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2023-02-20 best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 cbd calm gummies And will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test cbd gummies colorado.

The police car uses the gas card to refuel, and the official card is used to investigate or arrest other places.The police car needs to be gummies cbd cbd calm gummies repaired when it breaks down.For the auto repair shop designated by the sub bureau, a report is first made, first signed by the director, and then the installation and finance department of the sub bureau and even the leader in charge sign the signature.Han Chaoyang is just a community policeman, and it is not very official at present, so he is not eligible to have a business card.Even if nirvana cbd gummies review he has a business card, it is not so easy to get reimbursed for using the public money to buy a mop board.After weighing it up, he pondered Old Xu, why don t you go to the back and ask the community service station if there are any unused extension cords.That s right, I ll ask.

As he said, mom and dad not only want to come to see the working and living environment of their precious son in the provincial capital, but also plan to come to help buy a house.If mom and dad know that they are so miserable at work, they will definitely be very worried.They will come over by November at the latest, and the housing prices will rise gradually.They dare not wait, and they will definitely not delay until New Year s Day.There are only two and a half months left, and the problem of the situation at work must be resolved within two and a half months, otherwise the parents who rush to buy a house for themselves, hoping to start a family and start a business in the provincial capital, will be so worried and anxious, there will be What a disappointment.How to solve the problem now, should I buy something and go to the director s house at night This is obviously not a good way, not to mention that you can t do such a thing, even if you can do it, you may not even dare to accept it if you send it to others.

Otherwise, science cbd gummies for ed will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test we will link the collection of health fees with the application of residence permits.When foreign personnel go to your place to apply for residence permits, first ask him to show the receipt of payment of health fees.With one stop office, all problems are solved.Riding a ride is charged Han Chaoyang was confused.Considering the sensitivity of this issue, he said helplessly, Secretary Zhang, you are trying to destroy my job.You know how difficult it is for the police now.If you meet someone like Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang People, because it s such a big deal to charge you three or five yuan for sanitation fees, I might really be picked up by the police.Chapter 19 Helpless and did not agree to the ride hailing fee, Zhang Zhishu was not unhappy.After all, Chaoyang Village is facing demolition, the village committee will soon become history, and the sanitation fee will not be collected for a few days.

Did brother Wei and Lingling have something to do He took out his mobile phone and saw that Aite s own was not his seniors and juniors, but a group of friends from the square dance group of the 527 factory that he had just joined in the morning.First there is a photo of a man in his thirties sitting on a raft electric fish, followed by the voice.Xiao Han, there are electric fish in the river All the way from the north, the big fish and the small fish will not be missed.Isn t this fishing out of the pond and killing chickens to get their eggs There are not many fish in the river.What does he let us catch in cbd calm gummies how long do cbd gummies stay good for the future after such a shock You are the river chief , you don t care about this matter The old man who called the police through WeChat was emotional, and he could imagine that he was sitting in the shade of a tree by the river, drinking tea, smoking a cigarette, and fishing leisurely.

Qing, you go on, as long as you don t do anything, you can make noise anytime, if you re thirsty, there s water here. Officer Han, my house was taken over by that vixen, and my shop was robbed by this stinky and shameless person, they all said it was difficult to find the police , you can t stand by and watch Han, you are inaction, believe it or not, I will complain to you Complain, come, this is the supervisory telephone number of our police station, this is the supervisory telephone number of our sub bureau, you can call whoever you want , please.Han Chaoyang pointed to the poster hanging on the wall, took off the law enforcement recorder and put it on the desk.Xu Hongliang reacted, and said slowly Your affairs are really not under the control of Police Officer Han.It is very simple to ask someone to decide for you.

If something happens, let alone punished, you may not be able to keep your job.Why don t your leaders arrange for others to go , Why did you let you go, think about it for yourself.It s best if nothing happens, if something happens, Liu Suo will definitely let himself take the blame.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, patted his forehead and said with a sad face, I ve provoked someone.When people are unlucky, drinking cold water can make their teeth clog It must be that I have done too many bad things, and now I will pay for it.Sister, What I need now is consolation, can you not add insult to injury. I don t want to be consolation, I suggest one. It s okay to have a suggestion, let s hear it. Go to Minghui Temple to burn incense and donate some sesame oil money, please The abbot will help you recite the scriptures and ask the Bodhisattva to see if you can change your luck.

Han Chaoyang was very satisfied with the status quo, turned on the air conditioner and leaned comfortably on the chair, recalling what Huang Ying said on the road.Assisting in land acquisition and demolition is indeed not a good job.But the police are afraid of accidents, so the street leaders and cbd calm gummies the cadres of the working group are not afraid of accidents, they are also civil servants.After all, someone has to do the work.If everyone is afraid of trouble, should the train station be relocated Of course, the relocation of the railway station is something that the leaders are considering.For me, Chaoyang Community is will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico a good place.Not only do you not need to be scorned every day like before, but you can also be respected like never before.As long as you work hard, the street leaders and even the district leaders can see it.

Manager Zhong, I am not from Yanyang, so it is useless to pay insurance here.We have also considered this.If someone does not want to pay insurance in Yanyang, we will send The part paid by the unit and the part that should be deducted by the individual are paid to everyone in the form of salary.Xiao Zhong looked back at Han Chaoyang and continued After the security service company is officially established, the salary standard will be re established, and there will definitely be no increase.It will fall.As for how much it will rise, it is hard to say now, but I can tell you clearly that at that time, the monthly salary of each person will not be less than 2,600 yuan.This is after paying hollywood cbd gummies the five insurances.In addition, there will be overtime subsidies and performance bonuses.There are additional rewards for those who perform well at work.

The workload is huge, .

can 1000mg cbd gummies get you high?

and it is almost impossible to complete the task by the public security alone, so many government departments, especially grassroots cadres, have participated.They have all used the search and comparison system for ex convicts and fugitives, and their words do have some truth.After the battle started, they had to go to the house to investigate.The patrol members were strong and well equipped, which could act as a deterrent and even control criminals who might be hiding in the village in time.After weighing it up, Han Chaoyang agreed, Okay, you guys take part in the operation and let Xiao Zhong be on duty in the police station.Great, thank you Han Da.Be careful, if the comparison finds a criminal suspect Don t be nervous, you must protect yourself.Don t worry, we are not the only ones who will be checked, there are patrol members.

He didn t know how to explain everything that happened in the past 24 hours to Liu Suo who came back tomorrow.Chapter 62 Really Unlucky The leaders did not leave like a superficial circle.They not only took over the microphone to explain the importance of floating population services and rental housing management to the villagers who were being punished, and explained the corresponding laws and regulations, but also accepted the city TV station, the city newspaper and others on the spot.Interviewed by a reporter from the Municipal People s Broadcasting Station.After interviewing the leaders, the reporter randomly interviewed several villagers who were punished.What can the villagers say if they have been fined And this is going to be on TV.I admit to the camera that I have a weak awareness of the legal system.

Don cbd calm gummies t worry, let s start I don t know, now I know who will be deceived.You are right, there are no free lunches in the sky, and there is no free lunch in the world.If you hadn t reminded me in time, even I would suffer a lot for taking advantage of it.It cbd calm gummies is to strengthen the awareness of prevention.It s not that you always want to take advantage of this little advantage, the main reason is that the tricks of the scammers are too clever, and people are hard to guard against.I will definitely come tomorrow night, and I will tell you how to prevent telecom fraud tomorrow night.Okay , I should talk about it, I will inform you tomorrow, so that those who don t usually come out can huuman cbd gummy come and listen.This will trouble you when you get old, Aunt Wang, Aunt Yu, all uncles and aunts, let s go first and see you tomorrow night.

Captain, there are several cars and dozens of people under him.If it weren t for Han Da s help, our law enforcement team s rectification operation at night would never have been so smooth.Han Da is a bold person.I have made this friend, and he treats me like a brother.I treat him as a brother, and his affairs are my Tang Junwei s affairs.I told you just now, please, and now I will say it again, and please pay more attention to it in the future.Anyone who finds illegal, criminal or suspicious behavior will be promptly reported.Han Da, give me a call, and if the line is busy, call me directly.After speaking, do it first as a respect.And not one cup, but three cups in a row Everyone gave a burst of applause at the same time.Captain Tang put down his wine glass and cbd calm gummies clasped his fists, begging again, so that Han Chaoyang didn t know how to thank him.

Since you are a civil servant, you must be supervised.What s wrong with your supervisor Can t the superior ask you for information But, the bad influence on me has already been caused What kind of bad influence, I said I understand the situation.Go back early, don t delay work, it s the first time to touch this car, drive slowly on the road, pay attention to safety Section Chief Zou, you can t do this, and I can t just go back like this.It was the first time that Zou Jingnan had encountered such a thing, so he stared at him and asked, Do you want me to give you an explanation It s not that I insist on an explanation, but that you should give me an explanation. Okay, I ll give you an explanation if there s one, change it, if there s nothing else, I ll encourage it statement Han Chaoyang is not hypocritical, but has seen similar things.

Liu Jianye looked up at the crowd, held up his mobile phone and asked, Boss Du, the key is which laws and regulations are violated.They have hired several lawyers.We can t stand up legally.Just as it is pleasing to the eye, Bureau Du is not pleasing to the eye no matter how he sees Liu gummies cbd cbd calm gummies Jianye now.He knocked on the table again, and said in a very unhappy or even dissatisfied tone What other laws and regulations can be violated I am suspected of organizing obscene performances.I will be investigated and dealt with severely for the crime of organizing obscene performances.Liu Jianye, Liu Jianye, this is the most basic Common sense of the law, I really doubt whether you are legally can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico illiterate.Chapter 81 The bureau leader invited a grandfather to go to the investigation with Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu last night, but Chen Xiujuan called and said that the police office could not leave people.

Two carpenters were sweating profusely in the carport, as if they were transforming a police station that they had pulled from nowhere.The people from the telecommunications company were climbing on the poles to adjust the cbd gummies stands for signal of the optical cable.The policeman Xiao Niu from the police security office stood at the back door of the police room and directed Li Xiaobin and other young men to cbd calm gummies move the tables, chairs and benches of the security company out.Chaoyang, this is Director Su was also there, as soon as he saw Grandpa Gu , he ran over.Han Chaoyang didn t care about parking the electric car, and introduced with pride while holding the handlebar Master, let me introduce to you, this is Su Xian, Secretary and Director of the Party Branch of our Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee Director HCMUSSH cbd calm gummies Su, this is just Transferred to our police station, Inspector Gu who will be stationed in the police station like cbd calm gummies me in the future, Inspector Gu is also my master.

The children thought the cart pushed by the cleaner was fun, and they got into the cart while the adults were not paying attention.They cbd calm gummies not only played but also fell asleep inside.The child is gone, and I can t find it anyway.Do you think the parents are in a hurry Not only the parents are in a hurry, but our police are also in a hurry.We even suspect that he has been trafficked by human traffickers.Let me introduce, this is the new police officer in charge of this area.Comrade Yu Zhenchuan, a policeman from the Yuanjie Police Station, this is Comrade Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station on the opposite side of Guanma Road.The two police officers who were dispatched at the time organized the hospital security department and nearby people to help find him.Thank God I finally found it, but what if I can t find it The old man spoke earnestly and persuasively.

You are amazing, and reporters will definitely come to interview you soon.Maybe even us will follow.If you are lucky, you must treat me later.Liu Suo and the trainer also knew it, and I really don t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing.Han Chaoyang said a few perfunctory words and hung up the phone absent mindedly.At the same time, Liu Jianye was looking at the Weibo that Chen Xiujuan had just found, and murmured while reading There are so many police officers on duty in the rain this afternoon, especially the traffic police, which one has not been soaked Why only shoot him and not others Good luck.Chen Xiujuan thought for a while, and analyzed Liu Suo, the instructor, the location should be opposite to PolyU.PolyU students like to use their mobile phones to browse Moments.Maybe they were taken by PolyU students.

The security company is struggling to maintain its operations and has no profit, and the neighborhood committee still has no money.Many tasks cannot be carried out without money.Thinking about this bonus is really important to the neighborhood committee.Thinking that the master would not say these words for no reason, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing We ask for money for Director Su, and Director Su will support our work, and then send patrols to other places to assist us in carrying out tasks.She will not What more This kid, who knows everything, deserves to be born in a cadre family.Gu Guoli nodded and confirmed with a smile We cannot do a good job without the support of the neighborhood committee, and the neighborhood committee cannot do without us if we want to do all kinds of work well, so we have to help each other.

Huang Ying was amused at the mention of the unlucky cbd calm gummies guy, and couldn t help asking Why are you so disappointed The handsome policeman is not romantic at all, and he has no mood at night.I took her to the canteen of PolyU for dinner, and after dinner, I played and sang with a group of old men and old ladies, and I almost danced square dance with the old men and old ladies.I asked the handsome policeman what hobbies he usually has and where he likes to go to play, but he didn t know anything at all.For recreational activities, the thing I want to do the most is to sleep, I want to sleep comfortably and wake up naturally.The grassroots police work overtime every three days, and the Huayuan Street Police Station seems to be implementing some kind of residence system.Even Liu Jianye and Guan Yuanyuan have to live in the institute five days a week no matter whether they are busy or not, and only two nights a week can go back to spend time with their wives and children.

I am so busy all day long that I have no chance to be empty.Only those who are idle can.It will be empty.Your symptoms are not serious, and you still know to call me.You may not believe it when you tell me.Some people are so busy and empty that they call 110 to find a police officer to chat with.For some reason, Huang Ying suddenly fell in love with listening to his serious nonsense.Lying comfortably under the quilt, she closed her eyes and asked, Chaoyang, Tang Xiaoxuan went to see you this afternoon After playing in the park along the river for a while, she probably didn t think it was interesting, so she answered the phone and left.Tang Xiaoxuan is so beautiful, and her family is rich, how does it feel Don t be kidding, I am not from the same world as her , Maybe she hasn t had much contact with the police before, but she is just curious about our profession.

Okay. The electric fishing device has electricity, and the voltage is quite high, so be careful. Don t worry, I will be careful.Serving the masses is one of the tasks of the community police, and for the community police This is also a warning.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment, called Li Xiaobin and Xiaokang who had just returned from assisting in the demolition, requisitioned the law enforcement vehicle of the Chaoyang Squadron of the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade, rushed to Yanhe Park, parked the car, rushed downhill, jumped on the The small boat turned on the electric engine switch, turned on the river several times before barely mastering the skills of driving the boat, and headed north at the fastest speed.Xiaobin, is the bamboo pole tidal The bottom half is tidal, but the top is dry.

If the special case team can find out the clues, it will not allow the community police to mobilize the masses with great fanfare.Han Chaoyang didn t want to do any more useless work, and continued to visit the homes of key populations.After all, there are only a few people who are as unrepentant as Zhao Jie.At least the few ex convicts in Yangguan Village are relatively honest.The village went to the East Long distance Bus Station to pick up my mother.Old Dai, have you eaten yet No, what time is it Lao Dai, an auxiliary police officer stationed in the station police room, said with a smile while accompanying the two to the drop off point Chaoyang, I heard early in the morning that your mother is coming, and I have been helping you keep an eye on the car coming from Qingshan.The station police office is more important than the Chaoyang community police office.

He is not a homeless beggar and does not meet the conditions for assistance.Even if he is a homeless person., we can only provide food that meets the food hygiene requirements, and provide accommodation that meets basic conditions.Help contact their relatives or work units, and provide travel vouchers for those who do not have transportation fees to return to their domicile or work units.As for sick treatment, only Only those who suffer sudden illness in the rescue station will be sent to the hospital for treatment.You should think of other ways, we definitely can t do it here. Station Master Chang, you can mayum bialik cbd gummies t do anything, what can I, a community policeman, do Who told You call the police whoever tells you to garden of life cbd inflammatory response gummies send the person to the hospital.Okay, I ll call the command center.Knowing that the rescue station won t take care of it, Director Pang heady harvest cbd gummy bears and Lu Jiaxi looked at each other and hugged each other.

Liu Gong reacted suddenly and couldn t help asking Officer Han, what did you contact just now is Captain Tang of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade Do you know him Yes, Captain Tang just came to check a few days ago.The Miao family doesn t know anyone else, come here, smoke a cigarette first. Thank you, I m quitting, I won t smoke. Officer Han, it s too hot outside, the office has air conditioning, let s go to the office and tell. Not going in, Our people and people from the comprehensive street law enforcement team will be here soon, and I will wait for them here.Officer Han, I know you are anxious, but this really has nothing to do with our construction unit, and I really don t know where Xia Yunkui is going.Now, aren t you embarrassing us Embarrassment, what is embarrassment Han Chaoyang stared into his eyes and asked sharply, Gong Liu, if Luo Chunjun fell on the construction site, then it s none of your business If I didn t remember Wrong, the labor department has clear regulations on employment.

Two tall men, a fat man, and a bald head were wearing shorts, jeans, and checkered short sleeves.Although they didn t know what their facial features were, these features were enough.While urging Guan Xiyuan to drive faster, Liu Jianye said Xiao Han, we are almost at the intersection of Xinning, you are closer than us, you should arrive in front of us, don t act in a hurry, find a place to hide and wait for orders when you get nearby.When we arrive, we will act in unison.Don t hang up your mobile phone, report your location at any time, and keep in touch.It s closer from Chaoyang Community than from the office, and in a blink of an eye, we arrived at the intersection of Yuning Street and Shijiaxi Road.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to scare the snake, so Xiaokang asked will one cbd gummy make you fail a drug test Xiaokang to drive the car to a relatively secluded tree shade on the side of the road, dialed Lao Yan again with Yu Xucheng s mobile phone, and confirmed that the seven young men were still on the opposite side of the parking lot, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.

Are you only responsible for the cash register You also do the accounting.You are also responsible for paying the employees salaries Yes, is natures one cbd gummies legit yes.While Guan Xiyuan was knocking sideways to learn about the hotel s wage arrears to employees, Han Chaoyang was knocking on the door of the office on the second floor.This office was next to the warehouse, and next to the warehouse was the kitchen.The waiter and one of the waitresses were whispering.Boss Bao, I know you re inside.I m a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.We want to ask you for some information.People from the police station, why are you looking for me You shouted for a long time without opening the door, what are you doing hiding inside The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the weirder he pharma cbd gummies delta 8 became, he subconsciously took out his stick and patted the door again Tomorrow has something to do, open the door quickly, don t waste time.

Going further inside is a very distinctive antique building complex, with carved beams and painted buildings, which looks much more magnificent than the Wangfu Hotel.Although it was not time for dinner, there were already more than a dozen cars parked in the parking lot, and it was clear that the business was cbd gummies extreme strength good.Village head Cui made a phone call and led the two of them into the quaint hall, took the stairs on the left to the second floor, and found the chairman s office with ease.He is obviously a frequent visitor here.He introduced it first, and then rummaged through the box , found out a pack of soft Chinese, opened it and popped out a delicious point.Boss Tang seemed to be used to it long ago.He greeted Han Chaoyang to sit down, and while motioning the waiter to make tea, he said with a smile Officer Han, although this is the first time we have met, your name is already familiar to me.

If you have these, you can take them out and talk to can cbd gummies be brought on a plane businesses and companies, so that you can promote them.This is performance, and you can talk to the boss.Even if the boss knows what they used to do, they won t feel so unlucky.You want to catch the show , he wants to crack the event , and want to achieve transformation and promote new ideas through the official activities.business purpose.No matter what the purpose is, he is the people in the jurisdiction after all.Han Chaoyang felt that he should help, and pondered Businessmen and enterprises are afraid of bad luck, and leaders leaders will feel uncomfortable if they know it.Otherwise, let s integrate resources, reorganize personnel, and build a civil society The band and a brass band will start rehearsing tomorrow night, practice a few pieces well, and then invite the leader to listen to it, and if the leader agrees, we will go.

, the comrades at the police station chased them, but failed to catch them.Lao Lu looked up at the street lights around him, and said helplessly There are not many security monitors in this area nearby., By the are cbd gummies made with gelatin way, check if cbd calm gummies there are any of these people in the surrounding factories.Since the launch of the Skynet Project , there have been more and more cameras in Fengyong County, but no amount of cameras can achieve no blind spots and full coverage.And the monitoring is classified.At this stage, the public security can only see the monitoring of the main road in real time.Party and government agencies, hospitals, banks, and schools belong to the second category of surveillance, and they are not connected to the command center of the Public Security Bureau, let alone the civilian surveillance installed by enterprises, communities, and merchants along the street.

Old Hang, what is our relationship Can I see your joke Then please raise your hand and hand over the suspect to cbd calm gummies Lao Qiu.I will not thank you for your kindness.You can speak up as long as you need our Fengyong County Bureau.Do you have time tonight Let s get together tonight.The Municipal Bureau already knew about it, so that s all.Bureau Zhou didn t want to embarrass his brother County Bureau just now, but felt that Hangzhou Bureau was not particular about what he did, and he didn t even make a phone call.It s nothing to arrange a deputy director.In fact, he really wronged Hangzhou Bureau.When Hangzhou Bureau received the report, science cbd gummies for ed will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test he thought about calling him, but considering that it was late at night, he felt it was inappropriate.In any case, it would be much easier for the two bureau chiefs to talk directly.

Everyone was reposting, and Grandpa Gu was not idle either.He continued to talk with the child s father, Wan Xin, to do his ideological work, and to cheer him up.Those who attended the show at night may be too excited, and many people did not sleep.There are retired cbd calm gummies grandparents who don t know how to search WeChat, and can t add Zheng Xinyi s WeChat.Some send voice messages in the group, and some chat privately.They have to reply one by one, which makes Han Chaoyang very busy.Aunt Qian, the child is in the hospital.It is really difficult, very difficult Yes, yes, no one can carry it on anyone s body.Okay, you can forward it to me.I will record it.It is necessary.Every donation All good hearted people should write it down, and where the donations are spent will be announced on the Patrol Official Account, thank you so much.

Huang Ying didn t want to talk about these unhappy things anymore, so she suddenly asked What time do you go to work in the afternoon, how will you go back later Go to work now, I will go to the office first, and find someone to take me back.Okay, I ll go to the police office after get off work.I ll go to PolyU for dinner with you.During working hours, and in a very serious government department, we can t talk too much.Han Chaoyang picked up his hat to say goodbye to his girlfriend, and walked to Huayuan Street Police Station.The Chaoyang Community Police Office is just a place to cbd calm gummies work, and this is my unit, but now I feel weird when I walk into the yard.Maybe I have stayed in the police office for too long, and I cbd calm gummies feel like an outsider when I return to the office.What are you shouting about, don t even look at this place, squat down, and be honest You too, what are you looking at As soon as he walked into the hall, he heard Lao Hu scolding the suspect at the door of the detention room.

Bureau Zhou was first the deputy district chief and then the chief of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Like the member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Secretary Yang of the Huayuan Street Working Committee, is royal blend cbd gummies legit he refrained from getting involved.sent a message.God of Wealth, our branch didn t make trouble.God of Wealth, neither did Huayuan Street.I suggest you save the chat records just now.Whoever took advantage of the fire, who made trouble, and who made trouble are all recorded in a small notebook.The two leaders It s too dishonest Director Hua of bioavailability of cbd gummies the Education Bureau was in a hurry, so he hurriedly said, Director Wei, singing is for singing, money is for approval, and one yard is one yard.You can t avenge your private revenge.Director Wei, look at the chat history, I didn t What do you say, I fell for Director Hua s tricks A group of directors, directors and secretaries were filled with righteous indignation just now, but now they realize that the God of Wealth cannot be offended, and the WeChat group became lively again.

She exhaled like orchids, and a delicate fragrance penetrated into her nose, making people feel drunk.Han Chaoyang throbbed for a while, gently lifted her face, and kissed her carefully.Although Huang Ying is twenty three, she has never really been in a relationship, and she has never been so intimate with the opposite sex.Suddenly, her heart is shaken, her mind is confused, her three souls and six souls are suddenly taken away, and her whole body becomes soft , trembling all over, with no strength at all, only by hugging him tightly can he not fall down.With the help of the light coming in from the yard, she could vaguely see her face flushed with embarrassment under the cover of her hair, biting her lips tightly, and her eyes closed tightly.Han Chaoyang seemed to be encouraged by some kind of encouragement, and kissed again.

In short, Han Chaoyang very much agrees with the idea of building a student orchestra, but he still shakes his head after thinking about it Professor Nie, PolyU is a polytechnic institution, and it is not so easy to build a band.Xiao Han, you are a professional People, what conditions do you think a school should have to build a high level student band I think school leaders must first attach importance to it, and not only must they pay attention but also have strong support the second is to have cbd gummies wholesale price a stable source of funding.A gummies cbd cbd calm gummies high level band cannot do without high quality instruments, and these instruments are very expensive the third is to have a team of high level professional instructors.Team Professor Nie asked subconsciously.Well, Han Chaoyang explained with a smile This is not conducting and playing.

Mama Huang backed down as expected, as long as it involved Yanyang s affairs, Mrs.Ma always followed her lead, so she could only retreat and change to a long term lease, but she was not in a hurry to rent it out, she had to take good care of it.Investigate future tenants, reluctant to rent such a good house to people who don t know the basics.Seeing off Teacher Ma, Huang Ying became more and more depressed as she thought about it.She leaned on the co pilot and looked at the South Gate of Polytechnic University cbd calm gummies and muttered If you are so bold, you will starve to death if you are timid. Short term renting is illegal, it has nothing to do with being a policeman.It s okay, it s okay, you go online to see how many people are doing it.They are them, we are us, and you think they make some money Are you sure, if you are found out, you will be fined or even detained.

I don t want to go to a detention center, let alone your mother.Anyway, Huang Ying is also a civil servant.Regarding the legality of short term rentals, she has checked and even consulted on the Internet more than once.Old Zhang from the Sub district Judiciary knows very well that it has nothing to do with whether the unlucky guy is a policeman, but he just refuses to accept it.Short term rental is so good.Isn t it the sharing economy now It is combined with the Internet and some new economic development concepts.Such new things should be regulated and cultivated, and should not be completely denied.The leaders don t know what to think.Not only do they not give support, not only do they not encourage, but one is more fearful than the other, and likes to make one size fits all when encountering some problems, I really doubt whether they can access the Internet When it comes to their vital interests, civil servants also complain.

There are more than 20,000 teachers and students in PolyU, you should give full play to your advantages and promote the Wechat official account of our patrol team.It has .

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10,000 followers.She didn t care about the WeChat official account one or two times, because the official account has already started to make money It didn t count to use every opportunity to attract attention before, but now he has the idea of PolyU.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, and Su Xian said straightforwardly It s science cbd gummies for ed will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test just a matter of paying attention.It s easy to do, and they don t need to spend money.Now these new formats That s great, it s not the wool that comes from the sheep, it s the wool that comes from the pigs and the dog pays the bill.We have cbd calm gummies already missed an opportunity, and we can t miss the second time.

What s going on The wind on the top of the mountain is strong, and the smell dissipates quickly.The police dogs the police dogs can t smell the fugitive s smell.The police with dogs are trying to find a way.Other police officers are searching for possible traces left by the fugitive.Deputy Director Wu of the Municipal Bureau didn t know much about police dog technology, so he subconsciously asked, Xiao Yang, how far can a police dog smell After running more than ten kilometers, can it find it therapure cbd gummies There should be no problem about ten kilometers.Are you sure there is no problem No problem, the two police dogs being tracked are all meritorious dogs in the bureau, and cbd calm gummies we HCMUSSH cbd calm gummies not only have The source of smell, the smell environment in the forest area is also more conducive to the tracking of the police dog.

The leader didn t need to learn from his class, and he couldn t find an excuse not to drink.Besides, the leaders of the county bureau were so enthusiastic.Even though Jian Yunping helped him drink several cups, Fan Ju was still drunk.In addition to the tiredness of the pommel horse all the way, I was too tired and uncomfortable, and I didn t recover until the morning of the third day.The roundup of Feng Changdong was carried out on the second night of their arrival, at the beginning they claimed to be an anti drug operation in order to avoid alarming the enemy.The bureau dispatched all the policemen who could be transferred into the mountain, but in order to receive him, the leader of the police bureau who was a brother from Yanyang, Chai Shuxi, a member of the bureau s party committee, was specially invited to accompany him.

He died in the night.The relatives of the deceased believed that it was related to the Xinying Police Station, and they wanted to take the body to the county party committee and the county government for science cbd gummies for ed will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test an explanation.Fortunately, the cadres stationed in the village found out in time, and the officials of Xinying Township stopped them.At the gate of the Yingxiang government.No wonder the complexion was getting worse than the other just now, it turns out that someone is dead Commissar Huang was taken aback and asked eagerly, Xiao Han participated in the mediation No, but he was in the institute at the time, so he should know something. Where did the person die He died at home, on the bed.His granddaughter found it in the morning.Fortunately, he died at home.It would be even more unclear if he died in the institute.

We are not happy but worried.A gummies cbd cbd calm gummies fugitive who hurt the police with a previous record is afraid of people.You are lucky this time, but luck cannot always be so good, so you must be careful no matter what happens in the future.Thank you Kang for your concern, I will pay attention to it in the future.For Han Chaoyang and other policemen, Xu Weizhong and Kang Haigen are the leaders, but not for Zheng Xinyi.She wondered if it was appropriate to say this in front of Huang Ying.She didn t have any scruples when she said it, and she joked I said pig man, the wild boar has helped you so much, you have made such great achievements for you, and you still killed the wild boar.You still eat wild boar meat, are you worthy of wild boar, don t you feel sad It doesn t hurt to stand and talk.You don t know how many crops and people have been harmed by wild boars.

He came out tonight to serve the masses.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Xu Hongliang went up to him and asked, What are you doing You don t need to take a taxi if you need it.It s useless if you don t need a taxi.We just ask, we can t do it.You temporary worker really thinks you are a policeman, and the security guard didn t say anything, what kind of wolf are you running here Now there is online car hailing, the taxi business is not easy to do, but no matter how difficult the business is, it gummies cbd cbd calm gummies can t be like this.How could Han Chaoyang watch his good brothers being humiliated, walked up to them, and asked coldly, What are you talking about Who are you talking about as cbd gummies at 7 11 a temporary worker Who are you calling a big tailed wolf The one in front of him is the pseudo army , and the one in cbd calm gummies front of him should be the regular army.

The air pressure is cbd calm gummies so high that it will explode if you just puncture it.The power of the explosion is equivalent to that of a tire.Hand grenade.Not only will it make a loud noise, but those who have a punctured tire may be killed or maimed.Han Chaoyang really didn t understand, and asked suspiciously But 7 tires were punctured, and none of them exploded.This shows that the crime was committed.The guys here are not laymen, and they know that medterra cbd gummies review cbd calm gummies it s dangerous to puncture like this.They deflate first and then puncture.It takes time to deflate, and seven tires must be inflated at the same time, how can one person be so busy.Team Liang smiled., and continued The driver is eating on the opposite side.There are so many workers in the construction site.It is impossible for them not to expect to be discovered.

The leader of the Criminal Police Detachment of the City Bureau was the same as Teng Da, striding over to Han Chaoyang as soon as he got out of the car to ask about the situation.Just finished reporting for the second time, and finally saw cbd calm gummies a familiar face, Deputy Director Shi of the branch in charge of criminal investigation arrived.Based on the degree of corruption, the time of death should have been three days ago.The deceased had a wallet in his trouser pocket, which contained his ID card, two bank cards, and a loyalty card for Daifuku Supermarket, which contained 176 yuan.Cash.It can be confirmed that the ID card belongs to the deceased himself.His surname is Cao and his name is Cao Shengkai.I brought all my belongings, all in evidence bags.As for the cause of death, are there any obvious wounds on the corpse Deputy Chief Luo of the Criminal Police Detachment of the City Bureau asked.

The netizen of the group .

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owner is called Sange, and he follows the rhythm as soon as he comes out.Resolutely don t pay back , Just don t pay back The group members were mobilized in this way, each of them was gummies cbd cbd calm gummies in high spirits, and some said, I just won t pay back.Some people repeatedly brushed I will die to the end, and online loans are all You want to call me Sound Dad.They all expressed their opinions, beat chicken blood, shouted slogans, and organized resistance.In short, their logic is if they cry, make trouble, and hang themselves, someone will sympathize with them.Han Chaoyang reacted with an incredulous expression on his face Question So this bad debts group medterra cbd gummies review cbd calm gummies is the spiritual pillar for her to persevere It can be said that she has been working in a small restaurant in the city for the past two months during the summer vacation, and logs into medterra cbd gummies review cbd calm gummies the QQ Shui group whenever she has time.

Anyway, the public said cbd calm gummies that the public is right and the woman is saying that the woman is right.Wu Wei reacted and subconsciously asked If one person is sick, Take medicine for the whole HCMUSSH cbd calm gummies family Almost, the bureau leaders think that we should take a warning and make amends.As long as they are police cars of our branch, all the police cars must be equipped with driving recorders.Speaking of this, Han Chaoyang s eyes lit up and he stared at the police car.Wu Wei asked Angkor, how long can the video taken by the driving recorder be saved It seems to be a loop shooting, one section covers another section, it should not be stored for a long time, maybe only five or six minutes.You are an old calendar By the way, you have a driving recorder installed in your car, how long can you keep it Han Chaoyang shifted his gaze to Xu Hongliang.

Two fingerprints of the victim were extracted, and four biological samples of the victim were collected, that is, the victim s DNA.I disclosed this in advance.After all, this is a murder case.It won t come out until the afternoon, but it is almost certain that the suspect vehicle is the means of transportation used by the murderer to throw the body, which also shows that our previous investigation direction is not wrong.Here, I think we should thank Comrade Han Chaoyang.If Xiao Han didn t think of medterra cbd gummies review cbd calm gummies the case The vehicles that drove around the corpse medterra cbd gummies review cbd calm gummies dumping site that night may have been equipped with dashcams, and they may have inadvertently photographed the vehicles dumping the corpses, and we may still be helpless.Comrades, give Xiao Han some applause Although the murderer Still not locked, but not far from locking the murderer.

Support, it is impossible for him to fight against crowds like when he first discovered the body.It is not easy for anyone to do this business, especially criminal investigation.Director Du sighed secretly, and asked in a low voice, Xiao Han asked for help Well, Xiao Han made the call just now, and I m planning to send two people from the special case team to help him with this last kick.The third Chapter 135 The master s natal family thought that Changfeng Street was so remote that it should be dilapidated and not decent, what are the side effects of smilz cbd gummies but when they arrived, they realized that the development here is very good, but there are not as many people as Huayuan Street, and other aspects are almost all compared to those next to the downtown area.Huayuan streets are strong, especially in infrastructure such as roads and greening.

Only those who are prepared can grasp it.You i want the best cbd gummies that help everything are better than me in this aspect.You have achieved so many achievements in the short time you have been with the master Let s eat, Brother Rong, let s not talk about this, who should we go to first Go to the neighborhood committee first.Realizing that this is not the time for small talk, Rong Zhiping quickly picked up his mobile phone to contact the first group of people Yingchun community is actually a new village for peasants , which was specially built for land acquisition and demolition.It is full of small property rights houses, and all the residents living in the community are villagers from various administrative villages in Changfeng Street.The community is fun drops cbd gummies price very large, with more than thirty buildings.It is said to be six floors, but in fact it is eight floors.

Great, please tell me about his family.Why, did the second boy of Cai Chengcai s family commit a crime Old Wei asked abruptly, laughing after thinking about it Said When I didn t ask, you shouldn t inquire.I understand your rules.Thank you Uncle Wei for understanding.As Jiazhen said Cai Chengcai is two years older than me.He used to sell non staple food in a supply and marketing cooperative.Later, the supply and marketing cooperative was restructured.He went to Yaoxin Town and rented a store to sell clothing, shoes and hats.His wife has a rural household registration like us.Farming, and later looking at shops in Yaoxin with him.The clothing, shoes and hats business is not easy to do, and the rent is so expensive.A few years ago, he simply returned the front house and bought a second hand pickup truck.

Seeing his hesitation, Zhou Ju asked curiously, Who s calling, why didn t you pick it up No, it s Teng University.Fearing that the two bureau leaders didn t know who Teng University was, Han Chaoyang added with a bitter face Teng University of the High tech District Bureau.You have to answer the phone, do you know what to say Yes.Yes, if you know it, answer it quickly, and answer it right here.Yes.When he was about to open his eyes and tell nonsense, Han Chaoyang took a deep breath and pressed the button.The call button raised the police officer to his ear Hello Teng University, Teng University, what instructions do you have Xiao Han, is there any progress on your side He didn t go back to his own house, nor did he go to his sister s house.But don t worry, we will keep an eye on him 24 hours a day, and there will never be anything that happens that he sneaks back from under our noses and we don t know about it.

The consumption itself cannot explain it.What s the problem But the Agricultural Bank confirmed that Fang Yaqi s bank card, that is, the Agricultural Bank debit card that was also bound to the POS machine of Lantian Auto Repair Factory, contained more than 213,000 yuan in cash, and this card was associated with two Fixed deposit account, the money in the three accounts adds up to more than 3 million yuan Sitting in a black Jetta sedan, Liu Da looked up at Room 601, Building 2, Yangdong Garden, where the curtains were drawn but there were lights inside., said excitedly Feng Bureau, if the relationship between Fang Yaqi and Yang Jiandong is not close to a certain level, Yang Jiandong will never let her manage the finances and let her be in charge of the family.Maybe the bank card is not in Fang Yaqi s hands at all.

Bureau Feng paused cbd calm gummies for a moment, then continued This case is mainly in charge of the Economic Investigation Brigade.If you want to know something, or know something, you can call Comrade He Yichang, you are old acquaintances, I don t need to greet him for you. Okay, if there is any situation, I will contact Team He directly.There is one more thing I need to inform you about.Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang were arrested.The two confessed to the criminal facts of colluding with Yang Jiandong to open an underground casino and killing Cao Shengkai and dumping his body.The motive for the murder is unbelievable.Because of the quarrel.Cao Shengkai felt that Yang Jiandong was the big boss, and Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang were just horsemen, and he acted a bit domineering because he was talking to Yang Jiandong as a fellow villager.

Hello, this is the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan cbd calm gummies Road, Yandong Public Security Bureau.May I ask who you are Chen Jie pressed the recording button first, and asked like a police officer at the 110 police station, preparing to make a record while asking.Maybe just gambling just now, didn t look at the caller ID, just said a few words and hurriedly stood up Okay, yes, the police are here Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked Command center The crowd had a dispute with the stall owner because of buying fruit, so they dialed 110, and the command center asked you to go to the scene as soon as possible, this is the call for the police.Just now, while talking about fruit, there was a dispute over buying fruit, what a crow mouth Han Chaoyang glared at her, then hurriedly opened the cover and drove the patrol car to Hebin Road.

Han Chaoyang nodded That s right, with Director Su s ability, it s no problem to be the director of the sub district office.Grandpa Gu thought for a while, and suddenly cbd calm gummies smiled I just don t know what she plans to do with the 600,000 shares sold.Spend.Will it be handed over to the street This is community money, so it shouldn t be handed over to the street.Poverty alleviation, special care, there are many places to spend money, as long as she can withstand the pressure, three It can be spent in just one day.The master and apprentice were chatting when a familiar figure walked over from the back door of the police room, and Han Chaoyang hurriedly stepped forward to stand at attention and saluted Kang Suohao Don t be so serious, it doesn t matter An outsider.Kang Haigen patted his arm, turned around with a smile, and said, Inspector Gu, it s just right that you are here.

Grandpa Gu was very satisfied with the way the little apprentice handled things just now, so he simply picked up Kang Haigen s luggage, used an excuse to help him move, and invited Kang Haigen to the community police office on the first floor of the neighborhood committee.Kang Haigen is not a fool, how could he not know that Grandpa Gu deliberately avoided Lao Ding, walked him to the door, and said with embarrassment Inspector Gu, you are the senior I admire the most, if I do something wrong or inappropriate Please criticize and remind more.Grandpa Gu smiled, and while beckoning him to sit down, he sighed Kang Institute, do you know why I don t go to the office often, why do I like to stay in the community every day Why I m afraid you are like this.What kind of unit is the Public Security Bureau It is a law enforcement department with paramilitary management.

Zhang Zhishu turned to look at Zhang Beibei, and then said There is also a team of Hang Weifang, who goes out for a trip, and ends up going to Macau to gamble with Wei Haicheng , It is said that I lost several million in three days, and it was not enough to lose all the compensation for the demolition.There IOUs were borrowed by usurious people, and the debt collectors have already chased his elder sister s house.There is such a thing I am According to Song Baoshan from the first team, Song Baoshan now lives in the same complex as his elder sister.Mainland citizens gamble in Macau, and the police have nothing to do with it.However, if mainland citizens gamble in Macau and the winnings and losses are settled within the territory, it is a violation of public security management, and the public security has the right to control if someone organizes mainland citizens to gamble in Macau and collect kickbacks and referral fees from them, the public security organs also have the right to control.

It s not good for the bureau leader to know.Today It seems that Gu Suo is leading the class, I will ask Gu if I can arrange someone to branch out with me, and after I get the key, let the person who went with me drive the car back to HCMUSSH cbd calm gummies the office.When doing work, you must take the overall situation into consideration, and you can t just fight small groups My little abacus, the little apprentice did a great job Grandpa Gu smiled and nodded Then hurry up.If you are nervous about using the car, which unit is not Hurry up will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test and drive back, so as not to have long nights and dreams.Okay, I m leaving.Let s go, pay attention to safety on the road.Looking at the back of Han Chaoyang leaving, Old Tang held onto the police station and said with a smile Inspector Gu, Chaoyang is more and more capable of coming, now you can rest assured and honorable retirement.

There were only two electric patrol cars at the door, one of which was borrowed from the Management Security Office a few days ago.The suspect s Passat was not there, so it should be parked in the backyard.Han Chaoyang locked his car and walked into the police office.Unexpectedly, Zhang Zhishu and Director Xie were also there, and stood up as soon as he saw him.Secretary Zhang, Director Xie, why haven t you returned so late Then open the alarm station cover.It s important to do business, Han Chaoyang didn t show any politeness, and walked through the case handling area into the inner room of the police office.This was originally the dormitory for Lao Tang and Lao Ding when cbd calm gummies they were on duty.After Grandpa Gu retired, they moved their beds to the community police office on the first floor of the neighborhood committee.

The law enforcement officers of the Food and Drug Administration and the Administration of Industry and Commerce were also not idle.Some cbd calm gummies 500 mg edible gummies cbd took pictures, some videotaped, some began to check the phone records on the desk, courier slips and other messy things, and some opened the back door to check behind.Realizing the seriousness of the problem, the man continued to explain with a bitter face, and kept saying good things.Deputy Director Zhang was unmoved, stared into his eyes and said sharply Ma Weimin, don t tell me that you don t know that this is a fake and shoddy drug.I can tell you responsibly that we have already grasped that you are suspected of illegal operation Food and drug and evidence of suspected false propaganda, honestly, where did the goods come from, where is the account book, and where is the warehouse More than 500 boxes of Indian A8 were seized at the scene, and the two little girls have been taken downstairs cross examination.

After sweeping the snow and returning to the classroom, Huang Ying decided not to stick to the classmate cbd calm gummies how long do cbd gummies stay good for relationship agreed before, and sat at the same table with him without hesitation.The leaders of the party school sat on the stage and talked for more than ten minutes.They didn t hold an opening ceremony or take a photo with the students, so they let the teacher start teaching.The so called teaching is to let the students watch the online lecture videos of the lecturers of the Central Party School.From the perspective of the training schedule, it is mainly self study.The first three days are all about watching videos.On the last day, there are on site lectures in the morning and a final exam in the afternoon.Since you have to take the exam, you have to study hard, otherwise it would be embarrassing to fail.

Huang, why did you bring it here How embarrassing it is.Eat first, and then take a shower after eating.With the smell of cigarettes, it s no wonder that Xinxin wants to sleep with my mother at night.Where s Xinxin I went to the supermarket with my mother.As Huang Ying spoke, she simply sat down in front of her laptop and browsed his updated blog in the past few days.As Han Chaoyang said in the kitchen, what he wrote is really touching.He seldom mentions himself, all about Xinxin, such as this paragraph Ziyue, there are still many good people in this world, and only a very small number of bad people.I told you about Police Officer Han, Mr.Zhang, Aunt Huang and Miss Huang a few medterra cbd gummies review cbd calm gummies days ago.Today, let s talk about Teacher Xie.Not only is she good at playing the piano, she is also a good person.As soon as she comes, she will medterra cbd gummies review cbd calm gummies tease Xinxin, play with Xinxin, and teach Xinxin how to play the piano.

Grandpa Gu He knocked on the table and said persuasively Why are young people unwilling to work in the community Why can t the community keep young people In the final analysis, it is because working in the community really has no future.It is not like before.In this way, we need to make young gummies cbd cbd calm gummies people feel that they have a future in the community.This future is not necessarily to be promoted, not to be a civil servant, but to show their strengths on the small stage of the community and make a big career. Master., you really should be a leader Don t be silly, I really feel that there is a disconnect between the talents at the community and village level, and I really feel that this cannot continue.The good brother wants to start a career, and Han Chaoyang actually supports it.It s just about the relocation of the police office.

I don t know if they are accomplices or not.As soon as the taxi left, Kang Haigen asked Xiaoqian and Xiao Liu to escort Hu Qinglin into the security duty room first, let Miao Haizhu copd cbd gummies for sale go in and stare together, and he and Han Chaoyang interrogated him outside.Han Chaoyang didn t bring a police pass, so he simply took out the young man s ID card from his wallet and handed it to Kang Haigen, and then asked coldly, Lu Shaotao, where were you and Hu Qinglin just now Drinking and eating, drinking and eating breaks the law Cooperating with the public cbd calm gummies security organs is the duty of every citizen.Do you want to go to the institute Kang Haigen mentioned fugitives just now, and Lu Shaotao guessed that it should be Hu Qinglin.He raised his head and said, Just go, whoever is afraid of whom What s so great about the police, I know people in the Public Security Bureau I know a lot of people, so if I go to the prison, I will go to the prison, and I am afraid that you will beat me I am familiar with the detention center, too.

, After working for so many years, there is hard work without credit, and it s his turn.Where s will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico Team Liang Han Chaoyang asked curiously.Team Liang is unlikely.He was the deputy squadron leader before.If the bureau wants to mention him, he can wait until today.Han Chaoyang figured out the situation and just called Kangsuo after medterra cbd gummies review cbd calm gummies calling.Ding called in one after another, chatting about the same thing.One position of deputy director was vacant, and now they are all organization ministers.Han Chaoyang thought it was funny, and thought to himself why you didn t have a chance to bother so much, he ended the call in a few words, walked to the door and asked, Master, where s Uncle Ji So.Grandpa Gu turned around to look at the bus stop sign not far away, then looked back at him with a smile and asked, gummies cbd cbd calm gummies Chaoyang, who did you call just now Appointment of a deputy director, the result is not.

The yard is quite big, and it can park seven or eight cars, but there are also a lot of garbage, and it can smell strange in such a cold day.The factory building was transformed into shops facing the street and small warehouses connected to the shops.The entire old district committee compound was divided into two parts, the north and the south, by a brick wall.The community security service company can only use the old two story building in front of it.In the center, there are rooms on both sides.Not only is there no heating, but there is no water room.If you want to get water to wash your face or relieve your hands, you have cbd calm gummies to go to the sink at the door and the toilet in the northeast corner of the yard.Han Chaoyang and Cao Zefang walked around in and out, up and down, and returned to the car with a wry smile, Secretary Cao, can people live in this place There are more and more security guards, and accommodation is a big problem.

Huang Ying could understand their feelings, but they weren t the only ones queuing up to apply for the real estate certificates.There were so many citizens watching behind them.If they were allowed to jump in line, they didn t know what would happen.Comrade, don t get excited.Huang Ying looked back at the staff of the Real Estate Bureau who were busy handling business, and explained with a smile The number of people in the Real Estate Bureau accepting business is a bit small, but today, it can be said that it is a special situation We learned about it as soon as we got to work.It turned out that the comrade at window No.4 suffered from acute appendicitis.He went to the hospital last night and had an operation in the morning.It turned out that the comrade at window No.7 will attend a training these two days.

Tell me about this What s the reason It turned out that the two old leaders came to Xingshi to question the crime Han Chaoyang came to his senses suddenly, and said with a bitter face, Liu Suo, the trainer, thankfully there is nothing wrong with us, otherwise you two will be criticized like Bao Suo and Gu s trainer.What s wrong with being criticized , I am willing to be criticized Liu Jianye took a few deep breaths and emphasized And I am not Bao Qingshan, nor Lao Gu, if you still have any feelings for the institute, call me in the morning, even if you don t say half of it.Hiding half of it to fool Lao Hu, things will definitely not turn out like this, and the arrest operation will definitely not alarm the provincial leaders.I still have some feelings for the institute Talk about half hiding and half fooling Lao Hu These few words really hurt my heart, Han Chaoyang was so ashamed, he didn t know how to explain it with a bitter face.

If it is a residential area like Dongming New Village, it is fine.There are many owners, so we can share it.Now we are the ones who need to install it.We definitely can t bear the security company s responsibility.Then what should we do Xie Lingling appeared behind her, and it was only then that Huang Ying noticed that To Alice had finished playing.There is no way, the key is that this job is not easy to do.Xu Hongliang picked up a pen and drew a simple topographic map on paper, explaining There are more than a dozen merchants behind the old district committee compound, east, west and south There are dozens of villagers.The merchants use air conditioning, and medterra cbd gummies review cbd calm gummies the villagers heat their own heating.If they can do their job well, let the heating company supply the heat, and there won t be much to share.

Huang Ying pondered The merchants should be fine.The work of the villagers must be difficult.Xu Hongliang nodded slightly Yes, they have a small boiler, installed pipes and radiators at home, and even stockpiled a lot of coal, how could they pay for the heating company to provide heat Huang Ying has been working in the street for more than a year, and she is not ignorant of heating in winter.She touched the corner of her mouth and murmured The environmental pollution of small boilers is serious, and the district has been rectified more than once, requiring conditional use of collective supply.It is very hot, and I have no conditions to replace the gas fired boiler, but the resistance is too great, and it has science cbd gummies for ed will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test not been pushed forward.Huang s mother reacted, and said with deep conviction It costs more than 10,000 to buy a small boiler, install pipes and radiators, and it costs more than 10,000 yuan.

I ve seen them at Zhuangcunkou.From what we ve learned, they don t have any money, maybe they don t even have money for food, so they shouldn t be far away, and they should still be in the city.This clue came too timely Liu Jianye was in a much better mood, and asked, Xiao Han, to be more specific, how did you confirm that they had no money Han Chaoyang hurriedly introduced what he had just learned, and after thinking about it, he said, Yongzhuang is in the west of the city, isn t it In our sub bureau he cbd shop louisiana gummies ingredients s jurisdiction, it s not appropriate to let the anti pickpocket team go to assist in the visit and inquiry.If there are not enough people in the office, I can go to the East Bus Station to replace Lao Ding and let Lao Ding and Wu Wei go there.Liu fx cbd gummies Jianye did not think about it because the staff was very tight.

There were a lot of things to do in the morning, and Director Feng didn t want to waste time, so he said bluntly Mr.I think the navigation page of our branch is placed under the news, which is more conspicuous.And here, there must be a navigation link of our branch s official website.If you think there is no problem, I will report to the leader.The homepage is so big , Places with large tofu cubes can place an advertisement, and the advertisement fee is expensive.Yandong branch not only needs to place the navigation bar that clicks to enter the branch page in a prominent position, but also has a big page.Mr.Hu s heart is bleeding, but thinking that if he does not accept the overlord cbd calm gummies clause of Yandong branch, the website will not be able to It was banned, but it will also be ordered to rectify by the competent department, so I can only bite the bullet and smile No problem.

I know, Lao Xu is watching him for you, and this call is also made by my old Xu Rang Sincerity is as good as gold and stone If they hadn t done so much work before, the two old men wouldn t have made this call.But now is not the time to be proud, and Han Chaoyang didn t care about taking his wife back to the PolyU dormitory.As soon as he hung up the phone, he got into the police car, threw down the sentence Go to Taoyuan Community, to Uncle Xu s house , and then called Liu Suo s phone.Liu Suo, I, Han Chaoyang, and Xu Weimin showed up.I came back at night.Guokang and I are on our way to his house.Which Xu Weimin I didn t respond for a while.Han Chaoyang said eagerly That Xu Weimin who is with Dai Lishi.Liu Jianye suddenly realized, and stood up subconsciously Okay, great, you go first, I can t leave now, I will give Kang Suo and Lao Liang Call and ask them to meet you as soon as they finish their work.

The people in the video speak the dialect of Zhejiang Province.I can t understand a word.I want to ask Dr.Deng to help me listen.The obstetrics and gynecology department, even if she is not in the obstetrics and gynecology department, she still has her phone number.Director Liu felt that Han Chaoyang was adding to the confusion, so he closed the small window and went back to work.Han Chaoyang was rejected, but he didn t think it was too embarrassing.Because he was really busy, and he was busy saving lives tranquileafz cbd gummies scam and healing the wounded, so he turned how many 250 mg cbd gummies should i take his head and smiled at the oncoming little nurse, and went straight to the surgery building.The emergency center is busy, and so is the obstetrics and gynecology department.As soon as I stepped out of the elevator, I saw two nurses and several family members pushing the bed and sending the pregnant woman to the big elevator on the left.

All your calls at that time were recorded and stored in the recorder.We also asked someone who could understand to translate it.You said it was off.None of your business Chapter 624 Cracking down on counterfeiting 3 Boss Zhang never thought that helping a friend would cause big trouble, so he subconsciously took out his cell phone and prepared to call his wife.Han Chaoyang immediately showed his police ID Zhang Lihua, according to Article 9 of the People s Police Law , I have the right to interrogate and inspect you on the spot.Put down your phone and accept the interrogation.Please do not interfere with official duties , Zhang Lihua was stunned.Han Chaoyang put away his ID card, looked down at the law enforcement recorder on his shoulder, confirmed that it was on, then snatched the mobile phone from Zhang Lihua s hand, and gently put it on the desk by the window.

It is not difficult to say.Han Chaoyang smiled slightly, and then changed the topic Captain Song, my brother is still clear about the matter.I have to say something up front.Anyway, we set up this case first.We have done a lot of preliminary work.Comrades can t reunite with their families because of the big Chinese New Year because of this case.The bureau has to consider the morale of the team.This is what we think.If you are interested cbd calm gummies in this case, the two of us will jointly investigate and handle it, but the main culprit must be one Many of them were escorted back by us, and the drugs, drug money, and vehicles used for drug trafficking involved in the main criminal had to be taken back the small drug dealers and addicts in Beijing were investigated by your sub bureau, and the seized drugs, drug money, and drug trafficking The transportation used will also be handed over to you.

Lu Jieping and Liu Chengyan are definitely going, but they have to go back to pack their things and hand over the children to their parents in law to take care of cbd calm gummies how long do cbd gummies stay good for them.Liu Chengjun is the person in charge of the Liu family, so if he wants to go, he still needs to go home and explain.The old party secretary is highly respected.If the old party secretary can go together, the work of relatives will be much easier.Feng Haijun called the bureau to ask for instructions, and Director Wen agreed to invite the old branch secretary into the car.Considering that Liu s family didn t have breakfast, Wu Junfeng went to the small store in the village to buy a box of snacks such as milk and bread and biscuits while Lu Jieping went home to pack up.A large plastic bag of bread and biscuits was brought from the village will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico to Yanyang intact.

Chen Jie was calling Xu Hongliang, Han Chaoyang couldn t intervene, and he didn t need to intervene in this matter, so he just said hello and walked into the Sixth Hospital through the back door.Go straight to the outpatient building through the emergency center, turn around in the lobby, and take the elevator to the twelfth floor.Xiao Han, what s the cbd calm gummies matter As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he met Director Yang of the hospital office.Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Hello, Director Yang, Director Yang, I m here to see Dean Chen, is Dean Chen there Yes, it s just in time, Dean Chen just will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico came back.The office The third room on the left, do you want to take you there No, thank you, Director Yang.Then go by yourself, I have something else to do.Watching Director Yang walk into the elevator, Han Chaoyang came quickly Went to the door of Vice President Chen s office, raised his arm and knocked on the door.

Anyway, science cbd gummies for ed will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test she is now in her last semester, so if she doesn t come to us for an internship, she will have to go to another hospital.Chapter 690 Local wealthy guests have been busy with retirement procedures since they went to work after the holiday.I finally got the book today, and I can not only receive a pension, but also be able to re employ.After lunch, I rode an electric car to Chaoyang International Youth Hostel to officially go to work.The hostel was very busy before the renovation.During the Spring Festival, the first floor was converted into standard rooms and double bed rooms, and several standard rooms and double bed rooms were successfully rented to the engineering management personnel of the nearby construction site, so there was no need to check in frequently.After check out, there is no need to clean or change sheets and bedding every day.

The management is very strict.Han Chaoyang and Lao Tang stood at the edge of the construction area and watched the excitement for a while.The big guests who brought the workers arrived, and under the guidance of Jiang Qingwen, they drove slowly to the door of a row of prefab houses.Han Chaoyang, Old Tang, and Wang Jiayong walked over quickly, only to see a middle aged man in a leather jacket jumping out of the car with his bag in his pocket, and greeted Manager Liu as if seeing an old friend reunited after a long absence.Let s get down to business first, and we ll talk later.There s a night market behind us.Let s have a barbecue together after we re done.Hurry up, don t squeeze, get off one by one, the police will look at your ID card, take out the ones you put on your body and prepare them, and get the ones in your bag later.

Chapter 700 One Stone Arouses Thousands Layer wave gambling can be counted like this Han Chaoyang couldn t help but laugh, but after thinking about it, he felt that what the senior brother said made sense.They used WeChat to transfer money, and WeChat was bound to a bank card.We can t roughly define that the balance in the bank card is all gambling money, nor can we just define that only the money is transferred out.It s gambling money.In short, regarding the definition of gambling funds, the current laws and relevant regulations have not given an authoritative explanation, and this is the only way to do it when you think about it.Hu Songping, who was being held in the detention room, didn t think so, and said in front of Guo Yanfeng, the policeman handling the case, very dissatisfied Mr.Tao, I lost more than 50,000 yuan, and it s fine to confiscate the 50,000 yuan.

Han Chaoyang thought about it and then will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico asked, How to solve the problem of insufficient parking spaces.Use your method to shovel down a few flower beds.We have checked the bottom and most of the owners have no objection, and many even support it.As for the very few who don t The owner who agrees, I think, will slowly figure it out under the pressure of strong public opinion.After all, if you live in the same community, you can t agree to install elevators and increase parking spaces.If you are so stubborn, how will you be a neighbor in the future As soon as Manager Zhang finished speaking, Zheng Xinyi chuckled and said, The owners who live upstairs are even more unlikely to disagree.They are more concerned about whether the elevator can be installed than the parking space.If you don t support us on the parking space issue, How dare you ask us to help mobilize other owners to agree to install the elevator.

In fact, there are many places in the city where there are underage workers, especially those restaurants.Believe me, there is nothing to worry about. What s your name, where are you cbd calm gummies from Miao Haizhu held a notebook , without losing the opportunity to ask.Yang Xiaorong, from Xichuan.It was easy to speak up, Miao Haizhu asked Where is Xichuan, which county and which town Dawang Town, Meishan County.Which village is Dawang Town Yang Xiaorong raised his head and glanced at the foreman , and said in a low voice, The Sixth Group of Tuanjie Village.That s right, Miao Haizhu praised, and then asked, How old is this year Sixteen.Does your family know when you come out to work Yang Xiaorong peeked at everyone, then lowered his head and remained silent.Old Tang was not idle just now, he had already checked his household registration information with Jingwutong, and his name, home address, and age were all matched, but he hadn t gone to the local police station to apply for an ID card, so he only had household registration information without a photo.

Because several principal criminals rented in the best residential area, and there were only three of them, there were not many members in the team, including him, there were only 14 people in total.As are cbd gummy bears healthy for how to deploy the patrol members to assist law enforcement, Xu Hongliang didn t need Han Chaoyang to issue orders.The market supervision sub bureau and the public security sub bureau jointly enforce the law.Each action team has the leader of the market supervision bureau, law enforcement personnel, and members of the economic investigation, public security, civilian police and voluntary security gummies cbd cbd calm gummies patrol brigade of the public security sub bureauEverything is ready, and each action team takes over.Go upstairs to rest immediately after the task.If you can t sleep, you have to stay in the dormitory.

Go Han Chaoyang walked out of the small restaurant, found Zhou Ju s number and hesitated for a while, but still pressed the call key, but the mobile phone of Zhou Bureau is busy.Maybe Zhou Ju had activated the missed call reminder function, Han Chaoyang had just put down his phone and walked back, but Zhou Ju called back.Hello Zhou Ju, Zhou Ju, I m Han Chaoyang, I didn t disturb your work.Xiao Han, no, no, Zhou Ju was in a good mood, and half jokingly said will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico Xiao Han, don t you medterra cbd gummies review cbd calm gummies call me again , I really thought you guys forgot about me.They say that people leave for tea, I haven t left yet, and I shouldn t, do you think so Ju Zhou, I participated in the pass through operation last night, I didn t go to sleep until after nine o clock in the morning, and I just woke up, and just heard the news that you are going to be promoted.

He and Liu Bureau is a classmate of the police school, in the same class I used to work with Bureau Liu, and worked in the same unit for more than half a year.Chapter 721 There is a man by the river At around 3 p.m., the bureau finally got news, but it had little to do with Han cbd arousal gummies Chaoyang.The branch office notified the cadres above the section level who were at home to meet at the branch s general meeting at 4 30.Han Chaoyang was only a sub section and was not eligible to attend the middle level cadre meeting.I thought that the new bureau chief would announce the division of labor at the meeting, but it was only at night that I found out that the bureau leadership had not redistributed the work.What else is in charge.Director Liu first stated his position at the meeting, and then asked the heads of the departments, brigades, and grassroots teams of the sub bureau to introduce themselves, briefly report the work of their respective units, and then talk about ideology and politics like presiding over an enlarged meeting of the party committee, and asked the policemen of the whole sub bureau to improve their political performance.

All right, let s eat first.Wang Jiayong fell in love with the daughter of the proprietor s family, and Han Chaoyang s family followed suit.Roast chicken, sauced beef, sausage, bacon, braised pork knuckle and other cooked dishes were placed on the table, and Huang Ma made two vegetarian dishes and a soup.Huang s father was on duty at the unit and didn t come tonight.Lao Guan s family went back a little earlier, and it was only Han Chaoyang s family, Wang Jiayong and Xiaozhen.Although it is Xiaozhen s first day at work, she is a genuine person of her own.Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying joked, Wang Jiayong repeatedly begged for mercy, Huang Ma laughed from ear to ear, and Xiaozhen gradually let go.After chatting for a while while eating, Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying realized that their relationship was a result of being deceived by the stewed vegetable shop.

Lao Ding came to his senses and murmured ChengquanChengcheng was an accident, and Chengquan died because of saving people.If there was no one at the door, or if cbd calm gummies he didn t rush down, such a tragedy would not have happened.Director Liu must know about the success, and he is probably worried about another accident.Is it necessary to press the ground stakes, and where will our car park after the ground stakes are pressed The new director wants to help the police department strengthen security, let People have to think of Liu Chengquan who died in the line of duty.Han Chaoyang has always blamed himself for this, and dare not even dare to see Liu Chengquan s cousin and brother in law who have been here several times because of civil lawsuits.The scars that have finally healed are just like this Being torn apart by the new bureau chief felt like a knife was piercing my heart, it was extremely uncomfortable.

The son started to fight, his feet suffered from gout and he couldn t run fast enough to catch up, so he had no choice but to find an adulterer to vent his anger, so he used Yu Xiufen s mobile phone to send Teng Aihua a WeChat message, tricked Teng Aihua out and killed him, and then Absconding in fear of crime Feng Ju nodded Well, since he can open Yu Xiufen s cbd calm gummies mobile phone and read the WeChat chat records, he can also send Teng Aihua WeChat in Yu Xiufen s tone.Check Liu Ju knocked on the table , Said categorically Call records and QQ chat records can be found, and WeChat chat records should also be available.Prepare the procedures and let the network monitoring team contact Tencent.This is the key evidence and must be investigated.Just arrange for Wei Xingzhi to investigate.It takes time to check the WeChat chat history.

Xu Hongliang is not happy, the consequences are really serious, at least for Han Chaoyang Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment.As soon as he got back to the police room, he called Director Wen and asked why the concert security didn t allow Chaoyang Community Security Company to participate.Did Xiao Xu look for green roads cbd gummies for pain you I didn t look for me, I just happened to meet.Director Wen was also very embarrassed when such a good thing happened, and said with a bitter face Chaoyang, it s not that I don t flight mode cbd gummies help, but There is really no way, District Chief Liu personally asked, what can I say, what can the political commissar and Bureau Feng say But to help the security company is to help ourselves Funds cannot be used to recruit auxiliary police.Funding is not a problem now.Next, we will openly recruit 60 auxiliary police officers and strengthen the strength of the Special Patrol Brigade.

They are all supporting roles, and the main force has withdrawn, and we, the PolyU and the Sixth Hospital, can t play are 1 to 1 thc cbd gummies strong much role, and can t make a name for ourselves. Aren t you going to participate in tomorrow s patrol No, just let the young man Let s take a break.Chapter 768 The best thing to do is to know that Xu Hongliang is unhappy, and the consequences will be serious, but I didn t expect it to be so serious Han Chaoyang was extremely depressed, he was listless all afternoon, and he didn t have an appetite for dinner when he rushed to the youth hostel after get off work.Huang s father usually likes to ask about work matters, and when he sees that something is wrong with him, he wants to ask more.After asking, he sighed cbd calm gummies softly This matter is really a bit tricky.Hongliang s doing this will not only exist in name only, but also counterattack.

What can such a college student do in the future when he enters the society Director Huo muttered, and said in a deep thought Since his family s internal opinions are not unified, let s wait until their opinions are unified.Keep watching and make sure that there are no conflicts.Intensification, the main thing is not to let them go to the construction site to make trouble, and don t let them go to other places to petition.I understand that the effect of making trouble is not good.Well, thank you for your hard work.Huang Ying does not have to go to work on Sunday, see After studying the materials for the postgraduate entrance examination all morning, I was dizzy, went downstairs to get some air, and walked to the police room.Lao Dai is the only policeman in the Zhongshan Road Police District who can commute to and from get off work normally, and can rest normally during holidays.

Chapter 797 Chasing and Escaping 3 Back at the police office, Xiaokang is accompanying Old Tang on duty.Han Chaoyang lifted the cover and walked into the office area, sat down and said with a smile, Xiaokang, you will report to Fengyong tomorrow morning, go back to the dormitory to rest early.Xiaokang didn t go back so late for a reason, stood up and scratched his head, He asked with some embarrassment Han University, what happens after the application is over Of course, Han Chaoyang knew what he really wanted to ask, so he couldn t help but put it off After the application cbd gummies st paul mn and go to work, let s work for a while first.Time, wait for the Police Officer Training Center to hold a new police induction training class before going to the training.You should know this process, why do you think of asking this On the way back, Mr.

She was preparing to wash in the dormitory.Wu Wei in the clothes immediately regained his spirits.Han Chaoyang looked back at Huang Ying and the others, walked into the conversation room again, and said, That s Boss Xu, whose surname Jiang wanted to find him to work on the Leken project, and claimed to know Luo Weixing.From the tone of his voice, he could science cbd gummies for ed will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test tell The relationship with Luo Weixing is not ordinary.But leafy quick cbd gummies since he is engaged in engineering, we have visited and asked so many people in the river, it is impossible not to know his existence.It s a bit strange, otherwise, let s call and ask.Maybe they know but we didn t think about it when we asked.It s not realistic to go to Leken just based on an ambiguous clue.Call the person inquired.Still following the order on the list, Mr.Jing was the first to contact.

In his opinion, working on a project means that you owe me or I owe you money.Luo Weixing only owes more than 200,000 yuan to the migrant workers in Yanyang, which is really nothing in the construction industry The reason why the police went to his hometown to find him was because he had reported the crime.Since someone has reported the crime, we can t ignore it, but it s impossible to keep an eye on it every day, and it s even more impossible to chase it all the way to Jiangzhong, and then chase it all the way from Jiangzhong to Leken.The reason why Luo Weixing was not allowed to show up at the airport was because he might be online by the police.The security management of the airport is far stricter than that of the train station and bus station.If you don t enter the waiting hall, you may be stopped by the patrolling police to check your ID card.

You like to do unfinished projects You took the entrance fee from Jiangjian Group and the project deposits from several bosses in Jiangzhong.But he ran to Yanyang to pick up the project without helping others finish the work.Our Yanyang project disappeared after a few days, which is not good Officer Han, listen to my explanation, cbd calm gummies I was also forced to There is no way There is a problem to solve the problem, and you have to face will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico the difficulty when you encounter difficulties.What s the point of leaving Han Chaoyang gave him a sharp look, and asked sharply, Why did we come all the way from Yanyang to find You, you should know it in your heart.Attitude is everything now, let me tell you a happy word, where are the wages of the two hundred thousand workers Is it a blessing or a curse, and the disaster cannot be avoided.

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