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Colonel Rolle severely stopped Major Deng Xiwei, and then whispered to General Galwitz General, what do you think There is nothing we can do He cbd living gummies condor cbd gummies cost was proud of his brave soldier, but the general still kept the calm and condor cbd gummies cost seriousness of the German officer The time for the counter offensive has been set, and we will not change for one brave soldier, nor will we sacrifice the whole of Germany for Ernst s sake.Victory for the team.Let us wish Lieutenant Ernst Brahm and his brave companions the best of luck.Everyone fell silent Command, reconnaissance planes take off more frequently, We must find out what happened to the Welsh Regiment General Galwitz suddenly raised his voice.General, I can do something.Elena s expression became extremely serious I will mobilize all relationships and report to you everything that happened on the front line as carefully as possible At this time, Elena , an inexplicable concern and worry for Lieutenant Ernst rose in his heart.He couldn t believe that the German soldiers, who had always been known for their discipline, would do such a thing The authority of the officer has been completely trampled upon What motivates them to do this The strict discipline and obedience of German soldiers have always been the pride of the German army But since Ernst came, the whole Third Company seems to have changed Perhaps the only person they are willing to obey is one person Ernst Brahm The flank of the British army had been broken through by the enemy, and at this time the German army also rushed out from the front, which made the scene suddenly chaotic.When the two sides engaged in hand to hand combat, the advantage in weapons was minimized at once.These German soldiers cbd gummies ny legal puur cbd gummies 2pk who rushed up were brave and fearless.They roared and stabbed the enemy fiercely with the bayonet in their hands, venting their anger of passive defense in the past few days.Take a breath.God, two heavy machine guns This is simply lethal for a small team.If the two heavy machine guns could not be dealt with immediately, the entire team biokenetic labs cbd gummies would die here.Walker Xiao Ling s voice sounded at the most appropriate time If you can successfully blow up the first heavy machine gun, condor cbd gummies cost your instinctive reaction will be to panic and panic, and then you will think of operating the machine gun , counting the whole process, you have about six to eight seconds to make a sprint and take out the enemy s heavy machine gun with a grenade.But if you can t succeed From eight minutes to eight seconds Wang Weiyi looked solemn Heinz, Steck, when you throw the grenade, I will rush to help you deal with the other machine gun immediately.But this is very dangerous.If I can t succeed, then you Maybe We may all die.August was dumbfounded, God, if he hadn t seen it with his own eyes, he really couldn t believe that there was such a crazy plan.A crazy ground commander, a crazy pilot, these two people together are simply perfect.August didn t know at this time that the two lunatics in his eyes actually had very similar nicknames Skeleton Baron Ernst and Red Baron Richthofen.Your Highness, let s go Wang Weiyi s roar woke August up, and the two desperate men began to run towards the plane desperately.Wang Weiyi condor cbd gummies cost threw away the machine gun in his hand, threw away the ammunition, and threw away some of the load.When they rushed to the red fighter plane, Richthofen laughed and shouted Hey, do you want to have a nice air journey Ninety.Bloody Red Baron Hey, do you guys want to take an air trip It s no fun air travel, no first class, not even economy.God knows why the hard life on the battlefield can make him so fat.Even worse, Colonel Gustav was reluctant to leave the back seat of his bicycle even when going uphill or on difficult roads.Wang Weiyi wanted to drag him off the bicycle and beat him up Ah, lieutenant, your riding skills are very skilled.Lieutenant Gustav did not cbd gummies ny legal puur cbd gummies 2pk forget to praise him.Thank you, Colonel.Wang Weiyi reluctantly replied.It s a pity that the current Colonel Gustav can t see Wang Weiyi s face, otherwise he will find that the Lieutenant s lord john cbd gummies face is as ugly as it is.Another bicycle came from behind.Wang Weiyi stopped the car, and when he saw the person on the bicycle clearly, the hope of relief rose in his heart Manstein.God is helping me, and there is a companion who can speak French.Sergeant, stop your car.Lieutenant Moyol Manstein quickly got off his bicycle.Yes, yes, I haven t condor cbd gummies cost seen you for so long, I almost really forgot about it.Bimengai felt that today s spirit was better than any day before You have to live here for a while, Elena.Bimonai told himself excitedly what had happened in the past two years, and Elena 1000mg vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies ny legal was always listening with a smile.This was something that had never happened before.The two chatted for a long time, and Bimonai found Ellie Na s attitude towards herself has completely changed, which also made him more confident.Half an hour passed quickly, and Elena stood up Bimeng Ai, I still have something to do.I can see you today.You re good to go, but I have to go.Bimeng Ai reluctantly said Where can I find you Elena thought for a while I know there is a good restaurant in Reims, it was read by a Lyonian, you know Oh, of course I know.Mistanov said hastily I just want to say that the gold coins are late.Until you find what we lost in the jewelry box The task we received was to rescue your family, although I know those people have nothing to do with you we My second mission is to help you find the jewelry box.Now that I ve found you, I don t care what damned secrets are hidden in your jewelry box.Yeah Wang Weiyi s tone was very calm.Mistanov was continuing to defend himself.But his words had froze on his lips He saw a pistol pointed at his head Listen to me , Listening word by word.Wang Weiyi said lightly You have to collect money after completing the commission.I don t want to hear any excuses from you.You paid me a deposit of 3,000 gold coins in advance, and I am 27,000 gold coins short, Spanish gold coins I will give you ten minutes now, I want to see this gold coin.Wang Weiyi thought for a while This task condor cbd gummies cost is very difficult, and all the skeleton commandos will be dispatched.In the meantime, I won t be reporting to anyone on the way we re going about our mission Okay.Pilov readily agreed.During the mission, I will have unlimited fire rights, and I will kill any object that I think may cause harm to this operation Also, I need to A batch of Madsen machine guns, I heard that Bulgaria ordered a hundred of these machine guns from Denmark, but they were all seized when passing through the German border, and are now being used by the troops of His Majesty the Emperor.I will give you as much as you need.I have been authorized by His Majesty the Emperor to mobilize all manpower and materials in the country.The unlimited fire rights you want, I can also grant you on behalf of His Majesty the condor cbd gummies cost 10mg cbd gummy Emperor, even if you decide to kill me, I will greet the bullets with a smile on my face how many 25mg cbd gummies can you take Hearing Wang Weiyi s request, Pilov didn t have any Wang Weiyi is very concerned about the unlimited right to fire.Pointing to the sky The moon is out, isn t it The moon tried its best to get rid of the clouds, the moonlight sh on the ground, and the darkness was swept away Rommel also lit a cigarette Ernst, what is on the truck Weapons Ammunition The contents of the boxes on condor cbd gummies cost 10mg cbd gummy your car seem to be wrong Money, a lot of money Wang Weiyi He didn t want to hide anything from Rommel A total of five million Reichsmarks Rommel gasped, he had never seen so much money in his life.Wang Weiyi suddenly smiled and said If condor cbd gummies cost we divide the money now, everyone will become rich.Then any kind of war will have nothing to do with us You are not that kind of person Rommel said without thinking, You can have no money, but you can t live without war.When you smell blood, your whole body will become excited.You were born for war Wang Weiyi was silent for a moment, then shook his head slowly Erwin, I will not run away with this money, that s not what a soldier should do.Of course, Desimov Moff s safety may be a big problem The radiation caused by the y element is no joke 20,000 francs is not a big problem , after entrusting Hermione to sell the diamonds, Wang Weiyi also left a few for himself in case of emergencies, which seem to be useful now The two left the tavern, according to Luoban and The location that Oginensky said.Found a dilapidated house.No wonder Xiaoling told himself that Roban and Oginensky would get the wrong room.This is the poorest place in the slum, and the surrounding houses are all It was exactly the same, and it was built temporarily.During the war years, no one would take care of these things The door was half closed.The Russian old man on the left and right was sitting alone on an equally dilapidated bed in a daze.An empty wine bottle rolled down at his feet Mr.I don t want time to be delayed.I heard that Udine is a nice city, I really want to go in and have a look The officers looked at each other, but no one could do anything about it.Who can change what the Skeleton Baron decided Wang Weiyi didn t even have a moment After only a few minutes of delay, he left here overnight with his first team and quietly headed towards Agolivando This is a bold plan, the success or failure of which no one can predict, but one thing is for sure , All the members of the first team were full of confidence in their skeleton baron After dawn, Rommel and others who couldn t wait immediately launched an artillery attack on the Swallow brigade Artillery and mortars fired at the same time, shells roared and fell on the enemy s positions, and light and heavy machine guns also let out their terrifying roars To give the strongest support to Colonel Ernst, this is the only thing in the hearts of all the officers of the Skeleton Commando In the face of the crazy artillery attack of the skeleton commando, the Italians had to endure such torture.Rosen smiled faintly I don t care, General, I really don t care.Whether you are enemies with Ernst or My friend, it is my greatest honor to know him.Regardless of whether I am an enemy or a friend with Ernst, it is my greatest honor to know him.This is what Colonel Rosen said, and it is also the skeleton in the hearts of many British officers.The battle flag appeared in front of the Germans.When this battle flag was reached, the morale that was bruised after the failure of the fourth offensive suddenly rose from the hearts of the Germans who retreated from the front line.No matter what setbacks, at least Germany still has an army that can never fail the Skeleton Commando As long as they are still there, there is hope for Germany General von Galwitz personally supplemented the Skeleton Commando, and those veterans with rich HCMUSSH condor cbd gummies cost combat experience were replenished into the commando.He s a coward, a coward Werner yelled desperately Bayonet to bayonet, human life for human life A real soldier will never hide here Who said that At this time, in Werner A cold voice sounded behind him, and it was German with a Bavarian accent.I said it Werner turned around and saw a middle level police officer.He can speak such pure German that Werner did not think Who are you Request for German consultants.The status of German consultants in the squadron has always been very high.The translator was worried that Captain Wang Weiyi was transferred from another remote place, so he couldn t figure out the situation, so he hurriedly said, Captain, they are German consultants.I know they are German consultants In Wang Weiyi s eyes, Wo Na.A German military officer like Heisen is basically his junior.Waiting for the day when the Baron returns.It has to be clean and tidy not just in Germany.The same is true of many countries in Europe, including the United States.The British never forget Ernst Brahm, a gentleman on the battlefield.The delta 9 gummies cbd american shaman of richardson most widely praised is that he would rather go cbd gummies ny legal to court martial than release those wounded prisoners of war.You can despise the whole of Germany, but you can t disrespect the Skull Baron.It took hundreds of years for an upright gentleman to emerge.In the U.S.In 1933, Beasley, the ace reporter of New York Times , wrote his first novel The Baron Rose , which became the best selling novel in the United States that year.Americans rushed to buy the novel.In the book, Beasley even let the protagonist directly use the name of the skeleton baron Ernst Brahm 1934, in the heyday of Hollywood.When the chariot troop slowly withdrew from the battlefield, Wang Weiyi looked around Everyone get on the chariot, retreat Retreat Without the slightest hesitation In the guard battalion, there is no need for hesitant people Ushijima stared blankly at the battlefield in front of him, and closed his eyes in pain He still doesn t understand what happened.Why is this happening will cbd gummies help with weight loss Chinese people actually choose to attack at such a time And that s not the worst part.The most frightening thing was that under the attack of the army, his own soldiers seemed incapable of fighting back.It s impossible, impossible But the impossible just happened.When he opened his eyes, he found those dejected officers standing in front of him.Killed 522 people.Injured Enough.Niu Daoman was no longer interested in listening Tell me, who is Wang Weiyi Where did he come from Why did we Never knew there was such a person The eyes of all the officers fell on Yamaguchi Hiroshi.Those captains and officers in the commando have now become generals without exception Some people say that Germany has re emerged, but to be honest, I don t think so.What can really represent the resurgence of Germany is the re establishment of HCMUSSH condor cbd gummies cost the Skeleton Commando, but apart from Ernst, who else is qualified to command this team Hitler closed the manuscript.He fully agreed with this statement.Except for General Ernst, who is qualified to command the Skeleton Commando It returned to calm.On December 2, 1937, Erich von Ludendorff, the former first class general of the German Imperial Infantry, passed away.This outstanding sleep gummies cbd condor cbd gummies cost general remained firm in one belief until his death one day, General Ernst Brahm will definitely come back Three hundred and thirty six.Base control Ziguang military base.When the car drove into an alley, Sugawara Naomasa asked in confusion, Where are we going The car came to a sudden stop, and then the driver turned his head and said with a smile, Captain Sugawara, hello, look, we met again so soon.When Naomasa Sugawara saw this person s face clearly, he froze there Wang Weiyi Three hundred and fifty two.Necklace Hiroshi Yamaguchi took the last sip of wine viciously, then stood up, stumbled and left The tavern It s night.The luxurious night Shanghai did not arouse any interest in Hiroshi Yamaguchi at all.At this moment, he was full of frustration and anger.He swore that if he saw Wang Weiyi again, he would not hesitate Shoot him to death, even if he dies with him However, he knows that he has no such chance.Maybe until tomorrow, he will leave the army he loves so much.What else can I do except obey Wang Weiyi nodded the necklace on the table I don t want to give something to others, no one can get it, but the things I send out will never be taken back.Yamaguchi, it s your choice.Hiroshi Yamaguchi hesitated there for a long time, and then a trembling hand finally touched the necklace Three hundred and fifty three.Naomasa Sugawara, the head of the general, is missing again This time it s missing, but what s the difference Those Japanese who knew the inside story were almost numb.Captured again and again, rescued again and again, and then continued to be captured.God, when is this going to happen Although it why is cbd oil more expensive than gummies is said to be disappeared this time, who would believe it A car that claimed to be sent by General Matsui picked up Naomasa Sugawara, and then there was no news cbd living gummies condor cbd gummies cost about him.There were four guards, and the people in the other condor cbd gummies cost rooms They are all evacuated, and only An Fei is still there.If you want to do it, you must hurry up, and he will be transferred to Beiping the day after tomorrow.Wang Weiyi said to the phone with satisfaction Yamaguchi, I have entrusted you with your Swiss bank account.A friend gave it to your wife, the password is very fast, and there will be more money in your account Of course, you have to do me a favor, you have to find a way to get Kobayakawa condor cbd gummies cost Koi to hold a meeting at 3 o clock tomorrow afternoon , transfer as many r people from the post office away as possible. You are in luck.General Kobayakawa will indeed hold a meeting at 2 30 pm tomorrow.He has just taken office and needs to familiarize himself with all his subordinates.The meeting will be around 3 Ends at 30, you have an hour It can be heard from the phone that Hiroshi Yamaguchi must have experienced a strong inner struggle condor cbd gummies cost when he said this.The fighting was very fierce, and the brothers rushed a few times but failed to rush up.At this time, Li Lu hurriedly said Besides, I have observed it , it seems to be the temporary artillery position of the Japanese Artillery positions Wang Weiyi was taken aback.Artillery positions Got rich Truck, truck Wang Weiyi called cbd gummies for back pain to stop a truck driving into the village, and was the first to jump on it Werner, William, how many people can come up, how many people can come average price of cbd gummies up Twenty or so Germans from the Skeleton Team jumped into the car, and at the moment the car started, Wang Weiyi did not forget to shout Skeleton Team, the team is a unit, run forward The truck drove forward quickly, and soon faced the resistance of the Japanese army s crazy machine gun fire.On the truck, Werner also held a machine condor cbd gummies cost gun himself, and fought back with fierce firepower The truck stopped abruptly, Wang Weiyi, who was the first to jump into the car, was also the first to jump off the car, and the mp38 in his hand spewed out a string of flames.Of course, he will not stop there.After the fall of Shanghai.The Japanese Army Staff Headquarters sent Section Chief Torashiro Kawabe to contact Matsui.Matsui swore to him Don t worry, I ve made up my mind, I ll take down Nanjing and show you It was necessary to attack Nanjing.After the second time, various Japanese armies pursued the retreating squadrons and arrived at the strategic limit line of the base camp one after another.The 10th Army troops were the first to break through the limit line.Pursue westward.Not only did Matsui Iwane not stop it, but he once again proposed to the base camp that it would be beneficial to pursue Nanjing.Under his strong suggestion, the base camp lifted the original restriction line, and at the same time issued a new restriction line from Wuxi to Huzhou to the Central China Front Army.Gao Zhihang and all the Chinese pilots suddenly noticed that the dark fighter plane was slowly pulling up.where is it going The dark fighter jets circled the Fifth Flying Squadron several times, as if saying goodbye to them Gao Zhihang vaguely guessed something.In the cockpit, he raised his hand to the plane and gave a military salute to the middleman.The pilots on all the planes also raised their hands at the same time as they guessed what Before, they were curious about where the plane came from, but now they know that the pilots on the plane I don t want to reveal my identity.That being the case, the only way to say goodbye to him is with your own military salute In the cabin of the Dark Fighter, Wang Weiyi also raised his hand.Take care, my brothers Take care, Chinese Air Force That s all I can do for you right now.After the plane that came to pick him up took off, there was no news.Chiang Kai shek furiously ordered Dai Li to search immediately, whether this was kidnapped by the Japanese themselves Xue Yue roared and ordered all the troops to launch a counterattack.No matter where Wang Weiyi is now, as long as he can defeat the Japanese army on the opposite side, maybe there will be an answer.And R himself is also baffled, they have never done such a thing.However, Wang Weiyi s disappearance seemed to be a good thing for the Japanese themselves.On the battlefield, they lost one of the most terrifying opponents.But, is this really the case Where did Wang Weiyi go He was born in this era and performed legend after legend.On the frontal battlefield of the Anti Japanese War, he was not an undefeated myth, but an undefeated legend.Fischermikov told the commander heavily My chief of staff has been killed, and all my staff officers and correspondents have gone into battle.Now I am also ready to enter the battlefield.Comrade commander, I have no more troops to use. Chuikov was silent for a while, obviously he didn t expect the situation to be so tragic Comrade Fischermikov, how much longer can we last Half an hour 20 .

how many 20 mg cbd gummies should i take daily?

minutes Or less time.Shermikov smiled bitterly.At this time, a shell exploded not far from him.He hurriedly said to the phone Comrade Commander.The Germans have rushed up.I must go to the battlefield.Long live the Soviet He put down the phone, Then they entered the terrifying battlefield.The battle that took place here was a war that no one on both sides could forget after the outbreak of the Demyansk breakout.Forcibly suppressing the thought of crying, I can t cry, I can t cry, he s back, he s really back No matter what, don t lose your composure in front of the general Commandos are not allowed to cry, but the disappointing tears still flowed down their cheeks.Adolf Hitler couldn t help but trembled.Manstein said with a trembling voice, Adolf, please pay attention.Speaking, Manstein s tears also fell.He back The Skull Baron Ernst Alexson von Brehm Wang Weiyi rode on the horse and stopped in front of the team members.At this moment, he also felt like crying don t cry Barons don t cry Soldiers do not cry Germany does not shed tears The Baron Returns in Glory General Ernst Brehm Rommel stepped forward, controlled his emotions with the most tenacious perseverance, and said in the loudest voice The skeleton commando team is assembled Welcome back the general Then, Gobel also came over.I will leave Paris soon.I am afraid that someone will come to trouble you.Oh, what is there to worry about Will didn t care too much Does anyone dare to disobey the Baron s order The Germans will obey, but the French may not.Wang Weiyi s expression became serious I am so anxious to come to you today because I just learned that the French secret police have blacklisted you Here, I strictly order no one to touch your life and property, but I believe you will be watched.Listen to me, my friends, do your business and don t let other things affect you.And try not to I have contacts with those resistance organizations, and they are also using you.Will and Pipondu nodded silently.The smile returned to Wang Weiyi s face again Come on, tell me, how is your business developing in the United States rhythm.Marquis Bierstoka, it is my honor to meet you.Entering this condor cbd gummies cost dilapidated and shabby house, Wang Weiyi said politely.Baron Alexon, it is my greatest honor to meet you.Mr.Gregory, Marquis of Bierstoka, looked very happy I haven t seen a nobleman in many years.And he is a nobleman who is famous all over Europe.Baron Rexon.God.You are so young, I remember when you got this condor cbd gummies cost baronship, Wilhelm II was still ruling Germany Yes, Marquis Bierstoka.Your Excellency, stop chatting here , let s eat, my daughter s craftsmanship is pretty good.Gregory said enthusiastically.Wang Weiyi glanced at Ronanova, who was busy, and found that she was also looking at him affectionately, thinking about everything about last night.Wang Weiyi couldn t help but his heart moved again, This is my son, Ilya, and this is my daughter Natalia.Gregory introduced his family.After paying tribute to them, Wang Weiyi glanced at the old woman lying on the bed Did you find a doctor to see the Marquise Ah, yes, Your Excellency the Baron, I have already seen it, and the doctor also prescribed medicine.I believe she will get better soon.Gregory said gratefully We praise you, without you.We really condor cbd gummies cost don t know what to do.You are too kind, Your Excellency the Marquis.When the meal was over After the meal, Gregory asked his daughter to make coffee for himself and the guests, and asked his son condor cbd gummies cost Ilya to sit down with him.As for the daughter Of course, I can only clear the cbd living gummies condor cbd gummies cost table.So, Your Excellency, what are you doing in the United States Gregory sat down and asked, I read from the newspaper that you commanded the German army to fight in Demyansk.Because standing in front of them is the real person in all of Russia and the only person who controls the lives of all people Slim The anger of the pipe smoking Slingeye was enough to kill these subordinates countless times.After a long time, he said with a livid face Where is Kerkorok s family Where cbd living gummies condor cbd gummies cost is that skeleton baron Hodwich, I need you to hand him over to me now Trembling, he almost mustered all the strength in his body and said Comrade Silin, I m sorry, he was rescued, and I m sending troops to chase after him He pointed at these subordinates and scolded them for half an hour.The storm, the fury of the thunder The cbd gummies to stop drinking roar of the Russian supreme leader is enough to make the whole country tremble Comrade Sling, I don t think it s all Hodevich s fault.Looking at the deputy director Dimilenko who defended himself, Hodevich s heart was full of gratitude.The start of filming the third film of the Baron series gave her hope.Through the influence of her father, she successfully won the opportunity of the heroine.The previous one condor cbd gummies cost was 1000mg vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies ny legal ruthlessly excluded by her This is why I keep being sarcastic in my column.Wang Weiyi nodded What kind of person is she I like money and status more than anything else.Beasley was a little disdainful You have to know , the original heroine is her good friend.Wang Weiyi smiled and found another piece of territory cbd gummies ny legal puur cbd gummies 2pk in his entire American plan, and it was a very important piece of Eliza Ruiman.A beautiful and sexy vase, a gold digger.A very favorable bargaining chip in your own hands Beasley, do you want to get rich Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.Beasley was stunned Of course, of course I want to get rich.What s the matter, do you cbd living gummies condor cbd gummies cost have any good plans to make money Yes, but I need you to use another pseudonym and open another column.It is necessary to rely on the support of external forces, and Inonu has strengthened his idea.The raid launched by Germany was so sudden that Turkey was not given any time to prepare.Inonu, who was in a hurry, made a hasty decision to declare war on Germany.Turkey s retreat was completely blocked, and they could only focus on fighting to the end In his condor cbd gummies cost cbd thc gummies texas presidential office, Inonu urgently received the British ambassador to Turkey, Swelling Leer, and the Soviet ambassador to Turkey.Turkey s ambassador Shin Morkowski.During the talks, President Inonu told the ambassador about the failure of the Turkish army in Istanbul, and asked Britain and the Soviet Union to immediately provide Turkey with necessary and urgent military reinforcements.At this time, the British and Soviet ambassadors were actually very contradictory.Its information has already been mastered by Marshal Ernst Brahm.Immediately, in Ernst.Under the secret order of Marshal Bram, Kahn of Ankara immediately lodged a solemn protest to the earth side.Severely accused the Turkish side of continuing to deploy military offensives, lack of sincerity in negotiations, and threatened that if the Turkish side insisted on going its own way regardless of the consequences, the German army would suspend the negotiations.Resume attack.Inonu panicked.The negotiation situation that was created with great difficulty may end because of Marshal Greluman s willful recklessness.He quickly sent an extremely harsh telegram to Marshal Gleluman, ordering Marshal Gleluman to stop the military transfer and keep the original position.Without his order, no soldiers are allowed to be mobilized.The Turks and the British were completely bewildered.German spies German spies Those damned German spies sneaked into Ankara s pier But how did they get so much dynamite in such a short time In their vision, it is impossible to blow up so many materials without a large amount of explosives.But at the scene, they did not find traces of large scale use of explosives.How on earth did the Germans do it They appeared mysteriously, killed the sentries here mysteriously, blew up everything here mysteriously, and then disappeared mysteriously.This is a group of devils Second Lieutenant Erne, who watched all this, could only smile wryly.He really didn t know what else he could do other than smile wryly.What he wants to do most now is to see for himself the leader of the Germans who is in charge of all this, and see what kind of person he is.The Jewish consortium broke the radio and television industry and became an important political force in New York and even the United States.As long as you have a fundamental conflict of interest with someone, no matter how you try to please them, it s useless.President Franklin Roosevelt, who came to power after the Great Depression, drastically reformed the U.S.financial system, which touched the interests of the original big banks.The Jewish community seized the opportunity to firmly support President Roosevelt, and became the backbone of the New Deal Coalition , a grassroots organization of the Democratic Party.So President Roosevelt supported the Jewish consortium to deal with the power of the hornets on Wall Street.In 1913, our gang successfully abolished the central bank controlled by JP Morgan and his son in law John D.Goebbels specially showed Rommel some films about his activities in Africa.When Rommel saw himself entering Tobruk amidst the cheers of officers and soldiers, he felt his blood boil, and his confidence and vitality seemed to be injected into his body again.Later, Hitler received Rommel in the Chancellery.He first expressed his condolences and appreciation to Rommel, expressed his understanding of Rommel s concern about the supply problem in Africa, and said that this problem is expected to be resolved soon In order to reawaken the confidence of Rommel and himself, Hitler also showed Rommel various data of German industrial production Our powerful military production capacity can completely surpass that of the United States, the Soviet Union, and Britain.The sum of labor production, any doubts about our capabilities are foolish He assured Rommel that three additional MLRS brigades would soon be sent to Africa This type of multiple rocket launcher is something the British have never seen before, and their use will terrify the British.All the machinery and equipment were provided by Wang Weiyi.Jean Bernhard Kruger was amazed that the machines provided by Marshal Ernst were astonishingly sophisticated and could be put into production immediately.The fake Egyptian pounds produced were completely fake.And the first batch produced in large quantities The counterfeit banknotes have been successfully put into Egypt for use The first step went very smoothly, but within a few days, with the inflow of a large number of counterfeit banknotes, Egypt s economy has begun to experience more intense turmoil.Rising prices have caused a sharp decline in people s living standards, and more Egyptians have begun to blame their own government and the British for these.However, General Canlemu s fight for the rights of Egypt and the British did not know how to spread out.Mussolini was immersed in his own fantasy.What he could never imagine was who had the final say in Germany.Then, I will arrange for you to leave tomorrow.Of course, I will hold a grand banquet for you tonight.Wang Weiyi said calmly.No, no.Mussolini shook his head The enemy s activities are very rampant, and I will not give them cbd living gummies condor cbd gummies cost another chance.I will leave overnight tonight.Marshal Ernst, I hope you Prepare at least one armored regiment to defend and ensure the safety of the airport.I am willing to serve you, Mr.Prime Minister.Wang Weiyi smiled and said I am looking forward to your next visit.Aha, my friend , I also hope to see you in Rome, and you will receive my most gracious hospitality.Mussolini said enthusiastically.Now, there is a secret agreement between Ernst Brehm and Mussolini, some kind of dirty secret agreement Many people will suffer for it, even inexplicably, but any idea When the leader of a country needs victims, these are the people who are forced to be victims.I will.Wang Weiyi said solemnly In the middle and late December I will arrange for you to go to Switzerland.Instead of relaxing, Hiroshi Yamaguchi became more and more nervous.The other party has even arranged the time to evacuate, what kind of earth shattering things will happen And will he escape alive Hiroshi Yamaguchi had no idea.But now besides choosing to trust the other party, what else can he do Everything about him was firmly controlled by the other party.Hiroshi Yamaguchi stared blankly at the other party, and it took a long time before he said a word General Wang, I have to say, you are really a devil.Yes, to you, I am a devil Six hundred and zero 8.The lieutenant general who died in the latrine Now, a complete thread has been laid, and what is waiting is how Wang Weiyi, who is holding the end of the thread, can straighten the thread step by step.At the same time, HCMUSSH condor cbd gummies cost there is also a giant warship Richelieu that the French Navy is proud of, and cbd living gummies condor cbd gummies cost it is currently berthed in Dakar After receiving information about changes in the enemy s situation, de Gaulle discussed with Admiral Cunningham they decided to continue to implement the Dakar plan code named Deterrence.But when they arrived at their destination two days later, another unlucky thing happened a thick fog To achieve the dramatic deterrent effect Churchill envisioned, there must be excellent visibility, so that the opponent may be intimidated by the powerful formation of the British and French fleets.However, the weather is not beautiful, and the rare thick fog in this area makes it impossible for people to see anything.The envoy sent by de Gaulle was shelled, and two people were seriously injured after the British gunboat and the coastal battery exchanged fire for a while, a British battleship and two destroyers were severely damaged.His military prowess.It is definitely not inferior to any cbd living gummies condor cbd gummies cost commander in the German Wehrmacht or SS.Colonel Trowich has met one of his toughest opponents.From the 1000mg vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies ny legal bottom of his heart, General Belters is unwilling to see war.However, since history has given him such a mission, he must fulfill it faithfully and unconditionally The attack was met sleep gummies cbd condor cbd gummies cost with a fierce blow from the Grossdeutschland regiment.Whether in terms of strength or equipment, the Grossdeutschland Regiment far surpassed the troops commanded by Colonel Trovic.So probably Colonel Trovic s luck was not very good, after the outbreak of the Battle of Elklin.Each of his attacks can best meet Germany s most elite troops.Last time it was the Skull Division, now it s the turn of the Grossdeutschland regiment Soviet tanks are burning.Soldiers of the Soviet army are dying The defense line formed by the Grossdeutschland regiment has no possibility of breaking through at all Even if the Russian corpses pile up into a hill, they can t see the slightest success Hope, despair and fear are always with them All the firepower on the German positions was organized, and the battle almost turned into a massacre The gates of hell have been closed It was opened, and the only one who laughed was Death Looking at the stacks of dead Russians, General Belters shook his head slightly and murmured.Weidmann and his Tiger also come up When Myristel and his commandos rushed to the position, they found a very surprising scene about thirty to forty Soviet soldiers sat there exhausted.Their weapons were scattered on one side, facing the rushing enemies, but no one picked up the weaponsbut they were all around.There were more than 20 corpses, including a lieutenant colonel.The German weapons were aimed at them, but these Soviet soldiers sat there expressionless and motionless.Is there anyone who knows German Myristel asked tentatively.I understand Finally.A second lieutenant stood up.I m Major Myristel.Second Lieutenant tsky.Second Lieutenant.Can you tell me what happened We were broken up.Lieutenant Colonel Ziokowski led us to continue fighting Tsky pointed to the corpse on the ground He didn t allow us to surrender, but we really failed For this reason, the lieutenant colonel also shot two soldierswe retreated all the way here and got a tank, ah, the tank crews in it were probably all killed.When the condor cbd gummies cost war is over and the government begins to negotiate and share the fruits of victory, will anyone think of those soldiers who died in battle and their families Will anyone shed a tear for them This is the tragedy of the soldiers.Bury Comrade Rocklaugh well.Malinovsky put away his sadness Tell our commanders and soldiers to use the most violent attack to attack the enemy and use the most violent attack to destroy the enemy.The defense Victory will eventually belong to us Malinowski has decided to fight the Germans again Double the last day to ask for a monthly pass.There is still one day left for the double monthly pass, and the spider still needs the support of the brothers.Spider has been working hard to write.During the National Day in October, there is no day off.It is very hard, but with the support of condor cbd gummies cost 10mg cbd gummy brothers, Spider thinks it is sleep gummies cbd condor cbd gummies cost worth it.Voroshilov still understands this very well, but he has no time to thank Vasilevsky.He must seize all the time and annihilate the Chinese assault group as soon as possible before the German army breaks through the encirclement.Every 1000mg vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies ny legal ounce of power that can be used has appeared on the battlefield The battle has changed from cruelty to more crueltyThe war has changed from death to more deathThe mountains and plains are full of Soviet troops Tanks, all over the mountains and plains are Soviet offensive troops.They didn t fun drops cbd gummies official website know how tired they were to charge again and again, and they piled up corpses into advancing chariots time and time again without fear.I need you to persevere Facing the frenzied attack of the Russians, Wang Weiyi only issued this order I need you to persevere The German army also used all available power, and they condor cbd gummies cost had to bear the heavy pressure from the front, wings and rear.A Stalingrad woman wrote in her diary at the time A news woke me up at seven o clock in the morning the increase in rations The long awaited increase in food suddenly fell from the sky when people were not prepared.Somehow the plan was carried out without any fanfare or panic People got the news.Just ran to the bakery early in the morning.It s hard to describe how condor cbd gummies cost the increase in rations turned out.An event that the whole people rejoices, how many things are connected with this event.Many people can t help crying.Of course, the problem is not only the food It was like cutting a hole in an impenetrable wall.There is a living hope of salvation, and it is believed that our victory is certain.On this day, at spontaneous meetings in the factories, thousands of people confidently declared Now we will persevere.The German army s operational purpose was very clear, that is, to break through the Soviet defense line and reach the Volga River.Then turned around and attacked the city, along the river The shoreline moved forward.Surrounded the Soviet army that was forced into the barricade arsenal residential area, thereby defeating the Soviet defense line, encircling and annihilating the guards.The 62nd Army established an efficient reconnaissance network in the city of Stalingrad.When the German army was found Immediately after preparing for an attempt to move north, Chuikov immediately 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German commandos completed an important breakthrough, and the Russians defending here were completely defeated.When they attacked the enemy s core position, they found the body of a Russian general Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov.Whoever looks at war with contemptuous eyes, then the next bullet will ruthlessly pass through your body.They fought in high spirits, condor cbd gummies cost or indifferently, they fought for their country, and they sacrificed for their different beliefs.Most of them, when they bid farewell to this world, have no regrets yes.They have nothing to regret because they know what they are doing lush cbd gummies During this day, the Moscow defense lost about 30,000 to 35,000 people.But this staggering casualty did not affect Zhukov and Vasilevsky s determination to defend Moscow in the slightest.In front of Stalin, Zhukov said On the first day, most of the troops who went into battle and died were workers, peasants, or women and children.The casualties of our regular army were not large.I have ordered Rodion Yakov Comrade Levich Malinovsky commanded the 38th, 43rd, and 66th Army Groups, and cooperated with the 19th Panzer Army to carry out a comprehensive counterattack after dark to disrupt the enemy s combat deployment Very good, Comrade Zhukov.Burn it, field Burn, Moscow Burn, Russia Even if the battlefield roses are withering here, the anger of all German soldiers is completely ignited at this moment.They know what method to use to avenge Sophie, and they know what method is the best reward for Sophie who has saved countless lives At this moment, Sophie was lying quietly on the hospital bed.She has no way of condor cbd gummies cost knowing that the soldiers outside are avenging herself, she can t hear anything, and she can t see anything.De Sade was sitting beside her, holding his daughter s hand tightly, tears were streaming from his eyes.The daughter is so peaceful, as if she is in a deep sleep.But De Sade knew that her daughter would never wake up again.He also owes his daughter an apology.A deepest and deepest apology as a father Seven hundred and thirteen.They, like you, never knew to be afraid, but they all failed.Without exception.They were defeated by the Skeleton Baron, do you know why Because they are eager to prove their courage.They want to prove that they can defeat the Skeleton Baron and all enemies.They charge desperately, desperately Want to use crowd tactics to overwhelm the enemy s defenses.That s what we did on the Terek River.But what they didn t expect was that the Skeleton Baron was never afraid of such a charge, never afraid of encirclement, never even afraid In a desperate situation During the battle of Montforkon, he was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of allied troops, and he escaped miraculously.There is nothing in front of it that works Having said this, he paused for a moment The reason why I say this is to tell you, don t waste unnecessary courage, unnecessary courage means wasting unnecessary life.Hmph, coaxing me again.You actually had the heart to abandon me and run to that desolate Germania, and you still said you were not cruel Singroa lightly stretched out his hand and thumped Centumalus chest, holding back She said with a sweet smile But you look so good in this dress Singroa played with the ornaments on Centumalus official uniform with his fingers.Although it is desolate there, there are a lot of precious amber.I will pick the best one and bring it back to my goddess.but.No matter how beautiful Amber is, it can t compare with Singroa s face.Centumalus kissed the sweet lips of the beauty in his arms.I don t want any amber.If I could choose, I d rather have you by my side than those savages.Singaloa sighed faintly.Hehe, my Singale, it s the barbarians you mentioned that gave us such a headache that even the mighty Caesar couldn t completely conquer them.This is not an honor that ordinary people can get. As for the guy who can use two swords Guo Yunfeng, although he performed extremely well on the battlefield yesterday, not many people believed that he would be wegmans cbd gummies able to defeat the beast Marris.Even the Germanians didn t know how to call his name on the battlefield.It is really difficult for them to pronounce the three characters Guo Yunfeng. Even though the battle hadn t started yet, Marris marched with the victor s footsteps, followed by the cheers of countless Roman soldiers, and came to the duel arena.According to legend, the giant sword in his hand killed about 30 gladiators.Every time it appeared, condor cbd gummies cost it always represented death and killing.He was tall and tall, and the scars all over his body showed off his numerous victories.In contrast, Guo Yunfeng standing opposite him seemed a little too inconspicuous.And Caesar didn t know how to blame this loyal subordinate at all, and even he himself didn t understand how all this happened.What else can we say Caesar laughed at himself Are the barbarians opposite us If they are really barbarians, why do they have more advanced weapons condor cbd gummies cost than us Respect Roman HCMUSSH condor cbd gummies cost citizens, Is there anyone who can answer the doubts in my heart All the Roman generals looked at each other, they didn t know how to answer It was terrible, really terrible, what happened on the battlefield today It gave them cbd gummies ny legal puur cbd gummies 2pk too much shock.The barbarians were brave and good at fighting, and they were born warriors.They already knew this.If they were allowed to have advanced weapons, they would become the most terrible enemy of the Romans.I think it s probably the weapon that the leader of the barbarians, Ernst Brahm, found for them Calini murmured Maybe the Holy German Empire really exists.This kind of thing, the skeleton baron has done countless times.He believed in the glory brought by force, and he understood it better.Force does not bring everything.Like now.Although it has won several victories against the Romans, for Germania at this time, Rome is still like an invincible behemoth.Take it lightly.It will bring catastrophe to the Germanic nation, especially when Rome loses again and again, and the situation becomes unmanageable.This will inevitably arouse the greatest anger of the Roman rulers and make them unite like never before.And this is the last thing Wang Weiyi wants to see Of course, no matter what Wang Weiyi thinks.Caesar s anger has been completely aroused.Just earlier today, he heard the last thing he wanted to hear from one of his allies.Crassus, who was also the staunchest ally, died on the battlefield, and was 1000mg vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies ny legal killed by those damn Parthians pouring molten gold into his mouth.As Pompey s power grew, he also began to deliberately keep secrets.He usually only held a meeting of the elders in the colonnade of the Temple of Apollo next to his home.He hadn t been to the Senate for a long time, so this news aroused The attention of the whole city.Except for a thousand patriarchs who were hardly absent.A large number of people also came to watch the excitement.The gate of the Senate is facing Fabiru Square, where the elders usually meet.Although it is not a temple, the Romans regard it as a holy place.There is an arcade in front of the gate of the Senate, like the entrance of a temple.The building of the Senate is a wide square hall, each side is decorated with a row of columns, and above the columns is a cloister, which is now full of people.Below, there are three rows of marble stools arranged in a semicircle, which are the seats of the senators.Thirty Ores is a huge sum of money that I can t raise at all.You have to know that when the army was formed, my husband had already spent all his savings , and also borrowed a large amount of foreign debt.But at this botanical farms cbd gummies 300mg time, my husband s creditors came to the door.They kept persecuting me, a poor woman, and took away the last valuable things in the house, but no one thought of doing anything for my husband This time, there were no more sighs, and even some elders didn t dare to look directly into Singroa s eyes.Because among the debtors, they also sent them.Centumaru Sike asked some elders and borrowed a lot of money.If Singroa said their names at this time, it would have a big impact on their reputation.Fortunately, Singroa did not do so , she just suddenly changed her tone of anger But to my surprise, a creditor suddenly appeared among the debt collectors, Natis I think you all know what he was like, the only spokesman for the great Caesar in the cbd gummies ny legal puur cbd gummies 2pk city of Rome.Damn, this batch of explosives is not very good.Yes, Major, lately our weapons condor cbd gummies cost have been having problems of one kind or another.The second lieutenant replied with a smile Can I show your ID certainly.Wang Weiyi took out his ID and handed it to the second lieutenant, then spit out the chewing gum, stuck it on the glass, and put a new one in his mouth Are you still afraid that Germans will sneak in I m not worried about the Germans.The second lieutenant returned the documents to Wang Weiyi They are probably crying about the impending loss of Berlin Ah, Major, I need to check your truck.Of course, I m here waiting for you.Wang Weiyi said calmly.At this time, his hand had already quietly touched the weapon.Guo Yunfeng, who was acting as his driver, jumped out of the jeep and walked towards the truck with the second lieutenant.This group of Germans is very bold.Judging from the current situation, there is nothing they dare not do Lieutenant Colonel Kars said with a gloomy face As for those damn Italians, I can t count on their help at all.I just hope they can try their best to hold on for two to three hours Davis Shrugging his shoulders, he didn t really believe that more than 30 people would attack a battalion But just as the U.S.military was preparing to attack, Kars suddenly got information the Italian Alps in Longenberg The Berto Infantry Battalion is being attacked by a large cbd gummies toledo number of enemies, and the Alberto Infantry Battalion has suffered heavy losses.It is difficult to continue Davis was stunned.God, those Germans actually did this Tell the Italians that there are not many Germans Kars yelled furiously Let them hold on, hold on.Cekowelski.Wang Weiyi replied We will only stay here for a few days.Colonel Papasolovsky, if you stay here I hope you will forgive me for the inconvenience I have caused you for a few days.Look, our young major has not forgiven my rudeness.Papasolovsky s answer elicited some laughter, Chekvelsky said relaxedly Forget about those unpleasant things.In order to celebrate the reunion of my friends here, I sleep gummies cbd condor cbd gummies cost will hold a private banquet in the evening.Colonel Papasolovsky, Major Abel, this is I invite you alone.Ah, I m afraid I have something to do this evening Colonel Papasolovski said condor cbd gummies cost this before, and Chekwierski said in a low voice Colonel, our plan needs the assistance of Major Abel.Wang Weiyi was a little dazed when he heard that, but Colonel Papasolovski s expression changed slightly Really Yes, do you think there is anything more suitable than Major Abel s French identity Chekevelski said calmly.Westmoreland has already lodged a strong protest to the Russian army, and the US government has also exerted strong pressure on the Russian government.Colonel Papasolovsky, who was already in trouble, was arrested and the Russians promised to hand him over to the Americans for interrogation.But despite this, cracks have appeared in the relationship between the United States and Russia.Now, the German skeleton commandos are invincible on the battlefield again.There are only things they don t want to do, and there is nothing they can t do.It is said that a huge skull battle flag has been flying in Brest, which has become a thorn in the heart of Westmoreland and all the allies.Fortunately, this news has not been spread yet, otherwise it would be a great blow to the hearts of the frontline soldiers General, you must listen to this.For the glory of Germany strike back the overwhelming cry resounded throughout the battlefield December 3, 1965.Germany strike back Armored vehicles jumped out of the trenches.The officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division jumped out of the trenches.20 00, the German Armed SS Skeleton Division launched a counterattack At this time, the U.S.military was in a mess, and they lost a lot of power in half an hour of artillery coverage.It is especially condor cbd gummies cost frustrating, or amazing the artillery positions of the Second Armored Division have almost suffered a devastating blow How the hell did the Germans do it Even if General Kerrett scratched his head, he still 1000mg vegan cbd gummies cbd gummies ny legal couldn t figure this outOf course, their armor and fire positions were also hit mercilessly by the vitality cbd gummies enemy.Now, facing the turbulent German army coming like a mountain roar and tsunami, General Kerrett couldn t find a good way to defend for a while Soldiers of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division who survived the artillery fire.General Catavasso, don t be careless.The reason why you were able to make a breakthrough so quickly is that according to our intelligence, your front is the German National Army, and they are not regular armed forces.But as the breakthrough progresses, you ll encounter increasingly stubborn resistance, and you ll have to be well reinforced, good luck.The phone hung up, and General Catavaso was a little helpless.Damn it, his soldiers didn t cheer on the enemy s position.Those of his soldiers, who had just been repelled again, were happily preparing lunch there Ah, yes, prepare lunch.When the war is so intense.Thinking of lunch, General Catavaso feels a little hungry.No, I can t think about the stomach problem for the time being.The French will arrive soon.What should I do if I can find out my lies in one fell swoop When General Garden asked me just now, I bragged about it.Not only that, Wang Weiyi also made a bold decision that all the reinforcements of the Netherlands Homeland Storm Division will be under the command of Colonel Mario.This is very difficult in the German army Let a foreigner command the German army.Only one person could do this before Guo Yunfeng, two first level generals Trust trust will be a condition for determining victory.Wang Weiyi decided to trust Mario unconditionally This former enemy, Mario has fully demonstrated his bravery and loyalty to the Skeleton Baron on the battlefield He is not loyal to Germany, Germany has nothing to do with him, his only loyal object is the Skeleton Baron.And when the Baron took this form to express his trust, Mario knew that everything he did was worthwhile.He is no longer prepared to return to the United States alive.As long as the enemy s flag is flying on the land of Germany, as long as our enemies are still running rampant on the land of Germany, I guarantee that the war will not end As long as the humiliation we have suffered cannot be returned to our enemies, I promise, the war will not end As long as the United States does not bow their arrogant heads, I promise, the war will not end Enemies of Germany, now, I can tell you that the counterattack in Berlin has begun, the counterattack in North Africa is about to begin, and the counterattack in the Middle East is about to begin.You will tremble before the flames of German wrath, exactly as you were defeated before Christmas In order to defend our freedom and dignity, we will not hesitate to destroy everything If you think that war can bring a great nation to its knees, then I can tell you, you are wrong Long Live Germany Long live the freedom of Germany Long live the people of Germany Long Live Germany Long live the freedom of Germany Long live the people of Germany When this slogan sounded, the shouts resounded through the streets of Berlin.Hey.You say you re going to be shot by them Tell me, what did you do to make them treat a hero like that I don t know, Colonel.Wang Weiyi said with a smile It s really a strange thing.However, I don t think they will shoot me.Colonel, how about you Have you ever shot your men No , never.Stam said seriously Once I almost shot a soldier.That was when we first arrived in North Africa, and the soldiers who went to the battlefield for the first time were very timid, so they fought against the Germans.When people were fighting, a few soldiers dropped their guns and ran away when they heard the gunshots.To be honest, I really wanted to shoot them, but I endured it.Naturally, they were punished by a military court for their cowardly behavior.You should be punished.Wang Weiyi listened very carefully, and then nodded Yes.For this trip to New York, there are condor cbd gummies cost more important tasks for him to do.That small hotel has become Wang Weiyi s office place.Perhaps the owner of the hotel, Locke, would never have dreamed of what kind of person Mr.Moyol who has been living in his hotel is like And when Pipondu walked into this hotel, Mr.Locke didn t even think that this old guy was the controller of the world famous Chateau Margaux Pipondu sorted out his clothes, and then knocked lightly on the door.Please come in.When this came out of the house, he was very familiar with it.But every time he heard a voice that was enough to make him tremble, Pipondu felt that his steps cbd gummies 500mg each were so heavy.He pushed open the door, and walked in step by step Pipendou.You are old.But you are still so young, and the legend of immortality will never fail on you.He was crouching in the trench, flicking through a Bible with one hand.Captain What are you doing Heisenberg shouted angrily, even though Heisenberg was already very weak.Atonement What s going on ahead The Russians are backed up by tank divisions Ruben s men are all in the ruins there s no museum.The cemetery won t hold We re running out of ammunition We re done, sir.Accept this reality.The priest looked into Heisenberg s eyes in pain.What are you going to do Are you going to surrender Heisenberg yelled frantically, pulling out the pistol from condor cbd gummies cost his waist.The grenadiers around them fired their grenades.The chords of several mg62 are still the endless melody in the air, the Model assault gun fired in the distance, Paul s church exploded horribly, and the can you eat cbd gummies while breastfeeding night was illuminated in an instant Over the heads of the German army, The two 10mm rapid fire guns did not stop for a moment, and Heisenberg could even imagine the scene of those 10mm shells cutting through rows of enemy bodies Wethey The priest pointed weakly at the soldiers beside him They are all fighting for youno one surrendered.A choice Yes, we are willing to cooperate with you, no matter what kind of danger we have to take.Speaking of this, Khmelitsky seemed to want to further express his determination Your Excellency, we are living life now.A life better than death, Gregory deprived us of everything.Let us be like a beggar and beg in front of him every day for what they can give us.I am tired of living without dignity, even if If the plan fails, I will be hanged immediately, and I am willing to make such an attempt.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly, this is what he needed.Then let s discuss it carefully Wang Weiyi explained his entire plan in detail, and what responsibilities everyone should bear in this plan.I have no doubts about your plan.Khmelitsky said cautiously But how to gain Gregory s trust Although we are his son in law, he never trusted us.The blood flowed out, but froze on the wound in an instant.The cry of little guy could not be heard by Tuckert, and the sound of machine gun fire could not be heard by Tuckert.The cries of the Russian charge Takot could not hear Takot could only think about the two Russian tanks in front cbd gummies washington of him Knock them out and the road to victory lies ahead If you can t take them away, everyone will die in this ghost place Retreat Leave us alone We re going forward Retreat just report that we re dead Hurry up Takot turned around and shouted at several soldiers of the Brandenburg commando, but they didn t seem to Hear Tucket s voice.Underneath is ice covered with snow, and in front of them are two Russian tanks that haven t noticed Takot.Such light tanks are deadly against infantry.Takot was getting close to one of the tanks, which nature stimulant cbd gummies reviews spotted the Germans and fired a volley of machine gun rounds at Takot.However, out of contempt and distrust for the Italian army, Lieutenant General Corrett never used it after the battle broke out.troops.However, the current situation is completely unreasonable, and Lieutenant General Corrett had to activate the Italian Akmote Armored Division.When receiving the order, the Italian general Taziwona was a little complacent.These arrogant sleep gummies cbd condor cbd gummies cost Yankees always think how great they are.Now, should they finally bow their heads to the Italians Show them what the Italians 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Colonel, can we surrender A second lieutenant asked cautiously when he saw the colonel again.Maybe, maybe we really should consider surrendering.Colonel Turner smiled bitterly.Before, he always thought that surrendering was a very shameful thing, but now he knew that being alive was more important than anything else.Colonel, General Corey s call.Hello, General.Colonel, I respect the bravery of the 7th Infantry Regiment, and I hope you will continue to be brave.Corey came from the other end of the phone General Te s unconfident voice I tell you again, reinforcements will arrive soon, and I hope you will fight to the end for the honor of the United States.President Bertelur immediately issued a statement, asking the Italian people to maintain the utmost calmness and restraint, and the government will crack the case in the shortest possible time.at this point bateRuhr did what he said.On the second day after the bombing, an Italian named Tolia was captured, and he bluntly confessed that he was the maker of the murder.The reason is also very simple.He is a follower of Vittorio Mussolini.He mixed into the labor movement organization very early.After Vittorio was hanged, he swore to be his leader.revenge.That s why he single handedly created the murder Tolia was subsequently sentenced to death, but the maker of this bloody case was not worried, because President Bertrul had promised him that he would find a scapegoat for him, and then he would be quietly arranged to Switzerland.The rate at which Nocher ordered the fire to fire gradually increased.Because a shell flew out, the Russians in an area completely disappeared, but in a short time, the vacancy would be filled.Not far from the German 098 car body, several grenadiers set up a mg2 heavy machine, which also made Nochier feel sorry for those Russians who only blindly condor cbd gummies cost attack If they still choose to charge A cbd gummies ny legal puur cbd gummies 2pk hail of shells fell from the sky, knocking two grenadiers operating light machine guns into the air shelling Russian artillery The fried spots are not very vast.Small caliber gun There was a trace of uneasiness in Nuoqier s heart.If it s a small caliber gun, then it s not meant to be used against infantry The second shell came again, blowing up a soldier on the flank of their 098.Smoke and dust everywhere Noqier looked through the periscope.Nocher thought that the casualties of the Russians had far exceeded his own, and judging from the current situation, it was almost even The German soldiers only retreated backwards, without real firepower output, especially the Russian army in the direction of the woods, who simply used the German soldiers exposed on the roads and fields as living targets.Uninterrupted shooting of various types of firearms.098 is reversing, so it cannot provide effective fire cover for the retreating German soldiers Say something ugly.The German army is already hard to protect itself All that can be taken into account is the lives of the German crews.At least it was Nocier s experience that led Nocier to issue this order 098 must leave the battle.During the retreat of the German army, the bodies of the killed German soldiers were scattered everywhere on the roads and in the ravines.The German troops who arrived in Ukraine were welcomed by the Ukrainian do you need a prescription to buy cbd gummies locals.They condor cbd gummies cost took the initiative to send supplies and food to the German troops, which also solved a big problem for the Germans.in Ukraine.There are Germanists.There are also pro Russian factions.However, from the perspective of historical origin, the pro German faction is still more powerful.Especially after Marshal Kolkorok returned to Ukraine.The power of public opinion has been mobilized extensively.The throat of public opinion held by Marshal Kolkorok has begun to constantly channel the grievances between Ukraine and Russia, and constantly instill in Ukrainians the idea of how Russia uses despicable means The capture of Ukraine, and the bloody repression by Russia in Ukraine s repeated campaigns for national independence.Just after finishing speaking, Steinman suddenly thought of something.Prepare to retreat to the second line position What What s up, Steinman.Bentonson hesitated whether to wear a gas mask.Although he was already in the gas and had no poisoning reaction, Steinman s words did make him a little confused, What s the matter, this is not poisonous gas.Steinman didn t reply.At this time, although the German and British soldiers in the unknown white gas no longer had the panic they had before, the white gas was inexplicably cold, which made the German and British cbd golf gummies soldiers shiver.The important thing is that no one knows what the gas is Steinman tried to observe the situation in the fog, but there was no response Steinman No response Bentonson roared angrily, as if there were hidden enemy troops in the smokeSteinman, I thinkthe smoke is not right.It was cbd gummies for stress and anxiety extremely unbelievable that the battle situation reversed sharply in just a few days., but the two wings of the British army are too weak.Now both the north and south lines are defeated by the violent counterattack condor cbd gummies cost of the US army.The central group of the British army is now facing enemies on three sides.would be a sign of failure.Steinman felt as if a big rock was hanging in his heart, he opened the letter with trembling hands, and pulled out a piece of crumpled paper Brothers Now is the time for our German army to attack At this time, nearly 800 German troops with live ammunition gathered in an open field.They shouldered the mission of reversing the situation of the war, which was related to the success or failure of this war.As the last reserve team that could be mobilized at this time, the German army faced a situation that no one had ever imagined.After the brothers in the three squads all gestured to Pozik to show that there were no suspicious targets around, Pozik waved to Lieutenant Paul s B platoon not far away, indicating that they could act.After receiving the news, Lieutenant Paul asked the fire squad of B Platoon to establish a temporary condor cbd gummies cost defense line on the spot, and led the first and second squads into two teams to lean against the door of the target building.Paul kicked the door open, threw a grenade into the door, and then dodged aside.After the grenade exploded, the brothers barleans cbd gummies in row b rushed into the building immediately.After a while, Paul s voice came from the dilapidated building, Empty After a while, soldiers from the first and second squads of Platoon B poured out of the building and joined the fire squad outside.At this moment, Lieutenant Paul accidentally found a person running fifty yards condor cbd gummies cost ahead, and he quickly discovered that it was an enemy Enemy, blue 936, fifty yards south.I think we will try our best to satisfy all of you.request.Ah, how exciting.Wang Weiyi said with a smile But why does your face look so bad Could it be that my request is a bit too much No, this is not the same as You and our cooperation have nothing to do with you.Sinager glanced at Lucien Marshal, please tell them what terrible thing happened, anyway, everyone will know sooner or later, we did not Anything worth hiding.Everyone held their breath and looked at Lucien.At this time Lucien said bitterly I have a very bad news to inform you that the Germans have launched a surprise attack on the French mainland two hours ago One thousand and forty.Big attack Cover, everyone Johansen ran up to position among the dead and best cbd oil and gummies hid behind anti tank barriers.Damn it Johnson was shooting towards the shore when he suddenly felt something grabbing him behind him.Lantes knew that the time had come to decide his fate I deny any false accusations against me, and I have never done such despicable things.Whether it is Dodoan or Sam, any accusations against me It s all nonsense.Gentlemen.I must remind you that I am a leader.In the condor cbd gummies cost position I am in, I will always be envied by some people, and everything I do is in my heart.It seems that you have a clear conscience Really Sam said coldly, I have recorded all the orders you gave me.Mr.Deputy Leader, dear sirs, I can provide them anytime and anywhere.Recording Longtes knew he was doomed, and he never thought that Sam would still leave such a trick.Before Sam gets these recordings back, I suggest temporarily removing Mr.Lantes as the leader of the Yetiri Revolutionary Party.Litham said coldly Of course, if all this is against the If Mr.Looking at Litum s back, Colonel Abel s Some imperceptible smiles appeared on the corners of their mouths Those brave rebels.When they heard that the enemy s artillery positions were about to pose a huge threat to this place, they automatically signed up and formed without the slightest hesitation.A commando force of 300 menLeetham himself was amazed by the fighting zeal of the rebelsand when he made Pease When Noche was the commander of the commando, Pisnoche also did not hesitate at all.He had already put his own life and death aside Weapons, grenades, and explosives were distributed to these volunteers.In the hands of the survivorsMany of them knew that they might not be able to come back this time, and half an hour before making preparations, they were thinking about what might be the last thing to do in their lives.And I also heard that they will start again in two hours.Launch the raid, and by then there will be only a few guards left here.Captain.Will you join me on this adventure The captain hesitated, but nodded cbd living gummies condor cbd gummies cost quickly.He is too clear that if he continues to stay here, his life safety cannot be guaranteed at all.Since this is the case, why not let Mr.Moyol give it a go Mr.Moyol, you are really our benefactor.Mrs.Delk said gratefully If we can really be saved.You will not be saved.I know how to express my gratitude.Madam, that s what a gentleman should do.Wang Weiyi hemp bombs cbd gummies near me smiled lightly Time passed by every minute and plant md revive cbd gummies every second, and two hours later, the sound of cars and noise came from outside.Then, the voice quickly quieted down.Wang Weiyi leaned his ears on the door and listened for a long time, then nodded to Captain Pattinson, the captain quietly hid behind the door, and continued.When Mrs.Derk got off the train, she was quickly invited into a car and left this place.Mrs.Delk didn t even have time to make an appointment with Mr.Moyol for the next meeting Then, a group of federal agents, led by Captain Pattinson, appeared in front of Wang Weiyi Captain Pattinson, I m so glad to see you here again Wang Weiyi said this before Captain Pattinson said with a straight face Mr.Moyol, I I think you have to come with us.We have something to ask you.After finishing speaking, he lowered his voice Mr.Moyol.You d better tell the truth so that I can help you.Wang Weiyi quickly Taken into the FBI car I m surprised you think so.Captain Pattinson.Wang Weiyi took a puff of smoke Mr.Lopez is my very good friend.We have known each other for a long time.One friend invited another friend to a banquet.Purpose.For example, the way I used to deal with Nash Paris, I need you to arrange for me a chance to meet General Dragan.Wang Weiyi has best cbd gummies for 2020 gradually formed a plan in his heart A dance or a banquet, of course, can t be in your name, you have Any good suggestions Of course, Baron, this is not a difficult matter.Paris replied confidently We have a lot of business in the United States, and we also have a lot of business in London, Gandra Although the general is a stubborn guy, he will not refuse these invitations, and I will arrange them, Baron.A faint smile appeared on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth.It is always a pleasure to have such a capable assistant.One thousand seventy seven.General Candra s Trouble The war is approaching London, yet for certain classes life goes on.Such as those merchants and the so called high society.Wang Weiyi also probably understood the thoughts of these two people.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, you are an American.In this way, our future work and cooperation will become much more logical.Colonel Jed looked at the documents on the desk intentionally or unintentionally I I don t think you will refuse this kind of cooperation.Wang Weiyi smiled, this time he smiled sincerely Colonel Jed, Lieutenant Colonel Mills.Yes, I am also an American, and I will provide you with selfless All the help you need, you can read every file here, I think there will be a lot of things you are interested in.The eyes of Colonel Jed and Lieutenant Colonel Mills shone brightly.This is the main purpose of their coming here.Since Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has agreed that they can view these documents at will, cbd gummies ny legal puur cbd gummies 2pk what is there to be polite Looking at the two people who put all their minds on those documents.Should we empower black people more Should we sit down with black cbd gummies delivery california people and have a peaceful talk They are not asking too condor cbd gummies cost condor cbd gummies cost 10mg cbd gummy much, they are just fighting for It s just the basic right to survive that I deserve.Duila stared fixedly at the reporter Mr.Brown, I know you, you have publicly spoken for black people on many occasions, and now it s cbd gummies ny legal puur cbd gummies 2pk nothing but a repeat That s all.But I have to express my attitude again.In Carsley College, it is no longer some cbd living gummies condor cbd gummies cost ordinary black people.They are thugs and a group of kidnappers.As the mayor of this city, I will never Any mob conducts any negotiations, you are standing on the side of a reporter, and I am standing on the side of a mayor These are two completely different positions.No, never Duila looked The emotions are almost out of control Any negotiation is impossible Do you see that the thugs in the college have sophisticated weapons, and they are trying to kill every white person among us, which may include you, Mr.They will leave London on the earliest special plane.This is a large transport plane dispatched by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in the United Kingdom, General Gendra, under the personal order of President William.safety aspect.It was handed over to the FBI.All those who received the order to retreat prepared in a panic, so reluctant.That, too, seems to be heading to America.It s a pity that Americans have long had strict regulations, and each person is only allowed to carry two cbd thc gummies diarrhea pieces of luggage.Even President Fenton s wife is no exception to this point.After all, the plane is only so big, and there are too many people to transfer out.And Lieutenant Colonel Mills also got a secret mission.At the same time, a group of precious British cultural relics were also transferred out of London on this transport plane Once London really falls.What a terrible effect the war has brought However, it is completely different now, and he has been considering whether his loyal service to the Fenton government is still necessary just let He is paradoxical that if he provides this information, he will undoubtedly become a shameful traitor to Britain Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, we may have other ways to solve this incident Latorfort tentatively asked For example, I can offer a huge ransom, and I think the kidnappers might be interested.Minister La Torrefort, I think you may have some simple ideas.Wang Weiyi laughed Do you really think that the kidnappers did it because of the ransom Do you think your money is enough to impress those kidnappers No, they won t even listen to the condition for a second.Of course, I don t want to make it difficult for you.I really feel sorry for you.Once the house is confiscated, your wife and children will have to live in the park or on the street.What is better Does this worry you more Captain Roger was completely silent.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s information was very accurate, and the financial pressure he faced condor cbd gummies cost 10mg cbd gummy was indeed extremely heavy, and everything must be attributed to the sudden financial storm.In the terrible financial turmoil, all his investments were in vain, and he owed a huge sum of money to the bank.What Captain Roger knew more clearly was that the huge sum owed to the bank could not be repaid with his own salary For this reason, he once begged Colonel Jed for help, and condor cbd gummies cost his request was very simple, He wanted Colonel Jed to ask the bank to forgive part of his debts through the CIA relationship and delay his repayment time, but Colonel Jed refused him without hesitation Colonel Jed told Roger, the CIA isn t a charity, and there s no way they can tell the bank what to do for an agentwhich makes Captain Jed very disappointed.But still can t compare with you Yes, Adams and his IRA are unpopular objects most of the time, but in the past two years with the advent of the war and the changes in the situation, they have also gained some condor cbd gummies cost 10mg cbd gummy followers, and condor cbd gummies cost what about themselves .

where to buy medigreen cbd gummies?

His orthodox background, as long as he clearly expresses his attitude on the issue of the Queen s return, everything in the future will be firmly in his hands Soby, you are really a good adjutant.General Rolando drank the wine in the glass Well, I think we have made the right choice.General Rolando made his right choice October 4, 1966 at 3 pm.A few hours after Colonel Reeves mutiny, General Rolando, commander in chief of the Irish counter insurgency force, also declared an uprising.Joined the Irish provisional government headed by Adams.The changes were so fast that it was unacceptable.It s messed up, they are really messed up at this time.The Galaxy incident has not been resolved, their family members are still in the hands of the Germans, and the Fenton government, which once vowed to be able to defend the UK, seems to be breaking its promise again.What else could they do when the enemy appeared in London To be captured by the enemy And maybe not being able to see your family for a long time No, not many of them would accept such a fate yet what else could they do now The Fenton government s new national police commissioner, Robert Roberts, is one of those officials worried about his fate.After the identity of the so called Lieutenant Colonel Moyol was exposed, he was appointed as the new British National Police Commissioner and took over all the work left by Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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