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He didn t know why his name was Li Guohao in his previous life, but in this life he knew it was because the family tree was of the Chinese character generation.Named Guohao.That s right, Bruce Lee.I don t know what Golden Harvest is up to.How could he find such a person to make a movie How can Tillon s name be so famous In the past two years, Zhang Dong has become obsessed with martial arts movies.It just so happens that Golden Harvest s most publicized movie recently is Big Brother Tangshan , so it s not surprising that Zhang Dong will watch this movie.At this time, HCMUSSH vena cbd full spectrum gummies Li Huifang also came out from the back kitchen after washing the dishes, and happened to best place to get cbd gummies near me see Zhang Dong cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies and Li Guohao sitting there chatting, and walked up to ask with a smile on their faces.Seeing Li Huifang approaching, Zhang Dong called out kindly, Auntie Adong is here, why do you two have something to go out Yes, Auntie, I am going to take Guohao to the cinema to watch a movie.Rong Bing, who was sitting on the recliner, listening to the music on the radio, shaking his head and drinking tea, saw that the employee who came in was frizzy, and couldn t help yelling, What are you doing, running so fast to reincarnate Hoo The employee panted heavily, bent over with his hands on his knees, and said after a while, Master Rong, when I came back from delivering the goods across the street, I found that we opened a new store just across the street.I You know, they have been renovating for a month, what does it have to do with us The boss who vena cbd full spectrum gummies sold clothes across the street liked to eat Rong Kee s pastries, and he would vena cbd full spectrum gummies buy some of them every day.Even as a half neighbor, Rong Bingcai also vena cbd full spectrum gummies learned from the boss that the store has changed people.I know, but I passed by there, looking at the things inside, and someone sent tables and chairs up, it seems to be a coffee shop.Why do you ask this Oh, we need to register here.When you come to the store to order pastries on your birthday, we will give you the biggest discount and a small gift Really My sister asked in surprise.Yes, this is stipulated by our boss, so that every member can enjoy the best service.My sister immediately liked this shop when she heard this, and felt that this dim sum shop not only has a lot of discounts, but also offers There is such a humane service, Oh, okay, my name is Zhao Yazhi, Zhao from Zhao Yun, Ya from Wenya, Zhi from Anzhi Tinglan, my birthday is November 15th.Zhao Yazhi came out with snacks Li Guohao, who happened to hear Zhao Yazhi s self reporting from the side, was excited and said in surprise.Hello, do you know me Zhao Yazhi glanced curiously at the man in the white chef uniform in front of him.It has not become popular in Xiangjiang.Although personal computers already exist abroad, they are so huge that ordinary people cannot afford them.Only large companies keoni cbd gummies weight loss will spend a lot of money to buy them.Therefore, every customer cbd gummies gluten casein free who applies for membership is a Handwritten on a thick member book, one page per person, divided according to the number of members, and every subsequent consumption is checked off on the paper.This will greatly enhance manpower and waste too much resources.how Are people reluctant to leave At this time Zhang Dong came in from the outside, glanced at Li Guohao who was in a daze and laughed.After leaving, he came in and started vena cbd full spectrum gummies teasing.Go, go to work Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him, turned around and went back to make pastries.The two newly opened pastry chefs are a bit busy today, and he needs to make some new pastries.Go, the office worker also changed from walking to running when he heard the voice behind him, for fear that someone would find him buying a wet doll book.Shangguan Xiaobao Li Guohao just heard Shangguan Xiaobao s words, followed the voice, looked across the road, and shouted for fear that he would disappear in the street again.Who Who called me Chapter 27 Kung Fu Panda Hey boy, do you want a doll book That one just didn t suit your appetite It doesn t matter.I have a lot of others here.How about European and American ones Shangguan Xiaobao caught a glimpse and called to himself The person in question was the young man who just sold the product, and seeing his companion leave, he mistakenly thought that what is the best cbd gummies vena cbd full spectrum gummies he was embarrassed to buy it just now.Hearing Shangguan Xiaobao s words, Li Guohao felt chills.Shangguan Xiaobao glanced at Li Guohao suspiciously, Accept the job I can only draw.Just let you draw. A tea vena cbd full spectrum gummies house.Two baskets of pineapple buns, three baskets of shrimp dumplings, um, I m here for the pot of Cuilan.Shangguan Xiaobao ordered some food from the waiter as soon as he sat down, thinking that he would be a bastard if he didn t take advantage of the cheap.Anything else The waiter asked Li Guohao, who was sitting beside him.Li Guohao shook his head, No need.After the waiter left, Shangguan Xiaobao asked, Tell me, what do you want me to draw Mr.Shangguan My name is Kuang.Li Guohao smiled and nodded, Okay , Mr.Kuang, let me introduce myself vena cbd full spectrum gummies first, my surname is Li.I want to ask Mr.Kuang first, cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies besides being able to draw this kind of doll book, can he do anything else What is this kind of doll book My doll book is very popular Yes Shangguan Xiaobao retorted like a kitten with fur. that night.after get off work.The sanitation is done, right Everyone, come and gather before get off work.The boss has something to tell everyone Zhang Dong glanced at the staff who were cleaning and said to the pastry chef who was cleaning the pastry counter behind.I won t disturb everyone s time to go home from get off work.Let me just say a few words here.Li Guohao glanced at the state of everyone, and they were all tired and impatient.Having worked part time, he naturally knows what the employees think.Let me tell you this time, our Lee Kee Court Dim Sum is about to open a second branch in Central Papa papa Zhang Dong took the lead and applauded first, and the staff on the side reacted and applauded.Okay, don t make these nonsense.In addition to the opening of the branch, there is one more thing, and that is the position of the manager of the new store.

The two closed the door and walked to the baking room.Looking at the boxes full of banknotes on the ground, Zhang Dong asked, How much is Ah Hao s turnover today Li Guohao pointed to the scattered banknotes on the other side and said, what is the best cbd gummies vena cbd full spectrum gummies About 150,000 yuan, I haven t finished counting, there are about 180,000 yuan in total.Right.180,000 That s tens of thousands more than the opening of No.1 store.Zhang Dong thought for a while.Well, it s about the same.There are more promotional activities for the opening of the new store this time.If you really count the net profit, it is not much different from the Nathan Road store.Several activities have been added, such as a pastry spree of 200 yuan for the first 100 people.One hundred people is 20,000 pure strength cbd gummies yuan.Let s count together, hurry up.Li Guohao sat down on the ground and began to count the money.He Chaoying glanced at the various dishes on the table, and asked Arjun next to him Does Arjun eat this No, I want to eat dim sum, not vegetables Kung Fu Panda , He Chaoqiong eats the most food every day is pastries.Coupled with the fact that children of this age already like to eat snacks, it would be even more enjoyable if He Chaoqiong didn t eat them.He Chaoying gently squeezed Ah Qiong s little face, and said tauntingly You still eat snacks Look, you have gained a lot of weight recently After eating, you will really become Ah Bao Fat is fat I want to eat snacks He Chaoqiong patted her sister s hand dissatisfied, no matter how old a woman is, she doesn t like being called fat.You are the vena cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies colorado best if you are fat Come on, my sister will take you over there to eat dim sum.After He Chaoying said something angrily, she stood up and scanned around the venue.Li Although Li Qiang didn t know the exact amount of investment, relying on his professional knowledge, he roughly calculated the money invested in the comic book club.It cost 100,000 yuan to acquire the comic agency, repay the loan of the comic agency, and spend money to produce cartoons, plus the consumption of staff wages, etc., plus going to buy cbd gummy uk the toy factory to order Po dolls, there are almost dozens of Ten thousand Hong Kong dollars.Well, it s almost hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars Li Guohao nodded after calculating.Yes, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars, based on the investment of Li Kee Pastry, at least two branches can be opened in the pastry And it is a branch that can be opened more than a month ago.If Mr.Li has been investing in the pastry shop, I think Lee Kee has at least five branches now There may be more.Every time I trouble Lawyer Fang to go there in person, haha, to be honest, I feel a little embarrassed Li Guohao laughed without paying attention to Li Qiang s side.Fang Jiandao This is just a matter of duty.Mr.Li paid the money, so the service is in place Suddenly Li Guohao asked By the way, I don t know how lawyer Fang is doing in the law firm Are you not interested in coming to my company as a legal consultant Legal consultant Yes, Lawyer Fang is so familiar with me, I think the company must have many other needs in the future, and I am relieved to hire Lawyer Fang.Yes, but the remuneration cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies has to be calculated separately.Fang Jian was very straightforward.It s natural Although Li Guohao said it beautifully, he thought of Mai Qi s evaluation of Xiangjiang s lawyers.Sure enough, everyone opened their mouths and shut up talking about money.It was purely to make a reputation as soon as possible.Let s talk about it martha stewart cbd gummies thrive cbd gummies now.Properly increase the price a little, mainly to recover the cost.Shangguan Xiaobao said.Well, I know about this, but I don t think TVB HCMUSSH vena cbd full spectrum gummies will increase the price too much.No, then transfer to Li Yingsheng Li Guohao thought for a while and said Let s talk about it at that time, I will first I m busy, Brother Yuan just call me if you have anything to do, I ll be here for a while.Yes.After Li Guohao hung up the phone, Li Qiang who was next to him asked, What s the matter It s nothing, Comic Club They said that sales have increased.Li Guohao said casually.That s a good thing.Didn t the people in the store say that there were a lot more customers who came to apply for membership in the past two days, and most of them came with children.Chapter 59 Copyright Takeaway Then, Mr.Li, what do you mean Wu Guohua asked.Li Guohao sneered and said It s not what I mean, but whether you TVB is sincere to talk about.We sold the broadcasting rights to your TV station at a loss for the first one.If Kung Fu Panda hadn t become a big hit Will you come to talk about the second film Wu Guohua thought for a while, this time TVB executives only gave Wu Guohua a chance to increase the rate, which is 30 , are expired cbd gummies safe and he will apply for any more.But Wu Guohua, looking at Li Guohao s face at this time, roughly guessed that if the negotiation fails this time, then the second part of Kung Fu Panda might end up in another TV station.I don t have the authority to negotiate prices.Wu Guohua said honestly.In fact, relying on Kung Fu Panda cartoons to make money, Li Guohao has no idea in this regard, he just wants to recover the cost.

It s hard to explain to the Li family, so you need to talk about Guohua again.This Wu Guohua didn t know what Fang Yihua was thinking.Selling the copyright of Kung Fu Panda animation to Southeast Asia, of course, is to get a little profit, but Li Guohao may not agree to this kind of talk.What Is there a problem Fang Yihua glanced at Wu Guohua.Wu Guohua swallowed his saliva and said, No problem, I ll try to talk about it as much as possible.As a former minister of the Shaw family, Wu Guohua really wasn t so afraid of Uncle Liu, a look scared him so much that he dared not say anything.But facing Fang Yihua, the concubine of the sixth uncle, not only Wu Guohua was in awe, but even other employees cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies of Shaw Brothers were a little afraid of her.This thing has to start from last year.A popular Shaw Brothers actress offended Fang Yihua because of her popularity, so she was forced to arrange a tertiary film for her in the name of her contract.There are many Chinese pastries sold on the market, and they are basically stored for a long time.After the family buys pastries, they usually don t eat them all on the same day.As long as they are well preserved, it is not a problem to eat them for a few days.Why would a pastry shop throw away the day s stock cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies It s mainly for customers to see.In fact, are these pastries really expired No, it s just that everyone feels that they spend money to buy things, so why give me yesterday s stock Speaking of this, Li Qiang suddenly said again I think it s better not to give it away.Why Li Guohao asked.Li Qiang explained I was driven unconscious by you just now, have you ever thought that if you do this, will some of the employees below use their brains to turn normal pastries into expired pastries You are afraid that someone Deliberately making good pastries expired Li Guohao was a little puzzled and said, What are you afraid of We send the store manager to watch outside every day when we deliver, who dares to do that Li Qiang shook his head and smiled Hehe, we are still a small company with only three branches.If you miss your son, just call and ask.Ask, why don t you want your mother to call you No, how come.Li Huifang dotes on her son very much.In the past, Li Guohao would hang out with her every day, but now she only sees her once every three days.Except at night, she seldom sees her.Naturally, she misses her very much.At this moment she said It s nothing, I just want to ask if you have been talking about a girlfriend recently Talking about a girlfriend Who told you Li Guohao shook his head and said, Nothing.Then Why did A Dong tell me that you were very close to a girl before Li Huifang fully expressed her female curiosity.This big mouth Li Guohao thought to himself.When it came to betraying their friends, both of them were not inferior.Li Guohao changed the subject instantly and said, Don t listen to A Dong s nonsense.Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him and said, Don t even think about vena cbd full spectrum gummies getting a car, but the company s purchasing department and public relations department really need a car, and they really need one for purchasing and advertising on weekdays.I don t care if the purchasing department wants one.But why is the public relations department here Li Qiang asked puzzled.Li Guohao stretched out his feet, crossed his arms and looked at the front, and said, Didn t you say that you want to open a store on Xiangjiang Island I don t think it will make them drive around, looking for some good streets and streets to distribute leaflets for our store.Propaganda.Well, this is also very good, the panda clothes you had before are very good, then we can arrange people to distribute leaflets with panda people in the streets near our shop, on the one hand, attract the attention of vena cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies colorado passers by, and can also Quickly connect our store with Kung Fu Panda, let people know that we are one family.All right, when will I see you What The loan matter needs to be finalized as soon as possible, and now vena cbd full spectrum gummies we have almost found a store, if the loan is not settled, I am afraid we will rent someone else, after all, we have not paid a deposit or anything.Li Guohao said to this It is a lie that the Standard Chartered Bank is not angry about the matter.Fortunately, there is no business preparation for the new store.If everything is negotiated and the chill gummies cbd per gummy deposit is paid, the bank does not get a loan.Wouldn t it be embarrassing and a waste of money.Then tomorrow.When I return to the company, I will make a call to see if I can get koi cbd gummy cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies through.If I can get through, tell him first.If I can t get through, we will where to buy cbd gummy go directly to HSBC to find him tomorrow.Yeah it is good.Standard Chartered Bank.After Manager Zhang finished his banking business, he also thought of Rong Binghua, so he made a call.Suddenly he thought of Li Guohao from Li Ji again, and asked, By the way, has that Li Guohao contacted you Pledge is enough.Manager Zhang said very clearly, Rong Binghua naturally understood, and said with a smile The three branches of Li Ji are all leased, so there is nothing to mortgage.To tell you the truth, Li Ji Remember Li Guohao, his company s turnover and profit are in line with our bank s loan standards, but who asked you to say hello to me, I can only use the bank s regulations to card them a little bit, if Li Guohao contacted the head office , then I have nothing to do. That s okay, as long as their loan is blocked first, after I get it sorted out, I will deploy in Kowloon in advance, and Li Ji is just in my pocket.Rong Binghua finished speaking proudly, and remembered just now Manager Zhang asked You just said that Li Guohao started a company Yes, you don t know He established a pastry shop as a food company.

We can get twice the result with half the effort there There are quite a few high end residential areas there.Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department said Well, Manager Zhang s proposal is good, but in my opinion, it s best to stabilize the market in Kowloon first.I know that there is still Rongji here.And there are many other colleagues on Hong Kong Island.If we rush in rashly, it will not be conducive to our market expansion.Li Guohao nodded That s right, we are now even Wing Kee in Kowloon has not been defeated, let alone Xiangjiang Island, but according to my opinion, the best is to work on both sides, Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island have opened branches, and by the way, there are a lot of advertisements on TV stations and newspapers.Our current With funds, there is a lack of publicity After listening to Li Guohao s words, Wang Xiaobo from the Ministry of Manpower said Chairman, I didn t say that it is possible to start work on both sides, but there is no way to support the opening of so many stores under the circumstances of insufficient staff.Zhao Yazhi stroked Ah Zhen s hair and said with a smile.Speaking of which, it has been almost three months since I became a flight attendant and went to RB training.it is good.Ah Zhen has had a good relationship with her second sister since she was a child.This time, Zhao Yazhi went to RB for three months.Ah Zhen missed her elder sister every day, and often called her, but the phone bill was too expensive, so she didn t make many calls.Huihui is here too.Zhao Yazhi greeted Huihui with a smile when she saw Huihui coming out of the room.Huihui greeted shyly Sister Ah Zhi.Well, you and Ah Zhen are playing outside for a while, I ll go change clothes first.At the end, Zhao Yazhi said again I ll call Dad before I come back.Damn, they said they won vena cbd full spectrum gummies t come back for dinner at night, and they asked me to take you out to 10 mg cbd gummies reddit eat, and Huihui just came, and I will take you two out to eat delicious food later.So I agreed.Li Guohao thought for a while and said It doesn t matter.You are right to agree.If there is not enough manpower, you can recruit.It is a good thing that the comic agency can be responsible for vena cbd full spectrum gummies its own profits and losses., This time helping Li s TV station to produce comics is also considered a new business.You can take this opportunity to make the name of the comic agency famous.In the future, no matter who wants to ask us to make comics, as long as the price is reasonable, they will agree.Shangguan Xiaobao asked a question But I have never drawn this cartoon for popular science education.Li Guohao thought about some cartoons with a scientific and educational nature that he had watched in his previous life, including Beva Nursery Rhymes, Mickey Mouse Wonderful House, But these are more complicated to make.In addition, the second part of Kung Fu Panda is broadcast on vena cbd full spectrum gummies Li s TV station, which attracts some people s attention even more. get off work.Li Guohao went upstairs and arrived at the door of his house.When he was about to open the door, he suddenly heard someone talking.Huifang, let vena cbd full spectrum gummies me tell you that stocks are very profitable now.You see, I invested 30,000 yuan in it a year ago, and now I have earned 2,000 yuan.How long has cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies it been I am planning to invest all my savings Go to the stock market.A fat middle aged woman recommended to Li Huifang standing on a public balcony not far away.Li Huifang felt hot when she heard that she had earned 2,000 yuan in just over half a month, but cbd gummies prices she knew nothing about stocks and had never touched them before, so she hesitated and said, Yes, but I don t understand stocks.The largest food supplier in Xiangjiang is Lam Soon, followed by Xiangjiang Flour Factory and other raw material factories.This time, Nanshun disagreed with the cooperation proposal, so he had to find a factory of the vena cbd full spectrum gummies next level to cooperate.It s not that Li Guohao doesn t have the idea of building a food supply chain on his own, but this thing doesn t just need to be established.You need to find a good source of goods and build a processing plant, and you need to have your own distributors.Adding all these things together, the required funds are astronomical for Li vena cbd full spectrum gummies Guohao now.The food supply chain is from agricultural production, to transportation, to raw material processing, and then to raw material marketing.To put it simply, the wheat grown in the ground is the source, until the wheat products presented to the public, such as bread, buns, etc., a series of operations in the middle are all necessary for the food supply chain.Tomorrow, I will send someone to the flour mill to ask.If it is possible, then we will buy from the flour mill.As for other things, I am talking to some other raw material processing factories.Li Qiang thought for a moment, and decided to talk to Negotiate with the Xiangjiang Flour Mill.Regardless of success or failure, you must ask.Well, that s the only way to do it.Li Guohao nodded.The vena cbd full spectrum gummies best flour in Xiangjiang s flour market now, except for Nanshun, is only Xiangjiang Flour Factory.The flour of other small brands is basically made by private individuals., the quality is not guaranteed, and the taste is not very good.Li Guohao is also very helpless.If the mainland reforms and opens sc labs cbd gummy tests up at this time, he will go to the mainland to build a factory.

That s fine, your grandfather is a descendant of the royal chef, you can use your grandfather s name to open a restaurant and sell your family.The name of the restaurant in the mainland has been moved here, and when the time comes, we will cooperate with our palace pastry company to jointly organize the Chinese Food Association This will not only involve us in the pastry field, but also lay a chess piece for entering the restaurant market in the future Opening a restaurant Li Guohao hesitated for a while and said Let me think about it, is it a big step for us to suddenly step into the restaurant industry martha stewart cbd gummies thrive cbd gummies It doesn t cost much to open a restaurant.No matter how bad the restaurant is, people go to eat, and the investment is not big.You can invest privately.Didn t you raise a million from the company last time You can invest in opening a restaurant, relying on the name of your grandfather s royal chef., I think the business will be very good.Speaking what is the best cbd gummies vena cbd full spectrum gummies of this, Li vena cbd full spectrum gummies Qiang said I m just letting you know, I m just offering an opinion.After all, it s a pure pastry association.If I invite Shen Bi, he may not be willing to join.He doesn t seem very good.For dessert, you might as well try to invite Ms.Shen, the wife of the governor of Hong Kong, doesn t she like to eat your cakes Chapter 106 Arjun, the Ghost Spirit, Ms.Shen The wife of the Governor of Hong Kong came to the store to find me twice before, and they came to eat the flowers that I made.I can definitely invite the other party to join the Food Association, and rely on the title of the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong to attract more celebrities and wealthy businessmen to join the association.I ll make a call to Ms.Shen and try to ask if she is willing.The oriental scenes in its cartoons, such as architecture, musical instruments, weapons, and even kung fu, are all places that attract their attention OK, I m going to buy a ticket today and check the nearest flight to Xiangjiang.Speaking of this, George patted his forehead and said You really should know about Xiangjiang s airport, otherwise I m going to Hong Kong this time.Xiang Jiang, you must be willing to give me a raise I ll check it out.Although James didn t understand, he agreed with a smile. At this time, Xiangjiang is at night because of the time difference.The Li family was sitting in front of the TV series and chatting.Li Guohao suddenly asked, Grandpa, what is sara relief cbd gummies the name of the restaurant in our hometown Huh Why do you ask this Li Renzhong glanced at his grandson and asked.It s nothing but curiosity.You should post an announcement in the store first, so that you can apply for a membership card.The customers know.Yeah.Li Qiang nodded and said The franchisees have finally chosen the opening date, and on the next Saturday morning, ten franchise stores will open at the does cbd gummies lose potency over time same time.Next Saturday Li Guohao looked up Looking at the calendar, he asked, Isn t that May 20th Well, I told them that it s best to open a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, but everyone counted the days, and there is no good auspicious day in June.It was after the Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened it earlier this month.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in Fengshui auspicious days, so for such a big vena cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies colorado event as opening a store, it is natural to open on the auspicious day of the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.After listening to Li Qiang s words, Li Guohao felt that it made sense.Before he organized membership activities, he wanted to spend customers money in advance to open branches, but after the incident with Rongji, it didn t make much sense to put the money on him.In that sentence, it is a pity to discard it if it is tasteless to eat.After thinking about it, Li Guohao said Well, okay, anyway, this money is worthless in the bank, and it is not of much use except for earning some interest.You should post an announcement in the store first, so that you can apply for a membership card.The customers know.Yeah.Li Qiang nodded and said The franchisees have finally chosen the opening date, and on the next Saturday morning, ten franchise stores vena cbd full spectrum gummies will open at the same time.Next Saturday Li Guohao looked up Looking at the calendar, he asked, Isn t that May 20th Well, I told them that it s best to open a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, but everyone counted the days, and there is no good auspicious day in June.No, no, how could I be unhappy.Zhang Dong shrank his head.Looking at Zhang Dong, Li Guohao secretly sighed in his heart that he is indeed the son of Uncle Zhang, and he is as virtuous as he is afraid of his wife In the afternoon, Li Guohao bought a boat ticket with Gu Qianqian and went back to Xiangjiang.After getting off the boat, it was almost three o clock, and it was only two hours before the company got off work.Li Guohao said vena cbd full spectrum gummies to Gu Qianqian Manager Gu, you have been busy all day, and the company vena cbd full spectrum gummies is about to get off work.You should take a day off today.Get enough energy and go to the company tomorrow.Hearing the rest, Gu Qianqian smiled and said, Then thank you boss.Well, are you going back by yourself or when Manager vena cbd full spectrum gummies Li comes to pick me up later, by the way Give you a ride I m going back by myself, I just have something to vena cbd full spectrum gummies do.

You must know that what he was worried about was that the other party would suddenly redistribute the profits in the later stage.Seeing what Zhang Zhiqiang said, Boss Liu said Can you give me some consideration God Zhang Zhiqiang saw that Boss Liu said that he would think about it for a few days, so he bluffed Of course it is possible, but there is a pastry shop not far in front of Boss Liu, and if the other party agrees, I m afraid it will cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies be a bit difficult to do.It s gone.Boss Liu was also very anxious when he heard this.If the shop in front of him took the lead, relying on the signature pastries of these old shops, his shop has no chance of winning.He gritted his teeth and said, That s okay , Sign the contract today, but you agreed, and the pastries will be delivered every morning.It s natural, we will never smash our own signboard when we start a company, make pastries all night every day, and do it overnight So I can send it to you, Boss Liu Seeing that he had won another store, Zhang Zhiqiang promised cbd gummies 300 mg better than viagra with a smile.Chapter 137 Dudu Yuen Long Bus Station.A group of commuters are waiting for the bus.One person asked Did you read the Ming Pao yesterday Why didn t you read it The man said Mr.I haven t finished writing yet, how could I write a new book so quickly, besides, the day after tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival, isn vena cbd full spectrum gummies t it normal to write an article about Mid Autumn Festival But Before he finished speaking, I only heard the rumbling, rumbling sound, which shook the sky and resounded all around.People near the bus stop looked sideways.I saw a refrigerated truck coming from a distance, thrive cbd gummies how long will cbd gummies stay in your system and then a One after another followed closely.Toot There are too many 200 refrigerated trucks, and they stretch like a long dragon.It just so happens that this road is the only way to cbd gummies from the whole plant go to Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island On the road, the refrigerated truck drivers tacitly honked their horns all the way to avoid accidents.How can cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies they be so optimistic Unpredictable.If cbd gummy stop sale dates you don t understand, you don t want to.When I went back in the afternoon, it was almost four o clock.In another hour or so, the company will count today s mooncake sales.Ahao, where did you go today Why didn t I see you when I came back this afternoon.As soon as he returned to the company, Zhang Dong walked into the office and asked.It s nothing.I m busy with some things.By the way, have you seen the new house Well, I saw it.Your father and mother are very satisfied, and they said they will live there tonight.Zhang Dong said with a smile.For the decoration of the house, Li Guohao handed it over to Manager Mai, and he never went to see it.Now, after hearing Zhang Dong say where his parents will live at night, he asked curiously Even if the decoration is done, it seems that I haven t bought furniture yet.Hi, Miss He.Hearing Li Guohao explain that he is a partner, Zhao Yazhi s face flushed.Hello, Miss Zhao.He Qianjin heard that it was Li Guohao s girlfriend, looked Zhao Yazhi up and down, and couldn t help but praised Boss Li, your girlfriend is so beautiful.This is not what He Qianjin said on the scene.At this time, Zhao Yazhi was indeed very beautiful.Wearing a decent black cheongsam dress with an old fashioned black handbag in his hand, he looks dignified and generous.Originally, Zhao Yazhi had some baby fat on her face, and she was often troubled by it.But wearing this traditional black cheongsam dress now solved this problem in an instant.Not only did the baby fat not lose points, but it added a bit of charm.Sister, your clothes are so pretty.He Chaoqiong raised her head and looked at Zhao Yazhi enviously.Your two marketing plans for Mid Autumn Mooncakes are really amazing I have admired it for a long time Hello, Mr.Huo soleri organics cbd gummies Perhaps Huo Zhenting is really interested in Li Guohao, and has been asking about his marketing methods, including the membership system of the previous pastry shop.Li Guohao is also happy to have someone chat with him.Seeing the world, avoiding inviting yourself to any banquet in the future, it would be embarrassing to look over and find no one you know.A Qiong on the side was a little bored Sister, I m so bored, let s go have some snacks.Arjun, please wait a while, my sister has something to do right now.Because Gu Qianqian mentioned before about opening a pastry shop in the Macau casino, now that He Qianjin saw Li Guohao, she was going to have a detailed talk with him what is the best cbd gummies vena cbd full spectrum gummies about it.Okay. Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi to follow Cai Lan.Ah Hao, who is this Cai Lan caught a glimpse of the lady in cheongsam following behind Li Guohao.Brother Lan, this is my girlfriend Zhao Yazhi.Li Guohao introduced.Zhao Yazhi greeted politely Brother Lan, hello.Cai Lan said Ahao is so lucky, Ms.Zhao is so beautiful.Li Guohao smiled and said I think so too.Soon, a few People walked to the other side of the lobby.Seeing Cai Lang approaching, Mr.Jin caught a glimpse of a man and a woman beside him and asked, Vegetable Basket, who are these two Cai Lang introduced haha This is the owner of the palace pastry, didn t you praise him in the newspaper before Are the snowy mooncakes delicious Before Mr.Jin could open his mouth, Yi Shu who was at the side said in surprise, So you are Li Guohao Hello, Ms.

Hearing the voice, Zhang Dong was about to turn his head, He was reprimanded by his aunt, Don t move, don t martha stewart cbd gummies thrive cbd gummies blame me for making the painting ugly.Hearing what his aunt said, Zhang Dong closed his eyes again, not daring to move, even trying to avoid breathing.Li Guohao smiled, and didn t provoke him, just sat down on the edge of the bed, watching Zhang Dong accepting his aunt s teasing there.not for a while.I only heard my aunt say Okay, let s take a look.After listening, Zhang Dong opened his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror, with two sword eyebrows piercing the sky, just like the heroes in the movie.Ahao, come here, have I become a lot more handsome Zhang Dong stood up and said cheerfully.Hehe.Li Guohao looked at Zhang Dong who was putting on makeup for the first time, and shouted excitedly like a child, hehe laughed and said, I said, you are not a glass, why do you think you are handsome after makeup Fuck you.Zhang Dong said angrily, After all, it s the first marriage in my life, so naturally I have to try to look as handsome as possible.How many more times do you want It s okay to stop arguing with you.What When is it time to leave Li Guohao didn t argue with Zhang Dong, marriage is one of the most important links in life, and there is nothing wrong with dressing handsomely and beautifully.Leave from me at 7 30, arrive at Xiao Min s house around 8 00 sharp, and then go straight to the new house.At noon, I will eat at the Lichun Restaurant near the new house, and in the evening, I will eat at your bio lyfe cbd gummies for ed uncle s Jinhua Restaurant.Dining at noon was just a simple cutscene to prevent the guests from getting hungry, so Zhang Dong found a restaurant near the new house to deal with it.The evening is the banquet.Even my son buys more than a dozen packs of bear vena cbd full spectrum gummies biscuits every day, and he can t finish it, just for broad spectrum cbd gummies 25mg collecting cards.Xie Honghe couldn t help thinking of his son.said with a smile.It s normal.This kind of card collecting activity is the one that can vena cbd full spectrum gummies arouse people s desire to buy the most, let alone a child.Li Guohao smiled.After 00, everyone has had this experience.Collecting activities have been popular for a long time, and even some people who have grown up or have children are fascinated by collecting games and activities.Li Guohao himself doesn t know why, maybe some people who do related research understand, but in the eyes of most people, it s not for comparison, or other things.I simply want to collect a complete set of cards or toys, and feel that this is the only way to be satisfied.Two people talking and laughing.Huang He smiled strangely and said, Chairman, what do you think Li Qiang, who was in the front row, passed through the rear mirror and saw two people muttering behind him, so he asked, What are you talking about so quietly Oh, it s nothing, I m just curious, why didn t you drive the car Li Qiang made an excuse when he saw this.My driver s license in the United States has expired, and I don t have time to get it this time, so please ask Zhang, Anna, come and pick you up, and I don t have a car in San Francisco.Li Qiang shrugged.After more than an hour.The jeep was parked near Chinatown.Several people got out of the car.Li Qiang pointed to the shop directly across the road and said, Look, that s our shop.How about it It looks pretty well decorated.Li Guohao looked up.He asked, What is Xiao Fei muttering about Brother Huang He, does our boss have a rich vena cbd full spectrum gummies family Xiao Fei was startled at first, and then he patted his chest to slow down and asked when it was Huang He.You mean the chairman Yeah.Huang He thought for a while and said, I don t know.But it shouldn t be very rich.I remembered that when the first palace pastry opened, Li s father and Li s mother came over Looking at the clothes of the second elder, he doesn t look like a rich man.Not rich Then this store, and your company in Xiangjiang, are all made by the boss alone Xiao Fei and the two people next to him asked in surprise.It has been almost a week since the store opened, and before the store opened, martha stewart cbd gummies thrive cbd gummies these waiters had already been hired by Li Qiang, they had been trained for a period of time, and they had known each other for almost half a month, and they all spoke Cantonese.Don t always count on me, I said it before, you are not stupid, and you made a lot of improvements in vena cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies colorado Xiangjiang before.Li Guohao said patiently You are confused now because you are not familiar with pastry.In fact, I am not very familiar with western pastry, but you can get in touch with these Yankees more, or ask the local Chinese about the taste that Americans like.I know the chairman.Huang He lowered his head in embarrassment Said, he is indeed a little too dependent on Li Guohao.There s no way anyone can make Li Guohao seem to know everything, and any cakes are delicious.At this time, the store door was pushed open, and Li Qiang walked in.It s just in time for you to come back.I just wanted to find you.Li Guohao said when he saw someone coming back.What s the matter Li Qiang asked.I m going back to Xiangjiang tomorrow, please help me buy a ticket.

Zhao Yazhi s eyes turned rosy as she thought about the poor children she saw recently.Hong Kong Governor s Mansion Why did the matter of the orphanage involve the Hong Kong Governor s martha stewart cbd gummies thrive cbd gummies Mansion again Seeing Li Guohao s question, Zhao Yazhi sorted out her words and explained Didn t we attend that charity banquet before Ms.Shen, the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong, said that she would spend a sum of money to approve a piece of land in the New Territories for A new large scale thrive cbd gummies orphanage will be built, and after the new orphanage is completed, it will be used to take better care vena cbd full spectrum gummies of these children.Well, it s a good thing.By the way, do you know about the pastry contest Li Guohao asked.I know, now Li s TV station is broadcasting the preliminaries of the pastry competition every day, and my parents, A Zhen, are also discussing every day, which pastry chef made delicious pastries and won the championship in the end.A Fei is the son of his own brother, but he and A Fei s father have not seen each other for many years.In the early years, Ah Fei s father followed others vena cbd full spectrum gummies from Xiangjiang to work in Vietnam, and this difference lasted more than 20 years.In a blink of an eye, his younger brother died, and his nephew A Fei also ran to Xiangjiang with his sick younger sister to join his uncle.A Fei Looking at his poor nephew, Uncle A Fei felt a little distressed.When he was a child, he had a very good relationship with his younger brother.Now seeing that A Fei and his younger brother have almost the same face, he also thought of his poor brother.What I didn t want to say at first, but my wife and daughter emphasized it several times.What s the matter, uncle Ah Fei saw the hesitation on his uncle s face, and he knew roughly what it was, and it was nothing more than a matter of borrowing at his uncle s house.Let s take a look at the cakes made by contestant Sun Dafu.He chose the traditional Cantonese dim sum, the nine layer cake Master Wang held up the microphone and cooperated with the camera to shoot, interpreting The nine layer cake is always in the process.The special sweet rice cakes in Foshan and Hainan are very exquisite in workmanship, and they also contain very beautiful meanings.Nine layer cakes, nine layer cakes, whichever one lasts for a long time, means rising step by step.The traditional method is to soak it with white rice , use a stone mill to grind into water powder, stir it into a slurry, add sugar water, put a thin layer of water powder on a copper plate, heat and steam it, and then add powder layer by layer to nine layers.We can see that Sun Dafu is using a stone mill to grind When making water powder, a little horseshoe powder water chestnut was specially added, which is not included in the traditional production method.Come in.Wang Xiaobo walked in with a man in his thirties.The chairman is the Ni Xingqing I told you before, and he has been working in finance for more than ten years.Wang Xiaobo introduced the people around him.Li Guohao got up from his seat, walked up to the two of them, shook hands with Ni Xingqing and said, Hello, Mr.Ni.Hello, Boss Li.Lu responded with a smile.Boss, I have something to do Well, Manager Wang, you go to work first. Then I ll go out first.Wang Xiaobo knew that the two of them had something to talk about, so he said something tactfully, then turned around and left.Sit, Mr.Ni.Li Guohao led Ni Xingqing to the rest area of the office.Like many TV dramas, there are only two sofas and a tea table.Mr.Ni, you must know my requirements when you apply for the job.Naturally.Ni Xingqing nodded and said I used to work in some large financial institutions, vena cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies colorado but the working environment there did not meet my requirements, so I wanted to transfer to a private financial assistant.In 1971, the annual transaction price of Xiangjiang stock market was 14.793 billion yuan in 1972, the annual transaction volume was 437.5.8 billion yuan, a year on year increase of nearly three times in 1973, the transaction volume in January directly exceeded 28.485 billion yuan, more than half of last year s full year Stock Exchange.Countless people are looking forward to today s opening.They sat at the entrance of the stock exchange all night without sleep, and even bought tents and built temporary shelters outside the door, just to be able to enter the stock exchange faster the next morning and watch today s stock market trend.The market is open, the market is open There was vena cbd full spectrum gummies a shout.The stockholders who gathered at the door immediately rushed in one after another, crowding the originally small stock exchange to the brim.Although the scale is small, it cannot be ignored.It will take at least half a month to complete the integration of the entire Nanshun takeover, the important positions that need to be changed, and the dismissal of some lazy people.It can also take a shorter time to integrate, but Li Guohao doesn t want to change the original appearance of Nanshun too much for the time being Downstairs of the building where Nanshun Company is located.Before the two reporters were discussing Li Guohao s relationship with some Chinese business tycoons intensely.Among them, He Qianjin was the most talked about.There is no way, who made Li Guohao to be with He Qianjin many times before.Look Suddenly one person pointed to a group of people walking out of the building door and said in surprise Isn t that the chairman of Nanshun Xu Deming I saw it at an event before Are you effects cbd gummies sure The other person was a little short sighted, although Wearing glasses, but at a distance of more than a hundred meters, he couldn t see the appearance of the group of people cbd for sleep and anxiety gummies clearly.

Oh Ah Zhen reluctantly left the kitchen.Mother Zhao and Father Zhao didn t know what to talk about.When Zhao Yazhi and Li Guohao came to the living room, A Zhen came out of the kitchen with a depressed face , asked strangely Ah Zhen, what s wrong with you It s not your fault A Zhen gave Li Guohao a hard look and said.Me Li Guohao was at a loss.Zhao Yazhi glared at her younger sister Ah Zhen and said Ah Zhen, don t make trouble there, hurry up and ask your parents if the food is ready.Humph All bad guys Ah Zhen snorted angrily, turned around and ran away.This girl is always acting weird.Zhao Yazhi ran back to Ah Zhen in the bedroom helplessly, and sighed helplessly.It s okay, Ah Zhen is still quite cute.Li Guohao smiled.He will never forget that Ah Zhen once helped him pursue Zhao Yazhi.It s lunch time.Although Cai Lan himself likes to eat delicious food, he also wanted to see how good it would be if he made a movie about food, but as a film producer himself, he also knew that almost all the popular martial arts movies are now popular.If he hadn t seen Xu Guanwen s movies with his own eyes Comedy effect, and definitely will not come to ask Li Guohao for money to invest in Xu Guanwen martha stewart cbd gummies thrive cbd gummies s movie.How about this, Ah Hao, how about I try to change your story Cai Lang asked with a smile.Oh That s good.Since Brother Lan is interested, please change it for me.Seeing what Cai Lan said, and cost of uly cbd gummies remembering how he was a foodie when he ate the cakes he made, Li Guohao knew what the other party meant, and said with a smile.Several people chatted a few more words.Xu Guanwen said at this time I don t know the name of Li Sheng Film Company.The two families discussed the marriage between Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi together.The two families have the same ideas and are very satisfied with each other s sons and daughters.Whether the birth dates of the two people match, and it is the most auspicious day to get married on that day of the month of what is more effective cbd oil or gummies that year.Mother Li and Mother Zhao also found a fortune teller to tell their fortunes.What they never expected was that the fortune teller who set up a roadside stall was the Master Dong whom Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi met on the Dragon Boat Festival last year.The engagement will be held in May of this year.As for the marriage, it may have to wait until July next year.Because according to Master Dong where can i buy smilz cbd gummies near me s words, one of the two people s fate is wood fate, the other is soil fate, and getting married on July 3 next year is the most auspicious day.The matter over there is over.By the way, Ms.Zhang asked me to inform you that the relationship with the American food company has been opened.When the time comes for specific cooperation matters, Ms.Zhang s Xiangjiang Food Trading Export Company will send someone over to talk to you.You talk about it in detail.It s pretty fast.After sitting down, Li Guohao continued How is the matter in the United States handled Manager Li has already set up the palace pastry USA company before, and I used to just Add some manpower and manage the finances.The person in charge over there is recommended by Ms.Zhang, and his name is He Zhiming, and he will come to Xiangjiang in a few days.He Zhiming Li Guohao nodded silently, suddenly thinking of the Huang He from the United States, it is reasonable to say that he used to be the manager of the technical department of the Palace Pastry Xiangjiang Company.Grandma looked at the beautiful Zhao Yazhi, and couldn t help but smile and said, Okay, the girl is very pretty.Grandpa also sat on the seat happily and nodded, it seems that he will be able to hug his great grandson soon.Grandpa, you know each other, so I won t introduce you.Hello, Grandpa.Although Zhao Yazhi had met Li Renzhong many times, she still called out politely and kindly.Hmm.This is uncle and aunt.These two are cousins.Zhao Yazhi followed Li vena cbd full spectrum gummies Guohao and greeted the uncle s family one by one.Cousin, you are so beautiful.Although the cousin is already fifteen years old, but her body is small and her skin is a little dark, thrive cbd gummies how long will cbd gummies stay in your system she looks like a dry yellow haired girl.Seeing Zhao Yazhi who is well dressed and beautiful now, she is also envious Said.My cousin is also very beautiful.No way, my classmates say I m a skinny monkey.Li Guohao interjected, Do you think it is very fragrant Although it tastes very light, vena cbd full spectrum gummies it has a different fragrance.Yes, it tastes very crisp.It s not as greasy as the current one.Li Zhengming Nodding again and again.Li Guohao said disapprovingly Maybe there are some problems during the hand made.He also heard from the staff vena cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies colorado just now that Daoguo sells this kind of machine, so he also asked You said Daoguo sells instant noodle machines Well, before the factory When we were asked to study instant noodles, I also learned from a friend that there is a machine in the island country, which is specially used to make instant noodle cakes, but that machine can only make noodles, and we need to study other aspects by ourselves It s like selling you a computer, it s up to you whether you know how to play it, and what you want to play with, it s impossible for someone to tell you the technology of making a computer.

After He Qianjin learned of this incident, she also called her father immediately, hoping that King Gambler He could rely on his relationship and ask the police department to send more police forces to rescue Li Guohao.In fact, there are still a lot of plots in the middle, but due to some reasons, I dare not write more.I will finish writing this matter as soon as possible, and I will not write anything related to this aspect in the future.Chapter 249 Ended At six o clock in the afternoon, it was getting dark, and the whole small barren mountain had been plunged into darkness.Pok Fu Lam Village at the foot of the mountain was already brightly lit, and countless police cars and private cars were parked here.After contacting Li Guohao s relatives by phone, it was confirmed that the other party had left St.Chairman The more than a dozen important martha stewart cbd gummies thrive cbd gummies managers of the group s subsidiaries who had already been seated in the conference room all stood up and said in unison.Well, let s all sit down.Li Guohao walked quickly to his seat and motioned for the big guys to sit down and chat.Looking at the dozen or so in front of him, there are unfamiliar and familiar faces, Li Guohao is also quite proud.After nearly three years of rebirth, he has developed to the present and established a group.Not to mention smile gummies cbd how powerful it is, but it has also exceeded his original idea.Today s meeting is the first time that the big guys get together.So you don t have to be too restrained.You can speak freely.You can also mention any new ideas or new views on the future development of the group, not limited to business It s the first time to preside over a group meeting, Li Guohao has no experience, but this kind of thing is often the first time, after doing a lot of things, you will be familiar with it., the price is extremely expensive, and Xiangjiang people pay attention to Feng Shui and tradition, the price of the cemetery is getting higher and higher.Fortunately, ordinary people can still afford it now.Ten years later, land prices soared.Apart from queuing up and waiting for government arrangements, almost no one could afford to build a private cemetery.At the birthday party, Li Guohao met He Mu and chatted for a while, but because of He Mu s health, he hurriedly cut off the vena cbd full spectrum gummies topic.That night, after the banquet, Li Guohao did not spend the night in Macau.After paying his respects to He Qianjin, he took the evening ferry and rushed back After returning from the He family s birthday party, Li Guohao also participated in the opening ceremony of the hotel in cooperation with Zheng Jiachun.The Zheng family s real estate company, New Century Real Estate, was founded by Zheng Yutong in 1970.It was successfully listed last year on the back of the stock market boom, but it never expected that the stock price would plummet all the way due to the stock market crash within half a year after it went public.In order to save the stock price, Zheng Jiachun also racked his brains to find a way, and finally discussed with the company s executives to spend a lot of money to build a five star hotel in Xiangjiang New Century Hotel The land of this hotel is in Tsim Sha Tsui.It was purchased by the Zheng family in 1971.It cost almost hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies at that time, and the area is 500 square meters larger than the 6,000 square meters of The Peninsula Hotel.If it is built, it will almost belong to the largest large hotel in Xiangjiang.Chapter 258 Seeing that Xiaolong turned on the incense after the ceremony, Li Guohao did not just leave, but wandered around the crew with great interest.He was still very interested in everything about filming.Although he hadn t pursued it much in his previous life What a celebrity, but he is also full of curiosity about the entertainment industry, not to mention that this will still be the film industry 40 years ago.As the director, Xu Guanwen also served as the protagonist.At this moment, he put on the line glasses that had already been made, and asked the make up artist to smooth out his moustache, a bit similar to Lu Xiaofeng s feeling.After Xu Guanwen finished everything, he also said to the photographer Ah Wen, get ready and start the machine.The photographer A Wen nodded and said, Yes.After all, a good person often meets.Compared with other men, it is inevitable that there will be some ripples in my heart.But after learning that the other party has a girlfriend and is engaged, I also strangled the slightest confusion to death.Inside the cradle.Ah Ying, why didn t you say anything Zheng Jiachun caught a glimpse of cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies He Qianjin s sloppy look and asked.It s okay, it s just that the sun is shining on people lazily and wants to sleep He Qianjin chuckled softly.Miss He Zheng Jiachun said with a blank look Ahao, why are you called Ms.He again, either Chaoying, or Aying like me.Oh goodthen call it Chaoying.Li Guohao smiled.He was used to being called Miss He.He was almost always called Miss He when they met.Even though the relationship between the two was already good, he didn t ask him to change the name.

Instead of finding a rich person, it is better to find someone you like.of.Anyway, my achievements in the future should not be low.Thinking about so many ideas for getting rich in future generations, if I get a little bit, it will be enough to spend in this life.At least the relationship between him and Zhao Yazhi has been very good now, and he doesn t have the idea of opening a harem like in the novel.After all, this kind of thing is impossible in reality.Don t look at He Gambling King s several wives, how do you know if his family will be as lively as Gongdouju.What are you talking about at the door He Qianjin also came out of the house at this time.Let s go to the rich man to play at what is the best cbd gummies vena cbd full spectrum gummies night.Are you going I won t go to the party with a bunch of men.He Qianjin covered her mouth and smiled, Don t spoil Li Guohao, if you let Ah Zhi know If you don t, I m afraid you, big brother, will be blamed.The company is owned by Li Guohao.But now it is different.To put it simply, the main business of Palace Bakery is to develop franchisees, earn money from franchisees, earn material fees and franchise fees, and at the same time, Li Guohao is planning to open another decoration company and contract store decoration business along the way.Contract from start to finish.Equivalent to others investing in shops, Li Guohao s Palace Pastry provides best time to east cbd gummies pastry technology, materials, and decoration.This is almost exactly the same as the franchise vena cbd full spectrum gummies companies of later generations, they only earn money thrive cbd gummies how long will cbd gummies stay in your system from the franchisees and will not have any financial ties with customers in the market.The food company is now Li Guohao s sole proprietorship, and the packaged pastries produced are sold in various franchise stores.Seeing that it was his younger brother, Wu Shun s expression improved a little and he asked What s the matter Wood Ming handed over the financial report in his hand to the table and said Brother, this is the income and expenses of the store for half a month.Hearing that it was a financial report, Wu Shun sat up straight, opened the report line by line and read it line by line.The more he looked at it, the more he frowned.When he saw yesterday s sales, he slapped the table and roared, What the hell is going on thing Why did it only sell for a total of 15,000 Hong Kong dollars yesterday It s no wonder Woodshun is not angry.With ten stores, the daily vena cbd full spectrum gummies what do cbd gummies do for you turnover is only 15,000 Hong Kong dollars, which seems a lot, including labor costs, material costs, shop rent, taxes, removals, etc., not to mention making money and maintaining capital Seeing his brother getting angry, Wu Ming was a little scared, and said with his head down Yesterday, the palace bakery was doing promotion again, and many people went to buy are cbd gummies safe to take with other medications from them.yes.After the two chatted for a few more words, Ni Xingqing left and went back to his temporarily rented apartment.He wanted to go back in advance to arrange some things clearly.In the stock market, you can make money with many opportunities, but not everyone can Grasping this opportunity, not everyone can see this opportunity.Now that Li Guohao has made this opportunity clear, Ni Xingqing has many ways to rely on this opportunity to make money The simplest thing is to buy or sell those Industrial companies that rely on oil.The rise in oil prices will inevitably have the greatest impact on these companies.After several days in a row.Li Guohao collected news materials in the hotel every day, and collected all the news about Middle East events, whether it was from gossip or from the well known New York Times.Muscle building powder What is that Takeichi Kimura was taken aback.You don t know about muscle building powder It s the kind of protein powder you eat when you re exercising.Seeing that Takeyuki Kimura was stunned, Li Guohao explained.I ve never heard of this kind of thing.Master, he often drinks some strange things.Those are the liquid squeezed out of raw beef mixed with other things.I don t want to drink it.Takeyuki Kimura said with a smile.Hearing that there is no protein powder yet, Li Guohao raised his eyebrows.You must know that protein powder is only extracted from soybeans or other ingredients with a lot of protein.Almost many fitness experts in the future vena cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies colorado will take it, and there is no harm to the body.Wait for the crowd to disperse.After Bruce Lee stepped down.Li Guohao asked Brother Xiaolong, do you know protein powder Protein powder It s fine if you don t know, and Bruce Lee, a fitness expert, doesn t know.The risk of inflation is greatly increased, and funds are in short supply in the market.Since the end of 1973, the economy of the United States and even the world has fallen into a global economic crisis after World War II because of this oil crisis.I don t vena cbd full spectrum gummies really understand, some of the information I checked by myself, the mistakes are purely for entertainment.Chapter 301 There are ups and downs and twists and turns.It s past two o clock in the afternoon.There was no news from the Middle East, and Ni Xingqing couldn t help becoming nervous.You must know that the investment is now 200 million Hong Kong dollars, which is equivalent to 40 million U.S.dollars Even in the United States, with 40 million US dollars, you can spend your life in style, let alone in Xiangjiang.You must know that there are still only a handful vena cbd full spectrum gummies of billionaires in Hong Kong now, and there are not many rich people who rely on real estate to emerge like later generations.

This year is in the expansion stage, and there are not many bonuses that may be issued.But the company s prospects are very big.For some vena cbd full spectrum gummies of the company s businesses mentioned by everyone just now, if it takes a year or two to develop and start to make profits, the amount of money will not be small.Seeing everyone getting excited, Li Guohao pondered for a while and said Of course, this year, because the group has just developed, the bonuses that will be distributed to you may not be very large, but next year will definitely be a year when our group explodes.Encourage the employees a lot and let them work hard next year.Only if they work hard, they will get more year end bonuses every year Yes Everyone said in unison.Okay, let s stop here for today s meeting for the time being.Everyone, go back and think about today s meeting.Apart from his home, vena cbd full spectrum gummies he was usually the company.It is very difficult to have the opportunity to interview Li Guohao Xiangjiang Jockey Club, inside the VIP box for members.Zheng Jiachun, Huo Zhenting and other second generations were sitting in the box, watching the race on the racetrack.It has been almost two months since he came to bet on the horses, and Huo Zhenting impatiently held the binoculars to look at the postures of several horses in the distance, and asked while watching Does any of you know which one to buy for this race No.5 Hearing someone vena cbd full spectrum gummies responding to him, Huo Zhenting took down the binoculars, glanced at Bi Zhengyi beside him, frowned and asked, Are you sure On the radio just now, Uncle Biao mentioned that No.5 was born half a month ago.A sickness.No.5 is my friend s horse, he said that today he will win, anyway, I bought a thousand yuan for fun, and it is up to you whether you buy it or not.Yes.After speaking, Li Guohao thought for a while, took out a business card from the inner pocket of his suit and handed it to Feng Yongfa, Call me before Mr.Feng comes tomorrow.I m afraid I won t be in the company because of something.Okay, thank you very much, Li Sheng.You vena cbd full spectrum gummies re welcome.The two chatted a few more words, and Li Guohao turned around and went to find Zhao Yazhi.As the birthday star of this birthday banquet, Bao Daheng also went downstairs to thank all the guests after chatting with Li Guohao.After about an hour, the birthday party that shouldn t have happened was over.Before Li Guohao left, Bao Daheng deliberately went out to .

is cbd gummies good for copd?

see him off, causing some nearby people who knew or didn t know Li Guohao to look sideways in surprise.You must know that Bao Daheng s status in Xiangjiang is very high now.Li Guohao asked casually.Cai Lan nodded aside and said Yes, we signed a guarantee agreement with Golden Harvest, and only paid the basic rental fee.We should earn more than four million Hong Kong dollars.The specifics will be calculated by Golden Harvest after it is released.More than four million Li Guohao microI was taken aback for a moment, but I didn t care about the money, I just thought that making a movie was too lucrative Don t look at the movie Ghost Horse Twin Stars , which took two or three months to shoot, plus the release, it took a total of five or six months.But the most fundamental reason is that it was not long before the preparations with the film company, and a lot of time was spent on coordinating personnel and purchasing and supplying shooting equipment, signing a guarantee agreement with Golden Harvest should have been released long ago, but the release of Bruce Lee s film was helpless, so it i want the best cbd gummies that help everything was postponed It took two months before it was released in early December.Compared with the current Guohao Food Factory, the one in front of him The factory building should be regarded as a modern factory building, and the lights are densely arranged and controlled at various points to ensure that the lights can be brightened on rainy days.Chairman, look, we have eight safe passages in addition to the two main entrances.Under normal circumstances, The safety access door will not be closed.Even when the plant is in operation, it is ensured that the safety door will not be closed.Because there is nothing in the factory now, the factory building of thousands of square meters can be seen at a glance.Qi Boheng pointed to the four safety doors on the left and right sides.As the group walked, Qi Boheng introduced Beside each safety door, we have There is a fire hydrant and two matching fire extinguishers.Li Guohao was slightly taken aback, he didn t expect that Pang Heshuo s thinking was so forward, and he could think of using the topic of exclusive interviews with celebrities to attract readers.Some later TV programs such as Interview with Yang Lan , Lu Yu Youyue , Very Zero Distance and other TV programs that interview entrepreneurs, celebrities and stars are relatively not very popular, but they are still good.Otherwise, there wouldn t be so many similar shows.But in Hong Kong today, the world of the rich is unimaginable for the poor.There is a good saying that poverty limits my imagination.It is not an exaggeration to put it now.There is no Internet, no people showing off their five cbd gummies free wealth, and no selfies of the rich second generation.The general public often has little idea of the life of the top rich.

What s so easy to learn, no one knows how to care.Li Lingling smiled.It s different.You have to learn a lot about catering management.The first is personnel coordination, and the second is how to deal with all kinds of customers., human vena cbd full spectrum gummies resources and so on too much knowledge.In Li Guohao s school, in addition to various culinary arts teachings in the conventional sense, there are also learning in catering management, guiding you how to become an excellent store management talent, and even purchasing, marketing, etc.have related subjects.can i Li Lingling s eyes lit up when she heard this, and she asked.You can try it.The school will officially enroll students in a short how much do green lobster cbd gummies cost time.I read in the newspaper that it is still under construction Well, the school is vena cbd full spectrum gummies still under construction, but it doesn t mean that we can t find a place to enroll students to study first.Guohao Food Industrial Park, Yuen Long District, Hong Kong New Territories.At this time, there was a lot of people, and there was an endless stream of people who came to participate in the official opening of production in the park.How Qianjin sent someone to deliver a flower basket.At the entrance of the food park, there are two huge stone statues, one dragon and one tiger on the left and right, making the people who came to the ceremony look sideways.Normally, if there are two stone statues to be placed, there should be two stone lions, or Pixiu, but Li Guohao can t do it.He actually placed a stone dragon and a stone tiger on the left and right sides.A reporter followed his companion and pointed Did you see that one dragon and one tiger, that is the feng shui formation created by the master Li Guohao knew, specially to gather the wealth of hundreds of miles around this place.These five people are all the most representative outstanding young people in Xiangjiang.It is conceivable how high the gold content of this award is.Mr.Cha smiled and said, Mr.Li, you are too modest.Modesty is a good thing, but too modest will make you lose vitality.Young people should is cbd oil stronger than gummies have some arrogance Mr.Cha is right Liang said.The president couldn t help but nodded in agreement.Let s talk about it at that time Drink and drink Li Guohao doesn cali cbd gummy bear 750mg t care much about the title of the top ten outstanding young people in Hong Kong.If he had expected one or two last year, but with his current achievements, it doesn t matter whether he won an award or not.up. After going back that night.Li s TV station briefly reported the news of the opening of Guohao Food Industrial Park during Minsheng News, and revealed the news that the school hosted by Li Guohao will officially enroll students after the 15th day of the first lunar month Countless families are looking forward to it.William has already paid 9 million It is already the comprehensive price of the previous auction Will Li Sheng continue The auctioneer deliberately mentioned Li Guohao.And Ms.Shen in the audience was all smiles.She was the one who provided the watch.She was able to fetch the highest price in the audience.Naturally, she was very happy.As for the conflict between William and Li Guohao, she had no ability to take care of it, so let it be.10 million Li Guohao raised his sign again The bid this time made William completely lose interest.It s not that he can t afford it, but as a Westerner, he feels that this watch has exceeded his budget, so it doesn t matter if he gives it to Li Guohao.As for himself losing to Li Guohao People with discerning eyes are naturally clear about things.One time for 10 million, two times for 10 million, three times for 10 million, congratulations to Li Sheng for buying a 1900 Cartier diamond watch at a price of 10 million The auctioneer smashed it down excitedly.Boss Li, cbd gummies make you sick the competition is about to start, do you want to win some prizes Lao Zheng walked in with a notebook in his hand with a smile.Everyone in the box with you got off Li Guohao looked at Lao Zheng s full backpack, and guessed that the employees and bodyguards who were with him should have participated.It s all down a little bit, just for fun, it s rare to come here once.I have to say that Lao Zheng still understands people s hearts very well.He has been a tour guide for so many years, and he has seen many tourists, ranging from rich to poor , almost as long as you come here, you will gamble a little.And he can also draw part of the commission from the organizer of the boxing match.Chen Xuewen wanted to have fun, but seeing that the chairman was here, he didn t dare to be the first to vena cbd full spectrum gummies speak.Zheng have any opinions on the Xiangjiang Supermarket Zheng Baoxing hesitated for a while, and then said The opinion is No, I just feel that the supermarkets in Xiangjiang are not formalized enough, they are developing too slowly compared to Carrefour, and they are not very friendly to ordinary citizens.Oh Why For example, take Dalian Lilian as an example.It should belong to the first batch of regular supermarkets in Xiangjiang.But the items they sell, whether it is department stores, daily necessities, food, home appliances, etc., are almost all more expensive than ordinary small stores.In Carrefour abroad, the prices of items in the supermarket must be much cheaper than those in small stores outside.Di Yimin asked in surprise Cheap Why It takes only one year to open such a big supermarket.

Now that your company is getting bigger and bigger, you must focus more on your career.At the end, thinking of Zhao Yazhi, Li Renzhong smiled and said It s me If you want to hug your great grandson, you have to hurry up, the old Chen who used to live next door to our house has already hugged two grandchildren.Yes, Ah Hao, you and Ah Zhi will be married in a few months It s time Thinking that her son was going to get married soon, Li Huifang came to her senses, and said with a slap on the forehead, According to the calculations, the days are less than two months away, so I have to make a good calculation.Some old relatives have to consider whether to invite them.Li Dexiao has no other relatives vena cbd full spectrum gummies in Xiangjiang except for his grandfather Li Renzhong, and his grandmother died early, vena cbd full spectrum gummies and most of her relatives are in the mainland.The price of color comics is definitely higher than that of black and white comics, but the interest is greatly improved a lot, especially the story of an ordinary chef who becomes the God of Cookery, which contains too many dishes from all over the world.Kind of snacks.Only the technology of color printing can show the attractiveness of the dishes.Li Guohao looked at the more realistic male protagonist on the cover of the comic, with indifferent eyes, two sword eyebrows that are common in novels and comics, a tall nose bridge, and thin lips, no matter how you look at it, he is a handsome guy.It s just that Li Guohao always feels a bit like himself when he looks at the male protagonist in the comics.Li Guohao originally only wanted to simply flip through a few pages, but he vena cbd full spectrum gummies never thought that the content of this comic book was quite good, which made him addicted to it.After one o clock, after eating with Zhao Yazhi in the company s internal restaurant, Li Guohao casually mentioned that he would go to school to attend the freshman orientation meeting in the afternoon.Hearing that she was going to participate in the freshman orientation meeting, Zhao Yazhi became interested and told Li Guohao that she would also go, and Li Guohao naturally agreed to it.To deal with the company s affairs first, seeing that the time was coming, when he was about to take Zhao Yazhi to the New Territories, he suddenly thought of something, made a hasty phone call, and then rushed to the New Territories On the other side, in a dilapidated factory building on the outskirts of Tai Po District in the New Territories, the Rende Catering and Cooking School is temporarily located here.You don t even know about this Li Guohao s wedding Is it the 100 million wedding that the cbd gummies as a sleep aid newspaper said some time ago The friend vena cbd full spectrum gummies asked deliberately, Yeah, you don t know which New World I opened yesterday Passing by the entrance of the hotel, guess what I saw What did I see More than a dozen large trucks full of roses.My friend enviously said vena cbd full spectrum gummies I m still surprised that there are so many roses in Xiangjiang, so I went here specially.I asked the other party before, and they said it was shipped from the Netherlands.More than a dozen cars of roses Got a dozen cars of roses.Chapter 376 Wedding 2 According to Zheng Jiachun s original plan, the New Century Hotel should have opened long ago, but after hearing that Li Guohao was going to get married, he also postponed the opening date.Prepare well, only in this way can we make a name for ourselves in one fell swoop.After speaking, Li Guohao yelled at the waiter and ordered everything he wanted.After ordering, Li Guohao asked Bruce Lee When did Brother Xiaolong come back I was thinking that you might not have time to return to Hong Kong in the United States, so I didn t call you to say that I was going to get married.Yesterday I just arrived in Xiangjiang in the afternoon, and I just came back because of something urgent.I just called Zou Wenhuai, and he said that you will get married in the evening, so I will go home and tidy up.Is it for Game of Death Yes and no.Bruce Lee said with a gloomy expression, When my master passed away the year before last, I was busy making movies abroad.I was so proud that I didn t take this matter seriously, and I forgot vena cbd full spectrum gummies about it when I turned around.After staying in the cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies United States for more than a year, I thought a lot.Well, I want to go to various places in the world to shoot scenes and invite world renowned martial artists to participate in this movie.I have already thought of a new movie title called The Warrior s Journey.The track of history has already changed.Butterflies from later generations quietly ushered in a new world, and no one knows what the future holds.He didn t think much, just nodded and agreed Yes.I can still get five million dollars.Chapter 379 He Zuozhi s Li Guohao and Bruce Lee are discussing the new movie, and their table is diagonally opposite A somewhat obese middle aged man has been looking at Li Guohao.He has been watching Li Guohao since he entered the restaurant.What is Brother Shiyi looking at Zheng Jinghan, who was sitting opposite the fat man, followed his eyes curiously Are you looking at Li Guohao or Bruce Lee Both of them are watching.

Thinking about it now, more than forty years have passed in the blink of an eye, time really flies.Chapter 381 The three month construction time is the next day.Li Guohao didn t give himself a few days off because of his newlyweds.Instant noodles were also sold out.He still underestimated the influence of the Winner Band at this time.In 1974, Xu Guanwen appeared in the film industry, and the music scene was monopolized by Xu Guanjie and the Winner Band.Xu Guanjie based on the Cantonese album of the same name in the movie Ghost Horse Twin Stars Since its release at the beginning of this year, the total sales volume in Hong Kong Southeast Asia has reached an astonishing 150,000 copies, making it the most popular singer in Asia at this time.And the Winner band has become the most popular English rock song combination with the song shalalala , Popular throughout Southeast Asia Indeed, even island countries have many people buying their albums.At least hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars will be spent on publicity every month.You can calculate how much extra money will be spent in this year, not including the labor and rent of the local branch.Li Qiang sighed when he said this Tone In fact, going public now is the best choice.Firstly, it can raise funds, and secondly, it can better expand the company s influence and scale.Li Guohao frowned while difference between cbd and delta 8 gummies holding the microphone.He didn t have much influence, but he had a great influence on He Qianjin and Li Qiang.After all, both of them have shares in vena cbd full spectrum gummies the palace pastry company.If they go public, the value of their shares will soar.Since He Qianjin mentioned this matter to himself last time, Li Guohao has always kept this matter in his heart, and occasionally thought about whether it is good or bad to go public.After more than two years of research, it has been basically completed now, and the results after the test are also very satisfactory.It is not much worse than some mainstream sterilization technologies in the world Even in some food fields, it has a stronger ability to sterilize.Oh my God If this technology is true, I think it will definitely set off a new chapter in the international food field This ohmic heat sterilization technology can already be compared with pasteurization technology Benson was on the way, actually They don t think much of the ability of Xiangjiang s experimenters.After all, in their view, the technical issues are still relatively strong in Western countries, but from Xiao Changhan s introduction, after learning about ohmic heating and sterilization technology, they are also boastful.As long as residents who agree to the acquisition by the New Territories real estate company on that day, their house area will be purchased at 20 of the market price, and tomorrow it will be reduced to 15.Then it s ten percent.The same is true for shops, from 25 to 15.In Yuen Long District, a square with a temporary stage.At around nine o clock in the morning, the entire square was overcrowded, at least thousands of people, all of whom were residents from the small town.For the sake of safety, Li Guohao also specially arranged for the security personnel of Guohao Security to come here to maintain order, and at the same time asked the people from the local police station to cooperate.Backstage, Li Guohao walked over with Qi Boheng and a few bodyguards.Zheng Jiachun, who was negotiating with the staff, happened to see someone coming, so he waved his hand to let the staff go down first, turned around and walked over and said with a smile Ah Hao is here This outsider It s quite a lot.Do you know Mr.Zhou The county magistrate smiled and explained When I returned to Bao an County from Kyoto last year, I met Mr.Li once on the plane.That s really fate.Zhang Zhangqin, the county secretary, did not expect such a dramatic meeting between the two.Chapter 712 After arriving at Wujia Village, when Chen Sheng was helping to give the bride price, he leaned over to Li Guohao and said, Boss, where did you find the driver in our car Why Li Guohao was puzzled, and then said, Yes The one arranged by Secretary Zhang seems to be a militiaman from the transportation team of the Armed Forces.He has a faint murderous look, he should have killed people on the battlefield.Hearing that he was a soldier, Chen Sheng showed such an expression., he had also trained in the Flying Tigers, and he also fought with those gangsters a few years ago, so he could feel that this person was unusual.Chapter 769 Genetically modified food technology The theoretical basis of genetically modified technology comes from molecular biology derived from the theory of evolution.Before 2013, except for relevant scientific researchers or students studying this subject, most Chinese people were extremely unfamiliar with this vocabulary, and some people may have never heard it in can anyone sell cbd gummies their entire lives.However, since 2013, Teacher Cui and Fang Zi had a dispute over genetically modified food on Weibo, and then there was a mutual scolding war, the term genetically modified has spread among the general public.Genetically modified technology is a relatively important technical field of modern science.From the most fundamental technical knowledge, there are gradually vena cbd full spectrum gummies different branches, such as genetically modified crop technology, genetically modified biological technology, etc Humans have used artificial selection or selective breeding to modify the genomes of plants and animals for thousands of years.

Speaking of this, Shen Bi raised his head and glanced at everyone present As far as I know, Li Guohao personally invested in a Chinese restaurant chain restaurant in the United States.Last year, the funds deposited in HSBC Bank in Europe and America were as high as 150 million U.S.dollars.He privately The rest of the investment industry can bring him a lot of profits every year, and at this time we came to the door and asked him to pay back the money, which is undoubtedly a complete offense to him.Hearing that Li Guohao actually invested in business in Europe and the United States, he made a profit last year 150 million US dollars, everyone in the conference room was horrified.No wonder Shen Bi had the guts to lend 3 billion Hong Kong dollars to Guohao vena cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies colorado Group a few years ago.The manager of the bank s personal savings department swallowed and asked, ThenChairman Shen, what should we do Among all the departments, except for the capital operation department, he, the manager of the personal savings department, suffered the most up.September 24th, the delta 9 cbd gummies day of formal negotiations between China and Britain.Since the morning, the three TV stations in Xiangjiang have been opening up a separate channel to broadcast the scenes of Kyoto in the mainland in real time.From time to time, political science, economics and other experts invited by various TV stations chatted there, imagining the outcome of the Sino British negotiations.The host of cbd gummies for sex vena cbd full spectrum gummies Phoenix TV turned to Jin Sheng, a well known political commentator in Xiangjiang, and asked, Mr.Jin, what do you think the final result of this Sino British negotiation will be He held up three fingers and said There are three kinds of results.One is that the UK agrees to China s recovery of Xiangjiang the other is that China agrees to continue to hand over the jurisdiction of Xiangjiang to the UK The Falklands War will happen soon.Papa papa Zheng Jiachun took the lead in applauding and said, Ahao, I underestimated you too much.If you make a move, it will be 8 billion Hong Kong dollars.I don t think there is any in Hong Kong.A person can have such a big penny like you, and you can say that you can take out so much cash Huo Zhenting showed hesitation on his face.He has only been in power for a short time.Such a large investment is beyond his control.Moreover, he is still very, very worried about bottom hunting.He said he was doing his best, but Li Guohao still kept a little bit of it.Taking out the 8 billion yuan really emptied him out.Almost no one in the banks in Xiangjiang dared to lend out because of the broken real estate, but Panda Express in the United States As well as high quality companies such as Palace Pastry and Red Bull in the United States, they can borrow from banks in the United States.In 1991, Li Guohao acquired the island country Ebara food company.After getting the formula of catering seasoning, he opened more than a dozen large processing factories in the mainland, and closed the island country Ebara seasoning factory in the same year.Coinciding with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Li Guohao mobilized a large amount of raw material and grain reserves in the Mainland and Southeast Asia, as well as a large amount of funds, to the Soviet Union in exchange for a lot of sophisticated machine tool equipment and a lot of scientific and technological materials.In 1992, with the help of scientific research materials obtained from the Soviet Union and the acquisition of corresponding companies, Li Guohao opened the first mobile phone manufacturing company in Xiangjiang, named Guohao Mobile.In 1999, Li Guohao s eldest son Li Zecheng returned from his studies and took over part of the business of Guohao Nanshun, a subsidiary of Guohao Group.In the same year, Li Guohao listed most of Guohao Group s subsidiaries in Xiangjiang, and later vena cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies colorado invested in Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Sohu and other Internet companies.In 2000, most of Li Guohao s assets were exposed by the media.The American Forbes Magazine s 100 Rich List selected him as the richest person in the world.Laugh at Bill Gates, the second child of ten thousand years.In the same year, because most of Li Guohao s assets came from the catering industry, he was called the founder of the catering empire by Time Magazine.2001 It took a year to finish this testimonial, and this catering giant was finished, with 1.86 million words, not too much to say, and much less to say.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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