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After some examination, Li Dehua said that it was caused by diet, he had some indigestion, and at the same time he caught a cold in his stomach.Tang Shuang was startled, and said that Candy didn t eat breakfast yesterday, and ate a lot of food at noon, especially several sticks of ice cream.Li Dehua said that s it.Overeating is very bad for children s stomachs.The burden is too heavy to digest.In addition, after eating too much ice cream, they catch a cold, which is why their stomach hurts.Seeing Tang Shuang s nervous appearance, Li Dehua comforted him by saying that it was fortunate that he was discovered early, and that it was just a minor illness, which is very common in children.Tangtang er was also very nervous.He nestled weakly in Tang Shuang s arms.He was really weak.He said in a sunmed cbd gummy reviews pitiful tone at this moment Brother Hua Tangang er doesn t sunmed cbd gummy reviews cbd gummies eagle hemp want to get an injection.

Can Jian was later handed over to Zhu Hai, and Zhu Hai gave Can Jian to him before he died.At the same time, there was an article written by Hou Ying called On the World., The responsibilities are heavy and the road is long the scholar dies for the confidant, and bears the rise and fall of the world A real knight is also called a scholar, and a scholar is a kind of spirit.People say that Hou Ying hid a set of peerless swordsmanship in his calligraphy, because calligraphy and swordsmanship have the same origin and principle, and they all rely on the strength of his wrists and the awe inspiring spirit in his chest.The reason why a broken sword becomes a broken sword lies in every battle.When this sword was in Hou Ying s hands back then, only the tip of the sword was broken.Later, this sword assassinated the King of Qin with the broken sword, defended the city in a bloody battle, and cut it in half.

After a lapse of one year, the company once again created a new album for them, hoping to make persistent efforts to enter the ranks of first line singers.The new album kiss me can be said to have high expectations Ashamed to say, this is the first time Tang Shuang has heard this title song.In all fairness, the quality of the songs is not bad, but it is just not bad, trump cbd gummies and it is very reluctant to say that it is the title song of an album.But the choreography is great, it s stylish, it s provocative.Tangtang er has already followed suit in a decent manner, but she can t find any beauty in her dancing except for being comforted by cuteness.At the end of the song, Candy stopped wheezing, but since the dance genes were already boiling, how could it be possible to stop just by saying stop, so the little guy danced an inexplicable dance that he didn t know where he learned.

Bai Jingjing circled the edge of the bed very sunmed cbd gummy reviews envious, Tangtang er hugged it with a smile, and rolled on the bed together.Then, Tangtanger, who was looking around, saw a white jersey hanging on the wall.She knew this dress.Xiaoshuang treasured it so much that she wouldn t even let her touch it.snort I want to touch and wear it.But she was too young to reach the jersey.Bai Jingjing came to offer advice and brought the pillow over.Although she didn t need it, Tangtanger still patted the dog s head to express her appreciation.She first climbed onto the bed, then climbed onto the bedside table, and then pulled her little hand, and there was a clicking sound, as if something fell on the ground.Candy was startled, and stood quietly, not daring to move, and listened for a long time with her ears pricked up.

Tang Shuang fell behind, and said to Ye Liang I didn t stop sunmed cbd gummy reviews it all at once, I became a small light bulb.Ye Liang said with a smirk, What a harmonious family of three Sitting down, Tang Shuang sat between Guo Zifeng and Yang Shuangshuang when they were sitting.Tang Shuang hugged the girl to sit next to him without saying a word.What are you doing I want to sit with Sister Shuangshuang Candy protested restlessly.Ye Liang said Brother Guo Zi and Sister Shuangshuang want to sit together, you sit here, and I will peel the crayfish for you to eat later.Candy asked curiously Why do Brother Guo Zi and Sister Shuangshuang sit together Guo Zifeng remained expressionless, while Yang Shuangshuang blushed.Ye Liang chuckled and said, This is an adult s business.You are a child, so you don t understand Tang Tanger muttered dissatisfiedly, You re lying to a child again.

go up.When Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning left, Tangtanger didn t cry at all, and her eyes weren t red, but now Tang cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies Zhen left and cried like this.Children, especially girls, really puzzled Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang hugged Tangtang and refused to let her go.The little guy was annoyed, so he beat him with his fist.Fortunately, he was small, otherwise Tang Shuang would have been KO d.Tang Shuang sunmed cbd gummy reviews cbd gummies eagle hemp wanted to carry her away from the waiting hall, but this was absolutely not allowed, and Tang Tanger firmly refused.However, because the commotion was too loud, many eyes looked over.Just as Tang Shuang was having a headache, a female voice said, Candy Is it candy Tang Shuang and Tangtang er looked up at the same time, and it turned out to be Chu Mei.She was wearing a stewardess uniform and was dragging a suitcase.

Two boxes Are you sure Candy nodded, raised the half eaten ice cream in his hand and said, This is the second one.Tang Shuang chose to believe her Are you a little pig Didn t I tell you Can only eat one box a day Tang Shuang reluctantly handed the ice cream in her hand to Tang Shuang Then I won t eat it.Tang Shuang Oh so good Are you willing I really take it away I ll eat it.Tang Shuang pretended to take it, but Tangtang suddenly regretted it, hid it in her arms again, and said with a smile I ve eaten Candy, I m drooling, Xiaoshuang, if you want to eat it, there are still some in the refrigerator.Yes.Stingy Even my brother can t bear it.Tang Shuang walked towards the refrigerator, Don t tell me, I almost forgot, it seems that ice cream can t be put here, it should be put on a higher floor, you little pig I can t control myself, I can t stop eating.

From top to cbd sugar free gummy bears bottom, he posted comments on every content in the circle of friends, and they were all garbled characters.Tang Shuang specifically turned to the news of his ex girlfriend.The content was a close up photo of holding hands, and the background was in a movie theater.Candy, the troublemaker, replied below with a string of unknown Chinese characters and letters.Now, under Tang Shuang s comment, many acquaintances have him, expressing the same meaning brother must be strong.Dongdong Tangtang you open the door, I ll have a good talk with you.Tang Shuang knocked on the door and said.Woof There was a puppy barking.Candy sang No, no, no, I won t, mom hasn t come back.Tang Shuang You little pig got into trouble, you know, say, you messed up in my circle of friends, you Do you know how to read Tang Shuang Hehe Xiao Shuang, brother, I didn t mean to Tang Shuang then you open the door first, let s talk.

Back home, Huang Xiangning got out of the car with Tanger, Tang sunmed cbd gummy reviews Sanjian, the old man, left empty handed leisurely, leaving Tang Shuang to continue working as a porter.Tangtanger still has a conscience, so Bulingbuling ran over Xiaoshuang, Tangtanger will help you Tang Shuang was so touched, she thought cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies that these twenty days were not in vain.It s fine if you want it, even if you give it to her, she won t be able to lift it.Tang Shuang was carrying the luggage, and Tang Tanger printed her hand on the luggage to show that she was using the power of her family to support Tang Shuang.Suddenly Tang Sanjian took Tangtanger away, Let s go Dad, let s see if you have lost weight.Tang Shuang Chapter 81 Two make decisions and three nano cbd gummies sunmed cbd gummy reviews basics Mom, where do you put all these luggage Put it in the living room, there are a lot of things to take out.

I can no longer compare with my sister s beauty This is not over, there are more ruthless ones.Do you know what will happen to the little pig when it gets fat I didn t tell you before because I was afraid of you.Now that you have grown up, I will tell you that the little pig will be cut and eaten when it gets fat.Isn t it scary How about this, give me the chocolate, I m doing it for your own good Candy resisted crying, first hid the chocolate behind her back, and took out another gift from her to show off, hum, even if I don t eat chocolate, I will There are many, many beautiful gifts.Tang Shuang has a poisonous tongue.Every time Tangtanger brought out a gift, he would point out their fatal flaws.He said that as long as Tangtanger held it, it would cause endless harm.It was best to throw it away now, or let Tang Shuang deal with it Tangtang er couldn t help crying anymore, there were tears in her eyes, but she couldn t help crying out loud.

Is it going to be published before I read Heroes , this is Tang Sanjian s unthinkable dream.Tang Zhen s career has encountered the biggest difficulty since her debut.Although she didn t tell her family, Tang Shuang can basically guess it.The new album is not as good as expected, the cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies company has paid but not received, it will definitely have a great impact on the Girl s Day group, but Tang Shuang does not know how much this impact will be.could be bad, have But Tang Zhen is not a person who insists on going her sunmed cbd gummy reviews making cbd gummies own way.She are cbd gummies any good didn t care about everything.Regardless of her family s opposition, she devoted herself to it.She patiently sunmed cbd gummy reviews explained to her parents, mother and brother, and told her thoughts.In the end, Tang Shuang was the first Opposition changed to support, followed by sister Xiangning, as long as her nano cbd gummies sunmed cbd gummy reviews daughter is happy, she agrees to everything, and finally brother Sanjian.

Tang Zhen was smart since she was a child, and Tang Sanjian had high hopes, but everyone has their own ambitions.Parents can t arrange their children s future.After figuring this out, Tang Sanjian let go.From this point of view, he is quite enlightened.In the old Tang family, Tang Zhen is like Huang Xiangning, and she also inherited her musical talent.Tang Tanger is still young, so she can t tell.As for Tang Shuang, Tang Sanjian used to think that she was a freak, neither like him nor Huang Xiangning, but now I found that I still look a little like him.Is it going to be published before I read Heroes , this is Tang Sanjian s unthinkable dream.Tang Zhen s career has encountered the biggest difficulty since her debut.Although she didn t tell her family, Tang Shuang can basically guess it.The new album is not as good as expected, the company has paid but not received, it will definitely have a great impact on the Girl s Day group, but Tang Shuang does not know how much this impact will be.

Tangtanger looked down anxiously at the moment.This is an indoor ski resort in the World of Ice and Snow.This hillside is a bit far away.After sliding down from a high place, it will keep sliding down until it is about four or five hundred meters away.place.Next to Candy are Little Putao and Qiqi.Their mother is guarding the foot of the mountain, responsible for welcoming a few babies who are skiing.Qiqi I saw my mother, she looks like an ant Tang Shuang held Tangtanger s skating ring with one hand, and Qiqi s skating ring with the other, while Little Putao was held by Chu Mei.Responsible.Tangtang er was scared, but wanted to play very much.She held Tang Shuang s hand tightly, fearing that the villain would suddenly push her down.Xiao Shuang, I m so scared, can you sit with me Tang Shuang If you can t sit for two people, you won t be able to slide.

Wei Tingting was very surprised.She chill gummies cbd content knew Wei Daqun s temper very well.Although there were not many people who came to visit the house, there were not many, but there were not many people who could be stayed by him for dinner.After lunch, the two sat down to drink tea.This time Wei Daqun didn t say anything, but called Wei Tingting over.You young people have more common topics, and you chat.Wei Tingting was overjoyed to hear that Tang Shuang was the author of Heroes.She was also a member of the chasing army back then, and she wanted to ask him a lot When Tang Shuang left, he bowed respectfully to Wei Daqun, thanking him for his love.Wei Daqun was not courteous, so he accepted the bow calmly, said with a smile that he would come to sit often when he was free, and sent Tang Shuang out of the door.

However, Axia s expression was blank, as if he was indifferent to this.He pretended to help the old man up, but refused to give a clear answer We will discuss it, let s get in touch again.Then he left the noisy factory in a hurry, and the old factory manager chased after him.Later, he shouted Please please Returning to the company, A Xia took out the factory director s proposal from his briefcase, flipped through it twice, and crossed it in the comment column.Leave this to the branch manager.The female subordinate couldn t bear to say If we don t lend money, the old factory manager s factory will go bankrupt.A Xia plausibly taught It s better to let him give up than to add bad debts.If you want to continue to be a bank employee, you can t be influenced by your feelings, go and go The female subordinate left with a complicated mood.

The little girl was full of energy, and she led Bai Jingjing s puppy, running around in front of her, giggling.Tang Shuang squeezed Tangtang er s fat arm and said, Come on, follow brother for a couple of laps.Tangtanger s eyes spun around, trying to get away.Tang Shuang held out cbd gummies for pain and sleep sunmed cbd gummy reviews a family card I m so lonely running alone, can Tangy er accompany my brother, okay Run, because now she wants to act coquettishly and play cute to win Xiaoshuang s favor, so that he will respond to every request, and children will buy whatever they want Thinking of this, Tangtanger became angry again, who on earth killed her snacks, how could this make the child happy The villain looked at Tang Shuang and sighed heavily Oh I really can t do anything with you, so let s run with Xiaoshuang, really, I m still a child Tang Shuang couldn t natures boost cbd gummies reviews 2020 laugh or cry, and touched the villain Teach the little girl to move her body first and do stretching exercises.

See.This made Tang Shuang very interested.He is also an authentic musician now, with a head and a face, famous and mysterious.Tang Zhen stayed and continued to record songs with Deng Ke.They finished recording Spring Equinox yesterday and just started discussing First Dream today.Tang Shuang asked Tang Tanger if she wanted to go with him.The girl looked at Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang, hesitated, and finally chose her sister.You d better go with me, I don t feel at ease staying here.Tang Shuang saved face for the little man, and didn t say that the reason for her worry was that she was too skinny, and in all likelihood, she would not be able to bear it and entangle Tang Zhen asked to sing in the recording studio.Pan Wenling thought that Tang Shuang was worried that Tangtanger would not be taken care of here, so she offered to stay and accompany Tangtanger.

She likes the song First Dream very much, the melody is nice, and she thinks that Xiaoshuang wrote the lyrics specially for her. If the pride is not does cbd gummies make u gain weight coldly sunmed cbd gummy reviews photographed by the sea of reality.How can you know how to work hard.Only then can we go far.If the dream has not fallen off the cliff, it is a close call.How can you know a persistent person.Has invisible wings.Plant your tears in your heart.Will bloom bravely.Can be in weary time.Close your eyes and smell a fragrance sunmed cbd gummy reviews Every word, every sentence, isn t it about her Tangtanger looked at the glass wall for a while, muttering dissatisfaction because she couldn t hear what her sister was singing inside.The sound insulation effect of the recording studio is so good that if I don t leave her with a little thought, Xiao Niuniu is not reconciled, she tilts her head and puts her ears on the glass.

He owed a lot of debt now.The Romance of the Dragon and Snake on the Xingkong website had no manuscripts, and Li Haonan called him three times sunmed cbd gummy reviews a day.Tang Shuang regretted it very much now.She shouldn sunmed cbd gummy reviews t have written such a long novel.It was so tiring.It would be better if I made a book with a hundred thousand words.The second was Wei Tingting s reminder that Tang Shuang had promised her to write a story a week.I wrote the article X in the last issue, and the response was very good.I received many letters from readers, and with Tang Shuang s appearance at the press conference of the new film Heroes , nano cbd gummies sunmed cbd gummy reviews it attracted the attention of cbd gummies stogies cbd gummies near me nj many readers.The third is the script that Ye Liang promised to write.This guy came to urge the draft today, and threatened that if he didn t give it, he would steal the candy.

Squeeze tightly, intending to fight a battle super seriously.With three lives on his shoulders, Tang Shuang can t die, he wants to enter the finals Tang Tian yelled There are footsteps, go upstairs and hide.If it was him, he would just go up and do it, but Tang Shuang can t do it, and his skills are not good enough.Tang Shuang could bend and stretch, and hid in the building.Tang Huohuo yelled There is a set of third level armor on the ground Tang Shuang ignored it and hid in the room, pointing the gun at the third level armor.Not long after, someone sneaked in.It seemed that no one had been there before, and there was a third level armor on the ground, wow Just having fun, bang bang bang hung up.Tang Shuang was about to clean up the results of the battle when she heard footsteps and quickly hid again.

Tang Yu is very curious, and is particularly enthusiastic about filming.Tang Yu Uncle, do you think I am a natural actor As soon as I hear about acting, I am full of energy.I am full of drama, no matter how I shoot it.Tang Shuang is not good at dampening children s enthusiasm.Dadi stood beside Tang Yu, pretending to be listening to the play, looking at Tang Shuang with a pouty face.Candy Xiao Shuang, the little monkey can act, and I can act, too.Let me act, okay Tang Shuang had a headache and wanted to push the little man out, but she was afraid of hurting her little heart.Tang Shuang Do you want to stand here and listen to the play If you want to, don t speak.You must raise your hand first.Tangtanger is an obedient baby, so she raised her hand immediately.Tang Shuang Seeing Tang Shuang ignoring her, Tang Tanger raised her hands high and jumped up.

In this way, Tang Tang s children s shoes put her Great, there is one more bowl than Qiqi.He is the strongest kid in the class, Qiqi claims to be a man who eats two big bowls of rice, standing beside him, he is also a circle smaller.But Li Dun is not the tallest in the class, he can only be ranked fifth.Because of sunmed cbd gummy reviews cbd gummies eagle hemp this, Candy took him as a negative case.You see, he eats the most every day, but he is not the highest.This question has troubled Li Dun for a while, but now he has found the answer.My mother said that I was still young, and the food sunmed cbd gummy reviews I ate grew horizontally.When I grew enough horizontally, I grew vertically.At that time, I would become very tall.Kiki, Little Putao and Little Peacock They all looked at the big cheeks in surprise.They had never heard of this kind of scientific knowledge.

Tang Shuang said to Huang Xiangning speechlessly Mom, look This silly girl , turned her head and said to Tangtanger Do you know that you will suffer from sunstroke if you bask in the sun like this, silly Tangtanger was a little angry, this Tang Xiaoshuang It s easy to say that people are stupid.He just won a certificate and brought him a certificate.How stupid.Hmph You called me little piggy again just now, and you said I was stupid, I ll kiss you After speaking, the little water gun shifted its muzzle and aimed at Tang Shuang again.Tang Shuang If you have something to say, put the gun away first.It s not good to do this in front of mom and dad.It seems that we are not close.Candy said plausibly If I put it away, in case someone takes it away Lie Will you be responsible Tang Shuang I will never let you be taken away, I will hide the candy in my pocket and take it with me wherever I go.

Tang Shuang and Guo Zifeng felt their scalps go numb.It is normal for Yang Shuangshuang to study fine arts and dream of being a purekana premium cbd gummies painter.Ye Liang said to Guo Zifeng Now tell me, do you want to know what my dream is Guo Zifeng looked at Candy who was muttering and only cared about eating, in a daze, and did not speak.Ye Liang was furious, this stupid student, if he wanted to be in the classroom, he was punished to stand up immediately, sticking to the wall, and listening to the class standing up Xiao Shuang, come and cooperate with me.Tang Shuang also wanted to learn a trick, so she said in a thick bass voice, Then do you want to know what my dream is Ye Liang laughed and said, You are so tall Xiong Zhuang, I guess you must dream of being a model.Tang Shuang What should I say Ye Liang You re wrong.

Just how awesome is Pan Lunzhe He is 36 years old and already a full professor of economics.He is a key talent introduced by Guangdong University.As soon as he entered the school this semester, he was listed as a researcher in the school s Hundred Talents Program and has the qualifications for doctoral students.This is a super academic who writes and publishes books while teaching, and is a best selling author of economics books.He is often invited to give speeches in various economic forums, and many entrepreneurs invite him to diagnose the pulse of the company and sunmed cbd gummy reviews propose rectification and improvement plans.There is a long list of big companies that Pan Lunzha has served.Tang Shuang couldn t help sighing, Pan Fugui is really a good name.In the golden autumn of October, a bulging moon hangs high in the sky, and the sky is covered with stars, big and small, twinkling and shining Aixi Lake has a vast surface, clear water, and a very good natural ecology.

Tang Tanger shook Tang Shuang s hand coquettishly, the moonlight is so beautiful tonight, seeing the moon, she thought of the rabbit in the moon and cared about its life.I really admire you.You don t like Chang e, but you just like other people s rabbits.What a special girl.Candy snorted, I don t like Chang e.She is not good.I like rabbits.The white rabbit is so cute.Yeah.Everyone walked around Aixi Lake, Li Yuzhen and Luo Yuqing were going back to the hotel, the car that brought them earlier left early, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen drove them there.Candy was carried down by Huang Xiangning and told her that her brothers and sisters would be back soon, so Xiao Niuniu didn t make a fuss and stood at the door, obediently waving goodbye to Li Yugan and Luo Yuqing, and welcome back as a guest.This sentence is said from the bottom of my heart.

Everyone asked curiously what it was, and Huang Weiwei said ahh, bit the cork on the glass bottle mouth with his teeth, pulled it out with difficulty, and looked inside, it was very dry , like a dried plant.Aunt Shen Yi looked helpless, this girl must have been born in the wrong birth, she should be a boy.Tang Shuang said with a smile to her grandmother This is the seed of a flower, Dreaming Sky.The grandmother was startled, and asked uncertainly Dreaming Sky A plant specimen Tang Shuang It s not a plant specimen, it s a seed, you can Cultivated.Meng Tianluo was first discovered in Indonesia, and later introduced to Guangdong, but because this flower is very rare, it has been protected, and many people can t see it.This kind of flower is star colored, the petals are small, dotted with stars, and it looks like it emits cold light.

This was a bit scary, Tang Tanger had a brainstorm and decided not to be caught by Tang Xiaoshuang, not only would she not be caught, but she would also have to pick flowers.Hey, look up, what are you looking at, oh, look at the moon, sunmed cbd gummy reviews bow your head, bow your head, bow your head and hug me Little Piggy couldn t answer, and he didn t have any hope of answering, his head was blank, so he could only act coquettishly, Open your hands for a hug Tang Shuang Chapter 262 I hope people will live for a long time because the future light of the Tang family has not heard the performance of the light of the Tang family.Everyone unanimously decided to invite the light of the Tang family to a live version, so that it can satisfy the future light of the Tang family.Tang Shuang Has the goal been achieved Tang Tanger smiled and said, The goal has been achieved The future light of the Tang family, that is, the little piggy of the Tang family, is about sunmed cbd gummy reviews to go to heaven with joy, and her princess has a cost of trubliss cbd gummies big one on her head.

Everyone pondered, Tang Shuang stopped, waited cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies for everyone to digest, and then heard Lu Mingyi say So, highly centralized politics is anti intellectual politics.Chapter 273 Discussion on Alien Invasion of Earth 2 Tang Shuang doesn t discuss politics, so she doesn t accept Lu Mingyi s words.So, it is not difficult for us to foresee that any civilization with technological prosperity must have such a common feature close communication between individuals and elimination of prejudice, complex sunmed cbd gummy reviews and stable social structure to enable departments to cooperate, strong and fair government power to maintain normal order.Therefore, it is not difficult for us to foresee that in any civilization with prosperous technology, their group life must be altruistic, and the ultimate outcome of extreme egoists can only be isolated and destroyed, because sunmed cbd gummy reviews a group can only continue to exist if altruistic behavior is widespread.

Tangtang er rode her slide bike out, because she was so excited that her whole body exploded with excitement, so she couldn t sit still at all, and rode the slide bike back and forth on the road at the door.Pan Fugui asked Little Tangtang, I heard from your brother, do you want to participate in the slide race What does chasing the wind mean Let me let you guess first.Be careful hey Pan Fugui just reminded, Tangtang er hit the road with his slippery carPedestrians The opponent dodged quickly, and Tangtang er s foot brake was also in time, so in fact, he only cbd gummies for pain and sleep sunmed cbd gummy reviews touched the opponent s trousers lightly.Hehehe, uncle, I m sorry, Tangtanger didn t .

can cbd gummies cause dizziness?

mean it.Tangtanger apologized quickly, but the other party didn t appreciate it, and patted his trousers, very upset and rude.I, I didn t mean it, I m sorry Is it useful to be sorry, and, do you think I m an uncle The other party was two young people, a man and a woman, and the one who was hit was a man.

Wu Shulian s words secretly touched the minds of the three people.Zhang Tianfeng Is the Tang Shuang that Shu Lian is talking about directed by Zhang Fei, the author of Heroes Thinking about it rationally, it is impossible.The villain Tang Shuang is still studying, and he has never heard of him writing a book, let alone writing a book or making a movie.There is a 99 chance that he has the same name.She was reluctant to say bad things about that Tang Shuang, but this Tang Shuang was perfectly fine, let him be punished for his crimes, and let this girl vent her anger Who told him to also be called Tang Shuang So Shang Hui blah blah blah blah What he said was not so obvious, like throwing two grains of sand in his shoes, he would only feel the shock when he ran vigorously.Wu Shulian found Shang Hui more pleasing to the eye, this girl is really a confidant.

As soon as Tangtanger went out, she put her hands on her hips and turned to Shang Hui and said, Humph The Lun family doesn t like you You are not allowed to follow me Shang Hui froze, smiled, bent down to touch Tangtanger s head, and said at the same time Tangtanger, have you forgotten my sister I hugged you when you were young, and you were so cute then Shang Hui s hand was missing, Tangtanger hid aside, and still told her fiercely not to follow.She, she doesn t like Shang Hui very much, why hugged her, is it a lie Xiaoshuang never told her, besides, there are many people who hugged her, and people who came to Old Tang s house said hug her When she was a child Seeing the innocent Tangtanger say these words in a childish voice, Shang Hui thought of the happy time when Tangtanger was a guest at Tang Shuang s house Now that things are different, she couldn t help feeling extremely heartbroken.

Hey It s like this again, it s really annoying Hmph I don t care about children at all, children are still so young, and they need Huahua even more Tang Tanger yelled that she wanted flowers too, but Tang Sanjian didn t.Hmph The Lun family is also a girl.Why do you only buy it for mom and not for candy Dad is partial Tang Sanjian You are the flower of the motherland, and you are a flower yourself.What flower is worthy of you, no Is Dang Lun s Candy a three year old child This set is outdated, and it can t be used for pig spirits.I want flowers, I want flowers, give the child a fiery red flower Tang Sanjian troubled Shui Dongyin Father buys for mother, brother should buy for sister, you go to your brother.So Candy ran away Came to Tang Shuang s study, and said hopefully Xiao Shuang, I want a room full of dandelions I like dandelions more, because they can fly, and sunmed cbd gummy reviews roses can t fly.

Wearing this short cheongsam on her body, it shows off her figure, especially the exaggerated S curve on the left and right sides.The narrow flat waist and wide and plump buttocks form a heart pounding contrast, which makes people unable to help watching Look again.Her long hair was coiled up high, showing off her temperament.When she is not smiling, she is sacred and inviolable.When she smiles, she is 250mg cbd gummy charming.This is a naturally charming woman.Lu Yingying said with a smile, I ll just wait for you.Tang Shuang apologized for taking some time to find the way, and at the same time praised Yingying, you are so beautiful today., Tang Shuang took a look, and quickly looked away.Seeing this, Lu Yingying thought that Tang Shuang was cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies overwhelmed by her beauty, and she was pleased with herself.In fact, when Tang Shuang saw the collarbone, she couldn t help but think of Zhang Yu, that ecstatic woman.

Tang Shuang praised her, and the little peacock immediately smiled.Seeing this, sunmed cbd gummy reviews Tangtanger yelled to give Tang Shuang her little wooden stick as well, but Tang Shuang refused to take it, saying that it would be the second one s turn.I saw Xiaoshuang circling in the pot with a small wooden stick, and gradually a pink cotton candy came out Wow Ah It s cotton candy I like it so much Hey pink one, give it to me It s mine, don t grab it I want it, I want it Tang Shuang took Candy s hand Knock it off, what s yours Obviously it belongs to a little peacock.The little peacock took it with both hands, looked at the pink cotton candy, his little face was full of surprises, wow Hey, Tang Tang s brother is so powerful, she likes it so much Chapter 353 The Origin of Pig Essence Candy is so happy and crazy The little devil laughed like a haha, and rushed into the small room with a group of dolls like the wind, The dolls each hold a marshmallow.

When Tang Shuang was rushing to go, Qi Xiaohui was instructing Zhao Yayi, and she made the call avoiding Miss Zhao.Miss Zhao wasn t drunk either, but if she didn t stop her, she would probably be on the verge of getting drunk.Three beers can bring the detective down.Fortunately, Tang Shuang hadn t arrived yet, if he heard what Qi Xiaohui said, he would be so angry that he vomited blood.Qi Xiaohui told Zhao Yayi that after her analysis, Tang Shuang should be sexually frigid, since it is frigid, it is not surprising to reject the little fairy, he rejects all women.Qi Xiaohui asked and answered, what about men Man would he say no emmm Tang Shuang looks a bit manly, not like a sissy, she probably doesn t like men, but not cbd gummies for pain and sleep sunmed cbd gummy reviews liking women is a big problem, what is the reason, why not Or do you lose your confidence for a long time Zhao Yayi s face was flushed, and she didn t know if she was drunk with alcohol, or because she was ashamed by Qi Xiaohui s bold remarks.

This is her home, why can t she talk at home, sunmed cbd gummy reviews cbd gummies eagle hemp even the children are sunmed cbd gummy reviews not allowed to talk, is there still love Xiaoshuang is indeed the Great Demon King, there is no such reason to talk about her sister, both parents like to listen to her talk, only the Great Demon King despises her sister, hum I don t know him yet Crooked are you my sister Sister, Tangtanger misses you so much, you don t want Xiaoshuang, right Seeing Tang Shuang s eyes were unkind, Hehehe, the Lun family is on the phone with sister, you can t quarrel, my sister will Hit you Tangtanger is in trouble tonight, many people call her, Tang Zhen, grandpa and grandma, Tang Tian, little monkey Tang Yu, Tang Xin, Huang Xiang Huang Weiwei who is far away in the ravine This makes her happy, never before has so much attention been paid attention to, everyone is thinking about her, caring about her, encouraging her, and cheering her on.

Tangtanger was the first to find out and called Teacher Zhang in time.So every time I saw Li Baibai, Candy had to take good care of her and looked very nervous, even more careful than the baby in Meng Qianbin s arms.As for Li Baibai, he has formed a year end friendship with Tangtanger since then.This little doll is very charming, especially fun, carefree but sometimes caring and warm.With so many friends and relatives here, of course we had to take a group photo.Everyone is on the podium, with a few cute kids standing at the front, everyone straddling a slide car, arrogant and high spirited, and about to go to the arena, everyone is full of confidence, everyone is like scissors, candy The tooth smile is very happy, this is a little sun, which will always transmit warm and positive energy.The slide racing competition has officially started, starting with the 2 year old group.

In life, there are winners and losers.If you can t afford to lose, you can t win.Seeing that Little Zhuzhu was still in a daze, Tang Shuang knew what he said It s too esoteric, beyond the scope of children s understanding, let s teach her through the actual situation of today s competition.The interview with the little boy in black was over, he and Tangtanger looked at each other and snorted coldly, expressing their disdain for each other.Candy is not willing to suffer, sunmed cbd gummy reviews not only hums, but also rolled his eyes, made faces, and gritted his teeth angrily to the little boy in black, but took the host s heart to heart, such a cute little sister is so cute, you can t pay attention , interview do not miss it.Other children will subconsciously hide when they see the microphone and the camera, but Candy will not.

Although sometimes she is not liked by children and is always forbidden to do this or that, Essentially a good teacher and a good sister.There are also Dabai s family, Erbai s family, and Brother Tiantian s family the little monkey must come.The uncle and grandparents family are also on the list, but they can t come, and the old people can t bear it because of the exhaustion of the boat.Oh, by the way, grandpa Tang Hongjun is coming too, and the old man lives with Tang Erjian.When checking for omissions, Tangtanger said that he would invite an old grandpa The next day, at dawn, the Xingzhi Kindergarten in Guangdong City was quiet, but if you listen carefully, you can hear chirping birds from the kindergarten Ming.When the kindergarten was first established, many banyan trees were planted here.

You come out first, okay, let s chat together.Little Ding Dong tried every means to get her to come out first, otherwise she couldn t act later.I, can I go back after I come out Candy was hesitating on the edge of the door.What are you doing back home Planet Balabala is so fun.Ding Dong bewitched.Tangtanger shook her head resolutely I don t want to, I want to go back, my parents are still at home, they will be sad if they can t find the Lun family, and the Lun family is also reluctant to part with them My parents love me very much, my My sister is super powerful, my brother is very funny, he is very good at making me happy, will you make me happy There were a lot of balabala.Comrade Three Swords, who plays Tinker Bell, is going crazy, shouting in his heart that as long as you come out, I will promise you anything Don t talk about making you happy, riding a horse for you, making ice cream for you every day, even if you are really a little princess, I am willing to support you, as long as you come out quickly Tang Shuang and everyone standing in the side hall were also in a hurry.

Wang woof woof A cute white dog jumped out happily from the corner, and headed straight for Candy.Tangtang was shocked, and immediately cheered, went up to the puppy, held the puppy in his arms, and stroked the little head.It is so rare to meet an old friend in a foreign land.With the little helper, Candy became more courageous.When she came to Tinkerbell, she held her head up and said in surprise, Oh, why is Tinkerbell so big Isn t it small, like a cat Your sister It s also very big, why is it so big Little Ding Dong and Little Ding Ling didn t speak, but ran to the prepared stage, pulled the curtain, and lowered it with a clatter, revealing the lineup inside Tang Shuang was sitting on the shelf In front of the drum, Huang Xiangning hugged the bass, and the two wore bamboo dragonflies on their heads, and they sunmed cbd gummy reviews had a pair of big and long rabbit ears.

Li Na didn t force her, but praised her for dancing very well just now, she was super cute, and everyone liked sunmed cbd gummy reviews her very much.Mom, should I still dance Li Na s encouragement gave the little peacock a lot of confidence, Mom has taught me so much, I m sorry if I don t dance.Li Na touched her little face and said, Little Peacock Peacocks can jump if they want to, and mother will support you no matter what you do.Finally, the little peacock plucked up the courage to come to the stage again, and said that there was another dance dedicated to Candy, which she specially prepared.The little peacock brought a swan dance Chapter 446 Remember in my heart that the grove in front of Old Tang s house has entered the bleakest season of the year, the leaves on the branches are sparse, and a thick layer of yellow and red leaves fell on the ground.

Candy suddenly pointed to the lake and said with a smile.When the ice cream is held in the hand, there will also be white water vapor, which is produced after the cold of the ice cream comes into contact with the high temperature outside.There are withered lotuses on the lake, and one or two small kingfishers stand on the withered lotus.Their bright feathers make them stand out among the gray lotus leaves.Mrs.Along the way, there are fallen leaves, and the maple trees on both sides of the road are dyed.From a distance, there is a winter fire burning around Aixi Lake.The red maple leaves fell on the road, laying a thin sandra bullock cbd gummies layer.Tang Shuang and Tangtang er stepped on it, rattling.Tangtanger took off the earphones, and said disappointedly These maple leaves were still on the tree yesterday, why are they all falling down now.

The phone clicked, and I took a selfie.After thinking about it for a while, the second child s brain was wide open, and I wrote Qingshi Lenghuang, I will give you a shot , and I was going to post it on Weibo to clarify to the public.What the hell I am Lenghuang brother That s right, that s what he s focused on Fortunately, the second year boy calmed down in time.This photo can t be posted.How many girls have lost sleep after posting it Looking around, I found that selfies are very HCMUSSH sunmed cbd gummy reviews particular, and I can t let it go, so I started to arrange it carefully, what to put in the background, how to shoot the light, although he is handsome in 360 degrees without dead ends, but as a little brother, you have to be reserved, and you can t give it all at once.Everyone, let me show you a little bit first, the one who wants to hug the pipa half hidden Just as Tang Shuang was swaying around, the door was pushed sunmed cbd gummy reviews cbd gummies eagle hemp open a crack, and a pipa wearing 365 little ants pajamas The little boy was lying on the edge of the door and peeking at him secretly The sleepy eyed little man suddenly saw Xiaoshuang taking a selfie, rubbed his eyes, let out a huff of excitement, and pushed open the door vigorously with a delta 8 cbd gummy bang, and ran up sunmed cbd gummy reviews to him, with his hips on his hips, laughing to his heart s content Children are really perpetual motion machines I cbd gummies stogies am not tired after playing for a day, I wake up again after falling asleep, and I am in the state in seconds.

There are no tigers on the mountain, and monkeys are called kings.Jian Siming is a professor of literature introduced by the Faculty of Liberal cbd gummies en walmart Arts.It can be said to be a big sign.No one wants to smash the signboard.If this is smashed, the Faculty of Liberal Arts really has no teacher.Lu Youping sighed I think back then, the Faculty of Arts was full of talents, but now it has turned into this situation.It s really embarrassing.Because some people can t escape the blame.After all, he didn t say the name.Sun Xuanyang was staring at the rain outside the house.Of course he knew about Yu.This person has been the dean of the Faculty of Arts for twenty years.If he can take over, the first thing to do is to rectify the Faculty of Arts and adjust the management.Not to mention that it will definitely restore the Faculty of Liberal Arts prestige, at least stop the fall and try its best to climb up.

It is a major accident, and Mr.Zhang involved this time, as well as Li Luoniu and Xiao Wu from the Security Department will be dealt with seriously.Tang Sanjian did not sunmed cbd gummy reviews say how to wana sour gummies cbd 100mg review deal with it seriously, whether to record a serious demerit, deduct wages, or be fired directly But it must not be light.Tang Shuang thought about it and expressed her own opinion.She hoped that the kindergarten would try its best to make the big and small things small and light.Regardless of Teacher Zhang, Li Luoniu and Xiao Wu, they are all good friends of Little Piggy.She ran out of the kindergarten just purely for fun.She never thought of causing cbd gummies stogies cbd gummies near me nj such harm to the people around her.She knows cbd gummies stogies cbd gummies near me nj her mistakes and has a long memory, but she doesn t need to sacrifice her good friends to achieve this goal.Tang Sanjian heard it in his ears, remembered it in his heart, nodded, and said that he thought so too, and when he arrived at the kindergarten, he would plead with the principal.

The host asked everyone s thoughts Then what is the final result Presumably Dynasty will definitely fight God.What is the result of their battle Have you found a way out Is there a way to the end of martial arts Tang Shuang said with a smile My new book is about what happened on that new road after crossing the end.Chapter 520 Tang Shuang s World of Martial Arts Tang Shuang said that the cbd gummies stogies cbd gummies near me nj new book after The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is about martial arts The story that happened on the new road aroused great curiosity among the people at the scene, and they all guessed what kind of story it would be.Everyone is very concerned about this topic, so the time was extended appropriately, and the audience hoped to ask questions.After Tang Shuang agreed, the host began to select candidates.It s just you.

Chapter 521 Kung fu soars in the daytime Isn t that immortal Everyone was in an uproar.Everyone had never heard of Tang Shuang s series of theories.They felt that their thoughts could no longer keep up.Wen Rui an was recognized as an expert in brain holes.Now it seems that this title should be changed to Tang Shuang.After all Although the characters sunmed cbd gummy reviews cbd gummies eagle hemp in Wen Rui an s works are awesome, in Tang Shuang s case, they can only enter a world of Chinese martial arts.The host asked Is the threshold of becoming a fairy in the world of high martial arts What is the highest force value in this world Tang Shuang laughed and said In the world of cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies high martial arts, calling the wind and calling the rain, moving mountains and filling the sea are commonplace.Here, the sword fairy is in the sky, the sky is full of gods and demons, the green dragon is majestic, and the white tiger is majestic.

The last time Luo Yuqing went to Guangdong Province to record the Mid Autumn Festival Gala was during the Mid Autumn Festival.As a result, Luo Yuqing couldn t come temporarily because her father was hospitalized.Tang Shuang thought about many possibilities of meeting, but she never expected to be caught off guard at the meeting of book friends.But this kind of being caught off guard is happiness, and I wish I could come a few more times.Tang Shuang was not in the mood for the game session at all, but thinking of the long awaited meeting, he forcibly cheered up and devoted himself to it.He couldn t help but look at that person just after playing.This reaction was almost instinctive., the more he told himself not to look there, but his eyes couldn t be controlled at all, as if the focus of the whole world was there at the moment, unless he closed his eyes, otherwise, as long as he opened them, the focus must be there, it must be sitting there that person.

Although I am very angry that you left the kindergarten alone, my brother is really happy for you when I heard Tangtanger say that.It shows that Tangtanger knows how to think about others.This is a very rare quality.You are right, The old man can t control the child if he wants to escape, not only the sunmed cbd gummy reviews old man, but also the elder brother, the parents, we can t keep an eye on you all the time, right, the child should be free, sometimes he wants to play hide and seek, sometimes Sometimes I want to have fun and run for a while.At this time, we may not be able to take care of you, so we especially need children to be good.If you leave without saying hello, then what happened today will happen.Everyone who knows you is looking for you , all want to cry anxiously, and like Li Baibai and Teacher Zhang, they will be punished and scolded by the aunt of the principal.

The young man sunmed cbd gummy reviews looked around, the store is about 100 square meters, and there are many wooden shelves, and there are rows of records on the bookshelves.At the same time, there are many album posters on the wall, some are old photos, some are the latest album photos.For example, Tang Shuang saw Tang Zhen s poster on the most conspicuous wall opposite the gate.Dressed up, wearing hiking shoes, with a dusty off road vehicle parked beside her, she turned her back to the screen, looking up at the snow capped mountains in HCMUSSH sunmed cbd gummy reviews front of her.On the top of the snow capped mountains, a blue lotus flower was quietly blooming.There was a line on the poster that read, What is said is thousands of miles, I pursue you Tang Shuang looked away, smiled at the proprietress, then pointed to the long haired child standing in front of the shelf, and said, My family.

The investment is large, and the output is naturally large The third is that Tang Zhen s performance is eye catching.Years of training as a trainee have given her a solid foundation.There are really not many female singers like her who are good at singing and dancing in China, and she is beautiful., an cbd gummies charleston sc absolute idol, cbd gummy bears in brainerd with a glamorous temperament, which is very different from today s idols.This differentiated style makes her very recognizable.Driven by the songs, she has easily become a new generation of idols in the hearts of young people.At the end of the article, it is written In Huayuan 2020, Tang Zhen chose to become Tang Zhen.This sunmed cbd gummy reviews slogan is subtle at first glance, sunmed cbd gummy reviews but full of domineering slogan at a closer look.It is said that it was written by the mysterious musician Yu Xiang.Now it seems that what he said It is not an exaggeration at all.

Tangtanger is now 6 years old.Children at this age have already begun to be interested in marriage and love relationships.Tangtanger is like this, otherwise he would not keep curiously asking about sunmed cbd gummy reviews the story between him and Zeng Yujun.Tang Shuang thought of the story about the little rabbit and the giraffe just now.It was a negative teaching material, about a failed love relationship, reflecting him and Zeng Yujun.This story will more or less give Candy a bad impression, so it would be better to tell her what true love is, and plant her a beautiful yearning for marriage.Thinking of this, Tang Shuang thought for a moment and said, Love means that boys like girls, and girls like boys.Tang Shuang s big eyes flickered, and after thinking about it, she continued to ask What is liking Tang Shuang saw She was confused, and tried to say in words she could understand When you like someone, you have to eat delicious food and play with fun things.

If she is unhappy, you have to coax her, and when someone bullies her, you will protect her.Miss her when she is not around.This quote covers the most simple and clear characteristics of love, which is sharing, protecting, and sunmed cbd gummy reviews missing.These words are simple and clear, Tangtanger understands as soon as she hears it, but she never thought that liking someone is so simple, is this liking It s not that complicated Then nervously, stammering loudly It s over I, I like Jingjing I also like Xiaowu But, but they are not human Why do I like not being human What s going on What happened to Candy Then he thought of something again, and said loudly Also, I also like Little Grape, Little Peacock, Kiki, Little Gold, Big Face After reading a bunch of names of the little classmates, this It s not over yet, sunmed cbd gummy reviews the little man is raising chestnuts again, from Tang Zhen, to Huang Weiwei, from Tang Huohuo to Xiao Guizi, cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies the more she talks, the more nervous she is, she likes too many people How could she fall in love with so many people There are also puppies, parrots, and even Tang Xiaospider who was lost in the yard The Cicada that disappeared in the grove And Tang Xiaoshuang, the little goldfish who has never been clearly distinguished Chapter 577 The Mysterious Visitor The little man said loudly I, what s the matter with me I will be unhappy, we will be sad, the puppy is so small, I am so big, she runs around on four legs, I sunmed cbd gummy reviews only have two legs Work, I like to talk with a small mouth, she likes to bark with a small mouth.

Tang Tanger stood still, neither daring to slip away directly nor returning to Xiaoshuang side.Hehehehe, Xiaoshuang, can I go out and sneak around Speaking of this, I emphasized It s Xiaogouzi, not Candy, who wants to sneak up.The Lun family wants to watch TV with Xiaoshuang, but Jingjing wants to play.Do you know Puppy wants to play Let it play, if it wants to play, if you don t let it play, it will go crazy and become a mad dog.Xiao Guizi said that he had raised a puppy before, and his father kept him at home every day.The dog has gone crazy, and Xiao Guizi almost went crazy too.Pan Fugui was too skinny, his father Pan Lun couldn t control him, and Professor Pan was divorced, and he was very busy with work, so he had no time to take care of the children, so he often They locked Pan Fugui at home and bought a puppy to keep him from being too bored.

Tangtanger was always amazed on the way home, today is really an eye opener, and I muttered about how amazing it was to see such a big guy.Xiaoshuang, how did Sasha grow so big What did she eat to grow so big Was she born by her mother How did her mother bring her up Fortunately, she lives in the sea.If On the ground like us, how can there be such a big house It s really amazing Tang Shuang said with a smile This is the magic of nature.Every creature has its own story, which is a legend.There are many interesting animals in nature.If you are interested, we can come to Go to the bookstore to buy picture books.Buy picture books Buy it, why don t you buy it, anyway, Xiaoshuang pays for it, she wants to go shopping like crazy.This day is a day full of surprises, an eye opening day, and a day when the little sugar man is bluffing, holding the picture book and turning into a gust of wind, rushing into the house to find Huang Xiangning, chatting excitedly with his mother, gesticulating and describing what she saw How big is the sperm whale, bigger than their home, even if there are 60 little people on the ladder, they will not be able to kiss the sperm whale, because she is too big.

Tang Shuang didn t sunmed cbd gummy reviews order, four dishes were enough up.The villain should be really hungry.When the first dish came, she stuffed it into her mouth and devoured it.Tang Shuang couldn t help asking Huang Xiangning Mom, are you hungry, does this guy have breakfast The little sugar man took time out of his busy schedule to say hate weakly to Tang Shuang, and then continued to fight against the delicious food.Huang Xiangning carefully arranged the little man s hair so that it would not get dirty.Tie a napkin on her again, and said, Tang Tang, eat slowly.The little man raised his little face and smiled sweetly at Huang Xiangning, and then suddenly looked out of the glass wall, motionless there, a little sister was standing there.He looked at her and mother without blinking, licking his lips from time to time, looking hungry.

Candy couldn t wait to ask Is it delicious Ye Liang nodded and said vaguely that it was very delicious, then he took out a triangular green candy and handed it to Candy.try one.Tang Tang stretched out his head and took a closer look, and said, This is apple flavored, sour, hiss hehe, do you want to treat me to it Chapter 666 Tang Tang asked to change the script Ye Liang said to treat sunmed cbd gummy reviews her , Tangtanger thought for a while, Xiao Yezi had already eaten the first one, so her task was equivalent to completion, now Xiao Yezi invited her to eat, so there was no need to refuse, so she took the apple flavored one with a smile Fudge, smash your mouth, swallow the saliva in your mouth, then stuff it into your mouth, the corners of your cbd gummies for pain and sleep sunmed cbd gummy reviews mouth immediately slump, your eyes and eyebrows are curved, it s too sour, but she still likes to eat it.

After the exam is over, we will arrange snacks according to the results.Hey Little Zhuzhu was caught instantly Seven inches away, whispering can only accept fate.Tang Shuang approached her, and heard her muttering that her father was taking revenge because she dug out his treasure chest, hum, how stingy.Tangtanger thought that this year s exam was not easy.Unlike previous years, the previous exam was just an exam.This year s exam also included taking revenge in it.Sanjian s father would definitely dig a hole for her.Because if it was her, or Tang Shuang, at this time, if you don t dig a hole or dig a hole, you must dig, dig a little deeper, bury your opponent, and then sing and dance on the shore.Thinking of this, Tangtanger felt that life was full of gloom, and the flowers that bloomed in her heart during the day immediately began to wither and drop their leaves.

Tangtanger asked You and Xiaoshuang don t have it, but the Lun family and Xiaoshuang have it free cbd gummies trial 2019 Tang Shuang secretly gave Tangtang a thumbs up, he was not very good at answering the girl s question.While a few people were talking, others also discovered that the young man who followed Mr.Huang was Tang Shuang.Recently, there have been a lot of news about Tang Shuang.He and actor Liang Qiao frequently participated in many film promotional activities and made many appearances.Everyone surrounded Tang Shuang and asked questions.Seeing Xiaoshuang being so popular, Tangtang was very proud, and kept emphasizing that this was her brother, her Xiaoshuang, and her knight.Little Pig raised her head high, like a proud little rooster, and then, she realized something was wrong, what s wrong How was she pushed out of the crowd The little head is around, uh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhin She was unknowingly squeezed out by this group of young ladies, emmm no, it s the auntie, she, the little princess, Xiaoshuang s little sister, Xiaoshuang s dearest person, was squeezed out by these group of aunts She looked at her little Shuang, surrounded by aunts asking questions, the atmosphere was very lively.

The next day, the little rabbit came again happily and asked the big black leopard, how about a leopard Leopard, do you have a hundred buns at home Leopard said, I m sorry or not.The little rabbit was downcast and asked him if he was lazy.He must sleep until 8 o clock and get up at 8 o clock.His ass just got up, how can a leopard be so lazy The little rabbit didn t finish his sentence, and was scared away by the big black leopard.Pan Wenling thought, this little rabbit is a bit cheap.He Zhenyi thought to herself, if I were a big black leopard, I would have to kill the poisonous little rabbit.Tangtanger saw the two guests of the Tang family listening very seriously, and she could tell from their expressions that they had fallen into their own story, fascinated, bewitched, lost their souls, amazing, little fairy, better than Xiaoshuang.

The most common and common narrative method in movies is a linear narrative from beginning to end, straight and straightforward.However, from the very beginning, when Wuming stood in the main hall and told the story to the King of Qin, and thus opened up the side plots, Qiu Sen could see that Heroes boldly used the method of constantly interspersed with flashbacks.In terms of the big frame, the most basic linear narrative method is still adopted, but in terms of specific content, it is divided into several major sections, and each section contains a story.And inconsistent, thus forming a conflict.Moreover, Zhang Fei used unique colors on each plate, creatively using colors to tell stories and supplement them.In this way, the plot of the movie is constantly turning around.During the viewing process, the audience will continue to climb mountains and mountains with the nameless narration, always waiting for us with full expectations of different scenery ahead, and enjoy the surprises and accidents brought about by it.

She looked down at Tangtanger in front of her, thinking that it was no wonder Xiaoshuang gave Tangtanger the nickname Tang Paopao, that was the reason.Tangtang er has many nicknames, and Tang Shuang sunmed cbd gummy reviews gave her countless nicknames, one of which is Tang Paopao, which means that this chick likes to slip away when things are not going well.Tang Zhen felt that this was not a good habit, and she wanted to help her little sister get rid of it, so she didn t even plan to leave, she had to stick to her word Don t shoot Don t shoot I m coming down, don t shoot shouted the young man from the tree.Tang Zhen and Tangtanger couldn t see other people, they could only hear voices.Candy was startled, startled, and wanted to shoot Want to kill someone Sister, sister, run Tang Tanger didn t wait for Tang Zhen, twisted her buttocks and ran away.

After graduating from university, Luo Peiqi directly took the exam and entered the local municipal government as a civil servant.Am I thin I think I m fat.Where are where can you buy true bliss cbd gummies you fat During the Mid Autumn Festival, you were fatter than now, and now your face is thinner, sister, you need to grow some flesh.Luo Peiqi sighed Tone, Sister, look at me, am I fat Tell the truth.Luo Yuqing stared at Luo Peiqi, and said, It seems to be a little fatter, and her face is a little rounder.Luo Peiqi sighed disappointedly Well, everyone said that, everyone said I gained a lot of weight, or sister you have Look, I only gained three catties, and the people around me seem to have gained thirty catties, and they are bluffing in front of me every day, I really hate these people.Are you still practicing yoga Luo Yuqing asked.

With short legs, he wanted to kick Tang Shuang in the head, but he was a thousand miles away.Tang Shuang said disdainfully, You still want to kick me with your short legs.I ll fart and send you into the river..Tang Zhen Tangtang, let s catch him Catch Xiaoshuang Tangtang yelled.Tang Shuang was disdainful, stood still, and waited for them to approach before preparing to dodge, but suddenly a cool voice sounded from behind Be careful, I m here.At the critical moment, Brother Sanjian appeared in Tang Shuang s Behind him, blocking his way, Tang Shuang gave way subconsciously, and then felt his pants being grabbed.Candy yelled happily Haha grab Xiaoshuang, sister, come quickly, we ll light the lamp and throw him into the river.Let go let go, little piggy.He couldn t dodge flexibly, but Tang Zhen caught up and cbd gummies benifits was held down by the two of them and beaten up.

At the foot of the mountain, she lives in the school.The school is halfway up the mountain, surrounded by dense forests, not to mention night, sunmed cbd gummy reviews even during the day, timid girls can t stay.Tang Zhen was surprised Then she still stays There.Tang Shuang Sister, everyone has their own ambitions.The poisonous weed in our eyes may be the fairy grass in the eyes of others.I think Weiwei is really happy there.The material conditions are difficult, but the spirit is very cbd gummies for pain and sleep sunmed cbd gummy reviews rich.Ah.Tang Zhen Hurry up and call her to persuade her to go home for the New Year.Tang Shuang took out her mobile phone to call Huang Weiwei, and at the same time asked Tang Zhen, Sister, do you want to talk to Weiwei Okay.Tang Shuang Before Shuang left last time, she installed a signal receiver in Huang Weiwei s school.The phone and computer were connected.

Tang Shuang On the phone, Was it Candy just now Xiaoshuang, ask Tangtang to talk to me.I haven t chatted with cutie for a long time.Did Zhenzhen go home Is she there too Tang Shuang They re both here, and they re staring at me.Hearing this, Tang Zhen put on a fierce look to attack him, but she only looked cute, not the slightest bit fierce.Tangtang er bared her teeth when she saw this.This is a really fierce look.Ah, I want to talk to Zhenzhen Candy, Xiaoshuang, go away You talk doterra cbd gummies like this, have you ever thought about my feelings It s Chinese New Year, you want me to cry, right Don t pretend , I m not a little girl, so I can cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies t be fooled. People s hearts are fleshy, and it s normal for me to feel heartache. Hey give Zhenzhen the phone You really want to talk to Zhenzhen Why don t you tell me Let me tell you, if you see my uncle tomorrow, don t blame me for not reminding you.

Then he opened his hands and said, Xiao Shuang, give Tang Tang a hug.Tang Shuang said nothing Said, knelt down, hugged Tangtanger in his arms, patted her little shoulder and said, Don t worry, it s normal for your butt to hurt, and it will be fine after a night of sleep.Tangtanger lay on his shoulder Oh Hey, it hurts so much my ass, soooo Don t cry, don t cry, Tang Tang don t cry, my sister and brother will protect you, don t cry.Tang Zhen saw Tangtang er touching her.Tears, quickly distressed to cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies cbd gummies for pain and sleep sunmed cbd gummy reviews comfort.Tang Shuang was lying on Tang Shuang s shoulder, so Tang Shuang couldn t see her crying, and only knew it when she heard Tang Zhen say it.Don t cry.My Tang er is a strong donna and rosy cbd gummies and optimistic baby.Don t cry.You ll be fine after a night s sleep.Don t worry, my brother and sister will always be with you and protect you.

Chapter 785 The Great Demon King Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian went out from Old Tang s house at three o clock in the afternoon to visit their cbd gummy bears from colorado son and daughter in the hospital.When the car stopped at the hospital, Tang Sanjian saw that the shops next to the hospital were surrounded People, after getting out of the car, they looked over there curiously.Huh He seemed to see a familiar face.Huang Xiangning was carrying a handbag, which contained food for Candy.There were two bananas, a cooked apple cut into five petals, and a small bowl of plain noodles, all of which were suitable for recovering strength sunmed cbd gummy reviews as soon as possible after diarrhea food.What s wrong Why are there so many people around there Huang Xiangning also looked at the crowd.Tang Sanjian said I seem to see Xiao Guo inside, I m not sure, how about I go and have a look Huang Xiangning Xiao Guo He came to the hospital in the morning, didn t he go back You go and have a look, come back as soon as possible, I Go to the hospital and have a look at Candy, she is about to wake up.

Tang Shuang glanced at her It .

how long does cbd gummies stay in urine?

s not Chinese New Year yet, why are you so early.Little Zhuzhu followed him, holding his head up and said, Thank you for the early years.Oh, thank you then.Hee Hee, how about a red envelope I ll give it to you after dinner.Wow that s true, Xiaoshuang is such a good brother.Candy said pleasantly.The little guy casts a wide net, and if he can catch one, he will open the door.The first one to catch Tang Shuang will be successful.She dumped Tang Shuang in cbd gummies stogies cbd gummies near me nj an instant, and ran to Tang Zhen Sister, sister, Xiaoshuang promised to give me a red envelope, do you want to give me one cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies too She ran to the door of Tang Zhen s room, knocked on the door lightly, and then put Squeeze in with a small body.Huang Xiangning heard the voice, waited for Tangtanger to leave, and then said to Tang Shuang, Give the red envelope so early Don t give the child too much money.

He carried a big handbag in his hand, and Huang Xiangning s blue file bag from last night was inside it.There was still a Volvo in the garage, and Tang Sanjian was going to sit in the driver s seat.Huang Xiangning worried that he was not in a good state of mind, so he said, Let me drive.The car got out of the yard and was driving on the campus.Seeing the heavy atmosphere, Huang Xiangning said, Dean Li called yesterday to say that Jiang Xin was expecting us to go a week ago.She is in a good mood.Tang Sanjian was silent when he heard this.After a while, he said, That s good.Is she in good spirits Huang Xiangning slowed down, walked out of the gate of Yuezhou University, turned and drove onto the road, and said, President Li said that she is much better than last year., there were two outbreaks in the second half of the year.

The reason why she kept dancing was to catch Brother Bing s sight and get his attention.At this moment, she was smiling happily, raised her little hand, saluted, and shouted Hello, comrades Xiao Muzi, Xiaoyang and Xiaoqing also smiled and imitated Candy, and raised their little hands to salute Brother Bing, He yelled Hello, comrades The corner of the guard s mouth twitched, his brows frowned, and after thinking about it, seeing that there was no one else around, he saluted back and whispered, Hello, children Tangtanger thought it was wrong, it wasn t like this of.She immediately pointed out the mistakes, and said seriously No, brother Bing, you are wrong, you should say hello to the chief Xiaoqing looked at Miss Tangtanger, and said to Comrade Guard in a childish voice No, brother, you are wrong, you should say hands, palms Xiaoqing s elder brother Xiaoyang also shouted It s the chief s good, not the children Xiao Muzi also thinks that it should be the chief s good On TV is This is how it is played Candy seriously asked Would you like to do it again Comrade Guard s mouth twitched wildly, wanting to tell this group of children, although what you said is correct, but you are not the chief, you are just a group of children, Don t think I didn t recognize it, pretending to be the chief will not work So resolutely do not say that the chief is good.

Let s go, let s follow.Tang Shuang followed Tang Shuang, and introduced at the same time, Half of white chrysanthemums here, half of white gardenias.Chrysanthemums and gardenias, while walking in small steps, continued to ask Where are roses Red flowers are also beautiful.Tang Shuang Chrysanthemums represent nostalgia for the dead.As for gardenias, they are Grandma s favorite flower in the past.Roses are not suitable.Candy er heard the words, looked at the white flower in her hand, and liked it more and more, and immediately changed her words Well, Tangy er also loves gardenias the most, white It s so pretty, it s as white as my little butt.Tang Shuang Tang Shuang glanced at her, this guy was very proud, proud of his little butt as white as a white chrysanthemum, but it didn t seem to be a big deal So proud of it.

The father and son were suppressed.This is a father and son soldier in battle.They all died when they met the enemy.Seeing Tang Shuang s return, Tang Yu changed his depression and said happily My little uncle is back Tang Huohuo also said happily Xiao Shuang, you are doing well.I am happy for you and proud of you.Huh Tang Shuang was puzzled.Not only was he baffled, but Tang Xin also looked at Tang Huohuo inexplicably, wondering if this lawyer Huohuo had lost his mind and started talking nonsense, probably because he was scared by his uncle.Don t bother Xiao Zhen, you can clean it yourself Tang Dajian said.I ll go now, uncle, don t be angry, it s New Year s Eve today.Tang Xin said, winking at Tang Tanger.Candy said softly, Dabai, don t be angry, it s New Year s Eve today Go and rest in the house, I cbd gummies dosage for autism ll see you re so tired, you re cbd gummies for pain and sleep sunmed cbd gummy reviews wheezing.

Do you want to do this Yes Oh.How many people Three.What identity The family is in business, I don t know very well.Our family is not afraid.Hearing this sentence, Tang Shuang couldn t help laughing.Since our family is not afraid, I will be more violent. Are you stupid Ah I said you are stupid Why are you swearing You are stupid Hmph Since you know our family is not afraid, why don t you ask for help You are as stupid as Tangtanger.You are stupid You are Tang vinegar fish Even if I am Tang vinegar fish, I am better than Tang Bodhisattva Zhen is smart Tch Don t tch, look behind us, that Mr.Cheng is still following us, and the mud bodhisattva has a three point temper, I really don t know how to write dead words, so let s take him first.Tang Zhen went to Lo and behold, sure enough, Cheng Xin s BMW was still following, and they were very close together.

There was no Flying Pig in this restaurant before, but when Tang Shuang and Tangtanger came to visit the restaurant, they added such a wooden sign after discussing with the boss.The prototype is Tang Tang.Anyway, Tang Shuang thought so, but she didn t dare to confront Tang Tang directly, worrying that the relationship between brother and sister would fall apart.This pigsty is equivalent to a cubicle.A half person high red brick wall separates the room from the corridor.The door is a wooden fence that can be pushed and pulled.Tang Shuang opened the wooden fence to welcome everyone in.Tang Tang was the sunmed cbd gummy reviews cbd gummies eagle hemp first to jump in.Tang Shuang A little flying pig.The little bun followed closely behind and jumped into it.Tang Shuang Two little flying pigs.The little peacock smiled at Tang Shuang, and entered the pen third.

Alumnus waved his hand I have been thinking these days why Tuzi Entertainment has been calling for reform and reform for so many years, but it has never improved.How many consultations have cbd gummies stogies cbd gummies near me nj we invited The company, how many reports have been made The management has been changed one after another, but there is still no improvement.There is a saying that when you suspect that everyone is abnormal, in fact, you are the one who is really abnormal.So I I also figured it out, maybe it s because I have been holding the largest shareholding in the company, but I don t spend energy and let other people toss.I am the biggest variable that Tuzi Entertainment can t do.Tang Shuang Why is it so strange I can t blame you.Alum said I will sell my sunmed cbd gummy reviews shares to you first, will you accept it or not Just follow the price we set last year.

Here, I would first like to thank the jury and everyone for their encouragement.Huaxia Literature magazine has put in a lot of hard work for the publication of Broken Soul Gun , allowing this non traditional martial arts novel to be published.Let me meet you.The Huaxia Literature Award put forward a literary proposition for life, which is still of profound significance to me today.In my not too long writing career, the literary elements related to Broken Soul Gun are always inseparable Suit.Not long ago, the extremely lively applause sunmed cbd gummy reviews had completely stopped, only Tang Shuang s clear voice could be heard echoing, and everyone was staring at this young and handsome winner.Countless people in front of the TV were also quietly listening to Tang Shuang s acceptance speech.Different from film, music and other awards, the acceptance speeches of entertainers are often all about thanking the relevant people.

The host walked to the office with an envelope in his hand.Kong Zhen s side, carefully handed over to him.I ve got it now, and it s in this envelope.Amid all the attention, Kong Zhen opened the envelope, pulled out a third of the hardcover card inside, looked at it, and said, Next I It is announced that the buy cbd gummies for tinnitus work that won the Zijin Literature Award of the 2020 Huaxia Literature Award is Tang Shuang held Tang Zhen s hand tightly, feeling a little nervous.Kong Zhen looked around the hall, and said in a straight voice The Black Stone on the White Stone , Huo Lie Cheers erupted from a corner of the hall, and a middle aged man in his 40s was surrounded by people around him.Pack in the middle.Amid the applause resounding all around, Tang Shuang breathed a sigh of relief when the result was out, and finally let go of the burden in his heart, stood up with everyone, and applauded for Huo Lie.

You won the Silver Literature Award, will you continue to write online novels Have you ever thought about writing some more in depth novels I position myself as cbd gummies stogies cbd gummies near me nj telling People who tell the story, the story doesn t matter whether it s deep or not, the key lies in the person who reads it, and it s all up to them to see the mountains and rivers.Internet novels will definitely continue to be written, but now the energy is limited, and the pace will slow down. Except for Kung Fu , cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies Do you have any other works Are there any short stories similar to Broken Soul Gun Yes, in fact, I just wrote one, but it s not about martial arts like Broken Soul Gun , but emotional You should see it soon.Ah, that s great, our Shengjing Daily is the first and second major media in the country, and we are happy to promote Mr.

The two girls looked at Tang Shuang boldly, and one of them asked with a smile Which college does the senior belong to Which college Isn t the senior from our school What school are you Shengjing Normal University University Isn t the senior sunmed cbd gummy reviews a student The girl said while pointing to the school gate not far away, it really is a university Bone Dragon s villa is actually a school district room I am a student, but not here.By the way, do you have many Korean students in your school We are a friendship school with Seoul National University in South Korea.There are many exchange students every year.Good Bone Hero is really calculating I bought a villa next to the Normal University, with bad intentions The blond beauty who was with him before was an international student.I heard him introduce during the meal.

At this moment, she was holding Tang Shuang s hand, looking down at herself and Tang Shuang s shadow, bouncing around, stepping on Tang Shuang s shadow.There was the sound of class in the music building, and a teacher passed by with courseware.Mr.Zhang, get out of class is over and this is it Tang Shuang greeted.Hey ah This is Tang Shuang Oh, why are you here today After full spectrum cbd gummy bears the two exchanged a few pleasantries, Tang Shuang came to the second floor under the guidance of the other party and entered a lecture hall.A crowd of students in school uniforms was in the dark, and a folk song of an ethnic minority was playing on the podium.It s mom Tang Tanger happily pointed to Huang Xiangning on the podium, and whispered to Tang Shuang.Shh don t disturb everyone.The two sat down in the last row, Tangtanger sat on the flipping chair, watched her mother give a lecture, and twisted her little butt excitedly.

Whoever shakes out the most sweet potatoes will choose the house first.Candy excitedly raised her hand high, asking to be the first to participate in the competition.In view of her dr sanjay gupta cbd gummies dr oz enthusiasm, Cao Kai chose her first, and Zhang Xingxing and Zhang Weitong were the second.In order to win the competition, Tang Tang frantically stuffed sweet potatoes into Tang Shuang s trouser pockets, and his legs became elephant legs.Enough is enough, stop pretending, I can t walk anymore.Tang Shuang stopped madly giving him sweet potato candies.Brother, you can do new x cbd gummies it, you have to trust Zhiji, and then pretend to be one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight You d better kill me and forget it.Huh Don t pretend Don t pretend, Tangtanger picked up the sweet potato and put it in his trouser pocket.Tang Shuang thought to herself, should I work so hard.

Tang Shuang smiled and said, It s not that we can t finish eating, let s take some back.At this moment, the siren sounded again, calling for Miss Xia Wenqiao to go.Not long after, Miss Xiao Qiao came back with a badminton racket.Everyone asked her what she used it for.She shook her head and didn t know anything.Next, the children went to the principal one after another.Li Yushu came back with a water ladle, Feng Xiaofeng, a little man, came back with a small and exquisite spoon, and Zhang Weitong brought back a pair of table tennis bats.When Tangtanger, who had eaten and drank enough, realized that she was the only child left in the audience who did not go to the principal.She got up and was going to find the director, but Tang Shuang stopped her I didn t call you.Tangtang er Go to the cbd gummies to quit drinking cbd gummies stogies Lun family and ask the director why it s not called the Lun family.

Tang Shuang sat blankly in the living room, not knowing what to do for a while.The volleyball game was still live on TV, Tang Shuang turned it off without hesitation, and threw the remote control on the sofa.Tang Sanjian came out with a fruit platter, but seeing that the big beauty and the little beauty were gone, he also went to the princess room with the platter.This night passed so noisy, with laughter and tears, mixed feelings.Tang Shuang didn t sleep well at night, woke up a few times, got up and went to Tangtang er s room to look at it once, snoring soundly, hugging her mother.A hot towel was applied to her little butt.At night, while applying the towel, she listened to her mother s story and finally fell asleep unconsciously.Early the next morning.Morning cousin Tang Shuang shouted respectfully.

At that time, Sister Xiaomu was very happy to hear that, especially after hearing that Xiaoshuang liked her nose, she was even more happy.The nose is straighter and longer.You re smart, but you re using them in what medications do cbd gummies interact with side ways.Tang Shuang took a pack of seafood snacks from the little man s pocket, opened the bag, and poured out a little in the palm of his hand.After smelling it, it was quite fragrant.have eaten.Ah, Xiaoshuang ate it Tangtanger was shocked when Xiaoshuang accidentally took the snacks away.It s delicious, I ll give it back to you.Tang Shuang returned the snack to her.Humph q s t r The villain himself ate, chewing.The fight just now was exhausting.Tang Zhen continued to read the comment Dare to hit my cousin Let Zhen Zhen beat you up Stretching out his fist and waved, Beat you up.Hee hee hee, beat him up Candy was busy eating Snacks, while nodding happily.

If mom is around and hits Xiaoshuang to doubt her life Tang Zhen read.Tangtanger nodded quickly, that s right, that s right, with her mother by her side, Xiaoshuang is finished If her father was by her side, Xiaoshuang would lose her eggs Tang Zhen read the comments one by one with relish, obsessed with it, as if cbd gummies with highest thc it was fun.Candy completely agrees with her.These comments are basically one sided, accusing Tang Shuang and sympathizing with Tang Tang.A dignified sister, who was pinched in the face by someone, made her grow up.Those innocent little eyes broke the hearts of everyone who saw it, and made everyone who saw it more aware of the hatefulness of the Great Demon King.You know, when we posted on Weibo, it was the time when cousin named her.Thousands of fans were shouting Cousin in unison, but this guy pinched his cousin s face and wrote an annoying sentence cousin is my sister This is against all mankind Proper big villain, big devil It s time to crusade So this Weibo only has 20,000 likes, but the number of comments is almost 500,000, not including the comments in the comments.

Huh So many cute dolls, what are they doing Isn t this Tanger s doll Why did they all move here Huang Xiangning asked Tanger.The child was in high spirits, pointing proudly at the dolls on the bed and explaining that all these dolls were given to his mother, and they were used to protect her Protect mom like you protect candy As for why you want to protect your mother Because she found a big thing today, that is she is a little girl, and mom is mom, and the little girl is safe, but mom is dangerous.How dangerous is it Take a chestnut, Xiaohong.So she was very worried about her mother s safety, and wanted to sleep with her every day to protect her, but her father disagreed I had already discussed it with my father when I was walking in the evening, and my father rejected her without hesitation Because Dad said that he loves Mom more than her This made Tangtang very dissatisfied.

Miss cbd gummies 500mg with turtle Luo was smiling like a flower in the crowd, and Tang Shuang saw her immediately.There were too many people, and there was no chance to say anything more.After chatting casually, Tang Shuang watched her leave.Although the man left, his big watery eyes were still dangling in front of his eyes, which made Tang Shuang lose his mind.If Tang Shuang was not by his side yelling and tossing him constantly, he might have been charmed away.Can you sit down for me calmly, don t do this for a while, and that for a while Be quiet Wouldn t it be nice to be a quiet and beautiful girl Tang Shuang said to Tangtanger angrily.Okay, is there any problem Candy immediately sat on the sofa obediently, hugging the little rabbit with both hands, raised her feet, put them neatly on the chair, and straightened her body.

Do you want Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang doesn t want it, right Okay, Xiaoshuang doesn t want it.Hehe, Na Lun s family can just eat two.The little man caught another steamed egg for himself, looked at Tang Shuang with a smile on his face, and kept holding it in his hand without putting it on his plate.This is audacious teasing Tang Shuang.Bring it Tang Shuang said, putting the plate in front of her.Okay here you are.Tang Tanger put the steamed eggs on nano cbd gummies sunmed cbd gummy reviews his plate, Humph, I don t thank the Lun family either.Tang Shuang , thank you.Hey, good, received Tang Shuang Luo Yuqing was overjoyed, and suddenly saw a pair of eyes staring at her, she was taken aback, her face flushed red, and she was also a sunmed cbd gummy reviews little embarrassed.It was Tang Zhen who was sitting across from her.Tang Zhen was in a daze the whole time, as if she had cbd gummies stogies cbd gummies near me nj just woken up and was still in a dream.

Once she got her heart, she might lose her life here tonight.Come here, beat me up and have a look.Tang Shuang sneered.Candy was helpless, she was small and weak, so she took off her little shoes, obediently climbed onto the bed, and praised The king s bed is so big and soft, I m so envious, when will the Lun family be able to sleep in such a big bed.Said Finished, lay down involuntarily, rolled on the bed, rolled round and round, why beat the king s back Instantly forgot Tang Shuang kicked the little meatball rolling the bed sheet, and said angrily Hey, hey, pay attention Did you call you up to make you roll around Beat your back Do you understand Beat your back for the king Tang Tanger rolled around, turned over, lay down on the bed, looked at Tang Shuang and said, Let the Lun family play first.

Chapter 1018 It is really a shame to be threatened by a child to fetch cbd gummies stogies cbd gummies near me nj water from a bamboo basket.So Tang Shuang didn t tell Luo Yuqing that Tangtang er wanted to elope to Shengjing to fight with him, but said that the little sister missed her brother, and that she couldn t eat or sleep, and she had lost two to three years of weight.catty Luo Yuqing was shocked, and Tang Shuang reassured her that she didn t need to worry about it, because losing two or three catties had almost zero impact on Tangy, and instead she became more beautiful.The lithe little fairy planned to take a big step forward.Luo Yuqing thought about it, agreed to this statement, and then said happily I really envy the relationship between your brother and sister.It is sincere, cute, and warm.Tangtanger is a super warm baby, and you are also a super warm brother.

He put away his phone and stopped looking at it It was obviously a good mood, but it was ruined like this As soon as he left the kitchen, he was followed by the two sisters of the Tang family in the living room.Hey where are you cutting your nails Tang Shuang waved with a forced smile.He wasn t ashamed at all for his covetousness just now, he was indeed the one who washed the dishes, candy What can such a small person do, put on a show, join in the fun, make soy sauce, the main force is him Gee shame shame Xiaoshuang is a big faced cat Tang Tanger made a face at him and stuck out her tongue, mocking him with all her might.Tang Shuang s face darkened.You re really thick skinned.Tang Zhen, who was always quiet and rarely hit people, also mocked.Tang just cbd gummies png Shuang s face immediately lost power.Little Zhenzhen, are you really painting Candy s nails Is there any mistake, you will raise a stinky child like this.

In the room, Tangtang er blushed and said to Jiang Yue who had just finished telling the story.Chatting with Tangtanger put Jiang Yue in a good mood.She also smiled and praised Tangtanger You are a very interesting robot.Tangtang laughed loudly, and suddenly asked Are you a mother Where is your baby Your baby nano cbd gummies sunmed cbd gummy reviews must be very happy, she Your mother is so funny, just like Xiaoshuang from the Lun family.Jiang Yue was startled, looked at Tangtanger, and said softly, She s always in my heart.Tangtanger didn t understand the routine here, and quickly understood After discussing this topic, he said, Oh, I m a younger sister, and I m no worse than my mother, right Yes, a great sister.My older sister is also great, she s a singer.Jiang Yue Looking at Tang Zhen with a smile, she praised I also like to hear your sister sing.

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