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The name is to let Junli learn how to take care of the children in advance, but in fact, he just doesn t care about it However, Chu Lianqiao s father and Junli have a very good relationship, so they can only follow him.Luofeng Village is located in a small mountain village in the northwest of Yunnan.The traffic is very inconvenient.Not only do you need to take the train to the nearby town, but you also need to transfer to a rural bus.Therefore, it was very late when we arrived at Luofeng Village, and the sky was completely dark Along the way, my heart has been hanging in the air, and I dare not let it go.The mobile phone has been turned off for several days.Before coming here, not only did I not tell my uncle, nor did I contact my grandmother.I have been taking shortcuts all the time, walking on rough paths, and I may fall from here if I am not careful, Junli is very caring holding my collar with one hand and the flashlight with the other.This kind of coldness is down to the bone.Walking through this country road, and going further is the most taboo of .

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the whole village the West Building.I know this west building.At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, there were still many old buildings and old houses in the village.They were not only solid, but also very beautiful.The wood from these old buildings was used to build houses, and in the end only a few isolated buildings remained, and the most famous one is the West Building.There are many buildings in the west of the village, but only this one is called the West Building.Some people say that it is because this building is located in the westernmost part of golly cbd gummies buy natures boost cbd gummies the village.Others say that the reason why this building got its name depends on the A Huangpizi grave.She closed her eyes fiercely, took my hand, and wanted to turn around and leave.Seeing this, Gu Yicheng was not only not nervous, but the smile on his face grew buy natures boost cbd gummies stronger.The moment Qingjingzi approached him, he pinched his neck fiercely, and his cold voice reached my ears.I ll just say the same thing once.His tone was already full of killing intent.As if this was the last face he gave me.If I don t compromise, he will not only kill Qingjingzi, but also Suxiu, and I won t be able to leave at all.I stopped abruptly and looked back at Gu Yicheng.Let them go, I ll go with you.In the next second, Gu Yicheng saw a successful smile on his face, and with a big wave of his hand, he threw Qingjingzi aside, only to hear Boom With a bang, Qingjingzi fell to the ground.I looked at the usually proud and immortal old man, but now he became so embarrassed, and felt very guilty.If it weren t for the strange headgear with spells on each corpse, I would have been scared to death.Before entering the tomb, I always thought that the structure of the tomb was like that in TV dramas, surrounded by funerary objects, and the coffin was placed in the middle, but the tomb is really far from my imagination Walking in, the bigger the space of the tomb, the more densely packed corpses, the more goosebumps I get all over my body.I don t have trypophobia, but I am still disgusted.Just when I was rejoicing that these were just corpses and not fraudulent corpses, Junli seemed to have discovered something, stopped suddenly, and then walked up to one of the corpses, and lifted the hood on the corpse s head.The moment the hood was lifted, I could clearly feel a stench coming, it was a turbid breath from the mouth of the corpse Before I could react, the corpse opened his mouth The eyes, the fangs in the mouth are protruding like crazy.He gave it to me, buy natures boost cbd gummies and finally told me not to die alone, if you really want to find Junli, you can go to Suxiu to accompany me.When I saw the landlady s old lady talking about Suzhou embroidery, I was a little surprised, but I didn t think much about it, I just felt a little strange seeing this tomb of a troubled face in the world.After all, when Gu Yicheng forced the marriage, he said something to Junli.Fuyan s corpse is in my hands.If Fuyan s corpse is in his hands, then who will be buried in Fuyan s tomb Also, what was the meaning of that dream I had last night Why do I have such a strange dream, and the sentence in the dream.I would like to be anonymous, so I can take your surname.Did this sentence come from the hands of Huo Yan I immediately called the landlord s old lady again, but I still couldn t get through.And I held so tightly with Suxiu at that time, how could it be so easy to break up So it is possible that Su Xiu let go on purpose, but if so, gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd then Su Xiu is plotting against me.But I know Su Xiu.If she wants to plot against someone, buy natures boost cbd gummies she might be sold off before she can plot.Then there is only one possibility, the person who touches the gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd mechanism is Qingjingzi.No wonder my uncle heard that I was going to Fuyan s tomb, so he took the initiative to ask Ying to help me arrange everything.I m afraid he had already settled the accident in Fuyan s tomb He deliberately made a deal with Junli, gave Junli the white jade pendant, and let Junli recover some of his memories and came to Fuyan s Tomb, but he didn t think that Junli didn t bring me with him when he came to Fuyan s Tomb, and the landlady told me The fact that Fuyan s tomb is here, and I was asked to come to Fuyan s tomb was an unintentional step to add fuel to the flames.The people who found here were either Gu Yicheng or Xiao Jue, I would not feel comfortable falling into anyone s hands.Fortunately, this hotel is located in the town of Wuming Village.It is very simple and has no surveillance.Otherwise, I guess I could really be caught.But I only have more than 2,000 yuan in my pocket.How can I spend these three months What s buy natures boost cbd gummies even more frightening is that in the entire town, apart from this hotel, there is no other hotel.Not to mention that this is the Tibetan area in Qinghai, which is not very safe.Even though it is late at night, even though I was arrested by Yi It looks so ugly, but it s quite dangerous for a girl to spend the night outside Taking a deep breath, I pretended to go to the wrong floor, and ran downstairs to open another room, but suddenly found that the newly opened room was just opposite the room I lived in before.Whenever a disciple went down the mountain to do something unsure, Let the important disciples bring captain amsterdam cbd gummies review their lives.I was very surprised when I heard that, she just gave me such an important thing Just about to say thank you, but she saw my intention and waved to me quickly.Chunxia, if you treat me as a friend, don t say thank you to me.I was both angry and happy when I heard this sentence.Other cbd gummy reviews goldline people s masters can give golly cbd gummies buy natures boost cbd gummies these life saving and reliable things.And my master, while giving me life saving things, didn t forget to trick me.From the bottom of my heart, I smiled at Zhao Yiyun.Perhaps with her company, Chen Yanjin knew that there was no hope of success tonight, so she let me sleep peacefully until dawn.When I got up in the morning, Zhao Yijun had already woken up, washed up and was about to catch the first bus to leave here, but she stopped me and stuffed a hard object into my hand, I looked down and found her It turned out to be the gold ring that I had pawned.Fortunately, Zhao Yijun is also a stunned young man, he didn t notice anything after hearing what I said, so he quickly thanked me and said goodbye to me.After leaving the hotel, I went to a pharmacy to buy a bag of masks, and a buy natures boost cbd gummies cosmetics store to buy liquid foundation eyebrow pencil and eyeliner.I ran to the toilet and changed my clothes.I let down my hair.Liquid foundation, misaligned eyeliner and Crayon Shin chan s eyebrows, I can guarantee that my appearance at this time is so ugly that even the master who is a poor apprentice may not recognize me when he sees me.After tidying up everything carefully, he boarded the bus leaving town.I fell asleep on the bus, and when I woke up, it was almost time.I looked around and everything was normal, and I didn t find any suspicious people.Then I got off the bus, went to a shopping mall and bought a can Connected to the mobile phone that can be called, saved Zhao Yijun s number, thinking about whether to send her a text message, but just as the thought flashed, he was dismissed by himself.She told me very clearly that since I moved in, she has guessed that I am the person Xuanzhen Sect wants to cbd gummies for beginners buy natures boost cbd gummies find, and only the person Xuanzhen Sect wants to find can save her.She has been observing me in this house for many days, and the secret on me is only one of disguise.Almost all of them have been discovered by her, either, if I cooperate with her, she will help me cover up the breath can you take cbd gummies with meloxicam from all the magic tools on my body, or she will not cooperate, but I m sure.If I don t cooperate with her, I will really be reduced to nowhere.The next second, I asked her.Is it difficult to break into the Xuanzhen sect She shook her head, then nodded again, saying it was difficult, but it was not difficult.The master servant relationship between her scumbag boyfriend and her contract should be resolved in advance, otherwise She can t leave here at all, let alone help me bury the breath on my body.After hearing this, I couldn t help swallowing, and complained to Gu Yicheng from the bottom of my heart.What the hell is Sangong Liuyuan, thinking that he is an ancient emperor The Youlan Palace princess who was assassinated by the Lord was the Chen Yanjin I knew before, and Tang Maru, the bloody girl s scumbag boyfriend, was also one of them.So if I sneak into this so called Orchid Palace, I will be easily found out, and I will be particularly restrained in my actions.In the end, there were only Hanmei Palace and Xuannv Palace that were the main sources of information.However, Xuannv Palace was always mysterious and no one knew how it was collected.In desperation, I had to choose Hanmei Palace.But it is already night, and I want to sneak into Xuanzhen Sect.You can only wait until the next morning to act.It was just angry and blushing.If I can get out of here alive, I will go to the vegetable market to buy a butcher s knife, and chop Yunjing up like a pig It buy natures boost cbd gummies wasn t until he took several deep breaths that his face regained his composure, and he asked a question.Didn t you hear the sound of the song Chapter 96 Yunjing, who bought it for 20 yuan, was taken aback, and replied differently.No.Then I asked again, What song I just wanted to say that it was the first time I saw him play, but out of precaution, afraid of being exposed, I swallowed what I almost said.I condor cbd gummies on amazon didn t know when I told him back, maybe I got it wrong.As soon as the words fell, I found that Jun Li was staring at me with a half smile, which made my scalp tingle, and I always felt that Jun Li had a terrible black belly.Xiao Jue is scheming, at least he can say hello to others in advance and show a flaw, but Junli digs a big hole for you when you are silent, let you jump in, and counts for him.And this smell of corpses comes from these flowers There are piles of white bones scattered on the ground, some of which are human and animal, and the tallest pile can reach above my knees , it seems that it has accumulated for many years.Only then did I realize that there were still seven or eight corpses lying beside me The terrible thing is that I am quite familiar with these corpses Some of them were covered in black robes so that they couldn t even see their fingers, but I could recognize their robes even if they turned to ashes Isn t this the teaching robe of Xuanzhen Sect The few remaining corpses were average in appearance and disagreed in their clothes.I couldn t figure out how they got in, but I was still taken aback by surprise.Although he had already guessed that Gu Yicheng had also come in, but looking at it like this, it was not easy for him to come in, so, could it be buy natures boost cbd gummies him who is lurking under the water Or, it happened to be lurking under the water, and are cbd gummies good for copd then bumped into Xiao Jue, and the two had a fight The thoughts in my mind kept turning rapidly.I laughed out loud, looked at the warm and pretentious aura rising from Yunjing s body, rolled my do cbd gummies make you high eyes, and asked him when he could enter.But he asked me to go to him on Saturday.Xuanzhen Sect will make a big move on Saturday and will hold a regular meeting, and Xuannv Palace must send people to support the venue.He hates contacting people from Xuanzhen Sect.Since I want to go, Then let me go by myself on Saturday.As soon as I heard that I was passing by, I was so scared that I quickly pulled Yun Jing s arm, and raised an eyebrow at him.I was disgusted and let go of Yun Jing in the next second.My lord, is it appropriate for you to let the little one high times cbd gummies winners 2018 go alone While saying this, I even believed it myself.But Yunjing, a fool, didn t like this, and calmly replied our two words.Appropriate.However, he added in a very humane way, saying that the people in Xuannv Palace are least afraid of causing trouble.Huo Yan drew the talisman for recruiting Yin soldiers As soon as I remembered this talisman, I took buy natures boost cbd gummies it out of my pocket, but the moment I escaped, this talisman was snatched by another hand.Yunjing asked me with a puzzled look.Where did you get this talisman Volume 3 Three Lives of Floating Dreams Chapter 109 She is my sister When I saw Yun Jing so nervous, I couldn t help but ask him.What s the matter Yun Jing shook his head, put the talisman back into my hand, and smiled with a blank gaze.It s okay, this talisman looks familiar.You know, this talisman was painted by Huo Yan A gleam flashed in my eyes for an instant.I always felt that something could be tricked out of Yunjing, so I couldn t help buy natures boost cbd gummies but ask Yunjing a joke.You don buy natures boost cbd gummies cbd fun drops gummies t know the person who drew this yellow talisman, do you Yun Jing turned his gaze to me, nodded to me defenselessly, and said yes, this talisman was drawn by his sister.But a person s temperament is inherently irreversible.But with these alone, it is definitely impossible to determine who I am, that s why Jun Li is doing all kinds of probing in kats botanicals cbd hemp gummies Luofeng Village, right Take a deep breath and close your eyes.At this moment, when I am so isolated and buy natures boost cbd gummies helpless, I really miss Junli, and I really want to know, if all this hadn t happened, would fate have arranged for me to meet Junli What kind of future will I have with him The moment I walked out of this small room, I suddenly caught a touch of surprise from the eyes of my followers.Yes, amazing.Who would have thought that such a clean and neat teaching robe could be worn cbd gummies that help with sleep by me with a distinctive temperament Even I can t think of it at all.When I got back to the main hall, I kept a low profile.Not only did I walk with my head down, but I also walked on the sidewalk, almost minimizing my sense of existence, but I still felt strange things.Do you think that the person who hurt me can still walk out of here alive The smell of blood filled the air, filling all the breath around, but at this moment, the blood girl returned to the blood amber with tears all over her face.The rain that fell at the age of seventeen will not rain again at the age of twenty seven.So what if twenty year olds can afford ten year old gifts The time passed will not come back, and the wounds will leave scars forever.Chapter 116 The death of the girl who caught the turtle and snake spirit in the urn was quite miserable.I only took one glance at it and gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd felt my scalp go numb.But I think her death is not a pity, let s not talk about what she did to the blood girl, just taking her to be the deputy envoy of Youlan Palace is enough to see the ghosts who died under her hands.These blood corpses were obviously carefully cultivated by Chen Yanjin, but at this moment they were reduced to Zhao Yiyun s pawns.Naturally, he was so angry that he burst out all the strength in his body without making any concealment.But even webmd cbd gummies so, he still lost to the combined attacks of the blood corpse and Zhao Yiyun.But the more I looked at it, the more I felt a little strange.At the time when I saw Zhao Yijun, I didn t think she was so powerful.Did I prepare for beating Chen Yanjin like this now, or did something happen in the middle Seeing that he was exhausted and had nowhere to fight back, Chen Yanjin wanted to find a chance to ring the emergency bell on the wall, but the moment his eyes drifted there, the bell was struck by a five emperors coin in Zhao Yiyun s hand.smash.Chen Yanjin gritted her teeth angrily, and once again pinched out a killing spell from her hand.Looking at the things she carefully cultivated, being destroyed like this, she was so angry that her heart was bleeding In the next second, Chen Yanjin s eyes were stained with bloodlust, and the yin energy erupted from her body was rising steadily.If costner oz cbd gummies I didn t know that she was alive, looking at her hideous appearance at this moment, I could really think it was a corpse The sound of rumbling, rumbling suddenly sounded around, as if buy natures boost cbd gummies cbd fun drops gummies something was about to escape from the shackles and come out of the shadows.It seems that some evil spirit is about to be born.The cloth under her feet was very swift, and as soon as the spell in her hand was pinched, the fluent spell in her mouth came out suddenly The way of heaven is clear, the way of the earth is peaceful, the way of humanity is quiet, buy natures boost cbd gummies will cbd gummies help with ed the three talents are one, the universe is mixed, the gods return to their fate, and the generals follow, who dare not listen With my order, the corpses obey In an instant, the dozens of corpses around The extremely pitch black black wooden coffin was full of corpses at the HCMUSSH buy natures boost cbd gummies same time, corpses filled with yin energy jumped out of the coffin, and within a few breaths, Zhao Yiyun and reviews for premium jane cbd gummies his group were surrounded in the middle.When I heard about Junli and another woman, I couldn t help but gradually turn pale.But at this moment, He Yunjing fell into memory, as if he had forgotten that there was me beside him.He also said that Junli and Huoyan fell in love, shocked the world, and were ridiculed by everyone in the world.But in the end, Junli still bears the misfortune.I couldn t help trembling when I heard it, and asked.Why Yun Jing shook his head, but did not directly say the reason, but instead sank his thoughts into his memories again.He asked me, Chunxia, do you know the pictures of beauties I nodded and said yes.But the hand holding Fuchen in his hand was a little tighter.Not only do I know, but I also have a scroll in my hand.But Yun Jing told me that there used to be rumors in the market that those who get a picture of a beautiful woman will wait for the world.What s more, Xiao Jue s ability to make such a move has indeed proved that this woman has something to do with Fuyan, because Fuyan likes peach blossoms very much.When I heard this, I immediately turned pale and asked Junli.Isn t Huo Yan out of her wits How could this woman have anything to do with Huo Yan Jun Li answered quietly with his eyes wide open.Who knows.But when .

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I heard what Junli said to me, no matter how I heard it, I felt a little strange.Suddenly, I took a tight breath and asked Junli.You ve lost your memoryhow do you still remember these things Junli s breath stopped suddenly, and he turned his eyes to me lightly, saying that Yunjing told him, and Yunjing often told him about his misfortune.After I heard this, the doubts in my heart were dispelled.After cbd gummies for beginners buy natures boost cbd gummies dinner, before I left home, Junli repeatedly told me to be careful.The moment I looked up, I asked Yunjing.So, you came here specifically to tell me this Yun Jing raised his eyebrows and smiled.Otherwise Not knowing where the courage came from, I took out the jade pendant hidden in my pocket and placed it in front of Yun Jing.Then tell me, what is the relationship between Huo Yan and me, and why Junli is close to me.After touching for a long, long time, he turned his gaze to my position again.Said something sarcastically.Do you really think you are a treasure It s just that when you were reincarnated, a little bit of my sister s soul happened to be fused, and it could become an introduction to gather my sister s soul.Tell me, why do you think Junli is close to you His voice just fell, The strength I had tried so hard to pretend to be shattered again, my complexion instantly turned snow white, I was unwilling, resentment welled up from my cbd gummies by tiger woods heart, I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, I had regained clarity.I walked a few steps, but stopped the moment I was surrounded by these ghosts, looked around, and kissed my red lips.Want to kill me Then try it.At this moment, I felt as if someone had stabbed Nilin, and my whole body exploded with terrifying aura.And the blood on my body that made the ghosts salivate, added a bit of viciousness to me, and scared the ghosts back a few steps, and some even trembled in the crowd.The more this happened, the stronger the mockery at the corner of my mouth became.Smiling fiercely at this group of ghosts, I walked towards the entrance of the gate of Fuyan s tomb with the guidance in my heart, and these ghosts followed directly to buy natures boost cbd gummies the gate of Fuyan s tomb.It wasn t until I walked towards Shengmen that these ghosts stopped.I can feel a bit of fear and deep fear from their emotions.She said she had only kneeled three times in her life.Once to ask the teacher for forgiveness.Once for Yunjing s life.Once but for his HCMUSSH buy natures boost cbd gummies own survival.I closed my eyes, and there was a hint of sarcasm at the corner of my mouth, if I guessed correctly, my master Liao Cuilian is the mentor that Huo Yan said.But when everyone wanted to kill me and revive me, she stood by my side, secretly helping me, teaching me everything, and giving me evil books.Help me grow.Even said it to me.Even if people in the whole world will harm me, she can t harm me.The gate of life is right in front of my eyes.If, as she said, I can get everything I want by entering Fuyan s tomb, then once I open this door, I will find Fuyan s main tomb and open it.Her coffin, everything is clear, is it not With a look of desolation on my face, I pushed the stone door open with all my strength, and the bloody girl followed me nervously, telling me to be careful, saying that this tomb is very strange, and it was built with the eight doors of Qimen Dunjia.One is sealed in Changbai Mountain, isn t the other Junli Changbai Mountain, Changbai Mountain again Could it be that what Yun Jing was talking about was the demon that both Junli and Chu Mo were afraid of I tentatively asked if the person who was sealed in Changbai Mountain was a demon, but just as I finished speaking, Yunjing s entire expression changed, and he asked how I knew him.I was so frightened by his almost questioning face, I embarrassedly told Yunjing about myself and Jun leaving Changbai Mountain, and Yunjing was relieved a lot, and he still praised me for my progress.That game really counted for me when a blind cat met a dead mouse.I smiled awkwardly.Ask Yunjing, if my situation is really accurate, who is the identity of the person who released the news to sell the beauty picture Yun Jing said that he doesn t know now, that person is very mysterious, but it is very likely that he is a supporter of the demon and wants to pick up the opportunity to fish.Chunxia, long time no see, I miss you so much Zhao Yijun buy natures boost cbd gummies s arrival immediately broke the weird atmosphere, and turned everyone s eyes to me.Gu Yicheng looked at me with a half smile, Bise snorted mockingly, Xiao Jue turned his head in doubt.Only the old man sitting in the corner didn t seem to hear or see, watching every move on the stage with relish, his hands were still moving like an actor, and he almost didn t cbd gummies cause headache sing.I slipped out of Zhao Yiyun s arms in embarrassment, and said something to her, what a coincidence.She nodded and said buy natures boost cbd gummies yes, what a coincidence, you came here for beauty Before she finished speaking, I covered Zhao Yiyun s mouth and gave her a fierce wink.Then she turned her eyes around and shrank back in fear when she saw the people sitting around her.Shrink your neck.Asked me in a low voice.Involuntarily, I tentatively asked him a sentence.Aren t you going down to join in the fun Yun Jing shook the tea in his hand and said to me, Xiao Jue couldn t compete with that mysterious man.There was nothing wrong with these words at first, but why did they feel a little strange when I heard them in my ears Could it be Did Yunjing recognize the man below At this moment, Xiao Jue had already stepped onto the high platform and stood side by side with the man.Although he looked extremely handsome, he lost a bit of courage when he was put together with the man s ordinary face that couldn t be HCMUSSH buy natures boost cbd gummies ordinary.The man s gestures and gestures are completely natural, as if he is a born king, and he doesn t even have the slightest desire to look at the beauty picture.What if the two of us summoned the errand Chapter 155 Jun Li he is here After hearing this, Old Shen cbd gummies 100 smiled and took the pictures of beauties hanging in a row in his hand, and said something to Xiao Jue and the man.There was something in Yunjing s tone that I couldn t express, but he suddenly asked this question, which still scared me a lot.The hand that opened the door couldn t stop, took a deep breath, and then turned around and said jokingly.What are you talking about, I m just curious.Yunjing looked at me meaningfully and didn t speak.I said goodbye HCMUSSH buy natures boost cbd gummies to him.It wasn t until I returned to Junli s house and closed the door and leaned against the door that I realized that my nervous palms twitched.Thin layer of sweat.I closed my eyes and felt that my whole body seemed to lose strength.With the relationship between Yunjing and me, it should be impossible buy natures boost cbd gummies for him to lie to me, but what he said to me and Xiao Xiao were exactly the same.Junli s memory and power were sealed by himself, and everything he did was just acting.And these days.Although I didn t reject Junli, what Master said to Yunjing caused a lump in my heart, and I always felt how uncomfortable it was to get along with him.But just when I was about to get some words from Junli, Yun Jing and Xiao Jue came to visit at the same time.Junli didn t respond, but it buy natures boost cbd gummies scared me a lot.Especially whenever Xiao Jue turned his eyes to me, I always felt that he was trying to see through me, scaring me to death.Yun Jing, on the other hand, was relatively plain, sitting in the living room without mentioning a word, the only time he spoke was to ask Junli about Zhang Chunxia s whereabouts.When Junli heard Yunjing ask him about Zhang Chunxia s whereabouts, the corners of his mouth slightly raised and he smiled.Isn t Chunxia from your Xuannv Palace Why is she missing, come to me to find someone Yun Jing s face froze, his eyes were very sharp.Hero, spare your life, hero, spare your life But Feng Shitian completely ignored his appearance like this.A man stands upright and cannot be trampled on.He called you a son of a bitch and bullied you.Don t you want to fight back Xu s words ignited the fighting spirit in the little boy s eyes, and he nodded tremblingly to Feng Shitian.Say.Think.The next second he pulled out the whip, and the moment he was about to hit the big man, the big man shouted in fright.Kill, kill Someone is killing someone Report to the government for help The little boy shrank his frightened hand for an instant, and looked back at Feng Shitian, as if he was afraid, but Feng Shitian snatched it from the little boy s cbd gummies for beginners buy natures boost cbd gummies hand.With a soft whip, he slapped the big man twenty eight times.I beat it for you, now you avenge yourself.But I touched something hard, and my scalp felt numb.I slowly turned my gaze to the past, and cbd gummies delta saw a face that was so full of laughter that it would crack my ears less than a few centimeters away from me Her mouth was huge and black like a bottomless pit, coupled with her blood stained pupils, which only had the whites of her eyes, it scared me even more, and I sat down on the floor with a gudong sound.The woman s sharp laughter kept echoing in my ears, but cbd gummies for beginners buy natures boost cbd gummies the woman who was laughing was not the female ghost in front of me I kept moving backwards, taking out pieces of yellow talisman from my pocket and smashing them On her body, but since a few yellow talismans were burned on the taxi, the yellow talismans I took out are useless I was so anxious that I wanted to kill someone If I had a knife in my hand right now, I would definitely rush forward and chop this female ghost without hesitation Hehehehehe.And her body began to emit layers of devilish energy Layers of devilish energy emerged from her body, covering her whole body, but at this time her face was more ferocious than a devil Ugly, a mass of black devilish energy instantly gathered in her hands.Do you really want to fight with me Aren t you afraid that I will give you back everything you did to me Seeing Bi Se s appearance, I was not only not afraid, but even jokingly responded to Bi Se Just after saying a few words, Bi Se s expression suddenly changed, and the devilish energy on her body suddenly weakened a bit.A white light flashed past his eyes like a frightened bird.This white light actually cut through the air and rushed directly in front of Bise.After a few breaths, the white light returned to I and turned into a jade pendant and lay quietly on it, but Bise s body poofed With a bang, several blood holes spewed out suddenly.The advantage is that I can use the power on the beauty map in the future and start to practice.As for the disadvantages Once the beauty map is activated, the seal of Changbai Mountain will begin to loosen again.After hearing this, I couldn t help but interjected to ask a question.Master, is the seal you mentioned meant to seal the demon The master said yes , every time a scroll of beauty pictures is activated, the power of the demon will increase by one point, and the seal will also become weaker accordingly., until all the beauties are activated, the seal will disappear completely.However, that demon is very powerful, and it is very likely that he will break through the seal before all the beauties are activated.Volume 4 Nirvana Returning Chapter 175 Dreaming back to the previous life 1 When I heard this, I trembled inexplicably, but I suddenly thought of a person in my mind Bise I still remember that it was not accidental that Bise was said to be a catastrophe when she was born in the previous life.Before I realized what it was, various noises kept ringing out from the crowd.The empress is about to give birth The teacher of the state is really a god alive, and the hexagrams calculated are accurate One disaster star and one phoenix star, I really don t know how the emperor will deal with it.Hearing the chaotic voices in the crowd, I stretched out a hand to pat the shoulder of a passerby in front of me, but my hand passed through the passerby s body, and I was frightened and stunned.Only then did I realize that what I entered was just an illusion, not really returning to the previous life.The surrounding roads became crowded in an instant, and it was the common people of Chu .

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State that were all rushing towards the imperial city.I followed behind the crowd, feeling the familiar and buy natures boost cbd gummies desolate atmosphere that Chu State brought to me.Did you forget the pain after the scars buy natures boost cbd gummies healed cbd delights gummies Do you know how you died He tied you to the altar and drained the blood, and took you to pay homage to the beauty picture.He even broke your soul with his own hands buy natures boost cbd gummies You Do you understand what it means that the soul is scattered, and the soul is scattered It means disappearing between the heaven and the earth forever, and there is no chance of reincarnation, and there is not even a speck of dust left between the sky and the earth I was immediately frightened by the master s tone, But I still don t believe what the master said, that Junli approached me for the sake of beauty, the master sighed, and said something to me hating iron for being weak.Tudao holy technique.Do whatever you want.I also know that I can t persuade you.I won best nano cbd gummies t shed tears when I see the coffin.She is the uncrowned prince of Chu State.A monarch.She can no longer be herself, once Yan Guo and Wei Guo call together, she will put on armor, and Junli and Gu Yicheng will be completely reduced to enemies.Looking at the figure of her returning to the palace in a hurry, I am very glad that I saved a hand to let Jun Li and Gu Yicheng leave Chu State ahead of time, cutting off their last thoughts.But I have always been unwilling to admit that Feng Shitian knew all this a long time ago, but she has been deceiving herself and others.In my heart, she obviously knows nothing about Feng Shitian.Junli has been hurt like this, and he is unwilling to admit that Feng Shitian loves Junli.In the days that followed, I continued to confuse Emperor Chu with hexagrams, and even asked him to take Feng Jiu back to the palace, and asked him to agree to the marriage proposal of Yan State, and made Feng Jiu the eldest princess of Changle, and married Yan State beautifully.Xiao Xiao, what a coincidence, I ran into you again.Do you have a place to go after school Why don t we go for a walk together I couldn t bear it any longer, pushed her hand away, and told her that I already had an appointment , she asked me who I was, and I said Yunjing.did not expect As soon as she heard Yun Jing s name, her eyes lit up instantly, and she asked, Are you familiar with Yun Jing If I hadn t known that she came to X University to prepare for me, I would really have thought her Interesting about Cloudscape.But I have already said that I am going to find Yunjing.Doesn t it refute Yunjing s natures only cbd gummies sex face if I say that I am not familiar with Yunjing He almost gritted his teeth and replied to her.Very familiar.Unexpectedly, she shamelessly said that she also knew Yun Jing HCMUSSH buy natures boost cbd gummies very well, so I ll take her with me when I go to find what is the best cbd gummie Yun Jing.Apart from him, my knowledge of Ling Shun is almost zero except that he is the Mozun.At this moment, Junli left his seat suddenly, I approached Yunjing, raised my eyebrows at him, and asked him Didn t you also tell me that you hate Junli so much Yunjing nodded unabashedly , that s right.I rolled my eyes immediately, and said, You hate Junli, and you can talk and laugh at Junli, so what if one of the green onions breaks and you let the demon king Ling Shun out Unexpectedly, I As soon as the words fell, the corners of Yun Jing s mouth couldn t help but twitched, and he said something to me that I couldn t understand.Yun Jing said that there are many types of hating a person.After Junli returned to his seat, he didn t speak any more, and he didn t ask me to show him the key.Just when the plane was slowly leaving the runway, I asked Junli what he was doing just now, but Junli s eyes were full of smiles, and he asked if I saw any acquaintances on the plane As soon as I heard it, I immediately wanted to raise my head and sweep around the plane, but Jun Li held my head down.But just when the three of gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd us were about to walk in front of the mahogany coffin and open the coffin, a voice suddenly came from behind Wait The voice turned out to be Gu Yicheng s His voice just fell.The three of us turned around together.But we saw Gu Yicheng followed by a large group of men in black robes, appearing in front of us.Seeing Gu Yicheng, Jun Li s face was very calm, without any fluctuation in expression, but looking at the cloud scene, he made a disdainful cut sound, and his nose almost went up to the sky.Did he forget that his Xuannv Palace is still affiliated with Gu Yicheng s Xuanzhen Sect, so he is considered his subordinate What s the matter Seeing that Junli and Yunjing were not talking, I opened my mouth buy natures boost cbd gummies slowly.Don t open this coffin.Gu Yicheng nodded, his eyes were clear.This is the first time I have seen him who is very deep in the city, and euphoria cbd gummies it is the first time that I have exposed my true thoughts to everyone.It s strange to say that just after Gu Yicheng finished his sentence, Yun Jing, who had been contradicting him, seemed to know something, his face changed instantly, and he said with a smile Isn t it just a broken coffin Who cares about it Yun Jing changed the subject, but Jun Li didn t respond, but Gu Yiyun became anxious, and asked Gu Yicheng Brother, what s the matter today, you don t seem to be meddling in other people s buy natures boost cbd gummies cbd fun drops gummies business People, this coffin can t be opened, isn t it all the same to you Obviously, Gu Yiyun really wanted to open this coffin, but so many people present did not allow her to act rashly.Xu knew that in Yunjing, Junli couldn t get help here, so she turned her gaze and raised an eyebrow at Xiao Jue Xiao Jue, don t you want to open the coffin too Let s join hands to open this coffin.Slowly appearing from the sky, the eight maidservants who carried the sedan chair were all very pretty, and the moment the red sedan chair appeared, the sound of the zither sounded like a voice from outside the sky.It shocked everyone s hearts and souls.Along with gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd the red sedan chair and the eight maidservants who carried the sedan chair, they got closer and closer to the state banquet.It s getting closer and closer Yong Donghua.Everyone s hearts were hanging higher and higher, especially seeing the incomparably coquettish poppies embroidered on the corners of the clothes of the eight maidservants, and the lifelike poppy pattern golly cbd gummies buy natures boost cbd gummies carved on the sedan chair.Shocked and looking forward to it.Poppies are the symbol of Xuannv Palace, and this world is except for Xuannv Palace.I really can t see the second one that can make such a big battle, a powerful force.for a while.All eyes were on the sedan chair, until the sedan chair slowly fell, a gust of wind blew up the beaded curtains of the sedan chair, buy natures boost cbd gummies looming the figure of the paper figurine in the sedan chair, everyone s breathing stopped instantly, as if the whole world The world is frozen at this moment.A pair are cbd gummies good for copd smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies of slender white fingers suddenly stretched out the bead curtain, lightly lifted it, and walked out of the sedan chair, looked at everyone present with a smile, especially said to Jun Li Long time no see.People, almost gritted their teeth and cursed, cbd gummies europe Yunjing But when Yunjing appeared, everyone was even more dumbfounded.Could it be that such a powerful force was actually seen by Yun Jing, who had disappeared for a long time But at this moment, the bead curtain was raised again by a pair of slender hands, and an extraordinary man stepped out of the sedan chair.I have also fantasized about the days with her, but I dare not yearn for her status in my heart is like a god, not to be bullied.She is such a bright person, I cbd gummies for beginners buy natures boost cbd gummies know that I am not worthy of her When I saw her, she was dressed in red makeup, just like she leaped into the imperial city, like she appeared in surprise at a state banquet, she was enchanting and charming.Xiao Jue, you re here.She called me by my name and smiled brightly at me.I stared blankly at the spot, and after a long time, I nodded foolishly, my nose sore from excitement.Yes, I m here.Long time no see, how are you The moment these words came out of her mouth, my whole body was struck by lightning I froze in place She buy natures boost cbd gummies recognizes me She actually recognized me Why stand there stupidly, come and sit down.She pointed to the stool at the side and asked me to sit down.One day, Wei Guo and Chu Guo went to war.And I never imagined that when Wei Guo and Yan Guo went to war, Gu Yicheng would actually send me to the battlefield, let me take command, and gave me unlimited expectations, asking me to return victorious.He didn t say it, and neither did I.But I understood, I was exposed What I did before him and Junli was exposed.Yes, who is Gu Yicheng A smiling fox, who kills people invisible while talking and laughing, even if he kills his father and enemies and sits in front of him, golly cbd gummies buy natures boost cbd gummies he is afraid that he can be friends with others, how could he be deceived by me Even if it is deceitful for a while, it will inevitably be exposed.But what I didn t expect was that on the battlefield, the only person fighting me was Huo Yan She was alone with a piano, sitting in a hostile position indifferently, with no one behind her, looking at the thousands of troops in front of her, but smiled lightly what does she mean by this Did she know that she would directly confirm everyone s conjecture and let everyone know that she is the owner of the Xuannv Palace, and the disaster is unknown Chapter 238 The truth comes to light Xiao absolutely buy natures boost cbd gummies doesn t understand what she wants to do like this, but he is afraid, he doesn t want to stand in the opposite position with Fuyan but at this moment, suddenly a rumor spreads in Xiao Jue s team With a shout, before he could react, the army had already rushed in the direction of Fuyan.They all turned into a sea of learning, and Fuyan raised her head lightly.smiled at him.Xiao Jue, are you okay Did she not misunderstand Xiao Jue thought in his heart, the shock in his eyes was exposed in front of Huo Yan s eyes without any concealment.Thousands of thoughts flashed through his mind how to explain if he was misunderstood by Fuyan, but he didn t expect that Fuyan believed him directly.Later, Fuyan told him that there might be great turmoil in the world, so he should be careful, and asked him if he would like to help her Hearing Fu Yan s words, he nodded excitedly instantly, and couldn t hide the joy in his heart anymore.How could he not be willing to help her he lives.It is because of her But Wo Yan didn t tell Xiao Jue what she wanted Xiao Jue to help him.Afterwards, the world, as Huo Yan said, was very turbulent, and the two countries uly cbd gummy Yan and Wei were at odds with each other.This seems to be the first time I ve taken the initiative to lie on Junli s bed, right Junli glanced at me indifferently, did not speak, but at the moment when I was completely submerged in bed, he hugged me fiercely, and whispered to me next to my ear Thank you.Listen, looked up at him differently, and asked him Thank you Like a child.I didn t speak, but looked at Junli quietly, I really wanted to ask him what he and Ling Shun said, but I was afraid that if I asked, if Junli didn t tell me, how embarrassing would that be Xu saw something in my eyes, and Junli asked me What do you want to know This sentence undoubtedly gave me enough courage, so I asked Junli You can tell me, in the last life, the last life is the same as the last one.In the first life, what exactly happened to create the endgame in this buy natures boost cbd gummies world Junli didn t rush to answer, but asked me, do you remember that in his last life, when he was the king of gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd the Yan Kingdom, I planned it behind his back many things I nodded and said, Although I don t remember anything, I still know a little bit.It was the sound of sand falling Sharala , Sharala I was so scared that my scalp numb, Junli quickly pulled me behind me, and then kicked Yunjing, telling Yunjing to open the door quickly, at this time I Only then did I realize that sand began to fall continuously on both sides of the ear chamber, and the road behind us was already blocked by something unknown there was a closed stone door in front of us, and Yun Jing pushed hard Pushed, but nothing happened.But the sand on both sides fell more and more, more and more, and it seemed to cover my thighs, Yun Jing ran to the side with difficulty, I don t know what he found, I saw him Gently pressing the eyes of the stone statue beside him, the stone door opened.And the moment the stone gate was opened, what came into view was not a tunnel, but a staircase, presented section by section in front of the three golly cbd gummies buy natures boost cbd gummies of us.The beauty picture flew in the direction of Junli, and Ling Shun followed behind to fight for it.Even Gu Yiyun and Bi Se surged up together, unexpectedly, the moment the beauty picture was about to cbd gummies for beginners buy natures boost cbd gummies fly in front of Junli, it slowly stopped in mid air.Suddenly refracted a force.And the picture of the beauty I hold tightly in my hand.But as if answering the call, it was directly held out of my hand, and before I could react, it suddenly merged with the picture of beauty in front of HCMUSSH buy natures boost cbd gummies me.And at the moment when the pictures of beauties merged together, my whole body seemed to be lifted up by a force, and buy natures boost cbd gummies I suddenly flew towards the air, I stretched out my hand involuntarily, and held the pictures of beauties in my hands.At the same time that the beauty picture was held in my hand, Ling Shun had already rushed in front of the beauty picture, looking at the moment I held the beauty picture, there seemed to be a bit of hesitation in his eyes, as if he was hesitating whether to take the beauty picture out of my hand snatch away.No matter how you look at it, it feels a bit strange, but Xiao Jue is at this moment., asked me Do you think of a game Chapter 266 Xiao Jue s strange behavior Start game, what I glanced at Xiao Jue in surprise, but saw his face in the sunlight The bottom is actually a bit good looking, but his face can t help showing a bit of evil.I don t know what happened to Xiao Jue, and now he is so evil.weird.Let s see if Junli will show up at the Songzi buy natures boost cbd gummies Niangniang Temple.Xiao despaired at me, word by word.He opened his mouth unhurriedly.But his words were like nails, nailed to my heart word by word, making me feel as if I was about to suffocate, as if someone had seen through.But after staying with Junli for a long time, I have probably imitated his paralyzed appearance.When I heard Xiao Jue say this, not only did I not react at all.sound.As soon as the voice sounded, Bi Se said, You are courting death yourself.You don t care about my business, so you just ran away When I saw Bi Se s actions, I was so frightened that I couldn t understand.It was gradually taken back, but it was over.Behind me, at this moment, there was the sound of the coffin board being lifted, and the sound of heavy breathing seemed to come from behind my ears Chapter 269 Falling The amulet made my scalp numb from the fright, and I turned my head tremblingly, only to see the lady giving away the child, standing less than half a meter behind me And although this Empress Songzi s face is ferocious, covered with veins and blood, and her face is terribly blue, no matter how ugly she becomes.No matter what, I can still recognize it, this buy natures boost cbd gummies is my fucking master I backed up a few meters abruptly.But which road is not only dark and damp, but also very narrow, so I am afraid If I am chased by Master on this road, wouldn t I have to die in it As soon as this thought flashed through my mind, I ran to the mouth of the trail, and then turned around abruptly, constantly pumping out strength in my hand, confronting Master s corpse.A total of mother and brother.Even though I have reached the state of extinction and can easily control the power in my body, the power in my body is not collected from the sea, it is boundless, and will always be used up seeing my movements getting slower and slower, I was about to be caught up by Master, I couldn t bear it any longer, I called Junli s name three times, then remembered the text message I sent to Junli before, I took out my phone suddenly, and found Junli was in front of me.It has to be said that their planning is still very careful, if Yunjing hadn t started a situation, they would have been bewitched by the four dead people.When Yun Jing took out the poison from their mouths, he also took off their chins, and then said in that extremely sinister and even somewhat horrifying tone What kind of poison did you give Bi Se The jaws of the four of them were all removed, so they were naturally unable to speak, and the four of them were rescued traitors, who were considered a man.The four of them looked at each other, and then they had a tacit understanding and no one responded to Yun Jing.On the contrary, the four of them lowered their heads together and did not speak.When Yun Jing saw this appearance, he snorted coldly, and cursed with a smile, As expected, you won t shed tears when you see the coffin.The Shadow of the Demon Race and the congregation of the Xuannv Palace were fighting fiercely, and buy natures boost cbd gummies Ling Shun was not so easily deceived, as if he had sensed something strange, he directly ordered all the remaining soldiers and horses to come in, even though the Yunjing House was built very large, But it was still precarious, almost being demolished After hearing a few bang bang bang , the building finally became unsteady and began to wobble.Junli and Yunjing pulled me out of here, and ordered the congregants to follow, but The demon soldiers and horses are chasing after him In an instant, there was a bang in my ears, which meant that buy natures boost cbd gummies the building was directly reduced to ruins, and the battlefield was directly moved to the courtyard of Yunjing s house.Seeing that the three of us had started to run away, Ling Shun naturally realized that he had been deceived and was very angry, but when he got all the soldiers and horses to attack us, he had already opened a hole so that we could break through the encirclement and escape.But Su Xiu told me that she couldn t explain clearly, she just remembered that a few days before Xiao Jue disappeared, she and her master saw a man who was wrapped up in Xiao Jue s house with not even a piece of skin exposed.If it wasn t for the fact that her voice was female, she and her master couldn t be sure whether the person who came was a man or a woman.Nothing major happened.Who would wrap themselves up and down without revealing even a piece of skin Since it was wrapped, something big must have happened, and it was so big that he couldn t even see people.But since such a big incident happened, she still ran to find Xiao Jue.Then there must be something very urgent Thinking of this, I quickly asked Su Xiu Can you describe this female voice, and what did she say to Xiao Jue After hearing this, Su Xiu replied I don t know what she and Xiao Jue said, but she appeared and shouted.After hearing this, Su gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd Xiu asked me if I came alone or with Junli.I don t know why, but I always felt that her question was a bit strange, but I didn t pay much attention to it, and said to her, Of course I m with Junli.She said Oh , and said, Okay, then I I will wait for your news tomorrow.After hanging up the phone, Junli and I had a general chat about Xuepo, Beauty Picture, Xiao Jue and other things, and then went to bed early.There are still two volumes left of the pictures of beauties, and they are all collected.And how to rescue the soul of the child in the blood amber, but still have no idea.The next morning, when I woke up, Junli was already waiting for me downstairs.Based on my memory, we drove to Suxiu s house and met Suxiu who was waiting at home early, and her master Qingjingzi.There is no coffin at home and they cannot be buried in the ground.Death, I can t predict it.The moment I saw the coffin of the village chief, my mind suddenly buzzed, and I remembered something I still remember that when we walked around Chen Fugui s grave and saw Fuyan s body, Junli said that there was a problem with the site selection of Chen Fugui s grave, and we had to ask the village chief who chose the site for Chen Fugui s grave when we went back.It can be seen that after meeting the village chief, I forgot about it, and Qingjingzi forgot about it.Could it be that Junli also forgot Chapter 291 Village Chief Cheating Corpse I really want to ask Junli, but I also know that now buy natures boost cbd gummies is not the time to ask, so I can only put this question behind me, stand nervously behind Junli, and watch him come forward.The equipment used by the dead is not the same style as the equipment used by the living.Even a layman can easily recognize it at a glance.What s more, these pieces .

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of ceramics are engraved with A Ming character written in traditional Chinese However, I have not studied these antiques, so I can t tell how old these antiques are.But Junli said in a very sarcasm the moment these villagers took out the ghost weapon You dare to ask for things from the dead, how come you won t be killed The moment the voice fell, the young man s expression was very embarrassing.He glanced at the corpses with hatred, and then asked Junli Then please ask, what should I do with these ghost weapons now Let her first Hold it.When he said this, Jun Li turned his gaze to me, the meaning was obvious, let me hold it first When I saw this scene, my first reaction was to refuse, after all, how unlucky is it to take something from a dead person But seeing the cunning in Junli s eyes, I couldn t help swallowing, and put these things away.There is no need to do this at all, I will follow them to subdue Gu Yiyun and the others, and then come and subdue this corpse together, wouldn t it be good I was so angry that I gritted my teeth and wanted to get up from the ground, but this corpse seemed to have a plan.The moment I wanted to move, the sharp claws of both hands pierced into my flesh and blood.The chilly corpse poison instantly invaded my body Afterwards, the corpse licked its lips, showing an extremely sinister expression, and suddenly opened its mouth wide, biting directly towards my neck.My hands wanted to resist, but they were tightly locked by her two hands, and I couldn t move at all A wave of murderous aura washed over my body, I wanted to call for help but my voice was so hoarse that I couldn t even utter a single tone I could clearly feel Junli s desire to rescue me when they saw me imprisoned by this corpse, but they were blocked by Ling Shun My mood at this time is really that I can t get over my hatred for the eighteen generations of Ling Shun s ancestors As promised, I like Huo Yan and want to marry Huo Yan, so why have you been stirring up shit in this game of chess all the time Why do you still remain indifferent when you see that I am about to be killed, and even block others from coming to save me I was so angry that my whole body was filled with anger, and the moment the bloody mouth of Huoyan s corpse touched my skin, I only felt myself trembling, the main artery seemed to be pierced by something sharp, and I could clearly feel a burst of pain.What do you think Twitching the corners of my mouth, I answered the words this corpse lightly.The moment I replied, my whole body was filled with arrogance.The beauties picture was pulled out directly.But the strange thing is, the moment I pulled out the beauty picture, the corpse actually let out another oops, pointed to my beauty picture and asked, Isn t this my thing My eyes trembled suddenly, it was incredible I took cbd gummies peoria il a quick look at her, and hearing her tone of voice, I was a little confused, even a little panicked Your things Who are you My face turned pale, and I asked differently, asking about the corpse in front of me, but she smiled buy natures boost cbd gummies flawlessly, the string of laughter was really nice, and those shining eyes even reflected a strange light at this moment, It was tightly received by my eyes.Ling Shun had a murderous look Looking at Junli.It s obvious that I can t afford to be pissed off.It s clear that everything I carefully arranged has become someone else s wedding dress, and what s more, the game I played has finally become my own bondage Whenever Ling Shun turned his gaze to my side, I could feel the strong resentment, resentment, and desire to rush directly from his gaze.The corpse kept struggling in the beauty picture, and the outside of the beauty picture kept protruding in pieces, as if her hands and feet were venting in the beauty picture, but the beauty picture showed a tenacity stronger than maltose at this time , no matter how the corpse struggled in the beauty picture, it remained indifferent.The battle outside the formation became more and more intense.Xiao Jue and enveed cbd gummies Bi Se, who were weaker, had been shot down countless times, and fell directly to the ground with a bang bang bang , smashing several big holes in the ground On the entire battlefield, it seemed that only Ling Shun and Junli were left The captured Yun Jing and Gu Yicheng didn t show the slightest tension on their faces.I still like to call you a disaster.His voice sounded, and my blood stained eyes suddenly turned back to stare at him, but he said as if he didn t see it, How about this, I ll give you two Choice, one is that you voluntarily follow me, I let the three of them go, and the other is that you don t want to go with me, I let this corpse replace you, and then kill them all.What he said was very meaningful , I rolled my eyes slightly, and asked him Which three Junli, Xiao Jue, and Yunjing.He smiled and answered my three names.Without Gu Yicheng He is my clone.Obviously, even though Gu Yicheng had his own spiritual wisdom, in Ling Shun s eyes, he did not buy natures boost cbd gummies pose any threat at all To be honest, I really want to shake off Ling Shun holding my hand, but I know that I can t at all Not only can I not, I have to continue to follow his words, otherwise it will not be me who dies, but everyone You can directly let this corpse replace me, why did you choose me I suddenly suppressed the hostility in my body, smiled and catered to Ling Shun, when Ling Shun saw my appearance, he voted for your wit Looking at me, he asked me Isn t the original the best thing When he said this, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, looking very evil.You mean to call me a villain The moment Ling Shun rushed in front of Junli, he was provoked by Junli s words and asked viciously, but Junli twitched the corners of his mouth, looking at him like an idiot.Jun Li looked at Ling Shun with wide eyed eyes You want to sit on the right seat, what can I do Nothing compares to Junli In just a split second, Junli and Ling Shun fought together, both of them were extremely outstanding in their movements, they were almost invincible, and even moved so fast that they couldn t see their movements clearly, which was eye popping.Tongue If I m not mistaken, this is probably the first time Junli has fought Ling Shun in this life, right At the moment when the two of them were fighting, Gu Yicheng walked towards me a little bit, passing Bise and Gu Yiyun on the way, and when Qingjingzi was beside them, he still did not forget to conjure up a sword, in front of Qingjingzi A knife was patched on his body, and his life was cut off with the knife Qingjingzi wanted to hide, but he had already lost his strength.But Gu Yiyun didn t appreciate it at all, gritted his teeth, and wanted to get up from the ground, but Gu Yicheng didn t give her a look, and directly ignored her transparently.Suxiu and Qingjingzi died.The tendons in Yunjing Gu Yiyun s hands and feet were severed, Xiao Jue and Bi Se were seriously injured, and they were advanced formula cbd gummies lying on the side.Gu Yicheng has been scarred for a long time, but he has been holding on to nothing, with a resolute face.Jun gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd Li and Ling Shun were still fighting, and the figures of the two became more and more mysterious, to the point where they were so mysterious that they were inseparable.Everyone s eyes were focused on them.But I don t know why, but I feel that this scene seems to be missing something It seems that someone is missing Before I could open my mouth to ask, Xiao Jue motioned and said in a low voice Give me the beauty picture.In the end, only Xiao Jue was left in my mind.Look at my weird smile.When I woke up, Junli was already awake, looking at me with one hand propped up, but I was frightened into a cold sweat by Xiao Jue in the dream Xiao Jue What does this mean Or is it that I think about it day and night, subconsciously I am afraid that people around me will harm me, so I dream that someone warns me Unable to sort out my thoughts, I put all this behind me, got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face, saw that the sky outside had already turned dark, and was about to make dinner, but was pulled away by Junli Back to bed.next second Junli put his whole body directly on my body, put his hands on my side, smiled coquettishly, and put his lips next to my ear.Xiao Xiao.I haven t reacted from being surprised by Junli, he is so enthusiastic towards me suddenly, I was immediately frightened, I tremblingly said Ah , I was .

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about to ask him what s wrong.But Yunjing, who can talk to ghosts for half an hour, nodded at this moment, are cbd gummies good for copd smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies looking at the boss with buy natures boost cbd gummies a deeper level of admiration in his eyes and said.Boss, from the moment I entered this store, I felt buy natures boost cbd gummies that you were a man of god.You really are extraordinary But it s not that something happened to our ancestors in Guangde Building, but I once heard my grandfather say, When he was young, he came to the Guangde Building in Yanzhi Hutong, Beijing, and listened to a girl called what s singing.Yiner Xu buy natures boost cbd gummies Yunjing s flattery was good, and the boss heard what he said., directly fell into his trap cbd gummies とは Seeing this appearance, I couldn t help sighing in my heart Yunjing and Junli are really a perfect match.One can set you up in the open, and the other can kill you in secret.Fortunately, I didn t become an enemy with them, but an ally, otherwise I might count money for them if I was skinned alive by them Upon hearing what the boss said, Yun Jing nodded excitedly and said Yes Boss, you are really a god, you are called Yin er My grandfather said that this Yin er is not good looking, and the voice is not good.The old woman smiled awkwardly, with a somewhat kind face on her face, but there was a bit of gloomyness that could not be concealed, and then she did not talk to her.Yunjing talked nonsense, and asked Yunjing Didn t you want to borrow the phone Come in, I ll find it for you.As she spoke, the old lady brought Yunjing into the house, and looked around before closing the door , with a bit of caution in his eyes, and then with a click , the heavy wooden door was directly closed.The wooden door was closed, and the figure of the old lady and Yun Jing naturally disappeared in front of Junli and me, but I still couldn t help but feel a little confused, and asked Junli Yunjing will go in like this, will nothing happen But Junli gave me a sideways glance, and said flatly, The cloudscape is not that weak now.If you lost your gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd wallet, might you still want to stay here Seeing Tong Xin s tone of voice, I deeply understand one thing.It s not that the good guys get bad, it s that the bad guys get old Although Granny Su was somewhat repulsive to us, she was more or less not affected by the bad environment.She was a good person and kept persuading us.But who would use such a tone to drive people away as soon as they came up Apparently Yun Jing also thought that Tong Xin would be rude to us, but he didn t expect to be so rude, his face suddenly changed, there was a little anger on the forehead, but he didn t say it out, but he was a little embarrassed.Tong Xin said Mother in law, I m sorry We are also helpless in Beijing, I Yun Jing deliberately put on an appearance of hesitating to speak, and did not continue.The people who came out of the other two rooms, like Yin er and the others, were all prostitutes who used to be in the Guangde building.They were also wearing a relatively retro cheongsam, with an aging face.Among the five of them, except for Yin er who looked at the buy natures boost cbd gummies three of us very calmly, the other four were full buy natures boost cbd gummies of fear.And Yin er talked to me just now, I ignored her, but it made the already awkward atmosphere even more weird.The two parties stared at each other for a long time, and neither of them spoke again.I thought it would continue like this, but Yin er spoke to me pulse cbd full spectrum gummies again I know what you want, and what you want is here with me.The voice is still the same as before, a little fluttering, not quite like a human voice, but more like coming from a valley, listening to it, a little penetrating, gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd a little weird.In the beginning, Yin er did a lot of pranks.On the one hand, she wanted to attract their attention, and on the other hand, she couldn t figure out what she could do by turning into a ghost.In the end, Yin er thought of a way, that is, from the beginning of intimidation, even murder to gain prestige, and finally negotiate with the four women living in her yard, Granny Su, Tong Xin and others, let them Help yourself, and now there are prostitutes in Guangde Building, who were terrified, but all became quiet overnight, and even lived in that courtyard for more than ten or twenty years.But this weird behavior can be deceived by others, but not by the father and son of the antique shop.The father and son of the antique shop felt a little strange, so they began to observe the yard and tip off the mysterious old man.However, from the red blood in his eyes, it s not difficult to guess that Jun Li probably thought about it all night, right It s okay, I ve been waiting for so many years, and I m not in a hurry.But Yin er wasn t angry, instead she replied in a good voice.After Jun Li heard this, he gave a faint hmm and said, Everyone, get ready, let s go to Luofeng Village today.Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Five in the Mud When I heard Junli s words, I immediately froze in place, and quickly asked beside Junli, Why are we going to Luofeng Village But Junli didn t answer my question, on the contrary, he knew it after he said something.And when he said this, Jun Li s eyes raised a bit of vigilance, obviously because there are so many people around him now.He was also embarrassed to say I haven t been back to Luofeng Village for a long, long time, especially since my grandma and uncle are dead, I even thought that I would never be able to go back to that small mountain village in my life.It is prosperous in spring, especially Chen and Siyue, which greatly contributed to the disadvantage of this game, but this Dumen, who was at a disadvantage, fell to Duigong and was restrained.Duigong in the game buy natures boost cbd gummies represents the palace of the person behind the scenes, and Dumen Wangchun means to be in Luofeng Village.The person behind the scenes has the right time, place and people, and many things can help it, but its palace is restrained, which means that even if he has the right time, place and people there are still people who can Restrain it Based on this point, even if the chances of Luofeng Village in this trip are slim, it gives us hope to a large extent.Involuntarily, I raised my eyebrows at Yunjing, and said You can do it.The following sentence You can even see this.I didn t say it, but Yunjing understood what I said mean.But these yellow skinned boys were very clever.The moment she transformed into a sword, they ran away from her side.On the contrary, they rushed up from time to time, one of them sneaked up on her, and the other diverted her attention.Yin er was so angry that she suddenly turned her eyes and glanced at me.She didn t know if it was because she saw that I was also being entangled.There was nothing she could do.She breathed a sigh of relief secretly, but she didn t intend to help me at all., but reminded me Xiao Xiao, it s just a bunch of beasts, why do you show mercy to them Just kill them Xu saw that I was being entangled, but he didn t kill him at all, Yin er s eyes were clouded With several layers of suspicion, he opened his mouth lightly.The moment she opened her mouth, I acted like I was reacting, Ah , a burst of force suddenly shot down the yellow skins.I went on to ask Could it really be peeled off from a person s face Unexpectedly, Junli said hmm lightly, and Yunjing and I jumped off the bed in fright.Sitting up, he almost ran to the toilet and tore off the human skin mask on his face But when Yun Jing and I touched this human skin mask, we wanted to take this human skin mask off to have a look, but suddenly found that this human skin mask seemed to be fused with my face.They seem to be together, no matter how hard I try, they will not waver Junli, tell me where did you get this human skin mask I can feel the anger on this mask.Yun Jing is not tight He spoke word by word without delay, his eyes were quite serious.And the anger in his sentence refers to the aura of the living, and it is impossible for the dead to have it, let alone Junli, the king of Hades, the Ten Palaces of the Underworld It s made from the face of a dead person.Xu Shi saw that the faces of the three of us were a bit unfriendly, so the old man stopped beating around the bush and said directly, Do you know the Rouge Hutong near here Upon hearing her words, buy natures boost cbd gummies the three do cbd gummies vears work reddit of us stopped and looked back.She asked, I know, what s the matter It was Jun Li who asked Ah, it s like this, come here.After saying that, the old man dragged the three of us to another place, as if there was something wrong It seemed to be a secret, and when he got to a place where no one was around, the old man said In the Yanzhi Hutong, there is an old house of mine, I would like to ask you a favor, can you go in and get something for me.Hearing this, not only me, but even Junli Yunjing and the two of them were surprised.They raised their heads and glanced at the old man What are you taking There is a well in that yard, and there is no water in the well.When he walked to the well, Junli first threw a stone from the side, as if he was trying to test the depth of the bottom, and then asked Yunjing to take out the rope he found from the woodshed in the yard, and after tying it to the side of the well , the first to climb down the well.The movement of climbing the well was very fast, if there was no place for this layer of human skin mask, Jun Li probably would have jumped down directly.It wasn t until Junli fell down the well that I carefully climbed down along the rope, and Yunjing followed.Surround yourself with support.Since it was already evening, the well was already extremely dark, and the three of us did not bring flashlights, so we could only rely on the faint light of the flashlight that came with our mobile phones to search the well.If few people know about it, then the person who used the formation method in the evil book to raise the buy natures boost cbd gummies corpse must be my first Nine Heavens Xuannv, or someone familiar with me in my second life.And Yun Jing naturally thought of this, and he dragged gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd me to walk here, until a very simple tomb door appeared in front of him, then he whispered in my ear and asked me What do you think , who could this old man be I shook my head, didn t speak, and asked Yun Jing, Don t you and Jun Li have a choice But Yun Jing didn t answer me, but smiled wryly, and then stretched out his buy natures boost cbd gummies cbd fun drops gummies hand to caress him.Above this tomb door, just when I thought he was about to push open the wooden door, he suddenly turned his head and said to me, Do you have a pen grave When I heard his words, I buy natures boost cbd gummies cbd fun drops gummies was a little surprised, shook my head and said no, and then asked Yun Jing What s the matter Without talking, he pushed open the tomb door in front of him.It turned out that the group of buy natures boost cbd gummies heads following us had already caught up in front of us, staring at the two of us, as if they could share the food between us as long as they had the chance.I don t know what these human heads are, although there is only one head, but it can still be used as a weapon, and the Yin Qi coming out of their heads is so thick that it can be compared with the ghost king Suddenly, I gritted my teeth fiercely and stood up from behind Yunjing, but was stopped by Yunjing again, and he whispered to me Stand still His tone was a bit fierce, as if It s because you don t want me to put myself in danger.I have to say that even though Yun Jing and I bicker every day, and we are fighting to the death on the surface, but when it comes to the critical moment, we still can t protect our weaknesses, especially if someone wants to bully me, Yun gummy bear recipe cbd are cbd gummies good for copd Jing must be the second to rush in.They all talked to Yunjing and the others, but judging from Yunjing s performance after he came in, it is estimated that Gu Yicheng didn t tell Yunjing the truth about the tomb, right Involuntarily, I interrupted Gu Yicheng, and asked him You came here the day we went to Luofeng Village, so why are you buy natures boost cbd gummies still here As soon as the words fell, Gu Yicheng quickly said You Listen to me first.After finishing speaking, I shut my mouth and looked at Gu Yicheng quietly.Gu Yicheng told me that on the day we entered Luofeng Village, Junli Yunjing asked him to come to the well in the yard to steal Yiner s body, but secretly, he found that it was not an ordinary farm here at all.Instead of a corpse, it is a very large tomb.Gu Yicheng, Junli, and Yunjing didn t expect that there is a tomb below here, so Gu Yicheng didn t dare to act rashly, but retreated first and told Junli that what happened in Yunjing s underground well, Afterwards, Junli and Yunjing asked him to walk around the tomb to see the structure HCMUSSH buy natures boost cbd gummies of the tomb and what was inside.Unexpectedly, Gu Yicheng was silent after hearing this, and it didn t wyld strawberry gummies cbd enhanced happen for a long time.It wasn t until I asked again that he answered me Hate Right.I wanted to ask him, what about now, but he sighed and answered me himself But I don t hate it now.As soon as he finished speaking, I quickly asked again Why After all, he and I used to be one, without him tranquil leaf cbd gummies where to buy taking me His tone was a bit decisive, and Gu Yicheng, who told me before that he wanted to be free, seemed to have become two people.In the darkness, I stared blankly at him several times, but I could only see his vague outlines, nothing else.This space is too dark and depressing.Compared with the previous hall full of organ formations, it seems to be more dangerous.I don t know if Gu Yicheng, who was in the dark, sensed my gaze, and whispered back to me Xiao Xiao, don t look at me with such eyes Then what kind of eyes are you using After I heard, Qiao laughed and replied.But these changes can only be in my body, only I know it.After staying in the dark for a long time, I have forgotten when I lost consciousness.I only remember the moment I opened my eyes, the moment the first beam of light hit my eyelids, the person I saw.It turned out to be Junli Junli s handsome face appeared brightly in front of my eyes, and I never thought that such a day would come to me, because Junli was beside me, and I was crying with joy, and even more so.I didn t expect that such a day would happen to me, because the appearance of a person made me feel the dawn.The moment I saw Junli, I only felt that the missing piece in my heart seemed to be filled by something, I was very satisfied, tears kept flowing in my eyes, and I rushed forward, hugging Junli tightly.But there was not a single sound coming out of my mouth, if weeping can be counted as a sound, it must be the only one.Yun Jing walked over looking for the sound, and before he had time to see who was standing on the other side of the river, he whispered next to us The pillar just now was smashed by the devil s energy, there is a devil nearby But as soon as he finished speaking, Gu Yicheng s sarcasm suddenly sounded, and he gestured to Yunjing to look at the other side of the river with his eyes, and said mockingly Isn t that demon right across from you Yunjingyi Hearing this, he turned his head quickly, but froze in place the moment he turned his head, and asked in surprise, Gu Yiyun , was wet and stuck to the body, and even the clothes on the body were dirty and messy.But none of these are the most image destroying, the most image destroying thing is that Gu Yiyun s face cbd gummies in bulk was pale as if he had been seriously injured, but when he appeared in front of us, he still pretended that there was nothing wrong with him and stopped his back.Although I didn t say anything, it made me suddenly feel This feelingBise, she must be Has she changed her mind about me I didn t think too much about it, and I wasn t stupid enough to bring Bi Se out of the tomb because buy natures boost cbd gummies of her grateful expression.After all, in terms buy natures boost cbd gummies of the things she framed me before, I can pay her back at this time.Strength, so that she will not be slaughtered by others is the best of humanity.When Junli, Yunjing, and Gu Yicheng came out of the tomb, I found that the sky outside was almost dawn.Even so, the sky was still gray, and I couldn t even see a ray of sunlight when I raised my head.Coupled with the low temperature in the early morning, as soon as I climbed out of the well, I felt cold all over my body The moment the cold air spread behind me, I was caught off guard A sneeze, but when the sneeze came out, I found out I actually had a nosebleed Chapter 365 When Hooking saw my nosebleed, Junli who was standing by seemed to be more nervous than me.I said Yo when I saw this, and teased them whether they had met some beautiful women, but didn t ask for contact information.When I said this, I wanted to deliberately adjust the atmosphere, but when they heard my words, they both laughed.The buy natures boost cbd gummies smiles were sinister, and there was something in the smiles.I saw the two of them nodded in unison, and said Yes, she is still a super big beauty.When I heard this, I quickly opened my eyes wide, said ah in surprise, and asked Is it true What I thought they were joking cbd delta 8 gummies with me, but I didn t expect them to drag Junli and me to the other side of the lake.Yu Niao is especially rubbish.This lake is very big.If you want to go to the other end, you have to go through the center of the lake, or you can only go around a long semicircle, and it is a piece of cake for us to go from the center of the lake, but this lake Everything in it is an unknown, so it is impossible for the few of us to be so stupid as to take such a big risk to go through the center of the lake, so we had to walk the entire semicircular lake honestly and walked to the other side.But Gu Yicheng took a closer look at my face at this moment, as if he was staring at my eyeballs.The moment he looked into my eyes, his face suddenly fused, HCMUSSH buy natures boost cbd gummies and the moment he turned around, he pulled me directly behind.The moment he left, I just felt relieved, Gu Yicheng wasn t as stupid as I imagined But at the moment he left, a familiar laughter suddenly came from my ear.Listening to this laughter why does it sound like Yin er s voice Even if I was killed, going to Yin er s yard was not like a sheep entering the tiger s mouth, but here.I just felt that the soil where Gu Yicheng and I were standing was beginning to sink, but Yin er s figure had not appeared for a long time.My grandma s The wax figure also disappeared in place in an instant.No matter how I turned my head to look for it, I couldn t see where his figure went Gu Yicheng pulled me, and was about to jump to the safe soil, but our feet seemed to be nailed to the floor, and we couldn t move at all.As soon as I heard this, I naturally couldn t leave.I haven t figured out the matter of my master.Although Gu Yicheng betrayed us, I always feel that this is not what he wants, and Ling Shun I don t know why, I don t want to See Ling Shun die in front of me But what I didn t expect was that I wanted to stay and resist, but Junli actually pulled me and Yunjing out at this moment.You know, this is not Junli s style at all.What happened I kept staring at Junli with those big eyes, but I couldn t say anything in my heart.I wanted to resist Junli but shook my head lightly at me.Could it be that Junli has other countermeasures Thinking of this, I couldn t help being a little excited, until I was pulled out by Junli, and the moment I was about to leave here, a stone gate suddenly appeared on the broken gate before, and the gate where we stayed with the old witch The main hall was separated into two worlds.

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