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chick He is quite good at analyzing the situation.Mom Mom I woke up Xiaoshuang, can I have an ice cream today Tang Shuang In the kitchen.Huang Xiangning complained super cbd gummies price Your brother who should not take cbd gummies is really getting lazy, I will find a way to sell him Candy Then no one will play with me.Huang Xiangning You still have mom, dad and Sister, who should not take cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies side effects let s play with you.Tangtang er was startled, and followed Huang Xiangning closely, wherever she went, she followed, with her head held high, her big eyes were full of worry and asked Mom, what are you doing Are you serious Do you really want to do this Did your father agree What about your sister Why don t you discuss it with me, I won t agree Xiaoshuang is mine You can t do this See Huang Xiangning She teased the little man and said, Your father and I have already discussed that we will sell your brother during the summer vacation.

stand up.It s the one who was scolded badly on the Internet, who wrote about the relationship between the sexes.Li Xiuli said warily Why is there still such a book sent over Old Wei, please don t comment on such a book.I will throw it away later.Wei Daqun said wisely Throw it away and throw it away.Isn t this person s book banned A few days ago, the Writers Association held a meeting to discuss the issue of ethos.Now some authors dare to write anything just to attract attention.It s really popular.It s changed.Wei Tingting breathed a sigh of relief, and said, Dad, do you watch martial arts Recently Jin Yong s Legend of the Condor Heroes has become a huge hit.It s a TV series.During this period, martial arts themed novels were indeed very popular, and Wei Daqun hadn t come into contact with them much before.

About to be beaten Hehehehe what are you doing I m still a child.Tang Shuang It doesn t work for children, get down, I m going to bloom your little ass Tangtanger hid in an instant On the bedside, Xiao Shuang, if you attack me again, I ll call a carload of bakers to beat you.Tang Shuang Oh With all due respect, you little pig can t call a baker Candy The son pouted dissatisfiedly, Xiao Shuang, you stinky sock, bullying cbd oil in gummies my sister, are you ashamed Tang Shuang I only saw you bullying me, how dare I bully you, come here and let me pinch you, otherwise I feel bad.Tang Tanger was very dissatisfied What a villain Tang Shuang If you don t come here, then I won t show you Moments Wow So beautiful Wow Candy Tangtang looked at Brother Sanjian s circle of friends, and asked, Why does daddy wear such fancy pants , Because your father is Mensao.

Candy didn t care about Tang Shuang The little man was very surprised and approached stickily again Wow, are you a writer Tang Shuang pushed her little body away again, do cbd gummies work zebra cbd gummies review expressing that she had already said in a very humble tone It s so so Don t come close I, stinky Who would have thought that Candy didn t show any face Liar, how can you be a writer Then he rushed into Tang Shuang s arms and dawdled, Hee hee hee Wiping sweat Tang Shuang pressed her to the ground Sit down on the small bench, Sit here obediently, and I will change your clothes later.Tang Shuang stretched out her hand to pull Tang Shuang s clothes, Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, let s play house.Tang Shuang Play with Bai Jingjing.Candy Bai Jingjing is a puppy, she doesn t know how to play house, let s play Brother Tang Shuang I don t have time.

Tang Shuang held the mentality of redeeming her work and said, Then take it yourself, what else do you want Just take it, you little piggy will be fulfilled today.Candy s big eyes were full of surprises, and she looked at Tang Shuang as if confirming the truth of what she said just now.Lie to the children.Don t want it Then go back.I want it Candy said with joy from the sky, and then went directly to the fruit stand to hold fruit, took a dragon fruit, a bunch of juicy grapes, and another Two mangoes, and I still want to hug the biggest watermelon I really can t hold it.Xiaoshuang Hurry up and help Tangyue The little girl huffed and hugged the things in her arms, her footsteps were fixed in place and she refused to go.She still had a lot of fruits she wanted to eat.It was rare for Xiaoshuang to be so generous, and she had to kill him who should not take cbd gummies severely In the end, Tangtanger carried fruit in big bags and said with difficulty Big villain, if you don t help the children with things, the uncles and aunts on the side of the road will look down on you.

The two of them went out together in the evening, although it was not so hot anymore But Tang Shuang still put a sun hat on Tangtanger.The little guy was very excited, jumping around in front of her, with her long braids up and down, and Bai Jingjing was crazy, running up and down at her feet.Along the way, I met familiar people and greeted Tangtanger one zebra cbd gummies review live well cbd gummies after another.Among them, Tangtanger, you are fat again was the most popular voice.Fortunately, Tangtanger is still young.Although I don t like this sentence, it is not like other adults.The girl hates can you buy cbd gummy with foid stamps it deeply, not to mention she is happy today.Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng grew up with Tang Shuang.Ye Liang s mother and Guo Zifeng s father were both teachers of Guangdong University, and they lived in the staff living area of the university since they were young.

Candy said excitedly You are the childish ghost Tang Shuang sneered twice, and snorted Tangtang angrily Tang Zhen cleaned up the dinner table, Tang Tanger did not become a master this time, but became a little helper, running up and down to help.Seeing that Tang Zhen was about to wash the dishes, Tang Shuang hurriedly stopped her I ll do it I ll do it How can I let Tang Jiazhi Guang wash the dishes It s a sin Tang Zhen punched Tang Shuang in a funny way, and said, Stop talking Tang Shuang pushed Tang Zhen out of the kitchen, and told Tang Tanger, Xiao Mian, take good care of my sister, and make her happy and laugh Zhen showed off Sister, the painting I drew is really good.I won the first prize.I ll take you to see it.Tang Shuang s face changed when she heard that.After holding back, she still couldn t hold back, and said to Tang Zhen who was dragging Tang Zhen to her room, Sycophant Mrs Tang Zhen ignored Tang Shuang, let Tang Zhen sit on her little bed, and then I rummaged in the cabinet, but I couldn t find it Tang Zhen said, Don t worry, look slowly.

Tang Shuang s eyes were full of little stars in an the doctors 7 out of 10 cbd gummies instant, and she quickly embraced her with both hands, and hid it tightly in her arms.She immediately forgot all the unhappiness in her heart, smiled openly, and compared herself with scissors, yeah Tang Shuang Don t be too happy Good morning, I still have something for my sister, don t eat it all by myself.Thinking of my sister, I ve been out for so long, how is my sister Tangtanger thought about it, and shouted to go home quickly.Why don t you go home and stay here Her goal had already been achieved.Once she got the ice cream, she didn t care whether Tang Shuang bought groceries or what she had for lunch.She could grow up by eating ice cream Back home, Tangtanger was about who should not take cbd gummies to run to see her sister, but Tang Shuang grabbed her and told her that her sister was sleeping, so don t go But benefits of cbd gummies 10 mg this can t stop the candy that my elder sister is eager for.

My lord I won t be afraid of you Don t bully my little animals Tang Shuang was puzzled I didn t bully Bai Jingjing, don t you think it s alive and kicking.Bai Jingjing, a puppy, who should not take cbd gummies stood at the door of the room , looking worriedly at the little master, alas it can t do anything, although it is on the front of the little master, it can t beat the big master, not to mention that the big master has the power to eat and drink, so it can t afford to offend.Tangtanger said You are not allowed to bully the little rabbits and little turtles in my room Tang Shuang came to her room with Tangtanger in her arms, pointed to the dolls all over the floor and said, Are you talking about them Said Then, she accidentally stepped on a little pig under her feet, and Tang Tang said angrily Ah the little pig was squashed by you, you did it on purpose Tang Shuang stepped aside quickly, expressing that she could not understand the new The new generation of children, originally he wanted to settle accounts with Tangtanger, but now she is emotionally unstable and dare not provoke her anymore, so he retreated and released the little girl Go play with your little animals Let s go, I ll make dinner.

Also, Bone Dragon and zebra cbd gummies review live well cbd gummies Wen Ruian didn t come, Tang Shuang was already very interested in it at this moment, wondering what those two were like, whether they were completely different from what he remembered.Mr.Bone Dragon will not come, it is said that he is in Italy now.Li Haonan said.Tang Shuang was disappointed, he really wanted to meet this most characterful master of martial arts.But soon he forgot about the bone dragon, because Wen Rui an came This big brother is a middle aged man with a thick back and a waist.He is wearing a tight black suit, black leather shoes, black pants, a black T shirt, and cool sunglasses.His hair is combed back and shiny.With a broad forehead, he walks like a dragon and a tiger, with a vigor and momentum He doesn t look like a literati, he looks like a gangster brother He was born with a light absorbing attribute, and as soon as he entered the venue, everyone in the venue paid attention to him.

That s right, this person is Tang Zhen who has gone cvs cbd gummies who should not take cbd gummies and returned.She bought more than 20 copies of Heroes in the bookstore, and then she was not too tired to carry them with both hands.She came early and lined up to invite Mr.Tang Writer s signature.These more than twenty books are intended who should not take cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies side effects to be given to the seven aunts and eight aunts, including Brother Sanjian, Sister Xiangning, Tangtanger, Grandpa, Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle, Auntie, Second Uncle, Erniang Those of Tang Jin, Tang Huohuoand uncle Huang Xiang s, Huang Weiwei s Oh, it s nice to have a careful sister.I didn t even think of sending autographed books to the relatives of the old Tang family.Give it away, give it away, appreciate the excellent works together, after reading it, everyone will hold a reading sharing meeting, and everyone will come to talk about their impressions after reading it, how much inspiration they got from it, and any new insights into life, Xiaozhen, you have to take the who should not take cbd gummies lead, the first Oh, candy can t let go of this speech, this little girl is at a critical moment in the formation of her outlook on the world, outlook on life, and values, and she needs to read more good books like this At this moment of glory in life, Tang Shuang must of course Everyone who made the scene big and didn t make things big knew that he was uncomfortable.

For Tang Zhen s first album, we specially invited Mr.Yu Xiang to produce it.Among the eleven songs, ten of them were written by Mr.Yu Xiang long ago.The melody that sounded on the screen just now is one of them.Speaking of this, Xiao Na emphasized There is another song, written by us Zhen Zhen, it s very nice.Our Zhenzhen is not only good at singing and dancing, but also full of talents.Influenced by the family atmosphere, we have been composing songs since we were young and have written many good works Tang Zhen was very embarrassed to sit on the sidelines.People, naturally know that Yuxiang has been in the limelight recently, so when he heard the news cvs cbd gummies who should not take cbd gummies that Yuxiang was going to make an album for Tang Zhen, there was an uproar The melody at who should not take cbd gummies the beginning of the ceremony just now was really amazing.

Tang Shuang was very curious and didn t want to guess , approached carefully, pinching a corner of the black cloth, wanting to take a peek at the star bird hidden inside.But as soon as she stretched out her hand, the much anticipated bird fluttered its wings, and Tang Tanger immediately retracted her hand in fright, hid it behind her, took two steps back, pointed at Tang Shuang in amazement and said, Just like you, it s a bird A bad bird Tang Shuang I treat you so well, yet you call me a bad bird, do you want to hurt my heart Tang Zhen couldn t stand this obsequious scene, so she called Huang Xiangning over, and walked out of her bag.He took out the gift he had prepared for her.Tang Sanjian also walked away expressionlessly, sitting on the sofa and watching his wife and daughter enjoying themselves happily, the sense of accomplishment in his heart almost overflowed Tang Tanger pointed at Tang Shuang angrily and said You are a big liar, bullying Tang Tang Tang Tang just ignores you.

Qiqi should be a little heavier than Tang Cang er.Calculated like this, Tang Shuang can bear 100 catties This is just the net weight.These three little guys have been restless and moving around, which adds to the weight.Tang Shuang is so miserable After holding on for two minutes, I started to get tired quickly Miss and young masters, I can t hold you anymore, I m going to let you down.Little Putao and Qiqi s mother rushed forward to take the two babies away, Tang Shuang finally breathed a sigh of relief, I was exhausted See Tang Shuang s physical strength was so bad, Tang Shuang expressed her concern Xiao Shuang, you have to exercise with Dabai, otherwise Tang Shuang will not be able to hold me when she grows up.Tang Shuang took the opportunity to pinch her fleshy little face Are you going to keep getting fat like this You have to become thinner and more beautiful Ah Don t pinch the Lun family s face Tangtanger felt that her kindness was not rewarded, and that people were worried about you, but you laughed at her People, how can there be such a brother She struggled to get down.

Tang Tanger muttered I don t listen to what Teacher Zhang says.Tang Shuang What did you say Speak up so I can hear you clearly.This chick still looks like a kindergarten thorn Tang Shuang You are so fierce, Xiao Shuang, if you attack me again, I will cry Chu Mei said, Do you want Tang Shuang to drink hot milk tea It s sweet and delicious.Tang Shuang snorted at Tang Shuang, Then sweetly said to Chu Mei, thank you sister Meimei, sister Meimei feed me Chu Mei put a straw in the milk tea and wanted to feed candies, Tang Shuang took it and said, Let me do it Tang Shuang sucked it lightly He took a sip, tested the temperature, it was just right, and then said to Tangtanger Here drink it slowly.Tangtanger bit the straw, took the milk tea from Tang Shuang s hand, held it by himself, drank it while shaking his feet , taking time to whisper to Qiqi and Xiaoputao next to him from time to time When I got home, it was already evening.

Afraid of leaving her behind.Tang Shuang waved at Sister Xiangning, saying that he would not go and was writing a famous book, and his thoughts were flowing like a spring.Tang Sanjian heard that the old Tang family was about to publish a famous book, looked up and looked out the window, the sun was shining brightly, the sound of cicadas was everywhere, there was no lightning and thunder, no five thunderclaps, it didn t look like something big was about to happen.So he walked over to look at Qiqi with his hands behind his back, read the passage he had written, and patted Tang Shuang on the shoulder, as if to encourage him, but it was not.There is still a long way to go Tang Shuang Shouldn t encouragement be the main thing Why do you hit a genius like this Have you ever thought about how this genius feels A genius is thriving and needs sunshine, love and warmth.

What about yourself Knowing that she is about to die, but not knowing when death will come suddenly, nor how to die, this sense of powerlessness that her fate is completely out of control makes Axia almost mentally collapse.He went to pay homage to Amin.Amin, who had closed his eyes forever, had no fear on his face, and replaced it with serenity.Perhaps, this was a kind of relief for him.A Xia noticed that the X on Amin s body had disappeared.Sure enough, the black X will disappear only when the person dies.In the evening, after Axia got off work, she didn t go home, but wandered in the small park downstairs of her house in suits and leather shoes, carrying a briefcase, sitting alone on a swing in the dark, and her thoughts were chaotic I should also soon Dead, three days later three months later Hit by a car Or was killed by gangsters What will happen to my lovely wife after my death Where is my most beloved daughter Who will take care of them Thinking of this, his heart was about to break.

Why do I do this when I m so pretty But, I really want to meet my senior He looked up at me He should have noticed me, right He must have noticed, so why didn t he greet me, well, maybe he didn t notice me, but how could he not notice when it was so obvious, or did he not recognize me It s so sad, how could this happen, it s impossible, he must remember me, I m going to find him.But I don t have the courage, no, Zhao Yayi, you have to work hard, don t be afraid, be brave Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm , These vixens So who should not take cbd gummies insecure Zhao Yayi finally plucked up the courage to go up, but Tang Shuang suddenly stood up and walked away.Ah, what do you mean by senior, why did you walk away suddenly, are you rejecting me, but you are afraid that I will be sad, so you tell me in this way tactfully Woohoo, how could this happen, krave full spectrum cbd gummies I haven t greeted him yet, how could I not give anyone a chance.

This is awesome, they didn t expect it.But soon, the marketing plan they just made will be overthrown again.Zhang Fei s Shengjing Weihua Film and Television Company came to their door, and they hoped that the marketing plan of the physical book of Heroes could reach an agreement with the marketing plan who should not take cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies side effects of the movie.The movie Heroes has already started preparations, and the preliminary publicity is about to start.The marketing of physical books is part of this huge marketing plan.With the approval of Tang Shuang and Zhang Fei, several parties sat down to rediscuss the plan.Of course, Shengjing Publishing House will only participate in the drafting of the plan for the physical book, and Xingkong Culture will participate in the entire process.Finally, after half a day of discussion, the physical book of Heroes re determined zebra cbd gummies review live well cbd gummies the marketing plan, doubling the number of reprints from the previously planned 500,000 copies, and will directly reprint 1 million copies and put them on the market.

He is neither sad nor happy, his face is calm, but his aura is as real as it is.His powerful aura covers the sky and the moon, and he has the invincible temperament of a god among men and a land fairy With this illustration, Tang Shuang temporarily stopped the anger of book fans Candy s Kindergarten is about to start, many days later than Tang Shuang s.Tang Sanjian I have a glorious task for you.Tang Shuang Another glorious task Don t I m so scared.Tang HCMUSSH who should not take cbd gummies Sanjian turned a deaf ear You are idle even if you are idle.From now on, Tang Tang will get out of school and leave school.You will pick me up.Tang Shuang s expression changed I m not idle, I m so busy I have to read, write books, fall in love, deal with interpersonal relationships, avoid fans, I don t have time Tang Sanjian was as tough as iron That s it It s a deal.

The voices of the little tits are all in one piece Teacher looks cbd gummies for erections who should not take cbd gummies at my paintings, they are so beautiful Teacher looks at mine, the sea I painted is so big My mother is so beautiful, do you want to see it The cute babies handed over their paintings to Teacher Zhang one after another, and the classroom is like a vegetable market, where Huang Po is selling melons and boasting everywhere.In the end, Teacher Zhang finally put away all the children s paintings.Seeing Tangtang er holding the paintings and refusing to hand them in for a long time, she asked with concern Tang Tang, why don t you hand in your homework hawaiian cbd gummies Do you know how to draw Candy Candy shook her head and said loudly, Teacher, what I drew is Huahua, and it should be placed on the top, otherwise it will be crushed.Wow the whole class was amazed.

After thinking about who should not take cbd gummies it, especially when I came to Tang Tang s bed, I wanted to seriously remind this famous little chatter not to speak, but looking at the cute face of the little girl, the big and clear eyes, the eyelashes are very long, it is an eyelash Refined The eyebrows are as carefully cvs cbd gummies who should not take cbd gummies drawn, so cute I couldn t hold back, who should not take cbd gummies and applied with a smile Tang Tang, you are so cute, can I kiss you Tang Tanger shook her head decisively No kiss Xiaoshuang said that it doesn t matter if it s a boy or a girl , you are not allowed to kiss Hmph, if you don t kiss, you don t kiss, but you are not allowed to talk As soon as Teacher Zhang went out, various noises began to be heard in the originally quiet dormitory, but everyone was clever and would not talk first, but rolled over and over on the bed, looking here and there to test who should not take cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies side effects the situation Is it really safe.

He only visited less than half of it, and he was mainly worried about Candy.Seeing that the little girl was obedient and not arguing, he touched her little head and praised her a few words.He didn t know that Xiao Niuniu cbd no thc gummies almost tortured a young girl insane just now.It s three o clock in the afternoon.Tang Zhen opened the recording studio and came out.This is the end of today s recording.Deng Ke is not a person with a negative EQ.When he saw Tang Shuang came to visit Tang Zhen, he kept recording until he got off work.It would be really stupid to do that, not to mention that the real producer is right in front of him.Sister, what s in there Candy asked cutely to Tang Zhen.She pointed at the recording studio with her little finger, looking like a curious baby.Especially seeing that it was full of various equipment, she wanted to go in and see what it was.

Zhang Yifen laughed and took Candy away.This doll is so cute, Don t worry, they just scare the little monkey.Let s go, my sister in law will take you to eat delicious food.Being beaten to death is not a big deal.Tang Yu lamented Uncle Xiaoshuang, look at me.I am in elementary school, and the teacher is my aunt.When I go to junior high school, my mother will take care of me.When I go to high school, it will be my dad who will take care of me.It s too miserable.Tang Shuang thought for a while, and it seemed a bit miserable.He had tasted the feeling of being restrained by a monkey, and said, Don t cry, if you take the entrance examination of Guangdong University in the future, it will be your fault.Your third grandfather.Tang Yu collapsed on the ground upon hearing this.For someone with a monkey personality like him, being under the watchful eye all day is no different than taking his life.

The expression on his face was no longer as relaxed as before, but much more serious.Miao Wen s eyes were shining brightly.As for Xiao Yungui and the cbd gummies for erections who should not take cbd gummies others, they all forgot Ye Liang at this moment and were all immersed in this kind and warm story.It wasn t until there was applause in the office that everyone realized that the story had been told, and Zhang Tianfeng applauded first.This is probably the most heartwarming short film I ve ever seen.It s very good, very good, Ye Liang, you re good, the filming is good, the story is even better, good, good, good.Zhang Tianfeng said three good things in a row, it must be It s really good, Mr.Zhang s eyes are very picky.Just now Xiao Yungui s work, he just said that it is very good, not one good, let alone three good.Ye Liang winked at the gloomy Xiao Yungui, and the frightened expression on his face really deserves a beating Chapter 207 Confrontation of IQ The Conch Tang Shuang was humming a song when she suddenly braked, because a small head poked out of the door, peeping at him with big eyes.

After all, if he wants to pursue his dream of being a director, he must rely on this short film to knock on the door, otherwise he will not even have the chance nothing.Ye Liang s father already knew what he was doing, he neither supported nor objected, and let him toss, but he had said before that if he didn t win the short film gold award at this year s Youth Film Festival, he would go cbd gummies do they contain thc back honestly with him.The short film gold award at the Youth Film Festival is within reach.But for Ye Liang, this is the only chance he can win.Even if he climbs to the sky, he has to climb up on all fours.As for where he can climb, he doesn t know.So he invited Tang Shuang to write the script.If the short film wants to stand out, the plot is the most important.Compared with feature films, the effect of plot on short films is more prominent.

Huang Weiwei was the first to applaud and shouted Hello, this guy even whistled Shen Yi looked helplessly at her own girl who was becoming more and more female, and sighed in her heart, why can t she be like the goddess Fan Xiaozhen.Tang Shuang plucked the strings and adjusted the tone.This is my grandmother s guitar, which is very old.It was used when she was teaching, and later it was in the hands of Huang Xiangning.After Huang Xiangning got married, this guitar hung in her former home.In the boudoir, when the weather is good, grandma and grandpa will occasionally take it out and sit in the yard, and the two of them will have some fun while recalling the past.Although it is old, the guitar is well maintained.It can be seen that grandma often wipes and adjusts it.Ding This is not the first time Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen have worked together, and they already have a good understanding.

Expelling this breath, isn t that courting death What s more, if you eat too much, you will excrete, and excretion will pollute the air.If you don t stink to others, you will always stink to yourself, and I am not a person who chases smells.There is no such kind of elegance.The man laughed.Tang Sanjian continued Of course, what I said is not entirely correct, because some people don t excrete in their own bathroom, and after farting, they run into the public, not only polluting the air, but also smelling themselves, but mainly smelling others.Smelly That s all for me, although it stinks, but after all, it s the stuff in my stomach.Thinking zebra cbd gummies review live well cbd gummies about how delicious the food was when I ate it, who should not take cbd gummies now it doesn t matter at all, but other people who should not take cbd gummies are different, and there is no distinction between them when eating food Why do you want to stink them when you excrete, and share the pain when you are not happy, this is a typical hypocrite Liu Weiru couldn t stand it anymore, turning around and cursing people, why is it so annoying It s more uncomfortable than scolding by name Don t excrete one mouthful at the symposium, it s insulting to the gentleman We are talking about traditional culture and innovative thinking now, don t digress Tang Sanjian The reincarnation of five grains is a serious matter.

I can t answer it.I don t think anyone here can answer it.This is not the field of research.Tang Shuang s heart tightened.Mr.Lu asked Mr.Wei, wouldn t he ask him Sure enough, Lu Mingyi was not willing to give up and continued to ask questions, but not to Tang Shuang, but to his who should not take cbd gummies granddaughter Lu Yingying.Lu Yingying thought about it seriously, and said, Maybe it s not my race, so it must have a different heart.Well, this makes sense, but it doesn t make sense either.Tang Shuang was startled, and Lu Mingyi locked his eyes on him It seemed to make the old man unhappy just now, do you want to make him happy now Actually, I think alien civilizations should be civilized and friendly.Everyone looked at him one after another, wanting to be so unconventional and flattering so obvious Tang Shuang added Specifically refers to the alien civilization that invaded the earth.

It was equivalent to emboldening herself and cheering up that timid Candy just now Can I have another bowl After asking, Tang Shuang took Candy s bowl directly, added half a bowl of carrot porridge for her, put it in front of her, touched her little head, thought for a while, and said Brother beat your ass cbd gummies for puppies yesterday, are you still sad Tang Shuang didn t expect that although the physical blow was insignificant, it was so serious mentally that Tangtanger thought about it all night, even her favorite sleeping I didn t sleep anymore, I suffered from insomnia for the first time, and my eyes were bloodshot.Tang Tanger dug a full spoonful of porridge with a spoon, ate it into his mouth in one gulp, chewed with his small mouth puffed up, martha stewart cbd gummie and looked at Tang Shuang in amazement, and nodded.At this time, Tang Sanjian had already sat on the sofa to read the newspaper, and who should not take cbd gummies Huang Xiangning took the time before going to work to sit in front of the piano and play The Wind Blows Pinghu leisurely.

The venue for this meeting is not a coffee shop, but the branch of Xingkong Literature in Guangdong Province.Fortunately, it is not far from Guangdong University, and it takes 15 minutes to drive there.Tangtanger doesn t drink the bear s vitamin water anymore.Compared with this, she is more concerned about where Xiaoshuang will dump her, and she will guard Xiaoshuang every step of the way.At this time Tang Sanjian heard the sound of the car and came out.Dad, I m going out to do some errands, can you take Tangtanger away This villain doesn t want to get out of the car.Tangtanger heard the words and said unhappily Xiaoshuang, why are you doing this I care about you, but you actually despise my sister and have no love at all Tang Shuang didn t even talk back, but looked at brother Sanjian with a helpless expression, which meant that you saw it and couldn t get rid of it Although Tang Tanger was very reluctant, she finally got out of the car with brother San Jian, and when she left, she kept waving at Tang Shuang, telling him to go home for dinner Don t drink, don t fool around Where did you learn this Tang Shuang drove away funny, and soon arrived at the downstairs of the Xingkong Literature Branch.

Candy Stop quickly, stop chasing It s dangerous Tang Shuang yelled while chasing, and turning into the intersection, she saw the little pig not far ahead, still rushing forward, while The boy from earlier do cbd gummies work zebra cbd gummies review was already tens of meters away, unable to catch up at all.Candy where can i purchase purekana cbd gummies Don t chase after me As soon as Tang Shuang finished speaking, the beautiful girl chasing the wind fell, and she threw herself and her car on the grass by the side of the road Tang Shuang threw the mountain bike away, caught up with her in two or three steps, and picked up the little piglet from the ground.She saw a lot of grass clippings on her scarf, but she was not injured otherwise.After making sure she didn t hurt from the fall, Tang Shuang taught My brother has been calling you, didn t you hear me, don t chase, this is a curve, there are many cars, it s very dangerous Oh Candy clapped her hands , slapped the grass clippings off his hands, pointed angrily at the boy who was about to disappear in front of him, and said, That scoundrel boy who should not take cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg in front scolded me He wants to apologize to me Chapter 290 Watching the sea eat egg yolk Tangtanger finally let go of the idea of continuing to catch up.

His cute bangs were stained with sweat and became messy.Tang Shuang helped Xiao Niuniu wipe off the sweat from her forehead, straightened do cbd gummies work zebra cbd gummies review her bangs, tapped her little nose, and said, I ll bring you a bottle of water.I don t have any ice cream now.Also very happy, she ran wildly for a while, very thirsty.Tang Shuang helped Xiao Niuniu turn on the water, handed it to her, and asked, You haven t said what happened just now, why are you yelling for help Help is not something that can be said casually, only when it is really dangerous.It is necessary.Tell her the story of the wolf.Tang Shuang gulped down some water, leaving Tang Shuang speechless for a while Are you so thirsty is not that right I was fishing in the sun just now.After so long in the sun, the water has evaporated a lot.After drinking enough water, Tangtanger finally remembered Xiao Guizi and said, Xiao Shuang, who should not take cbd gummies Xiao Guizi was caught by the bad guys, let s go rescue him.

Chapter 326 Audition Meeting Orange Mai s daily manager meeting just ended, Xiao Na stood up to leave, but suddenly stopped, and said to the scattered crowd There is one more thing, Tang Zhen s new album at two o clock in the afternoon Hold an audition session, everyone go there when you have time, call your artists, and give some suggestions for the album.As soon as the voice fell, the scene suddenly became noisy, everyone had different expressions, some were envious, some congratulated, some were jealous, I have watched a movie But no matter how I look, whether I am sincere or not, good life cbd gummies I will congratulate Pan Wenling immediately As soon as I joined Chengmai, I released an album, which compared many artists.But this kind of comparison is not because of her ability, but because of her special favor.

If the director does not control the rhythm well, accidents may happen.Even if nothing happened to Wia yesterday, there may still be another accident the day after tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.This was also Tang Shuang s biggest worry about him before, because he had no experience in shooting martial arts movies.As for the quarrel between Zhang HCMUSSH who should not take cbd gummies Fei and Zhang Yu, according to Tan Si, it was caused by different understandings of the script.This Tang Shuang can understand.Zhang Yu is an actress.She is the kind of actor who has her own understanding of the role.When her understanding of a certain plot is inconsistent with the director, she will boldly point it out.Some directors like actors like this, others don t.Ye Liang said that Zhang Fei is a tyrant on the set, which means that he does what he says.

After Tang Shuang, the scene was handed over to him and several other assistant directors.Finally, the atmosphere of the scene slowly climbed out of the heavy and became lively Tang Shuang drank too much wine and went to the bathroom to buckle Throat, vomiting is particularly uncomfortable, when I came out, I met Zhang Yu by accident.Zhang Yu handed him a pack of tissues, apparently waiting for him.Zhang Yu I see you drank a lot, you probably haven t drank so much, have you Tang Shuang smiled wryly and shook her head, the last time she and Huahuadiegulong didn t drink so much.Zhang Yu hesitated a little, and said I have good plum blossom tea, come and have a drink later.The age who should not take cbd gummies of a young mature woman.She not only has the beauty and a proud figure that a top actress should have, toxic cbd gummies but also has a changeable and charming temperament Each of these characteristics is a talent worthy of pride in a woman, and now it is gathered in her alone , is really a collection of heaven s favor.

Why exactly 4 million Because this time Huaxia TV bought Another Shoe , and the asking price was 4 million.Ye Liang Just take this 4 million and inject it into the new company, we don t need to pay zebra cbd gummies review live well cbd gummies any more money, what do you think Tang Shuang Yes, but I only own 1 million out of the 4 million, and HCMUSSH who should not take cbd gummies the shares are determined according to this.Ye Liang meant the 4 million, he and Tang Shuang each had 2 million.But Tang Shuang only wrote the script, and didn t worry about the rest.Ye Liang paid for the filming, hiring people, renting the venue, etc., so he thought he could only get 1 million, and the remaining 3 million was Ye Liang.Liang s.Seeing Tang Shuang s firm attitude, Ye Liang agreed, and the two continued to discuss the next step, what should be the first film.Ye Liang Actually, what I m thinking is that the first project should not be too big.

Tang Shuang looked around for a week.There were really no small animals left in the room.Only the fat tiger dominated the princess room, which was very refreshing and clean.As Tang Shuang s confidant brother, Tang Shuang walked to the bed, lifted the sheet, and looked under the bed, sure enough A bunch of little dolls piled up This pig spirit hides the little animal here on purpose Tang Shuang clapped her hands, stood up, and looked down at the smirking pig spirit Tangtang er opened her eyes wide, and said seriously, Huh Why didn t I notice it Hahahaha Xiaoshuang, look, the big tiger is so scary, it scared all the little animals to the ground, hehehe Your play Refined Chapter 344 Nursing Ye Liang left, Tang Shuang took Tang Tanger to Li Dehua s clinic to change her dressing.Wow it s my little sister Little sister Do you still remember my sister Tangtanger rushed to a young woman as soon as she entered the door, and spoke to a doll in her arms.

Tang Shuang Hey, okay, you hide, I will cook, come out to eat when you are hungry I don t hit people.Tangtang er lay on the bed with where can i buy green cbd gummy bears a sullen face, and the big tiger next to her couldn t give her a sense of security, so she called her mother and called the backer, but the backer said they were eating steak , I m going to watch a movie later, I don t have time to take care of the kids.Tangtanger said angrily I, I, what should I do if the Lun family is beaten to death Sister Xiangning repeatedly assured that her brother would not dare to do such a trick, and she immediately called Xiaoshuang and told him to treat his sister well.Tang Shuang in the kitchen quickly received the call and patted her chest to promise that she would never touch Candy, otherwise he would not be human Hmph Not long after, Tang Shuang saw a little man lying cvs cbd gummies who should not take cbd gummies on the kitchen door, smiling silly at him, his smile was full of flattery.

Whether it who should not take cbd gummies is a movie fan or the fan base of the two, they are all happy to see the success.Since then, the turmoil of the crew of Heroes has basically come to an end, HCMUSSH who should not take cbd gummies and it is menacing, but fortunately there is no danger.At the same time, Tang Shuang also found out about Zhang Yu, and when she saw it for the first time, her heart skipped a beat.Zhang Yu broke cbd gummies for erections who should not take cbd gummies up She has a boyfriend, Tang Shuang couldn t help thinking, could it be because of him He became a meddler The news is all today, and it seems that it only broke out today.Tang Shuang continued to read and search, and someone with good intentions followed up the matter in depth, and said with certainty that Zhang Yu actually broke up with her boyfriend before joining the Hero crew.The reason why it was known by the media today is because some media photographed the man coming to Jiuyedong and having a big fight with Zhang Yu at the airport.

Zhang, you go and sit, and I will take care of these children.Tangtanger was quite a little master, Mr.Zhang, go and sit, Xiaoshuang is good at taking care of children.Teacher Zhang and Chu Mei fluttered I laughed all at once.Tang Shuang was speechless, and whispered to the little piggy who was eating non stop Don t eat it, okay, you will be full.Tang cbd gummies by live green hemp 500mg or 750mg Tanger wanted to fish in troubled waters, but Xiaoshuang noticed it, and she giggled embarrassedly , also whispered Eat a little more and don t eat.Tang Shuang Don t eat, don t eat, you are the one who eats the most, you are the master., There is a reason, and she sugar free cbd gummies amazon said dissatisfiedly These are all mine Huh Dad confiscated a lot of snacks from me.Thinking that this is her food storage, Tang Tanger s heart bleeds.Now that I can eat a little bit, I will get back my money at least.

On this day, the happiest person in the world is not Candy, although she entertained the kindergarten children, nor Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing, who are immersed in a hazy love.Luo Yuqing said that the happiest woman in the world today is Nie Min.Nie Min Tang Shuang searched her mind, but she didn t remember who Nie Min was.It s not his fault.Before he heard Luo Yuqing s story, it was impossible for him to know about this person, but after tonight, I m afraid everyone will know his name.When Luo Yuqing participated in Shanghai Fashion Week, she recorded a variety show called Infinite Challenge.This zebra cbd gummies review variety show is hosted by six fixed male stars for a long time, and the theme of each episode is different.The episode that Luo Yuqing participated in is called Wedding Congratulation Songs Special , which is to sing blessing songs to the couple at the wedding.

Her family disagrees with this marriage, firmly disagrees Her father even threatened to break up with her father and daughter, and on behalf of all relatives, made it clear that she cbd gummies from dr oz would not attend her wedding.The happiest moment in life, but not being blessed by the person you care about the most, this kind of pain has no words.As the only female guest at the scene, Luo Yuqing said with empathy This is too much.Even if you are reluctant as a parent, you should give your blessings sincerely now.She thought of what happened to her.They didn t understand her, and the only parents who had hoped for her also objected.Sa Yang echoed It s really not good for parents to behave like this.They are too childish.Even if you don t like the man, at such an important moment, you should send blessings.Other hosts also expressed their opinions, and they were generally sympathetic The newlyweds disagreed with Nie Min s relatives actions and were a little angry.

Tang Shuang It s over here, what s the next itinerary Pan Wenling Tomorrow, I will go to Guangdong TV Station to participate who should not take cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies side effects in All the Way With You , and then go to Yicheng, where there will be a small fan meeting Tang Shuang Said worriedly Is she used to fan meetings Pan Wenling smiled and said Don t worry, don t think of Xiao Zhen as a child.She has been in the entertainment industry for five or six years.If even this little scene I can t even handle it, so how can I expect the future.Tang Shuang thought about who should not take cbd gummies it, too, he regarded Tang Zhen as a flower in a greenhouse.Sister Pan is right, but I need more help from you.Xiaozhen is too tender, innocent and innocent.Oh, by the way, has she been paying attention to her diet and daily life recently Don t let her eat spicy food, let alone let her eat spicy food.

Tang Shuang originally planned to submit the film to United Life Weekly.Very suitable for a rookie director like him.Tang Shuang The plot of Grandma is only 30 minutes long.It is not a feature film, so it will definitely not be able to be released on the big screen.There wyld raspberry cbd gummies review are two ways out.One is to broadcast it as an online drama on video sites, and the other is to sell DVDs.Ye Liang Then he said When dealing with video who should not take cbd gummies sites, you zebra cbd gummies review live well cbd gummies have to either divide it into shares or sell it off at once.We are newcomers, and the cost of selling out at one time is definitely not high.It would be nice to make a small profit.If you want to share, although the ratio will not High, but if the quality is good and the market welcomes it, the income can be several times that of selling it out.Tang Shuang It depends on you, whether your photos are good or bad is directly related to the road ahead.

Listening to stories used to be the happiest thing, but since this summer vacation, Xiaoshuang has become super good at telling stories, Tangtanger no longer thinks that Teacher Zhang can tell stories, it s not good It s not interesting at all, it s better to let her tell everyone, but today she doesn t want to, because she talks a lot and her mouth hurts.Little Pig propped his cheeks, sat in front of his little desk, thought for a while, couldn t hold back, and secretly took out a mango jelly from his trouser pocket with the other hand, hehehe, there are three big faced tributes , she ate one, gave one to the little peacock, and left this one.Although who should not take cbd gummies the mouth hurts because of talking too much, it doesn t affect eating.If you don t eat, you will lose energy.If you don t have energy, your mouth will be unhappy, and soon you will become who should not take cbd gummies dumb, and you will be miserable.

It doesn t matter if you see it or not, it doesn t matter whether you win the first place or not.What matters is that we have gone all out and made breakthroughs.Tang Shuang Look at how brave the little peacock is.He fell down twice and finally won the fourth place.Isn t it impressive Tang Tanger tilted his head to think about it, nodded and said, The little peacock is awesome Da, she is so brave today.In the past, the little peacock would hide alone when encountering setbacks, huddled in a corner and shed tears silently.No matter how sad the little girl was crying, she kept whispering, just like she laughed softly.Except for being bullied by Li Xiaoyu during the last autumn outing, she cried very sadly and loudly that time.Tangtanger, like a big sister, went up to hold the little peacock in her arms, stroked her little head, and comforted her softly.

Tang Shuang was much more passive than Sayang, and this brother didn t know that his rival was fierce, so he slowly understood and approached him step by step according to his own rhythm.Luo Yuqing said that there are many people pursuing her.This sentence is not aimless, but has a point.It depends on how Tang Shuang understands it.Sayang is a sunny man, very handsome, has been famous for a long time, and his character and reputation cvs cbd gummies who should not take cbd gummies are very good in the industry.He s a great choice for any woman.Luo Yuqing asked curiously Yu Xiang, I ve always wanted to meet, but it s too mysterious, I ve never seen it before, so I m so curious.Xiao Na smiled and said, Zhen Zhen is not here, otherwise she would be the most suitable to introduce you.Helping Tang Zhen release an album as soon as he made a move, the relationship must be extraordinary.

The old man s health is getting worse every day, and the days when you can be father and son are not many years Among the three brothers of the Tang family, Tang Erjian is very talkative and A person who can speak well, his wife Mudan can also speak well, and the two are a match made in heaven.Listening to the words, Tang Sanjian became silent gradually.Looking at Tang Hongjun from a distance, he was indeed much older than the last time he met.The traces are taking away the vitality in the body.Chapter 439 The Candle Can t Be Blown Out Come here, candy, let s cut the cake Tang Zhen greeted the candy who was tired of staying beside her grandpa.Her daily anecdotes, from a puppy to a big spider, from singing and dancing to tree climbing and fishing, from a car slide race to a fight with Xiaoshuang, from Tang Shuang s face on the side has gradually darkened, this The little guy has a big mouth and can say anything he can think of.

Signing is both painful and happy, so let s not talk about happiness, it s painful Xiao Shuang, can I write Little Turtle After signing many copies, the little man said to Tang Shuang who happened to be in the queue.What do you mean Tang Shuang had a bad feeling.Hee hee, Tang Tang is so difficult to write, let s write the little turtle.Tang Shuang You mean that the word Tang Tang is difficult to write.You are tired of writing, and now you want to write about the little turtle Yes.Xiaoshuang, you are quite smart.Tangtang gave a big praise to the clever Xiaoshuang, the word Tang Tang is too complicated and difficult for a little person to write, and it took a lot of time to teach her strength.Hehehe Although I gave it a thumbs up, I m still very upset, why should I just write about the little turtle Are you sure the little turtle is not a curse word In the end, Tangtang er drew a little turtle on Tang Shuang s A Garden of Green Vegetables Become a Gentleman , that s right, he drew a turtle Not the word Little Turtle This guy wanted to be a painter crazy, and announced that from now on she would no longer write, and would only draw, so Teacher Zhang, don t give do cbd gummies work zebra cbd gummies review her homework, because she doesn t plan who should not take cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies side effects to write Her specialty is drawing.

Goodbye, threatened to try to buy a goldfish after school.Princess Goldfish is the story Tang Shuang told her last night.The story is called Princess Goldfish on the Cliff.Now the little man is thinking about Princess Goldfish and wants to buy such a princess.Yesterday, the little guy suddenly realized that Tinker Bell only exists in the story, not in the drawer of reality.He also boasted that a 6 year old little head is different from a 5 and a half year old, but when he woke up, he could not immerse himself in the story again.Extricating oneself, reality and fantasy are foolishly indistinguishable.Well, after school, the three of us will pick them out.There are very, very few goldfish princesses, and we can t see them at all, so we have to be very careful to find them.You go to school who should not take cbd gummies first, only serious children will be able to find goldfish princesses.

Chen Shenfeng He is an old Jianghu, with rich experience in bullying.Although he did have personal grievances with Su Lixian back then, at a deep level, it may have been intentional.He kept attracting attention, occupying headlines, attracting attention, and maintaining popularity.Just like many actors, their acting skills are not worth mentioning.They can t find their works with a magnifying glass.They can be regarded as third rate actors at most, but they are first rate stars.Because of the popularity, news, and paparazzi It s a mother, chasing after this group of fake mothers every day, such trivial things as eating, drinking, messing around, farting, and crotch buckling can be regarded as big news.Ordinary people watched it a lot, so they naturally gained impression points, thinking that this might be a big star, otherwise why would there be news about him every day.

Ye Liang was confused What s the rule Miao Wen understood a bit and said, Firecrackers are going to be set off when the stone statue is uncovered.Sure enough, the staff of the stone statue company skillfully brought a set of red firecrackers that were rolled up and rolled up again.Tang Shuang grabbed Ye Liang who was about to hide in the house You can t go, go, set off firecrackers Me You bought it, you go Ye Liang wanted to withdraw, and setting off firecrackers was not his specialty.Tang Shuang This is your house Of course you, the master, have to come in person.Ye Liang looked at the firecrackers that had been placed on the ground with the character 8 by the staff, and said angrily, Okay, give me a fire.An employee of the company handed over a lighter, and Tang Shuang said, This is very particular, you can t use a lighter.

There are usually two flag raisers, one male and one female.May I ask who is the flag raiser on the male side, and the answer is Qiqi.Chapter 490 who should not take cbd gummies On the day of the flag raising ceremony, Tang Shuang must have attended it.At the same time, Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning also took two hours off to attend Tangtanger s flag raising ceremony in the kindergarten before going to work.Tang Shuang and Tangtanger took a Porsche, while Tang Sanjian drove a Volvo with Huang Xiangning.Tang Shuang asked, Do you remember when you introduced yourself Tang Shuang blinked her eyes wide, Yes, I remember very clearly.After speaking, the little man took out a card from his pocket.Pass the card to Tang Shuang Look I have written everything I want to say here, and I will never forget it.Before the flag raising ceremony, the flag raiser needs to introduce himself.

Sure enough, Tang Shuang was taken aback by the villain s first sentence.Ha Tangtanger said into the microphone, the voice was already loud, but now it spread to the whole kindergarten, even Li Baibai hurried over curiously, I am Tang Tang from the first class, children Do you know me You must know me, is there anyone you don t know Many children said in unison Yes , You are Tang Tang s big sister , Tang Tang, I want to play house with you Garden Auntie Chang s smile remained the same, how to make cbd oil gummies she was confident and calm.As a teacher in the kindergarten, she was no stranger to this kind of situation that seemed to be out of control and under control.Whenever there were children participating, there was always the possibility of losing control.This is a small matter for her.Huang Xiangning silently gestured to Tangtanger, telling her to come obediently and speak according to the script agreed with her brother.

The school has always used good morality to carry things as the school motto, but it was obvious that this was forgotten in the case of Xu Chengyang.Although Jian Siming is not legally responsible, there is a great stain on the teacher s morality.This matter is not over.In order to maintain its own reputation and image, the school, through some kind of relationship, wiped out the news about Xu Chengyang s suicide by jumping off a building on the Internet almost overnight.We have to admire the horror of administrative power.All this had nothing to do with Tang Shuang.Although he hated Jian Siming, he hadn t stepped on him yet.However, at Xu Chengyang s memorial service, Jian Siming was invited by Xu Chengyang s sister s strong request.At that time, Xu Chengyang s sister asked him Don t you have to be responsible for my brother s death Don t you have a conscience Jian Siming said with a look of contempt I have a very good who should not take cbd gummies relationship with him, why should I Conscience is disturbed.

Both of them did wrong and brought a lot to each other.It s who should not take cbd gummies a big trouble, it shouldn t be, so they have to apologize to each other. Then, should Tangtang also apologize to them Well, didn t you apologize to Dad today Have you apologized to Auntie Principal, Teacher Zhang, Li Baibai and Brother Wu Well, I also apologized to all the little teachers, and Little Putao, Dad said they were always worried about me.Tangtanger remembered the scene of apologizing to everyone in the kindergarten with her father in the afternoon, and the scene of her friends patting her on the shoulder one by one.Yes, that s how it is.You did the right thing.Although they all have the responsibility to protect you, you can t be self willed, and you can t cause trouble for others.If you can do things yourself, do it yourself.

Ah No wonder such a cute child, his father is so young and handsome, what a family do cbd thc free gummies work for pain good genes.The proprietress Little sister is so cute.Tang Shuang said with a smile Thank you Tang Tanger also saw Tang Shuang at this time, and shouted at him Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, here is my sister s song, look I ll take it No.With her little head held high, she stood in front of the shelf, stood on tiptoes, and stretched out her arms as much as she could, but she was too small to reach, so she kept bouncing around in front of the shelf, and said with a sigh Ouch, the Lun family is exhausted, why put it so high Tang Shuang Don t jump, I ll get it for you.Tang Shuang looked up at Tang Shuang, muttered that Xiao Shuang was a giraffe, who should not take cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies side effects and sighed Oh, it s so tiring to wear so many clothes in winter.I can t jump up cbd gummies for erections who should not take cbd gummies hard.

Little Pig whispered mysteriously Hee hee Xiaoshuang, you must have eaten something, right What did you eat Tell the little sister, okay, you are also happy that the little sister has changed, right Eat it What is it Tang Shuang was speechless, and waved her hand I didn t eat anything, they were all normal cvs cbd gummies who should not take cbd gummies meals, and you ate what I ate.I don t believe it Little Zhuzhu suddenly stretched out his hand to break it open Tang Shuang s mouth.I m going to Tang Shuang finally knocked off the salty pig s hand, and said speechlessly, Are you stupid I didn t eat anything.My brother is so strong.I m so powerful outside.Many people admire me. Wow So Xiaoshuang, you are so good, but why do you still have to write a self criticism The self criticism you wrote is not a passing grade The Lun family all get full marks.

Candy, you haven t finished eating yet, fill your stomach first Huang Xiangning shouted.Tangtanger stopped in her tracks, turned her head and said to her mother, Xiaoshuang will run away.Huang Xiangning assured her, Don t worry, brother won t leave you behind, mom promises.Tangtanger thought for a while, then took a step back , stopped again, and shouted to Tang Shuang who was gone Xiao Shuang don t leave the candy behind, wait for me, do you want to hear me sing Come quickly, I will sing for you.This routine.Tang Shuang s voice came from upstairs You finish your breakfast first, and I will wait for you.Okay Xiaoshuang is really good.Candy returned to the dining table happily, and said to Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning Xiao Shuang, this little guy is really nice.Then he shouted loudly to Tang Shuang on the second floor Xiao Shuang, Tangtang praised you in front of Mom and Dad , regardless of whether he could hear it or not.

There were people coming and going here.Although it was not the first time Tangtanger came, she was still very surprised, okay There are so many people, she pointed to the lively are green ape cbd gummies legit crowd and asked Tang Shuang, They, they all use handjob Of course they came here by handjob, what s so strange about that The pig came to the ticket machine and swiped the card to get the ticket.Wow then how many handjobs are there Are there countless ones Little Zhuzhu stood at Tang Shuang s feet, looking around.After getting the boarding pass, Tang Shuang took Xiaozhuzhu through the security check again, and told her, I ve got the small box, don t lose it.My doll is inside, said Xiaozhuzhu.That s good.Tang Shuang nodded.He understood what Little Zhuzhu meant.There are her dolls in this box.She will protect them and never lose them.

Ding Feng won the Silver Literature Award in his 50s, and Fang Zhikai is only 36 years old.He was 33 years old when he wrote The Man Who Stole the Shadow , a short story of 100,000 words.After a year and a half, he worked slowly and meticulously, and finally won the highest award in China, and also set a record for the second youngest person to win the Zijin Literature Award.Moreover, his book The Man Who Stole the Shadow is very good.There is hope for the Nobel Prize in Literature, and the voice is very high.Unexpectedly, he turned out to be Lu Mingyi s apprentice Tang Shuang Is he the second senior brother Lu Yingying nodded Yes, Second Senior Brother, I call him Brother Kaizi.Tang Shuang asked, What about Senior Brother It wouldn t be too bad, but Tang Shuang had never heard of He composite 360x cbd gummies Yue.Lu Yingying said Senior Brother He Yue also writes novels, have you read A Thousand Arrows Pierce the Heart Tang Shuang said read it, so it is He Yue who wrote A Thousand Arrows Pierce the Heart Chapter 608 Let me tell you that Tang Shuang was very impressed with Thousand Arrows Piercing the Heart.

Ding Xiaoquan said It s a pity for Xiaosha.According to your strength, there is no problem entering the finals.It can only be said that this is an element of luck.Tang Dong and I are very optimistic about you.Huyan Xiaosha s attitude is very good, He responded with a smile Everyone is very capable, and whoever goes up and down can tell the truth.I admire them.Ding Xiaoquan asked Why didn t Cheng Mai sign a contract with you Huyan Xiaosha replied They The focus of attention is on the finalists.Huyan Xiaosha understood that he was actually the one who was abandoned by the program group.Ding Xiaoquan said The draft is just the starting point, not the end.Being able to enter the finals does not mean that you are the final winner.Tang Dong and I are very optimistic about you.Let s talk about your future plans Chapter 640 Donation Event Huyan Xiaosha Signing a contract with Tuzi Entertainment, this kind of news is just an inconspicuous piece of tofu in the entertainment section, but in the hip hop circle, this is very influential news, because he is a contestant in My Most Hip Hop Among them, the first externally signed singer.

When they saw Qiu Sen and Tang Shuang coming out, they gave way one after another.Hello, Director Qiu Hello, Screenwriter Tang Good luck I wish the new film a great sale Many media reporters came to the scene, and there were many people who sent flowers.However, what Tang Shuang saw was more bundles of beautifully packaged barley.Barley, big sale.Tang Shuang believed that Dragon Snake would definitely create a wave of urban martial arts in China and even a wider area.After the start up ceremony, the production crew began to run busy.Tang Shuang stayed on set for a while before leaving.Sticky Candy calls to ask if he has had lunch.If not, come and eat with her mother quickly .Tang Shuang Daringly, this chick treats him like a money bag, as if she is a rich man.But Tang Shuang still thought too simple.

Zhang s words, and their impression of Tang Shuang couldn t help but improve.Tang Shuang was only making a temporary cameo appearance, and only this one scene was completely a passer by role.After getting rid of her psychological scruples, she passed it quickly.There was no time to chat on the set, so Tang Shuang and Qiu Sen greeted each other and left alone.Back home, after lunch, I was going to visit Ye Liang s studio.I m ashamed to say, if Tang Shuang hadn t gone to the production team of Dragon Snake today, Tang Shuang would have almost forgotten that Ye Liang was also making a movie, and it was their own movie, so cover your face Candy heard that Tang Shuang was going to see Xiao Yezi filming Movie, decisively leave Huang Xiangning behind, and want to go with Tang Shuang.The little man just went to get papa in the morning, but Xiaoshuang slipped away.

Ye Liang waved his hand, signaling to go quickly.Tang Tanger shouted, and had to continue filming.The previous part was useless.However, as if he was deliberately against Ye Liang, after Xiao Zhuzhu handed over the candy to Tang Shuang, she accidentally tripped over a rubber band and was eliminated.Ye Liang covered his face.There are advantages and disadvantages in taking sneak shots.This is the disadvantage, all kinds of non cooperation.After Xiaozhuzhu was eliminated, he waved to Zhong Beiqi Miss sister, why did you run away, it s your turn Come on quickly.Zhong Beiqi looked at Ye Liang, Ye Liang secretly made HCMUSSH who should not take cbd gummies a gesture, and she came out of the camera Walked over and continued to jump rubber bands, but made a deliberate mistake in the first level, and was also eliminated.Her intention was to finish it quickly, and then it would be Candy s turn again, and the camera was waiting to be filmed.

This is a betrayal.I will be pulled out to show the public.I have signed up for you.Everyone is looking forward to your coming.Don t run away.It s bad for your reputation.It doesn t matter, I don t care about the name If you don t go, you have to go, and our family will come to see it.Candy asked happily Father, I can go too Can you You can go too.Tang Tanger immediately urged Tang Shuang to be brave and promise her father.Tang Shuang Dad, I hear what you mean, there seems to be an audience What scale Tang Sanjian A small auditorium with 200 people.200 people Still a small auditorium Brother Sanjian really does not hurt his back while standing and talking.Brother Sanjian added a knife at the end There will be video and on site shorthand.At that time, your remarks will be sorted out.If it is good, it will be published in the school magazine.

Tangtanger gave him a sneaky look, you are the little pig You are a pig from head to toe Li Yuanlin didn t know that he hated Tangtanger again, and he was still trying to persuade Tangtanger to sing Two Little Pigs.Singing Two Little Pigs is impossible to sing Two Little Pigs.Candy made a face at him and made a snorting sound with a nasal voice.Zhang Changan couldn t help laughing out loud, and suggested Tang Tang, let s sing Little Kitten.Ji Yanjie also made his own suggestion, he prefers Snail Crawling, Crawling , which was the song when he was a child Children s songs often sung.And Ding Lu also proposed to sing It s Raining , which is a nursery rhyme about children stepping on puddles on rainy days.Look, everyone, no matter adults or children, has a deep hidden nursery rhyme in their hearts.

Tang Shuang nodded I can guess, Director Zhang, you have lost a lot of weight and darkened a lot, but your spirit is not good.Better.Zhang Fei said with a smile Li Yinggang left.When he was in the northwest, he said that my eyes glowed at night.Tang Shuang It s because I have something in my heart.Haha, that s right.In order to realize my childhood dream, but I didn t enjoy it, and I still have energy in my heart.Tang Shuang understood at once, and said Director Zhang should rest and rest, and people should not be too tense for a long time.Zhang Fei You know what I m thinking, How about it, if you are interested, let s cooperate again.Since Zhang Fei said so, Tang Shuang of course did not shirk, who should not take cbd gummies and said, Of course What does Director Zhang think I still want to shoot martial arts, but it s not fun.

Candy didn t give up You took it Candy s bamboo dragonfly Tang Shuang Watch a movie, leave the bamboo dragonfly alone.Candy Give me back the bamboo dragonfly Watch the movie Give me back the bamboo dragonfly Here you are, here you are, I ve served you, like a squawking frog.Tang Shuang found the bamboo who should not take cbd gummies dragonfly from his pocket and returned it to Tangtanger.Candy said happily while planting the bamboo dragonfly on her head, You are the squawking frog.Frogs are not so beautiful Humph It smells good.Little Fragrant Pig.Emmmm Candy thinks about it, although Xiaoshuang praises her fragrance, but after all, Little Fragrant Pig is still a pig, um, so overall it is not a compliment to her, so I took a picture She patted his hand and said unhappily, You are the little pig, no, you are the big pig.Well, well, Tang Shuang do cbd gummies work zebra cbd gummies review acquiesced, don t talk to her, otherwise it will be endless, this one Little Pig s mouth was itchy, and how many 250mg cbd gummies can i take he wished Tang Shuang would quarrel with her.

Why are you doing this, let who should not take cbd gummies go, I m going to be cvs cbd gummies who should not take cbd gummies angry Ah Can you stop playing doubles, come one by one, okay Easy who is twisting my thighs I won t let you go Hiss Tang Zhen Get away My hand is too coldMom, orange cbd gummies help Little pig you little pig I will make you cry Remember me If you dare to threaten others, you will be given a higher punishment Chapter 760 Happy to watch the child put the river lantern The reason why Tang Shuang was not played to death by the two sisters of the Tang family is all due to Miss Xiangning.At the critical moment, who should not take cbd gummies Sister Xiangning came out and stopped Tang Zhen, who was about to make a killing, and Tang Zhen, who couldn t hold her back at all.Tang who should not take cbd gummies Shuang stood beside Huang Xiangning miserably, his carefully arranged hair was messed up, his coat was stripped off, and he was almost taken off.

Tang Shuang told them that they were in the corridor on the second floor, then hung up, and said to Tangtanger, Mom and sister are here.Tangtanger didn t respond, Tang Shuang called again Say it again Tang Tang, mom and sister are here.Only then did Tang Tang respond, and said weakly Oh, Xiaoshuang, Tang Tang will not blame you in front of mom.Thank you so much gone.You re welcome, it s Candy who doesn t listen to Xiaoshuang and buy spicy sticks.Alas, the little baby deserves it.It s so unlucky and pitiful.Who would have thought that the boss would poison you My little seahorse water gun I want to nourish the bad guys Don t worry, my brother will avenge you.Tang Shuang patted her chest to assure her, but Tangtanger didn t believe him a little, and said, Forget it, Tangtanger asks Dabai and godfather for help Well, can i buy cbd gummies in illinois they have caught so many bad guys, so froggie cbd gummies please catch another one.

The doctor said, if she wants to drink water, let her drink it, and she needs to drink more water for a while.Sister, don t eat spicy strips anymore, look at you, it s hard this time.Huang Xiangning took the opportunity to teach.Tang Tang nodded immediately I m uncomfortable, I m uncomfortable, I m really uncomfortable.Tang Zhen, who was holding her hand, froze.Where did he learn this bad feeling No one in the old Tang family talked like that.Mom, bring some water.Tangtanger must have been transformed by a small fish in her previous life.Why does she love drinking water so much Tangtanger stared at the handbag Huang Xiangning was carrying, in which she bought two bottles of bear drink in red.Can you bear it for a while You ve drank a lot.Huang Xiangning worried that her little sister s stomach would not be able to bear it.

Ye Liang continued to smile and said Don t be angry, boss, don t be angry, you see I came here with sincerity Yes, the 2,000 yuan in that bag is really for you, you keep it, that is, um, money is a trivial matter, in this era, with advanced information, if you lose your contact information, you will be unable to move an inch, right I will do it A small business, the phone is full of business friends, I just want to see if I can get my phone back It s useless for others to hold it, why not give it to me, it s all about the connections I ve accumulated over the years, If it is lost, it will be a waste of years of work, boss, do you think what I said is reasonable Old Xu finally understood, this smiling Xiaoye came to look for the bag, thank him, give him a gift, just put it nicely.He was very angry, with an angry expression on his face, he yelled loudly, as if he had been greatly insulted, and it was not enough to calm the anger in his heart if zebra cbd gummies review live well cbd gummies he didn t reprimand him loudly The old Xiong from the store next door had just sent a customer outside the door when he heard the voice of Uncle Hot next door, and only heard a few words, such as What bag , I didn t see any bag , You This young man has good intentions to treat him like a donkey , Ignorant , Fuck off I don t know what is good , A white eyed wolf He came over curiously to check the situation, and saw who should not take cbd gummies Old Xu with a young man Arguing, there was a tall, burly young man wearing sunglasses standing next to him, huh This is the bodyguard Rich second generation When Lao Xu saw Lao Xiong, he usually ignored him, but today he was very kind.

Tangtanger didn t give up, and followed the big orange cat under the fence.The big orange cat was walking on the fence, and she walked under the fence at the same time, clapping her hands constantly, as if she wanted to hug the big orange cat come down quickly, the big hug is already ready, just Waiting for the big cat to jump into his arms Such an enthusiastic and persistent child is really touching, but the big orange cat is not moved, not only is it not moved, it is playing tricks on people.After walking back and forth three or four times under the fence with Candy, I simply lay down, put on a very comfortable posture, and looked at the child below the sunshine is so comfortable, then, kid paper, please start your performance.It has recognized this child paper, and the miserable memory deep in its heart has been evoked.

At night, Tang Shuang where to buy pure kana cbd gummies received a call from Ye Liang.He went to Australia for vacation and just got off the plane.The Spring Festival is coming soon, but the other person is gone, and he is alone in Australia.Tang Shuang chatted with him for a long time before learning that his parents had officially divorced not long ago.After procrastinating for so many years, I finally left.In fact, the two of them had already lived their own lives, and the relationship between husband do cbd gummies work zebra cbd gummies review and wife existed in name only.If it hadn t been for Ye Liang, they wouldn who should not take cbd gummies t natures choice cbd gummies have dragged on until now.Now that Ye Liang has graduated from university, he is a man who is capable of making movies, and he is an independent man, so it is time to stop what should be done.During Ye Liang s filming, his parents didn t disturb him, they divorced quietly, peacefully and amicably, and no one complained.

Sister, help Xiaoshuang is going to wrap the Lun family in dumplings and eat them Tang Tang hid behind Tang Zhen and asked for protection.Tang Shuang said Sister, get out of the way, I ll chat with this kid.Tang Tanger showed half of her head and said, Come on, you The Lun family has nothing to talk to you, don t you just want to eat it The Lun family, huh Elder sister, you need to help me.Tang Shuang laughed The piglets are raised at home, and they are slaughtered to make dumplings for the who should not take cbd gummies New Year.Come out, I have all the knives ready, and I will steam you today.Cooked, boiled, fried, fried, cooked for New Year s Eve dinner Candy said angrily, We re all family Do you want to be like this Tang Shuang found out that this villain came to the second uncle s house , she speaks with a northeast accent, if she stays like this for a few more days, it is estimated that she can change the spoken language of Lunjia and replace it with We.

If you can muster up your muscles, this is real strength.but No muscle at all It doesn t matter if you don t, the shadow on the wall is already strong, a giant The villain was dazzled by the illusion, and completely forgot the lines he should say in his mind, but blurted out The Lun family is a hunk tonight haha, who dares to provoke the king Poof the quiet living room suddenly became chaotic In one piece, the adults of Old Tang s family were all shocked.Ga Tang best night time cbd gummies Xiaowu fell from the railing, his head stuck in the grid of the cage, and he struggled for a long time before he could pull it out.Gulu Gulu Gulu Gulu This is the sound from the goldfish pond.Xiaoshuang choked on water Its seven aunts and eight aunts are HCMUSSH who should not take cbd gummies doing artificial respiration for it to lift it up.Boom the spring thunder exploded, and there was the sound of the wind blowing through the grove outside the house.

Everyone heard it.It was this villain who asked me to hit her, not I wanted to.Close your eyes and plug your ears, because the scene will be a little cruel and bloody.It is better for lesbians to go out and look at the moon.If you are really curious, you might as well search the Internet for videos of killing pigs, it s roughly that kind of scene, haha , the younger sister sang pants, Director, Tang Tang is ready Okay, Xiao Zhen is also ready, ready to start Tang Shuang turned on the music on the phone, and the music sounded.Tangtang er s figure was projected on the wall, Bai Jingjing stared curiously at the transformed little master on the wall, the dog s face was full of envy, she also wanted to become so big, and then she wouldn t be afraid of anyone.Candy raised her head and raised her chest, and said in a crisp voice I m going to be big Huge Human I m going to be small Short Human Big Get smaller Get bigger Get smaller Tang Shuang The door was pushed open at this time, and my sister came in.

Tang Shuang looked at her inexplicably.Luo Yuqing introduced Mr.Yuxiang and Zhenzhen, isn t this auntie amazing She has taught two such amazing children.Tang Shuang thought about it and nodded Tangtanger has such amazing brothers, sisters and mothers., so happy.Luo Yuqing pursed her lips and smiled.Tangtang er had been staring at the stage, but suddenly heard Xiaoshuang saying her name, and looked at him wonderingly, somehow she was involved again.Tang Shuang I m talking about your happiness Lun s family name is Tang Candy said with a smile.Candy s Tang It s Xiaoshuang s Tang Tang Shuang ignored the silly little piggy and cbd gummies and tummy trouble looked towards the stage.Well, Zhen Zhen s figure on the stage is really good, her clothes are also good, she is really a fairy like figure Suddenly a warm little face almost stretched out against his face, and the puff of breath came out to the face.

Tang Shuang couldn t compete with the annoying person, so she could only get up.It s no use getting up, Tangtang er jumped out of bed and followed behind him step by step.I was followed by Cheng Xin last night, and I was followed again when I woke up in the morning.Why is the prince so popular Tang Shuang made a bad move and said to Tangtanger My sister missed you very much last night, but you fell asleep, she was very sad, you go to see my sister now, she will be very happy to see you when she wakes up.Tang Tanger stopped in her tracks and looked at Tang Shuang curiously with her head raised, trying to tell whether what Xiaoshuang said was true or not.Really Hee hee Tang Tanger happily chose to believe, they just walked to Tang Zhen s door, the villain immediately went to twist Tang Zhen s door handle, but it couldn t be turned.

The moonlight was like water, stretching the figures of the three people for a long time, until they entered the courtyard, entered the house, and disappeared under the moonlight.Chapter 886 The Curtain Comes to an End On the homepage of XX Literature Network, the who should not take cbd gummies original banner has changed, and now it has big characters congratulating Tang Shuang for winning the Silver Literature Award.Anyone who opens the website will notice this at first sight.Book fans are like a festival, very lively.Li Haonan is responsible for the update of Dragon Snake, and today it is a rare day to update two chapters in a row.Awesome, Tang Shuang.This should be the highest honor among Internet writers.It s all silver, and the one that can be higher than it is Zijin.Who do you think can get Zijin The youngest award winner Proud Proud This is my husband, licking the screen.

He won the best newcomer last night Last year was the first year of Chen Ding s debut.In the first year, he achieved achievements that many people could not achieve in his lifetime.The starting point is not low.In Shawna s office.Here is the income statement for the album Flowers in Dreams.Take a look.Xiao Na took out a list and gave it to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang glanced at it, a little unexpected.Didn t say 20 is keanu reeves connected to cbd eagle eye gummies million when I was in Guangdong, how could it be 5 million more.Xiao Na smiled and said, It was only a preliminary estimate last time, and it was this number in the actual calculation.Tang Shuang signed, just cbd gummys and the money will be transferred within 24 hours on his account.In fact, he also urgently needs the money.Tomorrow, he will sign a share transfer agreement with Alumni, and the money will come in handy.

How about you Tangtang er shook her fist without hesitation Look what this is My iron fist Hit you flat.Li Yushu was extremely disappointed Why are you girls like this Li Guanping couldn t stand it anymore , Said Be honest with me, where did you learn it, I always want to kiss my girl, how can a girl let you kiss casually.At this time, Xiaodie suddenly said Oh, Miss Tang Tang kissed me secretly Hey.After a pause, he laughed Hee hee, Her father Liu Yanping broke out in a cold sweat When everyone arrived, Cao Kai said that everyone can eat, and left.Tang Shuang said to Tang Tanger Tang Tang, come and sit down, ready to eat.Tang Shuang squeezed to his left and sat down, Tang Shuang There is an empty seat for you on the right, why are you crowding here Tang Shuang Take a look, clam Sitting next to her was actually Feng Xiaofeng, the little brother.

The bank card is part of the manuscript fee for A Garden of Green Vegetables Becomes an Essence , and my grandfather is also one of the authors, and he has paid a lot of hard work.Grandpa and grandma definitely don t want to accept it, but Little Piggy can t stop his enthusiasm.So I took it.Tangtanger, who came back to Guangdong, clamored to buy a big car of her own, just like the Panamera she was riding in now She wants one too Look how swollen this kid is Don t buy it.In the future, when you grow up, brother will give you this car.Tang Shuang reassured.Candy was secretly happy, a little happy, and casually mentioned the matter of buying a car, and earned a big car, hehe.The Lun family will grow up tomorrow, because Tangtang is sensible.This child, so impatient, wants to get started tomorrow.

This candy is fun, as super fulfilling as counting your own treasure chest.Hee hee hee.Wow, this is great.Hey, it s a little bird.The Lun family has wanted it for a long time.Xiaoshuang has never bought it for the Lun family.Every time you check the same , no matter what, she will blow her praises.Your own things, no matter good or bad, are all good in short.Tang Shuang looked at this child.Although he was a little crazy and bluffing, he had a good attitude, he was not picky, and he was content.After checking everything, Candy stared at the big seafood gift bag that was put aside, and asked impatiently, Sister, can the Lun family eat that The little finger pointed to the big seafood gift bag.Wait a minute.Tang Zhen said, Do you know who gave these things to you Tang Tanger nodded.Don t ask this kind of small question to the children, they are smart.

Xiao of Orange Mai who should not take cbd gummies and Mr.Tang of Tuzi Entertainment, and they all said that Xiang Yu is here, and he is at the scene, so just do what the party wants, don t be affected by this.If I m not sure whether he s here, can I rest assured Have you seen Yu Xiang No.What s the matter The director, Xiao Na, and Tang Shuang refused to tell me who Yu is.It s just to reassure me. It s still a mystery at this time Is this award still going to be awarded At this time, a staff member came and said, Director Director is about to start.The director said helplessly cbd full spectrum gummies Then How about this, let s pretend he s here.The 68th Chinese Golden Melody Awards ceremony officially began, and the opening performance was Until the End of the World by Tu Nan Band.Since this song was sung at Hu Zhongyuan s farewell concert, in just a few days, the number of downloads of the song has skyrocketed on major music source websites, and it has the momentum to challenge Huyan Xiaosha s Dragon Fist.

Yuqing has long known that he is Yuxiang, but she has never expressed the intention of asking him to write songs, and even when they were together, they never talked about music.Tang Shuang didn t talk about it, and Luo Yuqing never brought it up.Now that I think about it, this girl is deliberately avoiding it.This is a distressed girl.He couldn t help looking at Luo Yuqing on the right.As if telepathic, Tang Zhen looked over and met Tang Shuang s eyes.Tang Shuang Tang Zhen s t Tang Shuang made a face at her and turned her head away.Luo Yuqing saw all this in her eyes and tried her best to hold back her smile.On the stage, Tunan Band After the performance of Until the End of the World , the host came on stage.The host is a man and a woman.The man is Tang Shuang s old acquaintance, Shi Yu.

Luo Yuqing leaned forward and glanced sideways at Tang Shuang, who was sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai.She was proud of her sweetheart, and also had the pleasure of playing pranks.Tang Shuang felt her gaze, blinked at her, and then continued to stare at her with a serious look.After the introduction of the five nominees, Shi Yu invited the award presenters to reveal the answers directly.The one who won the best lyricist of the year is Chen Xiaojuan Sure enough, it was her Tang Shuang applauded and smiled, he basically guessed the result.In fact, he and Chen Xiaojuan are the most likely winners of this award, so he is not surprised to see Chen Xiaojuan winning the award now.Chen Xiaojuan s award made many people feel regretful.I don t know if it s because of Yu Xiang s pity, but there must be a large part of the reason because Yu Xiang can t go on stage, Yu Xiang can t show his face, everyone still doesn t know who Yu Xiang is Xiao Na heard the vague sighs around her, smiled and said to Tang Shuang, Everyone is immersed in the game of guess who I am tonight.

Tang Shuang also She said gratifiedly Your last sentence is so right, can you say it again.Luo Yuqing smiled and said, Brother Super Nuan.Tang Shuang continued to say gratifiedly You said the last two words It s so right, can you say it again.Luo Yuqing saw through his little trick in an instant, and couldn t help laughing, watching him laugh without saying a word.Hurry up, say it again, just one more time.Luo Yuqing refused, but Tang Shuang grabbed her by the window sill and forced the girl to speak.Brother Luo Yuqing blushed and called softly while hiding in Tang Shuang s arms.The two of you are talking about each other, although they meet occasionally during this period, they have no chance to be alone, and they miss each other very much.This time, he seized the opportunity and got rid of Tang Zhen s little tail.

He nodded There is some truth in what you said.Hehe, it makes sense The little man waved his hand happily, It s very reasonable The Lun family is the truth The king of reason Tang Shuang looked Looking at the child who was inflated in an instant, she said, But there are many things that don t make sense.When Tang Tanger heard this, she immediately said, Xiao Shuang, are you tired You should take a rest and stop talking Tang Shuang said to her One glance What You can only listen to good things You don t want to listen to bad things Let me tell you, the truth is often bad, and lies are good.Xiao Shuang, you are so handsome.Candy The son said this without hesitation, Tang Shuang was stunned for a moment before realizing it, and stared at the smirking kid expressionlessly.Does this guy mean that he is not handsome Ho ho ho why are you staring at the Lun family The Lun family praises you for being handsome, so don t beat me up.

Tang Shuang said with a gloomy face, Xiao Zhen, what do you think Tang Zhen was also speechless, pulled off the little sister s middle finger, and said, Tangtang, you can t point your middle finger at others, it s very impolite.You have to remember.Tang Tanger asked puzzledly The Lun family is showing Xiaoshuang s beautiful nails.Tang Zhen Then you can t raise your middle finger like this, it s a curse Do you understand Candy asked in surprise, Is this cursing Tang Zhen nodded, Yes.What are you scolding The Lun family didn t say anything.Tang Zhen emmmmm It s a very bad how much cbd gummies curse anyway, just remember it, and you can t do this to anyone in the future.You did this , others won t like you.Tang Tanger didn t understand why a hundred thousand people were waiting in line for Tang Zhen.Tang Zhen didn t know how to educate her little sister, so Tang Shuang stepped in.

Candy s comics have been published, and A Garden of Green Vegetables Become a Gentleman has now become a collection of books for many children.Since the beginning of this year, the sales volume of this book has been rising steadily.Not only has it not shown weakness, but it has a strong stamina.Tangtanger s songs are also very popular, and the number of auditions and downloads on the music source website is gratifying.After zebra cbd gummies review live well cbd gummies returning from Shengjing, her copyright income is 1.2 million.Not 1.5 million, but 1.2 million RMB Tang Shuang pooled in 300,000 yuan to make the children happy and cultivate their self confidence.Although this kid doesn t need to be cultivated at all, her self confidence is always bursting.Tang Shuang looked at Tangtanger, who was serious about learning characters, and thought of the upcoming Mother s Day.

Tang Shuang vetoed Sister, you can t do this, it s not romantic.Let s not say anything first, let Miss Xiangning, uh Seeing Sanjian s father staring at him expressionlessly, he quickly changed his words Let me Mom will go to work normally tomorrow, and then I will bring cbd gummies for erections who should not take cbd gummies candy and a cart of flowers to her classroom to pick her up, so that there will be surprises and more romance.Tang Shuang asked Tang Sanjian Dad, what do you think Isn t it very creative Tang Sanjian nodded in agreement.Tang Shuang was very relieved, knowing that brother Sanjian learned another trick from him, and he could use this trick to flatter his wife in the future.In the face of Sanjian s father, as a son, he never hides his secrets, and always gives him in such a silent way.2 1.Tang Zhen also nodded in approval of this plan.

The two have worked who should not take cbd gummies together and have drawn almost 20 episodes.At first it was said cbd gummies for erections who should not take cbd gummies to draw the first 100 episodes, then halved it to draw 50 episodes, then halved it again to draw 25 episodes, and finally reduced it to 20 episodes.After drawing 20 episodes, it will be handed over to Tinkerbell Studio, and those professional zebra cbd gummies review live well cbd gummies painters will be able to ponder and study, and follow the style of the first 20 episodes to create subsequent plots.Xiao Shuang, have you finished painting Tang Tanger, who was painting on the desk, put down his brush from time to time and leaned over to Tang Shuang to look at his painting.Tang Shuang said speechlessly, Can you stop coming to see me all the time I ll leave it to you when I m done painting.You should concentrate, go, and paint seriously.Tang Tanger nodded her head and took a look at Tang Shuang She looked at him with a smile and said, Xiao Shuang, your paintings are not as good looking as candy.

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