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The person who rents this room has a problem.Han Chaoyang pointed to the room with the door always closed, turned around and asked, Landlord, do you have a spare key Yes.Hurry up and get it.Noticing her house The anti theft door seemed to be open just now, and Han Chaoyang said again Changsheng, you and Xiaoqian go in and have a look.The landlady was not happy, and turned around and asked Officer Han, what is there to see in my house Please cooperate too Our job.Thinking of renting out the house to outsiders but not reporting it, and then possibly being fined, or even knowing how much the fine would be, the landlady didn t dare to say any more, and reluctantly went back to the house to get a spare key.Wang Bing saw it clearly, and the boy ran into the house.Gu Changsheng didn t care if the landlord and the landlord s family members were happy or not, he pushed open the door one by one to check.Let the down to earth comrades chill.In fact, what I want to tell you is another k2 life cbd gummies reviews what do cbd gummies feel like reddit thing.Isn t the superior engaged in the selection of star rated police offices Chaoyang Community Police Office must participate in the selection.Director Su has read the selection criteria, The software can basically meet the standards, but the hardware is slightly insufficient.On behalf of the branch bureau, the Du Bureau promised to support the construction of the police office, and will instruct the relevant departments to coordinate with telecommunications as soon as possible to help you connect the public security intranet and equip you with a computer that can access the intranet.A computer, and a police car for the police office.By the way, there is also a terminal for swiping the ID card, and one will be equipped at that time.But we are also here for work.Who is not here for work He thinks of his own way.Bureau Feng, there is no money in the office, let alone a small treasury.Four air tickets cost more than 6,000 yuan.What do you make me think of this method Anyway, he cbd gummy bears 300mg is also an old subordinate.Feng Ju weighed it and said in a low voice justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 300mg Okay, I will help you talk to Du Ju whether you can report or not.You d better write a statement of the situation, the best Go to the train station and bus station and ask someone to issue a certificate, proving that the train and bus tickets to Qianhu were sold out in those two days.Go to the train station and long distance bus station and ask someone to issue a certificate Liu Jianye was completely convinced, hung up the phone and sat down with a livid face.If the Huayuan Street Comprehensive Management Office hadn t turned over the murderer to the sub bureau, and the bureau s leaders had allowed the bureau to hand over the suspects and materials involved in the false testimony case to the Criminal Police No.You are in a hurry to take over the patrol team before the situation is clear.Is the patrol team from the street or from your police station Secretary Yang frowned slightly and remained silent for cbd gummy bears 300mg a moment, then said casually We can t delay the work because of this, but after all, the patrol team was formed by the neighborhood committee, and the neighborhood committee is an autonomous organization of urban residents, not an agency of the street.Neighborhood committees and our street working committees can only give guidance, support and help. Secretary Yang, isn t that team leader Han Chaoyang appointed by the street It was appointed by the street comprehensive management office, but it was also recommended by the neighborhood committee, so in this You must fully respect the opinions of the neighborhood committee on the issue, or you can talk to Comrade Su Xian first.You can check it again.Opportunity to enter the house for investigation , as long as you can find a small advertisement, you can photograph it quietly, and the urban management comprehensive administrative law enforcement personnel can conduct targeted investigations and collect evidence.The suspect must have thought that the public security checks every three days were trying to force him to move.In fact, the investigation and even the punishment some time ago were really trying to force them to move.In short, he would not think that the police already knew that he had blocked the lock of the rolling gate, and he would not be suspicious if he went to investigate with great fanfare.Older gingers are more spicy Han Chaoyang was overjoyed.He clicked the mouse to turn off the computer, stood up and said with a smile, Chen Jie, call Xiaobin and ask them to stand by at the entrance of the village.Han Chaoyang helped Guan Xiyuan to deliver the people and the seized electric vehicles to the station.Seeing that the supervisor didn t say anything, he simply took Gu Changsheng, Xiao Wu and others back home.Early the next morning, after washing up, he was about to call to check if the electric car had been cleared up.The deputy head of the working group, Gu, called and asked to bring a few patrol members to the grave site to help.This is a big deal, and the vegan cbd gummies for anxiety sub bureau will let it go if they know it.Han Chaoyang greeted his master, and called a few team members to rush to the scene without even thinking about breakfast.When I rushed to the ground to see it, I was taken aback.The field was full of people, more than half of the more than 2,000 villagers in Chaoyang Village were probably here.This is the best way to deal with air pollution.Han Chaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, and ran to the road with his team members.While HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears 300mg waiting for Zhang Zhishu to come back from buying plastic sheets, he evacuated the onlookers.Just as he persuaded a few spectators to leave, there was another noise from the field.One after another, Director Gu was so overwhelmed that he immediately shouted at the top of his voice, Xiao Han, go over and see what s going on In the middle of the wheat field, I saw two families standing on the edge of several large pits that had just been dug, shouting and cursing.There was no coffin in the first pit, nor in the second and third pits.A coffin slab was exposed in the eastern pit.Han Chaoyang held a shovel stuck in the mud, stood firm, and shouted No What s the noise, what can t you talk about Officer Han, he even snatched the coffin of my master Grandpa Zeng and insisted that his elder brother Grandpa Zeng s brother was buried inside, so it s shameless to ask for money.I went to the grave last year when I was young.Here again, the same sentence, it s useless to say anything now, before the appraisal report that has no legal effect, this coffin is neither yours nor his.Remind you, if you want to do an appraisal Hurry up, the construction team will enter the site immediately, they have to catch up with the progress of the project, and if they are late, they will be treated as an unowned grave.The superior asked to cut the mess quickly, and it was too late to do the appraisal.The village cadre Xie Jun, who had just run over and had just learned about the situation, sang red face, gave each of them a cigarette, and said persuasively Yuan Fei, Yun Jing, you have played together since childhood, and you are neighbors for decades., because this matter will go to court, and I am not afraid of being laughed at by others.Tang Junwei was stunned for a moment, then stepped aside and asked, You mean it s impossible for him to instruct Wang Jun to destroy the door lock It depends on how you define crazy.Do the math.It takes at least half an hour to repair a door.He rushed from Chaoyang Village to his house.It takes about ten minutes for the nearest one, and half an hour for the far one.That is to say Three or four doors can be repaired at most in one morning.The store owners whose door locks are broken must be in a hurry to open their doors for business.Unless there HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears 300mg are accomplices.It must be admitted that the analysis cbd gummy bears 300mg of Captain Han has some truth.Tang Junwei thought for a while and then asked, Where is Wang Jun What is Wang Jun doing now I helped someone repair electric cars just now, and now I m sleeping on a rattan chair in front of the shop.As long as major cases are solved, small cases must be solved as well.Gu Guoli was very supportive of the two apprentices in handling the case, and agreed immediately Go ahead and ask, maybe we can join together.Chapter 108 Emergency Rescue and Disaster Relief 1 When I came out, I saw that the south half of the sky was clear and sunny, and the north half of the sky was dark and cloudy.The merchants along the street were busy collecting things, the hawkers were busy clearing their stalls, the pedestrians rushed forward, and the branches and leaves danced wildly with the wind.There are thunderstorms today.Brother Zhong, I m Han Chaoyang.I m drying some clothes in the yard.Please cbd gummy bears 300mg cbd peach gummies collect them for me.Important, if the police uniforms hanging outside are confiscated, there will be no clean police uniforms to wear tomorrow.We will solve the traffic problem k2 life cbd gummies reviews what do cbd gummies feel like reddit and arrange the vehicles.There is a car to pick you up, and you don t need to take it off. Then it s settled, Xiao Han, you did a good job just now, you must go on August 1st, and you are not allowed to ask for leave. Yes Seeing the young man, Yang The secretary remembered one more thing, and couldn t help laughing Did Director Su inform you that we will go to the municipal government guest house to attend the flow control work meeting at noon Even if Comrade Su Xian forgot to tell you, your police station should also be notified.The government attaches great importance to the flow control work, and several leaders including Secretary Ding of the Municipal Legal Committee attended.Reporting to Secretary Yang, I have received the notification, Director Su has notified, and cbd gummy bears 300mg the office has also notified.Liang Dongsheng sighed lightly, got into the police car and dialed the phone number of the deputy head of the special case team.After listening to the report, Xi Da said coldly Comrade Dongsheng, if cbd gummy bears 300mg there is no clue, there is nothing to do.If there is a clue, we must investigate cbd gummy worms 750mg it to the end.Aren t you there By the way, bring this Ren Haixiang back so that the economic detectives can understand the situation of fraudulent loans.This All the 4S stores will be closed for a while, take a break after you bring them to the task force, and visit all the 4S stores in the city tomorrow morning, and continue to track down that Yao.Chapter 136 The determination is made Wu Wei and him The master was busy visiting and inquiring, very tired.Han Chaoyang was also very tired when he took his mother around to look around on an electric scooter.Not active after get off work ,Brain problem.Huang Ying checked the time on her phone, made a face for Su Xian, and immediately cleaned up the account books on the table.Su Xian looked back outside, looked at her with a smile and asked Yingying, Chaoyang, are you sure you want to buy the house you introduced I have paid the deposit, so there should be no change, Huang Ying said with emotion after locking the safe For his son, his father and mother are going all out.Especially his mother, she is very powerful, 2.6 million is 2.6 million, and the final word is unambiguous.If my father and mother have this courage, now Still need to pay the mortgage There is a reason why Su Xian has a good relationship with her.She has known her aunt for a long time, and she is not ignorant of her family s situation.Did anything happen to her Huang Ying asked the important point.How to answer this question Han Chaoyang scratched his neck and said with embarrassment It s just just cuddling and hugging, nothing further.Yingying, please believe me, dating at that time was like being a thief.If you don t dare, you coral cbd gummies reviews don t have that condition.Logically speaking, no one has clicked on the past, but his past emotional experience is too rich The more Huang Ying thought about it, the more depressed she became, and she asked calmly, How about the fifth time The fifth time is an art test.This time is very short, so it s not really the last time, because it ended right after the beginning.What do you mean, please be specific.Point.My high school culture score is not very good, my mother was worried that I would not be able to get into a good university, so she took me to many art schools to apply for the exam, and met a girl during the exam at Jiangcheng Art College, she applied for an acting major, Live in a hotel with us.When the motor vehicle encounters the electric scooter, it ignores all the reasons.The young couple had no choice but to reluctantly swipe their cards to pay.The colleagues in the traffic police team were very responsible.They didn t say goodbye to Han Chaoyang until the relatives of the person riding the electric bike arrived and explained a few words to them.When other people s affairs are finished, how long will I have to wait After sending Officer Chai away, he just turned around, and a beautiful face appeared in front of him.Han Chaoyang couldn t help crying because he couldn t help asking, Sister Lu, if I really want to run, can you stop me and catch up The monk can run away but not the temple.If you dare to run away, I will go to your police office.Not everyone has the opportunity to detain the most handsome policeman.Don t be proud, customer reviews of rethink cbd gummy drops what does this mean question Guan cbd gummies henderson nv Yaoyuan reacted, and couldn t help laughing It seems that we have to prepare the materials again, and I will give you a merit award.Instructor, don t be joking.You can judge some merits and awards for no reason.No kidding, you The kid has done a great job.Guan Yuanyuan looked behind him and said mysteriously You may not know that the clues you provided last time are very valuable.If there is any situation, please ask for instructions and report in time.This is how work should be done.You must know We are a collective, we cannot engage in individual heroism, and you, Han Chaoyang, cannot maintain law and order alone, let alone solve major cases.What kind of individual heroism is automatically filtered by Han Chaoyang, and only the case is in his mind, so he can t help asking Instructor, you mean the information provided by Tang Junmei Well, I asked Lao Liang, and Lao Liang confirmed it.I like this.You and Chaoyang are classmates, and Chaoyang and I are brothers, and we are natures boost cbd gummies reviews cbd gummy bears 300mg not outsiders I know, I appreciate your kindness.Although we haven t known each other for a long time, I can feel that this looks very weak The girl has a particularly stubborn personality, and breaking up with her may cause great harm to her.Huang Ying sighed secretly, and secretly gave Han Chaoyang a wink.Lingling, then what are your plans for the future Han Chaoyang didn t want to force others to make things difficult for him.Back to Donghai, I called Teacher Yun, and Teacher Yun said that it shouldn t be hard to find a job.Have you made up your mind Well, I ve bought the bus ticket, and I m leaving tomorrow morning.Xie Lingling really wanted to leave this sad place, Faced with so many people who cared about her, she felt very embarrassed, got up and said, Hongliang, thank you for your concern during this time.Surprise, then I won t shoot.Yingying Ying, sit down, where are you from, and where do you work Here it is again, Han Chaoyang can t help but laugh.Huang Ying realized that this policewoman was not only very powerful, but also had an unusual relationship with the unlucky Dan s family.She answered every question and acted like she didn t know how ladylike she was.Waiter, let s have a bottle of Coke, a big one.Miao Haizhu felt that freshly squeezed juice was too expensive, so she asked for the drink carelessly, and then asked like a leader Chaoyang, you will take the law enforcement qualification exam as soon as your probationary period is over.Training will definitely be organized, but it won t take long, and cramming is not enough.Have you read the book and prepared No, I didn t take care of it.One.Yes, our program is ranked so well that we must take the first place.Director Zhou, you may not know that our program is ranked very well, but it is not easy.There is a small Han, if it were someone else, we really can t make this show up, really can t make it up The most handsome policeman in the group should talk about it, Su Xian felt that it was necessary to let the branch leaders know some inside information.Sure enough, Zhou Ju didn t know, and asked curiously What do you mean, I can t arrange it It is not the post editing of filming or filming TV series, the difficulty is no less than creating a piece of music.Moreover, the adaptation is only the first step.After the adaptation, a professional band is required to perform and record the entire piece of music with professional equipment.In cbd gummy bears 300mg short, Han Chaoyang very much agrees with the idea of building a student orchestra, but he still shakes his head after thinking about it Professor cbd gummy bears 300mg Nie, PolyU is a polytechnic institution, and it is not so easy to build a band.Xiao Han, you are a professional People, what conditions do you cbd gummy bears 300mg think a school should have to build a high level student band I think school leaders must first attach importance to it, and not only justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 300mg must they pay attention but also have strong support the second is to have a stable source of funding.A high level band cannot do cbd gummy bears 300mg without high quality instruments, and these instruments are very expensive the third is to have a team of high level professional instructors.Team Professor Nie asked subconsciously.Well, Han Chaoyang explained with a smile This is not conducting and playing.It is not easy for her to find a job.I respect her opinion.If she wants to stay in Donghai, I will find a job in Donghai.It is best if she is willing to return to Yanyang with me.Anyway, I can t be like you.Selfish.Am I selfish Stop talking about it, talk about business, why did you call me I wanted to tell you good news and help you out, but since you said I was selfish, forget it, congratulations on catching up Lingling, I wish you happiness in the East China Sea.Happiness is a woolen thread, this place is really not for people, no kidding, what good news.Let your mouth be stiff Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, and stopped going around in circles PolyU is going to build a student orchestra and recruit a music teacher.It s official, not a temporary help.People want me to go.You know my current situation.Han Chaoyang Mr.Chen, do you know Chaoyang The most handsome policeman, who doesn t know.Chen Yaxin looked back at Deputy Director Jiang, and smiled as he walked Sergeant Gu, you may not believe me, he should really buy something and go to our department office to thank him, if it wasn t for the photos taken by Teacher Leng of our department and posted on Weibo, he wouldn t be the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.I never knew the source of the most handsome policeman , but it turned out that the source was PolyU Grandpa Gu was overjoyed, and asked curiously This is due to thank you, Mr.Chen, how old is the teacher Leng you mentioned, and his online name is quite interesting.It s called A master who doesn t want to start school.We always thought it was You PolyU students, you didn t expect to be a teacher.There is a balcony outside the bedroom.Standing on the balcony, you can see Shuxiangyuan Hotel.To the small garden behind the hotel.Xiao Han, the conditions are are cbd gummies as good as cbd oil good Deputy Director Jiang led him downstairs while smiling and said, You take the key first, and Song Feng will take you to the logistics office to check in later.Each household has a water meter and an electric meter., you have to pay for the utility bills yourself.As for the rent, your situation is different from other teachers, it k2 life cbd gummies reviews what do cbd gummies feel like reddit belongs justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 300mg to our security department, and you don t need to pay for it yourself.Huang Ying must be very happy to have such a dormitory in PolyU.Thinking that having a space of his own would make it much more convenient to fall in love in the future, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Director Jiang, what a shame.Deputy Director Jiang looked at him with a smile, and said lightly What s inappropriate, I know it s not convenient for you to talk to your leaders about this matter, I will tell your branch leaders.It s a good thing for the school police to cooperate, I think It s not a big problem, if it really involves some serious law enforcement power and jurisdiction, it s a very simple matter of transferring you from the Huayuan Street Police Station to the Xinyuan Street Police Station.If you open your mouth, this matter is indeed very simple.Simple.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, so he could only smirk and follow him to the Security Department to visit various departments.If you don t visit, you don t know.Once you visit, you will be shocked.The Security Department of PolyU is not like a police station, but like a public security bureau.Shi Bureau After a pause, he added I have arranged for the police to go back to cbd gummy bears 300mg the county to visit the taxi drivers and black car drivers who solicit passengers around the bus station, and the minibus drivers and car owners who run the Xinying line, to see if they can figure it out.How did he come back Expand the scope of the interview and inquiry, and investigate the surrounding towns as well.Yes Old Shi, we will divide the work.The found murder case is responsible for tracing the clues of how Feng Changdong sneaked back, and tracing whether he has any accomplices.The political commissar and Lao Xia are in charge of logistics support.From now on, we will all work in two shifts until the suspect is arrested and the murder case is solved.Second.Chapter 156 Manhunt 5 At dawn, the manhunt officially kicked off.He died in the night.The relatives of the deceased believed that it was related to the Xinying Police Station, and they wanted to take the body to the county party committee and the county government for an explanation.Fortunately, the cadres stationed in the village found out in time, and the officials of Xinying Township stopped them.At the gate of the Yingxiang government.No cbd gummy bears 300mg wonder the complexion was getting worse than the other just now, it turns out that someone is dead Commissar Huang was taken aback and asked eagerly, Xiao Han participated in the mediation No, but he was in the institute at the time, so he should know something. Where did the person die He died at home, on the bed.His granddaughter found it in the morning.Fortunately, he died at home.It would be even more unclear if he died in the institute.How could Han Chaoyang fail to understand what he meant, but he didn t want to give him this face, so he said flatly, Old Zhu, it s definitely wrong and illegal for that guy surnamed Huo to cheat Xiao Zhu into a pyramid scheme.He will be arrested sooner or later.The criminals who took Xiaozhu s ID card were suspected of breaking the law and crimes just like the mobile phone, and should be punished by the law.It is not clear whether this mobile phone belongs to the pyramid schemes or the innocent people who were also deceived by the pyramid schemes.Even if it is Those of pyramid schemers must also be handed over to us.In short, you can t exchange a mobile phone for another mobile phone, if you don t do so, you will be blackmailed Officer Han, if you hand over this mobile phone, what will happen to my Youwei s mobile phone Old Zhu, don t worry, just listen to me.Han Chaoyang was not in a hurry, just listened to him, asked the key points from time to time, made 8 transcripts, his hands were tired from writing, and at the same time he calmly listed dozens of doubtful points worthy of deliberation.Just when Zhu Youwei spoke so dryly that he thought he should be able to pass the test, Han Chaoyang suddenly got up to fetch him a glass of water, and immediately took out his police phone to make frequent calls.Suo Zhang, I, Han Chaoyang from the Huayuan Street Police Station, would like to report to you Yes, yes, all Internet cafes are monitored now, and they all use the designated management system.Less than a month has passed, and the monitoring records and Internet access records should be I can call you.Okay, sorry, I ll wait for your cbd gummy bears 300mg call.Is it the police station in front of the station I m Han Chaoyang from Huayuan Street Police Station, Yandong Sub bureau.Vice Minister Jiang hurriedly helped Lao Zhu and his wife up, and sighed softly Well, if the police can be lenient, our school can also consider giving him a chance.But give the opportunity to the opportunity, you guys As a parent, cbd gummy bears 300mg you can organic cbd gummies uk t send your child to school like before, help him pay the tuition, give him some living expenses, and ignore other cbd gummy bears 300mg things.This time I must criticize education, and I will always give him a knock in the future Beat the side drum.Let him know how hard you have worked and how hard won everything he has now, let him cherish this opportunity and the hard won life now.Minister Jiang, don t worry, I will tell him.I I will quit my current job when I go back.I will come to Yanyang to work.I will keep an eye on him every day.If he makes a mistake again, come to me and I will take responsibility Chapter 284 Teacher Liang s grandson is getting married Although Vice Minister Jiang is relieved, it is still unknown whats the difference in cbd infused gummies and cbd gummies whether Zhu Youwei can return to the classroom to complete his studies.She, how to do her family work, please ask her parents to contact her and save her.Chapter 288 Contacted It is unlikely that Zhuman will pay the tuition fee for this semester, but she paid the tuition fee for the previous semester.And even though his grades in the last semester were not very good, he didn t fail a class, and he didn t even miss many classes because he was deeply involved in online loans.In short, at least now, he does not meet the conditions for ordering him to withdraw from school.She didn t drop out of school for a day, and she was a student of PolyU for a day.Even if she dropped out, if something happened to her, she would still be a student of PolyU in people s eyes.The school leaders are working hard to justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 300mg build PolyU into a first class science and engineering university.Jing Aisi snatched the phone, and kept promising to help her keep the cbd gummy bears 300mg policeman handling the case, and kept urging her to hurry up.Vice Minister Jiang was really angry, he seemed to be calling Principal Nie to report just now.Han Chaoyang believed that Principal Nie would not sit idly by.It was almost certain that as long as Principal Nie called the relevant department for help, the matter should be resolved.After confirming that Zhu Man, who was deeply involved in online loans, was rushing back, he finally let out a sigh of relief.Just as Han Chaoyang expected, Zhou Bureau was answering the phone call from the leader of the Municipal Bureau at the moment, and the leader of the Municipal Bureau was talking about the matter of Polytechnic student Zhu Man.Ten thousand has snowballed to three to four hundred thousand in just half a year.Sister Miao, Xiaokang and the others haven t come back I ve come back early.There are villagers in Chaoyang Village cbd gummy bears 300mg human cbd gummy bears who fought with the people who demolished the company.I asked them to help.Satisfied, what a fight with the people who demolished the company Who would think too much money Miao Haizhu returned to the booth, put down the leaflets and explained patiently According to the contract and compensation agreement, they can only move away the things in the house, that is, the furniture and appliances.Violating the agreement, I want to dismantle the aluminum alloy doors and windows and sell them.There are more than 200 households in the village, and each family will watch each other.If the other family dismantles the doors and windows and sells them, everyone will follow suit.Of course the demolition company disagrees, so the two sides fought like this Yes.I m going to visit and ask, I ll take a step first.Chapter 295 The house is full of building materials sellers, and they all rely on construction for a living.Boss Hou made a phone call, and a short and thin contractor drove a car.A dirty SUV rushed cbd gummies for nausea from chemo to the scene.Bargaining in front of Han cbd gummy bears 300mg Chaoyang and Wu Wei, even though the contractor insisted that the money would not work, he was willing to do it in the end.I don t know if they were singing oboe.It was the money of the high tech district bureau, not my own money.Besides, the leaders of the high tech district bureau were not fools.They knew the work and how much it would cost to rent such scaffolding.Han Chaoyang didn t care about their business, he just reminded them to hurry up.The contractor realized that the police were in a hurry, so he immediately took out his mobile phone to make a call.It should, Didn t you take good care of me when I was in Xinying Han Chaoyang looked back at He Pingyuan s dark and haggard face, pretending to be relaxed and said with a smile He Suo, if it wasn t for you, I would still be here right now.A quarry in the high tech zone is staring at a group of migrant workers sifting sand, and I should thank cbd gummy dose you.Sieving sand He Pingyuan was confused.Han Chaoyang briefly explained the ins and outs, and said with a wry smile As long as the murderer is not caught, the work of sifting sand will not stop until a cbd gummy bears 300mg large pile of sand is sifted.I was sent to do this job in a daze, and left behind in my own jurisdiction.A lot of things, you say I m not unlucky.It cbd gummy bears 300mg wasn t that he was hit by a shot, it was that he happened to be hit on the spot.It was really funny, and how much cbd in gummies is absorbed He Pingyuan smiled rarely.She has been abroad since she was a child.When we were still having a headache for passing CET 4 and CET 6, they Not only can I chat and laugh with foreign teachers in proficient English, but I can even speak a little French.It s really good.I was admitted to the Boston Conservatory of Music in the United States after just a few days in my junior year, and I have a scholarship. Is that school good Well, the school was established in 1867 and has a long history, and I don t know how many people were envious when I got the admission notice.How did Han Chaoyang catch up with such an outstanding girl I haven t seen how he chased her.Xie Lingling thought about it and couldn t help laughing Maybe he was too good and no one dared to chase him, so he took advantage of the loophole.Yingying, I m not trying to comfort you. This shows that you have high vision. Actually, I don t have high vision.But it s just not suitable.You must be using Han Chaoyang as a reference, there are definitely not many boys who are richer and more talented than Han what do cbd gummies feel like reddit whoopi goldberg cbd gummies Chaoyang, but there are not many boys who are more handsome or cute than Han Chaoyang.Empathy is even rarer.Xie Lingling sighed secretly, and said calmly It s because the fate has not arrived, and it will come when the fate does.Too much money, if you don t get into a well known band, you really don t look good to see Jiangdong s elders, you cbd gummy bears 300mg have to work harder and harder, how can you have time to fall in love.It s still so strong, in fact, there is really no need to make yourself so tired.Sheng Yanwen sighed softly, put down Chopsticks smiled wryly and said People are in the Jianghu, and they can t help themselves. Yes By the way, we have communicated with the driver, and they have canceled the order on the platform, and we will pay them directly for today s fee, don t worry about online car hailing The platform will deduct your money on the phone.Okay, thank you Tengda.There is nothing to thank, cheer up, and go quickly if you want to relieve yourself, the suspect vehicle is coming out soon, from now on you are number 5 Car.Yes Chased after him cheekily, but the leader didn t say anything, Han Zhaoyang let out a sigh of relief, got out of the car, opened the trunk, took out two bottles of water, returned to the driver s cab and put on his seat belt.There was a WeChat notification sound, and when I opened it, I was actually pulled into a small group by Tengda.Everyone has it.Open the group voice and enter the intercom mode.He really didn t know that there was such a high end hotel in the west of the city.In fact, not only Han Chaoyang is not familiar with it, Teng Da is also not familiar with this place, because Chao has gone to the front, he can only order the car behind to follow, he intends to go to the front and turn around.Car No.3 followed the hotel with its turn signal on, and Han Chaoyang hurriedly followed.I didn t know if I didn t come in.I was surprised when I came in.It turned out that this is a very palace hotel, with carved beams and painted columns, shaded by trees, and the lights are all turned on at night.It is beautiful, like entering a royal garden.Car No.3 followed the Mercedes Benz RV to a palace style foyer under the direction of hotel security.Han Chaoyang parked slowly behind.A waiter quickly ran over to help open the door.On the phone, Grandpa Gu repeatedly explained that this involved a murder case and should not be treated as a trifle.Those who are strict with their mouths can what do cbd gummies feel like reddit whoopi goldberg cbd gummies ask for help in private, and those who are reliable but not serious about their words , You can inquire about it, but you must never disclose the case Master, I know what s in my heart, you can rest assured that Chaoyang s affairs are my affairs.Assisting the criminal investigation department in handling cases is originally the job of the community police, not Chaoyang You have to handle things as your own.Yes, can cbd gummies help lower blood pressure yes, you are always right to criticize, I will review, and I will admit my mistakes.Stop being slick, let Chaoyang answer the phone.The master can i take cbd gummies and melatonin never said that, I didn t expect to Changfeng sent all the brothers, it s really cool to investigate the case with the brothers Han Chaoyang took the phone and said with a smile, Master, I heard everything just now, what else do you want to explain I m not the leader of the task force, let alone the leader of the sub bureau.Han Chaoyang asked curiously I met an acquaintance, who, do I know Yes, Lao Xu Which Lao Xu Old Xu s family opened a night market food stall Han Chaoyang was surprised, with a look of incredulity on his face.What s so strange about this He often said that he wanted to open a small restaurant or a food stall.He said that opening a restaurant requires paying rent or setting up a food stall is less risky.It used to be unconditional, but now you are covering it.The investment is not big, why not do it.I m covering it, stop kidding, what can I cover him Urban management, with you here, can Team Tang make things difficult for him Wu Wei patted Han Chaoyang s arm, and then He added with a half smile I heard from him that Team Tang helped find the food stall.As long as there is no barbecue, as long as the ground is not messed up, the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade will not drive him away, let alone I won t detain his guy.I haven t seen Lao Xu for half a month, but I didn t expect him to start business quietly.His family s conditions were really difficult, and Han Chaoyang supported him from the bottom of his heart.He thought about it and asked, His wife is not in good health, and his wife must not be able to open a food stall by herself.Has he resigned Is he not working in the clinic anymore The food stall has just started, and today is the second day.I don t know whether it will make money or not.Do you think he dares to resign Wu Wei sighed lightly, and continued He is in After working in the office for so many years, there is hard work without credit, and the cbd gummy bears 300mg family is really difficult.He made up his mind to open a food stall.Your master supported him and asked for four days off for him and the office.As long as I can make money, I will do it.Maybe considering that the suspect is hiding abroad, and he doesn t know which country he is hiding in, and he is a little helpless.The No.2 Investigation Squadron is following.There is nothing the .

are you allowed to take cbd gummies on a plane?

Bureau can do, and Team He and the others can do anything, and there are no specific measures.As expected side effects of cbd gummy Liu Jianye couldn t help laughing and asked, How do you plan to arrest him next Liu Suo, I really don t know about this, but I suspect that the three small contractors who suffered the most losses are also looking for Huo Xuebin.Two of them have already been contacted, and the other has changed his number.I can t get in touch for the time being.Maybe I thought I was investigating the matter of organizing migrant workers to go to the gate of the district government to pull up banners and ask for an explanation, but the justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 300mg two contractors I contacted were unwilling to talk to me on the phone.Patronizing to play with the mobile phone, if it wasn t for Liu s reminder, he wouldn t have gotten up to send off several .

can you buy cbd gummies at whole foods?

leaders and bosses.Sending off Deputy Mayor Meng, organic natural cbd gummies Secretary Yang and other leaders, Director Du turned around and said, Xiao natures boost cbd gummies reviews cbd gummy bears 300mg Han, Secretary Yang will help Comrade Su Xian urge several construction units to negotiate security fees.Don t be polite to them.But the money is not so easy to get.If you take other people s money, you have to do a good job.Jianye, considering what do cbd gummies feel like reddit the whole process of participating in such a big project, Chaoyang Community Security Service Company Xiao Han and others are not experienced enough.The Party Committee of the bureau suggests that you adjust the division of labor, and it is best for Comrade Kang Haigen to be in charge of this work.The city leaders and Secretary Yang made it very clear at the meeting just now that everyone should be responsible.If someone is unwilling to buy shares, other employees can subscribe.It can be paid in cash or deducted from salary.After the restructuring , it operates in the manner of a joint stock enterprise, such as establishing a general meeting of shareholders, a board of directors, and even a board of supervisors, and electing the chairman and general manager.As long as the company is profitable, it will pay dividends at the end of the year.Several patrol cars belong to all the owners of Dongming Community.The office space, dormitories and warehouses are either owned by the employer or cbd gummy bears 300mg cbd peach gummies the community neighborhood committee.Thinking about it, the company has no fixed assets.If it has any, it is the royal blue cbd gummies uniforms worn by the security guards.And equipment such as walkie talkies and law enforcement recorders are not worth 1 million in total. Long live, understand.Lao Ding smiled, opened the back door and urged Hurry up and change your clothes to get off work.It s still early.You can go shopping or watch a movie with your girlfriend.Clothes, I HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears 300mg didn t know how to explain to Lao Ding, when the horn of an electric natures boost cbd gummies reviews cbd gummy bears 300mg car came from outside.Looking back, Huang Ying arrived, what do cbd gummies feel like reddit whoopi goldberg cbd gummies with her left foot on the steps outside the cbd gummy bears 300mg police station, she just took off her helmet and was shaking her hair.Han Zhaoyang opened the door smoothly, and Zhang Beibei, who had been chatting with the proprietress of the typing and copying shop next door, ran over and stood beside the electric natures boost cbd gummies reviews cbd gummy bears 300mg car and asked, Yingying, why are you leaving get off work so early today Off work Huang Ying subconsciously took out her phone to check the time.It was just a way of saying hello, but she actually took it seriously, Zhang Beibei chuckled and said, Don t look, let s have dinner together tonight.They dedicated their duties and selfless dedication to their posts, and devoted their youthful wisdom and even precious Dedicate your life to the party and the people, and protect the peace of the people with your heart and soul A group photo of six policemen, wearing olive green uniforms, appeared on the large electronic screen.The hostess looked at the screen and said solemnly Leaders, distinguished guests, comrades, and friends, this is a group photo taken 22 years ago.The policeman on the left hand side of Police Chief Gu is surnamed Wang, and his name is Wang Junshan.On the way back from get off work, Comrade Wang Junshan found two men acting suspiciously, so cbd gummy bears 300mg cbd peach gummies he stopped his bicycle and went up to question him.He was stabbed three times by two gangsters and died gloriously.At that time, he was only 26 years old On the body of a sobbing middle aged woman at the same table, two children rushed forward to deliver flowers under the reminder of the policewoman.Back to the meeting.There were too many tasks in the office, so Liu decided to hold two meetings together.First hold a party branch meeting to select outstanding party members.Han Chaoyang is not a party member and is not eligible to participate.After chatting with Guan Xiyuan in the community team office for a while, the results of the selection came out.There were two places in total, Liu Suo and instructor Xu were unanimously elected.To Han Chaoyang s surprise, he walked into the meeting room with his colleagues who were also not party members, and just sat down beside Wu Wei, Wu Wei whispered Double happiness is coming, we want to treat you tonight.Liu Suo went .

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to the bathroom , the trainer and Gu were smoking outside.The three most serious leaders were not there, so Han Chaoyang didn t have so many worries, so he subconsciously asked, What double happiness is coming, who are you inviting Your training contact person, this is not a happy event.Ying As for Ying, she was successfully transferred to the district administrative service center, and the jobs of both natures boost cbd gummies reviews cbd gummy bears 300mg of you have been stabilized, so when will you get married if you don t get married again.Dad, isn t it a little early to get married now What, you are all in your twenties.According to national policy, marriage is late marriage, and children are late childbearing The face said Dad, I don t mind getting married early.Yingying what do cbd gummies feel like reddit whoopi goldberg cbd gummies may not want to have a child so early, let alone have a child so early.Huang s father, like Huang s mother, always wanted the two children to get married as soon as possible.Lighting a cigarette, he said very seriously, That s what she said, and now I want to hear your opinion.To get married, isn t it just to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a certificate.I checked all night and finally found out about illegal cbd gummies for lupus production and sales of more than 3 sets of radio equipment or Any illegal operation with an amount of more than 50,000 yuan can be regarded as a serious judicial interpretation, but it is found that illegal production and sales of radio equipment is not easy to identify.Just handling the case of Bi Xunchang made these people burnt out , It is not yet known whether the pre trial will allow supplementary investigations.Han Chaoyang is really not interested in going to Dongguang to investigate the case, but he still asks curiously Why is it not easy to identify It is the manufacturer of the production equipment, the license is complete, and the products are exported overseas, so it is not illegal production and sales.Grandpa Gu understood, raised his arm and pointed to a four wheeled electric vehicle that had just driven into the Sixth Hospital of the city This is the same as It s the same as that electric car, the manufacturer can produce and sell it, but the traffic police won t allow it on the road.Director, it s almost dawn.As soon as it dawns, the cbd gummy bears 300mg cbd peach gummies residents of Factory 527 and Dongming Community will go out, the snow in the community must be cleared, and the property management team will transfer 30 team members.Thirty people will leave at once.It s not enough.Can you do me another favor, ask the person in charge of the construction site and ask them to arrange forty or fifty migrant workers to come over to help clean up.Zhang Zhishu paused, and then said It s snowing so hard , It is estimated that they are not good at construction today, we will not let migrant workers do their jobs for nothing, as long as one person who comes here is 50, and the money will be paid after the work is done.The money is easy to handle, and Kang Suo agreed No problem, I will do it right away.Go to the foreman.I guess it s gone.Why don t you just snow, why not worry, how can you take pictures without snow An old man with a peaked cap on his head and a red scarf around his neck leaned over to look at the snow clearing man on the side of the road.The city manager muttered, Don t be active when it s time to be active, and be more active than anyone else when it shouldn t be active.Isn t this formalism when the snow falls It s over.The other old man who was with them thought so deeply, and was very dissatisfied that the snow that had been waiting so hard for him disappeared in a blink of an eye.He does not mean that.Han Chaoyang was so depressed that he thought to himself, is it easy for me I got up at 4 30 to clear the snow, and I was so tired that I was sweating, but you didn t appreciate it But these words can only be kept in the heart, and you cannot reason with them, because no matter how you reason, it will always be you who are wrong.Please answer.The third squadron received it, the third squadron received it, please tell me, Han Da.Coincidentally, it happened to be Wu Junfeng, the leader of the cbd gummy bears 300mg third squadron, who answered.Han Chaoyang said straight to the point Junfeng, it s an urgent task, quickly call a few surveillance cameras outside the south gate .

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of the community, and then arrange for someone to go around the south gate to see if there is a middle aged woman in her forties or eighteen years old.Wandering outside the youth hostel with a young woman in her twenties, I cbd gummy bears 300mg will send you their photos so that you can identify them.Okay, send the photos quickly.I will send you , but there is one thing that must be paid attention cbd gummy bears 300mg to, you must be calm and composed, and you must not startle the snake.Han Da, you are not at ease when I do things. More than 9,000 yuan of tuition fees will be refunded to others, and a fine of 5,000 yuan will be paid.She is really unlucky Xiaokang couldn t help laughing when he thought of Lin Hongfang s presumptuous words when he first went there.She s not unlucky, she deserved it.Han Chaoyang took off his bodyguard and was about to fill in the feedback when his cell phone rang suddenly.Looking at the caller ID, it was actually Jiang, the deputy director of the cbd gummy bears 300mg Security Department of PolyU.Chaoyang, have you been to the English training opposite the north gate of our school just now Yes, Minister Jiang, how do you know Vice Minister Jiang looked up at Lin Hongfang who was crying, walked to the window and said with a wry smile cbd gummy bears 300mg That training course was opened by the lover of Teacher Tan from our school.After asking, I found out that he was not a bad boy.It s to find foreigners to practice speaking.Vice Minister Jiang was thoughtful, and Grandpa Gu clicked on it, then returned to the original topic, turned around and said with a smile Director Wang, don t worry, we can t file a case, no It s like I can t help you find it.If you have a name and a surname and a copy of your ID card, there s still a good chance you can get it back. Inspector Gu, I m going to trouble you. Not really, Minister Jiang just said Have you ever done it, the people s police are for the people, and this is what we should do.Realizing that he could no longer remain silent, Han Chaoyang hurried to the bar and asked, Manager Wen, did this Nie Haichao resign voluntarily or was he fired by you The restaurant owner regained his composure, and hurriedly said He resigned by himself.Han Chaoyang didn t have time to go around in circles with him, and there was no need to go around in circles.He cbd gummy bears 300mg took out his mobile phone and took out a photo, held it up to him and asked, Xiao Yu, is Nie Haichao from your hometown Those fellow villagers are closer and get along better Yu Jun was really frightened, and asked anxiously Uncle Policeman, what s wrong with Master Nie It s nothing serious, you answer my question first.Without waiting for Yu When Jun opened his mouth, the chef behind him said suddenly, Comrade policeman, I brought Xiaojun from my hometown, and Haichao is from my hometown.We get along well and often drink together.If you want to know anything, please ask me.Just know Han Chaoyang simply stopped asking the child, walked up to the chef and said, What s your name Mian s name is Yu, Yu Changshan.It is not an exaggeration to say that at least one fifth of the attention of the branch s official WeChat account is drawn from the WeChat account of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, and in the past two months or so, they have helped the branch to push some news from time to time.Han Chaoyang dialed the number of the Political Department, and sure enough there was someone on duty.Briefly introduced the situation, forwarded the link to the video, waited for five or six minutes, and said Flash The Yanyang Polytechnic Orchestra s airport performance became popular on the Internet was posted on the WeChat public account of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Xie Lingling was not idle either, she called the president of the student cbd gummy bears 300mg cbd peach gummies union and asked the PolyU student union to help promote it.The burden of these police officers can be used to better serve the society.On the other hand, it can also make the security costs of the show more reasonable, and can reduce the burden on the audience with limited income.After all, these costs will eventually be passed on to the tickets.price.She spoke clearly and logically, and did not forget to add that this was her immature idea.Han Chaoyang didn t expect to be reprimanded after eating a meal.Seeing their righteous indignation, he took a deep breath and said very seriously Brothers and sisters, I am not very clear about favor tickets and public relations tickets, but I know a little about the security green ape cbd gummies dr oz fees for large scale performances, because our patrol team has participated in the security of concerts.You say.The first question, should our police be involved in the security of large scale events Han Chaoyang looked around at the crowd, cbd gummy bears 300mg and said unhurriedly I don t think we can use foreign experience to describe China s national conditions, and the security of large scale foreign events is not as good as what you said just now, sister Qiu.Fearing that Han Chaoyang would think these people were irresponsible, Chen Jie interjected as if offering a treasure The two of them will bring him back regardless of what happens.What if something happens to us, I will ask Wang from the emergency center The doctor came to see him, and Dr.Wang said that he was drinking too much, so it s fine trying cbd gummies for the first time when he wakes up, and it s nothing serious.It s fine.Han Chaoyang smiled, lifted the cover of the police station and walked into the case handling area, looking through The phone recorder urged Angkor, Sister Miao is on duty tonight, leave this place to Sister Miao, you go to rest early.Chen Jie, Xiaobin, you go back early too.It s okay, let s wait.Chen Jie looked at Miao Haizhu, then at Wu Wei, suppressed a smile and said, cbd gummy bears 300mg Kor Ang just ordered takeaway, we have to eat supper before leaving.Chen Jie touched her fingers, then her neck, and then her earlobes.Miao Haizhu reacted and exclaimed Wow, gold ring, gold necklace, gold earrings, all three golds, this is the next job This is the custom in our hometown, Li Xiaobin said with a smile standing behind his girlfriend But that s all.I just bought a house, and I have to renovate it after cbd gummy bears 300mg the New Year, and I have to repay the mortgage like you.If I want more gifts, my family really can t afford it.Who cares about your family asking for gifts Chen Jie She is also an only child, and her parents are very satisfied with Li Xiaobin and have already agreed to the marriage.She couldn t help but raised her head and said, My father said that my family will pay for the decoration, and you don t need to buy the car.That s great Wu Wei was very envious.Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei could only watch him walk out of the police room.The day just ended was both a sense of accomplishment and a little bit aggrieved.The two of them sat like this and didn t know what to say when another police car came outside, and Yu Zhenchuan royal blend acv 750mg cbd gummies got out of the cab, carrying a plastic bag walked in.Both brothers are here, just in time, so I don t need to call.Yu Zhenchuan put the plastic bag on the police station, carefully took out a few lunch boxes, turned around and said with a smile I brought you some shlef life of edible cbd gummies supper.It s not good to eat, so go inside and eat while cbd gummy bears 300mg cbd peach gummies it s hot.If you don t have anything to do, it s either adultery or stealing Han Chaoyang couldn t help joking A murderer is worth a supper Two meals, okay Yu Zhenchuan took out a few pairs of chopsticks and a stack of tissues from the plastic bag, and couldn t help but smile, We didn t miss lunch cbd gummy bears 300mg at noon.If you don t let me go, you have to take care of the food.There was still one portion of the supper that Yu Zhenchuan brought at night, and Han Chaoyang simply smiled Xiaokang, there is a portion of rice in it., there seems to be some food to order, you can take it to the next door and heat it in the microwave.Okay.I don t eat leftovers, and I m not a beggar, so I don t eat your leftovers.Han Chaoyang thought to himself, anyway, idle is idle Then, I got into trouble with your kid, stared at him and asked Then what do you want to eat Order takeaway, it s open 24 hours, if you don t know how to order it, I will Sorry, I didn t download it Order a takeaway app.I know To Han Chaoyang s surprise, the brat actually pointed to the two mobile phones that had just been placed on the table, and said lightly, The one on the left is the police phone.One suspect who had been absconded for eleven years in fear of crime, solved, participated in and assisted in the detection of 48 public security and criminal cases While doing his job well, Comrade Han what do cbd gummies feel like reddit whoopi goldberg cbd gummies Chaoyang actively communicated with the masses and understood The masses are in real difficulties, guiding community residents and merchants to strengthen their own safety precautions, and popularizing public security knowledge.He has been rated as an advanced individual in flow control work in Yanyang City, an excellent policeman, and an excellent people s policeman in the city, and has been praised by the masses as the most handsome policeman in Yanyang., in line with the prerequisites for exceptional promotion and appointment, such as outstanding morality and ability, and high recognition by the masses.I m not addicted, really not addictive, and skating is not a fan Not addictive , Didn t you sneak by later No. I ll believe what you say Han Chaoyang asked back, holding up his phone in HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears 300mg front of him, pointing to a chat record and asking, Who is this Brother Liu A cbd gummy pioneer square friend , introduced me to a job.Why cbd gummy bears 300mg do you only ask where you have been, and you only ask where to find him in Beijing, and you don t talk about work I can t tell on WeChat, I plan to meet and ask.The young man suddenly He became a little nervous.Han Chaoyang felt HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears 300mg that there might be something wrong with Brother Liu among his WeChat friends.He clicked cbd gummy bears 300mg on his WeChat wallet to check the balance, then checked Alipay, and finally clicked on SMS to check the SMS k2 life cbd gummies reviews what do cbd gummies feel like reddit sent by the bank every time he paid with his mobile phone.There are more than 30,000 deposits in his Bank of China savings card.Being able to see real life heroes, being able to communicate with Ni Guoxiong was really happy to cooperate with the heroes.After thinking about it, he couldn t help laughing and said But as you said, being handsome has its advantages, and lesbians must like it, hahaha Team Ni is very happy, Lao Hu Also very happy.I m afraid that my colleagues in Beijing don t know that Han Chaoyang is very popular on the Internet, it s good to know.Anyway, Han Chaoyang is also a hero who went through life and death to capture fugitives from the Ministry of Superintendents At most, it is believed that young people have just taken up leadership positions and want to make new contributions, but they overreact and treat it as a major case without any certainty.Chapter 632 Back to the blame 1 The bullet train is very fast, and it takes two hours to arrive in Beijing, but it is not easy to drive from the Beijing Railway Station to meet Lao Hu and the others.What s more, if you are on someone HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears 300mg else s territory, and if you really take it seriously, you must tell the truth.It was the blame for coming here, Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, and said with an embarrassed face Captain Ni, don t laugh at me, but I m actually too embarrassed to come here, and I m embarrassed to face you.I don t know how to explain it to you.Ni Guoxiong misunderstood again, knocking on the cigarette ash and said with a smile You have to obey orders and listen to the command, I have to listen to the leader, we all run errands and work, why are you embarrassed If you have anything to say, The big deal is to let the leaders go to court.China is so big and there are so many police officers.It is fate that we met and knew each other.Whether it is a joint investigation or whatever, we are still friends.What should I do now, you can t run the red light.Officer Hu, don t worry, the navigation prompts that there is a traffic jam four kilometers ahead, and the suspect can t escape.After passing by, try to overtake him.In front of them Wu Wei, Wu Wei, follow the suspect later.Xiao Gu and I will turn right from here to see natures boost cbd gummies reviews cbd gummy bears 300mg if we can go around in front of the suspect.Han Chaoyang was how long before the cbd gummies to take effect not at ease after washing and drying his clothes , I called Wu Wei just now, and asked Wu Wei to also pull him into the anti drug special class group of the Huayuan Street Police Station.The comrades in arms not only turned on location sharing, but also turned on group voice.Sitting in front of the desk, looking at the approximate location of the suspect and his comrades on the electronic map, and listening to the calls of his comrades, Han Chaoyang suddenly discovered that Xiao Sun of the anti narcotics team of the Nanshan Branch had unknowingly taken over the command of tracking and deployment Well, the three cars and six people are all under Xiao Sun s orders at the moment.Suddenly someone came to steal the limelight from the HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears 300mg old man.We should understand his mood.In addition, Uncle Hong has a good impression of Aunt Lu from Dongming Community.Old comrades also have the right to pursue happiness.In short, everyone should be careful not only to respect Aunt Lu s decision, but also to prevent some unpleasant things from happening.Although Aunt Lu is not a retired employee of the 527 Factory, the choir of the 527 Factory and Active members of the square dance team.In the past few years, I have been playing with Director Wang and the others, but Mr.Hong suddenly ran over to show his courtesy and maybe even chase him.Director Wang and Mr.Liang would definitely not be happy.Thinking of this, Wu Junfeng couldn t help laughing and said Han Da, it s useless for you to tell us about this matter, you should call your master and tell your master.Han Da, what happened to Qiao Peiming Didn t he go to Beijing Chaoyang closed the door of the conversation room, and explained with a smile Actually, he has never left our sight.Lao Hu, Wu Wei, and Jun Feng have followed him all the way to Beijing.They caught him when he was trading with his previous family.I got it all.Wu Junfeng s mouth is too strict, no matter how much he asks, he won t say anything Sun Guokang reacted, thought about it and asked again Han Da, did you know that Police Chief Hu and Angkor are the same when you issued the certificate to him Will you cbd gummy bears 300mg follow Han Chaoyang nodded with a smile.Sun Guokang was both happy and depressed, and said with a bitter face I am the only one who doesn t know what to do The half box of Soft Zhonghua came back, and I stuffed it into his hand It cbd gummy bears 300mg cbd peach gummies s not that Liu Suo doesn t trust you, the main reason is that you won t be able to act in your true colors after you find out, and you re worried that Qiao Peiming will find out, and the fewer HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears 300mg people who know about this kind of thing, the better.Because Xu Hongliang once said before that no matter who gets married, this group of brothers and justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 300mg sisters can just have a lively meal together.I m just relieved and very happy.I was laughing to myself that I was worried for nothing before, when Sun Guokang suddenly called.Han Da, the suspect s surveillance screenshot has been forwarded to all groups, and the WeChat official account has also been updated.I will forward it to you.You see if it works.Okay, let me see.Chen Jie s pick up has completely messed up the work of the police office.The attendance of the anti pickup team, the reimbursement of the funds of the police district, the operation and maintenance of the WeChat public account, and the management of dozens of WeChat groups are cbd gummies indianapolis in all in charge., Han Chaoyang clicked on WeChat to read the clue collection announcement edited by Sun Guokang, and murmured My wife, I may have to work overtime tomorrow, and there are a lot of things in the police office, so don t worry if you don t straighten them out.Our police don t care about it either.Han Chaoyang turned to look at his wife., then turned around and asked, Mom, where is the other room You mean 109.He has several construction sites in Yanyang, and he has a lot of management personnel.Some people come here from other construction sites to work here.There is no spare dormitory at the construction site.If you can t go back at night, you will live here.109 is a standard room.There are two people.Regardless what do cbd gummies feel like reddit whoopi goldberg cbd gummies of familiarity, as long as you check in, you need to register.You need to remind me, how many years have I worked in a guest house, and those who do not have ID cards and do not register will definitely not be able to live.Six hundred and ninety ninth Chapter Eleven Construction Site 1 After get off work, Huang s father had to go home to get a change of clothes and toiletries.Zhang Beibei and Xu Hongliang came to see the progress of the project every day to see what areas still needed to be improved.Han Chaoyang waited for them to finish their work, and stood at the door of cbd gummies hemp bomb the large cafeteria where the epoxy floor was being made, and asked, Mr.Zhang, Mr.Xu, do you need to tie bank cards to the access cards of several project sites There is such a thing, what s the matter Zhang Beibei asked puzzled.Xu Hongliang knew exactly what Han Chaoyang wanted to ask, and quickly explained The bank sponsored the card, and the card is free, which will not increase the financial burden of migrant workers.It s free to get the card, but there is a charge for using the card.Zhang Beibei cbd gummy bears 300mg cbd peach gummies reacted and explained patiently The bank said that there is no handling cbd gummy bears 300mg fee or annual fee, forever I don t want to use their card, I don t want to go to their bank to open an titan infusions cbd gummies have hemp oil account, and I don t even need to activate it.Every squadron has them, look to the right Look ahead Count One, two, three, four, five Report to Li Da, the first squadron should have thirty eight people, and it actually reached thirty eight People, please instruct.Please take a break.Li Xiaobin is both the deputy manager of the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company and the deputy captain of the Volunteer Security Patrol.Count how many people came.I don t know when it started, but as long as I do some work, I have to leave pictures and even video materials, so that I can edit and how does taking cbd gummies make you feel post them on the official account, and I can report to my superiors if there are pictures, videos, and the truth.Zheng Xinyi, who has been busy justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 300mg with property company affairs for a long time and hasn t participated in such activities for a long time, looks like a media reporter at first glance.When will Director Zhou leave It will take about a week for Director Zhou to leave.Although Director Zhou is not the director, he is still the deputy head of the district., I attended the Party Committee of the Bureau in the morning, and I went to the district with the leaders of the Municipal Bureau.Where is Du Bureau , I m guessing justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 300mg he s already taken office. The leader of the cbd gummy bears 300mg Municipal Bureau sent Director Liu to take up his post, but didn t he send someone else No. But Director Du has also been transferred, who will replace Director Du I don t know, The vacant party committee members will probably be selected from the bureau, the old man was very excited when he mentioned this, he looked behind him, and said in a spirited voice Chaoyang, Liu Suo may really hope to join the party committee this time.One year is not short, nor long.In the blink of an eye, a few months have passed, and I finally participated in the detection of a murder case.Fortunately for you, a phone call called me back I know the police department is busy, but do you also think about me, this opportunity is really rare for me.Complain as soon as you come back Han Chaoyang was already in a bad mood, so naturally he wouldn t give her a good face, so he asked coldly, Want to handle a big case and make great contributions Don t think of me so vulgar.I never thought that I would solve the case if I wanted to make great achievements. Only you want to solve the case, and no one else wants to If everyone thinks like you, everyone will solve major cases, who will maintain traffic, who will do public security prevention and control, and who will do community work Don t talk big things to me Just now, Lao Hua led a group of workers to press the piles at the entrance of the police station.In fact, there are male hormones in women s cbd gummy bears 300mg bodies.Once cbd gummy bears 300mg they are too tall, they will look like men, and some even have beards, and their personalities are also similar.He just supported Jiang Xiaoquan, showing his common sense Forget it, while talking, he actually looked towards Miao cbd fgold harvest gummies Haizhu.Miao Haizhu gritted her teeth angrily, and asked bitterly, What do you mean Sister Miao, I didn t mean you.I didn t mean me.Why do you see me The eldest sister has a lot of testosterone, otherwise she wouldn t be so masculine.She has always been like a tomboy since she was a child.Han Chaoyang almost burst out laughing, and hurriedly turned around and said, Uncle Ji, master, I think Xiaoquan s words are true.It makes sense, not to mention that the task force has not found a man who fits the characteristics of the suspect after two or three days of investigation, but it is also possible from the motive of committing the crime.Let s talk when we come out.We ll wait for you in the main room.It could be seen that Lao .

is it legal to give your child cbd gummies?

Nie was very prestigious in the village.The middle aged woman welcomed everyone into the living room, hurriedly cleared the sofa and coffee table, and invited everyone to sit cbd gummies holland and barrett down.Lao Nie thanked her in local language, stood outside the door and waited for two or three minutes, Yu Xiufen opened the door and came out, combing her hair while asking in puzzlement What s the matter, what can you find me to understand.A person in his thirties and almost forty is actually wearing a pair of tight leggings and a tight white wool sweater on his upper body.In short, it feels very weird.Qin Tao signaled Mao Kangle to go out and call Feng to report that he had found someone, then took out his ID, stared at her cbd gummy bears 300mg eyes, and said sharply Yu Xiufen, be honest I am Qin, the second squadron leader of the criminal police of Yandong Public Security Bureau.The director of the bureau has just been announced half an hour ago, a member of the bureau s party committee and the director of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Your first master Yang cbd gummy bears 300mg Tao has also been promoted and was appointed as the deputy director of the Huayuan Street Police Station.He was originally a deputy chief staff member.Direct appointment, no need for announcement. This is not good news, but two pieces of good news. Yes, Deputy Director Xing looked behind him, and said with emotion, Huayuan Street Police Station lacks a deputy.Director, the Party Committee of the Bureau had not considered it before, the main reason is that there are no posts for one radish and one hole.Liu Bureau considered that if the leadership team is not filled, it will seriously affect the work of the Huayuan Street Police Station, so he tried to get it.You bought clothes online, right Yes.Liu Qiuping asked cbd gummy bears 300mg cbd peach gummies coldly, What time is it Qiao Yueqing came to her senses, glanced at the electronic clock on the wall, and said nervously, Report to Bureau Liu, it s 9 o clock now.57 minutes.What time should it be now Working hours.What should I do during working hours Work.What are you doing now Get a courier.During working hours, get a courier, do it Private matter, was caught now Han Chaoyang realized that Liu Ju and Zou Da were squatting here to rectify the work style of the agency and express infinite sympathy for Sister Qiao who was scared out of her wits.At this time, Liu Ju suddenly turned around and asked Comrade Han Chaoyang , are you working now, or are you resting Report to Bureau Liu, I was not on duty last night, and now it s working time.Then, the 18 policemen were named and criticized, and Yi Jiandong, the deputy director of the Changfeng Street Police Station who was off duty, was asked to conduct a review at the meeting.Then, in response to many problems such as insufficient on duty preparations and poor meeting discipline in the various units of the sub bureau, Feng Bureau, who presided over the meeting, announced that the party committee of the bureau had repeatedly studied and formulated a comprehensive six level plan for details ranging from leave, work and cbd gummy bears 300mg rest time, allowances and subsidies to housekeeping management.project management assessment system.Deputy District Chief Liu made a concluding speech, proposing to tighten the cage of the system and use the system to manage people and affairs , and said sonorously making rules is the first step Conduct a physical examination , and once you find signs of pathological changes , you must talk and remind in time, and use the first form of supervision and discipline to build the first line of defense for a clean government The three branches were merged into six branches, and the members of the party committee of the bureau served as the secretary of the party branch.Sun Guokang tacitly took out the keys of the police car, lifted the cover of the police station, Han Chaoyang best cbd gummies sleepy bear cost 300 mg hurriedly put on a multi functional belt, put on all eight pieces, got into the co pilot of the police car, turned on the police lights, and rushed to the Jinjiang Hotel together with Sun Guokang.As a result, as soon as he arrived at the hotel entrance, the voice of Liu Hui, who had just started work, came from the intercom.It turned out that oros cbd gummies shark tank the relatives of the deceased had called 110 to report to the police, and the command center of the sub bureau ordered the Zhongshan Road Police District to dispatch the police.Han Chaoyang replied briefly, opened the car door and ran into the hotel lobby, but Jiang Jianxing was stopping a short man in his forties, and said with a bitter face Brother, I can understand your feelings, but your brother in law is not at the construction site He s dead, even if you want to burn paper according to the rules of your hometown, you should go to the hospital to burn it, besides, this is not an industrial accident, he was already sick, and he died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage Get out of the way He pushed aside, pointed at him and scolded angrily You said that my brother in law died in the hospital Even if he really died in the hospital, why don t we go to the construction site We have to clean up his things.Seven hundred and eightieth Chapter 1 Something Happened to Boss Hu s Construction Site 7 Xu Min was the pillar of the family, and his death was a great pity for his family.But in any case, he died of illness, and the construction unit did not shirk responsibility.Thinking about it differently, the construction unit was also very wronged, and it was really unlucky.Han Chaoyang not only sympathized with what happened to the Xu family, but also understood the Sanjian Company, especially the small contractor surnamed cbd gummy bears 300mg Yang.He thought to k2 life cbd gummies reviews what do cbd gummies feel like reddit himself that the Xu family could quarrel if they wanted to.However, he wanted to handle it coldly , but the first secretary of the community who had just taken office couldn t bear the Xu family s quarreling downstairs, so he asked Director Xie who lent the office and conference room to the Sanjian Company, and immediately lent him to him after he figured it out.You can t collect so many clues even if you run outside every day to handle the case.The immediate boss has changed, and the change has been great.It has been a while since he took office, and he has a certain understanding of the situation of the branch office.Such a change can be said to be reasonable, but Political Commissar Huang still felt a little surprised, and simply said while the iron was hot The electric car is stolen, the case is not worth how many cbd gummies should i eat much, but When it happened near the masses, the masses would feel insecure.After the series of thefts were solved, Han Chaoyang s prestige in Xinmin community was established, so he took this opportunity to organize the police and patrol members of the police district to mobilize the owners to prepare for the owner s meeting He and the property management committee hired a property management company, which fundamentally reversed the security situation in Xinmin community.In fact, it doesn t cost much to set up wine.After all, it s only 800 yuan per table, and it doesn t cost much if you include tobacco, wine and wedding candy.But there cbd gummy bears 300mg are many relatives and friends at Lao Han s house, so it s hard to come to Yanyang from such a distance.It s impossible for people to come here by car before dawn, and go back by car after lunch.This means that accommodation must be arranged, and possibly Two days or even three days.Shuxiangyuan offers a negotiated price for the room reservation, 180 yuan including double breakfast is not expensive, but the more friends and relatives come, the more rooms you need to book.It is estimated that it will cost 40,000 to 50,000 in two or three days.When it came to the sensitive issue of spending money, Grandpa Gu really didn t know how to express his position, so he subconsciously looked at Huang Ma.Hu, please pay attention to the discipline of the meeting A staff member squeezed over and reminded.Oh, I m sorry, I m so excited, I can t be angry.Boss Hu returned to his seat, and said through gritted teeth with the big and small bosses who were working on the project together I trust cbd gummy bears 300mg cbd peach gummies him so much, but he is lucky to have done a good job.Who is not angry about this kind of thing If you are arrested, you deserve it.business.There was a lot of discussion in the audience, and the venue became a noisy vegetable market for a while.The discipline of the meeting disappeared, Director Huo was not only not angry, but was very satisfied with the effect of killing chickens and monkeys.He simply introduced the ins and outs of the matter to other leaders attending the meeting on the stage.At the same time, Han Chaoyang, who was about to go back, was stopped by Fan Ju.

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