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It also makes the younger generation not always think about eating some Western style pastries.Chapter 5 Crispy and Delicious Five o clock in the morning.It s finally done Li Guohao casually picked up the white towel hanging around his neck, wiped the slight sweat stains on his forehead, looked at the best thc cbd gummies freshly baked wife cake with satisfaction, and sighed inwardly.Parents make it overnight.Before Li Guohao tasted the wife cake he made, he heard the swipe and pull sound of the rolling door outside the door.Li Huifang and Li Dexiao opened the shutter of the tea restaurant, and saw the lights in the back kitchen lit up.After looking at each other, the two of them searched for some convenient weapons from the door in a tacit understanding.Who s in the kitchen Li Dexiao walked slowly to the door of the kitchen with a wooden mop, and shouted inside.

In fact, the first prize ticket was not given to Zhang Dong to pretend to claim it.After all, the relationship between the two families is so close that it is easy for some neighbors to suspect it.So he thought about it, and put the first prize ticket into the box.Just because you can put it in, it doesn t mean you can t do some tricks, for example, stick the first prize ticket on the top of the closed box with transparent tape.Under normal circumstances, no one would pay attention to this.This person was able to win the lottery, most likely because the scotch tape was not sticky enough, it fell off, and he happened to be able to touch it.Li Guohao took a step forward, stopped the excited young man, and said with a smile, Congratulations to this big brother for winning the first prize, a TV set worth 1,000 Hong Kong dollars.

After being re processed by Li Guohao with modern Western style pastry methods, the taste is absolutely wonderful.Chapter 21 The Sadness of This Era According to Li Guohao s suggestion, Zhao Yazhi took a small iron spoon and dug a spoonful.Slowly put it into her mouth, Zhao Yazhi narrowed her eyes slightly, and began to chew lightly, her eyes gradually widened before she knew it, and she couldn t stop praising, Oh It s delicious Hehe, You can eat more of it.Li Guohao also laughed happily when he saw Zhao Yazhi cheering for a mouthful of food like a little girl.Yeah.Zhao Yazhi nodded, poked her head out and started eating with an iron spoon.moment.Sister, what are you doing Ah Zhen came over from not far away best thc cbd gummies cbd gummies vs delta 8 at this time, and seeing her sister eating there with a spoon, she was dissatisfied, Okay, old sister, you are actually eating here What Stealing II was just trying to help Mr.

Long live the boss Zhang Dong also secretly shouted among several people at this time.Seeing this, Li Guohao shook his head helplessly.The temporary salary increase is really not a good thing.It s not that Li Guohao is stingy or something, but if this sudden salary increase makes employees feel that salary increase is so simple Then next time if the boss doesn t raise the salary, I won t work.Of course, there are very few such people, and most of them are relatively hardworking.As for the reason for the temporary salary increase, the main reason is that today s business is so good, and judging from this trend, there will be a flow of people during the opening two days in the next two days.Today s opening made Li Guohao realize that the store is short verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies of manpower and needs to add some extra manpower.

Although there are only more than 30 sheets, the cost of printing is still very high, because Li Guohao ordered to use the best paper for printing.Considering the cost and the fact that the first plot is not long, I published a volume first to see the effect.Li Guohao is also not sure whether Po, the Kung Fu best thc cbd gummies Panda who became popular all over the world in later generations, will be able to show his style again in Xiangjiang 40 years ago.The tentative price of Kung Fu Panda is five yuan a copy.Very low, isn t it In fact, most of the weekly magazines in Xiangjiang are only three or four yuan at this time.The main reason is that the paper they use is not the how many miligrams should i take of cbd gummies best, and the number of pages is very small.It s a lot of money to buy Kung Fu Panda for five yuan.After all, Li Guohao is still very conscientious.

As the name suggests, pastry spree is a collection of Liji s best selling snacks, packaged in beautiful paper boxes for sale.This is also Li Guohao s new idea, which is to make a pastry set for customers to buy, which is called step by step cake.During the chat between the two, Li Guohao suddenly asked, By the way, do you know Bruce Lee How about a good report Shangguan Xiaobao gave him a blank look.Hehe Li Guohao also felt that what he asked was nonsense, so he laughed and said, I thought you didn t know how to draw cartoons in the club every day.Now that you know, it s easy to handle.I want to take advantage of Xiangjiang now With the sudden Kung Fu craze, we are planning to find someone to make Kung Fu Panda into an animation To make an animation Are you in too much of a hurry, we just released the manga this morning.

The two entered the Shaw Brothers studio and were not stopped by the guards, probably because they were mistaken for It s a trick.Zhang Dong looked around, and after a while, he found Cai Shaodong who was resting under the shade of a tree.Brother Dong Zhang Dong waved his arms and greeted from afar.Cai Shaodong, who was resting under the shade of a tree, heard someone calling him, opened his eyes and looked around, and asked with some doubts, A Dong Zhang Dong ran quickly, followed by Li Guohao.It s really A Dong, you boy Why do you have the time to come to me I heard from your father that you have been working as the manager of the pastry shop recently.It s okay, you boy.You have been doing well recently.Cai Shaodong stood up and walked to the shop.Zhang Dong laughed beside him.If someone he is not best thc cbd gummies familiar with usually praises him, Zhang Dong will definitely say that it is a trivial matter, but facing his cousin who has played with him since he was a child, he is also very humble and said It s okay, it s just thanks to my friend who took me.

A HCMUSSH best thc cbd gummies Ping did a simple calculation, and after deducting the cost plus the gift amount, the one million can earn about a hundred thousand.Rong Bingcai nodded in satisfaction.Earning hundreds of thousands in such a short period of time was something that he never dared to imagine before, and the cash at his disposal in the store also exceeded one million.Where s Master Wang Master Wang returned to the Central Store yesterday.Huh Rong Bingcai said angrily when Master Wang left without saying goodbye, This Wang Qianhua is too useless, wasting so much money in the store.If you don t see him as a master in the store, he would have been driven away a long time ago A Ping, who was standing by the side, didn t dare to talk too much, one was his boss and the other was in the store.The old master who has served there for more than ten years, how could he, a small employee, have the guts to talk about it.

But reality is reality after all, and it cannot be the same as fiction.In this period of Hong Kong, the power of the Governor of Hong Kong is terrifying.Basically, he can intervene in everything in Hong Kong, but he cannot fully control it.It is very necessary to have a good relationship with the Governor of Hong Kong.Then you mean that you want the newspaper to report that you made pastries for the Governor of Hong Kong Shangguan Xiaobao is a smart man, and he guessed what Li Guohao was thinking when he heard Li Guohao s words.Well, it s almost the same.It s just an invitation.Remember the word invitation.Okay, let me ask for you.Chapter 46 Panda Craze 5 Please collect Xiangjiang, a mansion somewhere.A little girl in a princess dress, with long wavy hair and a do cbd gummies give you the munchies best thc cbd gummies beautiful crown on her head, is sitting on the ground concentrating on reading a comic book.

Wow, so many treasures As soon as is jane cbd gummy the two entered the door.I found that there are images of panda Po everywhere in the store.Such as dolls, stickers, posters, etc.After looking around curiously, my mother saw a staff member wearing the words palace pastry standing beside her, and asked curiously Well, pretty girl, what does your store have to do with comic book Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda is a comic published by our boss publishing house.An employee said according to Zhang Dong s message Our store has all the pastries that appear in the comic.Mom, I want to eat This Po s favorite food is this The little girl pointed to the rose bean paste bun stuck on the glass, and there seemed to be a few silver strands flowing from the corner of her mouth.Okay, mom will buy whatever the baby wants.When the little girl heard this, she smiled and said, Mom is the best mother in the world The mother smiled and stroked the little girl s head.

Huang He and Sun Dafu basically made some of the best selling snacks in Liji s shop.For example wife cake, lotus paste cake, bean paste cake and the like.And Li Guohao made not only the ten delicious dim sum on the recipe, but also some dim sum that he did not teach to the shop.Cakes, a dessert snack, have not only been limited to cake shaped desserts since ancient times.Due to the limitations of the times, many pastries that are very common in later generations do not exist now.Boss has a lot of ingredients here, and they are all the most expensive brands on the market Huang He said, taking out a bag of expensive glutinous rice flour from the side.It s for sure, the governor of Hong Kong will naturally use the best things for his banquet, what do you think Sun Dafu gave him a white look.Li Guohao nodded These materials are quite good, but we don t have much time best thc cbd gummies left.

In less than half a month, 40,000 copies were sold.Shangguan Xiaobao said Thanks to the popularity of cartoons, you must know that since the launch of cartoons on TVB, the sales of our comics have also increased.In the recent period, an average of 3,000 copies were sold every day.We are Planning the comic book for the second volume.It s good, by the way, TVB called me before and said to talk to us about cartoons.Li Guohao remembered that someone from TVB had contacted him before.TVB is looking for you What s the matter It seems that many people called TVB to ask them to broadcast more Kung Fu Panda cartoons.You know that there are only two episodes per week.Many people think that Too few and not enough to watch.That s a good thing, but the cost of cartoons is very high.At the beginning, best thc cbd gummies it was handed over to TVB to broadcast, and there was no talk best thc cbd gummies about the benefits.

No.I don t even know this Yi Shu, so how can I ask her to write articles for me, and besides, this kind of literati may not write for you even if they have money.Li Guohao shook his head.He really doesn t know why this Miss Yi Shu advertises herself so hard in the newspaper.Maybe she just thinks that Li Ji s pastries are delicious.Let s tap water.Was Ren Rongbing taken to the police station by the police Zhang Dong asked.Rong Bingcai Take it to the police station Why Li Guohao and Li Qiang asked at the same time.Zhang Dong explained It seems that the refund incident is too big.I thought it was a riot, but in best thc cbd gummies the end, it turned out that it was caused by a store refund., A waste of police verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies force and manpower, doesn t the police station find someone to take care of it Do you think Rongji will collapse because of this Li Guohao asked curiously.

By the way, I went to the Mong Kok store just once to open it.Who is the manager Li Guohao asked suddenly.Zhang Dongdao There is no store manager yet.I forgot to tell you about Ah Hao.Manager Li asked me to step down as the store manager of the Nathan Road store before, so that I can manage the procurement of materials with peace of mind.Li Guohao glanced at Li Qiang Why Li Qiang said Although the position of the store manager seems very simple, he is busy with some simple affairs in the store every day, but he must also be present every day.Zhang Dong is not in the company every does cbd gummies give you the munchies day, but he is buying raw materials.If things go on like this, it will be difficult to inspect on Nathan Road.I think it s best to choose another one, after all, the performance of ordinary employees still depends on the store manager to record.

Her family lives nearby.If she is on vacation or something, she can rush to the store as soon as possible, and she is very responsible for the people in the store.She knows the situation better than me, so I think she is the most suitable.Li Guohao said with a smile You also know that she knows a lot more about the situation in the store than you do Hehe, haven t you been busy with company affairs recently, and don t have much time to stay in the store.Zhang Dong smiled.All right, let s make it Sister Wang first.Li Guohao glanced at Li Qiang and said, Manager Li, do you have any ideas Li Qiang shook his head Me I have no idea at all about the distribution of personnel in several stores and whose ability is strong.Indeed, recently, apart from inspecting a few stores at the beginning and making some small regulations, Li Qiang has been preparing for the company s affairs.

All right, when will I see you What The loan matter needs to be finalized as soon as possible, and now we have almost found a store, if the loan is not settled, I am afraid we will rent someone else, after all, we have not paid a deposit or anything.Li Guohao said to this It is a lie that the Standard Chartered Bank is not angry about the matter.Fortunately, there is no business preparation for the new store.If everything is negotiated and the deposit is paid, the bank does not get a loan.Wouldn t it be embarrassing and a waste of money.Then tomorrow.When I return to the company, I will make a call to see if I can get through.If I can get through, tell him first.If I can t get through, we will go directly to HSBC to find him tomorrow.Yeah it is good.Standard Chartered Bank.After Manager Zhang finished his banking business, he also thought of Rong Binghua, so he made a call.

Six people people stood at the door of the palace pastry shop.New store Abao said do cbd gummies give you the munchies best thc cbd gummies This is the mysterious palace pastry The most sacred place in the legendary pastry world And why do the surrounding animals all look the same People When several people were surprised, Father Goose came from Walked out of the store.Seeing the crowd, Father Goose shouted excitedly Oh, you guys are here too It s just in time, come in quickly, a new event will be held in the mysterious holy land, come and participate Then he The addresses of eight branches appeared.Finish.Eh, cough.Xie Honghe coughed, turned off the TV and said, Well, it s not bad.At least these comic characters, A Bao, blend in with the people around them, and they don t seem so obtrusive.This is Xie Honghe watched the official version for the first is mayim bialik selling cbd gummies time.

PS Warner Bros., although its main business is movies, do cbd gummies give you the munchies best thc cbd gummies there is also a branch company that is comics.The famous Bugs Bunny is a comic character under its command.Including DC Comics, which was later acquired.Chapter 110 Excited old man I m sorry James, I have already discussed with my wife and children that I will go to the amusement park the day after tomorrow, so you should leave this job to someone else.George shook his head and refused.James frowned, the company was up and down, only George knew a little Chinese, and other people might not be able to handle the matter well, so he had to use his benefits to say George is none other than you, you have fought with the best thc cbd gummies Chinese Make friends, understand their thoughts, and can speak Chinese, so it s best for you to go, as long as you complete this task, you will not only have a week s long vacation when you come back, but you will also get corresponding rewards.

What s the matter There are so few fairy voices.It s charlottesweb cbd gummies not in vain for me, Mr.Dong, to meet the two of you.The middle aged man who claimed to be Mr.Dong heard Zhao Yazhi s question, his eyes lit up, and then he calmed down, pretending to be exclaimed.Li Guohao frowned, what exactly does this person want to do, and asked I said this Dong, what do you want to do Sorry, sorry, Pindao hasn t introduced himself yet.Although I have left the Taoist temple, you can call me Qingfengzi.Dong best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla best cbd gummies for pain control Haonan said apologetically, cupping his hands.Haonan Hearing this name, Li Guohao would always think of a certain cbd gummy stomach ache movie for no reason.That s right, Haonan In a flash, Li Guohao remembered that Dong Haonan called himself a poor man before, and smiled inwardly.It seems that this person is a liar.But Zhao Yazhi, who was at the side, asked with some doubts Master Qingfengzi, what do you mean by what you just said These professions are very popular.

Li Guohao took a long breath, it seems that this person It s not time traveling, but why does Dong Haonan say that Zhao Yazhi is Bai Suzhen Is there really a cycle of karma After pondering for a moment, Li Guohao raised his eyes and glanced at Zhao Yazhi.With a little make up, could it be that this person made up a story on the spur of the moment Oh, I m afraid the time will be numbered for the poor way to leak the secret.Dong Haonan shook his head and sighed.Here, is there a way for the Taoist priest to rescue him Seeing Dong Haonan s appearance, Zhao Yazhi s heart tightened, and she felt that she had caused trouble to the other party, so she hurriedly asked.These words are a little curious, who is Xu Xian reincarnated now Of course it s Mr.Li.It s a match made in heaven.Even if immortals are separated forever, they won t be able to form a married couple.

The shareholding system, the secret recipe of dim sum, and the best thc cbd gummies subsequent cooperation with some small shops are all written in great detail.Boss Liu, I m a rough person and I can t read, so why don t you just tell us Anyway, we all trust you, Boss Liu, and you will never deceive us in this regard.A chubby middle aged man laughed and said.Someone takes the lead, and someone best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla best cbd gummies for pain control will naturally respond.Seeing this, Liu Peilin had no choice but to say I will briefly tell you about that business.This time, including me, there are a total of fifteen shareholders, and the average shareholding of each person is about 6.There must be a major shareholder to lead everyone, so I will take a little more shares.Of course, I will still invest with best thc cbd gummies this money.No problem.Boss Liu should be.You are busy, so you will naturally invest in this share.

I ll take you there tomorrow and you ll know.Chapter 129 The Lovely and Faithful House The next day, early in the morning, before dawn.Li Guohao sat on the co pilot of a small truck and drove all the way to the downstairs of Zhao Yazhi s house.Li Guohao stopped and said, Master Wang, wait here.Are you there Master Wang asked with a cigarette in his mouth.Well, wait a minute, people should come down immediately.Li Guohao looked at his watch, he called Zhao Yazhi earlier, and said that he would be downstairs in 20 minutes, so he should come down soon by this time.Boss Li, why are you free to come here in person today Master Wang took a puff of cigarette and asked with a long breath.Bring a friend to know the way, maybe she will be responsible for this in the future.Li Guohao chuckled.Oh.Master Wang nodded, and sighed a little Boss Li, you are such a kind person.

It s very easy.What kind of job is it Li Guohao said Send cakes to the children in the orphanage, and breakfast to the sanitation workers every day.The orphanage Snacks for the children Breakfast to the sanitation workers Zhao Yazhi asked in surprise.Li Guohao nodded and explained Yes, when I first started the company, I mentioned this matter to the manager Li Qiang Li you met before, and then the company also implemented it, but 250 mg cbd gummies it was always handed verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies over to Nathan Dao.Manager lab quality cbd gummy tincture Wang was in charge, and when the company expanded, it was handed over to the finance side for statistics.But now, as more and more welfare homes are donated, it is necessary to set up a small department to take charge of this matter.Earlier, when he first started the company, Li Guohao proposed to distribute a daily breakfast to the sanitation workers who cleaned the streets in the morning.

Yes.Yes.Li Qiang nodded with a smile and asked, What are you betting on What are you betting on Li Guohao thought for a while and said, Just gamble for a meal, and whoever loses will invite everyone in the company to a restaurant for a meal. The whole company together Yes, the whole company together, including the employees of the store.That s not a small bet There are at least dozens of people in the company.If you add store employees, there are at least a hundred people.One is the boss and the other is the general manager of the company.Treating guests to a restaurant must not be too shabby, so to speak Come on, you may not be able to afford tens of thousands of dollars for a meal.Say it directly, dare you bet Li Guohao looked at Li Qiang with a smile.Bet Why not gamble.Li Qiang naturally hoped that the more sales the better, seeing that Li Guohao wanted to gamble, he took advantage of the situation.

Ming Pao newspaper published an article in the morning, written by Yi Shu.Conscience dim sum, conscientious company, and conscientious businessman.This article focuses on the three consciences, and writes in detail about some conscientious companies that do charity and public welfare.Among them, the palace pastry company and Li Guohao are the most written.This Yi Shu thinks highly of me I feel a little embarrassed for always writing articles to praise me Looking at the Ming Pao in his hand, Li Guohao was a little overwhelmed by Yi Shu s praise, half of the entire article was written on yesterday s TV The reported orphanage incident boasted him as a business conscience.Dingling Suddenly, the office phone rang.Li Guohao put down the newspaper in his hand, picked up the phone and said, Hello there Ahao.

After plucking my hair, I m going to pluck everyone s hair next I don t think I need to say anything more about the reason why my lips are dead and my teeth are cold After hearing this, Li Guohao understood it.Probably the ghost wants to forcibly buy this company.Sir Zhou, tell us what you want us to do someone asked in the arena.That s right Sir Zhou, your status is high, tell me how to deal with this group of ghosts Let these ghosts take it away for nothing Many people echoed.On the other hand, Huo Zhenting and Zheng Jiachun looked a little sad.This scene was watched by Li Guohao.Seeing that is it safe to eat cbd gummies while pregnant everyone supported him, Zhou Xinian said happily, Okay, let s unite and deal with the ghost.Soon.This impromptu meeting to deal with ghosts is over.Before leaving, Zheng Jiachun called Li Guohao to stop.

It tastes pretty good.What s the matter Is the chairman not satisfied There is no detailed cost information.Yes, and we are discussing with Manager Gu on how to position and price, and the details are still under discussion.Li Guohao picked up a piece of biscuit, although the shape was a little crude, but he could easily tell which animal it was, and said You should send the cost price as soon as possible.Yes, I see.That s it.Then Li Guohao put down the microphone.He stuffed the bear biscuit in his hand into his mouth again.Sure enough, the more you eat, the more it looks like the bear biscuits you ate when you were young.Li Guohao said to himself.Dong Dong At this moment, someone knocked on the door of the office.Li Guohao glanced at the door and said, Come in.Chairman, the store on the Wanwan side has been renovated.

Wang Zheng s meaning is very clear, that is, the so called branch of best thc cbd gummies ignite cbd gummies the Chinese Food Promotion Association, the Chinese Pastry Promotion Association, has no effect at all, it is equivalent to self entertainment within the company.Didn t Mr.Cai recommend a lot of people to join Li Guohao asked in surprise.Mr.Cai recommended quite a few people, but there were only more than 20, and most of them were just food lovers.Wang Zhengdao.Then what do you mean Li Guohao asked.Wang Zhengdao Actually, I want the president to increase the promotion of the association.How do you want to promote it Newspapers, television.At the beginning of the association, it was just a temporary idea of Li Guohao and Li Qiang.At that time, they also wanted to improve their popularity or face.It is easy to introduce, this is the president of the Chinese Food Promotion Association, Mr.

He made a position in his heart about Uncle Chang.He is a very decent old man who pays attention to his manners Ah Qiang, you have been in Xiangjiang do cbd gummies give you the munchies best thc cbd gummies for more than a year now.Not long after I came back, I heard from Uncle Li that you opened a pastry shop in the block in front of you.The decoration scale is very large.It seems that you have made a lot of money in Xiangjiang.Don t be your own boss anymore, you re really scary Uncle Chang nodded to everyone with a smile, and then laughed loudly at Li Qiang.No, I m still working for others.Li Qiang touched his head and finished with a smile, then immediately pulled Li Guohao up and said to Uncle Chang Uncle Chang is the owner of our palace pastry, Li Guohao.Oh Uncle Chang glanced at Li Guohao, who was young and looked not much older than his granddaughter, and said with a smile, Li Guohao, a good name.

Wow Everyone looked at the young Li Guohao upstairs with admiration, and the only waitress among them had peach blossoms in his eyes.Li Guohao on the second floor listened to Li Qiang s words.After pondering for a moment, he said That is to say, until now, you haven t figured out what these ghosts like to eat Li Qiang suddenly looked embarrassed, but the fact is true, he nodded embarrassedly and said I I also asked them what kind of dim sum they like to eat, but they said they just like to eat American desserts.I also went to other stores to buy some of the best dim sum sold locally, and asked Huang He and the others to analyze it, but there was no reason.Yellow Crane After listening, Li Qiang looked downstairs, and when he was about to call Huang He up, he saw a group of people below staring at him, as if he had been shopping for BMWs in his previous life.

Li Qiang shrugged helplessly and said, I thought you would like desserts very much.Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him, and said to everyone Everyone eats one kind, and after eating, tell me that besides sweets, there are other desserts.Stuff Ah As soon as these words came out, everyone cried out.No way, who made Li Guohao the boss.The big guys had no choice but to bear with it.Everyone tried to choose a dessert that didn t look very sweet and ate it.Huang He is a thief, he saw a box of chocolate bars, and thought to himself that the chocolates must not be very sweet, so he immediately picked up this, causing the big guy to look at him angrily.After Huang He opened it nonchalantly, he took out a long biscuit covered with chocolate sauce.As soon as he took the first bite, he regretted it Damn, there is a filling in the biscuit, or a syrup filling Seeing Huang He s nauseous look, everyone burst into laughter.

After Wing Kee closed down, Master Wang was also very old.He did not try his best to start his own business, so he relied on the money he earned in the past to support the elderly at home.During this period, many shops invited Master Wang.After all, he has more than 30 Years of experienced master chef.But Master Wang shook his head and refused.Rongji went bankrupt, and he also looked away.No matter how successful it was in the past, it was a failure if it failed.It is also good to take care of the elderly now.But as soon as people from the Pastry Association came to the door, they said that they wanted to invite Master Wang to be one of the judges in order to promote Chinese pastry, and Master Wang immediately agreed.And joined the association, became the first, oh no, the title of the second all Xiangjiang super pastry chef, the first is Li Guohao.

There have been several food competitions in later generations, and CCTV cbd gummies joel osteen also produced a program called The King of Chefs , which is not only limited to Chinese food, but also joined the top chefs of foreign Michelin stars to discuss.It looks very attractive, the competition between China s top chefs and the world s famous chefs, but in fact the ratings are very average, because food competitions are not as attractive as singing and performances.Everyone can listen to singing, and everyone can watch performances.What about food competitions Probably just a fresh picture.Originally, this competition was already very cumbersome, but after Li Guohao s modification, it was the preliminaries, the group stage, the semi finals, the finals, and the championship competition.Audience comments were added, and review comments were added.

As soon as Dinglingling entered the house, he heard the phone ringing at home.Before he even had time to change into his slippers, he took a big stride in his dirty leather shoes and went directly to the living room, where he picked up the phone.Ahao.Mom What s the matter Li Guohao asked curiously when he heard Li Huifang s voice on the other end of the phone.You live in the new house at night Yes, I came back too late, I m afraid the past will disturb you to rest.Li Guohao came back a little late, it was almost nine o clock in the evening, and the family best thc cbd gummies was busy with the opening of the tea restaurant in the morning , to go to bed early, so Li Guohao did not go back to disturb his family.Secondly, there are only best thc cbd gummies two rooms best thc cbd gummies in the old house, one is for the grandfather and the other is for the parents.

The nearest of them is directly opposite the Palace Bakery in Central, which is a bit ridiculous.At the beginning, Li Guohao also opened a shop directly opposite Rong Kee Bakery.At this moment, someone unexpectedly made him tougher.The Woodshun brothers of Maxim s Bakery really imitated the example, and they drove to my door.Li Guohao chuckled twice.But looking down, Li Guohao couldn t stop laughing.There are a total of 57 branches in Hong Kong.There are Maxim s Bakery in Kowloon, Xiangjiang Island, and the New Territories.At the same time, there are many large shopping malls and supermarkets.branch.Some important business districts and high end residential areas also have their presence.With so many stores now, I really hope you can still laugh out loud in a while.Li Guohao chuckled, and he has also read some financial books recently.

No way, it was the first time for Li Guohao to cash a check, so how could he know so many things.Seeing the female salesperson go out, the bank manager tidied up his clothes, pushed open the door of the manager s room and walked to the bank do cbd gummies give you the munchies best thc cbd gummies lobby.From afar, he caught a glimpse of Li Guohao sitting alone at the check window.Hi, hello, Mr.Li, right The bank manager came over politely, reaching out his hand as if to shake hands with Li Guohao.Li Guohao frowned, stood up, shook hands with the other party and said, Yes, my surname is Li.I don t know who you are Oh, I m the lobby manager of HSBC Bank, and my surname is Bai.Manager Bai said with a smile.Hi Manager Bai, just now your salesman I know, because the amount you have deposited is too large, and you need to check it.I came here to invite you to sit in my office, and there is still some work to be done there.

The tea restaurant used to be just tables and chairs It s old, and the walls are a little dirty.In addition, the concrete floor is often wet.It just gave people a very dilapidated feeling, but at this moment, a new wall was painted and the floor was laid., Changed the tables and chairs, this HCMUSSH best thc cbd gummies big change made Li Guohao mistakenly think that he spent a lot of money on decoration.Seeing her son looking at the new decoration in the shop, Li Huifang called out, Ahao.What s wrong, cbd gummies and type 2 diabetes mom Mother Li thought about her son s orders before, and said with some displeasure Does the store really need to hire a waiter Actually, there is no need at all.Your mother and I can handle it by myself.Every day is only at noon and night.There are quite a lot of customers in Duan, and the morning and afternoon are relatively free, if new employees are recruited, no one will come to eat at that time, wouldn t it be a loss.

With a bang, the door of the meeting room was opened.Chairman, you re green otter cbd gummies ingredients here Chairman, hurry up and think of a way.When everyone saw Li Guohao coming in, they seemed to have found their backbone.Li Guohao frowned, motioned everyone to sit down first, walked quickly to the main seats and sat down, glanced at Luo Bin and asked What s going on The flour mill was acquired by Nanshun after saying the acquisition I , I don t know too well.The chairman asked me to pay attention to this situation.I also asked the HCMUSSH best thc cbd gummies salesman of the flour mill openly and secretly, but he said that the company has not had any acquisitions recently.I am still thinking about it.It s not chairman, you are listening best thc cbd gummies ignite cbd gummies to nonsense, but I received a call from the flour mill at noon today, saying that the company has been acquired, and the contract signed before may be temporarily invalid and needs to be re signed.

As soon as Li Guohao entered Li s TV best thc cbd gummies station, he was ushered into the guest lounge by the TV station s staff.As soon as he entered through the door, he heard a hearty laugh.Ha ha Ah Hao, you are finally here I just mentioned you to Yishu, and I also said that you, the facilitator of the pastry competition, why didn t you show your face from the beginning to the end.Looking at Cai Lang and Yi Shu in front of him, Li Guohao hurriedly walked over with a smile and best thc cbd gummies said, I can t help it.There are too many things in the company.I would like to thank Brother Lan for helping me with the pastry contest.Otherwise, I m afraid I really can t invite them.many people.The pastry competition was operated by Cai Lang for more than half of the time.At the same time, the association also gave Cai Lang a very important position, a lifelong honorary director.

, can you overdose on gummy bear with 250 mg cbd then added it in, and made a live broadcast.Chapter 190 Let us welcome Li Guohao, the president of the pastry association, to sit in the guest seat and watch the TV studio in best thc cbd gummies ignite cbd gummies the 1970s at this time.I have to say it s pretty small.There are only about 100 square meters of studios, and half of them are divided into guest seats and audience seats.There are a total of more than 300 people in the audience, and they are crowded in seats of less than 50 square meters.Li Guohao hadn t participated in any TV programs in his previous life, but he could also see one or two scenes from some programs.No matter in terms of lighting, scene layout, and stage construction, they were much more advanced and fashionable than they are best thc cbd gummies now.The stage is only less than 20 square meters, and the oven has already been prepared on it, along with various materials for making dim sum, and the signs of some sponsors or advertisers have been pasted on the fronts of the three tables.

From time to time, I switched the camera to the three contestants who were making pastries.Following Master Wang s explanation, the production time of nearly half an hour did not make the judges and audience feel very boring.Okay, the three of us have finished making our pastries.Next, we will invite Master Wang, who has been in the pastry industry for 30 years, and Master Zheng Yuanzheng, the head of Lianxianglou, and Qin Shao, a well known gourmet.When the host introduced Qin Shao, Cai Lan said to Li Guohao with a look of envy Ahao, uly cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla do you know I have always had a dream, that is to become a gourmet just like Qin Shao.You can taste all the delicacies in the world.I believe you can.Li Guohao responded with a smile.In the following decades, Cai Lan not only became a famous gourmet, but also became one of the four great talents in Xiangjiang by virtue of his skill of eating.

Li, don t worry, I won t break my promise to you.At the end, He Qianjin asked curiously Mr.Li s pastry company and food processing factory have been doing well.Why did you think of mortgage it to me As early as when he was preparing for the idea of acquiring Nanshun Group, Li Guohao thought that the 80 million yuan in his bank would definitely not be enough.100 million can be won.So I called He Qianjin and sent out the company s business and income report together with a fax machine.Li Guohao hoped to mortgage the company to He Qianjin in exchange for 20 million in funds The less people know about the acquisition of Nanshun, the better.If only He Qianjin was there alone, Li Guohao might still say it, but now there is an unknown Xiao Bai, and he didn t After getting this interest, he smiled and said haha haha Recently, the company plans to open a new store in the United States.

It s a little bit.Recently, Maxim s Bakery has expanded to more than 50 branches, and our palace pastry has best thc cbd gummies only 18 so far, so I plan to continue to open new stores. Then I wonder if Mr.Li agrees to become a shareholder Investing in shares Li Guohao glanced at He Qianjin in surprise, but best thc cbd gummies he didn t expect that the other party wanted to invest in his company.The conversation was opened, and He Qianjin lost his previous hesitation, and said directly Yes, I want to invest in Mr.Li I am very satisfied with your company s profitability.After all, I am also a franchisee, so I wondered if I could become a shareholder and cooperate with Mr.Li.Of course, I will not interfere in the company s affairs.He Qianjin wanted to take a stake in Li Guohao s company, and she had this idea a long time ago.Although she is the eldest daughter of the gambling bio lyfe cbd gummies for sex king, most of the inheritance of family property in this era is inherited by the eldest son, and He Qianjin can get a little at most That s all.

Although this store is not a well known international brand, it is also one of the best brands in Xiangjiang.The owner used to be a famous clothing designer, and later opened best thc cbd gummies his own store to create a brand.Buying here is either rich or expensive.As soon as you hear the word scarf Li Guohao swallowed his saliva, and suddenly remembered a series of gangster movies such as God of Gamblers, Gambler, Underworld, Young and Dangerous, True Colors of a Hero, and Legend of Lei Luo that he had seen.No way, a black coat, a black suit, and a white scarf have almost become the essence of Hong Kong gangster movies.Whether it is Hong Kong gangster movies or gangster movies from other countries, most of them are based on these three things moment.The best thc cbd gummies clerk came over with these five or six scarves of different styles and colors.

Boss, your outfit is so majestic Zhang Guangming praised through the rearview mirror as soon as the two got into the car.Uncle Zhang, you think so too, don t you Just now I always thought that Ah Hao is so handsome in this suit, but I can t think of any words to describe it Ah Hao is really majestic in this suit.Zhao Yazhi covered her mouth and smiled smugly Dao, when she helped Li Guohao match the clothes before, she always felt that this suit had a different charm, but she couldn t think of any words to describe it for a while.It looks really powerful.But no matter how majestic Li Guohao is, this set of clothes is all made by Zhao Yazhi, so she has some credit for the majesty.Hehe.Li Guohao also smiled rather smugly.The aesthetics of people these days are basically the same as those of later generations, but they are limited by their horizons.

Li Guohao has a lot of ideas about instant noodles, whether it is from the development of instant noodles in his previous life , or its value, has always made Li Guohao greedy.I dare not say the world, but in China, basically everyone has eaten instant noodles Chapter 220 Separation of the verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies Charity Department The pastry company has long intended to expand overseas franchise stores, but it was not very convenient because of raw material problems.This time, Li Guohao acquired Nanshun to develop more overseas franchise stores for the pastry best thc cbd gummies company.convenience.Li Qiang best thc cbd gummies also asked Xiong Yi from the franchise department to call together some Southeast Asian businessmen who wanted to join the pastry shop based on the phone numbers Li Guohao had left before.Sitting in the former chairman s office and now the general manager s office, Li Guohao looked at today s newspaper headlines, most of which were international news and some people s livelihood reports.

Meizhu Uncle scolded.My aunt muttered softly, Hmph.I knew it was cruel to me.Now the whole family depends on you to support them.What will you do if you don t have a job Brother will go to middle school next year, and sister will also go to high school soon.It s four, you re already forty years old, and you have to start looking for a job again When my aunt said this, she made the scene extremely embarrassing.While the grandpa and grandma looked embarrassed, they also sighed helplessly.They knew the situation at home best, and the old man, Meizhu, a well behaved daughter in law, also knew a thing or two.Seeing the embarrassment of his uncle s family, Li Guohao quickly changed the subject and said, Uncle, what did you do at the Nissing Instant Noodle Factory I have done it before.Uncle Li Zhengming said with a smile.

In a sense, this is equivalent to decentralization of power.As for what Shi Yuda is thinking, Li Guohao doesn t know, and doesn t want to know.After inspecting the entire instant noodle workshop, Li Guohao also went to the place next door to make quick frozen dumplings, where he also met the previous talent who improved the refrigerator, Wang Hongshen.The man was in his thirties, with a scruffy beard, and his clothes were covered best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla best cbd gummies for pain control with black motor oil.When he saw Li Guohao, he also acted extremely nervous.Do it well, as long as you change the refrigerator to be better and faster, your reward will not be less Li Guohao said with a smile.Perhaps because he felt that his efforts had been recognized by the chairman, and that new york cbd gummies low such a small person as himself could catch the other party s eyes, Wang Hongshen also nodded excitedly and said, Yes I promise to complete the task environment and work.

Haha It s all small things, if you want to, just buy me a drink next time.Shen Bi also said with a smile.Perhaps because he stayed in Xiangjiang for a long time, he best thc cbd gummies was influenced by the unique human relations of the Chinese.Unlike some old fashioned British people, Shen Bi did not abide by the spirit of contract.This matter is a big deal for Shen Bi.He would like to see Li Guohao being able to sell Li Guohao s favor for such a small matter.Definitely, definitely Chapter 239 A few days after Haozai was not on errand.In the presidential suite of Xiangjiang Lijin Hotel.A dozen burly young people are looking around.The Lijin Hotel can be said to be the most luxurious except the Peninsula Hotel It is one of the hotels, this large box of almost two thousand feet two hundred square meters , the surrounding decoration and furniture are the most high end, even the small light bulbs on the ceiling exude a luxurious light.

So go straight to the highest price, one cbd oil gummies hemp bombs million Hong Kong dollars cbd gummies how to make We must know that one million Hong Kong dollars can buy seven or eight 100 square meter houses in Hong Kong today, and can support a family without going to work for more than ten years.100 million, or more Generally, if something special happens, at most a decoction fee will be given, plus a little extra high bonus.And this one million amount is basically hard money.As soon as I heard that Li Guohao offered the highest price is one million Hong Kong dollars Everyone was shocked Even Chief Zhou was full of astonishment.He never expected that Mr.Li would take his own safety so seriously, and directly gave him a high bonus of one million yuan.On the other hand, Shen Bi didn t show much expression.One million sounds nice, but it s actually just adverse reactions to cbd gummies a empty promise, and it seems that a price of one million has been paid, which is really money for one s life.

The company will work with the base.Li Guohao didn t know anything about security, and the headhunting company only recommended a security manager who had worked in a large foreign group company.The security manager was only in charge of the company s infrastructure, such as personnel management, salary distribution, etc., and he didn t know much about private security.Fortunately, most of these recruited police elites have been trained in how to protect hostages.Although they are still very different from private bodyguards, a group of people set industry standards and basic conditions for private bodyguards in the new company office.Yes.Chen Sheng nodded.The contact these few days is also a way for Li Guohao to get to know this group of new bodyguards.Chen Sheng is the same as the file, he is a taciturn person, and he will try not to speak if he can.

After all, he came from the old verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies society.In the early years, he was also a relative of the landlord class in the interior, so he naturally had servants under him.On the contrary, when Aunt Zhang called her Young Mistress, Zhao Yazhi s cheeks flushed immediately, she nodded subconsciously at a loss, she looked very cute.Chapter 244 Shocking Xiangjiang 1 At this time, Chen Sheng and Yu Weicheng walked over, Boss, let s go over and take a look at the surrounding environment first, so as to understand the loopholes that can sneak in here.Take a look, no matter you want to see the villa, you should also check some places outside the villa wall, and mark some places that are easier to sneak into.Li Guohao nodded, he brought two bodyguards this time, and he also wanted to The other party took care of the security of the villa.

When Brother Qiang heard that the boy surnamed Li was now in Pok Fu Lam, a sparsely populated area, he also understood that his opportunity had come Wake up everyone quickly Take all the guys It s time to make a big deal Brother Qiang showed a fierce look, and his inverted triangle eyes were like hungry wolves, as if to devour people s hearts.Yes two hours later.Li Guohao looked at the watch on his left wrist, saw that it was almost eleven o clock, and the company still had some matters to deal with, so he said to Zhao Yazhi, I still have some things to deal with in Ah Zhi s company, will you come with me Zhao Yazhi thought for a while, glanced at Annie who was sleeping soundly, shook her head and said, Go back to the company first, I will go back in Valerie s car at night.That s good.Li Guohao turned around and walked out of the house go.

Soon, the two cars separated.Although Rolls Royce is commonly known as a classic car, this car is by no means comparable to ordinary cars in terms of performance and speed, let alone the obviously dilapidated white van behind.Seeing the distance between the two cars, Li Guohao also heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that he could avoid this crisis.After all, the car speeds up, and as long as you pass this Pok Fu Lam Road, you will go 20mg cbd gummies effect straight to Kowloon, and the flow of people will gradually increase.With more, the other party should not be so blatant.But Chen Sheng didn t think so.The car behind was coming, but he was afraid that someone would intercept him.When he came in the morning, Chen Sheng remembered this road very clearly.It took about an hour to drive to the city.There was hardly any other traffic passing by, and at the beginning there was a construction crew, repairing the road, where only one car was allowed to pass.

He didn t mention his own food company at the beginning, but focused on the palace pastry.Now there are food factories in Xiangjiang, but there are not many, and most of them are small workshop companies, and they make very little food.Available in major supermarkets.Guohao Foods is different.Not only does it have business in major supermarkets, but because of Zhang Nana, it sold the first batch of baked goods to the United States the day before yesterday.Although the profit is not as good as in Xiangjiang, it is also a good start.Now the food company has planned to cooperate with salesmen in Wanwan and the island country to expand the company s business there.Following Li Qiang and Huang Yaohua s speeches, the emotions of the subordinates were gradually aroused, and everyone spoke freely.Facing everyone s speeches, Li Guohao didn t open his mouth to encourage or refute.

Take some photos from afar.Sorry, the meeting may take a long time, you two should go back first The lady at the front desk still looked at the two reporters with a smile.Excuse me When the female reporter was about to continue pleading, the male reporter next to her also smiled at the young lady at the front desk and said Then can I trouble you to inform Mr.Li, so that the reporter Chen of the newspaper Look for him.This The young lady at the front desk hesitated for a moment, she couldn t tell whether the other party s reporting of her name had something to do with the chairman, if she was the one who was finally punished for delaying things.After hesitating best thc cbd gummies ignite cbd gummies for a long time, the lady at the front desk also cornbread full spectrum cbd gummies nodded and said, Then let me ask for you. an hour later.Chairman s meeting room.I m sorry that Reporter Chen was a little busy in the meeting before.

After all, people die for money and birds die for food.No one wants to not get the reward they deserve for what they have done.What s the matter Now Li Guohao s bodyguards have increased to eight people.In addition to his main car, he is also divided into two cars, a total of three cars.It s such a boss.Zhang Bowen explained Because of the previous incident, the police station is also the Flying Tigers.Oh, this is the name of the special mission company in the newspaper.I think it s good, so let s call it that.I know, you continue.Then Chief Zhou also stepped up the selection process.Yesterday, a hundred members of the official Flying Tigers were confirmed.Just now, Chief Zhou called me and said that there are about two More than a hundred people will be eliminated.Chief Zhou also asked them if they would like to work in the security company, and almost a hundred people are willing to come.

The Zheng family s real estate company, New Century Real Estate, was founded by Zheng Yutong in 1970.It was successfully listed last year on the back of the stock market boom, but it never expected that the stock price would plummet all the way due to the stock market crash within half a year after it went public.In order albanese gummies cbd to save the stock price, Zheng Jiachun also racked his brains to find a way, and best thc cbd gummies finally discussed with the company s executives to spend a lot of money to build a five star hotel in Xiangjiang New Century Hotel The land of this hotel is in Tsim Sha Tsui.It was purchased by the Zheng family in 1971.It cost almost hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars at that time, and the area is 500 square cbd gummy pucks meters larger than best thc cbd gummies ignite cbd gummies the best thc cbd gummies 6,000 square meters of The Peninsula Hotel.If it is built, it will almost belong to the largest large hotel in Xiangjiang.

Fifty or sixty people came in one after another.Except for a dozen journalists from various countries, the rest were basically contestants or some staff members of the competition.According to the number of participants, there are almost 300 people, but there are only more than 30 teams in total, and many of those people are assistants who came to help.Puff The microphone sounded.Very The audience quickly quieted down.The host who was invited by the contest party also came to the stage to try the microphone and said Okay.The pastry event of the 12th International Skills Olympics officially came to an end yesterday, and our staff spent the night last night strictly counting the votes of all contestants.After finishing speaking, the host waved the card in his hand and said What I hold in my hand is the award best thc cbd gummies winner of this year s pastry making project.

You don t have to worry about this.The group has already planned to build a new food factory.It has already bought a large amount of land in the New Territories.At that time, it will be a big deal to rent a factory for temporary use.Then there is no problem.Li Zhengfeng nodded.How about the instant noodles I have already ordered a water machine from the island country, and best thc cbd gummies ignite cbd gummies I will probably return tomorrow.I am not worried about the problem of making noodle cakes, but the people under me are not very familiar with them in terms of taste.Understood.You don t have to worry about this, I will get the flavor of instant noodles myself.Li Guohao has eaten countless flavors of instant noodles, and there are many secret recipes for sauces in the ancestral cookbook, and there is almost no difficulty in instant noodle seasoning packets , but it also needs to be improved according to the taste of Xiangjiang people.

What s the matter brother in law Chen Hui also went down the donkey along the slope and called gummy cbd tincture review out brother in law.When Li Guohao heard his brother cbd living gummies sour in law address, Li Guohao s heart trembled.The address basically didn t mention anything, and he said, You should call me Ah Hao.I m not used to brother in law.Okay, Ah Hao.Chen Hui also said Not used to calling brother in law.Looking at the business card you sent me earlier, you seem to how much cbd oil is in gummy bears be working in New Century Real Estate As soon as Li Guohao said this, the Zhao family in the venue immediately became quiet.Li s mother, Li s father and grandpa wondered why the in laws didn t talk anymore.Yes Chen Hui was also a little excited, and stammered.Although he works in New Century Real Estate, he is just an ordinary manager, and his monthly salary is only a few thousand yuan.

The citizens standing not far away watching the excitement also started chatting one after another.A pair of young and Dangerous people also chatted, and one of them, Feizi with green hair, smiled and said Oh, I didn t expect this Li Guohao to come to visit Brother Long, it seems that Brother Long still has a lot of face The yellow haired Feizi glanced at Li Guohao in displeasure, and said, A bad man has a good life do cbd gummies give you the munchies best thc cbd gummies I heard that Li Guohao is several years younger than us, and his family only runs a tea restaurant.How can he become a billionaire Millionaire, but we are still pony boys You are stupid, didn t you read the newspaper a few days ago The newspaper said that this become a seller for cbd gummies Li Guohao knew a master, and that master helped Li Guohao choose several Otherwise, how can an ordinary person develop so quickly in two years Huang Maofei s eyes lit up and asked, Do you know where the master is Lu Maofei He rolled his eyes at Huang Maofeizai and said, I don t know, and it wasn t mentioned in the newspaper.

Li Guohao walked to the desk and put a few bottles on the cabinet behind The champagne was also brought over, and after filling the two respectively, he said with a smile, Then I wish the three of us a happy cooperation Happy cooperation Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin also raised their glasses at the same time.After taking a sip of champagne, Zheng Jiachun asked, Ahao, what s your plan Cooperate to build the Dahua Road in front into a concrete road, so that it is convenient for members to come here.At the same time, a club with at least ten floors or more will be built here, and some infrastructure such as restaurants, bowling alleys, and swimming pools will also be built.Speaking of this, Li Guohao touched his nose and said, For the time being, build these first, and I will also build an indoor shooting range later, so as to avoid the problem of being too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

He thought to himself that Jian Fu seemed to really believe in Master Dong as mentioned in the newspaper soon.Came to a lively street in Yau Ma Tei.Looking at the people best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla best cbd gummies for pain control coming and going nearby, and there is another vegetable market not far away, Jian Fu frowned and asked, Is this Master Dong here Thinking, this Master Dong actually found such a messy place, and the peculiar smell emanating from the nearby vegetable market is really unacceptable.That s right.Master is an expert, and it is more convenient to practice in this kind of place.Jian Fu s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he looked forward to meeting Master Dong even more Chen Sheng took the lead, followed by Li Guohao, Jian Fu and another bodyguard, bypassing the vegetable market and walking to will cbd gummies lower blood pressure an alley.I saw a shop on the left side of the alley, and the signboard was empty, with only the word Yuan.

Di Yimin best thc cbd gummies thought.Well, I didn t think about it.Li Guohao subconsciously ignored this matter, and quickly said Then separate the real estate department separately, and you arrange the new company as soon as possible.You don t need too many employees for the time being.You only need to recruit Just a few handymen.Yes. During the lunch break, Zhao Yazhi came to the office to find Li Guohao and went to the company restaurant for dinner.The two ordered three small dishes, found a corner seat and started eating.There are some employees of the company all around, and when they saw Li Guohao having dinner with Zhao Yazhi, they were no strangers to it.In the past, it was still a novelty that such a rich man as the chairman would eat in the company s restaurant.Later, the number of times increased, and everyone became accustomed to it.

Li Dexiao then came up with the idea of helping his son.It was also last year that he proposed the idea of making the tea restaurant bigger.It s just that Li Guohao was busy with the expansion of the pastry shop at that time, and the funds were not very sufficient, so he thought to wait for a while.Then what do you think Li Dexiao now looks like a primary school student.After receiving the teacher s praise, he hopes that the teacher will give him a certain reward.Seeing his bearded father, who used to be rough and mad, unexpectedly become so anxious, Li Guohao wanted to laugh, but he also understood that Li Dexiao really cared about this matter.If it was in the past, Li Guohao would have used the company s money to invest in a new company to specialize in the chain plan of tea restaurants.But now that the company is becoming formalized, the company s funds must not be used for personal purposes.

In order to commend Jian Fu s spirit of self sacrifice and saving others, the Education Department specially awarded him a trophy.By the way, his photo was published on the front page of Education Daily, so that more education practitioners Learning and learning.Following the reports of these newspapers, more and more newspapers published the news.Jian Fu made a name for himself.When the reporter interviewed Jian Fu, he asked him what force made him When you bravely rushed into the fire to rescue the child, Jian Fu almost told Master Dong at that time, knowing that this matter should not be known to more people, so he played the long winded speech that every leader is good at.Looking at the newspaper headline A photo of Jian Fu in high spirits.Li Guohao couldn t help laughing, thinking that this kid Jian Fu was in the limelight for a while.

Later, I learned that I was actually allergic to some ingredients of painkillers, and when I was in the intensive care unit, I had obvious allergic symptoms during the painkiller injections.If the doctor didn t handle it quickly, I m afraid I would have died.The speed of the allergies surprised the doctors.It was also because of this incident that Bruce Lee regarded Li Guohao as his savior.After all, after taking the painkillers, it would take at least an hour or two until the ambulance arrived.will die Brother Xiaolong was joking, I think you look pretty good.Li Guohao didn t take that matter to heart all the time, but judging by Li Xiaolong s appearance, he was obsessed with it.It s okay.After returning to the United States, I went to several hospitals for physical examination.They said that my body is fine, but it seems that I can t be too tired.

Bruce Lee shook his head , while standing up, he was not tall, he only reached the neck of the strong white man, looked up at the man, and said lightly No, I just don t want to fight karate.Because I have already defeated There are many karate champions, in my opinion, there is not much difference between you, and it is not worth me to fight again.Li Guohao, who was sitting on the side, listened to Bruce Lee chatting with white people in English, but he didn t understand very well, so he asked where he was standing.Ajie in front.Among the three, Ajie s English is the best, followed by Aming, Chen Sheng s words are the same verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies as his own, his eyes are darkened.After hearing Ajie s translation of the conversation between the two, Li Guohao glanced sideways at Bruce Lee.Thinking of the other party s tone and actions just now, I couldn t help being fascinated, especially the sentence I have defeated many karate champions, you are not worthy of me.

Well Let s all sit down and talk.After Li Guohao waved his hand for everyone to sit down, he said again This time I will go to the United States to handle the business over there.This matter is troublesome to everyone.It should be The chairman is joking.It s all a matter of duty.Everyone said that this is completely what they should do.Okay, let s all sit down first.Let s report on the performance and development of the past one and a half months, starting with Manager Li Qiang.Li Guohao took the lead in naming Li Qiang, because the palace pastry company was his first company, and at the same time It is also do cbd gummies give you the munchies best thc cbd gummies a company in which he does not control all the shares.When Li Qiang was called, he also nodded, and handed over the document in his hand to the recorder in the conference room, asking him to hand it over to Li Guohao.

Go back Feng Yongfa next to .

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him also persuaded A Jiang, listen to your brother.yes.Guo Bingjiang was furious in his heart, but in the face of his eldest brother and Feng Yongfa s persuasion, he could only nod in humiliation, turned and left, and walked towards the door.Seeing his younger brother leaving, Guo Bingxiang suppressed the anger in his heart.Apologetically, he said to Li Guohao I m sorry Li Sheng, my little brother is usually spoiled and spoiled.fine.Li Guohao shook his head slightly.Zheng Jiachun on the side also said calmly at this time Okay, let s go to have a meeting over there, Bao Daheng s birthday party will start soon.Guo Bingxiang didn t follow Zheng Jiachun, but turned out of the villa and went to find his younger brother Guo Bingjiang.He wanted to ask why Guo Bingjiang said those words just now Half an hour later, at 6 30, Bao Daheng s birthday banquet officially started.

Li Sheng As soon as he arrived at the living room on the first floor, he heard a voice behind him.Turning around, it turned out to be Feng Yongfa whom I just met before Mr.Feng Sheng Li went there just now, so I ll be easy to find.Feng Yongfa walked over with a smile and said.Oh, I best thc cbd gummies just went to the bathroom.Li Guohao casually found a reason, and then asked Mr.Feng wants to ask me something I want to ask Li Sheng about something small, but does Li Sheng have time Oh Please tell me, Mr.Feng.Li Guohao recalled Zheng Jiachun s introduction just now, and Feng Yongfa in front of him seemed to work for some kind of Sun Hung Kai Securities Company Could it be that he wants to ask himself about things in the United States It s not convenient to talk here, why don t I visit Li Sheng s company tomorrow Feng Yong asked with a smile.

There are two reasons verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies for finding Li Guohao.One is that Li Guohao s main business is not in finance, which guarantees the Feng family s position as the owner of the securities company.The second is that Li Guohao is rich, but his development is too fast and his contacts are insufficient.The Feng family has been in the Xiangjiang business circle for decades, so they can provide some necessary help.All in all, it is mutually beneficial.Yes Li Guohao pondered for a moment.He has a general idea of the future development of Sun best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla Hung Kai Securities, and the stock market in Xiangjiang will get better and better in the future.It is also good for him to invest in a securities company in advance.Chapter 315 In the blink of an eye, more than a month has passed in the blink of an eye.From 1974, there are only a few days left.

Cai came to see you just now, and I arranged for him to wait for you in the reception room.Mr.Cai Li Guohao was taken aback, thought of Cai Lan, and asked again Is he alone It seems that verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies there is also a gentleman named Xu.You first arrange for someone to go over to make a cup of tea for Mr.Cai and the others, and I will go there right away. yes.After the secretary Xiao Liu left, Li Guohao said to Di Yimin, Have you written down best thc cbd gummies the important points I mentioned just now this Di Yimin looked embarrassed.Forget it, isn t there a recorder You will revise the group culture and group core values I mentioned later, and print them out after perfecting them to ensure that every group employee understands them.These must be included in the scope of our employee promotion assessment.Yes, I will arrange it.

He leaned into the microphone and said This year is a sad year, and at the same time, it is also a lost year.At the beginning of this year, the Hong Kong stock market plummeted, and many old friends I knew went bankrupt and had nothing Liang Zhixun clenched his fists excitedly when he said this Waving around in the void, he said again I only know a little about stocks.I used to buy Wanguo with my friends when I was in old Shanghai.Doubled the return Unexpectedly, it really made money But since then, I have never best thc cbd gummies bought anything similar or related to stocks, because I know that this kind of thing is the ignorant and poor people best thc cbd gummies who let them use their hard earned money to raise the so called stock price.After Liang Zhixun finished speaking, some people in the conference room nodded in agreement, while others scoffed.

In addition to reporting on the development of this year s meeting, the annual manufacturer conference is to provide a platform for many members to communicate.The original intention best thc cbd gummies and foundation of the establishment of the association.After the meeting, Chen Jiadao led several people towards Li Guohao s direction.Chen Jiadao introduced the cbd oil gummies ontario best thc cbd gummies people around him and said Li Sheng, this is Mr.Huang Zhongbo from Xiangjiang Household Appliance Manufacturing Factory, and this is Mr.Lei Hongren from Xiangjiang Machinery Manufacturing Factory After Li Guohao listened to the introduction, he shook hands with the visitors one by one to say hello.Huang Zhongbo sighed and said, Li Sheng is really a young talent.When I was your age, I was still doing odd jobs for others Yes, Li Sheng is really young and promising, much better than us old guys.

There are three floors in total.There is no distinction between levels, mainly for the sake of safety and cooking speed.There are more than 20 canteen windows on each floor, and it is estimated that 5,000 people can prepare meals within half an hour.Meal production is also done by the back kitchen of a team of more than 100 people recruited by the group.It is not outsourced to others like later generations.The main reason is that the concept of contracting canteens has not yet been established at this time.The person I recruited Li Guohao glanced at Huang Yaohua, thinking about it.When Guohao Food Factory was first established, he also wanted to start a group meal company similar to Qianxihe.However, because the supply chain has not yet been perfected, and the introduction of cbd gummies travel raw materials for meat products and vegetables has not yet been negotiated, it is temporarily abandoned.

5 6000 newspapers, increasing by a thousand every day.People on the streets of Xiangjiang are also talking about Li Guohao.If you want to talk about the old rich in Xiangjiang, everyone can count seven or eight, such as Kadoorie, Bao Daheng, and Huo Daheng , He Daheng, Li Jia, etc.There are too many.But these old fashioned rich people are almost all the wealth and fame that have been accumulated for decades or even hundreds of years.And Li Guohao, this young man who is only 21 years old and 22 years old , in just a few years, he not only became a new billionaire in Hong Kong, but also a celebrity well known to the public Even in the past, some newspapers reported on the content of Li Guohao s family situation.Few people knew about the things after he developed, and they didn t report them.Therefore, this interview with Daily Daily has become people s expectations.

After speaking, he took out a set of fragrant flower.What is fragrant flower It is 12 sticks of long incense, four strings of flowers, one candle, and a glass bottle filled with water.Tour guide Zheng said This is something necessary for worshiping the Erawan Buddha.Then why didn t those people get it just now Li Guohao was taken aback, and looked around the statue of the Erawan Buddha.At first, I thought it was made by people from the temple, but I didn t expect it to be placed by people praying for blessings.The local people have already worshiped during the Spring Festival, and everything that needs to be done has been done.They can only worship once a year.As for other tourists, they have no reminder from the tour guide, so it is difficult to understand.Tour guide Zheng interviewed Show proudly.

Xu.Buy the formula Xu Guangbiao shook his head and said, Impossible, I can t sell the formula.One million baht Li Guohao directly offered a number that Xu Guangbiao could hardly refuse.Although one million baht is only 50,000 US dollars, it is not a small sum in Thailand at this time.When Xu Guangbiao heard about one million baht, his eyes were fixed.His water only sold for ten baht per catty, and he couldn t make much money.The million won t be earned until the year of the monkey.No, it s impossible for me to sell this formula.Xu Guangbiao gritted his teeth and rejected the temptation again.He has been running and selling various medicines in the market since he was a child, so he naturally has a little ability best thc cbd gummies to read people.Seeing that Li Guohao was willing to buy the formula with one million baht at this moment, he knew in his heart that this formula might be very valuable in the other party s heart.

Unexpectedly, watching Li Guohao turn and go farther and farther, gradually disappearing in front of his eyes, this made him Xu Guangbiao understood that the other party really didn t want to talk about it.In fact, the value of Red Bull has been shown in later generations, but Li Guohao is the only one who really knows its value People in this era still don t know the future value of Red Bull, just like Buying an antique is the same as finding a leak.You have good eyesight to pick up an antique.You can t foolishly say to the owner Hey, your treasure is worth a lot, at least 100 million, so let me buy it for 10,000 yuan.Maybe I gave you a slap on the spot, and you said it was worth 100 million yuan, but you only gave it 10,000 yuan, so the devil would sell it to you.Why Xu Guangbiao insisted on partnering with Li Guohao is because he can see that the other party is eager to buy the formula.

Then I ll go out and buy some morning tea first Yeah.After Chen Sheng went out, Li Guohao thought about the reason why the food was removed from the shelves.Since the opening of the food factory last year, it has signed contracts with all the supermarkets in Xiangjiang.The food produced by the company is also selling very well.Soon, Chen Sheng brought the rice rolls and pineapple buns he bought and put them on the desk.The boss bought it earlier.Seeing that the boss was still there in a daze, Chen Sheng shouted.Oh.After seeing the breakfast, Li Guohao also felt cbd oil gummies for back pain best thc cbd gummies a little hungry.When he opened the packaging bag and was about to eat, he suddenly thought of something and asked, When can Ajie and Amin arrive in Xiangjiang Noon Right.Chen Sheng pondered for a while and said They are taking a boat, and they will not be able to wellbeing lab cbd gummies return until noon at least.

But you must call me.Naturally Li Guohao said with a light smile, No one can call, Chaoying, Brother Zheng, and I must be there.Have you decided to hold a banquet there Not yet.Zheng Jiachun smiled and said, Why don t we just do it at the New Century Hotel Oh perfect stache cbd gummies It s already built Li Guohao was taken aback.The construction of the New World Hotel started last year, so there are few such large scale hotels It is said that it will take a year or two, but it has been built in just over half a year Well, we are already finishing the finishing work of the interior decoration.When the hotel opens and you, a rich man, get married, our hotel s reputation will surely catch up with the peninsula Hahaha With the help of Li Guohao s current fame, the hotel s popularity will increase.Zheng Jiachun laughed happily just thinking about it.

I don t know if Professor Huo knows about Chinese restaurant syndrome The chairman is asking this As soon as Li Guohao mentioned Chinese restaurant syndrome, Huo Zheng said with a smile I also know about this.technology department.Professor Huo, I m sorry to bother you even though do cbd gummies give you the munchies best thc cbd gummies I m off work soon.Li Guohao apologized.Although Professor Huo is working under Li Guohao, he is still a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Xiangjiang University, so he does not completely follow Li Guohao s face.It s verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies nothing, I just have something to do, I m going to work overtime today and go back.Huo Zheng smiled and asked, Chairman, who are you looking for Do you know MSG MSG Do you know what s the matter Have you ever studied MSG, and whether it is harmful to the human body Huo kushly cbd gummies cost Zheng wondered, Why did the chairman ask about MSG I don t best thc cbd gummies ignite cbd gummies know if Professor Huo knows about MSG.

Bruce Lee smiled and rubbed the back of his son s head.Okay, we have to rush home and have things to deal with.As soon as they said they left, several people stood up with smiles and prepared to leave the restaurant.Zheng Jinghan at the other end couldn t help but said Brother Shiyi and the others are leaving soon, don t you go up and say hello No, I don t know him well, so it s not good to go forward rashly.I d better wait a few days and ask someone to say hello verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies to Li Guohao first.He Zuozhi shook his head Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi packed their luggage at the hotel, and then set off to go home first.Go back to the villa and save it.In the car.Where s your ring Li Guohao grabbed Zhao Yazhi s hand, suddenly thought of the pink diamond, glanced at the beauty s slender fingers and asked.Zhao Yazhi gave him a white look and said How can I keep wearing it so heavy In the bag, I have already put away a set of jewelry, and I will put it in the safe when I get home.

Who would have thought that the old I can still live here.Zhao s father smiled and said nothing, why didn t he think of living on the top of Taiping Mountain when he was young On the other hand, grandfather Li Renzhong didn t care about these things, he kept looking at the surroundings of the villa, and couldn t stop nodding his head in applause.That night, the family didn t even leave with Zhao s father and Zhao s mother, but directly lived in the new villa.Anyway, the furniture and bedding were brand new.Chapter 546 Two days after the wind and rain.The Voice of Xiangjiang has been publicized for half a month, and almost everyone knows it, especially the stage that only cares about sound mentioned in the advertisement, which has excited countless ordinary people who love music.A brand new singing competition mode, with four singers at the level of Xiangjiang s music industry as mentors, and best thc cbd gummies the best sound equipment in Xiangjiang, the popularity is no less than when Miss Xiangjiang first started a few years ago.

Yes.After hearing the news, everyone sat down obediently.Seeing this, Xu Guanwen immediately took a step forward, came to Xu Guanjie s side, glanced at the beautiful Miss Lin beside him, and said to Xu Guanjie, Ajie, sit in the back.When Xu Guanjie was about to say something, he uly cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla saw his elder brother wink, and he understood immediately.He felt depressed, so he could only stand up and say, Yes.After the people left, Xu Guanwen respectfully led Li Guohao to sit beside the beautiful Miss Lin, and himself sat next to the chairman.Chairman, do you want to start now Li Guohao glanced at Brigitte Lin, then at Xu Guanwen, and couldn t help chuckling in his heart.This Xu Guanwen is also true, but he has already sat down, so it s hard to stand up again , then nodded and said Well, let s start.Seeing this, Xu Guanjie immediately shouted to the projectionist behind him Aya is showing the movie.

Oh.Bao Daheng didn t get too entangled in this matter, and instead sighed sadly I don t know why President Liang asked us to come this time.It s not that Has the itinerary changed It s because the itinerary has changed, and I don t know if the date has been changed, or I won t go.Bao Daheng was worried.He finally made up his mind to visit the mainland after Li Guohao s complaints and President Liang s strong invitation, but he came temporarily.There was a change in the itinerary, so I was naturally very paranoid.this Li Guohao didn t know why Chairman Liang called the two of them to come to the party this time, so it was difficult to say anything.Boom.At this time, someone knocked on the door of the box.After Li Guohao and Bao Daheng exchanged a glance, he passed the door and shouted Come best thc cbd gummies in.

The girls in the room were chatting about how beautiful the dress was.After a long time, when Wu Xiaohua walked out of the fitting room wearing a set of the most popular sweater coat, Li Guobang almost lost his eyes.At this time, Wu Xiaohua not only took off her somewhat rustic ponytail and let it loose, but Zhong Chuhong put on a light makeup to cover the dark skin on her face due to long term farm work.He looked like a fashionable Xiangjiang person.Chapter 698 Contract expires, new cooperation In the eyes of many people, the new year is considered to be over only after the eighth day of the new year, but in the eyes of many office workers, after the third day of the new year, it is the end of the new year, and they will go to work on the fourth day.At this time, uly cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla inside Guohao Building.Second brother, this is your office, it s so big When Li Guobang followed Li Guohao to the office, he looked left and right, and when he came to the floor to ceiling windows, he looked at the height of hundreds of meters below, and suddenly went to the office in horror.

Li Guohao nodded with a smile.After getting the correct answer, Ni Xingqing s face was full of horror.He never expected that the do cbd gummies give you the munchies best thc cbd gummies chairman could see so far, and he could see the clue from last month.If Ni Xingqing was only terrified, then Qi Boheng was terrified.Since the end of the 1980s, the chairman had told him not to invest in any real estate in Xiangjiang.After what Li Guohao said just now, I best thc cbd gummies was extremely afraid after careful consideration.Did the chairman predict that Xiangjiang Real Estate would collapse from the year before last Di Yimin raised the frame of his eyes and quickly collected memories of the Florida bubble economy in his mind.After a long time, he said The real estate bubble in Florida was the first real estate bubble crisis in the world in 1926.In 1925, the real estate transaction volume in Miami, USA shrank from more than a billion dollars in 1925 to 100 to 200 million dollars in 1926.

He has always regarded the Carrian Group as something in his pocket.Now that he is bankrupt, wouldn t it mean that all his previous plans have been miscalculated.Now all the agents, how long for cbd gummies real estate developers, and ordinary citizens in Xiangjiang are selling real estate or real estate, and no one is buying at this time.Therefore, when Ni Xingqing took the 500 million in cash and excitedly went to the Carnian Bankruptcy Auction to make a big purchase, he quickly does eagle hemp cbd gummies really work obtained the property rights of many high end residential buildings.Because Li Guohao only ordered to buy villas and residential buildings, he didn t say where to buy them, and how much to buy.So Ni Xingqing is also based on the idea of making money, and tries his best to buy in Haoshikou and good locations.In just two days, the 500 million was spent in an instant.

08 billion yuan.The debt ratio has reached an astonishing 63., became the largest debt company in Hong Kong, and was dubbed the Debt King by the media and the public.Except for the people of Hongkong Real Estate who are relieved.The people of the Hang Lung Group, they really breathed a sigh of relief, although last year because of the people from the Lands Department and the government behind the scenes.Let it pay the land premium of 1.82 billion yuan before September 28, and drag it around until December.After all, it was because of the total collapse best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla best cbd gummies for pain control of the property market in Xiangjiang.Facing the sky high price of 1.82 billion yuan, the people of Hang Lung had no choice but to give best thc cbd gummies up.For no reason, the 400 million deposit and the qualification for the subsequent development of the subway station have been lost.

After repeated discussions, it was finally proposed that the Hong Kong Xinhua News Agency branch, through the British Hong Kong uly cbd gummies reviews best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla government, invite senior officials from Hong Kong, members of the two councils, and celebrities from the business community to form a Hong Kong political and verma farms cbd gummies best thc cbd gummies business delegation to Beijing to participate in the National Day military parade.In the process of organizing the group, considering that the British have always used Xiangjiang democracy to respond to the return of Xiangjiang, the mainland also expanded the scope of invitations, trying to make the delegation include representatives from all aspects of Hong Kong society, so that more people can participate in the ceremony.The general public believes in the mainland s one country, two systems, unchanged for 50 years statement about Hong Kong.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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