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Just go, who is afraid of whom, I even sue that vixen Jiang Xiaolan dragged Jiang Xiaofang away angrily, Jiang Erhu stood at the door to see that they were really heading towards the court, He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and ran to the shade of a tree in the distance to make frequent calls, not knowing if he was looking for a relationship or a lawyer.Han Chaoyang didn t bother to talk to him anymore, went back to the police room and turned off the law enforcement recorder, and sighed softly, What is this It s endless It s nothing good.Gritting his teeth, he came to the door and said Suo Liu and the trainer came to investigate the post last night.It is clear that someone is beating us behind the scenes.Who When I came back, I saw you fishing with a few old men from Factory 527, and I reported you to Liu Suo as soon as I arrived.These two cars will best cbd gummies to help with anxiety be used by us from today., We don t need to worry about maintenance costs, even the driver s wages are paid by the street. That s great The neighborhood committee doesn t have any buses, and the voluntary security patrol team has two, Han Chaoyang wondered if the sun came out from the west Incredible.The car is not free.Secretary Yang and Director Gu asked us to participate in the comprehensive law enforcement of the street as coordinators in the future.Our main purpose is to assist, maintain order on the spot, and ensure the personal safety of law enforcement personnel.No wonder the street leaders are so generous., This is to let the voluntary security patrols not only help the streets to maintain stability, but also can cbd gummies get you high let the voluntary security patrols help the streets with the work of urban management.Director Su presides over the meeting, invites this leader to speak, and invites that leader to speak.Director Cai of the Street Comprehensive Management Office read out the document approving the establishment of the patrol team.Deputy Director Chen of the Street in charge of comprehensive management announced thc free cbd gummies for anxiety the appointment of personnel.Comrade Su Xian, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee, was appointed as the instructor of the Chaoyang Community Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade.Comrade Chaoyang is the captain, and Comrade Jin Dabao is appointed as the deputy captain Han Chaoyang didn t know beforehand, he was caught off guard and couldn t laugh or cry.I thought to myself that I would be a captain.What are the benefits of being the captain The administrative level will not be raised by one level, and the salary will not be raised by one point.A path.It s been considered comprehensively, so let s do it this way.Deputy team leader Ren nodded with a smile, signaling Han Chaoyang to continue.We have a total of three patrol and interrogation terminals, which can be divided into three groups for simultaneous interrogation.Considering that the superior has strict regulations cbd gummies virginia on law enforcement, we will not divide the troops into groups.We will cbd gummies legal in north carolina start with one team and come in rows one by one.The security guards at the terminal are swiping their ID cards at the door, and I can see it from the outside, so I just push from south to north.There are many rules can cbd gummies get you high in public security, isn t it just a patrol to check the terminal, and I don t trust others to use it, so I have to watch it with my own eyes Director Su thought it was a little funny.Han Chaoyang didn t know what the leader was thinking, and continued The entry registration and rental house registration of community cadres and comprehensive law enforcement officers are carried out at the same time as the ID card checks, and they advance from south to north at the same time.More than 30 people lined up neatly.In contrast, the law enforcement team members and coordinators of the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade are really not enough.This is the stability maintenance force of the street As the immediate boss of the voluntary security patrol team, Director Cai of the Comprehensive Management Office was very satisfied, looked at each other with the two deputy leaders of the working group and Director Su, and ordered Comrades, act according to the plan and set off Yes Following the leader s order, the team members and cadres of the working group immediately walked as planned, and some got into the car.The large troops rushed out, the police lights flashed, and Director Su, who also put on the special police training uniform, was full of emotion and couldn t help it.He started pretending to be crazy, and Han Chaoyang how long does cbd gummy last in system can cbd gummies get you high threatened him by saying that he had already contacted Menya County Public Security Bureau and Yuanfu County Public Security Bureau, and people from the two county public security bureaus were rushing to Yanyang overnight, at the latest at noon tomorrow, no, it should be noon today You ll be there, and you ll be able to recognize it when you get there.Guan Xiyuan thought to himself that the murderer was caught by Han Chaoyang, and I tried my best to compare it, so he stood at the door of the instructor s dormitory can cbd gummies get you high and said happily No one in Yanyang knows him, but his hometown does The suspect s fluke mentality was completely dispelled, and he honestly admitted that he was Ji Qingyun, and admitted can cbd gummies get you high that he had killed someone in Menya County twelve years ago.Secretary Yang nodded again, but what he just said was equivalent to saying nothing.Liu Jianye didn t want to go around in circles anymore, and said with a look of embarrassment Secretary Yang, Comrade Han Chaoyang was taken away by the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the inspector.All work should not be delayed because of this.Considering that the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community has to assist the street and the working group in land acquisition Relocation, but also to assist the comprehensive law enforcement of the street, is the street a re appointed captain This is your real reason for coming If it is mentioned in a few days, Secretary Yang may agree.After all, the patrol team must have a captain, and it is best to be an official policeman, but it is very unhappy to mention Secretary Yang now.The Disciplinary Committee and inspectors followed closely behind.They just walked through the hall and escorted cbd gummy sun state hemp can cbd gummies get you high Ge Baohua, who was handcuffed, into the car.I could imagine the next stop.It was the hospital, and the next stop was the detention center.The police car escorting the inner ghost had just driven out of the yard when the leaders came down.Bureau Du is here too Han Chaoyang and Guan Xiyuan were taken aback, and hurriedly stood at attention and saluted.I thought that the two bureau leaders would pass by each other, but Du Bureau suddenly stopped, turned to look at the disgraced Liu Suo, the instructor and other leaders, and then shifted his gaze to Han Chaoyang Xiao Han, did you call the police just now Yes I heard from Secretary Guo that they were cbd gummies boca raton going to destroy a den.I saw you bring back a dozen suspects upstairs just now.

Why squeeze, stand inside I can t take it anymore The owners inside couldn t take it anymore, and began to push the people around them away.How could Han Chaoyang miss this opportunity, turned around and said If you have something to say, you can speak slowly.Now, please step back and let the owners inside take a breath.Please be considerate of each other, and please cooperate with us.We will start from here , Go south in an orderly manner, there is shade in the south can cbd gummies get you high Gu Guoli got motion sickness and didn t like to ride in a car.He couldn t help but go to the Huayuan Street Police Station in the morning to take the police car of the bureau leader.Now that there are electric patrol HCMUSSH can cbd gummies get you high cars, of course he takes an electric patrol car.The speed of the patrol car was not as fast as that of the police car.Director Su and Lao Jin led other patrol members to report to Liu Jianye immediately at the eastern furniture hypermarket.At the same time, the police and auxiliary police of all units participating in the stability maintenance operation were ordered to maintain order and guide the owners all the way to the furniture hypermarket.Seeing that what does cbd gummies the big troop had gone south, and there were more and more police officers, especially the special police around them, several unrelenting female owners did not dare to how long does cbd gummy last in system can cbd gummies get you high push and pull the street cadres, and followed Grandpa Gu s earnest persuasion Director Gu was really tossed and messed up.Panting, he wiped his sweat, took a big gulp of water from Han Chaoyang s hand, and said with lingering fear, Xiao Han, it s fortunate that you called out in time, or if you rescued me, Yuling and I would have been fucked by them.Yes Okay, continue to be on duty.Previously This kid was only in the eyes of Bureau Du before, but now it is even more exaggerated.He actually registered with Bureau Zhou.It seems that the branch wants to train him to be Grandpa Gu s successor, and to set him up as a model of community police.Liu Jianye saw it in his eyes and felt depressed in his heart.Thinking about the current situation in the station, I think that the Chaoyang Community Police Office is no longer just the Chaoyang Community Police Office of the Huayuan Street Police Station from today, but a comprehensive alarm receiving platform under the leadership of both the Huayuan Street Police Station and the 110 Command Center of the sub bureau.The results are also the results of the institute, not to mention that Grandpa Gu really can t be offended, he immediately stepped forward and said Zhou Bureau, maybe you don t know that the clue to the huge fake evidence case last time was also Xiao Han who came from outside the jurisdiction of the investigation.I don t know if the package will break, if there is a danger of breaking, we need to perform an operation as soon as possible, and if it is confirmed that there is no danger, let him discharge the drugs here.It was a great honor for Yu Zhenchuan to assist the anti drug brigade in handling the case, and he agreed Yes, I ll look for it right away.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and quickly said, Jiao Da, I ll help you maintain order.Sure enough, the Sixth City Hospital was very familiar, and soon found a tall, thin director with glasses.The director was very helpful.He invited everyone to an office, and after a brief understanding of the situation, he took out a pen and opened a list.The No.6 City Hospital was busy during the day, but not at night.The lobby of the emergency center was full of family members of patients.There were no seats in the back row, so Xiaokang and the other three team members could only squat together.He studied detective at the police academy.Although he is not a policeman, he is more professional than Han Chaoyang, who has only received three months of induction training.He clutched the window of the car that had just been opened and asked eagerly, Da Han, when did the murder happen Do you want to set up a card to intercept it The command center didn t say, nor asked us to set up a card to intercept.After speaking, Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that the command center might not have much information, and quickly said Changsheng, Officer Yu s You know the phone number, call him quickly.Yes After thinking about it, Han Chaoyang took out the police phone, held it up and handed it to Kang Guojun Xiaokang, call the office for me and report to the head of the class.After all, it s so old that it s impossible to stare at it like a child.If you see it, find someone to make one, print your photo, name, home address and your phone number on it, and simply indicate his Let him hang it around your neck.If you get lost again, kind people will call you when they see the sign Grandpa Gu reminded me thousands of times, and the hostess was very moved.Go to a typewriter and copy shop hemp bombs cbd gummies 75 mg to have a name badge made.The next stop was the home of a criminal under surveillance.Grandpa Gu climbed into the co pilot of the patrol car and asked curiously, Chaoyang, why are you buying so many watermelons Well, Xiao Yu and his fellow villagers have a party at night, so I must go with them.It s not easy for people to earn some money, and they can t eat and drink for nothing, so buy a few watermelons for fun.Judging from the current situation, Qiao Xianhong is a person with almost no can cbd gummies get you high bad habits.It may be because his father died early and his family was difficult in the past, so he is very hardworking, capable and willing to work.No one has seen him play cards.When they get together, they don t play with him, they don t smoke or drink alcohol, and they are very can cbd gummies get you high frugal.People like him are neither likely to participate in gambling, nor are cbd gummies for partys they likely to get involved in drugs.From this point of view, it can also be seen that For a cautious person like him, it is impossible to lose money when doing renovations, it s just a matter of earning more and earning less, and you can t owe huge debts because of the renovation. Qiao Xianhong disappeared, Zhang Qiuyan died, Qiao Xianhong s mother, Wang Qiaolan, had remarried long ago, what is going on with this family What s the situation, I can t find an insider The leaders studied and analyzed in front, and Wu Wei sat in the last row racking his brains and thinking hard.

Moving a grave is so troublesome, The next best cbd thc gummies for anxiety and stress can cbd gummies get you high demolition will be more troublesome Han Chaoyang was thinking about what strange things would happen next when his phone rang, and it was Li Xiaobin calling again.Xiaobin, what s the matter Han Da, he is repairing the door.Sitting in a black Santana sedan, Li Xiaobin looked at Ke Jianrong, who was busy across the road, and said excitedly There is no camera at the door of the store with the damaged door lock, rachael ray bio gold cbd gummies but there is one on the side of the road.It seems to be high definition.After he repairs the door and leaves, you and Chief Gu will come over and talk to others about the video.Take a look.Not everyone can view the surveillance video, Han Chaoyang said without hesitation Okay, you can send me the location.Chapter 105 There may be an accomplice I had planned to ask Director Gu and Director Su for an hour off to watch the surveillance video with the master, but the situation changed., This road has detours, and it is estimated that it will take another 20 to 30 kilometers.I don t think it will be blocked for long, and it should be pumping water at the moment.Han Chaoyang dried his hair and leaned over to take a look.The pumping is not so fast.I just called to ask.The underground parking lot of Dongming Community is pumping with four water pumps.It will not be pumped until tomorrow at the earliest.A lot of water All the way to the basement.Come on, luckily move quickly, otherwise the car parked below will be ruined and the insurance company will be in trouble.Da Han, there will be fish to eat tomorrow While chatting, a patrol member rushed in excitedly and said, Da Han , Squad Leader Li and the others caught a lot of fish when they cleaned up several water outlets of the Chaoyang River, and they said they weighed tens of catties, and asked me to find a few buckets and drive a patrol car to pull them.As it turns out, the lad wasn t overwhelmed by the sudden, overwhelming accolade.Su Xian nodded slightly, and said bluntly It s right not to change your career.Who will remember you if you change your career Even if you remember it, it won t be a good impression.When you are not famous, you will do your duty buy cbd gummies gainesville fl and serve the masses.Once you become famous, you will quit.What will netizens think and see if you go to the showbiz and entertainment circles So you can t change your career.People don t kill themselves, Han Chaoyang really thought about resigning from his public office and returning to his old job, but this idea just passed by.Chen Jie realized that she had just come up with a bad idea, and just didn t know what to order, Yu Xucheng suddenly raised his mobile phone and said Han Da, you are more popular These photos and these few videos are definitely sent by people from Chaoyang Village.What Xiaoxuan, what poetry It s like the name in a Hong Kong and Taiwan TV series, like the heroine in the CEO s online article.I can t hear the voice, I should know my avatar, why don t you add me as a friend can cbd gummies get you high cost of cbd gummies for arthritis Sure enough, it was the eldest lady with a big temper.Han Chaoyang climbed into the patrol car, leaned on the steering wheel and explained, Please, I m on duty, so I don t have time to use my mobile phone to check WeChat.If you don t believe me, you can ask Huang Ying.I usually don t check WeChat during the day.Look at it before going to bed at night.Didn t it be intentional How could it be intentional It s my honor, Han Chaoyang, that you can take the initiative to add me.It s too late to be happy.Are you happy that I added you Tang Xiaoxuan He smiled and asked.Very happy, ecstatic, very happy.Han Chaoyang knew very well that he was not from the same world as this uninvited guest, so not only was he not jealous, but he deliberately slowed down.Yu Zhenchuan glanced at him gratefully, walked side by side with Tang Xiaoxuan towards the cafeteria, and explained with a smile as he walked, In the past, there was no one during the summer vacation, but now there is a lot of pressure to enter school and get a job.Many students don t go home during the summer vacation.Some live on campus to prepare for exams and postgraduate entrance examinations some minor in double degrees, and it seems that PolyU s double degree courses are arranged in summer vacation some find work units in the city for internships, and some students work part time in the city, part time work study.On the quiet campus, Tang Xiaoxuan seemed to have returned to her student days, and said sincerely PolyU has done a good job in cbd manufacturers private label gummies this regard, unlike our school, which does not allow dormitories during holidays.We will start building the East Railway Station and the high speed rail station.The future high speed rail and bullet trains will all be here.Stop.Really You assist the working group in the demolition every day.They didn t tell you After taking a big sip of water, he continued, I heard from Station Master Wang that the train station does not need to be relocated, but our passenger station will be moved.One piece of land acquired by Chaoyang Village is for the construction of a long distance passenger station.The subway is also planned here.In the future The area in Chaoyang Village is very lively, there are high speed rail stations, bus stations and subway stations.All in one place Han Chaoyang was surprised when he heard it for the first time.If you don t believe me, go back and ask the people in the working group.What s good about Yanhe Park Take a walk.You just wear In this suit Wait, I ll go in and change into casual clothes.Grandpa Gu had already fallen asleep, and when Yu Zhenchuan went downstairs, he answered how long does cbd gummy last in system can cbd gummies get you high a phone call and rushed back to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, probably because of some police situation, the on duty personnel were too busy Need to work overtime.Thinking that the police office cannot be far away from people, and the walk cannot be far away.Thinking that everyone in this area knows him, it doesn t matter if they change their casual clothes or not, Huang Ying grabbed his arm and said, Forget it, if there is another police case later, it will be troublesome to change it, so let s go Chapter 163 Evil nature It was the first time we can cbd gummies get you high took a walk together, although wearing a police uniform and not getting too close or holding hands, Han Chaoyang was still in a very happy mood.

In my impression, she always has short hair, dresses casually, and looks .

is cbd gummies bad for your liver?

like a tomboy.Treat the class leader like a class teacher, scold anyone in the class who doesn t do their homework well, and fight without ambiguity.At that time, her cousin who was in the same class as her was very afraid of her, so he dared to whine behind her back, scolding her for holding chicken feathers as arrows all day long, and calling her the teacher s dog leg.When he was in school, Han Chaoyang had never been ravaged by her, and he didn t have any bad feelings for her, nor did he have any good feelings for such a strong opposite sex.Just after replying convenient , his phone rang.Chaoyang, I didn t expect that.In fact, even if Mr.Ma doesn t call me, I will go to you in a few days.Sister Miao, how do you know I m in Yanyang You are the most handsome policeman.I didn t expect Yanyang to be the most The handsome policeman is right by our side, and he will take care of our Yangguan Village.What the most handsome policeman, let Boss Tang laugh at you.Jun er, they are all on their own, so I won t make circles with you.The security team in the village is poor.20,000 yuan, you can go to the Three Treasures Hall for everything, we are here to fight the local tyrants.This is the first stop for you, and you will find Jiming later.It s not like you don t know about Qiao Xianhong s family, he watched him grow up Yes, if there is a public security team in the village, such a tragedy could really be avoided, and it hurts to think about the death of all three members of the family, and this is also a remedy for the past.The village head Cui has a good relationship with him, and he cut to the chase.How much a person has changed over the years may not be recognized.Han Chaoyang smiled awkwardly II really don t have any impression.I know you have no impression.You were so beautiful when you were in school, and the romantic person in the whole school.I am completely transparent.How can you look at me or remember me name.Lin Wenjing tossed her hair, and stretched out her right hand generously.I, my hands are full of sweat.Still look down on me Lin Wenjing teased.How is it possible I m afraid I ll get your hands dirty.Han Chaoyang spread his hands, then turned around to show can cbd gummies get you high her his wet back.I m sweating profusely.Did you go out on patrol just now Almost.Lin Wenjing thought it was ridiculous that Mrs.Ma s son actually became a policeman., is it heavy to wear so many things Even though he was a classmate but had no impression, Han Chaoyang was really embarrassed, so he simply introduced the equipment on his body This is a kettle, this is a walkie talkie, handcuffs, pepper spray, baton, flashlight at least 5 kilograms, we dispatch the police every day These equipment must be complete, if you carry them on your back every day, you will definitely lose weight.Jiao Da and Liang Dongsheng are both in their forties, and they cannot be compared with these young men.The second batch of policemen who climbed over the wall just opened the iron gate from the inside, and just opened a crack, he pushed open the heavy iron gate and rushed into the yard, Running in the living room of the villa, he shouted can cbd gummies get you high Old Liang, go and see Xiao Wu, the others will follow me With so many people rushing in, it s not a big problem if one more or one less goes in.Liang Dongsheng was very nervous, so he ran to Wu Wei and quickly put away his gun, grabbed the wolf dog s upper and lower jaws, and said eagerly while breaking it Hold it down so that it doesn t move around, I ll open its mouth I m pressing it, clamping it, it can t move It was bleeding, and the apprentice s hands were full of blood.Thank you, Brother Han, please, Brother Han.As soon as Han Chaoyang hung up the phone, the chubby guy said eagerly, Uncle Han, I won t go to your police office.I ll go home and watch TV.Who knows if you will stay at home honestly, Han Chaoyang pulled his chubby arm, No, I have to go to the police station, I told your father.My father is afraid of you, but I am not.If you don t want to go, you won t go Playing foolishly, he sat on the ground and refused to leave, and put on a posture of calling for help if you dragged me.It seemed that he really didn t want to see Chen Jie, and he didn t like doing homework very much.A lot of passers by were watching, and no coercive measures could be taken against him.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to settle for the next best thing It s fine if you don t go to the police office, how about patrolling with me Patrolling, catching bad guys Energetic, he got up immediately, touched Han Chaoyang s multifunctional belt, and asked enviously and expectantly Uncle Han, can you lend me this, just play for a while, and I will help you catch bad guys.Now that people are dead and killed, the nature has completely changed Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Lao Lu took a deep breath, took out his mobile phone to call the squadron leader, and hurriedly said Shisuo, we are short of manpower, can you You and us, you go quickly, I will organize the police to arrive immediately Human life is at stake, and now it is a murder case.Lao Lu didn t dare to delay for a moment, ran downstairs without looking back, and said eagerly while running Qian Dui, just received the news that Liu Wenhai, the business manager of Dongsheng Machinery Factory, died.The three suspects are temporarily detained at the police station, I will go to protect the scene now Chapter 187 Chasing and intercepting 2 Guan Xiyuan sent out two police officers at night.At the same time, two cars in Antai New Village were scratched, the scratches were not very deep, the paint was not peeled off, but there was a white mark, and both cars were insured, but the owner just wanted to call 110.The abandoned baby is really right.Put it in a place, put it at the gate of the 24 hour police station, at least the safety of the baby is guaranteed.And opposite is the Sixth Hospital of the city, so it is very convenient to send to the hospital for treatment.Han Chaoyang sympathized with the young man who abandoned the baby, but did not best cbd thc gummies for anxiety and stress can cbd gummies get you high agree with this practice.Looking back at Huang Ying with an apologetic face, she held the phone tightly and said, I ll go back right away.If I have any news, call me in time.This is not a big case, nor is it a trivial matter.Bao pushed the car door open Work is important, drive me back, I ll explain to my mother.I m sorry.I m sorry.I m sorry, my mother will can cbd gummies get you high cost of cbd gummies for arthritis understand, drive slowly on the road, and call me when you get there.Saying goodbye to my girlfriend, I hurried back, thinking about it, I still feel sorry, and called the mother in law to apologize on the way, Huang Ma really understood, saying that she put the fish in the refrigerator today, and she has no time to eat tomorrow.

3 machine, received by the No.3 machine.Received by the No.4 machine, and will be here soon.The large screens on both sides of the north and south banks played the pre recorded promotional video in a loop.Meaning, Director Le resolutely broadcasted a live broadcast to the uninvited guests on Huayuan Street.As soon as the two camera crews arrived, he squeezed beside Han Chaoyang and asked with a smile, Young man, are you in charge of these three bands Yes They all listen to you, and they know making gummies with cbd isolate that you are in charge at a glance.My surname is Le, and my single name is Zan, the director of the party.You can play until 6 55, but you must give me a playlist.It turned out to be the general manager director To be able to play until the official start of the party, there is such a good thing Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and immediately called his brother, Lao Pan, and Factory Manager Wang over.As soon as the armed police officers and soldiers sang, it reflected how well the policemen of the branch bureau sang just now.With a knowing smile on Zhou Ju s face, he couldn t can cbd gummies get you high cost of cbd gummies for arthritis help turning his head and said Political commissar, it s different to have professional guidance than to have no professional guidance.Comrades sang well just now.Xiao Han can also conduct, with powerful and clean movements.Compared with him, this officer on the stage is just beating the time.The young man really did a good job by taking the lead.Political Commissar Huang turned around to look at the policemen who had just stepped off the stage and were returning to their respective positions from the right passage, and smiled and leaned into Zhou Ju s ear In the future, if there are similar activities, I will not look for others.Auntie , the air conditioner has been turned on to the maximum, we don t have an electric fan here, and we can t blow it even if there s a fire underneath.More than forty sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd global green cbd gummies 450 mg people came at once, and they sat down and ate like starving ghosts.The chopsticks are gone by one person in the pot, and the master who cuts the meat is simply too busy.What frustrates the waiters the most is pure craft cbd gummies that they only order the cheapest beer, and they only order 14 bottles.Those who don t drink drink the sour plum soup provided for free in the store.Is there any wine commission.The waiter was depressed and overwhelmed with busyness, while Huang Ying felt it was a little funny.She had eaten a few mouthfuls since she sat down, not because she didn t want to eat but because she didn t want to eat.Han Chaoyang was embarrassed to compete with the uncles and aunts, and barely moved his chopsticks.Once the remaining high level art students pass the prescribed score line for the college entrance examination, they can choose their own.Because of this, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other prestigious schools have never lacked talented, good grades and art students who are good at playing various musical instruments, and even the performance level of students admitted is higher than that of art schools.The level is still high.As Han Chaoyang said, famous schools not only have a lot of funds, but also get rich in everything PolyU is just an ordinary undergraduate institution, and it is really not in the same league as a famous school.It cannot compete with other schools for good students.The more Professor Nie thought about it, the more depressed he became.The more depressed he became, the more he wanted to set up an orchestra and increase the popularity of PolyU.The base rushed.Okay, we re on our way.We ll arrive in about fifteen minutes.Yes, we promise to complete the task.Director Su, what did Secretary Yang say Han Chaoyang asked while holding the steering wheel.The settlement bill has come out, and it is resolved through legal channels, that is, bankruptcy liquidation.The interests of the owners are given priority in the liquidation.The city s affordable housing construction investment company that will take over the project in the future will advance a sum of money and refund the purchase price of the owners.The full amount The ones purchased are compensated by the bank fixed deposit interest for the same period, and the ones purchased with a loan are calculated according to the loan interest.Regarding the problem of Shenghai Garden, the city finally came up with a solution, and Su Xian put down her phone, feeling relieved.As soon as the large how long does cbd gummy last in system can cbd gummies get you high troops arrived at the militia training base, Han Chaoyang organized his team members to maintain order.As Huang Ying said at the gate of the police office, we will meet again soon.Secretary Yang and Director Gu led the street cadres to follow, and as soon as they got off the bus, they began to organize the street cadres and the working group to persuade the owners to enter the meeting room and hurry up.Time to do owner work.Chaoyang, the sub bureau and the street didn t notify us to go there.How is the scene Are the owners excited Just walking around, the leader of the office called.Han Chaoyang returned to the car and reported with his mobile phone Report to Liu, the work of the working group may be done ahead, the mood of the owners is relatively stable, the scene is in good order, at least no one is making a fuss now.1 and call the owners one by one, planning to arrange a meeting at any place tonight.The villagers meeting in her hometown is also like this, it s very simple.Hello, hello, is this Mr.Ding Xiao Geng entered the correct contact sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd information, and the owner did not change the number.The first call was successfully connected.A good start is half the success.The corner of Miao Haizhu s can cbd gummies get you high mouth curled up.heart smile.Hello, who is it Mr.Ding, I am Miao Hai, a policeman from the Xinyuan best cbd thc gummies for anxiety and stress can cbd gummies get you high Street Police Station Before the word Zhu was spoken, there was a beeping sound on the phone, and the other party didn t even wait for this side to call her.After finishing speaking, she hung up.Miao Haizhu didn t expect this to happen, and was stunned for a while.Geng Ming almost burst out laughing, forced a smile and reminded Officer Miao, they don t want to save our community s phone number, and found that the number on the caller ID is relatively unfamiliar, and you said that you are a policeman, so you may think it is a telecom fraud, thinking that you are Liar.

As soon as we received Lao He s call, we organized the police to set up checkpoints on the road, arranged for the police to go to the station for surveillance, and reported it to the Municipal Bureau as soon as possible., the Municipal Bureau has issued a notice to assist in the inspection, bus stations, railway stations, airports as long as there is a security check, they are all helping us to pay attention, no matter how fast he responds, can he be as fast as us Jiang Dajian enveloped Feng Changdong, even if he can cbd gummies get you high ran, he didn t run too much After speaking, he looked up at He Pingyuan, who had more say in this issue.That bastard is too cunning.Shi Ju s analysis makes sense.Ping Yuan, do you think he s not in the village Recognize it.If I were him, I would definitely find a safe place to hide first and see if there is any movement.A group of advanced models will be commended and credited, and the fire line of the police who has performed outstandingly in the implementation of the task will be approved to join the party.Fire line meritorious service , fire line joins the party , as long as the word fire line is fast, in other words, do not report to the Ministry of Public Security, do not Go through those tedious procedures.Fan Ju pondered for a moment, did not express any opinion, and still looked at the Political Commissioner with a smile.The Political Department is sorting out the deeds and materials, and they will report them to the Municipal Bureau the day after tomorrow.With Comrade Han Chaoyang s achievements, especially his deeds, it should be no problem to get a second class merit.Comrades Guan Xiyuan HCMUSSH can cbd gummies get you high and Comrades Ning Junde also performed very well in the study and exchange.There are not many surveillance cameras in this area, and the light is not good at night, so the videos taken are not clear, so it is difficult to locate the suspect through surveillance.Teng Jiming didn t have much hope for this, raised his arm to knock the cigarette ash, and asked in a hoarse voice How about the victim s mobile phone call records The three mobile phone numbers we have are all used by the victim before he came to Yanyang.A total of 132 contacts were counted, excluding those calls for advertising sales, telecom fraud, hotels, karaoke bars and food delivery, and really contacting the victim for comparison.There are only 12 frequent ones, and all of them are from Kaijing County.With the assistance of the Kaijing County Public Security Bureau, the Fang team has found 10 of them, and the whereabouts of two others are unknown.It s none of my business that the person across the street died.No one has ever bought yellow sand and gravel, no car has ever pulled sand and gravel, and no boat has delivered sand and gravel to the gravel factory.Why does the loader parked at the door of your dormitory start in the middle of the night, and there are so many people just you Qi Wenli I have the key for the loader II drive the loader, but I am not the only one who can drive it, almost everyone who works here knows how to do it, and someone may take the key and secretly drive it.Still quibbling If you want people not to know unless you have nothing to do, you don t want to tell the truth, okay, follow me to the police station Officer Wu, it s really none of my business Whose business is it The police may have found After passing Pei Qimin, Pei Qimin might have already said everything.Is the atmosphere not affected How could it be affected, but relatives and friends find it interesting, and even the bride thinks this wedding is unique.It s fine if it s not affected.The wedding is not affected, and you don t have to worry about it.You have helped me so much, how could Mr.Liang hurt you I asked my relatives and friends to help dispel the rumors.On the way here, I also sent a red envelope in the group, please The big guys helped forward it.In the final analysis, the atmosphere over there is too bad, we are forced to go to Liangshan, and we have no choice.Speaking of this, Huang Ying, who has been checking Weibo since 11 30 noon, chuckled Now the Internet The direction of the wind has changed, and the public opinion is one sided.Instead of treating Hongliang as a street how long does cbd gummy last in system can cbd gummies get you high mouse, everyone yells and beats us.We arrange them to watch the workers sifting the pile of sand in the gravel yard to see if they can sift out the victim s mobile phone or the murderer from the sand.The murder weapon used was not screening.I have been to the scene, and the pile of sand is estimated to be thousands of tons, when will it be screened Boss Feng, there is no other way, if you were you, you would do the same.Arrange someone to go to the screening, in fact, you screened earlier than us.That s true.Director Feng, what instructions do you have, if there are no other instructions, hang up first, I still have something to do here.Then check outside , this best cbd thc gummies for anxiety and stress can cbd gummies get you high phone can t always be busy. Here again, what instructions can I give.Lao Teng, I just don t think such a division of labor is reasonable.I made it very clear in front of Luo Zhi at the scene that day, and I arranged to go.I know how much I miss you in the past two years abroad.Are you busy If not, I want to go to Yanyang to see you tomorrow.Am I mistaken, I really want to come Xie Lingling s head was getting bigger, and she couldn t refuse, so she could only smile wryly Okay, I miss you too, how do you plan to come here, by plane or train, so I can pick you up After the phone call, Xu Hongliang also Guessing what was going on, he couldn t help laughing and asked The romantic debt owed by Chaoyang Well, it s cbd gummies memory the one who went abroad for further studies.I ll go, it s lively now.Who said it wasn t, This test is difficult for him, I know Yanwen too well, coming to Yanyang is definitely not as simple as looking for me to catch up on the past, and they didn t even break up at that time.It s not a breakup, what do you mean Yanwen is our The most beautiful and fashionable girl in the class, to put it bluntly, the one who can make us realize that spring is coming, knows how to dress up best, changes clothes every three days, texture, color, style, all change with the seasons every day And the change of shades.

Huang Ying s reaction made her very interested, she didn t seem to be angry, and she even joked His ex is coming Well, I will arrive at 11 o clock tomorrow morning.Anyway, I am also a classmate.We were on good terms in school.I planned to pick her up at the airport with Hong Liang, and originally wanted to help her book a room in Shuxiangyuan, but she may not need it, hemp bombs cbd gummies for sale she and us are from two worlds, and we live in five star hotels when we go out.His ex What a coincidence, he was transferred to the task force, how can he be a landlord.Yingying, don t be angry, Yan Wen came to see me, and they broke up a long how long does cbd gummy last in system can cbd gummies get you high time ago.You are her classmate, Han Chaoyang They re not her classmates, and they re not just classmates, it s not good to avoid them, how about this, I ll take an hour off tomorrow morning, get off work early and pick you up at the airport with you, and I ll treat Miss Sheng at noon It s not fox news cbd gummies that Huang Ying is not angry, but very, very angry.It can only come out from here, and it is impossible to turn around.Luckily, Tengda s mood is can cbd gummies get you high also good.He held up his mobile phone and looked around while smiling, You guys are here too.Where can cbd gummies get you high are you and what car are you taking We are in front of you, Han Chaoyang looked behind him.Looking into the mirror, I said a little embarrassedly We didn t take a taxi.We borrowed a car from a friend.It s a white BMW with the license plate number Yan A6F1D8.It s a good car, anyone with a little common sense can t help but take a closer look.Teng Da noticed the BMW they were driving just now, looked out and saw that the BMW was flashing twice, and couldn t help laughing Yes, even a BMW can be borrowed, but this car is too eye catching, follow us later, with Keep a distance from the suspect vehicle, and don t follow too closely.The POS machine belongs to the Lantian Auto Repair Factory in the Development Zone, and it is bound to the personal bank account of the Agricultural Bank of China., Work harder, go to Yanyang Sub branch of the Agricultural Bank of China immediately, I will report to Zhou Bureau, and ask Zhou Bureau to help you coordinate with the Agricultural Bank.Upon receiving the text message from He Yichang, can cbd gummies get you high Feng Bureau handed the phone to the policeman beside him, and immediately He issued an order Old Liu, take a few people to the Lantian Auto Repair Factory in the development zone to find out.The suspects used the POS machine of the Auto Repair Factory.They must be related to this Auto Repair Factory, but they may not be hiding in the Auto Repair Factory., don t make too much noise, and don t startle the snake.Captain He, I m Han Chaoyang, I ve recorded it, and I ll report it to Bureau Feng for you immediately.Chaoyang, okay, report quickly.Just as can cbd gummies get you high he was speaking, Bureau Feng also finished calling, staring at him closely and asking, Xiao Han, who is calling and what s the situation Han Chaoyang quickly reported the content of the call just now.Director Feng sat in front of the laptop, clicked the mouse to zoom in on the electronic map, stared at the map for a minute, and then picked up the police communication to give orders to Deputy Chief Liu of the Criminal Police Brigade Old Liu, Yichang just found out that Fang Yaqi s Agricultural Bank of China debit card is bound to WeChat.This afternoon, he made a mobile payment at the Century United Supermarket near you.That means this bank card has been used in the afternoon.You have said that you can t startle the snake, and you must find someone reliable.As sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd global green cbd gummies 450 mg long as you can find a place, just wait a while.By the way, two of you are going to arrest several murder suspects Bureau Feng looked back at Han Chaoyang, then at the alley, and smiled.He explained How could there be only two people here Lao Liu came here first with seven criminal policemen, and they had already sneaked into the community.The special police team also came can cbd gummies get you high cost of cbd gummies for arthritis and was waiting nearby.I don t know where the car is parked.I didn t care.I ll ask, but it s definitely not far away.Chapter 351 Arrest 2 There are too many neighborhoods with Huayuan in swag cbd gummies 500mg reviews their names, and they are simply bad streets.But in Fengyong County, Yangdong Garden is definitely a real high end residential area.Sixteen high rise buildings with 28 to 33 floors, the community is not only beautifully built, the greening is very good, the monitoring system is also very advanced, and the cameras are all high definition, filling every corner of the community.Xiao Han has other tasks, and so does Xiao Wu.The most handsome policeman He is a member of the special case team, but first of all, he is a policeman from the Yandong Branch.Bureau Feng insisted on changing people.Teng Jiming had nothing to say but broke his front teeth and swallowed them.The leader finally didn t cross the sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd global green cbd gummies 450 mg river and demolish the bridge.Han Chaoyang was really thc gummies or cbd gummies nervous just now, but now he finally let go, and hurriedly found an excuse to slip away.He wanted to take a ride back with Liu Da, but when he got to the car, his phone rang, and it was Director Du.Called personally.Xiao Han, do you know about the fact that the security brigade sent someone to replace you I just found out, thank you Director can cbd gummies get you high Du.Teng Jiming is careful, if he doesn t replace you, he will definitely give you shoes again, considering his If you become angry, you may be chasing after him.For Huang Ying, she woke up unexpectedly.She squeezed through the crowd, looking at this and buying something, having a great time.As the people who came to visit the temple fair full spectrum cbd gummies shark tank from all directions gradually dispersed, the two of them drove back.When they returned to the town, it was already dark, and the big light box of the Yingbin Hotel was already on.On several tables, it seems that the business is not bad.Mom called several times, and Han Chaoyang took Huang Ying to the Plum Blossom Hall on the second floor.When I opened the door, my father was sitting next to a second level police inspector in his forties, talking and laughing happily with everyone while drinking tea.Father Han subconsciously stood up, smiled and said, Chaoyang, Yingying, let me introduce you, this is Director Qi of our Linshan Police Station.

The key point is that they are all grassroots policemen.Sister Haizhu works in the provincial department.In the future, I want to form a family with two policemen.Both of them are policemen.The couple s work and rest schedules are not normal, and they even have to work overtime every three days.One of them is a policeman.It is best not to find a policeman in Haizhu.If you have to find a policeman, you should look for it at the provincial department.It is not appropriate to find a grassroots policeman.Director Qi worried that Huang Ying would think too much, and hurriedly explained It is mainly the grassroots policemen.There are too many things to do and the work pressure is too great, Xiao Huang should be deeply aware of this.For the grassroots police, the police working in the provincial department are all leaders. Long live, understand.Lao Ding smiled, opened the back door and urged Hurry up and change your clothes to get off work.It s still early.You can go shopping or watch a movie with your girlfriend.Clothes, I didn t know how to explain to Lao Ding, when the horn of an electric car came from outside.Looking back, Huang Ying arrived, with her left foot on the steps outside the police station, she just took off her helmet and was shaking her hair.Han Zhaoyang opened the door smoothly, and Zhang Beibei, who had been chatting with the proprietress of the typing and copying shop next door, ran over and cbd gummies for diabetes on shark tank stood beside the electric car and asked, Yingying, why are you leaving get off work so early today Off work Huang Ying subconsciously cbd gummies for sale legal took out her phone to check the time.It was just a way of saying hello, but she actually took it seriously, Zhang Beibei chuckled and said, Don t look, let s have dinner together tonight.You know Wei Haicheng, all of them took their wives with them.Kong Xuekun likes to play on WeChat, and even sent the pass to Moments when the pass was issued.Counting their wives, there are already more than ten people Han Chaoyang asked calmly Old Song, do you know who started it Ding Songkang started it.He has a relative who works in a travel agency, and that relative helped book the air tickets.All the people who went there Have you how much are condor cbd gummies gambled It s rare to go to Macau once, and I will play two games can cbd gummies get you high when I go.They seem to have played all of them, but they are not as big as Hang Weifang.There are losses and wins.Chu Hongbao won more than 6,000, and Jiang Yuan He also won, and the others seem to have lost, but they only lost three to five thousand.Where s Wei Haicheng Wei Haicheng is so smart.And it s already November, and the conclusion of this case will definitely not be until can minors buy cbd gummies 2016, so it can be counted as a task for 2016.If it is really as good as what the eldest sister said, there is no need to worry about whether the strike mission in the first half of next year can be completed.Sister Miao, you said that you can t find anyone more professional than you in the can cbd gummies get you high whole bureau, so come here quickly, and I ll send you a position.Okay, I ll be there right away One case, Miao Haizhu was ecstatic.Handling a case is far more troublesome than collecting a clue or even catching a fugitive.Not only must we race against time to ensure that the corresponding tasks are completed at each stage, we must not exceed the deadline.Moreover, the corresponding legal documents must also be able to withstand scrutiny, otherwise the colleagues who were reviewed would not hesitate to call back and repeat it, or even make a big joke.The suspect s Passatri, let s drive him back, so you don t have to make another trip. Kang Institute, where are you going back Isn t the office busy The suspect and the seized equipment are all taken to the police station.You are still in the police station at the moment, if you issue a summons warrant by the way.Chapter 410 Handling the case 5 The summons is for those who do not need to be arrested or detained One measure taken by the criminal suspect is to summon the criminal suspect to a designated place in the city or county where the case handling unit is located or to conduct interrogation at the suspect s residence.The maximum duration shall not exceed twelve hours, and criminal suspects shall not be detained in disguise in the form of continuous summons.It amounts to a notification, at least not legally enforceable.Not to mention being awarded the second level superintendent, even if he was awarded the first level superintendent, he is still a piece of policeman Huang Ying really couldn t find a reason to be excited, but she still asked with a smile, It s not a one can cbd gummies get you high or two point exception, what do you mean I don t have any of these things, such as being a model worker, or being rated as an outstanding police officer in the country, or making contributions to scientific and technological inventions, etc.What an exception.Huang Ying looked up at Zhang Beibei and Xie Lingling, pretending to be very happy and perfunctory.Miao Haizhu is always shy in front of me because of the mao on her shoulders.Now I ve changed from two crutches to one mao.Let s see why she will taunt me again in the future It turned out that this was what he was most happy about being awarded the second level superintendent directly, which shows how much psychological shadow the big sister has caused him.What s wrong with that Beautiful, Wu Wei sighed, and continued, It s because she thinks it s inappropriate, not me.Now that I think about it, my aunt probably overplayed it.The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, which cost of green otter cbd gummies is understandable.What do you mean Let s put it this way, the restaurant she made an appointment with is very high end, and the two of them spent more than 800 yuan can cbd gummies get you high without ordering anything.Wu Wei rubbed his nose and smiled wryly, She drives an can cbd gummies get you high Audi and wears a , What you are wearing and that bag add up to an estimated value of 70,000 to 80,000, and there is a 178 square meter house in Pinshang Mingfu.Do you think she can like me with such conditions Isn t this funny She thought that we policemen had gray income, that we could earn two to three hundred thousand yuan a year at least.

And then Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.I m a bioengineering student.Our company was developing a new product at the time.I spent every day in the laboratory and didn t have time to look for a house.I just rented it for nearly a year in a daze.Ziyue saw me and Xinxin after work.Playing, Xinxin is very attached to me, so she didn t mention the matter of letting me move.Seeing that Wu Wei s eyes were obviously wrong, Ling Bin emphasized again I really like children I believe, go on.Han Chaoyang smiled.Thank you.Ling Bin stubbed out the cigarette butt, and continued Ziyue is very beautiful and gentle.No matter how naughty Xinxin is, I have can cbd gummies get you high cost of cbd gummies for arthritis never seen her get angry.She is also very good at taking care of people and cooks well.Tell me Don t laugh at me, my parents divorced very early.I grew up with my grandparents.Bian said calmly, Chaoyang, they should be here for Ling Bin and Xinxin.Look at this.Han Chaoyang handed over the registration book.Wu Wei glanced down, and suddenly smiled and said, If I m not wrong, they should go together.People who have also served in the army can really tell whether they have been in the army or not Han Chaoyang didn t think that Wu Wei would look away, so he shook his head after thinking about it If they came for Ling Bin and Xinxin, then they shouldn t let Ling Bin out of their sight.Think about it, when Ling Bin and Xinxin came in What time was it, and what time was it when they came in They know who is in the hotel, they know who we are Wu Wei asked back, and said with confidence I can be sure that they are colleagues, I can be sure that just now They have been guarding outside, and the reason why they didn t come in was not because they were worried about being seen by Ling Bin and Xinxin, but because they suspected that there was something wrong with us Huang Ying reacted, and .

do eagle hemp cbd gummies work?

immediately exclaimed Ling Bin and Xinxin just arrived in Yanyang, I don t know the place well, so I was stopped and questioned by you as soon as I entered the door, and Xinxin was coaxed in by me and Beibei to play, they must have become suspicious, thinking that Ling Bin knew us.It s not difficult to change Yanyang s license plate, but the New Year s Day is the time when the traffic police check the most strictly.If you are stopped, it will delay time and expose you easily.Phone, I called Baosuo, Xinyuan Street Police Station, and Baosuo will send a car over later, and I will drive your car back by the way, and use it for a few days.Wang Jianping couldn t help saying after thinking very carefully.How embarrassing is that can cbd gummies get you high cost of cbd gummies for arthritis There s nothing to be ashamed of, Bao Suo is also my senior brother, and also Shiju s junior.Han Chaoyang picked up his phone to check the time, and then said Marking people is very hard, why don t we split the time As long as Ling Bin and Xinxin have not left our jurisdiction, or come back from outside, we will be responsible for watching.When he goes out to inquire about Wan Xiaoxia s whereabouts, you will watch.I don t know if she was worried that I would look down on her, and she also said that she earned the money, and made a lot of money doing jade business with that bastard before divorce.Doing jade business, really It will be edited, and it just fits well with the experience of going to Nanyun.Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, motioning him to continue.It doesn t matter how the money came from.She is so good that it is impossible to steal it.I said that such a long survival period is not worthwhile.She said that she never cared about it.She said that she would deposit it in the bank for a few days, but she still hasn t saved it.In Cary, it s still on demand.It s troublesome to withdraw it for a regular deposit.It s great to have a regular deposit.As long as there is an ATM, you can withdraw money, and you can swipe your card for consumption no matter where you go.Me Zheng Xinyi was caught off guard and froze for a moment.It s you.Zhang Zhishu, who hadn t said anything, walked up to her and said with a smile, Xinyi, you ve been working in the community for several years.You are familiar with the situation and your ability is obvious to all.I can t think of anyone who is more suitable than you.Who HCMUSSH can cbd gummies get you high doesn t want to be a manager, the key is that this housekeeping company has nothing Zheng Xinyi felt that working in the security company was a good job, and she was very satisfied with the status quo.She was about to decline, but when she saw a smile on the corner of Zhang Beibei s mouth, she immediately changed her mind., Secretary Zhang, let me take care of the housekeeping service company, so who do I hand over to Aren t there still Xiaobin and Chen Jie Chen Jie is going to take the public exam and has already signed up Don t worry here, there are plenty of people.Xiangning s pork head meat is very famous.There used to be a winery in Yanggou that produced Yanggou Daqu.I haven t seen that wine for many years, and the winery is probably closed.There are walnuts and dates in the pass, but I was there at that time.I went at the wrong time, I didn t buy anything, I didn t eat anything Miao Haizhu heard it clearly, thinking that your old man lives next to Changfeng Street in Fengyong County, which is the former Changfeng Town Having worked in the police station for more than ten years, he must be familiar with Fengyong County.Sister Wei, however, was troubled so much that she couldn t really ignore it, so she said absent mindedly You can definitely buy it now, but it s not from the local area.There is no one in the mountains.No one Grandpa Gu said Tsukuru asked in surprise.Let the school leaders think that she is still very capable as can cbd gummies get you high what do cbd gummies feel like reddit a music teacher, and that the band needs to exist.Nonsense, I know that too, the problem is that your band won t be successful in two or three years.If it can t be successful, we will make some noise.Why do the school leaders form a band Popularity, if we can make some noise and raise the school s popularity, the school leaders will definitely be happy, and they won t let Lingling leave.Then do it, and if you need my help, just ask.You are tone deaf, you You don t have any music skills at all, what can you do for me Han Chaoyang gave Miao Haizhu a look, then picked up his cell phone and dialed Xie Lingling.Of course, Han Chaoyang would not say that Xie Lingling might be involved , and talked about the orchestra in a serious manner.

About how many cars, how many people Six or seven cars, a dozen Individual.After asking about the situation, the young man was embarrassed to ask if there was any reward for reporting.There is a reward for providing clues, but applying for the reward is very troublesome, and it will take a month to approve the report at the sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd global green cbd gummies 450 mg fastest.Some policemen are afraid of trouble and are unwilling to help with the eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd application.There are often situations where they promise a bonus but end up with no bonus.Although they don t have a lot of money, it hurts their morals if they don t keep their promises.Who will provide them in the future clue.Han Chaoyang didn t want to do that kind of dishonest thing, so he agreed straight away Yes, as long as it is true, there must be.I can t just say how much.It depends on how much they gambled and how much they can collect on the spot.The old cadres bureau is not far how long does cbd gummy from the branch office, only a few steps away.Holding the steering wheel, Han Chaoyang asked curiously, Director Wang, why are you going to the Bureau of Veteran Cadres Is it almost Chinese New Year, and the district wants to distribute things to you veteran cadres It s a good idea to distribute things Factory Manager Wang stuffed the gloves he had just taken off into his hat, turned his head and smiled, and said, You think that only you employees must abide by the eight rules, and those of us who are retired must also abide by the eight rules and learn the spirit of the eight rules.Last year It hasn t been issued, and it s even more unlikely this year. Then why are you going Didn t the Bureau of Veteran Cadres set up a college for veteran cadres I m a student and I ve been studying for a long time.If you can t get it, you eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd have to install it, Hong Liang, you are the general manager, you have to take a long term view, and you can t just focus on it like Zhang Beibei.Immediate interests.I admit that without you, I, Han Chaoyang, are nothing.But if all the people under him run away, you, the general manager, are nothing Chapter 527 Talking about marriage may have been too publicized before People may not believe it if they say Wei Guangzheng.After working in the police industry for a long time, they will spontaneously feel a strong sense of responsibility.If you don t go to the unit to check, you will never feel at ease.You always feel that the world may not turn around without you.Han Chaoyang was in this state of mind.It was already late and he decided to ask Xie Lingling to drive the car to the police station first.He just stood guard at the door of the treatment room, and when Wu Wei and Miao Haizhu in police uniforms and Li Xiaobin and Chen Jie in special service uniforms arrived, he immediately pushed aside the family members of the patients who were standing in front watching the excitement, squeezed into the treatment room and took out the police officers.Certificate I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.What s going on How did you get can cbd gummies get you high cost of cbd gummies for arthritis injured Police The young man closest to him was taken aback and didn can cbd gummies get you high t know how to explain it.Wu Wei, who was following him, had already grabbed his arm, and Miao Haizhu and Li Xiaobin had squeezed the other three young men beside him.The large disposal room was overcrowded.Officer Han, can you ask later, don t affect my work The emergency doctor was upset, and turned to stare at them, and continued to sew up the wound on the young man s head with the assistance of a nurse.Bureau Feng had just ended the meeting, so he was not at ease.Instead of going to the restaurant with other participants, he called first to ask about the situation.After listening to Xi Hongbo s report, Ju Feng was both happy and surprised, and asked in puzzlement So fast They definitely want to make some achievements, and found that the suspect who ran away after fighting in the Internet cafe is very similar to the murderer on the wanted warrant, how could they wait for the results of the on site investigation, and probably organized a search and arrest from the moment the report was made.Hahaha , this Bao Qingshan, I didn t expect such a ghost, it s because I m afraid you will take credit from them It must be so, you don t need to ask to know. It s not a bad thing, it shows that they want to make a comeback, that Xinyuan The street police station still has a sense of collective honor and is still capable of fighting.Selling aboveboard, this is committing crimes against the wind At this time of the year, how strict is the HCMUSSH can cbd gummies get you high control over the sale of fireworks and firecrackers, there are cases of sneaky transportation and sales, dare to transport aboveboard There are really not many sales, and I have never even heard of it.Han Zhaoyang finds it incredible.It s not what you think.Lao Tang raised his hand to greet Lao Qian who was standing at the door of the hospital s security room, and explained Yesterday, what was seized was a licensed point of sale, and the operator is selling fireworks and firecrackers.The do walmart have cbd gummy bears boss thinks that the profit of buying goods from formal channels is not high enough, seeing that the sales volume is quite large these days and the business is good, he replenishes goods can cbd gummies get you high from illegal channels, which is similar to those specialty stores selling fake and shoddy products.A romantic relationship houston cbd gummies Yeah.It turned out that the police came because of his girlfriend, and Cao Wenjue became even more nervous.Where is she Han Chaoyang stared at him and asked.Did can cbd gummies get you high something really happen Cao Wenjue s heart skipped a beat, and he said with a bitter face We had a quarrel a few days ago, she slammed the door and left as soon as she said she wanted to.She didn t bring her mobile phone with her, and she hasn t come back yet, and she hasn t called me.I m also in a hurry, I m looking for her.Before the quarrel, you lived together.Yes, you lived together for more than a year.For fear of the police misunderstanding, Cao Wenjue explained Officer Han, I have talked with her for a long time, I I met her parents, and she also went back to my hometown with me, we are going to get best cbd thc gummies for anxiety and stress can cbd gummies get you high married, and we have bought a house.

I could not report such a big event to the street.Secretary Yang and Director Gu all came.Director Wang accompanied Director Wang to the compound of the old district committee.When he saw the team members renovating the living environment by themselves, Director Wang said that we should carry forward the fine tradition of self reliance and hard work, and asked us if we had any difficulties.In front of you Zhou Bureau In the face of Director Du, Lao Ding and Lao Tang couldn t say anything, so I didn t have any scruples, so I took this opportunity to raise the funds.What did Director Wang say Han Zhaoyang couldn t help asking with a smile.Director Wang said that units like ours should give full support.When he said this, the district leaders just arrived.The district promised to approve a sum of funds for us how long does cbd gummy last in system can cbd gummies get you high after the next year.Huang Ying asked curiously How did Sergeant Yang take you During the days when he arrived at the Huayuan Street Police Station, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Although the police office is not as busy as the police station, there are many things to do from morning till night, receiving police officers, being on duty, and patrolling.Whenever there is something to do, take him with you.Just do it and get started.Isn t this bullying newcomers Huang Ying slandered, and then asked You take it I will take it when cbd gummies without sugar I am here.After I get off work, let Police Chief Ding, Police Chief Tang, Wu Wei, and Haizhu take it.Anyway, he will not be idle.How did Sergeant can cbd gummies get you high Yang lead him Sergeant Gu doesn t seem to be the same.No matter what he does, the old man always leads by example.He is really persuasive, earnest in words, and teaches by precepts and deeds.Unexpectedly, an announcement became a pigtail that the masses would not let go.Miao Haizhu couldn t stop complaining, so she could only hold the old man s arm, and begged, Master Ren, I m the only one on duty in our police station tonight, so I can t stay outside for too long.Regarding the issue of keeping a dog without a license, I will inform you tomorrow morning.Report to the leader and give you a reply as soon as possible, that s all for tonight, can you go back and rest first Reply, what did you say As I said, if you don t reply, you can always complain to me.Okay, I will give you two days.If there is no call for two days, I will find someone who can take care of you.Unexpectedly, on the way back, Miao Haizhu actually asked him to drive, but she actually called the leader of the Xinyuan Street Police Station to report the situation, and she really took it as a big deal.He works in an affiliated hospital, although he is polite and gentle, he has a strong aura.And tonight, he and Tang Xiaoxuan invited not only Han Chaoyang, Huang Ying, Xun Shihan and Xun Shihan s husband, but also several colleagues and classmates.Although his colleagues and classmates were sitting in another box, they started toasting as soon as the food was ordered.He went to the next door first, and the people next door came to pay his respects, and they must introduce them when they pay their respects.After drinking the toasted wine, Han Chaoyang had to serve as a representative to pay his respects, and once he entered, he had to introduce each other.I don t know if I don t introduce it.I was shocked when I introduced it.Not only are his colleagues and classmates all PhDs, but two of them are also postgraduate supervisors Because of drinking, Huang Ying drove on the way back.Then call the Second Squadron and ask them to verify their identity.There is no need to send the person to the hospital.Go to the medical examination.Sort out the medical records and test reports, and ask the Second Squadron to apply for residential surveillance.Yes.Dai Lishi s case was handled by the Second Squadron, and the Second Squadron is duty bound to perform these procedures.Han Chaoyang not only waited for Zhang Xugang, the instructor of the Criminal Police Second Squadron, but also waited for two prosecutors from the district procuratorate to assist Zhang Xugang in verifying his can cbd gummies get you high identity, and to report to the prosecutors how the suspect was arrested, his condition, and the control measures to be taken in the future.It wasn t until after 7 o clock in the evening that Huang Ying, who was waiting impatiently, went back to the old man s house together.Kang Haigen took out his mobile phone and dialed Liu Suo s short number, while smiling, Chaoyang, help people to the end, if Liu Suo also thinks that we should go fishing for a long time Big Yu, there are not enough people in the office, so I might ask you to borrow a few people.Chapter 610 Sun Guokang opened his business 3 It s a coincidence that he came sooner than later.While chatting, Yang Tao, the police chief of the community team, and Lao can cbd gummies get you high cost of cbd gummies for arthritis Hu, a policeman of the community team, came back from a gambling nest, and brought them together with the auxiliary policemen.Fourteen players returned.Two of them may think that gambling is illegal and not a crime, they are not very cooperative, and they are very arrogant.There can cbd gummies get you high cost of cbd gummies for arthritis were not many police officers on duty in the third office.Since they caught up, they could only stay and help.The old factory manager and Mr.Liang ran over from behind the administration building, and when they saw Han Chaoyang, they asked eagerly, Xiao Han, what s the matter, is there a thief in the factory The thief probably didn t run far, and probably hid in the factory area.Dare to come to our place to commit crimes, and you will be ashamed The old factory manager looked around, took out his mobile phone, clicked on WeChat and sent a message, and gritted his teeth.Said The factory area is so big and there are so many dead spots.How long will it take for you to search for it.If something like this happens, you need to mobilize the masses.Why don t you call me earlier.I don t want to disturb you, and I don t want to destroy the peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival. All the thieves have come in, so it s peaceful The old factory manager always thought that the 527 factory was his territory, and he thought the typing was too slow, so he raised his mobile phone and said Everyone, Hurry up and tell each other that there are thieves in the factory.

I sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd global green cbd gummies 450 mg want to talk about the case itself.The case itself, Xiao Han, I ask you to call you Xiao Han, can you be more specific, what problems can there be in this case Chapter 633 Taking the blame 2 It s not just a problem, it s a big problem Han Chaoyang offered another cigarette, and after thinking can cbd gummies be vegan about it, he lit one for himself, took two can cbd gummies get you high puffs, and said with a can cbd gummies get you high wry smile, Captain Ni, to tell you the truth, the first line law enforcement units of our sub bureau and even the police have can cbd gummies get you high strike missions, which are included in the performance appraisal.Yes.If the unit can t finish it, the leader will stand aside if the police can t finish it, it s linked to their salary, so we will try to find out if we have clues. It s normal, it s the same everywhere.A joke.What joke Ni Guoxiong asked puzzled.The suspect you assisted us in the afternoon was discovered to be acting suspiciously when we were at Yanyang East Long distance Bus Terminal yesterday at noon.He said that he was running business in Beijing, and that he was working as a security guard for a big company, and that he was delivering food.He even claimed to have bought a The car is running Didi in Beijing.Are there any other clues No, that s all.Han Chaoyang nodded awkwardly.Facts have proved that a policeman who dares to fight and fight may not necessarily be a good leader Ni Guoxiong slandered, picked up the phone, and said with a half smile This is a new situation, please wait a moment, I have to report to the leader.Team Ni, I m sorry.It s so embarrassing, Han Chaoyang I can t wait to find a seam in the ground and get in.What s wrong with this, I ll report to the leader first, and after the report, we ll go have a meal together.Anyway, the young man is also a hero who was born and died.Coordination, that is to say, after the suspect is captured, it cannot be handed over like other fugitives.Zhou Ju, I m not familiar with the leaders of the Menbei County Bureau.You need to greet me personally.I ll look for it later.I should have Deputy County Chief Chen s cell phone number.Don t bother with this matter., I ll say hello how long does cbd gummy last in system can cbd gummies get you high to them.As soon as Zhou Ju got off the train, he held onto the door of the police car that picked him up and continued Not only did Xiao Han just find out the whereabouts of the suspect, but we will investigate and deal can cbd gummies get you high with all the suspects who are found on our side., regardless of the main criminal and accessory criminals.Also, the arrest operation must be well organized.Yes, I have made arrangements here.Four policemen will be drawn from the criminal police brigade and the anti drug brigade.Han Chaoyang laughed and said, That s a way to wake up the dreamer., I ll call later to ask.Call now, why wait a while.Alright.Han Chaoyang dialed Director Xing s cell phone in front of everyone, explaining the situation here, In the end, Director Xing couldn t help him because there was really no one in the command center.There is no other way but to find the leader of the old unit.As a result, before sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd global green cbd gummies 450 mg the situation are cbd gummies safe for teens here was finished, Liu Jianye said in an extremely exaggerated tone Chaoyang, you don t care if I borrow someone, what are you kidding It s not that you don t know the situation in the institute.If there are so many people, I can Would you please organize a team to help us check the migrant population in several villages Suo Liu, there are quite a few people here, but are there any who are competent for back office work So make a call, there should be someone over there Facts have proved that the senior brother is more reliable than the old leader.Fortunately, I didn t listen to my dad back then.If I listened to him for choosing science and applying for medical school, I guess I won t be able to start working seriously until I m 30.What s the seven year program for clinical medicine Now it s eight years Eight years Yeah.Old Tang nodded and confirmed, My son is.Boil.It s terrible, your son is fine, it s not a big problem for boys to get married earlier and later, but it s miserable for girls, and you ll be an old girl in eight years Who says no, I regret it now, then Let him apply for the police academy and become a policeman like me in the future, but my old Chen refused to let him die, saying that being a policeman is bad for one thing and bad for another, and now thinking about studying medicine, he might as well be a policeman. Don t talk about that anymore The road to the bridge is naturally straight.Fan Ju personally called to ask how the renovation of the old district committee compound was going, and whether it could how long does cbd gummy last in system can cbd gummies get you high be used as a 3.6 Call the Operation Headquarters.After a month of overtime work, the new headquarters of the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company has almost been remodeled.The reason why they did not move there is mainly because of the strong smell of paint.No matter where the police force of the Public Security Bureau They are very nervous, so they don t like to be procrastinated when handling cases, and they are used to quick detection and quick resolution.That is to say, this transmission headquarters is not only temporary, but will not exist for too long.Thinking about collecting the net, you must first organize the force, Gather a large number of law enforcement officers and patrol members who assist in law enforcement.How many MLM personnel are there in which den, and information such as the gender, age, home address, and ID number of the MLM personnel are all available.As long as there are enough people, it is not difficult to collect the network.After listening to the report, Zou Ju raised his head and said, Ju Fan, the MLM gang has 8 dens in total.We will set up eight teams to act separately and collect the net at the same time.The bureau looked at Liu Jianye and other subordinates, and said unhurriedly Now we are facing two problems.One is that the 8 dens are located in 7 residential areas in two streets.If the timing is not good, this group will close the network.Some of the pyramid schemers and even the main culprits of the gang may escape before the group arrives at the designated location second, some of them are in the den, some are outside, and some are attending classes can cbd gummies get you high in the rented office building.

It will cause those pyramid schemers outside to abscond.Fan Bureau, your police officers have more experience in organizing operations than us, how do you think it is more appropriate to deploy I think we should treat them differently.For those ordinary pyramid schemers, we are already There is no good way, but to educate and admonish them and send them home.The ringleaders must be severely punished.Anyone can run away.The team is responsible for arresting the main culprit.Yes, if you want to eradicate the pyramid scheme from the root, you must crack down on the main culprit.Director Zou nodded with a serious expression on his face.Ju Fan took a sip of water, and continued Then we have to wait.You can t eat hot tofu in a hurry.Many things can t be rushed.I suggest to set up eight action teams and a special team to attack the main culprit, and deploy good personnel.The elevator on the right went up, and Han Chaoyang was about to ask how to call the door after going up, when Miao Haizhu suddenly turned around and said, Don t worry, Junfeng is on the top to meet you.Isn t Junfeng in the Xingye Building I can t keep an eye on him alone.There are three people, and I will ask him to come over to help in the evening.Just as he was speaking, the elevator arrived.Han Chaoyang walked into the elevator and asked, How do you call the door later Miao Haizhu blurted out, Check the water meter.Everyone including Li Qingming and Jiang Xiaomin couldn t help laughing, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and asked Sister, this meme has been worn out, can you kana cbd gummies cost change it Okay, you think of a fresh one, and you can call the door later.I can ask you if I have a good idea Then Check the water meter, growth md cbd gummies I can t think of a better excuse.Li Qingming was also terrified, and quickly followed up to control the suspect together.Miao Haizhu turned on the light in the room, and a scream came from the bed, and everyone remembered can cbd gummies get you high that there was another room, Gao Ya.Comrade police, I I I didn t do anything.Han Chaoyang noticed that he seemed to have stuffed something into the gap in the side of the bedside table, and pulled him aside to make sure that the team members who were locked up locked him down.After controlling it, she immediately moved away from the bedside table, took out the wallet from it, turned her head and asked coldly, I didn t do anything, tell me, what is this The money was all in the bank card, and the bank card was all stuffed in the wallet.Now that the wallet fell into the hands of the police, Chen De s heart was so cold that he drooped his head and dared not make a sound.Several district leaders stood at the back without even a chance to intervene.Fan Ju, Han Chaoyang and Kang Haigen naturally had no right to join in.The first stop is the construction site of the subway station, and the second stop is the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Passenger Transport Station.The construction site of the high speed rail new city project is ready for inspection by provincial and municipal leaders, but the leaders may be too busy to go in.After inspecting the construction site of can cbd gummies get you high the East Long distance Bus Station, they return to the engineering headquarters to hold a symposium with the construction unit and the person in charge of the construction unit.There is a canteen at the headquarters, and lunch is ready.The leaders did not eat at the headquarters, and went home after the symposium.He ran up to ask Fan Ju if he would go to the cafeteria of the Sixth Hospital for a light meal, but Fan Ju said with a gloomy face Chaoyang, from this afternoon onwards, I will often go to the headquarters.Often run this way Director Liu said that the leaders at the provincial and municipal levels attach great importance to the transportation hub project in the east of the city.I am personally responsible.Moreover, it has already expressed its position to the provincial and municipal leaders that a member of the bureau s party committee will be arranged to join the engineering headquarters.It s just a few construction sites.As for letting the leader of a bureau take charge personally, isn t that a big deal Han Zhaoyang thinks it s incredible, but Bureau Liu has already decided that it s hard to say anything, so he can only say Bureau Fan, you are in charge personally Best of all, having you in us is the backbone, and the future work will be easy to carry out.Will it delay time Yes.I thought you didn t know What Bureau Liu, I made a mistake, I will review it, and I promise not to make the same mistake in the future.First go to the command center to do a review of violations of gun management regulations, and then write an inspection.Yes Wait best cbd thc gummies for anxiety and stress can cbd gummies get you high a minute , Don t talk nonsense about things here, if anyone dares to inform others that Comrade Zou Jingnan and I are here, the party committee of the bureau will hold him accountable Yes.It s terrible Who would have thought that the director would hide in the communication room and wait for someone with a courier to throw himself into the trap, and who would dare to tip off others after being caught In the past, I always felt that the police in the agency were comfortable, but now I find that such a new director is not easy to mix in the agency.Comrade sacrificed Miao Haizhu was not only heartbroken but also blamed himself like Han Chaoyang, staring at the surveillance screen and said coldly Is it true Ask her where she was on the night of the 27th last month, who she was with, and what she did.Got it.Chaoyang, Haizhu, I can understand your feelings, but what s the point of confirming that it s her, can she give me can cbd gummies get you high some explanation Bao Qingshan put down his phone and asked in a low voice.It may not mean much to others, but it means a lot to us.Han Chaoyang held his left elbow with his right hand and his chin with his left hand, staring at the surveillance can cbd gummies get you high screen and said solemnly I don t want her to give any explanation, after all, we just eat this bowl For food, she should go when it is time to go, and go forward when it is time to rush, but Cheng Quan can t just die without knowing why, she has to explain clearly what happened that night.

He doesn t HCMUSSH can cbd gummies get you high know who he saved, and I guess you don t know what he looks like either.Miao Haizhu wiped away tears, turned on her phone again, and found Liu Chengquan s photos before his death and the funeral car hanging at the farewell ceremony.Let Wang Can see the portraits on the screen one by one, and finally simply play the video of the farewell ceremony.Wang Can regained his composure, not daring to look at it and not daring not to look at it.After watching the grief stricken video, I thought of a young man who was one year younger than her and died because of saving her.Tears rolled down his face, and the light makeup on his face was all blurred.I wanted to say something, but other than I m sorry I don t know what to say.Han Chaoyang was very clear that she couldn t say anything, and continued Don t worry, the reason why we came here to look for you and told you this is not to pursue something.Director Feng immediately asked Liu Chengquan to rest assured at home, and promised to help him take good care of his family.Then he asked Wu Wei, Miao Haizhu and all party members of the security company to review the oath of joining the party in front of the grave, and asked Han Chaoyang, Yu Zhenchuan, Xiaokang and others who had not yet can cbd gummies get you high joined the party.The policemen revisited the people s police oath.The security guards didn t have an oath, so Xu Hongliang simply ordered all the security guards to recite their security duties.After the security guards had recited their security duties, Director Feng immediately ordered Han Chaoyang to organize all the policemen, auxiliary policemen, and security guards to sing Send Your Comrades back to the village.Sending off comrades in arms, stepping on the journey silently, two tears, camel bells ringing in the ears, the road is long, foggy, revolutionary career often breaks up, like parting, two loves, comrades in arms Dear brother Beware of the northern wind and cold in the middle of the night, take care all the way The whole memorial ceremony is very solemn and solemn, but so many people came all at once and there was no place to stand, and they accidentally trampled on a wheat field that had just exposed the green seedlings.Hurry up.It suffocates me to death, and I hate flying and high speed rail the most, and I can t even smoke. Even lighters were searched.Shi Junhua said without losing the opportunity.I have it here, and I have the lighter here.Seeing that the person took out the Nine Five Supreme, Jiang Yonggen was embarrassed to take out the hard Chinese in his pocket, so he simply took best cbd thc gummies for anxiety and stress can cbd gummies get you high out the lighter, and first took the cigarette from Qian Shangui , accompanied them to the door, and graciously helped Boss Qian to order.Qian Shangui took a few breaths, looked around curiously, and asked in a low voice, Boss Jiang, is the construction site far from the airport It s very close, less than ten eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd kilometers.Jiang Yonggen smoked Boss Qian s cigarette, best cbd thc gummies for anxiety and stress can cbd gummies get you high and suddenly found that his car had dropped in price, and it was okay to run Didi, but it was too shabby to receive Big Boss for the project, but there was no other way for a while , I can only bite the bullet and say with a flattering smile My car is in the parking lot in front.Huang Ma was already mentally prepared for this, and couldn t help laughing Mr.Ma, invite everyone who should be invited, and there will be a lot of people You haven t done anything decent for so many years, and we are not the same.You are not afraid of big guys jokes when you say it.We didn t treat Yingying to college. But the cost of accommodation will be huge When we set off in the morning, I went to the bank to withdraw 30,000 yuan, so you take it first.Teacher Ma said while taking money from the bag He took out a bulging envelope from his pocket and forced it into Mama Huang s hand.Huang s mother was very clear about the financial situation of her in laws.She thought to herself that you owed a foreign debt to buy a house.It was almost certain that the 30,000 yuan was borrowed again, so she pretended to be angry and said, Mr.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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