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But to Qi Fei s surprise, Li Xuan didn t do anything, didn t even say a word, just stared at Tan Jianren with gloomy eyes.Tan Jianren was very uncomfortable being looked at by that look, but he felt that he had the upper hand after all, so he turned his head with a cold snort and walked away towards the downstairs.Boss Li Qi Fei called out tentatively.Li Xuan seemed to be thinking about something, touched his chin and muttered Boss Tan twice, and then left, but HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause skin rash instead of looking for Cheng Siyu, he also went downstairs.Qi Fei didn t bother to think about other things.When he was about to go back to the office, he accidentally saw Zhang Li in the yard outside through the window.Zhang Li must have been a little tired from sitting in the office, so she went out and walked around twice to exercise her body.Fortunately, it was not a major problem, and he is currently recuperating in the hospital.Since Cheng Siyu was by the side and could hear some of the content, Qi Fei simply told her about the matter.Cheng Siyu thought about it and then Qi Fei said I want to visit Yi Lan s mother, how aboutyou Come with me, okay Cheng Siyu s tone was very gentle, which was completely different from the usual tone when she talked to Qi Fei, and Qi Fei agreed without thinking.Then the two arrived at the company, Qi Fei also got into Cheng Siyu s car and sat in the co pilot s seat, Cheng Siyu drove to the hospital where Yi Lan s mother was.Not long after the car was on the road, snow began to fall in the overcast sky.Qi Fei looked at Cheng Siyu quietly.She seemed to have something on her mind all the time, and she always had that expression after she came out from the meeting.After drinking for three rounds, Li Xuan talked more.Let me tell you, in Japan, I didn t understand knowledge, but the underworld over there cbd gummies for pain and sleep can cbd gummies cause skin rash really made me admire.How to admire Qi Fei asked.Li Xuan tapped on the table with his fingers Do you know that the gangsters in that place are not called gangsters The police, but the gang members, they should settle the matter first Heizi and Maoqiu listened very seriously, and Heizi asked, Isn t that awesome Of course.Li Xuan asked He squinted People have a can cbd gummies cause skin rash very strong discipline organization, and they are well managed, and ahhehe, there are so many things in it Li Xuan didn warrior cbd gummies t go into details, which confused Heizi and Maoqiu Itching was unbearable, but it was not easy to ask, so I just kept eating and drinking.Qi Fei didn t say anything, he began to ponder in his heart, it turned out that Li Xuan had been in Japan for a few years, and with his temperament, he should have been contaminated by a lot of other things in the society there, for example, he had seen that What does the woman next to her look like.Chapter 73 The three young men can cbd gummies cause skin rash shark tank cbd gummies website didn t expect this man to be so calm, they simply didn t take them seriously, as soon as the ponytail got angry, they stabbed Qi Fei in the back of the waist with a jackknife.Although Qi Fei walked forward calmly, it didn t mean that he would relax his vigilance.The moment he heard the abnormal movement from behind, he turned sideways, grabbed the ponytail youth s wrist and pulled it, and the other An elbow hit him on the back, not lightly or heavily.Before the young man with ponytail figured out the situation, Qi Fei made him fall and eat shit, his back was sore and painful, and immediately after that he smelled blood, it turned out that his two can cbd gummies cause skin rash front teeth were broken.I ll fuck your ancestor The young man with ponytail went berserk, while the other two were stunned and didn t respond.Pressing, and at the same time telling his happy past together in his ear, the man really woke up, and started crying as soon as he opened his eyes, because he heard what his wife said, and it was precisely because of those It made him have a strong idea of waking up.In fact, it is the same as what nursing does.However, nursing is mainly to prevent the patient s muscle atrophy, can cbd gummies cause skin rash and it s different when can cbd gummies cause skin rash the closest person presses.It stimulates the patient s blood circulation.While activating the meridians, you can also call patients with emotion.There are many scientific basis to explain this thing, but it is still relatively mysterious.You can give it a try.Qi Fei thoughtfully Well, then I ll give it a try, in short, it s okay to say something in her ear that can bring back good memories for her, right It s almost like this, good things can always stimulate the positive energy in the human body.Dr.Wu felt much more relaxed, because after the silver needle was inserted, he didn t need to do anything else.Seeing that Qi Fei was working hard, Dr.Wu said, You should also take a rest.I think this treatment is almost done, and I can pull out the silver needle for her.Toilet.Qi Fei stood up.Cheng Siyu originally wanted to pour Qi Fei a glass of water, but found that the kettle was empty, so he said to the two of them There is no water in the kettle, I ll go get some water.Immediately, they both walked out the door , Dr.Wu also began to pull out the silver needles for Yi Lan.At this moment, Dr.Wu suddenly noticed that the muscles in Yi Lan s neck trembled a few times.Dr.Wu s eyes widened, and he hurriedly stretched out his fingers to press the place.Then he showed a look of joy, turned his head and shouted to the two people who were about to leave She has responded Hearing this voice, Cheng Siyu and Qi Fei hurriedly turned around and returned to the ward.Cheng Siyu showed a melancholy expression Although I am very happy to be reinstated, but oh What s wrong It s nothing It s just that I m a little worried that it will be a bit hasty to go back to take over the work suddenly after so long.Qi Fei comforted With Mr.Cheng s ability, there must be no problem Having said that, Qi cbd gummies los angeles Fei quickly thought of it.Let s not talk about the upcoming new year, whether Tan Jianren has done a good job in the preparations for the new year of the distribution company, let s talk about Tan Jianren and Zhang Li.If Tan Jianren knew that he was so exhausted after working so hard and failed to become the general manager in the end, he would probably have a lot of resentment, and he might do something that would be detrimental to the company or Cheng Siyu in the future.Qi Fei knew that because of Li Xuan s father s relationship, the police station in this area must be facing Li Xuan.In addition, this was someone deliberately provoking trouble, so Qi Fei was not worried that those three guys would escape.Heizi went to call the police, Mao Qiu rubbed his hands and said to Qi Fei excitedly Brother Fei, can you let me kick them a few times Qi Fei didn t think much about it It s HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause skin rash up to you, ask the security to get him out.Okay Mao Qiu waved to the security guards behind him, then strode up to the snake head, facing the unconscious man.The guy kicked the snake hard a few times, kicking the snake s head twice, then turned around to the other two, and also came a few times.At this moment, no one noticed that the snake head rolled to the side opened its eyes slightly, and his eyes were looking at the pistol less than one meter in front of him.Qi Fei just felt that it was probably because the other party and himself were rivals in love and business, so they met each other from the heart.The two met on the surface and were polite, but in fact they had other thoughts in their hearts.I guess he would be the same in the eyes of the other party.That s it.Gao Wei came in with his arms around Xuan er s waist, and soon a waiter greeted them, Qi Fei kept staring at what are cbd gummies for can cbd gummies cause skin rash the two of them, forgetting that he should go out can cbd gummies cause skin rash to get a bottle of wine.After thinking about it, Qi Fei decided to let the waiter take it for himself.He didn t expect to meet these two people face to face, it would be so embarrassing.At this moment, Qi Fei suddenly saw the waiter leading Gao Wei and Xuan er towards him, Qi headaches from cbd gummies Fei s heart skipped a beat, could it be that Gao Wei and Xuan er knew they were here How is this possible Chapter 122 The Hero Saves the Beauty Qi Fei thinks it is absolutely impossible for those two people to know that he is here, and it is even impossible for him to know that he has returned to Langzhou.The sound is so loud.Maybe this underground river has a particularly large flow.If If you fall you won t survive.Qi Fei, use vines.Cheng Siyu gave him a note.This is a good way.Without wasting time, Qi Fei quickly found a vine that was strong enough and pulled it into his hand, tied one end in a knot, and threw it towards Dongzi.You try to stand against the tree, in that case soil Layers will be much stronger.Dongzi said with some difficulty.Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu immediately walked under a big tree next to them, pulled a large section of the other end of the vine, and after breaking it, let it hang around the trunk, so that you don t have to worry about letting it go.Dongzi grabbed the vine and began to pull out his left leg with all his strength, but that leg was too tight, and he couldn t succeed with all his strength.Qi Fei looked around again, but unfortunately he couldn t see anything three meters away, because the light outside couldn t shine that far.In front of you is the stone wall of the cave, and there are some strange stalactites.Behind you and under your feet is the rushing underground river.On the top of the five or six meters on the right is the place where the top of the cave has collapsed, and the rest is dark.It s really uncomfortable to hear the sound of my own heartbeat besides the sound of running water.Damn it Trapped in this kind of place, you can t go anywhere, do you really want to die here Qi the best cbd gummies for insomnia can cbd gummies cause skin rash Fei felt despair.When he just fell down, Cheng Siyu had already disappeared.Qi Fei remembered that the other party fell down with him, and he probably didn t know where he was washed away by the underground river at this moment.Fortunately, the village is not far from can cbd gummies cause skin rash there, so he immediately called someone over and brought Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu home.Later, they treated the wounds of the two, and Cheng Siyu s fever subsided.Qi Fei lamented that he was really lucky and lucky to meet such a good man.The man asked Qi Fei how he came to that place, and he saw that neither can cbd gummies cause skin rash of them looked like locals.Qi Fei could only say that he and Cheng Siyu were traveling here, but they got lost and fainted from exhaustion.The man looked helpless It s true, you are can cbd gummies cause skin rash not familiar with the place and came here without a guide.What if something happens You said that we were too reckless.Thank you very much You, thank you for your life saving grace It s okay, it s just a matter of raising your hands, you can continue to rest, I will ask my wife to cook.Thank you In this way, Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu saved their lives, and the two After resting in this mountain village farmer s house for two days, he left.Before leaving, Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu expressed their gratitude to the family, and originally wanted to give some rewards, but they had nothing of value on them, and they had nothing to offer at all.The family who saved them all said that they don t need to be so polite, saying that anyone in this place who encounters difficulties will be helped by others without expecting anything in return.Seeing that the two of them had nothing can cbd gummies cause skin rash on them, they pooled some travel expenses for them and took out two sets of clothes.Qi Fei was very grateful to this family, and Cheng Siyu burst into tears, telling rob gummies thb cbd the family that he would definitely come here again in the future, and that he must repay the life saving grace.The two found a breakfast restaurant together and ate something.He knew that the plane was still not navigable, but later he learned that can cbd gummies cause skin rash the train was no longer affected.He told Cheng Siyu about the situation, and Cheng Siyu thought it was better to go back by train.Qi Fei vaguely felt that Cheng Siyu didn t want to stay here any longer, and a feeling that something was wrong emerged in Qi Fei s heart, but he didn t think about it.In fact, judging from the current situation, Cheng Siyu hurried back to compare it is good.So after eating breakfast, Qi Fei bought the train tickets.The two of them had no luggage, and they mainly brought some souvenirs that Yi Lan s parents gave them.After packing up, the two of them left the room early and went directly to the train.stand.This day is January 14th in the Gregorian calendar, and it will be Lunar New Year in about ten days.Heizi said that he and Bai Jin had a feeling that he hated seeing each other late.Qi Fei also learned that these two guys have a title called Black and White Shuangsha.When the three met, Heizi and Baijin exchanged cbd gummies dietary supplement greetings and compliments with Qi Fei, and then went to the bar together.Chapter 164 The mouth is very tight Qi Fei originally wanted to ask Heizi if he knew the origin of that old man Gongsun, because he thought that the manager of the teahouse was so polite to old man Gongsun, so it seems that he should be someone, Li Xuan He will definitely know, and Heizi may also understand.It s just that after thinking about it in Qi Fei s mind, he still thinks it s better not to ask Heizi.When he asks, Heizi will definitely tell Li Xuan later that it s not a good idea.So after Qi Fei had been drinking, singing and playing with the two for more than half an hour, he said he wanted to go to another venue.It s gone Qin Wu s voice became extremely gloomy I don t know if Boss Li is clear, how did they die Li Xuan showed a surprised expression What Dead Do you understand that you are confused Don t fuck around, just let it go Qin Wu crossed his hands and fingers on the table, staring at Li Xuan, and after a few seconds, he suddenly laughed He smiled Forget it, I just blame those three guys for being so useless, and it would be a pity to die, Boss Li What a good way Li Xuan squinted his eyes and looked at Qin Wu Although I don t know you What bullshit, but I can also hear that those three shitty things are dead.If you kill him, I really have to thank the person who did it, if you find that person, remember to let me know, I will accept him as a subordinate, and reward him well, hahaha.Qin Wu laughed twice, and then said Boss Li is so courageous, as expected of that Oh What is it Qin Wu showed a thoughtful look, and then patted the table I remembered , the son of the director of the Public Security Bureau, right Ouch, it s amazing.Anyway, there is nothing he can t get on the road here in Bingang.He is a character.Oh Qi Fei couldn t help but take another look at that person, who just happened to raise his head to look at Qi Fei, and when his eyes HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause skin rash met, the leaf lab pro cbd gummies cbd gummies to sleep other party smiled slightly, his eyes sparkling, and Qi Fei also turned back.Smile, then turn your head away.Xu Kaixuan picked up the teacup and opened the lid, blew a few breaths, and took a small sip Well, it s not bad, it s good tea.He looked at Li Xuan and can cbd gummies cause skin rash shark tank cbd gummies website Qin Wu casually Bosses, don t you Do you want to try it This tea is very good, drink more tea, and the anger in your stomach will be dissipated.Li Xuan and Qin Wu immediately picked up the tea, took a sip in a decent way, and then nodded Good tea, good tea.For some reason, Qi Fei felt it was funny seeing Li Xuan and Qin Wu deliberately cooperating with Xu Kaixuan, and also a little bit sad.The two talked and laughed, chatting while drinking, and the news was broadcast on penguin cbd full spectrum gummies TV, talking a lot about the state leaders condolences to rural families.Seeing other people s family enjoying themselves in the picture, Qi Fei couldn t help but feelsome lost.From the beginning to the end, .

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he was still thinking about Cheng Siyu, and he couldn t help himself not to think about it.At this moment, Cheng Siyu should be at Li Xuan s house, having the New Year s Eve dinner with Li Xuan and Li Xuan s parents, right I don t know what they will talk about when eating Will Li Xuan s parents urge her to marry Li Xuan Qi Fei couldn t help thinking wildly, but it made him feel jealous.This emotion showed on his face inadvertently, and Ye Xiaobei saw it.Brother Qi, what are you thinking about Ye Xiaobei asked with concern.Looking at her shy expression, Qi Fei found that he never had that so called love feeling for Xiao Bei, but only had feelings similar to his little sister from beginning to end.Suddenly he realized that if he didn t have enough love for her, then even if they were together, he wouldn t be able to give her sincerity, and it would be Ye Xiaobei who would suffer in the end.Xiaobei is a good girl, and Qi Fei absolutely cannot bear to let her suffer.In the end, Qi Fei still couldn t let go of Qingyu, and having accepted that she would marry someone else, it didn t mean that Qi Fei would immediately switch to a new relationship.Thinking about it, he still couldn t do it.Qi Fei sighed secretly in his heart, and then planned to withdraw his hand, lest Xiao Bei be misunderstood.At this moment, the door of the ward was pushed zenzi cbd gummies australia open again, and the slight noise made both Qi Fei and Ye Xiaobei turn their heads.They also knelt down one after another, and the man in the vest said to Qi Fei with snot and tears, FeiBrother FeiI m so fucking blind, and Ioffended you, I m not a fucking human, please Brother Fei has a lot please spare us Tell him to shut up.Qi Fei said softly.With serious eyes, Heizi turned around and kicked the man in the vest in the mouth, knocking him to the ground, all his front teeth fell out.Seeing this situation, the people who originally planned to beg for mercy all shut their mouths.At this moment, they understood that all they could do was wait for the punishment to come.Who hit my two friends just now Qi Fei asked.At can cbd gummies cause skin rash first no cbd gummies for pain and sleep can cbd gummies cause skin rash one dared to speak, but after Heizi yelled, four men crawled over trembling and knelt on the ground.Brother HeiziBrother FeiIalthough I went to arrest people, but before I could do anything, I wasstepped on my back.Qi Fei, your plan is very careful, and you have also applied a lot of marketing skills to it.I also personally took care of a lot of things that I will do later, which I appreciate very much.Qi Fei was praised by Cheng Siyu, and he immediately felt very happy in his heart, which is really very useful.At the same time, Qi Fei also felt that Cheng Siyu spoke very well and took full care of Zhang Wei s emotions.Presumably Zhang Wei would not feel uncomfortable after listening to Cheng Siyu s words.Cheng Siyu added There is a lot of knowledge involved in sales.This is a very technical job.This time I saw that both of you did a good job.I think your performance not only exceeded my expectations, but also The two managers are also surprised, right Tan Jianren raised his eyebrows, glanced at Qi Fei and Zhang Wei, and then turned his head without saying anything.Cheng is a good leader, and Mr.Hu also helped me a lot, otherwise I wouldn t be able to figure out those things.Haha, Brother Qi Fei, you are too modest To be honest, I am very happy to see you come back to the publishing company.Although I am a little disappointed that you did not go to my place, you are still here anyway.Under Mr.Cheng, Mr.Cheng is also a talented person with the demeanor of a leader.I believe that you will do a good job in the distribution company.Only when the distribution company is well done can my advertising company make money.The situation on your side I will always pay attention to Hu Zhiping couldn t hold back the chatterbox once he opened it, and Qi Fei couldn t get in a few words.After finally waiting for Mr.Hu to finish speaking, Qi Fei immediately asked Mr.Hu, I don t know How are the prizes prepared Hu Zhiping had a confident expression on his face It s all ready, there is no problem with this, you can rest assured Let me tell you, there are too many things in my warehouse , far more than what you needed before, if you need anything else, just tell me at any time, and I will find it for you, as long as you need it, I will give it all to you Then thank you very much Mr.It s because I haven t found a job that is more suitable for me.In order to survive, I came back.I am very grateful to Mr.Cheng for continuing to take me in Qi Fei said.To be honest, Qi Fei s answer is not brilliant at all, but in fact he did it deliberately.He believes that such an answer suits the chairman s appetite.Sure enough, the chairman always had a smile on his face The young man is very direct, very good, how about this, since you are back, continue to work hard here, don t run away again, if this is the case, the company will lose a lot of talents Ah, hahaha.Yes Chairman The chairman nodded slightly, and then said to Yan Fengtao Mr.Yan, I think you will have to come up with a new policy at that time.Among all cbd gummies for diabetes reviews leaf lab pro cbd gummies the units of the group, any Those who are capable must be given proper care, and those who can be formally hired should go through the relevant procedures as soon as possible, so that they can be retained.I will work harder.Yes The chairman just smiled, didn t say anything, picked up the sales plan and looked at it again, his reaction made Zhang Li very can cbd gummies cause skin rash shark tank cbd gummies website disappointed, and the light in his eyes dimmed a lot.Then the meeting ended quickly.When he walked out of the door of the meeting room, Qi Fei let out a long sigh of relief, feeling very relaxed.He never expected that such a big event that might cause serious consequences would be dealt with by a group well being cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews that suddenly appeared like this.The chairman easily resolved it.When he got off work that day, Qi Fei met Hu Zhiping not far from the company, and the two chatted for a while on the what are cbd gummies for can cbd gummies cause skin rash side of the road.While chatting and can cbd gummies cause skin rash talking about the meeting, Qi Fei asked sideways Mr.Hu, when the chairman came in, I seemed to see you outside the door.Hu Zhiping calmly said Is that right You have good eyesight, and you saw me 500mg cbd per gummy when I happened to pass by.During this time, Qi Fei was also very busy, and Zhang Wei was also the same.The main work content was to solve some problems that occurred after the implementation of the retail plan, and then continue to stabilize the plan.process.Through the efforts of the General Affairs Department, the number of retail sales of the evening paper has been continuously increasing.It has basically stabilized at 70,000 copies in the cbd gummies say take one can i take two past week.Almost stabilized.From this point of view, under Cheng Siyu s careful planning, she has received very good results.Zhang Li s action was undoubtedly postponed, which made the Bingang City Daily only have leftovers when it got Qifei s plan and implemented it.Metropolis leaf lab pro cbd gummies cbd gummies to sleep Daily also tried to send people to the station, airport and other places and those large supermarkets leaf lab pro cbd gummies cbd gummies to sleep to contact and negotiate, but those places have already been occupied by Qi Fei.Qi Fei felt sad in his heart, thinking that he was almost standing still, and he had a very good opportunity.He also thought that he would show his strengths and try his best to help Cheng Siyu.Who knew that he would be fired so soon.The group s punishment notice was cbd gummies for diabetes reviews leaf lab pro cbd gummies issued in the afternoon of the same day.The specific content was that Cheng Siyu had to submit a written review to the group committee Ou Hanhua was suspended Qi Fei, directly fired.After the notification, Qi Fei handed over all the work he was supposed to be in charge of to Zhang Wei, and then, under Zhang Wei s feigned sympathy and sighs and Tan Jianren s contemptuous ridicule, he left the company very shamelessly.When meeting employees from other departments, they were pointed at.The feeling of extreme embarrassment and embarrassment made Qi Fei just want to leave quickly, so that he didn t even say goodbye to Cheng Siyu.From Yan Fengtao s point of .

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view, this Qi Fei really doesn t understand the rules.In this case, he should say that he is not wronged.How can he not give face to the leader So Yan Fengtao immediately said, Qi Fei, do you have any feelings for the leaders of the group Before Qi Fei could say anything, the chairman said Old Yan, don t say that, what Xiao Qi said is the truth, and there is nothing wrong with it.We made a mistake in the first place, and he felt wronged.Emotions are normal, and you should feel wronged Yan Fengtao was taken aback for a moment, then smiled awkwardly, and stopped talking.The chairman continued to say to Qi Fei In fact, you are not wrong.You must have an opinion in your heart and feel aggrieved, so why didn t you appeal at that time It s useless. Why Qi Fei showed a helpless expression I m just a temporary worker.Gongsun Hai s eyes showed approval.It was already an hour after Qi Fei came out of Gongsun Hai s residence.During this hour, Gongsun Hai and Qi Fei chatted a lot, which made Qi Fei have a new understanding of the person suffering from a strange disease in front of him.Gongsun Hai took the piece of paper from Qi Fei s hand, and immediately asked Xiao Li, who was standing outside the door, to act according to garden of life cbd gummies extra strength reviews the content on the piece of paper.When Qi Fei handed the paper to Xiao Li, Gongsun Hai asked Qi Fei a question.Don t you want to know the content on this piece of paper Qi Fei looked at Gongsun Hai, and said very calmly I have also read the piece of paper, but the content on it is impossible to understand.It s better to complete the entrustment of the third master.In order to thank Qi Fei for sending this important piece of paper to him, Gongsun Hai offered Qi Fei many attractive conditions to fire, can cbd gummies cause skin rash shark tank cbd gummies website but Qi Fei refused them all.Yes, Captain Bump Just as the terrorist raised his gun and was about to pull the trigger at the hostage, a bullet hit the terrorist s head, and then the terrorist fell to the ground.Blood donations stained the ground, and the hostages held by terrorists, who had never seen such a bloody side, suddenly screamed in panic.Brother, the police have snipers, let s withdraw.The terrorist boss gritted his teeth and glanced at the passengers in the airport, pointed at Ye Xiaobei in Qi Fei s arms, and said to a terrorist behind him Go and kill the passengers.She took her here as a hostage.Qi Fei didn t expect that the terrorist boss would come looking for Xiao Bei instead of looking for so many passengers, and he was thinking about how to take Xiao Bei out safely.Boy, if you don t want to die, let your girlfriend out.Brother Fei, are you really not seeing it or are you just pretending to be stupid Can t you see that I like Xiao Bei Qi Fei sucked Taking a puff of smoke, With your identity and status, as long as you are willing, I don t know how many girls are willing to be your girlfriend, so why do you pester Xiaobei Qin Wu s face straightened, and he said I I really like Xiaobei, since you don t like it, why don t you allow me to like it.Qi Fei talked about Xiaobei with Qin Wu, and asked Qin Wu not to pester Xiaobei, but things were not so satisfactory, Qin Wu Wu told Qi Fei that he would definitely impress Xiao Bei and make Xiao Bei fall in love with him.Qi Fei checked the time, changed his boarding pass, and got on the plane from Langzhou to Bingang.As soon as he got off the plane, Qi Fei received a call from Yi Lan.Yi Lan s voice on the phone was very anxious, and told Qi .

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Fei to accompany her home.Although he didn t know what happened, Qi Fei was still waiting for Yi Lan at the airport.Yi Lan arrived a few minutes later, Qi Fei saw Yi Lan s eyes were red, and Yi Lan fell into Qi Fei s arms and cried, which made Qi Fei s heart ache even more.Sister Lan, it s okay, don t worry.Yi Lan s father, for unknown reasons, suddenly fainted in the can cbd gummies cause skin rash field while doing farm work, cbd gummy high strength and was sent to the hospital for examination.The doctor said it was bone marrow cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant.When they arrived at Kunming Airport, Qi Fei and Yi Lan rushed to Yi Lan s house without stopping.Yi Lan s father, because of the high medical expenses, was not hospitalized and has been recuperating at home.After not seeing each other for a few months, Yi Lan s father lost a lot of weight, leaf lab pro cbd gummies which made Qi Fei feel sad when he saw it, and Yi Lan threw herself into her father s arms and cried.Under the persuasion of Yi Lan and Qi Fei, Yi Lan s father finally agreed to go to the hospital for treatment.Thinking of the high cost of the operation, Yi Lan s father wanted to cbd gummies buffalo ny leave the hospital.Dad, don t worry, it doesn t matter how much money you make as long as you can recover.Yeah, uncle, as long as you can recover, it doesn t matter how much money you spend.People live for a cbd gummies for pain and sleep can cbd gummies cause skin rash lifetime, and the money they earn is just for spending.Yi Lan s parents looked at Qi Fei with some regrets in their eyes, how much they hoped that Qi Fei and Yi Lan could go together, but they also knew that it was impossible.Qi Fei helped pay for Yi Lan s father s hospitalization expenses, and Xiao Li had money in the card that Xiao Li gave Qi Fei to build a commercial street.At this time, Qi Fei used him to treat Yi Lan s father.Uncle, according to your recovery, you will be discharged from the hospital in half a month.Wu Wei said.Yi Lan s father breathed a sigh of relief, but then frowned again, This time, all the medical expenses for my hospitalization were paid by Qi Fei.I don t know when I will be able to pay back such can cbd gummies cause skin rash a large amount of medical expenses.Wu Wei laughed She smiled and said Uncle, you don t need to worry about money.The most important thing for you now is to recover from your illness with peace of mind.If you recover from your illness, then you will live up to the medical expenses that Qi Fei paid for you.Wu Doctor, you are really good at talking, but what you said is also reasonable, if I don t get well soon, I m really sorry for you.Chapter 275 Tong Shuiyan Yilan cried under Qi Fei s comfort The voice gradually decreased, and being held in Qi Fei s arms, Yi Lan blushed.Although it was late at night, there were still stars on the viewing platform.Crowded.Standing on the viewing platform, the port at night is dotted with lights, and the colorful lights tell the prosperity of the city.Pedestrians who came to watch the port at night, some took out their mobile phones and cameras, and took pictures, and some took selfies in poses that they thought were handsome or cute Looking at the port at night, the corners of his eyes are a little moist.She feels that she is so small, although she is 1.68 meters tall she feels that she is so weak and has no right to choose love she feels that she is so lonely, and she wants to find cbd gummies for pain and sleep can cbd gummies cause skin rash someone to rely on and an embrace Qi Fei hugged Tong Shisha in his arms, although he didn t know that this was the lively and lovely little girl who looked like an angel at one moment, and at another moment she turned into a woman, what did he think of at this time, there were tears in his eyes, lightly Gently wiped the tears from the corners of Hitomi Shisha s eyes.A thin, eye catching man walked in from outside the house with a wretched smile on his face.The killer boss shook his head.The No.30 just live cbd gummies review female killer had been trained for a long time, but they also missed it unexpectedly.Seeing that the killer boss didn t speak, the man with wretched eyes felt a little bored, so he shook his head and told the killer boss that he was going out to have a good time.Zhang Li, after learning that the mission to assassinate Cheng Siyu failed, was very angry.She drove to the neighborhood where the killer boss was, and asked the killer boss for an explanation.Walk.What kind of killer organization can t even kill a little bitch.You guys just wait to be caught by the police, and let my old lady waste a lot of time here. Zhang Li was only focused on scolding the killer boss, and didn t pay attention to colliding with others.Li Xuan played with the cigarette case in his hand, and looked at Qi Fei with a half smile, Brother HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause skin rash Fei, I don t know how you plan to get your company back Tell Li Xuan what happened in Wei Company, and he looks at Li Xuan without the slightest fear, Brother Xuan, how did Gao Wei bankrupt my company back then, this time, he will pay back in his own way.Gao Wei Li Xuan didn t know how to bankrupt Qi Fei s company, but his eyes still stayed on Qi Fei, motioning Qi Fei to continue talking.Brother Xuan, I want you to do me a favor and ask those who cooperate with Gaowei to stop their cooperation.Li Xuan frowned after hearing this, but finally nodded in agreement.Brother Fei, what are your plans after you bring the company back Li Xuan poured himself a glass of wine, picked up the glass and gently shook the glass, the liquid swirled in the glass, but did not spill a single drop.Then came Li Dafa, who was timid and afraid of getting into trouble.He left her when she was in a vegetable state.Later, I met Wu Wei again, and Wu Wei already had a fianc e.Yilan, with your conditions, I believe that he will soon meet the one he is destined for.Cheng Siyu also knew what he just said, and comforted Yi Lan when he talked about Yi Lan s sadness.Stop making fun of me, let s talk about Mr.Cheng.Yi Lan waved her hand.She has known Cheng Siyu for a long pure kana cbd gummies coupon code time, but she just heard that Cheng Siyu is Li Xuan s fianc e, but she always feels that the two of them don t seem to have that kind of relationship.A flash of sadness cbd gummies for diabetes reviews leaf lab pro cbd gummies flashed in Cheng Siyu s eyes, and she couldn t stop smiling wryly in her heart.She and Li Xuan were only a couple in name.She liked a person named Piaoling on the Internet.residence.The next day, Qi Fei went to the Bingang Evening News, and Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan congratulated him in person.Qi Fei, congratulations for being here, Sister Lan.Yi Lan felt happy for Qi Fei from the bottom of her heart.When will you invite me to drink Yi Lan and go out to have fun.Cheng Siyu can cbd gummies cause skin rash also smiled and congratulated Qi Fei.Qi Fei showed a smile, but it was a bit bitter.Maybe this step is a leaf lab pro cbd gummies cbd gummies to sleep step he must take to become a strong man, Mr.Cheng, as long as you and Sister Lan have time, you can go to have fun anytime.Cheng Siyu saw When Qi Fei looked at her, there seemed to be something more, something she couldn t what are cbd gummies for can cbd gummies cause skin rash understand.Qi Fei stayed at the Bingang Evening News until the afternoon.After get can cbd gummies cause skin rash shark tank cbd gummies website off work, Cheng Siyu, Yi Lan and the three of them went to a nearby western restaurant for dinner.There were only 20 days before the opening time.Thinking about the opening of the commercial street in 20 days, the old fried dough sticks felt like they were following Qi Fei.It s just so blissful.Qi Fei didn t bother to say anything to the old fritters, so he asked them to tell can cbd gummies cause skin rash Cui Yangze that he still had something to deal with, so he left first.After leaving the commercial street, Qi Fei went directly to the Bingang Evening News, but did not find Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan.After thinking about it, Qi Fei went to the advertising company, where Hu Zhiping was sitting in the office dealing with documents.Seeing Qi Fei coming, she put down the work in hand, walked up to hold Qi Fei s hand, and asked Qi Fei if he got any good projects again.Qi Fei smiled awkwardly, and told Hu Zhiping that he just came back from the commercial street.The first prize was 30,000 yuan, the second prize was 10,000 yuan, and the third prize was 5,000 yuan.Qi Fei asked Cui Yangze to collect these prizes.In the evening, everyone Let s go out and have fun together.The three daughters of Bei Dao Chuanzi had already run over from the crowd when Xiao Wu and the others returned to the beach.Come, come, help me take a photo with my wife.The wedding photo non gmo cbd gummies on Mt.Fuji is gone, so I come here to make up for it.Xiao Wu said, throwing the phone to Zhao Yun, and standing on the beach with Bei Dao Chuanzi Make a few poses and ask Zhao Yun to take pictures.After the jet ski competition, Qi Fei told Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun to go to the cbd gummies for diabetes reviews leaf lab pro cbd gummies commercial street to participate in the fire fighting activity at night.Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun said that they would be there on time, and they said goodbye.On the phone, Hitomi Shisha complained to Qi Fei and said Idiot, you haven t called me since you went back, did you hook up with some girl again Hitomi Shisha s words were a bit sour, Qi Fei smiled awkwardly , Shisha, what are you thinking I don t have time to hook up with girls.Really Hitomi Shisha obviously didn t believe it, Jiang Fan told me that you went to Japan and hooked up with some female ninja and came back.Qi Fei was a little dumbfounded, what is hooking up, his is also called hooking up, tnd almost died in Japan, it is still called hooking up, and then Qi Fei told about him and Xiao can cbd gummies cause skin rash Wu going to Japan.Stupid, you can bring that female ninja here tomorrow, and let me see what the legendary ninja is like Is it as beautiful can cbd gummies cause skin rash shark tank cbd gummies website as me Then Hitomi Shisha told Qi Fei that Milan clothing will hold a clothing exhibition in two days At that time, other companies in the clothing industry will also come to the exhibition.Qi Fei was the first man she fell in love with, and will also be the last man she fell in love with.This is their ninja fate.A fate that only ninjas know.The next day, Qi Fei and Tong Shiyan went to Milan Clothing and held a meeting for all the employees of the company.At the meeting, Qi Fei expressed his gratitude to them.Without their efforts, there would be no Milan today.When Meng Tingting saw Qi Fei, she still didn t give Qi Fei any good looks, which made Qi Fei feel depressed.Mr.Qi, you re a hands off shopkeeper who is comfortable enough.Do you know how much our shisha has paid for Milan It s really big enough Shisha is for the company, but it s been a few nights in a row that Qi Fei didn t close his eyes to make a design Qi Fei felt a little sad cbd gummies in anniston alabama when he heard Meng Tingting talk about Tong Shisha s dedication to Milan, he didn t expect Tong Shisha paid so much for the company.Xiao Wu spread his hands, and stepped back helplessly, watching Tong Shuiyan clean up cbd gummies for pain and sleep can cbd gummies cause skin rash the old man.I let you come to China to be arrogant, and I made you sing so badly Hitomi Shisha was beating the Russian man while talking, and Hitoshishiya felt tired after beating for a while, so she went to Qi Fei and stood beside him.Then, he glanced at Xiao Wu and said, I m done beating, you want to be beaten, now cbd gummies for diabetes reviews leaf lab pro cbd gummies go and continue beating.Xiao Wu looked at the Russian man who was lying on the sofa and was beaten by Hitomi Shisha so much that his mother probably didn t know him, and waved Waving his hand, Looking at Sister Tong, you beat me up like I was beating myself.Sister Tong, you are so fierce.One bodyguard was overthrown, as for the other four bodyguards, they were also overthrown under the siege of mercenaries.Tan Jianren was also in great pain in his heart.He had already taken a fancy to Yi Lan a long time ago, HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause skin rash but Qi Fei appeared behind him, ruining his good deeds several times.He originally thought that if he got rid of Qi Fei, he would be able to get Yi Lan.But he didn t expect Qi Fei to come back after leaving, not only failed to get him away, but made him even more favored by the chairman.Editor Liu, don t make fun of the two of us here.I believe you know about the Bingang Evening News.Yan Fengtao poured himself a glass of wine, and poured another glass for Editor Liu.Both brothers, I think you are rare talents, why don t you come to our Metropolis Daily Editor in chief Liu half closed his eyes and looked at can cbd gummies cause skin rash Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren.Seeing the worried look on Yan Fengtao s face, editor in chief Liu said calmly You don t need to worry about the position and salary.Editor in chief Liu did not drive Yes, take off the seat belt, open the rear door and sit in the rear row.The person sitting in the back row was none other than Zhang Li.Zhang Li had no desire to compete with Cheng Siyu, but she did have the desire to bring down the Bingang Evening News.Editor in Chief, how are you Editor in Chief Liu hugged Zhang Li and sat on his lap, but his hands dishonestly licked Zhang Li s body wantonly.It s the second time for Qi Fei and the others to come to Tong s house in Hong Kong.It was Tong Zhan who entertained them today.Tong Zhan looked at Tong Shisha and smiled helplessly.He can cbd gummies cause skin rash shark tank cbd gummies website knew the purpose of Qi Fei and the others.You don t need to persuade me anymore, some things in the family are really beyond my decision.Tong Zhan didn t want to continue discussing Tong Shisha s marriage, and shifted the topic to Milan clothing.During the period when Qi Fei was injured on his leg, he was quite happy.Jiazi was in charge of taking care of Qi Fei at home every day, Tong Shisha and Ye Xiaobei went to work in the morning, and rushed home immediately after work.Ye Dabao has visited Qi Fei a few times, and every time he comes, he is very envious of Qi Fei.There are so many people taking care of him, which makes him want to experience the feeling of being taken care of by so many people.Li Xuan also came to visit Qi Fei once, and told Qi Fei that Platinum had gone, and now he wanted to find a suitable person to take the place of Platinum, and asked Qi Fei to find a suitable candidate for him after he recovered from his injury.Qi Fei smiled wryly in his heart, he naturally understood the meaning of Li Xuan s words, Li Xuan still wanted him to return to work under his subordinates.When the female student opened her eyes and saw the caterpillar crawling in her hand, she burst into tears in fright.The crying of the female student startled the teacher who was resting in the office.Fly in the sun for an hour.Qi Fei had already forgotten these things, but he didn t expect his parents to still remember them, so he shook his head with a wry smile.At four o clock in the afternoon, Qi s mother said that she would go out to buy some food, and Tong Shisha and the three of them naturally went out with Qi s mother.Fly alone to cbd gummy 10mg watch the house.Qi Fei looked at the photos hanging on the wall.It was a group photo of cbd gummies for diabetes reviews leaf lab pro cbd gummies him and his parents when he was about ten years old.It had been hanging on the wall for more than ten years.Every time he saw these photos, he would have different feelings in his heart.President Cheng, Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren have learned their lesson.Yi Lan smiled and put a document in her hand on Cheng Siyu s desk.Suburbs of Kunming, Yunnan.Qi Fei s hand was a little numb from the beating, and the young men in charge of security in the drug trading market seemed to be endlessly killed, and when one fell, another would replace him.Bang The steel bar in Bai Xiye s hand has been deformed.After knocking down a younger brother with a ebay cbd gummies punch, can cbd gummies cause skin rash he panted heavily, glanced at Qi Fei s direction, and said to Qi Fei indifferently I brought down fifty three people, Brother Fei, how many did you bring down.Qi Fei didn t count carefully how many people were brought down, but it should be almost the same as Bai Xiye s number, and he wiped it with his sleeves indiscriminately.Wiping off the sweat on his face, he looked at Bai Xiye and said, It should be about the same as you.Langzhou, Tingyinxuan.Li Xuan was sitting on the sofa, and Bai Xiye was sitting next to him.Bai Xiye was also someone who knew the seriousness of the matter.During the time when Heizi was injured and serenity cbd gummies charles stanley hospitalized, he was not like when he came here before.He also had to look at the orders Li Xuan gave him.Feeling.Heizi will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, and you will go to the hospital to pick him up then.I thought Qin Wu would launch a stormy attack on him, but I didn t expect that Qin Wu still didn t make any moves after so long.Bai Xiye nodded and wrote can cbd gummies cause skin rash down the matter.Come on, let s go to the casino with can cbd gummies cause skin rash me.Because of Qin Wu s affairs, Li Xuan hasn t had a good night s sleep these days.He also contacted Xu Kaixuan, and Xu Kaixuan told him that he didn t join hands with Qin Wu.If Milan can win this contest, its position in the country will be stabilized, and when it hits the international market, Milan will be more fully prepared.On the streets of Langzhou, Yun Changkong and Jialin were sitting in the back of a gray business car, and Jialin was giving Yun Changkong medicine.Easylightly Yun Changkong s face twitched, even though Jialin s medicine was light enough, it what are cbd gummies for can cbd gummies cause skin rash still made him feel pain.Boss, let s leave this matter alone Yun Changkong and Jialin entered the Milan company to discuss the acquisition of Milan, and the driver was waiting for them outside the Milan company.When Yun Changkong came out, the driver was shocked.Jump, if it wasn t for Yun Changkong standing beside Jialin, the driver would not have recognized that this pig headed man was actually his boss.According to that little hooligan, he saw Long Xiaotian with his own eyes.I m dating a strange woman.Meng Tingting became a little anxious, raised her head and asked Hitomi Shisha This is true.Haha Seeing Meng Tingting s eager look, Hitomi Shisha asked , Jiazi, Ye Xiaobei and Ji Ruxue couldn t can cbd gummies cause skin rash help laughing.It is said that if a woman falls in love, her IQ will be zero.Tingting, I think your IQ is getting close to that number now.Hitomi Shisha can cbd gummies cause skin rash covered her mouth with her hand, and said with a coquettish smile, You also said that you don t like Long Xiaotian.If you don t like it, why do you care about him so much When Qi Fei drove the car over from the parking lot, he can cbd gummies cause skin rash saw Tong Shisha and the girls discussing Meng Tingting and Long Xiaotian there.Qi Fei drove directly to the hotel where Ruoyun was staying.What s going on As soon as the doctor entered the ward, he was almost scared to death by the scene in front of him.All the people in the ward turned into pig headed faces, and their injuries were worse than when they entered the hospital.I m in pain, hurry up and help me relieve the pain.The bearded man shouted weakly at the doctor who came in.The next day, Milan clothing headquarters.In the office, Tong Shisha was discussing cooperation with Ruoyun, and Qi Fei, the hands off shopkeeper, was walking around the streets of Langzhou with Wu Mo.When he woke up in the morning, Tong Shiyan planned to let Qi Fei take Ruoyun and Wu Mo for a stroll in Langzhou.Wu Mo was naturally the first to agree with Tong Shisha s proposal, but Ruoyun did not agree, so Ruoyun went to Milan, and Wu Mo followed Qifei.Now the manager is angry, cbd gummies for pain and sleep can cbd gummies cause skin rash if he is provoking him, the fun will be great.Damn this bunch of sons of bitches, they cheated me out of a lot of money.The manager asked the little bastard to trouble Milan s shop, but he paid a lot of money, and the more he thought about it, the angrier he felt.Do you still want to find the gangsters from other streets The clerk raised his head and asked the manager in a low voice.Look for it, look for your sister.The manager wondered if the head of the employee in front of him was filled with tofu dregs, even the local snakes were cleaned up, and then go to the gangsters in other streets, is that okay Get out The clerk wanted to leave a long time ago, but he didn t suffer from the manager s spittle here, and he didn t say goodbye to the manager, and slipped out of the office in despair.Gongsun chill cbd gummies Hai half closed his eyes after throwing the fishhook.Sit by the pond and wait for the fish to bite.The relationship between Xiao leaf lab pro cbd gummies cbd gummies to sleep Wu and Qi Fei is good.Behind Xiao Wu is a man called Third Brother, who has been in contact with Qi Fei twice.Xiao Li thought for a while and then said When the time comes, the forces behind Xiao Wu will It should help Qi Fei fight against the Qin family in the capital.After this kid wipes out Qin Wu s power, he should come to take over from the old man.The throne, he gave this throne to Qi Fei, but Qi Fei didn t accept it, and every time he thought about it, Gongsun Hai felt angry and funny.If Xiao Li was surprised before that Gongsun Hai wanted to pass on the position of Big Brother of the Northeast Underworld to Qi Fei, now he can t feel the slightest surprise.He said that he would protect Cheng Siyu for the rest of his life, and besides, Li Xuanzai had entrusted Cheng HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause skin rash Siyu to him.Alas sighed, shook the wine glass in his hand a few times, and drank the liquid in the glass in one gulp.Seeing Qi Fei s expression, Xiao Wu stopped talking about Cheng Siyu and told some jokes to ease the atmosphere.Stupid, don t sit still, come here and let s sing a song together.Hitomi Shisha beckoned to Qi Fei who was sitting on the sofa, and shouted very gently.This tenderness can only be revealed when facing Qi Fei.Xiao Wu glanced at Tong Shisha, then at Qi Fei, waved his hands vigorously, and said helplessly Sure enough.It s one thing, one thing, such kana pure cbd gummies a hot girl, only Brother Fei camino cbd gummies can hold it down.Although Xiao Wu s words were very small, Tong Shuiyan overheard her, gave Xiao Wu a supercilious look, and waited.Qi Fei walked to the hospital bed and touched it with his hands.The bed was still hot, which proved that Bai Xiye hadn t been away for a long time.From the nurse s mouth, he learned that it was still difficult for Bai Xiye to get out of bed and walk around at this time.Go out and look for it.Qi Fei and Xiao Wu left the ward, and each went in one direction to look for Bai Xiye.Bai Xiye s ward was on the second floor, which was the ward he had repeatedly asked for at the beginning, and he could still jump off the second floor to escape in an lunchbox cbd gummies drug test emergency.Chapter 419 Recruiting Bai Xiye Part 1 Bai Xiye didn t know that it was Qi Fei and Xiao Wu who knocked on the door outside the ward.If he knew it was the two of them, he might what are cbd gummies for can cbd gummies cause skin rash not have jumped out of the window.He was injured in many places during the battle.The driver was in a bad mood and didn t pay attention to whether there was anything on the road.When she passed by Qi Fei, she was startled.Almost didn t turn the car over.Oh my God, you can t play with me like this.The female driver got out of the car and was frightened half to death when she saw her wheels rubbing against Qi Fei s body.She came to Qi Fei s side and put her hand on his nose Next, after feeling a faint breath, he breathed a sigh of relief.After looking around, he got Qi Fei on the ground into the car with great difficulty.Speaking of which, this unlucky female driver is really unlucky.She is a starlet in the Celestial Dynasty.She only plays a small role in TV dramas or movies.Either she is a maid or someone whose appearance is unclear.The above belongs to the kind that does not have a list on the cast list.Yes, she was afraid, she was afraid that the director in the company would come to her, and then she didn t know if she could still escape from the director s grasp.Can you not go Yang Xueyu is a woman, and she also longs for a man to stand behind her, whom she can rely on.After you left in the morning, the director in the company called me and asked me to wait for him at home.Yang Xueyu gritted her teeth and told what happened after Qi Fei what are cbd gummies for can cbd gummies cause skin rash left.Comforting Yang Xueyu, telling her not to be afraid, to wait for him at home, if he left at work for no reason on the first day, it would not be good, after he went to talk to Wang Li, he would come here to accompany .

can i take aleve pm with cbd oil gummies?

her.Qi Fei came to Yang Xueyu s residence from the snack bar very quickly, but he left Yang Xueyu s house to go to the snack bar even faster.A cold light flashed in the cousin s can cbd gummies cause skin rash eyes, This kid must not stay.An opponent like Qi Fei , Now he is also injured.If he recovers from his injury and finds himself, then he will be the one who is abused.It is cbd gummies for pain and sleep can cbd gummies cause skin rash against the law to kill people, but it is not illegal to mutilate people.After the cousin stabilized his footsteps, he kicked his legs on the ground and rushed towards Qi Fei at an extremely fast speed.On the surface, it looked like Qi Fei was fighting with his cousin very easily, but in fact it was not like that.The collision just now tore apart the wounds that had already formed on his body, and there was faint blood on his forehead that had already wiped the white tarpaulin.Signs of redness.If this continues, it will only make my injury more serious.Analyzing the current situation, Qi Fei glanced at Yang Xueyu, then at his cousin who was flying towards him, and gritted his teeth to meet him.He happened to see the chill on the Bloody Queen s body, and was startled, This Who is the woman Why does she have a strong murderous aura.Qi Fei watched Wang Li bring out the snacks himself, smiled awkwardly, and said, Brother Wang, I m sorry I was busy chatting just now and forgot to go to the back to bring things.Wang Li looked at Qi Fei, and said helplessly, Did I hire a small worker, or did I find a master Qi Fei had heard Wang Li s words no less than fifty times.Knowing that Wang Li is a knife mouthed bean curd heart.You two know each other Pointing to the Bloody Queen, Wang Li asked Qi Fei.Qi Fei nodded and shook his head, telling Wang Li that she knew him, but he didn t know her.You really don t remember anything about the past can cbd gummies cause skin rash The Bloody Queen raised her head and said to Qi Fei while eating a piece of fried rice noodles.She wondered where Mu Mu had abducted such a beautiful woman.Qi Fei looked at Yang Xueyu, and then at the Bloody Queen.He really didn t know what the Bloody Queen s name was, so he scratched his head and asked the Bloody Queen, Thatwhat s your name.Your name is Yang Xueyu.The Bloody Queen smiled what are cbd gummies for can cbd gummies cause skin rash slightly, and extended her hand friendly to shake Yang Xueyu s hand.Yang Xueyu held hands with that of the Bloody Queen, and asked with a smile, Who are you You can call me Queen.Over the years, the Bloody Queen has forgotten her own name, and only remembers Bloody Queen Such a title.Queen Yang Xueyu was even more puzzled.There are still people with such a name in this world.QueenQueenBloody Queen Qi Fei chanted the name of the Bloody Queen, and after repeating it a few times, the full name of the Bloody Queen came to his mind.This must be Mr.Li.I am David from the United States.This is my business card.I am here to discuss cooperation with your company.David said with gentle eyes, but, His eyes always glanced at the plumpness of Li Wan s chest.If this woman could be taken down and ravaged crazily, it would be a life like a fairy, and David felt very uneasy.Oh, Americans, our company has just been established and we haven t released any products yet.You have found the wrong partner.I am very busy and don t have time to receive you two.Please come back.After finishing speaking, Li Wan was about to leave the office.Also, you are indeed handsome, but don t think that you can be obscene if you are rich and handsome.You really want to fuck me.Don t deny it.Your eyes have already betrayed you.In terms of eyesight, Li Wan is in Huaxia.After going through too much, they finally forged an indestructible comrade in arms friendship between the three.But three years ago, the Mobei Canglang had a mutation, and many comrades can cbd gummies cause skin rash who lived with what are cbd gummies for can cbd gummies cause skin rash him went into exile, and finally died tragically.But at that time, Hongying was on a mission alone, and luckily escaped the mutation.Since then, Lei Dao has been alone, The long journey of seeking revenge and cbd gummies for pain and sleep can cbd gummies cause skin rash searching for the Red Eagle began.Three years have passed, and he found nothing except for the scars all over his body.Finally, he found Qi Fei in Langzhou.After hearing about the fate of other comrades in arms, he decided to give up looking for Hongying.Perhaps it is better for him to leave an obsessive thought in his heart than to find a mound full of weeds.But when he heard the news about Red Eagle from Qi Fei today, Lei Dao went crazy.Therefore, Wang Wutian walked up can cbd gummies cause skin rash to the stage suddenly, snatched the microphone from the man s hand, and drove the man to the corner, standing at attention in embarrassment.Everyone, I am Wang Wutian.Wang Wutian looked around the entire hall and said.Wow After saying a simple sentence, the whole hall suddenly burst into applause.This is Wang Wutian s personal charm.Of course, many people present were afraid of the huge power of the Lu family.At the same time, they applauded in order to cater to the Lu family and please Wang Wutian.Others are applauding happily, but sitting beside him motionless, it seems too different.I m very glad that everyone was able to take a day out of their busy schedules to attend the birthday banquet of the family ancestor.As a junior, I am very happy for a retired old man like my family ancestor, because there are still people who remember his meritorious deeds.Qi Fei walked over quickly and said to Liu Zhengfeng.You are the protagonist of today s press conference, and I m just an old man who came to cbd gummies for pain and sleep can cbd gummies cause skin rash take a look at it casually.How can I bother you.Liu Zhengfeng said with a smile.Hearing Liu Zhengfeng s words, the short man who had been following behind him couldn t help looking Qi Fei up and down.Immediately, Qi Fei felt very embarrassed, he, the hands off shopkeeper, did it too thoroughly.Indeed, this product in the form of a mask is more convenient for people to use.The effect of the previous small balls is good, but are you willing to stuff two small balls in your nostrils all day long However, although the purification effect of the improved environmental protection mask is as good as that of leaf lab pro cbd gummies cbd gummies to sleep the small ball, the timeliness is shortened to one week, and the environmental protection chip in it must be replaced if you want to continue to use it afterwards.Suddenly, Cheng Siyu became nervous.After the phone rang twice, it was connected.Hello, who is it Qi Fei s voice came from the phone.Cheng Siyu was so nervous that he didn t know how to speak, but suddenly he heard the voice of longing, which directly defeated his originally well developed brain.What should I say Do you want to say that Xia Zhilong is looking for him Although this excuse is good, it can t express her own feelings.It s embarrassing to say that she wants to talk.So she fell silent.Qi Fei on the other end of the phone can anybody buy cbd oil and gummy vitamins didn t seem to want to hang up, but also chose to remain silent.With a smile on the corner of Xia Zhilong s mouth, he made a gesture to Cheng Siyu, signaling to her that five minutes had passed and it was time to talk, and the phone bill was quite expensive, so it s not a problem to spend so much time.Although it is unreasonable, it is the most sensitive.Qi Fei didn t choose to take the elevator, but walked down the steps instead.He would take a random look at every floor.As the owner of this building, he was patrolling his own territory, and the slightest change could not escape his sharp eyes.He walked all the way up the stairs to the first floor, but he didn t find anything unusual, but his inner anxiety didn t abate in the slightest.Further down was the underground parking lot of the building, which was an green cbd gummies dragons den uk open area.Walking to the basement level, Qi Fei casually glanced at the elevator entrance of the parking lot, but a small corner caught Qi Fei s attention.At the lower left corner of the elevator entrance, there appeared a very irregular yellow can cbd gummies cause skin rash sign the size of a fingernail.I picked it up with my hand and found that it was printed by someone.Hu Mingyue s cbd gummies failed testing mood accompanied his body collapse.The thickest thigh was killed, and Qi Fei was still watching.She knew very well that if she couldn t think of some strange moves, everything would be over for her.I m so unsatisfied.Ah, murder.Hu Mingyue suddenly yelled loudly, tore her hair and the only piece of hempzilla cbd gummy review tulle, and ran towards the judge s body.But when she got close to where Li Er was, she didn t know whether it was because her feet suddenly softened or it was intentional.She fell to the ground, and when she got up again, all the huge soft flesh on her chest appeared in front of Li Er s eyes.Chapter 537 Are you kidding The wind is still very gentle, and the sun seems to be less scorching.But Li Er s eyes were still so calm, although he studied Hu Mingyue s chest shape, to be honest, Li Er really admired it in his heart, it was simply perfect.She hoped to see that familiar figure walking into her sight from afar, smiling all over her face.When love happens, she is caught off guard when love is can cbd gummies cause skin rash going on, she feels at ease when love leaves, what can she do, damn it, don t let go.The driver failed to hear Wu Lan s order, so he started the car on his own, preparing to take a walk around Langzhou.In his opinion, the boss was just in a bad mood, so he just needed to blow some air.Boss, I ll show you around a few times.Please let me know if you have any requirements.The driver said.He knew that a woman with a fragile mood needed a man s warm love the most.Didn t everyone say that the driver and the secretary were the boss s confidantes He didn t want to be Wu Lan s confidants, he just wanted to climb into Wu Lan s belly.Now that the rush hour for commuting is over, although the road is somewhat congested, the more you go to the suburbs, the more empty what are cbd gummies for can cbd gummies cause skin rash it becomes.Li Er, today is a draw.You can t kill me, and I can t kill you.Let s fight another day.After speaking, the leader turned around and got into a car, and fled out with a beautiful tail flick.I don t kill you, I want to leave your life to others.Looking at the car going away, Li Er whispered.Buzz With the roar of a huge plane, a much smaller plane landed at Langzhou Second Airport.While the plane was still taxiing on the ground, the ground crew and medical staff of the brigade, along with a team of soldiers, had long been waiting at the position where the HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause skin rash plane needed to stop.Among the crowd, Tian Wang and Cheng Susheng in plain clothes were also staring at the taxiing plane, without any emotion in their eyes.Xiao Cheng, did I do something wrong Tian Wang suddenly asked.Maybe in another ten minutes, the men from the expedition would come back, and they would bring what the motherland needed.Therefore, they could all see the scene in front of them Moreover, watching this bloody scene, although the few of them showed a terrified look, they had calm faces, very calm.What s more, they, who covered their faces in front of them and didn t look at all of this, didn t make any movements, can cbd gummies cause skin rash and looked at Qi s quietly, without missing any of his movements.They knew that they would encounter such scenes more or can cbd gummies cause skin rash less in the future.It doesn t necessarily mean that someone will show up in time and rescue them.Some things can only be faced by themselves.At the same time, looking at Qi Fei who is crazy, and Qi Fei who is no longer suppressing himself, they feel that this is the most real Qi Fei.They knew that Qi Fei was really angry this time, and he wanted to use this terrifying method to tell the enemy not to provoke him casually, otherwise it would be very miserable if the devil in his body was released This made Zhou Sisi and the others feel warm in their hearts Because, for their safety, Qi Fei did HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause skin rash not hesitate to incarnate into a demonic existence, all of which was just to protect them.It can t be such can cbd gummies cause skin rash a coincidence, so we can meet I also want to pass through Wu Hao, and then through the Wu family, so that they can introduce me.However, it is leaf lab pro cbd gummies cbd gummies to sleep really fate that we can meet only in HCMUSSH can cbd gummies cause skin rash such a place.These two have heard of me Could it be that my handsomeness has alarmed the party, and the whole world knows it Qi Fei took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it slowly, then looked at the two of them, and said, Yes.Then you What happened When the two saw an outsider coming, they stepped forward.They were a little bit resentful for a second, and then they became quiet.Although the two wanted to know Qi Fei, they were unwilling to show it in front of so many people.At this time, Manager Qi led the people and ran over in a hurry.When he saw the man collapsed on the ground like a dead body, cold sweat streamed down his forehead instantly.So he patted his chest on the spot and said, for their team s application for weapons, Qi Fei only needs to find him.After hearing Qi Fei s request, Ye Zhicheng felt that these requests were really too good, so he hurriedly said Any more requests Thinking that they would face the top few mercenaries, they dared to come to the University Tianchao, then there cbd gummies for diabetes reviews leaf lab pro cbd gummies must be sufficient preparations, Qi Fei thought for a while, and said I also need the country to prepare computer experts, that is, top hackers.Mechanical experts who can assemble anything, experts in human psychology, At the same time, there are geniuses with fast computing power.This is Ye Zhicheng was stunned when he heard this.What is this for These people don t seem to be useful against the combined mercenary army Why do you want this Why Don t forget that this is can cbd gummies cause skin rash the 21st century.Moreover, they also hope that this young commander in chief can understand.Yes, Qi Fei understood, but Qi Fei resolutely rejected their request.His refusal caused an uproar among the police elites.Sir, to be honest, I think we are more professional in dealing with these gangsters.After all, we are Counter Strike Elite.Saying this is completely embarrassing.That s right, we are excellent in many criminal cases.Isn t it because of our excellence that you hired us We still think it would be better for us to be members of the action team.Someone started After turning the head, the words behind will naturally increase.The elites of these criminal police teams used their confidence, reason and language to tell Qi Fei that they can do it, please let them deal with these enemies.Unfortunately, Qi Fei still refused.Qi Fei in the massage parlor was lying on the bed, looking at the third child protruding from cbd gummies for diabetes reviews leaf lab pro cbd gummies the curtain, and said, Target 1, an Asian man with short black hair, about thirty three years old, who is our jigsaw puzzle.The one above.Holding the high definition binoculars in both hands, he moved his gaze and continued Target 2, about thirty five years old, bald, with a dragon shaped tattoo on his head, and he is wiping an AK here.ak No matter the people in the can cbd gummies cause skin rash public channel suspected that they were from the command center, they all frowned when they heard the can cbd gummies cause skin rash news.At the very beginning, although they were prepared in their hearts, they felt that those gangsters might carry heavy weapons.But after confirming, it was another feeling.As a result, many people held their breaths and listened carefully to the news Qi Fei delivered to them.There should be quite a few of these people, but when they first appeared, people from the government found out, so they took action against them in advance.But what the people in the government didn t know was that they had a secret base here, and a fish slipped through the net To be honest, Changmao s brain can cbd gummies cause skin rash filling ability is actually very brain opening.Qi Fei safe cbd gummies for pain and the others didn t even think of an excuse to come up, and when Chang Mao frightened them, they were perfected by Chang Mao with his perfect brain power.If Qi Fei and the others knew, they would definitely give him an award The best mind opening award to highlight this man s contribution to society and dedication to the country.What No more can cbd gummies cause skin rash cbd gummies for joint and muscle pain protection fees Brother, how can this be possible Have you forgotten that this will disrupt the order of the market economy As I said, the crew cut head is not very bright, but the memory is still quite good.That classmate, please say that you are not so excited on the phone, this is a library, please don t disturb other people s reading.At this time, the management staff near the library said If you continue like this, please go out Come in after finishing talking, okay Sorry, sorry, I m going out now.Thinking of his own faux pas, Zheng Zhechen quickly apologized and rushed out of the library immediately.At the same time, he clenched his fists.Little sister was kidnapped You bastard, I hope you are not kidding me, otherwise, I will ask Grandpa to send you to the army immediately can cbd gummies cause skin rash The reason why Zheng Zhechen thought so was because his younger brother had too many criminal records, so he was really unreliable.Although he knew that he would not make fun of his sister, he felt a little flustered about being kidnapped.Which of these luxury brands is cheap Can ordinary people afford such clothes Therefore, Qi Fei judged her extraordinary family background directly from the information.Although it may not be a family with rights, it is still a rich family.It is not difficult to hire the police or something.Besides, poor families only have blind dates, how can there be such a high end existence as engagement Chapter 655 With such a mess, if Qi Fei didn t know that this girl s family was unusual, he would be the captain of the Tianjiao peacekeeping force.Even so, what does this have to do with my family coming to find me Zheng Peishan was still unwilling to admit that her family members had come to find me.Qi Fei pointed to the chaotically parked private cars outside, and said Because of them The owners of these cars must have received some notice, so they left in a hurry The traces left on the road This kind of farming all shows that your family must know that we are on Suzaku Street.Fuck your uncle s Qi Fei, our Chen and Lin families should have paid you, and they have already paid, so don t bully people too much Yes, he felt that Qi Fei did this on purpose.That guy Qi Fei must still be holding a grudge, that s why he wanted to threaten him with his fianc e.Qi Fei, Qi Fei, I knew you wouldn t let it go I thought you would endure it for a while, but I didn t expect you to come and continue to beat me so soon.Since you ve already done it, don t blame me for being cruel.Because, I never thought of letting you go.Therefore, when Chen Tianming was talking with First can cbd gummies cause skin rash Young Master Zheng, he skillfully led him to this point, and then directly obtained a lot of useful information from Zheng Zhechen.What, Zhe Ming of your family has already brought people there Is that what are cbd gummies for can cbd gummies cause skin rash manpower enough Or, I can find some people from home to help In this case, it will be safer.Here, only classmate Lu Rourou can speak like this.After all, according to the personalities of those geniuses, only Lu Rourou is closer to the category of normal people, and the others still have convulsions from time to time.For example No, I have more important things to do.As he spoke, Qi Fei directly set his eyes on Brother Amu.Youwhat do you want I don t know why, when Brother Amu met Qi Fei s eyes, he felt as if he was being spotted by a demon.Although he had never seen a demon in his life, this was his immediate feeling.His eyes instantly stared at his numb scalp, dry mouth, trembling body, and even heard the beating of his heart.This feeling was even more terrifying than the first time he killed someone.He couldn t figure out why he had such a feeling.Oh, it s amazing When Jiang Fan heard Brother Amu s voice, his eyes flashed for a moment, and he said to the microphone Qi Fei, you said you have more important things to do, hehe, don t you Are you going to blow him can cbd gummies cause skin rash up Crack When Zheng Peishan hadn t moved, Lao Wu, who was closest to him, slapped Gao Jiangfan directly, and said angrily, That guy is obviously in a terrifying mood, blast your sister Jiang Fan touched After being slapped on the head by Lao Wu, he curled his lips and muttered I don t have a sister.

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