing Li Guohao s swearing, Li Qiang also believed in what the other party said Central, Lu Yu Tea House.Sorry for being late, both of you.Li Guohao looked at Shangguan Xiaobao and the other man sitting opposite him and apologized.There is no president and we have just arrived.After Li Guohao sat down, Shangguan Xiaobao introduced By the way, I forgot to introduce you.

Appearance is not just appearance, it is made up of eyes and conversation, as well as many small movements.The rat headed people are not much better.When they talk to you, they secretly glance at you and have some bad intentions in their hearts.These people should be avoided as far away as possible.Li Guohao didn t pay much attention to Cai Lan s words.He was curious about how the other party asked Shangguan Xiaobao to contact him, so he smiled and said, Where is it It s just relying on some secret recipes handed down from our ancestors to get to where we are today.By the way, I don t know Mr.Cai What do you want me to do Cai Lan said with a little embarrassment where can i buy cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit I am ashamed to say that I, Cai, have the best food in my life.Since Ms.Yi Shu wrote in a newspaper last year that she was lucky enough to taste a palace food in the Hong Kong Governor s Mansion, It is famous as a hundred flowers.

Zhao, the smell in the room is not very good.No, it s okay.Zhao Yazhi put her hand down awkwardly, It is indeed impolite for the owner to cover his nose with his face.Come and taste my coffee.Valerie smiled and handed the coffee to the two.This is not the first time she has seen Zhao Yazhi in this situation.When Li Guohao came before, he also covered his nose like this.The coffee is good.Li Guohao took a sip of the English coffee, and he had to say that it tasted very good, not very sweet, but not very bitter, and the taste was moderate.Thank you.Valerie responded to Li Guohao s compliment with a very calm smile.Seeing the box under his feet, she stepped forward and hugged the box.Seeing this, Li Guohao put down his coffee and said, Let me do it.No need, Mr.Li, sit down with Ms.Zhao, I ll take this to the kitchen, and I ll make breakfast for the brats later.

Okay, okay, little ghosts, go to the kitchen to eat equilibria cbd sleep gummies today s breakfast, don t hinder big brother here.Seeing that Li Guohao was a bit overwhelmed, Wendy smiled and clapped her hands, and brought the group of little ghosts to the kitchen.Ah Hao, these children Zhao Yazhi felt inexplicably sad when she looked at such a young and handicapped little boy, and stepped forward to ask.Seeing that all the little ghosts were gone, Li Guohao sighed and said Many of these children are born with some disabilities, or were abandoned for some reason, and then they were brought to us by Valerie and Wendy.This orphanage takes care of it.At this time, Valerie came out of the kitchen.Mr.Li, Ms.Zhao kept you waiting for a long time.It s okay.After a few people chatted for a while, Li Guohao introduced Zhao Yazhi to Valerie, saying that his girlfriend would be responsible for the donation of the orphanage in the future, and at the same time If Valerie s orphanage has any needs in the future, you can call Zhao Yazhi.

Because cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me equilibria cbd sleep gummies Liu Peilin s mooncakes are sold in bulk, unlike Li Guohao who packs the mooncakes into boxes and sells them one by one.There are several flavors of mooncakes, and the prices are also different, so the calculation is more complicated.Some mooncakes are sold by the catty, while others are sold by the piece.Sold 200,000 mooncakes The total sales are equilibria cbd sleep gummies more than 500,000 Liu Peilin shouted happily when he heard the financial report Gu Yonghe and the other three shareholders are also extremely excited.You must know that this is the first day, and they sold more than half a million cbd strawberry champagne vegan gummies 300mg equilibria cbd sleep gummies yuan.After removing the cost and profit sharing, they can make a profit of at least one hundred thousand yuan, and one day can earn more than one hundred thousand yuan., It s incredible The profit of moon cakes is actually very high, just like Li Guohao sells moon cakes with three cbd strawberry champagne vegan gummies 300mg equilibria cbd sleep gummies prices the price is not equal to the taste, there are several flavors cbd with nicotine gummies at the same price , the most profitable one is the snow skin moon cake with rose filling for 35 yuan a box.

So to a certain extent, because pure cbd gummies tinnitus of emotional reasons, the sensitivity to prices will be much reduced.People who were reluctant to spend money in the past will spend a lot of money on expensive mooncakes on this day.If you take it as a gift, mooncakes that are too cheap, the effect is not as good as not giving them.Not only the Mid Autumn Festival, but also some important festivals such as the Spring Festival.Daronghua equilibria cbd sleep gummies s mooncakes are already one of the relatively high end mooncakes in Xiangjiang.There is no harm, and it has no advantage over snowy mooncakes in terms of appearance, packaging or taste.Chapter 141 Beautiful 2 3 That night.After Li Guohao returned home, he saw his parents and grandpa sitting there, as if he had been waiting for him for a long time.Papa, Mom, Grandpa, why aren t you asleep yet Li Guohao subconsciously glanced at the wall clock on the wall, it was almost ten o clock, he had dealt with the company s affairs before, and a group of people hadn t eaten, so he invited the big guy to a restaurant for a big meal.

Sam s Tailor. Sam Tailors Looking at the name of the store, Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao suspiciously, her eyes seemed to say, come to a tailor shop to make clothes Go in, and I ll take you to tailor a dress.Li Guohao smiled and took the other party s hand into the store.The manager of this store named Sam Tailor, Melwani Melwani , equilibria cbd sleep gummies is an Indian.He came to Xiangjiang with his father in 1952.Melwani His father s first job was as an apprentice in a tailor shop, and then just cbd gummies 250mg dosage Melwani also became a tailor.If he followed the steps, Melwani might still be just an ordinary tailor, but he went to Savile Row, London, UK studied art with a teacher.After returning from his studies, his first business was to make clothing for the British soldiers stationed in the port.With the improvement of craftsmanship, more and more wealthy businessmen and celebrities custom made clothing here.

Taking the documents, Li Guohao watched from the beginning.Li Qiang asked curiously You called me last night and HCMUSSH equilibria cbd sleep gummies asked me to look up the information of Jardine Group.What s the matter Is there something There is something.After reading the information of Jardine Group on the first page , Li Guohao frowned and said Have you seen this Yes, a very powerful and shameless century old British funded group.Li Qiang s mouth suddenly twitched, disdainful.Jardine Group.The original company was Jardine Matheson, founded in 1832.Jardine Matheson was HCMUSSH equilibria cbd sleep gummies the most famous old British foreign firm at that time, and the largest British consortium in the Far East.It was engaged in trade with China during the Qing Dynasty.But the most ridiculous thing is that most of the trade transactions they operate are opium.

Actually Director Huang, you may have misunderstood one point.Hearing what Huang Yaohua said, Li Guohao shook his head Dao The name of our factory is Guohao Food Processing Factory, not Guohao Pastry Processing Factory.It doesn t mean that we can only produce pastries.We can make some food snacks that the public can afford according to the market, such as Peanut sesame candy and milk candy can be made and sold.Huang Yaohua pondered for a moment and asked, That is to say, can the factory produce other foods As long as it is food, we can do it Not really We do all kinds of food, mainly in the field of snacks and candies, which are the best sellers, and the cost is not very high.If we suddenly make Japanese style squid fillets, I am afraid we will have to buy a new batch of machinery.Li Guohao smiled and said Biscuits, candies, snacks, we can make these things.

Because the high end bear biscuits are expensive, according to preliminary estimates, it costs at least 20 yuan to buy a box, including exquisite packaging, accompanying toys, and high production costs.Unlike the bear biscuits that cost 50 cents a pack, they are completely mass produced, and thousands of them can be made at one time with a large mold.The mechanical mold is pressed on the dough, and there are thousands of them at a time, and there are thousands of them at a time.Then it is collectively baked with a large roaster, and the whole operation only takes five minutes.The more complicated one is still on the finished product equilibria cbd sleep gummies packaging.Because it is necessary to place toy cards in the bag, manpower is required, and it is guaranteed that there must be cards in each bag.So not only the Guohao Food Processing Factory is now busy, but even the packaging bag factory next door is also busy After discussing the pastry contest with Xie Honghe, Li Guohao began to read equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me today s newspaper.

He made a position in his heart about Uncle Chang.He is a very decent old man who pays attention to his manners Ah Qiang, you have been in Xiangjiang for more than a year now.Not long after I came back, I heard from Uncle Li that you opened a pastry shop in the block in front of you.The decoration scale is very large.It seems that you have made a lot of money in Xiangjiang.Don t be your own boss anymore, you re really scary Uncle Chang nodded to everyone with a smile, and then laughed loudly at Li Qiang.No, I m still working for others.Li Qiang touched his head and finished with equilibria cbd sleep gummies a smile, then immediately pulled Li Guohao up and said to Uncle Chang Uncle Chang is the owner of our palace pastry, Li Guohao.Oh Uncle Chang glanced at Li Guohao, who was young and looked not much older than his granddaughter, and said with a smile, Li Guohao, a good name.

Does it feel very Q Li Guohao asked with a smile, Mochi is something like this., the filling is not the key point, the key point is the mochi skin, the mochi skin is well made, it can add a bit of brilliance to this dim sum.Very Q Everyone looked at Li Guohao in bewilderment, what does this mean.Li Guohao slapped his forehead and remembered that people still don t understand the meaning of Q.Q means equilibria cbd sleep gummies that it tastes bouncy and strong.That s very Q.Huang He learned and sold.It s really Q.Li Qiang and others also started to learn in a decent manner.Huang He suddenly asked hesitantly It s just Say.It s just that the stuffing is too soft It s like drinking sesame paste, it flows out after one bite.That s what you want.Otherwise, why is it called popping mochi Li Guohao smiled and said Didn t I just say that You can make popping fillings with different viscosities according to the needs of customers.

They are people from our company and some diners brought by Cai Lan.Li Guohao said this , a little thirsty, sat up, was about to pour a glass of water, saw a glass on the table, asked Can you drink it I ll pour it for you.That s good.Li Guohao wiped the water stains from the corner of his mouth and said On the one hand, it is to promote the association, and equilibria cbd sleep gummies at the same time, it will increase our company s position in the pastry industry in Xiangjiang.As long as this competition is successful, I believe that the pastry chefs who join the association will be more successful in the future.Come more, then the pastry chef level we made before will come in handy.Do you need me to go back and help Li Qiang asked.No, you just need to deal with this store first.Li Guohao rolled his eyes at Li Qiang and said, This store has invested almost two million Hong Kong dollars, and I don t want to lose so much money.

It s okay, it s just a shirt.Li Guohao smiled, and without waiting for Li Huifang to speak, he turned around and went to the back kitchen.Li s mother watched her son go to the back kitchen, and was just about cbd strawberry champagne vegan gummies 300mg equilibria cbd sleep gummies to follow him to persuade her, when she heard someone behind her calling her, Hey, lady boss, bring me two more bottles of beer.Customers who asked for beer at a glance had to go to a hidden compartment next to the cashier to get beer.As soon as Li Guohao walked into the back kitchen, he felt a wave of heat.Fortunately, it s almost November now, and the weather has turned cold.Otherwise, he might not be able to stay in a place like the back kitchen where the heat is boiling and there is not much ventilation.Li Renzhong, wearing a white chef s hat and a bib around his waist, wrapped the hot handle of the large iron pan with a rag in his left hand, and held a large round spoon in his right hand, shaking the spoon crazily.

Well, I thought so too, it s cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me equilibria cbd sleep gummies just green garden cbd gummies TVB s There are not many shares, and if I use Shaw s resources to help the TV station, I always feel a little twisted.Fang Yihua said Sixth brother, although the movie market is very good recently, I always think that the TV station is the future just cbd gummies apple rings development trend, you see From its opening in 1968 to the present, the income of the TV station has gradually increased every year.On the contrary, the movies made by the Shaw Brothers have made losses and profits.I think Brother Six should spend more time on the TV station.Shao Daheng nodded Or We have to work both ways, recently I was discussing the transfer of shares with the people from Lijia, so let s see what their quotation is.Sixth brother Really Fang Yihua was pleasantly surprised when he heard it.Daheng Shao said with a smile That s right, the people from Lijia intend to sell the shares of the TV station, and I m ready to take over.

Du Deye said Not yet, but I think it s coming soon.Since Hongkong Land exchanged five shares for one share, most of the shareholders have basically exchanged their stocks for Hongkong Land.I heard that there are quite a few milk companies now.Shareholders are all ready to exchange shares with Hong Kong Land.You must know that one share of Milk Company is very high, and it is about two hundred Hong Kong dollars now.It is equivalent to two hundred for five hundred yuan, who would not be happy Not acquired yet Hearing that the milk company has not yet acquired, Li Guohao knew that the stock market crash had not really arrived He remembered very clearly that the entertainment novel at that time talked about the stock market for a long time, although most of them equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies near by were copied by Baidu.It came, but there is one thing clearly written in it That is, shortly after Hongkong Land acquired the milk company, the stock market crash broke out completely, causing countless shareholders to suffer heavy losses, and many Chinese businessmen also went bankrupt and lost losses.

4 billion.Even if later, Nanshun s market value has become 200 million, it just so happens that Li Guohao has enough funds, it doesn t mean that the acquisition can be acquired After all, if the other party also used funds to buy back their own company s stock in the stock market and compete with Li Guohao, then it would not be a problem that 200 million yuan could solve.You don t have to worry about this, I have a plan for the specifics Li Guohao laid out a lot of plans early in the morning.As long as he can win the stocks held by HSBC, Singapore Yingjia and Bao Daheng, the acquisition of Nanshun is already a certainty Okay.Li Qiang didn t have much to say.After all, he was just the general manager of the company, and he couldn t restrict Li Guohao s personal acquisitions.He could only give some advice as a friend.

Yes.Li Guohao nodded.After the trading company grows bigger, it will not only help the company, but also give him an extra chance.He can t always spend time on food, and the trading company and Nanshun Group also have differences in food supply.With a certain connection, we can also use this trading company to sell Asian raw materials abroad in the future.Since Mr.Li has agreed, the specific cooperation matters will wait for me to stabilize in the equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me next few days, and I will talk to you about the specific allocation of investment shares after I make preparations.Zhang Nana said.Okay.Li Guohao agreed, and suddenly thought of another thing and asked By the way, Brother Qiang, are you interested in becoming a shareholder of the company Ah Li Qiang glanced at Li Guohao, saw his sincere eyes, and thought about it After thinking about it, he said Of course I am willing.

Previously, Landmark Real Estate relied on this equilibria cbd sleep gummies milk company that was forcibly acquired.Then how much of your 200 million is left Almost 90 million.Li Guohao thought for a while and said.Even if you bought the shares held by Bao Daheng, the shares held by some minority shareholders exceeded 51 , and you don t have the money to forcibly buy Xu Deming s shares Let s talk about it when the time comes.Li Guohao Thinking about that matter, I have no idea Company the next day.Gu Qianqian knocked on the door of the chairman s office.Chairman, this is where can i buy cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit the company s latest business.Take a look.Li Guohao took a look and said with a smile, Is this Miss He s idea That s right.Gu Qianqian nodded.Since He Qianjin became a shareholder of the company, she hasn t done anything.Relying on her contacts and resources in Macau, she has obtained places in restaurants in equilibria cbd sleep gummies many companies and casinos and hotels.

Prepare to win the do cbd gummies really relax you dim sum business in various company government restaurants in Macau and ask for your own help.At that time, He Gambler also readily agreed.At first, Gambling King He thought that Li Guohao developed the pastry shop cbd strawberry champagne vegan gummies 300mg equilibria cbd sleep gummies business to Macau because of his daughter s cooperation with HCMUSSH equilibria cbd sleep gummies him, and does cbd gummies affect the kidneys he himself was at best a pastry chef with some skills.Unexpectedly, the other party actually initiated the news of the acquisition of Nanshun, which made He Gambler interested in it.I checked the information on the acquisition of listed companies in the 1970s for a long time, but most of them were just a few words.Based on the current requirements for the acquisition of listed companies, combined with some classic acquisition cases at that time, I slightly reduced some rigid requirements.The requirement to formally acquire it after one month is considered a gold finger.

As for whether the 300 million acquisition of Nansun will make a profit or a loss, it is no longer important, what is important is how to deploy it in the future.After Jin Jiashi gathered most of the Nanshun staff, under the instructions of Xu Deming before leaving, everyone knew that the company had changed hands.The company was fully acquired by Li Guohao, and it will be delisted from the equilibria cbd sleep gummies stock exchange in the near future.At the same time, Li Guohao took office Jin Jiashi assumed the post of chairman, and Jin Jiashi took the post of general manager.Several important employees who had a good relationship with Xu Deming also resigned on the spot, and left the company after joining Xu Deming and the overshadowed Xu Guang with their personal belongings.Okay everyone Li Guohao looked at the more than 30 employees in front of him, clapped his hands and said I believe everyone should know who I am, so I won t introduce myself much The company is still the same as before for the time being, basically hazel hills cbd gummies reddit green ape cbd gummies website The positions and salaries on the website will not change.

It cbd gummies 24mg is precisely because of Dubai Shenhao s unscrupulous behavior of throwing money that more people realize that this country relies on oil exports to maintain its economy, and because of this series of money throwing behaviors, it has driven the concept of Dubai as a country of luxury goods.Often a good building, a good logo, is the most able to attract people s eyes and attention After arriving at the company, Li Guohao took the elevator up after saying goodbye to Zheng Jiachun.Boss Sitting in the rest area of the office, Ni Xingqing walked over quickly when he heard the knock on the door.Huh Why are you back Seeing that it was Ni Xingqing who opened the door, Li Guohao asked in surprise.You must know that Ni Xingqing was sent to the United States by Li Guohao not long ago to recruit people to form the American palace pastry company.

He didn t mention his own food company at the beginning, but focused on the palace pastry.Now there are food factories in Xiangjiang, but there are not many, and most of them are small workshop companies, and they make very little food.Available in major supermarkets.Guohao Foods is different.Not only does it have business in major supermarkets, but where can i buy cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit because of Zhang Nana, it sold the first batch of baked goods to cbd gummy bears at gas station the United States the day before yesterday.Although the profit is not as good as in Xiangjiang, it is also a good start.Now the food company has planned to cooperate with salesmen in Wanwan cbd gummies indianapolis and the island country to expand the company s business there.Following Li Qiang and Huang Yaohua s speeches, the emotions of the subordinates were gradually aroused, and everyone spoke freely.Facing everyone s speeches, Li Guohao didn t open his mouth to encourage or refute.

Many citizens bought newspapers one after another when they knew that Ming Pao reported the exclusive interview with Li Guohao.They wanted to see what this new rich man who had been kidnapped had to say.measures.Most of the content was scoffed at by the public, because when the rich talked about their family history, they mostly talked about the difficulties, and then how they overcame the hardships and reached the current peak step by step.But one cbd edibles gummies green roads of them is very recognized by everyone, and that is the help of noble people.Li Guohao did not mention some people who helped him during the interview, but simply said that there are noble people who help him.So who is the nobleman There are also many people who are secretly guessing.Among them, He Qianjin is the one who guesses the most It is Li Guohao s nobleman, and many people are secretly guessing whether He Qianjin has taken a fancy to Li Guohao to help him like this.

At this time, more than a dozen cars slowly drove up from not far away, except for two Rolls Royces, the rest were some ordinary Mercedes Benz.Because the road surface on the construction site was uneven, these cars stopped in unison in the temporarily repaired parking lot.More than thirty bodyguards came out of the car.Heh How bold, there are so many bodyguards Some reporters were also taken aback when they saw this scene.More than 30 strong men in black suits got off from a dozen cars.No matter who they were, they were a little scared and curious.It s Li Guohao and Zheng Jiachun Someone recognized them from the crowd with sharp eyes.It turned out to be Li Guohao I ll just say it The reporter from Huandao Daily showed an expression that I didn t expect.Someone next to him asked, What Not long ago, Li Guohao encountered robbers.

Yeah, every time I come back from the flight, I still feel comfortable in Xiangjiang.Zhao Yazhi smiled when she recalled her previous experience as a flight attendant.When mentioning the airport, Li Guohao thought of something that Zhao Yazhi told him before, and he also asked By the way, Ah 3000 mg cbd gummy Zhi, when we first arrived in the UK, didn t you tell me that the airport seemed to be changing the supplier of the plane meal It should be, I also heard it from my former colleagues.Chapter 264 Everyone is changing back to Xiangjiang It s already mid April, and I stayed in England for almost six days, and almost visited most of the scenic spots in London After going around, he also bought a lot of gifts.In addition to some gifts where can i buy cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit from his parents, Li Guohao also gave Zhang Dong equilibria cbd sleep gummies the Rolex watch he bought.

Do you want to sue us Modify the comics Young and vigorous, and because of the best selling comic Little Rascal , Huang Yulang was full of ambition, after hearing what the boss said, he said nonchalantly, It doesn t matter, it s just a name anyway, why They can use Bruce Lee s name to the title of the book, so we can t create a Bruce Lee character But the where can i buy cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit other party seems to have the authorization of Bruce Lee.So what if the authorization is granted, Bruce Lee is not the only one named Bruce Lee, we can find A person named Bruce Lee, let him authorize us, wouldn t it be enough then Huang Yulang laughed.I have to say that Huang Yulang is very cunning, and it s no wonder he will create such a big career in the future.President The president is not good At this time, a person broke into the office and shouted.

Li, you are welcome.My grades are not as good as yours.I still have a lot to equilibria cbd sleep gummies learn from you Hearing that, he suddenly laughed.He also said, If Mr.Li doesn t suggest it, just call me fourth uncle.In this way, Mr.Li will come and Mr.Li will go, so that others will not be able to figure out who Mr.Li is.There are too many.Mr.Li keeps coming and Mr.Li goes.It is indeed difficult to tell who is who.Thenthen take the liberty to call him Fourth Uncle Li Guohao didn t think too much, and called out fourth uncle.After all, the other party can afford the title of fourth uncle no matter in terms of age or experience.Hahahow dare you call me fourth uncle Do me a favor Li Zhaoji is extremely honest.When he smiles and speaks, he has a distinct local accent.If you walk on the main road, people who don t know him will definitely mistake him for an ordinary person.

How can you know that this well dressed A decent middle aged man wearing cheap clothes is a billionaire.Fourth Uncle.Seeing his chairman greet Li Guohao, Huang Yaohua next to him also yelled.Li Zhaoji looked at Huang Yaohua, who looked familiar, and suddenly thought of something, exclaimed, Are you the grandson of Mr.Huang Cheng Huang Yaohua nodded lightly.How is Mr.Huang doing now It s also been a long time since I saw each other. Grandpa passed away last year.That s such a pity, I ve always wanted to see Mr.Huang once again.Li Zhaoji sighed.Hearing that Li Zhaoji actually knew Huang Yaohua s grandfather, Li Guohao also glanced at Huang Yaohua cbd gummies quit smoking near me in astonishment.Very powerful.In the early years, Huang Yaohua s family was considered a relatively well known figure among the rich Chinese in Xiangjiang.

If he takes over this business now, it may delay a lot of time.He thought about it in his heart, anyway, Yongtai Construction Company still needs to develop now, and it will be fine to hand over this project to his partner Hu Baoxing hazel hills cbd gummies reddit green ape cbd gummies website when the time comes, and it is also when he is just about to agree to this project.I just heard Li Guohao say Fourth Uncle, don t rush to answer.I am planning to set up a real estate company and cooperate with Fourth california grown cbd gummies napa nectar Uncle to complete this project.Li Guohao has no experience in the real estate industry.Try to find someone who is familiar with real estate to cooperate.It was originally planned to cooperate with Zheng Jiachun, but the other party has been busy with the new hotel project and has no time to equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me take care of himself.After thinking about several people, Li Guohao also set his sights on Li Zhaoji, who has not yet made a fortune.

There is a couplet hanging.The upper line is, divination and divination are all about the misfortunes and blessings of the world , and the second line is calculation and selection of the zodiac in the world.In front of a fortune telling stall.Your fate is good You are born with the five elements complete, which is the sign of a prosperous husband and a prosperous son equilibria cbd sleep gummies At the same time, you are destined to have a great wealth, which will ensure that you will have no worries about food and clothing in the future.You can stretch out your clothes and eat, and you have a son and a equilibria cbd sleep gummies daughter under your knees.Make a swag cbd gummies reviews pair of good words The fortune teller looked at the palm of the middle aged woman and said here, he pushed the sunglasses that had slipped to the tip of his nose involuntarily, and said I have been telling fortunes here for so long, your fate is mine.

What Master Dong said just now is the most straightforward However, even a fool with an IQ of only 5 can understand it.Where there is thunder, there will be wind, and when there is wind, there will be thunder.What a good metaphor.It is much better than you are the wind and I am sand.In the end, Li Guohao handed over thousands of dollars in cash to Master Dong, and even specially took a business card of Master Dong, but on the business card was written Bone touching, fortune telling, fortune telling, divination, feng shui, burial, traditional Chinese medicine Hehe, to make a living.Perhaps seeing Li Guohao s doubts, Master Dong also smiled.Speaking of feng shui, Li Guohao happened to have plans to build a food industrial zone on the company s side.With the mentality of believing or not, he also invited the other party Come to help him take a look at the feng shui of the factory for a while.

Okay, okay, it s not you.Seven or eight people were chatting happily.As soon as they walked up to the second floor, they saw Zheng Jiachun and Xiao Bai standing at the door, and they all laughed.It s nothing, do you want to go up and wash There is a shower above.Zheng Jiachun shook his head slightly, smiled and pointed upstairs.Then I ll wash it first I go first.Fuck, that kid Xie Jinghui ran up first.At this time, Li Guohao came out of the house, looked at a group of people wearing colorful clothes, and said with a smile, It s okay, the upstairs is a public shower, there are many faucets, and it s okay for you to go together. Okay, everyone, stop arguing.Let s all go up and take a shower first.We will have dinner together later, and we will go to the Big Rich Nightclub tonight.I ll treat you.

After sorting out the language, slowly in Huang Yaohua s expectant eyes Said, I have considered the soda factory before As soon as these words came out, Huang Yaohua was immediately overjoyed.He had joined the company for almost a where can i buy cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit year.He knew that Li Guohao was an expansive person.This can be seen from the quick frozen food and instant noodles.It was originally a pastry and food factory.It has developed into a diversified food company of biscuits, instant noodles, popsicles, etc.I thought Li Guohao would talk about it next, but I didn t think about it, but I heard him say, For the time being, I don t want to build any soda factories.Huang Yaohua didn t ask why directly, because it was the stupidest question.We already have a lot of stalls.There are popsicles, pastries, frozen food and instant noodles.

Let me call and ask.Huang Yaohua has been busy recently I don t know about the matter of distributing goods with popsicles, but I also forgot about the matter of market research.Call.Pushing the phone to Huang Yaohua.Huang Yaohua picked up the phone and dialed the marketing department of the food company, Hi, I m Huang Yaohua, um, your Just as Huang Yaohua was calling, another internal phone rang.Li Guohao answered the phone, Hello Chairman, Mr.Ni is looking for you.Ni Xingqing yes.Let him wait at the door. OK.Just as Li Guohao hung up the phone, Huang Yaohua also put down the microphone in his hand, and only heard him say, It wicked cbd delta 8 gummies was just finished this morning, and this time the pavement is very wide.More than 3,000 people have accepted our investigation, and I have asked them to send over detailed reports.

It s not bad if eight stores can earn more than 800,000 yuan in three months.Many stores have closed down.And now in order to encourage customers to buy , but also a lot of discounts, and the profits earned are not as good as before.Ni Xingqing has been helping Li Guohao take care of his personal property for a while, and knows a lot about the pastry shop.Yes.Li Guohao nodded.Now that Xiangjiang s economy is poor, it s not bad equilibria cbd sleep gummies that these few stores of mine can make money, and they make a lot of money, more than 800,000.Sell it or not, why sell it if you can make money every month No matter how small a mosquito is, it is still meat, and it can make a fixed amount of money every month.The economy is picking up, and business is getting better.Thinking about the recovery of the economy, Li Guohao said again, By the way, you can ask the landlords of these equilibria cbd sleep gummies eight stores, and ask them if they can sell the shops.

Since he was almost kidnapped that time, Li Guohao has realized that he is no longer the little man he was in the past.With the growth of his own assets, his what do you feel from cbd gummies fame and popularity equilibria cbd sleep gummies are getting wider and wider.Maybe there will be some desperadoes looking for someone that day It is very likely that the rich man will choose him among the people, so he also arranged a few bodyguards in the villa.That s pretty good.Li Guohao nodded slightly.Soon, at the gate of the villa, Li Guohao got out of the car first, and equilibria cbd sleep gummies said to Zhang Bowen You don t need to take the things in the trunk of Ah Wen.You can go back after changing the car.Tomorrow, at nine o clock in the morning, you will arrange someone to pick me up at the villa.I d better come and pick you up in person, boss Have you dealt with the HCMUSSH equilibria cbd sleep gummies affairs of the club It s under construction now.

A few newspaper reporters wanted to come to Xiangjiang to interview Li Guohao and ask him how he was sure that the U.S.stock market would fall.You must know that many financial institutions or financial groups are bullish on the stock market However, since the editor in chief of the newspaper didn t care very much and didn t want to report too much on the Chinese, he rejected this proposal.On the contrary, a reporter from Sing Tao Daily who was dispatched to the United States saw the headline of the New York Times newspaper saying The Chinese in Hong Kong stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the US stock market , and looked down curiously, and found that the article mentioned His name is Li Guohao This young man who is regarded as a new Xiangjiang dream in Xiangjiang actually made hundreds of millions of dollars in the US stock market Immediately, the reporter from Sing Tao Daily was so excited that he copied a copy of cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me equilibria cbd sleep gummies the American newspaper overnight and sent it back to Xiangjiang in the form of a telegram two days later.

as the center.Since he was investing in stocks in the United States, Li Guohao has clearly discovered that in this era, there is no Internet and any convenient communication era.Even the phone cannot make cross border calls, and can only send telegrams or faxes bitterly.There is a very serious derailment in communication.For many major international events, you can only receive the news one or two days later, and it may be delayed even later due to the blockage of information.It is only 1973, BB Mobile phones have not yet been popularized, and mobile phones equilibria cbd sleep gummies will not be available for a long time.Since returning to Xiangjiang, Li Guohao has been thinking about setting up his own media newspaper, so that he can not only build newspaper branches around the world, but also obtain news that is beneficial to the company group The Middle East is at war at this time, and some countries closer to the Middle East are busy transporting materials every day, whether it is official transport or private transport, which has led to a sharp rise in food prices.

That s natural.If the franchise business is not good, do you think I will open a school Li Guohao smiled and said It seems that there are still hundreds of people who apply to join our company s stores and wait in line for arrangement.So A lot He Qianjin was taken aback for a moment, and then said with joy.You must know that it was the first time for thc or cbd gummies her to do such a big business after she graduated from the palace pastry company, and she was very happy to see that the company s business was getting better and better.Well, it s because there are too many applicants and HCMUSSH equilibria cbd sleep gummies the company has a serious shortage of manpower, so I plan to open a school to train pastry chefs.Li Guohao just finished speaking, only to hear someone calling himself behind him Mr.Li.Turning his head Looking around, he saw that the man was wearing a suit and leather shoes.

In terms of personal assets, he should be among the top in Hong Kong.At the end, Xu Guanwen answered Li Guohao s question directly, and he said excitedly The box office is a big hit In just one month since it was released, the box office has already broken through more than four million Hong Kong dollars There is still half a month to go, and the current attendance rate is still very high.In Golden Harvest s cinemas, the average attendance is .

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about 70 to 80 , and it is expected to exceed 6 million Hong Kong dollars before the release Four One million Hong Kong dollars So high Li Guohao remembered that Ghost Horse Twin Stars was indeed the annual box office champion, but it should be next year.Unexpectedly, it will be released earlier, and the box office will not change much.Well Xu Guanwen said about the box office, with a look of pride and excitement.

What s so easy to learn, no one knows how to care.Li Lingling smiled.It s different.You have to learn a lot about catering management.The first is personnel coordination, and the second is how equilibria cbd sleep gummies to deal with all kinds of customers., human resources just cbd hemp infused gummies 1000mg and so on too much knowledge.In Li Guohao s school, in addition to various culinary arts teachings in the conventional sense, there are also learning cbd gummy recipe coconut oil in catering management, guiding you how where can i buy cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reddit to become an excellent store management talent, and even purchasing, marketing, etc.have related subjects.can i Li Lingling s eyes lit up when she heard this, and she asked.You can try it.The school will officially enroll students in a short time.I read in the newspaper that it is still under construction Well, the school is still under construction, but it doesn t mean that we can t find a place to enroll students to study first.

We have invested 400 million baht here this time.One can imagine how much they welcome such a large investment.When I first came, the local county magistrate came to see me in person.The environment here is pretty good, and it s okay to have a tourist attraction.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao couldn t help but took another sip of rice wine.I have to say that this rice wine tastes great, sweet with a little scent of fragrant rice.Except for a small amount of alcohol content, it can be drunk as a drink.attractions Chen Xuewen was taken aback, and then said When it comes to tourism, the scenery here is really pretty good.There is a stream one kilometer to the west, where you can kayak.There is a natural underground cave in the east.I visited it with the locals last time.Apart from being dirty and dark, there are many naturally formed stone statues.

Chen Xuewen also said If we invest in three counties, we will generally be the same as before in one county.However, considering the enthusiasm of the local people, if they only invest in one place, they will have no sense of competition.In addition to the policies promised to us by the officials of Yue County and Jiase County, I think it is necessary to diversify investment.After thinking for a long time, Li Guohao said In this case Then invest in each of the three counties and build factories separately.As soon as the words fell, Chen Sheng outside the house knocked on the wooden door and shouted Chairman.What s wrong There is urgent news from Xiangjiang outside.As soon as he heard the news from Xiangjiang, Li Guohao quickly stood up and pushed open the door to go out.Seeing Chen Sheng standing at the door, he asked What s wrong with Xiangjiang Chen Sheng shrugged and pointed to an employee outside the house.

This matter can only be expanded after the industrial park is completed.Britain s requirements for food hygiene and safety are somewhat different from those of the United States.The main difference lies in the requirements for food additives, and the second is the problem of taste.Taking this into consideration, Li Guohao also set up a separate workshop a long time ago to produce food for export.Okay, Manager Di, go to the headhunting company to recommend a few people, and the rest will follow my instructions.Nothing to do, right Let s end the meeting first.Yes.Everyone packed up their bags When the documents were ready to go out, Li Guohao yawned.Thinking about Red Bull, he equilibria cbd sleep gummies raised his hand and called Huang Yaohua to stop, Manager Huang, stay here.I have something to tell you.Seeing that the chairman wanted to stay, Huang Yaohua didn t know .

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He nodded, turned around and sat down again.

, which gave them the urge to shop again.Zheng Baoxing s words made Di Yimin feel a little confused.Li Guohao understood it completely, mainly because he had almost experienced what Zheng Baoxing said.I used to go to the supermarket with my family to buy things.I just wanted to buy some rice.Later, I saw that vegetables and fruits were very cheap, so I bought some fruits and vegetables along the way.I also found that cooking oil was on sale, so I went to buy a barrel of oil.I just finished buying oil.I saw mops buy one get one free.At the end of the toss, I was thinking of buying only one bag of rice, but what I took home was a few plastic bags full.After talking a lot, his mouth was a little dry.Zheng Baoxing took a sip of coffee to moisten his throat and said There are very few supermarkets in Xiangjiang now, but they will definitely become popular in the future.

Ajie turned his head and said, Boss, stay in the cbd strawberry champagne vegan gummies 300mg equilibria cbd sleep gummies car and don t get out.After Chen Sheng got out of the car, he looked at the man who stopped the car, frowned and scolded Who are you, don t stop here.I want to see Mr.Li.The man glanced at Chen Sheng and then turned his head to look at the license plate number.That s right, this is Li Guohao s car.If you want to see him, go to the company to make an appointment, and don t stop in front of the car.The man begged I just want to see Mr.Li, please tell Mr.Li, please No, leave quickly, don t force me to do it Chen Sheng looked around and saw that there were no accomplices around, so he temporarily put his heart down.Sitting in the car, Li Guohao vaguely heard the request of the person blocking the car, and said to Ajie Ajie, go and talk to me.A Sheng said, and asked him why he wanted me.

The sold Little Hooligan must be taken off the shelves, and Huang Yulang, who created the comic at the same time, was imprisoned for three months because the comic was too violent and bloody, and was fined 30,000 Hong Kong dollars for personal property.Huang Yulang didn t need to pay the money from his boss.It s no big deal for him to pay a personal fine of 30,000 yuan.He still has a little savings after working for so many years.But the most important thing is that Huang Guang, the boss of Baoguang Publishing House, heard When he wanted to pay 200,000 yuan in compensation, he directly applied to the court to sue Huang Yulang for deceiving himself, and he should pay the money.Huang Yulang could still pay the 30,000 yuan fine, but the .

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200,000 yuan in compensation It s not equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me enough to sell him.

Hahahathen I will make equilibria cbd sleep gummies this bet with you, whoever loses, please go to Yung Kee for a equilibria cbd sleep gummies meal it is good No, no, my family s ancestral business, Fumanlou, is about to open, and I will invite you to have a meal regardless of whether you win or lose.Oh Fumanlou Cai Lan was surprised and said, Could it be the boss, your grandfather opened it Well, that s right.On the day of the opening, my grandfather will cook and make a Man Han banquet.You must be there then Li Guohao has never eaten a Man Han Banquet in two lifetimes.When he heard from his grandfather that he was going to make a Man Han Banquet with his uncles when it opened, he was instantly greedy.Man Han Banquet As soon as he heard that it turned HCMUSSH equilibria cbd sleep gummies out to be the most prestigious banquet in the palace, Cai Lan swallowed his saliva on the phone, and said Then I must be there.

Adding a small amount of lysine to food can stimulate the secretion of pepsin and gastric acid, and improve the secretion of gastric juice.Play the role of increasing appetite, promoting the growth and development of children To put it simply, is there any harm As soon as Huo Zheng heard this, he laughed lightly, and the group of experimenters who followed behind him also covered their mouths to try not to laugh.Hearing the laughter behind him, Huo Zheng turned his head and stared fiercely.Glancing at them, he turned around and replied Lysine is an essential component cbd gummies ventura of the human body, and a lack of lysine will lead to fatigue, loss of appetite, growth retardation and many other bad symptoms.But any good thing has a limit, as long as you don t drink a few catties at a time, or drink a lot of it every day, basically the harm to the human body is equal to zero.

Hmm.After Li Guohao finished talking casually, he sat down on the sofa and said to Zhang Ma who was standing not far away What does Zhang Ma eat for morning What do you want to eat, young master Li Guohao thought for a while Let s have some porridge, I don t really want to eat greasy things in the morning.Alright, young master.Madam Zhang nodded and turned .

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to the kitchen to make porridge.Ah Hao, what kind of wedding dress is going to be shipped from the UK Mother Li asked curiously.Sitting on the side, Zhao Yazhi also looked at Li Guohao with doubts.I don t know the details, anyway, I asked someone to find a famous British designer to design.Mentioning the designer, Li Guohao said A Zhi, do you have any new coins equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me Ah Yes.Give it to me.Zhao Yazhi was a little surprised why Li Guohao wanted Hong Kong dollars, but she followed his instructions and took out a coin from the small satchel she brought with her and handed equilibria cbd sleep gummies it to Li Guohao.

This is a perfect art This product, a perfect wedding dress, I believe it will definitely add a lot of color to your wedding.Angela looked at the stunned crowd and smiled with satisfaction.I m very satisfied.I ll send the final payment as soon as possible.Li Guohao smiled at Angela and said, Thank you very much for working overtime.It should be.It s our honor that Mr.Li chose our company.Angela nodded slightly.As soon as he finished talking to Angela, Li Guohao noticed that Zhao Yazhi was staring at the wedding dress without blinking, and he couldn t help but put his hand in front of her and waved vitality x cbd gummies a smile Hey, don t look at the bride.Son, go in and try it Ah Can I try it Li Guohao couldn t help but rolled his eyes Are you stupid This is your wedding dress, who else will try it if you don t Oh.

Slowly going down the stairs step by step, Angela behind her equilibria cbd sleep gummies followed the staff of the company to help Zhao Yazhi hold up the long skirt.Does it look good Zhao Yazhi s face was still flushed, seeing Li Guohao staring at her stupidly, she smiled shyly.It s so beautiful Li Guohao praised from the bottom of his heart.I have to say that this tailor made wedding dress according to Zhao Yazhi is indeed very, very beautiful.With the high black hair, it sets off her as a noble, generous and elegant princess.How is Mr.Li Are you satisfied Angela asked with a smile when she saw Li Guohao s obsessed face from behind.I m very satisfied.After speaking, Li Guohao stepped forward and gently brushed a strand of loose hair from Zhao Yazhi s head behind her ears with his hands.Looking at her delicate makeup and the blush on her face, she couldn t help it.

My name is Li Guohao.Li Guohao Bruce Lee Zhao Yazhi Seeing this, Linda next to him quickly said, Just call him Brandon.Bruce Lee also followed suit I heard that Li Sheng, you opened a film company Just mess with it.I don t usually take care of the company s business.I don t have that time.At this moment, the waiter equilibria cbd sleep gummies brought rice rolls and shrimp dumplings up.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao was so hungry that he started to eat, and Zhao Yazhi, who was sitting beside him, handed him papers from time to time.I want to remake Game of Death , but Golden Harvest seems to be reluctant.Li Sheng, are you interested in equilibria cbd sleep gummies investing in one or two Oh Li Guohao raised his head and asked, Why do you want to remake It s different.Before this movie, I wanted to make a game about death, but looking back now, this movie still has a lot of shortcomings.

Seeing the boss being so narcissistic, Di Yimin chuckled and said, Yes.Where s Manager Jin He seems to have gone to Thailand this morning.Di Yimin thought for a while.Going to Thailand Is it for the farm in Thailand Yes, didn t there be a telegram yesterday morning saying that the crops planted have matured Manager Jin wanted to go and have a look in person, and notified him this morning I just rushed over by plane.Hearing that Jin Jiashi had already flown to Thailand, Li Guohao couldn t help but said, Manager Jin is really dedicated to his work.He is obviously airsick and cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me equilibria cbd sleep gummies seasick, so he has to go sera cbd gummies scam to Thailand himself to rest assured.Yes.Di Yimin nodded in agreement, Jin Jiashi should not be as aggressive as a young man when he is middle aged, but he still has a spirit of not admitting defeat.

After washing up in the rest room of his own company, Li Guohao rushed to the reception room where He Zuozhi was.As soon as he opened the door and went in, he saw He Zuozhi resting with his eyes closed in the presence of the old god, and when he heard the movement, he opened his eyes and looked over.Mr.He is sorry, I was eating before.Li Guohao walked over and said with an apologetic expression.It s okay, I came here rashly and interrupted you, Li Sheng, for lunch.He Zuozhi laughed heartily, putting the responsibility on himself.Mr.He was joking.After Li Guohao sat down, secretary Xiao Liu also walked in with coffee.Taking a sip of his coffee, Li Guohao looked at He Zuozhi, who was in high spirits today, and couldn t help asking curiously I think Mr.He seems very happy today.Is there any good news from the TV station Haha , Not bad, I have some good news for you, Li Sheng.

Ozawa Cheng is almost one year old, and he is able to speak some words now.He often babbles in his mouth, but he can t understand what he is saying, and he is babbling.On the side, Zhao Yazhi watched her husband tease her son.The father and son were laughing, and she also showed a happy smile.Suddenly thought of something, Zhao Yazhi said hesitantly Ahao.What Li Guohao didn t look back, still teasing Xiao Zecheng with a small toy.Zhao Yazhi said I have been resting at home for more than a year.Now that Xiaobao has grown up, I don t need to stay here all the time, and Aunt Huang and mother are here.Look, how about I go back to work in the company Staying at home, being a rich wife, going out every day to buy clothes, do beauty treatments, go shopping, etc.Isn t it good Hearing this, Li Guohao picked up his son who was lying on the bed, and leaned over to his wife with a playful smile asked.

, are places where employees rest temporarily.Please forgive me.Li Guohao sat down, smiled and said, It s okay, let s all sit down and talk. equilibria cbd sleep gummies yes.After the two sat down, Li Guohao glanced at the lounge and said This room is quite clean, do you arrange for someone to clean it every day No one was specially arranged to clean it.The employees who took a break here did it spontaneously.After all, everyone doesn t like living in a dirty place.Director Zhang responded with a smile.Yes.Since it is a lounge, you can prepare some tea.Factory Manager Zhang slapped his forehead, and realized Oh, this is my mistake, Chairman, I will arrange for someone to bring some tea later.Okay, you guys will discuss this later.With a wave of his hand, Li Guohao took out the popping candy from Xiao Changhan s pocket, put it on the table and said, Try this.

But there are only tens of thousands of cows on such a cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me equilibria cbd sleep gummies large grassland, which still holland barrett cbd gummies supplies more than half of the output of the three northeastern provinces, which is very unreasonable.At the same time, knowing that their fresh milk processing technology was relatively backward, Fu Shengkuan thought of Guohao Dairy of his own group.Guohao Dairy has developed to this day.In addition to its business in Australia, it also sells a lot of dairy products in Xiangjiang and even half of Southeast Asia.Because fresh milk can be stored endlessly, it can be made into dairy products, which can be sold more conveniently and with high quality.The Hulunbuir milk factory also faces this problem.Their insufficient production is one problem, and their lack of good fresh keeping technology is another problem.

As for the equipment and equipment, if cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me equilibria cbd sleep gummies you need them, you can buy new ones and move all the old ones back.The Molecular Food Laboratory was Li equilibria cbd sleep gummies Guohao In order to promote the molecular food that I created , I hope to promote it to the world at the fastest speed.However, the high cost and the molecular food that must be produced by trained molecular chefs obviously did not meet the expectations that Li Guohao thought back then.Except for magic beads and popping candies that equilibria cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me are selling well in equilibria cbd sleep gummies many regions and countries, the rest can only equilibria cbd sleep gummies be ordered by people and dispatched to make them.Investment must continue, but it will be a bit of a loss if it only develops in the United States.Up to now, molecular food has not appeared in Xiangjiang.Li Guohao s idea is to promote it in Asia as much as possible, hazel hills cbd gummies reddit green ape cbd gummies website which can also serve the He brings the greatest benefit.

We must know that our business in Hong Kong is far inferior to overseas business.HSBC is still the main and only partner of our overseas branch.After thinking for a while, he continued, As long as Manager Shen is still working at HSBC, Guohao Group, and even other industries under my umbrella, equilibria cbd sleep gummies will only cooperate with HSBC for all business in areas other than Xiangjiang.Speaking of this, Li Guohao mainly wants Shen Bi to understand that the cooperation with HSBC Bank is mainly for Shen Bi s face.After all, Guohao Group can develop to the present hazel hills cbd gummies reddit green ape cbd gummies website state in these years, and it cannot be separated from the other party s financial support.Shen Bi agreed without saying a word about borrowing 3 billion yuan to develop the transportation channel of the universal transportation.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Shen Bi roughly understood the connotation in his heart, which was nothing more than Xiangjiang s bank cooperation The business may be cancelled, while the overseas banking business remains the same, and equilibria cbd sleep gummies as long as he and Shen Bi are around, Guohao Group s overseas banking business cooperation will not change.

At this time, it is impossible to find someone to take over the project.If it is built, it can be sold for a little money.Time hastened to December.After the second round of Sino British negotiations in June, during this period, the two sides launched the third and fourth rounds of negotiations in August and October respectively.In the first four rounds of negotiations, most of them came to nothing due to the extremely tough attitudes of both sides.Especially in the fourth round of negotiations, British Foreign Minister Howe proposed to return only the New Territories, while still retaining the jurisdiction and sovereignty of Xiangjiang Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.During the negotiation process, Mr.Deng said directly, Xiangjiang is an inseparable part of China.This time in 1997, not only the New Territories, Kowloon Peninsula and Xiangjiang Island, but also outlying islands and affiliated islands were taken back.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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