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The search team began to set off along the west, but along the way, Elena still didn t believe it at all, what would happen to the intelligence of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff Department Error.That s it.When he reached a forest in the west, Sergeant Hall, who was very familiar with the surrounding terrain, stopped There is only one place where the enemy can pass It s also a good place to ambush.Wang Weiyi looked at the terrain Sergeant Hall, you take half of the people there, and I will lead the rest to ambush here.Wait for my signal.Yes, Lieutenant.Sergeant Hall has never had any compromises in executing orders.Twenty people hid separately, and Adolf Hitler and Wang Weiyi were divided into one group.It can be seen that Hitler was a little nervous, which made Ellie on the side Na was a little disdainful.Even Wang Weiyi s heart jumped up popping.Could it be that his fantasy is really going to come true William II slowed down his tone From now on, Alexon Manor is your fief.Although a manor is completely different from a fief, you can only keep things simple during the war.When we win, I will definitely I will help you find a fief.Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm, are you willing to accept this manor Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm William II actually canonized a commoner title There was a whisper among the guests.It was so surprising.How many years has Germany not conferred a commoner title This is unimaginable in Germany with strict hierarchy What does it mean to be canonized as a knight and become a noble This means that from now on, Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm will enjoy all the rights of a nobleman, even if he is promoted in the army, even if his military exploits are not great, the speed will be far greater than his colleagues There are too many benefits that are hard to explain at once Wang Weiyi was also a little dazed.Rainy season Guderian looked over his head Yes, the rainy season is coming soon, but at least There is still half a month to go, and I think we can win in this half a month.What if the rainy season comes earlier Wang Weiyi suddenly asked.Guderian was startled, then looked at the sky involuntarily.can you It has been several years that the rainy season has come according to the normal time.Could it be earlier this time Forget it, let s not talk about this, William.Wang Weiyi smiled Whether God helps us or not, the battle must continue.Once the battle biogold cbd gummies reviews breaks out, I will take the third company as a commando.Call all the officers of the supplementary battalion above sergeant level.After a while, all the officers of the supplementary battalion arrived at the temporary battalion headquarters.Wang Weiyi briefly introduced the order received, and then asked Guderian to hang up the map Gentlemen, this time in front of us is not the British, but the French.There is still no trace of Crown Prince William at all, and every second the time delays, the possibility of finding the Crown Prince will decrease a little.Captain, we found an enemy ahead.Guderian s report made everyone alert, Wang Weiyi immediately made a gesture, and the six members of the first search team quickly dispersed.Three British soldiers came over.They never thought that the Germans would enter the area under their control.The British kept talking excitedly there, speaking very fast, and the distance was a little far away, so they couldn t hear what they were saying.Wang Weiyi gave a thumbs up, gestured at the mouth of the throat, and then raised his index finger. Kill all but one The British gradually approached Suddenly, several figures jumped out of the hiding place, and before the British had time to react, the two British soldiers had already fallen into a pool of blood.It is hard to imagine that the future famous German general actually became a good friend with a Chinese laborer.Yesterday, the spider raised doubts, and many brothers best cbd gummies for fibromyalgia answered the spider.I am really grateful.I can t think about it for the time being.I went to the ancestral grave to burn paper this morning.I will update one chapter first, and then update two chapters after returning home.Thanks again to all brothers PS It s useless to say thank you, hehe.Tomorrow, I will update the fourth chapter to show the spider s thanks.Ninety two.Promise me that the sun just showed its head, and then disappeared in the sky.The annoying rain started to fall again.Such a rainy season is a curse, the roads are muddy and difficult, and it is impossible to launch an attack.But to a certain extent, it also made the soldiers safer to a great extent.This area is called the Danzig Corridor.And here is the place where Erwin Rommel got married.Wang Weiyi this A group of people didn t want to be too ostentatious.When they entered Danzig, no one could recognize them.They didn t want to spoil the joy of Rommel s reunion with his fianc e, so they all cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website consciously found a hotel to stay in.Wait until Rommel After I finished enjoying the sweetness with my fianc e Lucy, let s hold a wedding for them.There are a lot of Russians in this city, some of them escaped from Russia.The situation in Russia is not very good.In the World War, the performance of the Russian army was very poor most of the time.They were using the flesh and blood of countless Russian soldiers to resist the wave after wave of attacks of the German army.But no matter how many people died, it would not help.Then we also noticed it, and warned Fandis in time, but what we never expected was that you rescued people so quickly, leaving us with no time to reactNow I finally know why the Skeleton Baron is so scary Wang Weiyi put down his cup Now Are 500 mg cbd gummy biogold cbd gummies reviews you going to kill me No, no, I m not that stupid.If I want to kill the skeleton baron, maybe I will die first.What s more, this is the territory of the Germans Samokski waved his hand Since the Skeleton Baron cannot be defeated, it is better to have one more friend than to give us one more enemy Friends A Russian actually talked to himself about these two people Wang Weiyi smiled lightly and said nothing.Let s talk about the super spy.Shamoksky finally brought the words to the point This is a very terrible spy.Do you know the war between Russia and Japan in Lushun, China Baron Alexon Of course Wang Weiyi knows that two shameless countries are engaged in a war for interests on the territory of another country.You must know that in the minds of these Russians, Germany is full of gold.As long as you can reach Germany smoothly, you will no longer have to worry about best cbd gummies for stomach pain biogold cbd gummies reviews salary in the future.In Kasmidov s supply base, in addition to the winter supplies, the members of the Skeleton Commando also found a large amount of explosives.These are all good things, enough to blow up this supply base to the sky.Not much fuel was found, but enough for three biogold cbd gummies reviews tanks to drive back to Germany Explosives were installed at vital points, and long fuses were pulled out.Mr.Officer, are you going to blow up this place Anna asked with some fear.Yes, Anna.Wang Weiyi nodded We are going to will cbd gummies help with weight loss blow up here He said, he took out two gold coins from his pocket Thank you for leading us, these meager little I hope you can accept this gift Mr.

General moves around, please kill him.Hitler clicked hard Nodding The three got on the truck, and Wang Weiyi held the steering wheel with his hands General, you are my prisoner now, are you ready I m leaving here General Boris smiled bitterly These bold Germans, they really can do anything Elena, Are you still here Manstein and Rommel came to Elena s side Go back, maybe maybe Ernst has been No, no Yes, he will come back.Elena interrupted him and replied with absolute certainty He is so brave that no enemy can catch him Manstein and Rommel uttered a cry at the same time.Sigh Surrounded by so many enemies, the possibility of survival is too small.It is difficult for Ernst to create a second miracle of the Somme.He won t die At this time, a voice in German with a bad pronunciation came from the side, and several people looked there together.War is a job for each of them Unlike in a factory, the only criterion for this job is How many enemies have you killed on the battlefield There is no need for lazy people here, let alone cowardly people.What it needs are brave people who regard their lives as worthless like the enemy.The god of death is supervising the battle on Ci Nuoxi s position.He has to see with his own eyes how brave his forward troops are, so that he can have countless more driven people in hell The battlefield belongs to the exclusive territory of the god of death, and no one can take it away from him The terrible roar, issued from the mouth of the god of death, blood mist rises again on the battlefield, people who occasionally look up , you can often see an illusion a shadow waving a sickle, laughing ferociously, walking through the blood mist A life is disillusioned here, they can t go to heaven, heaven s The door has been completely closed to them.But Major General Laurent didn t know where the Germans got so many weapons and ammunition.That was sent to them by the Italians.I don t know what kind of impression Major General Laurent will make after learning the news seven, eight, or nine times Wang Weiyi can t remember how many times he led the German soldiers to repel the enemy s attack.Although casualties began to appear here, the position is still firmly in my hands The British finally lost their patience to attack.Maybe they began to feel that with their own strength, it is impossible to capture Udine today anyway.The battlefield became quiet, but there was a strong smell of blood in the air.Lieutenant Colonel Stino appeared on the battlefield.This former enemy has now become the most dedicated doctor.He was assisting German military doctors, treating wounded German soldiers.Discussed the meaning of war.None of us were beaten, abused, he just made us lay down our arms.Ah, is there such a German officer What s his name I think I think Ernst yes, his name is Ernst Brehm Beasley thought for a moment Is that the famous skeleton baron Ernst Alexson von Brehm Yes, I m sure It was him.Young, well bred, easy going.To be honest, I don t think he was any danger at all.He was very brave on the battlefield, but when the battle was over, he was so respectable.You seem I respect him very much, compared to General Smith General Smith must feel uncomfortable after losing a battle this time, right Mr.Reporter, I can t comment on my officer.Beasley, come here quickly.Beasley Leigh s companion cried out.General Smith has not returned here with his 0 Infantry Division, but the all pervasive reporters came to the battlefield not long after the battle just ended.Petersburg, and decided to keep the treasure in Kazan for security reasons.No matter which statement is true, in short, a large number of treasures are waiting to be discovered in Kazan.When they arrived in Kazan, the White Guards had already launched an attack on Kazan under the command of General Kerber.The citizens of Kazan were so frightened by the rumbling gunfire that they hid in the basement and did not dare to come out.The city was controlled by the Bolshevik Red Army, which had seized power for less than a year through revolution, and two anti Bolshevik White Guard troops the Czech Legion and the subordinates of Kolchak, the main general of the White Guard at the time, led by Kerber tried to Occupy the city of Kazan.There was constant gunfire and gunfire outside the city, and the residents were wondering how long the Red Army would be able to defend.What s the matter, tell me quickly Kerber thought that there was still resistance from the Red Army in the city, so he hurriedly shouted.Maridov remained silent, and gave Kerber a wink.Kerber told everyone else to go out, and then asked, What the hell Maridoff whispered in Kerber s ear, describing what he had just discovered.Kerber s expression became tense, and his hand holding the whiskey glass became tighter and tighter.After Maridov finished speaking, Kerber s body tensed up, and it took a long time for him to relax slowly.What Maridov told him was We have found the Tsar s gold treasury in the bank vault Good God, there really is Tsarist treasure, those Bolsheviks haven t had time to ship the gold yet Send someone to protect him immediately, Lieutenant Colonel.Kerber suddenly thought of something and said hastily.A large number of enemies had already appeared on the two wings, and Monfukon was surrounded by heavy siege, and the situation was already very critical.But the order to retreat was still not issued.Steck was bandaging his own wounds, one of his arms was injured, and Bon Crayley was carefully inspecting the Mauser infantry, which had already killed many enemies.Officer Sean was there wiping the heavy machine gun, he The heavy machine gun is always the most reliable firepower on the battlefield.Si Dao took out his four knives and watched them one by one.No one spoke, everyone was silent.But once the enemy appears, they will be greeted with the fiercest firepower.General, I heard that Syndra s position has been breached.Maybe we will be attacked by the enemy later.Stark asked after glancing at General Ernst.

How big is the support.Mr.Dazuo, between countries and countries.Only profit is eternal That s very well said, Mr.Kroll.Kobayakawa Hongyi nodded and said Between countries, only interests are eternal.You can see, under the attack of the imperial army.The Chinese army has been defeated, and soon we will occupy the whole of Shanghai.Occupy Nanjing, occupy all of China You can take this information back and tell your zh ngf how stupid it is to support a national zh ngf that is about to collapse I will, Mr.Wang Weiyi suddenly thought Mr.Dazuo, I have one more thing to ask you.Now that most of Shanghai is under your control, it is very inconvenient for me to move around.Can you provide me with a special pass Elena sighed in her heart after hearing this.The Rambler is really crazy.He actually asked Ri himself to ask for a special pass.In short, everyone dispersed.Because I, Long Yin, and Li Lu wanted to report your deeds to the Propaganda Department, I temporarily No order was received.Report my deeds Wang Weiyi was taken aback for a moment.Yes Ouyang Yu became excited, and checked the time Captain, wait a minute, and you ll know what s going on soon.After waiting there for a while, the loudspeaker sounded, First, there was the customary leader s exhortation, and then, he began to introduce the epic stories of those soldiers on the Shanghai battlefield, and then finally talked about Wang Weiyi My Central Committee taught Wang Weiyi, the captain and company commander of the first battalion of the first battalion of the first regiment of the corps.Serve the country with loyalty and bravery It is a service, and kill Neikouyan Temple, the captain of the Japanese chieftain In short, the publicity is about Wang Weiyi s heroic deeds at Sanhuqiao, and Wang Weiyi feels uncomfortable when he hears it Sorrythe loudspeaker said there again Captain Wang Weiyi died for the country with his life, and his loyalty to our country Who would have thought that a person who was clearly biogold cbd gummies reviews dead would stand alive now.Swearing, molesting, whatever.But this time it was very strange, and the common people endured it silently.Some people even stretched out their sleeves and quietly wiped their eyes.Those who beat devils are all heroes Major, will they really be able to withstand it Guo Yunfeng was a little disbelieving They are facing the 6th Division, which is the elite of the devil cbd gummies symptoms s team.Elena has repeatedly warned us to be careful in the base It s gone.Before, it was inappropriate for Elena to frequently appear in the team as a German woman, so Wang Weiyi sent her back to the base so that she could better assist Xiao Ling in providing information for him.Wang Weiyi silently watched the security team leave, and then slowly said word by word They will cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website definitely be able to do it, I know To be continued.If you cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website like this work, welcome to the starting point qidian.If the military seat is gone, the 67th Army is over Wu Keren nodded, biogold cbd gummies reviews and then said with a smile Wu is a military man, but it happened to be invaded by the Japanese pirates, so he went to the army, if he can serve the country with his death, it is also a soldier s pleasure If he dies, the 67th Army is still there If I am, the revolutionary soldiers are still there If I am, the soul of our Communists is still there Wang Weiyi knew that he could say nothing more, and he saluted Wu Keren with a standard military salute Military seat, take care Take care, brother Wang Weiyi turned around and strode away from here.Wu Keren kept watching until Wang Weiyi s back disappeared from his sight.Only then did he sigh What a good army, we parted this time, and I don t know if we will see each other again.Songjiang Administrative Inspector and Security Commander Wang Gongma interjected, Mr.In order to ensure the smooth arrival of aid and ease the pressure brought by Japan s continuous protests, Germany s secret special envoy Steck decided to withdraw all German advisers on the surface after conducting emergency consultations with the national government.Not all are withdrawn.Instead, most of them were withdrawn.There are still a group of German advisers who are secretly active on the national battlefield At the cost of withdrawing the advisory group, in exchange for a large amount of arms support, this is what the government wants to see.Everything is preparing for one thing a decisive battle When the Huben Guard Battalion began to move towards Jiangyin Fortress.Their battalion commander, Major Wang Weiyi, drove to Nanjing Only Lieutenant Werner was traveling with him.He needs weapons, he needs ammunition, he needs everything that can help him.Changshu and Jiangyin are too close, and it is the most important part of the entire Jiangyin defense battle In the link, once you engage in battle, you must stop the enemy as soon as possible Yes Guo Yunfeng responded Can I use Changshu s power Yes Wang Weiyi said without any hesitation When we arrive in Changshu, You can do whatever you want, but the precondition is to stick to Kuncheng Lake and prevent the Japanese army from crossing by force.If someone stops you, you can say that this is Xue Yue s order.Yes, I understand.Guo Yunfeng nodded I Then let s go Then, he jumped into a truck and shouted to the first company that had already prepared Brothers, let s go, let s go, let s all go Hurry to Changshu, the little devil is coming soon Truck Started up and drove towards Changshu with a large number of Chinese soldiers.Han Baiyang and Captain Ma were completely dumbfounded, what kind of killing method is this Wang Weiyi let go of his hand, and the body of Ozukahara Wei slowly fell to the ground.A Japanese army captain and a Japanese army commander, the two corpses just lay on the ground like this Tie him to the chair, ah, yes , Cover his mouth.Wang Weiyi wiped his hands, and ordered the captain to dismount.Han Baiyang cheered up, tied Captain Ma tightly on the chair, tore off a piece of cloth, and covered his mouth.At this moment, Wang Weiyi and Han Baiyang took off the military uniforms worn by Mamoru Kotsukahara and Iida Yona, and put them on themselves.Tuan Zuo, can this be done Han Baiyang was a little worried.Wang Weiyi pulled out the rope from Captain Ma s sleeve, tied it to the door, and smiled back What do you think Captain Ma guessed what they were going to 400mg cbd gummies sugar free do, and his face was terrified.

The morale of the Chinese officers and soldiers was greatly boosted.While holding their positions, they even launched local counter offensives on multiple fronts.Although the effect of such a counterattack is minimal, it has greatly improved the morale that was frustrated by the failure of the Battle of Shanghai.The morale of the Japanese army seems to have been hit, especially the 13th Division.The Japanese officers were a little panicked.Since the outbreak of the Battle of Changshu, the loss of their officers has suddenly increased.This is mainly concentrated on the front cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website line of Jiangjia Village.Those elusive small groups of raiding troops sniped the advance of the Japanese army with ferocious firepower, and sniped the enemy officers with 500 mg cbd gummy biogold cbd gummies reviews snipers.This method of combat is disgusting and frustrating.Because of this, there are a large number of clothing stores, bakeries, and cafes opened by Russians on Xiafei Road, making Xiafei Road the most romantic commercial street in Shanghai.Of course, the ballroom is also essential.In the cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website public concession there is the famous Paramount Ballroom, and in the French Concession there is also the very famous Tsar Ballroom.The strange thing is that most of the people who come to the Tsar s Ballroom are French, British, Americans, or Chinese with money and status, but there are almost no Russians.It s no wonder that the Tsar s Ballroom is a very expensive place, and it s not something that those down and out Russians can afford.Although many of them were nobles before.Once a nobleman falls down, he is not as good as a pheasant.Because of this, you can often see Russian prostitutes in the French Concession However, there is also a good side.Si Dao, go and drive the car.Wang Weiyi took his last puff of cigarette and threw away the cigarette butt.He walked up to Lieutenant Colonel Beyer and squatted down Lieutenant Colonel, do you recognize me The principal shook his head in fear, he didn t even dare to look directly at the person in front of him.You should recognize me.Wang Weiyi seemed a little regretful By the way, you have to give me one hundred francs.Lieutenant Colonel Beye took out one hundred francs from his pocket tremblingly, and handed it to Wang Weiyi tremblingly.Thank you.Ah, biogold cbd gummies reviews by the way, Lieutenant Colonel, the French don t At this time.Wang Weiyi s figure flashed from the ballroom again The disaster for the French came six lapet guns, spitting out firepower crazily, three people took turns talking about the magazines, shooting in are cbd gummies ok to take turn, so that the French couldn t look up at all.If you can see His Royal Highness, please tell him, the old Captain John Laws sends him the most respectful greetings.The Germans nodded silently, and their eyes fell to the front of the sea.There, biogold cbd gummies reviews how long does 1 cbd gummy stay in your system there are their dreams.Yannick and his companions began to sing in a low voice again His eyes are black, his blood is red, his tanks are galloping, his planes are soaring.The biogold cbd gummies reviews badge made of skulls makes the enemy tremble., the banner of death makes the day no longer rose is his romance, steel is his will Ernst, Ernst, Ernst They chased their dreams, chased the footsteps of the Baron, and they never gave up on themselves dream.On the other side of the sea, they don t know what they will encounter, and they don t know whether they can realize their dreams.But they firmly believe that the skeleton baron will return to Germany sooner or later Three hundred thirty.You know, Xiao Ling was so rigid and inflexible before, but now not only can he take risks according to Wang Weiyi s wishes, but he can even offer such a powerful weapon as the Remington m7oo sniper rifle.This kind of sniper rifle is very suitable for Guo Yunfeng to use The task is set, now we will see if it can be accepted by the base Xiao Ling said at this time Pray Ten seconds, twenty secondsno response from the baseisn t it okay I have no way to make the base accept my order Wang Weiyi felt helpless Suddenly, the computer screen started to jump, and a line of words appeared The ninth phase of the Soaring Man mission is started, the mission objective to rescue the captured cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website Russian intelligence personnel.Weapon support the base self transfers to the ambush site an mp38 submachine gun a Remington One m7oo sniper rifle Mission completion time, 24 hours Two cheers came out at the same time.Before, when Wang Weiyi invited him to drink, he thought that the other party was trying to win him over, so he had already thought of various ways to deal with it.But from drinking to now, Wang Weiyi never mentioned it at all, but only asked some short things about the parents I have a wife and a daughter, who is already six years old this year As he said, he untied his military uniform, and carefully took out a photo from his shirt pocket Look, my wife Rieko and daughter Yumeko Wang Weiyi took the photo and looked at it carefully for a while, Then he gave it back What a beautiful wife, what a lovely child He stood up, opened the cabinet behind him, took out a necklace from it, and then returned to his seat Yamaguchi, this is for your daughter Yumiko This is a necklace below With a green emerald like necklace dangling, Hiroshi Yamaguchi said hurriedly No, no, I can t accept it.This is your necklace, I will give it back to you Yamaguchi Hiroshi took out the necklace from his pocket angrily.He placed it heavily on the coffee table at hand.This is a necklace used by Russian nobles.It is priceless.Captain Yamaguchi actually regards money as dung.I admire it.Admiration Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Hiroshi Yamaguchi felt dumbfounded.He really couldn t figure out which sentence the other party said was true He stared at Wang Weiyi Tell me, what do you want to do when you kidnap me this time Kill me Is it my greatest honor to be loyal to His Majesty the Emperor Hey, Yamaguchi.Look where you said, how could I kill you We are friends.Have you forgotten Wang Weiyi smiled faintly I know that some things in Changshu have caused you a lot of confusion.In fact, I can t blame it, but Sugawara Naomasa.

Xiaoling really smiled there If something appears in the sky when you attack the Ueno detachment, I will improve it.What do you think will happen best cbd gummies for stomach pain biogold cbd gummies reviews What kind of Japanese army will be broken by me.Wang Weiyi also smiled, and then he asked Little Ling, You have to tell me, why did you provide me with so much support during this crossing I don t know, and there doesn t seem to be a rule in the program that I am not allowed to do this, and I am also 500 mg cbd gummy biogold cbd gummies reviews very strange, anyway, I don t want to go now Study this, Rambler, you only have three days, issue the authorization order Randerer Authorization After Wang Weiyi completed the authorization, he thought for a moment Little Ling, can you help me connect with Hiroshi Yamaguchi I also need to write a few letters, and you have to hand them over to a few people before I leave.What I mean allergy to cbd gummy is temporary, you know better than me, like the Huben Guard brigade After all, there are not many outstanding troops in the country, and there is still a gap between the Japanese and Japanese teams in terms of combat quality.However, the ability to beat the Japanese army into such a mess is something that no country has ever thought of before.If it continues persistently, we will I believe that sooner or later the national government will win the final victory.Wang Weiyi listened carefully Has the Japanese army opened up a second battlefield Due to certain factors, Japan did launch an offensive in some Asian countries, but the war was not particularly intense, you have to know that a large part of Japan s energy was involved in the national battlefield.Wang Weiyi frowned.First of all, this is not the news I want to hear.Moyol, you can call me Carl.The assistant of Riley called Wang Weiyi s alias Her biogold cbd gummies reviews name is Ronanova, a former Russian Daughter of the nobleman, she came to work today, and you are her first guest, I can guarantee that she is very clean.Daughter of the nobleman Wang Weiyi smiled.It seems that those nobles who fled Russia before the tsar was deposed are not doing very well now.Karl closed the door quietly, and Wang Weiyi glanced at the nervous Rhonanova Do you speak English or Russian Ah, sir, I was born in the United States, and I can speak English.Rhonanova quickly replied.God, it is said that Russian women are more beautiful when they are young, and they are.And with such a hot body, she is really a stunner that men can t control.Wang Weiyi calmed down Tell me, how did you get to this point Sir, many Russian nobles are like this now, and some are even more miserable.Totally unstoppable What is even more frightening is that the German army that had made a breakthrough did not seem to be planning to eat this force immediately, but moved quickly to the rear of the Soviet assault force.At this time, the 9th and 57th Army Groups of the Soviet Army entering Kharkov are already in danger of being cut off by the Soviet Army Kharitonov tried his best to prevent the war from collapsing immediately, but the powerful German army couldn t stop it at all.Timoshenko jolly cbd gummies for tinnitus s orders came biogold cbd gummies reviews one after another.The 9th Army cbd gummy effect must withstand the pressure of the frontal battlefield.The 57th Army must block the German breakthrough.It is useless in front of the German army The second phase of the Battle of Kharkov.The Three Headed Banshee project has achieved amazing results from the very beginning By the night of the 12th, the German assault force had penetrated 40 kilometers behind the Soviet army, cutting off the communication and material channels of the Soviet army The 9th Army of the Soviet Army has become a turtle in a urn into the night.Can you still fight Of course, Comrade Commander Brave general Timoshenko nodded, and then shook his fist vigorously Comrades, don t worry, I.Timoshen Brother, I swear in the name of an old Bolshevik, I must lead cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website you to break through Even if I die, I will die with you We are willing to use our lives to protect your safety Sergey Vich said All the subordinates said loudly.A gust of wind blew by, bringing a strong smell of blood Timoshenko had a smile on his face.He must inspire his soldiers with a smile.But he knew that there was biogold cbd gummies reviews no possibility of breaking through.The enemy s commander in chief would never make such a mistake Marshal, the Soviet army has been surrounded by us in this small area.General Kleist pointed The map said We will be able to end the Battle of Kharkov by 2 days at the latest.The only thing that makes people a little strange is why a group chairman would go to the place where he lives.But who cares about that now At least the job is settled.Garcia carefully explained some things and working hours with Williams, and then he noticed the suit on Williams Excuse me for offending, I m afraid your situation is not very good now Yes , I didn t hide it from you.Williams smiled wryly Not only is it bad, but I m about to be evicted by the landlord and become homeless.Because I owe rent for three full months.Look, look, those hateful landlords Garcia waved his fists angrily, seeming very angry You may not know, Mr.Williams, I also encountered such a tragic situation.I once Stranded in the park.Williams hesitated Then you now Thanks to meeting Mr.Moyol.Garcia said kendall farms cbd gummies with infinite gratitude He saved me and gave me everything I have now.Those German soldiers who shouted strongly, those tanks that patrolled the entire best cbd gummies for stomach pain biogold cbd gummies reviews city mightily.Those battle flags flying everywhere everything is proclaiming The invincible German army back From now on, they will forget all the shadows of failure, and they will be in Ernst.Under the command of General Bram, cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website climb to biogold cbd gummies reviews a new peak of glory this.It is exactly what Wang Weiyi wants to see confidence German troops were everywhere in Istanbul.Surrendered Turkish troops can be seen everywhere, and immigrants from various countries can be seen everywhere.Istanbul is a very special city.The first quarter of the 20th century was a period of chaos that marked the death of the Ottoman Empire and the birth of the Turkish Republic, and in 1908 the city was captured by the Young Turks, who deposed the hated biogold cbd gummies reviews purekana premium cbd gummies amazon tyrant Abdul Hami De II.

Ah, Major Henry, the head of the British spy organization in Ankara.Who The head of the British spy organization Wang Weiyi 500 mg cbd gummy biogold cbd gummies reviews asked in surprise.Ah, yes, Baron.Herbert said nonchalantly, This is the case in Ankara.It is different from other places.Our living environment here is very relaxed, even a bit boring spies from some countries They are very familiar with each other, and because of the attitude cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website of the Ankara government, they can t do anything to each other.In this case, why not just sit down and have a cup of coffee and exchange everyone s views on the war Let s put it this way, apart from mastering each other We don t talk about the information, we talk about everything else, and we talked about you many times What kind of magical place is thisWang Weiyi was a little dumbfounded He has been to too many cities in the world, but this is really the first time he has seen a city like Ankara.Therefore, the Treasure of Priam is only presented to the world in the batch in Germany and Turkey has no other actions after the protest Ottoman Sultan He obtained this huge treasure and passed it on as a secret Not only that, but my father also carried out new excavations at the place where Schliemann discovered the treasure Wang Weiyi was surprised by Prince Karami s following words.There is a place called Crete, in the middle of the grape purple sea, with 90 towns.The largest of the cities was Knossos, where a Minoan .

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king ruled from the age of nine.This is cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website the scene of Crete described by Homer in the Odyssey.Herodotus and Thucydides also reported the hegemony of King Mino in the Aegean Sea according to legend, King Mino built a huge and complex labyrinth in Knossos.Hide the kings of Knossos and their wealth all their lives In it.Doesn t he know his identity Queen Farida thought in her heart.But thinking about it again, that baron is so young and handsome, but he is much better than his fat husband beside him oh.How could I have such an idea It s really terrible Farouk I didn t notice all this at all.After he finished talking about his romantic affairs, he suddenly asked Mr.Baron What about you Do you have any stories worth telling Ah, Your Majesty, my experience is nothing compared to yours.Wang Weiyi said humbly I have only been to a few places.It s my first time in Cairo too.If I have to tell a story, let me think about it Ah, I have been to China.I think everyone here knows that China has a civilization as old as Egypt The topic soon started to discuss history, but it was obvious that King Farouk I was not interested in these things at all.Queen Farida gets an ace.One thousand pounds.Queen Farida was a little excited.I ll follow.Wang Weiyi still had that flattering expression.Just as she was about to turn the cards, Queen Farida suddenly asked Mr.Baron, can I still raise It seems that her hole card may be another 9, and Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Queen, it s just for entertainment, You don t need to be so serious.Queen Farida stared at the other party, and asked the same question Mr.Baron, can you still raise your bet Wang Weiyi shrugged indifferently As you wish, Queen.Queen Farida took off a necklace from her neck and put it on the gaming table Mr.Baron, this was given to me by my mother.Is it worth ten thousand pounds It was the gem inlaid in the pendant that was more valuable, probably worth fifteen thousand to twenty thousand pounds.Wang Weiyi smiled coldly They did not hesitate to cover up their secret at the cost of the destruction of a city and the death and injury of tens of thousands of people And our intelligence agency still doesn t know anything about it, foolishly thinking that Enigma is a code that the world will never be deciphered by the enemy, and the initiative has long been in the hands of the British.Every soldier we mobilized was well known to the British.Rommel took a breath.This is equivalent to an army with no secrets at all, fighting an army that has a clear grasp of its own weaknesses.Before that.You can still achieve such an outstanding record when military secrets are completely controlled by the enemy.That is simply a miracle, you are worthy of the title of Marshal of Germany.Wang Weiyi unreservedly expressed his admiration for Rommel However, such mistakes cannot continue to happenErwin, do you know one more thing After the British suffered repeated failures in the North African battlefield, after several investigations, they finally discovered the fact that the black code of the US military attache abroad was deciphered by us, and reported it to the Americans in time.At this time the squadron leader was turning into the attack.So, Xiao Tanfu released the resistance board.Follow closely behind the squadron leader and dive down.Right now, two intersecting white lines are clearly visible.This is the runway of Lucca Airport.As the distance shortened, the runway became clearer in the sights.It turned out that there was only one runway, and six bombers were neatly parked at the end of the runway.The halo of the sight was aimed at the bombing target, and the navigator in charge of aiming continuously reported the altitude.Suddenly, he knocked on Xiao Tanfu s knee and shouted Vote Xiao Tanfu immediately pressed the red button on the steering column with his left thumb.The bomb left the plane.The ju88 aircraft pulled up automatically.At this time.Xiao Tanfu found that the squadron leader s plane was like a drunk man, sometimes on, sometimes right.The British will use artillery and armored vehicles within two hours at the latest.Launch the craziest attack on us, according to estimates, we may not last long Then what should we do General Kanlemu frowned.Before Wang Weiyi could answer, Colonel Tamusta had already said loudly All of us are ready to die for the freedom of Egypt Colonel Tamusta, what we want now is not sacrifice, but how to survive.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Death is the easiest thing, but it s a big one that spreads all over Egypt.But it will fail because of our biogold cbd gummies reviews failure.Is this what you want to HCMUSSH biogold cbd gummies reviews see Colonel Tamusta fell silent and stopped biogold cbd gummies reviews talking.We must find a way to break through.Wang Weiyi said his plan I am going to launch a breakout operation in advance before the British army attacks.Hit the British by surprise.Once the breakout was completed, all the soldiers were immediately dispersed and fought street battles with the enemy in Cairo in order to win the arrival of the German army.

You must all go with us.As soon as these words came out, the Egyptian officers immediately caused a commotion Some of them began to curse.Some began to distinguish for themselves, and some even cursed loudly Tamusta Staring at all this that came suddenly, he now clearly understands what happened The Germans have lost their last patience with them, and they are officially attacking He stopped the angry officers and fixed his eyes on General Canlemu General, are you also here to arrest us Up until now, he still had the last ray of hope for General Canlemu But when he saw General Canlemu nodded with a heavy expression, the last ray of hope in Tamusta s heart also All lost.He sighed a long time HCMUSSH biogold cbd gummies reviews General.You are wrong, you are really wrong.Our ideal free Egypt should not be like this Now we are not thinking about the issue of free Egypt, but about your freedom.For a moment, this kid has tightened his lips since he said that sentence, but he kept cursing in his heart I can t be beaten by you in vain.I tell you this news, but you don t know how this clue came from.You must be scratching your head in a hurry.Wait until I enjoy VIP medical services enough, I will open my eyes and tell you Along the way, biogold cbd gummies reviews Mo Guangzhi was very comfortable.He was carried by Japanese gendarmes when he got in the car, got off the car, went upstairs, and entered the ward, but his ears were not quiet, and Yoshimura Hidezo s urging voice was endless.When he entered the ward, Yoshimura His voice was much lower, but other people s voices increased, and Yoshimura switched to Japanese, which made Mo Guangzhi extremely depressed, as if he was in a forest, and all he heard were eagle cbd gummies website cbd gummies for children birdsong.Wang Weiyi answered very affirmatively.Sir Monlington smiled half smile So, will the war between Germany and Britain continue for another two years His eyes revealed the light of an old fox, and Wang Weiyi remained calm I think the war between Germany and Britain is almost over now.I told Prime Minister Churchill, and I might as well tell you again now, This time I came with a desire for peace.I am willing to seek a complete peace with the UK, and even willing to make concessions for peace.Sir Monrington was not surprised at all, as if he knew that the other party would say Look, I am old and don t know many things.It turns out that Germany and England are negotiating.Ah, I suppose this must be a secret negotiation So, who is the two year battle you said aimed at Baron, can you tell me about this old man Russia Six hundred thirty five.This is a baron who is always creating miracles, whether on the battlefield or anywhere else.After his return, he quickly implemented a truce between Britain and Germany.From then on, the light of peace will soon envelope Europe biogold cbd gummies reviews how long does 1 cbd gummy stay in your system again In this war, Britain was hit hard, and what is urgently needed now is how to recover.From this point of view, the keanu reeves and cbd gummies British should thank Baron Alexon.Without his efforts, the war continues until now Part of the colonies will be returned to Britain When facing Churchill alone, Wang Weiyi said But by no means all , I hope Mr.Prime Minister can understandHowever, what I can be sure of is that British interests in India have the strongest recognition and military support from Germany Baron , now is not the time to discuss these things, we have already had enough headaches before.The National Day will not stop updating, but I want to work harder to conceive ideas and consider the plot carefully.The process, because the most important part of this volume is coming.When the time comes, the brothers will see a crazy spider again.The spider wants to work hard to write this book well, and this is inseparable from Brothers support.During the double monthly ticket period, the results of this book will be determined this month, so the spider implores brothers, let s burn our passion and madness.Thank you, and sincerely thank all brothers Six hundred and sixty three Moscow University, never betray your faith Lindelof set up a strategy, he told his daughter and his wife and sister in a very special way, no matter what kind of unfair treatment they encountered, never betray their faith And the motherland Although he suffered a defeat on the battlefield, Lindelof succeeded on this front.It was familiar to these Soviet commanders.But Marshal Vasilevsky knew what it was biogold cbd gummies reviews all about Looks rude, nothing like Khrushchev, a senior officer.In fact, it was in this way that he was hiding himself, and inspiring the confidence of the Soviet commander in his own alternative way.Comrade Stalin also knew this very clearly, which is why Khrushchev was assigned to such an important position.If anyone despises him because of his rudeness, it will probably be someone who is unlucky in the end Sure enough, under Khrushchev s roar, Lieutenant General Streff, the commander of the 81st Panzer Army, also He shouted loudly Comrade Commander, Comrade Military Commissar, German fascism is like shit, and will be completely crushed by the great Red Army soldiers Please allow my armored army to attack I will let the German fascists learn The iron fist of the Red Army soldiers I am very satisfied that comrades can have such confidence.Not only themselves, Even their families are horribly implicated.Why do things like this always happen in Moscow Somebody has to step up, somebody has to stop these things from happening, right Enemy armies, now things like this in Moscow The less it happened, the better.Those guards who had epilepsy died because they could not get timely medical treatment.Vasilevsky entered Moscow with his body.At this time, he saw a large number of The guards appeared in a hurry.He looked as if he was facing an enemy.He stopped a colonel he recognized and asked what happened.Comrade Marshal, Dimilenko has rebelled What Dimilenko betrayed Vasilevsky was taken aback.Just two hours ago, he had seen Timilenko.Yes, there was a mutiny.Comrade Stalin was going to transfer Marshal Timoshenko, but he found that Timoshenko had taken him away.

As early as 1932, after Stalin s wife Nadya had a quarrel with him, on November 18 On the same day and night, he committed suicide with a small revolver.Although this incident was caused by the drinking problem at the reception, .

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the essence of the matter reflected certain policies and brutal behavior of Stalin s wife towards him.serious dissatisfaction and protests.When she heard that during the agricultural collectivization movement, due to forced orders, many people were pulled out and shot, and many people were persecuted to death Harlem, Li Kefu and others were punished because they held different opinions on the policy and line of building socialism and her husband.She couldn t bear it anymore, so she took such violent actions.It was a terrible blow to Stalin, leaving his heart so empty As a result, I lost my trust in comrades and friends.They hate you and your companions very much, such as Marshal Vasilevsky.Therefore, in order to make the smooth transition of Russia in the future, someone must do it Out of sacrifice I understand, I understand.Zhukov actually smiled at this time mr ballen cbd gummies You know what, I want to see Marshal Ernst even more urgently now. The Marshal is waiting for your arrival.Zhukov interjected I can end the war, but I must agree to one condition.Soviet officers and soldiers who lay down their weapons must hemp infused gummies just cbd not be harmed in any way, and officers how often do you take cbd gummies below the general cannot be judged.Let us generals or marshals bear the responsibility.I will convey it, but before that, please give an order to stop the fighting.Zhukov accepted this suggestion The gunfire was stopped in the Kremlin Few people refused to carry out this order, and the war has progressed to this point, and everyone is tired.Are you teasing me, Nelia Wang Weiyi said calmly.Nelia s hand movements became louder and her voice became murmured Yes, I admit, I m teasing you Don t you think I m a beautiful woman, Mr.Baron Are you not interested in me at all After she finished speaking, she fell into Wang Weiyi s arms and consciously untied half of her clothes that were not much.Most of her breasts were exposed, and I had to admit that the scene in front of me was too tempting.Such a beautiful woman is appearing half naked in front of you at this moment, what choice should a normal man make Wang Weiyi embraced her with his strong arms, and then tore off Nelia s clothes with biogold cbd gummies reviews a few strokes.Immediately, a naked, perfect female body appeared in front of him.This is Caesar s woman, and this alone is enough to make people s heart beat.Mrs.Nelia is back.What Caesar stood up.up.Said in disbelief.Congratulations, Honorable Governor.Gaius stood up at the right time I think.Let s stop here today.Mrs.Nelia must have suffered a lot of fright.You should comfort her well.These Roman generals They all went out tactfully, and Caesar calmed down Go, bring Nelia in.When he saw Nelia again, he hugged Nelia tightly for a long time as if in a lifetime.Then let go My dear Nelia, what terrible thing happened Tears welled up in Nelia s eyes My dear Caesar, I was captured by barbarians This was what Caesar was most worried about.He hurriedly looked Nelia up and down Did those damn barbarians hurt you No, I didn t suffer any harm.Nelia shook her head I told them that I was the daughter of Ariovistus, cbd recovery gummies 60 ct and that I had come to avenge you, and those stupid savages really believed me.In the Roman phalanx, a mass of corpses and wounded soldiers lay there Then, the second round of attacks came again The boulders kept falling among the Roman soldiers, which caused heavy casualties to the Romans.The remaining soldiers avoided one after another, fearing testing cbd gummies that the terrible stone would fall on their heads.The Roman phalanx is completely in chaos The stones whistling in the air one by one made Callini and all the Roman generals dumbfounded.What is this, what is this Yes, it was a trebuchet, the Romans had it long ago, but how did the barbarians have such a weapon Moreover, this is not a trebuchet used in siege at all.How can such a weapon be used in a field battle Callenny is very familiar with trebuchets.One is the elastic trebuchet, which was used in ancient Greece and Rome.It relies on the elasticity of the bowstring to throw it.Brahm s people will be his biggest opponents.He likes this kind of challenge, and he is willing to enjoy this kind of stimulation.A cowardly opponent is not worthy of his respect.Only eagle cbd gummies website cbd gummies for children a strong enemy can stimulate his ability to the greatest extent.Even if he loses this time, there is nothing to be afraid of.The Roman kore organic cbd gummies review Republic has inexhaustible power, and he can make a comeback next time 1500 mg cbd gummies reddit This is the terrible thing about Caesar, he can enjoy the glory brought to him by victory, and he can also accept a defeatOccasionally a small setback will make him feel angry, but when he meets a truly powerful Instead, it will make him excited, just like a wolf that smells blood.Sulpiki.Caesar suddenly called Sulpiki s name.Sulpiki was taken aback.He suggested to contact the Franks and he personally implemented it.When he Powerful officials, generals best cbd gummies for stomach pain biogold cbd gummies reviews who have won battles, or rich people like myself. Among them, the poet Krasicius seemed to be particularly interested in Wang Weiyi, and he kept saying some irrelevant words beside Wang Weiyi, and kept asking Wang Weiyi if he had heard this poem or that poem.Poetry is too difficult for Wang Weiyi to understand, especially the poetry of ancient Rome, what is in it is simply a bible for Wang Weiyi.But despite seeing that Spulius didn t understand poetry at all, Krasicius showed no displeasure.Not only that, he even started to tease Wang Weiyi with words Tease a tease from a man In an instant, both Wang Weiyi and Richthofen understood that this is a man who likes men.In Rome, there were men who liked women, men who liked men, and men both men and women.In the eyes of the Romans, this is not a big deal.

It seems that they are all wearing thick clothes, which is very strange in early summer.Soon, he judged from the slightly stiff movements of those elders the toga is under the armor Cuarius was taken aback.He tried his best to keep calm, but his feet began to move there quietly.Manias, who had been watching Pang s every move with concern, noticed the young man biogold cbd gummies reviews s movements, and stopped Cuarius respectfully and carefully.My master, please don t worry.He whispered.Hearing this address, Cuarius frowned, because Pompey hated people calling him Master very much, so apart from his loyal butler Diomedes, who refused to change his words, Pompey had nothing to do with him.the rest of the family, including those whom Pompey rescued from slavery like Manias, no longer called him that.But today, Manias added this title to him again, which made Cuarius very unhappy, but at the moment he couldn t care less about it.In the corridor, he didn t know who took the lead.shouted Pompey Pompey Soon, the voice gathered into a strong voice, and the sound of Pompey echoed in the Senate like a mountain roar and a tsunami.Seeing Pompey slowly stand up straight, Manias touched him quietly.Cuarius Go to Pompey, he will come to you in a moment.Sure enough, before the handsome young man could ask Manias what he meant, Cuarius saw Pompey s gesture to him, so he kept his doubts in his stomach and walked quickly to his adoptive father s room.Beside him.Pompey led Cuarius, who was in the most precious youth in his life, and walked slowly towards the podium next to the consul s seat.The consuls, elders, knights and citizens of Rome, from the Gentile Friends who came here, I do have something to say to you today.Many years ago, on such a day, I was recommended by someone.With their continuous efforts.In the case of them paying huge casualties, the road was actually opened by them.They don t care how many people died, those lucky Roman soldiers rushed out Wang best cbd gummies for stomach pain biogold cbd gummies reviews Weiyi witnessed all this on the top of the mountain, he just smiled lightly, it doesn t matter, he can t kill all of them However, the main force of the Roman Fifteenth Legion has been buried here.From now on, the Fifteenth Legion has been unable to pose any threat to the Germans This fire was called The Wrath of Hephaestus by the Romans.In Greek mythology, Hephaestus is the god of fire and an exceptionally skilled blacksmith, one of the twelve main gods of Olympus, the son of Zeus, the king of the gods, and Hera, the queen of the gods, Aphrodite Dite s husband.The Romans tried to find an excuse for this fiasco, to cover up the root cause of the failure, and not to arouse the anger of the Roman citizens, so they told all the Roman citizens that when the fifteenth legion marched, their chief centurion Senardi He uttered arrogant and rude words to the god of fire, Hephaestus, which completely angered the god of fire.However, the Roman army is definitely not his opponent.If the Romans can fall into civil war early, I think our best chance will come.His companions glanced at each other, and soon understood that Ernst had to do something Crazy thing cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website now.No matter where he is in time and space, he is always like this, always doing something unexpected by others.He seems to have a very weak concept of the word danger, or to be more precise, he doesn biogold cbd gummies reviews t know what danger is at all.Now, something that probably caused headaches for the Romans is about to happen again Seven hundred and seventy best cbd gummies for anxiety uk seven.The news of the destruction of Centumaros and his Fifteenth Legion, whose creditors had high hopes from all Romans, plunged the whole of Rome into chaos.You must know that among the boasting of Pompey and the Senate, Centumarus is a rare military genius and the hope of Rome for the next ten years.After all, in this era, battlefield communication has been very developed, and what happens in any corner can be transmitted to all troops in the first time.All he could hope for now was that the little Italian company hadn t heard of it yet.He had to launch a series of uninterrupted attacks here, on the one hand to cover the evacuation of those German civilians, and on the other hand to use such uninterrupted attacks to cause panic and confusion among the enemies and reduce the pressure on the frontal battlefield.When the enemy has an absolute advantage, a successful attack will not attract their attention, but the continuous attacks and the losses caused by them are enough to plunge them into some chaos.And at that time, Berlin may be able to bring greater opportunities Who among us can shop cbd relax gummies speak Italian Max suddenly asked such a question.Annette cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website was about to wake up.He knew Davyn would be suspicious.When the Baron Platt and his wife entered Dessau, so many things happened in Dessau inexplicably.Those people in cia are not idiots, on the contrary.They have sufficient experience.With a bang , the door was slammed open almost instantly.I was already in a daze and woke up Annette let out a cry of surprise.What are you trying to do Baron Preet Wang Weiyi shouted angrily Major David, is this the etiquette of Americans Major Davyn rushed in with a large group of men, and the embarrassment at this time was completely indescribable.Here, he saw clothes on the ground and two people covered with quilts Men and women who look at their own That was Baron Platt and his agent Annette.At this time, Agent Annette was also extremely embarrassed.And the current front is a small group of enemies.Then the commando will destroy them without hesitation.Along the way, Max roughly calculated that they had almost sugar free cbd gummies amazon killed more than thirty enemies.And even more rare.None of them were injured.It is not easy to do this, but with Major Moyol around, all tasks become easier.Although the speed of advance is not very fast, it is getting closer and closer to the agreed pick keoni cbd gummies tinnitus up location, Haimer Forest Major, Villenburg is coming soon, if we pass Villenburg smoothly, It is already very close to Hammer Forest, and the possibility of escape is even greater.Max, who is more familiar with the situation in this area, said.When he finished speaking, Guo Yunfeng, who was in charge of the investigation, also turned back.There was about a company of French soldiers in Villenburg.

But, what happened to Commander today I ve been waiting for this day The old man s voice was choked up, but he saw Mr.Moyol shook his head quietly towards him.He quickly swallowed the words back to his stomach, and then said to his subordinates You all go out, no No one is allowed to come in under my order.He tried his best to keep his voice calm, but it was still trembling unavoidably.Everyone came out, and when there were only the two of them left, the old man s voice choked up again When danger befalls Germany, you Will be back.We all thought you were dead.Everyone thinks so.However, a miracle really happened.Welcome home, Baron when it says Welcome home.When he heard the words Baron , the old man could no longer control his emotions and burst into tears.No one could have imagined that such a cry would come from such an old man s mouth.Ludwig tidied up his military uniform But what about those people HCMUSSH biogold cbd gummies reviews outside Also, is it just relying on the two of us Marshal Paul Hauser was still smiling there Ludwig, are you afraid No, you will not be afraid, you have never been afraid, you are worried about my safety, but we have been born and died on countless battlefields, and eagle cbd gummies website cbd gummies for children we have never been killed by bullets.I don t believe that we will die on our own man s hand.And, we re not just two of us.After finishing speaking, he picked up the phone I am Paul Hausser, take me to the Soldiers Club Yes, I 500 mg cbd gummy biogold cbd gummies reviews am Marshal Paul Hausser, tell everyone, now I need They, the Baron needs them.If they are still soldiers loyal to Germany, then come to me He put down the phone Ludwig, it s our turn.The old German marshal and a German first class general walked out calmly.I am a very narrow minded person.I m not denying that at all Fels said unhurriedly I am loyal to the baron because the baron once risked his life to save me.So I swear to give my all to the Baron.However, I will never forget those who have offended me.General Bushman, now that I am the victor, what kind of revenge do you think I should take against you The flesh on Buschman s face was throbbing.Everyone knew the horror of Firth.As he himself said, his heart was not open at all, but very narrow.Type of person.What would I have brought to myself when I laughed at him at the beginning It s not polite to keep silent, General Bushman.Firth s words interrupted Buschman s train biogold cbd gummies reviews of thought You have family members, I can start with your family members, what do you think Bushman gave in completely What do you want to know Know what you ve been through.When the name was heard.Punet hurriedly arranged his military uniform, he didn t want to lose his composure in Miss Anne Marie s face.Miss Anne Marie had a great reputation in Berlin, even before the war.Some people even say that she is the most charming lady in Germany and even in the whole of Europe after Baroness Leonie.And more importantly, the young and beautiful Miss Anne Marie is also an enthusiastic philanthropist.She owns a fund to provide all the necessary help for the children who have lost their relatives.Especially after the outbreak of war, as long as the enemy s bombing passes.Miss Anne Marie can always be seen.She is doing everything she can to help anyone who can.Such a lady is absolutely impeccable.General, it s nice to see you again.Miss Anne Marie stretched out her hand.So they must use 120,000 points of enthusiasm and a fearless spirit to work hard.But the Americans are different.At least they have many options Victory is something they are happy to biogold cbd gummies reviews see, but failure is actually something they can bear.You have to realize cbd smoking gummies that even if America does lose, soldiers have nothing to lose in such a war as long as they survive.Mario probably sees this point most clearly, he deeply knows what his former companions are thinking.Christmas is coming, they are infinitely eager to go home, stay with their loved ones, sit around the hot fire, sing Christmas songs, and distribute Christmas gifts.However, this year their wish seems impossible to come true If we can persist here for a month, the situation will change, Mario sighed, Unfortunately, we can t persist for such a long time.No one can give them an answer.In the major counterattack launched by the German army on December 23, the German army killed and injured more than 3,700 people under Colonel Marshall of the Allied forces, and captured more than 6,300 people under Brigadier General Joel.The unlucky French general Joel was not supposed to be a prisoner.He had every chance to leave this cursed battlefield, but he was used as a sacrifice.General Garden ordered him and his troops to take on the heavy responsibility of attacking the German army Ruoer faithfully performed this duty, so his tragedy began Under strong impact.Although his troops suffered heavy casualties, they still had a chance to retreat, but unfortunately.A German commando suddenly appeared behind him.That was the Brandenburg commando commanded by Colonel Heisenberg himself.Even in his dreams, he had seen this figure countless times.Even if all his memories are lost, he vows never to forget this figure Ernst Alexson von.Bram The legend of the German Empire the biogold cbd gummies reviews Skeleton Baron Mordel stabilized his body.He had to work hard to control his emotions so that he could stand upright.Then he raised his arms high Hey Ernst Then, he lowered his arms, saying one word at a time rethink cbd gummies reviews He said with effort and clarity Captain Ernst, Captain Model of the Fourth Commando Squad of the Skeleton Commando is reporting to you Very good, Captain Model, please report your situation now Wang Weiyi stood up, Ignoring Stam s incomparably surprised eyes at all, he spoke slowly and calmly.Model s voice was so loud Yes, during my time as the commander in chief of the North African Army, I am ashamed that I have not been able to defeat our enemy, which has brought shame to the undefeated reputation of the Skeleton Commando.

Wang Weiyi didn t hide it.He needs to make friends with Benjamin generously, and then find out the situation in Cairo from him.Okay, I still have tasks.See you next time, Agent Pete.See you next time, Agent Benjamin.Wang Weiyi tidied up his clothes and left here.Hey, Benjamin, who is eagle cbd gummies website cbd gummies for children that person A woman s voice suddenly sounded behind Benjamin.Benjamin turned around and said, Ah, hello, Agent Annette.It was from the CIA, and it just came to Cairo. From the CIA Annette frowned, and her eyes fell on the back of the man who cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website got into the taxi.The more she looked, the more she felt familiar Where does eagle cbd gummies website cbd gummies for children he live Cairo Hotel.What s the matter, Agent Annette Agent Annette didn t answer anything, she must have seen this figure somewhere before.And so familiar.She just couldn t remember for a while where she saw this figure from behind Walking into his own room at the Cairo Hotel, Wang Weiyi checked the room, and after confirming that there was nothing abnormal, he opened the communication with Xiaoling Help me find out which old friends I have or their descendants are in Cairo.After my father finished his studies, he went to all kinds of balls and evening parties in the palace, wandered among the distinguished guests and stole, and took the things he got as his personal collection.His most famous The deed is that he successfully stole the pocket watch of British Prime Minister Churchill, and finally returned the pocket watch to Churchill because of the British government s serious protest against Farouk.He also stole the funerary objects from the king s body when the funeral team of the Shah of Iran passed through Egypt in 1944, including Swords, belts and medals.Those who know the inside story jokingly call him a Cairo thief Enough, Your Majesty Nasman said that the task was tolerable Don t say that about your father, those are traitors Your slander Fuad muttered.The news of the Egyptian uprising reached the German headquarters at the most appropriate time.Continue to do your work.Wang Weiyi said, and walked to another room with Model.Are you awake Looking at the former member of the skeleton commando, Wang Weiyi asked calmly.Yes, I m awake, and I can fight better.Model also stared deeply at his friend.Then, let them perform a beautiful scene, so that our enemies will never forget it.Wang Weiyi quickly brought the topic to the battlefield The Egyptian uprising led by Canlemu has broken out.To deal with our attack, but also to deal with one attack after another, this is excellent news for us.There is another situation.I just got information that the British Royal can 9 mg cbd gummies get you high Navy j biogold cbd gummies reviews how long does 1 cbd gummy stay in your system fleet is coming here for reinforcements, and the situation on the battlefield has occurred It has changed.Now it is in the hands of the Germans again.The fire escape has been blocked by people with all kinds of foreign objects, and it will take a lot of effort to pass through here.But fortunately, the people who set up these roadblocks had plenty of time, and it was not because of hatred that the entire passage was blocked.As they quietly approached the third floor, the sound of gunfire became clearer and clearer.Wang Weiyi made a gesture, and the German army behind him quickly stopped moving.He put his ear to the door and listened for a while, then kicked the door hard.No enemies have appeared.Up to now, the Americans have not found a group of enemies behind them.They put all their attention on the front.When the second gesture was made, the commandos all took out the grenades, and then pulled the safety They quietly began to approach the US troops.But it seemed that all the French troops appeared at this time, gunshots rang out, and the vanguard of Company F in front fell down in piles.Boom biogold cbd gummies reviews There was another loud bang.The tank behind Slat was destroyed in response, and the entire barrel was lost, and Slat s ears were buzzing because of the power of the explosion.We re ambushed They have anti tank guns And there s more than one There s a lot of them This was the cry of a scout from Company F, but just as he finished speaking, there was another loud bang and the whole Everyone flew into the air.D Company Pay attention to concealment Suppress the enemy with blind fire This is the best counterattack method Slat can think of in the current form Try to find out the exact position of their guns You can t just be passively beaten like this Soldier They were quick to react and quickly spread out in groups of 2 to blind shoot forward and move fast.Where are you from Hearing what the stop smoking cbd gummy bears other party said, Modor was a little angry.But he still suppressed his anger and said Listen to me, I am Danny.Mordor, German intelligence service.Sir, if you don t want to get into trouble, please do as I tell you immediately.Military Intelligence.Atedler smiled again I heard that Phils is the director there now.Mr.Mordoll, please help me find a place, and then let Phils come to see me.Crazy, probably the man is crazy.He wants General Fiers to come and see him in person.It s urgent, my friend.Atedler said lightly If Phils can t arrive within half an hour, I think all the responsibilities will be borne by you.Ah, I m afraid you can t afford it either.There HCMUSSH biogold cbd gummies reviews are also some people, you must also let super gummies cbd Phils be notified in the shortest possible time.Rommel, Guderian, and all officers above the first rank of general Crazy, this person must be crazy, Modor confirmed his thoughts.In fact, I was in pain at that time.I didn t want to see my friends sons do Such a thing.At that moment, I hardly even had the heart to use any means against them If that s the case.You are not the Baron of Skeletons.Pipondu can fully understand the baron s mood at this time In one s life, one always has to make such painful choices.Those children did something wrong.The culprit is dead, and now Germany is back on track.Let the past be past foreverNone of us guessed that you would come back, just like we didn t know that Adolf was still alive What You said Adolf is still alive Wang Weiyi cried out.Ah, yes, and I saw him.Pipondu was stunned He suddenly appeared in Milan and found me, don t you know I don t know.Wang Weiyi s heart at the moment It is ecstatic, Adolf Hitler is really not dead, he is really still alive.

Colonel wake up Wake up A voice gradually became clear in my ears.Heisenberg was being shaken by someone Colonel Heisenberg wake upthere s no time Don t fucking shake medizzy Heisenberg was irritated Pushing away the soldiers beside him DamnI m still aliveWhere is this Colonel Hasen helped Heisenberg to sit up Thank God you re still alive Where am I The cemetery line, sir.Heisenberg looked around and found himself leaning against a cross in a cemetery.He spread his hands.It was found that the left and right palms were injured It seemed that some metal had passed through it, and the blood continued to flow.What just happened The enemy shelled the museum.The whole building collapsed We Brothers where are the brothers Reuben and the others They all Where s Zoff He s fine, sir.Thanks to biogold cbd gummies reviews Grandpa Sniper for saving you Major Heisenberg couldn t believe that it was an old man who rescued him and Zoff from hell.But now all this is just an idea After a hasty dinner, Wang Weiyi packed some things into a small box, and not long after, the doorbell rang.Come in.Daniel walked in, and the young man in casual clothes looked very energetic Mr.Petergoff, are you ready Yes, my friend.Wang Weiyi stood up and put the young man The box was handed over to Daniel biogold cbd gummies reviews Daniel, do you need a body search in the club Sir, are you carrying something that you shouldn t be carrying Wang Weiyi nodded, took out his weapon, flashed it, and put it away again Good I always like to bring something for self defense when I m in a strange place.Daniel seems to be accustomed to these things Sir, you are not allowed to carry any weapons in the club, of course, I can understand your concern.You have to know that Zakhwolf, who is in charge of the inspection today, is my friend.My daughter is standing behind you, I hope it won t affect you.Migroski, who is a big winner, said with words.I believe that the chairman of the board of directors of Custer Group will not rely on his daughter to win money.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly, and threw the chips into the river bed.Raise.Migroski seemed to appreciate the other party s attitude I noticed the bet you had with Mr.Tuckerdov just now, and you still have the guts to bet a 2.I would do the same if I didn t bet.is to lose Call, reraise.Wang Weiyi was still so indifferent Besides, dozens of gold rubles are not a lot of money.I called too.Ivan, who hadn t spoken all the time, said at this time Mr.Petergoff, is this your first visit to Moscow I ve never seen you before.Wang Weiyi took a sip from his wine glass No, I have been to Moscow many times when I was young.Mr.Nadov, Mr.Beyasinyuk, please contact all biogold cbd gummies reviews how long does 1 cbd gummy stay in your system our people, tell them what we are facing, tell them that we will never die meaninglessly under the enemy s butcher s knife And tell them that you will fight with all your might for your own survival.Wang Weiyi added Survival or death is in their own hands.Survival or death is in our own hands Manusia repeated heavily How about you, Mr.Moyol, would you like to fight with us That is my honor, Mr.Manusia, I will always fight side by side with the Italian people Nine hundred and sixty.Turin Uprising A storm is quietly brewing in Turin, Italy.This is true in any country.When the people can no longer survive, the only choice they have is to resist.They don t know Whether they can succeed, but they are willing to try their best.Even if they die, it is better than living in humiliation.However, the grenadiers did not show any signs of collapse, even though they had lost enough comrades in the first place They are well trained Yes, they are highly qualified officers and soldiers of the German Army The battle formation was quickly set up, and the grenadiers of at least one infantry squad regarded the chariot they were driving as a lifeline.The dense rain of bullets that was enough to kill them slammed into the car body.Nocher closed the turret cover above his head He didn t want to be targeted, despite the cramped space in the car.But he also wants to save his life The companions in the tank are constantly cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website busy.Bodilla was helping Schmidt to biogold cbd gummies reviews load a 50mm shell into the barrel of the gun.It cbd vegan gummies 25mg each 500 mg was so dark outside that even if he thought about it with the back of his head, he knew what happened.A fearsome vengeful messenger.Gregory also became more aware that if he fell into the hands of the baron, he would have no chance of surviving.No.Maybe it will be more painful to live than to die.His only biogold cbd gummies reviews way is to defeat the skeleton baron here to avoid those nightmares.However, this goal was too difficult for Gregory.For the Russians, this is also an almost impossible task But for Marshal Kolkorok and his Ukrainian rebel army, it is great news On April 22, 1966, the day after the end of the Battle of Belsota, Marshal Kolkorok ordered the entire Ukrainian army to switch from defense to offense.Launch a full scale attack on the Russian army.Although compared with cbd thc gummies dc the Russians, the strength of the biogold cbd gummies reviews Ukrainian army is still not strong, but the successive victories of the German army stimulated them to the greatest extent.Second Lieutenant Duff threw grenades one after another vigorously.Amid the constant explosions, he kept urging his soldiers to be brave.Bullets.Bullets, I need bullets cried Volyn Katzky.Lieutenant Duff looked to the side, and quickly came to Volyn Katzky with a box of bullets, acting as his ammunition hand.Now.They were the last two living people left in the whole position.I like you, Lieutenant Duff.Warren Katzky had cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website to raise his voice so that the other party could hear what he was saying Ah, don t get me wrong, I mean how can you live If he survives, he will be a very good commander.None of us can survive, everyone is like this Second Lieutenant Duff also shouted Ralph, tell me, who are you I always feel that you are not an ordinary soldier.Yes, I am not an ordinary soldier.At this time.

More than 20 German soldiers left an unforgettable biogold cbd gummies reviews memory for the Russians.There is such a question that has been lingering in their minds.Only a few dozen Germans can be so fierce.Is it right or wrong biogold cbd gummies reviews how long does 1 cbd gummy stay in your system to invade Germany But they haven t allowed them to study this issue too much.From a distance, there are one weak explosion sound after another.What direction is that The source of the sound seems to be a nearby stronghold established by the Russian army.Could it be that there was a battle there German The arrogant Russian officer ran out of the tent at once, and he also heard the source of the voice.Recalling another stronghold less than ten minutes away from now, he couldn t help feeling puzzled.Such a big explosion can be heard even here.Could it be that a large scale battle really took place there Otherwise, why are there so few Germans here Could it be cbd gummies mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies website that that is the main direction of the German army s attack People who stay here just to draw our firepower The more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.The Germans were everywhere in the field of view of the lens, and they rushed to the position with guns one by one.In the trenches, the Russian army was simply vulnerable.May be used to the usual comfortable days.Suddenly facing the enemy s gunfire, everyone was so frightened that they didn t know what to do.It happened that a few people couldn t bear the German offensive, so they turned around and ran away.Their running directly drove other people, so a stream of people retreated from the second defensive belt.Bastard, I m going to shoot you.Court threw the binoculars to the ground.He quickly ran to the rear and hurriedly directed the scattered team.Originally, according to what he thought, he could buy some time no matter what.However, the rapid loss of the second line of defense directly defeated his hopes.Moyol, I beg you, take Alice away, give her a way out, and let her grow up healthy and happy.I can t give you anything Pay back, the only thing I can do is pray for you silently in heavenah, no, I think I will go to hell for everything I did Good Mr.Moyol, this is the last request of a dying man.I can t find anyone who is willing to help me.The only thing I can think of is you.Can you agree to my request She biogold cbd gummies reviews carefully packed the letter paper, wrote Mr.Moyol received on the envelope, and then took out the second letter paper My dear daughter Alice, when you see this letter, I I have left you forever I am not a competent mother.Greed blinded my eyes and made me lose everything, even, I am about to lose you.And you are my most precious treasure.I thought about it for a long time, and I can only say that you please leave it to Mr.Now, Gregory s only hope was Admiral Tangeloniv.The phone was connected, and when he heard the voice of Admiral Tangeloniv, Gregory seemed to have met a savior General Tangeloniv, the situation is very bad, I firmly believe in your loyalty, I firmly believe in your loyalty Will not betray me like they did.Now I order you.The 8th Panzer Corps is out, take control of the palace, take control of Moscow.I biogold cbd gummies reviews how long does 1 cbd gummy stay in your system order you.Destroy all our enemies Do you want me to open fire on them Tangelo Admiral Neve asked on the other end of the phone.Yes, open fire, open fire on all the traitors Gregory roared desperately This is the power I gave you No, I can t do it.This answer came out I can t open fire on our compatriots, they are not our enemies.Gregory was startled Are you going to betray me too No, I never thought of betraying you.Enemy attack What A group of American infantry suddenly appeared behind Samant Street.Desk didn t expect the speed of the American infantry to turn eagle cbd gummies website so fast.Fire, fire Desk quickly raised his gun and fired, this is, the sound of heavy machine guns came from the rear of the American infantry Hey, we are here to support you A voice came from behind, and then a huge car body appeared Leopard 9 Desker couldn t believe what he saw One hundred and ten.Two decoys are in Bielerte, the city where an American general is hiding and the respected Mayor Gault has turned out to be a traitor.In any country, there are always resolute patriots, and there must be traitors who betray national interests, even in Germany.Gort may have many explanations.He doesn t want his city to continue to be destroyed, and he doesn t want his citizens to continue to be harmed, but no matter what kind of explanation he has, it can t offset the crime he committed.Listen After hearing the voice of Marshal Ernst, Sidney Riley was a little surprised Ernst, how did you contact me I hear you ve been to Teton.Yes, I m on my way to Teton Wang Weiyi didn t waste any time I need you to help me with a very important thing.First of all, a German major died some time ago.People, not one can be spared yes.The whole thing happened like this He carefully told Riley what he should do, and then quickly let Xiao Ling connect to General Phils Firth.Do you know a man named Sidney Reilly Ah, you probably won t know this guy, but I need you to keep an eye on him and see what he s up to, and his address in Berlin is He asked Riley to help Find out who The Harvester is, but he doesn t fully trust the hired spy, especially after The Harvester shows up.Maybe Reilly will be able to find out who the Reaper is, and maybe, he himself is the mysterious The reaperuntil the real reaper is found out, no one can easily believe The third call is to Rommel and Guderi at the same time Ann, on the phone, he asked to immediately transfer the important equipment in the Constance base, especially those missile launchers.Eric joined the army and went to the front line.It was like a dream.Now think about why Eric left his loving family.Giving up my beloved studies, leaving aside the brilliant future in front of me and ignoring it, I traveled thousands of miles to come to this terrible battlefield, and traveled across does cbd gummies show up on a drug test 2021 thousands of mountains and rivers to come to such a ghost place to die in vain.It s all the fault of that damned Colonel Hawke.Germany is a tenacious country.No matter what they encounter, they can always straighten their chests and fight unyieldingly, whether it is the past or the present.WWI, WW2, or even when Berlin was about to fall was so gritty.As a citizen of such a country, Eric cbd gummies cruise is proud of it and cares about its future.Eric is not one of those boring, idle guys.He is still a progressive, decent, honest, hopeful, and patriotic young German.

people.Yes, he was right.In fact, he and Lantes are basically the same kind of people So, you have to do everything possible to protect me.Sam looked at his hands I can t do anything wrong.I can t be caught by the police I can t be assassinated, my life is even more important than yours.Ah, while we discuss these issues, I suggest you put your gun away.Sam s hands were still shaking, but After a while he had to put away his gun.Look, this is the attitude that should exist between friends and collaborators At this time, Sam s smile seemed so hateful to Longtes Don t worry, as long as I live well, I will ensure your safety.Of course, I can t stop you from revealing these secrets yourself.As long as you don t tell, no one will know these secrets.Lontes said coldly, gave Sam a cold look, and then coldly left this dark and wet alley, which made him extremely upset.He is in charge of intelligence work, and many things in the high level government secrets are hidden from him, and with his authority, he is not qualified to find out these things.But Moyue The appearance of Lieutenant Colonel Paul made biogold cbd gummies reviews how long does 1 cbd gummy stay in your system him finally see the current situation clearly.Even the Americans were ready to withdraw from the British government.He was ready to die from the beginning of the day, and he was willing to dedicate everything to this government.However, he had to consider his wife and daughter.Everyone biogold cbd gummies reviews thinks that he is a hard hearted person, even if his wife and daughter die in front of him, he will remain indifferent.However, Nash wanted to tell them that everyone had misunderstood himself, including biogold cbd gummies reviews his wife and daughter.He loves them so deeply that he is willing to give his all for them, but, in view of his position, he is unable to express his love, so this has caused his tragedy.It s a fresh start for us.La Torfort hesitated, and then drank the glass of champagne.In fact, at this time, he had doubts about the identity of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.A real American would not have such great energy He could get in touch with the kidnappers, he could save the hostages from the Germans, he could even send his family to Switzerland.A so called senior investigator of the US Army Intelligence Bureau can t do these things.But he still What other options can there be President Fenton and his family have been rescued, and La Torfort firmly believes that President Fenton and the others have made sufficient arrangements for their own escape.What about myself I and those officials In the dark, they continue to serve this government like a bunch of idiots.Perhaps when London falls and they boulder cbd gummies are all taken captive, some will not come to their senses.The order to mobilize troops was quickly communicated to Bacchus.Don Tanner is already in a hurry, isn t he Wang Weiyi always had such a smile on his face What does this mean This means that the situation is far more optimistic than we imagined.General Bacchus, in my opinion, act The time has come.Bacchus became excited in an instant.Any reasonable person could see that Don Tanner was already struggling to breathe.With the arrival biogold cbd gummies reviews of more and more Axis troops and unrest throughout Southampton, there was no way for Don Tanner to recover.And at this time.Whoever can achieve more military exploits will be able to occupy more speaking power in the future British government Bacchus wishes he could do just that.Initiate biogold cbd gummies reviews a sudden attack from the side of the US cbd gummies good for stress military Wang Weiyi carefully biogold cbd gummies reviews how long does 1 cbd gummy stay in your system looked at the map of Southampton on the wall Without any reservations, put all the 6th Division into the battlefield.The Axis forces broke into his position and wiped out more than half of his forces, the remaining British.Forced to surrender to the enemy.Fortunately, their British identity has protected them well, and it may not be long before coupon code for cbd gummies they will be released General Raden Roam was also lucky.He received orders from London to leave his troops before the enemy could break into his headquarters.He did not die, nor was he captured by the enemy.But so what It s just a matter of time.one day.It s only one day again.Telrod became the territory of the Axis forces, and all the outer lines of London fell.Now, a lonely London has been completely exposed to the enemy s guns.I can t stop the enemy s attack at all.In the Allied Headquarters in London, General Raden Roma said Their attack is really terrible.I can guarantee that my soldiers performed well.Wang Weiyi half kneeled on the ground, and the queen took a ceremonial sword and put it on Wang Weiyi s shoulder I grant you the title of duke, Duke Alexon Boom, everyone was shocked.Only close relatives biogold cbd gummies reviews of the royal family can be awarded the title of duke.Although Marshal Ernst Brahm has made great contributions to Britain that no one can match, but he is still the only one who has made great contributions to the United Kingdom.He is a foreigner.But now, Her Majesty the Queen has awarded this highest honor to a foreigner This shows that Her Majesty has regarded Ernet Brahm as her brother and relative I thank you with trepidation , Your Majesty Wang Weiyi stood up And in my life.I will also work hard to consolidate the relationship between Germany and Britain.Germany and Britain will always be dear relatives and friends, I swear Her Majesty the Queen nodded with a smile.All the initiative is completely in the hands of Germany.On November 6, Adolf Hitler was elected as the lifelong head of the German Empire, on the day he was elected.Hitler announced Marshal Ernst Alexon von Brahm is the supreme military leader of the German Empire for life, and the German Empire will implement a dual giant system.Some biogold cbd gummies reviews military generals don t quite understand that the situation of the war is so favorable, why not directly attack the United States And for this question, Ernst.Marshal Brahm answered them in this way Is the situation of the war really in our favor No, the war has caused serious damage to Germany and Europe.What we need most now is recovery.The Middle East and North Africa have regained control It is in our hands.This is the most important thing for us.Moreover, attacking the United States directly now will reunite the United States that was originally trapped in civil strife.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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