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I m different from them.Being an auxiliary policeman is just a stopgap measure.I will take the exam again next year.If I can pass the exam, I will resign immediately.I That s why I won t be an auxiliary police officer for the rest of my life, and I won t be in my thirties to wear a police uniform like Wu Wei.Smart This is the common language, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Driving a BMW to work is too ostentatious, and the director will be very upset when he sees it.Xu Hongliang parked his car far away from work every day.Han Chaoyang followed him to the door of the bank diagonally across, opened the door and threw the plastic bag into the back row, and then opened the passenger door and asked, Hongliang, did you have a blind date last night How do you know After a long time in the sun, the temperature in the car was estimated to be 50 degrees.A wise man is bound to make a mistake.No matter what, all that should be caught have been caught.Liu Suo is not in a good mood tonight.If it is normal, no matter whether the old Gu who leads the team is the deputy director He s just as pissed off.The instructor smiled, turned around and said, It s getting late.You have to go to the district for a meeting tomorrow morning.Go back and rest first.I ll keep an eye on you here.Suo took a few puffs of cigarettes in a row, and then asked Old Guan, why didn t Han Chaoyang take part in the operation at night He caught the snake, and then went to Chaoyang Village to mediate civil disputes, but I couldn t get away, so I didn t ask Xiujuan to notify him. Helping him catch the snake, did you catch it smilz cbd gummies ceo can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy Caught it, Xiujuan said it was a big python It s four meters long, with a thick bowl mouth.When the family was separated, they had quarrels and even fought.Although they are brothers, they will never get along after the separation.No matter how the house is divided, it s not his turn Home.Director Xie paused, and added The shop he occupies now used to be a primary school, and then the primary school was gone, and the village was transformed into a place where agricultural machinery is parked uniformly.Farming doesn t make money, and people who use machines don t.No need, Yu Xiushui will buy those few houses and buy agricultural machinery such as walking tractors and seeders to help the villagers sow the fields.An image of a hard working farmer appeared in Han Chaoyang s mind, and he was silent for a moment, dignified Said Zhang Beibei, there .

is cbd gummies legal in arizona?

is no doubt that your uncle is a good person, and his two adopted daughters made him feel cold and even desperate. Thank you and I ll see you.It s not your personal business.It s up to everyone to keep you safe.Zhang, who also has the same surname, is much more straightforward than Zhang Zhishu of Chaoyang Village.Han Chaoyang couldn t help but glanced out the window, and asked embarrassedly, Manager Zhang, help people to the end, can you lend me the patrol car outside for a few days The recruited security guards did not follow the required training and did not report to the security brigade of the sub bureau.I wanted to build a good relationship with the person in front of me.Taking out the key It s just a car, no problem Chapter 23 Gang 1 Chaoyang, they may really have an accomplice.That woman went out.She first sent a courier to the small shop next to the south gate of Factory 527.Now she is riding an electric car straight to the city.There is nothing to watch at night, you come back later, and leave one person to watch at Factory 527 tomorrow, and all the others will leave early in the morning.You can count as many people as you can, especially those who are representative.Can the security guards in Dongming Community do this Xu Hongliang asked worriedly.Make some preparations, surprise training, it shouldn t be a big problem.I ll call Manager Zhang and ask him to borrow a few people.You are in charge of the training.If I can t leave, I will rely on you to keep track.Han Chaoyang added Hongliang, the clues were provided by the people of Chaoyang.We can t make a one shot deal.I ll go to the riverside to play and sing with them later.After we get on good terms with them, there will be plenty of clues.Xu Hongliang couldn t help laughing I said Chaoyang, your major is really suitable, I will hurry back, you can play and sing with them, go to the square dance with them.Tomorrow, you work harder and go to the west of the city with Hong Liang and the others to watch out for those who sell fake certificates.Say hello to sister in law, and wait until you re done.Let s take a rest.She s fine, I ve called.Old Xu wanted to earn back the deducted points, and he didn t reject overtime work, but cbd gummies dose can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy asked with a half smile Chaoyang, what are you doing Boss, let Manager Zhang borrow four or five people, how will they pay for the food and transportation expenses tomorrow, can they not let them pay for it Without money, you can t do anything, this is indeed a problem.Han Chaoyang frowned and asked, Did Hongliang ask Xiaobin and the others about funding at night Two hundred, and all the receipts are with me.His family is rich, but this is a public matter, there is no reason for him to pay for it himself, and he is not like you, he is not an official policeman.Director Su, the district and the street, including our sub bureau, require all communities to strengthen population management, improve public security precautions, and form voluntary security joint defense teams or voluntary security patrols.In the past, there was only one sign in the police office No one took the lead, now that I m here, the security patrol team can t explain to their superiors, and the situation in our Chaoyang community is really complicated, and we really need to strengthen the security prevention and control force.The superiors had this request, but they were busy before The establishment of a national sanitary city is now busy with land acquisition and relocation, and as he said, no one has taken the lead and has not taken care of it, so he can only make a list and report it to the business.Okay.Go back after dinner and get ready, get a haircut, shave, and be more energetic.Thinking that the little Chen in the unit is not very good looking, Sister Wang He also said Xiao Chen is an ordinary person, neither ugly nor beautiful.There may be beautiful women who go to other units.Take advantage of the opportunity and take the initiative to strike up a conversation.Don t be shy.Okay, I ll listen to you.Thinking of Director Su saying the same thing, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.The Donghai Conservatory of Music is also considered an art school.Regardless of the faculty, school environment and employment prospects, the beauty resources are not inferior to any university.When it comes to beautiful girls, it is no exaggeration to say that I have seen them a lot, and I already have immunity.

Da Han, I did this during my internship before, and I checked ID cards at the West Bus Station for half a month.I will too.I have used your public security comparison system, Guo Xinyi said eagerly Last year, we carried out the one standard and three facts and basic information collection and entry.To help your police station, to apply for residence permits for foreigners, you need to use the computer you brought.One standard and three reals refer to standard address , actual population , actual housing , and actual unit It is a work led by the public security department to standardize standard addresses, enter the detailed information of population, houses, and units into the information system, realize information sharing and interoperability, and provide information support for governance.Secretary Yang rubbed his eyes and pondered Lao Cai, since so many serious problems have been found, it means that there will not be much resistance to investigating and dealing with the problem of non record and registration of rental houses.No, they are all terrified now Who dares to obstruct law enforcement As long as they can open their mouths like a lion, they can raise all kinds of unreasonable conditions every three days.Since there are so many problems and the problems are so serious, we can issue fines confidently.Talk to the Housing Authority The comrades at the party made it clear, forget it, I will go there in person, and strictly investigate and deal with it in accordance with the laws and regulations.Secretary Yang, it is best for you to come.The people from the police station will be here soon.Who would go in except a fool Although Han Chaoyang s actions violated the principles, Gu Guoli didn t say anything, and sent do cbd gummies help depression Han Chaoyang to the police station before asking Xiaokang to send him home.He was so tired that Han Chaoyang didn t take a shower, so he fell asleep and fell asleep until 9 00 in the morning.Yu Zhenchuan was not there, nor was Grandpa Gu, and Chen Jie and patrol member Xiao Wu were on duty in front.Thinking of the murder case discovered at night, Han Chaoyang couldn t care less about going can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy to take a bath, so he hurriedly picked up his mobile phone and called Grandpa Gu.Master, I forgot to set the alarm clock when I was lying down, and I accidentally fell asleep.It s okay, young people should sleep more.Master, kosher cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews I woke up, and I can t sleep anymore.Where are you Where are you What are you doing I m in Chaoyang No.If you don t stop and don t listen to the advice, you will be compensated by moving the grave.I can t get a cent If you don t give it, I still don t want to give can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy it up If you don t give it up, I won t give it up Soldier, give me the shovel, come on, let s do it together so that your grandfather can be buried in the ground.To bury it, what is this for Han Chaoyang was completely convinced and didn t know what to do when Li Xiaobin called.Han Da, Ke Jianrong came to do business.After answering a phone call, he asked his wife and Wang Jun to load tools into the van.He got in the van, but his wife cbd gummies for back pain and inflammation didn t get in the car, and neither did Wang Jun.Let s go.Wang Jun didn t get in the car, which means that he should be repairing the rolling gate.After all, Wang Jun has broken the door lock, posted small advertisements, and now many shops have installed cameras.If Wang Jun showed up, it would mean that there is no banker in this place.One hundred taels.I think so too, Xu Cheng and I will follow first, and I will call you later.He has a van, how can you follow We also have a car, arranged by Team Tang, not law enforcement Car, we won t follow too closely, he won t be suspicious.Chapter 104 Snatching Ancestors The air quality in Yanyang City is not good.In recent years, in order to clean up the environment, as long as there are enterprises in the urban area and surrounding areas with smoke, they will either be shut down directly, ordered to relocate, or rectified within a time limit.Only when they meet the emission standards can they continue production and operation.Motor vehicle exhaust pollution is also being dealt with.There are no more motorcycles on the street.Equally split the compensation for the grave relocation.What s the difference between corpses Yeah, all of them went for money.Su Xian looked at the villagers all over the ground, and sighed softly There s something even more funny, Zhang Zhiqiang from the fourth team took his two sons and son in law to dig five or six places but didn t find the ancestral grave, so he came to me to ask if he couldn t find it Give him some compensation.Will you give it Han Chaoyang asked curiously.What do you think we are here for How can we give compensation if we can t see the coffin or the bones.If we talk about ancestors, there are many ancestors.If we even give this, he can count the eighteen generations of ancestors.Eighteen generations of ancestors, Director Su, can he remember the names of the three or four generations of ancestors Su Xian couldn t help laughing and said, It s not whether he remembers or not, I guess he doesn t know at all.Tang Junwei was stunned for a moment, then stepped aside and asked, You mean it s impossible for him to instruct Wang Jun to destroy the door lock It depends on how you define crazy.Do the math.It takes at least half an can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy hour to repair a door.He rushed from Chaoyang Village to his house.It takes about ten minutes for the nearest one, and half an hour for the far one.That is to say Three or four doors can be repaired at most in one morning.The store owners whose door locks are broken must be in a hurry to open their doors for business.Unless there are accomplices.It must be admitted that the analysis of Captain Han has some truth.Tang Junwei thought for a while and then asked, Where is Wang Jun What is Wang Jun doing now I helped someone repair electric cars just now, and now I m sleeping on a rattan chair in front of the shop.

Listen It s not true, seeing is believing, isn t there a photo of this Huang Ying was confused, thinking that this kid had something wrong with his mind.The photos don t mean anything.Let me tell you clearly.I opened the manhole cover.There are four in total.That is to say, I caused the traffic jam.If you don t lift the manhole cover, you don t need amazon cbd gummies kosher cbd gummies to guard it there, and can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy you don t need to guide it.Traffic.Huang Ying was confused, and asked You opened it, why did you open the well cover For drainage, the flow is not too slow, and there is silt and garbage in the water.The hole was blocked in a short time, and the water was opened and flowed directly into the well, and directly to the Chaoyang River.Drainage Yes.But what does it matter to you The superior asked us to assist the public toilet management center Responsible for draining blush balance cbd gummies kosher cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews the stagnant water near the public toilets, not allowing the water to flow into a cesspool, and not allowing the toilets to overflow.When I arrived, the stagnant water had already overflowed to the steps of the public toilets.Otherwise, the road would be full of defecation.Huang Ying was completely convinced, and couldn t help asking So you re doing it to be lazy I m also doing it to drain the stagnant water on the road as soon as possible.It doesn t matter why, what matters is how you, the most handsome policeman , keep up with your superiors.Explain.I bet, tomorrow afternoon at the latest, a reporter will come to interview you.Your public security is paying attention to your image now, and your leaders will definitely not miss this good opportunity for HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy publicity.Think about it carefully, and what should you say when the time comes.Chapter 111 The most handsome policeman 2 It s time for dinner.The master and apprentice are fully armed like noon.Thinking that the company is organizing employee training, teaching employees how to run a website with 100,000 fans Wechat official account, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting the company s products and services.Li Yun s eyes lit up, and she felt that this was an opportunity to gain popularity, so she couldn t help asking Mom, do you know the name of this little super chill cbd gummies near me policeman surnamed Han I know, Han Chaoyang, his hometown is in Qingshan County, he used to study music, and he passed the police civil servant exam last year.He is 23 years old this year and doesn t have a girlfriend yet.By the way, is there any suitable girl in your unit Xiao Han is in good condition.Although it is from a rural area, it can still be regarded as a cadre family.His father is a cadre in the village, and his mother is a junior high school teacher, and she is planning to buy a house in the city.What are you doing, what are you doing Brother, what are you doing, did you make a mistake The suspect finally came to his senses and started arguing with his girlfriend outside the car.That s right, He Yichang motioned to Wu Junfeng to drag the suspect out of the car with Han Chaoyang on the left, handcuffed his other hand, put away his gun, pointed to the express that Xu Hongliang had just seized, and asked coldly Not only did you buy an ID card, you fraudulently used someone else s identity to cheat loans, and you also used someone else s identity to receive couriers.Do you still live under someone else s identity Does your girlfriend know your last name Uncle policeman, you must have made a mistake.He is Yao can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy Guangming, if you don t believe me, look at his ID card and driver s license The girl really didn t know, not only didn t know but also didn t believe it.Since it s a relationship, shouldn t she be chased Just as he was thinking wildly, the phone rang, and when he looked at the caller ID, he really felt a little throbbing.What s the matter, I m going to work.When the unlucky call came, Huang Ying s mood improved, and she hurriedly got up and walked out of the office.Yingying, let s have dinner together tonight.Han Chaoyang held the steering wheel of the electric patrol car, parked under the shade of a tree, held his mobile phone tightly and laughed, Brother Wei and Lingling are coming over tonight.Hongliang treats guests, and the hotel rooms are all booked.Wei My brother is usually very busy, so it s rare to get together once, to save face and enjoy the show, and come here after get off work.This person is really strange, it s nothing when he s not in a relationship, he just wants to see can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy each other and be with him when he s sure to start talking.In short, there is a consignment station owner who is suspected of bullying the market, gathering a group of ex convicts and social idlers to monopolize the most profitable freight routes by violent means.He sponsored the case and is very familiar with the freight business.The big truck driver chatted happily.Maybe it would be worn out, Wu Wei didn t dare to move forward, and continued to lie under a large truck near the gate to repair the car.Not only his can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy clothes were dirty, but his hands were full of oil.The same was true of Lao Gu, the criminal policeman of the Serious Crime Squadron.The two changed tools every once in a while, sweating profusely from work, but kept their eyes on the truck drivers in the parking lot.Just when he thought to himself that the driver that the master was inquiring about was not suspicious, the mobile phone placed on the cardboard suddenly rang, and it only rang twice.It must be admitted that the other party has a better reputation than yourself.Gao Junfei didn t want to call it quits, so he could only agree No problem, you can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy wait.The technical investigation department was very good, can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy and the content of the call was transmitted to the arresting headquarters almost in real time.Xi Hongbo took off his earphones and stared at the laptop monitor.He saw Chen Yabing pick up the travel bag from the back row, unzip it, and bundles of hundred yuan bills appeared in front of him.Gao Junfei took pictures with his mobile phone.Zip it, and put the travel bag in the back row.Each group pays attention to each group.The suspect is ready to trade, and the drug dealer may be in the parking lot One group found no abnormality, and the other group found no abnormality.Whether there is anything abnormal down there, you can see it clearly from upstairs, even if you can t see it clearly, there is still monitoring.

Yingying and I will go have dinner together.Watch the village.The reason why they come from all directions is because the security company s stalls are getting bigger and bigger.Only Lao Jin, Xiao Zhong, Chen Jie and the security guards who assist in the land acquisition and demolition work live in the Chaoyang Community Residential Committee.Most of the security guards live in the units where they are on duty, such as Dongming The community, such as the 527 factory, such as the sub district office, or the construction site of the Shuiyun Tiancheng project.The positions of the security guards are regularly rotated.Last week, they were on duty in several units in the street.The next week, they may be transferred to Factory 527, and the next week, they may be transferred back to the headquarters., It was very helpful to solve the bloody case in Yangguan Village, our instructor said that we may have to compile materials and give me awards.What is another Huang Ying asked curiously.Didn t you catch a robber and a murderer kosher cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews last time My master said that the materials have been reported to the Political Department of the Municipal Bureau.If the murder case in Yangguan Village is solved, they may be rewarded for meritorious service.At least one reward.I m still in the probationary period.Well, just cbd gummies 500mg reviews if you can make meritorious service, you can receive awards, and you will be rated as an advanced individual in the city s flow management work, and I feel that my work performance and work performance should be considered acceptable.It must be admitted that he was very unlucky when he was in the institute, and he was exhausted.The total contract value has changed from 30,000 to 60,000, and the number of people patrolling every day will naturally double.After some bargaining, it is finally decided to set up a duty station in Yangguan Village, with one shift permanently equipped with an electric patrol car, and accepting Yangguan View the dual leadership of the village committee and the Chaoyang Community Security Company.On the way back to the headquarters , the more Lao Jin thought about it, the more amusing he became.He turned around and said, Cui Changhai can get can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy 50,000 yuan this year, where will he get it next year They can give him face once, but it is impossible to give him a second time.I guess next year It s not so easy to get sponsorship. We ll talk about next year s matter next year, the road will be straight to the end of the bridge, and there will always be a way.And this is not an emergency encountered during security patrols.The other party is the owner, the parents of the property company and security company.If terp nation cbd gummies review it is not handled properly, it will be very troublesome.Gu Changsheng turned his head and glared at the boys, and hurriedly said The body camera is not turned on, but there is surveillance on the opposite side of the parking space.Window waved.Han Chaoyang watched her reverse the car, slowly drove up Zhongshan Road, and immediately ran back to the police station to open the electric patrol car, and rushed to Dongming Community in a hurry.The security guard from the third shift was waiting at the west gate.Gu Changsheng pulled Shan Ketian .

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to the front.The left side of the young man s face was indeed swollen.Han Chaoyang patted his arm, walked straight into the monitoring room inside, folded his can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy arms and said, Ya Xin , tune out the monitor.No matter whether he has real power or not, no matter how big the official is, as long as he can be an official, his status in the family will definitely not be low.Han Chaoyang was also deeply touched by this, because although his father was only a deputy chief staff member in the township, he was very great in the eyes of his uncle, second uncle, sister in law, and aunt.Ask him for an idea.My little uncle is a teacher just like your mother, and he teaches physics in No.3 Middle School.Fearing that the unlucky person would mistakenly think that the old Huang s family looked down on relatives who had no money and power, Huang Ying added, My uncle has worked in the factory for dozens of years.Year end fitter, but my cousin is very good.He graduated from University of Science and Technology and works in a technology company in Dongguang.Just walking downhill, I was saying hello to Director Wang and the others when the phone rang suddenly, and it was Yu Zhenchuan calling.Chaoyang, how s the situation Did the people from Huang Ying s family say anything Han Chaoyang subconsciously glanced at his girlfriend who was surrounded by Aunt Wang and the others asking this and that, and said proudly Everything is going well, her parents He is very kind, not only agreeing to our discussion, but also hoping that we can get married soon.Great, I am waiting for your wedding wine.Yu Zhenchuan was really happy for his junior brother, fearing to expose his position, his voice was a few decibels lower than before.I never thought of getting married so early.She also doesn t want to get married so early.You have to wait a few years to drink our wedding wine.If there is no good result, it is impossible to explain to the political commissar of the director.Director Wen is not good at arguing with Secretary Yang, so he simply said Xiao Han, we can take the second place in the sub bureau., this task is also entrusted to you.Although participating in activities is important to participate, if you have the opportunity to get a good grade, cbd gummies dose can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy of course you have to fight for it, and our veteran cadre chorus can take the third place.The old factory manager has a high political awareness , the next best thing, can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy do not fight with the two leaders.Director Su smiled and said nothing, Lao Jin naturally wouldn t say anything if she didn t speak.In the activities in the district, they actually wanted to take the top three.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and said with a bitter face Secretary Yang, Director Wen, and Director Wang, since the three of you have set goals, we can t fight uncertain battles.

Knowing it was normal, Han Chaoyang smiled and explained The first row can t block it, but our choir has three rows, just like a big group photo, the second row stands higher than the first row, and the third row stands taller.It is higher than the second row.Oh, I really can t remember if you don t tell me, and Director Wang and the others are really too, and they don t remind you.You let the wedding company adjust the background first, and I will talk to Director Wang and the others.Say hello.Let s go.When I asked, it turned out that they were discussing the positions of the two bands with the wedding company.They are very busy these days, not only practicing singing and dancing, not only trying to prepare costumes and props, but also looking for talents who can play musical instruments all over the world, and they really made a wind band and a folk band, regardless of the performance level, at least the lineup looks like presentable.Factory Manager Wang, Aunt Qian, and Teacher Liang sat in the back row in a tacit understanding, without joking or asking other questions, observing the discipline of the venue one by one.Not to be missed.Su Xian signaled Chen Jie to make tea for the old factory manager and others who had just arrived, and then changed the topic As you all know, we do a lot of work in the community, and the patrol team also does a lot of work, and the work pressure of Sergeant Gu and Chaoyang is even greater.Well, when there is an emergency, we are too busy to do our best.Everyone is so caring, we can actually set up a Chaoyang Community Helping the Dangerous and Relief Foundation to engage in public is cbd gummies addictive welfare and help Xiao Binbin together.I agree Director Wang was the first to raise his hand.I also agree, Director Su, I can be a volunteer.What kind of work The old factory manager asked curiously.Han Chaoyang invited him to the yard, pointed to a bulletin board and said with a wry smile Director Wang, look, there is a community people s mediation committee.Not only does it exist here, but there is also a community mediation committee work system hanging upstairs, which is actually in name only.Community Some disputes and conflicts that occurred can be completely resolved through mediation, but they were all pushed to our police.You always know how busy I, my master and Wu Wei are.The civil disputes that could have been resolved were exhausting.In addition, my master is more experienced in mediating disputes and resolving conflicts.Sometimes the same sentence, my master s words are more effective than ours.Prison.It s hard for an honest official to do housework, Xiao Han, this job is not very easy to do.Hurry up and accompany Qi Gong to find the child, and remember to send Xiao Zuo and Xiao Tang home after you find it.Yes Yingying, you also go together, isn t that child working as a waiter, he should rest now On such a hot day, it is inconvenient for Chaoyang and can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy Xiao Wu to enter the girls dormitory, you can .

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help me.Okay.It s good if you can find it, Director Wang and Director Su sent everyone to the dormitory.At the door, holding the door of the patrol car, he exhorted Xiao Qi, Xiao Lu, we must pay attention to methods and methods in educating children.Now children are under so much pressure to learn, and they should pay attention to step by step learning.Not paying attention to methods and methods will only be counterproductive.After finding it, add more care , don t just hit with your hand, or curse with your mouth.After waiting for a while, he took out the coins he had prepared and squeezed onto the slowly stopping bus, then squeezed to the middle of the carriage to stand firm, and leaned on the railing to send Xie Lingling a WeChat message.Lingling, I m leaving.I ll wait at the gate of Xinfeng Building.Don t come, you must come.We may have to work overtime today.He not only chased from Yanyang can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy can you give a dog cbd gummies to Donghai, but also picked him up every morning and evening.Xie Lingling really can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy I was very moved, and after thinking about it, I sent another crying emoji.You are busy with your work.I happened to be walking around to see what to eat for dinner.Okay, I ll hurry up.Facts have proved that this trip to the East China Sea is the right one, and it also proves that the stalking tactics are effective of.Thinking of the scene when he held her hand and sent her back to the dormitory after dinner last night, Xu Hongliang throbbed for a while, wishing to immediately announce the good news to his relatives and friends far away in Yanyang.Han Chaoyang quickly turned off the flashlight, put down his trouser legs and got botanical cbd gummies cost up.It would be great to be able to make meritorious deeds if you could just sit on the sidelines and wait for the rabbit, but the danger is also high, and it might be honorable.Jiang Li was worried that Yanyang, who had just started work, was nervous, so he found a relatively secluded place with the help of the faint starlight, and signaled Han Chaoyang to lie in ambush there, then walked to the opposite side and squatted down, half jokingly said Be sure to look in can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy the right direction when you do it., Remember to throw him to my side, if I make a move first, he will throw him to your side, don t rush to the west, this mountain is a bit high, if you roll down, you will die and there will be no life, and it is worthless to die with him.gunfire Han Chaoyang was taken aback by firing a gun and hitting a target during the training.He was about to turn off the flashlight and squat down when he heard three vitamin c cbd gummies gunshots from the same direction.The crisp gunshots echoed in the forest, startling a group of birds that roost in the forest.What s the matter, what s the situation Could it be that the hunting team came here and caught up with Feng Changdong.Han Chaoyang was extremely nervous, turned off his cell phone, squatted under a small tree, held his breath, and quietly took out the swinging stick, not daring to act rashly.After waiting like this for twenty or thirty seconds, there was another gunshot They were very close, and Han Chaoyang s heart was pounding with nervousness.He was thinking whether to run quietly in the opposite direction, so as to prevent being discovered by the escaped criminals and accidentally injured by his colleagues.

head.Bang , again Han Chaoyang whipped like crazy, beat his head, arms, and legs in a mess, and roared hoarsely as he whipped his head, arms, and legs Let you run, let you sell drugs, let you Kill, kill you bastard Run, run again and let me see if I don t break your legs First I met a wild boar, and now I met such a lunatic.Caught off guard twice in a can i take cbd gummies with alcohol row, and this time was completely different from the last time, Feng Changdong was beaten in a daze, rolling all over the ground with his hands on his head, shouting while rolling, and had no chance to find a gun.Be honest, did HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy you kill Feng Changqin Even my cousin was killed, and even my niece was not spared.Are you still a human being Are you worthy of being a human being Han Chaoyang didn t know how serious his injuries were, Anyway, the command had issued an order that if he resisted in a corner, he could be shot decisively.Besides, Xiaohan is not without a family, so it is impossible for them not to consider our feelings.Well, I will call their Wang Bureau later and ask him when he will arrange for someone to come to our branch to communicate.The Longdao County Public Security Bureau is busy doing follow up work, and has not considered meritorious service awards for the time being, let alone publicity.The Yandong branch will amazon cbd gummies kosher cbd gummies not miss this opportunity, first report to the city bureau, and then send the policemen from the branch to the Northwest to study and exchange, participate in the search and arrest operation during the exchange, and successfully capture the news of a Grade A wanted criminal of the Ministry of Public Security, and put it in the branch s On the official website, official Weibo and official public account.He came by car and has all the tools in the car.Unload it now, wait He will fill in when he arrives, and he can still pull a few cars in the middle of the night, waiting for you to investigate the scene and when will you wait for evidence collection.Soon, please cooperate.Just as he was speaking, a large flatbed truck was pulling an excavator Come on.A young man jumped out of the car, looked at everyone curiously, and immediately ran to the gate of the construction site to direct the car to reverse.Just as they were busy driving the excavator down, there were lights in front again, and they saw carts pulling muck driving over mightily.Han Chaoyang realized that the large army of earthworks had arrived, and subconsciously took out his police pass to check the time.The tall driver was very anxious, and while taking the middle aged man who had just jumped out of the car to look at the tires, he complained to the middle aged man amidst the roar of the engine.The netizen of the group owner is called Sange, and he follows the rhythm as soon as he comes out.Resolutely don t pay back , Just don t pay back The group members were mobilized in this way, each of them was in high spirits, and some said, I just won t pay back.Some people repeatedly brushed I will die to the end, and online loans are all You want to call me Sound Dad.They all expressed their opinions, beat chicken cbd gummies dose can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy blood, shouted slogans, and organized resistance.In short, their logic is if they cry, make trouble, and hang themselves, someone will sympathize with them.Han Chaoyang reacted with an incredulous expression on his face Question So this bad debts group is the spiritual pillar for her to persevere It can be said that she has been working in a small restaurant in the city for the past two months during the summer vacation, and logs into the QQ Shui group whenever she has time.As a result, it took only a few days for this whole thing to happen.Fan Ju was annoyed and wanted to laugh, and hated iron for nothing, and said, Since I know it s not so easy to go to Renhe County to meet relatives, I can definitely do mass work in the area can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy cbd gummies dogs under my jurisdiction.Lao Gu, he can t do this ideological work, but you can definitely do it.Why do you have to do it Why do you have to make such a big show Fan Ju, you don t feel hurt when you stand up and talk.This ideological work can t be done, let alone Chaoyang, and I, Gu Guoli, can t do it either Now Girls are precious, and it is so difficult for a young man to marry a wife nowadays.The woman doesn t care how much gift money Mr.Liang s family asks for, and even subsidizes money to buy a wedding room for the children.They only ask for such a little, and they want the wedding to be a good one.The memory of my driving recorder is 16G, kosher cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews which can record for about 240 minutes, and then overwrite.My memory is not too big, which is similar to that of a mobile phone.There is also 32G, which can record for a longer time, and can record for about 480 minutes., That s 8 hours.Xu Hongliang paused, and then said There are more advanced ones, my friend just bought a car, and it is equipped with a cloud sharing driving recorder, which has an emergency lock function, choose to save Even if the memory is full, the emergency images will not be overwritten.Cloud sharing What cloud computing and cloud storage are popular now, but I only know what cloud, so don t ask me what s going on.Han Chaoyang is not interested in what cloud is, but eagerly asked Hongliang, how much memory do current car owners usually choose to install in the driving recorder 8G, 16G and 32G are available, and electronic products are updated. Don t think about money., don t think about whether there is a house or not, the key is whether you like it or not. Yes. As long as you like it.Xu Hongliang smiled knowingly, and walked to the balcony with his arms around her slender waist, speaking slowly Whispering After finishing the transfer of ownership, we will renovate.The decoration will dissipate the smell for two months.I will try to invite your parents to come and have a look before the Chinese New Year.Thank you.It should be, thank you.Never He mentioned the matter can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy of the house, but he thought of it and did it.Xie Lingling was really touched and felt very happy.Just as she didn t know what to say, the phone rang suddenly.I ll answer the call first.Xie Lingling smiled sweetly, took out her phone to check the caller ID, and pressed the call button after a moment of stupefaction.

Fengchi Car Rental Company does not have a RV.The price is very high, and the car rental company even rents the car with the driver.In other words, in the past four months, this Cai Xiaofang was actually driving for Yang Jiandong.According to the owner of the car rental company, Cai Xiaofang and Yang Jiandong have a very good relationship.Cai Xiaofang is ready to quit.If you find Cai Xiaofang, you may find Yang Jiandong Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.Yes.Teng Jiming nodded slightly, and continued But Cai Xiaofang resigned on the third day after Cao Shengkai was killed.He didn t even pay the last month s salary, and his mobile phone was disconnected, so his whereabouts are unknown now.Luo deputy detachment leader Stuffing out the cigarette, he raised his head and said, There are indications that Cai Xiaofang and Yang Jiandong are equally suspected of committing the crime.Xiao Han, you just said that I, Tian Jiming, am a straightforward person.This straightforwardness depends on who is right and what is right.I know that playing cards is gambling, which is wrong.You Xiaohan asked me, and I readily admitted it.You Xiaohan Enforce the law impartially, and you must be punished.No matter how much the fine is, I will pay the fine as quickly as possible.I will not embarrass you on these issues, and you will not embarrass me on other issues, how about it It turns out that he really can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy has a problem, Cui Village Chief He sighed secretly and said nothing, turned around and continued making tea.Han Chaoyang didn t think Tian Jiming s attitude was bad, and said helplessly, Mr.Tian, I know this makes you very embarrassed.After all, only people with status and status can play with you.I thought I d miss seeing you this time, but I didn t expect him to call before leaving.Sheng Yanwen was both excited and uncomfortable, choked up with tears and said It s okay, I know you didn t avoid me on purpose, and I shouldn t come to disturb your are cbd gummies legal in south carolina current life.I saw your girlfriend, she is very beautiful, and she is also a nice person.It is really a blessing to find a girlfriend like her, I wish you happiness.Thank you, and I wish you find your ideal Prince Charming as soon as possible.Han Chaoyang rubbed his nose and continued, Yanwen, I am not very busy tonight.I plan to go to see you with Yingying, find a place to drink tea, do you have a rest, so it is not convenient to come out The past is over, what s the point of seeing you again Sheng Yanwen was silent for a moment, resisting the bitterness in her heart and said Chaoyang, I m very happy that you can make this call.Mayor Meng, I think this idea is good.Secretary Yang glanced at the last seat Han Chaoyang from the platoon said with a smile In the stage of land acquisition and relocation, including the ongoing demolition, and even the security of the engineering headquarters, the security services are provided by the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.The community voluntary security patrol brigade led by the administrative office, Comrade Su Xian, secretary of the party branch of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee, also serves as the instructor of the patrol brigade, and the policeman of the Huayuan Street Police Station also serves as the team leader.Health.The police force of the public security is limited after all, no matter how many demands you make, there is nothing he can do Of course, Deputy Mayor Meng knew that it would be better for a security company that accepts the leadership of the street and the guidance of the police station to be responsible for the security of the entire East City transportation hub project, but this involves funds.Rich, such an arrangement is precisely the emphasis on the transportation hub project in the east of the city Thinking about the possibility that Lao Ding, who had never been very satisfied with Kang Suo, might sing against cbd gummies dose can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy Kang Suo, Han Chaoyang had a headache.What made him dumbfounded was that the clouds and turbulence in the can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy office, the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, which got the Chengdong Transportation Hub can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy Project, was actually holding a meeting.It was worth being happy and even celebrating when it got the big order, but it wasn t too happy to start the meeting.The extent of the assembly Almost all the security guards who were able to come back came back, and even the guard station of the police station was replaced with the security guard Xiaoqian of the PolyU campus guards.Review.It was too subjective before, and it was only when I came here that I found out that I have no right to speak without investigation.Personally, maintaining the security of several key project sites and escorting the construction can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy of the East City Transportation Hub project is all work.But for the Zhongshan Road Integrated Police Platform For many people, maintaining law and order on the construction sites of several key projects is only part of the work.The platform is only set up in our jurisdiction, only in the Chaoyang Community Police Office, but the patrol area of the police platform is not limited to Chaoyang Community.We have civilian police stationed , Xinyuan Street Police Station also has it.It is not appropriate for me to come here like this.If I am stationed in the police station, the relationship will not be straightened out, and it will even break cbd gummies dose can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy the existing balance It kosher cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews must be admitted that there is some truth in what he said.For the cause of public security and the peace of the masses, you have worked hard and contributed , paid, and lost However, no matter how many hardships and dangers, you can t shake your strong will No matter how many grievances and injustices, you can t change your persistent pursuit No matter how many life and death trials, you can t stop your calmness The host cbd gummy bears dr oz said on the stage, and pictures appeared on the large LCD screen.Grandpa Gu has been in the police force for so many years.Even though he has been working in the police station, he has caught all kinds of criminals.The old photos that keep flashing by are provided by the Changfeng Street Police Station, and found by the political department of the sub bureau., as evidenced by the photos, the audience gave a burst of thunderous can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy applause.

It doesn t can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy matter who you call Standing on the side, Han Chaoyang almost burst out laughing, thinking to himself that you have the nerve to say that it doesn t matter who you call, labor and management don t know how to open the lock but they have seen someone open the lock before, so that night I went to Fengju with Bureau Feng Yongxian arrested the suspect, and watched a special policeman open the security door similar to this one from the cat s eye with three clicks and two clicks.Lao Fan, who was about to laugh but didn t dare to laugh, didn t want to delay Liu Jianye for too long, stepped forward and said Drill it, just drill it.If there is no problem in the house and the lock is broken, I will pay for it.This house is mine, and the surname Bi is with me.It s hard to say anything. Old Fan, it would be great if everyone was as reasonable as you, HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy Liu Jianye waited for this sentence, first praised smilz cbd gummies ceo can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy Lao Fan, then turned around and said The owner has already spoken, and he is still in a make gummies with cbd isolate daze What are you doing, hurry up and drill Oh, please let me go.Bureau Du was about to say something when Bureau Zhou suddenly remembered something, stepped aside and said, Old Du, at the last meeting, the leaders amazon cbd gummies kosher cbd gummies of the Municipal Bureau said that the higher ups are paying more and more attention to food and drug safety.A food, drug, and resource and environmental crime investigation team has been set up, with detachments in the city bureau, brigades in sub bureaus and county bureaus, referred to as the Food and Drug Administration Detachment or the Food and Drug Environment Brigade. I ve heard of it too.Bureau Du nodded.It is estimated that our Yanyang is coming soon.To set up a brigade, we must consider the candidates for the captain and instructor.I think Kang Haigen is fully qualified for the captain.We can take the case they are investigating as an exercise.The accommodation fee is clearly a bed fee.Thinking that a bed was only 45 yuan a night, Han Chaoyang murmured, It seems that he can t get along anymore, otherwise he wouldn t take advantage of this little advantage.Really Looking towards the small stage.Han Zhaoyang just glanced at it just now, Xie Lingling kosher cbd gummies looked in front for a can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy can you give a dog cbd gummies while, noticed that the hall had changed a lot, ran back and asked curiously Bebe, where did the piano and drum set beside the stage come from There is a piano Han Chaoyang was so surprised that he subconsciously stood on tiptoe and looked again.Zhang Beibei smiled proudly Brother Wei helped us find second hand goods, piano 4800, drum set 760, do you think it is worth it As long as you are a music student, who would not be interested in musical instruments Han Chaoyang squeezed into the corner to look, then returned to the bar and smiled It s worth it, it s worth it, it s probably new, you ve made a kosher cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews lot of money Just look at the brand I knew it was all sold by cbd gummies 2000 mg Brother Wei, but I didn t expect him to help recycle it.The Comprehensive Management Office has issued a document to appoint He is also the instructor of the patrol team, HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy you, the can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy captain, have to show up, hurry up and say hello.His old man s can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy temper is like this, and he will not let him go again if he says he won t let him go.Han Chaoyang had to pull over and watch him walk into the community and quickly call his wife.He drank a lot at night, so he didn t feel at ease if he didn t call and ask his wife to come downstairs to pick can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy him up.Back in the police office, Lao Ding had just returned from the police, and was standing in front of the police station talking to a man in his thirties.Han Chaoyang realized that this should be the new Secretary Cao, and hurriedly smiled Secretary Cao, right I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station stationed in Chaoyang k2life cbd gummies Community.8 Walking towards Lou, he asked with a smile, Auntie, do you think there is any difference between a community with property management and a community without property management There must be a difference between spending money and not spending money.Aunt Yang looked around enviously , sighed But this is a new community.You see, it is all high rise buildings, all elevator rooms, and the design is beautiful.The garden and the greenery make living here feel like living in a park.Our community is an old community.It has to be similar to a dormitory building, with rows next to each other, no matter how you do it, it s can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy not as beautiful. Yeah, I regret it when I think about it now, it seemed to be only 6,800 a flat when it opened at that time, I came to see it, but kosher cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews I thought about the price If it will drop, I will not buy it.Take a look, this is a set meal that was just launched in our store.This one is good, this one is good Grandpa Gu took the plastic wrapped set menu, thought about it for a while pretending to be hesitant, and then pointed to set meal No.2 Little girl, give me this one.The child hasn t arrived yet., I ll give you the money first, and you can do it later.The old people in the community often bring their children to eat, and occasionally buy them and take them home.The young proprietress is not a resident of the community, and she doesn t know Grandpa Gu.Said Okay, why don t you sit down for a while, and I will make it when it s time.If you don t eat here, I can pack it for you Okay, I ll wait here.Grandpa Gu walked behind Sister Wei He took out a thermos from the pocket of his bulging cotton padded jacket, and asked with a smile, Little girl, do you have any boiling water here But very stingy.Wang Jianping smiled with his back to the suspect, and led his subordinates out of the office with Grandpa Gu.Han Chaoyang sent everyone cbd gummies reviews away, closed the door gently, turned around and stared at Wan Xiaoxia, who had just recovered, and said meaningfully Just now you asked me to believe in you, and now I ask you to believe cbd gummies dose can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy in me, now it is really a matter of attitude.Everything, if you want to save yourself, you have to take the initiative to explain and actively cooperate.Think more about Ling Bin, think more about your children, don t raise any conditions, and don t hide anything I, do I still have a chance Wan Xiaoxia said anxiously ask.Zhang Boyu hasn t been arrested yet, I think there should be, it s up to you whether can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy you can grasp it.Miao Haizhu also sympathized with Ling Bin and Xinxin, and couldn t help saying Trust Officer Han s words, I can save you now And only you.

Blood pressure, you have to take antihypertensive medicine, hurry up, Chaoyang, you go with your Uncle Wu.Okay.Accompanying the tall and thin Mr.Wu out of the police room, Han Chaoyang asked curiously Wu Uncle, how did you recognize the thief from the vast crowd Thieves are easy to recognize, they have words written on their faces Wu Wenge smiled back and shared his experience of catching thieves as he walked Pickpocket The eyes of ordinary people are different from ordinary people.Ordinary people walk and look at the road.But pickpockets look at other people s pockets and bags.We often say that they are eyes, not their looks.It s not about dressing up.Why can t I see it Han Chaoyang subconsciously looked at the opposite bus stop sign.Catching thieves requires tenacity, and the test is patience.How is it possible, you have houses, and other communities have houses like village committees, and Director Gu has a bowl of water.Ping, otherwise people will definitely not be convinced.Xu Hongliang wanted to laugh when he mentioned this, and explained complacently Do other communities have voluntary cbd gummy shipping green roads patrol teams To assist the street in comprehensive law enforcement, the street cannot give no funds at all.So the rent should be handed over to the street first, and then the street will allocate it to us in the form of funds.Undoubtedly, this fund will not be used for mass prevention and treatment, nor It will not be used to assist the comprehensive law enforcement of the streets, and will definitely be used by Cao Zefang for community economic construction.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and couldn t help laughing I said, why is Secretary Cao so generous in supporting us to form an anti picking team It turns out that the tens of thousands given by the community can be recovered.Lecturer.Almost forgot about this one, this event is well done, Zhou Ju thought for a while, and said in a deep voice, The Chinese New Year will be in a few days, and there are many policemen from other places in the branch, especially the young policemen.You may not be able to go back during the period.You can see if there is a cultural activity in the near future, and organize police officers who cannot reunite with their families during the Spring Festival to sing and sing, so that comrades can feel the warmth of the organization.Okay, I will arrange it.Just It should be this weekend, Han Chaoyang must participate, not only to participate but also to perform a show.Okay, I ll call him.Zhou Ju put down his phone and continued to review documents.After ten minutes of work, Director Wen suddenly called call.Can you give me a red envelope Okay, listen to you, let your wife prepare a few later.Grandpa Gu sighed softly, and then changed the topic One Ni Jianguo is enough, if two more I will be pissed off I told Shiju before, and later I told Qingshan and the others.You also tell me that cbd vegan gummies for anxiety if you become an official like Ni Jianguo and forget who you are, you can t control yourself, and if you know the law and go in, I won t be your apprentice. Master, what kind of person am I Don t you know, don t say that can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy can you give a dog cbd gummies I m just a small policeman, even if I have the opportunity to become a leader in the future, I will can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy can you give a dog cbd gummies not use power for personal gain, and I will not break the law knowingly.This person, before becoming a leader, said so, maybe I also think so.After becoming a leader, the environment is different, especially the people you come into contact with.Be serious, listen to me.Director Du closed his notebook and said very seriously Since the police district is established, can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy a sheriff must be appointed to preside over the work of the police district.Considering the jurisdiction of the police district Two police stations are involved, the police chief will be dispatched by the security brigade of the sub bureau, and other policemen will be dispatched from the two police stations.Han Chaoyang suddenly became a little uncomfortable, and thought to himself, no wonder he wanted to talk to me, because he wanted to parachute a police chief, It turned out that they planned to kill me, the actual person in charge of the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Reception Platform.With mixed feelings, Zhou Bureau suddenly said Considering that you are more familiar with the situation and have a good mass base, and at the same time serve as the captain of the three voluntary security patrol teams in amazon cbd gummies kosher cbd gummies the police area.I must be the captain of the brigade.What do the instructors do Do you think it s troublesome It s not as troublesome as you think.Among the three companies, only Secretary Cao is interested in serving as a part time instructor.PolyU and the Sixth Academy can talk about it.That s the only way.Talk to them tomorrow.Han Chaoyang put away the documents, and continued Said The Zhou bureau not only requires the patrol team kosher cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews to set up a party branch, but also a league branch.The secretary of the party branch must be an instructor.I am not a party member and can only serve as the secretary of the league branch.I also need to create a Youth Civilization , and a Forming a Youth Assault Squad is a headache just thinking about it You don t understand these things, Secretary Cao, and Secretary Cao doesn t have time to go to the Youth League Committee of PolyU to learn.Director Su, How did you know I guessed it, Sergeant Gu, Chaoyang is your apprentice.Why didn t you remind him of such a big event and such a critical moment His work performance is obvious to all, and his ideological awareness is no problem.I haven t made any mistakes, so what can I remind you Chapter 505 Work needs But he has been working for too short a time, and his qualifications are not enough.Grandpa Gu looked up at his wife who was greeting him for dinner , laughed and said The leaders of the bureau have already considered this aspect, otherwise the Zhongshan Road Police District can be can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy set up, Chaoyang can integrate three voluntary security patrol teams, and the patrol team can create a Party Party Vanguard and a Youth Civilization.And the Youth Assault Team Su Xian came to understand like a revelation, and can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy couldn t help laughing It seems that the leaders of the sub bureau don t value him one or two times, and they have worked so hard to accomplish this Yes, so he must Make some achievements, and you must not disappoint the bureau leaders Han Chaoyang finally realized what was going on, and he was ecstatic at once, but at the same time he was a little worried about gains and losses.

We, father and son, do our best to respect each other, and thank you for your concern and support Thank you Minister Jiang, thank you Secretary Cao, thank you Section Chief Xiao, and thank you Branch Secretary Zhang , Thank you, Director Xie, I ll do it first.Han Chaoyang turned to look at the master gratefully, then raised his glass and drank it down.Officer Gu, please don t be so polite.Didn t you just say that there are no outsiders today.Since HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy you are one of your own, it would be too rude to say thank you.Yes, yes, we can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy support Chaoyang s work, and Chaoyang is also very grateful Support our work.Inspector Gu, let s have some food first.After a few glasses of wine, the atmosphere was even more enthusiastic than before.Vice Minister Jiang looked sideways at Cao Zefang, then looked back at Section Chief Xiao, and said with great interest The Yandong Branch wants to integrate our three patrol teams into one.Pulling the team out for two laps every day can scare those who violate the law.The criminal bastards are scared away.Chaoyang, that s it.Vice Minister Jiang thought for a while and then turned around and said, Jin Hai, don t rush back later, and study the time and plan of the superior patrol with Chaoyang and Xiaoxu Good patrol route, finalize the details tonight, and try to organize and implement it within two days.Okay, we will study it tonight.Minister Jiang, Secretary Cao, and Section Chief Xiao, otherwise, from tomorrow onwards, each of you will arrange for one person to be on duty in the police office.This will facilitate coordination, and no matter what happens on either side, you will be able to coordinate better.This is the best way.I can arrange for a security officer to come over where I am green garden gold cbd gummies not working.Han Chaoyang looked at Xiaokang who just ran in, and ordered Xiaokang , you drive Angkor and Junfeng there in a patrol car, don t get too close to the hotel, and don t turn on the police lights, turn around and come back to pick them up after sending Angkor and Junfeng nearby. Yes Considering that there is not enough transportation, Han Chaoyang turned back and said, Captain Pang, the patrol car kosher cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews can accommodate two people, so you take a security guard there first and stand by near the hotel.Okay, I ll call Lao Wang.Xu Hongliang was also there Called, said a few words and turned back Chaoyang, the first squadron, the second squadron and the third squadron can each transfer six people, I will let them go directly to meet Lao Pang near the hotel.Okay, you are in charge of the community., and strive for follow up personnel to be in place within fifteen minutes.People, you can just follow the arrangement according to your work needs, and you don t need to ask me for instructions. Liu Suo, you are my old leader I know what you want to say, but the past is the past, and the present is the present.Straighten things out, and the authority should not be messed up.Liu Jianye interrupted Han Chaoyang, and then changed the subject Chaoyang, there is something I want to tell you in advance, most of the foreigners living in Yangguan Village are going home for the New Year.They will come back as soon as the Spring Festival is over, and there will be new migrants renting houses in Yangguan.For the migrant population, the institute must make a clear account of the number and the situation, but there are only a few people in the institute, and we will definitely need your help when the time comes.The tire repair of the car was delayed.No matter how urgent you are, don t be in a hurry for three to five minutes, Lao Hu took out his mobile phone, clicked on WeChat, and held up the photo of the suspect sent by Han Chaoyang in front of him Your business is getting better and better.Big, I must know a lot of chefs who deliver food to more than 20 restaurants, take a closer look and see if you have seen this guy.It turned out that he was looking for someone Miao Si er can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy can you give a dog cbd gummies came to his senses, took the mobile phone and looked at it carefully for five or six seconds, and can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy murmured It looks familiar, I seem to have seen it before.Old Hu was amused, and immediately asked Where did you see that After a few mouthfuls, he pondered for a while, then suddenly smiled and said, I remember, I saw him in the wholesale market He seems to be the chef of the China World Hotel, and he went shopping with the purchaser.In the photo, this guy is very aggressive, and he wants to fight with me.I go to the wholesale market every day, the stall owner and the market The security guards didn t know me, Miao Si er, and they all ran over to try to persuade the fight, but the fight didn t start.Miao Si er threw away the cigarette butt, and said through gritted teeth Qianglong still doesn t suppress the local snake.How dare you fight with me at the Yandong Vegetable Wholesale Market I m playing tricks, if I hadn t been dragged by Boss Shi and Xiao Pang, I would have given him some color.Come on, you re do cbd gummies vears work reddit just showing some flair to others with your body, but it s commendable to stand up at the critical moment.What s the praise, I have to deliver the food, I can t make people wait.Seeing off Miao Si Son, Lao Hu thought to himself, Han Chaoyang, Han Chaoyang, not only your kid has a good public foundation, but mine is also uncle petes cbd gummies review not bad.Thinking that Han Chaoyang s investigation direction was completely wrong.The suspect in the photo is not a chef in this area at all.He immediately dialed Han Chaoyang s mobile phone and said with a smug smile Chaoyang, help the new The Yuan Street Police Station has news about the person cbd gummies dose can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy they are looking for, but I don t know his last name, I only know that he works at the World Trade Hotel, and went to the vegetable wholesale market with the buyer of the World Trade Hotel last week to buy vegetables.Han Chaoyang He was stunned for a moment, then regained his composure, and hurriedly asked Chief Hu, has anyone seen him in the vegetable wholesale market Not only have I seen it, but there was also a dispute over the parking.The owner of the wholesale booth and the security guard of the market stopped him in time.

It can be confirmed that there was a fight last night.The one who ran away is Xie Liangju, who is wanted by the Security Bureau of Xichuan Province It s better than the match.When people are in good spirits on happy occasions, one call is a request, and two calls are also a request, Gu Zhongjie said excitedly He smiled and said Old Kong, it s already 11 o clock, let s go, let s go to our office and have a light meal together.It is not a trivial matter to find a fugitive suspected of robbery and murder, and he is actually in the mood to eat Old Kong subconsciously asked Instructor Gu, should you report to the bureau first On the way to be escorted in the car, the police handling the case of our station asked a brief question in the car, and the suspect confessed to the crime, and it is said that he was so scared that he even urinated.Han Chaoyang paused, and added It is one thing for the station to help coordinate and solve the problem.We also have to play a role.I will talk to Hongliang tomorrow and arrange for people to can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy rotate at the station.Team members and students, as long as they see smilz cbd gummies ceo can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy scalpers fooling passengers in the future, they will immediately intervene.Anyway, the personnel are constantly rotating, so we are not afraid of their retaliation.Chapter 555 Big move in the community As the captain of the voluntary security patrol, Han Chaoyang has absolute command over the directly subordinate squadron of the anti picking squad.Make up your mind to clean up the chaos around the station, and immediately adjust the work focus of the anti pickup team, leaving half of the people to continue to go to the streets to fight against pickpocketing.The Chinese New Year will be in a few days, the Spring Festival travel is busy, and the barbershop is also busy.According to the Yanyang custom, a haircut is required for the New Year, but what can happen to the barbershop Han Chaoyang wondered if someone lost his mobile phone or bag during the haircut, thinking of Wu Wei , Miao Haizhu was busy assisting the urban management to enforce the law, and he happened to be sitting in the car, and blurted out Send it to me, I ll go and have a look.Okay, I ll send it to you.Very close, not Han Chaoyang didn t ask what was the big deal, and Liu Chengquan didn t mention why the caller called 110.It is absolutely impossible to go to the police alone.Han Chaoyang rolled down the window and called Wu Junfeng, lit the can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy engine, turned on the police lights, and rushed to the Huadu image barbershop located diagonally opposite the north gate of PolyU, which is downstairs of Yinglun Training. What happened before he became the leader Beforebefore, before, it really wasn t a problem for 25mg cbd gummies for sleep him.Miao Haizhu was quite convinced of the younger brother, and explained with a smile He used to be in charge of the Chaoyang community.He has a good foundation and knows many people.Help him talk.If he encounters such a thing, he can t explain it, but he can find someone who can explain it.If it happened in Chaoyang Community, including Yangguan Village, such a thing would not even happen, and the people would be very convinced.He likes him very much, so how could it be possible to embarrass him, let alone complain about him.Han Da is so powerful, how did he do it Take root in the grassroots, go deep into the community, and make friends with the masses.Don t blame you for this If you want to learn from him, even I have to learn from him.Good.That s right.Han Chaoyang quickly drew a floor plan, Jiao Da took it over and looked at it, then pulled out the gun from his waist, unloaded the magazine to check it, and pushed open the car door Just follow your deployment just now, we will Go in first, wait until you climb the fire stairs, and then notify the group that is attacking from the front.Yes The expert will know if there is one as soon as he makes a move.Jiao Da was in his thirties, but he was as agile as a twenty year old boy.He grabbed the steel pipe on the iron gate and went up.They were wearing long down jackets, and their movements were not as swift as theirs.Jiao Da and the others had turned in and ran a long way before jumping off.When climbing the iron stairs, Jiao Da s footsteps suddenly slowed can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy can you give a dog cbd gummies down.Apparently worried that the sound of footsteps would disturb the people inside, he walked up one step at a time, and Han Chaoyang tiptoed to can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy follow.Dai Li really thinks that his home is deserted and that no one in the village welcomes him, so he will definitely not stay at home.Where did you ask Liu to transfer People to monitor This is not only an excuse, but also a very realistic question.The suspect has already run once, and if he runs a second time, the joke will become bigger.Getting can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy the detention center to take custody is just a matter of a phone call, but what if the suspect dies in the detention center The relatives of the suspect don t care about the suspect now.It will be different when the suspect dies in the detention center.They may come to the branch office Making trouble, asking the branch office to give an explanation, is actually extorting money with this.It s not that such a thing has never happened before, the more Director Du thinks about it, the more headache he has.There may be as many as New Year s Eve, only he and Wu Wei, two policemen, arranged for Miao Haizhu to rest, in fact, they wanted her to spend time with her parents.You said you brought the materials back last night, didn t you I ll take a look later.It s nothing else, the main reason is that it s so difficult to make some money now.If your family s demolition compensation money is thrown into nothing, it will be a waste of time.Sometimes it s too late to cry.And even if you can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy can you give a dog cbd gummies don t think about yourself, you have to think about your mother.If you have money, you can be a filial son.If you don t have money, how can you honor the elderly After visiting Dai Lishi, Han Chaoyang made a phone call.Wu Wei asked curiously, Who is it Mo Yunhu.Han Chaoyang put down his phone and picked up the police car key I have nothing to do in the morning.

Are you sure It is certain that he called the Northeast Ren Junge at the dumpling restaurant, can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy and each mouthful of Junge.And they are reminiscing about the old days, talking and laughing happily, and the tone seems to be nostalgic for the old days.No matter what brother, let s keep an eye on it first.Positive As he spoke, Lao Hu suddenly quickened his pace, walked to the front and raised his arm to knock on the window of a car.Han Chaoyang realized that the colleagues from the Nanshan branch were in the car, Han Chaoyang made up his mind and said lightly, It s best to speak well, so what if you don t speak well.He can t control us, so he can at least show some face., the most urgent thing is to find out whether the Northeast is the person Qiao Peiming is looking for.It doesn t look like it, Lao Hu looked behind him, and said in an almost certain tone He kept checking WeChat along the way, and the bus was very crowded.The young man took everything down, The intention of the bureau was katie couric clinical cbd gummies fully implemented.Political commissar Huang was very satisfied, and couldn t help laughing Xiao Han, I ve made you wronged, let Liu Jianye treat you when you come back Don t be polite to him, pick the best restaurant, whatever cbd gummies dose can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy is more expensive Political commissar, Liu Suo is mine Old leader, I can t do it. If you can t do it, I can do it.It s settled, when the time comes, I ll go, and Director Du will go too.Don t let him bleed.I don t understand the hatred in my heart.Because The mess he made made us sleepless all night.Let Liu Suo bleed, which shows that several bureau leaders did not really blame Liu Suo for this incident.I don t know why, Han Chaoyang was suddenly touched, he really felt the warmth of the organization, and said while the iron was hot Political commissar, in fact, you can t blame Liu Suo or even Lao Hu for this matter.With him leading the team, even if the city bureau, provincial department and even the ministry know about it in the future, they will not think that our branch bureau does not take this case seriously.Xiao Han is still in charge He s young, so it s fine even if he said something wrong.You can call him later and ask him to stick to his principles.If the Nanshan branch brings up the old matter again, it s not impossible to cooperate with us in the investigation.But the principal culprit must The same is true for the drugs, drug money, and vehicles used by drug dealers and drug dealers seized from the main criminal the small drug dealers and drug addicts captured along the way can be handed over to them, and the seized small packets of methamphetamine and drug money can also be handed over.Okay, I ll call him later.The car is rushing to Yanyang.It is on the expressway at the moment, and I can arrive before 4 00 pm at the latest.On the way here, I beg my grandpa to tell my grandma, and ask the comrades from the Qingshan County Public Security Bureau to find me and ask me to help Intercession.Snatching, not other cases, and came to our jurisdiction to commit crimes, let me help intercede, this is not a joke Chaoyang, you can t say that, children can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy are children, parents are parents, parents feelings can be I understand.Although you and Xiao Huang are married, you have no children.When you have children, you will understand.Han Chaoyang shook his head Understanding, but I will not help them greet the criminal police team.Vice Minister Jiang is so shrewd, how could he fail to understand Han Chaoyang s implication, and couldn t help laughing Xiao Han, I know that you must enforce the law impartially and adhere to principles, but the law is nothing more than human feelings.Introduce Grandpa Gu, who has been working at the grassroots level until retirement, to his hometown colleagues and auxiliary police brothers.Introduce Wu Wu, who went to the police academy for four years, joined the army for two years, and went to the police academy for two years after retiring to realize his ultimate dream of becoming a policeman Wei, introduce Miao Haizhu, another Qingshan fellow who has been sticking to his post during the Spring Festival I am very honored to be able to join such a glorious group.Excellent comrades become comrades in arms.As I said at the beginning, the previous achievements are really insignificant, and there must be my teacher in the threesome, and I still have to learn from the master and comrades with humility, thank you everyone.After a brief summary, Han Chaoyang once again Stand up and salute.Such a policeman has a bright future.Miao Haizhu is even more powerful, and she will definitely be entrusted with important tasks when she returns to her original unit after her temporary training.The bureau may ask her to do things in the future.Deputy county magistrate Wang was very happy to make these two young friends.First, he exchanged greetings with Miao Haizhu on WeChat, and then said with a smile, Xiao Han, we re done talking about business, let s talk about some private matters.The urban squadron of the traffic police brigade of the county bureau Comrade Jiang Guobao s daughter is a postgraduate student at the Provincial Medical University and will graduate soon.I forgot what major, but she is a medical student.I ve met that child before.He cbd cbn gummies near me studies very well and is very sensible.Director Qi explained Chaoyang , Lao Jiang is the only hero model of our county bureau.The old branch secretary didn t know how to explain, so he turned can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy around and said, Comrade Public Security, tell me.Seeing his good brother s parents, Han Chaoyang felt very distressed Xu Hongliang, Li Xiaobin, Wu Junfeng and Xiao Gu were also heartbroken, biting their lips tightly and not daring to look directly at Liu Chengquan s parents.Chen Jie and Chen Xiujuan couldn t help crying again, fearing that the elders would see them, they hurriedly hid behind Xu Hongliang and the others.Xu Weizhong couldn t open his mouth either, so Feng Haijun had no choice but to take a deep breath, first raised his arms and saluted the two elders with a standard police salute, and said solemnly Comrade Liu Ergui, Comrade Gu Lanying, my surname is Feng, and my name is Feng Haijun.It is the police from the Political Department of the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.

The more he thought about it, the sadder he became Just as Qiu Ming was about to fetch paper for them, a figure appeared in the opposite doorway.There is a situation Don t cry, now is not the time to be sad.Qiu can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy Ming pushed Wu Wei violently, put down his seat and lay down, then picked up the walkie talkie and shouted Two groups, two groups, The suspect is out, the suspect is out.The second team received it, the second team received it, it s over Wu Wei recovered from the grief of his comrade s sacrifice, hurriedly wiped away his tears, and said with a sob Qiu Team, I m sorry.Chapter 688 Going forward with a heavy burden to deal with Liu Chengquan s death, no matter amazon cbd gummies kosher cbd gummies for the Zhongshan Road Police District, the Chaoyang Community Security Company, or even the branch office, it seemed like an uphill battle.Setting up a stall.There are a lot of couriers for the students, and the packages are all over the floor.He can t do it alone, so he lets the students rummage by themselves.After finding it, they sign for it and take it away.There have been no mistakes before.After the start of school this year Items are often lost, seven or eight parcels are lost.People want to complain, and if they are complained, they will not only lose money but also be fined, so they can only talk to the recipient, think they are unlucky, and pay for their losses out of their own pockets.Han Chaoyang took Picking up the phone to check the time, I thought to myself that the couriers from the courier companies would go to the North Gate of Polytechnic University to set up a stall later, so I said decisively Push the WeChat account of that group friend to Junfeng, and then to Junfeng Call and let Junfeng and the others go and have a look.The other men who were with us tried can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy their best to obstruct them, and all the people from the three rooms next door came out, blocked the door to prevent our people from entering, and surrounded us to argue.It s easy to handle, since it s suspicious, call Call the person on duty at the office to quickly apply for a search warrant.It s easy to search, I m worried that it might scare the snake away.What do you mean Han Chaoyang asked puzzled.Kang Haigen looked sideways at the family in the alley that had caused trouble just now, touched the can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy corner of his mouth and said, Xiyuan suspects that they are engaged in pyramid schemes, and I also look a bit like it, because the company they mentioned in the registration is in the office building diagonally across the street , I ve been to that building before, and there s no such thing as Xingtong Technology Development Co. Has the southern faction MLM spread to our place Nine times out of ten.What should we do now Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.Let s keep an eye on it first, find out how many people they have in total, see if they have other dens, and report it at the same time.We are creating a No MLM City , not to mention the bureau, I think the district and even the city will pay attention to it.OK, But I have something to do in the Sixth Hospital, why don t you talk to Kang Institute first, and then report it together.Since you have something to do, don t worry about it, I ll call Kang Haigen Southern faction pyramid schemes, it s disgusting.Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, picked up his phone and went back to the doctor s office.A doctor in his thirties was talking to Jiang Yan, and Jiang Yan s boyfriend Bai Yaping stood by and laughed with him.As a master, he also understood Miao Haizhu s mood.Hearing that Lao Ding said that he had business in the afternoon, he hurried to help advise.Han Chaoyang was too lazy to quarrel with Big Sister , seeing Lao Ding and Lao Dai coaxing her to dinner, he simply drove to the amazon cbd gummies kosher cbd gummies new headquarters of the security company, chatted with Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin who were preparing for lunch break, and by the way The conference room on the first floor was requisitioned.As soon as Wang Jiayong came can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy back from the East Bus Station, he walked into the conference room and asked curiously, Han Da, don t be fooled, what is the mission Yes, what is the meeting Pickpocketed, today is wearing a blue jacket, it looks familiar, it seems that Mei Tiejun has worn it before, they pick it up on the street every day, can not be recognized by thieves and pickpockets, so they often change their clothes, this jacket It is likely to belong to Mei Tiejun.A boy came to his senses and quickly said, No, Mr.Han, how could we fight No one was injured, so even if we did fight, it wouldn t be a big deal.Han Chaoyang asked them to sign one by one, watched them go downstairs to check out, and confirmed that they had compensated for the loss of the hotel before heading back home with Zhang Bin.As a result, as soon as they returned to the police office, one of the girls was worried that the two boys would leave a criminal record, so she chased them over to explain.Mr.Han, don kosher cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews t lie to me If you say you won t leave a criminal record, you won t.As a college student, you should know some laws.If you don t believe me, go back and study the law.The more Han Zhaoyang thought about it, the more he felt that what happened just now was not that simple, and smiled.There are shops selling mobile phones in front and small restaurants in the back.People in our shop often go there to eat.Thinking that the police may not believe it, The girl emphasized again HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy We usually eat super chill products cbd gummies mango 50 mg in the store, but sometimes we also go out to eat, such as someone s birthday, or want to have a party or something.She has worked nearby and may be related to Yu Xiufen, so she couldn t help asking Look again, and see if it s the same person The girl said in a positive tone Don t look, it s him, we ve been there Many times, and there is only one waiter and him as the waiter in Chuanwei Restaurant.What s his surname, what s his name It seems that his surname is Teng, I don t know what his name is, but you can ask Sister Yu, Sister Yu should know , He and Sister Yu seem to be from the same village.

After dinner, go to Taoyuan New Village and wait.The case will be over as soon as possible and we will be released as soon as possible, and then we will give you compensatory rest.I m full, so I ll pass The victim s body was found in the Xinyuan Street Police Station area, assisting the special case The police of Xinyuan Street Police Station are duty bound to handle the case.Han Chaoyang didn t need to show anything intentionally, and he didn t think he can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy could help in the past.What s more, he was too tired and sleepy.He watched Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu leave, drank the last bit of soy milk, and put Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge away first.The two old men were sent to the dormitory, and then returned to PolyU can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy to rest.Grandpa Gu is close to home.The alley in front of the breakfast shop is less than a hundred meters away from the east gate of the community.He first worked in Yanyang, where his sister married.Maybe considering that the child is going to high school, it s impossible not to keep an eye on it, or maybe the county town also has renovation work, so I didn t go to Yanyang again.Every morning I ride an electric car to the county town to work, and I go home every night.Jiang Guangming s home from the security brigade is his Decorated.Do you know which row his house lives in Yes, Lao Nie took the cigarette from Qin Tao and said with which is more calming cbd or thc gummy bears a smile, I haven t been to his house, but I often go to Zuo Yechun, Zuo Yechun, Yechun s house is in the same row as his house, with only a few houses in between.There are so many wonders in the world, it turned out that this kind of woman was to be summoned.Qin Tao was thinking that such a woman would be very troublesome, should he quickly call his superiors and ask them to send a lesbian over, when the phone rang suddenly.What should be investigated has already been investigated, and the suspected drunk driving accident that night The driver has been arrested, and he will not only bear criminal responsibility but also civil compensation.These have nothing to do with you, because Comrade Liu Chengquan is performing his duties in rescuing you.But as a person, I think there should be the minimum gratitude.He and his parents didn t know who you are until this moment.I sincerely hope that you can take a moment to go to his grave to cbd gummies get high say thank HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy you and talk to his father and mother face to face.Saying thank you is more effective than saying sorry to us 10,000 times.Wang Can burst into tears, hesitating.Miao Haizhu couldn t help but said It doesn t matter if you don t want to go.Liu Chengquan s spirit in heaven doesn t need any explanation from you.It s not a big deal, but if it s not handled well, it will be very troublesome.Although Wu Junfeng is not a policeman, he has worked in the patrol team for so long and knows how difficult the police situation is.Pot, as for the street leader who gave the order, he will definitely clean himself up.Han Chaoyang was more aware of how troublesome this matter was, and said without hesitation Go, go and see what s going on What about Wang Can I have her mobile phone number, and I also left mine for her.Just leave like this Wu Junfeng asked eagerly.What if you don t leave, can you still detain her Han Chaoyang asked back, took out his mobile phone and dialed Sun Guokang while running downstairs.There must be many people in the communities under the street for activities.Everyone has a mobile phone and can surf the Internet.The car door quickly walked towards the office building.Xiaokang had no choice but to lock the car and follow up.There are also security guards in the lobby building.Seeing that Han Chaoyang was wearing a police uniform and even cbd gummies dose can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy wearing the Big Eight , Han Chaoyang just walked past the security guards with Xiaokang, took the elevator to the eighth floor, and looked at the house number , go west along the corridor HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy until you find the director s office.About to meet the old leader, Han Chaoyang was a little excited.He knocked on the door and couldn t help shouting, Report Ju suddenly raised his head Who do I think, come here as soon as you come, what are you calling for a report Ju Du, you are the leader, what are you calling for if I don t call for a report , Ninja couldn t help but said Call the report, but why are you fully armed when you come to me Is it because our Fengyong s security is not good, and you dare not come without wearing equipment, or have you patrolled the border can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy Han Chaoyang looked down at his belt and said with an embarrassed smile, It s working hours now, and I came directly from the police office.The security uniforms looked like the training uniforms of the special patrol brigade Almost, together with official police officers such as Feng Ju, Han Chaoyang, Miao Haizhu, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan, and Xiaokang, at first glance, it seemed that more than 60 policemen had arrived.It was majestic and magnificent, attracting many villagers to stop Onlookers.Liu s yard is not small, but it cannot accommodate so many people.Xu Hongliang simply asked the security guards to stay outside, Feng Ju and Han Chaoyang brought Wang Can and the accompanying TV reporters in first, and Miao Haizhu, Wu Wei and others helped move the condolences brought by the branch and the security company inside.Liu s father and Liu s mother knew that there were guests today, so they cleaned the house clean, and even boiled water and prepared tea.The phone number on the notebook, while dialing the number of the police of the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Changshan Branch of the Jiangzhong City Public Security Bureau, smiled confidently He and Luo Weixing are fellow villagers, and they ran Didi, even every three days.Run to Zhang Yuli to find out if Gan Jianren has been arrested, and he has all the conditions to assist Luo Weixing in absconding with money.Do you have his ID information Not yet.I suspect that he never lent money to Gan Jianren.The reason why he HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies at a pharmacy went to Zhang Yuli is probably to help Luo Weixing to find out the news.As he was speaking, the phone was dialed, and Han Chaoyang said quickly Team Yu, I, Han Chaoyang, Yandong Sub bureau, Yanyang City Public Security Bureau, are you outside or in the team, is it convenient to answer the phone In the team, just came back from outside, just tell me if you have anything to do.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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