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After she told the story to Lord Dingning yesterday, Lord Hou didn t cbd organic vegan gummies for sleep say anything, but just sent her away.Early this morning, she sent someone to ask about the purse, but there was no reply.Zhou Ruzhang clenched his hands tightly.How could Master Hou be so ruthless After all, he is also her brother in law.It is all because of Zhou Rujun s embarrassment for the Zhou family s female family, which made them so disgusted by the Cui family.It was good for Zhou Rujun to support the younger sister in the family, and almost got into the entire Zhou family, wasting her grandmother s painstaking efforts to raise her up.Zhou Ruzhang followed Mrs.Wednesday out of the car, when she heard a burst of laughter, she turned her head and saw Gu Mingzhu.That idiot is also here, and Mrs.Huaiyuanhou really dares to bring the idiot girl here, isn t she afraid that the idiot girl will lose face to the Gu family Mrs.Mrs.Lin thought carefully Is it related to the best cbd sleep gummies on amazon loss of the war horse by Lord Hou Besides, she She couldn t think of any other reason, but she didn t understand, if the horses were stolen, the imperial court would punish Lord Hou, why those people came to kill them.Cui Zhen said I m afraid I want to force Lord Hou to investigate this case.If Zhuzhu is killed, and the victim is a bandit, Lord Hou will immediately ask the court to come to Shanxi.If something happened, she would definitely catch that murderer to avenge Zhuzhu.Mrs.Lin seemed to have figured it out Those people forced us to investigate the Pearl Thief case, that s why they left pearls to harm others.Our Marquis has long since ceased to hold important positions in the court.They attacked us again and again.First, they let Hou Ye lose many horses, and now they come to harm best cbd sleep gummies on amazon us.Take off the bamboo hat.Upon hearing this, Gu Mingzhu slowly took off the bamboo hat on her head.A fire light shone on her best cbd sleep gummies on amazon face, and she couldn t help closing her eyes tightly to avoid it, leaving the officer with a scar like bark.The officers and soldiers saw that their scalps were numb, and they vaguely felt a stench coming from the sore, and waved their hands in disgust Let s go, let s go Anyway, she went to Yong an Lane, where the people are contemptuous To the extreme, even if there are bandits, they will not steal them.Wearing a bamboo hat, Gu Mingzhu continued to move forward, and the words of the official came from behind Those people outside Yong an Lane should be moved farther away.Outside Yong an Lane is the place where traffickers and pawns live, and people who are displaced by famine or war If they poured into the city, it became the most chaotic place, where murder, arson, and plague were rampant.Chen nodded, I scared my wife tonight.Go home at 10 00, no matter what happened tonight from Cui s family or Nie Chen.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it when she suddenly felt Liu Su who was beside her take a quick step to block her.When she raised her head, she saw a person standing not far away.The bright and bright moonlight shone on him, making him look extraordinarily clear, his phoenix eyes unabis cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies near me were slightly raised, and there was a bit of sharpness in his eyes.The light at night was dim, and he shouldn t be able to see so clearly, probably because he was very fair, which just matched the moonlight.Isn t this the passer by who watched her play and wanted to expose her Eighty percent of his fate clashed with hers, and pure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd sleep gummies on amazon the road to enemies was narrow, so he met them again.Chapter 15 Awei Gu Mingzhu paused for a moment, thinking about leading Liu Su to bypass the person in front.Lu already had a guess in his mind, and he could determine the answer in his mind based on his age.Right or wrong.Does Master Lu want the person she meets to be older or younger Master Lu will give her more answers in the next step.Seeing the figure of the second brother, Mrs.Cui Si cbd oil vs gummies best cbd sleep gummies on amazon couldn t help her nose sore and almost shed tears.Lu Shenzhi sat down, and Fourth Mrs.Cui immediately sent the servants out.Second Brother, Fourth Mrs.Cui pursed her pale lips, I heard from the Cui family that your brother in law is related to those bandits.How could he do such a thing II don t believe it.Lu Shenzhi s brows and eyes became a little more serious.Under Mrs.Cui Si s expectant gaze, he said, Brother in law is not that kind of person.speak out.Lu Shenzhi didn t know how to comfort his sister, the current situation made him feel helpless It s all my fault.She has to run around Mrs.Lin s house, and gather around her mother in charge to find a chance to get the key, and then hide in the Pianxia checked the things Mrs.Lin brought, thanks to the strange objects in the box wrapped in red cloth, otherwise it would really take a lot of effort to find them.But the things in that box are really interesting.Yasheng, talisman, paper money, ghost weapon, ghost torque stick These are obviously used to deal with Zhou Rujun s ghost, but unfortunately cbd gummies steve harvey they are of no use because she has already tried it.She suddenly woke up from Gu Mingzhu.This situation was far beyond her understanding of everything.At one time, she also suspected that the ghosts and gods in ancient books might be real, so she took the opportunity to send paper money, talismans, offerings, etc.The pain struck again, Lu Shenzhi gasped, but this time Wei Yuanchen didn t intend to stop, the whip fell on him almost without any pause, making him unable to breathe at all.Is this trying to whip him to death Lord Wei not only refused to listen to him, but even tortured him to death, because he was identified as a thief in Taiyuan Mansion, and those people were identified as bandits entrenched in the mountains.It shouldn t be like this.Finally, after a burst of whips, Wei Yuanchen stopped, stretched out his hand to wipe away the blood splattered on his chin, and threw the whip to the guards beside him.Although Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, the guard knew what he meant, and immediately continued to wave the whip in his hand.Lu Shenzhi felt warm blood pouring out of his body, and the torture made him tremble uncontrollably.The person who went out of the city was a bearded man, wearing the clothes of a government official, so he thought it was a government official, so he didn t cbd gummies quebec check carefully.The beard can cover the face, Cui Zhen looked at Han Yu Your Excellency, do you know that someone in the Yamen is out of the city on business Find Lu Shenzhi for questioning.If anyone can be found now.Cui Zhen was thinking about it, when a jailer came up and said, My lord, something happened in the prison.Among the prisoners caught in Yong an Lane, one of them once recognized the place where the stolen goods were hidden.Now that person has been killed.Cui Zhen Zhen immediately frowned, and Han Yu s face changed greatly What s the matter Didn t you already send more people in the prison How did you get in with the murderer It was the jailer guarding the prisoner who did it.

In her medicine box, she brought it to who owns condor cbd gummies Mrs.Chen.After Mrs.Chen and others knew about the situation of the boat, it was much easier to best cbd sleep gummies on amazon do it.It s a pity that this is a bureau, and the people responsible for the layout should be on these few flower boats.She came to the boat to see clearly how that person could leave at this time.Gu Mingzhu looked at the hourglass and calculated that it was almost time.Sister Ah Jin is sick.Two maids helped Ah Jin into the door, and Zi Yuan eagerly stepped forward to check, only to see Ah Jin s face was pale and she was clutching her stomach tightly.Doctor, come and take a look.Zi Yuan pulled Gu Mingzhu back.Before Gu Mingzhu stepped forward, Ah Jin bent down and vomited again.It s probably because she ate something bad, so she can t be here, the servant girl said, I m going to tell my mother right now.Han Yu s face was worried.I don t see Feng Tong judge doing things so neatly on weekdays.Tonight he spared no effort in doing things, but I m afraid it won t be his turn joyce meyer cbd gummies reviews to come to the trial.Han Yu said Send the person to the yamen properly, don t make any mistakes.My lord, don t worry.Feng Anping bowed to send Han Yu off, then found Chu Jiu in the crowd, and winked at Chu Jiu, he was rarely smart , this can be regarded as a great achievement, right The people escorted the prisoner to the government office.Something happened in Taiyuan Mansion, and the magistrate took people to arrest the bandits, and unexpectedly captured Mr.Wei who was sent by the emperor to investigate the case.The news best legal cbd gummies was like thunder on the ground, and all the officials of Taiyuan Mansion, big and small, were awakened from their dreams.Otherwise, how could they live in such a shabby place Hou s help to where to buy cbd gummies near me smilez cbd gummies survive.Not only the Cui clan, but even the in laws have to rely on Marquis Ding Ning, it is really not easy for Marquis Ding Ning.Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help feeling hot when he thought of Cui Zhen s mighty and handsome appearance.Unfortunately, Marquis Dingning s wife was unlucky.Know what it s like to have a virtuous wife and family.If she is allowed to marry into the Cui family, she can guarantee that Dingning Hou Cui Zhen will be able to go smoothly from now on, as long as Cui Zhen treats her well, so what if there best cbd sleep gummies on amazon are two Ding Ninghou wives in front She didn t insist on marrying Cui Zhen, she just felt that Cui Zhen was too pitiful, the Zhou family owed Cui Zhen and should be compensated.Zhou Ruzhang entered the main room after thinking about it.It s all Gu Mingzhu s fault.She heard that Master Wei was pestered, kicked and beaten by Gu Mingzhu, but she didn t get angry.She should not be as cruel as the rumors said, so she was negligent.You were also in the Jinta Temple when Miss Gu had an accident Hearing Wei Yuanchen s question, Zhou Ruzhang s heart sank.Could it be that Master Wei suspected her Zhou Ruzhang said I am here, my mother is also here, and there are many female relatives.Wei Yuanchen continued to ask I read the case, it was you who accompanied Miss Gu to the meditation room, where did you go after you arrived in the meditation room When mentioning this matter, Mrs.Lin looked a little ugly.At that time best cbd gummy flavor on Wednesday, his wife asked Zhou Ruzhang to accompany Zhuzhu to change clothes.Zhou Ruzhang left Zhuzhu in the meditation room and left.Giving clues about Liu Su and the Pearl Thief pure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd sleep gummies on amazon now is because he wants to find out the truth of the case.Every time he came to give something, he had calculated the reward long ago.If he didn t have something she liked in exchange, she might go and give the clue to someone else.The two went all the way back to the yard.Third Master, Chu Jiu suddenly understood, Could it be that Nie Chen and the others had already found out that they were being targeted, so they came to find Third Master This is a weasel who has no good intentions to give a chicken New Year greeting, then they What do you think of best cbd sleep gummies on amazon the third master Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and the five black chickens not far away croaked twice.Chu Jiu immediately received two sharp gazes.He didn t imply that the third purkana cbd gummies master was a chicken, and it was these five black chickens who made trouble.Lu Shen raised the man s head best cbd sleep gummies on amazon and looked at Cui Zhen Does Hou Ye recognize him The expression of the person on the ground changed greatly when he saw Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen s eyes were deep I know, he is the deputy general of the Taiyuan Prefecture Guards.He once led troops to arrest people on the boat.Yu asked the lieutenant general to lead troops to catch the thief.Shut up and don t make any mistakes, Cui Zhen said, Wait for Master Wei to interrogate Lu Shenzhi was about to escort the deputy general of the guard to leave, Cui Zhen said, Who is he going to kill Lu Shenzhi Said The Pearl Thief.Cui Zhen raised his eyes slightly, but he didn t look into the room Is it fake Lu Shenzhi nodded, It s fake.Pearl Thief , when did Wei Yuanchen publish this line He didn t know anything.Where is Wei Yuanchen now The deputy general of the guard has been arrested, who is next Cui Zhen suddenly remembered that Cui Wei sent him a message saying that his mother had gone to Zhuangzi outside the city.The wound stopped bleeding, but Han Yu vaguely felt something strange.The rope was tied too tightly, which made half of his body feel more uncomfortable.Wei Yuanchen said Although Mr.Han was injured, the case has to be tried.How about Mr.Han asking me about the case here Han Yu pursed his lips, probably out of control Mr.What case Wei Yuanchen said Master Han, have you heard of Yan Hao Han Yu nodded The Tongzhi of Taiyuan Prefecture seven years ago.Wei Yuanchen said flatly best cbd sleep gummies on amazon I caught him.Han Yu felt pain in the best cbd sleep gummies on amazon place bound by the rope, and he couldn t help struggling.Master Han, did you hear that Wei Yuanchen continued.Could it be, Han Yu s mind was in a state of confusion, and ants began to crawl all over his body, making him breathless, is he the one who led the murderer to kidnap Mrs.Lin Tai Wei Yuanchen seemed to laugh How does your lord know Hearing Wei Yuanchen s words, Han Yu suddenly realized that he had made a slip of the tongue, Wei Yuanchen didn t say when he caught Yan Hao, he was directly connected with Mrs.

Han Yu twitched the corner of his mouth and said nothing.I ll show you something.Wei Yuanchen handed the paper out of the bamboo tube to Han Yu s eyes.Han Yu only took one look, and his complexion immediately became ugly, with an expression of disbelief on his face, how could this be possible, how could it be like this.Wei Yuanchen said The man tore the paper and divided it into upper and lower pieces.The upper one read Repay the other with the same way.When you see best cbd sleep gummies on amazon this note, you immediately think that the arrow is poisonous, because back then you That s how you attacked the Pearl Thief , so you ordered Lang Zhong to gouge out your flesh and detoxify you.Hearing this, best cbd sleep gummies on amazon best cbd sleep gummies on amazon Han Yu s face twitched uncontrollably.Wei Yuanchen went on to say The following one says Seven years ago, not pot vegan cbd gummy bears I was wounded with a poisoned cold arrow, and now I still have an arrow, it is hard to appease the hatred in my heart I only hope that the truth will be revealed soon, and there will be no more injustice in the world.Sun Langzhong pointed to the pulse case This is the case with the patients I have treated.His situation is similar to what the third master said.He was used The poisonous arrow hit the shoulder, and later relied on his skill to escape, although the poisonous arrow was pulled out in time, and the flesh was healed, but the poison still remained in the body, and it was difficult to continue after two years.Wei Yuanchen.Frowning, he took over the pulse case and examined it carefully.Rujun asked me to heal him.Although he had someone s life in his hand, he killed a corrupt cbd with melatonin 3mg gummies official.What s more, he got this result because he was framed.The person who murdered him wanted to capture him alive and keep him for his own use.If At that time, he was willing to catch him without best cbd sleep gummies on amazon a fight, so there was still a chance of life, but he would not die with those people Alas, he is also a poor man, with a damaged heart, and can t sleep peacefully day and night.Wei Yuanchen stood up and went to take the bamboo Picking up the ball, the pair of embroidered shoes at the door moved over at this time, stepped into the room, and held the bamboo ball in his hand first.Sure enough, Wei Yuanchen smiled in his heart.Gu Mingzhu looked at the bamboo ball happily.She must have been noticed by Mr.Wei when she stood at the door just now.She is a child who likes to play around.How can she not be tempted when she sees such a gaudy plaything In order to avoid being suspected by Mr.Wei , she had to pick it up.But this also gave her a reason, let her walk into the room logically, and sit best cbd sleep gummies on amazon kana cbd gummies near me in a chair and listen to Mr.Wei talking to his mother, which is naturally more comfortable.Gu Mingzhu walked up to Mrs.Lin and sat down, and started playing with bamboo balls wholeheartedly.Lin s father benefited from the recommendation of Old General Lin to enter barracks.Therefore, although Mrs.Lin s ohio cbd gummies father, Lin Qiming, was old general Lin s nephew, he was said to be the one who really took over the mantle of old general Lin.Although Lin Qiming is no longer here, the eldest daughter married a nobleman, the eldest son Lin Sizhen has a reputation in the Shaanxi Xingdusi, and the second son has also served in the army.The status of this line in the Lin clan has long been Surpassed Mrs.Lin s father.Gu Mingzhu has figured out these things a long time ago.She has just woken up from this body and is still unable to move.She lies on the bed every day and listens to the family members.When it was time, she was also surprised that it was such a coincidence.After major events, my grandfather was indifferent to fame and wealth, and spent most of his time walking in Zhuangzi.His thoughts were probably deeper than his.What happened after he tempted her What s the matter Wei Yuanchen recalled carefully, his old injury broke out, he lost his strength unconsciously, got up suddenly, couldn t help staggering, and then Miss Gu grabbed his arm, she didn t have much strength to support him, but let him where to buy cbd gummies near me smilez cbd gummies fall at the critical moment.Control the body and lean on the stone table.If she hadn t made a move, he might have fallen there.He was helped to the Gu family s guest room, and the pain in his left armpit gradually made best cbd sleep gummies on amazon him fall into a coma, and later something vaguely appeared in his mind, but he couldn t see clearly.He should have fallen asleep until Chu Jiu woke him up again.Although there were some twists and turns in coming to the Gu family this time, he got the desired result.Miss Baotong.Gu Mingzhu and Baotong were about to leave when the maid beside Lin Runzhi asked, Where is there any incense for calming the nerves Can you give me some, my second master has been frightened, and I m afraid he won t be able to sleep well at night.Baotong Tong said Frightened The servant girl lowered her head and nodded Because the uncle was kicked by a horse, the second master is timid after all, and he can t stand this.Baotong didn t ask again I ll get some.The servant girl With a smile on his face, he immediately thanked Baotong.Frightened.Gu Mingzhu kept looking at Lin Runzhi, and when she heard the word scared , Lin Runzhi did flinch and looked around tremblingly.Gu Mingzhu knew in his heart that Lin Runzhi was really frightened, but it wasn t because of Lin Runsheng, something might have happened on the way Zhao Gongren came to Taiyuan Mansion.Mr.Gong, the steward said anxiously, enduring the pain, the government office not only wants to investigate this courtyard, but also seizes all the property of the Zhao family in Taiyuan Prefecture.Zhao Gongren immediately looked at Wei Yuanchen in surprise Master Wei, what do you mean She turned her head to look at Cui Zhen and Cui Wei.Cui Wei was about to step forward, but Cui Zhen stretched out his hand to stop him.Master Wei must have his reasons for doing this, Cui Zhen said, his gaze fell on Wei Yuanchen s hand, What did Master Wei find out Wei Yuanchen did not answer Cui Zhen s words, but looked at Zhao Gongren Why did Zhao Gongren come to Taiyuan Mansion Zhao Gongren s lips trembled slightly I came to visit Mrs.Lin Tai.When I met Zhao Gongren at Gu s house, Zhao Gongren lied to me, saying that I had just arrived in Taiyuan Mansion.

What does she know as a married woman What a pity that there are still these two children suffering.Mrs.Lin looked at Lin Runzhi, and Lin Runzhi hurriedly asked Mrs.Lin knelt down.Get up.Mrs.Lin immediately stood up to help Lin Runzhi.Lin Runzhi sobbed and said, Auntie, please save my mother and elder brother Mrs.Lin wiped her eyes with a handkerchief I m sorry, they are all of the same family.If something happened at this time, why don t you help me If it wasn t because my affairs with Zhuangzi were not over yet, I would have gone to the government office early in the morning, she is a person with a patent, she has been imprisoned for a long time, how will she see her in the future.Where is the Marquis Mrs.Lin said , Madam Tai didn t ask Lord Hou to inquire about the news Don t talk about their brothers, Madam Lin where to buy cbd gummies near me smilez cbd gummies said with anger on her face, No one is useful, I went there last night, but I didn t inquire about anything Come out, I just heard that this matter is related to Mr.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu and said indifferently, Go back and get the Ten Army Stick.Chu Jiu s expression froze there, which was different from what was agreed before Same, why was he beaten for no reason Mrs.Lin s heart shuddered, Mr.Wei is really indifferent, even the servants around him are so apathetic.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin said, what are you doing here As if frightened by her mother s slightly harsh tone, Gu Mingzhu pulled Lin Runzhi AuntI ll find my brotherto eat pomegranates The girl s voice was clear and sweet, no wonder she had to stutter to cover up when pretending to be Junior Sister Jiang.Even if she deliberately lowered her voice, she might reveal her secrets if she talked too much.Wei Yuanchen smiled slightly in his heart.This might be another flaw in her.Madam Lin frowned Did your aunt ask you to come Gu Mingzhu nodded.Nie Chen s eyes were red from being boiled, and he has been rushing about this case.He has looked at Wang Daochang s body several times.There are traces of being dragged, but nothing else.Nie Chen frowned and said, Since he best cbd sleep gummies on amazon kana cbd gummies near me woke up, why did he go back to the inn in the middle of the night It s impossible for Wang Daochang to return to the inn without doing anything, but Lin Runzhi didn t see what he did.A voice sounded Only then did Nie Chen realize that Liu Su and Junior Sister Jiang had arrived.Gu Mingzhu said According to the time, HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies on amazon after Wang Daochang returned to the inn where Zhao Gongren and others lived alone, he drowned and died.The last thing he did must be closely related to his death.Nie Chen nodded.Wang Daochang sneaked into the inn quietly and did not disturb others.It can be seen that he should remain calm at this time and know what he is doing.What s the matter, Mr.San Dreaming about the beast tiger Or the emperor It s like meeting a nemesis, unable to move anything, and can only freeze there as if facing an enemy.Chu Jiu thought for a while, then pulled out the short blade from his waist and cbd oil vs gummies best cbd sleep gummies on amazon handed it to Wei Yuanchen Third Master, if you are afraid, just hold the sharp weapon and continue to sleep Before he could finish speaking, that cold gaze fell to Wei Yuanchen.on him.Wei Yuanchen sat up, as expected beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.He was covered in white sweat, thanks to him being able to figure it out, since he is so good at talking Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu Come with me to the front yard, sweating a lot.After sweating and taking a shower, those messy thoughts will disappear.Wei Yuanchen put on his boots and picked up the long sword on the table.Not Bad Lin pulled Zhuzhu and nodded.Cui Zhen didn t want to talk in front of the clan sister.When Mrs.Lin and Zhuzhu left the house, Cui Zhen bowed to Mrs.Lin Tai, and before Mrs.Lin could speak again, she turned around and strode away.Cui Wei immediately chased him into the yard.Cui Zhen told Cui Wei There are many things at home, please stay and help fourth brother and fourth sister in law Cui Wei hesitated to speak.Cui Zhen s expression was calm I ll talk about everything when I come back.After speaking, Cui Zhen walked forward all the way, and vaguely heard Mrs.Lin s voice reprimanding Cui Wei from behind.Kneel down for me.Cui Zhen s well understood eyes became more calm.Over the years, he has seen his mother scold his younger brother, and he has also seen his mother laughing with his younger brother.Back then, Mr.Wei was young and didn t have much experience in the army, but he could hurt our brothers.Naturally, it was the Cui family who lost face.Cui Wei s skills in the school field were not as good as others, and he deserved the humiliation.I didn t take it seriously at all.Come on, but I don t regret stepping in to save Cui Wei, after all, the school field will not hurt lives But since then, when I meet Mr.Wei again, Mr.Wei always reminds me of what happened on the school field that day.Even if there is no life and death fight with real swords and guns, the atmosphere is still the same.Hearing Cui Zhen say these words, Gu Mingzhu carefully calculated, so the grievance between Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen was before the school competition.What happened pure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd sleep gummies on amazon at that time Cui Zhen took a sip of tea and put the tea bowl back On the table It is true that Mr.In short, the final result of this case must be under our control.Among them.Tao Duo took the order and immediately went down to make arrangements.The crown prince looked down at Mr.Shen Sir, you do things carefully on weekdays, so you haven t noticed anything strange about Zhao Er Mr.Shen s face was full of astonishment, and then his expression became very sad Your Highness is suspecting that I have cbd gummies tuscaloosa al colluded with that Zhao Er The affairs of Taiyuan Mansion have always been taken care of by Han Yu.Every month, Han Yu will give details to the crown prince.As a member of the Eastern Palace, I have never had private contacts with Han Yu and others.This is the case of Taiyuan Mansion.I I was ordered to intervene in the disposal.All these years I have been thinking about His Highness, and my family and life have already been tied to the East Palace.

Wei Yuanchen watched Miss Gu crept into the darkness, her stealthy appearance seemed to be invisible to others, he narrowed his eyes slightly, and she immediately followed after Cui Zhen left, she was very concerned about her that cousin.As Nie Chen said, they are doing their best for Cui .

what are the side effects of smilz cbd gummies?

Zhen.Wei Yuanchen was a little unhappy, of course it was because of Rujun, other than that, others would not let him have any mood swings.Nie Chen caught up with Cui Zhen Master Hou, there are still some clues about Wang Daochang and Lin Sizhen.As he spoke, Nie Chen handed Cui Zhen the jewelry sketch he had copied best cbd sleep gummies on amazon from the yamen, and handed over the sketch of the jewelry in Dongdaxiang.He said about the woman again The identity of the woman has not yet been ascertained.If Lord Hou best cbd sleep gummies on amazon has any clues, he can order us to investigate.Beijing Wei Yuanchen said Maybe just a few days.Since Cui Zhen suspected Lin Sizhen, he would definitely report to the prince.If Lin Sizhen is not the prince s person, the prince would like to catch Lin Sizhen immediately and ask about the behind the scenes instigation However, if it involves border generals, the crown prince may not dare to act without authorization.The safest way is to bring all the people related to this case to Beijing together.In this way, whether there will be chaos in the northwest has nothing to do with the crown prince.Wei Yuanchen thought about it carefully.After what happened to Mr.Zhao Er, the people around the prince cannot be trusted, especially the person who advised the prince to frame him with dead men from the East Palace.Serve others.If this is the case, how cbd gummies grassroots are they going to respond Help Lin Sizhen get rid of the crime, or abandon Lin Sizhen s pawn So even if you go back to Beijing, the journey will probably not be safe.The prince looked Fruit.Can you give me one The prince seemed to be coaxing a fool.Mrs.Lin hurriedly said How did this happen It doesn t matter.The prince is very magnanimous, he can t show his kindness to others, only a fool is praised.Gu Mingzhu opened the purse and handed it to the prince, who took one out of it.Gu Mingzhu smiled so much that her eyes narrowed, wondering if this silly prince would eat it, in order to avoid touching her, Gu Mingzhu handed the purse to Cui Zhen next to her Brother.Thank you Zhuzhu.Cui Zhen took After putting a candied fruit into his mouth, Cui Zhen took a step forward to prevent the prince from making a fuss about Zhuzhu, firmly blocking the prince s view of Zhuzhu.Cui Zhen said Prince, let s ask about the case first.The prince nodded and walked towards Zhao Gongren.The mother in charge responded, I should have brought more people from the best cbd sleep gummies on amazon Princess Mansion if I knew it earlier.Many guards had gone out, but there was no news.Princess Huairou shook her head It s useless to talk, let s make arrangements The mother in charge was about to leave when someone told, Princess, Mr.Shen who is next to the crown prince is here.Mr.Shen hurried into the yard with many things.Mr.Shen bowed and saluted The crown prince was caught up in the front yard on business, so he ordered me to visit the princess first.As he spoke, the people in the East Palace brought the objects in their hands into the room one after another.Princess Huairou entered the room with Mr.Shen, and the mother in charge brought tea, and the two sat down to talk.Princess Huairou said I m sorry to bother Mr.When they were in Lin s old house in Shaanxi, her father once said to her Don t be so weak when things happen.Think about your own background.Your grandfather fought for many years.Although your father did best cbd sleep gummies on amazon not enter or leave the military camp, you are still a general.You are bullied.In the end, he also knows how to resist.Madam Lin couldn t help laughing, best cbd sleep gummies on amazon her father was walking in the field, but he could see it more clearly than anyone else, she probably expected this day in Huaiyuanhou s mansion, after the war horse case, she gradually saw it clearly , no one can be alone.Mrs.Lin shook Gu Mingzhu s hand Zhuzhu is right.When she returns to Beijing this time, Master Hou may look at her swag cbd gummies 1500mg differently, and she will also be able to share the burden for Master Hou when encountering problems in the future.Ma am, Baotong opened the saber pouch at his waist, and took out two daggers, one large and one small, I will also protect you and the eldest lady.Apart from the contents in the pouch, Gu Mingzhu and Baotong two Each of them has hidden arrows, which can be used at critical moments.Mrs.Lin looked at Baotong and didn t know what to say for a moment.Baotong had changed a lot in the past two years, and her aura seemed to be able pure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd sleep gummies on amazon to stand on her own.Mrs.Lin said We will all be fine.Speaking of this, Mrs.Lin thought of Cui Zhen saying that Master Wei was also injured, should she send some wound medicine Mrs.Lin told Baotong Take the wound medicine we brought to Mr.Wei Her mother is kind hearted, and Gu Mingzhu was also a little worried that Mr.Wei s drama would go too far and really cause the old disease.It also allows people to understand the cave of Tibetan soldiers in advance, so that they can go deep into it and cooperate with the outside.In addition, Wufeng Mountain is a feint, and there are not many soldiers and horses, so it best cbd sleep gummies on amazon is easy to deal with.The princess and concubine should be safe and sound.No chance.Gu Mingzhu heaved a sigh of relief for Princess Huairou and her son in law, it was worth it to exchange a stupid prince s safety for these.As soon as the two of them finished bolt cbd gummies 300mg reviews talking, they heard someone rushing to report Someone is coming this way.Cui Wei immediately stepped forward to meet the scout when he heard the voice.The scout gasped heavily About a hundred people.Cui Wei said Is it the manpower sent by the imperial court to escort the prince and the female relatives to Beijing The scout shook his head There is no such thing mentioned in the East Palace.

It s getting dark, Master Lu and others are really not safe outside, if they can come here, at least they can rest and have a meal, so that they can have the energy to fight against the enemy again.Then try, Mrs.Lin made up her mind decisively, It s not safe for us to get here.Only when everyone has arrived can we rest assured.Originally, Zhou Zesheng wanted to stay and protect Mrs.Lin, but since Mrs.Lin said so, Zhou Zesheng said I ll take people to meet them immediately, and I will leave some guards to be sent by my wife.Let s go back as soon as possible.Before Zhou Zesheng left, he glanced not far away, and Miss Gu was looking at the unknown little flowers where to buy cbd gummies near me smilez cbd gummies on the ground., as if he didn t care about his conversation with Mrs.Lin.Zhou Zesheng s eyes flickered slightly, this Miss Gu was a little interesting.So Wei Yuanchen never thought of solving Lin Sizhen here at the beginning, not to mention that he wanted the crown prince to suffer some more.Thinking of this, a sneer appeared on Wei Yuanchen s face.In the case five years ago, the crown prince s triumphant appearance was vividly remembered.Even if the crown prince was not necessarily the real mastermind behind the scenes, he still couldn t get away with it, and now it is him.When collecting debts from the prince.Lin Sizhen was escorted by his personal guards and rushed out of the siege.There was the sound of soldiers and horses chasing behind him.They dared not neglect and kept driving their horses forward.After leaving the valley, Lin Sizhen took a closer look at the where to buy cbd gummies near me people around him, and there were only about twenty riders left.Lin Si really gritted his teeth, unexpectedly only escaped from these people.General Lin, the crown prince said, take me back to the court, I will intercede for you in front of the emperor, cbd gummies new york city and I will say that everything is persecuted by the Wei family and has nothing to do with General Lin.As soon as he ascends the throne, he will definitely give the general the iron certificate of Dan Shu, and this palace can make a written proof.The prince s hair was disheveled, and he was a little crazy.This prince is useless.Lin Si really understood that if the crown prince was so disrespectful in front of others, he would be expelled from the East where to buy cbd gummies near me smilez cbd gummies Palace even if he returned to the capital.Wei Yuanchen took a fancy to this and dared to act so blatantly.General, there are soldiers and horses coming from the east.East Lin Sizhen became vigilant, there is no guard post in the east, unless it is the garrison from Datong Mansion.This can be regarded as an explanation to Zhao Gongren.When Zhao Gongren heard this, he was stunned at first, and then he wanted to fight Lin Sizhen like a wild beast, but was pushed out by Lin Sizhen and fell heavily to the ground.Zhao Gongren was thrown badly, unable to get up for a while, just staring at Lin Sizhen, Lin Sizhen looked HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies on amazon at Zhao Gongren fiercely, as if wishing to kill her here immediately.In the past, Lin Si really needed Mrs.Zhao to maintain the inner house for him, making him look like a side general of Da Zhou, but now that he has been exposed, there is no need to work hard to act.At the moment of escaping, he would not show any sympathy to anyone who blocked his footsteps.Mrs.Zhao suffered from disobeying him, which happened to be able to deter the elder sister.Eldest sister s good brother, you have been driven into confusion.Mrs.Lin recovered from her thoughts and coaxed Zhuzhu to lie down.On the kang cbd only gummies for pain Go to bed early, maybe we will start our journey in two days.The imperial court sent someone to send the official documents, and the master went to the front to best cbd sleep gummies on amazon discuss matters with the son in law and the third master Wei.Follow them back to Beijing.The military turmoil in northern Xinjiang is no small matter, the prince was not only taken away but also injured, the court must ask them and those who accompanied him to find out the whole matter.Now the most uncomfortable thing is the imperial concubine and the East Palace.The crown prince has made such a big mistake.It cannot be solved by the imperial concubine crying and starving a few meals.Madam Lin thought of this, and suddenly felt a little relieved.The crown prince is really too where to buy cbd gummies near me smilez cbd gummies immoral.Apart from Marquis Huaiyuan, his family members are also different.Lin Sizhen rebelled, but Mrs.Lin could not be implicated.The double person had to take care of his demented daughter and help her husband investigate the case.After knowing that Lin Sizhen was involved , and can appease the Lin clan, in other words, she may not be able to do so comprehensively.Don t tell anyone else, she wants to see the daughter of the Gu family The Huaiyuan Hou Gu family is a single lineage of two generations.Gu Chongyi has no siblings, only his uncle and aunt from the line of his great grandfather are his closest clan members.In the past two years, the clan uncle s family also bought a house in Beijing.Before hearing that Gu Chongyi had messed up his errands in Shanxi, the clan uncle ordered his eldest son, Gu Chongwen, to write a letter back to the clan, telling best cbd sleep gummies on amazon the clan not to get involved.This big vortex, only You can only see clearly when you are in it.The third daughter in law and the second girl were among them, but now it seems that they are useless and can only be seen by Ze Jing.Thinking of this, the old lady Zhou sighed again, Rujun is smart, she married into Cui s family alive, at least she can help her mother s family, she gambled half of her life on Rujun.It s a pity Rujun s child s life is too bad, she wasted her thoughts The capital city was still noisy, and the people on the street came and went with relaxed expressions on their faces.Seeing this scene, the officials who greeted the imperial envoy Mr.Wei felt envious.What s wrong with being a commoner At least you don t have to be so frightened.The emperor was angry in the main hall for several days, and all the officials in the East Palace were imprisoned.

The Crown Prince cannot be entirely blamed for this incident.When the Crown Prince was in Taiyuan Mansion, he suspected that the war horse case was closely related to the Shanxi Mutiny that year.On the road, we found traces of Lin Sizhen s private soldiers.Naturally, we had to try to capture those private soldiers.I asked Tao Duo about the whole matter.According to the staff, I cbd for anxiety gummies uk went to Yangwuyu first, and fell into the hands of Lin Sizhen.The emperor frowned Do you have someone secretly harming the prince Wei Yuanchen said I have noticed it when I was in Taiyuan Mansion.Someone planted an eyeliner, so someone sent a secret letter to Beijing, but he did not expect that the eyeliner was a staff member trusted by His Royal Highness.This staff member was called in the East Palace Mr.Shen, after His Royal Highness was kidnapped by Lin Sizhen, Mr.The two soon arrived at Wei Yuanchen s house, which was on the same east street as Gu s mansion, separated by two streets, the house was very hidden and easy to enter and exit.Chu Jiu came to open the door and welcomed Liu Su and Gu Mingzhu in.Standing still at the door of the house just now, I heard a voice from inside saying Come in Liu Su opened the curtain, and Gu Mingzhu followed in.Wei Yuanchen in the room was dealing with official documents.There is no wrinkle in the clothes, and the face is slightly sideways.From this angle, Mr.Wei s upturned mouth seems to be holding a smile, and the eyebrows and eyes are stretched, adding a bit of softness under the light, making him indescribably handsome.Dip in ink and write gracefully, like flowing clouds and flowing water.This doesn t look like it s dealing with official documents, it s clearly a beauty pageant.The Shen family moves around frequently, that is the third prince, and there are often doctors and supervisors from the Imperial College in the third prince s mansion.Since the third prince was given a mansion, pure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd sleep gummies on amazon he has recruited many scholars in the mansion to study mathematics and law, and he also worked with Qin Tianjian Made a compass for navigation.Gu Mingzhu thought of the eight spring lock I don t know if there is anyone in the third prince s house who is good at making traps, my lord might as well draw attention to it.Compass and other delicate objects must use mechanism skills to make them.Mr.Shen and Batangsuo holy grail cbd gummies are the most important clues left to them by the Taiyuan Mansion case.Gu Mingzhu said again Your Excellency said that Mr.Shen is not deadcan you catch him Wei Yuanchen smiled slightly Nie Chen and others will be able to bring him into Beijing in these two days.It wasn t until the two people disappeared that Chu Jiu returned to the house and reported The red bean cake has been sent out.The third master also tried his best to send these things.Wei Yuanchen looked at the ink drop marks on the back of her hand, she still didn t believe him, and she was quite on guard against him, and she didn t dare to show it.Fortunately, there is still more time, so I have to take it slowly.She cbd oil vs gummies best cbd sleep gummies on amazon didn t want him to know, so he cbd oil vs gummies best cbd sleep gummies on amazon pretended not to know.Anyway, it is not a day or two to act with her.Sooner or later one day she can no longer pretend, he will wait slowly.Third Master, your hands are dirty.Chu Jiu s eyes suddenly sharpened, seeing the drop of ink, I ll fetch water to clean your hands.Third Master is so neatly dressed, don t be damaged by a drop of ink wind instrument.At that time, the position of the crown prince is still undecided, and the nine princes are the best.Therefore, I guess in the past ten years, the concubine party will sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight.Madam Lin frowned The affairs in the court are really complicated.Gu Chongyi smiled slightly, the emperor, the concubine, and the princes and concubines Concubines, none of them are fuel efficient lamps.Why doesn t Master drink tea Mrs.Lin said, Every time I come back from the Yamen, Master is very thirsty The tea service in the Yamen is very good today.Gu Chongyi also felt strange when he mentioned this matter.The officials took good care of him, and every time they mentioned some important things, they would not hide his back.This also saved him from pretending to be a fool to eavesdrop, which really saved him a lot of trouble.I ll let someone watch outside Cheng s house, Wei Yuanchen said, but some things need to be done by you folks.Liu Su nodded and said, Junior Sister Jiang will also come later, we will listen to the adults tonight Order.Chapter 212 Shangxincheng Mansion.Master Cheng looked at the lights in the main house with a livid face.The mother in charge stepped forward to salute Mr.Cheng, and said in a low voice, Madam, please let Mr.Cheng live in the front yard.Mr.Cheng knew that this was the result, and Yuan Shi definitely couldn t swallow this breath, and the anger would be directed at him.It s no wonder Yuan Shi is responsible for this incident, it s all the fault of the mother and son.Mr.Cheng gritted his teeth with hatred.When he heard the news that Mrs.Zhao was still alive, his heart sank.He couldn t believe that unabis cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies near me Mrs.Please be polite.After Madam Li said this, Madam Lin would not be able to where to buy cbd gummies near me smilez cbd gummies mention that thanks to Mr.Wei for finding out the war horse case, it would be too pretentious.Mrs.Li looked at Gu Mingzhu I have prepared some small toys, I don t know if Zhuzhu likes them or not.As she spoke, she looked carefully at Miss Gu s face.Although she knows her son better than her mother, she is an old grandmother who has good eyesight and ears.Mother Lu is busy all morning.This mother in charge, who never does anything important, is out of the kitchen.This age.Although it is not fully understood yet, Mrs.Li can be sure that Mrs.Lin and Miss Gu must have something else going on This kind of situation will happen to the youngest son, either it is related to the big event between Brother Chen and unabis cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies near me the Empress, or his leg was broken by her.

Sitting here so quietly, Mr.Wei added grace best cbd sleep gummies on amazon and dignity.The pavilion was well repaired, and there were potted plants on the stone table.I don t know what kind of flowers bloomed in the potted plants.With a gust of wind, the petals fell down, and one piece swirled in the air and finally landed on the top of Mr.Wei s head.Gu Mingzhu remembered that when she was Zhou Rujun, she hid in the yard and ate red bean cakes, and she also stole such comfort and tranquility.As if the secret in her heart was about to be pryed into, Gu Mingzhu suddenly didn t want to continue to step forward, and it took a long time before she raised best cbd sleep gummies on amazon the corner of her skirt and ran happily into the best cbd sleep gummies on amazon pavilion, and sat in front of Wei Yuanchen generously.Don t think Mrs.Wei has insight into her secret, and don t try to coerce her.Madam Lin ordered cbd oil vs gummies best cbd sleep gummies on amazon the steward You call Princess Huairou and tell her to take care of herself, and she will surely get through the crisis safely.The steward responded with a bang and stepped back.Mrs.Zhang can see that Mrs.Lin is really worried about Mrs.Zhao, and she has no other considerations.She is worried that Mrs.Zhao is the idea of the housewife.Besides, Mrs.Yuan s death may also involve the Shanxi mutiny case that is under investigation pure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd sleep gummies on amazon She always felt that when Lord Hou was in Taiyuan Mansion, someone was around to influence Lord Hou.Could it be Mrs.Lin After Gu Chongyi came down to court, he met Cui Wei who was waiting outside the palace gate, and the two of them also heard the news that Yuan Shi had hanged himself on the way back home.Cui Wei thought for a while when he heard this and looked at Gu Chongyi Uncle, do you think Yuan s suicide has anything to do with the Shanxi mutiny case I always feel that Yuan s death is a bit strange.Aunt Gui looked at Cheng Yi at the door My lord, I will tell you everything I know, and I only hope that my lord can take care of my fourth master.I understand that Mrs.Zhao and my lord are kind hearted, even if it is The concubine of the Cheng family will also give him a way out, but here he can only wait to die.Master Cheng scolded Mr.Jiang, what did you conspire with Cheng Yi Do you know what the crime is for false accusation Jiang Your name Aunt Gui suddenly smiled, There are too many concubines in your mansion, and you have forgotten what my concubine s surname is The concubine s surname is not Jiang.Before I became a full spectrum cbd gummies reddit concubine, I felt that I had a place in your heart, but now it seems that it is a concubine s delusion.It s gone.After speaking, Aunt Gui knelt down and fixed her eyes on Cheng Yi, her eyes full of anticipation.How can they bear to let the warriors be wronged for their own self interest And this will make the soldiers on the frontier cold.heart.Fighting on the battlefield relies on flesh and blood, so what kind of poor family and aristocratic family are there Is it wrong that Old General Zhao came from a family of famous generals This is also unabis cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies near me the reason why Su Fu is determined to investigate the case honestly, he will not favor any side.Xue Laotong nodded again and again, he was not mistaken, Mr.Su is indeed a good official who cares about the people and the society.Su Fu said The Cheng family s case will be further investigated, and the involvement will be deeper, and Shuntian Mansion can t reach out.Now we have to deal with what we can do.Xue Laotong recalled the paper in his hand and handed it to Su Fu Your Excellency is right, taking this opportunity, maybe we can do something we should do.Zhang was weak and recuperated at home all the year round.Mrs.Lin took care of all the mid caregivers of the Dingninghou Mansion.It seems that they It was a misunderstanding of Mrs.Zhang.The inquiry is almost over, and she will go back to accompany her mother.When Mrs.Gu makes arrangements, she will go to Taiqing Temple together The Gu family.Gu Chongyi came back from the outside and went straight to Mrs.Lin s main house.Master, Mrs.Lin quickly asked, how is the Second Master Wei look like.Once or twice, there will never be a third time, let alone being choked next shark tank and cbd gummies to quit smoking time, cbd oil vs gummies best cbd sleep gummies on amazon even if someone cut the Wei family thing in two, he would how strong are cbd gummies not reach out, he would just see how long the thing can hold.The servants came forward to help Gu Chongyi change his clothes, Gu Chongyi frowned when he saw the pants.Gu Mingzhu said This matter really has nothing to do with me.Wei Yuanchen s slender eyes twitched slightly I knew you were coveting the seal on my body, why don t you go to my waist to find it in Jinta Temple, and you also found it I got my talisman.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes, this happened in a lifetime, how could she still remember smilz cbd gummies legit it clearly.Gu Mingzhu said innocently Lord Wei, I remembered wrongly.I tripped over your rope.Are you here to find me Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said sincerely You don t need to touch the letter to know the identity of Mr.Wei.Mr.Wei is born heroic and has a noble aura on his body.At first glance, it is unmatched by others Knowing that her praise is If it is false, how can he be happy because of it Gu Mingzhu saw a smile on Mr.Wei s face, although it disappeared for a moment, it can be seen that Mr.Chu Jiu continued However, the eldest lady sent some flower cakes, so it can be seen that the eldest miss is still thinking about Wuheiji.Speaking of this, Chujiu continued to work hard Anyway, Wuheiji is also surnamed Wei.Can t write two characters of Wei.After Chu Jiu said this, he felt the cold wind blowing into his neckline, he didn t dare to turn his head, and turned his eyes to look at the third master, only to see the third master squinting his eyes , eyes like a knife.I m going to look for Missy, and seewhere Missyhas gone.Chu Jiu covered her face, afraid that she would be like a flower in autumn, accidentally blown chapped by the wind.Without waiting for the third master to cbd oil vs gummies best cbd sleep gummies on amazon order again, Chu Jiu ran out of Gu s house in one breath, jumped on the horse, and best cbd sleep gummies on amazon disappeared in a moment In the southern city of the capital, torches were lit on the supposedly quiet streets.

It can be seen from this that the secret in that view is not small, otherwise Zhuzhu would have found an excuse to go home.Maybe the inside story still needs to be answered from A Chan, so he naturally has to go and help her with such an important matter the back mountain of Shangqing Temple.The third concubine waited for half an hour, and finally heard the voice of scripture reading inside stop, and then sent someone to report that she wanted to see Mo Zhenren.Unexpectedly, he was rejected again.The third prince s concubine s face was a little ugly.Don t worry too, Mrs.Zhang said in a low voice, Mo Zhenren is willing to keep Zhuzhu in it, he must like Zhuzhu, why don t you stay in the Taoist temple today, and when Zhuzhu comes out of the house, you will let me Zhuzhu gave the things to Mo Zhenren.Even if a man is willing to marry her, that man cannot be famous , let alone a hero.Even with my appearance, my father and mother found the Yuan family with great difficulty.At that time, my master was just a seventh rank official who had just entered an official position.How could Ah Chan be compared with me The most ridiculous thing is that my father actually believed that he and his mother arranged for Ah Chan s dowry, and also sold the ancestral house to buy some fertile land for Ah chan, so as not to let Ah chan enter the house and be laughed at.Those fertile land can earn some money every year.Let Ah chan give it to the servants.Hehehe They pure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd sleep gummies on amazon never thought so much about me, they are all their daughters, why are they so partial Ah chan really has such a thing, it is clearly a delusion, I am angry But I just went to find Ah chan, and asked Ah chan to stay awake.This is the only time to visit the palace.Zhenren Mo and Gu Mingzhu s carriage left the alley, Madam Lin was about to go to the main house to rest for a while, when the mother in charge of the concierge came to report Madam, someone from the Lin clan has come and wants to see Madam.Is there finally any news Mrs.Lin immediately said Please come in The steward passed on Mrs.Lin s words, and the mother in law who was waiting at the door of Gu s house led a three year old child into the gate of Huaiyuan Hou s mansion.The mother best cbd sleep gummies on amazon in law frowned tightly.She had actually been in Beijing for a while.She wanted to see Marquis Dingning, but she knew that Marquis Dingning was fighting in northern Xinjiang.She went to see her, but yesterday she suddenly changed her mind.The Lin family was implicated in the real matter of Lin Temple, so it was better to come to Huaiyuanhou best cbd sleep gummies on amazon s mansion to seek a way out of Dingninghou s mansion.The child stood beside his aunt, with his hands down neatly, his face lacked the immaturity and curiosity of a child, and there was more dullness and restraint that shouldn t belong to his age.Deep, a child of three or four years old has become like this, there is a kind of sadness from the bone, this child must have gone through something to become like this.Seeing Gu Mingzhu, the child immediately stepped forward to salute Big sister.After speaking, he went to Zou Lin s to confirm whether he was wrong.Zou Lin nodded, and Zou Xiang fell silent again.The faces of the two people, one big and one small, were full of melancholy, which was at odds with the cheerful atmosphere in the room.Gu Mingzhu concluded that Zou Lin must have something to ask HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies on amazon for when he came to the house, and it should be related to Zou Xiang.Huai Wang came out of the palace and went straight back to Huai Wang s mansion, even before he had time to change his clothes.into the study.Seeing the figure in the study, King Huai s heart was still in his throat.He saluted the person sitting on the chair Sir.I can t afford it.King Huai said, If Mr.Shen hadn t planned for me, I wouldn t be where I am today.Just now, my father reviewed what I have done these years, and I only have gratitude to Mr.Shen.Shen Guicheng is The eldest son of Shen Shoufu is now in charge of the Ministry of Rites.After Shen Shoufu took over as Minister of Rites, he was promoted to a bachelor, and then became a bachelor of Shoufu.Shen Guicheng and his father walked the same path of promotion.Although Shen Guicheng was not as famous as Shen Shoufu, officials who had good relations with the Shen family often said that the Shen family would produce two chief assistants.After Meng shi finished speaking, she realized that she had made a slip of the tongue, and couldn t help pursing her lips.Gu Chongyi said Are you doing business with the Tan family Mrs.Meng glanced at Mrs.Gu in a panic, and then said It s not considered together The master just wants to help The money is not abundant, so the master came up with the idea of buying a new shop with Tan Zigeng This year caught up with the war in northern Xinjiang The price of rice in the north is more expensive than in previous years Is it possible to earn some money from the south to Beijing SoSo When Gu Chongyi heard this, he interrupted Meng Shi and said, How do you know Tan Zigeng The third master of the Tan family rented a yard in central Beijing by himself, and there is no elder in the family to take care of him, so if the master helps, he may not be able to make this marriage smoothly.In addition, we also used Some damaged artillery in best cbd sleep gummies on amazon the arsenal, it is by these firearms that the city was defended.When Tan Dingfang said this, he let out a long sigh Moreover, the officials from the Ministry of War and the officials who went to manage the weapons joined the soldiers and horses of General Zhao after the city was broken.The official was killed in the camp.Although it was later found out that it was a centurion who killed the official of the Ministry of War, who ordered the centurion The censor suspected that General Zhao was afraid of being impeached by the officials of the Ministry of War, so he ordered people to attack the officials of the .

where can i buy full spectrum cbd gummies?

Ministry of War.Tan Dingfang thought about it carefully Since Old General Zhao got the news from the lieutenant general that there is something wrong with those artillery pieces, can someone go to check after Daning is taken back Tan Dingfang nodded However, those artillery pieces have been taken away by the Tatars.

Even if the new emperor is not empress Wei s own birth, he will not dare to lay hands on the mother clan of the empress dowager.Or maybe the young emperor will be established in the future, what dosage cbd gummies and the Wei family will assist the government It unabis cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies near me sounds like a foreign relative is powerful, but a foreign relative like the Wei family can accept it, at least the imperial concubine party can t compare it.A snowflake flew into Gu Chongyi s collar, Gu Chongyi felt a chill on his neck, and came to his best cbd sleep gummies on amazon senses, did he think too far Could it be that he really best cbd sleep gummies on amazon wants to stay with the Wei family all the time After Cui Zhen came in, Gu Mingzhu didn t want to stay in Mrs.Lin s house anymore.She would accompany her mother to hear what Mrs.Zhang would say in her mother s ear.She had to protect her mother so that she wouldn t know Unknowingly being used by others, now that Cui Zhen is here, Mrs.After Yu Zhenhai died, no one would know the relationship between the Fang family, Anjiyuan, and Aunt Zhen.We got hold of it, so I advise Mr.Fang Er to tell the truth clearly in the prison so as not to suffer.Before Fang Guiji could speak, Qiao Zheng waved his hand, and the Yacha immediately stepped forward to arrest Fang Gui and his servants.Pulled off on horseback.Fang Guiji clenched the reins tightly and was about to resist, but he heard the sound of bow and arrow being drawn, and countless arrows were pointing at him.Qiao Zheng crawled to his lips with a smile.Fang Guiji had no choice but to let go of the rein, and he couldn t unabis cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies near me escape.Just as the yamen came forward to arrest Fang Guiji, he heard another rush of horseshoes.Qiao Zheng turned his head and looked at the people running towards him, and said indifferently Master Wei, you are late.When he raised his head, he .

where can i get eagle hemp cbd gummies?

found that there was no one in front of nerds cbd gummies him.Hey, is he delusional Didn t Lord Hou get up to practice boxing Chapter 365 Does he know On the ninth day of the ninth day, he almost bit off his own tongue.Miss Gu was talking to the third master.He listened to him all night, and even followed Miss Gu to call Master.It s also the same address.When Miss Gu called out, the third master had a gentle temper.He even sent over the cloak made by Mrs.Tai.When he called out, he felt that he was now in a pigsty.Chu Jiu lowered his head and cleared his throat Someone from home asked.Wei Yuanchen nodded, it must be the second uncle who told the situation to the grandmother, and the grandmother was worried.Wei Yuanchen returned to the Wei Mansion, and Wei Yuanhong waited at the door with someone.King Huai said I request a severe punishment, so as to serve as an example to others.I have also committed the crime of negligence, please lower my father s responsibility.After King Huai finished speaking, there was a silence in the hall, and it took a long time to hear the emperor s majestic voice say Just do as King Huai said.The emperor cast his eyes on Qiao Song, and then looked at Wei Yuanchen Qiao Qing and Wei Qing will continue to investigate the case until it is clear that all people related to this case, Not one of them will be spared.After saying this, the emperor got up and left the hall.A drop of King Huai s sweat landed on the gold brick soaked in tung best cbd sleep gummies on amazon oil, and it fell apart with a snap.Prince Huai, the servant stepped forward and said, The Emperor ordered you to go to the Hall of Mental Cultivation for questioning.As the minister of the Ministry of War, he just happened to be the censor of the right capital.Right now, when the imperial court wants to set up a city ship department, it is necessary to send sea routes along the coast.Haidao belongs to the Metropolitan Procuratorate, and it was originally the imperial court s hand in the coastal guards, so what will happen if Tan Dingfang puts all of them into his own hands This is what Gu Chongyi is most worried about, and now Wei Congzhi unabis cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies near me has made it clear, it seems that the Wei family has already Just saw this step.Haidao belongs to Wei cbd oil vs gummies best cbd sleep gummies on amazon Congzhi, and the coastal guards will be controlled by those people, which means that the navy of Dazhou will fall into the hands of Tan Dingfang and others.Wei Congzhi looked at Gu Chongyi and said, If you really get to this point, no matter how powerful you are Chongyi, you will be no match for four hands.Cui Zhen continued The sharp weapon in this child s hand is also Didn t hurt you Gu Mingzhu said No.Cui Zhen was relieved now, and turned to follow the manager s mother to Zou Lin s yard.Baotong stepped forward to check on Gu Mingzhu s injury, but Gu Mingzhu stopped her with her hand Don t worry about it, I m fine, let someone tell father and mother what s going on here, so that father and mother can rest assured that there is a mother in charge to watch medterra cbd gummies amazon over here.Hope nothing will happen, but don t show any clues in front of Zhang s family.Earlier Zhang s family was prepared to startle the snake, but now the most important thing is to let Cui Zhen figure it out.Baotong understood and went to make arrangements.Gu Mingzhu raised her feet and walked towards Zou Lin s residence.In fact, she already knew the answer, but she still wanted to hear the whole thing so that she could have a better understanding of Zhang and Zhang s familyZou Linshi woke up dizzy, and the maid who was guarding her side hurriedly served the water.Zou Lin wiped the tears from his face, nodded and said Master Hou remembered.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, and looked at Zou Xiang I remember that when I went back to the Lin clan with my mother, I lived in that house.He chose a few girls to be his concubines, but he refused at first, and refused a few times, and then he couldn t bear his mother s repeated whispers in his ear, so he accepted a girl.He vaguely remembered HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies on amazon that the girl was very gentle.Wan, who knows etiquette quite well, is still in his heart.His mother brought the girl gummy worm cbd back to the capital, and he knew that the Zhang family would arrange it properly, so he ignored the matter and went back to Datong directly.Later, he hurried back to the capital and heard that the concubine s best cbd sleep gummies on amazon grandson Auntie was pregnant, and Auntie Sun had a miscarriage due to poor service by a girl.

Zou Lin s heart is even more worthless for Qing girl, but since unabis cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies near me she has already opened her mouth, she has to make it clear, Zou Lin continued Qing girl and the stewards around Mrs.Zhang found Bai in Aunt Sun s yard.Obviously, the ghosts that Aunt Sun saw on weekdays were man made.The mother in charge began to interrogate the servants in the yard, and finally found that the mother in charge who was next to Aunt Zhao when the incident happened was surreptitious.In addition, Qing girl once saw that white shadow walk into Aunt Zhao s yard, my gummy bear vitamins cbd which is equivalent to convicting Aunt Zhao.I heard that Aunt Zhao is very popular with you, Lord Hou.Ma am, this time she has the heart to harm Lord Hou s heirs, no matter how gentle Mrs.Zhang is, she can t spare her.Aunt Zhao is also a fierce person, she only said that Aunt Sun set her up, so she rushed to Aunt Sun, and the two wrestled.Add an extra warm cage, the charcoal in the warm cage was selected by my mother in charge.And what clothes to wear and what to eat tomorrow morning, there are still new shoes just made for Lord Hou in the cabinet , Master Hou will always find out that I am good, sister in law, are you right Mrs.Zhang tightened her fingers more and more, until she saw Shen nodding her head, she was relieved.Shen said It must be like this.Mrs.Zhang wanted to show off her face slightly, but now her actions were uglier than crying I also feel the same way.He knows that I will not intentionally harm others, I am just afraid I know that Mama Zhang is for me, if Mama Zhang is handed over, I will have nothing.One son and a half daughter, the second master seldom talks to me when he returns home.I am afraid that I will be thrown to the ancestral house in Taiyuan like the Zhou family.Mo Yangming said If you ask the Guo family to investigate, it means you want the Guo family to get involved here.It s not easy for the Guo family to live a stable life.The queen mother frowned slightly.She didn t want the Guo family to be involved again.She has made up her mind that whether the emperor lets the noble concubine s child take over the throne, or supports the third and fifth princes, it has nothing to do with her.Even if the imperial power is involved, even if she has the last laugh, it may not be a happy ending.The Guo family lived in peace and stability like this, and then became an official after three generations.This was the best result she could think of.But at this point, seeing the emperor acting more and more disorganized, he couldn t really make Da Zhou mess up.The queen mother finally stopped and made up her mind The Ai family will ask someone to write a letter to ask the Guo family to check the shipyard in private.Empress Wei arranged all these, turned to look at Gu Mingzhu, with a smile in her eyes, Miss Gu really likes snacks, next time she will ask the palace staff to prepare more.If there were no Zhuzhu in Yongchun Palace today, the case cbd gummy dosage for anxiety mg would not go so smoothly.Empress Wei s expression is more gentle, which shows that Brother Chen has a better vision than her.Gu Mingzhu felt Empress Wei s gaze, and she raised her eyes to meet each other.Are you still eating Queen Wei asked.Gu Mingzhu wanted to say that there was still a lot, but she couldn t eat any more, but when she looked at the plate, she found it was empty.Gu Mingzhu sighed in her heart, because the glutinous rice cake was too soft, puur cbd gummies melatonin and it melted in the mouth.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips and stood up to salute the empress Thank you, my servant, I m full.Dong Shi pretended to be weak before killing him, the purpose was to get closer to him, and to attack him when he was caught off guard, how could she be so thoughtful, even if she was stopped, she still tried her best to persuade him, as if she was afraid that he would not go for a while.Die, or can t survive the torture to reveal the secret to the court.Tan Dingfang looked at Dong, the rough woman he thought was actually a very scheming person, was she by his .

where can you buy cbd gummies near me?

side to monitor his every move As long as he does something against the Lord, she will get rid of him, is that right Tan Dingfang laughed, it turned out that this is the case, the loyalty of their father and son still cannot be fully trusted.Tan Dingfang raised his eyes and looked at Wei Yuanchen Master Wei is laughing at you.It s making people laugh.Mrs.Li reluctantly agreed Okay, choose a bigger one.Yes, put more sugar.Mrs.Yuan continued to ask Then can you tell your daughter in law now Which family is the girl from Mrs.Li looked at her daughter in law s anxious look, and said, Let s talk while eating pears.Mrs.Yuan was helpless Daughter in law knows.After being made such a fuss by Mrs.Tai, the worry on her heart also faded a little.Why don t you make some snacks Mrs.Li s voice came from behind, and Mrs.Yuan pretended not to hear her, and walked a few steps and disappeared at the end of the corridor.Mrs.Li had a smile on her face, she had to think about what to bring when she went to Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, or would she take the words and paintings written by Brother Chen with her Let Mrs.Lin take a closer look, maybe she likes Brother Chen.Miss, Chu Jiu said in a low voice, you are riding a horse all the way to the north, there is a small hill not far away, standing there, people on the official road can t see it, the third master is taking advantage of the inspection of soldiers and horses, maybe best cbd sleep gummies on amazon you can find it I have a chance to meet you.The third master left him to the eldest lady, which shows that he trusts him, and he will do his best.For himself the third master s marriage, he is also heartbroken.Chu Jiu brought the bay red horse over, and Gu Mingzhu turned to look at Wei Yuanchen again.As the sky gradually brightened, Master Wei s armor seemed to be coated with a layer where to buy cbd gummies near me smilez cbd gummies of silver light.His back was straight and his body was motionless.When he met her eyes, there was a trace of gentle gaze flowing amidst the compelling majesty.

Master, said the steward, it s someone from the clan who came, and Qingniang Rui is also kneeling in the main room.Ruiqing Zhou Zejing couldn t remember who Ruiqing was for a moment.It s Ruiqing, the maid next real cbd gummies from cannabidiol to Missy, said the steward, I don t know what the family heard, so they brought Ruiqingniang here.Zhou Zejing took a long breath, Zhou Zesheng didn t mean to break up their family After vowing not to give up, he really invited people from the clan to come.Zhou best cbd sleep gummies on amazon Zejing didn t want to go to the front yard, but the elders of the clan came, so he had to go to see them.Zhou Zejing calmed down, he also had to think of a way out for himself, to help cover up the cause of his sister in law s death, big or small, he was stained, he would not be able to serve in the Sixth Ministry in the future, his official career would be ruined, and invisibly He also offended the Wei family.Eldest brother and elder sister in law He said that if he had the opportunity, he would ask the Cao family for confirmation.Unexpectedly, the eldest brother would never come back after this trip.The sister in law suspected that the death of the elder brother might be pure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd sleep gummies on amazon related to this case.Eldest brother took action, and sister in law asked me to help investigate this matter, and there is indeed an inside story, and she is determined to avenge elder brother.Hearing this, Zhou Zesheng stared at Zhou Zejing Eldest sister in law trusts you, but you told the Cao family best cbd sleep gummies on amazon in private, that s why Cao s Someone will kill my sister in law.No, no, Zhou Zejing hurriedly said, No, I didn t tell the Cao family, I just let people watch my sister in law, and found that my sister best cbd sleep gummies on amazon uly cbd gummies para los ojos in law went to the alley in Dongcheng by herself, and there was a place in that alley.Blood splattered everywhere, and Cui Zhen s eyes were blurred with sweat and blood.Cui Wei s unbelievable expression froze on his face, his eyes were full of pain and fear, and his eyes were fixed on Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen gritted his teeth as Cui Wei looked at Cui earthsentials cbd gummies Wei being enveloped in death.Cui Wei had done so many wrong things, he could only die.Cui Zhen picked up Cui Wei s body with force Those who follow the king of Liang s conspiracy will be killed.Cui Wei s blood dripped down the spear and fell into Cui Zhen s hand.The blood was hot, like a red hot iron, but Cui Zhen remained Hold the gun body tightly and keep the iron gun motionless, just like what his father said when he handed the gun to him.The scene when his father handed him the iron gun who owns green otter cbd gummies appeared in Cui Zhen s mind.He held the gun body with both hands, and his father said solemnly It s very heavy.Mrs.Lin shook her head hurriedly Of course not What s more, she Haven t committed yet.That s good, Mrs.Li said, Pearls have a clear heart and clear eyes.Pearls should be matched with uncut jade.My brother Chen is also upright and has a strong body.He will never shame the Hou Mansion in this regard.Mrs.Lin Subconsciously said Mrs.Tai, what are you talking about I don t know what to say.It s time to think about it.Madam Lin looked at Madam Li apologetically Let Madam Tai worry.Mrs.Li didn t say anything else anymore, how could she be aggressive if she wanted to take her heart and soul.Mrs.Li stood up and said, I ll come to visit you later.Mrs.Lin hurriedly stepped forward to see her off.Mrs.Li said There will how much thc does cbd gummies have be more chaos in the capital.Everyone in the mansion must be careful.If there is a need for the Wei family, Madam can just send someone to the Wei family to inform.It is said that good girls are begging, but Mrs.Lin does not how much is 04 cbd gummies know why there is only sourness and melancholy in her heart.When her father married her back then, it must have been the same Where s Zhuzhu Madam Lin looked at Mama Yang.Miss is doing accounts in the house.Mother Yang said.Mrs.Lin was stunned What accounts Mother Yang said It should be the accounts of Shangqingguan.I heard that it is the grain saved by Mo Zhenren.All of them should be handed over to the court for use.All the soldiers and horses rushed over to fight, and when the city gate was closed, the most important thing was food.Mrs.Lin said Realist Mo is thoughtful about everything, and Zhu Zhu has learned a lot from the real person.Wei Sanye led the army to fight, and Zhuzhu helped Mo Zhenren to raise food.Thinking about it like this is really a good match, but When did the third master Wei start thinking about Zhuzhu Is it in Taiyuan Prefecture She also pretended that nothing where to buy cbd gummies near me smilez cbd gummies happened Now it seems that best cbd sleep gummies on amazon she was deceived by Wei Sanye s upright appearance It s all the Lord Hou s fault, every day she said to be on guard against this and that, and how many times she invited Mr.Now it s all right, the jewel in their hearts is about to be lost.Gu Chongyi wished he could immediately punish the little thief in front of him.But this is the army, Wei Yuanchen is the general who just won the battle, he is injured all over his body It s in vain that he trusts Wei Yuanchen so much, he just misjudged the person like this.Gu Chongyi just thought Wei Yuanchen was very pleasing to the eye, but when he thought of his daughter being kidnapped and left home, he felt disgusted, no matter how young talents could compare to his daughter.Gu Chongyi s face turned cold You are right, this matter is unusual, and it needs to be settled slowly after returning to Beijing.After saying this, Gu Chongyi began to push people away I still have military affairs here, so I won t leave General Wei behind Wei Yuanchen did not leave.Even if best cbd sleep gummies on amazon you rush back now, it best cbd sleep gummies on amazon kana cbd gummies near me seems too 50 count cbd immunity gummies late, right This has gone a long way without realizing it.Taking advantage of her mother s absence, Gu Mingzhu got up and slipped out of the carriage.Wei Yuanchen, who was leading the troops in front, george strait gummy cbd candy turned around just in time.The four eyes met, and there was a slight ripple in the pupils of the two pairs of eyes.Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand and waved the handkerchief.Under the sun, best cbd sleep gummies on amazon the girl s cheeks were slightly red, and the corners of her mouth were raised into a bright smile.Wei Yuanchen couldn t help feeling a little HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies on amazon lost.General Wei seems to be smiling.I see it.The general is really handsome Not far away, Gu Houye looked at the cbd oil vs gummies best cbd sleep gummies on amazon empty Ten Mile Pavilion, so where are Madam and Zhuzhu where it goes best cbd sleep gummies on amazon Shouldn t he be forgotten No, Gu Houye rubbed his eyes, and carefully looked at the people on both sides of the road again.

Individuals can do it.The reinforcements from the imperial court have arrived, Cheng Yu said.The Li family of Goryeo is also attacking King Liang s army in Liaodong.The rebels will not make any big moves for a while.Master Wei sent a letter to Cheng Yu, asking them to straighten out the troops Ma, King Liang has been defeated, and the rebel army has lost the best opportunity to invade the Great Zhou.Next, Wuliangha may annex King Liang s men and unabis cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies near me horses.When Liaodong is in chaos, the imperial court can go north and take back several cities.What did General Wei say Cui Zhen looked at Cheng Yu.Cheng Yu handed the letter in his hand to Cui Zhen.Master Wei did not let him hide it from Marquis Dingning.Smart people can see the current situation.If the political situation in North Korea and China can be stabilized, they can make a difference best cbd sleep gummies on amazon kana cbd gummies near me in northern Xinjiang.Looking at Gu Chongyi s leaving back, Gu Mingzhu couldn t look back for a long time, and a smile appeared on her face for a long time.The mother can go well, and the family will be together happily all the time When Gu Chongyi returned to the main room, his complexion was much better than before, and Mrs.Li felt relieved.Pei Shangqing strikes while the iron is hot In my opinion, Lord Hou, it s better to pick a good day to accept the lottery first.Now that he has to best cbd sleep gummies on amazon agree, Gu Chongyi can t embarrass Wei s parents anymore.Of course, it s another thing to polish Wei Yuanchen, but Pei Shangqing also I m too anxious, this guy hasn t got married yet and has a child To be happy, he also hopes that Pei Shangqing will have a caring eldest daughter, and he will go to Pei s house to be Baoshan in the future.Empress Wei looked at Old King Qing These are the emperor s heirs.If no one can be selected, the uncle still has grandchildren under him.No, no.If you don t have that ability, getting involved is a catastrophe.Empress Wei said indifferently Uncle, don t worry, many things are beyond our control, since there are so many princes, let s talk about it after a while.There was no way to continue talking, and Empress Wei just refused to agree.The old King Qing had no choice but to stand up and bid farewell to the Queen.Uncle Emperor, please come back to the palace tomorrow, Empress Wei said, I still need to discuss with Uncle Emperor about matters in the Southwest.There is not enough cbd oil vs gummies best cbd sleep gummies on amazon farmland in the Southwest, and the imperial court wants to send the supervisory censor to investigate the case.It is beneficial to the common people.Why Mrs.Zhang turned her head best cbd sleep gummies on amazon kana cbd gummies near me to look at Cui Zhen, almost going crazy, Master Houit was himhe killed our childif it wasn t for himhow could I have done that, Master Hou You killed him to avenge the boy.Cui Zhen finally raised his eyes, and his majestic gaze swept over Mrs.Zhang It was you who killed your flesh and blood.Heart piercing pain came, and Zhang Shi kept shaking her head, no, it wasn t her, if she hadn t been desperate, how could she have attacked her own flesh and blood, why didn t Hou Ye understand, it wasn t her, she was best cbd sleep gummies on amazon out for revenge.Revenge But Luo Yu didn t die at all, all of this was a trap.Luo Yu, who was best cbd sleep gummies on amazon kneeling on the ground, laughed, the Zhang family right now is just a crazy woman, and Marquis Ding Ning is a smart person, so naturally he wouldn t believe what this crazy woman said.She has paid too much for this family.I can t stop her.Wei best cbd sleep gummies on amazon kana cbd gummies near me Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu nodded.Empress Wei took Gu Mingzhu s hand Come on, accompany me to make a net.I haven t done it for a long time.My heart is itchy.The two of them fumbled for a while before hitting half of the uterus.Empress Wei looked at Wei Yuanchen Brother best cbd sleep gummies on amazon Chen, try it Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked forward.There was only half a palace botanical farms cbd gummies official website sash, so of course it had to be shorter to tie it around best cbd sleep gummies on amazon kana cbd gummies near me his waist.Empress Wei shook her head Brother Chen s waist is too thick, it should be enough to be someone else.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help laughing, it was probably the first time Mr.Wei was despised for .

does cvs pharmacy sell cbd gummies?

having a thick waist.Mr.Wei actually has broad shoulders and a thin waist But thinking about her sore waist and weak legs today, she is willing to bully Lord Wei with her mother, Gu Mingzhu nodded and said What your mother said is that it doesn t matter if the length of the palace sash is not enough.Cui Zhen was about to recover from his thoughts, when he glanced away, he happened to see Zhuzhu lift the fence and stuff a piece of red bean cake into her mouth, then her eyes twinkled slightly, and her face was full of smiles.A flash of lightning seemed to flash across Cui Zhen s mind.At this moment, his mind went blank.It took him a while to recover, but he was still a little confused.The situation in front of him overlapped with the scene he saw back then.Zhuzhu s movements and that playful smile were exactly the same as the girl in his memory.Is it a coincidence, or is his memory messed up Cui Zhen stared blankly, some things where to buy cbd gummies near me smilez cbd gummies were clearly in front of his eyes, but he felt that he couldn t see clearly.Zhuzhu picked up a piece of red bean cake and put it into Wei Yuanchen s mouth, the two of them talked to the aunt with a smile, and then left the shop with the red bean cake.Although Wei Wang has not been established as the heir apparent, recently, officials from Zhan Shi Mansion and Zuo Chun Fang have been visiting the house every day to look for him.The king of Wei was discussing matters, and the decree of establishing the crown prince will obviously be issued soon.This is a happy event, that s right, Gu Chongyi still felt a little melancholy, he didn t know whether to use Prince Wei s Mansion as the Prince s Mansion or choose another mansion.If you move far away, you won t be able to see his palm beads all the time.It s a trivial matter not to see him now.When the son in law ascends the throne, he will be blocked by the palace gate, alas It is even more difficult.Recently, Madam occasionally frowned and thought about it, thinking that she was also worried about this step.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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