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En.Li Guohao nodded, thinking silently.The 130,000 yuan is about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, except for the cost and labor prizes.Li s mother was surprised.Thousands.At that time, the promotional activities were cash draws, plus we made wife cakes, the profit was not high, so the profit was small.If this continues, the capital can be recovered in less than two days I m back, my God, how much money did you make naturecan vegan cbd gummies Li Huifang counted there for a while, her eyes glowing, and she exclaimed.Li Guohao said, Well, if there are so many people signing up for membership every day, the cost of membership can be collected very quickly.My son is great Fortunately, I supported my son to open a store, what is cbd gummies made out of otherwise he would have made so much money.At the end, Li s mother glanced at Li Dexiao triumphantly, I don t know who was the one who didn t allow his son to open the shop at the beginning Seeing his daughter eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews reddit what is cbd gummies made out of in law like this, Li Dexiao also shook his head helplessly, and he suddenly thought, Guohao, the shopkeeper It s not a solution to have so much cash in it every day, and will those cashiers guard against themselves, what is cbd gummies made out of or I ll ask what is cbd gummies made out of your mother to come over and collect the money for you.So many varieties As soon as they came in, Master Wang and Master Zhang frowned, looking at the dazzling array of pastries in front of them, feeling like they had nowhere to start.Rong Bingcai also did his homework.Seeing the two masters talking now, he explained the difference, There are quite a few.There are more than 30 varieties of Li Ji on the opposite side, and about 20 of them are repeated with us.There are more than a dozen varieties that we don t have here.Li Ji Master Zhang was stunned.It s the palace dim sum across the street.Their owner s surname is Li.I think the word palace is too vague.Rong Bing shook his head.He wouldn t say it was because someone commented in the book review area.Silently, Master Wang, who was tasting the taste, suddenly opened his eyes and said in astonishment, Here What kind of filling is this wife cake, do you know, Arong It s written on the paper bag, let me take a look.The main reason is that Mr.Li is so good at doing business.The store will open a branch after only a few days.Mai Qi saw the doubt can cbd gummies be taken with medications what are the best cbd gummies in his eyes and explained.I don t know much about decoration, but to can cbd gummies be taken with medications what are the best cbd gummies be honest, people who can decorate in Xiangjiang, or are willing to spend a lot of money to decorate shops and houses, are basically rich people.Manager Mai wants to continue to operate the decoration company Going on, there is only one way, and that is to take the hardcover route and expand the company s business to those rich people.Or cooperate with some small and medium sized developers, and let the profits be a little bit.It doesn t matter if you earn less, at least after working with them , so that your company s popularity will be improved to a certain extent.Also, Manager Mai can also try to seek cooperation from real estate agencies, and discuss with them the what is cbd gummies made out of second hand house business they sell.They are basically honest and responsible, and they are also practical in doing things, and they rarely slack off.Huang He and Chen Zhipeng are good, and their pastry making skills are also great.We have a suggestion wall in the store.Basically, no one says that the pastry tastes bad, and most of them appreciate it.But they usually do things well later, Just leave directly, the relationship with other employees is so so, I am afraid that after they are promoted to store managers in Central, they will do it with the attitude of going to and from get off work.On the other hand, Sun Dafu is a good person, he usually cleans after get off work He was also the first one to do it, and he would help others to clean up his own area.Although they don t have much management experience, it doesn t matter, just take your time, after all, I don t know anything at first.Seeing that it was Li Guohao, Sister Wang came over and said, Boss and store manager Zhang, you two are finally here.If you wait any longer, they will leave.Who is Sister HCMUSSH what is cbd gummies made out of Wang Li Guohao asked with a frown.Zhang Dong on the side also said If you can t wait, let s go.Why is the foreign woman staying here looking for Ah Hao Sister Wang covered Zhang Dong s mouth and made a mute gesture what is cbd gummies made out of around her mouth Said Shop Manager Zhang, keep your voice down, that person can understand us.Zhang Dong pulled away Sister Wang s hand and asked, Who is it, Sister Wang I see you are so nervous.Li Guohao was also curious Nodding, a desire for knowledge.Ms.Wang whispered, It s MacLehose s daughter in law Deng Liting I don t know these two people.Zhang Dong was shocked and said, What It s Sir Mai s daughter in law, Ms.Wu Guohua said Then I ll just tell you Mr.Li, the main reason for asking you this time is for Kung Fu Panda.The ratings are very good, almost surpassing the TV series made by Uncle Wang, so the station hopes to broadcast a few more episodes every week.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned and said The production of cartoons is extremely complicated.It s more time consuming than filming a TV series, and now the animation company and our publishing house are rushing to complete two episodes every week, if we increase the number of episodes, the quality may not be guaranteed.When there are more than 24 pictures in one second When the human eye sees it as a continuous image.Therefore, when making an animation, there must be 24 pictures in one second.Generally, one picture is called a frame, so there are 24 frames in every second to make people feel that the cartoon is moving, not a manga.It s hard to explain to the Li family, so you need to talk about Guohua again.This Wu Guohua didn t know what Fang Yihua was thinking.Selling the copyright of Kung Fu Panda animation to Southeast Asia, of course, is to get a little profit, but Li Guohao may not agree to this kind of talk.What Is there a problem Fang Yihua glanced at Wu Guohua.Wu Guohua swallowed his saliva and said, No problem, what is cbd gummies made out of I ll try to talk about it as much as possible.As a former minister of the Shaw family, Wu Guohua really wasn t so afraid of Uncle Liu, a look scared him so much that he dared not say anything.But facing Fang Yihua, the concubine of the sixth uncle, not only Wu Guohua was in awe, but even other employees of Shaw Brothers were a little afraid of her.This thing has to start from last year.A popular Shaw Brothers actress offended Fang Yihua because of her popularity, so she was forced to arrange what is cbd gummies made out of a tertiary film for her in the name of her contract.

You must know that although Xiangjiang has a film and television management department similar to that of radio and television, most of the tertiary films in Xiangjiang are very exposed, and there is no classification system, which is very different from the tertiary films I watched later.Most of the tertiary films discussed at this time are pornographic films.For everyone to understand more quickly.It is also commonly known as Fengyue tablets.Various nudity shots abound in the film.So after the popular actress filmed this pornographic film, she was rejected by her parents.In addition to some other reasons, she was reduced to prostitution after her contract was terminated.I heard that she was working as a dancer in a nightclub recently.Chapter 60 House Leakage When Lian Yeyu discussed broadcasting rights with TVB, Li Guohao was actually not very happy.I don t need you to take care of what I do Rongji is now the master of the house, and it s not up to you to intervene whether it s good or bad Rong Bingcai was so taunted by this younger brother who used to look down on him, he became angry from embarrassment.Yes, I really don t care, but mom can If I tell mom about this, tell me whether she will let you continue to be the head of Rongji Rong Binghua threatened.When Rong Bingcai heard his mother was mentioned, he frowned How old is Mom, don t bother her with this matter, if anything happens to her, you will see me Rong Binghua held hemp bombs cbd gummies in ohio on to the handle and said I don t want to tell Mom, who made you so confused now, you are doing things without thinking, and you are about to smash Rongji s signboard.If this continues, Rongji may not be far from closing Speaking of this, Rong Binghua deliberately emphasized the word closed door.As the company s affairs became more and more busy, I temporarily lived and boarded in the company.Li Guohao asked, When are you going to HSBC In the afternoon.Li Qiang called Shen Bi s phone yesterday and found that the number was what is cbd gummies made out of empty, so he planned to visit this old friend at HSBC in the afternoon.Well, good.By the way, Mr.Shangguan called to see you just now.I told him that you would come back and call him later when you were not there.Li Qiang said suddenly.Brother Yuan I see, call him now.He returned to his office.Li Guohao sat on the boss chair and dialed the number of the publishing house.Speaking of which, the phone at this time is still very old fashioned, the kind of circular dialing.When Li Guohao was not very good at using it for the first time, he was ridiculed by Zhang Dong for a long time.We were planning to get a loan from Standard Chartered Bank.After all, our company has more than one million deposits in Standard Chartered Bank, and the daily turnover is deposited in Standard Chartered Bank.This loan is very easy, but who knows that they actually said that they can t get a loan because they don t have collateral.These words made Shen Bute very dizzy, how did it involve Standard Chartered Bank I still have millions of deposits in Standard Chartered Bank, so why ask HSBC for a loan of two million Wait, Li Qiang, what are you talking about Why didn t I understand a word Although Shen Bi was proficient in Cantonese, his comprehension ability was still inferior to that of a purebred Chinese.Li Guohao and Li Qiang looked at each other.Li Guohao organized his language and said Actually, besides a comic book publishing house, I also have a pastry company with three branches in Kowloon.Li Qiang didn t expect Xie Honghe to say this, he laughed and said, Haha, Manager Xie is very funny.All right, let s follow the chairman s decision and open a few branches in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.Talked about it for a while.In the end, it was decided koi cbd gummy bears to open stores in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.As for how many branches to open, this needs to be discussed again.However, according to Li Qiang and Li Guohao s idea, at least ten branches should be opened.At the beginning, the idea was to borrow 2 million yuan, but now we have 5 million yuan.The scale of this expansion will naturally be doubled.Li Guohao said to Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department Manager Wang is going to trouble you this time.It s what is cbd gummies made out of best to analyze some of the more important stores we have provided to you as soon as possible, rent manpower and cost.Okay, old lady In the 1970s, Xiangjiang was very lively at night.Even though there were not many night markets everywhere, there were quite a few.Yau Ma Tei Temple Street.There are people coming and going around, and there are countless hawkers and stalls on the road.Li Guohao asked in surprise Are there so many people in Temple Street at night Zhang Dong nodded Yes, it s not like you haven t been here before.Why are you so surprised The two used to be in Kowloon, but they were just playing around., there is no place they have not been to.It s just that Li Guohao came through the soul, so naturally he doesn t know these things well.I forgot, I haven t been here for a long time.Li Guohao smiled awkwardly.Li Qiang next to him pointed not far away and said, Not far in the past was the oldest shop of Rongji, and the founder of Rongji made his fortune here.

Boss Rong, here are some pastry chef applicants, would you like to take a look A Ping walked in at this time.Rong Binghua nodded Call in and let me have a look.Rongji is going to open a branch recently, so there .

can i take cbd gummies with antibiotics?

is a huge demand for manpower, especially for pastry chefs.You must know eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews reddit what is cbd gummies made out of that waiters are easy to find and train., but a qualified pastry chef is not so easy to learn.Inside Nathan Road Wing Kee Bakery.A Ming glanced at Rongji s storefront, gently tugged on A Fa s clothes next to him and asked, A Fa, is it not good for us to do this Li Ji treated us well before, and the dismissal was all due to us.Myself.Ah Fa turned pale and A Ming glanced at him and said, It s okay, those pastries have to be thrown away anyway, why can t they be given to our employees, and they still have to be thrown away But the company has regulations HCMUSSH what is cbd gummies made out of Okay, stop talking nonsense, now there are only two big shops in the Kowloon Peninsula, Lee Kee what is cbd gummies made out of and Rong Kee, don t you want to go to work in the small pastry shop next to your house The small pastry shop Ah Fa mentioned is indeed It s a small, mom and pop store, and it doesn t seem to need people.If you really want to expand the pastry industry, it is a waste of time and resources to simply open a shop.If you can set up an assembly line factory, then It can make the company s reputation faster.In addition to what is cbd gummies made out of hotels and restaurants, some big players in the catering and food industry in later generations basically started from factories, such as Master Kong and Wahaha.Li Qiang nodded and said Actually, if you want to really grow the company, you can what is cbd gummies made out of super cbd gummies for hair growth definitely learn from the development of McDonald s.Although they do fast food, their business philosophy is the same.Don t look at them in many countries around the world.stores, but in fact they did not spend eating 5 cbd gummies too much money on opening stores, they relied on the brand value of McDonald s to find franchisees all over the world, so as to achieve a chain effect.If TVB hadn t been so domineering before, Li Guohao would still like to advertise on TVB.Even if they had a falling out, they could only buy advertising space on Li s TV station.Okay, I ll go back and ask the manga club later, and ask them to contact Li s TV station executives for you.Yes.Xie Honghe nodded and agreed.As the manager of the public relations department, he naturally needed to go there in person.Talking about advertising with Li s TV station, he asked again What about the newspaper Is it published in Ming Pao or multiple newspaper offices.Let s consider advertising in Ming Pao first.After all, Ming Pao sells best in Xiangjiang.Li Guohao thought about it for a while , instead of advertising in many tabloids, it is better to spend more money to advertise directly in Ming Pao.No matter how many tabloids there are, they may not sell as many newspapers as Ming Pao.Your uncle is doing very well in Taiwan.The factory has already become a department manager, and the monthly salary is quite a lot.What factory does uncle work in I don t know, it seems to be a factory invested by RB, called Nissin.Li Huifang thought for a while Not too sure.Nissing what is cbd gummies made out of Nissin instant koi cbd gummies reviews what is cbd gummies made out of noodles Li Guohao had some impressions of this factory.He remembered that later generations bought a box of RB instant noodles on Taobao.The brand seemed to be called Nissin.Yes, they are making instant noodles.After hearing what Li Guohao said, Li Huifang remembered that the factory her brother told her was making instant noodles.Speaking of instant noodles, Li Guohao thought of Master Kong and Uni President, both of which will be the pillars of the future instant noodle market in the Mainland.As for Nissin instant noodles, Li Guohao was bored.I didn t expect Nephew Guohao to have such a great ability Guan Yunfei said happily.Li Guohao nodded with a smile and said, Fortunately, it happens that the market is good, and because I made a pastry in the Hong Kong Governor s Mansion, it has developed to this point.Ahao, would you like to lend some money to your Uncle Guan Li Renzhong ask.No problem.Although Li Guohao didn t know how much it would cost to renovate the store, his grandfather would naturally not refuse when he asked.No way, how can I ask Guohao to borrow money Guan Yunfei insisted on not wanting to borrow money from Li Guohao because of his face.Li Guohao glanced at his grandfather, and asked again If Uncle Guan doesn t want to borrow money, how about I invest in the shares I will pay the money, you will pay the shop, and we will jointly start a company Guan Yunfei thought for a while, and then said This is fine.If the sanitation is up to standard, we will go straight away.After all, we have received a report.The man in uniform is also very annoyed by this situation, but he has received a report, so naturally he has to come and check Condition.Oh, ok.Xiao Min thought that someone was deliberately causing trouble, but she was relieved of the hygiene problems in the store, so she naturally didn t care about the inspection by the health bureau in front of her.Before the people from the Health Bureau entered the baking room at the back to check, another group of people crowded in from outside the door.Let me let us be reporters from TVB, let me A moment later, a man with a microphone came in, followed by a strong man carrying a video camera.We are a reporter from the TVB news channel.We have received news that your shop is unsanitary and that many of the pastries you sell have quality problems Oh my god Xiao Min was flustered.

Well, now that what happens if you take too many cbd gummies the comic club has recruited a group of new assistants, what is cbd gummies made out of I will hand over Kung Fu Panda to them to draw.I am not going to open a second comic book.Pass it to Li Guohao.Li Guohao took the manuscript and looked at it for a few times.Seeing that the characters were a bit familiar, he glanced at the first drawing again.There were three large characters Bruce Lee written on it, and he opened his mouth in surprise You are drawing Bruce Lee Well, I ve always had this idea since I read Bruce Lee s Brother Tang Shan, and now I m going to draw a modern martial arts comic when I m free recently, with the foundation of Kung Fu Panda before, I believe this book will definitely sell well Shangguan Xiao Bao said confidently.You must know that recently, apart from drawing the second part of Kung Fu Panda, Shangguan Xiaobao has devoted all his energy to this brand new comic Bruce Lee.Li Guohao sighed, he still had no status, cbd gummies legal in texs and in the eyes of the other party, he was just an ordinary person who made pastries.If he was invited by a rich businessman or celebrity, I think the other party will at least show face.When Li Qiang heard this, he lost his previous thoughts.Seeing that Li Guohao looked a little sad, he comforted him and said It s okay, when our palace pastry grows bigger and the Chinese Food Association is successfully established, if you want to come to the Hong Kong Governor s wife, she will come to participate At this time, Hong Kong is still under the jurisdiction of the British, but with the rise of rich Chinese businessmen and the fact that the locals are all Chinese, the newly appointed Hong Kong governor must win over wealthy businessmen and celebrities to support his re election, and implement policies.Although Macau is not big, only 32.8 square kilometers, almost 35 times smaller than Xiangjiang, but its influence is also ranked first can cbd gummies be taken with medications what are the best cbd gummies in Asia.Because it is now under the jurisdiction of the Portuguese government, Macau is in a very special state.Gambling, pornography and other industries are legal.Thus stretching more fields.Gambling and pornography are industries that bring in quick money, especially in Macau.There are only ways you can t think of, and there is nothing new that you can t see.It s no wonder that it is called the Las Vegas of the East.The next day, the company.Sitting on the boss chair, Li Guohao stretched his waist and said to Li Qiang Miss He returned to Macau today, she told me yesterday that she would send someone to the company to contact us, this time I am going to let Gu Qianqian go to Macau Ms.It is one of the most famous animals, and it is also an animal that is only found in China.This animal appeared in the United States during World War II, but it was just a specimen.It is not until today that we really know the existence of this ancient creature. Then this What does this have to do with the comic book George still didn t quite understand what the ancient animal had to do with the comics.Recently, the company intends to compete with Disney in the field of animation, but you also know Disney s position in the field of animation.After reading this comic book, I have an idea.Relying on oriental characteristics, let people all over the United States experience the mysterious China.Kung Fu Panda has a very high box office in the United States, and once occupied the top ten box office of cartoons.The store opened not far away.Since they opened, my business has been worsening day by day, and now the daily turnover is less than a few hundred Hong Kong dollars.If this continues, I will drink the northwest wind sooner or later United How about a joint method Joint What do you mean Some agreed, some questioned, and some questioned.Liu Peilin saw that most of the people were filled with righteous indignation, so he smiled and said the plan he had prepared Aren t their palace pastries often holding promotional activities because of the money and money in the store Then we will do the same, and everyone will try their koi cbd gummies reviews what is cbd gummies made out of best.Let s calculate the profits of our respective pastries, and a dozen of our stores will join together to hold a campaign. What s the point of this Isn t it the same for us to hold promotions Why do we need to join forces Gu Yonghe asked.Okay, let s go there quickly, don t let people wait in a hurry.Go back to the hotel to have a rest, and go out for a stroll at night.I have heard that the night market in Macau is very interesting.Upon hearing the game, Mai Xiaomin s eyes lit up and said Okay, okay, I ve wanted to come to Macau for a long time.Zhang Dong looked at Mai Xiaomin like a child, and smiled helplessly I said, grandma, you are going to get married soon, can you not So playful.Mai Xiaomin snorted coldly, glanced at Zhang Dong and said, What You don t want to accompany me How dare I Zhang Dong immediately acted like a resentful woman when he heard this.Hahaha Li Guohao laughed out loud, this A Dong fell under Mai Xiaomin s hands.That night, the three of Li Guohao walked around the night market near the hotel after Gu Qianqian.

Looking at Zhang Dong who fell asleep again, Li hemp cbd gummies to quit smoking Guohao shook his head helplessly, went to the bathroom to wash up, put on the new suit he brought yesterday, and opened the hotel door.At this moment, Gu Qianqian also came out from the next room.It turned out that when he came back last night, Zhang Dong was worried that Mai Xiaomin would stay in the hotel alone.Although the two rooms were adjacent, he asked Gu Qianqian to stay with Mai Xiaomin.Seeing someone come out, Li Guohao smiled and said, Manager Gu, you re awake too, so let s go.Gu Qianqian looked Li Guohao up and down, saw him wearing a suit and combing his handsome back hair, and said with a smile Boss Li Why do I feel that you are much more handsome today than yesterday Huh Really I also think what is better cbd gummies or oil I am much more handsome than yesterday, haha.Hello, Mr.Zheng.Hello, Boss Li.On the contrary, He Chaoying may be opening a new store today, the first step in his life and entrepreneurship, strongest cbd gummies for sleep not only happy in his heart, but also full of joy on his face.Chapter 118 He Qianjin, a pastry seller, wanted to receive some rich businessmen s children who came to join him at the door, so he asked Gu Qianqian to take Li Guohao to the leisure area on the second floor to play.Li Guohao was not in a hurry to run to the second floor, but instead let Gu Qianqian take him around the retail area on the first floor.The price of pastries here seems to be different from that in Xiangjiang Li Guohao frowned seeing the different prices of the same pastry in the two places.You must know that the company made it very what is cbd gummies made out of clear to the franchisees that the retail price must be the same.The floor tiles were all pure white, and the biggest dust and garbage could be seen at a glance.Li Guohao asked Chen Zhipeng to make some pastries on the spot, and he watched it silently beside him.When Chen Zhipeng put the finished cakes into the oven to bake, he turned his head and asked with a smile How is the boss I make the cakes strictly according to the company s regulations, and the amount of flour and water is done according to the standards.Li Guohao praised It s a good job.Ordinary people may not see that Li Guohao can make pastries.After all, few bosses understand all the processes of their company, but Li Guohao is different.A pastry chef studied for several days before he could accurately make some pastries to every gram and quantity.Just like fast food such as McDonald s and KFC, no matter which city you go to eat, the taste is exactly the same.Gu Qianqian replied.Li Guohao pondered for a what is cbd gummies made out of moment and asked, Did you ask Ms.He if she could have a pastry shop in the casino In the casino Gu Qianqian looked at Li Guohao suspiciously.That s right.After all, the gambling industry is the most developed in Macau.Most of the people who go there to play are rich or gamblers.We can ignore the gamblers, but we can t let gummy cbd recipe go of this group of rich people.Gu Qianqian listened to Li Guohao s words , roughly understood what he meant, shook his head and said No, although I have been helping Ms.He manage the opening of the store before, I have never been to a casino, and I have never mentioned this to her.You have Miss He s phone number Li Guohao asked.Yes.That s fine.Wait for a while, maybe half a month.You call her and ask how her business is.If the business is good, you can mention by the way whether it is possible to set up a pastry area in the kitchen inside the casino.Good lady.Dong Haonan thanked after sitting down.You don t want to call me Niangniang anymore, my surname is Zhao, you can call me Ah Zhi.Zhao Yazhi felt twisted when she heard this person kept calling her Niangniang, and she said her name.When Li Guohao heard it, sure enough, these people still have tricks.Seeing Zhao Yazhi say this, Dong Haonan lowered his head and said bluntly Don t dare, you dare not call me by her name.After speaking, the corners of her mouth smiled without leaving a trace.The surname is Zhao, and the name is Ah Zhi.It seems that it shouldn t be Zhao Zhi.The name is too ugly, and there should be a word in the middle.Ya, Hui, Fen, Fang Ya What do you mean by calling me Niangniang all the time Zhao Yazhi asked curiously.Dong Haonan pretended to be contemplative, and sighed at the end Since I am lucky enough to meet your empress today, I have no choice but to speak out.But I finally got to see my empress today, and my life is not in vain.Dong Haonan let out a long sigh.Zhao green lobster cbd gummies stop smoking Yazhi said in shock What I am Empress White Snake Li Guohao was shocked when he heard this, how did he know that Zhao Yazhi had played Bai Suzhen He also hurriedly asked Dong Haonan, do you know who you are A bitch Dong Haonan racked his brains to think deeply, but he couldn t remember that there was a Taoist lady named Dianniang, so he asked I don t know who this fairy is.I am so ignorant, I am really ashamed.What about what is cbd gummies made out of the what is cbd gummies made out of cbd gummies rainbow ribbions Hidden Dragon God Hidden Dragon Such a bold title, but unfortunately I don t know him well.Even the names of the two gods, Dong Haonan, couldn t tell the history, and at the same time feeling a little sad, he thought to himself that this person would not play tricks on himself, how could there be these two gods in Taoism.

Then give it to Daoist Qingfengzi quickly, and let him quickly resolve it.Zhao Yazhi stuffed the money in Li Guohao s hand, and asked him to give Dong Haonan his own share.Seeing Zhao Yazhi s insistence, Li Guohao couldn t say much.No matter how this fake Taoist figured out that his surname was Li, what he said just now was a bonus for him.After all, what he said was so bleak and beautiful that they finally got together Give me some money anyway.The money he emptied out of his wallet, together with Zhao Yazhi s, was in his hands, and when he was about to pass it to Dong Haonan, Li Guohao remembered something and asked By the way, Taoist priest, since you are so amazing, why don t you test my career for me How Dong Haonan, who was about to receive the money, didn t stretch out his hand when he heard this, thinking to himself that this person is really troublesome, when he thought that he had four thousand dollars in front of him This is not a small sum, so I nodded patiently and said Mr.I hope so.Li Guohao thought about what the two said, and it really made sense, as did the advertisement on the TV station.It has only been replaced with a new one today, and it may not be popularized so quickly to let more people know.Li Qiang stopped the car suddenly, turned a corner, and came to a temporary parking spot.Before a few people were puzzled, Li Qiang smiled and said, Here we are, it s really, you can find our sales point within a few kilometers, haha.Following Li Qiang s pointing, he saw a corner of the sidewalk not far away.A refrigerated truck was parked on the side of the road, and a group of people were gathering there.A few people got out of the car and walked over.Suddenly, a piercing soprano came from the crowd.Stop making noise Immediately, the what is cbd gummies made out of crowd fell silent, and even Li Guohao and the others who had just walked over were startled.He was looking for the bride s red shoes again, and doing some strange things, It was too noisy inside.Not too familiar.Zhao Yazhi followed Li Guohao to wait HCMUSSH what is cbd gummies made out of outside the house.Ah Hao.Zhao Yazhi said suddenly.What s wrong Li Guohao asked.I only heard Zhao Yazhi say Zhang Dong is married.Yes.Li Guohao let out a melancholy, remembering the young man who followed him everywhere to shop and was busy opening a new store.He married his wife in just one year.Getting married, time flies by really fast.Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao, and asked a little shyly Ahao, have you ever thought about when you will get married Azhi, when is the best time I don t know.Immediately, two blushes appeared on Zhao Yazhi s face, so charming.marry.Li Guohao has not thought about it for the time being, he is a person of later generations, and his thinking and concept are a little different from those of today s people, that is, it doesn t matter whether he gets married sooner or later.After pondering for a moment, Li Guohao said That s right, Manager Mai only has one daughter, so it s not unreasonable for you to take over his business.Ah Hao, I m sorry.Zhang Dong said embarrassedly.It s okay.Li Guohao didn t care too much.He had pulled Zhang Dong into the company just out of the desire to help his friends.Seeing that he had a better choice now, he naturally wished him sincerely.At this time, Zhao Yazhi came out from the inside and said, I ve been looking for you for a long time, come here quickly, I m going to take pictures. the next day.Li Guohao just arrived at the company.I saw Li Qiang walking excitedly to the chairman s office.The first sentence when he opened the door was Let s go to the United States to open a store A silver shadow, not a phantom.Silver Shadow 1965 Chapter 154 All Gone 3 3 Go to America to open a store Li Guohao asked in surprise.After all, koi cbd gummies reviews what is cbd gummies made out of the craftsmanship is not very complicated.The group of people in the technical department still understand these things.Huang Yaohua only worked in a soda factory before , although he is also the director of the factory, it is still very different from a food processing factory.The change in the soda factory is nothing more than the taste of the soda.A soda can be made into orange flavor, orange flavor, mango flavor.Even if you want to make it into durian flavor, as long as someone is willing to buy it.But food processing factories are not good.There must be a variety of products in order to attract customers of different ages to buy.Just like milk candy, a candy suitable for children, can be produced and sold.Moreover, the cost is not very high, and the profit is also there.It can cbd gummies be taken with medications what are the best cbd gummies can be popularized by the public, so that everyone can eat it with a small amount of money.Chairman Just as Li Guohao walked in, a person sitting at the desk suddenly stood up and shouted.Are you Chen Chen Li Guohao seemed to have seen this person there before, and Li Guohao frowned, thought for a while, and asked suddenly.Chairman, you still remember me.Chen Chen smiled.He was the second batch of pastry chefs to join the palace pastry, and he was in the same group as Chen Dafu.With the improvement of his personal ability, he was recruited by Huang He to the technical department to develop new pastries.Well, of course I remember.Li Guohao smiled.In fact, he also forgot a bit, and said, Manager Huang told you all before he left.I told you about the chairman.Chen Chen nodded.You are the only one in the technical department Li Guohao scanned the office and saw that Chen Chen was alone, his brows were furrowed.

After walking for five or six minutes, Li Qiang stopped and said.Changji Restaurant Li Guohao looked up and saw a Chinese style wooden signboard hanging on it, and read it out of his mouth.This Chang Kee Restaurant is a well known restaurant in Chinatown.Even Chinese living in other areas of San Francisco often come here to taste delicious Chinese food.What you see makes a big difference.Although not all of the surrounding buildings are low rise buildings, most of them are only three to five stories high.There is also a lot of garbage on the ground.The streets are very narrow and can only accommodate two cars.The sidewalks are also crowded with Chinese people setting up stalls to do business.The stalls sell different varieties, such as Chinese knots, antiques, sugar figurines, and a lot of weird things.No.Zhao Yazhi turned around, smiled and shook her head at Li Guohao and said, I like it very much, please help me put it on. nice You love it.Come on, turn around, and I ll put it on for you.Li Guohao stood behind Zhao Yazhi, separated the two ends of the necklace, slowly slipped it over her head, and then fastened the concealed buckles on both ends of the necklace.Okay.Does it look good Zhao Yazhi turned around and asked.Li Guohao took a deep look at Zhao Yazhi, who was dressed in a white collar workplace, and looked at the charming little face that had not yet receded from the blushing.Poor mouth.Zhao cureganics cbd gummies reviews Yazhi laughed out loud, and lowered her head to look at the necklace on her chest.She didn t look at it carefully just now, but now she found that the pendant of the necklace was actually a small heart, with a heart inlaid in the center.A small diamond, with the help of a ray of sunlight, reveals a little reflected light, which is very beautiful.As cbd gummy beara long as you like it, it s not in vain.I ran for several blocks to choose such a necklace that matches you very well.Li Guohao stepped forward and put his arms around Zhao Yazhi, and said Just now I saw you were busy, what are you busy with what is cbd gummies made out of It s nothing.Zhao Yazhi rubbed her hands, found a comfortable position in Li Guohao s arms and leaned against her and said, There are a few new orphanages recently, so let me help calculate the number of pastries to be donated every day. Ok Hearing that there were several more, instead of the Mingguang Welfare Institute just seen, Li Guohao asked Why Are there many welfare homes in Xiangjiang Zhao Yazhi nodded and said I didn t know it before.After cleaning up these junk stocks, Xiangjiang s economy will be shattered with this stock market crash, like a ray of sunshine in the dawn, a pearl in the dust, brilliant and dazzling.There will definitely be an impact, but how to minimize the impact is what Li Guohao should think about.After thinking for a long time, Li Guohao said quietly Manager Xie, you are right.The company really needs to expand.Hearing Li Guohao s words, Xie Honghe s eyes lit up, and he was overjoyed.When he was about to support him, he listened to Li Guohao again.Said Hurry up, take advantage of the opportunity of this pastry competition, just meet colleagues from Southeast Asian countries, and ask them if they have any ideas about joining the company.As for opening a store in Xiangjiang or recruiting franchisees, let me think about a good way.Li Guohao smiled and looked at Chang Xiaotu and Sun Dafu.In fact, in his heart, Sun Dafu s craftsmanship is indeed good, and he is much better than himself in some aspects.If there is no Cheats and the creativity of later generations may not necessarily be better than Sun Dafu.Sun Dafu was regarded as the person Li Guohao felt hopeful to compete for the championship, and he had high hopes for him at the beginning.Sun Dafu also lived up to Li Guohao s expectations and successfully entered the championship competition.But Li Guohao didn t expect that Chang Xiaotu, who had just joined the company for more than two months and used to specialize in pastry making, would be able to enter the finals.In fact, there is a certain reason why Chang Xiaotu can enter the finals.Although he made pastries before, he has been studying the combination of Chinese and Western pastries in the technical department since he joined the company for the past two months.No, it should be that the appearance of all wife cakes is basically the same.After carefully looking at the soft and scumbag skin, and smelling the smell, Li Guohao nodded and thought to himself, it was made today.He took a bite hard, and soon the fluffy and slag free cake surface scattered a lot of crispy skin.Li Guohao didn t care too much, and chewed it slowly a few times.Bean paste.The taste is not bad, but maybe because of the rush to work, the fire is not yet ready.When it is eaten, the cake noodles are not completely integrated with the bean paste, and the production is not very delicate, with more fillings on one side and less on the other.After complaining a few words about Ronghua s wife s cakes, Li Guohao couldn t help thinking about it.In fact, Liu Peilin s 300 mg cbd oil gummies plan to sell cakes is still very good.

With a bang, the door of the meeting room was opened.Chairman, you re here Chairman, eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews reddit what is cbd gummies made out of hurry up and think of a way.When everyone saw Li Guohao coming in, they seemed to have found their backbone.Li Guohao frowned, motioned everyone to sit down first, walked quickly to the main seats and sat down, glanced at Luo Bin and asked What s going on The flour mill was acquired by Nanshun after saying the acquisition I , I don t know too well.The chairman asked me to pay attention to this situation.I what is cbd gummies made out of also asked the salesman of the flour mill openly and secretly, but he said that the company has not had any acquisitions recently.I am still thinking about it.It s not chairman, you are listening to nonsense, but I received a call from the cbd oil gummies chill ingredients flour mill at noon today, saying that the company has been acquired, and the contract signed before may be temporarily invalid and needs to be re signed.After stirring, he put the bowl aside, and Chang Xiaotu picked it up again.In a small pot, pour a little milk, and add something that looks like whipped cream, then red bean powder, two spoons of white sugar, turn on the gas, and heat it with a warm fire.Sitting here so dry , It is indeed a bit boring.Li Guohao glanced around, everyone seemed to be very curious about the production process of the contestants on stage.What Boring Cai Lan asked beside him.It s a bit.Li Guohao laughed.That s how recording shows are.You ll get used to it after a few more sessions.Forget it, I may not have time to come over in the future.Dim sum is really boring.Chapter 191 The championship may be what Li Guohao thought in his heart.He let director You Jinjie know that it wasn t because after Master Wang explained what is cbd gummies made out of the dim sum made by the three contestants, he arranged for several singers to sing songs on stage.From time to time, I switched the camera to the three contestants who were making pastries.Following Master Wang s explanation, the production time of nearly half an hour did not make the judges and audience feel very boring.Okay, the three of us have finished making our pastries.Next, we will invite Master Wang, who has been in the pastry industry for 30 years, and Master Zheng Yuanzheng, the head of Lianxianglou, and Qin Shao, a well known gourmet.When the host introduced Qin Shao, Cai Lan said to Li Guohao with a can cbd gummies be taken with medications what are the best cbd gummies look of envy Ahao, do you know I have always had a dream, that is to become a gourmet just like Qin Shao.You can taste all the delicacies in the world.I believe you can.Li Guohao responded with a smile.In the following decades, Cai Lan not only became a famous gourmet, but also became one of the four great talents in Xiangjiang by virtue of his skill of eating.Not long after Gu Qianqian went out, Luo Bin hurried in.Chairman, can cbd gummies be taken with medications what are the best cbd gummies are you looking for me Luo Bin asked panting.Isn t the flour mill contract settled yet This Luo Bin stammered, I ve been inviting a former flour mill manager to dinner for the past two days, and I learned from him that What do you know Luo Bin organized his words and said, It seems that Nanshun deliberately blocked our contract, and other scattered contracts have already been signed.Only our contract has been signed by Nanshun.The reason for the company reorganization.Hearing Luo Bin s words, Li Guohao frowned, tapped the fingers of his right hand on the table, what is cbd gummies made out of and said in a deep voice, I knew it.Chairman, we don t have much flour in stock, only about two The sky is too much.Luo Bin said awkwardly, as the manager of the purchasing department, he has been unable to solve the raw materials, which is his dereliction of duty.Then Mr.Li, will the stock market continue to fall Du Deye asked.I don t know.I just think that the stock market is so good recently.Li Guohao didn t want to reveal that he knew that the stock market would fall, so he found a reason to first class herb tincture cbd gummies reply to the other party.It makes sense.Du Deye also felt that Li Guohao s words made sense.The stock market is too crazy now.Some of the company s small employees have all resigned.Relying on some inside information stolen .

when to take cbd gummy before bed?

from the company at the beginning, they have cbd gummies on sale dominated the stock market.Many colleagues at the same level as him have long since Invest in the stock market.By the way, I want to ask you something, Manager Du.Li Guohao asked when he remembered something.What is it Has the milk company been bought You re talking about Hongkong Land s acquisition of Xiangjiang Milk Company good.Is it still possible to get a loan Li Guohao s eyes lit up.Seeing Li Guohao s appearance, Shen Bi also asked Mr.Li, don t you want to borrow more I m not afraid that Mr.Li won t have the ability to repay, but you have to do what you can.Then let s borrow 10 million, a total of 70 million, and I hope Mr.Shen can implement it as soon as possible.Li Guohao smiled.Yes.Seeing Li Guohao s insistence, Shen Bi nodded and agreed On the way back to the company in the afternoon.Ni Xingqing looked at the young Li Guohao, and couldn t help but feel admiration in his heart.You must know that the acquisition of Nanshun may not be successful.After all, the stock price at this time is very high.Li Guohao can desperately mortgage all the loans of all the companies in exchange for Acquiring Lam Soon in cash is not something ordinary people what is cbd gummies made out of cbd gummies rainbow ribbions can do.

But in fact this is an unwise choice.After all, the problem of flour has been solved.Although the cost is a little higher, But it s not that there is no profit.At this time, instead of spending money to expand the company s scale, He Qianjin bought Nanshun, a raw material supplier, which made what is cbd gummies made out of He Qianjin a little confused.After thinking about it, he thought of Xu Guanghe.I remember that in Macau and at the charity banquet, Xu Guanghe, the young owner of Nanshun, had a grudge against Li Guohao.He wondered if it was because of this reason that Li Guohao was unwilling, so he thought of forcibly buying Nanshun.Thinking of this, He Qianjin kindly reminded Mr.Li, don t be impulsive.At this time, it is best to expand the company s scale and occupy Xiangjiang s pastry market as soon as possible.It is wise to what is cbd gummies made out of develop the franchise plan to Southeast Asia and other countries.Although Xu smilz cbd gummies keanu Deming is a Singaporean Chinese, he has been waving the flag behind the people of the Jardine Group behind his back, and I am very happy to see that HCMUSSH what is cbd gummies made out of you can acquire Nanshun.In the end, Bao Daheng sold his shares according to the current stock price.Thirteen percent of the shares were sold to Li Guohao.Before leaving, he deliberately smiled and said that if Li Guohao has any difficulties in the acquisition process in the future, he can come to him for help.Watching Li Guohao and He Qianjin go out.Bao Rong and Bao Lian asked, Dad, why did you say to help Li Guohao acquire Nansun just now You must know that the people in the Jardine Group are so strong now.If we match up with them, they will target us if they fail.Bao Daheng said with a can cbd gummies be taken with medications sullen face People from the Jardine Group forcibly bought the milk company, and they have already formed a grudge with us Chinese businessmen.This time they sent Li Guohao to acquire Nanshun, just to see if the people from Jardines would intervene Besides, the daily news now except for a stockholder jumping off the building, it is that stockholder because he borrowed People who traded stocks at usury were hacked to death on the street.Everyone read the news badly, it s time to make something interesting and attractive Just imagine A young man in his early twenties, in just two years, relying on himself With his ability, he created a big pastry company, and spent hundreds of millions to acquire the old Nanshun Group The man said more and more passionately, and he waved his fist excitedly New Xiangjiang Dream The title How attractive Chapter 213 Xu Deming s Giving Up No one came down to pick it up Jin Jiashi frowned and looked at the door on the first floor of the building.At that time, the Jockey Club did not allow Chinese to join the club, they could only be guests.It was not until after World War I that the Jockey Club widely absorbed members, and wealthy Chinese could also become members and horse owners.In 1960, the Jockey Club was renamed The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club.With the recognition and love of Hong Kong people for horse racing, two years ago, in 1971, Hong Kong horse racing became a formal professional activity.It was originally a simple private jockey club, and gradually became a large scale sports activity in Hong Kong Many wealthy businessmen and celebrities have bred their own private horses and become can cbd gummies be taken with medications what are the best cbd gummies horse owners of the Jockey Club to participate in the Jockey Club activities, not for the sake of earning a little bonus, but probably for the purpose cbd gummies for sale in western mass of comparison.And the horse owner of the Jockey Club does not mean being a member.There are two types of Hong Kong Jockey Club members.One is a member of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, that is, as long as you pay to register, you can become a member of the Jockey Club.Of course, not everyone is eligible, at least they belong to the social elite, or some well known social figures.Another kind of nature tends to be private clubs.Only veteran members and members who have been selected for more than three years are eligible to recommend, and the recommendation is only qualifications, just like participating in a competition.You are eligible to participate in the competition, which does not mean able to win.At this time, there are only less than 50 old Chinese members who are full of money, and there are only seven or eight people who are eligible for recommendation and selection.Not for this reason.In addition to Xiao Bai and Huo Zhenting, there is Bao Daheng s eldest daughter Bao Lian.Bao Lian brought a male foreigner companion, and it was only when she introduced her that she knew that the other party was her husband.The two had been married ten years ago.This foreign son in law has a Chinese name of Su Haiwen.Su Haiwen is proficient in Cantonese.When talking with Li Guohao, if you don t look at the appearance, you will almost mistake him for a native Hong Kong Chinese.Cantonese is really idiosyncratic.At this time, Su Haiwen is working as the vice chairman of Bao Daheng s Global Shipping and Asia Shipping Co., Ltd., assisting his father in law Bao Daheng in managing the entire Xiangjiang shipping business, and dealing with all overseas businessmen except in Asia.

But, Chairman, why are you looking for this Shouldn t we also do this Why not Li Guohao said, Since we are making raw materials, we can produce everything from wheat, rice and vegetables to soy sauce and monosodium glutamate.If we do it, we don t have to open a factory to make everything by ourselves.We can negotiate with the other party to what is cbd gummies made out of buy it back, and send it to other regions as a package.The vegetables in Southeast Asia are good, and we can get them from Xiangjiang to sell.Xiangjiang If the flour is good, we can also sell it.Catering supply chain, commonly known as food supply chain, or raw material supply chain, is a business .

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model that provides raw materials for the catering industry.You need fresh vegetables, sweet fruits, and delicious snacks, all of which can be provided by suppliers, and even continue to grow.But when they actually met, they found that the three tycoons in front of them were just some can cbd gummies be taken with medications what are the best cbd gummies old people from the outside, and they looked at him with a smile, which also dispelled the tension.Gambler He also took a look at Li Guohao, looking up and down.He had seen him from a distance before, but the distance was a little far away, and he couldn t see him very clearly.Now that he saw him, he looked like a good looking talent.Sheng Li, right Okay, let s sit down and chat for a while.There are very few self made young people like you in Xiangjiang now.Gambling King He also smiled and beckoned Li Guohao, Zheng Jiachun and others to sit down.Huo Daheng also sighed when he heard this Yes, back then, how many heroes cbd extreme gummi appeared on the stage, and now only the older generation of us are left among the Chinese businessmen.There is a private gun club in Xiangjiang Island, which only accepts private members.This club has spent a lot of money to apply for a license from the police department.Li Guohao nodded thoughtfully, since someone can apply for it, it means that it is not impossible, but he just needs to find a relationship the second day.The cold winter is gradually dissipating, the strong cold air is gradually blowing across Victoria Harbour, and the brilliance of the sun is also shining on this cbd gummies bag Pearl of the Orient.At around nine o clock in the morning, Li Guohao signed some documents in the company that needed to be signed.The work that should be completed was also resolved early, or he could save it for the afternoon.This morning he will accompany Zhao Yazhi, Going to St.Mary s Hospital to visit some sick orphans in the orphanage is something that has been scheduled a long time ago.Glancing at the crowd, Li Guohao also nodded and said, Okay Soon, besides Zhao Yazhi and bodyguards, twelve people stood in front of the gate of the stadium, behind them were the white towers on both sides of the stadium, and countless Clear crowd.With a click , this very commemorative photo was left on the film.Afterwards, Zhao Yazhi asked the bodyguard to take a picture of her and Li Guohao together.at this time.Suddenly there was a familiar Cantonese voice.Li Sheng Li Guohao looked over upon hearing the news.I saw two people squeezed in from the crowd, one with a camera on his shoulder, and the other with a microphone in his hand.Looking at the two people who were obviously dressed as TV reporters, Li Guohao also frowned and can cbd gummies be taken with medications what are the best cbd gummies asked, Who are you The reporter with the microphone in his hand also took a breath and said Sheng Li, we are reporters from Li s TV station.The day after tomorrow will be best 300 mg cbd gummies the time for submission of the final work, which must be completed within a day. Two days later.There was a long queue in front of the Victoria Hotel, all of them bought tickets to watch the dim sum competition.Compared with many other competitions, the pastry making competition is a favorite competition of many British people.There is no way that the British like to drink afternoon tea and eat delicious desserts, from the queen to the most ordinary workers.That s right.A young Chinese couple, after buying two tickets, also held hands and walked in with the team.In this pastry competition, the competition party specially set up two largest banquet halls on two floors to display these works.On the koi cbd gummies reviews what is cbd gummies made out of one hand, it is not to appear crowded, on the other hand, it is also convenient for citizens to come and watch.Although Li Guohao tentatively appointed Huang He to handle this matter, he still needs to arrange some people who are what is cbd gummies made out of familiar with the UK to choose the store and set the price.Many yellow skinned people, most of them are Chinese immigrants or Hong Kong Bay people who came to study abroad, when they saw the classic Chinese gowns and smoky tulle skirts, they also cast their own tickets.The Chinese who immigrated at this time are not like those who immigrated purely for the sake of immigration in later generations.Almost all of them settled in foreign countries because of the reasons of the times or work.The competition has officially come to an end, and tomorrow morning we will announce the winners of the three gold, silver and bronze awards, as well as the best pastry chef in the pastry making project of the 12th International Skills Olympics Temporarily set up in the hall of the Victoria Hotel A stage about one meter high.

You don t have to worry about this.The group has already planned to build a new food factory.It has already bought a large amount of land in the New Territories.At that time, it will be a big deal to rent a factory for temporary use.Then there is no problem.Li Zhengfeng nodded.How about the instant noodles I have already ordered a water machine from the island country, and I will probably return tomorrow.I am not worried about the problem of making noodle cakes, but the people under me are not very familiar with them in terms of taste.Understood.You don t have to worry about this, I will get the flavor of instant noodles myself.Li Guohao has eaten countless what is cbd gummies made out of flavors of instant noodles, and there are many secret recipes for sauces in the ancestral cookbook, and there is almost no difficulty in instant noodle seasoning packets , but it also needs to be improved according to the taste of Xiangjiang people.In doubt, Li Guohao took Master Dong to the New Territories by car to see the feng shui of the new food industrial park.Chapter 272 The New Territories are mostly undeveloped at this time, almost all of them are farmland and village houses, and there are also high rise buildings, but most of them are in Yuen Long and Tuen Mun, and there is a little bit in Sha Tin, but not many.The other districts are just like the towns in the mainland in the 1990s.There are tall buildings but only small buildings with two or three floors, which are very sparse.It was past three o clock in the afternoon, and the scorching sun was no longer too hot, but there was only a slight sense of stuffiness, which was nothing.At this time, there were three or four people standing on a higher hillside, looking at an empty plain in the distance.If there were not some low trenches and sandbags blocking it, I am afraid that people from one end could go directly to the other end.Said that the first issue was finished, so I wanted to come and have a look.After hearing Zheng Jiachun s complaint, Li Guohao also shrugged helplessly.After receiving the wet towel handed over by the bodyguard, Zheng Jiachun wiped his face regardless of his appearance, and only wore a camouflage vest to wipe off the colored powder on his arms and neck.Wipe it clean.Li Guohao said, There is a shower upstairs, why don t you go up and take a shower I ll go again later.After Zheng Jiachun tidied up the obviously dirty place on his body, he threw the towel to the bodyguards, told them to go out first, and closed the door by the way.Before Li Guohao could ask, Zheng Jiachun said, Ahao, you didn t just come here for fun Let 1000mg cbd gummies can cbd gummies be taken with medications s shoot Haha, I really can t hide it from Big Brother Zheng s eyes Li Guohao laughed.Li Guohao walked to the desk and put a few bottles on the cabinet behind The champagne was also brought over, and after filling the two respectively, he said with a smile, Then I wish the three of us a happy cooperation Happy cooperation Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin also raised their glasses at the same time.After taking a sip of champagne, Zheng Jiachun asked, Ahao, what s your plan Cooperate to build the Dahua Road in front into a concrete road, so that it is convenient for members to come here.At the same time, a club with at least ten floors or more will be built here, and some infrastructure such as restaurants, bowling alleys, and swimming pools will also be built.Speaking of this, Li Guohao touched his nose and said, For the time being, build these first, and I will also build an indoor shooting range later, so as to avoid the problem of being too hot in summer and too cold in winter.Li Guohao plans to hold a bigger promotional event this year than last year, completely respecting his position in the Xiangjiang mooncake industry Chapter 294 Chinese Manufacturers Association Guohao Food Factory.Huang Yaohua handed the sales report sent cbd gummies 8 in the morning to Li Guohao and said, Chairman, this is the sales situation of quick frozen food in the three days since it was launched.He ordered 300,000 bags of various quick frozen foods, and asked in surprise, There are already 300,000 bags You have to keep buying.Huang Yaohua smiled happily, and he could sell 300,000 bags in three days, completely exceeding his personal expectations.It seems that quick frozen food should be regarded as a success, and we need to pay more attention to whether anyone follows suit.Huang Yaohua was puzzled Follow the trend Follow us to make quick frozen food.Many times, the names are repeated.It is possible that the student has the same name as the teacher, and the husband may have the same name as the father.If she was a Westerner, Linda would think nothing of it, but after she married Bruce Lee, she also studied Chinese culture for a long time, and she knew that this was not very polite behavior.It s okay, kid.Besides, my name is indeed Li Guohao.If it was before, Li what is cbd gummies made out of what is cbd gummies made out of Guohao might still feel a little awkward, but after a long time, in his opinion, the name is just a code name.Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, has many people with the same name as him, and Jack Ma is even more so.That s right.After Li Guohao finished speaking, he thought of Bruce Lee, and asked what is cbd gummies made out of again Where is Brother Xiaolong Linda said apologetically.I don t care.Li Sheng come with me to the lounge for a while, there are a lot of people outside.

Well Let s all sit down and talk.After Li Guohao waved his hand for everyone to buy green cbd gummies sit down, he said again This time I will go to the United States to handle the business over there.This matter is troublesome to everyone.It should be The chairman is joking.It s all a matter of duty.Everyone said that this is completely what they should do.Okay, let s all sit down first.Let s report on the performance and development of the past one and a half months, starting with Manager Li Qiang.Li Guohao took the lead in naming Li Qiang, because the what is cbd gummies made out of medix cbd gummies reviews palace pastry company was his first company, and at the same time It is also a company in which he does not control all the shares.When Li Qiang was called, he also nodded, and handed over the document in his hand to the recorder in the conference room, what is cbd gummies made out of asking him to hand it over to Li Guohao.Apart from his home, he was usually the company.It is very difficult to have the opportunity to interview Li Guohao Xiangjiang Jockey Club, inside the VIP box for members.Zheng Jiachun, Huo Zhenting and other second generations were sitting in the box, watching the race on the racetrack.It has been almost two months since he came to bet on the horses, and Huo Zhenting impatiently held the what is cbd gummies made out of cbd gummies rainbow ribbions binoculars to look at the postures of several horses in the distance, and asked while watching Does any what is cbd gummies made out of of you know which one to buy for this race No.5 Hearing someone responding to him, Huo Zhenting took down the binoculars, glanced at Bi Zhengyi beside him, frowned and asked, Are you sure On the radio just now, Uncle Biao mentioned that No.5 was born half a month ago.A sickness.No.5 is my friend s horse, he said that today he will win, anyway, I bought a thousand yuan for fun, and it is up to you whether you buy it or not.As for now, Doll Noodles is a strong competitor of Nissin s Demae Itcho.The public in Hong Kong in later generations almost always use doll noodles to call instant noodles.No matter what brand of instant noodles, they always call them doll noodles.Now, Doll Noodles is not as well known as it was later, but there are still many loyal fans.After all, this cooked in three minutes noodles not only taste good, but are also very efficient.And Li Guohao s idea is to change the misunderstanding of doll noodles in Xiangjiang people, and let them call instant noodles instant noodles instead of doll noodles The instant noodle factory, under normal circumstances, is rarely photographed, select cbd md herbal gummies and everyone knows the specific reasons.However, in order to solve the problem of rational utilization of waste oil, Li Guohao medcell cbd gummies thought of a way for later generations, which is to make soap Palm oil soap is still very effective in removing stains.Instead of guessing and guessing after being exposed, it is better to report it directly in your own newspaper.After chatting about the cbd gummy before work stock market for a while, Qin Feng followed the question given by the newspaper and asked, I heard that the Guohao Food Industrial Park, which Mr.Li recently invested 100 million Hong Kong dollars, has been officially built Now only three large factories, a cafeteria and an office building have been built.The overall construction plan has only been completed about 30 percent.Only 30 percent Qin Feng said in surprise What Li Sheng The food industrial park is really big.Yes, this should be regarded as the only largest, best, and most formal food industrial park in Asia.According to the survey of our group, so far, there is no such park in the whole of Asia.Any food industrial park has the scale of ours.My office was full of management books.When I first read it, it was overwhelming, because I had never touched it.content in this regard.Later, I was forced to have no choice but to bite the bullet and learn bit by bit.Li Guohao finished laughing, and said Continuing the topic of the school, the reason why I built a school is not a school in the conventional sense.My school is a technical school that teaches people how to become a qualified chef, a qualified pastry chef, or eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews reddit what is cbd gummies made out of learn catering related knowledge.Technical school Qin Feng was stunned, and asked That is to say, a school that specializes in cultivating catering technicians good.After hearing Qin Feng s words, Li Guohao glanced at him in surprise, and was very satisfied with his reaction, Our school contains a lot of catering related courses, whether it is training you to be a qualified chef or a manager.Whether it is now or in the future, Thailand s impression of Thailand, apart from people, monsters bulk organic cbd full spectrum gummies and muay thai, what is cbd gummies made out of may be the local law and order Not very good, for this reason he summoned more than 30 bodyguards to go with him.Including Jin Jiashi and Guohao Nanshun and other employees from other departments, there were a total of about 50 people, a mighty group of people flew to to Thailand.Bangkok International Airport.As soon as Li Guohao got off the plane, he felt very hot all over his body.When he got out of the airport, the sun in the sky was emitting a scorching light.Is Thailand so hot It s only February 1000mg cbd gummies can cbd gummies be taken with medications Looking at the scorching sun, most of the people around were wearing long sleeved shirts or clothes, and only they were wearing cotton jackets.Li Guohao couldn t help but complain.It should be It s indeed what is cbd gummies made out of a bit hot.

Then go in quickly.Just entering the cabin, Li Guohao couldn t help asking The river is so narrow, how do you buy a boat Buy more small boats, just like this boat, buy a transport boat to free up space in the deck koi cbd gummies reviews what is cbd gummies made out of and cabin, and a boat should be able to transport hundreds of tons.Chen Xuewen replied.Small boat Li Guohao pondered for a while, and felt that it was not impossible.Thailand is originally a tropical country, with a year round temperature of no less than 18 , and the annual precipitation is terribly high, so there are many rivers in Thailand.At this time when it has not yet risen to develop road traffic, it is indeed convenient and transportation to buy more ships.When he was about to ask Jin Jiashi for his opinion, he found him lying on a bench with a pale face cbd gummies do they contain thc and looked a little seasick.I brought back a drink from Thailand.It s not just soda, it s a kind of energy drink that can make people excited and anti fatigue.It s similar to coffee.Specifically, after Ajie and the others come to the company in the afternoon, you will I can see it.Huang Yaohua was confused, in his perception, soda is a kind of water that makes people feel comfortable, hungry and thirsty, and cool off.But why did the chairman say so much like a potion Chairman, is the drink you re talking about a potion No.The functional drink Xiangjiang, which is similar to Red Bull, has not been sold yet.It is only natural that Huang Yaohua doesn t know.I didn t know how to open my mouth, so I had to say After Ajie brings it back by boat in the afternoon, you will take that water to the technical department for testing, and let them reverse engineer the formula.Huang Yulang I didn t expect it to be him.Li Guohao said a few words to himself, and looked at Huang Yulang standing in front of the car through the front window.After thinking for a while, Li Guohao said again You let him come over.yes.After a while, Chen Sheng brought Huang Yulang to the car window, and Ajie and Ajie clamped each other on the left and right.As long as Huang Yulang behaved a little bit wrongly, both of them could subdue him in an instant.Mr.Li is very upset.Sorry to stop your car so presumptuously today, I had an appointment before but the lady at the front desk said that you don t have time recently The moment he first met Li Guohao, Huang Yulang kept saying that he didn t intend to stop the car, and wanted to eliminate his bad impression in the other party s heart.Okay, just tell me what you have to do.Mr.Li, I would like to ask whether the students you recruit can get the school s student aid plan as you said before.Mr.Li, we interviewed gummy cbd pure hemp o several parents what is cbd gummies made out of just now, and they all said that they did not receive any funds from the student aid plan.Did you make up the so called student aid plan Mr.Li, I am a reporter from Ming Pao Will there be any safety hazards Chapter 358 According to Li Guohao s past experience, the freshmen enroll at this time are bodyguards clearing the way, just bypassing these reporters and walking in.Will not be interviewed.But these reporters questions are too tricky.If you don t answer them directly, maybe tomorrow the newspaper will write about Li Guohao s deceitful tricks to deceive the public and use abandoned factories to harm young people.Hearing someone say that the student aid plan he made was fake, Li Guohao frowned, and scolded on the spot Have you signed up yet How do you know it s fake Seeing Li Guohao answering his own question, he became angry from embarrassment The reporter who asked the question looked happy and asked again Mr.Chen Zhi said modestly.Here, Li Guohao is chatting with people behind the 1000mg cbd gummies can cbd gummies be taken with medications stage, and the students and parents who have been waiting for a long time in front are also talking about it.Did you see that Li Guohao just now He is so young, he is only four years older than my son.How can he become a billionaire What You sent your son here because you wanted to become the next Li Guohao s Of course The man proudly said, My son is very talented in cooking.He cooks by himself at home.Come here to learn the skill for a year, and I ll open a restaurant for him when he returns home.Big restaurant Five minutes later.The school s entrance ceremony for freshmen officially started.After Chen Zhi took the lead to speak on stage, he said directly Next, let s invite the koi cbd gummies reviews what is cbd gummies made out of principal, Mr.Li Guohao, to come on stage and give a speech for everyone.The distinctive Xu s funny style combined with the meditation and meticulousness of baking pastries still has a sense of conflict, but the plot finally went to the UK to restore the international skills at that time The scenes of the contest were shot with sincerity Ding Lingling Li Guohao, who was reading the newspaper, heard the phone ringing and picked it up, only to hear Cai Lan s voice on the other end of the phone.Who will go to see it in the future Cai what is cbd gummies made out of Lan complained.Li Guohao was a little confused by Cai Lan s words, and suddenly thought of something and asked Is there no film review Yes, almost all of them are reviews after the movie is released, but the movie has not yet been HCMUSSH what is cbd gummies made out of released.Doesn t this reveal what our movie is about You can see that Oriental Daily has almost finished the plot of our movie.

Okay, then I ll hang up.A blind voice came from the microphone, Li Guohao was obviously stunned, and a helpless smile crossed the corner of his mouth, Sighing in his heart, Zhang Dong was his only good friend when he first started his business and opened the store.But now, except for the hundred day banquet or the birth of a child, I will be notified of happy and good events, and basically I will rarely call to find myself, let alone sit down and chat, drink tea and count the money In fact, Li Guohao didn t have the idea of despising or unwilling to make friends with friends who had no money in the past when he became a rich man, but Zhang Dong couldn t help himself thinking this way, who is the reality of this society.After contemplating alone in the company for a long time, at the end, Li Guohao called Zhao Yazhi who had just left, told her about Mai Xiaomin s child s 100th day, and asked her to help prepare a gift.Our Van Cleef Arpels jewelry has always been loved by nobles and celebrities from all over the world.Top jewelry brand, it is our honor for Mr.Li to choose our jewelry.After I got your call, I ve been looking for the best jewelry in the company right now.Speaking of this, Ramsay took out a stack of photos from the briefcase he carried with him, and put them on the table one by one.Seeing this, Li Guohao took them one by one and looked at them.Li Guohao has no idea, and he can t tell the good from the bad.Anyway, in his opinion, every piece of jewelry is very beautiful, and it is synonymous with expensive and luxury.Perhaps because Li Guohao is afraid that Van Cleef Arpels jewelry will be the first priority, the three people on one side They also took out their prepared jewelry photos and put them cbd gummies with turmeric and spirulina 1500mg koi cbd gummies reviews what is cbd gummies made out of on the table.But Li Guohao is different.He has the idea of pleasure for most young people in later generations, and he also feels that making money is too easy to spend casually.Speaking of which, it was really easy for him to make money, and both times he used the memory of later generations to make a fortune in the stock market.On the other hand, Zheng Jiachun, He Qianjin, Cai Lan and others who knew Li Guohao, read the newspaper saying that Li Guohao would spend 100 million to hold a wedding, and they all had different ideas in their hearts.Zheng Jiachun was thinking that his newly opened hotel might be able to make a name for himself this time and make a big splash in Xiangjiang.And He Qianjin is just envious, envious, envious As for Cai Lan, she also thought about how to use the chairman s marriage to promote the movie, and finally added an extra line of words on the poster before the movie was about to be released, Talk about the pastry king.Seeing that Li Guohao was trying to trick her, Zhao Yazhi was also quite speechless on the other end of the phone and said Okay, anyway, there is nothing to do recently, except for discussing with Ms.Shen about the orphanage.Well, then you remember to come here early tomorrow. it is good.Li Guohao hung up what is cbd gummies made out of the phone, thinking that Zhao Yazhi would definitely show an excited expression tomorrow, he couldn t help smiling slightly.Boom Come in At this time, the door of the office was knocked, and Ni Xingqing pushed what is cbd gummies made out of cbd gummies rainbow ribbions open the door vigorously and walked in.Seeing Ni Xingqing, Li Guohao asked in surprise Xingqing Didn t you say you arrived in the evening After listening, Ni Xingqing looked at his watch and said, It s already past four o clock in the afternoon.Ok.Looking at the clock on the wall, it was indeed almost half past what is cbd gummies made out of four, and Li Guohao asked again Has it been dealt with in the United States Yes, it was not in vain.Ah Hao, stop making trouble, let me go first.Zhao Yazhi secretly glanced at Mother Li who was standing by the bed, 1000mg cbd gummies can cbd gummies be taken with medications lowered her head shyly and said.Don t cheapest cbd gummy bears let go Li Guohao, who was completely what is cbd gummies made out of unaware of the person next to the bed, was still fussing about his little emotions, You woke me up when I was still sleeping, how can you compensate me, how about Before Li Guohao For asking for compensation, for fear that the other party would reveal some secrets in the boudoir, Zhao Yazhi hurriedly said, Auntie is still here Watching this scene.It s okay, you guys go ahead, I ll go out first.Seeing that she was found, Li s mother turned around and left with her mouth covered and a smile, thinking that it seemed that she would not be far away to hold her grandson.It s all your fault, you made me lose face in front of my aunt.Many ingredients for the Manchu Banquet are hard to get in Xiangjiang.I ask some old guys to find a way to get them from Nanyang.Come over here.What ingredients are so difficult to get If it doesn t work, just leave it to me.I bought a piece of land in Thailand and planted some what is cbd gummies made out of rice and vegetables.If necessary, I will send it back by air.When Li Guohao was busy with the wedding ceremony in the evening yesterday morning, he suddenly received a telegram from Thailand, saying that the fragrant rice, vegetables and fruits in the first season were already ripe, asking what to do.Li Guohao was busy getting married at the time, so he Tell them not to pick for the time being, and wait for a few days for the group to return to the unified arrangement.Thailand farming Li Renzhong, Li Dexiao and Li Huifang were all surprised.

The Queen and the Queen have nothing to HCMUSSH what is cbd gummies made out of mention, after all, they are the kings of a country He has long been famous all over the world, and the governor of Hong Kong, MacLehose, has no gimmicks.Bruce Lee had been hyped by the media when Enter the Dragon came out the year before last, and he is not can cbd gummies replace ssris messing with his previous experience at the moment.On the contrary, it is nothing The famous Li Guohao showed his face in front of people all over the world the next day.Bruce Lee, the Queen and his wife, and the governor of Hong Kong Hong Kong, these four people are not popular, but Li Guohao is different, he himself is a super rich man in Hong Kong, This world sensational fighting competition was held again.Whether it is from his personal entrepreneurial experience or from this competition, it is very topical.The cheapest ones cost thousands of dollars, and the most expensive ones cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.Ajie couldn t help but click his tongue when he saw the prices.When a few people came to what is cbd gummies made out of cbd gummies rainbow ribbions what is cbd gummies made out of the Omega store, Ajie s eyes were fixed on a watch inside the glass frame.Li Guohao, who was choosing a watch, saw this scene, walked over and said with a smile What Do you like this watch Li Huifang looked at the contents of the newspaper in her hand, and couldn t help but say Twenty million Ah Hao, why do you always like to be so lavish Mom, I m not happy, and it s not just giving out money for no reason.Li Guohao smiled, but did not explain to Li s mother the main purpose of sending red envelopes.Let it go, but Li Huifang didn t get entangled with Li Guohao on this matter.She didn t understand anything about the company. Chapter 657 Is Second Uncle Rich When the old man heard the words Li Renzhong, his face was full of disbelief, he rubbed his somewhat cloudy eyes, and then stared at Li Renzhong firmly, as if he wanted to wrinkle the skin of the person in front of him, and his face The old man with age spots is equated with the handsome second brother in memory.It s really you, second brother The old man trembled and took a step forward, unable to believe his eyes.Li Renzhong was so excited that he strode forward, grabbed the old man s shoulders with both hands and asked, It s my second brother Renzong, why are you here Seeing this, Li Guohao, who was behind him, couldn t help it Know what the situation is Well, when I went out for a meal, I encountered such a bloody process of identifying relatives.When Li Renzong heard what the second brother said, his eyes were full of tears, and he couldn t help the tears.Fu Shengkuang said with a smile.His trip to Hulunbeier in Inner Mongolia this time was purely by chance.He had been investigating in Guangdong before, and then he went north to Kyoto and stayed there for more than half a month.The decline in production had nothing to do with him, but the officials who received him received instructions from above and invited him to go to Hulunbuir to take a look.It turned out that Li Guohao went to the mainland last year and told Mr.Deng about milk technology.This HCMUSSH what is cbd gummies made out of matter has always worried Mr.Deng.He didn t hear that Guohao Group had an inspector in the capital, so he asked the people below to invite him to Hulunbuir to have a look.Fu Shengchang, who was born in Xiangjiang since he was a child, was very excited when he saw such a vast prairie without borders for the first time.Considering that Baoan County is the key point, we bought the super crane from the United States and The cranes and other mechanical equipment were brought by cargo ship.All these construction equipment were purchased from the American company that was contracted when the Guohao Building was built, and I was thinking about which American company to guide , Guohao Real Estate brought its own people to build it, so as to strengthen the technology and experience of the real estate company.Therefore, for the sake of convenience, a lot of money was spent on these valuable construction machinery what is cbd gummies made out of and equipment.Since the Guohao Building was built, most of these devices have been used by real estate companies when building residential or office buildings.At this time, the mainland is not yet a big infrastructure country for later generations, and some infrastructure equipment is still not perfect, so it can only be transported from Xiangjiang.It s okay.Zhao Yazhi shook her head slightly and said, I asked a few children s doctors, and they said they were like children.Children at Bao s age just like to talk a lot, whether it s with people or with some toys, they can communicate and talk to themselves, which is normal.Li Guohao has never raised children before, so naturally he doesn t know this I heard Zhao Yazhi say that there is no problem, but I still feel what is cbd gummies made out of a little strange, what is there to talk about with toys.These words were only put in his own heart, but he didn t say it out.He nodded and said Arrange Zecheng to go to school as soon as possible, and the new semester will arrive soon.Let s find out which kindergarten in Xiangjiang is better.Yes.Why don t you go to Miss Meiqing s kindergarten Zhao Yazhi thought for a while, then suddenly said The kindergarten that Zhigang stayed in is quite good.

On the contrary, Li s TV station was the first to be unable to bear it.Not to mention the loss of TV series they filmed, the organization of the programs was also full of difficulties.Many of its artistes and employees were poached by Phoenix TV and TVB, and almost all the rest were poached.It is someone who is not very famous or who has a high position and cannot be poached.While Li Guohao was still thinking, there was suddenly a violent quarrel downstairs, as if dozens of people were screaming desperately there.This really scared Li Guohao and Liang Shuyi.The two hurried to the window and looked to the left, but because of the angle, they could only see a little crowd around the back.The sudden group dispute broke out, causing TVB and Phoenix TV employees diagonally opposite to come out in a swarm to watch the excitement.In the Guohao Building, Li Guohao was sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, and glanced at Li Zecheng who was brought to the company by Zhao Yazhi to play during the holiday.When he saw his son playing with a ceramic pen holder on the desk, he was quite helpless.Looking at Zhao Yazhi, she said, I said, Ah Zhi, why did you bring Zecheng to the company This kid is messing around, don t break anything for me.Zhao Yazhi looked at her husband s helpless eyes and chuckled lightly.Said I don t want to bring Xiaobao to disturb you either.Your own son insisted on coming to the company to find you.Hearing this, Li Guohao put down his teacup, turned to look at his son and asked, Ze Cheng, you have something to do with your father.Is it Ah Li Zecheng looked at Li Guohao in confusion, shook his head and said, It s okay.When Xiangjiang came out at the end of July that the Mainland of China was about to take back Xiangjiang, Huo Zhenting still smiled and said nothing.He received the news the year what is cbd gummies made out of before last that the mainland would take back Xiangjiang.The people above are just playing games.At the beginning of September, the British Prime Minister s Office officially announced that Mrs.Thatcher would visit the mainland to discuss the Xiangjiang issue.Only then did Huo Zhenting come to his senses, and he broke out in a cold sweat on the spot Li Guohao then said Hang Lung Group s loss is not enough to go bankrupt.Their Cotton Tree Building has been completed and there is a real entity.No matter what happens in the future, they will always get back some of their capital.Ah Hao, you are wrong It s gone.Although Zheng Jiachun felt sorry for his loss of 100 to 200 million yuan, he couldn t show it.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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