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Depusey turned around and left after finishing speaking.When he came to the house where the Chinese lived, he raised his hand and gently knocked on the door, and then pushed the door in Mr.Depsey, hello.Manstein who was chatting there Because of being are cbd gummies drugs polite and authentic.Depusey glanced across the room, where Ernst, Manstein, and Richthofen were chatting about something, and the Chinese were lying on the bed with their eyes closed, everything seemed so normal.Gentlemen, the banquet is about to begin.Madam invites you out.Okay.The three of Wang Weiyi stood up together.Depusey had already walked to the door, but at this moment he suddenly turned his head and said Gentlemen, if you don t mind, I ll send some suits that fit.It s not proper to wear the clothes you are wearing now to the banquet.

After a while, she said Maybe this is the human emotion that I can t understand.Wang Weiyi smiled.Maybe Xiao Ling couldn t understand human feelings.At this time, he found out what materials Xiao Ling was organizing before, and he was a little curious What are you looking at there I d be bored, too.Xiao Ling s voice was annoyed Now the fighting has temporarily stopped, and I will organize the spy materials of various countries in the First World War there.Xiao Ling will be bored as well Wang Weiyi s heart thumped, how is this possible How can a computer feel bored Boredom, this is a feeling that only human beings can have However, this kind of thought was just a flash.It was difficult for Wang Weiyi to understand everything about Xiao Ling.He glanced at the list of spies and found many names he was familiar with or unfamiliar.

Captain Stern, who almost blindly worshiped Hitler, said I promise you, Captain, I promise you with the honor of a German soldier.Wang Weiyi exhaled softly.He can t control the future, but he can change a person within his own ability.Anyone who says that Adolf Hitler will gain power in the future will be regarded as a lunatic, but Wang Weiyi knows the future What will happen.He wants to plant a deep rooted belief in Hitler s hemp bombs cbd gummies enhanced with melatonin reviews mind.He suddenly wondered, if he can really affect history, will the future be changed He didn t dare to think about it anymore, because Xiaoling s warning had already come Wanderer, please are cbd gummies drugs sex blog cbd gummies pay attention to your words.Although the future Hitler will be close to China, you must not have any influence on him.Wang Weiyi Smiled, influence I have already influenced history.

Even if it didn t kill anyone, at least it scared the group of Frenchmen below to death Manfred, you stupid pig Manstein said Such a rage, pointing at the departing plane and cursing loudly.I have to deal with him properly when I go back Rommel was also frightened.He could accept death by the hands of the French, cbd gummy drops but he would never allow it to die by his own hands.I think, if we go back, Manfred will be very miserable, and I really want to punch him a few times.Elena stood up with lingering fear.Damn the Red Baron.Wang Weiyi couldn t laugh or cry, what is this Damn the Red Baron, what are you doing if you don t finish dropping the bomb over Rance He and his teammates almost cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs died under the bombing of the Red Baron.He could now imagine are cbd gummies drugs the expression of the Red Baron Richthofen when he was about to face a pair of angry eyes.

It must be that Shamoksky who informs, I have to find a way to get them out.147.Mistanov s commission I have to find a way to rescue them.Mistanov s face was full of desire Of course, and my property, otherwise I would cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs really have nothing.I went to question Samoksky, but he refused to admit it, this gentleman just overheard our dispute, and he told me that you can help me, that you can do anything Wang Weiyi ruthlessly He gave Richthofen a ruthless look.This damned red baron is just asking for trouble.Just as he was about to refuse, Xiao Ling s voice sounded Walker, you have to help him, this man will It is useful, and it can be of great use What is the use Wang Weiyi is a little puzzled, but under normal circumstances Xiaoling s judgment will not be wrong.Thinking about it Mista Mr.Nove, is it to rescue all your family and property My family must be rescued.

Just like those German soldiers who beat you on the front line.The Russian soldier s words immediately caused a burst of laughter from his companions around him.Richthofen didn t care who owns this place Really Your performance in the Battle of Tannenberg wasn t very good, ah, I forgot to ask, is General Samsonov okay now The tavern suddenly became silent.The Battle of Tannenberg was von.The battle of Marshal Hindenburg s fame was also a great shame for the Russian army.The entire Russian army was destroyed in this battle, and the supreme commander of the Russian army Samsonov died in battle.Now.Richthofen, a German, immediately opened the scars in the hearts of Russians.You damn German, say it again if you have the ability the Russian soldier asked with red eyes.Ah, I really shouldn t Richthofen is a restless person, let alone someone who took the initiative to provoke him I also forgot that the Battle of Lake Masuria took place after that.

Wang Weiyi thought for a while This task is very difficult, and all the skeleton commandos will be dispatched.In the meantime, I won t be reporting to anyone on the way we re going about our mission Okay.Pilov readily agreed.During the mission, I will have unlimited fire rights, and I will kill any object that I think may cause harm to this operation Also, I need to A batch of Madsen machine guns, I heard that Bulgaria ordered a hundred of these machine guns from Denmark, but they were all seized when passing through the German border, and are now being used are cbd gummies drugs by the troops of His Majesty the Emperor.I will give you as much as you need.I have been authorized by His Majesty the Emperor to mobilize all manpower and materials in the country.The unlimited fire rights you want, I can also grant you on behalf of His Majesty the Emperor, even if you decide are cbd gummies drugs to kill me, I will greet the bullets with a smile on my face Hearing Wang best pure cbd oil and gummies Weiyi s request, Pilov didn t have any Wang Weiyi is very concerned about the unlimited right to fire.

But on the other hand, when he finds that you are no longer useful to him, he will get rid of you without hesitation.As Xiao Ling said, dealing with this kind of person is really a very dangerous thing Riley took out something from his arms and showed it to Wang Weiyi Alexon, please see.Omejet map For now, this is truly an invaluable asset.The commanders of the skeleton commando quickly gathered in front of the map under Wang Weiyi s call.Colonel Fritojak s regiment has deployed its main forces here, Murrayo Czech Republic.There are also a large number of mobile troops deployed around it, so it is impossible to break through here.Riley finally Confiding his intelligence Poyaevra and Kurokov are the only possible breakout routes for yougentlemen.I have to admit that due to time constraints, I couldn t get The Russians have a more detailed deployment of troops, but if you give me another day, I can even tell you how many machine guns the Russians have On the faces of the officers Rommel and Manstein Showed shock.

Hermione said frankly In terms of the quality of the army, they are far behind Germany.The countess breathed a sigh of relief Then why should I care about the attitude of the United States I have already said that wars are not won only by the bravery of the army.Hermione said slowly In addition to the army, the United States has a strong national power.They can continuously provide supplies to Britain and France, allowing these two countries that should have collapsed to continue to maintain their combat capabilities.On the contrary, However, it dragged Germany into a bottomless pit.When our economy began to collapse, and the United States entered the war at the most appropriate time, then the fate of failure was inevitable.Countess, you have never been to America, and you don t know what kind of country it is.

Second Lieutenant, you must not break your promise.The baron gave us an hour, and now only 20 minutes have passed.Second Lieutenant Ma Li didn t know what happened Mr.General, the baron is an impatient HCMUSSH are cbd gummies drugs person, I think you should make a decision as soon as possible, yes In fact, the firing of the cannon was completely accidental.Steck saw a few Italians approaching here ghostly, and he yelled loudly, but the Italians didn t seem to hear them, and they still walked towards here, so they lost their temper.Steck, who was not so good, just fired a cannon.He still restrained himself.The cannon exploded far away from the Italians, but it scared the Italians fun drops cbd gummies price empe cbd gummy bears to death, rolling and crawling.They ran back.They originally came to surrender.However, the Germans were so unreasonable, why did they shoot directly This shot knocked Major General Cross out of his mind, and he felt that he could no longer hesitate Mr.

Whoever is frightened by the bullets flying in the sky will lose the battle.The determination of the French to resist is unexpectedly tenacious, which is completely different from their previous performance.Yes, maybe it was influenced by the arrival of the US military in Europe Wang Weiyi personally led the team to launch an assault, and must use the fastest and shortest time to break through the French defense.Sean s machine gun and a7v s machine gun sweep became the most reliable firepower.The moment the bullets fired, Wang Weiyi and several commandos rushed forward quickly and let out a muffled groan.No one in the pool of blood took a second look.God knows if they will also fall in the next minute.For them, how to break through here as soon as possible is the most important thing.This dazzling colonel in the German army is no different from the first time he stepped on the battlefield.

Also, we have all experienced more dangerous things than this.So many enemies in the Somme River have not been able to do anything to us.What do Americans have to be afraid of What Yeah, what are Americans afraid of Wang Weiyi smiled Si Dao, let us perform a miracle here.With my brothers around, there is nothing to be afraid of Stike, Bon Cray, Sean Here I am going to divide the ranks into three formations again.I command the first division, Steck, and you are the interim captain of the second division, Bon Crayley.You are the interim commander of the third division.Yes, Colonel.Sean.I will give you all the opportunities to command and form a machine gun team.Wang Weiyi called his three old subordinates to his cbd gummies peach rings are cbd gummies drugs side Smith didn t take us to premium jane cbd gummies for tinnitus heart, then we will give him a good.Stike, you and Sean stay and block the enemy from the front.

Wang Weiyi s eyes lit up, but Xiaoling said quickly, But you have to be quick if you want to do it.These weapons and ammunition will be taken away tomorrow morning.It s done, I got it.Wang Weiyi returned to the position without any hesitation, and thought for a while Long Yin, Meng Zi hesitated are cbd gummies drugs Li Lu, you also Let s go to Ouyang Yu together, and be in charge of commanding the positions, I want to take them to do some things.He called the selected soldiers to his side, and there were twenty two soldiers in total.After carefully talking about his plan, the expressions of the soldiers changed a little.The captain is really a little bold, isn t it that 22 people want to do such a big thing R himself is fierce in war, but he is not invulnerable.Wang Weiyi said lightly blue ring cbd gummies If there is a large scale war, it will be difficult for us to win the war in a short period of time, but in the situation, we can win by concentrating our firepower.

And even if someone really assassinated him, it might not be done in broad daylight, right fun drops cbd gummies price empe cbd gummy bears But when he came back from Xindu Club at night, no one knew which way Zhang Xiaolin was going to go.This was a temporary decision by Zhang Xiaolin himself.The car bumped slightly, Zhang Xiaolin closed his eyes.The murderer who killed Nishimura Shiming has not condor cbd gummies for sex yet been caught, but the pressure on Japan has suddenly increased what to do Suddenly there was a muffled sound, and the car stopped.What s the matter, Ah Si Zhang Xiaolin suddenly opened his eyes.Boss, the tire is blown.Ah Si got out of the car and checked, frowning.Damn things, I ll let you check carefully at ordinary times, you re always lazy At this point, Zhang Xiaolin didn t dare to waste too long here Quick, go to the back car.As soon as Zhang Xiaolin got into the back car, Zhang Xiaolin Can t wait to say Drive, drive quickly The car drove forward for a while, then suddenly creaked and turned directly into an alley next to it.

Retreat Even though he had made a promise of seppuku in front of Captain Maeda, as an experienced officer, Aihara Shinmatsu knew very well that with the strength of his own team, without the support of anti tank weapons, cbd gummies and citalopram Not the opponents of those chariots at all But want to run not that simple No one can stop what Wang Weiyi wants to do More than a dozen trucks loaded with armed soldiers and machine guns mounted on the roof appeared.Leading these trucks was a jeep.Wang Weiyi held a submachine gun in his hand.Calmly looking at the Japanese people who are getting closer and closer.Suddenly, he turned around and asked, Who has a cigarette Sidao, who was driving, and Sandao Zhang, who was sitting in the back, shook their heads at the same time.Not to mention that they don t smoke, even if they smoke, they don t give them any cigarettes.

When the Japanese combat team worked hard to get closer, they were immediately hit by grenades and are hemp gummies cbd flamethrowers On the opposite side, what kind of army is it Kazushin Sugimoto, the captain of the Sugimoto Brigade, quickly came up with an idea Wang Weiyi That Wang Weiyi who has been known to more and more people in the Japanese Army recently How the hell did are cbd gummies drugs he show up in Xiguan After tens of minutes of attack, the Japanese army has already suffered more than one hundred casualties.Those heavy artillery fire and machine guns and grenades.For the offensive side, it has a frightening lethality Obviously, in the face of such a heavily guarded just cbd clear bear gummies position, it is most unwise to continue such an offensive.The Japanese army, which had left corpses all over the place, withdrew The guard battalion officers and soldiers who had won several victories had gradually become accustomed to all this.

And this force also affects their retreat speed.Those college students didn t seem are cbd gummies drugs sex blog cbd gummies to know the urgency of the situation at all.On the contrary, they were full of curiosity about the troops retreating to Songjiang.I have never seen a team under the cover of a tank I heard that this army had killed and wounded thousands of Japanese soldiers in Xiguan.The news made the college students excited, they surrounded the chariot and the soldiers of the guard battalion one after another.During the emergency retreat, they actually asked the soldiers to tell them the story of the fierce battle on the front line This obviously excited Wang Weiyi What time is it now Now at this time, time is equal to the most perfect experience of life Retreat is inevitable.Every minute you leave here in the morning, you will be less bombed by the enemy for one minute on the road Every minute you enter the designated position in the morning, you can add an extra minute of defense preparation A large group of students surrounded Niu Zhenliang s Vickers chariot.

Even if this one is really the y element, it might are cbd gummies drugs be rewarded by Puyi or lost later, but fortunately there are still clues, unlike the previous one that confused people.Wang Weiyi suddenly remembered something So, the y element lost its radiation ability during the Qianlong period And if it has radiation, then there must be some unknown records in the data, but I haven t found any similar words.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly I really can t figure it out, how to find so many people who have lost their radiation ability What are the gems coming back for We will change careers to be gem merchants in the future Elena listened to the side, and burst out laughing, I don t care about you.Xiaoling resumed his usual contempt for Wang Weiyi There is a good Chance, there is a couple in the UK, Louis Andrew George Toxon and Kelly.

Several people were fighting there, holding what looked like knives in their hands, and two people were lying in a pool of blood, moaning in pain.Gradually, the few people couldn t resist, and ran around.He got up with some injuries, and ran towards here in a stumbling manner.The two of them followed closely behind.With the help of the light, when the injured man looked up, Wang Weiyi could are cbd gummies drugs tell who he was from his face Sara Kasanovic Desimov Looks exactly like old Desimov Go away, go away Kasanovic yelled desperately.However, he staggered and fell to the ground.The people behind caught up yuzu cbd thc gummies and raised are cbd gummies drugs the knife in his hand to Kasanovic.Kasanovic closed his eyes in despair, Hey, Gentlemen Suddenly, a voice made them stop, and the two gangsters saw a gentleman dressed as a gentleman aiming at them with a pistol in his hand, and then they heard Gentlemen, please put down The weapon in your hand, and then, turn around and leave here.

I heard that you have developed a lot of power in the United States.Why The United States So many gangsters, why did you French grow so fast Ah, that s because of me Bo Watts just spoke, but was interrupted by Wang Weiyi Mr.Bo Watts, I hope to hear the truth.You know, my cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs temper is not very good.Bo Watts gritted his teeth Okay , it s Major De Sade.Do you remember Major are cbd gummies drugs De Sade Wang Weiyi smiled, of course he remembers Major De Sade.This is the best of times and the worst of times Back then, I was swept away by you and took away all my property.It was very difficult.Bo Watts continued Many of my subordinates also left me because I couldn t pay.At this time, De Sade The major found me and asked me to work for him, come to the United States, develop his power, and listen to his orders at any time.

Wang Weiyi said with some HCMUSSH are cbd gummies drugs emotion I am the famous Count of Monte Cristo.I will take revenge.Where are you going now, Mr.Baron I have to go, leave New York.Looking at Guo Yunfeng and Elena who were waiting for him in the distance, Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Take New York is in your own empe cbd gummy bears is condor cbd gummies a scam hands, Casanovich, sooner or later you will become the king of New York.No, you are the king of New York, and everything I do is for you Wang Weiyi smiled.King of New York It sounds like a how long for cbd gummies to take effect good name Three hundred and forty seven.Guards Brigade 1937 was a are cbd gummies drugs disastrous year for China.In this year, .

are cbd gummies legal in missouri?

Japan brazenly provoked a war in Shanghai, China, and an all out war broke out between China and Japan 1937 can also be said to be a lucky year for China.In this year, a person who should not belong to this era appeared Wang Weiyi This person successfully reversed some things that should have happened in history.

Therefore, in the Shanghai battle, victory or defeat is not really important, are cbd gummies drugs the overall strategic layout is the most important.So although we lost Shanghai, the Commissioner has actually won against R himself.In the hands of the Commissioner, R himself is at the mercy of a child, using his are cbd gummies drugs own weaknesses to attack my strengths Wang Weiyi, then There are so many senior generals, only you can understand my heart.Chiang Kai shek sighed long and loudly Exchanging space for time is easier said than done.Our national government has materials, resources, troops, arms, weapons, and people s hearts., army morale, etc.are not as good as Japan, the country is too weak, Japan is too strong, and it is very likely to be defeated.Therefore, in the early stage, space was exchanged for time, that is, delay tactics, in order to fight for the rear to manufacture weapons, force arrangements, and military offensive and defensive capabilities , defense front and other overall planning.

Yes, Japan is not that powerful, but on the battlefield, we have to pay attention to them.Wang Weiyi changed the subject.I have already said a lot of things to cheer up.Now, it is time to remind those soldiers For example, the Japanese army s marksmanship is very accurate, the Japanese army s firepower equipment is very complete, and the Japanese army s tactical quality is extremely good.High, these are things we cannot ignore.It is difficult to improve tactical literacy in a short period of time, but we can use more flexible tactics to win.On the frontal battlefield, the Japanese army s fierce firepower and high bombing intensity have reached a point of insanity.If they continue to stick to their defense under such circumstances, the defender will suffer very important casualties.My generals can let them in and strangle them as much as possible Guo Mengzhen hurriedly said General Wang, how did the Japanese know what you HCMUSSH are cbd gummies drugs said Are they prepared Prepare Wang Weiyi laughed The formation of a set of tactics can t be done in a day or two, and it can t be done in a day or two if you want to change this set of tactics.

Xiaoling really smiled there If something appears in the sky when you attack the Ueno detachment, I will improve it.What do you think will happen What kind of Japanese army will be broken by me.Wang Weiyi also smiled, and then he asked Little Ling, You have to tell me, why did you provide me with so much support during this crossing I don t know, and there doesn t seem to be a rule in the program that I am not allowed to do this, and I am also very strange, anyway, I don t want to go now Study this, Rambler, you only have three days, issue the authorization order Randerer Authorization After Wang Weiyi completed the authorization, he thought for a moment Little Ling, can you help me connect with Hiroshi Yamaguchi I also need to write a few letters, and you have to hand them over to a few people before I leave.

At that time, I was ready to surrender and was defeated by the baron.It s nothing to be ashamed of, however, just a few minutes before I decided to surrender, a miracle happened.The Baron had lost interest in our position, and instead empe cbd gummy bears is condor cbd gummies a scam led his team to launch an assault on our left flank.My My companion Colonel Mirek where to purchase natures boost cbd gummies died.But I survived because of this battle, I was promoted to colonel and finally retired as a general.During World War I, in the army of the Allies, There is no clearly stated rule in such a rule fight the skeleton baron, as long as you survive, you will be promoted Therefore, in the UK, the reputation of the Baron Skeleton is not inferior to that of Germany.Germany stopped bombing, and Baron Alexon was appointed as Honorary Marshal of Germany at the same time.Is there some necessary connection between the two British intelligence services sprang into action.

It also seems acceptable if they can get what they want in a peaceful way.There was also intense debate within the French Resistance.Peace.Still war The necessary choice must be made Although it s very difficult.The resistance leaders had a very serious disagreement about this.Some people think that we should immediately have substantive contact with Germany are cbd gummies drugs and the Vichy government to understand the real intentions of the other party, and then adopt a peaceful and non bloody method.Step by step to seize the French regime.This faction will be called the Bloodless faction in the future history, and because the former French Finance Minister Jacobson is its representative, it is also called the Jacobson faction.Others firmly believe that before all the German troops withdraw from France.Never engage in any negotiations with the enemy.

This old beautiful baby is really hard to find, but it took a lot of effort from SS Major Roman.The car was driving in Paris at night, and this made Elena feel very familiar.She knew that she had been here before, and that something romantic had happened with the Rambler in Paris.Can not remember lost memory What does cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs that matter At least now the relationship between her and the Wanderer has started again.Isn t it also a cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs romantic thing Ernst, Ernest Elena murmured this name in her heart, she felt that Ernst was much more familiar than Wanderer when pronounced Ernst , a German soldier on patrol saw a car unexpectedly Driving on the streets of Paris, thinking that people from the resistance organization came out to sabotage again, he hurriedly took off his gun and was about to shoot, when suddenly someone in the dark shouted in a low voice empe cbd gummy bears is condor cbd gummies a scam What do you want to do The Colonel of the Gestapo came out.

Your friend Ernst Alexson von Brahm.God God God But the Kantelsky whom I had been dealing with for two days turned out to be the Baron Skeleton.The Baron Skeleton appeared in front of me, in Moscow, and then took away the Kolkorova family It s over, it s over, it s over Everyone s future is over here Some of them will be shot, and the lucky ones will be thrown into labor camps for those never ending coolies This kind of thing can t be concealed from the Skeleton Baron the Skeleton Baron the Skeleton Baron The madman How could he have the guts to come here How dare you do such a thing Is there anything in the world that he dare not do Hodwich walked out trembling all over, and he didn t remember how he got back cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs to his office.After sitting in the office in a daze for a long time, he picked up the phone Should I pick up Comrade Director Timilenko of the State Security Bureau I have important information to report to you.

They will close their eyes and think about what happened today, and they will fall into a huge crisis fear Ludwig still didn t understand what the Marshal meant.If the war was over, all those who survived would only be happy, so how could there be fear Wang Weiyi smiled, maybe it is a good idea to establish a large number of psychological counseling for post war soldiers, which can rescue them from the trauma of the war as soon as possible.Of are cbd gummies drugs sex blog cbd gummies course, this is not something I should consider now.On the afternoon of the 9th, are cbd gummies drugs the Russian offensive momentum was obviously weakened.In the morning attack, they lost at least half of their strength.And Major General Karetov, who commanded these troops.It is also very clear that I have been unable to succeed.But he still has a choice to lead all his troops and die here for are cbd gummies drugs the great Soviet He is crazy.

Moyol Yes, this person is the one who took Williams from Mr.Moyol, rescued from poverty, who gave him all this Roben.Williams, I didn t want to take you so well for this industry.Mr.Moyol s smile looked so kind Congratulations, Robben.Oh no Williams said hastily Without you, none of this would belong to me.You are my benefactor.Mr.Moyol smiled and shook his head Sure, I gave you such a chance, but you can get all of this by relying on your incredible talent.To be honest, when I let you in here, I just wanted to repay your kindness for saving my life, but now I have to thank God that my Kim Ranke discovered such an outstanding and talented stockbroker.No matter how humble Williams wanted to be, he couldn t hide the pride and complacency on his face.Look at these beautiful statistics.Mr.Moyol glanced at some data are cbd gummies drugs sheets on his desk You did all of this.

The fleeing Turks At this time, the brigade commander of the 11th Brigade of the Turkish Republican Guard in charge of defending Joblu, Major General Iliglu, no longer cared about the few spies who sneaked into Joblu.The Germans are advancing ferociously into Turkey, one city after another crumbling under their sweeping onslaught.Now, the forward of the German army is approaching Joe Blue The reinforcements could not arrive in time at all, and the defensive force of a brigade of Joblu could not stop the powerful Germans at all.what to do Either be annihilatedorsurrender Major General Iliglu couldn t make up his mind But Klingenberg on the radio decided to make up his mind for the Turks as soon as possible.He was determined to do what he had done in Belgrade again in Chobleu The first round of bombing by German planes was finally over.

The purpose of the Myristal battle group is only one to make the Guo Yunfeng battle group appear in front of the attack target in its most complete form The firepower composed of tanks and stalkers has become the does cbd gummies make you drowsy main assault force.The artillery shells easily pulled out the enemy s firepower, and the crawlers crushed the enemy s weak defense line forcefully.assault Goal Istanbul Arena Marshal Goris finally knew that an enemy armored force was advancing towards him, and he also knew that the enemy had only one goal himself However, it was too late for Goris to retreat now.The way to retreat was blocked by the enemy, and the port was heavily bombed by the Luftwaffe.It is unbelievable that the Turkish army of the two legions did not have any resistance under the attack of the German army There was not even time for them to gather and arm Istanbul.

He was unable to re establish his position, unable to re adjust his forces, and the German offensive had arrived In less than ten minutes, the Myristel battle group had completed a breakthrough on the left wing.Subsequently, the Guo Yunfeng battle group completed a breakthrough in the center.What shocked Colonel Bernaja was that the German army mobilized at least one regiment for this assault.Take a battalion against a battle regiment of the German SS, and there is absolutely no possibility of any victory, no army of can you take cbd gummies on airplanes any country can win.A regiment of the SS has many elite troops, and its weapons are terrifying and sophisticated, which is beyond the reach of all countries.Under the intensive firepower of the German raiding forces, the Turkish army suffered heavy casualties in the first round of confrontation Colonel Bernaja knew that he was completely unable to fulfill Marshal Greluman s important task While commanding funky farms cbd gummies reviews the troops to desperately resist the German attack, he kept calling for reinforcements to Marshal Gleluman.

Some people like to call me Baron Skeleton or Baron Rose.There is also Baron Immortal Morgan sighed It seems that the legendary Baron Alexon will never grow old is true Now, he is not surprised by everything that happened in New York.If the mastermind is Baron Alexon, then he is fully capable of doing all of this.It s just incredible that Baron Alexon dares to be alone Come to New York.I should have thought it was yours.Morgan smiled wryly Several major powerful consortia in the United States are waiting and watching, and the others don t have that much power at all.It is said that you were many years ago.Just going on adventures all over the world and getting enough wealth to buy the whole world, it seems that these cbd gummy bears walmart are as true as your legends about not being old I don t have such a huge monster in the legends.

A war against the sick comes President Roosevelt s expression suddenly became serious Baron Alexon, are you sure what you just said is correct Yes, I can take responsibility for every word I say today.Wang Weiyi took a deep breath The bombing of Britain has stopped, and the attack will not continue.There is a saying in China that if the lips are gone, the teeth will eagle cbd gummies cost feel cold.Frankly, I don t believe that the US will continue to do nothing while the UK homeland is under attack You have provided a lot of assistance to the UK before, and the barriers of isolationism are actually being broken down.I absolutely do not want to see Germany and the United States go to war.The United States is a big country, and Germany is also a big country.A war between a big country and a big country will be very terrible, and it will cause destruction President Roosevelt was silent for a while You are very frank, If Germany attacks Britain, I will ask Congress to pass the War Act at all costs.

No one takes a second look, no one soon.Many people will face the same fate as him No, maybe the fate is more miserable than his Bang Another gunshot came from another office, probably another bankrupt investor committed suicide The door of Williams office was pushed Open Mr.Robben Williams is sitting there like a can kids have cbd gummies fool now In just a few hours, he has become a bankrupt and a pauper Only the sound of pushing the door made him look up.It was Mr.Garcia who entered.Mr.Garcia Eliot put a glass of wine in front of him Your rum is the best.Robben Williams suddenly remembered what he once said to Garcia Maybe you Consider yourself a god oh no I think I m wrong, not even gods can stop gold stocks going up ok ok I gotta give you a chance Yes, I accept your challenge.When you fail, I will send you a glass of good rum Now it is Garcia who brings the rum Did you come to see my joke Williams said weakly.

He told General Alexander Among all the enemies I know, Baron Alexon is undoubtedly the greatest one.His talents far exceed ours.No matter what disguise we make, we can always To be seen through by him, no matter how confused we are, he will never be fooledin the ever changing battlefield.He can always capture our weaknesses most keenly, and then defeat us If we have sufficient supplies, we have no possibility of victory General Alexander reluctantly nodded.Although he is not particularly willing to admit these words that damage the majesty of the British Empire, the fact is that If there are sufficient supplies, no one can defeat Baron Alexon, no It s a pity.He was always a great tragic marshal General Montgomery sighed In the first war.He tried his best to lead the Skeleton Commando to countless victories.

Gentlemen.Wang Weiyi breathed a sigh of relief I hope you can assure me that no matter who among you is selected to be the first batch to be released, you must truthfully tell what happened in Britain here.Don t hide, don t deceive, the people of your own country have the right to know the truth, can you guarantee this I promise.General Rosen was the first to reply without hesitation.We promise. said all are cbd gummies drugs the English officers.Five hundred and seventy two.Cairo after the Battle of Alamein, the counterfeiter, has been completely different from before.Allied defeat.Let the whole of Cairo panic, the Egyptians, the French and the British living in Cairo, everyone is worried that the German army will attack Cairo.Fortunately, such a worrying thing finally did not happen, and the Germans seem to have temporarily lost interest in Cairo.

In this way, the Suez Canal, which was built by 120,000 people in Egypt with countless bones, was a treasure trove that should belong to the Egyptian people, but most of its wealth eventually went into the pockets of the British and French colonists.The two sides of the Suez Canal is a 104 km long, 4.The 8 kilometer military base is where the British garrison is located.The flag of the International Suez Canal fluttering in the wind on the canal clearly declares the status of the state within a state there.In 1936, Britain pretended to consider Egypt s security and let Egypt sign a 20 year Anglo Egyptian Alliance Treaty with itself.In the treaty, it is written in black and white that the British army has the right to station in the canal area , and Alexandria is the military port of the British Empire.

Cairo will soon fall into our hands.I hope to see you are cbd gummies drugs in London.Yes.Wang Weiyi s voice was not loud but he was very sure You ll see me in London soon Five hundred and eighty nine.Evacuation monthly ticket for the third watch Obviously, the situation in Cairo is very bad now.Outside the city, the German army is getting closer inside the city, the uprising is intensifying.The British are devastated, but it is difficult to come up with a good solution.The British have even prepared for the worst evacuate The embassy personnel were the first to evacuate.With the help of the Royal Navy, a large gummies for sleep cbd number of confidential documents were transported to the warship, and those staff members were also evacuated at the same time.The shadow of failure has shrouded Cairo The British are not without harvests , at least those insurgents were killed by them.

General Bernard Montgomery was commanding the battle at the forefront, while General Alexander continued to strangle the rioters in the city.They did not have any panic because of the arrival of the German army.at the same time.The Royal Navy moored on the Suez Canal also gave the British army the fullest artillery support.So far, at least, Cairo has looked invincible in Rommel s subsequent charges.The Allied forces repelled the German attack tenaciously and guarded their positions stubbornly.In the sky, the planes of the Germans and the British are carrying are cbd gummies drugs out a life and death strangulation.Everyone is doing everything they can for this war.Their eyes are red and their blood is hot.They will give their all to this battlefield while the battle of Cairo is going on.in town.The British are also working hard for all possible failures.

I couldn t believe it at all, there are no such people on the battlefield, but when I saw it with my own eyes, I was completely shocked.God, they really came back, and a German military officer was so fearless.They appeared in the British military campYour Excellency, can you tell me what you really thought at that time We are just the executors of the war, Sir Monlington.Wang Weiyi smiled and said On the battlefield, I will kill every enemy I can see without hesitation, but when the battle is over, I will not shoot at the captives.This is a good moral character that an upright person should abide by But unfortunately, when I came back twenty years later, I found that these good qualities have completely disappeared, and there are no gentlemen before the war.Everyone is fighting like a beast, and there is no elegance at allMassive prisoner of war camps were set up, many were tortured, abused, no one knew when they were going to die, no one knew what they were going to get tomorrow But Sir Monlington interrupted Wang Weiyi You released Rosen and some British officers again.

Only then did the Soviet army react and barely organized a defense.And a black car in the middle of the line also stopped, and it could be seen from a distance that two Soviet officers escorted the prisoner to flee to the side in a hurry.Now.This place has become a battlefield.The two sides fired at each other with different weapons.However, the German soldiers had already occupied the favorable terrain first, grenades, machine guns, submachine guns, all the firepower broke out in the craziest catharsis, hitting every Russian they could see here The chaotic battlefield , Chaotic situation, chaotic casualties.Probably the Soviet soldiers would are cbd gummies drugs never have imagined that there were so many enemies here.And the opponent also has such a strong firepower.The German commandos began to firmly control the situation in their hands.

Our intelligence agents risked their lives to send us information from Fronis.Can you imagine.Comrade Khrushchev, Ernst Brahm actually appeared directly in the front line shock troops of the Fronis German army Khrushchev s body trembled uncontrollably.It was terrible, This is really terrible.Ernst Brahm actually joined the battle sequence directly.This sounds crazy.But it also made Khrushchev vaguely guess the most fundamental reason why the morale of the German army is always so high.We can do the same At this moment, several senior military officers came in, and Khrushchev suddenly waved his hands and roared loudly as if he was a different person The great Soviet is invincible, let the shit like Ens To hell with T.Brahm He is an executioner, a coward, as long as the great Soviet Red Army steps on him, he will be trampled to pieces like a pile of shit Khrushchev s rude roar.

I think he is also thinking about how to turn disadvantages into advantages Comrade Military Commissar, this is our best chance, no matter in Tenklar, or in Krasnodar, or he has been assaulted all the way to the Terek River, I must defeat him Khrushchev nodded slowly Comrade Commander, if you insist on doing this.Then I will support you unconditionally.I will bear the consequences together with you Vasilevsky understood the meaning of his words very well.If the Soviet army s strategic intention is achieved, it will be a brilliant victory for the Soviet army, but if it fails, it is very likely that the German army will complete the anti encirclement.At that time , this responsibility will be extremely huge.Thank you, Comrade Military Commissioner.Vasilevsky smiled in relief, and then straightened his face I have issued a death order to the commanders and fighters on the front line.

Another day has passed During the day, the German army lost most of its positions.Now, all the troops are forced to huddle in a very small position for the final resistance.They killed countless enemies, and each soldier killed several times, ten times, or even dozens of times more enemies than them But no matter are cbd gummies drugs how many enemies they killed, they could not stop them The new attack of the Soviet army, for the German army, the Russians are too many.Surprisingly many.The results of the assault group in the German army have been very exciting.Wittmann alone has achieved an amazing record of destroying 46 enemy tanks and 21 self propelled artillery after the war started.The number one ace tank player is none other than him.But what s the use of killing more The armor strength of cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs the Russians is still so huge.

After that, they successfully crossed the Don River and occupied Karachi.The German troops who sent troops from Turkey to the Caucasus region were also in a hurry.The Soviet army could not stop the German army from attacking from several directions at the same time The strategic points everywhere fell into the hands of the Germans, and the leading German troops were very close to Stalingrad But , obviously the Russians have no intention of giving up, and battles are still erupting cbd chill gummies review on every front The situation in Stalingrad is not optimistic.In addition to the shortage of troops, the food problem is also Seriously bothered the Russians.Vasilevs Christ pushed Khrushchev to a decision to increase the food rations for the population.The increases were insignificant fifty grams for workers, and seventy five grams for extremely frail workers, dependents, and children.

These factories are connected with the workers residential areas, forming a large crisscross and heavily fortified position.These factories and residential areas would be the scene of heavy fighting as the Germans attempted to wipe out the heavily fortified defenders on the right flank of the Soviet defensive positions.At the time, Luftwaffe air strikes wreaked havoc, leaving the area beyond recognition with ditches, potholes and ruins, making it a nightmare for the Soviets.The Tsaritsa River separates Stalingrad from north to south, flows into the Volga River from west to east, and reaches Stalingrad No.1 Railway Station.On the south bank of the Tsaritsa River are Minina and Yersanka, where the 64th Army under the command of Shumilov is deployed to protect the left flank of the 62nd Army.To the east of Railway Station No.

The scale and ferocity of the German attack were empe cbd gummy bears is condor cbd gummies a scam unprecedented, and even a powerful opponent like the Soviet army could not cope with it.According to statistics, the Luftwaffe launched about 3,000 attacks.After the air strike, the German infantry and armored are cbd gummies drugs forces launched an offensive, targeting the right flanks of the 37th, 112th and 308th Guards Navy Divisions.The fighting was fierce.Explosions came and went, buildings collapsed, and planes circled overhead.Tanks rumbled across the ground, creating a horrifying picture of a pre apocalyptic world.Chuikov described the battles of these days as unprecedented and fierce battles In the long and narrow trenches, the officers and soldiers eagle hemp cbd gummies walmart of the 37th, 112th and 308th Guards Navy Divisions tried their best to avoid the crazy air attack.On the ground, the intersection between the left flank of the 37th Guards Navy Division and the right flank of the 308th Guards Division was attacked by the SS Skeleton Division, the 100th Jager Division and the 30th Infantry Division.

But you can t ask for more from them.They have used their cbd gummies factory lives to explain what loyalty to the country is Every time he charged, none of them were successful, and all of this didn t matter to Shumilov.What else can I do What else can be done On the 30th, Shumilov lost most of his troops, and the entire 64th Army had basically lost its combat capability.That night, Shumilov sent a telegram to Chuikov.In the telegram, he said that the 64th Army did what are cbd gummies drugs they could, but for the entire Army, the battle was probably over so far, and he was completely lost.control over the troops.Now, he will only wish Chuikov and his 62nd Army better luck After sending this telegram, Shumilov organized the last charge of his life by A charge led by him himself Shumilov s body was found two days later.If it wasn t for the military uniform on his body that showed his identity, no one would have guessed that the owner of the body belonged to a general.

Gus dagger actually broke from it.Although the dagger made by the Romans is very sophisticated, it is not at the same level as the little are cbd gummies drugs spirit in Wang Weiyi s hand, which is made by machines and is far ahead of this era.The fierce attack every time , so that the dagger had already suffered a lot of wounds, and the last sword fell, and the dagger could no longer bear it, and it was split into two.Holding the half blank broken sword, Anlugus stood there in a daze.The weapons made by the Romans were all Can t compete with this strange weapon in the hands of the baron Finally, cheers erupted in the tribe.The powerful weapon made these Germanians feel extremely confident.Wang Weiyi let Anrugus try again The round shield in Elena s hand, this seemingly light round shield, was not damaged at all under the attack of the short spear.

Until now, these Celtic people here don t know that a catastrophe is approaching Light up the smoke The bigger the smoke, the better Gaius cheered up when he learned that Ernst had successfully climbed to the top of the mountain.Return to the role of commander in the field with full enthusiasm.To be honest, Gaius was indeed a very rare and brave commander in the Roman Legion.Roman soldiers lit the wet firewood they had prepared and added various paints.It will take a while.Billows of colorful smoke rose from the foot of the mountain.The Celts were alarmed, they did not understand what happened down the mountain.Putting on a white robe, the legionary orderly walked up the hill holding a bouquet of olive branches, and stopped in front of the what does cbd gummies is good for a teen parapet blocking the mountain road Listen, all barbarians Your arrogance yesterday has angered our Roman patron saint, Last night the gods of Rome gave a dream to our great commander Gaius, who will send our Roman warriors to the top of the mountain today, do you see the smoke It is our gods using it to lift our soldiers to the top of the mountain As if responding to the orderer s words, the soldiers who had sneaked up to the top of the mountain last night suddenly appeared from the white snow, waving elderberry cbd gummies their flags.

When he Powerful officials, generals who have won battles, or rich people like myself. Among them, the poet Krasicius seemed to be particularly interested in Wang Weiyi, and he kept saying some irrelevant words beside Wang Weiyi, and kept asking Wang Weiyi if he had heard this poem or that poem.Poetry is too difficult for Wang Weiyi to understand, especially the poetry of ancient Rome, what is in it is simply a bible for Wang Weiyi.But despite seeing that Spulius didn t understand poetry at all, Krasicius showed no displeasure.Not only that, he even started to tease Wang Weiyi with words Tease a tease from a man In an instant, both Wang Weiyi and Richthofen understood that this is a man who likes men.In Rome, there were men who liked women, men who liked men, and men both men and women.In the eyes of the Romans, this is not a big deal.

Whether it are cbd gummies drugs was the on the spot reaction on the battlefield, Senardi was much, much better than himself.If you want to win, you must rely on this absolutely loyal subordinate Centumaros calmed down his mood, and decided to hand over all the decision making power on the battlefield to Senardi.Senardi was right in his judgment, the Germans who appeared on the battlefield had no intention of escaping at all.However, they also did not want to fight here.Leading these Japanese warriors are two of the Three Devil Messengers Ernst and Richthofen When the Roman Legion appeared, Wang Weiyi s previous judgment was that they would rush to launch an are cbd gummies drugs attack, but he was a little surprised to find that the Romans did not do so, but established a solid defensive front, and then waited for the formation to unfold.

His answer was weak, and he didn t even dare to look directly at the barbarian.Skull mask why are cbd gummies so popular of a human leader.Do you know why I didn t kill you Wang Weiyi asked, looking at him.Centumaros shook his head.Because you don t pose any threat to us.If Caesar falls into my hands, I will kill him without hesitation, but you don t have to.Wang Weiyi said with some smiles You can t do anything to us.Even a little bit of destructive power, your only value is that we can ask the Romans for a large ransom through you.Centumarus wished to die immediately, and in the eyes of the barbarians, he was actually like this position Seven hundred and seventy four.Shocking news of the German uprising reached Caesar.He couldn t believe that the Fifteenth are cbd gummies drugs Legion would are cbd gummies drugs best cbd gummies for energy 2021 be destroyed in such a way.Although he had predicted the failure of Centumarus, he still wanted to rely on Centumarus s help anyway.

Uyr brought back only 20 warriors, and even he himself was wounded.Seeing Hellman, Uyr choked up As soon as we arrived, we were ambushed by the empe cbd gummy bears is condor cbd gummies a scam Romans.We fought desperately, but there were 300 soldiers.There are only 300 soldiers left.There are a few people His eyes were red, and even if everyone didn t personally participate, they knew what terrible fate Uyr and his warriors met at night.The Romans were already prepared.They discovered our plot.Uyr said loudly, My people must have been attacked too.Hellman, what should they do What should they do Heilman didn t know how to answer at all The Lombards are here.The are cbd gummies drugs sex blog cbd gummies Cherusis are here.Dunkert is here too.The voices kept ringing out.People from several cbd gummies peach rings are cbd gummies drugs tribes who participated in the uprising at the same time all arrived.This was their prior agreement that they would meet here once the uprising failed, but this was just an idea.

Caesar smiled lightly They are willing to help me, so from now on, the barbarians will be my most staunch allies Servius felt faintly worried, but he would never show it in front of Caesar Caesar, I have three of the bravest warriors, Celius, Ugaqi, and Bisis.According to the rules of the Romans, choose your three bravest warriors and show your bravery in front of everyone Choose and send out your fighters, and wait for me here.Caesar slowly returned to his team, and then he looked at his new ally, the skeleton consul Ernst, my friend, although I don t want to admit it, I still want to tell the truth , Among my soldiers, no one can be more valiant than you and your companions, will you win victory for me I don t mind killing Romans.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly behind the mask.Wang Weiyi, Richthofen and Guo Yunfeng jumped off their horses, then drew their weapons and walked slowly towards the battlefield.

Allen continued to reply calmly.That s cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs a big city, and I m from San Diego too.The second lieutenant sighed with emotion I wish you good luck, and hope to see you again when the war is over. Good luck to you too, Lieutenant.The second lieutenant returned to the jeep Major, you can go.Sorry to take you so long.It s all the Germans fault.Wang Weiyi smiled, and the jeep quickly restarted Allen played a very important role in a near miss.Before.Wang Weiyi is well aware of the biggest problem among them, which is what to do once the fun drops cbd gummies price empe cbd gummy bears Americans ask.There was no way he could find thirty German soldiers who could speak English in a short time.And this problem really happened.However, Allen s outstanding performance resolved this crisis.When the team stopped to rest.Wang Weiyi asked Alan, and Alan told the major that he really grew up in San Diego and did not return to Germany until he was 20 years old.

No longer dare to use them on the frontal battlefield.Now, in addition to some simple security, the task of the Italian army is to guard some material bases.Incompetent guys, they can only do these things Lieutenant Colonel Kars sneered in his heartSuddenly, his expression changed Major Davis, are cbd gummies drugs we have Some supply base Ah, yes, Longenberg, where we store a lot of gasoline.Who is guarding it Italian Alberto Infantry Battalion, what is the name of their commander I also saw the other day Ah, I remembered.Major Bertignano.Damn it, go to Longenberg at once Karls complexion changed again It s been a long time since the Germans left, I hope we can still catch up with them how.Lieutenant Colonel, do you really think that the Germans will attack a battalion of troops with more than 30 troops Davis obviously didn t believe it.

In fact, Americans still hope that the baroness will leave immediately, so that the baron can empe cbd gummy bears tell them about the excavation of William II s treasure without distraction.Davyn kept his promise very much, and he came to the baron s house in person.Butler Videlio opened the door, and Davien heard the baroness and his wife arguing fiercely, and even the baroness crying.Davyn sighed inwardly, poor baroness, she really married the wrong person.Although the baron looks young and handsome, he is nothing more than a mean, thoughtless playboy who likes to seek out women.How could the baron be happy if he followed such a person I m leaving, I m going back to Holland now Davyn saw the baroness with red eyes coming out from crying, followed by Butler Depusey.When passing by Butler Videlio, the baroness suddenly said Butler Videlio, you also go with me, and you are responsible for driving.

The shock wave caused by the explosion made the US military into a mess.Another armored vehicle was blown into scrap iron.In the face of the powerful Leopard 7 and Garde Self Propelled Artillery , the light armored vehicles of the US military had no ability to resist at all.Under the cover of are cbd gummies drugs tanks and self propelled artillery, the German army launched a fierce attack wave after wave.Under such an offensive, the US military suffered huge losses in a short period of time.Corpses all over the place, blood flowing everywhere Major Abraham fell into chaos just like his soldiers He still hasn t figured out how this happened.The reconnaissance plane obviously failed to detect the enemy, but where did these Germans come from We are under empe cbd gummy bears is condor cbd gummies a scam siege, ask for support.Ask are cbd gummies drugs for support The desperate Major Abraham could only issue such an order.

I shouldn t have followed the baron on a mysterious journey.I should have stayed here and had a good time.Taking care of the manor I m sorry, Steward Vidlio.But I can t help it.Joseph couldn t help defending himself, and then he quickly realized that how could he face an illusory person What about talking Don t explain, a butler of a noble family should never explain Butler Vidlio said angrily.This is the difference between the Baron s butler and the Earl s butler.Butler Depusey s sarcasm came Compared with the Earl s house, everything in the Baron s house is always are cbd gummies drugs lacking.Enough, enough of your arrogance Crazy Butler Vidlio said irritably.No, you leave me.You are not real During the quarrel between Butler Videlio and Butler Depsey, Joseph yelled out I beg you, leave me.I know it s mine Illusion.

His enemies are undermining his authority in various ways, but Wolff and his men are like idiots and don t know what to do.Everything I designed with great care was met with a heavy thud just at the beginning.On the radio, the voice of the baroness was still ringing Such despicable elements have already betrayed the faith of Germany, Germany, and everyone.But I It is firm that they will never succeed, and when Baron Alexson returns to Berlin, the truth of all will emerge But before that, I call on all Germans, to unite and defend Berlin , to defend Germany.Baron Alexon will never fun drops cbd gummies price empe cbd gummy bears let tragedy happen again in bio life cbd gummies reviews Germany, and he absolutely cannot bear to lose He are cbd gummies drugs will come back He will come back back to Berlin, will Make everything right This is what the Baroness told all Germans, and this is what the Baron wanted to tell all Germans.

This is the best opportunity Hart lowered his voice Let me tell you, naive little girl, I just got the news that the Baron is preparing to seize power in a bloodless way, but I don t believe those guys from the Empire State Building, We are ready, once the baron fails, we will mutiny on the front line, march into Berlin, and help the baron Pu Silin s eyes widened.She never thought that her brother, who usually seemed to be doing nothing, would be planning such an important event.The removal of spies is nothing more than an excuse.Hart told his sister the whole truth This will allow us to enter and leave Berlin conveniently, but before that, you must not cause me any more trouble.I can t take care of you.Thank you, brother, for telling me this.There seemed to be some tears in Puslin s eyes But, will you die What if you fail I may die, but what does it matter if I fail At least we died for Germany.

In this battle, the Allied forces lost too many soldiers.For a long period of time, they had to digest such a failure, find ways to eliminate the shadows in cbd gummies for cats the hearts of the soldiers, and readjust their forces, but this took a long, long period of time Before Christmas The declaration to end the fighting has become a joke.But the Germans can live a relatively safe Christmas.The most embarrassing person was probably General Kerrett, the guy who vowed before the battle that he would defeat the Skeleton Baron, and even ask the Skeleton Baron to surrender, but caused his troops to suffer the heaviest loss.Especially after are cbd gummies drugs the baron specifically named General Kerrett in his speech to the world, General Kerrett simply didn t know how to continue commanding his troops.Two cars appeared, and when the senior German generals on top came down, they immediately aroused the craziest cheers from the German soldiers.

Ah, I just said who can have such a great ability.Luo Sang admired I have seen the Germans abilities many times.They seem to be able to do anything.Ah, Mr.Moyol, the German army will send Is Egypt launching an attack Yes, and soon.Wang Weiyi s answer gave these Egyptians great confidence But before that, we must organize a massive uprising all over Egypt, using all possible ways to attack our common enemy.Commander Luosang, I think this will require your help.We are ready Luosang said confidently, Although the enemy has stepped up their guard against us, But their power is not enough to control the whole of Egypt.Once Cairo takes the lead, the anger of freedom in Egypt will burn.But before that, we still have a difficult task to do.He hesitated there Egypt The officer corps has always been a great threat to us, and Tamusta knows everything about Cairo, and even has his men in the Abid Brotherhood , and I think this threat must be eliminated if the uprising is to are cbd gummies drugs succeed Drop The people around fell silent It is definitely not that easy to kill Tamusta Wang Weiyi also knew the difficulty, so he thought about it Jiu Jiu The armed uprising is proceeding according to the schedule.

Under the leadership of Captain Bondarev, those Bulgarian soldiers stood beside Wang Weiyi, and then Captain Bondarev .

what is cbd in gummies?

said loudly Baron, it is our greatest honor to meet you here.Germany is still standing firmly on our side in the most difficult situation.Wang Weiyi stared at the Bulgarian captain in front of are cbd gummies drugs him I guarantee that the war will end with our victory, and all those who have helped us will get the best of Germany.Selfless return.Captain Bondarev nodded vigorously The battle at Fabaman has reached a feverish stage.And Marshal Ernst Brehm is in Fabermann, and is accompanying the news that the German army is fighting together.It quickly spread throughout Fabaman.The pride in the hearts of the German soldiers is indescribable in words, and the astonishment in the hearts of the are cbd gummies drugs American soldiers is also indescribable in words.

Under such circumstances, the Allied Commander in Chief, Westmoreland, made a new deployment The main force of the Allied Forces launched a large scale attack on Berlin again, and ordered the Russian army to strengthen the offensive against Robinster and K nigsberg , be sure to capture both lands before the baron s guard arrives.A French army and a Canadian army also received orders to move quickly in the direction of Robin Stell.Robin Stall was about to turn into a gigantic battlefield There was nothing theoretically wrong with Westmoreland are cbd gummies drugs s arrangement.The only thing he has to cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs worry about is the Russian army that is attacking Robin Stall Wang Weiyi also learned of the redeployment of the Allied forces and the new movements of the enemy at the first time.He didn t make any deployments for his troops, fun drops cbd gummies price empe cbd gummy bears but firmly followed the plan he made before, marching towards Robin Stell without hesitation The galloping torrent of steel and roaring soldiers are telling everyone that the German attack has arrived When the rumble of guns came, when the faint shouts came, Robin Stahl was already in sight Marshal Ernst, we have arrived at Robinstel.

Even now Wang Weiyi can still imagine Rona Nova s perfect body I think.The life of Prince Bierstoka s family must be very happy now, right Wang Weiyi asked casually.No, not happy at all.Tatyana s answer was unexpected His eldest son died of illness more than ten years ago, and the Duke now only trusts his other son, Ilya.He gave Ilya most of his business and power.As for his two daughters and son in law, he only gave each of them a manor and the title of Marquis, but did not allow them to participate in their own affairs at all.It is said that.His two sons in law complained very much about fun drops cbd gummies price empe cbd gummy bears it.Especially the husband of his eldest daughter, Marquis Milosevic of Andjak, once even had a fierce dispute with the Duke, and was almost deprived of everything by the Duke.There would be no Marquis of Andejac Neither cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs Wang Weiyi nor Xiao Ling had grasped this informationWang Weiyi immediately became interested Then what about his youngest daughter and son in law His youngest daughter is Ronanova, Marquis of Kardish, and her son in fun drops cbd gummies price empe cbd gummy bears law is Khmelitsky, Marquis of Pereas Tatyana obviously knew the Duke s family very well The Duke used to be very I love this little daughter, but for some reason, I gradually started to distance myself Wang Weiyi now has a general understanding of the Gregory family.

This is cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs all the armor power in their hands, of course artillery is indispensable.On the periphery of the position, they spent the past few days digging 3 anti tank trenches, and laid minefields on all roads.They were ordered to stick to it for 5 days.But the U.S.military s order was not intercepted, and the translator learned that the German positions were conquered within 2 days.At noon, the U.S.military finally arrived.Numerous heavy artillery bombarded the German are cbd gummies drugs positions for as long as 3 hours.Due to the advance arrangements and the realization of intelligence obtained from local personnel, the German army was already in thick bunkers, and the casualties were not very large.Under such circumstances, the U.S.military lined up in a dense formation and advanced towards the German army.In front of the infantry, tanks and artillery moved slowly behind.

Or they deliberately avoided it.Marshal Ernst Brahm, the German military commander, immediately appreciated Dalkrenff s efforts for peace, and immediately mobilized a large number of troops to cover the flanks of the Russian 11th Army to prevent the enemy from fierce counterattack.In the afternoon, Dahlcroft appeared at German headquarters when he met Field Marshal Ernst.The first question asked was Can you keep your promise, Marshal I will keep my promise unconditionally, General.Wang Weiyi s answer was so affirmative I hope you and I will build A brand new Russia Dalkrenff finally let go of his heavy heart After he announced the cessation of fighting, the 11th Army was surprisingly silent, and all officers and soldiers accepted it calmly.this order.They are the group of people who are least willing to continue fighting.

Besides, there are more important things.You should report this incident to your cbd gummies peach rings are cbd gummies drugs superiors as soon as possible.The large German troops have come to attack, so of course the No.30 people can t guard against them, and the blame should not be on their own.So, how many people are there in the German army There should be a hundred people.Well, no, it takes a thousand men to drive back such a great French soldier.Well, in front of the superior, that s all.The main general left, and the rest of the people ran out of the stronghold along with them.Who wants to leave their lives here.In less than five minutes, after Sweet and Clark met, there was no Russian in the stronghold, except for a few corpses underground.Sweet, who was still planning for the worst, never thought that he would occupy the stronghold so easily without a single soldier.

I really lost my temper at that time, you did the right thing.If you have a gun, you can just bring it to me.Sweet smiled shyly, looking at the sunset a little lonely.actually Trowman was about to say something when Sweet interrupted him.Maybe it s called talent.Everyone has a different path.There are thousands of faces.I have what you don t have, and what you have I don t have one, maybe there really is are cbd gummies drugs a God, and God makes everyone have strengths in various aspects, and God also makes everyone have defects of one kind or another.Bears have strength, wolves have agility, and foxes have brains.Maybe I look more like a fox than a bear.Troman lowered his head and continued to listen to Sweet s emotion.Actually, I am really afraid of death.On the battlefield, I saw the faces and scattered limbs of the dead.

Of course, he also had the 8th Panzer Corps.He didn t think that he would fail now, and he vowed that no matter what effort he had to make, he would take back what he had lost.Thus, the craziest scene and the last scene took place are cbd gummies drugs in Moscow On May 21, 1966, the most massive demonstrations and protests in the history of the Russian capital broke out in Moscow wave.Almost two thirds of the Moscow population took to are cbd gummies drugs the streets, chanting slogans to hit Gregory and the Russian government.This is the first time that the parade people use the word hit and those Moscow policemen don t seem to want to do anything at all, they let the parade pass in front of them, forgetting about the Grand Duke Give them the order of repression.Like the police, there are also those soldiers.They also let these things happen in front of their own eyes Everyone has seen the situation in front of Moscow clearly The wave of protests was so fierce and the parade was so large that all journalists in Moscow took to the streets without exception.

But if you don t want to tell me the truth.I don t know what terrible things are going to happen.It s so strange, did you give all this to the Grand Duchess Mr.Milosevic, tell me.Who gave all this It is you, Monsieur Baronet.Milosevic s arrogance was completely knocked out.Yes, it was me.Wang Weiyi did not summer vally cbd gummies make any denials at all I gave everything to the Grand Duchess, and everything to you is also given to me.Mr.Milosevic, I remember telling you that I can give you everything and I can take everything away from you.It s exactly the same as treating Grigory Milosevic couldn t help shiveringthe fact that Grigory was bloody was right in front of him Mr.Baron, I m really sorry.I shouldn t be so presumptuous to come here Milosevic knew that he had left a very bad impression on the Baron.He hurriedly tried to make it up Mr.

Then, let the Marquis enter the witness stand.According to Fritoyaf s words, the Marquise stood up from the public gallery and walked are cbd gummies drugs onto the witness stand step by step.She didn t even look at her husband as she passed Milosevic.No, one s own wife will not betray herself yes.No matter what, Natalia will not betray her They are doing this on purpose, trying to provoke the relationship between himself and his wife, Milosevic thought so His heart is full There are still fantasies up to now The Marquise of Andjac.Are you willing to testify Fritoyaf probably sympathized with the Marquise s experience, so his voice was very gentle.Yes, I am willing to testify.Natalia said calmly But it is not for my husband to prove his innocence, but to prove what a shameless person this noble Marquis is Boom click.

Not daring to make a sound, as if a small noise would break the already unusual tranquility and bring about an eternal disasterA ghost like shadow flashed into the trench Contact A German shout broke the silence on the ground.Yes, disaster is coming the sound of bayonets piercing the body The enemy is coming Ban Zai Ban Zai Sirens are on are cbd gummies drugs the battlefield Echoing, the voices of the American infantry were mixed together, and the frightening sound of long live sounded The American army is coming fire In the fun drops cbd gummies price empe cbd gummy bears thick fog, the American infantry was still charging in groups, and they exposed themselves in front of the defenders when they were almost at zero distance from the defenders.Thousands of U.S.troops suddenly rushed out of the smoke, and the distance from the defenders had reached zero, and countless devil like shadows rushed into the trenches.

On the way, there was only a small scale resistance from the US military, and there is no sign of the enemy now.Received, advance in two columns, and send two other armored vehicles to investigate and explore the road.Understood The two armored vehicles are cbd gummies drugs sex blog cbd gummies broke away from the queue.Drive towards a small town only 1 km away from the city at the high speed.Brigade Commander The 1st Tank Battalion was ambushed The panicked voice of the communicator came from Sergey s radio, but the conversation was obviously interrupted before he finished speaking.Hey what happened answer Hello The thing that made Sergey terrified still happened.This was what he expected, because empe cbd gummy bears is condor cbd gummies a scam he knew that a counterattack with weak offensive forces on both wings was doomed to end in bloody failure, and this was just the beginning.

Like the Germans, they launched wave after wave of attacks on Hannover with the spirit of fearlessness.For Duby, he didn t actually panic at this time.Although the enemy s strength far exceeded his own, the commander in chief of Westmoreland had already called him.Two Australian infantry divisions will arrive shortly.And this is tantamount to giving Brigadier General Dolby a reassurance The arrival of reinforcements.The confidence of the U.S.military has been greatly increased.Under the cover of air fighters and ground artillery fire, they are struggling to support and resist the crazy attacks from the enemy.Corpses are scattered all over the mountains, and blood has gathered into small rivers Ever since human beings invented war, the terrible shadow of death has not disappeared for a single day This is probably the ugliest and most despicable invention of human beings up The determination of the U.

However, the Allied forces battle plan has also been successful.Wang empe cbd gummy bears is condor cbd gummies a scam Weiyi said suddenly Terton will definitely not be able to continue for another three days.Our plan to break the enemy s flank will be shattered with the loss of Teton.General Carol fell silent Yes, in the offensive and defensive battle of Hanover, although the enemy was very tenacious, but there were several very good closes, but Field Marshal Ernst gave up.In the case that the front line can win as long as two regiments are invested, instead of using the reserve team, Marshal Ernst ordered the troops to slow down the offensive rhythm.To be honest, General Carol has no fake cbd gummies what idea what the Marshal is thinking The phone in the headquarters rang.Wang Weiyi took the phone and listened to it calmly for a while, then put down the phone.

Berkeley quickly said He is the silent man in the torrent of history.He deleted his figure so cleanly, and brought all the secrets into the coffin.He is the back of the moon, hiding in the dark and whispering during his lifetime.After death, he was buried underground in obscurity and will remain a mystery forever.This never covets the glory of the historical spotlight.People who regard the external signs of power as dung will inevitably be buried as time goes by.But there are always a few pairs of falcon eyes who are good at seeing the truth of the world and human nature through the superficial layer of events.They inspired one by one, from Balzac s exposition to Louis Madeleine s biography to Zweig s biographical novels, a mysterious figure hidden in the dust of history, its basic outline was outlined.

The battle between the First National Guard Division and the rebel army is still going on, and no one can guess the final result.Litham was doing his job, and Enova was doing her job too.Everyone has their own beliefs, and no one are cbd gummies drugs can deprive the other party of their beliefs.In this blood and fire, freedom and dictatorship contest, Pisnoche s performance is so heroic.Avako s death gave him too much stimulation, he had to kill every enemy he could see to avenge Mr.Avako.He wasn t a professional soldier, and he hadn t even touched a weapon before that.But he forced himself to familiarize himself with the use of each firearm in the shortest possible time.Only in this way can he kill more enemies to comfort Avaco s spirit in heaven.He was so valiant on the battlefield that the enemy s bullets whizzed around him.

Those who can understand him dare cheapest cbd gummies are cbd gummies drugs not visit him openly, while those who don t understand him always abuse him behind his back.He couldn t tell anyone about the pain in his heart, even his own son.But now the light finally appeared before his eyes.The arrival of Baron Alexon made everything possible.Tell me, how much power you can use now and who is completely loyal to you.Wang Weiyi finally asked what he wanted to know.Grislow thought for a while There are about a thousand people who can be mobilized at any time, and the fully armed ones account for about half of them.In the army, my strength is stronger, but the defense force in London is basically Fenton s people., I can t get involved. Very well, it s far beyond my imagination.Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction I need you to find 100 reliable men for me, all armed, leave London secretly, and be able to Can it be done in the shortest time Yes, I can arrange it within two hours.

We are capable of defending our territory, and we are also capable of defending our airspace.There is only one solemn promise I can make to you.No matter how many enemy planes appear above our heads, we will be attacked.The most powerful counterattack by the powerful British Air Force The applause rang out again It can be seen that these officials are still very convinced by President Fenton s words Fenton s words were still ringing, and Nash quietly came to Lieutenant Colonel Mills.After expressing his gratitude to Lieutenant Colonel Mills, Nash whispered We found a The secret military base of the resistance organization.The capture operation will start after this gathering, Lieutenant Colonel, are you interested in participating It is said that there are a large number of opponents of the US government among this group of resistance elements.

Wang Weiyi pointed to the direction he was in charge of The house on the left, I hope we will not encounter too much resistance.But this time Wang Weiyi s empe cbd gummy bears is condor cbd gummies a scam judgment was wrong.When the British police and the US federal agents jointly started the attack, they were actually blocked by the combined firepower of machine guns and submachine guns.Imagine.Wang Weiyi originally wanted Grislow to notify the members of the resistance organization to evacuate, but he quickly gave up this idea.Nash had already surrounded the place, and he would never let his enemies escape so easily.Yes.Instead of taking risks, it is better to use this opportunity to get close to Nash and gain his trustsometimes some people have to be sacrificedand when the two sides are engaged in a fierce exchange of fire, Wang Weiyi has quickly found a breakthrough with his rich experience in the battlefield, and while he asked Captain Pattinson to lead the federal agents to shoot and cover himself with firepower, he quietly approached the breakthrough.

When he arrived At that time, he took out two grenades.He opened the safety, and then threw them in through the open window.After two loud bangs of boom boom , there was a tragic cry in the room.Resistance The firepower of the organization was weakened at once, taking advantage of this time, the police and detectives quickly approached here.A minute later, more than ten figures rushed out from the hiding room There is no longer any Keep going A large number of police and detectives are surrounded from several directions, and Nash will never let go of this golden opportunityWang Weiyi who is the closest to here He was the first to rush into the manor, and he saw a figure fleeing in embarrassment under the escort of two people, and he quickly determined that this was the main target of this operation.

Maybe several, who remembers these Wang Weiyi shrugged his shoulders At least we have solved a huge problem. Yes, I think this area will be much calmer.Nash had just said this, and suddenly several cars rushed here, As soon as the car came to a complete stop, Colonel Jed of the CIA rushed over unusually.When he saw Norden s body, the expression on his face could not be described in words Damn it, this Who did it We did it together, what s the matter, Colonel Jed Nash said with the are cbd gummies drugs usual British disdain for Americans.Seriously, he didn t like the American colonel This Colonel Jed always seemed so arrogant, and always regarded them as the saviors of the British, as if Britain could not survive without them.You know, the United States was a British colony just a few hundred years ago Colonel Jed s face was ashen, and he said word by word This corpse is from our Central Intelligence Agency One thousand and seventy three.

They didn t shoot outside, unless the police took the initiative to attack, and then they would immediately meet live well cbd gummies review with their most tenacious counterattack.What Duila and cbd gummies for dogs calming Douglas couldn t understand was where the blacks got even weapons including rocket launchers, which caused the Oakland police to encounter major setbacks again and again in their attacks.There is one thing Duila is very clear about.Washington has already known about it.The reason why President William has not expressed any views on this matter is that Duila believes that President William is waiting for the final result of Oakland.If the Casli Academy incident cannot be successful within the next few days, then it is very difficult to say what kind of prospects he blissful remedies cbd gummies will face.Maybe the Federal Army will intervene soon that s for the best.

Whether he can successfully get away is very deserving of scrutiny.The New are cbd gummies drugs York Times published such a report The eyes of the Lady Justice are not blinded, and the laws of the United States will definitely give a murderer a justice, no matter whether his target is white or black, no matter his father is a worker.Still the general, Shukako must be punished We believe that not only all of New York is waiting for this trial, but the whole of America, all of Europe, and the whole world are waiting for this trial We look forward to seeing Shuka Ko appeared on the trial bench.Then the jury found him guilty unanimously This is not because we have any prejudice against Shukako, but if justice cannot be done, this will be the greatest shame of the United States A preconceived feeling.Shukako is guilty, and justice can only be done if Shukako is convicted.

Instead, a local person directly provides us with Support will be much more beneficial.Mr.Mars understood the meaning of the other party at once Huey Newton wanted to make himself a sponsor of the Black Panther Party Sympathizing with black people is one thing, but direct funding is another.After all, the status of blacks in the United States, especially in Oakland, is very low.If the matter of self funding black people gets out.It will have a very serious impact on your family and company Mr.Mars, you don t have to worry about the problems you are facing Huey knew that the other party was worried about something What No one else will know about our funding, and everything will be done in secret.Of course, you will get rewards, and the rewards we give you will also be unexpected, for example, Mayor of Oakland will be vacant soon Mr.

They were ordered to recapture the barracks in the shortest possible time at all costs and rescue the captured American soldiers.There are some signs of emptiness in the defense of the city of London Wang Weiyi got out of the black car.This time he was no longer Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Put on the captain s uniform of the British.The German spies Pross, Matthew Mann and Jagt who HCMUSSH are cbd gummies drugs were released because of the Galaxy incident all followed Captain Brahm in British military uniforms.At this time, their inner excitement is difficult to express in words, and not many people are lucky enough to participate in the action with Baron Alexon.This action is enough for them to have a good aftertaste for the rest of their lives London Large Machinery Manufacturing Company.Wang Weiyi took a look.This company with the machinery manufacturing brand was actually an arms factory owned by the British, and there were a lot of weapons and ammunition piled up inside.

The Irish government and the Fenton government quickly fell into chaos, and the order of suppression quickly passed to Colonel Tarrant, Colonel Tarrant quickly rejected this order.In his telegram reply, he said We have no way to suppress, because if we want to suppress, it will suppress the entire people of Moyle I think everyone should come to Moyle, the people here are fanatical supporters of Adams and his interim government, even in the Internal Guard that I command, there is no lack of followers of Adams, I am losing my respect for Moyle Er s control.Colonel Tarrant s attitude was unexpected by the Irish government.They had to urgently mobilize the National Army stationed near Moyle to attack.At the same time, Colonel Tarrant also refused Adams interim government to grant him Prime Minister appointed.

Wang Weiyi sat down on the sofa easily General Bacchus, you made the right choice at the right time.When the artillery fire floods this place, I promise you will not regret your choice.Major General Bacchus certainly hoped that he would not regret such a choice 1117.Skeleton Lancers The sky in Southampton has been flooded by war.Airplanes appeared frequently, and a large are cbd gummies drugs number of bombs and incendiary bombs rained down.Fortunately, considering the post war reconstruction issues, the Axis Revolutionary Army did not use more powerful weapons.For the British in Southampton and the Allied forces stationed here, this is probably their only lucky place.The Allied forces commanded by Don Tanner were also desperately fighting back, and the Allied Air Forces, which were constantly being reinforced, were also fighting cbd oil gummies whole foods desperately with the Axis air forces in a small space.

The statement was placed in front of General Vincent.There was another long silence, and then, a brigade commander stood up, went to the statement and read it carefully, and then signed his name.That s often the case with a lot of things, and it s much easier once someone starts it.More and more officers stood up and signed are cbd gummies drugs their names on this statement There is no longer any obstacle.At 6 00 a.m.on October 18, 1966, the day after the Great Battle broke out in London, all British troops in Milton Keynes, under the command of General Vincent, declared an uprising This was the deadliest blow for the Allies.General Vincent, who was originally expected to be infinitely high, now, like many other generals, has ruthlessly abandoned the Fenton government and the Americans.What else Things like this are only going to happen more and more often in the London Armageddon.

I have been through three world wars, the first time, my country lost.The German people were in deep pain.However, we have completed the reconstruction in our own unique way.The second time, we won, but we seemed to be dazzled by the victory.As a result, my beloved country nearly perished.He took a deep breath when he said this Berlin has almost fallen into the hands of the enemy.I can t imagine what it would be like if that was the case.But luckily we didn t have such a nightmare, we made it, didn t we When the war is over.Berlin will be rebuilt along with London.Together we are cbd gummies drugs will dominate all of Europe.Germany and Great Britain I promise What do you make the French and Italians think Queen Elizabeth II couldn t help laughing I think they will probably protest.Hitler also laughed, the queen probably hasn t figured out what he means, but she will understand all this soon This is the suffering that the British people must endure, whatever the price it may cost them War can bring peace, but war brings more destruction endless destruction.

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