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best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety cbd gummies for erection cbd gummies diy cbd dosage calculator gummies HCMUSSH.

Snake.Old Xu felt a little funny, and couldn t help asking How big is it It s more than three meters long, it s estimated to be four meters long, and it s really as thick as the mouth of a bowl.of richness.Four meters, as thick as the mouth of a bowl, what is the concept Han Chaoyang found HCMUSSH cbd dosage calculator gummies that the problem cbd gummies for beginners cbd dosage calculator gummies was more serious than he had imagined, and Lao Xu also realized that what he was about to encounter was not the kind of snake he had caught, but now he didn t care about that much.The second unit of Building 3 was in front of him, and the downstairs was full The residents of the community, men, women, old and young, are talking to each other in whispers.Give way, everyone, please make way.We are from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Who called 110 just now Han Chaoyang parked the car, opened the storage box, took out the folder, and squeezed into the crowd with Old Xu.

What are you, your family is not a good thing.My family is not dead yet, and the South Street store can t turn to you Jiang Er Hu The water thrown by the married girl, are you still Jiang s family When so many people were insulted, Jiang Erhu blushed with anger, pointed at them and roared Besides, the 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies store is not from your hands.It was given to me by Yu Xiushui, go find Yu Xiushui if you are not convinced.Smelly shameless thing, you are obsessed with money, and you have the nerve to push the dead man, Yu Xiushui gave it to you, show me a proof He 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies didn t give it to me.How can I keep the shop open for so many years Calculate the rent, if you think about it separately, you will never end with me if you dare to reduce the rent The matter between them and Zhang Beibei was not over yet, and the cousins 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies broke up again.

The wages of community workers are not low, but very low It is said that the requirements for recruitment are quite high.They must be college students, Party members are preferred, and they must have work experience.The written test is followed by an interview, which is like a public test.Many people think that they will be able to solve the establishment in the future, and rush to apply for the exam.In the end, not to mention the settlement of the career establishment, even the most basic five social insurances and one housing fund are discounted.They only pay pension and medical insurance according to the minimum standard, and do not pay anything else.After deducting the part that should be paid by the individual, there are only more than 1,600 left.Han Chaoyang reacted, and subconsciously asked Director Su, how many community workers are you going to arrange to join the security company Those who graduated from colleges and universities should dedicate their youth to the front line, and they should be considered for them both emotionally and rationally.

Well, I will take care of my home, so that you have no worries.The director and his party have worked hard, prepared a rich lunch, and even cbd dosage calculator gummies went I bought a few bottles of iced Sprite in a small shop outside.While greeting Liu Suo, Lao Ding and others for dinner, Guan Yuanyuan seized the time to report to Liu Suo on the work of the past four days.From the instructions from the superiors, to the branch office to hold several meetings, to handle a few cases in the office, to what happened in the Chaoyang community.Didn t Han Chaoyang borrow a few security guards from the property management of Dongming Community when he destroyed the fake certificate den of 527 Factory The manager surnamed Zhang wanted to avoid punishment by saying that their security guards were volunteer security officers from our police station.

Han Chaoyang took the initiative to see them off, and even ran up to help open the 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies door.As a result, they acted as if they hadn t seen it just like last night.Needless to say hello.Completely isolated, the county magistrate is not as good as the current one, how to live in the future, the more Han Chaoyang thinks about it, the more unpleasant it becomes, the more depressed he becomes.Lao Jin has so much experience in society, how can he not know his mood at the moment.He doesn t need to worry about things like cleaning the battlefield.Let Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin drive him back to the neighborhood committee to rest first, organize patrol team members cbd gummies ranked to clean up the things in the village committee courtyard, walk to Director Su and say calmly Director Su, Han Da doesn t seem to be in a good mood.

Just as he cbd dosage calculator gummies was puzzled, the phone rang suddenly, and it was Director Su calling.There is a colleague who is very gossip in the office, and it is not convenient to answer here.She picked up her mobile phone and ran to the shade of the tree in the courtyard, pressed the call button and asked, Sister Su, do you have any news Very nervous No matter what, we re still friends.Don t be nervous if something happens to your friend.Sister Su, what time is it You re still in the mood to joke around.Director Su looked up at Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu, and while skillfully turning his pen, he said with a smile Secretary Yang said that the situation was basically clarified.He seemed to have offended others in the process of law enforcement, and the people who had been dealt with were dissatisfied.The Disciplinary Committee of the sub bureau reported him for taking bribes for personal gain.

Where s the duty room Secretary Guo said that someone will be on duty.Han Chaoyang fastened his seat belt, took out his mobile phone and immediately called Lao Jin Manager Jin, I m Han Chaoyang , There is an urgent task, and the team members who do not need to be on duty are notified to wear all the equipment and stand by in the conference room.I will go to the community immediately, and I will set off as soon as I arrive.What task Lao Jin asked subconsciously.I can t make it clear on the phone, we ll talk about it when we meet.Okay, I ll notify you immediately.Director Wang, I m Xiaohan, how s the situation at the hotel I just called Lao Gu, and he said inside There is no movement, no noise, not like a gathering.As long as they are inside, please help me tell Lao Gu again, don t listen to the wall anymore, so as not to startle the snake.

Han Chaoyang didn t want to stay here and get stared at.He accompanied Cao Mingzhi to the parking lot and said, Old Cao, I ll send you the phone number of the caller.He s helping us follow the trash collector.The leader only said to take a few people, not who to take.Cao Mingzhi didn t want to delay the battle, nor did he want his comrades to mistakenly think that he was holding a chicken feather as an arrow, so he simply said You are familiar with the situation, come with me.That s fine, but you have to tell the master.Hurry up, I ll go drive and wait for you at the gate.Running to the south gate to find Grandpa Gu, Grandpa Gu was indeed talking to Director Su, greeted the two of them, and saw that two more team members were transferred , ran to the gate, got into a police car, and hurried to Xinmin South Road.

Chaoyang, are the people from the criminal police team here It turned out to be the master, Han Chaoyang no longer worried about Guan Xiyuan, pointing to the alley and said Here, they are all inside, not only Xi cbd dosage calculator gummies Da is here, but also the criminal police detachment of the city bureau Dead.How could there be a homicide and cbd gummies rings two people died Gu Guoli put on a hat and said solemnly You stare here, I ll go in and take a look.Slow down, the road in the alley is uneven After waiting for about ten minutes, Grandpa Gu returned to the entrance of the alley, poked his head He looked at Guan Xiyuan, who was hiding behind him and sleeping soundly leaning against the police car, and turned around as if he hadn t seen anything.Knowing that the old man would not say anything, Han Chaoyang was secretly happy cbd dosage calculator gummies to have such a master.

Not only did they not arrange for him, they even let him continue to assist in handling the case as before, and even asked him to return to the police station every week as before.The office is on a 24 hour shift.The security situation in his jurisdiction is so complicated, can he take care of it alone It s okay to go on like this Han Chaoyang felt that this was a solution, and pondered You can ask him to help you.If you can get a few security jobs on the opposite side, the security guards on duty on the opposite side can follow his instructions.At least you can give him more or less.Help.I m fine here, it depends on whether he can lay down a few bases.That s a good idea, Chaoyang, Xiao Zhong, talk to Zhenchuan about it later.Looking back, it turned out that Grandpa Gu When he came back, Han Chaoyang couldn t help but asked suspiciously Master, why are you wearing casual clothes Gu Guoli put down his handbag, took out the body camera from the bag, and smiled casually The police uniform is too conspicuous, it s more convenient to wear it.

When I arrived, the stagnant water had already overflowed to the steps of the public toilets.Otherwise, the road would be full of defecation.Huang Ying was completely convinced, and couldn cbd dosage calculator gummies t help asking So you re doing it to be lazy I m also doing it to drain the stagnant water on the road as soon as possible.It doesn t matter why, what matters is how you, the most handsome policeman , keep up with your superiors.Explain.I bet, tomorrow afternoon at the latest, a reporter will come to pure herbal cbd gummies reviews interview you.Your public security is paying attention to your image now, and your leaders will definitely not miss this good opportunity for publicity.Think about it carefully, and what should you say when the time comes.Chapter 111 The most handsome policeman best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety natures one cbd gummies where to buy 2 It s time for dinner.The master and apprentice are fully armed like noon.

There is this.Maybe, after all, there are too many people repairing the rolling shutters.Even if he damaged it, the merchants may not necessarily ask him to repair it.With so many small advertisements, there is a problem of who to choose. Then let s take a look at these small advertisements first., to see if there are any that appear at the same time, and the one with the highest probability of appearing at the same time.If there is an accomplice, it is impossible for him not to contact the accomplice, cbd gummies for sleeping just check the call records of his several mobile phones.Tang team, we must abide by the case The procedures are not something we can check if we want.Very troublesome Very troublesome, Han Chaoyang explained with a helpless face, We at the Liu Institute don t have the right to 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies do so, we need to ask the leader for approval.

His family shared 7 bungalows available for cbd gummies for beginners cbd dosage calculator gummies rent, and they have been rented out to others after they were built.But two months before Qiao Xianhong disappeared, Suddenly he stopped renting under the pretext of renovations, and asked the tenants who rented his house to move out.After he disappeared and lost contact, Zhang Qiuyan used the excuse that her husband was not at home and was afraid of being gossiped.It s a big doubt whether you have money or not.Deputy Director Feng added Whether this huge sum of money was found in Qiao Xianhong s renovated house or in the house he rented out to others, everything that happened after that It all shows that there is a problem with this huge sum of cbd dosage calculator gummies do cbd gummies have thc in them money itself, and we can conclude that there is a case in the case Whether it is drug money or other illegal and criminal proceeds, I can t think of it now.

Famous teacher To be a high level apprentice, with cbd gummies near here Grandpa Gu, he is not good.Captain He, things are not what you think, the bureau leader transferred Lao Gu from best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety the Changfeng Street Police Station to our Huayuan Street 750mg cbd gummies Police Station, and let Lao Gu be his master.It can be said that letting Lao Gu take him is the icing on the cake.Worshiping Lao Gu as a teacher is a later thing You don t even think about it.If he doesn t do anything, the bureau leader Can you know him, can you have these subsequent arrangements Thinking about it carefully, there are many achievements.First, a huge gang producing and selling fake certificates was discovered, and then a robber and a murderer were captured.More than two million fines.It s interesting, I ll see you later, I really want to see how handsome he is.

More importantly, we organized the police to visit and question so many people, cbd dosage calculator gummies but none of them found Qiao Xianhong and his wife.What does this mean I think we can t find them.It s possible.Xi Hongbo pondered for a moment, then suggested He Zhi, branch office, shall we arrange for two comrades to go to the airport and find out where they are Surveillance video at the airport and when boarding the plane, to see if they have any accomplices, especially if they have been bitten on any exposed parts of their bodies.If it is necessary, give an order.Yes He Zhi, do you want to Mr.Wang, please coordinate, please colleagues from Dongguang to help us find out the whereabouts of Gao Junfei and the two of you Wait a little longer, until the cbd dosage calculator gummies cbd gummies near me nj results of the two paternity tests come out.That s good, it s safe.

Drugs are not Chinese cabbage, and they cannot be bought with money.Lu Zi might cbd dosage calculator gummies not be able to get such a good product at the current price.Gao Junfei wanted to cooperate again, and was about to say a few more good words, but the other party had already hung up.Just hang it up, there are not many customers who can buy more than one million yuan in goods at once.Gao Junfei believed that Brother Miao would take the initiative to contact him after a while, locked the car door, and walked towards the bathroom with the key.As a result, just as he reached the gap between two large trucks, a young man in a white T shirt approached him.Blocking his way, he said in Mandarin with a touch of Dongguang Key.There is no doubt that he belongs to Brother Miao.When did he come best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety natures one cbd gummies where to buy I just watched for a long time and didn t notice it.

Not only were the team members very young, they were not only well equipped and well trained, but at a glance, it was obvious that most of them were veterans.Received rigorous military training.Guan Yuanyuan had seen the lineup of the patrol team hemp cbd infused gummies kansas when checking the migrant population in Chaoyang Village, but he had never seen such a formal gathering.He silently counted the number cbd sleep gummies side effects best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety of people, then turned around and said, Five squadrons are cbd dosage calculator gummies cbd gummies near me nj here, with seventy six people.Didn t come, if you count those on duty, the number may be hundreds.There are a lot of people.All young men are full of blood, armed to the teeth, and one third of the team members are equipped with law enforcement recorders, Liu Jianye turned his head Looking at Lao Xu cbd dosage calculator gummies and the auxiliary police officers in the station, the more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he was, and he immediately shouted, Old Gu, assemble, let s form a team Queue training is rarely carried out in the station, and many of the auxiliary police officers are actually low income security guards.

I m going to cut the watermelon, and there s half left.If you don t eat it, it won t taste good tomorrow.What are you talking about, even if you don t go to work tomorrow, I I have to go to work tomorrow.What are you talking about, you are hiding such a big event from us, Huang s father returned to the coffee table, picked up his mobile phone, opened WeChat, found some photos, looked at his daughter with a smile and asked, Saturday Is he the one who came to eat Director Su should have told my aunt, and my aunt told them again Huang Ying came to her senses, hugged her father s arm tightly, and said with a giggle, It s him.How does it feel Do you think it s okay Looking at the handsome Han Chaoyang in the photo, he was very happy and relieved and said Your mother asked your aunt, and your aunt helped us find out.

Jiao Da received a call and discussed with Liang Dongsheng for five or six minutes on the phone, and it was determined.final course of action.The time passed minute by minute, and it was already 11 o clock in the middle of the night in a blink actress cbd gummies of an eye.No car came again, Jiao Da didn t want to wait any longer, so he called the headquarters to ask for instructions, and deputy detachment leader He agreed to take action Old Liang, Lao Liang, start to act Yes Liang Dongsheng responded, immediately picked up his mobile phone, and was the first to run out of the forest.This was the order, and Wu Wei and the others followed suit.Liang Dongsheng rushed out of the woods, crossed the motorway in the villa area, and rushed under the courtyard wall in one breath, squatting with his back against the wall full of ivy, Wu Wei stepped on his hands, and cbd gummies for beginners cbd dosage calculator gummies he jumped up Trust, Wu Wei took advantage of the opportunity to lie on the wall, only to hear a dog barking Wow coming from inside.

As soon as Han Chaoyang mentioned these things, he felt happy, and he grinned and said, I m shopping with Huang Ying s mother, and I don t think I ll be back 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies until after dinner.So you and Huang Ying are settled No Maybe, let s date first, talk cbd gummies for beginners cbd dosage calculator gummies first, then cultivate and cultivate feelings, and talk about marriage later.Isn t it settled, congratulations.Thank you.People are incomparable, Wu Wei was really envious but not jealous.Thinking of what the master just mentioned on the phone, he couldn t help laughing Chaoyang, there is something that I couldn t say before, but now I can tell you, but I can only tell you.What Why don t you go to the meeting room and talk about it.Okay.Walk into the meeting room on the first floor of the neighborhood committee, close the door, and turn on the air conditioner.

Han Chaoyang sat in front of the monitor cbd dosage calculator gummies and clicked the mouse cbd dosage calculator gummies to switch the screen to the entrance of the hospital, the entrance of the emergency center and the lobby of the emergency center, and then started to look back.The four of them ran away five or six minutes ago, 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies and the figures of the four appeared on the monitor soon.Worried that the senior brother had chased out of the range of the walkie talkie, Han Chaoyang took out the police phone and quickly dialed a series of short numbers , As soon as the call was connected, he stared at the monitor and said eagerly Jinchuan Jinchuan, I saw the surveillance.The injured man was thin, with long hair, wearing a black T shirt and gray slacks.The woman has short hair, wearing a tight white T shirt on the upper body, black shorts on the lower body, and a red backpack the other two men are tall and short, tall and flat headed, wearing a checkered short sleeved shirt on the upper body, and gray on the lower body Big shorts the short man also has a crew cut, wearing a white T shirt on his upper body, blue jeans on his lower body, and he walks with a splayed figure.

3 machine, received by the No.3 machine.Received by the No.4 machine, and will be here soon.The large screens on both sides of the north and south banks played the pre recorded promotional video in a loop.Meaning, Director Le resolutely broadcasted a live broadcast to the uninvited guests on Huayuan Street.As soon as the two camera crews arrived, he squeezed beside Han Chaoyang and asked with a smile, Young man, are you in charge of these three bands Yes They all listen to you, and they know that you are in charge at a glance.My surname is Le, and my single name is Zan, the director of the party.You can play until 6 55, but you must give me a playlist.It turned out to be the general manager director To be able to play until the official start of the party, there is such a good thing Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and immediately called his brother, Lao Pan, and Factory Manager Wang over.

The actress who led the singing just now went to the microphone again, raised her arms and sang affectionately The mud covered the trouser legs, and the sweat soaked the back of the clothes I don t know who you are, but I know who you are for A macro A bright and thick male voice sounded, and the audience who were only looking at the beautiful women noticed that an actor also walked out of the chorus on the right.For whom, for the harvest of autumn, for the return of spring and wild geese For whom, my comrade in arms, when will you come back Who are you, for whom, my brothers and sisters will not shed tears Who is the most beautiful, who is the most tired My folks, my comrades in arms, my brothers and sisters Sister It sounds so good, it s amazing Enthusiastic applause sounded again, but the melody did not end because of this, and the transition began again naturally.

Chapter 229 What is this A new day, a fresh start Han Chaoyang went to the police station first, and then accompanied Lao Chai, a community policeman, to Yangguan Village.He ran all morning and returned to the police office after 10 00 noon.live smile.The father in law and mother in law were so kind, not only agreed to Huang Ying s move but also helped to move.In the morning, I found a van and pulled over the old big bed, desk, dining table, refrigerator and washing machine.I felt that the big ass color TV in the past couldn t keep up with the times, so I went to the mall to buy a 32 inch LCD TV, and I m currently helping to install the curtains.I could feel that they were decorating the PolyU dormitory as a wedding room, and sent more than a dozen photos to ask how it was and if it was okay.

The people in several surrounding townships treat him He is very familiar, he would not alert the villagers in the past, and he can chat with the villagers.In the cbd gummy and breastfeeding corner of cbd dosage calculator gummies Lijiayao, you can only find such a person, and if you go to someone else, you will be surrounded by the villagers immediately.But who is Mei Shengli If Feng Changdong is the most wanted criminal to be hunted down by the Longdao County Public Security Bureau, then Mei Shengli is the number one person that the Longdao County Letters and Calls Bureau pays attention to Director Shi felt a little ironic, and said coldly He Pingyuan, the person you are looking for, you will be responsible for any problems.Yes.Report in time if there is any situation The police force is being organized in the bureau, but it will definitely not be transferred from the Xinying Police Station, but the police force drawn from other units will be transferred to Xinying.

He has not been idle for the past two years and is still engaged in drug crimes.This time he came back to recruit soldiers.He doesn t trust outsiders, but only his own family.There is another one.Maybe, maybe he came back for the ephedra grass.The motive for coming back is not important, the important thing is how to catch him.Shi Ju touched the corner of his mouth and said cbd dosage calculator gummies coldly It s so far away, just waiting like this, it s too passive.Pingyuan, you arrange work in the office, leave a policeman on duty, and the others follow us to Donggu Forest Farm.Donggu Forest Farm belongs to the Forestry Bureau of Longdao County.The area of the forest farm used to be small.The work of returning forests is constantly advancing, and the area of the forest farm is getting bigger and bigger, and it is next to Lijiayao.

The Bureau of Stone did not dare to delay for a minute, and seized the time to interrogate Feng Guobao, who was likely to know about it, on the spot.Feng Guobao, I can tell you responsibly that he can t escape 100.Even if he is lucky and can escape like last time, how far he can run and how long he can abscond, it will be a matter of time before he is caught.If he is now Arrested, you are suspected of harboring fugitives.Although the problem is very serious, it is not particularly serious.If you run away this time and you are arrested in the future, your problem will be very serious, and you will probably die of old age cbd sleep gummies side effects best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety in prison.Changdong is my nephew, Because it s not shameful for him to go to jail. Changqin is also your niece Director Shi, what s the matter with Changqin Feng Guobao, are you really confused or pretending to be confused, you never thought that Feng Changdong knew about his hometown It s very dangerous.

The leader didn t need to learn from his class, and he couldn t find an excuse not to drink.Besides, the leaders of the county bureau were so enthusiastic.Even though Jian Yunping helped him drink several cups, Fan Ju was still drunk.In addition to the tiredness of the pommel horse all the way, I was too tired and uncomfortable, and I didn t recover until the morning of the third day.The roundup of Feng Changdong was carried cbd dosage calculator gummies out on the second night of their arrival, at the beginning they claimed to be an cbd dosage calculator gummies cbd gummies near me nj anti drug operation in order to avoid alarming the enemy.The bureau dispatched all the policemen who could be transferred into the mountain, but in order to receive him, the leader of the police bureau who was a brother from Yanyang, Chai Shuxi, a member of the bureau s party committee, was specially invited to accompany him.

Seeing Jiang Li, Zhang Tianxiang and Han Chaoyang, they immediately bit the bullet and walked out of the queue with the Commissioner for Discipline and Political Commissar, and walked into the office building through the east side door under everyone s astonished eyes.Han Chaoyang didn t know the county leader who answered the phone just now, but Jiang Li did.The secretary of the county party committee not only had a wrong face, but also had been staring at He Suo just now.Others may not know what kind of person he is, but Jiang Li knows it very well.He has been working for so many years and can be described as conscientious.What problems can there be If there is no problem, how could the superior bring him into the office building at this time.Jiang Li was puzzled, Zhang Tianxiang was also confused, Han Chaoyang was also confused, and the three of them looked at each other.

I have already moved my household registration here once, and I don t want to make any trouble.Besides, my hometown is a small county, so it s not interesting to go back.Just passed In the past few months, she encountered and even had to face so many things alone, one can imagine how tired she is at the moment.Han Chaoyang was about to ask her about her next plan when the police alarm suddenly rang.Hello, hello, who are you Comrade Han Chaoyang Yes, I am Han Chaoyang from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Comrade Han Chaoyang, I am Yan Bin from the Fourth Squadron of Criminal Police of Yanzhong Sub bureau.From the photo you uploaded, I have seen the Zhu Youwei you are looking for, and I have dealt with it.It is almost certain that he did it for the suspected theft, and we can only let him go because of insufficient evidence.

Where is the mistake I really sol cbd gummies didn t take their bag, really I didn t steal their money.I m worried, I m afraid, I m afraid you think I stole it, I m afraid you will find the school Still quibbling Facts have proved that the most handsome policeman has laid the groundwork very well just now, and this kid is completely Panicked, already out of proportion.Yan Bin also slammed the table down, stared at his cbd dosage calculator gummies gleaming eyes, and asked There is no silver three hundred taels here, you didn t steal it, how do you know that the money is in the bag The owner didn t say anything, We didn t mention it either, but the video that asked you at that time is still there, should I call it up for you to see Zhu Youwei, don t even think about it, there is not enough evidence that Officer Yan cbd dosage calculator gummies can stay at PolyU and wait here for you Throw in cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank reviews a net Han Chaoyang interjected without losing the opportunity, his attitude changed again, he sat down in front of him, and said unhurriedly Our leader has studied your case, and considering that you are a student, we even helped you with the school.

It makes us policemen exhausted every day.Miao Haizhu was talking , a familiar figure staggered past the school gate.Han Zhaoyang confirmed that he read it correctly, and hurriedly said Sister Miao, Yingying, keep your eyes on me for a while, I ll go out and take a look.What are you looking at If you see an acquaintance, if you don cbd dosage calculator gummies t go to say hello to her, the command center I will arrange for the police later.Who is it Huang Ying just asked, Han Chaoyang had already ran out of the gate, catching up with an old lady who was talking to the parents of the students who were bringing their children to report.Huang Ying was very curious, and after chasing after her, the unlucky guy was supporting the best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety natures one cbd gummies where to buy old lady s arm and asked with a smile, Grandma, do you always forget where your home is I m asking someone to call 110 for me.

Being back tomorrow means that he doesn t need to prepare a change of clothes for him.Huang Ying didn t know what to say in front of Miao Haizhu, when a sudden call came from the other end of the phone The phone rang, only to hear that Han Chaoyang connected to another phone and was talking to the leader.The report is big, everything is normal at the scene.It s nonsense, there is only a pile of sand at the scene, and the hell if the sand pile is not normal Teng Da, who had just walked out of the forensic anatomy room in the funeral parlor, slandered and said coldly Comrade Han Chaoyang, I have a report.The forensic doctor has just finished dissecting the body, and it can be confirmed that the deceased died of homicide The superior ordered to set up a task force immediately and consider cbd gummies how much to take There may be items such as the deceased s mobile phone in the sand, and there may even be the murder weapon used by the murderer.

1 received it, car No.1 received it, please tell me.Drive slowly, please change clothes as soon as possible. Xu Hongliang put down the walkie talkie and changed his clothes like everyone else.The moment he took off his white shirt, a dragon with teeth and claws appeared on his bare chest.Seeing him put on a pair of sunglasses again, Huang Ying burst out laughing.Su Xian and Zheng Xinyi were also laughing up and down, but Han Chaoyang was a little nervous, and couldn t help picking up his mobile phone to call Xu Hongliang.Hongliang, I am Chaoyang.Acting is acting.Don t get too involved.No matter what the situation is, you must not do it.Don t worry, it s fine.Go on, put down the phone and pick up the walkie talkie again Attention is we the people cbd gummy bears rated good all cars, attention all cars, enter the danger zone immediately, please report the preparation situation.

I said it s a big deal, isn t it just a person.Xu Hongliang got into the cab of the police car, He took out his mobile phone and dialed the 110 duty room of the PolyU Security Office.After chatting cbd sleep gummies side effects best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety with Zhang Jinhai, the director of the school security team, Zhang Jinhai agreed to arrange two security guards to come over.Wu Wei was stunned, and asked in disbelief Hongliang, you are from the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, or from the PolyU Volunteer Security Patrol Team.Why do you know the PolyU Security Office so well Xu Hongliang put down his phone and clicked He started the engine, supported the steering wheel to reverse the car, and smiled proudly Didn t you ask them for help some time ago, did you go to the stadium to perform security tasks together Chaoyang was communicating in the Northwest at that time.

In addition, some drivers do not know what cbd dosage calculator gummies civilized driving is.Due to these reasons, Black Dabang escaped from the sight of the special task force several times.Fortunately, Tengda was prepared early and adjusted the deployment in time at every critical moment.Han Chaoyang chased after him for a while in an emergency, until the No.1 car overtook the front and the No.3 car followed the target, and he was relieved after a parking space.In downtown Yanyang, it has reached the end of Renmin Road.Five cars and one car are so laborious, we should install a tracker on the target car like in the movie.There was another traffic light ahead, Wu Wei opened the window and lit a cigarette.Han Chaoyang looked back, held the steering wheel with a smile and said, What kind of tracker can you install Just put a mobile phone with positioning function on it.

She is worried that someone will leave the government, and that the person who will replace cbd 25mg gummy her doesn t understand business and management.Come over and command blindly, and bring down a good security company.How good it is to can cbd gummies help tinnitus have a joint stock system, and separate government and enterprise, which can not only prevent the new community party branch secretary from layman commanding the insider, but also play a certain role in motivating, at least the boys will be more motivated than before Enough.Director Su is leaving She was originally a grass roots job for training, and Chaoyang Village s land acquisition and demolition are so difficult, she has already gnawed down that hard bone, and a deputy department level cadre will stay here as the director of the neighborhood committee, right Overkill.

Knowing that Grandpa Gu and Han Chaoyang didn t smoke, he would be fine He said with a smile while pointing it up for himself Determine the target first and then coordinate, otherwise there is nothing to coordinate.Inspector Gu, Chaoyang, when we came over, Lao Ding and I walked around the neighborhood and found that the memorial hall is in a good location.Others think it s unlucky.We don t mind it, we can definitely borrow it.Did you make a mistake, you fell in love with the memorial hall Han Chaoyang stared into his eyes and asked in a low voice Kangsuo, the Chaoyang Village Committee is quite big, can you cbd gummies for beginners cbd dosage calculator gummies coordinate with the engineering headquarters and let them borrow a few rooms The Chaoyang Village Committee is quite big, but There are more people in the engineering headquarters, so it may not be possible to coordinate, and even if it is coordinated, it will be inconvenient.

Old Song, I am Han Chaoyang from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Yes, yes, it is me.Are you busy or not cbd dosage calculator gummies It s not convenient for you to talk.It s nothing.It s none of your business.I know about you, Old Song.What can you do Even if there is, HCMUSSH cbd dosage calculator gummies it s a good thing The villagers in Chaoyang all know him as a policeman, Song Baoshan is really impressed by him, his wife is watching TV, and the living room is too noisy, so he simply opened the sliding door and went to the balcony and said Officer Han, if you want to know anything, just ask, I am a party member, and I still have this awareness.Thank you for your support, Lao Song, I just want to know about the situation of Hang Weifang.I heard that he went to Macau to gamble and owed usury.Those people who collect debts can do anything.Anyway, he is also from our jurisdiction Residents, I can t let this happen.

Dad, I ll pin it on for you.His eldest daughter was also moved to tears, and under Director Wen s signal, she hurriedly took out the medal she had prepared earlier and pinned it to his chest.The grandson and granddaughter each hold one arm of him and hold him tight.Those seated in the first row were either old comrades or older representatives of the masses from Changfeng Street.The leaders were all sitting in the second row, not wanting to upstage the old man, and cbd dosage calculator gummies applauding.After the song For Whom was sung, the lights turned to the audience again, and the camera lens also turned to the audience with the lights.There are more protagonists this time, and all the old comrades sitting in the first row are close ups.The male host choked up and said Youth is fleeting, but youth is hard to stay Decades ago, they resolutely joined the police 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies force and devoted their blood to the public security cause.

Therefore, if the community wants to play a role, the hearts of the people are strong.I believe that as long as we do the job well, he will not are cbd gummies good for pain relief go on the road of crime again.In this case, let s take a look first, observe his actions, and listen to his words.Zhang Zhishu breathed a sigh of relief, thought about it and then gritted his teeth and said I, Zhang Changjian, are not really afraid of him.If he really holds a grudge, it will be a big deal.Branch secretary quit, let me play with him Secretary Zhang, stop kidding, don t worry, I m here, I m fine.Just as he was talking, Xu Hongliang arrived in his BMW.I saw him running to the dormitory to change into his uniform, and together with Li Xiaobin organized the boys to form a team in the yard.He made cbd dosage calculator gummies up his mind and made up his mind como ayudan los gummies de cbd to make the security company bigger and stronger with Lao Jin, Zhang Beibei, Li Xiaobin and others.

He s not an economic investigation policeman.How could he be asked to assist in the joint operation of the Food and Drug Administration and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau Zheng Xinyi poured water for the old man while explaining the cause and effect.Grandpa Gu finally understood, and immediately got up and opened the door to check The suspect in the inner room immediately closed the door and muttered Why don t you send the suspect to the prison for interrogation It s not like there is no detention room in the prison.What s the point of shutting down the police room It s too much fun Sergeant Gu , Our place is not only the Chaoyang Community Police Office of the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Branch, but also the comprehensive police receiving platform on Zhongshan Road of the Yandong Public Security cbd dosage calculator gummies Bureau.

After eating the peanuts, Grandpa Gu said with a smile, As for what to do next, I can only give you suggestions.Some suggestions.First and foremost, you must have a good attitude.There is no medicine for regret in this world.You can only face the past and the present.Let alone you, Mo Yunhu, we are cbd dosage calculator gummies such a big country In the past few years, we had to hide our strengths and bide our time.Who made our economy better than others, our technology advanced like others, and our military strength unmatched.This analogy is not very appropriate, but it is basically the same principle.We must have a good attitude and bear the burden of humiliation.Mo Yunhu felt much better when a respected veteran policeman could sit down to drink together and talk about it with confidence, sobbing, he said, Don t worry, Officer Gu, no matter how they treat me, I will never cbd dosage calculator gummies be the same again.

1 in front of him.secretary.Han Chaoyang pretended not to see, let go of his hand and said with a smile Okay, Secretary Cao, whatever you say, we will call you in the future.Did you eat Just did.Really Really gone.Cao Zefang looked back at Lao Ding again, and asked expectantly, Are you busy tonight If not, let s talk later Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Lao Ding blurted out, No, I m on duty today.I m not busy, Secretary Cao, let s go there.As soon as the two of them walked out of the police room through the back door, Lao Ding took off his hat and muttered, You can tell that he is a bureaucrat at first glance.Return Secretary Cao, the secretary of the community branch.What kind of secretary is that A full bottle doesn t ring and a half bottle rattles, that s the kind of person Officer Ding, don t be so loud, are you afraid he won t hear you Zheng Xinyi hastily reminded.

Shouldn t the first secretary go to help the poor Han Chaoyang asked suspiciously.No.What is that for The first secretary is more macroscopic.The mission of the first secretary is to guide and lead the village party branch or the community neighborhood cbd gummies for beginners cbd dosage calculator gummies committee party branch to do a good job.Poverty alleviation is only part of all work.Huang Ying went to A spoonful of cold water was added to the pot, and he continued The scope of selection is not limited to impoverished villages, but also weak and lax party organizations, poor leadership, long term absence of secretaries, stagnant work disunity in the leadership, serious internal friction, The work cannot be carried out normally the organizational system is useless, and activities are not carried out villages and communities where village affairs and financial disclosure and democratic management are chaotic, and social security problems and conflicts between complaints and visits are concentrated.

Zhang Beibei and Yingying were both present.He must have seen that Wu Wei and I have something to do with the hotel.Entrusting the child to Zhang Beibei is tantamount to entrusting the child to me.Police, he has nothing to worry about.He has nothing to worry about, but Zhang Beibei is very worried, Xinxin has already been thrown down by her mother once, it s hard to say whether Ling Bin will use this as an excuse to throw Xinxin to her , so call me early in the morning.I don t think Ling Bin will do such a thing, and this is an opportunity to gain his trust, so she agreed.This is equivalent to sticking Wang Jianping came to his senses and nodded gratefully.Lao Ding looked through the window at the first secretary of the community who was talking to Zhang Zhishu in the yard, and reminded It would be beneficial to ask Zhang Beibei to help Ling Bin take care of the children.

Why do you have to If you leave without saying goodbye, without even making a phone call, you will be in a hurry What an infatuated person Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, and remained silent for about two minutes.When he calmed down a little, he said, What s the use of being anxious, it can t solve any problems.Mr.Ling, I suggest you think again, and recall the past two years carefully.She may have said something unintentionally, but you didn t care.Blame me, my boyfriend is too incompetent.He spends all day in the laboratory and doesn t take care of his family.He doesn t take good care of him.Her.It s useless to blame yourself, think about it, think about it.Okay, let me think about it.Ling Bin held his head, lay on the dining table thinking for a while, and murmured I often work overtime, and I like to smoke.

After tom hanks cbd gummies weighing it up, Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone and called the eldest sister.He s in the duty room, and Xinxin is watching Lingling and the others rehearse, how are you doing Miao Haizhu leaned against the bar, never leaving Xinxin s eyes.One is outside the hotel, and the other is on the roof of Building 16 of Dongming Community.They may be suspicious of you for their delay in moving.Otherwise, you can find an excuse to drag Lingling out together.After you come out, don t 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies look around, like It s the same as going shopping. Who will keep an eye on Ling Bin and the child when I m gone Miao Haizhu subconsciously asked.Why do we keep an eye on Ling Bin and the child Isn t it just to catch Wan Xiaoxia out Now that she and Sister Wei have shown up, it doesn t make any sense to keep an eye on Ling Bin and the child.

The anti pickup personnel are all members of the community s voluntary security patrol team.For the convenience of work and to strengthen management, this voluntary anti pickup team has HCMUSSH cbd dosage calculator gummies added the brand of the plainclothes anti pickup auxiliary police squadron of Huayuan Street Police Station, which means that you will have competition from now on.Just to remind you, if the regular ones can t do it Volunteer, I ll see where you put your face when the time comes Jiang Guangdong really looked down on the voluntary patrol teams in the community, the security joint defense teams in each village, and the auxiliary police squadrons set up by the police station.Because most of these security patrols and law enforcement auxiliary forces only exist on paper, and even if they really exist, they are just a gust of wind , and they will die in a few days, but Director Feng made it very clear that this is the Chaoyang community under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station.

Generally speaking, the conditions are several times better than before.Han Chaoyang walked around in and out, returned to the gate and asked curiously Hongliang, who do you plan to rent the room we vacated What I plan, it s not my house.Xu Hongliang smiled He smiled, looked across the road and said, There are many people who want to rent.Considering the sanitation of the environment and not disturbing the residents, they may end up renting to a real estate agency.How much is the annual rent Han Chaoyang asked.80,000, no rent if it is less than 80,000.No wonder he was anxious to let the rent go.It turned out that the rent side effects cbd gummies was so high.After thinking about it, he asked Aren t the houses in the community under the management of the street Should the rent be handed over to the street No, Secretary Cao approached Director Gu several times for this matter, and Director Gu agreed in principle cbd dosage calculator gummies to keep the rent in the community.

The key age is a bit old.Then don t think about it, and think about who else.As the political commissar said just now, there are too many policemen who meet the conditions.Du Ju thought for a long time and felt cbd dosage calculator gummies that everyone was competent, and felt that it was not appropriate to select and appoint anyone, so he said out of nowhere Zhou Ju, political commissar, what do you think of Han Chaoyang Han Chaoyang Zhou Ju He never expected that he would recommend Han Chaoyang, so he couldn t help laughing and said, Old Du, the Yang Tao mentioned just now is too old, while Han Chaoyang is the opposite.There is nothing wrong with other aspects, but he is too young.It is difficult to convince the public, even if we try our best to reject the public opinion, there will be a lot of controversy in the future publicity.

They are professional You are obliged to fight back, and it seems a bit embarrassing to be compared with you.But now I don t think so.Not only does your kid have foreign aid, but the actual power to fight back is stronger than them, even several times stronger.He loses I m not wronged or ashamed.Team Lu, believe it or not, I ve never thought of comparing myself with Team Jiang.But you guys have already caught up.The bureau reports the results every day.Jiang Guangdong is about to be defeated by you kid Crazy Is that an exaggeration, and what you just said is wrong, how can our anti pickup force be stronger than theirs.How many people can you mobilize, and how many people can he command, and pickpocket free cbd gummies trial through the door The lockpicking case really depends on the masses, how good your mass base is, how can he compare with you Thinking about it, it is a bit cbd dosage calculator gummies unfair to the Fourth Squadron 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies of Criminal Police, not just because of the good mass base, There are many social forces that can be mobilized, and the anti pickup team only solves the case but does not handle the case.

There were so many people waiting to be questioned in the hall, Bao Suo turned around and said, Xiao Geng, take him out first Yes Old Ding, please arrange three team members to assist in custody.Okay.Take one out, the bastards present now know that they are afraid, and there is a commotion in the hall.Seeing a few guys quietly taking out their mobile phones and putting them under the table, Lu Xingen immediately warned You guys close the door and want to destroy the evidence You heard everything clearly, put all the phones on the table, put your Put your hands on the table in front of you Hurry up, do you hear me What about you, what do you want to do Xu Hongliang, Wu Junfeng, Li Xiaobin and others immediately warned the cbd dosage calculator gummies gangsters in charge of guarding them, and organized the team members power cbd gummies shark tank to check one by one.

I was on duty last night.I understand the situation.Lao Fan and I even went to the scene to see the situation.No.The seizure of this case of illegal transportation, storage, and sale of fireworks and firecrackers is purely a case of beating rabbits, if it wasn t for Han Chaoyang s Xinyuan Street Police Station, he wouldn t be able to show his face.Zhou Ju went to the district for a meeting early in the morning, and at noon he accompanied the Municipal Bureau and the police station.The leader of the fire brigade inspected and really didn t know what was going on.He asked curiously, Did Han Chaoyang provide the clue Fan Bureau s thoughts.Just knowing the results of the battle, I didn t expect to dispatch hundreds of people last night to make such a big commotion Zhou Ju suddenly trolli cbd gummies realized, rubbing his chin and muttering It can be seen that the combat effectiveness of the patrol team can stand the test of actual combat.

And on the night of the concert, the policemen and auxiliary policemen on duty inside and outside the stadium In addition, there are thousands of traffic policemen in the surrounding area, not only our sub bureau canceled all vacations, even the policemen of the city bureau were not allowed to leave the urban area that night, and all had to stay at home to prepare for duty. That s an exaggeration What do you think, Han Chaoyang laughed Laughing, he added By the way, I haven t received any overtime pay for the concert security I participated in so far, because our branch bureau has implemented monthly overtime pay for the police since last year, and no matter how much do delta 8 cbd gummies get you high overtime is paid, it will only be five dollars.One hundred.Xu Hongliang also felt that he should say a few words, and suddenly raised his head and said, It s not cheap to ask for a security company.

Chen Jie touched her fingers, then her neck, and then her earlobes.Miao Haizhu reacted and exclaimed Wow, gold ring, gold necklace, gold earrings, all three golds, this is the next job This is the custom in our hometown, Li Xiaobin said with a smile standing behind his girlfriend But that s all.I just bought a house, and I have to renovate it after the New Year, and I have to repay the mortgage like you.If I want more gifts, my family really can t afford it.Who cares about your family asking for gifts Chen Jie She is also an only child, and her parents are very satisfied with Li Xiaobin and have already agreed to the marriage.She couldn t help but raised her head and said, My father said that my family will pay for the decoration, and you don t need to buy the car.That s great Wu Wei was very envious.

Said Understood, I will let Jiayong and the others go back, and I will turn around for a while.Uncle Wu, come back too, I am worried about you being outside alone.In broad daylight, there is nothing to worry about.It s fine if you don t come back, but if you find someone acting suspicious, you must call me first, and you can t act until reinforcements arrive.The old man is very stubborn, persuasion is useless, and Han Chaoyang can only retreat.Wu Wenge secretly thought that the anti pickup was to catch the current situation.When the reinforcements arrived at the scene, the day lily was cold, but he still agreed Okay, I will obey the order and follow the command.If I find any situation, I will call and report cbd dosage calculator gummies in time.That s it.It s fixedHan Chaoyang hung up his mobile phone, and while wearing the eight pieces, he said, We will divide the work, and when the pickpocketing team returns, we will be divided into three groups.

Go.As soon as Deputy Director Wan finished speaking, Deputy Director Xu, who personally led the team here to chase after him, immediately smiled and said, It s okay, we can t do it because of us.It will affect your normal work.Just sit down, I ll be right back.Director Xu, don t wait for Xiaosun, you can continue.Deputy Director Wan looked back at the most capable subordinates, and cbd dosage calculator gummies asked his counterparts in Zhejiang Province to continue to introduce the case.Unexpectedly, just after Xu Ju said a few words, Sun Chenhua ran in in a hurry, leaned into his ear and said Wan Ju, Lao Ji received a call half an hour ago, and the Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau Xinyuan A policeman from the street police station called to inquire about Xie Liangju s situation.It is important to assist the brothers in the police chase, but the case in your own bureau is even more important, let alone a murder case Wan Ju was stunned, and subconsciously asked Did colleagues in Yanyang find out about that kid s whereabouts The caller mainly asked about Xie Liangju s basic situation.

Political commissar, there is one more thing The leader was in a cbd gummies for beginners cbd dosage calculator gummies mood Yes, Han Chaoyang lost no time in mentioning the contributions made by Lao Hu and Wu Wei in the arrest of Xie Liangju.Political Commissar Huang realized that he was asking for credit for the Huayuan Street Police Station, so he couldn t help laughing and said, You don t have to worry about this.The inspector team investigated yesterday, and the investigation was clear.Policeman Hu Yiguang and Comrade Wu Wei from the Huayuan Street Police Station performed very well in the process of visiting, inquiring about the suspect s whereabouts and arresting the suspect.On the contrary, Bao Qingshan, the director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, Gu Zhongjie, the instructor, and these leaders including you Han Chaoyang were very good.

Han Chaoyang was very sympathetic and cbd dosage calculator gummies even understood the old man s feelings.Just as he didn t know what to say, Old Tang asked again Uncle Xu, I heard that he borrowed a lot of money outside How much debt I owe outside has nothing to do with me.Of course this has nothing to do with you.He is an adult and he cbd dosage calculator gummies must be responsible for what he does.Old Tang took out a police civilian contact card from his trouser pocket, handed it over seriously and said sincerely Uncle Xu, I have nothing to say.I cbd dosage calculator gummies mean, I am worried that cbd sleep gummies side effects best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety those dubious people in the society who specialize in debt collection will come to harass you.It is almost the Chinese New Year, and those cbd dosage calculator gummies cbd gummies near me nj debt collection guys are likely to come.My mobile phone number is on it.If If they come again, you call me.The old man was stunned for a moment, obviously he didn t expect that Old Tang didn t ask Xu Aimin s whereabouts anymore, but was concerned about whether he and his wife would be harassed by debt collectors.

As soon as Xu Weimin saw him, he asked him to borrow money.Just don t expect Xu Weimin to pay you back, just make an excuse that you don t have any cash with you.Do you know what Xu Weimin told him, that you can use WeChat to transfer money if you don t have cash.effort.Before Old Tang could open his mouth, Han Chaoyang asked eagerly, What happened next I still didn t borrow it, and told Haisheng that the bank card was not tied to WeChat, and then ran away pretending dr sterns cbd gummies to be in a hurry.Quan Kun, did you borrow it Xiang Haisheng s phone number Yes, I ll look it up for you.After finding Xiang Haisheng s phone number, Old Tang dialed it directly.As cbd sleep gummies side effects best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety soon as he revealed his identity, the other party thought it was a telecom fraud, and hung up before Old Tang could speak.The policeman was mistaken for a liar.

How to manage it First of all, as you said just now, we must manage what we have the right to control.The authority manages five brand cbd gummies their department.I am not familiar with industry, commerce, taxation and transportation management.Either I am not familiar with them or I have not dealt with them much, but I am very familiar with the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of the street.Speaking of which, Junfeng is also the coordinator of the comprehensive law enforcement team.Wu Junfeng came to an enlightened understanding, and couldn t help but say, Those who sell magic playing cards and fake leather shoes are operating without a license and occupying roads, and the law enforcement brigade has the right to manage it.Let me talk to Team Tang.He will definitely support him.The specific work must be done by He Hong.

Persuasion.Han Chaoyang glared at her, pointed to the newly drawn space on the opposite side and said, I didn t confiscate your belongings or fine you, but just asked you to clean up the ground and put it in another place, and you falsely accused others of asking for money.Hitting you, isn t this asking for trouble I I ll close the stall, I ll move over there.That s right, Junfeng, come cbd dosage calculator gummies and help me Chapter 558 Standing Front rectification 2 There is no nationwide network of passenger car transport, and passengers cannot book online like buying train tickets and then come to the station to pick up the tickets.In fact, the East Long distance Bus Station has an e ticket platform, which provides comprehensive services such as online ticket purchase, online bus ticket consultation, and bus timetable query, but not many passengers know about the ticketing website.

But it doesn t matter who uses what nickname, what matters is what will happen to the little fairy Wu Junfeng said Han Chaoyang s heart trembled, and he was about to ask about the specific situation when Wu Junfeng s mobile phone heard a WeChat notification.Wu Junfeng glanced at it, raised his mobile phone and said, Han Da, this is the last Moments posted by Little Fairy.These should be her photos.Han Chaoyang hurriedly pulled the car to the side of the road and took the mobile phone Looking at the screenshots of Little Fairy WeChat Moments and several photos of Little Fairy sent by the caller, the last Moments only had one sentence without pictures, and the content was exactly what Wu Junfeng said just now.It can be seen that the social circles of the caller and Little Fairy have only a little HCMUSSH cbd dosage calculator gummies overlap and do not overlap, because apart from the caller asking what happened, no cbd gummies for appetite control cbd dosage calculator gummies cbd gummies near me nj other people left a message.

At 6 17, an old man in Youyi New Village, Taoyuan Community, because he couldn t understand a woman who didn t dispose of the dog s feces while walking the dog, had an argument with the dog s hostess.Sun Guokang and Miao Haizhu, who was on duty tonight, rushed to the scene, but they couldn t persuade them no matter how hard they tried.The old man was emotional, pointed at Miao Haizhu and growled What did you do with it You guys are messing with each other This is not a matter of picking up dog poop in a plastic bag and throwing it into the trash can, but whether you cbd dosage calculator gummies can live in the community without a dog certificate.It s about keeping a dog It s a nice lawn, dog poop is everywhere, do you have a sense of public morality, her family lives 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies here and no one else lives here Why are you so endless Get up and throw the trash can, what else do you want If you don t have a license, you won t be able to keep dogs.

Not all former criminals will go on the road of crime again, and there are many examples of prodigal sons who turn back without changing their money, such as the second senior brother Ni Jianguo, and fraudsters are different from robbers or drug dealers.Han Chaoyang thinks the problem is not very big, and asked in a low voice What do you think, do you want to meet or not.Officer Han, he really took good care of me when he was inside Then go and meet him, and see how much money he makes in business now.Ordinary people can t afford to live in the Guomao Hotel.If he turns over a new leaf, does a good job, and succeeds in his career, this might be an opportunity for you.The salary of the cleaner is not high, cbd dosage calculator gummies so it must be better than him.There is a future for being a cleaner.In fact, Mo Yunhu wanted to see his inmates very much.

That s it, if you get a bargain, be good.When I was about to arrive at the East Bus Station, I received a message The text message was sent by Liu Jianye himself.The content was Dinner is ready, come back early for dinner.This is a secret signal agreed in advance, which means that everything is ready.Han Chaoyang drove the car to the gate of the security checkpoint of the station without compromising, turned off the engine, unfastened his seat belt, turned around and said, Come on, come with us to the police office., The urine test is also done, what else do you want The ID card you used was confiscated, how can you buy a bus ticket and stay in a hotel without an ID card Han Chaoyang gave him a hard look, and then said And What you are going to is Beijing is the capital city, Beijing is very strict, without an ID card let alone you can t buy a ticket and you can t get on the bus to Beijing, even if you can get on the bus, you can t move a single .

is pure cbd gummies legit?

step to Beijing.

Because of the alarm system, Chaoyang can help him catch the thief in the first time, recover the stolen property, and restore the economy.Loss, how could he regret it Wu Junfeng introduced the discovery of fake cigarettes, Lao Hu almost burst out laughing, and Xiao Gu almost burst into tears.After laughing, Lao Hu suddenly thought of a question, and pondered The man surnamed Liu is on his way to Yanyang from his hometown.If we let him know, even if he doesn t flee in fear of crime, he will follow the family who provided fake cigarettes or A colleague who sells counterfeit cigarettes colludes.Junfeng, you can hear about it when you go to buy breakfast.There must be a lot of people who know about it.Hurry up and call Chaoyang, remind him, and ask him to quickly issue a gag order to the insider Hurry up and block the news Chapter 626 Anti drug special class 2 Oh, I really didn t expect this, thank you Chief Hu for helping HCMUSSH cbd dosage calculator gummies me.

I want to talk about the case itself.The case itself, Xiao Han, I ask you to call you Xiao Han, can you be more specific, what problems can there be in this case Chapter 633 Taking the blame 2 It s not just a problem, it s a big problem Han Chaoyang offered another cigarette, and after thinking about it, he lit one for himself, took two puffs, and said with a wry smile, Captain Ni, to tell you the truth, the first line law enforcement units of our sub bureau and even the police have strike missions, which are included in the performance appraisal.Yes.If the unit can t finish it, the leader will stand aside if the police can t finish it, it s linked to their salary, so we will try to find out if we have clues. It s normal, it s the same everywhere.A joke.What joke Ni Guoxiong asked puzzled.The suspect how to know your cbd gummies are legit you assisted us in the afternoon was discovered to be acting suspiciously when we were at Yanyang East Long distance Bus Terminal yesterday at noon.

Lao Hu knew very well what Xiao Sun was thinking, and he didn t care whether he would be laughed at by Xiao Sun, and then said Let s go to eat first, and after dinner, you should go to the hotel at the entrance of the village and get a room to rest.When I sent Han Da over just now I asked, there are not many tourists during the Spring Festival, and there are rooms.Reimbursement is a very troublesome matter, and it has nothing to do with the anti narcotics team.Lao Hu only said to open the room, but didn t say who would pay for it.Xiao Sun thought to himself that you are not afraid of shame, what cbd gummies 2500mg am I afraid of, so he simply said, It s okay to open a room, but I forgot to bring my business card., I ll open it.Just now I asked the proprietress, they have invoices, and if they have the invoices, they can be reimbursed.

Hope his son will become a dragon, spend all the money on cbd dosage calculator gummies cbd gummies near me nj his son and save it for his son.According to Chen Xiujuan, his son has been attending various cram schools and interest classes since elementary school, and his son did not disappoint him.He was admitted to university last year and was 985 But he and his wife did not slack off because of this, and continued to live frugally and save money so that they could buy a house for his son and get married in the future.If his son graduated from university and cbd dosage calculator gummies wanted to study abroad, it is estimated that he would sell everything to support him.It is very, very difficult for him to treat him to dinner, even if he just goes to eat at his house instead of some high end restaurant.Maybe Liu Suo and instructor Xu didn t enjoy this kind of treatment Han Chaoyang was really touched, and cherished the hard won friendship, and smiled happily Okay, I will call Yingying later, and we will go together the night after tomorrow.

There s such a big pit inside.Only those who work under the pit are worried about being hit by something.There s nothing above the ground, so it s safe.Chapter six 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies hundred and ninety two Construction site 2 For key projects, we must race against time under the premise of ensuring the quality of the project.Concrete is being poured under the big pit, and a cart full of ready made concrete will come one at a time, and the big cylinder will keep turning, driving in to unload the concrete, and then driving out.The person in charge of the construction will register how much has been delivered for future settlement , Another security guard on duty at night is responsible for registering the license plate number, and reminds the driver in time when he sees the driver smoking on the construction site.

You were recognized by the boss of Shuimu Nianhua when you acted.The boss of Shuimu Nianhua is friends with them.Just after you took the person away, the boss of Shuimu Nianhua gave it to another friend of theirs.The tip off has alerted the engineering headquarters, and the Sanjian Company is looking for the leadership of the headquarters to help find people. Did the leaders of the headquarters seek you to intercede I want me to help you inquire about the news and figure out what s going on.The Engineering Headquarters is a temporary coordinating organization that is HCMUSSH cbd dosage calculator gummies directly responsible to the city s East City Transportation Hub Project Leading Group, and a deputy in the HCMUSSH cbd dosage calculator gummies city The mayor himself serves as the leader of the leading group.In short, the leaders of the headquarters should give face, at least cbd dosage calculator gummies not offend.

Manager Zhang and Zheng Xinyi ran up and down to help pull the tape measure.Li Xiaobin organized security to maintain order below, and they were extremely busy.I ve been here for more than ten years, why did I suddenly think of installing an elevator Of course it doesn t matter if you install it on the first floor of your house.You don t need to climb it anyway.We live on the sixth floor.Young people are out of breath when they climb up.What about the big ones Yes, it s a good thing to pretend Aunt Wang, you also saw that the elevator is installed at the back, not the front, and cbd sleep gummies side effects best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety it won t affect the lighting of your home.It doesn t affect the lighting.You don t need to pay for the elevator, do you pay for it or I pay for it The old aunt pointed to the location of the engineer and said angrily It doesn t affect the lighting or traffic, this is the common area, and my family has a share, I don t agree , let s see who dares to pretend here As they where to buy cbd oil gummies were talking, the owners started to cbd dosage calculator gummies quarrel.

Miao Haizhu stared at it for nearly twenty hours, tired and sleepy, and yawned uncontrollably.At this time, the 11th floor arrived.With a ding, the elevator door opened wide, and He Zhedong and others who came up first were all standing in the corridor waiting.Seeing He Zhedong nodded slightly, Miao Haizhu squeezed to the front without hesitation, went to the door of Room 1105 and rang the doorbell, then raised her arm and knocked on the door a few times.Who is pulse cbd full spectrum gummies it A man s voice came from inside the room.Someone is at home, I thought no one was there, it s good if someone is at home.Miao Haizhu took half a step back, and said angrily to the cat s eyes I m downstairs, did you test the water in the bathroom when your house was renovated , Leaks are everywhere in my house, go down and see, what kind of leaks have been made in my house The same is to check the water meter, but the effect expressed from another angle is completely different.

Even if we run back, we can grasp it immediately, because they All the information has been collected and entered, unless they don t live in hotels, or rent houses and don t register in the community. So they re all registered in your branch Not only in our branch, but also in the market supervision branch No.Every time they go out together, Huang Ying likes to dress him up beautifully, supporting his wrinkled jacket with all her strength, leaning over to pick up the bag and smiling, Okay, let s go eat.Yu Zhi Wei is one of several small restaurants on the main campus of PolyU.There are six tables in the lobby and four boxes upstairs.Usually business is very good, but today there are only two tables of guests in the hall.As soon as Han Chaoyang entered, a boy and two girls who were eating got up and said, Hi, Teacher Han, why are you free today Come here for dinner.

Didn t eat I did, I ate a few buns on the way back.Mr.Ji burped and lifted his head.Opened the cover of the police station and walked into the case handling area, sat opposite him and said with a smile I didn t expect that the bun shop in the alley opposite Taozhong is still there after decades, and his buns still have the same taste, with cbd gummies for beginners cbd dosage calculator gummies thin skin and lots of stuffing., It s so delicious, I forgot to bring you some to try. Uncle Ji, you have three highs, you can t eat meat buns. It s okay to eat two once in a while.Mr.Ji wiped the corners of his mouth, and pointed back to Mr.Wu Old Wu cbd gummies for beginners cbd dosage calculator gummies has a good appetite.He ate four of them at once.I told you to treat guests tonight, so please eat steamed stuffed buns.I m sorry you have the nerve to say so.Mr.Wu glared at Mr.Ji who always talked big and spent little money Smoking is generally prohibited in the case handling area, so take out your cigarette and light it yourself.

Han Chaoyang touched his face and sighed, It looks like I may have to take leave this month to go back for a few days.Uncle is so kind to me, so I have to go back and see him one last time.The news was not sudden.In fact, I had been mentally prepared for it.Huang Ying nodded slightly If you need to ask for leave, please ask for it.Whoever has nothing to do.Just as he was talking, the hotel arrived.Han Chaoyang lunchbox alchemy cbd gummies didn t want to affect the business of the hotel, and the parking spaces on the side of the road were full again, so he simply drove the police car into Dongming Community, found an open air car and parked outside, and called the team members on duty at the south gate of the community.He said hello, and walked across the road with Huang Ying.I don t know how the hotel s business is today, but the yard is full best cbd gummies for price of cars, and they are all good cars.

, For example, originally looking for a clue, but gave up because another clue was found, and the direction of the investigation was misled in this way, and such a thing has happened before.Dai Da is right, Liu Suo thinks so.Han Chaoyang Smiling, he turned around and said, Comrades, Mr.Ji .

where can i buy cbd gummies in pa?

understands the situation best.Next, Mr.Ji will introduce the case to you.It was obviously a serious case analysis meeting, but Wang Jiayong, Xiao Gu and other brats actually Habitual applause.Han Chaoyang and Grandpa Gu were made to laugh and cry, but Ji Kaiyuan enjoyed this feeling very much.He waited for the brats to finish their applause before walking to the blackboard, pointing to photos one by one to introduce the case, his eyebrows beaming, and he talked endlessly.Chapter 741 The Second Battlefield 3 Although Mr.

This can be done, and I won t be polite to him later.Bao Qingshan thought that he would not be able to steal the work, but he couldn t let Liu Jianye occupy such a large amount in vain.As soon as he was cheap, he couldn t help laughing and said Chaoyang, the cbd dosage calculator gummies opportunity is rare, don t be shy to open your mouth.Liu Bureau is not Zhou Bureau, and the current branch is not the previous branch.Liu Bureau can get money from the City Bureau.Liu Jianye, asking for more than 100,000 or 200,000 yuan is just a few words to Liu Jianye.Lao Ding was embarrassed to say it just now, but now he couldn t help it 100,000 to 200,000 yuan, Bao Suo, you think too much of it.We re in Liu Suo Old Ding, what do you mean by that, do you look down on your Liu Suo No, I mean Liu Suo doesn t have such a big face, aren t you making Chaoyang embarrass him I really didn t mean to embarrass him.

Because of this, even the details of the cbd dosage calculator gummies arrest were notified.Naturally, Han Chaoyang wanted to inform the three elders as soon as possible.After listening to the apprentice s introduction, Grandpa Gu put down his teacup and sighed Impulsive, or impulsive, divorce if you can t live on, why are you killing people It s all right now, not only Put the self sufficient child in, and even no one will take care of the child in the future, anyway, that woman Yu Xiufen must not be counted on.Ji Kaiyuan suddenly regretted helping the Yandong branch to solve this case, touched the corner of his mouth and said So impulsiveness is the .

how many 500 mg cbd gummies should i eat?

devil It s pitiful, but it s definitely wrong to kill people.Wu Wenge stubbed out his cigarette and murmured, It s up to the court to judge.I just want to know if how many mg in1 cbd gummie bear his little wish can come true.

Liu Qiuping shook his head Don t count on the district.At first, I was worried that few people would participate.I also considered that the civil servants in the district lacked exercise.A notice was issued a few days ago, requiring all units to organize comrades over the age of 20 and under 40 to participate.Long distance running.If you can t run a full marathon, you can sign up for a half marathon.If you can t run a half marathon, you can participate in a health run.If you can t even run ten kilometers, then the person in charge of the unit will organize the staff to exercise.After all, the body is revolutionary Capital, how can we work if we are not in good health Why didn t we receive the notice We are responsible for security, who will maintain order after we all go running.Chapter 772 International Marathon 3 Liu Jianye received Bureau Feng s phone call, put down the work at hand, and rushed to the branch office to ask Liu Qiuping for reimbursement of the expenses.

Old Gu has a way.Liu Qiuping pondered for a moment, then suddenly raised his head and said, Political commissar, Lao Wen mentioned the issue of the patrol brigade listing some time ago, but cbd sleep gummies side effects best cbd gummies for sleep pain and anxiety there were too many things I didn t pay attention to.Aren t you going to the Political Department I have heard from old people that I will try to hold a listing ceremony before the international marathon.Chapter 784 Treating the former Chaoyang Village with a different perspective has become a busy construction site, and accidents are easy to happen when there are too many people.The high speed rail station Two workers on the construction site actually fought because they jumped in line for lunch.Both cbd cbg cbn gummies were injured, but neither was serious.The one who thought he had suffered a loss was unwilling to let go and refused to accept mediation, so he and Sun Guokang had to send them to the Huayuan Street Police Station.

Chapter 787 is tricky Han Chaoyang s feeling of relief became heavy once he can cbd gummies cause memory loss walked out of the office of the case handling team.If he promised to accompany Wang Can to Liu Chengquan s memorial service, then he would go.Even if Wang Can was not found today, as Liu Chengquan s direct superior, he should have gone, but when he thought of going, he would have to face Liu Chengquan s parents.Especially the taste.Just as he was suffering, Wu Junfeng came over and leaned into his cbd dosage calculator gummies ear and said, Han Da, there are people calling the police in Xinmin Community, and the command center asked you to call the police.Just now your phone was on silent, but Sister Liu didn t get through, so I had to contact Guokang.What is the police situation It s more troublesome.Xinyuan Street is holding activities there, singing and dancing, and the sound is relatively loud.

You should get a room first and go to T2 after dawn.The police office of the terminal building is looking for me, and I will take you to meet the bureau leaders.There is plenty of time, and we are sure there will be no problem.Thank you Xiong Suo, you have helped us a lot.Here again, please be polite See you, let s go, I ll take you to the hotel.As Han Chaoyang worried, Luo Weixing didn t sleep well all night, and because he didn t rest well, his eyelids kept twitching in the morning, thinking it was not a good thing omen.Yonggen, what time did Boss Qian say you ll arrive The plane at 9 35 a.m.can arrive at 11 a.m.if it s not delayed.Jiang Yonggen knew what he was worried about.He took out his phone and opened a travel app for booking air tickets and hotels.Searching for the flight information of Jiang Zhongfei Donghai via Leken, he held it in front of Luo Weixing Brother, look, he is taking this flight.

I stalked Donghai for more than a month, and I didn t come back together .

where to get condor cbd gummies?

until I caught up What do you think of back then, this was last year Okay.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Yu Zhenchuan even scolded with a smile It s shameless enough.What s the shame, I am willing.Xu Hongliang smiled, and continued In short, the man should take the initiative You don t do anything, just say no, Just sit and wait, what can you expect The words are rough and the rationale are not rough.Wu Wei thinks that Xu Hongliang s words have some truth in his heart, but his character is difficult to put the shameless spirit into action.He is about to speak but doesn t know what to say.There are not many passengers here, and the stewardess is signaling that they can 50 mg cbd gummy bears cbd dosage calculator gummies get off the plane.Luo Weixing, get up Get up, be honest It s important to get down to business, Xu Hongliang stopped joking, and together with Yu Zhenchuan carried Jiang Yonggen and walked in front, Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei carried Luo Yonggen behind, Shi Junhua was responsible for helping everyone take baggage.

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