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Her father s pampering and mother s pampering made her a jewel enshrined in her hands.Her father and mother have taken care of her for many years, so she should be allowed to guard the Gu family, but in the eyes of outsiders, she will always be Gu Mingzhu, a silly girl.Miss succeeded Baotong whispered.Gu Mingzhu took out a purse from her sleeve, which she had untied from Zhou Ruzhang just now.Baotong looked at what Gu Mingzhu took out from his purse Is this a wax pill Gu Mingzhu nodded, the wax pill was well sealed and had not been opened by anyone.A secret HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque letter is usually placed inside cbd gummies joy organics cbd best cheap gummies a wax pill of this size.Obviously, a young lady in the inner house should not carry such a thing on her body.Banditry has been serious in Shanxi in recent years.At the beginning of the month, another caravan was robbed and killed by bandits on the official road.

The mother and daughter entered the room holding hands affectionately.After Madam Lin changed her clothes, Gu Mingzhu lay on Madam Lin s lap and listened to Madam Lin s words.Mrs.Lin called Baotong and asked about Gu Mingzhu s diet and daily life.She gently combed her daughter s temples with her fingers, and looked down at her daughter from time to time.She always felt that her face was ruddy and healthier than ever before.Thanks to cbd gummies albuquerque God and Buddha for blessing.In this way, she was very satisfied, and on the way back, she thought about it, after this turmoil, she would let the old man hand over the papers and go home, and no longer hold any official positions, and the family lived on the ancestral land.Mother, Gu Mingzhu gently touched Mrs.Lin s belly, I want to give birth to my younger brother.

Gu Mingzhu evaded people and walked all the way to the lake.Without hesitation, she immediately slid into the water, swimming lightly like a fish into the lake.She wanted to put her purse in the place where cbd gummy bears gas station she had thrown it during the day and finish it silently., will not be noticed by anyone.Cui Zhen led the people to the lake, he looked at the cbd gummies albuquerque calm water, it was already dark, even if he wanted to salvage, he would have to wait until tomorrow, but he is not a person who likes to wait.Chapter 4 When the thief Cui Wei arrived, he saw his elder brother taking off his outer robe.Brother, Cui cbd gummies albuquerque Wei hurriedly said, You want to go down to the lake It s so dark that you can t see anything, and then Miss Tuesday was vague, maybe the things are not in the lake at all, why don t you ask your family to look for them in the garden tomorrow It s not too late to go fishing after dawn.

According to the censor s memorial, the official was forced to bear all the charges.She could imagine that the emperor must be furious because of this, the life of the nobles these years is not easy, they will always be impeached, relying on the ancestral duke to do whatever he wants.The master is usually very careful, but he didn t expect to be tricked this time.Mrs.Lin didn t know if it was right for her to leave the capital and come to Shanxi.After she came to Shanxi, she walked around without any results.If she stayed in the capital, she could at least be by the master s side.The master wrote to her to tell her not to worry.Over the years, the nobles have had accidents frequently, but as long as they don t participate in party struggles and don t seek refuge with any prince, they won t lead to death.

In the murderer s cell, the Tongzhi of Taiyuan Mansion ordered Lang Zhong to stop the murderer s bleeding.He stood beside him and looked down at the people on the ground, as if he was deep in thought.Lang Zhong was busy for a while before bowing and retreating.The Tongzhi of Taiyuan Mansion knelt down and took the assailant s hand, his fingers brushed over the palm and fingertips, and when he was thinking about raising his eyes, the assailant suddenly opened his eyes and stared at him fixedly.My lord.Feng Anping yelled twice before Tongzhi came back to his senses and turned to see Nie Chen next to him.Feng Anping said Then Nie Chen wants to come and check it out again.Marquis Ding Ning was really unnecessary, he insisted on coming to join in the fun, and even invited Nie Chen to help.The Tongzhi of Taiyuan Mansion nodded Let him come Identify it carefully and see if anyone in the market has noticed this murderer.

Then Nie Chen and the people behind one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque him really had some tricks.Who is the person behind Nie Chen Is it related to the Pearl Thief seven years ago Chapter 18 Terrible Wei Yuanchen looked at a greeting card left by Nie Chen, on which Nie Chen s name was clearly written.People who have been doing detective work all year round can know it after a little inquiring in Taiyuan City, so Nie Chen Don t dare to lie.The real problem is what Nie Chen didn t say, such as how the map was obtained and from whom.It doesn t matter if it s true or not right now, it will all be known in the future.Third Master, Chu Jiu said, I ll have someone check out the details of that person.Wei Yuanchen threw the map in his hand to Chu Jiu Go here and check first.Nie Chen didn t say what the map is useful for, He also probably had a guess.

Sun.The patient needs to be diagnosed and treated, and the Gu family would like to keep him to stay for one night before leaving tomorrow, so as to make a good diagnosis and can cbd gummies help me sleep treatment for Miss Gu.Mrs.Lin is really a loving mother.Although Miss Gu suffers from dementia, she is also a kind child.I didn t come directly, I went to cbd gummies albuquerque the pharmacy on the street first to have a cbd gummies albuquerque look.Every time I met Wei Sanye, I would go for a walk on the street first, and then come to the meeting place, for fear of being caught by someone.Staring at him, in fact, he doesn t care, .

how fast will cbd gummies work?

but Wei Sanye is afraid that the turmoil in the court will implicate him.Mr.Sun walked into the room while talking, raised his eyes buy cbd gummies olathe ks and saw Wei Yuanchen beside the desk, and couldn t help but startled Sir, what s wrong with you Chu Jiu approached quietly, for fear of missing the details.

The woman in the car looked at the old man s back and did not dare to move.There was a sound of footsteps, and several figures sprang out from all around, surrounding the two of them.The woman clenched the handkerchief tightly, looking a little flustered.The old man turned the car slowly as usual, turned around and pulled out a steel knife from the car, and stood in front of the woman.His back was no longer hunched, and his whole body became more energetic, and he no longer looked like an old man.He slowly raised his head to reveal his ugly face, which had been disguised, but people who knew him could still recognize his identity.He is Yan Hao.Ziyuan in the car bit her lip, her flustered heart gradually calmed down, looking at Yan Hao s back, her eyes became a little firmer.Yan Hao, where are you going A person walked over slowly.

Seeing the light, the dazzling light made them shed tears, but they did not feel pain.They still laughed and shed tears of cbd gummies albuquerque joy.Now they came here and asked the court to give them justice.Lu Shenzhi lifted his robe and knelt down I beg the imperial envoy to be the master for these people.The people behind him also knelt down one after another I beg the imperial envoy to be the master for us.The voice was not loud, but it seemed to be able to shake the sky.You re right, Wei Yuanchen looked at Han Yu, I want to set up a private court in front of these people.This is what the court owes them and Da Zhou owes them.In order to get a result, you Do you think I will act like your family members It s a pity that you are about to be poisoned to death, but after you die, I will take out the answers I want from them.

They thought that the Pearl Thief was the nimble knight errant and the portrait painted by Lu Shenzhi.In fact, the Pearl Thief was dead.The pearl thief who attacked Han Yu was no longer the same person.So, how can they find it This new pearl thief knows the past of the pearl thief, and now he wants to avenge and avenge the former pearl thief.Wei Yuanchen s eyes have been searching the tree and the ground, and finally found a shallow mark on the branch.There are two leaves around the branch that were cut by something.Look at the cut, the damage to the branches and leaves.It shouldn t be a sharp weapon, and this thing is not sharp, and it didn t break the branch completely.Wei Yuanchen told Chu Jiu Go and stand where Han Yu was attacked.Chu Jiu s figure soon appeared in the room.The height of the damaged branches and leaves was exactly the same as the position of Chu Jiu s shoulders.

Han Yu was slightly taller than Chu Jiu.If Han Yu cbd gummies albuquerque was standing there, it would be the place where Han Yu shot the arrow.I see.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes.He knew that there was also a crossbow machine with a mechanism.A person could control the crossbow machine to shoot arrows by pulling a rope from a distance.Since there is such a crossbow, there will also be such a sleeve arrow.In this case, the Pearl cbd gummies albuquerque Thief who attacked the prefect of Han could stand at a distance and cbd gummies joy organics cbd best cheap gummies hurt people, and the traces on the branches and leaves were left when he loosened the rope and pulled it back quickly.Wei Yuanchen strode out of Zhuangzi.Chu Jiu stood there in a daze, he was still out of breath, where is the third master going this time He wanted to ask, but he was afraid of being cbd gummies albuquerque can you drive after taking cbd gummy rejected by the third master, so he hurriedly followed with his aching and sore legs.

Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong, who immediately stepped forward and said, Ma am, what happened to Mr.Wei Could it be that he was injured on Zhuangzi Even if they don t trust the people we invite, they will bring people themselves, and they don t ask for wound medicine, they just ask for warm water and towels After saying this, Mrs.Lin thought carefully I m in Beijing.When I was in middle school, I heard that Wei Sanye fell ill in the prison, and the famous doctors in Beijing said it was a strange disease, and now it seems that it may be related to this.Baotong said in a low voice Isn t the Wei family a foreign relative Why Mr.Wei has been in jail It s not the case seven years ago, Mrs.Lin realized that she had talked too much, she looked up at Baotong, Don t ask what you shouldn t ask.Baotong Hitomi had to withdraw his head.

She wanted to know when she came this time.The relationship between the Gu family and the Wei family is right in front of our eyes, so why not look at it Gu Mingzhu heard footsteps behind her and knew it was from Zhao Gong.How could this Zhao Gong come to Taiyuan Mansion suddenly Just now Lin Runsheng said a lot about stallions, so he obviously knows them very well.Lin Sizhen works in the Xingdu Division of Shaanxi Province.Most of the stallions in Dazhou came from the northwest.Could it be because of the war horses that they are so concerned about this case These things can be investigated slowly, I don t know how to pass this level now, if Zhao Gong finds Wei Yuanchen sleeping in the guest room of Gu s family, I don t know what will come out.The door was opened slowly.Gu Mingzhu held the bamboo ball and looked into the room.

After this incident happened, Lin Runzhi was frightened.Zhao Gongren treasured these two children and logically would send someone to buy benzoin, but the Lin family didn t have any.Then there may be two situations.One is that I didn t think about living here, and I bought it but didn t bring it out.The second is that Lin Runzhi s strangeness was discovered just when he was about to rest.If this is the case, then the thing that frightened Lin Runzhi just happened.Walking away a little, Gu Mingzhu told Baotong When you gave the incense, you told the maid that Lin Erye is too young to use this kind of incense.Ask her how many times she has used it before.Then you can know cbd gummies albuquerque the answer.Yes, one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque it will be convenient for Nie Chen to check the exact information Wei Yuanchen and Chu Jiu returned to the small courtyard.

Lin s carriage, and they don t know what is on the carriage.Do you want to go and see Mrs.Lin was afraid that her mother would not help, so she would try every means to get her mother involved.She thought of this, but she didn t know what method Mrs.Lin would use.Baotong said I ll send someone to bring some tea to the two mothers in charge.When the mother in charge lowers her head to drink water, the young lady will definitely be able to board the carriage.The master and the servant were working separately, and when the cbd gummies albuquerque mother in charge was smiling and receiving the tea, Gu Mingzhu turned around and flashed into the carriage cbd gummies albuquerque lightly, the Cui family didn cbd gummies albuquerque t notice anything unusual.Baotong looked at the eldest lady and couldn t help but wonder in her heart, her eldest lady is really powerful, even if she was not born in a noble family, she can still enter the mountains and become a queen.

Mrs.Lin rushed her head angrily, she looked at Wei Yuanchen Master Wei, Zhuzhu never deceives people, I m afraid Zhuzhu has been used by others.That person is naturally Mrs.Lin Tai.Miss Gu can t lie Will she still be used It s good that she doesn t eat people, Wei Yuanchen said coldly Mrs.Lin is afraid that Lin Runzhi will tell the truth, so she will use various methods again and again.Lin Runzhi Did the Cui family ask you about that night Lin Runzhi one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque nodded Ask I asked My aunt brought a mother in charge to ask me, saying that something happened to my mother, and asked me to share what I saw that night.Say it all out, IIworry about my motherso Isaid it.Lin Runzhi told the story of that night many times, and now with a look of fear and nervousness on her face, she began to repeat what she said before when she was asked like this That night, I secretly saw that my second uncle one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque beat that person unconscious, and that person had a drip on his head.

He has only one purpose, to kill Master Zhao Er and be captured alive by the yamen.Then under the torture of the yamen, he will confess that he was ordered by the prince, but soon the yamen will find out that he has received a large amount of money.When questioning him in this way, he couldn t help but tell the truth to the Yamen.The truth was that he had received favors from the Wei family before, and this time he took money from the Wei family, and blamed all of this on the crown prince.Even if the people in the yamen shot him dead, and he had no chance to fraud the HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque prince, the yamen would suspect that the prince had something to do with it, because he was the guard of the east palace, and along this line, he would still find that he let People sent a lot of money back to his hometown, and he has a foreign room in the capital.

Shen, and he didn t take Wei Yuanchen s words to heart.Mr.Shen was dealing with Wei Yuan Chen, not him, he naturally need not panic.Just as the prince thought of this, his shoulders suddenly sank, and he turned his head to see Wei Yuanchen.The prince hasn t read the documents of the yamen on this case, has he Does the prince know how many irons have been refined cbd gummies albuquerque in the private mines in Shanxi over the years Huaiyuan Hou calculated how many horses were raised by the Taipu Temple through horse dung and fodder.War horse The prince listened carefully, not knowing what Wei Yuanchen was going to say.Wei Yuanchen went on to say Neither the number of ironware smelted in private mines nor the number of horses raised in Xingtaipu Temple, it does not match the accounts of Mr.Zhao Er.The iron implements used in Mr.

I know, cbd gummies albuquerque there will definitely be more, Nie Chen said, I m good at this kind of thing.No matter how hard you put in, you should get as much money as you want.Gu Mingzhu nodded Master Wei has a great career, so don t be embarrassed.She looked carefully, and in the quiver carried by Chu Jiu, the feather arrows were all made of Chong Ling.Chongling is expensive, Master Wei is really rich.Gu Mingzhu walked out of the yamen and walked all the way to Gu s house.She wanted to sleep well when she got home this time Gu Mingzhu had just left not long ago.My lord, Nie Chen respectfully presented the letter in his hand to Wei Yuanchen, It s not easy for people in the world, please be considerate.Nie Chen explained in advance that he thought it was the expenses of the dispatched officials at the post station.

Gu Mingzhu was a little surprised, they were going to the capital, what should they do, Mr.Wei should have ordered this kind of thing early in the morning, no Waiting for them to ask, right Gu Mingzhu thought of Mr.Wei s deep face in the house in Dongda Alley.Could it be that Mr.Wei is still losing his temper because of something Chapter 140 Bribing Him Wei Yuanchen went out for another day, cbd gummies albuquerque and when he returned to the house, the guards had already lit a few lamps and put cbd gummies albuquerque benefits of cbd gummies 25mg them on the table.Chu Jiu stood aside, not daring to make any noise.The third master has been running around non stop from the yamen to the guard these days.However, the third master had this kind of time before, this cbd best cheap gummies cbd gummies bears time it was a little different, besides being busy, the atmosphere seemed to be more low key, which made him dare not breathe loudly.

Liu Su didn t say much, just said Follow.For some reason, Nie Chen always felt that Liu Su, a stuffy gourd, had a flash of disgust on his face, who was this for him Nie Chen said Tell me clearly, where is Junior Sister Jiang They are also people who follow the elder, and Liu Su always knows a little more than him.Although he doesn t care too much, it always seems that he is not as smart as him Like Liu Su, that can t be done, among the people in the world, he has to let Liu Su know who is the boss, even if everyone is the adopted son of the elder, they must be orderly.Nie Chen cleared his throat Have you ever been to Beijing No.Liu Su cherished his words like gold.Nie Chen said The capital city is no better than Taiyuan Mansion.The city is full of high ranking officials and dignitaries.If you are not careful, you will get into trouble.

Nie Chen earnestly said We have just gained some fame because of this case.If this continues, many people will come to join us.We must establish a rule, right The two of us are sorted by age, and those who come in in the future must be ranked according to No matter how you say it, we are the eldest brother and the second brother, but junior sisters are different.Junior sisters are the closest people to the elder, so naturally they will always be junior junior sisters.It sounds reasonable, and Nie Chen el camino cbd gummies is also very far sighted.But Liu Su looked at the carriage of Gu s family, the premise is that Nie Chen wants to know who the elder is, even if he can t guess the identity of the elder and knows where Miss Jiang is, he can reluctantly agree.After a long while, Liu Su finally asked, Have you found Miss Jiang Nie Chen looked at the carriages and asked, Is Junior Sister in front Liu Su nodded.

From this point of view, it is very necessary to cooperate with her.Wei Yuanchen glanced at Liu Su Is there anything else She should have thought about it in advance.Listen, how they try to fool him.Liu Su bowed and said Nie Chen took the people in the market to check the news, and I can t cbd gummies albuquerque help.Can I stay with the lord so that I can pass the news back and forth.The guards around the lord have been sent out, and there must be I can do my best as a servant to take care of the daily life, and I can also help the adults collect clues in the posthouse.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyebrows, she was calling his idea to him, what if he doesn t agree Will they go to Cui Zhen in a blink of an eye Give him the badge.Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu handed the Wei family badge that had been prepared earlier to Liu Su.

The guard responded quickly and stepped back.Mr.Lu poured a cup of tea with his own hands, and put it in front of Cheng Yi Don t worry, my son in law, no matter what their intentions are, they probably won t attack Madam now, but if we don t clarify the cause and effect, I m afraid we won t be able to save them Ma am, your safety is also worrying.Cheng Yi tried his best to restrain his emotions, and after a while he raised his head to look at Mr.Lu Do you think I m useless, sir At that time, my grandfather was said to be a rebel, and a big hat for the Shanxi Mutiny was removed., his mother was ostracized by the Cheng family.He heard his grandfather urging his mother to cbd best cheap gummies cbd gummies bears reconcile with his father.His mother was reluctant to agree, so his grandfather asked his mother to go back to her natal family to keep a filial piety for her grandfather.

Inquiry into this matter, what can cbd best cheap gummies cbd gummies bears he do with a child Mr.Lu was his teacher at the time.He saw what he was thinking and persuaded him to be patient first, and then do what he wanted to do when he had the ability.Finally, he made it to the day when he could go out of the house alone, and he immediately went to the place where his mother fell into the water to inquire about the news.He looked up the case files of the local yamen and asked the people who punted on the river.In addition to asking how many cbd gummies albuquerque bodies were fished out of the river after his mother passed away, he asked whether anyone had ever been rescued.When he heard a boatman say that he seemed to remember someone swimming to save someone, As if he had rescued a female family member, he began to look around for traces of his mother.

In the woods far away from the chariots and horses, Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen got off their horses.Wei Yuanchen walked towards the forest with a sullen face, and stopped to look at Cui Zhen after a long while What do you want me to do when Lord Hou called me here There was no emotion in Wei Yuanchen s cold eyes, as if he was doing business.Cui Zhen looked calm cbd gummies good for weight loss Master Wei s scouts also found those horseshoe prints and horse dung Although Cui Zhen found them around, he couldn t be sure that it was related to Lin Sizhen.Taiyuan Mansion was originally an important town in the north.When returning to the capital, you have to pass several guards.There are guards where soldiers and horses come and go.In addition, there are people and herdsmen nearby who raise horses on behalf of officials.It is also very common to have horseshoe marks.

to Datong, but I m afraid I can t do it alone, and I need Master Wei s help.Wei Yuanchen flicked his robe I ll help Lord Hou return to Datong.Plead guilty to the emperor.Nothing will happen, Cui Zhen s brows lit up, his whole person was majestic, As long as I am in Datong, I will definitely guard the pass, no matter if it is Lin Sizhen or the Tatars, I will never take a step forward.Wei Yuanchen looked at Cui Zhen quietly, then turned and walked out of the forest I hope Lord Hou will do what he said.There is only one thing, Cui Zhen s voice came from behind Wei Yuanchen, please trouble Wei The adults help take care of my aunt and cousin, there are not many guards in the Gu family, and they are all weak female relatives, so they cannot go on business.Wei Yuanchen looked calm, did not answer Cui Zhen s words, got on his horse and disappeared at the end of the path with Chu Jiu.

The case of Taiyuan Mansion had a clue, and the emperor s eyeliner around Huaiyuan Hou s mansion was also withdrawn, so he submitted a memorial requesting to return to Taiyuan to pick up the female relatives.You must arrive at Taiyuan Mansion as soon as possible.Marquis Huaiyuan took the water bag and drank it with his head up, and then looked at the guards Go to the post in front to change horses.When Wei Yuanchen woke up, the one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque sky had already begun to light up, I didn t expect him to sleep so deeply.Wei Yuanchen got up and put on his robe.A scent blows in through the crack of the window, it s not a delicacy from mountains and seas, but a sweet and sticky smell wrapped in the smell of fireworks.Standing in front of the window, Wei Yuanchen vaguely saw someone busy in the kitchen.The wind blew, revealing a corner of the dress in front of him.

Shen said Mr.Cheng knew about this a long time ago.This time I came to Taiyuan Mansion because Mrs.Zhao was kidnapped by mountain bandits.Mr.Mrs.Cheng is looking for hundreds of households where Mrs.Zhao remarried Then what There is something in what Mr.said.Mr.Shen said I found something strange about the princess.I asked the guards to watch quietly, and found that things were getting worse, so I took those hundred households.The prince s eyes widened.It was Mr.Shen who did things so neatly.Now I think that the kidnapping one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque of the Zhao family has something to do with the Shanxi mutiny case.The people who kidnapped the Zhao family may not be trivial.They are not bandits.Cheng Yuma and the princess have been fooled.Chapter 159 The Shameless Prince heard Mr.Shen s words, vaguely Some thoughts emerged.

Bao Tong smiled and said Ma am, you underestimated Missy.When Missy was in Shanxi, the old man took Missy to ride a donkey.The slaves also looked scared at first, but later found that Missy was sitting securely.I was relieved.Father has ridden a donkey with Zhuzhu Mrs.Lin was surprised, why didn t she know, father must be too bold But how can Zhuzhu learn it well Baotong smiled and said So you don t have to worry, the eldest lady is much better after running around in the yard all day, besides, everything is well arranged, and there are servants and guards to protect her.Mrs.Lin was also relieved You still can t be careless.Madam, don t worry While Mrs.Lin cbd best cheap gummies cbd gummies bears was going to change her clothes, Gu Mingzhu also checked the sleeve arrow on her arm and the dagger tied to her calf.It was almost time, and the mother and daughter got into the carriage as usual.

The most important thing was that her children were missing.No one told her that her two children Where did he go, was he captured by the rebels She really wanted to rush over and ask.If brother Wei hadn t come over to pull her up and put her in the Cui family s carriage, she might not have left, just waiting for the rebels to catch her.Brother Sheng and Brother Zhi are gone, Zhao Gong asked humanely, Is it in his hands Then why didn t he take me away He doesn t have me in his heart, only that woman Did that woman also come Mrs.Lin Tai felt that Zhao Gongren was insane.Normally, Mrs.Lin would not pay attention to it, but now if Zhao Gongren made a fuss, she would be dragged down, so she explained softly Don t worry, I ll send someone to find Shenggeer and Zhigeer news.Don t look for it, he must have taken it away, Zhao Gong shrank, He just came to take away the two sons.

The people are needed to help.This Nie Chen was also sent by Mr.Wei.Mr.Wei is really powerful.With so many capable people under his command, it s no wonder that the Wei family is proud of him.Mrs.Lin was thinking about it, when she turned her head and saw Zhuzhu standing not far away, as if she was listening carefully to what she was talking to the chief.Zhuzhu seemed to understand.Mrs.Lin hoped that Zhuzhu could understand, but these words were too difficult for Zhuzhu.When Liu Su came out of the room, Mrs.Lin stepped forward immediately, How is Mrs.Cui Si Liu Su said, I took the arrowhead, and applied a hemostatic powder.There was blood in the room.Mrs.Lin looked at the blood stained cloth towel in the basin, from which she knew how dangerous it was to take the arrow.Will cbd best cheap gummies cbd gummies bears Fourth Mrs.Cui get better While speaking, Mrs.

Looking at her son s back, Zhao s eyes blurred again.She seemed to see her father.His father was so firm and decisive before going out to fight.When she was a child, she hoped that her father would look back at her after he left the house, but his father never looked back Because as long as you put on the military uniform and step on the horse, you will go forward bravely.This time Zhao s tears flowed down uncontrollably There are catapults in the village.The soldiers and horses who were just about to attack the village did not expect so many stones to fall from the sky.They couldn t see clearly in the dark, and they had no preparations in advance.The incoming stones could only dodge in a panic, and the attacking team retreated in a panic.Ma am, they koi cbd gummies 60g are prepared.It s dark and you can t see anything clearly.

Although they were stopped by Tao Duo from the East Palace on the way, they did not delay for too long.Even if someone rushed to the Ningwu Institute ahead of them, it would take some time to stabilize the situation here, and it shouldn t be the situation like this anyway.Don t act rashly, Lin Sizhen said, the other party is not simple.As soon as Lin Sizhen finished speaking, he eagle hemp cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes heard footsteps, several people appeared on cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque the tower, a large flag was waving in the wind, and then a spear was thrown from the tower When it came out, the long spear was nailed to the ground, and there were several bloody human heads on the barrel of the gun.The stacked heads were looking at Lin Sizhen s army with their dim eyes open.The man who threw the spear stood on the city wall, the armor on his body glowing coldly.

Lin kept talking, but she couldn t hear her brother s reply, and became nervous again.She just made it very clear that this HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque matter has nothing to do with her , She and her younger brother are of one mind, so my younger bohemian grove sell cbd gummies brother should not blame her for this.Lin Sizhen finally spoke, his voice was a little hoarse, but he was very calm, as if the matter in front of him had nothing to do with him Elder Sister, what do you think I should do I want to go to Laoyingbao, but Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen lead troops all the way I could only hide here if I was chased and persecuted, and if it wasn t for my personal guards who passed along the news, I might cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque not have seen my elder sister.How dare Cui Zhen do this Mrs.Lin was sad and angry at the same time, How did I raise such an injustice You don t know that when HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque he was in Taiyuan Mansion, he pretended to be the old master to scare me, and even made the Cui family stewards stand outside the door to watch my joke I If I I m not worried about you, cbd gummies albuquerque I m afraid I m going to be killed there Mrs.

Mrs.Zhang stood there, the moonlight fell on her face, but her expression could not be clearly seen.Lord Hou asked someone to send another letter from northern Xinjiang.The letter did not ask Mrs.Lin and Cui Wei, but asked her to go Look at Mrs.Lin and Zhuzhu.Hou Ye was disappointed with Mrs.Tai and Cui Wei, she could understand, but why did she suddenly get close to her aunt s family again Chapter 207 True Love Begins to be cold in autumn nights.Mrs.Zhang stood outside the door for several hours, and the mother in charge persuaded her Madam, you are weak, you should go back and rest Mrs.Zhang shook her head Mrs.Tai doesn t need me to serve by her side, but I can t leave either.Mrs.Tai and Lord Hou have a heart to heart relationship, if I don t look like a cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque daughter in law, it will be even more difficult to do when Lord Hou comes back.

Seeing that cbd gummies joy organics cbd best cheap gummies the hand was about to be taken away, Gu Mingzhu looked at the pony in embarrassment If my lord can teach mehowhow to Let this this horse run faster Wei Yuanchen obviously lost his patience, holding the rein with his hand, he cbd gummies albuquerque was about to drive the horse away.My my lord I was really afraid that something would happen, Gu Mingzhu found that the horse suddenly stood cbd gummy bears legal in nc there motionless, and it would not be of any benefit to her to continue in this stalemate.Wei Yuanchen paused for a moment, then turned his horse s head with an extremely reluctant face and came to Gu Mingzhu s side again.Looking at Mrs.Wei s businesslike expression under the moonlight, if she mentions the difference between men and women now, it seems a bit too hypocritical.Besides, since she is a detective in the field, she must put the case first.

Mrs.Zhao looked over in surprise, and saw Brother Yi s complexion was ugly and his eyes were full of pain Mother, why did you do this There are three people in their family.Mrs.Zhao didn t know what nala labs cbd gummies reviews to say, her lips trembled uncontrollably, and after a while she said in a hoarse voice, I feel too tired, and I want to accompany cbd gummies albuquerque your grandfather.Cheng Yi shook his head No, mother was fine before.Yes, after the Cheng family came, my mother was on the verge of death, and it was the Cheng family who blackmailed my mother, right Zhao s mood gradually calmed down, she raised her eyes and said, It has nothing to do with the Cheng family Mother, Princess Huairou couldn t help but said, Is it because of the half of the golden hairpin Mrs.Zhao tried her best to restrain herself but still trembled What gold hairpin It seemed that she had guessed right, Princess Huairou said The Cheng family The mother in charge dropped the purse in the mansion when she left.

Bigbigbigyour lord is right.Wei Yuanchen squinted his eyes, as expected he was afraid of being exposed by him, and he stuttered even more.Stuttering also has its benefits, at least you can listen to a few more words words.Wei Yuanchen raised his feet and walked towards Gu Mingzhu What do you think is going to happen next Make a footprint and set him on the ground.It s only because she doesn t have the ability to change her appearance at will, otherwise she wouldn t be afraid of him, and one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque she would fool Mr.Wei around like a doctor.Bigbigmy lord, that jug of wineis a strong poisonthe Yuan family servant poisonedthe twothe merchants are deadthe merchants are dead, whowill spread are cbd gummies bad for kidneys the newsThe matter of Mrs.Zhao s innocence IIsuspicioussomeone else is hiding in the dark to investigate the situation, and after the two of them are dead, they will stand up and expose Mrs.

Cheng Yi s fists and feet kept falling on Qian Yunsheng s body, and Hou Yong beside him was trembling with fear.It s your 3000 mg cbd gummies turn next.Cheng Yi kicked Hou Yong, and now he understood why his mother wanted to die and how he could bear such an insult.After beating the two of them up, Cheng Yi walked out HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque of cresco cbd gummies the room and saluted Wei Yuanchen Thank you, Mr.Wei.These two people deserve to die, but he won t kill them now.They sent them to the Palace of Hades.Cheng Yi said Next, I will go to Cheng s house first, and then to Yuan s house.He wanted to seek justice for his mother Dong dong dong came a knock on the door.Yuan Zhixing, Zuoqian capital censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, woke up from his dream.He immediately got up and asked for tea.It should be the time for the court.At this time, cbd gummies joy organics cbd best cheap gummies the servant wanted to give him a cup of tea to wake him up.

It depends on whether these two families will perform this drama like this in the future, and who will come to help.Yuan s elder brother worked in the Metropolitan Procuratorate.The Metropolitan Procuratorate picketed and impeached hundreds one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque of officials, cbd gummies albuquerque investigated litigation cases, and was on duty at night to climb the Wengu.When Old General Chen fought in the frontier, I don t know who the Metropolitan Procuratorate sent cbd gummies albuquerque to supervise the army.Especially in the last defeat HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque of General Chen, it was very important to supervise the army, because after returning to the court, he had to issue documents to support the battle.Losses and responsibilities involving officials and generals.If these are related to Yuan s elder brother, is it equivalent to finding the connection between the Yuan family and these events back then The clues that were originally loose are now a little bit clearer.

Putting the cbd gummies albuquerque prince to death, he murmured Kill you, kill you, I cbd gummies joy organics cbd best cheap gummies m going to kill you Come on, come on The third prince held his neck, and the guards stepped forward to pull the prince, The whole yard was in a mess.Prince, prince, this is the third prince, please let go.It was he who hurt me, it was him, the prince stared at the third prince, he blamed me for pushing him off the tree back then.I ve always wanted to take revenge, but just now, he sneaked into my room and told mehe s going to kill me, I HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque ll dieyou can t live.The guard pulled the prince away with difficulty.The crown prince ordered in a trembling voice Take your highness down quickly, and ask the imperial doctor to see the wounds of your highness and the third prince, go quickly.The two guards lifted the prince up, and the prince still kept shouting Kill him, Kill him.

It looked very cute.really good.After opening all the locks, Gu Mingzhu placed bay park cbd gummies review two drum locks, one large and one small, in front of him.The appearance of the small tumbler lock is the same as that of the big one, except that when the outer tumbler is turned, it feels a little rough, not as smooth as other locks, especially when compared with the big tumbler super chill cbd gummy review lock, It should not be from the hands of one person.Gu Mingzhu held the small drum lock in his hand and looked carefully, and cbd gummies albuquerque found a small mark on the drum, which seemed to be engraved with a word.Seeing this, Baotong immediately picked up the oil lamp and moved it towards it.Miss, there is a word right.Baotong tilted her head back and looked over again.This servant has eye disease and can t see very clearly.It should be the word single.

When Gu Mingzhu was ill, Mrs.Lin often went to Dabao Temple to worship, and also copied many volumes of scriptures, saying that the pharmacist Liuliguang Tathagata of Dabao Temple was efficacious, and Mrs.Zhang sent this bracelet with her heart.Mrs.Zhang took Gu Mingzhu cbd gummies albuquerque s hand Master Hou specially wrote a letter from home and said, let me see Auntie and Zhuzhu more.While speaking, the silver cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque bracelet was worn on Gu Mingzhu s wrist.Mrs.Zhang looked at the bracelet Zhuzhu looks good on it.The bracelet is pretty good, but Gu Mingzhu raised her wrist and looked carefully, her arm moved accordingly, and the silver bracelet and jade bracelet made a tinkling cbd best cheap gummies sound together.Mrs.Zhang blushed I was in a hurry to try it on Zhuzhu, but I ignored the jade bracelet on Zhuzhu s wrist.Wearing it together like this may damage the jade bracelet.

Working with Mr.Wei is one of the benefits.There are people who are ahead, and they only need to take advantage of the situation.Gu Mingzhu carefully looked at the Cheng family.The Cheng family hung up white lanterns, and the servants in the family wore plain clothes and filial piety.The yard was full of the smell of burning paper, incense, etc.The sky was already dark.Coupled with such a strong atmosphere, the entire Cheng family was shrouded in a bleak haze.In the middle, the cold wind blew past, and the servant standing in the yard shivered uncontrollably.In Yuan s main room, there was the sound of swallowing and shouting.It was the servant girl and Mr.Cheng s concubine who were crying for Yuan.Madam, why did you leave like this Madam, why are you willing to leave the two little masters behind Immediately afterwards, the crying was interrupted by a burst of noise.

, Madam vowed not to give up if she failed to achieve her goal.So the Elder Master came up with a plan to letlet me helpafterwardsthe Elder Master will raise me to be his aunt, and I will no longer have to do the work of serving others.Ken, just tell my wife that I seduced the master behind my back, and then my wife will definitely punish me.Evil slave Mr.Cheng in the yard immediately struggled and shouted, It is obvious that you one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque came to inform me, but you said my idea , when will I let you kill MadamI will kill you.Mr.Cheng held the stick around his neck with both hands, and wanted to get up but was stepped on the back by the yamen.You are all hurting me, II want to report to the emperorI want to Mr.Cheng kept shouting.Mrs.Cheng came over with someone s support, and when she saw Mr.Cheng s miserable state, she immediately cried out What are you going to do How dare you do this Come quickly and save Mr.

However, the evidence was solid.The imperial court held the documents between General Zhao and the Tatars, and the old general was dead.This became cbd best cheap gummies cbd gummies bears an iron case.Until the Shanxi mutiny case was uncovered again, thinking about the situation of those soldiers who swore to defend the city in Yulin, he was full of emotion.The general is innocent.When my father was alive, cbd best cheap gummies cbd gummies bears the old general mentioned Lord Hou to my father, Wei Yuanchen said, The old general said that among the nobles, the Marquis of Huaiyuan can be entrusted with a heavy responsibility.It is because of the old Hou who broke his heart, but he has a heart.Dazhou Sheji is different from those who are dedicated to camping.This is what his grandmother told him this time, so it can be seen that General Zhao and Gu Hou have a private relationship, and tonight Gu Hou came to the government office to ask about the Cheng family.

Maybe it wasn t just pretending, Wei Congzhi might really be sick, Gu Chongyi sighed in his heart, turned around and walked over, pushed the censor away, lifted Wei Congzhi from the ground, just in time the guards also caught up.Please call the imperial doctor.In the rush, Gu Chongyi seemed to see Wei Congzhi s eyelashes trembling slightly.Gu Chongyi frowned, was it his illusion, or was it real If it wasn t for Wei Congzhi s misery, he would have twisted his hand to distinguish the truth from the false The news of Huaiyuan Hou s promotion HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque reached the Gu family.Mrs.Lin was .

is natures only cbd gummies a scam?

teaching Zhuzhu how to be a female celebrity.When she heard that Lord Hou was going to serve in the Army and Horse Division of Wucheng, she looked happy Where is Lord Hou Why haven t you entered yet The mother in charge said I heard that Master Wei is at the gate of the palace.

Chu Jiu whispered Third Master, don t wait, Miss Gu won t come.Wei Yuanchen raised his head and looked at the sky, there was a circle of shadows around the huge moon, and he seemed to have had too much wine at night.It s so late, she should have a rest Chu Jiu cleared his throat Miss Gu has gone out.The third master stayed behind with a stern face, but Miss Gu went out in a blink of an eye.This soundsa bit heartbreaking.Wei Yuanchen s eyes became much clearer, and the moon above his head became a lonely one again.Where did you go Wei Yuanchen asked.Chu Jiu pursed his lips It should be to see Nie Chen.Wei Yuanchen walked out, Chu Jiu followed all the way Third Master, go slowly.Seeing Third Master s appearance must be very uncomfortable, He just said a good thing to let the third master take a break.

The aide said in a low voice The people from the yamen have left our house, and the master has been going to the yamen as usual.There is no other movement these days.No one will mention it again.not necessarily.Yuan Zhixing frowned.Wei Yuanchen hadn t found the real person who instigated Lin Temple, so how could he let it go, unless he was allowed to find the instigator behind the scenes, I m afraid everything will calm down The Gu family.Why hasn cbd gummies albuquerque t this child woke up yet Madam Lin came several times and saw that Gu Mingzhu was still sleeping soundly under the quilt.Remember to change the heater, don t let it freeze.Mrs.Lin came out of the room and instructed Baotong carefully.Aunt Clan sent a message that she wanted to take Zhuzhu to Taiqing Temple.Mrs.Lin wanted to refuse at first.She was too amazon cbd gummies for ed heavy to walk outside all the time.

The decree will be issued soon.This is undoubtedly a disaster for Donggong, but the third and fifth princes were crowned kings together because of a blessing in disguise.That s why the third concubine s face is full of joy at this moment.Now that she is King Huai, she may soon be in charge of the East Palace and become the new crown prince cbd gummies albuquerque of the Great Zhou.Gu Mingzhu got out of the car, and along with Mrs.Gu and Gu Mingwan, Gu Minglan went up to meet the third concubine and Mrs.Zhang.The eyes of the third concubine fell on Gu Mingzhu Madam said that is the eldest lady of Huaiyuanhou s family Mrs.Zhang said affectionately, It s Zhuzhu.It s really a jewel in the palm of your hand, the third concubine praised, It s really beautiful , makes people happy when they see it, no wonder Princess Huairou always talks about Zhuzhu.

Datura pollen appeared in the capital again, is there any connection between them Mo Yangming returned to the wooden house on the hillside, sat on the wooden cbd gummies joy organics cbd best cheap gummies couch, closed his eyes and was about to read the scriptures, when he heard a sound from the wooden door, followed by subtle footsteps.Mo Yangming immediately opened his eyes.Someone came here secretly, HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque so he continued to close his eyes calmly so as not to disturb the person.The footsteps were getting closer is cbd oil more effective than gummies and closer, all the way to the inner room, Mo Yangming held the dagger in his sleeve, she wanted to see who was so bold as to come to her room to investigate.Chapter 279 Missing Him Mo Yangming saw a figure and tiptoed in through the door, and now there was only a curtain between him and her.Mo Yangming got up and got off the couch.

Just now, the Lu family was in a hurry to move things out, cbd gummies albuquerque benefits of cbd gummies 25mg and they made a mess of the boxes hidden here.There were burnt marks in the southwest corner, and that was because the Lu family tried to set fire to burn things that could not be taken away.Gu Mingzhu walked over quickly.The thing the Lu family was eager to destroy should be the Tamba wild rice.She smelled it on Bai Gongren.The cage was opened, and the things inside were like dried leaves.Gu Mingzhu picked up a piece and put it on his nose.It was the right thing.She took out a leaf and lit it on the torch in Baotong s hand, then neatly pulled out a jade tube from her waist and pointed it at it.When Wei Yuanchen walked over, he saw the smoke curling up, Miss Gu took the jade tube and sucked it into the smoke.Wei Yuanchen frowned, and didn t know if the thing was poisonous, so she went to try it, thinking in her heart, as he strode in front of Gu Mingzhu, he was about to reach out to stop it.

I don t want you to help with the autopsy, Wei Yuanchen said, I have something I want to ask you.Kong Laofu said, Please tell me, my lord.Wei Yuanchen said, Do you still remember Bai Guanzheng s daughter Suicide case Your name was signed on the post mortem papers of Shuntian Prefecture Yamen.Kong Laowu thought carefully.Wei Yuanchen went on to say The lady of the Bai family had leg problems since she was a child.She slit her throat with a dagger and died.When Kong Laofu heard this, he immediately thought of something.Can remember, but when it comes to the wound on the corpse, he can recall the situation of the corpse, and think of the case recently.I remembered, Kong Lao said very firmly, that Miss Bai family committed suicide.She is used to using her right hand, so the wound on her neck from left to right went from deep to shallow.

This is the only time to visit the palace.Zhenren Mo and Gu Mingzhu s carriage left the alley, Madam Lin was about to go to the main house to rest for a while, when the mother in charge of the concierge came to report Madam, someone from the Lin clan has come and wants to see Madam.Is there finally any news Mrs.Lin immediately said Please come in The steward passed on Mrs.Lin s words, and the mother in law who was HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque waiting at the door of Gu s house led a three year old child into the gate of Huaiyuan Hou s mansion.The mother in law frowned tightly.She had actually been in Beijing for a while.She wanted to see Marquis Dingning, but she knew that Marquis Dingning was fighting in northern Xinjiang.She went to see her, but yesterday she suddenly changed her mind.The Lin family was implicated in the real matter of Lin Temple, so it was better to come to Huaiyuanhou s mansion to seek a way out of Dingninghou s mansion.

Clean up the bluestone road.The pavilion next to the rockery has not been painted for a long time, and its color has withered in the wind and sun.The brocade curtains in the main hall look very beautiful, but they are also worn out.No matter who comes here, seeing these things will feel that the owner here has been tempered, and has no intention of managing and taking care of everything.The palace servants stepped forward to close the curtain, Gu Mingzhu followed Mo Yangming in, while Baotong and others stayed outside the hall.There was a smell of sandalwood in the room, and the fragrance seemed to come from the side hall.It seems that the side hall was used as a nunnery or a quiet room by the empress.Gu Mingzhu thought of the empress what kind of cbd gummies are good for stress s children who had died young, was the empress praying for them every day There are not many decorations in the hall, and the objects placed are simple and unadorned.

He is visiting at home.He may be a little timid.The people hid.Cui Zhen nodded, the children of the Lin clan have seen the world when they come to the capital, how can they be so timid Big brother, Gu Mingzhu turned to look at Cui Zhen, his name is Zou Xiang, he is only three or four years old, he can memorize a lot of books, and he has great strength.Zou Xiang Cui Zhen was sure that it was the first time he heard this name, would he endorse it even if he was strong I don t know which female family member of the Lin family is the child.Big Brother, Gu Mingzhu continued, Can you shoot arrows for me and Zou Xiang later When Cui Zhen returned to the Lin clan, he used to shoot arrows in the courtyard with the Lin family s children.Zhuzhu was in Shaanxi at that time You may just see it when you are recuperating, so remember it.

Cui Zhen suddenly felt Qiuyu at this moment.cold Mrs.Lin looked at Zhu Zhu who was playing with the medicine box under the lamp, and couldn t help sighing secretly.She never thought that Cui Wei would say such a thing.She will definitely not marry Zhuzhu to the Cui family, the eldest sister is too scheming, Cui Wei is considered good among the young talents in Beijing, onris cbd gummies australia but she is definitely not a good match for Zhuzhu, let alone the Cui familyeven For some reason, Mrs.Lin suddenly remembered the scene of Wei Sanye hugging Zhuzhu.Chapter 330 Settling Accounts Mrs.Lin came back to her senses, she was also disturbed by Cui Wei, so she remembered these things.Wei San had acted frivolously towards Zhuzhu, but Wei San was insane at that time, but later he behaved well, especially since he didn t come to ask Zhuzhu recently, this matter should be over.

The emperor appointed several princes as princes.The Ministry of Rites must be very busy.Is your home quiet Tian Gongren nodded, and Mrs.Zhang asked.It s the uncle s family, and the uncle is the minister of the Ministry of Rites.Since the crown prince was deposed, she hasn t seen him, only the sister in law has visited a few times.Tian Gong said humanely Uncle didn t have time, so I didn t let the master go to the clan with me, so I just followed leisurely.Before, the uncle always took the master to the clan to select outstanding children Let the master guide them to be admitted to the Imperial College to study If they are all the children of the clan, that s all.There are also some children from poor families.Uncle said they couldn t afford to study It s a pity that they are all talented The master has always disapproved of uncle doing such a thing, cultivating these people Isn t it just to make them work for the Shen family.

Although my son has worked hard these years, he finally did it As soon as Wei Congzhi finished speaking, he felt The flesh cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque on the arm was twisted, and then the old mother looked angry cbd gummies albuquerque Is it you who one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque don t want to marry, or no one wants to marry What krave cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque closest cbd gummy worms near me does it have to do with your eldest sister Mrs.Li drove Wei Congzhi away like a fly Let s go, don t make me angry on the happy day.When Brother Chen also got married, even if the big rock in her heart fell to the ground, maybe she would be more pleasing to the old son at that time, because Quan Dang raised an old girl at home.in front of.This kind of thing is not unique to the Wei family.There are many daughters who return to can cbd gummies get u high live with their mother s parents after their husband s family is unhappy after they get married.Every family has hard to recite scriptures Wei Congzhi watched his mother and sister in law disappear at the end of the Qingshiban road in the blink of an eye.

Fairy medicine The emperor remembered the pills presented to the Queen Mother by Sun Zhenzhen of Shangqing Temple.The emperor s eyes immediately turned to the outside of the hall, as cbd best cheap gummies cbd gummies bears if he was staring directly at King Huai.He stood up and said, I m going just cbd clear bear gummies 3000 to see what the fairy medicine is and how it can make people crazy.The emperor walked quickly to the outside of the hall, Huang Chang hurriedly ordered someone to bring the cloak, but the emperor felt a surge of blood in his chest, and he couldn t feel the coldness at all, so he stretched out his hand and waved the servant away.The emperor cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque suddenly walked out of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, frightening people outside the hall to salute.King Huai moved his frozen body and was about to bow down, only to hear the emperor s low voice saying No need, you follow me to the harem to meet Concubine Mi.

Ning Gong, but at this moment he changed his mind, he didn t need to ask the Queen Mother, he knew what the Queen Mother meant.Once Concubine Mi and the palace servant died, although many inside information could not be pursued, how could the Empress Dowager fail to see the inside story of Concubine Mi s crazy It is a fact that Concubine Mi secretly colludes with King Huai, but it is also the method used by the noble concubine to attack King Huai.That s why the Empress Dowager let the Wei family suppress the noble cbd gummies albuquerque concubine s aura.The emperor turned around and went back to the inner palace.Wei Shi hid in the palace for a long time to avoid the sharp edge, and he also checked to see if she would cbd gummies albuquerque benefits of cbd gummies 25mg walk HCMUSSH cbd gummies albuquerque out of the palace gate In Kunning Palace.As soon as Empress Wei finished writing a line, she ordered the female officer to put away the old ink block.

Who will stabilize the harem Some people will never be able to hold a high position, while some are born to stand high, and no one can change this.Mo Zhenren came back to his senses after a while, and looked at the little apprentice It s a pity that this is not the past, otherwise the Empress would like you and often take you to Kunning Palace, you can learn a lot from the Empress.Gu Mingzhu said The Empress is very happy.Great, right Mo Zhenren nodded.Gu Mingzhu went to Mo Zhenren s side Master, can you tell me more about your mother Mo Zhenren smiled You will see it cbd gummies albuquerque soon.Empress Wei nodded as she looked at the cages in front of her.The servants immediately closed the cages and sent them to Jing an Temple outside the palace.Concubine Mi s coffin was parked in Jing an Temple, waiting to be sent to the concubine mausoleum for burial.

Mrs.Zhang told the mother in charge After a while, Master Hou will come out of the study, and invite Master Hou to the main room.I have something urgent to ask Master Hou Cui Zhen and Cui Wei entered the study.As soon as Cui Wei sat down, he felt a majestic gaze on him, and Cui Wei raised his head to meet him without fear.Cui Zhen asked with a sullen face, What did you go to Shanxi for Cui Wei are cbd gummies legal in kentucky said calmly, The Ministry of War found out that Chen Weicheng privately allocated military funds to Yongping Mansion.Didn t the eldest brother also suspect that someone in Datong had planted eyeliners, and the younger brother felt that through this incident, those eyeliners must be caught.The elder brother was recuperating at home and it was not appropriate to come forward, so the younger brother went to Shanxi to check carefully on his behalf.

Gu Mingzhu looked at her hand, as if the sharp weapon she took out from him was still held in her hand, the emotion when she was shot by Cui Wei flooded into her mind again, the despair and Not reconciled, but much lighter than every time.So now you can understand, why did I catch the person behind the scenes Wei Yuanchen said, Not only to avenge, but also to protect them from being harmed.Gu Mingzhu nodded, the pain in her chest Heat flowed slowly in her body, she seemed to be sitting beside a small red clay stove, and her heart was like that burning coal.All kinds of things that happened after meeting Master Wei flashed through her mind like a fleeting image.There are traces of the red bean cake and the seal everywhere.Did Master Wei guess that she was Zhou Rujun Chapter 385 I believe that Gu Mingzhu put her hands together, she thought that after going through a major smiles cbd gummies reviews event of life and death, she would be a little more calm and fearless in the face of cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque any situation.

Xue Laotong took lucent valley cbd gummies ingredients out a few documents from his pocket Pass it to Wei Yuanchen.The merchant named Naxiu has been doing smuggling business in the Shandong area for a long time.He used to collect people as pirates in several villages along the coast of Shandong.As luck would have it, from the seaAfter getting a windfall, he made a fortune in no time.The Xiu family began to grow their people secretly, and recruited many people to be sailors.After a long time, those who went into the water to do this kind of work knew that the Xiu family gave them how long for cbd gummies to take effect a lot of money, and they were willing to join the Xiu family, and the Xiu family began to annex other seamen.The fleet of thieves gradually became famous at sea.Old judge Xue paused for a moment when he said this After two or three years like this, the stewards of the Xiu family began to recruit people in private, saying that they followed other people s ways.

Gu Mingzhu took off the makeup on her face, and then ate red bean cakes and thought cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque about the clues that Xue Laotong said, the old general Zhao case, the Shandong pirate case, Tan Dingfang That both happen to be in the vicinity cannot be explained as a coincidence.Gu Mingzhu said Chen Weicheng is seriously ill for a short time, that s why he took the risk of framing Tan Dingfang.After the success of this plan, Prince Huai s mansion will be cleared of suspicion, but if Chen Weicheng knew that the Ministry of Justice and Master Wei were nearby What Didn t you hand over the evidence of Prince Huai s residence and the Liang family s, and actually prove the charges against Prince Huai s residence Chen Weicheng used himself as a bait to protect Prince Huai s Mansion, and in turn he could protect another person, Wei Yuanchen said, That is Tan Dingfang.

The empress dowager stood up and walked around in the inner hall There is a layer of belly and a layer of mountains.Although Ai s family helped the emperor ascend the throne, the emperor still guarded our Guo family.The naval division is too involved.After the emperor ascended the throne, he ordered the sea ban.One of the reasons is to take back military power from the Guo family.The Ai family understands the emperor s thoughts.The Ai family is also tired after fighting.In order to change the emperor s peace of mind, the Ai family Let the Guo family move to Hangzhou to live in.Now the coastal guards have been left alone for a long time, and it is time to reopen the Shibo Department and tidy up the coastal guards, so that the emperor can naturally deploy his own people.These calculations of the emperor are sad Everyone can see clearly that the emperor s art has always been like this, if it is made clear, it may not be a bad thing, one emperor and one courtier have been like this since ancient times, but if they are used by others, the consequences will be disastrous.

The old man looked at Nie Chen and the girl with the fence Many of what they said were vague.Although I couldn t fully understand the meaning of these words, I cbd gummies albuquerque also felt that the matter was very important.I remembered them clearly.Jinzhou Wei Zhen Fu, this should be regarded as the biggest gain.After I escaped that time, I continued to inquire about those people, and found that the steward came to the capital a year ago.After saying this, the old man hesitated and said, Is this clue useful to you He was expecting but apprehensive.He hoped that he could help, but he was afraid that everything would fail.It s useful, Gu Mingzhu stood up, and she saluted the old man, Your news will save many people.The old man looked a little excited Really Gu Mingzhu nodded.A smile finally appeared on the old man s face, but he immediately said It s not me, it s Yan Shen.

point.Wei Yuanchen added a meatball with chopsticks, put it to his mouth and took a bite.The meatball was very fragrant, and there was actually red bean stuffing inside.The scene of the girl busy in the kitchen came to Wei Yuanchen s mind, so she could remember to put red beans in the meatballs, and wondered if she ate them secretly after the meatballs were made.The hot soup warmed him up and made his killing intent towards Cui Zhen lessened.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes and said, Master Dingning has found out about the Datong Guard Cui Zhen did not expect that Wei Yuanchen would take the initiative to talk to him first.Cui Zhen responded When is Master Wei going to enter the palace I wanted to go overnight, Wei Yuanchen said, looking at Cui Zhen, Ding Ning Hou is willing to come, it is more appropriate for the Marquis to go.

Princess Huairou looked at the small bundle, and subconsciously stroked the outside of the bundle with her hands, she was a little surprised when she heard this, she had heard from the son in law that the third master Wei was very happy.It s great.Princess Huairou asked Why The mother in charge pursed her lips Third Master .

can i take my cbd gummies to europ?

Wei and the son in law have always talked about defending the city, but they didn t mention what to do if they can t defend it Princess Huairou s hands trembled, and her eyes blurred.She pretended to be nonchalant and lowered her eyes, looking at her flat belly What s .

does cbd gummy bbears relax you?

so strange about it You can t think about retreating before you fight Princess Huairou bowed her head to avoid Going to look at the mother in charge, she felt the tears being swallowed back abruptly by her.The son in law and Wei Sanye didn t mention what would happen if they couldn t keep it.

The female officer also gave Master Mo some vegetarian food, but Master Mo did not move after thanking her.Gu Mingzhu admitted that she did not have the heart of Dao like Master Mo.Empress Wei said Try it, it tastes right.How can you refuse the queen s kindness Gu Mingzhu had no choice but to pick up a piece and put it in her mouth.There are eight yuan on the plate, she can eat two or three four or five yuan is no problem, just in time for the empress to talk to the master.Empress Wei said So Concubine De is in good health now Zhenren Mo has been to Kunning Palace twice, and he is very comfortable getting along with Empress Wei.They don t know how to say half a sentence and hide half a sentence.Many people deliberately want to appear inscrutable, but they don t necessarily have much thought in their hearts.

The old man was still taking paper money from his pocket, as if he had no fear of Zheng Ruzong.The things in the old man s hands were scattered in the air.For some reason, Zheng Ruzong s eyes suddenly became blurred, alarm bells rang in his heart, and he looked at the old man carefully.At some point, the old man covered his mouth and nose with his arms, and the old man s hand was no longer paper money but a porcelain bottle.A strange fragrance wafted towards him in the wind.Zheng Ruzong wanted to catch his breath but it was too late, his steps began to stagger, and the feeling of dizziness became more and more clear.Soldiers never tire of cheating.The old man was actually throwing paper money to test the direction of the wind, and then took advantage of him not to spare the drug.Zheng Ruzong gritted his teeth, these squirrels don t have the guts to confront him and use such indecent methods.

Red up What should my sister Wan do When they first got the news, they didn t dare to tell Sister Wan.The master had found out the exact news, and now it s time to disclose it to Sister Wan, so that Sister Wan will also die.The idea cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque of marrying the Tan family.Meng Shi thought about getting up and going to see Sister Wan, at this moment the mother in charge came to report Madam, the eldest lady is gone, she may have taken the servant girl out through the back door.Meng Shi felt dizzy when she heard this, Sister Wan will not go out to find the Tan family uncle, right This child, Meng Shi didn t know what to say, because she was spoiled by her, Hurry up and get someone to chase him If there is another mistake, she will not be able to live.Chapter 468 It s Not Easy Feng Anping stared at the back door of Gu s family in Hehua Hutong.

He could almost guess that the lotus alley would not be so peaceful, and he would make some moves after hearing the news.His father said that a fool would definitely make mistakes at critical moments.If you want to live a safe and secure life, you must stay away from such people, but watching these people do not do stupid things is another matter.As long as there is no movement in the lotus alley, Feng Anping will never show cbd gummies albuquerque his cbd gummies albuquerque face.If there is movement, he will rush to it first, so as not to cause trouble and trouble the yacha brothers under him.Toss the brothers for a trip.After the incident, he will inevitably have to treat guests to dinner.It s not that he is stingy.The current season is not suitable.It s cold and everyone has to eat an extra bowl of rice.It s too bad to be a host at this time The door opened slowly, and Feng Anping looked over intently, only to see a person dressed as a maid poking his head over to look around, then retracting his head quickly.

Seventh Master, Gu Mingzhu made her voice sound calm and natural, you can catch Tian s mother who is next to Mrs.Zhou, and it s best to interrogate with Master Wednesday and Xu Gui, so that Tian s mother can see what Xu Gui looks like in the prison.Zhou Zesheng nodded.The Seventh Master will make arrangements first, and I will come after I ask the rest of the cbd best cheap gummies cbd gummies bears people for their confessions.She wants to use a ring of evidence to nail them there, so that the world can see clearly what s going on in their stomachs What a heart.Mother Tian watched Master Zhou Qi angrily walk into the inner courtyard, and she began to feel uneasy.She knew the relationship between Master Zhou Qi and the eldest house very well.Take a breath, so Will Master Zhou Qi find out about the eldest wife Mother Tian was thinking about it when she saw Master Zhou Qi returning to the front yard, and Master Zhou Qi s eyes were fixed on her face.

General Dong, as a defeated general, the cbd r us gummies reviews only thing he could do right now was to follow Wei Yuanchen to make up for his mistakes.The emperor s eyes were gloomy.He asked General Dong and his deputy to play by ear.When the rebellion subsides and Da Zhou takes control of the battle, he will find an opportunity to get rid of Wei Yuanchen.I don t know if .

does mayim bialik have cbd gummies?

it will be possible.Now the battle situation in northern Xinjiang is more complicated than he thought.It seems impossible to take Daning back in one fell swoop.With General Dong s aggressive advance, many officials in the court also agree with Wei Yuanchen s opinion.Ning has been planning for a long time, and with the support of the Wuliangha tribe, the imperial court is not easy to use troops against Daning hastily.It should first consolidate the defense line in the northern border, and then make other calculations.

Unfortunately, we don t have time to plan any further.The imperial hospital goes to the emperor s pulse every day, which shows that the emperor s dragon is not in good health.Lady Ning knew Your Majesty suspects that the Emperor is now Concubine Jiang knew what Lady Ning meant The Emperor is sober now, and he hasn t reached that point yet, but his health is not going to be very good.The Emperor likes to eat greasy things.You have to be a bit lenient.The imperial doctor often said that the emperor had symptoms of hyperactivity of liver fire.When the imperial concubine was poisoned, the emperor s face was not right.When he left Yongchun Palace, he walked through the small gate in a chariot.I heard that the emperor is busy with government affairs these days.He has never left the Hall of Mental Cultivation, the emperor deliberately blocked the news from spreading.

In fact, those clues have long been placed in the criminal can cbd gummies help stop smoking department, and I am negligent.Maybe this person is his.Teacher, Guo Ji, who is now sick in bed, used to go to discuss with his teacher whenever he encountered difficulties.Qiao Song couldn t help laughing again, perhaps his mentor was waiting for him to see which side he would stand on.Qiao Zheng said Uncle, what should we do As soon as Qiao Zheng s words fell, he heard his the best cbd gummies near me cronies come to report My lords, Su Fu, the prefect of Shuntian Prefecture, is here.I found you so quickly, Qiao Song said, It seems that they have already guessed the situation of the Criminal Department, and now they come to test my meaning.Uncle Qiao Zheng was a little anxious.Qiao Song waved his hand.The situation in front of him was urgent, and he needed to make a decision immediately Even cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque if you are a dog, you can only have one owner.

After King Su finished speaking, there was indeed movement in the Wufeng Tower.King Su looked up and looked forward to it.When he saw the two figures in the crowd, he suddenly cbd gummies at gnc store opened his eyes wide, with an expression of disbelief on his face.Who do you call a traitor A majestic female voice came, shocking everyone.That was Empress Wei.Empress Wei will be here, King cbd gummies albuquerque benefits of cbd gummies 25mg Su will inevitably panic for a while.In his plan, after he enters the palace, he will go to Kunning Palace to execute the Wei family.But now it has changed, Wei Shi stood there high and asked him to look up, King Su didn t have time to think too much, because another figure surprised him even more.The father stood beside Queen Wei in good condition, and the father was not seriously ill and bedridden.The people around King Su also began to panic, and the last morale on his body also collapsed.

At this moment, the majestic General Wei was a little less fierce, and more simple and sincere, making Gu Chongyi really feel like his own junior.Gu Chongyi said After I go back, I will report to the court that the credit for capturing King Liang cbd gummies albuquerque is not ours.You lead troops to suppress the rebellion and capture King Liang alive.You will have a bright future.Uncle, Wei Yuanchen said, I have something important to tell my uncle.Isn t it important to capture King Liang Wei Sanye looked very solemn at this time, which made Gu Chongyi feel a little nervous What s the matter Before Wei Yuanchen could speak, Wei Congzhi said Brother Chen, if you have anything to say, just talk to Lord Hou, and Lord Hou will decide.I will agree, when my second uncle and Lord Hou were at sea, Lord Hou said that as long as Brother Chen asked, Lord Hou would agree.

The surrounding people rushed forward one after another.Gu Mingzhu also stood up and was about to get out of the carriage, but Madam Lin stretched out her hand and pulled her leaf remedy cbd gummies down There are many people outside, so sit in the carriage and wait for your father.In fact, you can see it clearly when you look out the window, Gu Mingzhu is next to Madam Lin.The sound of horseshoes was getting closer and closer, and the sound resounded in everyone s ears, and there was cheering all around.Mrs.Lin looked at Wei Yuanchen who was riding on the horse, and saw that the armor on Wei Sanye s body was shining coldly in the sun.Although he was running all the way, his posture was still upright, and his body naturally exuded a power.Follow him on the road, although the roadside is bustling, but the whole team is still solemn, as if it has not been affected in the slightest.

Swallowed into the stomach.Gu Mingzhu raised her foot and took a step towards Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen seemed to have just recovered, and strode towards cbd gummies joy organics cbd best cheap gummies her with a straight face.Big Just as Gu Mingzhu said a word, he felt his shoulders tighten, and he fell into Master Wei s arms.The next moment, the hair crown on her head was removed, and the long hair flowed down from the top of her head like water.Why did your lord take off her moon crown That was the outfit that Master had just bought for her.It was the first time she wore it today.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes.My lord cbd gummies albuquerque would never think She really became a Taoist priest Just as Gu Mingzhu was thinking, one of Lord Wei s arms fell on her waist, and the other hand gently stroked her cheek.Before she could figure out what was going on, Lord Wei lowered his head.

Unfortunately, if she hadn t taken control of the power herself, many things would have been unavoidable.While experiencing the pain of bereavement again and again, while maintaining the Wei family and Lord Wei, Gu Mingzhu felt sorry for the empress, and others might not be able to support her to come over.Fortunately, those are in the past.It s all good now.Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand again to grab Wei Yuanchen s arm.Wei Yuan Chen Ruifeng s eyes were full of smiles.Gu Mingzhu said Your Excellency, you should rest more.This battle has consumed a lot of energy, and your eyes are faintly red.Wei Yuanchen took her hand Would you like to accompany me Her heart softened without struggling, and she lay down next to Master Wei again.Fortunately, Master Wei did not do anything else, and after a while, her breathing became weak.

Mrs.Lin was thinking about how to get out of the siege, when she heard Lord Hou say Although the marriage gift is a bit sudden, fortunately, Zhuzhu won t get married for a while.Mrs.Lin s heart was cold, and Hou Lord, which pot is not open and which pot to lift.Oh Lin Qicheng said, Since the empress gave the marriage, the Ministry of Rites will choose a few good days, right When is the latest Gu Chongyi was dumbfounded, the old father in law walked around barefoot all day in the fields, but he knew all about these things like the back of his hand.At the latest, next August The Ministry of Rites selected three dates, one in June this year, one in March next year, and the last one in August.But still more than a year.Lin Qicheng frowned slightly, and looked at Gu Chongyi Come on, accompany me to the garden.

Watching cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque Zhang s mother in law come forward and report Zhang s words to Cui Zhen.The firelight reflected Cui Zhen s face, and this majestic and solemn face was faintly visible at this time.The mother in law couldn t help sighing, Mrs.Zhang really shouldn t have caused trouble for Master Hou at this time.Master Hou had just returned to Beijing, and he had to hold a funeral for Mrs.Tai before he had a rest.How could Mrs.Zhang make trouble again Chapter 546 The attitude of cbd gummies albuquerque hating Cui Zhen is not as hesitant or indecisive as the mother in law thought.It seems that Lord Hou has made a decision on the matter of Zhang Shi.Cui Zhen looked at the mother in law and said indifferently Don t pay attention to her, I will go there when the time comes.The mother in law agreed, and felt relieved, the current Lord Hou is still the calm and decisive head of the Hou family.

It is obvious to all that there have been many changes inside and outside the palace in just one year.The waiter looked at the clouds in the sky, this is called the general trend, after being with the empress for a long time, he is like a brush that has been used for a long time, it is soaked one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque in cbd gummies joy organics cbd best cheap gummies ink, and no one will believe him if he says he is ignorant.Little Douzi, what are you doing staring blankly at the sky You don t go in to serve.The waiter said, almost forgetting to pour water for the empress because she was thinking about the affairs of the world.The third master and the third grandmother entered the palace to salute.In the long abandoned Fuhua Palace, the deposed concubine Jiang was imprisoned in it.Last fall, the Ministry of Criminal Justice and Dali Temple collected evidence that the imperial concubine party killed Zhongliang.

Even though Brother Chen went to the side hall, it looked very different in the eyes of others.Besides, it green line cbd gummies 500mg was King Qing who presided over the sacrifice, so it cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies albuquerque didn t follow what King Qing said afterwards.In the future, King Qing said that he took his clan to the Taimiao for the sake of Brother Chen.Can they refute it Without giving Mrs.Li a chance to object, the old King Qing looked exhausted Where is the guest room For tomorrow s big event, this king should also nourish his spirit.The old King Qing did worry a lot, no wonder he was tired, Mrs.Li looked at Mrs.Yuan Let someone invite Prince Qing to go and rest A group of people from the Dazhou clan followed the old King Qing to the guest room.Looking at the backs of the clan, Mrs.Li let out a long sigh of relief.What comes will always come, she already knew it in her heart.

Mama Lu saluted Gu Mingzhu, and Gu Mingzhu nodded.Wei Yuanchen went to the screen and changed into his regular clothes, and then went out to have a banquet.Mother Lu and Baotong also waited for Gu Mingzhu to take off the Zhai crown.Gu Mingzhu immediately felt a one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies albuquerque lot more relaxed, and let out a long sigh of relief.Lu s mother looked outside the door and smiled, Do you want to go out, the third grandma The third master has ordered me to do things in the yard.The third grandma can rest assured.After finishing speaking, Lu s mother took out the dress from the compartment He Mili Do you see how suitable this outfit is Gu Mingzhu walked to the cubicle, her cbd gummies albuquerque clothes were all ready, she seemed to be going out to have fun.After a while, Grandma Wei San became Miss Jiang.Mother Lu took care of everything and took Gu Mingzhu out the door.

Wei Congzhi s heart brightened, but he saw a smile in Miss Mu s eyes, and her brows were less heroic and softened a lot But I am a woman after all, and eating and sleeping cbd gummies joy organics cbd best cheap gummies with you is a bad reputation.Some compensation is right.Wei Congzhi moistened his throat with wine, and motioned Miss Mu to continue.Miss Mu continued The Dongyu Dynasty is growing stronger and stronger, and it will definitely threaten Dazhou.In a moment of siege, it will take at least five or six years to stabilize the southwest frontier.You come to the southwest to help the Mu family, and when the war in the southwest is stable, our matter will be over, how about it ooThe southern border is in an emergency, and the imperial court will send someone to the southwest to help the Mu family.Now that the Mu family wants him to go, Wei Congzhi pursed his lips.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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