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And every time he knocked down an enemy, he would always say something.Afterwards, Wang Weiyi once asked Bon Kleile, and this outstanding sharpshooter told him that he was praying for the enemy who fell under the gun.What a brave and lovely soldier.Sean, the main shooter of the heavy machine gun, was completely different.While pouring bullets into pieces at the enemy without hesitation, he kept cursing there.It is said that Sean will become a lunatic when it comes to fighting, which seems to be true at all.From Wang Weiyi s perspective, Adolf Hitler seemed to be firing the gun with his eyes closed.It seemed that he still couldn t shake off his nervousness.The bullets hit the enemy mercilessly, and the enemy fell down in large numbers.The front of the position became a terrible meat grinder, ruthlessly dragging a life into it and then crushing it.

Ernst influenced him.Hindenburg said without hesitation live well cbd gummies canada I have never seen His Highness treat a person like that.Respect, even Some worship.He told me enthusiastically about his excitement when Ernst suddenly appeared in front of him when he was in a desperate situation.He also told me that he never dreamed that Ernst would ask Richthofen to pick them up by plane.At one point in the air he thought he was going to die.Ludendorff shook his head.As the crown prince of Germany, August should not always appear on the battlefield.But what can be done His family is like this, and the Germanic fanaticism flows in his body As long as he sees the live well cbd gummies canada blood, he will tremble with excitement, wishing to go to the battlefield immediately.Suddenly he thought of Prince Joachim again, if His Royal Highness is half as good as his brother, that would be great.

Just like those German soldiers who beat you on the front line.The Russian soldier s words immediately caused a burst of laughter from his companions around him.Richthofen didn t care who owns this place Really Your performance in the Battle of Tannenberg wasn t very good, ah, I forgot to ask, is General Samsonov okay now The tavern suddenly became silent.The Battle of Tannenberg was von.The battle of Marshal Hindenburg s fame was also a great shame for the Russian army.The entire Russian army was destroyed in this battle, and the supreme commander of live well cbd gummies canada cbd gummies for dementia on shark tank the Russian army Samsonov died in battle.Now.Richthofen, a German, immediately opened the scars in the hearts of Russians.You damn German, say it again if you have the ability the Russian soldier asked with red eyes.Ah, I really shouldn t Richthofen is a restless person, let alone someone who took the initiative to provoke him I also forgot that live well cbd gummies canada the Battle of Lake Masuria took place after that.

Hearing the name of his favorite general, the irritable Kashanov was in a better mood Let them in.Fritoyak walked in with a shy young man, and saluted the general respectfully.Kashanov live well cbd gummies canada said impatiently, Fritoyak, you should stay here now.On your ground, before I get angry, tell me that there is a damn thing that requires you to bring a young corporal to me General, please don t be angry.Fritoyak said respectfully He is Corporal Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov of the Second Cavalry Company.He discovered some unusual things on the battlefield Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov Kashanov frowned Tell me, Corporal.What did you discover that even the gentlemen of the officers did not happen This statement was obviously sarcasm, and it also made several staff officers in the headquarters laugh But Zhukov didn t seem to be affected General, I think this German attack happened very quickly.

The courage shown by the German army on the battlefield is extraordinary, and I firmly believe that they will be able to win one after another.The victory, especially you, Baron Alexon, I am not at all curious that you can be promoted to general before the end of the war, but the war is not just won by the bravery of the soldiers Her words completely attracted the attention of the countess, and Hermione s voice was a little depressed War is a contest of national strength.From the first day of the war to the present, the major allied powers Germany, the fighting power, is already very financially strained and its resources are about to run dry unless we can end the war within two years, and that s without the participation of other countries Other countries What do you mean Country the Countess asked seriously.

In this way, Paris could be occupied in a few days Wang Weiyi Po It was a little embarrassing.Listening to other people s comments about me in a tavern really made me a little uncomfortableLooking at the three of Manstein again, there were smiles on the corners of their mouths.Hey, the U.S.zh ngf has protested A bearded German waved a newspaper in his hand and said, Our order to announce the submarine warfare seems to make these Yankees tremble.Damn those Yankees Go Someone yelled.If the Yankees dare to join the war, we can defeat them within a week No, we can go to Washington in a month The crowd in the beer hall suddenly became excited.Wang Weiyi frowned, such an optimistic and arrogant mood is not like the usual strict Germans.Perhaps it was the news of victory that appeared one after another in the newspapers recently that greatly stimulated the Germans, but this is not a good phenomenon for a country Ernst, do you think it is possible for the United States to join the war Manstein asked calmly in a low voice.

Wang Weiyi s voice revealed some helplessness They don t care how many aircraft and artillery they lost on the battlefield.Once their national war machine is activated, these materials can be produced continuously and then flow to the battlefield.However, we are different.Every aircraft, every A cannon is so important to us.It is already a great achievement for Germany to be able to deal with Britain and France with its own strength, but we can no longer face the United States alone Manstein Because and Elena listened very seriously, Richthofen was somewhat unconvinced Hey, Ernst, why do you speak in the same tone as that General Gedel Are you afraid of war No, I have never been afraid of war.Wang Weiyi shook his head What I think about every day is how to win, but if a hundred victories cannot be exchanged for the victory of the country, then our efforts will be in vain.

Those who were seriously injured were treated on the spot, and those who were slightly injured were carried down on a stretcher.Adolf Hitler raised the rifle in his hand Adolf.Wang Weiyi called out in a low voice.When Hitler s head turned, HCMUSSH live well cbd gummies canada he shook his head towards Hitler Hitler smiled a little shyly Lieutenant Colonel, I m just aiming, I won t kill them Wang Weiyi also smiled, yes, at least until now, Hitler is still an ordinary soldier who would be shy A Frenchman wearing a red cross waved a white flag in his hand Walking towards here, when he walked into the German line, he didn t salute Hello, I need some bandages and medicines, we are running out of them, you have to know, the casualties are too greatPlease rest assured, I will return it to you Give it to him.Wang Weiyi said calmly.Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel.

There is nothing wrong with Depusey s butler being your uncle.When you see him, you can Talk to him about the weather, about women, but I don t think it s what a soldier should do to tell him what the commando did There are many kinds of betrayal He saw that Orcus was somewhat Nervous Okus, take it easy, look at the road aheadI don t want to pursue the past, but I don t want to see it again.If a similar situation happens again, I will Believe I ll kick you out of Skull Commando.Yes, I promise, Colonel.Orcus shuddered.It would be a huge shame to be kicked out of Skull Commandos This is the most elite unit of the German army, and it is the ace unit that countless German officers and soldiers yearn for Orcus swore he would never tell his uncle and countess anything about the Skeleton Baron, who was a man of his word.

No one knows whether Maridov will turn his back on him.If so, he can only take the road and escape.After a while, a Russian lieutenant colonel hurried out.When he came to Wang Weiyi s In front of him, seeing the appearance of the Russian Major in front of him clearly, he was stunned, and then his face showed an expression of surprise and joy.God, you Call me Moyor Wang Weiyi whispered.Ah, Major Moyol, why are you here Come to my room quickly.Maridov looked around nervously.Wang Weiyi nodded, and made a wink at Mali and the others.Mali and the commandos stayed on the truck knowingly, God, you are so bold, Mr.Moyol.As soon as he entered the house, Maridov He quickly closed the door What urged you to come here For some huge sums of money.Speaking of this, Wang Weiyi paid special attention to Maridov s expression.

Now there is a problem, Kerber actually wants to personally escort this batch of gold In this way, you will not be able to control the train.Now how to do Maridov mother nature cbd gummies reviews cannaverda cbd gummies couldn t launch it at all, and the only thing he expected now was that Mr.Moyol could know this information in advance and come up with a countermeasure as soon as possible.520 tons of gold, this is a huge temptation that no one can withstand.two hundred and forty seven.Looting gold Mr.Ernst, is there really 520 tons of gold Sergey, who has been promoted to general, asked with his mouth wide open.During that breakout, he lost a leg and had to wear a prosthetic.The Germans treated the Russians who surrendered well, but Sergey always missed his life in Russia.The Bolsheviks overthrew the Tsar, and General Kolchak issued a summons, calling on all Russian officials to return to their service and save Russia.

Ah Si, what are you still doing in a daze Hurry up and invite your husband in for tea.Ah, yes, yes, please, Mr.Wang, please, Mr.Wang.Ah Si nodded and bowed and invited Wang Dehai into the house.Just like what his wife said, this man is so well dressed, he must be a rich man.If he flatters him well, he may reward him again when he is happy.A few live well cbd gummies canada dollars for myself.After entering the room and sitting down, Wang Dehai chatted with Ah Si for a while, then suddenly asked I heard that elder brother is helping boss Zhang Xiaolin drive It s a grid, it s a grid.Ah Si patted his chest live well cbd gummies canada Ala is the person Boss Zhang trusts the most, and Boss Zhang always asks Ala wherever he goes. awesome.Wang Dehai said repeatedly.At this time, the fourth daughter in law also brought live well cbd gummies canada tea Mr.Wang, drink tea.As he spoke, he pulled out a stool beside him and live well cbd gummies canada sat down.

Fire snakes danced wildly.The four fighters tried their best to chase and strangle in the air.At that moment, Wang Weiyi, who was watching the battle on the ground, suddenly remembered countless air battles that took place on the European battlefield Red Baron Now, who is flying the plane in the sky Xiao Ling s words helped him solve this mystery in time.Gao Zhihang Gao Zhihang of the Air Force s Four Diamonds Wang Weiyi was startled, and then said Hasn t he died yet No.There are still a few days, what are you thinking about Save Gao Zhihang once like saving Richthofen But you can t do it, you don t have a dark fighter at all.Xiao Ling, help me Wang Weiyi s voice sounded like he was pleading The Chinese Air Force doesn t have much strength.It is only one more excellent pilot like Gao Zhihang to keep.

Wang Weiyi stood up and tidied himself up.The clothes on his body Counting it all together, we have killed a lot of Japanese people, and I really feel sorry for not going to visit him.You are crazy, you are crazy.Captain Ma murmured.Wang Weiyi smiled If I have three grenades strapped to my body, I promise to obediently listen to the other party, what do you think You shouldn t be here Captain Horse.Mamoru Otsukahara, who could speak some Mandarin, said this with a smile on his face.Although the 65th United s offense was seriously unsatisfactory, he was absolutely unwilling to show this in front of the Chinese.He has to use his easiness to tell live well cbd gummies canada the traitors in these countries that Japan s defeated country is unstoppable.Han Baiyang and Captain Ma got very close, and his heart was so nervous that his heart was about to jump out.

He it s Gustave During the First World War, he served as a colonel in the French army Colonel Gustave of Reims up.Gustav, who took off his military uniform, obviously looked better You always tell me that there are many opportunities to make a fortune in China.Look, I m here. Come on, my friend.Luo Weiluo poured live well cbd gummies canada cbd gummies oklahoma him a glass of wine and asked him to sit down I m really surprised, why do you want to leave the military do cbd gummies show up in drug test I remember that you were a colonel a long time ago, and you can become a general Gustav blushed.Few people knew the real reason for his departure from the military.General El Raffarin was forced to resign together.In Reims, they suffered defeats one after another under the hands of that damned skeleton baron Ernst HCMUSSH live well cbd gummies canada Brahm.Still gave them a chance to leave decently leave the army automatically After leaving the army, Gustav first worked as a timber dealer for several years, and finally became an arms dealer.

Among them was a woman who, according to her companion, belonged to some Soviet official.wife.Did you know that the Soviet Union is secretly negotiating military aid with the national government, so we are wondering whether we can use these Soviet prisoners to exchange Naomasa Sugawara Aoki Toshio suddenly realized You are responsible for taking these Soviet prisoners To go to Shanghai Yes, there are three people in total, including that woman.They have already confessed everything they know, and it is of no use.The woman s husband is only the head of the Russian regiment, so he is not very useful.Gato Hideyori nodded and said But we don t know whether the national government will agree.What s even more troublesome is that we don t even know where Sugawara Naomasa is being held.We only know that he was captured by an army commanded by Wang Weiyi I can t help you, Mr.

He is a decent man, who was canonized by His Majesty the German Emperor himself.He is elegant, courteous, and charming, and he is by no means comparable to your upstarts in the United States.Hey, hey, old butler, you can t say that about me.Elliot hurriedly distanced himself from those upstarts Tell me, how can I be as elegant, courteous, and charming as the Baron Proxi hesitated for a while To be honest, I can t tell But you ll understand when you get a chance to meet him well, you ve asked enough questions today, and I ve answered enough I have to prepare Mrs.The dress for the banquet tomorrow night Elliot felt a little regretful, but he also knew that he couldn t get more things out of the old butler s mouth Just as Elliott was pestering Prossie, in the garden, Mrs.Lorisa closed her book.

After a while, he said slowly Brother and so many brothers are doing good for the country, but I, An Fei, are still alive, man If you can t die for your country, what face do you have to live you are wrong.An Fei turned his head and saw that it was Wang Weiyi who was speaking, and Wang Weiyi said indifferently Only by living can you take revenge better.General An has been martyred, and those of us who are best cbd gummies for sleep reviews alive should live on.Tang Nai an sighed Brother An, your father s people are moving around in Shanghai trying to rescue you.They don t know that you have been rescued.I will inform them now No need.An Fei stared at Wang Weiyi Brigadier Wang s live well cbd gummies canada life saving grace, An Fei will never forget it.I have a family feud with the Japanese pirate country, and I have to avenge it.Brigadier Wang please accept me as a pawn in front of the horse.

9, No.10, and No.11 Get ready to attack Xiao Ling s anger seems to have not been calmed down, but has become more intense For any fighter in this era, the Ziguang military base is like a god This is God s punishment The Japanese planes were completely messed up, and in just a few minutes, they had lost nine fighter planes Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng looked at each other, and Guo Yunfeng certainly knew what was going on Is she crazy Guo Yunfeng swallowed his saliva and asked.Probably crazy Wang Weiyi nodded with difficulty.Suddenly, the last attack ended The remaining Japanese chances no longer dared to fight, and hurriedly fled the sky, and just as they were escaping, another plane was shot down The sky returned to silence 15 1 Can you imagine 15 Japanese planes were shot down in this air battle And the loss of the Fifth Flying Brigade of the Chinese Air Force is only one The infantry brothers on the ground were stunned, and immediately, they burst into the craziest cheers Long live the Chinese Air Force Long live, Chinese pilots This is World War II, one of the most incredible myths in the history of air combat Although the Chinese Air Force is at an absolute disadvantage in terms of aircraft types and numbers, it has achieved the brilliant result of shooting down 15 Japanese aircraft Miracle, there is no other word to describe it except miracle The astonishment and surprise of the Chinese pilots were short lived.

He is fanatically regarded by the Germans as the greatest hero in German history, and by the enemy as the most terrifying devil.He was summoned by His Majesty the Emperor of Germany and was canonized as a baron.William had heard these stories a long time ago, and cbd gummies high potency 240 mg live well cbd gummies canada knew that the person his mother was talking about was the Baron Skeleton.I would rather be called Baroness Leonie Alexon von Brahm From his mother s words, William began to guess what Leo Ni went on to tell William the part of the story that he didn t know.The baron recognized the countess.Of course, he was wary of the countess at first, and the countess was just using the baron.But as time went by, the relationship between the two people changed.Then, in the final year of the war, the Baron stayed on the Montfaucon position for all his brothers in the Skeleton Commando.

The 1st Armored Division has a very strange nickname Ghost Master This is to distinguish it from the Devil Division of the 7th Division of the German Army.The unofficial armband of this division is the image of a banshee holding a sharp sword, and there is something under her HCMUSSH live well cbd gummies canada feet that looks like a car.This is also the most elite unit of the German army that has repeatedly created miracles During the first breakout, the Skeleton Master had thrown away all unnecessary equipment, including water bottles, lunch boxes, and even medical kits.But this time, Wang Weiyi also issued such an order Except for weapons and ammunition, throw away all unnecessary equipment Including packs of cigarettes and boxes of matches Travel lightly and thc gummies vs cbd gummies break through with force In the country, there is a story benefits of cbd gummies without thc that bit A very famous general, in order to win the war, he ordered his soldiers to sink all their boats and destroy their marching pots after crossing the river, and charged the enemy with the determination to die, he succeeded And now, We will repeat what the generals of this country have done live well cbd gummies canada I will lead you to attack, the skeleton division will be the cbd gummies high potency 240 mg live well cbd gummies canada leader of the whole army, and I will personally command the Ernst battle group as the leader of the whole division Ernst Erns Te Ernst The enthusiastic shouts of the German soldiers sounded Report to the general, the Skeleton Division and the Armored Division have a total of 33 seriously wounded, unable to break out with the whole army The sudden report made Wang Weiyi silent.

I will leave Paris soon.I am afraid that someone will come to trouble you.Oh, what is there to worry about Will didn t care too much Does anyone dare to disobey the Baron s order The Germans will obey, but the French may not.Wang Weiyi s expression became serious I am so anxious to come to you today because I just learned that the French secret police have blacklisted you mother nature cbd gummies reviews cannaverda cbd gummies Here, I strictly order no one to touch your life and property, but I believe you will be watched.Listen to me, my friends, do your business and don t let other super strength cbd gummies live well cbd gummies canada things affect you.And try not to I have contacts with those resistance organizations, and they are also using you.Will and Pipondu nodded silently.The smile returned to Wang Weiyi s face again Come on, tell me, how is your business developing in the United States rhythm.

Wang Weiyi was not in a hurry.A German police officer came over Your Excellency Marshal, what you want is ready.Thank you.Please leave cbd:thc gummies temporarily.Wang Weiyi nodded.After the officer left, melodious dance music suddenly sounded.Wang Weiyi stretched out his hand Miss Heinrich, can I ask you to dance Elena was stunned, she obviously did not expect that Wanderer would make such a request.After a moment of hesitation, she reached out her hand.To dance music, Wang Weiyi gently hugged Elena and danced to the music.Do you still remember.There were many, many French people here that day Wang Weiyi s voice sounded as his footsteps live well cbd gummies canada moved The French are celebrating their so called victory day, but they would never have thought that two daring The Germans appeared in their celebrations.I am with live well cbd gummies canada you, the mayor of Paris, and the police chief of Paris.

Mrs.Kantelsky, are you going to Have a pleasant trip to Moscow with Mr.Kantelsky Oh, I would love to, Mr.Kantelsky.Elena smiled.Since the last trip to Paris, the relationship between Elena and Wang Weiyi has become different, and Wang Weiyi even faintly felt that the Elena he was familiar with before had returned.Of course, Elena s real She had to wait until she fully recovered her memory when she came back.After putting on his makeup, Guo Yunfeng turned around.This time, Xiao Ling s craftsmanship seems to be good.If someone didn t deliberately look at his face, there would be no flaws.All three of them put on the uniforms of the Soviet army, a colonel, a captain and a Soviet female second lieutenant.Si Dao, I think your name Babalovich seems more suitable for you.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.

Huge Russian forces are waiting for the Germans to destroy Wang Weiyi is very clear that the Three headed Banshee plan has already been half successful One day and one night, a new piece of news came Marshal Timoshenko s headquarters was also within the Kharkov encirclement This information came too suddenly Even Wang Weiyi didn t react for a while.Did Timoshenko personally bring troops to fight him No, this is not a decisive battle, but cbd gummies high potency 240 mg live well cbd gummies canada the last madness of the Soviet army With so many troops surrounded, the Supreme Command of the Soviet Union has temporarily no power to deploy new troops for reinforcements and rescue, leaving Wang Weiyi plenty of time to eat up these troops.After the end of the Demyansk siege, the German army finally let out a long sigh of anger.It s time to give an explanation to the German soldiers who died in Demyansk It s time for the Russians to experience the same feeling of being surrounded and annihilated They there is no way to escape Not only the German army is working hard, Xiao Ling and Elena are also working hard in Ziguang military base.

After my in depth inspection, the spider is so sincere, where is the monthly ticket Brothers who haven t voted for monthly tickets, look to the left, Comrade Ji and Comrade Sealed are looking at you with a whip and candle in their hands and grinning 501.Rescue in the hotel The Turkish Grand Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Ankara.People with status always like to live here when they cbd gummies for dementia on shark tank come to Ankara, so it is often difficult to find a house here.Fortunately, it is now during the war, which more or less affected the business of the hotel, so Herbert was able to book three rooms smoothly.Wang Weiyi and Elena live together, while Klingenberg and cbd gummies for vaginal dryness his six team live well cbd gummies canada members can only squeeze into two rooms with grievances.When cbd gummies high potency 240 mg live well cbd gummies canada seeing Elena, Klingenberg and his team members were very surprised.They never expected to meet such a beautiful German girl here.

Salle Oba Wang Weiyi smiled, and then looked at the time General, I suggest you make a call now.If everything goes well, Sale Oba has fallen into the live well cbd gummies canada hands of the invincible German army under our raid.Ah, it is 10 o clock in the evening, and the strategic goal has been achieved General Kistafa s complexion changed drastically, and he almost rushed to the phone.He picked up the phone, and after a few minutes, Kistafa General Staffa put down the phone in frustration.How is it, General Wang Weiyi asked easily.General Kistafa smiled bitterly live well cbd gummies canada Yes, it has been confirmed on the phone just now that the communication in the direction of Sale Oba has been completely cut off.I don t know what happened to Sale Oba.What happened General Kistafa already knows.Just like what this damn German said, the German army launched a raid on the important city of Sale Oba.

Wang Weiyi chose the approach of non interference.The most urgent need for the new government is to stabilize and assist Germany in better governing Turkey.Germany was silent The provisional government moved too fast.On August 8, the special court was established.They were interrogated.One after another, those who fought persistently to protect Turkey were found guilty.On the 11th alone, the judges of the special court instructed by the interim government sentenced 28 former government officials to be guilty.Death penalty, imprisonment Wang Weiyi and his German judges watched all this On the 12th, super strength cbd gummies live well cbd gummies canada a heavyweight figure stood in the dock of the special court the former Republic of Turkey President Ismail Inonu.When Inonu was brought up and passed Marshal Ernst Brahm, the former president even smiled slightly at the head of his enemy.

No, I didn t come to see your jokes, I came to see what kind of form you are going to end all of this.Elliot smiled faintly, just like Mr.Moyol smiled You don t even There is no penny left.Have you ever thought about super strength cbd gummies live well cbd gummies canada how to face those investors I feel terrible for you.Those who put their life savings in your hands will tear you to pieces Ah, I really do In order to be afraid I seem to see countless people surrounding you, and their saliva is enough to drown you What else can you do now After finishing speaking, he Turning around, when he was about to leave the office, Elliot suddenly turned around and said Taste this glass of rum, the best Maybe this is the last time you taste it in your life Williams grabbed the glass of rum with trembling hands, and drank it down hard Carlos, Carlos Williams called out loudly.

Lieutenant Colonel Zieger s 3rd Dive Bomber Regiment suffered heavy losses.Fourteen Ju87s were lost in one week due to the attack on Bir Hakam.To make matters worse, although the air force dispatched planes to carry out the bombing, the ground force s storm could not keep up, thus rendering the air force s painstaking efforts in vain.The commanders of Rommel s troops urged him to step up the offensive, but Rommel stubbornly refused to invest more troops in this desert fortress.General von Waldau, who was disappointed with Rommel, reported to Kesselring that due to the poor coordination of land and air, dive bombing was not only almost meaningless, but also only paid unnecessary sacrifices.Kesselring immediately flew to Rommel s garrison and said to cbd gummies high potency 240 mg live well cbd gummies canada Rommel This is not going to work After a few days, Rommel transferred the 135th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment commanded by Colonel Fultz to Bil Hakam.

What a failure, what a shameful failure An unacceptable failure Never before the war broke out did the British conceive of such a terrible defeat.But this kind of thing happened in the most real way.When Alexander and Montgomery finally gave the order to retreat.They knew that the tide of battle in North Africa had once again been turned.Now, the great situation they have worked so hard to create has been completely lost in a single war.And it all comes from one person The Skeleton Baron On the night of the 25th.The British High Command received a telegram from the Gladiator organization, which read General Montgomery, General Alexander, I am personally grateful to your Gladiator organization.Without this organization, perhaps we would not be able to Such a quick victory.Of course, we know that after this war is over.

In fact, Malta is the most important link in the entire African war situation.In the autumn of 1941, the German and Italian supply troops to North Africa suffered a devastating blow, forcing the German Supreme Command to send another air force to Sicily.In early 1942, as the Second Battle of Malta began, the fleet bound for Africa became increasingly safe.Therefore, Malta and North Africa s interrelationships should never be mistaken.The more the attack on Malta is strengthened, the more abundant the supplies of the German African Army will be.The reason why Rommel was able to attack from the Gazala front was precisely the result of the German army s intensified attack on Malta.At that time, it had been theoretically concluded that Malta should be occupied by sea and air, but this was not carried out.

Whether in the civil society or in the army, General Canlemu has extremely deep influence.As long as he ascends to the top, countless Egyptians will respond.This is the situation that the British are most worried about General Canlemu s residence has been secretly monitored, and General Canlemu s every move has been secretly monitored And General Canlemu I am caught in a dilemma.In his heart, he deeply sympathized with those mutiny soldiers.He knew what the Egyptians were looking for and what they needed.but.He could not give direct and most powerful support to the mutiny soldiers.But what to do now Could it be that he zuri cbd gummy watched cannaverde cbd square gummies his subordinates die under the massacre of the British The news that German planes and tanks suddenly appeared on the streets of Cairo also reached Canlemu s ears, which shocked him greatly.

The dinner dishes are very rich, but Wang Weiyi has no appetite at all.Even when he barely swallowed the food, he vomited it out in one mouthful.Qing Shuidong smiled, he knew the time was up Wilder Miyamoto, you have worked hard these few days.A strange smile appeared on Qing Shuidong s face So I will help you fight An injection to relieve fatigue A doctor walked in, rolled up Wang Weiyi s sleeve with a blank expression, and took out a syringe.Wang Weiyi, who was extremely exhausted, tensed up But what made him even more painful was that he couldn t resist at all Relax, relax.The doctor s words kept ringing in Wang Weiyi s ears, like hypnosis Normally, Wang Weiyi s eyelids gradually closed.But this time, the Japanese did not wake him up Walker, can t sleep Xiaoling s sudden voice kept Wang Weiyi awake for the last time.

The blasting expert is Dr.Ackermann, a chemist and the most prestigious blasting expert in Germany.Chapman came to the experiment room, where there are corked glass bottles, test tubes, vacuum flasks, scales, pestles and mortars.Dr.Ackerman carefully and patiently explained to Chapman the mysterious world of lethal weapons, the magical secrets of explosives, Combustion, booby traps, and time delay sabotage.He taught Chapman to make a timing lead out of a cheap watch, insert a screw with a nut at each end into the watch case, connect one end of the lead to an alkaline battery and the other One end was inserted into the watch, and when the hands touched the screws, it would cause the battery to discharge, which would trigger the lead wires to explode.Later, he brought an alarm clock and showed Chapman how to connect the spring to the detonator to achieve up to fourteen hours Delayed blasting.

Why is this an opportunity instead If everyone has no objections, I decided to stay.Wang live well cbd gummies canada cbd gummies oklahoma Weiyi didn t explain much Now, there is no marshal or baron here.We must complete this task.The Russians are far outnumbered, and this poses no small threat to us.Four knives, Myristel, you are responsible for monitoring any actions of Tasotsky.Heisenberg, Edim, you are responsible for monitoring all personnel entering and leaving the 190th Division, and report to me immediately if you have any news.Yes Let a few of us put on a good show for the Russians to see Six hundred and fifty three.For the Soviets forward On February 8, 1943, the Third Army of the Soviet Army, led by the 190th Infantry Division, launched an attack on Erklin.The prelude to the decisive battle of Stalingrad finally opened Let s go The Great Battle of Stalingrad, also known as the Great Battle of the Caucasus, is a decisive battle that will determine the fate of the Soviet Union and Germany.

It s just a relative of a captured general who has long lost influence, and he doesn t need to say anything polite to them at all.Comrade Colonel, I believe that German spies have entered Moscow.One sentence.Let Hodevich s attention be concentrated at once What did you say Moscow entered the German spies Yes.He said.Avrona explained everything that live well cbd gummies canada happened just now carefully, and then took out the letter Lindelof wrote to herself and handed it to Hodwig.Hodwig looked at it, and finally became more polite Ms.Avrona, first of all, I want to thank you for your loyalty to the Soviet Union, and then, what I can tell you is that the Germans are right, your brother in law General Lindelof has indeed been captured.When the news was confirmed.Avrona s heart was bleak.But Hodwig said slowly You know, because Lindelof was captured.

You guys Klingenberg murmured in his heart, if he really did that, even if the baron didn t shoot best cbd gummies for quit smoking him, I m afraid the head of state would not easily spare him.But as long as the baron can be rescued, other things are ignored When the flames of war reopened, everyone on the battlefield knew that live well cbd gummies canada cbd gummies oklahoma on this day.The two armies strangling together will be victorious.It is already difficult for the middle assault group to hold on, and what they now rely on is their strong will to fight.But the will to fight will eventually run out, especially when all the troops are lost.There is no such thing as a will to fight Even so, the assault groups in the German army have reason to be proud of themselves.They killed dozens of times more than themselves when they were dozens of times behind the enemy enemy.This is not something every team can do.

They fearlessly used their bodies to block the German armored forces, even though it made them bleed like rivers.They know better than the Germans who they are protecting, and better than the Germans understand the importance of their own responsibilities.As long as it is not the last moment, they will never give up The German army made a tireless assault all night and achieved significant results.Most of the Soviet army s outer positions were pulled out, and the remaining enemies were driven out.Arrived in a very small place.Until this time.The Germans at the front still had a glimmer of illusion, and they attempted to capture the Russian big shot alive.But the idea seems unrealistic, at least now.When an enemy cbd gummy uk commander has made up his mind to human cbd gummies 500mg mother nature cbd gummies reviews die.There is no way you can make him your own prisoner.

That doesn t belong to us, and it s a world we ll never see.Joseph gradually understood.Yes, they will never understand the baron s world.Don t try to follow the baron s footsteps.The baron s world will never belong to them The United States.Countess Leonie has packed her bags, and she is about to return to his motherland Germany.The United States is a very nice country, but she has lived here for a long time, no matter how beautiful it is , that s not her own homeland either.It s time to go back, it s time to go back.Germany is constantly gaining victories on the battlefield, and the closer the victory is, the stronger the feeling in Countess Leonie s heart Baron I m about to leave them again Yes, Countess Leonie confirmed her judgment Countess, are you really leaving Elliott asked reluctantly.

Under the cover of the infantry, under the cover of the enemy s fierce artillery fire, they forcibly charged towards the anti tank trenches.Some of them were destroyed, but this did not hinder the determination of other tanks to win.The soldiers in these tanks know what to do and how to do it.Everything they do here will be forever remembered in the history of Germany.They with the Baron The war is going on fiercely, all the forces that can be mobilized have been mobilized, mother nature cbd gummies reviews and the two sides no longer have any reservations.If you can no longer inscribe your name in history at a time like this, then you will never have another chance.This time, it will be the most glorious battle Dead or alive A great scene has begun During the battle on July 9th, the two sides invested super strength cbd gummies live well cbd gummies canada more than 500,000 troops, tens of thousands of artillery roared non stop, and countless aircraft fought in the sky.

Most of the cbd gummies high potency 240 mg live well cbd gummies canada people in the reconnaissance battalion could speak Russian.He threw away his weapon and told Yeftina in Russian.Surrender yourself to the Soviet Army.But something amazing happened, but Yevtina didn t do it Because she knew very well that any captured German would not end well in Moscow, they would be beaten to death.However, she somehow had a good impression of the German in front of her, and then hid him in the cellar of her own house, which is here The injury on An Pu s leg became heavier day by day.The wound began to fester and fester, but they could not get medical assistance.So An Puna made a decision by himself, he was completely without anesthesia.Amputated his own calf Heisenberg was stunned by what he heard Did he actually amputate his HCMUSSH live well cbd gummies canada own leg without any anesthesia at all God, what courage it takes I survived, and we fell in love.

They are just mechanically and numbly executing the order to continue fighting.Everyone of them knows that the war has long since lost hope for the Soviet Union.Zhukov s order saved them in the most timely manner.They should even be grateful Zhukov Volworkk came back less than a message after Zhukov made his opinion.He live well cbd gummies canada told Marshal Zhukov.Marshal Ernst agreed to his request.Now it HCMUSSH live well cbd gummies canada s your turn to do what you should do , Marshal Zhukov.Zhukov nodded calmly, and then he issued this order to all the Soviet soldiers Soviet officers.Soldiers of the Soviet Union, it is September 15, 1943.On human cbd gummies 500mg mother nature cbd gummies reviews this day, though I don t want to, it is with a heavy heart that I must tell live well cbd gummies canada each of you that the war is over. I understand, I understand.Zhukov actually smiled at this time You know what, I want to see Marshal Ernst even more urgently now.

Xiaoling explained And just now When Sophie was in a coma, I checked the base and found that the y elements had temporarily lost all their cbd gummies for tinitus radiation, and I don t know when they will recover.Well, well, Xiaoling s meaning couldn t be more obvious Already Everyone on the base.All have to stay here What s going on here now Ancient Germany Wang Weiyi muttered rather dissatisfied At least I have to know cbd gummy dose limits what s going on here now.He has already experienced several times of time and space travel, and he adjusted quickly own mood.Now that we have come to this era.So why so many complaints All I can do is try my best to adapt to this era and survive in this era.During this period of time, Gaius Julius Caesar, the Caesar that Europeans often call, completed the alliance with Pompey and Crassus, known as the Triple Alliance.

Get lost.Hey, come and see, we caught three Roman women The sudden voice at this moment aroused everyone s curiosity.Three terrified Roman women were shoved out.There were bursts of laughter from the mouth of the Germanian.Hey, look.The real Roman women Aha, the Roman women who were usually high above, now fall into our hands No one is allowed to touch them A majestic voice came, and then It was the voice of Baron Alexon.The Germanians offered to get out of the way.Wang Weiyi came in front of them and recognized them at a glance.They were Nelia and her two maids.Caesar ran in such a hurry that he didn t even have time to take away his beloved woman.The faces of Nelia s maids were full of panic, but strangely, Nelia looked very calm.This also made Wang Weiyi very curious, but now is not the time to think about these issues, he asked Elena to take the three female prisoners out, and then said loudly Take all the spoils that can be taken away immediately, The revenge of the Romans will come soon Another round of cheers sounded from the mouths of the Germanians.

Defeating Caesar has proved that you and your companions are warriors.Lorbis tried to make his voice sound more polite But with only four people, ah, there are three who can t fight Do you really think that Caesar live well cbd gummies canada can be subdued At least you re right about one thing.Wang Weiyi smiled and said The defeat of Caesar has already shown that we have such abilities.Yes, the four of us alone cannot achieve victory, and our emperor, His Majesty, does not intend to directly send troops to intervene Richthofen smiled on the face behind the mask.Our Your Majesty the Emperor, did you intend to directly send troops to intervene Where did Ernst find the German Empire s army Did Xiao Ling really show up with the base Wang Weiyi continued But one thing I can be sure of, The end of Caesar and the Roman legions is near Immediately, this sentence caused a commotion among the leaders.

But, now he s proven wrong The determination shown by these barbarians is unimaginable, and what s even more frightening is that not only are the barbarians amazing in mother nature cbd gummies reviews cannaverda cbd gummies fighting power, but they don t seem to be afraid at all life and death.They use all kinds of weapons, such as javelins, spears, axes, stone hammers, and even daggers obtained from the Romans However, no matter what kind of weapons are in their hands, they are still live well cbd gummies canada alive.Being able to adapt quickly to them, maybe they are born fighters.They hit the Romans with stone hammers, and then hit the enemy s head with a few more hard hammers, until the enemy s head was smashed Sometimes, they would use the stones they took from the Romans.The short sword plunged into the Roman s body, and then drew it out to rush to the next target Each of their killing methods makes people feel extremely terrifying.

But Marris was different.Don t say that he is naked now, even if he is wearing armor, he live well cbd gummies canada cbd gummies oklahoma can t stop the terrible damage of the weapons made by Xiaoling.It s terrifying a weapon made by Xiaoling, no piece of armor in this era can resist it.Blood continued to splatter from the wound. One on the left rib, one on the calf, and two wounds made Maurice unbearably painful, even though it didn t show anything on his face.Moreover, the massive flow of blood also caused Marris physical strength to decrease rapidly.Obviously, Guo Yunfeng has noticed this.He knew that victory was not too far away from him.As long as you continue to drink Marris and fight for live well cbd gummies canada a while, the final winner will definitely be yourself.Of course, at least half cbd gummies high potency 240 mg live well cbd gummies canada of such victories belonged to Xiao Ling, if it wasn t for the weapons and armor specially made by Xiao Ling.

Now, it depends on who can tell to keep going.The Germanians obviously didn t realize this at all.In their view, being able to kill the Romans to the greatest extent was the happiest thing.They never thought that the boulder would be used up sooner or later, and because of this, They still unscrupulously threw boulders one by one without reservation.Boom , the boulder continuously stirred up countless dust.Roman soldiers continued to die tragically, but as the battle prolonged, Roman soldiers gradually found a way to deal with this terrible weapon.As Wang Weiyi said before.When any new type of weapon appears on the battlefield for mother nature cbd gummies reviews cannaverda cbd gummies the first time, it must be able to achieve great results and cause a great shock to the enemy.However, the enemy will also quickly find a way to deal with it.Never underestimate the wisdom of the enemy The first attack was repulsedbut the Romans quickly invested in the second attack after only a short adjustment.

Although the barbarians have narrowed the gap in numbers, they are still a group without Just ordinary people with any training Caesar nodded.Then he turned his attention to Gaius Gayus, in several battles, your legion has not been challenged by the barbarians.But I live well cbd gummies canada know that among all my legions, your soldiers are Tell me the one with the most combat effectiveness.How should we win Gaius s heart beat wildly for a while.Caesar s words seem to be accusing himself of how much melatonin in yum yum cbd gummies human cbd gummies 500mg mother nature cbd gummies reviews something there.He calmed down his emotions Dear Consul, you appointed live well cbd gummies canada cbd gummies oklahoma Deputy Consul Kaleini as the commander in chief on the battlefield.My legion has been in charge of covering the flanks, so it was ignored by the barbarians.I and My soldiers are eager to join the battle and bring glory to Rome He cleverly shifted all the responsibility to Caesar, leaving Caesar speechless.

He divided the Mediterranean Sea and his army and weaponry into 12 parts, which were assigned to the lieutenant general.So drop the snare over the Mediterranean.It formed a situation where armies and pirates were at war everywhere in the Mediterranean Sea.Pompeo also personally inspected various strongholds and strengthened the supervision of the deputy general.The size of Pompey s army, its tactics, and its preparations made the pirates panic.Most pirates shop for cbd gummies took refuge on mountaintops and harbors.While using force, Pompey also imposed a lenient policy on the pirates, and reserved life and freedom for all those who put down their arms.Under such circumstances, live well cbd gummies canada the pirates begged for surrender one after another, but only a few diehards were resolutely suppressed by Pompey.In the end, more than 10,000 pirate diehards were wiped out, 900 ships were seized, and 120 pirate fortresses were destroyed.

But when the rumors of Spulius began to spread in the city of Rome, Singoloa regretted missing such a good opportunity.Although his husband, Centumalus, was handsome and became a consul, he did not have much money.Even the funds for forming the legion.They were all assembled with the support of Pompeo.Such a husband will definitely not be able to satisfy her desire to spendand a rich man is completely different Fortunately, there was a chance to make amends.In the VIP seat watching the performance of the Sea God Festival sea battle, Singaroa found the young and handsome Mr.Spulius.Singroa will never live well cbd gummies canada let go of such a good opportunity.When I saw Singroa again.Wang Weiyi didn t say anything, and directly took out a shining necklace Beautiful Ms.Singroa, if you are honored, please accept this little gift from me.

In the past two days, with the appearance of corpses one by one, the Roman soldiers kept whispering there, discussing those terrible barbarians, worrying that they would become the same corpses at some point.What s even more frustrating is that they couldn t find the shadows of the attackers at all.This is the most worrying thing, but neither Centumaros nor Senardi can solve this situation.The only thing Senardi can do is to send out as many patrolling soldiers as possible to strengthen the guard, and it is strictly forbidden for the soldiers to act alone.Moreover, what he hopes to see most now is that the soldiers can immediately start fighting the barbarians. He is a traditional Roman general who has never liked sneak attacks, but is more willing to engage the enemy head on.But the savages seem to have no such intentions at all.

Caesar was no longer a threat until Servius arrived.But Pompey had a headache, the destruction of the Fifteenth Army.Let his reputation suffer a great blow.Coupled with the previous changes in the Poseidon Festival, Pompey s status in the hearts of the Romans has quietly changed.what to do Pompey still couldn t think of any good solution But after he was troubled for a few days, a piece of news finally cheered him up Tias Meleus Spulius The MP is back.And he brought back two carts full of grain.Without the slightest delay, Pompeo immediately sent someone to invite Mr.Spulius to his residence.When he saw Spurius again, the young MP said Pompeo, my friend.Finally, I did not disappoint your expectations.Although the food was very difficult to find, I still managed to bring back two carts of food for Rome.

That being said, they are still in a situation where they are being beaten and there is no chance of fighting back at all.Soon, Hers gratitude was replaced by resentment Damn it, how long will this last Do you think we can win the battle with cbd gummies hammer some shields to block the Parthian bows and arrows What a fool You son of war Hels cursed in his live well cbd gummies canada cbd gummies oklahoma heart.Woo, woo , a new loud sound that has never appeared on the battlefield overwhelmed the piercing sound brought by the rain of arrows.Hels, who was hiding behind live well cbd gummies canada the shield, couldn t see what happened, and only heard what came next.There were bursts of human screams and horses neighing, and soon, the dense rain of arrows falling on the shield began to become sparse.As the sound of Woo, woo continued to sound, after a while, there were no more favorable arrows flying towards live well cbd gummies canada them.

Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng glanced at each other and couldn t help laughing Hey.Stop, you Americans, what are you doing here In front of the company s barracks in Italy.Their defense was even more lax than the French.There were only two sentries standing listlessly there.It s time for lunch now, and Wang Weiyi can even smell the fragrance.The Italians put too much emphasis on eating.Even if the enemy is already in sight, they must eat according to a strict time.This has been fully learned by Wang Weiyi in the previous two world wars.We re lost.Wang Weiyi walked up to meet the sentinel My soldiers and I are hungry and thirsty, can you find us something to eat I m not sure.A sentry whistled I have to ask Captain Tuska.Tommy, you watch here.I ll go find the captain.The sentinel lazily walked into the barracks, and he saw Captain Tuska preparing his sumptuous lunch Captain, there are dozens of Americans outside.

The corporal grumbled.Just as he was about to leave, suddenly a cold dagger was placed on his neck.Before the corporal s throat was cut open, he heard such a sentence My name is Guo Yunfeng The blood flowed frantically.The corporal s throat was cut and sprayed out, and then he fell limply to the ground, and it took only a moment before and after.Looking at the corpse on the ground, Guo Yunfeng grinned The American nightmare has just begun.That s what happened to many Americans who searched their homes.They couldn t imagine that instead of running away, the enemy was hiding in the dark and waiting to attack.After killing the second American soldier, Guo Yunfeng looked at the time, five minutes, they can only attack here for five minutes at most.Then evacuate These hunters in the dark began to evacuate quickly, and Guo Yunfeng jumped onto a roof, where Wang Weiyi was watching everything that happened in Longenberg coldly.

Like the Skeleton Division, they were engaged in the battle on the first day of the Battle of Berlin.There are currently a lot of casualties.I have ordered the Paipa battle group to draw as many troops as possible for support, but the effect It won t be very big.The fall of Antewart will take a few days according to the judgment of the frontline battle General Olitz, what is the HCMUSSH live well cbd gummies canada specific time Werner asked.General Olitz was silent for a while It will not be later than the day after tomorrow, and the worst case will be tomorrow.The office fell silent again.Once the Nordland battle group is unable to withstand the enemy s attack and the Antwater position falls, the side of the skeleton division will be directly attacked by the enemy, and the entire front line position may collapse.Berlin will face the enemy s attack most directly Are live well cbd gummies canada there no reinforcements available Kroller didn t seem too nervous.

All for Germany.All for Germany.Wang Weiyi hung up the phone, and his eyes turned to the high spirited Skeleton Division officers and soldiers Are you ready All for Germany Thought it was for Ernst In such a loud response from the officers and soldiers, Wang Weiyi live well cbd gummies canada cbd gummies oklahoma jumped on his Panther tank again Attack Attack German attack The sound of the cannon that had just disappeared was once again on the battlefield There was a roar.Those German officers and soldiers who won the first counterattack have devoted themselves to live well cbd gummies canada a new counterattack with high morale This is a scene that makes the Americans unbelievable they suffered a whole night of torture, and only returned live well cbd gummies canada cbd gummies oklahoma to their positions in fear after confirming the retreat of the German army.However, before they gathered up the corpses of their companions, the German army roared in again The overwhelming shouts and the roar of the mountains and tsunamis broke the liver and gallbladder of the Americans.

Kroll stood up, walked to the window, and thought of looking at Berlin outside the window.He was afraid of the Baron s return, of the Baron s entry into Berlin, because then he would be held accountable for the defeat of the war.And why Germany failed He knows best in his heart.If it is leaked, he will become the public enemy of all Germany.Especially that Baron Alexon, he will not let himself go.Therefore, it is now a critical moment of life and death for Kroller. The baron has won, and we have just received information from Little Spirit.In Alexon Manor, Elena brought new news And the baron is leading the skeleton division to Ibor.Strange, why is there no news about this in Berlin Leonie frowned Joseph, do you know these things I don t know, ma am.Joseph didn t dare to be slighted, even though he knew that Who is the little spirit who provided the information The streets of Berlin are celebrating the Baron s return, but no one has said anything about the victory.

Wang Weiyi stood up Colonel, you can leave with your people, or wait for your people to arrive in Ibor.And you, Marshal Colonel Gay was a little puzzled.I will return to Berlin and lead our soldiers to the final victory.Wang Weiyi looked outside silently Colonel, do you believe that we can win I have no HCMUSSH live well cbd gummies canada idea.Colonel Guy said matter of factly From a theoretical point of view, you have no possibility of victory.Ah, Marshal, I do not offend you, I speak the truth.Most of Germany has fallen, and you only have Berlin left.I really can t think of any way you can change the current situation.Wang Weiyi nodded I m not angry, no one will believe that we can still win, but sometimes miracles will always appear inadvertently, isn t it, Colonel Colonel Gay shrugged.Anyway, he would never win Germany under such circumstances Unless, the word miracle really exists in this world Ask for a monthly ticket on the 24th.

It is the unique skeleton battle flag of the legendary German army Skeleton Division God, reinforcements.Reinforcements came when they needed them most The tank moon cbd gummies fired as if no one was around, and the shells exploded in the enemy s ranks.The shock caused by the shock caused the enemy to groan.Then, a large number of German troops appeared Their numbers are far above the enemy.The light and heavy firepower in the hand fired together.The enemies he fought were in a mess.Reinforcements, our reinforcements are here Second Lieutenant Kruman exclaimed excitedly The sudden arrival of reinforcements caught the Allied commando by surprise, and they were brutally massacred by the Germans.More than half were killed by the fire.Probably live well cbd gummies canada seeing that there was no hope, the commander of the commando quickly and consciously ordered the team members to stop resisting.

Speaking of which, he looked around.And you, agents, don t hide yourself, this is Berlin.Near the home of a German Marshal.Why do you hide your shadows like cowards The major and the agents didn t know what to do At this moment, a jeep roared towards it, then stopped suddenly, the door opened, and two gray haired people jumped out of the car, Old men in faded military uniforms.They came to Field Marshal Paul Hausser, straightened their bodies, and said loudly Johann von F.Benekenff reports to you Kelbert, the ex commander of the Waffen SS Motorcycle Battalion Langematt reports to you Generals.Thanks for your hard work.Marshal Paul Hauser nodded.Then, a strange sound came.All the people looked there.An old general appeared here on a horse.He jumped off the horse, Said in the same loud voice Marshal Paul Hauser, General Ludwig, the former commander of the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment of the Waffen SS Skeleton Division Van der Venny reports to you General van der Veneer, I m curious, why did you come here on horseback cbd gummies for relief is medigreens cbd gummies legit asked his old superior Ludwig curiously.

He didn t know how to face the baron who appeared in front of him He saw three people walking towards him, God, it was a German general and two marshals Werner understood in an instant The Baron has appeared The three people got closer and closer, and when they gradually saw the face of the marshal in the front, Werner thought for a moment that he was wrong.Who is that Who is that Werner will never forget that elixir cbd gummies face in his life that is that is General Wang Weiyi Werner will never forget this face Shanghai, Nan Shaodu, November 15, 1937.The location of the decisive battle between the Chinese army and the Japanese army, the location of the decisive battle, is not in Nanjing, but on the Xicheng Line Lieutenant Werner also participated in that battle as an adviser to the German Advisory Group, and he was with General Wang Weiyi, who was still the battalion commander at the time.

Firth believed that what Bushman said was not a lie, so he turned his attention to Ernest Now it s your turn, General Ernest.Ernest said without thinking, I don t know, I don t know anything. Ernest was silent.Firth said with confidence You have a very happy family.But from now on your family can only live in a disgraceful environment.Because your wife has a treasonous husband, and your children have a treasonous father.what will happen to them They will live in disgrace for the rest of their lives.Ernest lowered his head in pain.Fels knew it was almost done Let s make an exchange, tell us where Kroll is, and help us catch him and his accomplices, then we can ask The Germans announced that you were actually placed beside Kroller by us, and you served Germany loyally.Your HCMUSSH live well cbd gummies canada name will be crossed out from the list of thirty seven people real Ernest raised his head abruptly.

At least in the eyes of the Allies, the possibility of any victory in Germany s fate In fact, this is the confidence accumulated by Germany over the years, a belief in the Baron that outsiders cannot understand at all.From World War I to World War II, no matter what the circumstances, the Baron could always perform miracles, and he never knew what it meant to fail.And it s the same this time.Westmoreland decided to organize a strong force and deal a fierce blow to Berlin, completely dispelling the confidence of the Germans and breaking the myth of the Baron s invincibility.Seventeen divisions and eight brigades of Allied forces were mobilized.Cooperating with strong air and ground forces, Westmoreland organized a military attack code named Blizzard on December 10th.The goal is very clear, to completely defeat the main German defense line composed of the Skeleton Division, the Prince Eugen Mountain Division, and the Grossdeutschland Regiment.

When the Allied forces suddenly stepped up their bombing here, Opperman quickly realized that the enemy had changed their main attack direction to this place.For a whole morning, the enemy s artillery fire did not stop for a minute, and those nasty planes in the sky flew over again and again, leaving bombs and incendiary live well cbd gummies canada bombs on the German positions again and again.This caused the National Army to suffer a lot of losses.When the artillery fire began to extend.Opperman knew it was time to test himself.A large number of armored vehicles appeared, followed by countless enemies.Opperman sneered.Do Americans think that this can scare themselves super strength cbd gummies live well cbd gummies canada What I saw on the battlefield of World War II was even more terrifying than this.At that time, the opponent of the German army was the Soviet army.They had a larger sea of tanks and soldiers who could not be killed no matter what.

He even operated the machine gun himself a few times, shooting like an high times cbd gummies review ordinary soldier.Bullets whizzed around him.It could take him to hell anytime and anywhere, but he didn t care about it at all this person.Originally from hell Death laughed, Death laughed in the air.The always calm and calm German Marshal on the ground is the general he personally conferred.He came with his own mission, live well cbd gummies canada and he never let himself down.The gates of hell have long been opened to Germans, Americans, Frenchmen, to all souls.No matter what Hellboy lost, Reaper will make it up to him twice.Soldiers died with cries of misery, device to infuse cbd in gummies and battles were fought in blood.The battle has progressed until now, both sides are exhausted, and they are performing mechanical and numb movements purely by instinct.On the German position, a few soldiers who were blinded by the bombing fumbled to find a grenade, and then threw it out forcefully.

Captain Kurt did the most important thing in his life.It is also the most correct choice skydiving In the case that his plane could continue to fight, Captain Kurt made this decision by accident, and this decision undoubtedly saved his life.He saw with his own eyes in the air that his fighter plane was torn into pieces by the missile If he had jumped a few seconds later Captain Kurt couldn t imagine the consequences In the air, he watched his squadron being chased and massacred by the enemy, and he saw his squadron shooting down one aircraft after another.He even swore that he saw the pilot in the fiery red fighter plane.Ah, maybe it was an illusion that I was in the air Captain Kurt was lucky compared to his companions, he landed on his own side.And was quickly rescued.But since this fiasco, Captain Kurt lost the courage to continue fighting.

The US military hurriedly picked up the submachine gun.Although Captain Tupman cbd gummies for arthritis amazon did not understand what they said, he knew that he was telling the truth.He pulled out his pistol, pulled the trigger and knocked down these American soldiers one after another.Then he took out his submachine gun and shouted It s exposed, let s fire.The alarm in the camp sounded with the sound of the guns.The Germans drew their guns one after another and sent them to hell before the U.S.military could react.Captain Tupman kicked open the door of the room and found the U.S.military s radio station and secrets inside.Documents and the like.They hurriedly picked up the documents and destroyed the radio station.They left here and entered a warehouse.The German soldiers had already taken off the American military uniforms, revealing the German military uniforms inside.

You can t start a tank at all without roasting for a while.The tank soldiers were all wearing summer clothes, shivering and warming themselves by the fire.Choo Choo Tom sneezed twice, exercising his muscles and rubbing his hands together.Are you still attacking We are all ready.Martin s snot froze and turned into popsicles.Twenty degrees below zero, well, the bolt can be opened.Thomp said with a thermometer on his body.Major Ludman looked at the US military positions with a telescope for a while.It seemed that there were not many Americans, but their clothes were thick.He raised his wrist and looked at his watch.It was 11 59, and there was one minute left.The officers blew their whistles.Come on Kill Groups of German soldiers rushed to the US positions under the cover of a large number of tanks.

The rebel army built ammunition factories and gun factories in the city, preparing to persist in long term operations.In mid April, a large number of French reinforcements arrived in Cairo.With the enemy at hand, the elders in the uprising team began to waver, advocating a compromise with the French army.The uprising masses in the middle and lower classes sternly denounced the betrayal of the Presbyterians, refused to surrender, and persisted in fighting.The commander in chief of the French army, Kleber, ordered the attack, and finally set fire to Cairo.The second uprising in Cairo failed in a sea of fire.But the Egyptians continued to wage guerrilla warfare in other areas, forcing the French to retreat to the main towns.The fourth uprising broke out just twenty years ago, and they were victorious that time.

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Yes, Mr.Petergoff.Tatiana also smiled and said The bet here is for you Maybe it s too small, are you going to change to another place Of course.Wang Weiyi stood up without thinking.And you, Mr.Tuckerdov, would you like to come to Box 1 Tatyana said live well cbd gummies canada again to the fat man.Ah, Box 1 Of course, of course I would.Tuckerdorf said impatiently, as if it was his great honor to be in Box 1.In this way, Wang Weiyi was brought into Box 1 the largest in the entire Royal Club.It is also the most luxurious box.There was already someone waiting inside.They were in their fifties and looked very kind.He was smoking a pipe, and beside him stood a man over 30 years old.When he saw the guests coming in, he smiled with a pipe in his mouth Welcome, my most honored guests.Mr.Petergoff, Mr.Tukdorf.Mr.Migroski, it is a pleasure to meet you.

He jumped up and was about to throw at Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi didn t even blink his eyes because at this moment, Ivan had already taken the first step to control Mr.Tukedov Mr.Tukedov, there is no People can cheat Migrosky stood up and took the ashtray live well cbd gummies canada from his son s collection Are you insulting me Oh, no, no, Mig Mr.Roski, I was just saying that he cheated.Tuckerdov said tremblingly.Then you are still insulting me, and you can t even tell that someone is cheating Ivan, please put the hand he was holding the ashtray on the table, please Before he had time to how much are cbd gummies to stop smoking react, his people were already controlled by Ivan, and he put one hand on live well cbd gummies canada the gaming table.Mr.Migroski, please don t hurt me, poor man Shh, please don t talk.If you dare to struggle or resist, I promise you will not get out of here alive.

The engine live well cbd gummies canada has been turned off, and the pile of waste wood perfectly covered the outline of the German metal.The small scout platoon The tall Paulus was puzzled by the address between them What did you call Lieutenant just now Dad snort I don t understand.Little brother Nash pulled the scout aside.He pointed at the people who were talking to them.Look, Lieutenant Kiritz is our father, and we are all his children.You see, Mel is the eldest son, I am the second son, and the youngest, Hoffman Jr., is the youngest son Nash, the loader, raised his head proudly How is it Are you envious Our crew is our family Lieutenant Kieritz is no ordinary man If you had come a few weeks earlier, hey, you could have seen cbd gummies high potency 240 mg live well cbd gummies canada the brothers from other families It s a pity that they are all gone.oh etc.etc Paulos shook his head and smiled, this state is very rare in this difficult battlefield You said that each of your car crews is a family Ha ha Probably notevery family has women.

This is Fu Yu s child, and in a sense it is also his own child Fighting until the afternoon.The battlefield has shown a white hot situation.Many positions were breached by the French, but Guo Yunfeng and Jekat still tried their best to organize a counterattack.Some positions were retaken.But often before they had time to take a breather, the French s new attack came again.Corpses can be seen everywhere on every position, and there is almost no one to take care of the wounded.Those medical soldiers were sometimes rescuing a wounded companion, but he would suddenly be hit by a bullet, and then he would fall headlong beside the companion who was supposed to be treated by himself.No one will shed a single tear for them, and everyone knows it.Maybe they will do the live well cbd gummies canada same soon, just die on this fiery battlefield.

Dive bombers can drop bombs with precision.They are the favorite aerial warhawks of the cbd gummies for anxiety for sale German armies Because live well cbd gummies canada they exist for the German army The Russians do not intend to give up the already easy victory They are still pounding And those, in Nocher s view.It s suicide above the sky.A warhawk that had turned its nose slowly drooped until the muzzles of the two machine guns on its wings rushed towards the densely packed Russian soldiers rushing towards the German army da da da da Nochier almost watched those Russians being torn apart by large caliber bullets.The fighter jet fired a perfect wave, then raised its nose and disappeared into the sky.And this is not the end, the formation of the Russians was in chaos, the second fighter plane came one after another, and their buttocks sank.A bomb accurately fell into the crowd of Russian soldiers.

It has begun, finally officially started, the good show staged by Baron Alexon is going on step by step, the arrogant and greedy Gregory is walking into a huge tomb.But this stupid guy walked in without even noticing.By the time he jolly cbd gummies review wakes up, it s too late.He will be buried deep with anger and despair.What could be more joyful than this The harm that Gregory once brought to them will definitely be returned to him one by one.Only Rona Nova seemed a little gloomy.As her husband, Khmelitsky fully understood what his wife was thinking Rona Nova, my dear wife, are you still worried about that old thing Have you forgotten what they brought us He never regarded us as his own, so why should we feel sorry for him Natalia also persuaded My sister, don t think about it.Too much, he only trusts his own son, doesn t he He never really cared about us.

At this time, they have been watching After all this, Wang Weiyi let Alice sit on his live well cbd gummies canada lap They are all bad people, and bad people should be punished, tell me, are you afraid Alice shook her head, since her mother left her, she He has already decided to regard Mr.Moyol as his father.With his father by his side, he is not afraid of anything.Oh, by the way, my father is not Mr.Mojol, my father told himself.His name is Ernst Alexson von Brehm.Look, we didn t have a very happy start.Capone still held the gun But I hope that the next cooperation will make us happy with each other Colonel Chernak Boch, we know you I got Gregory s order to assassinate the respected reporter Mr.Bordeaux Fu, so I don t need you to answer our questions, the only thing I want you to do is to testify against Gregory.No, this will never happen.

If the Grand Duke takes his anger on us, but Really everything is over.Khmelitsky wants to stop and let this matter stop here, but Kasjivov resolutely refuses to agree, and said that he will definitely meet the Grand Duke tomorrowWe ran out in a mess, I think we are about to die Khmelitsky came back to me and told me his plan.Since Kasgivov wanted to do this, he should just shut him up forever.I know exactly what it cbd gummies peoria ill means to keep your mouth shut forever, and I was a little scared, but Khmelitsky told me that instead of letting the Grand Duke punish us, it is better to take risks in advance, and I finally agreed to his suggestion In the evening we went to Kasjivoff s house again, and lied to him that the Grand Duke would see him immediately.Kasjivoff believed him and let us go into the house with him.

If they successfully drive super strength cbd gummies live well cbd gummies canada through the ruins, they will have a huge impact on the German defense.Cole, you snipe them as much as you can Steinman said as he dodged the constant incoming bullets and lasers.Bang live well cbd gummies canada live well cbd gummies canada bang Cole fired a burst, and an American infantryman trying to enter the house was directly knocked down.Steinman crouched behind a pile of sandbags, picked up the detonator, and pressed the button.Boom Boom The American tanks on the ruins on both sides were all paralyzed by the explosion, and some tanks that escaped by chance retreated hastily with flames live well cbd gummies canada and bullet marks all over their bodies.Steinman breathed a sigh of relief.This is, a grenade rolled down to his feet inexplicably.Steinman subconsciously threw the grenade back Cole, how s the situation There are too many enemies Most of them live well cbd gummies canada have entered the house Cole jumped from upstairs with a sniper rifle live well cbd gummies canada in his arms.

S.military to resist has also greatly exceeded the expectations of the Germans and the British, and this also proves that with the continuation of the war, the combat effectiveness of any army is gradually strengthening, and their live well cbd gummies canada combat determination and combat experience have already It is not comparable to that at the beginning of the war.Wang Weiyi also saw all this clearly, but he didn t think there was anything to worry about.During the course of the war, there would always be unexpected situations of one kind or another.As a commander, what he had to do was Choosing to trust, he firmly believes that his soldiers will be able to meet his combat requirements.He didn t even ask where the front line was going At this time, the German Waffen SS Korck Tank Assault Group once again encountered their old rival, the 126th Armored Regiment of the US Army.

He appeared on the battlefield with a mentality of revenge.Colonel Hua Erjin was grateful to Commodore Dolby for his trust in him, and thanked Commodore Dolby for what he had said for him, which allowed him to avoid punishment.In return, he can only use his performance on the battlefield to respond to Commodore Duby s trust.It s just that in the battle the day can i take cbd gummy bears on a plane before, the 126th Armored Regiment had cbd gummies high potency 240 mg live well cbd gummies canada already suffered heavy losses, especially to the confidence and morale of the soldiers, and such damage was difficult to make up for in a short period of time.This is evident on the battlefield.In the confrontation of artillery shells, American tanks often retreated from the battlefield in a panic because they could not last longer.Their determination and will human cbd gummies 500mg mother nature cbd gummies reviews to resist seemed to be far inferior to those of the American soldiers of the Marine Corps Brigade.

How dare Avako say such outrageous words here However, Avako s words are not over yet The great revolutionary pioneer Yatez Mr.Yetiri has cared about our lives countless times during his lifetime.But such a just and benevolent elder was shamelessly killed by the government Although Mr.Yetiri has left us, his soul resides in our body forever Wake up, fellow citizens Wake up, France For our most basic right of survival, and for the unfulfilled will of Mr.Yetiri, I declare that the general strike at the Paris Iron Works has begun Cheers and slogans resounded in the workshopStarting at 9 00, all workers cbd gummy robots in all workshops of the Paris Iron and Steel live well cbd gummies canada Plant announced the official strikeGelton fled the workshop like a .

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bereaved dog, panicked He reported the situation to Thierry, but when he arrived at Mr.

However, when his speech paused for a moment, someone suddenly asked Mr.President.I heard that the Axis Army is preparing to cross the English Channel and launch an attack on the British mainland.Is the UK ready to deal with it Yes, I heard the rumor too live well cbd gummies canada Fenton raised his voice again But I can assure you that the British mainland will never be attacked in any form, and we have enough capital to fight back But you just said that we are about to win The voice continued Victory and counterattack at home are two completely different concepts.Can I understand that We have already lost The initiative of the war has to be transferred to the defense of the homeland Is it that the Axis powers headed by Germany are gradually winning Everyone s attention was attracted by this voice Wang Weiyi also looked there involuntarily.

Although Sir Monrington has passed away, the family still has great influence in the UK.From the political, financial and military circles, Jazz s prot g s are all over the place.Once the Monlington family is touched, it may soon cause a series of terrible changes Of course, the Monrington family was expelled by the queen.They also kept a strange silence on the matter.They didn t seem to want to express their opinions on this matter Only this Thorpe Monlington is an outlier.He always criticizes the so called British revolution in public It was nothing more than a farce For this reason, Thorpe received several public or private warnings, but this vigorous young man was not afraid at all Sure enough, Thorpe s words Let Fenton s face darken Mr.Thorpe Monlington.You are misinterpreting my meaning.

Today is a good weather.The continuous rain in London has stopped today.Wang Weiyi stared at the opposite side We will launch Plan B.This is the first time Nash has heard of Plan B.Listen carefully to what Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said We must figure out that once the war cannot go on according to our wishes.How many people in the Fenton government are willing to join the possible government in exile To find out how many weak willed people there are in the Fenton government.What worries us most is that, based on the information we have, some senior officials have secretly contacted the Axis powers, which may give us to wreak havoc on the entire plan of the Now, Nash has added a little more trust to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, which is almost the same as the intelligence he obtainedhis intelligence Tell him too.

Yep, no one around listening.OK, I have an urgent matter to report to you now Colonel Jed, Chief of CIA UK, has defected Yes.The situation is very cbd gummies high potency 240 mg live well cbd gummies canada critical.The entire CIA intelligence system in the UK is being destroyedI demand the immediate and secret arrest of Colonel Jedd and his immediate return homeSuccessor I think Captain Roger can take Colonel Jed s place no, he is not Colonel Jed s man, I can ensure his loyalty to America yes, I will carry out super strength cbd gummies live well cbd gummies canada your order immediately Order to arrest Colonel JedYes, the Ash Project will definitely not be damaged in any way He put down the phone, and then let out a long breath I totally I did as you ordered, is there anything else I can do Ah, tonight I think you should write all the contents of the Ash Project Wang Weiyi thought for a while Mr.Olaviecki.

Robert felt lucky, if not for today s conversation, he would be What kind of fate is ahead Now, he has completely abandoned the Fenton government, exactly as many of his colleagues have done One thousand one hundred and fifteen.General Cassano s Choice The Axis campaign, which had won Easton, quickly began a powerful attack on Dorset.Romeo and his British Royal First Division, who always acted as the leading force, were also supplemented immediately.The war conducted by Germany has fully demonstrated the character of the Germans they treat everything delicate wine like an invulnerable machine.Although this kind of character is a bit old fashioned and even makes people feel a little helpless, but for war, a person with such a character is the best commander.The surrender of the British government forces in Easton has had a great impact on cbd sleep gummies uk the British defenders in other places.

If there are members of the underground resistance organization mixed in, knowing that a head of the CIA and a head of the FBI appear here, it may be difficult for them to get out of here alive.Hey, why did you come here Roger moved closer to his companion.Ah.I got some information.Pattinson said perfunctorily So I will observe it alone first.It s you.Roger, what are you doing here again Come on, if you got any information about the underground resistance organization, would you come to this dirty bar alone Roger was very disdainful, but he did not expose the other party s lies I also got some information, so I came here to take a look.Served with a very bad beer.He drank one mouthful live well cbd gummies canada at a time.Look, two gentlemen in suits.A burly man with tattoos saw them.He exclaimed gloatingly Hey, Mr.Suit, isn t there a better bar in the city Why do you come to a place where we poor people stay Roger and Pattinson stared at him coldly, Didn t say much.

Wang Weiyi seemed to see what the other party was thinking But I have it, but you don t.As for the so called information you have, it is all left to you by me, General Luke, I have already set a path for you, and all you have to do is to keep walking on the path I designed.Commodore Luke was completely desperate.He never thought that he would face such a situation one day.He took a deep breath I only have one last question, who are you You have no right to know who I am.Wang Weiyi replied lightly But I can guarantee that after the war is won, I will tell you who I am in front of your grave, not now.Brigadier General Luke closed his eyes and let out a long sigh.Can t even his last wish be fulfilled Who is this terrifying opponent in front of him Brigadier General Luke died, a tragic death , He didn t realize that he was a tragedy until he died 1128.

Here is another Marshal of Great Britain More than 10 minutes later, the earth shattering artillery sounded again, and the Axis forces seemed to be telling their enemies in this way that no one could stop the Axis forces from winning.Just like twenty years ago, the Axis Revolution is bound to win the final victory of the war That year, the mighty German army marched into Moscow.And in 1966, the powerful German army and their allies would inevitably march into London with their heads held high.London was trembling, the Allies were trembling, even the whole earth was trembling There is no hope, is it In the office, President Fenton s face was so pale One after another, we have been People who trusted us have betrayed us now, London will be occupied soon, right The two consecutive really made Prime Minister Wilkins and Minister Capanong also live well cbd gummies canada nodded blanklyYeah, London will be taken over soon.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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