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Go and see the bathroom.After finishing speaking, Wei Renwu walked towards the bathroom, Lin Xingchen and Yue Ming quickly followed.The bathroom was a bit cramped, so Lin cbd gummies sold at gas station Xingchen and Yue Ming could only wait at the door.Before Wei Renwu went in, he asked Yue Ming, You go in and throw up, didn t you touch the things inside Turn on the faucet to rinse your mouth, does that count Yue Ming was a little nervous, for fear that he would really spoil the scene.Not counting.Hearing what Wei Renwu said, Yue Ming felt relieved.Wei Renwu carefully observed the items placed on the sink, including water cups, toothbrushes, cbd gummies delta 9 near me toothpaste, facial cleanser, moisturizing cream, eyebrow pencil, mascara, rice bottom box, and Lancome perfume.Beige colored towels were hanging beside the sink, which should have been brought by the deceased himself.Yue Ming wanted to laugh, but he couldn t help it.He looked at where to buy fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me Wei Renwu and found that Wei Renwu didn t seem to be listening to what they were talking about.8.The meeting of the second detachment of Inspiration Serious Cases was over, and everyone was waiting for Wei Renwu to conclude a few words, but half an hour had passed, and Wei Renwu hadn t said a word.During this half hour, everyone basically maintained where to buy cbd gummies online in canada the same posture, everyone stared at Wei Renwu, and Wei Renwu stared at the table.Wei Renwu suddenly moved his left hand, and everyone s eyelids moved accordingly.Wei Renwu took out a cigarette and a lighter cbd gummies delta 9 near me gummy bear cbd from the left pocket of his clothes with his left hand, silently lit the cigarette, and put it near his mouth.What did you find You are talking After waiting for a long time, Lin Xingchen died of panic.Yue Ming smiled and asked Wei Renwu Are you satisfied Should we investigate the case next Wei Renwu pursed his lips, shook his head and said, I m full of wine and food, I m full of food, and I m still full of wine.Huh Yue Ming was stunned again.Wei Renwu is a person who likes to drink, but he won t drink anywhere except Miracle Bar.So, one day later, Yue Ming and Wei Renwu came to the Miracle Bar , still the resident singers last night, still the few sad songs last night, still there are still many forms but each has its own purpose Guests, the two of them are still sitting in the same seats as last night, but the two beauties from last night are missing, which is just right, anyway, Yue Ming thinks they are quite annoying.Why do we drink Yue Ming was full of doubts.Because I want to drink.If there is no wine in the earth, there should be no springs in the earth.There is wine in the sky and the earth, and the wine is worthy of the sky.I have heard that the clear is better than the sage, and the Tao is turbid.Such as sages.Since the sages have already drunk, why ask for the gods.Three cups lead to the road, and one fight is natural.But if you get the fun from wine, don t pass it on to the sober.That s right, it s this one, and it s the only one Poetry can perfectly combine poetry and wine into a chic and happy person.Wei Renwu smiled and said, Since a perfect person needs to drink perfect wine and read perfect poems, why don t we have a good drink Voice As soon as it fell, Yue Ming raised his glass first.The two drank the wine in the glass until they didn t even leave the bottom, and the slightly drunken state gradually emerged.The cbd gummies delta 9 near me cbd oil sundowners syndrome gummies deceased was very smart.Since he knew that cbd gummies delta 9 near me he would die, he handed over his computer and mobile phone to you to show that cbd gummies delta 9 near me he had given you the list., and then use suicide to dispel all your doubts.But what she doesn t know is that the poisonous needle she got won t kill her, that amount of poison will only paralyze her nervous system.She doesn t know, but as you Anesthetist, you must know that the poisonous needle will not kill you.In fact, you got up early and hanged her after she was in a coma.You can not only pretend to be a suicide scene, but also completely obliterate her.It really kills two birds with one stone.It s a wonderful move.Oh, it s really embarrassing Mr.Wei is so good that what he said is not bad at all, as if you were watching everything that happened on the spot, and you really can t be fooled.With emotion.There are some things you don t understand.Wei Renwu still spoke calmly.I don t understand, shouldn t I figure it out I should figure it out, but not now.Why not now Because I m in a bad situation right now, and I can t get away to find someone for you.Go up Isn t the case closed last time What s wrong with you Is it closed Last time I just died, and the real big fish I wanted to catch hasn t appeared yet.I m distracted to do it now For other things, it is easy to be caught by big fish.You just hand over the list to the police and let the police deal with it.Why do you want to get burned It s just the police who are useless.Give them the list.They will never catch those people.Only I can arrest them.Yue Ming didn t want to talk anymore.He knew the person in front of him.If he didn t want to be a Even if you have thousands of reasons, you can t say anything about it.Marry.Every day, Yue Ming has to buy vegetables and cook.Basically, when the lunch meal was ready, Wei Renwu woke up.Today is no exception, and it is also the rhythm.It s boring Xiaoyue, don t you think it s boring Wei Renwu picked up a chopstick of shredded pork, but kept shaking his head in worry.Where is it boring It s too plain, so it s boring.I finally thought there was a case last night, but it turned out to be a simple suicide case.What case do you want Of course it s the kind of suspense For a big case, it s not bad for a serial killer to come out and do evil. Wouldn t it be better if the world was at peace There would be less evil and less harm.There is no concept of good and evil in my life.There are only two states in my life, sex and plainness.Hey It s too plain now, it s a waste of my life.

The best man and bridesmaid brought the ring box on a tray, the bridesmaid walked to the groom s side, and the best man walked to the bride s side.The bridesmaid is the best friend of the bride, and she is also quite beautiful, while how many cbd gummies should i eat full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies the best man is Lu Tong s cousin, who is also very cbd gummies delta 9 near me tall.The wedding ring is a token of love between lovers.These two small concentric circles tightly hold two burning hearts together.From then on, the nameless ring is no longer nameless.Please each of the two couples be their own.Wear half of this token.Lu Tong opened the bridesmaid s ring box, took out the ring, knelt down on one knee, put the ring on the bride s ring finger through the bride s wedding glove, and kissed the bride s how many cbd gummies should i eat full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies ring finger.At this time, there should have been applause, but now it became the screams of the audience.Yan Xiluo closed the door gently, and before going out, she had confirmed that there was no one else in the corridor.She where to buy fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me dared not take the elevator for fear HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 near me of meeting someone who knew her, so she chose to take the stairs.She walked softly down the stairs.At this time, a figure emerged from upstairs, a man in a gray woolen coat, and followed Yan Xiluo downstairs.Yan Xiluo didn t realize that there was a person behind him.As soon as she reached the first floor, cbd gummies delta 9 near me she boarded a taxi as fast as she could.The man followed, getting into another taxi.Yan Xiluo took a taxi to the Qingbo Community outside Supo Interchange.As soon as the car arrived, Yan Xiluo quickly got out of the car.The man quickly got out of the car and followed.Yan Xiluo got into the 13th building and still went up by stairs.Yan Xiluo arrived at the seventh floor.Of course, there are two types of police schools one is a good police school the other is a bad police school.The China Criminal Police Academy is undoubtedly the first type of school, and it is also the most outstanding police school in the first type of school.The students who go out from here have become the kind of policemen most feared by criminals all over China.A fledgling boy with short and medium hair, wearing what he thought was the most fashionable sports T shirt and flared trousers at the time, dragging a lot of luggage, stood at the gate of the China Criminal Police Academy , looking at The signboard of China Criminal Police Academy , the raging flame in my heart has been ignited.This young man s name is Quan cbd gummies delta 9 near me Kai, thoughtful Quan, happy Kai.What made him happiest today was that he was finally admitted to the Criminal Investigation Department of the China Criminal Police Academy.I just went to the bathroom, so I was late.Wei Renwu explained.Come in quickly.Wei Renwu stepped on slippers, wore a white T shirt and shorts, and strode to the last row of the classroom to sit down.The eyes of all the students were focused on Wei Renwu.Everyone turned their heads to watch him walk from the door to the last row of the classroom.The whole classroom became so quiet that a needle could be heard falling on the ground.Turn your heads back, Liao Ting roared.All eyes returned to Liao Ting again.This is fun, this bastard is actually in our class.Lu Tong said to Quan Kai in a low voice.Although the voice was small, Quan Kai cbd gummies delta 9 near me could hear Lu Tong gnashing his teeth.Tomorrow at 8 30 in the morning, it s still this classroom.I will distribute textbooks here, and everyone can go now.After the order was over, Liao Ting announced the end of the class.Lin Xingchen said anxiously Master, tell us quickly, what did you see The old man was tepid , shaking the rocking chair, shaking the cattail fan, cbd gummies delta 9 near me and slowly said At that time, there was a man wearing a hoodie who was wandering around here, but he put on the hoodie and a mask, so he couldn t see clearly.Face.He doesn t look like a good guy anyway, especially when he s wearing spring and autumn clothes on such a hot day, so I ve been watching him to see if he s a thief who wants to be here.Step on the point , but he took out a small bird from his body, and carved this word there.Then what happened next Lin Xingchen was in a state of anxiety.Later, he hid in a dark place, until a very beautiful little sister saw the word and became very panicked.She looked around and found that strange man.I think it is possible that the man deliberately wanted to Let her find out, then the man ran away to the south, and the little sister chased her, and I don t know what happened after that.Being caught by Lu Tong, his whole body immediately froze like a deflated ball, and said, Of course we are going to the brick factory.At this time, Quan Kai also caught up and said, No, it s not the brick factory, the brick factory.The factory is the place where the trucks were stolen.Of course, the Ghost would not bring Sister Lin there.He must find an abandoned and uninhabited hiding place.I have brought the map.Now we take a taxi and walk along the small river.Look for abandoned factories from house to house, and you will definitely get something.The sky was pitch black, and you couldn t see your fingers.The weather, which was originally hot and dry, was exceptionally cool at this time, and there was a hint of coldness in the coolness.On Xihe Road, there are only street lights best affordable cbd gummies that are flickering on and off.

As soon as the plane took off, he began to feel his stomach rolling.When he got off the plane, he felt as if he had a serious illness.All of them had to be supported by Lu Tong.After getting off the plane, Lin Xingchen sighed softly I have lived here for nineteen years, I never thought that I would come back here not long after I left here.Lu Tong said So you are from Tianjin.Lin Xingchen Said Originally I am from Tianjin, and my sister is from best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep a hot family, unlike me, a wild child, so she chose to come back here to be a policeman.I have to go home and report the safety of our two select organics cbd gummies old people.By the way, I also want to report the sad news about my sister Lin Xingchen couldn t continue speaking at this point.Quan Kai forcibly stood up his weak body, and said, You go first, and best price on cbd gummies we will go to the Public Security Bureau where your sister is.Shaking his head fully, he didn t continue to blame Lu Tong, he dolphin cbd gummies opened a bag of drugs with a knife, put a little bit of poisonous rice on the knife, and put it in his mouth to taste Tasted it, spat it out again, and said, This is heroin.Li Jiaran pulled the female boss by the collar, and shouted, Quickly tell me, where did this come from Tell me honestly, I can still ask the judge for mercy.If you re dishonest, just wait to be shot.Hahahahaha The female boss laughed again at this moment, very weirdly and wildly.12.The impassable mountain Li Jiaran roared Why are you laughing The female boss will cbd gummies help me stop smoking laughed I laugh at you for being naive.Do you think that this matter is over when I am caught by you You have no experience.It s scary to see the ghost.Quan Kai said Brother Ran, I m worried that if we catch her, the ghost will definitely come back.If there is no accident, he has lived here, and any inconspicuous corner is likely to leave his fingerprints or hair.Although Li Jiaran couldn t accept it in his heart, the facts were already in front of him, and he could only accept the reality.Oops, Brother Ran called Captain Wu for support just now, isn t there no support now Lu Tong exclaimed.Quan Kai sighed softly It looks like this now.What should we do Will he come to kill us Lu Tong was a little flustered.He thought that Captain Wu would be a life saving straw.I didn t expect him to be a ghost.Quan Kai said calmly Don t panic, Brother Ran asked Captain Wu for help just now, so Captain Wu didn t know that he was a ghost and we had already exposed him.Li Jiaran and Lu Tong held their breaths and listened carefully to Quan Kai command.Yue Ming followed Wei Renwu s wishes and looked around.You mainly look at the dust in the corners of our house.Those dusts are telling me that when we are not at home today, a guest came to our humble house privately.Things are neatly arranged.Things are neat, but the dust is not.If you look at the cabinet by the door, the dust on the pull ring has disappeared.Someone has opened the cabinet, and the dust on the seams of the sofa has also been wiped off.Someone carefully I searched the sofa, and the most important thing is Wei Renwu walked to the TV, fiddled with it for a long time, and took out a pinhole camera.He went on to say Someone even installed monitoring equipment.Who did this Yue Ming felt a sense of fear in his heart.Wei Renwu threw the pinhole camera into the trash can, and said It seems that the people from the Fengshenhui have finally arrived, and cbdfx cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me they are looking for the list I hid.What s weird Do you know where I ve been all day You go out on a date every day.Who knows full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies can cbd gummies make you sick who you are dating today.No, I didn t have a date today.I went to Lin Xingchen s house today.Captain Lin dated Fart, I said I didn t have a date, I went to her house to investigate the traces full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies can cbd gummies make you sick of the Fengshenhui , but found nothing.Nothing, do you mean you didn t find anything It s just that nothing was investigated.What s so strange Isn t this strange enough If the White Tiger really took action, how could I, Wei Renwu, get nothing This can only mean that he didn t Take any action, or the Baihu and his Baihutang suddenly disappeared.Disappeared Why did you say it Maybe he just stood still and waited for the opportunity No, it just disappeared.Their whereabouts have been inquired elsewhere, but there is still no news of them.It is obvious that Shen Wende does not live here often.Forget it, a rich second generation like you who is not enlightened, is You won t understand this. You mean, Shen Wende s real home isn t here Obviously, didn t you cbdfx cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me pay attention to the photo of Shen Wende before he died He wears a wedding ring on his ring finger.He is married.However, when we searched his house yesterday, we didn t see his wife at home.Although the house was cleaned very clean, there was a little smell of oily smoke on the dining table, which means that almost no one had eaten at that dining table.So this is not Shen Wende s permanent residence at all.place.Since we searched yesterday, why did we come back We won t go to his house today.Where are we going To Painter Xiao.Wei Renwu knocked politely Xiao painter s door, but no one opened the door, probably going to work, because this is the time to go to work, so there is no sign of other people in the aisle.

Who are you looking for asked the young man cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies with glasses.We re looking for you.Wei Renwu replied with a smile.I don t know you, what do you want from me It doesn t matter if you don t know us, I know you are a detective novelist, and I am your book fan.Book fan Yes, your HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 near me book fan, Would you like to see your book fans standing at the door and talking to you Wei Renwu smiled wickedly.The young man with glasses felt that it was impolite to let others stand outside the door, so he hurriedly said, Please come in, both of you.Yue Ming didn t know what the purpose of Wei Renwu s move was, but he could only follow Wei Renwu without saying a word.The two entered the room, and the room was exactly what a single young man should look like, with things scattered around, chairs in disarray, pockets of snacks that had been eaten, and a bucket of instant noodles with only soup left on the coffee table.Oh, I really came out wearing slippers.Wu Wei, who was so cute and stupid, realized that he was indeed wearing slippers.Wei Renwu shook his head, intending to ignore him, and quickly opened the door.Wei Wei Renwu closed the door without leaving any chance for Wu Wei to speak again.What are you shouting about outside Yue Ming asked while sitting on the sofa.Do you remember that novelist in Wenzhou Yes, he actually moved next door to us.I russell brand cbd gummies ll go, he s so persistent.Yue Ming found it unbelievable.I ve never seen anyone so thick skinned.Why would he cbd gummies delta 9 near me know we live here You forgot that he has a younger brother who studies me all day.Oh, yes, he You must know our address.It s so disgusting, how can I live here in the future Do you want to move No, I ve lived here for several years, he can do whatever he wants, I try to cbd gummies delta 9 near me avoid him.Everyone, including Li Kai, looked at human immunity cbd gummies the business card that the beggar said, and sure enough there was a business card on the ground, and the content on the business card was exactly the same as what the beggar said.Li Kai quickly picked up the business card and put it back in his pocket.Xiang Tian Laughing and laughing again Hahaha, boy, your eyes are quite bright, what s your name The beggar touched his head and said, What s my name I forgot.Xiang Tian paused with a smile, and said, I ve decided.What have you decided The beggar didn t understand.I decided to take care of you.The beggar laughed so hard that he couldn t help but burst into tears.Is it funny The doubtful person smiled at Xiang Tian.I m in this world, and no one cares about me anymore.I d like to see how you manage me.The beggar sat on the ground, raised his head and said.This is Ah Zhen s own wishes.I respect each of them s wishes, so I will not pursue them.If you want to pursue them, I will not stop you , because this is also your wish.Mary was a little confused, she murmured I don t know what to do now, Mr.Wei, can you tell me what to do now Wei Renwu touched his belly and said People It s iron, rice is steel, if you don t eat a meal, you ll cbd gummies delta 9 near me get hungry, now I m hungry, I think we should eat first.Wei Renwu and Mary returned to Xiang Tianxiao s villa, although Mary s mood is very complicated now, But she still made some side dishes for Wei Renwu.When Mary was cooking, she felt very depressed.The home was still the same, but none of the people who were supposed to be at home, Xiang Tianxiao, Li Kai, and Ah Zhen, stayed at home.Everything has changed.Mary brought the dishes to the table and let Wei Renwu eat alone.Mary and Ah Zhen looked at it with embarrassing expressions Li Kai felt that what Wei Renwu said was reasonable, so he obeyed Wei Renwu s order and left the living room.Now there are only you and me here, you can tell me.Can I trust you You can choose not to trust me, but if I say, can I help this matter Li Kai After a pause, he still decided to tell Wei Renwu We kept this secret because of my mother.Wei Renwu was listening, and he didn t intend to interrupt Li Kai.Li Kai went on to say My mother was my father s maid a long time ago.The two got along day and night, and fell in love with each other for a long time.So one night, when the love was strong Hahahahaha.Wei Renwu laughed suddenly, I didn t expect you father and son to have such similar tastes They both like maids.Li Kai gave Wei Renwu a white look, and said I don t care about this with you, just listen to me and continue.How did they take a comatose woman away without attracting attention And Yue Ming really can t figure it out, maybe if Wei Renwu is around, he can immediately expose the Baihutang trick.However, now it is all up to Yue Ming to think and investigate by himself.For the first time, Yue Ming felt how hard and difficult it is to be a detective.Before he could rely on Wei Renwu, who else could he rely on now Under the current circumstances, Wei Renwu might rely more on huuman cbd gummies where to buy Yue Ming.Suddenly he thought, should he call Quan Kai In his mind, Quan Kai is second only to Wei Renwu.Maybe finding Quan Kai is the best way at present.After speaking, Yue Ming was ready to take out his mobile phone.No, I can t find it all.If I was saved by him, I would rather die.Such a sentence suddenly appeared in Yue Ming s mind, and he immediately pursed his lips.

Wei Renwu laughed and said It seems that I must die today.Yang Xi roared with a ferocious face Do you think that just ruining your reputation can solve the hatred in my heart I want to let your spirit die.Both her body and her body will be destroyed Wei Renwu shrugged his shoulders, and helplessly let the fake Lin Xingchen go, and the fake Lin Xingchen quickly ran behind Yang Xi, Yue Ming saw the woman s face clearly this time, although her hairstyle and height were close , but there is still some difference in appearance, but after sealing the eyes and mouth at that time, it was really difficult to distinguish.Seeing that the victory was in sight, Yang Xi was not in a hurry to kill Wei Renwu, he said slowly I m curious, how did you see through my sneak attack plan.Wei Renwu said with a relaxed smile I and Lin Xingchen too I m familiar with you, you fake, I don t need to look at your face, I can recognize it at a glance.Fang Jingtang looked more feminine, but Fang Jingyu looked normal many.As soon as Fang Jingyu entered the abandoned factory, he immediately ran to Yang Xi and knelt down, blaming himself Master, I m sorry, man, I didn t watch Yang Xi said angrily, What happened There is a There was a man wearing a ghost mask who knocked down the other two brothers, fortunately I ran fast, otherwiseotherwise Fang Jingyu s voice was trembling, one can imagine how frightened he was Pa, Yang Xi slapped Fang Jingyu on the face.Fang Jingyu was thrown to the ground, but he didn t dare to give a sound.Yang Xi pointed at Wei Renwu s nose and roared, You did a good job.Wei Renwu shrugged his shoulders and said relaxedly, You tied Lin Xingchen up at .

can cbd gummies make you hallucinate?

the beginning, and fled the community while I entered the community.In the end, it was a fake Lin Xingchen who was kidnapped.President Ling went on to say After killing the two people, one of the gangsters shouted in a very low voice, Everyone get down on the ground, don t move, and whoever moves will kill the other.Zhang Feng asked Then you saw clearly at that time Are they in shape President Ling said awkwardly I was too scared at the time, so I didn t dare to look more, but after a quick glance, they are all over 1.7 meters, and they must be men.Lin Xingchen said Ling Xing Go ahead and talk, what happened then President Ling said, Later the man who spoke first said again, Second and third guard the people, and fourth and fifth follow me into the counter.Wang Chaoyang walked to the counter, touched the bulletproof glass full of bullet craters, and said, Have they ever driven over here Presumably, they wanted to threaten the staff inside the cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies counter.After entering the woods, the members of the No.2 Squad for Serious Cases kept running towards the mountains.Wang Chaoyang and Wang Ling supported each other to escape and fell behind the crowd.Running, running, suddenly Wang Chaoyang s feet gave way and he fell to the ground.Even Wang Ling was dragged to the ground by the inertia of Wang Chaoyang s fall.Wang Ling struggled to get up, she called out softly to Wang Chaoyang Father, are you okay Wang Zhaoyang didn t respond, lying on the ground unable to move.Ah Wang Ling suddenly screamed, and the sound resounded throughout the valley.When Wei Renwu and the others heard Wang Ling s scream, they stopped immediately.Looking back, Wang Ling was crying loudly while hugging the fallen Wang Chaoyang.Wei Renwu and others immediately turned back and stepped forward to check.You are The special police suddenly recognized Wei Renwu, You are the detective Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu nodded and said, I am Wei Renwu, I Now I want you to stay where you are, and I will deal with this one.Okay.The special police officer lowered his vigilance and put his right hand from his waist.WeiMr.Wei, can I move Wu Wei kept bending over, and Wei Renwu s waist and abdomen began to feel sore during the short talk with the special police.You must not move, look below.Wei Renwu reminded.Wu Wei is now too greenhouse research cbd gummies scared to make an expression on his face, so he can only look down from the corner of his eye.It turns out that there is a yellow wire leading directly to the flowers.There must be something wrong with this wire.It may have been specially designed by the person who put it in to prevent accidental discovery, so you can t pull it outside.There is only one.Ordinary customers, in order to remove it accurately, will mark a unique lead wire, and green represents traffic, so So just cut off the green wire.Wu Wei excitedly said, finally Can be completely relieved.I m going to cut it.Wei Renwu said while cutting off a red thread.Don t, don t, don t Wu Wei exclaimed, but he couldn t stop Wei Renwu, so scared that Wu Wei quickly lay down on the ground, holding his head in his hands.Wu Wei buried his head on the ground, buried very deeply, and deeply believed that he would definitely die in the next second.But the next second passed, and he heard a sound, which was not the sound of an explosion, but Wei Renwu s mocking sound.Hahahahahaha, look at your bear, get up quickly.Wei Renwu laughed loudly with his cbd gummies delta 9 near me hands on his hips.Wu Wei stood up uneasily, stroked his body carefully, and said anxiously II m not dead yet.

It s not an explosion.If you want to die, you can hang yourself.Wei Renwu continued to laugh.But, you clearly cut the red line, why didn t it explode Wu Wei was puzzled.Guess what.Wei Renwu said with a smirk.Oh, I see, the one you cut is a false lead wire to cover up, so it won t explode.Wu Wei suddenly realized.Wei Renwu shook his head and said No, this one is the lead wire to be removed.Why not green Wu Wei couldn t understand, Didn t you just say that customers usually use green to mark the lead wire, which is convenient for yourself Demolish it Wei Renwu nodded and said I said so, but there is a premise here that the offender will not really detonate, but just wants to threaten someone so that the correct lead will be marked.And when we meet This guy is not trying to threaten anyone, he just wants to explode, he doesn t need to mark the correct fuse at all, if it is marked, it must be to confuse the bomb defusers, so you can t cut the green one, because if you cut it off, it will definitely explode.If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I cbd gummies delta 9 near me took pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.But Boss Wu is also a smart person, he knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully cbd gummies delta 9 near me capable of ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.At the same full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies can cbd gummies make you sick time, the company already knew that Lin Feng attacked Longsheng Real Estate Company at an auction held by Tianqi Auction House last night, and asked the other party to buy the second piece of green ecological land at a price of 8 billion.With the acquisition of a pile of green and ecological land, Lin Feng s prestige has once again risen to a higher level.2.The return of the young master.Just when the host was looking forward to the middle aged bald man and hoped that he would pay another 550 million, the middle aged bald man suddenly raised his hand.One sentence made the host stunned.New address .xnb.I abandon the best rated cbd gummies 2021 auction As soon full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies as the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.Did no one understand the purpose of his abandoning the auction If it was just to set the price, it was obvious that there was no need to say that he abandoned the auction.When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.NoBut Boss Wu is also a smart person.He knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family s property if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move., Many people can t avoid falling into it, so they often go bankrupt in the stock market, but have you ever seen a sad face You forgot when the stock market was in turmoil and you suffered losses Lin Feng pinched Mo Xiaonian s little nose.After several days of quarrel, Lin Feng had no idea why Mo Xiaonian was making trouble with him at that time, and Mo Ming had played chess well for several days.Later, Mo Tianxing told himself that if the stock market was in turmoil, he would never Don t provoke Mo Xiaonian, otherwise the consequences will be serious.But as soon as he said this, Lin Feng saw that Mo Xiaonian s face began to become agitated.This was a sign that Mo Xiaonian was about to get angry.Lin Feng, who had already touched Mo Xiaonian s temper, said quickly at this time Hey, don t get excited, baby, whatever you want to eat tonight, I ll make it for you I want to eat you Mo Xiaonian said viciously.

, Many people can t avoid falling into it, so they often go bankrupt in the stock market, but have you ever seen a sad face You forgot when the stock market was in turmoil and you suffered losses Lin Feng pinched Mo Xiaonian s little nose.After several days of quarrel, Lin Feng had no idea why Mo Xiaonian was making trouble with him at that time, and Mo Ming had played chess well for several days.Later, Mo Tianxing told himself that if the stock market was in turmoil, he would never Don t provoke Mo Xiaonian, otherwise the consequences will be serious.But as soon as he said this, Lin Feng saw that Mo Xiaonian s face began where to buy fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me to become agitated.This was a sign that Mo Xiaonian was about to get angry.Lin Feng, who had already touched Mo Xiaonian s temper, said quickly at this time Hey, don t get excited, baby, whatever you want to eat tonight, I ll make it for you I want to eat you cbd gummies delta 9 near me Mo Xiaonian said viciously.to revenge.Lin Feng was taken aback for a moment, could it be that cbd sleep gummies he encountered a top price of the same nature as before Abandon the auction Although the host was disappointed for a moment, he still said in a professional spirit Abandoning the auction is the right of every auctioneer.Now it is 510 million once, 510 million twice.The host paused intentionally, but still no one made a top price, so he could only make a final decision 510 million, deal, and the final buyer is Chairman Lin full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies can cbd gummies make you sick Donglin of our Jianfang Real Estate Company.Congratulations He There was warm applause at the scene, although this lot was not the one with the highest price in the entire auction, but as the finale lot was taken by Lin Feng, this person should be respected, the reason is also very simple, this is the According to the rules of the industry, the person who took the finale of the auction deserved such applause.When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be cbd gummies delta 9 near me too happy.But Boss Wu is also a smart person, he knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.For his own project, there was some time delay, and the longer a project was delayed, the company s profits would be lost.After signing the contract with Boss Liu and transferring the ownership of the first piece of green ecological building land, Lin Feng found Boss Wu, who bought the second piece of green ecological land, according to the agreement between himself and Boss Wu, included his own 4 billion in the 8 billion transaction price.When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng coming over, there was no smile on his face.It is estimated that this matter is the same for anyone.After all, the good 8 billion will be given to others with 4 billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is irreversible, Lin Feng will not be very happy.But Boss Wu is also a smart person, he knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future., many people can t avoid falling into cbd gummies delta 9 near me it, so they often go bankrupt in the stock market, but have you ever seen a sad face You forgot when the stock market was turbulent and cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies you suffered losses Lin Feng squeezed Mo Xiaonian He still remembers that not long after he moved here, Mo Xiaonian had quarreled with him for several days because where to buy fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me of a story turmoil.At that time, Lin Feng had no idea why Mo Xiaonian was arguing with him., Mo Mingqi was good at chess for several days, and then Mo Tianxing told himself that if the stock market is in turmoil, don t provoke Mo Xiaonian, otherwise the consequences will be serious.But as soon as he said this, Lin Feng saw that Mo Xiaonian s face began to become agitated.This was a sign that Mo Xiaonian was about to get angry.Lin Feng, who had already touched Mo Xiaonian s temper, said quickly at this time Hey, don t get excited, baby, whatever you want to eat tonight, I ll make it for you I want to eat you Mo Xiaonian said viciously.Mr.Lin, congratulations, but I haven t seen you interested in bronze wares before Zhu do cbd gummies have sugar Gan didn t say anything, but Secretary Li was a little curious.During this time, she stayed by Lin Feng s side almost every day.He is also aware of the fact that Lin Feng likes ancient styles, but the antiques that Lin Feng handed over before are also small objects, and he has never touched bronze wares.Lin Feng smiled I m just curious.I ve never touched bronze wares before.Buy it back and have a look.If this sword is real, then it s worth the price.I even picked up a big leak.Let s go.After the auction is over, we will sign the contract, and we still have four billion yuan to pay back, haha Since it was all backstage transactions, Lin Feng came to the backstage of the how many cbd gummies should i eat full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies auction after the auction to be in charge of the event.

The clerk cbd gummies delta 9 near me immediately went to prepare.Wei Renwu stood in front of the counter and looked at the female clerk with wretched eyes.She has a graceful figure, protruding forward and backward, and has an angelic face.Wei Renwu was a little tempted to look at it.The clerk prepared the milk tea and handed it to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu asked, How much Eight HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 near me yuan, sir.Wei Renwu took out the money and handed it to the clerk, and asked, Is your name Zhang Xiaoting Sir, Do you know me The clerk named Zhang Xiaoting asked doubtfully.Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I don t know you, but I want to cbd gummies delta 9 near me get to know you now.Zhang Xiaoting smiled and said, Uncle, you are not my type.Wei cbd gummies delta 9 near me Renwu also laughed, and he said with a smile If Normally, when I see beautiful girls, I will inevitably strike up a conversation, but today I want to meet you, not for the sake of striking up a conversation.Zhang Xiaoting burst out laughing, and she said with a smile, I m joking with you.Wei Renwu pursed his lips, and said, I never joke with beauties.Zhang Xiaoting covered her mouth and said with a smile Then let s hurry up, I m a little hungry.Wei Renwu strolled with Zhang Xiaoting on the campus of Sichuan University with a smile.Suddenly Wei Renwu whispered to Zhang Xiaoting There is a male student wearing metal framed glasses behind us.He looks a bit wretched.He seems to be following us.Is he your suitor Zhang Xiaoting didn t look back, as if she had eyes behind her back, and the eyes behind her back seemed to have seen the male student Wei Renwu mentioned.She said helplessly He often comes to my store to buy milk tea, but whether he is chasing me, I don t know.I know, maybe it means something to me, but he often follows me, which makes me feel a little scary.There is one more point Any other point Yue Ming still cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies couldn t believe it.Wei Renwu cbd gummies delta 9 near me said Don t you think that as an outsider, he is particularly concerned about the White Tiger Is there Yue Ming tried hard to think back for a while, and suddenly felt that what Wei Renwu said had some truth.Indeed, the two actions Wu Wei participated in were related to Yang Xi, and he asked to participate on his own initiative, but he had to make him doubt again.Yue Ming, a person who has already been approved by him, still can t do it, just like Wei Renwu was framed by Yang Xi as the mastermind of kidnapping Lin Xingchen, even though everything points to Wei Renwu, he also consistently believes in Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu said I know you can t accept it in your heart, but we can t let go of any doubts.Besides, we don t know Xiao Wu very well.Yue Ming Asked Have you ever met such a person Wei Renwu stubbed out the cigarette and threw it out of the window, nodding Yes, I have met.Yue Ming was finally persuaded by Wei Renwu and he had accepted it in cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies his heart Wu Wei is a suspicious person in this setting.Wei Renwu said again It s just that I don t have time to take care of Xiao Wu now.The most urgent thing is to recover the White Tiger.Only by recovering the Baihu can all the opponent s plans go to waste.Wei Renwu suddenly said to himself when he was about to go to Wenjiang He said to himself Wu Wei, Wu Wei, Wu Wei, the turtle, the turtle The pronunciation of Wu Wei and the turtle are still a little bit similar.Wei Renwu burst out laughing suddenly when he read the tortoise and said to himself, So that s why he is him.What are you talking about Yue Ming asked doubtfully.I can go surfing in a week.Can I not be in a hurry I have never been lying down like this in my life.Wei Renwu was very angry, but he couldn t move his body, almost his whole body was covered with plaster.There is always a first time in life.Yue Ming persuaded.Yeah, looking back on my first time, it was too fast, and I haven t felt happy yet.Wei Renwu said leisurely.What are you talking about cbd gummies pass a drug test Yue Ming blushed, I didn t mention that first time.Wei Renwu endured the pain all over his body, and laughed loudly They are all adults, so why not pretend I don t believe you kid didn t have sex with your girlfriends.I don t want to talk to you about this, I m almost disabled, and my mouth is not honest.Yue Ming shy like a little girl.Do you think I m that kind of honest person Wei Renwu said with a smile.Yue Ming quickly covered certified natures cbd gummies reviews his mouth.Wei Renwu whispered to Quan Kai Even if the scepter is priceless, the security work should be done by a professional security company or the police, and you, as a cbd gummies delta 9 near me detective, will be hired by the museum., there must have been another incident that forced them to hire you as a security guard.Quan Kai nodded and said, Sure enough, we can t hide it from Renwu, yes, before the scepter arrived at the Capital Museum , the museum received a letter What kind of letter is it What is written in the letter It is a letter wrapped in a white envelope.The letter paper is white cardboard made of high quality wood pulp.The letter is written with a pen.I will He took away Tutankhamun s Heka scepter on March 2, without a signature, but signed and drew a pattern.Quankai explained to Wei Renwu in detail.

It is true that there are some overkills, but in order to make the Egyptian side feel at ease, some powerful departments have to be used, but this also exposes a drawback.The Egyptian side is at ease, but the domestic media will not be at ease.They will think that there is something in it It s not that there are other strange things, because of the special nature of the Ministry of National Security and its inability to explain its work to the media, things will become more and more confusing, and this case will become more and more unclear.After Wei Renwu finished speaking After these words, Mr.Yu fell into deep thought.After he thought where to buy fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me for a long time, he said What you said makes sense.Since you can say that, I think you should have a way to deal with it.Wei Renwu replied confidently Said Of course, just like I said just now, you don t want to interfere in this matter, just hide aside and watch my performance.Wei Renwu speculated in his heart that the person who wrote such words should also be a courageous and self confident person.At the signature of the letter, there is a drawing of a galloping horse.This logo is unique to White Horse Pirates.Everyone who knows White Horse Pirates will know this logo.Wei Renwu put the letter card into the envelope, and put the envelope into his pocket.Wei Renwu said Director Guo, I want to go to the monitoring room to check the monitoring again.Guo Ling said Then please total pure brand cbd gummies follow me.The three of them came to the monitoring room again.Wei Renwu said to the security guard in the monitoring room Please fast forward four times faster, and help me to watch the day of the theft, all day surveillance.The security nodded and said, Okay, please wait a moment.He sat down on the chair in front of the monitoring wall, took out a Lan Jiao cigarette from his pocket and lit it, he had to concentrate his attention, and he had to use his eyesight to the limit to find out any suspicious things.Yue Ming was surprised You actually denied your inference, my God, this is the first time I have heard of it.Wei Renwu gave Yue Ming a blank look, and said, There s nothing surprising about it.Knowing your mistakes can improve you a lot.Besides, I m not a superman.Besides, it s not like a superman made mistakes.Yue Ming burst out laughing.However, at this time, Guo Ling couldn t laugh at all, the incident became more and more confusing, and the trace of the scepter became more and more blurred, but time passed bit by bit.Guo Ling said Mr.Wei, just like you reminded me, we still have two days left.If we still can t find the scepter, I believe that those who can t afford to walk around will definitely include you Wei Renwu laughed loudly, his voice trembling while laughing, took out a cigarette and put it near his mouth, he held back his smile, took a puff of cigarette, and said Who am I, Wei Renwu As long as I say that I can get the scepter back for three days, I will definitely get it back.He used your name to dismiss the guards in the exhibition room, and when the time came At that time, he hid in a corner where the surveillance could not see, took out the costume of the White Horse Thief from his backpack, and stole the scepter.We cannot see the White Horse Thief enter and escape from the museum from the surveillance because He never left the museum at all, and after he finished stealing, he immediately changed back to his clothes, and hid the scepter in his large windbreaker, cbd gummies delta 9 near me and ran back to the scene to catch the White Horse Thief with everyone , When everyone cbd gummies delta 9 near me really couldn t find the White Horse Bandit , he picked up the crime tools and left.Wei Renwu said a lot of words in one breath, and then he explained Li Yi s entire crime.It was fully open but went off topic and asked You only took one look Wei Renwu said proudly Of course, I, Wei Renwu, do I need to take a second look On the other side, Yue Ming said, Yes, you I ve been watching this for more than three hours.Mr.Yu sighed softly Anyway, the last time I heard about him was in Syria., He never showed up again after that.Syria Wei Renwu smiled, It really fits his style.So, I m sorry, Wei Renwu, I failed your trust.Although, I can t help you with this.I love you, so is there anything else you can do for me Mr.Yu tried to make amends for his guilt.Wei Renwu refused No, no one can replace his position in my heart, I must find him.Mr.Yu said Then what are your plans next Wei Renwu lit another Cigarette, slowly said Next, what should I do, I will continue to do until he appears.I hope Mr.Yu can help me pay attention to him, I must find him.Mr.Yu promised Don t worry, Even if you don t remind me, we ve been looking for someone like him, and I ll let you know as soon as we have news about him.Wei Renwu nodded and said, Thank you, Mr.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, Okay, I will go to his opening ceremony tomorrow.After eating, Wei cbdfx cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me Renwu went back on his own Home, after returning home, Yue Ming s anger still persisted, he said, Why, let s eat and drink outside.Wei Renwu didn t answer him, but sat on the sofa with a straight face.Yue Ming remembered this expression, which was Wei Renwu s thinking expression, which meant that something must have happened when Wei Renwu went out this time.Now that something happened, Yue Ming didn t have that kind of childish temper.He quickly let go of the preconceptions between the two and asked, What happened Wei Renwu said leisurely, I feel like I ve been challenged.Yue Ming didn t know So, he asked, What s the matter Wei Renwu told Lin Xingchen to him, and then repeated it to Yue Ming.

Because, from today, my Dongpo Detective Agency has been established.If you have any difficulties in the future, please come and step on the door of my firm.Shu Po will do everything he can to die.Liao Fan stood up and announced, In the name of the Public viralex cbd gummies Security Bureau, I announce that the Dongpo Detective Agency is formally established today.Actions will be regarded as legal actions by the Public Security Bureau, and every word and deed of the firm will how many cbd gummies should i eat full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies also represent the behavior of the Public Security Bureau.From now on, the security environment in Chengdu will enter a new era.Shu Po also followed suit Get up and say Then please Director Liao and Captain Zhao will cut the ribbon with me.At this time, two men held a ribbon across in front of the three of them, and another sexy beauty in revealing clothes was holding a tray, charmingly He stepped forward and handed the scissors in the tray to the three of them one by one.Wei Renwu was extremely serious, and Yue Ming rarely saw Wei Renwu say something so seriously, the last time he saw him , or he was dealing with the Fengshenhui.Damn it Yue Ming suddenly said with emotion, If cbd gummies delta 9 near me the Five Dou Rice Gang is not stopped as soon as possible, I am afraid cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies that the smoke and dark forces in Chengdu may set off a devastating subversion in Chengdu in order to protect themselves.Wei Renwu stroked Wearing a mustache, he nodded and said, That s right, this is the change you just mentioned.10.The storm rumbled, and thunder exploded in the sky.Immediately afterwards, lightning drew a long scar across the sky.The cbd gummies delta 9 near me moon has quietly disappeared, and the whole of Chengdu cbd gummies delta 9 near me is shrouded in a huge smoky darkness.This is the prelude to the coming storm.Under the smog, the feasting and feasting in Chengdu are still not reduced by half.Wei Renwu continued Actually, there were more than the deceased and Boss Li at the wine table at that time.Anyone who had the opportunity to strike, everyone at the table should have the opportunity, that is to say, the suspect was among ten Left and right.Yue Ming said anxiously There are so many people, how do we start an investigation Wei Renwu said It s actually very simple, just ask one of them and ask.Could it be that you mean, find Boss Li Ask Yue Ming asked.Wei Renwu shook his head and said You can t find Boss Li.Of course, Boss Li s line is the most direct and effective, but Boss Li is now in the hands of the police, and we are conducting a secret investigation HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 near me now, so the police can t know, so Boss Li s line is only I can give up.Then who should we turn to Yue Ming asked.Wei Renwu smiled, especially under the green light and shadow, Wei Renwu s smile looked very strange.Wei, you are here today not just for supper.It turned out to be the owner of this store, no wonder Wei Renwu would say that he was already here.Wei Renwu immediately picked up a bunch of skewers and ate them.While eating, he said, I mainly want to eat your skewers, so let me tell you something.The boss laughed and said, I m afraid Mr.Wei is here to persuade me.Let s go.Wei Renwu pursed his lips and said, To be honest, it s true.The boss snorted coldly and said, I can t let Master Hang s death be unclear. So you re the boss Yue Ming couldn t help but Ask questions.The boss glanced at Yue Ming, nodded and said That s right, I used to be a small member of the Tiancheng Gang , but I quit the Tiancheng Gang later.Yue Ming never expected that the owner of the Cold Pot Chuan Chuan where he and Wei Renwu often come to eat has a lot of background.Wei where to buy fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me Renwu himself is not completely sure that he can solve this case.Although Wei Renwu looks very confident, Yue Ming understands that Wei Renwu does not have much confidence in his heart.Yue Ming s cbd gummies delta 9 near me ability to see this is entirely due to the long term understanding between Yue Ming and Wei Renwu, because in previous cases, Wei Renwu would solve the case as if everything had been planned long ago, but in this case, Wei Renwu had no clue and could only solve the case.Look for clues step by step like a beginner.Yue Ming didn t want to discuss the Reaper case anymore, so he changed the subject and said, Let me tell you about the situation in the Public Security Bureau today.By cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies the way, Officer Zhang is going to fight for the position of the captain of the No.1 Serious Case Detachment.That s what he deserves.He knew that what Yue Ming said was absolutely serious, but he was a little helpless.Seeing that Wei Renwu didn t move, Yue Ming stood up and said, You re not going, are you I ll go.Yue Ming rushed out the door without looking back.Wei Renwu didn t stop Yue Ming, he was not good at expressing his true thoughts, even if he wanted to apologize to Yue Ming, he couldn t express it, he could only watch as Yue Ming misunderstood him and left, but he knew that Yue Ming Ming will always come back, because the truth is the truth, the truth is that he is really for the good of Yue Ming, and the truth will bring Yue Ming back.Yue Ming left the new home he bought for Jiang Mengdie.Instead of taking the elevator downstairs, he chose to take the dark stairs from the top of the building.Yue Ming didn t want to take the elevator, he didn t want anyone to see his current face, this face full of tears.

He looked around, and suddenly his mood really fell into hell.What about Jiang Mengdie Where did Jiang Mengdie go She was supposed to lie beside Yue Ming, she was still in harmony with Yue Ming before Yue Ming went to bed, but where is she now Yue Ming couldn t care less about the cold, he threw off the blanket, put on his clothes, and shouted to the dark house Xiaodie, Xiaodie, where are you Where are you There was no echo from Jiang Mengdie, only Yue Ming s empty voice echoed in the dark and empty room, and Yue Ming s heart was also empty at this time.He quickly put on his clothes, rushed out the door, and shouted to the door again Xiaodie, where have you been Yue Ming s voice was so piercing and heartbreaking.Yue Ming stood outside the door, when the sky suddenly began to drizzle, patting his face, and he also left his only tears, for a moment, the rain and tears blended together.As soon as he answered the phone, he heard Jiang Mengdie cbd gummies delta 9 near me s hurried voice Yue Ming, I need you.8.He must be a murderer.Human beings will subconsciously make some movements when they are frightened.Yue Ming was quite frightened now.He sneaked into this private house, but now he was discovered.He didn t even see what the other person looked like, so he subconsciously took out the high voltage electric shock he had prepared.The rod stabbed straight cbd gummies delta 9 near me behind the source of the sound.Ah The man fell down in response, and at the moment when the man fell, Yue Ming saw his appearance clearly.It was an uncle with a wrinkled face, wearing a pure white nightgown, and his body was still exuding a strong smell of alcohol Yue Ming was a little worried at this moment.He had never tested the power of the electric shock baton, and he didn t know if the wounded would be life threatening after it hit someone.Yue Ming asked curiously, Where did he go Lin Xingchen shrugged, and said helplessly, Who knows I only know that he was still looking for me before he went on a business trip.Borrowed a thousand yuan for travel expenses.In fact, Wei Renwu didn t go too far, after leaving Yue Ming s house, he immediately went to the East Railway Station and bought a ticket to Nanchong, a city in eastern Sichuan.Everything Wei Renwu does has a reason, and it is a very reasonable reason, so we also have reason to believe that this time he will be no exception.Nanchong is not far from Chengdu, and it only takes one and a half hours to get there by train.After arriving in Nanchong, he hired a taxi and took him directly to Chuanzhong Prison.Why did he come to a prison in Nanchong Of course there was a reason for this.Xu Lu said the name of that person without hesitation.When the name was said, the voice seemed so gentle.Wei Renwu said again Oh, the original name is Ling Feng.I think Mr.Xu loves this person very much, even though you murdered him.Xu Lu admitted Yes, I love him, even after two years, I still can t forget him, Mr.Wei s words are somewhat mocking, is it funny to love someone No, no, it s not funny at all, ordinary love is very serious, let alone Mr.Xu and this Ling The love of the wind.Wei Renwu said very seriously, lest Xu Lu misunderstand his intention again.Xu Lu asked puzzledly, Mr.Wei means that the love between me and Ling Feng is not ordinary Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, Of course, same sex love is the purest love in full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies can cbd gummies make you sick the world, even though I am a straight man , but I still admire this kind of love very much, and this handsome T is indeed more attractive than most men.I don t understand why you have to stay here all the time Lin Xingchen sighed softly I m not afraid that you will be bored alone.Yue Ming said You will not be bored, I think you should go outside and find some evidence to prove Jiang Mengdie s existence instead of guarding This is a waste of time.Lin Xingchen said Just now Xiao Wei called and said that Wei Renwu has come back, and he is looking for evidence outside, so you don t have to worry.Yue Ming said coldly Him No, I I don t trust him.Lin Xingchen asked suspiciously What happened to you two But no matter what unpleasant things you have had, it cannot be denied that Wei Renwu is the only person who can prove Jiang Mengdie s existence, and you should still rely on him to be saved.Yue Ming snorted heavily, and said, I don t need him.He won t admit that he knows Jiang Mengdie at all.She needs stronger protection, and Yue Ming is her protection.Jiang Mengdie pushed away Yue Ming s hand how many cbd gummies should i eat full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies and wiped her tears by herself.She said, It s too late.I should be punished for what I did wrong.I deserve what I m going through now.Yue Ming grabbed Jiang Mengdie shook her head and said, No, as long as you have the heart, it will never be too late.I will take you away.Jiang Mengdie felt the warmth of Yue Ming s palm, but she still broke free, she said dejectedly Look around us, where do you think you can take me We can t go anywhere at all, we can t even get out reassure gummies cbd of this room, let s face it, Yue Ming.Yue Ming is different from Jiang Mengdie, his There was still a hopeful smile on his face, he smiled and said As long as you are full of hope, anything is enough, don t mention this room, I can take you away from the ends of the earth.

He hired teachers with high salaries to teach in this remote village, and this benevolent man even made a special trip to name the primary school after his younger brother.Yutang Elementary School.After Wei Renwu s story was finished, he could already see Yue Ming s tears streaming down uncontrollably.Yue Ming said with tears streaming down his face Is this her story Wei Renwu sighed, nodded and said, Yes, she cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies asked me to tell you her story in the hope that you could see the real her, the one she deceived.All the money spent in this school, she doesn t want you to remember her as just a bad woman, so this is why I brought you here, and I don t want you to forget her, I just hope You will always remember her, remember the best of her, this is the way you should commemorate.Yue Ming didn t answer, he couldn t say anything, and now everything he said seemed powerless.A man with how many cbd gummies should i eat full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies a full body and messy hair sat up on the bed in shock.Yang Wen er pointed a gun at the man on the bed and shouted, Lie down on the bed with your hands behind your back.The man had no choice but to do what Yang Wen er said.Lei Long took out the handcuffs, stepped forward and handcuffed the man.The man tried his best to argue What crime did I commit, why did you arrest me Yang Wen er rushed forward, pointed the gun at the man s head, and said fiercely The evidence of your crime will be found immediately.At this time, Yue Ming said in Maili In order to facilitate the destruction of evidence at any time, the drugs must be hidden in the toilet.Officer Lei went to search carefully.Lei Long took the order and got into the toilet.Yue Ming said again Officer Lei, you can detect drugs does amazon sell real cbd gummies with the scanning wand I gave you.So, what exactly does Lin Xingchen want to treat me to Wei Renwu asked.I don t know.Yue Ming was a little embarrassed.Lin Xingchen only said please eat, but didn t say what to chalice cbd gummies eat.Wei Renwu smiled slightly and said, Call Lin Xingchen now and ask Lin Xingchen to treat me to Minshan Restaurant.When Yue Ming heard about Minshan Restaurant , he was startled.Of course, a person of Yue Ming s social status is nothing, but Lin Xingchen only earns such a meager monthly income, so it is a bit embarrassing for Wei Renwu to ask Lin Xingchen to treat guests at the Minshan Hotel.Seeing Yue Ming s hesitant expression, Wei Renwu said, Why don t you call Yue Ming immediately took out his cell phone, he couldn t disobey Wei Renwu, otherwise Wei Renwu would go back on his word, and he would be the one in trouble.Lin Xingchen sneered, How can someone as thick skinned as you be embarrassed Wei Renwu laughed Said Yeah, so a thick skinned person like me, didn t he just come to see you Okay, stop playing tricks with you, come in with me quickly.Lin Xingchen urged.Lin Xingchen reserved a large private room.There is a large round table enough for a dozen people to sit in the private room, but now there are only three of them.Yue Ming guessed that there must be other people, so he lipt cbd gummies asked Captain Lin, are there other people Is it Lin Xingchen shook his head and said, There is no one else, cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies just the three of us.Is it too loose for us to sit at such a big table Yue Ming wondered.No, I just like big tables.Wei Renwu said leisurely.While speaking, Wei Renwu had already taken the guest seat.Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen also faced each other and sat down.Wei Renwu said without denying Of course, he is my man.Even if he cali naturals cbd gummies runs to the ends of the world, he will rest and escape from my Wuzhishan Mountain.Xu Jiu said In order to keep me, did you not hesitate to destroy that car Yue Ming interjected at this moment, and he said harshly That s not a car, that s a sativa cbd gummies Maserati , that s Maserati Yue Ming is heartbroken now, for men, especially those who love cars, sometimes their own cars are just like their wives, the car is destroyed, in their minds, and The feeling of the dead wife is the same.Wei Renwu laughed and said Xiao Yue, don t be cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies so stingy, the body is still there, and the traffic police will definitely drag it back later.When I came back to collect the body, it can be repaired.Yue Ming was about to cry, he was sad Said A HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 near me healthy athlete, after experiencing a major injury, can t recover to his peak moment, let alone a machine, the body is brought back, it is also a scrapped car.Xu Jiu crawled out from the secret path, and the exit of the secret path was hidden in the flowers and plants on the cbd gummies delta 9 near me side of the road.Just as Tang Yu said, opposite the flowers and plants is Xu Jiu s destination Yang s Mutton Steamed Bun Shop.Xu Jiu observed the street and ran to the store cautiously when there was no one there.The door of the store was locked with a chain lock, but HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 near me Xu Jiu couldn t be bothered.Unlocking the wire lock was Xu Jiu s introductory homework as an agent.The door of the store was opened, and there was no one else in the store.The owner of this store should have gone home, which is also a matter of course, no one will be in his store in the early morning.Xu Jiu closed the store door, and immediately ran to the backyard of the store.Just as Xu Jiu took two steps, the store door was suddenly opened.

Yue Ming said Shall we go up to the ground first Wei Renwu shook his head and said, Don t go up to the ground first, if no cbd gummies delta 9 near me one is guarding us, then it means there are cbd gummies delta 9 near me guards on the ground, and before the fire in the basement goes out, I noticed that there is a fire in the south of the basement.Daomen, let s go in and try our luck.Yue Ming said again It s very strange, why is no one guarding us Wei Renwu said I don t know what kind of medicine they sell in their gourds.Wei Renwu urged Here It s too dark, hold my hand tightly, I ve memorized the location of that door, and I ll take you there.Wei Renwu grabbed Yue Ming s hand and slowly moved towards the door in his memory.It always felt weird for Yue Ming to be grabbed by a man, but now he couldn t help being embarrassed, they had to find Xu Jiu quickly, otherwise, as Wei Renwu said, once Xu Jiu handed over such a crucial thing, She will be more or less fortunate.Long Qian still jumped out of the original box, he did not cross the Grand Canyon.Long Qian laughed loudly and said, I m just joking with everyone, take back your questioning expressions, and then it s time to truly witness the miracle.Long Qian jumped back into the box again, before closing the box, Smiling at the camera, he said, Next, switch the camera to the second live broadcast, and wait quietly.This time, the camera really showed the second live broadcast, and the camera circled around, proving that it was the real second live broadcast The scene, and gave the camera to the box here.A minute later, the box was opened with a bang, and Long Qian really jumped out of the box, shouting Gentlemen and ladies, thank you for watching this historic moment.2.It turned out to be Such a stunning clown.Only then did Yue Ming say I was guarding the elevator entrance and found that the elevator had stopped on the sixth, tenth, and thirteenth floors.They should be on these floors.Wei Renwu reprimanded If you say no earlier, it will be over.How much time can be saved, let s go, let s go find them. etc.Yue Ming pulled Wei Renwu back, We want to knock on the door one by one Wei Renwu gave Yue Ming a blank look, and said, Otherwise, how do you think you should look for him Yue Ming said But, wouldn t it be a little too abrupt to knock on the door with such fanfare The teacher is unknown, cbd gummies delta 9 near me of course it is abrupt.Wei Renwu took out a document from his pocket, If the police came to investigate cbd gummies delta 9 near me the case, wouldn t everything be logical Yue Ming saw the police badge on the cover of the certificate cbd gummies delta 9 near me at a glance, and exclaimed Where cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies did you get this thing Wei Renwu smiled and said For the convenience of handling the case, I went to the Jiuyan Bridge to apply for a certificate.So that s it That s it That s it Wei Renwu repeated three times, he was so excited that he lost his composure.The old lady and the little girl were frightened by Wei Renwu where to buy fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me s demeanor, and they didn t understand why he suddenly became like this.What happened Yue Ming asked.Hahahaha Wei Renwu laughed again, completely ignoring Yue Ming.Wei Renwu said with a smile So, the child likes the Minion doll very much, and you don t buy it for her How do you know The old lady looked like she saw a ghost.It s exactly right, Yes, my son and daughter in law are supporting the country in Africa, and I m the only one with my granddaughter at home.I always feel that I can t spoil my child too much, so cbd gummies delta 9 near me my child cbd gummies delta 9 near me asked me to buy this for her several times.I didn t even agree to the yellow man s baby.Understood.Wei, you are finally here.Wei Renwu picked up a cigarette and said Have you been waiting for a long time Captain Zhang.Zhang Feng waved his hands repeatedly and said, No, I just arrived, and Mr.Wei and cbd gummies delta 9 near me Xiao Yue came in time.Wei Renwu smiled slightly, and Yue Ming drove the car into the community, Find a suitable parking space and stop.When Wei Renwu and Yue Ming got out of the car, Zhang Feng said, Mr.Wei and Xiao Yue, please come with me.I have sent my men to guard the scene in advance, and now we will take over.Zhang Feng brought Wei Renwu and Yue Ming to c Room 1611 on the sixteenth floor of the building.The door of the room was opened, and the police line had been drawn outside the door.Wei Renwu, Zhang Feng, and Yue Ming walked into the room, only to see two HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 near me policemen, one tall and one short, chatting and laughing happily, while puffing and puffing.However, I should still be acquitted.Wei Renwu said Master Long, you are wrong again, I, Wei Renwu, am not unwilling to stand up, I will never bow to any case, whether it is this case , or other cases that I can t solve for the time being.I will definitely come forward in your case, but I am not here to help you clear your grievances, but to formally arrest you.Long how many cbd gummies should i eat full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies Qian was surprised What Wei Wei Mister still thinks that I am the murderer Wei Renwu said, Of course.Long Qian wondered, Don t Mr.Wei believe my alibi Long Qian said Mr.Wei, you know for twenty nine hours, you can t find evidence to prove that I am the murderer, what will I do Long Qian s words seemed to be threatening, but Wei Renwu said indifferently You Do you think I will consider those impossible things Long Qian said Let me tell you, Mr.

So the three got into the police car and started looking for a photo studio near Tongzilin.Li Long and Liu Hong sat in the front seat of the police car, and Yue Ming sat in the back seat.Yue Ming suddenly put his head in the front seat, and said to the two, I see, the person you are talking about is Captain Zhang, right Youwhat are you talking about Li Long couldn t help shouting.The expressions of the two of them at this time were like a young couple who had been caught cheating by the teacher.A smug smile appeared on the corner of Yue Ming s mouth, he said with a smile I m not cbd gummies delta 9 near me stupid, I can see that you are not satisfied with Captain Zhang.Yue Ming is indeed not stupid, on the contrary, he is actually very smart, but a little dull, so He just reacted.We don t.Li Long didn t admit it.It s normal for him not to admit it.Yue Ming cursed himself.Oh Wei Renwu suddenly called out.What s wrong Mr.Wei Yue Ming asked doubtfully.Wei Renwu ordered Let the police clean up the scene.There s nothing to see here.I m going out for a while.After speaking, Wei Renwu ran away.Yue Ming looked at Wei Renwu s back and shouted Mr.Wei, where can I find you later Yue Ming only heard Wei Renwu s voice from a distance I will call you later.Yue Ming Ming said helplessly to himself Okay.Wei Renwu rushed out of the photo studio, stopped a taxi immediately, jumped into the taxi, and shouted to the taxi driver Master, Public Security Bureau, hurry up The driver said blankly, Are you in a hurry Urgent.Wei Renwu replied anxiously.The driver showed a puzzled smile and said, Then put on the seat belt.Wei Renwu put on the seat belt according to the driver s instructions.A resolute female voice came from behind Yue Ming.Yue Ming looked back in frustration, and it turned out that Lin Xingchen in police uniform was standing behind Yue Ming.Yue Ming wanted to give Lin Xingchen a smile, but he couldn t smile at all in his current mood.He still tried to make a joke Captain Lin, you really sound like Mr.Wei.Lin Xingchen said disdainfully He learned from me, when he was studying, he followed me like a follower.Yue Ming said Captain Lin, why are you here Lin Xingchen replied I came to see you, Wei Renwu has already told me that he gave you the task before he left, and he also told you that once you fail, you will definitely be full of frustration, and eventually even the courage to do the task will disappear.Yue Ming said Then Wei Mister told you, where did he go Lin Xingchen shook his head and said, Don eagle hemp cbd gummies cost t think that he will tell me everything when he is so close to me, but in fact, you are closer to him than me, and he didn t tell you.Strictly speaking, Brother Qian is your enemy.How can you put up with me and Qian Did you become friends Mr.Wei, what are you thinking Don t play me Wei Renwu burst out laughing when he heard Yue Ming s words.He laughed and said, What are you thinking about in your head You really managed to make me laugh.To tell you the truth, I m not angry because I think your brother Qian is a good man, and you have no problem making friends with him.On the contrary, I m quite happy. What do you think Is he a good person Yue Ming felt his thoughts were a little messy, Why do you think so suddenly It doesn t make sense Wei Renwu stubbed out his cigarette and said leisurely, Didn t you forget that I have been away for so many days A few days , many things can happen, and many views can be changed.Only then did Yue Ming realize that it was Wei Renwu who had been asking him about the past few days, but he forgot to ask what happened in the past few days when Wei Renwu disappeared.The real Wei Renwu cbd gummies delta 9 near me had already died outside.Yue Ming sighed What happened to you in the past few days What made you like this After all, are you Mr.Wei Going up, first he had to see if Wei Renwu s mustache was real.Wei Renwu is not a toy, his mustache is not for Yue Ming to touch.Wei Renwu grabbed Yue Ming s wrist, turned over, and the two changed positions.Wei Renwu stood up, while Yue Ming was savagely beaten He fell hard on the sofa.Wei Renwu said This time, do you think I am Mr.Wei Yue Ming got up from the sofa, stroked the painful tailbone, and said convincingly If you can fight so well, it must be Mr.Wei, so, Mr.Wei, What have you experienced Wei Renwu folded his hands and said, What you have experienced is no longer important, because in this experience, I found that the previous inferences were all wrong, so the previous experience was a waste of time, cbd gummies delta 9 near me and it is not important at all.When did you start to become so complicated Where is my simple Xiaoyue going Already Yue Ming said ashamedly Let s trust you once, but you made such a fuss today, which embarrassed Brother Qian a little bit, you must know that Brother Qian invited us with good intentions, even though the things didn t suit your taste, But there is nothing wrong with his essence, right Wei Renwu nodded and said, You are right, I also feel that I owe him a little, how about this, let s go to him again tomorrow.Go to him again Let others treat us to a meal Are we a bit too thick skinned Yue Ming really couldn t agree with Wei Renwu s thoughts.Bah Wei Renwu said sternly, Who do you think I am Am I the kind of person who eats and drinks while eating Yue Ming pouted and said, It seems to be true.Wei Renwu stubbed out the cigarette and used a large Thumb, pointing to his nose and said I m not that kind of person, I mean, let s go to him again tomorrow, treat him to a meal, save a little face, and we can choose a restaurant that suits my taste Why not do it.

Yue Ming said anxiously Forget it, brother Qian, let s not eat this.Aren t you going to eat this Long Qian didn t want to do it anymore, How can I do that, you specially invited me to eat this, I must try it, besides, I really have no stomach problems now.Regardless of objections, Long Qian insisted I picked up some beef and tasted it.After eating it, I was full of praise It s really delicious.It s much better than the so called delicacies I usually eat.It s true that the best things are hidden in the most authentic places.Yue Ming saw that after Long Qian ate, he didn t have any more stomach troubles, and he was quite happy, so he was relieved.Therefore, Yue Ming also started to move his chopsticks, and the two chatted and laughed while eating, and the atmosphere was very happy and harmonious.Wei Renwu didn t answer, but just stretched out his right thumb and pointed to the Public Security Bureau building behind him.It seems that Long Qian has been brought into the Public Security Bureau.Yue Ming asked suspiciously, Why did you let Captain Zhang take away Brother Qian Didn t you say that Brother Qian was innocent before Wei Renwu threw away the cigarette, spread his hands, and sighed softly, I have to tell cbd gummies delta 9 near me you this.Humility, I lied to you and used you by the way.What s going on Yue Ming s anger had reached the extreme, he felt like a monkey, being cbd gummies delta 9 near me played by this person for a while, and for a while.Being tricked by that person again, he was the only one kept in the dark about everything.Wei Renwu said seriously Do you want to see Long Qian Yue Ming was stunned for a moment, he thought that Wei Renwu would stop him from seeing Long Qian, but Wei Renwu surprised him again by asking Yue Ming to see Long Qian first.Especially now, Yue Ming is in a state of confusion.Following Old Man Hu into the house may be in danger.After all, there are five people in the Reaper , and there is only one person in their hands now.Maybe the other four people are ambush in the house.But it s not a solution not to go into the house with old man Hu, and to stand at the door all the time.Old man Hu suddenly sneered, and said, Have your guts been eaten by dogs Now I am a grasshopper in your hands, and I will die if I pinch it, how can you still be afraid of me Lin Xingchen could see that it was difficult for Yue Ming to make a decision, so she had to make the decision herself, so she decided Let s go, Xiao Yue, let s go in and have a look.Since we are here, we can t be afraid.Even if there is danger inside, they must bite the bullet, otherwise the meaning of their coming here will be gone.Lin Xingchen pushed old man Hu and said, Go in, Reaper , I want to see what tricks you are up to.Reaper Old man Hu said blankly, I don t understand what you are calling Who Up to now, you are still pretending, you really know how to act.Lin Xingchen taunted, while escorting old man Hu into the room.Old man Hu s house is very simple.The decoration style is the white walls and oil floors that can be seen everywhere in the 1980s.The house is full of practical and not extravagant furniture.But these are not the focus of Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen s attention.What they are concerned about is that there is no danger in the house, which is completely beyond their expectations.This title was a little dazed, as if he was not a ghost of death.In order to eliminate his doubts, Yue Ming decided to try again.Old man Hu guessed that there was a bedroom behind that door, and there must be someone in the bedroom.The door was ajar, because old man Hu heard a delicate female voice coming from behind the door Baby, what are you waiting for Don t you still full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies can cbd gummies make you sick kiss me Old man Hu is very familiar with this voice, this is His wife s voice that envied others, usually his wife would not bear to call him baby , but now it is on someone else s bed, calling him other people s baby.Old man Hu s face turned red with anger.Of course, the living room was pitch black, and others couldn t see his red face when he was angry, but this didn t mean that everyone couldn t feel the anger of old man Hu, because old man He had already rushed towards the bedroom, and no one else had cbd gummies penis time to stop him.boom Old man Hu didn t use to push open the bedroom door, he kicked it open with his feet.I need you to show me something to prove yourself.I know that thing, and you must still keep it.Old man Hu put away his smile, his entire expression froze He stopped, as if he knew what Yue Ming was talking about.Lin Xingchen was the only one who didn t know, and Lin Xingchen asked suspiciously Xiaoyue, what are you talking about Yue Ming didn t answer, he was waiting for old man Hu to come up with an answer.Old man Hu said to Lin Xingchen This female police officer, can you let me take out that kind of thing for you I don t have a weapon on me, and my body is not good enough.Even if you use your bare hands, I can t beat you.If you add something In this room, I will not leave your sight.Lin Xingchen glanced at Yue Ming again, she meant to let Yue Ming make a decision.Yue Ming nodded, meaning to let Lin Xingchen put down the gun.

Old man Hu said firmly I absolutely It hasn t been swapped, so it s Mingbi.The cbdfx cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me only possibility is that old man Hu swapped the bag, if he said it wasn t him, then he must be lying, cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies Lin Xingchen didn t trust old man Hu before, that s why.Yue Ming said I believe in you, that s why I am very distressed, why does the money of the living become the money of the dead Old man Hu shook his head and said, I really don t know.Besides, why would someone send money to Yinsi Street I have seen the delivery address of the courier, from all over the country, sent by different people.Yue Ming said Those people sent money to Yinsi Street, they hired Death to kill some people.Who is the Death This was the question Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen lingered in Mr.Hu s mind as soon as they entered the door.He had never heard of this title before.Old man Hu agreed That s right, that s what I thought.Yue cbd gummies delta 9 near me Ming went on said Then, it s possible that person did it.16.Courier A few weeks ago, Yue Ming and Wei Renwu cbdfx cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me had a big fight at home because of the 10 million.In a fit of anger, Yue Ming slammed the door and left.Afterwards, when Yue Ming returned to Chengdu, something had happened to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu was not angry after Yue Ming left.This was originally his plan.He wanted to face this danger alone.Now he can complete this task without distraction.Wei Renwu had a good night s sleep first.He had to adjust his mental state to the best in order to complete this plan well.After waking up naturally the next day, Wei Renwu went to the bank to withdraw the 10 million cash he stole from Yue Ming.He packed 10 million cash back home in a luggage bag, and then called STO Express to pick it up.Professor Fang focused on two tasks, while continuing to monitor the left and right communities, while playing back the images recorded by the camera.Professor Fang put the camera on at twelve o clock in the evening.In the early hours of the morning, there were not many people entering and leaving the left and right communities.At two o clock in the morning, one person entered the third unit of the left and right communities.This person caught Professor Fang s attention.To be precise, it was more than one person, it was a man with his arms around a woman.The man was wearing a windbreaker with a cigarette in his mouth, and the woman was wearing a seductive, close fitting skirt, showing off her graceful figure.The woman snuggles into the arms of the man, and the man whispers obscene words in the woman s ear, which makes the woman run wild.As soon as Professor Fang entered the Miracle Bar , the bartender greeted him and asked politely, Do you have a reservation Professor Fang coldly shook his head and said, five cbd gummies reviews There is no reservation, so there are no seats in the bar The waiter smiled and said, Not necessarily, it depends on how many guests there are.I m the only one, Professor Fang replied.The waiter said There is a shortage of seats right now, so I don t know if the guests would mind sitting on the chairs by the bar first I will arrange a good seat for the guests when there is space available.Professor Fang said The bar counter is very good.I came here two days ago and sat at the bar counter.I just sat at the bar counter.There is no need to change my seat.So Professor Fang sat at the bar counter and ordered a cup of Long Island Iced Tea.Wow After Liu Hongyun was dazed, he found the old lady and immediately stepped on the brakes.Fortunately, his Ferrari s brake performance was excellent, so no tragedy happened.What s the matter Xiao Tan heard the strange movement on Liu Hongyun s side, and asked with concern.Liu Hongyun simply parked the car to the side of the road, and then replied It s okay, let s continue to talk cbd gummies delta 9 near me about the mission.Speaking of Wei Renwu, is that the criminal investigation consultant Wei Renwu who is often mentioned in the news In other words, it s that Wei Renwu. Huh Liu Hongyun seemed a cbdfx cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me little excited, how much cbd oil in each gummy This time, this is an incredible task.Xiao Tan said, This time the task is different from what we have received in the past.All the missions we have been through are different, and it is an extremely dangerous mission, so we have to be very, very careful.Zuo Liang didn t want to continue asking, so cbd gummies delta 9 near me he said It s okay, if you don t want to say it, don t cbd gummies delta 9 near me say it, anyway, it s over, and you should learn to turn the page at any time, right Lei Jia still didn t speak, just nodded.Zuo Liang asked again Then, Jiajia, you came to Chengdu, don t you have a place to stay tonight Lei Jia shook his head and said, This is my first time in Chengdu.When I set off from Shanghai, I just wanted to quickly go to a strange city where no one knew me.I didn t think about who I would join or where I would stay.Maybe, I You should find a hotel to live in first, and then find a place to rent.How can I do that Zuo cbdfx cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 near me Liang asked anxiously, You are a girl who lives in a hotel by yourself, what should you do if you are in danger Chengdu is not It s so peaceful in your imagination, and there are many criminals at night, you must not stay in a hotel.

Lei Jia didn t speak, she was embarrassed Answer, can only acquiesce in the fact that Zuo Liang treats guests.Zuo Liang called the waiter over, ordered a steak valley cbd gummies for himself, and recommended Lei Jia the most expensive steak, and then asked Lei Jia Can I have some red wine When eating steak, if there is no red wine, it s like It s absolutely impossible to eat hot pot without chili.Men always hope that women can drink a little wine cbd gummies delta 9 near me testo cbd gummies when they eat with them, because wine can open up a woman s sour cbd oil gummies nature, and reservedness will become licentious, and impossibility will also become The possibilities are endless.Lei Jia nodded and said, I can drink a little.Whether a woman can drink or not, as long as she drinks with you alone, it means that she has let go of all her defenses in front of you.Zuo Liang naturally understood this truth, and he happily said to the waiter, A bottle of 1982 red wine.Wang Xuanmin came to a store according to the address cbd gummies delta 9 near me given by Mr.Zhang.The store was in a very remote place, and there was a dilapidated signboard hanging at the door, which said Zhang s Decoration Repair Shop.And sitting at the door of the store was a middle aged man dressed dirty and fat like a mountain of meat.The middle aged man was holding a bowl as big as a washbasin and feeding himself into his mouth.Wang Xuanmin walked into the fat man and asked respectfully, Excuse me, is this Mr.Zhang The surname is HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 near me Zhang.The Mr.Zhang you are looking for should be me.I think you are the Wang Min who is going to apply for the job.Wang Xuanmin nodded and said I am Wang Min.I have been doing renovations for a long time Mr.Zhang interrupted Wang Xuanmin and said, Don t say anything, just look at the broken wooden door behind me.If you put the brown sugar water from the guests in and heat it, it full spectrum apple rings cbd gummies can cbd gummies make you sick will inevitably smell like gasoline.Holding the water glass, the waiter glanced at Boss Zuo s booth.He found that Boss Zuo hadn t noticed it for a while, so he put the water glass aside and turned on the microwave oven, hoping that the smell of gasoline would dissipate in a few minutes.Then put the water cup in and heat it up.At this time, a new customer came to the door of the bar, a man with cropped hair and hip hop clothes.It was not the welcome waiter who greeted the man, but another waiter in the middle of the hall, that waiter rushed to the hip hop man, smiled and said, It s you, guest, do you still remember me Thirty two, the man in the hip hop outfit smiled and replied Of course I remember you.Didn t I tell you last time I came here that we will meet again if we are destined, and the fate will come soon.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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