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Xiao Ling accepted this order, and did not forget to tell Wang Weiyi The progress of the machine s self reform and upgrade is 2.Wang Weiyi always feels that the upgrade of the Ziguang military base and There must be some kind of connection between himself, but he still couldn t figure out the relationship between them.Forget it, since you don t understand it, just forget it for now Wang Weiyi, who returned to the position, received the most enthusiastic welcome from the soldiers of the third company.Hey, Ernst Hey, 3rd Company cheers echoed throughout the ranks.Lieutenant Ernst Brahm was the first in the third company to receive the first class Iron Cross, which is also a supreme honor for the entire third company.Seeing Hitler s envious eyes, Wang Weiyi smiled and told Hitler Sooner or later you will get it.

It was indeed Lieutenant Ernst Brahm who continued to fight.General, General Ernst Brahm s voice came from the other end of the phone again, which attracted the attention of everyone in the staff department.General, are you still there I have been waiting for you, Lieutenant Ernst.General, the battle is over.We captured the enemy s barracks and killed a total of 181 British.Casualties, we have no casualties The voice came out clearly from the microphone.There was an uncontrollable exclamation from the staff, and even General Galwitz almost dropped the microphone in his hand Say it again We killed one hundred and eighty one British, Sauber The Prince Ke Battalion has been defeated The exclamation came from the staff again, which was unbelievable.Two men took out a battalion of enemies Also wiped out one hundred and eighty one British soldiers No, only God can do this General Galwitz s voice trembled a little Lieutenant Ernst, are you sure Yes, I can be sure I guarantee it on the honor of the soldier Long live Germany Suddenly, someone called out loudly Such a call.

But after all, there are so many people on the other side, it s hard to say whether they can escape now.Guo Yunfeng likes to have a rifle, and Wang Weiyi puts two submachine guns at hand, and puts all the magazines away one by one.Now that they are ready to fight here, there is nothing more to consider.An officer shouted loudly there, roughly meaning to let them put down their weapons and come out and surrender.Wang Weiyi smiled, and where to buy shark tank cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain then gave him a final response with the submachine gun in his hand He clearly saw the officer fall to the ground It was impossible to persuade to surrender, and the gunshots on the British army s position suddenly rang out.These British soldiers all used Enfield No.3 rifles.This is a unbs cbd gummies scam 500mg cbd gummy bears very good rifle, accurate, reliable, quick fire and easy to operate.British soldiers must go through single shooting practice and volley practice.

When I went up to the second floor, I saw Hitler walking around in anxiety at a glance.When Captain Ernst finally appeared, Hitler rushed up to meet him.He walked in a hurry, staggered, and almost fell to the ground Standing up quickly Captain, it s not good, the Chinese was taken away by the intelligence agency.What Wang Weiyi raised his eyebrows What s going on Hitler hurriedly told what happened.It turned out that after Guo Yunfeng and Hitler returned to the hotel, a major showed up with people from the Intelligence Bureau, saying that there were some matters that Guo Yunfeng needed to assist in the investigation, and he took Guo Yunfeng away without any explanation.Hitler is just a small corporal, how can he stop these people from the intelligence agency Nicholas, the dog, had no choice but to attack his subordinates If I can t even protect Guo Yunfeng, how can I make my brothers trust me in the future Go to the boulder highlands cbd gummies reviews Military Intelligence Bureau unbs cbd gummies scam and ask someone to go Wang Weiyi said with a sullen face and murderous intent.

Then he lowered his head to see that a dagger was piercing his heart Just as his body was about to fall, a figure rushed up, quickly pulled out the dagger, and then looked at The body crashed to the ground.Guo Yunfeng Wang Weiyi saw all this clearly.There are still seven minutes.Xiaoling s urging voice began to come.The Lewis light machine gun in his hand roared crisply, and kept shooting at all the targets he could see.The machine gun in Guo Yunfeng s hand, who put away the dagger, also fired at the same time.One after another, grenades flew out of the hands cbd gummies efectos secundarios of Guderian and others, continuously causing a series of explosions in the barracks.Holding a pistol and holding a sapper shovel, the melee soldiers looked like menacing spirits, screaming wildly, shooting and killing enemies not far away with pistols, and hacking to death one by one close enemies with sapper shovels.

Until Guderian showed up with Pipondu and Will, only Elena, Hitler, Ma Li, Okus, and Guo Yunfeng were left.Guderian, take Pipondu to help me with something.Wang Weiyi whispered Go find a bottle of good wine, I guess I can find it in the black market.Remember, I will go to Lance Hotel.Guderian responded Major, do you have money I think a good bottle of wine will be very expensive here.Wang Weiyi was stunned there.money Where can I find money by myself Except that Colonel Thomas gave the detachment a sum of francs on departure.But all these francs together might not be worth as much as a bottle of fine wine.Especially during wartime, they can only go to the black market, and the price will obviously be higher.Seeing Major Ernst s embarrassment, Guderian seemed to understand something I ll find a way, I will definitely get it before five o clock.

Wang Weiyi said confidently Now the French are in a mess.On the front line, our army is attacking bravely.In Reims, De Sade unbs cbd gummies scam is desperately arresting us again.They will not mobilize a large number of troops to guard the tanks Moreover, De Sade never dreamed that we, who were unbs cbd gummies scam supposed to be hiding unbs cbd gummies scam everywhere, would actually seize their tanks.Rommel thought for a while, and did not continue to raise his objections.Ernst.Brahm cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam is such a person, there is nothing he dare not do.This is a bold officer.Ernst, since you have made up your mind, let s talk about your thoughts.We will act after dawn.Wang Weiyi confided the plan he had thought up a long time ago The French will definitely be strict at night.Surveillance is the most dangerous at this time.After dawn, the French who have worked hard all night will definitely be very tired.

Your support is my greatest motivation.One hundred and sixty.Black Jack the fourth one is sent today, calling for monthly tickets.The monthly ticket list is ahead of the next few votes, and I feel uneasy, brothers, give some more power to the spiders Berlin s night is full of its unique charm.In a way, this is a militarized city.But when the night comes, the mellowness it exudes is still irresistible.Countess Leonie took Wang Weiyi to the Berlin where to buy shark tank cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Gambling Club.This kind of gambling club is often a place where some upper level sergeants gather, and the literal meaning unbs cbd gummies scam is not particularly the same.Of course, gambling is also an essential entertainment here.This is a private gathering place, and it is impossible to enter without a special invitation, but this problem does not exist with Countess Leonie.

At least, I will have an excuse to surrender, that s what God told me to do The Russians started to attack again, and Sammy threw unbs cbd gummies scam purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank gold coins high At the same time , the machine gun in his hand roared again Ding A slight voice came, and Sammy turned his head to look, and then gave a wry smile He didn t see King Avatar God will really joke with himself, does he have to let himself die here Well, I can t disobey God s order.Sammy makes the final decision Sometimes a hero is determined by the front and back of a gold coin If the king s head is up, unbs cbd gummies scam maybe Sami really chooses to surrender.After all, he has already completed the task of covering the team members from the battlefield Another magazine was emptied, and Sami reached out to touch it, but He didn cbd gummies for back pain relief unbs cbd gummies scam t touch anything He cursed in his heart, and the bullets were all empty In front, the corpses of Russians lay all over the ground.

Those soldiers who survived the 33 day battle whispered to their cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam companions Hey, you have to be careful, there are skeletons on the other side.Commandos top rated cbd gummies 2020 Ah, I ve heard their names, are they scary No, they re not scary, they re respectable Heck, what do I tell you about this Always when their guns go off, you ve got to get down on the ground I heard they cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam re low on ammo huh Damn, don t think they ll give up the fight because they don t have any ammunition.Once we went up there and they beat them back with bayonets and sapper shovels.You re from California, right The day before yesterday , there was also a guy from California who rushed to the first one recklessly, and his head was smashed in one fell swoop Listen to me, it s true, we can t defeat the Skeleton Commando It s going around everywhere In other words, something even more strange happened the United States, Britain, and France already knew about the incredible battle that took place in Montfort.

But the identity of the major in front of him is really special.He is the battalion commander of Xue Yue s guard battalion, commander in chief of the 19th Army, and there was no need for reinforcements at all.But people still come without hesitation.There is another very important reason Wang Weiyi was a protege of the Son of Heaven whom Chiang Kai shek, the Chairman of the General Assembly, personally met and inscribed for him Not to mention that the other party is a major, even a second lieutenant Wu Keren has to be polite.After the Japanese army retreats, our army will restore the original position.Wu Keren said this with no ease But I think they will launch an offensive again soon, and with our current strength, it will be difficult to hold the position.R himself has not done his best.Wang Weiyi looked at the map of Songjiang for a while The military seat, the left wing, Jinhebang, Desheng Lane, the right wing, and Songjiang Xiguan are all the key offensive directions of the Japanese army.

spread again in Germany.Following in the footsteps of Berlin, Ernst.Statue of General Brahm.The Aleksen Manor on the outskirts of Berlin has also become a holy place for young Germans.They came from all over and stood outside the manor do cbd gummys get you higj silently watching with the most reverence.It seemed that General Ernst was also watching them from the estate.The butler Vidlio faithfully guarded the manor for the Baron.Everyone could not believe it, but there were two people who firmly believed that General Ernst would definitely come back one was Adolf Hitler, and the other was Vidlio.I remember when the baron left that year, he left a sum of money.It was enough to maintain the manor for many years.With this money, Videlio did his job diligently, directing the servants to clean every corner meticulously and polish every set of silver tableware.

Now there are not many people in Songjiang except for the army.Wu Keren unbs cbd gummies scam 500mg cbd gummy bears nodded.At the beginning of the Songjiang Defense War, Wang Weiyi began to suggest that the people of Songjiang should be evacuated immediately, and Wu Keren also accepted this proposal.Wang Weiyi breathed a sigh of fly with cbd gummies relief.But Wu Keren hesitated Just yesterday, a team of college students from Shanghai arrived.What Wang Weiyi was startled What are they doing here There is obvious displeasure, which is completely different from the attitude of other troops when they saw Lao s army.It s not that Wang Weiyi rejects these labor troops, but that they come at a completely inappropriate time now The so called labor force should come during the interval of the battle, and this can also improve the morale of the frontline soldiers.

And Xiao Ling brought him an exciting news a large number of aid materials from Germany have arrived in Nanjing Wang Weiyi Need these supplies Skeleton Baron Need these supplies But how to get it Could it be that he used his status as a skeleton baron I m afraid the other party will think that he is crazy.Even if the skeleton baron is really alive, how can he still be so young Besides.It s not yet time to reveal your identity This is a troublesome matter, but it is not within Wang Weiyi s consideration for the time being.all will be good Lieutenant unbs cbd gummies scam Werner seemed to know a lot of things.Not only did he know that the secret envoy of the German government, General Steck, had arrived in the country, but he also knew about the aid supplies.Wang Weiyi was a little strange, how did a little lieutenant HCMUSSH unbs cbd gummies scam know about this Ah, I know Claire and Hannah.

Just when Xiao Ling and the others thought that Wang Weiyi was about to return to Changshu, eat cbd gummies Wanderer suddenly asked, Xiao Ling, do HCMUSSH unbs cbd gummies scam you think that where to buy shark tank cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain Riley is going to return to Changshu now still beautifulThe country is alive and well Yes, he s living a decent life in Washington now, and occasionally engages in espionage activities, but unbs cbd gummies scam 500mg cbd gummy bears most of them are of a fun nature.There s still time, go to the United States, I have to find Riley.Wang Weiyi thought for a while and said.This time Xiaoling didn t have any objection Also, Guo Yunfeng and Elena s bodies should be given a comprehensive inspection.Can the repair cabin fully restore the body functions , I don t know very well yet, their safety must be ensured, and the inspection and repair time for this time is three days.I think you can stay in the United States for three days.

I heard that you have developed a lot of power in the United States.Why The United States So many gangsters, why did you French grow so fast Ah, that s because of me Bo Watts just spoke, but was interrupted by Wang Weiyi Mr.Bo Watts, I hope to hear the truth.You know, my temper is not very good.Bo Watts gritted his teeth Okay , it s Major De Sade.Do you remember Major De Sade Wang Weiyi smiled, of course he remembers Major De Sade.This is the best of times and the worst unbs cbd gummies scam of times Back then, I was swept away by you and took away all my property.It was very difficult.Bo unbs cbd gummies scam Watts continued Many of my subordinates also left me because I couldn t pay.At this time, De Sade The major found me and asked me to work for him, come to the United States, develop his power, and listen to his orders at any time.

Tell me, how are you going to fight I will form a tight line of defense with Commander Xiao, support each other, cooperate with each unbs cbd gummies scam cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam other, and take the initiative to attack while defending.Wang Weiyi replied without any hesitation I remember a German consultant once said that the Japanese army is actually full of flaws everywhere.As long as we can seize the opportunity, we can continue where to buy shark tank cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain to defeat the Japanese army, accumulate small victories into big victories, and completely Get R himself out Okay, a small victory is a big victory Xue Yue exclaimed loudly If I join the troops unbs cbd gummies scam 500mg cbd gummy bears on all fronts, and each army can achieve a small victory every day, I believe that Japan will not be able to hold on for a long time The final victory must belong to usWang Weiyi, from Sanhuqiao to Songjiang, and then to Changshu, I am very satisfied with your performance, and I don t have to worry about your troops, but sometimes you do things Remember not to be arrogant Wang Weiyi doesn t quite understand what the Commander in Chief means.

But this is not bad, Wang Weiyi s troops fought bravely, flexibly, and even a little bit Cunning , if the officers and soldiers of the 3o5 Regiment can be allowed to follow this unit, the growth rate will definitely be very fast.It s just that Wang Weiyi is the colonel brigade commander.Although Zhang Lingfu is the regiment leader, he is also a colonel.Would he be willing to obey Wang Weiyi s command Thinking of this, she turned her eyes to Zhang Lingfu Lingfu, would you like to go to Kuncheng Lake Colonel Wang is in charge of the frontline command.When Zhang Lingfu heard this, he said loudly without hesitation Lingfu only wants to go to the front line to fight against the war.He has no other ideas.Brigadier Wang commanded well and made outstanding achievements.Any complaints good Xue Yue was overjoyed Then you immediately lead the 3o5 regiment to the front line of Kuncheng Lake Yes, killing the enemy in the War of Resistance, even if you die, you will have no regrets After finishing speaking, Zhang Lingfu and Wang Weiyi looked at each other and smiled.

The mortarmen fired shells continuously, trying their best to weaken the enemy s defense force as much as possible.The grenadiers, the grenadiers, began to rain grenades one after another at the enemy, and there was nothing that could stop the squadron s determination to seize this place Wang Weiyi personally led the skeleton team to appear on the battlefield.These Germans led by him showed a high degree of rigorous fighting literacy.They strictly followed the gestures of officers at all levels and kept moving forward.Machine guns and submachine guns are their most reliable fire cover, and grenades are a sharp weapon for them to clear the way forward.And the skull battle flag is unbs cbd gummies scam the source of all their courage What does this battle flag signify Means an undefeated myth Even if they are in far away China now, they swear that they will never tarnish this battle flag Wang Weiyi once said General Ernst must be watching them Several grenades that were used together smashed the grenades at each other viciously.

Chariots, six wheeled chariots, and armored cars, the machine guns on them sprayed fierce firepower, and they moved forward indomitably.The infantry soldiers followed closely behind and launched an attack in a silent manner.But after this silence, there is an impending explosion The bullets were poured on the enemy densely, the truck rushed so fast, and the flames of the machine guns mounted on it were constantly spraying out, destroying all the forces trying to block their progress Too fast, really too fast If it is just an infantry attack, the Ueno detachment can also organize a simple defense.But now the enemy actually uses trucks as the main assault force The Japanese troops of the Ueno detachment have not yet recovered from the shelling, the truck has already rushed in The machine guns HCMUSSH unbs cbd gummies scam and submachine guns above rang like thunder, and grenades fell like raindrops one after another.

1 A type tanks appeared from various hiding spots, and soon joined the Huben Guard brigade Tanks German tanks sixteen No one cares where this came from.In how long does it take cbd gummy to work short, the guns of these tanks are aimed at only one target the Japanese army This is an unstoppable torrent The sky is the fighter planes that continue to suppress the Japanese army the ground is a torrent of steel Tanks roared, chariots roared.Middleman Roar The strongest roar of a country and a nation Attack, attack, attack The infantry covered the tanks, and the tanks opened the way for the infantry, clearing all obstacles in front of them.Everything fits together so seamlessly.This offensive mode is really familiar to the officers and soldiers of the Huben Guard Brigade.Attack Attack attack attack came the voices of the HCMUSSH unbs cbd gummies scam officers.Launch a general attack on the field detachment Launch a general attack on the Japanese army This is a miracle on the battlefield the attacking party cannot organize a powerful attack at all.

I didn t realize until after the cbd gummies feeling high battle that my whole body had turned black, not camouflage uniform The color is blood Black blood I don t know if it s mine or the Soviet army s.This is that crazy night.This is the memory of a surviving German officer.Among all the officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division who survived the war, no one can forget this crazy morning, and no one can forget this crazy battle.Always remember always When General Ernst Brehm personally launched the charge, every German in the Skeleton Division went crazy It was a morning in the Soviet German War that will be remembered forever by everyone Four hundred and four.The submachine gun of Invincible Glory was spewing flames, and the Soviet soldiers in front fell one after another.Guo Yunfeng and Leandro gummies for anxiety with cbd also appeared from another direction and quickly joined the game of hunters.

At this time, Wang Weiyi was not as relaxed as his subordinates.He knew too well what kind of predicament the Skeleton Master would face in Zhou s time.The unbs cbd gummies scam gap is the lifeline of the besieged German army in Demyansk, and it must not be lost After dawn, there will be the most terrifying bloody battle again, and it won t stop even for a minute.Countless people will die here, blood will dye Radfu red, unbs cbd gummies scam corpses will block every road.But the Germans here also have a firm belief they are fighting with the Baron Four hundred and ten.Dawn Lightning on the 2nd day of 942.The miracle happened again after the gap in Radev was opened, 19,000 German troops successfully broke through under the support of the German troops on the outside.That is to say, the besieged German troops basically succeeded in breaking HCMUSSH unbs cbd gummies scam through here.

After speaking, he looked at himself in the mirror, as if he saw the baron standing beside him.Then he seemed to whisper to the Baron there Welcome home, Baron 415.Crazy Germany General Ernst, your special plane is ready, and the second hunter team will be responsible for your air security.The Imperial Division and the Nordic Division will be responsible for ground security.General Paul Hauser said respectfully.Ludwig immediately stepped forward and said At the order of the head of state, I will serve as your personal attendant to protect your safety, general Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Ludwig, you are an imperial general, and you will serve as my personal attendant.Is it General, I don t think there is any embarrassment, cbd gummies for back pain relief unbs cbd gummies scam but in my opinion, it is my greatest honor Ludwig s voice was so loud When you became a general, I was just a little Captain, you taught me everything.

Mrs.Kantelsky, are you going to Have a pleasant trip to Moscow with Mr.Kantelsky Oh, I would love to, Mr.Kantelsky.Elena smiled.Since the last trip to Paris, the relationship between Elena and Wang Weiyi has become different, and Wang Weiyi even faintly felt that the Elena he was familiar with before had returned.Of course, Elena s real She had to wait until she fully recovered her memory when she came back.After putting on his makeup, Guo Yunfeng turned around.This time, Xiao Ling s craftsmanship seems to be good.If someone didn t deliberately look at his face, there would be no flaws.All three of them put on the uniforms of the Soviet army, a colonel, a captain and a Soviet female second lieutenant.Si Dao, I think your name Babalovich seems more suitable for you.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.

Holdovic pointed to the room They are inside.I have to go out to smoke a cigarette.It will take about ten minutes, Comrade Colonel.After finishing speaking, he walked out.Wang Weiyi pushed the room away, and the people in the room seemed to be frightened, and they hugged each other tightly.A Russian woman under the age of forty should be Kolkorova s wife Kolkorova who later remarried.The one on the side is probably Kolkorok s daughter Isabova, and that boy is his son Sarokchi, right Wang Weiyi closed the door Don t cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam worry, I m sent by Marshal Timoshenko.My name is Kantelsky.Holding her son and daughter in her arms, she immediately thought of something, and asked with a trembling voice, Marshal Timoshenko Is my husband okay Was she actually still alive Wang Weiyi fully understood Madam, don t worry, your husband is still alive.

Comrade Qi appreciates it.For Colonel Kantelski, Hodwig has no doubts, his identity has been completely confirmed, and not everyone can get that gold watch inlaid with diamonds.Hodwich made an appointment with him to meet at the military guest house near the war committee at 7 o clock in the evening.When Hodwig entered Colonel Kantelski s room, Wang Weiyi warmly welcomed him in.What is your urgent need for me Comrade Colonel Hodwich looked around the room.Can I close the door Several Hodwig s bodyguards standing at the door glanced.Wang Weiyi asked with a smile.Ah, of course.Hodwich said indifferently.The sound insulation here is so poor that any movement can be heard outside.There is no way, the war has just ended in this city, and it is already very good to have such accommodation.Otherwise, Wang Weiyi can kill Hodwich here.

If he had been able to order the Ninth Army to continue to break through, contain the German army during the movement, or directly order the Ninth Army to retreat in great strides, perhaps it would not be the situation it is now.With such a short hesitation, unbs cbd gummies scam the battlefield quickly changed drastically Marshal Timoshenko now has only one choice break into Kharkov and start a decisive battle with the Germans The tragic Kharkov battle is officially staged And cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam Ernst.Marshal Brahm has decided never let go of this most favorable opportunity Annihilate the main forces of the Soviet Southwest Front and the South Front.World War I reversed the passive what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies situation on the Soviet German battlefield On April 14th, the German Skeleton Division and Kleist Group launched successive waves of attacks on the 57th Army.

Comrade Stalin s broad mindedness did not care about it, but I think Timoshenko is getting too muchOur Some comrades always regard themselves as veterans.They are constantly developing their own forces.They don t take the Supreme Command and Comrade Stalin seriously Timoshenko nodded.Many people, especially those headed by Beria, have long disliked Timoshenko I heard that Timoshenko was still together some time ago.About the kidnapping case Beria asked suddenly.Yes, Dimilenko said, the family of his subordinate Korkorok was rescued.It is said that the rescuer was sent by Timoshenko.But I think that s unlikely.After all he wouldn t do something so stupid Keep your class vigilant, Comrade Dimilenko, nothing is impossible.Why would anyone use Timoshenko s name I know that Kerkorok is a subordinate Timoshenko admires very much.

Williams heart movedYeah, his achievements completely overwhelmed Garcia.However, he still hesitated.After unbs cbd gummies scam all, it was Garcia who taught him how to operate stocks.Isn t it too cruel to do so However, the thoughts of interests and power finally controlled all of Williams conscience On the second day, he found Mr.Moyol, and he now knew that Kim Rank belonged to Mr.Moyol It s just an investment, and the real boss here is Mr.Moyol.He asked himself to replace Garcia s position, and promised that he would bring greater wealth to Kim Ranke.After making these requests, he was still a little apprehensive My child, why not Mr.Moyol acted so kindly Your ability has completely surpassed Garcia, Even if you don t make such a request, I m already thinking about it.My child, from now on, you are the manager of the Jinrank Securities Investment Consulting Company , where to buy shark tank cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain and everything here is up to youAs for me, I am only responsible for providing you with endless financial support In an instant, Williams became more and more grateful to Mr.

A few people in a hurry appeared on the streets of Qiaobulu.Leading these people was none other than Conqueror of Belgrade Fritz Klingenberg.They have killed at least seven police officers and changed into their clothes.The only regrettable thing was when the last policeman was dealt with.Due to a small oversight, their translator died.That s a problem, but Klingenberg just doesn t care These SS soldiers who can t speak Turkish at all dare to walk in Joblu in such a big way.The courage is so big that it makes people outrageous.And they have only one goal unbs cbd gummies scam Joe Blue City Radio The gatekeeper at the radio station yawned boredly, and there was still an hour.A boring day at work can be over.At this time, they saw several policemen walking towards them, probably here to beg for cigarettes again.The leading policeman waved to them with a smile on his face, which is relatively rare.

These are not the most deadly, the most deadly is the damage caused by those shells to the Turkish army.The positions built by the Turkish army with great painstaking efforts were gradually destroyed by the German army.Groups of officers and soldiers of the Turkish army were wiped out by the German army.At the end of the battle, the Turks were desperate Even their officers, who were strapped with explosives and grenades, rushed towards the Germans in groups.Explosions sounded here one after another, and countless bloody corpses fell in front of the position.It s horrible to watch, but for soldiers who are used to seeing death, this is nothing more than a common thing and some German reinforcements have where to buy shark tank cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain appeared, and the balance of victory in the war has been completely tilted To the German side How long can you last Lieutenant General Higru, who appeared in front of Marshal Gleluman, shook his head in despair.

More What s more, you have done so much for Germany, and I will not abandon you.Wang Weiyi interrupted him Now, let s discuss the matter of Abdul Karami.Kahn guessed What the baron wanted to do, he actually wanted to take Abdul Karami to the rescue Kalami is currently being held in the west of Ankara.To be honest, the defense is not strict.Kahn said how to tell if cbd gummies have thc quickly Those loyal to the Sultan of the Capital Army have been trying to rescue him, but they treat the defense that is not strict.There is still no good solution.Wang Weiyi smiled It seems that those in the Capital Legion are still loyal to Sultan Abdul Hamid II.Baron.Loyalty to the Sultan is another aspect, but There is one more thing, which is the most important reason why they must rescue Karami Kahn said unexpectedly slowly Have you heard of the treasure of Priam Priam The Treasure Treasure Before Wang Weiyi could speak, Herbert what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies said first Mr.

A place that is easy to defend and difficult to attack serves as his temporary headquarters , which is used to command the German troops advancing towards Ankara and dispatch the enemies in Ankara.The Klingenberg commando, and about twenty intelligence officers under Major Herbert.Was organized into a combat team.Elena found a large number of weapons for them.A large number this includes mg machine guns and mp submachine guns.Lots of grenades, lots of bullets.Even if the enemy really attacks here, Klingenberg is fully confident that he will stick here for a while.The only thing I don t understand unbs cbd gummies scam 500mg cbd gummy bears is, where did such a beautiful and sexy unbs cbd gummies scam 500mg cbd gummy bears Miss Elena get so many weapons and ammunition Baron Ernst rescued Kahn as if by magic, and Miss Elena also conjured up a large number of weapons and ammunition as what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain if by magic.

During World War I, the Baron and his skeleton commandos, He defeated the Italian army almost by himself, and almost forced the Italian zh ngf to surrender.This is a big scar on the hearts of the Italians.Marshal Ernst, I am honored to meet you.General Rota forced some smiles.It s an honor to meet you, General Rota, you can talk to me in Italian.Wang Weiyi said in the most standard Italian.Your Italian is really good.Rota s words were not without compliments But I think we are allies, and we should not be abandoned when a military meeting is held.What do you think I completely agree.Wang Weiyi unexpectedly Rommel nodded as expected Italy is Germany s most reliable ally, none of them.To win, it will mainly depend on the performance of the Italian army unbs cbd gummies scam 500mg cbd gummy bears on the battlefield.General Rota suddenly became ecstatic.

How did Marshal Ernst break through when he was surrounded by the British Klingenberg suddenly thought of this question.The same large number of enemies, the only difference is that Marshal Ernst only has him and Guo Yunfeng hunting Klingenberg made up his mind at this moment, since breaking out of the siege seems temporarily impossible, let s start a hunter s game here Even if he died, he had to kill as many enemies as possible He had already ordered the radio station to be shut down, and he didn t want Marshal Ernst to worry about him anymore.The life and death of himself and his team members should not be considered by Marshal Ernst.The seven people have each received the task, and now they will turn into hunters on the battlefield and their prey is the group of British who are hunting them He and Benz The two submachine guns were hidden behind a few trees Four Englishmen appeared cbd gummies for back pain relief unbs cbd gummies scam Klingenberg made a gesture and he and Benz s fingers pulled the triggers of the submachine guns Go Tat tat tat the brisk gunshot rang out, and in almost an instant, the four British fell in a pool of blood Klingen, who succeeded in one blow Berg and Benz disappeared quickly Colonel, we killed eight Germans in total, but we also had 17 Ah, no, 18 soldiers died Lieutenant Colonel Lewis looked livid after hearing the report from his subordinates.

The Germans made breakthroughs in many places on the battlefield.And the reinforcements are still far away It is said that the reinforcements were blocked by the German support forces, and at the same time.The unbs cbd gummies scam British did not take much advantage in the fight for air supremacy.The Luftwaffe headed by the German ace pilot Marcel.Tenaciously competing with the Royal Air Force for supremacy in the sky.Fighting from the ground to the sky, and then from the sky to the ground, the entire Kalman battlefield is full of gunpowder A German military reporter recorded in a telegram sent to the country Now, I see our brave German soldiers attacking and the British showing their bravery tooOur planes are fighting the RAF in the skyand our infantry And tanks, under the command of the great Marshal Ernst Brahm, are launching an annihilating attack on the British The dense crowd, people can never forgetThe tanks spit out fury like a medieval dragon.

This is the highest honor in the UK, although it is nothing special to Wang Weiyi.At the banquet, King George unbs cbd gummies scam VI expressed his official welcome to Baron Alexon s visit to the UK, and congratulated him and Princess Elizabeth on their Princess Royal winning the championship.At the same time, he announced Baron Alexon as the most distinguished guest of the British royal family In fact, most of the European royal families are relatives, even though there are wars between countries.But the layer of kinship cannot be erased no matter what.Now, the three major countries in Europe.Only England remained king, and when the representative of the German aristocracy, Baron Alexon, arrived, George VI expressed a special affection for him.Political issues were never mentioned at the banquet.This should not be a matter for the royal family to intervene.

Still in World War I.Major General De Sade has fully demonstrated his talents.Of course, he is well known to British intelligence agencies.It s not his talent in intelligence, but he was teased by the skeleton baron several times.Even under heavy siege, the Skeleton Baron and his commando snatched the tank and managed to escape from under his nose.And when Paris fell, Major General De Sade lurked in Paris, commanding the French underground resistance organization to continue fighting.And when the skeleton baron visited Paris, paleo vegan cbd gummies he organized an unsuccessful assassination.It wouldn t be surprising if he wanted to assassinate the Skeleton Baron again in the face of the assassin s confession.Colonel Menzies still didn t believe it easily, he carefully asked everything he wanted to know, and the assassin s explanation was extremely clear.

Then, unbs cbd gummies scam the German ground forces began a massive offensive.Now Fronis must face one of her most serious challenges yet General Demilov, the commander of the 57th Army of the Soviet Army here, never thought that the German army would appear here Shells ravaged the city, and the unsuspecting Soviet soldiers and civilians had to rush into defensive operations under the intense HCMUSSH unbs cbd gummies scam German artillery fire.Looking forward from here, all over the mountains and plains are Germans in attack.Those German tanks that roared forward will cbd gummies show up on a drug test as if no one else was there, and those German soldiers who also roared and charged like no one else, formed a frightening tide.This tide is enough to completely annihilate all resistance Demilov hastily reported the battle that took place here to Marshal Vasilevsky, but Marshal Vasilevsky only gave He gave him an answer Either defend unbs cbd gummies scam Fronis, or go to court martial by yourself Demilov has no third choice Standing in front of the position, he raised his binoculars and was surprised to discover a shocking scene among the German army In the ranks of the attacking German troops, flying this A huge battle flag.

Yeah, we re all going to die here.Davamirsky repeated his words Using armored soldiers as infantry to charge is suicide.Comrade Stalaf, in tomorrow s battle, my 56th Army will be at the forefront, and your troops will serve as cover and support missions.Straff was grateful The other party s kindness, he knew that Dawamirski was trying his best not to let his troops die in vain.However, Voroshilov would never allow such a thing to happen.Compared to death, I am more afraid of the insult to my reputation.Struff looked at the night sky blankly If he finds out that I am not attacking, I will be dismissed and sent to a unbs cbd gummies scam military court.Comrade Dawamirsky, I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid of being judged by my own comrades and then being thrown into the shame of history.Dawamirsky was silent there, yes, who doesn t think so Woolen cloth But they can t unbs cbd gummies scam change all this at all, they can t even control their own destiny, and this is their sorrow.

loyalty.After the Great Purge, Voroshilov was given a cold shoulder due to the failure of the Soviet Finnish war, so Davamirsky and Straff also made the most severe criticism of Voroshilov s mistakes before, which has always been Was hated by Voroshilov.So I can assure you that even if the 56th Army and the 81st Armored Army are lost, it will not have much impact on Voroshilov s entire offensive operations, and he will definitely not actively rescueand because of this.As long as we move quickly, by the time Voroshilov has to send reinforcements, the battle will be over Wang Weiyi became more and more curious Major Liaokov.You said that you kept collecting all information related to armored soldiers because of your enthusiasm for armored soldiers.I can understand this, but do you know so clearly about the struggles of the top Soviet troops Your performance reminded me of one thing, if you are a spy, you are on a certain mission.

About before the battle broke out, even if the Germans occupied it, they did not expect that the Central Assault Group would be able to hold on until now when it was completely at a huge disadvantage in numbers and was surrounded on all sides.This is simply an incredible miracle Actually, think about it again.This is nothing unusual, where there is a skeleton baron.A miracle must happen It seems that when the skeleton baron appeared, he came for a miracle Germany s large scale counterattack has begun The exhausted Soviet army on the Terek River, although they still have an advantage in numbers, they can no longer cope with the powerful German assault On March 24, the 1st Soviet Tank Army became the main target of the German attack.Immediately, Model ordered a fierce attack on the 5th Soviet Assault Army.

As of dawn on April 22, the fighting showed no signs of easing or pausing.As always, EdeThe large scale air strike of the Chinese Air Force was the prelude, and the battle started again.Right now, the situation in Stalingrad requires them to take urgent action.The Soviet army concentrated a large number of troops on a 32 kilometer long position to attack the German army.The offensive had two purposes one was to relieve the pressure on the 62nd Army, and the other was to join up with the right wing of the 62nd Army.At 5 30, after a barrage of barrage, the Soviet army launched an attack on the German army, but at this time the German army had the tactical advantage of the high ground, and the Soviet artillery attack did not achieve any substantive results.Instead, the Soviet assault troops were attacked.

The British reacted extremely violently at the first time.They announced that they would no longer recognize the Charles de unbs cbd gummies scam 500mg cbd gummy bears Gaulle regime, and unbs cbd gummies scam instead officially recognized the Vichy government as the only legal government in France The world was in chaos, but the world was heading towards a new one.The new situation Wang Weiyi is happy to see such a thing happen, and it can even be said that all of this is within his expectations Now, it is time to end the war as soon as possible After the Battle of Stalingrad, the German army began to actively prepare to cross the Volga River.The Manstein Group and the Guderian Group also began to move towards Moscow after initially completing the sweep of the Soviet Army.Soon, Moscow will be wrapped in a terrible war.The days to end the war are counting down Stalingrad, the night of May 10, 1943.

I fell in love with Elena twice, and I don t want this to happen to Leonie again.Maybe there is a way Wang Weiyi cheered up at Xiaoling s words.Under his urging, Xiaoling said I have made some breakthroughs in my research.Ability to retain some of Leoni s memories, such as the love you mentioned But, I must clear other memories, this is the responsibility of the base You are a wanderer, in the base Everyone must remain absolutely loyal to you I m already very satisfied with this, thank you, Xiaoling.However, Xiao Ling immediately said But, I have a condition Condition Wang Weiyi was stunned for a moment, he didn t expect that Xiao Ling would talk about the condition with himself.Xiao Ling continued In the past, you always liked to bargain with me, now it s my turn Okay.Wang Weiyi touched his nose Tell me about your conditions.

In ancient Greek mythology, when Apollo was born, the sky was filled with golden light, and a dazzling sun was embedded between Apollo s eyebrows all the goddesses in the sky screamed with joy.And now, over Hiroshima.The golden light is about to rise Take off, Major Marseille, history will remember this day.History will remember your name.Marshal Ernst Brahm personally issued such an order Yes, Your Excellency the Marshal, you will live up to Ernst s name In Marseille s loud reply, the squadron embarked on their journey that could change history The time is passing by every minute and every second.As the distance from Japan shortens.Hercules is on the rise.At 7 20, the cbd gummies by rachel ray altitude had reached 30,000 feet, which provided protection from Japanese anti aircraft fire.At 7 35, the plane received an important message from the reconnaissance plane going to Hiroshima for reconnaissance the visibility over Hiroshima is good, the cloud coverage rate is less than 30 , no enemy fighter jets intercepted during the reconnaissance, and the anti aircraft artillery fire is also very weak.

It is recommended to give priority to Hiroshima.Immediately afterwards, the planes that went to Kokura and Nagasaki for reconnaissance also sent back weather reports one after another the weather conditions over the target were good.Can drop bombs.Marcello thought for cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam a while and decided to bomb Hiroshima.And sent a telegram back to the base decided to bomb the first target.Previously.Alarms sounded over the city of Hiroshima, and several German planes flew into the sky above Hiroshima, circled for a week and left in a hurry.About half an hour later, the sirens sounded again, and Heracles and the two observation planes were approaching Hiroshima.The citizens of Hiroshima seem to have been indifferent to this kind of air raid siren that they are accustomed to, so few people enter the air raid shelter to hide.

He shouted condescendingly at the cottage, while beating his shield with his weapon.Under the reverberation of the valley, there was a terrifying sound.Surrender, Celts Look above your heads, the Winged Ones you re looking for are already there unbs cbd gummies scam 500mg cbd gummy bears shouted the orderly proudly.If we choose to surrender, what will you do to us After a brief silence, half of his body leaned out from the parapet.He was the leader of the Celtics.Do you still have a choice The orderly glanced arrogantly at the frustrated Celtic leader You offended the gods Now that you surrender, you can at least save your women and children.Celtic The chieftain disappeared from the parapet, apparently to discuss with his people what to do.Gaius at the bottom of the mountain observed the movement on the mountain with a nervous mood.The Roman soldiers who did not get his order fell unbs cbd gummies scam at his feet, motionless.

He struggled desperately with fate for a while.But in the end he couldn t escape the sanction of death.he died.Su Keers, the chief centurion in charge of the attack of the Roman Legion, died just like that.All this fell into the eyes of all the soldiers who were fighting, and the Germanians aroused a fanatical fighting spirit because of the brave performance of the consul.But this has a completely different meaning to the what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies Romans The chief centurion is dead, and the chief centurion has no ability to resist in front of this skull mask man.This is too serious a blow to the psychology of the Romans.The severe disadvantage of the terrain made it impossible for them to display their superior forces.The death of the chief centurion also seriously shaken their determination to win.Now, the balance of victory is tilting towards the Germanians The Romans are even getting used to it, and this is the most terrible thing.

Aren t you afraid that I will take this opportunity to kill you Gaius decided to test Ernst s guts.Wang Weiyi smiled Gaiyous, my friend, if you really want to kill me, you already have a chance then, why bother Besides, I stand so close to you, even if you are really right If there is anything wrong with me, I promise I can kill you before I die.Gaius complexion changed.Then he also laughed Look at what you said, my friend, friends will not hurt each other.Of course, what is needed between friends is friendship Wang Weiyi decided to accompany him to tell the story.The play went on You took such a risk to call me here.Is it just unbs cbd gummies scam to show your max relief cbd gummies review friendship with me Ah, of course not.Gaius said perfunctorily Caesar suffered repeated defeats on the battlefield, This has made him intolerable, and his prestige must have suffered a great blow.

If he didn t, he wouldn t be Ernst Brehm. But Wang Weiyi has to consider far more than these.It wasn t enough just to keep Caesar at bay.He must establish a huge network of relationships in Rome, a network that can be used by him anytime and anywhere.This will give the Japanese the most powerful help.For example, that Belieya is the first good candidate in the relationship network.Although he is greedy, sometimes greedy people are the best to control, just like Simone Riley in another time and space, he and Belieya Just exactly the same type of people.They are more loyal to money than to anything else.They will betray their conscience, but they will never betray money. While thinking about these.There were bursts of noisy sounds from outside, and after a while, someone knocked on the door.

Poor slave, can t you see that your sister lost to you on purpose Servius said to Servia sarcastically, the poor sister looked at the sister who was lying on the ground, and she saw How many complex human emotions are contained in Tieria s tears filled eyes There is pain, there is joy, there is compassion The huge stimulation that came one after another finally made Sylvia unable to hold on, and she fell backwards in a daze.Servius supported her Poor Sylvia, you were frightened tonight , but I think Tieria has turned you into a qualified fighter.It took a while for Sylvia to understand what happened, and she ran to Tyre, who had just stood up with the help of two slaves.Beside Leah, she hugged and cried with her sister.Servius came over Beautiful Sylvia, now accompany your sister to bandage the wound, and then change into your favorite clothes and come over.

In 63 BC, Mithridates VI died of poison, and Pompey ended the Mithridates War successfully.After the war, he merged Bithynia and the capital into a Roman province, and later turned Syria into a Roman province.He moved and interfered in Asia Minor and Palestine, installed new kings in Galatia, Cappadocia, and Judea, and unbs cbd gummies scam put some eastern countries under the slavery of Rome.The Pompeys became the kings of kings in some eastern kingdoms.At the height of his power and prestige, he became the most powerful man in Rome.These are the two things that all Romans talk about, and in these two magnificent expeditions of Pompey, one person played a great role in them Tribune Manilius It was because of Manilius that Pompey reached the pinnacle of his life, but it is a pity that Manilius did not enjoy the honor with Pompey.

To destroy those pirates and Mithradates VI who refused to submit to us, that man is my lifelong benefactor, he is Manilius. Today, I also brought a young man, who is the benefactor in my life, Cuarius, the son of Manilius.Allow me to introduce him to you, the best young man I have ever met This sudden praise hit the young Cuarius like an electric current.Even though he had trained his nerves to be oros cbd cbd gummies as strong as steel since childhood, he became a little confused at this moment.The two consuls had already prepared each took him by the hand, and sent him to Pompey on the podium.Pompey looked at his adopted son lovingly, and continued his affectionate speech You have given high honor to Manilius, the father of Cuarius, because he was generous and kind, and made immortal feats for Rome.When the sad news came that he had died in the line of duty, unbs cbd gummies scam my heart was pained as if a piece of flesh had been gouged out, not only because I had lost a friend, but also because Rome had lost someone who could lead her forward in the future Proud son of yours When the body of the most eminent Roman citizen was buried in the Campus de Mars, I was so relieved by your grief and love for him that I even temporarily forgot the feeling of pain.

But deep in his heart, he still regretted why he came to this place.Otherwise, he is now in Rome, enjoying a luxurious banquet with his beautiful wife.Pompey, Pompey, if it weren t for the hard work of Pompey and those guys in the Senate, I would never have come here.But it is too late to regret it now The Centumalus bridge was burned, and not only the Germans were happy, but also Caesar.What Caesar was certain of HCMUSSH unbs cbd gummies scam was that Centumalus would not succeed.But he didn t mean to stop the other party.Centumarus was here to snatch his rights.If he could use the hands of barbarians to destroy his legion, the only thing Centumarus can do is to return to Rome in despair.Here, I still say by myself The final decision.Moreover, no matter whether Centumarus wins or loses, he can always consume the power of the barbarian to a certain extent.

In the past two days, with the appearance of corpses one by one, the Roman soldiers kept whispering there, discussing those terrible barbarians, worrying that they would become the same corpses at some point.What s even more frustrating is that they couldn t find the shadows of the attackers at all.This is the most worrying thing, but neither Centumaros nor Senardi can solve this situation.The only thing Senardi can do is to send out as many patrolling soldiers as possible to strengthen the guard, and it is strictly forbidden for the soldiers to act alone.Moreover, what he hopes to see most now is that the soldiers can immediately start fighting the barbarians. He is a traditional Roman general who has never liked sneak attacks, but is more willing to engage the enemy head on.But the savages seem to have no such intentions at all.

At night, the Japanese didn t take any action.They seem to have lost interest in carrying out the attack.When the day finally came, Senardi felt relieved.Once the night dissipated, the entire battlefield would be dominated by the Romans The formation of the Roman legion was fully unfolded, and the phalanxes looked so neat and majestic.Every Roman general and soldier s face is full of solemnity, and no one is more eager for the upcoming war than them.They must use a hearty war to end their conquest of Germania.Moreover, in addition to their loyalty to the country, they are more eager to earn a lot of wealth in the war.Now, such an opportunity is placed in front of myself. Senardi raised his hand, and then a whimpering horn sounded across the empty plain.The Roman phalanx cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction has begun to move Roman soldiers holding spears or short swords pressed forward neatly under the protection of shields.

Yeah, young French women generally can t cook, if you ask her to bake a biscuit she can set the kitchen on fire.Mr.Abel s joke and the soldiers The laughter made the scene completely light hearted.I don t want your kitchen to be set on fire by your wife.Major Henner also made a joke Of course, if we can t go back for Christmas, and you are welcome.I will be your guest.Of course you re welcome, Major.ah.Are those people from your farm Major Henner pointed to a few people who were coming here.Yes, there will be another group in a while.Wang Weiyi yelled at that Max, you damn German, hurry up.Do you still want to be as lazy as before Your conquest is about to surrender As a result, the laughter of the French soldiers became louder Of course, their inspection of the Germans was far stricter than that of the French.

When I heard the news of his victory again and again, my My heart changed from being surprised and excited to calm.Because I felt more and more that Major Moyol was the new miracle creator.Even at that moment, I had hallucinations, did the Baron come back to help us again The voice died away.It s so quiet in the office The Baron is back to help us General Olitz took a deep breath But I quickly told myself that this is impossible.Then there is only one explanation.God is still on the side of Germany.God has not abandoned us.In our The thing that most needs victory to boost morale, the miraculous Major Moyol appeared.Fuehrer, I think these miracles should be made known to everyone in Germany.Let them know that even in such a critical moment.Germany is still not We will fail, and we will be able to create a miracle that belongs to Germany again, defend Berlin.

During the previous attack on Berlin, they had fully experienced the bravery and tenacity of the German soldiers.When Mojol was born, the Allied forces even felt a sense of fear.In the entire Berlin battlefield, the morale of the German people was completely mobilized by Lieutenant Colonel Moyol and the troops under his command.Defend Berlin Defend Germany Such slogans can be heard everywhere At this time, Wang Weiyi and his Nordland combat group, after successfully winning a beautiful victory, must face the question of what to do next.The U.S.Army even those German officers and soldiers of the Nordland Combat Regiment.Without exception, they all believed that they would continue to move in the direction of Ebomela, but at this time Wang Weiyi unexpectedly issued an order Start an assault on Ibor Is it Ibor Lampden The captain couldn t help swallowing, no matter how bold he was.

These cursed people not only lost Ibor, but also handed over so many weapons and ammunition to the enemy.Relying laura ingraham fox news cbd gummies on the weapons and ammunition of the Americans, although Ibor seems to be in danger, the city is still tenaciously in the hands of the Germans.After the bombardment.The soldiers of the Nordland Combat Regiment and the armed fighters of the unbs cbd gummies scam Elder Combat Brigade all entered their positions.And those are also tanks and armored vehicles seized from the US military.It has become the most reliable mobile fortress.Guo Yunfeng felt that he should really thank Colonel Gay Mortars, machine guns and grenades started to speak at the same time, and Ibor, who was shrouded in gunpowder smoke, was showing her tenacious vitality.Gunshots and explosions filled the entire battlefield, and the offensive and defensive sides had long been accustomed to the pungent and unpleasant smell of gunpowder smoke.

But what does this mean It means that some people have begun to fear Already What should we do now, Marshal Berlin needs us, and the Baron also needs our stable Berlin.Marshal Paul Hauser asked the housekeeper to bring the Marshal uniform that he hadn t worn for a long time, and put it on carefully On the body General Ludwig Ellierst, are you ready to go with me to rescue those German people Yes, Marshal, I am ready.Ludwig sorted out Putting on the military uniform on his body But what about those people outside Also, is it just the two of us Marshal Paul Hauser still smiled there Ludwig, you are scared No, you will not be afraid, you have never been afraid, you are worried about my safety, but we have been born and died on countless battlefields, and we have never been killed by bullets, I do not believe that we will die In the hands of one of our own.

I am a very narrow minded person.I m not denying that at all Fels said unhurriedly I am loyal to the baron because the baron once risked his life to save me.So I swear to give my all to the Baron.However, unbs cbd gummies scam I will never forget those who have offended me.General Bushman, now that I am the victor, what kind of revenge do you think I should take against you The flesh on Buschman s face was throbbing.Everyone knew the horror of Firth.As he himself said, his heart was not open at all, but very narrow.Type of person.What would I have brought to myself when I laughed at him at the beginning It s not polite to keep silent, unbs cbd gummies scam HCMUSSH unbs cbd gummies scam General Bushman.Firth s words interrupted Buschman s train of thought You have family members, I can start with your family members, what do you think cbd gummies 1000mg no thc Bushman gave in completely What do you want to know Know what you ve been unbs cbd gummies scam through.

Pipondu has already made up his mind Please answer me now, and you will continue to complete the relationship between you and me.Is it the contract Bertrul buried his head deeply, then nodded in pain.He knew that from the moment he nodded, he could no longer get rid of Pipondu, and from then on, he would become a puppet of Pipondu.What kind of terrible things will happen in the future He couldn t answer himself even more.The first step is to promote the immorality of this war at home.Pipondu finally expressed his plan Let every Italian know that the suffering they are facing is entirely caused by the war., Italy must withdraw from this war immediately.Of course, I will send someone to assist you.And then Berthruel asked desperately.Then you will wait for my next instruction.Pipondu picked up his glass again A good glass of red wine needs to be tasted slowly, otherwise you will not be able to understand the taste of it.

This is the worst of times, but it is also the best of times A burst of shells struck, killing almost all the British who could not escape in a position.But the Allies were still afraid that there would be living people here, and the shells continued to fall here.The Americans began to find that the enemy on the opposite side had changed from the Germans to the British.To be honest, they were a little confused.Why did the United States go to war with Britain The previous relationship cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam between the two countries seemed so close.But that s a matter for high level officials.For soldiers, they don t have much choice.The only thing they can do is to kill the unbs cbd gummies scam enemy, or be killed by the enemy.The savage cbd gummies and tinctures rainstorm of bullets washes over the entire battlefield, and every life is struggling to die God, my leg.

Pipondu finally woke up from the huge shock Where have you been all these years How did you avoid being recognized here Atedler still kept his smile I went to search for the mystery of life that the baron had found, but unfortunately, before I realized it, the war had already broken out.I believe the Baron will not sit idly by and watch Germany fall, he will return, and so will I.Although I have been away from the center of power for a long time, I still have a functioning organization to ensure that I come here safely.Yes, yes, are you going back to Germany now I m going back to Germany.Germany needs me, and so does the Baron. I ll arrange it for you right away.You can leave the day after tomorrow at the latest.Do you need something else Thank you, Monsieur Pipondeau, I don t need anything else.

A few German soldiers behind raised their guns and killed the medical officers, blood spattered Tang Pu was covered in clothes, and Tang Pu s face was pale.Geyunser ordered all the German soldiers to shoot, and then unbs cbd gummies scam walked to Thomp s side, You must shoot Geyunser shouted sharply.Tang Pu s face was ashen, and he slowly raised his rifle.He closed his eyes, clenched his teeth, his hands were trembling, he was panting heavily, and cold sweat was streaming down his cheeks.He listened to Sergeant Gwencer counting Ready Shoot When the trigger was fired, the room was full of gunshots, and Martin outside the room got goosebumps when he heard it.In the sound of gunfire, Thomp opened his eyes, and his shot hit the wall, and the wounded soldier suddenly jumped on Thomp like crazy, trying to strangle him, Thomp finally pulled out his gun out of self defense instinct.

God How did these devils come can a 14 year old take cbd gummies from behind This is our own defense zone.Major Ludman said, holding his head.Every piece of land in the village that the US artillery fire is clearing, even the telephone poles have to be blown to pieces The artillery and machine guns of the tanks were raging against the infantry, and the soldiers of the US army rushed forward shouting and shouting one after another, but the coalition forces still fought back, and the corpses of the US soldiers were everywhere.The Americans are crazy, they know that we are going to guide the artillery here Major Ludman pushed away the corpse next to the machine gun, and fired wildly at the US troops rushing over.At this time, the muzzle of the tank was aimed at him, and he was so frightened that he hurriedly dropped his machine gun and jumped off the wall.

Although there were similar exercises in the military academy, they were all made of cows and sheep.But it s not at the same level as the current situation It s really too evil Seeing the death of these French people, Slater really doesn t want to eat dinnerbecause yesterday s dinner was mashed potatoes with tomato saucetoo tmd like Now just hope tonight s dinnernot this However, when Slater saw the corpse of his subordinate, he felt another feeling in his heart.He was really distressed.He took down the train station yesterday with high morale and sang military songs.Today, he was ambushed by the French and buried hereLooking at some soldiers who were beaten like shuttles, Slat s nose felt sore.At this moment, Slat heard a soldier crying from the side, Kaqiu You are not destined to die Is it very big Ah Why did you fall down at the first stop Hearing what the soldier said, Slater suddenly felt that he should write down the names of his subordinates in the next few days, because Slater was on this nose sour.

Later, Mr.Ford died, and I I always feel that something is missing there, and I have never been there again Turner didn t know why Mr.President would talk about these things After Aunt Hermione passed away, the Elliott has been taking care of the house William s eyes gradually narrowed.Is that what he sold too No, no matter how courageous Elliott is, he would never dare to sell these properties.William said coldly, and then his tone became full of emotion again Only one person is qualified to do this.He s back, he s really back.Turner swears.If no one else is in the where to buy shark tank cbd gummies what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain office, Mr.President will be crying Maybe financial collapse is not a bad thing at this time.William quickly pulled his thoughts back.He is the president of the unbs cbd gummies scam United States.He will not give up business because of personal feelings This situation has been proved many times.

What Graham s expression changed from surprise to anger You wrote everything down Don t worry, I worked all night and came as soon as I finished, leaving no trace.There are two copies, one for you and one for me, here they are.Warrant relaxed and said with a smile, Nice job, Charles.Bring it for me to see.They continued down the path to the end of the river, and at last sat down on a bench.Volent looked at the report and could not deny that it was well planned Seems like too much.Volent faced Charles Are there only two copies It s not the first time I ve done something like this.Of course, it s not the first time.Grewham took a fountain pen from his pocket , took off the pen HCMUSSH unbs cbd gummies scam cap very naturally, and then aimed the pen tip at the opponent s head.An eagle soared in the sky and suddenly swooped down.

Everyone s heads that were unbs cbd gummies scam close together took a step back.Bolorsky laughed loudly, as if it was Heisenberg s compliments on his legendary camouflage technique.Then, what did you hear Those two unbs cbd gummies scam guys said They are not sure about the situation of the enemy in Levto city.But it shouldn t be a problem unbs cbd gummies scam to cross the river before tomorrow morning.They also said they did not know if their troops would be reinforced by the 9th Tank Division in tonight s offensive.that s it.The old guy is the only one who understands Russian among these people.So So, boys I see Ivan s attack time tonight, not tomorrow morning.Also, it was probably a few hours earlier than we expected The Ivans have a habit of attacking after dinner.Hazen, what time is it Zoff looked at the young man seriously.Ah 4 30.sir.That is to say, we optimistically estimate that there are still two hours before the enemy s attack.

Those, are they really Italian Lieutenant General Bosqueche couldn t believe that such a weird thing would happen on the battlefield In fact, he didn t need to believe it at all.Chenock and his men decided to use practical actions to prove that the Italians are by no means as incompetent as others imagined.They can also fight, and they can also use their bravery to win everyone s respect They they can also become real soldiers Marshal Ernst, my troops have broken through the C3 defense zone.Chenock proudly said loudly into the walkie talkie I am directing the troops to break through to the C6 zone Congratulations, General.Ernst.The voice of Marshal Brahm came Bodmer s first class assault brigade has broken through the c1 defense zone.If everything goes well, we will complete the convergence at the c6 defense zone.

Gregory unbs cbd gummies scam He eased his tone That s why we decided to reopen those oil fields.The U.S.government has negotiated with us and is cbd gummies what are they willing to provide money and technology to develop with us, but at that time it belonged to Russia s property.I will what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies never let the U.S.People with dyed handsMigroski, if there is no problem with Petergoff s identity, I think this is a good opportunity for us Mr.Grand Duke, I can guarantee that Mr.Petergoff s identity is not Question, I personally called Mr.Eliot, the head of the Wittgenstein family, to verify.Did Mr.Eliot answer the phone in person Yes.I promise.Gregory finally got a little Feel relieved Well, I think we can start some cooperation with Mr.Petergoff But you have to tell him.In view of the current economic situation in Russia, we can only bear 30 of the development costs , and we will account for 70 of trubliss cbd gummies free trial the benefits It s too greedy, Migroski thought cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam so However, when the words were on the lips, it turned into Yes, Mr.

Kiritz laughed, and this joke produced such helpless and surprised expressions on the faces of many people.The children also came to the door with cigarettes in their mouths, according to the usual practice.Huo At this time, Fuman should pretend to be obedient and ask his question.Dad How did you let your mother give birth to me I mean how did Mommy get me Hoffman asked pretending to be obedient, and squeezed one hand into a hole, and inserted the middle finger of the other hand into the hole.The scout and Nash couldn t breathe from laughing.Mel laughed like an just cbd gummy worms 250 mg asthma The cigarette in his hand fell to the ground.Kiritz held back his laughter, About your question about how your mother and I were born Kiritz walked to the assault hall pretending to be deep.Then, while holding the cigarette between his hands, he stuck his straddle on the steel This is where I cbd gummies for back pain relief unbs cbd gummies scam come from your mother has a hole here, and you are all born from this hole Scout Paulus had a sense of humor beyond their expectations.

If they really had a strong alliance as they said, then the situation should not be the way it is now.Di Nacale can fully understand the other party Doubts I don t have to hide anything from you anymore, have you seen the air force s bombing No matter how old the plane is, it is impossible to drop bombs so aimlessly.Maybe the great dictator in Rome doesn t understand anything, but as a professional soldier, have you thought of anything Lieutenant General Tiltini fell silent Yes, as a professional soldier, he has long discovered the tricks of the Air Force.General Enisai of Manis Air Force Base is a veteran soldier, He participated in the Second World War, there is no way he could have made the mistake of not even hitting Turin with a single bomb.Vittorio Mussolini doesn t understand military affairs, nothing at all, and it s cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam a fool s errand to fool him It s a simple thing, but real soldiers can t be fooled.

Of course Wang Weiyi knows.The Kennedy family has a long cherished dream the dream of the president.Someone in this family must become the president of the United States.Joseph.Kennedy once secretly swore while praying in church I have climbed cbd sleep gummies with melatonin unbs cbd gummies scam to the highest peak of wealth, and I will let my son ascend to the HCMUSSH unbs cbd gummies scam highest peak of power.The couple has 9 children, and the one with political potential is naturally 4.a boy.The four boys are the eldest son Joseph Kennedy Jr., the second son John Kennedy, the third son Robert Kennedy, and the fourth son Edward Kennedy.From his own experience, Joseph knew that in order for his sons to have status, they must first have money so that they would never have to worry about living.He set up trust funds that gave 20 million each to the children and his wife.In the mind of the father.

He ordered 098 to speed up.Closing the distance to the anti tank gun at least created favorable conditions for destroying it, but it also created 098 for the opponent to destroy himself.The conditions.Nuoqier finally realized the meaning of the word burning himself The Russian gunners firmly confirmed that what could really threaten them at this time was not the Klaus Leopard 9 that had been hit by their shells and turned dizzy and turned to black smoke.so.The muzzle is also aimed at the opponent as it should be, not the previous Leopard 9 type Noqier could only pray to God to show him more mercy, so that he could take the lead in this almost suicidal confrontation, and he didn t have many chances Let go Nuo Qier was not fully sure.distance is too far And the goals are small.Nuoqier, who has always been confident, has no certainty at cbd gummies kidney disease this time.

Sweet walked to the map, pointed to the Russian logistics base on the outskirts of Orbjok and said, Your Excellency, look, this is their logistics base.When we successfully drew the attention of the Russians to this This is a good unbs cbd gummies scam opportunity for your Excellency to act.We will try to make the noise bigger, so the Russians will send more troops what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies here.In this way, the route from our headquarters to their logistics base There will not be many troops on the route, and the Russians will never expect us to appear in their logistics base.I think it is easy to take down a base with no troops.It is entirely unbs cbd gummies scam possible for us to make another surprise attack.Colonel, you will bring The big troops blow up and burn their logistics base.At that time, the Russians must have a good face.What do you think Troman added a few words after listening Yes, this way.

Some of these items are unique and precious cultural relics and works of art whose value cannot be measured by money at all.But in Elijah s view, things are dead, no matter how cbd oil gummy bears for anxiety many things are stored in the bank, if they can t be honeydew cbd gummies turned into cash.In fact, it doesn t make much sense.However, his previous thoughts were just a flash.At this time, Mr.Elliott s words have a different meaning Ilya thought about it carefully there Mr.Elliott.Based on your opinion on artworks, how much do you think the oil painting Savior can be worth Are you talking about Da Vinci s Savior Elliott was really surprised this time.After seeing Elijah nodded affirmatively, Eliot said with admiration This is one of Da Vinci s classic oil paintings.It is said that it originally belonged to Charles I, but it disappeared mysteriously later.

Sinager nodded, and he turned to Defense Minister Didion Lucien beside him and said, what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies Marshal Didion, you are the last marshal appointed before the end of the war.Now I think you finally have a A suitable successor Indeed, Marshal Lucien was the last Marshal appointed by the unbs cbd gummies scam French Vichy government before the Second World War, but after the Cathar government came to power, he quickly defected and became the The big red man in front of President Khatri.And he also saw one thing clearly, in order to continue his power, he must strengthen his power.Roberto is his best friend.The promotion of Marshal this time was only possible with his full support In the future, in the government s decision making, if there are two Marshals in favor.Then things will become much easier.That will also be the greatest honor of France Lucien said with a smile, but at this moment he saw the chief of the secret police, Fetim Berkeley, hurried over, with a strange expression on his face serious.

The survivors of Platoon A, Company D, Company D, 40th Assault Battalion, 3rd Marine Assault Brigade, were all dirty and tattered.They looked blankly at this group of busy soldiers.Jacks and Allen also ran over and stepped forward to help.Pozik took off his helmet, tucked it under his arm, and looked at the row of corpses and the row of wounded soldiers on the ground.The medical soldiers fumbled among the wounded in a hurry.Lieutenant Lieutenant Major Pask hurried over with a short soldier with a prominent military police written on his helmet, and said, We don t have enough manpower, so please understand.Tonight at 9 30 Gather in briefing room No.10 to 70, you have a new combat mission Pozik caught up with Pask Major, Major No offense, but there are only sixteen unbs cbd gummies scam 500mg cbd gummy bears people left in our platoon We are no longer capable of fighting No more I don t want to get my brethren into another trouble, can you think it over again No We simply don t have enough men But we don t even have a chance to catch our breath With all due respect , Sir, you have gone too far You have no right to refuse the order of the sir The military police stepped forward to interrupt Pozik.

The lights in the Lopez manor were brightly lit, and elegant music continued to spread.It adds a bit of luxurious atmosphere to the place that is about to be boston cbd gummies in the flames of war.There are not many guests entertained by Lopez, most of them are his good friends and business partners.To be honest, even if he becomes the ace of the Americans Spy, but this is the first time for the Piroccos to participate in such a banquet hosted by the British.The people who came to the banquet are all local figures, including the chairman of the Yelverton Cricket Club, Mr.Kim Chuck , and U.S.Army Major White and his wife, which made the Piroko couple completely relieved.They have received orders from their superiors.They will be lurking in the UK for a long time to prepare for possible future attacks by the German army.

When Mrs.Derk got off the train, she was quickly invited into a car and left this place.Mrs.Delk didn t even have time to make an appointment with Mr.Moyol for the next meeting Then, a group of federal agents, led by Captain Pattinson, appeared in front of Wang Weiyi Captain Pattinson, I m so glad to see you here again Wang Weiyi said this before Captain Pattinson said with a straight face Mr.Moyol, I I think you have to come with us.We have something to ask you.After finishing speaking, he lowered his voice Mr.Moyol.You d better tell the truth so that I can help you.Wang Weiyi quickly Taken into the FBI car I m surprised you think so.Captain Pattinson.Wang Weiyi took a puff of smoke Mr.Lopez is my very good friend.We have known each other for a long time.One friend invited another friend to a banquet.

Gentlemen, when Her Majesty the Queen was forced into exile because of a traitor, we British Empire The officers did not fulfill their oath to stand up in time, but chose to compromise with the traitors, which will cause an indelible shame in our lifetime.Every one of our descendants will say this when discussing us , behold, it is what our fathers did that made England suffer so much.Behold, it was what our fathers did that we shall never lift our heads again Come on.What can we do Just watch all these things continue to happen Or try to make up for the mistakes we have made Find ways to prevent our future generations from living in shame in the mistakes we have made Gentlemen, Can anyone give me the answer The meeting room was completely silentno one knew how to answer the general s question General Cassano sighed softly If the final result of the war is that the cbd gummies for back pain relief unbs cbd gummies scam Allied Forces win, maybe we still have a chance to recover, but now who thinks we can win You, or you At least I have I am desperate for this kind of war.

These Her Majesty s subjects what is the strongest cbd gummies for pain are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies are even considering how to welcome Her Majesty s return.Even Duke Stephen blatantly showed up at Sir Monrington s estate.This old and cunning duke, who has been hiding himself deeply, no longer has to worry about anything at this moment.The agents who watched him have long since left, who still has control over what an old guy is doing now Besides, you have to leave a way out for yourself, cbd gummies for back pain relief unbs cbd gummies scam right Once Her Majesty returns to London, in terms of Duke Stephen s prestige and status, he will soon be reused by Her Majesty the Queen.Why offend him when the war has come to an end Several glasses were filled with wine.The high spirited Sir Grislow said loudly Gentlemen, distinguished gentlemen, our long awaited moment is coming.At this time last year, we were still worried, we were worried about our own future and destiny, Worried about the future and destiny of England.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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