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Then two pineapple buns, a cage of shrimp dumplings and two Rice rolls, well, that s all for now. Okay, wait a minute.After the waiter left, the two chatted about Bruce Lee and Brother Tangshan.Of course, Zhang Dong was chatting hotly, while Li Guohao was just perfunctory.He has been thinking about what he can do when he travels over Do you want to be a chef in a restaurant Or take over your own business and become the owner of a tea restaurant You two s pineapple buns have just been made.Eat it while it s still hot, or it won t taste good later.The waiter pushed the dining cart over and put two baskets of pineapple buns on the table.Li Guohao was a little hungry, and regardless of Zhang Dong who was still chatting with him, he picked up a pineapple bun and put it in his mouth.Huh Why does it taste a bit weird.And not only the changes in the fillings, even the thin layer of meringue on the outside is not the same as the one baked by myself.Although the ones I made by myself in .

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the past are not said to melt in the mouth and leave a fragrance on the HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies to europe lips and teeth, .

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they are still considered delicious.The topping is crispy and delicious.But what Li Guohao made is not only crispy, but also medigreen cbd gummies review soft.Although it is not so crispy, it tastes different.Stuffed with roses Seeing his parents appearance like this, Li Guohao couldn t be plus brand cbd gummies sure that this wife cake was considered a success.Rose stuffing Can roses be eaten too Li Guohao and Li Huifang were both surprised at the same time.Who else used roses as stuffing Of course, there are records in Chinese medicine books that roses are sweet, slightly bitter, and warm in nature.Li Guohao said with a smile, pointing to the money box Li Dexiao brought in.As soon as Li Huifang heard the word money, she pointed at Li Dexiao and yelled, That s right, his dad, calculate how much money you received today Okay, let me calculate.Li Dexiao was also curious about how much he earned today He opened the cash box and took out the scattered banknotes in one go.Wow, so many Before counting, Li Huifang started screaming.I saw a large push of scattered Hong Kong dollars on the table, some of which were hundred yuan, some ten yuan, some fifty yuan, and some coins.After a few minutes.Ju, there are nearly 10,000 Hong Kong dollars Li Dexiao counted the money over and over again, and after finally confirming the amount, he shouted in shock.Ten thousand Hong Kong dollars Li Huifang and Li Renzhong were also surprised.Chapter 14 Palace Pastry What Opening a shop opposite Rongji I don t agree, I strongly disagree Li Dexiao shook his head desperately, as if he wanted to shake off this good head.Li Huifang, who was sitting on the side, also dissuaded, Guohao, although Mom doesn t know what you are thinking, it is not natures boost cbd gummies quit smoking only an unwise choice to open a business directly opposite Rongji, but it is also easy can you travel with cbd gummies to europe to make enemies with the other party, you know When doing business in Xiangjiang, peace is the most important thing The old man Li Renzhong is very clear about these twists and turns, thinking that when he opened a store in his hometown, some big businessmen from other places came to invest in local restaurants, and they all It was brought down by Li Renzhong in various ways.Shopping malls are like war, and cutting off people s money is like killing their parents.Timid Tiger, Spirit Crane, Monkey King, Pretty Little Dragon, Quick Mantis.What kung fu does the image of these five characters remind everyone of can you travel with cbd gummies to europe Tiger Fist Crane Fist Monkey Fist Snake Fist Mantis Fist The people around were all discussing immediately.Yes, that s right, these are the boxing techniques.So we can completely find boxing techniques suitable for each comic character based on their prototypes.This will not only allow people to understand them accurately, but also highlight the character s image.Li Guohao nodded Agree with what everyone said.Indeed, watching this anime in my previous life, when I saw Furious Five, according to the image of each character, he would automatically think that they would get martial arts.Yes, but what kind of boxing is a panda Panda boxing It seems that there is no such thing.After Li Guohao made the special Christmas cakes , so he called Lawyer Fang, and after consulting about the loan, he got up and went to Central. The next day, at the gate of HSBC Bank.Li Guohao said gratefully Thank you, Mr.Ma, if you hadn t helped to make a financial what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to europe report overnight this time, I m afraid there really wouldn t be a way to make the loan successful My boss, these are all part of the job.Shangguan Xiaobao also laughed and said Ma Finance is thanks to you this time, if something goes wrong in President Li s pastry shop, our Panda Comic Publishing House may be fine.Where are you going Now Panda Comic Publishing House is not self sufficient, and most of the expenses still depend on Li Guohao s money.But it is also a loss that there is a publishing house, otherwise the bank may not have given a loan to a small pastry shop.He came out and said, Arjun, this is Kung Fu Panda, not Kung Fu Maomao.This reads the word bear.Panda Arjun repeated.Yes, Panda.The elder sister said with a smile Ah jung, this is a comic book.There are no snacks made by Papa Goose.Xiangjiang can t find them.bow your head.The older .

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sister saw that her younger sister was a little depressed, so she said, Well, although Ah Qiong couldn t find the snacks made by Papa Goose, but sister will take you to eat delicious food tonight Yeah.Ah Qiong raised his head and said with a smile.Then Arjun and his sister will watch can you travel with cbd gummies to europe cbd gummies delta 9 near me Kung Fu Panda together Yes The same scene was played out in many places in Xiangjiang.As long as the family bought the Kung Fu Panda comic book, the parents would be chased by the children to eat the dim sum made by Papa Goose.But most parents just think this is a fictional pastry shop in a comic book.In the years to come, it has undergone many renovations and major changes, and finally became a very British style two story building.In the early days, the Governor s Mansion received royal family members and foreign important people.It was not until the seventh Governor Kennedy took office that Chinese businessmen were allowed to participate in the activities of the Governor s Mansion.Today, Christmas.In order to celebrate his assumption of office, the new Governor of Hong Kong, MacLehose, invited celebrities and businessmen from all walks of life to attend the banquet here.On the one hand, it is to win over these people to support him, and on the other hand, it can be regarded as cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies affordable making friends with local forces.nathan.This time Li Guohao attended the Hong Kong governor s banquet, he was not planning to go alone, he deliberately brought two of the best craftsmen in the store, one Huang He and one Sun Dafu.I am afraid that the guests will not be able to eat enough Li Guohao is also rare Arrogant once.Oh, really I m looking forward to your pastries Nick was surprised by Li Guohao s confident words, and chuckled at the end, pointing to a workbench not far away and said That s where you make pastries.We have prepared the material menu provided, and it is on the left side of the table.After speaking, Nick turned and left.The three can cbd gummies give you diarrhea of Li Guohao walked to the place reserved for themselves and others to make pastries.Huang He, who was making flour, glanced secretly at the foreign devil who was making banquet dishes at the other end, curled his lips and said, Boss, that foreign devil named Nick just now really looked down on me.Yes, boss, when that foreign devil was talking just now, I really want to beat him up, why do customers not like our cakes Our Liji cakes are the best cakes in Xiangjiang Sun Dafu also boasted from the side.He thought to himself Damn, why are so many people coming to refund money Could it be the trick of Li Ji on the other side It shouldn t be, what ability do they have to let members come over to process refunds Rong Bingcai, do you want a refund or not If you don t refund, we will sue you Yes, Master Rong, you open a shop and do business.Since you can get a membership card, you can naturally refund the membership card The screams from people outside came in, which made Rong Bingcai very irritable, and shouted Retreat, why not Our Rongji has been in business for so many years, and it is one of the best in Xiangjiang.Since we have handled Rongji Members, of course refunds are allowed But I have made it can you travel with cbd gummies to europe clear in advance that the money you consume will be deducted, and there is no part of the gift amount Yes, Master Rong is right Good job, Master Rong Hurry up and get a refund Rong Bingcai couldn t help it, there were too many people, originally there were only a few hundred people gathered at the door, but more and more people came to join in the fun and gathered at the door.The business is quite good, and we have organized membership activities Baji baji said for a long time.Listening to Li Guohao s detailed explanation, Shen Bi finally understood what Li Qiang said just now.Yes, according to what Mr.Li said, if your company s profits are very good and you have deposits, we can easily handle the loan at HSBC.As for why Standard Chartered doesn t handle it, I m not quite sure Then thank you Mr.Shen.Li Guohao was also very happy to see Shen Bi agreeing.But But what Li Guohao and Li Qiang asked warily.Seeing the strange expressions on the faces of the two, Shen Bi smiled and said, It s not about the loan, it s just that I have a small request.It s okay, Mr.Shen.Seeing this, Li Guohao also heaved a sigh of relief, the loan must be done as soon as possible Get it done, otherwise those good stores won t wait for anyone.So I agreed.Li Guohao thought for a while and said It doesn t matter.You are right to agree.If there is not enough manpower, you can you travel with cbd gummies to europe can recruit.It is a good thing that the comic agency can be responsible for its own profits and losses., This time helping Li s TV station to produce comics is also considered a new business.You can take this opportunity to make the name of the comic agency famous.In the future, no matter who wants to ask us to make comics, as long as the price is reasonable, they will agree.Shangguan Xiaobao asked a question But I have never drawn this cartoon for popular science education.Li Guohao thought about some cartoons with a scientific and educational nature that he had watched in his previous life, including Beva Nursery Rhymes, Mickey Mouse Wonderful House, But these are more complicated to make.Li Guohao followed behind.I took a look at the restaurant.It is very traditional, it is a very ordinary restaurant, all wooden tables and chairs, a bit like the layout of some old fashioned restaurants that appeared in Hong Kong movies in the 1980s.Guan Qi, Guan Qi, come here quickly After Guan Yunfei led the two of them to sit can you travel with cbd gummies to europe down, he yelled at the back kitchen.Come here A young man walked out from the back kitchen.She was quite handsome, but she was wearing a dirty chef s coat, which made her look a bit sloppy.Guan Qi held a spoon in his hand and asked, Dad, why did you call can you travel with cbd gummies to europe me Guan Yunfei introduced This is my master Li Renzhong, quickly kneel down and call Master.Master Guan Qi glanced at Li Renzhong who was sitting there, knelt down honestly and shouted.Be good, be good.Li Renzhong had never seen Guan Qi before, and this was the first time he had seen Guan Qi, so he took out a big red envelope from his inner pocket and handed it to Guan Qi, Come on, Guan Qi, isn cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies affordable t it, the first time can you travel with cbd gummies to europe Master sees you I will give you a big red envelope.Training is a waste of time, and it may not be possible for everyone present to learn it completely, so our company will send some masters to your franchise stores to help, as short as one month and as long as half a HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies to europe year.Of course, you need to pay for the cost of hiring a master chef, after all, they also cbd gummies for depression uk have to eat.Before Li Guohao finished speaking, he said I agree with this.After all, he came to our shop to help.What about wages I agree too I disagree.Some people agreed, but others disagreed, and after a while they quarreled, and it turned into a turmoil.Okay everyone, stop arguing Li Guohao was also helpless in the face of the quarrels of more than 30 people, so he had to say loudly If anyone interrupts me again, I m sorry, I will ask him to go out to calm down first.It was very quiet in the arena.If you lose, how about buying me coffee for a week no problem The two were talking about the cooperation with Xiangjiang Film Company.Suddenly James caught a glimpse of the briefcase George had brought.What is this James stepped forward and pulled out a book from the briefcase.After reading the contents of the book, he said in surprise, Oh It s a bear, a panda Yeah, it s a panda.I saw it at the newsstand on the other side of Xiangjiang.My daughter Sally pestered me a while ago, asking me to take her to Watson s to see pandas.You know I m busy with work.When I saw this comic HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies to europe book with pandas, I bought it.It was a gift for Sally.When George can you travel with cbd gummies to europe was talking, James flipped through the small comic book.Although the text on it was incomprehensible, the comics are images, and the meaning of it can be guessed based on the content of the pictures.There s no need to read it again.The franchise store opened very smoothly.In addition, our pastry shop has also launched cheap pastries.The business should be very good in the future.The ten franchised stores alone, including the eight branches directly managed by Li Guohao, have collectively launched cheap pastries.As soon as he got back to the company, Li Guohao went to the finance department and said to Wang Zhenzhen 6mg cbd gummies Manager Wang, who owns green ape cbd gummies you have to be more fortunate today, try to calculate the total profit of the ten franchise stores, and I will advertise in the newspaper when the time comes.Yes.Wang Zhenzhen nodded.Li Qiang asked at the side Advertising Well, the turnover of the ten franchised palace pastry shops exceeded one million Hong Kong dollars on the opening day What do you think of this gimmick Li Guohao didn t know how much the ten shops actually earned.Li Guohao thought for a moment, thinking Liao wanted to say Our company has been discussing this issue.You may have just joined our company not long ago.We were also troubled by the wasted time before.We couldn t come up with a good idea that can guarantee profits without losing money.Waste of cost.He said again This Xiong Yi, try your best to tell the franchisee that such pastries that are not conducive to preservation after overnight can be made less every day.After a month, we have mastered the sales volume of their various pastries situation, we will make a report for them, and there will be a clear indication of how many such pastries are made every day.The ten new franchise stores have not been open for a long time, and the preferences of nearby residents are not well understood.Wait a month later When it stabilizes, the company can easily know how much such pastries are sold every day.It is not a problem to make ordinary pastries.In addition, the 14 old shops he cooperates with have many employees.All Gather together, at least there are forty or fifty people, so it is not a big problem to eat these places for the time being.Li Qiang continued In addition, some shops already have pastry chefs, who have been in Liu Peilin s place, Many of them have been can you travel with cbd gummies to europe resigned, and Liu Peilin will recruit these people to expand the scale of his factory, and then open new factories in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island to meet the needs of various stores.Then can we preemptively hire these people Recruited Li Guohao frowned and said.But we don t need so many people In addition, if Liu Peilin continues to expand like this, more and more restaurants and tea restaurants will be recruited, what should we do then Li Guohao has no idea of expanding and joining, and now There is enough manpower, there is no need to recruit more people.Well, let s talk about this next year.Li Guohao laughed.The reason why he only rents and not buys is because Li Guohao thinks that there will be a can you travel with cbd gummies to europe stock market crash next year.If he buys land and builds a factory at that time, the stock will plummet and the loss will not be a small amount of money.It s up to you.What about the expansion of Daronghua Company this time There was a meeting at noon.They discussed how to deal with Liu Peilin s move.Xiong Yi from the franchising department asked Chairman, why don t we be like them Cooperate with some pastry shops and teahouses, etc., and let them sell our pastries No.Gu Qianqian shook her head and said, Manager Xiong If according to what you mean, if we also hand over the pastries to those people for sale, it will cause great losses to our company and franchisees.Same as our calculation One yuan less.As a financial manager, Wang Zhenzhen is very sensitive to numbers.Hehe, maybe it fell HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies to europe off.Li Guohao smiled indifferently.A few days ago, Li Guohao asked Li Qiang to call Shen Bi, saying that a relatively large amount of money might be deposited in HSBC in the next two days.No, Shen Bi specially sent a few people to wait for Li Guohao to send the money.The staff of these banks thought that there were local tyrants depositing money, thinking that it was all in large denominations of Hong Kong dollars, which should be easy to count, but when the money was in place, they suddenly discovered that it was all fragments of banknotes, and there were cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies affordable countless banknotes.Clear coins There was no way, the money was too the benefits of cbd gummies much and the denominations were too scattered, the bank staff had no choice but to call for help, and it took a dozen people two hours to count the money Meanwhile, the other side.Daronghua Company is also busy can you travel with cbd gummies to europe counting the sales of mooncakes today.However, because there are too many cooperative stores, and many of them are still in business, I did not call the company to report the specific sales of mooncakes.How s the calculation Liu Peilin asked about finances.The treasurer wiped can you travel with cbd gummies to europe the sweat from his forehead and said, It will take a while.There are too many and they are scattered.Hurry up then.Good boss.This time, he had three workshops, nearly two hundred pastry chefs, and worked overtime to make a total of more than 200,000 mooncakes.Whether the success or failure depends on today s.Why so few, because Liu Peilin does not have an assembly line machine, and basically makes mooncakes manually.Traditional mooncakes have to be baked and cooled, so the making is relatively slow.Jin, Ni Box and other literati help write articles, but also suddenly set up a What kind of refrigerated trucks are sold on the street This is completely beyond our expectations.He made us very passive Although there are more than 300 stores cooperating with us, Liji also has more than 200 refrigerated trucks The car He drove all the cars to the door of other people s houses To put it bluntly, even my wife bought a box of Li Ji s ice skin mooncakes I admit that the sales of moon cakes are not good this time, resulting in a lot of stockpiles, which caused a lot of losses to everyone, but I lost no less than you Speaking of this, Liu Peilin changed his voice But although Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes made Li Ji take the lead, but the next pastry market is up to us This time, the just cbd gummys factories in Xiangjiang Island and Kowloon have been built long ago.night.Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi back home.I went to a new how long is cbd gummies detectable in urine house.This is what Li Huifang meant.According to what she said, since the woman was going to visit her home, she naturally rushed to show the other party what was good.The old house is not bad, but it is a bit small, and the surrounding environment is so so.The two had just entered their new house.After Li Huifang saw Zhao Yazhi, she immediately abandoned her beloved baby son, kept booing and asking for Zhao Yazhi s warmth, and even tried her best to pick up vegetables for him when eating.Zhao Yazhi looked at the big bowl full of food, and glanced at Li Guohao in distress.Seeing that his mother would continue to pick up vegetables for Zhao Yazhi, Li Guohao had no choice but to say that she had to maintain her figure and lose weight in order to get through this.Li Guohao thought about it, maybe it was because Bruce Lee drove the kung fu market.The islanders themselves like comics, and it just so happens that Kung Fu Panda fits the two points of kung fu can you travel with cbd gummies to europe and comics, so they are naturally interested because it was going to a banquet at the Peninsula Hotel.Li Guohao specially asked Li Qiang to rent a relatively high end car from the car dealer.A driver was also temporarily hired.The boss organix cbd gummies reviews is here.The driver turned his head and said to Li Guohao.I ll go up and come down right away.Good boss.Li Guohao saw Zhao Yazhi s house, opened the car door and ran upstairs.Zhao family.Mom, is this hairstyle okay for me Seeing that the time for Li Guohao to pick her up was getting closer, Zhao Yazhi looked at herself in the mirror with some urgency, and turned back to ask Mother Zhao again.Your two marketing plans for Mid Autumn Mooncakes are really amazing I have admired it for a long time Hello, Mr.Huo Perhaps Huo Zhenting is really interested in Li Guohao, and has been asking about his marketing methods, including the membership system of the previous pastry shop.Li Guohao is also happy to have someone chat with him.Seeing the world, avoiding inviting yourself to any banquet in the future, it would be embarrassing to look over and find no one you know.A Qiong on the side was a little bored Sister, I m so bored, let s go have some snacks.Arjun, please wait a while, my sister has something to do right now.Because Gu Qianqian mentioned before about opening a pastry shop in the Macau casino, now that He Qianjin saw Li Guohao, she was going to have a detailed talk with him about it.Zhou Qide said.Huo Zhenting and Zheng Jiachun can you travel with cbd gummies to europe pondered for a moment, then nodded in agreement.Before leaving, Zhou Qide suddenly glanced at Li Guohao, thought for a while and asked, Who is cbd gummies affordable cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank this Oh, this is the palace pastry owner who has been in the limelight recently, Li Guohao.Huo Zhenting introduced.Mr.Li has admired him for a long time.Zhou Qide heard that it was the boss of the company, and stepped forward to hold the other party s hand a little excitedly.Hello, Mr.Zhou.Li Guohao saw Zhou Qide look at him a little strangely, as if seeing the God of Wealth.I just heard Zhou Qide say I wonder if Mr.Li is free after the banquet Uh I want to invite Mr.Li to the hotel conference room after the party.Although it is not clear why, Li Guohao is not easy to refuse , and Huo Zhenting and Zheng Jiachun who were next to him both went, so he also nodded and said Okay, Mr.Seeing Zhang Dong s agitated expression, Li Guohao didn t let him speak, and directly blocked him.Okay.The Rolls Royce car has always been Zhang Dong s dream.I remember seeing one on the street when I went to can you travel with cbd gummies to europe the movies with Li Guohao last year.At that time, I said that I must buy a first car when I get married.Now It actually came true.I was so touched.The relatives gathered nearby all clicked their tongues.This Rolls Royce was actually given to Zhang Dong directly by this kid.The seven aunts and eight aunts all looked at Zhang Dong enviously., Thinking to himself that this kid is lucky.Zhang s father is also very happy, not because his son got a car for nothing, but because of face.Li Guohao sent a luxury car to Zhang Dong, of course he is very popular among relatives.Face.Chapter 153 Going to cbd tinnitus gummies the United States 2 3 Manager Mai s house.After listening to Li Qiang s words.Li Guohao smiled, that s right, he agreed to grant the copyright of Kung Fu Panda to Warner, a large part of it was because he wanted to use Kung Fu Panda s soft advertisements to try to win the reputation of the palace pastry shop.It s just that he didn t know at the time whether this Kung Fu Panda , which was more than 30 years ahead of schedule, would be as popular in the United States as it was in Xiangjiang.But looking at Li Qiang s appearance now, he seems to be quite good.Go to America to set up shop Li Guohao pondered for a moment and thought a lot.Whether Americans like Chinese dim sum is a question, but how will you know if you don t cbd gummy stomach ache try it.I I will lead the team myself As soon as Li Qiang heard that Li Guohao agreed, he recommended himself.You go Li Guohao was surprised and said If you leave, who will handle the company s affairs Now the pastry company and the food processing factory are mostly handled by Li Qiang.Li Guohao said.Hao Shijie pondered for a moment, I can t answer President Li yet.Feeling that his words were a little weird, he quickly metoprolol and cbd gummies said, It s not that I don t want to help President Li, the plastic toys we make are basically a whole piece., and then put it together, in the final analysis, it is to make a toy accessory, and then assemble the toy accessories step by step.If you want to make it as detailed as possible according to President Li s intention, it may not be supported by the mechanical equipment in the factory.Doesn t the technology support it Li Guohao pondered How about something simpler Don t make it so precise.Then there is no problem at all.Hao Shijie smiled.Well, I hope Boss Hao can help me to make a whole set of can you travel with cbd gummies to europe royal blend cbd gummy review Kung Fu Panda plastic toys.Of course, the size should be smaller, about the size of a fist.IPO, IPO.Li Guohao read it twice silently.IPO at this time is a very safe choice, because the stock market is booming, and a company with nothing but leather bags can be listed in the mix.Liu Peilin s craftsmanship is good, and there will be more in the future.How can no one invest in a company that is likely to develop.Thinking of next year s stock market crash, Li Guohao sneered, originally thinking about how to solve Daronghua Company, who ever thought of breaking it without attacking it.Dongdong Secretary Xiao Wang came in and said, Chairman, Manager Li just sent a fax.Li Qiang Li Guohao can you travel with cbd gummies to europe royal blend cbd gummy review curiously took the fax from the secretary.A short fax of a few hundred words was quickly read.Seeing the end, Li Guohao couldn t help laughing.Li Qiang sent a fax, probably saying that he has found a new store in the United States, a two story building near Chinatown in San cbd gummies nd thc Francisco.Because the high end bear biscuits are expensive, according to preliminary estimates, it costs at least 20 yuan to buy a box, including exquisite packaging, accompanying toys, and can you travel with cbd gummies to europe royal blend cbd gummy review high production costs.Unlike the bear biscuits that cost 50 cents a pack, they are completely mass produced, is cbd gummies legal in all states and thousands of them can be made at one time with a large mold.The mechanical mold is pressed on the dough, and there are thousands of them at a time, and there are thousands of them at a time.Then it is collectively baked with a large roaster, and the whole operation only takes five minutes.The more complicated one is still on the finished product packaging.Because it is necessary to place toy cards in the bag, manpower is required, and it is guaranteed that there must be cards in each bag.So not only the Guohao Food Processing Factory is now busy, but even the packaging bag factory next door is also busy After discussing the pastry contest with Xie Honghe, Li Guohao began to read today s newspaper.Boss water Qiqi next to her handed over the water she had prepared long ago.Li Guohao didn t hold back, took the water glass and drank it in one gulp, finally suppressing the nausea of this sweet person.Obediently Li Guohao looked at the table full of American dim sum, and suddenly regretted letting Huang He buy so many How can I finish this A person who is sweeter than eating a Snickers bar in his previous life It is indeed so sweet.Although the author has never tasted it, there are mentions of American desserts in the search information.Most of them are too sweet to make people sick.How does it taste Li Qiang looked at Li Guohao with a smile, He didn t talk too much before, just wanted Li Guohao to taste these American desserts himself.It s delicious Li Guohao gritted his teeth and glanced at Li Qiang, as if asking him why he didn t say it earlier.I don t know how many there are in Hong Kong, but I know about fifty or more .

does hemp gummies use cbd?

Xie Honghe said a horrifying number.Fifty stores He s not afraid of losing money He s going to buy shares soon Li Guohao stopped talking suddenly.He was about to talk about the stock can you travel with cbd gummies to europe market crash can you travel with cbd gummies to europe when he remembered that it was a secret.He slapped himself twice in his heart.He must never say these things in the future.I went to the cake shop, the price is not very low, it is still relatively expensive, compared to the kushy cbd gummies general small shop, it is not far behind us, it is sure to make money.Xie Honghe didn t pay attention to Li Guohao s last sentence.After saying this, he babbled and stopped talking, and then said Chairman, can can you travel with cbd gummies to europe I ask you a question Li Guohao was thinking about Maxim s Cakes, Landmark Real Estate, two different companies, how could they be connected together By the way, it was the Jardine Group.Not long after I sat down.Dinglingling The phone rang.Ahao, I am Brother Zheng.Zheng Jiachun Li Guohao was a little curious.Since the last charity dinner, the two hadn t had much contact.He didn t expect the other party to call.It seems that he didn t disclose the phone number of the company s office.Thinking about it, He Qianjin might have told him, and he didn t care too much and asked, It s Brother Zheng, what can I do for you Guanghe, remember.Zheng Jiachun mentioned Xu Guanghe from the charity night on the other end of the phone.Xu Guanghe Li Guohao thought for a while, and combined can you travel with cbd gummies to europe with Nanshun Group, he remembered who this person was, and asked in surprise, I remember, what s wrong People from Nanshun Company are buying Xiangjiang Flour Mill I just got it too The news didn t take long.Although the money earned is relatively small, it can t support the tea houses, restaurants and tea restaurants in Hong Kong.a lot.A store earns at least one hundred yuan in net profit a day, and Liu Peilin can earn at least a few thousand yuan a day.But in the end it s just useless.Li Guohao couldn t help shaking his head with a smile, in fact, Li Guohao sent someone to investigate Liu Peilin s every move.Since the last time he learned that Liu Peilin s Daronghua was planning to go public, he had already sent people to investigate.Now in Xiangjiang, the only one who can compete with Li Kee in terms of Chinese dim sum is Da Rong Hua.After all, Da Rong Hua is also an old fashioned shop.Although there are many old fashioned shops in Xiangjiang, Liu Peilin is the best among them.He has a flexible mind and knows how to use what he has learned.If anyone wants can you travel with cbd gummies to europe to go to the bathroom on the way, go out from the trail here, and the bathroom is outside.After speaking, Eugene pointed to a Aisle said.The assistant trotted to Eugene s side, and said in a low voice Director, it s ready.The line is ready, and it will start in about a minute.Well, I see, you Go tell everyone to prepare to start the machine.Yes.Eugene said to the audience again Okay, it s about to start, everyone be quiet Exactly ten past six.Citizens in various households in Xiangjiang, who were watching Li TV channel, also saw the official start of the program on TV.Hi everyone, I m Chen Fa A host in a suit stepped out from the back of the stage to the music, smiled and bowed slightly to everyone as soon as he came out.Next will be the finals where Chen Dafu, Chang Xiaotu, and Liu Zhengfeng will win the championship.The two chatted, and after can you travel with cbd gummies to europe a while, they arrived at their destination.At the gate of He s villa, two people can you travel with cbd gummies to europe had been waiting for a long time.Li Guohao s car drove over slowly.Excuse me, is this Mr.Li Two security personnel stood on both sides of the car, and one of them stepped forward and knocked on the glass window and shouted.Li Guohao rolled down the car window and nodded with a smile, Yes.Open the door The security guard waved his hand, and the iron gate was cbd gummies and kidney function instantly opened.The driver, Zhang Guangming, also drove the car in slowly.The car is parked.Li cbd gummies affordable cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank Guohao and Ni Xingqing got out of the car.Boss, I ll wait for you here.Zhang Guangming said.At this time, the security guard next to him came over and said, Mr.Li, your driver can go over there to rest for a while.Let s go inside and have some tea and rest for a while, we may take can you travel with cbd gummies to europe royal blend cbd gummy review a while.Why are you looking at me Is there something on my face Noticing Ni Xingqing s gaze, Li Guohao asked with a smile.No, I just admire you, boss.Oh I admire your courage to put everything in one basket.Ni Xingqing is not sure how much cash Li Guohao currently holds, but judging from today s loan mortgage, there is at least 100 million, but 100 million is 10,000 It is impossible for Wan to acquire Nanshun.Presumably, he still has a lot of hole cards, but he doesn t know how many of them are.Haha, it s okay.Li Guohao laughed.If he didn t know that the stock market crash was about to erupt, he wouldn t have the courage to mortgage the entire company In the afternoon, the securities company.Haha, it has risen again, it has risen to 1775 There are still more than two hours before the market will be closed.The more stocks there are, the more beneficial it is for us to control Nanshun.Okay, I understand Dad.Xu Guangming didn t care much In fact, the people who are currently buying Nansun stocks in the market are not from the Jardine Group, but Li Guohao sent people to buy them.No matter whether can you travel with cbd gummies to europe the amount is large or small, they will buy them all.At the same time, Ni Xingqing also lived up to expectations from the Singaporean and returned with 7 of Nanshun s shares.It cost a full thirty million.As for the authorization of the general agency of Palace Bakery in Singapore, the other party did not care too much.This also caused the cbd sleep gummies with melatonin uk Ying family to regret it later.To be honest, 30 million has exceeded the current share price of Nanshun, basically a lot of premium.There is no way, the people in the Ying family don t care whether they sell the stock or not, if they don t buy it at a premium, the other party may not necessarily sell it.Saying goodbye to Shen Bi at night.Li Guohao got into Li Qiang s car.This Shen Bi is so good at drinking baijiu Don t all ghosts not like to drink it Li Guohao said, enduring the discomfort in his stomach.Li Qiang also said helplessly I didn t know that Shen Bi could drink liquor so well.I think he practiced in Xiangjiang in the past few years.By the way, isn t it too much for you to give Shen Bi five million Li cbd gummies affordable cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank Guohao dumped Shaking his head, rolling down the car window and blowing the cold wind, he said, It s not too much, Shen Bi saved me ten million, and I can you travel with cbd gummies to europe gave him five million for the sake of the future.He is a powerful person.In the future, the company s development I can t do without the help of the bank, with him, whether it s a loan or other things, I think it will be a lot easier.In the same year, he opened a company called Palace Pastry.In 1972, can you travel with cbd gummies to europe he took out a loan from HSBC to invest in a food processing factory Oh Bao Daheng listened to his subordinates report , surprised and said It seems that this Li Guohao cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies affordable started from scratch He has created such a big career in less than two years, what a formidable young man Well, it is said that this Li Guohao has a good relationship with Shen Bi of HSBC, Recently, I got a loan of up to 70 million from HSBC.said the subordinate.A cbd gummies affordable loan of 70 million yuan Please also ask He Qianjin, the daughter of the gambling king, to contact Ah Rong to find me.Bao Daheng smiled and said, It seems that this young man has a lot of schemes.I checked, and recently this Li Guohao seems to be You have been buying Nanshun s stock all the time, so you are here to find the boss this time, don t you want to get Nanshun s shares from you Nanshun Bao Daheng was stunned, he thought Li Guohao wanted to With the cbd gummies toms river nj help of his own shipping company, he sold the packaging videos produced by the food processing factory to the country, but he did not expect it to be for Nanshun.En.Thank you.Zhao Yazhi took the coat and said to Li Guohao, Take off your coat quickly and try this.Li Guohao honestly followed Zhao Yazhi s instructions, took off the cotton jacket wrapped around his body, and went on.Passing the black overcoat in Zhao Yazhi s hand, she casually put it on.Zhao Yazhi stepped forward and pulled out the collar that was wrapped in the clothes, and helped Li Guohao smooth out the wrinkles that he accidentally made when dressing, and tidied up the suit and coat inside.It s pretty.After Zhao Yazhi tidied up Li Guohao s clothes, she stood in front of her and looked around carefully, before saying with a smile.Really Li Guohao walked up to the floor to ceiling mirror and looked in the mirror, only HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies to europe to see himself in the mirror wearing this does cbd gummies help u sleep black overcoat and matching the black suit inside the overcoat, which gave him the aura of a gangster.It s not that there is any big crisis, but the previous strategy and plan of exchanging one share for five shares was indeed made by the people of Landmark It came out, relying on this method, the people who bought the land did not spend too much cash, and completed the acquisition of a milk company with a higher market value than themselves.If the stock market crash does not break out, or if it breaks out later, then those who exchanged the shares of the milk company Shareholders of Hongkong Land stock may make a lot of money because of this, but the reality is that not long after Hongkong Land acquired Milk Company, the stock market crash broke out, and the Hang Seng Index plummeted all the way.Those new shares have not yet been can you travel with cbd gummies to europe distributed to shareholders, their value has already Falling to a certain level.It was photographed.This person is Li Guohao The other person looked curiously at Li Guohao and his party who were HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies to europe walking into the building and asked.Yeah, that s right, it s him.I saw him on stage when the pastry contest was broadcast on can you travel with cbd gummies to europe TV.I said what s the point of you filming this Li Guohao Isn t it just a normal commercial acquisition Idiot Now The stock market has fallen so badly, this Li Guohao dared to buy Nanshun at this time, there must be some ulterior secrets, besides, Nanshun is a member of the Jardine faction, I have studied Li Guohao s information, he is a self made man Young man, if you can buy half of Nanshun s shares in a short period of time, do you dare to say that no other tycoon provides funds The man paused and said I suspect this is a premeditated acquisition It may be a Chinese businessman People from the faction were dissatisfied with the previous acquisition of the milk company by the British Jardines.This time they sent Li Guohao to acquire Nanshun, just to see if the people from Jardines would intervene Besides, the daily news now except for a stockholder jumping off the building, it is that stockholder because he borrowed People reviews of smilz cbd gummies who traded stocks at usury were hacked to death on the street.Everyone read the news badly, it s time to make something interesting and attractive Just imagine A young man in his cbd gummies affordable cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank early twenties, in just two years, relying on himself With his ability, he created a can you travel with cbd gummies to europe big pastry company, and spent hundreds of millions to acquire the old Nanshun Group The man said more and more passionately, and he waved his fist excitedly New Xiangjiang Dream The title How attractive Chapter 213 Xu Deming s Giving Up No one came down to pick it up Jin Jiashi frowned and looked at the door on the first floor of the building.Boss, the acquisition of Nanshun cost a total of 2.About 9.5 billion Ni Xingqing opened the briefcase he was carrying with him, calculated the total amount of acquisition of Nanshun, and said to Li Guohao.Yes.Li Guohao didn t look back, he still looked at the scenery outside the window and said The scenery here is pretty good, but I don t know how the chairman s office is.Thinking about it, it should be no worse than the lighting and scenery of the meeting room.Ni Xingqing said with a smile.The debt is more than 100 million I have to pay it back slowly.Li Guohao sighed.Boss, can I ask you a question rachel ray gummy cbd Ni Xingqing thought of one thing and asked.Say.I ve always wondered where you got another 100 million.Of the previous 200 million yuan, one of them was earned by Li Guohao by speculating in stocks.After the establishment of the sharpshooter team, there were almost 300 people.Even if one tenth of the sharpshooters were eliminated this time, there were more than 30 people.This is not a small team.Number.Yes, if you are dissatisfied, I had an idea earlier, that is to form a security company It s just that there is no manpower all the time.You just said that the government intends to eliminate part of the manpower, which provides convenience to the security company Li Guohao mentioned the idea of forming a security company to Li Qiang a long time ago, but unlike in the mainland later, there were a lot 711 cbd gummies of veterans.Even if he wanted to go to the mainland what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to europe to look for it now, but because the Cultural Revolution was not over yet, Mr.Deng hasn t come on stage yet.Except for the few veterans who swim by themselves, there is almost no way to bring them here.Now Li Guohao s identity and status are different.In addition to inviting Zhang Dong, Li Qiang and some key managers of the company, He Qianjin, Zheng Jiachun, Huo Zhenting and Shen Bi were also invited along the way.At the same time, Jin Jiashi also gave a reply, saying that quick frozen dumplings have been developed, and the taste is better than freshly made and sold dumplings.At the same time, the cost issue, if it is an assembly line, then the price is a little cheaper than the dumplings made by yourself, because you buy a lot of meat products at one time, so the price is naturally cheap.The flour company makes it by itself, and gives a preferential ex factory price.The dumpling wrapper factory also makes it.If you really want to make a quick frozen food factory, an average bag of dumplings, based on the number, is 15 dumplings filled with meat.In the past, conditions did not allow them, so they could only be treated conservatively, taking medicine on time, and occasionally visiting the hospital for examination.This year s charity banquet, the Governor of Hong Kong raised a large amount of charitable funds.In addition to allocating part of the construction of a new large scale welfare home, he also gave a sum of money for orphan medical expenses, plus some donations from well meaning people, and the love of children under Li Guohao Charitable foundations are barely able to pay for these expensive surgeries.In addition to Annie, who suffers from leukemia, who needs long term hospitalization for treatment, an orphan with a cleft lip in an orphanage will also stay in the hospital for a few days, waiting for the doctors to come up with can you travel with cbd gummies to europe a good plan for cleft lip repair surgery.it is good.This construction team was made by the government.In order to expand the Pok Fu Lam road, the government also spent a lot of money to build new roads here.A boy went to the intercepted construction site early to investigate the situation ahead, and suddenly saw a car slowly approaching in the distance.The rear window said Brother Menglong, there seems to be a car coming up ahead Are you sure it s the kid surnamed Li Menglong asked.It should be right.I remember that the kid surnamed Li was riding a Rolls Royce, which is rare in Xiangjiang.Just now I saw that the car was indeed a Rolls Royce, and it was only 500 meters away from us.The distance amazon eagle hemp cbd gummies is too long Ma Zai thought for a while and said.Then let them get ready The Raptor held the miniature submachine gun and the gun in his hand, and heaved a long sigh of relief, which could be regarded as throwing out the tension in his heart, followed by violent and excited emotions.Chairman The more than a dozen important managers of the group s subsidiaries who had already what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to europe been seated in the conference room all stood up and said in unison.Well, let s all sit down.Li Guohao walked quickly to his seat and motioned for the big guys to sit down and chat.Looking at the dozen or so in front of him, there are unfamiliar and familiar faces, Li Guohao is also quite proud.After nearly three years of rebirth, he has developed to the present and established a group.Not to mention how powerful it is, but it has also exceeded his original idea.Today s meeting is the first time that the big guys get together.So you don t have to be too restrained.You can speak freely.You can also mention any new ideas or new views on the future development of the group, not limited to business It s the first time to preside over a group meeting, Li Guohao has no experience, but this kind of thing is often the first time, after doing a lot of things, you will be familiar with it.Well, this You deal with the matter, I hope that the matter will become a little bigger and let other newspapers veritas cbd gummies know that slandering others can also be punished.Li Guohao snorted coldly, it was fine if he hadn t read this newspaper before, but reporter Chen published the magazine yesterday After showing it to him, it is natural to teach this group of uncrowned kings a lesson.After Fang Jian went out, Chen Sheng and Zhang Bowen walked in.A Sheng, isn t your leg still recovering Why don t you rest in the hospital Li Guohao asked in surprise when he saw Chen Sheng.The boss is fine.It s just a broken leg.It s like resting at home.It s not because of something.Chen Sheng smiled.He had already received the 300,000 that Li Guohao promised, and he felt sorry for Li Guohao, the employer.I am even more satisfied.After all, people die for money and birds die for food.No one wants to not get the reward they deserve for what they have done.What s the matter Now Li Guohao s bodyguards have increased to eight people.In addition to his main car, he is also divided into two cars, a total of three cars.It s such a boss.Zhang Bowen explained Because of the previous incident, the police station is also the Flying Tigers.Oh, this is the name of the special mission company in the newspaper.I think it s good, so let s call it that.I know, you continue.Then Chief Zhou also stepped up the selection process.Yesterday, a hundred members of the official Flying Tigers were confirmed.Just now, Chief Zhou called me and said that there are about two More cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies affordable than a hundred people will be eliminated.Chief Zhou also asked them if they would like to work in the security company, and almost a hundred people are willing to come.He thought Cai Lan was still thinking about it, but he didn how much thc is in cbd gummies t expect to have finished the script so quickly.Several important actors in the crew also can you travel with cbd gummies to europe royal blend cbd gummy review slowly approached at this time.That s right.Xu Guanwen slapped his head and said hastily I forgot to introduce you to Li Sheng.These are the actors of our crew.This is my brother Xu Guanjie, Mr.Li has met before.Hello, Mr.Li.Xu Guanjie was not joking like usual, and after seeing Li Guohao, he went up to say hello honestly.Ajie, I ve seen it before.Li Guohao replied with a smile.Ajie is my fourth brother, and this is my third brother Xu Guanying.This is Qiao Hong, Mr.Qiao, and this is Ding Pei, Miss Ding.After Xu Guanwen introduced several important characters in the crew, Li Guohao also greeted them one by one, but when he saw Ding Pei, Li Guohao showed a strange expression on his face.I just took cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies affordable out the cooling equipment in the refrigerator and optimized it to a certain extent, so this machine can be called a refrigerator.It doesn t need to be called a refrigerating machine.Because there can i take cbd gummies in the morning are two completely different types of machines. What is the effect of refrigerating Wang Hongshen said In the past, if a refrigerating machine was just turned on, it would take more than 20 minutes to fully cool down.It takes only ten minutes for the new refrigerator to freeze the dumplings.If the machine has already been turned on, the old refrigerator will freeze in about five minutes after it has finished cooling.And the new machine only takes two minutes Maybe faster That s pretty good.Li Guohao glanced at Wang Hongshen in surprise, he didn t expect that the other party really succeeded in changing the refrigerator, and the effect looked pretty good, but I also asked the most important thing, What about the power consumption The previous refrigerators needed about 10 kilowatt hours of electricity per hour, and the new ones have been improved by me to minimize the power consumption as much as possible, but they also need It s about 8 9 kWh per hour.Chapter 269 is about Master Dong again, on the east side of Kowloon Peninsula, Wong Tai Sin District, Wong Tai Sin Temple.Wong Tai Sin Temple, formerly known as Sik Sik Garden, was first built in 1921.After decades of careful management, the entire hall is resplendent and majestic.The entire temple covers an area of more than 18,000 square meters.The Wong Tai Sin Temple, also known as the Sik Sik Garden, was built in 1945.It is one of the famous can you travel with cbd gummies to europe scenic spots in Hong Kong Kowloon and one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong.It enjoys a high reputation in Hong Kong and overseas.According to legend, Huang Daxian, also known as Chisong Fairy, is widely known for practicing medicine to help the world.According to legend, the Huang Daxian enshrined in the temple is responsive to requests.Every year at the end of the lunar calendar and from the first day to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, a large number of believers go to the temple.Well, you go out first.After Secretary Liu went out, Master Dong also returned to his original appearance, no longer restrained as he was when he came, and laughed when he saw Li Guohao He said, Li Sheng s office is really big Since Master Dong knows Feng Shui, let s see how the Feng Shui of my office is Li Guohao smiled.Okay.Master Dong was also unambiguous, and directly took out a gossip style compass from the satchel he carried with him.Turned around.A few minutes later, Master Dong also looked at Victoria Harbor through the floor to ceiling windows.At this time, there are many high rise buildings in the Hong Kong Central area, but almost all of them are about the same height, and the floor where Li Guohao is located is a taller one, so the shadow of Victoria Harbor can be vaguely seen.Li Sheng, the feng shui in your office is so so, but the best place should be there Li Guohao looked in the direction Master Dong pointed, and asked in amazement can you travel with cbd gummies to europe Where is the direction of West Kowloon That s right, there is a piece of land in West Kowloon.In addition, he has traveled through a lifetime, and he is also a little superstitious about these gods and ghosts, otherwise he would not cornbread organic berry cbd gummies have invited Master Dong to come here to see Feng can you travel with cbd gummies to europe Shui.Manager Huang heard it.When the industrial park is built, he will place a stone dragon and a stone tiger on .

what is cbd gummies for kids?

the left and right sides according to Master Dong s instructions.Afraid he would forget, Li Guohao also asked Huang Yaohua to remember.I remembered the chairman.By the way, when did Yongtai start work After two months of preparation, there are almost no problems.The chairman said can you travel with cbd gummies to europe before that he would bring a Feng Shui expert Is Master coming to see Fengshui, we just want to wait for Master to choose an auspicious day to start work.Huang Yaohua glanced at this Master Dong who is quite immortal.Master Dong smiled and said authentically, As the old saying goes, if there is earth, there is wealth.Mr.Li is polite.up.He Guanchang knew how much he weighed.When he heard Li Guohao s words, he took them as a courtesy, and seeing that the other party was also here to visit Bruce Lee, he also said, Li Sheng, let s go up together. it is good.Li Guohao nodded slightly. It s almost seven o clock in the morning now.The news about Bruce Lee in the major newspapers spread throughout Xiangjiang in an instant.The news about Bruce Lee s hospitalization was revealed by the hospital and some people last night.This was not the headline news that was originally planned for the next day, but it was withdrawn overnight, and all content related to Bruce Lee was changed.Because it was too late at that time, there was no time to send reporters to interview and follow up, so they could only make up nonsense.Most of the newspapers were somewhat professional, and they only mentioned that Bruce Lee was taken to the hospital by ambulance last cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies affordable night, and his life and death were unknown.Hearing this, Li Guohao looked at Master Dong with some horror.I can you travel with cbd gummies to europe m just doing random calculations, and Li Sheng doesn t have to take it too seriously.Seeing Li Guohao looking at him in astonishment, Master Dong revealed a smile.Oh, good.Li Guohao nodded solemnly, and took a deep look at Master Dong, whom he had always regarded as a magic stick.After a long time, he said Since there is nothing wrong, I will leave Master first.Li Sheng, I ll see you off.Master Dong stood up and prepared to see him off.You don t need to give it away.Master Dong, you can make your own decision about Feng Shui fortune telling.Okay.Then, Li Sheng, go slowly.Before Master Dong could finish speaking, Li Guohao turned around and left the door.Seeing Li Guohao coming out, Jian Fu stood on his toes and looked behind him, Where is Master Dong He said he was tired and needed to rest for a while, let s go back first.Presumably it has not been invented or born yet.Protein powder is an indispensable supplement for future fitness people, and the price is very expensive.If you take the lead in tinkering with it and apply for a patent, you should be able to make a fortune.And I can also find Bruce Lee s contemporary spokesperson.I believe there will be many people who want to have the same perfect body as Bruce Lee.Li Guohao rubbed his chin and thought.Immediately, he shook his head, throwing this matter out of his mind.The top priority now is still the matter of the stock market, and the rest will be discussed later.It has to be said that Li Guohao now has the basic elements of a total pure cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to europe businessman, and whenever he sees a slight business opportunity, he wants to get involved.I chatted with Bruce Lee for a can you travel with cbd gummies to europe few more words, and asked if the other party was interested in Xiangjiang.He had been working in Sun Hung Kai Properties before.Hello, chairman.Hearing introducing himself, Qi Boheng immediately what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to europe stood up.Looking at Qi Boheng, he should be around forty years old.Seeing him standing up, Li Guohao also said Manager Qi, sit down, there is no need to stand up.That is Chen You, the deputy manager of Guohao Real Estate. Hello, chairman.This is Xie Lixin, the deputy general manager of Guohao cbd gummies affordable cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank Group.Hello, chairman.Following Di Yimin s introduction one by one, Li Guohao nodded slightly at them, motioned for everyone to sit down, botanical farms cbd gummies customer service number then turned to Qi Boheng and asked, Manager Qi, how long will it take to build a school and how much money will it cost This It depends on the size of the school the chairman wants to build, is it a primary school, a middle school, or a university Qi Boheng asked.Comparing the content of newspapers in the past with those of the present, we can clearly find the difference.In the past, it was to disclose the inside information of some businessmen, and the prices of various items were published in newspapers.Now it is more about writing some commercial articles, bragging about the quality of the goods of that company.There are also prices for some items, but no one knows whether they are the most regular market prices.After all, Business Daily allows advertisements Hearing this, Pang Heshuo sighed and said, Oh, let s not mention the past, what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to europe the current Business Daily Forget it, stop talking, spoil the fun.Seeing that Pang Heshuo can you travel with cbd gummies to europe didn t want to talk more about Business Daily , Li Guohao slapped his forehead and said, I forgot about this excitement.Please sit down, Mr.At most, I have read some related books.What really made him make money is still relying on the memory of later generations.Without these, Li Guohao is a financial idiot.In Bao Daheng s and Feng Yongfa s view, Li Guohao relied on his own unique insights, so that he was able to earn hundreds of millions of dollars from the US stock market in advance and return safely.This is also the root cause of their inquiry.Don t look at Bao Daheng and they are all well known wealthy figures in Xiangjiang, but in fact everyone has made wrong decisions, which led to the company s losses.So far, every investment of Li Guohao has made profits, but at least there has been no loss Pass.Except for those under construction or in preparation Li Sheng is really knowledgeable, listening to what you say is better than reading for ten years Feng Yongfa couldn t help but admire., Ltd.with the money they received, thinking about relying on their professional knowledge to develop the securities company.From 1971 to the beginning of 1973, the situation of Sun Hung Kai Securities has been very stable, and its income has been increasing month by month.However, the outbreak of the stock market coincidentally made the foundation of Sun Hung Kai Securities, which was still developing, somewhat unstable.Feng Jingxi originally wanted to find some old friends to transfer some funds to help, but unfortunately, many people had no way to spare because of the HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies to europe heavy losses in the stock market.If you find unfamiliar funds, you may fear that the company may change hands.It happened that Feng Yongfa saw the news that Li Guohao had earned hundreds of millions of dollars in the United States, so he wondered whether he could get some funds from this financial master.At the end, He also took out his business card and handed it to Wen Guoyang, saying, Mr.Wen, you can call me anytime if you need anything.Hearing this, Wen Guoyang nodded with a smile and said, Okay.He can you travel with cbd gummies to europe took the initiative to chat with Li Guohao, I just want to be able to say hello in front of the other party and get acquainted with each other.After all, more people who do business are equivalent to more roads.And Li Guohao, a well accomplished young man in the Chinese business circle of Xiangjiang, was naturally the object of Wen Guoyang s enthusiasm About five or six minutes later, the venue was full of people.On the front center stage, a master of ceremonies stepped onto the stage and tried the microphone, which also made the conference room suddenly quiet.Thank you all for participating in cbd gummies affordable cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank the 1973 year end summary meeting of the Hong Kong Chinese Manufacturers Association.At the same time, I am impressed by Li Guohao You must know that the three outlooks, world outlook, outlook on can you travel with cbd gummies to europe life, and values mentioned just now are not something ordinary people can come up with, let alone Speaking of positive energy is such a wonderful vocabulary, but it can also interpret the good side of society very well.Chairman, you It s amazing Pang Heshuo said seriously.Where is it It s just some superficial opinions.After you go back, find someone to think about it carefully.What I think is still a little different from what I said.After all, I don t study much.Li Guohao smiled.He didn t want Pang Heshuo to distort his three views because of his words A few days later.Daily Daily finally officially made Today s Interview an important section of the newspaper.In addition to news and people s livelihood, Today s Interview has become the top priority in the newspaper.What What s the matter, Lingling Li Guohao glanced at his cousin Li what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to europe Lingling, who has been in Xiangjiang for more than half a year.Perhaps because of the soil and water, her skin is much better than when she first came to Xiangjiang.Can I ask you something After finishing speaking, the cousin secretly glanced at the aunt who was playing mahjong.Let s talk. I can you travel with cbd gummies to europe I don t want to study anymore, I want to go to your culinary school to learn how to make pastry.Li Guohao frowned and asked, Is it your own idea Ok Facing this unfamiliar cousin, but with an adult air, Li Lingling nodded weakly.Thinking that her cousin seems to be only 16 years old and has not graduated from the sixth form, Li Guohao asked again Why don t you think about it read I don t think I can continue to study.I didn t study very well in Wanwan.This hotel is not very big, only about seven or eight floors high, and each floor has about thirty rooms.Chen Xuewen directly occupied the entire floor , plus the downstairs floor.After reaching the reserved floor, Chen Sheng said to Xiao Fan Xiao Fan, right What orders does this elder brother have Xiao Fan had seen Chen Sheng s resolute face before, and when he stopped the hotel manager downstairs, he had already guessed that the other party was the chairman s personal bodyguard.Among the more than fifty people, the boss s bodyguard alone There are more than 30.Chen Sheng said Come down with me to find the lobby manager just now, I have something to tell him.Because I contracted a floor, it is relatively stable in terms of safety, but it still needs the cooperation of the hotel.Okay.After everyone else scattered around to find their own rooms to rest, Li Guohao sat in his room and looked at Bangkok at this time through the glass window.Tour guide Zheng slowly introduced the current underground black boxing in Thailand That s why I said, Boss Li, you are here on time.It s time, now is the day when all the boxers in Thailand come to Bangkok to compete, and today should be the day when the Chiang Mai boxing champion will compete with the Prachinburi boxing champion.Is it life or death Li Guohao asked curiously.Yes, but there are very few now.In the past, the winner was determined by the death of one side.Now, because more and more people come to watch the game from abroad, coupled with HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies to europe gambling, the organizers of the black boxing can earn a lot of money.More.There are fewer and fewer black fighters, so now it s cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies affordable just a matter of which side admits defeat first.But there are also life and death ones, and that kind is endless.Lao Zheng has been in Thailand for more than 20 years, working as a tour guide It has been more than ten years, and it is not for nothing.This is too cruel Asheng, can you two win against them Li Guohao couldn t help but asked Chen Sheng and Ajie who were following him.These two children are definitely fine, but Chen Sheng pondered for a moment and said If it is replaced by two grown up men, I am confident that I will be able to stop the opponent.As for the defeat, I have not tried it with Muay Thai, so it is not easy to compare.It s really hard to say that two and a half year old teenagers are so ruthless in their shots, and the timing is so good.It s really hard to say if it s really replaced by two adult Muay Thai fighters in an irregular street competition.Speaking of which, Ah Jie interjected Most of what we train in the police force is physical combat and firearms, of which firearms account for the majority.In terms of fighting against ordinary people, it best cbd gummies to fight tumors s no problem for one to fight three, but if you encounter a hard stubble, one on one is no problem.But with fighting skills They have abilities, but they are far from that strong.Chapter 342 RedRed Bull I saw dozens of children in front of them hugging a big tree and desperately practicing knee bumps, their legs were obviously red and swollen, and some even caused skin damage and bleeding due to friction.Old Zheng pointed to the A group of children said Muay Thai fighters generally start learning Muay Thai from a very young age, and knee bumps and elbows are the most lethal moves in Muay Thai, so they have been training hard for a long time, practicing their knees and elbows.to a certain hardness Li Guohao looked at a group of children in front of him, the average age was only about thirteen or fourteen years old, among which there were seven or eight children who looked only eight or nine years old.Seeing Li Guohao looking at him, Chen Zhi smiled and said Principal Li, I don t know much about catering, so I consulted Master Wang and several cooking cbd gummies affordable cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank masters., According to the teaching content they provided, the lessons were compiled.Zhao Yazhi looked at the environment of the cubicles in the factory building, and couldn t help asking How long does it take for students to graduate after studying According to our lesson preparation, it cbd gummies affordable cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank takes one year for normal study to successfully graduate, but it still depends on whether the individual works hard.Basically, our culinary training is divided into knife carving and cooking, and the baking is similar.From the can you travel with cbd gummies to europe most basic noodle kneading to baking and the making of more delicate dim sum After talking a little bit, Chen Zhi said Actually, it all depends on which subjects the students have reported themselves.Haha Haha The wealthy businessmen and celebrities who were invited to participate in the event laughed out loud when they heard that they were getting older.He Dongsheng, the president and person in charge of Hong Kong Youth Chamber of Commerce, couldn t help but too many cbd gummies chuckled twice when he heard the laughter from the audience.With the help of the laughter, he continued We may be too nervous about the ten outstanding youth elections in 1970.After all, it is the first time that some aspects are inevitably negligent, and here I cherish to express my apologies to Mr.Xu Xianfa, he is the only person we miscalculated the age.Hahaha Hearing He Dongsheng s words, Everyone in the venue burst out laughing again.On the other hand, Li Guohao, who was sitting in the audience, was a little at a loss.He didn t understand what the stalk meant.The prototype of the technology was invented as early as the 19th century, and it was first used abroad in the 1910s and 1920s, using ohmic heating technology to sterilize milk.This technology has no patent, even if it has It has expired a long time ago, so it is the best choice for us to start with this ohmic heating technology.Then what have you researched Although Li Guohao didn t understand what the ohmic heating technology meant, he understood that this technology has already There is no patent right, and I and others can use it unlimitedly and conduct secondary research and development.I am thinking of using the electrical conductivity of food materials to process food.Food itself has dielectric properties.When the current passes through food, the electrical energy will be converted into heat energy inside the food, raising the temperature of the food, so as to achieve direct and uniform heating and sterilization.If they can help me, they will definitely help.Just as Li Guohao and Wen Guoyang were chatting, Li Guohao happened to hear a little bit of what the guests at the next table were talking about, and a thought came to his mind on the spot.After staying in the peninsula for another ten minutes, Li Guohao said goodbye to Wen Guoyang.On the way back, he kept thinking about the conversation at the next table.After going back to the office and thinking about it, I decided to ask someone, and called Cai Lan directly.Hello Brother Lan.Chairman What s the matter Do you know which department is responsible for issuing free TV licenses Free TV licenses Asked Chairman, who did you listen to talk about the TV license You don t need to worry about this, do you know which department is in charge of this matter Cai Lang thought for a while and said I don t know which department specifically Clearly, but when I was working at Shaw Brothers, I heard people say that TVB s license was signed and issued by the Government of Hong Kong.Li Guohao does not know whether MSG is harmful to the human body, but he knows that MSG has always been the food of Asia and the world.An indispensable condiment.So after earning 300 million U.S.dollars last year, plus the desire to enter the condiment raw material industry, this chicken essence is a good start, so Ni Xingqing was asked to set up a company in where can you buy cbd gummies for anxiety the United States first.Boss America If it doesn t work over there, let s do it in Xiangjiang There is no country in Asia that does not eat MSG Essence of chicken better than monosodium glutamate is definitely feasible.Ni Xingqing didn t really understand the difference between chicken essence and monosodium glutamate, but at the time Li Guohao mentioned that chicken essence was the umami element extracted from chicken.Forget it, you don t have to worry about it.A reporter excitedly pointed at the slowly approaching car and said, Look, that s the license plate of Tycoon Bao.I remember it s an eight Arriving, I saw the special car of the Governor of Hong Kong on the back foot.Hey, brother, haven t you been here for a long time A reporter next to him couldn can you travel with cbd gummies to europe t bear the man s soliloquy and couldn t help asking.Yeah, I was going to bribe the people inside to sneak in, but even the cleaning staff didn t charge me, and even asked the security guards to kick me out.The reporter said distressedly.Are you stupid The whole hotel is surrounded by Li Guohao s Guohao security guards.Not to mention that even a fly can t fly in, at least a living person like you won t be able to get in The reporter flipped over.He rolled his eyes and said It s a matter of course that Bao Daheng came with the Governor of Hong Kong.Finally, after thinking for a long time, he said on the phone Well, you first arrange someone to make a plan for going public.I ll find someone to have a look, and if it works, let s go public.Okay Li Qiang agreed on the phone, in fact, after He Qianjin mentioned the listing to Li Guohao before, He Qianjin also explained to Li Qiang that Li Guohao was hesitating.Li Qiang was thinking about finding a time to have a good chat with Li Guohao about the issue of going public.He never thought that the other party would take the initiative to mention it today and even agree to it, so he was very satisfied.By the way, when will you can you travel with cbd gummies to europe and Zhang Nana can you travel with cbd gummies to europe royal blend cbd gummy review get married Li Guohao asked with a smile, changing the what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to europe subject.How do you know Li Qiang asked in surprise.After a few days.The old man s passport has been issued.Thinking that his grandfather has not been in a good mood in recent years, Li Guohao doesn t know whether it is good or bad to tell the old man about Uncle Chang.After thinking for a while, my head hurts, and then I put the matter out of my mind, and quietly read today s newspaper.Yesterday at 19 36, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurred in Haicheng and Yingkou, Liao Province, Mainland China.The number of casualties had reached more than 15,800 before the report was issued.At the same time, another 4.5 earthquake occurred at three o clock in the morning today.Considering that it was night, the estimated number of casualties is around 20,000 Li Guohao frowned suddenly when he read the report in Xiangjiang s Ta Kung Pao.Haicheng Earthquake Magnitude 7.3 Li Guohao was a standard 80 year old before crossing.With total pure cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to europe a boxer, there is naturally a coach, and with a coach, there will gradually be an analysis team of its own, which is dedicated to analyzing all the information of the opponent for the boxer.However, the three of Zhang Qing are alone, without any professional coaches and analysis teams to help, which greatly reduces the understanding of their opponents.In this regard, Li Guohao did not want his compatriots to lose too badly in the competition, and was scolded by some caring people for being foreign and foreign, so he invited Bruce Lee to teach Zhang Qing and others the fighting skills that the current players are learning, as well as the key points of these fighting skills.After this year s mixed martial arts competition is over, Li Guohao plans to hold a fighting competition similar to Wulin Style in Xiangjiang.Anyway, he seems to be in charge of accounts.Li Guohao said directly without hesitation Okay, there is no problem in arranging Xiaozhi s work, but you But you have to tell Aunt Fat that if Xiaozhi can t work and is dismissed by other people s management, don t look for me.Although I am the chairman, the company has company regulations.In recent years, as Li Guohao s career has become more can you travel with cbd gummies to europe and more Growing up, some former relatives, friends, and neighbors have more or less found Li Huifang, hoping to arrange some good jobs.In this regard, Li Guohao also agreed, but he also said hello to this group of people who came from the back door.In the company, he must follow the company s regulations and cannot do things in his own name.Although each fee may only be a few cents or a few yuan, the cost of a ship docking at the dock for loading and unloading is a considerable sum.Thinking of this, Li Guohao regretted not calling Jin Jiashi back from Australia.Although he had already resigned from his position as the general manager of Guohao Lam Soon and became the manager of the Australian branch, the person who knows Guohao Nanshun best, It must be him.In the room, after thinking alone for a long time, Li Guohao decided to call Jin Jiashi over.If the time comes to discuss cooperation, Jin Jiashi, an old man from Nanshun, a national hero, will be there, so that the cooperation can be discussed more appropriately Chapter 655 Xiangjiang is easy to make money Li Guohao thought of this, he stood up and was about to go out and ask the people in the guest house where he could call Xiangjiang.Bang The door was opened.As soon as Li Guohao stepped out, he saw two young women standing by the door.But there are only tens of thousands of cows on such a large grassland, which still supplies more than half of the output of the three northeastern provinces, which is very unreasonable.At the same time, knowing that their fresh milk processing technology was relatively backward, Fu Shengkuan thought of Guohao Dairy of his own group.Guohao Dairy has developed to this day.In addition to its business in Australia, it also sells a lot of dairy products in Xiangjiang and even half of Southeast Asia.Because fresh milk can be stored endlessly, it can be made into dairy products, which can be sold more conveniently and with high quality.The Hulunbuir milk factory also faces this problem.Their insufficient production is one problem, and their lack of good fresh keeping technology is another problem.From leaving Bao an County in mid May to go to Kyoto, within a month and a half, Qi Boheng brought the architects and related geological surveyors to finalize the location of the building.More than ten days ago, the construction here officially started, and it is still in the stage of digging the foundation.In addition to Li Guohao s building being under construction, he also found that many places in Bao an County were under construction.Near the guest house, a large number of trucks transported some construction materials back and forth every year.Standing on the site where the building was selected, Li Guohao asked Qi Boheng beside him How is the supermarket in Kyoto It should be demolished now.Qi Boheng thought for a while and said Chairman, you After we left, we had already completed the design drawings, and then transferred a lot of machines and equipment from Xiangjiang.Li Guohao had no choice but to put the laboratory of genetically modified technology in the United States.There are many scientific researchers in Xiangjiang, but they are far inferior to those in the can you travel with cbd gummies to europe United States.In addition, the experimental equipment in the United States is very advanced, can you travel with cbd gummies to europe so he can only put the laboratory in the United States.There.Chapter 770 Precursor of the collapse of Xiangjiang Real total pure cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to europe Estate Okay, chairman.After Huo Zheng listened to the chairman s words, he nodded silently, his mind was full of plans and ideas for setting up a genetically modified laboratory, and he didn t care at all about letting himself rest for a few days that he mentioned.Li Guohao doesn t know how to read minds, so he couldn t tell that Huo Zhengzheng agreed, but he was actually thinking about returning to the United States as soon as possible, but continued to talk about the second task Well, the second task is to get HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies to europe the molecular food laboratory A branch will be relocated to the Xiangjiang hemp clinic cbd gummies 1000mg reviews side and merged with the experimental building.According to the current market price of the real estate and the market value of Chong Hing Bank, we gave a premium price of 2.18 billion Hong Kong dollars to fully acquire Chong Hing Bank and the land of these seven branches.Chapter 773 When Shen Bi visited and heard that Ni Xingqing quoted a price of 2.18 billion, Liao Liewen couldn t help but raise his eyebrows.The 2.18 billion can be said to have exceeded the prices of Chong Hing Bank and the seven properties.Don t talk about Mr.Li anymore, we can t sell it.Liao Liewu shook his head and refused before his elder brother could speak.Li Guohao looked at Liao Liewu who sternly refused, and then glanced at Ni Xingqing, only to hear him say again Mr.Liao Liewu, don t worry, we have investigated the business situation of Chong Hing Bank in recent years, it can be said that it is very unsatisfactory.

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