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cbd gummies for sale in phx az cbd gummies for cats how to make gummy bears with cbd cbd gummies best for sleep HCMUSSH.

Never cbd sour gummies 1000mg cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummies best for sleep give the British such a chance Guo Yunfeng didn t move anymore, but stared at the opposite side, patiently catching the target.A good hunter needs a lot of patience.Sometimes, in order to hunt a prey, he can even wait patiently for a day.And now that s exactly the case Hunting Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng are hunters, and the British soldiers on the opposite side are the prey Time seemed to stand still, and there was a deathly silence on the battlefield.No one spoke, no one looked cbd gummies best for sleep up.Now the comparison is the patience of both sides.At this time, a British soldier HCMUSSH cbd gummies best for sleep finally couldn t bear his temper, and poked his head out of his hiding place with half of his head.Just this half of the head is enough Another bullet pierced through his head like a poisonous snake The war game officially begins now There is another chapter today, and I am rushing home from other places.Whether it cbd gummies for sale in phx az 1000mg cbd gummies effects is in the eyes of Manstein or Richthofen, Corporal Adolf Hitler is used to fill the number.Throughout the course of the operation, he only played an auxiliary role.The reason why Manstein and Richthofen did not neglect him was entirely because he was Baron cbd gummies best for sleep Alexon s confidant.The assassination of Pompestein even alarmed Wilhelm II, and a big manhunt was launched throughout Berlin.But in any case, those people would not doubt the heads of the nobles like Manstein.Of course, you can t stay here for long.Compared with Berlin, which is far away from war, Wang Weiyi still prefers to stay on the battlefield.The day how long cbd gummies stay in your system cbd gummies for sale in phx az after attending Countess Leonie s banquet, Wang Weiyi decided to leave Berlin.Richthofen also decided to go back to the front with him.After resting in Berlin for a while, except for the assassination of Pompestein, which gave him a little exercise, the comfortable life really made him suffocate.The two sides are currently in a state of confrontation, and no one is willing to take the initiative to initiate provocations.From the current point cbd gummies for sale in phx az 1000mg cbd gummies effects of view, the Battle of the Somme seems to have come to an end This battle has made a man famous Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm How many miracles did he create in this battle It s hard for anyone to figure it out.His name spread throughout the German army, the British army, the French army, and the entire Somme.The officers and soldiers of the supplementary battalion also felt lucky to have such an officer.The arrival of the rainy season makes life boring.A sharpshooter like Bon Crayley can still find some fun in hunting enemies, but others will find it boring.The large scale offensive has basically stopped, the shelling has become sporadic, the planes have not seen each other for a long time, and the battlefield has fallen into a deathly silence.Seeing the distance from the fat colonel, Manstein said in a ferocious low voice Ernst, you are definitely not A gentleman, I swear you are not I have to tell Elena to go and make her reconsider her choice.Wang Weiyi smiled, and said in a low voice, Come on, Fritz, when I go back this time, I ll help you find a good shotgun.He remembered that Manstein s greatest hobby was hunting, which was very popular among the nobles in both Germany HCMUSSH cbd gummies best for sleep and Russia.Are you cbd gummies best for sleep sure I am sure.Manstein s face became better now.Hey, Moyol, Yunal, hurry up.Colonel Gustav on the stretcher shouted at this time.I love this fat man.Wang Weiyi laughed in a low voice.Indeed, without this fat colonel, there might be some twists and turns in entering Lance, but the occasional rescue made it easier to sneak into the French.It s just that the special unit can only come in.This is a good waybut I want half. Watts said slyly.As long as we can be protected and sent out safely, I m willing to give you half, Mr.Simond.Wang Weiyi smiled.Well, I think we can discuss how to do it carefully. Watts has been completely confused by Wang Weiyi s planor more precisely, by two hundred and twenty Pounds cbd gummies best for sleep of gold fascinated Is there anything more attractive in this world than gold And Wang Weiyi made up such a golden story just because he needed the help of Mr.Watts and needed to use his power at the time.It is too difficult to kidnap Kilok from so many French troops relying solely on cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc the strength of twenty or so people.Use every power at your disposal The noisy men and women in the reception kept coming, but it didn t affect the two people who were whispering here.The harvest of this banquet is undoubtedly huge.Almost everyone s eyes revealed a smirkexcept Elenaeveryone was guessing Has the countess looked at Baron Alexon This powerful countess can do anything she wants to do.Of course, this is not a good thing for Elena Aside from being younger than the countess and full of youthful vigor, Elena doesn t seem to have the upper hand Wang Weiyi also has some headaches.Since the trial, he has stayed away from Berlin.Those are German politics He really doesn t want to get involved in any right and wrong.But refusing the countess invitation may cause trouble for the future Wang Weiyi came to Berlin alone with Depusey.Until he entered Berlin.He was still thinking about Elena s eyes full of distrust towards him Conferred by His Majesty the Emperor, the owner of the Alexandria Manor.The winner of the Blue Marx Medal, the pride of Germany, Ernst Alexson von.But as the war progressed, he found that he was wrong.Russian The army has been corrupted to the extreme, from officers to soldiers, completely depraved, it is impossible to win pride and honor for Russia with such an army.However, what makes him painful is that in his capacity, he cannot change these conditions at all.174.The Lonely Machine Gun 290 votes plus more Erwin, hold on to the left wing Fritz, kill the enemies there Major, Sammy is hurt Bring him here, bring him here Shouts sounded one cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummies best for sleep after another, and there was a quick and short cry, accompanied by gunshots everywhere High speed update Sami, how are you Hey, Major, I m okay, the bullet hit me in the ass The roar of laughter suddenly sounded.Steck threw a grenade vigorously Sami, only the ass of the fleeing person will be shot Damn it, I m not a deserter My ass, who touches my ass The laughter became unscrupulous.How much wealth will he have in the future It is already difficult for people to calculate clearly I hope you will keep the exact amount of money I cbd gummies best for sleep invested in a secret After receiving an affirmative reply from Hermione, Wang Weiyi continued There is more.Part of this investment I want to use so He said the arrangement in his heart, and the surprise on Ms.Hermione s face disappeared, replaced by respect.When Wang Weiyi finished the arrangement, Hermione said solemnly Baron Alexon.You are the most upright, compassionate, and respectable person among all the people I have ever met.Please rest assured that even if the Wittgenstein family disappears one day, my descendants will follow your example Order to continue, even at the expense of emptying the last mark of the Wittgenstein family Thank you, but the Wittgenstein family will be around for a long, long time, cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc although there may be some trouble.What casualties have been caused, and then this has brought a dangerous signal to France the confidence of the army is collapsing Moreover, this made the already depressed morale even lower, no one is willing to take up arms and go to the battlefield anymore So far, the spring offensive organized by the French army has completely failed.Those troops on the front line have received the same order to withdraw from the battlefield in an orderly manner.These situations were sent to Wang Weiyi at the first time.The infantry brigade is retreating significantly, and now the remnants of the 79th infantry brigade, plus a battalion of French troops, are on the front line of Laner.Rommel pointed to the map and said Once our army launches a large scale counterattack, Laner will become a French army.How about Ernst, the first line of defense The officers on the side all knew what Rommel meant by how.The intensive firepower littered the ground with do cbd gummies break a fast corpses, and the soldiers on the truck in front quickly jumped out of the truck, cooperating with the commandos behind, and began to quickly sweep away all the enemies here.Wang Weiyi did not get out of the car, he seemed to be enjoying how many cbd gummies to take at once the gunshots outside with half closed eyes, and Orcus was cbd gummies for sale in phx az 1000mg cbd gummies effects so absorbed in looking forward that no one was paying attention to him, Smith s hand quietly touched the car door, General Smith.Do you want cbd gummies best for sleep to smoke a cigarette Wang Weiyi suddenly said indifferently.Smith withdrew his hand from the car door, forced a smile and said, Ah, no, thank you.Smoking can refresh your mind, especially in this situation, I think you should smoke one.Wang Weiyi gave He lit a cigarette and took a puff of smoke You know, although I can pass here without a fight, I don t intend to do so.What he saw was all the brothers dying there, and what he saw was all the brothers bleeding there Where s your regimental commander Dead in battle Where s the battalion commander Dead in battle Company commander He s also killed, division commander, all killed Who s in command now Report, I m Sergeant Ouyang Yu Zhu Yaohua was stunned.Did all the officers above the company die Now it s actually a sergeant commanding the battle He regained his composure Sergeant, you are in charge now Yes Ouyang Yu responded loudly, and hurried back to the position where the soldiers fought bravely, but the firepower of the Japanese army was too fierce.Many positions have been breached, and the defense line of the entire 18th Division is already facing collapse.Especially in the position that Ouyang Yu was in charge of, the blood of the soldiers was about to flow out. Report, Sun Qinghao, commander of the transportation company Following this voice, a lieutenant in his thirties stood in front of him.Company Commander Sun, this is Battalion Commander Wang of the Guard Battalion.Hello Battalion Commander Wang, I have long admired your name.Battalion Commander Wang fought at Sanhuqiao, and all the brothers admired him.Okay, okay, you will have a chance to talk to Battalion Commander Wang about these flattering words in the future.Qian Dexing interrupted him impatiently From now on, you will be temporarily under the command of Battalion Commander Wang, and you will do whatever he asks you to do. yes But Director Qian, I still have a truck with medicines on it, what should I do Medicines Wang Weiyi s eyes lit up Stay there and follow me. yes Okay, let s go.Wu Keren smiled wryly But Battalion Commander Wang only has a few hundred men in his hands.Even with the support of chariots, I don t think he may be able to defend them.He said this very politely.In fact, the meaning in the words could not be clearer.With your hundreds of people, are you giving them to the Japanese Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Of course there are not only so many people, there are also forty three Brothers of Prince Mashou, commander of the army and security, please also give me the command of all the military seats.Wu Keren frowned even deeper.Although the major was young and brave, he was still not very clear about Songjiang s current situation Battalion Commander Wang, when the 43rd Army entered Songjiang, there were only more than 500 people left.As for the Songjiang security forces Commander Wang, please speak to the battalion commander.Four hundred security guards lazily completed the assembly.Huang Xibei yelled at the top of his drake voice Brothers, we robbed it too, Tangzi The girls here have also played with it, bad things this fucking bad thing has been done, and in the future, a son will have no fucking butthole Boom, the soldiers of the security team laughed loudly.What are you laughing at What are you laughing at Huang Xibei stared My old Huang usually treats you well, right You, little four, last time you were beaten with a sack over your head at night, who helped you vent your anger It s me I crippled the legs of Guo Abao from the old Guo family And you, Lao Liu, I m talking about you the fuck, don t turn your head away.Damn you play in the hall and girls don t give you money, who rescued you It s still me What you owed me, now I want you to pay it back He lit a cigarette for himself and took a cbd gummies best for sleep puff I can t tell the truth about birds.This is a ball called by death Now, they can only stay outside Xiguan City, and then wait for the reinforcements to arrive And in Xiguan, the Chinese soldiers who came out of their hiding places one after another couldn t imagine that they had achieved such a result.After checking the losses, the brothers from the Guard Battalion and the 43rd Army had a total of 63 killed and 21 injured But the Japanese army killed by them was several times as many as them real Is this really the result Many people can t react at all.In fact, Wang Weiyi didn t think of it either.In his conception, street fighting is sure to be victorious, but the guard battalion has not been formed for a long time, and cbd gummies best for sleep their execution ability is very uncertain.The most uncertain factor is the new brothers who joined the 43rd Army.Otherwise, the attacker will become the victim instead.Do you think our brothers can meet such requirements When I went to Germany to study , I have heard people talk about this tactic before.Has the military seat ever been to Germany Wang Weiyi was a little curious.Ah, yes, that happened in the 18th year of the Republic of China.In Germany, an officer named Bang Keleile gave a lecture to several of us, Xiao Zhichu said casually.Bon Crayley when he heard the name.Wang Weiyi couldn cbd gummies best for sleep t help feeling a little warm in his heart, Xiao Zhichu sighed Our army is really short of such talents.Military seat, let me try.Wang Weiyi said suddenly.You Xiao Zhichu turned towards him.Yes, me Wang Weiyi said lightly I plan to use the strength of two battalions to deploy defenses all the way to Jiuhu Town in the front to stop the Japanese attack.Therefore, it can be said that at this stage, German anti tank guns are the most advanced.Especially in the face of the Little Bean Tank used by Japan itself, German anti tank guns can easily kill it.What is even more gratifying is that among the weapons that the Germans aided China cbd gummy manufactors this time, there are such a large number of K type improved bullets.If a different person was in Nanjing that day, he would definitely not have chosen this kind of bullet, but it was Wang Weiyi who was negotiating with Kroll and is we the people cbd gummy bears rated good Hannah at the time Baron Skeleton Ernst Brehm He is too aware of the huge threat that the K type bullets can pose to the Japanese Little Bean Tank , especially the improved type, so he ordered a large number of such bullets without hesitation Now, such bullets are also assigned to the 3o5 regiment Change bullets, change bullets The officers firmly remembered what Wang Weiyi said.Maybe let them attack for a while longer, and the losses of the Ueno detachment will be even greater, but the consequence of this may be that after the Japanese army s support arrives, the Huben Guard brigade will fall into a disadvantageous situation.Don t be greedy for military exploits, accumulate small victories into big victories, this is what Wang Weiyi requires his subordinates to do During the attack, the tanks and chariots that destroyed the enemy s defense line after line for the infantry brothers began to withdraw from the battlefield first, and some wounded soldiers were put on the trucks.The infantry, on the other hand, organized a complete defense, alternately covering and evacuating from the battlefield The last one to evacuate was the Skeleton Squadron, and they wiped out about 150 or more Japanese soldiers.Why did such a thing happen suddenly The intelligence personnel quickly gave him the answer The Germans are desperately trying to rescue a man named Ernst Brahm Ernst.Bram Chuikov chanted this name, and suddenly his heart skipped a beat Baron Skeleton Ah, yes, the skeleton baron who once led how long cbd gummies stay in your system cbd gummies for sale in phx az the skeleton commando to how long cbd gummies stay in your system cbd gummies for sale in phx az create the myth of invincibility Hell, isn t he dead Why did it suddenly appear here again However, Cuikov quickly calmed down the surprise in his heart, and felt a kind of ecstasy Here, defeat the Skeleton Master, defeat the Skeleton Baron The morale of the Germans will be completely broken He could even imagine that the enemy finally got a treasure that might change their fate, but lost the despair and depression they had when they lost it Chuikov issued a death order to all the troops on the front line Do not let a single German go The Guards personally supervised the battle on the front line, and all the forces that could be mobilized were pulled to Minsorsk.But a miracle happened again, the baron miraculously disappeared, and no one has heard of him for nearly twenty years But the baron didn t know before he disappeared, the countess already had his child The countess waited hard for the return of the baron.Even though the whole world believed that the baron was dead, the countess still firmly believed that the person she loved so much must still be alive God did not disappoint the Countess, and finally returned the Baron to her side.That was the most romantic and wonderful baronial night Leonie looked at William affectionately I am the cbd gummies best for sleep countess, and you are the baron s child, Ernst William Jr.Alexon von Brahm When the speculation in his heart was finally confirmed, William trembled all over.God, I am actually the son of the Skeleton Baron At this moment, his blood was boiling, and he wished he could follow in his father s footsteps and find the former glory Don t get excited, William.This is the most amazing battle Hundreds of thousands of German troops were besieged, and it was almost impossible to break through, but the magical Baron Skeleton appeared when the German army needed help most Then, Demyansk, who is bound to be forever named in the annals of history, will break through The 200,000 German troops, under the command of the Baron Skull, successfully jumped out of the encirclement of the Soviet army, and built a defense line on the spot 70 kilometers west of Demyansk, blocking the Soviet counterattack Where the Baron appears, victory is guaranteed, and this statement was confirmed again.Rommel also knew what happened in Demyansk.He hid the telegram close to his body as if hiding some most precious thing there, and then , He asked his adjutant to bring him the general uniform he had just made.That is to try to kill me.I will stay in Paris for three days , I will give you three days.But I hope that the person who made this plan, or the leader of the resistance organization, can stand up and implement this plan in person, instead of always letting some innocent people die.Their lives are no more than yours.Despicable, everyone is equal, let alone in France, a country where equality is the supreme right I will accept your challenge alone Ah, I will also create opportunities for you, this is my itinerary in Paris As he said, he shook his head towards Guo Yunfeng, and Guo Yunfeng quickly took out a complete itinerary of Baron Alexon s three days in Paris and presented it to the reporters.The spotlight rang frantically.It s amazing.If this itinerary is true, then Baron Alexon has directly challenged those resistance organizations He told them, I am here, I am here waiting for you What will the resistance do Will their leader accept the challenge of an almost century old duel of knights Will they continue to send batches of assassins But that would be ridiculed by the French.On the second line of defense, the Russians, reacting from panic, stepped up their resistance.Especially those Soviet snipers caused a lot of trouble to the Germans.These Soviet snipers have strong fighting qualities.No matter how hard the German artillery fires, no matter how many positions the enemy occupies, they will not blink an eye.When the Germans appeared in their sight, they would soon be hunted by them.The Little SS second level commando rushing to the front has already suffered a lot of losses after being shot by these damned Soviet snipers.The two squad leaders had the pioneer woman cbd gummies already lost their 30 mg cbd gummi cost lives in the ruthless hunting of snipers.The German army was not afraid of the fire of the Soviet army, but the existence of these snipers was very troublesome.They hide in the dark, wait for the target to appear with unimaginable perseverance and calmness, and then give the target a fatal blow.When the German tanks attacked less than 100 meters in front of him, Major General Yasova decisively waved the white flag Major General Yasova was treated well by the German army, which also surprised him With the beginning, the following things will cbd gummies best for sleep be easier More Turkish officers began to walk Following cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc in the footsteps of Major General Yasova.While the Turkish soldiers were still fighting bravely, their officers decided to abandon the war.This is the saddest thing on the battlefield.While the German army began to gradually control the situation in Istanbul.Field Marshal Ernst Brehm conducted this historic city.There are still constant wars here, and bullets are flying everywhere, but in Marshal Ernst Brahm, there may be nothing in the world that he is afraid of.When the Marshal riding on a Tiger tank saw General George Kepler, he only asked, Where is the Istanbul I want It will be captured soon, Marshal He personally directed the General Kepler, who was fighting, seemed a little nervous Marshal, I do not recommend that you show up at this time, the enemy is still stubbornly resisting.Especially the 399 tank that participated in the battle from the beginning.Although the commander was reckless Roman , Sergeant Roman was not at all vague when fighting.From the time of the battle to the present, Roman and his tankers have killed at least three enemy firepower points In a passive situation, the Turks began to countercharge.They must eliminate the threat of enemy artillery fire, otherwise everyone here will die here However, the German commandos showed a good ability to cooperate with tanks and assault guns.They used all the weapons in their hands to desperately hit the Turkish soldiers who rushed up.Bullets are flying everywhere in the air, taking countless lives anytime and anywhere.The explosion of the grenade filled the sky with gunpowder smoke, and the flamethrower spewed flames at the enemy without stopping.Ottoman officers said it out.Because of this, a spy can often get a lot of information about the Ottoman army as long as he participates in a ball attended by front line officers After the Ottoman Empire was overthrown, such The custom has been completely preserved In the war with the Greek army, the Turkish army did not know how many times they suffered such losses.If it weren t for the heroic fighting of the Turkish army and the performance of the Greek army, it would be impossible Compliment, God knows how the war between Turkey and Greece will end.The French are too romantic, and the Turks can t control their mouths These are two major characteristics.Because of this, between Ankara During the war preparation period, all the mobilization of the Turkish army, the journalists could learn from the higher level commanders even earlier 250mg sugar free cbd gummies than the front line officers cbd gummies for sale in phx az 1000mg cbd gummies effects Well, well, the suspense of the war is even worse big Now Wang Weiyi can be very sure of this.But for a long time, I didn t see Carlos who was on call before coming in Williams stood up unsteadily Mr.Williams, you can t go out through the 50 mg cbd gummies for pain main entrance, There are already many angry investors who are about to rush in to settle accounts with you.Williams face turned pale in fright You should leave through the back door as soon as possible before those people rush through When the guards Mr.Robben Williams, who was once glorious, ran away from this terrible place through the back door in desperation.But where could he go As Elliott said, angry investors would tear him to shreds at the sight of him Great job, Mr.Garcia.Thanks, Mr.Moyol.Wang Weiyi smiled and turned his head to Miss Carlos Miss Carlos, your mission has been completed, do you have any regrets about New York Noif The only thing I have to say is that I have any regrets, and that is that I will never see you again, and I will miss you, Mr.New Zealanders are also battlefield survivors, they have fought in too many wars.Has a strong experience.After discovering the Germans and being hit suddenly, they were thrown into the counterattack very quickly.The bullets from the heavy machine gun blocked the road ahead of the truck, and those temporary how long cbd gummies stay in your system cbd gummies for sale in phx az roadblocks also forced the truck to stop.Wang Weiyi jumped off the truck.A barrage of bullets came out like a torrential rain Klingenberg, break through from the left.Myristel, go to the right Guo Yunfeng, Elena.Follow me Twenty German soldiers quickly dispersed.Suppressing Hibinku in three directions Although Smith and his soldiers had experienced many battles, they were obviously at a disadvantage compared with these German commandos.These commandos are well trained, fierce in combat, and break cbd gummies best for sleep through in a way that makes their enemies hard to stop.Those flamboyant tanks are devouring human lives everywhere.Chaos, the battlefield is cbd gummies best for sleep completely and completely chaotic At the same time, Rommel, who defeated the 2nd Royal Artillery Regiment, quickly launched an assault on the British 1st Armored Division.Part of the German 10th Armored Division also participated in the attack.The biggest problem for the British now is that the entire line of defense has been torn apart.The British and the French are fighting on their own, and the French and the Greeks are fighting on their own.At 3 30 in the morning, Wang Weiyi put the last card in his hand the 163rd Infantry Division commanded by General Dietrich von Kuhn This is the most elite unit in the African Legion, they were once a trump card in the hands of General Manstein And now, they appeared on the Karman battlefield The general attack on the British army has begun The a2 battlefield completed the breakthrough The c6 battlefield completed the breakthrough The news that the German army broke through the various battlefields continued to reach the ears of General Woodrow.No, no, Rosen, you are wrong, I never let my friends betray the interests of the country.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly I just want you to go back to China and tell your government everything you saw in Turkey and Africa, and let them know what happened in these placesContinue the war, It is a terrible disaster for both sides Rosen nodded.He is an upright soldier.Although he does not approve of continuing the war, he will not let him betray his motherland no matter what.Even when necessary, HCMUSSH cbd gummies best for sleep he is willing to fight and die for his country.However, Ernst Brahm s request is not too much.Whatever he sees here, he will tell Britain.Let them clearly understand , The damage to Britain if the war continues will be enormous.Especially now that Marshal Ernst Brahm is back, the troops under his command will be a terrifying and daunting force Guaranteed monthly pass Guaranteed monthly pass, spider I need the guaranteed monthly pass in your hands.This order is cbd gummies athens timely.It was also because of Montgomery s order that the 8th Royal Irish Regiment, which was about to be surrounded, escaped a catastrophe and evacuated from cbd erection gummies this dangerous place before the German army launched a general offensive.Gu Hele fell into the hands of Rommel In this contest between the two sides, Rommel and Montgomery drew a tie.Rommel used the help of the locals to find the enemy s weak point.And exerted the high mobility of cbd md gummies the German army and captured Guherle.And Montgomery is in a passive situation.Quickly made the most beneficial decision for the British army to avoid greater losses to the British army.Rommel, who had captured Guherle, HCMUSSH cbd gummies best for sleep did not pause at all, and immediately commanded the troops to launch a new round of assaults on Konlavev The Germans did not take any rest at all Rommel knows all too well what time means now In Cairo, Ernst Brehm is fighting right at the heart of the enemy, he needs help, he needs the Germans in Cairo Every minute and every second will affect the direction of the entire war what is the strength of cbd gummies Montgomery was also puzzled by such a crazy attack by the German army.Marshal Ernst, what are you doing Now, this leader who claims to be the ruler of Africa, puts all the responsibility on the Germans body.His logic is very absurd.He regards Cairo as his own, but once something goes 10 mg of cbd gummy wrong, the responsibility falls entirely on the Germans.Wang Weiyi was not angry at all Yes, Mr.Prime Minister, I also think that the law and order is too bad.I express my heartache and anger for your assassination.I have ordered my people to search and arrest all over Cairo.At the same time, I ordered The entire German army has strengthened its control over various places.For cbd gummies best for sleep this reason, I also specifically request that three more infantry divisions and one armored division be sent to North Africa, please believe me.The situation is now cbd gummies best for sleep completely under our control.Mussolini said this He felt a little more at ease, but the Germans sent four additional divisions into North Africa on such a cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc large scale, which made him feel that something was wrong It should be Italy s massive increase in troops But.Although he didn t know what General Wang s whole plan was like, he remembered what General Wang said to himself When this operation succeeds, it may change the course of the entire war General Wang s words are enough, no sacrifice is worth it.Yuan Wang looked outside the prison, then tore open the collar of his underwear, which had been tattered during the interrogation, and took out a small pill inside.When you can no longer endure the torture, this pill can allow you to continue everything without pain General Wang s voice rang in his ears again.Yuan Wang had to admit that he couldn t stand those instruments of torture anymore.If the interrogation time was longer today, he would be punished for everything.Sometimes death is the easiest thing to do.Enduring torture and being a hero is not something everyone can do.Swiss cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummies best for sleep in slang is a reprint of the French, but Swiss food is less bland than French and less casual with the cbd gummies hemp bombs amazon authorities The German speaking Swiss are better than the Germans.They are more serious, rigid and eccentric than the Germans But when it comes to their neutrality Wang Weiyi was silent for a while They have Sufficient strength to remain neutral, note, I said strength Switzerland is mountainous, and the hardships of mountain life have made Swiss men tough and tenacious since ancient times.In the Middle Ages, the Swiss mountain people were able to call and fight when they came, and they often won.Afterwards, the Swiss army became the object of other countries scramble to form an alliance because of its bravery and good fighting skills, and there was an unpleasant history of war.In the 19th century, Switzerland learned the principle of armed neutrality from past setbacks, and carried forward the system of all people as soldiers to the extreme.I heard that Lu Geyi is the rower that Philip personally selected for you.General Rosen said somewhat ambiguously.Ah, Philip That s the husband of the future Queen Elizabeth, cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc right Wang Weiyi thought quickly.The acquaintance of Elizabeth how long cbd gummies stay in your system cbd gummies for sale in phx az and Philip is quite legendary.The future Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh was originally named Philip von Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Gl cksburg.Born in a declining royal family in Europe.His father, Prince Andrew, was the fourth son of one of the seven sons of King George I of Greece, his great grandfather was King Christian IX of Denmark, and his mother, Princess Alice of Hesse Battenberg, was the cousin of Queen Victoria of England.Great granddaughter, he was a prince of Greece and Denmark before marrying the Queen.As a young man, Philip cbd gummies best for sleep was over 1.9 meters, the eyes are very rare steel blue.Even if it was insulting him, it was fine However, there was still no sound at all, only De Sade s own crazy shouts kept ringing in the room Taptaptap Accompanied by this sound that made De Sade miserable for a long time It s so hard, I can t sleep at all.De Sade opened his eyes wide open, staring at the surroundings, as if he wanted to see something in the darkness where he couldn t see anything Gradually, some scenes really appeared in front of his eyes many Gestapo rushed in, and then grinned in front of him Then, he saw his subordinates HCMUSSH cbd gummies best for sleep being hanged one by one Then, many, many Gestapo surrounded him and grabbed his arm, a noose frame that had been prepared.They were looking at him indifferently No De Sade yelled hysterically.However, he found that there was nothing in front of him, and the surrounding area was still in darkness cbd gummies best for sleep Hallucinations had already begun When De Sade was imprisoned The door was opened for the third time, and Guo Yunfeng found that De Sade was not sleeping on his own bed this time, but sat on the ground with his knees down.Thank you Putting down the phone, Tenkovsky said Comrade Colonel, I have kept you waiting.I ll have Ksenia brought here now.After picking up another black phone and giving the order, Tenkovsky took out a bottle of wine, poured a glass and handed it to Colonel Madrov Comrade Colonel, maybe there are some questions I should not ask., But, what happened to Ksenia First, I 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went out to travel are back, right Don t keep hiding the monthly pass you have been hiding for a few days, just throw it to the spider.The double monthly ticket is about to end tomorrow, so it s a pity to waste it, isn t it Hehe, thanks to all the brothers, Spider Six hundred and seventy four.The flowing Terek River, the Terek River, will witness a piece of history Since the invention of gunpowder, the catastrophe of mankind has come.From now on, the defense line organized by the German army is undoubtedly difficult to destroy.Artillery and tanks continue to cooperate with the soldiers to fight.This is a real steel line of defense.Casualties are increasing every minute, and the huge casualties make everyone on the battlefield frightened.Here the Russians showed not only cruelty to the Germans.Even more cruel to himself.They didn t cherish their lives at all, and launched waves of attacks amidst the constant urging of the commander.As long as the Germans have not lost.This attack will 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Marshal Ernst Brahm as soon as possible.Wang Weiyi was surprised to find that there were no shouts from guns and guns on the battlefield at this time, and even the sound of Ula that had been accompanying them for so many days disappeared.Even though he had lost his freedom now, there were still many loyal subordinates who followed him.Such as Volwork, such as Belekov, such as Temitav.Since the defeat of Kharkov, Volworkk and Belekov have been following him, and they have never changed their loyalty to themselves even until they lost their freedom.And Temitav, as worthy of his trust as they are The only problem now is.Are the Germans, who already have an absolute advantage on the battlefield, willing to accept such negotiations according to their own wishes This was out of Timoshenko s control.However, Temitav soon brought news that pleased Timoshenko.Not only did the Germans accept the negotiating request, but the heavyweight negotiators they sent were about to arrive in Moscow.Although Timoshenko doesn t know who this heavyweight is, at least it s a pretty exciting start Despite being watched, Timoshenko s advantage is that he With a loyal subordinate like Temitav Temitav did not disappoint Timoshenko either, he waited for the German negotiator.That doesn t belong to us, and it s a world we ll never see.Joseph gradually understood.Yes, they will never understand the baron s world.Don t try to follow the baron s footsteps.The baron s world will never belong to them The United States.Countess Leonie has packed her bags, and she is about to return to his motherland Germany.The United States is a very nice country, but she has lived here for a long time, no matter how beautiful it is , that s not her own homeland either.It s time to go back, it s time to go back.Germany is constantly gaining victories on the battlefield, and the closer the victory is, the stronger the feeling in Countess Leonie s heart Baron I m about to leave them again Yes, Countess Leonie confirmed her judgment Countess, are you really leaving Elliott asked reluctantly.He was dispatched by Stalin and twice came to the North Caucasus Front.Andreev was in charge of agriculture and front line supplies.Because of his absolute monopoly, Stalin seemed to exclude the Central Committee from the life of the party during the war years, but at the front and the rear, the grassroots party organizations played a huge role.The work of the Central Committee is embodied in its organs.There were hardly any Central Plenums held during the war.Therefore, Stalin knew that once he left Moscow, it would be difficult to say whether the power completely concentrated in his hands could still be as highly centralized as it is now.Once a person has acquired great power, it becomes very difficult to give it up.Stalin was just so stubborn Seven hundred and fourteen.Our future Malinovsky is dead, and Stalin is determined to live and die with Moscow.Yes, even at the last moment, the Russians had no intention of laying down their arms.These Soviet troops continue to die, but they continue to launch hopeless attacks.Again and again. The gunshots rang out intensively, and it completely turned into a one sided massacre.Life is passed without dignity, where to get cbd gummies or oil for anxiety the battlefield is so bloody.The corpses were piled up layer by cbd gummies for sale in phx az 1000mg cbd gummies effects layer, and the body of General Ershakov was among them.He kept his word and gave his all to his cause until his death.However, no matter how hard he tried, he cbd oil gummies anxiety couldn t prevent Moscow s failure Seven hundred and seventeen.Final battle Kremlin, January 1, 1943.Marshal Zhukov of the Soviet Union has returned to the Kremlin, and Vasilevsky has returned with him.Like Zhukov, no matter how hard Vasilevsky tried, he could not change the course of the war.As he himself said.Maybe when When Germany is facing a crisis again, he will come HCMUSSH cbd gummies best for sleep back again in the name of Baron Skeleton The phone on the table rang, and Wang Weiyi answered the phone and listened for a while, then put it down Wasilevsky Marshal, 20 minutes ago, my mighty German army launched an all out attack on the Kremlin I have been here, and I have seen How about you Are you ready to witness this historic moment can cbd gummies help with anxiety cbd gummies best for sleep with me I think.Vasilevsky replied without the slightest hesitation Although I am facing cbd gummies best for sleep cbd sleep gummies near me my motherland, I still want to see it.This day will be etched in my heart forever.Wang Weiyi smiled, and then stood up together with Vasilevsky He came, he met, and now, he will go to see the birth of a new history.He will engrave the direct name Entering history, he made his name never be forgotten no matter how many years have passed The war has reached its final juncture, and there is no force that can stop the German army from winning.Germany, China, and the United States have established a joint occupation force stationed in Japan, and Japan this despicable and 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hope I can go home this time.Wang Weiyi pondered on the road.Please set the travel time.2 Just after pressing the first number, Ziguang military base suddenly shook violently.What s going on, Little Spirit I don t know, the base is out of control.Repeat, cbd gummies best for sleep the base is out of control Damn, the base is moving by itself now I can t get hold of it, repeat, I can t get hold of the base Damn, check, what happened I found the reason.The Y element is conducting a radiation hedge, and we have lost control Then what will happen I don t know We will be teleported to any era, even the era when dinosaurs ruled the earth The radiation hedging suddenly produced by the Y element is too strong, completely out of my imagination Damn it Prepare.Well, now I can tell you what happened in Rome.Caesar s power has become more and more powerful.His military exploits are increasing, which is bound to threaten some people in Rome, especially Pompey In the letter, my wife told me the sad news, Caesar s most staunch ally Crassus has already died in Parthia, which has shaken the foundation of the alliance of the three giants.You must know that Pompey has always been guarding against Caesar Wang Weiyi listened a little Shocked, why did Gaius tell himself all these things that should have been top secret in Rome today But he didn t show any abnormality, but continued to listen to Gaius Gaul has been conquered, those barbarians are not our biggest threat, maybe this time we can completely surrender them.But what will happen after this What attitude will the Senate and Pompey treat Caesar What will happen to us Ernst, I have followed Caesar for a long time As early as when I was fighting the Spartacus mobs, I had already followed Caesar.The Romans receded like a tide, and the noisy battlefield just now became so quiet Those Germanians obviously didn t know what happened, but what about the Romans What about the enemies Where are they all gone We won a soldier asked uncertainly.Probablywe have won His companion also said in an uncertain tone.Victory Is it really victory Suddenly, a voice resounded through the sky Germany This cry completely awakened the victorious Germanians.Immediately afterwards, a loud and earth shattering cry resounded across the battlefield Germanic Germanic The corpses on the ground.The blood on the battlefield, everything is telling everyone Germanic victory Although, this is not cbd gummies for sale in phx az 1000mg cbd gummies effects a big battle although, this is caused by Callaini s underestimation of the enemy, but regardless However, the first battle of the Germanic Alliance was still victorious.When they reluctantly put on their clothes and returned to the screaming crowd, these Germanians cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc had no idea what happened to the most beautiful female warrior in their tribe with Guo Yunfeng just now The night dissipated, and the sun shone on the earth again.Those 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soldiers who had been closely monitoring the enemy and protecting the auxiliary soldiers started to attack again.Are you ready, my warriors Wang Weiyi shook the saber in his hand.At your command, Ernst.This was Richthofen s answer.Guo Yunfeng didn t say a word, but slowly drew his swords.It s our honor that the Germanians can fight with you. was the reply of Anluges and Thebius.Let us, then, prepare to teach the Romans a new lesson Wang Weiyi said lightly.The Vandals also had the Germanian habit of making every member of their tribe, man, woman, old man, and child, a warrior in case of battle.So from here, it looks like the Vandals are in the dark.Attack Gaius gave his order coldly.The Romans rushed towards the Vandals Kill Wang Weiyi s high pitched voice sounded on the battlefield, and this voice stirred up the determination of every German.He, Richthofen, and Guo Yunfeng were like three invincible myths on the battlefield, constantly rushing to kill the Romans.And those who followed 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Skeleton Consul Skeleton Consul Skeleton Consul It was not until this time that the soldiers of Caesar s Legion realized what happened here.Hysterical cheers erupted.You will be stabbed to death by your enemies with countless daggers when hearing this curse.Wang Weiyi couldn t help thinking of what happened to Caesar In order to save the 9,000 Roman soldiers captured in the Battle of Calle, Caesar announced that he would go on an expedition to Parthia.However, the fortuneteller at the time said that only the king can conquer Parthia , which further deepened the uneasiness of the republican members, who believed that Caesar would eventually become king.In February, at a ceremony, Consul Antony presented Caesar with a wreath and proclaimed him king.Although Caesar refused.The natures stimulant cbd gummies anti Caesar faction was even more frightened, so they planned to murder Caesar.About sixty persons participated in the conspiracy against Caesar.The leaders are Gaius Cassius, Marcus Brutus, and Decimus Brutus.And tell them, please inject this tube of injection sonic imports cbd gummies into their bodies before they die, and then enter the cold storage to preserve their bodies forever.Because, he doesn t know when he will come back, and when he comes back, he still hopes to Seeing these cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummies best for sleep friends appearing in front of him lively and vigorously, he let out a deep breath Then what about in North Africa Who is commanding the German cbd gummies best for sleep army Otto Moritz Walter Model HCMUSSH cbd gummies best for sleep Marshal.Wang Weiyi was completely silent there and couldn t say cbd gummies best for sleep a word There are still a few votes to be on the list, please ask for a monthly ticket.Brothers, there are still a few monthly tickets to be able to be on the classified list.Do cbd gummies best for sleep you have a rich monthly ticket cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc Seven hundred and ninety three.Infantry Battalion Otto Moritz Walter.Marshal Model Iron Wall Model Wang Weiyi no longer knew what to say.General Olitz didn t even have a chance to ask how Major Moyol could keep in touch with him at any time.He stared blankly at the phone for a long time Mark Linman, can you believe they can do it There is no possibility.Mark Linman replied frankly Unless there are miracles happeninghe can t even pass the how long cbd gummies stay in your system cbd gummies for sale in phx az enemy s blockade.But to be honest, I now have some expectations in my heart.Maybe, what I just said is maybe, Major Moyol might give us a surprise General Olitz nodded, but then shook his head again.Impossible, such a thing is really impossible.The F hrer must know.General Olitz came back to his senses and said.Yes, although the Skeleton Baron is no longer alive, the magical Skeleton Commando has mysteriously appeared Dessau That s impossible.As soon as Max heard this sentence, he immediately said From our place to Dessau, there are enemies everywhere. Wang Weiyi controlled cbd gummies best for sleep his breathing, but at this moment Xiaoling s voice suddenly rang in his ears Wanderer.I thought you would let me provide you with weapons.Wang Weiyi was stunned for a moment.Why do I often make these inexplicable mistakes It is never ambiguous about big things, but it is very difficult to say about small things.Well, well, since it s already like this, let it be.There were some sounds, and judging from the footsteps, there were probably three enemies.Wang Weiyi wasn t sure if he could kill them, but he had no choice but to do so.near.Then the footsteps came closer. Wang Weiyi clenched the branch in his hand, waiting for the best time to make a move.He could feel someone stop beside him, and then move slightly.Judging from this movement, the enemy is searching the surroundings.They cbd gummies for sale in phx az 1000mg cbd gummies effects didn t know what the Germans thought All get out of here Wang Weiyi s voice sounded loudly Left wing, we continue to attack Assault on the left wing The soldiers of the Nordland Battle Regiment had been completely mobilized, they didn t care about their destination at all, and they didn t even think about why the lieutenant colonel did this.They have defeated the enemy once, and they will definitely be able to defeat more enemies again Tell General Olitz that the First Canadian Ranger Regiment has been defeated by us Wang Weiyi especially emphasized the word destroyed , although they did not really do it.However, he knew that General Olitz would understand what he meant General, General Westmoreland personally ordered the 3rd cbd and cbg gummies Brigade of the Marine Corps to pursue the enemy When this order was placed in the hands of Brigadier General Budger, he felt that the order was a bit inconceivable.Under the leadership of the great head of state Klore Nicholas, we will surely win the final victory of the war The radio and the tweeters in the street kept repeating such words.A parade of parades is passing by, and a large number of conscription offices are filled with Berliners cbd gummies high potency 240 mg cbd gummies best for sleep who have come to enlist in the army.At this cbd gummies for sale in phx az moment, the radio and the tweeter suddenly stopped making any sound.The silence lasted only for a short time, and then it sounded again.The difference is that this time the sound was replaced by a woman who had never heard of it before in Berlin.Voice I am Baroness Leonie.Baroness Ernst Alexon von Leonie Bierem For a moment, every German stopped his chanting Hearing the sound, he 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night, they cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc can use the toilet and bathroom there.But if they are cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc on the road, they don t even have to use toilet paper.Gradually, they become very good at identifying large soft leaves along the way, and they will pick up some of these leaves on the road for emergencies.Walking was not too difficult for them, and they had so many mandatory breaks that they crouched under bushes or lay flat on the ground whenever they were attacked by air.When Blue Love is really tired, Avril still has firm confidence and treats Blue Love like an adult.If it wasn t like this, cbd gummies for sale in phx az 1000mg cbd gummies effects Blue Love might have given up long ago.They had a few bottles of wine left, which Avril packed in her backpack because it was too heavy to carry in the small trolley.When they poured out from all directions.Fox was taken aback.He wasn t worried about himself.But the Baron s safety.Perhaps the F hrer has sent new troops.Ready to fight Fox had just said this, but Wang Weiyi had already interrupted him Wait a minute.The soldiers who came out did not shoot, nor did they attempt to attack.Instead, he watched his surroundings vigilantly.After a while, an officer in the uniform of a lieutenant general appeared.He ran all the way here, and when he came to Wang Weiyi, he stood cbd delta 8 gummies near me at attention, and then raised his right arm straight All for Germany all for Ernst All for Germany Wang Weiyi smiled and said Myristel, we haven t seen each other for a long time And we ve been missing you all the time After the lieutenant general finished speaking, tears had already flowed down his cheeks.Yes, Marshal, I accept all the charges against me.Punet straightened his back And, I am willing to accept all punishments Allegation.Marshal Ernst s decision silenced Puneat in the car, and it took him a while to say boldly This is the punishment I deserve, Marshal.But I beg you not to let me If I leave the army, I don t have to be an best cbd gummies to replace alcohol officer.My only request is that I be an ordinary soldier Marshal, the enemy is attacking Berlin, and you need any soldier with combat experience at this time Wang Weiyi said to the German The police officer looked at it, and then said General Punet, I have never doubted your loyalty to Germany, but you can t stay in the regular army.Huge disappointment emerged from Punet s face, but He then heard Wang Weiyi say The National Army needs a lot of veterans with combat experience, Punet, are you willing to serve as an ordinary commander there I do Punet replied without the slightest hesitation Marshal, thank you for giving me such an opportunity.Captain Kurt did the most important thing in his life.It is also the most correct choice skydiving In the case that his plane could continue to fight, Captain Kurt made this decision by accident, and this decision undoubtedly saved his life.He saw with his own eyes in the air that his fighter plane was torn into pieces by the missile If he had jumped a few seconds later Captain Kurt couldn t imagine the consequences In the air, he watched his squadron being chased and massacred by the enemy, and he saw his squadron shooting down one aircraft after another.He even swore that he saw the pilot in the fiery red fighter plane.Ah, maybe it was an illusion that I was in the air Captain Kurt was lucky compared to his companions, he landed on his own side.And was quickly rescued.But since this fiasco, Captain Kurt lost the courage to continue fighting.Most people in Germany never blamed him for the failure alone.And his son Augusta is also a crown prince loved by the German people.The Crown Prince has always insisted on fighting on the front line, and has led his Crown Prince Army to many beautiful victories.Even after His Majesty the Emperor was overthrown, the Germans are still a bit pity All of them 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by Bulgarian soldiers.Unfortunately, Koslov and Yuri had very little combat experience, and the ignorant had no fear.They were already fooled, and they rushed to the platform swaggeringly, but they were all killed in the blink of an eye.My God Zaitsev cried out in pain.I ask you to move forward quickly Stop the Natf cavalry attacking from the direction of the 2nd Battalion Company C and Company F While the German battalion was about to be surrounded, the dear battalion commander of the soldiers finally reacted, and after receiving the order Slat didn t dare to neglect, and quickly moved forward with the people of Company G, watching the people of the 2nd Battalion being killed and turning their backs.Slat didn t know if he could successfully block the enemy.The situation has completely lost the ability to resist.Seeing the arrival of their own people, they ran to the defense line here desperately, and they could not be said to be retreating.To be precise, they should be fleeing.In just 2 or 3 days, they were ambushed twice This luck is too good, right Last time it was artillery positions, this time it was cavalry Last time they were poorly mobile, the German army fought a successful counter ambush with the support of tanks, but this time the German division commander just moved all the tanks away, and the German army was attacked cbd gummies are made from by highly mobile cavalry Raid Seeing that the 2nd Battalion and 3rd Battalion have been defeated, it will be very difficult for the German soldiers to organize a counterattack.It is a small slaughterhouse workshop.BoysI inch by inchincreasingly approaching this slaughterhouse.On the road around me, there are all Ivans who are on the errands.Some smoked, drank and danced around the bonfire.There are those who sharpen their knives, and those who are making out with female soldiers in the grove These appetizing details made everyone look a little impatient.Okay in short.Finally, after I figured out their camp, I was about to sneak away.But suddenly Everyone was almost taken aback.Two officers came towards me, and they were getting closer You were discovered cried young Hasson.No No.Your bearded grandpa won t be spotted so easily Bolorski proudly stroked his beard They came towards me, but stopped on the road above my head.Then, they undid the cablebegopisspissla At this point, everyone began to notice the wet spots on the old sniper s overalls.Three lights that can cover the square The searchlights are ready.24 anti tank rockets are assigned.All 4 mg62s are set up.If Ruben and Paul bring their machine guns alive, we ll have 7 that will be a steel Defensive lines.Soldiers are determined to fight the Russians in our cemetery and never back down.Flamethrowers are ready.Ammunition supplies are ready.Only there is one more problem The priest s report satisfied Heisenberg.Nine hundred and twenty.Heisenberg was very satisfied with Father Levto s report on the fierce battle, and Heisenberg did not regret handing over the most important part of the defense line to him.He and his grenadiers are good fighters, and tanks are their forte.The defense line built by them gave Heisenberg reason to believe that it was impenetrable Oh, priest, what s the problem What should we do with the corpses, bones and coffins dug out of the tomb Just throw them in the Are you on the ground It was almost 5 o clock.The commander of an cbd gummies best for sleep armored brigade surrendered with almost no resistance.An entire armored brigade was given to the Germans.Marshal Huatuksky was extremely angry and painful.He couldn t believe that such a thing would happen.Travert, that is the person he trusts the most, the person he admires the most, even, it can be said to be the person he likes the most.It is precisely because of this that he handed over the 26th Armored Brigade to the command of Travert.However, Travert betrayed himself.What is more painful than this People who are in a rage are always prone to lose their composure.Marshal Huatuksky invested all the troops he could in his hands.Terr unleashed the craziest attack ever.In fact, neither he nor his troops knew where his attack target was The frequent transfer of the Russian army and the new deployment were quickly transferred to Wang Weiyi under the betrayal of Tassowski.The priest suddenly changed the subject A truly great person is one who, while leading his country to continuous military victories, also recovers the country from the wounds of war in a timely manner, so that the people no longer worry about poverty, and let the people Have a strong sense of belonging and pride in your country.Wang Weiyi s eyebrows twitched Do you know who I am Of course, Lord Alexon.The priest smiled and said From the first minute you appeared, I knew who you were But since you soul cbd sleep gummies don t want to reveal your identity, why should I tell the truth And now Wang Weiyi also asked with a smile.I think, I told you so many things about Emperor Frederick the Great, what can you think of from it.The priest said lightly I firmly believe that Germany will definitely win under your leadership, but what happens after the victory Will you exact your vengeance Ah, maybe you will.In history, many uprisings happened by accident, and many big figures also happened by accident Born Di Nakale was obviously calmer than anyone here I think we have to consider the suggestions of these insurgents. Oh my God, this will send us to the guillotine.Catadona couldn t believe that Mr.Di Nakale had made such a suggestion.What else can I do General Condeo said unexpectedly Will that man in Rome believe that we know nothing about it Think we have nothing to do with these rebels Wake up, Mr.Mayor, I think soon the man in Rome will declare us traitors.Catadona knew who the man in Rome the general said was, but he couldn t believe that the general had said such a thing.Mr.General, I believe we will have a pleasant cooperation When the mayor was hesitating, General Congeo remembered what Mr.Yes, there is no doubt that you are a great patriot, said Dinakale with great certainty.And the whole country knows you are a great patriot.The revolution needs you, Marshal Donani What did you call me cbd gummies best for sleep Donani was a little surprised.Marshal Donani Di Nakale was very sure of his name After the study and decision of the Supreme Council of the Republic, you will be awarded the title of Marshal of the Republic Donani was satisfied, and Donani was completely relieved.On March 31, 1966, that is, the day after the 82nd Armored Division announced the uprising, Donani, the commander in chief of the Italian Eighth Army, also announced an uprising and joined the Turin Republic The President of the Republic of Turin, Cataldona, immediately declared Donani a patriot, awarded him the title of Marshal of the Republic, and appointed him as the Chief of the General Staff of the newly established General Staff Headquarters.Enter the war zone Slaughter those Russians, but Nochier knew what his mission was.coming Through the binoculars, Nocher could see that the Russians had sent at least a combat company.Hundreds of dark figures disappeared into the woods one by one.They intend to outflank from the direction of the woods on the left, and their goal is the armored vanguard Russians are not stupid they know The biggest threat to them at this time is these deadly tanks Not those grenadiers who are attacking steadily If it weren t for the tanks to knock down the Russian machine gun positions one by one These grenadiers would fall in groups before the frenzied fire of the Russians.The woods gave them excellent cover They want to outflank It s the turn of our 098 crew to show their talents The turret rotated, and Nocher was about to launch a high explosive grenade towards the woods, but he didn t expect many grenadiers to appear in his vision stupid Those grenadiers took the initiative to meet the enemy They poured into the woods, where they fought fiercely with the Russian outflanking troops Nocher could not order a shot That would have a high chance of accidentally hurting one s own people He was trembling with anger Noqier almost watched helplessly as the turret of the Blaster tank directly in front was blown away by the huge air wave The Blaster was shot, and the ammunition in the car should have been detonated.Strengthen your vigilance Bodila signaled his subordinates to load their bullets, and closely monitored every move of the Russians.Nochier used a telescope to observe the Russians who came to surrender, yes It seems that the Russians did come to surrender.Without any precautions, they carried their weapons on their shoulders and marched in three columns towards the Nocher army position.Major Chekavsky walked in the front very frankly.The ground was covered with a layer of golden afterglow, and the cold autumn wind swept the western sky with orange red clouds burning.The clouds flowed like water, and the Russians were getting closer, even with the naked eye.Seeing their facial features clearly.Nuoqier let out a long breath, and his uneasy heart calmed down.It seemed that Height 101 could be occupied without bloodshed.Troman watched from a distance, and said softly You must come back alive.Okay.We should start too.The Russians are not far from us.Let us bring them an indelible nightmare Let them know clearly premium cbd edible gummies who is in charge.Sweet stood on the pile of rubble and issued orders loudly.Russians, here we come.Troman stood up and nodded heavily at Sweet Kill, destroy the Russians.A voice shouted in the silence.A figure burst out from the hidden mound, then a second, then a third In a dilapidated high rise building, there are two pairs of eyes looking at everything in front of them in amazement.These are the two secret posts that the Russians set HCMUSSH cbd gummies best for sleep up not far from the stronghold.But it s a pity.DeGro had noticed the two hapless souls for a long time.With two gunshots, the offensive and defensive battle of stronghold a officially started.Yes, this is indeed a more fascinating city than Moscow Ilya said with infinite emotion Mr.Petergoff, I cbd gummies best for sleep always feel that we have met somewhere before.Ah, I have never had the chance to meet the son of a grand duke Wang Weiyi smiled and said, I think you must have misremembered.Yes, I see many of them every day.People always remember things wrong.Ilya quickly let go of the idea that Mr.Petergoff was familiar with him For the oil field we jointly developed in Russia, it is Mr.Grand Duke.That is, my father and Russia We have a cbd gummies best for sleep good start to something that the government is very concerned about.I believe there will be closer cooperation in the future.Mr.Peter Goff, did you come back to the United States to report the progress of the oil field Wang Weiyi smiled lightly This is a reason, Another reason is that we plan to increase investment in the US stock market and the housing contract market.Now, Gregory s only hope was Admiral Tangeloniv.The phone was connected, and when he heard the voice of Admiral Tangeloniv, Gregory seemed to have met a savior General Tangeloniv, the situation is very bad, I firmly believe in your loyalty, I firmly believe in your loyalty Will not betray me like they did.Now I order you.The 8th Panzer Corps is out, take control of the palace, take control of Moscow.I order you.Destroy all our enemies Do you want me to open fire on them Tangelo Admiral Neve asked on the other end of the phone.Yes, open fire, open fire on all the traitors Gregory roared desperately This is the power I gave you No, I can t do it.This answer came out I can t open fire on our compatriots, they are not our enemies.Gregory was startled Are you going to betray me too No, I never thought of betraying you.Moreover, they are also the sons in law of the former Grand Duke Gregory.From the traditional concept of the Russians, they are still qualified to succeed this position.And Milosevic and Khmelitsky have long regarded the position of Grand Duke as their own.The only question is which of them can compete with the other.At this time, the support of Baron Alexon has become a vital force The baron s attitude seemed a little ambiguous, he didn t express his attitude clearly, he just told them to do their best, and he would make the right choice at the right time.This kind of ambiguous answer is often the most difficult to guess Think about it carefully, a very strange thing, something inside Russia, but a German must be consulted.But at this point, Milosevic and Khmelitsky no longer have the time to think about these With the baron s attitude unclear, the two sons in law of Grigory quickly started let s move.And I can see that he has just been sick, I feel sorry for him After blah blah blah blah.Only then did Carmon say He s in the leftmost room upstairs Wang Weiyi walked up cbd gummies for sale in phx az 1000mg cbd gummies effects the stairs calmly, and when he came cbd thc gummies delivery to the leftmost room, he straightened his clothes and lightly Knocked on the door a few times.Who came a voice from inside.I am Marshal Ernst Brahm of the German Army.Wang Weiyi said calmly General Wren, please open the door, I think we can have a good talk.Ah, don t try to escape by jumping out of the window, my people I m waiting 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personally.Ministry, and then we will carry out air strikes on these sites in order to completely eliminate them and lay the most solid foundation for the occupation of Berlin.They can do it, and once they achieve their goals, Berlin will be plunged into a huge disasterFortunately, Lady Luck did not abandon Wang Weiyi.Helicopters in the sky were dense like raindrops, and tanks were rushing like a pack of wolves on the ground.Demonstrating the extent to which they are being attacked Get into combat position It s the US military quick quick The lieutenant put on his helmet, picked up his gun and led his subordinates into the position in a panic.The position that was originally as quiet as a ghost town suddenly became lively again.More shells hit the British positions, and the armed helicopters in the air continued to attack the British troops.Rockets were poured into the position, and the British army was completely unable to lift their heads Order the 30th Tank Brigade to come to support us There are too many American troops The lieutenant grabbed the signal soldier and ordered, and then threw the signal soldier aside.Before the military police launched the next wave of offensive, Pozik raised his foot cbd gummies for sale in phx az 1000mg cbd gummies effects and kicked the military police in the crotch with all his strength.The gendarme was in unbearable pain, and his whole body lost all strength at once.But Pozik cbd gummies best for sleep hadn t had enough of it.He raised his leg again, kicking his knee against the gendarme s crotch and abdomen like a shuttlecock, cbd gummies best for sleep until the gendarme s balls were kicked to pieces.Pozik lost control, flipped the MP over, and punched the MP in the face with all the bone breaking punches he d learned his life.None of the soldiers present came forward to help, because they were all numb Bozik s eyes were red, he thought of Zhou Cenyou, and all the brothers who died.The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and the angrier he became, the harder he beat.Every French official was stunned.They stared blankly at Mr.Wittgenstein and at the Baron Skeleton.Even in their dreams, they could not have imagined that the baron would appear here, and the baron would appear in front of them.Look, a pleasant day has begun.Wang Weiyi said slowly Revolutionaries are pursuing the France they want, and you are trying your best to maintain the just cbd gummies per gummy each France you want.Fighting is always inevitable.But, from now on Judging from the situation, the revolutionaries won.On August 2, 1966, the French Revolution broke out On August 4, French President Cathar, French Prime Minister Sinager, French Defense Minister Lucien and a series of the most senior officials of the French government were arrested.At 3 pm on August 4th, the French cbd gummies best for sleep National Provisional Assembly headed by Litham announced to take over the French regime, which meant that the French Revolution had won The French Revolution broke out without warning, and the French Cathar government collapsed so quickly that people were shocked.savior.Of course, the French National Provisional Assembly seems to have become a villain indistinctly It is conceivable that the organization that General Robito has been loyally defending does not seem to play a very glorious role in this incident RoleParisians are singing the praises of General Robito as the only hope of Franceand the discontent with the Provisional National Assembly is running fast get thicker The suspects were dissatisfied one after another, and the truth was revealed step by step.And the dissatisfaction of the French began to make the members of the National Provisional Assembly feel a little panic These politicians who started their careers by revolution, they are extremely afraid of another uprising.No one knew better than they the horrors of the revolution Arrest them, arrest all those who spread rumors The newspapers headed by these are all rumors.And what s more, this allitom cbd gummies is the first time that Baron Alexon actually leads them in an operation himself The plan to eradicate cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc Nash has begun to be carried out in full swing, but at this time, Colonel Jed, the top head of the CIA in London, found Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Since Norden was killed by mistake, Jed The colonel s anger at the FBI and the British intelligence service led by Nash had reached a peak.Although he knew that there had always been irreconcilable conflicts between his department and the two departments, with the death of Norden The contradiction has been completely clarified and made public.What makes Colonel Jed even more unhappy is that his deadly enemy, Lieutenant Colonel Mills, seems to be enjoying himself recently, and he has worked with Nash to solve several major cases.With a drop of tears, this nasty guy was finally eliminated by the resistance organization.Lieutenant Colonel Mills alone will never be his opponent.Now, what I have to do is how to take over as soon as possible The power vacuum left by Nash s deathhis only rival was Mills alone What a poor man.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol who appeared in front of Colonel Jed sighed and said, Now, I guess the members of the resistance organization are celebrating with wine glasses there.Oh, really What an unfortunate encounter.Colonel Jed said hypocritically What s more pitiful is that Elinda s mother and daughter also lost their whereabouts immediately.If I guessed correctly, they must have been secretly executed by those brutal guysHope their bodies can still be found.I think what we re discussing now is how to get London s intelligence work on the right track as soon as possible Wang Weiyi quickly brought the topic to Colonel Jade s favorite On the question of interest Nash s death is a great loss for us, and it will also make the British intelligence work a mess.A group of professional soldiers Naderman saw some lights flickering on the opposite building, and he soon knew that the Americans had also deployed snipers there.However, in the eyes of Naderman and his companions, the snipers on the opposite side were completely incomparable with themselves, more like a group of rookies who had never stepped onto the battlefield.He firmly remembered what Mr.Paris had told him, try not to kill anyone, otherwise it would harm the following plan.Naderman once again raised the sniper infantry that Mr.Paris carefully prepared for them Holt and Yaz didn t take the mission entrusted to them by Director Douglas very seriously.Those niggers don t have any fighting power.They just need to aim lightly and shoot lightly, and then they can scare away all the niggers Hot, let me tell you, my wife has prepared a pretty good dinner tonight Yaz hadn t had time to offer his invitation when suddenly a bang shot sounded in front of him , the bullet fell right beside him, and Yaz was so frightened that he quickly hid on the ground.Without this person, they might have died in the hands of cbd gummies best for sleep cbd gummies for sleep with no thc those guerrillas by now.After the fall of one officer after another, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s remarkable talents must now be fully credited.President Fenton and Premier Wilkins pure bliss cbd gummies for tinnitus had repeatedly summoned Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Ask him about the progress of the British intelligence work and the Yinhe , the lieutenant colonel s answer is quite satisfactory.Of course, it is still far away when the hostages will be released.However, just earlier today.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol brought them great news.A major breakthrough has been made in secret negotiations with the Germans, and some hostages are likely to be released in the near future.Truth be told, President Fenton and Premier Wilkins could not believe what they were hearing.Release, yes, release Lieutenant Colonel Moyol told them with certainty that some of the hostages might be released by the German side within a few days.General Luke of CIA has come to London secretly.He confirmed that there is no such thing as Lieutenant Colonel Moyol in the US Army IntelligenceCaptain Roger is on the way to arrest you General Gundra put down the phone and looked Looking around, no one found it.He sighed a long time.He once again betrayed his belief and his country.But he had no choice, he couldn t let Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Get caught, otherwise my family and my honor will suffer the heaviest blow Once a person takes a wrong step, there is no way to turn back.General Gandra has fallen into a trap Li.All he can do now is to walk down this wrong path Captain, shall we set off immediately Ah.No, check the vehicles and weapons carefully.Captain Roger said solemnly We are going to perform a very important mission, and no accidents are allowed.But even so.The French government at that time did not dare to move him.Sometimes the accuracy of the information that this person has even cbd gummie products surpassed that of the government Belt.I think you should know Adams.Will said the name slowly.Colonel Tarrant nodded silently Yes, the new leader of the Irish Republican Army.A leader of the anti Japanese armed forces wanted by the government, he is also from Moyle, it is said that he often comes to Moyle, but unfortunately I have never succeeded in capturing him.Do you really want to catch him in your heart Will shook his head in disbelief No, in fact, both you and the policemen of Moir s Internal Guard are Adams sympathizers.Ah, maybe not all of them.Colonel Tarrant was frightened Hey, Will, you how long cbd gummies stay in your system cbd gummies for sale in phx az can t talk nonsense about this, otherwise it will bring us trouble.In order to express his firm determination, he set up his headquarters in the city hall building with very obvious goals.From this point of view, Don Tanner is completely worried about the meaning of the word brave Marshal Ernst, please allow me to accept my respect Major Troup raised his hand and greeted Ernst K.who appeared in front of him.Brahm made the most standard hand salute Long live Marshal Ernst This legendary baron, the marshal who has won many battles on the battlefield, is standing at the side of Major Stroop at this moment.before.Major Stroop, who had never felt any fear on the battlefield, suddenly found himself so nervous at this moment.I also have to express my respect to you.Wang Weiyi said lightly You have performed very well, Major Stroop.I heard that you successfully defeated the American ace unit Bloody Rose , I think probably I can t do better than you by directing myself.No, you have no right to do that Don Tanner yelled angrily.Colonel Depra smiled coldly I have the right to do this.You can ignore the deaths of soldiers, but I can t.I have to let them know the situation they are facing.They have their own wives and their own Children.None of them want to die here.Yes, they are just a bunch of ordinary soldiers, but they also have the right to know the truth.General.You can arrest me now, you can even shoot me now, but You can t cover up cbd gummies best for sleep the truth forever After speaking, he strode away without looking at Don Tanner again Don Tanner s hand reached for the gun.But after hesitating for a long time, he finally didn t have the courage to pull out his gun Perhaps Colonel Depra was right.Soldiers should not continue to be deceived.They should have their own choice.We will lose within 24 hours.Opposite us is an enemy far stronger than us.They can easily break through here and kill what they can see Every American.General Don Tanner did not give us a chance to choose, and General Candra also did not give us a chance to choose, but I can give you such a chance, life or death.The soldiers were silent, No one spoke.Colonel Depra smiled bitterly Yes, this is what we are facing now.Tragedy, but also very ironic.Our faith has been devastated, and everything we thought we had was suddenly It collapsed with a crash.What can we say Gentlemen, choose.The soldiers continued to maintain a terrible silenceSuddenly, one of the soldiers stood up, stood up like this, maybe at this time Somewhere the enemy s sniper is hiding, and the bullets will hit his head anytime, anywhere, but he doesn t care at all Colonel, now I m Not surprisingly, when they heard that they were actually a group of outcasts, all the American soldiers stopped fighting.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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