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in the inn.Hitler didn t notice what Wang Weiyi was thinking I have done many jobs, but in the end I came to the army.I really can t imagine what else I can do after the war is over. The war won t end Wang Weiyi s words were authentic.Hitler didn t understand the meaning of Wang Weiyi s words at all Don t you think that Germany will eventually win Wang Weiyi was silent for a while, and did not directly answer this question Adolf, whether Germany can win this war is actually not the most important thing.The most important thing is that even if you leave the army, you can still have extraordinary and great achievements in the future.achievement Hitler couldn t believe what he heard.No one had ever spoken so highly of himself.His face flushed with excitement.Trust me, Adolf Wang Weiyi said very seriously You will succeed, and your achievements will surpass the vast majority of people.After listening to the translation, Guo Yunfeng slowly moved from Two words No With a scream, the dagger in Pombestein s hand pierced into Guo Yunfeng s chest.Moving the dagger slowly, a long wound was drawn on Guo Yunfeng s chest.Only then did Pompestein stop Do as I say.You can t blame me.This is what Colonel Nicholas ordered me to do.It would be the greatest relief for us all if you could say it earlier.Guo Yunfeng gasped for breath, but still shook his head stubbornly.One slash, and another slash.In just a moment, Guo Yunfeng had more than a dozen wounds on his body, but he never betrayed Lieutenant Ernst.Not for anything else, I just feel that I shouldn t do this.Is it still a human being who betrays one s friends When another knife was drawn across his body, Guo Yunfeng suddenly said to the translator with difficulty Hey, you tell him that Lieutenant cbd gummies help diabetes cbd bolt gummies Ernst will definitely come to save me, and I promise to kill this damn bastard The translator hesitated for a while, but HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies told Pompestein as it was.Colonel Nicholas, I can fully understand.Wang Weiyi also smiled HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies You are doing what you should do in your duty, cbd bolt gummies and no one can blame you for this Okay, a small incident has passed.Prince Joachim felt that he had cbd gummies for nerves to speak at this moment cbd bolt gummies to show his majesty Baron Alexon is a hero, and Colonel Nicholas is also a hero.His Majesty the Emperor made a decision yesterday that I will work with Colonel Nicholas to jointly manage the Military Intelligence Bureau.In the future, our people will need the strong support of Baron Alexson when they are on the front line.Wang Weiyi felt a thump in his heart.Is Prince Joachim also in charge of the Intelligence Service He knew that the prince was in charge, but in fact it was just a name, and it was Nicholas who was actually in charge of things, but with this sudden incident, the power of the Intelligence Bureau was suddenly increased again.The flesh on Nicholas face twitched, but he still tried his best to control his emotions.Where did this damn little lawyer get this information Doing things yourself is so confidential.When you go back, you must check carefully to see if the other party knows anything disgraceful about you.Felix gave Nikolai a stern look, but he did not forget his identity.Although he was not very willing, he said Lawyer Schlaf, this has nothing to do with this case.But I will ask you to investigate your actions against Nikolai.Mr.La s accusation.Schlaf s goal has been achieved Just when the atmosphere at the scene was a little awkward, a voice cbd bolt gummies suddenly sounded Marquis of Yorkshire, I ask to speak.Everyone s eyes looked there His Royal Highness Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany August After getting Felix s approval, August zilis cbd gummies cbd gummies for alcohol cravings said slowly Some people doubt Baron Alexon s meritorious deeds, some people question Baron Alexon s loyalty, I can cbd thc gummies for pain zilis cbd gummies t make a judgment on this.He had been silent for too long, and now , It s time for him to make a move Felix nodded Given your noble status, I allow you to speak without restriction, defend yourself and fight for all your rights.Wang Weiyi smiled.His status as an aristocrat is indeed good, which means that he can say whatever he wants without worrying about being interrupted.I let go of a British Chinese named Rosen.I have never denied this Wang Weiyi s opening remarks were so frank that it was a little surprising, but he immediately said to Felix Honorable Lord Marquis of Yoxo, can I ask you a question pomegranate cbd gummies I think you should ask the other party s lawyer or witnesses.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Yes, but they are not qualified, only the sword of justice can answer.There was laughter in the gallery, and Marklin and Nicholas looked very ugly.Wang Weiyi didn t feel strange about this answer at all.It is simply a fantasy to expect Xiaoling to help you readily.He saw Manstein and Richthofen walking in, and Manstein s face Excited.He also has a reason to be excited.He is a German military officer.As a soldier, he goes to the battlefield to fight for the supreme glory for HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies himself, but he always stays in Berlin.The air here is about to suffocate him.But now an opportunity is placed in front of Manstein.What s more, he is fighting side by side with Baron Alexson.Can you imagine what kind of great stimulation and encouragement this is In Berlin, Alexson The name of the baron is resounding all over the country, and all the battles he participated in were completed in a magical way.All honors are so easy to obtain as long as you follow Baron Alexson Richthofen is a little bit uncomfortable Happy.Wang Weiyi swallowed a mouthful of saliva That is to say, these two captives will be super rich in the future Based on their time In terms of assets, they are absolutely super rich Xiao Ling, how do you think I invest in them now Wang Weiyi asked in a daze Does that mean that I also own Margaux Shares in Chateau and Montagut I will also become a super rich man in the future It s possible.Xiao Ling s answer was very straightforward When you go back tofor example, from the 1960s to the 1980s , you will have great wealth Super rich Wang Weiyi never dreamed that one day he would become a super rich man.It s a good idea, but where do you get such a sum of money to invest in them I am so poor, cbd thc gummies for pain zilis cbd gummies investment can only be a dream.Sighing, such a good opportunity to make a fortune is in front of him, but he is powerless because he has no money.He actually walked directly into a flower shop by the side of the road.The girl in the flower shop saw cbd gummies help diabetes cbd bolt gummies a judicial judge Suddenly walked in, a little at a loss.Hello.Wang Weiyi said politely.You hello I want to buy roses.Lots and lots of roses.Wang Weiyi pointed to the roses in the store.Ah, are you for your lover The girl was relieved.That s rightthose tanks are my lovers.Wang Weiyi pointed to the tank outside Can you help me set it up sure.The girl was completely relieved, she picked a lot of roses and went out.The team members in the tank got out of the tank one after another, watching this scene with great interest.Steck couldn t help blowing a sharp whistle.Close, but they don t care about it at all.They are following the skeleton baron Ernst.Bram, how could the enemy catch them Are you really going to place these roses on these big guys The girl looked at the tank suspiciously.Forget it, I will let Xiao Ling translate for me when I return to the base Ernst, we have to go, or we won t be able to catch up with Erwin s wedding.Manstein walked over and said.After carefully putting away the letter, Wang Weiyi shouted to his team members to get on the truck, and then said to Manstein You have to watch out for those Russians, they are worth 30,000 gold coins.Manstein smiled.nodded.Hey, Mr.Moyol, it s a pleasure working with you.Captain Crome came over If you can come here next time, I will still be stationed.You can come to me order 5 1 cbd gummies for anything, and I will I will do my best to help you.I will, Captain Crom.Wang Weiyi jumped on the truck and said, Let s go.Seeing Goring s happy cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar cbd bolt gummies face, Wang Weiyi couldn t help but asked with a smile Hermann, how about being with us Hey, it s really nice, what do you think, Adolf He poked Adolf Hitler who was writing diary beside him.

These people must be doing something, Rommel was very sure.I haven t seen them these days, and zilis cbd gummies cbd gummies for alcohol cravings God knows what they are going to do again.With Ernst Brahm around, there was nothing they couldn t do.Come, come A voice interrupted Rommel s train of thought.I saw a truck rushing over like crazy, and as soon as it stopped, a group of people on it jumped off.Hey, Erwin, here we come.Erwin, congratulations.Where is the bride Erwin, we have to see the bride.A smile appeared on Rommel s face Damn, Where have you been Quickly told the priest to start, Rommel s eyes fell on the box in Wang Weiyi s hand What is this Huh He walked in a hurry just now and took the box directly to his hand.When Rommel asked, Wang Weiyi sent the box in front of Rommel in a strange way Erwin, this is a gift from us Ah, thank you so much.Go to America Wang Weiyi was a little disappointed.Xiaoling seemed to guess what Wang Weiyi was thinking at once cbd thc gummies for pain zilis cbd gummies Do you want to use this super spy for you Rambler, I have to warn you, this is too dangerous.This person is very cold blooded and cunning, and he will bring you great danger.I know.Wang Weiyi sighed Now I have no choice but to find him.His people are in the United States, and I can t go to the United States. Actually, if you really want to find him, it s not impossible.To be continued.If you like this work, welcome to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.Some words of thanks The monthly ticket is fifth, and the spider is really very, very grateful for the support of the brothers, as the old saying goes, your support is the driving force for the update of the spider.What method did Ernst use to get the Russians to help him Most of the 600 Russians of the 27th Infantry Regiment did not stand out, and only a hundred or so survived to the German side.Colonel Sergey cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar cbd bolt gummies s adjutant, Major Mashatav, also died in the breakout battle.However, Colonel Sergey was lucky.He had a broken leg, and he miraculously came alive under the protection of several soldiers.German here.Most of the members of the Skeleton Commando rushed out, and a few were injured, but not seriously.These elites in the German army know how to protect themselves to the greatest extent in the chaotic war.The three tanks that have made countless contributions from Reims to Russia are considered destroyed, but that s nothing, their mission has been completed, and more powerful tanks will replace them soon.The countess didn t know, but Wang Weiyi did.In the two world cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar cbd bolt gummies wars, the United States took full advantage and ended the wars as the savior.Without this country, who would be the final winner of the world wars Businessman s The sense of smell is always the keenest, especially for a family as large as Wittgenstein.Although the German army performed very well on the battlefield, they were not optimistic about Germany s victory from a long time ago.Do you think What, Baron Alexon The countess turned her gaze to Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi smiled bitterly Although I don t want to admit it, what Ms.Wittgenstein said is correct.One hundred and eighty six.Countess s loneliness Ernst Brahm obviously sided with Hermione.Countess Leonie also became worried.What should I do if Germany fails Countess, I suggest that you also invest your assets abroad, and that is why I am here.Wang Weiyi smiled As long as I can find this person, I will pay you two thousand francs Desimov s eyes widened You mean two thousand francs Yes, you heard me right, Mr.Desimov.Wang Weiyi s answer was very relaxed And this is just the first payment I can also provide you with a piece of information Has there been a robbery in your place recently Mr.Moyol, there are robberies every day here, but not in my sphere of influence. Not necessarily, Mr.Desimov.Wang Weiyi looked around Maybe someone wants to attack your territory Well, let me tell you the real thing, this Zahvoki has a jewel of Count Yevgeny in his hand, and two young Russians are eyeing this jewel etc.Desimov suddenly interrupted him You mean two young Russians Seeing that Wang Weiyi nodded with certainty, Desimov called his subordinates with a serious expression Go, get Loban and Oginensky As for you, Moyol Sir, let s come into my office and talk.Now, you want to, you want tohaha, you idiot Zahwoki looked a little crazy.He immediately stood up, pulled out an old box on the bed, opened it, threw away the old clothes that no one wanted, and took out a box Made of lead, really a box made of lead It was exactly the same as what Xiao Ling judged It is precisely because of this box that Zahwoki was never harmed by the y element.When he saw this box, Zahwoki showed infinite fear on his face.He didn t even want to take a second look, and threw it in front of Wang Weiyi in fear Here, here you are, this devil is worthy What you have now belongs to you Wang Weiyi bent down to pick up the box, and couldn t help feeling excited.This piece of y element, which is so powerful that it can even change the fate of human beings, is so easily obtained He saw Desimov s curious eyes, and handed the box in front of him Do you need to take a look, Mr.General Von Bello said indifferently Even our own people think so.After more than a month of fighting.We are very tired and ammunition is almost exhausted.Now retreat is the only thing we have to do.The sudden attack Attack, the British are unprepared, their doomsday is coming, killing them will stop the British and the French from pursuing, and also taste the taste of defeat in Italy.Colonel Ernst is afraid that he will win the battle in Udine Very hard.Yes, but he can complete the task.General Von Bello smiled slightly Don t forget, he is the skeleton baron who will never be defeated Yes.Ernst Brehm, the skeleton baron who can never be defeated cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar cbd bolt gummies Now, when the German Austrian coalition forces are retreating on a large scale, no one would have thought that a battle of annihilation against the British infantry division has already begun on the fourth day of the Battle of Udine.While the Tank remains a deterrent on the battlefield, Skull the platinum series cbd infused gummies Commandos have a myriad of ways to counter it.It s a pity that Wang Weiyi didn t know about George.Button was on the way to attack, otherwise, maybe he would have killed Button.Before Montfaucon, the Americans suffered the same as the French no matter how hard they tried, no matter what kind of assault they used, they could not break through the German defenses.They killed 900 soldiers in front of Montforkon in just one day, and nearly 3,000 French and Americans died here.This is a terrifying number.The Skeleton Commando The American .

how long for cbd gummy to work?

and French allied forces lost troops here, but they made breakthroughs in other battlefields.Before dusk, the first line of defense of the German army had been captured by the U.S.Army.At the same time, the U.

A large number of enemies had already appeared on the two wings, and Monfukon was surrounded by heavy siege, and the situation was already very critical.But the order to retreat was still HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies not issued.Steck was bandaging his own wounds, one of his arms was injured, and Bon Crayley was carefully inspecting cbd gummies effects sunday scaries the Mauser infantry, which had already killed many enemies.Officer Sean was there wiping the heavy machine gun, he The heavy machine gun is always the most reliable firepower on the battlefield.Si Dao took out his four knives and watched them one by one.No one spoke, everyone was silent.But once the enemy appears, they will be greeted with the fiercest firepower.General, I heard that Syndra s position has been breached.Maybe we will be attacked by the enemy later.Stark asked after glancing at General Ernst.However, although Li Lu made a rash attack in the end, the overall results are quite satisfactory.The Japanese army dropped more than 20 corpses in front of the position.It seems that the number is not much, but if the last attack is not counted, in this defensive battle, the defender only killed three people and injured two people.This is really an exchange of the smallest price for the biggest victory that I didn t even dare to think of before In the same way, the troops commanded by Wang Weiyi repelled the Neikou brigade s three charges one after another.During these three defensive operations, the cbd bolt gummies where to buy royal cbd gummies officers and soldiers were highly unified in their thinking and resolutely carried out all the orders issued by Wang Weiyi.They never raised their heads when it was time to hide.When it s time to fight back, there is no fear of death.After Kobayakawa Koi introduced himself, he suddenly switched to German Mr.Moyol, why did you appear here Damn, this devil can actually speak German Wang Weiyi also gave his answer in German without even thinking about it When the war broke out, my wife and I were afraid to go out.Now the fighting is a little calmer.I have to take my wife out for a walk.Ah, this is my wife, Heinrich Mojol.The other party s German and Japanese are so proficient, and Kobayakawa Hongyi s vigilance also relaxed Mr.Moyol, the war is not over yet, and those Chinese soldiers are still resisting.What s wrong with you What s going on I heard it wasn t hit.All right.Wang Weiyi sighed helplessly Actually, taste budz cbd gummies I was beaten by a Chinese, but that person injured me, and I don t know where he went, and my Chinese servants were not able to catch him.Upon hearing this, Ouyang Yu immediately fired the machine gun.Sergeant this is our machine gun the machine gunner on the Italian CV 33 ultralight tank said pitifully.When this tank was arranging street fighting, it had already hidden itself well behind a wall.The wall was pierced and covered with cbd bolt gummies messy things.Originally, the machine gunners on the tank were already preparing to kill here, but who would have thought that two officers, Ouyang Yu and Li Lu, would run over out of nowhere and take over the machine guns on the tank.They re all comrades in the Anti Japanese War, what s yours and mine.Ouyang Yu said indifferently.that is Hey, you let you let.Li Lu also forced his way in, and drove out the shooter with the other machine gun.He was quite righteous and threw the submachine gun in his hand to the shooter This thing works better than yours.However, when they were suddenly attacked, they still showed quite strong fighting qualities.Without the officer s order, those Japanese troops entered the position one after another, and began to use various weapons to carry out tenacious sniping.Although there are explosions all over the village.There were fires everywhere, but the Japanese soldiers were not affected too much.They still strictly followed the training before the war and resisted on their own.on their own.Not that it s unorganized.They began to form a tactical team of three or five to seize a favorable position.Maximum possible hysteresis for enemy breakthrough.And there is also a part of the Japanese army, starting from the continuous explosions in the village, they cbd bolt gummies where to buy royal cbd gummies quickly took strict precautions against possible attacks from the village.Once the open fire point is destroyed, the enemy begins to charge aggressively.The sudden appearance of dark fire points, in addition to inflicting heavy damage on the attacking enemy, can also severely damage the cbd bolt gummies morale of the enemy.This point was also repeatedly explained to his officers by Wang Weiyi before the attack was launched Now, this really saved the lives do cbd gummies stop smoking of a large number of Chinese soldiers.The Viktank driven by Niu Zhenliang appeared, and the muzzle slowly turned to the direction of the firepower point The shell came out of the chamber, and then a violent explosion sounded.After a little firepower, he became dumb.But the tank still seemed worried, and fired two more shells one after another.Continue to attack continue to attack The Chinese soldiers in full formation moved forward steadily under the loud command of the officers.Ueno Hiromitsu didn t take it to heart at all.Qingkou Wusan was not cbd bolt gummies a professional soldier, but a history teacher.Let a teacher command the army of the empire What are the people at the top thinking But his own Ueno detachment is different.The Ueno detachment has the most sophisticated weapons and the most brave soldiers Defeat the Chinese army on the opposite side in one fell swoop, and let the Ueno detachment s reputation resound throughout China Brigade seat, the Japanese army has launched a full scale attack Wang Weiyi nodded, raised his wrist to check the time 9 o clock, get ready to start It was 55 am on April 1st, 1933.All the departments of the Huben Guard brigade have designated positions today, the engines of the cars have been started, and the muzzles of the chariots have been polished.This cbd bolt gummies where to buy royal cbd gummies time, he wants to wash himself.London is now a bit ready for war men are conscripted women are engaged in home defense cbd bolt gummies defense education is widespread.It tells people how to put a gas mask on a baby.When the 2500 paintings in the British Museum have been transferred, no one will think that London s preparations for war are fake.Paris is also tense.The French said.If Hitler dared to invade Poland, the French army would enter from the west wall of Germany, take the Ruhr Valley, and crush Germany s economic heart.Hitler didn t care about the actions of Poland, Britain and France at all.He said to his generals I remember that Baron Alexon once said that when the war breaks out, no matter whether Britain or France rely on their strength alone, they will not be able to resist the German attack.

Wang Weiyi thought in his heart.Elena What about Elena She can t be allowed to stay in the military base forever, she has already returned to Germany, this is her motherland, but what kind of way should she be thought of to make her appear Wang Weiyi felt a little headache, Hey, what are we talking about here Richthofen kevin costner canna organic cbd gummies called out We have to find a place and ask Ernst cbd bolt gummies what happened to Ernst these years, ah, fuck me How is home No, there is a better place to go.Hitler said mysteriously Don t you think it would be better for us to go to the baron s manor Bowman, listen, from now until tomorrow, don t let anyone bother me Yes, I m not free, I m busy Putting down the phone, he looked at the generals What are you still standing here for Don t you Do you think it is an honor to go to the Baron s Manor empty handed Go, go, tonight, we will have a good meal at the Baron s Manor.He said slowly Since I came back, I have expressed some of my ideas in some aspects.Dietrich immediately thought, this is about secretly stopping the bombing of London, right He then heard the baron say But I am not without bottom line.If the interests of Germany and its allies are damaged, I will retaliate mercilessly Now, the reporters finally saw the extremely tough face of Baron Skeleton Revenge without mercy Obviously, this is the warning to London stop the so called military parade of the free French movement Mr.Marshal, just the day before you arrived in Paris, General Dietrich and the Gestapo arrested more than 300 resistance groups or suspected unstable elements.How do you plan to deal with these people Do cbd bolt gummies you shoot them all Oh, is that so Wang Weiyi asked Dietrich in a low voice, then raised his head and said, I will order the release of most of them Boom , it seems that the place is going to explode and bring them today There were too many surprises.Desk, office chair God, these are all my own.Mr.Williams stared blankly, unable to believe that all this is true, Mr.Williams, you can work here from now on you If you are optimistic, please go to Mr.Garcia s office, he still has something to do with you.Miss Carlos walked towards the door while talking, and when she reached the door, she suddenly turned around and asked Williams Sir, are cbd bolt gummies you free tonight Ah, yes I heard that there is a new restaurant opening on the corner of the street, are you free to treat me to dinner Of course.Williams said excitedly.That day, stockbrokers, this is such a wonderful industry.Not only did you get out of the predicament quickly, but there were really beauties in your arms.Seeing William Maisui s distraught look, Miss Carlos smiled sweetly.In Mr.Garcia s office, Williams saw a familiar figure, he recognized him at a glance, and then exclaimed in surprise Mr.Klingenberg was taken aback for a moment He is the last Sultan of Turkey Yes.Wang Weiyi said lightly He was eventually imprisoned in Istanbul, and then died there After capturing Istanbul, I have been looking for some information related to Abdul Hamid II.Thing, I found out that Abdul Hamid II s son Abdul Karami is still alive, but not in Turkey, but in Ankara, and is being love hemp cbd gummies uk protected by the First Army in cbd bolt gummies the former Ottoman capital The First Legion of the Capital Does this legion still exist Klingenberg asked curiously.No, the Legion no longer exists in essence.Wang Weiyi s face was solemn But their descendants, under the command of the former army commander Ahmaza, tried to restore the position of the Sultan.After the death of Abdul Hamid II, they put all the Hopes are placed on his son, Abdul Karami.He forgot how he came from a penniless poor boy to today.Maybe Mr.Garcia and Mr.Moyol are watching all this coldly But the news that Zeshi Fund is short on gold stocks quit smoking with cbd gummies gradually spread.The ever victorious Golden Rank Fund is firmly bullish on cbd gummies help diabetes cbd bolt gummies gold stocks.Their helm, Mr.Robben Williams, believes that gold stocks will rise to an unbelievable level, investing every dollar in the stock market.It can be multiplied hundreds of times.Now Robben.Williams had become a big star in the New York stock market, a figure of legend.A myth that investment has never failed once.Anyone who does not believe in Mr.Williams is a fool A large number of Americans have handed over their money to the Gold Rank Fund and entrusted Mr.Williams to invest for them.Who would not want to see their money multiplied cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar cbd bolt gummies several times or hundreds of times Originally well capitalized King Rank Fund.Hermione and Elliott are completely capable of completing these tasks better than Wang Weiyi.In the U.S.Wang Weiyi got a lot of what he wanted, and now, his trip to the United States should come to an end.News had already come from Germany that year that the Soviet army was completing its build up.It was possible to carry out an offensive in the autumn to defeat the German forces on the Russian battlefield.Then focus on the Turkish battlefield.Manstein, Guderian, and Model have already completed their preparations.With them guarding there, there is no need to worry at all.On the African battlefield, the British army commanded by Montgomery also meant to prepare to attack.Perhaps they were preparing to cooperate with the Soviet army in the last strategic offensive.The delicate balance in Africa is about to be broken.Because the ground organization is not sound, the Air Force will not be able to advance side by side with the Army.Nevertheless, the African Air Force Commander still put all The troops went into battle against Matruh and Alamein.The 1st Flying Training Regiment attacked British depots, and the 3rd Dive Bomber Regiment attacked enemy forces moving behind the lines.In the history of the 27th Combat Aviation Regiment, there is such a record On June 26, the Sidi Conditions for the fighters at Barrani were dire.Nothing but a gas truck.The pilots had to take cbd bolt gummies where to buy royal cbd gummies off on an empty stomach.By the evening of June 26, Lieutenant Kornner shot down five enemy planes.Lieutenants Stahlschmidt and Lieutenant Schreier each shot down three.The next morning, another attack was launched against Astas.Two days later, transfer to cbd gummies reviews Fuqua.Yoshimura Hidezo thought he heard it wrong, looked at Masaichi Shimamoto in a daze, and blurted out There are so many anti Manchurian and anti Japanese elements in prison.Why use ordinary people Shimamoto had the same expression as Yoshimura, and he almost laughed out loud I also intend to dig something out of the mouths of those anti Manchurian anti Japanese elements.What use are these ordinary people They are cbd gummies para la vista only worthy of the empire.The fighters are living targets But, but they are just unarmed ordinary people, at most committing some economic crimes Yoshimura Hidezou blushed, but Shimamoto interrupted impatiently in the middle of the sentence.Mr.Yoshimura, don t forget that this is Manchuria, not Tokyo you are not the inspector of the Tokyo Police Department, but the deputy captain of the Gendarmerie There are no civilians and criminals here, only war and enemies.

The blasting expert is Dr.Ackermann, a chemist and the most prestigious blasting expert in Germany.Chapman came to the experiment room, where there are corked glass bottles, test tubes, vacuum flasks, scales, pestles and mortars.Dr.Ackerman carefully and patiently explained to Chapman the mysterious world of lethal weapons, the magical secrets of explosives, Combustion, booby traps, and time delay sabotage.He taught Chapman to make a timing lead out of a cheap watch, insert a screw with a nut at each end into the watch case, connect one end of the lead to an alkaline battery and the other One end was inserted into the watch, and when the hands touched the screws, it would cause the battery to discharge, which would trigger the lead wires to explode.Later, he brought an alarm clock and showed Chapman how to connect the spring to the detonator to achieve up to fourteen hours Delayed blasting.After Heisenberg HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies filled his magazine bag, he gave Misha another five rounds.There are about a thousand combat teams in the division, with a total of more than 20,000 people.At this moment, they used the cover of thick smoke to rush to the southern end of the city.The smoke in the city was caused both by the brief battle they were involved in and by the 105mm artillery shelling throughout the night.Six hundred and twenty nine.As sniper to sniper slowly entered the city, the commandos realized that they were chasing a Russian division in flight, and their casualties were considerable.The city was full of killed Russians, both soldiers and civilians.They were all killed in the overnight shelling.Heisenberg came across the ruins of a Russian Army machine gun emplacement, which had been hit directly by a shell.Since 1933, in order to curb Japan s expansion, the United States has further increased construction, making it the main naval base and important logistics base of the United States in the Pacific Ocean.Since May 1940, the US Pacific Fleet has been stationed at Pearl Harbor, and Pearl Harbor has become .

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a thorn in the side of the Japanese army s southward advance.After the US Pacific Fleet was stationed at Pearl Harbor, it began to strengthen the defense of the Hawaii area.The U.S.Army established the Hawaii Garrison Command in February 1941, headed by Walt.Lieutenant General Short served as the commander, and unified command of the 24th and 25th Infantry Divisions, Coastal Artillery, Army Aviation and other units in the Hawaii area, with a total of about 4.30,000 people.The commander of the Pacific Fleet is Admiral Kimmel.I am General Charles de Gaulle, I am in London, and I appeal to all French officers and soldiers, armed or unarmed, who are on British soil and who may come in the future.All engineers and skilled workers in the munitions factories on British soil call for you to get in touch with me.no matter what happens.The fire of French resistance cannot be extinguished, nor will it ever be extinguished This message to all the French people made the British government passive.Including Prime Minister Churchill, they did not expect de Gaulle to make such a speech at such a time.Just as they did not expect cbd bolt gummies Baron Alexon would suddenly appear in front of the British public.Churchill was very angry.He thought that de Gaulle s actions had greatly damaged the prestige of the British Empire.In fact, before that, Britain and France had already had a huge Disagreements and contradictions.No, it can even be said that De Sade is not at all French After hearing this, Sophie s eyes were filled with tears.Although De Sade is not a qualified father, he is a qualified fighter who fights for freedom.What will happen to him, Baron Sophie asked in a trembling voice.I don t know.This is not within the scope of my jurisdiction.Wang Weiyi said lightly I think there is a high possibility that he will be sentenced to death for espionage.Sophie s body trembled, no, this is too much.Terrible I beg you, Baron.Her voice became urgent You can t kill him, I beg you to save her.I know you did it cbd bolt gummies this way Sophie, do you know that your father is our worst enemy in Paris.Wang Weiyi s voice was very deep After we entered Paris, your father organized countless violent actions.He is in charge of several underground resistance organizations, constantly sabotaging our operations in Paris.Comrade General, Major Waderos has been ordered to come.Relax.Tasotsky looked very serious Comrade Major Waderos, please tell me all about your experience in Elklin again.Yes, Comrade General.Wang Weiyi very calmly described all his experiences in Elklin once again.Be detailed, but keep it simple, which is what a spy has to do in the presence of doubters.Any superfluous.will expose their identities.Tasotsky also listened very carefully.Occasionally he interrupted and asked some details, but Wang Weiyi answered him quickly.You did a great job, Comrade Major Waderos.Tasotsky praised him, and suddenly said, Your superior, Comrade Mitrov, just called me The superior It s Mrs.Demites Xiao Ling s voice reached Wang Weiyi s ears in time.Wang Weiyi almost laughed out loud, he had only used this method to deal with the real Waderos , and now, Tasotsky actually used this method on himself again.The Russians have no problem here.However, as soon as they entered the German battlefield, Wang Weiyi and his companions were immediately arrested.Yes, Wang Weiyi was arrested by his own people again.It was exactly the same as what happened last time When Guo Yunfeng told the German soldiers that this was Marshal Ernst, the poor Si Dao was shot by the German soldiers with the butt of his gun.This damn liar dared to pretend to be Baron Alexon And when Paul Hauser and Ludwig arrived for questioning, the panic and embarrassment of the German soldiers can be imagined.Fortunately, the Baron himself didn t pay much attention to these things.Of course, Guo Yunfeng s resentment towards Wang Weiyi, who had been shot butt in vain, reached the extreme, and he could only hear him muttering dissatisfiedly on the way back.But this cbd bolt gummies is not impossible for Sidney Riley.Such a super spy always has his own special way to bring people in need into the factory.When going in.It happened to be lunch time, and those Russians who had worked hard all day could finally take advantage of this rare opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief.Major Massarov, that person is Avrona.In the cafeteria.Major Jemiko, who was in charge of security here, pointed to a young woman who was cooking.To Colonel Massarov Riley said.Okay, my boss is waiting for her in the office of the Security Department, and needs to be reviewed immediately.Please take her to cbd infused gummies plus the office of the Political Department, Major Jemiko.Riley whispered.Jemiko shrugged.Although he didn t know what the real inside story was, it seemed that Avrona had a big problem these days.

They saw a large number of German commandos, constantly Flash onto the battlefield.One tank after another, one mortar after another.Soldiers one by one.It all looks so garish Someone was shouting something, someone fell under the machine gun fire, someone was blown up into the sky by shells The cruelty of the battlefield is clearly displayed here.Attack after attack.Forward and successive defenses.What it brings is an increasing number of wounded and dead bodies.The earth was howling, and the moon had long been unwilling to see this tragedy in the world and hid behind the clouds.On the left side of the main attacking Guo Yunfeng battle group was the German army commanded by Marshal Ernst Brehm himself.No matter how you look at it, Wang Weiyi doesn t look like a real marshal.The real marshal should not appear here, he needs to command all these soldiers to fight in his headquarters.Who is really not afraid of death During this day, the casualties of the Soviet Terek River Army reached a shocking 12,000 people.The German losses were extremely slight.This is simply naked massacre.Of course, this is not to say that the combat effectiveness of the German army has reached such a terrifying level, but that the unchanging charge mode of the Soviet army has given them such brilliant results.The Germans have fully figured out the Russian offensive mode Before the war, they first fired at each other, and then the Russian soldiers who were aroused would use the crowd tactics to fight desperately without hesitation charge.They don t know how to avoid the enemy s dense rain of bullets, but use their own cbd bolt gummies bodies to meet the baptism of bullets This is not a war, this is death at all.The light tanks, which arrived in time, passed through and joined Volksam s commando without incident.It is a pity that the commander HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies of this unit, Lieutenant Ernst Prohaska, was killed in the battle to defend the bridge After the eighth company commander, Captain Siegfried Grabert.The second Brandenburg officer to die serving as the forward of the 13th Panzer Division.Captain Grabert was posthumously awarded the Knight s Cross for the 13th Armored Division s capture of the railway bridge over the Rostov River.Lieutenant von Volksam was awarded the Knight s Cross for bravery in this battle, Ernst.Lieutenant Prohaska was posthumously awarded the Knight s Cross after his death.The main reason for the success of this operation should be attributed to the intelligence collection by the German Secret Service on the responsibilities and procedures of the security forces of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs.Suddenly, his voice stopped abruptly.He looked at Sergeant Matthew Mann and then at Nurse Linda We don t, but the Germans have Sergeant Matthewman knew what he wanted to do, and sure enough, Pintorov said immediately Doctor, prescribe the medicine you needand what is your name coming Mashman, J.Matthewman.Sergeant Matthewman calmly dismissed the list of medicines he needed, but he did not hand it over to Pintorov, but put it in Linda s hands I think, if I guess correctly, you are going to I m a hostage, so let Nurse Linda go to the opposite German army to get the medicine You re so clever, doctor.Pintorov smiled Lovely nurse, please get out of here now, I need to see the medicine in half an hour.Go and tell the German military officer on the opposite side that if my request cannot be met, Sergeant Matthew Mann s body cbd gummies help diabetes cbd bolt gummies will be pierced by bullets Go, Linda, don t be afraid Sergeant Matthewman encouraged Linda with a smile.He established the New Republic Financial Group in Wisconsin, USA.The company s operating capital is only 17,000 US dollars, but soon after the capital injection of secret overseas accounts in the United States, cbd gummies to stop smoking on shark tank Vantaa s business grew bigger and bigger.By October 1990, Vantaa had completed a very profitable transaction of buying 140 billion rubles for 5 billion dollars at a price that was twice that of the black market 28 rubles to 1 dollar, thanks to his presence in the Soviet Union.the accomplices.In January and February 1991.Vantaa aggressively shorted cbd bolt gummies where to buy royal cbd gummies up to 2,000 tons of gold on the London gold exchange market.The Soviet economy, which was already weak, relied entirely on the export of gold.The collapse in the price of gold drove the final nail in the coffin of the Soviet Union.Vantaa s secret operation was called the Great Ruble Scam.Yes, no one knows himself better than Ernst.He has no interest in anything other than fighting.I can t even say anything.If I let myself deal with those politicians and look at those official documents all day after the war is over, I will definitely go crazy.Definitely But you are different.You have led the army, The ability to lead the country forward.Wang Weiyi looked solemn I am sure that this world war will end with our victory, but there are still many enemies in front of us.Adolf was an excellent head of state.He was able to lead Germany out of the shadow of defeat in the shortest possible time and quickly become cbd gummies switzerland a powerful country again.However, sometimes he was too emotional, which was not what was needed to govern a country.Who can calm him down in his blood Only you.You, Manstein you, Model and Rommel and Guderian So, you must stay with Adolf Manstein fully understood his Interesting, the outstanding German marshal sighed involuntarily Well, you went away happily, but threw a country to us.After the three formed an alliance, their power increased greatly.When Bibulus announced that there were ominous signs and wanted to terminate the meeting, Caesar used force violently to drive the colleague out, and at the senate meeting the next day, No one dared to criticize or comment on this, and decrees would be passed for events that were not as serious as this before.Bibulus was so disappointed that his first decree as a consul was to withdraw from all political activities.Since then This Caesar s political opponent could only hide at home and send ominous signs to the Senate or the Citizens Assembly through messengers until the end of his term.In this way, Caesar monopolized power, and the Year of Bibulus and Caesar s Reign came to an end.The year of cbd bolt gummies where to buy royal cbd gummies Julius and Caesar Xiao Ling gave a brief introduction, and then continued After completing his term as consul, Caesar was awarded the title of governor to manage the northern Gaul , that is, today s southern France and Illyria, today s Balkan Peninsula and the Adriatic coast area for five years.But, now he s proven wrong The determination shown by these barbarians is unimaginable, and what s even more frightening is that not only are the barbarians amazing in fighting power, but they don t seem to be afraid at all life and death.They use all kinds of weapons, such as javelins, spears, axes, stone hammers, and even daggers obtained from the Romans However, no matter what kind of weapons are in their hands, they are still alive.Being able to adapt quickly to them, maybe they are born fighters.They hit the Romans with stone hammers, and then hit the enemy s head with a cbd bolt gummies few more hard hammers, until the enemy s head was smashed Sometimes, they would use the stones they took from the Romans.The short sword plunged into the Roman s body, and then drew it out to rush to the next target Each of their killing methods makes people feel extremely terrifying.

I can take advantage of the opportunity to attack and kill a few cbd bolt gummies where to buy royal cbd gummies of them, but unfortunately it seems that I still underestimated the Romans Yes.Richthofen fully agreed with him Opinion The reason why the Roman legions can run rampant in this era how to make your own cbd gummies teaser pleaser is not only the bravery of the soldiers and the excellent weapons.Their strict discipline is also the greatest guarantee of continuous victory.But even if they can get over the trap, those deer strongholds will also be disrupted.With their pace, we can also make a beautiful attack Wang Weiyi pointed to the front Who can throw the javelin there For a while, the Germanians were silent.The distance was a little far away, and it seemed impossible to throw such a long distance.But Thibius stood up.He took a javelin and weighed it in his hand My lord, let me try it.This, perhaps, is the opportunity that Wang Weiyi has been looking for.Gnaus asked some more news about Gaul and Germania, and then said Thank you very much for the information you have provided me, and I wish you a happy stay in Rome.Thank you, my lord mayor.After sending Gnaus away, Richthofen let out a soft breath Ernst, what are you thinking there It s the same as you think.Wang Weiyi said with a smile The Romans believed that the higher you lived, the closer you were to God.The closer you are to God, the easier it is to get His protection.Therefore, on the highest Palatine Hill in Rome, there are luxurious residences of Roman nobles everywhere.If these scattered mansions are as beautiful as gems, then a mansion located on the south slope can be described as a brilliant diamond.It is more appropriate to call it a palace than a mansion, and its vestibule is so tall that there is a statue of Alexander the Great twice as tall as a real person.It seems that they are all wearing thick clothes, which is very strange in early summer.Soon, he judged from the slightly stiff movements of those elders the toga is under the armor Cuarius was taken aback.He tried his best to keep calm, but his feet began to move there quietly.Manias, who had been watching Pang s every move with concern, noticed the young man s movements, and stopped Cuarius respectfully and carefully.My master, please don t worry.He whispered.Hearing this address, Cuarius frowned, because Pompey hated people calling him Master very much, so apart from his loyal butler Diomedes, who refused to change his words, Pompey had nothing to do with him.the rest of the family, cbd thc gummies for pain zilis cbd gummies including those whom Pompey rescued from slavery like Manias, no longer called him that.But today, Manias added this title to him again, which cbd bolt gummies cbd bolt gummies made Cuarius very unhappy, but at the moment he couldn t care less about it.Pompey, who had personal ambitions, saw that the Sulla faction was gradually losing power and the democrats were gaining momentum, so he saw the wind and turned to the democrats to please the knights and commoners.In 62 BC, Pompey returned to Rome laden with the spoils of the East.Because the Senate was dissatisfied with the fact that he granted the provincial tax paying rights to the knights in the east, and was even more worried that he would use his influence to implement dictatorship, the Senate held a triumphal ceremony for him as late as August 61 BC.Pompey asked the Senate to approve various measures he implemented in the East and divide up his veterans land, but the Senate flatly refused.Pompey was extremely dissatisfied and began to confront the Senate.In 60 BC, he formed a secret alliance with Caesar and the leader of the Cavaliers, Crassus, the Triple Alliance.If the battle is forced to continue, the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division can continue to fight the Germans, but it will Inevitably suffered great losses.Under such circumstances, retreating is undoubtedly the best choice Anyway, the Allies still have an absolute advantage cbd bolt gummies on the battlefield.Defeating the Skeleton Division one day earlier and defeating the Skeleton Division one day later mean both the same.Three ghost tanks can t reverse the defeat of the Germans Kerrett decisively issued an order to retreat, and the day s battle ended in such a strange way No one knows where the German planes flew out of, and no one knows the three Where did the Ghost Tank come from.When the U.S.troops retreated, Jonar immediately thought of the three Leopard tanks, but the ending made him even more astonished.She was ordered to protect Baron Platt, not to sleep with the baron.Major Davyn looked at Agent Annette, even though it was a violation of professional ethics for an agent to sleep with a protected object.But nothing extraordinary.He regained his composure and asked his subordinates to go out first Ah, Baron.I m so sorry, didn t you know that there was an explosion in the city Woke up still angry.Yes, I can assure you that it was an explosion.Major Davyn finally came up with a good excuse We couldn t contact Agent Annette.So I thought something was wrong with you.Please forgive us for our actions Major Daveyne, if it s convenient, can you go out first and let us get dressed Ah, yes, Baron, I ll wait for you outside.Davyne hurriedly exited the room while talking , and closed the door for them.And I absolutely do not believe that the German commando will pass here unarmed like you.Look, you ve shattered my dream of experiencing something exciting.Seeing that the group of Colonel Chelus passed by smoothly, Wang Weiyi threw away the cigarettes in his cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar cbd bolt gummies hand Ah, Major, I m sorry to have delayed you for so long.I remember your promise, and you must come to mine.Visiting the farm.Certainly, respected Mr.Abel, it is really a lucky thing to meet your compatriots here. Goodbye, Major.Goodbye, my dear Mr.Abel.Wang Weiyi and his commandos walked away from the French in such a swaggering way.The French never expected that what they passed in front of them was the German commando they wanted to catch.But who would have thought that someone would How cbd bolt gummies dare you have such courage Major Henner is still thinking that he must find time to visit Mr.Butler Depusey said coldly to Butler Videlio, then took out a needle and pricked Joseph s arm.Ah.Joseph yelled, and then he woke up completely No, this is not a dream It s all real The pain made him fully awake.He looked at the familiar or unfamiliar faces in front of him.Now, he finally knew that he was not dreaming.They are back Are they really back You guys are back Joseph asked stupidly.We re back.Butler Videlio looked distressed at the successor who had been by his side since he was a child, like his own son Little Joseph, all of us are back came back At that moment, tears welled up in Joseph s eyes, and he hugged Butler Vidlio no longer regardless of his image Butler Vidlio, you are back, you are all back.I have been waiting for you Back, twenty years, a full twenty years.I saw you in my dreams again and again, but when I woke up, it brought me disappointment again and again.

Elliott smiled But you remember the Wittgenstein family Does the wealth belong to who I always remember it firmly.It belongs to Baron Alexon.Paris said respectfully We are just the acting managers of the baron s wealth.Yes, we It s just the person in charge of the baron s wealth.Elliott s face straightened Now.The baron has returned, and I am ready to return the Wittgenstein family to the baron anytime and anywhere.But before that, we must do something.He paused, and then said word by word Start the New York Union Paris gasped, and started the New York Union Previously, the regime in the United States was basically controlled by two groups the Hornets and our group.However, then another more powerful organization appeared that is the New York League , the New York League created by Ernst Brahm It was in In 1942, Morgan and Rockefeller decided to formalize their alliance with Baron Alexon.Yes, Marshal, I accept all the charges against me.Punet straightened his back And, I am willing to accept all punishments Allegation.Marshal Ernst s decision silenced Puneat in the car, and it took him a while to say boldly This is the punishment I deserve, Marshal.But I beg you not to let me If I leave the army, I don t have to be an officer.My only request is that I be an ordinary soldier Marshal, the enemy is attacking Berlin, and you need any soldier with combat experience at this time Wang Weiyi said to the cbd bolt gummies German The police officer looked at it, and then said General Punet, I have never doubted your loyalty to Germany, but you can t stay in the regular army.Huge disappointment emerged from Punet s face, but He then heard Wang Weiyi say The National Army needs a lot of veterans with combat experience, Punet, are cbd thc gummies for pain zilis cbd gummies you willing to serve as an ordinary commander there I do Punet replied without the slightest hesitation Marshal, thank best cbd gummies from colorado you for giving me such an opportunity.Bursts of dense shells were fired from the turret.The U.S.infantry was flying all over the sky in a panic, and the German army also dispatched four fighter jets again, blowing up three tanks to scrap iron.The defeated remnants of the U.S.army fled in a hurry, but unfortunately, more than a dozen people from the coalition army were accidentally injured by artillery fire.Even so, the cost was much lower than the entire army being wiped out by the Americans.The coalition commander breathed a sigh of relief.After dawn, it will be a difficult day for the Allied artillery.Thinking of this, the coalition soldiers will forget the tragic battle just now, and a happy smile will appear on their faces again.Okay, soldiers, these Americans are really tolerable.You can sleep on the spot for a while.Tomorrow is the day to guide our planes and artillery to destroy the enemy s artillery.When the German planes withdrew, when they reacted, they found that more than half of the tanks below had been bombed incomplete and crooked.Gattle couldn t help being a little frustrated In the opposite US position, the commander of the US military, Colonel Nesco, the commander of the infantry regiment known for his skill in .

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combat and ruthlessness to the enemy, looked at the town billowing in smoke.The tanks were already in motion, and with a sneer on his face, he ordered All attack The US army began to attack, and the crazy bombardment made Gattle and the others unable to hold their heads up.After a few minutes of artillery fire, Gattle and the others looked up and found that a group of armored reptiles had entered the village American tanks are coming Shostka said, leaning down.The soldiers in the building raised their guns one after another, nervously watching the approaching US troops The .

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U.They fired a shot at the helmet.Taking advantage of their distraction, the Bulgarian soldiers rushed to the second floor and killed the U.S.military.At this time, seven or eight people ran over from the door A Bulgarian Army reinforcement.But almost every cbd bolt gummies room is hiding the US military.The Bulgarian Army killed 9 people before clearing this small house.Sweeping wildly, covering the Bulgarian army below.At this time, there was a lot of killing around the train station, and the Bulgarian army, who was unwilling to fail, also assembled a battalion of troops to launch a counterattack.The US military was temporarily confused by the two forces , 130 to 40 people were killed or injured.Hastily exited the train station.Long live We are victorious The Bulgarian army cheered.Colonel Antonov, who had come to his senses, counted the number of people.It was a miserable day that they never expected.The prey they hunted Wang Weiyi, calmly and calmly shot every target in sight.At this time, he was like a machine that had completely lost emotion on the battlefield.There is no need for sympathy here, the merciful will only pay with their lives The gunfire stopped completely after a few minutesthe ground, the dead bodies of Americans were everywherea whole The two US assault teams were completely wiped out here Captain Bondarev cbd gummies on shark tank stared blankly at the scene in front of him.He still can t believe they actually succeeded.They really killed so many Americans so easily When he saw Marshal Ernst, he hurried up Marshal, have we succeeded Yes, we succeeded.Wang Weiyi smiled .

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lightly Captain Bondarev, you have already Finish the mission, take your people and leave here immediately.There were about a hundred people and two tanks.They were a company commanded by US Colonel cbd bolt gummies Smith.Don t shoot Don t shoot Second Lieutenant Eric said hastily We have few people, so don t cause unnecessary trouble.The U.S.army was followed by more than 20 German prisoners of war and citizens.It may be the army escorting the prisoners of war.A soldier said.Do you want to save them Nothing good will come of it in American hands.Another soldier said.If we save them, we will die, we only have more than twenty people A corporal scolded in a low voice.The U.S.troops suddenly stopped leaving.Those prisoners of war cbd bolt gummies and citizens were blindfolded one after another.They want to kill Whether we want to shoot or not, we always feel sorry to see our compatriots killed.Many German soldiers had already raised their guns.Good boy Ruben nodded angrily, as if imagining that he could die in such a tragic way like a real soldier.Like a real soldier Ruben shook his head in approval Zoff you wait.This battle I will get my own Iron Cross Hi Zoff threw down the cigarette impatiently, and grabbed the medal around his neck Little Lu When I die, if your kid is still alive cbd bolt gummies You take my Iron Cross away Zoff looked at Ruben s surprised expression It s okay I send you off Reuben shook his head, made a joke and walked away.Zoff put on a pair of gloves.To make his burned hands feel better.Heisenberg.Why is it so quiet He seemed to have noticed something too.Hasen Heisenberg called the young man s name, and he rushed over Sir.I have a task for you now, drive my car back to find Rutherford, and tell him that if his tanks don t come to reinforce the cemetery s defenses in 20 minutes, he won t have his share of the brandy I asked for tomorrow go Heisenberg slapped the young man on the buttocks.

The Second Battle of Berlin God, you want us to deal with the Grand Duke Bierstoka Several people exclaimed together.In their opinion, dealing with the Grand Duke is the most incredible thing, and they will even be smashed to pieces.Wang Weiyi knew very well what they were afraid of, and he smiled slightly.They said, Are you really afraid Natalia, Rhonanova, tell your husbands how Gregory came to be the Grand Duke.It s entirely up to you, Your Excellency the Baron.Natalia and Ronanova replied without hesitation.No one knows better than them how their father got to where he is today.Without Baron Alexon, there would never be Bell in this world.The Grand Duke of Stoka without Baron Alexon, there would not even be the current Russian Empire.All this was given to them by Baron Alexon Yes, Gregory relied on me, and I was his whole life.Wang Weiyi has already helped them imagine this point Marquis Pereas, I heard that your father was once a very powerful person in Russia When this question was asked, Khmelitsky was both embarrassed and angry Yes, my father was very powerful at the beginning, but it was Grigory the bastard who brought me down to where I am now.Hearing her husband comment on her HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies father in this way, a trace of sadness appeared on Rona Nova s face No matter what, that person is still her father Wang Weiyi didn t seem to notice Rona at all.Nova s expression A declining noble will always have unabis cbd gummies scam some good things.There is a saying in the East that a lean camel is bigger than a horse.So, by chance, you found a treasure left by your father After finishing speaking, he handed over a thing that had been prepared to Khmelitsky.Solkina was a little flustered.Wang Weiyi still maintained a smile Your beauty.If you wear this necklace, it will definitely make the necklace more beautiful, not you.Speaking of it, I should be the one thanking you.You are so good at talking Mr.Petergoff.Solkina smiled like a flower Then, what can I repay you Ah, let me think about it.Wang Weiyi suddenly said Just now I saw a family around the corner.A coffee shop.If possible.It would be my greatest reward if you could have a cup of coffee with me.Solkina hesitated a little, not because he didn t cbd gummies or tinctures in forest lake mn want to, but because the two daughters her husband provided for her The bodyguards were watching him non stop.If the news of drinking coffee with a man reaches her husband s ears, the jealous character of the Grand Duke will undoubtedly bring disaster to Mr.For the Canadian soldiers of the 27th Tank Regiment who have never set foot on the European continent, the current march seems more like a peaceful outing.They did not expect death to come so suddenly and so swiftly.As if falling from the sky, a group of German Type IV tanks suddenly appeared on the hillside flanking the road, 7.The 5 cm caliber tank gun slammed the dense artillery fire.Before the Canadian tank regiment was fully awake from the sudden attack, the dense German infantry rushed up.Judging from their excellent equipment and desperate ferocity, the Canadians thought they had encountered the old main division of the SS.Yesterday, the 27th Tank Regiment only had a short fight with the German 716th Infantry Division after landing, and gained the upper hand.But today s unit seems to be completely different from the 716th Division.They charged desperately and went forward one after another, as if everyone had a sworn hatred with the Canadian soldiers on the opposite side.The 27th Tank Regiment could not withstand such a violent and ferocious attack.The retreat quickly turned into a rout.Under the attack of 50 tanks from 3 German armored battalions and an infantry division, 28 Canadian Sherman tanks were destroyed, and 245 soldiers died on the second day of their participation in the European war.On the German cbd bolt gummies where to buy royal cbd gummies side, only two tanks were destroyed and four were damaged.This battle disrupted the overall deployment of the Allied Forces to expand the bridgehead position on the Normandy Peninsula, and Montgomery decided cbd gummies help diabetes cbd bolt gummies to abandon the attack on Fort Charle.Directly point the offensive spearhead at Kahn.Only then did he learn from intelligence.Damn it Don t call me sir Takot hit the steel above his cbd bolt gummies head with his hand.It s all right.Simonit s all right, it s not your fault.You, go get something to eat.Takot returned to his usual calmness.Although he was more nervous than everyone else.Captain Otto suddenly raised his voice, and Simon stopped and looked at him We have no food.that s it.Takot s fist was clenched into a hammer, but he deliberately did not let the soldiers see it.However, they were already in a desperate situation, a real desperate situation.It seems that we have to find someone to ask for directions Tacot is almost using a kind of Ha Fuck it The tone was speaking, but in the end he restrained himself.Ask for directions Simon and Otto looked at each other None of us can speak Russian How do you let cbd gummies chew or swallow us ask the way Otto zilis cbd gummies cbd gummies for alcohol cravings sneered mockingly Hmph asking for directions All the people living around here are snowmen Yes I seemed to see a haystack in there just now at least it looked like a haystack Simon put his eyes on the gunner s scope and pointed ahead excitedly.The blood stained position 100mg thc 100mg cbd gummies At this time, before the German counterattack began, the 151st Regiment of the Wehrmacht, a team basically composed of recruits, also fell into cbd thc gummies for pain zilis cbd gummies a arduous battle under the attack of the enemy.The 151st Regiment is responsible for the most northeast part of Berlin, which is the line of fire.We are the front line against the U.S.military.For this reason, their new division commander, Lieutenant General Lai Meng He, specially transported 6 Predator guns from the rear.Three of them are located at the rear of the 151st regiment.At the same time, a small batch of Model assault guns was obtained, and then the SS Skeleton Division transferred the 5th Panzergrenadier Regiment.Their regiment was reorganized into a reinforced regiment.They specially brought a Destroyer 3 tank company with 15 Destroyer 3 tanks, an anti tank battalion with 9 anti tank guns, and 16 Model assault guns.The last soldier in his hand was also thrown into the battlefield by Colonel Nacker, but he found that he could not stop the German attack.Soldiers were bleeding and dying, and he was helpless.That was the saddest thing a commander could do.He couldn t cbd gummies help diabetes cbd bolt gummies remember how many times he had called HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies General Corrett to plead for reinforcements, but every time he got the exact same response General cbd bolt gummies where to buy royal cbd gummies Corrett was trying to get reinforcements. What does hard work mean Colonel Nut would like to ask General Kerrett, doesn t he know that with every minute of delay, more soldiers will die But he was only a little colonel.At 17 o clock on March 21, 1966, the German army launched the most violent offensive since the beginning of the war, and this offensive lasted until 19 o clock at night.After the offensive launched by the German army ended, Colonel Nutter had less than 500 soldiers left who could continue to fight, and most of his positions were thrown to the Germans.

S.Army General Kerrett, the commander of the Armored Cavalry Division, also appeared on the front line.No one can question his loyalty to his country, but he can do nothing about what is happening in front of him.Many positions were breached by powerful German forces.Although in the long war, those American soldiers who had never experienced war before were growing rapidly, but compared with the German army that had experienced the two world wars, they showed shortcomings in all aspects.In the competition for some small positions, each department of the US military is fighting on its own.Each stood firm on its own ground, but the Germans showed a completely different battle.The commanders of some assault squads of the German army saw that the friendly forces were occupying a favorable situation.This immediately caused uncontrollable panic in Turin.Once Turin is bombed, the confidence and morale of the resistance will be seriously setback.If your position is not firm, you may even give up the uprising.But.Those Italian planes seemed to be blind, and the bombs they dropped fell aimlessly at a place thousands of miles away from the bombing target.Turin, as Mr.Moyol assured, did not suffer any substantial damage at all This immediately boosted the morale of the resisters And what makes Vittorio even more irreproachable is that the backwardness of the Italian Air Force s models and the poor level of pilots are well known to all the world, and they simply cannot take on the heavy responsibility of bombing alone.Once the threat from the air was lifted, the Turin rebels had to face only the attack from the ground.He decided to use the strongest means to tell all Italians Who is the real ruler of Italy Both Marshal Del Garro and General Rafael received secret instructions from their leaders.A large number of troops and police are dispatched.Once the situation is out of control, brutal suppression will be launched immediately Put a bloody end to the people s opposition At this point, before the crackdown begins, he puts his hopes on his own prime minister, Bertrol.Of course, he didn t want Bertelul to end all of this, he just needed a scapegoat.In his office, Vittorio smiled rarely I have always trusted you Really Bertrul thought sarcastically.In the heart of the leader he thought he trusted no one but himself I don t want to treat my people in a cruel way.I am not a tyrant in the history of Italy Vittorio said hypocritically Italy can t go on like this, we have to find a way to end the protest marches.The interrogation of Catadona and his accomplices must be carried out as soon as possible Wang Weiyi quickly put away his smile The sooner the better, otherwise the United States may interfere.And my personal suggestion, The interrogation will be conducted in secret.By the time the Americans react, Catadona and his accomplices have already been sentenced to death for treason.Bertrul hesitated But will the trial be secret Cause some unnecessary troubles Mr.President, when you take this position, troubles will always be with you.Wang Weiyi said indifferently What an excellent leader needs is how to deal with these troubles, not how to deal with them.Afraid to face these troubles.Bertrul nodded slowlyYes, to succeed, you must use an iron fist I understand how to do it, Mr.Moyol.Bertrul took a long breath The trial will be completed in three days.Kennedy The man who was supposed to be President of the United States Wang Weiyi felt that the world was difficult to figure out.He let William succeed HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies in ascending the position of President of the United States according to the path he set.Kennedy lost the throne that belonged to him, which is frustrating.But from another perspective, Kennedy was not assassinated cbd bolt gummies cbd gummies vegan dragon fruit 300mg according to another historical process.From this point of view.Did he kill Kennedy or save Kennedy s life Elliott s words quickly interrupted Wang Weiyi s train of thought During the dinner, Robert once again made an extremely sharp criticism of the national policy of the United States.He did not even rule out the impeachment of the president.Of course, this is not easy to do.It s easy.But who knows At least the Kennedy family is backed by the Boston consortium, and no one knows what will happen Wang Weiyi nodded, and now William felt a little besieged, Even within the Democratic Party there has been serious antagonism.Every time they encounter conflicts, their large forces search in this direction, which is the place that zilis cbd gummies has not been swept away.The small troops are scattered in all directions, which is why we can easily evacuate.This shows that their focus was misjudged from the beginning.They thought that our headquarters was in this unknown area.It s the things you don t know that you have the most doubts about.They didn t expect you, Colonel, to move the location of the headquarters to the area they had vigorously searched.Well, it makes sense.you.continue.Eldon looked at Sweet with admiration.Since you also said about the street fighting, Colonel, then I think we need to let them really think that our headquarters is here, so we need to act play to distract them.How to do it Elden just asked.Troman, the squadron leader of the SS Second Assault Squadron who had been listening carefully, suddenly laughed and said I know what you HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies mean.The secret whistle of the two Russians stepped into the gate of hell in the first place.But the sound of the alarm before they died still alarmed everyone in the stronghold.Captain.The two soldiers who were closer to DeGro shouted at the same time.One hurried to DeGro and dragged him into a safe place, while the other found a low wall and leaned over, keenly cbd bolt gummies Concentrate on pointing the muzzle at the place where a cluster of sparks just appeared.And the other people who were still charging behind also calmed down, stopped running blindly, and hid themselves.Anyway, both sides are now in the best range.The flustered Russians were able to breathe, and a few people who were alone also found cover.They were all very nervous, and occasionally some bolder ones cbd bolt gummies popped up to look outside.The Russian soldier who stopped Degro was one of the boldest people.Of course, he also had the 8th Panzer Corps.He didn t think that he would fail now, and he vowed that no matter what effort he had to make, he would take back what he had lost.Thus, the craziest scene and the last scene took place in Moscow On May 21, 1966, the most massive demonstrations and protests in the history of the Russian capital broke out in Moscow wave.Almost two thirds of the Moscow population took to the weed cbd gummies streets, chanting slogans to hit Gregory and the Russian government.This is the first time that the parade people use the word hit and those Moscow policemen don t seem to want to do anything at all, they let the parade pass in front of them, forgetting about the Grand Duke Give them the order of repression.Like the police, there are also those soldiers.They also let these things happen in front of their own eyes Everyone has seen the situation in front of Moscow clearly The wave of protests was so fierce and the parade was so large that all journalists in Moscow took to the streets without exception.

Those buttons are also made of gold You know, the Grand Duke Bierstoka has a passion for gold Grigory s heart was bleeding, but he didn t Without any means, he could only pull down his buttons one by one So, soon, Grand Duke Bierstoka stood there awkwardly wearing a shirt without buttons The zilis cbd gummies cbd gummies for alcohol cravings grand duke with this does vitamin shoppe sell cbd gummies appearance looks very funny I m going to negotiate with the second lieutenant.Andreas carefully put away these things Please believe me, you are very You will be able to leave here soon.But before that, please stay here.Make sure you are safe.Andreas walked out, leaving only Gregory and his loyal captain Simmy Mr Love Gregory didn t dare to go anywhere, he only dared to stay in the house obediently, but he waited and waited, but he never saw Andreas come back.Gregory really wanted to go out and see what was going on with Andreas, but he never had the courage.In his eyes, money was more important than anything else.If Gregory could forget about money, even for a moment, the baron might let him go.pity.Rona Nova is really disappointed The baron has completely seen through what kind of person his father is No.No, you don t understand, you don t understand.Gregory said repeatedly We can lose everything, but Only money cannot be lost.Tell me, my dear daughter, are you sure that my money is safe I am sure By this time, Rona Nova knew that her father was hopeless cbd bolt gummies Your money is very safe , come in with me and have a look.She didn t look at her father again.Instead, he walked into another room.Gregory felt that the fatigue and pain all over his body disappeared instantly, and he stood up abruptly.As long as you can see your own money, what is the pain Ronanova concealed them when she entered.Both the enemy and us could not see each other, and immediately, the two sides ceased fire.Quick quick HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies quick Get out of here Karl urged the German troops behind to speed up to avoid the firefight zone.Bang bang bang A familiar gunshot came from the front, and Rabbi paused The voice of the small sniper rifle is Cole Rabi s eyes lit up, and Karl and others seemed to hear the abnormality of the gunshots cbd bolt gummies Rabbi, lead the team to disperse and look for friendly troops clear The rabbi gestured to the three German soldiers in front of him with his machine gun in his hand, and then led them to a house on the left.of the American infantrymen were knocked down.Boom There was a loud noise from the stairs behind Cole, and he subconsciously picked up his rifle and moved to another window.Since the source of cbd bolt gummies the loud noise just now was a directional anti personnel mine placed by Cole at the top of the stairs, The detonation undoubtedly means that some American infantrymen have begun to enter this building, and Cole has been cbd gummies help diabetes cbd bolt gummies exposed.Everyone at the scene immediately menopause cbd gummies moved cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar cbd bolt gummies away from the window and found a bunker to hide.Sniper Duran yelled.Hope rushed forward, grabbed Allen and dragged him behind a wall away from the window.The sniper was so powerful that Alan fell before everyone heard the gunshot.Hopper pulled Allen and yelled, Damn it, Torres Get me your ass Cole Pozik yelled, Find that sniper and tell us when you find him.His exact location Okay Cole slowly climbed behind the wall closest to the window with his sniper rifle in his arms, took out the empty can he had been reluctant to throw away, wrapped it up in a scarf, and took the sniper rifle.The rifle held up.Then he took off his helmet and goggles and put them on over the bundled up empty cans.The empty cbd gummies help diabetes cbd bolt gummies can at this time looks like the head of a German soldier with his face covered.The cbd bolt gummies where to buy royal cbd gummies dead body rolled up on the ground, just like a soldier s tactical action to avoid bullets.Ryan suddenly saw a white figure rolling out from behind the big tree from the scope.It looked like the guy was about to run away.Haha, it s not that easy to escape from my grasp.Ryan thought triumphantly Baby, the game has just begun I m going to kill you slowly Avenge the heroic American soldiers He moved like lightning Sniping the sight, Bang A bullet accurately hit the figure s thigh.Strange Why doesn t that German struggle Is he dead Ryan wondered, and suddenly his face changed No I was fooled, this cunning German Thinking of this, he immediately picked up The sniper rifle sprinted forward, he had to get out of here quickly, he firmly believed that he had been exposed.Eric quickly deduced the direction of the trajectory from the bullet hole shot in the dead body, thus locking the location where the ghost sniper was lurking.No, you have completely misunderstood.Berkeley shrugged I know that people like you will never surrender under any circumstances, and I never have such fantasies.The reason I tell you this is just to show you that you are a good person, but, you Will be shot by me soon, this is the last time a dying person hears some truths from an enemy Orange was silent for a moment Then please again To answer a question that I have always wondered, you captured many of our people, but all of them were shot without any trial, don t you really need to get any confessions and internal intelligence from us Bo Clay gave him a sympathetic look You are still kept in the dark, Mr.Orange.I can tell you frankly that we don t need to get any information, because what we have is even better than yours.Everything we know is clearer.They even threatened those worker representatives that they would either work overtime at the current salary and working hours to keep the factory running, or they would be thrown cbd oil and gummies into jail by the military and police for the crime of sabotaging production.You must know that the Paris Steel Works is a company backed by the government That ridiculous trade union chairman, Avaco, is still talking to himself.Don t they know that they have the final say here Don t they know that he rewarded them with a bite of food here Don t they know that in order to ensure the smooth operation of the factory, more than 100 military police have already been stationed in the steel factory under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Adams These stupid guys, the only thing they can do The only thing is to work honestly for themselvesthey don t have any qualifications to bargain with themselvessee how good the situation is now The workers were still working normally, and they didn t make any further moves at all Thierry took a thick cigar and HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies put it in his mouth Avaco.When danger comes, don t just rely on your blood.Remember, survival is the most important thing.Duo Duan couldn t understand the baron The meaning in the words.He was just sad that the Baron was gone.He didn t even know when he would see the Baron again The White House, August 1966.The atmosphere was very dignified.US President William kept his gaze fixed on a map in front of him, which was a map of France.In a short period of time, the situation in France changed suddenly.It is impossible for the United States to prepare at all.Not to mention accurate judgments and decisions.The Catelli government was replaced by the Robito government, and the ambiguous attitude of the new French government also made the United States feel worried.Once France, like Russia or Italy, announces its separation from the Allies, it will be the most terrifying thing We are actively collecting intelligence in France.

He told us that you will come to England to command our battles and prepare us for Her Majesty s return.Yes, I think Her Majesty will return to England soon Wang Weiyi nodded Lieutenant Colonel, how many people do you have I have more than 300 people under my direct command.Lieutenant Colonel Hughes quickly replied We are all under the command of General Brad.He was also a commander of the Royal Army.Of course, he is now the commander in chief of the Holy Queen s Resistance Organization.Mr.Moyol, our men will escort you from here all the way to London.Thank you for your efforts.Wang Weiyi expressed his gratitude, and asked cbd bolt gummies about the situation in Britain Ah, Lieutenant Colonel, can you find me some food My stomach is hungry.Lieutenant Colonel Hughes quickly asked someone to bring food.While eating and chatting, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes said casually Last night, we attacked an American convoy full of federal agents.Hey, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, what do where to buy cbd gummies in cincinnati you think of Nash s death It s really a regrettable thing.Wang Weiyi sighed Although I haven t known Nash for a long time, I admire his character, a guy who regards work as more important than his own life.Yes.It s a pity that such a person died in the underground resistance organization Mills cbd bolt gummies looked a little helpless when he said this Over the years, Nash has been fighting tenaciously with the underground resistance organization, and he has never given up.He didn t even care about his own family.It s a pity that he still hasn t been able to fight against his fate Wang Weiyi nodded Maybe the fate of do cbd gummies affect your liver each of us has already been doomed At this cbd bolt gummies time, Nash s coffin began to go into the tomb.What made people feel a little weird was that none of Nash s immediate family members were present, only his distant aunt appeared.prevent black students from enrolling.In order to avoid the expansion of the situation.Eisenhower intervened, demanding concessions from the governor of Arkansas, but was rejected.On September 23, at the instigation of the governor, more than 1,000 white people surrounded the school, forcing 8 black students who had enrolled to leave the school.On September 23, Eisenhower issued Proclamation No.3024, declaring I will use the full power of the United States.Including all armed forces needed to prevent any obstruction of the law and to implement the orders of the federal courts.September 24th.The President ordered the 101st Airborne Division to go to Little Rock, with more than 1,000 paratroopers, and ordered the reorganization of the State Guard into a federal force under the command of the federal government.We will attack the air force base tomorrow night, throwing the entire base into chaos, in order to cooperate with the baron.action.Your Excellency, I am willing to fight for England, and I am even more willing to fight for Your Excellency the Baron.This is the greatest honor in my life.And I will personally command those guerrillas to participate in the combat operations tomorrow night It s a pity that I m old, and I can no longer follow you to the battlefield I long for Duke Stephen sighed deeply The only thing I can do is wait for your good news here.This is probably the sorrow of an old man.However, I still feel lucky that in my lifetime, I was able to witness Baron Alexson s great and brilliant deeds with my own eyes.Your Excellency the Baron, please receive a greeting from an old man.After finishing speaking, Duke Stephen actually stood up, and then bowed to Baron Alexon.Captain Angus came to the cockpit with Captain Eduardo.Then he pressed the intercom, and the captain heard the voice of Captain Angus.The hatch was opened very quickly.Hey, Captain, can we change the route now Of course, Captain Angus.Captain Eduardo smiled wryly.Even the captain is theirs.In any case, I would never have expected such a fate Galaxy quickly began to turn, but not long after, the voice cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar cbd bolt gummies of the ground personnel came Galaxy zilis cbd gummies cbd gummies for alcohol cravings , you have deviated from the course, Repeat again, Galaxy , you have deviated from the course, please answer immediately, please answer immediately.Look, Captain Eduardo, I think it s time for you to behave.Captain Angus smiled and took out a page The paper was handed over to Captain Eduardo According to the reading on it, I think I must remind you not to read it wrong, if you still consider the safety of yourself and those passengers.Wang Weiyi calmly replied I am very glad that you Can go home Prose and his companions burst into tears at this moment, which they zilis cbd gummies cbd gummies for alcohol cravings did not even during the most stern interrogation.Glad you are home.They have been waiting for this sentence for too longand it was Baron Alexon who said it to them Baron, you came to rescue us yourself.Pross still finds it unbelievable God.We have already forgotten, and we all know how difficult it is for a spy to be released, but you actually Come and save us yourself This was the common thought of all the rescued spies.Wang Weiyi just smiled HCMUSSH cbd bolt gummies slightly Germany will never give up on its compatriots Germany will never give up on its own compatriots When these words came from the mouth of Baron Alexon , Tears once again filled the eyes of Pross and his companions Now, these spies are finally safe, they don t have to stay in the dark cells anymore, don t have to worry When will it be secretly executed.Wang Weiyi listened calmly, and then suddenly said to Bacchus General Bacchus, can you solve the problems they are facing Bacchus nodded quickly Of course, I can ask them Provide enough weapons and ammunition, Mr.Annuo.I will also prepare a truck for you, of course, you need to find the truck driver yourself.We have enough people who can drive cars.Anuo said coldly said a word.He has always been dissatisfied with Bacchus, an old opponent.In the previous battle to encircle and suppress cbd gummies online ny the Freedom Army, the troops under the command of Bacchus performed the hardest.The team regards him as the greatest enemy, and they hate him even more than that American Don Tanner.An Nuo didn t know what means Mr.Moyol used to win people like Bacchus over.But he doesn t want to work with such a person.But he has no other choice.The Canadians took it hard.However, as soon as their main force left, the guerrillas appeared again like ghosts.The weak defenders were under the onslaught of guerrillas.And with the help of the British inside the TV station, it was quickly forced to evacuate, and the TV station once again fell into the hands of the guerrillas.And An Nuo, who had just experienced the feat cbd bolt gummies of breaking into the police station zilis cbd gummies cbd gummies for alcohol cravings alone, made another shocking move.With the Canadians likely to make a comeback at any moment.An Nuo decided to accept an exclusive interview with Southampton s famous reporter Michael on TV.He is not afraid of anything, even if he falls into the hands of government forces, even if he is killed by those government forces, if he can fully express his ideals.If only all Britons could be fully awakened.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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