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Baotong couldn t help but said Miss must have seen something from this, right Isn t there a problem Gu Mingzhu nodded.Apart from the clues revealed by the map, the whole thing was a bit strange.The Zhou family s family members met an injured merchant on the official road and got clues from the merchant, which itself was very suspicious.Especially after she got the wax pills, she felt even more suspicious.This method of hiding letters in wax pills is very safe.Small wax pills can be hidden in clothes, hair, or even in the body or in the back of the valley.As long as the messenger does not take the wax pills Come out, it will take a lot of work to find it.On weekdays, dozens of horse drawn carriages passed by the official road that the Zhou family took.It was the end of the night when the Zhou family s family members encountered merchants, and it was a good time to go on the road.It s nothing serious. Miss, how can you go out by yourself, this servant has to protect you. It s different today, Gu Mingzhu said, You will inevitably startle the snake if you follow me.There was a person waiting outside the meditation room, and after a while, When he was about to check the situation in the meditation room, the window of the meditation room suddenly opened.Miss Gu climbed out of the window on the wooden couch, chasing the butterflies farther and farther.Fell asleep.Apparently the servant girl ate the pastry he drugged, but Miss Gu cbd gummies ingredients didn t eat it, but Miss Gu, who had placed the order, has become a fish on the table.Miss Gu walked all the way, picked wild flowers all the way, climbed up the hillside along the path next to the meditation room, and became playful for a while, completely forgetting where she was.In this case, she might as well make it clear through Zhou Ruzhang.Ma am, people from the yamen have come and said they found the murderer at the foot of the mountain.Mrs.Lin was overjoyed Let s go and have a look.Miss Gu was found on the mountain, and the yamen found the murderer who fell from the hillside.This person was wearing a monk s robe and looked like a monk.The abbot of the temple stepped forward to identify him and found that he was not a member of the temple.Amitabha.The monks in the temple couldn t help chanting the amazon smilz cbd gummies mana fx cbd gummies Buddha s name.Fortunately, the Bodhisattva blessed him, and nothing major happened.The general judge of Taiyuan Mansion hurried over, glanced at the murderer who was seriously injured and unconscious, and .

can you bring cbd gummies to hawaii?

immediately went to see Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou Madam, can I ask Missy to go and identify her The murderer, but she danced and danced to let everyone know the ins and outs of the whole thing.Mr.Wei has experienced this personally, and the way of doing it is naturally very clear.Finding an excuse to send him to prison for this general sentence is easier than picking his feet.What a mistake.Thinking of this, Feng Anping lay down on the ground and took the opportunity to defend himself again Your Excellency, I have no intention of forming a party in a lowly position.The gift is really just to keep the official position.How dare he provoke the Crown Prince Now he says that the whole of Shanxi It is not an exaggeration to be in the hands of the prince.If you don t worship the mountain of the prince, how can you gain a foothold in Shanxi.Wei Yuanchen interrupted the general sentence Let s talk about this case It seems that no one except him is suspicious of Miss Gu, and he has no solid evidence in his hand, so he will mention it to Feng Anping.There are quite a lot of bottles and jars inside, and there are also some talismans, yellow paper, grass incense, and some animal bones, stones, and rags.It can be seen from these things that the doctor s tricks deceive more doctors than doctors.After reading these, Wei Yuanchen asked again That person s illness can be cured This man didn t believe in her medical skills at all, and saying this was just a temptation.Gu Mingzhu nodded firmly.The more skilled the medical skills are, the more difficult it is to cure the disease and save the patient.Those who HCMUSSH amazon smilz cbd gummies only have superficial knowledge are really ignorant and fearless.How can a doctor who can t be fooled even fool amazon smilz cbd gummies others.Seeing this man s eyes flickering slightly, Gu Mingzhu probably regarded her as a stupid woman.She was caught off guard in the Golden Pagoda Temple and almost showed her feet.Fourth Mrs.Cui said Tears were about to come out again, she had to think about it, after all, human life was involved.Hearing this, Lu Shenzhi picked up the tea and drank it, but he put down the teacup when it reached his mouth Sister, it s all my fault, I made a mistake seven years ago the disaster relief food was burned , So many people starved to death, and now my brother in law I just want to do something for the people, but I can t do anything and I can t protect my family.What nonsense Mrs.Cui Si widened her eyes, It was the Pearl Bandit who burned the relief food.If there was a mistake, it s because you didn t catch the bandit, but you have been away for more than a year to catch the Pearl Bandit.You have tried your best even if you have never amazon smilz cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies returned home.Besides, seven years ago, you were only a small official.Master Wei really couldn t rub a grain of sand in his eyes.Wei Yuanchen s slender phoenix eyes narrowed slightly.He had already seen through Nie Chen s biolife cbd gummies amazon potluck cbd gummies thoughts, so he handed over the map and asked him to deal with the Yamen.Both he and the Yamen focused on the stolen goods, and Nie Chen could take the opportunity to find the stolen goods.Inquire about the news in the surrounding villages.While using his manpower, he can continue to plan, this account is so shrewd.Wei Yuanchen ignored him and walked forward, jane cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies and Nie Chen followed immediately My lord, it may not be convenient for you to take this little brother to investigate the case.People will be suspicious when you look like this.If we can investigate the situation secretly, why don t we split up and I ll pretend to be a passing merchant to ask people for information.I will go there early tomorrow morning Liu Su went to the back door, and now she held the document in her hand, and her guess was confirmed.It was not an earthquake but a scene of firearms exploding.So, are those people mining privately Chapter 25 Thunderbolt Gu Mingzhu rests her chin and thinks about the cause and effect of the whole incident.When she was in her own room, she didn t have to pretend to be stupid, she sat leisurely on the brocade tree, her long hair fell down smoothly, and the warm light reflected her slim figure.Baotong stood aside and looked at the young lady.She felt that the young lady was getting more and more beautiful.She followed the madam to many dignitaries houses, and none of them were as good as her own young lady.Her eyes were clear and bright, and she was very attractive at first glance.

Put the cake into the gauze, opened his mouth and took a bite, it was really soft and sticky.There are plenty of red beans and very little sugar, like the red bean cake sold by the aunt in Jingzhong West Street.It is her favorite taste.Every time she leaves Zhou s house, she will send the maids around her to buy it secretly I don t know which fairy aunt s handicraft this tribute is, it can be compared with Beijing Zhongxi Street, and it aroused her appetite.Take another bite and savor it carefully.If you want to tell the difference, it is that the pastry is not loose enough.It seems that the person who made the pastry is a young daughter in law.She has just learned this craft and is not skilled enough However, she was already very satisfied, she never expected to find the feeling of being Zhou Rujun in front of her grave, she wondered if this was a kind of fate.Since Dingninghou Cui Zhen made military exploits at a young age, he has gradually been reused jane cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies by the court, and now he is even more famous Zhengsheng, very few people would not save face for him like this.Especially since the Cui clan is located in Taiyuan Mansion, no one wants to offend Cui Zhen here, so this is the first time Cui Zhen has been rejected like this in recent years.Wei Yuanchen said The Holy Majesty ordered me to investigate HCMUSSH amazon smilz cbd gummies the case instead of Marquis Ding Ning.If Marquis Ding Ning is interested in potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep this case, he can report to the emperor.Please send me an official document, and I will hand over the case to Marquis Ding Ning.Before I see the official document, I can only ask Marquis Dingning.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, it is not appropriate to compete with Wei Yuanchen at such a time, Wei Yuanchen has seized just cbd cbd gummies review the opportunity, what evidence is in his hand They didn t know that if they were not careful, they might step into the trap set by Wei Yuanchen.Something happened to Zhuzhu.Speaking of Zhuzhu being hugged By the way, if Mr.Wei hadn t mentioned this incident, she would have forgotten whether Mr.Wei had touched her Zhuzhu.I, Zhou Ruzhang did not dare to lie, I went to talk to some ladies, and then I heard that Zhuzhu disappeared.I don t know anything.Wei potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep Yuanchen continued to ask Did you see a monk with an ugly face Is it Nono, Zhou Ruzhang said while looking at Mama Bai on the ground, Mama Bai is with me, we didn t see anything, Mama Bai, do you think so Mama Bai turned pale from the pain, There is still nothing to worry about, so I can only nod again and again.Zhou Ruzhang tightly clutched the veil, she was still kneeling on the ground, no one came to help her, she had suffered a lot of humiliation today, thinking about her, she couldn t help sobbing and crying.Wei Yuanchen s face was cold, let him go to Gu s house more If it wasn t for the case, he wouldn t pay attention to whether Miss Gu was pretending to be stupid, let alone visit her.After the case is over, he will not go to Gu s house to see a play again.Chujiu looked at Mr.Sun and then at his third master.They both went to Gu s house, why the situation is so different, one is so embarrassed, and the other is full of praise, is it possible that the Gu s family still treats guests with relatives It s not good for the third master to go on like this.If you don t say anything else, you will ruin your body first.Sun Langzhong stopped talking further, and after so many years of persuasion, there is no improvement, and he can only hope that the third master Wei will think about it The third master wants to ask if there is any problem with Miss Gu s illness Langzhong Sun thought for a moment, then nodded with certainty There is a problem.This case can t be closed if Yan Hao is caught, and the Elder also knows this, so he made arrangements in advance.Wei Yuanchen walked in the door.Nie Chen immediately stepped forward to salute, and when he looked up, he found that Mr.Wei was a little different today, with many black and yellow things smeared on his eternal cold face.It seemed like Master Wei came out of the lake last night, his face was yellow and white.If it s jane cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies not a special hobby, there shouldn t be any illnesses, right Will it be passed on Nie Chen deliberately took half a step back, he still loves his face very much.Chu Jiu spread out a map on the table, and Nie Chen walked over to look down.I m going to arrest people, Wei Yuanchen said, Those who opened the Iron Mountain in the mountains will be taken down, and Mr.Jiang, as Yan Hao said, after arresting them, he must punish the bandits nearby.Mother Jiang said Master Wei came to the door suddenly last night and took away all the servants Mrs.Tai brought from the capital, saying that she wanted to ask questions.Mrs.Lin was surprised At night Mother Jiang nodded.Mrs.Lin could imagine the situation of Cui s family last night, even if Cui Zhen was in charge at home, it might not help.Mrs.Lin breathed a sigh of relief.Master Wei came to ask Zhuzhu about it yesterday.Although she knew that Zhuzhu s mind must not remember anything, she didn t stop her.She just felt that Master Wei s character was too tough, and she might respond softly.It will be even better, it seems that she made the right choice, and finally Master Wei was sent out of the door smoothly.Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu amazon smilz cbd gummies walked into the room, and they heard Mrs.Lin shouting He is not investigating the case, he just took the opportunity to torment me, otherwise why didn t he come to question me during the day I just fell asleephe brought the clerk Come on I have a heart disease He is trying to kill me.When Mrs.Lin dodged, she saw Gu Mingzhu beside her.Why did Zhuzhu follow her Mrs.Lin immediately went to cover Zhuzhu s eyes Don t look.Gu Mingzhu snuggled into Mrs.Lin s arms, turned her head to look at Sun Yong s body and the surrounding situation from the corner of her eye, and saw that Zhuangtou approached again at this moment Sun Yong put his hand into Sun Yong s lapel, then seemed to have discovered the key point, and shouted Sun Yong is not cold yet, he was killed just now.Gu Mingzhu watched coldly, Fang Caizhuang The head is still so scared, but now it is not afraid of anything, and the change is too fast.Zhuangtou looked at Mrs.Lin Tai This soil is newly dug, that s rightthat s just what happened.Just been killed Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Wednesday When did you arrive Didn t you notice This is the Zhuangzi of the Zhou family.

The entourage strode away.Han Yu looked at Zhuangzi in front of him and tried to calm himself down.He made the best arrangement.With so many people searching, at least the Pearl Thief would flee and hide in a hurry.It s just that everyone around him has been sent out, and he is now alone.If someone comes close to him at this time, it amazon smilz cbd gummies will be considered real.He still has a sharp weapon in his hand, and it is not easy for the Pearl Thief to hurt him.Besides, the Gu amazon smilz cbd gummies family s female relatives are in the house not far away, and the Gu family amazon smilz cbd gummies still left a few guards to protect the female relatives.If there is any movement here, the Gu family will come to help.Han Yu turned around and walked towards the house.He looked for a place that was easy to defend but difficult to attack.If the Pearl Thief dared to come, he would kill the thief cbd gummy bears free trial with his hands.Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up.Chapter 65 I suspect that Gu Mingzhu is still looking out of the window, Wei Yuanchen is very smart, and he is planning to settle the case of Han Yu here.In addition to asking the mother to go to the trial, the Cui family and the Zhou family should also be called over.The confession made under the watchful eyes of everyone will not be able to refute no matter what happens in the future.Why did you suddenly ask us HCMUSSH amazon smilz cbd gummies to go to the trial Mrs.Lin asked, What cbd gummies and liver disease happened in front Such a big thing happened on the Internet, and she also received the news.The steward nodded.Gu Mingzhu pursed his lips.Master Wei must have seen that Han Yu was not poisoned.He did this on purpose to see Han Yu s tree fell and the monkeys scattered.You also have to think about your family members.After all, Mr.Women should know the etiquette, especially in front of guests.Auntie is doing this for your own good.The emerald embroidered shoes are like the tip of a small lotus, which rises out of the water for a while, and then sinks for a while.The pearls on the embroidered shoes are like the round drops of water on the lotus leaves Zhao Gongren felt dizzy after looking at it for a while.They are all well groomed, how many daughters in the family dare to be so presumptuous, now looking at Zhuzhu, their chests are inevitably bored, and what they were about to say seems to be stuck in their mouths.Zhao Gongren picked up the tea and drank it.The taste of the tea was not very good, it was hard to swallow.She looked at Mrs.Lin, who was looking outside the house.Zhao Gongren s chest couldn t help but stagnate, her mother s family rushed to Taiyuan Mansion, but Mrs.Lin didn t speak, Lin Runsheng was weak The voice came That is a good western war horse, it can be used as a stallion.I want to take a closer look.The western war horse is very rare.Zhao Gongren stroked Lin Runsheng s hair distressingly, it is worth you to take a closer look.That s an excellent stallion, with bright coat and mighty physique, not even as good as his father s war horse, Lin Runsheng said in a low voice, It s just four or five years old, and it hasn t been castrated yet.If it can be bred Zhao Gongren said with a straight face, Nonsense, your father is a war horse bestowed by the emperor.Lin Runsheng resisted the pain It should also be bestowed by the emperor.Such a good breed of horse is potluck cbd gummies not available to ordinary people.Don t let my mother be killed.As long as you can borrow it and use it, it will be fine.The sound of children running came from the amazon smilz cbd gummies yard.Zhao Gongren looked out subconsciously.The steward of the Gu family said It s Miss Gu and the second master, they are playing.Zhao Gongren ordered Take the second master back, what will it look like Being with fools, you may also be infected with foolishness.The servants of the Lin family responded.But Lin Runzhi s voice that refused to leave came from outside the door I ll play with Gu s sister for a while.This is in the Gu s family, even if Zhao Gongren didn t want to, he couldn t make it too obvious, so he had to give up and let the two children go Gu Mingzhu and Lin Runzhi stood on the corridor throwing their pockets, and they both threw them forward at the same time.Gu Mingzhu s pocket knocked potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep away the one that Lin Runzhi threw, and landed firmly in the grid.Zhao Gongren also slept in Mrs.Lin s amazon smilz cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies room.The mother in charge beside Mrs.Lin sighed privately Such aunts and sisters in law are rare.Mrs.Gong has been married to the Lin family for so many years, and the two have been getting along until now.It stands to reason that Mrs.Lin and Mrs.Lin are from the same clan, but they are not as good as you.Zhao Gong is considerate.That s right, whoever said that you can t write two characters of Lin in one stroke, after all, it s still a matter of relatives and estrangements.Mr.Lin has put so much effort into supporting the entire Lin family, but Mrs.Lin doesn t seem to have thought about it.Zhao Gongren came, and the servants It was a lot easier, no need to coax Mrs.Lin Tai amazon smilz cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies carefully, and each went down to rest.Unexpectedly, just after falling asleep, amazon smilz cbd gummies someone knocked on amazon smilz cbd gummies the door of the yard.position, the lock springs will open one by one.The content of the swivel ring, or plan, or celestial stems and earthly branches, or ancient seal characters It really takes some effort to open it.Third Lord.On the ninth day of the ninth day, he finally saw Wei Yuanchen, and immediately passed the box over.Wei Yuanchen walked forward with the box without asking, and Gu Mingzhu immediately followed Wei Yuanchen s footsteps.Feeling the tail behind her, Wei Yuanchen remained calm, she really didn t want to let go of any chance to get clues.Thinking that the Pearl Thief might have used the hidden arrow with traps, leaving her might be able to confirm his suspicion.Walking into the study, Wei Yuanchen found that the cbd oil gummies 15mg tail behind him was missing.Really cautious.Where s Nie Chen Let Nie Chen come over.

Help me Shouts came from the yard, and someone was accidentally cut by flying debris.Chu Jiu went to check the situation first, and Gu Mingzhu and Nie Chen also walked out quickly.Looking around, the yard was in a mess, the firearm was just like what Yan Tanhua said, very powerful, those people were trying their best to take Wei Yuanchen s life.Did she count as saving Wei Yuanchen again It seems that Miss Jiang s identity will continue to be used, pure cbd gummies with thc and Master Wei can t embarrass his savior.Just jane cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies as Gu Mingzhu was thinking, she raised her eyes and saw a woman covered in blood.The mother in law was leaning against the pergola in the yard, with a dazed expression on her face, as if she didn t know what happened, and blood flowed down her skirt.The mother in law must have been cut by the flying debris, and the wound must be treated now, otherwise her life will be in danger.Gu Mingzhu couldn t bear it In fact, these things have always been I m taking care of it, Elder Master Nie Chen looked upright You don t have to force me, I know.Gu Mingzhu didn t know what to say, what do you know After leaving Nie Chen, Gu Mingzhu and Liu Su walked forward.Liu Su shook his head Staya goose.Gu Mingzhu said, You are not allowed amazon smilz cbd gummies to give people nicknames.Liu Su looked at the big goose waddling forward at the entrance of the alley, and asked what the big goose would be if he didn t call it.Woolen cloth Wei Yuanchen went all the way back to the residence, cleaned his hands and changed his clothes.He began to check the accounts he found from the Zhao family, and after turning over half of the accounts, he stood up and stretched his shoulders.Standing in front of the window, Wei Yuanchen recalled the scene where Miss do cbd gummies work for ed Gu comforted the old woman.Cui Zhen in the room looked at the white porcelain tea bowl.He knew that he should leave, but he had a mess of thoughts in his heart, and he couldn t manage it.Mrs.Zhang wrote a letter from home, full of self blame between the lines, and he also knew that his mother The matter has nothing to do with Mrs.Zhang, and Mrs.Zhang will definitely not be able to stop her mother from coming to Taiyuan Mansion, but is it really the mother s fault that the family is in such a mess He is right Ever since his father died, he felt that his family was cold and no one could be trusted.After his father died for so many years, his mansions changed one after another, and there was never a shortage of HCMUSSH amazon smilz cbd gummies women around him, but he still seemed to be staying in the ancestral house of the Cui family.In the middle of the day, watching his father lying on the bed lingering, he could see his father s eyes full of anger and unwillingness when he looked up.Although Yan Hao will be executed by the court in the end, it is the best result for him.She was sad but grateful to Master Wei and Nie Chen.Without them, Yan Hao would have no chance to tell the truth, and she would have been killed by Han Yu and others long ago.Not to mention that the investigation of this case has not been completed, even if the investigation is completed, she will do her best to do well if Mrs.Wei and Nie Chen are useful to her.Thinking of best cbd gummies 2022 this, Ziyuan raised her head and looked at Miss Jiang again.Miss Jiang is Nie Chen s junior sister, and she amazon smilz cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies went to the Prince s residence with her to deliver news to Mr.Wei.Girls, get out of the car The carriage stopped, and someone from the Prince s Mansion immediately came to investigate.The women stepped forward and touched Ziyuan and Gu Mingzhu all over, then nodded and let them in.Mrs.Wang s heart sank, and she grabbed the girl s clothes in front of her again Then what should we do Gu Mingzhu shook her head, as if concluding that Wang s family was hopeless For a whileMaster Lu I will comeyou will tell Master Lu everything you know, Master Luafter all, it is an official of Taiyuan Mansionyour parents officials.Now the situation is too complicated, who knows whether the prince s people will come to ask questions, Master Lu With a righteous body and a friendly face, he can not only deter prisoners, but also gain the trust of others.Mrs.Wang realized that this girl was really reminding her.Telling the truth to Mr.Lu might be their last chance.If it falls into the hands of others, they will be even more hopeless.She will hold Mr.Lu tightly.Gu Mingzhu k2 life cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies questioned Wang s family in jane cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies the duty room.Mrs.Lin Tai kicked Cui Wei Go away, you have nothing to do here , Is it easy for the Cui family to have this title How did he promise me back then The Cui family should be the most important thing, but he did it When he dug the grave amazon smilz cbd gummies and robbed the grave, he thought of it.If something happened, how would he keep the Cui family My son had already thought about it at the time.If the incident happened, my son would go to accept the crime, Cui Zhen said in a deep voice, Cui Wei didn t know anything about it.The imperial court took my title and let Cui Wei inherit it, so mother doesn t need to Using family law, I am worthy of the Cui family, and only the imperial court has the right to convict me of this matter.Mrs.Lin s face turned red and white when she heard this, and her expression was complicated, obviously she did not expect Cui Zhen to say such a thing.Mrs.Lin listened carefully to these words, and it took a while to understand the meaning Who has the guts to plot against the prince.When she said those words, she immediately thought of several princes.Cui Zhen went on to say I suspect that the crown prince didn t know about the k2 life cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies batch of war horses I bought, otherwise the crown prince would have used this as an excuse to win me over.If he uncovered the Shanyin matter, the crown prince would know that someone has been secretly arrange it all.Mrs.Lin said Then what are you going to do It is said that the title may be gone, and the military power will also be taken away.Not to mention it is to cover up those people.I ve made up my mind, Cui Zhen looked at Mrs.Lin, I m going to report this to the imperial court.Although Mrs.Lin had some guesses, she was still a little surprised when she heard this.

Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen, spat in a bah , and wanted to swear a few more harsh words, when she saw the Cui clan coming over from the corner of her eye, she Immediately, he became afraid again.At this moment Cui Wei s voice came.Brother, mother Cui Wei pushed away the guards amazon smilz cbd gummies guarding the door, strode into the door, and seeing the scene in front of him, the blank expression on his face gradually turned into panic.Cui Wei said What happened Why did the eldest brother let the elders of the clan come to the mother s house Cui Wei s robes were not properly put on, and his hair was tied up in a rough way.His body was already drenched by rain.Sweat or rain dripped down his pale cheeks.Mrs.Lin immediately cried out when she saw Cui Wei Brother Wei, why did you come here, they want to send your mother to the yamen, and want to put your mother to death.After giving him a contemptuous look, it flew up to the wall and offered its treasure to the reed chicken next door.Chu Jiu suddenly felt that the third master was actually very similar to the five black chickens, except that the five black chickens had reed chicken, and the third master made such a pile of red bean cakes without anything.The third master is really pitiful.Thinking of this, Chu Jiu immediately stopped his thoughts, so as not to amazon smilz cbd gummies accidentally overheat the fire and ruin a pot of red bean biolife cbd gummies amazon potluck cbd gummies cakes, and it would be his stomach that would suffer.Third Master, do you want to send these red bean cakes to Miss Zhou s grave Chu Jiu carefully mentioned that there are enough red bean cakes for worship.Wei Yuanchen did not speak, and continued to press the red bean cake into the mold.What is the similarity premium cbd gummies online between Miss Gu and Rujun They all know medical skills, and they all know Mr.After they see the crown prince, they will definitely tell the truth.Okay, The prince said, Send them without delay.After saying this, the prince remembered Princess Huairou HCMUSSH amazon smilz cbd gummies will be fine for a while, right Mr.Shen said The princess has just received news from the son in law , the son in law is now in the mountains, and it will take some time for the princess to catch up, but we have to find out the truth quickly so that we can control the situation.The prince also knew that this matter was no small matter, so he sat down straight away, and waited until the guards of the East Palace would The two people were brought into the amazon smilz cbd gummies room, the prince looked over immediately, and saw that the older man had a bit of awe in him, he should be the Peng Liang Mr.Shen mentioned, and the younger man next to him raised his head and met his eyes, his eyes were a little dazed.Bao Tong smiled and said Ma am, you underestimated Missy.When Missy was in Shanxi, the old man took Missy to ride a donkey.The slaves also looked scared at first, but later found that Missy was sitting securely.I was relieved.Father has ridden a donkey with Zhuzhu Mrs.Lin was surprised, why didn t she know, father must be too bold But how can Zhuzhu learn it well Baotong smiled and said So you don t have to worry, the eldest lady is cbd gummies spartan race anaheim much better after running around in the yard all day, besides, everything is well arranged, and there are amazon smilz cbd gummies servants and guards to protect her.Mrs.Lin was also relieved You still potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep can t be careless.Madam, don t worry While Mrs.Lin was going to change her clothes, Gu Mingzhu also checked the sleeve arrow on her arm and the dagger tied to her calf.It was almost time, and the mother and daughter got into the carriage as usual.Wei Yuanchen couldn t help showing a sneering smile on his face, the self righteous prince was going in the direction of Yang Wuyu.There will be news from Wufeng Mountain in a while, Wei Yuanchen said, I m going to take people there, so they will believe that we have been fooled.Zhou Zesheng nodded.Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on the Gu family s chariot and horse.I ll leave this to my uncle.Wei Yuanchen s face was cold, and there was no emotion in his deep eyes.Third Master, Princess Huairou has gone into the mountains.Wei Yuanchen nodded, and after leaving the team, he was about to take his people to Wufeng Mountain.Before leaving, he looked at Liu Su next to him You stay with Nie Chen and others will help Zhou Qiye together.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he drove his horse forward.Chu amazon smilz cbd gummies Jiu deliberately lagged behind for a moment, walked to Zhou Zesheng and lowered his voice so that Liu Su would not hear Zhou Qiye, over thereyou must potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep take good care of it.Liu focal cbd gummies Su said It refers to the people of Lu Guang who were avoiding mining.Zhou Zesheng was a little surprised, but he wanted to know how many things these ordinary people could accomplish, and who they took orders from.At least not Master Wei, because Master Wei is not here, but the people still seem to have a lot of ideas.So who could it be Chapter 169 Distressed Li Chang watched Zhou Zesheng and others leave the village all the way, Zhou Zesheng disappeared, complex emotions flashed in Li Chang s eyes, he sighed, and walked slowly back to his home.The female relatives of the family took the villagers to work, and only a few reed chickens were still pecking insects in the yard.The village chief couldn t help shaking his head, could it be that it s going to be uneasy again Thinking of this, his back suddenly hunched, and his steps became heavy.Baotong suddenly realized So it is like this It was dawn.Gu Mingzhu got up early and changed her clothes, then slipped away to the village castle with Bao Tong.The guards of Gu s family were used to seeing Miss Gu running around, but they still followed every step of the way to persuade Miss Gu to leave.There was a vague sound of horseshoes approaching from a distance, and everyone hurriedly started to be on guard.Gu Mingzhu finally got the chance to stretch her head to look around.From a distance, the person on the horse is very familiar to her, and if she gets closer Gu Mingzhu suddenly waved her arms Daddy, Daddy Chapter 175 Reunion Gu Mingzhu watched her father rushing over on the horse The figure was beating happily like a drum in her heart.She had long suspected that her father would come to welcome her and her mother after receiving the news, but she didn t expect it to be so soon.

They all said that the Zhou family was beautiful.When the Zhou family came to the Hou s mansion as a guest, he deliberately didn t go to see the woman.Disgusted, so to this day he doesn t even know what Zhou looks like.It was the first time that Cui Zhen thought about it like this, and wanted to find a portrait to take amazon smilz cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies a look at, and figure out what kind of person the woman buried next to him was.Was the hasty contact back then too one sided Perhaps all of .

where can you buy cbd gummies in luzerne county pa?

these have yet to be confirmed, but Cui Zhen knew that no matter how good Mrs.Zhou was, he would not risk his life for a woman like Wei Yuanchen.Cui Zhen was thinking about it when a scout came up behind him and reported, Master Hou, we found Er Ye Wei.Cui Wei Shouldn t he go to Beijing with the women s team Now that something happened, you should protect the female relatives, how did you get here Where is he Cui Zhen didn t rein in his horse, but continued to move forward.Zhang Tong said in a low voice Everyone is settled, don t worry, Third Master Wei Yuanchen said Go and rest, we have to leave for Beijing tomorrow morning.Chu Jiu couldn t help but said potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep We will leave tomorrow morning Are you going back to Beijing Wei Yuanchen s voice was cold If you have something to do, you can stay first.Chu Jiu swallowed Of course I will follow the third master.Unlike the five black chickens, which have not been seen until now, Fickle to the extreme.The wound on the third master Zhang Tong glanced at the blood stained clothes on Wei Sanye s amazon smilz cbd gummies body.It s okay.Wei Yuanchen went into the inner room to change clothes.Zhang Tong looked at Chu Jiu, who was getting more and more unreliable during the days of Chu Jiu, and the cbd d9 gummies third master didn t know to go in to serve even if he was injured.I just followed the current and did what I should do.The two said Talk and move forward.Together they entered the courtyard where Marquis Huaiyuan lived temporarily.Mrs.Lin has already prepared meals.When Chujiu stepped into the yard, he could smell a strong smell of food.On the stove in the kitchen in the yard, a thick pile of meatloaf had already been baked.Chu Jiu swallowed involuntarily.Gu Mingzhu was busy in the kitchen with Princess Huairou.It could be seen that Princess Huairou was very grateful to Master Wei, otherwise she would not want to cook by herself.However, the piurekana cbd gummies princess s craftsmanship is not very good.She wanted to make red bean cake but forgot to add sugar.If she hadn t reminded her, she might not be able to serve Master Wei.Gu Mingzhu looked at the red bean cake that was carefully placed on the plate, and couldn t help moving her amazon smilz cbd gummies index finger, but this was made by the princess for Master Wei, so of course she couldn t steal it.Then she was slapped heavily on the face by the rebels, but it was precisely this kind of scream that brought her A team of people from the imperial court.When the rebels were besieged by the imperial soldiers, Zhou Ruzhang took the opportunity to bite the rebels.The rebels threw her off the horse in a rage.The same happened to Mrs.Zhou.The mother and daughter were reunited in the rebellion and hugged each other.Trembling, he waited until the rebels were dispersed before being brought to the village.Mrs.Wednesday saw that there were guards around the village fort, and there were still many people in the village.She amazon smilz cbd gummies immediately felt relieved.They were finally safe, and she didn t know who the person in charge in the village was After finding the person in amazon smilz cbd gummies charge, Mrs.Zhou can come forward to thank her, and then explain the identity of the Zhou family, and ask the person in charge to send someone to send them back to the capital.Gu Mingzhu lifted potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep the skirt and stuffed the big cock drawn in sugar syrup into Wei Yuanchen s hand, then turned and ran away.The big rooster held its head high and held its chest high, just like Mr.Wei who returned triumphantly.Mr.Wei likes roosters, so she did what she likes, hoping to give Mr.Wei some comfort.Chapter 190 A Thief Has Been Entered As soon as Gu Mingzhu left amazon smilz cbd gummies the potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep yard, Liu Su immediately walked in and put two bowls of astragalus and red date soup on the table.Third Master, Liu Su said, It would be better to use some soup like this for Qi Ye.When I cooked soup for Qi Ye, I also brought you a bowl.Wei Yuanchen looked at the table For the soup, Miss Gu was very thoughtful, drank goat milk and ate crispy cheese, and sent two bowls of soup as repayment.With this kind of soup, he amazon smilz cbd gummies didn t have to send Chu Jiu to serve the goat s milk.Zhou Zesheng drank it all down, and then handed back the empty bowl to Wei Yuanchen There is no need to take care of the Zhou family s women, I have already done what I have to do, and it is the best of humanity.After one pass, no matter how shameless the two brothers of the Zhou family are, he really can t see the woman being humiliated.Zhou Zesheng rested for a while, and felt much better, so he asked Chu Jiu and others to send him back to his residence.Wei Yuanchen sat on the table and cbd gummies 500mg jar justcbd read the official documents, and before he knew it, it was time to light the lamp.Third Master, take a rest, Chu Jiu said, Liu Su has brought soup again.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyelids, there were a few more lotus seeds in the red date and astragalus soup, and after he slapped him, he wanted to use it A few lotus seeds to buy, is that worth a slap in her heart Qi Ye s soup is also sent, Chu Jiu emphatically reminded, There are no lotus seeds.Chu Jiu looked at the serious expression of the third master, and immediately said Our manor The reception banquet here is better than theirs.Compassionate for the people around him, the third master is not inferior to Miss Gu.Chu Jiu continued Nie Chen and Liu Su were afraid that our guards would go to the banquet, and even made excuses not to keep us, as if they could come to our banquet.The more Chu Jiu said, the more indignant he was How kind the third master is to them, all of them seem to have no conscience, and they still work for the Cui family in Taiyuan Mansion.Could it be that in their hearts, the third master is not as good as the Cui family They can t drive us away here, and they can t go there Have you gone to the Cui family With a snap , Wei Yuanchen threw the teacup over and said, Pour tea.

Tai.Mother Yang responded, and was about to pick up the pillow and put it under Mrs.Lin s waist, but found that the eldest lady had already made it.During this period of time, the eldest lady has really changed a lot.Madam often stays with the eldest lady.She felt that she watched with cold eyes but could see clearly that the eldest lady s illness has recovered a lot, not only can she treat guests for Madam, but she can also think of Madam in every way, these servants are also happy to see her.When the carriage arrived at Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, the steward of the Gu family immediately stepped forward to remove the gift from the Wei family and got off the carriage.Gu Chongyi was just coming back from the Yamen.Seeing such a scene, he couldn t help being slightly stunned.Didn t expect to come back like this.Maybe it wasn t just pretending, Wei Congzhi might really be sick, Gu Chongyi sighed in his heart, turned around and walked over, pushed the censor away, lifted Wei Congzhi from the ground, just in time the guards also caught up.Please call the imperial doctor.In the rush, Gu Chongyi seemed to see Wei Congzhi s eyelashes trembling slightly.Gu Chongyi frowned, was it his illusion, or was it real If it wasn t for Wei Congzhi amazon smilz cbd gummies s misery, he would have twisted his hand to distinguish the truth from the false The news of Huaiyuan Hou s promotion reached the Gu family.Mrs.Lin was teaching Zhuzhu how to be a female celebrity.When she heard that Lord Hou was going to serve in the Army and Horse Division of Wucheng, she looked happy Where HCMUSSH amazon smilz cbd gummies is Lord Hou Why haven t you entered yet The mother in charge said I heard that Master Wei is at the gate of the palace.Who s that guy in the short brown How could he be with the soldiers patrolling the city It seems that he invited the city patrol officers and soldiers to check the situation.As the soldiers patrolling the city drifted away, Zhang Tong chased after him.Gu Mingzhu heaved a sigh of relief, Master Wei didn 90 mg cbd gummies t come, they still had to amazon smilz cbd gummies go through a lot of trouble, and when the surroundings became quiet again, Gu Mingzhu felt something strange, a faint smell of wine blew into her nose, and a trace of burning pain came from her shoulders.Temperature, she forgot that it was this arm that took her into the darkness just now.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, under the moonlight, Lord Wei frowned slightly, his expression was not as deep as before, his nose bridge was straight, his lips were extraordinarily rosy, his neckline was unbuttoned, HCMUSSH amazon smilz cbd gummies his clothes were a little messy, his eyes were drooping is cbd gummies bad for your heart at this moment, Look tired and weak.When he was sent to his husband by his father when he was a child, he found that he didn t talk much, but he knew everything clearly.He must know what he was thinking.He would never stop him, and he would not use words to comfort him when he encountered difficulties.He, but he can feel his care for him from his husband.Just like when he found out that his mother treated him differently from his elder brother and second brother, he felt like he had twisted a knot in his heart.When he went to see his husband, he accidentally memorized the wrong book, but instead of scolding him, the husband made him a bowl of yogurt with his own hands.This companionship is worth a thousand words.Wei Yuanchen went into the room and picked up the paperwork in his hand to read carefully.He wanted to see the records of Qin Tianjian about Bai Guanzheng before and after A chan committed suicide.Qiao koala puffs cbd gummies Song continued There is no clue about the person behind Lin Sizhen.Either they are acting covertly, the emperor thought, or maybe there is no such person at all.This is also what Qiao Song meant, but there is no definite evidence that Qiao Song will not say it out loud.If there is no mastermind behind the scenes, then who is making trouble Maybe it was the Wei family.The hall was quiet for a while, and the emperor looked at Qiao Song and said, Since you have found something wrong, take over this case, and the Metropolitan Procuratorate should take care of it.Capture Yuan Zhixing.In this way, Wei Yuanchen can be successfully replaced, and he k2 life cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies will be informed of any moves of the Wei family earlier.The emperor said I have just summoned Tan Shangshu.There is an emergency everywhere in the frontier.Gu Chongyi said Have you gone to inquire about the news Cui Wei nodded After we arrived, I asked.Cui Wei went on to say The master of the Taiqing Temple has contacts with those merchants who sell private goods from the sea.The Yamen of Shuntian Mansion captured him and sent him to the prison for interrogation.Gu Chongyi listened carefully Shuntian Mansion Someone from the yamen He didn t expect that Shuntian Mansion would get ahead of Wucheng Bingmasi this time.That thing from the Wei family came here in a hurry, naturally not because of some marriage sign, but because the Wei family was involved in this matter.Gu Chongyi didn t need to look for Wei Congzhi, he knew that Wei Congzhi would avoid everyone and choose a remote path up the mountain.Let people prepare the carriages and horses.Gu Chongyi ordered his followers, Send the Gu family s daughters home in a while.She is too lazy to intrigue with those people because of the suspicion of the court and the harem.This time is different, Miss Gu is just a little girl, even if a little girl stomps on the ground three times, she won t make any noise.After thinking about this, the Queen Mother finally closed her eyes wearily Shuntian Mansion Prison.After Master Lu was caught, he was thrown into prison, and no one came to interrogate him.Could it be that Fu Ya really regarded him as an ordinary merchant He still doesn t understand how he was caught after walking such a small path.Master Lu couldn t help shaking his fingers when he thought of this, just when he couldn t calm down, something was thrown from the darkness and landed by his hand.Master Lu was taken aback.Seeing that it was a fancy lock by the dim light of the fire, he couldn t help picking it up tremblingly.

Mrs.Gu did say such auspicious words at that time, but she never thought that Zhuzhu was born with a disease.Now that Zhuzhu s condition has improved, Mrs.Gu dared to die Again.Mrs.Lin smiled I don t want Zhuzhu to be rich and powerful, as long as she is safe and healthy.How can that be done, said the old lady Gu, Who still hates being rich Taking care of each other, our Gu family is not prosperous at all, and we have to rely on these younger generations to fight for our ancestors in the future.Mrs.Lin laughed, and Mrs.Gu brought the topic to the Gu clan, which was to say On to the topic.Mrs.Gu let out a long sigh of relief Now that these children have grown up, brother Yan still needs to take the imperial examination, and if he gets fame in the future, he will be able to honor his ancestors, and the sisters in the family, if they have marriages I can amazon smilz cbd gummies feel at ease.Last year, he helped the clan to repair the school.Elder Zhang s willingness to do this is also considered a face for my sister in law.Mrs.Zhang continued Your in laws will probably be able to work smoothly, right Tian Gongren nodded The Zhang family has a very good reputation in Guangzhou.No one is more familiar with the Guangzhou Shipping Department than his in laws.Candidates.Mrs.Zhang said There is also the son in law Ding Ning Hou.Ding Ning Hou won the battle.Although he is healing his wounds at amazon smilz cbd gummies home, he can still speak in the court.Tian Gong said Madam Zhang doesn t care about these things., never let Marquis Ding Ning come forward to help her natal family, I heard from my sister that the Zhang family will not bother amazon smilz cbd gummies Marquis Ding Ning, it is not easy for Marquis Ding Ning to lead troops outside, and Marquis Zhang cannot cause trouble to Marquis Ding Ning.King Huai said here, he was a little nervous, I m afraid Father saw through the relationship between me and my husband, and hurriedly explained that the palace only collected some miscellaneous booksLater, father said that he was just chatting with me, costco cbd gummies so I don t need to take it to heart.Shen k2 life cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies Guicheng thought carefully, the emperor would not say useless words, except Reminding King Huai not to overstep, is he beating him too Did the emperor know that he brought the Shen family to assist Prince Huai Shen Guicheng had to be cautious.There was a Mr.Shen in the Eastern Palace who had studied in the Shen family.When Mr.Shen was arrested, he was not far from the Shen family.He was afraid that Mr.Shen would be ordered to harm the Shen family and intentionally involve the Shen family Fortunately, Mr.I will entangle this matter again, otherwise it will not be of any benefit to Zhuzhu and Cui Wei.Cui Zhen walked out of the room, and the steward closed the door.There was no one else in the room.Cui Wei opened a pair of blood red eyes, with a cold expression on his face.He knew that Cui Zhen would not show any sympathy for him.Zhen didn t care about his younger brother at all.Cui Zhen said in Taiyuan Mansion that his father was right to teach him when he was a child.In the hearts of his father and Cui Zhen, he was a person with poor qualifications and not a pure mind.Now that he has seen through Cui Zhen thoroughly, but what he can t understand is that Cui Zhen is so cold and ruthless to their family, why he is so devoted to the sake of the Huaiyuan Houfu and protects that silly girl.Cui Wei lay quietly on the bed and waited for a while, the door was pushed open again, and he followed him quickly into the room.Don t throw away the paper, Tan Dingfang said.I will continue to write when amazon smilz cbd gummies I think about it.Mrs.Dong had no choice but to press down the paper with a ruler.Then she took the cloak from the servant and put it on Tan Dingfang.Tan Dingfang I had no choice but to follow Mrs.Dong back to the main house.If the master is worried about Brother Geng, I will call Brother Geng to ask.Mrs.Dong said bluntly, jane cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies No matter what, Brother Geng won t kill people What s more, people from Anjiyuan, our Tan family have Most of the belongings have been subsidized amazon smilz cbd gummies into the Anjiyuan Even if the Tan family can t get the credit, they can t take the blame Master, don t you think so Madam Dong suddenly turned around, thinking that Tan Dingfang was in a daze Didn t he stop immediately Dong The wife bumped into Tan Dingfang firmly.It is said that the steward next to him bought it from a craftsman and presented it to him when he was buying goods in the south.Wrap the burnt hidden weapon with a cloth towel This was found next to the leg bones of the burned corpse.At that time, the hidden weapon was covered with charred flesh.I suspect that something like a sleeve arrow was once tied to the leg of the corpse.After being burned by the fire, this hidden weapon fell aside.Gu Mingzhu said Things like sleeve arrows are used for self defense.This iron cylinder is smaller than Tan Zigeng s.It is suitable for women to use, but I don t understand why.She was not placed on her arm, but on her leg In such a situation, either the sleeve arrow was tied to her arm, and this hidden weapon was originally used to replace it.When she was killed, she hadn t had time to use it.Wei So it caused the old disease How could Wei Sanye be so majestic and timid.Gu Mingzhu said Take the medicine on time Take it.Chu Jiu told honestly that everything else about the third master was fake, but the medicine was real.No matter what Miss Gu prescribed, he drank it every day.Can t stop.Feng Anping doesn t give him beef these days, and he has to save monthly money.He hasn t eaten good food cheapest cbd gummies reddit for a long time.Put a little bit on the back of his hand, and then he couldn t help but taste it.That medicineis as bitter as it needs to be, and I don t know how the third master drinks it every day.Gu Mingzhu shook her cloak at the door, preparing to let the cool air off her body before entering.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes.He hadn t seen her for several days.Guessing that she couldn t help but want to go out for a walk, he came to wait for her in the small courtyard.

To leave him so amazon smilz cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies soon When the new year comes, the capital is full of hustle and bustle.Vendors on the street brought out all kinds of novelty objects, and even the boxes of the peddlers walking around the streets were tied with strips of bright coloured strings.Gu Mingzhu lifted the curtain of the car and looked out, Madam Lin couldn t help but pursed her lips and smiled, seeing Zhuzhu reminded her of when she was young, didn t she also like those little things.Mom will bring you to the street tomorrow.Mrs.Lin felt a little guilty.Now that she has a big belly, she has trouble moving, and she hasn t taken Zhuzhu for a long time.Mother rest at ease, Gu Mingzhu said, Tomorrow I will go to Shangqing to see Master.Mrs.Lin reached out and touched the top of Zhuzhu s head.Now she doesn t have to worry about many things.The girl s eyebrows and eyes were stretched out, and she looked extraordinarily beautiful, especially the smile on her face, which added a touch of brilliance to her.People can t help but feel happy when they look at it.Although Mrs.Zhang told her before that Miss Gu s illness was cured, she still couldn t believe it when she saw Gu Mingzhu like this.She heard that Miss Gu was seriously ill when she was in her boudoir.They refused to go out k2 life cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies and walk around, never thought that Miss Gu would look like this.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to salute Mrs.Zhang, and then looked at Shen Shi This is Zhang s sister in law, right Shen nodded In a blink of an eye, I didn t expect Miss amazon smilz cbd gummies Gu to be so old.Gu Mingzhu smiled , Several people walked into the Gu family s inner house together.Mrs.Lin was waiting in the flower hall.After talking about Qiu Hai s matter, Gu Mingzhu mentioned Zhang s matter.Zou Xiang is Cui Zhen s son, Gu Mingzhu said, Ms Zhang used Zou Xiang s mother to kill Cui Zhen s concubine and newborn child, and then got rid of Zou Xiang s mother.Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin s mother and son were at odds with each other jane cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies in the inner house.This was done in one fell swoop.After achieving her own goal, Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin became more resentful to each other.That s why when she was in Shanxi, Mrs.Lin would treat Cui The attitudes of Zhen and Cui Wei are very different.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen If the marriage between the Zhang family and the Shen family and Dingninghou s mansion was planned, then Gu Mingzhu didn t continue, HCMUSSH amazon smilz cbd gummies but she felt that Wei Yuanchen could understand.So as Zhou Rujun, she died tragically in the prison, is it also related to the Zhang family Wei amazon smilz cbd gummies Yuanchen frowned, and his eyes became as deep as the sea.The words are pleasant to the ear.Mrs.Gu couldn t tell the difference, she just smiled and said amazon smilz cbd gummies Chongyi, Mrs.Tan s family is going to Beijing, you can t come there then, the Tan s family will come to celebrate in a few days, Mr.Tan has always wanted to I want to come to the door to thank you.Gu Chongyi also thought that Hehua Hutong would not give up on this marriage, even if he said that Tan Dingfang might be someone else s eyeliner, Hehua Hutong not only refused to believe it, but also exposed the rumors to scare the snakes, I don t know what will happen result.During the Chinese New Year, he also sent three hundred taels of silver to Gu Chongwen, and told Gu Chongwen to close his account and open a pen amazon smilz cbd gummies and ink shop in Beijing after the is it bad to take cbd gummies everyday weather warmed up.He just told Gu Chongwen not to go to the south for business for the time being, and Gu Chongwen agreed , I didn t know what to do in private, amazon smilz cbd gummies but he did everything he could.Although there is no problem now, Madam is injured after all.Vitality, you need to take good care of your body.Gu Chongyi nodded.Mo Yangming continued Madam, it is best not to conceive again within two years, lest the body will be empty, and rebirth will be more dangerous.Gu Chongyi looked at Mo Yangming gratefully I really bothered, buthow should I take care of it better The prescription left by the imperial hospital is enough, Mo Yangming said and thought for a while, I will come here a few more times these days, and I will help my wife check her pulse.After finishing talking about his wife, Mo Yangming had no intention of leaving.She drank a few sips amazon smilz cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies of tea, and then said slowly There is one more thing, the Taoist walks around with Zhuzhu, and sometimes some private matters are involved.Everything is available.It s as if it s going to be another year.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen Thank you Madam Tai for being so thoughtful.Wei Yuanchen said It s good if it can be used.He got the news from Chu Jiu, sent his grandmother to the carriage, and let Mother Lu went to buy these things.Gu Mingzhu nodded Of course it can.Madam Tai is someone who has experienced it, so she knows better than us that my mother gave birth just after I entered the palace.If Madam Tai did not help, it would not have gone so smoothly.The girl s smile Like a ray of warm sunlight, it shines through the window lattice, illuminating everything in the room.Wei Yuanchen didn t say anything, just looked at the girl and smiled.Gu Mingzhu said The mother in charge said that now mother can only eat millet and eggs, and she will be able to cook soup after a while, and then she will be able to use chicken fir and sea bass.The emperor said indifferently What did she say When she couldn t bear it anymore, she was ready to lower her head and beg him to release her, not only her but also the Wei family.Come in exchange for a good future for the Wei family.Huang Chang said in a low voice The empress wants to return the queen s treasure book.The queen s treasure book The emperor snorted coldly, What she wants is the power to rule the six palaces.Didn t she always care about these things by taking the opportunity to get back her queen s rights When Liang Wang rebelled, Wei rescued the queen mother and returned to the palace.He went to the palace of compassion to visit the queen mother, and Wei stood in front of him There was a look of contempt in the eyes.Whenever he consolidated his imperial power, the Wei family always looked like amazon smilz cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies this, as if he disdained him and the imperial power in his hands.

Empress Wei heard a noisy voice outside, presumably that person came to punish her in a hurry.The female officer beside her looked flustered.Don t worry, Empress Wei said calmly, It s nothing more than grounding.He won t kill me just because of it.Grounding is the best, and it s safest to be locked up here.Chapter 431 Birth Change Empress Wei sat on the rug, holding the net in her hand, her expression was quite calm.The internal officials were ordered to take away some servants from Kunning Palace, leaving only one female official, two palace servants and two cincinnati cbd gummies internal servants, and then nailed the gates of the east and west side halls.This is our empress s belongings.According to the regulations, empress is thinking behind closed doors now, so she doesn t need these anymore.Some furnishings and utensils in Kunning Palace were taken away and returned to the warehouse.Shin opened the curtain.The morning sun fell on Shen s face, Shen s face was pale, his lips were dry and bloodstained, and his expression was a little dazed, as if he had suffered a great blow.Mr.Zhang knew it well.The Shen family was worried about the second master of the Shen family.After all, both Shen Tonghuai and Shen Guicheng had already been imprisoned.Right now, only the second master Shen was left in the Shen family.If the second master Shen escaped, the entire Shen family would be finished.After all, the Shen family is the daughter of the chief assistant, and potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep she has always wanted how much are super cbd gummies the Shen family to retain the glory of her father s reign.Master, Shen s voice was hoarse, his eyes were red and swollen as if he had been crying, why are you here Mr.Zhang said, I have heard that the second brother has escaped.Finally reached a fork in the road, Zheng Ruzong slowed down, watching the shopkeeper who had just talked to him and the people on the official road drift away.Taking advantage of the lack of people on the road, Zheng Ruzong turned his head and walked into the forest.Now he has to change amazon smilz cbd gummies his route to Tongzhou to take the waterway.The more frequently he changes routes, the fewer clues will be left.This is his experience of walking for many years.Management, the entourage caught up and reported, Just now, the imperial court pursuers acted in two ways.They continued to search along the official road and went all the way to Tongzhou Wharf.Zheng Ruzong was surprised.The entourage continued A checkpoint has been set up on the official road.I heard that the Tongzhou Wharf will be closed.From now on, everyone will not be able to pass.The emperor reached for the memorial.Your Majesty, something happened in the palace of Concubine De, and it seems that the empress has been poisoned.Huang Chang tried his best not to look so panicked, but he still couldn t control his trembling HCMUSSH amazon smilz cbd gummies voice.Chapter 449 Concubine Zhenqing De is the biological mother of the frail and sickly fifth prince Su Wang.Before the fifth prince was named Su Wang, she was just a small concubine.Concubine Nade entered the is there thc in cbd gummies palace after the emperor ascended the throne.At that time, Concubine De was eighteen years old, and she was considered an old girl.She was not suitable to participate in the selection because her father was a famous Confucian in the Imperial Academy, and Concubine De was virtuous in her boudoir.Only by having a good reputation outside, this can be included in the roster of candidates.When the emperor heard that something happened to Concubine De, his expression changed, and his eyes were slightly opened, full of surprise and panic.He got up from the dragon chair all of a sudden, and was about to walk out of the hall, but because of his haste, he felt dizzy again.Your Majesty.Huang Chang hurriedly stepped forward to help him, but he felt a strong attack, and Huang Chang was immediately pushed back.The emperor s face was ashen, he staggered two steps before he stabilized his figure, and then walked forward.Order the imperial concubine to go to the hospital The emperor s anxious face showed a bit of ferocity, If the concubine De can t be cured, I will let them all be buried with her.The emperor s majesty made everyone tremble with fear.The emperor got on the chariot, and Huang Chang ordered his servants to trot forward.She overcomes obstacles in the front, while others can only reap the rewards in the back.Concubine Jiang didn t dare to think deeply, for fear that those thoughts would overwhelm her and obliterate her whole body, but she couldn t help thinking about it, the emperor didn t hesitate at all when he abolished the prince.Because the emperor had no intention of letting her son inherit the throne, she was caught off guard and could hardly bear the blow.If it was Concubine Jiang who was usually resourceful, she should have stepped aside and stopped talking in such a situation.But now she has lost her former wisdom.Your Majesty, Jiang Guifei said, The poison was put on the chestnut cake.The Ninth Prince likes to eat chestnut cake.This poison is aimed at the Ninth Prince.Please ask the Emperor to be the master of the Ninth Prince and find out who poisoned it.The emperor didn t order Huang Chang to let people do this, right now the most important thing is to catch the real culprit, let the real culprit escape, the emperor s anger will burn on more people.After waiting for a while, Huang Chang brought a bloody man into the side room, and the emperor asked himself, Who is it It sthe empress made the slaves do it, and wanted to kill the ninth prince and put the blame on the empress de, so that the imperial concubine would avenge the ninth prince.After both losers, the queen will gain.The emperor yelled when he heard this This bitch.Just as the emperor finished scolding, he heard someone outside the palace saying Who is the emperor scolding Opening the curtain, the Empress Dowager led several people into the hall.The imperial concubine stepped forward to salute, and then looked at the person behind the empress dowager, it was Mo Zhenren from Shangqing Temple, and the person behind Mo Zhenren was Gu Mingzhu, the eldest lady of Huaiyuan Houfu.

How can he always serve the emperor Empress Wei looked at the female officer Go and ask Yongchun Palace if there are any palace people who have abdominal pain and are healthy in the past two days, and then go to the imperial hospital to check the records.Who has been to Yongchun Palace in the past two days.Palace people test the poison, and they have to ask the imperial hospital for clarification.If the palace people, the imperial physician, and the supervisor of ceremonies, Chen Xiang, are in the same party, they will conceal the nature of the medicine.After finishing speaking, Empress Wei said If it is verified that Concubine .

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De has someone to test the poison in advance, it just means that she has fallen into someone else s trap.Gu Mingzhu naturally understood what the empress meant.He knows all about poison, so there s no need to worry about it.The old man pretending to be rickety is hiding in Tibet.After passing the checkpoint, he will be fished into the sea.The court will never find his trace again.Zheng Ruzong turned his head to look at his cronies and followers Follow me out of customs.Everyone responded, and Zheng Ruzong walked forward quickly.Vice General Zhao said General, what happened in the capital Why is General so anxious to go north Zheng Ruzong said indifferently This time things are not going well, you should pay attention to the movements in Beijing.Vice General Zhao responded, but he believed There won t be any big mistakes.These years have been smooth and smooth.Now the guards have more and more people.Someone from the Ministry of War will help them to support them.If there is any trouble, they will report in advance.Once the imperial court investigates everything, it will be revealed, and his plans in northern Xinjiang for many years will eventually be seen.The reason why he didn t want to escape was that he was going to use the emperor s suspicion to entangle Wei Yuanchen to buy amazon smilz cbd gummies time for the emperor and his father.Now that the secret is known, everything has come to nothing.Whether his case will be tried or not It doesn t make any sense, and he doesn t seem to have any use Because the imperial court will send troops to northern Xinjiang, the troops he has placed in Daning can t just stand by and help the Lord win this battle.Once the war is fought, everything will be clear, and there is no need for so called evidence at all.Wei Yuanchen won.This person knows when to check carefully and when to take a risk.These are very important, small fish that slip through the net may cause big waves, and if they can catch one, Master Wei doesn t care about these, they have to do their duty.Gu Ziyan amazon smilz cbd gummies handed the maid to Feng Anping If Cousin Feng finds a clue, feel free to come home and ask.The two saluted each other, and Feng amazon smilz cbd gummies Anping took the man away.Feng Anping thought about the brothers and sisters of the Gu family.He is clear, he does things neatly, and he knows how to feed them.Feng Anping rubbed his stomach, feeling a little touched, you must know that it is not easy to stutter now, except for Cousin Zhuzhu who sometimes sends people food boxes, and he is the only one who gives them to others.Lifting the food box, it smelled like meatloaf, Feng Anping wondered if he should hide a few pieces, and share the rest with everyone Daning and northern border guards were in turmoil, and the rebels were approaching Yongping Mansion.If anyone who inquires about this case I don t know about the situation.Mrs.Zhou and the two masters of the Zhou family were stunned there, Mr.Feng just asked every sentence, but now he said that it had nothing to do with him.Feng Anping explained patiently I only try the case in front of me.This is playing tricks on them, Zhou Zerui thought that this Feng Tongju was trying to trouble the Zhou family from the beginning to the end, but now So what, the housekeeper of the Zhou family was caught straight, and they had their weaknesses in Feng Tong s hands.Feng Anping stood up It s getting late, I should report back to the government.Zhou Zejing had no intention of asking for news this time.Feng Anping was about to walk out of the room, but after taking two steps, he remembered something, turned back to the desk, and drank the remaining tea in one gulp.Because Zhou Zecheng and the Cao family were strong, Cao Xueshi also took good care of Zhou Zejing.If someone else said this, Mrs.Zhou might still question it, but from Xueshi Cao jane cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies s mouth, Mrs.Zhou believed it too much.Where is the relationship between the two families, Mr.Cao would not lie to Zejing.How could this be Mrs.Zhou felt a pain in her heart.She knew why she had to take Rujun around, why she had to cling to Marquis Dingning.All wrong.The old lady Zhou was very aggrieved What evil did I do I worked so hard to raise girl Jun, but I was hated instead.Hearing what Zhou Zejing said, Zhou Zerui s face became extremely ugly, for fear of being killed by others.Seeing something strange, he hurriedly stabilized his mind and said, It has long been said that beauty is a disaster, and Rujun is born too beautiful, so others will think about it.Su Fu went on to say, How much money did you spend on managing the officials Zhou Zejing didn t expect Su Fu to ask so carefully , his mind went blank, and he was about to go to see the steward beside him, but his eyes were blocked by a figure, it was Jiang Shi, a common man.Your magistrate, Gu Mingzhu said to Su Fu, on Tuesday, the master ordered Guanshi Jiao to go to the government office next to him.Guanshi Jiao must know about it.Then he was held by the Yacha on the shoulder.Tell me, Su Fu asked himself, you should remember such an important thing.Guanshi Jiao was tormented, and wanted to lie, but he knew that the prefect Su would ask about the assistant who came to Zhou s family back then.guilty of deception.Jiao Guanshi felt the pressure on his shoulders getting heavier and heavier.Say.

Zhou Ruyue exclaimed, and took two steps back in fright, and then she saw a figure wearing a fence, and the woman behind potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep the fence said faintly I thought it was something sneaky, it turned out to be someone.Anyone can It can be heard that people in the market are deliberately taunting her, Zhou Ruyue is about to refute.Did you hear that Gu Mingzhu said organixx cbd gummies price loudly, Miss Wednesday said that you can talk about everything related to the third bedroom of the Zhou family.Anyway, what happened to the third bedroom has nothing to do with the second bedroom.The first half of the sentence was said by her, but the second half was fabricated by this ordinary person.She is usually knowledgeable and courteous in front of outsiders, but now being said like this, it seems that she is full of conspiracy and tricks, Zhou Ruyue thought of this and said You I knew you were such a person.He is a little different from Tan Dingfang and those traitors.No matter how much Tan Dingfang tries, those people will never reveal a single word.Xu Gui s spirit is not that strong.Gu Mingzhu said Could it be that Xu Gui was just bought by Cui Wei, and he didn t know about King Liang s affairs Zheng Ruzong, Tan Dingfang and his son, Zheng s father and son were truly loyal to King Liang, and they also knew that if they were exposed, they would be dead, so they were prepared long ago and naturally refused to admit anything.Gu Mingzhu frowned slightly, she amazon smilz cbd gummies had a strange feeling, when Tan Dingfang mentioned his father s case, they immediately found Xu Gui, the clue came so timely, it was as if someone helped them behind the scenes, looking forward to They found out.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, can you take Xu Gui out of the rebel prison and put him in an ordinary cell Feng Anping understood Miss Jiang s intentions, sometimes they have to give prisoners a glimmer of hope before they can speak, Xu Gui At the beginning, he was identified as a traitor, and he k2 life cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies would be tortured in a prison for traitors.What did you say The impact of Lan standing here on her is far greater than what Shen Lan said, she only knows that Shen Lan is alive and standing with the Wei family.Concubine De pointed to Shen Lan, and then to Empress Wei, as if she understood everything You betrayed the palace and joined the queen.Shen Lan hurriedly shook her head Nonomy ladyno, You let the pollen no pressure cbd gummies slave to die, and the slave has thought about it, anyway, the life of the slave belongs to the empress, if the death of the slave can make the empress feel at ease, the slave will never hesitate at all, I didn t expect that the empress had already known everything and saved the slave Come up.Concubine De wanted to speak, but Shen Lan didn t give her a chance, and said vigorously The Empress found out about the Zhou family s case, she knew that Xueshi Zhou was killed by her, and she jane cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies also knew that she raised the girls and let them go in and out of Beijing.Huang amazon smilz cbd gummies Chang had a look of resentment and unwillingness, Concubine De s face was ashen.on the ground.Empress Wei instructed Peng Shi Don t leak the news of Huang Chang s arrest, the King Liang s spy in the palace doesn t know that Huang Chang has been exposed, these people will continue to act, take this opportunity to take them all down.Peng Shi took the order, so that he could take the opportunity to eradicate most of the disasters.Empress Wei went on to say Soldiers in Wufenglou, Shengjia is ready to go to Wufenglou to supervise the battle.Peng Shi couldn t help looking at the .

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emperor Your Majesty, the emperor s dragon body The emperor s face was pale, and the front of the dragon robe was covered with Blood, this appearance is really worrying, what if there is a mistake Empress Wei s voice is unquestionable Although we have amazon smilz cbd gummies captured Huang Chang s messenger, Huang Chang is thoughtful, and there must be more than one person sent out.Empress Wei stepped forward two steps closer to the emperor.The emperor subconsciously wanted to dodge backwards.Empress Wei stretched out her hand to straighten the emperor s dragon robe Under the eyes of everyone, everyone has seen clearly and knows what King Su did, and everyone is waiting for your order.You are the Son of Heaven of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and only because of it can you be stable.The situation.After finishing speaking, Empress Wei s slender fingers brushed over the emperor s dragon robe, just like the clouds passing by the sky, coming and going freely and no one can restrain them.Then Empress Wei raised her chin, with a confident expression on her face I know what the emperor means.From outsiders, the emperor and the empress discussed the current situation, and the emperor obviously left everything to the empress because of his discomfort But the emperor knew that he hadn t done anything, cbd gummies pics and the Wei family would never give him a chance to speak.Li s words Oh, my brother pissed amazon smilz cbd gummies on Mrs.Tai.Mrs.Lin looked over, Mrs.Li It s not that Madam s body is wet, she couldn t help but blushed This is so good, hurry hurry up and get a clean dress.Mrs.Li wiped the corners of her eyes and stopped with a smile It s in swaddling clothes , it will be done in a while, don t make such a fuss, as the old saying goes, this is a happy event.Mrs.Lin said Then you have to wipe it off.As she spoke, she glanced at Brother Chun, who just woke up from sleep Come on, waving hands and feet dishonestly, not knowing that I just got into trouble.When Brother Chun took a pee, everyone calmed down.Gu Mingzhu told Mrs.Li and her mother about the situation in the palace, concealing that she had found out the case of the Zhou family and poisoned the emperor.At the end, Mrs.After becoming Gu Mingzhu, she did many dangerous things to investigate the case, but she didn t panic this time.She was really worried about Mr.Wei and the people in the market.Moreover, along the way, she found that she seemed to care more about Mr.Wei than anyone else.She knew that Mr.Wei would have more responsibilities, and the situation was naturally more dangerous than others.Besides, there was a feeling flowing in her heart.I don t know when, Mr.Wei already occupied a big place in her heart.Every time the case progresses, she will immediately tell Mr.Wei that when she encounters danger, she can t help worrying about it.In the past, when she was unstable, she could only get better by eating a few candied fruit, but today she has no appetite for the whole day.Could it be that Master Wei s status in her heart has surpassed that of Candied Fruits Gu Mingzhu couldn t help questioning herself, Mr.

At this moment, the majestic General Wei was a little less fierce, and more simple and sincere, making Gu Chongyi really feel like his own junior.Gu Chongyi said After I go back, I will report to the court that the credit for capturing King Liang amazon smilz cbd gummies is not ours.You lead troops just cbd gummies 750mg dosage to suppress the rebellion and capture King Liang alive.You will have a bright future.Uncle, Wei Yuanchen said, I have something important to tell my uncle.Isn t it important to capture King Liang Wei Sanye looked very solemn at this time, which made Gu Chongyi feel a little nervous What s the matter Before Wei Yuanchen could speak, Wei Congzhi said Brother Chen, if you have anything to say, just talk to Lord Hou, and Lord Hou will decide.I will agree, when my second uncle and Lord Hou were at sea, Lord Hou said that as long as Brother Chen asked, Lord Hou would agree.Brother Chen.Mrs.Li was afraid that she would waste too much time, so she hurriedly called Wei Yuanchen, but when Wei Yuanchen was mentioned, it was difficult to continue.Empress Wei nodded and said with a smile, Let s talk in the inner hall , except for one female officer left in the inner hall, all the others withdrew.Empress Wei pulled Mrs.Li to sit down, and then went to look at Wei Yuanchen.Her child has grown up, not only grown potluck cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies for sleep up but also majestic, able to capture King Liang alive and quell the war.Back then when she gave birth to the baby, she was carried away from her arms before she had time to look at it carefully.Later, when her elder brother brought him into the palace, she did not dare to put too much energy on him, for fear of arousing others suspicion.Now I can finally look at him without any scruples.Controlling the situation is not for the sake of glory and wealth, she is not rare in those things, she just wants to take care of her children.Okay, Mrs.Li said with a smile, Mother and son, sit down and talk.Wei Yuanchen looked at Empress Wei, the lack in his heart was filled, and the loneliness that was often pressed on his chest when he was young also gradually .

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disappeared.Disperse.Empress Wei s eyes fell on Wei Yuanchen How are your injuries She heard that Brother Chen had been shot in the shoulder by an arrow, and several places between his back and abdomen were severely injured.Wei Yuanchen said There is no harm to the internal organs, it will be fine after a few days.Empress Wei nodded.Wei Yuanchen went on to say Although the king of Liang was amazon smilz cbd gummies killed, the situation in northern Xinjiang is not good.This is her home, thinking of this, Mrs.Zhou felt aggrieved.Who is inviting The steward said, I don t know.The banquet is already in amazon smilz cbd gummies the long house.After the old master and the eldest wife were gone, the master and the second wife moved in on amazon smilz cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies Tuesday.This time the second master had an accident., Master Zhou Qi took the initiative to throw out all the belongings of the second room, and restored the appearance of the old master when he was there.Even the eldest lady s boudoir was tidied up.This is obviously against the old lady, the dead person, no matter how well they clean up, so what Will there be people who can t see it in the past Although the old lady Zhou was depressed, she told the mother in charge Serve well, and don t be careless.The second child has something to do with King Su, and he will definitely not come back.Zhang went in without knowing it, and subconsciously looked at the door.There was a sound of footsteps, and then a person came into her eyes.Chapter 548 Who Will The Joke Come Zhang didn t take it seriously at first, now that Zhang s family looks like this, Cui Zhen also knows her calculations, no matter who comes, they can t change any results.But when her eyes fell essential cbd extract gummies chemist warehouse on that person s face, Zhang felt all the amazon smilz cbd gummies blood in her body rushing to her chest, making her almost out of breath.She stared at that person, her lips opened and closed but no sound came out, and then her whole body trembled like a dead leaf in the wind.No, it s impossible.This moment seemed to have passed for a long time, long enough for Mrs.Zhang to look back on her life.How are you still alive Mrs.Zhang began to panic, It s fake, it s all fake, you deliberately found a similar person to lie to me, it s impossible jane cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies the Luo family is dead he Mrs.It turned out that Cui Zhen didn t care anymore.Mrs.Zhang put her hands on her belly, baby, her baby.As if she had finally figured it out, Mrs.Zhang turned around and ran to the table to open the food box.She hadn t eaten for two days because she didn t want to give birth to this child at all.It s different now, she wants to eat and keep the child, maybe after the child is born, Cui Zhen will change her mind.Mrs.Zhang reached out to grab the rice, and stuffed it into her mouth.She stuffed it desperately, and the rice sticked to her face, messy hair, and body, but she didn t care, and she swallowed hard.But at this moment, she felt a burst of pain in her lower abdomen.Zhang s whole body froze, she lowered her head to look at her stomach, she seemed to have hurt her stomach when she was beating Luo Yu just now, but she didn t care, but now she felt the pain.Looking around carefully, it seemed that it was the place where he stayed when he came to amazon smilz cbd gummies Beijing that day The girl who came to buy red bean cakes that day did not know him, but unexpectedly fell into his dream when he was drowsy.Cui Zhen was about to ask Cui Xiang if he wanted to eat red bean cake, when a carriage stopped at the door of the shop.Wei Yuanchen got off his horse and stretched out his hand to get the female family member wearing a fence off the carriage.The female family member should be Zhuzhu in appearance.On the second day of Wei Yuanchen and Zhuzhu s marriage, they should return to Wei s house from the palace to thank him Recently, news came out from Beijing that Wei Yuanchenmaybe he will be called Zhao Yuanchen next time.The eldest son of the emperor and empress, who will inherit the throne in the future, from Wei Yuanchen s point of view, it is unlikely that the Great Zhou will usher in a prosperous age, so that the Great Zhou will have the opportunity to regain the territory of Daning and Liaodong.

Lu s mother said Don t worry about it when you play, but when you come back, you have to be clean, and there should be no wrinkles on your body.The two were talking, Wei Yuanchen came back from the study, and Lu s mother bowed and retreated.Wei Yuanchen asked, What are you talking about Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen s upright figure, his robe seemed to be spotless, and couldn t help smiling, It s nothing.Zhuzhu s pretty face made Wei Yuanchen Can t help but feel agitated.I ll take you to a place.Wei Yuanchen raised the lantern.Where You ll know when you get there.He stretched out his hand and pulled her close, and the two walked out of the room quickly.There is a study room in the secluded part of the backyard of the Wei family.Wei Yuanchen took Gu Mingzhu into the study room, turned around and closed the door, and then dragged her into the inner room.When he reached the post station, Wei Congzhi biolife cbd gummies amazon potluck cbd gummies saw a carriage from a distance, and there was a deafening snoring sound from the carriage.It was obvious that the driver was k2 life cbd gummies amazon smilz cbd gummies sleeping in it and was going to look for work at dawn tomorrow.Wei Congzhi got into the carriage and woke up the coachman, and handed over five taels of silver Let s go now, go south.Seeing that Yinzi was awake, the coachman immediately went to lead the horse and harness the cart.Not long after, Wei Congzhi sat in the car.It seems that something happened outside.The coachman faintly heard shouts.Hmm.Wei Congzhi responded.The coachman said When I came here, I heard that a little girl was going to the river to find her husband tonight.If she couldn t find her husband, she would jump into the river.Wei Congzhi was surprised How do you know The coachman said I came from the middle of the capital, passing by the river, and that little girl was looking for someone to arrest her husband in law Oh, what a pity.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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