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On November 10, 1918, he followed William II into exile in the Netherlands, and was favored by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, and spent the rest of his life in the Netherlands Like music, especially Mendelssohn For the war, the Countess He is not interested at all, and Wang Weiyi will definitely not be able to chat with him, but now with Xiaoling s help, it will be quite different.Leoni asked some questions about the front line.Sure enough, she seemed absent minded when Wang Weiyi answered.Although she admired Wang Weiyi s bravery, appreciating bravery and being willing to learn about the battlefield are two different things.After listening for a while, Leonie asked casually What other hobbies does Mr.Baron usually have I mean when there is no war.Ah, I like to listen to some operas and piano music Wang Weiyi was a little guilty when he answered this question.The German army planned to invest all of the first and second armies, and part of the uly cbd gummies reviews fifth army, with Crown Prince William August as the honorary commander in chief and General von Bello as the commander in chief, to attack the Allied positions centered on Barle.In order to win this autumn offensive, the German army concentrated a powerful force of 19 infantry divisions, 1,182 artillery pieces, and 226 aircraft.And Wang Weiyi s supplementary battalion is just a small part of it.The attack will not be successful.Xiao Ling is not optimistic about the German army s autumn offensive at all It will soon be cloudy and rainy, the roads will be muddy, and all battles will is cbd gummies good for anxiety 45 mg cbd gummies become extremely difficult.It won t last long The attack will stop, and then the Battle of the Somme will come to an end.Wang Weiyi actually knew this result.The machine gun roared desperately, and the rifle in Bon 45 mg cbd gummies Crayle s hand aimed at the enemy officers, constantly taking their lives.Killing an officer is far more important than killing two soldiers.Valuable.When the round of machine guns in Wang Weiyi s hand was fired, he quickly picked up the grenade and threw it out Boom 45 mg cbd gummies boom The explosion sounded.The gun has been put August, who had raised his head, stopped the movement of his hands.He couldn t believe his ears, where did the gunshots and grenade 45 mg cbd gummies explosions come from He raised his head and was surprised to see the British It became a group.I don t know how many reinforcements are hidden around.The British were beaten by the dense bullets, and the grenades kept drawing arcs in the air, and then exploded viciously in the British army.They are being hit with a Lewis machine gun, what will they 45 mg cbd gummies feel But now August seems to see the hope of being rescued Four knives, machine gun cover Come on, Captain Bon Crayley, get rid of that British sergeant Stike, grenade, grenade The voices of the first search team came one after another, calling loudly with the gunshots.He was a naturalist in the past, and later became a mystic.He once wrote a mystical novel The Third Reich , which still has some influence.Lawyer Writer The Third Reich Wang Weiyi was very curious, and Xiao Ling s voice cbd with melatonin 3mg gummies came in time You don t have to think too much, this Third Reich has nothing to do with Hitler s Third Reich.As he was thinking there, the lawyer and writer Gerzel Schlaf was invited in.This man looked a little sloppy and unkempt, but there was still some magnetism in his voice Dear Baron Albrecht , Baron Erich, Baron Alexon, honorable Miss Livinsky.I don t want to take your precious time, let s get straight to the point.The trial of Baron Alexson has already caused a lot of noise in Berlin, and everyone is paying attention to the progress of this matter.I think what Baron Alexon needs most at this time is a lawyer Do you want to be Baron Alexon s lawyer Mr.For love, he replaced Darley, the son of the Marquis, who should have been hanged, and was sent to the guillotine.This is a real gentleman.De Major Sade sighed and said It s a pity that after the so called revolution, such an upright and brave gentleman will never be seen again.Aren t you also such a gentleman Limon complimented.Major De Sade waved his hand No, I m not.It s been a long time since I was a gentleman.Nobility is also a very old memory in France.At this point, I still envy Germany very much.Major, here we are.After opening the car door, Major De Sade stepped down, and General El Raffarin had been waiting there for a long time.General, thank you for coming to greet me.I 45 mg cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies take to work am very terrified.Major, thank you.After entering General Raffarin s office, Second Lieutenant Limon closed the door.General Bello fell silent, and his eyes fell on does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies c4 healthlabs cbd gummies a point on the map Lance The high level officials did not tell Ernst everything about Kierock.This person is too important.The German side is trying to inform those in Paris.The spies were evacuated, but the time was too tight, and the contact information of some senior spies was all in the hands of Kilok, and the Germans could not be contacted at all.Once the intelligence system in .

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Paris is completely destroyed, it will be a terrible disaster Disaster The situation is really as Richthofen said, has the 45 mg cbd gummies French been aware of the existence of the special unit What if Ernst s special unit is annihilated He is er Stern General Bello murmured, and then he turned around Captain Manfred von Richthofen, the only thing we can do now is to trust ster He has encountered many dangers, and he has resolved them one by one, and he will do the same this time Go with the plan.Elena turned her head When leaving, he suddenly said to weight of each cbd gummy Bi Mengai s body Bi Mengai, I changed my mind, I promise I won t think of you in the future Bi Mengai s body fell heavily to the ground.A gust of wind blew in, flipping the book, and finally stopped on that page.There was a line written on that page It was the best of times, it was also the worst of times Guo, your weapon Manstein threw the gun to Guo Yunfeng, and there were two corpses lying on the ground, the unfortunate Corporal Maloof and Private Sakovich.They never figured out what was going on until they died.Where are we going now Guo Yunfeng asked loudly after taking the gun.We have to do something.Major Ernst is waiting for us.Although he couldn t understand the other party s Mandarin, Manstein still said loudly, and threw two grenades at Guo Yunfeng Guo, here Those French guys look good Another aerial bomb fell, and it exploded not far from them, and the huge air wave made Manstein and the others lie down on the ground in a hurry, waiting for them to get up At the time, a bright red plane roared past arrogantly.Then he looked back and found that Pipondu and Will Tinland were tremblingly hiding behind a shed.Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing, and greeted them loudly to Shanhaiguan to get the truck.These two Frenchmen have never betrayed the Germans from the beginning to the end, and they have not escaped until now.This is exactly the same as Xiao Ling s analysis.But obviously they were greatly frightened It seems that the German offensive on the front line of 45 mg cbd gummies Reims went very smoothly.A large number of French soldiers stationed in Reims have been transferred to the front line, and the city is on the defensive.It doesn t look tight.After a while, Boncrele also appeared at the receiving place.Now, except for poor Weidmann, all the members of the special unit who stayed in Reims are here.Ma Li should have succeeded.

This baffled the Russians.Under such a strong attack, the German army had great hope to continue to complete a beautiful breakthrough What happened In the Russian army s headquarters.Kashanov stared fixedly at the map, trying to find an answer.He wondered, the sudden German attack was not without reason, they must have a purpose, but what is this purpose He still couldn t find the core of the problem General, there is a cavalry corporal who wants to see you.His adjutant came in and interrupted his train of thought.A cavalry corporal What does he want to do Kashanov, who pays attention to his identity, turned his head dissatisfied Don t he know his identity Doesn t he know that with his identity, he is not qualified to see A general I knowbut he was brought by Colonel Fritoac Fritoac He would really make trouble for me.When are we going to get out of here I is cbd gummies good for anxiety 45 mg cbd gummies don t know, it s all the work of that corporal named Zhukov.Hey, you ll have to call him Sergeant Zhukov now.He s Free Colonel Toyak s treasure.The company commanders of the two companies were talking there, revealing serious dissatisfaction with Zhukov who planned the ambush.Logically speaking, they should be handing over now, but the two company commanders probably forgot about it for the time being.Lieutenant Kudrich, Lieutenant Mikhail, you should complete the handover now.Closely monitor, not chat here.A polite voice sounded.Kudrich and Mikhail looked there, with displeasure suddenly appearing on their faces.It is the Zhukov they just mentioned Sergeant Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov, please pay attention to your rank.Lieutenant Kudrich was very dissatisfied You are talking to two lieutenants now Yes, lieutenant, I I apologize to you.The sound of machine guns was still ringing.Every shot was destroying Mashataf s body.Nervous After a long time, he finally got up from the ground in fear.After thinking about it, he took out reserve cbd thc gummies reviews a white handkerchief from his pocket, and then waved it vigorously above his head Stop, don reviews of uly cbd gummies t move The waving of the white handkerchief worked, and the two guns were quickly aimed at him.Seeing this scene, Mashataf was relieved.It is much better to be a prisoner than to be killed by a stray bullet He was brought does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies c4 healthlabs cbd gummies before a Russian Sergeant , and of course Mashatav knew that the person in front of him could not really be a Russian military officer I am Major Mashatav of the Russian 27th Infantry Regiment.Major Ernst 30mg cbd gummies 45 mg cbd gummies Brehm of the Deutsche Skeleton Pushing Team.Skeleton Commando Major Ernst Brahm Mashataf felt as if he had heard this name somewhere, but couldn t remember Fortunately, they didn t Not those horrible Bolsheviks Major Ernst.See me waving, and you bring the lieutenant colonel over.Wang Weiyi left Hitler s sight, and then whispered the first order to his skeleton gun Walker authorized, mp18 submachine gun.The skull gun was quickly converted into an mp18 submachine gun.At this time, Wang Weiyi turned around and waved vigorously towards Hitler in the distance.After a while, he saw Shevaski walking towards here with heavy steps.Submachine gun , we carry a lot of these weapons.Seeing Shevaski s eyes fall on his weapon, Wang Weiyi smiled Lieutenant Colonel, you have to cooperate a little bit.The car will come later, and you will be responsible does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies for stopping it.Shevaski nodded helplessly After waiting for a few minutes, a truck slowly drove up.There were three in the cab and two in the truck Wang Weiyi counted silently Counting the number of enemiesUnder the threat of the gun, Shevaski waved his hand vigorouslyThe truck stopped slowlyWang Weiyi held it The submachine gun in his hand Lieutenant Colonel Shevaski, why are you here A corporal jumped out of the truck.Wang Weiyi thought about it and politely rejected their offer.Whether it s Elena, Manstein, or Richthofen, they are all huge families.Being alone with a stranger in such a family is always inconvenient Ernst, you also have a manor, sometime you have to clean it up.Elena said with a smile A baron came to Berlin and lived in a hotel with his own manor.It s not very famous to spread the word.Wang Weiyi rubbed keoni cbd gummies shark tank does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies his nose and smiled his own manor forget it.After William II buy cbd hemp gummies gave the manor is cbd gummies good for anxiety 45 mg cbd gummies to himself, he once went to see it.Because no one cleaned it for too long, it was already covered with weeds.Besides, sooner or later, I will leave this era, so why bother to tidy up a manor After saying goodbye to his friends, Wang Weiyi came to the Berlin Hotel.The manager 45 mg cbd gummies had recognized him for a long time.When he saw Baron Alexson arrived, he greeted him personally Baron Alexon, welcome to come here again.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, this is not very good, and he will have to turn off the tracker when needed in the future Found that He rushed to the hotel with a carriage, and transported the three suitcases into his room.Not long after, Hermione came as scheduled.Seeing that what Baron Alexon said was ready and exactly as he said, Hermione showed a shocked expression again.It turns out that Baron Alexon really has so much wealth After a rough estimate, the total value of that batch of diamonds and gold jewelry has reached more than two million Reichsmarks.Hermione originally wanted to do a careful calculation The specific value, but Wang Weiyi thinks it is not necessary, so it is calculated according to two million marks.After calming down, Hermione took out the contract and showed it to Wang Weiyi.He tried his best to control the balance of the plane, but he knew that his mission was coming to an end He couldn t continue to control the wounded plane to continue fighting, and he couldn t take this dark plane back Second Lieutenant Albert Woodbridge s machine gun aimed at the dark plane.Farewell, unknown pilot Although you acted very heroically.Although you are respected, your fuselage will soon become a wreck, scattered in this sky.Goodbye Goodbye, Baron Skeleton Farewell, Baron Skeleton Tuttuk A long stream of flames spewed out But, It wasn t the Diablo plane that was torn apart, but the plane of Second Lieutenant Albert Woodbridge If you listen carefully, you can even hear Albert.The screams of Woodbridge Wang Weiyi is very sure that he did not fire a machine gun bullet Yes, he is 100 sure And Richthofen s plane.

No one communicated, but everything on the ground and the sky was perfectly coordinated.After losing the fifth fighter plane, the French air formation fled back in embarrassment.As always, the fiery fighter plane circled a few times at low altitude to cheer for its ground brothers before leaving the battlefield contentedly.As long as the Red Baron is still around, no one can rely on air superiority to bomb their brothers, no one There was no usual cheering on the ground, and now the war has reached a very cruel stage.Time is passing by 11 05 General, look at that Suddenly, someone pointed there and shouted loudly For the title of General , Wang Weiyi didn t react for a while, and he was stunned for a while, only to remember that he has now become a general.Looking there, another battle flag appeared the skull battle flag The brave Stark and the loyal Bonkelilei rushed to the front, killing the bloody road with the weapons in their hands.Elena smiled.Wang Weiyi picked up the gun at hand Our time is very tight, now, let us act immediately.There are still more than three months before the Rambler leaves this era, and Wang Weiyi still has two final tasks to complete.And the first mission is full of excitement a total of five hundred and twenty tons of gold two hundred and forty six.gold The last two tasks enter the countdown.Russia is now in chaos.The Soviet Red Army wants to completely control the Russian regime, while the White Guards headed by Kolchak take saving Russia as their mission.Through the territory controlled by kenai cbd gummies reviews the Soviet Russian Red Army, this nine member special team will change into the uniform of the Soviet Russian Red Army, and through the territory controlled by the White Guards, they will change into the uniform of the old Russian army.There, all the Allied troops had lined up.The reporters were also waiting for these German soldiers to appear, and the officers of the Allied Army made a loud voice All are here, salute All the officers and soldiers of the Allied Army raised their hands in unison.Yes, they are enemies, fighting to the death on the battlefield But the Skeleton Commando has won the respect of their enemies with their most tenacious fighting spirit They will leave here and return to Germany.With their pride, with their undefeated myth Their heads are 45 mg cbd gummies held high When the last skeleton commando left his sight, Colonel Rosen finally couldn t help asking General Ernst, are you really planning to stay here Yes, Colonel Rosen, I decided to stay here.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Now, you can go, I m right here.I right here Colonel Rosen solemnly saluted General Ernst Brehm I will remember you, General I will remember you, General It was Beasley who said this I Your bravery and self sacrifice will be known to everyone in the world No one will forget him Ernst Alexson von Brehm Baron Skeleton St.Young, handsome and well groomed.At first glance, people who have seen the world are much better than those thugs under him.But he hired someone to protect himself, not to put on airs.Zhang Xiaolin said calmly, I heard that your marksmanship is very good Yes.Wang Dehai said calmly.Well, give him a gun and three bullets.Set him a target in the yard.Let s see how his marksmanship is.Boss Zhang gave the order, and the target was quickly set up in the yard.Zhang Xiaolin didn t show his face at all, but hid in the house and watched through the window.It was the first time Wang Dehai saw it himself, and God knows if it was a killer.After a while, three bang bang bang gunshots rang out, and then his apprentices shouted wildly, and saw Ah Si rushing up excitedly .

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with a target Boss, kill all three shots.At that time, there was a company commander named Lu Deshan who refused to obey the command and decided to lead the whole company to fight the Japanese pirates.But they were arrested by their battalion commander.After the Japanese pirates occupied the North Camp, he had a platoon leader named Yuan Song who quietly let him out Lu Mingzhai and Yuan Wang were silent, listening to Wang Weiyi s words Lu Deshan simply More than 20 brothers aromaland cbd gummies in the agitation company tied up their battalion commander, took away the two month military pay of the whole battalion that was going to be distributed to appease the people, and ran out of Dongshanzuizi where the seventh brigade was temporarily stationed at night, When he left, he swore that sooner or later he would come back with his is cbd gummies good for anxiety 45 mg cbd gummies brothers.But the world is so big, where is their shelter Fortunately, Yuan Song has a relative in Shanghai who belongs to the Yi generation of the Qing Gang Speaking of this, Wang Weiyi looked at Lu Mingzhai and Yuan Wang The next thing, I d like to trouble you to explain it to me Bar.The Russians were startled 45 mg cbd gummies and stopped in a hurry.Wang Weiyi Pointed at one of them with a gun, and said in standard Russian You.Go and turn on the gramophone and play me some nice dance music.Ah, I hope you will do what I say, or I will be very unhappy.Under the threat of gunpoint, the Russians came to the phonograph with fear Soon, the music started Now, I want to dance with this lady, please leave.Wang Weiyi still said so politely.The Russians are very smart and turned around and ran away.Tang Weihong was really not afraid at all.Instead, she was full of excitement Mr.Moyol, are you going to kidnap me Ah, you can say so.Wang Weiyi put away the gun Of course, I will not ask for any ransom, the only condition is to be able to dance with you again.Then.When the dance music is over, I can leave.When Guo Yunfeng touched the two bullet holes, he felt so familiar Mr.Gustav, I don t want the news that I m still alive to spread so quickly.You have to know, I still have a lot of things to do in China Wang Weiyi asked Gustav to keep the secret that he was still alive , but when he recalled Gustav s expression of fear towards him, He knew his name as the Skeleton Baron, and what a terrible impression he still had in the hearts of countless people.Yes, now I can make proper use of my status as a skeleton baron Ye Shanghai.The smell of extravagance is flowing in the air, and the shadow of war is disappearing in a fast way.Luxuriant, the big Shanghai in the 30mg cbd gummies 45 mg cbd gummies world of flowers and flowers is back again.Eight Japanese soldiers were patrolling the streets, and the Chinese who saw them hurriedly stepped aside for fear of causing trouble.

And killed eight of us.Ah, I heard, it s so strange, who are those two people I don t know, maybe the Chinese dressed up like that on purpose.Maybe, I guess so too Ah, I think, if I saw them, I d cut their brains open Come, let s see what s going on in their heads Hey Behind the two Japanese soldiers, a voice suddenly sounded.The two soldiers turned around and froze there for an instant What they saw were two men in old fashioned German uniforms holding submachine guns I don t think about anything, the only thing I think about is how to kill as many Japanese people as possible The man wearing the eagle helmet smiled I forgot to introduce myself, my name 45 mg cbd gummies is Ernst Brahm, dr oz and cbd gummies 45 mg cbd gummies you can also call me Baron Skeleton After finishing these words, the submachine gun in his hand went off Then, Ernst Brahm took out a skull badge and threw it into a pool of blood This is December 3rd, 1937here One night, a total of nine attacks occurred in Shanghai, killing a total of 26 Japanese soldiers.He sat there for a while, with a smile on his mouth.Yes, the general is still there, and the general is still alive.The skeleton baron will shock the whole world Three hundred and twenty six.The whole world is crazy.The German Bild Our God of War is still alive Yes, there is news from the country that our God of War, General Ernst Alexson von Brehm, the Skeleton Baron, is very likely to be alive.On the streets of Shanghai, many witnesses saw the long lost glory of Germany the skull battle flag If His Highness the Baron is really alive, it will be a miracle, a miracle that the German people have been looking forward to for twenty years.The title of His Majesty the Emperor Although it is no longer there, the title of His Highness the Baron will live how to take cbd gummies to stop smoking forever.This newspaper drove Berlin and Germany into a complete madness.The years haven t left any marks on his face.I ve had a few things happen to 45 mg cbd gummies me so I don t look much older.This is the most troublesome thing for Wang Weiyi.Every time he meets acquaintances, he has to explain to them the problem of not getting old.Hermione just nodded.Isn t it true that the countess has not aged much either Could it be, are you Elliott who was standing aside seemed to understand something vaguely Eliott, Elliott He Min smiled and said, Didn t you always want to see someone Aren t you admiring a person infinitely and crazily Now he is in front of you.Please let me introduce you.Ernst Alexson von Brahm.Baron Skeleton Elliot stared blankly for a long time before he realized it.He hurriedly bowed deeply Mr.Baron, you are meno, you are everyone s idol.Today will be a day I will never forget in my life.The faces of the two gangsters changed because they 45 mg cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies take to work saw Mr.Po watts who was talking to a guest with two submachine guns pushed open.Angry, just about to get angry, suddenly he and the guests held their breath.Two of Po Watz s men stepped back with their hands raised, and the next three came in with two submachine guns in their hands.You know this is Bo Watts keoni cbd gummies shark tank does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies decided not to lose face in front of the guests, he wanted to use his name to frighten them.But when his words came out, he was completely stunned.He saw Elena first, then Guo Yunfeng, and finally, he saw Ernst Brehm All three of them are a bit old , but Bo Watts will never forget these three people in his life.In Lance, it was they who made themselves suffer a lot of is cbd gummies good for anxiety 45 mg cbd gummies humiliation.At that time in Reims, it was Elena who pointed the gun at them, so Bo Watts was even more afraid of Elena than Ernst Brahm, Mr.The 3o5 regiment was composed of recruits.In Xue Yue s eyes, it didn t have much combat 45 mg cbd gummies effectiveness in a short period of time.In August 1937, the 51st and 58th divisions formed the 74th army.Then the 51st The division went to Shanghai to participate in the Battle of Songhu.The 51st Division became famous in the first battle at Luodian on the Songhu battlefield, which greatly boosted the morale of the battlefield.The division won the first battle in Shanghai, and Zhang Lingfu, who was far away in Wuhan, was also excited about it.He also had a how to order smilz cbd gummies trace of regret in his heart for the newspaper that reported the victory.Now is the time for soldiers to show their talents on the battlefield of the Patriotic War, but it was not his turn to participate in the first battle of the 51st Division.Shen, there is not a single soldier on hand.Three hundred and forty eight.Skeleton team is a very good process.Wang Weiyi was officially promoted to colonel brigade commander, and the arrival of Zhang Lingfu s 3o5 regiment will also greatly benefit the team.It adds strength.Wang Weiyi knows very well that although the 3o6 Regiment is a force composed entirely of recruits, they have a very good regiment leader Zhang Lingfu Under Zhang Lingfu s command, the 3o5 Regiment will quickly grow into an army The whole regiment, everyone embraced the spirit of mortal death, and vowed to fight the Japanese pirates to the end A group of sheep led by a lion may be Zhang Lingfu, and soon, these sheep will become lions Similarly, Zhang Lingfu is also very Fortunately, my 3o5 regiment was able to fight side by side with Wang Weiyi s Huben Guard brigade when 45 mg cbd gummies it first entered the battlefield.If the Japanese 45 mg cbd gummies start attacking now, these weapons and ammunition are enough for them to drink a pot Before leaving, Zhang Lingfu did not forget to say Traveler, I will not return these two trucks.After speaking, fearing that Wang Weiyi would object, he quickly jumped into the truck and urged the driver to leave.Hey, that s good, the robber met the thief, I kindly gave him a weapon, and he went in my car Wang Weiyi didn t know whether to laugh or cry.I have always been the only one who took advantage of others, but this time Zhang Lingfu took advantage of it Colonel, Colonel William demanded from a distance.He seems to never know how to get tired, and he can always be seen anywhere.As soon as he came in front of Wang Weiyi, William said like a cannonball Colonel, they asked you if you have German weapons.

Isn t it the third time that the Chinese caught him Is there any other possibility The only strange thing is, where did the Chinese get the warrant from General Matsui s headquarters And hearing this news, Kobayakawa Koi was actually relieved, which meant that his student s secret could be kept.After his own two sons died for the empire, now Hiroshi Yamaguchi, his favorite student, has become his most and only sustenance Kobayakawa Koi even hopes that Chinese people will never bring this possibility to himself and his students The ill fated Naomasa will cbd gummies make you gain weight Sugawara is back and Hiroshi Yamaguchi wonders if he is one of the lucky ones.The secret is kept, and I can stay in the army, but I have become a personal puppet Wang Weiyi 45 mg cbd gummies What is even more shocking is that someone really sent him a letter, and the letter actually contained a photo of his wife Rieko and daughter Yumeko.The main purpose of the Soviet Union s aid to China was to keep China tightly entwined with Japan, so that it could not move northward, and prevent Japan from attacking the Soviet Union.Therefore, at this moment, the Soviet Union s military assistance to China has always been kept within certain limits, but the situation will soon change Yezhov, chairman of the Soviet NKVD, lost Stalin s trust and was Forced to step down, and the previously lost members of the Yakota faction were reactivated, including Anna s husband Timilenko.He resumed his position as director of the Political Supervision Department of the State Security Administration.He will play an increasingly important role in the Soviet Union s aid to China And Wang Weiyi, who has attracted much attention, also feels more and more strongly that this will be his last battle in China.Long live the Chinese Air Force Wang Weiyi looked at the fighter planes in the sky.At this moment, he seemed to have returned to the European battlefield There is the Red Baron Richthofen, and here, China also has its own invincible air war god.On March 30, 193, the most historic battle between China and Japan broke out after the full scale war, which was enough to change the direction of history the decisive battle on the defense line Three hundred and seventy four.Attack, attack, attack On March 30, 193, the Armageddon broke out In this battle, China and Japan launched a full scale battle in the air and on the ground.The long lost Chinese Air Force also appeared in the sky, dealing a heavy blow to the Japanese fighter planes On the 31st, the two sides continued to launch 45 mg cbd gummies artillery contests in the air and on the ground.But a miracle happened again, the baron miraculously disappeared, and no one has heard of him for nearly twenty years But the baron didn t know before he disappeared, the countess already had his child 45 mg cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies take to work The countess waited hard for the return of the baron.Even though the whole world believed that the baron was dead, the countess still firmly believed that the person she loved so much must still be alive God did not disappoint the Countess, and finally returned the Baron to her side.That was the most romantic and wonderful baronial night Leonie looked at William affectionately I am the countess, and you are the baron s child, Ernst William Jr.Alexon von Brahm When the speculation in his heart was finally confirmed, William trembled all over.God, I am actually the son of the Skeleton Baron At this moment, his blood was boiling, and he wished he could follow in his father s footsteps and find the former glory Don t get excited, William.Now, it must be the turn of the ace unit 45 mg cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies take to work of the Soviet army the 3rd Panzer Army under the command of Magfriedlov.No matter what, the enemy must be blocked The 3rd Armored Engineer Battalion of the German Skeleton Division.When Colonel Chris of the Captain armored engineer battalion called out the word captain , he always felt a little awkward.The countryman standing in front of him Guo Yunfeng, his legendary story is also well known in Germany.If he hadn t baileys calming cbd gummies been killed at Montfaucon, he d be at least a major general now.But the problem is, he has not been officially appointed yet, but it is not appropriate for a school to report the battle situation to a captain, so Major Chris said to himself and changed his title The colonel supports the Russian armored battalion.Let s get closer Hearing the name Colonel , Guo Yunfeng was stunned before he realized that he was calling himself Kill them Let the soldiers lie in ambush, gather Molotov cocktails and cluster grenades for me, let the boys Get on with it.Due to the obvious disadvantage in strength, the German army withdrew from Cyrenaica.In April 942, Rommel was supplemented by 50 tanks.On the 20th, Rommel was awarded the Order of the Oak Leaf with Two Swords and was promoted to the commander of the African Army.Soon after, he recaptured Cyrenaica and was promoted to general.Rommel s legendary career officially began.In the African series of offensives, Rommel always adhered to the belief Offensive is the best defense And this, too, he learned from one person Ernst Alexson von Brahm Not long after recapturing Cyrenaica and being promoted to admiral, in February 942, Erwin Rommel received an order from the German High Command 45 mg cbd gummies Return to Berlin immediately and welcome the Baron nordic cbd gummies reviews home Rommel s hands trembled when he received this telegram Welcome the Baron home What happened in Demyansk has long been famous all over the world.Wang Weiyi let go of them Don t you think you should give me a glass of wine The baron poured a full glass of wine Baron, come on.Try the best bar in the world, which is far more precious than Will s clothes that can only fool fools You are simply pie Nonsense.Will wiped his eyes Baron, do you know that you got rich.Oh, you got rich This is the best news I ve heard since I arrived in France.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.The three of them sat down, and Will immediately said Both Chateau Margaux and Montagut are operating very well, and our profits are huge.In the United States and the United Kingdom, our products are everywhere.Your initial investment, Now it has become a huge number, if there is no war, this wealth will continue to increase like a snowball.Wang Weiyi has a very weak concept of money now, and wealth is nothing to him.

Wang Weiyi thought for a moment and looked at the time My special plane will arrive in the afternoon, bring Sophie to my office.Yes, Marshal.No, Su Fee was brought in, still wearing her nurse s gown.Marshal, do you need to handcuff her No, you all go out first.Wang Weiyi waved his hands, and then glanced at Sophie Do you need anything to drink, ma am Thank you, Juniper Wine.Wang Weiyi was a little surprised by Sophie s calmness in this situation.He poured Sophie a glass of wine 45 mg cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies take to work Tell me, when did you join the resistance organization.Sophie took a sip From the first day you occupied Paris.Ah, a veteran resistance member , but obviously it doesn t match your age.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Is my subordinate being rude to you Fortunately, maybe you are here, they are more polite to me.That s good.Wang Weiyi nodded solemnly, then took out his ID card and gave it to him.Check very carefully, for fear of missing something.Immediately, Wei returned the documents to Wang Weiyi, and then turned to Guo Yunfeng and Elena There are still yours.After checking all the documents, Wei gave a straight military salute I m sorry, Kantelski Comrade Colonel, now is a special period, I hope you can forgive me.Wang Weiyi put away the documents No, I am very satisfied on the contrary, you have done a good job and should be commended.Ah, Wei, how should the People s Anti revolutionary Committee go You mean the Anti Correction Committee, right Wei quickly realized You can see it by walking straight from here.Thank you, Captain.The security in Moscow is very strict, at least from how strict it is.Judging from the merciless inspection, very few spies could sneak in.And Wang Weiyi needs such a person The command of General Kolkorok will be the z y u Russian Legion , and the armed forces of the z y u Russian Union will be named Advancing Russian Legion , General Deneginz served as commander in chief.As a compromise, the post of military executive officer of the z y u Russian Union will be held by General Kolkorok, and until General Denekinz, he can only HCMUSSH 45 mg cbd gummies be wronged temporarily to serve as the second executive officer.Fighting Russians with Russians, it s a good choice Not only that, in Ernst.Under the order of Marshal Brahm, Germany began to open a public opinion propaganda agency to create momentum for the z y u Russian Union.In German newspapers, the z y u Russian Federation was described as an organization that can 45 mg cbd gummies represent all Russian people to pursue true freedom and equality.My dear Elliott, this is the last thing to worry about.Wang Weiyi still smiled there Even if they find a crisis, they will not expose it, because any crisis is the result of capitalists massive expansion.The best chance.They have even begun to gear up now, and can t wait for this crisis to come.And we are just a force that fuels the flames.Recommend a new book The Creed of the Infinite Berserker.Those who are interested Friends can go and have a look.477.Battlefield in Bed Obviously, America is a bit crazy right now, and everyone is waiting for Joe Cole Brothers Investment Company s gold mining stock to go public.But those big consortiums have remained silent the Morgan consortium, the Rockefeller consortiumof course, also the Wittgenstein consortiumWang Weiyi, who provoked all this, has now become a bystander.Williams is also obsessed with this stock.As soon as the market opened, King Rank Fund bought a large number of gold mine stocks.With the strong performance of gold mine stocks, Williams Mr.Si also obtained a lot of benefits for his clients.A star is a star after all Celebrity brokers 45 mg cbd gummies buy star stocks, and a lot of money will soon fall into the pockets of those investors.Clients put their trust in gold mine stocks and even more in their godlike stockbroker Roe Williams Look, everyone is acting crazy.In the New York Hotel, standing in front of the floor to ceiling 30mg cbd gummies 45 mg cbd gummies windows, looking at New York outside, Eliot said with emotion All kinds of funds are chasing gold mining stocks, William The Gold Rank Fund controlled by Mr.James bought a large number of gold mine stocks on the first day.Another effect of this was that it drove up the stock market that had been depressed for half a year, and almost every stock was in this state.The two countries will compete with each other to provide the best equipment, while Turkey will allow the powers of the two countries to use various insidious tricks to fight openly and secretly at home.Turkey used its own chromite and copper ore in exchange for advanced weapons.The infantry consisting of 50 brigades and 100,000 peasant born soldiers has been trained in the harsh environment of the ancient Anatolian plateau, which is comparable to the infantry of any European country.Inonu, the leader of Turkey, is determined to safeguard the d l of the country.He does not want to rely on the guerrillas to defend his homeland, because the price is that the soldiers of the country will have to bleed and sacrifice for the benefit of other countries.Turkey signed a trade peace treaty with the two warring parties, in exchange for both parties recognition of their neutral status.Professor Schliemann actually discovered a huge treasure, but he didn t have the time and opportunity to transport all the treasure away.Kahn said seriously At that time, the Greek and German governments were unwilling to openly fight for the ownership of the treasure., and the Turkish Ottoman Empire did not continue to pursue it after this time, but also because it obtained most of the treasures of Priam.Abdul Hamid II was satisfied, and gave up the investigation after the routine condemnation The request for the lost treasure.The treasure was hidden in a very hidden place by Abdul Hamid II as his own private property.Only Abdul Hamid II knew this place.His confidant, the head of the Capital Corps, Rafke, knew that Hamid II had obtained the treasure, but he did not know the exact location.

He was sure that Kahn and those spies were hiding in Ankara, but the question was where were they now Sir.Stop Second Lieutenant Erne found a young couple, judging from their attire, they were probably British.Only the British would dress themselves so strictly British Ah.Yes, sir.The man took off his hat, nodded to Second Lieutenant Erne, and then put on his hat again I It s Baron Louis Andrew cbd sour gummies wana George Toxon from London, and this is my wife Kelly Toxon.The English with a thick London accent made Second Lieutenant Ernie feel cordial, and Hearing that the other party turned out to be Baron Andrew, Second Lieutenant Erne became even more respectful Mr.Baron.Welcome to Ankara.Ah, thank you, Second Lieutenant.Baron Andrew Toxon said politely.Look.There s a cafe here.Would you like to go in and have a drink together Lieutenant Ernest extended an invitation to the baron.I Come, not to clean up the mess.He was silent for a while, and then said slowly You used to be the most important member of the Skeleton Commando, why the Skeleton Commando has never been defeated It s not because of me alone, but we are always a whole, no one can tear us apart now even though we are In all the battlefields of the world.But come and see.Wang Weiyi brought his friends to the front of the map Manstein and Guderian are on the Russian battlefield, and in Germany, Shitten and Bonkelley, I have ordered them to take charge of the For logistical supplies, Orcus will personally undertake the heavy responsibility of transporting supplies to the battlefield.Richthofen will personally be responsible for the air support on the African battlefield.What about Sean He will train new soldiers for us, so that we have qualified soldiers.I don t think the African Army can win.I suggest retreating immediately to minimize the loss of troops Rommel was baffled by the sound, what happened to Ernst Wang Weiyi was silent for a while Fels.Do you have a special way of connecting with Berlin have.Give Berlin your way at once.Wang Weiyi said slowly Enigma has been deciphered, our actions are under keoni cbd gummies shark tank does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies the control of the enemy, from now on.Any information coming from 400mg cbd gummies dosage Africa in the form of Enigma is false information, Marshal Ernst Brahm will use a new code Now, Rommel fully understands, and The shock that this brought to him was also extremely great.The Enigma that the Germans have always been proud of has been cracked by the enemy In this way, all German deployments have long been in the hands of the enemy God.This is horrific.But why hasn t the enemy done anything before The British endured huge losses in order to keep the Enigma cracked a secret.But God knows when those Germans will show up in Egypt.Some rumors came faintly that Farouk I and the British seemed to be very unhappy, probably because of the war, but in the end Farouk I had to succumb to the threat of the British.However, this has aroused the dissatisfaction of the Egyptian military.As the chief of staff of the Egyptian army with great power in his hands, Canlemu has always been a hardliner who believes that Egypt should be more independent, rather than completely obeying the orders of the British.On this point, he and Egyptian Defense Minister Emun have completely opposite opinions.Emn believed that relying on the strength of Egypt, it was absolutely impossible to resist the German attack alone.In terms of policy, it must adopt a one sided approach and rely on the strength of the British to resist the aggression from Germany.Thunderous cheers erupted from the mutinous South African soldiers.General Montgomery, who got the news, let out a long and helpless sigh maybe his fate is not very good, in the battles he commanded, there will always be emergencies of one kind or another., Let all his hard work turn into water Wang Weiyi also got the news, and he breathed a long sigh of relief.With the surrender of General Alexander, now only General Montgomery is still struggling.If 45 mg cbd gummies the enemy who is still resisting can be quickly defeated, the situation in North Africa and even the direction of cbd gummies legal in ny the entire war will change.Victory is no longer far away from Germany The large amount of fuel resources in the Middle East will bring infinite benefits to Germany.Since then, Germany no longer has to worry about fuel shortages.Italy Ah, yes, the Italians always thought that Africa was their hereditary territory, but who cares about the feelings of the Italians now If they do well, maybe give them some leftovers after the Germans enjoy their feast.I just The information obtained.Hitler also leaned in front of the map A large number of commandos are operating in various parts does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies c4 healthlabs cbd gummies of Russia.They are carrying out various crackdowns and instigating rebellions in order to prepare for the decisive battle that will come next year.Among them, the Bran you mentioned The Den Burg commandos have been of great use, some of their best commandos have been placed in various commandos to increase the combat power of the commandos Wang Weiyi frowned Adolf, this is not very good.You have to know that the formation of a powerful commando depends on the talents and efforts of all people.I don t think dismantling them will help the war much Also, I also heard that you personally ordered the Brandenburg commandos to participate in some brutal battles Seeing Hitler nodded.Hitler Quickly replied.So, that s it, I will start my trip to the UK.Wang Weiyi said relaxedly I hope I can bring good news to Germany, high percentage cbd gummies and you, I hope that when I come back, I can see that the preparations for the decisive battle are going on incomparably Good luck.You ll see, General Six hundred and twenty seven.At 4 o clock in the morning on December 12, 1942, the convoy full of commandos began to drive towards Lilbok.The commandos were about twenty miles from the border.The atmosphere was a little tense this time.In the previous skirmishes, the commandos were not expected to encounter resistance, if any it would be slight.But this time the attacking Lilpork Raiders received no such guarantees.Commandos sensed danger in the air.This feeling seemed confirmed as the commandos heard a swarm of planes rumbling through the dark night sky.

The torpedo planes each carried an 800 kg torpedo, the dive bombers each carried a 250 kg blasting bomb, and the level bombers each carried an 800 kg delayed fuze armor piercing bomb.Fifteen minutes later, the fleet assembled over the fleet, formed a predetermined formation, and flew towards Pearl Harbor at an altitude of 3,000 meters.The commander in 45 mg cbd gummies chief of the air justcbd cbd gummies sugar free and the leader of the horizontal bomber Akagi was Lieutenant Mitsuo Fuchida, the leader of the torpedo plane was Major Shigeharu Murata, the leader of the dive bomber was Major Kazuichi Takahashi of the Shokaku , and the leader of the fighter jets was Major Shigeru Itaya.Three yellow identification strips are painted on the vertical tail of the aircraft.During the flight, Fuchita listened to Honolulu s radio for navigation.He was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected receipt of the Pearl Harbor weather forecast he desperately needed.The sky was once again obscured by gunpowder smoke, and the earth was once again shaken by shells The victory in the Battle of Samilos not only inspired Marovsky s confidence, but also inspired the confidence of all Soviet soldiers.With fanatical faith, these Russians launched wave after wave of attacks on Erklin, which never stopped.However, the overall defense strength of Erklin and the reasonable configuration of the position completely exceeded the imagination of the Soviet commander.It seems that for Erkeling, the German army will never allow any mistakes.The powerful defense did not arouse Marovsky s vigilance, but it seemed that he smelled blood like a hungry wolf.Victory as long as he can capture Elklin, he will definitely enter the ranks of famous generals But it is obviously not easy to achieve this goal Just like the initial attack on Samilos, the Russians encountered strong resistance, 45 mg cbd gummies and the death rate was so high that it was appalling.Major, let s be honest.We don t want to die anymore All of us here are Georgians, we want to go home.It s okay.The shelling just fell on Lieutenant Colonel Ziokowski, he was killed, and I became the top officer here, so, I ordered them to put down their weapons Weidmann got out of the tank again, looked at the corpse on the ground with Myristel, and looked at the surrendered Russians.On their faces, there is numbness, exhaustion, and despair, and they can no longer see any other expressions It seems that there are differences between Russians and Russians, not Every Russian is willing to die for their beliefs so willingly Major, do you have any wine Lutsky suddenly asked such a strange question.Myristel was taken aback, then shook his head, who would bring wine with him when fighting Ah, wait Weidman said and got back into the tank, and after a while, he appeared with a bottle of wine Vodka, I captured it when I just attacked.Really Wang Weiyi smiled sarcastically Does it take someone like Marovsky to be promoted Ridlow General husband, if you and Marovsky switch positions now, I promise I will never say anything to you.My gallows is for such people.And the reason why I am patient with you now It s because I think we can be friends.Friend Lindelof froze for a moment, he never thought he would become friends with a German Continue to discuss the problems between us and how to solve them.Wang Weiyi said slowly Now.You have failed, and even if I release you, you will not be trusted after returning to Moscow.I think you have seen what happened to Marshal Mushenko.Do you think you are more worthy of Stalin s trust than Marshal Timoshenko Ah, let s imagine.When you return to Moscow, you will meet some What the hellcensorship, endless censorshipyou, and your familyand then.The next German attack may be the end of the war I will send troops immediately Get you out No, Comrade Marshal.Malinovsky said firmly I have made up my mind that I must fight with my soldiers.Comrade Marshal, shameful escape Not a Bolshevik can do it.I just have a suggestion.I hope you can convey it to Comrade Stalin.I personally think that judging from the current situation on cbd gummies cured my anxiety the battlefield, Moscow can no longer hold on.We cannot repel the German attack, While there is still an opportunity, please lead our main party and government organizations to evacuate Moscow immediately under the leadership of Comrade Stalin, otherwise, it will be too late I will convey it to Comrade Stalin Vasilevsky did not give up his efforts However, I still suggest that you consider evacuating Comrade Marshal, now the enemy s new offensive has begun.The longer the battle is delayed, the better it will be for us.With the passage of time, all miracles will appear Now, the generals of the Soviet army fully understand.It has long been heard that during the First World War, Marshal Zhukov fought against the Baron halal cbd gummies Skeleton.If this is true, then no one in the Soviet army is better than him.I know more about the Skeleton Baron.Also, we must prevent him from making random noises.Zhukov said emphatically In the past, when I was still serving in the Tsar s army, I suffered such a big loss from him.He commanded a small commando, and he broke through our blockade cbd gummies side affects of tens of thousands of people, which has long earned his great reputation.He can do it when breaking through, and he can do it when he is attacking So, how do we prevent it Yershakov asked on the side.When Wang Weiyi told his companion this decision, his companion didn t feel any surprise at all.There is nothing that wanderers dare not do, and there is nothing that walkers dare not go to.Now that we are here In this era, what awaits Wang Weiyi is one adventure after another.Si Dao and Elena stay.Wang Weiyi thought for a while Elena is responsible for the connection with Xiaoling, and asked Xiaoling to arrange a set of training suitable for the Germans.How our team trains the Germans to become a real army is not good Si Dao is responsible for carrying out specific training in accordance with the outline formulated by Xiao Ling.good.Guo Yunfeng readily agreed.Elina agreed reluctantly.To be honest, she hoped to go on an adventure with Wang Weiyi, but from another point of view, it is indeed inappropriate for a woman to enter the city of Rome with Wang Weiyi.

I m Spurius, and this is my companion, Tius.Wang Weiyi said with a smile, We are slave traders, and we are decent and good people, and we came from the province of Bisnia.We promise you no trouble.What about you Is this yours Of course, everything here belongs to me.When the middle aged man heard that he was from Bisnia Province in the capital, and he was a slave trader, his expression changed a lot I m Beyaki, I m in charge.Everything here, my honored guest.You can find everything you need here.Aha, slave traders, I like you, is cbd gummies good for anxiety 45 mg cbd gummies your generosity is known to all Of course.Wang Weiyi immediately understood what the other party meant, and took out two dinars that Xiaoling made for him and handed them to Be Yaqi We have to do some things here.Can you help us find a place to live temporarily Is there a place The two dinar silver coins made Beyaki s eyes bright, and the slave trader s money was really good, so he carefully put away the dinar Look, my friend, I have to say more What I have enough places here to provide you with lodging, the best wine and the most beautiful food every day, and only one Sestels a day Ah.This scene, in the eyes of countless civilians crowded around the square, is very happy.These collectives with great strength gave them great confidence, made them even more proud of Rome s invincible military power, and never took the Danube battle to heart.At the beginning is the most famous legion in Rome, the most beloved unit of the Romans, the famous Knight Legion the Tenth Legion of the Roman Republic.As long as the Tenth Legion is there, no Roman legion dares to walk ahead of them The eagle bearers of the Tenth Legion marched ahead of the entire parade, proudly holding a spear aloft.The underside of the spearhead is cast in the shape of a peach, and a Golden Bull is painted on the flag hanging on the spear.This is the eagle flag of the Tenth Legion It is a symbol of invincibility It is the nightmare of any warrior who dares to face the Tenth Legion Following the invincible banner, the veterans of the Tenth Legion lined up in a neat line.Wang Weiyi poked his head out of the does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies c4 healthlabs cbd gummies car window Sergeant Max, have you taken out all the guns and ammunition you can use All out, Major.Okay, when you heard the explosion from the hotel Just end everything here.Yes, Major.Max hesitated Major, it is my honor to fight with you.It is also my honor, Sergeant.Wang Weiyi finished speaking, Started the truck.He drove to the door of the hotel without any haste.The French who were sleeping soundly inside had no idea that the threat of death had come to them.Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette Have all the explosives in the hotel been placed Yes.Guo Yunfeng replied Wanderer, this truck is full of ammunition.Once the explosives in the hotel are Detonation, plus the truck itself.I think something terrible is about to happen.Yeah, something terrible is about to happen, but this is just the beginning Wang Weiyi smiled and shook his head windows.Or to be more precise, there were actually more than two people who assisted them in the will cbd gummies help stop smoking battle in Dessau Your Excellency, now that we know the purpose of your coming here and that the HCMUSSH 45 mg cbd gummies treasure is in Dessau, how about you How long will it take to determine the exact location Brigadier General Johnson couldn t wait.It will take me about three to five days.Wang Weiyi quickly gave the brigadier s answer However, in these few days, in cbd living gummies review reddit order to determine the location of the treasure as soon as possible, I need to be able to act freely in Dessau.Joan Sen and David exchanged glances, and Agent David said, Of course, I will send an agent to assist you in your work.In Dessau, you can go anywhere except special departments.Wang Weiyi understood very well, The so called agents sent to assist them are nothing more than to monitor themselves.Don t you find it strange Marshal, you mean to say that keoni cbd gummies shark tank does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies with us Before Ludwig finished speaking, Marshal Paul Hauser interrupted General Ludwig, there is no conclusive Before the evidence, do not doubt anyone.One man seems to hold the key to unraveling these mysteries, Colonel Carl Cherus.Where is he now I don t know very well.It is said that he has already entered Berlin Paul HCMUSSH 45 mg cbd gummies Hauser frowned.General Ludwig, I know that although you no longer care about anything, you HCMUSSH 45 mg cbd gummies still have great power.I m old and sick, and it s up to you to support the overall situation below.Yes, Marshal, I will find Colonel Cherus.Marshal Paul Hausser turned on the radio Major Moyol has been promoted to lieutenant colonel.He miraculously withstood an enemy several times his own in Brest for four days and four nightsMo Lieutenant Colonel Joel has dismantled the command of the Nordland battle group, a miracle.However, the Skeleton Baron decided to do the opposite 1700 people, he now has 1700 people.When he had thirty men, he dared to charge a battalion of the enemy.When he had a hundred men, he dared to face the challenge of several battalions of the enemy.And when he has 1700 people, he will set off a huge wave on the battlefield He has 1,700 brave soldiers, six Leopard 7 tanks and two Garde self propelled artillery , which in his opinion is simply will a cbd gummy test positive for thc an extremely huge wealth.With these, what miracles cannot be created We are going to counterattack All the soldiers of the Nordland combat regiment were called up when Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said these words.Everyone was dumbfounded.They thought they had heard wrong.Counterattack Under the circumstances of being so passive and inferior to the enemy in every aspect, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol actually said the word counterattack We are going to counterattack Wang Weiyi reiterated this sentence again The enemy is in front of us.A large number of artillery and armored vehicles were destroyed, and a large number of soldiers died under such hemp cbd gummy a sudden attack.The entire battlefield was in chaos because of this completely unexpected attack.All the Allied commanders were asking loudly what was going on in the positions of the US 2nd Armored Cavalry Division, but no one could give them an accurate answer.And on the opposite side of them.A large number of German troops were gathering, which made the commanders of the Allied forces afraid to act 45 mg cbd gummies rashly for fear of being attacked in the same way.When the 45 mg cbd gummies artillery fire is ready to end.The curtain of the vigorous counterattack was finally fully opened For the glory of Germany counterattack After Wang Weiyi finished speaking, he got into his tank, and the Leopard tank issued Rumbling roar, the first to rush out of the position.

The last threat to Berlin was also lifted.From now on, no one can stop the Baron from entering Berlin.St Ernst back St.Ernst Glory St.Ernst long live The German soldiers uttered earth shattering cries When the cries finally settled, Myristel said quickly Baron, the situation in Berlin is very critical now, and Kroller is ready to act That s why I came back.Wang Weiyi stared at Berlin Berlin will not bleed Berlin will not bleed No one can make Berlin bleed before Baron Alexson Shoot, shoot in the name of the F hrer Oliver shouted furiously This is the order of the head of state The soldiers hesitated and raised their guns All Germans are fearless, they are not afraid of death, they are not afraid of bloodshed, they are 45 mg cbd gummies ready to give their lives for Germany Leonie.Elena, I have ordered the base to prepare for attack and fire at any time Xiao Ling s voice sounded.He felt that he had no regrets.At least he heard the Baron s return.And also vaguely saw the hope of Germany.In the office of the division commander, General Eredrick, Hart also saw an old guy in a wheelchair.He saluted, and General Eredrick nodded Lieutenant, this is Phil from the Intelligence Bureau.Admiral Firth.General Firth, it s an honor to meet you.Hart had never heard of General Firth.Look, you say it s an honor, but you don t have the slightest idea in your heart.I guess you re wondering now.Who the hell is this old guy He s in a wheelchair, what right does he have to be a general Fels said unexpectedly.Hart was immediately amused by the humorous joke.But he quickly straightened up No, General.Okay, Hart, take it easy.Fels also put away his smile Do you know what you did today You caught a The general, and also the commander of the Guards, beat him and tried to shoot him.After all, this was his best friend who grew up together.He was the biological son of the Baron and the Baroness.They had spent so much happiness together.time.If time could go back, Elliot swore that these things would never happen.The Baron s return may be able to solve these problems.Elliott sighed again Gentlemen, in our lifetimes, some things can be fixed, but some things must be dealt with, and this is the harsh reality.The President will not listen to any of us.As a human being, he has his own ideas and judgments, and what we can do is to prove him wrong.Good luck then, dear Mr.Elliott.Gates and Lawrence said at the same time.It s good luck to all of us Eight hundred and fifty six.Old boy If an unknown boy dares to challenge your authority, you can choose to ignore it, because the unknown boy has no scruples about winning or losing, but you can t afford to lose.When the name was heard.Punet hurriedly arranged his military uniform, he didn t want to lose his composure in Miss Anne Marie s face.Miss Anne Marie had a great reputation in Berlin, even before the war.Some people even say that she is the most charming lady in Germany and even in the whole of Europe after Baroness Leonie.And more importantly, the young and beautiful Miss Anne Marie is also an enthusiastic philanthropist.She owns a fund to provide all the necessary help for the children who have lost their relatives.Especially is cbd gummies good for anxiety 45 mg cbd gummies after the 45 mg cbd gummies outbreak of war, as long as the enemy s bombing passes.Miss Anne Marie can always be seen.She is doing everything she can to help anyone who can.Such a lady is absolutely impeccable.General, it s nice to see you again.Miss Anne Marie stretched out her hand.I am going to 45 mg cbd gummies die, I am going to die.Who can come and save me Help Anne Marie finally called out.Wait a little longer.Wang Weiyi, who heard the cry for help, looked at the time Her spirit has not completely collapsed.Yes.At this time, Fels was convinced to the extreme.Really, without any criminal law, it was possible to subdue a once extremely determined 45 mg cbd gummies spy The fourth hour came, and Anne Marie had completely collapsed, crying for help over and over again with tears in her eyes.She longed infinitely for someone to come in, and she was willing to do anything for this.Okay.Wang Weiyi had a triumphant smile on his face Let her out.When Anne Marie was brought out, Fels couldn t believe that this was the spy who had been there for a few hours.Her face was pale and bloodless, and her whole body was trembling and trembling.Under the leadership of Captain Bondarev, those Bulgarian soldiers stood beside Wang Weiyi, and then Captain Bondarev said loudly Baron, it is our greatest honor to meet you here.Germany is still standing firmly on our side in the most difficult situation.Wang Weiyi stared at the Bulgarian keoni cbd gummies shark tank does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies captain in front of him I guarantee that the war will end with our victory, and all those who have helped us will get the best of Germany.Selfless return.Captain Bondarev nodded vigorously The battle at Fabaman has reached a feverish stage.And Marshal Ernst Brehm is in Fabermann, and is accompanying the news that the German army is fighting together.It quickly spread throughout Fabaman.The pride in the hearts of the German soldiers is indescribable in words, and the astonishment in the hearts of the American soldiers is also indescribable in words. . .. 9 9 45 mg cbd gummies . cbd gummies alcohol keoni cbd gummies shark tank does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies 45 mg cbd gummies 1966 2 keoni cbd gummies shark tank does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies 16 . 2 17 52 . 52 .

A grenadier turns a grenade into a hand to hand weapon.He stood there resolutely.Get ready to knock the enemy s head off with a grenade.Heisenberg fired a few shots indiscriminately, but one bullet went cbd gummies for sex into the ribs damn it Those broken ribs pierced into his lungs his body went limp He opened his mouth wide, seeking to shout instinctively, but no sound came out He tilted his head, Out of blurred vision came the two horses they had found before the battle.And a few hours ago, Heisenberg and Zoff left them behind the cemetery defense line.In the continuous hail of bullets, they are still alive.The two horses huddled together in horror.The bullets hit the wall beside them, but they couldn t run away The bridle tied the two horses to a dead tree.A pair of hands grabbed Heisenberg in horror.He tried to look up.There is one person who has been fighting by their side all the time that is Baron Alexon The Russian 75th Armored Brigade, which has been attacked from several sides, has never encountered such a situation, the enemies they faced.The momentum and indomitable spirit shown on the battlefield are so daunting.Major General Shefolski was similarly filled with astonishment He even began to regret why he put on this cursed military uniform Just like General Boschek s The mood is exactly the same.He has no way to retreat from the battlefield, the only thing he can do is to fight to the death.Or to be more precise, this is no different from death He must witness his soldiers die one by one, and he must endure such pain with his own eyes.If the destruction of the entire armored brigade could stop the enemy s offensive, then he would be willing, but jello cbd gummies recipes the ongoing battle was not like this at all.Simon sneered and poked Tackett with the butt of his gun.It was so cold around, everything was frozen, Takot couldn t even feel his legs.The sky 45 mg cbd gummies smokiez edibles cbd gummies is cloudy, and worse snow may fall 45 mg cbd gummies at any time.Now Takot looked left and right for the last time, and Hansen and Otto told Takot with their eyes that they were ready charge Takot crawled from the ground Get up and start running, the surrounding snow is kicked away by us, like ripples in the water.A few Brandenburg commando soldiers led by Simon behind him almost ran in front of Tackett even though they only met temporarily, Tuckot was always surprised by the amazing physical strength and will of these elite German commando soldiers.Hot air spewed out of his mouth, covering Takot s sight like a morning mist, but he still caught a glimpse of the two groups of brothers on the left and right kicking the snow like them, running to the 200 meter distance at the fastest speed.In history, many uprisings happened by accident, and many big figures also happened by accident Born Di Nakale was obviously calmer than anyone here I think we have to consider the suggestions of these insurgents. Oh my God, this will send us to the guillotine.Catadona couldn t believe that Mr.Di Nakale had made such a suggestion.What 45 mg cbd gummies else can I do General Condeo said unexpectedly Will that man in Rome believe that we know nothing about it Think we have nothing to do with these rebels Wake up, Mr.Mayor, I think soon the man in Rome will declare us traitors.Catadona knew who the man in Rome the general said was, but he couldn t believe that the general had said such a thing.Mr.General, I believe we will have a pleasant cooperation When the mayor was hesitating, General Congeo remembered what Mr.Casanovich Wang Weiyi said lightly I said, you will make a fortune.The profits in this will far exceed the things you are operating.Ah.Those of you Take out the house deed that has earned you huge profits, and now you can redeem it at a price so low that even you can t believe it.Kasanovic s face was full of happiness, if it wasn t for There are so many people by his side, he will even cheer out here Yes, His Excellency the Baron did not deceive himself, he did all the things he promised.The businesses Kasanovic is engaged in, although they also have huge profits, are not worth mentioning compared with this hightech cbd gummies place.Does he finally know vaguely now Why are these rich people around them so rich.As for our alliance, I think it s going well Wang Weiyi glanced at Gates Morgan and Lawrence Rockefeller Since your father, we have maintained a good relationship.It is the most unbearable shame.If it wasn t for your kindness to take me in, I don t know what I should do.Milosevic was overjoyed, what he needed was someone who was willing to serve him 30mg cbd gummies 45 mg cbd gummies faithfully He also stood up and gave Similov a strong hug Please believe that as long as this assassination is successful, I will definitely not let you down.I believe in you, Your Excellency the Marquis, and you can also wait Good news for me.Similov said impassionedly.Now, Milosevic is somewhat relieved.As long as Khmelitsky died, he would lose one of his biggest competitors.As for the impact of Khmelitsky s death Ah, it s nothing, when the time comes, just kill Similov and use him as a scapegoat.People like Mishilov do not deserve their trust and rewards The turmoil in Moscow has not been calmed down by Gregory s death.The result is valid words.But he knew very well that he couldn t last much longer Continuous combat and constant casualties have brought the nerves of every American soldier to the verge of collapse.They really can t figure out why there are German soldiers in the world who are not afraid of war or death.For them, this is a nightmare that is difficult to wake up from.The gunfire never stopped, and it was a terrible torture.With the complete annihilation of another tank platoon, Colonel Huaerjin, who finally couldn t bear it, issued an order to evacuate the battlefield.Yes, he is very clear.What will this order of my own bring to me, but more importantly, I can no longer let the soldiers sacrifice in vain.That s a crime that s a real crime The 126th Armored Regiment of the U.S.Army has all withdrawn from the battlefield, and the follow up missions are left to those aircrafts to deal with But Colonel Joaquin has to face the ashen faced Brigadier General Dolby Yes.

S.military to resist has also greatly exceeded the expectations of the Germans and the cbd gummies baton rouge British, and this also proves that with the continuation of the war, the combat effectiveness of any army is gradually strengthening, and their combat determination and combat experience have already It is not comparable to that at the beginning of the war.Wang Weiyi also saw all this clearly, but he didn t think there was anything to worry about.During the course of the war, there would always be unexpected situations of one kind or another.As a commander, what he had to do was Choosing to trust, he firmly believes that his soldiers will be able to meet his combat requirements.He didn t even ask where the front line was going At this time, the German Waffen SS Korck Tank Assault Group once again encountered their old rival, the 126th Armored Regiment of the US Army.Lantes Wang Weiyi interjected and asked Who is this Mr.Lantes Dodoan hesitated for a while, as if he was considering whether he should tell the other party this information, but 45 mg cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies take to work he quickly felt that Mr.Moyol was trustworthy He is another leader of the opposition, and Mr.Yatz s most Faithful friend, after the arrest of Mr.Yatez, Mr.Lanters was also almost arrested, but his friends in the police station notified him in 45 mg cbd gummies advance.Let him escape from his residence successfullyMr.Moyol, you will not tell the police this Those policemen and I are not friends Wang Weiyi smiled Mr.Duo Duo an, I have a small request.Can you take me to see Mr.Longtos Dodoan didn t dare to agree so easily You must know that the police and secret police in Paris are arresting Mr.Langtes and his friends everywhere But Moyo Mr.Promise A thought suddenly popped up in Berkeley s mind that he couldn t believe Mr.Moyol, I have a favor to ask you for.Wang Weiyi stared at him and said Please speak out as much as you want Berkeley hesitated I think you may not know one thing, a senior official in our government has disappeared.The disappearance of General Robito is regarded as a top secret by the French government.In addition to looking for General Robito everywhere, the French government announced that the general himself is recuperating because of physical discomfort.If you tell others that the general was kidnapped in full view , That would make the French government a laughing stock.However, I thought it was an absolute secret, but Wang Weiyi said indifferently I think, the high ranking official you are talking about is General Just Robito, right Berkeley was taken aback.The unlucky Salam family lived in one of the streets.He remembered that in the afternoon, more than a dozen uninvited guests broke into the house, and they announced that their house would be confiscated in the name of revolution.When Salam s wife protested, the revolutionaries told her righteously For the revolution, this is the greatest honor for you corrupt people.I think if you don t agree to the outside demands, the blood on the gallows It hasn t dried up for hundreds of years The poor woman was so terrified that she took her family to live in the tiniest bedroom, keoni cbd gummies review and let 45 mg cbd gummies those rude people destroy it.The house she carefully tidied up She managed to talk to her husband on the phone.When she heard the news, Salam, who is usually arrogant, was completely frightened what to do what to do His family is in danger anytime, anywhere.The abandoned sewers are now a way for all 45 mg cbd gummies black people to escape.Huey and Bobby have a hug.They know that this may be the last hug in their lives Remember our promise, for all black people.I will remember our promise, for all black people Bobby controlled his emotions.He gritted his teeth and replied No matter what kind of difficulties I will encounter in the future, I swear I will never forget this day Everyone has already left, and the only ones left are Huey and Fifty members of the Black Panther Party who voluntarily stayed The weapons were completely left to them.They knew that even with weapons, they would not be able to last long here, but they had nothing to fear.If Someone has to shed blood to get what they want, so the first blood starts with them.The horn outside kept ringing.It s the police who are giving the final warning to the Negroes at Castri College the final attack will begin in a few minutes sour bhotz cbd gummy there is no sound at Castri College, and those A heart of the hostage s family members also raised their throats They were too worried that something terrible would happen Mr.On September 29, 1966, the trial of Luci s death finally kicked off.The famous Jestin Law Firm in the United States took on the defense of Shukako.This is a well known law firm in the United States, and they have won countless cases.These included many cases that seemed impossible to HCMUSSH 45 mg cbd gummies win at all.Both were also reversed in their defense.Of course, the high fees of this law firm are also unbearable for ordinary people.So there is another mysterious rumor that the forces behind General Gendra are preparing to help the general win the final victory of this trial at all costsThose military people will never let Shukako be sentenced Guilty 45 mg cbd gummies affected General Gandra s mood for war command Carter and Randolph, the two most famous lawyers of Jestan Law Firm , took on the heavy responsibility of defending Shukako On that day, countless reporters appeared, and they anxiously waited for the result of the trial.After a fierce ideological struggle, General Rolando accepted this condition.A person can betray once, but if smilz cbd gummies reviews reddit the successive betrayals will have an irreparable impact on one s reputation But, how to reverse the current 45 mg cbd gummies passive situation General Rolando couldn t think of a good solution.If the situation continues to develop like this, the collapse of the government army under his command will only happen sooner or later.General, I have your call.It s from the rebels.The voice woke up General Rolando, and he hesitated for a long time before answering the call I m Rolando.General Rolando, you Well, I pure relief cbd gummies sleep m Ernst Brahm.Who are you Ernst Alexson von Brahm God, cbd hemp gummy bears are you Baron Alexson Yes , you can call me that.Your Excellency, it s an honor to hear your voice here, why, are 45 mg cbd gummies you also supporting the rebels Whether they are rebels depends on what position you stand on Come on.

Michael nodded As far as I know, most of Southampton have joined in supporting you.Do you have anything to say to those in England who are fighting with you, or who are still watching I thank everyone for my support, you will make us firm determination to win.Annuo thought about it for a while As for those who haven t joined us yet, I want to express my gratitude as well.At least they didn t stand against us, at least they didn t help my enemies.My fellow Englanders, there is nothing to hesitate, Her Majesty s army and our true ally are now outside Southampton, and Victory is on our side.Our blood can boil at this time You have many choices, you can hide quietly in your own home and wait for the end of the war You can be a fool.If you see who has the upper hand, you will fall to the side You can even choose to help our enemies to kill your own compatriots Of course, you still have the last choice, which is to fight with us Let s fight against the invaders firmly together At this point he paused and continued Fight with us.As for that tuna.If they guessed right, this unlucky guy has now become an accomplice of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Poor Commodore Luke probably won t be able to come back alive this time Night fell on London.The nasty London weather was annoying, the rain never stopped from morning to night, and the humid air made Commodore Luke seriously uncomfortable.He is too suspicious of America.But what are these compared to work Captain Roger and Captain Pattinson brought 45 mg cbd gummies more than twenty cia agents and federal agents, and they were all unfamiliar faces that Commodore Luke didn t know.This is a very important mission.Captain Roger explained I have discussed it with Captain Pattinson carefully, and we cannot be sure whether those people around us have been bribed.Because we temporarily transferred from other places Here are these people.The Axis attack, dominated by the German army, seemed so violent and rapid, devastating the Allied forces like a storm.Their attacks again and again shook the Allied defenses, and their uninterrupted bombing kept the spirits of the Allied officers and soldiers in a state of high tension.He didn t know when the war would end.For him, all he was doing now was nothing more than delaying the incident and fulfilling the duties that a soldier should perform.Maybe the enemy will appear in front of him in the next minute, but who will pay attention to it He still has some hope.Although the support forces of the Allied 45 mg cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies take to work forces have been trapped on various battlefields, in Milton Keynes, the British army commanded by General Vincent has not been attacked.Moreover, Milton Keynes is so close to London, as long as General Vincent moves faster, he can become a new force on the battlefield.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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