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This is not what a German military officer should say.Wang Weiyi interrupted him with a serious expression Sergeant, Your words like this will shake the morale of the army before the battle.Yes, lieutenant, but I must report the current bad situation to you.Sergeant Hall is a stubborn person, and he still insists on his own opinion I think we must ask Major Deng Xiwei for reinforcements, at least we must make up for the people we lost.Sergeant, there is no reinforcements.Wang Weiyi s expression was still so serious Only ourselves, the cowardly, can leave my company.Sergeant Hall seemed to have been greatly insulted, and his face flushed You can t insult me like this, Lieutenant, I am willing to dedicate myself to my country, but not blindly.If I HCMUSSH natural hemp cbd gummies I made a mistake, and I will apologize to you.

Sergeant, welcome to the third company.Wang Weiyi also knew the opponent s strength, and said politely.There was no trace of a smile on Elena s flawless face, and there was always some mysterious content in her pair of deep blue eyes Lieutenant, I need a quiet place to talk to you.Okay Yes, this way please.After getting away from the soldiers of the third company, Elena quickly said The lieutenant, a spy hidden in our interior, absconded after obtaining an important piece of information from us, he got We have received the support of a British secret squad, we must intercept them and get back the information, and the closest to them is your third company.I understand.Wang Weiyi said simply and neatly Please come again.Give me some accurate information.Elena was obviously satisfied with the other party s attitude The target you need to intercept is called Andreas, and this is his photo Wang Weiyi took a look at the photo, and then put it away.

Damn, why can t I get myself into the tank After getting in touch with Xiaoling, Xiaoling told him clearly that he could, but the tanks sent by the base could only be entered by the Rambler, Guo Yunfeng didn t have this treatment Major John s Prince s Battalion defeated Lieutenant Colonel Carrington of the Welsh 19th Infantry Regiment was a little surprised when he heard the news.Are there any Germans in this area Yes, Lieutenant Colonel.His adjutant, Captain Mason, nodded We have just received the news, and the specific battle situation is not very clear, but it is said that the Germans used tanks, which caused Major John heavy casualties.Tanks Lieutenant Colonel Carrington curled his lips in disdain.Tanks were shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews the first to be used by the British.Although some initial results were achieved, HCMUSSH natural hemp cbd gummies the subsequent results were unsatisfactory.

Long live the great German artillery The most unlucky person in this battle is undoubtedly Lieutenant Colonel Rosen.A German artillery shell went wrong The explosion near him not only killed his adjutant, but also seriously injured Lieutenant Colonel Rosen.When he woke up from the coma, he found that one of his arms was gone.There was a burst of severe pain Lieutenant Colonel Rosen was attacked by a group of people.He forcibly endured the pain and continued to command the battle on the battlefield with unimaginable perseverance.From this point alone, Lieutenant Colonel Rosen is undoubtedly worthy of admiration However, his order could no longer be cbd cannabidiol gummies creekside pharmacy cbd gummies communicated effectively.The whole position was in chaos and collapsed A large number of Germans rushed up and started a one sided massacre among the chaotic British.

Rainy season HCMUSSH natural hemp cbd gummies Guderian looked over his head Yes, the rainy season is coming soon, but at least There is still half a month to go, and I think we can win in this half a month.What if the rainy season comes earlier Wang Weiyi suddenly asked.Guderian was startled, then looked at the sky involuntarily.can you It has been several years that the rainy season has come according to the normal time.Could it be earlier this time Forget it, let s not talk about this, William.Wang Weiyi smiled Whether God helps us or not, the battle must continue.Once the battle breaks out, I will take the third company as a commando.Call all the officers of the supplementary battalion above sergeant level.After .

is cbd gummies haram?

a while, all the officers of the supplementary battalion arrived at the temporary battalion headquarters.Wang Weiyi briefly introduced the order received, and then asked Guderian to hang up the map Gentlemen, this time what are cbd gummies good for natural hemp cbd gummies in front of us is not the British, but the French.

Wang Weiyi then said in a dignified tone As soon as the gold entered Lance, because there was no response, it was very difficult.It was exposed soon, and then was secretly detained by General Raffarin.And Colonel Thomas, who got nothing, decided to launch an attack desperately, wanting to capture Lance and regain the gold Watts suddenly realized, cbd neon gummies no wonder the Germans suddenly launched an attack, it turned out that it was for gold Now there is a reasonable explanation for the German offensive.Two hundred and twenty pounds of gold, no matter who will be tempted.You know who was responsible for receiving this batch of gold and sending them safely with Petrov Did you go to Paris Wang Weiyi asked this question, Watts pondered for a while, natural hemp cbd gummies and then said Could it be natural hemp cbd gummies the countess Yes, you are very clever, the Countess.

Then, we can quietly take Kilok out of Paris, and when the Germans find out the truth, their intelligence network in Paris has been completely destroyed General Raffarin natural hemp cbd gummies was a little reluctant What about Ernst Could this devil just let him go No, General.De Sade said confidently, He is our enemy and killed Som Creator of the River Miracle , it will be a huge psychological blow to the German army.We can let their plan succeed first, and then kill Ernst calmly.Of course, one or two Germans must run out to take Send such news to the German side.This is a very complicated plan, and this plan also brought Wang Weiyi into a huge crisis.129.Reunion General von Bello, please forgive me for taking the liberty to meet you Richthofen, who appeared in front of General von Bello, looked anxious I think Ernst Brahm has fallen into a huge crisis.

Watts tried to keep his voice calm It s not that I don t want to, but I simply can t do it.The matter of arresting you was not handled by General Raffarin, but by Major De Sade.He is a shrewd person Let me tell you the truth, since you escaped his arrest, the major will definitely regard this as a disgrace to himself, no one can leave here, even if I go out, I will be strictly interrogated.Wang Weiyi knew that he was not deceiving himself, and was telling the truth.Originally, in his imagination, he might what are cbd gummies good for natural hemp cbd gummies have had the opportunity to take himself out with Watts status in Lance and his relationship with Raffarin, but It now appears that this plan cannot be realized.Is there any place to leave Wang Weiyi asked in natural hemp cbd gummies a deep voice.No.Watts shook his head I m sure not, even if you kill me now, I still say that.

Forgive me, forgive me Si Di pure cbd gummies 1000mg natural hemp cbd gummies kept repeating these words.Wang Weiyi sighed I can forgive you, but Weidmann will not forgive you, those soldiers who have fallen asleep will not forgive you.Suicide is the best option for a soldier in a desperate situation.The same is true for you now.I think you don t want to face Foroman, and it would bring shame on your family.He took a pistol with only one bullet in it, and put it in front of Stephen.Everyone was silent, but they looked at Stephen with contempt and anger.A traitor really appeared in the supplementary camp, not only Si Di s family, but even the entire supplementary camp will be humiliated.Major Adolf.Hitler said loudly Please let me perform this task Wang Weiyi nodded silently Let s go, traitor.Hitler said with infinite contempt.Sidi moved forward mechanically, trembling.

Rommel came over, Dr.Katz said very gratefully Thank you, Captain, your character is worthy of kanha cbd gummies tranquility respect.You saved a life ah, I forgot, do you speak English Yes, doctor.Rommel nodded Please rest assured that you and your patient will be natural hemp cbd gummies can dogs take cbd gummies properly placed As natural hemp cbd gummies for the nurses here, they are not combatants and I don t think they will do us any harm.So after a simple cross examination, they can choose to leave Guo Yunfeng was bored by the side, and he couldn t help muttering I m really hungry You are chinese At this moment, something unexpected happened Nurse Kelly asked in fluent Chinese Are you Chinese Everyone was stunned.Can you imagine that a British nurse what are cbd gummies good for natural hemp cbd gummies could speak such fluent Chinese Guo Yunfeng also stayed there completely, since he went abroad as a Chinese worker and joined the German army After that, except for Lieutenant Colonel Ernst, he has never heard such fluent Chinese Moreover, the accent of the other party still has the taste of his hometown Shandong II am Chinese , from Shandongyouare you Chinese too As soon as Guo Yunfeng said this, he realized that his question was completely wrong.

Were the Germans blown away by artillery fire But why didn t they see a single corpse He said in front of General Raffarin that he had given it.The enemy has suffered huge casualties, but where can those casualties be found But these problems are not a problem for Gustav.In short, the task assigned to him by General Raffarin has been completed The French are probably already in position.Rommel put down the binoculars and said.Wang Weiyi smiled.I don t quite natural hemp cbd gummies understand why we gave up when we captured the enemy s position natural hemp cbd gummies Rommel asked.If you stick to it, the casualties will be great.Wang Weiyi pointed to the front position It s completely different from Ci Nuoxi.Once the enemy shells from behind, we will suffer greater casualties.I don t want to sacrifice our lives to defend such a position, let alone He paused, and then slowly said Our main task is to hold on to Ci Nuoxi, and the attack is for better defense.

Listen, I m going to fly my fighter plane right now Well, Colonel, you have the final say.Also, I ask the first wing to take off immediately Colonel, I m sorry, I m afraid you It doesn t matter if you say it.Wang Weiyi didn t say anything, he got on the dark plane specially prepared for him by the Red Baron.When the plane started to start, Xiaoling issued her warning Wanderer, you are doing a very dangerous thing.I don t know if you will change this history, but even if you can make it, It s also three to eight.Little Ling, do you know one thing When the plane began to taxi, Wang Weiyi s eyes were fixed on the front People need to be calm when doing things, but not everything needs to be calm.You may have Human emotions, but you haven t really best prices cbd gummies for pain relief figured out what emotions are.I know you won t provide me with any support, because you have your program.

Richthofen quickly vetoed his own idea.Ernst told himself that he was a commander now, so he couldn t be so impulsive anymore.Nothing special was found, but just as Richthofen was about to order to return, something unexpected finally happened.A few black spots appeared in the sky, and then quickly approached here Bandit The enemy plane seemed to have been prepared for a long time, and quickly put on a fighting posture.Buck pointed to Richthofen to observe the situation.Hell, the opponent has eight fighters and has an absolute advantage in the air terrain.Even if he wanted to run, he might not be so easy.Richthofen didn t show any fear at all.On the contrary, like a wolf who smelled blood, his eyes flashed the frenzy in the face of danger He made a movement of wiping his throat, and Buck understood immediately The commander, who regards air combat as his life, decided to fight a crazy battle here two to eight Being a pilot of the 1st Wing is as proud as being a member of the Skull Commandos Victory is the only thing they are after Two to eight, let s start Let them also complete an impossible mission The flaming fighter plane and Buck s wingman suddenly pulled up.

The Italians were helpless against the Germans.No matter in terms of strategy, tactics, or command of troops, the quality of those Italian commanders was so low that it was outrageous.Immediately, the German 14th Army crossed the Isonzo River in the Caporetto area and continued to advance.Then, the Austro Hungarian 2nd and 10th Armies, which supported the 14th Army, also turned to attack.The Italian 2nd Army suffered heavy losses and hastily withdrew to its rear positions.Feng.At first, General Bello couldn t believe that the German Austrian coalition s attack would be so smooth and the Italians would be defeated so quickly, but when the news of one victory after another reached his desk, General Bello didn t know what to say.That s right, such a victory is actually nothing to brag about.Skeleton Commando went on to be the brightest star in the Caporetto battle.

It was indeed a bitter battle, and the French were never willing to give up the bridge.On the other side of the bridge, several heavy machine guns blocked the way forward for the commandos, and several commandos had already fallen on the way to charge.However, this will not mobilize Wang Weiyi s determination at all Sean s heavy machine gun has been set up, and he launched a confrontation with the French army in the first place.Bullets fly across the air, taking a life anytime, anywhere.The cold guns fired from time to time often make the soldiers fall down sadly if they don t pay attention.The A7V commanded by Guderian has arrived, and the tank cannot pass the bridge, but the machine creekside pharmacy cbd gummies gun it carries gives the infantry the most powerful support.Countless tongues creekside pharmacy cbd gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost of fire are testing the determination of the soldiers on both sides to fight.

Wang Weiyi smiled and quieted his team members, and then said to Colonel Rosen Colonel, they can leave here if I stay, right Yes, they can go back to Germany, and under the surveillance of so many reporters.Okay, I promise you Wang Weiyi just said this, which immediately caused a lot of shouts from the team members, and Wang Weiyi asked them to calm down again Come down Colonel Rosen, but I won t go to natural hemp cbd gummies your place in person, that would mean surrender.We can make a deal, I will stay here, and when my team leaves, you can come and capture me, I promise I will not commit suicide, I am here waiting for your arrival.Of course, I will do my best to ensure that you will not be caught.General Ernst, do you think you can really escape Rosen The colonel didn t believe it at all It s impossible.Our people are everywhere here.

However, although pure cbd gummies 1000mg natural hemp cbd gummies Li Lu made a rash attack in the end, the overall results are quite satisfactory.The Japanese army dropped more than 20 corpses in front of the position.It seems that the number is not much, but if the last attack is not counted, in this defensive battle, the defender only killed three people and injured two people.This is really an exchange of the smallest price for the biggest victory that I didn t even dare to think of before In the same way, the troops commanded by Wang Weiyi repelled the Neikou brigade creekside pharmacy cbd gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost s three charges one after another.During these three defensive operations, the officers and soldiers were highly unified in their thinking and resolutely carried out all the orders issued by Wang Weiyi.They never raised their heads when it was time to hide.When it s time to fight back, there is no fear of death.

He read exactly the same books as I read.This captain might as well pay more attention to it in the future.After the cbd gummies for kidd detonation of Sanhu Bridge , why didn t you join the team Xue Yue asked suddenly.Report to Commander Xue Wang Weiyi had already thought about answering After the detonation at that time, the Japanese army rachael ray cbd gummies amazon suffered heavy casualties.Anxious, he pursued all the way.I did the opposite and headed towards the enemy occupied area.Kill three Japanese soldiers and one Japanese envoy.Zhang Ji n Xiaolin, who wanted to join the enemy and treason, was murdered in the French Concession and then managed to return to Nanxiang.Everyone was stunned.God, this captain is really too courageous.He actually went to the occupied area of Japan to kill people, and he killed so many people in one go.Killed.

Werner said easily, We have known each other since we were young.You have to know that my father and their father are both members of the Skeleton Commando..The jeep stopped.Wang Weiyi stared at Haisen Who is your father Werner felt very strange about the major s actions My father is Bunkley Lei, General Bunkley Lei Haisen.Wang Weiyi looked at Werner s eyes changed, becoming so gentle and tender.Bunker Ray Heyson Werner Heyson I am used to calling him Bang Crayley , but I have always forgotten his full name natural hemp cbd gummies is Bun Crayley.Hyson.Now.His son is right in front natural hemp cbd gummies of him.An old comrade in arms, how long can cbd gummies stay in your system the son of an old subordinate, just like Kroll and Hannah.Once, their father fought side by side with themselves, now.Their children are by their side.God may have arranged everything long ago, in Germany.He and those team members fought bloody battles, but now, their children are accompanying him in the country Major, what s the matter with you Werner felt that the major s gaze made him a little restless.

But it was useless.His chief of staff left this world forever.On the battlefield, he shed the last drop of blood for his country and nation.That year, Luo Yu, chief of staff of the 4th Brigade of the 26th Army of the Nationalist Revolutionary Army, was only 37 years old when he died in battle.Heroic spirits don t die Three hundred and natural hemp cbd gummies six.The raiding team Report, Wang Weiyi, the head of the Huben Guard, asks to see you Wang Weiyi In the 26th Army s headquarters, Xiao Zhichu was startled when he heard this, and then he realized it.It was Wang Weiyi who had been summoned by the commissioner and who was highly respected by Commander Xue, Let him in.Army seat After a while, a handsome young officer stood in front of Xiao Zhichu.Regimental Commander Wang, please sit down.Xiao Zhichu looked very polite, but he said with a sense of distance I heard that as soon as Commander Wang arrived in Changshu, he sent my subordinate regiment leader Qin Hebiao and Changshu Security Commander Meng Konghua was shot Yes, these two people secretly communicated with Japanese pirates in an attempt to defect to the enemy Wang Weiyi replied without hesitation.

Generally, it was controlled within three minutes, and they would never continue to fight.An interesting China Commander.Otsukahara Mamoru began to have a strong curiosity about his opponent, and he even couldn t wait to meet the commander of the Chinese.who is he What is his purpose HCMUSSH natural hemp cbd gummies in doing this Is it just to hold back the advance of the 65th Wing Jiangjiacun Otsukahara Wei s hand fell on a point on the map Everything is based on Jiangjiacun.The Chinese people who broke out with Jiangjiacun will never let us enter Jiangjiacun Captain Iida Yes I I order you to enter Jiangjia Village immediately with a small team But the Chinese attacked Don t worry about it, I will allow the necessary casualties Kotsukahara Wei s eyes flickered cunningly Once the team enters, your infantry team will move quietly to the two wings immediately.

Zheng Shi, you go to Li Lu and ask him to do this.Wang Weiyi finished his confession Remember, you must tell Li Lu that you must strictly follow my orders.If you act without authorization, I will shoot him dead Yes The sky was completely bright.Iida Yona and his men yawned as they spent a disappointing night.The soldiers looked exhausted, and no wonder, Iron Man would have fallen if he hadn t rested all day and night.Let the soldiers rest for three hours.Yona Iida had just finished giving this order, when gunshots and explosions suddenly rang what are cbd gummies good for natural hemp cbd gummies out.Although it wasn t too violent, it was so frightening to the ears of the Japanese.The Chinese attack Organize the defense on the spot No Iida Yangming said Now our soldiers are very tired and unable to deal with the attack of the Chinese.Order, all retreat What Retreat Yes, retreat immediately Under the order of Yona Iida, the Japanese army began to retreat, and those Japanese troops who entered Jiangjia Village also left the village where they stayed all night.

Although there is HCMUSSH natural hemp cbd gummies a smile on his face, God knows what is going on in his heart.Now he said slowly This time, I came to Shanghai to do some businessBoss Lu knows that even if he wants to come, what is the most urgent need for our soldiers to fight the enemy and resist foreign aggression Weapons, ammunition, medicines Hearing this, Lu Mingzhai s eyebrows twitched Wang Weiyi still said unhurriedly Big Shanghai, Shili Foreign Market, Huahua World, there are all kinds of forces.Here, as long as you have money.You can buy anything.So I want to set up a company here and specialize in it.But this company is not easy to open This is the real purpose of Wang Weiyi s visit to Shanghai.The frontline battles will definitely become more and more fierce, and weapons, ammunition, medicines and other supplies will inevitably become the most urgently needed.

Oh, no, that s not what a decent gentleman should do.Wang Weiyi suddenly raised his voice, and then lowered his voice immediately Besides, if he finds out, he may become greedy, that s a ruby Oh dear, you are so clever.Honey, it s time for us to rest.Wang Weiyi hugged Elena s waist.Elena s face turned red.She had long forgotten the romantic and hot night in Chateau Margaux in France.Don t forget, we are Baron couple.Wang cbd morning gummies Weiyi whispered in her ear, and then sighed softly The Japanese must think that we are asleep Now is not the time, but Wang Weiyi believes that Elena will definitely Recalling what happened between them So it was for the ruby.Kenkichi Ueda was completely relieved Try to find a way to see if Puyi has that ruby in his hand, and then give it to the baron.Your Excellency, are you really going to give that haughty English boy a perhaps very valuable jewel Captain Aoki, what is a jewel compared to the fate of the empire If he came to Manchuria with other purposes, I would not only worry, but he is just a greedy person, and such a person is much easier to deal with.

But you have to know, what can natural hemp cbd gummies they do So I asked for my opinion, I think, they can be arranged here for the time being, and then they are fighting the Japanese themselves while looking for the baron.This was quite a surprise hair condition.A group of Germans came to find themselves from far away Germany Wang Weiyi felt like laughing Okay, let them come to see me.Yes, I ll go and talk to Claire and Hannah now.Werner left in a hurry.After a while, Claire and Hannah Hannah appeared in front of Wang Weiyi Colonel, we haven t seen each other for a while.I heard that you have been promoted.Congratulations.Thank you.Wang Weiyi nodded.Look, I think Werner has already natural hemp cbd gummies can dogs take cbd gummies told you Kroller looked a little embarrassed We don t know what to do, so we thought of you and hoped to get your help Wang Weiyi smiled slightly I am willing to accept them.

Boom boom two sounds.The two T34s rushing to the front instantly became a pile of scrap iron It was like an order, 11 Tiger tanks fired from several directions at the same time, completely blocking the path of the Soviet tanks The shells kept falling, and the T34, which was crowded on the narrow road, was hit continuously.For a while, the Soviet tank troops were in chaos.And taking advantage of this opportunity, the Tiger became even crazier In an wana cbd gummie instant, more than a dozen T34s were destroyed.A tank soldier in a T34 desperately climbed out, but before he jumped out of the tank, a string of machine gun bullets ended his life This is the collision of blood and fire At this time, the Tiger Type 602 suddenly discovered the most serious problem they ran out of shells Since the outbreak of the Battle of Demyansk, it was extremely difficult for the German army in the encirclement to supply.

When he breaks through here, there is nothing that can stop the Skeleton Master General Ernst, General Paul Hausser of the 2nd Panzer Corps telegraphed, Your Excellency, we are right across from you, we are completing the confluence Long live Germany Call back, you will soon see the battle of skeletons Flag Long live Germany Wang Weiyi said expressionlessly.As soon as he looked up, he saw Weidmann s body protruding from the Tiger tank Weidmann, can you continue to attack Hey, general, I killed nine Russian tanks, my There is plenty of fuel in the fuel tank But I need some shells Weidmann said without fear.Wang Weiyi smiled Find him some shells Weidman, if you are the first to rush to the Russian position, I will appoint you as the lieutenant of the Skeleton Division Are you serious, General Sergeant Weidman s eyes danced with fanatical flames.

Really There are also skeleton barons in hell Really.Colonel Peter s expression was very mysterious Don t you know When creekside pharmacy cbd gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost the baron came back, why was he still so young Ah, I think I have to tell you.There is a story natural hemp cbd gummies can dogs take cbd gummies in Bavaria , God of Death will choose the bravest person in the world to go to hell, and then give him infinite power natural hemp cbd gummies and longevity.This person will never grow old and never die, and he will sign a contract with God of Death to become the frontman of God of Death The soldiers immediately understood that since hell is also protected by the Skeleton Baron, they have nothing to fear The Russians have rushed up Colonel Peter smiled and said Boys, are you all ready We are ready, Colonel Long live Germany, long live Ernst Long live Germany, Ernst Long live The explosion that shook the world resounded loudly in this area Four hundred and fourteen.

It s very close to Berlin.Damn it, where s my military uniform from 9 years Richthofen rummaged angrily.Manfred, what are you doing his wife asked with a smile.I have to find my military uniform creekside pharmacy cbd gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost in 9 years, should I wear this damn marshal natural hemp cbd gummies uniform to meet Ernst Richthofen was about to stomp his feet Look, Erwin and the others will never In the general uniform, they want to see me joke, get it Look at me joke Aha, they will all wear the uniform of the commando skeleton commando.And me Do I wear the air force marshal uniform, and then be like a clown by them Laughing No, never Dear Manfred, why don t you order a condom Damn it, why didn t I think of it Phone Hey Lukes, make me a custom suit Yes, you heard me right A lot of people have it made No time to make it Hell, I m an Air Marshal, don t I even have the privilege Lukes, listen, I don t care if you use it or not, I want to see my clothes before the baron returns to Berlin Damn it, or I will hang you with my own hands Richthofen was annoyed After hanging up the phone, he was still muttering something, looking very dissatisfied.

The major died, but before he died.We all clearly heard the Major say, Thank you, Lord Baron before we were sent to the official prison camps, he came to see us off in person and wished us good luck God, I swear I ll never see him again in this life An enemy more worthy of the respect of the opponent.Some people have fought against the Baron.And be proud to have survived.A retired British major general named Merrick told reporters The battle was very fierce.The Baron s skeleton commando launched a violent attack on the Germans with machine guns and flamethrowers that 1000mg southern organics cbd gummy candy no soldier could imagine.It seemed crazy.I rushed up and lost a position, and another position was lost.I was forced to take the last soldiers to defend a position less than two kilometers away.We were completely desperate and said it bluntly.

This super spy, somewhat similar to Baron Alexon, suddenly disappeared in the heyday of his heyday.Now, with Baron Alexon s return, super spy Sidney Riley will also appear in front of the world.Baron, and a legendary spy teamed up, and Riley looked forward to the real arrival of this day to the extreme.Returning to the Ziguang military base, Wang Weiyi felt that he had done a good job in the United States this time.While the Ziguang military base was preparing to fly, Wang Weiyi suddenly said Little Ling, give me all the important inventions in the past 20 years, especially military ones.You are crazy, really crazy.Xiaoling said Helplessness was revealed in the voice Are you really going to let some new weapons come out in advance Some weapons are only a few years in advance.Wang Weiyi hazel hills cbd gummies review smiled there I think I just ask you to provide some information, and Doesn t it violate the procedures you set up This is cbd cannabidiol gummies creekside pharmacy cbd gummies a loophole in the base, and Wanderer will be allowed to ask Xiaoling for any information.

Klingenberg quickly followed behind the marshal Klingenberg Captain Berg.In a place where no one was around, Wang Weiyi pondered for a while and then said You were very brave in the Turkish battle.I appreciate your fighting style.But now I have a trouble.Our former major event, Mr.Kahn, was detained in Ankara, and his life was in danger anytime, anywhere You have to know.Mr.Kahn went to Ankara for us regardless of the danger of his life.We can t give up on him Ah, I see, Marshal Klingenberg immediately understood the meaning of the Marshal s words I will lead my commando team to Ankara to natural hemp cbd gummies natural hemp cbd gummies rescue Mr.Kahn No, don t worry, wait until I finish.Wang Weiyi admired Klingenberg s attitude very much.In the eyes of this SS captain, there is nothing impossible.He pondered for a while Captain Klingenberg, you know that Abdul Hamid II Ah, I know a little bit.

I have been to Paris, I have been to Moscow, and I have been to many places heavily guarded by the enemy.The enemy tried to capture me countless times, but they all failed.I believe This time is just another pleasant adventure Then, he looked at Klingenberg with a smile and asked, Captain, are you afraid Everything in Klingenberg s body All the adventurous genes have been mobilized.Hell, the marshal is not afraid, what can I be afraid of He stood up straight Marshal, we are willing to die for you I am also willing to take this pleasant trip to Ankara with you Including you.Wang Weiyi pondered This is a top secret operation, and the destination of this operation is not allowed to be disclosed to anyone before departure.Yes, Marshal Go get ready, we will set off in three hours.Wang Weiyi ordered calmly.

Schliemann put the little golden crown on his wife s head, as if seeing Helen back then.The Schliemann family managed to get the treasure out of Turkey, where it was hidden in gardens and sheds by relatives in Sophia in Greece.In 1874, Schliemann announced the discovery of the Treasure of Priam to the world.Only then did people believe that the city of Troy in Homer s epic was not an illusory legend.The discovery of the treasure also brought trouble to Schliemann.The Turkish government angrily demanded that Schliemann return the treasure, and the Greek government also refused to accept the treasure under the pressure of the Turks.In the end, Schliemann sent them to Germany, where they are housed in a Rijksmuseum in Berlin.During World War II, can i eat cbd gummies Germany s art treasures, including the Trojan gold treasure, were all packaged and hidden in underground bunkers to prevent accidents.

Before that, the German army must further slow down the attack.If you can rely on the help of the Turks, go to Ankara Wang Weiyi will do this without hesitation As for the Ankara government and the British and the Soviet Union, the German army, which has always been accustomed to using lightning operations to end the war, suddenly became so slow in action, which made them greatly They couldn t figure out what the German army wanted to do, and they couldn t know what kind of conspiracy was quietly plotting beside them After waiting for two full days, good news came from the Germans General Kistafa s youngest son Mota was found Motta was wounded in the battle and is now receiving treatment in the hospital, with serious injuries.Wang Weiyi immediately ordered to save Mota s life at all costs.It would be better if a photo of cbd royal blend gummies his current condition was taken and sent to Ankara immediately.

The plane was coming close to the roof of the hangar.Xiao Tanfu saw the signal flares on the ground, which indicated that all preparations had been made at the airport, and ambulances and fire engines had also arrived.Second Lieutenant Xiao Tanfu described the scene at that time We fastened our seat belts and prepared to land.Because the flaps could not be lowered, the landing speed was too high.I was trying to adjust, and suddenly, the fuselage was hit and made a terrible noise.Scratch It s on natural hemp cbd gummies can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety the roof, it s dangerous So, I pulled the nose up, and the plane floated again.At this time, there was only a short section of the runway left, and I had to land immediately.The plane made a terrible sound again, and it rolled up due to the ground impact.The sand and soil slapping oros cbd gummies where to buy the cockpit was deafening.

He knew who Sir Andrew meant.But the problem is that the connection between this matter is too great.He didn t even dare to think that this kind of situation would happen to him one day Five hundred and seventy fourth.Salary monthly ticket for the fourth update General Canlemu has a good impression of Baron Andrew Toxon.In his opinion, this is a distinctive, honest Englishman.He dared to speak out for Egypt s suffering, and dared to stand on the side of the Egyptians and criticize his country.If the vast majority of British people are like Baron Andrew , then the day when Egypt s independence, democracy, and freedom will come is not far away.The two chatted very happily, and soon introduced each other as their confidants.At this time, General Canlemu s phone rang, he went to answer the phone, and then came back and said helplessly The Egyptian 7th, 12th, and 19th infantry brigades are all organized in the Commonwealth Army.

The plane bumped in the air, like a headless fly, crossed Wangjialing in Tianjiatan, swooped down to the round peak of Jingzhuchong Sunjiawan, hit an ancient pine tree, and fell into the rock of Jinjiawu.Two pilots were thrown out of the cabin and fell HCMUSSH natural hemp cbd gummies to their deaths, and the other nine officers were burned to charcoal.The next day, the local garrison and the local government transported the wreckage and corpses to Tianjiatan and buried them in the sandy beach.At that time, the Chinese army stationed at Taihu Lake in Anhui was the commander of the 138th Division of the Guangxi Army surnamed Niu However, maybe things will change a bit.Now that the trend of history has completely deviated, it is hard to say whether this guy will die.Wang Weiyi has such a personality.He feels uncomfortable when he sees the enemy who is supposed can heart patients take cbd gummies to die but is still alive and well.

Everyone Wang Weiyi raised his voice slightly The U.S.Pacific Fleet is ready, and I also brought you all the deployment and fire coordination of the Pacific Fleet, including the names of their commanders The Japanese looked at each other in blank dismay.If this is the case, then this information is really precious.The sneak attack time will be set on December 25th Wang Weiyi emphasized his tone This time the tranquil leaf cbd gummies cost code name is Papans Eagle , and in this plan, Japan s code name is Cherry , and I have All the passwords that people use to contact This is Colonel Shimizu finally said Your Excellency, everyone, we have indeed intercepted a large number of telegrams from the Hawaiian Fleet of the Pacific Fleet and the United States.The word cherry was mentioned, and we couldn t figure it out, but after hearing what Miyamoto kun said, I think we have the answer Bring all the telegrams immediately.

Captain Dorn issued an order Look for their radio station.Send a report to Berlin that we have taken control of the Popov Fortress.Dorn seemed shocked by the success of this operation.He looked around suspiciously and said Guys, you did it Great job Edim and Heisenberg found the Russian armory and immediately armed pack of cbd gummies themselves with two rifles.Even though there were no scopes attached to the rifles, they felt they could shoot far more accurately with rifles than with submachine guns.They put the mp 40 submachine gun back into the special pocket of the jump suit.And zip it up.The height of the fort was more than a quarter of a mile, and the only way up the mountain was a narrow mountain road, which was easily contained by the firepower of the Heisenbergs.The design of what are cbd gummies good for natural hemp cbd gummies the fort.It can stop the attack of thousands of soldiers and armored vehicles.

They shot down four of them before they flew out of range.Soon, a small group of German infantry took buy cbd infused gummies several armored vehicles and drove along the mountain road.Heisenberg saw the vehicles bump and run over the corpses of Russian soldiers, and they had to avoid bomb craters in the ground.On reaching the top, the gates opened and they were allowed in.A German major can you give dogs cbd gummy stepped out of the armored vehicle and said to Dawn, Captain Dawn, well done You ve managed to get here.He shook Dawn s hand.Then he turned to all the paratroopers and said, Great job, guys Your performance must have pleased Baron Alexon He pointed to the anti swastika armband on his jacket.During the basic training, the Heisenbergs have all learned that the anti swastika is the symbol of Thor, the god of war.He is the god of war and thunder in ancient legends.

Letters flew onto his desk.Hull, unwilling to let it go, tried to persuade Churchill to pure cbd gummies 1000mg natural hemp cbd gummies support him in forcing de Gaulle to vacate the island.But Churchill thought Mr.Hull was making a fuss because the British Foreign Office had called The newspaper noted that any attempt to force de Gaulle to evacuate is bound to cause an incredible upheaval.We will not be able to explain fun cbd gummies to the public.De Gaulle also sent a telegram to Churchill, clearly stating that the different attitudes currently adopted by the US State Department towards Free France and the Vichy regime will greatly damage the fighting spirit in France and elsewhere This public display of favoritism by the United States Government over those responsible for the surrender and those guilty of collusion would create a regrettable impression on the Liberal French Army and on public opinion in the territories and in the occupied territories.

The German army chose this place as a breakthrough point, which is a good choice Comrade General, Elklin is very chaotic at present Wang Weiyi s words immediately caught Lindelof s attention.He listened carefully to Wang Weiyi s words Chaos, serious chaos has occurred.Comrade General, we have noticed that the Germans are poorly organized during their frequent mobilization, and there have been many quarrels More importantly, their supplies have not yet been delivered etc.Lindelof interrupted him It doesn t seem to be in line with the character of the Germans Although it is our enemy.But what I have to admit is that the Germans are very strict in organization and natural hemp cbd gummies discipline.Why did this happen The contradiction between the SS and the Wehrmacht.Wang Weiyi replied without hesitation In Germany.

Jump into a foxhole.Over the boom of the guns, he shouted We have to go out and support the tanks They are engaging the enemy.Get your gear Five minutes After another five minutes of listening to the explosion of shells falling around.The commandos jumped out of the foxholes and rushed forward, joining hundreds of soldiers who followed the tanks.The German armored divisions rushed forward, at a slightly faster pace than on foot.Heisenberg witnessed a group of soldiers being hit directly by a single shell.The group of soldiers was advancing, and the shell fell right among them.The shattered body was blown to pieces.Most of the soldiers continued to rush forward, only a few soldiers, probably medics, stopped and rushed to treat the wounded.After rushing out of the camp, it was a little relieved.

He thanked Stalav for his kindness, and he knew what would happen if he continued to argue with Voroshilov.Voroshilov, who had completely controlled the situation, said with satisfaction Tomorrow will be the day to decide the outcome.Tomorrow, I will completely defeat the German fascists.Comrade Davamirsky, Comrade Streff Davamirski and Straff stood up at once.You have suffered defeat at the hands of the Germans, and I will give you a chance to wash away your shame.Voroshilov expressed his earnestness You know, shame can only be washed away on the battlefield.Therefore, the 56th Army and the 81st Panzer Corps will serve as the leading units of the entire army Davamirsky and Straff were not afraid of the battle, but Streff said Comrade Marshal Voroshilov, I am very glad that you can give We have such an opportunity.

Vasilevsky gave up, Moscow gave up.Stalingrad, a city of great importance to the Russians, is about to complete its historical mission.The planes in the sky disappeared, whether they were German or Soviet The Russians must now use all their strength in Moscow, because everyone knows that after the Germans captured Stalingrad, it is only a matter of time before the entire Caucasus is completely controlled by the Germans, and it does not even have to wait until the end of the Caucasus War , the German army will forcibly cross the Volga River and launch a new offensive against Moscow.It won t be long before the Second Battle of Moscow begins.As for the Luftwaffe, there is no need to waste bombs on Stalingrad now.They prefer to keep more bombs on the other side of the Volga After the last and most desperate resistance, On May 10, 1942, the last day of the time set by Marshal Ernst Brahm, the Battle of Stalingrad ended The Battle of Stalingrad consisted of several parts.

Both of them felt helpless.Wang Weiyi sighed You What about your father and mother Until this time, there was a trace of sadness and pain in Somrov s eyes They are dead, they are all dead My father died in Kharkov, he was A company commander my mother, she she died in a labor pure cbd gummies 1000mg natural hemp cbd gummies camp, she was a traitor Traitor Wang Weiyi was stunned for a moment, but then he understood Find some food for this child, he must have been hungry for many days Some food was sent to Somroff.Although the child wanted to show himself to be stronger and resolutely refused to eat the enemy s food, the long term hunger made him unable to resist the temptation of food.Anyway, I will always be shot by these German fascists.Just eat and die.The child comforted himself in this way, and then took the food and put it in his mouth to gobble it up.

Roman soldiers Guo Yunfeng s eyes natural hemp cbd gummies widened What is that Wang Weiyi smiled and stood up That s nothing.If I m not mistaken, it should be soldiers of the Roman Republic, especially the daggers they use can prove their identities.And the armor on them, although heavy, is well made.We have come to the era of the ancient Roman Republic you mentioned Guo Yunfeng murmured.I don t know.I m afraid I have to go back to the base and ask Xiaoling Ah, it s Su Ling Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Let s go back first.base to go.When returning to the base, Sophie had already woken up, but she was constantly complained by Xiaoling The human body is really too fragile to withstand a single impact.I m clearly sober.But this damn body just can t get up.This is my body, please leave my body.Sophie protested loudly.It s done, it s done, stop arguing.

Any doubts, although he said it is not clear what a baron is.But, no one will joke about gold worth more than 100 or more Oris gold coinsThough Anlugus has never seen Orys Honorable Lord Baron, I am shocked by your generosity, and I am extremely delta 8 cbd gummies wholesale grateful for your help.Our tribe is in front, and I sincerely invite you and your entourage to inspect our place.Ann Ruges used the word inspection , which shows that he has fully agreed with Wang Weiyi s status as local governor.The tribes of the Germanians were very close, and here the warrior chief was the patriarch.Everyone here, regardless of men, women, or children, usually hunts and farms.Once a war breaks out, everyone is a soldier.This is very much like the future of Germany.Probably the warlike gene in the German blood has existed since this time.

Dadalit asked in a neutral tone I m curious, even if we unite to deal with the Romans, why should we do this A man of unknown origin leading us Where is the Holy German Empire Where did this so called baron come from enough Wang Weiyi had already maintained sufficient patience with this guy, and natural hemp cbd gummies now he couldn t bear it anymore.He interrupted the other party with a loud shout Do you really want to know why I am qualified to lead you He slowly pulled out his saber, which surprised all the leaders, and Dadalut took a step back involuntarily Wang Weiyi scanned the place, every leader s There was a wooden stake in front of him, on which were wine and meat.He adjusted his breathing, let out a sharp roar, and the saber swung up and down like a natural hemp cbd gummies whirlwind.A cold light passed in front of Dadalut, Dadalut He was so shocked that his face turned pale.

They even had an illusion that they had seen this skeleton battle flag a long time ago The chiefs were gone, and, as Perius feared, whether the Germanians could hold off the Roman advance until reinforcements arrived.After all, with only one Germania, there is no possibility of defeating the Romans at all.Divide all the Germanians into three teams.Wang Weiyi calmly ordered Women, old people and children form a team.At the end of all the teams, Anluges, would you like to command them Of course , Lord Consul, I am willing to do whatever you ask me to do.Anluges said respectfully.Those who are relatively weak in combat power should form a team.Wang Weiyi thought for a while Si Dao, you are in charge of commanding them to meet the first battle Understood.Guo Yunfeng returned calmly.The rest of the people will become our main force, and I will personally command them Wang Weiyi patted Thibius on the shoulder Thibius, my friend Sidao natural hemp cbd gummies will consume the strength of the creekside pharmacy cbd gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost Romans first for us, They will resist the Romans for a day, and when the night comes, we will attack them again.

Especially the barbarians are not only Not killing Ibis, but also cutting off an ear and putting it back, this is a great shame in the eyes of Caesar and all Roman generals.Now, sneak attacks are impossible, and Caesar has given up such fantasies The biggest advantage of Caesar is that no matter what kind of difficulties and failures he encounters, he can always control his emotions well and find a way to win from failures.The same is true this time.He forced himself not to be dazzled by anger Clear your mind and force yourself to be calm, no matter what happens, you must find a way to defeat the barbarians.The defense of the frontal barbarians, under the attacks of the past few days, half of the obstacles have been cleared, once all Eradication, the frontal battlefield of the attack will become wider, and the advantages of the Roman legion will be fully utilized.

Caesar also replied coldly I forgot, you are the newly appointed governor of the Germania province.In fact, I should not be responsible for punishing the barbarians.Dear Governor of Germania Province, in order to carry out the order of the Senate and to show respect to you, my soldiers will leave here tomorrow, and then the glory of suppressing the barbarians will be handed over to you Centumarus complexion changed a bit, not to mention that his newly formed legion will take a long time to arrive, so what if it really arrived today Although he disdains Caesar s background as a commoner, Caesar His combat ability is known to all the Romans, and he conquered the whole of Gaul almost effortlessly.Now, even Caesar has been defeated by the barbarians, how can the newly formed legions in his own hands Do it Caesar, my friend, natural hemp cbd gummies why is there such a hurry to leave Centumalus changed his face and said Look, my legion is coming here.

Excellent rider.Gaius wrote a letter natural hemp cbd gummies to Orvis, Senator of the Senate.The letter told Orvis that he would send a friend of his to Rome to work for him.Orvis showed me the letter that day.If I m not mistaken, you are the friend of Gaius, right Wang Weiyi took a deep breath, and now he understands why Pompey is so clear about all this Yes, the only consul, I am the friend of Gaius, and I When he came to Rome for the first time, he did bear the entrustment of Gaius.Wang Weiyi regained his respectful tone Gayus and I have always maintained a close correspondence.So I know a lot about what happened in Gaul and the barbarians Well, then, in detail.Pompey s eyes were fixed on Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi said calmly To be honest, Gaius is very dissatisfied with some things that Caesar has done.In the cbd cannabidiol gummies creekside pharmacy cbd gummies battle with the barbarians, as a consul, he had to obey the command of the deputy consul Carleni, which is hard to imagine.

Unaware that the battlefield was about to change, Hellman and his Saxons were still fighting.They ve killed too many people, and they just don t care Suddenly, Hellman s body was pierced by a short sword.With a roar, he killed the Roman soldier with all his might, then staggered, and finally fell to the ground.Boss, Boss Sildes yelled loudly and ran over, hugging Hellman.Can t you rush out Hellman looked around.I can t get out, there are too many Romans.Sildes replied to his leader in grief and indignation.Yeah, we can t rush out Hellman sighed Solders, I m sorry for you, I made creekside pharmacy cbd gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost you lose Hesnia. Boss, my wife and I once said that we are willing to fight for you, and we are equally willing to die for you The tears of Sildes couldn t help flowing out.Heilman forced a smile Thank you, Sildes, although we failed this time, there will be someone who will avenge us one day.

Several people held their breath, watching the tank and the loud soldiers on it pass in front of them, and then stopped not far away.The American soldiers laughed and HCMUSSH natural hemp cbd gummies jumped off the tank, talking about something cheerfully.Then, the tank soldiers in the tank also appeared.Wang Weiyi glanced at Guo Yunfeng and Richthofen Do you think the same as I do Both Guo Yunfeng and Richthofen had smiles on their faces.Wang Weiyi also smiled, and then turned his head to Cherus Colonel Cherus, do you mind being a prisoner again Colonel Cherus quickly understood I don t mind being a prisoner again, but I have to say , your courage is really too great.Wang hillstone hemp cbd gummies amazon Weiyi smiled natural hemp cbd gummies again Hey, Peter, why did you ask us to attack some Germans We are going back to the rear for a vacation.Maurice, don t be ridiculous, this task is not difficult, it is said that there are only thirty Germans No, and it s already surrounded.

It will be a great honor in my life if I can fight with the legend Wang Weiyi was silent for a while But have you considered such consequences You will become Traitor, when Germany fails, you still talk about going to a military court to be tried I thought about it.Major Mario said calmly But what is more important than being able to realize your dream Wang Weiyi smiled lightly up.What is more important than being able to realize your dreams It is really a strange thing for an American to join the Skeleton Commando In the dark night, the Skeleton Commando who had persisted here for four days began to retreat.Weapons and ammunition that could not be carried were collected.Bombs were planted at several key locations.When the Americans set foot on this position, the explosive explosion will set off a huge wave of air, and the firelighters carefully piled up by Sergeant Max will submerge Brest in the sea of flames Perhaps, that would be a magnificent sight Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette, took a few deep breaths, and kept his eyes on the other side.

As many combat members as possible were stuffed into the vehicles that had been prepared.Wang Weiyi jumped into the jeep Stephen, you are the combat commander of the Elder Combat Brigade, and you run to the destination with those who are not in the car.Yes, Lieutenant Colonel, please believe in our capabilities, German soldiers have never been unable to complete their tasks on time Wang Weiyi smiled confidently Let s go Vehicles full of armed soldiers.Quickly set off to the location of the 161 Artillery Battalion This is not an adventure.For Wang Weiyi and his commando, this is just a simple battle.Vehicles roared.Major Mario, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said Lieutenant Colonel, can you give me a weapon Wang Weiyi took out the pistol and handed it to him without any hesitation, which made Major Mario hesitate Lieutenant Colonel, how can you Do you trust me Maybe I ll shoot you in the back, I m an American after all.

Our code name is Cat Hunter.Sir, I don t know what our mission is, I swear, I really don t.But once we get to the designated location near Berlin, someone will meet us and take us Enter Berlin We will receive new instructions there Wang Weiyi s cbd cannabidiol gummies creekside pharmacy cbd gummies brows twitched.Once we arrive at a designated location near Berlin, someone will meet us and take us into Berlin where we will receive new instructions In Berlin, there are actually people who meet them And can bring so many enemies into Berlin What about the others Wang Weiyi continued to ask coldly.Lieutenant natural hemp cbd gummies Colonel Naxon told everything he knew.When he passed by here, he happened to find the Germans here.Lieutenant Colonel Naxon thought that it would be easy to get rid of the Germans here, but no matter what No one thought that the skeleton master would suddenly appear.

Hart stood up and walked out of the natural hemp cbd gummies house, standing at the door waiting for the girl to come Not long after, two guards led her out, and she was frightened when she saw Hart, Brother you You re here Hart looked at her, still with that pure and lovely face, his big eyes did not dare to look directly at Hart.Let s talk in the car.Hart just opened the car door coldly to let her in.The girl didn t dare to look up at Hart along the way.After some time, Hart finally couldn t bear the anger in his heart and shouted at Puslin You what is going on Brother Hart She still didn t dare to look up into Hart s eyes, she lowered her head and whispered, Brother Let me explain.Unfortunately, Hart didn t hear her second sentence at all, and the voice was as small as a mosquito.When did you become a spy Hart yelled out almost every word.

Firth said with a smile.Bushman sighed deeply Well, I am willing to tell you everything I know.After Marshal Ernst issued a six hour ultimatum, I knew the Empire State Building could not be held, so I was the first to sneak out quietly.But then Ernest found my hidden hiding place in Berlin.He told me that F hrer Kloll was out of danger, that there were many loyal troops outside Berlin, and that he had to leave Berlin to regain his power.And my task is to take Ernest out first, check the situation, and then find a way to take Head Kroll away.I had no choice but to agree to him.I thought I was still a general after all, and no one would stop cbd gummies vs thc edibles me, but who would have thought that I would meet such a bold lieutenant.Of course he was talking about Hart, which made Hart stand out proudly.Where is Kroller hiding now Facing Firth s question, Buschman shook his head, but quickly explained I really don t know, Ernest ordered me everything.

These are all given to me by you.When these things get out, I will be severely punished by the leader.I would be cast aside by the Italians.But if you withdraw from the war, Italy will be retaliated by the United States.I will never agree to your request, Mr.Pipondu.You can go out and expose me now Do not worry.Mr Prime Minister.Pipondu smiled slightly HCMUSSH natural hemp cbd gummies Do you cbd gummy analysis think things are really that simple Ah, I want to make a call first, please wait a moment.After finishing speaking, he stood up and wanted to make a call.He waited for a long time before he said to the phone, Mr.Kasanovic natural hemp cbd gummies Yes, I m Pipondu.ah.you re good too.Did you do what I asked you to do Very well, cbd gummies to clean blood vessels Mr.Bertrul, Prime Minister of Italy, is where to get green ape cbd gummies going to what are cbd gummies good for natural hemp cbd gummies speak to you.Then he put the phone on the table and sat back again Mr.Prime Minister, this is Mr.

But at this moment, such an focl cbd gummies opportunity is placed in front of Kerrett I will win, I must win.For the sake of victory, for the future glory peak, I will not hesitate to pay any price.This is the only thing Kerrett thinks about.He ordered the air force to take off again and again.He ordered the artillery to bomb again and again, and he ordered the soldiers to attack aggressively again and again.No matter what price Corrett pays, he is willing to bear it, but the prerequisite is that he must win.When they can stand in the enemy s position.When they can enter Berlin and completely conquer the cbd cannabidiol gummies creekside pharmacy cbd gummies city, all opposition will disappear.Corey was desperate.The 2nd Armored Cavalry Division and the 12th Infantry Division of the U.S.Army were launched into the battlefield one after another by him, and launched a flood of attacks on the German positions.

Now our enemies are attacking Berlin, our soldiers and citizens are fighting bloody battles I need you guys, I need Skull Commandos to reappear, are you ready Yes, Marshal Ernst, we are ready Field Marshal Rommel, Field Marshal Guderian, you will recommand your troops Air Marshal Richthofen, the Konstan base has been fully opened, and you will fly to the blue sky again A series of orders came from the mouth of the captain of the skeleton commando Baron Alexon.Every team member whose name was called responded with the loudest voice.Then, you all already know Respective tasks, we will leave the base and fight for the future of Germany again Wang Weiyi held the marshal s scepter in his hand Go out, German soldiers Go out German soldiers from the first minute they step out of the Ziguang military base, the whole world will be shocked by this miracle Skeleton commando return Germany return Glory and Victory return Wake up Germany has woken up Steck, holding high the skull battle flag, walked first.

The twilight of the gods happened here most vividly It was Ragnarok All the peace, serenity and beauty in the world have disappeared, no matter in the kingdom of God or in the world, the previous quiet and peaceful scene no longer reappears, and the goddess of youth in Asa Garden, Idun, suddenly emerges from the cosmic tree Yuga Trashi He fell down and disappeared without a trace.The sun and her son the moon looked bleak and weary in the winter of Fimbul, and were finally devoured by the wolves Skor and Heid who were chasing them.After they were devoured, the whole world fell into endless darkness.And because the world has lost the heat of the sun, it has grown colder.The wind blowing from all sides also carried snowflakes and frost.The stars also fell from the sky one after another.These were originally the stars that the gods threw into the sky with sparks from the relax sugar free cbd gummies Flame Kingdom, and they went out immediately after landing.

He cursed Damn it, when did the French treat the Germans with such an arrogant tone The combat effectiveness of the enemy above is much stronger than they expected, and it is not easy to eliminate these dozens of people.Sir French armored vehicles appear in the East said Martin, beating.Damn it, Gyunthal, we re stuck.Sergeant Nord suddenly became nervous.The armored car drove over, and Martin lay down on the ground in a hurry, and planted a bomb on the track of the armored car.The armored car exploded after driving 20 meters.We should get out of here God, when did these Frenchmen get to know how to fight Martin scrambled to the side of Major Ludman who natural hemp cbd gummies was squatting in the bunker, with a dozen French soldiers behind him.It s like being hypnotized.Corporal Denis ran over Take out the grenade and make them sober Three or four grenades were thrown into the bunker, and more than half of the dozen or so pursuers were killed, and the rest also took out grenades and threw them into the bunker.

Ah, no, you I misunderstood what I meant, I was just curious about the name.Wang Weiyi waved his hands Don t keep such a restraint, for Germany, now whether it is Poles, Bulgarians or Yugoslavs, as long as they are fighting for Germany Fighting, that is trustworthy.Captain Urnet s heart was relieved In his army, there were many Poles, many of whom came to Germany with their parents after the end of World War II and obtained German citizenship.When the German American war broke out, these people chose to stand firmly on the German side without hesitation.The layout of the trenches is quite good, and the anti air and anti ground firepower are also arranged in an orderly manner, which is very satisfying.These German soldiers can quickly form a strong combat effectiveness no matter where they go.

It was a miserable day that they natural hemp cbd gummies can dogs take cbd gummies never expected.The prey they hunted Wang Weiyi, calmly and calmly shot every target in sight.At this time, he was like a machine that had completely lost emotion on the battlefield.There is no need for sympathy here, the merciful will only pay with their lives The gunfire stopped completely after a few minutesthe ground, the dead bodies of Americans were everywherea whole The two US assault teams were completely wiped out here Captain Bondarev stared blankly at the scene in front of him.He still can t believe they actually succeeded.They really killed so many Americans so easily When he saw Marshal Ernst, he hurried up Marshal, have we succeeded Yes, we succeeded.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Captain Bondarev, you have already Finish the mission, take your people and leave here immediately.

His inauguration ceremony was cbd cannabidiol gummies creekside pharmacy cbd gummies not at the Langley headquarters, but was held at the White House with CIA officials, so the most mysterious figures in the United States It was exposed in front of the reporter s camera.Rayburn knew nothing about intelligence work and was pretentious, which aroused strong dissatisfaction among CIA officials.His only contribution in the CIA was eating white bread in the cafeteria, since he preferred Navy brown bread.This, then became Elliott s best prey.An extremely bold plan, the possibility of success is not very high, but if it succeeds, it will cause chaos within the US government.And the main executor of the plan has already started all actions Nine hundred and one.Richard Solomon It was a rainy morning in New York, USA, and Charles got up in front of the hotel in a state of anxiety and paced back and forth to read.

Although in this 30 meter section without any cover, any moment of hesitation and slowness will be fatal.But for these soldiers who lived through life and death and lived with each other day and night, abandoning their wounded companions was an unacceptable choice.So did Heisenberg.Zoff Zoff Come on come on Heisenberg ran and shouted back at the big man.Zoff was like a giant, holding his machine gun and moving calmly in the hail of bullets.Whenever he fires, the blaze lights up his shouting face Nine hundred and twenty one.At the end of the final battle, with the muffled sound of Model s assault guns, the Russian attack was finally completely suppressed.When the German troops arrived at the museum wing safely, Zoff finally rushed over without any danger.He almost finished firing the last round of mg62.

He HCMUSSH natural hemp cbd gummies painfully begged his companions around him to help him, but he was disappointed, no one wanted to take care of him.Only you can save yourself on the cbd cannabidiol gummies creekside pharmacy cbd gummies battlefield. An American soldier was probably frightened by this terrifying battlefield.He actually grabbed a grenade and screamed, as if he was afraid that the enemy would not know his existence.He s crazy.Of course, the bullet did not take pity on him because of his madness.When the American soldier fell, his body was almost beaten into a honeycomb.Still no one is willing to look at him more. The battlefield is so cruel, you can choose to fight to the end, or you can choose to be crazy.Everything is your own choice The battlefields are intertwined, making it almost impossible to tell which is the main battlefield, and the more this is the time, the more it is time to test the senior commander.

Moyol.Before, natural hemp cbd gummies he was full of doubts, whether Mr.Moyol could fulfill his promise, but in such a short period natural hemp cbd gummies can dogs take cbd gummies of time, he really did it.Well, since he can overthrow Vittorio Mussolini s rule, he can also natural hemp cbd gummies easily overthrow himself.Once he can t complete the task he entrusted to himself, then.The ending he faces may be even more tragic than that of Vittorio.I am willing to serve you anytime, anywhere, Mr.Moyol.Now, Bertrul bet all his treasures on Mr.Moyol I am waiting for your call.Wang Weiyi is very satisfied with the other party s attitude I will give you new instructions at any time.Mr.President, I hope you will sit in this position as long as possible.Italy has lost a dictator, and they need another dictator.Bertrouel s Eyes lighted up April 10, 1966, after the briefest of interrogations.More than a dozen people, including Catadona and Nadov, were sentenced to death for treason by a temporary secret court.

He doesn t want you to surrender to the Germans or the Ukrainians, he just wants you to be responsible for this country.You can continue to command your army, and after the war, join the new government, completely remodeling the Russian revival.Please stop the bloodshed of innocent people, the decision is yours, General Dahlcroft.Dahlcroft s eyelids twitched a few times Is this really what Marshal Ernst said Yes, not a single word is bad.Hayelav replied very positively The decision is in your hands, General Dahlcroft cast his eyes on his chief of staff, and Midoff said softly Your Excellency, Commander, I have no right to ask you what to do.But there is one thing I agree with, Russia continues to be ruled by Gregory, our country will collapse.You cherish your reputation.But the future of the country is more important than anything elseSurrender may make you a great revivalist Dalcliffe lit a cbd cannabidiol gummies creekside pharmacy cbd gummies cigarette and fell into deep thought Heyeraf didn t urge him, but just waited patiently on the side.

There is still an hour before the stock market opens, and a large number of people have already gathered at the door.They are discussing today s market lively, discussing what kind of high point the stock market will reach today.The Marquis of Ilya entered through the side door.A big client like him is a VIP here, so he doesn t have to wait for the natural hemp cbd gummies door to be opened with those poor guys.When he went in, he saw that Mr.Elliott had arrived and was beside Mr.Elliott.He was also surprised to see Mr.Gates Morgan and Mr.Lawrence Rockefeller.Ah, these are the natural hemp cbd gummies three heavyweights in the United States, for Mr.Morgan and Mr.Rockefeller.I have only seen them once or twice.Ilya became excited, and he walked quickly in front of the three tycoons It s a great honor to meet you, Mr.Wittgenstein, Mr.Morgan, and Mr.

Everyone s face showed ferocious madness.The price kept going up and up, whether it was in the stock market or in the stock market.House deed exchange.Elliott, Gates, Lawrence are watching all this coldly Wang Weiyi, Frost, Casanovich are also watching all this coldly Ilya was screaming crazily, Sherissa was also screaming crazily.Everyone was screaming crazily The deed of a house in a remote area of Manhattan Avenue has been fired to an astronomical sum, but no one cares about it at all, in their opinion.As long as he can grab the contract, it means that he will be flooded with money.This is a big day, this is the craziest big day Xie Lisa wanted to sell the two house contracts she held several times, but seeing the rising prices.She hesitated again.hold on.Wait a little longer, and natural hemp cbd gummies there will definitely be a new price.

Whose dick is six inches long Boa raised his head and said.Yes I know a guy with a six inch dick and that s the guy who s fucking Arklet s girlfriend Jakes yelled.You shameless guys, you talk about peanuts , or sword scabbard , or Simon all day long, don t you feel sick Oh, hello Yeah People started booing.Aklit stood up abruptly and pushed Jakes hard You fucking talk nonsense Well, what do you want Do you want to use your damn tongue to lick my ass Guys, don t entangle this piece of fresh meat anymore, let s cbd gummies stop drinking let him know what real war is Hopper said with a sneer.Brothers, what tune do you want to hear Gavin took out a flute and asked.This is one of the few recreational activities that soldiers have in their free time.Can you play The Twelve Days of Christmas asked Bausacks.No problem Gawyn replied, Come on, let s sing together Ahem He cleared his throat, then set up the flute and pressed his lips against the lip pad.

Then files rushed into the building.The sound of the rain immediately became quieter, and it made a dull patter on the roof of the building.At the same time, the soldiers bodies after being washed by the rain all of a sudden became warmer.Uncomfortable.Second class, be on guard outside shouted Lieutenant Pozik.Huh, Oscar Mike Class one enters right pure cbd gummies 1000mg natural hemp cbd gummies Come in, right Left The soldiers put the butts of their guns on their shoulders.They carefully checked every corner of the building.There kill him Bovich raised his rifle and killed an American soldier who was trying to escape.The target fell to the ground The room is safe Drop a bomb Taylor ran to the entrance of the natural hemp cbd gummies corridor.With his back against the wall at the corner of the corridor, he pulled out a grenade and threw it upstairs along the stairs at the corner.

Ze is my old fashioned, he is also my closest friend.The more important reason is that he is still a hero in the eyes of the French, and he has a high prestige in this country.Now, he is in prison, and the opposition groups in France are leaderless and chaotic.You know, in France, even within the same faction, the infighting is very fierce Wang Weiyi nodded, in the In the whole of Europe, the country with the most internal fighting probably belongs to FranceDuring the Second World War, I used this bad behavior of the French to successfully resolve the support of Charles de Gaulleand now, the Khatri government is probably making good use of this too According to can you take cbd gummies with tylenol Lantes, there is no delay in rescuing Yetiri, and what Lantes said afterwards made things suddenly tense.Lantes learned from his father s old friends that in order to completely eliminate hidden dangers, the Katri government has prepared to secretly execute Yeti in the past two days Baron, we have tried every means, However, Mr.

Before, a large number of people have been transferred what are cbd gummies good for natural hemp cbd gummies to various places to organize parades, such as Avaco in the Paris Iron Works.Those who are still here are worried that the credit will be taken by others They must take advantage of this rare opportunity to express themselves well.When only Baron Alexon and himself were left in the office, Litum said cautiously Baron, the great revolution has begun, so I You too, go and be with your comrades.Wang Weiyi closed the book in his hand What an exciting day Litum s emotions were also completely mobilized by the baron s words, he nodded heavily at the baron, and then strode out of his office Baron, let me go too Dodoan said excitedly.Wang Weiyi smiled and shook his head, looking at Dodoan s puzzled eyes, he said in a low voice Dodoan, this is not a real revolution, the real revolution is completely different from what you imagined, I ask You stay here, stay by my side, and watch carefully, not with your eyes, but with your heart.

What about you, Lieutenant Colonel I can t compare with you.Wang Weiyi put down the tableware I will stay there for a long time, Ah, maybe stay until the end of the war.Who knows Major, two hours from London, hope you don natural hemp cbd gummies t encounter partisans from the Resistance on the way.Major Karimi and his two companions looked very pale.It s changedyes, no one knows better than the CIA s what those guerrillas hatethese guys will always attack at special times, there is no defense, their own Some colleagues also suffered a lot for this But fortunately, there is a platoon of American soldiers on this train, probably those guerrillas do not have natural hemp cbd gummies the courage to do anything to this train But the more you are afraid of something, the more it will come There was a loud boom , and the whole train natural hemp cbd gummies was violently shaken, and then everyone in the carriage felt that the train had derailed, and then suddenly Lean to the right, and then the compartment becomes dark for pure cbd gummies 1000mg natural hemp cbd gummies an instant Wang Weiyi s head was buzzing, and he couldn t help cursing Captain Angus and those guys sent by Sir Monlington loudly in his heart.

He and Lopez exchanged glances, as if telling Lopez that he had killed Travivski.Major, you re back.Lopez quickly turned his head to Major White who rushed back to the banquet natural hemp cbd gummies with a pocket watch in his hand.Ah, Mr.Lopez, look, this is the watch I just told you about.Major White, who left the banquet for about 10 minutes, handed the watch to Lopez I just found it in my luggage.For a long time, I thought I lost it, but found it in my other bag, ha, look at my memory.This is a pocket watch from the 19th century, and the workmanship is very fine.Lopez admired it carefully Looking at the pocket watch I think it can be worth a lot of money, Major, you have to keep it well.Major White was very happy.When they were chatting just now, they accidentally talked about the issue of watches.Major White happened to have such a watch, and he decided to take it out for Lopez to appraise whether it was valuable for collection.

He couldn t figure out why the certification document signed by himself had become a letter with the enemy.He was sure that the certification document was written yesterday and no one had creekside pharmacy cbd gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost touched it.It.Ah.Maybe there is one, that is Mr.Pendona, his housekeeper.But Pendona has followed him loyally for twenty years.How could he betray himself I asked to speak to Mr.President.A confused Yess said I must tell Mr.President that I have fallen into a terrible conspiracy This guy who has been obsessed until now I what are cbd gummies good for natural hemp cbd gummies m afraid you can t talk to Mr.President for the time being Nash sneered What I can tell you is that Mr.President has given me full authority to investigate this matter thoroughly.thing.Now let s discuss, natural hemp cbd gummies how did you collude with our enemies, and how much did you betray the country s interests No, I have never betrayed any national interests Yes yelled furiously I have been serving my motherland loyally all the time The phone on the desk rang.

I m not whining, Billy, do you know how long we ve been here It s been more than three months, I don t know how we got through these three months, I think we natural hemp cbd gummies are just two fools Okay, okay, stop complaining, it s work, and someone has to do it.One more day of suffering, and we ll never have to see the mother and daughter again.Agent Lao and Agent Billy complained to each other and comforted each other, but at least one thing made them feel relieved.In less than 24 hours, they could get rid of this boring life.At a corner, Alinda and Mr.Moyol suddenly disappeared.This made Law and Billy a little strange.Just as they were trying to catch up quickly, suddenly several guys with weapons appeared in front of them.In front of you.That leaves no time for two hapless agents, Law cbd gummies in brainerd and Billy, to draw their weapons I m Captain Angus.

What does that mean That means he can take off his military uniform, leave the army, and take that beautiful and charming widow pure cbd gummies 1000mg natural hemp cbd gummies to any place in the world to live a carefree life.You, can you really give me 300,000 pounds Major Barack still seemed a little unconvinced.Wang Weiyi took out a check from his pocket Here is 30,000 pounds, as a deposit from me.Major, how much time do you need to complete this matter Major Barack swallowed, he can What is certain is that Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s shot is more generous than Nash.He accepted the check, and then carefully hid it One week, one week later, you can see what you want.Wang Weiyi smiled with satisfaction.In many cases, money can always buy those greedy peopleAnd these people don t think about the serious and terrible consequences it will cause when they accept the money Ah, you seem to have a very pleasant chat.

Leeson did not deny this But the situation cbd cannabidiol gummies creekside pharmacy cbd gummies at the time was that Shukako was the most A man of suspicion.What I mean by that is to find the truth The truth is that you have wronged an innocent young man Randolph interrupted him As you can see, my client, Shukako, is just a young man.Yes, he is impulsive and has a bad record.He was caught by Officer Leeson many times, but Every time he was released due to insufficient evidence, so Officer Leeson hated the young man.He always wanted to throw Shukako into prison, but he didn t find any good way.However, Lucy s death provided him with the best opportunity, and the first thought in his mind was to involve Shukako No, I ve never done that before.thought about it Lisson almost roared I don t deny that I had the idea of taking Shukako to prison.What kind of person is sitting there Drugs, robbery, stealing, I caught him more than ten times, but each time I got a call from some special department asking me to release Shukako immediately, I m just a little cop, I can t fight those Big man, so although I am not reconciled, I can only watch Shukako swaggeringly disappear from my sight But I never want to involve him in the murder case, do The justice and conscience of the police will never allow me to do this natural hemp cbd gummies Justice and conscience Randolph sneered The so called justice and conscience mean that you have indeed done something that a policeman should not do.

The Irish government and the Fenton government quickly fell into chaos, and the order of suppression quickly passed to Colonel Tarrant, Colonel Tarrant quickly rejected this order.In his telegram reply, he said We have no way to suppress, because if we want to suppress, it will suppress the entire people of Moyle I think everyone should come to Moyle, the people here are fanatical supporters of Adams and his interim government, even in the Internal Guard that I command, there is no lack of followers of Adams, I am losing my respect for Moyle Er s control.Colonel Tarrant s attitude was unexpected by the Irish government.They had to urgently mobilize the National Army stationed near Moyle to attack.At the same time, Colonel Tarrant also refused Adams interim government to grant him Prime Minister appointed.

Perhaps, this will be his burial place.In such a situation, General Denardo became calmer instead.Looking around, there is only less than one platoon of troops, and they are no match for these Germans anyway.He said softly to his men Hey, boys, you have done your duty and can now surrender.No, General, we fight with you.Hearing this, General Denardo Some moved, but he shook his head stubbornly Boys, the battle is over, listen, the battle is over.You are still so young, you should not die so early.As a general, I order you Put down your arms and surrender His soldiers looked at each other, and then let out a heavy sigh at the same time One soldier after another threw away the weapons in their hands and left with their hands raised high.General Denardo looked around and found that only Tesla had not left.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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