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It has truly become a real broken sword Can Jian also wakes up from this, Zhao Wang is cowardly and untrustworthy, and since then he has embarked on another path assassin.Chapter 18 Awe inspiring and Nameless From the bottom of the copper spear in the sky, I found a small word engraved Lin.Lin is a city.A small city in Zhao State.Can Jian and Feixue are hiding in a library in Lincheng.Wuming entered the library, the war was imminent, and among the 300 disciples in the library, none of them retreated.Different from the desolate, depressing, and desolate atmosphere in the city, the atmosphere of practicing here is very strong He finally saw Can Jian, who was aliased as Mr.Gao Shan.Canjian s swordsmanship is said to have shocked the past and present, and the swordman is one In the chaos of the Warring States Period, it was the era when swordsmen were popular threesome, at least one swordsman among them But if three swordsmen walk together, they must talk about the broken sword What is a chivalrous man A chivalrous man is a spirit, a kind of tradition.Our teacher is great Now that I heard them chatting, I realized that Tangtanger is small, but she already has her own little secret, and I don t tell it in my heart.Only when I meet friends of the same age will I happily complain together As they walked along the way, they met many dog lovers who also came to walk their dogs.The three puppies are the happiest, the three little friends can t hold them back at all, they are having fun boosted cbd gummies 1000mg in the grass by the side of the road, but fortunately, Bai Jingjing and Chihuahua are both small and can t scare passers by, while Erha is only stupid cute.We walked and walked to the square by the sea.On the endless sea, the setting sun was falling on the sea level.With the sea breeze blowing, Tangtanger flew towards the square, shouting happily Little brother Little brother Kiki and Little Putao followed closely, and ran to the square to chase the little pigeons and seabirds that stayed.Even if you have a little conscience, Brother Qian still has money to buy clothes.Tangtanger was waiting for these words, and ran to a children s clothing store happily.Brands, the clothes in it are priced at best cbd gummy bear seven or eight hundred thousand.Candy has no concept of price, she only has two concepts of whether the dress looks good or not, and she doesn t even care about whether it suits her or not.The shopping guide was a beautiful girl, and she asked Tang Shuang with a smile.Tang Shuang pointed to the little adult who was picking clothes with her little hands behind her back She has the final say.The shopping guide followed Tangtanger with a smile.Strange, why every piece of clothes here is gummies with cbd and thc very suitable for her, and she wants to buy it home.For example, this floral dress, she thinks that wearing it to Xiao Putao will definitely gain great envy.Tang Shuang Go and go, you don t have a headache, why do you massage Tang Zhen asked Tang Zhen for help directly Sister, ask Xiaoshuang to massage Tang Zhen, I also feel pain.Tang Zhen squeezed her chubby face with a funny face, and said to Tang Shuang, Just give Tangtanger a massage.Tangtanger also begged, Just give me a massage, and I will like you even more.Yes.Tang Shuang pretended to be speechless, and said impatiently Come on come on sit up, sit upright Tang Tang sat down happily on her little stool, and Bai Jingjing the puppy curiously sat down.Look around, I m sitting up straight Then I m coming, relax Tang Shuang said, gently pressing on Tangtang gummies with cbd and thc cbd gummies and copd er s gummies with cbd and thc temple, and the place where he struck gummies with cbd and thc was full of meat, a chubby little chubby paper.It s so comfortable I don t know whether Tangtang er is really comfortable or fake.Tang Zhen told a story of failure just now, and she owed Tang Tanger in her heart.She stood up and poured Tang Shuang a glass of water, and said, Do you want to feed Before Tang Shuang could speak, Tang Tang pointed to her face, Say to Tang Shuang Shame Tang Shuang proudly said You are envious.Then she said to Tang Zhen Then have a bite Splendid, well thought cbd gummies famil video out Tell the story quickly, if you don t tell it well, Tang Shuang will beat you up.Tang Shuang drank water to moisten her throat Come, come, come, tell these two beauties a story suitable for all ages.Tang Shuang immediately changed into a comfortable position.Although she often confronted Tang Shuang, she trusted Tang Shuang when listening to stories, because he could always cbd gummies glasgow tell a lot of super fun and funny stories.She once asked Xiaoshuang curiously why she knew so many stories.A little movement, Xiaoshuang should still be a writer.But thinking that this trip was still going to be a bad one, Tangtanger sighed and said to the small animals in the circle, if she didn t come back, she must have been captured by Tang Xiaoshuang, and you must avenge the little master.Bai Jingjing s puppy barks twice, expressing that she wants to go to the enemy s nest with her little master.Tangtanger knelt down and patted Bai Jingjing s head encouragingly, thinking that if she met the big villain Xiaoshuang, she would let Jingjing bite him first, and she would flee back to the room.Tangtang quietly opened a crack in the door, stuck out her head and looked around, the corridor was really quiet, she signaled to Bai Jingjing to stop barking, to keep quiet, and then slipped out like a thief.She saw it was Li Haonan s, and then Shi Shiran under Tangtanger s extremely dissatisfied gaze.leave.Li Haonan said on the phone Young Master Tang, are you free on the 1st of next gummies with cbd and thc month camino cbd thc gummies It s best if you are free.If you don t have time, you have to find time.Hero will hold a signing event, so you must come.Tang Shuang was taken aback, when did the Hero book signing event be held He has no idea.It is a good thing to hold a signing event to show that you value this book, but Be more specific It s not a signing event for Heroes alone.Li Haonan There are also Legend of the Condor Heroes , A batch of books such as Ping Zongxia Video Record , didn t they publish more than a dozen novels together this time, and eight authors were selected to participate in the signing event, and you were also included.What s up The stewardess said what corporate company owns the rights to cbd gummies that she was here to thank Tang Shuang how long does cbd gummy last in system why are cbd gummies so expensive on behalf of the flight attendants.What earth shattering good thing did I do that alarmed the entire flight crew Tang Shuang was even more puzzled.The stewardess said that Tang Shuang had volunteered to take care of the two passengers around her just now, and all the flight attendants were very grateful.Tang Shuang suddenly realized, she thought what was the matter, waved her hands and said it was a trivial matter, and it should be done.The stewardess explained that the local accents of the gummies with cbd and thc two elderly people were so strong that the flight attendants could not understand them, and they encountered difficulties when boarding the plane just now.This flight belongs to Shengjing Airlines, and the crew members are all from the north, and none of them can understand the Cantonese dialect.Pan Wenling accompanied Bai Yang er the whole time.Originally, the company asked her to communicate with Bai Yang er first, and then go to the company to solve the problem, but Pan Wenling couldn t say it out loud.She couldn t be as cold as the company, and couldn t measure a person by value.Her inner emotions would not allow her to do so.Accompanying Bai Yang er to accept this cruel news was already the limit of what she could do.Afterwards, she was disheartened and offered to resign.The company didn t hold back much and quickly agreed, which strengthened her determination to leave.In a few days, Li Xiaozhi left, Bai Yang er was terminated, and Pan Wenling also resigned.Tang Zhen couldn gummies with cbd and thc t accept it for a while.She found Junhao, the company s chief supervisor, but it was useless, everything was too late.Think I m not willing to beat you up.I took a picture of you.Go back and give it to me.Look, mom Candy er was thinking badly I was upset and choked I kept coughing Chapter 130 Visiting Wei Daqun Tang Shuang hurriedly patted Tanger on the back, this little guy choked, and he was still reluctant to take the things in his mouth Spit it out and still gummies with cbd and thc cbd gummies and copd eat it Little pig, spit out what s in your mouth quickly Hurry up, don t eat.Tang Tanger then spit out what was stuffed in his mouth into the trash basket that Tang Shuang brought over.Chu Mei unscrewed a bottle of fruit juice, If you don t cough, just drink a little water.Tang Tanger coughed up tears, her face was flushed, Woooooooooo Qiqi and Xiaoputao saw their little friend If you are in trouble, come to comfort me.Qiqi said that he is a man, no matter how much he eats, he will not choke.Guo Zifeng s ultimate dream is to join the army as a pilot, but he didn t pass the military school exam, so he settled for the next best thing, dreaming of flying a passenger plane, and now he is running on the road of his dream, what a lucky guy.Tang Zhen s dream is to sing and dance, she is also a lucky guy.Among college classmates, some people say that their dream is to travel all over the world, but this is wishful thinking, because he needs to earn money to support his family, and the tuition fees of his younger brothers and sisters are on the shoulders of his old father.Some people said that his dream was to be a writer, but he suffered setbacks before graduating from university, and his internship was as a building salesman.Some people say that his dream is to engage in academic research, but he is not prepared to take the postgraduate entrance examination at all, because his family cannot afford his tuition fees for many years Too many, all about dreams, all about frustrated dreams.What about yourself Knowing that she is about to die, but not knowing when death will come suddenly, nor how to die, this sense of powerlessness that her fate is completely out of control makes Axia almost mentally collapse.He went to pay homage to Amin.Amin, who had closed his eyes forever, had no fear on his face, and replaced it with serenity.Perhaps, this was a kind of relief for him.A Xia noticed that the X on Amin s body had disappeared.Sure enough, the black X will disappear only when the person dies.In the evening, after Axia got off work, she didn t go home, but wandered in the small park downstairs of her house in suits and leather shoes, carrying a briefcase, sitting alone on a swing in the dark, and her thoughts were chaotic I should also soon Dead, three days later three months later Hit by a car Or was killed by gangsters What will happen to my lovely how long does cbd gummy last in system why are cbd gummies so expensive wife after my death Where is my most beloved daughter Who will take care gummies with cbd and thc of them Thinking of this, his heart was about to break.Tang Huohuo encountered an urgent matter at the office on the way, so he left with great regret, and begged Tang Shuang to send the little princess to his home safely no matter what the difficulties and dangers were overcome.Tang Huohuo is a person who knows Tang Shuang.He guessed that without him in charge, he would probably turn back halfway, so in front of everyone, he called his father Tang Dajian, announcing the upcoming arrival of Princess Tang Tang, and get ready to meet cbd gummies in battle creek mi him.Welcoming the little princess is not the point of this call.The point is to use Tang Dajian to restrain Tang Shuang and want to escape halfway I can t run away now.After making the phone call, Tang Huohuo lured Tang Tang to her, saying that the uncle and aunt had prepared many beautiful and lovely gifts for her, and most importantly, the aunt would cook a lot of delicious gummies with cbd and thc cbd gummies and copd food.The second ranked Legend of the Condor Heroes sold 449,030 copies, and the third ranked Heroes sold 448,780 copies, almost catching up.This is because Hero has not gone through a full sales week after the movie news was announced.It is conceivable that in the second week, with the current momentum of Heroes , the top position on the list is basically not what he thought, and Liang Yusheng and Jin Yong have to stand aside.A novel that was used as a foil at the book signing event broke through the siege and was about to become the number one among the published books.This was beyond everyone s expectations, including Tang Shuang herself.Hero not only has the popularity of Yingxun, but Huaxia Bookstore is stepping up efforts to promote it.In the past, this book was how long does cbd gummy last in system why are cbd gummies so expensive only placed in an inconspicuous position, but now, Huaxia Bookstore has required every branch store to publish Hero is placed in the most conspicuous place, so that now when book fans walk into Huaxia Bookstore, they gummies with cbd and thc can see Hero.They are just false gods This is their sorrow.My name It s been too long, I ve forgotten it, but you can call me God.In this world, Tang Zichen was the only one who could be my enemy.She was hunted down by me for three days and three nights.In the face of absolute power, she is no match for me Just when I thought I was going to seek defeat from Dugu, Tang Zichen found someone like Wang Chao.He is my destined opponent.I want to kill cbd gummies advanced natural pain relief him and find the way ahead of the martial arts.A round of bright moon rose to the middle of the sky, and then gradually fell.The night was as cold as water and deep.In the huge Summer Palace, there were only insects chirping one after another, and a thin layer of mist covered Kunming Lake.Right here At that moment, Baliming gently stood up, turned his head to the moon, and exhaled slowly.Tang Shuang was sure that Tangtang er was acting coquettish and cute on purpose to trick her into the recording studio.Chapter 177 My Microphone Tangtanger saw the tall microphone, she knew it, the black stick in her hand, although it had changed now, it was stuck on the ground, but the black round thing on top of the head was not wrong, Just outside the house, she saw Tang Zhen singing to this one.When Tangtanger saw this, she became interested.She wanted to hold the wheat in her hand.No matter whether it sounded good or not, whether it was tuned or not, she would yell at it.But this tall microphone is too high, she is less than a quarter, and it is useless to jump up, so she acted like a baby and asked Tang Zhen to hug her.As expected, Tang Zhen hugged Candy, and the little girl giggled as she hugged the microphone, Sister, I want to sing, I sing very well, can you sing it to HCMUSSH gummies with cbd and thc my sister Tang Shuang went over and lied to the child Said This one who can t sing, let s go outside, I took you to that small house before, the little fool forgot.But no, brother pig, it should not grow into a fat man, but keep in shape, breeding, uh, if you want to match, if you don t want to match, you can do it Replenish your energy.At this point, Tang Shuang glanced at brother San Jian, fearing that he would start a storm.Its life is free, not set by others.It does not want to be locked in a pigsty all day long, dares to run wildly, and does not want to be castrated, and finally grows fangs.Such a terrestrial pig A lone pig, it is chic, why are cbd gummies so expensive calm, vigilant, completely different from other pigs who are muddled and ignorant.Let s not discuss whether its behavior is right or wrong.Its spirit of daring to break through the shackles and rules is It is very worth learning.I feel that in our lives, the living conditions of most people are controlled by an invisible force.The Volvo SUV that Tang Shuang bought was always insisted by Tang Shuang as hers, because when she bought the car, she put a lot of effort into it.The decorations are also made by her, whoever owns what is not hers Tangtang er rolled her eyes, it was hers and it was very difficult for her to spit it out, so she said, Well, Tangtang er is still too young, when I grow up, you have to return the car to me, okay Although it was in a negotiating tone, as someone who knew her well, Tang Shuang knew that the answer could only be good, never bad.Tang Shuang Okay, then, this request will be your reward for counting the stars.Tang Tanger Ah No and added Tang Xiaoshuang is a cheapskate Tang Shuang still wants to talk, Tang Shuang The son launched a candy offensive, sweetly and coquettishly Xiaoshuang don t be angry just one request, let me kiss you, okay.She stopped suddenly, coughed, stomped knocked on the door and asked, Tangtang Is Tangtang in there Brother wants Come in After speaking, she heard rustling voices from inside, Tang Shuang pushed the door lightly and walked in, only to see the little piggy sitting on the floor with her back to him, as if hiding something.Little Zhuzhu looked back, why did Tang Xiaoshuang come in Hurriedly hugging the little ladybug schoolbag in front of her, she was afraid that Tang Shuang would be a robber who would steal good things from children.Then he yanked the zipper shut with a slam, and accidentally wrapped the little clothes inside.Tang Shuang quickly stopped the little piggy, who tore apart a lot of clothes and schoolbags like this.Tang Tanger was worried about asking Tang Shuang for help, so he groaned and pulled out the little clothes wrapped in the zipper by himself.Grandma touched Tangtang s head with a smile, and said, My Tangtang s grown taller and cuter Grandma couldn t hold you anymore, Tang Shuang endured it, forget it, don t say it, otherwise Another dispute.The intersection was more than 300 meters away from grandma s house.They walked back and Tang Shuang drove behind.I m home Seeing the big courtyard of grandma s house, Tangtang er and Bai Jingjing excitedly pushed open the bamboo fence door and rushed in along the winding flower path.Soon, only his voice was heard, but no one was seen.Grandma s gummies with cbd and thc family lives in the suburbs of Meilin City, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with a large yard filled with various flowers, plants, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.The flowers and plants are my grandmother s favorite, while the fruits and vegetables are taken care of by my grandfather.Tang Shuang tasted the shredded lentils, and a fresh fragrance flooded into the taste buds instantly.It was delicious Seeing this, Huang Xiang smiled and said, Add chicken broth to the shredded lentils and stir fry slowly.The taste will immediately become several times more delicious.If Xiaoshuang likes it, eat more.Candy heard that this is delicious, so she begged Tang Shuang to give it to her as well.Hold one.Tang Shuang took a look at the little piglet sitting next to him.It wasn t that she couldn t catch it, but that she was busy, and the chopsticks had been tinkering with a large piece of sweet and sour fish in the bowl, so she didn t have time If such an adult wants me to feed him, I ll ask you if you re ashamed.Open your mouth Unconvinced by the words, Tang Tanger muttered, unable to speak clearly, opened her mouth and ate the shredded lentils with a whimper, blinked her big eyes, Nodding desperately, after swallowing, he crazily praised his uncle, making the director of the education bureau smile all over his face.Tang Shuang You look at me and smile like that, why do I panic, are you plotting against me again Huang Weiwei didn t talk to him, because Tang Shuang was right, and thinking about the olly cbd gummies content of the chat just now, she was worried that she would cbd gummies to stop smoking near me not be able to control herself I laughed out loud in front of Tang Shuang.Tangtang, come quickly to my sister.Wow, your hair is so long.Let me tell you, girls should cut their hair short.Short hair is very beautiful and comfortable.You see, gummies with cbd and thc Xiao Shuang and his boys all have short hair.Tangtanger was going to Huang Weiwei s arms, but when she heard this, she felt like a little rabbit who sensed danger, so she stopped and said decisively to Huang Weiwei, I don t Princesses have long hair, she As long how many miligrams should i take of cbd gummies as she can remember, she has long hair, which is her lifeline.Thinking of this, Tang Shuang empathized and said, You re so cute, of course I like it.Tang Tanger asked happily, How much do you like it Shuang, only to hear Tang Shuang say I like you more than all the rabbits Wow Candy Surprise, with twinkle eyes, better than all bunnies Tang Shuang gave a happy chirp and kissed Tang Shuang, leaving a puddle of saliva.Tang Shuang wiped it with some disgust, but Tang Tanger kissed it again, leaving another puddle of saliva.Tang Shuang was helpless, and said, Why do you drool so much Tang Tanger said crisply, Hmph I m still talking about it, and I asked you to pinch it Tang Shuang The rabbit was dragged to sleep by Wu Gang, the water was useless, Tang Shuang gummies with cbd and thc squatted down, and washed her face with the water in the basin, mainly to wash off the saliva on her face.Liu Weiru s face turned red, especially with so many people staring at him, he became angry from embarrassment Said to Tang Sanjian, Old thief, dare to bully me like this, let s gummies with cbd and thc wait and see , and walked away Tang Shuang Catch up and beat him It s so cool to chase and beat a dog in the water Just like this Pia pia Ouch Ouch Xiaoshuang, you hit a child Tang Shuang hit Tangtang a few times Little ass, punish her for defecting just now.After beating the child, the big devil immediately suppressed the child s counterattack with one hand, and said to why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise Tang Sanjian Teacher Wei doesn t look at dragons and snakes, he is helping us on purpose.When he visited Wei Daqun last time, he expressed a meaning, Tang Shuang should write more in depth articles, The Romance of the Dragon and Snake Hehe Tang Sanjian Thanks to Chairman Wei s help this time, otherwise you will be doomed.Is it not going well Is it something else at work Tang Shuang was stunned Am I angry Huang Xiangning rolled his eyes at him Aren t you angry You made Tangtang cry fiercely, and my sister rarely cried.I cried twice this year, and it was all because of you After speaking, Huang Xiangning got up and went to Tangtanger s room to see her, and when he passed Tang Shuang, he nodded his head, Don t just talk about beating your sister, you can teach HCMUSSH gummies with cbd and thc her, But you can t do anything, and you can t even threaten, that s not good.After Huang Xiangning left, Tang Shuang calmed down and thought about it, she seemed a little impulsive just now, and she wouldn t be like this usually.He picked up the tablet computer, opened it to check the records that Little Pig had used.Candy in the hut lay on the bed and cried for a while, wiped away the tears, hugged the little rabbits Tang Xiaoguo and Tang Xiaotang and muttered I want to be optimistic, I am the little sun I am a strong little baby After a while of self encouragement, Little Pig finally stopped crying, buried his little face on the pillow, and arched it.This is stealing their jobs Who wants to work with laymen who point fingers at their expertise As an outsider, Qiu Sen was able to maintain rationality and analyze this matter objectively.He thinks it is impossible for the author to ask for the right to intervene in filming, and any normal person knows that this is impossible.It should be rumored by the film and television company.This kind of news is false and cbd gummies for pain sleep and anxiety true, most of it is true, and a small part is false, so Qiu Sen inevitably had some bad impressions on the three swords of the imperial guards.He is now considering whether to negotiate with the other party after arriving in Guangdong Province.But I was very reluctant, the dragon and snake were too suitable for him.Chapter 300 Going, Eating, Going, Eating The Youth Film Festival finally opened, and many outsiders came to Guangdong University.Without saying a word, Tang Shuang rushed over with Ye Liang.Tangtanger chased after him and shouted, Where is Xiaoshuang What about the little one Oh, I forgot about the little fox.Look at the little foxes, look at walking alone at night, just cleaned their butts, don t worry about leaving these two mischievous bastards at home, so bring them Candy entangled Ye Liang in an instant, mouthing Brother Yezi one by one, smashing it, smashing it, I don t know, you gummies with cbd and thc can experience it yourself.Ye Liang funnyly took out a bag of colorful candies from his pocket, here, I understand what you mean in seconds Tangtanger sweetly took the candy bag, took out a red one and handed it to Xiao Guizi, thanking him for treating death like home just now and covering the little fox s retreat.Chapter 308 A Silly Smile and a Rolling Eye When Tang Shuang and Ye Liang rushed over, the salon was already over.Tang Shuang worried that he would not be an opponent in the future.Sure enough, he was worried about what was coming, Tangtanger Xiaozhuzhu was overjoyed, and felt that he was very good at defeating the monitors of other classes several times, and wanted to challenge Xiaoshuang, so he asked Xiaoshuang, can I make you cry if I scold you Tang Shuang said firmly No Tang Shuang was unconvinced Why Tang Shuang Because I beat you when you scolded the first sentence.Not a good thing to say.Seeing that Xiaozhuzhu dared to have such thoughts, Tang Shuang decided to settle the score.He rolled up the car window, and said to are cbd gummies legal in alabama the innocent boy, Where did you take pictures of me just how long does cbd gummy last in system why are cbd gummies so expensive now Huh Tang Shuang clarified her words further How many times have I told you that you are not allowed to slap other people s butts How many times have you said that Why do you still slap Have you thought about how why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise you will be punished Oops, Tangtanger remembered, hehehe, it seems to have been said.Tang Zhen got up to receive Pan Wenling and He Zhenyi, and the little piggy also immediately spotted them, standing on the sofa and staring at He Zhenyi, huh This young lady is so familiar, she s seen it somewhere before, but she can t remember it at the moment He Zhenyi was terrified by her look, and thought to herself, don t look at me, don t look at me, don t think about it As soon as he yelled in his heart, Xiao Zhuzhu let out two hahahas, jumped off the sofa, ran to He Zhenyi blithely, looked at her with big eyes in surprise, and hahahad three more times before speaking, making her little Girl Ha s face collapsed, the smile on her face could just cbd gummies contact no longer be maintained, it s too bad, it s over Sure enough, Tangtanger smiled and said Tangtanger knows Miss Sister You blow bubbles so well, blow them with your nose Can you still blow them for me Miss Sister, can you teach me I really want to learn He Zhenyi instantly hid her face, she was ashamed to respond Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo At the beginning, Xiaoyi brought many snacks to Candy, but Xiaozhuzhu pretended to be reserved while wanting to eat them, and finally found out that Xiaoshuang had paid for them, so he took them away and said, It s so hard, Xiaoshuang can t help it.This is a bit full of words, but it proves that Lao Zhao does have sufficient confidence.It is said that two young people are making the film Or are they students Lao Zhao replied Just 20 years old, one is a directing student of Guangdong University, and the other is a student of Chinese Department of Tongji University in Guangdong Province.They are very good, especially The latter one is a well known writer.Didn cbd gummies review gummies with cbd and thc t the director say a few days ago that he would watch Hero after its release He is the screenwriter of Hero.Ouyang Rong was surprised Oh I remember the author of Hero and The editor s name is Tang Shuang, is that him Old Zhao knew Ye Liang and Tang Shuang very well, and said, That s right, this is Tang gummies with cbd and thc Shuang, and his works are not limited to Heroes.There are still ten minutes before the premiere of the commercial , Ouyang Rong asked with interest Oh I didn t pay attention to these, what other works does he have Lao Zhao didn t answer directly, but said to Jiang Yiguo with a smile Director Jiang is very familiar with this, yesterday he And show me Tang Shuang s works.The little boy in black knew Xiaojin.When Tangtanger spoke harshly to him before, he said that he had sent three generals to defeat him, and this Xiaojin was among them.The little boy in black thought that the little chubby guy was happy just now when he won the last place, so he ignored Xiao Jin, gave him a contemptuous look, and concentrated on preparing for the start of the competition.He doesn t make trouble for Xiao Jin, but Xiao Jin wants to make trouble for him.Xiao Jin I will help Tang Tang defeat you Tang Tang said you are a bad boy and a bitch.This is Xiao Jin, who can say whatever is on his mind, regardless of whether it is appropriate or not.The little boy in black was furious You and that little kid are both fools.I killed her first, and I killed you second, and ran you over with a car Ah You, you Xiao Jin He was shocked, he had never dealt with the little boy in black before, he didn t know how cruel this guy was, and he was going to kill him if he opened his mouth.horse.Candy is very envious, she has only seen the prairie and horses on TV.Jiajia invites Tangtanger to her house as a guest, and Xiao Zhuzhu nods immediately.She doesn t need to ask for advice from adults.At worst, she can go by herself by handjob, or ask her younger sister for help.on board.When Jiajia and Meimei came, they took the train, and when they went back, they took the plane, so they could get home at night.When I came here, I took the train to appreciate the human nature along the way.The journey south made the two little girls grow up a lot.When they were tired, they would not complain, and when they encountered difficulties, they would first find their own way.The three children get together to bid farewell.Candy is cheerful and optimistic by nature, but facing parting at the moment, he is very reluctant and sad.If the publisher agrees to publish, it is not so easy to print samples Hurry up.Li Haonan said.Tang Shuang nodded to show that she understands that if she pays for herself, she pays for herself.Old Tang s family has a boss who pays for herself, and she is used to it.In the evening, Tang Shuang received a call from Li Haonan, and Shengjing Publishing House agreed to publish it.Their marketing director, Mao Chun, knew Tang Shuang.He heard that it was Tang Shuang s work.After reading it, he noticed gummies with cbd and thc that it was the work of Tang Shuang s younger sister.He smiled and agreed., is not simply a friendship gummies with cbd and thc sponsorship.After Tang Shuang hung up the phone with Li Haonan, she immediately called Mao Chun to express her gratitude.Candy is frantically flipping through the drawers again at this moment, she won t let it go until a Ding Dong pops up, but this time it cbd condor gummies gummies with cbd and thc s not all about Ding Dong, but also her picture book A Garden of Vegetables Becomes a Gentleman , where to go up It was still on the little desk last night.Director Zuo Bin nodded That s good, the theme is determined by the program group , the letters read by guests can only be selected from the options we provide.This must be firmly grasped, otherwise everyone has different ideas, and our work will become more and more difficult.When dealing with invited celebrity guests, we must do Be neither humble nor overbearing, if you can accommodate, you must not let go, just like what happened to Hu Zhongyuan this time Hu Zhongyuan was invited to participate in Seeing Letters Like gummies with cbd and thc cbd gummies and copd Us , and the program team provided him with three letters for him to choose from.However, he asked if he could choose another one, which was moldy cbd gummies consistent with the theme of Remembrance and would not jump out of the topic.Zuo Bin resolutely disagreed, afraid of breaking the rules, so he asked Wang Kai best cbd gummies on amazon reddit to communicate with Hu Zhongyuan continuously.Why look at me, don t look at me, don t look at me, look at Xiaozhen, she is pretty.The adults found out that there was something wrong with the candles, but the little ones didn t.A few little ones gathered around the cake curiously to study it.Candy blew out a candle, but the candle soon ignited gummies with cbd and thc by itself.The little peacock thought it was very fun, so he blew out one too, and with a snort, the extinguished candle ignited itself again.Little Putao came on the stage, barking, barking, barking the front teeth leaked, and they didn t blow them out Li Dun is here, this guy extinguished all 7 candles in one breath, and then the candles lit themselves again This is amazing The adults knew at a glance that someone was playing tricks, and all looked at Tang Shuang.Why look at me, don t look at me, don t look at me, look at Xiaozhen, she is pretty.Then he took Pan Fugui away, and the sound of footsteps came from behind him, and the little man followed up again, took Tang Shuang s hand actively, and said, The Lun family should cheer up, and give the little noble son a ride.Tangtang er looked up.Looking at the night sky, he pointed to the round moon and said, Xiao Guizi said that our place is closer to the sun.You see, we are actually very close to the moon.It s so beautiful.A piece of black branches and branches, like a group of withered hands wanting to get their hands on the only piece of brilliance in the night sky.The image of Tang Zhen suddenly appeared in Tang Shuang s mind, as if this bright moon was her, and these withered hands were the gossip, grievances and grievances in the entertainment industry.9 00 p.m.35.There were no other sounds in Guangdong University except the sound of the wind and the sound of trees.I m going to get sick While talking, he hugged the little person down, knelt down and tied a scarf HCMUSSH gummies with cbd and thc for her, put on a fox hat, covered her small ears, and put on gloves, and finally she became chubby with only a pair of eyes outside.The doll in the claw machine just now.Tang Shuang helped the little man sit back on the back seat, straddled it herself, and said, Hold on firmly, put your hands in my pockets, tsk don t mess around, give me your hands, all right, put your face on me Don t kick your feet on your back, don t expose your trousers, it will be cold.A loli voice sounded from behind Okay It s why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise done according to Xiaoshuang s request, Xiaoshuang, don t worry, Xiaoshuang, you Thank you for your hard work, let s go home soon, mom and dad need to worry, hee hee Let s drive Tang Shuang pedaled her bicycle and set foot on the way home.Fan Liwen choked, paused for a while, and said, Are you really so confident On the one hand, he thought Yu Xiang is confident in honey, but on the other hand, he feels that it might come true.Fan Liwen How do you envision the future of Tuzi Entertainment Fan Liwen s other aspects are good or bad, but one thing is worthy of recognition, that is his love for Tuzi Entertainment.In fact, Tuzi Entertainment The shares in the entertainment belonged to his father, and he inherited it from his father, so he treated his apprentice entertainment as a family business.If Yuxiang holds shares, his status will be different.He is also the head of the family, and the views of the head of the company on the future of the gummies with cbd and thc company are very important.If everyone cannot reach an agreement on this point, there will be constant disputes in the future.He learned the adult world at an innocent and carefree age.awkward and uncomfortable.Just like the Zhong Beiqi in front of me, a girl like a bean sprout, but with light makeup on, she is a bit charming in her tenderness, Tang Shuang s heart tingles when she sees it, Tangtanger, that little fool, is the most natural and cutest.At this time, the car arrived, and a pair 2:1 cbd thc gummies of auspicious beasts customized by Tang Shuang had arrived.Ye Liang was the first to go to look curiously, but was completely covered by the black cloth.He wanted to untie the black cloth, Tang Shuang said Move it down first.Several staff members of the stone statue company lifted the stone statue that was placed in the back of the pickup truck, and Ye Liang said to Tang Shuang, It s not big, why are gummies with cbd and thc you so stingy, buying such a small stone statue right Tang Shuang said angrily The concentrated essence is the essence, don t beep if you don t understand.Candy called without looking back Wait for the Lun family I don t know why she went Now, Huang Xiangning was worried, and followed the past, she couldn t help but not worry, the kitchen was pitch dark, the lights were not turned on, so don t fall down.Candy Don t run away, you didn t turn on the light Sure enough, Candy s voice quickly came from the kitchen Mom, Mom, where is the light in gummies with cbd and thc the kitchen I can t find it, it s so dark , I can t see anything.Huang Xiangning followed, and as soon as she reached the door, a little man rushed out, hugged her leg, patted her small chest, and said in shock Oh It s so scary, it turns out that there is no light so scary, it scares the little pig to death, mother, turn on the light, or the Lun family will have a nightmare.Well, Tang Shuang believes that the little man has been scared to death in just such a short time, otherwise She won t call herself Little Pig, and now she is extremely taboo about this title.Just give it to me.Tang Shuang could tell from the clothes and expressions of the two of them that they had a bad life these past few days, and they couldn t hold on for long if they continued like this, and she had already collapsed before she found Jian Siming s seven inches , let alone a protracted war with Jian Siming.Jian Siming is a scumbag.Most of his life has passed, and he has enjoyed all that he should enjoy, while the lives of the two of you pectin cbd gummies have just begun.Although you may not listen to this at this time, I still hope that you can have your own Don t live in hatred all the time, you don t have to let go of revenge, but don t sacrifice the beautiful life you should have.Jiaojiao, you also said, this is a long process, life must continue, don t stagnate.Tang Shuang left the coffee shop and drove to the kindergarten.The little man thought for a while, thinking about Xiaoshuang s shameful places, and after much deliberation, he decided to let them see.Hmph I ll see you soon, my brother is here The little finger pointed at the Flying Bird Hotel, and a huge Flying Bird logo was printed on the hotel building.The yellow green haired girl immediately untied her belt and said, Get out of the car and go to the kid s brother to see cbd condor gummies gummies with cbd and thc if she is lying.Hey kid, what is your brother doing here He can t be a waiter, right The older sister who was driving got out of the car and wanted to open the door for Tangtanger, but the little man was very skillful, pushed the door open with both hands, jumped down, and said, Oh, why is the door of this car so heavy Don t move, my car starts with just one finger.Then he ran to the girl with yellow green hair and said, The cbd condor gummies gummies with cbd and thc waiter is also very nice, you can eat as much as you want, how happy you are, envy.Ah No wonder such a cute child, his father is so young and handsome, what a family good genes.The proprietress Little sister is so cute.Tang Shuang said with a smile Thank you Tang Tanger also saw Tang Shuang at this time, and shouted at him Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, here is my sister s song, look I ll take it No.With her little head held high, she stood in front of the shelf, stood on tiptoes, and stretched out her arms as much as she could, but she was too small to reach, so she kept bouncing around in front of the shelf, and said with a sigh Ouch, the Lun family is exhausted, why put it so high Tang Shuang Don t jump, I ll get it for you.Tang Shuang looked up at Tang Shuang, muttered that Xiao Shuang was a HCMUSSH gummies with cbd and thc giraffe, and sighed Oh, it s so tiring to wear HCMUSSH gummies with cbd and thc so many clothes in winter.I can t jump up hard.Tang Shuang brought a book basket, put it on the ground and said, Put the books here, you re tired from holding them.Tang Tanger carefully placed the books in the basket and lifted them up with difficulty, ouch, add After picking up the basket, she couldn t lift it anymore, so she laughed at Tang Shuang, and said embarrassedly Tangtang is still too young, she needs to grow up a little bit, look She said, bending her arms, It s weird, outsiders can t understand it at all, but Tang Shuang understands it in seconds, because the little guy learned this movement from him.In summer, Tang Shuang often shows off his triceps to her to show that he is very powerful I have chicken too said the little man unwillingly.Is it hard not to pretend Tang Shuang was speechless, stretched out her hand and pinched it, and the bulging clothes shrank instantly, and the slender arms could be pinched through the thick clothes.While racking his brains to make up, he said eloquently that the requirements for on the spot adaptability were too high.In less than a minute, the inventory in his gummies with cbd and thc stomach be empty.What s more, there is no need to speak at this moment, because close to the two clasped hands are two beating hearts.On the night of the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, the snowflakes are falling, but the two of them are a bit hot, especially Luo Yuqing, who calls herself a red pepper, is about to boil deep in her heart, and she is sweating all over her body., escape, worry, fear, heartbeat, sweet and sour and other incomparably complicated emotions, she has never experienced in more than twenty years.Tang Shuang was the first to break the silence, and said sincerely Yuqing, I lied to you just now.Chapter 548 Oh, help Luo Yuqing was taken aback for a moment, and then said in a coquettish and restrained tone Ah, I knew it Tell me honestly, where did you lie to me Tang Shuang seemed to have made a huge mistake I, I, I, tonight In fact, I drank some wine.Tang Shuang looked at the time and saw that it was why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise already ten past zero.The next day was Wednesday, and Tangtanger was cbd gummies review gummies with cbd and thc going to kindergarten, so it was impossible to see Xue.Since she wanted to skip class, Tang Shuang promised her that she would definitely take her to see it on weekends, gummies with cbd and thc so Little Piggy reluctantly left.Chapter 556 New Band Tang Shuang came to Tuzi Entertainment and made an appointment with Ding Xiaoquan today to meet the new members of the band who are preparing.This company is located in the northern part of Guangdong Province.It is a 20 story high rise building with a sea blue color as a whole.It looks very new from the outside, but in fact it has been 23 years.About 10 years ago, this building suffered a minor fire, which caused serious damage to its appearance.For this reason, the company redecorated and whitewashed the building.She understood that in the past six months, the long river of time had brought the two of them to different places.Tribute, their relationship has reached its second stage.Thinking of this, Zeng Yujun felt a little sour in her heart, but she still smiled and waved goodbye to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang watched her going back in silence for a while, until a small hand reached out, held his big hand, looked down, Tangtanger blinked her big eyes and said, Don t cry, don t cry, Xiaoshuang don t cry Oh, Tangtanger is always on your side, the big sister is accompanied by the big brother, and our little how long does cbd gummy last in system why are cbd gummies so expensive Shuang is even more powerful, accompanied by the little princess Smile, cbd condor gummies gummies with cbd and thc come, laugh Huhehe Hearing her concern, Tang Shuang s heart warmed up, and after a smirk, he led the villain away, and he knew why a hundred thousand people were waiting in line for him Oh, this big pond is really big.Stop playing with your mobile phone , these words came from Miss Xiangning.Sister Xiangning often warned Tang Shuang why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise like this in the past This guy only came back home once in ten days and a half months.When he got home, he played with his mobile phone and didn t communicate with his family.He was immersed in his own world, which once made Miss Xiangning extremely worried.Tang Shuang found that Tangtang er not only had the qualities of a playwright, but was also very talented in language, but considering that she had a very neat little mouth, it was not surprising that she could imitate the tone of others speech.Don t make a fuss, okay What the hell, where are the robbers What s your little head thinking I ve convinced you.Tang Shuang how long does cbd gummy last in system why are cbd gummies so expensive had nothing but admiration for this villain s brain.Tang Shuang pointed her fingers and introduced her judgment logic to Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, this is a mountain, and there are robbers on the mountain It s night outside, very dark, and the wind is very strong.Sister and brother sit down too.You are the parents.I want to respect the elderly The little man pointed to an empty seat and said to Tang Shuang, Sit down quickly, old man.Old man I Tang Shuang was a little dissatisfied, .

do cbd gummies make you tired the next day?

but the villain had no time to take care of the sensitive and fragile Xiao Shuang.She was busy going around, asking this person to sit down, asking that person to sit down, and finally asking Tang Zhen to sit down.The greeting was Big Fairy Big why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise Fairy, can you sit here, sit with Little Fairy.Why is Xiao Zhen a big fairy, but he is an old man, both of whom grew up in the same family, why is he so biased Tsk Tang Shuang was a little irritable, she didn t want to eat, she had no appetite, she was so angry Meals are not eaten when you want to eat, and you don t eat if you don t want to eat.It s a bit bitter and astringent, juicy and fat, rich in protein, and very filling.Although it must be eaten with meat and feces, It s a bit disgusting, but it s okay to eat some shit when you re poor.For this reason, Tang Xiaowu s mother used caterpillars as an example to carry out on site education.In order to achieve the educational effect, his father really caught lord jones cbd gummies amazon a caterpillar and demonstrated how to eat this little thing.In the end, a caterpillar and a family of three Divided, Tang Xiaowu vomited after eating, because he felt that he had eaten feces, and it was possible that all he ate was feces gummies with cbd and thc Tang Xiaowu s parents glanced at each other secretly, showing an unknown smile, and immediately warned Tang Xiaowu that he must learn the skills of being cute from an early age, and in the future, he will find a good family, a rich family, so that he will not have to eat caterpillars, and he will not eat caterpillars.Karma Bai Jingjing secretly grinned at this piebald bird, and automatically gummies with cbd and thc filled in the meaning of the phrase Karma in her mind, which means I m a stupid bird, I stumbled, woof woof, so happy.Seeing that Tang Xiaowu was disobedient and didn t come over, Tang Xiaoren was very angry.Jingjing even admitted her mistake, but she dared not to admit it.Tang Shuang was worried that cbd gummies for essential tremor she would pluck the bird s feathers, and reminded in a low voice Tang Xiaowu is in a cage.Come.The kind words did not expect to harm the fish in the pond, and Tang Xiaoren became addicted to the lesson, and even said to Tang Shuang Did the little princess ask you something You are not allowed to speak I will educate you later Hmph Really The baby needs to worry so much at such a young age, what should I do if my hair turns gummies with cbd and thc gray Tang Shuang Immediately, a gloomy voice sounded Tang Tang What are you talking gummies with cbd and thc about Look at me and say yes Okay Chapter 596 A White Horse Is Not a Horse As soon as Tangtang er said something, she felt something was wrong, oops, she forgot, this is the big devil, not a puppy, not a little bird, not to mention the little goldfish named Xiaoshuang in the pond, this is not hers She couldn t afford to offend any small animal.Grandpa, goodbye everyone Hee hee Then he pulled back Tang Shuang who had walked to the door, and closed the door with a bang with a smile, leaving Yuan Jiangwei and the others outside looking at each other in dismay.At night, in the study, Tang Shuang explained to Tang Sanjian what happened during cbd gummies review gummies with cbd and thc the day, and then she glanced at the little sugar figure standing against the wall from the corner of her eye.Covering up the fact that she was eavesdropping.However, this eavesdropping was too blatant.He went straight into the study and stood against the wall.When Tang Shuang spoke, he looked at Tang Shuang.Tang Sanjian.After listening to Tang Sanjian, he said You mean that Lu Mingyi wants to be your mentor, and he will be admitted without the test Tang Shuang nodded, trying her best to hide the embarrassment in her heart.He listened in the room for a while, but he didn t feel anyone coming upstairs, so he tiptoed to the railing on the second floor, right below was the storage room, and at the moment, the old Tang family s sun, villain and tengu were inside.Forget it, forget about the old Tang s Tengu, this is a victim, he was finally happy to get drunk for a while, and this ended up like this, tsk tsk tsk Tang Shuang only heard the sound of turning over things in the storage room, and an excited little voice.Not long after, there was the sound of footsteps, and Tang Shuang shrank back, only to see Sister Xiangning walking in front with Brother Sanjian, who was already drunk, followed by Little Tang, who happily hugged a The small box, needless to say, the small box is Brother Sanjian s Tengu treasure This is really a small scourge, you are still so young, you know how to catch the words of adults when the time is right.On the contrary, he was trying to win glory for his father.However, Brother Sanjian s first words were addressed to him Xiaoshuang, although the postgraduate exam is no longer required, you have worked so hard to study for the past six months, 300 mg full spectrum cbd gummies and it is not easy.It is too wasteful to plant crops and not reap them.So I decided to hold the annual family exam in advance, you should prepare well.Tang Shuang was taken aback, old Tang s annual exam It seems that there is such an exam, which is gummies with cbd and thc do cbd gummies go bad used by Brother Sanjian to assess the papers of the three children of the old Tang family.It measures the learning achievements of this year, and the prize is the pocket money for the next year.In the past, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen participated.Later, when Tang Zhen went to Shengjing, Tang Shuang was left alone.Tang Shuang laughed loudly Then you should say it.Tang Tanger betrayed without hesitation The one eyed dragon was given to you by the big cheek, and the why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise piece of paper was done by Xiao Jin It s none of the Lun family s business here Me, give it to me, you can give it to me.Tang Shuang patted the little leapfrog s head, this kid really knows the current affairs, and he will become a big villain in the future.I thought she would at least have to struggle in her heart for a while, but she didn t expect to be so straightforward.It seemed that she had thought about it long ago, and there was no need to hesitate at all.Chapter 629 Ignore Three Swords Dad Tang Shuang opened the chocolate, and there were two pieces inside.He took out one and said, Why did you give me these two things What s your intention Tell me What do you mean Say what Tang Shuang I mean, what HCMUSSH gummies with cbd and thc do you mean What do you mean I asked you what you mean What do you mean by the Lun family Tang Shuang Don t do this with me, I know you can understand, you are a kid and you still want to deceive me.There are some friends on Tang Zhen s Penguin account, but it s not clear whether Tang Zhen added it or Candy added it.After Tang Shuang checked it once, she didn t find anyone he knew.Give it to Candy to play games with confidence.But in fact, there are still some friends in life, such as Tang Zhen s high school group, someone saw Tang Zhen s penguin account was online, and immediately her, but Candy basically ignored it, and only occasionally messed up when interest came.Click and send a bunch of garbled characters.She was having a good time when she suddenly heard someone playing the guitar.She can also play the guitar, emmmmm, it is a small guitar, ukulele, so as a colleague, the little person was immediately how long does cbd gummy last in system why are cbd gummies so expensive attracted attention, and finally no longer She immersed herself in the game, and then saw Li Yuanlin staring at her.You have to explain it to me, otherwise Tangy will be angry This night, the little sugar girl is very difficult to serve.After seeing a sperm whale, she was so excited that she couldn t help herself, and she refused to sleep for a long time.Fortunately, Huang Xiangning is the one who is coaxing her to sleep now.The next day, Tang Shuang got up very early, but Miss Xiangning was even earlier, and she was making breakfast in the hazy sky.Tang Shuang went to help after washing up, and talked about the little sugar man last night.This guy has been pestering sister Xiangning to tell the story of the whale last night.If it was just talking about whales, Miss Xiangning could still handle it.After all, she also knew a little about whales, but there was another thing Tang Xiaoren talked about that made her not why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise know how to talk about it, gummies with cbd and thc cbd gummies and copd .

where to purchase cbd gummies near me?

and that was Kun.Ji Rubing approached Tang Shuang immediately and asked him to help sign The World Is Wonderful.The book The World Is Really Wonderful was officially released yesterday, and Ji Rubing had already got a copy, and thoughtfully brought it to the round table party, asking Tang Shuang to sign gummies with cbd and thc it.This kind of thinking and hard work is really beyond the reach of ordinary people.Just now Tang Shuang and Ji Rubing were sitting opposite each other, separated by best cbd gummies for puppies a large round table, when the other party approached, they immediately buy cbd gummies in atlanta smelled a fragrance.This book is really amazing.I like it very much, especially The Man why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise Who Sells Memories.I cried three times after reading it.One side of the window, looking in from the window, you can see that there is a high backed chair in the middle of the inside, the high backed chair is facing the window, and there is a figure sitting on it, who why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise vaguely knows that it is a man, but the clothes and other things cannot be distinguished.She had never been the master of this family.Tang Shuang cleaned up diligently to avoid gossip from the two fairies.Tang Tanger was really a life seeking little fairy.She kept asking questions with her little hands behind her back, chasing from the first floor to the second floor, every room, every corner, and both ends of the corridor.The balcony, Bai Jingjing s kennel After turning around like this, Tang Shuang put down the vacuum cleaner, clapped her hands comfortably and said, You re done, the cleaning is over.Tang Tanger changed gummies with cbd and thc his face instantly, and said with a smile, Xiao Shuang is really a hardworking boy Acridine, Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, the Lun family trusts you, you don t have any other children outside, hee hee I didn t find out after being tortured for so long, it seems that Xiaoshuang really has no other children outside, trust him Like Tang Shuang, Xiaozhuzhu clapped his little hands, turned to Huang Xiangning and said, Mom, Xiaoshuang and I finished cleaning, can I watch cartoons You can t count your words.Seeing Tang Shuang s proficient guitar skills, Zhang Chang an was secretly ashamed, and made up his mind to improve his guitar skills.Even Tang Shuang, who was a hobbyist, was on par with him, only to realize that he had always had the mentality of just enough , which is very dangerous.After being proficient, Tang Shuang not only took everyone to the recording studio to record If I Have a Fairy Stick , but also took pictures of everyone singing with his mobile phone, and gummies with cbd and thc then selected an excerpt and sent it to Maoyan Video.Do some publicity for the upcoming debut of Tunan Band.When leaving, Tang Shuang took Candy to say goodbye to everyone.Tang Shuang wished them a good start and a hit.Candy congratulates them that everyone is a bombardment, jumping into the sky, scaring cats, dogs and pigs.There is a word card on the white crane with a word of thanks and the signatures of all crew members.Tang Shuang couldn t hold her, so she asked Tang Shuang to help carry Tang Xiaoguo and cbd gummies bodega Tang Xiaotang.She came to hold Baihe, and after waving goodbye to everyone, she took the lead to get out of the cabin.Tang Shuang also took the initiative to make a soundtrack for her, looking like a big gummies with cbd and thc brother from the underworld.Dengdeng dengdengdeng dengdeng dengdengdengdeng Chapter 724 The teacup was bubbling Tang Shuang soon saw Pan Wenling at the exit, and several people came down to the parking lot under her lead and turned around After turning a corner, she saw the tall and slender Tang Zhen standing in front of a car.When Tang Shuang saw Tang Zhen, Tang Zhen also saw them for the first time, stepped forward quickly, and hugged Huang Xiangning, Tang Sanjian stood aside and looked at his wife and daughter with a smile, while Tang Shuang ran towards him with a suppressed smile Tang Tang, who turned her head and didn t have time to brake, greeted Come here Tang Tang, why are you running so fast My sister is here.I think so much.Tang Zhen asked suspiciously, What My movie, don t I want to talk In an instant, Candy turned Hero into her movie.On such an important occasion, don t you ask her to say a few words Please, otherwise who would have known this was her movie Wouldn t it be the same as not taking a picture, which is boring.Tang Zhen you shouldn t need to talk, everyone is here to watch, not to listen to the talk.Tangtang er didn t even agree Tangtang er said reluctantly, although she was not prepared at all, she said it just now I was very nervous and flustered, but she was not happy if she was really not allowed to talk.After all, nervousness is nervousness, but it is even more exciting.Tang Zhen Agreed to what Tang Zhen is not Tang Shuang, so she is not sure about Xiao Zhuzhu s mind.If Tang Shuang were gummies with cbd and thc here, there would be no need to ask so many why.Zhen Li had something on his face, and looked at the front row under the stands.That cute little guy was looking at them with big eyes and watery eyes, and said, Your little sister told me that when she shook hands just now.ha Tang Shuang said that he didn t know, but she might say any weird words, well, it s no big deal if I see a lot.Tang Zhen looked down at the little man.The little man knew it was her, so he was so happy that he couldn t help kicking his little feet.Sister, did you really say it Tang Tanger nodded cutely Hehe Tang Zhen Have you seen that brother s movie She expressed serious doubts, because Zhen Li acted in action movies, Candy is unlikely to have seen it.Sure enough, Tangtang shook his head very simply.Then you still say Hee hee, you are teasing him, the Lun family is why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise polite Candy saw that everyone on the stage looked at her and smiled, and waved happily to them, do you want to invite Lun go home Hurry up if you invite, or her sister will hold her down gummies with cbd and thc cbd gummies and copd again if it s too late.Tangtang er stared at Tang Shuang curiously, thinking that Xiaoshuang was a little abnormal, gummies with cbd and thc maybe she was uncomfortable.She asked Tang Zhen again Sister, what are they doing Tang Zhen emmmmmmmmm She pondered for a long time, until this scene passed, and then said easily They are writing Tangtanger shook her head, don t lie to children Okay, don t you know if she writes or not She is also a frequent writer Tang Zhen said, I m really writing, you can see for yourself Candy looked gummies with cbd and thc cbd gummies and copd at the screen, huh How did it become writing It wasn t this just now Tang Zhen cheated Then what was it just now Candy It was, yes, emmmmm After thinking for a long time, I don t know how to describe it.Tang Shuang helped, hoping that Xiao Zhuzhu would get over this topic as soon as possible, and not mention anything that could not be explained to her.I was grinding ink just now, just to write.Tang Zhen glanced at Xiaoshuang, this guy can really talk, but how about lying to children like this, she didn t lie to Tangtanger, she just changed the subject.Candy s mind was full of question marks, was that Mo Mo just now She knows about grinding ink.Sanjian s father often writes calligraphy, and Tangtanger helped him grind ink.Thinking back to her experience of grinding ink, Tang Tanger shook her head, don t try to lie to children That was not grinding ink at all just now Like Tang Zhen, Tang Shuang spread her hands and said, What was that just potent cbd gummy now , do you even need to ask Rewind Xiaoshuang asked them to rewind the movie and watch it again Candy asked eagerly.Watching a movie can be done backwards, she has experience.Tang Zhen stopped talking, and Tang Shuang said, I can t help it.Her so called cost of purekana cbd gummies little sun felt the coldness emanating from her sister, and she almost wanted to kill gummies with cbd and thc the little sun.Fearing that she would be cbd gummies market size wiped out, Tangtanger hurriedly said Sister, sister, can I tell you a joke She didn t wait for Tang Zhen to answer, she started to tell a joke by herself, it was a joke about spy rabbits and faltering pigs.What Chu Mei gummies with cbd and thc told them at the story meeting abundant life cbd gummies was remembered by the villain.As soon as the joke was finished, Tangtanger suddenly pointed to a certain place on the tree and said, Is there a little sparrow there unclear.It seems to be.Tangtanger Brother, you have good eyes, are you sure Oh, you will be sure, the young man thought, so be sure.He stretched his eyes wide, but he still couldn t see clearly.It seemed to be a bird, but he didn t seem to be a bird.Liu Quanquan admitted with a smile That s right, I ate a lot, and I didn t dare to eat meat anymore for a month.Candy asked in surprise, How delicious, godfather, why don t you eat it Candy is so envious of you.Liu Quanquan said Godfather is too old to eat such braised pork, and he will suffer from physical problems.Speaking of this, Liu Quanquan asked again What do you envy me Candy The son said with a smile I eat braised pork every day.Liu Quanquan shook his head Godfather said, don t dare to eat it, but our candy is very good, and we are not afraid of eating as much.The braised pork in the small belly is actually delicious.A lot.Tang Shuang nodded, That s why she s strong.Tang Tanger immediately stared at Tang Shuang, wondering what this sentence meant, was it a compliment, or was she fat Calling her fat like Xiao Yu Tang Shuang met her gaze, and said intimately It s nothing else, it s not what you think, I m praising you for your good health, we Tangzi never get sick.Tang Shuang was browsing the crowd at random, but suddenly seemed to see a familiar face.To be sure, Tang Tanger showed him the painting for a closer look.Spread it out on your knees, and after looking at it, Tang Shuang thought about it, and said to Tang Zhen, Sister, please get a picture frame from the cabinet in my study, and I will frame Tang s picture.Candy Son, can you go with my sister Seeing Tang Zhen and Tangtanger going to the study, Tang Shuang asked Huang Xiangning Mom, are the sweaters and paintings sent by sister Yue Tang Shuang went upstairs, then nodded to Tang Shuang, and said It was given by Ayue, she wove the sweater for Tang Tang, and she also drew the paintings.She knows Tang Tang likes to draw, so from this year onwards Started learning in half a year.When your dad and I came back, she asked us to give Tangtanger.In order to take a closer look, Huang Xiangning took the painting away from Tang Shuang s lap, and stared at it carefully in front of his eyes.The figure was too inconspicuous in the crowd, and it was easy to ignore if he didn t stare carefully.After a while, she raised her head, her eyes were a little red, and said, This is Jiang Yue, she painted herself in the crowd.Tang Shuang Sure enough, it s Sister Yue.In the whole painting, in the middle is Candy wearing a bamboo dragonfly on her head, and beside her are 6 members of the Wangwang team who are extremely proud, and they are running forward happily Behind them, there is a group of onlookers and applauding crowds.In the corner of the crowd, Jiang Yue stood, looking at the candy in front of her with pride, pride and love.Tangtang er s expression is very detailed, but Jiang Yue is just a supporting role, with only a few strokes, so it s impossible to tell what kind of expression it is.Tang Hongjun bent down tremblingly, and inserted it into the gummies with cbd and thc copper tripod.There, already full of burning incense.Tangtang er has been looking around curiously since she arrived here.It s her first time here.She doesn t know who is buried here, and she doesn t know what it has to do with Old Tang s family.She wanted to ask Xiaoshuang, but just now Xiaoshuang As I said, in front of the tombstone, you can t joke and talk nonsense, you have to be solemn, so she endured it and wanted to ask later when she got back in the car.The days are still long, and she will come again in the future.The next time she comes back, she will know who this old grandpa is.In fact, Tang Shuang didn t come here very often.The last time I experienced it was 5 years ago, maybe 5 years ago.At that time, he was very curious about the shape of the tombstone.The crowd was very noisy just now, but now that they came to the center of the lake, it became much quieter in an instant, with faint human voices coming from all around, like whispers from the next room.Candy was sitting happily in the painting boat, eating fruit snacks while chatting with Tang Zhen Balabala.Said it was a chat, but in fact it was just her talking and Tang Zhen listening.If it was Tang Shuang, he could have back and forth with her and interact with her.Tang Zhen This is a bodhisattva, who is only responsible for listening and responding with uh, um, oh, ok, wow.If Tang Shuang was like this, she would definitely think that she was being perfunctory, but isn t this her sister The little person is talking about her New Year s dreams.She already has many dreams.The one who makes a wish is to go on stage and go on TV with her sister.This is Flying Pig, everyone is welcome Xiao Baozi rushed over and said with a smile Flying Pig hululu Xiao Jin also came up and said curiously My god, we are all pigs Will it be knocked out by Tang Tang s brother As he spoke, he glanced at Tang Shuang who was standing beside him.Tang Shuang also looked at him, hello kid, I heard it all, eat and drink enough, then knocked out and dragged away.Xiao Jin plucked up his courage and clenched his small fist, and said sternly, Hehe, defeat Sima Tianya Tang Shuang gave him a smirk, which frightened the child so much that he dared not speak.Tangtanger hurriedly ran from the back of the team.She stopped to observe the other small wooden signs just now, but she was already behind.Flying Piggy My Flying Piggy Tang Tanger jumped up and down happily, and high fived Tang Shuang to celebrate.Tang Shuang is still the same Tang Shuang, relaxed and lively, and pleasing to the eye.Consistent, that is the relationship between men and women and sex.Sex is human nature, and monks can also fall in love.Fireworks are what make a human being human.Chapter 903 and Tang Tang popularized the precautions on TV At three or four in the afternoon, Tang Shuang was sitting in the yard Basking in the sun, it is warm, and there is a gentle wind with moisture gummies with cbd and thc blowing on the lake, so that the sun will not heat up after a long exposure.The small courtyard of the Tang family in front of me and the woods in front of the door cbd gummies for sleep with no thc are already verdant and lush without knowing it.After a winter of silence, it is lively again.There are ants crawling in groups in the grass at the feet, carrying candy just now.The biscuit crumbs that fell out of time, the sound of insects sounded in the lush twigs, and the woods were close to the other side of Aixi Lake, and occasionally the empty frogs rang.He went all the way to the corner of the yard, squatted down, and looked at a nest of chickens that looked like small yellow pompoms with his chin in his hand.Chirp, chirp, chirp The chick was not afraid of life, and yelled at him curiously.Child Zhang Weitong picked up a few grains from a bamboo trough on the ground and sprinkled them in the chicken coop.The old god watched the chickens peck the grains and ate them at ease, and ignored the whole group of people.Chapter 910 Tang Tang Talking to the Chicken Zhang Martian saw that his son ignored him, turned his back to the crowd, squatted in the corner of the yard watching the chickens pecking at the rice, smiled instead of anger, and said loudly to the little man You You have the guts Zhang Weitong You have the guts You think you re going to eat me, don t you The life assistant who was about to step forward to persuade him stopped, and stood outside the camera lens, as long as he could laugh, at least not like It was so depressing just now, as if a storm was coming.Li Guanping quietly left the room and came to the yard.The headlights in the yard are still on, and there are still staff working here.He found Cao Kai and asked, How are they Are they safe Cao Kai Don t worry, everything is safe.However, their schedule has changed, and they may come back later.Ah What happened I didn t catch enough fish in the original sea area, so I have to go a little farther, which will delay some time.Then cbd gummies review gummies with cbd and thc when will I come back About 1 o clock.It s hard work, I hope they come back safely.Yes.In the dead of night, at 1 30 in the morning, the fisherman finally came back.After cbd condor gummies gummies with cbd and thc changing another sea area, we still didn t catch enough fish, but everyone couldn t wait any longer.After discussing with the captain, the program team decided to return.If you don how long does cbd gummy last in system why are cbd gummies so expensive t return to the voyage, everyone will not get enough rest, and you will not be able to shoot normally tomorrow.The least george strait gummy cbd candy was Li Guanping, and the most were Tang Shuang and Tang Tang.The program team was a little annoyed, because the appearance of a large number of fans had already affected the filming of the program.Fortunately, the show has come to the end, and the two day and one night filming is coming to an end.After selling the fish, the parents went to the village to buy some vegetables with the money they earned, and then everyone cooked a sumptuous lunch together.After lunch, the recording of the show ended, and it was time for cbd gummies review gummies with cbd and thc everyone to go back to their homes.Everyone gummies with cbd and thc bid farewell to each other and agreed to see you next time.Director Li Xiulun and director Cao Kai said goodbye to everyone and shook hands with every baby.When it was Candy s turn, Li Xiulun squatted down and hugged her gently, saying Tang Tang, you are such an elf.Otherwise Otherwise I m a scumbag Scumbag, scumbag Hui What is a scumbag Tang Shuang called out Zhazahui s photo.Tangtang was dissatisfied and thought Xiaoshuang was lying to her.Personally, what is it to swear If you want to swear, it must be a small animal For example, Bai Liangliang.So, Tang Shuang pulled out another photo of a chrysanthemum to show her.This is a small animal, a rare small animal.In the photo, there is a teenager wearing a red bellyband and holding a steel fork in his hand.He is glaring at this strange bird, and looks like he wants to kill gummies with cbd and thc him Tangtanger had never seen such a small thing before, and stared at the photo curiously, suddenly looking at Yin for a while, and Tang Shuang for a while, comparing the two sides.Tang Shuang was not happy What do you mean by your little eyes Hee hee Don t think about it, or you will be in trouble.The villain finally put down his submachine gun, came to the sofa with his bare hands, and sat down next to Tang Shuang.When the sheep fell into the tiger s mouth, he was pinched a few times, and almost turned his face away The old Tang family was sitting on the sofa watching Baby is Coming.There was a patter of spring rain outside the house, there was constant laughter inside the house, and there was a child screaming.Countless families are watching TV at the same time.Big brother, do you want the Lun family to hold it for you Are you going to get tired and lie down Candy s words to the cameraman Shi Dalin made everyone in front of the TV burst into laughter, especially in the later stage of the program.In the production, a shot of Dalin carrying the camera was shown, a group of croaking crows flew over Dalin s head, and a wisp of autumn wind rolled down a fallen leaf.Tang Tanger took the bowl and carefully mixed the vegetables, one after another.Contrary to Li Yushu, she didn t miss a single dish and wanted them all.Tang Shuang quickly reminded Eat Hit as much as you want, don t hit if you can t finish it, eat it if you hit it.Candy nodded cutely The Lun family can finish eating.Feng Chaoqun smiled and said Tang Tang is doing well Li cbd gummies review gummies with cbd and thc Guanping looked back at the bowl in Tangtang er s hand, it was full, and he smacked his tongue and said, Tang Tang, can you eat so much Candy said without hesitation that there was no problem, and Li Guanping praised What a good baby.Turning back to his son Li Yushu, he said Son, look at you, why are cbd gummies so expensive can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise and look at Tang Tang, why are you so picky about eating, you have to eat more, you know In this way, the body will be strong and not always sick.The three little girls had wet hair, but they were in a very happy mood.They crawled around in the crowd, A sneak attack here, a laugh cbd gummies review gummies with cbd and thc there.Tang Shuang was already surrounded by three or four girls, who were smiling and pouring water on him continuously.At first he was reserved and didn t fight back, but seeing that the other party didn t intend to let him go, he also started to fight back, started a water fight, and with his great strength, several girls were soaked.During the play, Tang Shuang gummies with cbd and thc felt that someone stuffed something into his hand, and subconsciously took it.Before he had time to see what it was, the girl on the opposite side laughed and took his hand and walked out of the crowd.Girl, here s to After walking a few steps, the girl was surrounded by other girls and made fun of her.Little Butterfly nodded with red eyes, and said, That s the home of Little Butterfly and Miss Tang Tang.This poor tent was where she had slept with Little Butterfly not long ago.It s too much to be turned over and over by an elephant now, this is a badass elephant Such a big man grows in vain so bad Not one of the big guys is good snort He is still the most loving and kind hearted little child.That s right, what Little Butterfly said is not wrong, that s the place where Lun s family and Little Butterfly slept.Little Comb said The elephant is stepping on your house, Tang Tang, what should I do How manage Tangtanger looked at the Little Comb who asked this question in surprise, and felt that Little Comb must have been pinned stupid by her, what else could gummies with cbd and thc be done Do you dare to drive it away then you go.Tang Shuang was extremely embarrassed, took out the tissue and took the candy away, wiped Tangtang s little palms, and apologized Oh, my brother didn t do it on purpose.I m sorry Tang Tang, I ll wipe it for you, don t dislike me like this, okay How should I say it It s also brother, don t yell, don t yell.Candy wasted a candy angrily.Her sweets.The stewardess at the side brought a plate of candies kindly, and said, Don Tang, don t be angry, there are still candies here, do cbd full spectrum 1000 mg gummies free shipping you want it Tang Shuang took it and handed it to Tangtang who was sitting by the window My sister asked if you would like some more candy Do you want it You can pick one.Candy carefully picked out another purple sugar coated one, and obediently thanked the stewardess.She peeled off half of the candy, and suddenly stared at Tang Shuang.At that time, Sister Xiaomu was very happy to hear that, especially after hearing that Xiaoshuang liked her nose, she was even more happy.The nose is straighter and longer.You re smart, but you re using them in side ways.Tang Shuang took a pack of seafood snacks from the little man s pocket, opened the bag, and poured out a little in the palm of his hand.After smelling it, it was quite fragrant.have eaten.Ah, Xiaoshuang ate it Tangtanger was shocked when Xiaoshuang accidentally took the snacks away.It s delicious, I ll give it back to you.Tang Shuang returned the snack to her.Humph q s t r The villain himself ate, chewing.The fight just now was exhausting.Tang Zhen continued to read the comment Dare to hit my cousin Let Zhen Zhen beat you up Stretching out his fist and waved, Beat you up.Hee hee hee, beat him up Candy was busy eating Snacks, while nodding happily.Luo Yuqing smiled and said, That s right, it s for Tangtanger.Tangtanger didn t pick it up immediately, although she wanted it very much.She looked at her mother, asking for her opinion.Huang Xiangning smiled and said, Thank you, sister.Tangtanger immediately expressed her gratitude to Luo Yuqing excitedly Thank you, miss I love you She held the beautiful little box in both hands, and looked through it.Wondering what s in there.Huang Xiangning Let s put it aside, eat breakfast now, and then take it apart to watch after breakfast.Candy couldn t wait to ask Mom, can t I watch it now My baby wants to watch it now.Not now, you have to Finish your breakfast obediently.When you finish eating, when will you be able to see the presents.Huang Xiangning took the opportunity to urge the little sister to eat breakfast as soon as possible, and don t dawdle.Oops, I finally have a little sister to play with, cbd gummies review gummies with cbd and thc from now on I will hold her in my arms and kiss endlessly Xiao Yu, call me little aunt again Tang Yu had no choice but to call her little aunt again, and Tang Tanger asked him to keep his voice softer, softer and softer, like a newborn baby.Tang Yu The newborn baby will not call little aunt.Sister Xiangning asked everyone to go home first, and now it is not suitable for everyone to see Li Meng.Tang Tian quietly grabbed Tang Shuang, and said treacherously, Two games It was rare to come out today, and his wife was in school, so he immediately showed indulgence, wanting to eat chicken.From the Spring Festival to the present, he has not played a few games, because his wife forbade him to play.What s the reason, once he plays chicken, Tang Yu will follow eagerly, salivating, and don t do his homework.Candy said absently, all her attention was on the three candies in her palm.Tang Shuang didn t know when she had candy in her pocket.Just now, Tang Shuang spoke up for him, so she took out her private possession and gave it to her to eat.Tang Xin squeezed Tang Xin s little face, and asked, Don t be bribed, tell me quickly, who is the lady in the red dress He casually said, It s Yuqing Yuqing Which Yuqing What Yuqing Tang Xin asked curiously, but Tangtanger ignored her at all, so she asked Tang Zhen, Zhenzhen, which Yuqing Tang Zhen thought about best cbd gummies to quit smoking it Thinking, said It s Luo Yuqing who sings.Ah Luo Rain Sunny This is the first time I know about it, and they looked at Tang Shuang in surprise, as if they were not sure, and wanted to hear his own confession.The only calm person in the audience was Tang Yu.If she didn t pick a mischievous puppy, how could she be with Tangyue Only two little guys who are mischievous can make a good partner Chapter 1046 As if she had walked into her own heart, Bai Jingjing fled frantically in the courtyard of the old Tang s house, paying off the debts for the bad things she did before, sobbing and screaming again and again.There were many dogs before, and the targets were scattered.Although there are many bees, there are also many dogs.If a dog fights a bee, who is afraid of whom But now it is different.Now the whole Old Tang s family is just a puppy, so it is impossible to call the eldest daughter to chase away bees for him.Bai Jingjing thought miserably of Tang Xiaowu s bird, regardless of the two fighting wits and bravery, dislike each other, slashing limbs, rushing into the old Tang s house in twos and threes, begging Tang Xiaowu s gang on the bird stand for help, hurry up Eat these little bees as pests.In Candy s princess room, the window was opened, and HCMUSSH gummies with cbd and thc the white screen swayed gently in the wind.The sunlight crowded in through the window and fell on the ground, changing its shape and brightness as the screen swayed.The whole room is pink and blue, pink is dreamy, and blue is the color of Tinkerbell.Originally, this room was all pink, but after Tinkerbell came into existence, Tanger strongly demanded that the room should be turned into Tinkerbell s sky blue color, so Tang Shuang made it look like this for her.On the ceiling, there is a huge picture of Tinker Bell wearing a bamboo dragonfly flying in the sky.Tangtang er can see such a free and easy picture every day when he opens his eyes.After a long time, he really believes that he can fly.Tang Shuang laughed at her for being too fleshy to fly, Tang Tanger was very unconvinced, arguing that Tinkerbell was also fleshy, even more fleshy If Tinker Bell can fly, then she can fly too There are all kinds of dolls in the room, cbd hemp direct gummies review big ones, small ones, red ones, white ones, black ones, purple ones, small animals, little people, small trees everything, from this detail, we can see that living in this room What a pampered little child.Tang Tang s father is a man under Tang Erjian s hands.He is young and promising, and is highly valued by Tang Erjian.Tang Shuang hated the police for a long time after that, because the man who snatched Jiang Yue was the policeman.Hating the house and the black, Tang Xin was unlucky because of this, she was targeted by Tang Shuang everywhere, the rifts formed have not been cleared up until now, the two of them would quarrel and even fight when they met.At that time, Jiang Yue had a heart to heart talk with Xiao Tangshuang, telling him that he would meet a better girl in the future, younger, more beautiful than her, and more capable than her.Little Tang Shuang had to recognize the reality, that is, although he gummies with cbd and thc could please many girls, he could not do anything to his favorite Miss Jiang Yue, so he swore to protect her, and Jiang Yue joked that in the future she would With a baby, let Tang Shuang protect it.Chapter 1050 Finale Listening to her mother, Tang Zhen hurriedly brought a glass of water to Candy Is it still sour Rinse your mouth first Oh forget it, you ve already drank it.There was water in the water, which immediately neutralized the excessive acidity, and finally let her return to normal, and she could stand up without hanging her small body on the armrest of the sofa.She turned around, from lying on her stomach to lying on her back, with a big belly full of water, grunting and muttering, talking bad things about the kumquat seller.Jiang Yue walked to her side with concern, squatted on the edge of cbd gummies hemp bombs drug test the sofa and asked, How are you, Tang Tang Tang Tang er glanced at her, then turned her head away, looked at the ceiling, and moaned weakly, then suddenly gained strength , waving his little hand vigorously Repay the money Pay back the money The boss pays back the money How can you sell sour kumquats for children to eat Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang from the Lun family, why don t you take care of these big villains Acridine Jiang Yue gently stroked Tangtang er s stomach with her hands, probably thinking that this would make the child feel better.In the room, Tangtang er blushed and said to Jiang Yue who had just finished telling the story.Chatting with Tangtanger put Jiang Yue in a good mood.She also smiled and praised Tangtanger You are a very interesting robot.Tangtang laughed loudly, and suddenly asked Are you a mother Where is your baby Your baby must be very happy, she Your mother is so funny, just like Xiaoshuang from the Lun family.Jiang Yue was startled, looked at Tangtanger, and said softly, She s always in my heart.Tangtanger didn t understand the routine here, and quickly understood After discussing this topic, he said, Oh, I m a younger sister, and I m no worse than my mother, right Yes, a great sister.My older sister is also great, she s a singer.Jiang Yue Looking at Tang Zhen with a smile, she praised I also like to hear your sister sing.

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