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The accompanying crowd also followed suit and laughed.That s right, in terms of today s film companies, Shaw Brothers is number one, but Golden Harvest has gradually risen in recent years.If you want to talk about the gap, it is the background and the first brother.Shaw Brothers has Ti Lung, a martial arts star, and other martial arts actors are like the contrast between Mingzhu and Haoyue.With the support of TVB TV station, it is too difficult to fight Shaw Brothers.But .

what is fun drops cbd gummies?

Zou Wenhua is someone who has seen Bruce Lee s real kung fu, and he spent a lot of money to go to Thailand to shoot the film on location.Zou Wenhua is full of confidence in HCMUSSH just cbd hemp infused gummies review defeating Shaw Brothers and Ti Lung.It can be said that this movie, this Big Brother Tangshan is Zou Wenhua what are cbd gummies made off s last blow.If it fails, Golden Harvest will not go out of business, but basically it will not be able to compare with Shaw Brothers.

Chapter 8 Grandpa arrives in the evening.Li Guohao was awakened by the voice outside the door.Glancing up at the window, I saw the sky was dim and yellow.She reached out to pick up the alarm clock on the table and looked, It s almost six o clock.In the living room, Li Huifang was helping the old man pack the clothes he brought over.I said Dad, are you tired of bringing so many things by yourself I told you to wait.I will send Guohao to your place tomorrow and take you over.Li Renzhong heard his daughter in law s complaint Knowing that she cared about her, she smiled with a rare face, It s okay, I m only in my 60s, and I m not in my 70s or 80s, so I can still carry these things.Are the doors and windows locked at home Li Huifang asked.Enen, everything is locked.Okay, Dad, let s go to the tea restaurant for dinner.

Li Renzhong chuckled, and then commented, The taste is still good, and this kind of stuffing made of roses is also a novelty.I heard my father say it before.In the royal kitchen of the palace, someone used dozens of edible flowers and ingredients to make a pastry called Baihua Zhengyan, which is said to be the favorite of the Empress Dowager Cixi and a must eat snack every day.Someone really uses flowers to make desserts Or dozens of flowers Seeing the surprised expressions on the faces of the three of them, Li Renzhong chuckled, Yes, HCMUSSH just cbd hemp infused gummies review it s a kind of dessert made with dozens of flowers, what a pity.The imperial chef who created this dim sum later died in the chaos of war because the Eight Power Allied Forces entered Beijing.It s such a pity, I really want to see this dish of blooming flowers.

Today, these styles are so common that every store is similar.It kana cbd gummies cost just cbd hemp infused gummies review s like a tea restaurant.Li Guohao ran to more than a just cbd hemp infused gummies review dozen tea restaurants, and the decoration style was exactly the same, except for the different colors of the tables and chairs, they were basically carved out of the same mold.Building 3 108, Nathan Road West.Li Guohao followed Zhang Dong into an office building, took the elevator to the 10th floor, turned left and right to the door of a company, and the sign on the door said Maiqi Decoration Company.Maiqi Decoration Company Dong, this is the one you are talking about Li Guohao asked.Yes, it s this one.They helped us to decorate our fruit shop before.It s pretty good Zhang Dong nodded.Tell me what happened to this company.Your fruit shop When Li Guohao heard this, his face became strange.

Although there are many residential areas nearby, the real majority are office buildings.For these petty bourgeoisie who are white collar workers in the company, a A high end pastry shop, coupled with a comfortable coffee shop, is the best entertainment place for them when they are off work.And the shop also accepts takeaways.If anyone around here wants to order pastries or coffee, milk tea, herbal tea, etc., You can think of our store at the first time.Li Guohao also spoke out the basic development direction of the store in the future.Of course, the most important thing is that starting from 1970, just cbd hemp infused gummies review the development of just cbd hemp infused gummies review Xiangjiang will enter the state of Pengfei, and people s lives and ideas are no longer just to fill their stomachs.Spiritual entertainment, or proper relaxation and luxury, is also a way for people to reduce pressure under work pressure in the future.

The staff on the first floor was insufficient, so Zhang Dong, the deputy store manager, also took can you buy cbd gummy with foid stamps up the job of waiter.Okay, okay, let s gather together Seeing that the store was cleaned up, Li Guohao clapped his hands to let the people in the store gather, ready to make the final summary and encouragement for the day.Thanks to everyone today.I have been hemp gummies vs cbd sarah blessing cbd gummies avis busy from morning to night.At noon, everyone just filled their stomachs with some pastries.I can see everyone s luck.In this way, everyone will have a salary increase at the end of the month.How much will be raised Tomorrow just cbd hemp infused gummies review Zhang Zhang The store manager will tell you.Thank you, boss.I m really tired today, and I don t know how business will be tomorrow.Yes, fortunately, the boss said that the salary will be raised today, otherwise I wouldn t dare to come to work.

Rongji will definitely win the price war, and don t forget that Rongji still has several stores supporting it.It s a big deal for him.Use the profits of other stores to make up for the loss of this store.I see.Zhang Dong nodded, and when Li Guohao said about the cost of pastries, he asked, Can we follow the example of Rongji Reduce the cost of our cakes No Li Guohao resolutely refused, Our Liji shop has not been open for a long time, and the price of cakes is indeed a bit higher than normal, but why do so many people still come to buy it It is because we use All the flour and ingredients are the best.If we, like Wing Kee, use some cheap materials to make pastries in order to save costs, then why don t customers go to buy them at Wing Kee opposite Anyway, the prices of the two stores are the same.

Shangguan Xiaobao asked worriedly.Li Guohao shook his head, I m not in a hurry at all, I think it s too slow Brother Yuan, do you know any friends or companies that make cartoons You also know that there are not many cartoons produced in Xiangjiang.Most of them are finished animations purchased from abroad, but I know a friend who may know the do cbd gummies raise blood sugar animation company.Well, then I will trouble Brother Yuan, go over and sit down and talk.After speaking, Li Guohao led the two of them.Go to the rest area.As for Li Guohao s eagerness to make an animation as soon as possible, it is mainly for the consideration of the pastry shop.If people who like pastries and sweets are divided into ages and genders, it must be that children and girls prefer to eat sweets.And children and girls have one thing in common, that is, they like cute and cute things, whether they are people or animals.

I want to take you there too, but you heard that when that person came over yesterday, there are at most three people What can I do with you You know how to make pastries Is it Li Guohao rolled his eyes.Seeing what Li Guohao said, Zhang Dong couldn t say anything.This time I was able to bring Huang He and Sun Dafu mainly because there were too many people.The Hong Kong Governor s Mansion was afraid that Li Guohao would be too busy alone, so he was allowed to bring two pastry chefs to go there together.Okay, don t be depressed, now the store has added a lot of new members because of A Bao, and the business in the store is getting better and better, I need you to take care of it.Li Guohao took a picture Dong s shoulder, and finally said By the way, when will the person recommended by the headhunting company you said earlier arrive Well, it seems to be next Wednesday.

Master Rong Uncle Zhang is here to look for you.A staff member led an old man in his sixties into the room.Master Rong Uncle Zhang walked forward and shouted with a smile.Rong Bingcai stood up and saw that it was Uncle Zhang, a regular customer in the store Oh, it s Uncle Zhang, why are you free to look for me today What s the matter Uncle Zhang smiled honestly and put his hands just cbd hemp infused gummies review together Rubbed it a few times Well, to be honest, I m really embarrassed.Say it, just cbd hemp infused gummies review Uncle Zhang, you are also a regular customer in our store.I still thank you old neighbors for your support all these years, so that I can have Rongji cakes.Today at the shop Rong Bing saw Uncle Zhang s hesitation, and laughed out loud.Uncle Zhang has a good face, seeing Rong Bing just said that now, he also gritted his teeth and said Well, I ll just say it, it s like this, didn t I set up a member in your shop, Master Rong a while ago Are you stuck Well, what s the matter Rong Bingcai asked natures only cbd gummies cancel subscription puzzled.

Chapter 61 Talented brother Rong Bingcai took Aping to the Mong Kok store directly.Where is the largest store among the five branches of Rongji.There cbd oil full spectrum gummies is an independent warehouse at the back, which is usually used to store materials.Boss Rong, you are here After receiving the call from Rong Bingcai, Master Wang, the store manager of the Mong Kok store, waited at the warehouse door.About half an hour later, he saw Rong Bingcai leading A Ping over En.Rong Bingcai took a glance at Master Wang, but didn t say much, nodded slightly, and walked in.Where s the batch of flour in question Rong Bingcai asked.Master Wang pointed not far away cbd gummies spam text and said The pile on the left is the flour shipped from Thailand.It just arrived the afternoon before yesterday.A large flake of snow white flour instantly fell out of the packaging bag.

If you miss your son, just call and ask.Ask, why don t you want your mother to call you No, how come.Li Huifang dotes on her son very much.In the past, Li Guohao would hang out with her every day, but now she only sees her once every three days.Except at night, she seldom sees her.Naturally, she misses her very much.At this moment she said It s nothing, I just want to ask if you have been talking about a girlfriend recently Talking about a girlfriend just cbd hemp infused gummies review Who told you Li Guohao shook his head and said, Nothing.Then Why did A Dong tell me that you were very close to a girl before Li Huifang fully expressed her female curiosity.This big mouth Li Guohao thought to himself.When it came to betraying their friends, both of them were not inferior.Li Guohao changed the subject instantly and said, Don t listen to A Dong s nonsense.

Trust has created the concept of mortgages, using the money from loans to buy houses, and let banks participate in it.For the sarah blessing cbd gummies avis justcbd cbd gummies sugar free past few days, Li Guohao has been looking at the rented store on Xiangjiang Island, and he already has several expected good locations.He was confidently waiting for the bank to approve the loan, but now there is such a situation.He was very cbd gummies libido upset and asked What does the manager mean Can he be approved, or can t be approved Li Qiang recalled the just cbd hemp infused gummies review conversation that day.I don t know, but I heard what Manager Zhang said.Although there is hope, it may take a long time, and I feel that there is something wrong with this Manager Zhang.When we chat, I feel that the attitude is a bit different from when we first met.What s going on Does this manager want a kickback Li Guohao had heard many secret things about banks before, so it is clear that the loan gets a kickback.

I really don t know about that.Rong Binghua heard that Li Guohao unexpectedly Integrating the pastry shop into a company, you must know that there is no one in Xiangjiang that has established a company like Li Kee.While my heart was shaking, I suddenly thought of the word listing.Could it be that Li Guohao wants to go public Now the stock market in Xiangjiang is very HCMUSSH just cbd hemp infused gummies review good, and Rong Binghua has also bought some, most of which are some real estate companies or real estate developers.Food companies have not been listed until now.Seeing that Rong Binghua was silent, Manager Zhang also said cryptically, Dabinghua, about the five points.Don t worry, big eyed boy, I ll go to the bank and call your account as soon as I get the loan Manager Zhang said nervously, Don t, don t hit my account.Withdraw money, cash, and then hand it over to me.

Whether it works or not is another matter.TV stations at this time are very domineering.Whether it is TVB in Xiangjiang or countries such as Southeast Asia, there are very few TV stations at this time, and they are often responsible for their own profits and losses.Like this kind of outsourced film, it will not be broadcast for ten or eight years, or To the point where no one is watching, they will not give up playing.I understand, but in my opinion, even if I write this, they probably won t pay attention to this kind of thing when the broadcasting rights expire.After all, the cost of cross border lawsuits is too high.I know they wait for the broadcasting rights After the expiration date, it will definitely continue to play, but I still have to write what needs to be written.Okay, I will tell Li s TV station.

Zhang Dong outside the door said The little girl inside is calling you Why don t you go in and have a seat Seeing Ah Zhen seeing him, Li Guohao bit the bullet and led the two of them in.A Zhen, long time no see Li Guohao greeted A Zhen first, and then looked at Zhao Yazhi.I have to say that Zhao Yazhi has changed a lot.When we met for the first time, I gave the impression that the just cbd hemp infused gummies review girl next door is just growing up, but she is naturally beautiful without makeup.When we meet again this time, I look a bit like a professional elite.She wears light makeup and the most popular red lipstick on her mouth at the moment.It looks very beautiful on her fair and melon seeded face.In addition, her hair is also With a slight curl, the whole person looks a little more intellectual than before, perhaps because of the stewardess, giving people a warm feeling.

We are contacting professional people to get specific things.Li Guohao doesn t know much about the factory, but under normal circumstances, when buying a production line, there are usually technicians who will come to guide you, and you still need to find a professional person just cbd hemp infused gummies review for the specific operation.By the way, I remembered.Li Qiang suddenly thought of a person and said, The person recruited by the purchasing department some time ago resigned from the food factory Call him to ask You mean Luo Bin Well, he worked in a food factory before. Then let me ask you.After a while.Robin came to the office.Chairman, brighter days cbd gummies are you looking for me Li Guohao nodded and asked, Manager Luo, I just cbd hemp infused gummies review heard that you worked in a food processing factory before Luo Bin nodded Yes, that s right, it was made in a small food factory in Yuen Long, but later the profit was not good, and it was about to close down, so I was fired.

If you really want to expand the pastry industry, it is a waste of time and resources to simply open a shop.If you can set up an assembly line factory, then It can make the company s reputation faster.In addition to hotels and restaurants, some big players in the catering and food industry eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review in later generations basically started from factories, such as Master Kong and Wahaha.Li Qiang nodded and said Actually, if you want to really grow the company, you can definitely learn from the development of McDonald s.Although they do fast food, their business philosophy is the same.Don t look at them in many countries around the world.stores, but in fact they did not spend too much money on opening stores, they relied on the brand value of McDonald s to find franchisees all over the world, so as to achieve a chain effect.

Palace cakes are advertised on TV, newspapers, and buses.It also let more people know that there is such a palace pastry shop in Xiangjiang.Therefore, the hygiene of Liji s palace cakes did not meet the standards this time, which also attracted the attention of many people.The first thing Li Guohao did when he came to the company was to find Li Qiang and Xie Honghe.To be honest, Li Guohao doesn t care much about the simple issue of cockroaches and mice.After all, such external factors are always inevitable.No matter where they are, there are these two kinds of just cbd hemp infused gummies review pests, but how many The just cbd hemp infused gummies review problem.If there is a problem with the pastry, eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review it is really sarah blessing cbd gummies avis justcbd cbd gummies sugar free a blind comparison.Li Guohao didn t know how the people from the Department of Health tested it, it might be a procedure like a laboratory test.But Li Guohao couldn t guarantee whether the pastries were qualified.

So the two bosses quarreled over this matter, and finally the quarrel was brought to their old mother.At the suggestion of the old just cbd hemp infused gummies review mother, they separated.Zhang Dongdao Rong Kee Cake Shop is divided into two stores, so there is no big threat to us Well, although Rong Kee may collapse, there are still many pastry companies in Xiangjiang Island, but only in Wan Chai The Daronghua Bakery is not much worse than Rongji, and may even be stronger Li just cbd hemp infused gummies review Qiang said.Rongji Bakery, Ronghua Bakery.From the name, it may be very similar, so many people think it is a store.But in fact these are two stores.The owner of Rongji Bakery is surnamed Rong, so it was named Rongji.The founder of Ronghua Bakery is Liu Peilin, and the name of the shop comes from Ronghua Fugui.Ronghua storefront, wealth depends on people.

Li Guohao politely said hello It s okay, Aunt Fat.Ah Hao, the stock market has been booming recently, Aunt Fat has a way out, why don t you invest a little Make quick money.Aunt Fat didn t fool him like Li Huifang , Knowing that it took Li Guohao only half a year to have a capable company, he can t be fooled by himself.Stocks I don t understand this.I won t do it.Thank you, fat aunt.Li Guohao shook his head with a smile, and said to Li Huifang, Mom, I m hungry.Hungry Go back and cook rice for you.Li Huifang turned to Aunt Fat and said, I ll go back and discuss it with my husband before I can answer you.Yes.She opened the door and entered the room.Mom, why did that fat aunt ask you to buy stocks Li Guohao asked.He doesn t understand stocks, and there are too many ways to do it.If you venture into this unknown field, you will definitely lose money.

Li Qiang stood up and said I believe that everyone should have generally heard of the franchisee business model.Some people may not have heard of it, so I will make a long story short here.The franchisee strategy is that we authorize our technology brands to franchisees.Merchant.From the signboard of our palace pastry, to the decoration style of the store, as well as the fillings of all pastry products, and even the baking and production cbd gummies locally techniques are all authorized to the merchant.Wang Xiaobo from the human resources department interjected Manager Li, let me interject , if we authorize all the technology and stuffing to our franchisees, what should we do with our human resources Wang Xiaobo probably means that if we have franchisees, should we recruit new ones Pastry chef, new waiter.Li Qiang said Manager Wang means that we should continue to recruit people, right They have to be just cbd hemp infused gummies review wana cbd gummies recruited.

Hehe, what kind of stocks are there to make money Although the stock market in Xiangjiang is very good now, there has never been any business that is sure to make money.Just play around Stocks are fine, but don t go deep into them, this is something that most people can t handle.Li Qiang chuckled lightly.Ordinary people can t play it Li Guohao rolled his eyes when he heard this, this kid still loves to hit people so kana cbd gummies cost just cbd hemp infused gummies review much.Just when Li Guohao was about to continue to say something, Gu Qianqian who was on the side said Chairman, I just read the document, it is mentioned that our company will help the merchants who join, from brand, technology, and storefront Is this a bit broad Li Guohao shook his head and said Manager Gu is something we must guarantee as the head office, and it is also something we must do well.

Li.He walked for a while silently.After hearing Li Guohao s words, Zhao Yazhi trembled in her heart, hesitated for a moment, frowned slightly, and is taking cbd gummies everyday bad said in a low voice Ah, Ah Hao.Hearing Zhao Yazhi call himself, Li Guohao turned his head to look.At dusk, on the streets of Xiangjiang, Zhao Yazhi has long fluffy and slightly curly hair, wearing a blue long sleeved shirt with a white suspenders inside, her figure is plump and not skinny.It is not fashionable kana cbd gummies cost just cbd hemp infused gummies review as people understand it now, but it is very beautiful Her unique good temperament, noble and gentle.Two willow just cbd hemp infused gummies review wana cbd gummies leaf eyebrows, eyes that seem to be smiling but not smiling, and gorgeous lipstick on the lips, beautiful but not coquettish, squinting slightly against the wind, pursing lips, looking into the distance, the beauty is touching.Li Guohao s eyes were hot, and he blurted out Azhi, you are so beautiful After being praised just cbd hemp infused gummies review suddenly, two blushes appeared on his face instantly, Zhao eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review Yazhi lowered her head shyly and said, Thank you.

Shen also figured out that He Chaoying called The purpose of coming here, he said with a smile What a just cbd hemp infused gummies review wana cbd gummies coincidence, the pastry chef Boss Li who made Hundred Flowers also called me just now, and wanted to invite me to taste several new dim sums in their shop.If you are free, we will How about going together kana cbd gummies cost just cbd hemp infused gummies review today He Chaoying s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he said with joy, That s really great company.Li Guohao just hung up the phone.Li Qiang asked eagerly from the side What does the wife sarah blessing cbd gummies avis justcbd cbd gummies sugar free of the Governor of Hong Kong say You must know that if Ms.Shen, the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong, can be invited to join the association, it will definitely attract more noble ladies to join, and even attract them Husband and parents.I said I ll come over when I m free, but it sounded a bit perfunctory to me.

Wow, thank you very much, Boss Li, for your hospitality.This is too much for us to eat.Ms.Shen was also surprised.She is British and her favorite thing to do is to taste delicious desserts during afternoon tea.Since After getting acquainted with Li Guohao, she often sent people to just cbd hemp infused gummies review the palace pastry to buy snacks to take home as snacks for afternoon tea.But I usually only buy a few kinds, but there are so many different dim sums in front of me, and each one is so delicate, it looks very delicious.It doesn t matter.Many of them are newly developed by our company and have not been sold on the market.You can try them and give us some comments.They will be the cost of this pastry.Mrs.Hong Kong Governor came over twice before , They all paid for it, and Li Guohao didn t refuse, but this time he wanted something from others, so he was naturally embarrassed to ask for money, so he used the method of giving advice under the guise of tasting.

I didn t expect to be able to get half of it.After all, half of the share is not realistic.Whether it is product peripherals, or publishing comics and cartoons, it is not realistic.We discussed for a long time.The two parties have been unable to reach an agreement on the share.In George s opinion, it s not bad that the share can give one achievement.At the beginning, Warner Company didn t plan to take the share.If it hadn t been for seeing that the other party had been raising the share and not cooperating with the share, it would have left long ago.Okay, let me make a call back to the headquarters.Seeing that Li Guohao hadn t let go, George said helplessly.Li Guohao pointed to the phone in the office with a smile and said, Please go ahead.George said Can Mr.Li please go out first, I want to make a phone call alone.

I thought The owner of Palace Bakery is simply taking the mid to high end route.But yesterday, when the ten franchised stores of Palace Bakery opened, I realized that this is trying to catch us all They have touched our bottom line now.Okay, Boss Liu Tell me directly, what do you want to do, stop scaremongering here.Gu Yonghe asked nonchalantly.Liu Peilin glanced at everyone in the arena, except for Gu Yonghe s indifferent attitude, everyone else was more or less worried, so he smiled and said, I just cbd hemp infused gummies review don t want to do anything, I just want to just cbd hemp infused gummies review unite with you to fight against the palace cakes., we alone can t beat them because the other party has a lot of money and money, so we can fight a price war with us.Today there is a promotion and discount, and tomorrow there is a 520 couple event.If this continues, who can afford it Everyone s money is not water How much money do we have to pay for discounts and promotions every day What does Boss Liu mean Okay Let s unite and fight against the palace cakes Damn, I ve been sick of seeing palace cakes for a long time.

That s right, we only asked them for advertisements from February 1st to 15th, but considering that the price may increase in the future, I told you to try to extend the cooperation date, and you agreed.Signed a three month and one season advertisement, but it s about to expire now.It s June 15th soon.Li Guohao pondered for a while and said Don t stop advertising, but give priority to cooperation with Ming Pao and Kowloon Bus.As for the TV station, we have the invisible promotion of Kung Fu Panda, which can save a part relatively.Yes, I know.Then do you have anything to report There is no chairman.No.Seeing that everyone had nothing to say, Li Guohao dismissed the meeting, leaving Li Qiang alone.Why is there something else Li Qiang asked after everyone left.Li Guohao said indifferently I want to get a loan from HSBC.

Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi s hand to watch festivals in Temple Street.Last night, Zhao Yazhi called Li Guohao when she returned to Xiangjiang for vacation and asked him to go to Temple Street with her tomorrow morning.The Dragon Boat Festival, together with the Spring Festival, Ching Ming Festival, and Mid Autumn Festival, are known as the four traditional Chinese folk festivals.Since ancient times, the Dragon Boat Festival has had festival activities such as dragon boat racing and rice dumpling eating.At this time, there is no such thing as a holiday for the Dragon Boat Festival, but the older generation is very particular about it.Before dawn, they rushed to the teahouse to eat rice dumplings with their old friends and morning tea.The young people didn t care much about these festivals.They only paid attention to the series of interesting activities held in Temple Street because of today s Dragon Boat Festival.

The leader was holding a long stick wrapped in something like an embroidered ball, playing with the dragon while playing.While avoiding the crowds of tourists who come here to watch.Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi, one with delicate features and beautiful features, the other with a peachy face, their handsome looks attracted many people in the teahouse to look sideways.This scene was seen by a middle aged man sitting in a corner of the teahouse and wearing round black sunglasses.Seeing that the two were dressed unusually, the man in the sunglasses stroked the mustache at the corner of his mouth, his eyes hidden in the sunglasses cbd gummies natures stimulant turned around, and walked over with strides.The man in sunglasses walked up to Li Guohao and the two of them, glanced left and right, took off his sunglasses at the end and looked at the two deeply, first surprised and then delighted, and shouted It s amazing, is it today It was the day when I, Dong, just cbd hemp infused gummies review exhausted all my luck just cbd hemp infused gummies review After being sized up by the person in front of him for a long time, Li Guohao was a little annoyed, and when he was about to question him, he suddenly felt a little puzzled when he heard what he said.

, and the ownership of these secret recipes is still yours, no matter how far the company develops just cbd hemp infused gummies review in the future, these secret recipes belong to you, and the company is just borrowing them for use.Upon hearing just cbd hemp infused gummies review wana cbd gummies this, everyone discussed.You know, a pastry shop that can make signature pastries and is well known in Hong Kong must have a big difference in taste from other shops, which is also the essence of a pastry shop.To put it bluntly, a pastry with a secret recipe can support a shop.After hearing this, Gu Yonghe stood up and asked, If Boss Liu follows what you said, the company will use our secret formula for free.It doesn t matter.After all, we are the ones who benefit from it.Yes, Boss Gu is quite right., use it for free for the company, and we are the ones who benefit from it.Everyone nodded in agreement.

Okay, okay, don t worry about this, anyway, there is some money to make, what you think about now is to get things done in the company s purchasing department, and hand them over to Luo Bin step by step, and then you can be your groom safely After finishing speaking, Li Guohao patted Zhang Dong on the shoulder and said, I m getting married in October, and it s only three months away from now.Do you have any ideas After being changed by Li Guohao, Zhang Dong smiled and said It s okay, but recently I feel a little bit reluctant to part with my parents.Dizzy, it s not like you are getting married Li Guohao smiled wryly.It s different I ve lived with my parents for nearly twenty years, and I m about to get married and move into a new home.Isn t this also breaking away from my parents Zhang Dong said angrily.

There were small wooden horses, low double poles, and a sandpit., There is also a slippery slide with paint peeled off.Mr.Li, why are you here today At this time, a Caucasian woman in her thirties walked out of the small western style building.It looks a bit boring, just like the yellow weeds seen on the roadside in autumn.Long time no see, Ms.Valerie.Li Guohao walked over with the box in total wellness cbd gummies his arms and said hello.Valerie yelled towards the room Wendy, Mr.Li is here.At this moment, there was another sound of footsteps stepping on the floor inside the room.Another Caucasian woman, Wendy, pushed open the door and saw Li Guohao standing at the door with a suitcase in his arms, and greeted him happily Mr.Li, good morning.Ms.Wendy, good morning.Li Guohao also greeted with a smile Say hello.Suddenly remembering Zhao Yazhi behind her, she put down the box, pulled it to her side and said to the two of them Valerie, Wendy, this is my girlfriend Zhao Yazhi, you can call her Azhi, and I will provide pastries for the orphanage in the future.

Li Guohao subconsciously picked eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review up the phone nearby, only to hear a voice from the other end of the phone Hello, I m looking for Manager Wang.Manager Wang is looking for you.Li Guohao handed the phone to Wang Zhenzhen.Wang Zhenzhen took the phone and put it next to her ear, then said with a smile on her face, We have already calculated the amount here, has HSBC calculated it Yes, 2,286,720 yuan.I see, you pectin cbd gummies can save it over there.From now on, keep the deposit slip and bring it to the company later.Yes, I see.After Wang Zhenzhen instructed a few more words, she hung up the phone.Li Guohao asked A call from HSBC Well, when I made a deposit earlier, I asked Xiao Xie from the finance department to go over and told me that the money from HSBC had been calculated and deposited into our company account.

Du Deye suddenly said Recently, a just cbd gummies nc company in Xiangjiang is about to go public.Our securities companies agree that this stock has great potential for making money.I don t know if Mr.Li is interested in continuing to invest.What stock Li Guohao asked One sentence.Du Deye said Xiangjiang Antenna.Xiangjiang Antenna Yes, this is the listing information they submitted in the stock market this time, as well as the prospectus they are going to make public.Speaking of this, Du Deye said with a smile This information is ordinary But I can t see it.I believe everyone who buys stocks should know how profitable a securities company is, and the peak period of Xiangjiang Securities Company was from the 1970s to the 1990s.Because it can buy and sell stocks on behalf of customers, so as to draw commissions, and all the money of these customers is in the securities company, relatively speaking, it also provides more benefits for the securities company invisibly.

Li Guohao for his donation, and Ms.Zhao Yazhi for her help At this time, the screen changed, and Zhao Yazhi suddenly appeared in the It looks like it was shot in the morning.Although Zhao Yazhi is dressed plainly on the screen, it is difficult to conceal her delicate facial features.She is helping to carry mooncakes from a truck.Ah Zhen sees her sister on TV, Surprised Sister, you are on TV Zhao s father and Zhao s mother next to her also looked at their daughter in surprise.Zhao Yazhi glanced at her family and then at Li Guohao.She was a little shy when she appeared on TV news for the first time, and she blushed and said, I, I don t know why It s on TV, this is what happened when I sent mooncakes to the orphanage in the morning.Maybe it was secretly filmed.Li Guohao thought for a while and said That night, the Governor s Mansion.

Miss He, you re here too.Boss Li.He Qianjin greeted, and suddenly said, We don t allow female companions inside.Li Guohao frowned.Zhao Yazhi hurriedly said It s okay, Ah Hao, I ll just wait for you outside.He Qianjin also said Why don t Ms.Zhao sit in my room for a while Ah Qiong is also a little sleepy.Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao , Seeing him nodding slightly, he agreed Then please trouble Miss He.At this time, Huo Zhenting and Zheng Jiachun also came up together, and after seeing Li Guohao, they took him into the conference room together.Soon, the conference room gradually became more crowded, with about thirty people.A middle aged man in his fifties, wearing a suit and greasy hair, walked to the center of the conference room.Everyone here is Zhou s close friends, or the younger generation, and some new friends.

After plucking my hair, I m going just cbd hemp infused gummies review wana cbd gummies to pluck everyone s hair next I don t think I need to say anything more about golly cbd gummies the reason why my lips are dead and my teeth are cold After hearing sarah blessing cbd gummies avis justcbd cbd gummies sugar free this, Li Guohao understood it.Probably the ghost wants to forcibly will cbd gummies show positive on a drug test buy eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review this company.Sir Zhou, tell us what you want us to do someone asked in cbd gummy experience the arena.That s right Sir Zhou, your status is high, tell me how to deal with this group of ghosts Let these ghosts take it away for nothing Many people echoed.On the other hand, Huo Zhenting and Zheng Jiachun looked a little sad.This scene was watched by Li Guohao.Seeing that everyone supported him, Zhou Xinian said happily, Okay, let s unite and deal with the ghost.Soon.This impromptu meeting to deal with ghosts is over.Before leaving, Zheng Jiachun called Li Guohao to stop.

It has been around for decades, and many countries around the world have Oreo products.Yes, decades ago.I don t blame him, after all, it was after 2000 that Oreo became famous in mainland China.Twist it, lick it, soak it.These three advertising slogans were very popular at the time.Even now, Li Guohao can easily recall the three sentence advertisement.Oh, I rarely eat biscuits.Li Guohao said with a smile.Then does the chairman have anything else to do If there is nothing else, squib cbd gummy I will go to work.Gu Qianqian asked.Well, go get busy.After the person left, Li Guohao glanced at the biscuits in just cbd gummies ingredients gluten the bag.Called the factory.Hello Manager Huang, I m Li Guohao.What s wrong with the chairman Have you eaten the biscuits made by the technical department Li Guohao asked.Huang Yaohua asked on the phone I ate it.

They also bought a lot gold harvest cbd gummies review of bear biscuits, but they didn t get the A Bao card once.Most of them were pigs and sheep.Kind of useless cards.The noise from Zhang Zhi s side became louder and louder.A young boy in a school uniform, followed by five or six followers, each of them walked over with five or six bags of bear biscuits in their hands.Did you win Abaoka Tuya boy asked.Zhang Zhimeng nodded and said, Yeah.Sell it the boy Yaya asked.Sell Zhang Zhi was a little confused.I ll give you ten yuan to buy your Abao card The dragging boy took out ten Hong Kong dollars eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review from his pocket and waved it in front of Zhang Zhi.ten bucks Zhang Zhi s classmates, as well as the students gathered around, were shocked.A pack of bear biscuits only costs 50 cents, and the portion is so big that it is enough to feed myself for a day.

You have all seen snowy mooncakes.Apart from the difference in taste and production, the two actually have a lot in common.Li Guohao looked at Chen Zhipeng with satisfaction, the young man is very good, Just one click.Huang He, Chen Zhipeng, you two have also seen it.Although this is a little different from the production process of snow skin moon cakes, it is not bad.The skin and fillings are made first, and then it can be eaten after wrapping.This time I used The red bean filling can be changed to chocolate filling, or other just cbd hemp infused gummies review flavors that Americans like.It is up to you to figure out how to improve the filling.I am only here for a few days.There are a lot of things that I need to lux cbd gummies deal with, so the store still needs you to do a lot of research here, and consider how to incorporate the fillings cbd gummies birmingham al or desserts that Americans like into our pastries.

After taking over this job, I found out that Xiangjiang has nearly a hundred large and small orphanages.Some have only two or three children, and some have hundreds of them Why are there so many Li Guohao didn t expect that Xiangjiang had so many orphanages, and asked with a frown.It looks like a lot, but in fact the total number of orphans is about 1,000.Many orphanages are a family that sees abandoned children and takes them back to raise them.I never thought about telling these people that they will Concentrate the children in the orphanage Ms.Valerie mentioned this to me, and she is also discussing with the people in sera chews cbd yummy gummies the Hong Kong Governor s Mansion to cancel some small orphanages, integrate resources, and build them in the New Territories.A large orphanage will take care of these children.

Zhao Yazhi s eyes turned rosy as she thought about the poor children she saw recently.Hong Kong Governor s Mansion Why did the matter of the orphanage involve the Hong Kong Governor s Mansion again Seeing Li Guohao s question, Zhao Yazhi sorted out her words and explained Didn t we attend that charity banquet before Ms.Shen, kana cbd gummies cost just cbd hemp infused gummies review the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong, said that she would spend a sum of money to approve a piece of land in the New Territories for A new large scale orphanage will be built, and after the new orphanage is completed, it will be used to take better care of these children.Well, it s a good thing.By the way, do you know about the pastry contest Li Guohao asked.I know, now Li s TV station is broadcasting the preliminaries of the pastry competition every day, and my parents, A Zhen, are also discussing every day, which pastry chef made delicious pastries and won the championship in the end.

Li Guohao has never tried Maxim s Western Cakes, and he doesn t know what kind of shop it is.But hemp gummies vs cbd sarah blessing cbd gummies avis I just learned from Xie Honghe that this is a cake shop, and the company also has Chinese food business.Not to mention the Chinese food business, but just a cake shop, it makes Li Guohao seem to have met a thoughtful enemy.He is a person from later generations, so he naturally knows that cake shops will be a big trend in the future.Whether it is Guangzhou, the capital city of the international metropolis, or a county town so small that no one knows, there are cake shops.On the other hand, there are not no Chinese pastry shops, but there are many, but there are too few in a city.Compared with the cake shops that are blooming everywhere, there are too few.Once Maxim s Cakes develops, it will not take long to conquer the appetite of the public with its novel snacks such as Western style cakes and snacks.

Under the respectful farewell of Manager Bai and the female salesperson, Li Guohao showed unprecedented confidence and confidence, Stepped out of the building of the headquarters of HSBC Bank.As the saying goes, Qian Zhuang is a coward.Li Guohao is not a coward, but an ordinary person.Since he crossed over, everything he did was smooth sailing.It was the same when buying stocks this time.At the beginning, he only invested one million yuan, and then he made a fortune one after another.Looking at the bright sunshine in the sky, and the busy streets of Xiangjiang, with the crowds and traffic, Li Guohao felt Suddenly a great ambition rose.Now he is also a person who can become a billionaire.Li Guohao took out a passbook bill from his pocket, carefully looked at the figure of more than 80 million on just cbd hemp infused gummies review wana cbd gummies it, smiled and stuffed it back into his pocket.

All the tables and chairs were replaced with new ones, and even the pots and pans in the kitchen were bought brand new from the market.Well, the decoration is not bad, and it s similar to what I thought.Li Guohao walked into the store again and looked around.Basically, the layout is a bit like the shadow of fast food in later generations, but the materials and layout still have a sense of the times.Mom, how much did it cost When Li Huifang heard her son ask about the cost of the decoration, she took advantage of it and said with a little satisfaction It s not much, it s only more than 10,000.I spent a lot of money on the electric fan, and installed a set of air conditioners according to your requirements.More than 10,000 So cheap Li Guohao glanced at Li s mother in surprise.Li Dexiao said energetically at the side The previous layout of the tea restaurant is good enough, this time it is just a renovation, it is not like the shop you opened on Nathan Road, and the ceiling needs to be re suspended.

Although the price of just cbd hemp infused gummies review wana cbd gummies flour imported by the company from Wanwan was the local ex factory price, it was because of the transportation cost.For the problem of Xiangjiang, it is almost 10 20 higher.I have a new idea, you come back and talk about it first.Chapter 197 The Stock Market Crash Arrives 5 The next day.pastry company.Jin Jiashi rushed back by boat overnight just cbd hemp infused gummies review yesterday.Chairman, why are you calling me back in such a hurry I have already negotiated about the price of flour at Wanwan, which is basically the same as the previous company s price at the flour mill.If the quantity is large, there will be a little more Discount, if we help them introduce some people, the price may be lowered a little bit.Jin Jiashi said with some complaints, you must know that he has spent a lot of effort and spent a lot of effort to get the stable price of flour as soon as possible.

In the end, most of them suffered heavy losses due to the outbreak of the stock market crash.Only a very small number of stock investors who withdrew from the stock market in advance during the outbreak of the stock market made a lot of money, but only a very small number of them.As the days passed, the Hang Seng Index was getting lower and lower.From 1000 points, to 900 points, and now to 800 points, it has been plummeting every day.Countless Xiangjiang citizens who bought stocks crowded to the stock exchange hoping to sell the stocks and hemp gummies vs cbd sarah blessing cbd gummies avis recover a little loss, but in fact, it was already this time, who would dare to buy these stocks What s more, most of the citizens who don t understand stocks buy junk stocks, just like Xiangjiang antenna, the complete three no stocks, all of which are just a game set up by those capitalists Office.

Yeah.Li Guohao didn t hide anything from Li Qiang.After all, the money will always appear in the acquisition of Nanshun in the future, so it s better to say hello in advance so that they don t ask about it later.Li Qiang swallowed his saliva and said I should have asked you to help me buy stocks if I knew it earlier You are simply a stock god Not only do you know that the stock market will fall, but you also know that the stock will rise Rat Li Guohao shook his head and said If I had this ability, I should have mortgaged the entire company before, and now I must earn more than 90 million It s still a bit difficult to acquire Nanshun if it s 200 million Li Qiang pondered and said.With the outbreak of the stock market crash, Nansun s market value will decrease a lot, from the original 7.8 billion to 3.

I still have to thank Manager Shen this time.If it weren what is liberty cbd gummies t for you, I m afraid I would have to take sarah blessing cbd gummies avis justcbd cbd gummies sugar free at least 70 million shares in your bank to get it Li Guohao sincerely thanked.You must know that the difference of 10 million is basically the value of the palace pastry Shen Bi laughed and said The stock market is still falling recently, who knows if Nanshun s stock will drop a few more points tomorrow, if Mr.Li hadn t taken over, I m afraid the bank would have suffered even more losses Shen Bi s excuse.Li Guohao didn t point it out.After all, a well known large bank in Hong Kong like HSBC actually doesn t care about these few points of stock price profit.This is just a method Shen Bi just cbd hemp infused gummies review found for this transaction that anyone who understands can understand.On the one hand, Shen Bi made it clear that he sold the shares because he was afraid of the bank s losses, and on the other hand, he wanted to avoid being caught by others in green gorilla cbd gummies lowesxt price the future.

Didn t I tell you a few days ago that I needed to find you how will i feel after a cbd gummy Li Qiang said suddenly.What s the matter Nana s company has already been prepared, and now it s short of funds Oh , asked It s ready so soon Yes.Nana has connections in the United States and has communicated with many food companies.As long as the packaged food complies with the food safety just cbd hemp infused gummies review laws of the United States, there will be no market.That s very good, you call her to the company tomorrow for a detailed discussion.Okay. Overseas franchising is not simply a matter of sending a pastry chef there.The first thing to consider is how to manage these franchise stores.After all, the place is far away, and there will inevitably be some things that cannot be touched.Li Guohao asked Li Qiang to recruit some people as soon as possible, and set up company branches in various countries as soon as possible.

it is good.You can draw this manga slowly for the time being.Maybe I need to open a restaurant after a while, and then you can cooperate with drawing a little publicity. Ok.Shangguan Xiaobao nodded, not paying much attention to Li Guohao s request.Kungfu Panda has been helping the palace cakes to advertise softly a long time ago.Kungfu Panda is very popular in Xiangjiang and even some countries and regions in Asia.After all, this There were still very few comics and cartoons in the 1980s, and even the comics market in the island country, which is famous in the future, was not yet mature, let alone other countries.Therefore, cartoons such as Kung Fu Panda that are suitable for all ages can sweep across the country in a short period of time.The comics market in Southeast Asia.It s a pity that the audience of Kung Fu Panda is mostly children, and there are not as many teenagers as Bruce Lee s comics.

Ahao, you re here.Yeah.Li Guohao asked Li Qiang and Zhang Nana, Why are you calling me here in such a hurry Nana is going to the United States tomorrow.Discuss.This is the business plan of the food export company, please read it.Zhang Nana also eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review walked to the desk without hesitation, picked up a folder on the desk and handed it to Li Guohao.Li Guohao took it and briefly read it several times.The above is roughly some simple plans of the food export company and its future development.Recently, the biscuits and snacks produced by Li Guohao Food Factory are mainly exported to San Francisco, USA, and some foreign high end packaged foods are also imported from the United States.How much does it cost Li Guohao asked.According to the previous division, you invested two million and accounted for 40 of the shares, I invested one million plus resources accounted for 40 of the shares, and Li Qiang invested one million and accounted HCMUSSH just cbd hemp infused gummies review for 20 of the shares.

Not for this reason.In addition to Xiao Bai and Huo Zhenting, there is Bao Daheng s eldest daughter Bao Lian.Bao Lian brought a male foreigner companion, and it was only when she introduced her that she knew that the other party was her husband.The two had been married ten years ago.This foreign son in law has a Chinese name of Su Haiwen.Su Haiwen is proficient in Cantonese.When talking with Li Guohao, if you don t look at the appearance, you will almost mistake him for a native Hong Kong Chinese.Cantonese is really idiosyncratic.At this time, Su Haiwen is working as the vice chairman of Bao Daheng s Global Shipping and Asia Shipping Co., Ltd., assisting his father in law Bao Daheng in managing the entire Xiangjiang shipping business, and dealing with all overseas businessmen except in Asia.

What clothes can t fit anymore , I saw Zhang Dong and Mai Xiaomin walking slowly in the aisle of the company, and walked over with a smile when they heard a screeching smile.Ahao Zhang Dong raised his head and shouted happily when he saw that it was Li Guohao.Speaking of which, the two haven t seen each other for several months.It has been almost three months since they got married last year.A Dong, you are so mean You are going to be a father soon, why don t you tell me, I still got the news from my mother Li Guohao complained.Aren t you busy recently Besides, it s not a big deal.It s my wife who is pregnant, not Ah Zhi After speaking, Zhang Dong gave Zhao Yazhi a funny look and laughed.Zhao Yazhi s face turned red, and she walked forward and took Mai Xiaomin s arm and said, just cbd hemp infused gummies review I said Xiaomin, Adong doesn t seem to be in order, you still need to train him more.

The cost is about five yuan, and the vegetarian dish is more expensive, about six yuan.Why are vegetarian dishes more expensive than meat The main problem is that there are no large scale vegetable farming areas in Xiangjiang.There are only some farmlands like Lantau Island and the New Territories.The other areas have either become cities or the villages have long since been emptied.There is less land and more people.Almost all vegetables are imported from overseas.Compared with just cbd hemp infused gummies review meat, vegetables have a shorter shelf life and are much less fresh.This is why Xiangjiang meat is cheaper than vegetables.The premise is that pork is cheaper than vegetables, and the price of beef and mutton is still relatively high Is this the quick frozen dumplings and wontons wontons we made Li Guohao looked at the two bags of dumplings and wontons in simple packaging on the table, and looked up at Jin Jiashi and asked.

If there was a problem with the machine, he would go to repair it., I heard from the people below that he is usually very interested in electrical machinery, and he often makes some small wild inventions.That s a talent As for folk emoji talents, Li kana cbd gummies cost just cbd hemp infused gummies review kana cbd gummies cost just cbd hemp infused gummies review Guohao has read a lot on the Internet in his previous life., but it happened to me, it was the first time that I became interested in this person named Wang Hongshen, so I said Since this person can improve the hemp gummies vs cbd sarah blessing cbd gummies avis refrigerator, you can go down later and ask someone to tell him and let him According to the requirements of quick frozen dumplings, let s see if we HCMUSSH just cbd hemp infused gummies review can develop a special quick frozen food equipment, and we will provide the funds.At the end, I also considered that if this person really develops it, the patent for this thing will be his own at that time It s still his, so it s better to say hello in advance, and then said You tell this Wang Hongshen clearly, we will fund him to develop new quick freezing equipment, and try to reduce the cost as much as possible.

He Qianjin gave Li Guohao a blank look, It seems that you have become the chairman of the group, and you don t pay much attention to the company s business down here.Hehe Li Guohao smiled awkwardly, No, it s just that the company s recent There are a lot of things to do, and I am planning to build some quick frozen food and instant noodle factory.Quick frozen food Instant noodle factory What are these He Qianjin has never eaten instant noodles, and he doesn t know what quick frozen food is, so he is also curious at the moment asked.Oops Li Guohao wanted to slap himself in the face when he slipped out about the company s business, but he also explained, Quick frozen food is to quickly freeze the ready made dumplings and wonton glutinous rice balls with the latest technology.It is convenient for storage and transportation, so that it will not be broken during transportation.

From the late 1950s, Valerie, who was in her twenties, set up an orphanage with her friends and converted her house in Xiangjiang to adopt homeless orphans.Very rare thing.Especially if the other party does this,It has persisted for more than ten years without stopping.Mr.Li is really too polite.You have so many things to do every day.It is really rare to be able to visit Annie in the hospital.Valerie smiled, and suddenly introduced to Li Guohao, Sorry, I forgot to introduce to you, the reporter next to me is Ming Pao reporter Chen, this time I am here mainly to report on some situations of the orphanage, hoping to attract more Xiangjiang citizens to pay attention to these children.Hello, Mr.Li, you are really famous.Why don t we meet, our chairman has always been full of praise for Mr.Li, saying that you are a young talent just cbd hemp infused gummies review in the new era.

Why was Li Guohao killed by vendetta Was he involved in gangsters Or did he offend someone Billion The millionaire was kidnapped This is a G spot that can attract viewers.In a certain tea restaurant, people watching TV were all surprised.They didn t expect that someone was holding a submachine gun and a just cbd hemp infused gummies review hand mine.Hmph, these rich people It s better to die The rich hater looked at the news and hemp gummies vs cbd sarah blessing cbd gummies avis laughed.I think this is kidnapping Kidnapped How could it be a kidnapping If it was really a kidnapping, Li Guohao would have been kidnapped a long time ago.Well, I think this Li Guohao belongs to the gangsters.Otherwise, how could it be possible to earn hundreds of millions of assets in such a short period of time You have a point.At this time, the eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review waiter Ah Shui came up with the dishes.Seeing that the big guys were all looking at the TV above his head, he also looked sideways.

interview.Then we can wait A young female reporter also said anxiously, you must know that Li Guohao is the hottest news figure in Xiangjiang right now, but the other party has been reclusive for the past few days, except in the company and back cbd gummies uk to the villa.Before, many TV reporters and newspaper reporters tried to intercept them on the road, but they were stopped by the other party just cbd hemp infused gummies review s bodyguards, and warned the other party that if they followed, they had the right to suspect that the other party was a gang of robbers.What happened to the bloodshed Events are not good.The uncrowned kings were also a little scared.After all, something like that happened to Li Guohao a few days ago.If the bodyguard of the other party did something out of the ordinary, even if he was injured, it would be very difficult to win the case, so he had no choice but to stay away.

There is no way, so just like the pastry company in the palace, someone got a desk in a spacious place at the door.Because the office is soundproof, Li Guohao also installed an internal phone to let his secretary Xiao Liu call in if he has something to do.Just because there was someone in the office, the secretary Xiao Liu knocked on the door because he was afraid of disturbing the chairman s business by calling.Oh, I forgot to tell you, let him come in.As soon as he heard the surname Dong, madison indiana cbd gummy bears Li Guohao guessed that it was Master Dong, and he had already made an appointment with him in the morning to go just cbd hemp infused gummies review to the New Territories in the afternoon.Okay.Secretary Xiao Liu heard the sound and closed just cbd hemp infused gummies review the door and went out Soon, Master Dong walked in behind the secretary Xiao Liu.Chairman, Mr.Dong is here.

own film company.Just when he was thinking of getting close to the condom, he saw a young handsome boy sitting beside him, and saw that handsome boy kept looking at the three of them.Hong Jinbao frowned slightly.This young handsome boy looked familiar.He seemed to have met him somewhere.After recalling it, he asked the big brother Long next to him with a look of surprise, Ah Long, do you think that the one next to Mr.Cai Lan is the one who is the billionaire recently Millionaire Li Guohao.It s him I just saw his news in the newspaper not long ago.The eldest brother Long followed Hong Jinbao s gaze and saw Li Guohao sitting beside Cai Lan, and the two had a close relationship , I suddenly thought of a possibility, the high branch that Cai Lan climbed could be this one As soon do cbd gummies work for anxiety as Hong Jinbao heard his eldest sarah blessing cbd gummies avis brother Long s affirmation, he wanted to price of pure kana cbd gummies take the two of them there to get to know each other, so he walked over and said, Mr.

You Being bullied in front of the beautiful woman, Xiao Baihong turned pale in a hurry, and when she was about to get angry, she only heard Zheng Jiachun chuckled, and interjected, Okay, it s hot and everyone is very angry, let s go and have a rest first.Sit down.Li Guohao didn t pay much attention to Xiao Bai s expression, he turned his head and ordered the bodyguards to take the lead and lead Zheng Jiachun, He Qianjin and others in.Xiao Baijin was neither, nor was he retreating.If you are angry, it doesn t mean that he is a fool.Wouldn t it be in vain to leave at this time He also asked the driver to look after the car and followed Li Guohao into it The current live action shooting game has not yet opened, but it has sent people to build a three story office and waiting area.Considering that there may be some other things to be added in the future, there is a large area next to the three story building.

I didn t know you couldn t eat chili like this.Li Guohao was very nervous when he saw that the beauty was crying, and he just cbd hemp infused gummies review quickly comforted him.While comforting, he reached out and took out a piece of restaurant paper on the table and handed it to the other party.After receiving the paper from the restaurant, Zhao Yazhi wiped her tears and nose again, and said aggrievedly, It s all your fault You must forgive the young me.Li Guohao said in a deliberately funny tone.Puff Seeing Li Guohao s eccentric tone, Zhao Yazhi smiled through tears, covered her mouth and said, I m your empress, so you ve become an eunuch. Are you willing Li Guohao raised his eyebrows.Zhao Yazhi gave Li Guohao a charming white look, and did not answer this inappropriate topic.Zhao Yazhi took another sip of mung bean soup, suddenly thought of something, and said By the way, cbd green gummy bears Ah Hao, yesterday the wife of the governor of Hong Kong, Ms.

After making money, he turned his attention to the coffee shop.At that time, coffee was popular in Xiangjiang, and I opened a coffee shop in the Ocean Terminal.Gradually, the business grew bigger and bigger, and then I opened a pastry shop.If it continues to develop like this, there is still a future After listening to McHans talk about fast food After the explanation, just cbd hemp infused gummies review Woodshun frowned and said In other words, change the model of the Chinese restaurant to be similar to a tea restaurant Not exactly the same, it combines a bit of the concept of a tea restaurant just cbd hemp infused gummies review and a bit of the concept of McDonald s.The specific plan, I will send someone to send it to you later.Ok.After apple flavored vegan cbd gummies hanging up the phone, Wood Shun let eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review out a long sigh.He has worked in the catering industry for more than 20 years and has made money from almost every investment.

Grandpa was not interested in the beauty pageant, so he went back to his room early to rest.A family of three rarely have time to sit together and watch TV.A Zhi is still HCMUSSH just cbd hemp infused gummies review beautiful in a cheongsam Seeing Zhao Yazhi s figure on TV, Li Huifang looked at her daughter in law happily and smiled.Li Dexiao nodded, In the past, Xia Meng was also very beautiful in cheongsam.When everyone was young, there were more or less dream lovers, and Xia Meng, as one of the most eye catching movie actresses of that era, Naturally, she is sought after by many middle aged and elderly men, even Mr.Jin is not immune.It is said that the heroines in many of Mr.Jin s novels are based on Ms.Xia Meng.Huh When Li Huifang heard the name Xia Meng, she immediately glared at her husband.Li Dexiao shrank his head and said, Of course, my wife, you look better in cheongsam.

Many times, the names are repeated.It is possible that the student has the same name as the teacher, and the husband may have the same name as the father.If she was a Westerner, Linda would think nothing of it, but after she married Bruce Lee, she also studied Chinese culture for a long time, and she knew that this was not very polite behavior.It s okay, kid.Besides, my name is indeed Li Guohao.If it was before, Li cbd gummies sanjay gupta Guohao might still feel a little awkward, but after a long time, in his opinion, the name is just a code name.Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, has many people with the same name as him, and Jack Ma is even more so.That s right.After Li Guohao finished speaking, he thought of Bruce Lee, and asked again Where is Brother Xiaolong what do cbd oil gummies do cbd condor gummies Linda said apologetically.I don t care.Li Sheng come with me to the lounge for a while, there are a lot of people outside.

Li Guohao only needs to work a little bit and choose a few well known industries in the future, such as real estate, entertainment, computer, Internet, etc.can become The man on the world s richest list.However, Li Guohao has a wish, or an idea from time travel, that is to become the most powerful catering giant in the world It s just a dream.The question now is how to spend the money.Li Guohao no longer cares about the interest in the bank.Chapter 304 Maxim s Restaurant Opens After about an hour.It was past four o clock in the afternoon.The car slowly drove to the door of Li s villa.Zhang Bowen quickly got out of the car and pressed the doorbell on the wall outside the just cbd hemp infused gummies review gate.In a moment, less than thirty seconds, the electronic lock of the gate opened automatically.Li Guohao, who was sitting in the car, was taken aback.

At this moment, Li Guohao suddenly saw HCMUSSH just cbd hemp infused gummies review Li Guohao taking out the diamond ring again, his heart was agitated, and his eyes rolled out.Why are you still crying Li Guohao looked at the beautiful woman crying and pitiful, and couldn t help but sit on the bed and help her wipe away the tears.No, I m just happy.Zhao Yazhi laughed through tears.Seeing Zhao Yazhi crying and laughing at the same time, Li Guohao went in without knowing it, and his mind was a little confused.Placing her head on Li Guohao s lap, Zhao Yazhi said softly Ahao.Zhao Yazhi immediately sat up and stared straight at Li Guohao, wanting to see what he would say next.Having never seen Zhao Yazhi s cannibalistic expression before, Li Guohao swallowed and said, This is just a ring for you.If it is a wedding ring, I will buy you a bigger and better one It s not too bad Zhao Yazhi suppressed the joy in her heart and pretended to reluctantly agree with Li Guohao s answer, but the beautiful arc drawn at the corner of her mouth revealed her truest just cbd hemp infused gummies review thoughts.

There is no way for the company to monopolize ingredients such as rice, vegetables, meat, and condiments, so that they cannot make money from the ingredients.Second, if you only charge the franchise fee, you will earn too little.It is impossible for you to charge two to eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review three hundred thousand yuan for a franchise fee, so if you can only charge a one time fee, it is better to open your own shop.The investment is indeed a bit big, but what I can t stand is that Li Guohao is rich now 1.2 billion Hong Kong dollars in how much cbd gummy cash, this is the only one among the rich businessmen in Hong Kong.Except for large century old groups like Jardine Group, it is difficult .

do cbd infused gummy bears have thc?

for anyone to gather such a large amount of cash in a short period of time.This is also why a few years later Bao Daheng raised 2.1 billion Hong Kong dollars to acquire Wharf in one fell swoop, and became a man of influence in Hong Kong and even Asia at that time.

Li Guohao was slightly taken aback, he didn t expect that Pang Heshuo s thinking was so forward, and he could think of using the topic of exclusive interviews with celebrities to attract readers.Some later TV programs such as Interview with Yang Lan , Lu Yu Youyue , Very Zero Distance and other TV programs that interview entrepreneurs, celebrities and stars are relatively not very popular, but they are still good.Otherwise, there wouldn t be so many similar shows.But in Hong Kong today, the world of the rich is unimaginable for the poor.There is a good saying that poverty limits my imagination.It is not an exaggeration to put it now.There is no Internet, no people showing off their wealth, and no selfies of the rich second generation.The general public often has little idea of the life of the top rich.

About ten minutes Left and right, all the invited guests have come.As for whether there will be any unannounced people, Li Guohao can no longer control it.It is winter, although it is sunny today, but there are many old people here, and they cannot stay outdoors for long , then greeted Di Yimin and they were ready to start.Soon, Fat Shen Dianxia walked onto the stage wearing a bright red dress and holding a microphone in her hand.The guests and reporters in the audience laughed when they saw this scene.Fat Shen Dianxia is very well known and popular in Xiangjiang.When the undersea tunnel was opened to traffic the year before last, the first person to pass through the tunnel on TV was not the Governor of Hong Kong, but the fat sister in front of her in a eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review century old old car.On the car.There was a joke at the time, that is, the old car from a hundred years ago, perhaps because it was not powered enough to carry Fatty Sister, broke down halfway in the tunnel, which made people watching TVB burst into laughter Welcome all guests, journalists, and friends Sister Fei Fei just finished speaking, only to hear warm applause from the venue.

How about a tom yum soup The taste of Tom Yum soup here in Thailand is still good.Chen Xuewen raised his head and asked Li Guohao while ordering.Then come one. Chicken curry Row.After ordering more than a dozen dishes, Chen Xuewen saw that there was really nothing to eat, so he repeated the dishes he had just ordered to the waiter in Thai.After the waiter left, Li Guohao went out through the glass window Looking around, I saw that there was a swimming pool below, and there were many blond and blue eyed ghosts swimming there.Chen Xuewen said at this time Chairman, we discussed with the farmers in Liyi Mansion and decided to contract it.Their land, according to local prices to give them an annual fee.In hiring them to work for us, we pay them a salary.How much is the contracted land Hearing Chen Xuewen s words, Li Guohao asked sideways.

At noon, they finally arrived at their destination.It s really not easy to come here.In the temporarily rented village house where the company was stationed in Roi Et Mansion, Li Guohao took off his coat regardless of his appearance, and fell directly on the floor of the wooden house to lie down with Ge You.No way, we have been in Thailand for more than three months, and there are more things suitable for planting in Roi Et Province.In addition, there are no hills and forests here, and most of them are wilderness, so it is convenient to plant and harvest.Chen Xuewen smiled and finished, and said Chairman, this room eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus just cbd hemp infused gummies review is rented to you, and everyone else is around.If you are tired, take a shower and rest for a while.The environment here is not good, there is no shower, you can only Make do with the water in the bucket for dry cleaning.

When they were about to bow their heads and drink the rice wine he had brought, Chen Xuewen couldn t help but interrupted their behavior in Thai.Chairman, don t drink As soon as he stopped the two girls, he saw Li Guohao was about to drink again.Chen Xuewen went over to stop the other party s wrist in a hurry and said, This is a local custom.If you drink with them, you will marry them.I m going home.The bamboo wine glass had already been raised to his mouth, and after hearing Chen Xuewen s words, Li Guohao was startled, and the glass in his hand dropped on the spot.With a bang, the rice wine was scattered all over the floor.No way, there is still such a bad custom Li Guohao couldn t help complaining.Chen Xuewen didn t have time to explain to Li Guohao, so he turned to communicate with the village.

Master Wang took the lead and led Li Guohao to the front, pointing to a larger factory building in front of him and said with a smile.Is there a compartment in it Well, Master Wang nodded and said, the factory has three buildings in total, and the factory building is the largest.We have simply renovated the interior, set up compartments with wooden boards, and made ventilation holes.Now there are a total of 300 students, more than half of them are enrolled to learn pastry making techniques, most of the rest are also enrolled as chefs, and only more than 20 students are studying catering management.So few people have studied catering management Li Guohao was a little puzzled.Students who need to study for catering management are naturally unhappy.Master Wang chuckled.Most of condos cbd gummies the students who come to the school to sign up are people who don t like to study or don t like to go to school.

I have only heard of this banquet in my life.Haven t really tasted hemp gummies vs cbd sarah blessing cbd gummies avis it yet.Haha, then you should have a good taste of it Li Guohao laughed.At this moment, Zhao Yazhi, who was sitting on her lap, was leaning against Li Guohao s arms.Seeing him chatting happily, she threw herself aside.The tails pinched together and scratched at Li Guohao s chin.Li Guohao was chatting happily with Cai Lang when he suddenly felt his chin itch and couldn t help scratching.Seeing that the beautiful woman was harassing herself with her hair, Zhao Yazhi couldn t help laughing coquettishly when her behavior was discovered.Cai Lang on the other end of the phone heard the woman s laughter and roughly understood what was going on, so she said directly I still have something to do here, so I hung up on the boss first.okay.

What a waste, 10 million in three years, enough for me to buy a floor as a charterer Many things about Li Guohao were covered Major newspapers have reported on it, but there really haven t been too many reports on his charity work.As soon as the newspaper was published this time, many people s impression of Li Guohao changed greatly.On the other side, not long after Li Guohao arrived at the company, Huang Yaohua hurried to the office and said, The drink that you asked me to hand over to the laboratory before the chairman has been cracked Hearing that the formula of Red Bull had been cracked, Li Guohao Surprised Cracked So fast Well, the approximate composition has been tested, and we are already debugging.Take me to have a look.Chapter 365 An Naka considers that the laboratory needs some For chemical substances, Li Guohao installed the food technology department in the earliest factory building in the New Territories a long time ago.

Wing On Building.Ten at noon.Li Guohao had just finished eating with Zhao Yazhi in the restaurant when he saw his secretary Xiao Liu walking quickly and said, Chairman, Mr.He is waiting for you in the reception room.Li Guohao frowned Mr.He That Mr.He Mr.He Zuozhi.Oh, go and get some snacks and fruits, just say I m still eating and I ll be here soon.Just now there were a few heavy dishes in the restaurant, and Li Guohao knew that the taste in his mouth was cbd oil and gummy deal not very good , let the secretary Xiao Liu go to entertain the other party first.Yes.When Secretary Liu turned around and went to the restaurant to get some fruit, Li Guohao glanced helplessly at Zhao Yazhi and said, It seems that I can t go shopping with you this afternoon.It s okay, you have something to do It should be.At worst, we will go next time.

Now they have internal conflicts.It seems that they are preparing for our new TV station.Yes.Chapter 400 One month to set up a TV station Listening to He Zuozhi talking about the TV station, Li Guohao asked Mr.He, has the TV license issue been settled Not yet.He Zuozhi shook his head slightly But it s almost done.We have already entrusted someone to establish a good relationship, and when the time comes to bid, we will definitely win.Li Guohao frowned when he heard that it would not be possible to get the license until the end of the year Is it possible to get the license in advance just cbd hemp infused gummies review wana cbd gummies It s very difficult, almost Impossible.After all, not only our family is watching the TV license, but several people are also paying attention.Although I have established a good relationship, the government still wants to save face, and it is unlikely to issue the license to us in private.

With a boxer, there is naturally a coach, and with a coach, there will gradually be an analysis team of its own, which is dedicated to analyzing all the information of the opponent for the boxer.However, the three of Zhang Qing are alone, without any professional coaches and analysis teams to help, which greatly reduces the understanding of their opponents.In this regard, Li Guohao did not want his compatriots to lose too badly in the competition, and was scolded by some caring people for being foreign and foreign, so he invited Bruce Lee to teach Zhang Qing and others the fighting skills that the current players are learning, as well as the key points of these fighting skills.After this year s mixed martial arts competition is over, Li Guohao plans to hold a fighting competition similar to Wulin Style in Xiangjiang.

Anyway, he seems to be in charge of accounts.Li Guohao said directly without hesitation Okay, there is no problem in arranging Xiaozhi s work, but you But you have to tell Aunt Fat that if Xiaozhi can t work and is dismissed by other people s management, don t look for me.Although I am the chairman, the company has company regulations.In recent years, as Li Guohao s career has become more and more Growing up, some former relatives, friends, and neighbors have more or less found Li Huifang, hoping to arrange some good jobs.In this regard, Li Guohao also agreed, but he also said hello to this group of people who came from the back door.In the company, he must follow the company s regulations and cannot do things in his own name.Although each fee may only be a few cents or a few yuan, the cost of a ship docking at the dock for loading and unloading is a considerable sum.

If Li Chaoren hadn t relied on his position as the chairman to suppress him, Ma Zhengkang would probably not have carried it out.It is human nature to say that Ma Zhengkang disagreed with the behavior of bottom buying last time.After all, under such circumstances, people in Hong Kong were talking about revolutionary communism.Even the governor of Hong Kong at that time was extremely shocked, and immediately contacted the British Side, ready to send troops over at any time.In the situation ten years ago, Li Chaoren could forgive Ma Zhengkang.After all, even he himself was betting, but this time is different.Anyone with a discerning eye knows that the development of the New Territories is absolutely guaranteed to make money Xiangjiang is a city composed of many islands.There are three main islands, namely Xiangjiang Island, Kowloon Peninsula, and the New Territories.

Chapter 767 Applying for cbd gummies not working reddit a Tier 3 Bank License In a flash, it came to the end of November.After the finals of The Voice ended, when Zhang Xueyou became the champion just cbd hemp infused gummies review sera chews cbd gummies of the second The Voice championship, The Voice lasted for three months.The heat has finally dropped a lot.After more than half a month of airing, Undefended Tonight successfully took over and became Li s second TV program after The Voice that crushed TVB s ratings.It s a pity that this program is broadcast at midnight, and because of the content of the program, it restricts a group of minors from watching, but it also allows many office workers or housewives to have a chance at night.chase program.TVB s Star Singing Contest imitated the concept of the mentor of The Voice and created several relatively novel ideas, such as the contestants singing just cbd hemp infused gummies review with masks on, and the instructor choosing the singer to sing and so on.

Genetically modified technology Huo Zheng frowned, thought for more than a dozen seconds, and then said slowly I have heard of genetically modified technology, and I have learned a little bit about it.A few years ago, when the Nobel Prize winner discovered DNA restriction enzymes, Sjibalski wrote in the American magazine Gene that restriction enzymes will lead us into a new era of synthetic biology.I just learned about genetically modified technology in this magazine.Later, I checked some information and asked some people.I learned that this technology is not very perfect at present, and it cannot be realized according to the current technology and knowledge.Immediately, Huo Zheng looked at Li Guohao, stared at him with a surprised look, and asked, Chairman, how did you know about this genetically modified technology You must know that genetically modified technology is not very well known in the world at this time, and there are hemp gummies vs cbd sarah blessing cbd gummies avis very few people who understand and research it.

After thinking for a few seconds, Shen just cbd hemp infused gummies review Bi stood up with a smile and said Then I understand Mr.Li.It s getting late, and I should go back to the bank to deal with some trivial matters, so I won t disturb Mr.Li s work.Why don t you have a cup just cbd hemp infused gummies review wana cbd gummies of afternoon tea together It s been a while since I went to the Peninsula Hotel for afternoon tea.Next time we have time together.After the two reserved a few more words, Shen Bi said goodbye and left.After sending Shen Bi away, Li Guohao returned to just cbd hemp infused gummies review the office.He had expected that Shen Bi would definitely come to talk to him about the bank cooperation.After all, when Guohao Group opened a bank, Shen Bi and HSBC were the most influential people and companies.Considering that HSBC is one of the banknote issuing banks in Xiangjiang, Li Guohao did not directly discuss the cooperation with them.

September 24th, the day of formal negotiations between China and Britain.Since the morning, the three TV stations in Xiangjiang have been opening up a separate channel to broadcast the scenes of Kyoto in the mainland in real time.From time to time, political science, economics and other experts invited by various TV stations chatted there, imagining the outcome of the Sino platinum cbd gummies wholesale British negotiations.The host of Phoenix TV turned to Jin Sheng, a well known political commentator in Xiangjiang, and asked, Mr.Jin, what do you think the final result of this Sino British negotiation will be He held up three fingers and said There are three kinds of results.One is that the UK agrees to China s recovery of Xiangjiang the other is that China agrees to continue to hand over the jurisdiction of Xiangjiang to the UK The Falklands War will happen soon.

When the British Foreign Minister Howe stayed in Hong Kong for one day and flew to the mainland for talks the next day, Li Jiacheng secretly asked Ma Zhengkang to sell several real estate projects in the company .

can you fly with cbd gummies 2021?

to see if there was a successor to take just cbd hemp infused gummies review verma farms cbd gummies over.At the same time, a large amount of funds from Changjiang Real Estate Company was injected into the Canadian branch, and they were ready to pack up and leave.Facing the current tense atmosphere in Hong Kong, Huo Daheng and others were also very worried, and they kept asking Li Guohao for several days, what kind of inside information did he get from Mr.Deng.How would Li Guohao answer such a question Does it mean that he has no so called inside information at all, or is it that the Sino British negotiations will be technical in a few months, and Xiangjiang will return to the motherland as the result Unable to find a good reason, Li Guohao could only prevaricate, saying just cbd hemp infused gummies review that he would find out after He Wei went to the mainland this time.

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