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At the critical moment, Wang Weiyi was actually thinking about this question, no wonder Elena was stunned there.What the hell was this damned lieutenant thinking about Wang Weiyi smiled at her and picked up the MP18 in his hand The submachine gun, a shuttle of bullets swept over.The MP18, which was supposed to come out two years later, exploded with its huge power in an instant, hitting the British hiding behind the trees unable to look up for a while.What is this arms Elena was stunned by the instant burst of firepower from the MP18 despite its short size.The MP18 submachine gun uses the same Luger bullets you used.Wang Weiyi swept out another piece of bullets, and then asked Hey, you use a Luger pistol, and I use Luger bullets.Do you think we are a good match A blush flew across Elena s cheeks, but it returned to normal.

Sergeant Heinrich, do you recognize him the general asked suspiciously.Yes, Lieutenant Ernst Brahm of the third company.Elena replied with certainty It was he who killed the spy Andreas and wiped out a British squad.He There is also a nickname, can you take cbd gummies on airplane creator of the miracle of the Somme.Creator of the miracle of the Somme General Galwitz frowned.Ah, I remembered him.Colonel Rolle quickly called out The capture of G position killed a fully equipped British company with 20 men and captured G position.Galwitz The general suddenly saw some hope, and was basically able to judge that the information should be true.In fact, the moment Wang Weiyi s voice came from the other end of the phone, Elena was sure that it was Ernst Brahm s voice.It was so surprising.When Andreas was killed, Elena just thought that Ernst had better luck.

Colonel Roll answered the phone and calmed down his emotions Lieutenant, I am the staff officer keoni cbd gummies for ed Colonel Rolle, I have the deepest admiration for your bravery, but you can t retreat along the direction of Biash.Why According to our reconnaissance plane s reconnaissance, a large number of new enemies have been added in the direction of Biash The other end of the phone fell silent Wang Weiyi put down the walkie talkie and sat down silently.He doesn t blame Xiao Ling.Xiao Ling is just a computer.Although she has a certain amount of wisdom, all her judgments are based on data, and the situation on the battlefield how many cbd gummies in 3000 mg jar changes rapidly, which is not something a computer can handle at all.Maybe there is an error in the data, maybe because of the appearance of a person who does not belong to this time and space, the normal historical track has been disrupted, and a large number can you take cbd gummies on airplane of enemies have appeared in Biash, who knows Si Dao.

Damn, why can t I get myself into the tank After getting in touch with Xiaoling, Xiaoling told him clearly that he could, but the tanks sent by the base could only be entered by the Rambler, Guo Yunfeng didn t have this treatment Major John s Prince s Battalion defeated Lieutenant Colonel Carrington of the Welsh 19th Infantry Regiment was a little surprised when he are cbd thc gummies legal heard the news.Are there any Germans in this area Yes, Lieutenant Colonel.His adjutant, Captain Mason, nodded We have just received the news, and the specific battle situation is not very clear, but it is said that the Germans used tanks, which caused Major John heavy casualties.Tanks Lieutenant Colonel Carrington curled his lips in disdain.Tanks were the first to be used by the British.Although some initial results were achieved, the subsequent results were unsatisfactory.

Foroman repeated his words triumphantly He actually put A group of British prisoners were taken away, and one of them was a senior British officer.General Galwitz frowned, but then he said without hesitation Even if Ernst really did this, he must Has can you take cbd gummies on airplane his good reason 76.Tailor Hey, how many is this Sixth, we have already broken through six positions.Hey, hey, go on, go on The voices of the first assault team in the trench continued to ring out.Hearty breakthrough The officers and soldiers of the first assault team in the trench never thought that they could exert such great power.The continuous assault basically didn t take much effort.Under this lightning assault, the French army could not make effective resistance at all.The purpose of Wang Weiyi s assault was only to break through, break through, can you take cbd gummies on airplane and break through uninterruptedly.

Ernst, you have to be careful.I will.Wang Weiyi nodded thoughtfully.Some don t quite understand, why did William II send his two sons to sit in and supervise This has some meanings.William II saved the life of one of his sons by himself, but the other son colluded with Nicholas in an attempt to frame him.I m sorry, Ernst.Elena said suddenly I didn t see Nicholas conspiracy in time Don t feel guilty about it, Elena.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Even if you can find out, so what Standing behind Nicholas was Prince Joachim.This sentence made several of his friends silent.Yes, Prince Joachim was standing behind Nicholas At this time, the guard at the door came in There is a man named Ge Zell Schlaf s people ask to see.Gerzel Schlaf Manstein can you take cbd gummies on airplane frowned.Wang Weiyi had never heard of this name, and Manstein seemed to recognize it Gerzel Schlaf is a lawyer and a well known writer.

Crown Prince, Prince Shan The rain is coming and the wind is full.Now, in Berlin, all the people are ready, waiting for the decisive moment.Nicholas came to Berlin one step later than Wang Weiyi, but he heard it when he entered Berlin A piece of news that made him very unhappy Ernst Brahm had actually involved Military Intelligence in front of everyone.Damn He kept a low profile, but now he was disrupted by Ernst.Ernst was very smart and successful, and Nicholas began to have a premonition Ernst Brahm will be defeated this time., It may also be a situation where both sides suffer This ending is definitely not what Nicholas wants to see Prince Joachim is here.Foroman hurried in and whispered.Nicholas regained his composure, tidied his clothes and went out to meet him.Joachim s face looked very bad, even a little angry.

This was obviously blown up by shells from the German army when he was running away in embarrassment, and his injuries were not serious at all.I need a stretcher.Gustav s feet fell to the ground, and he cracked his mouth, as if to prove that his injury was really serious, and then pointed to Wang Weiyi and Manstein They are the bicycle brigade can you take cbd gummies on airplane pure kana cbd gummies near me Yes, they helped me break through the German siege.Lieutenant, sergeant, thank you for fighting with the colonel.The French sergeant said flatteringly.The stretcher came quickly, and the French soldiers assisted Gustav onto the stretcher, but the colonel was too heavy, and the stretcher seemed to can you take cbd gummies on airplane be unable to bear his weight.Until this time, Gustav s heart was relieved Lieutenant Moyol, Sergeant Yunal, you come with me, I have to thank you very 50 count high dose cbd gummies much, please have a drinkAh, send me to General El Raffarin, I have important information to report to the General The stretcher set off, and Wang Weiyi and Manstein followed behind pushing their bicycles.

Mr.Simond, it is also my honor to have you here.Raffarin s eyes finally left the bottle of wine reluctantly.However, Wang Weiyi soon discovered that the fat on Simond Jean s face twitched when he saw the bottle of Mulantan There was only a short twitch, and he quickly recovered his calm Ha, general, Mu Lantan of twenty years, this is really a good bottle of wine.Yes, Simond, you have a good eye, and it was given to me by Lieutenant Moyol. Lieutenant Moyol Watts eyes fell on Wang Weiyi The lieutenant is really amazing.As far as I know, there are only three bottles of such Mulantan in Lance, and I also know where they are General, I don t think your clothes match you.Seeing that Watts was about to say something, Wang Weiyi hurriedly interrupted him first.General Raffarin handed the wine to his subordinates Yes, very unworthy.

Kuglala doesn t recognize them either.The person who recognizes them is Sidney Reilly.Kugla couldn t help trembling You found another wife and lived well in the United States, why did you take the risk of coming back Wang Weiyi stared at the super spy in front of him I think there must be something you can t let go of in Germany and Russia, which made you take the risk to come back.As for why you went to the Berlin Gambling Club Maybe you haven t participated in this cbd oil sour relax gummies shop online kind of activity for a long time, and your hands are itchy again The psychology of a gambler is really hard to understand Kuglara shook his head I m not Sidney Riley, no.I ve never even heard the name.Wang Weiyi smiled Of course you don t have to admit it, but I know that the intelligence agencies of Japan, Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom are looking for you everywhere.

Come in with me.Obviously, William II had important information to discuss with these marshals and generals.When he turned around, he hesitated Baron Alexon, come in too.A small lieutenant colonel actually walked in behind the emperor, marshals, and generals In the spacious office, Prince Joachim and Nicholas were also there.The faces of several people They all looked very serious, as if something big was about to happen.Nicholas, talk to the generals.William II stopped smiling and said.Yes, Your Majesty.Nicolas nodded respectfully According to our intelligence analysis, the possibility of Mexico participating in the war is not very high Upon hearing this, Wang Weiyi sighed in his heart, what should come is still coming Yes, Germany is still preparing to encourage Mexico to declare war on the United States.

Thinking of that endless spring night, Wang Weiyi s heart beat faster.Neither of them spoke, they just watched silently, occasionally taking a sip of the wine in the glass.So many days, from the front line to Berlin, from Reims to Russia, from Danzig to Paris, they have experienced too much together, and everything is already spoken.Wang Weiyi put down the wine glass in his hand, and hugged Elena s shoulders I could feel that Elena s body trembled, and the wine glass in his hand fell to the ground But Everything doesn t hinder anything Wang Weiyi s lips slowly moved closer to Elena, and Elena closed her eyes It happened suddenly, but it was also logical.Emotions mature on the battlefield, and this night in Paris was nothing more than a catalyst for their relationship.They kissed each other unrestrainedly, forgetting everything around them.

He told De Sade very clearly that all the police officers involved in his operation, even the secret police and intelligence personnel, had been directly ordered by Director Telaus to be mobilized to the Mars Square to quell the Russian riots.No, Chief, you can t do this, what we re arresting Shut up, De Sade You ve already failed once in Lance, and I won t tolerate you abusing our power a second time, go Satisfy some of your personal grievances Ernst is nothing special, he is just an ordinary officer among countless officers After speaking, he hung up the phone heavily, and Major De Sade sat down on a chair in a daze , He still hasn t figured out what s going on.Compared with those s o Russians, isn t it Ernst Is Bram more important Major Second Lieutenant Simao hurried in Our people have all been transferred to the Mars Square.

It s really a very romantic thing to take a vacation in the enemy s capital.I look forward to your return visit to Berlin.This sentence deeply hurt De Sard Major De s heart.He suddenly tore the letter into pieces, and then threw it into the sky frantically Ernst.Bram Baron Skeleton I swear I won t let you go 209.Soaring Wings vacation is over.Welcome to reading It was a good time for all.When Elena spent a thrilling and romantic vacation with Paris, another red baron, Baron Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen, spent all his vacation time on Banquets and hunting.But when the holidays were over, Richthofen was the first to return to the front.On June 24, 1917, he was appointed commander of the newly established First Wing of the Air Force.Belonging to the Red The baron s brilliant air combat career will open a new chapter.

In order to ensure the smooth attack, I will hand over the 62nd Infantry Regiment to you for unified command.Colonel , you have to know that I can t provide you with more German soldiers.But even though there is a huge gap in pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane strength compared to the enemy, I still hope that you can complete the mission with excellence Don t worry, General Wang Weiyi firmly He replied to the general Even if there are 10 enemy divisions on the opposite side of me, I will drive them out can you take cbd gummies on airplane of Tolmezzo without hesitation Very good, Colonel General von Bello said to Ernst.Colonel Blem was very satisfied with his answer After capturing Tolmezzo, you have the greatest autonomy and can make your own judgments based on the development of the battle Understood, General Wang Weiyi said loudly Maybe We can cross the Isonzo River and go to Udine for a happy performance.

The Germans are retreating, and they won t have the energy to do anything.But no matter what kind of speculation, what Laurent must face now is a strong counterattack from the German army.As the battle progressed, Laurent began to realize the fact that there were too many counterattacks against the German army.A large number of German troops appeared on the battlefield, launching a flood like attack on the British positions.Terrible offense.German reinforcements have arrived General Laurent finally figured this out.Now, he had to make a choice either continue to hold on here, or retreat immediately.There is no doubt that General Bivorge is inclined to the former.But he forgot that Laurent was a rigid Englishman, and he was quite devoted to his duties.Once an order is received, it must be completed without compromise.

The enemy has been defeated and is continuing to flee to Feixinan.According to our judgment, they Tomorrow afternoon, we will pass Feixinan, and we will go further to S riere to break through.Our department has suffered heavy losses and will have to return to replenish Madst Smith.Okay, Colonel.The German telegraph operator said relaxedly.Wang Weiyi nodded in satisfaction, and only then did he think of Smith Commander Smith, I have to thank you.Originally, in my plan, our breakout would be much more difficult, but with your assistance, I think this will change.Take it easy.The gunshots gradually subsided, most of the American soldiers were killed and captured, and only a small number of them escaped.Take off his clothes.Wang Weiyi compared his height with Smith We are about the same size.I am very lucky to be an American general.

The machine guns on the battlefield fell silent all of a sudden The Japanese army, which was suppressed to death, began to slowly raise their heads.After making sure that the Chinese machine guns were no longer firing, they quietly got up from the ground and resumed their previous combat posture.The bomb throwing team Wang Weiyi shouted Throw the bomb The bomb throwing team commanded by Long Yin quickly rushed to the position, throwing out a row of grenades.Now, aim at the target and prepare to kill Guo Yunfeng, who had been lazily, He suddenly picked up his rifle, and with a click , the bullet was loaded Once he raised his gun, Guo Yunfeng seemed to be a completely different person, so engrossed and single minded.The thrown grenades made continuous explosions, and the position was once again filled with explosions and gunpowder smoke.

La, one is Hannah.Sean.They are also proficient in Japanese, I don t think it s such a coincidence, right Damn it, it s such a coincidence.Wang Weiyi cursed in his heart.It seems that Kobayakawa Hongyi regarded his Elena as a German intelligence officer.Wang Weiyi said lightly I still don t understand, Mr.Dazuo.You are Claire Nicholas, and you Kobayakawa Koi pointed at Elena You are Hannah Sean Elena shrugged.Kobayakawa Hongyi showed a victorious smile on his face I guessed right, you are the pair of German agents.ah.But don t worry, I won t embarrass you, after all, Japan and Germany cooperate closely in many intelligence work.Tell me, what information do you want to get in Shanghai Maybe I can help you guys.I want to find out how long the national government can last under the attack of Japan Wang Weiyi simply satisfied the opponent s joy as a winner This is related to Germany s defense of the national government.

Wang Weiyi smiled slightly.When he came out this time, he can you take cbd gummies on airplane picked out some gold ornaments from the treasures of the tsar, took out a thick and long gold necklace from his pocket, and handed it to the old bustard I forgot to bring the money.Is this okay The old bustard took the gold necklace suspiciously, put it under the light to look at it for a long time, then smiled, and said in Shanghai dialect with a strong Ningbo taste Oh, Mr.Nong you is so generous.This pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane is the first time Ala I saw it.Foreigners come here Smiling, he listened to the madam flattering himself.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly I want four girls, and give me a private room, preferably by the back door.I have a few friends coming, and I don t feel like a treat.OK.OK The old bustard couldn t close his eyes with a smile.He hurriedly brought these distinguished guests to a private room next to the back door, and invited them in respectfully.

And I set up the headquarters in the original headquarters of the 3rd regiment.Just after the arrangement was made, Xue Yue s call arrived, connected, and immediately asked, Wang Weiyi, why haven t you contacted me until now Report to the commander, I have been busy making arrangements.Answer the phone.Report, I can t answer.Why Killed by me What Xue can you take cbd gummies on airplane Yue s voice on the other end of the phone raised his voice Wang Weiyi, pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane you actually killed Qin Hebiao You want to rebel Wang Weiyi was not panicked at all Report to the commander, Qin Hebiao, the colonel of the 3rd regiment, and Meng Konghua, the Changshu security commander, conspired with the enemy., so I acted in advance, the commander, if I don t kill them, I m afraid they will instigate the 3rd regiment and the security team to mutiny., If you can you take cbd gummies on airplane lose Changshu, I will ask you with your head The 26th Army is standing firm on the east bank of Kuncheng Lake and the Xiangcheng Town Line, and you must give them support at any time.

Mr.Sloan heard Tommy s constant yes, yes, yes to the phone, can you take cbd gummies on airplane and seemed very humble.After a while, Tommy put down the phone and walked to In front of Mr.Sloan, there was infinite surprise Mr.Sloan, can you believe it, the call came from the Wittgenstein estate, and it was the butler Prossy who called himself.They need a wooden stand for an antique grandfather clock, in the Persian style Aha, that s a big deal.Sloan seemed excited I always heard how mysterious and rich the Wittgenstein pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane Manor is, but only the upper class can go there.Come to think of it, I have a persian style wooden frame tommy, did they talk about the price No, Mr.Sloane, they just said let s send it over. Oh, yes, yes, you can t talk too much about the price with these rich people.Tommy, when do they want it Before five o clock in the afternoon.

On the next afternoon, at the appointed time, Tang Naian brought the driver Xiaoshandong who specially drove for the French Consulate and a car with the French Consulate brand to him.In front of Wang Weiyi.Thank you, Little Shandong, right Wang Weiyi stretched out HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies on airplane his hand towards him.Ah, it s okay, it s okay.Xiaoshandong quickly stretched out his hand and said in a strong dialect I ve long since disliked those French people, and I don t want to do it for a long time.Where are you going I m going Go to ch ngq ng, there might be a chance.Wang Weiyi asked Guo Yunfeng to bring two foreign letters Brother, this is interesting, you accept it.I can t take it, I can t take it, Mr.Tang has already given it to me.Xiaoshan Shandong He waved his hands repeatedly and said.What Mr.Tang gave you is from Mr.

The skeleton team commanded by Wang Weiyi won the first battle without any suspense, and won a hearty battle.Subsequently, with the arrival of a large number of Chinese soldiers reinforcements, the battle evacuation here came journeyman cbd gummies cbd 750mg gummies to an end.The result of the battle is not how many Japanese troops have been wiped out, but cannons All the artillery of the 3rd Artillery Brigade of the 19th Mountain Artillery Wing of the Japanese Army HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies on airplane fell into Wang Weiyi s hands 12 75mm mountain guns Get rich Cannons are always the most scarce in the troops commanded by Wang Weiyi.He has been thinking about getting some cannons, but he has never thought of a particularly good solution.What Qiao Zhihe, Gustav, and Hermione sent him were all guns, ammunition, mortars, etc.The gate couldn t help him get them, but now, this problem has been solved 12 cannons This is truly a windfall Zhou Wenhao, come here Wang Weiyi directly called Zhou Wenhao to his side Now, immediately, get all these cannons back to me, if one is missing, I will shoot you Yes Zhou Wenhao turned around, He muttered The local rich man.

That is to say, now Four divisions of the Soviets have gathered around us We are completely surrounded Ludwig did not panic at all, but best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress journeyman cbd gummies laughed Colonel Reiter, this is really good news.Russia People actually used four divisions to deal with us, hey, we are the invincible skeleton division Reiter shrugged, he did not dare to be so optimistic as the general.around yourself.But there are 4 full divisions of the Soviets However, there is another piece of really good news.Reiter pulled himself together The Second Panzer Corps of the SS plans to organize a rescue operation code named Goddess of Denolanders.The armored units of the army can break through the defense lines of the Belarusian Front and the 91st Army of the Leningrad Front.What is our task As the vanguard of the besieged troops, tear a hole in the Soviet encirclement Who is it This plan What nonsense Ludwig suddenly became furious We are surrounded by 4 Russian divisions We are surrounded, how can we break through Huh can you take cbd gummies on airplane Who can tell me how to act as the vanguard Reiter shrugged, and he couldn t answer the general s question.

He sat softly on the ground, still holding the telegram tightly in his hand, for fear of being snatched away.His tears fell drop by drop, even though he had already vowed not to cry anymore He came back General, General, you are back Hitler s feelings were on the verge of collapse, and he let his tears sway You didn t abandon me.You have not abandoned Germany, you are back He repeated these words over and over again That telegram was completely soaked in tears Suddenly, he I thought of something.I wiped away my tears, stood up abruptly, and then roared loudly Come in, all come in When his generals reappeared in front of him.Hitler actually roared there Hell, General Ernst is in the Skeleton Division I order.All troops into the attack, attack Rip a hole in the damn Russian siege Even if all our soldiers in Russia are dead, save the baron for me F hrer, please calm down.

But now best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress journeyman cbd gummies Anyone who does that now will be considered a fool.When they see the enemy s wounded soldiers, they will not hesitate to take another shot, otherwise, you may be the one who will die in the next second.Therefore, like Ernst Brahm, helping the wounded headed by Lieutenant Colonel Rosen to return to their positions has long become a legend.Cruel Maybe, but this is the cruelest law on the battlefield in this era you or me, only one can survive But no matter what, the Skeleton Master successfully defended his position and was about to break out.Each of them is fighting bravely, inspired by Ernst Brehm They will always remember one creed that will never change they must live up to the name of the skeleton Three hundred and ninety five.Glorious Battle January 5, 1942.The German officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division are ready.

The German soldiers rushed up quickly, and within a distance of 300 meters, all their firepower was fully fired, suppressing the Soviet army.Under the guidance of the blood red skeleton battle flag, the second level commando of the van der Wegney battle group was the first to rush into the Soviet position.They fought desperately with the Soviet army in every inch of the position.They shot the Soviet army with submachine guns and stabbed the Soviet army with assassination.Slammed into the enemy in front of him.The German army is completely crazy Lieutenant can you take cbd gummies on airplane Blank and his commandos.Forgetting the pain caused can you take cbd gummies on airplane by wounds and the fear caused by death, they must abide by their most glorious belief they must live up HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies on airplane to the name of the skeleton The Brank commando had already rushed up, and a large number of German officers and soldiers of the Vandeweeny battle group also rushed to the enemy s position frantically under the cover of tanks Wang Weiyi put down the binoculars Send electricity to the Supreme Command.

The wounded go first Stick to the existing position, cover and break through The wounded go first The wounded go first Go first The order was conveyed in the shortest possible time.The Skeleton Division is divided into three groups.While Combat Group Ernst was tasked with consolidating existing positions, Combat Group Vandeveeny maintained a sustained attack posture.The Ludwig battle group quickly began to cover the wounded and retreat to the brother troops who rushed to Radev one after another.Although a small gap had been opened, Wang Weiyi knew that the breakout battle was just the beginning, and soon the Soviet army s most violent counterattack would come.General, General Ernst Ludwig, who commanded the battle group, rushed up We have received a telegram from the Supreme Command, covering you aries essentials cbd gummies review to highlight the encirclement first and complete the confluence with the Manstein can you take cbd gummies on airplane Don Army Marshal Luke s Army Group B will be responsible for the what does cbd gummies good for can you take cbd gummies on airplane cover General, I will transfer the 5th Panzergrenadier Regiment to cover you Ludwig, please return to your post Wang Weiyi said coldly The highest return call High Command, Ernst Brahm will never abandon his troops and run for cbd day and night gummies his life.

Instead, it will only strengthen the French s determination to resist He turned to him are cbd gummies legal in ohio My friends looked at best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress journeyman cbd gummies it At the beginning of the occupation of Paris, you did a good job.The military discipline was strict, and the officers behaved politely, which calmed the mood of the Parisians to the greatest extent.The girl s favor, ah, this place is too suitable for Manfred to go This immediately what does cbd gummies good for can you take cbd gummies on airplane aroused laughter, and the tense and goldtop cbd gummies reviews serious atmosphere was also diluted a lot.Wang Weiyi also laughed, but he immediately put away his smile But the situation changed a bit later.Due to the continuous attacks of those resistance organizations, we caused a lot of casualties.Some of our officers were furious and vented their anger on On the ordinary French people.What is this for Drive them to pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane the opposite of our enemies There are fewer and fewer people who support us, and more and more people who oppose us In the long run, we will all be driven journeyman cbd gummies cbd 750mg gummies out Yes, General, I immediately order all German troops in France to enforce strict military discipline Hitler said immediately.

Four hundred and twenty one.Readjustment There are also some captured guerrillas and members of the resistance organization.Wang Weiyi pondered for a while Identify them separately.For those ordinary members who did not hold important positions in the resistance organization, let their families take them back. Take it back Several people cried out at the same time.Take it back Wang Weiyi replied very firmly Don t be afraid of the threat of these people, they are nothing special.By attacking, some of us may be killed, but we can t shake our roots.And when they are captured, they are released again.Most people will have some thoughts in their minds.The most important point is to control their families and cut off the connection between the released people and their organizations, so that they can faintly feel in their hearts that we are not as terrible as their leaders say.

As for what does cbd gummies good for can you take cbd gummies on airplane the z y u French movement I don t think a best cbd gummies dosage person who has been a prisoner is qualified to lead it Boom , a piece of laughter came from the mouth of the Germans.The baron was mocking de Gaulle for being a prisoner of the Germans.Prime Minister P tain is the hero of can you take cbd gummies on airplane France, and de Gaulle is just a former prisoner.Wang Weiyisi didn t even smile Is it better for a country to be led by a hero, or a shameful loser I think on this point , all the French people don t need my advice.The only thing that makes me wonder is, isn t everyone in the z y u French movement aware of this We are willing to negotiate with all resistance movements to listen to their demands, but there are two points , number one, I will not face a past captive number two, this must be done when the violent movement ceases.

They once wanted to confiscate our property.Later we found out General Ovitz of the Gestapo, who was only a colonel can you take cbd gummies on airplane at the time, we told him that we knew you, and that we still had your shares in our winery and company.Although he didn t quite believe it, he still stopped the actions of the French government.Pipondu shook the wine glass in his hand German officials, Gestapo, and French police always find various excuses to come to my winery, and then take away a lot of good wine.Baron, that s terrible They are all really good wines This will not happen again in the future.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, I will secretly order that no one will infringe on your interests again.Don t forget, I also have Shares, your loss is my loss.Will and Pipondu laughed.As long as the baron came back, all problems would be solved.

T34 rushed forward regardless of their lives.What awaited them were bombed vehicles one after another.The Soviet soldiers rushed forward regardless of their lives.What awaited them was one death after another It s the gaping mouth of hell ahead, the place where their lives end Blood is flying The charging path was almost completely blocked by corpses.What kind of terrifying scene was this 5th Infantry Division.and the 4th Tank Brigade are the two elite units of the Soviet Army.Most of its members are composed of experienced veterans, but such power is wasted here in vain The time was completely hopeless, with no possibility of a successful breakout at 3 30.The Soviet army that broke through the encirclement has been almost wiped out, and the German soldiers were also exhausted.The hands of the machine gunners were shaking, God knows how many bullets they fired.

This is a great rarity.The occupying army actually wants to compensate the people in the occupied area for their losses Wang Weiyi confirmed that what they heard was not wrong.On the same day, the tweeters and the radio broadcast the speech of Marshal Ernst Brehm We are here for the German nationals who were massacred in Turkey.We are seeking justice and morality.Comewe are protectors, not aggressors We are fighters for freedom and justice, we are not demons who despise all lifeOur target .

how long cbd gummy last?

is not ordinary Turks, but the one who caused all the massacres in AnkaraOurs The goal is not to enslave Turkey, but to give Turkey real democracy and freedom This speech clearly gave the Turks a message Germany is to overthrow Inonu s tyrant, in the name of democracy and freedom What makes the Turks even more curious and even kind is that Marshal Ernst Brehm first re delivered his speech in German, and then himself in Turkish.

It seems that Ankara is difficult to defend without the support of external forces Major Herbert.Wang Weiyi thought for a while You are responsible for telling me about the situation in Ankara in time.It must include the morale of Ankara, and the reinforcements of the enemy s allies.Also, responsible for meeting the Myristel team I think you should also pay attention to your own safety.The spies in Ankara are almost the same as each other I understand that we are also maintaining the peaceful environment you mentioned, but once our army launches an attack on Ankara, this situation may change.Yes, Marshal, I will do as you ordered now.Wang Weiyi nodded in satisfaction.Looking out the window, Guo Yunfeng and Klingenberg were discussing something there.They are the two calmest of his subordinates, even if the Turks appear now, they will not panic, Wang Weiyi is sure of this.

The opportunity to get closer to Xiaoling came, and Wang Weiyi said cautiously Look, Xiaoling, if we are going to discover these treasures, we must need helpers, such as Sidao and Elena Xiaoling Ling immediately guessed his thoughts They can also be our most qualified assistants now.But let them restore their memories, it will be more It makes them even stronger.Wang Weiyi will never give up just like this.Now he gradually finds that it seems difficult for Guo Yunfeng and Elena to recover their memories just by himself We have been here for lemon cbd gummy such a long time, and we are all good friends, Xiaoling, you Tell me honestly, is there a way to restore their memory completely Xiao Ling was silent for a long time It didn t happen in the past, but with the continuous discovery of the y element, I seem to be able to find some solutions in it, but it will take time, and it may be a very long time.

The speed of the movement is unimaginable.In Egypt, there is an even more unimaginable situation the fanaticism for leaders.Or, to be more precise, a kind of religious fanaticism.The pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane Ahmed family that Canlemu belongs to is cbd gummies by live green hemp reviews the largest, most powerful, and most respected family in Egypt.When Canlemu issued an order calling for an uprising throughout Egypt, the whole of Egypt was completely boiled.Not only by telegram, but also in other ways Just as Elena promised, Baron Andrew has already made all preparations.The radio, the tweeter, and General Canlemu s statement came out almost instantly, which shocked the British to the extreme.The radio station is completely controlled by the British, but how did the rebels do it What is even more shocking is the rebellion of General Canlemu.Although the British had taken some precautions before, they still did not expect Canlemu s mutiny to come so quickly and suddenly.

It is difficult for the 4th Hussars to stop such a large and crazy attack While the casualties of the Italian Rito Aio Division are increasing every minute, the casualties of the British 4th Hussars are also increasing.increased sharply.Faced with can you take cbd gummies on airplane pure kana cbd gummies near me such a situation, Montgomery also tried to invest in the 1st Battalion of the 6th Rajputana Rifle Regiment and the 3rd Battalion of the 7th Rajput Regiment for reinforcements, but they were all repulsed by the German troops who were in full swing.Now Montgomery and Rommel must race against time to see who can first defeat the encircled enemy and draw strength.In order to encourage the determination of the Italians to stick to the end, Rommel used some tricks.He kept using telegrams to tell the Italians in the encirclement that the German army had opened a gap somewhere and the German army was approaching.

So Lawson Heaton disappeared into the rainy night along a swollen creek.In the morning of the next day, after receiving the report of Lawson Heaton s absconding, Major Vatel turned pale with fright, and all the joy of the past few days was swept away.Because he knew in his heart that if Lawson Heaton was allowed to run back to London, then his masterpiece Operation Predator would come to an end.Major Vatel immediately commanded the guards to conduct a search around the prison.But because the heavy rain washed away all traces, even the police dogs couldn t find the target, and the search and arrest operation found nothing.There is a small railway station 3 kilometers away from the prison.Major Vatel checked the train timetable of the train station and found that there was a train passing here at about three o clock in the morning every day, so Major Vatel confidently concluded that, Lawson Heaton must have left Harlan by car.

In the same year, he was employed by the British Balloon Army Factory as a designer and test pilot.In 1912, the be 2 biplane he designed set a record of flying altitude of 3960 meters.During the First World War, de Havilland developed the dh 2 and dh 4 fighter jets, which were widely used in the war.The U.S.government ordered 5,000 dh 4s as postal and passenger aircraft.The advent of World War II is Germany.Haviland provided a rare opportunity to fully demonstrate his personal talents.His most famous work during World War II was the Mosquito bomber known as the Miracle of Wood.Almighty player , undertook various tasks can you take cbd gummies on airplane such as reconnaissance, night air combat and tactical bombing during the war.He went deep into the enemy s territory many times and made outstanding achievements.carriage , the outcome of the Second World War may have been different.

by Fred.Commanded by Major General Martin, under the command of the 18th Bomber Wing and the 14th Destroyer Wing, with Hickam Field and Wheeler Field as the main bases respectively, there are 32 B 18 bombers and 12 B 17 bombers , 12 A 20 bombers, 99 P 40 fighters, 39 P 36 fighters, and 14 P 26 fighters.The Naval Air Force is mainly based at Kanuhei and Ford Island airports, with a total of 71 PBY Catalina water anti submarine patrol aircraft and 14 OS2U Fish Dog ship based observation aircraft.The Marine Corps Air Force is based at Iva Airport and has a total of 11 f4f Wildcat fighter jets, 24 sbd dreadnought torpedo planes and 8 sb2u torpedo planes.In April 1941, the U.S.Army and Navy in Hawaii can you take cbd gummies on airplane reached an air defense agreement after consultations.Long range air security is undertaken by the Navy, and short range air defense what does cbd gummies good for can you take cbd gummies on airplane is undertaken by the Army.

But this is the thinking of the Soviet Army They always believed that the bravery and fearless sacrifice spirit of officers could completely inspire the patriotism and combat courage of the soldiers.Casualties They never I didn t even think about it.As long as I can win, it doesn t matter even if everyone is dead.Another row of Russians fell, but before the Germans on the battlefield had time to catch their breath, a new layer of Russians fell again.Charged up again.Can t finish killing, can t stop hitting The German machine gunner s hand is soft the German sniper s eyes are becoming sore Swelling These Russians really crazy They began to wonder if the Russians never knew what death was, never knew what pain was they even began to wonder.The Russians have no soul at all, they are just being dragged forward mechanically by a powerful wizard Paul Hauser and Ludwig also watched and shook their heads.

What about yourself What kind of choice should I make Just as Timilenko was deep in thought, Anna suddenly said Yesterday, Tayeshava was arrested What General Sotsky s wife, Tayesawa Yes Anna nodded It is said that the charge is for providing information to our enemies.Absurd, it is simply too absurd.Dimilenko looked very angry I recognize Tayesawa, that is a person who doesn t even know how to go to Moscow, how could she have any contact with the Germans And Tasotsky and Linde Rove is different, he gave his life for what he believed in It s true, my dear husband.Anna s eyes showed sadness Tayesawa is from me I tried everything I could to defend her, but it was of no use Now, we have no idea where she is, and even their three children are missingDimilenko, venus cbd gummies when will it be our turn to encounter such an encounter Dimilenko couldn t help shivering Yes, when will such an encounter be my turn Timilenko knows all too well what happens when he loses power, having spent time in a labor camp himself.

Surrounding it is the turbulent and majestic sea, which may be submerged anytime and best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress journeyman cbd gummies anywhere.And what Wang Weiyi has to do is to do his best to keep this isolated island safe until the moment when the Ernst Miracle happens Soldier.But it didn t cause any panic.They quickly invested in the construction of the position.They are on the offensive, and they are about to stage an excellent defensive battle here.Manstein, Guderian, and Rommel are the best offensive masters in the German army, and Model is the best defensive master.And what about Ernst Brahm He demonstrated his excellent defensive abilities at Montfaucon in World War I.Showed his excellent offensive ability in Demyansk or Kharkov.But it was the first time for Wang Weiyi to conduct such a large defensive operation on the Terek River.

Those German recruits who stepped into the battlefield before the outbreak of the Battle of Stalingrad have long since become veterans as one war after another.When facing the cruelest battlefield for the first time, the bloody scenes made them want to vomit.But now they have seen too much death and blood, and they have become insensitive.No matter how many enemies fell under their own guns, it is just a matter of habit for them War is enough to turn even the kindest person into a demon.The most tragic is probably the 81st Panzer Army.These tank soldiers who lost most of their tanks had to use themselves as infantry when attacking.They didn t even have a submachine gun.Armed with rifles, they stepped into the cemetery of death without hesitation.They greeted the baptism of German bullets, screaming hoarsely, and then they would see a stream of blood rushing out of their bodies This is a helpless war The Ike battle group and the Guo Yunfeng battle group blocked the Russian assault, and Wang Weiyi was by their side.

The artillery is fighting, the tanks are fighting, the soldiers are fighting The beating muzzles vent the emotions of the soldiers.If they don t rely on this way to excrete, they swear they will go crazy.You can t ask cbd gummies for ringing in the ears them for more.They ve done all they can Fight Soldiers As the Soviet offensive became more violent each time, the frontline positions of the German assault groups were in danger.Those who have no regard for life and death.The Russians, who repeatedly charged their positions regardless of casualties, finally saw some hope of success.We have killed countless Russians, but the Russian attack is too crazy.Seeing Marshal Ernst appearing on the battlefield again, General Ike hurriedly reported Marshal, look, the Russians Divide the direct troops into three echelons, and attack in waves.

It seems to be telling their sorrow and helplessness there.They shed their last drop of blood, but the exchange was indeed still a failure.The can you take cbd gummies on airplane German attack was fierce, but they were not in a hurry, since they had already grasped the victory in their hands.Why continue to take too many casualties Khachiko begged Marshal Budyonny again and again to add some regular troops to himself.He didn t want to take the lives of those common people to die in vain.The 11 workers brigades and a large number of women s battalions and youth regiments suffered unbearably heavy casualties under the crazy bombing attacks of the Germans.After constant pleading, Budyonny finally sent his 129th Infantry Division, commanded by Major General Chalkinsky, to reinforce the front line.Although the reinforcement strength of an infantry division is no different from a drop in the bucket, at least it has given Kachiko some confidence But he absolutely could not have imagined that this was the beginning of his nightmare An hour after the 129th Infantry Division arrived on the battlefield, an unexpected visitor came to Chalkinsky s headquarters General Volwork I am under the order of Marshal Timoshenko.

The offensive of the Russian Free Army has been difficult to stop.At this time, the German army finally showed its ferocious fangs and joined the ranks of the offensive.All Soviet positions have become precarious, and there is a danger of being breached anytime, anywhere The endless bombing has completely turned the positions that have been built with painstaking efforts into ruins.A large number of Soviet soldiers are suffering huge sacrifices every minute and every second, but at this time Marshal Budyonny has no soldiers to send to the position.On July 7, the German Army and the Russian just cbd gummies bunnies Free Army completed the breakthrough of the main positions, and more than 35,000 Soviet troops were killed.Surrender incidents became more frequent, this time not only because of Marshal Timoshenko s call, this time they took the initiative to ask for surrender.

The former Soviet Union had a military force that was so powerful that the United States could not sleep peacefully., the entire country was crazily and thoroughly looted by external forces.This is the first time in human history.The best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress journeyman cbd gummies Soviet Union was completely defeated by the financial war The huge destructive power shown by the financial war is no less than the loss of the Soviet Union in the entire Great Patriotic War.But what makes people crazy is that 27.5 trillion US dollars of terrorist wealth mysteriously disappeared in the Soviet Union Xiaoling paused for a moment and said The winter of 1991 was extremely harsh for the Russian people , the Russian economy has already suffered severe blood loss.After the wealth meat grinder launched by the international financiers hyperinflation, the life savings of a large number of mainstream people in the former Soviet Union were wiped out overnight.

I am not wavering Vasilevsky was very sure that his troops never wavered in his beliefs.He listened carefully to what Malinovsky said I don t know what went wrong.But I firmly believe that serious problems have already occurred within us.The strength of the enemy and our own contradictions have caused the current situation.It is even more tragic can you take cbd gummies on airplane that we have carried out a terrible purge even when the enemy has already attacked Moscow, I cbd thc gummies texas just can t understand it Speaking of this, he went on for a long time I was silent, and then I spoke again Comrade Marshal, HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies on airplane I hope Comrade Stalin can hear these words of mine, but please believe me no matter what, I will never betray my cause, and I will fight as a true brave man should.Die as it appears Farewell, Comrade Marshal Vasilevsky.Farewell, Comrade Malinovsky The phone was hung up.

There best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress journeyman cbd gummies is not much time for the expedition.Nelia fell ill, and no medicines worked, and she was getting weaker and weaker.It wasn t until this time that Caesar had some regrets.Maybe he had really offended the gods But fortunately, it was when Caesar was most can you take cbd gummies on airplane helpless.Ernst showed up with the miracle drug, although it was not yet certain whether the drug would work.But at least it gave Caesar hope.Thinking about it, Caesar gradually fell asleep At this time, Nelia, who was sleeping, gradually entered a dream Many years ago fifteen thousand brave top cbd gummy brands 2021 Germans crossed the Rhine.All the Gauls rose against them.Opposite them camped in great numbers.In Macedonia, They defeated the Gauls who were ten times their size.The leader of these Germans was the great Ariovistus Ariovistus led them to one victory after can you take cbd gummies on airplane another, so that the Gauls The children of the world dare not cry when they hear his name However, the Immortal God did not do cbd gummies help pain allow his glory to be maintained, and later he met a stronger opponent Caesar of Rome.

Then, he saw that Leonie was holding a bloody dagger in her hand.The baroness was trembling, this was her first murder Butler Videlio and Butler Depsey, who was also pale, glanced at each other, and they were both a little embarrassed.If it wasn t for the baroness, I m afraid these two men would die here today.Good job, Leonie.At this moment, Elena, who finally dealt with the Roman soldier, came over and took the dagger from the Baroness s hand At least, you look like Ernst s woman now..Leoni thought for a moment, and then a faint smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.Seven hundred and thirty six.The Roman slaves Night of the Barbarians , also known as The Night of Roman Sorrow , while the Germans called it The Night of the Rise of Germany.On this night, the Romans were actually able to calm down a bit and were able to fight and even repel the attack of the Germans.

To destroy those pirates and Mithradates VI who refused to submit to us, that man is my lifelong benefactor, he is Manilius. Today, I also brought a young man, who is the benefactor in my life, Cuarius, the son of Manilius.Allow me to introduce him to you, the best young man I have ever met This sudden praise hit the young Cuarius like an electric current.Even though he had trained his nerves to be as strong as steel since childhood, he became a little confused at this moment.The two consuls had already prepared each took him by the hand, and sent him to Pompey on the podium.Pompey looked at his adopted son lovingly, and continued his affectionate speech You have given high honor to Manilius, the father of Cuarius, because he was generous and kind, and made immortal feats for Rome.When the sad news came that he had died in the line of duty, my heart was pained as if a piece of flesh had been gouged out, not only because I had lost a friend, but also because Rome had lost someone who could lead her forward in the future Proud son of yours When the body of the most eminent Roman citizen was buried in the Campus de Mars, I was so relieved by your grief and love for him that I even temporarily forgot the feeling of pain.

The Tenth Legion responded like a tsunami The grandson of the winner of eleven battles Yakulius, as brave as his father The future commander of the Roman army From the beginning to the end, Pompey never showed a slight smile that he usually wears, and he still has such a can you take cbd gummies on airplane face at this moment.Do you believe in the vision of a veteran Without waiting for the soldiers to answer, he continued I m not bragging, sex blog cbd gummies this young man is better at commanding and fighting than I am then.Pompeo smiled for the first time today Besides, he has a good heart and is not as picky as I am There was a burst of laughter from the Tenth Legion.Immediately, these arrogant soldiers stopped walking at the same time without hearing a single collision sound, and the six thousand right arms were as neat as a single human arm.

Heilmann smiled, Ah, the Romans are just the opposite of our Germans, where the woman picks the man if can you take cbd gummies on airplane a woman doesn t have a rich Dowry, men with status are generally unwilling to marry her.As he spoke, he can you take cbd gummies on airplane glanced at Ya Yi an and Tenadus.Ya Yi an and Tenadus are here, you can ask them.Ya Yi an nodded groggyly, the toasts just now made him a little drunk, Uh, the Romans are a little strange, uh, I have never understood their custom.Like Yayi an, the Greeks also couldn t stand the Germans drinking.They quietly picked up a bowl of barley porridge, but Edler, who turned his head to look at him, caught him right away.Guest from Greece, what are you doing Are you drinking this Hold up the wine glass, how can a man not drink at a German banquet Centumalus attendant put down the porridge bowl with a high tech cbd gummies review wry smile, and another round of wine competition began Time flew by quickly, and like Tenadus, can you take cbd gummies on airplane Yayian didn t know how many bowls of wine he had downed.

You lead a platoon to advance steadily, and I will be responsible for supporting you from the side.Yes, Major.Captain Ron accepted bravely.task.The group of American soldiers was regrouped and groped forward cautiously.They had no way of knowing where the Germans were hiding, let alone what would happen to them later.Captain Ron seemed very cautious, he kept urging his soldiers journeyman cbd gummies cbd 750mg gummies to be more careful. But the new nightmare for American soldiers began very quickly. When they walked to a place with lush jungle, suddenly, several grenades roared and drew several complete arcs in the sky, and then fell beside them.Boom boom boom After several explosions in succession, the miserable cries of the US troops resounded through the forest.However, this is just the beginning.Eight Germans with American weapons appeared, and flames were sprayed from the eight guns at the same time.

Colonel, why should I hurt you When the war is over, you can return to Canada.Colonel Winnery let out a long breath can you take cbd gummies on airplane Major, don can you take cbd gummies on airplane t shoot, we re coming out now The door of the room was opened, and more than a dozen HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies on airplane Canadians came out.Colonel Winnery saw the young Major Moyol, he nodded towards him, and then shouted to all the soldiers to stop shooting and come out of their hiding place.Surrender to the Germans.Colonel, thank you for your cooperation.Wang Weiyi said politely.Major, I also thank you for keeping your promise.Colonel Winnery eased his worries a little.Colonel, in order to avoid unpleasant things from happening, I need to imprison you and your soldiers together.Don t you mind Wang Weiyi asked with a smile.Colonel Winnery shrugged As a prisoner, I don t think I have a choice.To be honest, he still has some affection for this polite German, even though he himself became his prisoner.

They didn t know what the Germans thought All get out of here Wang Weiyi s voice sounded loudly Left wing, we continue to attack Assault on the left wing The soldiers of the Nordland Battle Regiment had been completely mobilized, they didn t care about their destination at all, and they didn t even think about why the lieutenant colonel did this.They have defeated the enemy once, and they will definitely be able to defeat more enemies again Tell General Olitz that the First Canadian Ranger Regiment has been defeated by us Wang Weiyi especially emphasized the word destroyed , although .

can i drive after taking cbd gummies?

they did not really do it.However, he knew that General Olitz would understand what he meant General, General Westmoreland personally ordered the 3rd Brigade of the Marine Corps to pursue the enemy When this order was placed in the hands of Brigadier General Budger, he felt that the order was a bit inconceivable.

If the German army only wants to capture Ibor by this method, there is really no possibility But Colonel Gay will not know that the good show has just been staged Lieutenant Colonel, we are ready.Richthofen came to Wang Weiyi s side indifferently.Lieutenant Colonel.We can you take cbd gummies on airplane are also ready.This is what Fels said.He is so unfamiliar with calling the baron a lieutenant colonel There are 312 combat members in the Elder Combat Brigade who can be armed.Although there are a few fewer, more than 150 of them have participated in the second Veterans of World War I.Oh Wang Weiyi did not expect this Veterans of World War II Yes, after the end of the war.Some of them retired.After F hrer came to power, he proposed a plan to streamline the army, and some veterans were dismissed from the army.Speaking of this, Fels suddenly became more proud in his tone But when the enemy invaded Germany, these people did not have the slightest Without any hesitation, let alone any complaints, they took up their weapons again Mr.

Seeing Hart s dying face, Hassler smiled wryly twice, shook his head and said, Okay, friend.Why do you get more nervous the more I tell you not to be nervous It s okay, your loyalty to Germany is everyone s responsibility.I ve seen it all, so it s all right.Do you know Hasler can you take cbd gummies on airplane smiled and took out a certificate from the drawer and put it in front cbd gummies extract of Hart and said, Look, this person Puslin Hartit s your sister, right God, even if you don t look at it, you know it is definitelyAt this moment, Hart just wants to find a place to hide, why does such a thing happen Happened to yourself But there is no way.Hart had to face reality.Looking at the photo in the certificate, Hart really has no way to associate such a pure and flawless face with the word spy.But really that s the face can you take cbd gummies on airplane can you take cbd gummies on airplane sera relief cbd gummies amazon Hart watched her grow, Hart and his father took care of the owner of the face, and now, the owner of the face is in the district prison in Hassler Waiting for her fate Uh yes.

Captain Kurt just watched helplessly as he lost fighter planes and comrades in arms one by one Especially that fiery red fighter plane is simply a demon in the air.He ravaged the Allied fleet and firmly ruled the sky.The Red Baron that myth appeared here again j003 Fighter No.1 was concentrated, and the base is recovering.When Xiaoling s words reached Wang Weiyi s ear, the undefeated god of war on the battlefield smiled.The enemy will never know that they are fighting against a group of machines that don t know pain and fear.Even, wellution cbd gummie reviews the sky The German fleet on the plane will never have to worry about any losses The Richthofen fleet swept the sky.Dominating the blue sky, 9 Allied aircraft cups have been shot down in a short time.And the rest of them couldn t find a better can you take cbd gummies on airplane way except to dodge in fear and fight back weakly.

Bastard Starob cursed, then glanced forward what does cbd gummies good for can you take cbd gummies on airplane again It s on the second floor of the warehouse on the left.I said How do we get there, Sergeant Come over while that machine gun is reloading, watch my gestures, get ready now, hurry up Sergeant Starob waved Gattle and Thomas to their feet, and ran like crazy behind the broken wall.As soon as they ran behind the broken wall, there was a burst of machine gun dust behind them.Thomas and Gattle They aimed at one of the anti tank fighters, fired a few shots, and killed the two anti tank fighters.But they couldn t see the anti tank fighters in the warehouse.A US tank rotated its turret and blasted the ground toward the broken wall.Just one shot.Gattle felt his brain buzzing, and Thomas was knocked to the ground.Thomas Are you OK Gattle yelled, but he felt as if he couldn t hear the surrounding voices.

Then they stared at the bread.They said that this way they would not be so hungry.Saving food.The door to the basement was pushed open.Captain Bondarev came in Everyone There is good news When the soldiers heard this, they cheered up Can we leave here Captain That s right The soldiers cheered, can you take cbd gummies on airplane pure kana cbd gummies near me and Captain Bondarev went on to say We are going to leave here, and another company will come to replace us.And we are in charge of taking back the Post Office Great, we can finally change the air But how do we get there It s raining so much outside, and the Americans are everywhere, I m afraid such a small force is not enough Kinot said.This is the crux of the problemthe sewer here is not connected to the post office.Is it next to the building We go down the sewer.The reason why everyone was dispatched in this ghostly weather was because of the heavy rain.

Sure enough, as Slater had expected, when the second row and the first row were separated from the German soldiers, the fire suppression received by the middle was much smaller in an instant.Taking advantage of this empty space, Slat took the three rows and quickly rushed out of the fire suppression There was no way, Slat rushed into the woods with three platoons, and at this time the enemy s firepower began to rain in Slat s direction again, and the German soldiers can you take cbd gummies on airplane quickly hid behind the branches, At this moment, Slat looked back, and the second platoon also successfully rushed out of the beaten area and entered the woods, where the German soldiers joined up with the friendly army on the left flank, but the first platoon was still trapped at the edge of the woods and could not enter for a long time.

Alice smiled sweetly.And what about your father Oh, I never saw my father.I m sorry, Alice.That s all right, Mr.Moyol. Look, what does your mother do She dances, but she never taught me to dance.Wang Weiyi nodded Are you hungry Yes, sir, I am hungry, and I have not eaten since morning.Alice said with some melancholy in her eyes, But I m used to it, because I used to eat very little, and sometimes I didn t eat anything. Alice, I told you not to talk to strangers.At this time, Xie Lisha, who had completed the formalities, came over, grabbed her daughter, and then looked at Wang Weiyi with vigilant eyes.Madam, I m sorry.Looking at the young mother, Wang Weiyi also stood up Your daughter is very cute, I couldn t help but say a few more words to her.Mom, this is Mr.Moyol Xie Lisha s expression softened somewhat because of her daughter s voice Alice, what do you want for lunch Madam, please allow me to express my apologies.

But in exchange, the Model assault gun in Heisenberg s hand must be handed over to the command of the two armored soldiers sent by Rutherford.Although Zoff strongly objected, but after weighing it, everyone finally agreed.However, Bolo The appearance of Major Ersky also brought new problems.What You are saying it again Hasson shook his head.He couldn t believe what he heard.That s right, kid.The old sniper took a sip of the coffee in his cup and sighed softly They have assembled a large number of troops in the north of the city.Heisenberg had just sent off the soldiers who came to carry the shells.What s the situation Heisenberg came among them, and several junior commanders were sitting around the old sniper.Major Junker said that he found that the Russians had assembled in the north of the city during the routine hunting this morning.

Command an entire army of massive skeleton commandos.It journeyman cbd gummies cbd 750mg gummies s ridiculous that I had to lead my commandos in the last battle at Montfaucon, the last battle of the First World War I witnessed my brother Falling under the guns of the enemy, I witnessed the commandos die one by one in front of me From then on, I swore that no galaxy cbd gummies matter where I went, I would never give up Any German soldier Major Raff understood perfectly Marshal, you are the bravest officer I have ever met.none of them.I once wanted to ask you for a gift to wait until after the war.I can show off to my companions, but I now know that there is no need for this, at least, I know what I have done Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Yes, when the war is over, everyone knows what they have done and what they have experienced.This is their most precious wealth.

It seems that this person is very familiar with Daniel Daniel, you guy, what kind of guest did you introduce today Zachwolf, don t you have natural hair Daniel smiled and made a joke with the other party Look, honorable Mr.Petergoff, from St.Petersburg, he is very interested in your place, hey.You have to let Mr.Petergoff in quickly.Welcome, Mr.Petergoff.Zakhwo The husband said very politely But according to the club s regulations.I have to conduct a small inspection on you.Wang Weiyi didn t say anything, he knew that Daniel knew how to deal with it.Daniel pulled Zahvov aside, then walked towards him and stuffed a gold ruble into his mouth, and said in a low voice, Petergoff has several powerful enemies in Moscow, lyft cbd gummy worms so he has to carry a weapon for self defense.Zahvov Husband has seen too much of this kind of thing.

The six American tanks behind successively destroyed three to six bunkers or firepower points and four anti tank guns where the German army exposed their positions.Fortunately, they had no intention of fighting, so they left the twenty or so infantry and retreated.Through the observation of the telescope, the Americans outside the position were commotioned for a while, and then quieted where to buy cbd gummies to stop smoking down.Kiritz was not in the mood to celebrate the victory, What will happen in the next round If I were the commander of the US military, how would I make decisions Covered by artillery fire Air strikes Or another group charge After a while, Mel asked Kiritz Report During the first charge to repel the enemy just now, the Germans lost 32 people and four anti tank guns, because many soldiers were newbies to the battlefield, and some were even children.

It s too easy The captain sighed and said, Major, you have to hurry up.Thank you, kind friends.The major got into the car and shouted loudly as if to comfort the captain Hey, Everyone, move faster.The truck slowly passed by the Kolkorok family, and the major sitting in the cab could even see the huge disappointed expression on the face of Marshal Kolkorok When passing by those agents, the truck suddenly stopped What s wrong, what happened The captain chased up from behind.Ah.Probably the pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane engine is malfunctioning.The major walked out of the driver s cab, and then the soldiers in the carriage jumped out one after another.Listen.You must not stop here These were the last words the captain said in this world, because at this moment, the weapons in the major s and those soldiers hands screamed at the same time.

Some gunships appeared in the sky, that is the German air power to assist the infantry in can you take cbd gummies on airplane combat.The missiles on the helicopter roared towards the American position, and soon the ground was plunged into flames and smoke.Then, those shouting German soldiers, under the cover of tanks and assault guns, attacked the enemy s positions layer by layer.The 7th Infantry Regiment of the U.S.Army has worked very hard, and the armed helicopters responsible for supporting them can you take cbd gummies on airplane have also worked very hard.But what is frustrating is that the two US military helicopters were quickly shot down.What raged overhead was still a German gunship. It was difficult for American soldiers to imagine this scene happening before. After the Grossdeutschland Regiment and the Telphi Tank Group joined the battle, the US 7th Infantry Regiment, which was already in a bad situation, became more passive.

It is especially frustrating.The absolute air superiority we had before is no longer there.exist.lieutenant general.The Germans know how to fight, and the Germans know how to win General Kerrett didn t hear any fear in these words, and he also knew that what Brigadier General Gott said was true.The Germans not only knew how to win.They also knew how to win with the least cost.This point What Americans don t have.Thanks for your candor, Gott.General Kerrett sighed softly There are some things, I think you should know better.After the German counteroffensive, the Royal Navy fleet pledged allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II.And launched an attack on the pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane Allied Navy.And in North Africa and the Middle East battlefield.The Germans and their allies also launched a large scale counterattack against us, and the development of the war has become very unoptimistic Brigadier General Gott was stunned, why did it happen in such a short period of time A sea change So, if we fail again in Berlin, the consequences are hard to predict.

There are still too few machine guns.With such a long line of defense, there are so many directions of attack.The three machine guns really don t take care of them comprehensively.Quick, quick, everyone follow me to reinforce the left wing, the Germans obviously want to launch five cbd gummies review an attack from the left.After saying that, Court hurriedly led more than 20 people away.Da da da da da da.The Shaosha light machine gun arrogantly fired bullets at the oncoming German army, although there were not many enemies in front of it.And it is very scattered, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of the machine gunner.They still held the idea of running out of bullets and fired with all their strength, just joking.Behind is his logistics base.Is it possible to run out of bullets There is no problem with bullets, but it is hard to say about machine guns.

Artifacts and works of art How do you feel about this matter To be honest, King Walker doesn t know how to answer it now He even started to blame the Grand Duke Bierstoka Has the Grand Duke ever done something like this Things Did he let his son Elijah go to the United States and lose everything If this is the case, he never thought about the subordinates who worked hard for him.He has accumulated such a huge wealth over the years If he steps down, he hasn t gone abroad to continue to spend the rest of his life happily, but what about himself What can he get The subtle change in mentality made Kim Walker s answer become listless.He even answered there in a somewhat perfunctory manner Russian domestic reporters are okay, but those foreign reporters don t want to let Kim Walker go, they are aggressive.

, while firing anti infantry fragmentation grenades on both sides of the turret to cover best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress journeyman cbd gummies the area of the American infantry.There was no suspense in the whole battle, and the American troops at the crossroads were quickly wiped out.The German army began to build fortifications to strengthen the defense of the crossroads.And at this time Steinman, Steinman, Steinman, I am Romeo, you immediately withdraw from the northern city, and now the US military can you take cbd gummies on airplane is advancing rapidly towards the northern city, and they are coming from three directions at the same time, you must withdraw Steinman s headset Romeo s voice came from inside, saying such words at such a time, which surprised Steinman We just made a crossroad and you told us to retreat My brothers are bleeding here, and the result is Retreat Steinman couldn t control his inner anger and yelled into the headset, he didn t know why they fought bloody battles here and got this result.

Suddenly, the booby traps on the entire battlefield began to explode.Boom Explosions were happening everywhere, and German troops were blown to pieces.People were blown up everywhere.The screams rang out, ketchup also burst into flames, and the entire battlefield began to heat up At this time, the enemy s light weapons sounded.As if by magic, tenacious Allied soldiers emerged from the ruins and began to attack the German soldiers fiercely.The German soldiers who had been prepared for a long time also fought back fiercely against the Allied soldiers.A war correspondent named Layton was pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane running around, dragging the camera with one hand, and shaking the other hand HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies on airplane desperately.He felt that the sky and the earth were spinning.The missile dragged long and thin white smoke and slammed into the target screaming.

Bullets whizzed around, someone was getting shot at any moment, and explosions were everywhere.The air was full of burnt and bloody smells, screams, flesh and blood being torn apart, crying, and cursing.The sound of bullets popping out, and the sound of bullet casings falling to the ground cut people s eardrums both sides were attacking each other with all their might.finally.Layton ran into Lieutenant Pozik s bunker with difficulty, panting while holding the camera.Pozik 1500mg cbd gummies retracted his body to change the magazine, just in time to see the war reporter.Lieutenant didn t say anything The soldiers in row B leaned forward slowly, and a few people jumped out of the armored vehicle, carefully inspecting the allied troops lying on the ground.Suddenly there was a loud noise, earth shattering.Group after group of huge explosions exploded among the crowd in row B in the distance The armored vehicle was blown up on the spot, broken bricks and rocks mixed with sand were thrown up, and then blasted around.

Thirty seconds is never enough Pozik exclaimed.The downpour drenched almost everyone present.The raindrops hit the body, making a muffled sound.The clothes were wet from the rain and stuck to the body, making people very uncomfortable.The goggles were speckled with rain, and the boots felt like they were in the mud.It just sucks.Woo Two Diamond helicopters flew over the battlefield, rolling up the rain curtain.Corporal Jakes stood next to Gawyn and was about to rush out of cover.As a result, unfortunately, he got a bullet and fell to the ground with a snort.Gawyn reached out with one hand, reached Jax as best he could, and dragged him into his cover.Oh.Damn it Gawyn cursed, pulling out a tourniquet.Help Jacks bandage the wound.He found that Jakes had been shot in the left arm.Although Jakes was not life threatening, his entire left arm was blown off almost below the joint.

Pozik shook his hand It s none of your business The gendarme was enraged, he stretched out a hand suddenly, pinched Pozik s collar, and said to him in a nonchalant way Correct yourself attitude After a nameless anger began to burn in his heart, Pozik slowly clenched his fists.Pozik lowered his voice Get your dirty hands off my collar Major Pask stepped back, ready to watch the show.The other soldiers also stopped what they were doing and looked at the two men.Gawyn whispered to Jakes, I ll bet you 20 yuan that Mahjong will be really mad this time, and he ll beat that incompetent dwarf half to death He shook his hand Deal Don t give you shame The military policeman s hand holding Pozik s collar pulled back hard, and at the same time, the other hand punched him hard, trying to beat him face, but it was blocked by Pozik.

It is stipulated that if the government violates the rights of HCMUSSH can you take cbd gummies on airplane the people, the people have the right to revolt.On June 8, he was elected as the Dictator of the First French Republic , and declared war on the royalists and European anti French countries the next day.On July 13, 1793, Marat was assassinated by the Royalists.On the 26th, the Civic Association authorized the Public Security Committee to arrest suspicious elements.On the 27th, Robespierre joined the Public Security Committee, reorganized the Revolutionary Court, simplified the trial procedures, and implemented the Jacobin dictatorship., with the revolutionary policy of terror to punish criminals and revolutionary traitors, known as the reign of terror in who owns natures boost cbd gummies history, many innocent people were falsely accused and killed, thousands of people were sent to the guillotine.

To be honest, I was very disgusted with what General Vincent did at the time However, General pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane Vincent found me later , he said something to me General Cacchino still firmly remembers what General Vincent said to himself that day Although the conspirators seized the Power, but they will not sit in this position for a long timeGeneral Cacchino, with our strength, there is no way to compete with Fenton and the Americans, stubbornness will only cause unnecessary losses , and compromise, even at the expense of our reputation, to accept the duties assigned by Fenton to outsiders, and when Her Majesty returns to London in the future, we will become Her Majesty s most loyal followers Cacchino The general immediately understood what General Vincent meant It is precisely for this reason that General Cacchino finally accepted the appointment of himself by the Fenton government General Vincent sacrificed a lot of reputation.

But in the mouth of Baron Alexon, can you take cbd gummies on airplane it seems that he can get rid of this person at any time I will be responsible for this matter.What I need you to do is can you take cbd gummies on airplane to cause many small incidents in London.Sabotage operations, distracting our enemies as much as possible Wang Weiyi instructed The scale should not be too large, but it must be frequent.And it is especially important to note that there is no fixed time and place for these sabotage operations.Do whatever you want.It could be in a factory, it could be in a coffee shop, it could even be in a public restroom.Gentlemen, what I need is that the enemy can t figure out what we want to do at cbd gummy dosage for dogs all, and can t guess what the real purpose is mobilize all your forces that can be mobilized in the fastest time Lance, Grislow, and Thorpe cheered up, and that was the last thing they wanted to do They liked to see the Fenton government panic, they liked to see the police Roaming around with agents, happy to see their enemies scrambling.

The number of dead was insignificant compared can you take cbd gummies on airplane pure kana cbd gummies near me to other civil wars of the time.Furthermore, the new police force, the Internal Guard, was not involved, meaning that the Free State could create an unarmed and politically neutral police force after the war.There were also IRA sympathizers in this force, and they even gave the IRA some covert help in exchange for the IRA s promise not to attack the Internal Guard.Compassion is not the same as full support.Will looked away from the map Colonel Tarrant, the commander of Moyle s Internal Guard, and I know each other, I think I can visit the commander in advance Officer.I must thank you again for your support.Adams said gratefully I asked Edward to bring a few people to follow you to ensure your safety.I don t think I will be harmed in Ireland, of course there are people It is best to follow me.

And it is very unfortunate that Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Colonel Jed are such scapegoats One thousand one hundred and thirteen.God Save the Queen October 8, 1966.This is a day that will be remembered forever in history, and it is pioneer woman cbd gummies can you take cbd gummies on airplane a day that will never be forgotten in the memory of most people.The war finally came to the land of England on this day.7 00, the long planned New Sea Lion Project finally kicked off.Countless planes appeared in the sky in black, and countless missiles roared out from the ships.But the goal of all the power is not Plymouth as the Allies imagined before, but Easton This was a shocking and unimaginable scene.When the missiles and bombs fell on the land of Easton, the Allied Command completely reacted and fell into complete chaos.God, they were duped, every single one of them was duped by the Germans The Germans never regarded Plymouth as their real attack target, but the Allied forces were played around by the Germans like a fool.

He also had the strength of an armored division and an infantry division, as well as ample armored vehicles and artillery.As long as he can continue to stand here for a while, he can be sure that the situation of the war will change before the reinforcements arrive.The only thing that gives him a headache now is the emotional problems of those British people in Southampton.After the arrival of the Axis bombers, it was obvious that the British, who had long been dissatisfied with the Allied forces, began to move around.During this period, there were even several violent attacks against the US military.Although it did not cause too much loss to the US military, it is obviously something that Don Tanner does not want to see.And what made him even more headache.He could not yet take further steps against Southampton by force, which would cause an upheaval among the British.

The action must be fast and swift, without giving Don Tanner any respite.At the same time, order our troops, and do not reserve a single soldier to attack The spirits of can you take cbd gummies on airplane the people around them were lifted.The time for the Armageddon has finally arrived The 6th Division quickly sprang into action.Its leading troops quickly began to move to the designated location within 20 minutes of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol giving the combat order.The actions of the British soon attracted Don Tanner s attention.In any case, Don Tanner is a commander with rich combat experience, and the abnormal movement of a unit can always attract his attention.Judging from the advancing trajectory of the 6th Division, it is definitely not here to reinforce the US military.What are you doing can you take cbd gummies on airplane there, General Bacchus Don Tanner s tone on the phone was very stern.

Who, who is here Fenton didn t understand at all.Fear suddenly appeared on the face of Prime Minister Wilkins, and he almost said in a trembling voice Ernst Alexson von Brahm.All the people fell silent in an instant Ernst Alexson von Brahm the Baron Skeleton He is coming the Baron is coming pure botanical cbd gummies This history is not old The baron, a legend who has never experienced defeat on this battlefield here he comes Although the people here knew that they would face this baron sooner or later, they did not expect it to be active cbd jumbo gummies in such a way.They were already desperate The mood became even more desperate at this moment.Even though there is no sound of artillery and bombing, the British here seem to see that the whole of London is burning.He here We must let freedom and glory shine again The land of England Elizabeth II s voice was still there Stand firm in the faith.

Long live the Queen Long live England Everyone around him said so.I have been waiting for this day to finally come Duke Stephen was journeyman cbd gummies also rarely excited And I know this day will definitely come.Nothing can stop our determination, nothing Gentlemen, Her Majesty s order has been issued, now, let us create our own glory Baron Alexon, how about you Are you joining us Wang Weiyi smiled faintly I have joined you from the very beginning.Gentlemen, there is no force that can stop can you take cbd gummies on airplane the victory.Bless England, bless Germany, bless the victory we hold tightly Duke Stephen nodded to Sir Monlington, who stood up, glanced at the faces of the leaders of the underground resistance organizations, and said in a firm voice I declare that the Great London Uprising has begun On the night of October 17, 1966, at 20 00.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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