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People can still.In this way, I returned to my hometown, borrowed a sum of money from my parents, and opened a store.Li Guohao s hometown is a prefecture level city, and the rent is not expensive, only 5,000 per month.If bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies it is not close to the commercial area, the price may be much cheaper.The store is not big, about seventy or eighty square meters.Although it is a small store, the decoration is not bad.There is no way.This year pays attention to packaging.As long as you pack it well and your food is not particularly unpalatable, then congratulations, you have your own characteristics.With an investment of 200,000 yuan, two kitchens and a few waiters were recruited, and a month later, the business opened smoothly.Li Guohao s family lives in the inland area.Except for those who travel to other places, it is difficult for people here to eat food from other places.Aren t you called Shang Guohao Li Renzhong glanced at the bedroom.Don t wait for him, this kid, last night he secretly went to the tea restaurant to get the wife s cake without telling us, don t say it tastes really good.Li Huifang now has a complaining look on her face, but she As he spoke, he looked relieved and happy.Oh Is there any more I ll try it.Li Renzhong was very curious when he recalled that the wife cake was filled with roses.There are still a few in the tea restaurant.After a while, you can try the wife cake made by your grandson.Enen, good.While the two were talking.With a creak, the bedroom door was opened.Guohao, my grandson is awake.Li Renzhong sat on the stool, seeing that his own grandson had woken up, the wrinkles on his face burst into laughter.Grandpa, you re here.Li Guohao heard his grandpa coming when he was in the room.Come on, take me elite power cbd gummies to see that store, how can there be such a good market bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies entrance, which can make you so excited, and rent it at a high price Nathan Road business district.It was afternoon, and it was the weekend.There was a constant flow of people going shopping.There were students in twos and threes, couples walking together, and even housewives came here to buy household items.Zhang Dong, who stopped at the traffic lights, looked at the huge crowd of people who were also waiting, and said with a sigh, This side of Nathan Road is really prosperous, and there are really many people here Yes, This is also the reason why I insist on opening a shop here Li Guohao raised his head and looked around, there are all kinds of shops, some selling clothing watches, some selling gold jewelry, and some selling egg waffles on the side of the road Yes, the variety is dizzying.Zhang Dong asked with a smile, Guohao, we are going to open tomorrow, are you nervous Indeed, he has prepared too much for this store.As long as the first store can be opened smoothly, it will not be long before the second and third stores will open as scheduled.Don t worry, I took those few employees to distribute leaflets, and I distributed them to all the building complexes on Nathan Road Zhang Dong patted his chest and assured.It s just that distributing leaflets on Nathan Road is not enough.It would be better if the whole of Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong knows about it.By the way, Adong, does the newspaper accept advertisements Li Guohao asked suddenly.Newspaper Zhang Dong repeated, Of course you can place advertisements.Don t you know that there is a page in the newspaper that is basically advertisements.Li Guohao shook his head, the old man is almost 70, so it s not good to get up early, let him sleep for a while.That s fine, I ll go and have a look at eight or nine tomorrow morning.Yeah. Eight o clock in the morning.A bus stopped at Nathan Road Station.Sister, the company said that the interview will start at ten o clock in the morning.Are we here early A fifteen or sixteen year old girl asked her elder sister.The girl who was called elder sister stretched out her white and smooth arm, and flicked the little girl s forehead with her slender fingers, Idiot, they asked us to come for cbd gummies kaufen an interview at ten o clock, can t we come earlier I have a better impression.I ve said it all, don t flick my head anymore, or I won t grow taller or pretty.When the word beautiful was mentioned, the little girl glanced at her with envy.Li Guohao thought for a while, nodded and said, Okay, tomorrow, as soon as possible in this month.Now 3 Number, only ten days away from the middle of the month.Chapter 26 Salty Wet Guy The two discussed the decoration while walking.Then it s confirmed that the construction will start tomorrow, and the decoration will be completed in about half a month, right Li Guohao asked after confirming.Mai Qi thought for a while and nodded, Well, almost, this store in Central is similar to the one on Nathan Road before, the basic water and electricity have been done, and the floor tiles and walls only need to be refurbished and repainted.Okay , then please take care of Manager Mai.You re welcome.Mai Qi nodded, and suddenly thought of something else, and asked rather embarrassedly, Mr.Li, please give me an idea, do you think my decoration company How should we continue to develop A decoration company Li Guohao was a little surprised why Mai Qi would ask himself this matter.Now that Li Guohao is so upbeat, he is satisfied and at the same time agrees with his idea of introducing his elder sister to Li Guohao.evening.After Li Guohao ordered the guys to lock the things into the new store, he let them go back from get off work.The employees who came to promote this time will stay in the new store.In the past few days, let them come to set up stalls and activities, and at the same time familiarize themselves with the facilities in the store, so as to avoid the rush on the day of opening.When Nathan Road was newly opened, there were often some unnecessary small mistakes. the next day.Li Guohao went to Central as usual to prepare for today s promotion.As soon as I arrived at the store in Central, I heard a new phone ringing at the bar.Curious about who made the call, Li Guohao walked over to answer it and said, Hello, this is Li Kee Pastry.The taste is not much different The biggest difference between Li Ji and Rong Ji is the different materials and secret recipes.But most of the cakes, recipes and baking methods are basically the same, only a few cakes have been improved by Li Guohao, or improved by later generations, and some palace secret recipes obtained from family heirlooms.Under the same formula technology, only the materials produced can distinguish the difference between the two.Cakes made from refined flour and poor quality flour will definitely taste different.Okay, I know, but just push the business to Rongji like this Zhang Dong was still unwilling.For more than a month, Li Ji has been suppressing Rongji.Yan.Being caught off guard by his opponent at this moment, he was naturally very upset.People who should buy our pastries will still come to buy them.He walked over curiously and saw that he was creating Kung Fu Panda , and called out Brother Yuan.President Li is here Come and sit down.Shangguan Xiaobao looked up and said with a smile.Li Guohao patted his forehead speechlessly and said I said Brother Yuan, don t call me President Li from now on, just call me Ahao.But right now, I am at work, so calling President Li is the right thing to do.Although the relationship between the two is good, the relationship between superiors and subordinates still needs to be clearly defined.Okay.It s up to you.Seeing Shangguan Xiaobao like this, Li Guohao had no choice but to ask, By the way, Brother Yuan, did you ask me to come over to the club for something Yesterday s Kung Fu Panda It s sold out, guess how many copies we sold in total Shangguan Xiaobao asked with a smile.Have you used up all the materials Li Guohao read the bill and closed it asked.That s not true.Nathan Road still has a little more, but some materials are running out, such as roses, and only today s quantity is left.If you want to sell rose wife cakes tomorrow, you won t have to sell them.Zhang Dong was a little impatient.He said Why are you talking so much nonsense, you are afraid that I will steal your money, so quickly transfer it full spectrum vs broad spectrum cbd gummies to me, I will go shopping in the afternoon, and help you purchase the materials for making ten dim sum.I have no money Li Guohao Spread your hands.No money Are you kidding me The store in Central received more than 300,000 yuan a few days ago Hurry up, we will go to the bank, if you don t hurry up, the bank will be closed Zhang Dong thought that Li Guohao and I was kidding myself, curling my lips in dissatisfaction.Although it is not pure profit, it is money that can be used in advance.In less than three months, he still elite power cbd gummies owes the bank 500,000 yuan Don t say these things are useless, come here, this is for you.Li Guohao didn t want to talk about this matter anymore, it was indeed because he was too whimsical, he always felt that he was a time traveler and could do everything well, but the reality gave him a break Slap, Kung Fu Panda has only sold more than 20,000 copies in Xiangjiang so far.The cost has been recovered, but it hasn t made any money.The last time he went to buy panda puppets, he was thinking that he could make a lot of money by relying on the popular comics, but until now, no one came to the store to ask if it was the palace dim sum in Kung Fu Panda.What is this Such a big puppet Zhang Dong opened the box and saw a huge panda head at first sight.The Kung Fu Panda craze, but some people in the comments said why I haven t seen Kung Fu until now.Khan, it s my fault.I didn t choose elite power cbd gummies the chapter name well.I will pay attention to it in the future.Chapter 47 Panda Craze End Christmas is a must have festival in most western countries, and you can find out more about it on Baidu.Under the influence elite power cbd gummies of the elite power cbd gummies British government, Western festivals that Heung Kong has never paid attention to have gradually risen in recent years.Most businesses will hold certain promotional activities on the day to improve their performance.Rongji Bakery still followed the usual routine and held can you bring cbd gummies on a flight elite power cbd gummies a promotion a few days before Christmas.What s going on Why are there so many people at Li Ji on the opposite side Rong Bingcai looked at the long queue at the gate of Li Ji on the opposite side, and asked the staff beside him. Huang He and Sun Dafu basically made some of the best selling snacks in Liji s shop.For example wife cake, lotus paste cake, bean paste cake and the like.And Li Guohao made not only the ten delicious dim sum on the recipe, but also some dim sum that he did not teach to the shop.Cakes, a dessert snack, have not only been limited to cake shaped desserts since ancient times.Due to the limitations elite power cbd gummies of the times, many pastries that are very common in later generations do not exist now.Boss has a lot of ingredients here, and they are all the most expensive brands on the market Huang He said, taking out a bag of expensive glutinous rice flour from the side.It s for sure, the governor of Hong Kong will naturally use the best things for his banquet, what do you think Sun Dafu gave him a white look.Li Guohao nodded These materials are quite good, but we don t have much time left.First of all, human resources department, finance department, food safety inspection department, public relations department.Not to mention the importance of the finance department.It is one of the most important departments of the company to pay salaries, settle company expenses, profits, and tax returns.The role of the personnel department is to recruit and train people This department seems to be dispensable, but in fact it is not.The good development of a good enterprise company must have a human resources department.The performance, benefits, and even labor relations of employees usually need to be completed by the Human Resources Department.Not to mention food at all, the main business of the company is pastry food, which is the top priority.As for the PR department, originally Li Qiang thought it was not needed for the time being, but Li Guohao didn t think so.Ah Fa noticed this, but just as he turned his best quality cbd gummies for anxiety head, he saw the young man whom Sister Wang called the boss standing behind liberty cbd gummies for tinnitus him.He looked angry, and it seemed that he had been here for a while.Thinking about what he just said, Ah Fa, like Ah Ming, was instantly frightened and stupid, and the dough he was making in his hand fell to the ground with a snap.Afa, Amin, what are you doing Why are you still making pastries at such a late hour Didn t you say that after elite power cbd gummies three o clock in the afternoon, even if a certain pastry is out of stock, don t make any more.I understood Li Guohao s words, but when she came closer and looked, she frowned and asked, the dough balls and fillings that had been made on the table.I, I just saw that there were not many wife cakes in front of me, and I was thinking of making some.I was afraid that someone would come to buy them later, and there would be no goods for sale.After hearing what Sister Wang said, Ah Fa also immediately found some for himself.made an excuse.He was betting that the boss had just come in not long ago.A Ming is very smart, and he has not spoken at this moment, because he knows that the executives behind Sister Wang have heard what A Fa said, and it is sophistry to say more at this time.This Sister Wang turned her head and glanced at Li Guohao hesitantly.Although the rule is that no pastries will be made after three o clock, it is not a big problem to stock up some wife cakes, after all, Li losartan and cbd gummies Ji s wife cakes are the best sellers.Get ready, get ready Hehe, if I hadn t stood behind you for a long time just now, I m afraid I ve really fooled you Li Guohao sneered twice, and at this moment, the pastry chef named Ah Fa in front of him was still quibbling.The main reason is that there are many time honored pastry shops in Xiangjiang Island and the New Territories.After all, crossing regions requires capital and manpower.Chapter 66 Loans Standard Chartered Bank Nathan Road Branch.Li Guohao and Li Qiang walked through the hall and came to the manager s office.Long time no see, Manager Zhang.Li Guohao greeted with a smile.Manager Zhang also smiled and said Yes, I still want to thank Mr.Li for depositing in our bank recently, which has greatly improved my business volume recently After a few words of politeness.Manager Zhang asked I don t know if Mr.Li is here to repay the loan In fact, there is no rush.Our bank can wait for the repayment time for high quality customers like Mr.Li.The longer the loan period, the more profits the bank will naturally make.I called back to take charge of the store, to deal with Li Ji.Rong Binghua lied without blushing or panting.Li Ji.As soon as he heard the word Li Ji, Manager Zhang immediately thought of Li Guohao.He knew that Li Ji was opened by Li Guohao, but he didn t expect that he could push the old brand of Rong Ji to such a degree.That s right, it s Li Kee.I believe you saw it in the newspapers some time ago.Rong Kee made a plus cbd mango gummies big fuss, and now many people have doubts about Rong Ji.I think Rong Ji has opened more than ten years in Kowloon.It is an old store that has been in the forefront for many years, and its technology and taste have always been among the best, but since Li Ji opened, it has used some indiscriminate methods to tarnish our reputation of Rong Ji, you are not angry Rong Binghua s acting skills are enough I went to filming, and when I finished saying this, I also pretended to be angry, and raised my palm viciously towards the table, just like that.Another point is that I don t trust the new recruits, because the purchasing department is a very lucrative department, and it s not good to let a stranger directly enter the management team rashly.Before adding the newly recruited people, they worked in a food factory, and now they are not familiar with the company s business, so Li Guohao appeased Zhang Dong and let him continue bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies to be the manager of the purchasing department, and helped him explain to Mai Xiaomin Fan, it can be regarded as leaving this matter behind. Li Guohao followed Li Qiang, plus a few company clerks, got a car temporarily, and started wandering around Xiangjiang Island.Look around for suitable storefronts for rent.It s inconvenient without a car Sitting in a small car, Li Guohao found it very difficult to stretch his feet.To do business with ghosts, it is usually enough to be straightforward.Li Qiang also understands this truth, so he said directly This time I came here to talk to you about the banking business.I wonder if you have time now Yes Time, go, go to the cafe in front to talk.A coffee shop near the HSBC head office.Li cbd cbg gummies is it illegal to fly with cbd gummies Guohao carefully looked at the coffee shop at this time, and he had to .

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say that the layout was basically the same as that of later generations, but the decoration style was quite different.Shen Bi asked, What would Mr.Li want to drink Li Guohao said, Let s get a latte.Seeing Shen Bi looking at him, Li Qiang said, Old rules.Okay.Shen Bi turned to the waiter and said, Have a latte and two mochas.The three chatted for a while.After a while, the waiter put three cups of coffee on the table.The employees below are also properly assigned.Considering that the new store might be overwhelmed during the Chinese New Year, or that the business would be delayed due to unskilled labor, a group of old employees were drawn from the old store to help.Among them are sister Wang, the store manager of the Nathan Road store, and Sun Dafu of the Central store.Several pastry chefs who have been in the store for the longest time, such as Huang He and Chen Zhipeng, also went to the new store to help.Wing Kee Bakery, lounge.I ll leave this to you, Ah Fa.It must be put in Li Ji s store before today Rong Binghua took out a black cloth bag from the cabinet and handed it to Ah Fa.Ah Fa took the bag, and suddenly the bag shook violently.I ll throw it away What is this Ah Fa threw the bag forward in fright.Except that the Dao store did not meet the standard, the other branches met the standard and exceeded the standard by a lot.In terms of hygiene, Li Guohao has emphasized many times from the beginning.A food shop must firmly remember this point.National chain stores like Haidilao in later generations have been exposed to problems, causing the company to The market value has fallen seriously.When it comes to Haidilao, I have to mention a funny thing.Haidilao is indeed listed, but not the main company, but the listing of its hot pot bottom material, that is, the ingredient company.People are talking about the sanitation problems this time, elite power cbd gummies and they are very fortunate that the Department of Health has not found any problems such as excessive content in pastries.But in terms of sanitation problems, it may indeed have a certain impact on a food store, but As long as the crisis announcement is done well, this matter will soon be forgotten in bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies people s minds.Li, my name is Du Deye.I was the one who talked to you on the phone.Hello, Mr.Du.Li Guohao had called this securities company before.Mr.Li, please.Du Deye brought Li Guohao to a small office.After Li Guohao sat down, Du Deye asked I wonder goldline cbd gummies ingredients if Mr.Li has ever bought stocks Do you have an account No.Li keono cbd gummies Guohao shook his head.Mr.Li is buying stocks for the first time, isn t it Yes.Then let me tell Mr.Li about the basics Du Deye explained in detail, and the first thing he said was what he needed commission paid.The securities company charges a fixed commission.As for the amount, it depends on how much the investor invests.Then mingo rad cbd gummies there is some relevant stock knowledge.Li Guohao also read some related books before coming here, and he roughly understood what Du Deye said.After talking for a while, Li Guohao got a guarantee from Du Deye.That is, under the current situation of bull stocks, basically you can make a steady profit without losing any stocks you buy, it s just a matter of earning more and earning less.PS I don t know much about stocks, but at this moment, I feel sorry for the stock market if I don t buy HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies a little bit.Everyone should just add a little capital to the protagonist.Chapter 98 New Manga After buying stocks, Li Guohao can be regarded as embarking on this train heading towards the cliff.During the driving process, he will advance triumphantly all the way, but it is inevitable that he cbd gummies in cvs will eventually fall into the abyss at the bottom of the mountain.When Li Guohao got into the car and was about to go back to the company, he happened to pass by the comic book club, so he got out of the car and went in to have a look.In order to better In order to manage the franchise stores, as well as to improve the company s reputation and honor, we decided to establish a brand new association, the Global Chinese Pastry Promotion Association , which is dedicated to promoting Chinese pastry to the world.Speaking of this, Li Guohao paused and said Now there are more and more western style elite power cbd gummies cakes in Xiangjiang, and they have occupied a lot of the pastry market.In the past, people used to eat birthday peaches, red eggs, longevity noodles and other traditional foods, but in recent years, Western style cakes Invasion of the invasion, many families have become popular to eat cakes.Yes, last month my girlfriend celebrated her birthday, and I was asked to buy a cake Zhang Dong raised his hand and interjected.Li Guohao is the same as Zhang Dong.He Chaoying now seemed to want to join him.royal pastry.He Chaoying nodded and said, Well, I want to join your pastry shop in benefits of cbd gummy elite power cbd gummies Macau.I think the environment of your pastry shop is good, and there are many people coming downstairs to buy it.I think it should make money.He Gambling King s daughter, but she only has so much pocket money every month.She just came back from studying abroad and wanted to start her own business for a long time, but she couldn t find any good projects for a while.I don t see cbd cbg gummies is it illegal to fly with cbd gummies Li Guohao s pastries here.The store has a franchise plan, so I thought about opening a store in Macau to see how the profit would be.In terms of power in Macau, He Chaoying dare not say that her family ranks first, but it is at least the top three Seeing that He .

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Chaoying really had this idea, Li Guohao also continued There is no problem at all.We can also set a date and apply for a refund before that date.After that, there is no way to refund it.In his previous life, Li Guohao also had some memberships, most of which could not be refunded, and he didn t care too much about the hundreds of dollars, anyway, it will not disappear if it exists, and it will be the same when you come to spend next time.But at this time, the membership system was still a relatively new activity, and it was not as common as in later generations.There were also many people who wanted a refund after impulsive consumption.In addition, the money at this time is still very valuable, 500 yuan can maintain the living expenses of an ordinary person for a month, so it is inevitable for some people to ask for a refund.After listening to Li Qiang s words, Li Guohao felt that it made sense.Being praised, Li Guohao is naturally flattered in his heart, and he doesn t need to swipe his forehead with his fingertips, so Make a chic way.Seeing Li Guohao being so funny, Gu Qianqian also laughed and said, Okay, Boss Li, don t be so handsome here, it s almost eight o clock, let s go there quickly, Miss He s opening time is at 8.30.Walk.Xinma Road, one of the main streets in Macau Peninsula.At the elite power cbd gummies same time, the Macao Peninsula was also the area with the largest population of local residents in Macao at that time.It is not surprising that He Qianjin elite power cbd gummies opened a pastry shop here.I have to say that the opening ceremony of Palace Bakery in Macau, compared to Xiangjiang, is simply a world away.When Li Guohao came to the scene, he was completely surprised.Although I knew that Ms.He had converted a three story commercial building into a pastry shop when I was on benefits of cbd gummy elite power cbd gummies the phone with Gu Qianqian, but I didn t realize HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies it was really impressive until I observed it on the spot.By then, the number of cooperative stores may double Limited by transportation The problem is that the stores that Liu Peilin cooperates with are basically in the New Territories, because the factory is in the New elite power cbd gummies Territories, and every day when the work is done, they are sent directly to a small truck.Li Qiang said again Recently Liu Peilin has advertised in newspapers and TV stations.If this continues, it will be very difficult for us to deal with them when they become bigger.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned even more.In the past, not to mention the dominance of the palace pastry, but relying on its own excellent pastry skills, it attracted a large number of customers.It s not that other stores don t have much business, let s not mention the small mom and pop stores, but some old stores still have many customers.Li Guohao looked to the right, wasn t it Zhao Yazhi, remembering that she was also a flight attendant, he suddenly came to his senses and said in surprise Azhi, you resigned Ok.Zhao Yazhi nodded shyly.The reason she resigned this time was because of Li Guohao.Although the salary of a flight attendant is high and the benefits are good, she has to fly two shifts a week, and it takes two or three days for one flight , although usually after flying twice, they will have a few days of vacation, but when he is on vacation, Li Guohao may not have time to accompany him, so he still wants to quit his job and find another one near his home.Li Guohao looked at Zhao Yazhi excitedly, He said happily That s great, Ah Zhi, so I can see you every day from now on.Li Guohao elite power cbd gummies has long been dissatisfied with Zhao Yazhi s job as a stewardess.Unfair Yes.Your Gu Ji s Bozai Cake is famous in Hong Kong.It can sell at least a few thousand copies every day, but the money is still the same as everyone else.After Liu Peilin finished speaking, he gave the company the last month Show the sales situation to Gu Yonghe.Gu Yonghe took the notebook and glanced at the sales of various pastries.Among them, his own Bozai Cake, Liu Ji s Wife Cake and Ronghua s Cake sold HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies the best.What does Boss Liu mean Gu Yonghe closed his notebook and asked.Liu Peilin smiled and said I think five shareholders are enough, and it s meaningless if there are more.Although the money earned elite power cbd gummies is quite a lot, it s not as good as opening a store for everyone.In half a month, there is such a big In the market, we only got 20,000 yuan by hand, only 20,000 yuan, so I might as well continue to do my shop.When putting the stuffing, everyone can sit there, which is very relaxed, so about 5 people can work together on a production line.And Huang Yaohua said again This assembly line can not only make moon cakes, but also wife cakes, and various specific snacks.Just change a head, and you can make other things.After finishing speaking, Huang Yaohua pointed to Something like a big hourglass at the top of the assembly line.According to him, this thing can be disassembled.If you want to make peanut candy, you can replace it with another head, and then you can make sliced peanut candy the next day.Isn t it a waste of money for the chairman to do this Xie Honghe frowned.According to what Li Guohao said just now, then the advertising fee is at least more than one million And possibly more.Li Guohao knew that the plan he just mentioned was very expensive, but the timing of the Mid Autumn Festival was really great.Rent refrigerated trucks Zhang Dong glanced at Li Guohao suspiciously.Many people have doubts in their eyes.Xie Honghe continued Yes, refrigerated trucks, everyone should know that our snowy mooncakes are not suitable for storage, so I dare not cooperate with some small shops, because many of them do not have refrigerators, and I am afraid that the mooncakes will deteriorate in time.So the chairman asked me to rent them.Refrigerated truck.Why do you rent a refrigerated truck It is for the next fixed point sales.The chairman plans to set up sales points in all the bustling streets and communities in Xiangjiang, with refrigerated trucks as the center, and set up a display stand for sale on the spot.This time I will personally lead the team, and Manager Gu from the marketing department will also cooperate.Li Qiang shrugged helplessly and said, I thought you would like cbd gummies orange park desserts very much.Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him, and said to everyone Everyone eats one kind, and after eating, tell me that besides sweets, there are other desserts.Stuff Ah As soon as these words came out, everyone cried out.No way, who made Li Guohao the boss.The big guys had no choice but to bear with it.Everyone tried to choose bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies a dessert that didn t look very sweet and ate it.Huang He is a thief, he saw a box of chocolate bars, and thought to himself that the chocolates must not be very sweet, so he immediately picked up this, causing the big guy to look at him angrily.After Huang He opened it nonchalantly, he took out a long biscuit covered with chocolate sauce.As soon as he took the first bite, he regretted it Damn, there is a filling in the biscuit, or a syrup filling Seeing Huang He s nauseous look, everyone burst into laughter.Does it feel very Q Li Guohao asked with a smile, Mochi is something like this., the filling is not the key point, the key point is the mochi skin, the mochi skin is well made, it can add a bit of brilliance to this dim sum.Very Q Everyone looked at Li Guohao in bewilderment, what does this mean.Li Guohao slapped his forehead and remembered that people still don t understand the meaning of Q.Q means that it tastes bouncy and strong.That s very Q.Huang He learned can you bring cbd gummies on a flight elite power cbd gummies and sold.It s really Q.Li Qiang and others also started to learn in a decent manner.Huang He suddenly asked hesitantly It s just Say.It s just that the stuffing is too soft It s like drinking sesame paste, it flows out after one bite.That s what you want.Otherwise, why is it called popping mochi Li Guohao smiled and said Didn t I just say that You can how many cbd gummies 30mg could i take make popping fillings with different viscosities according to the needs of customers.Well, very narcissistic.It s not that Li Guohao himself asked the people from the association to give him the title of super pastry chef.Mainly the standard is what it is.First of all, the working experience must be more than ten years, that is, more than ten years in the pastry industry.Then the pastries made must be good in taste.As for how to do it well, it depends on the evaluation of the people in the association.Of course, in the future, we will work hard on this aspect and try to set a standard.Secondly, those who have made special contributions to the pastry world.For example, bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies Li Guohao, elite power cbd gummies who pioneered the ice skin moon cake, not only added a color to the moon cake market, but also drove new development for the innovation of the pastry industry.Mooncakes are no longer the same as in the past, they can only be elite power cbd gummies made with elite power cbd gummies flour, or they must be baked before they can be eaten.He usually sleeps on the sofa in the old house.There is a new house here, so naturally he lives in the new house.I was still thinking about you coming back elite power cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies official website at night.Your grandfather has something to ask for you, and he has been waiting for you.Later, he called Zhang Dong, and he said that he had resigned.By the way, how did that boy, A Dong, resign properly A Dong took over his father in law s business, so he naturally has to resign, otherwise he wouldn t have the elite power cbd gummies energy to run on both sides.Li Guohao just remembered that he hadn t told Li s mother about this matter.That s pretty good, A Dong is lucky.Mother Li smiled, and said It s so late, since you ve already arrived at the new house, you don t need to come back, just come over tomorrow.What is grandpa looking for me for Are you in a hurry Otherwise, I will go back in a taxi now Li Guohao was afraid that his grandpa wanted something important for him, so he asked.Li Guohao smiled and looked at Chang Xiaotu and Sun Dafu.In fact, in his heart, Sun Dafu s craftsmanship is indeed good, and he is much better than himself in some aspects.If there is no Cheats and the creativity of later generations may not necessarily be better than Sun Dafu.Sun Dafu was regarded as the person Li Guohao felt hopeful to compete for the championship, and he had high hopes for him at the beginning.Sun Dafu also lived up to Li Guohao s expectations and successfully entered the championship competition.But Li Guohao didn t expect that Chang Xiaotu, who had just joined the company for more than two months and used to specialize in pastry making, would be able to enter the finals.In elite power cbd gummies fact, there is a certain reason why Chang Xiaotu can enter the finals.Although he made pastries before, he has been studying the combination of Chinese and Western pastries in the technical department since he joined the company for the past two months.Increasing wages relatively increases costs, and not only is there a shortage of people in the flour mill, but also in many places, such as docks, transport vehicles anyway, there is a shortage of people everywhere, and prices are rising everywhere If ordinary people listen to these words, they may believe them, but Li Guohao is dubious.Because Xiangjiang is now in a state of madness, just like Hitler s series of crazy actions before the defeat of the war.Many people resigned at home, sold houses and buildings, and used their savings to speculate in stocks.At this time, the stock market has risen from the original Hang Seng Index of more than 900 to 1300 This is a crazy behavior that has never been seen since the opening of Xiangjiang port.Gold and silver jewelry stores, high end residential areas, Peninsula Hotel, famous brand stores In the past, only celebrities and rich people could frequent these places, but now there are many ordinary people dressed in ordinary clothes.At this time, the waiter walked over quickly holding a tray, and after avoiding pedestrians, he put the milk tea on the plate on the table, and set up the refreshments one after another.Stockings milk tea.Looking at the milk tea in the glass in front of him, it looks a bit like coffee with milk.Li Guohao picked up the milk tea, took a few breaths, and took a sip slowly.Why is it a bit bitter Frowning, Li Guohao only felt that this silk stocking milk tea was completely different from what later generations drank, and this elite power cbd gummies tea seemed to be brewed in a teapot, with a strong taste and a slight burnt smell.After drinking a few more sips, Li Guohao also gradually tasted the taste, feeling pretty good, although it is very different from what later generations drank, but the taste is not bad.The milk tea Li Guohao drank the most in his previous life should be Taiwan style milk tea.The uncle hesitated to speak, he always favored his family members in his heart, he stammered and said Well your cousin is going to prepare for the exam recently, and you come back very late every day, your aunt is afraid that it will affect your Fangfang s study , so I know uncle, I will find a house by myself.Ah Fei pursed his lips, he didn t blame this uncle, after all, the other party had already taken good care of him.There are five hundred yuan here, and I can rent a house for a few months in the housing estate.The uncle took out the money he had prepared a long time ago from his pocket.Here, there s no need for uncle.A Fei wanted to take it, but he knew the situation of his uncle s house.Take it I can still afford five hundred yuan Recently, your aunt has also made a little money in the stock market.In the past, some customers would choose to walk a few blocks to our store to buy, but since they After opening, many people chose to try the taste of pastry, which is why the decline is so fast.Li Guohao nodded, a new thing appears in front of the public, it is always easy to attract people s attention, and it will become popular after a while Attenuation, in any case, the business in the store may not be as good as before.After all, with strong competitors, sales decline is inevitable.What s the situation at the flour mill Why hasn t the contract been finalized after two days I remember that we don t seem to have much flour in stock.Li Guohao asked slightly dissatisfied when he remembered the matter of flour.Gu Qianqian shook her head and said, I m not sure, how about I ask Manager Luo to come in Yes.Speaking of this, Ni Xingqing said again I checked some businesses of this Yingjia.Most of them have nothing to do with the food industry.They are mainly engaged in real estate and finance.So if we want to acquire his shares, I think it will not be a big problem.Wei Mo, Ni Xingqing Glancing at Li Guohao, he asked, Chairman, don t you really want to buy Nansun Group You must know that Nanshun s stock price is not low now.Coupled with the stock market and the company s profits, it has acquired another Xiangjiang Flour Mill, I am afraid that the premium is very high, so that it is possible to completely take control of Nanshun, and it may be very difficult without 800 900 million.The money is only about 130 million in total.It is wishful thinking to use the formal process to acquire Nanshun.The normal method is impossible to succeed in the acquisition.In 1971, the annual transaction price of Xiangjiang stock market was 14.793 billion yuan in 1972, the annual transaction volume was 437.5.8 billion yuan, a year on year increase of nearly three times in 1973, the transaction volume in January directly exceeded 28.485 billion yuan, more than half of last year s full year Stock Exchange.Countless people are looking forward to today s opening.They sat at the entrance of the stock exchange all night without sleep, and even bought tents and built temporary shelters outside the door, just to be able to enter the stock exchange faster the next morning and watch today s stock market trend.The market is open, the market is open There was a shout.The stockholders who gathered at the door immediately rushed in one after another, crowding the originally small stock exchange to the brim.It seems that Hongkong Land has lost a lot of money.After all, they exchanged five shares for one milk company stock, but in fact, as long as Hongkong Land s people manipulate the stock and let the stock price fall, it will be the shareholders who will lose the most at that time, because they The milk company s stock was exchanged for five Landmark shares.After the young stockholder read the contents of the newspaper, some educated people who understand stocks secretly thought about the cbd gummies walmart near me possibility of this matter.First of all, Hongkong Land exchanged five shares for one milk company s shares, which must be a loss.Secondly, if the people in Hongkong Land try to lower their company s stock price, then there will definitely be a cbd gummies cherry lot of stockholders who will come cbd gummies for joint pain to run.After all, many stockholders don t understand stocks.In the end, most of them suffered heavy losses due to the outbreak of the stock market crash.Only a very small number of stock investors who withdrew from the stock market in advance during the outbreak of the stock market made a lot of money, but only a very small number of them.As the days passed, the Hang Seng Index was getting lower and lower.From 1000 points, to 900 points, and now to 800 points, it has been plummeting every day.Countless Xiangjiang citizens who bought stocks crowded to the stock exchange hoping to sell the stocks and recover a little loss, but in fact, it was already this time, who would dare to buy these stocks What s more, most of the citizens who don t understand stocks buy junk stocks, just like Xiangjiang antenna, the complete three no stocks, all of which are just a game set up by those capitalists Office.Who knows if the price of Nanshun will drop to a dozen or a few yuan tomorrow, so this is what he told Shen Bi to follow the market price Shen Bi chuckled lightly and said, There s no rush for now, I ll talk about it after I go back to the bank and check it out.Okay.Li Guohao didn t urge him either, and it was lucky that Shen Bi could help.If HSBC had a little help from Shen Bi, as long as the money was in place, the Ying family would have no problem buying it, then Bao Daheng would be the most difficult one.Bao Daheng is the Asian ship tycoon, and he was only reported by the news last year.He is not only rich but also powerful.Even those ghosts dare not look down on him.After all, a Chinese businessman can set a new record in Asia in just twenty or thirty years.The title of ship king is not something that ordinary people can achieve.Create dim sum exclusively for these in house staff restaurants.In fact, Li Guohao also had this idea at the beginning, but he cbd cbg gummies is it illegal to fly with cbd gummies didn t think that the pastry shop could do this.Before that, cbd gummies switzerland he wanted to help his father Li Dexiao s tea restaurant to contract some large canteens and internal restaurants.You must know that among the world s top 500 companies in later generations, there are two catering industries that specialize in group meals, and their rankings are not low, almost between 300 400 of the world s top 500 companies.What does group meal mean As the name suggests, it is a dinner party initiated by a person or an organization.Group meal means that customers consumption is not mainly in stores, but suppliers are mainly in the form of groups and door to door services.Simply put, it is a canteen.Although Xu Deming is a Singaporean Chinese, he has been waving the flag behind the people of the Jardine Group behind his back, and I am very happy to see that you can acquire Nanshun.In the end, Bao Daheng sold his shares according to the current stock price.Thirteen percent of the shares were sold to Li Guohao.Before leaving, he deliberately smiled and said that if Li Guohao has any difficulties in the acquisition process in the future, he can come to him for help.Watching Li Guohao and He Qianjin go out.Bao Rong and Bao Lian asked, Dad, why did you say to help Li Guohao acquire Nansun just now You must know that the people in the Jardine Group are so strong now.If we match up with them, they will target us if they fail.Bao Daheng said with a sullen face People from the Jardine Group forcibly bought the milk company, and they have already cbd gummies tyler texas formed a grudge with bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies us Chinese businessmen.The method is compared with Li Guohao s half of the shares.The three small shareholders looked at each other.One of them smiled and said Of course I know Chairman Xu s methods.Naturally, we hope to continue to cooperate with Chairman Xu, but this Li Guohao owns half of the company.shares The real thing is that we have a controlling stake in Lam Soon, and our total is only about 40.How can we compare with the other party You don t have to worry about this As long as everyone rejects Li Guohao s acquisition and delays for a few days, I will naturally have a way to deal with him.Xu Deming said with a gloomy face.Boom At this moment, there was a knock on the door of the office.Xu Deming frowned, knowing that it was Li Guohao who came, and also said Come in.Wow, a group of six or seven people came in behind the receptionist.I really admire the imagination of everyone, but is it necessary to cbd cbg gummies is it illegal to fly with cbd gummies elite power cbd gummies broad spectrum cbd gummies amazon add so many things to a comic that mainly focuses on cooking.I think it s better to reduce some kung fu plots as much as possible.The moves you mentioned can be integrated into cooking.After all, it is a comic, so try to look better when you draw it.Li Guohao read dozens of papers in the first volume, most of which Instead of cooking, it mainly focuses on martial arts, which seems a bit overwhelming.President, do you mean to let us draw as many cooking scenes as possible Shangguan Xiaobao asked tentatively after thinking about it.Well, since the name is called the Chinese God of Cookery, you should try to draw more plots about cooking.There has never been a comic in Xiangjiang that focuses on dishes.I believe that when this comic is released on the market, it should be good., Bao Daheng and others all have real estate there, so they think that is the best place.But in the eyes of Xiangjiang people, the best place is the villa area on the top of Victoria Peak, where you can look sideways at the beautiful scenery of the entire Xiangjiang Island, Victoria Harbor and Victoria Peak, not only can you see rows of high rise buildings, but also Even in the vast sea, the Kowloon Peninsula and even the distant New Territories are clearly visible.Speaking of Taiping Mountain, it happened that Zhao Yazhi was driving a car along a long road at this time, and Li Guohao looked at the seemingly distant Taiping Mountain from the inside of the car window.There are some scattered white dots on it, as if it is a villa on the top of Victoria Peak It was not Li Guohao s original intention to return to the company on the first day of the new year, but mainly because Li Qiang s girlfriend Zhang Nana was leaving for the United States tomorrow to discuss with the local food company about importing Xiangjiang food.Huang Yaohua s heart warmed up.Unexpectedly, Li Guohao s first concern was whether he and others were injured.He quickly said Although the workers were all beaten, they were all slightly injured.It s not a serious problem.It s just that there are a few assembly lines that seem to be injured.Something went wrong, and I m here to fix it right now. Did you call the police I called the police, and the police have already inquired in the factory. Why was it smashed I I don t know, just half an hour ago, a group of Feizi, about 20 people, rushed in with steel bars, not only injured our workers, but also forcibly shut down several assembly lines After a meal, he ran away in a hurry.You wait there, I will go over later.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao hung up the phone.He was very angry at the moment.I hope it can help you.Before, Shen Bi thought that Li Guohao just wanted to find a few people to protect him, but last time he heard Li Guohao said that he wanted to open a security company.Although there are few security companies now, it is not impossible.There is a company in the UK that specializes in security services.I also specially transferred the internal information from the police station.You must know that the police information is the most difficult to find.The government must ensure the safety of the police and other factors.Thank you very much, Manager Shen, can you Saved me a lot of things.Li Guohao sincerely thanked him.If you know about this matter, Shen Bi doesn t have to help at all, but the other party not only helped, but also helped so carefully, it would be too impersonal not to be moved.No way Li Huifang covered her mouth in surprise.Anyone who is in Xiangjiang knows how expensive the houses in the half mountain villa area are.How could she have thought that her son bought a villa here ThatBrother Zhang Li Dexiao also He poked his head out and approached the front seat and shouted to the driver Zhang Guangming, The big boss can just call me Lao Zhang.Zhang Guangming glanced at Li Dexiao through the rearview mirror, and responded with a smile.Well, Lao Zhang, did my son buy a elite power cbd gummies villa here As far as the closest person to go with Li Guohao on weekdays, apart from Zhao Yazhi and some senior executives, the driver in front of him is Zhang Guangming, who usually takes him everywhere.I have never driven the boss to the Mid Levels area.Zhang Guangming shook his head.He hasn t picked up Li Guohao recently, and it seems that the other party has found a new driver and bodyguard.He spent all his money to get these weapons from Vietnam.Now the US Vietnam War has come to an end.Many black market dealers came up with the idea of this batch of arms.When Brother Qiang heard this, he also put the submachine gun aside, and took out all the things in the shoulder bag.There were two miniature submachine guns, five small pistols, and two grenades Xiao Wu, how are things going over there Raptor asked looking at the man sitting on one side.I ve been stalking that kid recently, but he has a driver to pick him up when he goes in and out, and he rarely appears in other places except where he lives and goes to the company.Xiao cbd gummies cycling Wu told some of the recent stalking.Someone next to him said, Actually, I think it s better to change the target to kidnap that kid There are so many rich people in Xiangjiang, much richer than this kid, why don t we find a rich man and make a fortune Qiang Brother pondered for a while.Seeing that people with missions and meritorious deeds can pass directly through the exception, it is also heart warming As long as there is any major case in Xiangjiang, except for the police who know it immediately, it is not the elite power cbd gummies reporter of the uncrowned king.I don t know where I got the news.TVB and Li s TV reporters drove their live broadcast vehicles to Pok Fu Lam Village regardless of safety.Some newspaper reporters also followed the orders of their superiors, and drove to Pok Fu Lam Road one by one with a driver s license or by car.At this time, Li Guohao, who was hiding in a house, was pale and sweating behind his back.He was wearing a good looking suit, which was stained with a lot of mud because of running on the wasteland, and the cuff was scratched by unknown weeds.Yes, he glanced dully at the villagers and the two bodyguards hiding in the house, bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies and calmed down a little.At this time, when a newspaper reporter was interviewing the villagers, he learned from the other party that this group of people was chasing Li Guohao The new Xiangjiang billionaire.What You said those gangsters with guns are chasing Li Guohao Is it the Li Guohao who bought Nanshun some time ago The billionaire reported in the newspaper For Li Guohao, many people have read the newspapers in the past few months.If it wasn t for the fact that the villager in front of him had a good memory and had bought pastries from the palace for his children, he HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies probably wouldn t remember this new billionaire either.The newspaper reporter s exclamation attracted everyone s attention.Hey, friend, you said that group of gangsters are chasing that newly promoted Hong Kong tycoon Li Guohao After hearing the healx cbd gummies voice, a reporter next to him also had his eyes lit up, and rushed over to question the exclaimed newspaper reporter.From the first day when the reporter got the news, a continuous During the week, whether it was newspapers, magazines or TV stations, they all made detailed reports and analyzes on Li Guohao s attack.Some unscrupulous newspapers directly positioned Li Guohao s incident as a gangster vendetta.After all, in recent years, under the circumstances that the gangster forces have become increasingly rampant, an ordinary young man started from scratch and created a large family business, which also involved some gunfights and kidnappings.Can not arouse people s suspicion.And Li s TV station has a good relationship with Li Guohao, plus it has an advertising agreement with the pastry company, whether it is in terms of business or personal relationship, most of the news reported by Li s TV station is in a are cbd gummies legal in georgia elite power cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies official website positive form, that is, the real situation , Li Guohao and two bodyguards encountered robbers on the road.After the thirteen people gradually finished talking about their vision for the company s future development and the current company s business development.Li Guohao also nodded and said What everyone said is very good.Many suggestions and ideas are what the group needs now, elite power cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies official website but things need to be done step by step.Manager Li Qiang said that laying the foundation is a good thing.Other than that, it is to stabilize the company s business.Gradually develop while ensuring the company s business.To put it bluntly, this meeting is to bring together the general managers and executives of the group s subsidiaries for a meeting.Guohao Group is not only involved in a wide range of industries, but it is also in twos and threes.For example, comic book clubs and security companies are two completely incompatible industries.As for the magazine, I will not name it.At that time, the magazine featured I drew a color picture of Li Shengyou walking out of this building in high spirits wearing a black overcoat followed by four or five people, and captioned it Xiangjiang Dream The new billionaire Li Guohao said lightly I guess so.I m usually very busy, so I don t pay much attention to these things.Come down and put it in a picture frame.I don t know if Li Sheng read the magazine this morning, but the other party posted this picture again, and re assigned the title Mazi becomes a boss Awesome Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned and asked Reporter Chen, are you sure Well, this is it.Reporter Chen dug out the magazine from his bag.After receiving the magazine, Li Guohao looked at the cover of the original photo, but there was a huge title Is it a rich businessman or Feizi in the upper left corner.After giving Zhang Dong a blank look, Li Guohao said, I said, in total, this is using my factory to practice hands, right No, but you also know that my father in law has no experience in this kind of work.Although there are many cement workers and bricklayers under his command, they have not actually participated in this kind of work.Zhang Dong twin elements cbd gummies near me also patted his chest and assured, Don t worry, when the time comes, you will send someone to inspect and accept.If there is anything that does not meet the standards, I will say it here first.I promise on behalf of my father in law that I will never charge a penny.And help you to re do that project well.Li Guohao thought about it carefully.Huang Yaohua hadn t given a letter of approval for the re establishment of the food factory, and he didn t know how the factory was planned, so he didn t make sure I can t give you this Guaranteed, because Huang Yaohua hasn t given me an approval letter yet, but I think besides a few large factories, there should be some buildings like dormitory buildings and canteens.If he is engaged in real estate in the future, let this A master went benefits of cbd gummy elite power cbd gummies through the motions and talked about how good this real estate is, and I believe there will be an endless stream of people to buy it.Chapter 273Food high tech simply surveyed the surrounding environment again, and Li Guohao got in the car diamond cbd gummies reddit and drove Master Dong Driving towards Xiangjiang Island.In the car, Li Guohao glanced at Master Dong, who was in his fifties, and said with a smile, Master Dong, how about I give you a fortune Oh Master Dong was taken aback.There will be reporters coming to interview you in a few days.You d better rent a better place.What does Li Sheng mean Master Dong asked confusedly.Do you know Chen Lang Chen Lang That feng shui master Yes, I think Master Dong s Feng elite power cbd gummies Shui skills are no less than that of Chen Lang.Why are we not allowed to enter the hospital We have the right to visit patients in the hospital, and we have the right to cbd cbg gummies is it illegal to fly with cbd gummies allow Zou Wenhuai to be interviewed That s right, we have the right to interview, and you can t hinder the freedom of interviews I m just visiting patients That s all, please let me in May I ask Mr.He Guanchang, what kind of illness did .

how much is fun drops cbd gummies?

Bruce Lee suffer from before he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment We received information from an informant that Mr.Bruce Lee spent the night at the home of a certain actress last night., May I ask if it is true He Guanchang of Golden Harvest Films was standing at the door at this time, looking at the fifty or sixty reporters blocking him in front of him, he also touched the sweat stains on his forehead, and when he heard their questioning questions, he also repeatedly Said, I only learned of this bad news this morning.He just stood on the second floor cbd gummies in kokomo indiana and watched Zheng Jiachun play with the friends he called.He was not familiar with those people.If he was playing downstairs, some friction would be difficult to deal with.He Qianjin today He was wearing a skirt, and he didn t invite any girls to play today, so he didn t end up.Seeing Zheng Jiachun s sweaty and dirty appearance, he laughed and said, I said that it s rare for Brother Zheng to see you.You look so embarrassed.Ha ha It s fun.There are no places for leisure and entertainment on weekdays, except for the racecourse and the nightclub.Zheng Jiachun said with a smile.He heard Zheng Jiachun pointing to Li Guohao and said, I said, Ah Hao, the place you repaired is too small.It only takes me a few minutes to run back and forth At this time, the live action shooting game site was only two acres in size.Upon hearing this, Zhang Bowen smiled helplessly and said I will work hard Guohao Security has been established for almost half a year now, not to mention that it has been losing money, but it has been asking Li Guohao for money.If not for the recent period, many shopping malls are doing activities and need security.I am afraid that even the money will not be earned October is less than a month away.Li Guohao remembered very clearly that when the war in the Middle East officially broke out, it should have been in early October, but he really didn t remember the exact day.If it elite power cbd gummies weren t for his liking to read Hong Kong entertainment novels back then, how could he pay attention to this kind of war that was not in his own country decades ago, let alone know about it.However, before the war broke out, there must be some clues.This is why Li Guohao just HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies now He didn t directly talk about speculating in oil stocks, but kept asking about the situation of the war in the Middle East.Li Guohao and Ni Xingqing were finally awakened.The fact that he came to the United States to speculate in stocks can be regarded as a foundation.If someone finds out in the future , or learned that there can be someone to help publicize one or two.It is not to say that Li Guohao has any strange abilities, but at most he praises the other party for his good vision and understanding of the international situation.At this time, Ni Xingqing was completely impressed by Li Guohao s words.Convinced In ancient times, there was Zhuge Liang s Longzhong Conversation, and now there is Li Guohao s oil theory Ni Xingqing leaned on the wall and came to the table in a daze, and sat down on the stool.But , He can judge so many things without relying on the information on the situation in the Middle East, so this is why Ni Xingqing is full of admiration for Li Guohao in his heart at this moment At the same time, he also put a label on Li Guohao in the bottom of his heart Prodigy Stock God Because only a person who is naturally sensitive to stocks can earn nearly 100 million Hong Kong dollars from a person who knows nothing about stocks when the Hong Kong stock market crash broke out in early 1973 This is why after a few months of stock knowledge, you can come up with such an oil theory Apart from the two titles of prodigy and stock god, Ni Xingqing could no longer find any labels to put on HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies Li Guohao Are you okay Xingqing Seeing that Ni Xingqing had been silent for a long time, Li Guohao asked curiously as he sat there alone, not knowing what elite power cbd gummies he was thinking of writing.To put it simply, when you think the stock price is going to fall, you can prepay a 10 deposit to borrow goods from a third party and sell them.When the position is closed, you can buy it back to the third party and get back the deposit.The way.To put it simply if there is no goods, sell first and then buy.For example, if you see A stock at 10 yuan, analyze that it will fall to 8 yuan in a certain period of time in the market outlook, and you do not hold A stock in your hand, then you can borrow a certain amount from the person who holds A stock.A stock, and signed the agreement.These borrowed stocks must be returned to the original holders within a certain period of time.Suppose you borrow 100 A shares and sell them at a price of 10 yuan, and you will get 1,000 yuan bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies in cash.If the stock really falls to 8 yuan within the specified time, you buy 100 shares of A stock at 8 yuan, spend 800 yuan, and return the 100 shares to the original holder, and the number of shares of the original holder remains unchanged , and you earned 200 yuan in cash.You must know that the 2.1 billion in cash minus the billions in bank elite power cbd gummies loans to him can still be sold within two days.It is conceivable that its strength can be imagined by collecting 800 million or 900 million yuan temporarily Hearing from Li Dexiao yesterday that the people from Maxim s Company had extended their tentacles to restaurants, Li Guohao still became a little nervous.His goal was to only develop in the catering industry, and invest in other industries appropriately., subject to others in terms of real estate or the media.This time, I brought a huge sum of more than one billion yuan back to Xiangjiang, and I planned a lot of ideas along the way.First, a large part of the expenditure in the catering industry is on advertising.According to the later generations of McDonald s and KFC, they invest in various Internet TVs in the United States every year.Mr.Pang is too famous.Li cbd cbg gummies is it illegal to fly with cbd gummies Guohao said modestly After confirming the name of the newspaper, Pang Heshuo left first.He has not been the editor in chief of the newspaper for almost ten years, and he needs to make some preparations.Di Yimin and Li Guohao got up to see them off.After sending Pang Heshuo away, Li Guohao said, Has the Yongan Building been taken down The price offered by New Century Real Estate is a bit high, but we are arranging someone to talk to them.Well, get it done as soon as possible, and the company Move there.Suddenly thinking about the self built building, Li Guohao asked again How is Manager Qi The building Yes.It seems to be looking for a place.Request, we also try our best to find it here in West Kowloon.Yeah.The two walked towards the office.Secretary Xiao Liu shouted Chairman Li Guohao asked What s wrong Ms.I can t stand the trouble when I m old, just get through it in peace and stability.Bao Daheng sighed.Now that the family is big and the business is big, many things are no longer in his control.that s it.Mr.Bao, you are still young.I believe you will become the world s shipping king sooner or later Li Guohao complimented him.He vaguely remembered that in a few years, it should be the Wharf Incident, which was mentioned in many Hong Kong entertainment novels.this matter.Now Bao Daheng is 55 years old, and he should have been nearly 60 years old at that time, but he still boldly gathered 2 billion yuan to buy Wharf at a premium, causing a sensation in Xiangjiang.Accept Li Sheng s auspicious words.Bao Daheng smiled honestly. Coming out of Daheng Bao s study, Li Guohao went straight downstairs., changed the male lead to the champion of the pastry contest, and after winning, he spent all his time eating his money until the pastry shop he ran closed down.Under the persuasion of his girlfriend and friends, he resolutely regained the lost craftsmanship.Go to England to participate in the world pastry competition.Speaking of this, Xu Guanwen glanced at Li Guohao cautiously and said Well, chairman, I would like to borrow some pastry chefs from you, especially the one who makes fondant cakes in England That master.Master Wang Li Guohao asked.That s right, it s Master Wang.Xu Guanwen nodded.For the filming of The God of Cookery , he also did enough work.After studying the pastry competition and the British International Skills Competition, he finally decided on the script.Li Guohao frowned slightly, and said in thought Master Wang is in the UK now.After thinking about it, he didn t refuse the other party s door to door sales.After all, they are all members of a manufacturer s association., Whoever buys it is not who, why give money to the islanders.Mr.Lei s machinery factory can manufacture food assembly lines Li Guohao asked suspiciously.Our factory is naturally not capable of making some machinery, .

can taking cbd gummies make you fail a drug test?

but our factory can still make mechanical assembly lines for food packaging, filling processing, and food processing.Lei Hongren said quite proudly.You must know that in the entire Xiangjiang, only he, Lei Hongren, was the first businessman to make heavy industrial machinery.It belongs to their own mechanical assembly line.There is absolutely no problem with the quality of the machinery, but there is one thing, that is, they cannot make a lot of precision machinery, and they can only make some less important mechanical assembly lines.Mr.Huang, give me your business card.As long as it meets the company s standards, then whose products are purchased are not purchased Yes Yes, Li Sheng is right Huang elite power cbd gummies Zhongbo said with a smile.While Li Guohao was communicating with several people, someone next to him whispered something into Chen Jiadao s ear.Chen Jiadao said Li Sheng, Chairman Liang has something to do with you, look President Liang Where is he Mr.Li, this way please.The service staff took Li Guohao to the conference room Go to the president s office outside In the president s office, four or five people sat scattered.Li Guohao and Chen Jiadao walked in together.This young man must be Li Guohao Liang Zhixun looked at the unusually young Li Guohao, and couldn t help feeling The future of our manufacturer s association lies in young and promising youngsters like Li Sheng Being complimented, Li Guohao He hurriedly said modestly Old Mr.Nissin in Wanwan is already close to bankruptcy, let alone produce expensive cup noodles.Li Guohao pondered for a moment and said Send someone to the supermarkets in Xiangjiang to see if there is such a cup noodle.If there is, let someone buy it back to see what kind of bowls they use.There will be a huge market for cup noodles in the future.After all, they are instant noodles, and most of them are bought by people who are at work or out, and they cannot carry their bowls and chopsticks with them. Yes, I will let people buy them and send them to the research and technology department.Huang Yaohua nodded and said.Now the food technology department has expanded from the simple research and development of food in the past to all aspects of food.In addition to the food itself, it will also try to develop some accessories, such as packaging bags, food additives and the like.After the waste oil is filtered, it is technically processed to make usable soap.Don t think it is made of waste oil, but it meets the standards in terms of effect, hygiene and safety.For this reason, Li Guohao specially asked Di Yimin to contact a local daily necessities production company in Xiangjiang, purchased several production lines, and planned to rent a small factory in other areas of Yuen Long to make soap.At this moment, after the five people in Wenna had changed into workers clothes, they sat in several seats arranged by the staff, each with a pen and paper in their hands, and began to pretend to be inspecting the product.This film is very simple.After the five people NGed once, they finally found a little feeling.They pretended to be a qualified inspection employee and turned left and right around the production line.After he turned around, he asked When leaving, Lao Zhang said By the way, bring some newspapers.What newspapers do you want Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, and Oriental Daily, three copies.Drinking tea bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies with friends in a teahouse One advantage is that you can buy a few more newspapers, and everyone reads them in turn.The waiter nodded, suddenly thought of something, turned his head to look at the calendar on the wall, and asked with a smile Today, there is an exclusive elite power cbd gummies interview report by Li Guohao from the Daily Daily. Old bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies Zhang was taken aback, and asked, Is that the pastry king Yes. Then have one. Okay Soon, the waiter came over with some newspapers.Lao Zhang snatched the Daily Daily first.Oh, Lao Zhang, I want to read the Daily Daily first.I want to read it too.The guys wanted to read the Daily Daily first.Li Guohao s Guohao Group has inherent advantages.The food given to employees is all produced by itself, and the price is also the ex factory price.Basically, it does not make money.This reduces additional expenses.But if it is sold to other companies, at HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies least some profit must be made, otherwise, there is no need to cooperate with others.It s not charity, how can you not make money Huang Yaohua said I know these things, but it is a good project after all.I think it is necessary to talk to them.Li Guohao shrugged You can do it as you see it.You still have to decide on many things by yourself, and you really come to me with some big problems.Boom Suddenly, the office door rang again.Li Guohao frowned and shouted Come in At this moment, Jin Jiashi opened the door and walked in.After seeing Huang Yaohua, Jin Jiashi was taken aback and said, Chairman, are you busy Xiao Liu didn t tell you She s not at the door, she must have gone to the bathroom.Huo Zhenting paid attention large quantity of cbd gummies oregon to Li Guohao before, and said with a smile Ah elite power cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies official website Hao, this is for the sake of a beautiful woman, spending a lot of money After speaking, he winked at Zheng Jiachun.When Zheng Jiachun heard this, he glanced at Zhao Yazhi who was beside Li Guohao, and immediately laughed and said, Ahao, can I be your girlfriend I don t want that watch.Just give me the painting of Mr.Zhang Daqian As soon as these words came out, Zhao Yazhi was immediately shy.That can t be done.I have always wanted to collect Mr.Zhang s paintings.It s rare to see the real ones today.Naturally, I want to take pictures and pass them on to future generations Li Guohao said seriously.At this time, Zhang Daqian walked over slowly accompanied by his friends, holding a wine glass.He happened to hear Li Guohao s words and couldn t help laughing Li Sheng, are my paintings really so good It s worth it.Chen Xuewen shared a room with Xiao Fan.When he was in a daze in the morning, he happened to hear that Xiao cbd cbg gummies is it illegal to fly with cbd gummies Fan was about to go out, so he asked casually.Only now did he remember it when Li Guohao mentioned it.These guys really thought they were here No travel After listening, Li Guohao said in a deep voice.Boss, do you want me to find them back Amin asked.Li Guohao thought for a while, let s talk about it when they come back Forget it, let s talk about it when they come back. By the way, Ah Wen, is tomorrow morning or afternoon The boat at five o clock in the morning, we have to pack our luggage early this evening.I have already contacted two cars, and they cbd gummies vs hemp oil will wait for us directly downstairs in the hotel.How far If you take a boat, it only takes four or five hours to arrive.If the ships on that route are not very old, I think it will take less than three hours.Our new restaurant will offer a 30 discount on all meals within three days.As soon as this news is reported, many people will definitely come to can you bring cbd gummies on a flight elite power cbd gummies eat. That s good.Hearing his son s affirmation, Li Dexiao felt can you bring cbd gummies on a flight elite power cbd gummies at ease.He was afraid that no customers would come to eat at the opening of the new how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety store, or that there would only be kittens and fishes in twos and threes.It would be embarrassing., Li Guohao caught a glimpse of his father and Cheng Xizhi chatting there, which made him smile helplessly, and thought to himself that he was really self indulgent just now.Speaking of which, Rende Catering Company only owns 20 of the shares, of which 100 Forty percent belonged to the father, and the rest belonged to the mother and grandfather.The name of the company s legal representative was Li Dexiao.No matter from the perspective of shares or legal representative, Li Dexiao is a veritable chairman, which is no wonder When Cheng Xi came up, he directly called the other party the chairman.I am very grateful to the eight who have set a good example and contributed to the prosperity and stability of Hong elite power cbd gummies Kong s economy I invite Mr.Bao Yugang to present awards to them He Dongsheng smiled and greeted Bao Daheng who came up from the stage.Every year, a Hong Kong veteran tycoon will be invited to present awards to these young people.Soon several staff members came up with a few plates with trophies on them.Bao Daheng was not good at talking and had no intention of speaking after he came to the stage.He directly followed He Dongsheng s intention, took the trophy from the staff on the side, and handed the trophy engraved with Li Guobao s name to Li Guobao first.He smiled and said, Congratulations Thank you, Mr.Bao Li Guobao took the trophy and thanked him.Congratulations Thank you, Mr. Who will believe what you say Even if you are in charge of news Business, but as the editor in chief of the newspaper, reviewing manuscripts is a must Li Guohao didn t expect that Pang Heshuo would open his eyes and talk nonsense, and couldn t help complaining.Okay, okay, chairman, I know that my review is unfavorable, but do you know how much our newspaper sales have increased yesterday and today We sold more than 10,000 copies For the business of our newspaper, you reluctantly acquiesced Come on down, besides, no one knows how much you spent on your marriage, and it s not like we wrote it, and it s not another newspaper. Editor Pang, editor Pang Oh, forget it, let s do this first.Li Guohao always thought that Pang Heshuo was a kind of more refined traditional literary businessman, but he missed one thing, literary businessman, literary businessman, with the temperament of a literati, naturally has the shrewdness of a businessman.Ah, what s the matter Li Guohao looked at the gang of kid who blocked him and smiled.Red envelope You can only go up if you give the red envelope The brat shouted bravely.Yes, you can only go up if you give a red envelope Sister Ah Zhi can t marry you for HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies nothing, you have to bio life cbd gummies cbd cbg gummies give a red envelope The public housing where Zhao Yazhi lives has a good relationship with the neighbors, and almost all of them have watched the children of each family grow up Yes, these little devils must know the most beautiful big sister Zhao Yazhi in this public housing.After Li Guohao listened, he glanced at his watch and saw that the time was still early, so he smiled lightly and said Okay, it s okay if you want me to give you a red envelope, if each of you say a word of congratulations, I will give you a red envelope.His main business is in the catering industry.If he wants to enter the TV industry, it must be for the sake of his company.You don t have to worry too much about cooperating with him.But with Run Run Shaw If you don t, it s like raising a tiger for trouble, and sooner or later it will explode and hurt people Aren t you afraid that Li Guohao is also an unfamiliar cub Zheng Jinghan asked with a smile.He Zuozhi suddenly laughed and said There is nothing to worry about.If you know that Li Guohao invested one million to establish the Friends Film Company, gave up half of the shares to the two main persons in charge of the company, and never managed any business within the company.You will understand that cooperating with him is the happiest thing for every power hungry person Is there such a thing Zheng Jinghan has never paid much attention to this aspect, so he is naturally not clear about Li Guohao s investment in Friends Film Company The thing is, you must know that Cai Lang and Xu Guanwen are the envy of many directors and producers in Xiangjiang.I made a rough estimate of the number of people in the company that I see now.It is about 30 people, and most of them are yellow skinned Chinese faces.I FDA FDA elite power cbd gummies 426 elite power cbd gummies elite power cbd gummies elite power cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies official website elite power cbd gummies 427 elite power cbd gummies 1866 1907 1866 essence cbd gummies 1926 1927 1866 1907 1866 1926 1927 elite power cbd gummies 1926 1927 elite power cbd gummies In addition to inviting the newspaper media, people from the three major TV stations were also invited to film the press conference.Hearing Li Guohao said that there is also a selection, he couldn t help it Asked Choice How to choose Chapter 459 Rejecting the elite power cbd gummies Queen From the selection of chefs to the selection of restaurants.Li Guohao thought for a while, referred to some information he saw on the Internet, and the pastry association s pastry chef rating, he said First we have to grade the chef, and then grade the restaurant.Just like the pastry association, from first class pastry chef to super pastry chef, and so on.Thinking of this, Li Guohao said to himself But since we come up with this, we must set up a special gourmet weekly.The weekly magazine is published, so that people can see the magazine and understand the restaurants selected by us.Then Li Guohao chatted with Cheng Xizhi for a while, finalized the matter of the Food Association, and included the original Chinese Food HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies Promotion Association into the World Food Association, which invisibly raised the level of the association.The average speed of a new store in two months will not be more than a few years.I want to come Panda Express is available in most states across the United States.A few days ago, I visited the painting boats of Zheng Daheng and He Gambling King, which gave Li Guohao the idea of expanding Fumanlou.Fumanlou is a Chinese style restaurant.It is still difficult to develop abroad, because the tastes are different after all.However, Uncle Chang s Cheong Kee Restaurant gave him an idea before, which made Li Guohao understand that it is not impossible for the United States to develop Chinese style restaurants, as long as there is a little change in taste.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Guan Yunfei frowned, and said worriedly Ahao, you mean that you want to buy Jinhua Restaurant Uncle Guan is not an acquisition, but a merger Li Guohao said I am planning to set up a new catering company, Fumanlou is just one of the brands, just like my Guohao Foods, there are dumplings, glutinous rice balls and snacks in various packages.For example, there are two security elite power cbd gummies companies in this movie, one is a fictional company that is ugly, and the other is Guohao Security, which is full of mighty technology, which is considered invisible.ads.In order to protect the bronze tripod from being stolen, the people from the exhibition company first hired Xu Guanwen s fictional company to protect it with cheap funds.Later, after the bronze tripod was stolen, the people from the exhibition company immediately spent a lot of money to invite Guohao Security Join the survey.Xu Guanwen and others were also dismissed by the fictional company because of their dereliction of duty.In order to obtain more clues, Li Qianjin Lin of Guohao Security also gave Xu Guanwen and others a chance to commit crimes and make meritorious service.Hao security has become a truly qualified security personnel.A few days ago, after Li Guohao saw the news about Wharf in the newspaper, he recalled that next year Bao Daheng seemed to land on the abandoned ship and initiate an acquisition from Wharf.After thinking about this incident, Li Guohao was about to call Ni Xingqing to inquire about something, but when he picked up the phone, he suddenly remembered that Ni Xingqing had gone to the United States with Cheng Xizhi Originally, he wanted to wait for Ni Xingqing to come back to ask, but Li Guohao thought about it, and the question he asked seemed not very secretive, so he called Hu Changqing who was working on the floor below As a well known gold medal consultant in Xiangjiang, Hu Changqing has also worked for many securities companies and worked as a consultant for many wealthy businessmen.He must have a good understanding of the four foreign firms and well known enterprises and companies.Fresh and tender, the taste is fresh and mellow, and the bottom of the leaf is delicate and flowery.Good tea, good tea President Liang didn t expect Bao Daheng to be so knowledgeable about tea.He laughed Haha, I didn t expect Mr.Bao to be a tea lover.If I had known, I would have sent a few more boxes Li Guohao then said Uncle Bao, if you like it, you can take the tea.I was just talking casually at the time.Bao Daheng showed hesitation on his face.He is indeed a tea drinker.He has drank Longjing tea, but it is not produced in the mainland.This time, the Longjing tea is produced in Longjing Village in West Lake, Hangzhou.Authentic in You can only go HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies to Kyoto in an honest green leather car.It is also possible to go directly south to Guangzhou and take a plane there to the capital, but this may delay a lot of travel, so I chose to take the green leather train, which can be reached in less than two days.Thinking of this, Li Guohao regretted not calling Jin Jiashi back from Australia.Although he had already resigned from his position as the general manager of Guohao Lam Soon and became cbd cbg gummies the manager of the Australian branch, the person who knows Guohao Nanshun best, It must be him.In the room, after thinking alone for a long time, Li Guohao decided to call Jin Jiashi over.If the time comes to discuss cooperation, Jin Jiashi, an old man from Nanshun, a national hero, will be there, so that the cooperation can be discussed more appropriately Chapter 655 Xiangjiang is easy to make money Li Guohao thought of this, he stood up and was about to go out and ask the people in the guest house where he could call Xiangjiang.Bang The door was opened.As soon as Li Guohao stepped out, he saw two young women standing by the door.Speaking of this, Shen Bi raised his head and glanced at everyone present As far HCMUSSH elite power cbd gummies as I know, Li Guohao personally invested in a Chinese restaurant chain restaurant in the United States.Last year, the funds deposited in HSBC Bank in Europe and America were as high as 150 million U.S.dollars.He privately The rest of the investment industry can bring him a lot of profits every year, and at this time we came to the door and asked him to pay back the money, which is undoubtedly a complete offense to him.Hearing that Li Guohao actually invested in business in Europe and the United States, he made a profit last year 150 million US dollars, everyone in the conference room was horrified.No wonder Shen Bi had the guts to lend 3 billion Hong Kong dollars to Guohao Group a few years ago.The manager of the bank s personal savings department swallowed and asked, ThenChairman Shen, what should we do Among all the departments, except for the capital operation department, he, the manager of the personal savings department, suffered the most up.With the stock market falling and the real estate industry plummeting, many people who cannot see the future of Xiangjiang , One after another, they sold their properties and emigrated overseas.A series of blows brought Xiangjiang s real estate to the final critical point.In the past, millions of mansions, tens of millions of mansions, fell to the point where no one cares about them and people buy them after falling again and again.Take Li Guohao s mid level villa as an example.When he bought it, it was about 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars.Last year, it rose to 11 million, an increase of 7.About 5 times, but after the Sino British negotiations, it plummeted to less than 4 million in an instant.In the past month or so, there have been more than 20 villas in the middle of the mountain that have not been sold, and have been listed for sale by real estate agencies.At this time, it is impossible to find someone to take over the project.If it is built, it can be sold for a little money.Time hastened to December.After the second round of Sino British negotiations in June, during this period, the two sides launched the third and fourth rounds of negotiations in August and October respectively.In the first four rounds of negotiations, most of them elite power cbd gummies came to nothing due to the extremely tough attitudes of both sides.Especially in the fourth round of negotiations, British Foreign Minister Howe proposed to return only the New Territories, while still retaining the jurisdiction and sovereignty of Xiangjiang Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.During the negotiation process, Mr.Deng said directly, Xiangjiang is an inseparable part of China.This time in 1997, not only the New Territories, Kowloon Peninsula and Xiangjiang Island, but also outlying islands and affiliated islands were taken back.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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