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The five and a half year old girl Tang Tang looks like a porcelain doll, she is the pistachio and the little ancestor of the family.When Tang Shuang was 15 years old, her parents took Tang Tang, who do cbd gummies make you sleepy cbd gummies for tendonitis was only three months old, cbd gummies for tendonitis home from the orphanage.Why Dad told me to stay away from you, I will learn to be bad.Tangtang er walked over with the doll in his arms, saw Xiaoshuang escaped safely from his father s hands again, and felt that Xiaoshuang was very powerful , but felt that Xiaoshuang was more pitiful.Facing Xiaoshuang like this, she, Tangtanger, the youngest member of the cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd and cbg gummies Tang family, was not afraid of him at all.If he provoked her again, she would beat him up.Nonsense If you were going to be bad, you would have been bad a long time ago.I hugged you every day when you were young.Tang Shuang pinched Tang Tang er s delicate face, and said with a smile, Oh, Tangy, you re getting fat again Tang Shuang Tang Shuang knocked off Tang Shuang s hand, and put her hands on her hips to retort, Nizi, you re getting fat Tang Shuang clogged his throat with a mouthful of blood, Don t talk like your father, okay That s not cute.Breaking the candy s fantasies, let her immerse herself in good wishes, and her mood will be much better.When she finally finished babbling, Tang Shuang said, It s over Just 20 wishes in total Tangtanger thought about it seriously, and said, That s all I can think of now, and I ll tell you when I get smarter.Tang Shuang said, I support all of your wishes Tang Tanger let out a wow of surprise, there was not even a trace of frown on her small face, and her big eyes stared at Tang Shuang flickering, waiting for him to implement it into action.Tang Shuang But it s not that simple to realize it.You have to make long term plans For example, you want to go to Shengjing to see your sister.This is very good and very caring.Let me give you a thumbs up.You want to dress up like your sister.This is also fine, but makeup and wearing long skirts and high shoes, this is not acceptable, because you are too young.Qiqi s face was flushed, and she held her fists in a reserved and proud manner and stared at all directions.She had reached the pinnacle of her life at such a young age Qiqi, who has reached the pinnacle of his life, gave up the two little girls pragmatically.He is still young and cannot carry them.He has to wait until he grows up.So the three babies went back to their respective homes, each looking for their mothers, brothers, and aunts Tang Shuang and Tangtanger rode in cbd gummies for tendonitis 50 mg cbd gummies for sale the front to open the cbd gummies for tendonitis way, cbd gummies for tendonitis Chumei and Xiaoputao were in the middle, and Qiqi and her mother were in the rear.This was Qiqi s initiative request he was eager to show his masculinity.The three puppies ran back and forth excitedly following the bicycle Tangtanger was still bragging excitedly, saying, Xiaoshuang, you don t know how heavy the bicycle was just now, she has never seen such a heavy bicycle.Tang Shuang grinned and said, Thank you, Xiaoshuang, Tang Shuang will definitely be on TV like my sister.After chattering for a while, she asked with concern, cbd gummies review cbd gummies for tendonitis Xiao Shuang, don t you want to help little sister Tang Shuang What can you do for me Go on TV emmmmm help, wait for a chance.Really Hehe Candy said in surprise How can I help emmm I haven t figured it out yet Huh Tang Tanger felt that Tang Shuang was teasing a child, she wasn t sincere, and she didn t really want to help her, You must think I m small, right cbd gummies for tendonitis Nothing Small is cuter.Huh HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tendonitis It sounded like he was unhappy, but he could tell from his expression that Candy was very happy, and girls like to be praised.Do you really want to be on TV Now Tang Shuang asked amusedly.Tang Tang er looked at him with big eyes, and said in a crisp voice full of hope, I want to Tang Shuang immediately picked up the little man and put it on the TV, Congratulations Tang Tang, you are on TV Hahaha.After speaking, she quickly ran to the piano.The Tang family has a Pearl River piano, which was bought by Tang Zhen when she was practicing piano when she was a child.Huang Xiangning is a music teacher in high school, so the family has always had a strong music atmosphere.Tang Zhen played the piano well, while Tang Shuang was a bit weaker in comparison, but she was still of a very good standard.Candy also started to learn the piano under Huang Xiangning s guidance.Tang Zhen followed Tangtang er to the piano, and saw the little guy sitting in front of the piano with a decent appearance.His small body was sitting upright, and his fat little hands were walking on the black and white keys.allow.After the song was over, Tang Zhen clapped and praised, and dangled Tangtangerle s feet.Tang Shuang stood at the door and said Tangtang is really amazing.When he got the tea this morning, he found that the jar was a little dirty.It was terrible.He wiped it more than a dozen times and was still not at ease.It was the last time, but after a while I saw him wiping again.Sister Liu, wait for me Why did you go Wash your hands again Chen Ding washed his hands as many cbd gummies really helped with anxiety times as he wiped the tea pot.His slender, white hands made Liu Yilian envious Chen Ding is welcome, just sit down.Li Yugan smiled and said to this overly polite young man.It is not surprising that there are many polite people, Li Yugan still has a good are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding impression of him in his heart.Liu Yilian is very good at dealing with people, and took the initiative to talk to Li Yugan, thanking him for his help and supporting the younger generation.Including Lin Yu, a total of four people sat drinking tea and chatting together.After entering the private room, the manager skillfully called a beautiful woman to accompany him.The boss has a big face, and he dominates two of them, one for the manager and one for Ye Liang.The boss runs a chain restaurant.His surname is Zhang.He is around 50 years old.Ye Liang suppressed the discomfort and just chatted with the beauties around him.Boss Zhang expressed his dissatisfaction when he saw it.The young man had to let it go, and blamed the beauties for not taking the initiative, and instigated a glass of kissing wine first.The manager knew the identity of Young Master Ye Liang, and seeing that he was really not used to it, he quickly helped him block it.Just then, Tang Shuang s call came.After Ye Liang went to answer the phone outside the box, he found out that it was Candy.He chatted .

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with him about Woof Squad , puppies, and candy After experiencing the social scene just now, his heart was a little impetuous at this moment Instantly calmed down, he was chatting with Tangtanger enthusiastically while thinking about his work.Chapter 79 A lot of eyes Hurry up and drink the milk, and I have to comb your hair, and then go to pick up mom and dad after you dress up.Tang Shuang sat at the dining table and hugged her while eating breakfast.The little doll murmured, Candy said.I want to be pretty Mom and Dad came home today, Tangtanger was in a very good mood.After a while, when Tang Shuang returned to the restaurant, she saw Tangtanger was making a call on his mobile phone on the table.Seeing Tang Shuang coming, the girl was worried that her mobile phone would be confiscated, so she said seriously I m talking to Sister Meimei., you can t cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd and cbg gummies make trouble.It seemed that the mobile phone password was about to be changed, Tang Shuang sat beside Tangtanger and listened to what she and Chu Mei had to say.Sister Meimei, Xiaoshuang and I are going to Handycraft s house, do you want to go too Ever since I met Chu Mei at the airport last time, Tangtanger knew that Chu Mei was working at Airplane s House , she and Tang Shuang were going to the airport to pick up Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning, so she first thought of her younger sister, that s why they made the call.Xiaoshuang, your stinky sock, it doesn t hurt Tangtang at all.If you don t take me there, I won t let go Tang Shuang had no choice but cbd gummies for tendonitis to stop and talk to Tangtang Little piggy, I really can t take you there., you are still so young, you have never traveled far, and I don t know how to take care of children, what if you are sick, my sister is still sick.Candy lit up the muscles on her cbd gummies review cbd gummies for tendonitis small arms, and she looked Tang Shuang showed off her biceps in such a way, she was so smart, she remembered it right away.I m amazing.Look, I have a lot of chicken I m better than Qiqi, and I never get sick.Tang Shuang Last time, you complained of a stomachache and said you never got sick Candy Son Hmph, that s because you didn t take care of me, and you said it, really Tang Shuang It s all my fault, you see, I can t take care of you well at home, and I m sure I can t take care of you even more if I go out of town.

He hurried into the waiting room, hiccupping as he walked, Tang Shuang got closer, and immediately smelled a strong smell of alcohol.Sure enough, he reached out and fumbled in his trouser pocket, and found a small bottle of cbd gummies for tendonitis liquor, unscrewed the cap, took a sip, sighed comfortably, and greeted everyone enthusiastically.Who are you No one in the crowd knew him.But this half old man was acquainted.After greeting him enthusiastically, he handed the wine in his hand to Jin Yong and said, Have a sip I am moved, no one knows this, but I dare not drink it casually, what if I get poisoned Masters in novels are often tricked like this.So Jin Yong smiled and waved his hands, expressing that he was too strong to drink.The old man didn t force it, and handed it to Liang Yusheng, saying at the same time You are so handsome, don t you have many lovers Seeing that Liang Yusheng was going to turn his back on him, the half old man laughed and said that he was joking, and immediately shifted his cbd gummies review cbd gummies for tendonitis subject, and said to Wen Rui an, the lead brother, Have a drink Look, and asked Are you a bone dragon I heard that he is addicted to alcohol.Chapter 115 Jumping into the lake at Old Tang s house if you disagree It s really different now, bastard Tang Shuang is awesome, her sister is about to start a new career peak, and as the last of the old Tang family s next generation, Candy is not far behind.She fell to the ground yesterday and couldn t get up, all because of the fat thing.Because of this, Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning soothe cbd gummies banned her snacks.As the main source of cbd gummies for tendonitis snacks for girls, Tang Shuang s room was scraped three feet, and she brought out a suitcase of snacks.Tang Shuang rarely ate snacks, so why did he hide so many Still need to ask They are all prepared for Tang Tang s children s shoes True love is not talking about I love I love I love love love, but helping her hide snacks, not allowing them to eat, and throwing away a little bit at the same time, just wanting to see her happy.After speaking, Wei Daqun stood up, please Tang Shuang sat in his study.Tang Shuang was flattered, and being able to enter the room showed that Wei Daqun recognized him in his heart.This kind of recognition is different from the one before entering the door.Before, it was only for his Hero book, but now, it was for him.Wei Daqun s study room is very large, comparable to Brother cbd gummy bears for anxiety Sanjian s, but the style is completely different.Tang Sanjian s study room is full of antiquity, with the style of Wei and Jin Dynasties while Wei Daqun s study room, although there are many ancient books, but the overall style is full of modern atmosphere, and a modern and simple style rushes towards us.This shows the different habits of the two.Tang Sanjian is obsessed with traditional culture and has the style of the ancients, while Wei Daqun is more open minded and likes to encounter new things.Sister Xiangning was still as beautiful as ever, and she smiled just like Tang Zhen, beautiful.Tang Shuang sighed in admiration, and applauded to celebrate her sister s rebirth from the cocoon.The candy in his arms was drooling Tsk You are so annoying, the saliva is all on my hands, it s sticky, quickly wipe it with paper Drop it.Tang Shuang pinched Tang cbd gummies for tendonitis Tanger s chubby face and reminded her to shut up quickly, she had never seen such a drooling doll.Hehehe I didn t do it on purpose.Candy was embarrassed by what was said, and wiped the drool on Tang Shuang s hands with a tissue.Tang Shuang wiped off the saliva on Tang Shuang s hands.Seeing that there were still glistening saliva napa farms cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies for sale on both sides of Tang Tang er s mouth, she couldn t stand it anymore, so she grabbed the sticky napkin from Tang Tang er s hand and wiped it for her twice.The original program team had arranged it a month ago But the relationship between Chengmai and Chengmai is hard, so he jumped in line and occupied the back of Tianwang.Orange Mai arranged Tang Zhen s show with a strong purpose.After all, it was Tang Zhen s first appearance, so of course it had to be carefully arranged.Indeed, Tang .

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Zhen would sing two songs on the show.The first song Regret has already been sung.This is an old song, green ape cbd gummies for sale cbd delta 9 gummies which mainly shows off Tang Zhen s good singing skills.The second song is cbd gummies for tendonitis the most important, and it is one of the main songs of the new album.The reason why the Masked Singer column agreed to Tang Zhen s second appearance was largely because of this song, and it was very hopeful that this song would bring popularity to the show.In fact, the guests who commented knew the guests who appeared for a long time, and they guessed deliberately for the sake of the effect of the show.Pan Wenling thought for a while, and felt relieved to let Tangtanger go in alone, while she sat down on a nearby sofa, called Xiaoyi, and asked her to bring some snacks Candy went to the bathroom and pushed open the door of a compartment.The door was not locked, so there should be no one there, but there was a person standing inside, and the door slammed on her This woman is wearing high heeled shoes, a black leather jacket and leather trousers, which set off her uneven figure, her nails are colorful and shiny, her face is very thick with smoky makeup, her lips are bright red, she has a dirty braid, and her oval face.Sword eyebrows are rare for women.Women with sword eyebrows are supposed to be heroic, but this woman s two sword eyebrows, not only did not droop slightly at the end, but were raised upwards.The fourth person to appear on the stage is the sky hero in Tsing Yi.Zhen Li walked over gracefully, with the wind under her feet, without can cbd gummies go bad restraint.He bowed to the King of Qin, saw the broken sword Feixue, and then greeted everyone.Tang Tang er had already forgotten about Tang Shuang.Now she was full of thoughts about red clothes and red skirts Her thoughts were changing rapidly.How could she express her thoughts to her sister tactfully Sister, you must have a red dress too.If you don t wear it, can you wear it for Candy My sister s clothes are also my sister s, and children can wear them Can you wear them for me At this time, the fifth character appeared on the stage.It was Nameless in gray.Li Ying walked with a serious expression and calm eyes.At this point, all the leading actors have appeared, and it s Shi Yu s turn to host.Tang Shuang quickly crawled forward, hid behind a jeep, and did not stand up until it showed that the number of survivors was 2, ready to find someone to fight.That person has been fighting for so long, he has already exposed his position.But Tang Shuang fought with his brain, and it was not his style to fight fiercely.I saw him get into the jeep, jumped off as soon as the car started, the car slid down a small slope, the opponent saw the car, rushed out of the cliff, and shot violently, Tang Shuang stepped out from the other side, shot a few times, and the screen went dark , the words Good luck, eat chicken at night appeared Hahaha I won the championship easily Amazing Tang Tian, Tang Yu, and Tang Xin were elated, and Tang Huo said sourly, I didn t fire a few shots in the round, and I missed a single shot.

Tang Shuang wiped the sweat from her forehead, how envious and jealous the little man is.Tang Shuang She is a singer like my sister, and you can only stand up if you sing very well.Tang Tanger was not convinced The Lun family sings very well too Brother Ye Zi and Brother Guo Zi, right Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng Praise, the singing is very nice, pure and natural, not artificial, no need to use skills to win.Tang Tanger was happy, and looked at Tang Shuang.The meaning in her big eyes was, look, everyone said I sang well.Tang Shuang didn t care, this was not my home, and it was absolutely not allowed.Tang Shuang s acting like a baby didn t work, and said, Can that little leaf sing Tang Shuang said with disgust, His singing is ugly, even worse than a crow s cry.If you don t believe me, ask Brother Guo Zi.So countless fantasy literature lovers tell their own fantasy stories under this framework, thus accumulating over time and continuously enriching and perfecting the Cthulhu mythology system.This is HP Lovecraft s greatest achievement.Just like the martial arts world in China, Three Heroes and Five Righteousnesses determined the basic concepts of the martial arts world, and subsequent works were perfected and created on these basic concepts.It is based on the contribution of HP Lovecraft that later generations established the World Fantasy Award, which is the highest award for fantasy literature in the world, and its trophy is an HP A bust of Lovecraft.Tang Shuang likes some stories in Cthulhu Mythos , but there are also many HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tendonitis stories that she can t appreciate.Pickman s Model was one of his favorites.In this way, Tangtanger earned a lot of face for her sister while receiving compliments.But now, the disgusting Tang Xiaoshuang actually said that she would embarrass her sister.This is unacceptable, and it is more annoying than spanking her.Look up, you little tabby cat Tangtanger just lifted up her chubby little face when a towel covered her face.Before the chick could tear it off, a big hand pressed on it, and then came a strong force, wipe it off, wipe it off again Ba, while Tang Tanger was beating angrily, he simply and roughly washed his face.The refreshing chick appeared again.Tang Tang muttered and scolded Tang Shuang secretly, how many times did she tell her to wash her face gently and gently, but this big villain used a lot of force every time, rubbing the child s face It s deformed snort It must be on purpose.The green headed radish is called the king, and the red headed radish is called the empress.The lotus root next door was anxious, and a letter of war entered the garden.Bean sprouts knelt down to report the news, and carrots went to war in command.Brothers from both sides came to fight, yelling and fighting for victory.Xiaocong picked up the silver gun and rushed forward.The eggplant has a big belly, and the shallot hits a headlong onion.Leek used two edged edges, and Hula Hula went into battle.Cucumber swung its sweeping leg, kicking Leek back.The lotus root fights vigorously, and the carrot rushes to rescue the soldiers.The crooked gourd fired a cannon, and there were three bangs, the garlic was cracked, the cucumber was green, the pepper was red, the eggplant was purple, the tofu was yellow, and the jelly was trembling.They cbd gummies for collitis quarreled over trivial matters, and neither of them would admit defeat.As time passed, the problems were not only ignored, but accumulated over time, becoming knots in each other s hearts.Chapter 275 A Duck with Several Legs After the Mid Autumn Festival, Luo Yuqing did not return to Shengjing, but flew directly to Shanghai, where she will attend the annual Shanghai Fashion Week.She almost ran away from home and didn t go home for three years.She thought she wouldn t mind, but she didn t want to feel the lump in her heart, especially when so many relatives came cbd gummies for tendonitis all at once, and she couldn t even name many distant houses.This is her coming home I didn t think of it before.The Mid Autumn Festival was originally a good day to reunite with the family, but because the relatives were too enthusiastic, they did not feel the warmth of a family reunion at all.The dancers were all related to the school and supported the film festival with both hands, but at the beginning the staff who came to persuade them had a bad attitude, which led to conflicts and a turmoil, and then there was a scene that Tang Shuang and Tangtanger saw.Fortunately, Yang Baiqiu, director of the Security Department of Guangdong University, arrived in time to prevent the situation from deteriorating further.Pan Fugui and Tangtang were muttering together, chatting vigorously, Tang Shuang s attention was on the crowd that was gradually calming down, and she didn t pay attention to what the two little people had to say.Tangtanger was asking Pan Fugui Do you like dancing too, little Guizi You can t dance Pan Fugui didn t expect to be hit suddenly, so he didn t bring such irony But the person who said it was so cute Cuteness is justice So Pan Fugui wasn t so angry, if other children dared to say that, they would strangle their necks and lay down, and then Mount Tai would overwhelm them, using their own weight advantage to suppress their opponents.In fact, it is a counterfeit book, as you can tell by the name Must Read for Chefs 21 Detailed Diagrams of Knife Techniques Selected Edition .To achieve great martial arts, of course you have to try it everywhere and show off.So Tangtanger wanted to touch Pan Fugui s belly again, but although her fingering skills were very good, her speed had not improved, and her lightness skills were not good enough.When she met an opponent with good body skills, she couldn t even touch her clothes.Forget about opponents with good movement skills, even opponents who are clumsy and unable to run are difficult for her to deal with.Pan Fugui dodged one after another, not letting Tangtang touch his tickle.Candy raised her little finger and said, I will touch your hand with a sunflower, can you let me touch it, little boy Just one touch Pan Fugui What hand Candy Sunflower touch you hand Xiaoshuang taught me, if you tap it, you will stop crying and laugh every day.You can watch cartoons at 200 millagram cbd gummie rings side effects ease.What should I do, she still can t bear him, and then thought that he is an adult, not a little person like her who is easy to lose, so he should not get lost, so she thinks that Xiaoshuang must have gone crazy playing outside This Xiaoshuang, my sister is worried about him at home, but he doesn t want to go home because of playing, hum Tang Shuang was wronged.The main reason is that this negotiation did not go as smoothly as expected.It was only now that they sent each high peak cbd gummies other away.Then the three of them returned to the conference room.Tang Shuang was silent in thought, and tapped the conference table with her fingers, making a rattling sound.Li Haonan has quite a lot of contact with Tang Shuang.He has always thought that he has almost grasped Tang Shuang s character.

It s like a carrot field in Grandpa s house.There s a radish and a hole, and there s a person in each hole.It s endless, all over the mountains and plains If you are how does cbd gummies make you feel forced to blow it, you will bluff the children.Tangtanger ignored his embarrassment, and excitedly said to the little peacock Little peacock, my little Shuang is so powerful, hehehe There are a lot of balabala.Tang Shuang noticed that the little peacock s head was covered cbd gummies for tendonitis with braids, but none of them looked good, which was horrible.Little Peacock s mother is too lazy, such a beautiful little sister, with her hair tied up like this, children also love beauty, okay Seeing this, Tangtanger pointed to the little peacock s braid and said, Hehehe, Xiaoshuang, I am also very good.This is the braid I made for the little peacock.Everyone said it looks beautiful, what do you think In Shengjing s Chengmai Music, she was fighting wits with a young rock girl.She got up and came to Tang Shuang s side, which surprised Tang Shuang and subconsciously put her on guard.Huang Xiangning O O Tang Shuang Hehehe conditioned reflex.Sister Xiangning came to ask Tangtanger about fighting with people.When the two were chatting, Xiaozhuzhu soaked his bare feet in the cat s footbath by himself.Without Huang Xiangning s tossing, Xiaozhuzhu could finally regain Pick up the fun of playing in the water.Whispering that her submarine is almost out of air, she came up to take a breath, then lifted her left foot and left the water.After a while, she raised her right HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tendonitis foot and said that it was her other submarine, and she would soon I m out of breath, I m about to suffocate.After playing by myself for a while, the little girl looked around calmly, turned her eyes, and looked back at her mother and Xiaoshuang quietly.The entertainment media in Hong Kong broke the news that the man was unwilling to break up with Zhang Yu and wanted to save him, but Zhang Yu was very determined, and in the end not only failed to get back together, but turned his face into an enemy.This is the slightly credible part of the news, and the other part is too mysterious.Tang Shuang is noncommittal, saying that Zhang Yu and the man are actually libertyville illinois cbd gummies for sale broken.Just as I was thinking, the phone rang, it was from Zhang Yu Chapter 351 Tang Shuang wanted to cry at this moment of celebration Tang Shuang had thought a lot about how to deal with her relationship with Zhang Yu, but he didn t know what Zhang Yu thought and never asked.On the phone, Zhang Yu and Tang Shuang discussed the script and roles.Tang Shuang still called Sister Yu as always, and Zhang Yu also called him Xiaoshuang as always.Where would he go to invite experienced and suitable martial arts fingers in a short time.As a result, they secretly forged a beam with Zhao Zhishan.After Qiu Sen became famous, Zhao Zhishan asked someone to give him a gift, which was regarded as an apology, and Qiu Sen finally let go of his worries, but he was still a little upset that he didn t show up. Tang Shuang didn t know that he accidentally ran into Qiu Sen s thoughts.At this moment, he was not in the mood to try to figure out Qiu Sen s feelings, he himself was devastated.Qi Xiaohui called, Zhao Yayi was drunk outside, crying miserably, heartless person, why don t you come and see how miserable the little fairy is Tang Shuang Qi Xiaohui is the girl who didn t participate in the sports meeting because her aunt came.She is very tough.She couldn t control her little mouth, and began to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.Will Putao and the others really come Will they forget Let s how much do condor cbd gummies cost call and ask where they are, okay Tang Shuang couldn t stand the noise, so she dialed the phone number of Little Putao s mother, and then handed the phone to Little Piggy, asking her to have a private conversation with Little Putao.I m going to buy water.Do you sit in the car or go with me I ll cbd gummies for tendonitis go too The car is taken out, and she is going to perform stunts here.Tang Shuang looked back and forth, and saw that there were very few vehicles, so she gave her permission, and said Ride on the side of the road, don t ride in the middle of the road, otherwise there will be no next time, understand Got it.Speak louder Understood cbd gummies for tendonitis Well, let s go.Little Zhuzhu rode back and forth on the side of the road, Tang Shuang looked at it for a while and felt relieved.The driver brother likes it.Both he and his daughter like it very much.So, Tangtanger chatted with the driver brother about hellokity, Tangtanger asked, brother, do you know how old hellokity is Do you know what kittens like to eat Do you know where the cat s house lives Balabala has a lot of questions, and the driver brother is dumbfounded.It seems that there is no such information, and I want to go home to learn more.He was doomed to be disappointed, because the information was all made up by Xiao Zhuzhu himself, and Tang Shuang had also helped her cbd gummies for tendonitis make suggestions, such as where does Kitty Cat live Guess where you live.Haha, old Tang family.Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, hurry up and give the baby a beat, I m so tired, my little feet are so tired, please.Little Zhuzhu bowed his hands.Tang Shuang was dubious Is it really tiring Really, really, I always don t cbd gummies for tendonitis trust my sister.I really did it first, and the group of Jinlianzi who chased Tang Shuang and Tang Huohuo just now were all fucked to the ground Some were really fucked, and some were fucked for a while, these people in front of them are too tough Tough and well trained, you can tell at a glance that they are not in their line of work.Only now did Tang Jin have time to ask Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, are you injured Tang Shuang took off her black suit, which was completely destroyed by the fight just now.Huang Xiangning bought it for Tang Shuang during her honeymoon in the cbd gummies for tendonitis summer vacation.Times, what a pity Because I fell, my back should be injured.Tang Shuang didn t feel any back pain when the situation was tense just now, but now she felt a burst of pain.Tang Jin Wait to the hospital, what are you going to do with these people now Tang Shuang walked up to the man with the big gold chain.Do you think I should break your hands and feet Only then did Da Jinlian realize that the young man in front of him was also a ruthless man.Stubble, kicked on the iron board today, his mouth was bloody, he muttered indistinctly, and it took him a while to say Brother, brother, forgive, forgive me Tang Shuang said expressionlessly Tell me Explain the matter clearly from the beginning to the end After listening to Da Jinlianzi s words, Tang Shuang pondered for a moment, and said to him You are just a gangster on the street, please don t interrupt your hands and feet today, let me see you next time , double it Da Jinlian nodded pitifully, Tang Shuang gave him a disgusted look, and said to Tang Jin These people on the ground are street bastards, beat them hard, let them They have a long memory.

The name cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd and cbg gummies Candy thought of when he smelled his stinky feet, such a cute little person, he was his favorite in this world.Tang Huohuo was surprised Candy Capital Candy You really know how to flatter.No wonder Tangy likes you the most.Tang Shuang I like me the most No way, how did you know that She likes Xiaozhen and Miss Xiangning the most Let s go.Saying that, I was so happy.Tang Huohuo didn t disappoint him, and said, There is a saying that hearing is believing, seeing is believing.Candy haunts you every day, so I like you the most.Although the layout is small, but the observation ability is cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd and cbg gummies strong, and flattering is also good.The leader is very happy to hear it now, and is going to give him some benefits, saying I will introduce you to a girlfriend.I thought Comrade Lie Yan would be happy, but I heard him say I have a lot of girls.She chased after Qiqi and Xiaojin, jumping and jumping and shouting, as if the louder she shouted, the more powerful she was.Turn it into motivation and push the little peacock Little Putao is not the last one, the last one is Li Dun who is always slow.Although Li Dun s speed was slow, his cheering sound was particularly loud, and of course, his panting sound was also very loud.For his big body, sprinting more than 200 meters was too much, but he kept chasing after his friends, did not stop to rest, and never planned to stop.Why isn t the rabbit afraid Because it s smarter than the panther The little peacock, bearing this proverb in mind, burst out with all his energy, covered cbd gummies for tendonitis his head and charged forward, not paying attention to how his opponent ran.When she handed over to Tangtanger, The little girl rushed from fourth place to third place Come on, Tang Tang After shouting this sentence, the little peacock was immediately carried off the track by the staff, and then picked up by her father, chasing Tang Tang who was galloping on the track.Li Na didn t force her, but praised her for dancing very well just now, she was super cute, and everyone liked her very much.Mom, should I still dance Li Na s encouragement gave the little peacock a lot of confidence, Mom has taught me so much, I m sorry if I don t dance.Li Na touched her little face and said, Little Peacock Peacocks can jump if they want to, and mother will support you no matter what you do.Finally, the little peacock plucked up the courage to come to the stage again, and said that there was another dance dedicated to Candy, which she specially prepared.The little peacock brought a swan dance Chapter 446 Remember in my heart that the grove in front of Old Tang s house has entered the bleakest season of the year, the leaves on the branches are sparse, and a thick layer of yellow and red leaves fell on the ground.Lu Youping understood after a little thought that Sun Xuanyang was aiming for the principal s position, and if he really got the seat, then there would be no question of whether he was in charge or not.At this time, if Sun Xuanyang could take the initiative to invite a master of literature regardless of past suspicions to restore the school s reputation, it would give people the impression of being broad minded, and it would be of great help to him in his final ascension.Who do you like Lu Youping asked.There are only a handful of so called masters of literature.How can they be so easy to hire Xidong, no one can invite out.Sun Xuanyang picked up the teacup, got up and walked to the window, looked at the rain outside the window, and said slowly Lu Mingyi.It couldn t be better.After thinking about it carefully, he said, Although what happened that year hurt Mr.Tang Shuang nodded deeply and said, I see.Know what Luo Yuqing looked at the bustling city scene outside the window and asked suspiciously.Tang Shuang I know what you mean just now.Luo Yuqing blinked and became more confused, and asked, What do I mean Tang Shuang smiled and said, You hit me on the head three times.Ah Seeing this, Luo Yuqing knew that the best storyteller had started to think big again, and said with a smile, I don t even know what it means, so tell me what it means when I hit you on the head three times. Tang Shuang also sat on the side, faced Luo Yuqing, smiled and said You knocked me three times, didn t you Luo Yuqing nodded Knocked cbd gummies for tendonitis three times.Tang Shuang said Knocked me three times, knocked me three times.It s the back of my head, which means I m allowed to enter the house through the back door at midnight and give my head to you for research, right The smile on Luo Yuqing s face became brighter and brighter, and her eyes and eyebrows were smiling Smart tongue like Spring Don t say it so scary, okay, I don t mean anything else, you think too much.The sound function of this Porsche is very good, but Tang Shuang bought I still felt dissatisfied when I was using it, so I asked for customization and replaced it with a set of cbd gummies for tendonitis Naim speakers.Although the price is expensive, after listening to its stereo, you will feel that everything is worth it.It can express the melody of a song to the maximum.This is why Tang Shuang wants to listen to music in the car, because of its effect It s even better than the old Tang s stereo system.After Tang Shuang put the record into the stereo, Tang Tanger pressed the play button.Immediately, the car was filled with Tang Zhen s singing.The title song of the Dream Flower album is also the first song, Blue Lotus.Nothing can stop you.Your longing for freedom As soon as the song rang out, Candy immediately fell silent, holding another new record in her hand, staring at the cover with her big eyes, her sister is so beautiful.She understood that in the past six months, the long river of time had brought the two of them to different places.Tribute, their relationship has reached its second stage.Thinking of this, Zeng Yujun felt a little sour in her heart, but she still smiled and cbd gummies and antidepressants waved goodbye to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang watched her going back in silence for a while, until a small hand reached out, held his big hand, looked down, Tangtanger blinked her big eyes and said, Don t cry, don t cry, Xiaoshuang don t cry Oh, Tangtanger is always on your side, the big sister is accompanied by the big brother, and our little Shuang is even more powerful, accompanied by the little princess Smile, come, laugh Huhehe Hearing her concern, Tang Shuang s heart warmed up, and after a smirk, he led the villain away, and he knew why a hundred thousand people were waiting in line for him Oh, this big pond is really big.Stop playing with your mobile phone , these words came from Miss Xiangning.Sister Xiangning often warned Tang Shuang like this in the past This guy only came back home once in ten days and a half months.When he got home, he played with his mobile phone and didn t communicate with his family.He cbd gummies for tendonitis was immersed in his own world, which once made Miss Xiangning extremely worried.Tang Shuang found that Tangtang er not only had the qualities of a playwright, but was also very talented in language, but considering that she had a very neat little mouth, it was not surprising that she could imitate the tone of others speech.Don t make a fuss, okay What the hell, where are the robbers What s your little head thinking I ve convinced you.Tang Shuang had nothing but admiration for this villain s brain.Tang Shuang pointed her fingers and introduced her judgment logic to Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, this is a mountain, and there are robbers on the mountain It s night outside, cbd gummies review cbd gummies for tendonitis very dark, and the wind is very strong.

Yuxiang is very optimistic about you, come on Sell more records, and make money for your younger siblings to raise Koda Duck.Tang Zhen What Tang Shuang said with a smile, Kodak is a kind of duck that has mutated and has incredible power, but when using this power, it will be accompanied by severe headaches, so they often hold their heads in their hands and tilt them to one side.My neck hurts so badly that I shed tears.Ah that s really pitiful.Tang Zhen thought for a while, and then said, This is how much pain you can bear, and how much honor you can enjoy.Ah Tang Shuang looked at it.Looking at Tang Zhen, he hadn t thought about it, but it still made sense, so he nodded, You re right.The two of them then chatted about the song A Taoist Friend of mine , Tang Zhen said yes The TV series wanted to use this song as an episode.It seems that the old Tang family has reached an agreement, and he was happy for his son in his heart.He smiled and said to Tang Shuang, There is a bottle of big bear in the storage room.Go and get it.Your uncle brought it during the New Year.Tang Shuang Shuang No problem Seeing this, Tang Tanger also said to Huang Xiangning, No problem Mom Then she jumped off the chair, followed Tang Shuang, and shouted, The little man knows where he is, go help brother Get the wine Usually, the little man would not dare to enter the storage room, he was afraid, it was too scary, but today he was with Tang Shuang, and he became more courageous, looking around, looking strangely, as for what she said just now, knowing where the big bear bottle is, Not at all Tang Shuang took out the big bear wine, and said to Tang Shuang, who was touching here and looking there, Are you going Are you staying Tang Shuang immediately discarded a picture book in his hand, and smacked out in front of Tang Shuang.Well, this is to buy him, but why is it only 10 yuan dollars To send beggars away Why is it only 10 yuan Dad s treasure chest is so poor Tang Shuang took the 10 yuan first.Candy s eyes were fixed on Tang Shuang s action of collecting the money, until she confirmed that it was put in her pocket, then she looked away, and said with a smile Hehehehe I don t know, my mother asked me to do this, I also You can t figure it out, you can ask your mother.Looking at her expression, Tang Shuang was sure that she must know, it was only 10 yuan, really Tangtanger Xiaoshuang, shall we go shopping tomorrow Spring is coming, we must buy some spring clothes, buy some food and drink, spicy sticks, and some toys.I want a noodle People There were a lot of little people, Barabara, in endless longing, and suddenly she was arrested by Tang Shuang again, and then her trousers and pockets were searched.cute.Tang Shuang and Tang Shuang didn t care about it after they took the video.If Tang Shuang hadn t mentioned do cbd gummies make you sleepy cbd gummies for tendonitis it today, Tang Shuang would have forgotten about it.So they don t know how popular they are on Maoyan, or exactly how popular Candy is.Pai Hui Wu was originally an unknown dance, but because of Tangtanger, it is now one of the most popular dances on Maoyan.Many users have uploaded videos of themselves dancing Pai Hui Wu, and created a special On the topic of co production with 900 million girls dreams , everyone actively uploaded a large number of dancing videos co produced with Tangtanger.Currently, Candy s video of Paihuiwu has received more than 2 million hearts, reaching 2.02 million, and another video of crazy dancing is not bad, with more than 1.92 million.Huang Xiangning doesn t know how many likes are too many, but if the number of likes exceeds 1 million, it should be a sign of popularity wherever it is placed.Candy asked curiously Who are you calling, Xiaoshuang Why are you calling the doctor Call it Brother Dehua.Huang Xiangning said with a smile Don t scare people, I know what you are worried about, it green ape cbd gummies for sale cbd delta 9 gummies s not that serious, your father doesn t dare to do anything, hum He can only swallow his anger, I didn t ask him to settle the score, he What else do you want Tang Shuang said to Tangtanger You heard it, our Sanjian father is going to go crazy, do you know why The little pig turned his eyes and grinned silly Hehehe I don t know , It s none of my business, you adults can talk about it yourself, it has nothing to do with the children, the children should go back to the cage and go to sleep.Then, he left the kitchen in a puff of smoke, and took the puppy up the stairs Back to the room.But as a confidant brother, he felt that this matter was not that simple.Yes, is it like this Tang Shuang gave him a white look What are you thinking Take a closer look at the photo, okay Li Wenzhan said curiously I looked very carefully, and you are indeed right Lu Yingying also took out I checked my mobile phone and carefully observed the photos.After all, girls are more careful.When they heard Tang Shuang s words, they quickly noticed the difference, and said, you and Tang Zhen look alike Tang Shuang nodded and said, Yes., because Tang Zhen is my older sister, dear Can she look different Huh Sister Lu Yingying and Li Wenzhan were surprised at the same time, neither of them had heard that Tang Shuang had an older sister, and she was even a big star Tang Zhen.In fact, Li Wenzhan didn t believe the gossip news that Tang Shuang married Tang Zhen and had a daughter, but if Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen had a relationship, he thought it was possible, as long as they knew each other, it was possible.As for cbd gummies for tendonitis Sanjian s father, he is at the bottom of the list.It is estimated that the little dog Bai Jingjing has a higher status than him.Wherever Tang Shuang went, Tang Tanger followed.After resting for a while, Tang Shuang proposed to play a running game, which is a sensory game installed on the TV, and Tang Tanger happily agreed.When I first bought it, in order to lose weight for Xiaozhuzhu, Tang Shuang deliberately took cbd gummies for ed review her to play together, but both of them became addicted.Something was wrong, I stopped playing, and lay down and refused to move.Because in her opinion, what is the difference between this game and the treadmill in the gym The treadmill is her big enemy, and she wished she could break it.This time Tang Shuang didn t dare to underestimate the little people in the game.Don t look at all the little people with short legs.Tang Shuang asked Tell me what s going on.Tang Jin took out a metal chain from the pocket of the leather jacket, and flicked it, a silver white metal piece was tied to the bottom of the metal chain.Grandpa, take a look.Tang Shuang saw that Tang Hongjun took the metal chain tremblingly, and was really worried that he would not be able to hold the thing.Tang Hongjun s body was still healthy, but his hands trembled and trembled a long time ago.Tang Hongjun caressed the metal sheet with his calloused hands, on which there were Chinese characters, letters and numbers.Although he was illiterate, he could still recognize the names of his sons and grandchildren, and Tang Jin s name was written on the metal plate.Tang Shuang leaned over to look, and said, It has Tang Jin s name written on it, as well as blood type, place of origin and serial number information, written in Chinese, English and French respectively.

For the rest, most of the companies cbd gummies for tendonitis were not willing to sign, and the best performers were tightly held by cbd gummies for tendonitis Orange Mai.And although Huyan Xiaosha s popularity among the general public is very low, his reputation as the king of underground hip hop in the Northwest has made him famous in the hip hop circle.So the fact that he signed with Tuzi Entertainment was widely circulated in the circle.There is a saying that Yu Xiang took a fancy to him, invited him personally, and made an ambitious development plan for him.Huyan Xiaosha flew back to Loulan on the night of signing the contract.He got a five day vacation.After the vacation, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tendonitis he will be stationed in Guangdong Province to receive more professional training, including vocal music and etiquette.Of course, more importantly, Soon there will be a major project involving him.You have to explain it to me, otherwise Tangy will be angry This night, the little sugar girl is very difficult to serve.After seeing a sperm whale, she was so excited that she couldn t help herself, and she refused to sleep for a long time.Fortunately, Huang Xiangning is the one who is coaxing her to sleep now.The next day, Tang Shuang got up very early, but Miss Xiangning was even earlier, and she was making breakfast in the hazy sky.Tang Shuang went to help after washing up, and talked about the little sugar man last night.This guy has been pestering sister Xiangning to tell the story of the whale last night.If it was just talking about whales, Miss Xiangning could still handle it.After all, she also knew a little about whales, but there was another thing Tang Xiaoren talked about that made her not know how to talk about it, and that was Kun.If so, Tangtanger was furious, and muttered that Xiao Yu was a big villain, a stingy who recognizes money but disregards people.Stingy is one of Tang Shuang s nicknames for Xiaozhuzhu, and he cbd gummies review cbd gummies for tendonitis gave it to Tang Yu today.Tang Yu opened his palms to Tang Yu under the table, the meaning couldn t be more obvious, Tang Yu fumbled for money from his pocket with a bitter face, and took out 50 cents, Tang Tang looked at it, a little disgusted, and nodded Tang Yu.With the palm of Yu s palm, he said earnestly, Children s paper Don t pick it Selling the photos of Lun s family only gave me 50 cents, which is unreasonable.Huang Xiangning was speechless again when he heard it.Tangtang er smiled and said to her mother, Mom, the Lun family is educating Xiaoyu.You shouldn t be too picky about being a child, right This is what Xiaoshuang taught me.She rolled her eyes wide, handed Tang Shuang a hazelnut obsequiously, and said, Brother, do you want to eat it Hehehe, I m going to pee.After finishing speaking, she turned around and jumped away from Tang Shuang s feet.left.Tang Shuang followed her, and when Little Zhuzhu saw her, he had a bitter face, so he could only make a fake show and actually went to the toilet.Tang Shuang stood outside the toilet and cbd gummies for tendonitis called her name, but Xiao Zhuzhu refused to come out.She first said to pee, but after she went in, she said she wanted to poop.The reason is very strange, she was worried that she would be beaten up by the how do you store cbd gummies big devil, it was very disgusting, so she decided to poop all the shit first, so that the big devil couldn t do it, so that she could maintain the little fairy s dignity even after being beaten.Tangtanger, the lead singer, had a cheerful smile from the beginning to the end, almost laughing out loud.Compared with Tangtanger, these people are completely two extremes.They are cool and boundless, while Tangtanger is sweet and greasy.This kind of contrast is very attractive, making the viewers feel poisoned.Observe everyone s expressions and movements over and over again.This was discussed by Tang Shuang with everyone before the recording.He asked the Tunan band to maintain a cool image and not to follow the song atmosphere of If I Have a Fairy Stick , but to create something different.At 2 minutes and 31 seconds, my brother in law appeared on the camera.Brother in law, that s my brother in law Okay, sister is for you, I want a younger sister, Tang Shuang Uncle, uncle is me Leave a phone call Obviously it s my uncle, whoever robs me will lose money when he goes out.Tang Shuang also said Huo Huo, just accept it, and close your open mouth, knowing that you are surprised to receive such a huge sum of money for the first time in cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd and cbg gummies your life, but there is no way, what you see in front of you is a little rich woman Tang Huohuo gave him a white look, and asked the cute Candy Is it really for me Tangtang nodded, really give it to him, please take good care of the puppy and the little bird with his conscience.Tang Huohuo patted his chest to make a promise, and then got into the car with 10 yuan in his pocket.When he drove away, he looked at the candy and waved super cbd gummies 300mg goodbye to her enthusiastically, and sighed in his heart, forget it, such a hard work is only 10 yuan money The loss is a huge loss But who told the client to be cute If that annoying Tang Xiaoshuang, there must be at least four zeros in the back.Don t put her in the story as a little sister.Tang Shuang The little sister in the story is cbd gummies for tendonitis surnamed Meng, not Tang.Then tell it.Although it is a sad story, it may affect your mood after hearing it, but Xiaozhuzhu thinks she is very strong now, so she can come a little It was a sad story, but Tang Shuang stopped it in the middle of telling it.Don t talk, don t talk I want to cry to death, baby Don t listen to the Lun family Candy covered her ears and cbd gummies for tendonitis hid in Tang Zhen s arms.She was about to cry again when she heard this.The story is easy to cry, and I can t control myself at all.Chapter 729 Tang Shuang cbd gummies review cbd gummies for tendonitis stands on the Great Wall and wants to cry.Everyone boarded the Great Wall.Tang Tang looked around, panting, and chased Tang Shuang for five or six meters.He said his story was a lie.Such a big Great Wall, Which little sister can cry, there is no such thing This is impossible, let Tang Shuang cry and pour down a brick to try.It s not common to praise people.Liang Qiao teased.Look how happy Xiao Yu is now.Chen Ming secretly pointed to Zhang Yu.Where is it Zhang Yu denied, but the smile on his face was almost overflowing.Shi Yu asked Tang Shuang Are Tang Shuang and Zhang Yu very familiar Tang Shuang nodded Of course.Shi Yu asked Then do you think Zhang Yu performed the Feixue in your mind Tang Shuang She is Feixue.Zhang Fei smiled and said, Let me tell you, when Tang Shuang and I were discussing the script, I asked him who Feixue was in his mind, and he said nothing about Zhang Yu, and the role of Feixue was written according to Zhang Yu.Ah Is that so Shi Yu asked Tang Shuang.Seeing that Zhang Yu was also staring at him, Tang Shuang smiled and said, That s right.Shi Yu Are you Zhang Yu s fan Yes.Zhang Yu smiled and said, I grew up watching my movies.

What others see are heroes, what he sees is the artistic conception of oriental culture.The chess hall confrontation between Wuming and Changkong at the beginning involves things that can show the oriental artistic conception, such as piano, nine step chess, ideas and water.Chinese culture believes that all things in the world are composed of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.In Heroes , this cultural concept is displayed in many places, such as the chess match, which uses water.For example, the candlelight between Wuming and King Qin, using the candlelight to view the murderous aura, corresponds to the concept of fire.Such details can be seen everywhere in the movie.People who know how to do it can see that what people who don t know is watching a heroic story.Moreover, the narrative technique of the film made cbd gummies for tendonitis Qiu Sen s eyes shine.The little bugs, little mice, and little cockroaches nearby were trembling, and this flat haired animal was about to come out again Tangtang er opened her small hands, and was still circling around under the tree to find spots, holding her head up and looking at the tree, ready to catch the boy s juice falling from the sky at any time.Tang Zhen was worried that she would fall, so she caught her.The candy boy was sticking under the tree, calling loudly Young man, young cbd gummies for quitting drinking man Are you still there, young man on the tree Talk to me Did the owl swell you up Are you still there Hello Tang Zhen also shouted.no sound Tang Tanger and Tang Zhen looked at each other, feeling a little bad, why did the boy on the tree not make a sound, did he die a heroic sacrifice Ah no, Tangtang er held her head in both hands, tilted her head like a headache, and was in a frenzy After a long while, the handsome pot on the tree might have finally recovered, and said weakly I m here Come down, boy Come down quickly There are owls and snakes on the tree Candy said bluffing.She looked down at Tangtanger in front of her, thinking that it was no wonder Xiaoshuang gave Tangtanger the nickname Tang Paopao, that was the reason.Tangtang er has many nicknames, and Tang Shuang gave her countless nicknames, one of which is Tang Paopao, which means that this chick likes to slip away when things are not going well.Tang Zhen felt that this was not a good habit, and she wanted to help her little sister get rid of it, so she didn t even plan to leave, she had to stick to her word Don t shoot Don t shoot I m coming down, don t shoot shouted cbd gummies for tendonitis the young man from the tree.Tang Zhen and Tangtanger couldn t see other people, they could only hear voices.Candy was startled, startled, and wanted to shoot Want to kill someone Sister, sister, run Tang Tanger didn t wait for Tang Zhen, twisted her buttocks and ran away.Great auspiciousness, auspiciousness means good luck.With dragon and phoenix protecting you, you will prosper this year Tang Shuang said Tang Shuang was very happy, very happy, especially the last sentence, this year is prospered, which is really the best Listen to it.Mother s pinch Candy was really worried.Hearing this, Huang Xiangning looked at the seven color river lantern in his hand, and instead of asking Tang Shuang, he looked at Tang Sanjian with a smile on his face.The meaning was self evident, and he asked Professor Tang to explain it, not just his son.Professor Tang is holding a lamp in the palm of his hand at the moment Ahem, birthday peach lantern Following everyone silently all the time, he pondered cbd gummies for tendonitis for a while, and at the moment of pondering, not only his wife looked at him, but also his son and daughter, and the whole family looked at him, and it seemed that he couldn t answer.Sticking to the ground, it begged for mercy.After Bai Jingjing beat the puppy with her head covered, she stopped to look cbd gummy bears for stress at her, oh, what about my acquaintances, isn t the chihuahua next door a good baby Why did she become so courageous and dare to come to her natures one brand cbd gummies house Show off your might Wooooow The Chihuahua called Chocolat looked horrified, raised its head from the ground to beg for mercy, and then was pushed down to the ground again with a snap, staring at the stars.Physical pain is cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg nothing, but mental torture is what scares the dog.Thinking of whether she will be killed by Bai Jingjing, Chocolate can t help being terrified and wants to pee.Chocolat was bullied by Bai Jingjing in the past, she knew that Bai Jingjing was out these few days, and the old Tang s house had no one and no dog, so she dared to come to the door to bluff.Old Xu didn t care at all, stood up with a bad face, took a pack of Wuzhishan from cbd gummies for tendonitis the shelf, and handed it to Xiaonian.20 The young man took the cigarette, didn t seem to care about his attitude, and said with a smile I m addicted to cigarettes, I can t help it, smoke one first, boss, are you playing a lottery Speaking of which, I bought it too, it s a sports lottery What number is it just opened Old Xu was only interested in the lottery topic, and said, You bought it too The sports lottery just opened.20 yuan, thank you.The young man tore open Wuzhishan, took out a lottery With a cbd gummies for tendonitis cigarette in his mouth, he said with a smile Hey, here it is Is there a fire I didn t bring a lighter, give me a fire.Old Xu lighted the young man s cigarette with a lighter casually, observed his clothes, Said Boss, with your outfit, why do you only smoke Wuzhishan for 20 yuan I have the Pacific Ocean here.Both Tang Shuang and Ye Liang looked at him in surprise, and looked at each other.Ye Liang said, Xiao Shuang, ruthless people don t talk much.Sure enough, Guo Zi used violence to control violence.Tang Shuang nodded It s not good, we can t use one mistake to punish another mistake. What you said makes sense, but I think what Guo Zi said also makes sense, it s simple and direct, and I like it better.But, I know you, Xiaoshuang, I like yin people, the kind that are bad, this is in line with your style.I am also very sunny, Tangtanger said I am a sunny boy.You are just lying to a 6 year old kid.No Wrong.This is what Guo Zifeng said.Tang Shuang raised the little hippocampus in his hand and said, Did you see the murder weapon in my hand Are you afraid Ye Liang pouted This murder weapon is only called a murder weapon in Tangtanger s hands.Guo Zifeng looked at Tang Shuang, who was expressionless.He is upright, but it doesn t mean he doesn t understand these things, there is no need to ask, it seems that it is premeditated, and Tang Shuang is the one who planned it.Tang Shuang said to Ye Liang Can you stop smiling so sinisterly, you smile like a pervert, I really want to beat you up.Ye Liang immediately became serious and said, So, don t really offend Xiaoshuang, Tangtang Er er is right, this is a great demon king with strong power, and likes to use his brain green ape cbd gummies for sale cbd delta 9 gummies and set traps, so he is hard to defend against.Tang Shuang interrupted Okay, don t talk about it, it feels strange to talk about it in the police station That s weird.Ye Liang looked around and said, What are you afraid of, the police station is your backyard Tang Shuang interrupted before finishing speaking, What nonsense Be careful with your words.

Don t think she is small, but she understands the truth, so she is naughty in front of Xiaoshuang.In front of outsiders, she is Very obedient.Every time we go out to play with her, she will bring us gifts.She bought it with her own money.She is a very generous, filial, and polite child.She is also a young lady in kindergarten.Everyone likes her very much The two were sitting on a bench in the garden, the morning sun was warm and full of vitality, and sprinkled the entire garden.In the flower bed in front of them, a large bunch of blue star sage bloomed, and little blue flowers stretched out in the sun.Next to the blue star sage, there is a clump of Sedum sedum.The pale pink flowers are blooming in the sun.They are delicate and lovely, making people think that it has come to spring.Tang Sanjian patiently and softly told Jiang Yue interesting stories about Tangtanger, detailing everything.Everyone likes her and plays with her.Wherever she goes, there are a group of children around her, and she has several little girlfriends, male girlfriends.There are girls and girlfriends too.Jiang Yue s brows and eyes curved into a smile.Huang Xiangning sat next to her, and in order to reassure her further, he took out a tablet computer from his handbag, opened it, and brought up a folder called Tang Tang s Happy Things.I found a folder named 6 Years Old , opened it, and there were many small videos densely packed.Look, Xiaoyue, these are videos taken in Candy s life.Let me show you HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tendonitis this one.She is the one who is cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd and cbg gummies helpful and praised by the school.She was chosen as the flag raiser on Monday.Ah Jiang Yue turned He turned his head, covered his eyes with his hands, and said, I don t dare to look at it yet.There is no custom of eating dumplings during the Chinese New Year in the south, but the Erniang Peony is silver in the Northeast, and dumplings must be eaten during the New Year, so dumplings have become one of the staple foods of the old Tang family s New Year s Eve dinner.Er Niang and Li Meng were making dumplings, Li Meng had a big cbd gummies for tendonitis belly and was in a good mood, talking and laughing, Auntie and Sister Xiangning were busy with dinner in the kitchen, Er Jian and San Jian were also helping.Tangtanger saw that her sister in law with a big belly was also working, so she rushed over green ape cbd gummies for sale cbd delta 9 gummies and yelled, Sister in law, sister in law you should go and lie down, the baby is working before it s born, how hard it is I want to take someone to lie down.Li Meng said to the little one amusedly Sister in law has been lying down for a whole day, now she has to stand up and walk around, and work hard.The lights in the living room are turned off Just leave one light on.The living room is still bright.Tang Sanjian said Who are you talking to Tang Shuang was taken aback for a moment, and got up obediently to turn off the cbd gummies for tendonitis light.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning sat on chairs not far from the sofa, Bai Jingjing squatted beside them, Tang Xiaowu stood in the cage by the window, the little goldfish in the pond was spitting bubbles.Candy was standing on the sofa, and Tang Zhen was sitting beside her, holding a flashlight in his hand.everything s ready.Countless eyes of the old Tang family looked at Tang Shuang.Facing these gazes, green ape cbd gummies for sale cbd delta 9 gummies Tang Shuang said with a little pride I ve been waiting for everyone, and I m here.Hey the eyes of everyone changed immediately.They were really looking forward to it, but after hearing Xiaoshuang s words, everyone was immediately discouraged.It is quiet, the rhythm is very slow, and it looks very leisurely.The classrooms here are also different from those in the teaching building, more like lecture theaters in universities, which is for the convenience of several classes attending classes together.There is no music class in the third year of high school.The students in the first and second year of high school have two lessons a week, but it is still different.The learning tasks in the first year of high school trolli cbd gummies are relatively easy, so each class is taught HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tendonitis separately, but in the second year of high school, two classes are taught together Hey Mr.Li, don t go Close the door, Xiaojing Go up one Hold Teacher Li Don t let him go The classroom was cheering, but no one did it.The girl who was at the same table as Guo Jing said disdainfully Hey I look down on you boys who just talk but best cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety don t do anything Xiao Jing, let s go to the music building.Quiet, you know how to take pictures. Don t be obscene, you guys Quiet, quiet, cbd gummies for tendonitis what song are Tang Zhen and Tang Tang singing Can you record a little bit for us to listen to, cbd gummies for tendonitis this is the legendary new song Yes, the new song is called Looking at Each Other.Tang Zhen and Tang Tang looked at each other I really want to hear it.Answer us first, is it good Is there a need to ask It must be good.Look at the scene Doesn t it sound good to have such a warm atmosphere Guo Jing was in no mood to shoot for the time being, because the host came on stage and started to interview Tang Zhen and Tang Hao, and Tang Tang was bouncing around in place amidst the laughter of the crowd.Jumping and jumping, and smiling hehe somewhere in the audience.Chapter 850 A Runaway Little Mustang On the stage, Shang Hui appeared as the host.No, this is a proofreading book.Kung Fu Is it still a martial arts novel Yes, urban martial arts novels.Lu Mingyi seemed to lose a lot of interest all of a sudden.Did you see the person who went out just now Yes.He is the chairman of the Guangdong Writers Association, and he recommended this book to me.It s on my desk.You can take a look.Tang Shuang thought no wonder the other party Nodding to him when he went out, he must have known him, but he didn t know him.In front of Lu Mingyi s desk, there was indeed a novel.Tang Shuang twisted it in his hand.It was relatively thin and the pages were not thick.Tang Shuang didn t know her, nor had she heard of them.You can take this book home to read.Shi Shun is a young writer, very talented, and a new member of the Guangdong Writers Association.They value him very much and want to give him a push, so they brought it to me.How the fight started is unknown, but the momentum was huge, and many unrelated authors were involved.In the third month, Dragon Snake surpassed Cultivation of Civilization to reach the top in one fell swoop, and a large number of fans flooded into the book review area of Cultivation of Civilization and swiped the screen to congratulate Dragon Snake on reaching the top.This blatant provocation alarmed General Pingmen.In a rage, he opened the chapter to bombard the dragon snake and the three swords of cbd gummies for tendonitis the imperial bodyguard, thus just cbd sour gummy worms the war of words between the two sides entered another wider world.Because one is called Three Swords of the Imperial Guards and the other is called General Pingmen , this scolding battle is called the battle in front of the palace.In the end, the website came forward to mediate and calmed down the anger of both parties.

In the quiet campus, the lively cheers attracted many passing students.They came in curiously to see what happened.The children of Old Tang s family were going crazy, they jumped from the sofa to the ground, circled around Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian who were on the sofa, yelling loudly that Xiaoshuang was my brother.Huang Xiangning looked helplessly at the little sister who ran away, and didn t want to suppress her anymore.If you can suppress it for a 500mg gummies cbd while, but you can t suppress it overnight, it s a waste of effort.It s better to let her bounce hard, she is tired from jumping, and she can obediently go to bed on time after ten o clock.Looked Up To and Regretted , author Fan Bin.The host continued to announce the nominees.A cable bridge appeared on the big screen, and a edible gummies cbd anxiety tiny figure stood on the top of the bridge, with arms outstretched, looking down at the tiny crowd passing by below.Of the seven books, four are novels, two are novellas, and only one is short.Well, here are the seven excellent works nominated for the Zijin Literature Award today.Some of them are science fiction works, such as Qian Nan s Before the Fall some are fairy tales, such cbd toad gummies as Zhu Kezhi s Animism some are thought provoking, such as Tang Shuang s Broken Soul Gun some are confusing, such as Huo Lie s Black Stone on the White Rock For example, Thank You for cbd gummies for tendonitis cbd and cbg gummies Being Late by Mayilo some make people sigh, such as Among Us by Li Wei.Every book is addictive, and we must choose the most suitable novel from these seven novels.It is too difficult for people to appreciate works.The 108 judges of the Huaxia Literature Award discussed from 9 00 am to 3 00 pm, and after five rounds of voting, the result was finally reached.Tangtanger suddenly asked Father, is Xiaoshuang still mud Tang Sanjian was stunned What mud Tangtanger briskly ran to the wall where the TV dragon cbd gummies was hung, patted the wall with his small hands, and said, Help me The mud that doesn green ape cbd gummies for sale cbd delta 9 gummies t hang on the wall Dad often scolds Xiaoshuang like this Tang Sanjian was extremely embarrassed, and waved his hand and said, That s cbd gummies for tendonitis my brother who was disobedient before.You can t scold Xiaoshuang anymore, your son is so old, if you want to criticize, you have to speak well.It s too much to scold others, it s outrageous.No more scolding, no more scolding.Tang Shuang s name and Work, Huang Xiangning said proudly napa farms cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies for sale I am proud of Xiaoshuang.This is the prime time of CCTV s prime channel, Tang Sanjian exclaimed He is almost surpassing me.Seeing that he is still reserved, Huang Xiangning said with a smile Isn t it already Have you surpassed it Tang Sanjian recollected, no HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tendonitis matter in terms of achievements or making money, he had indeed surpassed him, alas, he felt gratified and sad at the same time.Tang Shuang endured it and didn t care about the drunkard.She just took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and met Yin Bo when she came out.Yin Bo was here specially waiting for him.I didn t expect you to chat with the official lady.It s amazing, brother.Don t go there.I ll cbd gummy bears legal take you to the lounge for a while.There s still a lot of trouble there.What official lady Li Ningxi You don t know yet That s right, Li Ningxi is the young lady I mentioned earlier.Tang Shuang was actually not surprised, and roughly guessed it.When they passed by the swimming pool, the scene was still very lively, but Jiang Shaohua was still drinking and crazy.For some reason, he saw Tang Shuang, squeezed through the crowd and rushed straight over.Clutching his cheeks, he staggered.Tang Li Ningxi s angry voice sounded at the same time Jiang How dare you Without saying a word, Jiang Shaohua punched Tang Shuang.Fortunately, the ending was good, Luo Meiren let go of her suspicions, and since the two were about to separate, Tang Zhen was about to intervene, and in a hurry, she half pushed and half let Tang Shuang kiss her.The lights in the car had already been turned off, and Luo Yuqing was panting from being kissed.The two didn t go any further until Tang Zhen called.Okay, sister, I ll be there soon.After Tang Shuang finished speaking, she hung up the phone.Luo Yuqing s bright eyes looked at Tang Shuang quietly, and suddenly said quietly, Xiao Shuang, what do I think of you Tang Shuang kissed her, and said without hesitation, Of course it s a girlfriend.Girlfriend Is it When did I become your girlfriend Things like today should not be my business, nor can I, right No Why is it wrong Tang Shuang, like a human being, immediately understood that Luo Yuqing wanted him to give a clear answer, asking him to ask her to be his girlfriend He immediately opened the door and got off the car, took off the stars and the moon in the sky, and wanted to stage a romantic courtship.Is there any more What about the best album and best song Tang Shuang said at random.He said to himself The best album should be 100 impossible to escape.If you don t give it to Flowers in Dreams , it would be unreasonable, and the sky will not agree.Yeah.Tang Shuang said dissatisfiedly You What I m dying of anxiety.Forget it, I ll check it myself.He took out his phone and prepared to check the news.Tang Zhen said, I got the best album.Go ahead and slow down Tang Shuang continued to search, and soon found the news, and searched a lot.Best Female Singer Won Tang Zhen A new generation of Chinese green ape cbd gummies for sale queens is rising Sister, you are the best female singer Wow Tang Zhen finally beamed with joy, I know, of course.Best producer Best lyricist Leaf To be precise, the best lyricist is Chen Xiaojuan.It s just news, if it s cbd gummies for tendonitis about Chen Xiaojuan, no one knows who it is, so the headline of the news is changed to Leaf from Chen bolt cbd gummies 1000mg reviews Xiaojuan.I guess it s the same.Then, is the publication of the physical book confirmed Not yet.Shengjing Publishing House wants to cooperate with you again, I wonder if we can find a chance to talk about it Kung Fu is not worried about the publishing house at all, but the worry is that there are too many people who want to publish, Which one is better to choose.Of course we can talk about it, but let s not meet up for now.If the time is not ripe, you can send me the agreement first.Okay, Shengjing Publishing House has raised your royalty share to 20 this time.Ah Oh, I remember it used to be 12.Yes, it used to be 12.It s different now.Tang Shuang is not surprised.After talking about this matter, Chen Haonan finally said the main purpose of this trip.He came to inquire about Tang Shuang s follow up writing plan.She jumped to Tang Shuang s side , wanting to see but not daring to look, wanting to leave but not willing to leave, shy and shy, just kept saying You are Tang Shuang, Tang Shuang, you have come to my house.The movement outside alarmed the people inside, A peasant woman came out, looked at Tang Shuang and her daughter cbd gummies for tendonitis suspiciously, and said, Xiaomi, who is this Tang Shuang Hello, Auntie, I m Tang Shuang, I Really The other party interrupted Tang Shuang in amazement, and turned to ask the girl named Xiaomi, When did you bring it home Xiaomi, no wonder you don t like Jianlin, it turns out ah, come in, come in At this time, a small milk voice sounded in the twilight do cbd gummies make you sleepy cbd gummies for tendonitis Grandma, there are us The other party couldn t see clearly, so he walked cbd gummies for tendonitis a few steps closer and saw a pair of porcelain dolls standing on the road.

She is very talented in rap and singing.When Tangtanger heard it, he quickly pinched his little cheeks and pulled them to the sides, so as not to laugh.q s t r Stay proud.Cousin, let me carry you downstairs.Come, my brother s embrace is super warm.But at this moment, my cousin, my embrace, and my sister are all beautiful, and it doesn t work anymore.Tang Tang won t talk to the big villain anymore Immediately, she snorted arrogantly and avoided Tang Shuang, preferring to limp by herself than to cry crocodile tears When I hit her yesterday, why didn t I know that my heart hurt Hmph, I only came to call my cousin after hitting Lun s house If she could shout one day earlier, she could fly to the sky happily.It s not rare now But I just want to raise my little tail.What s so fat Chapter 969 Rising to Fame Candy can t afford to raise her tail because her butt is swollen.Tang Zhen put down the fish tank in her hand, then hugged her tightly in her arms and comforted her softly Sister knows that Tangtanger is sad, and sister is also sad.Xiaohong was going to be a mother, but encountered difficulties , it didn t persist, and passed away after giving birth to the baby fish At this time, Tang Shuang s voice sounded Tang Tang, come and see, there is a baby fish born by Xiaohong, although Xiaohong is dead , but its baby fish are fine.Tang Tanger immediately came out of Tang Zhen s arms, and ran to the cbd gummies for tendonitis fish tank nervously, her eyes were almost glued to the fish tank Where is it Where is Xiaohong s baby fish When laying eggs before, they were all floating in the water, but now they are gone.Tang Shuang pointed to the hornwort and said, They are all attached to the hornwort.You were there at the time, do you remember At napa farms cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies for sale that time, the money for buying flowers was half of hers, so she and Xiaoshuang should have done this for her mother.Well, you re right.On Mother s Day last year, Tangtanger and I bought a bouquet of pink carnations for my mother.What was my mother s expression when she received it , Mom had such an expression at the time.What Huang Xiangning was pleasantly surprised at first, and then quietly shed tears.Speaking of which, it will be Mother s Day this year in mid May.Let s prepare some surprises for Mom this year, shall we Sister Candy asked Tang Zhen.Tang Zhen thought and thought, and said shamelessly I, I don t seem to have done anything.She went to Shengjing at the age of 16, and she has only a handful of time at home, and she has done a handful of things to help her mother.Huang Xiangning came to the bed, squatted down and called Tangtang softly.Oh, why is there so much saliva at the corners of my mouth that my pajamas are all wet.Tang Shuang smiled and said, I must have dreamed of eating delicious food.Tang Tang Candy Huang Xiangning gently pushed the little guy, Get up Let s have breakfast.Seeing that he was no longer needed here, Tang Shuang left the room, brushed her teeth and washed her face first.As soon as he finished washing his face, Tangtanger appeared with the bunny in his arms.Although he seems to have woken up, he still seems to be asleep, at least half asleep and half awake.The dream from last night has not been interrupted until now.She squinted her eyes half closed, walking staggeringly, trembling, looking like she was about to fall at any time.Chapter 1028 You have to give me face Tang Shuang managed to get rid of the annoying Tang Xin, and immediately took Tang Tanger aside forcefully.I didn t mess with you, why are you so fierce I ll beat you up for Zhenzhen.Tang Xin said fiercely, police academy students are different, their movements are simple and practical, Tang Shuang took a lot of effort to beat you.She kicked away.Zhenzhen is my own sister, I can cheat her as much as I want, freshleaf cbd gummies review I don t want you to care, let alone help Tang Shuang said angrily.She was tortured by this little Xinxin just now.I will help I want to represent a woman against a bad man like you Oh my God Tang Shuang was speechless.She glanced at Tang Xin, feeling that this tough cbd gummies for tendonitis little woman had hated men after not having a relationship for so long.What kind of eyes are you looking at me Tang Xin was very dissatisfied with the way Tang Shuang looked at her with obvious pity, which made her very upset.He put away his phone and stopped looking at it It was obviously a good mood, but it was ruined like this As soon as he left the kitchen, he was followed by the two sisters of the Tang family will cbd gummies make you sleep in the living room.Hey where are you cutting your nails Tang Shuang waved with a forced smile.He wasn t ashamed at all for his covetousness just now, he was indeed the one who washed the dishes, candy What can such a small person do, put on a show, join in the fun, make soy sauce, the main force is him Gee shame shame Xiaoshuang is a big faced cat Tang Tanger made a face at him and stuck out her tongue, mocking him with all her might.Tang Shuang s face darkened.You re really thick skinned.Tang Zhen, who was always quiet and rarely hit people, also mocked.Tang Shuang s face immediately lost power.Little Zhenzhen, are you really painting Candy s nails Is there any mistake, you will raise a stinky child like this.Tang Zhen approached her, holding hands that she didn t know how to put.Compared with the last time I saw Jiang Yue, her face is paler now.Xiao Zhen, you re here.Jiang Yue calmed down a little after Tang Zhen held her hands.Dean Li breathed a sigh of relief Xiaoyue, we thought you were not at home, why didn t we say it just now, I was so worried about you.Jiang Yue lowered her head slightly when she heard this, moved her mouth, but did not make a sound.Tang Zhen comforted her distressedly It s okay, it s okay, I must not have heard it.When I stayed cbd gummies for tendonitis at home, I often didn t hear the knock on the door.Tang Sanjian looked at Jiang Yue s cbd gummies for tendonitis expression, thinking that it might be because of nervousness, fear, I m uneasy, but I didn t lock the door, which means I m looking forward to it.Chapter 1042 Picked up a gun After Tang Zhen and Tang Sanjian went to the nursing home, Tang Shuang took Candy to draw Tinkerbell green ape cbd gummies for sale cbd delta 9 gummies at home.Why Tang Shuang didn t bother to talk to her, she was so narcissistic.As how many cbd gummies can i eat a manga master.The pictures he draws.no doubt.is the whole world.best looking.A small child is incomparable.However, Tang Shuang didn t particularly discourage the child s enthusiasm.After all, it took her old nose to catch her to the desk, get down on the small body, pick up the paintbrush, and brst cbd gummies honestly paint for half an hour.This little guy is like a big carp that landed on the shore, jumping non stop and full of energy, but he just doesn t need to be in the middle, neither going to the pot honestly, nor lying down obediently.On the contrary, whoever touches her, she will react 12.Tang Shuang stretched out her do cbd gummies make you sleepy cbd gummies for tendonitis big slap, pinned down the little face do cbd gummies make you sleepy cbd gummies for tendonitis of the villain, and pushed her away Hurry up and draw, can you seriously draw for half an hour without interrupting, talking, distracting, or doing anything else Can t Tell me if you can The Lun family has to think about it.

Tang Shuang He brought Tangtanger s paintings over to check them irritably, and she only completed half of the three paintings.Boom Tang Shuang slapped the painting on the table and said, You have done so much for so long Were you in a daze just now Tang Tanger nodded very bachelorly, yes, she was in a daze. Tang Shuang Why are you in a daze What are you thinking Tang Tanger When are we going to see mom Tang Shuang looked at the time, Tang Zhen and the others had only left for less than half an hour, now It s too early to pick up Miss Xiangning.You go and finish that half painted picture, and when it s done, we ll go find our mother.Tang er looked at the picture, thought for a while and said, Tang er wants to talk to Xiaoshuang, because Tanger likes Xiaoshuang.It s frost.Tang Shuang .Although he was secretly happy in his heart, the person who said this was a villain, and he doubted whether it was true or false.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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