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Walker My own code name is really interesting.If you travel freely in the time and space of history, isn t it just a stroll there No OK, something went wrong what happened Mr.Sun Zhang Guowei suddenly became nervous.The chief engineer in charge of this project, Mr.Sun, had dense sweat on the bridge of his nose The Y element began to 500 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies pros and cons change No, God, the computer in Ziguang lost Take control we are losing contact with Purple Light Stop, stop Zhang Guowei yelled.Can t stop, can t stop, completely lost contact with Ziguang President Sun shouted in despair.Call the rambler in Ziguangli and ask him cbd gummies make poop smell to activate the emergency plan and stop the plan Can t reach free cbd gummies just pay shipping Rambler, can t reach Rambler We are losing Violet Everyone was desperate, and no one could have imagined that such a problem would appear inexplicably.Elena continued The British team has about eight to ten people, wearing German military uniforms, and will pass here about today.In addition to recapturing the information, your goal must not let a person go back alive.Understood, Sergeant. I will participate in your operation to ensure that there are no accidents.Elena s words have already caught Wang Weiyi by surprise.He has never thought that women can fight.As for women, it seems that it is more appropriate to stay behind and do some auxiliary work.But the other party is from the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff Department.Higher rank than her, but far from her status.Shrugging Okay, Sergeant, but I hope you can take care of cbd gummies make poop smell yourself in battle.Elena s expression was still so indifferent You don t have to worry about this at all.Sergeant Spurrow, a military doctor, and Pastor Exon quickly came to the position to treat and pray for the seriously wounded.Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, who has become a prisoner, is not depressed at all.The battle is over.Although he failed, the burden on him can be removed.Instead, he hastily bandaged and chatted with Captain Ernst about the war for a while.Captain.At this time, Sergeant Spro and Pastor Exon came over together.Sergeant Spro had a solemn expression Two are already dead, and the pastor prayed for them.Others are too seriously injured.We Lacking the necessary medical conditions, if they cannot receive timely treatment, it may be difficult for them to survive Poor people.Pastor Exon murmured They are still so young The battle is over, now it doesn t matter what happens to the country and the country, the pastor is completely thinking about the lives that are about to die.Officers below the colonel must obey your dispatch until they find His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.All artillery and air force will serve you in this operation General Bello took his words Captain Ernst, I think you are aware of the importance of this operation.Meng Debi is too close to the enemy s HCMUSSH cbd gummies make poop smell position.I order you to find His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and do the best possible job.Bring him back safely Wang Weiyi was taken aback.Bring him back safely as much as possible So what is the general s subtext If necessary, His Royal Highness must not be allowed to become a prisoner of the enemy.General Bello said these words emphatically.Eighty three.The search team must not allow His Royal Highness the Crown Prince to become a prisoner of the enemy The meaning of this sentence could not be more clear.British spy, I rescued him, but still failed to save his life.But before he died, he told me that there was a British spy beside the German crown prince But that doesn t prove cbd gummies make poop smell that Major Marison is the spy.General Bello obviously didn t want to believe that such a terrible thing would happen.Wang Weiyi adjusted his thinking General, I think the trip of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince must be kept strictly confidential, and only those closest to him know about it Yes.General Bello nodded Baron von Burke is the best friend of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, he must have known it first.The guards didn t know until the day of the trip, but the captain of the guard, Marison, also has the right sera relief cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies make poop smell to know in advance Speaking of this, General Bello s face changed again.It is impossible for Baron von Burke to betray His Royal Highness, you know Major Marison is the only one on His Royal Highness s entire itinerary.Under the protection of Prince Joachim, Colonel Nicholas was demoted to lieutenant colonel, and he barely passed the test after paying a large amount of compensation.Nicholas s anger towards Ernst Brahm could no longer be expressed in words.Changing from a colonel to a lieutenant colonel was the greatest humiliation for him.Also, his reputation has been greatly damaged.But now there was nothing he could do with Ernst.All Germany is supporting Baron Alexson But Nicholas would never just let it go, he had to endure it and wait for Ernst to make a mistake.Once he caught such an opportunity, Nicholas swore that he would never give up.In fact, at this time, Wang Weiyi was also very dissatisfied with Nikolai being punished in this way, but still in control of the Military Intelligence Bureau.The prince challenges.He was almost relying on his own strength to compete with the huge intelligence agencies of Britain, France, and the United States, but now his reputation has been affected because of you.hit hardI m worried that history will get out of the way it should have been Does it have anything to do with me Wang Weiyi asked back, his tone seemed not very polite I was brought into this inexplicable era by that inexplicable Dr.Qin, and then asked me to complete inexplicable tasks.You always tell me not to change history without authorization, but who will do it for me Responsible for what happened If it wasn t for Schlaf s outstanding performance and Lieutenant Colonel Rosen s sudden appearance this time, what would have happened to me Maybe I ve been hanged now Xiao Ling fell silent.I don t know if you can understand human feelings.Simond Wang Weiyi Still asked lightly.His attitude cbd gummies make poop smell immediately angered Watts Are you really not afraid, Lieutenant If I find out that this matter has something to do with you, I swear that you will not be able to leave Lance alive I don t care What is your relationship with General Raffarin Here, you better not offend me You better not offend me.Wang Weiyi calmly said.Watts froze for a moment.He had never seen anyone dare to talk to him like that.Wang Weiyi ordered the scene of the reception Mr.Simond, have you seen this As long as I am happy, I can blow this place to the ground within an hour.General Raffarin can t protect me, and he can t protect you either Watts is a little dazed.Is this a threat to yourself Does anyone in Lance dare cbd gummies make poop smell to speak to himself like that And your subordinates who always like to play with knives can t protect you either.Wang Weiyi sighed softly I will handle this matter well.But I am very strange.It stands to reason cbd gummies make poop smell cbd gummies 1500mg that this person should be brought back by you for review Foroman knew that the other party had always maintained hostility and vigilance towards the Military Intelligence Bureau Major, we have investigated carefully, and he has no value that can be used.We have successfully arrested his superiors, and the higher level ones cbd gummies make poop smell It s not something he can know at this level Wang Weiyi nodded silently The soldiers of the supplementary battalion were quickly summoned, and everyone thought that there was a new mission, but they soon discovered that the major s face didn t seem so cbd gummies pros and cons cbd gummies viagra en español good looking.This time, we carried out a special mission.I don t think there is any need to hide it from everyone now.Wang Weiyi said slowly We went to Lance and did some things.Go to America Wang Weiyi was a little disappointed.Xiaoling seemed to guess what Wang Weiyi was thinking at once Do you want to use this super spy for you Rambler, I have to warn you, this is too dangerous.This person is very cold blooded cbd gummies make poop smell and cunning, and he will bring you great danger.I know.Wang Weiyi sighed Now I have no choice but to find him.His people are in the United States, and I can t go to the United States. Actually, if you really want to find him, it s not impossible.To be continued.If you like this work, welcome to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.Some words of thanks The monthly ticket is fifth, and the spider is really very, very grateful for the support of the brothers, as the old saying goes, your support is cbd gummies pros and cons cbd gummies viagra en español the driving force for the update of the spider.The automatic completion of the task this time may be a sign, but it is more likely to be an accident Wang Weiyi could hardly believe what he heard, and it was also hard to believe that one day Ziguang sera relief cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies make poop smell 500 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies pros and cons military cbd gummies make poop smell base would be controlled by him.Once this day comes, how cbd gummies make poop smell terrible it will be No, what uplift cbd gummies a pleasant thing I can travel in any time and space, and there are no damn mission restrictions anymore.And this also made him feel rekindled A thing that had already been forgotten go home The dream of going home once seemed so far away, but now Xiao Ling gave himself hope again Okay, don t have this dream, even if it is true Yes, that s a long way off.Xiao Ling s words interrupted Wang Weiyi s dream Let s talk about the problem between Crown Prince William and Prince Joachim Crown Prince and Prince What does this have to do with me Xiao Ling didn t care what the other party was thinking In history, Prince Joachim suffered from depression because he formally joined the army.And I will take a good stroll in Berlin I will ask Countess Leonie to accompany you.Pilov s face was relaxed Oh my God, Countess Leonie is with you, even I feel jealous, you will not forget this pleasant trip to Berlin.The countess accompanied him to visit Berlin Although it was happiness, but I don t know why Wang Weiyi always felt that there was something dangerous in it.God knows what kind of trap the countess would dig for himself and wait for him to jump into.Women Especially It s better for these powerful women to be less annoying.But the door was pushed open smokiez sweet or sour 250mg cbd gummies immediately, and Countess Leonie walked in gracefully Baron Alexon, are you ready to go to see Berlin with me To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.On March 8, 1917, and February 23 in the Russian calendar, about 130,000 male and female workers in 50 factories in Petrograd held strikes and demonstrations, kicking off the february war.The prelude to the revolution.On the second day, the number of Russians participating in the strike demonstration increased to 500,000.Immediately, a great uprising broke out Tsar Nicholas II issued an order to suppress, but tens of thousands of soldiers openly stood on the sidelines of the revolution On one side.Together with the uprising workers, they occupied the Tsar s den, the Winter Palace, and various ministries of the zh ngf , and arrested the Tsar s ministers and generals.The uprising in the capital was a complete victory.Nicholas II was not reconciled to his failure, and immediately transferred troops from the front in an attempt Recaptured the capital, but the tsarist army also mutinied under the influence of the revolution.This is a Chinese sentence.Wang Weiyi s eyes were deep It is about a hemp bomb cbd gummies cbd gummies make poop smell victory in a war, which made a general famous, but it was bought with the blood and lives of countless soldiers.Rommel nodded slightly Nodding, but he said immediately No one dies willingly, but the country requires them to do so.No matter what, Ernst, you will become an immortal legend in German history Wang Weiyi smiled lightly.legend He doesn t want to be a legend.If those dead soldiers can open their eyes again, he would rather not be such a legend Erwin, please call Lieutenant Colonel Stino.At cbd gummies pros and cons that time, Wang Weiyi started the communication between cbd night time gummies canada the little spirits Xiaoling, I remember you once said that you have a way to bring people back to life He explained I mean, as long as there are some signs of life in his body, I can save him.I have never heard of these things.Thinking carefully about the battles that have already been experienced, it is exactly the same as what the captain said.In many battles, it is reasonable to say that how long do cbd gummy effects last the firepower of some troops is not bad, but they just can t beat the Japanese, it seems that they have not grasped the knack of combat.We only have such a small number of people, so now we must exchange for the greatest victory at the smallest price When Wang Weiyi said this, everyone was a little surprised.In every previous battle, the Chinese soldiers exchanged their own lives for the lives of the Japanese, a few, even a dozen, dozens of them for cbd gummies make poop smell one, but according to what the captain said, it seems that this time they are going to fight big with small things Captain, R himself has two scouts looking at us.One killed and one wounded Four Knives, have you found the enemy s firepower point Target confirmed Let Niu Zhenliang kill that firepower point immediately Yes The Vickers MKE tank The 47mm gun quickly aimed its muzzle at the enemy s firepower point Boom Under the guidance of Guo Yunfeng.Vickers first shot directly hit the target, and cleanly killed the firepower of the Japanese army on the opposite side.Immediately afterwards, the 7.9MM machine gun on the Vik tank and the 8MM machine gun on the Italian CV 33 roared at the same time The Japanese army was completely suppressed in one fell swoop Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng quickly commanded the soldiers to stand up, the submachine guns in their hands spit out flames, and with the roar of the machine gun, the forward was close to the Japanese defense in an instant.There is a conspiracy in it at all.But even so, Aihara Shinmatsu is not particularly worried.I heard that after the outbreak of the Battle of Shanghai, those Imperial Army troops that entered Shanghai first also encountered ambushes from the Japanese Army, but they easily repelled those ambushers.So at this time, Shinsong Aihara didn t have much to worry about.But he soon discovered that he had made a mistakeor more accurately, it was something he was simply powerless to face cbd gummies edibles Captain Aihara, we have discovered the enemy s battlefield Car troop When these words reached Aihara Shinsong s ears, his head exploded.Chariot troops Did the Chinese actually use chariot troops Well, this will not be something my team can resist Boom There was an explosion, and then all the r themselves confirmed Chariot Enemy chariots Several British and Italian tanks show up And beside them, there are wheeled chariots and armored cars From afar, these chariots have already started to spit out ferocious tongues of flame.I ve heard Ouyang Yu talk about the major s evil deeds of cheating on cigarettes.The disappointed Wang Weiyi decided to vent his dissatisfaction on those Japanese people.The four knife car drives fast.Has rushed behind several Japanese soldiers.The MP38 cbd gummies pros and cons cbd gummies viagra en español submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand burst into angry flames.One is to vent the anger towards these Japanese soldiers, and the other is to vent the anger of No Smoke Damn Ouyang Yu, who spreads everywhere that he is lying to Smoke, is simply a no nonsense officer.Fortunately, I found cigarettes from the corpse of Japan last time and gave him two I only got seven or eight plantmd revive cbd gummies packs of cigarettes in total, but I gave him two as soon as I made a move They all fell to the ground under the spray of Wang Weiyi s angry flames.Seeing the enemy chasing up, those Japanese soldiers quickly dispersed well trained.Don t even think about stealing my money and ruining my girl Huang Xibei nodded in satisfaction Let s go The hated team set off Huang Xibei s profane speeches were also heard by the people of Xiguan.They never thought cbd gummies make poop smell that the security team, which everyone hated, would actually go to the battlefield to fight devils.In fact, in the previous battle, they were not do cbd gummies really work for anxiety cowards.The security team of 700 people was beaten down to only 400 people left.In Songjiang, they did all kinds of bad things, but after Xiaori came, these people really behaved like men.The people came out of the house one after another, silently watching the security team leave in front of them.Seeing those ordinary people who usually had no time to avoid him come out to see him off, the ruffian character suddenly exploded from those team members.He smiled slightly Yes, that s him I saw Mr.Major, you have to tell us where he is Kroll s voice trembled God, there is really news about the Skeleton Baron Once the skeleton baron can be found, his elders will go crazy, the head of 500 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies pros and cons state will go crazy, and the whole of Germany will go crazy ultraxmed cbd fruit gummies for it Wang Weiyi knew that his performance was very successful this time, so he decided to throw out his own conditions I need weapons, a large number of weapons, enough to arm a regiment Mr.Major, please allow us to discuss sera relief cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies make poop smell After finishing speaking, Claire, Werner and Hannah hurriedly left the room Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette and took a deep breath.He knew that the three A German would certainly agree.Because what are some weapons and ammunition compared to knowing the whereabouts of the Skull Baron After waiting there for less than ten minutes, Kroller and the others walked back again Mr. Well, I shall now exercise my rights, may I, Monsieur Baronet At your service, countess. hemp bomb cbd gummies cbd gummies make poop smell Please dance hemp bomb cbd gummies cbd gummies make poop smell with me It is my greatest honour.The melody of A Midsummer Night s Dream began to sound again in the Wittgenstein Manor , the mysterious man wearing a white German imperial military parade dress is dancing with the noble and beautiful Mrs.Rorisa.This scene surprised many guests to the extreme.It seems that Mrs.Rorisa is extremely attached to this masked guest.After all sera relief cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies make poop smell What s going on I m afraid that apart from the person involved, only Hermione will know She knows that when this mysterious person appears, all cbd gummies make poop smell the sufferings of Mrs.Lorisa will end And at this moment, Luo Lisa nestled in the chest of this man, and her footsteps danced slowly with the music.At this moment, she felt that she was the happiest person in the world Countless years of waiting, in the This moment already has meaning Countless nights of longing are insignificant compared to this moment When the music ended, Mrs.Suddenly he came up and gave him a tight hug Guo Yunfeng stood there, watching Lu Daxiong and Yunxia get into the car, and watched them disappear In my sight I don t know why, I am so reluctant.Maybe it s the same as Xiao Ling said.I came to this era, and I have the top 10 cbd gummy companies of 2018 memory of the person I replaced in my cbd gummies make poop smell mind Sir.Fu Yu quietly appeared beside Guo Yunfeng Are you very reluctant to part with them Ah.No, no.Guo Yunfeng hurriedly concealed his words.Fu Yu didn t press on, but said softly Sir, I always feel that there are many stories about you, but you don t want to tell othersSir, when the war is over, can you tell me what happened to you Did something happen I don t know Guo Yunfeng smiled bitterly Where do I come from Where am I going I also want someone to tell me Fu Yu looked up to the sky, as if recalling something When I was young, my father told me that everyone has a place to come and a place to go.God, Xiaoling actually let the attack firepower of Ziguang Military Base be fully fired Now, the whole sky has been shrouded in the shooting range of Ziguang Military Base Inside What happened to Xiao Ling Wang Weiyi really doesn t know what s going on.But the current reality in the sky is that one Japanese plane after another is directly hit.There is no chance for Japanese pilots to even parachute to escape The Chinese pilots in the air were equally stunned, they were indeed still fighting, but they could be sure that their machine guns would never produce such mighty firepower The only explanation was that the Type 95 fighter had a cbd gummies pros and cons cbd gummies viagra en español serious mechanical problem , ora special agent planted a bomb on the plane Apart from these two possibilities, the Chinese pilots could not find any answer Fort No.Baron Alexon, welcome home.In the manor, Butler Vidlio and all the servants of the manor were already waiting for the baron s return.If you pay attention, you can see tears in Butler Videlio s eyes.Butler Videlio, I m back.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Butler sera relief cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies make poop smell Videlio controlled his excitement Your Excellency the Baron, you are not an upright gentleman.You said you would cbd gummies make poop smell come back back then, but there has been no news of you for so many years.But I still come back It s gone, isn t it Wang Weiyi smiled.He stepped forward and hugged his loyal housekeeper with all his might Butler Videlio seemed to be frightened, and hurriedly left the baron Your Excellency the Baron, I am your butler, and I cannot do this in your capacity.Wang Weiyi laughed haha.It has been so many years, but Butler Videlio is still so particular about the rules.No matter at any time, he could never forget what Nicholas did to the baron.So even though Nicholas repeatedly wanted to come back to work for the empire, he was repeatedly rejected by Adolf Hitler.Fortunately, his son Klore was not implicated.Richthofen brought a lot of good wine, which was an insult to Butler Vidlio.Is there no wine in the baron s cellar I haven t seen each other for more than 20 years.When the ecstasy and excitement of meeting again gradually passed, the rest is carnival with fine wine.Adolf Hitler, the head of state who did not drink, actually poured himself a glass of wine, raised his glass high, and said loudly cbd gummies make poop smell For the Baron For the Baron Everyone raised their glasses high.The scene reached its climax in the first minute.Looking at those happy friends, Wang Weiyi let out a long breath.Where is he now Speaking of which, I m a little strange.Frank frowned We have been monitoring him before, but now we have received an order to protect him secretly and not allow any cbd gummies make poop smell baypark cbd gummies strangers to approach him.His residence in Washington has been It was completely monitored by us.It is said that this was obtained from a high ranking military officer, Major General Lesley Glovis, and it seemed that he was going to start a top secret plan for him.This is the federal cbd gummies multivitamin investigation The benefit of the top leaders of the bureau is that they can know many secrets that others can t know at all.Frank seems to want to show off his omniscience in front of Mr.Moyol What s even more strange is that in the hemp bomb cbd gummies cbd gummies make poop smell process of my cooperation with the Army Intelligence Department, I learned that the Army Intelligence Department cbd gummies make poop smell is firmly opposed to Lesley Gregory.In other words, he is simply a controller.He holds everything that happens and controls the direction of everything.When he finished deploying everything, all he had to do was sit on the sidelines.Get out of the car and enter a luxurious New York hotel.After asking for the key of his own room, just as he was about to go back to the room, there was a surprise cry from behind Mr.Moyol Looking back, it was the actress Rui Man.Ms.Ruiman, hello.Although after hearing Beasley s description of what the actress did, Wang Weiyi still had a very polite greeting.Mr.Moyol, hello.Rui Man also replied and said, Did you leave after watching the movie that day I even sent someone to find you.Ah, I m so sorry, I have Lots of things to do.Are you still in New York I have a new movie and an agent is negotiating it for me Rui Man replied Do you live here Yes, I live here, room 912.When dealing with a person like Riley, don t talk to him about the truth, there is nothing more tempting to him than money.Xiao Ling, release those scientists.They have been sleeping here for too long, now it s time to send them to another base.Two trucks appeared at the base, and then, those who were still in a coma Thirty eight scientists kidnapped by the United States were sent to the truck by mechanical arms.Guo Yunfeng got into a truck behind, and Wang Weiyi asked as he jumped into the front truck When will they wake up They will wake up in ten minutes.Look, what is so precious to Germany Wealth, cbd gummies make poop smell they can completely withstand dozens of elite divisions.Wang Weiyi smiled and held the steering wheel Please open the door of the base, Xiaoling.Adolf Hitler and his generals Already waiting in the research base.Williams has no idea what to do now The sense of doom is surging It s coming at him and the gold stocks are still falling.And the speed of the fall has accelerated Not only gold stocks, but all stocks on the New York Stock Exchange are falling like crazy.In particular, several stocks that performed very eye does mayim bialik sell cbd gummies catching before and were sold at high prices were secretly sold off in large quantities along with the gold stocks early in the morning.A huge force has manipulated these stocks This force s eyes are not just cbd gummy miami on a gold stock Fall fall fall An atmosphere of chaos and panic shrouded the entire New York Stock Exchange At 3 00, gold stocks fell below 100and the few stocks that were sold off in large numbers also fell from their previous highs.The altar was pulled down.No one is going to save the stock market, no one Mr.He told General Alexander Among all the enemies chewit acai blueberry cbd gummy I know, Baron Alexon is undoubtedly the greatest one.His talents far exceed ours.No matter what disguise we make, we can always To be seen through by him, no matter how confused we are, he will never be fooledin the ever changing battlefield.He can always capture our weaknesses most keenly, and then defeat us If we have sufficient supplies, we have no cbd gummies make poop smell possibility of victory General Alexander reluctantly nodded.Although he is not particularly willing to admit these words that damage the majesty of the British Empire, the fact is that If there are sufficient supplies, no one can defeat Baron Alexon, no It s a pity.He cbd gummies cbdfx was always a great tragic cbd gummies make poop smell marshal General Montgomery sighed In the first war.He tried his best to lead the how long does cbd gummy bears last Skeleton Commando to countless victories.Commanding them was neither General Wolfgang von Sch del of the 10th Armored Division, nor General Jurgen von Arnim of the 5th cbd gummies pros and cons cbd gummies viagra en español Armored Army, nor the 164th Infantry Division.Division Commander General Dietrich von Kuhn.It s the Skeleton Baron Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm His arrival has kept the German soldiers fighting high, and they can t wait to join the war immediately At this moment, Baron Alexon was as calm as a rock, and no wind or rain could shake it a bit.The news from the front kept coming the Italians were cbd gummies legal in massachusetts routing, the enemy was desperately attacking, the Greek 1st Infantry Brigade sera relief cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies make poop smell was advancing at an astonishing speed, etc Wang Weiyi didn t take these things to heart at all.In Karman, The enemy will know what a real terrible war is At 1 30 pm, the fastest Italian troops had passed Kalman.Baron, I personally advise you not to touch the money, it is very dangerous, and with the current mood in Egypt, if those soldiers don t get the money they deserve, it will definitely cause commotion I thc vs cbd gummies Why take their money Wang Weiyi smiled brightly I just want to see the money I heard that the Cairo Bank has always been a place for the British to temporarily store important supplies, but I wonder why there are only a dozen Where is a soldier defending Colonel Dot smiled wryly Since vegan cbd gummies mixed fruit the opening of Cairo Bank, there has never been a theft or robbery in history.It is known as the safest place in Egypt.The salaries of all the soldiers are placed there, and there is a set of strict security measures there.I don t think you will be able to successfully enter Thank you for the reminder, Colonel Dott.That s good, if I asked the base for weapon support before, Xiao Ling was always unwilling to agree so readily, but now, Elena is still not doing anything, Xiao Ling has already given her the most complete cooperation.Who is in charge of the base now Myself or Elena Women, women, women But now is not the time to feel sorry for yourself.Elena was able to move General Canlemu more by herself, which Wang Weiyi did not expect It seems , Elena may be able to play a greater role in the future It is a very difficult challenge to meet General Canlemu.The British army has now re encircled the encirclement and is actively preparing for a new offensive in order to completely defeat these mutiny soldiers.The only hope is that the Tiger that Xiaoling allocated to him can live up to expectations The Egyptian mutiny soldiers were quickly assembled, and when Wang Weiyi told General Canlemu that he was about to arrive here, he would personally command the uprising After the news of the mutiny was conveyed to these mutiny soldiers, the cbd gummies make poop smell Egyptians were startled for a moment, and then they burst into loud cheers.Germany is also full of attempts for Egypt, which has an extremely important strategic position.The series of cbd gummies make poop smell cbd gummies 1500mg operations carried out by the African Legion has only one purpose to completely occupy Egypt and gain absolute initiative on the battlefield And this mutiny.It is nothing more than providing Germany with an excellent opportunity Mutiny, will Egypt be freed, or will it be exchanged for a new colonist Colonel Tamusta wasn t surebut cbd gummies make poop smell by now, he was one of the mutiny commanders.There is no way out now.The entire mutiny soldiers are doing the same thing to welcome the arrival of General Canlemu.The Egyptian soldiers of the three brigades were divided into two parts.Wang Weiyi will personally command the soldiers of the two brigades to fight a bloody way in the encirclement of the British army to meet General Canlemu.In an instant, the weapon in the Egyptian s hand burst out with a more violent roar.The tank rushed in, and the Egyptians goal had been achieved, and they quickly covered the car and retreated towards the barracks.At this time, the Devil Tank once again acted as the patron saint of the Egyptians.Devil Tank from this day on, both the British and the Egyptians began to call this tank that miraculously appeared in Cairo When the Egyptian soldiers retreated to the barracks, the Devil Tank Tank patrolled the battlefield as if showing off, and then slowly drove towards the barracks.The British who had been frightened for cbd gummies make poop smell recipes for cbd gummies a long time, no one dared to chase The huge skull battle flag on the tank, this is a blood red flag, a huge white skull, in the middle of the flag, It stares at the world in front of it with its empty and cold eye sockets However, there is another layer of meaning in the empty and cold eyes ridicule A mockery of the British, a mockery of the Allies.The heavy rain is coming, the Nile is rushing, and the whole of North Africa will be baptized 603.Harbin Now, Wang Weiyi can let go and do what he wants to do.The so called rebellious Italian officers on the list were caught, including General Motta.These Italian officers were completely inexplicable and had no idea what happened.The Germans quickly took control of the Italian troops and took over their original defense zone.North Africa is basically in the hands of the Germans.The riots that Erwin Rommel had feared did not occur.All this is because of Ernst Brahm.Africa would not be where it is today without him.But at this time, Wang Weiyi was about to leave Africa Despite some reluctance, Rommel knew that Ernst had a more important task for him to complete to win the final victory for Germany Wang Weiyi has returned to Ziguang Military Base, and his mission in Africa has come to an end.Restricting this army, but there is already a strong resistance force.After the fall of France, Swiss Prime Minister Pillay Gora made a show of favor with Germany and reduced the army to two thirds of its original size.The Swiss were angry, and the military objected.They said they would do everything in their power to resist a possible German attack.Therefore, Hitler would not and would not dare to attack such a country where all the people are soldiers.Attacking Greece has already made them burnt out.In the month leading up to the war with the Soviet Union, Hitler did not wish to deplete the army to 621.spy king The Netherlands also declared neutrality when the war broke out, but they ended up being occupied by Germany within days.Neutrality requires strength and capital Following the words of Marshal Ernst Brahm, the generals of Britain and Germany became more and more attracted, and their prejudices were temporarily put aside.On the entire front, the Brandenburg platoon conducting long distance reconnaissance, dressed in Soviet uniforms, brought the necessary documents and even letters from home, drove a super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy Soviet truck, and was cbd gummies in nyc able to speak fluent Russian Lead the way, and carry out activities hundreds of kilometers how well do cbd gummies work behind the enemy Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction, Brandenburg Commando , this is a brand new team after the Skeleton Commando, which is well known in Germany.The Commandos of Ace 622.On the afternoon of December 1, 1942, Edim and Heisenberg, two outstanding soldiers of the Brandenburg Commando, who were fighting in the Soviet Union, were called to a secret meeting.They sat in a conference room with eighty three other paratroopers.Everyone chatted in low voices, not knowing what was going on.A captain walked into the conference room, and all the paratroopers rose to attention.Guest Baron Skeleton Ernst Alexson von Brahm De Gaulle heard someone ask Your Excellency the Baron, what do you think of the relationship between Britain and Germany Then, de Gaulle heard Baron Alexon reply I always think that Germany and Britain should be friends.The two countries have always had a traditional friendship in history However, the relationship between Germany and Britain Between two terrible wars Someone interrupted Baron Alexon.De Gaulle saw sera relief cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies make poop smell a smile on Baron Alexon s face Brothers often fight over some conflicts, but this does not affect the friendship between themAh, speaking of this, it suddenly occurred to me that there was a Hundred Years War between England and France.But every time France is in danger, Britain is always the first to rescue.Doesn t this explain the problem The always proud Britons have obvious smiles on their faces.We will act together with the Russian headquarters.Wang Weiyi seemed so calm In this way, we can grasp the Russian movement at the first time, and even carry out some sabotage, and provide the most direct support to Elklin The danger is also cbd gummies make poop smell greatly increased.Myristel muttered We will all be hanged by the Russians sooner or later.Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing Don t worry.Here My special gallows is not yet ready, but your gallows is probably ready This time, Heisenberg and Edim also laughed, the baron is still such a funny person Major Waderos, General Tasotsky asked you to come over immediately.The sudden order made everyone nervous, and Myristel even touched the handle of the gun.Wang Weiyi shook his head slightly at him.Then he tidied up his clothes and walked into Tasotsky s office calmly.He from hell He will lead a scene of terrible human massacre February 12, 1943.The battlefield was surrounded by a strong smell of blood, and corpses could be seen everywhere.In yesterday s war, the losses of the Soviet army were completely appalling.When the sun cbd gummies make poop smell slowly rose, the Russians had no idea that terrible things were approaching them.These people who survived yesterday s brutal war, after a hasty breakfast, did not even have time to check their weapons, and they were ready to face death.Then, a new attack started again.There is no difference from yesterday.From 6 00 am to 10 00 am, the Soviet army carried out eight consecutive charges, and the sound of Ula continued to cbd gummies make poop smell sound, and there were still numerous casualties.Numb, the Russians have been completely numb They don t care if they are injured, they don t care if they are still alive, anyway, as long as they are not dead, the next attack cbd gummies make poop smell will still be their turn.If you disobey his order, maybe you can write a suicide note Vasilevsky s voice trembled a little I must not just stand by and watch such an excellent comrade suffer such shame and be shot Comrade Commander in Chief, I can understand your feelings, but you and I know what s going on here Khrushchev s voice is so helpless You can disregard your personal safety, but you cbd gummies make poop smell can t give up the battlefield.Your responsibility does not allow you to make any defenses for Dawamirski Huaxia Levsky was silent.Yes, his responsibility does not allow him to make any defense for Dawamirski Therefore, he can only watch, helplessly watching Dawamirski just like this Leave yourself 683.What happened to Dawamirski in the sea of blood is just a microcosm of countless Soviet officers who have been treated in the same way as him.Mechanism, insensitivity, is now the only attitude every Russian can have.They can t control their own destiny, they HCMUSSH cbd gummies make poop smell don t even know what will happen in the next second.General Shumilov still did some things.He ordered all the soldiers to be as close to the German army as possible, to stick together to fight as much as possible, and to weaken the enemy s air force and artillery advantages to the greatest extent.Moscow is also not passively waiting.Although the ground forces were severely weakened in several major battles and could not give Stalingrad more ground support, Moscow mobilized all the country s air power.Desperately fighting for air supremacy with the Luftwaffe.However, at this time, 45 German engineer battalions specially trained for siege arrived in Stalingrad and were put on the battlefield as soon as possible.They think that the existing regime can no longer undertake the task of defending the country, so they must try to find ways to do so.Save this stormy country.Many people have this mentality Yes, this is the information sent by our intelligence personnel.De Sade told the German generals without hesitation The authenticity of the information cannot be doubted.We have verified it repeatedly.De Sade now holds a lot of power in his hands, and all of these powers were given to him by Baron Alexon.Wang Weiyi is such a person.Once he decides to trust someone, such trust is unconditional, even for a rival like De Sade who has always wanted to kill him in the past.When De Sade declared his allegiance to Baron Alexon, Wang Weiyi left the Sidney Death Squad, and all the intelligence networks of the German army in Moscow were handed over to him to control.Do you also want to receive this wealth into your own pocket aha.Welcome to join our treasure hunting team, with your help, our task will become much easier Yes, once Xiaoling activates the Ziguang military base for direct support, then all tasks will become extremely simple.Yes.I am full of great expectations for the gradual increase in wealth in the base I am in charge of Xiao Ling did not deny anything You have done many things with this wealth and changed the course of history.I don t want to see such a process, but I have to admit that you succeeded.I think the more wealth we capture, the more we can do things that others cannot.Of course, I need your authorization to participate directly Yes, my authorization.Wait Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of something During the last battle in China.He established the New Republic Financial Group in Wisconsin, USA.The company s operating capital is only 17,000 US dollars, but soon after the capital injection of secret overseas accounts in the United States, Vantaa s business grew bigger and bigger.By October 1990, cbd gummies make poop smell Vantaa had completed a very profitable transaction of buying 140 billion rubles for 5 billion dollars at a price that was twice that of the black market 28 rubles to 1 dollar, thanks to his presence in the Soviet Union.the accomplices.In January and February 1991.Vantaa aggressively shorted up to 2,000 tons of gold on the London gold exchange market.The Soviet economy, which was already weak, relied entirely on the export of gold.The collapse in the price of gold drove the final nail in the coffin of the Soviet Union.Vantaa s secret operation was called the Great Ruble Scam.Death Fortress this is the new name given to Moscow by the Germans.It s also a very vivid name.In Moscow, a city wrapped in steel into a huge battle fortress, death is the easiest thing to see, and corpses are the easiest objects to find.The dignity of life is trampled on for nothing here, and sera relief cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies make poop smell all eyes are only on one thing how many people did you kill in the last hour.Not by days, but by hours.As for how long a human life can survive on the battlefield, it can even be counted in minutes.On July 28, the German army launched a full scale attack on the Malinovsky Army with the Skeleton Division, the Imperial cbd gummies make poop smell Division, and the 123rd Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht as the main force.Malinovsky s army participated in the Battle of the Terek River, and after the outbreak of the Battle of Moscow, it took the lead in the counterattack against the German army.The reason why Pompey suddenly showed such generosity must have his special purpose. Wang Weiyi did not refuse Thank you for your gift.The only consul, I will remember your generosity.And in the days to come, if you need my help, I think you know where to send someone Find me.There was a smile on Caesar s mouth, Spurius this is a smart man, and he likes to deal with smart people.As Wang Weiyi guessed, Pompeo is not generous at all, but he needs financial support very much now.Crassus, the former ally, was dead, and he had lost one of his biggest sources of income, so he had to find a new patron.Although those nobles were willing to support him in order to deal with Caesar, they actually looked down on Pompey who was also a commoner, so they were absolutely unwilling to waste money on Pompey, which created a very embarrassing situation Pompey If he wanted to attack Caesar, he had to form a huge army that belonged entirely to him, but this was a huge expense, but those guys in the Senate would only give him verbal support.The Greek Ternadus walked around the tribe leisurely, and from time to time a few bold children wanted to reach out and touch his clothes, because the costumes of the Greeks were so novel, and his Greek style weapons and shields were being Several servants of Armius held it in their hands to observe.Centumalus attendant s heart was not as relaxed as his expression before he arrived, the head of the attendant, Clemons, secretly asked him to observe the Saxon s every move carefully, and report to him immediately if he found anything unusual.However, when I came to this camp, everything was so peaceful and normal.Is Master Centumaros a little suspicious Ternadus had no doubt that Clemences order came from Centumalus, muttering to himself as he carefully pushed away a Saxon child, fearing that the mud on the child s body would stain the cloth he had carefully sewed in Athens.The power possessed by the Romans, especially Caesar, was completely beyond the expectations of these Germans.It was originally thought that a simple The uprising resulted in heavy casualties.The only thing that makes people feel strange is why the Romans suddenly withdrew their troops when the Roman legions were about to annihilate them Sders, his most experienced tribal leader Hellman died in battle, and his beloved wife Hesnia also fell into the hands of the Romans.Now, what should he do Before his death, Hellman clearly instructed himself to become the leader of the tribe and lead all the tribes to find the Germanic Alliance.However, is he capable of leading the Saxons Where did I go to find the Germanic League Sdeers was in best cbd gummies martha stewart a state of confusion The team was quiet, no one in the huge fleeing team was willing to talk much, and the atmosphere became extremely oppressive.At this time, the newly issued armor before the war played a vital role, otherwise they would have fallen down a large number if they did not form a turtle formation now.The sun in the sky silently cbd gummies make poop smell watched all that happened below it tens of thousands of humans had cbd gummies delta 8 near me been fighting on this plain for most of the day, and the Parthians were like a torrent that broke the embankment.Desperately trying to submerge the Romans chessboard like positions, sharp swords and steel shields collided, and spears fell on the hard armor.The arrows are flying, the horses are neighing Hells doesn t know how long he can hold on to the position, the partner beside him has already fallen down, replaced by the comrades behind.And one of his feet was nailed to the ground by an arrow and he couldn t move.He just kept repeating simple movements, each time the spear stabbed more and more weakly.A new round of attacks had just ended, and the smoke filled the air.Thick smoke from the bombed out houses obscured the sky.Outside the city, soldiers urgently cbd gummies earth fare repaired the bombed trenches, replenishing the positions with light .

can cbd gummies cause dry mouth?

and heavy machine guns and boxes of ammunition.And the plane marked with the Swastika continued to take off tenaciously, defending the sky of Berlin.In the center of Berlin, police, firefighters, doctors, and nurses appeared on the streets immediately, putting out the fire and helping the wounded groaning in pools of blood.Despite heavy losses from the Allied bombing, the citizens remained calm and calm.They tried their best to help the wounded in need of rescue, and assisted the police and firefighters to do what they could.In the square of Paris, countless citizens who also wear the Swastika sign shouted the slogan All for Germany , expressing their determination to die for Germany.The German commandos became more and more confident as they fought.They knew that the Americans were no better than that, even though they had a great advantage.But this is not absolute.When the confidence of a troop is fully stimulated, the fighting power they will explode will be quite astonishing.They defended their own battlefield calmly, even though their casualties were also increasing.But what does that matter Even if everyone here is dead, they have relieved the pressure on the German troops on the frontal battlefield to the greatest extent.And what has always accompanied them in the battle is the eternal Baron Song His eyes are black.His blood is red.His tanks are galloping, his planes are soaring.Skeletons Made badges to make enemies tremble, Death s banner to make the day cease.The rose is his romance, the steel is his will.But I have to say, as long as the lieutenant colonel is commanding us, there is no enemy to be afraid ofjust those nasty planes, always appearing above our heads, bombing us and telling us where we are going Report to 3rd Brigade.If possible, I really want to kill these planes just now, the lieutenant colonel told us to stop.And take a good rest, he said that he would teach the 3rd Brigade of the Americans a lesson so that they should not pursue so closely.The battle is about to break out.But all of us were not nervous at all, but became excited and looking forward to it As written in Captain Lampden s diary, Wang Weiyi decided to teach Brigadier General Badger and the 3rd cbd gummies make poop smell Brigade a lesson.The Abraham Rapid Mobility Battalion of the 3rd Brigade is already very close to them.Now the Germans are only concerned about fleeing for their lives, and most of them have already left.Wang Weiyi breathed a sigh of relief.There must be underground resistance organizations here.It might be easier to get their help.Captain, there is a person injured there your people Suddenly, someone pulled Wang Weiyi s clothes and said.Looking back, it was a young child.Seeing the US military officer turning around, the child said in extremely blunt English Your soldiers are on that road.Alley was hurt.Captain, come with me.After finishing speaking, the child beckoned to Wang Weiyi, and then walked towards the alley Wang Weiyi felt some curiosity in his heart, and followed the child towards that.But when he entered the alley, But none of the soldiers saw it.Hey, where is the person you are talking about Wang Weiyi had just finished speaking when he suddenly felt a gust of cold wind blowing from behind him.In front of those old things, I have to pretend to be respectful, and listen cbd gummies make poop smell to them without daring to resist at all.Damn, they still treat me like a dog Even my father, who knows what he thinks, is on the side of those old things all day.Damn, I wish they were dead right away Werner was completely stunned.This was the first time he heard such words from the head of state, the first time he heard hemp bomb cbd gummies cbd gummies make poop smell the voice of the heart of the head of state.He never thought that the head of state actually had such thoughts in his heart, and cbd gummies make poop smell he never thought that the head of state s heart was so dark.God, those people he scolded all made great military exploits for Germany Werner tried to hide his shock. So, I will never lose everything I got Claire changed his tone Warner, are you willing to stand by my side On your cbd gummies make poop smell side Werner His body trembled What do you want me to do Kroller stared at him firmly It is not allowed to spread the news that Ernst led the Second Armored Army to victory, and immediately stop the broadcast on the battlefield about this victory.Lieutenant Colonel, what are you doing here A colonel of the French Gendarmerie actually appeared in front of the sentry post.Heisenberg took out his ID and handed it over, but the man still sat on the jeep with a grin Hey, Colonel, can t you see that we are dressed as green cbd gummies scam Germans This joke is not funny at all.Besides, your French is really bad, please speak English.The colonel s face was full of contempt for Americans.These guys, relying on the fact that they are Americans, do not understand etiquette at all, always like to make some bad jokes, and always like to show off the language they have just learned.Why does France always have to run behind Germany and Americans When will France have its own ideas and command over the army Okay, okay, Colonel, you are too serious.Heisenberg shrugged, We are the Kars Rapid Response Force, and I am Lieutenant Colonel Kars.I am really happy I want to ask how the baron did it.You will know when you see him.Elliott looked serious Gentlemen, the situation has gotten a little out of control.The war between the United States and Germany , 500 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies pros and cons caused great damage to our interests, gentlemen, I think we should do something.Mr.Elliott, I must remind you.Lawrence interjected We all know the relationship between you and the cbd gummies make poop smell Baron.Feelings, I also know your feelings for Germany, but the New York League is an interest group, war will make us rich, who wins and who loses actually doesn t have much to do with us, we only care about what we can get from it.Obviously, Gates thinks the same way These people care more about gaining benefits than their parents.They also have more shrewd minds than their parents, and they will never extend their hands if they have nothing to gain.There were four corpses of American soldiers inside , and a machine gun returned to parts, outside the bunker.A large number of German tanks are driving by.The tanks are so powerful, why do we need to clean up the bunker Thomp was a little dissatisfied.Well, Thomp, our tanks know how to steal our limelight.Go back the way you came.Gyunther took his squad and left.There was an unnoticed side door in the passage.It was locked tightly.There was probably no one inside, and the German army ignored him.At this time, three or four people with U.S.soldiers with pistols, Gyunser knocked them down with a single bullet.Before they rushed in, they heard screams from inside.After they entered, several standing soldiers raised their hands and said Sir, please don t shoot, we have wounded here, please.Those soldiers seemed to be medical officers.There is one more very important case that I think you will be interested in.The reason why I can t wait to kill this artillery position is because it poses a huge threat to Egypt.Egypt Did it not surrender the Americans Wang Weiyi couldn t help being startled.I surrendered, and I surrendered on the day the war broke out.Model explained carefully After the death of the absurd Sultan Farouk I of Egypt.His son Ahmed Fouad succeeded him as Sultan.When the German American War broke out.Fuad immediately announced the surrender of Egypt, but was immediately attacked by the German and British forces stationed in Cairo.Fouad escaped from Cairo and was given asylum by the U.S.military.The Sultan has Farouk I s wife Farida as regent.However, due to the fierce offensive of the Allied forces, in order to avoid more casualties, I sent the German, British and American allied forces to withdraw from Cairo.Ah, you need Help These guys are very capable.They are about to help with anything.When Benjamin was bragging, Wang Weiyi had cbd full spectrum gummies 100 followed Annette into the palace hall.Annette lowered her voice and said, I can only help you get here, and the rest is entirely up to you.I am very grateful.Wang Weiyi expressed his gratitude.Annette hesitated for a moment Will you go back after the task is completed Probably.Wang Weiyi knew what the other party was thinking Look.I said that we might meet again in the future.Don t worry, I will Thinking of you.Annette bit her lip, and quickly left the man Wang Weiyi calmed down and looked at the palace carefully.There were already quite a few guests here, most of them were powerful people in Egypt, officials from the U.S.embassy in Cairo, and military officers from the U.He saw Slat rushing towards him.Then he swung his knife to kill Slat, but Slat swung who developed smilz cbd gummies the knife horizontally to block the attack.But the vibration from his hands made Slat s hands numb, and enduring the severe pain, he swung the knife sideways, cutting off the man s horse s front feet directly, and the horse did not roll over like the previous one.Because of the broken front foot, he directly led the man down heavily.At this time, Slat looked at the man.Looking at the medal of the man, the military rank should be similar to that of Slat.Slat didn t hemp bomb cbd gummies cbd gummies make poop smell dare to neglect and rushed towards him quickly.His reaction was very fast, and he turned around and kicked himself.In the stomach, the sharp pain from the abdomen made Slater unable to maintain momentum and fell to the ground.He struck at Slater with the knife, and Slater blocked his attack with the knife again.Simon closed the door and turned on the lights.Solomon changed it two times.I undressed, and from a box took out a mirror, a wooden comb, a brush, a towel, hair dye, silicon padding for my cheeks, and the page to replace Drake s passport with the picture on it.There was a picture of a man posted there that didn t quite look like Drake, nor did it look like Richard.Solomon.Five minutes later, Simon watched Solomon drive away.Then, he took out a bottle of whiskey, opened Drake s mouth forcefully, and forced the wine into it.Then he picked up a plastic syringe.There is no medicine in the syringe, only air.Carefully, he injected air into the opponent s arm.This bullet of air flowing through Drake s veins will eventually be delivered to the heart.The front desk of the Algaojin Hotel had no suspicion that Drake s passport had changed owners.Heisenberg felt nothing, only remembering that he fell lightly and hit his head heavily on the floorMaybe Heisenberg could fly up, away from living hell But the Iron Cross on his neck turned into a branding iron at that moment.A ball of fire tied Heisenberg tightly, making him unable to go anywhere Then the flames engulfed his body violently.The floor beneath Heisenberg shattered.Heisenberg fell again, falling The earth was moaning, the body was melting, everything the flames went into was nothingness, and the shouts were torn apart in twisting Russian Artillery has improved ballistic calculations.The entire two story museum was covered by sudden dense artillery.The small marble building that the Germans thought would be very strong collapsed almost instantly.Cunning shrapnel shredded it all, filled it with hungry flames, and finally destroyed it all with a brutal explosion No one can escape from the museum cbd gummies make poop smell alive The German army was only 74 Personallydamnit makes what they just did in church seem meaningless Fuck dam damn Now only the ground is shakingconvulsively shakingshockingwaitam I aliveannoying explosions Indefatigable in the ear like clockwork.The crosshairs aimed at the belly of his uniform, which was the spleen.The crosshairs slowly followed the slow moving Russian army, Boom The bullet hit the soldier s abdomen directly, and when he tilted, the officer on his body fell from his back like a sack of potatoes.At this point the target becomes two.At this time, the Russian army gave up and sent them back to the rear.A few minutes later, an unarmed medic entered Hewitt s sight.He was the third, and medics are prohibited targets under the international laws of war.But in the cruel war, the health soldiers of the German army are often the priority of the Russian army, so they don t care about the law of war.Boom This time the bullet hit the head directly, and the health soldier fell in front of the two wounded.And Hewitt s location was discovered by the Russian army.Hewitt suddenly discovered a very serious problem he was out of bullets.However, there was still no fear on his face, on the contrary he smiled.He is not afraid of death, at this moment he really is not afraid of death at all.Even for sera relief cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies make poop smell him, death was a relief.Watching the Russians gradually coming up, Hewitt threw away the weapon in his hand and let out a long breath.He seemed to see those dead brothers smiling at him in the sky.There is nothing to regret, he did everything he could.He gave his sera relief cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies make poop smell all to his dear country.And now, it s time to give your life He saw the muzzle of an ss6 aimed at this place, Hewitt smiled, and then slowly closed his eyes There was a huge explosion, and soon there was an explosion on the battlefield cbd gummies make poop smell cbd gummies 1500mg There was a sound Hewitt thought he was broken to pieces, but when he opened his eyes, he found that there was no injury on cbd gummy bears philippines his body.He was a little surprised, and looked outside again, only to find that the ss6 had turned into a pile of scrap iron.Hewitt didn t know what happened, but then intense gunshots rang out.Then, a large group of German troops appeared under the cover of a Leopard 9 and an ss6.The Russians, who were 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reliable force for oneself The world is always so elusive When the second cigarette is exhausted.Wang Weiyi saw the Grand Duchess quietly walking out of the manor.Behind her were the two female bodyguards.But when the Grand Duchess got into the Mr Petergoff car.The two female bodyguards didn t seem to see anything.The car started, and the Grand Duchess couldn t help asking Where are we going I ve booked harlequin cbd gummies a small hotel where no one will recognize the Grand Duchess.They have shown tenacity since entering Germany, and have repeatedly made outstanding military exploits.But here it is.Commodore Gott lost F Company forever.There are not many troops he can use now, and he has a premonition even when it gets dark, the German attack will not stop.Commodore Gott s hunch was not wrong.The German army, which decided to go all out, continued to maintain a strong attacking posture after the sky gradually dimmed.What made the Americans even more frustrated was that the veteran Myristal Commando also took the initiative to join the attack on the US 3rd Armored Brigade.This is a heroic unit that has been with Baron Alexson since the beginning of the Second World War.They never disappoint.Now Commodore Gott s situation is even worse.The flames illuminated the night like day, and 500 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies pros and cons the sound of cannons and gunfire never stopped for a moment.Mr.Mayor, you can find me a A comfortable bed Catadona didn t understand the other party s attitude at all, and in such a critical situation, Mr.Prime Minister s first thought would be to rest in Turin While the mayor waited, the protesters in Italy waited patiently.As the leader of the protest, Manusia, the leader of the Italian Workers Association , is still full of confidence in the future.Although the government is stupid and corrupt, the mayor of Turin, Catadona, is a nice guy.He is willing to listen to the voices of the people, and he is able to cbd gummies make poop smell solve some problems for the people as much as possible within his full range.Of course, the final decision is still in the hands of the Italian government Mr.Manusia, a man who calls himself Moyol wants to see you immediately.K walked in together.After seeing the cruelty of blood and fire, he resolutely chose to run away.Although it was not honorable, it was better than losing his life.But in fact, he still cbd gummies pros and cons cbd gummies viagra en español lost his life.When he shouted this sentence, is 75 mg of cbd gummies too much it was time for him to die.Bastard.The sound came, and Court turned his gun and fired a shot at the back of the fleeing soldier.Whoever dares to take a step back will die.The Germans are in front.We will die if we retreat, and we will die if we defend.We must not surrender.This is our last line of defense.Behind us is the lifeline of the entire Russian army.You guys Have you forgotten the glory of Russia Cotter exclaimed angrily.The shock brought by Court had some effect.The other soldiers remained silent, and a few soldiers who also wanted to escape restrained their steps and pointed their guns at the Germans again.I love my country.I am willing to give my life for this country The reporters were listening quietly, only Bordov s voice came out here Our country s assets have been embezzled in the most terrible way, and our country is becoming extremely weak.Domestically, the economy cbd gummies make poop smell has nearly collapsed.People work hard but cannot support their families.On the battlefield our army was defeated again and again.Not because our soldiers are timid and afraid of death, but because they are seriously owed the wages they deserve.They defended our country with their blood and lives, but they can t even get what they deserve.My friends in the army told me that the Russian army s weapons were seriously outdated, equipped with a large number of weapons from the Second World War era, but what they had to face was a group of well armed enemies.This loss can only be said to be a completely bearable loss for the US military.Bentonson looked at the corpses of US soldiers all over the battlefield.An inexplicable fear welled up in my heart.Steinman looked calmly at the dissipating smoke area in front of him, slowly lowered the gun in his hand, and an empty single clip fell out of his hand Hold the front line Romeo s eyes were bloodshot from being stimulated.Angrily, he led the British swiss relief cbd gummies sugar free soldiers back to the front line, ready to resist the next wave of American attack.He glanced at Steinman who was organizing from the corner of his eye You must pay back this debt Steinman seemed to understand Nodding his head, he has long been prepared for all the evil consequences that need to be endured.Although all this seems too cruel and ruthless, he firmly believes in it.The rumbling Leopard 9 tank roared and began to drive towards the crossroads, while the German army was divided into two teams and scattered on the two wings of the Leopard 9 to cover the side of the tank.At the same time, it relies on the Leopard 9 as a bunker.Go quickly toward the intersection.Manna, prepare the high cbd gummies make poop smell explosive bomb Steinman pressed the headset and ordered, and the Leopard 9 cannon began to rotate with the turret, aiming at the intersection that was about to turn.Rabbi, Carl, when the time comes, machine gun fire will cover the Leopard 9 The rest of us will look for cover with me, and we will hold on to the crossroads for a while.Steinman understood in his heart that after capturing the crossroads.It is of great significance to the consolidation of the northern urban area, and it is on the main road.Behind the huge landing force is an endless fleet.The fleet is like a forest of cbd gummies pros and cons cbd gummies viagra en español steel, densely extending towards the sea level.What a formidable aura and shock this is, being in such a steel legion.How small I feel.The soldiers in the cabin desperately took deep breaths to adjust their emotions.For soldiers, whether to go home or not is aimed at this battle.No matter how good the previous battle was.As long as you can persist until you come back alive this time, you will be the winner.Arrive at the target in three minutes.Received, the target is in sight Understood, keep the heading at thirty five degrees, over.Received, the heading at cbd thc gummies minnesota thirty five degrees.A large group of fierce armed helicopters came from the helicopter Sprinted out in formation and reached the city before the entire landing force.But the good times didn t last long.As soon as they established their defense line, they were immediately attacked by the surrounding US troops like a flood.Now the main task of the D Company and cbd gummies make poop smell A Platoon of the 40th Assault Battalion of the cbd gummies make poop smell 3rd Assault Brigade is to strengthen the defensive deployment of the 2nd Reconnaissance Company of the Imperial Division and resist the attack of the US military until the backup troops of the Imperial Division arrive.The transportation aspect of platoon A is the responsibility of the 21st Armored Division of the Wehrmacht.As soon 500 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies pros and cons as the armored convoy entered within 150 yards of the red feb No.9 area, it encountered crazy and firm resistance from can cbd gummies make you high the US Army.The convoy slammed to a stop in front of a heavily armed building.Several tanks and armored vehicles were damaged by enemy troops hiding in buildings.With workers strikes, citizens strikes, and students strikes, the whole of Paris was paralyzed.The most troublesome thing is the attitude of the police and the secret police.They seem to have lost control of the situation, and they just watched Paris become a mess without any solution.As the police chief of France, Berkeley was severely criticized by President Cathar and Prime Minister Sinagh, but Berkeley told them aggrievedly that it was not his incompetence, but the ferocity of the riot.With the power of the police in their own hands, there is nothing they can do.Now, the only thing that can be counted on is the army.The 51st Panzer Corps and the 52nd Panzer Corps must maintain the overall security of Paris, under the advice of General Robito.The French National First Guard Division quickly received the cbd gummies make poop smell order and appeared on the streets of Paris under the leadership of Lieutenant General Ainois.The reporters gradually put together a jigsaw puzzle relying on the information they had and their own guesses A group of radical forces appeared in the National Provisional Assembly.They tried to eradicate all those who opposed them.They wanted to rule like the Katri government France, even did more terror than the reign of terror in the era of the Cathar government.The respected General Robito is absolutely unwilling to have such a situation.He wants to maintain French democracy and freedom at all costs, so it is natural.General Robito became a thorn in their side.The assassination of Captain Hayes is just the beginning of a series of assassinations The role of newspapers in public opinion is always unimaginable, and more and more French people believe cbd gummies make poop smell that this is a huge conspiracy.More cbd gummies make poop smell and more French people began to stand on General Robito s side.Not optimistic We are also actively researching countermeasures.There is nothing to collect intelligence.William turned around It seems to me that all this was done by one person Alec Baron Sen, yes, I can be sure that he did all these things alone.Turner seemed a little unconvinced The German army is counterattacking in Germany, can Baron Skeleton be distracted and go to Paris This is The most important reason why we can t have someone like the Baron William actually smiled strangely He can always appear in different places, and he can always fight another hemp bomb cbd gummies cbd gummies make poop smell war that belongs to him while a war is raging.anything he wants.No one can stop him, no one can.turner.I think we will lose France Turner gasped.Of course, he was also strongly confused.Although he is the greatest enemy of the United States, Mr.It is analyzed that General Vincent will never betray the Fenton government.Now, both Fenton and the Americans are finally relieved.You must know that even though they still had Vincent s loyalty before, Fenton still couldn t make up his mind to transfer him from the front line troops according to his influence in the army and his irreplaceability.But now cbd gummies make poop smell such worries can be completely eliminated, allowing him to remain in the army, and then he will continue to serve the Fenton government.However, under the suggestion of the Americans, Vincent was not allowed to participate in the specific defense work in London.This is probably cbd gummies make poop smell because the Americans have not trusted Vincent 100 like Fenton.The New Sea Lion Project obtained from Tel Avivsky also made the Allied Forces ecstatic.After a long period of research, a complete British homeland defense plan Keynote Project has been formed.Major Barack took the cigarette But there is still a If there is such a possibility, you will not give me the money, but will kill me after your purpose is achieved, what other options do I have at that time Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, I don t think there is such a possibility Yes, you have achieved your goal, and you can save a lot of money.Wang Weiyi laughed out loud, and he took out his lighter to light a cigarette for the major Look, what you said is absolutely correct, isn t it This may happen, but there is a saying among businessmen that the more dangerous things are, the more people can get huge wealth.Why not choose to take risks, Major Of course, I can also tell you something you don t know.A million may be a huge sum in your eyes, but it is nothing to me.I will not lose a friend for a million pounds.The latter result is something that the highest levels of the Fenton government do not want to see.From the moment they betrayed Her Majesty, there is no turning back.No one can forgive them, and many times they even faintly feel that they cannot forgive themselves.A series of orders were issued from President Fenton s office, and until now, he still asked his troops to continue fighting to the end.General Gandra rejected the request for the plane to take off again just cbd gummies make poop smell cbd gummies 1500mg an hour ago, and his answer was exactly the same.Under the current circumstances, it is not a big deal to start the plane rashly to transport President Fenton and others to escape the city and commit suicide respectively.Well, in that case, what else can they say Prime Minister Wilkins thought the same way.He was more afraid of failure than President Fenton.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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