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After arranging everything, it was already 4 37 p.m.when we arrived at Factory 527.Han Chaoyang did not go to Building No.5, but took Li Xiaobin straight to the old office building where the security department of Dongyang Company was located.The guards in the security department were all old, weak, sick and disabled, but the technical defense was still relatively good.There are cameras installed at all the four gates cbd gummies for menstrual cramps in the north and south, and there are cameras in the factory area, even on the door opening of the tube building super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews cbd gummies botanical farms of the old family courtyard.Xu Guangrong, deputy manager and head of the security section of Dongyang Company, had received a notification from Chaoyang Community that a police officer had arrived, and he was very enthusiastic about Han Chaoyang s arrival.Xiao Han, although our guards are relatively old, other safety precautions, including fire fighting facilities, are still very sound.

The leader checked not only Han Chaoyang, but also himself and Lao Xu.Xu Hongliang hated those who liked to gossip behind their backs the most, and said very seriously Sister Chen, there are a total of these people in the institute.If you don t tell me, I can still find out.Reporting to the leader, Chen Xiujuan was equally disdainful, hesitated for a moment, and lowered her voice to tell the whole story In the duty room of the auxiliary police opposite the household registration window, the auxiliary police Jiang Yifei cbd gummies for menstrual cramps looked at the BMW parked in the yard through the glass window, and said gloatingly, Baohua, you are killing Han Chaoyang this time.Offended, I know what Xu Hongliang is here for, so I inquired about Liu Suo and the instructor going to Chaoyang Police to investigate the post.Not only was he inquiring, but Lao Bao also received a call during dinner just now, and Lao Xu called him.

Yeah, I just ate.Chaoyang, we are going to stir the ladle in a pot next, thinking about finding a place to sit in the evening, calling Xiao Zhong, Xiao Guo, Hong Liang and Lao Xu to have a meal together Yes, I was preoccupied with recruiting in the morning, and I was preoccupied with security company procedures in the afternoon, so I cbd gummies for menstrual cramps forgot to call you.It s okay, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.Tomorrow, it will be tomorrow night.Walking into the police room, the cold air hits my face Come, the air conditioner installed in the afternoon the day before yesterday worked well, not only the cooling is strong, but also the noise is very small.Just as he was about to greet Xu Hongliang, who had been studying all afternoon, for dinner, a familiar face appeared in front of him.Manager Zhang, you re here Chaoyang, I ve been waiting for you all afternoon.

It s not easy for migrant workers, but the city needs to be built and developed, and it s the general trend, so it s super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews cbd gummies botanical farms impossible not to move.This hard bone must be gnawed down, so as not to leave hidden dangers for the demolition in the near future.Director Su weighed it up and said with a blank expression Compared to the previous villages that were demolished, Chaoyang Village s compensation standard is the highest, but natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed reviews cbd gummies for menstrual cramps there are still some villagers who are disregarding the price list for cbd gummies overall situation.It s not enough to just persuade and coax, when it s time to be tough.It s hard, almost every household has a house to rent out, and there are more than a dozen or even dozens of foreigners living in one household, and several of them have gone through the registration of rental housing, and a few of the foreigners who live in their homes have gone through residence permits.

Secretary Zhang had some opinions, and asked in a low voice Secretary Cai, what s the name Call the door from door to door.What do you call the door for The public security and the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team jointly enforce the law and execute orders.Why are there so many As soon as Director Cai finished speaking, Han Chaoyang returned to the first team after checking the blockage of each intersection.Seeing more and more villagers and outsiders onlookers, Han Chaoyang immediately raised the microphone on the patrol car Villagers, residents who rent in the village, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.What is going on is Huayuan Street A joint law enforcement operation by the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade and the Huayuan Street Police Station Please go back to your home or your rented private house, and prepare your ID card, household registration booklet, and rental house registration procedures for inspection.

Foreigners can stay here to watch the excitement, but they must first go to the front check point to check their ID cards.You can go back, but you can t go out.If you want to go out of the village, you must first check your ID card and get the road signs issued by Guo Xinyi or Chen Jie.Li Xiaobin and other patrol members who perform the blocking cbd gummies for menstrual cramps task will let you go.Director Su not only explained and persuaded, but also changed his tone, and seriously warned in the loudspeaker that whoever makes trouble is obstructing official duties, and whoever obstructs official duties will be held legally accountable.None of the outsiders watching the excitement dispersed one after another, not wanting to cause trouble.There are only villagers left on the scene, and there are more and more, but the order on the scene is better than before.

The police are human beings, they also have families, and they also have to live.Zhang Beibei was very moved, and said with tears in his eyes, Thank you cbd gummies for menstrual cramps Officer Han, I will not be polite to you if you are poor and short sighted.I will pay you back the money with interest when I get the compensation.Sixty first Chapter small policeman, great achievements Five hundred Comrade policeman, did you make a mistake How could you be fined so much If the house lessor rents out the house to a person without an ID card, or fails to register the name of the lessee, the type and number of the ID card according to the regulations, a fine of not less than 200 yuan but not more than 500 yuan will be imposed.Knowing that this time, he will be fined., I didn t expect to be fined so much.The villagers who were being dealt with were in a natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed reviews cbd gummies for menstrual cramps hurry and HCMUSSH cbd gummies for menstrual cramps were about to open their mouths to argue.

There are so many Chaoyangs, you are going to make me dizzy Secretary Ma of the District Political and Legal Committee told Secretary Yang of the street made a joke, and immediately held Han Chaoyang s hand that had just been put down after saluting Comrade Xiao Han, I didn cbd gummies for menstrual cramps t expect to see your deeds in the materials in the morning and see cbd gummies for menstrual cramps bulk cbd gummies for sale the true face of Lushan in the afternoon.Han Chaoyang defends Chaoyang Community security, you really came to the right place.A young and energetic policeman like you should go deep into the community and cbd gummies for menstrual cramps take root in the grassroots.Facts have proved that working at the grassroots is just as promising.Create brilliance Han Chaoyang didn t know that the person in front of him was the secretary of the District Political and Legal Committee, but only knew that he was the leader, and said excitedly, Thank you Secretary Ma for your praise, thank you Secretary Ma for your encouragement, in fact, I didn t do the work alone It s very bio life cbd gummies for ed modest.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was very tense, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to look up, and just drooped his head thinking wildly, so that he didn t know what the political commissar said later.Comrades, yesterday afternoon, the Disciplinary Committee of the Municipal Bureau and the Inspection Detachment jointly issued a rectification notice, criticizing the problems found in the past month s open and unannounced visits, and asking all branches to rectify.There are also many problems in our branch, and there are subjective reasons , There are also objective factors, according to the requirements of the superiors, combined with the actual situation, the bureau party committee decided to dig super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews cbd gummies botanical farms deep into the potential and further optimize the integration of resources.Du Ju took over the conversation and said in a cadence As we all know, the University of Science and Technology and the Sixth City Hospital are under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, but the Xinyuan Street Police Station is nearly nine kilometers away from the University of Science and Technology and the Sixth City Hospital.

In this way, not only can avoid The masses have been criticizing each other for blame, and it can increase the speed of police dispatch to the greatest extent, hemp bomb cbd gummies so that the masses can avoid wrongdoing.This platform is well established, and one should have been established long ago.Deputy Director Jiang of the Security Department of the University of Science and Technology The replacement deputy director level, although Grandpa Gu enjoys the treatment of HCMUSSH cbd gummies for menstrual cramps a researcher but has no administrative position, it can be said that he has the highest position among the people who participated in the meeting.Because of this, he speaks without any scruples.He knocked on the table and said in a somewhat dissatisfied tone As for the police office, you can see it everywhere on Zhongshan Road, there is one on the south side of the road, one on the north side of the road, one in the Sixth Hospital, and one in our school, but only the police office has no police.

What will happen.It should be, Director Gu, take a breath first, I ll ask about the situation ahead.Stop drinking, I ll go ahead and have a look.This is just the beginning, Director Gu dare not be here After staying for a long time, seeing that Grandpa Gu and his senior brother had followed the last row of owners on the road, Han Chaoyang simply put down the walkie natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed reviews cbd gummies for menstrual cramps talkie, opened the door and called Director Gu and street cadre Zhang Yuling to get into the car.They rushed to the front to make arrangements, while Grandpa Gu and Yu Zhenchuan slowly followed the big troop on foot.Yu Zhenchuan looked at the urban management law enforcement vehicles that passed by, and couldn t help saying Master, Chaoyang is fine, and he rescued the street leaders in a few words.See very clearly.He looked around and said nonchalantly, If you were you, you could also rescue the street cadres.

It was pure luck that the blind cat ran into a dead mouse.The capture by the Pian er police is completely different from the capture by the criminal police, not to mention that this is a trainee Pian er policeman.The young police officer in front of him was cbd gummies for menstrual cramps in the limelight these days, Jiao Da couldn t help stretching out his right hand, and half jokingly said Whether it s luck or not, catching the murderer is a matter of skill.Come on, hold one, let me touch you too Good luck.Jiao Da, don t laugh at me.No joke, you are the hero of our branch now.After shaking hands and patting his arm, Jiao Da turned around and asked, Xiao Yu, the Sixth Court It should be in your jurisdiction, are you familiar with the medical staff Yes.It s good if you are familiar with it, help me find the duty leader of the emergency room, and ask them to give priority to the X ray of the suspect in front, who has hidden drugs in his body.

As soon as Han Chaoyang finished introducing the situation, he agreed straight away I thought it was a big deal.It s a lot of work for you, but it s easy for us.Anyway, we have to go cbd gummies for menstrual cramps to the street every day.Let me ask by the way.I don t know about other districts.I can assure you, you can rest assured in our district, call them early tomorrow morning, and you can find out at free cbd gummies equilibrium nutrition the latest the night after tomorrow.Thank you very much, I am looking up the kid s mobile phone number, once I find out about the small advertisements he posted I ll take a photo of the pattern and send it to you.Thank you, I m not an outsider, and this is our business.Captain Tang thought for a while, and couldn t help suggesting Han Da, if this is the case, let s find out first.Find out the situation first.If I can confirm that the kid has committed many crimes, I will report to the superior.

All sanitation and cleaning personnel are on the road, but there is still a big shortage of personnel.Please organize patrols to assist Hua The director inspects the drainage of public toilets in the community, removes debris from the wellhead of the rainwater, pushes the stagnant water to the drainage outlet with a large broom, and makes every effort to ensure that the rainwater is discharged smoothly into the Chaoyang River through the drainage system.The tone of the leader is unquestionable.Now it is emergency rescue and disaster relief.The superiors have even sent over emergency tools and supplies such as raincoats, shovels, brooms, woven bags, and wire, and there is no room for bargaining.Su Xian agreed without hesitation Don t worry, Director Gu, we promise to complete the task.How many people can you dispatch now 50 cbd gummies for menstrual cramps people, if you count community cadres and village cadres, 60 people are no problem.

So you all know, since you already know Why do you ask after you ve already decided I want to hear it from you.Aggressive If it were another auxiliary police officer, he would definitely not and would not dare to do this.His situation is different from other auxiliary police officers.Not only does his family have plenty of money, cbd gummies for menstrual cramps he doesn t care about the job at all.He can resign immediately if he wants to quit.He is cbd gummies legal in mexico also very popular, super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews cbd gummies botanical farms and his status in the police station is similar to that of a policeman.Wu Wei was silent for a moment, then said lightly You can tell Han Chaoyang that I told Liu Suo and the trainer that he went to Dian Shang Cafe to play the piano.To you, this is a small report, but IDon t think so, I m protecting the image of the police.If I encounter it again, I will report to the leader.

Pushing the handed cigarette aside, he signaled Gu Changsheng to continue counting his gambling funds.In the past few years, Wei Haicheng went to the police station twice in three days, even the detention center.He was not afraid of the police, but he just cared about the money, so he came up and begged Officer Han, we really didn t have a good time., We are talking about things while playing cards.The money is going to be a partnership.Do me a favor, save face, and talk directly when it is useful to us in the future.Yes, Master Han, we are not gambling, we It s talking about something.A villager nodded repeatedly, almost swearing.It was brother just now, but now it has become master.To make Han Chaoyang even more ridiculous, Cai Qing, a villager who was caught going to the toilet in the yard just now, said eagerly Report to the government, we are indeed talking about things, talking on the mahjong table, and talking on the wine table.

Call later, by the way, what happened to the woman my master sent me in the morning.Thinking about it carefully, Chaoyang Community is really a good place, and you can always find valuable criminal clues.Chen Xiujuan put down the materials, looked up and said I have figured out the identity of the liar who cheated money and sex.He is not a policeman at martha cbd gummies cbd gummies for menstrual cramps all, let alone a department of the provincial department.Chief, he is not only a liar, but also has a criminal record.The criminal police team is busy investigating the murder case in Yangguan Village, so they don t care about such a small case.Let our office investigate and handle it, and Lao Ding and Da Zhuang are responsible.Are you clear I don t know, I want to know and call Lao Ding.Although lukewarm, his attitude is much better than before, at least no more cynicism.

The compensation is no less than yours, but they become millionaires and become cleaners, driving cars to sweep the streets every day.The cleaners only pay a month, do people care about that money I will look for it tomorrow , find a job at random, and promise not to gamble.What does it mean to find a job at random If you want to live a good life, you should find it hard.If you find a job, you should work hard.You must plan your future life well.For example, how to spend land acquisition and demolition funds, this time Cash compensation, the type and floor of the house to be moved back to let you demolition households choose first, which is 200 per square meter cheaper than outsiders.You are only in your early thirties, it is impossible not to find a wife, it is best to have two sets, live in one now, The other one is reserved for Xiaobao to marry a wife in the future.

Li Xiaobin and Xiaokang worked together to drag Qiu Zhimin, whose body was already stiff, onto the boat.When he dragged his torso to the side of the boat, his mouth suddenly opened, spit out a big mouthful of water, and sprayed martha cbd gummies cbd gummies for menstrual cramps Xiaokang s face, which shocked them both Chaoyang, are you breathing, is there help Gu Guoli asked eagerly on the shore.Master, let s take a look first.It s hopeless, Li Xiaobin helped Xiaokang wipe his face, raised his head and said, Just now it was the water in his stomach, which was squeezed out by the side of the boat.Corpse spots appeared on his face , It would be hell if he could survive.Thinking of wanting to arrest him today, Han Chaoyang was worried that he would not be able to explain clearly in the future, so he simply came to a dead horse as a living horse doctor, handed the law enforcement recorder to Xiaokang, knelt down and mustered up the courage to help with artificial respiration, just pressing his chest, He wouldn t be so stupid as to mouth to mouth a dead person, holding him down until the ambulance arrived before carrying the body ashore together with Li Xiaobin and Xu Hongliang.

When the person who fell down left, the doctor would find the person who called 120, and asked the person who called 120 to pay to make trouble for good deeds.If they think about it and are not super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews convinced, they call 110 to call the police.What do you think it is It s absurd to think about it, Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and continued Actually, the hospital doesn t completely ignore such patients.They will advance part of the expenses for emergency treatment according to the regulations, and then report to the health, civil affairs and labor security departments.But Only the emergency expenses are paid in advance, that is, simple bandages and infusions, and there is no advance payment for serious diseases, and no assistance in treatment.Since the hospital has an emergency policy, why do you have cbd gummies for menstrual cramps to go Zhang Beibei asked.

Two tall men, a fat man, and a bald head were wearing shorts, jeans, and checkered short sleeves.Although they didn t know what their facial features were, these features were enough.While urging Guan Xiyuan to drive faster, Liu Jianye said Xiao Han, we are almost at the intersection of Xinning, you are closer than us, you should arrive in front of us, don t act in a hurry, find a place to hide and wait for orders when you get nearby.When we arrive, we will act in unison.Don t hang up your mobile phone, report your location at any time, and keep in touch.It s closer from Chaoyang Community than from the office, and in a blink of an eye, we arrived at the intersection cbd gummies for menstrual cramps of Yuning Street and Shijiaxi Road.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to scare the snake, so Xiaokang asked Xiaokang to drive the car to a relatively secluded tree shade on the side of the road, dialed Lao Yan again with Yu Xucheng s mobile phone, and confirmed that the seven young men were still on the opposite side of the parking lot, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.

Village head Cui knew very well that he could natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed reviews cbd gummies for menstrual cramps not handle the Chaoyang community on the issue of organizing security patrol forces, but he also did not want to make it too shabby.He green galaxy cbd gummies super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews was not satisfied with alms for 30,000 yuan, so he came out of Xinlong Steel Structure Company and dragged Han Chaoyang to several houses., looking for a few richer small bosses in the village.Boss Li of the cement prefabrication plant was willing to offer 2,000, Boss Huang of the supermarket offered 1,000, and Boss Wu of logistics offered 1,000 He ran to more than a dozen stores non stop until four o clock in the afternoon, and finally got more than 50,000.sponsor.It can be seen from this that he is quite powerful as the village chief, who would give this face to anyone else.With the money, Han Chaoyang was very happy, and immediately called Lao Jin and asked Lao Jin and Xiao Zhong to come over to discuss specific matters with Cui Village Chief.

At the same time, Bian Guangping climbed up the wall with the help of Xiao Liu.There was no movement in the room, maybe the music was too loud, or maybe the people inside didn t react.Wu Wei vaguely saw that the big wolfhound was not tied up, and was raising his head and barking at the wall, turning around below while barking, and suddenly took a breath, but now he couldn t care about that martha cbd gummies cbd gummies for menstrual cramps much, he gritted his teeth and crawled.Go to the top of the wall, look in the right direction and jump down.As soon as his feet touched the ground, his legs were still bent to absorb the impact of the jump, when he saw a black shadow rushing towards him.He raised his right arm subconsciously, but the movement was still half a beat slow, and there was a sharp pain in his wrist.The damn big wolf dog didn t bite the right position, and he could feel half a cbd gummies for menstrual cramps row of canine teeth biting on the entangled forearm, and half a row Canine teeth bite at the wrist.

Han Chaoyang smiled slightly.Huang s mother didn t understand these things, so she asked Old Huang, what level is the third level Music can cultivate people s sentiments, and the character of becoming a national three level performer is definitely not bad.Huang s father was more satisfied with his son in law, and explained happily This does just cbd gummies get you high not only represents the level of performance, but also a professional title in literature and art.The national three level A first level performer is equivalent to an assistant researcher, and a second level player is an associate senior, equivalent to an associate professor Chapter 176 The person who finds a different path has already seen it, and has asked all the necessary questions.The daughter was already showing a hint of impatience.Huang s mother realized that it would be bad for her to sit and chat like this, and she didn t want to leave a bad impression on her son in law who was nagging.

They mortgaged the house to the bank.My parents paid 100,000 yuan.It s not that they don t support it, but the main reason is that they don t have much money.Don t say he doesn t make money now, even if he makes money, he can t control it Two brothers, many things are difficult to handle.Chen Xiujuan cbd gummies for menstrual cramps thought about it and then asked If you want to buy a house and get married, how much can your parents support They don t have much money to save.I haven t contributed much to the family all these years, and I ve been spending money from my family all the time.How can I get my family to support me., but his father and his mother want to live.His brother and sister in law didn t buy a house because they started their business, so that cbd gummies for menstrual cramps was also his brother s and sister in law s home.His nephew will go to kindergarten next year.

Knowing it was normal, Han Chaoyang smiled and explained The first row can t block it, but our choir has three rows, just like a big group photo, the second row stands higher than the first row, and the third row stands taller.It is higher than the second row.Oh, I really can t remember if you don t tell me, and Director Wang and the others are really too, and they don t remind you.You let the wedding company adjust the background first, and I will talk to Director Wang and the others.Say hello.Let s go.When I asked, it turned out that they were discussing the positions of the two bands with the wedding company.They are very busy these days, not only practicing singing and dancing, not only trying to prepare costumes and props, but also looking for talents who can play musical instruments all over the world, and they really made a wind band and a folk band, regardless of the performance level, at least the lineup looks like presentable.

How much money you spend will be in vain.Parents should be fine, right Not necessarily, this is the most worrying thing now, if the bone marrow of the child s parents is not suitable, and the bone marrow bank can t find a suitable one, it will be troublesome Why can t the parents This is not a blood transfusion.Anyway, that s what the doctor said.Whether they can match the type or not, we will take a bone marrow test for them after raising more than 100,000 yuan for medical expenses.If they don t match , if you can t find it in the bone marrow bank, then there is no need to continue to raise donations. It s so pitiful. Who says it s not, so we ll get married in the future, and when you re pregnant in the future, don t play with your phone, don t Close to the computer, I searched just now, and it is said that electromagnetic radiation may cause leukemia in the baby of the pregnant woman.

There is really no best but better.The most worse one is the Finance Bureau.There are no units in the district who do not deal with them and are very familiar with them, but there are more what is the difference between thc and cbd gummies than a dozen unfamiliar faces among the people who performed on stage, clearly relying on money to attract foreign aid.unacceptable As soon as the political commissar noticed something was wrong, Zhou Ju immediately took out his mobile phone and prepared to send WeChat to Director Wei of the Finance Bureau.It turned out that the WeChat group that participated in the meeting last time had exploded, and the top leaders of each unit were mobilizing teachers to inquire about the crimes.Director Hua of the Education Bureau, who was determined to win the first place, and even Director Gu of the Propaganda Department, who was also in the group.

The performance was martha cbd gummies cbd gummies for menstrual cramps unprecedentedly successful, especially the last song Deep Sea which shocked the audience.It would be hell if it black package of cbd gummies south texas didn t get the first place.Secretary Yang was so happy that he didn t care if Director Hua would protest in the group, and he didn t care if he saw it behind him., raised his arms to give a thumbs up to Han Chaoyang and other performers who were still standing on the stage.The QR code came out, and the audience inside and outside the venue began to scan and vote and participate in the selection.Secretary Ding took the martha cbd gummies cbd gummies for menstrual cramps stage to speak, and the big screen on the left broadcasted Secretary Ding live, while the big screen on the right continuously refreshed the voting results.I saw that the number of votes behind the chorus program of Huayuan Street and Yandong Branch and the number of votes behind the choir program of the Education Bureau rose sharply, but the speed and magnitude were very different.

One blushed with shame, and the other subconsciously hid behind her companion.Not very courageous, Han Chaoyang held back a smile and said, Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long, and I have to apologize to you for what happened tonight.Thousands of spectators have to leave the venue, and the exits cannot be blocked, otherwise it will easily happen Stampede incident, so I had to leave as soon as the show was over, I broke my promise, let you wait in vain, let you down.It doesn t matter how you leave a message on the Internet, anyway, it s a vest.But seeing the real person, Zuo Yanqian was so nervous that she could hardly speak.Tang Meixuan was both nervous and curious, secretly looking at him and Huang Ying behind him, her cheeks were burning with shame, she didn t know what to say.

Hurry up and accompany Qi Gong to find the child, and remember to send Xiao Zuo and Xiao Tang home after you find it.Yes Yingying, you also go together, isn t that child working as a green galaxy cbd gummies super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews waiter, he should rest now On such a hot day, it is inconvenient for Chaoyang and Xiao Wu to enter the girls dormitory, you can help me.Okay.It s good if you can find it, Director Wang and Director Su sent everyone to the dormitory.At the door, holding the door of the patrol car, he exhorted Xiao Qi, Xiao Lu, we must pay attention to methods and methods in educating children.Now children are under so much pressure to learn, and they should pay attention to step by step learning.Not paying attention to methods and methods will only be counterproductive.After finding it, add more care , don t just hit with your hand, or curse with your mouth.

A woman ran away Come here and grab his clothes.Contracting belongs to contracting, one yard belongs to one yard, and you will be treated if you hit someone If you didn t turn back, we could do it What are you shouting, did you do it, let go first, and follow me to the security guards Room Han Chaoyang jumped out of the patrol car, glared at the middle aged woman, and then shifted his gaze to Wu Junfeng and others who were hesitant to speak.The master and the apprentice cooperated tacitly, and Grandpa Gu walked quickly to the beaten old man, looked at the injuries, and immediately turned around and said, Xiao Wu, what are you doing in a daze, take the old man to the hospital first.Oh, here we come.Gu Grandpa has a lot of experience, and he guessed almost exactly based on their few words just now.

To be a policeman, wear a policeman s uniform.I signed up impulsively, and ended up being assigned to Jiangli s hometown, where I worked in the Caodian police station for several years.At that time, there were only three people in the police station, the director, the instructor and me.There are no decent roads.To handle a case in the lower village, you have to rely on cbd gummies for menstrual cramps two legs, find a wooden stick as a walking stick, and wear out a few pairs of shoes a year.But at that time, the village level organization was able to manage affairs, and civil disputes were civil disputes.The mediation is basically out of our control, and there are not as many things as it is now.He Suo is 49 years old this year, and he is a true old director At this age, when the head of the police station, in the Yandong branch So the conditions are good now.

Don t worry, even if there are, there won t be many.I had a video with my girlfriend in the afternoon, and my phone With only 30 battery left, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to chat for too long, so he ended the call and continued to rest.Uncle Yan couldn t speak Mandarin, and he didn t have a watch or mobile phone, so he didn t know the time.He sat on the top of the mountain and helped watch the night.When he was sleepy, he pushed Han Chaoyang to get up and change shift.I squatted here for four days and four nights, no, it should be four days and five nights.It was too cold at night, and a bonfire was lit at the top of the mountain.Bonfires were also lit at the three passes in the east and northwest, and they could be seen from a long distance.Han Chaoyang didn t think Feng Changdong would dare to run from here.

He said that this wild boar is a female with cubs.Now it is the season for wild boars to give birth.As long as someone approaches, they will go crazy.The fugitive may be hurt by it because he approached accidentally.He also said that it is so big It s a pity that a wild boar is thrown here.He wants to ask us to help him carry it to the village.If we don cbd gummies for menstrual cramps t help him carry it, he will skin it and divide it here Over the years, due to the conversion of farmland to forests and good environmental protection, wild boars in green galaxy cbd gummies super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews the mountains The number is increasing.Every night after night falls, wild boars come to the fields in groups to destroy crops, especially in a dozen villages in several towns near the forest area, and the villagers really suffer from it.It even forced some single family farmers living in the ravines to stay away from the cultivated land and to move to villages with larger populations.

He knows that the old man wants to sell wild boar for some money, and by the way, let his grandson who may not have eaten meat for a long time eat meat, and weigh it After a while, he agreed You can give him the wild boar, but you have to wait for the criminal police to arrive and investigate the scene.Yes.The police caught the fugitive, and the old man picked up a wild boar weighing several hundred catties for nothing.However, the leader said that the wild boar could not be handed over to him yet.Han Chaoyang wanted to stay at the scene to protect the scene, wait for the criminal police to come to investigate, and might even accept the criminal police s questioning.The little guy was afraid that what the police said would cbd gummies and migraines not count, he said he was waiting in the woods with Han Chaoyang, but he was actually guarding the wild boar belonging martha cbd gummies cbd gummies for menstrual cramps to his family.

Do you want to die Do you know how worried your mother is, and how worried I am It feels so good that someone cares Although he was scolded head on, Han Chaoyang felt very happy in his heart, and quickly explained My wife, it s not what you think.I m not that great, and I m not that stupid.I know very well that green galaxy cbd gummies super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews my life is not my own.My life is my own.Your people, death is your ghost, and you can t make fun of your own safety without your permission.He started talking nonsense seriously again.This matter is different from other things.Huang Ying didn t want to be fooled by him, and asked Why are you not so stupid Do you have a gun Are you wearing a body armor I don t have a cbd gummies for menstrual cramps bulk cbd gummies for sale gun, and I don t Wearing bulletproof vests, but this matter is really not what you think, and it probably is not what it says in the WeChat official account, you listen to my explanation first.

Jiang Erhu is purely making trouble for no reason, and he will not give him any money.Not only will he not give him money, but he will also pay the rent.Replenish me.On this issue, Huang Ying was right and wrong, and asked with a puzzled face You know they can t win, why did you give them money Who would think too much money, and I don t want to give it.Even if I think the money is too much, I would rather donate it than give it to them.There is no way to settle out of court.If I don t settle with them, I don t know how long this lawsuit will last.If the lawsuit is over, I won t be able to get it for a day to demolition compensation.If the ownership of the property is in dispute and the courts are pending, then she really can t get the money.The two sisters Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang are notoriously unreasonable, they can do anything, they push them into a hurry, they really know how to fight the lawsuit to the end, even if they lose the first trial, they will appeal, anyway, they have plenty of money, and they have already got it from their in laws.

The mobile phone and ID cards are all in the hands of the pyramid schemers.Luckily, I had some money, so I went to the station police station to explain the situation, and the .

do cbd gummies?

railway police issued a certificate to him, asking him to buy a ticket and report back.Huang Ying laughed and said, I said last night that maybe someone cbd gummies for menstrual cramps Chaoyang still doesn t believe me if I cheated into pyramid schemes No matter what the reason is, it s good to gummy cbd soda bottles come back, otherwise the anxious parents will run to the police station every day.Xiaokang thought this was a good thing, thought about it, and put down the flyer Sister Xinyi, Sister Yingying, this is not a trivial matter.The Xinyuan Street Police Station has registered a case.You should watch here first, and I will tell Han Da Go ahead, he s been dragging for a long time, so it s time for a break.

How could Han Chaoyang fail to understand what he meant, cbd gummies for menstrual cramps but he cbd gummies for menstrual cramps didn t want to give him this face, so he said flatly, Old Zhu, it s definitely wrong and illegal for that guy surnamed Huo to cheat Xiao Zhu into a cbd gummies for menstrual cramps pyramid scheme.He will be arrested sooner or later.The criminals who took Xiaozhu s ID card were suspected of breaking the law and crimes just like the mobile phone, and should be punished by the law.It is not clear whether this mobile phone belongs to the pyramid schemes or the innocent people who were also deceived by the pyramid schemes.Even if it is Those of pyramid schemers must also be handed over to us.In martha cbd gummies cbd gummies for menstrual cramps short, you can t exchange a mobile phone for another mobile phone, if you don t do so, you will be blackmailed Officer Han, if you hand over this mobile phone, what will happen to my Youwei s mobile phone Old Zhu, don t worry, just listen to me.

Han Chaoyang really had feelings for Chaoyang Village, and he suddenly felt empty when he thought that as a community policeman, he was not there for such a major event as relocation.Thinking about the next two years, I will be able to witness the transformation of an urban village into an extremely prosperous transportation hub and business district, and I feel a little HCMUSSH cbd gummies for menstrual cramps excited.Just as I was thinking green galaxy cbd gummies super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews wildly, I heard Big Sister asking on the other end of the phone We are still protecting the scene, didn t we call you into the task force What kind of scene, besides, there is no police in the high tech district bureau, how could you two protect the scene.The reason for this cannot be explained in detail, and Han Chaoyang didn t bother to explain to her, so he simply said in a perfunctory way cbd gummies for menstrual cramps Whether it s a murder or not, someone died after all.

It is not good to transfer people from anywhere, but it is from us.The Zhongshan Road police platform is so busy now, PolyU is starting school, and hundreds of villagers in Chaoyang Village have moved.Gu can t be too busy alone.The high speed railway station construction project is a major event, Kang Haigen is not at ease, he went to Chaoyang Village at night, chatted with Grandpa Gu for a while, and has a better understanding of the situation there.This is the police station.It s normal to be busy, but it s not normal if it s not busy Liu Jianye has long been used to it, and thinking about what happened yesterday afternoon, he couldn t help laughing and said, The arrangement of the Stone Bureau is very good.If the case is taken down by a fool, let alone Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei will be transferred away, even we don t want to stand here and smoke.

You and Wu Wei just sifted the sand and didn t ask about the progress I want to ask, but who can I ask, don t ask, I really don t know Tell me, can you do something serious She regarded herself as a half parent, as if Teacher Ma had indeed asked her to do so.After spending so many days together day and night, Grandpa Gu and Old Tang knew her character better.Knowing that she was going to exercise half of the power of a parent and start to discipline Han Chaoyang, they simply picked up the rice bowl and went to the meeting room from the back door to eat.Han Chaoyang was depressed, and she asked her tirelessly, so he said angrily, Sister Miao, why don t I stop doing business Watching workers sifting sand is a job, and it s a very important cbd hemp gummies online basic job.I didn t It is not important to sieve the sand, but I mean you should seize the opportunity.

Old Teng, what is our relationship Do HCMUSSH cbd gummies for menstrual cramps super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews cbd gummies botanical farms you have any instructions Aren t you burying me There are many people, and the measurement is still so small.If the measurement is larger, it is impossible to still be the captain.Although he is not in the same unit now, he has worked with him before, and Director Feng knew him too well, so he asked calmly Old Teng, I know you are busy, so I am not kidding, I just want to ask how the murder case was solved.No progress Teng Da secretly wondered if he hadn t notified him when the case analysis meeting was held, the old fox made all kinds of excuses not to come, made it clear that he didn t want to be dragged into the water, natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed reviews cbd gummies for menstrual cramps and now suddenly asked about the progress of the investigation, did the sun come out from the west, but Still truthfully said There is not much progress, the victim is not a local, and the social relationship in Yanyang has not been investigated yet.

Implementing the spirit of the Eight Central Regulations is not a joke, and the reception specifications must be completely in accordance with the standards.Although Deputy Director Yang, who even led the exchange team, came to Yanyang for the first time, the Yandong Branch of the tourist attractions in the city will not arrange any arrangements.When they go on a tour, they can t even drive a police car to send their counterparts to the entrance of the scenic spot.They want to does just cbd gummies work take a taxi or take a bus by themselves, and they need to pay for the tickets themselves.In order to make He Quan feel at home, Han Chaoyang deliberately changed into casual clothes, and even borrowed Xu Hongliang s car, planning to use half a day in the afternoon to accompany him to visit several scenic spots in the city.

Teng Jiming looked around at the crowd, and suddenly changed the topic The cbd gummies shipped to texas strange thing is that the mobile phone number he used at that time is no longer available.The branch office has issued the formalities, Qiuping, you go back to the office after dinner to get the formalities and go to the mobile company.Look at Yang Jiandong s phone cbd gummies for menstrual cramps call records.Chapter 333 New Mission Considering that Yang Jiandong may abscond and return to his hometown, Gong Da and Lao Ji who are in Kaijing County will not come back for the time being.The detachment has a lot of work, and the work of the branch office is the same.The burden is heavy, and we will mainly rely on ourselves in the future, and we will not deploy police officers from other units unless it is absolutely necessary.Police officers in the traffic police team are not allowed to smoke at work, and the task force does not have so many scruples.

Look at the words, I can t do it, you can definitely, you can tell at a glance whether you are lying or not.Director best cbd melatonin gummies amazon Han, Teacher Han, you think highly of us too.Li Kaiyi put the lunch box on the windshield and cbd gummies death leaned over Picking up the bag placed at Xu Guoqiang s feet, he took out the personnel list written by Xu Guoqiang, and handed it to Han Chaoyang Look, let s see who they are.In terms of psychological quality, I guess they may be more criminal suspects in some major cases.Everyone is strong.The list is very detailed, including gender, name, age, home address, contact information, work unit, position everything, either the chairman or the general manager, and one even has the title Chairman of the Board of Directors Don t ask, you know that they are all rich.How can it be a fuel efficient lamp to make such a big business and make so much money It is not a challenge for them to talk nonsense when they see people, talk nonsense when they see people, and talk nonsense.

He was planning to find something to do for Han Chaoyang, who was eating inside and out , as the deputy leader of the special case team.Feng Ju suddenly said Old Teng, Our Zhou Bureau just called.Considering that the two cases we are investigating are related, Zhou Bureau asked the security brigade to assist you with all our efforts.Xiao Han will not be involved in the next cbd gummies for menstrual cramps investigation.The security brigade arranged for two people who are familiar with the case.The policeman replaced him.Boss Feng, there is no need to be so troublesome to replace, Xiao Han is very good, and the young man is very capable.The young man is very good, but continuing to follow you will definitely lead to bad results How could Director Feng not know that he was on fire, and said calmly, No trouble, the police from the Public Security Brigade have already set off and are on their way here to meet you.

Liu Jianye smiled and said meaningfully And it s just a name, you are still a policeman stationed at PolyU, don t you really stay at PolyU every day.Understood, I know what to do.Just know, today It s here, my girl celebrates her birthday today, and if she doesn t go back, she will come after her.Liu Jianye stood up, walked out of the office, and said with a smile Don t stay in the office anymore, go to the street to accompany the girl Friend.People have boyfriends or lovers to pick them up when they work overtime.They are cbd gummies for menstrual cramps usually too busy to do so, so I will pick them up tonight if they are not very busy. I didn t expect that the director who always has a straight face is also very humane Han Chaoyang thanked him again, followed him out of the police station, trotted to the street office until he was out of sight, and greeted Xiao Lu, the security guard .

does cbd gummies show up in blood tests?

who was on duty tonight, before running up to the second floor to knock on the door.

Mr.Xu of your family decided to take a stake in Mr.Zhang s Youth Hostel without your consent.He is still very confident that he thinks that he can be admitted to the police and civil servants 100 , and he is worried that he will not be able to do business after the exam.Gloves , to invest in your name.There is such a thing Xie Lingling really didn t know, with a look of disbelief.What are you doing lying to you Zhang Beibei took her arm and said with a smile On the legal level, we are true partners.The next step is to unite with sincerity and help each other.For our common interests, I think You should support does eagle hemp cbd gummies contain thc this matter.Butbut he didn t tell me It was decided in the afternoon, and he didn t have time.Bebe, you don t need money, why do you have to get him to buy shares This It must be explained clearly, otherwise the young couple will have conflicts after returning home.

I think so, this kind of case can t be handled by our branch alone.Xu Hongliang looked back at the direction of the cement road and couldn t help laughing Said The sub bureau did not know where to transfer eight trucks.At that time, did we still want to have so many stolen cars Now it seems that eight trucks are not enough, and there are too many stolen cars.It cannot be pulled away in one trip.The stolen cars that were seized could not be pulled out, which shows how rampant the criminal activities in the stolen car dealership village are.Han Chaoyang gently pulled out the arm that was used as a pillow for his girlfriend, and said in a deep thought So many stolen cars have been seized, the director of the police station in charge of cbd gummies for menstrual cramps that area may have to be replaced, maybe even the instructor, the deputy director and the community in charge of that village The policemen have to move.

It doesn t matter who you call Standing on the side, Han Chaoyang almost burst out laughing, thinking to himself that you have the nerve to say that it doesn t matter who you call, labor and management don t know how to open the lock but they have seen someone open the lock before, so cbd gummies for menstrual cramps that night I went to Fengju with Bureau Feng Yongxian arrested the suspect, and watched a special policeman open the security door similar to this one from the cat s eye with three clicks and two clicks.Lao Fan, who was about to laugh but didn t dare to laugh, didn t want to delay Liu Jianye for too long, stepped forward and said Drill it, just drill it.If there is no problem in the house and the lock is broken, I will pay for it.This house is mine, and the surname Bi green galaxy cbd gummies super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews is with me.It s hard to say anything. Old Fan, it would be great if everyone was as reasonable as you, Liu Jianye waited for this sentence, first praised Lao Fan, then turned around and said The owner has already spoken, and he is still in a daze What are you doing, hurry up and drill Oh, please let me go.

Miao Haizhu looked at Han Chaoyang, then moved a chair from the outside room, sat down on the left side of the desk without giving way, picked up a pen and paper, and prepared to take notes.Handling such a case needs to stand up to scrutiny.Without the right to enforce the law, and without the qualification to sign the transcript, Han Chaoyang could only sit on a bench and play a supporting role.Kang looked back at Miao Haizhu, then at Han Chaoyang, then took out his police ID, picked up the summons card that Han Chaoyang brought back from the office, and said seriously Bi Xunchang, I am Kang Haigen, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.My colleague Miao Haizhu, see clearly, this is our police ID Miao Haizhu showed his ID in a tacit understanding like Kang Suo.Bi Xunchang was calmer than expected, and actually looked over.

Grandpa Gu also felt that since he is a community policeman, he should do a good job in community work and should not be so ambitious, he said in a persuasive way Haizhu, New Year s Day will be in a few days, and Spring Festival will be a few days after New Year s Day.Many, I can t delay my work because of this case, but I cbd gummies for menstrual cramps can t ignore the clues, .

can you fly with cbd gummies 2019?

you can go to HCMUSSH cbd gummies for menstrual cramps the Kang Institute to discuss whether to write a material and report it, and the superiors will decide how to investigate and deal with it. That s a good idea, Miss Miao, just rely on The few of us really can t handle such a case.Okay, I ll report to Kang first.Watching Miao Haizhu away, Grandpa Gu turned back and said, Chaoyang, look at his enthusiasm for work Master , From what you said, it seems that I am not active in my work.You know in your heart whether you are active or not.

Now that they have money in their hands, those distant relatives who were out of reach in the past have all started to move around, rushing to pick up the old people home, and they are more filial than each other.Those who really need the rice, salad oil, and condolence money are only some retired workers from Factory cbd gummies for menstrual cramps 527 who don t have much salary, especially those old people whose seniority was bought out during cbd gummies for menstrual cramps the restructuring, and a few kenai farms cbd gummies where to buy poor households in Dongming Community.Han Zhaoyang reacted, and couldn t help laughing Although the neighborhood committee didn t have an election for a new term, it s almost the same as the new term.The branch secretary Zhang and the director of reconciliation should condolences to the lonely cbd gummies for menstrual cramps bulk cbd gummies for sale elderly and poor households in the 527 factory and Dongming community.

He did not expect to be so popular.Seeing someone below taking pictures with a camera and mobile phone, he quickly asked the team leader to check the police appearance of the students and remind them to have Sequence got off the car, and after getting off the car, they had to line up quickly, so they were the first to get off the car with a smile.Xu Hongliang, a 2011 student of the Judicial Police Officer Vocational College, general manager of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, and deputy captain of HCMUSSH cbd gummies for menstrual cramps Chaoyang Community Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade, warmly welcomes Dean Chen to come to our community to inspect work Xu Hongliang stood at attention and saluted, welcoming the voice of the leaders of his alma mater to follow His name is just as loud.When Xu Hongliang entered the police academy, his home had not yet cbd gummies for menstrual cramps been demolished, and it was far from the glory days when he worked at the Huayuan Street Police Station.

What s your name, the police will check your ID card Kang Haigen rushed to the side of the road and grabbed the man by the shoulder.At the same time, Han Chaoyang rushed to the co pilot of the taxi and slammed the door open.Miao Haizhu even ran to the taxi with the headlights on and the engine still on, and slapped the hood cbd gummies for menstrual cramps bulk cbd gummies for sale and shouted Police interrogation, turn off the lights and turn off the fire What are you doing The short and thin man was caught off guard, and tried to shake off Kang Haigen s hand, but cbd gummies for menstrual cramps Xiao Chen, who followed closely, grabbed his left arm.With the help of the headlight at the entrance of the construction site, Kang Haigen saw clearly that he was the fugitive he was going to arrest, and immediately grabbed his coat tightly, pushed him to the wall with Xiao Chen, took out his handcuffs and sternly shouted Hu Qinglin, give me Be honest Hu Qinglin finally regained his composure, but luckily, he struggled and shouted I work inside, comrade policeman, I am not a bad person, you can t just arrest people What time is it , not being honest, shut up When Kang Haigen was in a hurry to handcuff the suspect, the taxi driver was confused by the sudden cbd gummies for menstrual cramps turn of events.

Officer Han, you also said just now, I There are several construction sites in the city, and I m only in charge of steel bars.I don t know if anything has been lost in those construction sites, and what exactly has been lost.No, I ll send you Jiang Gong s mobile phone number, he is the boss s brother in law, and he is responsible for the construction site in Yanxing Huafu.Okay, please send it first.When encountering such a drunkard and madman, Han What can Chaoyang say.Seeing the police lights flickering outside, and seeing Old Tang who was on duty tonight coming, he rushed to the gate and together with the crowd put the two suspects into the police car, and then rushed to the police room together in the electric patrol car driven by Li Xiaobin, but they didn t receive any information.A text message from the steel structure boss.

Miao Haizhu laughed, and said with a chuckle If you don t tell me, I almost forgot.I am a party member, but you are not the team leader I am an active member of the party, and even though I have not joined the party now, it does not mean that my consciousness is not as high as yours, otherwise I can be the team leader, and you Miao sister can only be the squadron instructor.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, everyone couldn t help laughing.Miao Haizhu even giggled and said, Just now I looked good, but the more I talk about it, the less I look like a leader Xiao Fei smiled and said Okay, let s start drawing lots.Each person draws one, the long one is in the same group as Angkor, and the short one is in the same group as Miao Jie.After the draw is over, Angkor and Miao will draw again, and all the long ones will be drawn.

This afternoon s flash mob is not just a performance and singing, but also a Performance, since it is a performance, everyone has to play their respective roles well.Including me, we are all tourists, so the reaction, especially the expression, must be natural.Don t worry, we have rehearsed Xiao Han, don t worry., we will act in our true colors, and we won t be as fake as on TV.Okay, as long as everyone knows.Han Chaoyang smiled and continued Then there is the order of appearance, I told everyone in the rehearsal the day before yesterday, and I will reiterate it here , the performance is the main part, and the singing is supplemented.The first and second bars are all performances, and the third bar is the chorus.There is a step by step process, from one person to two people, to three people, to four people, so that the atmosphere is brought up little by little, and the final chorus is the climax.

All right, all right, whatever you say.That s it, don t always disappoint.Xie Lingling poked him on the arm, and then Pick up the mouse to refresh HCMUSSH cbd gummies for menstrual cramps the page.Talking and laughing, time flies by.Xu Hongliang had just ordered takeaway with his mobile phone when the electric patrol car came back.Han Chaoyang lifted the cover of the police station, ran outside and opened the door and asked, Inspector Tang, where are Mr.Wu and Haizhu Before Mr.Tang could speak, Liu Yishan couldn t help but said, Sister Haizhu sent Mr.Wu home.Mr.Wu said that he will bring his luggage tomorrow, and he will live in the community from now on, so there is no need for us to deliver it. Where is the suspect He will be sent directly to the prison.Old Tang took off his hat and said a little embarrassedly Chaoyang, The two thieves were caught in the jurisdiction of our Xinyuan Street Police Station, so I sent them to the station and handed them over to Zhenchuan.

He discussed with his partner and decided to adjust the deployment.Old Mao, report the situation.That boy Han Chaoyang arrested four crimes yesterday, and arrested seven suspects.We arrested three cbd gummies for menstrual cramps yesterday, and the bureau leaders are very dissatisfied.The bureau leaders are dissatisfied, and they will even be laughed at by the brothers.The detective elder Mao of the second detective team was stunned for a moment, and said in a low voice Team Jiang, don t ask, you know that their four crimes must have been caught by the two old ancestors.If we With the ability of the old guy, we are also anti pickup heroes, so the comparison is not fair.The bureau leaders don t think so.Besides, we do have more people than cbd gummies for menstrual cramps them.Jiang Guangdong threw away his cigarette butts, gritted his teeth and said, I ve discussed with the instructor, it s not okay to go on like this, and it s too passive to go on the streets like this.

The old man didn t expect the luck of the closed disciples to be so good, he was happy but also worried, he couldn t help turning his head and said Chaoyang, Ni Jianguo, who I mentioned to you last time, called Bao Qingshan a few days ago and said that he would bring him My wife and child went back to Yanyang for the New Year, and wanted to give me New Year s greetings by the way, but I was worried that I would kick him out.Second senior brother who made a mistake and went in Well, you said I will let him in when the time comes.Han Chaoyang really wanted to see him become the director of the police station at the age of 27, but he couldn t resist the temptation.After working for less than two years, he went in.After he came out, he became the second senior brother of the super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews cbd gummies botanical farms big boss.He said without hesitation Master, Didn t you say it last time, as long as he changes his mind, he can t engage in double standards.

How could it be so soon Mention cbd gummies how long to take effect the deputy department Judging from the series of arrangements of the sub bureau, it should be more or less the same.Su Xian smiled and explained patiently If Chaoyang is just promoted to be the deputy director of the Huayuan Street Police Station, there will definitely be great resistance.The organization department can agree, and the old comrades of the branch will also have opinions.But if Chaoyang is promoted to a martha cbd gummies cbd gummies for menstrual cramps deputy department, and Chaoyang is appointed as the deputy department level sheriff of the Zhongshan Road Police District, others can t say anything, because it is a job requirement. Work needs Huang Ying still felt that this was unreliable, and looked back at Teacher Ma who was so excited that she wanted to call Father Han, but after thinking about it, she thought she should call later.

Xu Hongliang was more informed, and knew about the investigation earlier than Vice Minister Jiang and the others.He is happy from the bottom of his heart that the good brother can make progress, and he said half jokingly Brother, I regret it a bit.If I had known that being a police officer would have such a future, I should not have given up my dream of wearing a police uniform and becoming a policeman.Chen Jie and Xiaokang also signed up for the public exam.Now I regret it in time, I can t register this year, but I can next year.Forget it, I forget all the bad things I did before, I m different from you, It s not material for studying, let s be krave full spectrum cbd gummies a community cadre honestly.Xu Hongliang looked down at the notice just issued by the street, and continued Tomorrow morning, we will go to the street to clear the snow, and the dry area is the same as last time.

Probe to look at the door, and said with a smile I heard that the high speed rail is under construction, and it will be more convenient to come to Yanyang when the high speed rail is completed.I don t know what other people think, but I really hope that the high speed rail will be completed sooner.If the ticket is more expensive, it will be more expensive, but hurry up., and I get motion sickness, so I don t have to suffer the same crime if I bolt cbd gummies near me take the high speed rail.Speaking of motion sickness, Teacher Ma, have you taken motion sickness medicine Yes, I took it when I came out of Yingying s house.Rubbing his eyes, he asked, Mom, cbd gummies for menstrual cramps do you want to go back I want to go back to make up lessons for the children.It will start tomorrow, so I can t delay any longer.Teacher Ma pointed to Boss Miao, who was talking to Mr.

Old Qian may feel that he has nothing in common with young people, or he may like to watch the excitement, and he is standing by a hospital bed chatting with a few patients.Han Chaoyang greeted him and sent him to eat supper quickly, then looked at the patient lying on the hospital bed, and asked curiously What s going on, why is there so much alcohol, did you drink too much Not wearing a police uniform, the patient s family members didn t know he was a policeman, so they thought he was a staff member of the hospital.They smiled wryly, Isn t it the Chinese New Year There are so many parties at the end of the year.I drank at noon and at night, and ended up drinking like this.Is a drunk Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say when there was a noise outside.Nurse, nurse, someone is injured Where should I go for formalities and bandages This way The nurse on duty was startled, and hurriedly led several young people who had just come in to the treatment room.

You are doing well now.You are transferred to the command center and immediately promoted to the deputy department.You don t need to care about what happens in the station.I am angry with Wu Wei.He has not been transferred yet.He is still a policeman from my Huayuan Street Police Station.Such a big event is not reported in time What does this mean It means that I am not a good director, my heart is scattered, and the team is not easy to lead.Liu Suo, don t be like this.You know what kind of person Wu Wei is., How could he disrespect you, he didn t expect it.He didn t expect it, you thought of it and deliberately concealed it.Bao Suo and instructor Xu were approved by the bureau leaders in the afternoon, but although the defeat is an honor , the achievement of at least one murderer is cbd gummies allowed on planes is there, and no one can deny it.

I have figured it out, when he grows up in the future, he can do anything, but he can t be a policeman. You think so far, my cbd gummies for menstrual cramps family, it s not about letting him be cbd gummies for menstrual cramps a policeman in the future , it s going to be a problem whether you can be admitted to the police and civil servants in the future. Don t be discouraged, your Xiaofu is still young, although he is playful, his grades are not bad, and now there is time to strengthen education. What s okay, I didn t pass the exam this time either.Let s not talk about that, is Han Chaoyang coming right away Well, on the way to send Xiaofu over, he asked me to promise not to do anything.If he did, he would ask Grandpa Gu to talk to me and Lao He.That s it What s the matter, shame on him, I am a real failure as a mother.Zhang Tongfeng couldn t help laughing and said Even Grandpa Gu has moved out, this is a warning to you and Lao He So it s embarrassing , you are still in the mood to laugh.

In front of the village, she joined the group of our police office, and reported the case to us directly by voice.Judging from the photos posted by Little Fairy , her life is very nourishing, what could happen But human life is at stake.When encountering such a situation, we must believe it or not.After weighing it up, Han Chaoyang pushed open the car door Junfeng, you drive, go to that gym right away, I ll take the co pilot, I cbd gummies for menstrual cramps ll report first.Okay.It was only rented in Chaoyang Village.This was neither the police situation of the Huayuan Street Police Station nor the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang could only report to the command center.Mao Lanrong, the commander in chief on duty today, had no good idea.After listening to the report, he said without hesitation Chaoyang, since you are not very busy now, go to Jinshi Fitness Center to find out if they have the home address and address of this little fairy.

Han Chaoyang was not disappointed by this.He looked down at the four mobile phone numbers recorded while searching just now, and pondered When I searched, it prompted this user does not exist , either the mobile phone is not bound to WeChat, or it is bound but not Little Fairy should be one of them.Call.Well, I ll call one by one.Han Chaoyang nodded, picked up the phone and entered the number to make the first call.Luckily, the ringtone After ringing for a few seconds, it was connected, only to hear the other party ask Hi, who are you Female Han Chaoyang cleared his throat and said with a smile Hello, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Don cbd gummies for menstrual cramps t hang up on me in a hurry.I am really a policeman, not a telecom fraud.I want to ask you for some information, just a few words I will delay you for three minutes at most.

Unexpectedly, an announcement became a pigtail that the masses would not let go.Miao Haizhu couldn t stop complaining, so she could only hold the old man s arm, and begged, cbd gummies for menstrual cramps Master Ren, I m the only one on duty in our police station tonight, so I can t stay outside for too long.Regarding the issue of keeping a dog without a license, I will inform you tomorrow morning.Report to the leader and give you a reply as soon boulder highlands cbd gummies keanu reeves as possible, that s all for tonight, can you go back and rest first Reply, what did you say As I said, if you don t reply, you can always complain to me.Okay, I will give you two days.If there is no call for two days, I will find someone who can take care of you.Unexpectedly, on the way back, Miao Haizhu actually asked him to drive, but she actually called the leader of the Xinyuan Street Police Station to report the situation, and she really took it as a big deal.

Han Chaoyang sat in the back, put his arms around her slender waist, and said dejectedly My wife, you may not believe me if I tell you, I have never seen so many doctors at the same time There are a lot of doctors in the first hospital and the sixth hospital in the city.The daughter of the old Bao family in our service center is also a medical student.He said that his daughter must take the postgraduate entrance examination.Is it so exaggerated Why are you lying to me If you don t believe me, you can ask Section Chief Xiao tomorrow if they want a clinical master s degree in their Sixth Hospital.I knew that studying medicine is very difficult, but I didn t expect it to be so terrible.That s why many doctors don t allow their children to study medicine.Even though I said that, today, especially tonight, the impact was too great, Han Chaoyang said listlessly I accepted a master s apprentice in the morning, and I handed in a master s apprentice in the evening.

The Huafu Street Police Station did not know about it and reported it, but now that they know about it, it might as well be a favor.If they get clues about pornography, gambling and drugs in the Yandong Sub bureau s jurisdiction in the future, they will be ashamed to ignore it.Report as soon as possible.Director Du made up his mind, looked up at the time on the LCD monitor, and said with a smile Just tell them, we can t make things difficult for them, and we can t let them have a bad year.Five hundred and eighth Chapter Eighteen New Year s Eve 6 On the way back to the police station by bus from the west of the city, Xu Hongliang made several phone calls.The security guards had to be on duty, and the New Year s Eve dinner, which was supposed to be a big reunion, could only be served as a floating banquet, and it had to be divided into two groups to eat.

Your cousin lent you his ID card, what can he do by himself, it s so inconvenient without an cbd gummies for menstrual cramps ID card. He usually doesn t How do you go out You can t use it at home.Xiaonian touched his face and added I plan to send my ID card back to him when I find a job in Beijing.Send me the certificate.Seeing that Han Chaoyang didn t speak, Sun Guokang asked, What s your surname and name My surname is Zhang, Zhang Yifan.Gongchang Zhang It s not that Zhang, it s Zhang of the regulations.The young man took a deep breath, and said in a low voice, Elegant Yi, the mortal cultivator passes on that Fan.Seeing Sun Guokang turning his head again, Han Chaoyang took out his police phone and asked while asking, Go on, leave me alone.Yes.Sun Guokang put down the young man s mobile phone and asked I lost my ID card, I should remember the ID number, report the ID number.

For those who refused to accept the test, the public security organ of the people s government at or above the county level or the person in charge of the dispatched agency could make the test compulsory.However, Qiao Peiming, who looked like a drug addict at first glance, passed tree top cbd gummies the urine test.Liu Jianye was also very surprised by the test results, holding his chopsticks and murmured The failure to test out only means that he has not smoked in the past few days, and it is indeed suspicious.What kind of job do you go to Beijing on the third day of the first lunar month, and you bring so much money What do you think It s not like someone looking for a job.Han Chaoyang said in a low voice, It infused edibles cbd gummies review s possible that it s not a drug dealer, but a small drug dealer, or even a mule with goods.Mule is more likely, for us It is not easy to catch drug dealers and seize drugs, and it is also not easy for them to buy drugs, he may be a wayfinder, take 30,000 to go there and buy less, to find out the reality of the other party, and to test the quality cbd gummies for menstrual cramps of the goods.

Xiao Gu squeezed beside him on purpose, and clearly saw that he was still trying to contact Brother Liu.Although we don t know what the surname of the man from the Northeast is, it is definitely not Brother Liu.Are you sure It is certain that he called the Northeast Ren Junge at the dumpling restaurant, and each mouthful of Junge.And they are reminiscing about the old days, talking and laughing happily, and the tone seems to be nostalgic for the old days.No matter what brother, let s keep an eye on it first.Positive As he spoke, Lao Hu suddenly quickened his pace, walked to the front and raised his arm to knock on the window of a car.Han Chaoyang realized that the colleagues from the Nanshan branch were in the car, Han Chaoyang slowed down, stepped aside to pass an oncoming car, and said, holding his nose, Not only has he been here, he has stayed in Beijing for several years.

Report the weekly bureau, this is what we should do.Old Hu subconsciously stood up again.Sit down, let s eat first.Zhou Ju probably felt that the two subordinates would not be able to eat green galaxy cbd gummies super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews well if they stayed here any longer, so he took out his mobile phone to look at it, got up and said with a smile, Eat first, I have something to do upstairs, the political commissar Oh, I m full too.Xiao Han, Lao Hu, eat slowly, I asked Master Qian to make this for you, you must finish it.That s right, who of you sitting here can eat.Han Chaoyang and Lao Hu sent the two leaders away, sat down and continued to eat.Lao Hu was so excited that his appetite was bigger than usual, and he went to serve it after eating.Bring a bowl of rice, put a pair of chopsticks between the two cooked pork and smiled Chaoyang, thank HCMUSSH cbd gummies for menstrual cramps you.

No matter how Father Han and Teacher Ma persuaded them, they had to walk from the school gate to the dormitory building together.The elders walk, and the younger ones cannot sit in the car.But cbd gummies for period pain the car can t just stop at the gate, even if it parks at the gate, how can you get the luggage in the trunk Han Zhaoyang and Huang Ying have green galaxy cbd gummies super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews no choice but to drive slowly behind, the headlights of the car can just illuminate the way for them.After driving to the downstairs of the teachers dormitory, everyone carried their luggage upstairs together.As soon as he entered the house, Han Chaoyang found that the house he had lived in for more than ten years suddenly became bigger The original old Eight Immortals table has been transformed into a milky white dining table that looks very fashionable, and the two sides can be pulled out to form a round table.

The memorial service is mainly a farewell ceremony for the body, which is organized by the sub bureau.They said that green galaxy cbd gummies super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews the company should also Do something, I plan to come and see you off tomorrow morning.Yes, of course.Han Chaoyang nodded.Han University, all our school guards will come tomorrow morning.The security department of the Sixth Hospital is the same.Mr.Xu and Mr.Zhang said that people from 527 Factory and Dongming Community will also come.Anyway, there will be many people tomorrow morning.Mei Tiejun Standing up, added in a low voice.It should be sent, it must be sent, tomorrow I will help the spirit.Whoever carries the coffin will help the spirit and put it aside.What we have to do cbd gummies for menstrual cramps now is to report to the bureau.Lao Ding flicked the cigarette ash and reminded Come to the Sixth Hospital There are already many people, and cbd gummies for menstrual cramps there are many vehicles entering and exiting.

Value poster.The gates are divided into motor vehicle entrances and pedestrian entrances.Motor vehicle entrances and exits are equipped with automatic retractable doors, and pedestrian entrances and exits are equipped with stainless steel automatic gates like the nearby Dongming Community.You must swipe your card to enter.The wall at the entrance is covered with large bulletin boards for project introduction, construction site management, safety management, etc.Han Chaoyang looked up, then turned around and said, Xiao Jiang, isn t there a safety helmet in the duty room Bring three here., since there is a system, we must abide by it, and we can t make exceptions. Han Da, it s okay here, you only wear it when you enter the construction area. It s really okay. It s okay Jiang Qingwen turned and pointed in the direction of overnight construction, He laughed and said And it s still under construction now.

Call, ask them to work hard to investigate the 19 suspects on our side, and they will report to you and the Kang Institute in time if they find anything, and remember to tell me if you find anything.Okay, no problem.If it is really a pyramid scheme, the woman driving the BMW is probably the main culprit.And the woman lived in the Xinyuan Street Police Station area.Han Chaoyang felt that there was nothing wrong with investigating together.He put down his phone and briefly reported the situation, then frowned slightly and said, Kangsuo, we only focus on investigating that technological development at night.How many people are there in the company, and I forgot to ask whether they went to the Yangguan Village Police Office to register themselves or some technology company registered for them.Let me ask.

Not to mention that he has more important things to do now, even if he didn t, he couldn t control his fishing in the underground cage.Master Luo, where is that man Here, I ll take you there Lao Luo is well equipped and wears a hard hat with a lamp tied to it.The wire is connected to a small battery at his waist.Wearing a pair of rain boots, at first glance he looked like a miner.He greeted the old man at the gate in the duty room of the old fertilizer factory, pushed open the rusty iron gate, and led Han Chaoyang and Mei Tiejun from the factory to the river by a short cut.Chapter 722 Murder 1 I took a photo with a flashlight, and there was a person lying on the riverside.Han Chaoyang looked at his feet and took two steps forward while holding onto a small tree.A pungent smell came over his face.

People panicked, not only did not intend to mobilize the masses, but also demanded strict secrecy.He didn t know how to explain it, when Han Chaoyang suddenly said If he was picked up by a few grasses, even if it was indeed picked up super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews cbd gummies botanical farms by a suspect, then it can be concluded that he is a local and tried to hide the body in the toilet of the chemical fertilizer factory.It s too far fetched. What do you mean, can you be more specific Ji Kaiyuan stared at him and asked.Rabbits don t even eat the grass by the side of the nest.We can think differently.If I were a murderer and I killed someone, I would definitely not hide the body near my house.The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more reasonable his analysis became.Looking up at the crowd, he said in horror Is it possible that the murderer is a habitual offender who has killed someone before, and this is the second or even the third time The pond may be the place where the murderer specially hid the corpse, and there may be another victim s corpse in the septic tank A stone caused a thousand waves, and Liu Jianye, Grandpa Gu, Wu Wenge and Lao Ding were stunned by their conversation.

Tao, I came all the way from cbd gummies for menstrual cramps Yanyang to look for you, why I found you, and what I found out about you, you should know in your heart I I really don t know what you know.The police are great.Don t scare me.Don t try to wrong me.She was not afraid at all, not even panicked at all.Qin Tao felt a little strange, and wondered if Feng Ju and Liu Jianye had made a mistake, so he simply put away his ID, took out his mobile cbd gummies for menstrual cramps phone to find a photo, and held the mobile phone in front of her Look who this is, do you know this person Yu Xiufen was stunned, hesitated for a while and said in a low voice I know.What s his surname, what s his name The surname is Teng, and his name is Teng Aihua.How did you know each other, what is your relationship natures boost cbd gummies reviews 2020 tinnitus After Qin Tao finished asking, he looked back to see if his men had turned on the law enforcement recorder.

Because of the shortage of parking spaces, car owners in the community often have disputes.Commissar Huang was happy to introduce the situation to his immediate superiors, and then continued after a pause After the establishment of the Zhongshan Road Police District, Han Chaoyang first organized his team to guard and uncovered an electric vehicle.In the car serial theft case, the Criminal Police Brigade followed suit and organized police forces to rush to Wuchun City under the coordination of the Municipal Bureau, and jointly encircled and suppressed Huayu Village, which specializes in selling stolen cars, with the Wuchun City Public Security Bureau.Hundreds of stolen cars were seized, and criminals suspected of selling stolen goods were arrested.There cbd gummies for menstrual cramps natural cbd gummies are more than a hundred suspects.I ve heard about this case, but I didn t expect Han Chaoyang to find the clues District Chief Liu, in fact, the clues to many major and important cases were discovered by the grassroots police.

The online loan matter was so overwhelming that everything that happened that night was so vaguely forgotten.If Miao Haizhu hadn t played this surveillance video, she wouldn t even have remembered that such a dangerous thing had happened to her.Comrade police, I I remembered it, I m sorry, I I had something urgent that day, I Just remember it.After confirming that it was the same person, Han Chaoyang felt a sense of relief.The client who hadn t been found for a long time, didn t know what to say next, and didn t know whether to scold her or not.Wang Can finally realized why there was hostility in Miao Haizhu s eyes, and asked anxiously Comrade police, I m sorry, I was really in a hurry that day.Was the policeman who rescued me that night seriously injured The person who saved you that night was surnamed Liu, named Liu Chengquan.

Du Ju took the invitation, opened it, looked at it, and couldn t help laughing This is a happy event.Thank you Du Ju, oh By the way, Yingying and I are also participating in a group wedding, Xu Hongliang and Xie Lingling , Yu Zhenchuan and Zhang Beibei are also arranged for May Day, and the wine is placed in the banquet hall of Shuxiangyuan.They are all your old subordinates.You and your sister in law can attend three weddings at the same time.They are also married, and they didn t invite me.I definitely want to invite you, but calling to invite is not sincere enough, so they plan to come and send invitations together next Tuesday.If they invite me, I will go.If they don t invite me, I will just drink the wedding wine with you and Xiao Huang.That s it, at noon on May 1st, Shuxiangyuan, you and your sister in law must come.

Most of the people who have lost a lot have some strength and can huddle together to keep warm , while those retail investors can only ask for more blessings.Not knowing how to green galaxy cbd gummies super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews evaluate it, Zhang Yuli chattered again and again Comrade police, it s wrong for Luo Weixing to run away with the wages of your workers, but after hearing what you said just now, I don t think he HCMUSSH cbd gummies for menstrual cramps can do anything If that bastard Gan Jianren Dan doesn t run away, how can he be forced to this position Who in the world will not encounter some difficulties I don t think you need to go online, hold your hand high, and give him a few days to wait for the Changshan branch to arrest him.If the surname is Gan, or wait until the government finds a developer to take over the offer from the surname Gan, what is the wages he owes to your workers, so the problem will be solved Do you sympathize with him Who, who They will all sympathize.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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