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This is also on the line, so that people can t live If the control is really so strict, what about those civil servants whose families are all farmers in the cbd gummies rochester ny cbd living gummies reviews countryside and have seven or eight acres of land buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me at home He Ri at noon Han Chaoyang was unconvinced after thinking about it, and hesitated to speak.The instructor was in charge of ideological work, so he could no longer keep silent, coughed dryly, and said earnestly Xiao Han, Liu Suo s words are a bit heavy, but you have to understand the mood of the leader.I know you have ideas and your own plans for life, and you can Admitting that civil servants go to work is their job, and they are ordinary citizens after get off work.It is reasonable to say that they have the right to develop their specialties, pursue interests, and even earn income through labor.

Okay, I ll call in the office.Wait, this is my phone number.If you have any news, contact us in time.Han Chaoyang took out a police and civilian contact card from his pocket, and Manager Zhang of the property management company just took it, when the fire siren sounded outside.A fire truck was getting closer and closer with the screeching siren, and drove all the way to the No.3 building.A second lieutenant jumped out of the car with three soldiers in firefighting suits.The boa constrictor might abscond at any time.Han Chaoyang ignored the self introduction.I saw it with my own eyes, it is indeed a big boa constrictor, it is in the living room of Room 1102 right now, don t let it escape, if it escapes, the residents of the whole community will not be able to sleep tonight. Don t worry, as long as the snake is still there In the living room, make sure it can t escape.

Just go, whoever is afraid of who Daring to arrest him, he explained a few words to the waiter and chef in the store, took out his mobile phone and cigarettes while talking to the villagers, and at the same best thc cbd gummies time walked carelessly towards the police station with Han Chaoyang who was pushing the electric car.Zhang Beibei wiped away her tears, hugged Xiao Bao tightly, and followed behind Lao Xu silently.When he reached the gate of the community service station, Lao Xu stopped tacitly, parked his electric car, and stopped the villagers who followed him cbd living gummies reviews along the way.The police room is small, and if two people go in together, they will quarrel again.Han Chaoyang took out the key and opened the back door, motioned for Zhang Beibei to go in first, then turned around and said, Jiang Erhu, come one by one, you wait in the yard first.

The No.6 Hospital of the City is not under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station, but it is only separated by a Zhongshan Road from the Huayuan Street Police Station.The branch command center asked the Huayuan Street Police Station and the Xinyuan Street Police Station to help find it.The child s father was cbd living gummies reviews in a hurry, the child s mother almost passed out, and the child s grandmother, who was being treated in the No.6 City Hospital, pulled out the needle of the infusion set and ran down to look for it.It is the job of the Xinyuan Street Police Station to check the surveillance and organize the hospital security to search for it.Han Chaoyang is in charge of the side buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me of the road, helping to find it all the way, please pay attention to the proprietress of the shop along the street, and send a message to the dance group in the square of 527 Factory.

It s a pity that the coffee table is too small.It should be because there are too many types of false certificates.The coffee table can t fit at all, so it can only be placed on the dining table.As a result, there was not enough space on the dining table, so I had to bring a few cardboard boxes and stack them up as a display stand for the stolen goods.Good guy, there are hundreds of them Xu Hongliang took out a heavy cardboard box from under the wire bed in the inner room, which contained various seals.Put it here.Han Chaoyang glanced back, and continued to search the female suspect s bedroom.He didn t know if he didn t search, but he was startled when he searched, and found a large plastic storage box from the closet, which was neatly stacked with estimates There are thousands of courier bills at the bottom, as well as account books and a thick phone book.

These insurance sellers really do everything they can.Han Chaoyang felt that this matter was not so simple, so cbd gummies rochester ny cbd living gummies reviews he secretly decided to let Lao Xu follow him to have a look tomorrow, and asked calmly, Wang Factory cbd living gummies reviews manager, just now you said that Zhao Jie s matter has taken shape, where does he usually settle down, and what does he usually do This is business The old factory manager was cbd living gummies reviews wyld cbd gummies reviews extremely vigilant, subconsciously looked back around, leaned over and said It is said that he is partnering with others to open some cultural media company, but in fact he is doing something similar to Miss Dai, renting a few offices in a building on Daxin Street , the inside is divided into rooms, and those women are allowed to show their heads in front of the camera.Live broadcast Yes, yes, it seems to be a live broadcast.

m., the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team Inaugural Meeting and Flag Presentation Ceremony was officially held held.Secretary Yang of the Street Working Committee, Director Gu of the Street Office, Deputy Director Chen in charge of comprehensive management, Director Cai of the Comprehensive Management Office and other street leaders all came.Sitting under the stage were not only the cadres of the neighborhood committee and voluntary security patrols, but also the party members and cadres of Chaoyang Village, the villager group leader, the property manager Zhang of Dongming Community, the deputy manager Xu of Dongyang Company 527 Factory , and a dozen representatives of owners, along the street.Business representative.There were nearly a hundred people on and off the stage, and the conference room was packed.

Do you remember the day of the week Yes, Saturday.I have never seen such a timid robber, of course, I have never seen such a bold one.The more Han Chaoyang thinks about it, the more amusing he is.He can even imagine his experience after the robbery.It is almost certain that the lady who was robbed did not report the crime.Those policemen may have gone to their dormitory for other reasons, otherwise they would have chased him online in the morning Either way, it s a good thing, and a big good thing, to catch a suspect in a knife cbd living gummies reviews robbery.Han Chaoyang signaled Gu Changsheng and the others to take the suspect out, turned around and walked to the landlady, and said coldly I heard it just now, this is the consequence of not reporting.You have also entered his room, and you have seen him eating at night.

The words are fluorescent, and the headlights are particularly conspicuous.Yang Tao became more and more confused, and even Guan Xiyuan, who was dozing off in cbd living gummies reviews the co pilot, was taken aback.Sergeant Yang, this is the special police How could the cbd gummies fredericksburg va special police detachment send police to assist him in checking the ID cards buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me cbd living gummies reviews and residence permits of outsiders There are several more ahead, not only the special police, but cbd gummy flavors also the urban management.Go ahead and have a look.There are special police everywhere, warning tapes can be seen everywhere, police lights are flickering at the alleys leading to the village, and there are also faint police lights inside, and the entire Chaoyang Village has been blocked.The more confused I think, I don t know if I can drive the police car in from the entrance of the vegetable market, lightly step on the gas pedal and continue walking, planning to enter from the middle street.

Ok, ok, ok Let them clear the way for us.After everything was arranged, report to the deputy chief on duty.Deputy Director Du, who was waiting for news in the office, was confused, and held up the phone and asked, Hong Chang, the suspect who was turned over by the Comprehensive Management Office of Huayuan Street is also called Ji Qingyun The most wanted criminals How could there be several I mean, the Huayuan Street Police Station just called to report that they had successfully captured the suspect Ji Qingyun who was suspected of killing two people during the investigation of the migrant population in Chaoyang Village.Deputy Director Xing was confused, and muttered He murmured, If they caught him, why would the suspect be in the hands of the Huayuan Street Comprehensive Management Office, and why would he be sent to the sub bureau by the Huayuan Street Comprehensive Management Office Deputy Director Du pondered for a moment, slapped his thigh, and said through gritted teeth This Guan Yuan is very happy, so I know to repay the merit First notify the Criminal Police Brigade to prepare to receive the suspect, and the Huayuan Street Police Station will settle the account with them later.

He also worked in your police station before this is Lao Nie, who is in charge of parking charge management on Taigu Road Deputy Director Wan Hello, everyone, I m sorry to keep you waiting.How could Han Chaoyang not know Captain Tang s hard work, and looked back gratefully, then turned around again and followed Everyone shook hands one by one, and said embarrassedly I m not afraid of your jokes, please help the Tang team, I really don t want to solve many cases, make great achievements, and be promoted to high officials.I am neither a cornbread cbd gummies buy cbd gummies online military cadre nor a police student.I m not even a party member, and I m still in the probationary period, so it s not so easy to make progress, just because I m not familiar with the place, and it s difficult to complete the task.Understand, understand, we also have task indicators.

The police station won t pay you What do you say. It s not going to work like this, the patrol team is the security company, the security company It has to be independently accounted for and responsible for its own profits and losses.It is right to assist the street work, but what is it to assist the police station. So let s not take this as an example.I told Lao Jin during the meal.If I don t nod in the future, he won t be able to transfer people from me.Huang Ying laughed, and said with a chuckle So cbd living gummies reviews he is a nameless captain.It s an obligation, Su Xian couldn t help laughing, and said with a smile Actually, you should have thought of it, why didn t the street appoint an officer Someone else was the team leader, but he appointed this unlucky guy who is still cbd vegan gummy on probation for the simple reason that he is obedient.

This kid, if you don t give him an answer, he will keep asking.Gu Guoli looked back at the passers by, and said perfunctorily, I used to like to eat it, but now I m old and my digestion is not good, so I can only eat something light.Bland, master, why don t we eat Huaiyang cuisine at noon.Gu Guoli s home is in the second community to the west of Chaoyang Bridge.He walks on buy cbd gummies online Zhongshan Road to and from get off work, and often passes by the gate of the Chaoyang Community Police Office.He is not ignorant of the restaurants on both sides of Zhongshan Road.Is there a Huaiyang restaurant near the police office Not near the police office, but there are other places, we can go to the city to eat.There is no need to be on duty, there buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me are a lot cbd living gummies reviews of things to do.Not being able to go doesn t mean you can t eat.

If a certain number of door locks are blocked and a large economic loss is caused, it is a crime and criminal responsibility must be investigated.We don t know, we don t know much about the law.If we knew about it, we would have told you.Lao Wan, who had been arguing with Lao Hou, obviously knew about it, and took the trouble Officer Han, the Chaoyang No.5 team is the one where we used to live.The landlord s house has a facade, which has electric welding machines, cutting machines, repairing electric vehicles, repairing rolling gates, everything.I used to sell purified water, which is the kind of pure water that is delivered to people in barrels.The owner of the shop That kid does maintenance during the day, and goes out to block other cbd gummies rochester ny cbd living gummies reviews people s locks at night.He specializes in blocking the locks of the rolling gates.

Many people want to know what the little policeman s last name is, and which unit he belongs to.Some people thought it was just an auxiliary policeman, just a temporary worker, some looked on coldly, and some even made sarcastic remarks.Li Yun realized that she had inadvertently snatched the exclusive news.If she could break the news as soon as possible, she would be able to drain traffic.Not only the newly registered WeChat official account was followed, but even Weibo, which had not been updated for several months, became popular.A rare opportunity, she snatched her mother s mobile phone He has WeChat, let me check.I have dozens of friends, can you find them Playing with the mobile phone is just slipping, watching her keep forwarding the photos in HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews Xiaohan s Moments cbd living gummies reviews to her mobile phone, Aunt Mi muttered This is Xiaohan s before, he didn t post the photos of being a policeman on Moments.

Today is the weekend, okay You can rest, I can t, I have to be on duty 24 hours a day.Tang Xiaoxuan felt sorry for the handsome policeman, and said with righteous indignation How can your public security bureau be like this Be on duty 24 hours a day, do you want to abide by the Labor Law just cbd gummies 750mg Abiding by the Labor Law , don t be kidding, our leader said that to be a policeman, you have to sacrifice.If you don t want to do it, cbd living gummies reviews some people will do it.Don t say it That s all, come here, sit down and eat first.Huang Ying pointed to the empty seat in front of her, and introduced with a smile You must have seen the photo of the two of them, let s get to know each cbd living gummies reviews other formally, this is the young lady you talk about every day Tang Xiaoxuan, this is Xun Shihan.Sister, you can eat indiscriminately, but you can t talk indiscriminately, since when did I stop talking about it every day Huang Ying was very face saving, and couldn t help but teased Yesterday you You are still talking about it in the afternoon, saying that we are drunk and dreaming, and you still give us a thumbs up.

Wei Haicheng, Cai Qing, Cai Ergui, hear me clearly, and be honest.Seeing Wei Haicheng s daughter in law rushing back after hearing the news, Han Chaoyang raised his arm and warned, You ll get all the stolen goods.Don t mess around, anyone who dares to find something to do is obstructing official duties Everyone is in their teens, doing something wrong, they have to gamble, that s how the social atmosphere is ruined, if you don t deal with them, who will be dealt with Officer Han , We are all our own people, we can t flood the Dragon King Temple, and the family doesn t recognize the family. Yes, police officer Han, you see, we all cooperate with the government, sign for land requisition, sign for grave relocation, and sign for demolition in a few days , we cooperate with you, and you have to be considerate of us.

Other people s words Han Chaoyang may find it harsh, but this is what the master said, and the old master has indeed been able to not ask questions about the situation in the jurisdiction and clear at one point in his past work.Han Chaoyang accepted the criticism very humbly and sincerely, and was about to guarantee that he would visit key population households more often in the future.Gu Guoli said In the morning, Liu Suo and the trainer talked to me about work.They said it was about work, and it was like a report., the relationship between superiors and subordinates is completely messed up.But it is really not easy for them.The HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews police force in the office is tense, and various tasks are complicated.As a member of the office, if we can share more, we should share more.I didn t share with you After discussing with Liu Suo, I proposed to manage another village.

Not only did Han Chaoyang have no objection, but he felt that this was an opportunity to flex his muscles, and said with a smile, No problem, I will go to Yangguan Village early tomorrow morning.Gu Guoli was very satisfied without complaining, and looked back to see what was going on The few nurses in charge here went on to say I met Director Su when I came back at noon.She said that the city will hold a flow management work meeting tomorrow afternoon, and there will be a commendation ceremony.Huayuan Street Flow Management Office and Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee were awarded As an advanced unit of streamline work, Director Cai, where can i buy pure strength cbd gummies she and you have been rated as advanced individuals in streamline work, and we will go to participate tomorrow to receive the commendation from our superiors.

We will solve the traffic problem and arrange the vehicles.There is a car to pick you up, and you don t need to take it off. Then it s settled, Xiao Han, you did a good job just now, you must go on August 1st, and you are not allowed to ask for leave. Yes Seeing the young man, Yang The secretary remembered one more thing, and couldn t help laughing Did Director Su inform you that we will go to the municipal government guest house to attend the flow control work meeting at noon Even if Comrade Su Xian forgot to tell you, your police station should also be notified.The government attaches great importance to the flow control work, and several leaders including Secretary Ding of the Municipal Legal Committee attended.Reporting to Secretary Yang, I have received the notification, Director Su has notified, and the office has also notified.

Has Xiao Han come back Director Wang, don t worry, Han Da is by my side.Let him answer the phone Hurry up.Director Wang, what s the matter Aren t we watching by the river to see if the kid comes, we can t wait if he doesn t come, we can t wait all day, we can t wait here For one night, Lao Lei and I will look north along the river to see if he is on the cbd living gummies reviews wyld cbd gummies reviews north side, but you know what I saw, I saw the raft, I saw the battery on the raft, but I didn t see the boy, the raft Floating in the middle of the river, everything is there, people are gone, will something happen Chapter 131 The electric fish electrocuted itself to death The old factory manager and Uncle Lei found something wrong on the bank of the river section of the Polytechnic University, which was the brother s jurisdiction.Even if it is not under the jurisdiction of the senior brother, the public can t ignore the report.

After you ve chosen it, you have to bargain with others.After you ve finished, you have to sign a contract and go through the loan procedures.It s not a day or two.Where do you live My God, let me rent a house nearby.Don t your unit have a dormitory, we mother and I can squeeze together.Even if you don t have a dormitory, you have money, and you have no place to live, you can find a small hotel and make up for a few days.It won t cost much.Ma Fengying not only went to the provincial capital to buy a house, but also went to see her son who became the most handsome policeman , and even planned to go to her son s unit to thank the leaders, but it was already decided how could it be cbd vitamins gummies postponed.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to agree, Okay, I ll see if I can find a dormitory first.That s it, let your dad tell you, I ll pack up.

In case 17, Han Chaoyang contacted He Ziqiang when he was waiting for them at the gate of the police station, and Guan He Ziqiang asked for some photos of their fellow villagers gathering.As soon as I got out of the car, I took out my phone and dug out the photos.Lifting the curtain, walked into the Internet cafe, looked at the network administrator sitting at the bar, then looked at the photo, turned around and cbd living gummies reviews nodded to Liang Dongsheng.Zhu Linong Ah The network administrator raised his head and was stunned for a moment when he saw the rainbow gummies cbd four policemen who had just entered.You are Zhu Linong Yes, Uncle Policeman, what s the cbd living gummies reviews matter, Zhu Linong subconsciously stood up, looked at the guests who were surfing the Internet, and said anxiously All those who come to the Internet have ID cards, no students, no minors.

They either took something they shouldn t take, or they knew something they shouldn t buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me know.Qiao Xianhong may have realized the seriousness of the problem, and he may have felt the danger, so he falsely claimed that the business failed.I owe a lot of debt, and go out to avoid disaster in the name of avoiding debt.It turned out that the other party was more cruel than he imagined, and if he couldn t find him, he would find his wife and children.It can be said that he discovered the clue that Qiao Xianhong and his wife might get a fortune, but he didn t know it.What can you know that you shouldn t know Idle is also idle, talk about it Han Chaoyang picked up a pen and paper to take a glass of water, returned to his seat and analyzed Qiao Xianhong is doing renovations outside, and he can contact many homeowners.

Wherever he went, he talked about it, what a playboy Huang Ying cbd living gummies reviews was completely convinced, and asked through gritted teeth, What happened next Not only was I physically separated, but I was transferred to another class.Her mother also rented a house next to the school, resigned to accompany her, and sent her to school in the morning.I went to pick it up at school at night.The teacher kept a close eye on it and monitored it 24 hours a day.She didn t dare, and neither did I.I made an appointment to continue talking after I was admitted to university, but after two months she asked someone to pick it up for me.I wrote a letter, saying that I should focus on my studies, and I won t talk about it after I m admitted to university. Dumped Almost, but this time I m not very sad, it s just for fun, and the study pressure is too great.

Immediately afterwards, two patrol members rushed out of the dormitory and also ran into the police room through the back door.The police cars and electric patrol cars were all parked at the main entrance of the police office.Huang Ying thought for a while and simply opened the door to get out of the car.When she entered the police room again, Han Chaoyang had already driven the patrol car with the team members and left.Yingying, sit down.Accountant Huang, sit here.The sense of crisis when we first met was just an instinctive reaction to encountering a beautiful homosexual.Han Chaoyang was just grateful and had no other thoughts.After chatting with Director Su for a while, I learned that the two might be in a relationship.Although my heart was somewhat sour, I didn t feel too disappointed.When I saw Huang Ying again, I stood up actively and enthusiastically to .

can cbd gummies help stop smoking?

give her a seat.

Huang Ying is really worried that he will learn everything from Grandpa Gu.How much does Grandpa Gu earn a month How much is his salary Just cbd living gummies reviews bought a house and the economy is so difficult.If you want buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me to come back, it will be difficult if you put your head on it.Ask for instructions and report, I don t know how long you will be a hostage, and you have to go to work tomorrow, so I ll go back first. Go back, drive slowly on the road, and call me when you get home.It s nice of someone to care, Huang Ying Feeling happy in her heart, she subconsciously glanced at Zhang Beibei and said with a smile, Understood, remember to call me if you need anythingChapter 150 A burnt out person is refreshed on happy occasions.With a girlfriend, even if it s just a prospective girlfriend, Han Chaoyang s mood couldn t be better, and he s full of beautiful visions for the future.

He was diagnosed with the disease three years ago.Diabetes, I ve been hospitalized.A middle aged man suddenly said, Chunjun is working on their construction site, it s none of their business, why did they pay for it Facts have proved that Liu Gong s concerns are justified.Unexpectedly, What Liu Gong was most worried about happened.Han Chaoyang was about to say a few cbd living gummies reviews words to him when Grandpa Gu knocked on the table, stared at him and said persuasively, Comrade Zhenhua, you must act according to your conscience.Your brother in law is working at the project site of Bishui New City, but he just arrived the day before yesterday.Yes, he didn t do any work until he fell ill on the road last night, he fell ill, not a work related accident, what responsibility does the construction party have No responsibility, why did they pay for it.

Playing the piano under the overpass or in the tunnel.I m not joking with you.When I was in college, I performed on the streets and played for a whole morning.Kind people passing by threw dozens of them into my piano case. Where are your parents and your mother , resigned and eloped with me, what would your parents think, would they be disappointed in you No, definitely not, Yingying, you don t know how much my mother likes cbd gummy bears where to buy near peabody ma you, she called me on the way back Call and say Accountant Huang is nice, Accountant Huang is nice, let me take the initiative.If she knows we are talking, she must be very happy.Huang Ying just asked, not really wanting to resign, let alone going to another city.It feels so good to be liked by others, and just as we chatted, Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Hello, hello, Lao Yan, hello, hello, what s the matter Lao Yan, the parking lot manager on Shijia Road, sat in the toll booth and looked at the young people who were smoking under the street lights diagonally across the road.

Are you only responsible for the cash register You also do the accounting.You are also responsible for paying the employees salaries Yes, yes.While Guan Xiyuan was knocking sideways to learn about the hotel s wage arrears to employees, Han Chaoyang was knocking on the door of the office on the second floor.This office was next to the warehouse, and next to the warehouse was the kitchen.The waiter and one of the waitresses were whispering.Boss Bao, I know you re inside.I m a policeman from the willow cbd gummies Huayuan Street Police Station.We want to ask you cbd living gummies reviews for some information.People from the police station, why are you looking for me You shouted for a long time without opening the door, what are you doing hiding inside The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the weirder he became, he subconsciously took out his are keoni cbd gummies legit stick and patted the door again Tomorrow has something to do, open the door quickly, don t waste time.

Teacher Ma stood in front of a van downstairs in the cram school, looked at a former parent of a student in his forties with a smile, and said happily Chaoyang, you know who I met, I met Miao Haizhu s father, You should have an impression of Miao Haizhu, two years older than you, and I took you to her house for dinner when she was admitted to university.The name Miao Haizhu is not only impressive, but impressive Not very pretty, with outrageously good grades, one of the most promising girls in the town, almost all the parents of those students used her to talk to their children.My mother was her homeroom teacher when she was in the third year of junior high school, so I don t know how much I like her.At that time, her parents wanted her to apply for the middle school entrance examination, so that she could become a teacher and make money after she graduated from the normal school.

Jiao Da looked back, then leaned over and said, Nine small packets of methamphetamine were seized at the scene, which should contain six or seven grams.Xiao Bian and the others Searching, probably still cbd gummies rochester ny cbd living gummies reviews in house and car.Meth and sex are forever linked.Liang Dongsheng was not surprised, he handed the trouser belt to the policeman Xiao Liu who had just come out, and asked Xiao Liu to handle this big wolf cbd gummies rochester ny cbd living gummies reviews dog cbd living gummies reviews suspected of obstructing cbd gummies packs official duties and violently resisting the law.Otherwise, the blood will bleed everywhere, and it is easy to get tetanus.Wu Wei is not worried about whether he will get cornbread cbd gummies buy cbd gummies online tetanus, so he raises his arm and asks with a frowning face Master, I just go out like this, and go to the hospital like this It s not that he s not wearing anything, so there s nothing to be ashamed of.

Chaoyang, wake cbd living gummies reviews up Miao Haizhu didn t wear a police uniform today.She wore a loose white T shirt on her upper body and a pair of washed white jeans on her lower body.She was dressed casually, sportily and casually, and she didn t wear a skirt like ordinary girls., She never seemed to wear a skirt in memory.It s so early, have you eaten yet Han Chaoyang spoke Mandarin in front of Zheng Xinyi, which was a kind of respect for his colleagues.Eat, I came after dinner.Miao Haizhu picked up her mobile phone and said with joy, Your parents got on the bus at 9 30, we just talked on the phone, and we arrived around 3 20, you should go take a shower and change your clothes immediately.Clothes, Xinyi left food for you, wash it up and eat quickly, we will pick you up at the bus station together after what is the price of cbd gummies eating.

I have fought with others, and I also know that one of you was injured, and the injury was not cbd living gummies reviews serious, and you urgently need to go to the hospital for treatment.Now I give you a chance to open the door and explain the fight, and you will have the opportunity to fight for leniency in the future.Give you a chance Think about it in minutes, if you don t open the door in a minute, we will break the door Still, the cbd gummy beats leader s words carry weight, and after waiting for five or six seconds, a light appeared inside.The anti theft door opened with a creak, and the tall suspect appeared in front of everyone.He raised his hands and said in an almost pleading tone Uncle policeman, it s none of their business to be a good guy.You catch me, I ll go with you.Quite responsible But this is not an ordinary criminal case, and it is not the case of Yandong Branch.

Otherwise, the instructor will definitely be sent off.He has a meal, sits down to have a few drinks, and have a good chat.Chapter 215 Communication Facts prove that Lao Hu is well informed but not accurate.As soon as I got to work in the afternoon, the political commissar, Bureau Du and Director Wen came, and Deputy Secretary Zhou of the Street Working Committee and Director Cai of the Comprehensive Management Office attended the meeting.Director Wen announced the dismissal of Comrade Guan Yuanyuan as the instructor of the Huayuan Street Police Station the removal of Comrade Xu Weizhong from the post of Deputy Director of the Huayuan Street Police Station the appointment of Comrade Xu Weizhong as the instructor of the Huayuan Street Police Station the appointment of Comrade Kang Haigen as the Deputy Director of the Huayuan Street Police Station.

I also think it is called Yanyang University of Science and Technology Voluntary Security The patrol team is better.Okay, that s the name.The logistics department is helping to purchase clothing, electric patrol cars and some necessary equipment.We are also pushing forward with all our strength to get the patrol team up before the end of the month.You go back and report to the leaders of your sub bureau, and there will be an inauguration ceremony HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews at that time, and you are welcome to attend the branch leaders.Yes, I will report when I go back.In HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews fact, our Bureau Du said that he will definitely come when it is established.Come What is a deputy director, Deputy Director Jiang calmly reminded Xiao Han, this is not gummy cbd 5mg a trivial matter, and then Principal Mu will personally attend.Understood, I will report the truth to .

where can i buy cbd gummies for pain near me?

the branch.

Xiao Liu, the security guard on duty at Ximen, did not take responsibility during the whole incident.At first, the old man was not allowed to enter.Tan Xiaoying ran over to reason.He found that the owner s words were reasonable, so he turned a blind eye and let the old man drive the electric tricycle inside.When Bao Shien and his wife discovered that someone was robbing their site for business and stopped the old man from leaving, they also considered that this community was indeed contracted by Bao Shien and his wife, and they dared not offend Bao Shien, let alone Manager Zhang, so they chose Stand by.Bao Shien and his wife who beat people were responsible for the whole incident, the property management company of the community was responsible, and the security guard was also responsible But one size counts, now the Bao Shien and his wife must be dealt with first.

, Huang Ying couldn t help laughing.Is there any mistake How could it be possible to fight side by side with me The grassroots police stations in Yanyang, Jia an and Cangjiang cities started a one year study and training life as ordinary policemen.I thought I would be assigned to a grassroots police station with difficult conditions, but I was assigned to your branch and then to the new police station.Yuan Street Police Station.Police stations with difficult conditions, rural police stations may be more difficult, but there are no people in the countryside now, and the rural police stations are cbd living gummies reviews fine.Letting you government cadres go down will not be effective for training.The cbd living gummies reviews leader said the same.Yes, it s okay to come to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to exercise, didn t expect us to have the opportunity to work together, right I really didn t expect that, but I m a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, and you re working at the Xinyuan Street Police Station, so we don t count as colleagues.

Xie Lingling took the time to study materials such as staff responsibilities, university student management regulations, emergency incident handling, latest current affairs policies, education regulations, professional ethics cbd living gummies reviews wyld cbd gummies reviews of university teachers, official document writing, PolyU school motto, and PolyU development history.But the interview has already passed, and it should be fine as long as you pass the written test.Besides, PolyU is now de administrative , the counselor is no longer a career establishment, the written test is far less difficult than the civil servant or public management career establishment, and the university .

can i make cbd gummies at home?

is a very good employer , and it rarely happens that you are given an internship Months, finally don t want your business.Meeting someone who truly loves her, finding a stable job, and being able to engage in the music she loves, Xie Lingling feels that she has never been so happy, and said sincerely Chaoyang, I should thank you, I must thank you, if it weren t for your help , I don t have this chance.

Chaoyang, I ve arrived at the study unit.How do you feel It turned out to be big sister.Didn t she move to the Xinmin Community Neighborhood Committee Why did she go to the police office Han Chaoyang was surprised and said with a smile It s good.Yes, the leader is very enthusiastic and approachable, without airs at all, and my colleagues are nice and take good care of me.Miao Haizhu looked up at Huang Ying, Zheng Xinyi, Li Xiaobin and others with smirks on their faces, lying on the police station I turned on the hands free landline and asked, How about the environment The environment is good, and there is everything in the institute, especially the surrounding scenery, which is so beautiful and spectacular.Ms.Miao, you should really travel when you have time and see the motherland.It s a great country Really, it s so good, I ll definitely go if I get the chance.

He said that he was assigned to a small and broken house.The police station still lacks water.Wash your hair, feet, and clothes, but you can t use shampoo, soap, or washing powder, because the dirty water from his washing must be reserved for the livestock of nearby villagers to drink.Long Dao County encountered drought this year, but not every township or village is short of water.Unexpectedly, he was unlucky and was assigned to a police station short of water.Han Chaoyang was about to explain, when Miao Haizhu giggled and said, When Xiaobin called him cbd living gummies reviews just now, he was defecating everywhere.He didn t dare to go to the toilet in the institute because it was too dirty and smelly.He said that the toilet under the toilet The cesspit is not only dry, not only is there no septic tank, but there are pigs under it, and the pigs eat human excrement.

Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang stared closely at Jiang Li, who had brushed shoulders with the god of death, and felt a chill down his back.The headquarters only reported the general situation.Jiang Li didn t know that Yanyang s colleagues were congratulating him.He only knew that cbd living gummies reviews Feng Changdong killed two people after he came back.His heart was pounding, and goldline cbd gummies reviews he thought to himself that if Feng Changqin s mother and daughter had been killed at noon or afternoon yesterday, then this tragedy might not have happened, as long as they were determined to pursue it.However, there is no regret drug sale in this world, and it is too late to say anything now.The only thing that can be done is to arrest that bastard as soon as possible, and bring that bastard who will not let his cousin and niece go unnoticed.

Jian Yunping turned into a reporter, holding a SLR camera cbd gummies vs oil cbd living gummies reviews and running around with the media reporters to take pictures.The policemen Han Chaoyang, Guan Xiyuan and others were assigned to the queue of their respective study units.As soon as they stood beside Jiang Li, cars, police cars and armed police cars drove into the compound slowly one after another.More than a dozen city bureau leaders, armed police detachment leaders, and county leaders came.Just as Wang Ju was busy welcoming the leaders, a policeman ran to Wang Ju with a dignified expression and whispered something in Wang Ju s ear.Report and look this way.Han Chaoyang could clearly see that Wang Ju s complexion suddenly changed, and he looked this way like the police who reported it Who are you looking at What happened At this time, a county leader s cell phone rang, and he was staring at Bureau Wang while answering the call.

Master Du, does your family live nearby The second row behind the steel market, Lao Du raised his arm and pointed to the east, and said with a sigh My home is the cbd living gummies reviews third team, the first team, the second team and the fourth team.It was all expropriated, but only our three teams did not move.Ten years ago, it was said that it would be expropriated, and it was said that it would be demolished.The news that comes out is always that there is a forced demolition here, and there are people defending their rights there.But for most ordinary people, they actually hope that the government will expropriate cbd living gummies reviews their land and demolish their houses.Lao Du was very envious of those villagers whose land could be expropriated and their houses demolished.Team, I, Du Yichuan, still need to do this work and endure this hardship when my house is demolished Take measurements every two days in three days, which means that it will be soon.

Obliged to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of others.Han Chaoyang was thinking to himself that the master must be very busy at the moment, when there was a loud noise at the door.Chang Mazi is a bastard, how dare he frame labor and management.I just arrived at cbd living gummies reviews the gravel plant.Let me ask about the situation first.Help me call a few more people from the outside.How many people can go to the mixing station Damn it , I have to ask him to clarify this matter When Boss Hou arrived, he gritted his teeth and made a phone call as he walked, as if he planned to go to the other side cbd living gummies reviews wyld cbd gummies reviews to settle accounts with Chang Mazi.Of course, Han Chaoyang couldn t just watch him take someone to fight Chang Mazi, and hurried out of the office to persuade him, Boss Hou, calm down, things are not what you think.

I m not from the same world at all.Everything about her makes me feel ashamed.Maybe I m too inferior in my bones to bear such a big blow Pressure.I know.You know, how did you know Lingling said something about your college days, even if Lingling didn t tell me, I cbd gummies vs oil cbd living gummies reviews can feel that she is really outstanding, so outstanding that people look up to her , I have never seen a woman with such a good temperament and such a strong aura.Although she does not speak high and do things, she is not domineering.This is innate.Han Zhaoyang supported his girlfriend s fragrant shoulders, muttered He murmured I didn t know before, but I found out later that she was really from a famous family.Her grandfather s grandfather was a feudal official in the Qing Dynasty, and her great grandfather was also a high ranking official in the Republic of China.

Xiao Han, it s been hard work.You didn t take this vacation well.It s expected that the suspect s relatives are not good at work, but you can t just stop doing it because it s not good.In fact, many cases can be solved., not relying on other things, but relying on grinding, grinding slowly, grinding persistently Ju Feng, I know what to do, anyway, my house is not far from the suspect s house, I will go again tomorrow.The more sensible you are, the more you can understand Feng Ju held the attitude of a dead horse as a living horse doctor, and said with a smile Xiao Han, this is a business trip.If you go by car, remember cbd living gummies reviews to keep the ticket, and if you drive, remember to keep the fuel ticket.I will sign it for you when I come back.I will reimburse you here.Thank you, Bureau Feng.You should not be allowed to pay for it when you are performing official duties.

But having a car and funding is better than having no car and no funding, Han Chaoyang hurriedly said, Thank you Director Feng I care about everything, but I can t manage the money.Hanging up Bureau Feng s phone, just about to make buy cbd gummies amazon a call to communicate with He Yichang, and then to say hello to the master and Old Tang, Miao Haizhu actually called in.Sister, why do you have time to call me Chaoyang, did my dad ask you and Yingying to help me introduce someone This is normal.There are not many opportunities to tease her, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing I met Yang Chunfang when I cbd gummies australia reviews went out this morning, she is the second daughter of the old Yang s family opposite the school, if I remember correctly, she seems to be the same as you, I seem to be in the same class as you in the third grade of junior high school.

Bonus, how much bonus is there It depends The situation, anyway, will not be less, and it will cbd gummies 2000mg be kept strictly confidential.Afraid that the old lady cbd gummies vs oil cbd living gummies reviews might have concerns, Han Chaoyang emphasized We are Yanyang s police, and we will return to Yanyang after we catch people and pay the bonus.Anyone who has nothing to do will come here.We don t tell anyone who knows, so you can always rest assured.Okay, I ll keep this for now, and I ll tell my son about it at dinner tonight.When the old lady heard that there was a bonus, she burst into laughter mouthHan Chaoyang transferred more than a dozen households while the iron was hot, made more than a dozen promises that he didn t know if he could keep them in the future, returned to Huo s house, got into the car, took out his mobile phone and dialed He Yichang s number.

When she saw the nurse, she kept saying no.The cat kept standing by the bed, and even danced to cbd living gummies reviews shake off the gastric tube with mucus.If the medical staff hadn t responded in time and tied it with a restraint belt, she would have even got out of bed.After that, I became more emotional, swearing, saliva flying, the milky yellow nutrient solution brought out by the stomach tube remained at the end of the nose, and the blue veins on the forehead showed a hint of ferocity due to the violent ups and downs of emotions.All in all, horrible.The doctor asked the relatives to be notified that her son and her daughter in law with heavy make up rushed to the hospital to have a look, and asked the doctor that the old lady was a normal person, but how could she become insane after staying in the ICU for a few days statement Relatives determined that it was a medical malpractice, how to cbd living gummies reviews mediate this kind of thing Han Chaoyang and Grandpa Gu had no choice but to pull him aside and explain the laws and regulations to him.

Miao Haizhu looked up laws and regulations on the Internet on her mobile phone, and said happily while holding a police report Speaking of which, you are lucky.It will cbd living gummies reviews be officially implemented on November 1st.The Criminal Law Amendment made amendments to Article 288, Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Law crime of disturbing the order of radio communication management , and deleted the restrictive condition of refusal to stop using after being ordered to stop using , Change the criminal condition of interfering with the normal operation of radio communications, cbd living gummies reviews are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin causing serious consequences to interfering with the order of radio communications, and the circumstances are serious.Han Chaoyang asked half comprehensively These revisions have increased the impact of black broadcasting.If the punishment of the false base station can be verified, the surname Bi can be investigated for criminal responsibility Almost, but it s easy to say, but not so easy to do.

And it s already November, and the conclusion of this case will definitely not be until 2016, so it can be counted as a task for 2016.If it is really as good as what the eldest sister said, there is no need to worry about whether the strike mission in the first half of next year can be completed.Sister Miao, you cbd living gummies reviews wyld cbd gummies reviews said that you can t find anyone more professional than you in the whole bureau, so come here quickly, and I ll send you a position.Okay, I ll be there right away One case, Miao Haizhu was ecstatic.Handling a case is far more troublesome than collecting a clue or even catching a fugitive.Not only must we race against time to ensure that the corresponding tasks are completed at each stage, we must not exceed the deadline.Moreover, the corresponding legal documents must also be able to withstand scrutiny, otherwise the colleagues who were reviewed would not hesitate to call back and repeat it, or even make a big joke.

If nothing happens, it s the public security organ , if something happens, it s not Grandpa Gu believed that this was not the young apprentice s idea, it was almost certainly Kang Haigen s decision, and he thought to himself that the young apprentice should not follow blindly, and was about to say something, Zheng Xinyi laughed again and said, Don t worry, Kang s office just left, and when he left, he said that it would be closed until 5 p.m.at the most.If he was not in his position, he would not seek his own affairs.Grandpa Gu took the words back, but he was muttering in his heart They have all gone out, there is no police at home, and a suspect is still locked up, so they can rest assured Zheng Xinyi didn t know what cbd living gummies reviews the old man was thinking, took a bite of the biscuit, and asked with a smile, Inspector Gu, what are your plans for the future Open the door to the inner room again, move the chair to the door, sit at the door and guard the suspect with the two team members inside, buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me and said absent mindedly I have already retreated, what else can I cornbread cbd gummies buy cbd gummies online plan.

Han Chaoyang stared at her closely and asked, Do you want me to talk 3 chi cbd gummies to the school It s a one month holiday, and let the students come to practice half a month in advance. It s easy for me to go, but the key is that the school entrusts all the students to me, and if something happens to the students, I will be responsible for them. Yes What s the matter, Han Da, I found that you are getting less and less timid and less and less manly It has nothing to do with whether you have courage or not.Han Chaoyang glared at her, and said angrily Last year, I saved you.A few students from the police academy went to the traffic police team for an internship.When they set up checkpoints with the traffic police, they were hit by a drunk driver who was trying to break through the barrier.They suffered comminuted fractures of their lower limbs and almost lost their lives.

In my hometown, it turned out that Zhang Ziyue was abducted and trafficked by human traffickers five years ago.She seems to be a mentally ill person.Her brain is not very good, and she is not smart after giving birth.No matter whether you are smart or not, you will go to school in the future, even if you don t go cornbread cbd gummies buy cbd gummies online to school.The old bachelor who bought her went to the village, and the village found the police station.The local police went to his house to investigate the purchase of the kidnapped woman.Considering that the kidnapped woman had mental problems, she couldn t tell where her hometown was.After she was rescued, she couldn t even survive, and later the whole plant cbd gummies abducted woman was allowed to settle in the local area with the consent of her superiors, and even the name was obtained with the help of the village cadres.

This place is big, and the public security situation is more complex than here, and there are several houses in front of the Sixth Court.Han Zhaoyang got anxious, and immediately got up and asked, Let s move to the Sixth Court, and tell the truth, is this your idea or Secretary Cao s Thoughts Mine.Your Xu Hongliang patted his arm, grinned and said, Brother, don t worry, let me explain first.Okay, explain.First of all, the Sixth Hospital side You are definitely needed more than our side, if you are willing to move the police receiving platform, the leaders of the Sixth Hospital will definitely welcome you, and will definitely let the logistics make room for you.In the period of social transformation, the relationship between the police and the public is tense, and the relationship between doctors and patients is even cbd gummies rochester ny cbd living gummies reviews more tense.

What s wrong, I have to sell drugs Han Chaoyang also sighed lightly.Just as Grandpa Gu expected, Sister Wei didn t come out of the Hong cali cbd infused gummy candy Kong style tea restaurant until Ling Bin finished buying cigarettes, lit one and walked into the youth hostel while smoking.In order not to startle the snake, the only thing to do next is to wait.The time passed by minute by minute, and after waiting cbd living gummies reviews for more than an hour, Sister Wei finally put on a down jacket and walked out of the tea restaurant, put on a hat, tied a scarf, wrapped tightly, and walked around the hostel with a bag on her back.Go around in circles.Chang Hao, Chang Hao, the target is going to your side, the target is going to your side Got it, I saw her The target entered the surveillance blind spot, and Han Chaoyang couldn t see it, and he couldn t go out to follow her in person.

Call me and I will know as soon as possible.Since you have made arrangements, let s do this.Sorry to trouble you all the time.Team Wang, don t be so polite, this is what we should do Han Zhaoyang thought for a while, and asked HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews curiously By the way, where is the real Zhang Ziyue, and how did her ID card fall into Wan Xiaoxia s hands Wang Jianping threw away the cigarette butt, and said cbd living gummies reviews through gritted teeth Zhang Boyu is very cunning.He accidentally discovered Zhang Ziyue who was wandering on the street.After discovering that Zhang Ziyue s brain was not very bright, he actually tricked Zhang Ziyue into their rented place, gave Zhang Ziyue food, and let Zhang Ziyue be a Mule , that is, let Zhang Ziyue bring drugs to them.Who would have thought that a crazy, unkempt, tattered, and dirty crazy woman would carry drugs, so they succeeded again and again.

Room 116.I just suspected that Lu Weiqiang was cbd living gummies reviews suspected of fraud, and didn t say anything else.Don t ask questions that shouldn t be asked.Han Chaoyang didn t ask any more questions, and agreed straight away I have enough, I ll go to the 527 factory to find out.Don t worry, I will never ruin your business, and I will never cbd living gummies reviews startle the snake.Thank you in advance.Call me directly if you find out.Han Chaoyang sent them away and called his master.Grandpa Gu came very quickly, and as soon as he arrived at the door, he asked eagerly, Chaoyang, what s the rush Han Chaoyang handed over his ID card and whispered a few words, then said embarrassedly, Master, that kid is suspected of fraud.It s not suitable for me to go, and it s easy to startle the snake, can you help me make a trip.What do I think, it s more suitable for me to go than you, Grandpa Gu asked him to put away the photocopy of his ID card, just walked a few steps Turning around suddenly, he said, I almost forgot to tell you that Ling Bin left with the child.

Yes Sixty five cheap laborers came all at once, and everyone present Every promoter is either a squad leader, a deputy squad leader, or a master.All of them are beaming with joy, and they are full of anger with a yes.Seeing Xu Hongliang s embarrassing look, Han Chaoyang couldn t help leaning into Lao Ding s ear and laughing It s a set, Lao Ding, is this the young master Xu we know Lao Ding also found it funny, so he kept his face Said Don t forget that he is also a graduate of the Judicial Police Academy.The leaders, teachers, classmates and juniors from his alma mater will come later.Of course, we have to make the scene bigger.If you don t tell me, I almost forgot I ve done this.Han Chaoyang looked up, and Chen super cbd gummies for male enhancement Jie and Xiaokang were just as excited, and the uniforms had obviously been ironed, not only fit but also straight.

As long as we can find this child and Nie Haichao s HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews fellow villagers, we will be able to Contact Nie Haichao.Give him a call and do his HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews work.I believe he will send the phone back.Inspector Gu, it s obviously not in your control, but you are still helping to find it.How dare you What s there to be embarrassed about We have nothing to do with each other.Especially Chaoyang.He lives in the school and is a special lecturer at the school.You, Director Wang, cbd living gummies reviews are his leader.As long as you don t violate the principle, you must try your best to complete the tasks assigned by the leader.Chief Gu, Xiao Han, I will trouble you both.Director Wang, you re welcome.Han Chaoyang didn t want to miss cbd living gummies reviews this opportunity to reconcile with Vice Minister Jiang, and said politely Jiang Minister, I will go to the west of the city to look for it first, and if there is any progress, I will call you as soon as possible and report to you.

If you encounter someone who is in poor health and is controlled for sudden death, it is oros gummies cbd not an act of law enforcement, and you cannot hang a law enforcement recorder on your shoulder.Without video, there will be no truth.When the time comes, you will not be able to clear it up by jumping into the Yellow River Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang really regretted proposing to set up an anti pickup team, but it was too late to say anything now, so he could only bite the bullet and say, Don t worry, Liu Suo, I will also be the squadron leader of the anti pickup team, and I will definitely lead the team well.it is good.To his surprise, Liu Jianye said with a smile You have so many things to do, cbd gummies vs oil cbd living gummies reviews so you don t need to be the squadron leader.I have studied with the instructor, Gu Suo, and Kang Institute, and let Xiao Wu concurrently serve as the counter response of your community s voluntary security patrol brigade.

So what if you ask for foreign aid, I don t believe in this evil, I don t believe buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me that we professional pickpocketers can t do the duty Okay, how about 4 o clock in the afternoon.It s about the honor of the squadron, and Mo Xiaoqiang also thinks it is necessary.It s 4 o clock, let s get down to business first.Han Chaoyang didn t know that he had been established by the sub bureau leader as a competitor of the sub bureau s anti pickup squadron.He first sent Liu HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews Suo and instructor Xu away, and then watched Cao Zefang go upstairs and returned Participating in the community voluntary anti pickup squadron in the meeting room is also the first meeting after the establishment of the plainclothes anti pickup auxiliary squadron of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Chaoyang, thank you.I ll treat you to dinner later.

He discussed with his partner and decided to adjust the deployment.Old Mao, report the situation.That boy Han Chaoyang arrested four crimes yesterday, and arrested seven suspects.We cornbread cbd gummies buy cbd gummies online arrested three yesterday, and the bureau leaders are very dissatisfied.The bureau leaders are dissatisfied, and they will even be laughed at by the brothers.The detective elder Mao of the second detective team was stunned for a moment, and said in a low voice Team Jiang, don t ask, you know that their four crimes must have been caught by the two old ancestors.If we With the ability of the old guy, we are also anti pickup heroes, so the comparison is not fair.The bureau leaders don t think so.Besides, we do have more people than them.Jiang Guangdong threw away his cigarette butts, gritted his teeth and said, I ve discussed with the instructor, it s not okay to go on like this, and it s too passive to go on the streets like this.

, Kang Haigen was also puzzled.Kang Suo, did you say that the announcement was made, but we were not notified to go back to the meeting Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.If you don t notify me, it s impossible not to notify me.Anyway, I m also the deputy director.Yes, how about I call and ask.You can ask, just let me know when you re done.Han Chaoyang Looking up at Grandpa Gu who was standing at the door talking to Ji Kaiyuan, he cornbread cbd gummies buy cbd gummies online picked up his cell phone and dialed Chen Xiujuan s number.Unexpectedly, Chen Xiujuan said with a smile As soon as Director Du and Director Wen left, they held a short meeting for us policemen who were at home, announcing that Gu Suo Huayuan Street Police Station would be removed from the post of deputy director, and did not mention the appointment of the deputy director.

We work in the city and know the basics, we think it s good.Although Wu Wei had some thoughts, he was very embarrassed to be told, and hurriedly said Chen Jie, don t talk nonsense Miao Haizhu was stunned for a moment, and then laughed and scolded Said Isn t it just that I have a house and three golds Look at you, what kind of mandarin ducks are messed up Just as I was making jokes, the takeaway boy arrived.Han Chaoyang was not hungry, and knew very well that it was impossible to have his share, but when he opened the bag, there was an extra supper.Old money, Wu Wei said embarrassingly, I didn t know you would come, so I didn t order for you.It s okay, I cbd living gummies reviews just ate.Then I ll call Lao Qian, he is in emergency Hall.You eat, I ll call.Han Chaoyang didn t want to disturb everyone s meal, so he opened the back door and walked into the Sixth Hospital, and went straight to the emergency hall.

If he commits another crime while absconding, Liu Suo and the police in charge of control will be in big trouble On the way back from the police station, I called again to ask Passing Wu Wei, Wu Wei said that people in the institute are panicking now.Han Chaoyang held the steering wheel and said solemnly The suspect is sick, chronic nephritis, and his condition is quite serious.Kidney disease is the most difficult to treat, and the medical expenses are very high.The suspect was poor, he ate his last meal, and no one asked him, so he had no money to see a doctor.If he got this disease, he would die if he had no money.It s hard to say whether he would break the pot.People who are more likely to go to extremes, may really retaliate against the society So we must be arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible.

Dai Lishi and Xu Weimin took advantage of his inattention and drove his electric car away.Didn t report it No.They have no money to eat, and they even stole his electric car, they are vicious So it s very troublesome , It s easy for people like them to take risks and make bigger cases.As soon as Lao Ding finished speaking, Wu Wei couldn t help adding Han Da, Liu Suo asked me to ask you to help us keep an eye on Xu Weimin s house.Penniless, desperate, and the Chinese New Year is just around the corner, it s hard to say whether he will go home.It s not about helping, it s my job.Han Chaoyang patted his arm cbd living gummies reviews and said, Don t worry, Old Tang Everything has been arranged, as long as he dares to come back, as soon as he shows up, we will receive the news as soon as possible.Wu Wei was about to say thank you, Cao Zefang walked over with a smile, and Manager Zhang of Dongming Community Property Company actually followed behind him.

The stall selling counterfeit and shoddy leather shoes under the overpass was investigated by He Hong and other urban management, and everything was temporarily detained.Even the environmental sanitation is much better than before, fines are often imposed, and cbd living gummies reviews there are police and auxiliary police to assist in law enforcement.Few people dare to spit and throw cigarette butts and other garbage.Now there are only scalpers left, Miao Haizhu took out her mobile phone and looked up laws and regulations online, while muttering, Don t worry, I ll check and think about it.I ll wait for your news, and let me know if I find it.Han Chaoyang made up his mind to wash the face of the East Long distance Bus Station.Thinking of the women who gathered at the station in the afternoon and evening to solicit customers from the small hotel besides the scalpers, he walked quickly to the electric patrol car at the bus stop.

Do you usually go online or not Knowing this, you should have heard of Yanyang s how much cbd gummy should i take most handsome policeman , he is your master Han buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me Chaoyang is the most handsome policeman who is very popular on the Internet I can still lie to you, if you don t believe me, search the Internet.Mi Zixiao couldn t help laughing and said He will be a deputy department in a few days, and he is announcing cbd living gummies reviews cbd living gummies reviews it on the Internet.He is the youngest cbd gummies vs oil cbd living gummies reviews deputy department policeman in our branch and the number one celebrity in the branch.If you are not young Gao, build a good relationship with him, work hard under him, and you will have a chance to show your face.Have you made second class meritorious service Catched a fugitive with a gun, a wanted criminal of the public security level A, and the fugitive fired several times.Wait a cbd living gummies reviews minute, I ll forward a link, and you can click on it.

We will consider charging after the New Year.Mo Yunhu is a parole officer and it is difficult to find a job.Always let him have nothing to do, sooner or later something will happen.Taking advantage of the opportunity of the property company entering the community, Han Chaoyang greeted Manager Zhang and Zheng Xinyi, and found Mo Yunhu a cleaning job, mainly responsible for cleaning up the garbage in the community.According to Zheng Xinyi, Mo Yunhu cherishes this job very much.He goes to work on time every day and leaves work very late.One person almost does the get off work of two people.Chapter 603 Inmate 2 I didn t expect his inmate to find him Han Chaoyang didn t dare to take it seriously, and subconsciously asked How did he know your mobile phone number Didn t find a job It s okay to be idle all the time, so I called his home.

What is it If you count high end tobacco and alcohol, there are quite a lot of things in the store.Just Zhonghua, Suyan, Yellow Crane Tower, and Furongwang have more than 100 bottles, and there are dozens of bottles of Moutai, Wuliangye, Meng cbd living gummies reviews wyld cbd gummies reviews 9 Meng 6 Yes No cash No cash.Han Chaoyang looked back at him, and continued, Boss Liu, considering that we can t damage the scene, we haven t gone in yet to see how many high end cigarettes and alcohol have been stolen.How can you help us if such a big event happened I can t come here, it s not whether I can, but I should come here. I m in my hometown, even if I take a plane, I won t be there until tomorrow afternoon The boss is from Zhejiang Province, and he speaks standard Mandarin in Zhejiang Province, so he hurried back immediately Obviously unrealistic.

What s more, we A fruit knife was found from the boy who was caught later, and this is the cbd living gummies reviews use of tools such as blades or murder weapons to burglary.Regardless of the amount The old factory manager was dubious.Director Wang, don t worry about the amount of money in a case like tonight s.It s not that the amount of theft will be used as the basis for conviction and sentencing in the future.The amount is huge.Is that right, such little bastards must be investigated for criminal responsibility, and they will not be locked up for a few years, this time it is a burglary, and next time they will be robbed Yes, yes, you always said That s right, the tobacco inspector will be here soon, how about I ask Xiao Tian to pick you up No, it s just a few steps to the south gate, and I ll go there by myself.

Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered that he was going to go to the street with him in the morning, so he hurriedly opened the door and walked to the police station and said with a smile, Wait for me, why didn t you wake me up if you knew something happened in the morning Dai Lishi looked at the security guard of PolyU who was on duty sara relief cbd gummies at the police station Mei Tiejun said with a look of embarrassment I heard from Lao Qian in the morning that you were busy catching thieves at night.After catching thieves, you went to check for counterfeit cigarettes.You didn t buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me rest until two or three o clock I can sleep anytime, It s important to do business, and I m to blame, and I should set an alarm clock before going to bed.The matter in front of him needs to be done while the iron is hot, and buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies for pain relief near me Han Chaoyang didn t want to have a long night and dreams, so he went back to the conversation room to take out a towel and tooth bowl, and hurried .

what is super cbd gummies?

to the back to wash up.

Han Chaoyang thought that the logistical work must be done well, and as soon as Lao Hu and the three were sent away, they went out and bought a bag of washing powder.Seeing a washing machine in the corner of the bathroom on the first floor, they ran to the bar and asked the proprietress if they could borrow it.It is specially prepared by the hotel for tourists and can be borrowed without charge.If you have a washing machine, you don t need to wash them one HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews by one.Han Chaoyang thinks this is a good sign, and feels that the long lost good luck should return.Humming today is a good day , ran to the room on the second floor, packed dirty clothes in plastic bags, and ran back to stuff them in the washing machine.The smilz cbd gummy old fashioned washing machine is very easy to operate.You don t need to study how to set it up.

If you have any comments, I plan to post them on the public account and forward them to those groups, and ask the people in the jurisdiction to help identify them.Even if you don t know them, you can ask the people to help Keep an eye out.Okay, help collect clues, we can t ask for it.Chapter 660 Messed up Han Chaoyang not only asked for a few screenshots of the suspect, but also asked Mao Kangle to copy a copy they extracted yesterday afternoon several surveillance videos.Just after leaving the second squadron of criminal police, the cell phone rang suddenly.Han Chaoyang looked at the caller ID and hurriedly stopped by the side of the road to answer it.Where are you Didn t you agree to wait for me in the police room Huang Ying asked angrily while standing at the door of the police room, holding on to the electric car.

How could Han Chaoyang not know the good intentions of the director of the hometown police station, and couldn t help laughing Qi, it s the same for anyone.It s not the same, at cbd living gummies reviews least it s different for us, that s all, I will notify you as soon as there is any news.Director Qi hung up the phone, first sent the photo he just took to Han Chaoyang s WeChat, and immediately He picked up his landline and dialed the number of the bureau leader.Of course, people from his hometown should help people from his hometown.If he could find out the identity of the suspect, Mao Kangle, who came out of nowhere, could not be given the credit.The administrative service center was too noisy, and Han Chaoyang didn t hear the WeChat notification tone.I ran downstairs to say goodbye to my wife, who was very busy, and made an appointment to pick him up in the afternoon, then walked out of the administrative service center and rode an electric car back.

The team members are mainly from the community security company, the security department of PolyU, and the security department of the Sixth Hospital.Only by coordinating and communicating well can the next work be done well.From this perspective, it is not appropriate to call it cbd living gummies reviews a symposium.It should be It s called the Coordination Committee If a comrade HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews dies, no matter which unit is put in, it s a big deal, and it s the kind where the sky is falling The voluntary mule cbd gummies security patrol brigade is a young unit , with young leaders and equally young team members.No one has ever experienced this, and no one can accept the blow of the comrades who have been with us day and night, and the brothers who have been fighting together.The big guy is very sad and sad.All of this is understandable, because we are all flesh and blood.

Just as I was about to return the tools to others, the sound of firecrackers in the east wall was loud and deafening, and the loud noise triggered the sirens of the vehicles parked nearby, one after another, continuously.The air was filled with the pungent smell of gunpowder, and the confetti produced by the explosion of firecrackers in the air even flew into the yard of the engineering headquarters.Mei Tiejun dusted off the powder on his uniform and muttered, Fireworks and firecrackers cannot be set off anywhere during the Spring Festival, and they can t cbd living gummies reviews be cbd gummies rochester ny cbd living gummies reviews set off anywhere after the Spring Festival.A lot of leaders came here, and the leaders of the headquarters are also next door.The developers and construction units want to make good luck, but who dares to control them if they want to set fire.

They are busy solving the case, but they are responsible for it themselves.However, thinking that what he was doing was to assist others, Han Chaoyang was relieved, and hurried to the gate to wait for the leaders of the branch and the criminal police detachment of the city bureau, and hurriedly called to find a place where he could sit down for a meeting.Chapter 723 Murder 2 Ju Liu, the car is ready, I will accompany you to the scene.Wait.Liu Qiuping never expected that a body would be found in the jurisdiction on the first day he took office, and it was confirmed that the deceased died of homicide.It is better to change the plan.All the previous plans have been disrupted.The city bureau has already introduced a homicide detection mechanism.No matter which sub bureau has a homicide case, the top leader of the sub bureau must rush to the scene of the major homicide as soon as possible to coordinate various investigation resources.

He was the one who started the fertilizer factory.After three years as the factory manager, he was cornbread cbd gummies buy cbd gummies online promoted by the county to become the head of another township, but after two years as the head of the township, he got cancer By the way, there is Cheng Shuangxi, that kid is dishonest, his hands and feet are not clean, not only Stealing chemical fertilizers and stealing money from co workers, I was caught by your Public Security Bureau during the crackdown and sentenced to five years in prison.Mr.Wang was cbd living gummies reviews wyld cbd gummies reviews so familiar that he recalled more than 30 people without knowing it.Han Chaoyang looked at the small notebook full of names, and thought to himself, what s the use of only having names, and only knowing the approximate age, and more than a dozen of them have passed away, and the rest don t know how many are still alive, and they don t even know where they live.

The innermost part is underwear, and then long johns.Outside the long johns HCMUSSH cbd living gummies reviews is a pair of thermal pants, and outside the thermal pants is a pair of slacks.When the suspect transported the body to the river, his hands may be stained with the incontinence of the deceased after he was killed.The excrement and urine of the deceased will not necessarily stain the ground and grass.Xiang Yaxin organized Yu Guosheng, Lao Kong and Xiao Chen and other technical policemen to investigate the scene carefully for several hours, but they still did not find the victim s urine trace, so they had to adopt the most stupid method, drawing a grid on the scene, each Take a sample from the grid.The test materials were sent to the Forensic Medical Examination and Appraisal Center of the Municipal Bureau, and the police in the DNA laboratory really did special work.

Old Fan, I know you have an idea.After all, this matter is more sensitive.If you just tell District Chief Liu like this, District Chief Liu may really think that you have accepted Xiao Xu and the others for something.Otherwise, why cbd gummies vs oil cbd living gummies reviews would you help cbd gummies organic Xiao Xu and the others fight for it To undertake the security of major events Now that those are not suitable, we can only retreat as Xiao Han proposed, first help solve the anti pickup funds, first keep the anti pickup team, and talk about other things later.Political commissar, speak from cbd gummies compared your heart I really don t want to care about it You are an old comrade and a member of the bureau s party committee, and you must focus on the overall situation.Commissar Huang touched his chin and said very seriously And the anti picking team is all party members and backbones.

You go to work at 8 o clock and get off work at 1 o clock.How can we ordinary people get this kind of treatment You are messing around You are disturbing the people Tell me not to listen to you, Xiao Sun, what are you doing in a daze, they are obstructing official duties.What do you want to do, you still want to arrest me Talking to the street The residents who led the theory were angry, pointed at the street and community officials and said through gritted teeth Yang Youming, you don t know me, I know you, being an official is great, such a great official authority I ll just stand here and see who dares to move.An old lady also thought it was noisy, so she walked up to the man and put her hips on her hips This is our community, our home, why are you beating gongs and drums in our community, and want to arrest me If you have high blood pressure, let cbd gummies vs oil cbd living gummies reviews s see who is afraid of whom An old man wearing glasses held a big teacup, looked at the heavily made up volunteer actors, then looked back at the street leaders and community cadres, and said with disdain You cadres, you know how to engage in formalism.

Their emotions are more agitated, and you have seen the scene, so it s not interesting to continue the show, oror let s do it today and change it to another place next time.Couldn t they have driven him away Deputy Director Wang was extremely depressed, took out a cigarette, lit it up and took a few puffs, and said angrily, Deputy Director Zhang of the Propaganda Department of the District Committee has been driven away by them., How bad is the impact of this matter And we are sending culture to the community, this is to create a civilized city, to enrich their cultural life.I know, I know, but I think, no matter what activities we do We must keep pace with the times, just like this kind of cultural activities, either we don t do it, or we do it, we cbd living gummies reviews have to do it that the masses love.Many people are already disgusted with square dancing, and you actually organize old men and women to sing and dance in the community Residents of the community will definitely not welcome you.

The key point is that Jiangzhong didn t file a case, but we have filed a case here.Now that the case has been filed, we must take it seriously, and we must arrest it as soon as possible, because this bad guy can t be opened.Director Huo made it very clear, We want to scare chickens and monkeys, and use this incident to deter those big and small bosses who live in our jurisdiction and contract projects.I also want to catch him as soon as possible, the key is that there are no clues, and I don t know where he is hiding.How to catch him Miao Haizhu asked with a bitter face.It s not enough to check the phone call records, Angkor, cbd living gummies reviews you will go back to the office later, and the application procedures will be checked in the bank account early tomorrow morning.Go to several banks.If there is money in the account, immediately apply for freezing.

You should report to District Chief Liu.District Chief Liu, this is the case, Han Didn t Chaoyang become a specially appointed lecturer at PolyU This lecturer is not just a name, nor is it just an honor.He and his college classmate Xiao Xie are the girl who plays the piano.After half a year of hard work, they have really helped PolyU to cultivate I formed a symphony band.By going to the airport for a flash mob and participating in the exchange activities between PolyU and other universities, I made a name for myself and made some impact Director Wen reported the ins and outs of the incident in detail , Liu Qiuping felt incredible, and asked suspiciously A group of college students organized a concert specially for him and the teacher who played the piano.The leaders of PolyU just pushed the boat along, and Han Chaoyang didn t know about it until now A group of college students really I didn t really believe it at first, so I called and asked Minister Jiang of the Security Department of PolyU.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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