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When he arrived at the office, other comrades had already done it.Finish.Doing work is not active at all, if it is fake, it does not seek to make progress But then again, no matter how active he is, he has no chance to make progress.First of all, he had signed an agreement during the civil service examination, and he had served at the grassroots level secondly, he was neither a party member, nor was he professionally qualified, neither civil nor military, and the authorities would not want him at all.What s more, it is very difficult for the grassroots policemen to be promoted or transferred to the government.Comrades who are more serious in their work and do not know how many times stronger than him have no chance.There are too many jobs in the institute, and just cbd cherry gummies the police force is too tight, so it is impossible to support idlers.He suddenly felt that the police and civilian contact cards were too few, and he should bring out the whole box.He should call the back office to have a few more boxes printed.Before I knew it, I had reached the small park outside the east gate of Factory 527.Tens of meters to the south is the east gate of Factory 527, and across the road is the farmers market in Chaoyang Village.Compared with the large supermarket across Zhongshan Road and the just cbd cherry gummies vegetable market diagonally across from Dongming Community, the vegetables here are fresher and cheaper.There are a lot of people who come to buy vegetables early in the morning.Bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles and even cars are almost full on both sides of the road.The tweeters are soliciting business.I saw two villagers wearing urban control uniforms, carrying bags, collecting stall fees one by one in front of the market.Hongliang, what s the situation Chaoyang, that woman went to Xingyan Village, and at the entrance of the village she handed over a stack of false certificates to several women renting in the village, some of whom were holding children and pregnant women.She After collecting the money, I left, probably going back.I followed those women to the place they rented, and the accents were all from their hometowns.So this is a gang, she is engaged in wholesale, and those women Responsible for cbd gummies columbus oh retail It should be that a pregnant woman is out, I will follow her first to see where she is going, and I will call you just cbd cherry gummies if there is any situation.Chapter 24 Gang 2 Li Xiaobin is a veteran, and Chen Jie is a police HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies student.They are both young, and they are much better than the few low income security guards in the police station.As long as the funds are guaranteed, I will do whatever I want.Can t you Liu Suo was very hawaiian health cbd gummy bears excited, and in order to fight for the jurisdiction of the case, he even said eagerly The case is done for this purpose, and it is suddenly handed over to the criminal police brigade.We will do the hard work.How do you want me to explain to my comrades, how do you want me to lead this team in the future.Chapter 33 Sense of accomplishment Taking advantage of the time when the director was sending Ju Feng gummy bear recipe cbd just cbd cherry gummies away, Han Chaoyang sneaked downstairs to the security department, drove an electric patrol car, and returned to the police office from the north gate of Factory 527.It is really not possible to stay in Factory 527 for a long time, not only because the gates of the Chaoyang Police Office cannot be locked in the dark, but also because the police force at the Huayuan Street Police Station is unprecedentedly tense.The expenses required for handling public welfare undertakings can be raised from residents on a voluntary basis, and can also be raised from beneficiary units in the community.That is to say, community neighborhood committees can carry out paid service activities Su Xian, the community party branch secretary, is only temporary, a bit like a government cadre at the grassroots level, and the community director is only a part timer.When Chaoyang Village cbd living gummies for nerve pain is officially merged into Chaoyang Community, there will be a re election, and when the work of Chaoyang Community is on the right track, even the party branch secretary All have to resign.The term of office will not be too long, at most two years, Su Xian really wants to do something.She weighed it up and said When the start up funds arrive, I will buy three air conditioners first, two wall type and one cabinet type, and install them in the police room, security company office and collective dormitory.As soon as the leaders left, Manager Zhang, Deputy Manager Xu, and several representatives of owners and operators they knew came up to congratulate.Deputy manager Xu was the most particular, and he brought a pennant.After thanking them one by one, Han Chaoyang noticed that a man in his thirties who was wearing urban control uniform was standing in the lobby talking to Director Su, looking this way from time to time.Chaoyang, let s get acquainted.This is Captain Tang of the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team.It turned out to be Captain Tang of the former Huayuan Street Urban Management Squadron, and he was a frequent visitor to the police station.Either he was beaten, or his subordinates were beaten, or the uniform was torn by others, and some people called 110 to report that they beat people, but basically there was no evidence.Han Da, I m Gu Changsheng.The night market has confiscated stalls.There are still many people.There are also many foreigners returning to the village.Continue to patrol and wait for orders.Yes If it is in the cold winter, it will be very late at 10 30, and it is difficult to see a few pedestrians on the road.But it s a hot summer night, many people can t sleep and like to hang out to cool off.Han Chaoyang put down his phone, raised his head and asked, Director Cai, Director Su, why don t you postpone the action until half past eleven In charge of Director Cai, he looked up at Han Chaoyang and continued to look at his phone.For Han Chaoyang, the next action is to check the population of the area under his jurisdiction.For the subdistrict and the working group, the next action is an important measure to encourage the villagers not to make trouble to a certain extent, and to sign the demolition compensation agreement as soon as possible.The team member has a small flashing police light on his left shoulder and a law enforcement recorder on his right shoulder.With the help of one cadre, the cordon belt was pulled down, and the other cadre called the village party members and cadres or village group leaders as planned to come and check together.Han Chaoyang, Director Cai, Director Su, and the two deputy leaders of the working group entered from the middle street.Immediately following, Li Xiaobin organized team members to pull the cordon to block the north south main road in the center of the village.An electric patrol car was parked in the middle of the road.Six patrol members lined up and entered the village.Two electric patrol cars He and five comprehensive law enforcement vehicles continued to drive forward, stopping one every tens of meters, and all stopped at the crossroads in the village.Let the down to earth comrades chill.In fact, what I want to tell you is best cbd thc free gummies another thing.Isn t the superior engaged in the selection of star rated police offices Chaoyang Community Police Office must participate in the selection.Director Su has read the selection criteria, The software just cbd cherry gummies can basically meet the standards, but the hardware is slightly insufficient.On behalf of the branch bureau, the Du Bureau promised to support the construction of the police office, and will instruct the relevant departments to coordinate with telecommunications as soon as possible to help you connect the public security intranet and equip you with a computer that can access the intranet.A computer, and a police car for the police office.By the way, there is also a terminal for swiping the ID card, and one will be equipped at that time.

It s too early, and trouble will come in the afternoon.I always thought that Lao Hu was a good person, but I didn t expect him to make trouble, which also shows that my popularity in the institute is really not very good.Although the inner ghost must be arrested, Han Chaoyang feels uncomfortable after the current situation, and sighed softly I hope he is not involved.He is Ge Baohua s direct leader, even if he is not involved, he must Responsible for leadership.Guan Xiyuan looked up at the direction of the case handling area, and said in a daze, What is Ge Baohua Why does he recruit people What right does he have to release people There must be someone behind Ge Baohua, either Lao Hu or someone else., the Disciplinary Committee and the inspectors should have found that person out early, otherwise all of us policemen will be suspected, and life will not be easy for anyone in the futureChapter 75 Emergency Mission Liu Suo is back, rushed into the hall to open The anti theft door ran upstairs, without paying attention or caring about the duty room.The anti theft door closed with a bang, and Han Chaoyang let out a sigh of relief.Even though he was sitting upright just now and seemed frank and frank, he actually felt a little guilty as if he had made too many big mistakes.In fact, he wasn HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies t the only one who was afraid, Guan Xiyuan was just as uneasy.The case handling area used to be the place to handle criminal suspects, but now it has become the case handling area for the leaders of the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspectors investigation and the police of the case handling team.I don t know when this day is the end.He raised his head subconsciously, and asked in a low voice Chaoyang, who is the person behind Ge Baohua, please don t say you don t know.I really don t know The situation.Maybe it s because I was assigned just this year.What do you mean by that just cbd cherry gummies New here, don t have those messy relationships, and haven t worked with those of us who have been working together for several years Why do you think so.Isn t that what you mean Guan Xiyuan thought for a while, and then said No You are not the only one assigned this year.Why didn t the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the inspector look for Wu Wei, why did they just look for you Tell me about it.It doesn t matter that you don t just cbd cherry gummies huuman cbd gummies 500mg even believe in ghosts, I don t care if Xiyuan can think of others as well.The matter of turning Ji Qingyun to the sub bureau is not over yet, and you kid doing this again, isn t this offending everyone to death Thinking about it, it seems that this is the case, but if you don t do it, the future will be even more sad.Han Chaoyang took a deep breath and secretly comforted himself that the situation in just cbd cherry gummies huuman cbd gummies 500mg the prison was bad enough, how bad could it be If you offend once, you are offended, and if you offend twice, you are also offended.This is not a question of whether you can do it, but a question of whether you dare to do it and whether you are willing to do it.But Liu Suo also called out just now.At this moment and at that moment, when Liu Suo shouted, the street officials just arrived.Who would not want to go up and say a few words when they saw the officials coming The street officials are not calm enough, so they know how to maintain stability.They don t want to think about whether this is something they can solve.On the 21st, he will sneak into the crowd, and once he gets in, he can t get out.Chaoyang s timing is just right I guess he didn t think about timing at all, just because the street cadres will suffer a loss and dare not come out again.Wait.Gu Guoli looked behind him again, and said as he walked, Why did the owner listen to his advice when he was so excited The reason is very simple.Counting thousands of people, there is only one policeman handling the case.If these thousands of people On average, things are buy shark tank cbd gummies lost once every ten years.On average, there is one theft every day.Every policeman handling a case can solve one theft case every day.I feel the most, so prevention is really important, especially those of us community police, we must do a good job of prevention.Chapter 101 Spot check Back in the police room, Han Chaoyang turned on the computer, logged in to the intranet, and investigated information on the suspect.Master, there is Ke Jianrong s ID card just cbd cherry gummies huuman cbd gummies 500mg information and mobile phone number in the foreign population account, but I don t know if he has a second mobile phone number, let alone what number is printed on the small advertisement for repairing the rolling gate.Canteen DIY.Grandpa Gu is used to going to bed early and getting up early, so he specifically told him not to call him before the break.After answering the phone, Han Chaoyang picked up his chopsticks and said with a smile, Captain Tang, don t look at me like that, just eat The most handsome cbd gummies drug test clinical md cbd gummies policeman will eat first.We dare not eat without your chopsticks.Pointing to the plate, he couldn t help but tease again.Brother Tang, I beg you, stop joking, there is still business to do after eating.Okay, eat first, do business first, and then talk about how to celebrate becoming the most handsome policeman after finishing business.That s right, Han Da, such a great event must be celebrated.At the same time, Zhang Beibei was lying on the bed and making video calls with his best friend who was far away in his hometown.Seeing that there was no one in the living room, nor in the bedrooms on either side, he went straight upstairs.On the stairs, he could hear a burst of noise from upstairs.commotion.Officer Han, what are you doing We don t have much fun, we just pass the time Wei Haicheng appeared in front of the door, blocked the corridor and explained with a flattering smile, apparently to cover for the people inside.Get out of the way Grabbing a bet is a very serious matter, not a dinner treat.Han Chaoyang pushed him in, and saw that Li Tianzheng and other two villagers were scurrying to hide things in can you pass a drug test taking cbd gummies the closet.They might have been caught off guard.There was still money on the automatic mahjong table, all of which were hundred yuan bills.three thousand.Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One Subtle Changes Brother, Brother gummy bear recipe cbd just cbd cherry gummies Han, I m going to use this money for errands, not for gambling Who is your brother Besides, I m not as old as you.But this moment and that moment.In the absence of other clues, even worthless clues should be checked.Comrade Dongsheng, can cbd gummies help tinnitus since the police in your office learned about this situation, you are responsible for verifying it.Go there quickly and report it immediately after you understand it.Yes This is a murder case, not an ordinary criminal case.Difficult to break.Liang Dongsheng didn t dare to delay for a moment, put down his mobile phone, got into the police car, turned on the engine and turned on the lights, and rushed towards Xinglong Department Store.When I arrived at Huayi Mall, I stopped a security guard and asked about it.I took the escalator to the second floor, and I saw a 28 year old proprietress HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies bargaining with a girl who was buying clothes.Liang Dongsheng thought to himself that no matter whether the information provided by that lucky boy was valuable or not, at least it was accurate, and he found it as soon as he looked for it, and he didn t go wrong.

SUV to move.Using someone else s ID card and bank card to defraud a loan, even if it can be defrauded, it is a small loan, and judging from the reaction of the person in front of him, it is unlikely that the liar surnamed Yao put a huge amount of cash in In the house he rented, in other words, he should have nothing to do with the murder of Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son.Even so, Liang Dongsheng asked I should remember the model, what logo and color When asked, the young man was even more depressed, and said with a bitter face I can t afford a car, I m not interested in cars, I don t know The car logo, I don t remember the license plate, I just remember it s a white off road vehicle. New New, brand new, with red silk on the mirror.There s nothing I can do about such a car idiot, Wu Wei couldn t help asking Is there a tire on the back of the car What do you mean Is there a spare tire on it Wu Wei simply took out his mobile phone and searched cbd gummies for adhd and autism uk a bunch of pictures of SUV models on the Internet.Housing prices in Yanyang are rising, and housing prices in Donghai are also rising.Teacher Ma didn t dare to delay Dr.An s purchase of a house, so he asked clearly what procedures needed to be prepared.With a long list, he took several motion sickness pills, went to Chengdong just cbd cherry gummies Bus Station to get a ticket and rushed back overnight.Buying a house should be a happy thing, but Han Chaoyang was not happy at all.He sent his mother back to the police room, threw the remaining half pack of cigarettes in front of Li Xiaobin, and went back to the inner room to open the cabinet and change into his police uniform.Han Da, what is this for Quit smoking, I won t smoke anymore.Why Li Xiaobin felt very strange.Do you need a reason to quit smoking Then why don t you quit sooner or later, but now Han Chaoyang sighed softly, looked at him with a bitter face and said, I can t afford it anymore.He didn t get out of the car, and didn t enter the police room.There are five people in total, Han Chaoyang sits in the co pilot, and the rest sit in the back row, so squeeze as much as possible.He Yichang looked at the rearview mirror while reversing the car, and said straight to the point Comrades, what we are going to perform today is a capture mission.The bait has been released, but the suspect is very cunning.He may or may not come in the afternoon, or even Maybe someone else will be ordered to pick up the courier.We only have his general physical characteristics, and we don t can you buy cbd gummies in stores even have a photo, so please keep your spirits up, carefully identify every suspicious person, and be prepared for a protracted war. Team He Let me introduce you.This is Xu Hongliang, a graduate of the Judicial Police Academy.Apply, maintain cards, withdraw money, cash out, and use cards to maintain cards every month.It was okay at first., Later, I found out that I had applied for credit cards from all banks, and the funds were cut off, so I just cbd cherry gummies couldn t connect them.The interest was getting higher and higher, and the bills were getting more and more, so I had to think of other ways. What way There are a lot of people who borrow money online., I found that the risk control of those financial platforms on just cbd cherry gummies huuman cbd gummies 500mg the Internet is much simpler than that of banks.As long as some information is provided online, they can lend money.I think this is a way, so I started to study the rules of each platform.Some loan platforms just cbd cherry gummies have nothing at all.Risk control, there are only some simple rules, and it doesn t even look at whether it is a black or white account.He took the initiative to report the good news and helped make the arrangements at night.It turned out that the drunkard s intention was not to drink, and Han Chaoyang was confused, but thinking about it, it s not a bad thing.He clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies stared into his eyes and asked very seriously Hongliang, do you really like Lingling Don t tell lies.Chen Jie said again abruptly.I like it.Xu Hongliang nodded, fearing that Han Chaoyang would not believe it, he emphasized I m not joking, Chaoyang, I m not kidding, I really cbd store near me gummies like it.Lingling has been hurt, she can t be hurt again.I know, I told you this, you don t know what kind of person I am.This kid has impeccable character, and his family is rich Han Chaoyang felt that he could help match up, so he patted his arm Okay, I ll help her persuade her to see if I can tell her not to go to Donghai.There seems to be no piano shop just cbd cherry gummies in our area., and the population is quite large, you can open one.Sister Su, I can t, I I don t have that much money, and besides, I can t be a boss.You don t have the money, Young Master Xu does Seeing Xu Hongliang winking and his senior nodding his head slightly, Han Chaoyang realized that Director Su and his senior had been bribed.Lingling, I think you can try it.There is a music atmosphere in our area.You have been to Yanhe Park.Director Wang and the others like playing and singing.They not only love music, but also pay attention to the education of grandchildren.As long as you how many mg of cbd gummies can play with them When you get together, they will definitely send your grandchildren to learn the piano here, and they will also help you promote it.Chaoyang, don t be kidding, it costs at least 200,000 yuan to open a piano store.I didn t expect Yanyang to be the most The handsome policeman is right by our side, and he will take care of our Yangguan Village.What the most handsome policeman, let Boss Tang laugh at you.Jun er, they are all on their own, so I won t make circles with you.The security team in the village is poor.20,000 yuan, you can go to the Three Treasures Hall for everything, we are here to fight the local tyrants.This is the first stop for you, and you will find Jiming later.It s not like you don t know about Qiao Xianhong s family, he watched him grow up Yes, if there is a public security team in the village, such a tragedy could really be avoided, and it hurts to think about the death of all three members of the family, and this is also a remedy for the past.The village head Cui has a good relationship with him, and he cut to the chase.Lin Wenjing realized that she just cbd cherry gummies couldn t make such a joke anymore, so she immediately changed the subject You have a girlfriend, so the only classmate in the group is Haizhu who is alone.She is 26, and she is laughing and joking all day.Don t worry about it.Wait a minute See her and tell her, if there is someone suitable to help introduce you.She doesn t have a boyfriend No, I helped introduce two last year, you should know her character, she is too strong and too strong, meet one Scare one away.Sure enough, the nature is hard to change Thinking that Zheng Xinyi, who was on duty in the police station, not only knew Huang Ying, but also had a bad relationship during this time, Han Chaoyang felt that it was necessary to ask his girlfriend for instructions.Lin Wenjing also wanted to meet his current girlfriend and strongly agreed.

After drinking three rounds and eating five flavors, Gao Yueqing suddenly mentioned work.Chaoyang, it s really hard to find a job now.Being a policeman is good, but I don t think this profession just cbd cherry gummies huuman cbd gummies 500mg should be neglected.As the saying goes, you can t leave your fist and your music can t leave your mouth, and you can t leave your hand like a piano.And music can keoni cbd gummies for ed just cbd cherry gummies really cultivate sentiment.It s a good hobby.Director Gao, I often play the piano.There are many people in our jurisdiction who like to play, play, play and sing.They rehearse in Yanhe Park every night.I practice with them every now and then.That s right., our district will hold an August 1st Song Contest, the street will rehearse a few songs, and our sub bureau will also prepare two songs.The leaders of the street and the sub bureau have entrusted this sunnyvale labs cbd gummies task to me, and the rehearsal will start next Monday.The daughter in law said There will be two children in the future,One is surnamed Han and the other is surnamed Huang, both families can take care of each other.Don t worry about the pressure of raising two children.We will pay off the mortgage, so don t worry about it.Ms.Ma is right.Don t believe those nonsense stories about how much it costs to just cbd cherry gummies raise a child.In fact, the child is only worried about raising but not growing up How poor our family was when we were young, my father and mother raised us just cbd cherry gummies three brothers and sisters in the same way Huang s mother was very happy that the future mother in law was so understanding, and she couldn t help laughing Mr.Ma, Brother just cbd cherry gummies Han, let me express my opinion.I am a parent just like Lao Huang, and I have to fulfill the obligations of being a parent.As long as the two children live a good life, how much it will cost to get married in the future, how much it will cost to have a child and raise a child, these are all up to us, don t bother you, and don t want the just cbd cherry gummies children to worry.Unexpectedly, there would clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies be so many spectators, this is not a trivial matter, Han Chaoyang immediately raised the walkie talkie Director clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies Tu, Director Tu, I am Han Chaoyang, there are too many audiences, and there are not enough toilets Use, how to solve the problem of performers going to the toilet Director Tu has long realized this problem, turned to look at Principal Zhang, and replied Xiao Han, don t worry, I m coordinating with Principal Zhang, so the performers don t have to squeeze with the audience Yes, the left side of the fourth row is the dormitory building.Principal Zhang has asked the teachers to go back and open the door.You can borrow the bathroom in the teacher s dormitory.Okay, thank you, Director Tu.Everyone, if you need to go to the toilet, go to the teacher s dormitory.The door is open over there.Click on it every day.If you want to attract fans, you must fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses.Director Su looked back at Director Tu who was directing the patrol team, comprehensive law enforcement brigade and sanitation personnel to clean up the venue, and smiled proudly As long as Pay attention, as long as you forward it, you can participate in the lottery.The prize for the first lottery is the tickets for the Bayi Song Festival in the district.I won 60 tickets with Director Tu.Everyone who participates has a chance to win.Neighborhood committees and patrol teams, even if there are no prizes, we have to pay attention, turn on the phone, and pay attention.Okay, right away.Captain Tang, please pay attention too.Me too The more the better, besides you are not an outsider. The audience is paying attention, how can the performers and street officials not pay attention It turned out that Director Su was on a second job in the street.Thank you Du Ju.The master s face turned pale No, obviously thought that he wanted to change jobs, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to go out to answer, so he pressed the call button in front of the three of them, and answered the call of Xu Hongliang who was far away in the East China Sea.I have something to do here.To make a long story short, is Lingling interested Well, let her pick it up.Han Chaoyang took a peek at Director Du, and then said, Lingling, Principal Nie was looking for me.I did a good job in the branch office., the leader is very concerned about me, the master is very caring for me, and my colleagues and comrades in arms are also very good to me, both at work and in life.Even Chen Jie, Xinyi and Xiaobin are very supportive of my work, yes yes yes, I That s what I mean, I can t bear them, so I can only decline Principal Nie s kindness.Han .

how many mgs of cbd gummys recommended?

Chaoyang thought for a while, and cbd gummies drug test clinical md cbd gummies said with a bitter face, Ju Du, this means opening a hotel You are a civil servant, and your girlfriend is also a civil servant.Of course you can t do business, but your mother in law can, and this idea is also your mother in law s idea.You can try to operate it first, and you won t lose much anyway.In time, the higher ups will formulate laws and regulations on short term rental, and when the law is no longer blank, they will go to the industrial and commercial department to cancel the license and return the rented house from others.They just want to rent out to reduce the pressure on loan repayment.I never thought it would be so big, I have to discuss it with them.I should discuss it, just call me when you think about it.Thank you Director Du.It s a small effort, what a thank you.All you need is these.Yes, Huang Ying wiped the corner of her mouth, and does cbd gummies show up in test said just cbd cherry gummies with emotion The big problem is finally solved, and the owners inside will probably sign it soon, and the small problem won t take too long.What if you don t sign it No Not only will you not be just cbd cherry gummies able to enjoy preferential policies for signing, but you will also be scolded by other owners.They have developed feelings for rights protection over the years, and they are very familiar with each other, so they should not be stuck.As long as someone disagrees, other jobs will not be easy.If it is not carried out, other owners will not be able to get the house or buy back the house payment.It is worth mentioning that, in order to cut through the mess quickly, the superiors introduced a series of uncommon apothecary cbd gummies preferential policies while letting the city s affordable housing construction and investment company back up.There is a balcony outside the bedroom.Standing on the balcony, you can see Shuxiangyuan Hotel.To the small garden behind the hotel.Xiao Han, the conditions are good Deputy Director Jiang led him downstairs while smiling and said, You take the key first, and Song Feng will take you to the logistics office to check in later.Each household has a water meter and an electric meter., you have to pay for the utility bills yourself.As for the rent, your situation is different from other teachers, it belongs to our security department, and you don t need to pay for it yourself.Huang Ying must be very happy to have such a dormitory in PolyU.Thinking that having a space of his own would make it much more convenient to fall in love in the future, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Director Jiang, what a shame.

There are more than 20,000 teachers and students in PolyU, you should give full play to your advantages and promote the Wechat official account of kenai cbd gummies near me our just cbd cherry gummies patrol team.It has 10,000 followers.She didn t care about the WeChat official account one or two times, because the official account has already started to make money It didn t count to use every opportunity to attract attention before, but now he has the idea of PolyU.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, and Su Xian said straightforwardly It s just a matter of paying attention.It s easy to do, and they don t need to spend money.Now these new formats That s great, it s not the wool that comes from the sheep, it s the wool that comes cbd gummy bears plover wi from the pigs and the dog pays the bill.We have already missed an opportunity, and we can t miss the second time.Even the current homeowners meeting was established with the help of the neighborhood committee last year.Many homeowners are investors and are not in the community at all Say a few words, some don t even show your face, just say it in the owner group.If the neighborhood committee wants to make statistics, please ask the owner s representative for help.People posted it in the owner group, and some owners not only did not support it, but even ridiculed it in a strange way.It is simply impossible to expect these dissociated owners to pure kana 500 gummies cbd work together.It is impossible for these owners to organize and play a cbd gummies drug test clinical md cbd gummies sense of ownership.This is very common and sad in the whole country.On the one hand, the people in the jurisdiction protect their legitimate rights and interests, and on the other hand, it is a relatively conscientious property in comparison.At that time, there were only three people in the police station, the director and the instructor.With me, not only did we not communicate on the phone, but we didn t even have a decent road.We had to rely on two legs to handle any case in the village, and just walked with wooden sticks as crutches.A few pairs of shoes were worn out a year.But at that time the village The first level organization can manage affairs, and civil disputes and civil mediation are basically out of our control, and there are not so many things now.He Suo is 49 years old this year, and he is a true old director At this age, when the head of the police station, in the Yandong branch So the conditions are good now.Director He lit a cigarette and sighed I graduated from Xinlan Normal University.At that time, the superior had a document that some college just cbd cherry gummies students should be transferred to the public security system.He just cbd cherry gummies Suo is 49 years old this year, and he is a true old director At this age, when the head of the police station, in the Yandong branchEven the public security system of Yanyang City is rare.Liu Jianye is 42 years old this year, and he is already the oldest police station director in the sub bureau.The directors and instructors of Xinyuan, Changfeng and other police stations are all in their thirties, and the captain of the criminal police is even younger.Looking at He Suo who was older than his actual age, Han Chaoyang felt that he really entered the wrong profession.His college diploma was so valuable at that time.If he hadn t been a policeman and worked in a party and government agency, he would have done better than he is now.Even if he went to a school to be a teacher, he might be better than he is now.The atmosphere before the battle was so tense, he didn t dare to inquire again like in the afternoon.After urinating on the side of the road, he didn t talk about personal hygiene.The conditions for washing hands before and after meals are also not available here, so he hurriedly clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies ran back to the yard with everyone and crowded around Zhang Tianxiang to check his equipment.Xiao Han, you are in the same group as Jiang Li.The trainer Hang appeared behind him at some point, whispered something in his ear, and pulled him to the last row.A group with Jiang Li, does Jiang Li have a group Han Chaoyang was confused and didn t dare to ask more questions, so he clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies could only stand beside Jiang Li obediently.I thought the leader keoni cbd gummies for ed just cbd cherry gummies would mobilize before the battle, but the three leaders who knew it was the big leader didn t say anything, just nodded slightly, and the leader of the county bureau went back to everyone and gave an order Every group has , act according to the plan, and set off immediately Yes The leader gave an order, and the six team leaders of the arresting team led their respective team members to run out of the yard quickly.The FireWire Joining the Party ceremony was as brief as it was.The Wang Bureau announced the party committee s notice of joining the party for 12 policemen including Zhang Tianxiang, and the leader of the Xinlan Detachment of the Armed Police read out the notice of joining the party for seven soldiers from the Longdao County Squadron of the Armed Police including Tian Xuqing, and then organized them to take the stage and take an oath in front of the party flag.Finally, there was a speech by the leader.The Secretary of the Longdao County Party Committee Gong said in a mandarin with an accent just cbd cherry gummies Since the anti drug campaign started, a group of advanced and typical representatives have emerged.The people s police have carried out the oath of the people, protected the lives and property safety of the people, and established a good image of the public security police and the armed police.You are ready to prepare, and don t hesitate to say it.Even if you don t go to the Municipal Bureau, the branch bureau will still ask you to write about the experience and experience of the study and exchange Han Chaoyang sat up quickly Okay, I ll think about it now.I can think about it as if I m lying down.Don t get up, the space is so big.Sit up and bump your head.The space between the berth and the upper berth is too small, children are not a big problem, adults can only lie down, don t want to sit comfortably.Han Chaoyang lay down again, just as he was about to respond to Huang Ying who was making faces with him, when the light came on outside the car window, the train drove out of the cave again, and the phone rang without losing the opportunity.Captain He, why do you have time to call me Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing when he saw the caller ID.Officer Han, what else is there Mobile phone, did you forget about the mobile phone Han Chaoyang asked back, turned on the law enforcement recorder, and motioned for him to sit across from him with HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies a smile.I thought he forgot, but he still wanted the phone Zhu Youwei had no choice but to honestly put the phone on the desk.Han Chaoyang took it over and looked at it, then gently put the phone aside, immediately opened the folder, picked up a pen and asked Put the phone here with me first, and I will give you a receipt later.I will delay you for a while, please remember.Tell me about the process of being tricked into pyramid schemes.Officer Han, I asked Director Zhang and Director Zou downstairs just now.They are cadres from the Security Department and understand the situation on behalf of the school.

Han Chaoyang was not in a hurry, just listened to him, asked the just cbd cherry gummies key points from time to time, made 8 transcripts, his hands were tired from writing, and at the same time he calmly listed dozens of doubtful points worthy of deliberation.Just when Zhu Youwei spoke so dryly that he thought he should be able to pass the test, Han Chaoyang suddenly got up to fetch him a glass of water, and immediately took out his police phone to make frequent calls.Suo Zhang, I, Han Chaoyang from the Huayuan Street Police Station, would like to report to you Yes, yes, all Internet cafes are monitored now, and they all use the designated management system.Less than a month has passed, and the monitoring records and Internet access records should be I can call you.Okay, sorry, I ll wait for your call.Is it the police station in front of the station I m Han Chaoyang from Huayuan Street Police Station, Yandong Sub bureau.Han Chaoyang was confused by the laughter, and Huang Ying also smiled and explained Master Xu just led the team to pick up the bride for Mr.Liang s grandson.If you adopt your plan, first dress neatly and go to the bride s house Courteous reception.After receiving people, I put on makeup in the car, prepared a lot of tattoo stickers, and most of the team members who went there were thick and fleshy players.Thinking about it, the scene jolly green cbd gummies review was spectacular.It s too unfortunate, it s so interesting I actually missed it.Playing the underworld, even if you have time, your leaders won t let you go, if those villagers take pictures and post them on the Internet, the impact will be too bad.Chapter 302 Confused Huang Ying Seeing the dirty clothes that Han Chaoyang had changed and left with Xie Lingling, Han Chaoyang returned to the work area and told Wu Wei that he would take half a day off tomorrow.I m a good person Making a mistake, he slapped his face several times, took out his mobile phone and dialed Wu Wei Angkor, Pei Qimin has been arrested.This kid will not die until the Yellow River, and he is so stubborn even to this point.There are so many workers in the mixing station, and Chang Mazi s cousin is at the door of the office.It was really inconvenient for Wu Wei to go out just now, and he was worried that if Qi Wenli, who had just been told, was taken out of the house and put in a police car, the people at the mixing station would inform Pei Qimin to confirm that Pei Qimin had been arrested.He finally relaxed and said excitedly Don t worry., Make no mistake, he will speak soon.What should I do next Report just cbd cherry gummies to the superior.Which superior should I report to Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.The technical investigation department has already taken technical measures against the people the two suspects may contact.As long as they call, we can Lock their location immediately.But if they don t call, or don t communicate with the outside world in a short time, it s useless HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies to use technical means.Xiao Han, Xiao Wu, you are the police of Yandong Branch, and you are tasked with tracking down Cai Xiaofang s whereabouts.I will leave it to the two of you to go back after the meeting in a car with a local license plate just sent by our sub bureau, to reimburse the expenses for handling the case, and to report any situation or difficulties encountered in a timely manner.But one thing must be kept in mind, you must not startle the snake before the truth comes out.Fengjie Street is the base of Master and his old man Master, his old man has such a good mass base, not to mention insinuating to understand a person s situation, even mobilizing the masses to help deploy control is a piece of cake.It has already entered the fourth quarter of this year, and the city bureau s evaluation of each branch will start soon.Zhou Bureau didn t want to miss this opportunity to pick peaches, so he reached out and patted Feng Bureau s arm The city bureau said it was a joint investigation, and they also said it was Joint investigation office, since it is a joint investigation office, what s inappropriate If only Xiaohan and the others are not enough, then we will dispatch a few policemen from the criminal police team to rush ahead of them to destroy this criminal gang suspected of intentional murder and running a casino.Chapter 342 Chalac Car rental is easily used by criminals, and it is also a special industry, but it is different from traditional special industries such as hotels, pawns, and official seal engraving.If you let them know It was you who said it, and you won t even have to be friends in the future, but a big boss like you pays more attention to connections.How secretive you are when playing Cha Lak , there is a special car to pick you up, no mobile phone, only a bank card, No matter how much you win or lose, you will use the POS machine to settle the game.The people who call the game are very careful.Not only are they all acquaintances, but as the little policeman said, they all have status and status.The tone is stricter than the other.How did the police know of Tian Jiming couldn t understand it, and lowered his head, smoking a stuffy cigarette.He didn t say a word, and Han Chaoyang couldn t push too hard.Li Kaiyi said tacitly Mr.Tian, we know that you are righteous, but not everyone is as righteous as you, otherwise we would not have found you.He was planning to find something to do for Han Chaoyang, who was eating inside and out , as the deputy leader of the special case team.Feng Ju suddenly said Old Teng, Our Zhou Bureau just called.Considering that the two cases we are investigating are related, Zhou Bureau asked the security brigade to assist you with all our efforts.Xiao Han will not be involved in the next investigation.The security brigade arranged for two people HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies who are familiar with the case.The policeman replaced him.Boss Feng, there is no need to be so troublesome to replace, Xiao Han is very good, and the young man is very capable.The young man is very good, but continuing to follow you will definitely lead to bad results How could Director Feng not know that he was on fire, and said calmly, No trouble, the police from the Public Security Brigade have already set off and are on their way here to meet you.Really, I ve heard of it too.How many years ago did this happen, and I brought it up again to talk about it Miao Haizhu was so devastated that she hurriedly said You guys talk first, I still have a few households to visit.Then squeezed out of the crowd as if fleeing, which attracted a burst of laughter.Looking at her leaving back, the female owner sighed and said If I had known this, I would not have reported the case.It would take half a day and the unit would deduct money.Well, Han Chaoyang patted the steering wheel, and sighed sincerely In his words, if you retire in January, you will get a few months of salary in vain, which is nothing.In fact, retirement is not the same as retirement salary.For him He said that even if he surrendered, it would not be much lower, and he didn t care about the money.

If you have a foreign license and can park at the south gate of Factory 527, who else can the owner of the car be besides the construction owner who is doing construction nearby I m going to a meeting, I almost forgot, Director Wang, please sit down first, I ll go to the meeting, I ll ask.Hurry up, wait for your news.Okay, I will call you as soon as I have news Han Chaoyang really forgot about the meeting, and drove his patrol car to the Chaoyang Village Committee s yard in a hurry.Han Chaoyang didn t care to say hello to the boys from the squadron who were on duty here, and hurriedly adjusted his police uniform and followed two middle aged men in unusual clothes into the meeting room.The engineering headquarters obviously has staff responsible for conference affairs.There are signs on the rostrum and the table below.Keep walking and keep asking., It was discovered that almost every household here was clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies dealing in stolen cars.One woman didn t even hide that she was selling stolen goods, and she said carelessly These cars are all stolen from Yanyang.Many of our houses sell this kind of cars.Usually men contact the source of goods.Those of us The girl is at home waiting for customers to come to buy a car.Sister, do you have a motorcycle Tang Junhua scratched his neck and said embarrassedly The motorcycle drives well, and it can be refueled anywhere, unlike an electric car that has no power.I have to push it away.No motorcycles, the middle aged woman walked to the door, and smiled as she walked, Electric cars don t need to be listed, but motorcycles need to be listed.Stolen HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies motorcycles are not easy to list, and insurance is not easy.This area belongs to Jingshou Community, Changfeng Street, and it was also one of the three communities that Grandpa cbd gummies effect on brain Gu was in charge of before he was transferred to Huayuan Street Police Station.Director Wen of the Political Department of the Sub bureau, Director Gu of Huayuan Street, Deputy Secretary Xu of Changfeng Street, and cadres from the Chaoyang Community and Jingshou Community Neighborhood Committees all arrived, talking in low voices around the newly built stage.Judging from the large banner on the background wall of the stage, the upcoming grass roots cultural evening under the police camp culture of Yandong Branch of Yanyang Public Security Bureau, Changfeng Sub district Office and Huayuan Sub district are joint organizers.If the onlookers have seen the Bayi Song Concert held in the district some time ago, they will find that most of the performers are old faces who have participated in the concert.This is joining the party Han Chaoyang was really a little excited.Looking back at Guan Xiyuan s disappointed look, he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, as if he had robbed someone else s quota.Thinking about how difficult it is to join the party in the institute, although it is not so easy to join the party in other places, it is not so difficult.For example, the party branch of Chaoyang Community, if you want to recruit new party members, you can t find a candidate., I feel that it doesn t matter whether I join the party or not.Just as he was thinking wildly, Liu Suo walked into the conference room again, shaking his freshly washed hands.Teacher Xu and Gu Suo also walked in with serious faces.Comrades, next is the selection of this year s outstanding police officers.In terms of work performance, everyone has done a good job, all of them are excellent But just like last year, our superiors only gave us two outstanding police officers, so we still have to choose.What are you going to the bureau for Han Zhaoyang asked puzzled.Xu Weizhong turned to the door, stared at him with hatred and said Are you really confused or not The arrest of Ji Qingyun, who is suspected of intentionally killing smilz cbd gummies near me two people and absconding in fear of crime, is not only your personal achievement but also the achievement of the institute.To the patrol The team credits the patrol team, and the credit goes to the patrol team, not only does it have nothing to do with you, Han Chaoyang, it also has nothing to do with our police station It turned out that the leader was unhappy because of this, but it is understandable that no matter which police station is responsible for catching a murderer Both are .

will cbd gummies make me high?

great achievements.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and said with a bitter face, Instructor, I only found out about the merits and awards for the patrol team at noon the day before yesterday.Kang Haigen took them and read them carefully, and put the ones that should be printed or copied into an empty file bag, and then picked up the certificates that Miao Haizhu had just printed.After checking the list and confirming that there is no entry or exit, he raised his head and said, It s almost there, let s go, first go to the office and ask Liu to review and sign it, and then go to the branch office together.Okay, I ll ask some people to help move things As soon as Han Chaoyang walked out, Kang Haigen took out the key from his trouser pocket, walked over and leaned over to open the handcuffs, and lifted up Bi Xunchang, whose legs were sore from squatting Go, let me change your place.Officer Kang , I have explained everything that should be explained, can you give me a break Now let me let you go, what are you doing I was wrong, can I accept the punishment Stop talking nonsense, get in the car He loaded the seized black radio into the car, called Wu Junfeng and other three team members to escort Bi Xunchang to the prison, Liu looked at the materials, picked up a pen and signed the approval document.Lao Tang and Lao Ding were not there, and Han Chaoyang went out with Ling Bin to run around the community, posting missing person notices, and Miao Haizhu was the only policeman left on the police platform on Zhongshan Road.You can imagine how busy it will be in the future Kang Haigen, who had been silent all this time, suddenly raised his head and said, I still have me.Kang Suo, you should have a rest today There s nothing to do when you go back, why don t you come back and work overtime.Kang Haigen looked sideways at Grandpa Gu, and immediately The topic changed Chaoyang, I think the idea of finding people is correct, but you can t put all your eggs in one basket.You just said that Wan Xiaoxia s just cbd gummies 1000mg relationship with Sister Wei is unusual, so why didn t Team Wang follow Sister Wei Do you want to start investigating Miao Haizhu took it seriously, and said eagerly Yes, Zhang Ziyue s identity is falsely used by her, and Zhang Ziyue s house can not be visited.You can t always hide the past from him.Why just cbd cherry gummies don t you do it these days I ve lived. Sister, I m already like this, how can I live a good life Who said no, I think so, he is educated, he is a graduate student, understands English and can speak English, as long as he is willing, you You can take Xinxin abroad, as long as you go out, you don t have to worry about being found by animals surnamed Zhang, and you don t have to worry about the public security.Going abroad, going far away Wan Xiaoxia subconsciously asked.What s wrong with going far away Sister Wei took out a few tissues, wiped her tears, and said with a smile, You think I m so good at gambling, but in fact, I play cards with Wang Yingfeng and the others every day to help you find out about going abroad., her brother has been abroad for more than ten years, earning millions, and brought a lot of people abroad to make money.

How can this work, what will you do after the store is sold out I have no children, what do I want to earn so much money for Wei Wei The elder sister held her hand tightly, and said seriously and sincerely It s too easy to support yourself.Just tell Director Cai that I can go to work in the scenic spot tomorrow.I don t want anything, but I want you to be safe.If you Have a good time abroad, let Ling Bin come back to pick me up, let me also go see the world, and enjoy the happiness.Chapter 449 Technical means The leader asked to assist his counterparts in Fujiang to handle the case, but now Ling HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies Bin has his heart set Feeling disheartened, if you follow him every step of the way, it will make him suspicious.Early the next morning, Han Chaoyang didn t go to the youth hostel again, but rushed to the police office to go to work as usual.This place is big, and the public security situation is more complex than here, and there are several houses in front of the Sixth Court.Han Zhaoyang peels cbd gummies got anxious, and immediately got up and asked, Let s move to the Sixth Court, and tell the truth, is this your idea or Secretary Cao s Thoughts Mine.Your Xu Hongliang patted his arm, grinned and said, Brother, don clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies t worry, let me explain first.Okay, explain.First of all, the Sixth Hospital side You are definitely needed more than our side, if you are willing to move the police receiving platform, the leaders of the Sixth Hospital will definitely welcome you, and will definitely let the logistics make room for you.In the period of social transformation, the relationship between the police and the public is tense, and the relationship between doctors and patients is even more tense.Captain Wang, the leader of our bureau personally called and asked us to provide our full assistance.Do you need our assistance in the arrest, or do you need us to investigate the situation from the sidelines Feel free to ask.There will be no gummies cbd infused leaks.Although Wang Jianye had a phone call with the young director in front of him on the road, he didn t make a proposal on the phone.He didn t take out a photo from his bag until he saw the real person and confirmed that there was no one else around him Tan Suo, time HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies is urgent.I will not be polite to you.Do you have any impression of this woman, is she a resident of your jurisdiction Tan Sifang took a look at the photo and said subconsciously I don t have an impression, but I know her very well Her surname is Wei, and her name is Wei Dongmei.I used to live in the mountains, but later I moved out after returning farmland to forests, and now there is a farmhouse opposite the parking lot at the east gate of the scenic spot, and I even took my friends to her place for dinner a few times.He would lose face if he didn t move.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to go with Old Tang to the Security Section of the Sixth Hospital, confirming that the Sixth Hospital was willing to lend the three bungalows on the right side of the gate to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and rushed to the police station without stopping to face the leaders report.This Xu Hongliang only has money in his mind Liu Jianye was so depressed, he patted his desk and said, The comprehensive police reception platform has only been established for a few days, and it is too childish to move his buttocks before they are hot Xu Weizhong also Thinking this was ridiculous, he frowned and said, It s not as simple as moving a few tables, chairs and benches.In order to set up a comprehensive police platform, the sub bureau coordinated with the Street Light Management Office to install a large light box on Zhongshan Road, and even dedicated it to the police.Now that I don t give them face, they will naturally not give me face again.Of course Miao Haizhu didn t want Xie Lingling to lose her job because of this, and murmured At PolyU, Vice Minister Jiang is only a middle level cadre, not a school leader.The key point is that Lingling is just a dispensable person in school.Her counselor is in name only, and she doesn t need to tutor anyone at all.Otherwise, there wouldn t be so many gossips.What should we do now This is a crisis, and crisis public relations must be launched, and we must take the initiative to attack, and we cannot sit still.How to public relations, how to attack Miao Haizhu asked eagerly.Han Chaoyang pondered for a while, then cbd isolate gummy bears suddenly raised his head Lingling has only one way to gain a firm foothold in PolyU, and that is to get good grades.No matter how we spend a few days together, you are lucky, you actually avoided us, and even changed your mobile phone number.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that it s not that I m not honest, it s that the leader of our branch bureau is not.But it s already here, so I can only bite the bullet to greet him, and while pouring water in a hurry, he said with a smile Ji Da, you misunderstood, how could I avoid you.As for the number of the Police Department, it is the unified number in the bureau.It s changed, and I can t change it even if I want to.Ji Da thought, why did you change it uniformly in the bureau, you kid is obviously guilty of guilt.But now is not the time to question the teacher, even if you want to ask the teacher, there is nothing to do with him, look back at Miao Haizhu, and say casually I m joking with you, we don t drink water if we are not thirsty, it is rare to come to Yandong, find someone Chat somewhere.The station is so close to your police office.There are several people on your side.The police and the patrol team, why not integrate resources, why not include the station in the patrol area of the Zhongshan karas orchards cbd gummies reviews Road comprehensive police platform There is some truth in these words, and the division of key jurisdictions must consider many factors.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that the leader should first consider your feelings.If the merger really happens, you won t be able to have green galaxy cbd gummies website the final say like now.Although the old master has retired, he still has a lot of prestige.In front of him, you are Xiao Dai , It doesn t matter if you have served as a captain or not.Furthermore, once the jurisdictions of the two police offices are merged, the scale will be equivalent to a small police station, which involves how to manage and how to straighten out the relationship.The large vehicles carrying construction materials go through the gate, and migrant workers and project management personnel have special passages, and three gates are installed like high end residential areas.All entry and exit must be swiped.All the cards have to be processed at the security guards.Xu Hongliang looked at today s card application records, looked up and asked The work has been suspended, what are these people doing here The security guard Xiao Chen got up and explained Manager Wang said that they summer valley cbd gummies near me are workers from another construction site.The construction period of that project is tight, and the work is not stopped during the Spring Festival.These dozens of workers will not go home during the New Year.The conditions here are better.Let them live here at night.Go to work in the morning and come back at night.

Cao Zefang He even said happily And after the renovation is completed and the security guards move in, there must be two signs at the door.One is for the company, and the other is for your police.Then the police car will stop in the yard, and the customer will come to talk about business.As soon as cbd gummies for quitting alcohol we entered cbd gummies what is the door, no, we knew that just cbd cherry gummies we had a police background before entering the door.If we were running other businesses, it would definitely not be acceptable to use tiger skin as a banner, but we are a security company, and our security work has certain specialties, so we had to accept the guidance of the police.Now Yanyang is really expensive, where can I find a venue that doesn t cost best cbd gummies for ibs money Xu Hongliang was worried that Ye Chang had many dreams, so he patted Han Chaoyang on the arm You don t need to pay for this money.My buddy knows a lot of celebrity managers.Maybe someday we will invite celebrities to Yanyang Have a concert.Brother Liu, you re making it big It s not big, why don t you use these resources, don t you think so Liu Jianpeng smiled complacently, and continued I want to It is not easy to hold a concert.This is not easy mainly because of the approval.It needs to be approved by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, and you need to be approved by the Public Security Bureau.We have done it once before, and it is really hard work.If you work in the Public Security Bureau, you will be a deputy department soon.Even if these are not in your control, but you know the person in charge of approval, you must help my brother.As Liu Jianpeng said, to hold a concert, you need to apply to the public security organ, submit business license and other materials, and fill in The Safety Application Form for Large Scale Mass Activities must be approved by the public security department of the public just cbd cherry gummies security organ.If he didn t catch him, he interrogated him.What is the use.But that s not the point.The point is that the clue to the suspect s whereabouts was discovered by Lao Hu Liu Jianye s expression changed all of a sudden, he stared at Wu Wei and asked, Old Hu found out that the suspect is the chef of the World Trade Hotel, you led the anti pickpocket team to help Yu Zhenchuan rush to the World cbd gummies drug test clinical md cbd gummies Trade Hotel and caught the suspect Yes, Wu Wei snapped Realizing why the director s face suddenly became so ugly, he said anxiously Chaoyang gave orders, persuaded to obey the orders, and I can only follow.Even if I don t go, the team members will go.When they pick up instead, they listen Mine, they will listen to Chaoyang in case of an emergency.Liu Jianye took a few deep breaths and asked, You threw down the suspect, and you captured the suspect yourself I threw it down, but Even if I didn t rush forward, the suspect would not be able to escape.Disappointing.Political commissar, I What am I, did I criticize wrong Political commissar Huang pointed at him, and said very seriously In the final analysis, it is you who failed to change roles, failed to enter New role.What is the difference between a leader and an ordinary policeman, that is, the leader has to make decisions when encountering a situation Yes.But we can t blame you entirely, we bureau leaders are also responsible, and there is a process for cultivating leading cadres.You have only been working just cbd cherry gummies for a long time, and you have been put in a leadership position.It is already very good to be able to do what you are doing now.Political Commissar Huang paused, and then couldn t help laughing Old Gu is a good teacher, but he has done a lot.He has never held a leadership position before retirement, how can he teach you to be a leader if he has never held a leadership position, it seems that I have to find you another master.Now that the relationship between father and son has been severed, why should I have to suffer such a useless attitude We know that Old Xu and Xu Weimin severed the relationship between father and son, and those debt collectors don t know, even if they know that they are trying to collect debts, they pretend not to know.Pretend not to know Because Xu Weimin is hiding, they can t find anyone, even if they can find Xu Weimin, they may not have money to pay back.It s different to find Lao Xu.Although Lao Xu has no money, he has at least two rooms, which are worth more or less.Zong Fang, so that bastard Xu Weimin can t pay the borrowed money for a day, and old Xu can t live in peace for a day There are no outsiders here, to be precise, people here will not complain at every turn.Old Tang also lit a cigarette, sat down and sighed The interest rate on borrowing money from the platform is so high.Thinking that the little girl was the last one to leave, Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked, Where are you now Are you home yet Just arrived home, just entered the door.Zheng Yutong looked at his cousin who went to the station to pick him up, and said with a smile Mr.Han, I just saw the video of you catching murderers when you went to the Northwest for an exchange in the group., Tell my cousin that you are both my just cbd cherry gummies teacher and our school s wyld cbd gummies near me policeman, and my cousin still doesn t believe clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies gummy bear recipe cbd just cbd cherry gummies me Unexpectedly, this girl also knew.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Believe it or not, it doesn t matter.The important thing is that you got home safely.Help me give your parents a happy birthday.I wish your family a happy new year.I wish your parents good health and smooth work.What do you wish You are already popular enough now.Are you busy If not, can you hide nearby and keep an eye on me so that they don t leave when we arrive.I m not busy.I m not going back to celebrate the New Year anyway.This is the bill I have to collect in the afternoon, and the money has already been received.Okay, please, don t get too close, as long as you can see it, you must pay attention to safety.Don t worry, I haven t seen anything.After nearly a week of practice, Sun Guokang was so excited that he finally got a real police report.Angkor, where are you I m still in the East Railway Station, what s the matter The masses called the police.Someone gathered to take drugs at Karoti Performing Arts Bar in the west of the city.Guokang and I are rushing to your side.Gather your team quickly Let s go there together when we get there.Okay, I ll call Junfeng and the others.Really When did I ever joke with you The case that the most handsome policeman brought to his door was more troublesome than wiping the ass of a running real estate developer.The more He Yichang thought about it, the more excited he became, and the more he talked, the more excited he got up, got a glass of water, returned to his desk and said with a smile The more important thing is Yes, any investment has a capital lock up period, but New Asia Trading claims that it can just cbd cherry gummies get back the funds at any time, which is equivalent to a current account.An just cbd cherry gummies investment without a capital lock up period can actually achieve an annualized return gummy bear recipe cbd just cbd cherry gummies of more than 100.Any financial product can t reach it As soon as Mo Yunhu said it, I felt that there was a problem, but I didn t expect there to be a problem.Han Chaoyang turned around and couldn t help laughing He team, there is a specialization just cbd cherry gummies in technology, I don t care about these things.

Eat, what are you looking at Liu Jianye pushed clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies the soup in front of him.Liu Suo, I can t eat such a big piece of meat.Han Chaoyang clamped the big row to the lid of the lunch box and said with a smile, Guokang likes meat, so let Guokang eat the big row.Liu Jianye just ate at noon He couldn t eat a big meal, so he put the big row on the lid of the lunch box, looked up and asked with a smile Hagen, is Xiaosun back I just called to ask, they just came out of the drug rehabilitation center On the way back. Did the urine test result come out Speaking of Kang Haigen, he was a little disappointed, and said with a bit of frustration It came out, Team Liang said nothing was found.Han Zhaoyang came to his senses, thinking to himself, no wonder he didn t see it just now Sun Guokang, it turned out that he and Team Liang sent Qiao Peiming to the Compulsory Drug Rehabilitation Center for a urine test.Diagnosed, he is undergoing dialysis.Dai Lishi took a deep breath and lowered his head again.Brother Dai, Lishi said that the disease is very serious, but it is not so serious that there is no cure.As long just cbd cherry gummies as he can get dialysis on time, the problem is not very big.You two know his situation better than me.Even the farmer He didn t get insurance, and he couldn t claim any cbd gummies from colorado on line medical expenses.Although he was not very competitive in the past, and even got into fights with his neighbors over trivial matters, he is only this year old, and he will have a long time in the future.Sure enough, when it comes to money, just cbd cherry gummies Dai Lijun and Dai Liyang was silent.Dai Lishi really wanted to ask his two cousins to borrow money, but he didn t open his mouth when facing them, and he kept his chin in his mouth and said nothing.Understood After Han Chaoyang gave the order, he got into the police car and lit the engine again, and drove from The south gate opens into Factory 527.The family area is concentrated near the north gate, and to the south is the machining workshop where the machines used to roar.Now several rows of large workshops are rented out, some are rented to people as warehouses, and some are rented to individuals for machining.Considering that the New HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies Year s Eve would not affect the rest of the people in the factory area, especially the residents in the family area, Han Chaoyang turned off the police lights and sirens, and drove slowly along the south road to the back of the Tobacco Hotel.Pushing open the car door, turning on the flashlight, and frowning immediately.Sure enough, the rear window was pried.The most urgent thing is to solve the problem.Beijing is waiting for a reply.It is said that the anti drug detachment of Nanshan Branch has been alarmed.They have arranged for the police to go on the road and are following with our people.How to solve it, is it possible to tell people that we have no evidence or clues, just because that bastard has a drug history, just because that little bastard behaves suspiciously, so we organize forces to follow up and investigate What will people think They will definitely think that we have no evidence.I have seen drug dealers, but I have never solved a drug case.I am not even as good as a police student who has just graduated.I can t afford to lose this person.Our Yandong branch and even the Yanyang City Bureau can t afford to lose this person Ju Zhou, don t worry.How many products have been produced, and how many offlines have not been developed I may be able to play soy sauce for a few days if Team just cbd cherry gummies Song and Jiao Da have a big harvest this trip, I will be replaced as the general manager soon, and I will buy a ticket soon Go home.Chapter 648 2.Case 12 7 Yu Zhenchuan said that he had no chance to catch drug dealers, and he had to meet them to see what the drug dealers looked like.This request can be satisfied, Han Chaoyang sent him to room 603 and asked him to watch the interrogation.Considering that 603 already has Team Ni, Lao Hu and Yu Zhenchuan, Han Chaoyang was embarrassed to stay for a long time.And Liu Qingjun is really not willing to give up until the Yellow River.At the beginning of the trial, he was rambling and talking nonsense, but now he just keeps his head down and doesn t hear anything, so that Team Ni seems to be playing the piano to the cow.Sun Le and Liang Dongsheng sat in the car, quietly watching the Passat drive to Building 18 through the window glass with dark car models, watching quietly.The driver reversed the car into the parking space.Team Song, there are two people coming down.The driver should be Liu Xiaobo, and the short one should be Guan Peng Can t confirm the identity of the person in the car Chen Feng, a policeman from the anti narcotics team, has been guarding the east gate of the complex, but the Passat actually entered the complex from the south gate.Aunt Yang, the building manager who was secretly invited, did not see anyone, so she had to ask Aunt Yang to monitor Check the monitor in the room.Guan Jie didn t go out, and Liu Qinggui s location was also locked.Right now, he was playing mahjong in a chess and card room near the community.In clinical md cbd gummies the anti narcotics team Yes, he will be locked up in the anti narcotics team, you come here directly Let s escort him back with the drugs seized yesterday. Take the drugs back too Can you stay here if you don t take it back Director Du looked back again, and said seriously, Chaoyang, drugs are as important as suspects.You must pay attention to safety on the way back Understood, I will be responsible if the suspect escapes, and I will be fully responsible if the drugs are lost. I don t worry about handling the matter, that s all, I ll wait for you downstairs. Yes It s nothing to escort Qiao Peiming back.Bringing the seized drugs back together just cbd cherry gummies shows that the provincial department has reached a consensus with the Beijing Municipal Bureau on how to divide this case.It is likely to be based on the principle agreed with Team Song yesterday that selling more than 150 grams of methamphetamine is the principal culprit.Boss Zhong, the security guard has no right to interrogate you, but judging from the situation just now, the security guard has never interrogated you.Have you taken compulsory measures Did you hold you back, took you to the duty room by force, tied you up with a rope, didn t you Han Chaoyang patted his arm and said slowly Security officer Xu asked you just now, there is no doubt about it, but his behavior is not an interrogation, but an inquiry.Yes, I was an inquiry.Officer Han, you are changing concepts secretly Zhong Boss, this is not a sneaky change of concept.Han Chaoyang smiled, turned around and asked, Xiao Xu, please report to the owners about the duties of your guards.Yes Xiao Xu reacted loudly and said back 1.Arrive at the post on time, change the post after the handover, stick to the post and not leave the post, keep the personal appearance tidy and the environment around the gate post clean just cbd cherry gummies 3.

The police handling the case I will ask, if you are not told to go, don t go, do you know what it means to avoid suspicion I ll just take a look, is just cbd cherry gummies it okay if I don t talk No, if you say no, then don t, this is an order, obey the order and obey the command Obey orders and listen to commands, and the tone is very serious.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to agree.Unexpectedly, as soon as he put down his phone, a call from the leader of the old unit came in.Han Chaoyang asked eagerly, Liu Suo, have you caught the three bastards who insulted Chengquan online Caught it, just finished HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies the trial.Liu Jianye walked into the office of the director, put down the transcript and said, Three are all adults, two of them are doing well, one is an engineer and technician of a construction company, and the other is a The business manager of the company, and the third one works in a factory in the development zone.There were more than one hundred people.There were a lot of people, but the cafeteria was big enough to fit them.To Han Chaoyang s surprise, Xu Hongliang even helped the headquarters set up the venue, using a few dining tables to put together a rostrum, and even found a piece of flannelette from where he didn t know where to spread it, and prepared a few microphones.Bottle of mineral water.First, in groups of two, ask the MLM personnel, find out the basic situation, make a record, and then organize a meeting for them to receive criticism and education.Han Chaoyang is not a policeman handling the case, but today he is just assisting, organizing the team members to form a circle to maintain order in the cafeteria.If you haven t seen and heard it with your own eyes, you really don t know how harmful pyramid schemes are.The problem now is that I have been engaged in counter picking before I retired, and I am not familiar with the fertilizer factory.The fertilizer factory closed down early.I don t know any old people who used to work in the chemical fertilizer factory. Don t look at me, Yandong was still a rural area when I caught the thief, and I don t come here often, let alone have acquaintances.The two old men are making a question.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and simply smiled and said, I can think of a way to do this.It s too late now, so I ll go and find out tomorrow morning., knocked on the white blackboard and said The victim s body was found last night, and the dead time has been more than 96 hours.The traffic is so convenient now.If the suspect wants to just cbd cherry gummies huuman cbd gummies 500mg run, he has already run thousands of kilometers Solving the case is not It s a joke, we can t delay the opportunity for war anymore Han Chaoyang thought to himself that you are too dedicated, took off his hat and scratched his head and asked, Uncle Ji, I want to solve the case as you always do, and clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies I want to catch the murderer as soon as possible.Han Chaoyang was very upset.He felt that there was something wrong with the arrangement of the new bureau chief.He was trying to find a lighter topic when Lao Ding s gossip happened again.Drug Environmental Brigade There is such a thing, in fact, this is not news, the Municipal Bureau proposed it last year, and is planning to build a Food and Drug Administration Branch, and once the Food and Drug Administration Branch is listed, several sub bureaus will set up a Food and Drug Environmental Brigade.Why, Do you have any ideas Fan Ju, don t laugh at me.I have no education and I am not young.What ideas can I have You have worked at the grassroots level for so many years without credit or hard work.It s okay to have ideas.Fan Ju, I really have no idea.Don t emphasize it, I believe it.Fan Ju smiled, couldn t help turning around and asked Chaoyang, what about you, you are young and educated, do you have any ideas Combating food and drug crimes is very professional, and I am a graduate of the music school.As the captain of the team, Han Chaoyang must be watching, as well as the three seniors, Lao Gu, Lao Ji, and Lao Wu, and the team members are all good boys, so there will only be results, and there will be no problems.After thinking about it, Liu Qiuping was still not at ease, and pondered, It s hanging at the Huayuan Street Police Station, and the Huayuan Street Police Station has nothing to do with it.The patrol team is compulsory, and the security guards of the patrol team are not paid, and the branch office is also not very easy to manage.Why don t we simply give those anti pickup team members a job and let them HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies be veritable auxiliary policemen, accepting the management and command of the command center, anyway, the command center already has auxiliary policemen.Chapter 757 What you pay is rewarded Han Chaoyang slept until six in the keoni cbd gummies for ed just cbd cherry gummies afternoon, but was woken up by Huang Ying who just got off work, otherwise he could still sleep, but he couldn t sleep anymore, otherwise he wouldn t be able to sleep at night It will take cbd gummies drug test clinical md cbd gummies several days for the biological clock to adjust.Officer Tang, you left in a hurry this morning, and I was very sleepy.I didn t bother to hand over the gun to you, and I didn t think to does cbd come in gummies hand over the gun to Dai Da, so I took it back to the dormitory in a daze.You came back just in time, check it out Go.Han Chaoyang untied the gun rope tied to his belt, and handed the gun up together.What s the difference between leaving it to you and handing it over to me It s useless anyway.Old Tang took the gun, unloaded the magazine, looked at it, and then inserted it into the holster, while Miao Haizhu tacitly helped him put it on the belt Lanyard.Xiaomi, take the ledger.Okay.After writing down the time, signing, and handling the handover, he was about to go to the hotel for dinner when his phone rang suddenly, and the caller ID was actually from Director Feng himself.If it is clear that someone can be found but not just cbd cherry gummies handed over, it is not as simple as ordering rectification.Deputy Director Xing paused, and then emphasized You can t lose a gun if you lose it.As long as guns and ammunition gummy bear recipe cbd just cbd cherry gummies are involved, it is not a trivial matter.How serious is the violation of gun management regulations light just cbd cherry gummies Han Chaoyang worked so hard to help the special case team solve the case, just cbd cherry gummies but in the end not only did he not get any credit or even hard work, but he was also ordered to rectify and make in depth self criticism.This is a special case, why should shark tank cbd gummies to quit drinking I do a review just cbd cherry gummies You couldn t find someone to hand it over at that time, but it s not that you have other options What other options You can send the gun to the Huayuan Street Police Station, lock it in the safe of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and ask the firearms specialist at the Huayuan Street Police clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies Station to keep it for you, or you can send it to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, or even send it back to the branch.It is just that there is an extra party position.It used to be The director, will be the director in the future, and may be even busier in the future.Liu Suo, good job Stop it, stop it, if you don t stop it, you will be talking about everything.Liu Jianye s ears are very sharp, and he asked with just cbd cherry gummies revive cbd gummies reviews a smile cbd gummies drug test clinical md cbd gummies Chaoyang, is Lao Ding by your side Yes, we are here in Daida.By your side Just in time, I don t need Xiujuan to notify me, and let him go back to the office for a meeting.Chapter 763 No injustice It is conceivable that Liu Jianye asked Lao Ding to go back to participate.The only thing he didn t expect was that he not only announced the appointment of Yang Tao as the deputy director, but also asked Lao Ding to replace Yang Tao as the captain of the community police team.No matter in terms of qualifications or ability, the first master was the deputy director, and Lao Ding was the community leader.

They don t allow the body to be sent to the funeral parlor, and they don t agree to cremation.It was his classmates who proposed. What do the people from the Sanjian Company say The guy named Jiang said fire It s the same without cremation.Anyway, everything is based on the compensation standard for work related accidents.They said that their company only bears reasonable funeral expenses.Find a way for yourself.Understood, keep watching.Han Chaoyang put down the walkie talkie and pondered for a moment, then picked up his mobile phone and dialed the number of Jiang Jianxing, who was in charge of the aftermath of the Sanjian Company.Officer Han, where are you I was just patronizing and arguing with the Xu family.I don t know when you left.I m in the police room, and I haven t gone far.Han Chaoyang looked up at Jiang Xiaomin, and held his hand tightly.Looking at the mobile phone, he reminded Manager Jiang, you are in charge of dealing with the aftermath, and you are not here to intensify conflicts.Pay attention to the way you work.Xu Jun is still a child.It is useless if you tell him too much.And his father just left, and he is I am heartbroken, what I need to do now is to appease, let people feel that your construction unit not only did not let go, but also has a human touch.Jiang Jianxing was stunned, and hesitated for a long time before saying in a low voice Officer Han, I, Jiang Jianxing, am not a hard hearted person.The main reason is that the child just cbd cherry gummies can t make any sense.Do it, first find a place to arrange for him to stay.It s no HCMUSSH just cbd cherry gummies cbd gummies drug test clinical md cbd gummies problem to find just cbd cherry gummies a hotel nearby to open a room, the key is that he didn t come alone, seven or eight classmates came.Thinking that he is really unlucky, I suddenly said Tomorrow I will talk to Mr.Qian and see if the company can help you share some Chapter seven hundred and seventy nine An accident happened at Boss Hu s construction site 5 just cbd cherry gummies No one knew what would happen at night, so Han Chaoyang simply switched shifts with Lao Tang, and only received one report from the police in the middle of the night.Sleep in the room until 7 o clock in the morning.Sun Guokang officially went to work, was very just cbd cherry gummies active in his work, came early, and was browsing the information on the platform online.Han Chaoyang opened the cabinet, took out the toothpaste and toothbrush, took out the towel and walked out of the conversation room, and asked in a low voice, Where s Junfeng, Guokang , before leaving, I called the hotel and asked to stay in a standard room.Yes, you must know that this is Yanyang, the capital of the province And the place where Xu Min works is the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Station, which is a key project in the city.If you go to the construction site to make troubles in order to get more compensation, our public security organs can only do business If they what do cbd gummies do for pain disturb public order and affect the construction of the project, they will be punished for public security.If they just cbd cherry gummies injure someone, they will be held criminally responsible Officer Han, we don t make trouble, and we won t break the law knowingly.Xu Jun said hastily.Okay, it s best not to make trouble.In fact, I m also doing it for your own good.Qian Shuangxi was embarrassed to speak again, but Xu Jun s uncle Xu Shan, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said, Officer Han, you are right, but the compensation of 400,000 yuan is really too little.Chapter 797 Chasing and Escaping 3 Back at the police office, Xiaokang is accompanying Old Tang on duty.Han Chaoyang lifted the cover and walked into the office area, sat down and said with a smile, Xiaokang, you will report to Fengyong tomorrow morning, go back to the dormitory to rest early.Xiaokang didn t go back so late for a reason, stood up and scratched his head, He asked with some embarrassment Han University, what happens after the application is over Of course, Han Chaoyang knew what he really wanted to ask, so he couldn t help but put it off After the application and go to work, let s work for a while first.Time, wait for the Police Officer Training Center to hold a new police induction training class before going to the training.You should know this process, why do you think of asking this On the way back, Mr.It makes sense, Wu Wei nodded.Then he just cbd cherry gummies said How about this, call Lao Ding later and ask him to investigate Luo Weixing s social relations in our Yanyang side.We will find those creditors who lent money to Gan Jianren tomorrow and explain the policy to them.After asking them to cooperate with us, we will ask the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Changshan Sub bureau to cooperate and investigate just cbd cherry gummies Luo natures only cbd gummies official website s social relations in Jiangzhong.I think so too, after all, you can t just sit in a hotel and wait for news after finishing your current affairs.Han Chaoyang scratched his head, thought about it and said In the final analysis, this case is about money.We really have no choice but to arrest Gan Jianren together with Jiang Zhong.As long as we can catch Gan Jianren, Luo Weixing will naturally show up.Xiao Xu is both the manager of the security company and the deputy captain of the voluntary security patrol team of our branch.It can be said that May Day will be a group wedding.Considering Influenced by various aspects, I also asked specifically, the clinical md cbd gummies donde comprar cbd gummies number of tables is quite a lot, after all, the three companies hold together, but the standard of banquets is not high, 1288 tables, it is relatively frugal.Feng Ju added I am in Shuxiangyuan I have been there a few times, the hostel at the school is more affordable, the standard of 1288 is equivalent to that of 1888 outside, and it must be enough to eat.Group weddings are different from individual marriages On the 12th case, he went to Beijing but failed, so those of us who are in charge of the wedding had no choice but to go.Liu Qiuping knew that the most handsome policeman showed his face in the Northwest., I don t want to cause trouble because of him.Chapter 802 Chasing and Escaping 8 Ruyi Restaurant has a small appearance, but it is luxuriously decorated.The signboard is not a light box but a neon light.The words Ruyi Restaurant are flying and dancing, and the sides are full of vigorous seafood patterns made of neon light tubes.You can imagine how conspicuous it will be when the night falls and the lights are on.The hall is not small, but there is no dining table.Entering the door is a luxurious solid wood bar.On the left is a row of four story large fish tanks of about eight meters.On the right is a set of black leather sofas and a mahogany coffee table.Two beautiful waitresses are cleaning the fish tanks with sea water.Mix with sea water, and use a plastic measuring tool with a scale to measure the salt content in the water from time to time, so as to raise all kinds of seafood purchased from the fresh water city.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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