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In recent years, best cbd gummy for pain with the recovery of the economy and the gradual increase in people s wages, everyone would go shopping and eat in their spare time.For entertainment, watching movies is one of the cheapest pastimes.Guohao, wait, I m going to buy tickets Seeing many people crowded at the ticket office, Zhang Dong said to Li Guohao, then turned around and squeezed in.Yes, there were too many people crowded in.A movie ticket is not expensive five or six yuan, everyone can afford it.In addition, today is the weekend again, students on vacation, white collar workers resting, or couples come here one after another.Okay.Before Li Guohao could reply, Zhang Dong had disappeared into the crowd.Li Guohao stood on the street, looked around, and looked at the movie theaters in the 1970s.The movie theaters at this time are incomparable to those of later generations.

After all, no one would believe him if he said it.My mind stopped.Yes.It was the first time that Bruce Lee was asked for an autograph, and while he was quite proud, he readily agreed.Fortunately, Li Guohao would carry a notebook and a pen with him in his tea restaurant on weekdays to write down what the guests ordered, and now he took it out of his shirt pocket and handed it to Bruce Lee.What s your name Bruce Lee asked after thinking for a while after signing his name.Li Guohao.Hearing this, Li Guohao burst out his name in embarrassment.Li Guohao The country of the country, the hero of the country Yes.Bruce Lee was stunned for a moment.Isn t this his son s name Does this person know that he has a son named Li Guohao But after thinking about it, there are too many people with the name Guohao, and if I can take it myself, I can take it for others.

In terms of actions that look fake, this new style of martial arts also gave the moviegoers a novel visual experience.I m going to fight Bruce Lee is really pissed.Did you see just now that he was beating more than a dozen by himself.The feeling of punching to the flesh, they won t come for real Li Guohao glanced at Zhang Dong impatiently, and said dissatisfied , I said enough is enough for you, kid.It s almost half an hour since you finished watching the movie.Why are you so excited For those who have watched countless special effects blockbusters, this film is very primitive, um, very primitive.It is Bruce Lee s boxing skills that can catch Li Guohao s heart, and of course there is the little beauty played by Miao Kexiu.It s really strong, do you think Bruce Lee is so good at fighting in real life Zhang Dong asked.

If this dish is not delicious, Li Renzhong can scold you bloody.Dad, you re here.Li Dexiao, who was arranging the bowls and chopsticks, raised his head when he heard the door slamming open, and the first person who stepped in was his father Li Renzhong.En.Li Renzhong nodded with a flat face, without the kindness he had when facing his grandson.The two of them didn t know what to say, they greeted each other, then stood there without moving, the scene was once very awkward.Li Huifang interrupted from the side, Dad, sit down, I ll go to the back kitchen to get the wife cake made by Guohao.Okay, go and get it, I ll try it.Hearing this, Li Renzhong was sitting on the main seat, He smiled and said to Li Guohao, Guohao, sit down.Yes, Grandpa.Looking at the appearance of Li Dexiao and Li Renzhong, Li Guohao can see that the father and son are not getting along.

Customers who purchase more than one catty of Li Ji s wife s cakes in our store can participate in a lucky draw at the door with the purchase ticket.The first prize Inside the tea restaurant.For the first time, Li Huifang felt that there were too many people waiting outside, and she was really irritated.The anxiety in her heart prompted her to ask Li Dexiao next to her again, I said husband, do you think we will lose money if we do HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain this promotion Yesterday When Guohao mentioned this idea, didn t he tell us, and even settled with us.There are only one first prize, two second prizes, and three third prizes.Among them, the reward is the best cbd gummy for pain highest The award has already been tampered with by Guohao, and Adong will be the one to receive it Li Dexiao glanced at his wife impatiently, this woman just doesn t like to use her brain, Guohao said it so clearly yesterday, why Still don t understand.

Dad Li Guohao was a little anxious when he saw that Li s father had been silent.He was really afraid that the other party would not agree.Okay, don t be so hot.Your mother and grandpa have said so.I, as an old man, can not agree.But the premise is that this is the only chance, and you know the situation at home.En Li Guohao waved his hand how much melatonin in yum yum cbd gummies cbd gummies while pregnant violently, feeling extremely excited.As for how to open a store and manage it, Li Guohao has been thinking about it since he had the idea of building a pastry shop, and has been secretly preparing for it.This trial sale is not only Li Dexiao s test for Li Guohao, but also his own test for himself.He wanted to try to see if the way of doing business in later generations would work now.From today s point of view, it s not bad, much better than expected.Chapter 13 Rongji Bakery lasted for two days.

Do you feel particularly ashamed.Sure, how embarrassing it is, being driven away on the spot.Yes, for the same reason, you will also make others lose face when you drive away.Then you have money Would you still go to this store to buy gold necklaces I m not stupid After saying this, Zhang Dong came to his senses, So that s how it is.At the end of the gesture, he asked again, Do you need to give them extra money Li Guohao frowned, thought for a while and said, Although the money is not short, I still won t give it, but you can tell them, From tomorrow onwards, it will be regarded as officially going to work, and tomorrow will also be included in the calculation of wages.Yeah.At this moment, in the Rongji Bakery across the road.Master Rong, Master Rong A Rongji salesperson ran into the rest room behind.

Coming down.Chapter 22 The first day s turnover In a company in a building on Nathan Road.At this time, it was the lunch break, and a group of young and energetic white collar workers were sitting in the company s break room bragging to relieve boredom.They wore light makeup and had delicate facial features.The little girl suddenly asked, Do you know which pastry shop opened just across from Nathan Road Wing Kee I know, didn t someone come to the company to distribute leaflets the day before yesterday, and he was scolded by the manager before leaving.Someone thought of a young man who went to the building company to hand out leaflets the day uly cbd gummies cost best cbd gummy for pain before yesterday, and now they think it s funny.You re talking about the new dim sum shop that opened this morning, right Yes, that s the one.I passed by somewhere in the morning, and found that there were a lot of people in line, and there best cbd gummy for pain were tsa rules on cbd gummies a few promotional advertisements on the side.

The business in the store this morning was even better than yesterday.When I left, the number of members who had processed today had exceeded 300.Three hundred people is 90,000 yuan.You must know that retail and afternoon business are not included, which also urgently makes Li Guohao step up the pace of expansion.It seems that the business of Mr.Li s pastry shop is very good, otherwise he would not have called me to open a new shop two days after opening.Mai Qi recalled the negotiation between Li Guohao and himself when the two met for the first time.The general situation is that Li Guohao will open a new store within a month, and at that time the store decoration will best cbd gummy for pain be handed over to Mai Qi Decoration Company.If it is not achieved, then the decoration cost will be increased by 20 of the original price.

The premise is that Maiqi Decoration Company should decorate the store in the fastest time, and secondly, the price is the lowest in the industry.It s not bad.Li Guohao wasn t humble either.Just go to the door of Li Ji to see whether the business in the store is good or not.There s no need to quarrel with Mai Qi over this matter.What s more, this Mai Qi was also a person who had studied in the UK, and his major was architectural design, so he was able to accept and understand Li Guohao s advanced concepts to the greatest extent.A store with its gates closed is particularly eye catching in the bustling neighborhood.Mr.Mai, this is the shop you are talking about.After the two walked for about ten minutes, Li Guohao suddenly stopped and pointed to the closed shop not far away.That s right, it s this store.

After all, second hand houses need renovation, even if it s just a simple best cbd gummy for pain whitewashing of the walls, installation of floors, etc.Pick up.It doesn t matter if you earn less, as long as you name your Maiqi Decoration Design Company, then the business will gradually increase in the future.Li Guohao really doesn t understand these real estate decorations, but it doesn t mean that It does not prevent him from cbd gummies savannah ga giving opinions with his vision and knowledge of more than 30 years.There are so many business opportunities to be found in this era, as long as you put your heart into it and add a little bit of what you have seen and heard in the future, you can achieve great things.It s like the second hand housing that Li Guohao just mentioned.In later generations, the transaction volume of second hand housing in mainland China has exceeded 100 billion, and the second hand housing market in Xiangjiang is also extremely hot.

Master Wang is overwhelmed.I did the calculations overnight last night All the pastries, from cost to labor, to shop rent and even profit, I have calculated best cbd gummy for pain clearly.There are activities to recharge and give more, although some The pastry will indeed lose money, but we can recover it from other pastries.Rong Bing said this proudly, and suddenly whispered into Master Wang s ear, Master Wang sees that you are the master chef of my store., I will tell you this matter alone What is it Seeing Rong Bingcai s mysterious appearance, Master Wang also asked curiously.I imported a batch of very cheap flour from Thailand, which is much lower than the price we are using now If it is used well, I how to make cbd gummies from flower best cbd gummy for pain plan to buy it from Thailand for a long time in the future.Master Wang heard this., frowned worriedly, Will there be any problem with best cbd gummy for pain the flour imported from Thailand Besides, we have cooperated with Nanshun for many years, and the price of flour they have given us has always been the lowest in the industry.

Li Guohao, who was making Christmas special cakes, stopped his hands when he heard this, and said subconsciously There are no ingredients again Just go in tomorrow, haven t you always been in charge of this matter Tell me what to do.What Zhang Dong rolled his eyes and said, I don t have any money If I had money, why would I tell you this You transferred me a total of 50,000 yuan last time, excluding this month s labor and the goods you bought last time.Finally, there are only about 2,000 yuan left.No money Li Guohao put down his work, went to Zhang Dong, picked up the bill and looked at it, and said, This 50,000 yuan is not half Was it only transferred to you a month ago Why did it disappear so quickly You know it was half a month ago, before 50,000 yuan was worth more than a month, but now it s not just Nathan Road s labor and materials I also want it in Central After deducting the wages of the employees of the two stores last best cbd gummy for pain month, there is still more than 30,000 yuan left, and I put all of this money into the materials.

Chapter 59 Copyright Takeaway Then, Mr.Li, what do you mean Wu Guohua asked.Li Guohao sneered and said It s not what I mean, but whether you TVB is sincere to talk about.We sold the broadcasting rights to your TV station at a loss for the first one.If Kung Fu Panda hadn t become a big hit Will you come to talk about the second film Wu Guohua thought for a while, this time TVB executives only gave Wu Guohua a chance to increase the rate, which is 30 , and he will apply for any more.But Wu Guohua, looking at Li Guohao s face at this time, roughly guessed that if the negotiation fails this time, then the second part of Kung Fu Panda might end up in another TV station.I don t have the authority to negotiate prices.Wu Guohua said honestly.In fact, relying on Kung Fu Panda cartoons to make money, Li Guohao has no idea in this regard, he just wants to recover the cost.

If anyone is the most capable in this area, it must be Uncle Liu.But why did the sixth uncle agree You must know that although the sixth uncle has shares in TVB, he does not have a controlling stake.Today, Lijia has the most shares in TVB.Uncle Shao Liu only took part of the shares.Because this is the only way to save costs and best serve the interests of TVB.Li Xiaohe and Uncle Liu have a good relationship, otherwise they wouldn t have started TVB together.What s more, TVB originally cooperated with Southeast Asian TV stations.Sell their self produced uly cbd gummies cost best cbd gummy for pain TV series to other regions.It s just a matter of lifting your hands, and it can save your own costs, so why not do it In fact, it is most appropriate to hand over the overseas copyrights to TVB.On the one hand, TVB and Television stations in countries such as Southeast Asia already have connections.

According to the current development of platinum cbd gummy worms the company, there are only profits and no losses.Chapter 64 Rong Binghua is best cbd gummy for pain in charge of Rongji.It is approaching noon.After talking with Li Qiang all morning, Li Guohao also went back to the tea restaurant at home.Speaking of which, since the opening of Liji Palace Pastry, I haven t been to the tea restaurant, and I just run between the shop and my family every day.Because tea restaurants usually operate until six or seven o clock in the evening, after returning, Li Dexiao and cbd gummy bears cvs Li Huifang wash up and go to bed early, so the chances of Li Guohao and his parents to meet are much HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain less recently.As soon as Li Guohao walked into the tea restaurant, he saw many regular customers best cbd gummy for pain cbd gummies packaging eating.After nodding and laughing a few times, he came to the back kitchen.Dad, Mom, what s the matter with you calling me Li Huifang immediately turned her head when she heard the voice, and saw her son standing there, wearing a crisp white shirt and trousers, looking very energetic.

I have thought about it, but I have never had time to make it.Since your department has proposed it, I will leave it to you.As for the specific style of the packaging box, you can entrust people from Panda Comic Publishing House to design it, and hand it over to me or General Manager Li will take a look.Okay.Gu Qianqian nodded.She had just joined the job not long ago, and she didn t know much about the character of her boss Li Qiang, and the chairman Li Guohao, and she did things quite well.Now she heard that the chairman handed things over to her, so she was naturally very happy.Next, we discussed the promotional activities during the New vitamin cbd gummies Year.It was decided to unify, and those who apply for a membership card, in addition to the company s promotional discounts and other activities, can also receive a small gift bag for free, which is a way to give back to the members.

The company doesn t require employees to disclose their previous work experience best cbd gummy for pain there, as long as you didn t tell me to resign when you came here this time.Li Guohao seemed indifferent on the surface, but secretly After this crisis is over, I must give the HR department an order, that is, all applicants must ask clearly where they have worked before and what work experience they have had.Don t mix in some traitors and the like.Sun Dafu said firmly How is it possible I have only been in the company for a month, and the chairman has given me the position of manager of the Central store.This is his trust in me.When the company is in trouble, I will never Do this kind of thing.Well, you have been doing very well and are serious about your work, so you were appointed as the store manager.It is your own hard work that has made today s achievements.

, more than forty percent.Li Guohao said again No way, Dad, you and Mom, don t open a tea restaurant, and you can t make much money.It s better to enjoy the comfort of your old age at home.Hearing Li Guohao s words, Li Huifang said happily Mom knows that you want me and Your father enjoys a blessing, your father and I have opened tea restaurants for so many years, if we don t do anything, we will be bored at home all day.Moreover, the business of tea restaurants has improved a lot recently, making more money than before.okay then.Li Guohao also worked in a tea restaurant for more than a month.Although the business is not very good, he can still maintain his life.Now he heard Li Huifang say that the business has improved, and he thought it was just to comfort himself.Li wyld cbd cbn gummies review Renzhong suddenly picked up a full spectrum cbd gummies in michigan stack of newspapers from the table and asked By the way, Ahao, I read in the newspapers these two days that your company s hygiene standards are not up to standard Yes, I scared my mother to death these days.

Hehe, what kind of stocks are there to make money Although the stock market in Xiangjiang is very good now, there has never been any business that is sure to best cbd gummy for pain make money.Just play around Stocks are fine, but don t go deep into them, this is something that most people can t handle.Li Qiang chuckled lightly.Ordinary people can t play it Li Guohao rolled his eyes when he heard this, this kid still loves to hit people so much.Just when Li Guohao was about to continue to say something, Gu Qianqian who was on the side said Chairman, I just read the document, it is mentioned that our company will help the merchants who join, from brand, technology, and storefront Is this a bit broad Li Guohao shook his head and said Manager Gu is something we must guarantee as the head office, and it is also something we must do well.

After returning from Taiwan after the year, Li Guohao also went to the driving school to register.But for some reason, when I reversed the car into the garage, I couldn t get it in.Although you can buy a driver s license with money at this time, Li Guohao doesn t have the guts to drive alone when his skills are not up to standard.Li Guohao took a car and rushed to the securities company that had been booked in advance.That s right, Li Guohao is going to buy some stocks.This is what he decided after careful consideration.Although Li Guohao knew that there might be a big stock market crash next year, but before the stock market crash, the Hang Seng Index of Xiangjiang stocks had been rising all the way.Although it is not clear how many points it will reach, it should not be a big problem to sell the stocks before the Chinese New Year this year.

Seeing her son looking at her with concern, Li Huifang felt very comforted, smiled and shook her head and said, It s okay, I m sick, it s just a little rheumatism.Really, the company s income is very good now, and it can support you.I know that my son is capable and can make a lot of money.But my mother has worked in a tea restaurant all her life.It would be very boring for me to suddenly be free and stay at home.Yes, when mom really can t do it, then mom will depend on you to support her.Seeing what Li Huifang said, Li Guohao felt inexplicably sad, he understands the thinking of the older generation, that is, do more by yourself , Leave a way out for the children and grandchildren.But I can t say that I have time traveled here.From thirty years later to the present, I have seen for more than thirty years that even if the current pastry company goes bankrupt, I can still rely on other methods HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain to make money in the future.

Li Renzhong heard what his son and daughter in law said., also hurriedly said That s right, Ah Hao, don t spend money to open a restaurant because of grandpa, it s better to focus on your company.That s what Li Renzhong said, but he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.Li Guohao glanced at his grandfather and saw that he said so, but he always felt that he didn t think so in his heart, so he said It s okay, I opened ten branches this time.Not only did I not spend a penny, but I also made more than a hundred dollars.Wan I will make more money in the future You made a million without spending money to open ten stores Is the son real or fake Li Renzhong, Li Dexiao and Li Huifang were surprised at the same time road.Chapter 111 520 Facing his family s questions, Li Guohao smiled and said, Of course it s true.

A little more.I have no objection.On the surface, these people seem to agree with Liu Peilin taking more shares, but in fact, they still see Liu Peilin paying more money to buy shares, otherwise this group of businessmen who are smarter than monkeys will Willing to HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain give up shares As long as there was no objection from everyone, Liu Peilin said cbd gummiees again Well, as I said before, you all took out your own signature pastries to jointly open a pastry company, which is specially used to make pastries, and is working with some small pastry shops, teahouses, restaurants, etc.Cooperation, while we make profits, we naturally have to give up part of the profits to these partners.So, everyone s pastry recipes must be handed over to the company.Of course, I will send someone to strictly control them, and we will never leak a little bit.

He s casino, which is a cbd worx gummies bit like a bar.The other end of the phone He Qianjin was silent for a moment and said I don t know about this, but I have something to go to Xiangjiang in a few days, and then go directly to your company to talk to your chairman.Ah, oh, okay.It s nothing wrong Right Miss He is gone.Bye bye.Yes, bye.After hanging up the phone, Gu Qianqian turned around and walked to the chairman s office.Dong dong Come in.As soon as Gu Qianqian entered, she saw Li Guohao sitting there eating wonton noodles.The chairman didn t go out to eat at noon Gu Qianqian asked curiously.Li Guohao took a sip of the noodles, put down his chopsticks, wiped his mouth with a piece of paper and said, No, it s not because the factory is about to start work recently, and I m busy discussing cooperation with some shopping malls and supermarkets here, so I don t have time to go out Eat, so I asked someone to order a takeaway for me.

You must know that the shelf life of mooncakes is not very long, unless they are sealed by the factory, their Ronghua is just a small workshop, and they have the courage to eat the whole The moon cake market is simply wishful thinking.Li Guohao wanted to laugh, and when his mother told him, he almost lost his breath.If a food processing factory says this, and he still believes that a small factory mainly relying on manpower wants to occupy the entire mooncake market, that would be a dream.Even if they can make so many mooncakes and sell them to everyone, mooncakes will expire.Without adding some preservatives, it is difficult to maintain the instant food of moon cake for a long time.In fact, we can cooperate with major shopping malls.There is really no need to rent refrigerated trucks.Xie Honghe persuaded.

I hope so.Li Guohao best cbd gummy for pain cbd gummies packaging thought about what the two said, and it really made sense, as did the advertisement on the TV station.It has only been replaced with a new one today, and it may not redeem therapeutics cbd sleep gummies be popularized so quickly to let more people know.Li Qiang stopped the car suddenly, turned a corner, and came to a temporary parking spot.Before a few people were puzzled, Li Qiang smiled and said, Here we are, it s really, you can find our sales point within a few kilometers, haha.Following Li Qiang s pointing, he saw a corner of the sidewalk not far away.A refrigerated truck was parked on the side of the road, and a group of people were gathering there.A few people got out of the car and walked over.Suddenly, a piercing soprano came from the crowd.Stop making noise Immediately, the crowd fell silent, and even Li Guohao and the others who had just walked over were startled.

Huang Yaohua didn t come over today.There are still many things waiting for him to deal with at the food factory.Just adjusting the working hours of the employees is a problem.Inverting, one shift sleeps, one shift works, and one shift prepares.Fortunately, there are best cbd gummy for pain only three days, from last night to the end of Mid Autumn Festival tomorrow.It was a point of sale I saw yesterday.Li Guohao looked at the crowds of people gathered nearby to buy, and said, Today, there are a lot more people buying than yesterday.Li Qiang looked around carefully, and the people around to buy mooncakes seemed to be similar to yesterday, and there was no change., Shaking his head, I can t see any changes, maybe it s your psychology.How about we make a bet Li Guohao said with a smile when nothing happened.Bet Well, let s make a bet, today s sales must be more than yesterday, and tomorrow s sales must be more than today That means the sales will increase every day Li Qiang asked.

Du Deye said The meaning of this is probably that even if Li Guohao invests 10 million in the stock market now, he may not be able to earn 10 times the same how much melatonin in yum yum cbd gummies cbd gummies while pregnant as before with 1 million.I know this.Is the money in the stock market now It s still in the stock market, and it s rising every day.We don t dare to take the money out of the stock market.Du Deye is a professional manager, also known as As a stock manager, the current stock market is still very different from that of later generations.Just like securities companies that collect money to help people buy stocks, future generations are basically not allowed.Securities companies only have the right to help customers trade, that is to say The company can only help customers buy and sell.As for which stock to buy, it is the customer s choice.

Li Qiang often reads newspapers, and also cares about some business news, and knows a lot more about this matter than Li Guohao.Although the full name of Zhou Xinian s milk company is Xiangjiang Milk Co., Ltd., its scope of business is not limited to milk.It also owns cbd gummies for quitting smoking cigarettes how much melatonin in yum yum cbd gummies a lot of land and supermarket properties.Li Guohao asked worriedly cbd gummies for quitting smoking cigarettes how much melatonin in yum yum cbd gummies Yesterday someone told me that Jardine Group wanted to enter the catering industry, and asked me if the people from Jardine had contacted me.Maybe they also want to buy our company.Li Qiang listened , frowning and asked Who told you Zheng Jiachun.Zheng Yutong s son In other words, if you think about it, it shouldn t be about opening the bow and not letting the arrow go.Maybe the people of the Jardine Group do have the idea of entering the catering industry.Our palace pastry is now considered a leading company in the Xiangjiang pastry market.

After pondering for a moment, Li Guohao said That s right, Manager Mai only has one daughter, so it s not unreasonable for you to take over his business.Ah Hao, I m sorry.Zhang Dong said embarrassedly.It s okay.Li Guohao didn t care too much.He had pulled Zhang Dong into the company just out of the desire to help his friends.Seeing that he had a better choice now, he naturally wished him sincerely.At this time, Zhao Yazhi came out from the inside and said, I ve been looking for you for a long time, come here quickly, I m going to take pictures. the next day.Li Guohao just arrived at the company.I saw Li Qiang walking excitedly to the chairman s office.The first sentence when he opened the door was Let s go to the uly cbd gummies cost best cbd gummy for pain United States to open a store A silver shadow, not a phantom.Silver Shadow 1965 Chapter 154 All Gone 3 3 Go to America to open a store Li Guohao asked in surprise.

When people watch comics and animations, the palace pastry that appears most frequently in it has attracted the attention of a group of people who love sweets.Some practitioners, or Americans who live not far from Chinatown, drove to Chinatown one after another, trying to find these oriental dim sum.But after searching around, they found that there were indeed many dim sum with the same appearance, but the taste was not satisfactory, which made them very disappointed.Li Qiang s classmate in Australia is also a Chinese.Knowing that the original version of this manga is in Xiangjiang, he tried to contact Li Qiang and asked if Xiangjiang had palace pastries.After learning that Kung Fu Panda was a big hit in the United States, even the palace pastry shop was frequently mentioned by Americans, which made Li Qiang s heart move, and he wondered if best cbd gummy for pain he could open the store to the United States to make money up.

Up to now, there is not much left.It costs money to rent a store, spend money to decorate a storefront, a series of procedures need money, advertising costs money, and buying raw materials costs money.money.Remember that this is the United States, and the exchange rate of Hong Kong dollars to U.S.dollars is also 5 1, and 2 million Hong Kong dollars is only 500,000 U.S.dollars.Moreover, depending on the prices in different regions, this 500,000 US dollars really costs the same as 500,000 Hong Kong dollars.Originally, Li Qiang wanted to stay there uly cbd gummies cost best cbd gummy for pain for a while, but not long ago, a new donut shop opened two streets away from the new store.Americans love donuts so much, I believe everyone should have seen it in movies.In Iron Man 2, he is seen sitting on a giant donut best cbd gummy for pain ornament and eating a donut.

Everyone endured the American dim sum of their choice.Finally, a conclusion was reached.That is, there is no other feeling except sweetness.Donuts are sweet, chocolate bars are sweet, and apple pie is still sweet The kind that HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain is too sweet to be greasy.Kind of sweet Seeing everyone desperately drinking water, Li cbd gummies for quitting smoking cigarettes how much melatonin in yum yum cbd gummies Guohao frowned, and asked Li Qiang Since they are so sweet, haven t you tried adding more sugar to our cakes After calming down, he interjected I tried it, but Chairman, you should know that although most of the pastries we order are also desserts, most of them are sweet but not greasy, and they are very comfortable to eat.Yes.Li Guohao nodded.Most of the Chinese dim sum are delicate and sweet but not greasy.Among them, Su style dim sum is the best.The Su style dim sum is exquisite and smoother in taste.

Naturally, he doesn t know about the Eagles.Li Qiang, do you still remember the Woodstock Music Festival two years best cbd gummy for pain ago Zhang Nana asked with a smile.It can t be that kind, right Forget it, I don t want to hang out with those people.Hearing about the Woodstock Music Festival, Li Qiang frowned, and suddenly said dissatisfied.No, this time it s a small one, and it s not so chaotic.It s a very relaxing rock concert.Zhang Nana recalled the music festival she saw on TV back then, and it was really crazy.Woodstock Music Festival Li Guohao couldn t understand what the two were talking about.A music festival in 1969 was also the year I first came to the United States.Li Qiang was still shocked when he recalled the pictures he saw on TV.He best cbd gummy for pain never felt that a concert could attract so many people.His eyes were so crazy, That music festival attracted people from all over the United States, and some people from Canada.

Choose your own restaurant.Just like the braised chicken and rice of the later generations, relying on a chicken, fast food restaurants have been opened all over the country, and even landed in the United States in 2016, and it seems to be listed smoothly.What real kung fu, fast food like Yonghe King will still have a lot of weight in the future catering market.Not to mention the originator of Shaxian snacks, you must know that Shaxian snacks rushed out of Asia and went to the world Shaxian snacks can be found in many cities.No matter in big cities or small counties, you can see a touch of red or red and yellow shops in many places.However, many of them are counterfeit products, or people who simply learned a little craft and came out to open a shop.Li Guohao ate it once in his hometown in his previous life, and once when he was in Guangdong.

Li sells this stock to our company, then we will Reduce part of the commission.Yes, who is not selling Li Guohao smiled, since the people of the securities company want to buy their own stocks, selling them can also reduce part of the commission, so why not do it .Then I don t know when Mr.Li will need the money What about now The boss of the company went to discuss. HSBC Bank headquarters.Window for checking checks.Bring the check and passbook.A bank saleswoman in her thirties who still had a good look said, glancing at Li Guohao who was sitting in front of the window.She has been working at this check window for three years.In the past, few people came how to make cbd gummies from flower best cbd gummy for pain to cash the checks, but since the stock market boom last year, more and more people came to cash the checks.This made her, who was working leisurely, gradually become busy and HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain have a good face.

I watched the famous Cantonese opera best cbd gummy for pain singer Phoenix Girl perform on TV before, and it was completely different from the private performance.Audience in the audience, TV When the audience in front of them saw Li Guohao, they exclaimed one by one.Most of these celebrities and writers were over 30 years old.Suddenly, there was a young man in his early twenties, so why didn t he attract others attention.Wow, this man is so young He is actually the owner of the palace pastry, he looks really young, he looks only in his twenties.President of the Food Association, founder of the palace pastry I heard this It took Li Guohao only one year to become a multi millionaire, which is really amazing.He was also invited to the charity cbd gummies for inflammation and pain canada dinner held by the Governor of Hong Kong this year.Not to mention the hot discussion of the public.

Don t worry about the flour issue.I have already asked someone to transport it from Wanwan, although the cost is much higher.Li Guohao thought about the relationship between Nanshun and Jardine after he learned that Nanshun bought the flour factory.Doing business is often unscrupulous.The simplest act of carding raw materials is really too childish.From Wanwan Luo Bin was a little surprised.He didn t expect that the chairman had known that the flour mill would find an excuse to break the contract, so he actually purchased goods from Wanwan in advance.Well.Your top priority now is to get the other raw material suppliers ready except for the flour.I don best cbd gummy for pain t want the flour to be available.Don t run out of sugar oil or something like that.Don t worry about this chairman.Robin promised. Li Guohao asked He Qianjin to help him import flour from Wanwan.

It s really so delicious That s right, I ll go to the back kitchen and ask your grandpa to fry a piece for you to taste.You ll know how delicious it is after eating it.Chapter 193 The stock market crash is here 1 Li Guohao is eating The egg fried rice made by my grandfather, I have to say that it tastes really good.The rice is plump and covered with a layer of golden eggs.It is not only soft and delicious, but also has a bit of chewiness.How is it The taste is good It just opened today.Anyone who comes here to eat and order fried rice with eggs, no one will not praise the deliciousness.Li Huifang looked at her son Li Guohao with a smile on her face.Mmm, it s delicious.Grandpa s cooking skills are really good.A bowl of ordinary egg fried rice can be fried so delicious.Before eating this delicious egg fried rice, Li Guohao despised best cbd gummy for pain egg fried rice in his heart, not to say Disgusted, at most I think it is a food that an ordinary family can stir up, how can it be as exaggerated as in food novels.

In 1971, the annual transaction price of Xiangjiang stock market was 14.793 billion yuan in 1972, the annual transaction volume was 437.5.8 billion yuan, a year on year increase of nearly three times in 1973, the transaction volume in January directly exceeded 28.485 billion yuan, more than half of last year s full year Stock Exchange.Countless people are looking forward to today s opening.They sat at the entrance of the stock exchange all night without sleep, and even bought tents and built temporary shelters outside the door, just to be able best cbd gummy for pain to enter the stock exchange faster the next morning and watch today s stock market trend.The market is open, the market is open There was a shout.The stockholders who gathered at the door immediately rushed in one after another, crowding the originally small stock exchange to the brim.

Although the relationship between the two was good, Cai Lan obviously felt more restrained.Li Guohao frowned slightly, hearing the meaning of Cai Lan s words, and guessing the reason after thinking about it in his heart, he also said helplessly Brother Lan, just call me Ah Hao.Haha Alright, Ahao, let me introduce these two to you.Cai Lan was taken aback, and then laughed out loud.It seemed that Li Guohao was not separated by their current status, and introduced the two people around him with a uly cbd gummies cost best cbd gummy for pain smile, This is Xu Guanwen, and this is his younger brother Xu Guanjie.Hello, Mr.Li Before Xu Guanwen came, he had heard Cai Lan mention this young rich man who was recently famous in Hong Kong.At first he thought he was at least twenty six or seven, but he was really shocked when he saw him face to face.

Yes, yes.Xu Guanjie also tried his best to keep his figure down.Although he is now considered a relatively famous singer in Xiangjiang, he has not yet reached the level best cbd gummy for pain of a future song god.In front of a boss of Li Guohao s level, he still has do cbd gummies help with back pain to be respectful.Ahao, actually Investing in movies is not 100 profitable, and Cai Lan was moved by Li Guohao s trust, and was about to remind him to be cautious.Li Guohao waved his hand directly and said Brother Lan is fine, just tell me how much I want to invest, I don t know anything about making movies.There is still a gap of more than one million It s only one million I m sorry, I ll write you a check later.Only a milliona milliona million When brothers Xu Guanwen and Xu Guanjie heard Li Guohao s words, they suddenly felt that they had lived their lives on dogs.

Well, drive slowly on the road.Zhao Yafang got out of the car after finishing speaking, but her brother in law Zhang Hui didn t say much to Li Guohao at that time because of the situation when he was in Zhao s house, so he took canna cbd gummies ingredients this opportunity to smile He took out a crumpled business card from the inner pocket of his suit, handed it to Li Guohao who was sitting in the front passenger seat and said, Brother in law, next time I have time to get together, this is my contact information.Okay.Li Guohao smiled Then he took the business card and subconsciously glanced at the title New Century Real Estate Manager on the business card.Then I ll go first.Just now in the car, Zhang Hui made an excuse to chat a few words, just seeing that Li Guohao was not interested, but he didn t force him to chat with him.

I m going to recommend you to join the Jockey Club.I don t know if you have any I m not interested in that When Zheng Jiachun said this, He Qianjin and Li Guohao looked at each other, and they could see surprise in each other s eyes.On the contrary, Zheng Jiachun saw that a few people did not speak, and asked strangely in his heart I don t want to He said I didn t expect Brother Zheng to have such a meaning.Oh Zheng Jiachun stared at He Qianjin, and knew in his heart that it might be He Daheng s idea.After pondering for a moment, he laughed and said Chaoying, look Come on, the two of us want to go together That s good, if there is one more person to recommend, it will be smoother.He Qianjin knew in his heart that Zheng Jiachun s recommendation of Li Guohao was probably what Zheng Yutong meant, and he also said If you can have a recommendation from Brother Zheng, I think Mr.

If there was a problem with the machine, he would go to repair it., I heard from the people below that he is usually very interested in electrical machinery, and he often makes some small wild inventions.That s a talent As for folk emoji talents, Li Guohao has read a lot on the Internet in his previous life., but it happened to best cbd gummy for pain me, it was the first time that I became interested in this person named Wang Hongshen, so I said Since this person can improve the refrigerator, you can go down later and ask someone to tell him and let him According to the requirements of quick frozen dumplings, let s see if we can develop a special quick frozen food equipment, and we will provide the joe rogans cbd gummies funds.At the end, I also considered that if this person really develops it, the patent for this thing will be his own at that time It s still his, so it s better to say hello in advance, and then said You tell this Wang Hongshen clearly, we will fund him to develop new quick freezing equipment, and try to reduce the cost as much as possible.

My house is just ahead, and I haven t been home for a long time.I want to go back.One of them said.Chief Zhou glanced at the man, nodded and said, Arrive at the base on time tomorrow morning.After packing up tomorrow, I will arrange for you to go to various police best cbd gummy for pain stations.Yes.The man made a military gesture, and then Turned around and left.At the corner of the hotel, the man watched Chief Zhou lead two colleagues HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain away, then turned around and ran upstairs.Dong dong.There was a knock on the door of the suite, and Li Guohao frowned, wondering who it could be.I ll go and open the door said Zou Yu, one of Li Guohao s favorites.No need, I ll go by myself.Read the contract carefully, and ask me later if you have any questions.Li Guohao turned and best cbd gummy for pain walked towards the gate.After opening the door and seeing the people outside, Li Guohao said in surprise, It s you You alone Mr.

No way Li Huifang covered her mouth in surprise.Anyone who is in Xiangjiang knows how expensive the houses in the half mountain villa area are.How could she have thought that her son bought a villa here ThatBrother Zhang Li Dexiao also He poked his head out and approached the front seat and shouted to the driver Zhang Guangming, The big boss can just call me Lao Zhang.Zhang Guangming glanced at Li Dexiao through the rearview mirror, and responded with a smile.Well, Lao Zhang, did my son buy a 25 mg broad spectrum cbd gummies villa here As far as the closest person to go with Li Guohao on weekdays, apart from Zhao Yazhi and some senior executives, the driver in front of him is Zhang Guangming, who usually takes cbd gummy and breastfeeding him everywhere.I have never driven the boss to the Mid Levels area.Zhang Guangming shook his head.He hasn t picked how much melatonin in yum yum cbd gummies up Li Guohao recently, and it seems that the other party has found a new driver recipe for homemade cbd gummies and bodyguard.

When Brother Qiang heard that the boy surnamed Li was now in Pok Fu Lam, a sparsely populated area, he also understood that his opportunity had come Wake up everyone quickly Take all the guys It s time to make a big deal Brother Qiang showed a fierce look, and his inverted triangle eyes were like hungry wolves, as if to devour people s hearts.Yes two hours later.Li Guohao looked at the watch i am edible blackberry cbd gummies on his left wrist, saw that it was almost eleven o clock, and how to make cbd gummies from flower best cbd gummy for pain the company still had some matters to deal with, so he said to Zhao Yazhi, I still have some things to deal with in Ah Zhi s company, will you come with me Zhao Yazhi thought for a while, glanced at Annie who was sleeping soundly, shook her head and said, Go back to the company first, I will go back in Valerie s car at best cbd gummy for pain night.That s good.Li Guohao turned around and walked out of the house go.

Walking out from the door, Chen Sheng and Yu Weicheng followed closely behind Li Guohao.Yu Weicheng went to the parking lot to drive.Li Guohao followed Chen Sheng and waited at the gate of the hospital.Across the road, a battered van parked in the driveway.Brother Qiang That kid is out Seeing Li Guohao coming out of the hospital, the younger brother shouted excitedly, Would you like to go now You are stupid We are kidnapping Naturally, there are few people The place is starting Brother Qiang slapped the boy on the head and cursed how to make cbd gummies from flower best cbd gummy for pain viciously, seeing that the other person lowered his head and said nothing, he calmed down and said, You walgreens have cbd gummies will drive me well later, just follow the guy surnamed Li.Behind the car, St.Mary s Hospital has only one road, Pok Fu Lam, and the Raptors are already waiting on the road, and we will intercept them on the road It s Brother Qiang.

interview.Then we can wait A young female reporter also said anxiously, you must know that Li Guohao is the hottest news figure in Xiangjiang right now, but the other party has been reclusive for the past few days, except in the company and back to the villa.Before, many TV reporters and newspaper reporters tried to intercept them on the road, but they were stopped by the other party s bodyguards, and warned the other party that if they followed, they had the right to suspect that the other party was a gang of robbers.What happened to the bloodshed Events are not good.The uncrowned kings were also a little scared.After all, something like that happened to Li Guohao a few days ago.If the bodyguard of the other party did something out of the ordinary, even if he was injured, it would be very difficult to win the case, so he had no choice but to stay away.

Including accommodation, banquets, restaurants, courts, swimming pools, gyms, and beauty care, etc., as long as you think of what the hotel contains, there best cbd gummy for pain cbd gummies packaging are all of them here.At the same time, it also includes one to one personal butler service in the presidential suite, not only professional British style male and female butlers, but also high end pick up cars for the hotel, almost all of which are Rolls Royce Silver Shadows.Now the highest end car in Xiangjiang is Rolls Royce.Whether it is top Chinese businessmen or British are cbd gummies safe for kidneys capital, almost all of them are using Rolls Royce cars.The main reason is that Rolls Royce is a British brand, and Xiangjiang is under the jurisdiction of the UK, so it has a natural environment.On the construction site, dozens of media reporters scattered here and there.

There is a couplet hanging.The upper line is, divination and divination are all about the misfortunes and blessings of the world , and the second line is calculation and selection of the zodiac in the world.In front of a fortune telling stall.Your fate is good You are born with the five elements complete, which is the sign of a prosperous husband and a prosperous son At the same time, you are destined to have a great wealth, which will ensure that you will have no worries about food and clothing in the future.You can stretch out your clothes and eat, and you have a son and a daughter under your knees.Make a pair of good words The fortune teller looked at the palm of the middle aged woman and said here, he pushed the sunglasses that had slipped to the tip of his nose involuntarily, and said I have been telling fortunes here for so long, your fate is mine.

This That s just too polite.Master Dong refused, but he took the check honestly.After seeing several zeros on the check, he was shocked and excited.Regarding this Master Dong, Li Guohao also had an idea in his heart.Now there is a feng shui master, Chen Bo, who is a great person.Chen Boqi was originally named Chen Lang, and his ancestral home is in Sichuan Province.In the future, he will be a master of feng shui and a military advisor in the Hong Kong entertainment industry for 30 years.Not only in the entertainment industry Famous, at the same time, this master has seen Feng Shui for several Forbes Xiangjiang top 100 rich people, including Li Chaoren, and enjoys a high reputation in both the business and entertainment circles.At this time, that Master Chen is still Li Chaoren s guest, there are many rumors in the market that Li Chaoren s many investments in recent years were guided by this master, and he made a lot of money just now, which also made Chen Bo s name more and more famous in Xiangjiang.

Only more than 100 people think it s a bit expensive.When asked about the desire to buy, almost everyone thinks cbd gummies for psoriasis that they will consider buying best cbd gummy for pain cbd gummies dose a few bags at home to avoid night When I m hungry, or when I don t have time to cook, I take it out and cook it directly.The overall conclusion of the report is benign.Although the taste cannot satisfy everyone, among the 1287 people, more than 1270 people will consider buying frozen food at home After reading the whole report, Li Guohao nodded slightly, It seems that our quick frozen food is quite satisfactory to everyone.Yes, although some people don t like glutinous rice balls or dumplings, almost everyone said they would consider buying them.Will consider best cbd gummy for pain buying does not mean will buy Li Guohao also often accepted some market research on the street in his previous life, but most of them were for greedy bites, or gifts from him, and there were few products that he was really willing to spend money on.

You Being bullied in front of the beautiful woman, Xiao Baihong turned pale in a hurry, and when she was about to get angry, she only heard Zheng Jiachun chuckled, and interjected, Okay, it s hot and everyone is very angry, let s go and have a rest first.Sit down.Li Guohao didn t pay much attention to Xiao Bai s expression, he turned his head and ordered the bodyguards to take the lead and lead Zheng Jiachun, He Qianjin and others in.Xiao Baijin was neither, nor was he retreating.If you are angry, it doesn t mean that he is a fool.Wouldn t it be in vain to leave at this time He also asked the driver to look after the car and followed Li Guohao into it The current live action shooting game has not yet opened, but it has sent people to build a three story office and waiting area.Considering that there may be some other things to how to make cbd gummies from flower best cbd gummy for pain be added in the future, there is a large area next to the three story building.

Ah Wen, go cbd gummies sold at circle k and get the equipment.Li Guohao asked Zhang Bowen who was on the side.Yes.Zhang Bowen went out, Zheng Jiachun said, Ah Hao, you really have a lot of people here, there are at least dozens of people along the way just now Well, more or less.As you know, what happened before, I had to get some security.Li Guohao smiled lightly.The total number of Guohao security guards is now almost more than 130 people.Except for more than 110 security guards, the rest are chefs and some handymen.These people have been eating Li Guohao for more than two months.It s time for nothing.This time I brought Zheng Jiachun here, best cbd gummy for pain on the one hand, I wanted to see how this place is doing, and on the other hand, I wanted to partner with Zheng Jiachun and the others on this project.So many people are working here I don t think your place is very big, it seems that there is no need for so many people.

Okay, okay, it s not you.Seven or eight people were chatting happily.As soon as they walked up to the second floor, they saw Zheng Jiachun and Xiao Bai standing at the door, and they all laughed.It s nothing, do you want to go up and wash There is a shower above.Zheng Jiachun shook his head slightly, smiled and pointed upstairs.Then I ll wash it first I go first.Fuck, that kid Xie Jinghui ran up first.At this time, Li Guohao came out of the house, looked at a group of people wearing colorful clothes, and said with a smile, It s okay, the upstairs is a public shower, there are many faucets, and it s okay for you to go together. Okay, everyone, stop arguing.Let s all go up and take a shower first.We will have dinner together later, and we will go to the Big Rich Nightclub tonight.I ll treat you.

That s right, Master Dong must be weak if he leaked the secret.After Li Guohao and others left, Master Dong counted Jian Fu Xiaojing s 10,000 Hong Kong dollars happily, thinking that this how to make cbd gummies from flower best cbd gummy for pain time he made a fortune on the way back.Li Guohao has been thinking about whether this Master Dong has real skills, or he just said it casually, and he is suspicious.Li Sheng Li Sheng Jian Fu on the side called out several times.Ah What s the matter, Mr.Jian Didn t Li Sheng say that he called me Ji Rui Oh, good Ji Rui.Well, it s lunch time now, why don t I treat Li Sheng to dinner Thank you very much, Li Sheng, for bringing me to meet the master.Li Guohao thought about his how to make cbd gummies from flower best cbd gummy for pain plans to open a training school, nodded and agreed, That s good.Chapter 287 Fighting Dragons and Fighting Tigers in Yau Ma Tei, a restaurant.

Seeing Li Guohao eating so deliciously also aroused Zhao Yazhi s appetite.She wanted to eat the light food, but when she saw the delicious chili flavor, she swallowed, picked up the edamame and took a bite.The moment she first chewed it, Zhao Yazhi how much melatonin in yum yum cbd gummies cbd gummies while pregnant felt that she could still accept the spiciness, and this piece of edamame was still chewy, but within a few seconds, she felt her mouth was on fire, and immediately Exclaimed Wowwatergive me water Here you are.Seeing that Zhao Yazhi was so hot, Li Guohao hurriedly handed the mung bean soup filled at the table to her.After drinking a large bowl of iced mung bean soup, the spicy taste finally disappeared, but she still felt a little tingling in her mouth.Zhao Yazhi cried and said, It s so spicy, Ah Hao, how about you, give me something so spicy.Okay, okay stop crying it s all my fault.

Compared with snacks, speed food is not only affordable, but also plentiful, and can be eaten as a meal, which has become the target of choice for many people.Almost most of the supermarkets and HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain canteens in Xiangjiang that day, as long as there are refrigerators in the store, have a lot of quick frozen food.At the same time, the company also offered a lot of preferential activities, such as the launch of new product packaging best cbd gummy for pain activities, the weight of each bag of quick frozen food is a little more than the weight of the official sale.As for the sales situation, it will take a while for the dealer to report the information to the company, and someone will do the calculation.Not only quick frozen food is on the market, but the Mid Autumn Festival will be in half a month.The next day, Li Guohao personally went to the food company to discuss this year s Mid Autumn Mooncake Event with Huang Yaohua.

You Mike was taunted, and suddenly furious I don t care Who did you defeat before, in my opinion, only I am the strongest If you want to open a martial arts gym on this street to recruit apprentices, you d better compete with me, otherwise I can t guarantee that you will win Someone will come to your martial arts hall to make trouble Do you want me to send you away Li Guohao was a little worried about Bruce Lee s body, after all, the other party is no longer the Bruce Lee he used to be.No need, I don t need Li Sheng s help in this matter.My body can still continue to compete.Bruce Lee turned his head and smiled at Li Guohao.Opening a martial arts gym in the United States, especially the Chinese, often faces a series of troubles.When Bruce Lee opened a martial arts gym for the first time in Seattle, many hooligans came up to make trouble, but they were all impressed by his kung fu.

It was because of the completion of the Jardine Building that the shares of Jardine Group Land rose sharply, which triggered the subsequent landland drinking milk incident, because shareholders felt that the acquisition of the milk company and the construction of new buildings and communities may cause the stock price to rise again.rising.Rende Building Li Dexiao swallowed, shook his head and said, Let s forget it, I don t have that kind of luck.Leaving Li Dexiao s face full of disbelief, Di Yimin frowned, he didn t know what Li Guohao was Let me just say that I am really planning to build a building.You must know that the cost of building a building is not a small sum.Although the land price in West Kowloon has dropped a lot due to the stock market crash, it is not particularly cheap.Chairman, do you really want to build a building Well, I have this idea.

Mr.Pang is too famous.Li Guohao said modestly After confirming the name of the newspaper, Pang Heshuo left first.He has not been the editor in chief of the newspaper for almost ten years, and he needs to make some preparations.Di Yimin and Li Guohao got up to see them off.After sending Pang Heshuo away, Li Guohao said, Has the Yongan Building been taken down The price offered by New Century Real Estate is a bit high, but we are arranging someone to talk to them.Well, get it done as soon as possible, and the company Move there.Suddenly thinking about the self built building, Li Guohao asked again How is Manager Qi The building Yes.It seems to be looking for a place.Request, we also try our best to find it here in West Kowloon.Yeah.The two walked towards the office.Secretary Xiao Liu shouted Chairman Li Guohao asked What s wrong Ms.

Before the end of this year, the Middle East The oil embargo will definitely be lifted, and at the same time, the best cbd gummy for pain price of oil will definitely double, and the rent of Mr.Bao s oil tanker will probably increase because of this.Chapter 314 Investing in Sun Hung Kai Securities is talking about oil with Bao Daheng During the crisis, Li Guohao recalled some things.According to the only impressions he had, if he remembered correctly, 1974 was the first time in the world that the oil crisis led to a global economic crisis.Whether it was the powerful United States or some small countries, the price of oil would rise and prices would rise.Thinking of rising prices, Li Guohao s heart moved, he might be able to stock up as soon as possible, so best cbd gummy for pain as to avoid the increase in expenditure and decrease in income due to price increases.

Hello everyone Just as he said Papa Papa , more than 200 employees in the venue, from the general planet m cbd gummies manager of the cbd gummies before or after eating subsidiary company to the employees in some important positions, once again burst into warm applause.Li Guohao, who was about to open his mouth, heard the sound, put one hand in the air to signal everyone to be quiet, and said through the erected microphone is taking cbd gummies everyday bad Okay, everyone, be quiet first, it won t best cbd gummy for pain be too late for the applause to ring out later.Hehe Some employees laughed out loud.Looking at the more than 200 employees in the audience, most of them Li Guohao were a little unfamiliar.These were basically new employees recruited later.As for the old employees like Gu Qianqian, Wang Zhenzhen, Huang Yaohua, Chen Hui, Wang Zheng, Jin Jiashi, Shangguan Xiaobao, Liu Mingguang, Wang Xiaobo, etc.

Li Guohao best cbd gummy for pain cbd gummies packaging laughed and said Why Didn t you come to see me The beauty rolled his eyes at him, and said how to make cbd tincture gummies Stop being narcissistic.I can t be bothered to see you.It s about the orphanage.Didn t I tell you that the government has built a new orphanage Just now Ms.Shen called me personally and invited us to participate in the charity auction in half a month.Hospital donated funds.Another charity auction Li Guohao couldn t help complaining that the government holds several charity evenings every year.It s not that charity is bad, it s just that the government likes to use this excuse to extract money from rich businessmen like them.People rating cbd gummies like Li Guohao who have formed their own People from the Child Love Charity Foundation are the targets of the government s efforts to attract donations.Chapter 325 One week after the first interview.

Hotel managers have relevant subjects for you to learn.Everyone should know that my ancestors were the royal chefs of the palace.In school, I will also publish some secret recipes left by my ancestors or techniques for cooking and making dim sum, so as to provide the best learning environment and knowledge for the majority of students.And every year we how to make cbd gummies from flower best cbd gummy for pain will set up a scholarship, as well as auxiliary programs.Auxiliary plan My original intention of building a catering technology school is to let some people have more choices, but there are some people whose families are difficult after all, does cbd gummies help with type 2 diabetes and they don t have the energy and time to study in the school system.So we planned this secondary program.We help some students from families with difficulties to complete their studies.During the study period, all his food expenses, including tuition fees, etc.

They have been guessing that Bao Daheng may be eating abalone and shark fin every day, while Li Guohao is enjoying life every day.In fact, many old fashioned wealthy businessmen live a relatively simple life on weekdays, perhaps a habit left over from their youth.It s possible, but you can t recommend yourself, you need the newspaper to collect it.Li Guohao pondered for a while, this celebrity interview is good, best cbd gummy for pain but delta 8 cbd gummy bears cbd gummy for adhd don t call it a celebrity interview, it should be called Today s Interview.Don t limit yourself to celebrities, wealthy businessmen and those who have a higher status.You can turn your attention to some ordinary people, such as sanitation workers best cbd gummy for pain sweeping the streets, or teachers who work hard in schools.You can change the name of celebrity interviews.It became Today s Interview , and it fits the name of our newspaper.

Jin handed the gift box in his hand to Li Guohao, and he said Come to you.What is this Li Guohao looked at the long gift box best cbd gummy for pain but didn t realize it for a while.This is a picture written by Lao Jin for you.Cai Lan said on the side.Mr.Jin s reminder Then I will put it away carefully.After several decades, I m afraid I can change to another apartment Li Guohao said happily when he heard that it was Jin Yong who wrote the pen himself.Now Jin Yong is at best a martial arts master and a newspaper tycoon in Xiangjiang, but after his works are fermented all keoni cbd gummies 1000mg over the world, his status has been infinitely elevated a lot.In the 1980s, he joined one of the drafting committees of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.He served as the head of the Hong Kong side of the Political System Drafting Group of the Basic Law and a member of the Economic System Drafting Group.

MacLehose is also very helpless about this, but in order to be re elected next year, he has no choice but to stand for the rich businessmen in person Hong Kong governor MacLehose was invited to participate in TVB s Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant last year.The opening of Li Guohao s food industrial park this time can be regarded as a big event in the political circles of Xiangjiang.After all, the industrial park needs can you have an allergic reaction to cbd gummies to recruit a large number of workers, which solves a large number of unemployed people.As a result, social instability has been reduced and taxes have been increased.In addition, next year will be another election day.It is not surprising that MacLehose will come here in person.MacLehose was the governor of Hong Kong who served for the longest time during the British rule of Hong Kong.

Chapter 333 Ten Outstanding Youths MacLehose The first one to give a speech, and the second one was Chairman Liang.He was also the guest of Li Guohao s impromptu arrangement to give a speech.Apart from the other party s status in the business world, he was also the oldest among the group of guests.Maybe it was a temporary speech on stage, without any draft, Chairman Liang didn t say much, amazon cbd gummies for pain relief except congratulations on the opening of Li Guohao s food industrial park, that is to say, the manufacturer s association will strongly support Li Guohao s group in the future.The third place It was handed over to the fourth uncle Li Zhaoji.After all, the other party was the main contributor to the construction of the industrial park, and built three factories and office building canteens in such a best cbd gummy for pain short period of time, which can be regarded as saving Li Guohao a lot of best cbd gummy for pain money.

Chapter 337 Gold Jewelry for Mother Li In my previous life, I only saw Zhang Daqian s portrait in textbooks.At first, I always thought he was from the Republic of China period.Later, I learned that he was best cbd gummy for pain born in the late Qing Dynasty and lived until the 1980s before he died.Li Guohao felt very honored to be able to meet old Mr.Zhang Daqian.This was more exciting than seeing Bao Daheng Huo Daheng and others.After all, Mr.Zhang had been living in textbooks, and he had heard and read too much about him.s story.When communicating with Mr.Zhang at the banquet, Li Guohao always best cbd gummy for pain spoke to each other in the tone of a junior, which greatly benefited Zhang Daqian.The two chatted very happily.Before leaving, they left each other s phone numbers.Zhang Daqian also invited Li Guohao to participate in his art exhibition held in Xiangjiang Town Hall in June this year, and Li Guohao readily agreed.

He watched Barron s thc or cbd gummies for sleep knee strike and elbow strike at the same time.He turned slightly to one side, barely dodging his opponent s attack.Taking advantage of the moment when Barron fell to the ground and his body was stiff, Niltai punched Barron s face hard with his right hand.But at this moment, Barron, seeing that gummy cbd orange tincture review his move failed, and the moment he landed, he had already thought about his backhand, and the moment he landed stiffly, he turned around and slashed back with his can you fly with cbd gummies 2020 elbow.Niltai was horrified when he saw this.He had to know that his punch would definitely hit Barron, but Barron s elbow would also hit him.In a muay thai fight, I would rather eat a few more punches than any elbow.You must know that there is an old saying in Muay Thai that the elbow is like a knife, which describes the strength of the elbow of Muay Thai fighters as a sharp knife.

I focused on the sterilization.Together with Chang Ganxing and the others, I studied the current international mainstream irradiation technology, pasteurization technology, low temperature technology and ultra high pressure sterilization technology.These difficulties are not difficult.The main reason is that the patent rights are in the hands of others, and we have no way to bypass these patents for deeper research.For this reason, I discussed with Liu Ming, a physics professor who is a good friend at Xiangjiang University, and thought about using ohmic heating technology to re study a new type of sterilization technology. Ohmic HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain heating Huo Zheng spoke for a long time, and when he was about to continue best cbd gummy for pain talking about the ohmic heating technology, he saw Li Guohao s bewildered face, and he explained Ohmic heating is also called resistance heating, Joule heating or electric heating.

Otherwise, the original Commercial Daily would not have developed into a newspaper that many businessmen in Hong Kong love and is also very important in just a few years.After hanging up the phone, Li Guohao couldn t help laughing.In his previous life, he had been watching online how much money other people spent on expensive and extravagant weddings, but now it was his turn.Li Guohao estimated in his heart that the cost of holding the wedding would be about 10 million US dollars, which would be 50 million Hong Kong dollars.It seems that the distance from 100 million is not far behind If Li Guohao is not a traveler, but a career created by his own struggle, he should be as stingy as most rich people.No, it s not stingy, best cbd gummy for pain it should be called frugal.After all, they started from scratch and gradually improved step by step, thinking about saving a little bit is a little bit.

This time Benson came to Xiangjiang, whether it is necessary to continue to exist.After thinking about it for a while, he finally decided to keep it.After all, the milk company also wants to develop foreign markets.He said, I still keep it.As for the person in charge in Australia, Director Benson, you recommend someone to take over your position.Good.Benson nodded.After chatting for a few more words, Li Guohao said with a smile I heard that Director Benson is a well known scientific research expert in Australia a long time ago, and he has rich experience and technology in dairy technology.In addition to solving the problems just mentioned, I also want you to take a look at the latest food sterilization technology developed by our laboratory.Oh New sterilization technology Benson couldn t help thinking when Li Guohao mentioned the new sterilization technology Dadong, you must know that he himself is an expert in food, and naturally knows how good a good sterilization technology is, which is beneficial to food safety and preservation.

This is also one of his usual routines and abilities.Disadvantages Mr.Hu said it s okay.Li Guohao waved his hand.As far as I know, Guohao Group currently has several subsidiaries, namely Guohao Nanshun, Guohao Food, Guohao Security, Guohao Real Estate, Guohao Dairy, Palace Pastry, and Panda Comics Co., Ltd., Daily Newspaper, Jiajiale Chicken Essence, Red Bull Company, Snow Skin Mooncake Company, Chinese herbal herbal tea the other side.Cheung Kong Industrial Building.In Li Chaoren s office.Ma Zhengkanghui, the real estate general manager of Cheung Kong Industries, reported Chairman, the plastic factory in Tianshuiwei, New Territories has been completed.When you see it, do you want to go there in person and participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony Oh It s already built Li Superman nodded slightly, and pressed the internal phone.

One is shown in the movie.It is exactly the same as the foreign spy blockbuster 007 , all kinds of high technology Some of the high technology in it is real.Li Guohao also introduced it in Zhang Bowen in Guohao Security, but most of it was fabricated by Xu Guanwen., such as wiretapping pens, mini tranquilizer guns and best cbd gummy for pain so on.At the end of the movie, everyone worked together to retrieve the bronze tripod, and handed over all the criminals to the police.In the end, Xu Guanwen, Zhou Runfa the son of the boss of the hostile security company closed down and joined Guohao Security , Xu Guanjie, Xu Guanwu and others wore black suits and graduated successfully under the award of Li Qianjin Lin and became qualified security personnel.In the end, Xu Guanwen was wearing a black suit, and walked on the road in a show of strength.

Fresh and tender, the taste is fresh and mellow, and the bottom of the leaf is delicate and flowery.Good tea, good tea President Liang didn t expect Bao Daheng to be so knowledgeable about tea.He laughed Haha, I didn t expect Mr.Bao to be a tea lover.If I had known, I would have sent a few more boxes Li Guohao then said Uncle Bao, if you like it, you can take the tea.I was just talking casually at the time.Bao Daheng showed hesitation on his face.He is indeed a tea drinker.He has drank Longjing tea, but it is not produced in the mainland.This time, the Longjing tea is produced in Longjing Village in West Lake, Hangzhou.Authentic in You can only go to Kyoto in an honest green leather car.It is also possible to go directly south to Guangzhou and take a plane there to the capital, but this may delay a lot of travel, so I chose to take the green best cbd gummy for pain leather train, which can be reached in less than two martha srewart cbd gummies days.

In the 1990s, Jianlibao dominated the carbonated beverage market across the country.But in 2000, due to some individual reasons, it did not develop for several years.When it came back out of the world, the domestic market had been completely divided up.In the end, they could only sell Jianlibao out of feelings.Giving up the European and American regions this time is not to withdraw Red Bull, but to reduce the publicity and promotion and let it develop slowly on its own.But in the end, he gave up.After all, if there is no publicity for a product, no one will know about it.Just like Jianlibao, the post 80s and post 90s are familiar with it, but best cbd gummy for pain the post 00s and post 10s think it is a newly launched drink.Huang Yaohua on the other end of the phone closed his eyes and pondered for a long time, and finally agreed to the chairman s decision.

Shen Bi didn t think much about it, and agreed directly, and also knew from others that Li Guohao was happy to have a son again, so he congratulated him a lot.Chapter 707 The deal of the century that brought Li Guohao straight to the sky was bombarded by newspapers for a week.Almost anyone who is literate in Xiangjiang knows that Li Guohao has acquired Hutchison Whampoa, one of the four foreign firms.Although Li Guohao, Guohao Group and HSBC Bank did not officially announce the news, nor did they say how many shares of Hutchison Whampoa were transferred.But this does not affect the exaggeration of the newspapers.Some unscrupulous tabloids, from the acquisition of Hutchison uly cbd gummies cost best cbd gummy for pain Whampoa shares at the beginning, to the acquisition best cbd gummy for pain of a large number of Hutchison shares, to the holding of Hutchison shares in the past two days, can be said to release shocking news every two days Li Guohao didn t go to work in the group for the past few days, and Zhao Yazhi just gave birth not long ago, so he wanted to spend more time with her.

The important decision to open a bank was not made by Li Guohao s wanton thinking, but a major decision made after careful consideration and for the better development of the group.Not long ago, an investment advisory group such as Ni Xingqing, Hu Changqing, Zhang Shaonan, as well as the group finance company, Guohao Securities and other hundreds of financial elites finally managed to strictly count all the current assets of the group after a few days.With its assets in Xiangjiang alone, Guohao Group is almost a monopoly in the food and raw material market Guohao Food, Guohao Nanshun, Guohao Security, Guohao Real Estate, Guohao Securities, Guohao Food Industrial Park, Panda Literature and Comic Publishing Guohao Club, Daily Daily, Palace Bakery, Jiajiale Chicken Essence, Guohao Beverage Company, Red Bull Asia Company, Guohao Dairy, Guohao Snow Skin Mooncake Company, Guohao Food Research Center, Huanyu Transportation These subsidiaries Among them, except for the listing of Palace Bakery, the Guohao Group holds more than 60 of the shares, and the group holds 25 of the shares of Hutchison Whampoa, the rest are all 100 owned by Li Guohao.

According to the current market price of the real estate and the market value of Chong Hing Bank, we gave a premium price of 2.18 billion Hong Kong dollars to fully acquire Chong Hing Bank and the land of these seven branches.Chapter 773 When Shen Bi visited and heard that Ni Xingqing quoted a price of 2.18 billion, Liao Liewen couldn t help but raise his eyebrows.The 2.18 billion can be said to have exceeded the prices of Chong Hing Bank and the seven properties.Don t talk about Mr.Li anymore, we can t sell it.Liao Liewu shook his head and refused before his elder brother could speak.Li Guohao best cbd gummy for pain looked at Liao Liewu who sternly refused, and then glanced at Ni Xingqing, only to hear him say again Mr.Liao Liewu, don t worry, we have investigated the business situation of Chong Hing Bank in recent years, it can be said that it is very unsatisfactory.

Two newscasters looked at the camera with serious faces, and one of them said According to the report broadcast by this station, the British Royal Mixed Fleet Expeditionary Force and the defeat of the Argentine First Army recently, this Malvinas Islands war, ended with The British army ended up capturing more than 9,000 Argentine soldiers.It is reported that Prince Andrew, the second son of the Queen of England, joined the mixed fleet and participated in the Falklands War.Rear Admiral Moore even praised the prince for his wit, and the heroic best cbd gummy for pain deeds of Prince Andrew s wise fishing of flying fish flying fish anti ship missiles were circulated in the British Navy.Immediately, the live interview video of the British BBC TV station began to be broadcast on the TV.As soon as Li Guohao pressed the wireless remote control in his hand, there was a pop , and the color screen in the TV instantly went dark.

At that time, Mr.Chen proposed to the Hong Kong government to reduce the land price to the level of 1.4 billion, but it was not acceptedIf it s just this, it wouldn t make Mr.Chen faint.The worst thing is that Mitsubishi s UFJ Bank temporarily withdrew the loan contract of 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars to Hang Lung Group.It s really raining overnight Chapter 779 Bottom hunting plan, 15 billion investment, etc.After Zheng Jiachun finished talking about the situation of the Hang Lung Group, Huo Zhenting sighed.If it wasn t for Li Guohao s dissuasion and the people of the Hang Lung Group to intervene, I am afraid that he and his father Huo Yingdong should be the ones who are in trouble.Right.Thinking of sour patch cbd gummies this, Huo Zhenting glanced gratefully at Li Guohao who best cbd gummy for pain cbd gummies packaging was sitting diagonally opposite.This time, Hang Lung Group and others will lose several billion Hong Kong dollars.

The prices of these lands vary from high to low, totaling more than 7.4 billion Hong Kong dollars.This is the land price after the real estate collapse.If it was two years ago, I am afraid that there is no 20 to 30 billion, but it is impossible to win., after thirty years it will be worth hundreds of billions.In addition to the land, Li Guohao did not give up on some buildings, shops, residential buildings and other completed real estate.On December 21, Li Guohao spent 430 million Hong Kong dollars in cash to take over the Kai Tak Airport and the two Regal Hotels in East Tsim Sha Tsui from the Great Eagle Group, which suffered heavy losses due to the real estate collapse.You know, the construction cost of the two hotels alone is as high as 460 million yuan, not including the high land price at the auction.

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