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Poor parents all over the world.Thinking of other people s parents, and thinking that he also has a son, Lao Xu suddenly felt very uncomfortable.He didn t know what to say, when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly, this time it wasn t the police contact, but his personal cell phone.Brother Wei, it s so late, why haven t you slept yet I just came back and went for a run at night.Hearing his senior brother s voice, Han Chaoyang felt a lot better, and asked with a smile, Where did you go What are you going to We played a few tunes and played the saxophone for a while at the wedding banquet.They were very satisfied and invited us to eat.I used to just watch them eat, but I didn t expect to have a big meal today.Lingling went to the Dian Shang .

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Cafe I was called by the wedding company, and I can only let her go to the coffee shop., The people in the yard were obviously brought by two women, and they followed behind in a hurry.Seeing the police coming and stopping for a while, they both leaned aside.Why is it her again Han Chaoyang recognized Zhang Beibei who was guarding the door of the main room at a glance, she was crying like last night, just as pitiful as last night.I have something to talk about, why are you arguing There were too many people at the scene, and they had to keep a straight face and a stern tone, otherwise they could not control the situation.Han Chaoyang pointed to the two women who were still cursing, and then pointed to the person they brought with them.My surname is Han, and my name is Han Chaoyang.I am a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.What are you doing Officer Han, they broke into my house early in the morning, scolded and beat people Shameless vixen, why is this place your home Comrade policeman, go and inquire around the neighborhood, see what can i mail cbd gummies the neighbors say, and ask whose house this is Comrade policeman, you have to decide for us, this southerner She is a fraud, she wants to rob us of our property, this is my home, the place where I grew up, how could it become her home two women, one fatter than the other, one more emotional can i mail cbd gummies An excited, talking about going up to beat Zhang HCMUSSH can i mail cbd gummies Beibei, Xu Hongliang rushed up to stop the two of them, can i mail cbd gummies and pointed his baton at the men who were about to move behind them.After Han Chaoyang, a community policeman, officially took office, he naturally became the grid administrator of Chaoyang Community.It is swag cbd gummies review very troublesome if the number of migrants is unclear and the situation is unknown.Even if there are no fugitives or criminal suspects among the migrants, points will be deducted if they are randomly checked by the superiors.Performance appraisal is no joke.Monthly exam rankings, quarterly preliminary evaluations, and year end general evaluations.Duty performance and work performance account for 60 points.A few points are deducted here, and a few points are deducted there.Based on the results of the cbd gummies chesterfield va annual performance appraisal, the superiors divide the police into four levels first, second, third, and fourth.A score of 90 or higher is required for the .

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first grade 80 or higher is required for the second grade 60 or more is required for the third grade and the fourth grade is below 60 points.Chaoyang, Hongliang, when will you act Come in first, come in and say.Okay, I ll change my clothes first.Old Xu parked his electric car, took out the mop strip he brought from home, and plugged in the charger first.He charged on the phone, and then ran into the room with the convenience bag to change his uniform.Hongliang, why can i mail cbd gummies do you change into casual clothes Seeing Xu Hongliang put on a pair of loose shorts, Old Xu was stunned.There are only clues now.You are watching in the police room.Chaoyang and I will investigate.Understood, go ahead and call if you have anything to do.Old Xu was as excited as he sat down on the wire bed and changed into his uniform.No matter what the relationship was like before, the three of them are now a collective, one prospers and the other loses.More importantly, the sub bureau not only conducts performance assessments for police officers, but also distributes monthly refined management assessment allowances for police officers based on their scores.He put on a fan and pretended to be generous, and sat at the table with the female suspect under the warm greeting of an old lady.on the side.The people in Chaoyang were very supportive, Han Chaoyang had nothing to worry about, and was about to sit down and finish the pan mee he ordered just now, when his cell phone rang suddenly, and his junior sister called.Lingling, what s the matter Chaoyang, are you at the police station or Chaoyang Village I m busy in Chaoyang Village, what s the matter After knocking on the door of Factory 527 in the afternoon, the female suspect probably remembered her appearance, Fearing that the female suspect would run out suddenly, Han Chaoyang got up again and ran into the alley.Sister Lin is back, I ve prepared a lot of dishes, mia cbd gummies cbd gummies for focus and I ll send you some.I m on the bus, and I ll turn to bus 616 when you re in Chaoyang Village.The leader checked not only Han Chaoyang, but also himself and Lao Xu.Xu Hongliang hated those who liked to gossip behind their backs the most, and said very seriously Sister Chen, there are a total of these people in the institute.If you don t tell me, I can still find out.Reporting to the leader, Chen Xiujuan was equally disdainful, hesitated for a moment, and lowered her can i mail cbd gummies voice to tell the whole story In the duty room of the auxiliary police opposite the household registration window, the auxiliary police Jiang Yifei looked at the BMW parked in the yard through the glass window, and said gloatingly, Baohua, you are killing Han Chaoyang this time.Offended, I know what Xu Hongliang is here for, so I inquired about Liu Suo and the instructor going to Chaoyang Police to investigate the post.Not only was he inquiring, but Lao Bao also received a call during dinner just now, and Lao Xu called him.Well, I will take care of my home, so that you have no worries.The director and his party have worked hard, prepared a rich lunch, and even best cbd gummies for anger went I bought a few bottles of iced Sprite in a small shop outside.While greeting Liu Suo, Lao Ding and others for dinner, Guan Yuanyuan seized the time to report to Liu Suo on the work of the past four days.From the instructions from the superiors, to the branch office to hold several meetings, to handle a few cases in the office, to what happened in the Chaoyang community.Didn t Han Chaoyang borrow a few security guards from the property management of Dongming Community when he destroyed the fake certificate den of 527 Factory The manager surnamed Zhang wanted to avoid punishment by saying that their security guards were volunteer security officers from our police station.The old factory manager can i mail cbd gummies patted his chest, got up immediately and said Xiao Wu Xiaoqian, okay, okay, I bought what should be bought early, and I won t buy your insurance if I haven t bought it.I m here tonight.You go back early, we Start rehearsing Chapter 42 Blind date 1 Sure enough, Manager Zhang, who had no better choice, finally made up his mind to break the wrists of a strong man and agreed to outsource the security of Dongming Community to the future Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.As for the cost Han Chaoyang was too lazy to inquire.Just because Han Chaoyang doesn t care doesn t mean the owners don t care.Security costs accounted for a large proportion of the property fee.Although the property company was strong, the owners were the real owners of Dongming Community.In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, and to set up a voluntary security patrol as soon as possible, Director Su and several community officials rushed to Dongming Community early in the morning, together with Manager Zhang and other management personnel of the property company, called the community building manager and owner representatives We have a meeting.Asked coldly Your surname is Tan, and your name is Tan Ke Yes.The suspect took a peek and admitted mournfully.The query results were even more surprising.Not only was he not a fugitive, at least he was not included in the fugitive database, and his ID card information showed that he had a collective account.Han Chaoyang put down his police report, and asked calmly, Tan Ke, you said that you are a college student.Instead of going to school, you did something illegal and criminal.Are you worthy of your parents who worked so hard to raise you and support you to go to college Police Knowing so much, it seems that I have already surfed the Internet.Too late to regret, Tan Ke top cbd gummy brands 2022 can i mail cbd gummies still drooped his head and said nothing, but his face was full of tears, and even his nose flowed down.Han Chaoyang could almost believe that he had committed a crime, but he was not chased by the Internet, so he took out a few tissues from the coffee table of the landlord s house, wiped his face, and asked while the iron was hot It all fell into this, you How can you take chances You are a college student, so you should know a little bit about the law, and you should know that our policy is to be lenient for confession and strict for resistance.He signaled the driver to drive faster and dialed his cell phone.Hello, this is 110 Farewell, I am Cai Xinyang, Director of the Comprehensive Management Office of Huayuan Street, Yandong District.When we organized community cadres and community voluntary security patrols to collect basic information and register migrants, we caught a murderer who had fled for 12 years.Ji, named Ji Qingyun, originally from Fu County, killed two people in Menya County 12 years ago, and he confessed to the crime.The 110 command center receives hundreds of calls from the masses every can i mail cbd gummies day , I have never encountered any police situation when I received the police, but I have never encountered such a police situation.While taking notes quickly, she asked eagerly cbd gummies hempbombs can i mail cbd gummies Hello Director Cai, where is your location Immediately report to your leaders and prepare to take over the murderer.It s different at night, everyone has time at night, cbd gummies hempbombs can i mail cbd gummies not only is it not formalism, but the effect will be very good.A policeman could play the violin, and the young man sitting in the co pilot also found it funny.He picked up a small notebook and made notes while laughing and asked I didn t realize that, he is also versatile.Secretary Yu, can i mail cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg count him on duty What do you mean, this is not on duty, this is at work.The middle aged police supervisor wanted to pat the driver on the shoulder, signaled the driver to stop, looked at the small park below and said to the young man sitting in the co pilot Grassroots police work.It s so stressful, it s not easy to come out to do publicity at night, and it s even more difficult can i mail cbd gummies to mingle with the crowd.Xiao Lu, go down and find out what his last name is, what kind of publicity he did just now, and take a few photos by the way.Bureau Du asked him to investigate it as a case.Why don t you ask Du for instructions first game Solve what can be solved by yourself as much as possible.The police usually don t dare to bother their leaders when they encounter some problems.Ask me to worry about everything, why do you need me The office is already troublesome enough.Liu Jianye didn t want to make it any more troublesome, so he shook his head slightly It s a troublesome thing for us, but it s a trivial matter for the leader.How do you ask for instructions Could it be that we have to deal with such a trivial matter with the leader Not sure Everyone was at a loss when Yang Tao knocked on the door and walked into the conference room.Liu Suo, the trainer, Han Chaoyang just called me, saying that the manpower cannot be deployed, and the patrol team cannot participate in the night operation.Guan Xiyuan was so happy that he couldn t help but look back at Han Chaoyang.We can t let Lao Gu just retire like this, please let him give full play to his remaining heat, and come to pass on to help the sub bureau lead this potential seedling, and it can also solve the problem that the young man has no law enforcement power during the probationary period, Bureau Du Very proud of this arrangement, he smiled and said, What are you doing in a daze, let s get to know each other formally.Han Chaoyang seemed to be dreaming of being a closed disciple who could become a second level hero model in the national public security system, and felt that all this was so unreal , looking stupidly at Grandpa Gu who got up and looked back at him with a smile, not knowing what to say.Lao Gu s status is too detached, and he doesn t have an administrative position.The key is that our campus is so big and there are so many faculty members and students.It seems that there are many people in the security office, but in fact it is The safety and security work in the school is too busy, so there is no spare capacity to assist you in police patrols.The situation in our Sixth Hospital is similar.I can t even sweep the snow, and I really don t care about the frost on other people s roofs.If there can i mail cbd gummies is not enough manpower to recruit more, the richest people now are universities and hospitals Deputy Director Xing hit a soft nail and was very embarrassed, but he didn t know what to do with these two units that were beyond the control of the company district.Just as he didn t know what to say, Deputy Director Jiang said again Since it s voluntary, let s recruit more volunteers.He ran back to the police office, grabbed his things and climbed into the police car parked at the door, only to see Grandpa Gu directing the security guards of the No.Patients, relatives homemade cbd gummies mia cbd gummies of patients and faculty members of PolyU can reach the sidewalk with higher terrain smoothly from the bus stop sign.He didn t know where to find a rain cape, but the rain cape used for riding an electric car couldn t stop the rain at all, and he was completely soaked.Han Chaoyang really wanted to go to help, but now there are more important things, he drove the car to the side of the road and honked the horn a few times, said hello to the master, and rushed to the north gate of Factory 527 again.Yu Xucheng actually took out a license plate from the water, held the license plate in one hand, and gestured with the other to guide the police car to drive forward.With me here, do you still have opportunities You have never seen a man, and you are not afraid of being laughed at by others, Huang Ying scolded with a smile He said a word, hurriedly made a silent gesture, and then said carelessly Unlucky, my sister was eating at the restaurant behind Xinglong Department Store, and forgot to bring cash, and mobile payment is not available here, hurry up and send some money to my sister.Han Chaoyang, who had just finished the interview and sent Officer homemade cbd gummies mia cbd gummies Feng and the reporter away, was dumbfounded.He nodded and greeted his brother who had just arrived at the police station, and asked, Sister, I m on duty, so I can t leave.Why don t you discuss it with others to see if you can get some cash.It s troublesome to find someone, and besides, I don t know you.It s not troublesome to find me Isn t it when you are your own Let me say, Are you coming or not The phone was very loud, and Yu Zhenchuan could hear it clearly, so he couldn t help but say, Chaoyang, if you have something urgent, I m here.Xu Hongliang was completely convinced by making small reports so confidently.I m done smoking, and I ve asked all the questions I wanted to ask.Can I go to work now Old Wu, you are a good policeman.You know what I admire most about you.First, I admire your unremitting determination and perseverance to realize your dream of becoming a policeman.Second, I admire your openness.I, Xu Hongliang, feel ashamed. Don t be weird.No, you are a role model for me to learn from, and I admire you so much.No matter how good tempered Wu Wei was, he couldn t bear such cynicism, so he turned around abruptly Hongliang, I know you and Han Chaoyang are close friends, and I know you want to fight for Han Chaoyang, but you do this I don t think it s for the good of Han Chaoyang.If you want to do it, do it well, if you don t want to do it, you can quit your job and go home to prepare for next year s public exam wholeheartedly.So you must keep calm when you arrive at the scene, no matter how chaotic the situation is, no matter how chaotic the situation is.Which leader gives an order, you have to think about it carefully before deciding whether to execute it or not, and how to execute it.Chapter 128 The investigation police room can t leave people, Grandpa Gu took a ride to Zhongshan Road to do business and went back first.Previously, Lao Lu, a community policeman in Guanyangguan Village, was waiting for the handover.Han Chaoyang couldn t leave in a hurry.He had to take over the corresponding accounts and understand the situation of key populations.He didn t go downstairs until after 10 o clock.Li Tianzheng, can you go back now Gang, I just finished it.After not sleeping well all night and being fined again, Li Tianzheng was listless.Zhang supports community work and volunteers to participate in security patrols.Welcome.Director Su, please don t say that.I m new here, I m not familiar with the place, and I don t have any relatives or friends in Yanyang.Sign up to join the patrol team and participate in security patrols.I can do what I can, and I can also find for myself A backer.With you and Officer Han here, no one will dare to bully me in the future.Zheng Xinyi, who just came back from the bathroom, was completely convinced, thinking to herself how powerful this southern woman is.Any fool can see that Han Da has an unusual relationship with Accountant Huang, otherwise you wouldn t call him Yingying.You actually put on a cute and pitiful look and said that you need Han Da s protection.What do you mean This is not intentional.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and asked cautiously Does it count if you only hold hands Yes Does it count cbd gummies hempbombs can i mail cbd gummies if you have written a love letter Gritting his teeth, he said, Forget it One, two, three, four, five, six, sevenshould only have talked about it seven times.Get out of the car, I take back what I just said, and go back to your police office Go talk about your eighth time.Don t, don t, listen to my explanation, Yingying, I cherish this precious opportunity you gave me, I can t lie to you, I must treat each other with sincerity.Who can lie, you say Doesn t it, this shows my sincerity, and I wish I could show you my heart. Okay, tell me first, I reserve the right to take back what I just said.If you say something, you have the right to take it back.The past should be ignored, and everything must be moved forward.His wife may feel lonely and chatter around.There was such a quarrel.He felt wronged and aggrieved.He worked so hard every day, but his wife still didn t understand.He sympathized with the can i mail cbd gummies men, and Zhang Beibei sympathized with the women even more, muttering He HCMUSSH can i mail cbd gummies is wronged, and the women just don t understand.Don t feel wronged, not only do you have to work, but you also have to take care can i mail cbd gummies of your children.Besides, women are so sensitive that he can t even say a few words.Women must be lonely, and when they are lonely, they will feel insecure.It s not easy.After all, life is stressful Han Chaoyang laughed and asked, What happened next Mediate, criticize the man, and say a few words about his wife, so that he will show more love to his wife in the future, so that his wife can understand her husband more.They are tall, short, fat, and thin, and they are of all ages.The uniforms are not as beautiful as the patrol team, and the equipment cannot be compared.Although Deputy Director Gu worked hard, the line was still crooked.Fortunately, Yang Tao, Lao Ding, Lao Hu, Guan Xiyuan and other policemen stood in front, otherwise they would have been laughed at by the crowd.This is just a small episode, and it is important to get down to business.After Liu Jianye called to ask where the car escorting the suspect was, he immediately took over the command of the Chaoyang community patrol team, went to the steps and watched the patrol team and the subordinates in the station issue orders Comrades, the criminal police and clinical cbd gummies special police are on the way.The suspects were escorted to our jurisdiction to identify the scene, and the superior asked us to maintain order on the can i mail cbd gummies scene.Such a walk, such a relationship, Huang Ying felt strange, looked at the brightly lit Yanhe Park downhill, and murmured I read a report before, a traffic policeman was on duty in his thirties, and his wife hugged him.I saw my child with him at the intersection, the cold wind was blowing, and adults and children were freezing together.It felt too fake at the time, and it seemed like a show, but now that I think about it, it should be true.Since we are talking about being in a relationship, we have to face this problem.Han Chaoyang rubbed the corner of his mouth and said proudly, Yingying, when we were maintaining order in Luzhuang at night, the head of the Criminal Police Division of our sub bureau praised me.At first, I was confused, and then I realized that a clue I reported a while ago was very valuable.Yu Xucheng is good, let him be the class monitor.No official appointment yet, let him work for three months, and be the acting monitor for three months.Promoting someone to be a monitor is to give others a salary increase.He was a manager, and this little calculation was really shrewd.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced.Thinking that it was not easy for him to be a manager, he could only nod his head in agreement.Go back to the police room and talk to Yu Xucheng.The young man was really excited, and he patted his chest to promise that he would not disappoint the leader.After talking, I researched the candidates for the Yangguan Village duty station, and transferred eleven people from other classes to help them move, send them to work, and introduce them to the cadres of Yangguan Village.Nothing else to do this day, just busy with this matter, but this matter is really important, not to mention spending a day, it is worth spending a can i mail cbd gummies week.I don t worry about your work.Why did Director Wang and the others rehearse every day, just to perform on stage They must be very happy to know this news.Han Chaoyang was about to call the old factory manager of Factory 527, when the police phone rang, and this time it was the officer can i mail cbd gummies Feng of the Political Department of the sub bureau who called.Han Chaoyang, my political department is Feng Haijun, do you remember me Remember, Director Feng, what instructions do you have There is a task, Director Wen told you, don t you study music, it will be August 1st soon On the Army Day, the district will hold a mass song Military and Civilian Fish and Water to commemorate the 88th anniversary of the Chinese People s Liberation Army.It will show the history of the founding of the Chinese People s Liberation Army with the artistic technique of singing, and present a tribute to the 88th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People s Liberation Army.He also played a how to get cbd gummies australia huge role in the investigation of Case 17, and the bureau leaders valued him very much.Otherwise, he would invite Grandpa Gu to come out of the mountain, otherwise he would invite Grandpa Gu to be his master I know about catching the murderer, did you turn it over As soon as the short girl s police voice came out, a group of police girls couldn t help snickering again.It was true that which pot was not opened and which pot was lifted.Chen Xiujuan regretted it, and kept scolding herself for why she brought it up.Huang Ying also didn t I was idle, just checked wechat for a while, and some big sisters from the street came over to ask this and that.This is similar to an engagement, why doesn t your name be written on the real estate certificate.What s the same as getting engaged Let s do it early.Changsheng, are you all in place Well, after everything is in place, you can go around and see if there are any pnw natural health cbd gummies loopholes.The six squadron leaders are very capable, divide them into defense zones , and the rest will be done The only thing to do is to turn around and check for loopholes.Han Chaoyang made frequent phone calls while driving around the big circle, and at the same time listened to Grandpa Gu s progress through the car radio.Just when he turned around to confirm that there were no loopholes, and was asking his master for instructions to enter the encirclement to help search, the sub bureau command center suddenly exploded Deputy Director Xing was afraid of making a mistake.Looking at the assisted investigation notice just sent by the command center of the Municipal Bureau, and then watching the video sent by the Municipal Bureau, his little heart was beating with excitement.In the four small grids in the south, they never had a chance to explain to the leaders that the work was done in the institute.The leader took over the command, and Grandpa Gu was free to do business, so he offered to go in and search.The old man has a rather stubborn temper, and he had to let him go if he wanted to rest for a while.Zhou Ju sent Grandpa Gu away, and just after talking with the commander of the city bureau, Han Chaoyang happened to turn to can i mail cbd gummies the intersection.Xiao Han, come here Hello, Bureau Zhou, hello, Bureau Du.When the leader of the bureau really came, Han Chaoyang hurried up and stood at attention to salute.Some time can i mail cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg ago, the Disciplinary Committee of the Municipal Bureau and the inspector made an unannounced visit and found that the Yandong Branch had the most problems, and the Zhou Bureau was made very embarrassing.I asked for help, and finally borrowed and raised 110,000 yuan for more than ten days.If someone wants my kidney, I can sell it now, but no one wants it, and I don t can i mail cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg know where to go if I want to sell it.There is still hope for Binfang at your door.Follow us He really has no hope at all.Now that the money is all spent, I don t know how many days Binbin can last It s not that we are irresponsible, it s that there cbd sugar free gummy bears is really no way , There is really no way out.The cruel reality is in front of you, if you don t have money, your child will die.Thinking in another way, their irresponsibility is a kind of responsibility instead, and they cannot be allowed to steal and rob.Grandpa Gu took a deep breath, and turned around to ask, Doctor Cao, why did the child spend more than a hundred thousand yuan after staying in the hospital for more than ten days without even getting treatment The cancer hospital really doesn t charge randomly.Don t get me wrong, it s not that I don t believe you, and I don t have any other intentions.I m just thinking about your future life.Han Chaoyang and Zheng Xinyi looked at each other, then turned their eyes to him again, and said very seriously The money raised at night is for Binbin s medical treatment.If it is diverted to other places, the kind people who donated the money will definitely be unhappy.Binbin s disease cannot be cured in a day or two.I think you can find a job nearby.While working part time, I take care of their mother and son.The cancer hospital in my hometown didn t charge randomly, but it cost more to see the same disease than the big hospitals in big cities.What s more important is that my hometown has thought of all the ways I can think of.I came to Yanyang with nowhere to go.We are very professional.If we want to be able to play symphony, we need professional teachers.Principal Nie and Principal Mu have observed Xiao Han for a long time, and they think Xiao Han is quite suitable.The professional level is enough , and has a certain leadership ability, can organize dozens of students, and has good is rachael ray selling cbd gummies character and character.We need such talents at Polytechnic University.President Nie talked to him personally.He was originally a third level performer in the country.Entering the wrong profession, only by coming to PolyU can he display his strengths and make achievements professionally.The president of PolyU talked to him personally Is there any mistake, this corner is too unscrupulous.Grandpa Gu couldn t believe his ears, he stopped and stared into his eyes and asked, Director Jiang, you mean that Principal Nie wants to transfer Chaoyang to your PolyU as a teacher It s not a transfer, it s a recruitment.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and said with a bitter face, Ju Du, this means opening a hotel You are a civil servant, and your girlfriend is also a civil servant.Of course you can t do business, but your mother in law can, and this idea is also your mother in law s idea.You can try to operate it first, and you won t lose much anyway.In time, the higher ups will formulate laws and regulations on short term rental, and when the law is no longer blank, they will go to the industrial and commercial department to cancel the license and return the rented house from others.They just want to rent out to reduce the pressure on loan repayment.I never thought it would be so big, I have to discuss it with them.I should discuss it, just call me when you think about it.Thank you Director Du.It s a small effort, what a thank you.Han Chaoyang couldn t say anything, and he simply practiced Tai Chi Proprietors, I probably know the situation, and I can i mail cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg think everyone s demands are reasonable.But this is not the can i buy cbd gummies at walgreens matter of a certain proprietor present, especially when it involves the dismissal we r cbd gummies of the current property company., It can be said that it is a matter of more than 2,000 households in the whole community.I suggest that everyone calm down and think about it calmly.In addition, I think everyone s ideas, including Manager Zhang s ideas, are misplaced and have not been corrected.location, there is a service contract relationship between the property company and the owners, and the legal status of the two is equal.But now, the property company thinks that it is the manager of the community, and the owners are the objects to be managed Master, the real estate company is a servant hired by oneself.It s really thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi.Aren t you very pushy before, and when you came here, you assumed the posture of a deputy can i mail cbd gummies leader and pointed cbd gummies hempbombs can i mail cbd gummies fingers at me.Now that the superiors ask you to go what is cbd gummy worms to the grassroots to exercise, then implement the intentions of the superiors to train you well, so that you can stand and talk without back pain, and let you know that the front line police are not so easy to do.Han Chaoyang really felt like a turned serf how long cbd gummies to work singing, he pretended to hesitate for a moment, and reluctantly agreed Since you must go, then lead the team.Xiaokang, call the fourth, fifth and sixth squadrons, Let them arrange three people each.Yes The police car and electric patrol car were parked at the door, and the urban management squadron stationed in the neighborhood committee would also participate in the brigade s operations at night, so Miao Haizhu was asked to drive the 110 police car to go with them, first to the fourth squadron , Fifth Squadron and Sixth Squadron to pick up the people, and then go to join Captain Tang together.Don t move, I ll put it on for you.Zheng Xinyi opened the drawer and took out a body camera, then picked up the charging walkie talkie, and ran out to help her put on the equipment.Huang Ying smiled while looking in the mirror What do you mean, I m a patrol member.I m on the roster, but I don t get paid.You can also go to the concert for free Don t say that , I ll help you patrol too, okay While patrolling, I m dating Han Da, I said Yingying, if this goes on, our police office will soon become your husband and wife shop. Xin Yi, even Zhang Beibei can be a patrol Team member, why are there so many troubles here No, no, how could something happen, it s too cbd gummy risks late for you to join the patrol team, well, it s mia cbd gummies cbd gummies for focus official, mia cbd gummies cbd gummies for focus you don t need to bring batons, you are such a beautiful woman It doesn t look good to hold a baton.The college went to Dean Liao, and then went to the Personnel Department to find Director Lin.Principal Nie has a lot of things to do every day, and vice principal Mu is equally busy, and the two school leaders have explained it before, so there is no need to alarm them.Just because the leader had explained it, things went smoothly, and at the same time it was a little funny, even embarrassing.They are not recruiting teachers, but counselors The reason is very simple.If you want to enter PolyU for a teaching position, you must first have a degree.You must ensure that you have studied in 211 and above colleges and universities in can i mail cbd gummies the three stages of undergraduate, master, can i mail cbd gummies can i mail cbd gummies doctor, or at least in ordinary colleges and universities with one or more grades.At least one of the three stages of undergraduate, master, and Ph.It rained heavily in Xinying, and it lasted for nearly 40 minutes.I remember that when I came here, I passed a mountain ridge.The road can i mail cbd gummies best time to take cbd gummies to the west was very dry, but the road to the east was wet.Just because there was no shortage of water, Han Chaoyang, who didn t understand the situation last night and didn t dare to waste even a little water, planned to wash his hair extravagantly in the morning.I thought I would use an electric teapot to boil water, but Chang Chang, who was making breakfast in the kitchen, took out the teapot and filled it with water, and put it on a solar stove in the yard.Officer Chang, this is for boiling water.I didn t pay attention to it yesterday.I thought it was a satellite receiver You are not the only one who owns this thing, some Bao village cadres from the city have never seen it before, and they thought it was a satellite receiver.With a scream, he hugged him tightly and couldn t open his eyes and didn t dare to look out.They couldn t see the uninvited guest, but the police who rushed in could see clearly.Two policemen rushed to the edge of the kang, dragged him off the kang together, put him in the corner and shouted Squat down, be honest Another criminal policeman with a live ammunition rushed into the West Room, pointed a flashlight at his wife and shouted The police are on duty, cover the bed with sheets, and sit on the kang and don t move Report Jiang Da, there are only two children in the East Room There is no one in the kitchen The two rooms on the east side are empty, and the fugitives are not here.Feng Changdong is most likely hiding in this house.Jiang Da was heartbroken, and immediately turned around and said, Open the lid of the cellar and search the water cellar.The headquarters informed Feng Changdong that he was wearing a gray jacket on top and light blue on the bottom.Jeans, brown leather shoes, and a black travel bag.When he absconded from his uncle Feng Guobao s house at about 10 20 yesterday morning, he had two bottles of Wahaha mineral water and no dry food.The headquarters asked us to Pay attention to safety, and report can i mail cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg any traces of it in time.Have a gun Yes, it has been confirmed.Feng Guobao told Feng Changdong that he has a pistol on him.From Feng Guobao s description, it should be a May 4th military pistol.Or an imitation May 4th pistol, how many rounds of bullets are unknown, so the headquarters asked us not to act rashly when we found its trace.That bastard actually has a gun He was so close to him yesterday morning, if Jiang Li caught up with him when he chased him out, and he stubbornly resisted and shot, then the person who is going to be rounded up now is likely to be a fugitive suspected of killing three people, including a policeman.Where is the other one Here, he is still chasing, and the direction is the same.There is a deviation in the route but the deviation is not large.The fugitive may be running.I also ran and got lost, and wandered around this area.Wang Ju s name as the commander in chief of the search and arrest operation doesn t match the truth , facing the three leaders of the Provincial Criminal Police can i mail cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg Corps, mia cbd gummies cbd gummies for focus the Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau, and the Chief of the Criminal Police Detachment of the Municipal Bureau, what can he do now The most important thing is to convey the intentions of the three leaders.The drone flew in front of the hunting team in the direction followed by can i mail cbd gummies the police dog.He was concentrating on watching the aerial images on the LCD monitor when a policeman suddenly turned around and said, Report to Bureau Wang, the third team responsible for intercepting the policeman Jiang They immediately reported that they had arrived in Tanjiagou, and found smoke from cooking in the village on the terraced fields on the mountainside on the east side of lord jones all natural old fashioned high cbd gummies Tanjiagou, this is the photo they took.It s pretty good.Going further in, there is actually sheep manure on the road covered with weeds.Jiang Li signaled the crowd to stop, walked cautiously to the corner of the earthen wall and looked westward.He seemed to be afraid of making a mistake, so he raised his hand and rubbed his eyes.After watching for nearly two minutes, he returned to the crowd.Officer Jiang, what s the situation Squad leader Wu asked in a low voice, holding an automatic rifle.It wasn t him, Jiang Li sighed lightly, and said with frustration If I guessed correctly, the villagers who moved out were not used to living in the town and came back quietly.There was an old man at the door who was repairing the fence and the roof was still installed A solar power panel and a satellite TV receiver.Chapter 259 Manhunt 8 Jiang Li and Han Chaoyang were surprised to find someone living in this small mountain village that had been abandoned for many years.Wang Ju s face was ashen, seeing him wipe off his sweat, he turned around and whispered a few words to the discipline and political commissar.The discipline and political commissar had the same ugly face, nodded, and quickly ran off the stage, running straight to this side, all the way to He Suo s side Chapter 269 Meritorious Service Award 5 Long Dao s words were difficult to understand, but Han Chaoyang understood what the Political Commissioner for Discipline and Director He said.Because I only said one sentence, only four words Come in with me The grand ceremony of Fireline Contribution and Fireline Joining the Party is about to begin.He Pingyuan is about to go on stage to accept the commendation from his superiors.He is caught off guard by the series of abnormal actions of the leaders, and looks back with a look of shock and bewilderment.When they can t be touched, they come out in groups to destroy crops and even hurt people.When they can be killed, they can t find them.Well, I followed the pig fighting team around the mountains for top cbd gummy brands 2022 can i mail cbd gummies two days, and finally found two.They are really thick skinned and rough skinned.I saw it rushing over and didn t even kill it with three shots.In the end, it was a few of the pig fighting team The village cadre killed him with an iron fork.Did you hit it Yes, twice, but missed the point.Looking at the fangs in his hand, he knew how violent the wild boar was, Xu Weizhong He said HCMUSSH can i mail cbd gummies in a low voice Chaoyang, what if the village cadres didn t cross it, it s too dangerous.If they didn t cross it and were injured by wild boars, then the joke would be a big one.The fugitives didn t get hurt, but because of killing wild boars Injured.Some companies, including several major communication operators, which have reached an agreement with the school, are working overtime to set up booths inside.The student volunteers who registered in advance are hanging banners to welcome new students.Some freshmen who had already lived nearby were very curious about the campus where they would study and live for the next three or four years, and they brought their parents over for a night tour.Small merchants and hawkers in student business have waited for two months, and cbd oil gummies aon finally waited for this day.Street stalls and food stalls lined up next to each other, extending from the intersection west of the Sixth City Courtyard to Chaoyang Bridge, occupying most of the sidewalk.Many stall owners have set up stalls here cbd gummy bears pass drug test since PolyU or Polytechnic Institute, and Xinyuan Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade has nothing to do with them, and the law enforcement officers can only remind them along the road to set up again.The booths of the merchants are next to each other, and the welcome slogans of the school youth league committee, student union, colleges and student associations can be seen everywhere.Han Chaoyang accompanied Vice Minister Jiang around and went back to can i mail cbd gummies the gate to find two booths related to him One is for the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, and the other is for the Arts Academy Orchestra.The Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team went to the Polytechnic University Volunteer Security Patrol Team to attract fans.The name is not justified, so the posters in front of the booth and in the background all read Xinyuan Street Police Station, Yandong Public Security Bureau.Old Tang was on shift all night and didn t show up.The senior sister Miao Haizhu came here on behalf of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Okay, thank you, Minister Jiang PolyU welcomes new students today, and more than 200 households in Chaoyang Village are moving.It can be said that today is the busiest day since the establishment of the Zhongshan Road Integrated Police Reception Platform.After reaching a consensus on how to deal with it, everyone split up and took action.Yan Bin was about to go downstairs with Han Chaoyang to call Zhu Youwei up.Grandpa Gu grabbed his arm and pointed to the opposite office, telling him to go and sit for a while without showing his face.Yan Bin was taken aback for a moment, but immediately realized that ginger is still hot Han Chaoyang also realized the master s strategy, turned his head and smiled, and ran downstairs to take Zhu Youwei, who had just completed the form and was about to leave, to the emergency duty room 110 on the third floor.From now on, you will accept the command of casino cookies cbd gummies Luo Zhi and Teng Da, and assist the criminal police detachment and the criminal police brigade of the Gaoxin District Bureau to find cbd gummies hempbombs can i mail cbd gummies out the truth of this case on behalf of our branch.Shi Bureau, what Luo Zhi said just can i mail cbd gummies now is not true Is it very clear, the three of our joint investigations, how can we become assistance What s the difference in cooperation Luo Zhi, Lao Teng, I still have something to homemade cbd gummies mia cbd gummies do, let s take a step first, you don t have to run to Yandong, I ll let someone take you Bring the deceased s body over and send it to the funeral parlor in the high tech zone for inspection.Alright, I ll go to the funeral parlor after the inspection here.Shi Ju left as soon as he said he would, and he didn t forget to pat Han Chaoyang on the arm before he left, so he almost wrote on his face Work hard, I believe in your ability.You and Comrade Wu Wei don t need to come to the case analysis meeting, please stay at the scene.Chapter 294 Sifting sand every day Early morning is the most leisure time at Huayuan Street Police Station.Liu Jianye stayed at home last night, and he came very early today.First, he went to the detention room to take a look at the suspects who were detained overnight, and then went to the duty room to check the police records to find out what the guys in the detention room had committed., Knowing how to deal with it, I opened the anti theft door and went upstairs to the office to change the police uniform.The instructor Xu Weizhong also got up very early, and he was smoking a cigarette with Kang Haigen, the deputy head of the class who led the class last night.Smoking was also banned before, but only a few no smoking signs were posted.Go.Han Chaoyang smiled, and continued The task force is looking at the suspect s mobile phone call records, and they may be able to find out something later.If there are many places to be guarded, Changfeng Street Please ask Gan to arrange a few can i mail cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg more people to assist, and I will transfer people from the patrol team in other cbd gummies make you hungry places.I have no objection.Li Kaiyi was very clear about how many men he had, and was the first to raise her hand.I have no objection either.Wu Wei reacted and quickly agreed.Then let s act, Brother Rong, Brother Xu, let s go first.Chapter 336 Rich Grandpa Gu was not in charge of Yingchun Community when he was working at the Changfeng Police Station, but even a community policeman like him cannot really only be in charge of his own jurisdiction.They all understand.As soon as Rong Zhiping got in the car, he received a call from Grandpa Gu.I am really not familiar with the steel market.I can ask someone to find out if this boss Yao has a branch there, and if so , and then inquire about whether he usually goes or not, or where he is usually.Well, first inquire from the side to confirm where he is before going to him, and we can t contact him in advance.Li Kaiyi nodded in satisfaction, and continued We also received a reliable news that the boss of a company in the development zone top cbd gummy brands 2022 can i mail cbd gummies often goes to the blue sea gummy cbd soda bottles and blue sky bathing place.Not only does he go there by himself, but he often invites business partners to take a bath.About a month and a half ago, he was so drunk that he was sent to take a bath.Go, when I arrived at the bathing place, I dragged the waiter to drink and talk nonsense, among which I mentioned that I won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing Tra Lak in the high tech zone. So Huo Jianliang should know where the stolen money is He asked three times and claimed that he didn t know.He said that there is no need for money, and there is a three story building in his hometown.Whoever wants it will demolish it.A dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.He is hot, and his heart seems to be not very good.If he dies in the police station after a heart attack, it will be troublesome., Their family is not a good can i mail cbd gummies person, I think your trip is for nothing.Chapter 360 A trip for nothing Teacher Ma planned to take can i mail cbd gummies Huang Ying to the county town, but Huang Ying kept shaking her head.Thinking that she was born and raised in the provincial capital city, no matter how lively the county is, it is not as lively as Yanyang, and no matter how well developed it is, it is not as prosperous as Yanyang.There is nothing wrong with riding in Wuchun Tang Junhua pretended to be hesitant and continued to turn, I came to another family named Zhang.This family was a couple at home.The woman was washing clothes at the door, and the man was repairing a green electric car in the hall.Tang Junhua explained why he came, and the man took him to a room at the back to look at the cars.There were six electric cars of different brands in the small room Seeing that he doesn t seem to like these cars, tell him there are still upstairs, and you can go upstairs to see if you want.While he was bargaining with the man, several top cbd gummy brands 2022 can i mail cbd gummies people from another family across the street came to buy a car.From their conversations, it could be heard that they were all customers from Wuchun City.Tang Junhua also followed to the opposite house, where a mia cbd gummies cbd gummies for focus young woman received guests.In other words, the policemen at the Zhongshan Road comprehensive police platform have to work overtime can i mail cbd gummies every day.As for statutory holidays such as weekends, don t expect to have two days off.On average, you can only have one day off per week, and you have to take turns to rest, which means that even if you can rest, it doesn t have to be a weekend.Han Chaoyang greeted Grandpa Gu and Lao Ding, and was about to ask if there were many police cases at night, when Lao Tang escorted a middle aged couple out of the police station, and the woman hesitated to speak, as if unwilling to leave Well, Old Tang said that she just pushed the electric car and left with his wife.Sheriff Tang, who are they Han Chaoyang asked curiously.Zou Yanqing s parents, Old Tang took off his cap, scratched his head, and sighed softly, the office notified them.Hang Weifang, Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, should have a little impression of you.Han Chaoyang took the phone and said calmly, Isn t it just that cbd gummies hempbombs can i mail cbd gummies I lost some money The days without money have passed by.What is it, you can avoid those debt collectors, and you can also avoid your responsibilities as a husband and a father Han Chaoyang said a lot with emotion and reason, and finally came the call from the other end of the phone.Hang Weifang s voice Officer Han, I ll go, can I go to the police office now Walking into the police room with a nervous head.Han Chaoyang looked up at Kangsuo, cbd gummies for sexual arousal who had been silent all the time, and then looked back at Director Su, Miao Haizhu, Chen Jie, and Xu Hongliang who came in from the back door.His eyes returned to Hang Weifang again, and he asked lightly, Hang Weifang, did you lose money in Macau Already Lost.Specially, Is it necessary Grandpa Gu became unhappy, and muttered with a gloomy face, The law and order in Yanyang is not that bad, even if one police gummies with 500 mg of cbd case follows another, I, Gu Guoli, will not be honored today Master, the bureau leaders are not worried about this, but they don t want you to be too tired.It s not tiring to go to the police station.You saw it just now.It s the migrant workers who work on the construction site that are tired.There are eight if not ten older than me.Hey, I m not afraid of being tired, I m not afraid of being tired, I m doing something different You can t compare like that. We re all human, so there s nothing incomparable.The more Grandpa Gu thought about it, the more he couldn t be reconciled, so he took out his cell phone and called the police station Let Chen Jie, who is on duty today, arrange it in the past and still arrange it today.And we are not without advantages in handling this case.There are not enough manpower, there are patrols, laws and regulations There is Xiao Miao on the other hand, she can tell, she really understands.It s true that a threesome must have my teacher Thinking that the elder sister who was disgraced in Xinmin Community is an expert in this area, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, She is a legal policeman, or a member of the Provincial Legal Affairs Team.If she doesn t understand, no one will understand.That s it, we can get what we want, we have nothing to worry about, Kang Haigen wanted to handle a case more seriously than Miao Haizhu, lit a cigarette and said with a smile I ve made an agreement with Chief Lei, he He will fully assist us, and the test report will come out at noon tomorrow.Why Interrogation Take a child to live in a youth hostel, call himself an uncle outside, and claim that the little girl is his daughter when registering.If you were you, you would also interrogate.What did he say Han Chaoyang reported the results of the interrogation After a brief introduction, Wang Jianping nodded slightly, turned to look in the direction of the hall, and said, I didn t expect you to be so vigilant, and even guessed the ins and outs.We are not familiar with the place in Yanyang, and we may really need your help next.Wang Dui, are you saying that there is something wrong with the child s mother Zhang Ziyue s identity is false, her real name is Wan Xiaoxia, and she is wanted on the Internet for suspected drug trafficking.The child s father is surnamed Zhang, named Zhang Boyu, and has been on the run. Don t worry, Captain Wang, I ve made all the arrangements Wait, I ll take a call first.Han Chaoyang switched the police phone to his left hand, picked up another phone that was ringing, and asked eagerly.Junfeng, what s the matter, did you find something Wu Junfeng had changed into casual clothes, and was leaning over to look at the monitor, and said excitedly Han Da, I found it, but only one, what will happen now Er is sitting in the newly opened Hong Kong style tea restaurant to the east of the south gate drinking milk tea, and Xiao Liu is staring at her at the door of the dry cleaning shop.Young or old Old, I don can i mail cbd gummies t see young.Found it Sister Wei, are you still far away from finding Wan Xiaoxia Han Chaoyang was so excited that he hurriedly said, Let Xiaoliu go away, don t get too close, don t make that woman suspicious.OK , I ll ask them later if they have time.No matter how busy you are, you have to eat, that s it.I m can i mail cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg not familiar with Yanyang, so you can make arrangements for where to go, please Han Chaoyang really didn t After drinking the celebration wine, she called Xu Hongliang to confirm that sister Wei had been brought under control.She had been taken to the police office, and she quickly called Liu to report.Good job Assisting the Fujiang colleagues to capture a drug dealer is also an achievement.Liu Jianye, who was on the way to work, was very happy.He leaned on the steering wheel and asked, Have you reported to the bureau Does the bureau leader know I reported it to you.Such a big event should be reported to the bureau as soon as possible, and quickly call Bureau Feng.If Bureau Feng can t get through, call Bureau Du.Foreigners who are approved to come to this city to work, hold the Permit to Chinese embassies and consulates abroad apply for entry visas.The employer shall, within 15 days of the entry of the employed foreigner, present the Application Form for Employment of Foreigners and the Registration Form for Employment of Foreigners , the employment contract and the For valid entry documents, apply for an Employment Permit at the Municipal Labor Bureau.After receiving the Employment Permit , foreigners must take the Employment Permit to the Foreigner Management Section of the Municipal Public Security Bureau to apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entering the country.This procedure must go through, and all of these procedures are indispensable.Please cooperate with us and provide the corresponding certificates.Of course, the security company The company is now a joint stock company, and the management is responsible to the shareholders and considers the interests of the shareholders.But the security industry is different from other industries and has its own peculiarities.Han Chaoyang didn t react for a while, but Lao Jin knew it clearly.Cao Zefang wants HCMUSSH can i mail cbd gummies to engage in community economic construction and also wants to make some political achievements in the anti pickup.After all, the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol won the third class collective merit last year, and several members won the third class individual merit or commendation.This year is the same He had to make some achievements, otherwise his superiors would think homemade cbd gummies mia cbd gummies that his ability was not as good as his predecessor, not as good as Director Su who had been transferred back to the municipal party committee.Nie Haichao used to work in my friend s shop.The bad business is not because of his poor craftsmanship, but because he didn t choose the right place when he opened the shop. Can your friend contact Nie Haichao It s not him Can I get in touch with Nie Haichao It s about whether I can get in touch with him.Boss Wen sighed and said with a wry smile He used to do wholesale of small commodities, and he spent all the money he made from wholesale on restaurants.Isn t the business of restaurants always stagnant Is that great I usually spend so much, so I borrowed money to maintain it, and now I still owe a lot of debt, so I don t know where to hide.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then asked Who does Nie Haichao get along with normally Okay Are you in my shop Yeah.He is a bit introverted, doesn t talk to people very can i mail cbd gummies much, likes to read novels, and reads them with his mobile phone when he is free. I have no problem, Lao Wu, what about you Ji Kaiyuan has no problem, and Wu Cultural Revolution has no problem, because back then Ji Kaiyuan really looked down on him as a security officer.It was hard to say anything before, but now that he is fully retired, he can compare himself with him.He couldn t help laughing It s ok, anyway, the children are married and established.I m making money and spending it by myself now.It doesn t matter if you lose the treat. You said this, Xiao Han, you can prove it for me.These two old men are so interesting, Han Chaoyang didn t know how to speak, Wu Wei brought Wu Junfeng and other anti pickup team members from Walked in from the back door, lined up neatly in two lines, and stood at attention to salute the three old men.Seniors, I have kept you waiting for a long time.What are you running for Can you run Ji Kaiyuan didn t look like a sixty seven year old man.His legs and feet were outrageous.He even jumped over the luggage placed on the ground by the migrant workers and shouted after him The ones in front Comrade, help me stop him Passengers on the square looked towards the southeast corner one after another, and the two girls closest to the guy hurriedly hid aside in fright.Liu Chengquan, who was chasing up, realized the seriousness of the problem, and shouted eagerly Catch the trafficker, the one wearing the leather jacket is a trafficker Although I was chasing very quickly, I didn t dare to chase too closely.I was worried that the guy would drop the child in order to run faster, worried that the child would be injured, and even more worried that the guy would jump over the wall and take the child as a hostage.Don t worry, there are quite a few of us, Han Chaoyang ignored the pleasantries, and turned around and shouted, Director Zhang, let s go , Lu Xingen couldn t help asking Director Han, don t you have a car I drank some wine at night, so I can t drive, Han Chaoyang climbed into the police car, HCMUSSH can i mail cbd gummies closed the side door with a bang, and followed a policeman and four special police officers in the car.Smiling, he leaned on the back of the passenger seat and said, Team Lu, I won t go in later.If I smell alcohol, I ll be in trouble if can i mail cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg those bastards can i mail cbd gummies smell it and complain.I thought you weren t afraid, While gesturing to mia cbd gummies his colleague to drive, Lu Xingen took out a box of chewing gum from the locker, turned his head and said with a smile, Chew two.It was Bao Suo s voice.Chaoyang Chaoyang, please answer if can i mail cbd gummies you receive it, please reply if you receive it.There is no problem with the cars, anyway, there is no car here for the time being.Okay, let me call Hong Liang first Although the Spring Festival is not here yet, the leaders of the sub bureau have already been on duty for the Spring Festival.Commissar Huang was on duty tonight, but he did not take a break in the office as usual.He chatted with Ju Fan who had returned from a business trip for a while, and then came to the command center with Ju Fan to learn about the 110 police situation tonight.The Xinyuan Street Police Station and the Special Patrol Brigade are jointly conducting an interrogation of more than 100 suspicious people who ate at the Dafu Restaurant.As of two minutes ago, a fugitive, a drug addict, and four suspects suspected of illegally transporting, storing, and selling fireworks and firecrackers had been investigated.It was the first time he had seen Mei Tiejun with dark skin, but it was not the first time he had heard of this name.A legend of PolyU s school guards, he is also a retired soldier, and probably a party member.Not only did he have the courage to fight, he once dealt with four hooligans who harassed female college students by himself, but he also worked very hard.In three and a half years, I have obtained college and undergraduate diplomas one after another, and it is said that I am going to take the postgraduate entrance examination in one go In short, the young man is very good, and the leader also thinks highly of him.Although he is only the monitor of the security guard, he is actually the leader of the security guards in the Yanbei Campus.Shen Xin and Xiao Wei were not as dazzling as Mei Tiejun, but they were both monitors and the backbone of the school guard.What s the rush Huang Ying put down her bag and said with a chuckle, Hongliang, didn t you say when you went to Donghai to chase Lingling, let s not be so anxious to get married, we will get married when you catch up with Lingling.Let s get married together.Well, at least you don t want to contribute to us, and we don t want to contribute to you.Han Chaoyang smiled and said, Really, Hongliang, Lingling, what are you thinking, are you going to settle things with us You are not in a hurry, and we are not in a hurry.Xie Lingling looked back at the two of them, and said with a smile Besides, you don t have to have a treat to get married.If you take the money, people will not eat well.If you don t take the money, it s too bad for us.No can i mail cbd gummies wine and no treats, with this money, it s better to go on a trip. Okay, I ll wait here Instructor Gu.Chapter 529 Patrol the streets At 11 45, instructor Gu arrived with a policeman and three auxiliary policemen.Han Chaoyang, Wu Wei, Miao Haizhu and others took the cbd gummies by katie couric four slightly injured boys to the emergency room to treat the wounds.Tong Weijun, who was the most seriously injured, also came out with the examination results, saying that he had a mild concussion.Stay in hospital for observation for 24 hours.Their names, home addresses, contact information, and even the basic information of which university students they are from have all been clarified.Instructor Gu made a record for Tong Weijun in the ward, telling him to stay in the hospital and not to run around.The Yuanjie Police Station called to report, and waited until the 24 hour observation period expired to take the initiative to go to the police station for processing.I have figured it out, when he grows up in the future, he can do anything, but he can t be a policeman. You think so far, my family, it s not about letting him be a policeman in the future , it s going to be a problem whether you can be admitted to the police and civil servants in the future. Don t be discouraged, your Xiaofu is still young, although he is playful, his grades are not bad, and now there is time to strengthen education. What s okay, I didn t pass the exam this time either.Let s not talk about that, is Han Chaoyang coming right can i mail cbd gummies away Well, on the way to send Xiaofu over, he asked cbd gummies single strength 200mg me to promise not to do anything.If he did, he would ask Grandpa Gu to talk to me and Lao He.That s it What s the matter, shame on him, I am a real failure as a mother.Zhang Tongfeng couldn t help laughing and said Even Grandpa Gu has moved out, this is a warning to you and Lao He So it s embarrassing , you are highland pharms cbd gummies still in the mood to laugh., I only heard the policeman climbing the mountain late at night eagerly asking, How far is it, and is the direction correct , The suspect shot, is Comrade Han Chaoyang injured There is no background music, only nervous and hasty phone calls.The screen kept shaking, and only the position that the flashlight could reach was visible, and it was blurry.The policemen and armed police who walked in front were loaded with live ammunition, and some people kept wrestling as they rushed to the scene.Even those who did not stumble, their faces, necks, arms, and even their police uniforms were scratched by the thorns in the mountains, and all of them were injured just by walking.Then, a little light appeared ahead.The policeman who led the team shouted and rushed forward.Following the shaking of the law enforcement recorder, a policeman who looked like a bloody man was sitting on the ground.No matter whether Lao Xu injured someone, or Being injured by someone is a transfer of punishment from the people to us, so we need to be flexible and learn to adapt to some situations.This is really not taught in the book, and I have never encountered it in the previous internship, Sun Guokang was thoughtful.Han Chaoyang held up his chopsticks to signal him to eat quickly, and sighed In the past two years, disputes and even tragedies caused by online loans have occurred frequently, and those loan sharks have even targeted college students.This kind of thing will happen frequently in the future. If you encounter it like this morning It s too late to deal with it like this morning, and today is not considered a deal at all.The best way to avoid such a thing is to take precautions , When PolyU starts to can i mail cbd gummies start school, we will work together with the school to carry out several preventive publicity campaigns on rational consumption, stay away from online loans.Chapter 580 I was stimulated The Japanese and Korean restaurant on the 38th floor of the International Trade Hotel is very high end, but Han Chaoyang was very unhappy with the meal.First of all, the dishes are not to your taste.The Japanese like to eat raw, but Han Chaoyang doesn t like it.Salmon is hard to swallow.It was hard to wait for a grilled fish, and there was only a little bit, enough to fit between can i mail cbd gummies the teeth.The portion of each dish was very small.I really don t know if the Japanese will purecana cbd gummies be hungry if they eat these all day.Secondly, and actually the most important thing, the dining atmosphere is not very good Tang Xiaoxuan s new boyfriend is surnamed Mei, called Mei Jianqing, who looks to be only twenty five or six years old, but in fact he is already thirty.He has a doctorate in cardiothoracic surgery and graduated from a famous medical school in China.The safe has two keys, one for the director and one for the gunman.out the gun.It s the best way to be responsible.Wu Wei thought about it and asked curiously Who else wants to participate in the training besides us, will Haizhu participate , she doesn t need to participate in training, and it s impossible for her to be rationed with guns.When I mention this, I will have to re arrange the duty list later.Han Chaoyang paused, and added Dai Da, Inspector Tang and Inspector Ding will participate, but There are too many people to be trained, and it won t affect their work, so they probably have to wait until the next year.Okay, I ll go tomorrow morning.After notifying Wu Wei, Han Chaoyang thought about it and called Huang Ying s phone.When mentioning that the sub bureau can help solve the tuition fees, Huang Ying said proudly I didn t expect your sub bureau to help solve the problem.Okay, then I ll call and ask Mr.Liang, Let s see if Teacher Liang has a rest, and if we can come and help to be a witness.You don t have to ask, I m right here with Teacher Liang, and the two of us will go there together.It s easy to do things in the base area , and it s easy to change to other places Not to mention that it is difficult to find someone to testify in the middle of the night, even in broad daylight it may not be possible to find someone.Because selling counterfeit cigarettes is not a small thing, and it is not a big deal.The inspectors of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau often find counterfeit cigarettes or cigarettes flowing into Yanyang from informal channels.One lives in the factory area, and mia cbd gummies cbd gummies for focus the other runs a shop outside the factory area.Who can i mail cbd gummies wants to take the risk of retaliation for doing something that offends others Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang felt a little regretful, thinking that he shouldn t have promised Team Liang to help find witnesses.There are specialties mia cbd gummies cbd gummies for focus in can i mail cbd gummies this field.They are experts in this field, and we are really laymen.Han Chaoyang came back to see Wu Wei, Lao Hu and Xiaokang, held up his mobile phone and said Don t talk, I will report first.Surprisingly, as soon as the call was connected, and just after reporting the situation here, Ju Zhou laughed and said I see, the Nanshan Branch has communicated with the Municipal Bureau, and Bureau Chen himself called me just now.Zhou Ju, so we have nothing to do next Who said there is nothing wrong with you Your task now is to rest.Hurry up to have a cbd gummies chesapeake va meal, go back to the hotel to sleep, and recharge your energy.Get that Qiao Peiming back early tomorrow morning, and escort the suspect.You said this task is HCMUSSH can i mail cbd gummies heavy.unimportant What about after Qiao can i mail cbd gummies Peiming is escorted back Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.Some of them will can i mail cbd gummies be assigned to the government after the training, and some will go to the traffic police of the criminal police team.You may have asked about it.The bureau originally planned to assign you to the fifth squadron of the criminal police, but you were killed halfway.Tell me Cheng Yaojin, and take you to our police station.Suo Liu, I I haven t inquired about it, I It doesn t matter whether I have inquired about it, even if I haven t inquired about HCMUSSH can i mail cbd gummies it, you will know sooner or later.The trainer was also young, and he was full of enthusiasm when he first joined the work.If he didn t want to go to other units, he wanted to be a criminal policeman in the criminal police team.He felt that only a criminal policeman is a real policeman, so it s normal for you to have ideas and opinions.Introduce Grandpa Gu, who has been working at the grassroots level until retirement, to his hometown colleagues and auxiliary police brothers.Introduce Wu Wu, who went to the police academy for four years, joined the army for two years, and went to the police academy for two years after retiring to realize his ultimate dream of becoming a policeman Wei, introduce Miao Haizhu, another Qingshan fellow who has been sticking to his post during the Spring Festival I am very honored to be able to join such a glorious closest store to me that sells cbd gummy bears group.Excellent comrades become comrades in arms.As I said at homemade cbd gummies mia cbd gummies the beginning, the previous achievements are really insignificant, and there must be my teacher in the threesome, and I still have to learn from the master and comrades with humility, thank you everyone.After a brief summary, Han Chaoyang once again Stand up and salute.What worries you in the future Yes Yes, Chaoyang, please.Chaoyang, we always troubled your mother before, and now we have to trouble you again, I m sorry.My cbd gummies hempbombs can i mail cbd gummies own, what are you sorry for Chen Haisheng didn t expect Yanyang to be punished by his family Hold on, and couldn t help muttering Dad, Mom, I m not a child, can i mail cbd gummies I don t need anyone to take care of me.It s so chaotic outside now, so what if I go to college, college students are also deceived Father Chen looked up at Chen Haisheng, then turned around Looking at Han Chaoyang, he said There is a child in the second team of our village who went to college outside, but was tricked into engaging in pyramid schemes.There is also a boy who just graduated from college and just found a job for a few days, so he borrowed money online.I owe a lot of debt, and the creditors have all gone to his house.Factory Director Wang and Mr.Liang also made People s Good Auxiliary Police, People s Beloved overnight.A good son and Faithful, loyal, iron blooded tenderness and other banners.When Han Chaoyang and Section Chief Xiao arranged to return to the gate, Director Xing personally led the traffic police and patrol police to arrive, bringing six police cars and more than a dozen policemen.Hello Secretary Yang, Hello Director Gu Seeing the two street leaders, Director Xing hurried over and stood at attention to salute.Many passers by were watching, and Secretary Yang didn t want to be the focus, so he pointed at Han Chaoyang What s the matter, let s get down to business.Ask Chaoyang, how are you getting ready Hongliang and the others are setting up a hearse inside, and there are more than a dozen posters of heroic deeds being spray painted on the opposite side.I have been watching for four days and three nights.Although the suspect is difficult to follow when going out, at least the car can be started, and cbd gummies bears for pain the heater can be turned on once it is started.Now the suspect can i mail cbd gummies didn t go out, so he could only squat downstairs quietly.It was nothing for an hour or two, and his feet were numb from the cold after a long time.Xiaokang took out his mobile phone to can i mail cbd gummies check the time, and couldn t help asking Qiu team, it s been almost four days, is it him, could it be a mistake It should be him, it shouldn t be wrong.Qiu Ming put down his seat and yawned He said repeatedly I can t take it anymore, just squint for a while, you guys keep an eye on it, and call me if there is a situation.Don t worry, he can t leave our sight.Qiu Ming said that he probably wouldn t do anything Wrong, but I have no idea in my heart.Comrade Liu Chengquan really sacrificed, and it happened five nights ago.And it happened at the gate of your police station.Huayuan Street and your patrol team held a grand farewell ceremony for him, and your branch held a grand memorial service for him.The Political Department of the Municipal Bureau, your District Political and Legal Committee and your branch The leaders are all gone, and I will record personal second class merit.How could this happen, how could Chengquan sacrifice Wu Wei couldn t believe natures tru cbd gummies dosage it, to be precise, he didn t want to believe it, and asked in an almost trembling voice Even if it is true Yes, why didn t you tell us earlier that he is our comrade in arms, our brother What the superior asked was to worry about your distraction.Qiu Ming patted him on the arm, and continued Huayuan Street and your patrol team are here to help., very sensible, very obedient, very capable Good, good, good.Han Chaoyang took the luggage and helped the old man to the electric patrol car all the way.The patrol car asked with a half smile Chaoyang, did you feel a little flustered when you heard that Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du were going to be transferred Being right, Han Chaoyang smiled awkwardly and said, A little bit.You, the captain, did it.Why panic Grandpa Gu asked back, and said meaningfully Leadership adjustments, this is normal.I don t know how many leaders I have changed from working to retiring.Don t you live the same life and do the same job You say you are the captain of the voluntary security patrol team, but you are actually a policeman.Just do your job well.Don t worry about it, there is nothing to worry about.Seven hundred and seventeenth Chapter new director It was already past 6 pm when he woke up, Han Chaoyang got up to wash his face, looked in the mirror, and thought to himself that he would not be able to sleep at night.We need to collect and record their information, and carry out criticism and education.Everyone must sign a commitment to quit pyramid schemes , promising to go home voluntarily after arriving at the repatriation place, and resolutely no longer participate in pyramid schemes in the future.We must quit eager for quick success and instant profit, speculative fortune Based on personal reality, work hard to get rich.Education repatriation That s the only way, can we support them without repatriation Do you think they will be obsessed with obsession and come back halfway Huang Ying packed up.In the living room, turn around and help him straighten his collar.Han Chaoyang enjoyed the feeling of being served.Smelling the familiar scent of perfume on her body, he smiled and said, There is a possibility of obsession, but the possibility of running back is not high.But facing the expectant eyes of the two old men, Han Chaoyang couldn t keep his mouth shut.Thinking about who else in this world he could trust if he couldn t even trust them , He simply closed the glass door and briefly introduced what he knew.The wallet is here, there are bank cards and even cash in the wallet, but the mobile phone was not found at the scene, which means that it is unlikely to be a murder for money, that is, a murder of love or vendetta.more likely.I also think so.Han Chaoyang nodded.Ji Kaiyuan looked at Wu Wenge who was thinking thoughtfully, lit another cigarette, and analyzed slowly There was no trace of fighting at the scene, and the guard at the fertilizer factory didn t hear anyone calling for help.It shows that the riverside may be the scene of the body dumping.But why did the murderer throw away the body Wasn t it because he was worried that the body would be found by the public security organs and find him Since he was worried that the body would be found, why didn t he take the wallet when he threw the body Didn t you think of it, didn t you take care of it Han Chaoyang got up to get a glass of water, took a sip, sat down and said Murder is not a treat for dinner.Hu is raising a mistress here, has she come to visit us Han Zhaoyang can i mail cbd gummies glanced at the phone number of the caller, and dialed it HCMUSSH can i mail cbd gummies directly.After three or four seconds of beeping, Han Chaoyang said in a low voice, Hi, hello, I am the policeman from the Zhongshan Road Police District can i mail cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Han Chaoyang, may I ask your surname, did you call 110 just now Yes, I called, my surname is Gong, and my name is Gong Wenmei, I saw Hu Songping bring a lady into the hotel with my own eyes Seven hundred and thirtieth Chapter 4 Catch Whores 2 The surname Hu is rich, but can he be self willed if he is rich I think the red flag at home will not fall, and the colorful flags are fluttering outside, and now his wife can i mail cbd gummies blocks the door, let s see how he ends up Han Zhaoyang pretended not to know the relationship between the informant and Hu Songping, let alone be stupid enough to ask.Han Chaoyang pointed to the chair opposite Sit down and drink some water first.What s the matter What kind of meeting is this Let s talk about it when everyone is here.Who homemade cbd gummies mia cbd gummies are you waiting for What do you think Wang Jiayong looked behind him, He grinned and said, What the hell is Junfeng doing Do you want to call and remind me No, he just sent me a WeChat message.He is waiting for Dai Da, who is busy with the things at hand.Dai Da is here too Wang Jiayong and others were surprised that Grandpa Gu, Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge had arrived.They had obviously returned to Chaoyang Community, not only did they come, but they also took the case materials from the community police office.brought them all.The three old men are highly respected, and the brats dare not be naughty anymore.Some were busy pouring tea for the old men, some offered cigarettes to the old men with great hospitality, and some curiously asked what they were up to these two days and why they didn t go to the streets to catch thieves as before.The team went to arrest it Well, I flew there in the morning.If there is no clue, there is nothing to do.Of course, if there is a clue, we must quickly investigate and solve it.Feng Ju smiled, and then said Chaoyang, you have helped us this time.Great help, and great contribution.But you have made enough contributions, and the can i mail cbd gummies comrades in the task force have also done a lot can i mail cbd gummies of work, even if there is no credit, there is hard work, so I will help you replace this credit with real After all, the work of the police district is not done by you alone.As a leader, you should consider the construction of the unit and you should consider it for your subordinates.I just want to solve this case as soon as possible, otherwise our life will not be easy.I believe, I know, otherwise I won t call you.It is definitely not easy to get a leader, Han Chaoyang After thinking about it, I couldn t help but ask Ju Feng, you just said to replace me with something real, what exactly is it Yes.It is just that there is an extra party position.It used to be The director, will be the director in the future, and may be even busier in the future.Liu Suo, good job Stop it, stop it, if you don t stop it, you will be talking about everything.Liu Jianye s ears are can i mail cbd gummies very sharp, and he asked with a smile Chaoyang, is Lao Ding by your side Yes, we are here in Daida.By your side Just in time, I don t need Xiujuan to notify me, and let him go back to the office for a meeting.Chapter 763 No injustice It is conceivable that Liu Jianye asked Lao Ding to go back to participate.The only thing he didn t expect was that he not only announced the appointment of Yang Tao as the deputy director, but also asked Lao Ding to replace Yang Tao as the captain of the community police team.No matter in terms of qualifications or ability, the first master was the deputy director, and Lao Ding was the community leader.The students of the Police Academy, in short, they have a good relationship.Walking around, then to Chaoyang Community Security Company, and then to the young manager of the security company.Liu Qiuping really didn t want the ongoing formalization construction to be wasted like this.He opened the drawer, took out the cigarettes, popped one out and lit it.Thoughtful.Liu Jianye knew him too well, and he knew exactly what he was thinking, so he said while the iron was hot District Chief Liu, I know what you are worried about.In fact, I am also worried.Now it is different from before.Everyone has a mobile phone and everyone knows what to do.When surfing the Internet, let alone the following people violate laws and disciplines, even if a wrong sentence is photographed by the masses cbd gummies koi and posted on the Internet, we will be devastated.If there are any troubles among the workers, relatives will definitely cause trouble, and the early intervention can resolve it early Contradictions, you can t wait until the troubles arise to maintain stability. Then go and have a look, Huang Ying walked him to the door, and murmured, Boss Hu is really unlucky, things happen one after another.Seven hundredth Chapter Seventy Six An accident happened at Boss Hu s construction site 2 Han Chaoyang drove to the Sixth Hospital and ran into the emergency center lobby, only to see Lu Jiaxi was explaining something to a relative of a patient, and rushed to top cbd gummy brands 2022 can i mail cbd gummies the service desk and asked eagerly Jiaxi, Did you send a worker to the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Station just now Girl Lu was stunned, and asked unhappily, Who are you Is Jiaxi called by you What happened today Did you break up in love You re just broken in love The patient s relatives standing beside thought that they had an unusual relationship, so they smiled playfully and walked away.The car door quickly walked towards the office building.Xiaokang had no choice but to lock the car and follow up.There are also security guards in the lobby building.Seeing that Han Chaoyang was wearing a police uniform and even wearing the Big Eight , Han Chaoyang just walked past the security guards with Xiaokang, took the elevator to the eighth floor, and looked at the house number , go west along the corridor until you find the director s office.About to meet the old leader, Han Chaoyang was a little excited.He knocked on the door and couldn t help shouting, Report Ju suddenly raised his head Who do I think, come here as soon as you come, what are you calling for a report Ju Du, you are the leader, what are you calling for if I don t call for a report , Ninja couldn t help but said Call the report, but why are you fully armed when you come to me Is it because our Fengyong s security is not good, and you dare not come without wearing equipment, or have you patrolled the border Han Chaoyang looked down at his belt and said with an embarrassed smile, It s working hours now, and I came directly from the police office.It was impossible for Luo Weixing to sneak into .

how long till cbd gummies take to work?

the lobby without anyone noticing.But to enter the terminal, you must first have a ticket, and then you have to show your ID has anyone gotten high off of cbd gummies card to go through a very strict security check, so it is even more impossible for Luo Weixing to sneak into the terminal.Not only the colleagues from the airport sub bureau were looking for it quietly, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan, and Xu Hongliang were also looking for it in the crowd.Up to now, no trace of Luo Weixing has been found, which shows that the two suspects are very vigilant and cannot move at the airport.Hands, the next step is to put a long line to catch big fish.Han Chaoyang pondered for a moment, then picked up his mobile phone and dialed Yu Zhenchuan s number Zhenchuan, adopt the second plan, ask Hongliang to go to the parking lot to find Master Wang and Master Zhang, and take their car to the intersection and wait.Liu Jianye was very happy when he received the call, and said with a smile The top priority is to implement Jiang Yonggen s suspicion of harboring and covering up.You must seize the time to open a breakthrough and try to take it down before dark, otherwise you will not be able to catch up with tomorrow s plane.Don t worry, Liu Suo, Luo Satellite s confession attitude is good, as long as Luo Weixing speaks, Jiang cbd gummies hempbombs can i mail cbd gummies can i mail cbd gummies Yonggen can t blame him.Han Chaoyang looked back at Zhang Da who was waiting at the elevator entrance, and continued The leaders of the Leken Airport Branch are very helpful, let them Zhang Da of the criminal police brigade specially assisted us.The commercial plaza where the suspect was arrested does not belong to the jurisdiction of the airport branch.Zhang Da has already contacted the Lezhong branch for us.He couldn t help but turn around and ask, Hongliang, don t you plan to take Lingling out for a few days Her pregnancy reaction It s quite severe, always nausea can i mail cbd gummies and throwing up, can t go anywhere, let s stay at home.Jin Chuan, how about you Didn t I tell you that we have to do it twice, and Yanyang will go to her hometown to do it after finishing it here.The air tickets are all can i mail cbd gummies bought, and we will leave at noon on the 2nd.After her hometown finishes, we will go to Hong Kong and Macau to play.A few days.Thinking of the next happy life, Yu Zhenchuan looked proud.He is indeed qualified to be proud.Zhang Beibei is beautiful, capable, and rich.Marrying Zhang Beibei can at least save him decades of struggle, and even the marriage leave is longer than Han Chaoyang, because he and Zhang Beibei are late marriages, and they can take leave according to regulations.

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