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More arrows shot through the walls and windows, and flew randomly above the heads of the three hundred disciples in red who were practicing calligraphy.Puff , poof , poof , poof Long black arrows shot at all parts of the house, the ropes hanging from the sand table were broken, the bottom basket was shot through, and fine sand rose up like smoke.The inkstone, water basin, and pen stand were broken one by one.Ink splashed, water splashed, and broken brushes flew around.Even the stone inkstone can t stop Qin s arrows The three hundred disciples wanted to persevere, but fear forced them to leave their seats and rush towards the door.Suddenly, with a bang, the door burst open, white light leaked in, and a red figure blocked the doorway, behind which was a dense rain of black arrows.At the time when the country was ruined buy cbd gummies near me and the family was destroyed, the gray haired old curator shouted to the three hundred disciples solemnly and solemnly Remember, no matter how strong the arrows of the Qin State are, they can destroy our city and destroy our city.It is really sad Tang Shuang educated Tangtang seriously before letting her go to bathe Bai Jingjing When going out, Tang Shuang held Bai Jingjing in her arms, and asked cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang Shall we wear a little red color Tang Shuang said with a straight face, If you talk about lipstick makeup, I will buy cbd gummies near me ask Open up your ass Tang Tanger pouted, muttered softly, and ran away.The dog park is near the sea, not far from Tang Shuang s house, about half an hour s drive away.After he parked the car, he took Candy to the gate of the park and found a shaded place to wait.It was ten minutes before 6 o clock.At this time, the sun was setting to the west, the afterglow was swaying, and the sea breeze was blowing, and the dog park began to become cooler.Not long viralix cbd gummies reviews buy cbd gummies near me after, Candy waved to a little boy who was walking in surprise and shouted Qiqi Qiqi Here The two children happily joined together, and the two puppies also joined together You smell me and I smell you.He was so scared that he couldn t help but keep teasing him.He patted Akita Inu s head with his paw, and then moved away.Seeing that Akita Inu ignored him, he came over again.Pat it once, dodge it again, repeat it again and again, Akita Inu finally gets angry, and pushes Erha to the ground.Erha suddenly pissed in fright, lying on the ground flatteringly showing his belly.Chihuahua was also scared and hid behind Little Putao, while Bai Jingjing, a brave and conceited little bitch, rushed forward and yelled ferociously, scaring away the big Akita dog.Tangtanger, Qiqi, and Little Putao praised Bai Jingjing as if they were singing praises to a little hero, making the white puppy walk like a wind, and the dog led the way with its head held high The three children parted reluctantly, and made an appointment to come to the dog park next time, and were taken away.Tangtanger was about to close the door, thinking about it, she was still worried, so she stretched out her little head and told Tang again Frost don t go.Tang Shuang patted her chest to promise not to leave.Within a few seconds, Tang Tanger s voice came from the bathroom, Xiao Shuang, are you still there Yes Xiao Shuang, are you still there Here Little Shuangzi you must still be there, right Tell me a story I m already gone Chapter 38 The World Wei Tingting stepped into buy cbd gummies near me the office, and as soon as she sat down, Meiyi gloated and told her that the minister was looking for her and asked her to go to the office.Do you know what s going on Wei Tingting asked.Mei Yi smiled and said, It must be a reminder, can you still guess Sure enough, after Wei Tingting promised to hand in the manuscript before she got off work today, the minister finally let her go.Tang Tanger heard this, He pouted uncontrollably, but then remembered that he was still cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me fighting Tang Xiaoshuang and couldn t smile at him, so he put on a serious face.Tang Shuang wants to deal with you, little pig, I have a lot of ways, and there are several big moves in the future, let s take your time, and I must capture your carefulness tonight, so that the friendship under the same roof can return again and get back together Better than ever I prepared a beautiful dinner for Tang Tang, do you want cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me to eat it Tang Shuang tempted.Candy turned her head aside, buy cbd gummies near me hum But did not expressly refuse.Tang Shuang brought out the prepared love dinner, Tangtanger s eyes were immediately cbd thc gummy unabis cbd gummies tinnitus attracted, it looked good and smelled delicious.But, hum With great perseverance she turned her head away, expressing her disdain.Candy asked, Will frogs grow Tang Shuang said perfunctorily, Yeah.Candy said No, frogs are transformed from tadpoles, and tadpoles can t squawk.Tang Shuang took her aside, out of the way Brush your teeth and wash your face, and don t you want to poop in the morning Hurry up.And it s solved.Tang Shuang said surprisingly Xiao Shuang, answer my question quickly, I m holding back.Tang Shuang almost fell down when she heard that, she held Tang er under her arm and walked towards the bathroom I said It stinks, so you are farting, it stinks.Tang Tanger twitched her limbs and retorted, No You were the one who farted Tang Shuang put the little guy in the bathroom Come out after taking the poop.Tangtanger muttered, buy cbd gummies near me and reluctantly took her papa, melatonin and cbd gummies maybe she really couldn t help it.Tang Shuang went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, and was quiet for a while, when suddenly there was a sound from the kitchen door, Aha I m coming Tang Shuang asked without raising her head, Have you washed your hands Brushed your teeth and washed your face Candy came At Tang Shuang s feet, she said, Does your girlfriend have to poop every morning Tang Shuang sighed weakly, grabbed Tangtang er s little hand, which was wet, and looked like it had been washed, and then looked at her.Tang Shuang gave way helplessly, and put the little person on the chair, It s not that I look down on you, how many words can you know Candy snorted arrogantly and kept staring at the computer, but unfortunately she really didn t know A few words, I rubbed my eyes, and then read it again, it was still like reading a book from heaven.Tang Shuang looked at Tang Zhen s expression, no need to ask, Tangtang must be too obsessed, if she doesn t sleep, the people who accompany her don t want to sleep first.Tang Zhen was skeptical about Tangtanger s claim that Xiaoshuang was working as a writer.Now that he was really writing buy white label cbd gummies a novel, she couldn t help reading a paragraph curiously, and was very surprised.Tang Shuang said Anyway, I am also a top student in the Chinese Department.I grew up in a family of intellectuals.preparation.I didn t call, only Erniang.Tang Shuang Are you sure Tang Shuang nodded desperately, Tang Shuang didn t believe it, and opened the address book, You still insisted that you only called Erniang Tangtanger no Knowing that HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies near me the mobile phone has the function of querying call records, she asked curiously What did you see Since the girl would not die until the Yellow River, Tang Shuang said You called Xiao Yezi Ah how do you know What Tangtang stuck out her tongue, buy cbd gummies near me jumped off the sofa and ran, Bai Jingjing also ran as an accomplice, bang Hide in the room and close the door.He didn t care about Tangtang er and Ye Liang s phone call.What he cared about was the phone call with Shi Guangnan.The call lasted five minutes, and he didn t know what they talked about.At this time, he suddenly received a WeChat message from his ex girlfriend The content of the message was Don t be so childish, okay Tang Shuang was baffled by what he saw, and when he opened the circle of friends, he was stunned.The most eye catching thing is not these, but the huge steel shackles on his hands and feet The iron rings of the shackles were as thick as eggs, and he coiled the shackles around his body like a long rope, about three to four meters long.The shackles on his hands were locked with a big iron lock, square and square, about the size of cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me a child s head.The shackles on the feet are the same, but two shot puts the size of basketballs are dragged The weight of this body is probably two to three hundred catties.But tied to this person, it feels easier than silk.Huge shackles and iron chains, beards like swords and spears, and hair standing on end This man stood in the prison cell, with a turtle shaped crane back, big and drooping ears, long and big hands Everything shows that this person contains an extremely ancient, mysterious and earth shattering power Wang Ming observed this illustration carefully, not wanting to miss a single detail, and gradually sketched out the whole picture of Crazy Moba in his mind.

Chapter 91 The heart of defense is indispensable Xiao Shuang When Tang Shuang was leaving the airport, he heard someone calling him.Looking around, he saw the tall Tang Zhen standing in front of the crowd, waving at him.Didn t I tell you not to come He effects of cbd gummies s sick Hearing Tang Shuang s concerned words, Tang Zhen was suddenly in a daze.The little boy who used to follow her butt buy cbd gummies near me and often opposed her had grown up in the blink of an eye., buy cbd gummies near me know how to care about my sister.The fever has subsided, so make a fuss.Tang Zhen said, reaching out to take Tang Shuang s suitcase.Ouch I can take care of the light of the Tang family, I ll just take it.Although Tang Zhen was wearing a mask, Tang Shuang could still guess her expression at the moment, it must be anger.Call Tang Jiazhi again, and I ll beat you.Tang Zhen was very dissatisfied with this nickname, this guy likes to give people random nicknames.Since the elder sister is going to chase her dream, the younger brother will of course fully escort her.Tang Zhen s answer was not only for Tang Shuang, but also for herself.In the option of choosing one or the other, Tang Zhen made a firm choice, so Tang Shuang no longer needed to persuade or hesitate.Life is a multiple choice question, don t look back when you choose the right direction, just go forward At this moment, Tang Shuang viralix cbd gummies reviews buy cbd gummies near me no longer thinks about how to persuade her sister to give up, but thinks about how to help her chase her dreams.Tang Shuang doesn t have any dreams, she is happy, not only poor but also loved, she is satisfied.Helping loved ones realize their dreams is also very rewarding Tang Shuang thought about it, and fell asleep while lying on the balcony.In the middle of the night, she suddenly felt cold, and it was raining The drizzling rain fell densely, was blown by the wind, and slanted towards the balcony.Like Bai Yang er, her eyes were empty, as if A marionette with an empty soul.Seeing this scene, the director waved his hand, and the manager took the two girls and almost ran away Yesterday on the rainy Fragrant Hills, Tang Zhen had already cried, and with the help of the pattering rain, she could pretend to HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies near me cry , and even deceive myself that I didn t cry at all, it was rain, not tears.Yesterday she had already vowed that she would never shed tears today, she did it, gritted her teeth, clenched her fists involuntarily, and competed with herself.If a person is not strong, who will show weakness There are too many people waiting to see her jokes, she must not cry, must not cry Where is Xiaoshuang She needs Xiaoshuang now.Bai Yang er was crying so hard The manager, a professional woman who was almost forty years old, finally couldn t hold back, buy cbd gummies near me grownmd cbd gummies reviews and wiped tears with her.So Tang Shuang took a sip, returned the wine to the bone dragon, and left quickly without saying a word.After Li Haonan broke up, he was ready to die.After walking away, Tang Shuang vomited all the wine in one gulp It s not that he doesn t drink it, but after putting it in his mouth, he finds that the concentration is too high, it s not suitable for human beings to drink.Li Haonan quickly handed over a bottle of water, Tang Shuang kept rinsing his mouth, but still felt the smell of alcohol in his mouth, he couldn t help admiring Bone Hero, he didn t die after drinking this kind of wine, it was extraordinary.At the signing ceremony, Tang Shuang was the last to arrive.Wen Ruian looked at him and knew that he was finally stopped by the bone dragon, so he asked him if he was okay.Tang Shuang waved his hand and said it was all right.Tang Zhen was indifferent and tall.After wearing the white dress, she was even more beautiful.This was different from the beauty of Luo Yuqing who was sitting in the audience.She was so beautiful.She was as beautiful as a snow lotus flower, while Luo Yuqing was as bright as a crabapple flower.Shi buy cbd gummies near me Yu first asked Tang Zhen a few brief questions, and then interviewed Li Huaming briefly.Then came the formal signing ceremony.The staff cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me set up a signing table covered by a white label cbd isolate gummies red cloth, put down the signing book, and asked Tang Zhen and Li Huaming to sit down.After signing, they exchanged and signed again.In fact, the real contract has already been signed, and what is going on now is just a ceremony.When Tang Zhen and Li Huaming shook hands and showed the red contract book in their hands with the other, there was a round of warm applause at the scene.Tang Zhen s singing hides an impulse in the quietness.In the dark night, she is ready to go, close the door, lock the window, and tie up her long hair.She will set off alone, on the road west, to find the blue lotus in her dream Wang Zhen has been singing for more than 30 years, and he hasn t heard any songs.However, at this moment, the hairs all over his body stand on end, and goosebumps appear.Enthusiastic applause, as if afraid that the applause would wake up the blue lotus on the snowy land and the elf who buy cbd gummies near me grownmd cbd gummies reviews was singing on the stage Nothing can stop your yearning for freedom unconstrained life your heart nothing Concerned about passing through dark years I also felt hesitant when you bow your head then you realized the road under your feet If the last paragraph is a blue lotus flower that is about to bloom, then this paragraph is back to the world.Of course eating the buffet would not pass the test.Tang Huohuo drove the car directly to a high end French restaurant.Tang Shuang looked at the cbd gummies for hangover prices on the menu and wanted to slip away, but Tang Huohuo and Ye Liang supported her and pushed her to the seat.During the meal, Candy called cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me and asked Xiaoshuang in a childish voice why she didn t go home for dinner, did she go to eat delicious food secretly A box of ice cream.a box Tang Shuang was worried that she would get a beating if she was careful, so she quickly agreed, then hung cbd gummies recommended by dr oz up the phone, and breathed a sigh of relief Chapter 154 Don t Talk to Strangers Tang Shuang was the first to discover Tang Shuang in the old Tang family, and asked eagerly, Where is my ice cream You can t forget, Xiaoshuang.Tang Shuang took out the ice cream and showed off How dare I forget what you told me Ah Do you want to eat ice cream If you want to eat, do something for brother, see who is that Tangtang er only had ice cream in his eyes, so cbd thc gummy unabis cbd gummies tinnitus he took time to look at Tang Huohuo, then quickly turned away, and continued to stare at Tang Shuang.Wow What an ambitious doll A few people were chatting, Tang Zhen s album recording went smoothly, Tang Shuang came to Shengjing for another reason, this Xiao Na knew, and she couldn t help but praise at this moment A Shuang is really amazing, a great writer, Heroes will be coming soon Let s start filming, I have read this book, I like it very much, Feixue is a wonderful woman Tang Shuang smiled and chatted with her about Hero.Nowadays, news about the movie is flying all over the sky.Big directors, big producers, and big stars are enough to attract people without making gimmicks.Among the few people present, Xiao Na and Li eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus reddit Yuzhan cbd gummies stop drinking knew that Tang Shuang was the three swords of the imperial guard, but Deng Ke and Liu Yilian didn t know.Now they heard that the recent hot movie Hero was actually written by him, and he was the screenwriter of the movie.

Under the leadership of his parents, the little man happily returned home from school.The originally quiet street was full of chirping noises.Tang Shuang waited for a long time, but she didn t see Candy coming out.This girl always came back excitedly, and it was so late today.He waited for a while, and a little boy came over suddenly and said, Tang Tang s brother, Tang Tang s brother, are you Tang Tang s brother Xiao Jin, who was crying, bowed his head to greet him.Xiao Jin is a good boy.He informed Tang Shuang that Tang Tang was crying in the classroom.Tang Shuang hurried over, Xiao Jin chased after him again, pointed to his car and asked, Brother Tang Tang, is your car three characters I m really sorry, my car is a Volvo, or three Literally, you still can t compare.Under Xiao Jin s disappointed eyes with pouting lips, Tang Shuang came to the classroom of the big class and the first class.Li Yu s face froze, you didn t play cards according to common sense, how could you do this.Zhao Yayi was also taken aback, only Shi Guangnan, who was watching the show, smiled.Tang Shuang continued to smile and said I appreciate your kindness.It s amazing to start a company at home, but don t get me wrong, I mean your family is amazing, and it has nothing to do with you.But I still appreciate you.You are so warm hearted.My account does not need to be transferred, it is in Guangdong Province, but I have several friends, they may use you, do you have a business card, give me one, how about I ask them to contact you, after that, please come to your The restaurant mentioned just now has a meal, so you don t need to give money or gifts, you are the young master, between classmates, friendship is the most important thing Tang Shuang carried the rice back to Shi Guangnan s residence, Shi Guangnan invited him to sit down Come down to drink a glass of water, and said I ve heard about the little girl just now, she is a new student, and she is very famous.With one swipe, the last trace of ice cream is wiped away.Thanks to that little yellow flower, Candy finally begged Tang Shuang to buy an ice cream, hahaha Little Pig pouted, raised his face, and asked, Is it very clean Tang Shuang looked at it , tapped her little mouth, and said with a smile It s so cute, it s clean, let s go, get out of the car, by the way, do you want to tell us about your autumn outing today Yes Then first Think about how to say it, and don t be like the last time, who hesitated for a long time and didn how much is natures only cbd gummies t speak clearly.Thinking of the failure buy cbd gummies near me experience last time, Tang er said seriously I can speak very well.Tang s language ability is There is a talent bonus, but it is inseparable from the usual training and training of the old Tang family.Whenever something important or interesting happens to Tangtanger, cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me everyone will invite her to tell it as a story.Bullying children Tang Shuang squeezed Tangtang er s face, the chubby hand felt so good, I need to roll my tongue, try again Puff That s the sound Tang Shuang waved his hand, indicating that it was hopeless Maybe your face is too fat and there is no room for resonance, so you can t make a sound, and you are hopeless.Ah Tangtanger was dumbfounded, how could such a fun thing happen Without her share, why is it fat you re lying Seeing that the little girl was a little sad, Tang Shuang said, Look how beautiful the night is tonight, little man, do you want to know how many frogs there buy cbd gummies near me are in the lake Huh Count the frogs I can t count them.Candy I m a bit lacking in confidence.Counting the stars just now was tiring and nerve wracking.I managed to get away with it.I beat Tang Xiaoshuang by cheating.This time, when a big star comes to the door of the house, there will be a knife falling from the sky and a meteorite will go Tang Shuang s love for beauty broke out, and since she woke up in the morning, she was trying to figure out which beautiful little clothes she should wear, whether she should wear pants or a skirt, whether her shoes should be cloth or leather, pink or black Tang Shuang Suppress backhand, wear what you give, stop muttering, pick and choose, or you won t have to wear it These words sounded fierce, but in fact they were useless at all, because Huang Xiangning, who was in charge of food, clothing, housing and transportation, was I decide the big things , and it was not Tang Shuang s turn to make irresponsible remarks.So when she finally went out, Candy was still dressed up by Huang Xiangning in a shiny buling buling.That s why everyone exclaimed just now.The big star on TV is now in front of him.This feeling makes everyone very excited.Jia Yin, sit here and rest for a while.The cousin was invited to sit down on the sofa, and she understood after a little observation that this was creating an opportunity for the young people present to chat with the cousin on the balcony.chat.The cbd gummies kats botanicals cousin curled her lips unobtrusively, thinking that it is no wonder that these seven aunts and eight aunts are disliked by her cousin.She used to laugh at her for being coquettish and coquettish, but now she no grownmd cbd gummies reviews longer shamelessly flatters her.Even if you think about it with your ass, you can see how the cousin could have a crush on their son.People who are not in the same circle People who are not in the same circle, have nothing to talk about, and the young people on the balcony quickly fled.She looked like a flower picker Not to mention Tangtang er watched cbd with thc gummies for pain Monk Qi, even Huang Weiwei and Tang Zhen felt that Xiaoshuang was playing cheap again.Huang Weiwei was even more sure that Tang Xiaoshuang definitely had something wrong It s so coquettish, it s impossible under no circumstances.Tangtanger took two steps forward secretly, and said, You have it Tang Shuang sniffed at the flowers intentionally and loudly I don t have it.Tangtanger You have it Tang Shuang You have it.Tang Shuang You don t have one.Tang Shuang Hey, buy cbd gummies near me I really don t.Tang Tanger was stunned, and fell into Tang Xiaoshuang s trick again, ehhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The pharmacist seemed to have a feeling in the dark, and was summoned to give Zhu Zhujing a platform.Today she is really fully equipped, which is much better than last time.If she can put pedals and brakes on the slide bike, she will be even better.I m happy.After helping Tangtanger get dressed, Tang Shuang patted her little shoulder.She didn t grasp the strength well and almost broke the little girl.Ouch Xiao Shuang, you are a big villain, is keoni cbd gummies a scam and you beat your sister again Tang Shuang hit Tang Shuang with her small fist.I really didn t mean it, but Tang Tang, you have to pull yourself up, stand up straight, and be imposing, yes, that s it, all of them Get in the car Candy raised her little feet , straddle the slip car, step on the ground with your feet, look straight ahead, and prepare to listen to the password and set off.Tang Shuang also rode a mountain bike.Today he will share joys and sorrows with Tangtanger.

At this moment, a fifteen or sixteen year old boy passed by Tang Shuang quickly on a bicycle, and he had time to look back triumphantly.Tang Shuang didn t have time to pay attention to him, but was worried that the man would hit Tangtang, so she hurriedly said loudly Tang Tang, be careful Before he finished speaking, the boy on the bike passed Tangtang with a whimper, scaring the little girl a lot Jump.Child Eat my ashes, haha The young man left a proud word and rode away quickly.He was a little worried that the big man behind would catch up.The big man behind did not catch up, but the little man chased after him angrily.Tangtang er was very angry, because this man deliberately passed by her just now, and if he made a slight mistake, he would knock her to the ground.Not only did he not mean to be sorry, but he also laughed at her loudly She wants to catch up to ask for an explanation In the blink of an eye, Tang Shuang saw Tangtang er riding a skating car into the corner of the curve, and then disappeared He didn t dare to delay for a moment, and hurried to catch up.Seeing the stalemate at the scene, Zhang Tianfeng found a step for Wu Shulian to walk down, and said that it was noon, and he asked everyone to have a meal nearby.Seeing this, the other directors also persuaded Wu Shulian to calm down, eat first, and talk after eating.It is inconvenient for Zhang Tianfeng to invite Tang Shuang, if Tang Shuang also goes, Wu Shulian must not be stunned.However, just as Wu Shulian was leaving, Tang Shuang suddenly said Director Wu, please take a step slowly, I still have something to ask.Hearing this, everyone felt that it might not buy cbd gummies near me grownmd cbd gummies reviews be a good thing.very late.Tang Shuang ignored them, and said directly Director Wu, I respect you very much.What I said during the discussion with Fei Huang was based on the facts.It didn t involve any personal attacks, and didn t involve you in any words.At that time, the other girl had such a hairstyle and dirty hair, which made her very curious.She didn t know what was going on today, but she suddenly thought of that sister, mainly because of her dirty head, and then clamored to braid the little friends, and the first buy cbd gummies near me test subject chose the little peacock.The little peacock was originally a cute bobo head, but it was dismantled by Tangtanger, and such a are cbd gummies legal cbd thc gummy chicken nest head was tied.Tang Shuang looked at the proud candy, and then at the embarrassed little peacock.Poor little peacock Goodbye Goodbye, little peacock I ll braid your pigtails again tomorrow Bye, eh After getting in the car, Tang Tanger lay on the car window and waved goodbye to the little peacock.Then he turned around and said to Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, Little Peacock s mother is a foreigner. A Taoist Friend of mine Tang Zhen was speechless for a long time after reading it.Although it was lyrics, it told a story.A sad and melancholy love story.Women are all connected, and their immunity to this kind of work is negative.Even though Tang Zhen looked frosty, she was still extremely moved in her heart.Thinking that it was her younger brother who wrote these words, Tang Zhen asked curiously, Are you in a relationship Ah, huh No, no.Tang Shuang turned her face away.Come over to meet her face to face, staring at the guilty face, and said, Yes.Tang Shuang Hehehe, really not.While speaking, Shang Hui was thinking in her mind.While writing lyrics, Shang Hui was thinking in my mind.What I was thinking about was that year and that day, the Breeze Plaza amidst the heavy rain, and Shang Hui who was sad and crazy.In Zhang Fei s original words It just feels wrong, feeling I can t explain it clearly, you go to Tang Shuang and hear what he thinks.I m almost done thinking about it.He continued Now the crew can talk about internal and external troubles.Because of the accident, the local police in Jiuyedong have intervened, saying that they received a report letter, and the possibility of deliberate intentions cannot be ruled out It is obvious that someone is behind the scenes.Tang Shuang didn t do it.He continued to listen to Tan Si saying Not only the police, but also buy cbd gummies near me grownmd cbd gummies reviews the attitude of the Jiuyedong Management Committee has a problem.The cooperation agreement was originally negotiated, and it has always been very supportive, but today it suddenly said that the production team may cause difficulty in restoring the ecology of the scenic spot.Director Zhang has told us more than once, I hope I had the opportunity to cooperate with Zhang Yu, when we buy cbd gummies near me were discussing the script of Hero with us, I said how this Feixue looks so much like Zhang Yu At this point, everyone present has already understood that Tang Shuang and Zhao Yang are building a bridge, Create opportunities for Zhang Yu and Zhang Fei, and settle their suspicions.Zhang Yu is a very smart person, and said Screenwriter Tang Tang Shuang Sister Yu, just call me Xiaoshuang.Zhang Yu said with a smile Xiaoshuang, I must respect Director Zhang with you for this glass of wine Special thanks to Director Zhang for inviting me many times The situation here, everyone at the scene saw it in their eyes, and their hearts were relieved So far, the dinner has been very successful, and both material and spiritual goals have been achieved.How can you, a little vixen, grow chicken feathers Let me interview you, what do you think, and how do you do it What does the chicken have to do with it Tang Tanger was in a daze, her big eyes rolling around, hum Nasty little frost Always ask such difficult questions for children I, I and Chick are good friends, look I have Chick Ahhhhhhhhh The screaming chicken was pinched by Candy This is also called a good friend buy cbd gummies near me Chapter 343 Shuimunianhua Ye Liang came to Old Tang s house with big bags and small bags.This kid walks with the wind, although it is winter now, but he is proud of the spring breeze, so chic.When Tangtanger saw him, it was mainly because he seemed to have a gift, so he stopped pretending to be a little fox in an instant, got up from the ground, and ran to Ye Liang to show off his cuteness, with a pair of big eyes fixed on him.Tang Shuang was stunned for a moment, feeling hot in her heart.It was the most beautiful moment sugar and kush cbd gummies review for a beauty to come out of the bath, especially for a beauty like Luo buy cbd gummies near me Yuqing, I don t know what kind of beauty it is.Ding dong Luo Yuqing s message came, but it was not a text, but a recording.Tang Shuang clicked on it and heard a gentle singing voice.You are gentle and sweet.It s like a bird flying in the sky.It s just because you and I love and hug each other Tang Shuang clicked on it and listened to it three times, almost forgetting to answer.Why only one sentence Sing a little more.Luo Yuqing Hee hee Nope Tang Shuang s heart moved, and Luo Yuqing s coquettish appearance seemed to appear in her mind, which was completely inconsistent with the appearance he had seen before., a bit confused.Since the other party was a bit coquettish, Tang Shuang mobilized her brain fully and felt that Luo Yuqing only sang one line, obviously for some other purpose, for example, antiphonal song Well, it must be so So he drank water to moisten his throat, and sang with all his might I said I only have you in my eyes You are the miracle in my life Singing again completely exposed his broken voice, and the loss outweighed the gain.

We The goal is watermelon How did it become a watermelon Our watermelon is movies, movies, movies, important things are said three times, our goal is movies This is Ye Liang s home, that empty and deserted villa.Anyway, he and Aunt Zhang live all year round.Instead of this, it is better to have the first floor vacant for office work.So after discussing with Tang Shuang, Shuimunianhua Film and Television Company settled here Yes, firstly, it can save expenses, and secondly, Xiaoye s house is lively, so I don t feel panicked.Here, everyone worked in the same hall without any cubicles.Tang Shuang and Ye Liang sat down to discuss the script.Ye Liang Guo Zi, take a look at Tang Shuang s script and give me your opinion.Throwing him a stack of A4 papers, Guo Zifeng didn t take it, but said I don t understand movies, so I can t comment, don t delay It s your big business.This guy was quite fierce.Just now he was hugged and thrown miserably.Now he is also miserable.He was pinned to the ground by three people, his face was pressed against the cold ground, his nose was bruised and his face was swollen.This was caused by being hit in the face by Tang Shuang s elbow just now.This guy was stubborn.He wanted to resist when he was caught just now, but he was beaten up by the brothers brought by Tang Jin, and now he lay on the ground without saying a word.Tang Shuang squatted beside him and said, It looks like you won t answer me if I ask you Da Jinlian said in a muffled voice, Think I m stupid I ll kill you if I don t answer, just ask If I If you don t answer, I m trash.Tang Shuang was stunned for a moment, why did the person who fought so fiercely just now not look like a tough guy.Xiao Shuang, are you injured Show Tang Tang and mother quickly.Tang Tang raised her head from Huang Xiangning s arms and said to Tang Shuang with concern.Tang Shuang was not injured, and she didn t suffer a single blow.Seeing this, Tang Tanger still said sadly, Xiao Shuang s sorry.Then you still fight.Thinking of the little boy in black pulling her down, Tangtang said angrily Hmph That little villain is playing tricks, see if I don t beat him up.At this time, several family members came over, caring about Tangtang son s situation.Tangtanger saw the friends, and then remembered the competition.What about the competition results This is a game for the big guys, not for her alone.She doesn t want everyone to work hard because of her.Yes, how about the game score Although Tang Shuang told Tangtanger not to care too much about the results before the game, the focus is on the process and having fun.Little Pig has hidden a lot of winter snacks.At this time, it needs to play a role.From a certain corner of the study, he took out two packs of Doudou Candy , viralix cbd gummies reviews buy cbd gummies near me Huang Xiangning was very surprised to see it, you know, this is Tang Sanjian s study, and the little piggy dared to hide snacks under the eyes of the big tiger Hee hee Mom, I ll give you a pack of Doudou Candy, don t tell Dad okay Xiaozhuzhu bought Huang Xiangning, Huang Xiangning nodded and promised, let s treat it as a little secret between buy cbd gummies near me the mother and daughter.As for Doudou Candy, That was really taken away and eaten.Little Piggy was a little dumbfounded, why did the mother really eat it, wouldn t the adults praise her for being sensible and then give it back to her.Seeing her heartbroken, Huang cbd thc gummy unabis cbd gummies tinnitus Xiangning said, If you don t want mom to eat, don t give it.He immediately ran buy cbd gummies near me to the cake cart and brought a photo for Tang Shuang and Tang Tanger Then, Tang Tanger drove Tang Shuang away, cbd gummies with blood pressure meds called Tang Zhen, and the two sisters also took a photo According to Xiao Zhuzhu, everyone at the scene had to take a group photo, and she was very addicted to taking pictures.Tang Shuang quickly and tactfully stopped, let s take a group photo together instead of coming one by one.Kacha Among the stars holding the moon, Tangtang stretched out his scissors for ten thousand years, and smiled like a warm camellia.After the group photo was over, the candles were blown out again, and we encountered difficulties again.It wasn t that the candles were blown out again, but that the double layered cake was too high, and she was too small to blow out the candles.She bounced and blew twice, but one of them didn t blow out.She greeted Tangtanger enthusiastically Tangtanger, come and dance together, it s fun.Said, she ran over to grab Tangtanger.Tang Tanger looked back at Tang Shuang and said something, but she couldn t hear clearly at the scene.Tang Shuang encouraged her Hey, little sister, show yourself Come on.Turning to Tang Zhen, she said Xiao Zhen will also go up.Tang Zhen said awkwardly I can t dance.Candy can t dance either, and stood on the stage eagerly watching everyone dance happily, thinking that standing like this is not an option , So I started to move, shaking my hands, shaking my feet, twisting my little buttocks, stretching my neck, and finally jumping and dancing, it turned into a gray dance, but the music didn t match, and the dancing was completely different.who cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me cares Just dance happily and dare to show yourself.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning looked at each other, one hugged her tightly, the other stroked her little head, thinking of this little person s life experience, they felt very sorry for her.Tangtang er is still young and doesn t know her life experience.The reason why she shed tears is purely a child s touch and sadness.If one day she finds out the truth, she really doesn t know what will happenMaybe it will be Candy who will write the letter Son.Chapter 457 Because Xiaodao s fate is not long , Some are separated by thousands of miles, and some are yin and yang The lights on the stage are bright, but the lights in the auditorium are turned off.The faces of many audience members are blurred in the darkness.Weeping, because they all raised their hands to wipe their eyes in unison.The scene was extremely quiet, and only the guests were immersed in emotion and read aloud, reading a letter from a daughter to her mother.Sitting sour watermelon gummy platinum x cbd reviews next to him was Meng You The effect is better now, after he has done this, everyone must have walked out of the previous letter.Emotions, looking forward to Tang Shuang s next reading.Wang .

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Kai didn t think so deeply, but .

does cbd gummies make you feel weird?

what buy cbd gummies near me Meng You said was reasonable, after this, everyone was looking forward to Tang Shuang s reading, and no longer immersed in Hu Zhongyuan s letter middle.Meng You continued He is really suitable for wearing glasses.He is the type I like.With such a good image, it would be a pity not to be an artist.Wang Kai laughed and said He is a writer, and idol writers are very popular now.Maybe it s this way.Meng You Idol writer, yes, if you have a team, you can definitely turn him into a handsome writer with a warm and healing style, talented, and handsome.There is no such thing as a boy.

Candy is wearing a yellow apron.She has taken off her work card and big glasses.She is cleaning the toilet with a brush in her hand.There are four children with her.In a row, everyone brushed their buttocks vigorously.They were competing to see who could brush quickly and cleanly.The toilet is for decoration, it is smaller than the normal one, and it is used to clean the children.It is usually very clean, and only sprinkle some watercolors in it when needed, just cbd hemp infused gummies 100mg just to trouble p19 cbd gummies the little waiters in the hotel.Tang Shuang was amazed that the villain still had such a hobby, and said to Huang Xiangning Our kid has awakened a new skill, which I didn t realize before, and he likes to clean the toilet.Contract it to her, give her some rewards, and sway her enthusiasm.Huang Xiangning was also speechless, speechless to the little girl of the old Tang s family, this little guy was poking out his little butt, his little head was almost stuck into the toilet, it can be seen that her level of buy cbd gummies near me devotion was completely carried away, and at this moment, she was one with the toilet.He felt that he did not come to mourn Xu Chengyang, but to demonstrate and ridicule didn t you smear me on the Internet How are you doing now I have no idea.The day after the memorial service, Tang Shuang asked Xu Chengyang s sister Xu Jiaojiao to meet her.Xu s family is from Yicheng, his parents and relatives have all gone back, Xu Jiaojiao and her cousin Chen Shaojian stayed in Guangdong Province, and continued to fight for Xu Chengyang s death.In the private room of the coffee shop, Tang Shuang personally poured coffee for Xu Jiaojiao and Chen Shaojian, and asked Xu Jiaojiao, Are you going to stay in Guangdong Province all the time When her grandma went to the hospital, she would never know that her brother had such a friend.Regarding today s meeting, she didn t know what to do, and Tang Shuang didn t say anything on the phone.Zhao Yayi hummed lightly, walked around to the other side, and sat in the passenger seat specially.Tang Shuang yelled at Qi Xiaohui Xiaohui Loli said voicelessly The Lun family is Tang Tang Xiaoshuang, are you talking to other children Who is Xiaohui Do the Lun family know each other Qi Xiaohui hesitated After a while, she waved her hand cbd thc gummy to show that she didn t take a car.As for why she didn t take a car, it goes without saying.At the same time, the two boys beside Qi Xiaohui stared at Tang Shuang and his car, but they didn t come over.After Tang Shuang drove away, Qi Xiaohui smiled and said to the two boys, I said the opponent is very strong.One of the boys asked, Who is this The rich second generation or the second generation official In the car, Zhao Yayi Tang Shuang s thoughts were originally on Tang Shuang, but ever since she got in the car, all her thoughts were on the loli voice that rang out.Tang Shuang looked down at cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me the smiling little man, guessing that something unusual might have happened to the old Tang s family without his knowledge, but since Li Haonan said so, It means that the matter has been resolved smoothly, and now is really not the time to chat.He touched Tangtang er s little head, not knowing what kind of trouble this villain had made Let my brother sign the last few books, and then come to accompany you.Tangtang er smiled and nodded Okay She stood between Tang Shuang s legs, sticking out her little head to watch Xiaoshuang sign someone else s autograph curiously.She read it very seriously, not only buy cbd gummies near me looking at the signature, but also looking up at Xiaoshuang from time to time, and at the book in her hand.A book friend who came forward.She has to learn, learn how to sign people, because she will need it soon.Not talking is scarier than buy cbd gummies near me talking, buy cbd gummies near me because you don t know what he wants to do.Tang Shuang sat and watched the changes without saying a word.He could neither speak for Tangtanger nor demolish brother Sanjian.He can t help Brother Sanjian teach Tangtanger a lesson.At this time, there must be one who sings the red face and one who sings the bad face, so that the matter will not collapse.In front of him, brother Sanjian must be singing red face, while Tang Shuang consciously sang buy cbd gummies near me grownmd cbd gummies reviews bad face.Li Haonan left a long time buy cbd gummies near me ago, the moment Tang Sanjian arrived, he very consciously moved away, only three people from the old Tang family were around.The atmosphere became more and more dignified.Candy was the first to take the lead and kicked Tang Shuang under the table, but her legs were too short and she missed it.Cleaning up, you rest, there is a baby, Dad, am I a little more sensible Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning bent over to look at the little man under the table, with stunned and speechless expressions.Chapter 527 The Best Storyteller The old Tang family has a big future, a sycophant has been formed, although it is only a small sycophant, its power cannot be underestimated.Huang Xiangning pulled the candy out from under the table distressedly, and asked her to spit out what she ate, and she couldn t eat it if it fell on the ground, because it was dirty and would hurt her stomach.However, Tangtanger patted her stomach, telling her mother not to worry, because her stomach is quite strong, and it will be fine to lie down for a while after eating for a while, and two peas falling on the ground will not damage her stomach, please put your heart back in the stomach.Tang Shuang didn t pay attention at first, but after a while Luo Yuqing looked at her from the rearview mirror without saying a word, and asked, What are you thinking Hmm Luo Yuqing said without turning her head Let s play some music.Because it was a new car, Tang Shuang hadn t prepared music yet Listen to the music radio station.As soon as the radio was turned on, there was a burst of song melody.A new song by a male singer, but before he can figure out which song it is, the song has already been played, and then there is a burst of male DJ s thick voice Okay, now it s the number one song on the Asian Music Rankings New Songs List Who is she She is Tang zhen First Love Immediately the prelude cbd gummies five to First Love sounded on the radio, and at the same time the DJ continued The upcoming release will be on January 1st, the first day of the new year.Wang Jian and Ding Xiaoquan stayed on the sidelines silently.They couldn t get into this topic at all.They were good at managing companies, but their knowledge in literature was very shallow.After all, they specialized in technology.They were very impressed.They could be sure that Tang Shuang didn t know that Bai Fan s family had such a piano beforehand, let alone that the piano had a name, and the name was Leng Rongrong.Xie Zhifei and Tang Shuang were very happy chatting, but seeing that other people couldn t get in the conversation, he resisted the reluctance in cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me his heart, changed the subject, sat in front of the piano, and played The Beauty of Spring for everyone.She likes Tang Zhen s song very much, it is elegant and full of hope.The best cbd gummies for sex drive piano is good, and the piano skills are also good.The song Chunguangmei has a different charm, which makes people nostalgic.

The hand was knocked off, and the crisp sound made both of them stunned at the same time.Just take a look if you don t believe me.Tang Shuangzhen showed Luo Yuqing her beaten right hand.Luo Yuqing Put it over a little bit, I can t see it.As she said that, she took her right hand off the steering wheel and wanted to grab Tang Shuang s hand to look at it.In an instant, Tang Shuang s hand wrapped around her like a snake.Hehe, but before he could laugh smugly, he was hit again with a slap.Tang Shuang clutched her left hand and cried out What s going on Why are you reacting so fast This is unscientific Have you ever practiced fencing My candy, it hurts me to death.Luo Yuqing smiled triumphantly and said Don t try to lie to me You were hit with your right hand, and you were handed over with your left hand.Tang Shuang looked amused, this little guy actually teased her big sister, what a kid.Tang Zhen laughed out loud at being teased by the little sugar man, completely lost her former aloofness, and couldn t notice other details at all.But if she didn t notice it, it doesn t mean Tang Shuang couldn t notice either.He wouldn t be confused by the little sugar man.I saw that the little sugar man kept eating persimmons, eating one after another, teasing his sister while eating, Tang Shuang saw this, and saw that she had eaten three persimmons in a short time, and hurriedly ate all the persimmons He took it buy cbd gummies near me grownmd cbd gummies reviews away and told him I m going to bed tonight, I can t eat any more after eating this, go brush my teeth with my sister.This guy really knows how to fish in troubled waters, and she even muddied the water on purpose.At this point, she turned to .

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the other people sitting on the sofa and said, I m sorry everyone, Dean Lu wants to take a break today.He caught a cold yesterday and is not feeling well.Please go back first.,that I took cold medicine and wanted to rest, so Yuan Jiangwei said clearly, and took Wu Muqiu, Jian Siming and others away.Seeing that Tang Shuang was still sitting on the sofa, Jian Siming said angrily You don t want to leave. Tang Shuang gave him an annoyed look, thinking it was none of your business, but she got up and followed.The woman stopped him and said, You are not allowed to leave, please stay At this moment, Yuan Jiangwei and his party all Stopping and looking back, why did they leave, but Tang Shuang could stay Didn t Dean Lu get sleepy after taking cold medicine Seeing this, the woman explained It is I who want to keep Tang Shuang, not me.Tang Shuang took out her phone and opened Weibo.No need to search, the headline of the app was the news about Tang Zhen s hidden marriage.When she clicked on it, it was written just as Li Wenzhan said, Tang Zhen s hidden marriage cbd thc gummy unabis cbd gummies tinnitus was with him, and they There is also a daughter, the daughter is Candy.The reason why I knew it was him and Tangtanger was because there were three photos in the gossip news, in which Tang Shuang and Tangtanger could be seen.In the photo, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen were each holding Tangtanger s hand, facing the camera, so it was clear what they looked like.The background was the service area on the expressway.You can t see anything from this photo, but the other two photos are very intimate.The background is at the airport.Tang Shuang put her arms around Tang Zhen s shoulders, lowered her head and whispered in her ear.Although she really wanted to be with her mother more, but Xiaoshuang seemed to be avoiding her like this, which made her very unhappy.Little fairy everyone loves it Can you respect the little fairy It s okay to be rare.Okay, okay, just go if you want to go, I can t get rid of you, right.Tang Shuang s indifferent buy cbd gummies near me attitude made are cbd gummies legal cbd thc gummy Tangtanger unhappy again.Seeing this, Tang Shuang immediately asked You saw a lot of beautiful little girls this morning.Sister How beautiful Did you take a picture Is there a video Yes Show me.The two beauties of the old Tang family spent the whole morning in a music room at Guangdong University, where the teacher is Huang Xiangning s friend, the other party asked Huang Xiangning to give her a reference.She is directing a dance team and is preparing to participate in this year s Guangdong Province Spring Festival Gala.All round development thinking is a common idea among students, but the reality is that there are no all rounders in our society.Everyone has limited energy, and there are things they are good at and bad atBecause of this difference, the society is richer and more diverse, and it is precisely because of this that we have a comparative advantage.This is an advantage, and it is an ability that others do not have.With the beginning, everyone Gradually opened up the topic, and talked a lot about the rabbit that went up the mountain faster than going down the mountain, which stunned Candy in the audience.She didn t understand most of the words, but she understood about the rabbit, vaguely Yue knew that everyone was talking about rabbits, but he didn t understand what they were talking about.When he asked Pan Fugui, Pan Fugui didn t understand either, and he looked confused.One day after get off work, Xiao Luo came to Kick You Somersault Cafe again.For some reason, there were many people tonight, and she sat in the one she used to sit in again.Location, at this moment, a young man appeared in front of her and asked her politely, can I share a table with you Xiao Luo looked up at him, yes.After the young man thanked him, he ordered an omelet rice with egg yolk Sauce.Omurice with mayonnaise, do you remember Xiao Luo Xiao Luo Hey, wake up.Luo Yuqing said in a daze, Call me My Xiao Luo Hmph Take your hands away The big hand touching her head, damn it, how can you touch a girl s head like this, it feels weird.Also, how did she become Ronaldinho I m asking you, are you listening I feel like you re playing the piano against the cow.Excessive You say that about the goddess I want to bite you.She stared at the computer without blinking, only to see words popping up constantly.She looked at brother Sanjian s hand buy cbd gummies near me typing on the keyboard, and asked strangely, Dad, why do you use one finger Little Shuang It uses five.Tang Sanjian was embarrassed, he typed with one finger Zen, and it looked very lively.Tangtanger picked up his palm to look at it, and asked with concern Father, are the others broken Tang Sanjian said it was not broken, it was very good, Tangtanger was worried, insisted on taking a look, and pulled Tang Sanjian s hand Go, after tossing and tossing for a while, when Little Zhuzhu lost his curiosity and decided to let him go, Brother San Jian was originally thinking like a spring, but now he doesn t even make a grunt.Chapter 721 Riding a Big Bird to Shengjing Early in the morning, the sun rose from the lake, sprinkled pieces of golden light, and fell on the smoky lake, like a fairyland.

There is a word card on the white crane with a word of thanks and the signatures of all crew members.Tang Shuang couldn t hold her, so she asked Tang Shuang to help carry Tang Xiaoguo and Tang Xiaotang.She came to hold Baihe, and after waving goodbye to everyone, she took the lead to get out of the cabin.Tang Shuang also took the initiative to make a soundtrack for her, looking like a big brother from the underworld.Dengdeng dengdengdeng dengdeng dengdengdengdeng Chapter 724 The teacup was bubbling Tang Shuang soon saw Pan Wenling at the exit, and several people came down to the parking lot under her lead and turned around After turning a corner, she saw the tall and slender Tang Zhen standing in front of a car.When Tang Shuang saw Tang Zhen, Tang Zhen also saw them for the first time, stepped forward quickly, and hugged Huang Xiangning, Tang Sanjian stood aside and looked at his wife and daughter with a smile, while Tang Shuang ran towards him with a suppressed smile Tang Tang, who turned her head and didn t have time to brake, greeted Come here Tang Tang, why are you running so fast My sister is here.This is the one that Tang Shuang and Zhang Fei watched this morning.It s called Hero , which has the same name as the movie.The lights in the theater were suddenly extinguished, the setting sun outside the house was shut out, the gate was closed, and there were people standing guard at the door in the darkness, and the red rays of the setting sun were driven out one by one.The theater was in a daze, and Tang Shuang felt a fleshy little hand quickly grabbing his clothes.Suddenly, the lights flickered on, and the stage in front became translucent, which immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the audience, and then a very faint blue light was lit up and down the theater.With the help of the blue light, everyone could roughly see the general situation around them., not a smear of black.The little man grinned and smirked trying to please, but he restrained himself immediately, turned his head quickly, and continued to watch the stage solemnly, pretending that nothing happened, but muttered in his heart, this little Shuang is indeed Bai Liangliang, this guy, old It was digging a hole for my sister.She and Bai Jingjing rushed into Tang Shuang s room many nights, and climbed onto his bed to make trouble, or simply to tease Xiao Shuang, and they were used to fighting together with one person and one dog.I didn t expect to be tricked by Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang stared at the little man for a while, forget it, he didn t break the casserole to ask the end, but he knew in his heart that without his knowledge, this little guy and Bai Jingjing should have plotted against him a lot.The lights on the stage gradually turned on, not suddenly, but gradually, like the sun rising, a process visible to the naked cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me eye.After graduating from university, Luo Peiqi directly took the exam and entered the local using cbd gummies for pain municipal government as a civil servant.Am I thin I think I m fat.Where are you fat During the Mid Autumn Festival, you were fatter than now, and now your face is thinner, sister, you need to grow some flesh.Luo Peiqi sighed Tone, Sister, look at me, am I fat Tell the truth.Luo Yuqing stared at Luo Peiqi, and said, It seems to be a little fatter, and her face is a little rounder.Luo Peiqi sighed disappointedly Well, everyone said that, everyone said I gained a lot of weight, or sister you have Look, I only gained three catties, and the people around me seem to have gained thirty catties, and they are bluffing in front of me every day, I really hate these people.Are you still practicing yoga Luo Yuqing asked.The doctor said, if she wants to drink water, let her drink it, and she needs to drink more water for a while.Sister, don t eat spicy strips anymore, look at you, it s hard this time.Huang Xiangning took the opportunity to teach.Tang Tang nodded immediately I m uncomfortable, I m uncomfortable, I m really uncomfortable.Tang Zhen, who was holding her hand, froze.Where did he learn this bad feeling No one in the old Tang family talked like that.Mom, bring some water.Tangtanger must have been transformed by a small fish in her previous life.Why does she love drinking water so much Tangtanger stared at the handbag Huang Xiangning was carrying, in which she are cbd gummies legal cbd thc gummy bought two bottles of bear drink in red.Can you bear it for a while You ve drank a lot.Huang Xiangning worried that her little sister s stomach would not be able to bear it.A note Yes, a note.Very important Very important.What did you write Ye Liang It was written on that bank card password.The policewoman suddenly thought, no wonder this young man was nervous.Why did you write the password of the bank card on a slip of paper and put it together with the card Ye Liang I m in business, and I came back late yesterday after urging the account.This bank card is the account I just wanted to get back.Because I was afraid of forgetting the password, I wrote it down on a piece of paper, and I wanted to find an ATM to withdraw the money immediately, but then I came to this store to buy cigarettes and won the lottery, so buy cbd gummies near me I forgot it when I was happy.The middle aged policeman was curious.Ye Liang asked How much money is there Ye Liang Fifty thousand and one hundred.Ye Liang looked at Lao Xu, this old man went to the bank in the morning and came back with a bunch of money, wish him good luck, If he really moved the money in the bank card, it would be bad luck, and Xiao Shuang would make him peel off his skin.Compared with Tang Zhen, Jiang Yue beside her was much more miserable.Feeling distressed.Huang Xiangning said to Jiang Yue seriously Xiao Yue, we are a family, right Jiang Yue was taken aback when he heard this, and after hesitating for a moment, nodded Yes.Huang Xiangning patted her head and said, Little fool, why should the family be so polite.you forgot In the past, Zhenzhen ignored everyone and just liked being with you.She called you sister.So to her, to us, don t worry about this or that, just tell us whatever you think, we are a family With tears in Jiang Yue s eyes, she nodded vigorously, then lowered her head and continued to watch Tangtang er s video while hiding the expression on her face.In the video, Tang Zhen said to Tangtanger But Xiaoshuang hasn t come yet.How is your cake It is useless to hold it now.Tangtanger pretended to be discouraged and said, Okay, Tangtanger agrees, Xiaoshuang Take me to play.Tang Shuang No problem, give me a punch for the dog in your arms, and I will take you to the TV station tomorrow.Bai Jingjing in Tangtanger s arms whined in fright, she Now I am very regretful, I shouldn t have said so much, now it looks like I am going to die, the little master is going to sell it for profit, woo woo woo It s so pitiful to be a dog.Tang Tanger gently patted the dog s head and comforted Bai Jingjing.At the same time, her eyes rolled away, and she handed Bai Jingjing to Tang Shuang with a smile, and said, Here.Smash Bai Jingjing s little head.But when he was about to beat him up, Tangtang suddenly hid Bai Jingjing in her arms again.Tang Shuang What do you mean Don t let me hit you Tang Tanger said seriously, You can t hit Jingjing, and my brother can t hit my sister.

Xiaoshuang, you are Bai Liangliang, and Jingjing is your sister Tang Zhen and Huang Xiangning looked over immediately.The scene was suddenly so quiet Tang Shuang slowed down, and soon came to her senses, furious, I ll fuck it Where is my big knife My big pineapple The world is going to die today Chapter 816 The promotion of Hero , the daughter of the people of Guangdong Province, is in full swing.After the collective promotion of Shanghai TV Station, the crew has selected Guangdong TV Station to participate in a trump card variety show here.The participants are still all the main creators, led by Zhang Fei.Because it was Tang Shuang s home stadium and it happened to be during the Spring Festival, Tang Shuang invited everyone to visit Old Tang s house after the recording of the show.When Tang Shuang went to the TV station in the morning, Huang Xiangning finally confirmed with him Xiao Shuang, are they sure buy cbd gummies near me grownmd cbd gummies reviews they will come Tang Shuang put on the watch, which was the Vacheron Constantin given by Tang Zhen on her birthday last year, and replied to Huang Xiangning Yes, All 6 people will come, Mom, thank you for your hard work, if we record quickly, it will end buy cbd gummies near me at 7 o clock in the evening.The hospitable Candy was extremely joyful, instantly forgot Tang Zhen s advice, couldn t control her small mouth, and started blah blah, telling Zhang Yu and Liang Qiao who were in the same car about her various small animals, as well as fascinating little things.Animal Story Convention.When the two heard it, ouch, Tang Shuang s family has so many small animals.Is this a zoo Do you have to worry about it I really dote on my little sister As a result, I went to Old Tang s house to see, ah Except for a dog, a parrot and a pool of small goldfish, the rest are all dolls As for Tangtanger, pointing to the yard and the grove, she buy cbd gummies near me plausibly said that the spiders, birds, ants, and cicadas in it belonged to her, especially the spiders, which she raised in summer, and the little ants came from her little ones.Li Yuanlin was furious I told you not to Looking sideways at me, I m just being self indulgent Let Brother Lu comment Ding Lu heard the nickname Brother Lu , turned around and left without saying a word.Don t blame him for being impolite, he didn t hit anyone because he had endured and endured.Ji Yanjie said I m talking about your last sentence, aren t you stupid.Li Yuanlin What s the last sentence Does Tang Zhen have a crush on us onris cbd gummies chemist warehouse Doesn t she If you don t have a crush, you always laugh.Ji Yan Jie curled his lips What s the total smile I laughed three times in total, and it became a total smile in your mouth Li Yuanlin smiled and said You are also very concerned, ha Ji Yanjie What a wool, We are under the influence of the chairman, and other big stars will see it differently.If you try another person Yang Huiru, do you think he will talk to us.He thought he was a fan and nodded at him.Although it s just a slight movement, like nodding your head and moving your neck, it s OK, but in the eyes of fans following around, this movement is no different from a 180 ton blue whale turning over on the sea surface, stirring up turbulent waves Big waves, the wonders of the animal world So they all held their heads and screamed, and the screams woven into one piece, netting hundreds of people at the airport without saying a word, like the grove in front of the old Tang s house in summer.The flow of people coming out increased, Tang buy cbd gummies near me Shuang stood outside the guardrail, and saw a slim girl in the crowd, so cute and sweet.Bai Yang er The cute person who used to be Girl s Day Tang Shuang took a step forward, thinking it was wrong, she wasn t here to pick her up today, so she quickly took three steps back, lowered her head, and hid in the crowd.Tang Shuang observed that Luo Yuqing s expression was really relaxed.You want to make me relax Luo Yuqing asked in surprise.Not all of them.What else I still want to see the most beautiful smile in the world.Then, the most beautiful smile in the world bloomed in front of Tang Shuang at such a close distance, and the midday sun shone through the floor to ceiling windows, Sprinkled on Luo Yuqing and him, the two of them were completely bathed in the sun.Okay, we re going to have lunch.Before lunch, I have some news for you.What news My mother wants to invite you to my house for dinner tomorrow at noon.Ah buy cbd gummies near me grownmd cbd gummies reviews Ah what buy cbd gummies near me It s not like I ve been there before. Emmmm Am I the only one I haven t decided who else to invite now. Uh uh uh uh uh Hey, Luo Yuqing, who has a strong aura, is actually timid What, no For a long time, uh, why hesitate, it s not like you haven t been to my house before.Candy s face collapsed, and she was not allowed to speak Don t let her sing buy cbd gummies near me Why are you still here Not the Lalun family, the Lun family is going down to play with Xiaoshuang, not with you q s t r Tang Zhen said with interest Sisters sing, Candy is the lead dancer and leads us to dance, are you satisfied Huh What about music Why isn t the music playing The Lun family s little butt can t help but twist it Chapter 854 The dance of the song kiss me by the super girl is very cute, cute and sexy.The first time Tang Shuang saw this dance was on TV last summer.At that time, Tang Zhen, Bai Yang er and Li Xiaozhi participated in a TV show, and performed dance music on the show, dancing this kiss pharma cbd gummies delta 8 me.At that time, Tang Shuang felt that the melody and dance of this song were somewhat similar to the gee of Girls Generation that he knew.Tang Shuang was furious, and slapped Luo Yuqing s thigh with a slap.The skin was full of elasticity, and the palm was rebounded.Tang Shuang was taken aback, and tried again.Although she could feel the amazing elasticity through her underwear, it felt really, really good Keep the paws hooked I couldn t help using my five fingers slightly, grabbed it, and thenthe five fingers betrayed Don t listen to Tang Shuang s words, and refuse to come down alive or dead Thumbs said that the Internet is a lie Where is this salty pig s hand The index finger said they were cheated This should not be called salty pig s hand, it should be called fairy hand The ring finger is called a cactus, which is more vivid.The middle finger gave it a slap, thinking it was the greatest insult to Miss Yuqing.After the slap, it tried its best to sink itself into the buy cbd gummies near me fairy s thigh, which was so refreshing.Sister Seeing that her sister was waiting for her, Tangtanger excitedly chased after her.The sound of tinkling It kept ringing, Tang Zhen followed the sound, and saw a pair of iron bells the size of walnuts tied to Tangtanger s right ankle.Tang Zhen smiled and looked at Tang Shuang beside him, the pair of bells were tied by him , Said it was to prevent the little sister from getting lost, don t worry, and tied a rope.This is the so called well equipped Xiaoshuang said, and she is getting better and better at deceiving children.Fortunately, Candy is in a good mood today That s great, I don t care about it.Xiaoshuang can you let the Lun family go Tangtang er tugged at the red rope tied around her wrist, a little dissatisfied Tangtang er is a little fairy who can fly, I can t fly Ding jingle The bell rang again, and a The little dog jumped out of the mist excitedly, and with a bang, it crashed into Tangtanger s slide car.

With me or with the BMW With you.Who It should be paparazzi, There is a camera.Is there something Young Master Tang can take a look.Okay, I ll come over now.Tang Shuang hung up the phone, pinched Tang Tanger s face, and said, Stay at home, I ll go out for a while Candy stood up and asked expectantly, Do you want to take Candy No, I ll be back soon.You stay at home and bask in the sun with these little trees.After Tang Shuang left, seeing Tangtanger climbed onto the big chair he was sitting on just now, she sighed comfortably and lay on her back basking in the sun.She seemed to be obedient, but Tang Shuang was still worried.She went to Brother Sanjian s study to remind her to let the Internet guru keep an eye on the villain so that she wouldn t take the opportunity to slip away.Arriving at the police station, he walked into an office familiarly.The MV screen and music of No If appeared on TV, and the extremely sexy Yang Huiru sang affectionately If you didn t So proud Zhang Liang s Sea Breeze.There was a picture of buy cbd gummies near me grownmd cbd gummies reviews Zhang Liang singing Sea Breeze live on TV.It should be that there is no MV for this song.The round faced Zhang Liang sang a little funny The sea breeze is my hand that passes through your hair Last year, Zhang Liang was the biggest accident in the Chinese music scene.Tang Zhen didn t count, after all, Chengmai and Yuxiang were standing behind her, everyone could have predicted that she would be a big hit, but only to what extent.And Zhang Liang, a small third and fourth tier singer buy cbd gummies near me who has never had a sense of existence, ushered in a big explosion last year without saying a word.The newly released music album Sea Breeze became a hit, which made him rise to the top in one fell swoop.Who are you looking for Do you know where Shang Hui is sitting Ah, looking for Shang Hui, go straight to the left, until she is in front of the window.Are you looking for something Hey, it s not mine About the show, ask her for help Hey, there are a lot of people looking for her recently, Director Li, you are also after Tang cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me Zhen, right Why Many people come to her to ask about Tang Zhen That s quite a lot, Lao Gan from the entertainment column just left.Then I ll hurry up and see you later, Lao Chai The HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies near me plan for a year lies in spring, not only Baby is Coming is preparing for a new season The program and Tuzi Entertainment have also entered the final sprint stage.Tang Shuang looked around the meeting room.President Wang Jian was sitting on his left, music director and executive vice president Ding Xiaoquan was on his right, and the company s supervisor Fan Liwen was on the right. After Tang Shuang sent Tangtanger to the kindergarten that day, she promised that the little man would definitely come to pick her up from school in the afternoon and would not leave her alone.Then she buy cbd gummies near me made an appointment with Huyan Xiaosha.After the two met, they went to see her together Qiu Sen.An ugly daughter in law has to see her in laws.Dragon Fist will be auditioned for Qiu Sen to make a final decision.Qiu Sen took the music director of the Dragon Snake TV series to audition, and the two were stunned.Although Qiu Sen had heard from Tang Shuang a long time ago that the cbd gummies relaxation new song was a hip hop song mixed with Chinese styles, the style of Dragon Fist still made him dare not even think about it.Qiu Sen finally knew why Tang Shuang said that the Heavenly King Huang Hui couldn t sing this song.She couldn t help licking her lips and grunting, revealing her feelings.Cao Kai found out and asked her, Do you want coffee Tang Tanger immediately glanced at Tang Shuang.Shaking his head, although he wanted to drink, he couldn t.Tang Shuang saw that there were still cream stains on her little mouth, and said, Take a buy cbd gummies near me napkin and wipe my little mouth, it s not clean.Candy said with a smile, It s not clean, if you eat it, you ll get sick.Huh Hehehe, I m just kidding, just wipe Candy.The little guy was wiping his mouth while looking around in the cafe.She was no longer interested in the director, because she wasn t going to be on TV today.There are many foreigners in the cafe, blond and blue eyed, and there are foreigners babies, which is really strange.It was even more strange to hear them chattering.Xiaofu watched as Dalin followed with the camera on his shoulders and disappeared.She wiped the sweat from her forehead.She was sweating profusely from wearing cotton padded clothes to short sleeved clothes all day long, and her body felt uncomfortable and uncomfortable.After washing their faces, Tang Shuang and Tangtanger sat side by side on chairs drinking the cool sea breeze.There was a noise at the door, and they turned their heads to see that it was Zhang Huxing and Zhang Weitong.Tangtang let out a haha, sat up in an instant, and waved excitedly at Zhang Weitong Little Tongzi, buy cbd gummies near me ha, look, Room 1 is a big house After resting for a while, she was immediately full of energy.She got up and came to the little boy Zhang Weitong with a red face, patted his little shoulder and said, Miss sister wants to take care of you, but you are a little man, why don t you Take care of the young lady, then the young lady asks you, where is your house Zhang Weitong said dejectedly I didn t find it.That, there is nothing else that can be bought.This is edible.Tang Shuang didn t look at him, smiled and stretched out her hand, taking Lili The little girl slapped it full of peanuts, but there were only a few in Tang Shuang s hands, and even if it was a little, Tangtanger robbed three of them halfway.Hee hee, eat some Xiaoshuang Wow, it s really delicious, it smells so good.Candy put the peanuts in his pocket with a smile, and first hid them to store some dry goods.This is already instinctive.These are boiled peanuts.Tang Shuang peeled one and tasted it.It was indeed very fragrant.It was not as dry as fried peanuts, and it was more delicious.It s delicious, thank you little Lili.Tang Shuang thanked little Lili with a smile.Little Lili smiled when she heard this, and said sweetly that you are welcome.When he got close, he heard the other party scolding Little Lily s father.Repay the money How dare you hide Take your hands away Let you hide Your mother Dare you not pay back the money I borrowed from you.I ll kill you today Speak up This guy is not afraid of boiling water, so go to his house to move things later Leave a sigh of relief and open a ladle for him One of them went to pick up the table legs on cbd gummies wholesale private label buy cbd gummies near me the ground.Stop Tang Shuang shouted.Chapter 935 Your mother is so beautiful After Tang Shuang kicked the two of them over, she led Xiao Lili s father into the car and left.How s your face Tang Shuang asked.One side was swollen and there was a palm print on it.It s okay, it s a little swollen, and it will be fine soon.Well, thank you, actually, you don t have to worry about me, they beat me up and it s over.

Tang Tang are the cbd gummies at shell good I m going to catch you next.Feng Chaoqun threatened.Tangtanger is a little scared, but Xiaoshuang just asked her best cbd gummies at walmart what is the most important thing in a person, and she replied that it is courage, so it is impossible to be afraid.The little man boldly pouted his little butt, stuck out his tongue at Feng Chaoqun, grinned and mocked wantonly.As soon as the little tongue was stuck out, before he could take it back, he turned his head and ran away in fright, because Feng Chaoqun was already chasing after him.Serpentine movement The crowd is most suitable for serpentine running Although Feng Chaoqun was born as an athlete, but there are so many people here, everyone is splashing water, it is difficult for him to catch such a small person, and there are other children delta cbd gummies online around him from time to time to make trouble, so he is not allowed to catch Tang Tang.Tangtanger looked at Feng Xiaofeng who was wantonly laughing at her, and buy cbd gummies near me then at her right foot, it was already submerged in the elephant s poop, and the little shoe could not be seen Elephant poop covered her right foot up to the ankle.Boom Why are you so unlucky Zhang Weitong ran over, covered his nose, stared at Tang Tang s feet in the stool, and said sympathetically Tang Tang, what are you doing now You are too careless, it smells so bad.Tears, pinched the faces of so many little boys today, I didn t expect to become like this, surrounded by little boys.The tiger falls in Pingyang and is bullied by dogs.The little fairy with broken wings was bullied by the little bird that ate big white maggots Although the little fairy has suffered, at least her dignity still needs to be maintained.She plausibly said It doesn t stink Elephant poop is fragrant, you can smell it.Whether it s love, it doesn t matter whether it s love what s more important than the needs of two hearts how can tenderness be lacking whether it s advancing or retreating, it s like a frenzy whether it s pain or love it s better not to publish The host sitting in the studio of the concert said movingly to the camera Audience friends, the stage at this moment belongs to Hu Zhongyuan alone.He stands quietly in the center of the stage, facing the 100,000 people under the stage alone Fans, and thousands of you in front of the TV. Hu Zhongyuan can t sing anymore, his throat is dry, his voice is hoarse, he s crying, and he can t sing anymore.But it s okay , the audience stood up, the applause was ringing, the singing was still cbd gummies for golf echoing in the sky, and 100,000 people sang Can t Say Goodbye for him in unison.What the hell is that Xiao Na laughed.Luo Yuqing, who was eavesdropping, pretended not to hear anything, but the smile on the corner of her mouth couldn t be concealed.It turns out that Xiaoshuang also hates it She thought this guy had always been so good tempered, he was kind to everything.Chapter 1008 The Golden Melody Awards Ceremony 1 The Golden Melody Awards Ceremony buy cbd gummies near me was broadcast live on TV.When Tang Shuang saw the camera pointing at his position, she immediately cbd thc gummy unabis cbd gummies tinnitus stopped talking with Xiao Na, smiled and looked at the stage naturally warm up program.At this time, buy cbd gummies near me a staff member came to Xiao Na s side with a bent waist, and asked her in a low voice if she knew that Xiang Yu was coming.Xiao Na glanced at Tang buy cbd gummies near me snowmen trees cbd gummies Shuang who was sitting next to her as if nothing had happened, and viralix cbd gummies reviews buy cbd gummies near me asked the staff member with a smile, You should ask yourself this, you should know better if he is here or not.Seeing this, everyone can be sure that there is nothing wrong, Tang Shuang is the mysterious Rain Phase Otherwise, Tang Zhen wouldn t be so happy to applaud and congratulate At this time, on this occasion, no one dares to joke It turned out to be Yu Xiang.Tang Shuang.Tang viralix cbd gummies reviews buy cbd gummies near me Zhen s younger brother.No wonder I wrote an album for Tang Zhen It turns out that he is my brother.Reallyhow viralix cbd gummies reviews buy cbd gummies near me is this possible Now I still can t believe it.Tang Shuang, Tang Zhen, aren t you really the leader Although there are still people who have doubts, more people already believe that Tang Shuang is Yu Xiang, and Yu Xiang is Tang Shuang.The applause at the scene became more and more enthusiastic, like a tide coming in, at first it was far and soft, and then it became more and more intense and deafening.Li Xiaozhi in the crowd was dumbfounded and couldn t believe it.Before Tang Shuang came to Shengjing, Li Huaming communicated with Tang Shuang on the phone and proposed to further form an alliance between Chengmai and Tuzi Entertainment and cross shareholding.The so called cross shareholding means that Chengmai holds a part of the shares of Tuzi Entertainment, and Tuzi Entertainment also holds a part of Chengmai.Li Huaming hoped that through this method of being in you and you in me, he could completely integrate with Tang Shuang s apprentice entertainment into a community of destiny and advance and retreat together, which would also solve Tang Zhen s identity problem well.Tang Zhen s identity is like a ticking time bomb, cbd gummies for copd shark tank everyone is enjoying themselves now, but there is no telling when it will explode, and all sides will definitely lose.The matter of cross shareholding was only discussed by Tang Shuang and Li Huaming, and the scope of the discussion had not been expanded.After a long time, the little hand finally stretched towards the submachine gun on the ground in pain and hesitation He reached for the submachine gun thrown on the ground, thinking that the devil was haunting him.She is driving herself on the road to self destruction.Although Tang Shuang left, Huang Xiangning and Tang Zhen were still there.The two elder sisters looked at the younger sister with unbearable expressions.Tang Zhen said, Tang Tang, are you really going to shoot yourself cbd gummy bears 1000mg Tang Tang er s eyes lit up, and she said hopefully, What should I do if the swelling is swollen What can I do if the Lun family is swollen The Lun family is still so small Well, sister, can you save the Jilun family Tang Zhen was very talkative, nodded and said, Okay, don t shoot the water gun at yourself.Tang Tanger immediately withdrew her little hand and folded her hands in front of her, looking like a good baby Okay, listen to my sister and don t shoot yourself, okay, we have to be good.Tangtanger heard the words, and happily talked to the sleeping baby in her arms, such as Little heart of the Lun family , Little Kuo Ai , Little Ant , Little Fox , Little Rabbit , Lun s Pippi Shrimp In just a few minutes, a baby who has no name already has dozens of nicknames.Tang Shuang s little guy perfectly inherited Tang Shuang s habit of giving people nicknames, and has carried it forward.Xiao Meng, your colleague is here to see you.At this time, Ma Xia came in from the living room and said to Li Meng.Tang Shuang and others heard the voices of several people coming from the living room, Tang Tian said Let s go out and let people buy cbd gummies near me come in to see Xiaomeng.Everyone went out one after another.Tangtanger saw the baby and asked, Wow You are all out now, what should I do if the Lun family is swollen Tang Shuang smiled and said, Don t you like holding babies You can continue holding babies here.

The car automatically swiped the card to enter the manor, and a middle aged woman walked towards her with a bright smile.Tang Sanjian got out of the car Hello, Dean Li, please wait here for us.The middle aged woman who came to greet me was the dean of the nursing home, It should be, ah, is this Xiaozhen Tang Zhen said hello, Hi Aunt Li, long time no see.Tang Zhen came to the nursing home to visit Jiang Yue before, and had contact with Dean Li who came to greet them every time several times.Dean Li looked Tang Zhen up and down, and said with a smile, It s been a few years since we saw each other.Seeing you on TV doesn t count.Xiao Zhen was beautiful when she was young, and she is even more beautiful now.Then he HCMUSSH buy cbd gummies near me sighed to Tang Sanjian See Xiaozhen has changed so much, only to realize that time has passed so fast, after calculation, Xiaoyue has been here for almost 6 years.Tang Zhen picked up the little doll, unwound the wind, and put it on the desk.Jiang Yue looked at this delicate and cute little doll curiously, and asked, What kind of toy is this Tang Zhen smiled and introduced, This doll was given to Tangtanger by Xiaoshuang s girlfriend.Xiaoshuang s Girlfriend Jiang Yue was startled for a moment, and then asked suspiciously, Who is Xiaoshuang s girlfriend Xiaoshuang is so good, she must have a girlfriend, but Jiang Yue has never heard that he has a girlfriend.It s Luo Yuqing.Jiang Yue had heard of Luo Yuqing.She lived in a nursing home and was not isolated from the world.She could watch TV and surf the Internet, just like a normal person.Is it the one who sang Too Beautiful Jiang Yue asked in surprise.Tang Zhen nodded, that s right, it was Luo Yuqing, her good friend.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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