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2023-02-24 1mg cbd gummies cbd gummies constipation And cbd gummies certified pure rachael ray cbd gummies amazon.

Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou came back from the Fa conference and found that Miss Gu was missing, so she asked her family members to look around, and they just happened to find the murderer.If there were some people among them to guide them, they would find it faster.It can be said that it is foolproof.Do you have the purest temper Wei Yuanchen put down the cup in his hand, maybe Gu Mingzhu took a shower, changed her clothes, and became clean again.Mrs.Lin put medicine on her daughter s leg in distress Does it hurt Gu Mingzhu shook her head, but it was nothing but scratches.After today s incident, she made up her mind to try to keep those dangers away from Gu Mingzhu s identity.It may be troublesome to do things, but it can be reduced.It s dangerous, she needs to add a cbd gummies constipation how long does a cbd gummy last few more layers of protection to herself.

Before I took your medicine I felt much better Chen Er stared at Gu Mingzhu, as if grasping at straws, Ladymy diseaseyou try againI m not afraid Try any medicine is fine Knowing that it would be futile anyway, Mrs.Chen replied for Gu Mingzhu Okay, okay, I ll go and cook medicine for you right now.You are fine.Mrs.Chen comforted her son and walked quickly out.Chen Er clenched his hands tightly, and waited until Mrs.Chen went out, then cbd gummies certified pure curts cbd gummies for diabetes hurriedly stuffed the things in his hands to Gu Mingzhu Give me the best medicine, I have money as long as you save meI still have a lot more.Chen Er s eyes were dark and menacing, and he held Gu Mingzhu tightly with his hands.At this moment, his strength seemed to crush Gu Mingzhu s bones.Liu Su immediately stepped forward and tore Chen Er away.Gu Mingzhu opened her hand and saw that it was about five taels of silver.

Now that she is ready to meet him again, she will let him fall where to buy cbd gummies in panama city florida into her hands.Wei Yuanchen scanned the right side of the medicine box and tapped it with his fingers.There was a hidden compartment there, which was hard to find without looking carefully.Wei Yuanchen slowly opened the secret compartment, and was just about to see what was in the secret compartment, when the doctor beside him was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, rushing forward to snatch it regardless.Naturally, a rough woman couldn t get close to him, so he easily took the porcelain bottle in the dark cell in his hand.The doctor immediately made a strange sound of woo woo.She had a weak throat cbd gummies constipation how long does a cbd gummy last and could not speak, and she could only make this kind of noise when she was struggling.Liu Su stepped forward immediately That is my wife s most precious possession, what are you going to do Liu Su wanted to snatch it from Wei Yuanchen, but are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure was stopped by Chu Jiusan.

Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes, so this is not a unilateral profit for him, but a mutually beneficial transaction between you and me Gu Mingzhu had a long sleep, and when she woke up, Baotong had brought back the news of Nie Chen.Gu Mingzhu sat in front of the mirror stand, Baotong used a sandalwood comb to help Gu Mingzhu smooth her hair, and Gu Mingzhu began to read the letter written by Nie Chen.Let her guess right, that person is indeed the third master of the Wei family.The girl took a candied fruit and stuffed it into her mouth, and began to think about what to do today.After eating the three candied fruit, Baotong had already tied the tassels on her head.Wearing such silk tassels made her look even more immature, just because she was two years younger.Gu Mingzhu got up and went to Mrs.

It looked similar, everyone on the boat saw him with Zi Yuan, as long as they didn t take off the bamboo hat on their heads, they wouldn t be exposed.Moreover, he thinks that this doctor woman is competent, dares to go on the boat alone to search for information, and has such skills that changing her face is faster than turning the pages of a book.If she can t pretend to be a fake, probably no one can do it.Although this doctor woman has a lot of scheming schemes, she has roughly the HCMUSSH cbd gummies constipation same purpose as him in this cbd gummies with vitamin b matter, and it is easier to get things done with her than that quail like purple kite.Gu Mingzhu nodded reluctantly and walked towards the inner room.You wait first.Wei Yuanchen walked into the inner room first, and walked out after a while, apparently having searched Zi Yuan s things.

Wei has come to Taiyuan Mansion.Madam Lin slipped her hand in surprise, and the needle tip almost pricked her Hand, Mr.Wei appeared at this time, is there any progress in the case Let someone ask again, is there something wrong Mrs.Lin ordered very vigilantly.The mother in charge responded.Mrs.Lin put the needle and thread back into the basket, she knew in her heart that the mother in charge might not be able to ask anything, not to mention that Mr.Wei is famous, Cui Zhen s repeated reminders have already natures only cbd gummies tinnitus made her turn pale when talking about this third master Wei the point.Mrs.Lin subconsciously said Let the guard guard the gate.After she finished speaking, she immediately regretted it.After hearing too much from Cui Zhen, she also became suspicious.Then, can Master Wei come to the door Their families are all female relatives, do you have any rare and valuable things, how do you say that sentence No honey, no bee.

Get water again.Wei Yuanchen got up and went into the compartment again.When he came back on the ninth day of the ninth day, Wei Yuanchen had showered for the third time.Third Master is not right, the guard said to Chu Jiu, You should go and have a look.Chu Jiu quickly stepped into the door, Wei Yuanchen had already wiped his body and put on his trousers, Chu Jiu hurriedly stepped forward to serve Wearing obscene clothes, looking at Wei Yuanchen, Chu Jiu couldn t help being taken aback.There were patches of red rash on the third master s fair cheeks and neck, and there were two rows of clear teeth marks on his right arm.Third Master, you have suffered a serious crime What happened to you, the Gu family Didn t the third master go to the Gu family cbd gummies constipation to interrogate people Why does it seem like someone has been interrogated.

Wednesday Mrs.Wednesday, your family killed someone.Mrs.Wednesday s heart trembled, and the people around Fool Gu were indeed out of their minds, and the girl looked pitifully, as if she Immediately, it cbd gummies constipation how long does a cbd gummy last seems like bad luck.Go and have a look.Mrs.Wednesday ordered the guards around her to step forward.Mrs.Lin looked around, feeling a bad premonition in her heart, she turned to look at Gu Mingzhu, luckily Zhuzhu was not frightened, her big eyes were still looking into the grass, watching the little bird on the ground jump.Zhuangtou led the servants of Cui s family over to check.Several people worked together to dig up the pit, revealing the corpse below.The face of the corpse cbd gummies constipation was covered with blood and mud, but after careful inspection, it was still somewhat recognizable.It s Sun Yong Zhuangtou shouted, This is Sun Yong.

is a pearl.Han Yu s eyes shrank suddenly, and he walked quickly to the table.There is a piece of paper pressed under the ruler, on which there is only one line of words written on the paper to repay the other person with the same way.Before Han Yu finished reading this line, there was a sound of piercing through the air.Before he could react, he felt a pain in his shoulder, and a sleeve arrow pierced into his flesh.He was plotted against, and the Pearl Thief is here.Han Yu quickly recovered from the astonishment, and immediately dodged his whole body to the side.If this sleeve arrow hit his neck, he would definitely die, and he could not give the Pearl Thief another chance to attack.In his haste, he did not forget to put the paper in his arms into his bosom, and shouted, Come here, there is an assassin.

The big yellow dog ran up and down, and the bells jingled.Mrs.Zhao stayed far away, her face was livid, and she hurried away without saying a few words.Don t look at my grandfather s desires and desires, but he never relents when he doesn t like people, and he doesn t say a word of nonsense.This Zhao Gong has insomnia and hates this kind of abnormal and continuous noise the most.Mr.Wei didn t know the inside story, so he wouldn t guess that she did it on purpose, he would only see her carelessly drop the ball and run around chasing it.In the past, she might have stood aside and watched quietly, but after learning that Mr.Wei was a young man in prison, she felt a little bit unbearable.His old injury might cbd gummies constipation be related to the sharp weapon she took out in a hurry.No matter what, let s cover up today cbd gummies constipation s matter first.

The mother and daughter are also fools and have foolish blessings.The eldest sister Zhou s family members have all been arrested, but they are safe and sound.Zhao Gongren looked at Gu Mingzhu, Zhuzhu was sitting here quietly eating now.After Zhao Gongren finished speaking, Gu Mingzhu left the pastry, and Gu Mingzhu stood up and ran out with Baotong.Zhuzhu, slow down, don t run too fast just after eating.Mrs.Lin asked loudly worriedly.Gu Mingzhu responded casually like a child, and the servants brought by Zhao Gongren had just eaten and were resting in the deer roofed room in the west courtyard.Something happened to the master s house, and the servants would definitely discuss it, so she went to find out what happened.The crown prince will come to Taiyuan mansion soon, so she will naturally intervene in Han Yu s case.

He didn t want the war horses to be stolen at this time, and the war horse case officially kicked off.Now they know that the so called theft of war horses is a fiction.Shanxi Xingtaipu Temple did not have so many horses at that time, and they were framed by bandits to cover up the fact.My father used fodder and horse manure to calculate the number of war horses, how many horses should eat how much fodder, and how much horse manure they excrete every day.In are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure other words, there were indeed so many horses in Xingtaipu Temple at that time, but when the imperial court came to review the horses, the horses disappeared.She had wondered before that Xing Taipusi deliberately bought some of these horses to fill up the number in order to deal with the Shangguan, but she did not expect that the imperial court would really come to review the horses.

Just in case, she also asked cbd gummies constipation Qiao Zhuang cbd gummies certified pure to dress up, hoping that Yan Tanhua would give her this identity for a longer time.As the sky gradually darkened, Gu Mingzhu yawned a few times in front of Mrs.Lin s door, and was led by Mrs.Lin to the house to rest.When Mrs.Lin walked out of the room, Gu Mingzhu got up and looked at Baotong Bring the clothes.Putting on the neat men s clothes, Gu Mingzhu looked full cbd gummies constipation of heroism.This time, carrying the autopsy box on her back, Gu Mingzhu walked into the secret passage.In the dark night, a figure slowly walked out of the alley.She was dressed in men s clothing, and she looked even petite, but her strides were large and her movements were very neat, just like those who often walk in the street.The bamboo hat on the top was pressed very low, trying to hide his figure in the dark as much as possible, and disappeared at the end of the street in a blink of an eye.

Gu Mingzhu called smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies out Liu Su.Then she walked forward quickly.The mother in law shook twice, rolled her eyes and fell to the ground, but fortunately Liu Su took the first step to support her.Gu Mingzhu didn t cbd gummies constipation care about anything else, tore off a woman s skirt, and bound her wound.Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on Miss Gu, she was binding the wound of the mother in law, her every move seemed so strange, but for some reason it gave him a feeling of deja vu.Chapter 92 The wound on Granny s leg was still bleeding, and the cloth towel pressed on it was soon soaked.Gu Mingzhu looked at the old lady.When she faced those stone quarrymen before, she knew that they were terminally ill.I had no choice but to give some tonics as comfort.Now that the woman s life can be saved, she will naturally do her best.Gu Mingzhu looked at Liu Su You have to tighten it even more.

Sooner or later, she will be pissed off by that fool.Cui Wei frowned slightly as he watched the servants of the Gu family leaving in a hurry Back at Gu s house, Gu Mingzhu pulled Baotong and spoke in a low voice.The master and servant bit their ears like this, as if they were playing.Gu Mingzhu said What did you hear Baotong nodded But I didn t hear it clearly.There was a manager s mother guarding the door, and I only heard a word when I walked around the corridor.Gu Mingzhu said Be careful For the best.That Cui Wei seemed gentle and had no idea, but she knew that this person was ruthless.When she was shot and killed in the prison, she didn t hesitate at all.Although after becoming Gu Mingzhu, Cui Wei gave people the impression that It s are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure just Cui Zhen s echo, but many things can t just be seen on the surface.

Some people say that this woman is just a foreigner.The name is not right and the word is not right.The master of that family works in the imperial court, so every time he comes, he will cover up to prevent people from seeing him.However, there is no evidence for these rumors.The only thing that is certain is that whether it is a neighbor or a People who did odd jobs in that house have never met the master of that house.A young woman lived alone in a big mansion all year round, no matter how tightly the news was kept secret for a long time, someone would gossip behind her back, so It is easy to find news, but many of these news are rumors, which need to be carefully distinguished and verified.Wei Yuanchen said Has anyone seen Wang Daochang come to the door Nie Chen shook his head No.Wei Yuanchen continued How long has the house been purchased Nie cbd and thc gummies benefits Chen said It has been more than six years.

Cui Zhen turned his head and met Mrs.Lin s eyes, I decide that Cui Zhen, Marquis of Ning, committed suicide in front of his father s grave, so he can be regarded as a minister and a son.Both loyalty and righteousness.Seeing the light shining in her son s eyes, Mrs.Lin was shocked for a moment, but soon she remembered that she still had her second son here.Mrs.Lin Tai struggled to look at Cui Wei Brother Wei My brother Wei, so the mother only has you as a child.Cui Wei was also frightened, watching Cui Zhen s trembling lips, speechless After a while, he cried out with tears in his eyes Brother The Cui clan stepped forward and took the dress for Mrs.Lin Tai, and then walked out the door with Mrs.Lin Tai who kept shouting.With mother on one side and elder brother on the other, Cui Wei no longer cared about talking to Cui Zhen, turned around and chased after him.

Mr.Wei was happy, and she This trip will be smoother, right Wei Yuanchen raised his eyelids and looked at Miss Gu.Miss Gu was only fifteen years old, but she seemed to have a thorough understanding of the relationship and interests between men and women.Be indifferent to anything.The problem is that she has been a silly lady in the eyes of others for many years, and she is surrounded by parents who love her free samples cbd gummies like Gu Hou and Mrs.Lin.She should be like a flower in a greenhouse that can t see the wind and rain.How can she know this Unknowingly, Wei Yuanchen picked up the tea again, and when he drank it, he remembered that there were ebony plums in it.He took another sip, and it seemed that it was not so sour anymore.I don t know if it was an illusion, but Gu Mingzhu felt that Master Wei s complexion seemed to be jgo cbd gummies 1000mg better.

Wei to give advice.Wei Yuanchen helped Cheng Yi up Mr.Don t do this, if the son in law believes in me, just pretend nothing happened and do what those bandits say, and I will help in the dark.Cheng Yi camped down without thinking.Wei Yuanchen said The son in law is now about to arrive at the Taiyuan Mansion, please tell me carefully i ate two cbd gummies The sky is getting brighter.Gu Mingzhu woke up from her sleep and slept very comfortably.The servants have already started preparations, and they will continue on their way after everyone has eaten.After eating two bowls of delicious corn porridge and shouting for a candied fruit, Gu Mingzhu stepped into the carriage and was about to ask Baotong to ask Liu Su for news.Last night, Nie Chen wondered if he had found the son in law of Huairou.Baotong s voice came from outside.

It will be cured in two or three days, Cui Zhen said calmly, There is no need to panic.Cui Zhen was shirtless, with scars on his chest and back.The doctor couldn t help but gasped when he saw it for the first time, and became more serious.A general who has made great contributions to the court cannot make any mistakes under his hands.The Marquis of Dingning still listens to the doctor, the prince said, It was really too dangerous just now, a little bit higher, and the consequences are disastrous.Why did the Marquis of Dingning and Wei Yuanchen conflict Cui Zhen s face sank.Master Wei didn t trust the guards I brought, and interrogated them in every possible way.He asked them in private how many contacts I had with Lin Sizhen on weekdays, and how many soldiers and horses I brought to Taiyuan Mansion from Datong.

My mother couldn t make a decision right now, so I needed to ask my uncle about the situation outside.Gu Mingzhu raised her head and looked into the room.Although she is being chased by the rebels now, she has her mother and uncle by her side.The gathering of her two relatives made her feel like a dream.Now it seems that Zhou Rujun and Zhou Rujun are together.Gu Mingzhu merged into one, completely becoming a person.Although she was frightened at this moment, it made her feel inexplicably at ease.Liu Su dragged Nie Chen aside katie couric cbd gummies for sale and said a few words.Nie Chen turned around to look for someone.Just as he ran out of the yard, Nie Chen suddenly frowned.The way Liu Su spoke at this time, he was clearly helping Junior Sister Jiang to spread the word, which was wrong.No, Junior Sister must be nearby.Nie Chen looked around, where did Liu Su hide his junior sister Later, he will torture Liu Su.

Gu Chongyi was thinking and felt his hand being held by Zhuzhu.Father, let s go find mother.Gu Mingzhu pulled her father along and ran forward.Her mother would be very happy to see her father.Now that her father is here, her mother can raise her baby with peace of mind.Face, presumably father must make an apology during these days, and surround his mother to serve carefully.When the father and daughter rushed into cbd gummies constipation how long does a cbd gummy last the yard, Mrs.Lin was preparing food and clothing for the soldiers and the people together with her mother in law.Although the village is cbd gummies constipation large, the surrounding people and so many soldiers rushed in together.If you hang around for a long time, the food and grass will not be enough.Ma am, Master Hou is here.The steward of the Gu family came to report, but Madam Lin didn t come back to her senses for a moment, and she raised her head after a while Who are you talking about Masterour master The steward just said After falling, Gu Mingzhu s voice was heard natures one cbd gummies price from a distance MotherMother Mrs.

Although they were stopped by Tao Duo from the East Palace on the way, they did not delay for too long.Even if someone rushed to the Ningwu Institute ahead of them, it would take some time to stabilize the situation here, and it shouldn t be the situation like this anyway.Don t act rashly, Lin Sizhen said, the other party is not simple.As soon as Lin Sizhen finished speaking, he heard footsteps, several people appeared on the tower, a cbd gummies constipation large flag was waving in the wind, and then a spear was thrown from the tower When it came out, the long spear was nailed to the ground, and there were several bloody human heads on the barrel of the gun.The stacked cbd gummies constipation heads were looking at Lin Sizhen s army with their dim eyes open.The man who threw the spear stood on the city wall, the armor on his body glowing coldly.

Mrs.Lin found it difficult to breathe, but Lin Sizhen kept lowering her head and whispering in her ear.The sun dazzled her eyes, and she seemed to have forgotten where she was.Wearing armor, covered in blood, his eyes were full of killing intent, and then he raised the knife and swung it at her.Mrs.Lin opened her eyes wide.This is her eldest son, the child she gave birth to through hard work , she did not wait for his filial piety, but waited for him to swing the knife at each other.Although she begged, the knife did not show any mercy.Mrs.Lin heard the sound of the knife cutting on the bone, which was very clear, followed by blood gushing It fell on her face and body like a rain of blood.Mrs.Lin was stunned, and a human head fell to the ground.She looked down, and the head was also looking at him.

The rebellion in autumn is the most debilitating.All the food harvested by the people after a year of hard work was taken away by the rebels.Yesterday the rebels wanted to set fire to the Ao Cang of the county government.Thanks to their timely arrival, the nearby people desperately protected the Ao Cang.The appearance makes people look sad.The world is chaotic, and the cbd gummies constipation people who suffer the most are the people.I hope that after getting rid of people like Lin Sizhen, northern Xinjiang can be stable for a few years.Gu Chongyi thought so, and the village castle is in front of him.Daddy.Gu Chongyi heard Zhuzhu s shout from the village castle, and he quickly climbed up the tower without thinking about drinking water and resting.Madam s feeling is correct, Zhuzhu s condition has improved, and in the village, she can not only help with the disposal of medicinal materials, but also likes Madam to read to her.

Father has finally improved in his official career .

when should you take cbd gummie?

over the years, so don t suffer another unreasonable disaster.After the old lady Zhou finished speaking, she looked towards the door, waiting for Zhou Zejing to find out the news.The imperial envoy Wei Yuanchen returned to the capital today.The Eastern Palace has made such a big mistake, which is a serious setback for the imperial concubine party.Compared with the Wei family, Master Wei not only found out the war horse case, and stabilized the situation at critical moments.Although Mrs.Zhou is in the inner house, she also knows that the future situation is bound to be turbulent.It would be great if she could find out some inside information earlier.If it is a disaster, she will avoid it, and if it is an opportunity, she will go straight ahead.

Why is this happening again Alas, five years have passed, and everyone has not forgotten The old imperial doctor Chai was a little sad, how could he diagnose the wrong pulse because of his old eyesight Fortunately, it was only the Wei family who came to the door.If someone asked Miss Gu s pulse again, wouldn t he be ashamed You can t hide from this kind of thing, no one will believe you if you pretend you are not at home, all eyes are on him in the room, no matter how difficult it is, you have to bite the bullet and continue.Please come in The old imperial doctor Chai pretended to be calm, and waved his sleeves to make the apprentices and children retreat.Maybe the Wei family s visit this time was not because of what happened five years ago.Wei Yuanchen was invited into the main room, and the servants bowed and brought tea to the door.

The eldest lady s condition has improved, how is this possible If those witches can cure the disease, what use are we doctors After the old imperial doctor cbd gummies constipation Chai finished speaking, he looked at Wei Yuanchen Master Wei said, is this true Ridiculous For some reason, he saw Master Wei s eyes deepened a little.Wei Yuanchen swallowed, his voice a little hoarse What happened next This is the first time I have seen such a situation, I am really surprised.After saying this, the old imperial doctor Chai felt that his face was completely gone.A doctor who sees the patient s improvement but can t explain the reason is really embarrassing.The old imperial doctor Chai was thinking about it, but he found Mr.Wei stood up, and suddenly bowed to him The old imperial doctor heals the patients but is so humble, really admirable.

The children of the Wei family are still officials in the court, but the expectations of this generation rest on Wei cbd gummies constipation Yuanchen.The tiger father has no dogs, and the glory of the ancestors is still there.If you don t fall into the trap of others, you should be right.Just as Gu Chongyi thought of this, the handsome Wei Yuanchen stood still in front of him, and then politely bowed cbd gummies certified pure curts cbd gummies for diabetes to him.Wei Yuanchen bowed his head in a humble manner, which made Gu Chongyi a little heritage cbd gummies stunned.Why didn t I see Master Wei for a few days He seemed to be a different person, standing in front of him without any vigor, just like a junior who condor cbd gummies review cbd gummies constipation was familiar with him, adding a little more intimacy out of thin air.Master Wei Wei Yuanchen s salute caught Gu Chongyi off guard, and when he recovered, Wei Yuanchen had already straightened up.

For the Wei family, grandma will be happy.The second master Wei left the courtyard with oil on his feet and walked onto the bluestone road, and then he felt strange, brother Chen was joking with him just now This is something that hasn t happened for many years.When Mu Qiu walked into the room, he saw that the third master had already changed into a moon white gown cbd gummies constipation with an indigo cloak on the outside.This outfit was made by the embroiderer in the mansion today, thanks to Mrs.I can t understand the clothes that the third master wears on weekdays, so I asked the embroiderer cbd gummies fda in the mansion to prepare the materials, otherwise I wouldn t have made it so fast.Wei Yuanchen stretched his sleeves, raised his head and looked at Mu Qiu Is it possible The third master would never ask such a question, Mu Qiu cbd gummies constipation subconsciously said It looks good.

The maid in Huaiyuanhou s mansion picked it up and found half of the golden hairpin inside.Who would carry half of the golden hairpin with me After reading it, I had doubts in my heart.I don t know if the golden hairpin has anything to do with my motherbut now that I see my mother like this, everything is clear.Cheng Yi s brows were full of anger What s the origin of the golden hairpin What did the Cheng family say to mother What No, everything Before Zhao finished speaking, she saw the tears on Cheng Yi s face, she was dumbfounded, her eyes drooped, and she seemed to have aged a lot all of a sudden.Mother, Cheng Yi said, Twelve years ago, cbd gummies constipation how long does a cbd gummy last the Cheng family harmed you, and you survived with great difficulty.Now the Cheng family has no repentance, and is attacking you again.You Can you just suffer like this Why was I so young back then I can t do anything, now that I ve grown up, is it possible that I m nothing in my mother s heart, I can t help her, and I can only watch her being driven to a dead end Zhao s lips were pale, and she pursed her lips tightly.

The two of them were scared out of their wits in the prison, and when they heard this, they immediately opened their mouths like pouring beans from a bamboo tube.Hou Yong first said We do some business with the Tatars in private, buying and selling some cloth and tea for furs, ginseng and other goods.Mrs.Zhao and Peng Liang asked us to inquire about Zheng Bian in Tatar.OnceThe two of shark tank cbd gummies episode usdrunk, seeing Zhao s beauty moved our minds, but Zhao resisted desperately and almost killed us, so we had to give up.It s a matter of women s reputation.The woman didn t dare to tell anyone, so we threatened Mrs.Zhao to be on the safe side.If she dared to report to the officials, we would tell about Zheng Bian s affairs, so that they would never be able to find out any news in Aoer Dusi.After cbd gummies certified pure curts cbd gummies for diabetes that, we will be in a hurry He ran away.

It depends cbd stop smoking gummies on whether these two families will perform this drama like this in the future, and who will come to help.Yuan s elder brother worked in the Metropolitan Procuratorate.The Metropolitan Procuratorate picketed and impeached hundreds of officials, investigated litigation cases, and was on duty at night to climb the Wengu.When Old General Chen fought in the frontier, I don t know who the Metropolitan Procuratorate sent to supervise the army.Especially in the last defeat of General Chen, it was very important to supervise the army, because after returning to the court, he had to issue documents to support the battle.Losses and responsibilities involving officials and generals.If these are related to Yuan s elder brother, is it equivalent to finding the connection between the Yuan family and these events back then The cbd gummies constipation clues that were originally loose are now a little bit clearer.

A simple meeting, how could it be very grand.Mrs.Lin was watching the servants carrying the boxes and cages, and she didn t notice that Gu Chongyi walked into the yard.Mrs.Lin cbd gummies constipation couldn t help sighing in her heart, cbd gummies constipation the other things were fine, cbd gummies constipation Mrs.Li sent all the things that Qin Tianjian Baiguan was making.The steward of the Wei family specifically said Madam Tai has ordered you to accept it.These items are also dusty in Madam Tai s treasury, so it s better to give them to the eldest lady.These are all rhetoric, how could Mrs.Lin not know Uncle Wei is married, and Second Master Wei has also set a date for marriage.When Third Master Wei reaches the age of marriage, will the Wei family still lack children in the future Mrs.Li was so kind to them, it really made Mrs.Lin a little overwhelmed, and Mrs.

Wei is too tall, so she had to stand on tiptoe to get closer to Mr.Wei s ear Time is running out.Going through the investigation step by step, I am afraid that the result may not be found at dawn, and I have to ask the son in law to help muddy the Cheng family s water, so that it is easier to catch fish.Wei Yuanchen nodded in agreement.Gu Mingzhu happily said Then I ll go talk to the son in law.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu, who immediately understood that the third HCMUSSH cbd gummies constipation master meant to let him work with Miss Gu.Walking out of the room, before Chu Jiu could speak, he saw Miss Gu turn her head and hand him something, which was a bulging purse.Some snacks, Gu Mingzhu said, It s hard for you to teach Liu Su boxing and kicking.This is a reward for him There should be food in this purse, Chu Jiu s eyes turned hot, in Miss Gu s heart, he is indeed better than the third master, otherwise why didn t Miss Gu give it to the third master.

Next time try him with a long spear, he is also good at dancing with a spear, Wei Yuanchen may not be able to use a knife, Gu Chongyi s eyes shine again when he thinks of this.If he can use this to improve a little, he is considered an old tree blooming, bah, what an old tree he is, he is in his prime, Gu Chongyi laughed out loud thinking of this.Hearty laughter came from the middle of the yard, and Gu Mingzhu came back to her senses, turned to see Gu Ziyan clenched his fists, his eyes were red, his face was full of envy and shame, he kept staring blankly at the front, as if Already fascinated.Brother.Gu Mingzhu immediately called out upon seeing this, which brought Gu Ziyan back to his place.Gu Ziyan looked at the person not far away Who is that The Gu family steward said That s Mr.Wei.Gu Mingzhu followed suit, she and her father knew the elder brother s temperament, and his father did not shy away from the elder brother when he was practicing boxing at home.

Gu Mingzhu said This matter really has nothing to do with me.Wei Yuanchen s slender eyes twitched slightly I knew you were coveting the seal on my body, why don t you go to my waist to find it in Jinta Temple, and you also found it I got my talisman.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes, this happened in a lifetime, how could she still remember it clearly.Gu Mingzhu said innocently Lord Wei, I remembered wrongly.I tripped over your rope.Are you here to find me Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said sincerely You don t need to touch the letter to know the identity of Mr.Wei.Mr.Wei is born heroic and has a noble aura on his body.At first glance, it is unmatched by others Knowing that her praise is If it is false, how can he be happy because of it Gu Mingzhu saw a smile on Mr.Wei s face, although it disappeared for a moment, it can be seen that Mr.

The breeze blew past, swaying the gauze in front of my eyes.Gu Mingzhu felt that Wei Yuanchen s hand was raised, and the silver needle she had just stabbed was still stuck in it.Big Just as she uttered a word, that hand had already taken down the fence on her head.The four eyes met, Wei Yuanchen s eyes were clear, as if he had never been drunk before, and it seemed that he was even more drunk.Gu Mingzhu couldn t figure out what Master Wei was thinking and why she suddenly took down the fence that covered her face, when she heard a soft call.Ajun.Chapter 273 Gu Mingzhu was stunned.I felt as if the blood in my whole body had froze all of a sudden, and my heart also stagnated.There was a buzz in my ears, and after that, I felt extremely peaceful.Obviously I can t hear anything, but it seems that even a single feather can make a heaven shattering sound.

Of course, a very small amount of medicine may not be noticed by people, but after Bai Gong took the medicine she gave, he was already in a trance, and if he smelled the scent of datura flowers, he would definitely have hallucinations.She is very familiar with things like datura pollen and grass crow, so the smell in the room is about to dissipate, and she can also catch the strangeness.Could it be Senior Brother Mo who brought the mandala pollen to the quiet room Speaking of Datura pollen, Sun Zhenren remembered a story.The Pearl Thief wounded the prefect of Han with a sleeve arrow in Shanxi.The medicine on the sleeve arrow was similar to a poison she had prepared by herself back then, but the wound of the prefect Han was already safe., it can be seen that the medicine on the sleeve arrow is not poisonous, she judged that it might be datura pollen.

Try to collect all the information about the Bai family in order to find some clues.Bai Guanzheng is teaching the eldest daughter the knowledge passed down from generation to generation.If he encounters a problem in Qin Tianjian, he should discuss it with the eldest daughter.After all, outsiders do not understand the skills of those families.Wei Yuanchen rummaged through it carefully.Bai Guanzheng and his eldest daughter had been thinking about the dry compass for navigation in the years before they passed away.They wanted an accurate compass so that the big ship could better identify the direction at sea.In addition, Bai Guanzheng borrowed an abandoned Hongyi cannon from the Ministry of War, saying that he wanted to restore the cannon.After Bai Guanzheng s death, there will be no follow up to these two incidents.

Who brought these Tamba wild rice back from the sea Has the Bai family improved the dry compass The court of the Great Zhou Dynasty prohibited are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure privately going out to sea to buy and sell goods, but there were still merchant ships that ventured into the water.These merchant ships ran around when they were captured by court ships, and it was easy to lose their way at sea.If there is a more accurate dry compass on the merchant ship, it will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.Wei Yuanchen said natures one cbd gummies where to buy Keep an eye on the Lu family.The Lu family quietly went to the Yuan family to report the news, and they also had contacts with the soldiers and horses of Wucheng.There was also a dark room in that courtyard, so no matter how you looked at it, it was related to the Bai family.Maybe the person behind the Lu family is Bai Gongren s are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure elder brother, Bai Guanzheng s son who has not been an official.

After walking for a while, Gu Mingzhu hadn t seen Baotong yet, so it was hard to track down that person.People don t often leave behind the mountain, and the road is difficult, and it s because of this that the female crown can feel at ease and come alone.My lord, did we go the wrong way Gu Mingzhu whispered, Otherwise, let s go faster.As she spoke, she quietly grabbed the corner of Wei Yuanchen s clothes, so that when she walked forward, there was no danger.She can also be faster if she is not a hindrance, and will not become a burden.A rare opportunitycan t Before Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she felt a tightness around her waist, and her whole body was wrapped into a warm embrace.Following the wind under her feet, Master Wei led her all the way to the deep mountains Forward.Gu Mingzhu struggled for a while, and then heard Wei Yuanchen say The opportunity is rare.

That is to say, Master Cheng may have taken a fancy to Yuan Shi before Zhao Shi left for Shanxi.After Qiao Song cbd gummies constipation finished speaking, he bowed again and said, I have spoken nonsense in front of the emperor.Some of these cases are my speculations.I really shouldn t have said it before Yuan Zhixing was interrogated.The emperor didn t care I said it a long time ago., I forgive you for your innocence when speculating on the circumstances of the case.After saying this, the emperor s eyes darkened slightly Is there any secret contact between Lin Sizhen and Yuan Zhixing Checked in the cbd gummies for joint relief records, but found no definite evidence.Long Jinwei will secretly monitor all officials, and Long Jinwei s records are only read by the emperor and his trusted officials, and Qiao Song is one of the officials who can enter and leave Long Jinwei.

After saying this, Gu Chongyi went to see Cui Wei again You said the Cui family s daughters are here Your mother is out are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure Cui Wei hurriedly said It s not the mother, it s the elder sister in law who came to pray for the mother.Yesterday, the mother invited Sun Zhenzhen to come to the house for treatment.I don t know if there will be any mistakes.Stopping How is Madam Lin now Cui Wei said When I came out, my mother was asleep.After returning from cbd gummies constipation Shanxi, it is rare to be like this.I thought I finally found a good doctor, and my mother s health was expected to improve.Don t think too much, Gu Chongyi said, First Find out what this Sun Zhenren has done, and then arrange the next thing, your elder brother will arrive in Beijing in two days, and he will make a decision at that time.Cui Wei bowed his head in response.

The person who plotted Yan Tanhua back then must have something to do with what Bai Jingkun deliberately concealed.The person who made the eight spring lock probably used Bai Jingkun home craftsmanship.Who is that person approaching Ah Chan Who would be so interested in Hongyi Cannon A vague face slowly appeared in Gu Mingzhu s mind When Gu Mingzhu returned to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion, the lights in Mrs.Lin s main house were still on.Huaiyuan Marquis Gu Chongyi yawned twice to signal his wife to rest.Usually, Mrs.Lin would definitely cast HCMUSSH cbd gummies constipation a glance at him, and then ordered her servants to bring how long does cbd take to work gummies cbd gummies constipation down the lamp, but today, Mrs.Lin turned a blind eye to him.Ma am, Gu Chongyi couldn t help but said, Everything is ready, let s rest Mrs.Lin glanced at Gu Chongyi complainingly Tomorrow Zhuzhu will enter the palace to greet the Queen Mother, why is Hou Ye not in a hurry Gu Chongyi said With Master Mo following, Madam has also taught the etiquette of pearls and beads, so there will be no mistakes.

Madam Lin sighed.Rather than worrying now, madam, .

which is better hemp gummies or cbd gummies?

it s better to rest earlier and get up early tomorrow to take care of Zhuzhu.Gu Chongyi stretched out his are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure hand to hold Mrs.Lin.What Hou Ye said is not unreasonable, but Mrs.Lin s heart fell in her throat, she just couldn t get down, she never thought that Zhuzhu would leave her side, lotus alley, Shangqing Temple was the first time, the second The second time turned out to be the Compassion Palace.After looking at the dress cbd gummies constipation that Zhuzhu will wear tomorrow, Mrs.Lin was lying on the bed.Gu Chongyi blew out the lamp, and Mrs.Lin looked at the curtain above her head Master Hou, do you have a feeling that Zhuzhu seems to be away from you The birds in the nest seem to be getting farther and farther away from us.Where can Zhuzhu go Gu Chongyi held Mrs.

She poked her head up to see the hands quickly threading needles cbd gummies constipation how long does a cbd gummy last and threads, with a strange expression on her face.Did I embroider it wrong just now Your Majesty made a mistake.But I don t think I am any different from you.The palace man couldn t laugh or cry My Majesty messed up all the threads at the back.Empress Wei said I cbd gummies constipation can t see the back, why not just sew a piece of cloth on cbd gummies hempure the back I wear this dress again, and I don t dislike it.The empress does not dislike her craftsmanship, but the palace people really don t like it.Zhou s queen, how could she do so well.Empress Wei took a sip of tea and continued to watch the palace servants at work.Kunning Palace was very quiet, there were only two palace servants in the inner hall accompanying Empress Wei, no one spoke, and needles could be heard in the room.

Clean up the bluestone road.The pavilion next to the rockery has not been painted for a long time, and its color has withered in the wind and sun.The brocade curtains in the main hall look very beautiful, but they are also worn out.No matter who comes here, seeing these things will 750mg cbd gummy bears feel that the owner HCMUSSH cbd gummies constipation here has been tempered, and has no intention of managing and taking care of everything.The palace servants stepped forward to close the curtain, Gu Mingzhu followed Mo Yangming in, while Baotong and others stayed outside the hall.There was a smell of sandalwood in the room, and the fragrance seemed to come from the side hall.It seems that the side hall was used as a nunnery or a quiet room by the empress.Gu Mingzhu thought of the empress s children who had died young, was the empress praying for them every day There are not many decorations in the hall, and the objects placed are simple and unadorned.

The steward of the Gu family had just gone to fetch some useful items for Zou Linshi, when he entered the door and saw such a situation, he stepped forward to take the dirty handkerchief from Zou Xiang.The mother in charge immediately said Uncle Zou s family, you don t need to clean up these things.Zou Xiang didn t know what to do, so she bowed to the mother in charge with a downcast face.The servants tidied up the house, and willo cbd gummies asked someone to cook corn porridge and side dishes do cbd gummies help with cramps and deliver them to the door.Zou Linshi couldn t help but reddened his eyes when he saw the food.Remember, Zou Xiang, you will help me repay this kindness when you have a chance, Zou Lin said, The Huaiyuan Marquis is willing to take us in with us like this.This is Mrs.Lin s kindness.Zou Xiang nodded.Zou Linshi habitually exhorted Have zen bears cbd gummies you remembered Zou Xiang nodded again.

Gu Mingzhu subconsciously wiped her face with the back of her hand, there is nothing strange on her face My lordyou It s good like this, Wei Yuanchen said, You don t have are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure to see through the veil so much, when diy cbd gummies with collagen will you not have to cover up like this Gu Mingzhu always felt that Mrs.Wei s words were a pun Women s relatives have to cover up when they go out.Even if her dementia gradually recovered, she couldn t show her true appearance when she went out to investigate the case, just like her identity, she would never cbd gummies constipation Maybe I will be Zhou Rujun again.After saying these words, Gu Mingzhu felt that Mr.Wei should also leave.She went to the small courtyard of the Wei family, but it was always like are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure this not to cause Mr.Wei any trouble.Gu Mingzhu waited for a while, Master Wei still sat there, showing no intention of leaving.

The old lady Gu looked at Gu Mingzhu with a smile Zhu Zhu see, do you like it Gu Mingzhu walked over and took the cloth bag in her hands.This was probably the most thoughtful gift that Hehua Hutong had sent over the years.Although the ink, paper and inkstone were not expensive, it could be seen that they had been carefully selected.Mrs.Gu said Brother Yan chose the pen and ink, and Sister Wan made this girl, Zhuzhu will definitely need it to study with Zhenren cbd gummies constipation recipes for cbd gummies Mo.Mrs.Lin laughed and said, I m sorry for your trouble.The old lady Gu cast her eyes on Gu Mingzhu, as if it was the first time to take condor cbd gummies review cbd gummies constipation a good look at the granddaughter of this family I said when Zhuzhu was born, this child is smart I really got what I said, Zhuzhu Although I have suffered some hardships at the beginning, I will be rich in the future.

God treats him kindly.All the way to the West City, Cui Zhen slowly reined in his horse, and in front of him was the Anjiyuan, where the wounded soldiers would receive relief from the court in the future.There were countless deaths and injuries during the chaos in northern Xinjiang.Since he was fine now, how long does cbd take to work gummies cbd gummies constipation he came to Anjiyuan to see how the imperial court would arrange the wounded soldiers in the future.Cui Zhen dismounted from his horse and strode towards Anjiyuan.Take your time, don t worry, the real person cbd gummies constipation will be here all day, even if you can t finish reading today, the real person will come to check your pulse someday.Master is sitting here.A familiar girl s voice came.Cui Zhen looked forward, and saw a girl wearing a goose yellow dress and a veil standing beside a Taoist nun.The girl playfully lifted the gauze on her face, revealing her original face.

The foul smelling pus and blood gushed out immediately.Mo Yang The cloth towel in Ming s hand was soaked quickly.Mo Yangming was about to turn around and order someone to bring a clean towel, so he took the dirty towel from her with both hands, and pressed a clean one on the wound.Mo Yangming nodded to Gu Mingzhu gratifiedly.She didn t know what Miss Gu s mentality was.In terms of learning medical skills, most people were not as good as Miss Gu.As the wound was cut open, a large amount of pus and blood flowed out, and the child on the bed felt the pain and began to struggle.Mo Yangming said Bring pepper water.Baotong handed the lifting pot filled with pepper water to Gu Mingzhu.After the warm pepper water was poured down, the child on the bed did not move anymore, so Mo Yangming could continue to clean the wound.

Wei Yuanchen looked in the direction of Bai Jingkun s prison The criminal is In front Master Qiao, please do your own thing.Compared with Wei Yuanchen daytrip cbd gummies review s indifference Qiao Song still had a gentle smile on his face, and he looked at Wei Yuanchen carefully.After the Wei family experienced the turmoil five years ago, cbd gummies constipation Coming out of such a junior, compared with Wei Congcheng, Wei Yuanchen is smarter and more aggressive.There should be many officials in the court who feel that the younger generation of the Wei family will not go far, even if the emperor uses it for a while He will find a reason to put it aside in the future.He didn t think so, because this Wei family cbd gummies constipation boy was far smarter than others thought.Just like this investigation of the war horse case Wei Yuanchen decisively asked for orders to go to Shanxi.

When he jumped down from the wall, he saw the steward of the Gu family leading his servants towards the flower hall, and the mansion was full of joy.He waited until Baotong came out, reminded Baotong with a stone, and then went straight to the study.For a while, she shouldn t come over.However, even standing here, there will be inexplicably more stability in my heart.The five black chickens walked around the room, looking around with their corns, obviously very curious about this strange environment, the big chicken paws were slowly raised and then lowered, and the look was really used to by junior 9 It s out of shape.Hearing the sound of footsteps coming from a distance, Wei Yuanchen keoni cbd gummies for diabetes slightly raised his eyebrows, she came faster than he thought.Gu Mingzhu opened the curtain and entered the room, and saw Master Wei sitting at the Eight Immortals table, holding a big black rooster in his arms.

After Cui Wei finished speaking, he knocked on the ground again Uncle, aunt Nephew is sincere.Cui Zhen looked worried, obviously not going to speak for Cui Wei.You child, Mrs.Lin wondered, How can this be so easy, you get up first.Mrs.Lin had just finished speaking, when Gu Chongyi said in a deep voice Madam, go and see Zhuzhu, don t let Zhuzhu Zhu was frightened, so leave the matter here to me.Mrs.Lin looked at Gu Chongyi worriedly, Gu Chongyi s expression was very solemn, Mrs.Lin, who has been married for many years, understands Lord Hou s temper, and she was asked to leave because she was afraid that she would embarrass her in front of her natal family.Mrs.Lin sighed, it was easier for Master Hou to talk after she left.Get up When only Gu Chongyi, Cui Zhen, and Cui Wei were left in the study, Gu Chongyi said I heard what you just said clearly, so I will answer you now.

After Tan Zigeng said this, he raised his head and met Wei Yuanchen s deep eyes I ordered people to go to those Zhuangzi to inquire about the news, and found out that there was a woman living in this Daxing Zhuangzi.Don t report this matter to your uncle, who knows that Aunt Zhen died, and Bao er told the Shuntian condor cbd gummies review cbd gummies constipation government office what I said.I also suspect that there is something wrong with the whole matter, but if I say it now, it may cause misunderstandings in the government office After all, Aunt Zhen is dead, and I have nothing to prove So I want to go to this village to investigate first, to make sure that what Aunt Zhen said is true or not, and then make other plans.Tan Zigeng swallowed It seems that this It was the trap set by those people, they wanted to frame me and make me the murderer who killed Aunt Zhen and these people.

Mu Qiu nodded, put away the iron cylinder immediately, and walked away quickly go out Gu Mingzhu was helping Zhenren Mo sort out the herbs in the Shangqing Temple.Earlier on the ninth day of the lunar new year, a message was sent saying that Tan Zigeng left the city at dawn, Zhang Tong led people to follow him first, and Mr.Wei would also go to check when he came back from court.I don t know if Master Wei has found any clues.There is something strange about Aunt Zhen s death, logically speaking, following Aunt Zhen s case, there should be something to gain.What are you thinking about Zhenren Mo found that Zhuzhu was a little out of control today, and he didn t know what he was thinking.I want Aunt Zhen Seeing Master Mo coming out of the quiet room, Gu Mingzhu immediately got up to meet him.

So he dealt with the affairs of the village as soon as possible, and rushed into the capital with his things.Wei Yuanchen took two steps forward, blocking Zhenren Mo s sight, and handed the bag wrapped in white cloth to Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu was overjoyed, Master Wei went out and brought her something, which condor cbd gummies walmart must be related to the current case.If it wasn t for Master being by her side, she would have praised Mr.Wei.Chapter 347 My family member Wei Yuanchen only felt a gust of breeze, and then the things in his palm disappeared.Her hands are really fast.After becoming Gu Mingzhu, she spent a lot of time practicing these things.She is so energetic.Apart cbd gummies constipation from the case and Master Zhang and others in the prison, I don t know if she will think about anything else in the future.Wei Wei Yuan Chen paused for a moment before retracting his hand.

Madam Dong s hands trembled slightly , but she didn t open her mouth to stop it.Whatever the master decides, she always does it without hesitation, and she will silently support it, because the master is always right Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu accompanied Mrs.Lin in the room for a while, and the mother and daughter lay down on the bed and took a nap for a while.After waking up, Mrs.Lin read to Gu Mingzhu.The two of them were reading carefully, and the child .

what do cbd gummies do to you reddit?

in their stomach was happy The ground moved.Gu Mingzhu put her hands on her mother s belly, opened her eyes wide, and felt her mother s belly move, her face was full of joy and surprise.Mother Yang said Young Master now knows how to pester Madam and Miss.Madam Lin followed with a smile Don t be a torturer.What s wrong with that Gu Mingzhu raised her head and said, I ll accompany you.

The lintel above the Gu Mansion , and then brushed the snowflakes on the robe, and then followed Gu Chongyi in.In the past, he used to find various reasons to come to visit.Today, this is the first time that Gu Hou asked someone to invite him into the Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion.Thinking of this, Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu, and Chu Jiu hurriedly bent down to shake off the sweat on his body.There should be no dirt, so I almost wiped the soles of the shoes, for fear that the third master would be dissatisfied.Gu how long does cbd take to work gummies cbd gummies constipation Chongyi and Wei Yuanchen took off their cloaks in the corridor, and then walked into the study.The steward brought two cups of tea and closed the door lightly.Gu Chongyi then looked at Wei Yuanchen Tan Dingfang said that someone secretly dealt with him, and Tan Zigeng was wronged.He also mentioned the battle of General Zhao in Daning, and what he said was probably consistent with what the Ministry of War found at that time.

Do you think the Wei family thinks that the emperor wants you to succeed Wei Congcheng as Minister of the Ministry of War, so Chen Weicheng compared a dead cbd gummies constipation man Afterwards, he stretched his sleeves So you don t want to let the Ministry of punishment intervene, so why don t you come and find out yourself first, sir, you are also very sure, you want to use me to persuade Wu Yuanwai, take advantage of the accident in Huaiwang s mansion to abandon the dark and turn to the bright, and report to the court All the facts, cbd gummies constipation when the time comes, your lord will not only have no fault but will also contribute to the court.A look of astonishment flashed across Tan Dingfang s face, but he quickly suppressed it and tried to look calm So you already know that I let people secretly We found those people from Daning.

The rest of the Tan family stepped forward to pull.Master, you are an official ordered by the court not to use lynching, the steward said, You can t disappoint Miss Bai s wishes for nothing Hearing Ah Chan s name, Tan Dingfang seemed to be poured over his head with a basin of ice water, but He still didn t want to let go, so he was in a stalemate.After a while, the Tan family finally snatched Chen Weicheng from Tan Dingfang.Chen Weicheng coughed violently, his face gradually returned to normal, and his eyes were indescribably malicious under the light of the torch I thought the Lord had much affection for Miss Bai, but now I can t see it, and I forgot to tell the Lord.I just saw the dagger in Miss Bai s hand, I didn t say anything on purpose, she is crippled anyway, so she couldn t possibly hurt me.

Zhou Shi, Cui Zhen seemed to be looking at Zhou Shi squarely for the first time, and there seemed to be a vague female figure looking back at him, Are you wronged If you were wronged, cbd gummies constipation I will cbd gummies constipation fight for you.You seek justice and return your innocence.Cui Zhen how long does cbd take to work gummies cbd gummies constipation s voice was deep and full of unquestionable certainty I am your husband and should be like this, and it can be regarded as making up for my mistakes back then.Although there was no chance to meet each other, Zhou s She should also know that her husband is a hero, and his blood is hot.Cui Zhen came from the ancestral hall, and Wang Jing are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure waited in the yard.It s all arranged, Wang Jing said, There is a reliable person who has been working in the prison of the cbd gummies constipation how long does a cbd gummy last Criminal Ministry, and .

how often can i take cbd gummies?

he can come to see Lord Hou tomorrow.There is no need to bring him to the mansion, Cui Zhen said, find a quiet house Buy it, and go over there to talk if you have important matters these days.

Zhou because he gave Zhou s face, but now he has a strange emotion in his heart.Is Mrs.Zhou really so strong A weak woman got a sharp weapon from nowhere , In that situation, she had to fight the bad guys.What was she thinking at that time Being in a prison, with such a big crime under pressure and not giving up, she must really want to survive, and she finally killed her.The villain died at the hands of the Cui family, right She was resentful at that moment After thinking about it, Cui Zhen continued Do you know what happened when the second master shot and killed Zhou Tian Mang nodded I probably know that those people threatened Mrs.Zhou s innocence, and the second master had no choice but to do it.Although Mrs.Zhou died, it was better than being tortured by those rebels.Tian Mang paused for a moment when cbd gummies for inflammation he said this.

Cui Wei does not take the right path, no matter what the result is, he deserves what he deserves.Poor Cui Zhen, his uncle, mother, and younger brother have all been against him for a year, and now only the inner house can give him some comfort, but the Zhang family Gu Chongyi Sighing in his heart, Wei Yuanchen doubted the Zhang cbd gummies constipation how long does a cbd gummy last family and Mrs.Zhang.Although he couldn t bear to tell Cui Zhen at such a time, he still had to raise some points.Cui Zhen has been leading troops outside for many years, so he still has these responsibilities.Gu Chongyi said Your father in law is going to work in Guangzhou Shipbuilding Department, can I ask you for help Cui Zhen s eyes darkened I lead troops outside all the year round, and I only care about frontier wars.I should not ask about cbd gummies constipation the appointment and dismissal of the imperial court.

Clue.Peng Shi didn t speak, and the situation in front of him didn t need others to say anything, because every move of Zheng Ruzong and others explained everything.After this incident, there will be a lot of movement in the court.Peng Shi has been by the emperor s side for a long time, and he understands the emperor s thoughts very well.The emperor must be very disappointed now.It was reported that Zhang s family and the steward named Qiu Hai had been arrested.Although he hadn t seen the real face of this governor Xiong cbd gummies with thc in them , it was probably Zheng Ruzong.What Wei Yuanchen said in front of the imperial court was basically confirmed.Thinking about it this way, Tan Dingfang might really be an accomplice.When Zheng Ruzong and others had gone how long does cbd take to work gummies cbd gummies constipation far away, Peng Shi ordered Arrest the person who reported cbd gummies constipation to Zheng Ruzong in the Tongzhou Yamen.

would have the symptoms of De Fei.Your Majesty, the imperial physician said tremblingly, or use the sesame oil again Drain the sesame oil to make people vomit, maybe it can get rid of some toxins.Although the emperor was reluctant, saving Concubine De s life was the most important thing, so he nodded his head as he agreed to the imperial doctor s request.Empress De Concubine, the imperial physician stepped forward and said, It will inevitably be uncomfortable to inject sesame oil for cbd gummies constipation a while, you have to bear with it.Huang Chang ordered the palace servants to come forward to help Concubine De, and the imperial physician erected the screen.After a while, the sound of Concubine De s struggle came from behind the kung fu screen.The emperor s eyes were fixed on the screen, and he gritted his teeth after a long while and said What about the palace maid who poisoned her Skin her skin and cramps, and find out who ordered her to do so.

I don t know about these things.How could this concubine harm her own child Concubine Jiang raised her head after saying this.It can be seen that the eunuch who is does cbd gummies really help you quit smoking in charge of ceremonies is biting at random, the emperor will not believe his words.Concubine Jiang was thinking like this, and raised her head to meet the eyes of the cbd gummies constipation emperor.The gaze was full of suspicion and anger.Although it quickly passed her, it made Concubine Jiang feel fear.She has done many things in private.She was in contact with the courtiers of the previous dynasty, so that the eldest son could inherit the position of the East Palace, and that she could enter the Kunning Palace in the future, she almost exhausted all means.She also thought that maybe the emperor would dispose of her one day, but she knew The emperor will definitely show mercy But now Concubine Jiang s heart trembled, and the dragon fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg hairs on the back of her neck immediately stood on end Your Majesty, my concubine has been wronged.

, I will definitely go to inquire about it, the official uniform of Long Jinwei is different from other yamen, I will never make a mistake.Mrs.Gu s face was covered with dead gray, and Mrs.Gu s moaning sound came from the inner room The old man Gu was drunk every day, and he didn t know anything about what happened in the family.When he encountered a problem, he would ask someone to call Gu Chongyi.He didn t look like the head of the family at all.Old lady Gu s eyes were red It s really Long Jinwei, but it s over.Even the Minister of the Ministry of War can t get away This is asking Gu Chongwen.How did Gu Chongwen know, and Meng has no idea.After a long time, Meng Shi said Why didn t Lord Hou let us know in advance, so that we can be prepared.Even if we reveal a little bit, we will never associate with the Tan family again.

After today s incident I am sure that the news should be true.The old lady Zhou urged again Say it quickly, are you going to die in a hurry Zhou Zejing took a deep breath We offended the current queen s nephew, the general envoy of Guangwei, who has just been appointed by the imperial court.Yuan Chen.Zhou Zerui s eyes were blank Why Wei Sanye is not Zhou Zejing said Wei Yuanchen did take care of his younger siblings all the way, but he didn t do it for Ruzhang, he did it for Rujun.Zhou Zejing ignored the astonishment of his mother and younger brother, and continued If the mother hadn t betrothed Rujun to Cui Zhen, maybe someone from the Wei family would come to propose marriage soon, then Rujun would marry into a family of relatives and become the empress s concubine.Nephew and daughter in law, the wife of General Guangwei.

Xu Gui was actually the eyeliner of those people.How many ghosts did Xu are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure Gui do behind his back Back then, he wanted to use the strength of the eldest princess to climb up to Huaiyuanhou s mansion and pull Huaiyuanhou into the camp of the fifth prince, but he cbd gummies and smoking weed didn t expect that there were many mistakes in the middle.This incident might have something to do with Xu Gui and others.Zhou Zejing gritted his cbd gummies constipation teeth with hatred, he called the supervisor beside him Go and investigate, I will find out every move of Xu Gui at home.If someone else seizes the opportunity to use Xu Gui to deal with him, then he is really doomed.Master, Xueshi Cao ordered someone to come.Hearing the report, Zhou Zejing hurriedly straightened his robes and went out to greet him.The person who came was Xueshi Cao s entourage.

Zhou Qi, the people from the yamen should have arrived too.Gu Mingzhu ordered, and the woman stepped forward to drag Mama Wang.Being grabbed by the shoulders of the two wives, Ms.Wang immediately screamed Madam, please forgive me.I didn t.I really didn t do anything.I just gave Xu Gui some money and asked him to help me speak which gummies have the highest dose of cbd in front of the third master.Put some kind words to me, and put my guy in the front yard.Gu Mingzhu said Xu Gui was brought into Zhou s house by Mrs.Zhou, how do you know that Xu Gui has friendship with Master Wednesday Mama Wang bit her lip, her complexion paled.It became more and more ugly, and finally said in a trembling voice Because I saw Xu cbd gummies constipation Gui doing things for the third master.Gu Mingzhu pressed her step by step What did you do Before your man went to work in the front yard, Xu Gui was nothing more than What can he do for Master Wednesday Mama Wang had no way out, she raised her eyes Hehe The mother in law came to drag Mama Wang again, and Madam Wang was frightened Because the eldest wife, the day the eldest wife passed away, I saw the third master running out of the wife s yard, and then Then Xu Gui went in, Xu Gui After I came out, I I just went in, and I I saw the eldest wife hanging on the beam.

If you want to make trouble, I will tell all your dirty things, and no one will feel better.You child is really crazy, Mrs.Tuesday He ordered the steward, Pull Miss San down, down.There were so many outsiders in the yard, after the news got out, she would have no face to stand in front of others.Zhou Ruzhang smiled coldly, and when the steward s mother came to grab her, she opened her mouth and wanted to put it on the steward s mother s wrist, and the steward s mother let out a miserable cry.In the yard of the second room of Zhou s family, there was a moment of chaos and chaos.Mrs.Zhou looked at the scene in front of her and didn t know what to do.After seeing enough of the monkey scene in front of them, Gu Mingzhu and the officials of Shuntian Mansion began to interrogate the servants of the second room.

At that time, the supervisor of ceremonies knew that many servants in the prison were punished.The second brother and my mother made it so clear, and said that there was no inside story about this incident.Since the second brother and mother are like this Say, how can you not tell sister in law How can you meet with sister in law again and again It is obviously to use the matter of elder brother as a cover cbd gummies constipation to meet in private.When Zhou Zerui said this, what did he think of Yu Wei Yuanchen, he can never say that the sister in law is not at all I am not saying that my sister in law my sister in law is a chaste and strong woman, and she will never flirt with anyone.I am talking about my second brother.Don t look at his appearance.In fact, the city is very deep, and what he cbd gummies constipation wants to do will definitely be done.

Master, said the steward, it s someone from the clan who came, and Qingniang Rui is also kneeling in the main room.Ruiqing Zhou Zejing couldn t remember who Ruiqing was for a moment.It s Ruiqing, the maid next to Missy, said HCMUSSH cbd gummies constipation the steward, I don t know what the family heard, so they brought Ruiqingniang here.Zhou Zejing took a long breath, Zhou Zesheng didn t mean to break up their family After vowing not to cbd gummies constipation give up, he really invited people from the clan to come.Zhou Zejing didn t want to go to the front yard, but the elders of the clan came, so he had to go to see them.Zhou Zejing calmed down, he also had to think of a way out for himself, to help cover up the cause of his sister in law s death, big or small, he was stained, he would not be able to serve in the Sixth Ministry in the future, his official career would be ruined, and invisibly He also offended the Wei family.

If you can t even be a dog, you can only be killed.What s more, if he had the intention to seek refuge with King Liang, he would show his clues now.Before King Liang could make any move, he would be in are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure charge first.Tan Dingfang is a lesson from the past.If he is loyal to the emperor, shark tank invest in cbd gummies he should always be loyal to the end.This is his way of life.Qiao Song welcomes Su Fu into the duty room.Su max relief cbd gummies review Fu said directly I remember cbd gummies constipation Master Qiao has been investigating Tang s case.I wonder if there is any clue Qiao Song shook his head My people have found Tang s whereabouts, but unfortunately they did not catch her.Su Fu said Master Qiao should be very familiar with the Tang family.I found some women.Can Master Qiao tell whether these people are related to the Tang family Sure enough, he guessed right, and Su Fu found another clue.

Pierced the body with a spear.King Liang s army was in chaos.Wei Yuanchen charged in with his soldiers and horses, holding a spear in his hand.Wherever the spear went, blood spattered.My lord, it s Wei Yuanchen.Someone recognized Wei Yuanchen cbd gummies constipation first and rushed to report to King Liang.Wei Yuanchen seemed to have no intention of staying in the army for a long time, but made a surprise attack all the way to where King Liang was.Capture the thief first, capture the king first, the king of Liang is anxious to enter the capital, he just wants to enter the palace to capture the king, and Wei Yuanchen also thinks so, but Wei Yuanchen only needs to wait here, and he will have the opportunity to face the king of Liang.It doesn t matter that all the soldiers and horses brought by Wei Yuanchen were killed, they were just soldiers of the Great Zhou Dynasty, but if something happened to King Liang, the entire King Liang army would collapse in an instant.

My lord, don t you can t make any mistakes at this time.Liang Wang pushed the lieutenant away, and it was because of their scruples that Wei Yuanchen took advantage of the loophole and held them back with a cbd gummies constipation mere few hundred people.army.King Liang said Fight quickly, otherwise even if I am safe and sound, I will not be able to enter the capital.Seeing the soldiers and horses around King Liang rushing towards this side, Zhang Tong looked at Wei Yuanchen Third are cbd gummies safe to take cbd gummies certified pure Master, it seems that King Liang I have come back to my senses.Wei Yuanchen looked at the red sun setting in the sky, his eyes gleamed with a compelling brilliance, and he raised the blood stained spear, the red tassels on the spear were particularly bright.Then see you again, King Liang.The five square flag was raised again, and Wei Yuanchen led the army to charge towards King Liang s formation On the edge of the battlefield.

He hid behind a tree and looked behind him.No one followed behind.Liang Wang smiled again.Although Wei Yuanchen was difficult, it was nothing more than that, and then he boldly went to Dagu with confidence In the villages along the coast of Dagu.A woman sat in a room anxiously waiting for news.The prince led troops to attack the capital, but was blocked outside Gongji City.She knew that it would be difficult to break into the palace, but she never thought that she could not even enter the capital.Concubine De, mother and son, and waste like Huang Chang allowed the court to stabilize the situation in Beijing so quickly.What should I do next, can the prince come here smoothly The lights in the room were flickering, reflecting the woman s cheeks, can you eat cbd gummies and own firearms even though she was frowning in thought, she couldn t hide the touching color on her face.

After returning to the mansion, she gave careful instructions, saying that Brother Chun was crying and they were late leaving the house, so they met at the gate of the city instead.Lord Marquis didn t dare to say anything, could it be that she made a mistake in agreeing Even though she was thinking this way, Mrs.Lin still felt guilty, and she was going to make some food with her own hands as compensation for Lord Hou.Ma am, the steward walked quickly into the inner courtyard, Madam is happy, Lord Hou has been promoted.Mrs.Lin said What official position did you get promoted There, even though the five army governor s mansion is not as good as before, but the official position is too big, why does the court trust Lord Hou so much The steward said happily It s true, General Wei is now in charge of cbd gummies constipation the Jingwei commander, and his official position is not as high as that of Lord Hou.

Empress Wei helped Wei Yuanchen up.She really didn t expect that infant child to be so tall now.She also knew that Brother Chen had been protecting her all these years, and carefully planned to get her out of the Kunning Palace.Welcome out.No matter how many blows and heavy responsibilities, he has such a forbearing temperament, which has never shown any clues in front of people.She was not a good mother.When he needed his attention the most, she was helpless, but in the end she asked him to protect her from the wind and rain.Standing on the Wufeng Building just now, watching Chen s triumphant return, she felt so sad, this armor, this military exploits are not obtained for nothing, they have to be exchanged with blood and life.Brother Chen, mother will be able to take care of you from cbd gummies constipation now on.

Swallowed into the stomach.Gu Mingzhu raised her foot and took a step towards Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen seemed to have just recovered, and cbd gummies for pain and weight loss strode towards her with a straight face.Big Just as Gu Mingzhu said a word, he felt his shoulders tighten, and he fell into Master Wei s arms.The next moment, the hair crown on her head was removed, and the long hair flowed down from the top of her head like water.Why did your lord take off her moon crown That was the outfit that Master had just bought for her.It was the first time she wore it today.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes.My lord would never think She really became a Taoist priest Just as Gu Mingzhu was thinking, one of Lord Wei s arms fell on her waist, and the other hand gently stroked her cheek.Before she could figure out what was going on, Lord Wei lowered his head.

Lin blushed.Who would dare to recruit the emperor s eldest son Could it be that the Gu family could still give him the throne Naturally, I can t mention it any more.Mrs.Li said Although you can t get married, you can cbd gummies constipation buy a house next to you and live in it, and open a small door, so it s no different from living together.Mrs.Lin also showed joy.Gu Chongyi sighed in his heart, what he said, Zhuzhu just followed his wife.Mrs.Li suggested Why don t we go to that house together to have a look, the weather is warmer, we can start to repair.Mrs.Lin said with a smile Thisis not good Madam stood up, It s all a family now, so be polite if you re not happy.Seeing that the group was about to go out, Gu Chongyi sighed, the house was bought well, if Wei Yuanchen becomes Zhao Yuanchen in the future, they will Can I still live in that house Could it be possible to build a house next to the palace wall for the Huaiyuanhou Mansion If it wasn t for Zhuzhu s willingness to marry, he would really be reluctant to part with it.

Do you know what they re going to do next Pei Shangqing raised his head, and Empress Wei, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, had a ruddy complexion and clear eyes.After taking power, although the government affairs are busy, the spirit of the empress is getting better day by day.Pei Shangqing withdrew his gaze and said, Prince Qing and several other clans are working together to make a proposal, asking the emperor to make the Third Master Wei the King of Wei.After the Taizu of this dynasty, there was no king with a different surname.King Qing revealed Wei Yuanchen s life experience in the Taimiao After that, now I want to show the world.Empress Wei nodded The next step is to be crowned prince.Pei Shangqing said Zhan Shifu and Zuochunfang are all ready.Thank you Pei Qing, Queen Wei said, Brother Chen I have been taught by you for these years, and I will need your support in the future.

Gu Chongyi was about to walk forward, but Wei Congzhi hugged his thigh.Brother, you saved me this time.I am willing to be a cow or a horse.Get up, how decent are you Are you afraid of losing face to the Wei family , Wouldn t it ruin his reputation if people saw it Wei Congzhi held Gu Chongyi s trousers tightly There must be some place in the Hou s mansion where the golden house hides the beauty, stuff me in it, and let me hide for ten days and a half months before the Mu family left me.Just come out, from now on I will belong to you, big brother.Fart.Hearing these words, Gu Chongyi s hairs all stood on end, is he his cbd gummies constipation how long does a cbd gummy last Bah What else did you say that he is in a golden house It s really unlucky, how stupid is he, to think of such an idea Gu Chongyi ordered Please ask the steward of the Wei family to come in, just say that the second master Wei drank two glasses of wine in my study, and now he is drunk, and needs them to help him back.

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