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Morse code That s right, although the order of inscriptions was messed up to confuse the public, but My intuition tells me that this inscription means that there is a Morse code hidden in this poem.Then how did she hide it I couldn t figure it out at first, but you told me just now, how did she hide it Morse Code.Did I tell you Yue Ming tapped the back of his head lightly, wandering around with distracted eyes.In the bar, the sounds of laughter, punching, and singing were mixed together, and Wei Renwu could only hear Yue Ming repeating a sentence in the noisy voice I told you I told you I told you.your If the deceased hid something on the subway, because the subway is moving, it is difficult to tell which subway car she is hiding on, shaq cbd gummies but the subway departs on a regular schedule every day, and each station has a fixed time.To Liu Qi s death.Liu Qi had no choice, so he found Liu Bei.Liu Bei said, I have no choice, but I have a military shaq cbd gummies advisor named Zhuge Liang, who is very capable.So Liu Qi pretended to invite Zhuge Liang to the second floor of his house After reading a book, Zhuge Liang went upstairs and took the stairs away.This is also the famous allusion of going up the house and pulling the ladder.Seeing that there was no way out, Zhuge Liang taught Liu Qi a trick by borrowing the story of Chong Er and Shen Sheng Yue Ming s hut suddenly opened up, and then he said, Don 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies t you see that Shen Sheng is in danger inside, and Chong Er is safe outside That s what Zhuge five cbd gummies Liang told Liu Qi.So, the current situation is like this, your father It s Liu Biao, you are Liu Qi, and Xiang Tianxiao is Zhuge Liang.Then Uncle Xiang is here to protect me If I m not wrong, Xiang Tianxiao will definitely tell you that your biological mother is not dead yet, and she is the one you are looking for.Xiao Liu watched Wei Renwu crawl towards the window where the deceased fell.He crawled a few steps, stopped again, and then crawled forward again.He lay down in front of the window, sat down with his back against the window, closed his eyes and meditated.Although the deeds of Wei Renwu were spread by word of mouth in the police circle, when Xiao Liu saw Wei Renwu investigate the case for the first time, he still felt that this method was very strange, and even had an indescribable weirdness.Wei Renwu stood up suddenly, touched the window sill, and then showed cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil a satisfied smile.Back at the elevator, Xiao Liu was about to HCMUSSH shaq cbd gummies ask a question, when Wei Renwu put his finger on his lips and hissed.Wei Renwu picked up the trash can next to the elevator and dumped it on the ground, looking for things in the trash dump over and over again, and soon Wei Renwu found a medicine bottle.Doctor Huang said firmly No , it just won t work.Yue Ming begged many times, and finally Yue Ming convinced Dr.Huang.It s just that Yue Ming didn t rely on words to persuade him, or as the saying goes money can turn ghosts around.Dr.Huang began to talk about Xiang Nan, who was the boy who fell from the building.Dr.Huang said Xiao Xiang was fourteen years old when he first came here, and his heart was very fragile.There is school violence, but because of his introverted personality, he suppressed all kinds of sexual emotions in the unconscious, which eventually caused him to suffer from depression.I tried to transform his heart and personality, but failed, and finally I can only relieve part of his pain with medicine, but the root cause cannot be solved.In the past two months, he has not come to my place again.Wei is very predictable.Can Mr.Wei guess what kind of job I am Red sweatpants, big red sneakers, long hair coiled up, dressed for a night run.Can you take two steps Wei Renwu asked.Shu Xin followed Wei Renwu s instructions and took two steps back and forth.You should be working as an online writer, and the workplace is at home.Shu Xin pouted, looking surprised, and asked, How do you know Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and smiled.There are deep indentations on the lower edge of your two palms.This is caused by you typing on the keyboard for a long time and placing your palms on the edge of the table in order to relax.Your arches are flat and not deformed, which means that you seldom wear high heelsI seldom wear high heels.There are two possibilities.First, I work from home.Second, I take a car or drive to work for a long time, shaq cbd gummies benefits of cbd gummies for pain and the work is some office clerical work.At four 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies o clock in the afternoon, Wei Renwu came to Wangjianglou Park as scheduled.Mr.Nan shaq cbd gummies Guo is still sitting peacefully by the Funan River fishing.Mr.Nan Guo, I m here.Take it.Mr.Nan Guo handed Wei Renwu a note.Wei Renwu looked at the note and showed a weird smile.He took out his mobile phone and made a call Hey, Officer Zhang, what happened to the matter I asked you to check for me Oh, okay, you can send it to me.Then, he made another call Xiaoyue, your mission is here The night in late autumn always comes earlier, it is only after six o clock in the afternoon, and the sky gradually darkens.The weather did not affect the scenery of the East Lake, not to mention the red figure running along the East Lake at night, making all the surrounding scenery seem more vibrant.Shu Xin slowed down, as if she was tired from running for too long.When I was studying, this girl was the goddess marley cbd gummies in the hearts of thousands of boys, and she also became a rare thing in the eyes of teachers.A prodigy.When she was in college, this girl made a boyfriend.Her boyfriend was the chairman of the school student union.He was tall and handsome.When the two of them will definitely become a pair of gods and couples who are envied by others and will make a promise for a lifetime, the boy makes an amazing move.The boy proposes to break up with the girl.Naturally, the girl cannot accept it , why I am beautiful and talented, why would you want to break up with me Yes, I am beautiful and talented, but I have no money.That s right, the girl s family is a working family, and there is not much money.So the boy took an appearance A little, less intelligent girl, but a very rich girl in the family.The occasion.Lu Tong looked unhappy.Yue Ming quickly explained That s not the case, he is really sick.Well, Xiaoyue is an honest man, I believe you.Lu Tong said he believed it, but in fact he still had a lump in his heart.Yue Ming thought that he arrived at the hotel at eleven o clock, which was relatively early, but when he entered the hotel, he found that Quankai and Lin Xingchen had already arrived.As soon as they met the two, they had the same question Why didn cbd gummies brasil t Wei Renwu come Yue Ming had to explain again Wei Renwu is sick and can t come.Lin Xingchen said unconvincingly Wei Renwu must be somewhere.I m confused, so I didn t come here.Quan Kai believed what Yue Ming said, he said, No, Wei Renwu is really sick.Lin Xingchen asked doubtfully, How did you find out Quan Kai said Xiaoyue has a smell of banlangen on his body.Huh Just as Yue Ming was dumbfounded by the question, he saw Quan Kai take out a wire from his trousers pocket.You want to open the lock with a wire In fact, the full open did open the door with a wire.Walking into the room with full swing, Yue Ming hurriedly followed.Yan Xiluo s room is a single apartment with only more than 30 square meters.The room is very messy, clothes are thrown everywhere, chairs are also tilted on the ground, and the quilt is not arranged.Fully open to remind Yue Ming Don t touch anything, it is very likely that you will destroy some clues.Yue Ming nodded, he has followed Wei Renwu for a while, he still understands this common sense.Facing the with the full face, holding his chin with his right hand, or opening or closing his eyes, he thought for a long time, and then went to the toilet to check again., but she hasn t come yet.Lu Tong said, Maybe, she forgot Or she didn t finish the matter Or she left first because of something urgent.Quan Kai shook his head and said, She won t forget , she and Xingchen are sisters, and they have a good relationship, how could they forget, if there is something urgent to go, 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies she has to book the ticket first, and then wait for the flight, she has time to say goodbye to Xingchen.So, the most likely thing is that nothing happened Finished.Lin go gummies cbd Xingchen was so anxious that he still cried Then what should we do now Lu Tong looked at Quan Kai and Quan Kai said Xingchen s sister is going to find Professor Yang, of course we have to go now I m looking for Professor Yang.But we don t know who Professor Yang is Lu Tong questioned.Quan Kai asked Lin Xingchen Your sister also graduated from this school before Lin Xingchen nodded.Quan Kai touched his forehead and said, This is strange, the things in this room are neatly arranged, which means that Uncle Wang didn t struggle before he martha stewart cbd gummies valentines cbd gummie 125 mg died, which is unreasonable Li Jiaran and Lu Tong just listened to what they were talking about, and didn t dare to make any meaningless comments.Quan Kai asked again What is the Ghost used Li Jiaran replied It s a Parabellum bomb.Quan Kai said It s different from the one that killed Sister Lin.Lu Tong asked Said Is there any mystery in this Quan Kai shook his head and said I can t tell the mystery, it s just that the ghosts haven t got the police s, so use other applicable ones instead.Li Jiaran said Indeed, Mr.Wang They were all taken away by ghosts , and all the policemen who died later were shot to death by domestic 9mm bullets.He opened his eyes and checked the coffee table, there was a teapot and several buckles on the table drinking glass.The nurse was surprised How do you know I just want to tell you this.Just now when your friend was going through the formalities in the lobby, five masked men rushed in and carried him directly into a black Chevrolet.My first The time came to inform you, but you already knew.Yang Xi said angrily, Is there no one else in the hall smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies Is there no one to stop it This The nurse couldn t speak for a while.Wei Renwu laughed and said This is the nature of the Chinese people, Everyone sweeps the snow in front of the door, don t care about the frost on others.What a bunch of insensitive people Yang Xi sat up angrily.Wei Renwu said You can t blame them.They are just ordinary citizens, so they are naturally afraid of revenge from those bad guys.Yang Xi asked, Did you call the police The nurse nodded repeatedly.The car finally stopped, Yue Ming was taken out of the car by several cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil people, and then fell heavily on a chair.The sack on Yue Ming s head was taken away.In the dark for a long time, his eyes suddenly received strong light, and he would feel very uncomfortable.Therefore, when the sack was removed, his eyes were hurt by the strong light.I think you shaq cbd gummies are Yue Ming.A voice came from right in front of Yue Ming.Yue Ming s blurred vision gradually became clear.There cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil were six men in front of him.On the chair in front of Ming, the other five masked men stood upright behind the man with their hands behind their backs, motionless.Where are you Where am I Yue Ming asked suspiciously.He looked around again.He was currently in an abandoned factory.For some reason, Yue Ming always 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies felt that he had been here before.He crossed the cordon and carefully observed the place where Shen Wende died.Yue Ming said The blood on the ground has been washed away, can you still see anything Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, Fortunately, they at least used a meter pen to draw the location of Shen Wende before his death.From the location Look, it s very close to the wall, which means that he didn t jump from upstairs, but fell from the window, otherwise, if he jumped, he should have a certain distance from the wall.Yue Ming said Next, should we go up and have a look Wei Renwu smiled and said, Obviously, this is necessary.According to reports, Shen Wende fell from his apartment on the eleventh floor.Shen Wende s specific room was room 1111 on the eleventh floor, and the door was sealed by the police.After confirming that there was no one else in the aisle, Wei Renwu took out a wire and fiddled with the door, and the door opened.The fat police officer looked suddenly enlightened, and said Oh, I know you, I have a classmate in the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau.Wei Renwu slowly put his hands down, and said Since the police officer knows me, shouldn t he also consider me It s my suggestion.The fat police officer suddenly became angry again, and shouted, I told you to put your hands down and raise them up.Wei Renwu raised his hands upright as if cold water had been vitamin shoppe cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies poured on him, while Yue Ming Then he stuck to the wall tightly, without any reaction.The fat police officer looked at Wei Renwu suspiciously, and asked Let me ask you, why did you go to Wenzhou Is there any other purpose Wei Renwu replied unhurriedly We are investigating a case.I just came to Wenzhou, and I just need your help, officer, but it happens that you are involved in this case, so I want to share some pressure for the officer, so I broke into this place to find some clues, I hope you don t mind, officer. Although psychological reasoning is not convincing, it can quickly lock suspects through criminal motives, which is true in actual combat.It is more effective.You seem to understand psychological reasoning very well, who are you You are not my book fan at all.The young man with glasses began to question Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu laughed loudly, and he said with a smile I m really not your book fan, how did you find out My novel hasn t been published yet, where did I come from as a book fan, who are you Wei Renwu He stood up, adjusted his clothes, and introduced himself, My name is Wei Renwu, and I work in criminal investigation.The young man with glasses also stood up, took off his glasses, and said with admiration, You are the detective Wei Renwu Knowing you, I didn t expect you to come to my house, haha, I m so lucky.A capable person, but cheap cbd gummies by bulk you always lack one thing, do you understand I don t understand, please explain to the boss.You lack vision, otherwise with your ability, you will definitely be able to sit in my position, but I have this vision, I can see that you are capable, so I promoted you to be my shaq cbd gummies secretary, and of course I can also see that cbd gummies shipping melt Wei Renwu is a rare talent.Since Mr.Xiang said he is a talent, Then I believe Mr.Xiang, and I want to see what kind of talent he is.Wei Renwu lay naked in the bathtub, a maid rubbed his back, and another maid plucked his messy hair and bushy beard The lice are so happy.Wei Renwu may not even remember the last time he took a bath, and he may never have dreamed that he could take a bath in this way this time.After bathing, a maid handed over a clean and tidy shaq cbd gummies casual suit.Zhao He had already walked to Li Kai s side.He took off Li Kai s glasses, tapped Li Kai s delicate face with his hand, and sighed softly I said, Li Kai, I know there is a saying called a person who knows current affairs.For Junjie Originally, if you sincerely cooperate with me, it would be great to have two swords together But you just want to harm me.Fortunately, this Mr.Wei is a person who knows current affairs, and he told me Your overall plan, and personally set this trap, I have to say, Mr.Wei is much smarter than you.You, Li Kai, are simply a big idiot.Li Kai smiled, he smiled sadly, and smiled very Desperate, he said in despair That s right, I, Li Kai, am a big idiot, I would actually believe such a bastard, he is obviously just a stranger, why on earth should I believe him, I am not only a big idiot, I am also a What an idiot.It was Li Kai who killed someone, and Li Kai has already turned himself in, so you don t have to help him take the blame, get out quickly.No, it wasn t him who murdered, but me.Such a result was never expected by Xiang Tianxiao.There s no need to pretend anymore.There are enough evidences to prove that Li Kai killed the person.Come out with me.Xiang Tianxiao reluctantly followed the police and left the prison room.After leaving the Public Security Bureau, Xiang Tianxiao immediately saw Wei Renwu, Mary, and Ah Zhen across the street.The three of them also saw Xiang Tianxiao, and hurried forward to meet him.Mary and Ah Zhen were concerned Master, are you okay Xiang Tianxiao didn t speak, but just shook his head, he was in a terrible mood now.Wei Renwu understood what he was thinking, and Wei Renwu ordered Ah Zhen, go and drive the car, Boss Xiang needs to go home now.The skinny man in black rushed to help the tall and strong man in black, but he was so thin that he couldn t help him.The curly haired man in black asked in horror Who are you Wei Renwu ignored him, and only said to Yue Ming How are you Yue Ming shook his head and said, I m fine.Wei Renwu pursed his lips and said You re fine, I m fine, you re not at home, I m really not sure if you got that dog back.I m asking you something, who are you the curly haired man in black shouted.Who am I Save it and ask the police.While speaking, Wei Renwu shot like lightning, and in the blink of an eye, Wei Renwu s hand was already on the neck of the curly haired man in black, so frightened that the curly haired man in black dared not move.Seeing that the boss was suffering, the skinny man in black hurriedly raised his gun and rushed to rescue him.Hahahahaha, the great detective is really humble , but having said 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies that, the recent cases are all petty cases, and you don t need your butcher s knife. Oh, it s fine if you don t have one, but when Captain Lin encounters difficulties, please remember to call the little one.Yo.Don t worry, shaq cbd gummies I will call you if I have something to do, I ve hung up, I m still busy.Dududu Now, Wei Renwu was also disappointed.Hey, this one seems pretty good.Yue Ming said excitedly.Wei Renwu put out his shaq cbd gummies cigarette, rushed to Yue Ming, and asked anxiously, What case Yue Ming read slowly, The applicant said that he seems to be being followed and monitored, and he hopes to get our help.Wei Renwu looked Looking at the content on the page, he pursed his lips and said, It s not our cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil help, it s your help.You don t like this case Have you seen this person s photo Wei Renwu pointed to the screen to apply The person s avatar said.The night was very quiet, but dogs barked from time to time in the courtyard of the community.I sat I was watching TV on the sofa, and suddenly the power went out.At first, I didn t pay much attention to it, but when I looked out the window, the community was still brightly lit, and then I realized that only my family had a power outage.I reckoned it was a trip, So I went downstairs to check the gate of my electric meter, and it really tripped.After I moved the gate, I went back home, and within a minute, it tripped again.I was so angry that I had to go to the gate again.Turned it on, but after returning home, within a minute, it tripped again.Just when I was about to go for the third time, as soon as I opened the door, I saw that thing standing at my door, you know I was scared out of it.When Xu Hao said this, he couldn t help but shuddered.Just as Yue Ming was about to question him, Yang Yang came out from the gate of New Hope Building.Yue Ming quickly poked his head out of the window and shouted Yang Yang, we are here.It was already nine o clock in the evening, and Yue Ming was the only car parked across the street, so Yang Yang walked easily.Can find Yue Ming.Yang Yang got into Yue Ming s car with a smile on his face.Yue Ming greeted Yang Yang, how do you feel about going to work today Yang Yang replied It s still the same.Have you eaten Have you eaten yet We have already eaten.Yue Ming and Yang Yang got along quite well, but Wei Renwu became silent, and he only urged Let s go.Yue Ming quickly started The Beatles.Let me tell you how my family should go.Yang Yang said enthusiastically.Yue Ming replied No need, I know how to go.So that s how it is.Yang Yang said half understanding.Yue Ming asked Why did he leave these things here Wei Renwu said Maybe he just wanted to tell Yang Yang that he was here.Wei Renwu asked Yang Yang again You locked the door last night.Is it Yang Yang said When I m usually at home, the door will be locked.Wei Renwu said What about the windows Yang Yang said The windows are also locked, because our area is located in Chengdu where people and snakes are mixed.Therefore, the law and order is not very good, so naturally it has to be locked.Wei Renwu said again Is there any sign that the door and window have been pried Yang Yang shook his head and said No.Wei Renwu carefully checked the door and window, just as Yang Yang answered , There is indeed no trace of being pried.Yue Ming rubbed the back of his head, wondering That s strange, can t that ghost still pass through walls Wei Renwu laughed and said, It s not surprising that ghosts can penetrate walls.Before the words finished, Wei Renwu rushed to the door, Yue Ming looked blank, but he could only follow quickly.After going downstairs, Wei Renwu rushed out of the hotel immediately, and Yue Ming hurriedly followed before he had time to check out.Wei Renwu completely ignored the traffic coming and going, and risked being hit by a car to cross the street, causing a lot of scolding.Yue Ming followed and apologized to the drivers on the street.Wei Renwu rushed into Yintongyuan.At this time, a handsome middle aged man got out of the Mercedes Benz car, cbd gummies brasil healing hemp cbd gummies reviews with a sloppy beard and a tall cbd gummies 300mg reviews and straight figure.He had a unique charm of a mature man, but his expression A little anxious, the mobile phone in his hand kept making calls, and it seemed that there was no answer on the other end of the phone.When Wei Renwu rushed into Yintongyuan , the middle aged man also walked towards Yintongyuan anxiously.Don t think too much about this woman.It must be Lin who was kidnapped.stars.It was another dark night, another cold wind, and another desolate abandoned cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil factory.Candles are brightly lit in the factory.Yang Xi stood in front of the abandoned factory, facing the cold wind with his hands behind his back, with a smug smile on his lips.Why is he proud Indeed, he should be proud.Wei Renwu and the Second Serious Case Detachment were played around by him, and he was humble enough to hold back his laughter.The three day time limit has come, and the matter must be settled after all.He stood at the factory gate because he couldn t wait to see Wei Renwu, who had experienced three days of embarrassment, bow his head to him.Are you here Suddenly Yang Xi said to the darkness outside the factory.A person came cbd gummies brasil healing hemp cbd gummies reviews out from the darkness.As soon as Yue Ming koi cbd gummies 200mg saw Wei Renwu, he couldn t help asking, Where have you been these few days Wei Renwu smiled and did not answer.Yang Xi laughed and said, It s windy outside, let s talk inside.Yang Xi led the way, and the three entered the factory.Inside the factory, candles were lit everywhere, making it as bright as day.Lin Xingchen was sitting on a chair in the middle of the factory, her whole body was tied to the chair, her eyes were covered with a black cloth, her mouth was also sealed with tape, and she could vaguely hear the sound of woo woo from her mouth , and in the four corners, there were still nine masked men standing upright with their hands behind their backs, like a wax figure with only a body but no life.Wei Renwu threw the money in the middle of the factory, and said to Yang Xi I brought you the money, and I have already lost my reputation, so you are satisfied now.Hearing Wei Renwu say this, Xiao Wei hurried to help Leilong, while You Ye and Fang Ronghua were in charge of lighting the candles.Xiao Wei did a simple hemostasis for Thunder Dragon.Wei Renwu picked up a fragment on the ground, observed it by candlelight, and said to himself T Rex It s interesting.Yue Ming walked to Wei Renwu and said, Mr.Wei, should we go see it Have you seen Captain Lin Wei Renwu put the pieces into his pocket, stroked his mustache, and said with a smile, The princess is about to wake up, it s time for the knight to return to her.On the other side, Yang Xi and Fang Jingyu ran away desperately , They only knew to run into the wilderness, and did not dare to run towards the main road, for fear that Wei Renwu and the others would follow them.Because the path was too dark, the two fell down many times during the period.He was cautious, for fear HCMUSSH shaq cbd gummies that a gangster with a hand would suddenly rush out, he was already old, and he was no longer sure about the law.He s focused, but actually he s so tense that his back is dripping with sweat.He was about to reach the corner, and he flew out towards the corner, trying to kill the person behind the corner by surprise.However, I never expected that there was no one behind the corner, only a wall more than two meters high, and this wall blocked the only way out of this alley.Only then did Wang Chaoyang s heart hang in his throat slowly let go.It was a dead end, but where did the mystery man go 6.We are not old and weak soldiers.Zhang Chaoyang questioned Captain, is it because you are dazzled Is there anyone here Chaoyang shook his head and said, No, there was indeed someone just now, but he escaped.Wang Chaoyang nodded and said Everyone has worked hard today, these two bags of things, first Let me hide it at home, you all go home and have a good rest, maybe tomorrow will be a big battle.Later, Wang Chaoyang drove Zhang Feng and Xiao Wei back home in a Jetta police car, but he did not Send Lin Xingchen home directly.In the driver s seat, he said to Lin Xingchen, the co pilot, Xingchen, you have something on your mind.Lin Xingchen shook his head and did not answer.Wang Chaoyang said It seems that you are still unwilling to talk to me, an old man.Lin Xingchen replied Everyone has their own ideas, just like you, Captain Wang.Are you willing to tell the whole world in your heart Wang Chaoyang was at a loss for words, he paused, .

can truck drivers use cbd gummies?

and suddenly burst out laughing , he smiled and said It seems that you can t open your heart easily, you can only use the unique trick.High school HCMUSSH shaq cbd gummies student Lin Xingchen stood up in shock, It s fake, how can a high school student rule a city s crimes, it must be a rumor.High school students can do these things, no one can believe that such a thing The existence of high school students is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.Wang Chaoyang laughed and said, To be honest, I don t really believe it either.After all, it s just a rumor.Anyway, that person never appeared again, so let s just treat him as a camino cbd thc gummies nightmare.After waking up from the dream, didn t you guys appear again Are you young Lin Xingchen sat down silently again.Wang Chaoyang said again My story is finished, it s time to tell yours.My story is similar to yours, Captain.I have an older sister who is also a policeman, but when she was investigating a case, , was killed, and my sister s body was discovered by me and my friends.Come out, you must still be the legendary policeman chill cbd oil gummies of the Public Security Bureau.Wang Chaoyang patted himself on the chest and said, Although I am old, I still hope that I can do my last bit of strength to help and protect you.Lin Xingchen raised the purple jug in his hand and said, Then captain, let s do one.Wang Chaoyang picked up another jug of wine and drank it down with Lin Xingchen.The two put down the tie pot, and Wang Chaoyang suddenly whispered to Lin Xingchen Let s be careful.I just observed for a long time.Some of the guests will be against us., There is a table of guests who just came in, and they have been staring at our table since they came in, and they must be coming for us.The guests at the table that Lin Xingchen mentioned were sitting in the corner.There were four of them, all 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies wearing hoodies and covering their heads with hats, so it was difficult to see their faces clearly.How is this motorcycle handsome When I came back, I thought I was going to be a knight Appear in front of you, and then make you handsome.You are still a knight, you are at most a Don Quixote.10.Although Wang Chaoyang, an outsider, does not escape fast enough and his physical strength is not as good as when he was young, Jiang is still old Hot, he just turned into the alley, and through several extremely complicated paths, he left the two men chasing him without a trace.After getting out of danger, Wang Chaoyang immediately called Zhang Feng and others to come to his home for a meeting.Zhang Feng, Xiao Wei, Lei Long, and Fang Ronghua quickly put down their affairs and rushed to Wang Chaoyang s home.The five of them were sitting in the living room.Zhang Feng asked curiously, Team Wang, you smell like alcohol.How do you cbd gummies 25mg froggies tell Wei Renwu said, still chewing.Yue Ming covered his mouth and laughed, You re talking in your sleep.What did I say Wei Renwu suddenly became nervous.He still remembered the dream he had last night, and he knew that the sleep talk Yue Ming heard must be related to that dream.Yue Ming rubbed his chin vitamin shoppe cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies and thought about it Well Let me think about it, I said a lot of strange things, called Captain Lin s name, Dad, and Master.Wait, what did you do last night Want to eavesdrop on my sleep talk Wei Renwu always felt that something was wrong.Yue shaq cbd gummies Ming quickly explained I just overheard it by accident when I was going to the toilet at night.Who would be so bored to eavesdrop You are such a boring person, you must have eavesdropped on purpose.In fact Yes, Yue Ming did eavesdrop on it on purpose.Wei Renwu said while starting to study the lead wire.Cold sweat broke out on Wu Wei s forehead, and he said with a guilty conscience, If it gets too long, what will happen It will explode.Wei Renwu said lightly.Seven, yellow green red Wu Wei s tightly clenched hands started to shake when he heard that the gun in his hand might explode at any time, but he was afraid that the handle would fall from his hands, so he clenched it even tighter, until his palms began to sweat coldly.Wei Renwu reminded Xiao Wu, as long as you don t move, you ll be fine.Let me handle the rest.Even if Wei Renwu didn t say anything, Wu Wei didn t dare to move.WeiMr.Wei, do you need my help The person on the other side who dared not move was the special police officer.No, you stand farther away and guard, don t let other people approach here., Many people can t avoid falling into it, so they often go bankrupt in the stock market, but have you ever seen a sad face You forgot when the stock market was in turmoil and you suffered losses Lin Feng pinched Mo Xiaonian s little nose.After several days of quarrel, Lin Feng had no idea why Mo Xiaonian was making trouble with him at that time, and Mo Ming had played chess well for several days.Later, Mo Tianxing told himself that if the stock market was in turmoil, he would never Don t provoke Mo Xiaonian, otherwise the consequences will be serious.But as soon as he said this, Lin Feng saw that Mo Xiaonian s face began to become agitated.This was a sign that Mo Xiaonian was about to get angry.Lin Feng, who had already touched Mo Xiaonian s temper, said quickly at this time Hey, don t get excited, baby, whatever you want to eat tonight, I ll make it for you I want to eat you Mo Xiaonian said viciously.At the same time, the company already knew that Lin Feng attacked Longsheng Real Estate Company at an auction held by Tianqi Auction House last night, and asked the other party to buy the second piece of green ecological land at a price of 8 billion.With the acquisition of a pile of green and ecological land, Lin Feng s prestige has once again risen to a higher level.14.The tiger was finally caught.Just when the host looked expectantly at the middle aged bald man and hoped that he would pay another 550 million, the middle aged bald man suddenly raised his hand, One sentence made the host stunned.New address .xnb.I abandon the auction As soon as the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.Did HCMUSSH shaq cbd gummies no one understand the purpose of his abandoning the auction If it was just to set the price, it was obvious that there was no need to say that he abandoned the auction.If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price shaq cbd gummies is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.Mr.Lin, our boss shaq cbd gummies has a weird personality.Since he opened the auction house, he has rarely shown his face in public.I shaq cbd gummies am almost in charge of business cooperation and negotiation, so if there is any poor hospitality, please forgive me, Mr.Lin. After the management of Tianqi Auctioneer printed the seal of Apocalypse Auctioneer on the contract, he handed the bronze sword to Lin Feng There is also this bronze sword.Our boss said that no matter how much the price is, only those who are destined You can get it, it seems that Dong Lin is a destined person, and here I would like to congratulate Dong Lin.Naturally, Lin Feng didn t take this sentence to heart, this is a skill of a businessman, especially in the antique business, you say The cost of an antique is so little, not much to invite, but why can such a high price be paid Is it because of hobbies Thought faith Because of history So in Lin Feng s eyes, this kind of nonsense about predestined people is just a marketing tactic.When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.But Boss Wu is also a smart person, he knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, shaq cbd gummies benefits of cbd gummies for pain this card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.Mr.Lin, congratulations, but I haven t seen you interested in bronze wares before Zhu Gan didn t say anything, but Secretary Li was a little curious.During this time, she stayed by Lin Feng s side almost every day.He is also aware of the fact that Lin Feng likes ancient styles, but the antiques that Lin Feng handed over before are also small objects, and he has never touched bronze wares.Lin Feng smiled I m just curious.I ve never touched bronze wares before.Buy it back and have a look.If this sword is vitamin shoppe cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies real, then it s worth the price.I even picked up a big leak.Let s go.After the auction is over, we will sign the contract, and we still have four billion yuan to pay back, haha Since it was all backstage transactions, Lin Feng came to the backstage of the auction after the auction to be in charge of the event., Many people can t avoid falling into it, shaq cbd gummies so they often go bankrupt in the stock market, but have you ever seen a sad face You forgot when the stock market was in turmoil and you shaq cbd gummies suffered losses Lin Feng pinched Mo Xiaonian s little nose.After several days of quarrel, Lin Feng had no idea why Mo Xiaonian was making trouble with him at that time, and Mo Ming had played chess well for several days.Later, Mo Tianxing told himself that if the stock market was in turmoil, he would never Don t provoke Mo Xiaonian, otherwise the consequences will be serious.But as vitafusion cbd gummies reviews soon as he said this, Lin Feng saw that Mo Xiaonian s face HCMUSSH shaq cbd gummies began to become agitated.This was a sign that Mo Xiaonian was about to get angry.Lin Feng, who had already touched Mo Xiaonian s temper, said quickly at this time Hey, don t get excited, baby, whatever you want to eat tonight, I ll make it for you I want to shaq cbd gummies eat cbd gummies brasil healing hemp cbd gummies reviews you Mo Xiaonian said viciously.Because at this time, everyone is concerned about the Spring Festival Gala that is being broadcast on the TV at home.No one cares whether the neighbor next door has entered a stranger.Besides, even a thief has to go home for the New Year s Eve.Who would have believed that someone would break into a house on this day Wei Renwu entered Wang Aimin s house without hindrance or even avoiding it deliberately.Of course he didn t come to steal anything, but he came to find something.What is Wei Renwu looking for In fact, he didn t know it himself, but he had to try his luck anyway, maybe he could find conclusive evidence Wang Guomin s home is very tidy, so clean that the paper towels on the coffee table are neatly folded.When Wei Renwu saw such a tidy room, he thought of Yue Ming.Yue Ming is also such a clean and tidy person.Thinking of this, Wei Renwu burst out laughing, causing the driver to ask curiously My friend, what are you laughing shaq cbd gummies at It was Yue Ming s ambiguous partner named Fang Yun when he was in Chengdu.After Wei Renwu returned to Chengdu, he went to tell Fang platinum cbd gummy apple rings review Yun on behalf of Yue Ming that Yue Ming would never come back.Fang Yun still cried very sadly.I didn t expect that I would actually help other people wipe the ass of the woman in my life.The taxi arrived at Qingshuihe Park very quickly.It was already eleven o clock in the evening, and there was almost no one in Qingshuihe Park.Braving the cold wind, Wei Renwu walked alone in the dark Qingshuihe Park.He calculated the time, the last time the body was found in Shiling Forest Park was nearly twelve o clock, that is to say, if Zhang Yuning abandoned the body in Qingshuihe Park , then he should be in the nearest It will act in time.Yang Xi took the wine glass and said with a smile You are so confident that I can t beat you Wei Renwu raised the wine glass and said, Of course I have this confidence, otherwise I won t uncuff you.Yang Xi and Wei Renwu After clinking glasses, they all drank it down.Yang Xi said, Well, I might not be able to beat you, and I don t intend to try good wine and good food.Who would want to fight and kill if you put it in front of you Yang Xi picked it up One chopsticks of fish flavored shredded pork took a sip and said with satisfaction Wei Renwu didn t expect your cooking to be pretty good.It s much better than the food in the Public Security Bureau.I hope you will come to see me often in the future.Wei Renwu also started to eat.He said Thinking too much, I don t have cbd gummies brasil healing hemp cbd gummies reviews such skills.My assistant did it.Yue Ming asked Why use this method Wei Renwu took out a cigarette and lit it and said I ask you what is the easiest to hit 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies when you are a gunner Yue Ming quickly took over the conversation and replied The target that does not move is the easiest to be hit.Wei Renwu nodded in satisfaction and are cbd gummies legal in ca said, That s right, the targets with obvious targets are the easiest to hit, and the five police cars are the most conspicuous targets.If you put White Tiger in those police cars, wouldn t it be obvious to the Fengshenhui The white tiger is right here, so come and save it.Wu Wei suddenly realized, So this is a trick of striking the east and hitting the west Is there a fake white tiger in the police car Wei Renwu took a deep puff of cigarette and said There is no doubt that this is indeed a tactic of striking east and west to divert the enemy s attention to the five mighty police cars, and then the real white tiger went to the court by another way, and the plainclothes policemen who were in ambush also went to the court.If Yang Xi is still there, his mentality is different from others.At this time, Wei Renwu saw a very special person.His special feature was that he was facing the scene of the crime with a hood on his head.Wei Renwu recalled another incident.At that time, there was a person in the subway station.It was strange to say a person.It should be said that it was strange to say a dead person.Where is this strange dead man Is he really in such good health that he only wore an inner cbd gummies good for weight loss sweater all winter Or was the clothes pulled off Wei Renwu yelled at the man in the sweater with his back turned to him White Tiger Wei Renwu s voice was loud and many beat cbd gummies for anxiety people turned their heads to look at him, but the man in the hood alone didn t look back Wei Renwu had a tendency to leave the crowd at a glance.It s him, he is Yang Xi and Wei Renwu has already decided so in his heart.Lin Xingchen said hesitantly.No You re joking, who else can do this except the Fengshenhui Wei Renwu wanted to laugh but couldn t do it due to physical reasons, so the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.Lin Xingchen paused.She knew that the truth might be difficult for Wei Renwu to accept, but she wanted to tell Wei Renwu after all, so she said, No one, no one, full spectrum cbd gummies drug test this is just an accident.Accident Wei Renwu was so angry that he almost jumped off the bed shaq cbd gummies stand up.Seeing that the situation was not right, Lin Xingchen pressed Wei Renwu firmly on the bed and shouted Do you want to die At this time, Yue Ming was also woken up by Lin Xingchen s voice, and he sat up from the accompanying bed and asked What s the matter How could Wei Renwu care about hurting Yue Ming He said anxiously to Lin Xingchen How could it be an accident How can there be such a coincidence in the world You have investigated the driver who caused the accident., let White Tiger die on the spot.Yue Ming held his chin and said with a frown Maybe, this is really just an accident Like you said before, Reaper is just a legend, there is no People have really seen him.Wei Renwu shook his head and said In the past, I might have thought that Reaper was just a legend, but after this real experience, I can be sure that Reaper is not a legend, he is A killer who really exists, a killer who is extremely clever and kills people with wisdom.A person who can be cbd gummies healthy leaf recognized by you should indeed have two talents.This is also the first time Yue Ming has heard Wei Renwu praise a person like this, which shows that Wei Renwu It s no wonder that Wei Renwu temporarily gave up the Fengshenhui to track down the God of Death because of his closeness.Wei Renwu took a deep breath and said I think I should talk to that driver and listen to all his details, maybe we can find some breakthroughs.Leaning on crutches, Wei Renwu moved step by step towards the outside of the monitoring room, and said, Anyway, I m going back to the exhibition room again.I want to see what tricks the White Horse Bandit has played.Everyone stood outside the exhibition room again, and Wei Renwu once again Lost in thought.This time, everyone still didn t dare to disturb him, and even Li Yi didn t taunt him anymore.He also wanted to see what kind of clues Wei Renwu could find.Suddenly Wei Renwu said I found something.What Everyone was surprised almost at the same time.I found out Wei Renwu deliberately closed his mouth, and everyone s hearts hung in their throats.Wei Renwu stroked his belly and said, I found out that I m hungry.Everyone was shocked, thinking that Wei Renwu could say something useful, but it turned out to be like this.Guo Ling rummaged through the entire closet before shaq cbd gummies finding a suit that fit.Guo HCMUSSH shaq cbd gummies Ling put on his suit and tie, and looked at himself in the mirror with satisfaction.At this time, his cell phone rang again, and it was Wei Renwu calling.Hey, Mr.Wei, are you here I m already downstairs, Director Guo, come down quickly.Mr.Wei, shaq cbd gummies wait a moment, I ll come down right away.Then hurry up, I d rather I hate waiting for people.Guo Ling hung up the phone and gave himself in the mirror a big smile.Before Guo Ling went out, he .

how much to hive cbd gummies for dogs?

looked back at his room before shaq cbd gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies closing cbd gummy uses the door.Walking downstairs, Guo Ling saw Wei Renwu standing at the gate of the community leaning on a cane.The closer Guo Ling got to Wei Renwu, the more he realized that the crutch in Wei Renwu s hand looked familiar.When Guo Ling saw it clearly, he realized that it was Tutankhamun s Heka scepter.Yu, and I should leave too.Don t how are commercial cbd gummies made you want to stay a little longer Mr.Yu still wanted to keep Wei Renwu to chat for a while, in his eyes, he appreciated the young man in front of him very much.Wei Renwu declined politely Forget it, Mr.Yu, my assistant is still waiting for me outside the museum.I have to go back to shaq cbd gummies Chengdu quickly.There are still many things to deal with.Then I ll see you off.Mr.Yu always thought Get closer to Wei Renwu.Don t be like this, Mr.Yu, HCMUSSH shaq cbd gummies I won t work for your department, so you should die.Mr.Yu was extremely shocked by Wei Renwu s words.To dismantle.Mr.Yu was actually very happy in his heart.He really didn t see through Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu was definitely the talent he needed.Mr.Yu said unwillingly, It s okay, Wei Renwu.I will definitely take you under my command.Wei Renwu said coldly I ll wait and see, let s say goodbye.Let s look at the case he handled again, the North Railway Station bombing case.There are still traces of the hole left by the explosion in the square.Even if the hole has been patched now, the trace can never be erased.Last time he personally arrested the policeman.On the way to the court for trial, the policeman escaped and caused many casualties.Therefore, Wei Renwu is a loser.Please don t associate him with Detective Shu Da again.To make a comparison, this is an insult to Detective Shu.When Liao Fan talked about Wei Renwu, his words were very excited, which shows his disgust for Wei Renwu.However, HCMUSSH shaq cbd gummies Wei Renwu has just cracked a museum theft case in Beijing recently, and vitamin shoppe cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies helped the Capital Museum recover the national treasure of Egypt Tutankhamun s Heka scepter.The media person still did not give up.The three pointed the scissors at the ribbon, and Shu Po counted one Three, two, one.The three cut off the scissors at the same time.At this time, firecrackers and applause rang out, and Dongpo Detective Agency was shaq cbd gummies officially put into operation.In the carnival of a group of people, a young man wearing glasses quietly exited.This young man is the media person who just argued for Wei Renwu.He is also a reporter of Tencent Dacheng.com, named Wu Yue.Just as Wu Yue squeezed out of the crowd, she was immediately stopped by a handsome man.Wu Yue knew this man, and this man was Yue Ming who often disclosed Wei Renwu s news to Wu Yue.YueBrother Yue.Seeing Yue Ming, Wu Yue was as nervous as a child whose mother caught him stealing candy.Come here.Yue Ming pulled Wu Yue and walked into an alley.Wu Yue knew what he was going to face next, so he became even more nervous.Shu Po narrowed his eyes and said leisurely to his defeated opponent.Yue Ming opened his lips slightly, and said slowly, strong cbd gummies I think I should go.I m ashamed, so I want to go Shu Po was almost aggressive.Yue Ming fled away in a flash.Seeing Yue Ming running out of the convenience store , Zhao Jun said to Shu Po It seems that he will not dare to see you again in the future, you ruined this young man.Shu Po said If you are in this world , if you don t have the ability, then just ruin it, you re useless anyway.Yue Ming left the convenience store and ran towards the street, his expression was very distorted, he was fighting for losing to Shu Po.Feeling guilty, or thinking about something else In short, he only wanted one thing now, and that was to go home quickly.He wanted to find Wei Renwu and tell him everything that happened, as well as some of his shaq cbd gummies conjectures.Wei Renwu took a sip of hot tea, and then said How about Fang Ronghua Lin Xingchen said Listen to Zhang Feng.Tell me, he was with Fang Ronghua.Wei Renwu asked curiously, You also went Zhang Feng nodded and said, Yes, letting Ronghua do this alone is too exhausting.Two people can do it together.What did you guys shaq cbd gummies do Yue Ming seemed to be the only one kept in the dark.Zhang Feng said, We went to monitor Shu Po.Let s get down to business.Wei Renwu reminded.Zhang Feng immediately turned back to the topic and said, After receiving Captain Lin s order, Ronghua and I separated.One rushed to Shu Po s residence and the other to Shu 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies Po s office.However, the lights in Shu Po s office were still brightly lit.So we both stayed in Shu Po s office and watched him.Wei Renwu asked, Has he ever come out He has been out, which is why we are sure that he is in the office.Yue Ming was startled and frightened Lin Xingchen and others.Yang Wener scolded, Why are you yelling all of a sudden Yue Ming smirked, and said, I thought of a way.Lin Xingchen asked curiously, Have you figured out a way to get a search warrant Yue Ming Shaking his head, he said, No, I m not talking about a search warrant.If you have a search warrant, go to search Shu Po s detective agency.No matter how you get the search warrant, you will offend Director Liao.You must know that Director Liao and us I can t afford to offend you.Then isn t what you said nonsense Xiao Wei said disappointedly.Yue Ming said slowly No, even though we can t get a search warrant, that doesn t mean we can t start an investigation.You Ye said If we don t have a search warrant, we are not qualified to search Shu Po s detective agency, do you understand Shu Po doesn t need to sell our account at all, he has Director Liao and the First shaq cbd gummies Serious Case Detachment People support you.They mistakenly praised Shu Pu as the hero of the city, but the facts proved that they were indeed wrong.Shu Pu was just a counterfeit, and people quickly realized Seeing this mistake, I also realized that only Wei Renwu can be called the hero of this city, and only Wei Renwu can silently protect the people in Chengdu and the people in the dark world in the dark.A hero like this should always think about how to protect the city, so that he can never stop working, instead of sleeping big sleep when the sun is shining on his ass It s already three o clock in the afternoon, you said Wei vitamin shoppe cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies Renwu is still sleeping Lin Xingchen roared angrily.At this time, Lin Xingchen, the Second Serious Case Team and Yue Ming were discussing the case in the office.Yue Ming replied with some embarrassment Yes, Wei Renwu asked me to handle the rest of the matter alone.Jiang Mengdie Mengdie explained We will run away, but before that, I have to get something.Is it something important Yue Ming asked doubtfully.Very important.Jiang Mengdie said firmly.Yue Ming sighed, Okay then, I ll go get it with you.Aren t you going to ask me what it is Jiang Mengdie became confused instead.Yue Ming smiled and shook his head and said, You don t need to tell me, as long as you think it s important, I ll accompany you to get it.Jiang Mengdie fell into emotion again, Yue Ming is really the best and most authentic man she has ever met.Jiang Mengdie stepped up the accelerator, trying to reach the villa in Qingshuihe faster.The Qingshui River itself was not far from the Public Security Bureau, and the two soon came to this villa that changed their fate.Holding Yue Ming s hand, Jiang Mengdie shaq cbd gummies rushed into the villa without even turning on the lights, and went straight to the room on the second floor.Wei Renwu said that this Reaper was a legendary killer who had been killed by him for shaq cbd gummies a hundred years.A rare opponent, he must personally arrest Reaper.According to our investigation, the death of White Tiger was 100 accidental.This is the conclusion you and I have come to after careful investigation.I d rather Baihu die like this, a killer made out of delusions.Lin Xingchen didn t want to believe all this.Yue Ming said with some embarrassment Although Captain Lin and I did the investigation, and the superficial evidence can prove that it was an accident, but after hearing Mr.Wei s reasoning, I also think Mr.Wei is right It makes sense, as if there really is such a killer who can turn the murder scene into an accident.Lin Xingchen sighed and said, Well, even if he is busy investigating this case, then he shouldn t have left us in the cold.Wei Renwu asked curiously, What do you want to talk about Yue Ming said, Captain Lin, let me tell you, she wants to treat you to dinner tonight.Has the west side come out Yue Ming said It s true, why did Captain Lin invite you to dinner, don t you believe it Wei Renwu stroked his mustache, and said leisurely If it wasn t for you, I don t think she would take the initiative to invite me to dinner.I m afraid this is a grand banquet.Yue Ming complained Oh, Mr.Wei, you are too suspicious.Come on, let you go to dinner, you still dislike things, no wonder Captain Lin is usually unwilling to invite you to dinner, maybe she just misses you this time Wei Renwu laughed and said Miss me Forget it, she Maybe she just misses me to death.Since she is going to invite me to dinner tonight, let s go and see what the hell she is up to So, you agreed Yue Ming was very excited because he agreed to Lin Xingchen must take Wei Renwu there, he was afraid that Wei Renwu would resist.It turned out that the target person was a beautiful woman.Yue cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil Ming returned the photo to Wei Renwu, restarted the car and started on the road.He said with a smile, Mr.Wei, Xu Jiu will arrive tomorrow.Do you have any plans I believe the Fengshenhui has also received this news, tomorrow must be a dangerous day, you must know that the Fengshenhui has a terrible shooter.Yue Ming said I don t know, will Xiao Wu also appear this time After cbd gummies increase appetite he finished saying this, he immediately regretted saying such a thing.Wu Wei was an undercover agent placed beside them by the Fengshenhui That is to say, Wu Wei is actually an enemy, and Yue Ming shouldn t miss him, but Yue Ming really misses the days when Wu Wei handled cases with them.Wei Renwu said I don t know if he will come, but I really hope he can come.Yue Ming said, You mean, they shaq cbd gummies cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil will attack secretly Is it Wei Renwu nodded and said That s right, the Fengshenhui also likes to do things in secret, and has played against the Baihu several times, and can also figure out some of the Fengshenhui s operating principles, so I think that the Fengshenhui Shenhui will send that sharpshooter to attack us from a long distance.Yue Ming shuddered when he thought of that sharpshooter, and when he and Wei Renwu were investigating this person, although they didn t know the real face of this person, they could infer that this person Accurate marksmanship and ruthless, regard human life as nothing, if you fight against such a person, you must be prepared to die at any time.Yue Ming nervously said Where do you think he will appear Will he shaq cbd gummies be on the roof of a certain building A building that can overlook this road, holding a sniper rifle, waiting for our car to pass all the way.Originally there was another room, Yue Ming could sleep with Wei Renwu, but Wei Renwu refused to sleep with a man, so Yue Ming could only sleep on the sofa for the whole night.The night was safe and peaceful at last.But the sky had just turned slightly pale, and this morning was not peaceful.Early in the morning, Yue Ming rushed into Wei Renwu s room, shook Wei Renwu awake, and shouted in Wei Renwu s ear Wei Xian, get up quickly, something has happened, Miss Xu is gone It disappeared, Yue Ming was very anxious, but Wei Renwu didn t seem to care, Wei Renwu complained It s gone, it s gone, you re so early in the morning, what are you shouting about Yue Ming shouted Wei Xian, listen Are vitamin shoppe cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies you sure Ms.Xu is gone The person we want to protect is gone Wei Renwu hurriedly covered his ears, global green cbd gummies 450 mg which were about to be deafened by Yue Ming s voice, and said, I can hear you very clearly.She was thinking, Wei Renwu and Yue Ming, these two idiots, must not know that she would run away, and they must still be asleep now.If she really brought them along The two will only kill her, so for her, getting rid of them is her only way out.She was driving the car leisurely on the long highway, and she started a lonely escape career again, and she was not afraid of it, because it was not the first time she escaped alone, maybe the last time she fled, She will still feel afraid, but this time she will never be afraid again.This time her belief is very firm, because this time she wants revenge.She was expressionless, thinking about the revenge plan, and when the plan gradually became clear in her mind, there was a sudden bang, which completely interrupted her thoughts.Xu Jiu didn t know where the sound came from.Tang Yu s plan is very precise and very reasonable.This is really the only way out for Xu Jiu.Since Xu Jiu can survive through this plan, Tang Yu can also go with shaq cbd gummies Xu Jiu through this plan, Xu Jiu said Brother Yu, then you can go with me.Tang Yu lowered his head, he hesitated, and then said I can t leave yet.I have to make sure that the Fengshenhui will never trouble you again.I have already killed a person who is about the same size as you.After you leave, I will blow up the body.Put on your identity token and pretend that you have died in my hands, and the Fengshenhui will never look for you again, and then I will find a way to escape and come to you.Xu Jiu held tightly With Tang Yu s hand, he said affectionately Brother Yu, I Before Xu Jiu finished speaking, Tang Yu suddenly blew out the candle, and whispered Don t talk, someone is coming.Anyway, it will be this night, and Yue Ming can only accept the result silently.However, Xu Jiu was not on the bed either.She stood by the window and closed the curtains, leaving only a small opening for her to observe the situation outside.Yue Ming sat on the chair and said to Xu Jiu Miss Xu, go to bed earlier, you have to go on the road tomorrow, I will sleep on the floor tonight, and you will sleep on the bed.Xu Jiu looked out the window and replied coldly Do you think we can sleep tonight Yue Ming said, It s safe tonight, we should have a good rest.I don t think it s safe tonight.Xu Jiu said cautiously.Yue Ming wondered Why does Ms.Xu think that we are not safe tonight Didn t we not be discovered by the Fengshenhui We will be able to leave Xi an tomorrow.No, we have already been discovered, by Wei Renwu The plot to secretly cover Chen Cang failed.Pointing at his nose, Xu Jiu shouted, If I didn t see that Yue Ming is a good person, I would definitely leave.Since you plan to Well, you must have a plan.Wei Renwu proudly said Of course, but we only have half an hour.Wei Renwu suddenly took out a tablet computer from his waist, which is the one that Wei Renwu has used more frequently recently Props, he opened the tablet and there was a map of Xi an, and a black dot that moved on the map and a black dot that didn t move on the map.Xu Jiu said What is this You pressed the tracker on Yue Ming Wei Renwu nodded and said, Yes, I have hidden trackers on both of you.If Xiaoyue will be blocked God will kidnap them to their lair, and the tracker will take us there.Xu Jiu mocked Are you too simple Or are you too conceited Stupid pig They will definitely search Yue Ming, and shaq cbd gummies your tracker will be found.In fact, there is a blade hidden in the cuff of every piece of Wei Renwu s clothes.People like Wei Renwu who deal with criminals every day will encounter unexpected dangers from time to time, and Wei Renwu can live until now because of his prudence.But at this moment, Wei Renwu s caution saved him and Yue Ming again, otherwise the blade would not appear out of nowhere when a tool that could cut the rope was needed.Wei Renwu cut his own rope neatly, and immediately helped Yue Ming untie the rope.Yue Ming had been tied up for a long time, and his hands and feet were a little stiff.After exercising his muscles and shaq cbd gummies bones, he whispered, We have to rescue Miss Xu.Wei Renwu nodded and said, I know.Yue Ming said, Then where are we going How about looking for her Wei Renwu said I originally hid a tracker on her body, but the tablet was searched by the man in black just now, so now I can only find her by feeling.When Wu Wei said to close the team, the man in black was even more embarrassed, and he said Just return empty handed like this.It s hard to explain over there.Wu Wei said Are you afraid that the Emperor of Heaven will blame me The man in black nodded.Wu Wei sighed softly It s rare that you still worry about me, but when did you see Emperor of Heaven blame me The Emperor of Heaven blamed Wu Wei.It seems that the Emperor of Heaven trusted Wu Wei very much, and gave Wu Wei the greatest rights, and tolerated him making any mistakes, as if Wu Wei was the son of the Emperor of Heaven.Wu Wei had already turned around and left.Before leaving, he ordered the man in black Before you leave, leave some money here.If you break something, you must pay for it.By the way, Wei Renwu, Yue Ming, and Xu Jiu jumped down the sewer , Wei Renwu was the last one to jump down the sewer, and before he fell into the water, he regretted jumping down.Wei, let s go to the Mashi Bridge., I can t wait at the shaq cbd gummies intersection of Mashi Bridge again.Wei Renwu said leisurely Of course not.Yue Ming said Then where should we squat Wei Renwu said Even if the little girl does not pass the Mashi Bridge after school, she will not be too far away if she takes a detour.she.etc.Yue Ming felt strange, Did you just use the word partition Wei Renwu said Yes, parting, what s the matter Yue Ming said Break up, does it mean that you and I are separated Wei Renwu said That s right, it means that you and I went to two intersections to find the little girl.Yue Ming said with some embarrassment But I am afraid that I will lose sight of that little girl.Wei Renwu said, Why are you so unconfident all of a sudden Yue Ming said I m different from you.I didn t pay much attention to this case, so until now, I can t remember how the driver described the little girl at that time.Yue Ming said That s it, I will contact you more in the future.Shen Yi said Yeah, go to bed early, good night.Yue Ming said softly Good night.Yue Ming hung up the phone reluctantly, only to realize that it was almost twelve o clock, and at this time, Wei Renwu still hadn t returned home.Yue Ming roughly guessed that Wei Renwu would not go home, and shaq cbd gummies benefits of cbd gummies for pain he roughly knew what Wei Renwu would do at night.After talking with Shen Yi, his mood became much more comfortable, and he was able to sleep with peace of mind.The next day, Yue Ming still woke up early and naturally.Although Wei Renwu did not return home all night, Yue Ming still had to prepare lunch, because according to the usual practice, Wei Renwu would come back for lunch by himself after a night of absence.It was 11 30 when Yue shaq cbd gummies Ming cooked the meal, and Wei Renwu still didn t come home, which was strange, and it was not the same as usual.Wei Renwu still squeezed out 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies a smile on his serious face, and he said with a smile, I was joking with you.Look how nervous Captain Zhang is.Zhang Feng said Only after he breathed a sigh of relief, he patted his breathless chest and said, I was scared to death, Mr.Wei, I thought I wasted so much saliva.Wei Renwu laughed and said, Of course I have such an interesting case.Interested.Zhang Feng said Then, Mr.Wei, which place should we go first Wei Renwu said Of course we go to the scene of the crime.We should first deduce what happened from the traces left at the scene, then go to the morgue to see how the deceased died, and finally ask our suspects.Zhang Feng happily said Alright, Mr.Wei and Xiaoyue, please come with me now.Wei Renwu shook his head and said, Tell me where you are, and then you go there first, and cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil Xiaoyue and I will arrive later.Zhang Feng Said The cbd gummy manufacturing equipment location is not too far.The deceased s apartment is in the Splendid Garden East of Tongzilin.Then I will go first and wait for you at the door.You d shaq cbd gummies better come here quickly.Wei Renwu said We will try our best to Hurry up.Lin Xingchen said at this time Then I m leaving too.Wei Renwu said Captain Lin, don t you want to sit down for a while Lin Xingchen said No, I have other cases to deal with.There is a bumble cbd gummies review case, do you want me to help Wei Renwu teased.Lin Xingchen also teased We have small cases in our hands.A detective like Mr.Wei is always investigating big cases.How dare we bother Mr.Wei Let the little girl do the hard work by herself.Wei Renwu haha He smiled and said Captain Lin s mouth is really sharp.I wanted to help, but you are thousands of miles away from me.Lin Xingchen shaq cbd gummies said, I don t have time to talk to max strength cbd gummies you, goodbye.Magic Long Qian laughed loudly and said, There is no such thing as mind reading magic.Those so called mind reading magic can t be just the help of nurses, or micro expression psychology, and I use micro expression psychology.When you said you didn t know where Wei Renwu was, your eyelids didn t flicker, and when I said I believed you, your eyelids still didn t flicker, which means you re telling the truth.They should be enemies with Long Qian, they should be friends, the two of them are like the same kind of people, they are both smart people, and they are both people that Yue Ming admires, but unfortunately things backfire.Long Qian said Actually, I really like Mr.Wei, Mr.Wei is the hero of this city.He captured many terrible criminals and cleansed the city of crimes.This is something I can t do.This It s really a bit embarrassing.The security guard pouted, You know, this is my workplace, and I can t just leave my job without authorization.Lin Xingchen said I admire your professionalism, but I suggest to do what the police officer next to me said.I don t want you to make things difficult and not cooperate with our work, which will make our important shaq cbd gummies benefits of cbd gummies for pain cases difficult.Again, I think it s better not to easily offend the police.If you leave your post without authorization, you will lose your job at most and shaq cbd gummies offend the police.So, the security nodded and said Okay, I cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil will give you the monitoring room, and I will guard the door.I am not too far away, and it is not considered AWOL.Of course it is not AWOL.Yue Ming patted Anbao s shoulder, And we appreciate your spirit of understanding the general situation.Anbao looked at Yue Ming, and then at Lin Xingchen.It seemed that he himself was in serious trouble this time, and he couldn t hide no matter what.The security guard was forced to knock on the door and yelled inside Old man Hu, are you home shaq cbd gummies benefits of cbd gummies for pain I m Xiao Song, I have something important to see you.Not long after, the door slowly opened, and a silver haired man A hunchbacked old man with a can cbd gummies make your heart race long head appeared at the door.Without saying a word, Lin Xingchen pointed a pistol at the temple of this old man just cbd gummy cherries named Hu.It s very strange, no matter who is pointed a gun at his head by a stranger, even if he is not frightened, he has to be very surprised, but old man Hu has neither of these two expressions, he is very calm, as if everything It s all as expected.There was a smile on the corner of Old Man Hu s mouth, and he said with a smile, It s been so long, and finally someone came to the door.It seems that it has not shaq cbd gummies been was cbd gummies on shark tank used for a long time.Note, I was thinking that if that microwave exploded a little bit, there should be some nice possibilities.The microwave oven exploded Zilong seemed to be lost in thought on the other end of the phone.Professor Fang said Next, it depends on your performance.I have drawn the topographic map of the bar, and I will send it to your email.So Professor Fang hung up the phone.A young policeman in police uniform stood at the door of Yangjiaping Police Station, staring left and right to make sure that no one was eavesdropping on his phone call before he put his phone in his pocket.The young policeman walks through the gate of the police station.The guard at the gate said to the young policeman Xiao Tan, I saw you talking on the phone from a distance just now, with a serious expression on your face.Besides, it can t be blamed on Yide, it is actually Wei Renwu himself.Just be suspicious.Liu Hongyun said Okay, let s not mention Yide for now, come and cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil tell me, what should I do Wei Renwu will appear in a corner seat of the Miracle Bar in Jiuyanqiao, Chengdu every night after nine o clock, and Yide shaq cbd gummies has decided to explode a microwave oven near the toilet of the bar, and I have also decided to use insecticide Put it in the microwave oven, heat the microwave oven, and make the insecticide explode in the microwave oven.Liu Hongyun said Honestly speaking, what you said is very simple, I still only have a half knowledge, what do you think I should do Xiao Tan said I want you to be mood rite cbd gummies sure that when the plan is implemented, the pesticide can appear in the microwave oven.Liu Hongyun said It sounds like my task is cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil very simple, but I can t just tell me that Wei Renwu will appear in a place called Miracle Bar.Jiajia said with a grin Don t say you re not dead.I hate hearing the word dead.It s unlucky to be in our line of business.Liu Hongyun nodded and said, Okay, I won t say that word.Jiajia puzzled and said, I think you re very nervous today.Strange, tell me, why are you so frustrated Our Reaper is the No.1 killer, we have never missed a shot, why do you think we will fail Liu Hongyun sighed and said I know, let s do the next We have handled countless cases without ever failing, and we have indeed been praised as a myth, but this does not mean that we will not fail this time.Jiajia was even more confused, and she asked What happened this time What caused your lack of self confidence You were not like this before.Liu Hongyun said seriously Because this time the target is another deified person.Jiajia seemed to sense a sense of crisis from Liu Hongyun s words , her expression also became serious, she raised her head, looked into Liu Hongyun s eyes, and asked, Who is the target Wei Renwu.The latest and fastest update, apart from the work of Reaper , she does not have any formal jobs in private.Apart from the remuneration of Reaper , her main source of income is to shuttle between various rich people and extract money from them.Maximize funds to live on.Killer organizations like Reaper will understand the psychological activities of the target person shaq cbd gummies before killing a person.Only in this way can they predict some behaviors of the target person and vitamin shoppe cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies complete the assassination plan more accurately.And Lei Jia is the one in Death who is best at thinking about other people s minds, because Lei Jia deals with different men every day, and she knows very well what those men need, even better than those men themselves.Therefore, Lei Jia can also be said to be a crucial figure in the Reaper five member group.Lei Jia said, But, if I don t stay in a hotel tonight, where can I go In addition, it is impossible for me to rent a suitable house with so much luggage, so I can only stay in a hotel.Zuo Liang was even more anxious when he heard that Lei Jia insisted on living in a hotel, and he blurted out Don t live in a hotel , just stay with me What Lei Jia looked surprised.Zuo Liang quickly explained Don t get me wrong, I didn t mean to live in my house, I meant to live in my house temporarily.I still have a shaq cbd gummies benefits of cbd gummies for pain few vacant houses in Chengdu.Anyway, I rarely live there.Since you have no place to Go, I ll lend it to you first.Lei Jia refused That s not okay, I ve caused you a lot of trouble, how can I return your house Ah Liang, I really can t agree to this.Zuo Liang sighed and said, So, Jiajia, you still don t regard me as a friend Good man, I like to be friends with good people.Zuo Liang moved all of Lei Jia s luggage into the house, and did not let shaq cbd gummies Lei Jia touch those luggage during the whole process, for fear of tiring Lei Jia, 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies he just wanted to hold Lei Jia in cbd gummies brasil healing hemp cbd gummies reviews the palm of his hand and take good care 30mg cbd gummies shaq cbd gummies of him.Lei Jia s expression when she saw this house was like a girl seeing her best cbd gummy products online wedding dress for the first time, and said excitedly and excitedly Can I really live here Zuo Liang said out of breath Of course I can., if you want, it doesn t matter how long you want to live here.Lei Jia shook his head and said I can t ask for more, when I find a place to live, I will move out, but I still want to thank you.Zuo Liangguan He came to the door, sat down on the sofa, rested for a while, and then said Okay, wait until you find a place to move out, but just like what I said before, send the Buddha to the west, and I will help you find a place to live.Lei Jia didn t speak, she was embarrassed Answer, can only acquiesce in the fact that Zuo Liang treats guests.Zuo Liang called the waiter over, ordered a steak for himself, and recommended Lei Jia the most expensive steak, and then asked shaq cbd gummies benefits of cbd gummies for pain Lei Jia Can I have some red wine When eating steak, if there is no red wine, it s like It s absolutely impossible to eat hot pot without chili.Men always hope that women can drink a little wine when they eat with them, because wine can open up a woman s nature, and reservedness will become licentious, and impossibility will also become The possibilities are endless.Lei Jia nodded and said, I can drink a little.Whether a woman can drink or not, as long as she drinks with you alone, it means that she has let go of all her defenses in front of you.Zuo Liang naturally understood this truth, and he happily said to the waiter, A bottle of 1982 red wine.lucky.This person was Wei Renwu.His heart was hit by an iron nail, and blood kept gushing out.Wei Renwu fell to the ground, Lin Xingchen hugged Wei Renwu to hold the wound.Wei Renwu said weakly Xing Xingchen, I I might not Did you call an ambulance, someone here is seriously injured.No one wanted to pay attention to Lin Xingchen, they were all too busy to take care of themselves, those with wounded were busy taking care of the wounded, and those without wounded ran for their lives.However, someone should call an ambulance, after all, they have wounded themselves.However, there are also people who have neither themselves nor their friends who were injured, nor those who escaped.There are a total shaq cbd gummies of three people like this, and two of them were sitting at the bar just now.They hid in the bar two seconds before the explosion, and walked out of the bar after the explosion, so they were unscathed.At this time, Wang Xuanmin saw clearly that it was a short haired woman with sharp eyes aiming a pistol at her head, and there was a young man standing beside him.Wang Xuanmin recognized this short haired woman.He had seen her in the Miracle Bar.At that time, she was beside Wei Renwu and watched Wei Renwu die.She was Lin Xingchen.And happy leaf cbd gummies another young man, Wang Xuanmin also knew, he is Wei Renwu s assistant Yue Ming.These two people are the closest people to Wei Renwu, why did they find Wang Xuanmin Have they discovered the secret of this case Judging from the current situation of the three of them, the probability that Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen have discovered the secret is very high.However, even if there is only a very small probability that Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen did not discover the secret, Wang Xuanmin can t give up.But after all, even in the hands of a monkey, it can kill people, so in the hands of Yue Ming, he can still threaten Wang Xuanmin.However, when Yue Ming tried to point at Wang Xuanmin, he did not threaten Wang Xuanmin.On the contrary, he was threatened by Wang Xuanmin.Yue Ming has it in his hand, Wang Xuanmin has shaq cbd gummies benefits of cbd gummies for pain a sharp knife and Lin Xingchen in his hand, and the sharp knife is directly in front of Lin Xingchen s neck artery, and he is hiding behind Lin cbd gummies near me walmart cbd gummies brasil Xingchen s back.Ming was unable to target Wang Xuanmin.Wang Xuanmin hid behind Lin Xingchen and said, Throw it away.Yue Ming didn t dare to take any action.He looked at Lin Xingchen, hoping to get instructions on the next step from Lin Xingchen.Lin Xingchen wasn t afraid because her life was threatened, so she calmly said to Yue Ming, condor cbd gummies reddit Open.Wang Xuanmin sneered, and said, Wei Renwu, this is really a good show.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache, and said leisurely, What do you think I should do with you Wang Xuanmin sighed, and said, I have already It fell into your hands, you can deal with it as you like, but you can t disintegrate the Reaper by arresting me alone, I guess you also know that Reaper is definitely more than me, without me , there will be other people to fill my vacancy, and the Reaper will not end like this.Wei Renwu said Yes, I guessed that there are five of you Reaper in the last case, Now that I have caught one of you, I can force you to confess the other four.Wang Xuanmin was not intimidated by Wei Renwu at all, he said calmly, You want me to confess the other four Don t even think about it.Wei Renwu hee He smiled and said It s really a stubborn bone that is hard to chew, but you may not know that it is the stubborn bone that I like to gnaw the most, and I have many ways to pry open a person s mouth.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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