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He was at the bottom of the final exam, and it might even be a problem for him to graduate next year.Tang Shuang thought to herself, brother, what did you do to mess up like this in school.It seems that the original owner of this body wanted a beauty instead of a country, and all his thoughts were on falling in love, and now the beauty is gone with him.But he didn t know that no beauty would love him without Jiangshan When filling out the volunteers for the college entrance examination, Tang Sanjian strongly urged Tang Shuang to apply for Guangdong University, so as to monitor him to thrive.But Tang Shuang resolutely resisted the hegemony, and finally got a chance to get rid of him, so how could he throw himself into the trap and secretly report to Tongji University in Guangdong Province.For this matter, Tang Sanjian and Tang Shuang fought a summer cold war.

Tang Shuang drove his family s Volkswagen Passat to the nearest Lego Crown Hotel, where the buffet is affordable, and the most important thing is that the ice cream can fill you up.When Tangtanger heard that there was ice cream, she turned into a baby cow in an instant.Even the seat belt couldn t restrain her, and she jumped on the back seat.Ice cream was her spiritual food Do you want to eat this Yes What about this Yes This Yes Tang Shuang Just say which one you don t want to eat, and I will give the rest You pretend.Candy said proudly I will eat it all, and I will be full.Tang Shuang threatened If you can t finish eating, I will never bring you here again.pretending After filling a plate full of food, Tang Shuang found a seat by the window, asked Tang Tanger to climb up on a chair and sit down, put it in front of her, and prepared a fork, Eat slowly, lady, don t eat all over your face.

The beauty was amused by the candy, squatted down and pinched her chubby little face, and said, Oh, I know, it turns out that eating ice cream can make you look good.It seems that I will also look good in the future.I have to eat ice cream every day.En beautiful sister, I haven t eaten ice cream yet.Candy was cute, looking at the ice cream in the beauty s hand, revealing her ultimate goal.Candy s every expression betrayed her heart long ago, the beauty wanted to tease her, and said But I saw you took several ice creams just now.Candy er was quick witted, and said Let my brother eat all of them., I m too young to snatch him.Then he quietly pointed to Tang Shuang who was looking at his phone.The beauty followed Tangtang s direction and looked over.Just as the beauty attracted attention, so did the handsome guy.

Seeing Tangtang pouted, I allow you to play computer games for a while, Can you Tang Shuang immediately said crisply Yes I want to play with the big fish and eat the small .

are cbd gummies legal in tennessee?

fish.After finishing speaking, the little guy briskly ran back to his small room, and Tang Shuang asked, Why are you going No Are you playing games I ll be right back Xiaoshuang wait for me.After a while, Tangtanger appeared with her little seahorse water gun, and proudly said If the big fish is disobedient, hit it with the water gun.Tang Shuang Opened the game for Tangtanger, and saw that she was playing very neatly, biubiubiu, manipulating the big fish to frantically chase the small fish, and constantly devouring the broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep small fish to grow up.Tang Shuang ignored her and continued to write After the death of all the disciples of Lincheng Library, Hero seemed to break through the bottleneck, ushered in an explosion of readers, and the reading volume surged fiercely.

And the beauty who accompanied Xiao Putao was not her mother, but her aunt named Chu Mei.Candy will show great enthusiasm when seeing beautiful people and things.Ever since I saw Chu Mei, I .

does cbd gummies help headaches?

have followed her feet, saying how beautiful my sister is, and why are you so long, leaving Qiqi and Xiaoputao aside.Tang Shuang pushed the reluctant Tangtanger away, and asked her to take Bai Jingjing by the hand, so that this playful puppy wouldn t get lost.Little Putao brought an Erha, which was bigger than Bai Jingjing and the Chihuahua.Luckily, Erha Erha didn t mind making friends with the two little ones.On the contrary, the three dogs got together, and the big Erha behaved like a dog.more childish.Everyone entered the dog park, and Chu Mei said, There are many plants and trees in the park, and there will be mosquitoes.

Wan Tang er didn t want to hear any stories, so she lay in Tang Shuang s arms and whispered for a long time.These whispers are only said by her and her mother, but today she opened her heart and talked a lot with her brother Balabala.Tang Shuang was mainly in charge of listening, Tangtanger was the speaker, and Tang Shuang was shocked when he heard what the chick was saying.He never thought that a five year old child would know does purekana cbd gummies work broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep so much Really don t think they don t know anything Understand, what the people around them have said and done, they actually see and remember in their hearts.Don t think that children have nothing to worry about Even Candy, who laughs and laughs every day, is full of worries.No wonder Miss Xiangning often whispered to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang always thought it was just telling stories.

Before the game started, Tang Shuang found Tangtanger who was obediently sitting in the stands, and told him, Sit here and cheer for me Don t run around, you know Tangtanger was immersed in the pink sweetness of candy.Especially easy to talk Got it Come on, Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang stretched out her hand and said, Come and give me a high five Tang broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep pure herbal cbd gummies Tanger swung her fat little arms and slapped Tang Shuang s palm with all her strength., smiled and said Xiao Shuang Where did you hide the candy bag You should protect me I promise I won t eat it Tang Shuang said angrily I have already hidden it, don t worry, Watch your brother play football well, remember to scream, get up, you know Bai Jingjing remember to work after eating candy, and protect your little master Wow Figures are running on the field, and the boys are swaying Sweat and passion, beautiful girls are cheering enthusiastically the sun is setting, and the school bell is ringing What a beautiful picture this is the ideal state The reality is, everyone on the court is sweating profusely, cursing the crazy weather broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep in their hearts, and it s still so hot after the sun goes down The physical education teacher who kept the middle score was already out of breath and was about to paralyze the rhythm at any time.

Do you think you are worthy of my brother I have put in so much effort and you have lost weight.This is trying to trick me, you Won t Tang Shuang s heart ache when she said this Tang Shuang didn t believe the scale, so she picked up Tangtang with one hand and weighed it, as if it was a little lighter.Tang Shuang, who was at an absolute disadvantage, huffed angrily and followed Tang Shuang, threatening to take revenge on him.When Tang Shuang returned to her room, Tang Tanger followed her up the stairs.She was so annoyed that she was thinking about ice cream at the same time You haven t given me ice cream yet You can t lie I won t forget, this is for you to eat.Tang Shuang dug out a box of chocolates from the cabinet and handed it to Candy graciously.Tang Shuang didn t expect such a good thing, and was dazed by the pie falling from the sky, and subconsciously took a big box of chocolates, it was real chocolates Wow There were more surprises, Tang Shuang I found a large bag of small cakes from the room, and stuffed them into the stupefied Candy s arms This is for you too, eat more, and get fat quickly.

Candy said crisply Mom, sister taught Tang to sing, do you want to hear it This sentence seemed to ask To put it bluntly, it s not.Candy began to sing after she finished speaking, still the milk version of KISS ME .Because this song is a dance song, the little guy sang it intermittently while writhing in the bathtub, still looking good.She wriggled happily in the bathtub, and splashed water all over Huang Xiangning who was bathing her.Huang Xiangning s restraint was ineffective, and no one could stop Maiba s potential explosion.But it took a long time, Tangtanger forgot the lyrics in the middle of the song, smiled embarrassedly, and smoothed things over Mom, I d better sing you a children s song, little rabbit is good.As long as you don t twist That s fine, Huang Xiangning first praised Tangtanger for singing just now, and then encouraged the little girl to sing nursery rhymes with expectant eyes.

She pointed to the lake at her feet, and said cutely to Tang Sanjian Dad, the lake is so beautiful, I want to jump into it Tang Sanjian thought he was deaf, otherwise why did he have such auditory hallucinations, what What did candy say Want to jump into the lake Didn t I have a good life, but I was forced to walk 300 meters in the morning.Besides, Tangtanger, she wants to jump into the lake to swim Tang Sanjian looked down at Tangtang s children s shoes, and saw the cute boy s serious face, he was not joking, he cbd infusionz gummies would really jump into the lake if he disagreed.Why jump into the lake Where did this idea come from As for the wonderful ideas of children, as a teacher and educator, we should not underestimate or dampen their wonderful imagination, let alone ignore the safety issues involved.So Tang Sanjian was stunned for a moment, space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies cbd relax gummies and immediately said to Tangtanger who was waiting for his agreement This lake is so beautiful, Tangtanger can t help it, right Dad also wants to jump into the lake to swim, how what are cbd gummies broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep about two people swimming together Great, Candy was very happy that the adults agreed with her thoughts so much, and she was about to take off her clothes immediately.

Little princess my brother is back too.Huh I bought you a gift.My sister also bought me a gift, so I don t care about you.It s enough if you are willing to talk to me, Tang Shuang smiled.He brought the much anticipated bird over, and said to Tangtanger, Look Guess what it is Tangshuang was very interested broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep in small animals, and Tang Shuang caught her.Although the little girl refused to speak, she was already attracted.She looked eagerly at the bird cage covered by the black cloth and blinked her eyes.Suddenly there was a thumping sound from the cage, Tangtanger s eyes widened instantly, and she asked in surprise, It s a little bird Go ahead and circle around the birdcage.Did you steal Brother broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep Hua s woodpecker Tang Shuang wiped his sweat It s not a woodpecker.Who is that brother Tang Shuang No.

Now, in Qiqi s eyes, he has good vision and is his good friend.Qiqibalabala Chu Mei looked at the two of them in bewilderment.Tang Shuang is amazing.Qiqi treated him coldly just now, but in a blink of an eye he became a good buddy.Tang Shuang has broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep pure herbal cbd gummies already held his little hand, chatting with gusto.Tangtanger noticed the situation here, ran over and held Tang Shuang s other hand, and asked, Xiao Shuang, what are you talking about Let s cbd gummies 100mg per gummy play with grapes.Qiqi agreed with Tang Shuang s words and nodded, football is a topic that only men what are cbd gummies broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep talk about, and the little boy felt secretly refreshed when Tang Shuang listed him as a man.Tang Shuang s curiosity is very serious, the more she doesn t tell her, the more she wants to know, no matter how Tang Shuang tries to drive him away, she firmly holds his hand.

Tang Shuang didn t know this.When he came to the dormitory, there was no one there.Although her home is close to the school, Tang Shuang actually lives in the dormitory more often, especially after talking about her girlfriend.Now, he is the only one left in the what are cbd gummies broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep dormitory where the four live, and everyone else s things have been cleaned up.Tang Shuang came to take a closer look, there was a row of students from the Chinese Department, the door was locked, the door was locked, this room was also locked, and another room was opened, and there were two people sitting inside, eating meat and drinking wine listen to music.Seeing someone coming in, the shirtless, burly young man turned his head, Tang Shuang is here come, let s drink together Seeing this person, Tang Shuang was taken aback, as if she wanted to turn around and leave, but it was obviously inappropriate for this occasion, so she blinked.

It s called the Guimei Case.Wen Pin was polite after drinking, The one where Bao Wenzheng raped Chen Shimei broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep Li Wenzhan nodded, and the Guilf Beauty Case was broadcasting to the climax, and this brother couldn t help but look at it.With his arms up and his neck up, he roared hoarsely Bao Wenzheng s heart is on fire.Qin Xianglian howled loudly in the lobby.She cried and screamed again.Long Guotai, you can hear and see.This matter is called how the minister spends.I want to eliminate harm for the people and protect the country.The people have no injustice.This case cannot be resolved.What is the face of the court This is really a big guy from the Northwest.He looks extremely mighty by nature.He is tall and strong, with big arms and round waist.He is 188 inches tall and weighs 188 inches.I thought he was 30 years old.

This little girl didn t know that she was almost abducted just now.I m not Candy shakes her head, resolutely refusing to accept this title.She is smart, although she is greedy.Huh Tang Shuang stared at her how many gummies per bottle cbd with an unfriendly expression.Tangtanger was not afraid, pointed at Tang Shuang and said, You are the little pig , and then ran to the cold drink shop.Tang Shuang grabbed her and taught, You re not a little pig, so why did you go with that person just now Do you know her broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep Candy shook her head and said crisply, I don t know Auntie, but Auntie knows Candy.Son.Tang Shuang was taken aback, and asked, How do you know she knows you Does she know your name Candy said innocently, Auntie said she knew me.Tang Shuang asked, She called you by your name.Tang Shuang shook her head, and Tang Shuang asked, Just because she said she knew you, do you really think she knows you Tang Tang said, Auntie said she knew me.

When the main creators of Limelight walked on the red carpet, a reporter yelled at them that the film was bad and shameless and was finally pulled away by security.And when the main creators of Amazing were talking and laughing on the red carpet, the broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep director found that there was one more person among them, a well 35 mg cbd gummies mannered young man in a suit and leather shoes was standing behind him, smiling and waving to the fans and reporters on both sidesFinally it was confirmed that this was a spectator best cbd gummies for psoriatic arthritis who got in These interesting moments have added a lot of fun and life to the film festival without affecting the overall situation.When Zhang Fei announced the official closing of this year s Guangdong Hundred Flowers Film Festival, he let out a deep breath, but he was exhausted.When he agreed to be the chairman of the jury, he thought it would be very hard, but he broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep didn t expect it to be so hard , it doesn t look like a human being.

He is neither sad nor happy, his face is calm, but his aura is as real as it is.His powerful aura covers the sky and the moon, and he has the invincible temperament of a god among men and a land fairy With this illustration, Tang Shuang temporarily stopped the anger of book fans Candy s Kindergarten is about to start, many days later than Tang Shuang s.Tang Sanjian I have a glorious task for you.Tang Shuang Another glorious task Don t I m so scared.Tang Sanjian turned a deaf ear You are idle even if you are idle.From now on, Tang Tang will get out of school and leave cbd gummies nicotine blocking school.You will pick me up.Tang Shuang s expression changed I m not idle, I m so busy I have to read, write books, fall in love, deal with interpersonal relationships, avoid fans, I don t have time Tang Sanjian was as tough as iron That s it It s a deal.

Candy was unmoved, and wanted to lie to the children no way You lied You little piggy is trying to lie to me You can sing this.The little girl turned her head to Tang Bodhisattva Zhen and said, Sister, is Tangtang right Tang Zhen, the little white rabbit, was right.Tang Shuang said, Then let Tangtanger sing a few lines.Tang Shuang shrugged and laughed, too lazy to talk, sing a few lines You have a good idea, she can t stop singing.Tang Shuang didn t want to see the out of control scene, so she sat outside to chat with Deng Ke, and glanced at the candy in the recording studio from time to time.After such a long time, Tang Zhen couldn t hold her, so Tang Tanger stood on the stool and jumped around, singing and being so excited that she couldn t control herself.Tang Shuang couldn t stand it anymore, and planned to suppress the baby.

Don t mess around.Move, it hurts.Tang Shuang was very sleepy and didn t want to talk to her, pretending to close her eyes, and soon let out a snoring sound.It was naive to think that Candy might sticky green cbd gummies leave like this.As soon as Tang Shuang closed her eyes, she felt a rush of hot air on her face, and a little pig moved her nose closer.Are you trying to sneak a kiss on me Thanks for taking care of her last night Tang Shuang has really grown up and become more sensible, so relieved Tang Shuang pretended not to move, based on the idea that taking advantage of her sister s loss was not a disadvantage.Who would have thought that when his lips hurt suddenly, he would instantly be jittery Tangtanger, the brat, pulled out one of his beards Tang Shuang opened her eyes, stroked her beard, and stared at the laughing Tangtanger with what is uly cbd gummies a vicious expression on her face, reaching out to grab her.

Tang Shuang Hehehehe Scholars, think long term.Seeing his constipated expression, Tang Sanjian was not happy Aren t you going to scold me, you bastard Jian Siming is a professor of the Chinese Department of Tongji University in Guangdong Province, Tang Shuang is not his student, because he Only teaching graduate students, Tang Shuang took the postgraduate entrance examination and wanted to get into his name.Tang Sanjian sneered twice, got up, led Tangtanger away.Tang Tanger followed Brother Sanjian s example best pure cbd gummies for pain and sneered at Tang Shuang.What the scholars said is to think long term, but what they mean is that I am scared and want to run away.Tang Shuang smiled awkwardly, and asked the gentle sister Xiangning Mom, why are you arguing with them Discussions started, Brother Sanjian was one against two, and he was defeated.

After commenting on Miao Wen s works, Zhang Tianfeng looked at Ye Liang, who immediately handed over a CD, which was his work.Miao Wen said goodbye and wanted to leave, but Xiao Yungui said Miao Wen, Ye Liang s works are said to be very good, so stay and observe and study.Miao Wen looked at Ye Liang who was smiling and silent, wondering how Ye Liang s works would be Yes, I haven t received good reviews in three years of college.Shibie three days, we should look at each other with admiration.The present Ye Liang is not the previous Ye Liang, and he might become a blockbuster.Since Xiao Yungui said so, and Ye Liang kept silent, Miao Wen was interested, so she stay.Xiao Yungui knew that Ye Liang was fickle, and had always coveted Miao Wen, but the goddess ignored him, so he specially kept her here, thinking that Ye Liang would lose face in what are cbd gummies broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep front of his sweetheart.

But from this aspect, it can be seen that although Tang Shuang never said anything and often fought with broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep Xiao Shuang, in her eyes, Tang Shuang was almost omnipotent.Teacher Zhang blushed suddenly when she heard Xiaoshuang, and looked around quietly.No one noticed, she was relieved, and then dreamed again, reminiscing about the sweet dream she had last night About how old these trees are, the children quickly I just skipped it, because there are children who surpassed them This is incredible And the one who surpassed them is Li Dun with a big face Among the children in the class, Li Dun was the slowest climber, and he was also the slowest walker, often dragging his feet.Candy, who was determined to be the first, was overtaken by the slowest Li Dun.How could this be tolerated Before coming here, Xiaoshuang specially told her the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Can only watch but not move, a bit monotonous, Tang Tanger jumped up and reached out to reach the squirrel, but it was a thousand miles away.Kiki suggested, he squatted down, and Candy rode on his shoulders.As soon as he said it, Qiqi squatted down and let Tangtanger ride on his neck, with Little Putao and Xiaojin supporting him.Tangtang er often rides on Tang Shuang s neck, so she doesn t worry about whether Qiqi can carry her.The children all around clapped their hands and cheered, talking a lot It s Tang Tang I know Tang Tang, I know Tang Tang Tang Tang is so amazing Is it Tang Tang from the big class Tang Tang is our big sister Tang Tang helped me Woo, Tang Tang from the big class snatched my lunch Hmph Wow Tang Tang, come on Let me see Tang Tang And Qi Qi Qi Qi is also very good Can Tang Tang catch Xiaosong Xu All eyes are on Tangtanger and Qiqi are full of strength, but Ah Hey Hehe I m a man, I have to stand up ah Ouch Qiqi tried his best and couldn t stand up in the end.

When .

does cbd gummies cause headaches?

Tangtanger came to the little peacock and Teacher Zhang, there was a bunch of radish heads behind him, all of them stretched their necks curiously and concernedly, wanting to visit and care for the little peacock, and comforted her in a childlike voice.Miss, don t cry Mom showed me the little peacock, it s so beautiful It s a big villain who bullies girls Let s defeat the big villain together Tang Tang will help the little peacock get revenge twittering, as if surrounded by a group of ducklings, Teacher Zhang felt a headache and was very pleased.At the same time, she was extremely envious of Tangtanger s popularity, and thought that it would be great if she could share some of her abilities with the little peacocks., this sensitive and slender girl will definitely grow up healthier and happier.

The reason Tangtanger said no is because she doesn t know how to play, it s too complicated Let s play it to the big face after learning it well.Hehehehe I lied o o Hee hee, I can t say that I am not a good boy Finally, Candy decided to play and sing English Alphabet Song.It s not only the gourd baby who can sing, she can too She wants to compare the gourd baby so that he can no longer show off Defeating the enemy in the field he is most proud of and cares about is the most direct and effective attack.Don t look at Tangtang er as a small person, but she knows a lot, and this trick is very familiar.Because Xiaoshuang and her parents often use this trick to deal with her, choking her snacks, especially ice cream, no matter how mischievous she is, it doesn t work, she can only be a cute baby.Like a monkey under a broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep magic spell.

Tangtanger shouted resolutely, Brother Hahaha Let you call me every mouthful of Xiaoshuang, but today you have to settle accounts with principal and interest Let your little mouth form a habit, and you will never be able to control your mouth in the future, and you have to call me brother when you meet.Tang Shuang broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep cheerfully replied Hey Tang Tanger One hundred times Huh Tang Shuang smiled and spread out her small hands, and said, One hundred times Finish talking, give the popcorn Tang Shuang was confusedTen charlottes web cbd gummies minutes later, Candy happily hugged a bucket of popcorn and a bottle of lemonade, eating and drinking the fruits of labor earned by his own intelligence, and was extremely happy This is probably the joy of labor When Tang Shuang saw Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning, she was too embarrassed to explain to them, so she had to bear it all by herself.

Tang Shuang secretly laughed at Huang Weiwei, and Huang Weiwei gritted his teeth in anger.However, this girl was very similar space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies cbd relax gummies to Tang Tanger, with a carefree personality.She was sullen towards Tang Shuang just now, but when she saw Tang Zhen, she cheered and hugged Tang Zhen like a little sister.She is a sister Chapter 243 The lunch was made by Huang Xiang.He was in charge of the Education Bureau when he was at get off work, and in charge of the kitchen after work, so he practiced his cooking skills.Seeing her parents serving dishes on the table, Tang Tanger left Tang Shuang and ran away in a hurry, not stealing food, but clamoring to serve her mother.Huang Xiangning gave her a plate of broccoli, and the little pig happily held it in both hands, and walked forward cautiously, as if holding a plate of dripping pearls.

She just said that she didn t blame everyone, but in a blink of an broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep eye he was left alone Alas, this is shooting the bird who stands out, he speaks too fast, forgetting the adage that silence is golden, this is the lesson I, I, I ll change your password later.126 is the little cutie s birthday.How could I forget it It s engraved on my heart, okay Candy was happy when she heard the flattering words.Get up, and said in a crisp voice, Okay Tang Shuang breathed a sigh of relief, and said, Gift, gift, what is it After Candy entered the password, the safe still didn t open, there was a second procedure.Xiao Niuniu stretched out her little hand, and pressed lightly on what appeared to be a fingerprint identification area, and then the safe clicked, and all the protective measures were released.The chick turned the handle and finally opened the safe.

Sitting next to them was a young man with a feminine look.Standing beside the tea table was a beautiful broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep lady who was pouring tea.When she saw someone coming, Meimou glanced at Tang Shuang first, then smiled at Wei Daqun and said, Teacher Wei space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies hasn t come for a long time Wei Daqun It s been a long time, it s rare that Yingying still remembers me.Yingying said with a smile, I ll go and prepare tea sets for you.Wei Daqun sat down and said to the gray broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep haired old man, Teacher Ding is here too Then he said to Tang Shuang, This is Teacher Ding Feng.His Dream as a Horse won the Silver Literature Award.The Silver Literature Award is one of the highest honors in Huaxia novels.The Mao Dun Literature Award that Tang cbd gummies jackson ms Shuang knew.The two sides introduced each other, and Tang Shuang sat on the side with a young man named Ding Ji, only listening and watching, and not talking unless asked.

At this time when private space was the most important thing, Tang Shuang did the opposite.The door was never locked, so Huang Xiangning was inevitably surprised.Later, Tang Tanger grew up and became more and more mischievous.She often came to Tang Shuang s room early in the morning to make noises, playing the role of a human alarm clock.Although Tang Shuang always said that he would lock the door broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep next time he went to bed, he couldn t let the HCMUSSH broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep annoying spirit like Tangtang disturb him to sleep.But the next day, the door was still unlocked, and Tangtanger still ran in thievingly, jumping on the bed and turning the world upside down.Tang Shuang was often harassed by Tang Shuang for this reason.For example, this time, Hun almost jumped out of the window in fright.The bang was too loud.At the same time, Tang Shuang was really worried about the collision and knocked Tangtang into a fool.

It was equivalent to emboldening herself and cheering up that timid Candy just now Can I have another space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies cbd relax gummies bowl After asking, Tang Shuang took Candy s bowl directly, added half a bowl of carrot porridge for her, put it in front of her, touched her little head, thought for a while, and said Brother beat your ass yesterday, are you still sad Tang Shuang didn t expect that although the physical blow was insignificant, it was so serious mentally that Tangtanger thought about it all night, even her favorite sleeping I didn t sleep anymore, I suffered from insomnia for the first time, and my eyes were bloodshot.Tang Tanger dug a full spoonful of porridge with a spoon, ate it into his mouth in one gulp, chewed with his small mouth puffed up, and looked at Tang Shuang in amazement, and nodded.At this time, Tang Sanjian had already sat on the sofa to read the newspaper, and Huang Xiangning took the time before going to work to sit in front of the piano and play The Wind Blows Pinghu leisurely.

Today she is really fully equipped, which is much better than last time.If she can put pedals and brakes on the slide bike, she will be even better.I m happy.After helping Tangtanger get dressed, Tang Shuang patted her little shoulder.She didn t grasp the strength well and almost broke the little girl.Ouch Xiao Shuang, you are a big villain, and you beat your sister again Tang Shuang hit Tang Shuang with her small fist.I really didn t mean it, but Tang Tang, you have to pull yourself up, stand up straight, and be imposing, yes, that s it, all of them Get in the car Candy raised her little feet , straddle the slip car, step on the ground with your feet, look straight ahead, and prepare to listen to the password and set off.Tang Shuang also rode a mountain bike.Today he will share joys and sorrows with Tangtanger.

At this moment, bright lights have been lit on the bridge , and the picturesque urban area is even more feasting and feasting, extremely dazzling, like a sparkling gem.Tang Shuang took off her white shirt, laid it on the grass, and let Tangtanger sit on it.Hee hee Xiao Shuang, sit down too, we ll sit next to each other at the same table Little Zhuzhu moved his butt to give Tang Shuang half of the seat, and after Tang Shuang settled down, Xiao Niuniu immediately tilted her little butt.head, resting on his arm.While rustling the buns, eating eggs while admiring the sea, the sea breeze was blowing, blowing Candy s long hair.Xiao broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep Shuang Are you hungry I ll give you some too.Before Tang Shuang could speak, Tang Tang broke off a small piece of bread and handed it to his mouth to invite him to eat.

Tang Shuang was surprisingly calm about this.From the very beginning when he formally refused, he imagined many possibilities, including of course saying bad things to the outside world.You can deal with it as soon as possible according to the company s procedures Xingkong Literature has a corresponding media response mechanism, so there is no need to bother, and Tang Shuang quickly put this matter behind her.After hanging up the phone, thinking that Li Haonan wanted to find a .

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time to visit brother Sanjian, Tang Shuang went to the study to ask the old man s opinion, and arranged as soon as possible.Tang Sanjian continues to insist on writing novels, and it is the Impermanence Sword Because this book was originally written under the pseudonym of the Three Swords of the Imperial Guard, and now this pen name belongs to Tang Shuang, and The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is being serialized, so Tang Shuang discussed with when should i take my cbd gummies to sleep Li Haonan whether Impermanence Sword and the three Brother Jian s previous books were removed and placed under Brother Sanjian s newly registered pseudonym Yueguan , so that Brother Sanjian could continue to pursue his martial arts dream.

Tang Shuang stood up to tidy up her clothes, and followed her HCMUSSH broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep out, completely unaware that there were various candy stickers on her back, including lollipops, hard candies in the shape of bears, strawberry shaped jelly candies, and those wrapped in pink Butterscotch with colored icing This time it is an indoor awards ceremony, and an invitation letter is required to enter.Tang Shuang and Ye Liang sat on the right side, and this one was the main creative staff of the short listed short films.Ye Liang sent a message early to inform him that he had arrived.Shang Hui was also at the scene, doing an interview in the aisle.Tang Shuang cbd gummies melt was the first to be seen by the crowd, but her face was expressionless, and she quickly averted her gaze.But Tang Shuang couldn t turn a blind eye.When she passed by Shang Hui, she heard her asking the interviewee.

Candy I hate it hum Brother Huohuo, is he taking care of the house Can you stop talking about the nursing home It s annoying I m not Bai Jingjing Candy Then borrow money to buy candy Tang Huohuo took out his wallet, took out a ticket and gave it to the villain without looking at it, and then drove away from the old Tang s house in a hurry.I was really scared of this brother and sister.I didn t make any money, so I posted it first.Tang Shuang and Tangtanger looked at Tang Huohuo and fled, and looked at each other, hehehe Who else in the world is their brother and sister s opponent Candy is a little money fan, happily flipping through the notes in his hand, hehehe secretly happy, making money Tang Shuang smiled inscrutablely and said Whoever sees it has a share, half of this ill gotten wealth is mine, share it Tang Tang put the ticket in his pocket instantly, shook his head and said No Hehehe Stingy, get in the car Sign up, and you will pay for the registration later Huh Candy didn t dare to get in the car, hesitantly froze on the spot, using his little brain, thinking crazily what to do manage.

Candy asked again, but the little boy in black still ignored him.Candy Are you sick The little boy in black finally spoke and said loudly, You botanical farms cbd gummies website space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies are the one who is sick Go away Huh Tangtanger was taken aback, this kid is so fierce, even more fierce than Li Xiaoyu.Tangtanger continued to ask You amsterdam cbd gummies are so good at sliding.The little boy in black That s because you are so bad.Tangtanger curled her lips, realizing that this botanical farms cbd gummies website space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies little boy was really fierce and not cute at all.Bragging Candy said unconvinced, then snorted again, and turned to watch the other kids ride their slide bikes.Stop What did you just say The little boy in black finally abandoned his cold and arrogant side, condescending to talk to Tangtanger.Candy Hee hee hee You are so good at riding a slide bike Little Piggy wanted to ask him why he is so good, how he practiced, if he has any tricks, and if he could teach him two tricks.

He has taken root in this deep mountain for six years, and it seems that he is going to stay here for the rest of his life.Huang Weiwei Where is his family The young man surnamed Zhang He probably has no family, anyway, I have never heard him talk about his family, nor have I heard anyone talk about his family.Someone is natures one cbd gummies legit said The children in the orphanage Some people said If you don t go home for six years, unless you break the relationship with your family, the biggest possibility is that you are an orphan.It s very pitiful.Huang Weiwei asked Where did he come from The liquid gold cbd gummies mg young man surnamed Zhang Shengjing , Shengjing University, he is a master s student majoring in elementary education. Why do you think of HCMUSSH broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep teaching in the mountains Someone said Is it because he is too withdrawn and can t adapt to life outside, so he wants to come to the mountains, although the conditions are not good.

This is a small cultural salon, including Tang Shuang, 10 people, 6 men and 4 women.Tang Shuang immediately saw an acquaintance, Ding Ji.Ding Ji was having a heated discussion with another powerful young man, when he saw Lu Yingying approaching gracefully, he immediately looked at Lu Yingying, his eyes were full of fascination, and then he saw Tang Shuang, and suddenly became sober.Lu Yingying introduced Tang Shuang to everyone, and one of the young people in their 30s smiled and opened a magazine and said, Tang Shuang, I know him, the author of Soulbreaker Gun Tang Shuang also received Huaxia Literature yesterday, and his Broken Soul Gun was listed in the short story column.According to Lu Yingying, the young man s name is Li Rang, and he is a well known author of horror novels.Li Rang was sitting on a brown single person leather sofa, and next to him was an intellectual woman in her 30s, who laughed and said, Just now Li Rang told me that Tang Shuang was only in her early 20s, I still didn t believe it, Broken Soul Gun is not something that can be written at this age.

Why did you lie to the child, who hit the wall Tang Shuang Dad has told you just now that you are not allowed to ride backwards, and you must look forward.If you don t listen, who is to blame If I say otherwise, you will believe it.You are so naive, little sister.Pull yourself together.Don t roll your eyes at me, and don t mutter to me, hum Candy was furious and stopped riding Hercules picked up the slippery car and wanted to lift it up and put it in the trunk of the car.Er, this is a bit difficult.She is not tall enough, so it is very difficult to lift it up.Tang Shuang couldn t stand it anymore, grabbed the slippery car, put it on the car easily, picked up the little piggy, stuffed it into the car, and it was time to go.After driving for more than ten minutes, Candy, who secretly vowed not to talk to Xiaoshuang, finally couldn t hold it back.

Alas Wasn t the little bed in Tangtang er s room also bulging just now Little Zhuzhu was not asleep, and woke up when he heard the sound, and stared at Tang Shuang.Little Zhuzhu rubbed his eyes, and said vaguely Huh Uh huh, Xiaoshuang, are you wearing a bellyband Huh Tang Shuang looked down.He was shirtless, with bandages wrapped around his chest and back.Children look like wearing bellybands.Tang Shuang covered the quilt, covered the little pig inside again, and quickly put on her pajamas.As soon as he put it on, Xiao Zhuzhu kicked away the quilt and got out, wearing a blue little panda do cbd gummies show in a urine test pajamas, holding Tang Xiaoguo in his arms, looking at Tang Shuang sleepily, and begging for a hug.After experiencing the sinister scene at night, at this moment a soft and cute little angel begged for a hug, Tang Shuang felt her heart was about to melt, and immediately hugged the little piggy in her arms.

Chapter 393 Little Pig is going to participate in the competition Tang Shuang was standing on the balcony on the second floor on the phone.The call was from Lu Yingying.She asked Tang Shuang to attend a reception on Saturday, that is, tomorrow.Lu Yingying There will be Li Wanyi and Sun Jin at the reception, and they will all be famous people.It will help you to know a few more friends.Li Wanyi is the editor in chief of a fashion magazine, and she is like a big sister in the fashion industry.As for Sun Jin, Tang Shuang doesn t know or have heard of it, but since Lu Yingying specifically named him, it must be unusual.But Tang Shuang wasn t interested in them at all, not to mention he had more important things to do broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs tomorrow.Tang Shuang Thank you Yingying.I can t go tomorrow.My sister is going to participate in the competition.

There were so many people watching her from the audience, and she was also on the big screen at the scene.She had never seen such a big battle before, and she was a little embarrassed.Jiajia came down from the champion position, stood with her sister, held her little hand, and encouraged her.The two little sisters looked at each other and smiled sweetly.With her sister by her side, Meimei was finally not afraid and could speak smoothly.Tangtanger looked at the pair of little sisters, and then at the vacant throne, looking ready to move.Seeing this, Tang Shuang was really afraid that she would climb up, so she quickly stopped her with her eyes.It s just that Zhuzhujing didn t look at him at all, she was staring straight at the championship throne, she really wanted to stand on it, she practiced for so long, she sacrificed the time to watch the Wangwang team, and fell dozens of times I fell down and hurt my how long dies it take for cbd gummies to wirk little hand.

The little boy in black was squeezed a bit and dropped to fifth place, but he rushed very fast and broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep pure herbal cbd gummies would definitely catch up.Candy yelled Qiqi is awesome Xiaojin looked at Qiqi running on the field sourly, and had to admit that this kid was faster than him on a slippery bike.Tangtanger yelled, holding Little Putao s little hand, and looked around, huh Little peacock You can t lose the little peacock, it s her little sister, and Little Putao said she didn t see it either.Tang Shuang asked Little Putao to cheer for Kiki first, and she broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep was going to find Little Peacock.Tang Shuang said that Little Peacock was taken to the toilet by her mother.Oh, I thought the little peacock was lost, hee hee, come on Kiki Defeat the pig bug Candy returned his attention to the field.Tang Shuang looked outside the arena.

Okay, sorry for the trouble, Sister Na.Tang Shuang nodded, and Tang Tang stuck out her little tongue, shaking her head happily.Xiao space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies cbd relax gummies Na and the others left.Tang Shuang, led by the staff, came to the audition site.The group of strange people in the square just now have all arrived here.test.There is a large screen at the scene, which is broadcasting the launching ceremony next door.As soon as Tang Shuang sat down with Tang Shuang, Tang Shuang took out her small mobile phone and whispered, Xiao Shuang, take a picture Tang Shuang It s fine to just sit here and take pictures, but you can t run in front HCMUSSH broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep of others to take pictures.The Lun family is not stupid.They will be beaten like that.Little Piggy muttered, and couldn t wait to start filming, and kept having fun while filming.Just seeing these strange people was enough for her to laugh this year.

The three of them hid in the room and chatted for a long time.Tang Shuang said, I went to see Xiaozhuzhu.I haven t moved for so long, and I haven t come here to make noise.I always feel that something is wrong.It must be stealing something.He patted his head and said, Don t always call Candy Little Piggy, the little sister will be 6 years old soon, and she is already sensible.Tang Shuang Our little sister is much more innocent and innocent than other people s.That s not allowed.Huang Xiangning warned.In the past, Tang Shuang called Tang Shuang er Xiaozhuzhu, and he just yelled, and Xiaozhuzhu didn t take it to broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep pure herbal cbd gummies heart at all, but this year, especially since the second half of the year, Xiaozhuzhu often raised protests, and fought against Tang Shuang for this Several times.Tang Shuang tiptoed around, wanting to see what little piggy was doing, but she saw Bai Jingjing guarding the door from a distance, and the puppy spotted him as soon as he appeared, and then the puppy scurried into Tangtanger s room, ready to It s a tip off.

Chapter 432 Get up in the morning and tom hanks cbd gummies practice kung fu After dinner at Tang Dajian s house, it was not early, so I left Xiaozhuzhu behind, and Tang Shuang and others left.Little Piggy doesn t even look at them.This guy is busy, carrying a pink HelloKitty, pestering Li Meng, the broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep pure herbal cbd gummies prospective sister in law, lying on her belly to listen to the baby, is it a boy or a cbd gummies to help lose weight girl Well, let her listen to it, you can hear it after a while, because she is super powerful and has a good relationship with all the babies.Although this is still in the belly, it doesn t matter.They have a secret way of communication, you can ask The baby s gender Seeing Little Pig like this, Huang Xiangning and the others felt relieved.This guy doesn t broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep pure herbal cbd gummies seem to be uncomfortable, and he doesn t make noise and miss his mother.Little people are very independent, commonly known as silly and bold.

Chen, calm down, how about we play in the middle Take a 20 minute break, everyone calm down.However, just as the host finished speaking, the program director s words came from the earphones, what are you taking a break for Don t rest This kind of atmosphere is needed, and there is a broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep smell of gunpowder to have ratings.Chen Shenfeng shared the same virtue with the director, What are you resting for If you don t rest, we just started recording the show.We are not so delicate.Just ask the delicate one, she might not be able to hold on anymore.The delicate one is Tang Zhen.The host looked at Tang Zhen, and Tang Zhen said, Continue recording.Well, since everyone said so, let s continue recording.What kind of weirdness broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep will this episode be after recording The program continues.The third of the three guests at the scene watched the whole process, and the audience did not ask for his opinion on whether to take a break.

Xiaodao s net name is the Three Idiots, who are crazy about reading, Go and writing.Writing is what Xiaodao loves, and it is not regarded as drudgery., only pain can push me to the computer, type some words on the keyboard, through these words, my soul can breathe, only then, I feel that I am still a person who can think, difficult and vulgar My life has not let me sink completely.Life is impermanent, and I cherish the blessings in front of me.Xiaodao will write some articles commemorating my father and about relatives while botanical farms cbd gummies website space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies his mind is still clear and his physical functions have not deteriorated.Xiaodao is a literati at heart.I can t forget the pen in my hand, but I have to say goodbye to the book friends first.Xiaodao quoted the phrase the sun also rises twice in the novel, and on one of the few days, Xiaodao s sun will No more rising book friends, take care After reading this, Tang Shuang lifted her botanical farms cbd gummies website space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies eyes fixed on the text, looked straight ahead, and finally read Book friends, take care This sentence is not in the original text.

Tang Shuang gazed with soothing eyes, and suddenly saw a figure bouncing around on the road downstairs, and took a closer look, it turned out to be Pan Fugui He was waving at Tang Shuang.When Tangtanger heard that it was Xiao Takako who came, she was super cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews quick witted, and immediately got down from the desk, leaned in front of the floor to ceiling windows, shouted Little Takako happily while jumping up and down, then turned and ran downstairs to meet her little buddy.Pan Fugui disappeared for a long time without saying goodbye to Tang Tanger, and he didn t know why he went there.His father, Pan Lunzhe, also disappeared with him.After welcoming Pan Fugui in, the little fat man told the reason.It turned out that his grandma fell and was hospitalized.He stayed by his grandma s side during this period of time.

Sure enough, not long after, the little man took botanical farms cbd gummies website space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies the initiative to raise the topic and asked, Xiao Shuang, did you raise the flag when you were young What flag National flag Tang Shuang asked.Well, it s the national flag, the handsome one.Candy where to buy the strongest cbd gummies replied happily, no need to ask, this happy event must have something to do with raising the national flag.Tang Shuang said I have been promoted before.I used to be a small flag bearer, and I often raised the national flag.Candy said cheerfully Haha, can you teach Lun s house when you go back You don t mean to be a small flag bearer.Right Tang Shuang asked.Candy I won t tell you, the Lun family will tell mom first.Well, that should be it.The kindergarten hosts the flag raising ceremony every Monday.Tang Shuang went to see it once when the school started.

Gone Where did you go Candy asked, She didn t even say goodbye to the Lun family Call her.Taking out his mobile phone, he decisively dialed Tang Zhen s number, and then chatted on the phone all the way. There was a purple sand pot on the coffee table, and the teapot was gurgling at the moment, just after brewing a pot of tea, Tang Sanjian picked it up, poured it for Hu Jiashan, and then filled it for himself.Children are blessed with children.They are the ones who work hard outside, and I can t help much.Hu Jiashan said with a smile Speaking of which, I also watched Xiaozhen and Xiaoshuang grow up.Xiaozhen was very quiet when I was young., I didn t expect her to do so well in the entertainment industry, as for Xiaoshuang, she was very naughty when she was a child, and she was registered with Principal Yang Principal Yang is Yang Shouming, also known as King Yang who raises koi.

The man looked at her and looked around.There was no one there, and he smiled at the little man, Where are you going, kid Get in the car.Candy quickly waved his hand The Lun family doesn t take the car, the Lun family studies here., Well, that s right there, my teacher asked me to wait for broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep her here for a minute.Feeling that a minute is too long, the bald guy won t be afraid, so he quickly changed his words and stretched out a finger to emphasize It s not a minute, it s She ll be here in charlottes web cbd gummies recovery a second, in a second.The driver stuck his bald head out of the window and looked to the side.There was indeed a kindergarten there, and he asked Tangtanger, Really not in the botanical farms cbd gummies website space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies car Tangtanger didn t mind Shaking his head hesitantly, the big bald head suddenly said fiercely Then what do you mean by calling broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep pure herbal cbd gummies me off Are you kidding me , she will definitely be captured by this big bald head, the little man takes a step back and steps forward with his little feet, he is preparing to run away if the momentum is not good.

Tang Shuang looked down at the smiling little man, guessing that something unusual might have happened to the old Tang s family without his knowledge, but since Li Haonan said so, It means that the matter has been resolved smoothly, and now is really not the time to chat.He touched Tangtang er s little head, not knowing what kind of trouble this villain had made Let my brother sign the last few books, and then come to accompany you.Tangtang er smiled and nodded Okay She stood between Tang Shuang s legs, sticking out her little head to watch Xiaoshuang sign someone else s autograph curiously.She read it very seriously, not only looking at the signature, but also looking up at Xiaoshuang from time to time, and at the book in her hand.A book friend who came forward.She has to broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep learn, learn how to sign people, because she will need it soon.

Luo Yuqing knew that Tang Shuang was Yuxiang, and Tang Shuang didn t find it strange.He thought about it, and asked with a smile, Why do you like wearing red clothes so much Luo Yuqing Dazed, he couldn t help but look at himself, he was indeed wearing a fiery red coat again.When Tang Shuang saw her in summer, she was wearing a fiery red dress.I like it.Red looks good, like me.Tang Shuang smiled and said, Like a hot red pepper.Luo Yuqing wrinkled her nose and said, I m fierce, don t mess with me.Tang Shuang Laughing loudly, Luo Yuqing glared at him dissatisfied What are you laughing at Don t laugh, don t laugh.Tang Shuang looked at her, and said seriously You see, peppers turn from green to red, and so do space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies cbd relax gummies people.There is always such a process, from youth to prosperity, The youthful years are very precious and unforgettable.

Ji Yanjie, 23 years old, from Guangdong Province, was originally an artist of Tuzi Entertainment, but the band he was in was disbanded by Ding Xiaoquan, and he was retained and will be the lead guitarist of broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep the new band.Then there was a young man named Ding Lu, he was very cool, he didn what are cbd gummies broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep t say a word the whole time, his expression was not serious, broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep pure herbal cbd gummies but very calm, he is 22 years old, from Shengjing.Ding Lu s self introduction was very short, and Ding Xiaoquan added to Tang Shuang Ding Lu was originally the drummer of the Chengnan Band.Huaxia is famous.Since Ding Lu is the drummer of a famous band, why did he come here Ding Lu moved his lips, held back the first time, but couldn t hold back the second time, and said, Sir, it s not what you think, I m here because I think the Chengnan band isn t cool anymore.

Isn t it good now The Lun family is not a little villain like a little monkey.The Lun family will not steal money from a little monkey.Lie.Tang Shuang stopped and looked back at the little man who was staring at him with a smirk The little monkey was beaten half to death for stealing money, and almost hung on a branch.If you don t want to hang on a branch, you can Don t even think about it.Oh, it s really sad to say it.Tang Yuer also knew that Tang Yu was taught a terrible thing about stealing money, because the little monkey asked his uncle to intercede miserably, and his uncle, At that time, she was caught in the room to hold a small animal story meeting.She shook her head seriously, and said with fear on her face Tangtang doesn t steal money, it s wrong to steal money, the Lun family doesn t do that kind of thing, the Lun family has money, and the Lun family even gave the little monkey a hundred dollars.

Today, my wish finally came true.It turns out that the young lady I met by the lake is Xiaoshuang s girlfriend.She is so beautiful, and she is so tall.She even knows her name, what are cbd gummies broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep and she is very kind to her.But she doesn t like that elder sister, because she doesn t like Xiaoshuang anymore, which makes Tangtang a little angry, and broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep pure herbal cbd gummies feels sad for Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang is also a good boy, he is a good brother, a child in kindergarten Everyone likes him, why doesn t that sister like him, what is she thinking Are you confused Xiaoshuang is still a handsome guy and a king, although sometimes he can become a one horned devil, and the little dog is sometimes very mischievous and disobedient, so this is forgivable.Asked if she didn t understand, Tangtang asked curiously Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, why broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep did you break up Is it because of me Ah No, it s not because of you.

Brother Sanjian hated him the most, and was always worried that he would change from good to bad and become a villain because of this.San Jian, Dad , Dad Tang Shuang spoke quickly, and almost said Brother Sanjian directly, oh my god, my heart is pounding, and then I heard a burst of giggles, and where to buy boulder highlands cbd gummies glanced angrily at broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep the little sugar man who was covering his mouth Son, this little man is like a baby weasel stealing chickens, she recognized it, because Tang Shuang often called brother Sanjian or father Sanjian directly in front of her.Tang Sanjian raised his eyebrows, Tang Shuang hurriedly said This is what Mr.Lu meant.Although he is the dean of the Faculty of Arts, he doesn t like to be in management.He is already tired of being in Huaxia Literature.The reason why he agreed to work at the school this time is because he wants to lead students.

For example, there are many big red happy characters on the scene, which were cut by Bian Huijie s sister, and every word was cut with great care There were not many guests at the scene, most of them were relatives and friends of Liu Guozhong, and there were very few relatives on Bian Huijie s side.The two sisters of the Bian family were lonely and had very few relatives.Most of the people who actually came to the scene were friends.Sitting at the main table were Liu Guozhong s parents and Bian Huijie s sister.Huang Xiangning was also invited to sit at the main table by the two sisters of the Bian family.Candy was very puzzled that her mother didn t sit with them, and asked what was going on, and could she go to sit with her mother.Tang Sanjian told her no, sitting at the main table is very particular, not everyone can sit if they want.

Then, Tang Shuang felt her face was hot, startled, no longer caring about whether she would hurt everyone if she tried too hard, she forced her way out of the crowd with the candy in her arms.Tang Shuang only then took time to look at the frightened Little Tang who was about to kneel, and couldn t help laughing after taking a look, hahaha I hate it You are still laughing, don t hurry up to save Lun s house.Tang Tang was a little upset Satisfied, he weakly gave Tang Shuang a small fist.As the knight of the princess, the speed of rescue was too slow.The little princess almost knelt down and begged for mercy.If so, the little princess would be ashamed.What Be strong and don t kneel down and beg for mercy no matter what Children are afraid, and children can do anything when they are afraid.Tangtang, there are so many strawberries on your face, how many times have you been kissed Tang Shuang smiled, Tangtang had several kisses on both sides of the cheeks, since everyone is here for the wedding today, the girls will definitely wear makeup , if you put on lipstick, the kiss will leave a mark.

Just kidding, do you think the puppy has no helpers Wang Three woof woof woof, thousands of troops come to meet each other.Soon, Tang Yu and Pan Fugui stopped, they had to stop, they were frightened to death by a group of dogs chasing and barking, there was no mood to fight.The two little boys who were fighting fiercely just now were only left crying and howling, igniting their potential and fleeing desperately, chasing a group of dogs behind them.Help Jingjing, I m wrong don t chase me Don t move Tang Yu and Pan Fugui felt extremely regretful, they shouldn t have underestimated Bai Jingjing just now, this little white bitch is really vicious, and now she is leading the pack, chasing them with a dozen dogs.These dozens of dogs are all from the school.They usually play with Bai Jingjing.They are the kings of small animals in this area, much better than Tang Yu and Pan Fugui s class bully and family master.

Outside the glass, the leader of the radio station appeared again, unfolded a piece of paper again, and pasted it on the glass for Xiaoxiao to see.It said Hold on Xiaoxiao was speechless for a while.Just when everyone thought that Luo Yuqing was going to cover up, Luo Meiren said straightforwardly Okay, next time I will definitely say Xiaoshuang and tell him not to bully his little sister.How can he bully such a cute child No way It makes sense, right Candy said happily Yes There is no such reason The audience was a little confused, is this an indirect acknowledgment of a hidden love affair This is big news.Not only did Luo Yuqing not hide it, but she also took the initiative to ask, Is Xiaoshuang by your side Do you want me to talk to him now Candy said, Xiaoshuang is on a business trip Now it was Luo Yuqing s turn to be dazed.

Tangtang er wanted broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep to say that she didn t know, but she seemed a little skinny today, and Xiaoshuang said so, if she was skinny, she might really get beaten, What should I do if I don t record songs for her, the flower in her heart will die.So he decisively admitted Tang Tang is a little skinny today, but now he is not skinny, because Tang Tang is sensible, Xiaoshuang is very hard, mother is very hard, father is very hard, sister is the hardest, you are all hard, I want to be good, be a good one Baby, cook and eat by yourself, read books when you are full, watch cartoons when you are tired from reading, I like cats and little mice the most in cartoons, I also like puppies, Wang Wang team Tang Shuang felt tired.Stop talking, stop talking, let s record the song, you are such a talkative.Huh Say whatever you want, I am Little Sun, and I will always be happy.

Yang Qinxin continued to say that she was forced by her family to go on blind dates many times, but she failed every time and was accused of being too proud.In fact, she is not, she just still loves her ex boyfriend.She didn t want to go home just now because her family would say that she went home too my dog ate cbd gummies early.When I came out, my mother said about your conditions.You broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep are much better than me.If I go back too early, I will definitely be accused of not seizing the opportunity.I, I can t stand it.Tang Shuang nnn Tang Shuang thought for a while, and said How about this, after I go back, I will tell Aunt Yang that I have no feelings for you, so the responsibility is not on your side.Yang Qin was heartbroken and speechless.Tang Shuang What s the matter Yang Qin shook his head with tears in his heart Thank you Tang Shuang, you are a good person.

The king couldn t help it anymore and wanted to HCMUSSH broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep fight back.Hoooohoohooo The King Owl made a thin and elongated sound, which was a bit penetrating at night.Tangtang er was not afraid at all.On the contrary, she was very excited and cbd gummies for dog aggression yelled Owl Big villain I don t sleep every day, screaming everywhere, pi Puffing her cheeks, she learned a crisp frog cry.The owl king was furious, he recognized it, it was the sound of a frog It often catches voles in the field and has dealt with many frogs.One word to describe them is ugly To describe it in two words, giant broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep ugly For the king who what are cbd gummies broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep is at the forefront of the aesthetics of the owl family, it looks down on frogs And the human child in front of him laughed at its appearance just now, and now it laughs at its voice.Count how many small animals there are How many kinds Cats, birds, old hens, frogs No such personal attacks Click something fell from the tree.

Facing Tang Sanjian s gaze, Huang Xiangning said, It s just a little icky.Tang Shuang curled her lips, turned around calmly, and looked at the river surface where the lights were floating.What s a little gross, there are countless gross moments of yours, and if you recall casually, there are many examples.It caused deep psychological trauma to the son who was at home all year round and beat his daughter.It s simply child abuse, it s too much He put his arms around Tang Zhen s shoulders Let s go, let s put the lamp on, don t stand here and talk.After pushing Tang Zhen for two steps, he whispered, Don t listen to them, they deliberately abuse single puppies.Zhen laughed, and asked What about Candy Tangtang er, that bratty little fellow, was still foolishly staying beside Brother Sanjian and Miss Xiangning.

His salary is so low that he is ashamed to open his mouth.Please spare me, little princess Immediately, Tang Huohuo had a whim, could he plant it on the Great Demon King The Great Demon King is super rich, and now he has to work for the Great Demon King.10 yuan is multiplied by countless times.Or just let the big devil pay for it OK, let s do it Tang Huohuo cheered happily in his heart.Of course he hoped to plant the blame on the Great Demon King, but what excuses could he find emmmmmmm This is a bit difficult, so difficult Tang Huohuo thought about it for a long time, but he couldn t think of a good way.He took out his mobile phone and searched for thirty six tricks.One trick and one trick were right, but they didn t match, and none of them worked I also searched for Sun Tzu s Art of War , emmm, I can t understand it, I found a vernacular version, and browsed quickly, hoping to find a way to deal with the big devil from the wisdom of the ancients, but I still couldn t find a suitable one.

It went well.I went to the Great Wall.Have you ever been there Ah, I have been there.It is indeed magnificent.The ancients are so wise.I cbd gummies for glaucoma also put in a lot of hard work.That s true.Did you attend the premiere of Heroes I saw your photos.Our photos Yes, you and Sanbo, Xiaozhen, Xiaoshuang and Tangtanger, Sanniang, you are very happy.Photogenic.How come there are photos of me I took pictures of Xiaoshuang and Miss Xiaozhen together.Now the photos of Sanniang s family are very popular, and Candy is also very popular.I have it here, it s easy I found it.Tang Tanger was following the car, waiting for Tang Shuang to lift her mini suitcase from the car.Let me see.Huang Xiangning said curiously.Tang Huohuo turned on the mobile phone and showed it to Huang Xiangning.As soon as he opened the webpage, what came into view was 108 Tricks to Cheat People Tang Huo turned off the webpage calmly, and searched again for the keyword Tang Zhen Hero Premiere , and a lot of news popped up.

Ye Liang nodded.Two policemen broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep walked into the shop, Lao Xu brought chairs for them, and asked them to sit down, while Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng could only stand.Old Xu pointed at Ye Liang and said, This young man did buy cigarettes from me last night, but I didn t see any packets at all.He won a big prize from me, worth hundreds of millions Ye Liang interrupted Said What hundreds of millions Why didn t you say that I became broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep the richest man in Guangdong Whether I won the lottery has nothing to do with this matter, don t talk about such useless things.Comrade policeman, don broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep t listen to his nonsense.The policewoman said And I will judge whether the case is useful or not, and you don t need to talk about it.Said to Lao Xu You continue to talk.Lao Xu continued The matter of winning the lottery The two policemen listened to him a lot, and finally the woman The policeman couldn t bear it anymore, and HCMUSSH broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep interrupted These have nothing to do with the case, don t talk about it, I ll just ask you, did he carry a bag in his hand when he entered your shop Old Xu thought for a while, then shook his head Said I was watching TV at the time, and the lottery was being drawn.

Immediately Jumping off the sofa and running to the second floor, after a while, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen were pulled out of the study by her.Tang Shuang came to the living room on the first floor and sat down helplessly, and said to the happy Tangerine I have already praised you with the talent that can only be pulled by eight horses, what else do you want Can you be satisfied Pull me out What are you doing Tang Shuang automatically ignored his botanical farms cbd gummies website space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies attitude, happily pointed to the little figure pattern on her chest, and said, Look, where is my mother and I Tang Shuang glanced at it and said perfunctorily, Oh, cute Ah.Take out your phone and play.Tang Shuang stretched her neck to look at his phone, Tang Shuang put the phone away to block her view, What are you doing Isn t it super pretty Tang Zhen praised repeatedly, sincerely praising her.

Tang Shuang Amazing.By the way, Tangtanger, do you like this painting Tangtanger nodded without hesitation, and said loudly, This is the baby of the Lun family Tang Shuang glanced at the painting and it seemed Someone else said, Show me, there are people on this painting.Tang Tanger unfolded the painting and looked at it together with Tang Shuang.Sure enough, although the main characters in this painting are Candy and Wang Wang Team, there are also some supporting characters.Standing in the distance, these people acted as the background, applauding the little fairy and the Wang Wang team who went out to save mankind.These people may seem insignificant, but they are actually very important.This is the supporting role, which plays a very critical role in rendering emotions.After seeing these applauding people without looking at Tangtanger, she straightened her body, raised her head and chest, her buttocks and her bulging belly were also put away, and she was ready to answer the call to go out at any time.

Hmph No I know what Xiaoshuang is talking about, but children can t understand it anyway Tang Shuang thought to herself, it s no wonder you don t understand, you little man.When she left just now, Tangtanger had already left the yard, and when she was about to get in the car, she suddenly remembered that she forgot the red envelope given by Erniang on the dining table.She was embarrassed to go back to get the red envelope, so she yelled at her Erniang, Dear Erniang , Candy has grown up, I don t want your New Year s money Put your New Year s money on the dining table, don t give it to me again When Er Niang heard this, it was unreasonable Everyone else accepts red envelopes, so why not accept hers, so I hurried back to the restaurant, found the red envelopes that Candy had dropped, chased them out like the wind, caught the little piggy who was waiting for her on purpose, and gave away the lucky money reviews of uly cbd gummies without saying a word.

I happened to pass by.I wish the boss a new year.Let s go.Oh, this is lucky broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep money for children.It s a small thing Tang Shuang put down The red envelope left, and the shop owner didn t react until he got into the car.After chasing him out, he could only see the rear of the car and a license plate number.Strange, what is this for Seeing Tang Shuang s car disappear, the boss muttered, holding the red envelope in his left hand, and paused for a while.When he returned to the shop, his wife asked curiously, What is this man doing Do you know each other The boss looked at the red envelope in his hand and said, I just don t know each other, I don t know why giving a red envelope His wife asked hesitantly Then is cbd for stress relief gummies this a charge or not The shop owner said Everyone is gone, what else is there to charge or not Maybe I have dealt with each other, but I forgot.

She was recognized by the audience as soon as she entered the venue, causing a commotion.The program team had already made an estimate, and quickly arranged staff to do counseling, so that Tang Zhen could sit down quietly and wait for the program to start recording.This is not the first time Candy has participated in such an event, several times.At the premieres of A Little Faithful and Heroes , the little girl already has experience, knowing that once the people on stage start talking, she has to keep her mouth shut and be a good baby.She is very excited and happy to be here, but she also has regrets.Why does she always sit under the stage every time In her dreams, she wants to perform on stage, at least to introduce herself.The elder sister is so powerful, and the elder brother is also so powerful.

Tang Tanger went shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis to look again in doubt, opened her eyes wide, but still didn t see it, and said angrily Nothing Didn t see it Xiaoshuang, are you bragging You lied to Lun s family Tang Shuang turned against the general and said, Didn t you say you saw the little rabbit eating carrots Goose Foge drinking clothes chicken Tang Tanger s eyes rolled wildly, subconsciously reciting pinyin, and at the same time quietly frantically using her little brain.Huh It was thought of by her.Hmph The little rabbits are all going to fight, why are you still swollen Eat carrots Then why can t you see Chang e leading the rabbit to fight with the golden crow It s the rabbit leading Chang e to fight Tangtanger corrected.Well, the rabbit took Chang e to fight, but you couldn t see it Hmph Did you lie to me You lied to me, right I m not lying, you didn t see Tang Shuang thought for a while, but had no choice but to admit, I can t see it.

Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen looked at each other, and asked uncertainly Did I scare her away It seems to be.No way I didn t say anything to scare people.emmmmm maybe You look scary.Let s compare.What Comparison of beauty.Tang Shuang moved closer to Tang Zhen, put her head together, and quickly took out her phone to take a selfie with a click Zhang, before he could press the second time, Tang Zhen had already pushed him away.At this time, the candy that Bling Bling ran away ran back Bling Bling, the little guy looked excited, with something in his hand, he ran closer and saw that it was a brush Tangtang rushed to Tang Shuang, raised her hands, there were several brushes there, and shouted excitedly Ha Look, Xiaoshuang Tangtang now has three brushes Can the Lun family be your young lady Can I be your young lady Do you want to be your little sister Your young lady Miss sister Miss La Hey Little Shuang, this big villain, is it fun to lie to children A few minutes later, Tang Tanger clutched her little butt, murmured and thought, and went back to the kitchen alone, put Back to the brush.

Tang Zhen patted the little person s head in relief, kissed her, and said, Was it right or wrong for you to say that just now Think about it for yourself.Candy lowered her head in silence, and said after a while Xiaoshuang was bullied.Tang Zhen Let s ignore this matter .

how to calculate cbd content in gummies?

for now, my sister will ask you, is it impolite for you to talk to others like that just now Do you think it is right or wrong umemmm.Tangtang er puffed her cheeks, lowered her head, pondered for a moment, and finally glanced at her sister in front of her quickly, and whispered, Sister, broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep it s wrong.Since I said something wrong, shouldn t I tell others How about an apology Tangtang er wrung her hands together, and finally said I m sorry.Not to me, but to Sister Ahui.Tang Tanger quickly raised her head and said to the woman sitting near the door, I m sorry, hey Xiaoshuang is back Everyone looked at Tang Shuang at the door.

Cheng, didn t we shake hands just now Are you so forgetful Cheng Xin Ah, yes, yes, I was in a hurry just now, and I didn t have a chance to get to know each other well.May I ask who you are Tang Shuang broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep smiled.Rou didn t smile, and said It turns out that Mr.Cheng followed all the way because he wanted to get to know me Oh, I m a little touched, but the night is not very good tonight, the moon is hazy, and there are no stars.Let s make an appointment another day.Let s go Tang Shuang made a gesture to drive away, but Cheng Xin shouted Ah Zhen, Ah Zhen I followed because you left something in the hotel, and I brought it to you.Tang Shuang What This is it Cheng Xin handed over a small box.Let me see.Tang Shuang opened her hand to pick it up, but Cheng Xin didn t want to give it to him, so she kept greeting Tang Zhen.

Forest Forest.Are there big brained tigers There are a lot of broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep children.Hold back Tang Tang, let s go play Yeah, let s go play, how is it swollen Is there a problem Waiting for your words Tang Shuang immediately lifted the little pig off the chair, dragged her into the car and left without giving her a chance to stop and think.Hello, Sister Xiaomu Goodbye, Sister Xiaomu Tang Tanger was being dragged away by Tang Shuang, but she didn t forget to turn her head and wave to Xiaomu who was watching them off.Goodbye Tang Tang Goodbye Tang Shuang Xiao Mu waved his hand, and the two brothers and sisters of the Tang family would come next time.Tang Shuang muttered to Tang Shuang Xiao Mu is such a good sister.She is so cute.She has dimples when she smiles, just like Little Putao and Sister Meimei.Tang Tang likes it very much.

Come here.You talk first.What are you doing Doing bad things Damn it No cbd indica gummies way Come here, let me tell you about being on TV.Candy thought for a while , took Bai Jingjing down the steps, cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank and came to Tang Shuang s side, her face was flushed, she didn t know what she did at home just now, could it be that she was chasing a dog again Your hair is messy, did you roll on the ground Nothing Lun s house is clean.Don t move, I ll comb your hair.Tang Shuang took out a wooden stick from broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep her pocket.Comb, comb Candy s messy hair.Candy asked curiously Huh Xiaoshuang, why do you have a wooden comb in your pocket , I m really a baby brother now, and I m carrying a wooden comb with me unconsciously.If this gets out, my king s reputation will be ruined.Tang Tang er also nodded Well, Xiaoshuang, you re finished, you You can t be a king.

Tang Shuang smiled and said, Yes, that s my sister Tang Tang.It seems that she and Wen Qiao get along very well.Xia Dashan felt relieved when he saw that his daughter finally lost restraint and gradually recovered her cheerful personality.Just now his daughter, Feng Xiaofeng and Liu Die were introduced together by the adults, but the three children stared at each other, not knowing what to say.When Tang Tang came, it was as if a catfish came into the sardines, instantly breaking the awkward atmosphere.At this moment, Tangtang er was carrying a small bag, chatting excitedly with Xia Wenqiao, while holding her hand together.In front of her stood the shy Liu Die Die.Tang Tanger touched her little head with the other hand, said something, and laughed happily at what the mixed race little sister said.

Tang Tanger nodded, and said unceremoniously, The Lun family is still very strong.Haha, they are really strong.Brother Sprinkler said to Tang Shuang, Handsome, where am I I always feel familiar after seeing you.Tang Shuang I have a good face, and many people broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep say that they seem to have seen me.Linglingling From the alley on the right came the ringing of bicycle bells, and Lao Li drove over on a tricycle.A little girl was sitting in the back of the tricycle, wearing a hoodie and holding an insulated lunch box in her hands.The road was uneven, and the tricycle shook back and forth.The little girl held the insulated lunch box tightly in her arms to prevent it from spilling.Brother Sprinkler greeted the other party and explained his purpose.Old Li doesn t remember Tang Shuang anymore, but the little sister in the car bucket remembers, happily leaning half of her body from behind her grandfather, looking at Tang Shuang at Tang Shuang s feet It s Tang Tang Grandpa, it s Tang Tang Tang Tang is here Tang Tang Tang Tanger also waved happily Little Lily ha, so you are here, I finally found you.

He put his arms around the little man s shoulders to look at the fish pond, making her unable to move.Tangtanger just woke up, HCMUSSH broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep this is Xiaoshuang There are two Xiaoshuang in her family One is her brother and the other is her baby goldfish.Boom What should I do if it is swollen Will you be beaten Which one is Xiaoshuang Quickly point it out, or I will hold you in the water and turn you into a baby goldfish.Tang Shuang threatened mercilessly.Candy was flustered, and hurried to please Brother, brother Don t be like this Hey, there is no Xiaoshuang, the Lun family made a mistake It s Xiaohei, there are little black fishes here, but there are no little frosty fishes, brother, are you Didn t you hear it wrong I heard it right, I ll count to three, broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep if you still don t point broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep out Xiaoshuang, I ll push you into the water.

Huang Xiangning understood her daughter s embarrassment, said stop beating , and left, making room for the three children.Tang Zhen continued to blush, Tang Shuang said with a thick skinned smile, Stop beating, Mom, are you going to work Sister Xiangning only took the morning off.Well, I m going to school, you two take good care of Tang Tang.Tang Tang, mother is gone.The villain immediately acted cute, and ran to Huang Xiangning with a submachine gun, blocking her way, It seemed very reluctant Mom, Tangtanger is reluctant to let you go.Well, it s just holding a gun in his hand, and the muzzle of the gun is still pointing at Huang Xiangning.The female border guards Huang broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep Xiangning is very emotional and easily moved.Hearing this, he kissed the little man s face affectionately Mom will be back soon after class.

Now, the bullshit he just boasted is self defeating, and Tang Tanger despises him a lot.Of course, there are also many stories about Candy, those who are still in their infancy, those who are learning to walk, those who are eating, those who are jumping around with dolls in their arms, and those who are sleeping soundly Huang Xiangning always appears by her side.Mom did a lot for them, but looking back, they didn t do anything for mom.Tang Shuang said Sister Xiangning likes Hu Zhongyuan s songs, and she was also a standard fan back then.After this concert, Hu Zhongyuan will officially say goodbye.Why don t we all go and let Xiangning take care of herself Feel it, there will be no chance in the future.The original plan was that only Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen would go, and Tang Tanger was afraid of death, so she pestered Tang Zhen to take her away, so I added it temporarily, and now what Tang Shuang said made sense, So Tang Zhen agreed, and Tang Tanger also agreed.

Chapter 1049 After the car parked in the old Tang s yard, Huang Xiangning got out of botanical farms cbd gummies website space candy 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies the car first.He was going to open the door for Candy, who was sitting in the child s chair in the back, but the little guy quickly pushed the car door and jumped out.Just accidentally, a big, red apple jumped out along with her, and rolled to Tang Shuang s feet amidst her oops.Tang Shuang picked it up with a chuckle, opened her mouth wide, and ate it in one bite.If he knew that dogs were rolling all over the ground not long ago, he would definitely not be able to stop talking.Ah Tangtang er stood there blankly watching the big devil eat her big apple, as if she couldn t believe the facts in front of her, she covered her little head with her hands and screamed.Upduck is online instantly.Xiaoshuang was thinking about her big apple all the way.

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