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When filling out the form, Qi Fei deliberately concealed his education background and directly wrote a college degree.Anyway, he is just an errand.never mind.Seeing that he finally got a job, Qi Fei felt elated.At this time, a young woman with a mature temperament walked up to Qi Fei Qi Fei, my name is Yi Lan, and I am the director of the distribution station in the city.You will work here from now on.What s the matter You can come to me for any high strength cbd gummies questions.Hello, Director Yi.Don t be so alien, you should be younger than me, how old are you Twenty five.Then you can just call me Sister Lan.Qi Fei grinned, Sister Lan, I thought you wouldn t even arrive Twenty.Yi Lan couldn t help laughing You really can talk.Then Yi Lan handed Qi Fei a bag This is your work clothes, and you will go to work at five o clock tomorrow morning.I m afraid Cheng Siyu will collapse if he really says it in front of her.What if I told her on QQ It is estimated that it will also collapse.She must be thinking, my God How is this possible I even told this bastard about my private affairs I actually talked to him for so long I m going to kill him Qi Fei shivered, even though he thought of all of these, it still made him shudder.In fact, Qi Fei didn t cbd gummies 500mg each even realize that he seemed to care more and more about Cheng Siyu.The so called feelings often appeared quietly inadvertently.Qi Fei walked on the path with a lonely face, the golden sunset shone through the branches, stretching his shadow very long.I don t know whether it was a coincidence or what happened.After Qi Fei worked in the publishing station for two days as usual, Yi Lan who came back from the company meeting brought him very bad news.It s okay.Li Dafa sat down and said, You are busy with your work, I will HCMUSSH high strength cbd gummies stay here for a while.Qi Fei didn t want to waste time here, so he picked up the newspaper to be delivered and went out.Li Dafa saw him leaving Go, it was really fun, and I kept chatting with Yi Lan.Although Yi Lan knew that this guy was obviously here to please her, but she couldn t show his face to him, so she could only try her best to keep busy with her own affairs, and only hoped that he would leave on his own.Who knew that Li Dafa could really sit still, he stayed there until noon, and then invited Yi Lan to have lunch, but it happened that Qi Fei also came back.Although Li Dafa was very reluctant, he still pretended to bring Yi Lan Let s fly together.Chapter 29 You Called Me Over Qi Fei was already a little upset because he was going to meet Cheng Siyu in the afternoon, where he still had the energy to deal with Li Dafa, he could think of how the platinum series cbd gummy bears cbd gummies kopen awkward he would be when they had dinner together later, can cbd gummies cause high heart rate so he simply refused.By doing this, he not only gave favors but also supported his own people, it is really high to kill two birds with one stone.Yi Lan s expression was serious, she knew that she could not go directly to find someone to make it clear, Tan Jianren, he could not admit it, could she use this to threaten or beat her up, and find Cheng Siyu That doesn t work either.How can people trust you if you have no does cbd gummies taste like weed evidence The more she thinks about it, the more depressed Yi Lan can t help feeling, and if this matter is to be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise the more it drags on, the less likely it is to turn over, buthow can it be resolved Qi Fei suddenly held Yi Lan s hand Sister Lan, I ll go to the company later, this matter may have a chance Before Yi Lan could say anything, Qi Fei left quickly.Qi Fei left the publishing station and then rushed to the review botanical farms cbd gummies company building.Tan for your compliment.Qi Fei said.Tan Jianren said with a smile The company really needs talents like you, you have brought us fresh blood.If you need any help, just ask me, as long as you work hard.Yes, Mr.Tan.Yi Lan replied.Well, then I ll go first.Tan Jianren left here with a smile.Qi Fei and Yi Lan looked at each other, both of them felt that Tan Jianren seemed to be different from the past, Qi Fei couldn t help muttering I haven t seen him for a few days, is he still the same Tan Jianren from before Could it be because of the previous torture It s too irritating and your temperament has changed Yi Lan shook her head I don t know about that.Qi Fei thought to himself, there is a saying that Jiangshan is easy to change and nature cannot be changed, he doesn t believe that Tan Jianren will really change the past That domineering, sinister and cunning temperament, from this point of view, either he unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews high strength cbd gummies felt the need to restrain himself, or he would do something else in secret, in short, he should not be easily confused by him.Looking at Qi Fei who was seriously pressing her ankles, Cheng Siyu also gradually recalled the scene of falling just now.If this man hadn t tried his best to protect her, it might not be as simple as twisting her feet.This made her feel anxious.There was a touch of emotion.After carefully kneading for ten minutes, Qi Fei let out a breath It s almost ready, you get up and try.Cheng Siyu hurriedly retracted his feet, put on the shoes and tried to walk a few steps, and the pain was no longer as expected.Qi Fei also stood up When you get home, apply a hot towel to it, and you should be able to fully recover after sleeping.That Thank you.Cheng Siyu said to Qi Fei with high strength cbd gummies some embarrassment.Qi Fei smiled It s okay, I just hope Mr.Cheng doesn t misunderstand me.Cheng Siyu lowered her head slightly and asked in a low voice Are you okay It seems You fell quite hard, and I crushed you Take a moment.This is what I call free advertising.What do you think This number is not just casually stated by her, but she and Qi Fei have carefully calculated and thought about it.It is related to the regular relationship between the effective distribution of newspapers and advertising revenue, and the sales volume of newspapers will increase by 10,000 copies., the income buy green cbd gummies uk brought will greatly exceed the value of ten free advertisements, which is very worthwhile.Of course, Mr.Hu s cooperation is needed for the advertisement.Yi Lan and Qi Fei are not worried about this, because he believes that Mr.Hu will understand and will agree to the plan at that time.After listening to what Yi Lan said, Mr.Yang pondered for a long time, and then called two department can you fail a drug test for eating cbd gummies managers.The three studied and calculated for a while, and finally Mr.He hadn t received the mobile phone arrears before, but now he saw it.It turned out that Yi Lan s mother had come.Qi Fei thought to himself, Yi Lan s father should still need to take care of her, why did her mother come here all the way After thinking about it like this, he had the idea of going to visit.But after thinking about it, this should happen to be the time when Li Dafa performed well, and what he said in the past might not be very good.So Qi Fei dismissed this idea, made a cup of hot tea and sat cbd gummies nederland in front of the desk, casually glanced at the calendar on the desk, Qi Fei couldn t help but lamented how quickly time passed, guessing that he would stay here too There are less than ten days left.Qi Fei s mood became more and more melancholy, and he suddenly remembered that he hadn t thought of where to go next, he was like a lone boat floating in the ocean, he dropped anchor in a certain place and stayed for a while, waiting until When I set sail, I found that I didn t know which direction to go.

Cheng Siyu was stunned for a moment, then shook his head This is what I should do Yes, you hurt so badly to save me, what I did is nothing.Qi Fei was silent, true bliss cbd gummies reviews while Cheng Siyu looked out the window, and the snow outside was pouring heavily into the whole white the platinum series cbd gummy bears cbd gummies kopen world.It s snowing, it s pretty Cheng Siyu said to himself.Qi Fei thought for a while and then asked her Mr.Cheng, why were you suspended for something How is the situation now cbd gummies with a high effect Cheng Siyu s expression was cbd gummies for pain management sf ca a bit bitter Now the company high strength cbd gummies s senior management asked me to reflect on it and write a review for them Looking at it like this, she seemed unwilling to say what was the reason for her suspension, Qi Fei asked again without hesitation.Cheng Siyu hesitated for a long time before slowly opening his mouth Actuallyit s because of my negligence.It s none of my business I ll see how you explain to my mother.Cheng Siyu s heart skipped a beat, and Li Xuan even moved his mother out.She really didn t know what to say to people.Li Xuan stared at Cheng Siyu, and then looked at his watch I have to go, you can think about it, if you promise me, don t say three hundred thousand, it s four, five or six hundred thousand, I ll give it to you at any time Here you go, goodbye He just got up and left, leaving Cheng Siyu alone in a daze.In the hospital, Qi Fei was sitting on a chair next to Yi Lan s bed, surfing the Internet with a laptop, saying that he was surfing the Internet, rather than waiting for Cheng Siyu to go online, but at the moment, Qingyu s profile picture is still gray.Qi Fei was a little dazed looking at high strength cbd gummies the gray profile picture, and he thought for a long time that she couldn t let her find out that he was still in Bingang, so he set up QQ so that the other party could not see his login location.Okay you can use it.Qi Fei was so nervous that he almost couldn t put the hot water bottle down.At this moment, he wished that something else would suddenly appear to interrupt Cheng Siyu, and he even thought about whether he would intentionally overturn the hot water and eagle hemp cbd gummies website high strength cbd gummies scald himself.Seeing that the mouse has moved to the qq icon, Cheng Siyu is about to click on it.Gritting his teeth, Qi Fei turns on the kettle and prepares to pour water.By the way, he pours water on his hands.Although boiling water will definitely make him burn, but compared to himself If the secret is discovered, it is nothing.Cheng Siyu double clicked the QQ icon, Qi Fei gritted his teeth, and was about to point the mouth of the hot water bottle to the back of his hand.At this high strength cbd gummies biospectrum cbd gummies moment, Cheng Siyu s cell phone rang suddenly, and she mayim cbd gummies turned around to get her bag.I only have one piece of cash, and only one bank card, I am very disappointed.Qi Fei smiled and said Are you short of money You are talking nonsense again.The homeless man opened his hands Look at me like this Son, do you still need to ask Well, now I offer you a job, do you dare to do it Qi Fei looked into the other party s eyes.The homeless man suddenly regained his spirits How high strength cbd gummies much At least tens of thousands a month, and this is just the basic salary.Okay, I ll do it The homeless man agreed without thinking.Qi Fei looked surprised You don t even know what kind of job it is.The homeless man glanced at Heizi, then at the other three people What kind of job can people like you have Did you kill him Heizi narrowed his eyes You fucking know we are bastards, but you still dare to steal Are you impatient to live The homeless man chuckled, Why don t you dare, I m alone People are full and the whole family is not hungry, and you can t catch me, you high strength cbd gummies can t threaten me, and you can t catch me, I am afraid of a bird I am traveling all over the country while stealing, and I have only been to Bingang in the last two days.I think your drinking capacity should not have declined.Let s have a good drink when you have time.By the way, did you figure out those things last night Ye Dabao sat in a seat He flew to his side and handed him a cigarette.Qi Fei didn t want to think about the incident that he almost went astray last night, he stared and said What are you talking about Ye Dabao laughed Are you pretending I have nothing to pretend Qi Fei took a deep puff of cigarette We ve known each other for so long, you see when I encounter something and don t want to pass it, shit, what s the big deal.That s right Ye Dabao patted Qi Fei s shoulder hard But having said that, I m still a little worried.What are you worried about Qi Fei was puzzled.Of course I don t worry about you kid suddenly getting overwhelmed.How should I say it When the dead ashes are still alive, I think the best way to forget a relationship is to start a new one.Brother Xuan, don t you Do you need my help Qi Fei asked.Li Xuan laughed loudly What s the rush, you ll be busy then, now you have some spare time, you can have fun Yes, Brother Xuan.Li Xuan turned around and wanted to leave, just now After walking a few steps, he turned back to Qi Fei and said, If there is any problem here, you can handle it high strength cbd gummies for me, President Guang and they will cooperate with you.Yes, Brother Xuan.Qi Fei thought to himself, this nightclub is still open.It didn t open yet, what could be the matter, it was already ten o clock in the morning, Qi Fei had nothing to do, cbd gummy bears white label so he just stayed in the nightclub box, ordered a bottle of red wine and drank it himself, and then called Cheng Siyu.Chapter 118 I ran into Xuan er and Qi Fei called Cheng Siyu mainly because he wanted to know about Yi Lan s current situation.Chapter 121 The unique small private room After about an hour and a half, the nightclub has been cleaned up again.Many people who were in the chaos before have already left, and some people who were too frightened were arranged When they arrived at the VIP high strength cbd gummies box, all the injured were taken to the hospital.Qi Fei didn t know how to deal with the accident in the end.In short, HCMUSSH high strength cbd gummies it was all Li Xuan s business, and he didn t bother to think about it.During this period, Qi Fei saw that many reporters rushed over.Obviously, they wanted to conduct interviews and reports after learning about the accident here.Qi Fei couldn t help but admire Mr.Guang.To be honest, his efficiency in handling affairs It is still very high.If it is dealt with later, it will definitely be caught by these reporters.At this moment, the reporters were stopped by the security guards, and the deputy managers of the two nightclubs were dealing with them.

He is in Yunnan, but he knows After seeing the weather here, I high strength cbd gummies who sells royal blend cbd gummies must be paying attention to your itinerary, mainly because I am worried that something will happen to you outside Forget it, let s not say good things about him, let s eat, and have a drink.Cheng Siyu raised his glass , Qi Fei hurriedly cooperated.After eating this meal for more than an hour, Cheng Siyu drank a lot of wine, his eyes became blurred a lot, and his cheeks were flushed.Qi Fei knew that she was in a good mood today, but he couldn t let her drink any more, so he paid the bill and took her out of the restaurant.Mr.Cheng, take a good rest when you get back.You really drank a lot.Qi Fei carefully supported Cheng Siyu.Cheng Siyu giggled Actually, my drinking capacity is not bad, right I drink more than you Yes, yes, you drink well, be careful not to slip.Ye Xiaobei s cheeks flushed red.Qi Fei didn t even notice her abnormality, because he was still thinking about the plan he wanted to make in his mind.It didn t take long for Qi Fei to bring Ye Xiaobei to the place where he lived.Of course, it was the high end house that Li Xuan arranged for him.Ye Xiaobei said in surprise as soon as he entered the door Brother Qi, your houseis so big and phil robertson cbd gummies well decorated, you eagle hemp cbd gummies website high strength cbd gummies live alone Qi Fei nodded Yes, there is still room here It s not bad, it s not worse than a star rated hotel. Yes, it s very good.Immediately afterwards, Qi Fei assigned the master bedroom to Ye Xiaobei, and Ye Xiaobei said that the house was very good, but it didn t feel like it was cleaned up.Qi Fei jokingly said to her Isn t this just waiting for you to come over and clean it up for me Ye Xiaobei s cheeks flushed slightly Okay Qi Fei laughed That s impossible, you are a guest, Wait a minute, I ll tidy up the inside and change the sheets and quilts.And Qi Fei will also realize that the instigator is Manager Ding.If Qi Fei later tells Gongsun Hai about this, the consequences that Manager Ding will have to bear will be very serious, so serious that he has no choice but to let the killer kill Qi Fei or even kill him.Ye Xiaobei who appeared together was killed.Qi Fei thought to himself, Manager Ding is really sad.If he couldn t find anything, he high strength cbd gummies who sells royal blend cbd gummies could only use the killer, but he failed, which made Qi Fei more sure that he was the one who hired the killer.However, Manager Ding doesn t look like a fool.The fact that he would take such a risk to do something can only prove that there must be something extremely important to him behind that piece of paper.The more Qi Fei thinks high strength cbd gummies about it, the more timid he feels.Manager Ding can find such a powerful killer, which shows that he is not an idle person, and he is so polite to Gongsun Hai, at least on the surface, which also shows that Gongsun Hai Great background.The wound on his back was aching, and there was still some itching, Qi Fei could only bear it, this was really quite a torment for him.I don t know what you want to give me Li Xuan stared at Qin Wu and asked.Qin Wu laughed I ll show you right now.After he finished speaking, he clapped his palms twice, and then a door behind him opened, and he saw two men in suits with a quilt covering their heads A man with a paper bag came in.Li Xuan s expression froze Didn t you fucking say you only brought one person here Qin Wu was still smiling That s not the point, don t you wonder what gift I gave you Don t tell me just This person Li Xuan pointed at the guy whose head was covered with a bag.The man was brought to Qin Wu s side, and he could only hear an indistinct whining sound, probably because his mouth was gagged.In the end, I will kill you.You, I can t ruin your real life because of my selfishness, I think, since we can t break through from the virtual world to the real world, then we should control our emotions and stop letting them go, you Those words reminded me and made me realize how terrible this kind of thing is.I m not afraid that I will high strength cbd gummies be smashed to pieces, I m only afraid of you my dear Piaoling, because of me, your life will be bound from now on, reality It s so cruel, but we have to muster up the courage to face it.Qi Fei s eyes widened, his body trembling slightly, he understood that Qingyu was doing it for his own good, and Qingyu wanted to make a clean break so that Qi Fei could Get rid of everything and pursue the life you should have instead of being trapped in this virtual world.He changed Yi Lan into the clothes he bought for her, combed her hair, and put on a beautiful hairpin.Then Qi Fei set up a table in the ward, put the bought meals on it, found two more glasses, and poured white wine into them.Sister Lan, I ll celebrate the New Year with you tonight.Qi Fei looked at Yi Lan and said.Then he HCMUSSH high strength cbd gummies cbd gummy lab analysis picked up the wine glass Sister Lan, how long does it take for cbd gummies to take cheers.Just as Qi Fei was about to drink, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open, and a girl appeared in front of Qi Fei.Qi Fei couldn t help being stunned, because this person was Ye Xiaobei.Brother Qi, you are indeed here Ye Xiaobei dragged the suitcase into the ward.Xiaobei Youhow did you come here Qi Fei stood up in surprise.I just came to accompany you to celebrate the New Year.I guess you will be here to accompany Sister Lan, so I went straight to the hospital after getting off the plane.Qi Fei made a haha It s nothing, I just wondered if you ll get drunk after drinking so much.I can drink well.Ye Xiaobei said proudly, Don t underestimate me.Oh, or I ll drink it for you.Don t, don t, we just have to drink happily, don t get drunk I m a little thirsty, would you like a glass of water too Qi Fei asked arrive.You should just sit down, I ll pour it for you.Ye Xiaobei took the initiative to get up and pour water for Qi Fei.The smile on Qi Fei s face gradually disappeared again, he sighed silently, and subconsciously turned his head to look at Xiao Bei who was pouring water.Xiao Bei said Oh, there is no warm water, only boiling water Brother Qi, do you have tea How about I make two cups of tea Okay Qi Fei looked at Ye Xiaobei s figure with some fascination, and suddenly, he felt that he was very sorry for Xiaobei.

She opened her lips slightly and said vaguely Whatis this place Who are you Chapter 195 Amnesia Because Yi Lan s voice was very small and vague, and Qi Fei and the others were too excited, they didn t realize what Yi Lan s words meant.They only thought that Yi Lan had woken up and was able to speak.Qi Fei secretly bit the tip of his tongue, the pain let him know that this was not a dream, he tried to calm down his emotions, and then whispered Sister Lan, you finally woke up, youyou can still talk It s gone Yi Lan s expression was still confused You who are you Qi Fei was stunned for a moment, Cheng Siyu and Ye Xiaobei were also stunned, and only then did they realize that Yi Lan seemed to have lost her memory.Yilan, he is Qi Fei Cheng Siyu said.Qi Fei Yi Lan thought hard Qi Fei I seem to have a little impression, you who are you I also feel a little familiar.One of them was full of smiles Brother, don t you remember us We arethe people who eagle hemp cbd gummies website high strength cbd gummies had a conflict with you last time.It s really embarrassing to talk about it.We came here to apologize to you this time.As he said that, he stretched his hand forward, and Qi Fei saw that he was carrying something in his hand, not only him, but also everyone else.So it s you Qi Fei narrowed his HCMUSSH high strength cbd gummies eyes, with a murderous look in his eyes.Brother, we were wrong, I hope you will be a big deal, and don t care about us bastards Twenty or so people all respectfully presented their gifts, and then bent over at ninety degrees.Qi Fei snorted coldly .

should gummy cbd burn my throat?

I just want to ask you one thing, if I didn t know Heizi and no one came forward to help me, what would you do No one dared to speak.You are lucky, nothing happened to me, and my friend is fine, otherwise I will not let any of you go, and for the sake of Heizi, I don t care.This night, Qi Fei didn cbd edibles gummies the platinum series cbd gummy bears t know high strength cbd gummies how he fell asleep, he only knew that he had to fall asleep, because there was still work waiting for him, because tomorrow, there might be some problems, and he needed to cheer up to face it.The next day, Qi Fei came to the company and found that Zhang Wei had come earlier than him.Seeing Qi Fei enter the office, Zhang Wei greeted with a smile Morning, Qi Fei.It s early for you too.Qi Fei smiled.Zhang Wei put down the newspaper he was still reading, then stood up and moved his body, and asked Qi Fei casually Our plan Has it started to be implemented Yes.Qi Fei said.Zhang Wei s tone was very surprised I didn t expect Mr.Cheng to move so fast Isn t it just to seize the opportunity, to occupy the market you have to start quickly.That s true.Zhang Wei nodded, and then said with regret It s a pity, it s a pity, I still wanted to take advantage of this implementation plan to exercise my skills a lot, but I didn t expect to miss it because of a business trip.Is there anything else you want to add Zhang Li looked at Tan Jianren, Zhang Wei and Qi Fei.None of the three said anything, so Zhang Li gestured to Yan Fengtao, but Yan cbd edibles gummies the platinum series cbd gummy bears Fengtao didn t seem to respond.He looked down at his notebook and wrote something on it from time to time.The conference room became extremely quiet, and the atmosphere inadvertently became more and more tense.After a while, Yan Fengtao opened his mouth to speak.This the work instructions of the two leaders of the publishing company are very good, ah, I listened very carefully.As soon as this sentence was said, the expressions of the rest of the people changed.Who is Yan Fengtao CEO He actually called Cheng Siyu and Ou Hanhua the two leaders, and even said some work instructions.This situation is obviously too wrong Ou Hanhua s face turned pale, and his expression became more nervous, while Cheng Siyu frowned slightly, and his expression was very dignified, but Tan Jianren s expression was relaxed, with a smile that had nothing to do with him.You keep it secret.I chatted with her for a while, she is already a stewardess, tsk tsk tsk I am really envious.Qi Fei vaguely felt that something was wrong, but he couldn t tell what was wrong, anyway, he burst out from the bottom of his heart.There was a sense of uneasiness.Xiaobei s luck is indeed good, but it doesn t seem to be a good thing.Seeing Qi Fei frowned slightly, Zhang Wei laughed aloud, You don t have an opinion, do you What Qi Fei looked bewildered.I envy you for having such a beautiful stewardess girlfriend Qi Fei smiled No, actually she is not Qi Fei wanted to say that Ye Xiaobei was not his girlfriend, but Zhang Wei s The phone vibrated, someone called him, so Zhang Wei smiled at Qi Fei, took out his phone and walked out of the office.After getting off work that day, Qi Fei went straight back to his place of residence, and as expected, Xiao Bei had already arranged dinner.He didn t even have time to become a full time employee, and just before that he was appreciated by the chairman, who would have thought that he would end up like this in a blink of an eye.Not only Qi Fei will be fired, but Ou Hanhua, the person in charge of the general affairs department, and Cheng Siyu, the boss of the distribution company will be punished accordingly.An unprecedented sense of pressure overwhelmed Qi Fei.He felt like an extremely small ant.He could be crushed to death by stretching out a finger from above.Let alone resisting, he would He didn t even have a chance to defend himself.No one in the whole group dared to oppose the order issued by the chairman of the group, and it was an order issued in a fit of rage.No matter how much Cheng Siyu trusted Qi Fei, she was helpless.On the contrary, you seem to be less energetic than me.Why don t you go to my room to sleep, anyway.I can do it by myself right now.Qi Fei shook his head That s no good, I m working for you, so there s no reason to be lazy.That s all right, you go and wash the dishes in the kitchen No problem Seeing that Ning Bin seemed to be in good condition, Qi Fei felt relieved.On this day, everything was normal, and there were quite a few customers in the hot pot restaurant.At around nine o clock in the evening, two strange customers came to the hot pot restaurant.The two guests were wearing windbreakers and mouth and nose masks when they entered the door, leaving only a pair of eyes outside.Qi Fei went over to greet him with a smile Is this the first time for you two to eat here The guest didn t respond, but looked at Qi Fei coldly.

The biggest beneficiary during this period is naturally Bingang Metropolis Daily, which made a big fuss about this matter, which not only greatly increased the sales of the newspaper, but also expanded its influence and the platinum series cbd gummy bears cbd gummies kopen popularity.These circumstances made Qi Fei sigh inwardly.The two ate for about forty minutes before Cheng Siyu left.Looking at Cheng Siyu s back, a sense of loss flooded his heart.Brother Qi.Ning Bin s voice sounded from Qi Fei s side.Qi Fei came back to his senses Brother Bin, I m going to work now Ning Bin stared at Qi Fei, and suddenly said, It seems that she was your former boss, but why do I feel that you fell in love with her What high strength cbd gummies does it look like Qi Fei was startled, and then hurriedly said When did Brother Bin start gossiping high strength cbd gummies who sells royal blend cbd gummies I ll just talk casually, don t take it seriously.It s really hard for you.It s okay, it s okay, climbing more stairs is good for your health.Let me go shopping, and you go home and rest.Yi Lan thought for a while and said, That s fine, actually, the top has to be tidied up, by the way, don t ask me to come down when I reach the top floor Ah.Well, I see, you go up.Yi Lan turned around, opened the door, and then walked up the stairs, and the iron door behind her was also closed.Qi Fei shook his head and muttered, I m really too sensitive today Yi Lan entered the residential building again, and Qi Fei went on shopping for vegetables.A few minutes later, Yi Lan walked to the door of her room, took out the key, opened the door and walked in, but as soon as she entered the room, she smelled a sour smell.And this smell, she felt as if it was also in the stairwell of this building.He said that he hoped that Yi Lan would give him a chance to listen to him.During this period, Yi Lan also learned what happened to high strength cbd gummies Li Dafa later.Li Dafa did not say that he was beaten into a disability by Qin Wu because he was a spy for Li Xuan.He just said that he suffered retribution and became permanently disabled today.Now Li Dafa is already a useless person.Due to the heavy blow eagle hemp cbd gummies website high strength cbd gummies to the head, although the injury has healed, this has caused his thinking ability to drop a lot, and he can t hit the energy for a long time when doing things, and he is easy to feel tired.This makes mental work impossible for him.Coupled with his physical disability, even if he was a manual laborer, it would be delusional.Li Dafa ended up like this.Although Yi Lan hated him for abandoning her before, she still sympathized with him after seeing him.When it is vicious, it is not because of work that an organization is established, but because of a certain talent.How did Tan Jianren know that his understanding was completely opposite.If Cheng Siyu hadn t compromised a little bit, Zhang Weicai would not have the manager s seat.Qi Fei didn t take Tan Jianren s words seriously, but he still politely said to Tan Jianren Tan Jianren is right, I understand.Cheng Siyu glanced at Tan Jianren, and then said to everyone The establishment of two sub business departments a and b is carried out according to the guidance of our group leaders, and it also meets the needs of the company.The two sub business departments need to help each other and unify each other in their work, but they still need competition.What I want to remind is that competition does not mean trying to sabotage each other, we must remember that the principle is to make progress together.I will park the car in front of the clothing store over there later.Qi Fei looked in the direction of Yi Lan s finger, which was a lingerie store.Dilian s underwear store is also considered to be the top three women s brand underwear store in Bingang.Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan walked in, but Qi Fei, a big man, didn t go in.Although he and Xuan er had visited a lingerie shop in Langzhou before, after Xuan er left, he didn t spend time with other women.Been in a lingerie store.Looking at the women shuttling in Dilian s underwear shop, Qi Fei thought, in this noisy city, it is not bad to run such a shop.Women love shopping, Qi Fei took out his phone, boarded QQ and looked at the empty group, Qi Fei felt a little sad.In that online world, he and Cheng best cbd gummies in texas Siyu could freely talk about each other s thoughts and lives, but now, it became an empty place.Brother Qi high strength cbd gummies Fei, the boss said that if you feel sorry, he only wants 10 of the shares in the commercial street, not more.Qi Fei also knew that with Gongsun Hai s status, let alone a commercial street, Even ten commercial streets can be easily obtained.Now that Gongsun Hai said so, Qi Fei didn t make too many excuses anymore.When Qi Fei was free, he couldn t help thinking of the two times he saw Xuan er, he would never admit his mistake, that person must be Xuan er.Did Xuan er come to Bingang to look for me Shouldn t he be in Langzhou to accompany Gaowei Could it be that something happened in Langzhou Qi Fei doesn t need to worry about the construction of the commercial street.Where is Cui Yangze Taking full responsibility, Qi Fei is relaxed.When he has nothing to do, he can go to the hot pot restaurant to get busy, and the time passes quickly.Yes, Captain Bump Just as the terrorist raised his gun and was about to pull the trigger at the hostage, a bullet hit the terrorist s head, and then the terrorist fell to the ground.Blood donations stained the ground, and the hostages held by terrorists, who had never seen such a bloody side, suddenly screamed in panic.Brother, the police have snipers, let s withdraw.The terrorist boss gritted his teeth and glanced at the passengers in the airport, pointed at Ye Xiaobei in Qi Fei s arms, and said to a terrorist behind him Go and kill the passengers.She took her here as a hostage.Qi Fei didn t expect that the terrorist boss would come looking for Xiao Bei instead of looking for so many passengers, and he was thinking about how to take Xiao Bei out safely.Boy, if you don t want to die, let your girlfriend out.

Hitomi Hookah pouted, and said with some dissatisfaction, As long as you like me, idiot, that s fine.A crow flew over Qi Fei s head, and tens of thousands of grass high strength cbd gummies and mud horses galloped past in his heart.Chatting with Hitomi Shisha until 12 o clock in the evening, Qi Fei discovered that she had her own unique side in business planning, which Qi Fei hadn t discovered before, Hitomi Shisha yawned, and after saying good night to Qi Fei, walked into the room.Although Qi Fei was sleepy, he didn t go to sleep directly.He lay on the sofa and looked at the ceiling.He wondered if he brought Hitomi Shisha to his commercial street.will be high strength cbd gummies nice.After thinking about it, Qi Fei decided to go to the commercial street tomorrow to see how it was progressing, and come back to discuss the development and operation 300mg cbd gummy in one dose of the commercial street with Hitomi Shisha.Xiao Tie holds a shotgun and looks vigilantly at the mercenaries around.Xiao Tie s hand holding the shotgun trembles a little.stand together.The gunshot just now was fired by a mercenary.The mercenary found Xiao Tie and the two of them and told them to put down the shotgun in their hands.Seeing that Tong Shisha and Xiao Tie were fine, Qi Fei breathed a sigh of relief, Tong Shisha and the mercenaries surrounding Xiao Tie also found Qi Fei.Tong Shisha told Qi Fei to go quickly and leave them alone, but Qi Fei continued to run towards them as if he didn t hear them.Fuck Xiao Wu followed up, and finally understood why Qi Fei was so red eyed just now, this kid is really here to play jungle, and he is also a double high strength cbd gummies fly, which makes Xiao Wu a little envious of Qi Fei s peach blossom is really good.Xiao Wu told Qi Fei that after Qi Fei recovered from his injury in a few days, he would come to find Qi Fei again, but he didn t tell Qi Fei the purpose of looking for him.Seeing Xiao Wu left, Cheng Siyu and the three walked to Qi Fei.Qi Fei told the three of them what Xiao Wu had said high strength cbd gummies to him, and Tong Shiyan said with some dissatisfaction Stupid, Xiao Wu must have nothing good to do with you, keep a distance from him in the future, or you will be spoiled by him.Tong Shiyan called Qi Fei an idiot, Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan heard it for a long time, but they got used to it.Back at Qi Fei s residence, Yi Lan and Tong Shisha bought some light food and brought them back.The four of them ate simply, but it was very warm.Qi Fei asked Cheng Siyu about the Bingang Evening News Company, and Cheng Siyu told Qi Fei that there was nothing to do for the time being, but he hadn t seen Zhang Li for several days.Boss, I don t know what orders you have.After entering the bar, the young general Bei Dao Chuanzi led him to the private room just now, and walked out of the private room.A mercenary walked out of the private room without knowing it, respectfully Standing respectfully in front of Xiao Wu.Go, get me a copy of Xu Kaixuan s information.Xiao Wu patted the mercenary on the shoulder, turned and walked into the private room after speaking.He eagle hemp cbd gummies website high strength cbd gummies is the king of mercenaries, and he is the king in the mercenary world.The mercenary world has its own intelligence system.It is not difficult to get information about a person.After a while, the mercenary knocked on the door of the private room and walked in, put a document on the tea table in front of Xiao Wu and left.Xiao Wu flipped through the information in his hand, with a smile on his face.I was born in China and grew up in China.Naturally, I love my motherland, just like you As I said, there are many bean curd projects in China, and the oil that many people eat is waste oil, but none of these can stop my love for China.Bei Daochuanzi didn t expect Xiao Wu to say such a thing, turned a pair of colored contact lenses on Xiao Wu s body, smiled slyly and nestled her head in Xiao Wu s arms.Chuanzi, you ve been out playing for so long, are you willing to go home A grey haired, energetic old man walked out of the building in front of Qi Fei and the others with a smile on his face, looking kindly at the little girl who was nestled next to him.Bei Dao Chuanzi in Wu s arms frowned, and asked high strength cbd gummies Bei Dao Chuanzi, Chuan Zi, who are these two Find a crack in the ground and get in, Grandpa, the two of them are my friends in China.At the gate of the villa, someone drove his car out of the garage, got in the car, and after driving for a certain distance, Qi Fei stopped I stayed in the car and called Cheng Siyu back, Mr.Cheng I don t know why you are looking for me Qi Fei, do you have time now Can you come to the company Cheng Siyu s voice was a little trembling, Qi Fei didn t know what happened to her, so he nodded, Mr.Cheng, I ll be over in a while.After hanging up with Cheng Siyu, Qi Fei drove the car to the Bingang Evening News Company, parked the car and Jiazi followed Qi Fei Fly together into the company.When Qi Fei came to Cheng Siyu s office, Cheng Siyu was hiding in a corner and shivering, and Yi Lan stood aside to comfort her.Sister Lan, what s going on Qi Fei frowned, took a chair and sat beside Cheng Siyu.I don t know.Yi Lan nodded, Qi Fei left Jia Zi in the hospital, and he went out to buy food.I bought a boxed lunch.After Yi Lan fed Cheng Siyu and ate some food, Cheng Siyu fell asleep.When Qi Fei and the three of them finished eating, the nurse came in, asked about the situation, and came in to give Cheng Siyu a while later.Another shot was given.At night, Yi Lan and Jia Zi slept together on another hospital bed, while Qi Fei sat in front of Cheng Siyu s bed and guarded Cheng Siyu.Go awaygo away Qi Fei squinted for a while, Cheng Siyu s voice woke Qi Fei up, Cheng Siyu on the hospital bed did not wake up, he was still asleep, frowning and stretching out his hands.Qi Fei stretched out his hand to hold Cheng Siyu s hand.Her fingers were slender and warm.He leaned against Cheng Siyu s ear and whispered, President Cheng, don t be afraid that I m here.

The next day, Qi Fei sent Xiao Wu, Zhao Yun and Cui Yangze to the airport.Zhao Yun went to change the boarding pass.That female ninja Jiazi is interested in you, so don t waste resources, just have a double flight.Ten thousand mud horses galloped past Qi Fei s heart.Seeing that Zhao Yun came back after changing the boarding pass, Xiao Wu waved to Qi Fei, and the three boarded the plane.Watching the plane fly overhead, Qi Fei smiled wryly, got in the car and went back.After staying in Langzhou for a few days, he didn t receive a call from Li Xuan.He thought about it from Li Xuan s point of pinnacle cbd gummies view, but he still didn t think of where Li Xuan would take him.Walking on the streets of Langzhou, it is already July, the scorching sun is hanging in the sky, some pedestrians are standing in the shade of trees and chatting, suddenly Qi Fei high strength cbd gummies sees a figure in the crowd, and strides after him , but did not catch up.He kicked the wretched man in the abdomen, and while Long Xiaotian was dealing with the wretched man s subordinates, Meng Tingting had already returned to Tong Shuiyan and the others.Long Xiaotian walked up to Meng Tingting, and smiled tsunami cbd gummies apologetically at Meng Tingting, Let s go, there high strength cbd gummies are really a lot of ants in the way here.The manager of the entertainment place stood outside the private room, Long Xiaotian looked at the manager With a glance, he pointed to the wretched man lying in the private room and screaming, and said to the eagle hemp cbd gummies website high strength cbd gummies manager, Tonight s compensation and consumption can be found by that fat man.Don t worry, he won t give it to you.Leaving the entertainment place , Long Xiaotian planned to send Meng Tingting back, Meng Tingting told Long Xiaotian that she would be with Tong Shisha, Long Xiaotian smiled, turned around and waved, took a taxi and left.However, the bald head didn t say a word.Li Xuan gave Lao Jiu a wink, and Lao Jiu leaned into the fat woman s ear and said a few words, the fat woman showed excitement in her eyes, stuck out her tongue and licked her lips, and nodded vigorously.Let s go, let s go out and wait.Bai Xiye glanced at the bald head on the ground, couldn t help feeling sad for the bald head, and followed Li Xuan out.what Just as Qi Fei and the others walked out of the room, there was a scream like a bald head slaughtering a pig, Bai Xiye showed a wicked smile, and said to Li Xuan Boss, high strength cbd gummies it s really thanks to you that you can think of cbd edibles gummies the platinum series cbd gummy bears this way, bald head I don t think I ll be interested in women in this life.I said I ll tell you all I know Not long after, the bald headed voice came from the room, and now he just wanted to get rid of the pressure as soon as possible.Watching Long Xiaotian waiting for Meng Tingting to get off work at the gate of the company every day, it would be a lie to say that Tong Shisha, Jiazi and Ye Xiaobei have no ideas, and they also thought that if Qi Fei could be like Long Xiaotian, then What a happy thing it should be, but they also know that if Qi Fei is really like this one day, then he will not be the Qi Fei they know.After dinner, Qi Fei planned to invite Tong Shisha and the others to go out to have fun, but they refused.Tong Shisha told Qi Fei that a new product launch event will be held in Milan in a few days, and it is too early to go to have fun Yes, it s not too late to go after the new product launch event is over.What is the new product in Hitomi Shisha s words, Qi Fei naturally knows that the affairs in Milan are managed by Hitomi Shisha, Qi Fei didn t say anything, nodded and followed her suggestion.As for Milan s chairman, Qi Fei, we don t have to worry about it.He has no high strength cbd gummies background, and his parents are Teacher, there is a hot pot restaurant in Bingang.Jialin told Yun Changkong about Qi Fei s information, Yun Changkong frowned after hearing this, he was a little suspicious of what Jialin said, if Qi Fei had no background, How could Milan become so powerful.Qi Fei seldom manages Milan, but let Tong Shisha manage it.Hearing Jialin s words, the doubts in Yun Changkong s eyes lessened.The forces managed Milan.If we go to discuss high strength cbd gummies with Qi Fei what is the probability of acquiring Milan.If Milan can be acquired, Yun Changkong is naturally happy.Jialin thought for a while, then stretched out a hand to Yun Changkong, a smile appeared on Yun Changkong s face, Go get ready, we will go to Langzhou tomorrow and talk to Qi Fei.The third brother already has another plan in his heart.Every country has an independent mercenary union.This organization was originally formed by some mercenaries for the convenience of receiving tasks.If you count the time, the establishment of the mercenary union already existed in ancient times.In addition to the mercenary union, there are also some killer organizations scattered in different cities in every country.For some tasks, the killer organization may not dare to take it, but the mercenary union dares to take it.If you use one sentence to describe the mercenary union, the people in it are all lunatics for money, a group of desperadoes.It took more than ten years for Xiao Wu to sit on the position of president of the Celestial Mercenary Union.As for the forces behind Xiao Wu, neither Xiao Wu nor the third brother had ever told Qi Fei.Ruoyun agreed with the female employee s point of view, and nodded to the female employee, but was shocked by Qi Fei s courage that day.Ruoyun is also good to her employees, at least it can be seen from Sky s benefits and treatment, but if her employees are being bullied, she doesn t know if she can be as decisive as Qi Fei.The female employee looked outside the office and saw no one outside, so she whispered to Ruoyun, high strength cbd gummies who sells royal blend cbd gummies I ll tell you a little secret, there are still many sisters in the company who like Brother Fei, but the person Brother Fei likes seems to be Sister Tong , Jiazi, and Xiaobei.When the female employees said this, they seemed a little angry, and in their spare time, they often discussed how they accidentally met Qi Fei, and how the love between a little dry wood and a raging fire happened.

Tong Shuiyan smiled slightly at Ruoyun, If Mr.Yun doesn t dislike it, he will return the room and live with me, and let us talk about cooperation by the way.Ruoyun nodded, and said a little embarrassedly This will It won t disturb President Tong.While speaking, Ruoyun glanced at Qi Fei.Ruoyun glanced at Qi Fei, Tong Shiyan saw it, understood the meaning of her words, and said with a smile We are all women, there is no such thing as disturbing or not disturbing.Wu Mo held the room card Going to check out, Tong Shisha and the others were waiting at cbd pharm delta 8 gummy bears the hotel entrance for Qi Fei to drive over.Because there were a little more people, one car couldn t carry so many people, so Meng Tingting called Long Xiaotian and asked him to drive a car to the hotel.When Long Xiaotian came to the hotel, after listening to Meng Tingting tell what happened, a cold light flashed in Long Xiaotian s eyes.Zhao Yun was already waiting for them there, and took Qi Fei and Xiao Wu to a hotel to stay.The little general closed the door and asked Zhao Yun, How s the situation here Zhao Yun shook his head, The situation is not very optimistic.This time not only our old opponents from the past participated, but even some unknown Forces are also involved.This high strength cbd gummies news is not a good sign, Xiao Wu sat on the bed and frowned.Along the way, Xiao Wu didn t tell Qi Fei what kind of mission he was going to perform in the Golden Triangle this time.It must be a very important task to see Xiao Wu rushing over here in a hurry.After a while, Xiao Wu s frown disappeared, and he returned to his usual playful smile, I m afraid of a ball, it s not like I haven t done anything with them before.Fei said, Qi Fei was wondering who the they Xiao Wu was talking about.Although Qi Fei suppressed the killing intent in his heart when he spoke, she still felt it sensitively.She was very puzzled, what happened to make the always stable Qi Fei, giving birth to high strength cbd gummies such a heavy murderous aura.I had contact with the boss of that underground organization once, and I didn t know much about it.She was in the killing business, and many people in the killer world were jealous of her position as the number one killer, so she was very lonely and didn t know anything.Friends, I didn t know what a friend is until I met Qi Fei, Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun.Qi Fei took a puff of cigarette and said, That underground organization doesn t need to exist anymore.If someone else said something, maybe cbd delights gummies the Bloody Queen would still laugh at it, but when Qi Fei said the words, she didn t have the slightest doubt.You are also a doctor, right A younger brother remembered that when Wu Wei talked about how he provoked Zhang Yun, he said that because of his arrival, the director of the hospital asked Zhang Yun to give up the position of attending doctor to Wu Wei.Wei.Wu Wei yelled in his heart that it was not good.He did not expect that there was a thoughtful person among the younger brothers of the third child.However, Wu Wei was very confident in his medical ethics.He had treated many patients, but he had never accepted them.A red envelope, not to mention looking for money on the patient or something like that.Doctors all over the world look the same, and I don t think you look like a good person.The younger brother of the third child is very sensitive to the word doctor now.After hearing that Wu Wei is a eagle hemp cbd gummies website high strength cbd gummies doctor, one by one The sympathy for Wu Wei has disappeared.It didn t take long before Jiang Fan and his fellow old fritters were the only ones who could stand.As for Ren Bufan s younger brothers, they lay on the ground and groaned in pain.Bah Jiang Fan spat at a younger brother of Ren Bufan on the ground, and said unemotionally, I thought it was much better than those little hooligans high strength cbd gummies last time, but I didn t expect wyld strawberry gummies cbd per gummy it the platinum series cbd gummy bears cbd gummies kopen to be just some vases.The next time you see Xiao Wu, tell him that our brothers also want to join his mercenary union.Zi Tianyou said politely, With our skills, it must be difficult to be a mercenary.It s more than enough.Jiang Fan s old fritters rescued the girl high strength cbd gummies who sells royal blend cbd gummies who lost her footing, and went out to teach Ren Bufan s younger brother who was squatting at the gate of Yutai.They were in a very good mood and sang songs while walking on the street.Xiao Wu s worries were superfluous, Young Master Chai sighed, and told all the things about the middle aged man s embarrassment and lack of Wang Yu.As long as you can help my young master handle these two matters well, young master guarantees that you will have no problem in being popular and hot in the future.With his own power, it is not easy to arrange a position for Xiao Wu, the premise is that he can Solve problems for yourself.You only need to be like thissosuchsuch Xiao Wu leaned into Young Master Chai s ear and said, the smile on Young Master Chai s face became more and more obvious, and at the end it was a smile I couldn t close my mouth.Chayderov left, and he did what Xiao Wu said.Zhao Yun stroked his chin and looked at Chaidelov s back, and gave Xiao Wu a thumbs up, Boss really has you, let them bite dogs and we will reap the benefits of fisherman.Why are you a militant maniac again Xiao Wu nodded depressedly, glanced at Bai Xiye, then at the smiling Hitomi Hookah standing beside Qi Fei, and finally stopped his gaze On Qi Fei s body, Why are these militants under your command Xiao Wu has seen the eagle brand hemp cbd gummies popularity of Hitomi Hookah before.Such a female man s explosion can make people feel extremely headache.However, when one thing falls one thing, with the fiery Tong Shisha beside Qi Fei, he will become like an extremely docile little lamb.Boss, I have some things to do so I ll leave first.Bai Xiye is not a fool, so he can tell that Qi Fei and apple flavored gluten free cbd gummy pack the others are new lovers.If he stays here, he will only become a big light bulb, so he found a way out Then drove away.Boy, don t forget the agreement with me, don t beat you down, don t you know that the young master is actually more powerful than Bruce Lee.

This girl is on time.A man sitting in front of the bar drinking wine, never moved his eyes from the woman s body when she entered the door.Look at her legs, they are really long enough.If they are like that, you will be very happy.An extremely obscene looking man raised his wine glass on the bar counter, and the scenes of men and women fighting have already appeared in his mind.Scenes.Big enough, curvy enough, flavorful enough, strong enough These words appeared in the minds of Tingyinxuan men, and some men with weaker self control felt hot and unbearable all over their bodies.Brother Jin, do you want to keep this girl for a while, and have a good time with you at night.After Qin Wu took over Tingyinxuan, he replaced all the people before Li Xuan, and Tingyinxuan s atmosphere was not as good as Li Xuan s It was good before.The voice on the phone was not Qi Fei s, but Cheng Siyu s.Let s talk about leaving.Xiaobei, I m sorry When Cheng Siyu told what happened at the crossroads, Ye Xiaobei turned on the hands free phone, Hitomi Shisha, Jiazi, Meng Tingting and Ji Ruxue sitting on the sofa high strength cbd gummies in the living room can be heard.Mr.Cheng, you don t have to apologize to me.The most important thing now is to find Brother Qi.When Ye Xiaobei heard that Cheng Siyu asked Qi Fei to accompany her, she wanted to scold her.Instead of going home to sleep, she wanted to go shopping, but she resisted it later.The most important thing right now is to find Qi Fei, not to blame Cheng Siyu.On the outskirts of Bingang, Wang Da parked his car by the side of the road.Wang Er and Wang San opened the door and got out of the car.That kid is out of breath, should we throw him in these places casually Wang San pointed to Qi Fei who was lying in the car without breathing, and asked Wang Da and Wang Er.The little general looked at Zhao Yun, and he handed over the matter of finding that car to Zhao Yun.The two of them just went to the hospital to find Qi Fei last night, and forgot about it.Zhao Yun nodded, I found it, and our people are also watching.A certain community building in Bingang City, where brothers Wang Da, Wang Er, and Wang Sansan lived, came back from where Qin Wu was yesterday., the three brothers never went out.Dong dong dong There was a knock on the door cbd gummies stevens brothers from outside.Wang Da was wearing a pair of underpants, rubbed his eyes, put on his shoes, and walked towards the door.Knowing that there are many people living here, all of them are women, and the three of them will call a few women to come here to do business every once in a while.Hearing the knock on the door at this moment, Wang Da thought that one of his two brothers was looking for the young lady again, so he opened the door without thinking.Wang Quanan was baffled by his cousin s words.I settle the accounts, haven t I already settled the accounts before Wang Quanan and his party left, Qi Fei sat down on the ground as if he had collapsed.Wood Yang Xueyu stretched out her hand to pull Qi Fei up from the ground, but her strength was too weak, and she failed after several attempts.Qi Fei gasped heavily, his forehead was covered with a dense high strength cbd gummies layer of cold sweat, and his face became extremely pale.He glanced at Wang Li and said to him, Brother Wang, thank you.Waving his hands, he looked very helpless, Come on, I was unlucky to hire an employee like you.I was beaten up on the first day of work.It seems that I, the boss, have to pay for the medical expenses.Li walked to Qi Fei s side, pulled him up from the ground, and high strength cbd gummies walked out the door holding him up.While running, Qi Fei yelled at Yan Ze who was still standing stupidly high strength cbd gummies beside him.Yan Ze s laughter gradually weakened, and then a cruel look flashed in his eyes.He wanted to kill Qi Fei and prove that he was indeed better than the people of Mobei Canglang, but he didn t want to die like this.He and Qi Fei might not be able to resist No.It s about fighting hard.Now is a high tech society, there are many ways to deceive people.So, Yan Ze ran to his Raptor pickup, opened the door of the driver s cab, and took out a large leather bag from it.Yan Ze s actions were noticed by Qi Fei, and he immediately became angry.When the fuck is this guy still thinking about assembling a gun Besides, with No.3 s strength, would ordinary guns be useful to him Ya s head was caught by the door, why don t you know how to use your brain.A doctor once, but it is safer to have a high end doctor guarding him.That bitch, dare to refuse my kindness, and let a wild man beat me, this is simply unforgivable, one day, God will punish them, and they must go to hell.David, who was full of food and drink, HCMUSSH high strength cbd gummies waved The tightly wrapped arm yelled, and the eyes of Jock next to him also showed strong hatred, but Jock was more miserable, his high strength cbd gummies who sells royal blend cbd gummies jaw was broken by Qi Fei, and he couldn t speak at all.Jock, my good brother, don t worry, the unfair treatment you received today will definitely be repaid by him in the future.Just wait, there will be stronger people to deal with him pure strength cbd gummies price soon.David said, His eyes were full of viciousness.Both of them are big shots, no matter what others think, they think so anyway, since they are big shots, how can they be beaten like dogs Therefore, in order to express this anger, David used his authority and exchanged the previously accumulated merit points for a special request from the United States.So it is very necessary for him to talk to old man Ma.At the same time, at the upcoming new product promotion meeting, Qi Fei wants to play tricks and needs old man Ma s help.What do you think Martin proudly stretched out his huge chest to Qi Fei, gave Qi Fei a blank look, twisted his waist, and withdrew.Immediately, Qi Fei felt that he was a real idiot, and his daughter had grown so big , and so beautiful, no matter how old man Ma and a man can t be born.Let you do it.Wu Lan made up the knife in an instant.What s wrong with this world, Qi Fei really doesn t understand why his woman always bends her elbows to help others bully him.I really want to cry.After coming out of Wu Lan s office, Qi Fei has no What to HCMUSSH high strength cbd gummies do, just about to go out for a stroll, the phone rang.It was an unfamiliar number, but Qi Fei knew the last four digits of the number.

Meng Tingting was lucky.She was lucky enough to find Qi Fei, who had lost prime nature cbd gummies her memory, and managed to stay by his side.The sisters around her hadn t had time to notify her, so everything was stable.The day s plan lies in the morning, and this guy now deeply understands the meaning of this old saying.Because the state of the morning is simply too good.Half an hour later, the fighting stopped, and Qi Fei rolled high strength cbd gummies over from Meng Tingting contentedly, with a happy expression on his face.On the other hand, Meng Tingting, she was basically not breathing smoothly at this time, the round of onslaught just now was simply too strong, and she calmed down a little after resting for a while.Are you really planning to attend the Lu family s so called birthday banquet Meng Tingting asked.As long as this woman wakes up, there are only two things in her head, the first is the company, and the second is Qi Fei.This guy who has two money and feels lawless doesn t know San Xiuluo.Thinking back then, this high strength cbd gummies who sells royal blend cbd gummies guy snatched a beautiful girl from the film school, and threw it in high strength cbd gummies the wilderness after playing.Such an unnatural thing ended up being nothing, so what if he scolded someone he had never seen before Hearing that guy s words, Qi Fei felt admiration for him spontaneously.It s too domineering, too fierce, but I don t know how to write the word dead.Yan Ze, he scolded your mother.Qi Fei did not forget to stir up the flames.Shut up.Yan Ze gave Qi Fei a sidelong glance, and the bloodthirsty light was in his eyes looking at the man.Are you scolding me just now Yan Ze asked.Nonsense, not only scolding you, but also scolding those two weird looking things beside you, don t come out to scare people if they are ugly, idiot. high strength cbd gummies Did the engineering party come up with a suitable plan for the exclusive elevator renovation work Turning a corner, Qi Fei saw Gao Qiang Lead the security team leaders of the four buildings to inspect the progress of the inspection work, and arrange tasks reasonably.Gao Qiang is a person that Qi Fei is very optimistic about.He has no unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews high strength cbd gummies doubts about employing people.He will not cast suspicious eyes on Gao Qiang, but a person standing behind Gao Qiang and walking unnaturally comes into Qi Fei s sight.This high strength cbd gummies person is Fang Zi, an old comrade Gao Qiang introduced to the security team of the building some time ago.Gao Qiang, where s the inspection Qi the platinum series cbd gummy bears cbd gummies kopen Fei walked over and greeted him proactively.Hey, Mr.Qi, why are you down here, private visit Gao Qiang turned around and saw Qi Fei, walked over quickly, straightened his body and said to Qi Fei.There is no forgiveness, once found must be severely punished, this is the style of the king of heaven.My identity is inappropriate, including him, who are not qualified to participate in this operation.This is a matter for the country.We are all ordinary people.Heavenly King, you seem to have found the wrong person.Qi Fei said.Qi Fei would also be very angry when he saw an enemy invading Huaxia s territory.If he was still a soldier, he would take up his gun without hesitation.As long as he waited for the order, he would rush to the front line and wipe out all the enemies.This was his mission at the time, and an undeniable order.But now it s different.Now he is a common man with no gun in his hand, and he cannot bear the responsibility of defending his family and the country.If he is to be asked to fulfill this responsibility, it is easy to do and he can come up with an exchange.Don t talk to me about things in the morning.Wu Lan said.Hearing Wu Lan s words, Qi Fei was immediately frightened.Can we talk that night Qi Fei asked pitifully.No way.What about during the day It s even more impossible.I was wrong.Qi Fei simply chose to admit his mistake.If this matter is not allowed to be discussed, then the two of them will still live together.Watching the wonderful conversation between the two, Li Wan and Ma Ting both felt that their HCMUSSH high strength cbd gummies heads had turned into a huge light bulb, so dazzling and bright.What kind of plane is it Isn t it just happy sex It s so literary and artistic, I really think the sisters can t figure it out Qi Fei, don t be afraid, sister wakes up early in the morning, you can come and talk to me.Li Wan blinked and said to Qi Fei.Li Wan has martha stewart cbd gummies dogs been plotting against Qi Fei for a long time, she never concealed it, she always harassed and seduced her, but she never succeeded.I m the boss, okay Who is it that I put on a bad face when I first got to work Although Qi Fei was angry, this guy couldn t just beat everyone up, so he had to hold back when he felt upset.Okay, Mr.Qi was busy with some personal matters a few days ago.Now that he s back, let s solve all the accumulated matters.Wu Lan said.Someone high strength cbd gummies must mobilize the atmosphere on the scene.Everyone put on a bad face, how can they hold a meeting, let alone solve the problem.This is Wu Lan s characteristic.She can be very strong at certain blue dolphin cbd gummies times, but she can also shop cbd gummies online be very weak when she loses her reasons.The most troublesome thing recently is the poisonous mask incident, which has dealt a big blow to our already weak market trust.The most direct impact is that about one third of the channel distributors choose to terminate the contract with us and require Compensation, although the rest of the distributors have not taken drastic actions yet, they are still on the sidelines, they want to see our attitude.There are many things he can t figure out.My buddy just tells the truth, why is it so unpopular Is there something wrong with telling the truth Is it just Can he cater to them and be the evil and wretched Qi Fei s dog s leg Although he is now Qi Fei s dog s leg, he has an upright heart.In fact, he has always thought that he is a very good person.He does not cheat or cheat, does not steal or play tricks, and his personal hygiene is almost nothing.Besides, how can an old man hang himself like this Although Tianwang is a sneak attack, he is also a master.An old man can be so tough, which makes his confidence that he has accumulated these days collapse instantly.If you can t live, if you tell the truth, you will be beaten, or if you are beaten by an old man who is about to die, is there any justice, is there any humanity, can you still let people live Lei Dao wanted to commit suicide.

Zhao Laosan, don t cheat me Even if you can t catch that chick, you should go and catch that girl surnamed Qi for us as soon as possible.Also, show up quickly, or I won t be able to hold on here.Just that is, there will be absolutely no problem with Zhao Laosan going out.At this time, a taller and thinner man also said with a guilty conscience.In fact, it was the two of them who caught the platinum series cbd gummy bears that good looking white collar worker.People s attention, and now people haven t come back, so I m a little worried.Seeing that Mo Xuanzhuo was still so angry, the short and fat man turned his head and said, Actually, I really didn t want to be a deserter from the Qi family that we passed on for seven years, but actually stayed in the army for seven years.This topic , seemed to have interested Mo Xuanzhuo, he thought for a while, and said, Hmph, so what in seven years My brother was injured so badly, and I will definitely make his life worse than death.I wipe It turned out high strength cbd gummies to be my aunt, not food poisoning Thinking of this, Qi Fei blushed instantly.Brother, is Miss Ruoxin alright At this time, Qi Juanjuan and Zhou Sisi rushed over.Although it was said to be rushing, the two of them walked slowly on the school.Seeing his sister coming, Qi Fei put the payment slip in his pocket with a guilty conscience, and said with a smile Hehe, it s all right, the doctor said it s still on the drip, you go and see her, I have something to do here, I ll leave first After finishing speaking, he turned around and fled quickly.Zhou Sisi and Qi Juanjuan looked at his fast figure, they were taken aback for a moment, then they seemed to think of something and couldn t help laughing Haha, it seems that your brother knows what s going on.Qi Juanjuan nodded and said Hmm, I never thought that big brother would have such a playful side, it s really interesting.I want to call the police now Qi Fei was wondering when he saw her calling After calling the police, he breathed a sigh of relief.Ms.Wu Mr.Wu, we are wrong, we really know we are wrong Chapter 594 is over Yeah, don t let the police come, or we will be finished After hearing Wu Yaqin calling the police, she immediately begged.At the same time, Wei Yatong, who was going to Yanda University to look for Qi Fei, received a high strength cbd gummies call from the service desk of the alarm system.After hearing the call, she stepped on the accelerator and quickly walked towards Yanda University.Because, this kind of case is really serious It s not good, maybe it will be on the national news, it s really troublesome.It s over, it s over, if this is really taken away by the police, the problem will be serious.You must know high strength cbd gummies that this is Yanda University, a sacred university It is one of the top universities in the country.In fact, aside from those things, in Qi Fei s opinion, anyone who plays tricks on his sister is not a good thing When a few people passed by an open air coffee shop in a community, Wu Hao said in a very gentlemanly way Since we can meet, it means that this is a kind of fate.Why don t we have something to drink Ye Xiaobei Shaking his head, he said, I don t want it anymore.I m going to take my friends home for dinner.Hey, don t worry.After finishing speaking, Wu Hao took out his mobile phone, made a call, and said, Uncle Ye, Have you gone home On the other end of the phone, Ye Xiaobei s father was still in the car, and said, It hasn t arrived yet, why What do you want me to do It s okay, it s not that I m back, I plan to Let me see you at the house, since you haven t arrived yet, I ll wait a little longer.It s true that he was afraid of trouble, but Ye Xiaobei and high strength cbd gummies the others are now friends.To trouble his friend is to trouble him, and it is really impossible to keep him from doing anything.Because, Qi Fei has always felt that he is a warrior like Lei Feng, with the words I am a good man always stuck on his head Well, this is not a good friend card issued by the girl, but a self defined label.Thinking about it this way, Qi Fei instantly felt that his image had become bigger and bigger.In particular, seeing Wu Hao, who was injured well, made him even more satisfied.why This kind of dandy must have harmed many girls, and he is taking revenge on those girls.Well, do I have high strength cbd gummies to punch more What s going on here Just as he was thinking about punching Wu Hao a few more times, the security guards of Jinxiu District rushed over after receiving the news.Qi Juanjuan was not stupid either.After feeling her prompt, she pretended delta 8 vs cbd gummies to cry.That s right Call the police Fortunately, Qi Fei could tell from the voice that it was a fake cry.If his sister really cbd edibles gummies the platinum series cbd gummy bears cried, maybe he would go berserk.Sisi, come over to Auntie, we ll call the police.Xie Meiqi thought to herself, she and Ye Xiaobei have known each other for more than ten years, how can she be closer to herself, so she confidently beckoned to Ye Xiaobei.waved.Oh, Aunt Xie, no need, I m fine here.Ye Xiaobei s smile was a little cold.She really couldn t figure out where this Xie Meiqi got her confidence, she felt that she would definitely stand by high strength cbd gummies her side.Did she ignore the fact that her son said he wanted to take care of me Although, her son never said that.Sisi, you have to calm down and don t be misled by those villains.Well, that guy who studied as a waiter in Italy, hurry up and get the Italian handmade ice cream.Qi Fei walked up very familiarly, pulled a chair directly, and sat down carelessly.Yes, Qi Fei did this on purpose.Didn t you mean to disrupt this blind date This outfit, appearing like this, is really good.Who are you Get out of here At this time, Mother Xie knew that her son must be inconvenient, so he was unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews high strength cbd gummies the one to do it.When Xie Wenjin saw Qi Fei for the high strength cbd gummies first time, he knew who he was.He really didn t expect that Qi Fei would appear here Afterwards, his eyes fell on Ye Xiaobei and then on Qi Fei, wondering what he was thinking.Qi Fei glanced at Mama Xie indifferently, then looked at Ye Xiaobei with the expression of a street gangster, and said, What You came on a blind date, didn t you tell them about our relationship Hmm Hearing this, except for Ye Xiaobei, the faces of the others changed.

After finishing speaking, he pointed directly at Qi Fei who was sitting there.Ah At this time, Mother Xie came back to her senses in surprise, and saw her son fell to the ground, she ran over like a shrew, and then gently hugged Xie Wenjin in her arms , glaring at Jiang Fan.Your name is Jiang Fan, right Well, you bastard, beat my son, good Good Good Our Xie family will not let you go.At this time, Xie s mother s eyes were red.Oh Really At this moment, a lazy voice came from the unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews high strength cbd gummies door of the box.Not long after, three or four young men dressed like dogs walked in.These young people s looks and dresses are very different, but the same thing is that the clothes of these people are all very flamboyant.After they walked in very handsomely, they condescendingly glanced at Xie Wenjin who was on the ground, then turned their eyes to Mama Xie, and said indifferently That s what you said, why don HCMUSSH high strength cbd gummies t you let our Brother Zhao go Haha, aunt , I think you need to go to the hospital for a psychiatric examination.This guy, he made a mistake, but he didn t know it yet, so he asked me to remind him.Damn, what is this Doesn t this make me angry I high strength cbd gummies m a lady, why are you always making me angry like this Qi Fei thought for a while, but he didn t think about what he had done.He said helplessly, What What are you talking about Tell me clearly, don t be so confused What he hates most is this kind of half spoken , and then let people guess the guy.What did you do to me just now Tell me Ye Xiaobei was very angry At this time, the voices became louder, and many people looked at them sideways.Hey, girl, are you like this Did that guy molested you Don t worry, if so, tell us At this time, the second generations who were still arguing with the police and Aunt Xie heard Ye Xiao After Bei s words, he laughed loudly.Hearing Ren Habitat teasing Qi Fei, Jiang Fan glanced at them and said, Okay, stop making trouble, this is my brother.Chapter 642 Tired of living Facing this scene, Qi Fei knew that he couldn t procrastinate any longer.Just now, out of suspicion or something, he asked if there were any girls with knowledge in this area.But it s so messy now, if there is no first aid, that skateboard girl will be in trouble.In the principle of saving lives, Qi Fei could only come by himself.Qi Fei first put the girl s backpack aside, and then started to put her body in a stable position.I reached out and touched her lower abdomen, and found it was a little bulging.I know that she must have drank a lot of water to have this stomach.Qi Fei felt somewhat guilty about this.If it wasn t for her, she wouldn t have flown into the water, drank so much water, right The skater girl was drowning.Although Qi Fei knocked her out just now, she still drank a lot of water before that, and her airway was blocked by water or suffocated by laryngospasm.The thoughts of the girls are relatively simple that chick can make money by letting such a handsome and strong man give her artificial respiration Ah, I really want to be that comatose girl Qi Fei shook off the bad thoughts in his mind, took a deep breath, bent down, and moved closer to the cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews skateboard girl s bright red lips that seemed to be smeared with honey.Ok At this time, Qi Fei heard the skater girl breathing weakly.This Should I pretend that I didn t find out and continue to give people artificial respiration That bastard, let go of my sister At this time, there was a shout from outside the arena, and then there was a squirm in the crowd, and the team high strength cbd gummies led by Zheng Zheguang quickly rushed in.Qi Fei looked up and saw a strong man about 1.7 meters coming towards him angrily.As soon as he squeezed in, Zheng Zheguang looked at Qi Fei s movements and found that the guy seemed to want to kiss his sister, so he roared angrily I greet you bastard, you actually want to moleste my sister, you Stand there and don t move, let me beat you up After finishing speaking, he led people to kill him aggressively, and surrounded Qi Fei.Damn, this chick is so beautiful, you ve actually been molested by you Hold If I don t beat you up, I m really sorry for that beauty s face It s day Are all these guys funny Didn t you see that it was a very basic rescue method after a person drowned Looking at the few people who came to him, there were a bunch of students around him, which made Qi Fei very embarrassed.Because in front of these students, it was really difficult for him to put these people down.Because this is not like beating Zhuang Minghui in the girls dormitory building on the 28th.After all, Zhuang Minghui went to the girls dormitory to make trouble But in the scene in front of him, he really couldn t let go and hit someone.Because, there are many people taking pictures with their mobile phones.This is the era of national reporters.Because, he has been observing her reaction.Frowning, inexplicable agitation, and a little impatience All of these showed that she was guilty.Why are you guilty Excluding the guy in the back, it s not about her brother.Since it is her brother s words, it proves that she is so guilty, obviously there is something wrong, and she doesn t want the guy behind her to know.Well, what the hell is going on Qi Fei thought of it at this time, she asked the driver several times to get rid of Zheng Ershao s car.Thinking of this, he nodded and said, Actually, you don t want your brother to know that you are going to the airport, do you How do cbd edibles gummies the platinum series cbd gummy bears you know Zi is farting Why should I be afraid that he will know that I am going to the airport I just don t want him to follow.I have grown up, but they always control me.Ignoring do cbd gummies constipate you this son who always beat him up, Zheng Maocai directly contacted Qi Fei s father, Qi Chen, the third child.Recently, Qi Chen, who has been transferred to a good department, felt a little strange when he saw the caller ID on his phone.Zheng Maocai, why are you calling me In fact, Qi Chen didn t feel awkward at all when they asked his son to withdraw the marriage.After all, back then, my son didn t agree high strength cbd gummies who sells royal blend cbd gummies with this marriage.Although it wasn t all because of this incident, it was somehow related to him when he went to serve as a soldier.During the seven years when their son disappeared, they felt a lot of guilt for this incident.This is why during the time in the hospital, when the Zheng family came to talk about retiring the engagement, he was not in a hurry, but left it to his son to do it all.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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