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The girl in front of me should be the goddess in the minds of many boys She was wearing a brown short sleeved T shirt, striped wide leg shorts showing her slender thighs, and a bow tie on her belt, which made her look youthful and mature.The hot summer sun shone on Tang Shuang s body, but it was bright but made people feel dazed.The girl in front of her was Tang Shuang s girlfriend, or to be exact, her ex girlfriend.Just a minute earlier, she had proposed breaking up.This was the first time Tang Shuang saw her since he came to this world.He had been avoiding her calmwave cbd gummies review all the time, and she was also rethinking this relationship.They are third year students of the Chinese Department of Tongji University in Guangdong, and tomorrow is the first day of summer vacation.After this summer vacation, I will be a senior.

Anyone who wants to say a bad word can do it with his sleeves.So Tang Shuang picked out those bad messages and replied one by one.He is a frank person, so he replied directly.For example, one reply was like this mmp He has to think differently, if it was brother Sanjian, how would he fight back He doesn t fight back at all What would he say if he fought back Tang Shuang pretended that she was also a scholar and an intellectual, and instantly became possessed by Wenqing, and wrote It is difficult to remember your name, can I just call you an idiot God sprinkled wisdom on the world, you But you opened an umbrella.Please, leave your body in a ball and leave this place.The zombie opened your head and left in disappointment.The passing dung beetle saw it and crawled in excitedly After thinking about it, she felt that it was still too direct, so Tang Shuang racked her brains and painstakingly, deleted the words and wrote a new sentence Can you take me to see the place where you were born After returning to a large number of readers, Tang Shuang s mood improved a lot.

Li Yuzhen is really popular this summer.The source of the fire lies in his new song, The Drunken Concubine , which combines pop and Peking opera, and perfectly shows Li Yuzhen s unique and sexy voice.The singer who had been depressed for several years broke out of the cocoon and became a butterfly, stunning the world.When Tang Shuang first came to this world, the first artist cbd gummies for children he met was this Li Yucan.When he was learning about the situation of this world on the Internet, he saw a negative news about Li Yucan.Because of his low career and alcoholism, he divorced his wife who had been married for five years.The news also attached a photo of Li Yu s decadence, which was considered a gossip news in the entertainment circle at that time.Tang Shuang came here for the first time at that time, eager to try the world, but cautious.

Tang Shuang put her on the chair, and sat zenzi cbd gummies australia aside Brother won t let you hug me anymore Do you want to be so stingy Tang Shuang, who had regained her energy, began to lose her temper again Xiao Shuang, you think so beautifully I am Big boy, I won t let you hug me, you made me shed a lot of tears, hum I broke up with you Tang Shuang Okay, big boy, Tang Tang s big boy, don t say that , we live in the same house, the room you sleep in is so close to me, we can t break off friendship, besides, parents didn t even give permission, how can you break off friendship with me, it needs everyone s consent Tang Tang glared at Tang Shuang angrily, huffing and puffing, she didn t seem to ignite isolate cbd gummies lemon think that it would be so troublesome to break up with the villain.Tang Shuang Why are you staring at me Are you afraid that I don t know that there are little stars in your eyes Still staring If you stare again, I will kiss you, you are a cute little cat and dog.

Yang Shuangshuang has been sitting quietly by the side, her eyes falling on Guo Zifeng from time to time.In order not to make her feel left out, Tang Shuang cbd gummies for children brought the topic up to her several times, but girls were not good at talking, so they couldn t continue the conversation.In the end, he simply let Tangtanger, a small talker, talk to the big girl, and the effect was quite good.Only then did Tang Shuang and the three of them relax chatting and drinking.After nine o clock in the evening, the wine was almost finished, and everyone was about to leave.Tang Tanger raised her small hand and suggested, Go and sing Go and sing Tang Shuang touched her forehead I don t have a fever, isn t it from Xiao Yezi s family You can also get drunk with herbal tea Candy slapped his hand off angrily, The Lun family cares about you, how sad it is to lose love, and I feel better when I sing, and I do it for your own good.

surprise.I saw three abstract people in the painting, the one on the left is the longest, oros cbd gummies full spectrum the one in the middle is the smallest, and the one on the right is a girl.You can tell from the handwriting that it was written by Candy.The content is If my brother doesn t like me, I don t like my brother anymore.If my sister doesn t like me, I don t cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen like me either.Because my sister doesn t like me anymore.It was a mouthful to read at first, but after a little thought, Tang Zhen understood the meaning of the words.In an instant, the iceberg beauty s heart melted, and she squatted down and hugged the cute little Tangtanger tightly in her cbd gummies for children arms, kissing her.Tang Tanger heard the words and ran quickly, but the door of the study was locked, and she called Tang Shuang, and ran around as soon as she entered, Tang Shuang stopped her Don t mess around, I ll look for it, you stand here quietly and watch.

Tang Shuang Hey Xiao Shuang, you little turtle You won t let me eat meat, what should I do if I lose weight Tang Shuang It s healthier to be thinner.Mumbled and began to call Tang Shuang a little turtle, a little pig, a little mouse, a rotten brain Tang Shuang ate on her own, and took time to fight back.In the end, the chick s firepower was too fierce.Once her chattering attribute was activated, Tang Shuang could only shut up and hide.Xiaoshuang, little pig, you don t give the meat to your sister after you finish eating it.You are a big villain.I want to report you.You are a little turtle.You are a big foodie.You will get fatter if you eat meat.You bad guy, Eat meat for me Eat it slowly Do you really not want me to eat meat Xiaoshuang cbd gummies for children You are a crayfish, you are a deceiving puppy, you are a little frog and a tadpole Tang Shuang I bounce, bounce, bounce Candy continued to chant and curse Tang Shuang s ears were buzzing, as if she had poked a hornet s nest, and she couldn t take it anymore, so she resorted to her trump card If you scold me again, I will kill you Catch the little animals in the kitchen to cook and eat The extremely human Bai Jingjing was startled, and took the lead to hide Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tang Shuang asked inexplicably, What are you doing I m going to summon the Pao Wang Team to defeat you The child was helpless, she really wanted to eat meat, she was drooling, she lowered her head and dared not look at the meat in the bowl, but her little nose was very sensitive, and she still smelled the meat, after thinking about it, she said resignedly I m sorry I was wrong, give my little sister a piece of meat.

Alas Candy is still young, so I don t know that Tang Shuang is a coward.When necessary, he can boast shamelessly, and even the person who is praised medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies for children is ashamed.But on the issue of whether Tang Zhen was beautiful, and to what extent, Tang Shuang did not lie.Tang Zhen is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in this world, Chu Mei is one of them who can compare with her.Huang Xiangning coaxed the little guy that he would definitely be more beautiful than Tang Zhen when he grows up, and become a big star many times stronger than Tang Zhen.This kind of sane person knows that sweet words are sweet words in Candy s ears, but they are really sweeter than any candy.The sugar water keeps pouring into the ears, and the heart is also soaked in the honey pot.Candy s mood is very good at this moment Happy, she wants to sing, and she said like a treasure Mom, let me sing for you again, okay I won t sing for Dad, let alone Xiaoshuang.

Tang Shuang Which little biscuit are you This is my house.I can sit wherever I like, can you control me Just let the horse come here, I m afraid you and I will be pigs.Tangtang er immediately took out the little seahorse water gun from his trousers pocket, and filled the little seahorse with water.Tang Shuang looked at Tang Shuang, who was killing him with short legs, and said, You want to feed me with a water gun Isn t this nonsense, Tang Shuang won t stop until Tang Shuang is drowned.Tang Shuang still sat still with a benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies calm expression, Tang Tanger said Are you scared, but it s useless to apologize now, I want to kiss you.Tang Shuang I m so scared, don t kiss me That being said, there is no sign of fear cbd gummies for children in the whole body.Tangtanger stood how to make cbd gummies at home benefits of cbd gummies with thc still just cbd gummies 3000 mg reviews one meter in front of him, feeling unsafe, and took two steps back to prevent a small frost from breaking out.

Blinking his eyes, he walked in with his smile unchanged.Sitting next to the burly young man was a handsome young man, and the two actually sat together Tang Shuang was a little surprised.The two in front of him were his classmates.The shirtless and strong young man was named Li Wenzhan, and the other gentle and handsome boy was named Wen Pin.Tang Shuang was surprised because the two of them sat together.You know, they ignored each other for more than a year.The reason is well known.Wenpin has a crush on Zhong Weichen, the flower of the Chinese Department, but he is shy, very shy, the more beautiful the girl is, can you get sick from cbd gummies the less he dares to talk to her, so don t mention confession, even if he has a crush on anyone, he hides it from everyone.When I miss someone else s girl, I draw a sketch, sketch and sketch, and the brothers who cbd gummies for children sketch are worried for him.

It will become more and more difficult for pure art films to survive in China.Although his previous films brought him honors, none of his films could enter the top 20 at the box office.Transformation is imminent, and commercial films will be the mainstream in the future.In the process, he knows that he will definitely receive a lot of criticism and attacks, but this is the general trend, unless he retires for retirement and is willing to be abandoned by the times.Zhang Fei wants to make a commercial film, but it must be a commercial film with culture.Hero is one of the transformational works he selected, and there are two more, but Hero is the first choice, and only after this choice is completely impossible, he will consider the cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen other two.Although Hero is very close to the script, it is not after all, so it needs to be adapted before filming starts.

Chapter 155 Devil s Muscular Man Since Tang Shuang was a slow moving little girl who walked slower than a tortoise, Tang Shuang was about to take her away, but the little girl even suggested that she should be hugged by a princess, otherwise she would never even think about it.Tang Shuang was speechless, and said angrily, Why do you want to be hugged by a princess Tangtang er opened her eyes wide and said loudly, The Lun family is a princess, so of course I want to be hugged by a princess At this moment, a deep voice sounded from behind Candy Tang Shuang looked back, and there was a muscular old man standing at the door of the uncle s house.He had a cut head, gray hair, a Chinese character face, and a resolute face.He was wearing a tight black T shirt, and his body was bulging.Stretch your clothes to the fullest.

At present, the Guangdong Hundred Flowers Film Festival is in full swing.During this period of time, the stars in Guangdong are shining brightly, and a huge flow of people flocks here.The Guangdong Hundred Flowers Film Festival attracts not only the attention of China, but because of its geographical location, the influence of the film festival has penetrated into South Asia.The people and media in these countries are cbd gummies for children very concerned about the Guangdong Hundred Flowers Film Festival, just like Tang Shuang All China pays attention to the Oscars in Hollywood.The influence of Chinese films in this world has always been strong in Asia.The Guangdong Hundred Flowers Film Festival has influenced South Asia, the Shengjing Golden Dragon Film Festival has covered South Korea and Japan, and the Magic City Canxing Film Festival is more international, aiming at the whole world.

He only slept for less than four hours last night.Fortunately, the film festival will end today, if it lasts for another two days, no matter how energetic he is, he will not be able to take it anymore.At this time of the closing ceremony, a group of celebrities were walking the red carpet, and the reporters were surrounded by three floors inside and three floors outside.The stars and directors showed their skills in order to attract attention.For example, the director of the movie Birds just released 200 pigeons to echo the title of the movie Birds before taking the male and female protagonists on the red carpet.For example, a female celebrity slipped her straps on the red carpet, causing her to be happy.At that moment, the sound of the camera clicking and clicking resounded throughout.Perhaps the audience and reporters couldn t help seeing the stars having too much fun.

Actually, I have big breasts and big butt, and will cbd gummies help with weight loss I feel cute Actually, I can marry a good man Twist, duang, don t mess around Actually, I m a simple child Chapter 211 Contributing to Tang Shuang and Guo Zifeng We went to a cafe, hired a driver, and went home separately.Huang Xiangning had already called, urging Tang Shuang to take Candy back quickly.The cell phone in the car rang.Tang Shuang saw it and refused to answer it Since it belonged to Ye Liang, he must have come to scold someone.But the phone was very tenacious, and it rang several times.It seemed that this little Ye Zi would not give up if she didn t scold him tonight.Ye Liang had a lot of resentment, after singing a few words on stage, he was kindly invited down by the manager, and returned to his seat, but the place was empty.You said he sang in such a humiliating way, for whom did he end up like this, outside the cafe was the sea, the wind was strong, the night was cold, and his heart was very sad.

Teacher Zhang really wants to tell Tangtanger, you should go back and play, please feel free to catch butterflies or something, ask so much, reach out so blatantly, other children are happy to help the teacher with things, unlike you, want this That.Ms.Zhang, Xiaoshuang said you are so cute Huh Teacher Zhang looked at the innocent Tangtang children s shoes in surprise.What does the villain mean by saying this What s the meaning mean think Whether it was intentional or not, it s hard to tell.If it was intentional, then Tang Tang really became a cbd gummies for children master.Teacher cbd gummies froggies Zhang was going to return the goods, so why not ask Candy, the teacher is not threatened by the students But when I heard this suddenly, my face was calm, but my heart blossomed, hehehe Well, for the sake of being Xiaoshuang s younger sister, I will reward you with a little red flower.

At the parent meeting, Little Peacock s mother chatted with Teacher Zhang alone for a while.She was worried about Little Peacock s character.She was too shy.When more than three people looked at her at the same time, she would blush.He stumbled, buried his head in his chest, and dared not look at people, which made people feel pitiful and painful.So Mr.Zhang began to encourage the little peacocks to participate in more group activities and speak enthusiastically.This time it was based on this consideration.The environment of the autumn outing is no better than that in the kindergarten.Being in nature will make the children more open.Teacher Zhang wants to take this rare opportunity to encourage the little peacock to dance her best ballet in order to increase her self confidence.Teacher Zhang specially told the children present that Feng Yingxin s dance is very beautiful, do you want to watch it Everyone doesn t know that Feng Yingxin can dance.

He can suppress Tang Tang in terms of skills and regain his position.So Li Xiaoyu finally broke out, interrupted Tang Tang s machine gun, and said loudly I Yes Bomb Small Gourd Lu Tang Tang, can you know it Hmph You can t I m better than you Candy He froze for a while, blinked his eyes wide, and asked What is a small gourd Li Xiaoyu felt that he had finally found Tang Tang s weakness, and laughed loudly Ha You can t play, right You haven t even heard of a small gourd., scoff Tangtanger Big headed baby, what are you saying is a small gourd Li Xiaoyu Don t call me big headed baby Candy Ice cream, what is a little gourd Tangtanger grew up in a music family, and has HCMUSSH cbd gummies for children a natural affinity for musical instruments.Apart from the piano, she knows many other musical instruments.Huang Xiangning, Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang are all her tutors.

When this doll was at the foot of the mountain, she was still a good boy and a good boy.She especially worshiped and respected her cbd gummies for children teacher, but after climbing to the top of the mountain, she changed Unscrupulously slander the teacher Insects Fly is difficult for Tangy to play with ukulele, so in order not to make mistakes, she slowed down the rhythm, and began to sing while playing under the watchful eyes of more and more children The black sky hangs low.The bright stars follow each other.The insects fly.The insects fly.Who are you missing Teacher Zhang was shocked.She thought it was just a nursery rhyme.I didn t expect the melody to be so beautiful, not inferior to the popular songs that are widely sung now.Teachers from other classes gathered around calmly, and stood outside the crowd to listen to the star student from Class 1 Student Tang Tang playing the piano and singing.

The little piggy proudly showed off Look, Xiaoshuang You are amazing, little fairy The blind cat meets a dead mouse, you are amazing Come on, get your things and get ready to go.Grandpa and grandma are waiting for us to have lunch at home.Hearing this, Little Pig immediately stood up from the floor, still hugging his little bag tightly, and walked out Said to Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, you are not allowed to touch my bag Tang Shuang Tsk I won t move.Candy No one else is allowed to move, please protect my bag.It must be well protected, what is inside Tang Shuang was also curious.Candy Hmph It s for grandpa and grandma, so I won t tell you Tang Shuang looked at it with admiration Wow Tang Tang s children s shoes are so amazing, they even know how to prepare gifts for grandpa and grandma.They have great filial piety Tangtang er exclaimed with a smile on her face, and her cute little steps turned into figure of eight steps in an instant, looking like a little adult.

So I swam in front of it, and when the withered leaf turtle saw the little fish, it stretched its neck, opened its mouth wide, and ate the little fish in one bite.Tangtanger looked at the naughty and cute little fish, and couldn t bear to say Oh, the withered leaf turtle It turned out to be a villain, the little fish is so cute, how could it eat them.After finishing speaking, Tang Tanger rolled up his sleeves, and wanted to reach into the pond, grab the withered leaf turtle and question it.possibility of ton.Grandpa stopped her, but he didn t dare to let her catch the withered leaf turtle, it would bite and cry children.Tangtang pouted, a little unhappy, she thought the little turtles were very friendly and perfect little animals, it should be just like what she imagined, but she didn t want to cruelly eat small fish and shrimp.

Then the chick started talking As soon as she started speaking, she couldn t keep her little hands behind her back, because she had to make gestures while telling the story to match the story, creating a strong atmosphere for the story.Although Xiaozhuzhu occasionally couldn t speak a few words clearly, she was very good overall.At her age, her eloquence was surprising.Because today is the Mid Autumn Festival, there is a very big, bright and round moon above my head And as soon as she saw the moon, Tangtanger began to miss the rabbit.She especially liked the rabbit in the sky and the rabbit on the ground.But tonight, she likes and misses the rabbit in the sky more Because today is its holiday And the rabbit in the sky has become a spirit, and she is also a spirited little animal.Although they are different types, they have the same feelings benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies After all, after the new era, small animals will no longer be able to become spirits.

Tang Shuang looked at the little piggy who didn t cry when he couldn t medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies for children see the coffin, took the mirror, pointed Looking at the little person in the mirror who was frantically rolling his eyes, he said amusedly Do you know who do edibles gummies cbd make you poop is in here Look at her eyes.It was really spinning Still turning, still turning Why can t you stop What s the matter Candy was a little panicked, she wanted to stop, but she didn t listen at all, what should I do At this time, what helmet is no longer the most important thing, the most important thing is why her eyes are not obedient, she has never noticed this before, how to make cbd gummies at home benefits of cbd gummies with thc is she scared by Xiao Shuang Little Zhuzhu hurriedly grabbed Tang Shuang s hand, and asked eagerly, Xiao Shuang, are my eyes sick Why don t you stop Stop me Tang Shuang couldn t laugh or cry, threw the mirror and took The little pig s little hand walked out and said Don t worry, as long as you don t lie, your eyes won t turn, but if you lie, your eyes won t stop, so you must never stop turning your eyes.

Award.I think, as the author of the book, I have the right to make this request.This is my responsibility cbd gummies for children to myself, to the fans of the book, and to the investors, so I don t think there is anything wrong with it.What does Director Wu think Wu Shulian was furious, Zhang Tianfeng quickly told him to calm down.Seeing this, Tang Shuang said, Director Wu is so angry, don t I have the right to ask for it Wu Shulian endured and endured, but he did not say no.It seems that there is what does cbd infused gummies no way to argue with the matter.Both sides insist that they are not lying, so how did the rumors come out Zhang Tianfeng, Qiu Sen and bio wellness cbd gummies cbd gummies for children cbd gummies for children the others couldn t tell who was telling the truth, but what is certain is that it was wrong for Wu Shulian to insist that it was wrong for Tang Shuang to speak wildly and look at no one.

After being evaluated by the outside world, they will carry out financing.The financing will not exceed 30 of the project s shares, and they will not have voting rights, only supervision rights.That is to say, although the third party pays, it has no right to interfere with the filming cbd full spectrum gummies reviews of cbd gummies for children movies and TV shows, only enjoys dividends, and has the right to monitor and raise doubts about the entire capital flow.The two parties have some hard conditions for the third party.It is not enough to have money to buy shares.They must have their own resources and provide project support in other aspects to play a supplementary role.For example, Xingkong Literature provides ideas and projects, while Black Forest provides filming and production.According to the analysis of industry chain links, other investors can be media companies with media resources and platforms, or distribution companies with strong distribution channels.

At that time, the other girl had such a hairstyle and dirty hair, which made her very curious.She didn t know what was going on today, but she suddenly thought of that sister, mainly because of her dirty head, and then clamored to braid the little friends, and the first test subject chose the little peacock.The little peacock was originally a cute bobo head, but it was dismantled by Tangtanger, and such a chicken nest head was tied.Tang Shuang looked at the proud candy, and then at the embarrassed little peacock.Poor little peacock Goodbye Goodbye, cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen little peacock I ll braid your pigtails again tomorrow Bye, eh After getting in the car, Tang Tanger lay on the car window and waved goodbye to the little peacock.Then he turned around and HCMUSSH cbd gummies for children said to Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, Little Peacock s mother is a foreigner.

What I m most afraid of is that you re a good little money fan if you don t give me money, you re really picky Get in the car, get in the car, for the sake of disfiguring you rather than paying for it, I ll pay you again.Thank you, Xiaoshuang brother, what ah eh Kissed Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang touched it, and the little piglet stained his face with dirt.Come down, come down, wash your face first Candy s slide race is sponsored by the Guangdong Fengyun District Government and co organized by the Guangdong Star Children s Riding Academy.This year is the third time.The response to the first two competitions was very good, and the local TV station in Guangdong Province also broadcast live.Tangtanger saw the program on TV, and then he came up with will cbd gummies show in drug test the idea of participating.The registration place is at the Xingxing Children s Riding bio wellness cbd gummies cbd gummies for children Academy.

The breakfast in reality is not as delicious as in the dream, eat whatever you want.Seeing the sleeping little piglet, Huang Xiangning couldn t bear to wake her up.Based on the principle that every second of sleep is a second, she pinched Tang Shuang to wake her up instead.It was the nose that was pinched Tang Shuang was almost suffocated to death Sister Xiangning asked, Why did Tangtang come to your room You guys slept very late last night Tang Shuang gasped, I m dead Sister Xiangning wanted to pinch his nose again.Hastily climbed out of bed.I pinched the soles of Tangtang er s feet last night, and pinched his nose this morning Miss Xiangning is a bit naughty.Why do I have dark circles under my eyes Tang Shuang looked at herself in the mirror, her dark circles were particularly obvious, she collected herself and remembered what happened cbd gummies for children isolate cbd gummies last night.

Yang is the real pioneer.Xiao Zhen and I grew up listening to the songs you wrote.Our earliest knowledge of music comes from As for your songs, our whole family is your fans, my mother s favorite is your song Getting Closer Yang Xia laughed, then looked at Tang Shuang curiously, then at Tang Shuang Zhen, said They really look alike, they are indeed siblings.Your parents raised two good children.In addition to Yang Xia, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen, there were Xiao Na, Deng Ke, Pan Wenling, and others in the room.Li Yuzhen who just came over.Lin Yu, Li Yuzun s manager, and Xiao Na s assistant stood outside the door.After Tang Shuang and Yang Xia got acquainted, Xiao Na smiled and said to Tang Shuang Mr.Yang heard that you are here, so I must come and see you, a great talent.Mr.Yang thinks very highly of you.

Zhang Fei s eyes lit up, and he looked at Zhao Yang.Zhao Yang nodded and said, Screenwriter Tang s method is totally feasible.Once decided, do it immediately.The time was set for tonight.Originally, Zhang .

are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys?

Fei meant to set it for tomorrow night, because Zhang Yu was still far away in Rongcheng, so she was indispensable.But Zhao Yang and Zhang Yu communicated on the phone and said that she would be back immediately and could arrive before seven o clock in the evening.There are direct flights from Rongcheng to Jiuyedong.The meeting place was at the hotel where we stayed, and the crew booked the entire banquet hall.Zhao Yang left Zhang Luo, while Tang Shuang and Zhang Fei continued to talk in the room.Zhang Fei Tan Si looked for you.Tang Shuang nodded He picked me up at the highway intersection.

Tang Shuang quickly said, One hundred times cooler than my sister.Tangtang er became happy now, and felt that although she couldn t keep up with her figure and beauty, she was much better than her sister in terms of cuteness and coolness.Children are really easy to deceive.Tangtanger Xiao Shuang, you are quite discerning, hehehe In order to praise Tang Shuang s good eyesight, Tang Tanger asked him to bow his head, she wanted to whisper.Then, taking advantage of the moment Tang Shuang lowered her head, she wiped his head with her little hand, messed up his hairstyle, and yelled loudly Wipe your nose, Xiaoshuang wiped your nose again It s so dirty not cute at all Afraid of being beaten, she hurriedly ran away on the scooter But before she was happy for a minute, she was dumbfounded, because Tang Zhen passed her easily on a mountain bike Ah ah Pig and pigs made the strength of feeding, worked hard, and strived to catch up.

He Zhenyi, who re entered Chengmai, no longer has the arrogance of the past.She started from ordinary administration in a down to earth manner.This time Tang Zhen recruited a life assistant, and she stood out.Pan Wenling also had a lot of contact with her, and she had a good impression.This girl has a heart, but this is not a bad thing.Working in the entertainment industry, lack of heart is the biggest bad thing, so I finally hired her.Life assistant of a star is a very special position.Although the rank is not high, the salary is very good.What s more, being able to break into the star s small circle has endless benefits.What s more, it s a star like Tang Zhen who is on the rise in her career and has a bright future.This time when she came to Guangdong Province, Tang Zhen invited her and Pan Wenling to her home, which was a precious opportunity to get closer.

As for the premise of dancing well and being cute, it s not a problem at all.Can she, Candy, dance well Can she not be cute, so can everyone not like it Tang Shuang was cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen looking for songs on the mobile phone, Tangtanger stood on tiptoe, grabbed his hand, looked at the mobile phone vigorously, said for a while, how about we dance this dance, and said that cute people dance cute dances for a while, and saw someone Wearing sunglasses is super cool and you have to compete with others Finally, Tang Shuang chose a Pai Hui dance.Tang Tanger didn t need Tang Shuang to teach her.She watched how other people danced on her mobile phone, and she learned it in style.Tang Shuang clicked his tongue in amazement It s amazing, it s amazing, Tang Tang s children s shoes, you have two skills, you seem to be a prodigy in dancing, let me see how your roots are doing Xing best cbd gummies for hip pain took the initiative to send cbd gummies for children it to the door in a hurry What do you think Look quickly.

In fact, you are a good brother, better than other brothers.Candy loves you very much.I love you what ah Tang Shuang didn t expect such an event to happen, unexpected but reasonable.Tangtanger is like this, most of the time she is careless and heartless, but at certain times, when she digs her heart out, she will remember the big or small things that happened before.Hearing the cute confession in public, Tang Shuang was so moved that her heart melted, and she said to Brother Sanjian beside her, Dad, hold me in your arms, I m going to cry Candy on the stage Seeing this, she was shocked Oh, Xiaoshuang, did you really kiss Dad Tang Shuang and Tang Sanjian Tang Shuang didn t want to cry for a moment Tang Sanjian really wanted to hug her father.The one in the book smashed it out Chapter 402 The slow moving Li Dun finished the morning game.

Tang Shuang said meaningfully Little Peacock, do you know the flower language of Blue Star Flower The little Peacock blinked and blinked, shook his head and said, I don t benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies know, what is the flower language Tang Shuang The language of flowers is the flower language.It represents the meaning.The little peacock asked curiously What is the flower language of the blue star flower Tang Shuang Seize the present, which means that every day is splendid, and every day should be very happy, throw away worries, bio wellness cbd gummies cbd gummies for children Think about happy things.The little peacock was stunned for a moment, then gave a soft ow, squatted in front of the blue star flower and looked at it for a while, then got up and left.Tang Shuang didn t finish.Blue Star Flower has two flower languages, one medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies for children is grasping the present, and the other is mutual trust.

It turned out to be Luo Yuqing The first reaction was to get out of the car.There was pig spirits in the car, which was very dangerous After Tang Shuang answered the phone, she went back to the car and looked, ouch, little piglet rolled down the window and stuck out her little head to listen He called.Hehehe, I heard that.Tang Shuang returned to the car You are so self conscious that you don t deny it.Little Zhuzhu came over with a smile Xiaoshuang, can you take your sister to play Tang Shuang pushed her little head back, and said seriously Hurry up and sit in the safety seat.Xiaozhuzhu sat down obediently, holding the mini steering wheel with both hands, and continued to fight while following Tang Shuang in a circle Brother, can you take your sister to play together You haven t played with Lun s family for a long time.

The girl who came with Meng Jieru was named Liu Meimei.She was taking notes when she suddenly felt locked on by a gaze for a long time.She searched for the feeling, and then saw a beautiful little parrot Tang Xiaowu chuckled, and shouted in a smoky voice Beauty, the old Tang family welcomes you This voice startled everyone, oh, what a smart little parrot.While Liu Meimei was working, she couldn t help taking a peek at it, and after another look, Tang Xiaowu laughed even more happily.Seeing this, Ye Liang walked over to tease the bird, You can t just welcome beauties, but me too Tang Xiaowu quacked Beauty, the old Tang family welcomes you Ye Liang Handsome Tang Xiaowu Quack Beauty, the old Tang family welcomes you Tang Shuang said It hasn t learned to be called a handsome guy yet.Ye Liang teased Tang Xiaowu twice, and said to Meng Jieru Jieru, Young Master Tang told you about the secrecy.

Crooked Is it Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang, are you asleep Can you tell the baby a story I can t sleep, I m so excited I haven t told the story tonight, so you can t sleep first.Tang Shuang Although the family has been separated, what should be said still needs to be said, just like the debt that should be repaid, you can t escape even if you go to the ends of the earth, don t even think about slipping away Tang Shuang didn t want to tell a story, so he misfortune Isn t your brother Huohuo here He is very good at cbd gummies for children telling stories, and he is very good at coaxing children, especially little girls.If you go to him, he must have very wonderful stories.Go Candy er tilted her head on the other end of the phone and thought for a while, then said, But, but, Tangy er wants to hear my brother s story more, because my brother s story is good to hear, and the Lun family wants to listen to Tinkerbell, Brother Huo Huo Can you tell Tinker Bell There will be opportunities to listen to my brother s stories.

They wore bamboo dragonflies on their heads The villain was in a daze, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for children the man and woman passed by, she hurriedly ran after her and asked, what is that on your head When she learned that it was the bamboo dragonfly that only she and Xiaoshuang knew, she was shocked.The next question was, where did cbd gummies for children you buy it.Little sister, I didn t buy this, mine was given by Xiao Dingling.The girl said.Mine is from Tinker Bell, the boy said.Huh Candy s head was full of question marks, and Tinker Bell and his sister appeared in which drawer Regarding Tangtanger s question, the couple didn t answer, and they said goodbye with a smile.Tangtanger chased after her to find out, but Tang Huohuo held her back and concentrated on shopping, okay Brother Huohuo, extract cbd gummies that, that, emmm Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell, I want to find Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell Candy s face was full of disbelief, her expression at the moment was like that of Columbus discovering the American continent.

The car soon arrived at Guangdong TV Station.There were many fans waiting at the gate.Tang Zhen said, Sister Pan, let me sign for everyone first.Pan Wenling nodded in agreement, and asked He Zhenyi, who lowered her head and fingered quickly on the phone, and said How is Xiaoyi, how many more He Zhenyi raised her head and replied in the midst of her busy schedule, Sister Pan, just deleted the first year s one, and Sister Zhenzhen s Weibo has been used for eight years, so there are still many The content must be screened and deleted.Pan Wenling asked Tang Zhen Xiao Zhen, can t I cancel the account Tang Zhen was reluctant, because it recorded her footprints over the past eight years, although they are all small daily things, they are also very precious.Tang Zhen is a very nostalgic person.Pan Wenling understood what she meant, and asked He Zhenyi Has anyone discovered it He Zhenyi Probably not.

Under the guidance of the big brother, Candy folded it cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen five times, and finally passed, but still the first place Some of the other children were even jumping on the bed, which was not regarded as work at all.After making the quilt, I still need to tidy up the room.It has been half an hour since this set of procedures has passed.The villain is not tired at all.It seems that there is a motor on his buttocks, and he is excited all the way.In order to praise her hard work and intelligence, the experience center rewarded her with a badge, which read Hua Ti Children s Hotel Reserve Cadre No.1708.The name of this Children s Career Experience Hall is Hua Ti Children s Career Experience Hall , so the hotel in it is naturally also called Hua Ti Children s Hotel.Candy touched the medal on his chest happily, and left the hotel experience center with his head held high.

Tang Tanger looked at him and asked with a smile Father, who is Xiao Ming Tang Sanjian began to have some headaches.Typed the first line, and mo, read the second sound, m o , devil, the words are magic power, magic, and devil, and the sentence melatonin and cbd gummies for sale is Xiao Ming is a little devil.This magic is so beautiful.There are also mushrooms.This is What Candy said afterwards.Father, Xiao Ming is a little villain and a little devil, he can really do it.Candy asked hurriedly.Tang Sanjian just wrote the second sentence in cbd gummies for children cbd gummies for children the middle, and was interrupted again, the little inspiration in his mind was quickly disappearing, just like a bottle of bear mineral water poured into the desert, it disappeared in the blink of an eye.Tang Sanjian sighed indistinctly, got up from the desk, came behind Tangtanger, bent down to look at her self criticism What are you writing Why is it a foot, an egg, and a devil.

She began to tidy up the small desk, and it seemed that she decided to exile herself.This posture felt like she was going to block the hole of the gun everyone, don t stop me, let me go, and whoever stops me will be in a hurry but Tang Sanjian s attitude is also very tough, forbid As for leaving the study room, it would affect his masterpiece, it doesn t matter, he just needs to go out.You write your self criticism here, and Dad goes to see your mother.After saying that, he left and closed the door of the study.Tangtang er just put her schoolbag on her back and was about to leave.At this moment, she was disappointed and angry and threw the schoolbag on the ground.Should the child go out, why not let the child go out, let the child go out quickly, ying ying When she walked to the edge of the big desk, she thought of something, opened the bottom drawer, and took out her little yellow seahorse water gun from it, pointed the empty gun at the biubiubiu around the study, especially at the big bird biubiu who rolled her eyes, she He had to vent his anger, and suddenly the door opened, bio wellness cbd gummies cbd gummies for children cbd gummies for children and the villain was startled.

The so called skinny camel is bigger than a horse.If Kaitian Culture wants to challenge her, it needs to do more homework.In the short term, Chengmai will still be the leader of Huaxia Music.top spot.Fan Liwen of Tuzi Entertainment breathed a sigh of relief when the album Flowers in Dreams became popular.He had more confidence in Tang Shuang s words and tried his best to persuade Alumni.For this reason, Alumni postponed the board of directors from the end of December to January In the first ten days, it was to let Fan Liwen do his homework quickly.Before the board meeting, Alumni flew to Guangdong Province a few days in advance, and under Fan Liwen s arrangement, he met Tang Shuang.After seeing him in person, Tang Shuang remembered that he had met this alumni chairman.When he took Tang er to Shengjing for the first time in the summer vacation, he sat next to Ailan on the plane.

Tang Shuang simply put on the earphones and watched this episode.Well, how should I put it, most of the previous plots were okay, but at the end, the mantis girl ate up the mantis boy, which was a bit scary, and the mantis boy was left with nothing but The clothes are spread on the floor, and it feels like the whole body has been hollowed out by a strange force.This scene is like a person who is especially good at eating a big crab, and can still assemble a complete shape on the dining table.This person who is particularly good at eating is the gentle, beautiful, well educated mantis girl, which is a bit infuriating to think about.The mantis girl was relaying to the black cat sheriff what the mantis boy said was also very intrusive, why his grandma ate his grandfather before he gave birth to his father, and his mother ate his father before he gave birth to him.

Groundhogs may seem cute, but every breeding season, they start to kill and eat their own kind, and in most cases, they only eat the offspring of their own kind that are close to them.Lions and chimpanzees also have males who kill their cubs, but they don t eat them.The black cat sheriff cartoon that Candy watched is correct, but it magnifies this phenomenon.Although praying mantis cannibalism will happen, the probability is very small, no more than 5 , and there will be no males.A situation in which a praying mantis voluntarily eats a female praying mantis.Male praying mantises, like male cockroaches, flee when they sense they are going to be eaten by a female, rather than wanting to be eaten.Of course, there are also male animals that are willing to be eaten.For example, there is a redback spider in Australia.

While racking his brains to make up, he said eloquently that the requirements for on the spot adaptability were too high.In less than a minute, the inventory in his stomach be empty.What s more, there is no need to speak at this moment, because close to the two clasped hands are two beating hearts.On the night of the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, the snowflakes are falling, but the two of them are a bit hot, especially Luo Yuqing, who calls herself a red pepper, is about to boil deep in her heart, and she is sweating all over her body., escape, worry, fear, heartbeat, cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen sweet and sour and other incomparably cbd gummies paypal complicated emotions, she has never experienced in more than .

what is green ape cbd gummies?

twenty years.Tang Shuang was the first to break the silence, and said sincerely Yuqing, I lied to you just benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies now.Chapter 548 Oh, help Luo Yuqing was taken aback for a moment, and then said in a coquettish and restrained tone Ah, I knew it Tell me honestly, where did you lie to hemp bomb cbd gummies review me Tang Shuang seemed to have made a huge mistake I, I, I, tonight In fact, I drank some wine.

A little girl like Xiao Na, she was quite low key in the first half of the dinner, but in the second half she suddenly emerged, knocked down Tang Shuang s capable general, and then after a while of pushing and pulling to can i give human cbd gummies to my dog persuade her to drink , Wang Jian also fell, Ding Xiaoquan and the rest of the people are still supporting.When they returned to the hotel, among the seven people brought by Tang Shuang, only he, Ding Xiaoquan and the manager of the public relations department stood back.In the afternoon, Luo Yuqing flew to Rongcheng to participate in a brand event, which disappointed Tang Shuang s expectations.In this case, he simply took a nap in the hotel.Although he was not drunk at noon, he was still a little dizzy.When I woke up, it was already 4 o clock in the afternoon, and other people woke up one after another.

Why Where s our big bear Candy asked curiously.Tang Shuang also asked in her heart, why is this Why do you want to quit medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies for children drinking Don t be so overwhelmed.You can earn money if you run out of money, but you can t let go of your hobbies.Tang cbd gummies for children Sanjian waved his hand and said The big bear wine at home has been given to your uncle.A heartbroken expression on his face.Tang Shuang glanced at Old Tang s Tengu, and then at Old Tang s Sun, knowing what was going on, and stopped talking.Tangtang er didn t know what to think, and was still asking Father, do you want to get uncle drunk He can t get drunk, and you can t beat him.The drunk party.Not only drinking with Tang Dajian, but also drinking with Tang Erjian, brother Sanjian will always be drunk, poor.Tang Sanjian obviously didn t want to talk about these unpleasant topics, and said I didn t want to get your uncle drunk, okay, cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen let s not talk about this, Tang Tang, can you show me your diary Laughing, but only in the bottom of my heart.

Finally out of the toilet There is fragrance in the air, and the smell of corn burnt is finally gone The little girl with glasses limped behind her buttocks and said, Miss, cbd gummies for children Miss, wait for me I won t wait for you You are a liar Candy walked quickly, and was about to return to the classroom.Teacher Yu came out and said to the little girl with bio wellness cbd gummies cbd gummies for children glasses behind her, Little Tang Baoling Little friend Tang Baoling Where have you been The teacher has been looking for you for a long time The little girl with glasses smelled Yu Yan, looked at Teacher Yu, and said happily Teacher Yu I m going to poop Teacher Yu asked Have you been pooping all this time how to take just cbd gummies The little girl with glasses nodded, and Teacher Yu was surprised I have been pooping since the last class.Have you been pooping all the time The little girl with glasses nodded a little shyly, and suddenly felt that green lobster cbd gummies for sale pooping for a long time is not very proud.

The little boy happily chased the ball and ran away, and at the same time a voice came We are on vacation early Tang Shuang said with a smile This little boy is not like Mingyu s character, Mingyu is quite courageous.When Mingyu arrived, she seemed to remember the missing Tang Jin, and asked, Grandpa, where is little brother Jin Tang Hongjun pointed to the room, and Tang Shuang looked in the direction of his finger He went to the meditation room again He must have something to do today, and he kept silent, I really wanted to pry his mouth open, this cbd gummies for children is not good for being a soldier, people don t talk harshly much, it s really annoying.At this moment, Tang Jin took off his shoes and sat cross legged with his back straight in the middle of the floor.This room is Tang Hongjun s meditation room, it is extremely empty, without a table, chair or stool.

The two stayed at Tang Dajian s house for a day, and they didn t go home until they had dinner.The next day, Tang Shuang really had business to do, but taking care of the baby was a bigger cbd gummies relaxation business, so he could only take Candy to Tuzi Music.Today, the Tunan band will perform officially.Last time, Tang Shuang not only named the band Tunan , which means great ambition, but also left a song Until the End of the World for Ding Xiaoquan.Today, the Tunan Band will officially perform three songs, the most cbd gummies for children important of which is Until the End of the World.Tang Shuang is invited to appreciate it.If they are satisfied, they will start recording and release it as a single.Tangtanger heard that he could go to whats tne best cbd gummies for pain Xiaoshuang s company, and happily started dancing around him again.It was the first time she knew that Xiaoshuang HCMUSSH cbd gummies for children had a company, which was a happy thing, but Tangtanger was a little unhappy.

, This child is deliberately spreading rumors, I have never hit her, she is very annoying, she is very good at framing me, although I really want to beat her, but I am worried that she will remember it forever, so I never did it.Tang Tanger had no time to worry about Xiaoshuang spreading rumors in front of her mother, so she patted Tang Shuang twice perfunctorily, then jumped up and opened her hands to ask Tang Shuang to hug her, she wants to watch the performance on the stage, please hurry up Okay, otherwise the singing will be over.Tang Shuang put her on his shoulders, and now the little person had a glimpse of all the mountains and mountains.He sat on Tang Shuang s shoulders, let out a few hahas, and then stared intently at the performance on the stage.Take off the handbag hanging around my neck, it hit me on the head.

In fact, in Tang Shuang s view, the deeper reason is that everyone lacks reverence for life, nature, and law.Tang Tanger asked confusedly, What kind of heart The heart of reverence means respect and fear.Tang Shuang explained, The person in court just now lost his fear of the law.Respect him, but he doesn t respect others and hurt others, so he becomes lawless and thinks he can do whatever he wants, but in the end he breaks the law and will be put in prison for reflection.And crossing the road cbd gummies for children just now The reason why they run the red light is that they lose their fear of the rules and feel that they will not be punished if they do not obey the rules.They always feel that if so many people run the red light cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen together, they will be seen by passing cars, and the cars will Will stop and wait for them.

Yushuang, go and listen.It s good for us if you don t have to go home for a while.Liu Yan said with a smile, and offered to help Duan Yushuang carry the box.Oh, by the way, there is another invited guest, Tang Shuang, Professor Tang s son, he will also participate.Duan Yushuang asked strangely Tang Shuang HCMUSSH cbd gummies for children The Tang Shuang we saw last time Yes, that s the one , Professor Tang Sanjian, oh, no, now is Dean Tang, Dean Tang s son, Tang Zhen s younger brother, and brother of 900 million girl dreams.Wow so the little baby I saw last time is Tang Zhen s younger sister, She s so clever and cute, next time I m going to try my luck and see if I can meet her.Liu Yan said.If Tang Shuang hears this, she will have a runny nose and tears to see what he has become.The label is the brother of 900 million girls dreams.

Tangtanger is very protective of her little nephew, she opened her hand to protect Tang Yu behind her, and said to Tang Tian My brother Tiantian, how can you treat a child like this, the child is still so young and is growing up When he grows up, you have to feed him, if you don t feed him he will never grow up, hum, no wonder you can t hug me, it s all your fault, brother Tian Tian.Tang Yu successfully pushed the blame for almost killing the little princess to himself When he got to Tang Tian, he was dragged away by Tang Tian with a smile on his face, saying that he wanted to find food for him and save him.Tang Tian watched his aunt and nephew go looking for food, and said to Tang Shuang, This kid is arguing every day to come to your house, and I m going to be annoyed to death by him.Tang Shuang Let him live here, It just so happens that Tangtang has no one to accompany her.

I m really looking forward to it.Candy is also very good at singing.I heard from my sister.Ha so so On the radio, the little girl said reservedly.This la should not be delayed for such a long time, let people know that it is against their will when they hear it.Sure enough, the little girl quickly worried that people would misunderstand that her singing was really mediocre, so she added It s a little bit good, not as good as my sister, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for children and not as good as Sister Luo.Sister Luo in the red dress, the song you sang just now is called What s the name It s so nice, the Lun family really wants to learn it.Luo Yuqing laughed on the radio and said, Yes, I ll teach you when we cbd gummies for children meet next time, okay Candy s singing must be very nice and surprise everyone.Tangtanger was taken aback immediately, and immediately said Sister Luo in the red dress, have you eaten yet Can you eat a catty for a meal Candy is bio wellness cbd gummies cbd gummies for children too small to eat a catty, with a small stomach It will explode, and Xiaoshuang will also destroy it, so I won t cbd gummies for children let the Lun family eat it.

Tangtang er wanted to say that she didn t know, but she seemed a little skinny today, and Xiaoshuang said so, if she was skinny, she might really get beaten, cbd gummies for children What should I do if I don t record songs for her, the flower in her heart will die.So he decisively admitted Tang Tang is a little skinny today, but now he is not skinny, because Tang Tang is sensible, Xiaoshuang is very hard, mother is very hard, father is very hard, sister is the hardest, you are all hard, I want to be good, be a good one Baby, cook and eat by yourself, read books when you are full, watch cartoons when you are tired from reading, I like cats and little mice the most in cartoons, I also like puppies, Wang Wang team Tang Shuang felt tired.Stop talking, stop talking, let s record the song, you are such a talkative.Huh Say whatever you want, I am Little Sun, and I will always be happy.

Finally, another stewardess came, and she said Oh, you also said that this seat is vacant, and it is also vacant., why don t you let people sit, I m so crowded there, it s uncomfortable to sit in.Well, I finally admitted that she is not in this position, as for which position she is, the stewardess also found out, the other party did not lie, her That place is really crowded, there are big fat people on the left and right sides, squeezed into a pile of meat.The stewardess asked her to go back and take a seat, but the other party refused, and there was a stalemate here again.Some passengers insisted on going back and taking cbd gummies for children a seat quickly, so as not to waste everyone s time, but this aunt was very aggressive, and she just refused to leave.Tangtanger watched the show all the way, and the play was staged right in front of her.

Would you like some water Tang Shuang took out a warm water cup from her backpack, Xiao Zhuzhu took it, held the cup and grunted twice, then handed it to Tang Zhen, asking her sister to drink some too, Tang Zhen was indeed a little thirsty, He drank a little and returned it to Tang Shuang.Let s go, Dad is coming over.Tang Shuang said.Hee hee, hug me, Xiaoshuang, hug me, and the little princess Little Piggy began to act coquettishly.Chapter 731 Candy, who has been pitted miserably, is impossible to hug a piglet.It is so heavy, and he is still climbing the stairs on the Great Wall.Lie down on himself, so no matter how coquettish Tangtang was, he would not hug her.In the end, he had no choice but to run behind Tang Zhen and hang on the back of the Frost Goddess.Look I want my sister to carry it myself, so I don t have the strength to carry you.

Hee hee, Tang Xiaoshuang, the noodle man Eat him Suck mainstream cbd delta 8 gummies and slip Tang Tanger said with a smile, she took the opportunity to break free from Tang Zhen s grasp just now, and now she is going one step further.Because of her small stature, her feet had been resting on the chair all the time.At this moment, he put it on the ground calmly, stood on tiptoes and gently touched the chair with his buttocks, making a posture of still sitting on the chair, which was ready to slip away at any time.Brother is not a noodle maker, but a good cooker of noodles.Tang Zhen rarely joked.Huh Handsome pot Cook noodles for people to eat Tang Tanger was very interested in this, Cook Xiaoshuang and eat it, sister Let s catch him with Tang Shuang.She and Tang Shuang are like cartoons The two cbd north gummies in Cat and Mouse think about each other when they don t meet, and always chase and run away when they best vegan cbd gummies for sleep meet, falling in love and killing each other.

Thinking of this, platinum cbd gummies 1000mg reviews Tangtanger felt even more sad, and at the same time felt sorry for him, this is a little mouse born to act, he should be able to stand on stage with Xiaoshuang, but he didn t cbd gummies for children Xiaoshuang stood on the stage laughing amid the applause of many people, but Jerry was murdered by an owl this night.This bad owl The cat is so cute.Cute, it doesn t look like a bird at all It is Jing Jing, Jing Jing is a ghost Owls are ghosts of the night cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen murderer Tangtang regretted unceasingly.Her Freezing Punch just now failed, otherwise the owl would definitely fall from the sky and stumble.Then she chased after it, kicked its ass, and sent it flying Tang Zhen couldn t understand why Tangtanger was so sad.If Tang Shuang was around, she would feel the same way, because Jerry was once a cute creature who grew up with him, and now the mascot who witnessed the beautiful childhood was killed by an owl.

Let s go there, there are few people there.Tang Shuang pointed to the river not far away, where there was only one girl squatting by the river.Speaking of this girl, it is really strange.There are two river lanterns beside her, which are in the shape of birds, and they are lit on the beach.The girl splashes in the river with one hand, without saying a word, and her hair hangs down to block the water.She couldn t see her face clearly at the moment, and felt that she was always looking at the dark river and the floating lights on the river.Hearing the sound of footsteps, the girl quickly turned her head to look.When she saw Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen, she was startled in disappointment.She looked past them and looked into the distance.She didn t see the person she wanted to see, so she continued to turn her head.

Old Xu, calm down.Don t be impulsive, Old Xu.Speak well, don t do anything, with so many people here, how can you suffer Some people persuaded Lao Xu, who was destroyed, while others advised Ye beam.Young man, you have won a big prize, be open minded.If you have any evidence, go away quickly.Forget it, young man, it s just a bagYe Liang seriously underestimated Lao Xu s skill.Directors who have filming experience can t catch up, it bio wellness cbd gummies cbd gummies for children s amazing.He looked at the scene, it was noisy and there were more and more people, he took Guo Zifeng and walked out of the shop.Seeing this, Lao Xu felt that he had a chance to win, and became even angrier.He jumped up and wanted to chase, but stopped at the door of the store, yelling at Ye Liang What white eyed wolf, what ungrateful, the more scolding, the worse it sounds.

Guo Zifeng, who was acting as a bodyguard, immediately dialed 110.Chapter 782 I told them to come over, the next thing is simple, there is a police station nearby, and the police will come soon.During this period, Old Xu used both soft and hard tactics, intimidating and intimidating, saying that he had a large number of adults.Seeing that Ye Liang was young, he was afraid that his future would be delayed, and he didn t want to pursue it.Ye Liang Thank you, boss.I regret it.I shouldn t have been so impulsive just now.Now so many neighbors have heard it.If I don t give you your innocence, I will feel sorry for you.So let s benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies wait for the police to come.Let s see.Watch the surveillance, it won t take long.Seeing that this trick didn t work, Lao Xu made the excuse that the police s arrival would affect his business and make him lose a fortune.

The reason why she kept dancing was to catch Brother Bing s sight and get his attention.At this moment, she was smiling happily, raised her little hand, saluted, and shouted Hello, comrades Xiao Muzi, Xiaoyang and Xiaoqing also smiled and imitated Candy, and raised their little hands to salute Brother Bing, He yelled Hello, comrades The corner of the guard s mouth twitched, his brows frowned, and after thinking about it, seeing that there was no one else around, he saluted back and whispered, Hello, children Tangtanger thought it was wrong, it wasn t like this of.She immediately pointed out the mistakes, and said seriously No, brother Bing, you are wrong, you should say hello to the chief Xiaoqing looked at Miss Tangtanger, and said to Comrade Guard in a childish voice No, brother, you are wrong, you should say hands, palms Xiaoqing s elder brother Xiaoyang also shouted It s the chief s good, not the children Xiao Muzi also thinks that it should be the chief s good On TV is This is how it is played Candy seriously asked Would you like to do it again Comrade Guard s mouth twitched wildly, wanting to tell this group of children, although what you said is correct, but you are not the chief, you are just a group of children, Don t think I didn t recognize it, pretending to be the chief will not work So resolutely do not say that the chief is good.

Question mark, is it really a robot She took a small step forward, stared at him closely with her little head raised, quickly stretched out her little hand, and twisted the big black thigh, huh There is meat Soft Yes.The big black guy What are you how to make cbd gummies at home benefits of cbd gummies with thc doing Candy was startled, and quickly backed away, Hehehe Don t come here to play The big black guy said.Candy pointed to the yard and said The little fairy wants to go in.Go somewhere else The big black guy stopped her.Candy thought for a while, but it was boring, snorted, and left, walked to the opposite side of the road, far away, now the big guy can t stop her.She is in Under the collective gaze of everyone, she stood on the other side of the road and looked into the yard.Although she saw nothing in the yard, she jumped up and down, looking very proud, and felt that this was already a victory.

Su Dingnan smiled and said, This time, let s call Tangtanger first.Tangtanger looked surprised Staring at Su Dingnan s big bald head, she was very cbd gummies for children curious, and her small face was very shocked.It was the first time for her to visit a big bald head at such a close distance, but it was so round.The little guy couldn t help touching his little head.She has long, black HCMUSSH cbd gummies for children hair, which is totally different from this one.Seeing Tangtang er staring blankly at his bald head, Tang Shuang was worried that she would reach out to touch it she could do it, so she stared at her quickly and stopped her with her eyes, but Tangtang er didn t even look medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies for children at him directly, she The eyes are full of light emitted from the bald head.Candy Su Dingnan reminded seeing Tangtang looking at her silently.Huh Tangtang er came back to her senses, her eyes slipped from her bald head and landed on Su Dingnan s face, looking dumbfounded.

Ah Tang Shuang was overjoyed, That s really true.That s great.The voice was a little louder, startling the little piggy over there.Like a little squirrel full of curiosity about the world, Xiaozhuzhu immediately stopped what he was doing, looked at Tang Shuang, stared at him with big eyes, guessing what happened, what Xiaoshuang and his father were talking about, and finally couldn t bear it.Containing the curiosity in my heart, I came over.Tang Shuang wanted to find out more information, but Tang Tanger came.This is really a difficult little pig.Xiao Shuang, what are you talking about with Dad Candy asked curiously.Tang Shuang gave her a white look and walked away.Seeing him go away, Tangtanger looked at Tang Sanjian, and asked Father, why is Xiaoshuang screaming Tang Sanjian didn t know whether to laugh or cry, and said Then you have to cbd gummies for children ask him to find out, Dad doesn t know.

The big orange cat finally stopped climbing the wall and nestled on the sofa watching a table of lively people.Tang Zhen and Tang Xin were alone, helping Tang Hongjun to sit at the head of the dining table, while Tang Tanger was yelling at the kitchen, please hurry up and have dinner with the aunt and mother who are cooking.The rosewood dining table was already filled with steaming dishes, and Tang Tian, Tang Shuang, and Tang Huohuo were serving dishes from the kitchen.Tang Shuang was the last one.After putting a large bowl of dumplings on the table, she said, The dishes are ready.Tang Erjian said, I ll go set off firecrackers.Tang Tanger immediately got off his chair when he heard that, and Bu Lingbu Lingdi followed Erbai to watch the firecrackers.When Tang Yu saw it, he also followed.Tangtang, setting off firecrackers is so scary, don t go.

Zhang Yifen asked Tang cbd gummies for children Zhen, Really Xiaozhen.Understood, but imitated her sister in law s tone and asked Really Xiao Zhen Zhang Yifen scratched her little nose, Tang Tang er buried her head in Tang Zhen s arms to hide with a smile.You naughty little girl, call me sister Xiaozhen Tang Zhen Why, who doesn t want to go to the Spring Festival Gala.Zhang Yifen said with a smile That s right, no one can refuse.Tang Shuang giggled, Tang Zhen was Lied, because she was invited to the Spring Festival Gala, but she was only invited to sing with three other people.Later, Xiao Na thought it was inappropriate, and after asking Tang Zhen for her opinion, she declined.Candy er heard the words, nodded as well, looked at the TV enviously, and said Wow Tangy er really wants to be on TV.Zhang Yifen smiled and said, Does Tangy er want to be on a TV show Tangy er nodded Thought Then let my sister take you there, can t I My sister is a big star and often appears on TV.

He touched his body and took out a red envelope, and handed it to Tangtang, saying it was the lucky money from his brother.I don t know why he hid the red envelope on his body.Tang Shuang didn t say hello to Tangtanger beforehand.Candy how to make cbd gummies at home benefits of cbd gummies with thc looked at Chen Ming, looked at the red envelope, and said in a crisp voice What does this mean The Lun family didn t pay New Year s greetings for the benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies New Year s money.Don t be like this, okay Brother, why do you want to make other people s homes swollen like this My son, the Lun family will not accept it What a righteous speech.On the car that arrived, Tang Zhen had told Candy that if someone offered New Year s money, don t accept it.The little man made a promise at that time.Chen Ming didn t expect that there were children who didn t receive benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies lucky money, and what they said was so righteous, he had never seen such a child.

From the coat that was taken off He took out a benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies small gift box.Guo Jing looked down at the beautifully packaged box, but didn t pick it up.She looked at Fan Dingming and his teammates with doubts.A boy next to Fan medterra cbd sleep gummies Dingming said Guo Jing, this is our heart.Don t you like Tang Zhen very much This is the ticket for Tang Zhen s concert tomorrow Fan Dingming said How did you say it You Really Surprised, Guo Jing took the gift box, opened it under everyone s gaze, and took out a ticket It was Tang Zhen s concert Guo Jing said pleasantly Wow you guys, where did you find it Tickets for Tang Zhen s concert are not for sale, and there is no market for the price.Fan Dingming waved his hands pretending to be a trivial matter, and said, It s nothing Another boy said, There is nothing difficult in this world, as long as there is a heart.

Candy doesn t know why, so I don t know why these little rabbits are smiling.She looked down at her small body, her clothes were in good condition, and her belly was not exposed She wiped her face, and there was no dirt, it was fine, everything was fine, she was full of fairy air, these people What are you laughing at She looked at these people innocently, and thought for a while, since everyone was laughing, she must have meant it, showing an awkward yet polite smile, looking silly.Shang Hui smiled and asked Tangtanger Tangtanger, how about I call you Tangtanger Is this your first time on stage Tangtanger looked at her wonderingly and said, Sister, don t you know Tangtanger Are you nervous We know each other You ve always been called Lun s Candy The audience laughed louder.Shang Hui was a little helpless, and really wanted to say to the villain, this is a polite way of speaking, I represent people who don t know cbd ed gummies you in the audience But candy is so small, it is incomprehensible.

After the last departmental meeting, Lao Li asked cbd gummies for children his sister Li Huiying again, and the result was not surprising.He had never had any dealings with Tang Shuang or Tang Zhen.Cao Kai also had no choice.Zuo Bin and Tang Shuang only had a working relationship and had no personal relationship.Shang Hui, you actually met Tang Zhen.God helped me.Li Xiulun immediately got up and left the office, went straight into the elevator, and pressed the tenth floor, which was the office floor of the news section.Shang Hui is on this floor.Director Li Why are you free Come to my place I just wanted to discuss something with you.As soon as Li Xiulun got out of the elevator, he met a director of the news column, who knew him.Later, Old Chai, I ll go find someone, and I ll go find you when I m done.Li Xiulun said, business matters.

Goodbye, Mom The Lun family is going to find Xiaoshuang The little man cbd gummies for children got out from the gap in the iron gate without looking back, and eloped briskly under the moonlight.Bai Jingjing didn t know why, so she excitedly followed run.Tang Tang, come back Tang Sanjian chased after Tangtanger.Seeing this, Tangtang had to drop the suitcase and used the snake like movement practiced in chasing Tang Shuang, ahhh, shouted Don t come after me I m going to find Xiaoshuang.Don t come after me I m super fierce I m also super fierce Tang Sanjian madly chased the villain.Ah, I m super fierce Let the Lun family go Xiang Ning Go ahead and block this kid You can t catch him A few minutes later, Tang Sanjian walked out with a pink pocket suitcase out of breath.In the front, Tangtanger walked behind dejectedly, and Huang Xiangning postponed.

Tangtanger suddenly asked Father, is Xiaoshuang still mud Tang Sanjian was stunned What mud Tangtanger briskly ran to the wall where the TV was hung, patted the wall with his small hands, and said, Help me The mud that doesn t hang on the wall Dad often scolds Xiaoshuang like this Tang Sanjian was extremely embarrassed, cbd gummies for children and waved his hand and said, That s my brother who was disobedient before.You can t scold Xiaoshuang anymore, your son is so old, if you want to criticize, you have to speak well.It s too much to scold others, it s outrageous.No more scolding, no more scolding.Tang Shuang s name and Work, Huang Xiangning said proudly I am proud of cbd gummies for children Xiaoshuang.This is the prime time of CCTV s prime channel, Tang Sanjian exclaimed He is almost surpassing me.Seeing that he is still reserved, Huang Xiangning said with a smile Isn t it already Have you surpassed it Tang Sanjian recollected, no benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies matter in terms of achievements or lord cbd gummies making money, he had indeed surpassed him, alas, he felt gratified and sad at the same time.

She seldom listened to Huang Xiangning s lectures, so she was very curious and excited.She always wanted to say hello to her mother so that she would know the baby was coming as soon as possible.Although Tangtanger forced herself not to speak, she couldn t sit still and was always twisting her buttocks.The chair would automatically turn up if she didn t sit down, so it was cbd gummies that are legal in 50 states inevitable that medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies for children she would make noise.A female classmate sitting in the front row of her turned her head and saw her, and was stunned for a while, wondering benefits of cbd gummies with thc why a child came, and the child looked at her with a bright smile on his face.The female classmate then glanced at Tang Shuang next to her, blushed, and turned her head quickly.Not long after, she suddenly turned her head again, stared at Tang Shuang, and then let out a scream.

Show me. No.Candy snorted and looked disappointed, being comforted by his father Feng Xiaofeng, I can t figure out how a boy would like a little doll in a princess dress, why not give it to her, she is a real little princess.Chapter 908 Rabbit Jumping Next, everyone got on the bus and set off to the fishing village.The bus drove along the coastline for about ten minutes.Everyone saw sparse houses in front of them.At the end of the road into the village, there were many people standing, including villagers and staff.The crowd got out of the car under the leadership of Cao Kai, and the suitcases were also brought down.Everyone, follow me and gather here.Cao Kai led the crowd to a small square in front of the village.The square was paved with big stones.There were two dogs walking lazily in the sun, and a hen With the little chickens, he was pecking at the rice grains scattered on the ground.

As for the boating tools, they are the pots and pans you brought.Tang Tanger raised the funnel in his hand in surprise, looked at Tang Shuang and said, It s over, little Shuang.Tang Shuang It s over, Tang Shuang Tang, what did you think when you picked this Tang Tanger thought about the situation at that time, pointed at the director angrily and said, He told the Lun family to pick this.Tang Shuang The director actually lied to the little girl.Child Tang Tanger nodded That s right, villain Cao Kai resolutely refused to take the blame, and said, That s not the case, Tang Tang, you picked the funnel yourself, I didn t say anything.Candy said loudly You said this is the cbd gummies for children best.Cao Kai Yes, because you asked me which one is the best, I cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen will tell you this is the best.Candy Cao Kai What did you say I do not understand.

By the end of last year, cbd gummies for children Tang Shuang had seen the sales figure of this picture book, which had just exceeded 50,000 copies.But after New Year s Day, word of mouth gradually fermented, and it began to slowly heat up.In addition, Shengjing Publishing House is an old acquaintance of Tang Shuang.quickly stood out and began to sell well.The other party told Tang Shuang on the phone just now that 200,000 picture books have been sold In other words, 150,000 copies were sold in the three months since New Year s Day, and the results can be said to be quite good.And Tang Shuang believed that the grades would get better and better.Because Tangtanger s popularity has also risen, this is a little star, a traffic chick, and the interview last night was able to steal the show Books written by little stars will definitely be more favored by fans, parents and children.

The implication is cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen self evident.While the adults were dealing with each other, little cbd gummies for children Lili who was standing aside looked up at Tang Shuang, then Tangtanger, and lowered her little head sadly, not knowing what she was thinking.Suddenly a warm little hand held her little hand, it was Tang Tang Tangtang er looked at her with a grin, and put her small mouth close to her ear and whispered something.She didn t know what she said, and soon made little Lili laugh, and her face became brighter.Tang Zongxian left.Tang Shuang was invited to take a photo with the other party, and then declined the invitation to sit in the other party s office.He left with a group of hospital leaders, while other patients and their family members became lively, chatting around Tang Shuang.A public figure appeared beside them, which made everyone very excited, and this public figure helped them vent their anger, which really relieved their anger Little Lili s father looked enviously at Tang Shuang in the crowd, and at Tang Shuang, who was chatting and laughing with his daughter.

Candy also looked forward to it It s the sprinkler chasing Tangtang.Sure enough, Master Kong, who was driving the sprinkler, arrived.After stopping to meet him, he happily got into the car with the two little girls.Tang Shuang stood on the side of the road, looking at the two little girls sitting in the driver s seat with a look of excitement.Xiao Lili s father told him beside the car Be careful, Lao Kang, drive slowly Lao Kang didn t like him, and said angrily, Have you ever seen a car that drives slower than a sprinkler Xiao Lili Lily s father said embarrassingly I just remind you, don t touch Tang Tang.Lao Kang I drive very steadily, so you don t need to worry about it.You should worry about your work.You are idle all day long.A man, the pillar of the family, doesn t look for a job all the year round.

Tang Tang, don t make other noises.Dubi found out again.Tangtang er straightened up immediately, looking like a super obedient baby.After a while, the meditation was over, and the parents and the cute babies sat opposite each other.Dubi said The next thing we have to do is the most basic etiquette, worshiping parents.Ask the children, do you like your father, and is there anything bad about your father and brother Feng Chaoqun looked at His son asked Is there anything wrong with Dad Feng Xiaofeng shook his head neatly No.Xia Dashan asked his daughter Is there anything wrong about Dad Miss Xiao Qiao shook her head without hesitation No, dad is super nice.Liu Yanping also asked his daughter if there was anything wrong with herself, Xiaodie was in a daze, he had to pat her little face to get her back to her senses, and then got a You are a good dad very answer.

Feng Xiaofeng shouted, he was about to yawn, and had medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies for children nothing to do.Under the guidance of everyone, Tangtanger picked up the small wooden bucket again, took half a bucket of water, and poured it carefully to the little tube.Although it spilled a lot on the ground, it didn t pour it on other people s heads after all.Half the battle.One pass two, half the battle.Two pass three, and half the success It spread all review on cbd gummies the way to Little Butterfly, and there was no water in the bucket.Little Butterfly looked at her small wooden bucket helplessly, it was still dry, turned it up and covered her head, and it didn t start to rain.The one in front cbd gummies for children of her was Li Yushu, who poured all the water on the ground, and the little butterfly didn t even touch the side of the barrel.I don t know if it s a revenge mentality, but in the process of passing the water again, he was drenched into a little tube and poured water on Xia Dashan s head Ah Xia Dashan screamed.

At that time, she seemed to be hurt by love, squatting by the river alone and crying.The girl she is now is completely different from that girl at that time.She is heroic and tough on the court, ah fight Called very imposing.Huang Xiangning said There will be a World Championships in Guangdong on Thursday night.Let s watch cbd gummies reliva together.Does Xiaoshuang have time She is a volleyball fan.Thursday night Yes, I have time.Tang Shuang replied.Well, the Lun family also has time Ouch Tang Shuang was taken aback, looking at the elusive villain, When did you come here, why didn t you make any sound at all.It s broken.Tang Shuang was frightened by her, which made her a little proud.Tang Shuang glanced at her medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies for children and said, Aren t you looking at your little red Tang Tanger sighed, Oh, when will my little red be born It s so tiring to see.

Tang Shuang felt extremely humiliated, and was tossed on the bed by two women Hee hee hee, pinch your big face plate and stretch it Tang Tang er excitedly held her hands, her small hands were how to make cbd gummies at home benefits of cbd gummies with thc like little snakes, constantly trying to break through Tang Shuang s block, so that she could pinch his face.What did you say Big face plate My face is not a big face plate Please explain clearly Tang Shuang s focus of concern was shifted in an instant, and then accidentally pinched by a small hand Hold the plate with a big face and pull it hard.Tang Tanger, who succeeded in one blow, was extremely excited, and immediately rolled over from Tang Shuang and hid behind Tang Zhen to prevent Xiao Shuang from violently rising.Hee hee hee pinch Xiaoshuang s big face My sister pinches it too.Not only did he pinch Tang Shuang s face, but he even instigated Tang Zhen to do the same.

On the stage, Tang Zhen s singing just ended.After singing a song, she was a little out of breath.After saying thank you, she bowed slightly to express her gratitude to the boys who had been accompanying in the dark of the stage.Everyone didn t pay attention to these people, after all, they didn t know many people.They are Tunan Band of Tuzi Entertainment.It s not yet their official debut, their moment culminates at the end.Tang Zhen took a cbd gummies for children quick breath, then stopped talking, and looked at Luo Yuqing who was walking towards the stage.Luo Yuqing s red dress is extremely dazzling, coupled with her flowery smile, everyone can feel her enthusiasm.She and Tang Zhen stood together, as if one was fire and the other was ice.Tang Zhen was wearing a white shirt and white washed jeans today, with the front of the white shirt tucked into the waistband, looking casual and heroic.

Sister in red skirt Xiaoshuang, sister in red skirt how to make cbd gummies at home benefits of cbd gummies with thc Tangtanger recognized Luo Yuqing, this red dress is so easy to recognize, it is Luo Yuqing s favorite, and her favorite.Especially if you want it but can t get it, it will be even bio wellness cbd gummies cbd gummies for children more impressive.So as soon as Luo Yuqing stood next to Tang Zhen, she only blinked and recognized that this was the woman she had dreamed of I really want to take off this little sister s red dress and put it on for the little princess herself.Ignoring the unreasonable thoughts of the little sister in the audience, Tang Zhen and Luo Yuqing on the stage began to sing Ice and benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies Fire.Fans call them the Song of Ice and Fire.Although the two are not a combination, they are both in Chengmai, they are both Chengmai s first sisters, they are similar in age, and they are both extremely beautiful.

Weibo big V Er Sheng wrote The chorus of Tang Zhen and Luo Yuqing, let us see the power of the new generation, as if two heavenly talents are rising.The fans are right, they are Bing and Luo Yuqing.Song of Fire.There were too many tears last night, and I was also cbd gummies for children cbd gummies kopen one of the crying legion.How many people, like me, realized overnight that we are no longer young.We have grown up and said goodbye to youth.When I saw Hu Zhongyuan and Huang Hui singing on the same stage, I burst into tears.The two heavenly kings who were in their prime are now middle aged.About Hu Zhongyuan and Su Lixian, we have been rumored for decades In the end, they just didn t go according to our arrangement, and they didn t get together in the end, and each had a happy family.That s fine, seeing them on stage is like seeing former lovers, the feeling of being close to each other, The fragrance will fade over time.

After being persuaded by sister Xiangning, she put it down.It took half an hour to finish the meal, and it cloud 8 cbd gummies was like a gust of wind.I rushed into the study and continued to draw Finally, before going to bed, I drew the picture of Tinker Bell and Little Bear going fishing.The little guy is still very hardworking and talented when he is serious.The biggest problem is that he can t sit still and calm down to do things.This painting is a good start.Tang Shuang changed her previous serious style and praised her greatly, rewarding her for sleeping in the same bed with him at night.Unexpectedly, the little guy said arrogantly Hmph The Lun family don t want to sleep with Xiaoshuang You don t even want such a good reward Have you thought it through Do you know how many people want an opportunity like yours Huang Xiangning looked over and stared at him speechlessly.

Everyone whispered to each other and glanced around, wanting to see where the rain phase came from Shi Yu, Liang Qiusha and the award presenters on the stage also stared curiously at the restless and slightly excited audience, wanting to see who the mysterious Yuxiang was.Yang Huiru s beautiful eyes, like everyone else s, kept scanning the surroundings, hoping to find the appearance of the rain in the first place.Sitting not far from her was Li Xiaozhi.Li Xiaozhi s mood tonight is the most complicated.Originally, she was the one with the brightest future in Girl s Day, and also the one who was valued the most, otherwise she wouldn t be poached by Kaitian Culture.But a year has passed, and she can barely be considered a second tier singer.Tang Zhen, who is the least able to speak in the same group, is already a super first tier singer and has become the pillar of Orange Mai.

For a while, only Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing were left in the family.Tang Shuang held her hand with a smile and said, Take me to see the room where the princess lives.Luo Yuqing smiled and said, It s not where the princess lives, but a little girl.Her room is full of little girls.fantasy, the main color is blue fantasy.Tang Shuang looked here and there in her room, looking for the traces of Miss Luo from childhood to adulthood, a photo, an old thing, cbd gummies for children all carried a period of time in the past.Opening the photo album, Luo Yuqing was unparalleled in her student days.Among all the group photos, she was always the most eye catching one.At a glance, she was definitely the first thing to notice, even if she was standing in a corner.Tang Shuang smiled and said This is my Yuqing when I was a child.Seeing your photo, it is so beautiful and warm, just like the warm wind blowing when we walked through the street just now, like shooting through that old room.

A young man in his 20s doesn t go out with his classmates and friends during holidays, but always stays at home and plays with his little sister.In the eyes of outsiders, he is really a weirdo.Because of this, his college girlfriend Zeng Yujun thinks he is childish and immature, and they have to bring their little sister with them when they date Candy has spent six carefree years in this way.She is lively, cute, eccentric, pure and innocent, and is a little princess who is completely protected.Just like the pink sleepwalking doll in front of me, it means that all children who get the sleepwalking doll will always be pure and happy like the sleepwalking doll, carefree and living in the world of dreams and fairy tales.Jiang Yue touched benefits of cbd gummies with thc best way to store cbd gummies the exquisite sleepwalking doll.It looked like porcelain, but it was soft and had a faint fragrance.

Don t be inflated Be humble The young lady is asking if you have any money Tang Shuang couldn t stand it, and interjected.Ever since he had saved the little man s money, this fellow would have claimed at every opportunity that she had money, and that her brother owed her a large sum, as if he was afraid he would have it all to himself.Tangtanger s rhetoric was interrupted by Xiaoshuang, and she pouted, a can cbd gummies make your stomach hurt little dissatisfied.But after being interrupted like this, the blood that was almost boiling all over her body calmed down a little, she grinned silly at Jiang Yue twice, nodded and said, Is there any problem, young lady, is there any problem, the mother of the Lun family is young lady , a lady who is just like you, she is beautiful, wow Miss, you are so beautiful, your hair is so beautiful, why is it so long Candy jumped off the sofa, turned behind Jiang Yue, and looked at her A head of long and black hair, and then touched his small head, a ball head, covered with long hair that only a little princess would have, hanging down to the back of his heart.

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