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Zhou Rujun said What about you You are also a vicious person Yan Tanhua was silent for a moment They both gave her something when they left.Master Zhang gave her some pearls.Mr.Yang said If you can get out alive, don t be manipulated by others in the future.Only those who can stir up the wind and rain and hide themselves are great talents.When leaving, she got up and saluted.Rong Niangzi smiled, and the scar on her face seemed to disappear in an instant Although your fianc e doesn t like you, if you have a chance to see him in prison, let him see your face.A man s heart is like a rock.You can also find a gap to pry, use him to escape from here, and then let him taste the taste of what you want.Remember between men and women, whoever is not legal cbd gummies near me in love is the winner, those lovers who treat you wholeheartedly, but It s the absurd cbd oil edibles gummies words in the storybook, as for those rules and etiquette, it is a means of donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies torturing the female relatives, don t lose your life for the so high strength cbd gummy bears called reputation.

Cui Zhen took out a damaged wax pill from his sleeve, he still found the wax pill, in the lake, there was a note in the wax pill, but it had been soaked long ago.If he hadn t cbd oil gummies get you high happened to find that figure that night, maybe he wouldn t have felt that someone was planning to take the wax pills.He suddenly had the feeling that he was being led HCMUSSH legal cbd gummies near me by the nose all the time.Walking into the inner courtyard, Cui Zhen raised his head and saw a paper kite, and then a girl laughed, and a figure came into view immediately, it was Gu Mingzhu who was laughing and playing with the legal cbd gummies near me maid.Chapter 11 reminds Cui Zhen to stand there with his hands behind his back without moving for a long while, waiting until Gu Mingzhu came to him.Gu Mingzhu was running out of breath, her cheeks were flushed red, she didn t know how to salute when she saw Cui Zhen, she pointed to the top of her head, and the colorful butterfly fluttered in the wind.

Lin said Could it be that the dead man who killed Zhuzhu belonged to the prince Cui Zhen shook his head I don t know yet, but I don t think the prince needs to use the name Pearl Thief if he wants to kill someone.Some people are secretly fighting against the prince, and by doing this, he wants to attract more people to deal with the prince.Madam Lin couldn t think of a reason for a while.Does my aunt know Wei Yuanchen Cui Zhen said, The third son of Queen Wei s elder brother, I heard the news that he has come to Shanxi.Wei Yuanchen was ordered to investigate the theft of the war horse.Maybe he will find his aunt.Auntie wants to pay more attention to Wei Yuanchen.Take precautions.This person is ruthless and will use everything to the extreme.It is not ruled out that he will use some methods secretly to deal with the prince.

The two people said this and gradually drifted apart.After he got out of the prison, he went to the pharmacy to find out what this asafoetida was.If he hadn t been hurt so badly at that time and was in a daze, he wouldn t have had such a misunderstanding, because she didn t know who he sundrop cbd gummies was at all.The imperial court feared the Wei family, for fear that the Wei family would rise up in anger because of being wronged, so the Wei family was detained separately, and the jailers and people around them were not allowed to mention their identities.The imperial court wanted to use them, the descendants of the Wei family, to manipulate the Wei family.He is half drowsy and has no energy to speak, lying in the prison like a dead person, naturally he will not mention anything to others, even if she sees his face, she will not be familiar with it at all, not to mention that he must be sick at that time He had to take off his appearance, even if he stood in front of her as usual, she still wouldn t recognize him.

Suspicion in a case seems to be a trivial matter, but if a guilty person gets away, it will become a disaster in the future.My master said that once this person succeeds, he will definitely commit another crime, so let me be careful.Sure enough, I have encountered a similar case now, and this time I can t miss this thief again.Having had previous experiences, Master and I felt that the people in the Yamen cannot be trusted.Although I was in the field, I had some understanding of the situation in Shanxi s government offices.Suspecting the government office donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies is a serious crime.The people can t fight with the officials.It s a big tree, I m afraid it will be broken in it soon.Hearing this, Chu Jiu slightly raised his eyebrows.He likes someone to compare the third master to a big tree.Then he is the person closest to the big tree.

Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on the plates on which the pastries were placed.She walked over and picked up the plates and looked at cbd gummies mg chart legal cbd gummies near me the light.These plates are made of sweet white porcelain.If you exchange them for some silver, you can buy more Medicine dregs.However, it may also attract the attention of the Cui family.After all, this matter involves a fire in the ancestral tomb.It is okay if donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies there are some pastries.It s a pity, I wanted to accumulate some merit for the Cui family, but now it seems that it is not appropriate.Gu Mingzhu shook her head and sent the plate to its original place.Sure enough, as he expected, Wei Yuanchen s gaze became even colder.The doctor woman wanted to walk along with the plate.After she picked up the plate, she looked around like a thief, probably because she was afraid of being caught by the Cui family.

Mrs.Lin stroked her growing belly with a smile on her face.If the legal cbd gummies near me cbd gummies omaha master was here, everything would be complete.Thinking of this, Mrs.Lin opened the letter from Beijing again.The master asked her how she was, and asked the members of the Gu clan to pick her up and go to Fenyang.She knew that the master promised her to come to Shanxi for ulterior motives.On the surface, he asked her to come to the Cui family for information, but in fact he wanted to send her back to Shaanxi For her natal family, the master was afraid legal cbd gummies near me to tell her directly, and she would not agree, so he arranged it like this.Otherwise, why would she go to Fenyang again Fenyang is so close to the ferry to Shaanxi, if there is any trouble, she can go to Shaanxi by boat.From the very beginning, she felt that this matter was not easy, and now it seems that it is indeed the case.

Ding coming up with the steward.Mr.Ding bowed to Han Yu I didn t expect to alarm the magistrate.Han Yu waved his hand and said, Please tell me about today s situation carefully.Mr.Ding responded Tonight we will drink on the big boat.At the end of Haishi, I was a .

how to know your cbd gummies are legit?

little tired, so I took people back to the house to rest first.After entering the guest room, I found that the cage I brought seemed to have been touched by someone, so I ordered the guards to open it to check, and sure enough, the belongings in it were gone.I immediately ordered someone to search for it, and I found out that the thieves hadn t gone far away.The guard at my house had been wrestling with the thieves for a long time.You can big lyfe cbd gummies escape, and then they were all caught, and now the thief is tied up in the wing room.Cui Zhen looked around, and found that many of the furnishings on the big boat HCMUSSH legal cbd gummies near me had been destroyed, obviously caused by fighting, he couldn t help but look slightly down, and looked at Mr.

It doesn t matter if you look at it, she what are captain cbd gummies almost spit it out.There were a few grass leaves floating on the tea soup, and there were some pickled things.The mother next to Mrs.Lin walked over to look quickly, and was stunned when she saw the things in donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies the little Gai clock.How is this going Isn t it the best Longjing Who puts extra in the Miss Tuesday bowl The mother in charge looked towards the door, and a pink embroidered shoe shrank to the side, but she still recognized that it was the eldest lady.Miss The mother in charge asked tentatively.The foot took another half step back.The mother in charge breathed a sigh of relief, she is really the eldest lady.Mrs.Wednesday looked down at her tea bowl.Although it was clean, she was no longer interested in drinking tea.After hearing what the manager of the Lin family said, she understood in her legal cbd gummies near me heart that it was that fool again who was causing trouble.

She felt that the dream was a sign to her that the old Marquis did not die back then, and the one who left was she is gone.After the old Hou Ye left, her nightmares disappeared as expected.From then on, she believed in these things very much.Although she was deceived by a fake Taoist priest in the capital, her dreams would never go wrong.Broken, is she really near the end of her lifespan She had to find another way to save her life.Mrs.Lin thought of Zhuangzi as her dowry.When she lived in Taiyuan Mansion with her two children, she went to live there for two days when she fell ill, and her condition soon improved.There was an accident at the ancestral grave, and Yu s mother was arrested.She wanted to move to Zhuangzi, and now she couldn t wait for a moment.She would leave tomorrow.First, she would go to recuperate.

Mrs.Lin glanced at Baotong Thanks to you today.She was extremely thankful in her heart, thanks to Baotong who first reminded her to take the nursing home, and later led the way ahead, otherwise she would be caught up by those murderers.Baotong rejoiced in his heart, it s not that the young lady is so powerful, she discovered the abnormality early in the morning, and had prepared in advance, otherwise there would be no such result, now it is not convenient for the young lady to receive the merit, so she will take it for the young lady first.After leaving Zhou s Zhuangzi, she still didn t dare to neglect, Madam Lin led the people all the way to Madam Lin s Zhuangzi.Don t know if it s safe there either, but there s no other option right now.Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu were walking forward when a few horses galloped from a distance and stopped in front of them.

Han Yu ran out with a dagger in his legal cbd gummies near me cbd gummies omaha hand.Staying in place, Han Yu looked at the huge Zhuangzi in front of him, sweat dripped from his forehead and flooded his eyes, his eyes were already red, the more anxious he was, the more confused his thoughts became, where would he go to catch the Pearl Thief.Han Yu just ran two steps forward and saw a figure in the corner.He subconsciously raised the sharp weapon in his hand, but soon let go because it was Miss Gu.That silly girl.The silly girl was arguing to go out just now, she used all kinds of tricks, cheating, acting like a baby, and now she must have slipped out of the house again while the Gu family was not paying attention.Gu Mingzhu raised her head, and Han Yu really saw a dazed expression on her face.Her face was a little dirty, and there were still tears on her cheeks.

Han Yu was very anxious.If it wasn t for the place like the back, he would have done it by himself long ago.After such a long delay, he might lose his life.Hurry up, Han Yu said with a distorted expression, Do as I tell you.He still hesitated when he saw his followers.Han Yu continued This arrow is poisonous.That s right, this arrow is poisonous.The toxicity is the same as the one he used for Pearl Thief.There is no doubt that the disposal will die.Although the magistrate Han said so, the attendant still showed hesitation, the arrow does not seem to be poisoned, the wound is not swollen, Master Han s pulse is a little faster, but Hurry up, Han Yu urged again, he just felt short of breath, as if a stone was pressing on his chest and he couldn t breathe, Are you going to let me die Just legal cbd gummies near me as Han Yu finished speaking, someone shouted There are pearls, pearls were found on the ground.

This place is under the jurisdiction of Yangqu.When the county magistrate heard the news, he brought almost all the officials here.When he saw everyone, the officials immediately saluted.Wei Yuanchen glanced over the crowd Everyone is here now.Cui Zhen didn t see Lu Shenzhi and Feng Anping.As the co prefect and general judge of legal cbd gummies near me cbd gummies omaha Taiyuan Mansion, they should be there, but Wei Yuanchen didn t come now.Don t ask.Along the way, although Cui Zhen didn t speak to Wei Yuanchen, he could feel Wei Yuanchen s composure and composure.Whether it was arresting the deputy general of the guard or arranging matters in the Iron Mountain Mine, Wei Yuanchen was very helpful.The rules, the last and most important thing, are naturally also in Wei Yuanchen s calculations.So when he first arrived at Zhuangzi, Cui Zhen didn t speak in a hurry, but carefully watched the situation in front of him.

Mrs.Lin didn t interrupt Chu Jiu s words.Chu Jiu continued It s true that my old lady and wife love the third master very much, and the second master is also very protective of the third master, but the old lady is also very strict with the third master.If she knows what happened just now, she will definitely not shirk it.I will be responsible to the end so you don t have to worry, you can talk to the old lady directly if you have anything to ask.If you have any questions, the little one will tell you the truth.Mrs.Lin pinched the veil, she still has any questions to ask What else can she ask The words were all finished by this boy.Mrs.Lin said Your third master used to be like this Chu Jiu shook his head flatly This is the first time.He didn t tell a lie, he dared to swear on his marriage.

After saying this, the two fell silent for a while.Zhao Gongren took a sip of tea and couldn t help but said, Master Wei came to Gu s house, did he bring up the kioni cbd gummies case of the war horse with you Right now is the critical time, if I know something that cannot be concealed, I have to report it to the yamen.Zhao Gongren s eyes flickered What do you know Mrs.Lin said I just heard from Lord Hou that Shanxi s Xingtai servant The temple bred a lot of military horses last year, and the court could save a lot of money from the horse market in the frontier.The Hou Ye also wanted to ask for credit for the officials of Shanxi Xingtai Pu Temple in the memorial, but who knew that the credit did not come, but the horses were lost.The corner of Zhao Gongren s mouth twitched slightly, Marquis Huaiyuan has always been like this, more than success is more than failure, her sister in law also seems to be ignorant, living a foolish life with Zhu Zhu s mother and daughter.

Miss Baotong.Gu Mingzhu and Baotong were about to leave when the maid beside Lin Runzhi asked, Where is there any incense for calming the nerves Can you give me some, my second master has been frightened, and I m afraid he won t be able to sleep well at night.Baotong Tong said Frightened The servant girl lowered her head legal cbd gummies near me and nodded Because the uncle was kicked by a horse, the second master is timid after all, and he can t stand this.Baotong didn t ask again I ll get some.The servant girl With a smile on his face, he immediately thanked Baotong.Frightened.Gu Mingzhu kept looking at Lin Runzhi, and when she heard the word scared , Lin Runzhi did flinch legal cbd gummies near me and looked around tremblingly.Gu Mingzhu knew in his heart that Lin Runzhi was really frightened, but it wasn t because of Lin Runsheng, something might have happened on the way Zhao Gongren came to Taiyuan Mansion.

The house was in a mess, as if someone had rummaged through things.At first glance, it really looked like murder for money.Nie Chen said, The cash box in the shop is gone.It s the first month of the month, Gu Mingzhu said.Nie Chen nodded This is the suspicious point.The shop will settle accounts at the end of the month and send part of the money to the bank.Although there will be some money in the shop for turnover, it doesn t need too much.It s a wrong time to rob the money.besides.Gu Mingzhu held up the lamp and walked forward.There were still ropes that bound people on the ground.Instead of looking for property indiscriminately, it is better to ask the shopkeeper and the staff.When people are in desperate situations, they will have a strong desire to survive, and they will usually tell the truth.

The mother in charge got dressed and went to legal cbd gummies near me cbd gummies omaha answer the door.The Zhao family has come to look for Zhao Gongren, the steward said anxiously, something happened at the Zhao family s side.The steward s mother was quite surprised when she heard this, and immediately rushed to the main house to call for Zhao Gongren.Zhao Gongren hadn t fallen asleep, just laying down, Mrs.Lin s snoring disturbed her.Didn t Mrs.Lin say she had a heart disease and couldn legal cbd gummies near me t rest It can be seen that these are all deceitful lies.If she hadn t come to Cui s house to make her sister in law happy, and to help out if something happened to the Zhao family, she would never have come to Cui s house.Just as Zhao Gongren turned over, he heard noises coming from outside.Someone entered the door with a lamp.Did you say something The mother in charge said, It is said that the government took people to search the Zhao family s house.

Mrs.Lin waved.Gu Mingzhu immediately walked over cheerfully.Is it mental insufficiency Mrs.Lin couldn t help shaking her head thinking about it.So many things happened in the family, Zhuzhu legal cbd gummies near me still seemed like nothing happened, she was still the same as before, and there was no barrier at all.But that s right, legal cbd gummies near me Zhuzhu didn t suffer any grievances in the first place, and she was the one who was really upset.Gu Mingzhu hugged Yuan Xiao in her arms with a smile on her face.Mrs.Lin looked at this smile, and her heart was blocked again.The indescribable dazzling smile seemed to be mocking her, which made her very uncomfortable.Zhuzhu, is Auntie treating you well Mrs.Lin said as she picked up a piece of sweet fruit and handed it to Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Mrs.Lin went to peel the pomegranate again.

Mrs.Lin s face became even uglier.Cui Zhen ordered Bring Mrs.Tai back to Cui s house to rest.The servants brought Mrs.Lin to the carriage.Cui Wei looked at Cui Zhen Brother, you can t just leave it like this.Do you believe that Wei Yuanchen did this to investigate the case He is humiliating our Cui family.He thinks he can do whatever he wants in the name of an imperial envoy.He will soon lose his composure.Chapter 101 Wenxin Cui Wei is talking about the prince.The Taiyuan government office received the news that the crown prince will enter the city tomorrow.The prince is naturally here to clean up the mess, so that the case will not be brought to the capital and cannot be controlled.However, when the prince left for Taiyuan, the emperor had not received the proof of the Tieshan Mine, otherwise he would definitely block it.

Look donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies at the people around Mr.Wei.They are good at lightness.I can t match it Gu Mingzhu Comforting Liu Su Don t say that your leg was injured, even a common man who practiced martial arts since childhood is nothing more than that.You can t compare with those guards from aristocratic families.Strictly speaking, they are not guards, they are family generals, legal cbd gummies near me and they are more important than the stewards around you.On the first level, I practiced martial arts in aristocratic families since I was a child, and all of them were taught by powerful martial arts masters.They followed the orthodox path and grew up with the master.The two people s kung fu styles complement each other, and they will be handy when they help the master in the future.Liu Su listened carefully.The last time he said that he had a problem with his ears, he naturally lied to Master legal cbd gummies near me Wei.

Zhao Er was in Taiyuan Mansion, and it was only then The following document asked the surrounding post stations and yamen to arrest Mr.Zhao Er.In fact, Mr.Zhao Er disappeared early in the morning.He should have enough time to stay away from Taiyuan Mansion.Why did he stay in the mountains not far from Taiyuan Mansion The Yacha said, Zhao Er The woodcutter heard the master calling for help in the mountains, and there are few people on the mountain road, if the second master Zhao was kidnapped, how could he escape from that person at such a good time Lu Shenzhi calmed down and thought about it, it was indeed too much of a coincidence some.Nie Chen said If Master Lu takes people there and finds that the person in the mountain is Master Zhao Er, and Master Zhao Er is being threatened with his legal cbd gummies near me life, what would you think The clues leaked in this case point to Mr.

Feeling that this is a trap aimed at Mr.Wei, the Yamen tried every means to delay the search for Mr.Zhao Er as late as possible, cbd gummies myrtle beach sc but how to solve it requires Mr.Wei to come up with a solution.Also, Mr.Lu said that Wang Daochang may have committed suicide, and people have already sent someone to find him Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law.After Zi Yuan finished speaking quickly, she lowered her head, believing that Master Wei would understand everything after hearing these words.Wei Yuanchen heard Chu Jiu s whisper and looked at the anxious Mr.Shen.That is the aide who advised the prince, no wonder he is so anxious now.Now that I have time, I will deal with the prince slowly.Wei Yuanchen picked up the tea and took a sip.After listening to one of the luthiers tuning the piano, the prince walked towards another person, and he was about to reach Gu Mingzhu and Zi Yuan.

Lin Sizhen and others made military exploits and gained a firm foothold in Shaanxi Xingdusi.Wei Yuanchen closed the file.Naturally, he didn t know about the case twelve years ago.He only knew that there was an old general Zhao who had contacts with the Wei family.After the death of old general do super cbd gummies work for hair loss Zhao, no one in the court mentioned his name again.Is there something strange about this mutiny Wei Yuanchen put the dossier away.If there was something strange, people like Nie Chen should be able to find out the clues.Those people like Nie Chen are good at detecting these secrets, but it s a pityshe took them in early.Third Master, you re jealous.Could he be jealous Because of the people she wins over Wei Yuanchen frowned and raised his head, just in time to meet Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu was still looking into Wei Yuanchen s eyes I haven t slept for two days, should I go back and rest Looking at the gloomy face of the third master, Chu Jiu pursed his lips, he was right, the third master It made my eyes red.

Gu Mingzhu did not pass the hairpin to the mother in charge, but jumped off the chair, Take the hairpin and run around the house.Zhuzhu Everyone s eyes fell on the white jade hairpin.Finally Mrs.Lin opened her mouth, and Gu Mingzhu stopped and passed the white jade hairpin in her hand.Now everyone donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies should have seen the hairpin clearly, legal cbd gummies near me and when the court came to ask, Zhao Gongren would have no way to deny it.The mother in charge said under the watchful eyes of everyone that the flower hairpin was made by Lin Sizhen, and it will also become a testimony in the future.It is reasonable to say that the mother in charge would not dare to put on such a close fitting thing, otherwise it would be easy to show her feet.It was really Lin Sizhen who gave it to his wife, and the other more precious set was given to the woman who lives in Dongdaxiang by Wang Daochang.

Maybe it s been a long time since I ve seen such a warm scene, and I m vaguely envious.Cui Zhen regained his composure, his face remained unchanged, and he continued I want to write a letter to my uncle, in case someone wants to use this as an excuse to involve more people after my incident gets into the capital, please ask my uncle to help guard Datong.The soldiers begged for a favor, and the Tatars are eyeing them, and at this time they will go to war, which may not be good for Zhou.Mrs.Lin said That s all Cui Zhen nodded.Mrs.Lin didn t know what to say and sighed for a long time Is there no other way Cui Zhen said If the case of the war horse can be found out, it will be a good thing for both the frontier and the guards.I can clearly distinguish the priorities.After Cui Zhen said this, he raised his eyes, and his face naturally became a little more confident Auntie, don t worry too much, there are not many generals available in Dazhou, and now there are strong enemies around, and the few people in the Ministry of War may not Dare to take over the post of guarding the border, even if I am convicted, the court may not never use it.

There is no reason for things in the world to last forever.I can also use this to tidy up the house.Mrs.Lin said You suspect that there is something wrong with Lin Temple Otherwise, where did the words of tidying up the house come from.Cui Zhen lowered his eyes, and after a while he said again Auntie, have HCMUSSH legal cbd gummies near me you heard that Lin Sizhen fought the Tatars in Suzhou Wei with less and won more, and was said by the Tatars to be good at sorcery, so they can use heavenly soldiers to fight Mrs.Lin said this Naturally, I have heard of it, but it s okay to listen to it, these are all rumors.Cui Zhen pondered and said I think that in the same situation, I will definitely lose the battle, unless there is a surprise attack on the Tatar barracks.But at that time, my uncle and his troops were all defending the city.

The prince shook his sleeves after speaking, This case in Taiyuan Mansion can be said to kill two birds with one stone.If Gong and the Wei family fight, in the end, if both losers, they will benefit from it.So Wei Yuanchen is not a good person, and the purpose of exposing this matter is not to save him, but to not want to be used by others, he doesn t .

is there a cbd gummy to help quit smoking?

know legal cbd gummies near me how to read the Wei family Good intentions, let s not deal with the Wei family now, and wait for the Wei family to catch the person legal cbd gummies near me cbd gummies omaha who harmed him, and then purekana cbd gummies near me he will kill the donkey.The father can borrow Wei s power, why can t he Let Wei Yuanchen continue to investigate, the crown prince ordered Tao Duo, but you have to send someone to follow, and all the clues you find must be reviewed, and Wei Yuanchen cannot be allowed to play any tricks.

He has a feeling recently Miss Jiang and the elder are the same in both their actions and their speculations.Nie Chen thought wildly, could it be Could it be Miss Jiang is really the daughter of the elder Wei Yuanchen continued Besides, the Marquis Dingning s approach to you must be related to legal cbd gummies near me this case.If you reject the Marquis Dingning, best cbd gummies for golf you may miss some clues.My lord is wise, Nie Chen bowed, Dingning Hou also knows that we people do things for your lord, and he came to us to find out the news, and secondly, to express his thoughts to you Regardless of Dingning If the Hou wants us to investigate something, he must not be afraid that we will reveal it to the Lord, so it seems that in this case, Ding Ninghou is on the side of the Lord.Wei Yuanchen looked worried, the Zhao family was related to the war horse case, Cui Zhen blindly defending the result will really implicate the entire Cui family.

This person has always kept the interests of the Cui family at heart, so it is not surprising that he would make such a choice.Wei Yuanchen said If Cui Zhen mentions the Shanxi mutiny, he must tell me a word.The old Ding Ninghou was alive when the Shanxi mutiny happened, and many of the generals who gathered in the Shanxi mutiny were originally from Shanxi.Ning Hou went to the battlefield together, maybe the old Ding Ning Hou knew the inside story, and it would be great to get some clues through Cui Zhen.Thinking of this, Wei Yuanchen raised his eyebrows slightly again.Miss Gu heard about the Shanxi mutiny from Wang Dakou, and at this time she asked Nie Chen to come forward to say these words, confirming that the current case is closely related to the Shanxi mutiny.She must have found new doubts in Cui s inner legal cbd gummies near me house.

What was fought in front of the enemy was flesh and blood, but now it was the bones that were destroyed, but Cui Zhen still stood upright, like the big flag on the pass he had guarded.The personal guard finally stepped forward and snatched the spear from Mrs.Lin Tai.Cui Zhen didn t seem to be affected at all, he still looked at Mrs.Lin calmly, and Mrs.Lin s eyes were full of fierce expressions.Are you satisfied now Mrs.Lin said, Let everyone in the Cui clan know that the next step legal cbd gummies near me is to let the people from the yamen come Cui Zhen stood up and looked into the yard The clerks from the yamen have come, mother Explain clearly to the civil servants what happened back then, you didn t kill your father yourself, I will report to the court and save my mother s life for the sake of my military merits, but if the mother keeps hiding it, the son will be helpless, this matter It s related to a big case, so I have to ask.

If the crown prince uses it, I am afraid that he will fall into it in the end.The prince has been used as a cover, and he has not noticed it for so many years.It is conceivable that there buy vegan cbd gummy bears uk must be Lin Sizhen in the East Palace.His comrades have already told Lin Sizhen the truth, how could Lin Sizhen be fooled He can only use his tricks Gu Mingzhu went to see Wei Yuanchen again, only to see Wei Yuanchen responded to the prince with a sullen face.Mr.Wei did not resist at this time, so it can be seen that he had already thought of this situation.Since this is the case, he must be prepared.Gu Mingzhu was a little relieved.She didn t want to see the silly prince get away with it.It seems that Mr.Wei also has such a plan.The eldest princess s treason case five years ago has not been investigated yet, but it does not prevent her from collecting some debts from those people and repaying the debts.

It is not uncommon for the bamboo dragonfly in his hand to fly near this house, and the Gu family is also placed in the east courtyard, so how can they drive it away Mr.Shen looked away, maybe he was thinking too much, it was just a coincidence that Miss Gu appeared at the door.Mr.Shen said The post house is too small, the princess has been wronged living here, if not, move to the nearby Zhuangzi Princess Huairou shook her head, It s fun when everyone is crowded together.Interrupted by Miss Gu, Mr.Shen thought for a moment and then said Princess said that the son in law has never heard of it Why don t you let the people in the East Palace search around and find out the news about the son in law earlier, so that the princess can feel at ease.Princess Huairou still Hesitant, she could feel that the son in law didn legal cbd gummies near me t like her being too close to the prince and legal cbd gummies near me cbd cbn sleep gummies the imperial concubine, and every time he entered the palace to greet the imperial concubine, the son in law was in a bad mood.

Without Wei Yuanchen cbd edibles gummies legal cbd gummies near me s manpower, he was most worried about Wei Yuanchen.If Wei Yuanchen discovers the clue first, then they will fall short.Mr.Shen walked forward again, Gu Mingzhu also looked away, and went to cbd gummy bulk Princess Huairou with the snacks in his hand.Princess Huairou looked at Gu Mingzhu and couldn donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies t help smiling Thank you Zhuzhu, I m cbd gummies for nausea donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies not hungry, you can eat some Sitting next to Princess Huairou, Gu Mingzhu picked up a piece of snack.Although Miss Gu suffers from dementia, Princess Huairou can feel that Miss Gu cares for her.Miss Gu is well educated.From this point, it can be seen that Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife are somewhat People focus on their own interests and don t care about these family relationships at all.Princess legal cbd gummies near me cbd gummies omaha Huairou gently rubbed the purse in her hand, the purse was a little worn out, but she had been wearing it all the time, it was made by the son in law s biological mother when he was a child, and the son in law gave it to her, it was the most precious item to her.

I think the prince and the Cui family will take good care of them.I, a member of the clan, help.He has always been a person with clear grievances and grievances, he is not as broad minded as his clan brothers, and he will never give up the slightest mercy to those people, just like they did when they treated Rujun back then.At this point, Wei Yuanchen was about to leave, but he thought of one more thing Do you know if Rujun has come and gone with the Huaiyuanhou Mansion Zhou Zesheng was taken aback.Pulling him to talk, but Huaiyuanhou s Mansion I ve never heard Rujun say that.Wei Yuanchen nodded Secretly protect the female family members of Huaiyuanhou s Mansion, if you find Miss Gu, the eldest daughter of Huaiyuanhou, what would be strange As long as you didn t see what you did, you don t need to look into it.

Peng Liang still wanted to speak, but Mr.Shen comforted him The matter is of great importance, and it is useless for you to talk too much, it will disturb His Highness s thinking, His Highness will definitely Save people.Then Peng Liang lowered his head.When the room became quiet again, the prince hurriedly said We will set off for Beijing immediately.If we want to resist the Tatars, we must mobilize elite soldiers and good generals.Although I am the prince but a clever woman legal cbd gummies near me can t cook without rice, and I don t legal cbd gummies near me have thousands of soldiers in my hands.How to fight against the enemy Mr.Shen said Hasn t the prince thought of capturing those Tatars How The prince said, What can I legal cbd gummies near me do The Tatars want to capture the princess And the son in law, to blackmail Da Zhou, the prince can use his plan, from mobilizing some people, going around behind the Tatars, and encircling them, Mr.

Who is that What is he trying to do Protect His Highness the Crown Prince.Donggong s personal guard drew out a sharp weapon and drove forward to surround the Crown Prince.Are you planning to rebel someone yelled.The only response to them was a wave of feathered arrows above their heads.The prince pulled out the long sword at his waist in a HCMUSSH legal cbd gummies near me panic, and he turned to look at Mr.Shen How could there be an ambush in Yangwuyu Who is that Mr.Shen was also full of panic I I don t know, it was fine before Protect Your Highness and leave first.The guards resisted the arrows and tried to lead the prince forward to escape.The prince didn t care to ask any more, he arched his body and ignite broad spectrum cbd gummies lemon huddled his head under the armpit of the guard and fled in a hurry.He didn t have many people with him, so he was definitely not a match for these people.

She was a little embarrassed, but it was nothing.As long as the son in law and mother in law are safe and sound.Princess.A familiar voice came from outside.Princess Huairou didn t care about the etiquette, she threw herself to the door of the carriage and opened the curtain to look out.Cheng Yi s face appeared in front of Princess Huairou, and Princess Huairou immediately showed a happy smile.Cheng Yi looked at the embarrassed princess and was speechless for a moment.He had never seen a princess like this before.Her hair was in a messy bun, and a few strands of hair stuck to her face with sweat.There is also a shoe missing on the top, which shows how dangerous it was just now.Princess Huairou thought about Mrs.Zhao How is mother in law Hearing the princess voice, Cheng Yi woke up like a dream, and then he said in a hoarse voice Mother has been saved, don t worry Then Good.

Snap gave himself a mouth.He closed his eyes and opened them again, until now he still can t believe that what he experienced just now was true, Junior Sister Jiang turned into Miss Gu.Nie Chen gave himself another mouthful.Lu Guang just came out of the house after bandaging his wound.Seeing Nie Chen, he couldn t help asking, What are you doing Slapping mosquitoes.Nie Chen ran away again Marquis Huaiyuan walked out of the post house.Yi Cheng s words rang in his ears like thunder.I heard that the convoy entering Beijing encountered rebels.Marquis Huaiyuan s clenched hands trembled a little Go, go in the direction of Taiyuan Mansion.He must find his wife and Zhuzhu before dawn.Chapter 174 The benefactor Princess Huairou s chariot and horses entered the village, Mrs.Lin immediately took people to carry Mrs.

I haven t seen her for a few days, but she has learned to draw a bow and shoot an arrow again, and she is very accurate.He was only wearing light armor, and her arrow was heading towards his chest.If he didn t dodge or evade, her arrow would go straight through his heart.When the arrow reached his chest, Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand to grab it, the legal cbd gummies near me cbd gummies omaha tail of the arrow was beating in his palm, as if it was alive, trying to drill into his heart with all his strength.As heartless as her master.If he had known earlier, he would have gone straight back to Beijing, so he didn t need to take her arrow.Wei Yuanchen really wanted to just turn around and leave like this.Since Marquis Huaiyuan is here, his cooperation with Miss Gu will come to an end.She helped him solve the case, and he also gave him something in return.

Mingming had seen through her true face early on, but she was still almost deceived.This is her way of playing with him like a child Apart from his gloomy expression, Mr.Wei seemed not ready to attack her.Gu Mingzhu ran out tentatively.After all, Mr.Wei had a lot of adults, and he didn t care about her, a little girl.But in this way, she felt even more guilty.Gu Mingzhu ran out of the house like a gust of wind, and saw Baotong and Liusu standing in the yard to meet her, Baotong was holding two small animals made of sugar syrup, Liusu was holding a bowl of astragalus red date soup, After he best place to buy cbd gummies for pain near me came out, Liu Su would bring in the soup to replace the bowl of goat milk.Gu Mingzhu thought about taking something from Baotong, then turned around and went back to the house.Wei Yuanchen heard the distant footsteps and ran back again.

Wei Yuanchen stepped forward quickly Uncle s head is injured, he needs to rest for legal cbd gummies near me a few more days.Zhou Zesheng frowned and looked at Wei Yuanchen What are purity naturals cbd gummies you testing Wei Yuanchen looked indifferent, just followed the window lattice The sunlight outside is changing, and there seems to be emotion in his eyes I will tell my uncle when I am sure.Now he can t say clearly, unless he has a definite answer in his heart, otherwise it is too much to say.It only makes my uncle more worried, and if it is not what he thinks, he will be happy in vain.Knowing Wei Yuanchen s temperament, Zhou Zesheng didn t ask any more questions.He looked at the candy on the table and couldn t help laughing You are so troublesome, it seems that Miss Gu s dementia is not what she said.Wei Yuanchen Without rebuttal, he turned around and picked up the soup on the table and handed it to Zhou Zesheng.

Aren t I your son Am I also surnamed Cheng We only have one father, but the father has other sons.I When my mother disappeared in Shanxi, my father immediately took in my stepmother, now that my stepmother is dead, my father can still fill in the house, and there will be children born at that time, father, are you right Master Cheng turned his head cbd gummy discovery and saw Cheng Yi, There was no expression on Cheng Yi s face, he just stared fixedly at Mr.Cheng.It s all wrong, Mr.Cheng kicked the chair in front of him, This is the Cheng family, and I am the head of the family.What do you all want to do Cheng Yi suddenly showed can you give cbd gummies to toddlers a tired expression on his face Father s kindness and son s filial piety are really tired after so many years, and now I just want to ask for the truth.Do you still have a father son relationship Master Cheng looked at Cheng Yi fiercely, You unfilial son of a messy family, wait until dawn I want to read you a book in front of the Holy cbd gummies for nausea donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies Master, and expel you from the Cheng family.

Madam has repeatedly asked me about the past these days.When I got up, I knew what Madam wanted To use this as an excuse to blackmail the master, the concubine gritted her teeth and kept silent.Unexpectedly, the master became suspicious, for fear that the concubine would know the inside story, so he wanted to use this time to kill two birds with one stone.The crime of harming my wife is on the legal cbd gummies near me concubine.Aunt Gui looked at Yuan er I guess that if Yuan er can t escape, she will risk her life and say that she was bought by the concubine, because the concubine wants to use her to pay for the crime Only then, she would retort, the concubine cbd edibles gummies legal cbd gummies near me s chill cbd gummies review taking poison is to commit suicide in fear of seeing things come to light, master, is what I said right Master Cheng s eyes flickered, his expression was no longer calm.

To be on the safe side, Gu Mingzhu looked at the food box on the table.Gu Mingzhu is a fifteen year old girl, she might as legal cbd gummies near me well be a little panicky, it suits her heart, thinking like this, she grabbed the food box and put the empty plates on the table into the food box, so that she can pretend to be The food box leaves from the duty room.Third Lord, Lord Gu is here.Please come in Wei Yuanchen just finished speaking when he saw the girl pick up the food box and was about to walk out of the house.How could he just let her leave like this, just to see if Master Gu knew about Zhuzhu.You Just as Wei Yuanchen opened his mouth, he saw the girl go back and forth, picked up the snacks on the plate, and stuffed them into his mouth very familiarly.Wei Yuanchen s mouth was blocked, and his voice stopped abruptly.

People like this get the most benefit.Gu Chongyi obviously did not expect such a result, and stood there in a daze.Seeing this, Huang Chang, the former imperial eunuch, couldn t help but reminded It s time for Marquis Huaiyuan to thank the Holy One.Gu Chongyi panicked Walking out from the crowd, he lifted his robe and knelt in the gummy cbd tincture 500mg hall legal cbd gummies near me I thank the emperor for your kindness.The emperor said The Marquis of Huaiyuan has made great achievements for several generations, and he has dedicated himself to the Great Zhou.Aiqing will continue to do her best for donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies the court in the future.Gu Chongyi paid homage again This humble minister will definitely live up to the high expectations of the emperor.The court meeting lasted for an hour before the emperor left the main hall, and the servants shouted Retreat.

Now, before the five city soldiers and horses arrived, the evidence was conclusive.Perhaps it is a good way to rectify the people in the market, at least to bypass these two yamen openly, and they will come to arrest people only if they provide clues.Under the governance of the capital, the imperial court used several yamen to check and balance each other.The result was that the powers and responsibilities were unclear.Su Fu looked at Nie Chen beside him In your opinion, are there still many cases like this in Beijing The gate guards seem to be stricter than the Taiyuan Mansion, but in fact there are many dignitaries and dignitaries who hold power in their hands, as long as you use some thought, it will make all this useless.Su Fu frowned, did people mean Wucheng Bingmasi Furthermore, Nie Chen said in a low voice, there are more eyeliners in the city than in other places.

She always thought it was a coincidence, maybe it wasn t.Does Master Wei know everything, not only does he know that she is Zhou Rujun, but also Master Wei knows Zhou Rujun s preferences like the back of his hand.There was a person who took care of me in prison and saved my life.Unfortunately, she also passed away unjustly.Every time the old disease relapses, I will think of her.If there are other knots in my heart, how can I solve them Cui Zhen once said I was ordered to dispatch troops in the suburbs of Beijing.I happened to meet Wei Sanye.Wei Sanye ended up competing with Cui Wei in the school field.At that time, Wei Sanye had just killed Cui Wei s guards.I was afraid that Cui Wei would With resentment in my heart, my strikes were not serious, and I paid special attention to the situation legal cbd gummies near me on the field.

Bai Gongren dared not think about it, she had just given birth to a baby in those days, and her body was weak, so she was frightened into a serious illness , Later, the master proposed to let her live in the Taoist temple.Later, she broke her leg, and these bad lucks seem to haunt her since then.It has been 9 years now.Ah Chan died for 14 years, and haunted her for 9 years.She really can t stand it anymore.up.A member of Yuan s family entered the door and helped Bai Gongren to the bed.Sun Zhenren stood by the bed and recited a spell of clearing the heart, and then pressed a folded talisman into Bai Gongren s hand Good people rest at ease, the poor will arrange for good people Fa conference, pray for good people.Bai Gongren s face was full of joy.Only then did Sun Zhenren walk out of the quiet room with Nv Guanzi, and the two of them walked into the yard.

Who brought these Tamba wild rice back from the sea Has the Bai family improved the dry compass The court of the Great Zhou Dynasty prohibited privately going out to sea to buy and sell goods, but there were still merchant ships that ventured into the water.These merchant ships ran around when they were captured by court ships, and it was easy to lose their way at sea.If there is a more accurate dry compass on the merchant ship, it cbd gummies mg chart legal cbd gummies near me will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.Wei Yuanchen said Keep an eye on the Lu family.The Lu family quietly went to the Yuan family to report the news, and they also had contacts with the soldiers and horses of Wucheng.There was also a dark room in that courtyard, so no matter how you looked at it, it was related to the Bai family.Maybe the person behind the Lu family is Bai Gongren s elder brother, Bai Guanzheng s son who has not been an official.

Bai Jingkun still shook his head, but refused to speak more.Wei Yuanchen continued You also caused Yuan Bai s leg to be like that Upon hearing this, Bai Jingkun couldn t help saying My second sister s leg was injured by myself.Wei Yuanchen said Yuan Bai s leg injury was caused by falling from a high place at first, but later someone deliberately wounded the wound and repeatedly festered, and then deliberately cut off the blood in both legs, which made Yuan Bai s look like it is today.Bai Jingkun s eyes widened, it s impossible, legal cbd gummies near me who would harm his second sister Bai Jingkun s mood changed, Gu Mingzhu squatted in the corner and took two steps forward, some answers might be ready to come out.Wei Yuanchen s voice was still indifferent You are doing everything you can to achieve your goals, and I don t understand why you want to harm Yuan Bai.

I spent a lot of money looking for medicines everywhere, I Achan s suicide made me very guilty, my brother in law took good care of me, and I wanted to do something to repay them, so I asked about the fairy medicine again.Bai Jingkun said There is some hesitation here, obviously it is the key point.Wei Yuanchen said By taking advantage of Yuan Bai s injury, you persuaded Yuan Zhixing to collude with soldiers from the five cities to open the city HCMUSSH legal cbd gummies near me gate and let you enter legal cbd gummies near me Beijing to buy and sell imported goods.Bai Jingkun s eyes showed a bit of fear, but he still defended himself How could I be like thisit s all a coincidence, and no one will believe me when I tell it.Bai Jingkun couldn t figure out why he got to where he is today, and he began to pull his hair fiercely What did you say Wrong, it was me They forced me to make a dry compass again.

The queen mother knew what Mo Zhenren meant, and she was silent for a while before saying Maybe the third concubine legal cbd gummies near me came to compassion Gong and Aijia said this because they really heard that Sun Huixiu had some medical skills and wanted to cure Aijia s illness and make Aijia happy, and Aijia also hoped the same.He often comes to Ai s house to pay his respects, cbd edibles gummies legal cbd gummies near me and he looks very obedient.His mother and concubine left early, but there are two uncles in court.After the queen mother said this, she suddenly changed legal cbd gummies near me the subject The elder brother of the third concubine is now the chief envoy.She seems to be working in Shandong.The Empress Dowager has been out of the Compassionate Ning Palace, but she knows everything about the outside world, so it is even more suspicious to say that the Third Prince and Concubine.

The foul smelling pus and blood gushed out immediately.Mo Yang The cloth towel in Ming s hand was soaked quickly.Mo Yangming was about to turn around and order someone to bring a clean towel, so he took the dirty towel from her with both hands, and pressed a clean one on the wound.Mo Yangming nodded to Gu Mingzhu gratifiedly.She didn t know what Miss Gu s mentality was.In terms of learning medical skills, most people were not as good as Miss Gu.As the wound was cut open, a large amount of pus and blood flowed out, and the child on the bed felt the pain and began to struggle.Mo Yangming said Bring pepper water.Baotong handed the lifting pot filled with pepper water to Gu Mingzhu.After the warm pepper water was poured down, the child on the bed did not move anymore, so Mo Yangming could continue to clean the wound.

I have followed my elder brother since I was a child, and I have followed my crappie cbd gummies elder brother to kill enemies in the battlefield these years.Does my elder brother have the slightest brotherly affection for me It is the same for my mother, and it is the same for me.In the eyes of my elder brother There are only official careers and meritorious deeds, and there is no us at all Big brother is too cruel.After speaking, Cui Wei stood up and stepped into the rain first.Cui Zhen stood where he was, and when the steward came to him, he reached out to take the umbrella, as if nothing had happened, and walked out of the inner courtyard of the Gu family with his entourage.The raindrops fell on the umbrella, making a series of noises.Cui Wei had left long ago.There was only the brown horse galloping with him on the battlefield at the door, waiting for him quietly in the rain.

It happened that there was also a woman in the Anjiyuan who committed suicide.Aunt Zhen and Ah Chan seem to have nothing to do with each other, but they both happened to live in or often went to Anjiyuan They were also disabled, and they all died horribly.One cut their throats, the other cut their wrists.Wei Yuanchen said I have people staring at Tan Zigeng I will also investigate this aunt carefully to see how she came to Anji Yuan.Gu Mingzhu nodded I will also go to Anji several times in the past two days Go to the courtyard and ask the people inside for news about Aunt Zhen.One more thing, Wei Yuanchen took a step forward, I ll have someone go to the Imperial Hospital to inquire about Mrs.Dingning Hou s condition in the past few years.Mrs.Zhang suffered from blood deficiency due to miscarriage and blood loss.

When the emperor first came to the throne, he wanted to get rid of the bad government, get rid of the old and how long do cbd gummies stay good for introduce the new, and used many children from poor families to suppress the clan and relatives.The morale of the court was boosted.Many veterans felt that the emperor had such determination, and the Great Zhou might usher in a new one.prosperity.Unexpectedly, the taste gradually changed, and it became a battle between the aristocratic clan and the upstarts.The emperor especially liked to use the upstarts, as if only the upstarts could make the emperor feel at ease.That s all, the last thing the emperor should do is to suppress Empress Wei and favor the noble concubine.If this relative of the Wei family is really arrogant and domineering, that s legal cbd gummies near me all.Wei Shangshu devoted himself to the great Zhou society, but in the end he died because of the second prince s treason case.

Some clues can be seen from these details.Gu Chongyi grabbed Tan Dingfang Master Shangshu, you still have the spirit to worry about these things.Your nephew murdered and went to prison, and my grandson was also arrested in the Shuntian government office.What should I do I don t have any thoughts in my heart Does your nephew have any relationship with Yuan Zhixing and those people Come on, you go to the prison with me to find out.Tan Dingfang was dragged staggeringly, and managed to stabilize his figure Guhou.Tan Dingfang put down the map and grabbed Gu Chongyi s wrist with his backhand Don t worry, this matter is probably not for brother Geng, but because of me.Gu Chongyi was startled, then frowned What does Shangshu Tan mean Do you know the inside story Tan Dingfang shook his head Although I don t know everything, I can guess a is pure kana cbd gummies legit little bit.

Although many of them are old things, they will look like new after careful repair.If you can be more decent, it is natural to buy these the most cost effective, and cbd isolate gummy bears there is nothing wrong with Mrs.Zhang doing this.Mrs.Lin took Mrs.Zhang s hand You didn t do anything wrong, and I might do the same thing if I were different.Mrs.Zhang said Mrs.Tan s wife has arranged for Mr.Tan to return to Fujian in a hurry.I only heard about it recently.Mrs.Meng in the lotus alley said that the Mrs.Tan family is very optimistic 200 mg cbd gummies about Ming Wan, and Mr.Tan also has thoughts on Ming Wan.Mrs.Lin nodded The old lady asked our Lord Hou to go to the Tan family to mention the marriage of the two children.Good thing, I didn t expect such a mistake. I shouldn t have done this, Mrs.Zhang said guiltily, I didn t know the Tan family in Fujian, so it was too reckless.

Princess Huai s elder brother, Fang Guixi, was in Shandong for a council meeting, so everyone in the Fang family settled down in Jinan Mansion.It s okay for Fang s family to leave Jinan Mansion, but Wei Yuanchen specifically mentioned that there must be an inside story, Gu Chongyi thought for a moment, and connected the previous and previous events.Gu Chongyi said Could it be that the people who framed the Tan family were the Fang family If so, Prince Huai s mansion would be involved in this case, no wonder Wei Yuanchen didn t arrest them immediately.The prince was involved when he was in Shanxi, and now that King Huai is involved, the Wei family s investigations have found several cbd edibles gummies legal cbd gummies near me princes one after another, and people will inevitably be questioned.Since the emperor intended to let the Ministry of Criminal Justice investigate the case, Wei Yuanchen stepped back and gave way to the Ministry of Criminal Justice.

He came on foot from the city, and I followed him from a distance along the way, and I didn t see him talking to others, nor did he keep an eye on him.Yu Zhenhai nodded, and the second master ordered the guards at home to watch Yu Zhenhai come to Jingnan, cbd edibles gummies legal cbd gummies near me just to be cautious.If something strange is found, Yu Zhenhai will never be allowed to come here.Yu Zhenhai simply straightened his robes legal cbd gummies near me before being ushered into a small room.The second master of the house was sitting on the twig and waiting legal cbd gummies near me for him.Second Master, Yu Zhenhai stepped forward to salute, It can be considered that I have seen you, and now I am in a state of confusion, I don t know what to do.Don t worry, Fang Er Master said, I have something to ask you.Yu Zhenhai nodded, and sat next to Mr.Fang Er.Master Fang Er didn t work in the yamen, but he handled all the affairs of the Fang family, and all the business of the Fang family in various places had to be handled by him.

My lord, what are you looking at Gu Mingzhu noticed that Mr.Wei s gaze was a little wandering, and wondered if he had thought of some clues.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak.Gu Mingzhu said Look at his yard, there are a lot of people around, and it s easy to hide his whereabouts when people are mixed together.You have to keep an eye on them these days, otherwise he might slip away.Wei Yuanchen knew that in this regard She knows best.Wei Yuanchen said It s not easy to slip under your nose.Gu Mingzhu legal cbd gummies near me said with a smile How can I compare with adults, adults have good eyes, and you donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies can tell if it s true or not.Wei Yuanchen looked Xiang Gu Mingzhu You didn t tell Master Gu and Mrs.Lin that they were walking outside because you were afraid that the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion would be implicated because of your investigation Master Wei had never asked donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies her this before, Gu Mingzhu thought for a moment and said Everyone must have some means to save their lives, my lord, don t you think so If I were as powerful as Mr.

Wei to investigate the case.As for Wei Yuanchen s person, Chief Hu raised his eyebrows slightly, and the office manager next to him also heaved a sigh of relief.This person is making a sensation here, probably because he wants to buy time for Wei Tongzheng.Director Hu naturally couldn t be frightened by a woman, even he didn t notice the clue, what can a small ordinary person know What s more, the other party is a woman.Mr.Hu thought in his heart that he had already turned around and looked towards the door.Under the light of the torch, there were indeed three figures at the gate of the yard.It could be seen that they were two men and a woman., making people invisible.At this moment, the woman is bowing her body and looking at the ground carefully.Director Hu also lowered his head.Boss Hu, is the soil under your feet a little soft Boss Hu s eyes just fell on his feet, and the boots were covered with mud at some point, which proved that the road he walked was not firm enough.

Is this still Master Wei She never thought that Mr.Wei would say such a thing.In Master Wei s mind, isn t she someone who can help him investigate the case My lord comes from a famous family, he is HCMUSSH legal cbd gummies near me upright, smart, with will one cbd gummy make you fail a drug test red lips and white teeth, talented and wealthy, if not for the help of lord Wei, he would not be able to clear up the grievances of Mr.Zhang, lord still has a good kung fu, and will protect her well at critical moments.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu finally let out a long sigh of relief.So, she thought, what does this have to do with Master Wei calling her Zhuzhu Although recently she and Mr.Wei got along more and more harmoniouslyGu Mingzhu s eyes once again appeared Mr.Wei s clear eyes.Feeling hot, I couldn t help but my heart fluttered.The atmosphere between her and the adults has been really different recently, and some things that she has never thought about seem to have sprouted from her heart.

Take the accounts to the yamen for verification.After saying this, Cui Wei paused for a moment Thanks to careful investigation, I really found the problem.Deputy General Chen of the Datong Guard has a distant nephew who lives in Prince Huai s mansion.In doing business, Deputy General Chen said that his nephew Chen Jia came several times to persuade him to join Prince Huai s residence.Cui Zhen frowned when he heard this Chen Jia Cui Wei nodded He is the steward next to King Huai.Cui Zhen said What else did Chen Jia say Cui Wei s eyes were bright Chen Jia also said that if Vice General Chen live well daily full spectrum cbd gummies is willing legal cbd gummies near me to join him, Prince Huai s Mansion will help Vice General Chen make meritorious deeds.For meritorious service, it is indispensable to provide ordnance and soldiers, just like Lin Si s real heavenly soldiers.

Wang Jing said.Do you want someone to search their homes carefully to find them out thoroughly.Cui Zhen nodded Don t make too much movement, so as not to overwhelm the snake.After enduring until now, we must not let our efforts fall by the wayside.Wang Jing responded.Cui Zhen looked at the secret letter in his hand When did he start And who is he working for Wang Jing thought for a moment and said Second Master exposed Prince Huai s mansion, so it can be seen that he is not the person of King Huai.Did you take refuge with the imperial concubine Cui Zhen shook his head Cui Wei acted separately from the imperial soldiers and horses on the way back to Beijing, so that Lin Si really caught his mother.Given Cui Wei s familiarity with Shanxi, he brought so many guards by his side.Said he would not make such a mistake.

Zou Xiang Xiang felt that he was very strong, but for some reason legal cbd gummies near me he couldn t break free from Miss Gu s hand for a while.The dagger he was holding seemed to be bound by something, and when he exerted puravida cbd gummies force on the hand holding the dagger, he saw Miss Gu wrinkle.frown.Only then cbd edibles gummies legal cbd gummies near me did Zou Xiang realize something, and couldn t help but look down, only to see that the sharp blade had been completely inserted into Miss Gu s sleeve, Zou Xiang suddenly panicked, his heart was about to jump out of his throat, he suddenly lost his strength, He didn t dare to use any more force, he might hurt Miss Gu, he didn t want to hurt Miss Gu.The hatred burning like a raging flame in Zou Xiang s mind seemed to have been poured with a basin of cold water, and it was half cooled with a Zi La.No one else.Zou Xiang s eyes turned red and he let go of his hands.

After an unknown amount of time, a hand finally reached out and took away the silver pot, skillfully brewed the tea, and then placed a cup of tea in front of Gu Mingzhu s eyes.The aroma of tea burst into her nostrils, Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes and saw Wei Yuanchen.Your Excellency is here.Wei Yuanchen nodded and said, Then Qiu Hai is in a hurry to return to the Zhang family first.After the Zhang family hears the news, they will find someone to report to the imperial court and ask all the ministries of the imperial court to start the matter of reopening the Shibo Department.Decide on this matter earlier to avoid complications.Gu Mingzhu said In this way, we can find out the depth of the Zhang family, and it is also convenient to find out the accomplices of the Zhang family.Wei Yuanchen said I will also let people keep an eye on Qiu Hai and the Shandong coastal shipyard.

Jiang s mother was trembling, and Hou Ye began to punish her family after entering the door.First, she pushed her son out and beat her ten sticks, and then handed over her daughter in law to a few rough envoys, even her little grandson Her son was also guarded, and she was full gummies cbd for kids of fear, and her intuition told her that it might not be easy for her to walk out of this door safely tonight.Mother Jiang s greatest fear was that until now, she still didn t know what Lord Hou wanted to ask her Master Hou, the steward entered the door to report, Madam is back.Cui Zhen put down the tea bowl in his hand and said calmly Send her back to the main house to rest, it s cold, don t let her go out again.Jiang s mother trembled even more , Master Hou meant to lock his wife in the house The steward didn t expect Cui Zhen to give such an order, so he bent down and continued Madam is feeling a little uncomfortable, I d better let Mrs.

According to Mama Zhang s instructions, I accused Aunt Sun of framing Aunt Yang wrongly.If my wife didn t know, how could Madam say that I did not accuse Aunt Sun wrongly when Miss HCMUSSH legal cbd gummies near me Yao Qing was arrested This shows that Mama Zhang obeyed Madam s orders Do something.Who ordered you to sue Madam When Mama Zhang heard this, she viciously picked up the flower dendrobium on the table, and was about to hit Mama Jiang on the head.Before Mama Zhang rushed to Mama Jiang, she was kicked to the ground by two rude maids who snatched the flower dendrobium from their hands.Mother Zhang still shouted with all her might You evil servant actually framed Madam, you deserve to die.Don t listen to her, Marquis.Madam treats you wholeheartedly, and has suffered so much for you.You can t treat her like this One of these two is One of the servants is an aunt, and the sum of them is not as good as half of my wife s fingers, Marquis, you can t do it for these lowly people With a slap , the rough woman slapped Mama Zhang hard on the face.

The female official continued The Ninth Prince was taken to the imperial concubine s palace and has not returned to the prince s place.The imperial concubine wants to take advantage of this incident to raise the Ninth Prince herself.Empress Wei nodded Mo Zhenren went to the cbd gummies mg chart legal cbd gummies near me inner hall to give Empress Wei a needle.After a few silver needles pierced the acupoints, Mo Zhenren said softly Before the real person enters the palace, Master Wei Yuanchen asked the real eagle e commerce group cbd gummies person to send a message to the empress dowager.Empress Wei s expression seemed calm as water , but her heart couldn t help but move, the last time Mo Zhenren came to Kunning Palace to treat her injuries, she had guessed that Mo Zhenren meant to help the Wei family, but she was not sure at that time.Unexpectedly, Brother Chen really invited Mo Zhenren.

Gu Chongyi looked at the child in his arms, the child was full and sleeping soundly, his wife worked so hard to give birth to this stinky boy, if he refuses to make progress in the future and makes his wife angry, he will follow the boy to settle today s score.Gu Chongyi handed this milk scented little thing to the wet nurse.It wasn t that he disliked this son, but he felt that this boy was not as good looking as Zhuzhu, wrinkled, like a little old man, especially his eyebrows and eyes were not as delicate as his sister s., revealing a naive air.I hope this stinky boy will not get sick, so as not to make his mother sad again.Gu Chongyi thought about it and glanced in the direction where the wet nurse left.Lord Hou, Mrs.Lin said, In theory, you shouldn t enter the door, it s better to hide.Gu Chongyi didn t care at all What are you afraid of, I didn t avoid Zhuzhu at that time, isn t it good Gu Chongyi took Mrs.

If it can be found out it must be counted on Yan Shen.He was afraid that he would make a wrong choice.After Yan Shen s death, he made up his mind.Although he has been pursuing the case, he will legal cbd gummies near me not tell the truth unless there is someone who is capable of finding out all this.Wei Tongzheng, this ordinary person, moved his heart.He wanted to come here to inquire about the news before making plans, but he didn t cbd gummy 500mg expect to tell the whole story like this.Maybe the feeling of Nie Chen and the girl here is just like that of Yan Shen.General, firm and powerful, trustworthy.The old man smiled in his heart.In fact, he should have been frozen to death on the day he overheard these conversations, but he didn t know when the snow stopped and a ray of sunshine shone on him, which slowly made him recover.

Well, the embroidery that my mother is about to send to the Palace of Compassion and Ning, so my mother has won legal cbd gummies near me her favor, and my mother has the idea of discussing marriage with Zhang s family.Cui Zhen s eyes were filled with waves It s because Zhang has the opportunity to do this.The embroiderer in Shishi Embroidery Workshop accidentally embroidered a few stitches wrong, and I found that embroiderer.Gu Chongyi knew that Cui Zhen had mentioned the key point, so he waited silently for Cui Zhen to explain clearly.Cui Zhen said I brought you to the Hou Mansion, can my uncle be a witness for me Gu Chongyi nodded.Then Cui Zhen ordered someone to bring Xiu Niang into the house.Xiu Niang bowed her waist to salute Gu Chongyi and Cui Zhen, her face was full of tension and fear.Cui Zhen said lightly Tell me, why did you embroider the wrong embroidery The embroiderer said tremblingly It was ordered by the second master of the mansion.

The servant brought King Huai to the hall.The emperor raised his eyes and looked over.King Huai s bun was simply tidied up, but his face was red and swollen due to the injury.Although he changed his clothes, the injury on his shoulder was too serious.The blood soon soaked the clothes.King Huai endured the pain, The whole body couldn t help but tremble.King Huai knelt in the hall and bowed heavily to the ground.The emperor looked at best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress without thc the panicked and embarrassed son, and it seemed like a lifetime before father and son met each other at this moment.King Huai explained in detail what happened before and after leaving Beijing.I beg your father to learn from you, King Huai said as he fell on the ground, My legal cbd gummies near me son once had a delusion to fight for the position of the crown prince, but he did not collude with the frontier generals to rebel, and he did not dare to harm his brother.

The emperor closed his eyes and calmed down Is there still no movement in the Tan residence Huang Chang said No, Tan Dingfang has been at home.Too much time was delayed, and Huang Chang had not had time to present the news sent by Captain Long Jin.To the emperor, Huang Chang said Lieutenant Long Jin has a secret book.The emperor s heart sank again, one thing after another made him out of breath.Huang Chang supported the emperor to sit on the soft bed, and then handed the secret book up.Before reading the scriptures, the emperor s hands trembled.A Xiong Guanshi could legal cbd gummies near me actually inform the Tongzhou Yamen that he was Zheng Ruzong.All of cbd gummies for nausea donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies this was planned by King Liang.The more you know, the clearer the guesses will be.Now legal cbd gummies near me that those people are heading northwest, the next step is to pass the guard gate.

Their actions must have been noticed.Zheng Ruzong had come to his senses a long time ago, and had ordered the people around him to come forward to help open the door latch.At this moment, footsteps came from the other side of the corridor, apparently someone was attacking.A confident voice shouted Commander Long Jinwei envoys Peng Shi to arrest the rebels, and those who obstruct them will be dealt with as fellow party members.Zheng Ruzong s eyes widened.Long Jinwei came.How did they find out his whereabouts How do you know he will come to the guard Do they know his identity Otherwise why call him a traitor What did Wei Yuanchen find out Zheng Ruzong s heart was full of doubts, but it was too late to think about it now.I ll stop them here, the general will go Deputy General Zhao s voice was quickly drowned out in the shouts.

You Zheng Ruzong only had time to say a word when Nie Chen rushed over and kicked him to the ground.Zheng Ruzong struggled with all his strength in anger.He was so strong that he almost overturned Nie Chen.Thanks to Nie Chen s quick hands and eyes, he quickly covered Zheng Ruzong s mouth and nose with a handkerchief stained with mandala pollen.The eldest lady said she wanted to catch people alive, but Zheng Ruzong couldn t be given a chance to shroud his body in horse leather, he didn t deserve it.There is nothing to talk about with these people.Back then, they used the mechanism to calculate Yan Shen, and now they should fight back.Nie Chen was sitting on Zheng Ruzong s back.Zheng legal cbd gummies near me Ruzong probably felt insulted, and he was furious.He smelled so much datura pollen but still didn t faint.Take your time, don t worry, Nie Chen muttered silently, he was cbd edibles gummies legal cbd gummies near me confident in the way the eldest lady poisoned her.

The envoy of the Imperial Hospital trembled when he heard this The emperor s dragon body is also the foundation of the Great Zhou.The legal cbd gummies near me foundation of the Great Zhou The emperor sneered, maybe they all want him dead, but now he can t kill all those who covet the throne.Such as Wei Shi.The DPRK and the Central Committee were unable to mobilize manpower for a while, and many generals had private contacts with Tan Dingfang.If they sent people loyal to the rebels, the consequences would be disastrous.Now that I think about it, Wei Yuanchen is the most suitable person to lead the army to cbd gummies work for pain fight against the rebels.The emperor became short of breath thinking about it.He was unwilling to use the Wei family, but now he had to use it again.This was the case in the harem and northern Xinjiang.The emperor s mind became hot, and everything in front .

how long cbd gummies take?

of him became blurred.

King Su calmed down, went to fetch the battle report and returned to the emperor.King Su opened the battle report under the emperor s signal.Father, Su Wang said, Yanqingwei, Bohai, some generals have led troops to rebel.I m afraid they should hurry up and order people to quell the rebellion The Wei family.Wei Yuanchen was sitting in the room before he discussed the war with his generals and was about to have some food.According to his speculation, when the battle report from Northern Xinjiang arrived, the emperor would order him to go to suppress the rebellion.After all, legal cbd gummies near me no one in the court is available now.Nine out of ten of the generals the emperor relied on were involved with Tan Dingfang.Wei Yuanchen thought about taking out a walnut, and thought of the scene of Zhuzhu snuggling in his arms, he couldn t help but slightly curled his lips, thinking that seeing her would make him feel at ease and prepare for the war, but not long after they separated, he began to miss her again, And it was out of control, and I wanted to find an excuse to come to the door again.

Changing clothes for me, Mrs.Zhou said, I ll go to the front and have a look.At such a time, it s natural to go to the front yard to ask for clarification.Mrs.Zhou changed her clothes and took people to the front yard.Zhou Zerui rushed over after hearing the news.Zhou Zerui stepped forward to support the old lady Zhou Mother, I don t see it right.Those yamen servants are from the Yamen of Shuntian Prefecture.The person who came here is named Feng Anping.I heard that he is the new general judge.How can a steward disturb the yamen The verdict, let someone call the second brother back Mrs.Zhou looked at Zhou Zerui Did you ask Zhou Zerui said The people in the yamen refused to tell.Of course he asked, but that Feng Tong judge was very strict, he asked someone to give tea to Feng Tong judge, he didn t drink it, and he didn t accept the money, it seemed like oil and salt didn t come in, he really didn t know Feng Tong judge, there was really nothing he could do.

Zhou Zejing s eyes deepened, and he said, please go to the Yamen to make it clear.If you want to bring someone through the trial, and you still legal cbd gummies near me say that you will not ask him for questioning, what is the difference between asking his manager and asking him The steward said If I don t go, it looks like Mrs.Jiang won t go.Zhou Zejing gritted his teeth Then let legal cbd gummies near me her stand.As soon as he said the words, Zhou Zejing thought of one thing, Mother Tian was taken away Shuntian government office, I am afraid that Mother Tian cbd gummy dose chart will have a statement soon, as long as the yamen has a statement, there will be an official document, which is what Jiang relies on.Zhou Zejing felt bored, opened the door and walked out.Standing at the door, Zhou Zejing looked out of the yard, and then he saw a legal cbd gummies near me lamp.The lamp swayed slightly in the wind, but the light did not go out, and the figure holding the lamp remained motionless.

However, Lord Wei did not see King Liang, and Beijiang had heard a lot of news that King Liang was going to lead troops in person, so the scouts released I saw soldiers and horses gathering, but no one saw King Liang with their own eyes.Master Wei is also suspicious of King Liang s whereabouts.If King Liang is not in the northern border but appears near the capital, he will catch everyone by surprise.Gu Mingzhu put the written paper into the envelope, and watched Chu Jiu deliver the letter, she was relieved, hoping to premium cbd gummies 500mg with a turtle logo stabilize the situation in Beijing, at least to leave time for the empress to make some arrangements.By the way, Gu Mingzhu suddenly remembered that she seemed to have forgotten to say something other than telling Mr.Wei about the case.Do you want to active cbd gummies thc free write another one Gu Mingzhu rested her chin to think, and asked Mr.

Liang Wang also said that the empress is destined to be rich and honored, and she will be the mother of the world in the future.He will not marry De Concubine The empress is afraid that her future will be delayed.This made the concubine de concubine believe that the king of Liang likes her and thinks of her wholeheartedly, so she is not wary of the king of Liang.De concubine wanted to refute, but she didn t know where to start, if The emperor is still alive, she can still fight for reason, the emperor is dead, even Long Jinwei has joined the Wei family, she has no chance, she can only sternly scold Shen Lan You bitch Shen Lan s face changed, and she pursed her lips before continuing The King of Liang asked Concubine De to serve the Emperor well after entering the palace.The Wei family is powerful, and the Emperor will inevitably dislike the Queen s fortitude and determination.

Lu Guang lay quietly in the pit When do you think the third master Wei will bring the soldiers and horses He has been waiting for a long time, and the third master Wei s plan will not fail, right Then they won t be able to grab it this time.Chapter 517 The bandit Lu Guang finished speaking, but found that there was no response.He couldn t help poking Zhu Wu who was lying beside him, for fear that Zhu Wu would be frightened stupid by the scene in front of him.It would be a lie to say that I HCMUSSH legal cbd gummies near me am not nervous.This is the first time I have seen such a scene.If I make a mistake in the panic, the consequences will be disastrous.Zhu Wu had been staring intently at the battlefield, when he was suddenly pushed, he turned around to look at Lu Guang, What s wrong, brother Lu Guang s eyes fell on Zhu Wu s hand, which had a black It was a firearm made by Zhu Wu himself.

What concerned him the most was that the Wei family did not avoid Pei Shangqing, and even specially invited Pei Shangqing to come with them.Wei Yuanchen s life experience can be involved in the Pei family, which shows that it is very important.You must know that the Pei family only teaches the crown prince, Pei Shangqing just pointed out in the first sentence at the gate of the mansion that Wei Sanye is his student.Thinking of this, those things that Gu Chongyi couldn t see clearly before are now clear.Although Empress Wei is currently in charge of the government, if she has no son to succeed her, she will still have to choose one of the emperor s heirs to take the throne in the future.The new emperor must not trust the Wei family, how will the Wei family protect themselves then The Wei family said that after they knew the truth, it might be difficult to push back this marriage.

It is also reassuring to scream twice in this way.Everyone wants the throne, but he never fights for it.He knows that this country is not so easy to sit on.The emperor on HCMUSSH legal cbd gummies near me the kang felt the pain on his face and body, he knew what those imperial doctors were doing, they were such a jerk.Sweat drenched the front of his clothes, and the emperor fell into a drowsy sleep.How is your majesty the queen asked the imperial physician, These days, your majesty is not at peace.The imperial physician bowed and said The emperor s illness is just like this, it will flare up at some point, and he is now stable.Everyone inside and outside the palace knew that the emperor s illness was too erratic.If the empress hadn t been by his side, he would have been incurable.The queen nodded You can t be careless.The imperial hospital left a few people in the Hall of Mental Cultivation.

He had done so many things, and in the end, all of them helped the Wei family, let the Wei family take power, let her have a son around her knees, and made her a good reputation.Where did the concubine go Why didn t she turn against Wei Shi What about King Huai and the Shen family Aren t they very capable When he was in power, they fought openly and secretly, why are they all silent now The emperor was still immersed in anger, fear and unwillingness, when he heard a voice.Go and wipe the emperor s saliva.Empress Wei ordered lightly, and the waiter next to her stepped forward.It s getting warmer, so I should go out with the empress dowager.Empress Wei looked at the female officer, Go to the Palace of Compassion Empress Wei smiled and sat on the chariot, raising her head to let the warm sunshine fall on her body She hoped that the days would pass sooner, and that her elder brother Chen would be able to marry Zhuzhu sooner In the blink of an eye, two months have passed.

Wei Yuanchen Rui s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, his eyebrows furrowed tightly.Gu Mingzhu said What s wrong, my lord Wei Yuanchen said Maybe this time when I took Gao Li to fight against Wuliangha, I was involved in old wounds.Gu Mingzhu was a little anxious I ll show you the wound.No need Wei Yuanchen said, There is no external injury, just help me sit down and rest.The two sat on the porch.The summer wind blew on the two of them, Gu Mingzhu said How is your lord doing now .His old injury was somewhat similar to her stomachache, but she felt that he was not like that kind of person.For the sake of adults being hurt, I promise my father and mother will do well next time.There is a case in Shuntian Mansion, do you want to go and have a look together tonight Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up What case Maybe my cousin told Nie Chen about it.

Cui Zhen walked into donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies the room, sat straight on the chair, and then turned his gaze to Mrs.Zhang on the bed.There was a strange smile on Zhang s pale face Master Hou, you are finally here, I have been waiting for you for a long time.Next, it s time for Cui Zhen to ask the baby in her belly, Cui Zhen finally couldn t help it up.Cui Zhen ignored Mrs.Zhang s words, but said indifferently A few years ago, I just got engaged to Zhou s parents and daughter.The frontier was in an emergency.I brought people back to the Datong Guard.Do you know about this Cui Zhen s The reaction was obviously not what Zhang expected, and she couldn t help being startled.Cui Zhen didn t wait for Mrs.Zhang to reply, and continued, I won the battle in Datong, and killed several traitors.Mrs.Zhang s lips trembled, and her already pale face lost all color.

Wang Jing and the others wept with joy Master Hou must take good care of him, don t be careless.Cui Zhen nodded, he had walked through the gate of hell, how could he not know.The next day Cui Zhen saw a small figure beside the bed, it was Zou Xiang.Brother Xiang.Cui Zhen said.Zou Xiang didn t expect Cui Zhen to wake up, and subconsciously turned around to leave, but he still stopped, pursed his lips before looking at Cui Zhen Are you better Zou Xiang seemed to be getting thinner , Are you worried about him Cui Zhen said It s much better.Zou Xiang said again You have many injuries on your body, I can see them all.Cui Zhen didn HCMUSSH legal cbd gummies near me t speak, and waited patiently.Are youwill you die Zou Xiang finally said what he wanted to ask.Cui Zhen s eyes became hot, and legal cbd gummies near me cbd gummies omaha he smiled, just like his father smiling at him Not nowI m just tired.

Mrs.Lin wanted to stretch out her hand to take care of it, but her .

how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep?

father thought it was very good, a brother didn t have to be so delicate.As soon as he let go like this, Brother Chun really became more promising, and now his legs are running so fast that even older women can t catch up.It is a good thing that my brother is healthy, but there are also disadvantages.Brother Chun has quick legs and quick hands.While playing in her room, he managed to get a pearl into his hand somehow, and thenstuffed it into his nostril.Finally got the pearl out, Brother Chun looked at the pearl and clapped his hands and smiled happily, but he didn t know that she was covered in white sweat from fright, if he sucked the pearl in, the consequences can be imagined.Since then, Mrs.Lin has asked people to take away all the things that can be stuffed into the nostrils.

Lu s mother said Don t worry about it when you play, but when you come back, you have to be clean, and there should be no wrinkles on your body.The two were talking, Wei Yuanchen came back from the study, and Lu s mother bowed and retreated.Wei Yuanchen asked, What are you talking about Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen s upright figure, his robe seemed to be spotless, and couldn t help smiling, It s nothing.Zhuzhu s pretty face made Wei Yuanchen Can t help but feel agitated.I ll legal cbd gummies near me take you to a place.Wei Yuanchen raised the lantern.Where You ll know when you get there.He stretched out his hand and pulled her close, and the two walked out of the room quickly.There is a study room in the secluded part of the backyard of the Wei family.Wei Yuanchen took Gu Mingzhu into the study room, turned around and closed the door, and then dragged her into the inner room.

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