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Wang Weiyi did not expect Rommel to say such words in front of Adolf Hitler, he wanted to interrupt, but felt that it HCMUSSH martha stewaet cbd gummies was very impolite.Rommel said with a serious expression Braveness, dexterity, loyalty, and calmness are the prerequisites for an excellent German soldier.I have no doubts about you in terms of loyalty, Corporal Adolf.But you can t do dexterity and calmness.You The body is too thin, and the movements are very clumsy.When you jumped into the trench, you even fell.When you got up, you shot blindly, and you didn t even know where your target was Hitler s face was flushed, but standing opposite him was a lieutenant and the hero of Pore , but he still had the courage to say Lieutenant, the other points you are allowed to say are Yes, but you can t deny my bravery It is a serious lack of education for you to interrupt before the officer has finished speaking Rommel was merciless, and Hitler quickly shut up.

Pompestein laughed, he didn t believe it at all.Want to kill yourself Now this Chinese man is almost at risk of losing his life.fifty six.Conditions Although Wang Weiyi is a baron, he is nothing in front of Depusey, the countess butler.After standing outside the Earl s Manor and waiting for a full 20 minutes, he finally received some comforting news Countess Schiller was willing to meet Baron Alexon at night.When he saw Countess Leonie, Leonie seemed to have fallen asleep, which could be seen from his complexion.Asked Wang Weiyi to sit down, asked Depusey to pour a glass of wine for Wang Weiyi and herself, Leoni took a sip, and her spirit improved a lot Baron Alexon, I have sent an invitation to you, but not In this night when I m already sleeping.It s very impolite to disturb you like this.

Another important point is that they are also very dissatisfied with the actions of the people in the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff.The honor of these nobles cannot be challenged, Ernst s subordinates were kidnapped , Wang Weiyi, Manstein, and Richthofen rushed out together, and each of them dealt with each other without giving them time to draw their guns Wang Weiyi s opponent is Boritz, of course he will not know the German s name.When rushing up, he hit Bolits on the temple with one fist, and in less than a second, Bolits lost martha stewaet cbd gummies his fighting power.This is the result of the most brutal training in a long time Then, Wang Weiyi grabbed Boritz s hair with his left hand, and punched Boritz s throat with his right hand several times.Boritz died instantly like a chicken with its throat cut.

The German army planned to invest all of the first and second armies, and part of the fifth army, with Crown Prince William August as the honorary commander in chief and cbd gummies for sleep martha stewaet cbd gummies General von Bello as the royal cbd gummies cbd gummies south africa commander in chief, to attack the Allied positions centered on Barle.In order to win this autumn offensive, the German army concentrated a powerful force of 19 infantry divisions, 1,182 artillery pieces, and 226 aircraft.And Wang Weiyi s supplementary battalion is just a small part of it.The attack will not be successful.Xiao Ling is not optimistic about the German army s autumn offensive at all It will soon be cloudy and rainy, the roads will be muddy, and all battles will become extremely difficult.It won t last long The attack will stop, and then the Battle of the Somme will come to an end.Wang Weiyi actually knew this result.

There was no sequence and no coordination.Whichever unit completed its preparations first went into the attack.The whole battlefield was in chaos.The Germans were attacking for no reason, and the British and French In the defense.Fighting everywhere, a division met a regiment, a regiment met a division.The organization was completely disrupted, and the German soldiers went into battle one by one like captured men, but they didn martha stewaet cbd gummies t know what happened until after the battle What happened.Don t ask their officers, even their officers are clueless about it.An hour ago the officers were thinking about what to eat for lunch, but an hour later everything changed.God knows such When is the melee going to end, and it s all crazy because of one guy Ernst Brehm Eighty Nine.Forced landing Wang Weiyi would never have imagined that the entire German army had fallen into a state of madness.

Wang Weiyi was even more surprised.He was a German nobleman by his name.Did he go to France General von Bello s words quickly confirmed Wang Weiyi s guess He is the chief of staff of the First Army, a major general of the army.A few days ago, he mysteriously disappeared, and we got definite information that he defected.At the moment his men are in Reims and will soon be sent to Paris.Major Ernst, I think you know the seriousness of the situation, right Wang Weiyi was taken aback.A German nobleman, the chief of staff of a major general, actually defected This was a huge blow to the German army.He has a lot of martha stewaet cbd gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies high level confidential information in his hands.We must not let him reach Paris alive General von Bello s eyes showed very complicated emotions Your mission is to martha stewaet cbd gummies bring him back at all costs.

Then There is no more, the joke ends here.Ah ha, ha, ha so funny, so ridiculous Facing the funniest joke in history, Wang Weiyi laughed a few times.I have to forgive Xiao Ling, let a computer tell you a joke.This is already a very remarkable thing.Really, you like it I also thought the joke was ridiculous.Xiao Ling actually said that.What do you think Wang Weiyi hurriedly asked the doubt cbd gummies legal in nj he had been thinking about for a long time Xiao Ling.Do you think this joke is funny You have to know, you are a computer, do you have your own feelings now I mean, emotions that only humans have I m not very clear Xiao Ling s voice also sounded a little confused I m not very sure, when you were in danger in Lance, I had a A kind of nervousness, worrying about youbut I didn t feel it at all when you were surrounded on the Somme And yet.

Xiao Ling reminded him You are just a walker, a bystander, we can t change history, we are just a passerby in the long river of history you are wrong.Wang Weiyi said lightly We cbd gummy rings royal cbd gummies have changed history.From the first minute we came to this era, we are no longer just passers by.Here I am the Rambler, in Germany I am the Skeleton Baron.You once said that no matter where we travel to next time, the name of Baron Skeleton will last forever.Hasn t history been changed by us Seeing Xiao Ling no longer arguing with him, Wang Weiyi smiled But you can rest assured, I have no interest in these royal infightings at all.I am more comfortable on the battlefield than any royal family.Then I m relieved, Rambler.To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.

It was so sudden, there must be something wrong with them You don t need to lecture me on this, Corporal.General Kashanov interrupted the other party roughly Even the worst staff officer here knows this The staff officers laughed again.Colonel Fritoac was a little helpless.He asked Zhukov clearly that although he was young, he was very thoughtful and assertive.He himself liked this young man very much, but His Excellency General did not seem to have a good impression of him.Zhukov was not discouraged at all General, Your wisdom is what I admire.But I observed that the enemy s offensive focus seems to be concentrated here He originally wanted to walk towards the map.But when he thought of his identity, he stopped.General, can you let him Do you want to go to the map Fritoyak was trying his best to fight for his subordinates.

It s a badge on his collar the skull badge That is Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm This lieutenant colonel in the German army actually appeared on the same poster as the German emperor, marshal, and first class general Wang Weiyi s personal reputation in Germany has reached a new height Ernst.In the name of Bram Every young man passing under this poster will stretch party pack cbd gummies out his right arm, perform a hand salute, and then shout Hey, Deutschland It is said that on the front line, St.Ernst and his skeleton That s what the commandos did Elena, Manstein, and Richthofen were all nobles, and martha stewaet cbd gummies they were also invited by His Majesty the Emperor.Came to Berlin with Ernst.The frenzy in Berlin took them by surprise.If there is a decisive battle now, I believe that the final winner will be Germany.Manstein couldn t help but muttered.

Even more brutal The 79th Infantry Brigade is over.The 21st Infantry Division is also finished what is even more lost is my reputation It is said that since Napoleon, France has no good generals, and the French have martha stewaet cbd gummies long since ceased to fight, but P tain does not believe this, Ben Wayhau does not believe it, and Crowell does not believe it Now, he has to believe it In front martha stewaet cbd gummies of the Germans, the French really don t know how to fight.Even if it can win on the battlefield, it is very accidental.people.What I was most afraid of was that the confidence that was once so strong suddenly disappeared The sound of cannons continued to ring around the headquarters there, and at the same time, the sound of soldiers running and screaming came from outside.Colonel Crowell smiled wryly, stood up and poured himself a glass of wine.

Okay.You will are cbd gummies legal in ny live here today, and you are not allowed to go anywhere else.Desimov drove them out, and then said to Wang Weiyi without complacency Mr.Moyol, are you satisfied with my work efficiency Very satisfied Wang Weiyi martha stewaet cbd gummies said this very seriously.Indeed, as long as you find the right person, everything will be easier to handle.And Desimov, the boss here, is undoubtedly such a person God knows how long it will take to find Zakhwoki if we rely only on our own strength Desimov is more concerned about the 20,000 francs, which is a lot of money.He is sure He would not agree to Moyol going to see Zahwoki alone, what if he got the gem and ran away So he insisted on going with Moyol.Wang Weiyi especially noticed that in a bulky In the safe.Desimov took out a revolver and took it with him Taking the opportunity of going to the bathroom, Wang Weiyi asked Xiaoling again about the dangers of obtaining gems.

Moreover, General Kassel was also inspired by Ernst Brahm s words We are retreating, the 1st Army is retreating, the 1st Army is retreating, and the 1st Army is retreating.The 3rd Army is retreating, and the 7th Army is retreating.But we are attacking This is the real pride of Germany General Cassel has made up his mind long ago, even if he empties the last army in his hand, he must rescue the skeleton baron However, these lawless guys can t Be polite, or God knows what more lawless things they will do in the future General Kassel personally stayed at the front line, and he wants to see Ernst Brahm come back smoothly with his own eyes July 18, 1918, at 2 30 am.The German army, which had withdrawn to its original position, was ready to attack again.And this time it was not to accomplish any strategic purpose, this martha stewaet cbd gummies time there was only one purpose to rescue the skeleton baron Ernst Brahm The sound of artillery mercilessly tore through the tranquility of the night sky, and the German army cbd gummy rings royal cbd gummies uncharacteristically started the night battle The artillery shells martha stewaet cbd gummies smashed towards the opposite French army s position overwhelmingly, and the French were dizzy, and they didn t know what happened.

This is a win Victory was originally piled up with countless human lives In this battle, all officers and soldiers of the 107th Division of the Northeast Army used their blood and lives to restore the lost dignity In this world, there is nothing more important than the dignity of a soldier Teacher Jin Kuibi s hands are trembling In the telescope, he saw with his own eyes how his nature one cbd gummies review martha stewaet cbd gummies soldiers fought bravely, and he saw with his own eyes how his soldiers exchanged their own lives for the lives of the enemy What a cute soldier Master seat.Wu Qian, the brigade commander of the 319 brigade beside him, said in a low voice, Are we ashamed Not yet.Jin Kuibi, who put down his telescope, shook his head slightly Our shame will have to wait The day when the Northeast is recovered will be completely cleaned up.

Everyone knew that this person that Commander Matsui asked was Wang Weiyi.We don t know either.The head of the Strategy Department of the General Staff Headquarters from Tokyo, Kagezuo Akira, also had an ugly face We have done a detailed investigation.This person used to be a member of the Central Teaching Corps and was ordered to reinforce Shanghai.We stayed for a while, and then fought at Mitohe Bridge, we don t know anything about the specific situation Kenshiro Shibayama, Chief of the Military Affairs Section of the Ministry of Army, who also came from Tokyo with Kagesa Akira Said Your Excellency, Commander, Mr.Sugawara s identity is very special.I am worried that Marquis Sugawara will be very unhappy if he finds out.I suggest sending someone secretly to discuss the conditions for his release with the Chinese people No Matsui Iwane shook his head Nanjing is in sight, and we must not give up the whole plan because of one person.

15 minutes The casualties of the Japanese army here were so heavy that it was completely unbearable.Corpses were strewn all over the ground, and blood had already pooled into small rivers.They rushed up like a swarm of headless flies, and then were swept down by relentless bullets This is a real killing Eight minutes, prepare to retreat Firm execution is the iron like discipline of the martha stewaet cbd gummies guards.So although the results of the battle can be further expanded, the Guard Battalion is ready to retreat.5 minutes Teams 2 and 3 HCMUSSH martha stewaet cbd gummies retreat, and teams 1 and 4 start covering The third and second teams quickly followed the tanks and gradually withdrew from the battlefield, while the heavy machine gunners put away their machine guns.They also retreated together.Teams 1 and 4 continued to attack the Japanese army frantically with fierce firepower.

In the report, firstly, he didn t want to fight at all, and secondly, he thought that with the 26th Army in front of him, it was impossible for Japan himself to fight here.If the 26th Army loses the east bank, it will be difficult for us to defend here.So I want to To guard Kuncheng Lake, you must guard the east bank.Guo Yunfeng listened very carefully.After listening, he asked What is the main mission of the 388th regiment But the other two regiment leaders really want to fight the Dongyang people, only our regiment leader.Speaking of this, Guo Yunfeng has fully understood.If the support army does not show up when the frontline position is most critical and needs reinforcements the most, the impact on the battlefield will cbd gummies carbs be fatal.what to do Qin Hebiao must not let Qin Hebiao destroy the whole plan Guo Yunfeng s eyes fell on the company commander Zhang Sandao, and for some unknown reason, Wang Weiyi actually put these two rivals together.

Then, Wang Weiyi said what he said just now Gentlemen, I wish you a happy.The car drove away The traveler said we were like hooligans , do you think he s the one who looks like a hooligan Zhou Wenhao said through gritted teeth.I found out a long time ago, it s very shameless.Wei Dong said with a bitter face Brother, let s go, there is still some way to the air travel with cbd gummies French Concession God, Wang Lu Long, you really rescued Brother Anfei Tang Naian couldn t believe his eyes.When Wang Weiyi first said that he wanted to rescue An Fei, Tang Nai an was martha stewaet cbd gummies still dubious.After all, An Fei was locked up with the Japanese himself, how could it be so easy to rescue him But now, An Fei is standing alive in front of him No wonder martha stewaet cbd gummies cbd gummies rochester ny the Japanese are so afraid of Wang Weiyi, and try their best to catch him.The existence of such a person is really a big threat to R himself Brother An, your cousin s head Tang Naian fell silent Your cousin s head, I have been picked up by your cousin An Fei raised his head, took a deep breath, and tried his best to control his emotions there.

If Wang Weiyi didn t have much confidence in these Germans before, he can be sure of one thing now German soldiers are still trustworthy on the battlefield, no matter whether they were real or not before.soldier That concept of war has been deeply rooted in the brains of every German Three hundred and sixty martha stewaet cbd gummies six.Firepower absolute advantage The two groups led by Wang Weiyi have completely suppressed the Japanese army here And when the main reinforcements of the skeleton team arrived, there was no suspense in the battle that took place here.There were Japanese corpses all over the place, but the skeleton team only lost three people.This is a complete victory When the Japanese army s advanced tactical concept met the master and creator of the advanced tactical concept, everything turned into clouds.

Xiaoling really smiled there If something appears in the sky when you attack the Ueno detachment, I will improve it.What do you think will happen What kind of Japanese army will be broken by me.Wang Weiyi also smiled, and then he asked Little Ling, You have to tell me, why did you provide me with so much support during this crossing I don t know, and there doesn t seem to be a rule in the program that I am not allowed to do this, and I am also very strange, anyway, I don t want to go now Study this, Rambler, you only have three days, issue the authorization order Randerer Authorization After Wang Weiyi completed the authorization, he thought for a moment Little Ling, can you help me connect with Hiroshi Yamaguchi I also need to write a few letters, and you have to hand them over to a few people before I leave.

They came at the right time.The repeated fierce battles made the Skeleton Master s weapons and ammunition almost exhausted, and the arrival of supplies made the Skeleton Master glow with strong combat effectiveness again.Now, Wang Weiyi s strength has been strengthened by progress.The Paipa battle cbd gummies for sleep martha stewaet cbd gummies group and the Altino battle group are the most elite units of the German army.The arrival of Tiger tanks and self propelled artillery also gave Wang Weiyi the confidence to continue to deal with the Soviet army.At 5 pm on June 6, the encirclement was closed again by the equally tenacious Soviet army.Tear it apart, close it, tear it apart again, and close it again, bloody battles, fights again and again, the German and Soviet armies have been completely red eyed in the Radev area.Be fearless.Responsible for tearing open the gap of the Soviet army and covering the retreat of the German army, their fighting will is so high.

The war is indeed very difficult, but at this time, we need the calmness of senior commanders, do you understand Yes, I understand.Zhukov said reluctantly.But he is very clear that this is his own words against his will.If the siege of Demyansk continues martha stewaet cbd gummies according to what Comrade Slin said, how much power will the Soviet army lose In his conception, it is to end the siege immediately, then regroup the forces, reorganize the troops, and then fight the Germans in a decisive martha stewaet cbd gummies battle.However, the supreme commander flatly rejected his suggestion.Zhukov already felt that the German army, under the command of the Baron Skeleton, broke out of the Demyansk encirclement, and then the Germans with high morale were about to launch a new counterattack.The battle situation will become increasingly difficult to grasp Four hundred and six.

Ah, that s a good idea Get me a suit immediately Skeleton Commando Major uniform, that was my last rank at the end of the war in 9.I need to be able to wear it when I get to Berlin Okay General, I ll do it right away.General Ernst is back.Welcome home, Baron Heinz, I ordered two sets of Skeleton Commando uniforms, just cbd emoji gummies one for you and one for me, do you need it On the plane, Manstein asked.Aha, Fritz, well done Guderian smiled.We can t meet the baron in general s clothes.That s very impolite.God, I still can t believe it, General He s really back.Manstein smiled and said, Yes, the general has returned home.The breakout of Demyansk is incredible, and the general was the last to leave the battlefield.Of course, it s not in Mongolia right now.Fukon, the general is back, isn t he Yes, my dear Fritz.

It s really good luck.You have martha stewaet cbd gummies to admit that the people under me are still capable of doing things well.Wang Weiyi smiled He took a bottle of martha stewaet cbd gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies vodka and two glasses Do you need cigarettes I have good cigars.Corrupt capitalism.General Kolkorok muttered Is it Cuban cigars Wang Weiyi Looked at it Unfortunately, no, but I suggest you try it.Corrupt capitalism, Kolkorok cursed in his heart, but held the cigar given to him by the German Marshal and a good glass of vodka.Look, the battle is over, we don martha stewaet cbd gummies t need to go all out with bayonets anymore, it would be nice to sit down and talk.Wang Weiyi invited martha stewaet cbd gummies General Kerkorok to sit down.Marshal, you speak Russian really well, where did you learn it Kerkorok asked, taking a puff of cigarette.Well, it is really a good cigar, much more mellow than the one given to him by Marshal Timoshenko.

The return of Baron Alexon, the belief of the German army, also inspired the belief and courage of the German army to win.However, Wang Weiyi would never give the Soviet Army any time to breathe and adjust.No one knew better than him what this meant.One victory after another must be used to nature one cbd gummies review martha stewaet cbd gummies continuously attack the confidence and strength of the Russians Even, during this period, he cannot accept any failure, a failure may have terrible effects, he can only reverse the doomed history with continuous victories, but Wang Weiyi must force himself to do Hal The second stage of Kov began to be carried out in full swing.The invincible Marshal Ernst Brehm is about to face the challenge of a strong opponent Marshal Semyon Konstantinovich, who was promoted by the Russians to the sky.Brother Muxin Marshal vs.

Williams, and I have no face to face a winner.Wang Weiyi Laughed out loud Yes, you are a loser, but you will soon be the most successful loser When Eliot left the room, he said Baron, I can t see you off, but I look forward to your coming again.At that time, martha stewaet cbd gummies the United States will be turned upside down Williams, who appeared in front of Wang Weiyi, could not And then there s that little bum who almost lives on the streets because he can t pay the rent.Now Williams is wearing famous brands all over his body, and he can t wait to hang all the valuable things on his body.The same is true for Miss Carlos who is beside him.To be honest, Miss Reman who appeared later looked much more pleasing to the eye than them.Mr.Moyol, my dear Mr.Moyol.Williams also became a lot more frivolous when speaking You know Well, today I made you a fortune again.

When this order was issued, the most memorable day in Istanbul came Forward SS Forward Wehrmacht Onward Germany 6 30 on the 13th.After two hours of artillery preparation.The German 1st Imperial Division, amidst the roar of tanks, launched a full scale attack on Istanbul.The Battle for Istanbul Begins The artillery shells ruthlessly destroyed any obstacles in front, and the tongues of flames from the machine guns swept everything that could be seen.The German soldiers accompanying the tanks advanced in an orderly manner.Those assault artillery began to clear the positions that had been almost destroyed by the bombing earlier.This torrent of steel opened its most terrifying mouth, tasting the results of their battles The Turks were by no means defenseless, after they woke up from the bombing.

The flames of war were ignited almost in the first minute The hunters fired their shells without any hesitation, and amid the sound of the explosion, the Tigers also arrived.Now, Qukassia and Bolu are at stake A large scale offensive and defensive battle between martha stewaet cbd gummies the German and Turkish armies broke out here.After dawn, a large number of German planes appeared, and the bombs fell on Cukasia and Bolu in pieces.The soaring flames, mixed with the constant sound of explosions and the exciting smell of gunpowder smoke made Chukasia and Bolu Lou was caught in the worst of disasters.The main force of Adolf Hitler s Guards Banner Division and Imperial Division has arrived, and now they can calmly attack Qukasia and Bolu.Geinick stuck firmly between the two cities like a nail, completely cutting off their connection with each other.

twenty minutes These people in the Capital Corps told themselves that they must buy 20 minutes for the Germans Wang Weiyi and his assault team have already rushed into the small building, and the Turks have suffered heavy losses.What they faced were all well equipped, brave and skilled SS commandos, who were completely unable to meet cbd gummies in philippines such a challenge.When Wang Weiyi s submachine gun fired another round of bullets, the building immediately fell silent Klingenberg and his team members began to search every room, and within a minute , Klingenberg s voice came over Marshal, you have to come live well daily full spectrum cbd gummies and take a look.Wang Weiyi walked into the room where Klingenberg was, and he saw a Turkish soldier pointing a gun at sexo blog cbd gummies a middle aged man.head of a year Turk.Wang Weiyi smiled, and asked in pure Turkish Prince Karami Karami hadn t heard anyone call himself Prince for many years, and he was taken aback for a moment before he realized Yes, I am Yes Wang Weiyi was still smiling, and then said to the Turkish soldier holding the gun Sir, please botanical cbd gummies cbd put down your weapon, please The Turkish soldier seemed panicked and didn t know what to do.

fullhouse fullhouse Everyone s eyes widened Three 3s, a pair of 6s fullhouse Queen Farida was completely stunned, she sat there in a daze without saying a word.God, the other party really caught the fullhouse Wang Weiyi felt that he had good luck today, and finally made a complete comeback.At this time, Farouk I smiled and said Aha, our queen is not lucky.Look, gentlemen, it is too late now, let them end this game happily.Wang Weiyi collected his winnings Standing up, he didn t trust Farouk I s people to collect it for him, royal cbd gummies cbd gummies south africa God knows what they would walk along.Seeing that King Farouk I wanted to hug him, Wang Weiyi hurriedly said Your Majesty, I don t need a second pocket watch.King Farouk laughed haha Mr.Baron, you are really humorous, I hope to see you again soon.Thank you, Your Majesty, I also hope so.

Farouk I was very considerate of the guests.His speech was very brief, and then he ordered the music to play, allowing himself and the guests to re enter the carnival.At this point, the Egyptian king performed quite well Farouk I greeted the important guests one by one, and he also specially made a speech in front of Mr.Baron Andrew Toxon He stayed for a while, and warmly invited the baron to play cards again if he had a chance.As soon as he left, Wang Weiyi found that many guests were the same as himself, so he quickly checked whether he had lost any valuables.Strange, Farouk I is really a wonderful flower in the position of king Wang Weiyi doesn t have too much thought on the ball now, he is thinking about how to rescue cbd gummies in the ie Colonel Fels, who is very important to Germany.Colonel Fels has too much information in his hands.

However, compared with the fat and bloated King Farouk I, it is obvious that this Baron Andrew who has just had a passion with himself is more satisfying.Queen Farida was ashamed of having such a sudden thought When he saw that Baron Andrew was dressed and ready to leave, he still asked unwillingly Are you really not going to return the Blood Stone to me Such a terrible thing, put it on you Sooner or later, you will lose again.Wang Weiyi smiled From now on, let me keep it for you.After speaking, he left here without looking back The ball is still going on as usual Farouk I is flirting with two noble ladies, but he would never have thought that when he was flirting with other women, his His wife put a big hat on herself.Wang Weiyi saw Mr.Roliman, Ambassador Airy, General Alexander, and General Montgomery talking about something there.

It was General Montgomery who martha stewaet cbd gummies turned the tide of the sleepy bear cbd gummies war in North Africa, bounded by Alamein.On October 23, 1942, he launched a powerful offensive against the German army.August On the 23rd, John Marseille returned to the team.The 22 year old youngest captain officer in the Air Force once again served as the commander of the third squadron.He was martha stewaet cbd gummies very happy.Corporal Neumann, the technical clerk, sharpened his pencil again.It s going to keep you busy again Marseio said with a smile.The first week passed peacefully.On September 1, Rommel will fight a desperate decisive battle to regain the initiative from his rival.The sky is as lively as ever Wake up, Marcello s squadron also participated in the battle.From 8 29 to 8 39 in the morning, Marcello destroyed the Curtiss and Spitfire aircraft in one go.

It is not a shameful thing to choose to surrender when all hope is lost.On the contrary, you and your subordinates will continue to fight.Earn respect Yes, I have a choice, and surrendering in this case is not something shameful.General Kim Bates s expression was so calm But someone must sacrifice to inspire everyone s will to fight, and now history has entrusted this task to me.General Belt s adjutant knew he had no chance of persuading the Australians to surrender.When he told General Belt of the Australian s decision, General Belt couldn t help but unreservedly uttered his praise It would be an honor in my life if I could meet General Kim Bates with my own eyes.What s more, although he respected the enemy s commander, the glory of being a German general forced him to give the order to launch the final attack.

The battle went on from day to night.There was no intention of stopping at all.When night falls.Instead, the battle intensified.Tanks, artillery, machine guns No one was willing to stop their shooting frequency, and the soldiers on both sides strangled together with red eyes.General Woodrow gathered some strength and launched an assault directly to the center of the German army.And this is exactly where Baron Alexon is Wang Weiyi personally commanded the troops to carry out a resolute counterattack.In the most dangerous times, Wang Weiyi s tank directly exchanged fire with the enemy.And protecting him by his side is his most loyal subordinate, Guo Yunfeng.They have experienced too many storms together, and they have long been used to such scenes.Danger far from frightening them.On the contrary, the surging blood kept gushing out.

In the end, Kanlemu relied on his own power to forcibly suppress Tamusta s opposition.Then, I have to resign Tamusta said what he was most unwilling to say I feel that the current government cannot represent the interests of Egypt at all.You mean I can t Representing the interests of Egypt Canlemu asked, holding back his inner displeasure.Yes, I think so.Tamusta super chill cbd gummies 500mg review threw himself out completely You are becoming a stranger, General.Although I still have full respect for you, I think that the interests of Egypt will be in your favor.The leadership has been completely lost.General, our philosophies are completely different.In this case, I don t think I can properly hold the current position.In this case, then I accept your resignation.Kanlemu Leng said coldly.Under everyone s surprised eyes, Tamusta left here without looking back He and Canlemu had a complete break.

I heard that your Japanese is very good You were born and raised in the United States, but you have not forgotten your mother tongue.This is rare.My father has always taught me not to forget my motherland, Your Excellency Prime Minister.Wang Weiyi said respectfully.Ah, very good, very respectable Hideki Tojo exchanged a few words, and finally brought the topic to the question that all Japanese people want to know most You brought back your father s Life protection information Yes Wang Weiyi showed a sad expression on his face It s urgent, the United States is about to launch a war against Japan With a wow , the entire conference room It boiled immediately It s unbelievable, really unbelievable.Although the United States has imposed a series of sanctions on Japan before, there is no sign of war at all.

Now, all The intelligence is telling the Japanese that they must have launched this battle earlier than martha stewaet cbd gummies the Americans At this time, Yamamoto Fifty Six emphasized his tone Everyone, Pearl Harbor on the Pacific Ocean is a major hub of transportation, and Hawaii is east of it.The west coast of the United States is 2,000 nautical miles to 3,000 nautical miles away from Japan in the west, the islands in the southwest, and Alaska and the Bering Strait in martha stewaet cbd gummies the north.All planes traveling across the Pacific Ocean from south to north use power house cbd gummies Hawaii as the intermediate stop.To seize air and sea control in the Pacific Ocean first means that the road to the south will be unimpeded, and Pearl Harbor must be destroyed first Yamamoto Fifty Six has been promoting this plan for a long time.In 1921, the United States published the book Pacific Maritime Hegemony.

mark.Heisenberg lay on the ground for a long time, until he was sure that the Russian sniper thought he had been shot, and then he slowly climbed to another window, leaning forward to search for the opponent s trace.After a frightening few minutes, Heisenberg spotted the enemy sniper.He was looking at the building he was in through the scope on his rifle, searching for targets.Heisenberg shot him in the forehead.At dusk, a large number of Russian soldiers surrounded in the city center raised their hands and surrendered.They were disarmed and headed south, escorted by several hundred German infantry.630.Biscuits, not bombs.On December 12, 1942, something that touched the nerves of countless people finally happened The honorary Grand Marshal of the German Empire, His Majesty Kaiser martha stewaet cbd gummies Wilhelm personally conferred the title of martha stewaet cbd gummies Baron Alexon Ernst Brehm Arrival secretly arrives in London.

But when he was about to take countermeasures, Baron Alexon killed him again by surprise The Free French Movement and the French National Liberation Committee lodged a formal protest to Britain, but in fact, Prime Minister Churchill at this time also Also very embarrassing.He also had no idea that something like this was going to happen.He asked George VI, but the King of England told him that it was just a naughty thing done by his naughty daughter.If this has affected the operation of the cabinet, he will express his deep apology.He is even willing to abdicate to express his guilt.Churchill is helpless, if there are people in the world who don t want to be king at all.Then there is no doubt that the current King George VI of the United Kingdom Even if there is a slight possibility, George VI is unwilling to sit in the current position, so abdicating the throne is the best relief for him.

current UK practice.It is very likely that this strong alliance will be destroyed.When Churchill heard it, he just smiled coldly.Britain and France are the most steadfast allies, and are the central forces against the Axis powers headed by Germany When the French government announced its surrender.If it weren t for Britain, Churchill really couldn t think of any country that would be willing to treat the Free French Movement.For France, Britain can be said to have paid almost everything.But now, France has put itself on an equal footing with Britain.It s just ridiculous though not fast.Churchill is still not ready to let the guests see this Mr.de Gaulle, I must remind you again solemnly that we have never participated in any incidents and never thought of destroying the traditional friendship between Britain and France.

The German negotiating delegation will arrive in London in three days, so this matter must be resolved before this time Colonel Menzies nodded silently.What s Ernst Brahm s attitude Churchill suddenly asked.Ernst Brahm is very peaceful, and it seems that this assassination has not affected him at all.Colonel Menzies replied immediately And, he also gave us full cooperation, and what he saw and heard He told me completely.Mr.Prime Minister, if I must tell the truth, I am very grateful to Ernst Brahm.It was he who recognized the identities of these assassins at a glance.They are all secret agents.A Baron who is always unpredictable, isn t he Prime Minister Churchill smiled there Well, time is running out, Colonel, I now grant you a special right, you can spend these three days Here, investigate anyone you are willing to investigate Colonel Menzies tightened his body, and the prime minister s promise meant that he had unlimited rights in these three days And the first person he directly investigated was Lieutenant Colonel John Naris, who was praised as the future star of MI6.

Wang Weiyi smiled and nodded I did everything, even Lieutenant Colonel Naris.I arranged Is that so, Lieutenant Colonel Yes, Baron.Naris, who regained his freedom, loosened his muscles and picked up Major Rogermin s weapon I am a French spy, but even the French can t imagine that I am actually a double agent Ah, actually I have been serving the German intelligence service for a long time, and my superior is Nikolai When De Sade approached me, Nikolai saw a great opportunity and ordered me to join the It s really a wonderful thing to be under De Sade HCMUSSH martha stewaet cbd gummies s command Major Luo Jieming smiled wryly, this is simply the greatest irony At this time, Guo Yunfeng came to Wang Weiyi s side, whispering Said The enemy reinforcements will arrive in five minutes Five minutes this time will not be long Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Actually, do you know best Major, I I appreciate you very much, if it wasn t for the war, I hope to continue to be friends with you, but now He said this and sighed Naris, now the major is yours He turned around, and a second later, there was a gunshot behind him The whole incident was designed by Wang Weiyi.

Wang Weiyi smiled Once the attacker becomes the defender, our task will become much easier.Let the Russians attack in the cold, our artillery and machine guns will make the fight much easier Both Manstein and Guderian also laughed.This may seem strange, royal cbd gummies cbd gummies south africa but the Russian commander would never have guessed that the German troops who occupied Erklin actually did not want any more The further move.At least until the spring comes.The Russians will bleed in Erklin, and Erklin will consume the enemy s vitality to the maximum.When spring comes and the decisive battle really breaks out, El The Russians opposite Kling were already exhausted.At that time, the German assault would be easy and effective.God knows what Ernst thinks, he seems to be treating the war more and more as a game Ernst, do you think History of War is a game Manstein still couldn t help asking out the doubts in his heart.

Maybe you will do something even crazier Guo Yunfeng also nodded, but he felt a little helpless Ludwig, do you think you can stop him Once he decides to do something, no one can change his mind.Wang Weiyi smiled brightly Look, I know you are my friends, you martha stewaet cbd gummies can know what I m thinking.I think this is a good opportunity to deal the Russians the heaviest blow.Ah, let me imagine who I should take Ludwig was completely speechless.The marshal was even thinking about taking away his subordinates there.Si Dao, you can speak Russian, I think you can get away with putting on makeup Wang Weiyi martha stewaet cbd gummies looked Guo Yunfeng up and down Ah, I still need three cbd gummies near overland park ks subordinates who are proficient in Russian, Ludwig , can you help me find such a person Yes.Ludwig sighed But I will definitely report to the head of state, it s crazy, Marshal, you are really crazy Wang Weiyi did not Just ignore him I remember Major Myristel s Russian is also very 50 mg cbd gummy good, he counts as one.

The 12th Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht also entered the place immediately after part of the Skeleton Division s forces at Erkling.Oddly enough, they were ordered to go east Very well, I already know that.Lindelof lit a cigarette Go east, Manstein suggested east, Guderian suggested west Wang Weiyi showed a subtle smile in his eyes A series of plans began to succeed.When Wang Weiyi decided to use Elklin to consume the strength of the Russians, he had already used the Russian spies lurking in the German army and had been mastered by the German intelligence agency to take Manstein The disagreement with Guderian was revealed.For the Russians, this was top secret information, and when Wang Weiyi said it, Lindelof s information about Waderos also increased a bit.Trust.Wang Weiyi said calmly The 12th Infantry Division belongs to Guderian, and the Skeleton Division is now directly under the command of Manstein.

He can flexibly choose which side to break through from.What we are considering now is to judge the direction of his breakout Really Then whoopies cbd gummies he can t save the Skeleton Baron Vasilevsky s words made Khrushchev stunned.He looked and looked at the map, but he couldn t think of a third way for the Baron to break through.Vasilevsky pointed to the map What if he continues to launch raids in Canklar despite everything What This is impossible Khrushchev said decisively The 81st are cbd gummies edibles Panzer Army can continue to hold on for a while, and.Even if the Germans break through Tenklar s line of defense, there are Krasnodar and Mozdok ahead of him.Taking another 10,000 steps back, the two places were also breached by him.But we still have the Terek So, you re not the Baron Skull.Vasilevsky kept his eyes on the map He will not choose to break through to the east or west, do you know why Comrade Military martha stewaet cbd gummies Commissioner He knew that Khrushchev could not answer, so he gave his own answer Ernst Brahm has only one purpose in all operations, and that is Stalingrad.

The 56th Army can launch an attack calmly and disrupt the entire deployment of the German army.Delay the German army and buy the maximum time for the arrival of the main force.Once a counterattack is launched now, it will inevitably hit the enemy s hands, and even the entire Krasnodar defense line may be shaken.However, martha stewaet cbd gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies Marshal Vasilevsky s order was issued too late The 56th Army, which had already launched an offensive, received an order to stop the offensive and defend on the spot, which made the Soviet commanders think It s a bit confusing.At this time, the Ike battle group and the Viking division commanded by Wang Weiyi arrived These new troops who martha stewaet cbd gummies joined the battlefield roared and swarmed towards the Russians who had left their positions.The advantages of tanks were fully demonstrated here Vasilevsky received the report from the front line ten minutes after the German offensive It s over, Krasnodar can no longer stop the German army Marshal Vasilevsky was a little helpless Davamirsky made martha stewaet cbd gummies the worst choice I think there should be hope Khrushchev felt that the marshal s worry was too early After all, there, Davamirsky commanded a complete army group, and the German army was not so easy to break through Vasilevsky smiled wryly Comrade Military Commissar, in Krasnodar, there is an open plain where the Germans armored superiority can be brought into full play.

It represents that the earth will burn and everything will wither.His appearance made Russia even in July.It is also as chilling as winter.This person exists like a god, if a god is invincible.The moment he appeared on the Somme River, the fate of Germany, Europe, and even the whole world has been doomed unchangeable Now, this invincible god of war has appeared outside Moscow again, and the fate of Moscow will be irreversible.Everyone must accept his trial Hellboy s trial The fire burns in the Russians, the blood boils in the breasts of the German soldiers.Final judgment is inevitable.Then let everyone face it calmly It s July 1943Moscow On the first day of fighting, the brutality of the Battle of Moscow has far surpassed that of the Battle of Stalingrad.Thousands of people died here, endless blood flowed on the ground, and each of them converged into countless small rivers.

This time, they prepared eight atomic bombs for Japan A full eight atomic bombs On September 19 and 20, Japan s Shintori, Osaka, Nara, and Yokohama were successively bombed by German atomic bombs.In just three days, seven atomic bombs fell on seven major cities in Japan Seven cities were completely destroyed Now, there is only one atomic bomb left in the hands of the Germans, and this atomic bomb is specially reserved for one city Tokyo Wang Weiyi will never let go of such an opportunity, and he will never let go of the capital of Japan He didn t even give the Japanese any chance to negotiate On September 23, 1943, the Marseille Squadron, which dropped the world s first atomic bomb, took off again.This time, they carried the last atomic bomb brought by Ernst Hades Hades this is the Lord of Hell This is the master of hell Now, take the Japanese in Tokyo to hell Hades Lord of Hell Ernst Hellboy He brought the order of the god of death, and he will faithfully complete the last mission entrusted to him by the god of death in this era to end Japan This will be his ultimate mission in this era The ultimate mission the atomic bomb September 23 at 9 00 am 20.

Guo Yunfeng, how many Romans have you killed Eleven Anlugostibi Us, how many Romans did you kill I killed seven, and Thibius killed eight Then why are you still unhappy Wang Weiyi s voice sounded so Confidence Each of us has killed an enemy far more than our own.Look, the corpses here, the enemy s far more than ours.I know that the Romans have more soldiers, but so what Even if we all fall, the Romans will definitely pay a heavier price than usWe HCMUSSH martha stewaet cbd gummies may not be able to wait for reinforcements, and each of us may die here.But we let the Romans know, As long as there is a Germanic man alive, they will never conquer us.As long as there is a Germanic man alive.The land here will always be ours.The Romans, we will be driven from here, our land and freedom , no one can take it from us There was silence, and then all the Germanians suddenly broke out in such a loud and orderly voice Germanic Germanic Germanic The cry shook everything, and was heard even by the retreating Romans.

In the same way, Wang Weiyi also fully won the respect of the Germans with his appearance on the battlefield.The voice of Baron Alexon has always been heard on the battlefield Although those Germans who even sent reinforcements to the battlefield did not see the battle between the Consul and the Germanians, they knew very well that What a terrible battle they must have been through.It is already a miracle in itself to be able to persist until now under the attack of the huge Roman legion cbd gummies to help you stop smoking with just one tribe.My lord and the Germanians did all they could.And it is difficult to express in words the improvement of the confidence of the Germans The Romans were devastated.They were so infinitely close to victory, but they were once again defeated by just a little bit.A victory can sometimes change everything.

There are different troops best cbd gummy sleep aid coming in and out here from time to time, and they often leave after spending a night here, no big deal.Sergeant, gather your soldiers Wang Weiyi said very solemnly You are so lazy, if the Germans launch a sneak attack here, you will all be killed Well, I met another martha stewaet cbd gummies pretending guy up John murmured in his heart, but he didn t dare to offend a major, so he managed to gather all his subordinates together, a total of twenty four listless soldiers.Americans are constantly cursing this damn major in their hearts.What a lovely afternoon, completely ruined by this prim major.Is it all here, Sergeant Yes, Major, all my people are here.Follow me into the house, all of you Wang Weiyi said, and came to the nearby building without looking back.In an empty, abandoned house.Probably he s going to exercise his majesty as an officer again John murmured, and led his men into the empty house behind Wang Weiyi.

Johnson The Commodore swore he had struggled to remember the names of the baroness couple.He would never want to repeat it all over again.There was a burst of applause among the guests.A German quietly said to his companions A baron from the Netherlands When did the Dutch become so proud in Germany Now we are defeated.Our former enemies are laughing at us wantonly.His The companion replied with a gloomy expression.The voice of Baron Prieter sounded, and it was nothing more than a welcome to everyone.The guests listened listlessly, only Gnapoli.Burr applauded from time to time, which also aroused more disdainful eyes around him.The words of Baron Preet were finally finished, and when it came to the main topic the banquet, the guests quickly discovered a major characteristic of the Dutch stinginess The Dutch are well known throughout Europe for their stinginess.

Wang Weiyi sighed softly, and then said in a voice that only Peter could hear Do you know that I have experienced two world wars.During the First World War, we tried to be as gentlemanly as possible on the battlefield, and we never slaughtered a wounded person.During the Second World War, this situation was greatly changed, but at least some people were still working hard therebut now This concept has been completely lost on the battlefield, and gentlemanly demeanor is a joke wellbeing cbd gummies stop smoking on the battlefield.What do you think, Peter you.Who are you The surprise even made Peter forget the pain.Come on, this will make you more comfortable.I m so sorry I can t keep you.You will reveal our whereabouts, maybe royal cbd gummies cbd gummies south africa you will pose a threat to us in the future Wang Weiyi hugged Peter s can teens take cbd gummies head, and continued to say in a voice that only he could hear I am Ernst Alexson von Bram, I m called Baron Skull.

Killing this mobile battalion will teach the Americans a good lesson Increase the retreat speed Wang Weiyi reassembled the team Manfred, you command your commando and all the tanks and self royal cbd gummies cbd gummies south africa propelled artillery to hide nearby.When the enemy approaches, give them a hard blow Yes, Lieutenant Colonel.Richthofen responded blankly.Captain Lampden was a little worried Lieutenant Colonel.Enemy aircraft will soon spot Lieutenant Manfred and theirs.Don t worry about this.Wang Weiyi smiled meaningfully.The Germans will never know, but they still have a most powerful ally Xiaoling and her Ziguang military base Major, our reconnaissance plane has spotted the enemy, and they are fleeing towards Ebomera All enemies Yes.All enemies.Major Abraham was very satisfied with the reconnaissance capabilities of the Air Force.

Retreat immediately, immediately.Wang Weiyi emphasized the tone of these two words.Although the U.S.military was forced to retreat under such a sudden attack, according to Xiaoling s information, the two infantry divisions reinforced by the U.S.military are about to arrive.With absolute strength, the troops in Wang Weiyi s hands are not their opponents.And Baron Alexon has never been a commander who is willing to lose troops in vain.Winning the greatest victory with the least cost is his only purpose on the battlefield Yes, I ll go get ready right away.Captain Sherer seemed to want to say something, but probably because he was afraid of nature one cbd gummies review martha stewaet cbd gummies the baron s majesty, he swallowed the words back into his mouth All this was not hidden from Wang Weiyi Captain Scherer, do you want to say something Ah, yes, Marshal.

The Grossdeutschland Regiment and the two brigades of the National Army.Strength The difference is very different.In front of cbd gummies for sleep martha stewaet cbd gummies the Eugen Mountain Prince s Division, they are also facing strong pressure.Marshal, I suggest that the baron s guard be put into battle.No, it is not the time to join the baron s guard.Wang Weiyi pondered for a while Shaking his head This will be the most important force in our counterattack.The German generals looked at each other in blank dismay.Now that the enemy army is overwhelming, the baron has already thought of counterattack Bring up the Netherlands Homeland Storm Division as the general reserve.Wang Weiyi quickly made his own decision At the same time, he ordered another division to be drawn from the National Army, and ordered the Baron Guard to be ready at any time Marshal.

I personally suggest that you take the initiative to confess.If it is detailed and honest, martha stewaet cbd gummies add the contribution of the Krupp family to Germany.I can guarantee your life.Sweat dripped down Ondet s forehead.Alfred, who was stunned, cried out loudly My God, Ondet, what have you hemp cbd gummies to quit smoking done They forced me, it was Creole who forced me.Ondt really had nothing to do with the word strong , and he quickly gave up any form of resistance They asked me to act as a spy for the Americans.No, you won t believe it at all, how shocked I was when I heard that also come out of Kroll s mouth.A German head of state actually mobilized me to be a spy for the United States.I was afraid they would kill me and I said yes to them.Ah, yes, I am an old boy , I have provided a lot of information to the Americans, I have such convenient conditions Andert explained everything verbatim Since 1962, Ondt Krupp, the sole heir of the Krupp family, has become an American spy.

Mr.Alfred Krupp, thank you and your factory for your great contribution to Germany.The case of Old Boy was solved in such a special way.In the detection of this case, Ernst.Marshal Brahm personally supervised and personally interrogated.And there is one person who plays the role particularly well Baron Alexon s old friend.Wang Weiyi didn t even know who his old friend was.Marshal, your phone number.Just as Wang Weiyi was about to leave the office.General Fels walked in with a wheelchair I martha stewaet cbd gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies think you have to go and listen.When he picked up the phone, a hoarse old voice came from the other end Ernst, I know you will definitely come back How about it, are you satisfied with the gift I gave you Only his friends can call Wang Weiyi Ernst directly.Wang Weiyi thinks this voice is very familiar, but he can t remember where he heard it Guo Yes, I am very satisfied with the two gifts of Anne Marie and Ondette.

In all the offensives launched by Berlin, the Second Panzer participated in it, which also won Colonel Marshall a huge reputation.But this time it is completely different After the German artillery attack began, the Second Armored Regiment, which was at the forefront of the division, suffered the most terrible blow, and its losses were the worst in the division.But at this moment, what they were facing was cbd gummies for sleep martha stewaet cbd gummies the most terrifying opponent the baron s guard This guard is born for the baron, and fights for the baron When the baron what are the health benefits of cbd gummies s counterattack order was issued.They are fearless, they are well armed, and their morale is high.Under the powerful impact of thc free cbd gummies armored forces.The Second Armored Regiment quickly lost several important positions, and the whole regiment was on the verge of collapse.Colonel Marshall is still faithfully fulfilling his mission until now.

North Africa and Manstein merged with Riedel and commanded them to launch a large scale counterattack against the enemy.When I leave, will you take on the heavy responsibility of defending Berlin to prevent the retaliatory counterattack of the Allied forces The British guests were taken aback, and Rosen hurriedly asked, Your Excellency the Baron, are you leaving Berlin Yes.That s a very long road, and no one can know what will happen on the road.Rosen said worriedly Aren t you afraid of encountering allied forces Wang Weiyi smiled, his British friends will never know that he can reach any corner of the world anytime and anywhere Rosen, my dear friend, please don t worry about me, the enemy can t catch me.I can assure you of one thing.Of course, I will also be extra careful on the road to make sure I don t have any problems.

Wang Weiyi martha stewaet cbd gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies replied with a smile, and then threw two grenades towards the opposite side.Boom boom Two explosions sounded, and the Americans were blown to pieces.Then, those German troops who had long been unable to hold back The commandos suddenly jumped out cbd melatonin gummies near me from their hiding place.All the firepower in their hands was fully fired, and the Americans who were caught off guard were immediately killed.Mr.Ernst, your weapon.At this time, Gyunthel has admired Mr.Ernst to the extreme.Who else can do such a bold thing Sergeant, I need some people who can drive tanks Mr.Ernst, I can drive Martin was the first to call out.Where s the gunner Is there a gunner I, I can be your gunner.I m Tom.Okay, two more, lads, let s go together The morale of this group of lawless German commandos has been completely mobilized at this moment.

I have been begging for a savior to appear, but I didn t expect that it would be you.Everything will be fine, Farida.Wang Weiyi comforted her in a low voice I m here.It s to change all of this.Farida raised her head, her hands groped Wang Weiyi s face Tell me, what kind of miracle has it been for so many years.Your appearance hasn t changed at all.It is cbd gummies for sleep martha stewaet cbd gummies rumored that you have signed a contract with the god of death.Is all this true Maybe.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Maybe I have really signed a contract with the martha stewaet cbd gummies god of death.I speak for the god of death, the god of death Give me immortal youth.Give me the power to harvest all life.Farida sighed.Finally separated from Wang Weiyi So now Are you here to help me, or to harvest my life Farida, I don t like harvesting women s lives.Wang Weiyi smiled and said I Come, to change all this, to restore order.

Sometimes a soldier doesn t know what s going on, and he will be thrown high into the sky by the shells.Who is the dead body The soldiers became numb.They attacked and defended mechanically and passively.They couldn t tell the difference between life and death.A U.S.Army soldier whose leg was blown off Soldier.Still trying to crawl forward, to martha stewaet cbd gummies be honest, he didn t know why he did it at all.Crawling, he suddenly stopped moving, he left his life on this strange land.He was probably only in his twenties this year, and he was very young when he died, and he probably didn t know that at the same time, on the opposite German position, a German soldier who was about his age also died, even the dead The methods are similar.The things that seem to have no intersection are confirming the cruelest reality This place has been compiled into a hell battlefield Life is suffering in it, and the soul cannot find rest.

Students at school, because there is some cuteness and innocence in the laughter.To be honest, although Lieutenant Slater, who was marching with this unit, clearly stated that his purpose of saying this was to improve the relationship between officers and soldiers, so that The army is easier to control and command, but after listening to it, there is indeed a kind of warm friendship in my heart, which is a kind of nostalgia and spiritual dependence on my hometown.After all, if you want to maintain morale, you need to give soldiers a kind of spiritual sustenance , This is very important to the guarantee of the German Army s capabilities.Hearing the louder and louder the engines of tanks and trucks, Slater understood royal cbd gummies cbd gummies south africa that it was the gears of the war machine starting to turn.Looking at the people around him, The soldiers were fully armed and stood by.

But it seemed that all the French troops appeared at this time, gunshots rang out, and the vanguard of Company F in front fell down in piles.Boom There was another loud bang.The tank behind Slat was destroyed in response, and the entire barrel was lost, and Slat s ears were buzzing because of the power of the explosion.We re ambushed They have anti tank guns And there s more than one There s a lot of them This was the cry of a scout from Company F, but just as he finished speaking, there was another loud bang and the whole Everyone flew into the air.D Company Pay attention to concealment Suppress the enemy with blind fire This is the best counterattack method Slat can think of in the current form Try to find out the exact position of their guns You can t just be passively beaten like this Soldier They were quick to react and quickly spread out in groups of 2 to blind shoot forward and move fast.

Quick, retreat quickly Heisenberg opened his eyes.Look at the cbd gummies on airplanes little captain with shrapnel all over his face wyld cbd strawberry gummies and blood everywhere.Go follow me Heisenberg tugged at him.But he pushed it away My legis goneit s over.Fuck it you take the brothersgo away Heisenberg touched it with his hand, and there was only a bloody mass of meat left on the left leg of little Paul, and the bones poked out in a daze The explosion just now killed the Russian outside the door, but was too close to himself.Quick go He pushed Heisenberg away.Take it.Heisenberg untied a grenade from his waist and stuffed it into his hand.This was the best reward Heisenberg could give him I will take care of my brothers.Heisenberg finally took a picture his shoulders, and staggered off the porch.The soldiers of the Wehrmacht were still shooting wildly outside the church, several soldiers fell to the ground and struggled, but Heisenberg could no longer hear the hissing of mg62 outside the door.

Moyol Manusia had never heard the name before Did he say anything No.Nadoff shrugged He only said that he came from Rome and brought a We have very important news.Manusia thought for a moment Please bring this Mr.Moyol.A very young gentleman, as soon as he came in, said Mr.Manusia.On behalf of all honest people, I respect your efforts.Please sit down, Mr.Moyol.Manusia couldn t figure out the purpose of the other party You said you brought me very important news, then What will it be The big crackdown is about to begin When Mr.Moyol said this, Nadov and Bejasinyuk jumped up at the same time.Suppression Those shameless rulers The irritable Beyasinyuk couldn t help roaring What are we waiting for Is it waiting for our blood to stain making cbd oil gummies Turin Calm down, Mr.Bejashniuk.Under such circumstances, Manusia still did not allow himself to fall into confusion Mr.

The three stood up immediately and welcomed Mr.Moyol.No matter what happened to them in Rome, at least they still had a friend Mr.Moyol.Mr.Moyol will always call from time to time to inquire about their situation, and ask them with concern if they need help.This is their real friend.Mr.Moyol, why are you here .Manusia asked enthusiastically.Come here for you.Wang Weiyi didn t have any polite words As soon as I came to Rome, I heard from my friends that you have been treated unfairly.I am very worried about your situation, so today I must come to see you and listen to you.What the hell happened It was like meeting a bosom friend who could confide in.The three poured out their inner bitterness without the slightest hesitation.In front of Mr.Moyol, they had nothing to hide.The success of the revolution Mr.

But now that all this is said in the mouth of Mr.Moyol , it must be true No, we must meet those big men right away Beyasinyuk, who has a violent personality, shouted again I want to ask royal cbd gummies cbd gummies south africa them why they did this I want them to tell me that they won t let go Let that executioner go Calm down, my friend.Wang Weiyi interrupted him lightly Your anger will only make you lose your correct judgment, and your anger will only make those traitors laugh.We need a comprehensive plan to restore true democracy and freedom in Italy.We need careful consideration to prevent those terrible things from happening.When he said these words, Manusia quickly reacted Can you tell What should we do Of course, HCMUSSH martha stewaet cbd gummies my friends, I am here to help you.Wang Weiyi said without thinking Although I am not a real Italian, I admire you for the freedom and freedom of Italy.

Although it couldn t penetrate the steel armor of those tanks, it could at least stop the infantry s charge.There is no need to draw lots to decide what life or death is.Anyway, everyone will die here in the end.A soldier picked up the explosive bag and rushed out with a howl.He fell, fell without suspense.Just like everyone before Another soldier fell down, the ground in the position was already red with blood, and there were corpses one after another.Looking at it in all directions, people only feel sad and helpless.You can t change all this, all you can do is die with these people There is no hope, only despair.The gate of heaven is closed, and all they can go to is hell.And there, maybe there are even more terrible things waiting for them.They have no capital to fight against anything.This also includes your own destiny.

Peter Goff Is he really the spokesperson of a large American consortium or.More mysterious than this identity Why should I trust you Migroski asked with difficulty.Because you have no other choice Wang Weiyi looked at his hands The German army and the Ukrainian coalition forces are rapidly approaching Kursk and Moscow.Just before I came here, I got a new news.Under the strong offensive of our German army.Orbjok has fallen, and the whole of Brsk HCMUSSH martha stewaet cbd gummies will fall to the German army in a few days.Migros Mr.Ki, the whole of Moscow is against Grigory, and he is about to betray everyone.Are you willing to die with him Are you willing to become the public enemy of all Russians Migrosky was taken aback, and Orbjok had already fallen I don t know this information yet, but it was actually told to me by Mr.Petergoff.

Now, his son Ilya has been resent to the United States, and the oil field must be handed over to Migroski.Although the Grand Duke doesn t trust anyone except himself and his son, he can still be sure that Migroski has no guts to betray him, because he has everything in Moscow, including her family.They are all under the close monitoring of His Excellency the Grand Duke The mining plan is going martha stewaet cbd gummies very smoothly.Migroski said enthusiastically If possible, I hope that His Excellency the Grand Duke can go to the site to see it in person.Ah, no need.I m completely relieved to leave it to you.Now Gregory dared not go anywhere except Moscow This is a matter closely related to our interests, Mr.Migroski, I trust you I trust you unconditionally.Everything must be entrusted to you.Oil is our lifeblood, and you must firmly nature one cbd gummies review martha stewaet cbd gummies supervise everything Yes, Your Excellency the Grand Duke, but there is one more difficult thing to do.

Khmelitsky trusted no one, not even Similov.He let the car follow unhurriedly, watching everything around him, and didn t stop until he was not far from the special investigation committee.He watched with satisfaction as Similov walked in, and he waited outside for half an hour before leaving.So far, everything is under his control, Similov is a very important pawn, he will give Milosevic a fatal blow.That idiot Milosevic probably never dreamed that his so called assassination gave himself royal cbd gummies cbd gummies south africa the best chance to get rid of him.When he is questioned by the special investigation committee, he will definitely regret why he did this and why he became an enemy with himself.Thinking of this, Khmelitsky couldn t help but smile, it was the smile of a winner.The weather in Moscow is so nice, really nice, just as comfortable as my own mood one thousand and One.

A peace agreement will be reached soon, and Russia will soon withdraw from the Allies.This is the most important news for Germany.They can use all their cbd gummy rings royal cbd gummies troops in Berlin.At this time, Wang Weiyi is also preparing to leave MoscowMoscow has many happy memories for him, he always felt like a duck to water hereEverything he did here always made a big differenceCapone was continued martha stewaet cbd gummies Remained in Moscow.Now he has confirmed that Mr.Petergoff or Mr.Moyol is Baron Alexson.He is full of pride and pride in being able to work with Baron Alexson.He was appointed as the German The head of the intelligence agency in Moscow, which has changed his identity drastically.He officially royal cbd gummies became royal cbd gummies cbd gummies south africa a German intelligence officer But Capone still has some things he doesn t understand, such as Tsar Boris Dramiliuf Romanov, this is a stupid, greedy, selfish guy, why did the baron let him stay in that position A backward system of Russia is very beneficial to Germany Wang Weiyi told him the answer If Russia s political system is advanced and its leaders are strong, then this country will be a serious problem for all countries.

S.military can no longer stick to stereotypes, that is, don t think that U.S.tank groups dare not enter urban areas during street fighting.Steinman, I m on Samant Street.There s an anti aircraft gun here, but it s not very suitable for defense.What do you think I should do Desk s voice came from the headset.Steinman was a little at a loss when he heard this.He knew that the streets guarded by the German army were all critical roads, and they could also maneuver to support each other during street fighting.He doesn t know the situation on Samant Street, and he doesn t have enough manpower now.He only knew that once one street fell, martha stewaet cbd gummies all the other streets would be affected Desker, contact me when you need support.Our side is short of manpower.Steinman said helplessly.Steinman, we will cooperate with each other then, right Desk asked jokingly.

General, the cruel battle has not yet begun.I believe that when tomorrow When the sun rises, that is the real test for us General Carol immediately realized that he was too happy.Yes, blind optimism is a fatal mistake for any commander, which will make him lose his judgment and even affect the outcome of the entire war.Moreover, we must pay close attention to Teton.Wang Weiyi said slowly If Teton can t hold it, then no matter how big we win here, it won t help the whole battle situation Now, what happened The battle in Teton has become his most concerned point one thousand sixteen.The chaotic attack rained down, sprinkled the tears of God on this land that was being attacked by war, and paid homage to the lost heroes.Soaked royal cbd gummies cbd gummies south africa by the heavy rain, the simple road turned into a quagmire full of mud pits, which slowed down the progress of both sides, and both armies were deeply mired in the quagmire.

The firepower of the second squad began to strengthen, and the first squad and the firepower squad began to evacuate in an orderly manner.Run to the manhole that Captain William said.Snapped A bullet hit Arklit s right leg hard.Arklit felt as if his right leg had been hit hard by a baseball bat, it went numb, and then he staggered.He fell headfirst to the ground.Water splashed up.In the blink of an eye, everything around seemed to slow down.Time was dozing, the explosion stopped, bullets, shells and grenades were suspended in mid air, and the distorted faces of the soldiers were frozen on their faces.All kinds of strange ideas began to invade Arklit s brain.Scenes from the past, big and small, important and unimportant things all rushed into Arklit s mind.Arklit thought of his grandparents.

You can keep most of your property , but you also need to sign a statement and some legal documents now, you will unconditionally transfer Dewey Bank to the Lion Fund, and the return will be that you can cbd gummies for sleep martha stewaet cbd gummies guarantee the lives of you and your family, and of course, Your property.Rotini didn t know what to do.Do you give away most of your life s hard work to others No, it was really terrible, and he never thought that such a terrible thing would happen.I this is not my decision alone, there are other members of the board of directors.Rotini said in a dying struggle.You don t need to worry about these things.Wang Weiyi stood up and stretched his muscles All you have to do is to sign your own name on this statement and these legal documents.As for other board members Ah, I Think I ll take care of these things.

The United States never wants any more accidents in London As soon as he entered London, Wang Weiyi was interrogated by two federal agents, just as the agents were about to check Wang Weiyi.He suddenly said, I m a friend of Captain Pattinson.Who Suspicion appeared in the detective s eyes.Captain Pattinson.I think he is also your colleague Ah, he and I are very good friends.Wang Weiyi took out a business card from his pocket I think he should be able to find him through the phone number on it.Right The detectives carefully looked at the business card, and it was indeed Captain Pattinson s, but they were still a little suspicious The captain is at the place of Lieutenant Colonel Mills, I will take you there to verify your identity.Wang Weiyi said In this way, he appeared in the FBI headquarters in London, England He was brought directly to Lieutenant Colonel Mills, the top head of the FBI in London Captain Pattinson s surprise was completely understandable when he saw Mr.

Nash who rushed to the scene was very satisfied with the ending.He also didn t know Norden s real identity at all.And this is actually a direct reflection of the relationship between the British intelligence department, cia and fbi.These three departments cooperate with each other, but are wary of each other.No one is willing to share their core secrets with each other, which also causes them to have many contradictions in various aspects.Such was the case with Norden, for example.If Colonel Jed could reveal even a little bit of information about this hempworx cbd gummies 750 mg to Nash or Lieutenant Colonel Mills, perhaps such a result would not have been produced The method of killing is very beautiful.After inspecting Norden s body, Nash said with satisfaction It s clean and neat.It can t be achieved by just killing a few people.

Paris, in the history of the American Revolutionary War, there was a very famous mission Arnold, you have heard of this person Of course, Mr.Nash, I think probably every American has martha stewaet cbd gummies heard of this name.Paris said with a relaxed expression In 1780, General Benedict Arnold, the hero of the early days of the War of Independence, was increasingly disappointed with the progress of the war and dissatisfied with the actions of the patriots for a long time.Soon, Arnold proposed to the British generals to sell the West Point Fortress in his hands for 20,000 pounds.Had the British acquired the fort, Washington would not only have lost control of the Hudson Valley, but his entire army might have been wiped out.On September 21, 1780, Arnold provided intelligence to British Major Andre.However, Andre met patrol personnel of the Continental Army on the martha stewaet cbd gummies way home and was found out of intelligence.

They had no idea what was going on What happened The family members of the hostages questioned angrily.Mayor Duila once vowed to tell them that he would rescue every hostage safely and ensure the safety of every hostage.But what happened to these hostages now Where Duila and Douglas couldn t answer them at all Behind me, Martin Luther Kim s I have a dream.Auckland News reporter Brown said in a deep voice This is a great tragedy.In this raid, 33 blacks died and 6 were seriously injured.Missing, the incompetence of the Oakland police has once again cbd gummies for sleep martha stewaet cbd gummies drawn the ire of all.What the black people want is nothing more than some power they want.The Oakland city government and Duira can completely resolve this crisis through negotiation, but our mayor cbd gummies work has flatly rejected this request, so now appearing in I couldn t see anything in Carsley College except black bodies and angry hostage families all over the floor.

Without this person, they might have died in the hands of those guerrillas by now.After the fall of one officer after another, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s remarkable talents must now be fully credited.President Fenton and Premier Wilkins had repeatedly summoned Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Ask him about the progress of the British intelligence work nature one cbd gummies review martha stewaet cbd gummies and the Yinhe , the lieutenant colonel s answer is quite satisfactory.Of course, it is still far away when the hostages will be released.However, just earlier today.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol brought them great news.A major breakthrough has been made in secret negotiations with the Germans, and some hostages are likely to be released in the near future.Truth be told, President Fenton and Premier Wilkins could not believe what they were hearing.Release, yes, release Lieutenant Colonel Moyol told them with certainty that some of the hostages might be released by the German side within a few days.

Wang Weiyi nodded solemnly and said, My friend is waiting for my call.Captain Roger smiled bitterly So what other options do I have No, I don t want to see my wife and children lose their place to live, I don t want to see my daughter living on the streets, I don t want to see my wife in fear all day, tell I, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, what should I do for you Wang Weiyi smiled Don t be in a hurry, Captain.Now you can go back, take a hot bath, and then think about whether you will regret it When you wake up tomorrow and decide to continue doing this, then I will tell you what to do.Captain Roger sighed heavily At this point, do I still have a chance to repent He knew There is no turning back for him, since he has chosen this path, he must go to the end, no matter what happens in the future.I am working on the most terrible cooperation with a terrible devil.

Ah, cbd bomb gummies now Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the successor of George V, has been exiled overseas under the coup d tat of some conspirators, and you will continue to serve such a coup d tat Reeves looked embarrassed.Yes, each of them took such an oath, and HCMUSSH martha stewaet cbd gummies in that sense they all betrayed their oath.Mr.Tinland, I think you must Understand our difficulties Reeves sighed We are only soldiers, and we have no way to interfere in politics.To be honest, I am quite dissatisfied with the current political situation, but what can I do Do you want me to mutiny No, what you did was not a mutiny.Will said indifferently In my opinion, you must carefully consider the future of yourself and the soldiers of the 8th Brigade.The Axis powers are about to land.Do you think the Fenton government can win No, they re clearly about to lose, so what about you and your soldiers To be a martyr for the Fenton government Or make the right choice again Colonel Reeves, I think you should think carefully.

So I order you to rush into Southampton in the shortest possible time.The baron needs someone to guard him.I am very glad that you can entrust this task to me.Major Stroop raised his right arm straightly Everything is for Germany Skeleton Lancers All the power is on the field.Leopard 7 , Destroyer 3 , and Model Assault Gun martha stewaet cbd gummies all roared impatiently.The infantry accompanying the armored vehicles have long been eager to try.Skeleton Lancers forward In Major Stroop s order, the offensive and defensive battle of Southampton officially kicked off This is HCMUSSH martha stewaet cbd gummies a battle that will determine the outcome of the war, this is a battle that will determine the fate of Britain Major Stroop understood this, and so did his opponent, Colonel Enrique.Whoever loses the victory in this war will completely lose the initiative in this war Cannon fire is intertwined in the air, and bullets are whistling and flying across people s ears.

Quick battle at Oldford On October 12, 1966, the leading troops of the Axis Revolution advanced to Oldford, only one step away from London The desperate General Gandra arranged two infantry brigades and an armored regiment of the British government army on the front line of Oldford, under the unified command of General Denardo, and at the same time ordered the troops on both wings to quickly get rid of the entanglement of the guerrillas , advancing in the direction of Alderford, in an attempt to slow down the advance of the Axis Revolution here.General De Nardo was a cousin of Premier Wilkins, and there was no question of his loyalty.Although he does not have any outstanding strengths in command, under the current circumstances, General Gandra would rather use a not very good general, and must first ensure his loyalty.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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