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Tang Shuang sighed secretly, Tangtanger was about to fall asleep, if she persisted for a while, tonight might be over.Tang Shuang turned off the lights first, and made all preparations for hypnotic candy.Once upon a time, there was a rabbit, and then another rabbit came.Xiao Shuang Xiao Shuang You speak too fast, you have to speak slowly, hasn t your mother taught you Tang Tanger told Tang Shuang a story The technique expresses strong dissatisfaction.Ouch, there are quite a lot of requests, Tang Shuang changed her tone slowly.From before ahthere is a only rabbit Tangtanger curiously repeated A little bunny Here here one rabbit Tangtanger Two little bunnies.The later rabbit It stood on the shoulder of the first rabbit with its ears Tangtanger Huh Three little rabbits.This rabbitit stands on the shoulder of the second rabbit with its ears There comes another rabbit, and it stands on the shoulder of the third rabbit with its ears Tangtanger fell silent, she couldn t count.When Tang Shuang sat down with Tangtang, several girls around her were paying attention, including her.She looked at the handsome guy with a smile, then looked down at the cutie in front of her feet, and said, Children can t eat too much ice cream, or their stomachs will hurt.Candy stretched out her index finger and said, I just ate one ice cream.Beauty Eating one is enough.Tang Tanger rolled her eyes and said, I want to become more beautiful today, so I want to eat another one.The beauty burst out laughing, it was so cute She couldn t refuse at all, so she handed Candy one.Tang Shuang succeeded in being cute, that was a joy, she bounced around super cbd gummies hair loss can you fail a drug test taking cbd gummy bears Tang Shuang to show off.After a period of logically confusing narration, Tang Shuang finally understood what was going on, and said thank you to the beauty with two dimples on her face After the candy was finished, Tang Shuang took her home.After a long time, Tangtang er came out of the room, walked triumphantly, and came to the first floor, humming and chirping to attract Tang Shuang s attention.Seeing that Tang super cbd gummies hair loss Shuang ignored him and didn t even raise her head, she walked up to him and walked back and forth, but Tang Shuang still ignored him.Tang Shuang simply squeezed to Tang Shuang s side, watched him typing on the computer, and asked curiously, Xiao Shuang, do you really want to be a writer Said Brother is already a writer.Suddenly Tang Shuang felt something was wrong, smelled a strong smell of perfume, suddenly raised her head to look at Tangtanger, and froze in shock for a moment, thunderbolt Seeing that Tang Shuang had finally noticed her, Tang Tanger proudly stood upright, with her little hands behind her back, and smiled.Tang Shuang said to Tangtanger and Xiaoputao, step on the pedals together, unity is strength.Because there are only two pedals, Kiki stepped on one, and Tangy came to the other one first, because she thought she was strong.Tang Shuang and Qiqi babbled with all their might, super cbd gummies hair loss while Tang Shuang, Chu Mei and Qiqi s mother stood on both sides to cheer them on Tang Shuang took the opportunity to push the back of the car, and in the midst of endless calls, the bicycle that weighed super cbd gummies hair loss a thousand catties finally slipped forward for a short distance One small step forward, one giant leap for civilization This short distance made the three cute babies cheer and high five Tang Shuang and the others one by one.Tang Shuang screamed and jumped up and down holding the little grape.Tang Shuang was worried that she would fall from the car, so she stood by.Domineering, seized every opportunity to sing I ask you, can you open the door Tang Tanger replied crisply Can t open the door I m afraid there will be a big bad wolf Tang Shuang Whose kid is this Why So smart Tangtang er danced her hands and kicked her feet in excitement, Bai Jingjing was almost kicked off the sofa by her.Chapter 43 The King of Destroyer Ever since Tang Shuang took the initiative to tell a story and boasted again yesterday, Candy s little tail has been raised and never let go.The smug little girl has forgotten Tang Shuang s terror again This was an extremely terrifying thing It is true that most of the time, Tang Tang is the younger ancestor of the old Tang family, but the twenty days when Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning were away for their honeymoon are definitely not in the ranks of this most of the time.Yang Shuangshuang grew up in southern Hunan when she was a child, and didn t come to Guangdong Province until she was sixteen, so although Tang Shuang and the others knew her, they didn t grow up together.Tang Shuang invited Yang Shuangshuang to have supper together.The beauty was very happy, and she readily agreed.Tang Tanger bid farewell to King Yang sweetly, Tang Shuang led her away, and asked, Are you thinking about Yang Baibai s big koi To please King Yang.I hate it No Tang Shuang smiled inscrutably, Brother is the roundworm in your stomach, I know what you think.Tang Tanger became furious, shook off Tang Shuang s hand, and ran to shoulder to shoulder with Guo Zifeng Next to Yang Shuangshuang, she asked cutely Sister Shuangshuang, you are so beautiful Can you hold me Who would refuse such a soft and cute girl, edible gummies with thc and cbd so it naturally became Yang Shuangshuang holding candy let s go.It was a mouthful to read at first, but after a little thought, Tang Zhen understood the meaning of the words.In an instant, the iceberg beauty s heart melted, and she squatted down and hugged the cute little Tangtanger tightly in her arms, kissing her.Kiss again.Candy was a hundred times happier than eating ice cream, giggling and letting out a string of silver bell like laughter.Oh, it was such a warm scene.Tang Shuang, who was on the sidelines, felt very sad because of the family affection overflowing from the scene.She would wear a flattery for a long time, but how often to take 25 mg cbd gummy bears let me just say that flattery is already top notch at a young age.But have you considered my feelings There is no harm without comparison.Chapter 60 I will try my best to like you Candy was high spirited, enjoying the unparalleled praise, really unparalleled, more solemn and joyful than the praise of Tang Sanjian, Huang Xiangning and others.Candy picks up hellokity again, feeling that Kitten has been left out in the cold, so she must take it too plus.But soon, she felt that she had neglected the giant panda again, and wanted to hold the giant panda in her arms and walk around.Ouch I m so exhausted Giant panda, you are too big, Tangtang er is still small.Tangtang er sat down on the floor, there were too many dolls in her room, they were all over the place, and she was too small to be It might be all in her arms, so she thought about it and came up with a good idea.She climbed onto the bed excitedly, threw all the dolls on the bed, and then came to the small desk, and took out the little turtle on the table and the little plus cbd balance gummies eagle e commerce group cbd gummies giraffe on the chair After a while of busy work, Candy finally put all the dolls on the bed.There are only kittens, dogs, pigs, rabbits, turtles, and giraffes all of them are turned out.Tang Shuang, who was standing outside the car, knocked on the window of the car.Tang Zhen was speechless and didn t bother to pay attention to him.Tang Shuang said something to her through the car window, and then made a fist to cheer her up.Watching Tang Zhen leave in the Beetle, Tang Shuang returned home with a heavy heart.Not long after she sat down, she was still worried about Tang Zhen.Various thoughts kept popping up in her mind, such as what to do if she was bullied at the company What to do if she can t bear it There are too many, too many, in case.For Tang Zhen, today is definitely not a good day.In the end, Tang Shuang was still worried, so she took a taxi and went downstairs to the music company where Tang Zhen was working.After wandering downstairs for a while, she finally chose a nearby coffee shop to sit down.Wei Daqun shook his head slightly, as if trying to get rid of the redundant emotions, and continued Then one day, the neighbor aunt received a letter from that man, asking me to read Listen to her. It was a letter written in a pen, vertically arranged, the handwriting was beautiful, because it was in cursive script, I struggled to read it, but I still understood it, it was a sharp letter Letter, the sentence that impressed super cbd gummies hair loss me the most is that a tiger s poison does not eat its child. I read this sentence to the neighbor s aunt, and after she finished listening, she cried and wanted to hit the wall to die Tang Shuang could understand her feeling at that time.Mood, how sad it is to be told that a tiger s poison does not eat its children, no one wants their children to be happy, everything is forced by life.The Three Swords of the Imperial Guard seems to have become a new generation of rising writers.The photos of Tang Shuang at the book signing were dug out by book fans, and they spread rapidly on forums, Weibo, WeChat Moments and other networks.This is an era of looking at appearances.If you have both talent and good looks, it will be the same as being a celebrity.Writers can also become idols like stars.Tang Shuang has been assigned to this faction.His fans have grown rapidly, and more than 60 of them are female fans.These people are not necessarily interested in martial arts, but they are interested in the author.Books are to Tang Shuang, just like famous watches are to men.When women see a man wearing a famous watch, they will first feel attractive, because it represents identity and status.After speaking, Tang Shuang ignored her and said to Tang Zhen, Xiao Zhen, don t go on a diet.If you have half the appetite of Tang Tang s children s shoes, I ll be relieved.Tang Tanger She also cared to persuade her sister to eat more, Tang Shuang said, Candy, teach my sister how to have a good appetite.,unknown reason.Tang Zhen said with a warm heart and a cold face, I know, the movement of eating has finally become a little vigorous, and she no longer picks and eats one by one A movie discussion program was playing on the TV.A host and two guests were discussing Zhang Fei s new movie Hero.Host Mr.Jia thinks that director Zhang Fei s filming of Hero is a cowardly performance, and he is very pessimistic.Mr.Lu thinks this is the choice of the market and the trend of economic development.He understands the choice of director Zhang Fei and is optimistic about the new film Hero.Well, compared to Acting like a baby, this girl is almost mature.Okay, then remember what you said, write carefully, and try to get 100 points, so that I can impress you, okay In an instant, Xiong Wazi lowered his head and wrote quickly, as if he was addicted to work and couldn t help himself, and Tang Shuang One big and one small, immersed in the sea of books, this made Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning, who came to watch secretly, nod secretly again and again.Chapter 189 When kindness meets kindness Tang Shuang wrote a standard 3 for Tangtanger, telling the little girl Don t write too big, it plus cbd balance gummies eagle e commerce group cbd gummies doesn t look good, just like you, such a small person, wearing my clothes, Can it look good The words written by this little girl couldn t fit in the grid, they were too big.Tang Shuang replied thoughtfully, Got it Tang Shuang handed her the pen, told her to write carefully, and then went about her own business.And this student was Tang Shuang, whom she hated the most, she found it incredible.Although it was confirmed from all aspects that this person was Tang Shuang, Shi Guangnan was still in a daze after hearing his own confirmation.Tang Shuang smiled and said, Is there any need to be so surprised I was stunned.Shi Guangnan shook his head, remained silent for a while, and said, I haven t heard you mention such a big thing.What should I say, go to the radio station , to the campus forum to swagger around Tang Shuang Low key, low key, being a star is very stressful, and I m afraid of being followed or kidnapped.Shi Guangnan Tang Shuang I remember this building, right Shi Guangnan lives in the staff dormitory arranged by the school.A small house with one bedroom and one living room is enough for her.They asked one by one Sister, sister, it s delicious, do you want to eat a little If so, then eat a little Hey, I don t want to eat it So Candy bite a little bit here and a little there, every time you bite a little bit, you will loudly praise your snacks as the best in the world Children have a mentality of comparison.The plus cbd balance gummies eagle e commerce group cbd gummies eldest sister praised other people s snacks for being delicious, and was not convinced, so she brought her own snacks to pay tribute.Sister super cbd gummies hair loss can you fail a drug test taking cbd gummy bears Tang Tang, come and eat mine It must be better than Xiao Ming s The food came to her mouth by herself, she didn t need to do it A group of younger siblings rushed to feed her Hahaha Tangtanger suddenly felt that it would be nice to have a younger plus cbd balance gummies eagle e commerce group cbd gummies brother and sister.If there is no Xiaoshuang, but Xiaoshuang is replaced by Xiaoshuang, that would be great.He knew Tang Tang was here to support Feng Yingxin, but he was not afraid Tang Tang, Feng Yingxin in your class is a liar.She obviously can t dance, but she said she is very good.She is still an ugly duckling.Tang Tanger was instantly angry, put her hands on her hips, and said loudly You are the little liar You are still a stinky duckling.Duck, quack Li Xiaoyu shook his head and said, I just don t like Feng Yingxin, everyone doesn t like her, she is not like us, because her eyes are dirty and dirty.Candy Balabala, with a hot mouth like a hot wheel, fired at the ice cream.Who made you like it Shame Feng Yingxin is pretty, much prettier than you, her eyes are pretty, her nose is pretty, her little mouth is pretty, her hands are pretty, her tail is pretty, her The little feet are pretty, prettier than your ears, her hair is still long, much prettier than yours, look at your hair, hey, it s really dirty, wiping so much snot, it s so disgusting, Li Xiaoyu said Tangtanger Touched Li Xiaoyu s ice cream hairstyle, squeezed his little hands, the sticky nose was as sticky as Xiaoshuang s hair, and immediately shook his hand in disgust, unable to shake it off, quickly wiped it on the face of the person involved Li Xiaoyu angrily He wanted to knock Tangtang er s hand off, but he was a little slow, pointing at her, and said with a disbelief on his face You, you, you bully Why do you mess with my hair, and you are on my face What did you wipe, how could you do this, you are still not a girl Tangtang er raised her hand again with a smile, and made a gesture to touch his head again, which made Li Xiaoyu back away in fright.Under the instructions of his grandfather, Tangtanger finally found this turtle that was camouflaged to the extreme.If it hadn t just stretched out its head to hunt for prey, Grandpa would not have been able to find it.This is a turtle who thinks he is a dead leaf.Candy said with a smile Wow So cute, so fun, why is it motionless, is it shy Grandpa said that it is not shy, it just likes to be motionless.Tangtanger thought for a while and said, I know It is the same as Xiaoshuang, it likes to be lazy and sleep.Tangtanger asked again What was it doing just now Was it playing with water It was hunting Ah What are you hunting for Grandpa looked around and saw a group of small fish swimming among the fallen leaves at the bottom of the water, so he pointed to Tang Cang er and said, The group of small fish didn t find the dead leaf turtle just now.This was a bit scary, Tang Tanger had a brainstorm and decided not to be caught by Tang Xiaoshuang, not only would she not be caught, but she would also have to pick flowers.Hey, look up, what are you looking at, oh, look at the moon, bow your head, bow your head, bow your head and hug me Little Piggy couldn t answer, and he didn t have how to make cbd gummies at home plus cbd balance gummies any hope of answering, his head was blank, so he could only act coquettishly, Open your hands for a hug Tang Shuang Chapter 262 I hope people will live for a long time because the future light of the Tang family has not heard the performance of the light of the Tang family.Everyone unanimously decided to invite the light of the Tang super cbd gummies hair loss family to a live version, so that it can satisfy the future light of the Tang family.Tang Shuang Has the goal been achieved Tang Tanger smiled and said, The goal has been achieved The future light of the Tang family, that is, the little piggy of the Tang family, is about to go to heaven with joy, and her princess has a big one on her head.Such people are bad Tang Sanjian As Chairman Liu said, in the pursuit of commercial interests and social responsibility A balance super cbd gummies hair loss should be sought between responsibilities, so we should seek a balance between a small number of people making the decisions, or the people making their own judgments.We should let go of what should be let go, and guide what should be guided., and said to be good for others A person who doesn t even know that he is doing evil is the scariest person How did totalitarianism come about That s how it came Liu Weiru was furious, and slammed the table loudly.Said You say I m dictatorial Contrary to his fury, Tang Sanjian was indifferent, although he was glared at, but he was not in a hurry, he was not in a hurry to speak, but picked up the teacup, took a breath, and took a sip , and still had the mind to smile at the person who talked about Qi with him before Look, if you expel all the Qi in your stomach, you can t even drink tea.Lu Yingying nodded I agree.Ding Ji, Wei Daqun, Ding Feng and Lu Mingyi all agreed.If the technology is not higher than that of the human beings on the earth, then they cannot come across time and space.This judgment is simple and can be understood after a little thought.Tang Shuang Okay, let s make sure that the alien civilizations that visit the earth have a higher level of technology than humans.The key word here is technology.This brings us to the second question.The biggest driving force for the development of technology is What This question is very abstract and very difficult to answer.Lu Yingying seemed to be very curious, and she HCMUSSH super cbd gummies hair loss was the first to try to answer Education Tang Shuang smiled at her, neither right nor wrong.Ding Ji said Accumulation of knowledge, right Lu Mingyi also joined the rush to answer, and the third answered Social environment.At this time, the interior of Guangdong University has been set up.Banners, billboards and promotional slogans can be super cbd gummies hair loss seen everywhere, and there are many unfamiliar faces inside and outside the campus.Tang Shuang brought Candy to the playground, and this time, Little Piggy finally didn t lag behind and walked slowly.At this moment, the little piggy was happily standing five meters away from Tang Shuang, with his little feet pedaling on the ground, pedaling the scooter very fast Puppy Bai Jingjing ran ahead, stopping from time to time and turning her head to bark twice, which means you should hurry up and catch me Tangtang stew leonard cbd gummies er tried her best to slide the car, but still couldn t catch up with Bai Jingjing After persisting for a while, I had to slow down to catch my breath, muttering, oops, I m exhausted, Xiaoshuang is right, a two legged person can t run a four legged dog, although Jingjing is still young, but I am also young Ah, when I grow up, I can catch up with Jingjing In the evening, there are a group of aunts on the playground, playing and playing to the sound super cbd gummies hair loss of music.But isn t this the cutest candy in the world What s more, there is the super scary, super difficult brother Tang Tang.Don t dare to act rashly.So Pan Fugui pretended he didn t hear it.Don t keep these bad words in your heart.It s not good for your health.He hypnotized himself twice to control his emotions, and then said to Tangtanger I don t like to watch these aunts dance in the square.I like to watch At cbd erection gummies this point, he sneaked a vigilant look at Tang Shuang, and seeing that the adult was not paying attention, he signaled Tang Tanger to put his ear over.Tangtanger likes to listen to this kind of whispering.Although it is not the mother s whispering, the whispering of children is also very pleasant.She smiled and took two steps forward, turned her body sideways, pricked up her little ears, and whispered secretly, Tell me, only I can hear it, and I won t tell Xiaoshuang.Tang Shuang hurriedly let go and urged Hurry up, hurry up, the movie is about to start, if you don t go, you won t be able to see it.Tang Tanger refused, put her feet on the ground, braked the slippery car firmly, and asked loudly My little brother Shuang, you liar Why do you want to lie to the children again, they are clearly kissing, but you say no, hum I am smart, you can t fool me.Well, children of this age, to the surrounding The world is full of curiosity, and many things are their first contact in life, which is very strange.The more you don t let them know and cover it up, the more curious they will be and want to find out.Tang Shuang super cbd gummies hair loss can you fail a drug test taking cbd gummy bears thought of how many people came to pinch Tangtang er s cheeks when she was watching the square dance just now, and many of them wanted to kiss her.Although those people were all women, they were either avoided by Tang Tanger, or stopped by Tang Shuang half jokingly.You re a big kid too, don t stick to your mouth when you eat, be careful next time.Tang Shuang let Tang Shuang toss, while quibbling No, I paid attention, I will wipe clean after eating, and I am still eating.Tang Shuang It is good to keep clean and hygienic at all times.Boy, don t move, let me see your eyes, they are so big and cute, but what s going on, your big eyes are bloodshot, didn t you sleep well last night Candy himself was also very surprised , opened her small mouth wide, and asked, Mine Is there blood in .

how many cbd gummies to take at 1000 mg?

my eyes Ah Tang Shuang nodded, and gently opened Tangtang er s eyelids.Both eyes were bloodshot.It is very obvious here.Ah Why is there blood Did I do something bad Who hit me in the eye Tang Tanger subconsciously looked at Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang Why are you looking at me like this I didn t hit you in the eye.Tang Shuang said Don t fix these useless things, pay back the money The God of the Earth can generate infinite strength as long as he steps on the ground.The same principle is applied to Tangtanger, as long as she clings to her mother, she will have infinite confidence, HCMUSSH super cbd gummies hair loss she will not be afraid of anyone, and she can resist anything What kind of money do you want to pay I didn t borrow any money from you.I don t owe you money Don t think that children can be bullied when they are young and ignorant.I won t be afraid of you.Mom won t let you bully me.Right Mom, right Guardian Angel Huang Xiangning Mom is going to bed, I m so tired today.How can Tang Er agree, if Mom leaves at this time, she will be bullied by Xiaoshuang and cry Mom, let me beat your back, okay I beat your back very well.I beat Dad s toothache.Be careful hey Pan Fugui just reminded, Tangtang er hit the road with his slippery car The Youth Film Festival finally opened, and many outsiders came to Guangdong University.Such a bustling atmosphere made Candy very excited.He started yelling from the moment he woke up that he was going to go shopping Tang Sanjian went to the college early in the morning.Although the film festival did not involve the Faculty of Arts, he was worried and went to see it.Huang Xiangning made an appointment with a friend for a beauty treatment today, but he has already left.Only Tang Shuang and Tangtang were cbd gummies hair growth super cbd gummies hair loss left in the old Tang s house.Candy can only super cbd gummies hair loss count on Xiaoshuang to take her shopping and eating, saying that she can t wait for a minute She lay on the balcony on the second floor and looked at the faint crowd in the distance.But the staff hadn t dispersed yet, and Shang Hui was interviewing everyone, chatting and laughing happily.Seeing Tang Shuang coming, she was relieved, and if she came later, she would not be able to delay.Zhang Tianfeng was chatting with Qiu Sen.Ye Liang went to ask the teacher for instructions, but Tang Shuang didn t know what to say.Tang Shuang saw him pointing at himself, and then Zhang Tianfeng and Qiu Sen also looked over.Zhang Tianfeng saw Tang Shuang at a glance, and what Qiu Sen saw was the little one at Tang Shuang s feet That little guy is showing his teeth and giggling at him, hehehe She knows this cool uncle wearing sunglasses, he is an acquaintance, he wears sunglasses and eats spicy strips, and imitated him today It s just that he super cbd gummies hair loss still wears his sunglasses, but Tangtanger s has already been taken off.It s not that enemies don t get together The cheap young director came all the way, and said with a smile Look I have a big golden baby, and yours is silver, hehe Although this guy is cheap enough, he is talented and learned, and he won the gold award Huh wrong duck eggs What a big golden baby, it s a banana As the saying goes, you can make a lot of money will cbd gummies make you hungry by keeping your voice down, and take a banana to the toilet to have a drink.Aren t you afraid of death Tang Shuang and Ye Liang looked at each other, and at how to make cbd gummies at home plus cbd balance gummies the same time waved to him and said, Come here Before Jianjian could come over, the two rushed forward and gave him a big beating Ye Liang was the most ruthless, pinching his face When you said that you were not good at seducing yourself, if you insisted on this point, you just had nowhere to vent your sulking anger So cheap became a trash can Hey, don t slap your face I still have to accept an interview, so don t slap your face Stop, how to make cbd gummies at home plus cbd balance gummies don t pinch it, cbd gummies hair growth super cbd gummies hair loss shit, I m going to be angry Take that hand away, where do you put it, ouch , Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Oh, it s not good, I m patronizing Heipi and forget about these colleagues.Although he didn t get the gold award his father asked for, the silver can i take melatonin with cbd gummy award is not bad.If he tries hard for one time, is it possible to reverse the old man s will When Ye Liang left, he carried a bottle of eye drops in his pocket, ready to snot and tear, and move the heavens and earth with his grief.Zhang Tianfeng didn t know that Ye Liang might never return, so he gave him a lot of praise and encouragement when he parted.He cherished his talents and was going to introduce a crew to Ye Liang.He would go in and practice, just like Xiao Yungui, Although mainly doing odd jobs, opportunities are rare.Great talent Tang Shuang also enjoyed the praise from Dean Zhang.The title of Great Talent was presented by him, Tang Shuang humbly declined it, and accepted it in his heart.After Great Writer , I finally have another brilliant title Can t help feeling flustered.She has been a trainee for three years and is preparing to debut next year.Well, here comes the key word, debut next year.Then, then there is no then.Goodbye everyone, go back to your home.Seeing Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen leave, Xiao Na smiled inexplicably.The encounter just now was not simple, it was arranged on purpose by her, but she was very good at it.Familiar.And she 3000mg cbd gummies effects super cbd gummies hair loss didn t introduce Tang Shuang, not even any of them, as if they really met by chance, the elders met the younger generation, and the younger generation said hello, that s all.After Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen left, they went to the mall to choose gifts for Li Yu s stupid house.Looking at Tang Zhen who was wearing a big mask, Tang Shuang seemed to be casually chatting with her about the company, and made a few friends, did they know each other When she has free time, go out and play with friends more often, don t always work , and don t be bored at home alone, oh yes, I think you and Luo Yuqing can get along quite well, why didn t you see her today, where did you go There are a lot of blah blah blah blah, they seem to care about Tang Zhen s work life, in fact Tang Shuang learned Xiao Na s cunning.In Ye Liang s hand.Ye Liang is a considerate knight, without further ado, he raised a huge fat tiger doll from behind During Tang Shuang s business trip, Tangtanger and Ye Liang met once.At that time, Xiao Zhuzhu told Ye Liang that her little tiger doll was given to her sister, and she was gone.Without the protection of the little tiger, the little princess was sleeping.It will be dangerous.Then, today there is Brain Tiger Wow big, dangers of cbd gummies big tiger Candy s eyes were full of stars, and she stuttered a little, so, such a big tiger She hugged the fat tiger with both hands, it was not heavy, but it was too big, the doll was dragged on the ground.With a happy face, she threw the fat tiger on the ground, grabbed its tail, and dragged it up the steps, preparing to drag it back to the room.Tang Shuang asked worriedly Tangtanger, you don t want to go back to the room and kill him, do you Tangtanger said loudly dissatisfied Damn it The Lun family likes small animals very much.Fortunately, Little Putao didn t notice, but Chu Mei noticed.The two looked at each other, both holding back their laughter.This unkind little aunt Little Putao, a poor little girl, didn t dare to laugh anymore, so she covered her hands with her hands when she couldn t hold back her words, and her words leaked out.The third one with evil intentions is Li Dun He is absolutely unpopular in the old Tang s house now.Bai Jingjing and Tang Xiaowu have a lot of opinions on him, especially Bai Jingjing, who hates him so much that she can t wait to piss on his heels, and even pulls its legs to see its privacy It s better to leave Old Tang s house as soon as possible.But the opinions of the two of them will not be adopted by Candy.Candy is very welcome to big cheeks, this is her important granary.The troubles of the big faced Li Dun are blissful.No wonder Xiao Jin was frightened and cried, and all the children were startled by the loud noise.Xiao Jin cried again.Everyone quickly comforted him, don t cry, don t cry, it would be bad if it spread, saying that children are bullying children.Xiao Jin felt very ashamed of himself, especially when he saw Li Dun s disdainful expression, he couldn t hold back his tears.He was a young man who wanted to compete with everyone for the real man.He choked from time to time, and looked at the next little peacock with teary eyes The little peacock is timid before fighting I I am telling everyone a story for the first time I am a little nervous, I I started I I The story I want to tell is the little peacock, it, It , What does jirigulu mean Everyone couldn t understand, but the little peacock spoke Russian when he was nervous.The family has not been together for a long time.Ye Liang is medterra cbd gummies coupon code an only child, a family of three, but even if it s just the three of them, they rarely have the opportunity to sit down and have dinner together.Since he was 16 years old.Although Ye Liang s parents were not divorced in name, they had already separated.If Ye Liang hadn t been around, they would have lost contact.His mother is a professor of Guangdong University, and now lives in the living area of Guangdong University.His father has a family outside.As for whether there is a woman, Ye Liang doesn t know, mainly because he doesn t want to know.The two had separated, and Ye Liang lived alone in Ye Liang s villa, plus a nanny.From the age of 17 to now, it was deserted and desolate.This year s Mid Autumn Festival, the Ye family did not have a reunion, even though Ye Liang tried his best to make it happen.Hee hee hee Candy was happy, rolling around in the bed, rolling from here to the edge of the bed, Oh, I m going to fall, Xiaoshuang, help me It was so embarrassing that it almost rolled under the bed , the upper body was hanging on the edge of the bed, and a pair of short legs were thumping and kicking, about to fall down go Tang Shuang grabbed her, grabbed her little feet, and dragged her back Lie down well, are you It s not that I m full of sleep and don t want to sleep anymore, I m going to have a good night tonight. Nothing The Lun family is sleepy, huh, if it wasn t for waiting for you, the Lun family must have slept soundly.Tangtanger was in shock., behaved a little, squeezed into Tang Shuang s arms, raised a little foot and wanted to put super cbd gummies hair loss it on him again.Tang Shuang pushed her little feet down and said, Smelly, don t pick me up.At this time, their scene suddenly appeared on the big screen at the scene, which was shot by the cameraman who captured the scene with a crane.There were sparse applause at first, and then there was a clatter of applause.Just now, the little super cbd gummies hair loss can you fail a drug test taking cbd gummy bears peacock fell twice, chased twice, and finally almost entered the finals.The parents at the scene were very moved.The real purpose of the competition, as for the ranking trophy belongs to the second.Under the comfort of her mother, the little peacock wiped away the tears on her face, looked at the camera pitifully, cried for a while, and then tried to give everyone a sweet smile.The little girl who won the third place found the little peacock accompanied by her parents.The two children muttered, hugged each other, patted each other s shoulders, cheers Chapter 398 Majestic Tang Tang watched the little peacock s competition, Tang Tang Shuang took the opportunity to educate Tangtanger.from the head.To be honest, the three instructors invited by My Most Hip Hop are not enough in the Chinese music edibles gummies cbd diy scene to hold the lineup for a variety show with pursuit, but there is no way.There are very few public figures who are famous for playing hip hop in Huaxia.Look for the tall ones and find these three.One of them, Luo Yuqing, knew him and recorded Infinite Challenge with him not long ago.His name is Sayang.Strictly speaking, Sayang is not a hip hop singer, but there are rap and rap parts in several of his songs.Thinking of Sayang, Luo Yuqing had a headache.Ever since he met him in Infinite Challenge , he started pursuing Luo Yuqing crazily.The headquarter of Sayang s entertainment company how to make cbd gummies at home plus cbd balance gummies is in Shanghai, but in order to pursue Luo Yuqing, he is now basically stationed in Shengjing.She really likes to go to places with a lot of people, and there are many people, not to mention that everyone is here to celebrate her birthday today, little birthday star Here and now, HCMUSSH super cbd gummies hair loss Little Pig is the undisputed focus, even the radiant sister is just a little star next to the moon, twinkling and blinking, but she doesn t twinkle, just keeps shining like this The little man wanders around, chatting with this child, talking with that adult, holding a puppy for a while, and carrying a super cbd gummies hair loss gummy cbd dose parrot for a while, on average, one out of three sentences is laughter, so that the old Tang family She can be seen playing around everywhere, and her laughter can be heard everywhere.Seeing Little Pig so happy, it was all worth it for Tang Shuang Zhang Luo.If I had a fairy wand, la la la la la Little Piggy hummed a little song he had just learned, and came to meet Grandpa with Bai Jingjing in his arms.Behind Little Peacock is Little Putao.Little Putao is grinning and greedy, thinking how did her front teeth fall out In addition to changing teeth, the more reason is to eat too much sweets.Xiaojin is behind Xiaoputao, followed by Qiqi.Qiqi said that he wants to keep healthy and maintain his health since he was a child.Eat three bowls, it s really not good to eat too much.Candy is like a lady in the cafeteria, who concentrates on cooking for everyone.The children lined up neatly, and after Kiki happily left with his cake, Comrade Lie Yan was the first adult to pick him up.Comrade Lie Yan first complimented the little birthday star on his cuteness and beauty, and wished a happy birthday, then held an empty plate and hoped that it would be full, Candy cut out a piece of cake with both hands, put it on the plate with a click, and then asked Comrade Lie Yan to squat down, okay Comrade Lie Yan thought that the little birthday star had something to say in a whisper, so he squatted down cheerfully, and then his old face was wiped with a small hand, followed by a series of giggling laughter Lie Yan s face was covered with cake Seeing this, Tang Shuang, who was second in line, turned around and left with an empty plate, no more food, no food Hey, hey Tang Shuang greeted quickly, Xiao Shuang couldn t super cbd gummies hair loss leave, she couldn t let him slip.Huang Xiangning how about we take Tangtanger to see her, They haven t seen each other for three years.Tang Sanjian shook his head without hesitation I took her there before because she was young and ignorant, but now I can t, she is 6 years old, so I can t go again.Huang Xiangning was silent, with a sad expression on his face , After a long time, he said Will this be too cruel for their mother and daughter Tang Sanjian Let Tangtanger have a happy and carefree childhood, and wait for her to grow up to talk about everything, you forgot That s how Jiang Xin asked us before he was conscious.Huang Xiangning was silent again, lowered his head and wiped his eyes, and said softly I know, but I feel sad when I think of them two, you say, today is such a happy day, if How good it would be for Xiaoxin to be here too, seeing her own flesh and blood grow so cute, don t mention how happy she is Xiaoxin is so young and beautiful, why, how did she become like this, Jiang Yue entrusted her to us, We failed her and didn t take brands of cbd gummies good care of her It s all my fault.Think about it.Said Oh.Chu Jing was concerned about her sister s lifelong event, and asked What does oh mean, whether it cbd gummies meghan kelly is okay or not, I have to know in my own mind, so if I do, please hurry up and let others know what you mean, so that he can understand what you mean., your relationship can become interesting.Chu Mei What exactly does this mean.Chu Jing thought about her sister s recent troubles, and said, How is that boss of yours doing now Is he still chasing you Last time I saw him, except for machismo, he was fine in other aspects, but machismo is the biggest problem.If you don t like it, you can reject it clearly, don t procrastinate.Chu super cbd gummies hair loss Mei said dissatisfied What is unclean, sister, why are you talking nonsense, I never I never said if I have a good impression of him, I have always refused, never changed, but he didn t give up Well, he is a very persistent young man, but unfortunately, my sister doesn t like it, haha Chu Mei looked at her sister speechlessly, then silently looked again at Tang Shuang who was lying on the ground and telling stories to the children.Before leaving, Tang Shuang found Zuo Bin and expressed her sincere admiration for the director.On super cbd gummies hair loss the one hand, she was admired by his attitude of excellence and super cbd gummies hair loss sour cbd gummies sincerity When other directors came, they must have confessed to them, but this Zuo Bin didn t seem to pay attention to 3000mg cbd gummies effects super cbd gummies hair loss the halo on their heads at all.Zuo Bin s attitude towards Tang Shuang has also undergone a great change.Before the recording, because Tang Shuang was stuffed in by Luo super cbd gummies hair loss Yinqiang, and he didn t listen to the letter choice proposed by the program group tr wellness cbd gummies The impression is not good, but after today s scene, Tang Shuang s hardworking, hardworking, smart, studious and modest spirit and attitude made him very recognized in his heart.In the performances just now, Tang Shuang s performance was not bad at all, completely surpassing him psychological expectations.I ve already asked someone to buy some painkillers, just in case it s needed.Tang Shuang said this with a chill, is he ready for me to cut off my hands and wrists Is this trying to kill me at the signing The few people in the front delayed a little time.In order to prevent the people behind from making all kinds of requests, Li Haonan stood next to Tang Shuang, but he blocked all the requests.Time is not enough, everyone, please bear with me considerate.The signing event was finally going on in an orderly manner.The people who were separated by the isolation zone meandered forward.Those who got the signed books were led out immediately.After about half of the people left in the room, a new batch of book friends came from the hotel.The square outside was put in.Taking advantage of the time to maintain order, Tang Shuang quickly took a break, drank some water, and shook her wrists.Tang Shuang handed Tangtanger a piece of clothing, and the little piglet ran to the bed and threw it on the bed.He was so busy that he returned empty handed for the last time, and asked curiously, Is there anything else Tang Shuang No more, it s enough.Come on, let s work hard together and put the clothes in the box.When they came to the bed, Tang Shuang picked up the sky blue down jacket, looked at it, and then looked down at Little Piggy, He said suspiciously Why .

how long does cbd gummy stay in system?

do I feel that this dress is too small, can you wear it Try it.Try it.Candy put the clothes on quickly, and even put them in, but she couldn t pull them on.The zipper is too small, it took super cbd gummies hair loss a long time, if Tang Shuang didn t stop her, she would have to tear the clothes open before giving up.Tang Shuang squatted down, straightened the down jacket on Xiaozhuzhu s body, tried the zipper, but really couldn t zip it up It s too small, you can t wear it, let s change it.Tang Shuang asked Tangtanger where to buy true bliss cbd gummies in the back seat if he wanted to say hello to Xiao Guizi.Of course I want candy, they are good friends, so while the speed of the car was slowing down, I rolled down the window, lay on the window and asked Xiao Guizi what he was doing, Xiao Guizi was going to play with her, this weekend, it is rare to have time However, Tangtanger said regretfully and proudly that she and Xiaoshuang are going on a trip.If you want to play together, let s talk about it after she gets home.It s impossible now, she s too young, there s no way , can t be the master.It was as if she really wanted to stay and not go on a trip.The trip was forced by Tang Shuang to go.She did all the good people, and Tang Shuang took all the blame.Let s go, let super cbd gummies hair loss s go, let s go let s go Doggie, doggy goodbye Jingjing Wow, woof The Porsche carrying the hope of the old Tang family set off for the airport Chapter 562 Was teased On the way to the airport, Tang Tanger fidgeted excitedly.Tang Shuang I can t guess, Just tell me.Tang super cbd gummies hair loss can you fail a drug test taking cbd gummy bears Tanger patted Tang Shuang s thigh and sighed, Mom said that everyone s brains need to be used frequently so that they don t rust.Do you know what will happen if they get rusty Become a fool.Tang Shuang looked at the child Are you scolding me Nothing Tangtanger said loudly Hee hee, Xiao Shuang, let the Lun family tell you, the bear is because of She didn t find happiness in the forest, she was tired after working in the forest all day, so she wanted to run home quickly and ask her mother.Then she substituted for HCMUSSH super cbd gummies hair loss the little bear and said in a shrill voice Mom, what is What about happiness Xiao Shuang, do you know Happiness How did you start to study such an important topic in life Tang Shuang said in bewilderment, and then realized that this question was familiar, as if he had mentioned it somewhere.Like Tangtanger, he took the pillow from behind and embraced him, and nestled his body deeply into the sofa, leaning side by side with the child.Seeing this, Tang Tanger approached with a smile, tilted her head and leaned on Tang Shuang s arm, and smiled innocently at him.Chapter 574 The sad story behind a rabbit kissing a giraffe on a herringbone ladder Her name is Zeng Yujun, and she was my brother s ex girlfriend Following Tang Shuang s introduction, Tangtanger slowly remembered that she listened to Little Leaf during the summer vacation It is said that Xiaoshuang broke up with his girlfriend.At that time, she pestered Xiaoshuang to ask, is she older than Tangtanger Does she poop every day too Is she beautiful or is her sister beautiful But at that time Xiaoshuang didn t love her sister very much, so she didn t say anything, oops, thinking about it back then made her angry.Thinking that I am only 6 years old, small and cute, I have not had enough days, so I should be more careful about my own life.So my swollen heart collapsed in an instant, and I was so afraid of giving up, I stood there and muttered a few words, rolled my big eyes, turned around, and said cutely to Tang Shuang with a smile on my face Haha I want to pee Urinating Xiaoshuang, go outside to have a look, and come back to report to Tang Shuang if it s okay.Another smog rushed back, and only slowed down when passing Tang Shuang, walking step by step, turning her head to Tang Shuang as she walked, telling Tang Shuang that she was real.He even asked Tang Shuang if he wanted to go pee together Please In order to hide his do platinum x cbd gummies really have 100mg fear of death, this guy first encouraged Tang Shuang to go outside to see who was coming, and then asked Tang Shuang to pee.Little Sugar opened the small suitcase, and wanted to give her parents a gift, which she chose in Guling Town, and she paid for it herself.Before coming here, she withdrew some deposits from her treasure chest.Although it was usually deducted a lot, she was still generous at critical times.Tang Xiaoren not only prepared gifts for his parents, but Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen also had gifts.Tang Shuang thought she didn t have one Because when the little guy was in Hongcheng, he only gave gifts to Tang Zhen, and Tang Shuang didn t have anything to do with it at all.When he got home, when he was giving gifts to Sister Xiangning and Brother Sanjian, he took out the presents for him and hid them well.deep na.This made Tang Shuang so happy, alas, the little sister is still very caring, not only Tang Shuang thinks so, Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian also think so, Bai Jingjing puppy also thinks so, because even it has a small gift The gift Bai Jingjing received was a small bell, which was tied around the puppy s neck on the spot.After breakfast, Tang Shuang drove away.Through the rearview mirror, she saw the little man standing in the yard and waving at him vigorously.She was very pleased.Through the heroic performance of the past few days, it seemed that the little sister of the Tang family had been conquered by him.Now, I no longer yell at him, and I have started to worship him.I am really more and more sensible.Seeing the car disappearing in the distance, Tangtanger went back to the house, and said to Huang Xiangning who was about to take her shopping Mom, why did you let Xiaoshuang go Have you ever thought about it, Xiaoshuang is hot If you have money, if he doesn t go with us, then you will have to pay, but Candy has no money, so you can t look at me.On the other side, Tang Shuang met Qiu Sen.Although he was very clear about the progress of Dragon Snake s preparations through Li Haonan and Tang Huohuo s channels, he and Qiu Sen hadn t seen each other for almost a month.The super cbd gummies hair loss red one is raspberry flavored.It s so sweet, suck it jibe cbd gummies reviews Not only Ye Liang heard the saliva, but Tang Shuang also heard it, and Miao Wen on the side also heard it.Miao Wen suppressed the smile on her face, and wanted to see how long the long haired little girl in front of her could why would collagen be found in cbd gummies last.Tang Shuang covered her face Can you stop slobbering like this, it s so embarrassing Tangtang er embarrassedly raised her hand to wipe the corner of her mouth, and muttered sheepishly The Lun family didn t do it on purpose, the Lun family has nothing to do, wow The small river is floodedhehe.The few people were amused by her, and they even clattered that the small river was flooded.Ye Liang smiled and looked at the red crescent shaped candy in his hand.This is fudge, very sweet, slightly sour, and very chewy.He even had a fight with that short haired boy on stage.The boy was so scared by Brother Dashuang that he didn t dare to speak out.He s such a useless man, I m sorry Xiao Guizi, don t swear, let alone spit.Did you spit on me Let me tell you, I won t I m afraid of you.Tangtang er looked down at her beautiful little clothes, worried that Pan Fugui had just spat phlegm on her, and she was about to lose her temper.Today, the little pig is dressed up beautifully, very smug.Pan Fugui quickly said No, no, I didn t spit, that s what I meant.What do you mean Tang Tanger asked to the end.Those who spit will be condemned.If she dares to spit, Xiaoshuang must Ask her to eat back.emmmm, it means super cbd gummies hair loss disdain for that short haired man, do you know how disdainful you are Tang Tanger nodded, and said, I know disdain, Xiaoshuang often disdains me, this guy, hmph, disdain means looking down on people Isn t that right, hum Xiaoshuang also said that the Lun family has long hair and short knowledge, this guy is a big devil Chapter 682 The World Is Wonderful Except for Tang Shuang s blow, the round table party ended without any surprise.Candy asked him strangely, if his father could knock down a mountain.Li Dun felt that his father was too embarrassing, Tang Tanger lost interest in an instant, can t he knock down a mountain That s so strange, Xiaoshuang can knock down a bunch of children.Standing on the lawn, she stretched her little arms and legs in the warm sunshine, and said solemnly I know kung fu Ha, huh huh huh left split palm, right split palm, unicorn fairy, great strength, Praying Mantis Mantis is good at kung fu Insect Kung Fu dance is really fun Huh ha Defeat pig bugs It s her insect Kung Fu dance again She once defeated the little boy in black with this kung fu dance, and today she wants to defeat Sima Tianya.Sima, Ma Where are you Come on cbd gummies hair growth super cbd gummies hair loss See if the little fairy doesn t beat you to tears you re going to be so cute Sunflower acupuncture hand hehe Seeing this, Xiao Jin became addicted to kung fu, and stretched his arms and legs , hehehaha.The first time they met was at King Yang s goldfish pond.Candy met everyone to see King Yang s goldfish.For this reason, Xiaozhuzhu specially prepared a small bag filled with bread crumbs and prepared to feed King Yang s goldfish But the goldfish couldn t be fed, and two of the three people in the company started fighting, and the ones fighting were Tang Yu and Pan Fugui.They are all 8 super cbd gummies hair loss years old, and they all think that they are more stubborn, and they are usually very aggressive.Whether at home or at school, they are like bullies.Because of a little dispute, the two refused to give in, and then they fought.Pan Fugui is heavy, and it is said that he uses the Tiger Fist.Tang Yu s body is light and flexible, and he uses monkey fist.During the fight, Tang Yu circled around Pan Fugui, waiting for an opportunity to attack.Tang Xiaoshuang has already threatened that Tang Xiaoshuang will be Bai Liangliang if she doesn t go home.If she becomes Bai Liangliang, she will be fired forever if she doesn t go home Never enter Old Tang s house Chapter 702 Earthy Chicken Soup Tang Shuang returned to Yuezhou from the city at night.The city is next to Xiangjiang and Yuezhou, which is very convenient for Liang Qiao and Tang Shuang.As soon as he got on the train to the train station, Tangtang er called, asking him if he would go home tonight, reminding him that if he didn t go home tonight, tomorrow he would become Bai Jingjing s younger brother, Bai Liangliang.Tang Shuang quickly said that she would definitely go home tonight Tangtanger was very happy and affirmed Tang Xiaoshuang s efforts, and encouraged him that as long as Tang Xiaoshuang could go home tonight, she would flip his sign and let Xiaoshuang sleep on the princess s bed tonight.However, Tangtang er has the skill of anticipating murderous intent, and immediately discovered HCMUSSH super cbd gummies hair loss that Xiaoshuang wanted to kill her.She is a little pig who can bend and stretch, and shook her head quickly Hehehe, if you don t fight, you can t beat you.You will super cbd gummies hair loss be beaten to death by your iron fist.If you don t fight, don t hit me.If you touch me The Lun family cried loudly.After speaking, she jumped off the sofa, hid behind Huang Xiangning, changed her groveling attitude, and said fiercely Big villain, kick your ass, kick you 3000mg cbd gummies effects super cbd gummies hair loss somersault Turn your ass up to the sky, turn over Tang Shuang snorted coldly, but the little piggy was so angry that she walked out from Huang Xiangning s side, her body tensed up, ready to flee at any time, and shouted loudly Huh What Are you a villain Tang Shuang You didn t clean up at all today, and you will do all of it tomorrow.Yang Qinxin continued to say that she was forced by her family to go on blind dates many times, but she failed every time and was accused of being too proud.In fact, she is not, she just still loves her ex boyfriend.She didn t want to go home just now because her family would say that she went home too early.When I came out, my mother said about your conditions.You are much better than me.If I go back too early, I will definitely be accused of not seizing the opportunity.I, I can t stand it.Tang Shuang nnn Tang Shuang thought for a while, and said How HCMUSSH super cbd gummies hair loss about this, after I go back, I will tell Aunt Yang that I have no feelings for you, so the responsibility is not on your side.Yang Qin was heartbroken and speechless.Tang Shuang What s the matter Yang Qin shook his head with tears in his heart Thank you Tang Shuang, you are a good person.Come down Tang Zhen said coldly, with Tang Shuang lying on her back, she couldn t move an inch.I don t Tang Shuang refused to come down, and was immediately pulled down by the two sisters of the Tang family.Tang Zhen grabbed his hands, and Tang Shuang pulled his legs from behind, ripping off his shoes.Tsk Tang Tang, you are so annoying, I am playing with my sister, why are you joining in the fun, go Tang Shuang said.Tang Shuang put her hips on her hips, pointed to her face and said, Shame, I want my sister to carry it Tang Shuang was not at all embarrassed You want me to carry it The Lun family is a little princess Tang Tanger was unequivocal said.Don t come What s the reason Tang Shuang expressed disdain for Tangtanger, and he continued My sister often carried me when I was young.Tangtanger asked curiously My sister carried you Often carry me.The poems written by my dad are not only high yield, but also of good quality, right, do you think I m right Xiaozhen, Tang Tang you think it s wrong, don t you Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger nodded subconsciously, and Tang Shuang immediately jumped just cbd gummies cola up and said, What Do you think Dad can t write poetry Okay, you guys, a bunch of unfilial guys Dad, how do you think we should deal with them Don t let them come first Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger finally realized that they had fallen into Xiaoshuang s trap Candy gritted her teeth angrily.Tang Zhen said bitterly I don t Tang Tanger also jumped up and said loudly The Lun family didn t say anything The poems written by Dad are so beautiful I really like to listen to them You should be listening to songs Well, I really like listening to it Tang Shuang Then you don t think the poems written by Dad are good, do you Tang Tanger nodded and said, Well Before she could finish the words, Tang Shuang jumped up again and said, Look Dad Look at this little person, and she said that your poems are not good, you are a little villain, right Let her write poems.Huang Xiangning put the transparent glass he just bought on the dining table, and said to Tang Tanger Tang Tang, come here and give you a bath.The little man quickly glanced at Huang Xiangning, continued to watch the cartoon, and said to Huang Xiangning Mom, I don t want to take a shower because I don t have time.Tang Zhen was waiting on her Clivia on the balcony, and laughed.Huang Xiangning asked Tangtanger Then what are you busy with Tangtanger s eyes were glued to the TV, Huang Xiangning said without looking at the TV The Lun family is watching cartoons, and they want to defeat the big wolf dog every day Seems to confirm her words , The voice of the cartoon on the TV came Eat me with a punch You super cbd gummies hair loss big evil wolf dog, you bully others and the weak, I will teach you a lesson Not my opponent I will let you know what it means to be afraid.What matters is not whether they are good or bad, but what is in the jar.Some people Self confident that 3000mg cbd gummies effects super cbd gummies hair loss the jar is exquisite and often dressed up, super cbd gummies hair loss mostly to cover up the inner poverty some people don t care whether the jar is good or broken, it is because the inner richness exudes self confidence from the inside out, which is a more thorough and clear outlook on life I think Sister Yu is the latter kind of self confidence.Luo Yuqing couldn t help thinking of herself, and put herself in, feeling a little unhappy and sad.She loves makeup and loves super cbd gummies hair loss beauty.For this reason, people around her, including her parents, looked at her with colored glasses when she was in high school.After failing the college entrance examination, she gave up repeating her studies for the sake of self esteem and became a Beijing drifter, so her education remained at high school.The cavalry trained orderly and surrounded a black carriage.Before everyone can guess who is sitting in the carriage, the camera cuts to the inside of the carriage, and Wuming played by Li Ying appears in the camera.He is dressed in black, murmuring in deep thought, with an expressionless face.I have been an orphan since I was a child, and I have no name.People call me nameless.If a person has no name, he can concentrate on practicing swords.It took me ten years to practice a unique sword technique.The king of Qin summoned me urgently because I had completed a sword technique.This is a major event that shocked the country of Qin.With the sound of Wuming s inner monologue, the film officially kicked off Tang Shuang had watched the feature film once before, but this was the second time, but she still focused on the whole process with relish.Then I ll play it for everyone Tang Shuang continued to threaten.Tang Tang hesitated, and said angrily, Show me She grabbed Tang Shuang s hand, wanting to snatch the phone.How could Tang Shuang let her snatch it He laughed, hid it in his pocket, and threatened her From now on, you are not allowed to talk.If you talk, I will play the recording of you snoring while sleeping, so that everyone will know that you are a little girl.Pig reincarnated.Tang Tang gritted his teeth angrily, and refused to accept I don t believe it Huh, I won t believe you, the little fairy will not be frightened by you, the Lun family is not frightened Tang Shuang laughed and ignored her.Tang Tang was furious, but was finally bluffed, and stared at Tang Shuang for a long time before giving up, watching the movie honestly without saying a word.No hurry, no one is robbing us.Tang Shuang said while running after her.Hee hee hee The little man was very happy, he caught up with Tang Zhen and his parents, and stood beside them cutely, Xiao Shuang, choose one too.Huang Xiangning held a river lantern in each of his left and right hands, and asked Tang Shuang Which lamp does Xiaoshuang want Tangtanger pointed to the one on the left and said, Xiaoshuang, this one looks better I want this On the left is a seven color lamp, which is composed of seven petals.Each petal is a different color, colorful and extremely dazzling.Tang Shuang said with a smile, I want the one on the right.Ah the one on the left The one on the left Xiaoshuang, the left side looks good Candy yelled, the seven color lamp on the left is so beautiful, why not the one on the left of.Emmmm The seven color lights correspond to Qixi Festival Before I finished speaking, I heard a protracted Chapter super cbd gummies hair loss 758 The Dragon King in Jiangli was choked and dared to dislike Sanjian s father so openly , except for Tang Xiaoshuang, there is no one else.Tang Sanjian didn t even need to think about it, he was sure it was Tang Shuang.However Don t look at me, it s not me I dare not Tang Shuang screamed, but he didn t make a sound, although goose bumps appeared on his arms.Candy shook her head quickly It s not the Lun family, is your sister Tang Zhen shook her head, let alone her, even if she thought so in her heart, she would not say anything.Well, don t ask, it can only be Xiangning s mother.Mom, don t you love Dad Tangtanger, a little guy with a big brain and aching brain, yelled, and what he said was so serious that the two sisters and brothers didn t dare to pick it up, and they died one after another What are you talking about Huang Xiangning stroked his little daughter s brain, there was nothing she dared not think about about this little guy.Tang Huohuo said in a helpless tone on the other end of the phone Actually, I m not blind, but my left eye is injured.Scratched by Tang Xiaowu.These two have been fighting non stop since they entered my house.Tang Xiaowu scratched Bai Jingjing s eyes, and Bai Jingjing bit off a clump of Tang Xiaowu s hair.That one was at the buttocks, where it was bald Tang Shuang is the eyes still okay Tang Huohuo The eyelid is hurt, but the eyeball is not hurt.It will be fine after a while.When did it happen Yesterday morning.Okay , as long as you are not blind, go to Tang Xiaowu quickly, losing this one is enough for candy to cry for a while.I ll go right away, oh it s like bringing two children, I ve never been so tired.As if you have taken care of children, I tell you that it is more tiring to take care super cbd gummies hair loss of children, because if there are children, there will be small animals.Hahaha Damn it This young man dared to laugh at her Bai Jingjing smoked furiously, but there was no other way, so let s find the bad bird first.Go, look in the yard first, and super cbd gummies hair loss bark twice when she smells Tang Xiaowu.Bai Jingjing quickly jumped into the familiar yard, sniffing and smelling everywhere, and soon smelled Tang Xiaowu s bad bird.taste.Wow woof Ah, so fast Is it really there That s great Bai Jingjing was a little proud, she must be a good dog, and found the bad bird who ran away from home as soon as she got out.Where is it Smell it carefully.Bai Jingjing put her nose to the ground, sniffed everywhere, and walked quickly in small steps, and soon came to the banyan tree in the southeast corner of the yard.Wow woof vomit Bai Jingjing almost beeped in her heart, and ran away quickly, almost throwing up, rubbing it, it turned out to be the shit of Tang Xiaowu s bad bird It s bird droppings, isn t it a bird Did you smell it wrong Bai Jingjing barked twice in desperation, feeling that she had suffered a great loss for running so far to smell that bad bird s droppings, and almost touched the dirty thing with super cbd gummies hair loss her nose.Old Xu gave him a surprised look, then went back to watching TV, not caring about whether he won the lottery, because he didn t believe it at all.The young man rummaged through his pockets, but he couldn t find it.Then he opened his briefcase, rummaged through it, and finally found a lottery ticket.He put the bag on the shelf and asked the boss, What s the number just now Boss. Without waiting for Lao Xu to answer, he said happily Ha, 07 08 09, let me just say it, isn t that what I am Numbers, 21 23 10 01.The young man paused, then asked nervously and excitedly, How much Old Xu looked super cbd gummies hair loss away from the TV again, and landed on the face of the young man whose expression had changed., Said Really match No way You can hit like this Do you hear clearly 21 23 10 01.Make sure.The young man spit out the remaining sliver of cigarette, walked to Old Xu and asked.Guo Zifeng asked How many hundred million Tang Shuang took out his mobile phone and inquired, Yezi is talking nonsense, he doesn t know at all.Guo Zifeng moved closer to Tang Shuang, How many hundred million Ye Liang also moved closer, How many hundred million Tang Shuang checked while Asked Guo Zifeng Guo Zi, how much did you pay for the ticket Guo Zifeng remembered the incident not long ago very clearly, and said, 15 yuan.How many times more Guo Zifeng stared at him, he didn t understand this, so he gave 15 yuan in cash to the boss, and the boss took care of everything after that, including number selection.Ye Liang knew something, did the math, and said, 15 yuan is five times more.Are you can you take cbd gummies with high blood pressure medication sure Tang Shuang.Sure Ye Liang affirmed.Tang Shuang scratched her head But I still don t know how much money I won Ye Liang said angrily, Give it to me I ll check it out Tang Shuang handed him the phone, and just as super cbd gummies hair loss he handed it over, there was a ding dong, and it happened to come message.Although Ye Liang was extremely curious about super cbd gummies hair loss what happened between Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing, he was more concerned now.The lottery thing.Bring the phone, let s continue to check the lottery tickets.Now this matter is more important than dating.Tang Shuang didn t give it to him anymore, and said, I ll check., Ye Liang urged Have you found it Yes, you can see for yourself.Tang Shuang turned the phone to them.Ye Liang 6512, there are so many numbers, how many digits are they Tens of millions, hundreds of thousands, millions of millions, gone 65.12 million Isn t it several hundred million Pia Ye Liang was beaten immediately.Tang Shuang said excitedly Don t be dissatisfied We won more than 60 million yuan It s not a joke, Guo Zifeng really won 65.12 million yuan in the lottery ticket he bought Unexpectedly, it was just a temporary idea as a prop to punish Old Xu, and it turned out to be a great surprise for Tang Shuang.A upstate cbd gummies few large characters came into view.Read each word 6 5 2 1, Wan, sister, sister, what do those big characters say Tang Zhen followed Tangtang s gaze and said, Ah, someone won the lottery , 65.21 million, who is it What luck.Wow you can buy a lot of dolls Candy said pleasantly, imagining the dolls falling from the sky, how many 65.21 million can buy.Tang Sanjian was driving, and Huang Xiangning, the co pilot, said, Really, who is so lucky We can have a happy Spring Festival.Candy shouted excitedly Catch him, catch him Tang Zhen smiled and said Candy, why are you so excited Hee hee Candy is going to give him New Year s greetings According to the little man s experience, as long as you give a New Year s greeting to an adult, you can receive a big red envelope.Thinking of the big red envelope, the little man started to gulp his eyes.Really Tang Sanjian answered her firmly.Really Xiaoyue.Huang Xiangning said softly.Jiang Yue suddenly became quiet, not knowing what review royal blend cbd gummies she was thinking.The surroundings also quieted down, and Tang Sanjian s voice came clearly from the computer.Tang Tang, your brother is here Hurry up and get ready.The camera shook a few times, and then returned to normal.Candy held a plate of cakes with candles in her hands.Tang Sanjian appeared in the camera, squatting in front of her, lighting the candles on the cake.Okay, the candles are already lit, you have to be careful, don t let the cake fall on the ground.Tang Sanjian warned.Tang Zhen nodded her head Dad, don t worry, Tang Tang er s little hands are very strong, and she will never let Xiao Shuang s cake fall to the ground.Tang Zhen said outside the camera I m turning off the light.Mom, is this candy the little figure asked, pointing to the little figure on the sweater.Although this sweater knitting little figure is just a thick lined cartoon image without a specific face, Candy feels like she is herself, and she can t tell where this feeling comes from.Substituted in.Besides, this little person is wearing a pair of suspender jeans, which are her favorite little pants in summer.Huang Xiangning said with a smile Candy can see it too This is you Although she guessed it was me, Tangtang was still very pleasantly surprised when she got her mother s affirmative answer.Without saying a word, she stood up and gave Huang Xiangning a sweet kiss, and then looked happily at the pattern on the little sweater, silly.This is mom.Tangtanger didn t need to ask anymore, since the little person is her, the grown up must be mom.Whose butt is not white, it s just that others are not as stupid and bold as her, so they can t say it.Chapter 805 Thinking for love, not thinking for exaggeration Tang Shuang looked at this guy in front of her speechless.Not only did this little man proudly say that his butt was as white as a white chrysanthemum, but the little pia pia kept patting his own little butt, walking while patting.Tang Shuang couldn t stand it, and said, Can you be more civilized Stop taking pictures Tang Tanger smiled and piaed again, and said, It s very comfortable to take pictures.Tang Shuang said with unfriendly eyes You Do you want your butt to bloom If you want to, pat it again Tang Tanger resolutely retracted the right hand that was slapped on the buttocks, and instead embraced the flower with both hands, looked at Tang Shuang innocently with big eyes, and shook her head quickly No Filmed not filmed hehehe.I didn t record the first two times, cbd gummies virginia but I HCMUSSH super cbd gummies hair loss recorded the third time.Haha, who told you to yell three times Show Tangtang The little guy wants to grab the phone.Ha With a martial art move by Tang Shuang, the little pig s body was tilted, swayed, and almost fell down.Little Zhuzhu couldn t believe his eyes, Xiaoshuang, the big devil, actually beat his sister The little guy s eyes rolled wildly, and he had already resisted the force of the palm, but at this moment, thinking about it, he yelled alas His fleshy little body tilted, leaning on Tang Zhen s body, yelling, Xiao Shuang, that stinky sock hit my sister , Knocked my sister down to the ground My little arm hurts so much, hurry up and take your phone to Lun s family to see a doctor Tang Zhen secretly smiled at Tang Shuang, even Bingshan Beauty could tell it was a fake, Tang Shuang, who was like a human being, couldn t see it, he laughed loudly, no matter what the candy was, he held the phone Say loudly I m sending it to Teacher Zhang now, saying that Tang Tang doesn t want to go to kindergarten anymore.Yes, it s up to you to think about it Candy helps.Tang Shuang Where is such an unlucky prince.Tang Zhen raised her fist and said, Think quickly, don t try to escape, you have the most evil ideas.He stared blankly at him.He knew that if he dared to say no, he would be beaten to the ground immediately, and then punched to the ground.When life and death were super cbd gummies hair loss at stake, the desire to survive exploded.He frantically used his small brain to think, and at the same time, in order to ease the hostility between the two sisters of the Tang family, he said, I think, I think, but Huh Tang Zhen s iron fist stuck to his The tip of the nose.Hmm Tangtang er s small iron fist stuck to his face.Tang Shuang raised her hands and said weakly Don t get excited, I m not trying to shirk, I just want to say, can you give me some encouragement.Mom protect Tangtanger Xiaoshuang HCMUSSH super cbd gummies hair loss wants my life Tang Shuang rolled up her sleeves and walked towards Tangtanger.Tangtanger clasped her head in both hands and yelled, hiding behind Huang Xiangning and shouting at Tang Shuang My lord, you can t do this What about me You can t pinch my face I ll drool Don t worry, I won t pinch your face this time, I ll bolt cbd gummies reviews spank your ass Ah don t The Lun family didn t do anything bad Just now I told you to be serious and act well, but you messed with me again Hey, I, I, the Lun family didn t do it on purpose If you do something wrong, you will be punished, whether you did it on purpose kenai farms cbd gummies 500mg or not live well cbd gummies amazon It s unscientific You know hammer science You, you have two Put the brush Are you scolding me You dare to quibble Look at the trick best cbd gummies to help you sleep Hey, ah don t come here Ahaha Tangtanger circled around Huang Xiangning to avoid the big devil s pursuit , while constantly raising the volume of yelling, hoping to arouse the sympathy of the other three adults, to give a helping hand, to do a little favor, and to save the little princess life.Help, save my life Little Shuang, the Great Demon King I m going to eat the Lun family But apart from the laughter of the Great Demon King, no one in Old Tang s family spoke, not even a word of help.people.Tangtanger was whimpering sadly, and Blingbling was running around in the living room, circling the sofa, the stairs, and the dining table, constantly running around in a snake shape.Most of the lights in the house are turned off, and the light is dim.This is her natural protective color It s so hard to catch.Help save my life This little pig wanted to jump out of the house, the world outside was the biggest for her Once outside, it s like a piglet jumping into a mud pit, who is more willing to get out But the moment he ran to the door, Tang Shuang caught him.When he was running away just now, he yelled at the big devil, but when he was caught, he immediately super cbd gummies hair loss changed his mouth.Tang Shuang was furious, and slapped Luo Yuqing s thigh with a slap.The skin was full of elasticity, and the palm was rebounded.Tang Shuang was taken aback, and tried what are cbd gummies best used for again.Although she could feel the amazing elasticity through her underwear, it felt really, really good Keep the paws hooked I couldn t help using my five fingers slightly, grabbed it, and thenthe five fingers betrayed Don t listen to Tang Shuang s words, and refuse to come down alive or dead Thumbs said that the Internet is a lie Where is this salty pig s hand The index finger said they were cheated This should not be called salty pig s hand, it should be called fairy hand The ring finger is called a cactus, which is more vivid.The middle finger gave it a slap, thinking it was the greatest insult to Miss Yuqing.After the slap, it tried its best to sink itself into the fairy s thigh, which was so refreshing.This is Xiao Yezi s writing practice, even if he has income, the income is not much higher, and he doesn t care about rich people like him.It seems that there is no more, all of them are here.Do the math, 90.2 million Tang Shuang was taken aback, unknowingly, her net worth exceeded 90 million This is still not counting the income of movies and TV shows Almost became a billionaire.In order to confirm, he turned on his mobile phone to check and entered the password twice before he entered it correctly, his hands were shaking.The money is not in his bank account, but in Candy Capital s corporate account.If it was placed on how to make cbd gummies at home plus cbd balance gummies a personal bank, Tang Shuang would definitely be bombarded with all kinds of financial management calls.83.5 million It turned out to be less than ten million How unreasonable Who stole it Little piggy Quickly call out the expenditure to see.He looked at Tang Shuang, full of satisfaction and admiration You wrote it Tang Shuang did what he expected Nodding I wrote it.Lu Mingyi This kind of love belongs to young people, but this kind of writing seems to be written by a master of literature.Tang Shuang immediately said modestly, and said in her heart Dare not to be, dare not to be, the teacher praised me.Seeing the distance in the ordinary, clear and translucent, with endless 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety aftertaste, and even tears, this kind of article deserves the master s praise.Huh Is the master talking about you, or me Can you make it clear, I m confused, should I be humble Tang Shuang Where is it Lu Mingyi Pay more attention to this, and your achievements will not be lower than Zhikai.Senior brother is so talented, he is the benchmark for me to move forward.Oh, it s a handsome guy After leaving such a small voice, she finally hung up the phone under Huang Xiangning s urging.The place where the awards are presented is the Huaxia Great Hall.The literary awards are not as lively as the music awards, and everyone keeps a low profile.Although there was a red carpet at the scene, not many people left, and the media reporters on both sides didn t shout like entertainment reporters.As for the fans, they were even less pitiful.After Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen parked the car, they hurried into the arena and stood together for the reporter to take a few photos on the way.If you go to the other side, there will be screams, unlike here, which is deserted.Tang Shuang said.Tang Zhen knew that plus cbd balance gummies eagle e commerce group cbd gummies the so called other side referred to the golden microphone.This is more important.First, the Bronze Literary Award was awarded for short stories, and the final winner was 2888 , which is a suspenseful story in which the main characters are literary critics, writers, professors, publishers, etc Next came the novella, and finally The winner was Echo of the Mountains , written by an old man named Candi.The novels nominated for the 2020 Huaxia Bronze Literary Award The Last Night on Earth, written by Luo Zhi.The cover image of The Last Night on Earth appeared on half of the huge screen, and Luo Zhi sat on the other half.figure at the scene.This is a man in his 30s and less than 40 years old.He stood up slightly to the camera and nodded his thanks to everyone.There was warm applause in the great hall, and Tang Shuang also applauded.After the applause fell back a little, the host continued The Neighbor s Wife, author Yin Bo.An ancient city gate appeared on the big screen, and many men and women, old and young, in ancient costumes came in and out.Because of too much time, it gradually began to fade away.This is a story of suspense.Small Post Office on the High Mountain , author An Xiaoshi.A snow mountain appeared on the big screen, and there was a small post office niva cbd gummies on the snow mountain, where many triangular colored flags of different colors were hung, fluttering in the wind.Under the colorful flag, stood a man whose face could not be seen clearly.This is a documentary literature.Licking the Velvet , author Chen La.A gorgeously dressed girl appeared on the big screen, sitting alone in a luxuriously decorated room, facing everyone, half smiling, half crying.This is an urban emotional story.The Butcher Sparrow cbd gummies hair growth super cbd gummies hair loss Town , written by Tu Gang.Xiao Na s eyes flickered, and she said with a smile It s a way.She finally realized that the super cbd gummies hair loss Tang family might not be what she thought, an ordinary wealthy family, combined what dosage should someone in painbtake of cbd gummy bears with Tang Zhen s usual performance, might have a lot of energy.Cheng Xin was imprisoned in the prison.After several efforts to no avail, he finally thought of Xiao Na and asked Xiao Na for help.First, he conveyed his apology to Tang Zhen for causing trouble to her.I am very sorry, and then hoped that Tang Zhen would let him go Well, staying in the police station for more than ten days is a great torture for a young master like him, and he will lose face.Of course Xiao Na would not accept this kind of thing, she shirked like panacea.Sister I m leaving first.After talking about things, it was less than 11 o clock, Tang Shuang bid farewell to Tang Zhen, and Gu Long and others made an appointment with him at noon.If you can t compare high, then compare faster.Li Yushu said I can jump faster than you.Tangtanger I can jump faster.The two compared the rabbit jumping friendly, friendship is second, and competition is first.At least friendship is ranked second.Compared to last night s fight, the relationship between the two has improved a lot.After this round of rabbit jumping, the reconciliation is basically the same as before.Was there a fight last night You must have made a mistake, nothing The Lun family is doing well.Okay, stop jumping around, aren t you hungry You didn t eat anything early in the morning, just do this kind of physical work, take a break, okay, don t get tired, little princess.Tang Shuang saw Tangtanger coming to the beach I started bunny hopping without a break, and I was really energetic.At this moment, Little Lili tugged at his sleeve and said worriedly Father, just listen to Auntie and go out to eat, don t quarrel, okay I often quarreled with my mother, and it was Xiao Lili who came to persuade them.Little Lili s father was stunned, held back the anger in his heart, and went out with the lunch box.Xiao Lili smiled and said to the female nurse Auntie, my father is out for dinner, you The nurse interrupted directly The children are going out too What are you doing here Lao Li explained that he was here to visit grandma Well, the nurse didn t care about this, she just asked them to go out, saying that they could only come in after she cleaned up, and now go out first.Candy said angrily Why are you so swollen We are here to see grandma.You dare to talk back, no big or small, go out Don t go out, hum I haven t seen enough of grandma, right, little Lili Little Lili looked at Candy, then at the nurse, lowered her head, cbd gummies bad reactions not knowing what to say.However, she doesn t care about all of this The Luns don t care Because happy.Winning The fruits of victory are sweet.Especially the victories obtained after arduous battles smell very fragrant.Taking advantage of Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang s quarrel, Tang Tanger ran back to the study, picked up the dropped seafood snacks from the floor, super cbd gummies hair loss ran back briskly, tore open a super cbd gummies hair loss bag, twirled a handful, stuffed it into his mouth, and ate it.Pass it to Tang Zhen, and ask my sister to cbd oils vs cbd gummies replenish some energy.Tang Zhen You silly girl, you are confused by this villain How long have you known her, and how long have you known me Are you worth it for her Tang Shuang was filled with righteous indignation and walked to the sofa Lie on the side, and launched a verbal attack on the two sisters of the Tang family at the same time.When Tang Zhen raised her head in astonishment, the little guy had already run away with a smile on her face.Tang Shuang yelled at her Don t run around, go have breakfast Boom The door is closed The voice was so loud that it startled both Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen.The two looked at each other, Tang Zhen quickly lowered her head and continued to look at the black screen of the phone.Tang Shuang sat next to her and said, Sister, are you crying Her eyes were red, as if she was crying.I didn t Tang Zhen said firmly.When she spoke, she didn t even look at Tang Shuang.Not only did she not look, but she turned her head slightly to the other side, as if she was afraid that Tang Shuang would is it legal to order cbd gummies online really notice that she was crying.Tang Shuang put his arms around her shoulders and pulled her over.Tang Zhen struggled, trying to shake off his hand.I am Yu Xiang, and I am here to accept the award.There was a buzzing sound at the scene, and immediately there was a commotion, whispering and discussing.The award presenters around Tang Shuang had already realized that the one who dared to go on stage and recognize himself as Yu Xiang should be Yu Xiang.Although it seems unbelievable.Should I call you Tang Shuang, or Yuxiang You really gave us a big surprise.The award presenter said with a smile.Tang Shuang Call me Tang Shuang, there will be no rain in the future.Only Tang Shuang.The other party nodded Tang Shuang, Tang Zhen, what an amazing pair of siblings.Congratulations, this is your trophy, Please take it well.Thank you.Tang Shuang took the trophy, raised it slightly, and faced the audience.Tang Zhen, Luo Yuqing and others in the front row immediately applauded enthusiastically.Tang Shuang looked sideways at him and smiled.Shi Yu also smiled at him, and repeated Is your girlfriend in the front row or the back row This can be answered, there are so many people present, we can t guess who it is.Front row cbd gummies hair growth super cbd gummies hair loss or back row Answer Tang Shuang quickly It must be in the front row.Someone was already looking for a suitable partner in the front row.Tang Shuang smiled and said, She s neither in the front row nor in the back row.Shi Yu asked puzzledly She s not there Didn t you just say she was there Tang Shuang She s there.Then Tang Shuang suddenly patted her heart with her left hand, which was not holding the trophy, and said, Here she is.As soon as the words fell, the scene was silent for a while, and then screams rang out how do you use cbd gummies All female voices.Luo Yuqing couldn t cbd gummies hair growth super cbd gummies hair loss help the bright smile on her face, just like the morning glow, coloring half the sky.Sister Xiangning had no doubts about him, so she logged into super cbd gummies hair loss the default Penguin on the computer, which was Tang Zhen s account, and then connected to Xiaoputao, Chumei, and the three of them had a video chat.Chu Mei was dragged to chat by two children in a ignorant way, and she couldn t laugh or cry.After going online, the first thing Tangtanger said with a smile was, there is money, the Lun family has money, and Qian Lun Don t spend sister sister s money, spend your own money Money for flying, money for dolls, HCMUSSH super cbd gummies hair loss money for staying in a hotel, money for pinching feetall of them, all of them.Well, pinching the little feet is only done by Little Putao.Little plus cbd balance gummies eagle e commerce group cbd gummies Putao likes to pinch little feet, but she doesn quit smoking gummies cbd t pinch her own.Her tiny feet were her Achilles heels and begged for mercy super cbd gummies hair loss when pinched.While dealing with the two children, Chu Mei brought a bucket of water to her side and kept twisting a towel to wipe the sweat HCMUSSH super cbd gummies hair loss off her forehead.That s from the Lun family.Candy argued.What s yours, haven t you lost it yet Yeah.Did you lose it Ah Did you lose it Did you lose it I m asking you Lost super cbd gummies hair loss it Tsk.Chirp chirp chirp chirp Speak human language Hello, my brother.What the hell The Lun family is not afraid of ghosts Eunuch Sun said about our world No ghost.Stop this.Did you buy new clothes for your little sister We re talking about submachine guns What kind of gun There s no gun Don t kill Lun, we won t kill Lun, we re afraid , we are kind hearted Lun.You want to be beaten, don t you Brother, are you afraid of legal sanctions Tang Shuang realized that this villain had resorted to confusing Dafa, and she would never finish talking with her like this.He brought back the off topic Don t talk about it with me, just answer me, did you lose your submachine gun Did you lose it Did you lose it Seeing that this is What Iron Fist plus cbd balance gummies super cbd gummies hair loss You want to hit Lun What about this Iron Claw, you want to grab the meat of Lun s family Just understand, then answer me now, did you lose your submachine gun Think it over and answer me.The other two female teachers in the 3000mg cbd gummies effects super cbd gummies hair loss office looked at Huang Xiangning enviously, and also sent her blessings.Huang Xiangning By the way, why are you here She just came to work from home not long ago, and the two children almost chased after her.They didn t send flowers when they were at home, but they chased them to school to send flowers.Well prepared.Tang Shuang Today s Mother s Day, we ll take you out to play, let s super cbd gummies hair loss can you fail a drug test taking cbd gummy bears go He put his arm around Huang Xiangning s shoulder and pushed it away.Wait, I still have class.I have class in the morning.Huang Xiangning said.Candy ran up to her and jumped up and said, No class No class We don t have class today Rest, take a break.Huang Xiangning said, But mom is a teacher, and if you are a teacher, you have to go to class.Candy seriously Said Mom is a mother first, and then a teacher.The reason why it is called so is half of the reason is that I am so happy.The days without the big devil and the little master at home are so fun, and I can do as much super cbd gummies hair loss as I want The other half of the reason was that they were frightened.They, a group of paparazzi, were chased away by the little where to get cbd gummies for anxiety bees.Bai Jingjing s colleague , another vice captain of the campus paparazzi, a black meaty pug has already been seeded and stung by a bee in the left eye of the dog.The paw has been scratching his dog s eyes, but it is already swollen, it s old and high.The super cbd gummies hair loss car drove into the yard, and immediately alarmed the group of dogs, Bai Jingjing ran to the road to take a look, and instantly recognized that it was the car of the eldest daughter of the Tang family.She barked three times at the wild dogs all over the yard, and the dogs immediately understood, ran out like crazy, and slipped along the corner in the opposite direction.They looked around Tangtang er s room.There seemed to be endless treasures in this small room, and every inch of space could unearth special surprises, which made the two of them, especially Jiang Yue, addicted to it.Until the sound of a car came from the yard.Tang Zhen immediately went to the window to look down, and saw Tang Shuang s sports car came back, and super cbd gummies hair loss said to the nervous Jiang Yue, Tangtanger, Mom and Xiaoshuang are back.Jiang Yue was at a loss for a moment, subconsciously wanted to leave and find a place to hide.But this is Old Tang s house, where can he hide, and today he came here specially to visit.The adults of the old Tang family want to introduce her as a young lady to the little girl of the Tang family.She is the main character, she can t go.Don t be nervous, we are by your side.

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